Obama to Georgia: Give Syrian Refugees Welfare Now


On November 16, Georgia governor Nathan Deal issued an executive order to state agencies, putting an end to any cooperation with the Obama administration when it comes to resettling refugees from the Middle East. The state is one of nearly thirty that has told the federal government that it wants no part of Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Now the administration has fired back with a warning to Deal: Give Syrian refugees their food stamps or else.

“As long as an applicant submits a SNAP application that includes the applicant’s name, address, and signature, the state agency must accept and process the application to be in compliance with federal law,” Jessica Shahin of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program said in a letter to Georgia officials.

In the letter, Shahin warned Georgia lawmakers to rescind the executive order and begin complying with federal law as it pertains to the SNAP program. State officials have yet to respond publicly to the warning.

In all the (necessary) discussion about the security threat posed by the refugee resettlement program, the financial cost of housing these refugees has gone largely overlooked. Even if there was no security threat whatsoever – an assumption that not even President Obama himself is willing to make – there is plenty of reason to pause and consider the economic toll these refugees are taking on the country.

According to a report from the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, almost all Middle Eastern refugees are on some form of federal welfare. That includes 68.3% on some form of cash assistance, 73.1% on Medicaid or RMA, and a staggering 91.4% on food stamps. We are creating a welfare state on top of a welfare state at a time when the majority of Americans don’t even believe we should be accepting refugees from Syria in the first place.

And let’s not forget that it was President Obama’s ill-fated decisions that tore Syria apart in the first place. Together with Hillary Clinton, this administration decided that it was in the U.S.’s interests to oust Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, leading to one of the deadliest civil wars in history. These refugees are, in many ways, a product of the Obama administration’s terrible Middle Eastern policies. And now Obama comes to us and tells us of our moral responsibility to take these refugees in and pay for them to live in America? As though this crisis just “happened.”

There will not soon come a day when the Obama administration can prove that Syrian refugees pose no security threat to the United States. But even if they were somehow miraculously able to do so, we have a significant economic interest in keeping them out.

  1. Laura S. Hall says

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  2. William Von Huben says

    It has to be unconstitutional taking money from VA to give to illegals. Obama is the worst President in our history taking illegals over our veterans and legal citizens. When will the stupid democrats stop this President are they all nuts!

    1. Reality Check says

      who said it comes from the VA?

      the GOP already cut your VA benefits

      1. johnanaguski says

        Strange my VA Benefits have not been cut, tell me about your reality check.

        1. The Redhawk says

          His ‘REALITY” is DELUSION!

        2. Reality Check says

          I guess you lucky.

          many of the vets on these threads complain about cuts

          “GOP Slashes Veterans Benefits.”


          “U.S. Senate Republicans block veterans’ health bill”


          1. Raymond Tower says
          2. Reality Check says

            God your Dim.
            yes the bill passed, otherwise the VA would be unfunded AND CLOSE.
            many items got cut , some got raised.
            I am afraid your link proves your a Dim bulb, not that VA benefits did not get cut.

          3. Raymond Tower says

            You are obvioiusly the dimwit here. Since when does “increase” equal cut? Only in a libtard world would increase equal cuts.

          4. Stargeezer says

            I don’t know any vets who have had theirs cut, including my own. We served and fought so that idiots like “no reality” could badmouth everything we fought to protect. So I’m going to call for a refund of the 14 years I gave up for his security – I’ll buy him a one-way ticket and he can pack his bags and go wherever he thinks life is better, as long as it’s far from me.

          5. Reality Check says

            just surf this thread silly con.
            there are plenty of vets complaining.

          6. Stargeezer says

            I am a life member of several veteran support groups and the one thing that has been clear in the 30 years since I was forced to retire in a wheelchair, it is that ANYTIME anybody in congress tries to slow down our high speed march to socialism, all hell breaks loose on the left. This ALWAYS is most evident in “the (fringe) press” yelling the sky is falling and 70,000 vets, 200,000 homeless grandmas, 50,000 starving children, 40,000 wild horses, 1500 blind sheep, and 14 million house flies are going to die and California is going to drop into the ocean (we could only wish).

            Then umpteen thousand limp wristed hand wringers start swamping the internet spouting “facts” that have no supporting data.

            If you miss my point, your supporting “evidence” is non existent and you are a shrill. (a tool in todays speech)

          7. Reality Check says

            “high speed march to socialism,”

            well that tells me you have no perspective.

            WHAT MARCH?
            we haven’t gotten any more socialist in decades.
            we barely have vacation pay and THAT is not a law.

            I understand you are bitter.
            being a con is not helping since they are the ones tormenting YOU.

            you think the Right is on your side?
            the GOP cut VA benefits every chance they get.

          8. Stargeezer says

            You are deluded.

          9. Reality Check says

            The liberal posts several links.

            the cons Flaps it’s Gums.

            the difference between the two groups.
            Facts versus Hot AIR.

        3. greenlantern1 says

          Not from lack of trying!!

        4. mike says

          Mine haven’t either

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well, it’s not that hard to separate fact from fiction. Maybe yours weren’t reduced, but my VA disability was completely taken away. From $1379. to $1.33. And I really don’t give a rat’s ass who believes or disbelieves, I’m the one losing the house and getting ready to rent a room… No one will EVER hear me express any pride in being a Vietnam vet again…

          2. patd says

            Michael the least amount that you can get is for 10% is $133 for a single person and $1334 for 70%. If you were rated at 70% service connected disability the only way they can take you back to 10% is from the VA reexamining and re-determining your disability rating. The Congress had NOTHING to do with that. The VA provided a determination letter to reduce your rating and if you have facts to refute you must appeal the decision. Evidently you didn’t?

          3. Reality Check says

            Oh, but Mike is sure Obama called the Va and told them to cut the benefits to him and any other right Wingers they could find.
            Of course the VA jumped right on that.
            cons are never short of conspiracy theories.

          4. Wyatt says

            Just like the lefts Conspiracy Theory that G.W.Bush had the Twin Towers destroyed and hijackers had nothing to do with it .. Right ? What a Delusional Reality you have

          5. Reality Check says

            Really? you going ALL OUT STUPID?

            so there should be plenty of articles about this in “liberal media”, right moron?

            odd that there are none.

            why so low functioning that you think that is even a statement you could make?

          6. usmc354 says

            You are correct. VA alone makes those determinations and since we are not privy to his info he can put anything out there he wishes and we’re expected to take it as GOSPEL! Anyone familiar with the VA knows that was BS!

          7. Reality Check says

            maybe you should have become a liberal?

          8. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            So he should become a perpetually offended, misinformed sniveling whine ass? How’s that supposed to help?

          9. Wyatt says

            Reality Check is looking for a friend . Someone to share his misery

          10. Wyatt says

            When dogs tap dance and pigs fly !

          11. mike says

            Mike,You need to appeal. Get in touch with the DAV and VFW as soon as possible. I don’t know when you lost your rating or what their reason was for doing that to you but you can’t let them get away with it.Good luck and welcome home brother

        5. Walter H WILSON3rd says

          Right, no cuts here either!

        6. Jean Langford M. says

          NOR MINE…..

        7. Raymond Tower says

          Mine either. Libtards only see what they want to see and hear.

      2. The Redhawk says

        and IF you ever get your Head out of your AN -US try again…FACTS are that the GOP Budget.. iNCREASED funding for the VA.. but Left over TROLLS &Incompetent Left over MGT are STEALING money.. TWO have been proven to steal $400,000 EACH and haven’t yet got FIRED… YOU IDIOT!

        1. Reality Check says

          sorry tool ,but YOU are being lied to

          “GOP Slashes Veterans Benefits.
          Because Support The Troops!”


          “U.S. Senate Republicans block
          veterans’ health bill”


          1. johnanaguski says

            Ever think, moron this will cut bonus plans.

        2. missnellie says

          For the love of heaven, this is about Virginia, The Redhawk….get your head out of your azz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. skipsart says

        Not you again…….LOL !

        1. greenlantern1 says

          Don’t forget me.

      4. Wildeagleone says

        Show your proof that the GOP took away from the VA or shut your fking mouth. You are a tiresome troll aoways having some accusation aimed at the GOP

        1. Frank W Brown says

          That’s because he is an asswipe of the first degree!

        2. shadowmerlin says

          Doesn’t matter WHERE it comes from, the Constitution prohibits the feds from giving charity to refugees.

          1. Reality Check says

            “the Constitution prohibits the feds from giving charity to refugees.”


            please tell me what part to try and save your dignity?

          2. HWayneS says

            You need to have my 45 cal. constitution shoved up your ass and fire for effect.

          3. Reality Check says

            so does that mean you can’t find the part in the Constitution to save Raymond’s dignity?
            cons are just not very bright as H has proven.

          4. Ralph in Denver says

            That from an anti american pissant who is as dumb as a rock. Have you ever looked at someone and just knew the wheel was turning,,,, but the hamster had died? That’s you moron

          5. Marcia Schweisthal says

            The “Syrian Refugees” don’t qualify.


            (42) The term “refugee” means:

            (A) any person who is outside any country of such person’s nationality or, in the case of a person having no nationality, is outside any country in which such person last habitually resided, and who is unable or unwilling to return to, and is unable or unwilling to avail himself or herself of the protection of, that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion, or

            (B) in such circumstances as the President after appropriate consultation (as defined in section 207(e) of this Act) may specify, any person who is within the country of such person’s nationality or, in the case of a person having no nationality, within the country in which such person is habitually residing, and who is persecuted or who has a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. The term “refugee” does not include any person who ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in the persecution of any person on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. For purposes of determinations under this Act, a person who has been forced to abort a pregnancy or to undergo involuntary sterilization, or who has been persecuted for failure or refusal to undergo such a procedure or for other resistance to a coercive population control program, shall be deemed to have been persecuted on account of political opinion, and a person who has a well founded fear that he or she will be forced to undergo such a procedure or subject to persecution for such failure, refusal, or resistance shall be deemed to have a well founded fear of persecution on account of political opinion. 5

          6. greenlantern1 says

            The Constitution is a great document!
            Try reading it sometime!!

          7. Jean Langford M. says


          8. greenlantern1 says

            The first amendment protects freedom of speech.
            Do you Really believe that it protects yelling “fire” at a theater?
            The second amendment protects the right to bear arms.
            The NRA was founded in 1871.
            Were our Founding Fathers members?

          9. robo says


          10. marlene says

            First remove your own lips from it.

          11. marlene says

            Exactly and even more prohibitive AND an act of treason is to permit and encourage an illegal invasion, failed to screen them, and then call them “refugees”, which they are mostly certainly not by any standards.

          12. Reality Check says

            a year of screening is hardly “failed” to screen them.

            WHY does Marlene LIE ALL THE TIME?

          13. marlene says

            The truth isn’t in you TROLL!

          14. Jean Langford M. says


          15. hunter34 says

            a year of screening where?

          16. Reality Check says

            in what ever refugee camp they happen to be in.
            NGO’s find good candidates and offer them to other NGO’s get transport and “sign” for them when they get here.
            INS gets in the middle.
            Catholic church is big into this.

          17. Paul says

            Screen them HOW???? You think these people have addresses?? Drivers licenses?? How do you collect info on ANYONE there when they have NOTHING in place to do so????? Ignorance is NOT BLISS

          18. pineapple says

            The Boston bombers were refugees who became U.S. citizens. What a great job of vetting!

        3. Reality Check says

          “GOP Slashes Veterans Benefits.
          Because Support The Troops!”


          “U.S. Senate Republicans block
          veterans’ health bill”


          I have more if you like.
          the GOP are not who they pretend to be, but you cons are just too brainwashed to see.

          1. jrogersp says

            They block bills because the demons always try to pass some unconstitutional item by àttaching it to the bill and if you had àny sense whatsoever you would know that!

          2. Reality Check says

            THAT IS NOT what my stories show.

            you carry water for the guys killing vets often?

          3. jrogersp says

            Just shows that your stories are just that, stories! Just because an idiotic liberal rag will print it doesn’t make it true. Try thinking for yourself once in awhile!

          4. Wyatt says

            So True . But then have they ever printed the truth ?

          5. Wyatt says

            As you only read one story from liberal rags , you stories carry no credence . This is quite the same as when Randolph Hearst helped to incite America’s entry into the Spanish American War in 1898 . “Remember the Maine ?” Claims of a mine planted by Spain to blow up the ship have long since been proved false . Forensic examination of photographs take in the raised hull after bodies were recovered shows explosion was from inside of the hull and blew outward . Said explosion would have necessitated the saboteur penetrating the ship in to an area where an unknown face would have been questioned and detained . But when you only print one part of a story it is easy to make all sorts of false claims . Me thinks old Reallitycheck checked his Reallity at the door

          6. pineapple says

            When George Stephanopolis interviewed Barack Obama about Obamacare, Obama INSISTED that the penalty for not buying insurance would be a FINE and NOT a TAX.
            He must have realized that all tax bills MUST originate in the House of Representatives and not the Senate, according to the Constitution.
            Obamacare originated in the Senate, and was the brain child of Harry Reid. It was originally called the Senate Health Care Bill. Reid attached this bill to another bill that came to the Senate from the House concerning the military, in order to claim that the health care bill originated in the house.
            The Supreme Court decreed that the penalty for not buying insurance was a TAX. THEREFORE IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL, REGARDLESS OF WHAT JUSTICE ROBERTS SAID.
            If the penalty were decreed to be a fine, it would STILL be unconstitutional, because it would have violated the commerce clause of the Constitution by forcing people to buy something they did not want.
            In either case, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

            Below is the history of Obamacare.

            Next ObamaCare Challenge: The Origination Clause

            By Michael Greibrok

            “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” – U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 7
            When Chief Justice Roberts cast the deciding vote in NFIB v. Sebelius (2012), the Court ruled that ObamaCare was a constitutional practice of Congress’s Taxing Power. However, what the Chief Justice and the Court failed to address was how the Origination Clause might affect the law’s constitutionality. The Origination Clause requires that all bills for raising revenue originate in the House, ObamaCare, for all intents and purposes, originated in the Senate.
            ObamaCare started in the House as H.R. 3590, a three page bill that dealt with housing for veterans that was unanimously passed on October 8, 2009. Senator Harry Reid, the Majority Leader at the time, had an urge to pass ObamaCare, and pass it quickly. On November 19 he deleted the text from H.R. 3590, renamed the bill the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” and added the hundreds of pages of ObamaCare text. ObamaCare was born!
            A case brought by the Pacific Legal Foundation, Sissel v. United States Dep’t. of H&HS, challenges ObamaCare as a violation of the Origination Clause. The District Court dismissed the case, ruling that ObamaCare was not a bill for raising revenue. The court also ruled that even if the bill’s purpose was to raise revenue it would not violate the Origination Clause because it originated in the House.
            The PLF appealed to the DC Circuit Court where a panel of three judges ruled that ObamaCare was not a bill for raising revenue and thus did not violate the Origination Clause. PLF has since appealed for en banc review of the panel’s decision.
            There are two important questions to ask in regards to ObamaCare and the Origination Clause. First, was ObamaCare a bill for raising revenue? Second, if the Senate deletes all the text from a House bill and rewrites it, does the bill still originate in the House?
            The District and Circuit Courts ruled that ObamaCare was not a bill for raising revenue because its main purpose was to force people to purchase health insurance. While this may be true, there are multiple taxes in ObamaCare which main purpose is to raise revenues. Also, if it was found to be constitutional under the Taxing Power, it would make sense that it would be included as a bill for raising revenue.
            The District Court ruled that ObamaCare originated in the House, not the Senate. This argument is blatantly ridiculous. The Senate deleted the title and all the text from the House bill and replaced it with ObamaCare. All that remained from the original bill was the header, H.R. 3590. Senator Reid’s maneuvering was a political game that made a mockery of the intention of the Origination Clause.
            Whether or not the DC Circuit agrees to hear this case en banc, the case is eventually heading to the Supreme Court. This case is another example that ObamaCare was a poorly written law. It has been 5 years since ObamaCare was signed into law, and it has still not been fully imposed on the public. Well after the first Individual Mandate Day, when for the first time ever individuals will be fined for failing purchase a government approved product, the Court will still be ruling on the constitutionality of ObamaCare.
            Laws should be clear and their implications should be understood at passage. ObamaCare has never been clear and its meaning and constitutionality is still be determined by courts today.

          7. patd says

            You keep posting this crap from a libturd socialistic dumocrap lying rag. Do you actually have the intelligence to read from the source directly from the Congress site that tracts bills? And if you can read where in the highlights does it state slashed VA funding? I believe it says INCREASED over FY2015. Maybe you can look that word up in the dictionary?


          8. Raymond Tower says

            I’m guessing he doesn’t understand what
            Passed Senate amended (11/10/2015) means.

          9. Raymond Tower says

            Passed Senate amended (11/10/2015) 114th Congress

          10. Wyatt says

            Again he quote a lamestream media headline . We know where he gets his news , NY Times , NY Post , maybe the National Enquier ?

        4. greenlantern1 says

          Was there a government shutdown or not?
          Ever hear of the BONUS MARCH?
          Herbert Hoover was president.
          Wasn’t he a Republican?

        5. robo says


      5. BrooklynJoJo says

        your name reality check???????????? what a joke, what brand of cocaine are you snorting with obummer, us recovering people all say obummer is an addict. did you ever wear a uniform to protect our country, these illegals and refugees belong in their own world. our vets are homeless, hey reality check get some help and recover.

        1. Reality Check says

          OK MORON, here is how you prove something while proving the Right are ALL DIM FOOLS.

          “GOP Slashes Veterans Benefits. Because Support The Troops!”


          1. MikeS says

            That’s a baseless lie.

          2. Reality Check says

            THAT mike can’t really disprove so he vomits.

          3. usmc354 says

            You need to become informed AH! The GOP does not CUT, they merely deny INCREASES unwarranted because of the BONUSES given to those responsible for causing VETS to DIE waiting for medical treatment! I know you are an UNINFORMED, LOW-INFO, AGGRIVATING and BRAINWASHED BHO LAPDOG LIBERAL TROLL and there is no need to respond because it would be nothing but a lie, unless it substantiated what I stated!

          4. Drew Page says

            First of all, any time the GOP wants to hold the debt ceiling at the current level the democrats scream that the Republicans are “shutting down the government”. There has never been a continuation of spending that Obama hasn’t signed off on. Obama can’t stand the military, so if there has been a reduction of spending on the military, Obama’s the guy who did it.

          5. John Gillis says

            Democrats scream the GOP wants to shut down the government – as if it is a bad thing! We have too much government as it is. 🙂 I say the government needs to go on a proverbial ‘diet’.

          6. Jerry Neyenhouse says

            Better go Reread your reverb press article again and click the contained link to the HR bill it totally mischaracterizes. The following is an excerpt from that Bill, “The bill also provides appropriations to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for veterans benefit and health care programs, Departmental Administration, and the National Cemetery Administration.” Sad that you didn’t do a better job of researching your source before referencing it.

          7. Reality Check says

            providing appropriations and CUTTING are two different thing.
            as long as SOME funds are made available, that is appropriations.

            cut by a billion is still appropriations.

            care to be more specific?

          8. Jerry Neyenhouse says

            Ahhh? Like the way Obama has cut taxes during his tenure while currently seeking to increase appropriations for Moslem refugees all at the expense of taxpayers? I hear you and feel your pain.

          9. Kent2012 says

            hurts does it not when you hear a socialist/communist begin to cry when the adults cut off their allowance…

          10. Suze says

            the immediate cutting of entitlements is when we go into national defense mode, have to fund military, and all those dependent on government support are the first ones screwed, and royally. I am anticipating this in the near future too. It looks like we are already into WW3.

          11. Suze says

            Nobody is listening anymore to how liberal policies have American interests in mind. Their agenda is out there now.
            ONly paid liberal staff like this pathetic troll here even bother to pretend otherwise.

          12. Jerry Neyenhouse says

            Good point!

          13. Suze says

            I am numb about how far left our government has defected.

          14. Amanda Clement Barber says
          15. fishinjunki says

            How’s this for specific? YOU ARE A BRAIN DEAD FAGGOT, DUMBOCRAT PIECE OF SHIT.

          16. Robert Barnes says


          17. usmc354 says

            You are correct! GOP merely denied INCREASES over previous year’s budget!

          18. Kent2012 says

            we heard the same BS from commie leg humpers years ago with the school lunch program and the effort by the GOP to stop the annual automatic increases…reality checkerinsky and the rest of the day care crowd were screaming that the “GOP hates children and want them to starve”…

          19. Suze says

            great use of trolls like ‘reality check’ is it brings out great information from conservatives which we can all refer to. Thanks for this and all the resources others on this site have provided.

          20. patd says

            You really are ignorant….quit listening to the idiot oxygen thieving libturds and dumocraps so READ for yourself what the BILL does for vets & the VA!!!!!!!! Quit listening to the idiots that lie everyday. What you posted is the complete opposite of the bill.

          21. Suze says

            reality check is almost done, will be part of the fallout this next year. We are at war now and when people get into survival mode they don’t give a fig for theories of politics.
            Who knows, he might even be stocking up himself for when he is out of job.

          22. Wyatt says

            Hmm , could Realitychecks real name ‘Rachel (the Maddcow) Maddow ?

          23. Suze says

            It’s not 2008 anymore. You need to update. very boring person.

          24. Reality Check says

            since my LINK was from 2015, YOU MUST BE A MORON. (conservative)

          25. Suze says

            SO is MSNBC still on here in 2015, which is also dated and irrelevant to what is happening in the world right now as we are entering war due to Obama agenda….and why they are tanking. I flip through to see how the networks are spinning world events, and at the peak of the Paris attack on Saturday night, your show was airing a special on prison reform. They figure if they don’t report it, it hasn’t happened.
            It’s only still on the air because it’s government funded. Your resources are all old talking points taken from resources that try very hard to paint this president as credible, and you embarrass yourself in putting them up here on this site.

        2. Reality Check says

          how about another for the low info too of the Right?

          “U.S. Senate Republicans block veterans’ health bill”


          1. robo says


          2. MikeS says

            Bull. You have replaced democrat with republican.

          3. missnellie says

            Do what????????????????

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Robot spews libTURD, DNC garbage.

          5. holtonfb says

            What interests me is that some of those Syrian refugees are Chistians who will be forced to return home to syria to be killed by ISIS. Let’s hear a cheer from the foul-mouthed gallery on that!!

          6. Suze says

            Obama doesn’t care about the Christians among the Syrians. He is truly evil. They are just collateral damage to his agenda.

          7. MikeS says

            You are addicted to false info.

          8. Reality Check says

            Funny, I don’t see YOU posting ANYTHING.

          9. Raymond Tower says

            https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2029 If can read, it clearly states

            Passed Senate amended (11/10/2015)

          10. Suze says

            do you call those old MSNBC quotes you post something? Nobody watches Chris or Rachel anymore. they’re just a third rail of Obama administration. Even Axelrod, Obama’s old campaign manager doesn’t work there anymore, it’s such a flop and just a little liberal coffee show..
            better look into another line you poor thing.

          11. Michael Dennewitz says


          12. Suze says

            his self loathing oozes from off the screen.

          13. Wyatt says

            Hmm , and now he quotes a “Lamestream Media” headline . Duh

          14. Reality Check says

            I don’t see the con posting ANYTHING.

            as for the lame stream media, why is it that the GOP candidates QUOTE THEM as sources?

          15. Robert Barnes says

            see youtube video; EVERY THING YOU KNOW IS A LIE

          16. Reality Check says

            if only cons would get that part.

            posting a link too hard?
            ESPECIALLY when there are TWO and vastly different.

          17. Suze says

            like who? not on this site.

          18. Suze says

            It’s the thrill up the leg show.

          19. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “Military Times….House members on Thursday approved plans for a 2.5 percent hike in Veterans Affairs Department funding next year despite a presidential veto threat over what the White House sees as a $1.4 billion funding shortfall.
            The VA and military construction budget bill — approved by a 255 to 163 vote, largely along party lines — would set aside $171 billion for the two accounts, with almost a 6 percent increase in discretionary funding for the programs from last year’s levels.”

          20. Reality Check says

            your point moron?

            Obama is threatening a veto because it is SHORT money for vets.

          21. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Obama, the one who can’t pronounce Corpse-men or salute a Marine? I know libTURDS are short on comprehension, but look up “riders” as pertaining to bills, STUPID HACK LEG HUMPER!

          22. Suze says

            Never quote Obama to give credit to your argument. Even hard line democrats don’t believe anything he claims. They don’t care if he lies, but they know he is a liar.

            don’t tell me you still believe this Muslim.

          23. Suze says

            blah blah blah, go to Mizzou and get a real education.

        3. marlene says

          TROLL ALERT – the more to react to reality check, the more it will troll you. We are familiar with its presence all over the internet. Most of us don’t even bother to read its comments. You’ll see.

          1. Reality Check says

            is that why is have had over a hundred responses today?

          2. marlene says

            Stop the name calling and maybe you’ll get even more. I see that counting responses is important to you. But a nice one that agrees with you once in awhile could be a good thing.

          3. Ralph in Denver says

            Be gentle he works hard to get that one upvote for every 4 1/2 posts he makes

          4. marlene says


          5. Drew Page says

            Most all calling you an idiot.

          6. Kent2012 says

            or a pos !!

          7. rickouellette says

            marlene-you are correct in that Reality Check sounds like a complete rambling idiot. He thinks being informed is repeating the CNN/MSNBC democrat talking points. Lol Did not realize he has been a troll for a long time. will end all discourse with him as he sounds like a programmed automaton. Thanks for the heads-up on this clown. Good Luck America !!!

          8. Kent2012 says

            yes he is right up there with homo robo and progressive commie republican…

          9. gerald Hughes says

            He is on his break, he does 2 hours a day over on MSNBC whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them.

          10. Jonathan Brooks says

            Well said. He does not present the same story either, so may be a troll group with the same post name.

          11. marlene says

            I believe you’re right. Many times another commenter with a name I’d never noticed before, takes Reality’s side, with similar comments, in full support.

          12. Jonathan Brooks says

            Marlene, I have also noticed that he goes to a lot of different comment sites, but always gets insulting almost immediately, and is always in opposition to whatever conservative, libertarian or Christian point of view is being expressed, and works to get off topic on something he can psuh links about. He is also very cagey about WHO HE IS, and seems to always have a tag team with one or two other posters doing almost the same shtick, with the insults, and ad hominum arguments.

          13. marlene says

            “tag team” – yes, you put it better than I did. And “posters” – i’ll use it next time. It seems i’ve gotten more replies to my comment about Reality than I did about this article – lol. I like the way you express yourself. And appreciate your sleuthing, Sherlock. Keep me posted.

          14. gerald Hughes says

            Wait, I have been sending all of his posts to every military site in the country, usually takes 3 to 5 weeks for someones to post his name and address.

          15. Ralph in Denver says

            he does come up with a few that scream to call the moron out. It usually works best as Marlene says, to ignore the pos

          16. Kent2012 says

            yes but it is fun to know that the twits get to read the comments from Real Americans…we know that they are down to two brain cells and that one is on loan from al sharpless..

        4. John H. Kohlenberg says

          That is beyond common sense. That is like killing the farmer to feed the lazy asses who don’t want to work The well will eventually go dry

          1. Suze says

            All liberal policies are self destructive. Every single one, eating off their hosts. Look at Mizzou and the liberal universities who have bred the anarchist student mentality that is now turning on the liberal university. Look at cities under liberal mayors. Look at what has happened in Europe.

          2. Donald E Doyle says

            Try Detroit don’t forget dearbourne

          3. Donald E Doyle says

            Isn’t that the plan

        5. Raymond Tower says

          Obozo brand of cocain. It’s called Obozo crack

        6. Jonathan Brooks says

          He says he is an old retiree who has to post to set all us sane people straight with his fabulous fag checking and Obama worship. I say he is a government schill that spends way too much time insulting people in the comments section, and may even be a lifer in jail, getting his giggles messing with the straights in public.

        7. pineapple says

          It would be better if Reality Check did not recover and succumbed to his disease.
          Then there would be one less Troll to deal with.

        8. Moe says

          I agree, disability claims have been denied or set at ten percent for injuries warriors, yet we have endless funds to keep the illegals coming in, the future democratic voters. A one party system true communism. Right now the executive branch is laughing their asses off. No one, not even our prays can stop them, they are truly our masters now.

          1. Ralph in Denver says

            It just frosts my balls that most of what you say is true. Every person in this country can sleep at night because of our veteran patriots, yet the veterans in need are treated as second class citizens, while our country is being overrun by invaders funded at their expense. My only disagreement with what you say is, they may be your masters, but they are definitely not mine

          2. Kent2012 says

            Ralph it is also due to the great men and women in uniform today and to their families that sacrifice so much for us to continue to live free in the USA…of course that means that we have to deal with socialist/communist/idiots like reality checkerinsky, homo robo, progressive commie republican, and a whole host of other twits, ding dongs, jerks, clowns, and foreign turkeys that post on these sites…who knows, maybe the kenyan boyo’s mouthpiece (sic) josh boy does these posts when he is on a pablum break in the oral office…

          3. Ralph in Denver says

            Yes Sir! Absolutely no slight intended. You appear to be a true patriot and I am most pleased to make your acquaintance. I 100% agree with you. I’ve done my time in the Army and every soldier, past and present, along with their spouses and kids, are my family and my never-ending heroes. I think it’s great that putting up with pissant anti Americans like reality check is the result of the price we have paid. Seems to me that’s evidence that it’s working.
            My Oath of Enlistment has no expiration date!

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Not to mention Paul Ryan says Social Security is going bankrupt, but nobody says anything about Welfare going broke.
            Makes me wonder……,,,

          5. TexasStomp says

            Really? Seems a no brainer to me. MC too. Looted to the tune of $800M by obama to “jump start” his “if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance” ponzi scheme.

        9. OSAMA OBAMA says

          No, slobs like Senilitycheck spit on our vets, avoid the draft and community organize.

        10. Ralph in Denver says

          No sir he is not one of us, he is a pissant agitator paid by the dems to spew crappage on the boards. Ignoring him works best

          1. Reality Check says

            oh no.
            I do out my patriotic duty to get you tools of right Wing Propaganda to WAKE THE FUCK UP.

          2. Ralph in Denver says

            You are a disgrace to the word Patriot. You’re way closer to a traitor. I’ll ignore you as I usually do moron

          3. Reality Check says

            I am not the one lying. it’s you brainwashed tools of the Right Wing Propaganda.

            “GOP Slashes Veterans Benefits.”


            “U.S. Senate Republicans block veterans’ health bill”


            lets see some links to prove the GOP are the good guys.

        11. Kent2012 says

          his real name is reality checkerinsky and along with homo robo and progressive commie republican(think boner and mcdoogler and the ho from Alaska, murCowskinsky) are supporters of the mulatto leg humping rag loving communist illegal alien, any socialist programs, and the destruction of America…the homo robo is back to the GWB and the GOP are responsible and as usual with air head twits totally forget the comments and votes of the commie democrapo legislators like the ho clintoney and choose to praise billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney instead of pointing out his complicity in the middle east debacle along with that twit jimah…

          1. Ralph in Denver says

            sure it’s not chickenshittski?

          2. Kent2012 says

            you may be right, then that could be his/her twin….

        12. Mark Clemens says

          The GOP did cut VA entitlements in 2012.
          Look it up on Thomas.co
          Oh yea it was Ryan and McConnell doings.
          Just like Ryan forced the TPP Fast Track.

      6. jrogersp says

        Don’t be an idiot, do your own thinking unless you are an idiot by birth! Quit believing what the demoncrats tell you!

        1. Reality Check says

          I believe whats in world renowned newspapers.

          I don’t see any links from the con proving shit.

          1. patd says

            again…read from the actual source!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          2. Reality Check says

            cons need pictures and small words.

          3. patd says

            Are you admitting that you as a libturd are a con and need pictures with the written text of facts on the Congress site? Your statement is illogical.

          4. jrogersp says

            We go straight to the horse’s mouth for the truth, why don’t you? Do you believe everything those idiots print? Look at how many of the reporters from your world renowned media agencies have been fired or quit because they got caught lying! Don’t believe everything you read, it’s not always the truth!

          5. Raymond Tower says

            https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2029 It’s clear that the bill passed!!!!!

          6. Wyatt says

            Renowned newspapers ? Hmm , wasn’t Tass a renowned newspaper ? They were famous for printing what they were told to print . Only the official party line . Communist Party that is

        2. robo says


      7. robo says

        Good for you!!! ENJOY YOURSELF

      8. MikeS says

        The very point you idiot. Now the money is going to illegals.

        1. Reality Check says

          actually the GOP put it toward bombs silly con.

          1. MikeS says

            and obama/dems diverted most of it to obamacare and illegals and they are not done yet.

          2. Wyatt says

            Actually , liberal administrators probably gave themselves a nice bonus and pocketed and increases . Wouldn’t surprise me at all . Look at Pelosi always bucking for increased Congressional pay when she should wear a mask and gun to the pay window .

      9. stadalberts says

        Wrong wrong WRONG pal!

        1. Reality Check says

          ya I only posted links a dozen times on this thread.

          1. Raymond Tower says

            Idiotic incorrect links. To bad the 114th Congress passed the bill
            Passed Senate amended (11/10/2015)

      10. missnellie says

        VIRGINIA YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      11. Michael Dennewitz says

        Well asswipe, before all this bullshit started, I was getting $1379. monthly. Eight months ago they informed me that my disability had been cut down to, get this, $1.33.. Yes asshole TROLL, I printed it right. Many of we veterans in this area are losing it. And to add insult to injury, our wonderful treasury dept sent me a letter last month saying they will be withholding 1/3 of my social security. Don’t even know why I bother mentioning it to a fucking TROLL, but there it is bitch.. F A C T S !!

      12. Drew Page says

        Obama has been in office for seven years. If VA benefits were cut he could have restored them by Executiove Order, like he does everything else.

        1. Wyatt says

          Nah , Zero hates the military .

        2. Reality Check says

          well once you learn what things CAN and CAN’T be done by executive order, get back to me.

      13. Moe says

        There are different departments like the state department and others were money by the billions and millions is unaccounted for. Agencies of the executive branch have been funding illegal immigration an agenda to get illegal votes to win in 2016. Homeland Security operates as an independent entity, they smuggle illegals across our nation and process them for state and local relief. Since the republicans passed PPA trade deal for PAC monies, it does not matter whom is at fault, our federal government has gone sour. The DOJ like the IRS are the brown shirts to the new world order approaching as our leader bankrupts the nation to force socialism upon our once free nation. Do not worry no need to insult opponents, by controlling the DOJ no one can touch them, except Congress whom doesn’t seem to care. They are the law, they do as they please. He is our master, our majesty the King ruling not by decree, but executive order. He has only one year to finish this nation off. You are totally blind to missing funds amongst executive branch departments, if someone brings it to your attention you insult them. Even if Hillary wins with the help of the FBI and DOJ, she inherits a total mess domestically and abroad. What scares me the most is the executive branch believes they fooled the innocent people they betrayed.

        1. Wyatt says

          Wonder where Hillary mis-placed that $6,000,000 the State Dept couldn’t account for before she stepped down .

      14. fishinjunki says

        You must be in terrible pain. I hear ridiculous stupidity is very painful.

        1. Reality Check says

          but I will bet you are too much of a dumb ass to debate the liberal.

      15. Sharon says

        No, OBAMA got them to not give vets, or active duty, raises, along with not giving a cost of living raise to us seniors. The Senate didn’t have enough votes to be veto proof. They have to have at least 60 votes to keep Obama from being able to veto a bill, which means they have to have Dems cross over. Which happened when they passed a law to NOT let Syrians in to our country. But, Obama went ahead & did it anyway. When one of the terrorists decides to blow something up, I hope he decides on the White House, & takes Obama down.

        1. Reality Check says

          nice link

          but my links say you are LYING.


          “GOP Slashes Veterans Benefits.”


          “U.S. Senate Republicans block veterans’ health bill”


      16. gerald Hughes says

        Lying liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, soon all your handouts go away when Trump takes office.

      17. Suze says

        You don’t get it. GOP and Dems are in this together. Come on Reality Check, how long you going to let them play you?

      18. ProAmerican2 says

        No, the Administration cut those benifits

    2. greenlantern1 says

      Ever hear of the Walter Reed scandal?
      Who was president?
      Who was Secretary of the VA?
      Our ONLY, convicted, Secretary of the Veteran’s Bureau was Charles Forbes!
      Harding was president.
      Wasn’t he a Republican?
      Was Elian Gonzales an illegal alien or not?

    3. mom2bb says

      Yes, they are!

    4. robo says


      1. Mike Bryant says

        robo, why don’t you go to Hell u pile of shit raghead!!!!

        1. Robert Barnes says

          You appear to be the hit head on this thread

        2. We Americans says

          Yes indeed! robo is just another ignorant piece of shit who calls himself a human being. In fact, he’s been brain washed ever since he was born.

      2. IgnoreTheFools says

        SNumber one goes to the Muslim in chief and the second goes to you, the brain dead Marxist voter.

      3. OSAMA OBAMA says

        You will never meet him robot, he works, pays taxes, votes, and YOU infest a sewer.

      4. Ralph in Denver says

        Uhhh let’s see here,,,, Mr Von Huben 85 upvotes,,,,, your raghead sorry ass 4 guess who we all think is the horse’s ass here

    5. maxx says

      Yes they are because in addition to causing financial chaos for each state the democrats are counting on using these illegals/refugees/immigrants as “VOTERS” in the 2016 election. How else can Hillary win?

      1. Cynthia Amaya says

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        1. Donald E Doyle says

          Good for you now bugger off Your add has nothing to do with the discussion. We don’t care how much money you make. Oh maybe you can help support the new arrivals there you go.

          1. Dawn says

            Tell her off!!!

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Blow it out your fat ass Cynthia!!!

        3. maxx says

          Good for you but what the hell does you drivel have to do with anything? You should go and post your useless crap on the Huff & Puff post where it might be appreciated.

      2. jetmagnet says

        LOL, you peeps will lose in the future anyway. Minorities are growing 10 times faster and the democratic party is registering them as much as possible. The sooner we rid this country of old while fascist Farts the better.
        The GOP is not the party of the future. people are tired of seeing their hard earned money going to billionaires while they reduce wages and send jobs to china.They’re tired of unabated pollution and cancer deaths by big oil. People who don’t believe in science. People who hate everyone and are living in ancient history. The GOP is shithead party for morons with low IQ’s.

        1. 1 Fed Up American says

          Why don’t you take your sorry ass and move to Iran you POS.

          1. jetmagnet says

            That’s why we’re in debt, GW and the fake war that killed thousands of americans.
            He probably blew up the twin towers with his saudi buddies that he flew out of the country.

        2. Esq says

          Actually Billionaires are mostly Democrat! Like Donald Trump! Most Corporate CEOs are Democrats! So I fail to see your point!

          1. Dawn says

            Donald Trump is a Republican…

          2. Esq says

            You sound so sure!

          3. worn out 123 says

            Isn’t it odd that D.T. has supported democrats for president for many years now? What’s the best was to elect a democrat president? ANS: SIMPLE! Have a democrat run on both the republican and democrat tickets. Just register one as a republican.

          4. caligirl1960 says

            I was a Democrat too until I wised up and figured out they are poisoning America.

          5. Debbe Inman says

            Great response the parties have changed…. Dems are commies and pubes are Dems

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I was a 60s hippy till the drugs ran out, and I had to pay my own way!! Now I get to pay for slovenly shitmagnets, libTURDS, illegals and refugees.

          7. AttMore says


          8. watchman48 says

            Trump is what you need him to be for your vote. Mr. Trump made the comment that he was a great Christian…. No true Christian would have ever said that of himself. I have absolutely no doubts that Mr. Trump to be extremely obnoxious, arrogant, prideful, self-centered and worse than all of that extremely self-righteous, definitely a combination that we do not need in the White House nor in a man who converses with other world leaders…. We have all these attributes in the current president now and look what has happene…d to us in the past 7 years…. United States has never been hated more than we are today.

            Mr. Trump has even bragged how he has contributed to both party and their politicians in hope to gain favor to get what he wanted from them…
            It is easy for me to see that Mr. Trump is no born again Christian, therefore although Trump would make a much better president than Hillary I could never vote for him as president. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils.
            Whereas, I find humility and humbleness in Dr. Carson, a man that knows he needs divine guidance for godly wisdom, a man that doesn’t seek power to rule over others but a man who seeks the power to help guide a nation and it’s people back to the knowledge of the Almighty God, Creator of all that is good.

          9. Tony Donaldson says

            I’m ready to bet money that Carson won’t last. You see Humility. I see a set up. Carson is not determined enough. He is fading out. We’ll be lucky to have 4 left in the race by the end of January. The rest will have to pick who they will stand behind to be nominated.

          10. joe says

            Trump for president he is the only one worth voting for NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS THEY ARE ALL LIARS AND CROOKS.

          11. watchman48 says

            For Tony & Joe – I do believe the secular media wants Trump to win the nomination because they have enough ammunition to bring out that will defeat him and then we will have Hillary for president…. But it really doesn’t make much difference who wins the oval office because we, the citizens have already loss… USA is going down like no other nation is the world… If you don’t think God is in control. Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101” and if you don’t believe that God doesn’t exist, Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message”
            God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of its people without first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him and He would save them from that coming destruction.

          12. joe says

            This is the kind of thinking they want if they make you think you are wasting your vote then they are guarenteed to always remain in office. We need to THROW OUT ALL CAREER POLITICIANS PERIOD! they have proven time and time again that they are liars and not to be trusted. The do not want an outsider in there to upset their little club of crooks. We have to start some where and the best place is to ELIMINATE the job of career politician they ALL have to go on both sides.

          13. jetmagnet says

            The KOCK brothers donate more than all democrats combined.
            Why don’t you try the Forbes list of the most wealthy. most are republicans, they’re the ones getting tax breaks and handouts in exchange for electing republlicans.

          14. joe says


          15. Esq says

            You be Remarkable! LOL!

          16. Almay says

            Wrong again. George Soros is the top contributor to political causes, all liberal ones. He is interesting in that he came to America as an immigrant, used the system, legally and illegally to become a billionaire, then as a socialist, gives to political operatives that are democrats, liberals and progressives.

          17. jetmagnet says

            Soros? He contributed $1 million compared to $400 million by the by the koch suckers. Soros is a peanut compared to the kochs. Networth Soros- $9 billion ( same as Trump) Koch bros? $90 billion and over 2000 organizations.
            The worst people on the planet. Koch bros got their money from their father who built refineries for stalin. The koch bros want corporations to run the country not people they pushed SCOTUS to pass Citizens United, which gives corporations the same rights as people.

          18. jetmagnet says
        3. Tony Donaldson says

          May I remind you of a couple of FACTS. It was your philandering boy Bill that signed the NAFTA agreement to help further his New world order agenda. You need to back up and look at the socialist party of rats that pushes the liberal agenda of giving the store away and making the next 3 to 5 generations pay for your stupid give away spending sprees and making dumbed down lazy unproductive people who steal the wealth from others who were smart enough not to live on the plantation and be takers all their lives. Your is the most stupid post I ever read. I’ll clap my hands three times and hope you’ll awaken from the madness.

          1. caligirl1960 says

            Don’t forget that Nazi’s were socialists.

          2. Debbe Inman says

            Like Democraps who are communist

          3. George M Melby says

            Jusr remember, IF we were Communists, you and your kind would have been exterminated by now! Enjoy your freedoms… now! They may be gone later!

          4. jetmagnet says

            Nazi’s where fascist, exactly like teahadist. That want control of the government and control of huminoid type followers that follow like sheep.

          5. jetmagnet says

            Nafta agreement Who’s idea was TPP and other outsourcing legislation? the GOP
            Who has blocked every attempt to stop outsourcing? The GOP. The GOP does two things, gives away jobs and produces none. Instead they follow robber baron economics. Trickle down- how has wages increased VS ceo bonuses? They take the money and give it to executives and outsource, instead of this bullshit trickle down scam they keep running on.

          6. Tony Donaldson says

            I would suggest that you take some applied courses in economics. I see where money is made, lost, squandered and pilfered. The government is the single most wasteful entity. Our Government thinks they are a private business. When the idiots take over look where we are? In debt up to our eyeballs. We, the people work hard and they extort our money from us by threat and intimidation. Being elected to public office and learning to love kick backs from lobbyists goes across all political lines. You talk about wage increases. You need to learn more about how that works. Typically a wage would increase as productivity increases. CEO’s get bonuses for increasing profit. Employees can share in that profit by investing back into the company. Remember that every dollar you have is worthless unless there is something to spend it on. Also, every dollar you make is owed to something. You want more dollars? Have something to trade, some knowledge to share or shut the f–k up. You need to get over being filled with envy. Wise up.

          7. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Tony, FYI, classic economics and theory HAS changed since the great Wall street meltdown, NEWS FLASH for you Troglodyte. This statement of yours sounds good , but is not applicable any longer . . . . . . .”You talk about wage increases. You need to learn more about how that works. Typically a wage would increase as productivity increases. CEO’s get bonuses for increasing profit. Employees can share in that profit by investing back into the company. Remember that every dollar you have is worthless!”

            Only the last sentence makes any sense because I edited it fool. Productivity was the tool for Corporations to NOT Pay workers more from about 2010 when the GREAT Wall Street mess had been hosed down by the FIRE dept. Who shattered the economy PAL in 2006 through 2009? It was GOP conservative BOOBS who didn’t know what they were doing.

            They would agree with your early 1900’s statement on wages & productivity. When there were millions of unemployed workers looking for jobs, corporations could tell their current employees, just WORK HARDER and they didn’t hire new ones for more work. How does your theory work after 2010?

            American workers wages haven’t increased hardly at all Nationally since that time. Only now, 7 years after the GW Bush debacle have some wages been starting to be raised. IF you go back to the last min. wage hike and figure just a 2% increase per year, calculate what the new FED Rate should be now. I’ll bet it’s at least $15 per hour. Do some homework Troglodyte. You won’t though.

            The DJIA was as record high levels in 2014. WHERE WERE THE WAGE INCREASES JACK? You’re so full of B.S. and TEA Party line crap it’s ridiculous.

            NOW, government must set a standard for McDonalds and all of the retail stores that just pay minimum wage. Increase the wages and where does that money go macroeconomically fool?

            It will ALL be spent by minimum wage workers because , guess what, they usually don’t save a whole lot , do they? All of that increased wages goes back into the economy. It’s an economic stimulus with government NOT having to pay for it.

            Would you agree “private market solutions” ARE BEST FOOL? You’ve been cornered little Tony. You really don’t know a whole lot about anything, do you? You might want to consider some re-education camp at a University Troglodyte Tony. Man you people are dull land uneducated.

          8. Tony Donaldson says

            My six figure a year salary, savings and my investments, all made without going to a university or college. I live a decent life because I followed a simple business model. I played America’s game. You write about things that are mind numbing. Knowing a whole lot about how the make money and keep more it is a thing anyone can learn. Yeah. yeah. The money goes round and round. Stalled in one place it’ll bust out on it’s own. Everyone is ignorant, fool. Just on different subjects. So you sound so bitter about life. life is good when you pay attention to the markets and choose wisely. Make every opportunity work in your favor. Your lessons in life will continue. It must suck to be you. Yep I’m old. But this old fossil learned his lessons well. I live well. Eat well and have taught others to do the same. Ungrateful whelps like you bitch and whine too much.

          9. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Guess what pal, I had 18 years of formal education. In my first two years out of college, Pharmacy School. I had doubled $2,000 in BNSF which Warren Buffett now owns completely. He just paid a few hundred Billion dollars for that railroad IDIOT. Concurrently, G. Heileman Brewing Co. doubled every year for about five years in a row. Have you had those gains? If you have, then kudos.

            I was just married and had children and that cuts back on dollars for investment, RIGHT MORON??? I’ve been so many places that you’ll never get to , it’s the difference between MORON TEA Party idiots like you and progressives that solve problems and then forge ahead.

            WHAT has the TEA Party Congress, or Keystone COPS Congress done in the first year JACK? Nothing? They’ve only spent MORE money than previous Congresses. Isn’t that quaint ASSHOLE?

            Government will NEVER get smaller douche bag. I can tell you that for a fact. Try me on anything MORON. Foreign affairs, the economy or ANYTHING ELSE & YOU”LL BE EMBARRASSED WITH YOUR PRICK BETWEEN YOUR TAIL moron…

          10. Tony Donaldson says

            Just like a freaking liberal. Can’t get his point across without name calling. You’re awfully angry at something. Take a chill pill and relax. You have proved your worth. Now go and smoke one of your joints or something.

          11. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Nice retort, but when you go to the depredation card,then YOU’ve LOST pal.

            When you don’t answer the questions, you are out of luck PAL….TOO BAD TEA Party scum….

          12. Tony Donaldson says

            I finally figured you out. You do steroids. It shows. You might want to look into Anger management before someone plants a bullet behind your ear.

          13. Michael Dennewitz says

            Can I shove my .357 up his nose and pull the trigger???

          14. Tony Donaldson says

            Ordinary nutcase in the alley: Your fan club has started. Thanks Mike.

          15. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Oooh you two must be the Batman KLUB dynamic DUO of STUPIDITY And GUNSzzzzz…… MORONS & cretins…GET JOBS Muther ****erszzzzz . . . . . . .

          16. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            sure Denny boy, see the note of my size just above & then tell me where you want to meet sans weapons BIG BOY???

            God you fuks are so F * * * ing STU-PID. Guns are everything to you , aren’t they you Troglodyte MORON….. Latent potty training arrested DEVELOPMENT BOY. It’s Freud , so look it up miscreant…..

          17. Los Robles says

            You couldn’t beat up Mother Theresa if she were alive. Another uneducated imbecile behind a keyboard. If any of those took you up on it you’d piss yourself just thinking about it. Do us all a favor and get help before you become a news article.

          18. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Could you tell me WHO THE FUCK R you ROPE A DOPE MORON? My God there is no end to the number of impossibly STUPID FUCKERS of TEA Time.

            Y’ALL are helpless, STUPID, incompetent and WORTHLESS you DUMB SHIT ASSHOLE, so SHUT the FUCK UP MORON…..

          19. Los Robles says

            Wow. Which immigrant taught you the foul language. So intelligent. So are you a pimple faced nobody in your mama’s basement or use the library computers? For sure you’re a pussy. That’s gotta’ suck.

          20. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            So what about GUNS MUTHER FUkkr, should everyone get one?

            How about that Trump? Is he your candidate DUMB ASS?

            FUCK you’re so God damn STUPID it’s beyond belief…..

          21. Los Robles says

            If Trump gets elected, it will be because people are sick of inbreds like yourself.

          22. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            So what about GUNS MUTHER FUkkr, should everyone get one?


          23. Los Robles says

            Well your charlatan in chief wants everyone to purchase his healthcare plan which is totally useless. Most people can’t afford the premiums then they still have to layout money they don’t have to cover services. So, if anyone was going to make someone do something I guess it would be the big government cluster we have currently. On the other hand, those that I support do not force people to do anything they don’t desire. Your demanding diatribe sounds like the current bozo. I’ll answer the question if I so chose and I chose liberty for those who chose to “get one”, that meaning using current laws and liberty for those who do not. If you were my neighbor which is more fantasy than global warming, I’d probably have one and wouldn’t hesitate in employing it’s purpose.

          24. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Doble el Roble FUK JOB, you have NO IDEA of what the fuck you’re talking about which is typical of TEA Party MORONS like yourself.

            I’ve spent 30 years in the healthcare industry and ACA is a good thing ASSHOLE.

            So you just tell me what is wrong with ACA, could you DUMB ASS TEA Party FUCKING IDIOT?

            You’re such a God DAMN DUMB ASS it’s incredible asshole Roble Doble……

          25. Los Robles says

            I removed your foul language and reread your comment. It made no sense. I removed the non foul language and still made no sense. Guess you were confused or demented. I’ll presume the latter.

          26. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Dumb asses like TEA PARTY FUKS like you don’t understand English Gobbler Doble FUK NUTS. So I’m not surprised that you cannot read at all.

            ACA is Obamacare IDIOT. What is wrong with it DUMB ASS? Is that a clear enough question which you WILL NOT answer ASSHOLE?

            You fuckers are so God damn dumb, you won’t ever engage in an actual policy discussion about anything. SO WHY IS THAT NUMB NUTTY GUN TOTIN’ ASSHOLE?


          27. Los Robles says

            Are you in a wheelchair? There must be physical handicaps that tandem the mental instability. Just wondering. Hint: look in a mirror or ask someone near you if you don’t know.

          28. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Nope & NO handicaps whatsoever. WHAT’S it to YOU MORON?

            What’s wrong with Obamacare SLOTH boy? Why are Muslims bad when they are fleeing Syria and nations all around the Middle East JACK boy ASS?

            Answer a question or are too STU-PID to do that Dobler Dobbler patty cakes boy?

          29. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Are you a thalidomide baby?

          30. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            NOPE, but I dispensed about 8,000 bottles of 30 for investigational cancer trials in myeloma DUMB ASS ! ! ! !

            Combine it with 40 mg dexamethasone for 4 days and you have a remission therapy IDIOT.

            FUK U DUMB ASS TEA Party Troglodyte. You’re insipid & moronically STU-PID Asshole..

          31. Los Robles says

            It’s been my pleasure and choice of time wasting commenting on……well an obvious tourettes sufferer. You’re such a punk with words that I suspect your miserable life won’t end well. IP addresses are easy to track. I know you wouldn’t talk the way you do to someone’s face. You wouldn’t live to tell about it and you’re too much of a pussy to do so. May the consequence that is your befall you in a most spectacular way. On to productiveness destroying everything your kind defends. Bye.

          32. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Hey DOUBLE OGRE Troglodyte boy. You know SHTICK about anything, much less me MORON.

            So if you want to met a guy with an IQ of 140 who’s 6’4″ and 250 lb PUSSY MAN, then just let me know IDIOT.

            God you FUCKERS Are so damn STU-PID….You can’t fix STUPID ASSHOLE and you’re living proof CRETIN…..

          33. Los Robles says

            Yeah, I believe that. Anybody who cannot hold conversation without constant use of 2 cent foul language has a much lower IQ than you profess. Moreover, your mythical size impresses as much as your lack of cerebral matter. I’d say more like 5’8″, living im mom’s basement. The 250 lb is probably right. You are a loser. Period.

          34. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I never worry about GUN CRAZED idiots like yourself Tone LOC boy. You’re too stupid to know how to pull a trigger when it should be.

            I’ve never had a gun in my life, so should I be buying one now to defend myself from BIG TOUGH FAKE Penis deficient RETARDS of TEA Time asshole? You’re so damn stupid, it’s beyond belief.

            Misstra Know-It-All who know nothing of importance whatsoever. Right TONE boy? Get lost DIM fool TEA Party buzzard….

          35. Tony Donaldson says

            Good for you. You talk so big hiding behind a mouse. Come out in the open and we’ll see what happens.

          36. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Right Tone LOC, I’m 6’4″ tall and 250 lb of weight trained muscle pal.

            Where would you like to meet for a beer sometime CRETIN boy? Get the F * * * out of my face you dumb ASS!!!!

            DWEEB TEA Party Misstra-Know-It-Alll… You damn REGRESSIVES are so damn STU-PID it’s incredible and unfathomable. Get a damn JOB LOSER . . . . . . . . .


          37. Tony Donaldson says

            The bigger they are the harder they fall. So rave on. Your day is coming.

          38. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Are you a BIG FELLA tone LOC? LIke 400lb and about 65 inches tall? IDIOT. Just give me the city that you live in and I’ll come to visit you some time MORON…..

          39. Tony Donaldson says

            Come to Galliano, Louisiana. Meet me at the catholic church mausoleum on the LA 1. side. Any time you say. Two men enter, One man leaves.

          40. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            OOOoohhh, a BIG BLOB of GOO with a gun. What a MORON you are.

            I’m reporting you to Homeland Security for terroristic threats on the internet Tony Donaldson. You are dead meat NOW asshole. NO more guns when you go to PRISON Dumb SHIITE.

            BIG MAN, with the fake penis guns. F * * K you Tony Donaldson, MORON and
            DUMB ASS IDIOT! ! ! !

          41. Tony Donaldson says

            Who said anything about bringing a gun? That’s your machination.Coward. Report all you like. You are a freaking coward . Until you Man up and face the people you cuss you are just a puny, weakling, coward, piss ant. Yes BOY , you are yellow backed POS that won’t come out of his mammy’s basement. All talk and no balls.

          42. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Ooohh, the BIG BLOB of GOO makes more threats. I just said you could meet me in person and see that I speak factually, something that you’ve never done in your entire life LIAR! ! !

            GET LOST CRETIN… You’re a little dweeb TP no nothing. I could care less what you think about anything because it’s irrational , irrelevant and meaningless, OK? Simmer down PORK CHOP MORON……

          43. Tony Donaldson says

            NO, I won’t. You are backing down. Bring your lily livered ass out of that cuss hole you’re hiding in. Cowards like you are a dime a dozen on the net. Cry baby cry, stick your finger in your eye. run and tell your mammy it was I. I’d knock the taste right out of your mouth. So , since you called me a out and I answered with a place and gave you every opportunity to respond, you show your true coward ignorant self by running and telling mommy someone is picking on you. I promise to break your jaw if I ever see you.

          44. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            6′ 4″ tall and 250 lb of steel muscles pal and 61 years old. If you see someone fitting that description, it’s ME ASSHOLE… Do you get it yet?

            I don’t lie or fabricate SHIT like TEA Party does all the time. This San Bernadino CRAP is the biggest HOAX ever perpetrated by a so called political party in America. THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS , DIRECTED BY ISIL IN AMERICA ASSHOLE…… You FUCKERS just want to stir up trouble where there is none.

            That’s what gun nutty fruitcakes do. you have false courage from your fake penis instruments of death, so you think you are god’s gift to the god damn universe. You aren’t mother fukkr asshole.

            I’ll give you ONE opportunity to meet me in Burlington Iowa on 15 February of 2016. I’ll have a date for Valentine’s Day MORON…..

            You’ll feel right at home because the Iowas Ammunition Plant facility is just west of town and takes up more area than the town does. A TOXIC SWAMP if you want some fun in your spare time. IDIOT…….I can tell you that it would be NO PROBLEM FOR ME TO crush YOU INTO THE GROUND asshole. Think about it MORON , big chest PUFFER IDIOT. Feb 15 2016. BE THERE. ALOHA ! ! !

          45. Tony Donaldson says

            You’re just a pig in a poke. One big Iowa Corn fed lie after another. You call me nutty? You have that market cornered. I don’t do snow so pick again.

          46. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I’m not an Iowan MORON, so save the cornfield jokes for some other DUPE. You’re so FUCKING STUPID it’s just incredible ASSHOLE….

          47. Tony Donaldson says

            So, you were a pharmacist. You worked in the mayo clinic for 28 years. You’re 61 years old. You shouldn’t be hard to find.

          48. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Oh boy, Jake Gittes is on the case now, right TONE DUMB FUK UP LOC? Yeah, I could live in any state in America since I haven’t worked since I was 51 years old BITCH.

            Good hunting DUMB ASS & your key clue is my last name is Anderson. GOOD LUCK thinning out the herd of Anderson’s BITCH FAGGOT…GET LOST YOU DUMB ASS MORON

          49. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Who would get close enough to me to do that MORON TONE LOC? You sure aren’t smart at ALL , are you DUMB ASS FUKKD UP TEA PARTY SHITHEAD???

            God you are so FUCKING DUMB! ! ! ! ! !

          50. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Where’d YA GO BIZ TONE boy. Tone LOC MORON???

            FUCK you ASSHOLE,. You have SHIT for brains and couldn’t figure your way out of a paper bag jail DIM FUKKR…..

          51. George M Melby says

            Anger is the byword for conservative TEApods! You are very good mentors at that!

          52. jetmagnet says

            There’s a point to what liberals say. Teabags are an angry mob of disfunctional morons. Who don’t have an education outside of Fake News Chanel hannity show where they get their cocaine High or Rush Blimpo University of clowns!!!!!!!!!!

          53. Los Robles says

            …and liberals are a bunch of jealous sheeple who wish they had what the conservatives have but never will due to drug damaged brains and lazy attitudes. It would be great to put them all on their own island. They’d die out before they could collectively figure out there are no welfare checks or free subsides because taxes to pay for it do not exist among non working parasites.

          54. jetmagnet says

            WTF are you talking about. You’re actually that insane that you judge people by the voting booth? First of all many voters are single issue voters, they’re not zealots out to change america. There are democrats I know that their main reason for voting is climate change, for millions of women it’s about womens rights. For union members, it’s about their jobs and income. For gays, blacks it’s about their rights. For minorities it’s about which party accepts them, So to marginalize people and them judge them isn’t very bright on your part.
            To say people who vote for climate change and pick a democrat are lazy is fucking idiotic. As far as welfare, it’s been researched over and over, most people who are on welfare are poor conservatives in red states who pay minimum wages. Do the research. I don’t bitch about who they voted for. I live in a county that’s 70% conservative, no democrats. there’s 14% unemployment and most of these people who vote and gop are on welfare. They don’t like abortion here, so most of the women let the government pay for the childbirth, through medicaid. I’ve asked them, How can you afford a child? “Oh, through medicaid.
            Also, most conservatives take social security ( a socialist program & medicare) There’s alot of vets here, All their benefits come from the socialist government. So cut the bullshit. BTW, If you want to blame it on blacks and minoritiea, that’s bullshit. In south florida mexicans and cubans work harder than lazy americans, are more dependable and don’t ask for raises.
            We invested $90 billion in cuban refugees, giving them money, food and just about cart blanche. Now they own most of the businesses in south florida and have the most wealth.

          55. Los Robles says

            Yeah, I know so many poor conservatives. (roll eyes here). Again, your narrative is asinine and without merit except to parrot those who want something for nothing. If Donald Trump becomes President, it will be because the American people are tired of your kind. Always against anyone who has more than you do. Always on the side of immorality, never an answer that would establish better than a smoke induced fantasy world in your own mind. In November 2016, you’ll find out how much the American people are fed up with clownshoes like yourself. And the best part; you can’t do a damn thing about it.

          56. jetmagnet says

            So you want a fascist dictator for president, that’s going be hilarious!
            You don’t like more than half of the americans in this country. ( more than half voted for Obama) . So your going to make them relent and conform to fascism? lmao! You talk from a minority pulpit of Teahadist. There isn’t enough of you peeps to win a general election. Do you realize how many millions hate the GOP?
            Their whole platform is anti-obama. That only works in midterm elections. The GOP is going to be whiped off the planet in 2016 thanks to trump. You need 35% of the hispanic vote and at least 10% of the black vote and every living republican to vote, even the dead ones to come close. All those GOP senators in blue states are toast. They are all quaking in their boots. The dems finally got rid of Jindal. The conservatives lost a red state. That’s just the beginning.
            Besides old declining white farts and gun nuts, who do you have. certainly not blacks, women, college students, unions, minorities and the list goes on and on.
            The only thing a gop presidential candidate has to offer is hot air.
            I like trump, but your establishment doesn’t, the GOP and reince prebus may not nominate him. They’re talking about it now.lol
            Money talks and bullshit walks, and your party will fuck trump in the Ass and the usual establishment candidate will take it. I say rubio, the short, water guzziling establishment republican who drinks bottled water like it’s going out of style. He’s got wall st behind him, like cruz. The only self funded candidate in this election who owes nobody is Trump and they’re going to rip him a new asshole as soon as he loses his leverage to run as an independent.

          57. Los Robles says

            Scared, aren’t you. You should be, commie.

          58. jetmagnet says

            Scared? LMFAO!! Satan can’t wait for you fat ass to die!

          59. Los Robles says

            No, you’re scared and you know it. BTW, why would you use Satan while you do not believe in Christian religion? See how eady it is to rip your comments apart? Consumate loser.

          60. Los Robles says

            No, you’re scared and you know it. BTW, why would you reference Satan while you denounce Christian religion? See how easy it is to rip your inane babble apart? Consumate loser.

          61. jetmagnet says

            “There ain’t NO cure for stupid, It’s stench grows on the Walls of Ignorance, and can only be washed away by the Truth”

          62. Los Robles says

            Maybe you’ll wake up, actually understand truth and the stench that you eminate will subside. But for you, I doubt it. You can’t even keep up with your own lies. What one expects from demented individuals.

          63. jetmagnet says


          64. jetmagnet says

            You’re putting me to sleep.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          65. jetmagnet says

            MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report) – Scientists have discovered a powerful
            new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to
            sustain life, a sobering new study reports.

            The research, conducted by
            the University of Minnesota, identifies a virulent strain of humans who are
            virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving scientists at a
            loss as to how to combat them.

          66. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. Thou doth whine too much.

          67. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Making money in the market in those days wasn’t that hard. As usual, you overestimate your genius.

          68. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            CLEATS, I told you about Hormel Corp 6 months ago pal. They’re over $70 per share and the stock will split soon per press reports DOLT.

            I don’t MAKE MISTAKES ASSHOLE. Rmember that, OK FUCKER ????

          69. Cletus B Neckbeard says


            Given how prolific you leftards are at fomenting violence, I’ll bet you’re making money, hand over fist, in the guns and ammo markets. Insider trading at its best; you get people killed and you make money doing it.

            OMG, I remember hearing that in the late 60s from your same ilk gratuitously accusing the right of the same thing!

          70. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Going through the sixth grade seven times does not give you 18 years of education.

          71. George M Melby says

            THANK… YOU! ‘Bout time somebody set these Repugnican Tea jerks straight!

          72. George M Melby says

            Ahhhhh, so you ARE a thieving Republican Tea Pot?! Thank you for acknowledging that fact!

          73. Tony Donaldson says

            No. Just a hard working man with a family that’s keeping a roof over their heads, food in their mouths and clothes on their backs. I don’t steal like the federal government does. Also, I like the party that knows we are Taxed Enough Already. TEA for short. Forty three years I’ve worked and saved. A person who seriously wants to work will find work. Liberal thinking is stinking thinking.

          74. George M Melby says

            Good for you, Chucky! I’m retired! On Social Security so keep workin’ and pay your taxes, lolol!

          75. George M Melby says

            THANK YOU!

          76. jetmagnet says

            Productivity has increased, try research. lol The wages of middleclass have gone down since reagan’s Robber Baron economics have been in place. Trickle down fairytales for ignorant people. So how do burger kind employees get wealthy investing back in the company? How about millions of small businesses, do you think they offer 401k’s, stock or profit sharing plans. maybe you should talk to carly fiorina who’s against 401k’s and profit sharing.
            All you’ve show here is that your a clueless Pimp Of the GOP. You can’t convince a snail that you’re right. Like most baggers, you show no stats or where you obtain them. LMAO! Baggers can NEVER produce the truth, because their ideas are propaganda, not facts. Everyone knows that.

          77. Los Robles says

            Oh, please someone help my poor pathetic keister. The big bad GOP, (which supports GNP) is being mean to me. If they win, I’ll, (God forbid if I believed in Him), will have to, (big gulp here) work. My favorites, the Socialists tell me they’ll take care of me so I don’t have to succumb to that awful “w” word. Besides, I couldn’t get a job anyway because I have no education or saleable skills. Guess I’ll roll another fatty and do what I do best; attempt rationalizing the position I’m in. BTW, we call that position, LOSER.

          78. jetmagnet says

            What a fucking brainwashed loser you are. Hey dickhead, If you don’t like the country , get the fuck out. Go to North Korea where they have no socialist and a dictator. The problem with teabags is they don’t even know when they’re getting fucked in the ass, they’re too fucking dumb.

          79. Los Robles says

            Whoa there druggie. I’m not the one complaing about the US. That seems to be you. And you can take your drug induced socialistic attitude where they embrace it. They’ve all done so well. You’re correct about one thing. There’s a dumbass in this conversation and he’s in your mirror.

          80. jetmagnet says

            Get off your high horse before throws you for riding it too hard.
            What is socialism fella. Name all the industrialized countries that have some aspect of socialism? Like I said, if you don’t like the way we treat our people, you can leave and join a fascist dictatorship where you can sit on a thrown and dictate. LMAO! Meanwhile, if you don’t like it , move! because there’s not a damn thing you can fucking do about it. The Tea party is a minority and it’s popularity is about as popular as dirty underwear at 17%. You peeps make me laugh, that’s why I’m here.
            You peeps have no game and you can’t argue anything because you base your existence on a theocracy and you would shit your pants if you had to “Think” in a pragmatic way.

          81. Los Robles says

            Fascist Dictatorship? Do you even know what that means? Nobody in the capitalistic world I’ve grown up in has told me what to do, what to buy or how I have to support blubbering idiots. Telling me what I have to do for medical coverage, how many refugees I have to accept, what deity I have to bow to, how many illegal aliens I have to support is the gov’t du jour and it will be gone soon. Interesting how you avoided the “spread your money” comment or is the truth you’re a not so wealthy occupier trying to support a big gov’t dynasty that gives everyone their marching orders. Again, there are countries that have already established that. Russia, China and your mention of N. Korea to name a few. I’m happy that the socialism attempt is failing. That would be here. Seems like you’re the one who will have to move come November 2016. C Ya’!

          82. jetmagnet says

            Fascism was a term coined by Benito Mussolini for his nationalistic and totalitarian political movement, which came to power in Italy between the 1920s and 1940s. The term has been widely used to refer to other right-wing nationalist governments, such as Francisco Franco’s rule in Spain, and, prior to World War II there were unsuccessful fascist movements in other European countries, including the UK.

            Far-right politics are right-wing politics to the right of the mainstream centre right on the traditional left-right spectrum. They often involve a focus on tradition as opposed to policies and customs that are regarded as reflective of modernism. They often have a disregard or disdain for egalitarianism, if not overt support for social inequality and social hierarchy, elements of social conservatism and opposition to most forms of liberalism and socialism. The terms are commonly used to describe fascism, neo-fascism and other ideologies or organizations that feature extreme nationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, racist, or reactionary views.

            Some far-right movements, such as the Nazis, have pursued oppression and genocide against groups of people on the basis of their alleged inferiority or their alleged threat to the nation or state.major elements of fascism have been deemed clearly far-right, such as
            its belief that supposedly superior people have the right to dominate
            society while purging allegedly inferior elements, and—in the case of Nazism—genocide of people deemed to be inferior In the same manner far right conservatives in the US would like to rule and dominate the political culture and oppress liberals or anyone that differs from their fascist oppressive theocracy.

            Claims that superior people should proportionally have greater rights
            than inferior people are sometimes associated with the far right.

            The far right has historically favored an elitist society based on belief of the legitimacy of the rule of a supposed superior minority over the inferior masses. Far-right politics usually involves anti-immigration and anti-integration stances towards groups that are deemed inferior and undesirable.
            Concerning the socio-cultural dimension (nationality, culture and
            migration), one far-right position could be the view that certain
            ethnic, racial or religious groups should stay separate, and that the
            interests of one’s own group should be prioritised.

          83. Los Robles says

            Only a person with one oar in the water would think any GOP leader we’ve had is remotely Mussolini or Hitler equals. You have problems. Get help. Use the $7 mil you claim. Maybe a new tinfoil hat would help. (facepalm and rolling eyes here)

          84. Tids1960 says

            You know… you keep blaming the GOP… and I’m all for it…
            Because it’s the freedom party and the Tea Party that are the only ones that don’t have Nazi’s, Socialist, or communist in them… and I’m more than sure you’re supporting one if not all of them

          85. Elizabeth says

            Where did jetmagnet get his degree? I am tired of illiterates who have no command of English, so they babble in trash talk. He should pick up the discourse by using intelligent vocabulary. Vulgarity only tells listeners that he does not know how to debate intelligently.
            Tony, you are on the mark about NAFTA. The asylum seekers need to go back to their countries of origin. They are illegals, not vetted immigrants.

          86. Michael Dennewitz says

            You have to expect that from illiterate porch monkey’s!!!

          87. George M Melby says

            From the dimwit who spells the plural of monkey incorrectly… it is MONKEYS. No apostrophe! Duh!

          88. George M Melby says

            They’re vetted immigrants now, sweetcheeks!

          89. jetmagnet says

            Here i am Bitch!! There’s a difference between substance and clueless rants. I haven’t heard anything from you worthy of a debate. Your Nothing more then a bloviated wingbag. lol Try me Bitch! Give me your best shot and i’ll make you look silly! lol

          90. Los Robles says

            Nobody could look more foolish than yourself. Your foul mouth matches an illiterate mind. Quite sure you’re one of many posters who come in a quart low. In other words, there are squirrels on my wooded acres that are more cerebral.

          91. jetmagnet says

            Are you trying to impress yourself? More pompous babblecocky. LMAO!

          92. Los Robles says

            Don’t have to. I’m not the addled poster. The language you throw around tells me you’re young, twisted and mad because you have nothing. If true, it’s your own fault.

          93. jetmagnet says

            Your a silly dupe, who pretends to have knowledge of the facts, but resides in a rightwing universe that has no room for cogent thought or pragmatic thinking.



          94. Los Robles says

            Judged by who? You? A drugged up occupy loser? Yeah, OK I’m fine with that. You’ll be gone after Nov ’16.

          95. Los Robles says

            Nope, just no room for drug induced fairy tales from an occupy loser. C ya’ Mr. Nobody.

          96. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            You wouldn’t know A FACT IF IT CLOBBERED YOU ON THE FOREHEAD . You think that NAFTA is to blame for ALL of the country’s problems , of which there aren’t all that many comparatively?

            You could live in France, and then you WOULD HAVE Muslims that you would need to worry about PAL! ! ! ! If GW Bush hadn’t made a huge mess and wrecked this country in 8 years, then NAFTA might look bad.

            You have a very short or non existent memory if you don’t recall how deep the crap was that Obama had to deal with in all of 2009 & 2010, Buster Brown Shoes boy. It was near Great Depression proportions of despair, unemployment through the roof. Obama didn’t CAUSE THAT, did he?

            GW Bush created the right conditions for TOTAL COLLAPSE of the economy. Do you have more brilliant comments that should be FACT Checked by someone who knows what’s going on?

            You have NO idea of what you’re TALKIN’ BOUT WILLIS ….Man, you people are STU-PID ! ! ! !

          97. Ralph Sinamon says

            The stupid one wrote this post. Obama nor Bush can spend money without the House allowing it! The people that are really responsible are the Congress-critter’s that refuse to work for US. They choose to work for the special-interests groups that pay UNDER THE TABLE, so they can avoid paying taxes on ‘ill-gotten gains!

          98. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Where’s Tony D. to provide an answer PAL? Has his ability to reply been revoked by TEA Party HQ Centrale or something?

            What fact did you provide for me? NONE. You gave the slanted TEA Party line that government is BAD and private citizens should keep all of your money. Good luck with that idea.

            Have you paid attention to Wisconsin or Kansas lately pal? The cut taxes and tax revenues and revenue has also fallen. What happens then Troglodyte? Neither state can’t pay their bills FOOL. The TEA Party WAY is folly and will fail wherever you want to try it. A country of 330 million people doesn’t just run on it’s own clown.

            How is that “small government” movement of the Keystone Cops in Congress moving along this year? I don’t thin they’ve passed any legislation that saves any money at all. Every spending bill has cost more money, like Medicaid payments revisions, a very important one I might add.

            Where is the GREAT immigration reform movement that ALL of TEA Party campaigned about in Nov of 2014. You’re a VERY Silent majority now on immigration.

            Y’ALL complain a LOT and the solutions for problems are few and far between among the clowns and do NOTHINGS of TEA Party pal. You are hypocrites that define that term. WORTHLESS too. Get a damn job old man and help the economy, OK? You people SUCK.

          99. Ralph Sinamon says

            Well….OK, you must be dumber than I thought.

          100. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I asked you about four things about TEA Party DUMB ville and all you can say is I’m DUMB??? MORON, answer the questions.

            Why won’t TEA Partiers of such conviction and earnest ideas EVER answer simple questions about what YOU say is important. Small government, what about it pal?

            What about the bankrupt states of Kansas, Wisconsin & Alabama?

            What about immigration reform that you idiots think is going to ruin this country. WE ARE A COUNTRY OF IMMIGRANTS DONUT BRAIN BOY!!!

          101. Ralph Sinamon says

            Do you wear your ignorance as a “Badge of Honor”? I’m not going to bother correcting your ignorance. I haven’t got that much time o waste on such a fool as yourself!

          102. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            My psychologist measured IQ is 140 pal. What’s yours?

            Why do ALL of TEA Time morons never answer a direct question about TEA Party’s motives in politics?

            Does the TP HQ Centrale frown on giving out opinions or details of how corrupt your ideas are? You’re a certifiable CRETIN idiot OLD MAN……

          103. Ralph Sinamon says


          104. Ralph Sinamon says

            You clearly don’t seek information, you soak it out of the atmosphere. There is no Tea Party. There IS, however, a loosely affiliated collection of unaffiliated groups of similar feeling. Taxed Enough Already is the basic sentiment. Bragging without cause is unbecoming and childish.

          105. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            If there’s no TEA Party, then what’s the explanation for Ted “Madman” Cruz pal. He’s in the top four of GOP candidates in latest polling. He’s as WACKO as anyone in this country. TEA Party has been in the news for about 6 years now. So where YA BEEN OLD MAN?

            I guess you were mesmerized by FOX Noise propaganda broadcasts about pseudo problems then? IDIOT….

          106. Ralph Sinamon says

            Is nuance over your head? Loosely affiliated groups of like mind!

          107. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I don’t ever hold noodles or nuance over my head. That’s dangerous SENILE OLD GEEK FOOL.

            You’re really bright for an IQ of 85 TEA Time guy, aren’t you DIM WAD???

            GET lost you DUMB cretin…..

          108. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            That’s what mine is, too… folded in half.

          109. Ralph Sinamon says

            Uh…..you are mistaken. There were no immigrant anything’s then. If you wish to be more accurate you would say our ancestor’s were INVADER’S! I don’t understand what is so hard to understand about smaller government. 1) It’s cheaper. 2) More efficient. 3) It by needs would be stripped of its overreach and usurpation of State’s Rights. 4) Congress would be reined back in. What’s so freaking hard to understand? The government is NOT your baby-sitter nor is it your ATM! Get over yourself, it should be pretty easy. There ain’t nothing there.

          110. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I’m so glad that you actually answered a question or two PAL. Here’s your snappy retort about “SMALL government” . . . . . . “1) It’s cheaper. 2) More efficient. 3) It by needs would be stripped of its overreach and usurpation of State’s Rights. 4) Congress would be reined back in. What’s so freaking hard to understand? ”

            True, maybe, nonsense and GOOD luck with trying to control congress,.

            YOU elected the TEA Party Keystone COPS in Nov of 2014. SO what have they done so far? The only spending bills they’ve passed have spent more money than before.

            SO, you’re hypocritical and cannot face reality, RIGHT BUBSY??? MORON .

          111. Michael Dennewitz says

            All these years, I wondered where the phrase “dumb nigga” came from!! HA!

          112. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Why would you”wonder” about a racial slur DUMB ASS? You’re so f***ing stupid it’s incredible…..

          113. Tony Donaldson says

            I made plenty while Bush was in office. You’re not the least bit smart as you think. Just angry and ignorant.

          114. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Really? Did you invest in oil companies and banks and real estate? I would NEVER invest in any of those hoodwinking industries, but to each their own, right TONE LOC , PAL??? MORON…..

          115. George M Melby says

            And… your point issss???

          116. jetmagnet says

            Hey fella, Clinton had a majority republican house and senate. They pushed nafta, they wanted it. Did you research anything, fella? Most baggers get their info from rightwing websites.

            Why did the republicans push N.A.F.T.A. on the american people when they knew it was a bad idea?

            The agreement’s supporters included 132 Republicans and 102 Democrats.
            NAFTA passed the Senate 61-38. Senate supporters were 34 Republicans and
            27 Democrats. Clinton signed it into law on . It was approved overwhelmingly by republicans. Democrats also had a hand. The point being, that the GOP likes business anyway they can promote it. They don’t like unions or americans to have jobs. They’ve blocked every anti-outsourcing bill Obama has given them. They think TPP is great, Obama was an idiot like clinton for signing that agreement.

            Following diplomatic negotiations dating back to 1986 among the three
            nations, the leaders met in San Antonio, Texas, on December 17, 1992, to
            sign NAFTA. U.S. President George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister
            Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas, each responsible
            for spearheading and promoting the agreement, ceremonially signed it.

        4. Los Robles says

          When your welfare checks stop and they will, you and the rest of the trash will be gone.

          1. Debbe Inman says

            Yes Democraps love to sit home in their month old pajamas and eat fart and burp than work

          2. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            DEBS honey, bigotry and racism just doesn’t look good for a fem tattle such as yourself. You need to be demure and bend to the wills and wishes of MEN honey. THAT IS TEA Party doctrine, isn’t it?

            Men are the Kings and women are the servants, early 1900′ style, and you’re as REGRESSIVE as that attitude. If you knew anything about politics or the World, I could accept an intelligent remark. But when you use the Troglodyte standards of depredation and insults, it really is infantile and looks bad on such a fine FOXY female type as yourself.

            Could you put your photo on your screen name so I can see if I’m spot on it DEBS. Stupid females stand little chance in a world of competition and WAR baby. WE now have political WAR going on in USA.

            I don’t want to lose that WAR to the DUMB RED States uneducated types of TEA Party honey. SO STF up and only comment if you know something, OK sweetheart? Don’t forget to put your photo up with your screen name BABE! ! ! ! !

          3. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Crabby, do you ever STFU?

          4. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Nope. When there are idiots around, I tell YOU and every one of them that they’re IDIOTS. That’s useful information and I’m doing a public service.

            IDIOTS shouldn’t participate in voting because they don’t know WTF they’re talking about , RIGHT CLEATS ??

          5. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            That explains your continually talking to yourself. Thanks!

          6. jetmagnet says

            All the welfare is going to billionaires who use it to outsource jobs. The poor fucks that are welfare actually BUY shit which creates jobs for those businesses. Now tell me how you get them off welfare with no jobs and no minimum wage. Both of which would take 5 million people off welfare? LOL Use your fucking brain.

          7. worn out 123 says

            Moron, there’s work out there. Stop complaining. Get a job, you bum. The only thing you buy with your Obamacheck is M.J. and sometimes the rent.

          8. jetmagnet says

            That’s why your candidates say 90 million people are out of work or working part time. I don’t work, i’m retired with a few million in my pocket from investments.
            I bet you’re jealous of those poor people, but willing to suck the dick of a millionaire?

          9. joe says

            ha ha ha you are one of the most delusional liars in here, you are a welfare monkey you have not held a job in decades you sponge off hard working people and never contributed a worth while day in your life you joke of a human being

          10. jetmagnet says

            Programmed tools are like robots they get programmed and owned by their party. They talk, walk, shit and mimic their masters.
            Your a loser and always will be. Fortunately, you have a limited time on earth and an eternity in Hell. hahahahaha
            meanwhile, i’m having a great time and love where the country is headed.
            Soon every state will legalize pot. They should legalize prostitution, so your wife can have a job!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Obama is probably the best, way better record than reagan. Hillary will make a great president. Then you tools will be all red faced, angry and bitching. This is why baggers die much younger than most people. lol

          11. joe says

            HA HA HA good boy! who told you to say that, sit boy sit now roll over ha ha ha weak minded chucklehead you are so stupid you make me laugh. I know it is bad to make fun of the less fortunate but in your case I make the exception, wow how do you keep your heart beating with such little electrical activity in your brain it must be some sort of miracle. Have you seen any images in your pancakes lately how about messages in your dried cereal products. You truley are special bless your little heart

          12. Tony Donaldson says

            So you are part of the corporate stock trading business. You hypocrite! I also think you’re lying about having that much money. Time to take a good hard look at yourself. Look what it has turned you into. You’ll wind up dead just the same. The world will a better place without you..Your name has been scratched on the gate post of hell. Go visit Hillary’s hole when you get there. Bill will certainly be able to guide you to it.

          13. worn out 123 says

            If true, this money was made in capitalist America, not Obama’s communist/socialist America of share and share alike. BTW, he takes pennies from the truly wealthy, billions from the working class, and good healthcare from those poor who could afford it, me for one for the sake of income equality; translation: vote buying. And all this works QUITE well politically UNTIL THE SOCIALISTS RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY which is about to happen shortly.

          14. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Interesting that you blame Obama for taxation when Congress is responsible for what taxes apply to whom, right? SO you don’t like Obama. Too BAD PAL! ! !

            He’s been ten times the President that the incompetent GW Bush was. Bush has just over $ 11 trillion of debt responsibility from his WAR & financial / economic blunders. SO you like the REGRESSIVE FAR Right wing nuts then pal?

            Are you as CRAZY as ALL of the far fight wing has been since Sen. J. McCarthy of Wisconsin, the “Commie Hunter”? Racists & fascists just don’t think too well do YOU MORON?

            Vets should NOT comment on politics ever. You’re the DUMBEST group of TEA Party IDIOTS that I’ve ever come across and I’m 61 years old CHIEF…MORONS, one & all.

          15. jetmagnet says

            Your owned by conservative theocracy and it’s easily understood in your rant. If you are truly independent you would do more research and not be so cynical of one party. Both parties suck, but the GOP is the worst money sucking whores and hypocrites on the planet. They suck billionaires cocks while promising some bullshit utopia for the mongrels that lay at their feet and vote for them and kiss their ass and get nothing in return. Trickle down economics? Where’s your share of the scam? While demonizing the poor as if they ever have a chance in hell to succeed under gop policies of cutting unions, right to work states and outsourcing, deregulation of banks while sucking their dicks. Last noted in the spending bill when they put citibank deregulation by removing the push rule, which allows banks to once again be FDIC insured for their losses. Then there’s fucking democracy with voter id laws, redistricting and gerrymandering districts so the shitheads can stay in power. Oh yes, the worst monster the GOP has produced to go along with totally fucking democracy, citizens united, which allows unlimited spend and dark money, essentially allowing billionaires, their friends, and dems too to BUY elections away from voters. As a veteran I hate them the most as they constantly fuck vets, while taking photo ops with them.
            Liberals are whores and I dislike some of their policies, but teabags are only elected to create a plutocratic Oligarchy, ruled by corporate dictators.

          16. worn out 123 says

            That’s where you’re all wet. I have complaints of whoever is messing up this nation and more to the point, the cause of liberty. In point of fact, I can’t stomach John (songbird) McCain and I agree almost all who enter congress SUCK. There is no “good party; no lessor of two evils, either”. BTW, I didn’t hear of this president vetoing any banking bills, nor even making any public statements about it.
            I like Cruz demonizing of the “Washington Cartel”. You see there’s a plethora of wrongdoing in D.C. and a president has been elected to address — climate control as the number one threat to America???????????
            I, like everyone else, had no say as to who almost all the house and senate members might be elected. The presidency, however, is unique in that all of us can vote in that election. I’m not defending G.W. because for one thing I’m not into history. For another, I did not ever believe he was qualified to run a baseball team let alone America, but I don’t see the need to dwell on the past like some. “Mommy, he did bad so it’s okay if I do worse, huh!?” Since when did the standard for excellence in America become finger pointing at past presidents, anyway? You sound as if Obama took just office three weeks ago.
            Now, herein is a novel Idea: Why not be critical of every president in office WHILE THEY ARE IN OFFICE.? If it’s not a democrat radical its a republican radical complaining of the (past-president). And who gets left out of the mix, the middle of the road citizen who just wants what the founders designed for our posterity; liberty, to wit there is no equal in debate. Nothing is so precious, so often sought after, nor so often denied the world over and big government is it’s greatest foe.

          17. jetmagnet says

            First of all I think party afilliation is bullshit. I’m independent and I vote not for some theocracy, but who, in my opinion will do the best job, and that’s how americans should vote. Fox news and rightwing media… It’s like rooting for a team, taking sides and splitting America. Obama in my opinion has done a decent job for a president that has no help from congress, and this was decided during his inauguration by a group of republicans that vowed to oppose his every move. Who does this? Extremist who are pissed off that they lost to a blackman. So we have record numbers in obstruction. 522 filibusters and just about nothing passe by the freedom caucus clowns that hate government, yet get paid to represent it.
            I hate liberals as much as teabags. I don’t like some things liberals have passed, but I’ll defend Vets and defenseless old people who the gop looks to fuck in the ass every chance they get , while giving billionaires carte blanche to do whatever the hell they want with your life and wallet. The GOP wants to get rid of the consumer protection agency? Really? Yeah let banks have their way and fuck the consumer.
            The teabag congress is the worst in history and has set records that make them look like spoiled school children that don’t get their way, shutdowns, credit downgrades, slow walking or not funding bills unless they get their special interest to billionaires put in the legislation. This is a hemroid in the ass of america. 40 jackasses and their billionaires tying Boehner up to a post and lighting a match every time he tries to make a deal with the president. They have a new whipping boy Paul ryan. Hopefully he’ll have a set of balls and tell the teabags to shove it and their billionaire funded “Club for Growth” ( a front for billionaire special interest). there’s puppet strings everywere, and you actually think there will be a constitional government run by the people? Try a plutocratic Oligarchy run by corporations and one world government.
            This has never happened in history, crybabies that don’t get their way, piss on your doorstep.
            The concept of a lean mean government is appealing, cutting taxes for median income people and small business is also appealing. Getting rid of some regulations is appealing also, but refusing to raise minimum wage hampers economic stimulus and fucks small businesses. It also supports welfare recipients. Raising the minimum wage would eliminate millions from welfare and reduce government. It creates more spendable income which increases success for small business, which in turn produces more jobs.
            People are working two to three jobs, when they should be making enough from one job. This is how it use to be, but we have GREED at the top, they’re never satisfied and they have armies of well paid lobbyist. They have control of your wallet, the commodities market is rigged, so food prices increase, the oil industry is rigged, you’re wallet can be emptied like your gas tank. If it weren’t for the saudi’s refusing to limit production, gas would be $4 a gallon, even though in the obama administration we’re producing more oil than anyone. They close plants here and give jobs to chinese because they want more money. If they’re publically traded, they have to make quarterly profits for their share holders, if not, the value of the company decreases, so they do everything necessary to cut cost and increase the bottom line, which usually benefits the CEO’S. This will never end, especially with a GOP president and a supply-side economic agenda. As far as the constitution, the GOP like to run around it. They have a Koch funded association called ALEC, that helps legislators sneak model legislation through local governments. The liberals don’t have this sneaky shit. Everything the GOP does is anti-democratic, and that’s what I don’t like. Play the game fair and square and by the rules. The fact check machine is exploding with unbelievable lies from GOP candidates. They are clowns and really have no interest in helping americans or anyone but themselves. If they promise you small govt and lower taxes, you’ll never see it. You may see anti-abortion legislation,that’s their Bone they give the dogs that vote for them, instead of what they say they’ll produce.

          18. worn out 123 says

            Not “democratic”, democrat. 99% of ALL government elected officials are anything but democratic. That crook Harry Reid had more “campaign donations” than anyone, btw.

          19. jetmagnet says

            I’ll take Harry Reid over that Crook and Thief Mitch mcConnell any day!!
            Reid protects america from crooks and thieves that try to destroy america and people’s lives. You peeps never READ the fucking legislation so you have no fucking idea. Harry Reid protects americans and their wallet from pickpocket Teabags!Mitch McConnell’s smarmy nonsense is the reason people hate politics. In
            a day and age where politicians can say anything and go unchallenged
            while the public shrugs, he can toss something out there that sounds
            great until you actually look at what he said. Then it falls apart.
            This is the clown you put back in office over a better qualified democrat Lungren grimes. This jackass has a record only a shithead would love 522 filibusters, and the idiot even filibustered himself. I hate to say this, but you have nothing but obstructionist that get paid to sit on their ass and do nothing their entire term.
            If your so brilliant, and I don’t think you are at all, then tell me the bills that Harry reid blocked that would help any american? Give me a list. Most bills harry blocks are pork for billionaires

          20. worn out 123 says

            . . . . “We have nothing” . . . . You sound like you believe I actually voted for any of these guys. Here’s where your mistaken. Democrats have no better. All go to congress to enrich themselves with no thought for the nation. Reid is merely a criminal, btw.

          21. jetmagnet says

            Criminals are the ones that steal your lunch, fuck you in the ass and tell thank’s for supporting us. It’s all right there, records on every damn last one of them.
            All you have to do follow the money!
            Unless you can list how reid broke the law, your blowing smoke. Smoke doesn’t fly with me. Propaganda is bullshit. There’s a LEVEL of creditability and there is none in the republican party lately, they lie , they know it and they don;t give shit.
            The difference between the two parties is simple, one sucks billionaire cocks while the other is somewhat socialist. So that puts you in favor of one or two outcomes. Party for corporations or party for the people. I’ll take the party that fights for everyday americans and the environment. The party that sucks KOCH and denies climate change, because they only care about money hungry oil companies and filling their wallets with coin. At least the cock sucking democrats that take oil money don’t deny climate change.
            Personally, I think they should eliminate both parties and you vote by the record and who does the best job. That’s the way it should be, but rightwing media like this blog are centered on dividing the country and perpetuating it’s eventual destruction. A country divided will fall. This country unfortunately will fall, because what politicians, news media are doing to divide the country…it’s very sad.

          22. worn out 123 says

            One serves the billionaires and the other is COMMUNIST.

          23. jetmagnet says

            There are no communist running for office. Just fascist and religious fruitcakes on the right, a socialist (which is fine on the left) Government for the people. And hillary, which is the best candidate for the job even though I hate the bitch. Like i sais,i have no party affiliation ,i make a choice by the best qualified candidate. The left has no one remotely qualified. I’d vote for kasick. He’s the only qualified republican, the rest are just garbage. The teabags are communist/fascist they should all run for head of the Nazi party.

          24. worn out 123 says

            They’re already in office. They ran under the label of democrats.

          25. jetmagnet says

            No sir, the democrats don’t try to take down the government, it’s the Tea Party Teahadist. they’re contributing to the downfall of America with their new, virulent strain of
            empty nihilism, blow it up if we can’t get what we want mentality, bomb-throwing
            obstructionism, witch hunting that would make McCarthy proud, and eliminating
            the division between church and state? Sounds allot like the Taliban doesn’t
            If you a have an argument to make, let’s hear it. You probably don’t know what a communist is. Maybe it’s your landlord. lol

          26. worn out 123 says

            Yes, sir, democrats have already taken down our government. The liar in thief has said himself he believes the U.S. Constitution was written by “old dead people and should be rewritten”. I have no doubt it would look more like the Communist Manifesto when the socialist/communists masquerading as democrats force a rewriting by well meaning but foolish citizens of either or both parties.
            I was a democrat. This party today is NOTHING like the party to which I once belonged. Not even a shadow exists today. We would not have given a free ride to those too lazy to work, nor invited illegal invaders into America for the sole purpose of establishing one party rule at the expense of the entire nation. JFK would NEVER have said “America is not a Christian nation”. You go straight to hell!

          27. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            The least you could do, Liar, is learn to spell “magnate.”

          28. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            LOL Most likely. They just can’t find enough people to blame for their sloth, can they?

          29. ProAmerican2 says

            I certainly hope you haven’t reproduced more assholes like yourself. You are dumb as a rock!

          30. ProAmerican2 says

            If that’s the case, I can fix that, however you, just keep towing the Dummycrap Party line, besides it’s preferable than being naturally stupid like you !!!

          31. Los Robles says

            People who use their brain are not on welfare. Here’s a new concept for the backward of thought. Be responsible for your own actions rather than doing nothing but bad mouthing and blaming others. Contemplate that if you ever let the euphoric smoke clear from your head. Only a determined individual can pull him or herself from the crutch. Or you can make up every excuse in the book not to and let the consequence be your bride. I have a ten year old granddaughter who understands that. Why can’t you?

          32. jetmagnet says

            Yeah, yeah? Tell me jackass how you take people off of welfare, like seniors, disabled, and moms with two kids to support? Tell what $$ jobs you have.
            Not everyone can be well off or rich like myself who retired with $7 million. I do whatever I want fella.

            I can tell my grandchildren that I lived through the worst congress in
            history 7% and the least productive with a republican majority. I can also tell
            them Mitch McConnell a republican set a record in filibusters 522 against Obama
            and democrats. I can tell my grandchildren that republicans created NO JOBs
            while in office since 2010. I can tell my grandchildren that the GOP shutdown
            the government for the first time in history to deprive millions from getting
            healthcare insurance. I can tell my grandchildren that for the first time in
            history our credit rating was dropped due to the republican failure to raise the
            debt ceiling. I can tell my grandchildren that the GOP cut 300,000 children off
            food stamps and 90,000 veterans who fought for this country. I can tell my
            grandchildren that the GOP spent most of their time trying to repeal healthcare
            for millions. I can tell my grandchildren that the GOP blocked 13 jobs bills, 7
            veterans bills, an FAA transportation bill a farm bill and put our safety in

            I can tell my grandchildren how GOP governors tried to sack democracy by poll
            taxes and voting rights violations and laws with no standing that make hard for
            millions to vote.

            Then I can tell them our president with every GOP member against him still
            succeed in bringing the economy back even with no help from republicans. I can
            tell them though he wasn’t the best president we had he was far better than any
            republican in the last thirty years. One of which GW Bush destroyed the economy
            and started two unfunded wars under false pretenses, and I can tell them that
            the Biggest terrorist tragedy in the history of this country happened under a
            republican president, that let it happen- even after being advised by the

          33. Los Robles says

            If you have it which I doubt, you sure didn’t get it from working. You have the mind of an apologist. If you feel that badly about those folks, take that imaginary or serendipitous money and spread it around to them. It’s a waste on you. I’ve lived through 64 years of democrat rubbish and all of the nonsense you extol. I’ve been just fine. Of course I had to work for it. I earned money for college in working conditions many of those poor you speak would not give a second look. I always had a job. I’m 64 and still get job offers. Cry me a river, loser. It’s mearheads like yourself that drives others to dispair rather than being responsible. You’re a waste.

        5. shamu9 says

          Hey Shit-Magnet! Fuk all you People of Low Blood!

        6. robert hutchens says

          I have a four year degree in engineering…I guess that doesnt count for anything?

        7. Robert Ingram says

          jetshit, only a liberal fool would slobber this crap. You, and all liberals have the intelligence of gnats. I for one would rid this nation of you liberal freaks. You flakes do not have enough intelligence to be declared stupid.

          1. Debbe Inman says

            Robert we must pray for them they is no hope for them they are slowly dying … You cannot live without a brain

          2. jetmagnet says

            Gee, where could we come up with some of the money need to replace that food stamp funding that was lost this week? Maybe from these people who are all collecting farm subsidies?

            Paul Allen (Net worth: $15.8 billion)

            Co-founder of Microsoft

            Charles Ergen (Net worth: $12.5 billion)

            Co-founder of DISH Network

            Philip Anschutz (Net worth: $10 billion)

            Owner of Anschutz Entertainment Group and co-founder of Major League Soccer

            Leonard Lauder (Net worth: $7.6 billion)

            Son of Estee Lauder and former CEO of the Estee Lauder Companies Inc.

            Richard DeVos (Net worth: $6.8 billion)

            Co-founder of Amway and Republican candidate for governor of Michigan in 2006

            Jim Kennedy (Net worth: $6.7 billion)

            Chairman of Cox Enterprises

            S. Truett Cathy (Net worth: $6 billion)

            Founder of Chick-fil-A […]

            And many, many more.

            That’s a list composed by the Environmental Working Group, using
            their database of farm subsidy recipients compared to Forbes 400 list of
            the country’s richest people. Between 1995 and 2012, these 50
            people—who have have a collective net worth of $316 billion—received
            $11.3 million in farm subsidy payments. They’ve probably have even
            received more in crop insurance payments, but we don’t know because the
            law doesn’t allow prohibits the disclosure of the identities of crop
            insurance policyholders.

            While a congressional conference committee meets to decide if they’re
            going to cut $40 billion (House bill) or $10 billion (Senate bill) from
            the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, they are probably going to give billionaires even more!

            [P]roposed changes adopted in both the House and Senate
            versions of the bill will likely allow these billionaires to bank
            millions more in premium subsidies. Both bills would shift subsidies
            from programs currently subject to means testing to the more generous
            crop insurance program. Unlike traditional farm subsidies, crop
            insurance premium subsidies are not currently subject to means testing,
            payment limits or conservation requirements.

            In 2008, Congress created a means test
            that was designed to deny some subsidies to individuals with annual
            off-farm income of more than $500,000. The year before, Bloomberg News
            published a report highlighting some of the billionaires who had been
            receiving subsidies. But, lawmakers specifically declined to apply it to
            crop insurance, which has become the primary government support for
            farm business income.

            The system is already skewed for, of course, the largest one percent of
            farm businesses. They received about $227,000 a year in crop insurance
            premium support in 2011, according to EWG’s analysis from USDA data.
            Meanwhile, the bottom 80 percent of farmers received only about $5,000

            There is no reason on earth taxpayers should be subsidizing what are
            already nothing more than tax write-offs for the nation’s wealthiest
            people. And we particularly should not be subsidizing them when millions
            are in danger of going hungry because the austerity fetishists in
            Congress think they’re getting too much food.

        8. jholleye says

          You have a lot of room to be calling someone a Moron, you want to see a moron, look in a mirror, Jetmagnet YOU are the most ignorant piece of SHIT I have heard in YEARS.

          1. Debbe Inman says

            See with Democraps in power this whole country has gone to hell listen to us yelling and swearing at each other. Obama sucks ass is a narcissist a dictator and he is the devil we are in his hell

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Opigshit has divided this country to the point, I suspect, that hopefully, all of the slob blue states will secede leaving us to thrive, enjoy our freedoms, love, grow, earn..

          3. John Gillis says

            Giving these Syrian ‘refugee’s any money is tantamount to giving your enemy the aid and comfort he needs to kill you. Obama has no business in the White House and he should take his twerking butt to Kenya, where he belongs.

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Come on J, haven’t you heard cankled harpy Ohillary or Ocumstain speak??

          5. jetmagnet says
        9. caligirl1960 says

          Republicans are signing up alot of Hispanics from Florida why else do you think trump is winning in that state. Go ahead and stay with the democrats that was originally started by the KKK. Oh and once Trump is president there will be a mass deportation and a wall will be built!

          1. Debbe Inman says

            Someone who gets it great post

        10. Beenthere43 says

          Yes, we are tired of our tax money going to billionaires like Hillary and Bill.

          1. jetmagnet says

            They’re not billionaires, and their money goes to charity. How many millions have you donated to charity? How many thousands have you helped? I’m sure GOD has a special place for you.

          2. Beenthere43 says

            Only 15% of the Clinton Foundation money goes to charity the rest goes in their pockets. I donate to the Wounded Warriors, Viet Nam Veterans and the VFW. I also donated 4 years of my life to the military. What mental institution did you escape from?

          3. Tony Donaldson says

            Perhaps we should ask you the same question. How altruistic are you? Please take time to learn what the word altruistic means. Try to practice being that way. No liberal yet ever gives without expecting something in return. BTW many of the GOP didn’t vote yes the TTP. To many pages of bad legislation to unravel. They didn’t want a global committee telling us, a sovereign nation, who and how much we should open our borders to foreign trade. So you’re wrong on two counts. The TTP is not a done deal by the way. The only way to improve anything in America is to scrap the IRS and quit taxing productivity.

        11. Debbe Inman says

          You are a fucking asshole and if you believe that crap you are mentally deranged

          1. joe says

            He does not believe anything he does and says what he is told to by his lib masters he has no will of his own he is weak and witless, nothing but a puppet so to argue with him is like trying to reason with a bag of flour.

        12. OSAMA OBAMA says

          We also hate libTURDS giving away the farm to illegal aliens and now of course, “refugees”! Oh, let’s not forget sissy, grifter, gimme gimme, slobs like shitmagnet, the ultimate “Useless Idiot!
          Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin used the term “polyezniy idiot” or “useful idiot” to describe sympathizers in the West who blindly supported Communist leaders.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Your name says it all Racist-bigot and intellectually deficient.

        13. raymond says

          The shithead is you….you fucking moron…your head is so far up your ass you cant even smell the shit on your face…No wonder this country is in the shape its in with stupid idiots like you floating around…YOU just showed your IQ and its lower than whale shit which lies on the bottom of the ocean…..

        14. watchman48 says

          You really need to face the truth, there is no future for us here in USA. Read Revelation 18 and project USA everywhere you see Mystery Babylon.

        15. Susan Short says

          I’ve got news for you, imbecile! Go ahead and get rid of the old, white fascist farts, which probably includes me! You say that the GOP is not the party of the future, and you may well be right about that. To say that the GOP party is morons with low IQ just further confirms how clueless you liberals are! We are, by far, the much smarter party! There is a little minor detail that you liberals haven’t considered, as the minorities continue to grow and grow, and the govt. spends more and more money that it doesn’t have to begin with! The problem for you liberals is that the well is going to run dry! The country will be broke, and won’t be able to continue to hand out the money! Why, you may ask?! It is because the old, rich GOP farts will NOT give you the money! We’re way too smart for that, and one way or another, we will NOT give this crooked govt. any more money so that the democrats can continue to buy votes! So then, when you can’t get more money from the old GOP farts to pay for the minorities, the illegals, etc., where is the money going to come from, Mr. High IQ?! Are you liberals going to increase the taxes that you pay, in order to cover it?! Like it or not, wise guy, you liberals are going to get stuck with the bill! LOL with that!

        16. Robert Early says

          My IQ is 149. What’s yours. I also believe in legitimate science; not fraudulent science like you do. You’ve been sold one of history’s bigget scams; and you bought it hook, line, and sinker. Whew!

        17. Lou Ann Strozyk says

          That last sentence applies only to you.

        18. nicthstic says

          It’s morons like you that don’t get it. Morons like you who are willing to pay, pay and pay more for people who won’t be able to get off the government teat. That is assuming you aren’t on the teat as well. You complain about reduced wages, look at the illegals and refugees who will be taking your job for a fraction of the pay.
          You don’t like pollution, stop driving your car and flying in planes. Trump 16, no to establishment republicans and liberal sponges.

        19. Emily Brobst says

          You belong in a different country. You don’t even make sense. You have as much (or little) economic sense as Stretch Pelosi, or Hillary “We’re going to take things away from you for your own good” Clinton.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Look up supply-side economics and who’s behind it. Then when you’re educated we can discuss it.

          2. joe says


        20. Almay says

          Who do you think provides the money for businesses that create jobs, probably your job? I am not one of the billionaires or millionaires but people who do not have money do not create jobs. The comment made about low IQs is ridiculous as their is one of the GOP candidates that is acclaimed by the liberal law professor at Harvard, that Ted Cruz was the most brilliant law student to ever attend Harvard law school. What is your beef anyway?

          1. jetmagnet says

            Maybe you should take a course in economics. Wealthy people don’t create jobs. Jobs are created by consumers. Most of those people who keep those billionaires in business are middleclass americans and those poor people who spend the majority of their money on goods and services. Most wealthy people spend very little of their money, vs income and don’t create jobs. they invest it and hoard it. They avoid taxes like poison, so dimwits like you pay them instead.
            Your last candidate paid little or no tax (ROBME) . Trump hasn’t paid taxes. You want smaller govt and lower taxes? From where?
            How do you expect your conservative dream to come true when you support people who sabatoge it?

          2. joe says

            IDIOT!! MORON

          3. Almay says

            I do understand economics very well. Your assumption is not correct. Consumers cannot buy anything without having a source of income most often jobs that pay them a salary. We need farmers to grow food products for human and animal consumption. They need costly equipment that is built by companies that have stockholders who have invested into the company. Ranchers raise cattle which requires equipment and feed to provide meat for the consumer to purchase but it takes money. Without products and services available there would not be anything for consumers to buy and without a job that pays consumers money, they would not have any money to purchase those goods and services that are created by investors with money investing in the various and many industries. Thus people without money DO NOT create jobs?

          4. jetmagnet says

            And who supplies the subsidies and tax breaks for this equipment? The Government. I’m in the market, my customers decide whether to invest or not to invest. Not all companies are publically traded, like Koch industries. They pay low wages and sell cheap products, and of course own all the major pipelines and are the largest polluters.
            Anyone in business will tell you it’s consumers, period. If they don’t buy, you’re out of business..very simple even a child can understand.Many corporations fail , while others take their place because consumers change products and sources.
            No one got rich without someone buying their product.

            Supply-side economics starts from the generally accepted economic
            insight that tax policy can influence private-sector decisions by
            changing the incentives to work and invest. But supply-side acolytes
            take this relatively mundane observation to an extreme conclusion. They
            argue that lowering taxes for people, especially for those who have a
            lot of money to invest, will always lead to better economic results, and
            furthermore, that lower taxes is the single most critical intervention
            the government can undertake to stimulate growth.

            This assertion—that lower taxes for the rich will lead to improved
            economic results—is testable. Of course, pure natural experiments in
            economics are few and far between, but over the last 30 years the United
            States alternated between economic policies that were heavily
            influenced by supply-side ideas, then were not, then were again. This
            variation allows us to compare economic performance in the various eras.
            If proponents of supply-side theory are correct, then the supply-side
            eras should outperform the non-supply side era. But that’s not what

            In 1981, President Ronald Reagan signed a large tax cut package into
            law, which lowered the top income tax rate by 20 percentage points and
            cut taxes for the rich and for corporations. The next several years saw
            numerous additional tax legislations passed, much of which represented
            retreats from supply-side ideology. Nevertheless, this supply-side era
            continued into the 1990s. In 1993, President Bill Clinton signed a major
            tax increase into law. That legislation raised the top marginal income
            tax rate paid by the wealthy, and also extended Medicare taxes to higher
            income individuals. And despite the capital gains tax cut of 1997, the
            1990s represented an eight-year respite from supply-side policies.

            Those policies returned in force in 2001 with the enactment of tax
            cuts by President George W. Bush. To this day, we are still living, by
            and large, with the tax code from the Bush era—with the only differences
            being further tax cuts signed by President Barack Obama.

        21. Almay says

          And when that occurs, this country will be a fourth world mess just like other countries. Then is when it becomes necessary to have a dictatorship such as if found in many of the countries with a majority of non performing people. You appear to be one of those who wants to live off the work of others.

        22. catman says

          I see. You would rather have your hard earned money going to welfare queens, illegals and so called “refugees” I suppose !!! Lordy but your thinking is screwed up. You must be a product of the NEA’s educational system better know as the “Indoctrination Centers of America”.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Oil is here because every patent to replace it as an energy source has been squashed. Look at your history. Solar and other sources are outpacing oil 5-1.
            Tesla cars are in such high demand that franchises in several states have been blocked. The GOP is liplocked to oil. It’s their sugardaddy. Oil kills people, pollutes and destroys plant and animal life. We could put the arab kings and Isis out of business if we moved to alternate sources, which will happen eventually. Sucking trillions of gallons of dinosaur fuel out of the earth will eventually run out, hopefully b4 the void created by the extraction doesn’t cause major earthquakes. Oklahoma has had earthquakes everyday since fracking.
            Everything the GOP does is antiquated and backward thinking. We’re losing ground because of it.
            Since 1980 America has dropped, since we swung back to trickle down Robber Baron
            from a NEW DEAL Demand economy to less Progressive taxes, the rise of religious
            fundamentalism such a success in the Islam world(LOL) and 90% DROP in Unions and
            a Min wage ½ of 1965 in real dollars and the Repubs love of outsourcing

            #1 in Wages to 16th (in min wages half of 1965 with more than half of
            Americans making less than that!)

            #1 In % getting college degrees to

            #1 to sixth in semiconductor production, a technology we invented.
            We do lead in semiconductor Plant closings however that cost a billion bucks to

            #1 Creditor nation to largest DEBTOR Nation (just under

            #1 in education to 25th, 31st in internet speed, 21st in
            railroads, 14th electric grid

            #1 in infrastructure to 25th (we spent 11%
            of GDP under Ike on infrastructure now ….2.5%,
            …or 1/3 as much as the countries beating us).

            #1 in healthcare, now
            37th… at twice the cost, only developed country w/o everyone insured.

            in MFG..now we have lost 80% of our private industry, 30 million job
            outsourced.182K factories closed, 60,000 just under Bush. From trade surpluses
            to trade deficits larger than all others combined.

            #1 In High tech, under
            Bush we lost 50% of high tech and now import more high tech than we

            Only developed nation w/o national healthcare for everyone, and
            yet we pay twice as much per capita to cover only 60% well (much better now
            under Obamacare, which Repubs ant to kill).

            Most of what we export is raw
            materials, like a 3rd world country. Gasoline our number one export, while we
            import computers. The EU exports 50% more than us and it’s not raw materials or
            food, but high value MFG goods…

            We have not produced a commercial ship
            in more than 30 years. The cruise ships are made in the EU, where wages are more
            than double ours and unionization is 7 times greater (we are 61st in
            Unionization, only dictatorships and communist countries have lower rates of
            Unionization, countries with higher wages, GDP per capita and middleclass wealth
            all in top 20).

            We are first in Murders, %population in prison. 91st in
            income distribution, 51st infant mortality, life expectancy. 6th in Auto
            production, in per capita ½ of even IRAN. 27th in middleclass wealth!

            you embarrassed yet?

            Or do you remember like I do when most middleclass
            families had only one parent working, when most things in a store said “Made in
            USA” and when no one would have voted for President for some one who outsourced
            jobs to Communist China!

            Can’t we go back to what Works, higher
            unionization, New Deal Demand Capitalism, more progressive taxes, higher Min
            wage, and back to being a MFG supper power that does not import far more than it
            exports. It works in the other developed nations. Maybe we could #1 again in
            some important areas and be exceptional again.

          2. Justice says

            The Presidency of Barack Obama boldly lifts the lid and unveils the fraud behind Brand Obama and how the globalists are using their newest, and slickest ever puppet to destroy the last vestiges of America’s freedom, Constitution and economy, all while helping the bankers loot the country clean.

          3. jetmagnet says

            Agreed, but who’s trying to unwind Dodd/frank? Democrats? LMAO!
            Obama has nothing to do with banks. The GOP has been supporting banks for decades and just gave citibank a free lunch in the last spending bill. The banks can now get off the hook for bad decisions again and are FDIC insured against losses. the bill eviscerates a section of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform act called the “push-out rule”:

            Banks hate the push-out rule…because this provision will forbid them
            from trading certain derivatives (which are complicated financial
            instruments with values derived from underlying variables, such as crop
            prices or interest rates). Under this rule, banks will have to move
            these risky trades into separate non-bank affiliates that aren’t insured
            by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and are less likely
            to receive government bailouts. The bill would smother the push-out
            rule in its crib by permitting banks to use government-insured deposits
            to bet on a wider range of these risky derivatives.

            The Citi-drafted legislation will benefit five of the largest banks
            in the country—Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of
            America, and Wells Fargo. These financial institutions control more than
            90 percent of the $700 trillion derivatives market. If this measure
            becomes law, these banks will be able to use FDIC-insured money to bet
            on nearly anything they want. And if there’s another economic downturn,
            they can count on a taxpayer bailout of their derivatives trading
            business.You are a tool for rightwing media, who makes money off fools and tools.

          4. joe says


          5. Almay says

            Wrong again. It was a democrat, Bill Clinton, that signed NAFTA which has harmed the agricultural industry and opened the doors to outsourcing both of which I as a conservative worked to halt.

          6. jetmagnet says

            LMAO! Nafta hurt unions, you know the people you screwballs are against, it didn’t hurt the farm industry as they get millions in handouts led by conservatives. BTW these people get paid millions NOT to grow crops. Outsourcing is a GOP pet baby, they love it. Even trump talks about it. lol
            Besides, inmost of these cases, it was a bills produced by the majority which were republicans. Clinton veto would have been overuled by a republican congress and senate.
            I still don’t see your point as to why billionaires should get subsidies.
            They fool stupid people into thinking giving tax breaks to corporations creates jobs, it doesn’t they outsource. 2500 companies outsource jobs thanks to republicans! And if you listen to Trump he wants to stop it by charging a tax.
            See your party gets funded by special interest that wants outsourcing, Trump isn’t funded. You listen to lies and bullshit and totally ignore the facts.

        23. Justice says

          Obama was put in power to cement the gains of tyranny and oppression achieved under Bush while the masses slept, lulled into a deep hypnosis with empty promises of change, hope and progress.

          1. jetmagnet says

            There’s been alot of progress on alot of fronts. Some I disagree with. Now tell me what republicans have done to help this country, besides shutdowns, credit defaults,job losses in the public sector. And pure obstructionism of a sitting president without allowing him to pass anything, then calling him a dictator when he does something. LMAO! The GOP would make hitler proud.

          2. Progressive Republican says

            Hence my avatar.


          3. jetmagnet says

            Congrats! I hate both parties, especially fucking teabags!

          4. Progressive Republican says

            At the risk of insulting and ancestral branch of our species, I call ’em ‘Teandertals’, if not tea-baggers.

          5. joe says


          6. joe says


        24. Rolland Johnson says

          Jetmagnet, isn’t it funny how left wing communists, I mean Democrats which is the same thing, forget how Wall Street is doing under obama, and more companys are relocating overseas under obama, income is the worst under obama, more black youths are out of work then ever in the history or this country under obama, how the economy is and has been flat under obama, how the insurance costs are raising faster then anytime in history under obama, how the employment partition rate is the worst in history under obama, how there are more unemployed people now then ever before under obama. I could give you at least a hundred more failures under the leadership of the democrats, but I am limited to space. Get your facts right before blathering like all the rest of the ill informed democrats.

          1. jetmagnet says

            I wouldn’t know about leftwing communist, i’m an independent. Why? because i don’t suck dicks. No one owns me, i make my own decisions. I think liberals suck too. When you follow instead of lead, you continue to suck the dick of your gut prejudices and beliefs. So you talk all this shit about blacks. Tell me how many programs have the GOP put fourth that helps blacks? None! They cut funding for urban projects, they cut head start. They fuck blacks up the ass then expect them to vote for the bastards. They fuck vets, that’s why I’ll never vote for the bastards again. Where did you get your facts? I’ve been doing this for 10 yrs and you ignorant bastards never come up with facts. You assholes are so fucking dumb you wonder why insurance cost are up/ Try 36 GOP states that refuse medicare expansion which lowers the cost of insurance and hospital cost. Do some damn research. None of you bastards do independent research, you too busy being programmed by fox and fruitcakes. They’re relocating for profit asshole, not Obama. The gop helps them by blocking Obamas outsourcing bills. Do you ever get off your fucking ass and read the BILLS and wtf congress is doing? Of course not, that would be too fucking difficult to findout what exactly your jackasses are passing, blocking or how they fuck americans and the constitution.

        25. Elizabeth says

          So, jetmagnet, where did you get your degree? I am tired of illiterates who have no command of English, so they babble in trash talk. Pick up the discourse by using intelligent vocabulary. Vulgarity only tells the listeners that you do not know how to debate intelligently.

        26. joe says

          I had hoped they caught you and locked you back up

        27. Ralph Sinamon says

          Uh….where did Bloomberg and Soros, BOTH billionaire’s, get their wealth? The low IQs are held by those that refuse to look at BOTH sides of the coin! Apparently, this means YOU!

        28. Antonio says

          So please tell us how modern the jihads are, you know the ones your president loves so much. On today world? I don’t think so. So I hope your wish come through and the numb nuts, goat lovers Muslims take over, with the help of your so loved president and you’ll see how modern they’re. All the homosexuals will face death, and very painful one, read the news about what they do overseas. But you have the right to express your ignorance, for now anyway.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Wow, that was well thought out and brilliant! I can see why people like you should have been aborted or your father castrated. We need real fact finding humans to run our planet, not people who think like animals and are programmed like rats with fused human brains attached to them, and eventually evolve become political tools and part of a collective ignorance that runs rampant like the plague.

        29. Canistercook says

          Those old white people you called morons are the people who created America and it’s wealth. Now the Democrats are blowing it away.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Wealth has run wild and will control everyone’s lives. They buy elections, corrupt politicians and screw americans left and right. The GOP loves these people and has them as donors!!!!!!! The gop utopia is to have a Plutocracy where you have vast wealth and the rest are slaves. Right now 1% of the wealthiest control 55% of all the wealth, and they don’t pay as much tax per capita as the working stiff. The democrats that are blowing it away? I guess democrats, warren buffet, Bill Gates, the Ceo’s of google, yahoo and facebook are blowing it away? lmao
            The people who built america where the 4 titans, rockerfeller, Jp morgan, Vanderbilt and Carnegie. They found out the hard way that Greed is a foundation for disaster. We had the biggest crash in history under a republican in 1929 who, again supported the wealthy. The recovery from that disaster was regulations and unions…a democratic principles. The economy is consumer based, not driven by wealthy dupes, and gluttony.

      3. Dawn says

        Everything that Hillary says, she is copying off of the other Candidates’ ideas or she makes it worse…Hillary is too old and senile to become president….

        1. Debbe Inman says

          She is corrupt and this is who many want to be our president???? What the hell is wrong with you stupid assholes???

          1. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Trump is Dudley Doright, is that what you’re saying HONEY?

            Do you know that Trump is a neo FASCIST babe? Do you KNOW what fascism IS lovely DIMWIT?

            My God you people are so freaking STU-PID….Get a damn job GURL……

          2. Vassiliki says

            Trump is not the only Republican candidate stupid!

          3. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            WOW, what a revelation. So who’s your BOY or gurl nominee PAL? Kasich is the best of all of them and he’s near the bottom for polling. That’s upside down KRAZY DAYS TEA Party morons are .

            Let me know who you think might even be capable of being President. I’d love to hear your choice. Ted “Madman” Cruz maybe?? ? ?

            GUNS R GOOD and let’s buy more of them??? Small government anyone? That ain’t ever happening . Good luck. Ya got NUTTIN’ HONEY ! ! !

          4. Walter Flatt says



          5. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            FLATHEAD motor brain, your intellect was squished and squashed as as infant OBVIOUSLY. ANYONE THAT TYPES IN ALL CAPS IS MENTALLY HANDICAPPED PAL! ! ! ! !

            You’re a MORON Flathead DOLT…..

            Tell me what “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state” means TO YOU ASSHOLE……

          6. runnindeer says

            Your statement is nothing more than pure unadulterated bull shit. As for stupid, that would be yourself right along with being a complete moronic jack ass.

          7. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Uh HUH pal. My psychologist measured IQ if 140 and YOURS is WHAT MORON????

            Trump is a neo fascist and very close to a neo Nazi like Scott Walker….p.s. note on the failure known as Scott Walker. He has a $2 billion deficit to fix in 2016. MN just reported a $1.9 billion budget surplus. Which state is better, TRUE BLUE or Red neo Nazism pal? Stark choice but obviously Minnesota is much better DOLT.

            So Trump wants absolute power because he’s a massively STU-PID narcissist and the biggest egotist in America, other than Rush “the BIMBO” Limbaugh. Match up Limbaugh with Trump and they wouldn’t be able to figure out President & Vice President because they’re both so damn SELF involved CRETIN boy.

            WOW, you sure sound smart DIM BULB boy & Troglodyte TEA Party dweeb….Get lost FOOL….

          8. Walter Flatt says


            MANAGEMENT TEAM?



            FIND OUT.


            TAKE OUR GUNS?





            HAS TO BE PASSED.































            ARE YOU FOR AMERICA?

            MAY DECIDE TO STOP ME.



          9. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Point by point, these are my answers to your WHACKO TEA Party delusional schizophrenic CLAP TRAP of a delusional ASSHOLE, FLATHEAD MAN…..

            1) Delusional nonsense FATHEAD ASSHOLE. Zero is the Muslim count in the management team. NICE TRY IDIOT……

            2) Oh yeah. In Oregon, there are RANCHERS that have their own FEMA Thing going , with guns and shit like that. Comment on the guns they need to impose themselves on Federal lands and then tell me how many years in prison that they’ll get when the LAW moves in & shoots them or takes them to jail you i Dumb ASS IDIOT FLATHEAD KREEP-O…..God you are FUCKING STUPID…..

            Got a date now, so I’ll answer 3 through 33 later ASSHOLE, OK FLATHEAD DIP SHIT????? God you’re the DUMBEST ASSHOLE EVER! ! ! ! !

          10. tcidda says

            well well spoken like a true genius which i’m sure YOU think YOU are.

          11. vlad the impaler says

            mr high iq again acting like a crying baby,waaaa waaaaahhhh.,you support the blm you truley are a liberal sheep moron..i would have to say by your grammar you have a high school education at best,you dont even make any sense.and are just repeating what youve been told.you libtard circlejerker.

          12. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I’m so glad , VLAD, that you spotted a five month old post to make a snappy Tomato comment about, CRETIN boy. Nice work.

            You’re an IQ of 85 ALL Star Vladivostock boy ! ! !

          13. vlad the impaler says

            yeah sure it did,youve never had your iq checked you liberal asshole youre a fukn jew i can smell you from here.a person with a high iq doesnt resort to childish insults you lying bastard.and your insults are lame.

          14. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            People with an IQ lower than 80 write just like you VLAD…

            I’m not Jewish, so your sense of smell ain’t too good either.

            Brain ROT for you VLAD, or just CTE?

          15. Ralph Sinamon says

            YOU aren’t even smart enough to be a moron. Oh….BTW, MY IQ is higher than yours.

          16. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            That’s exquisitely interesting Ralph MALPH.

            Now, tell me who measured your IQ & when? Was it U.S. Military Conscript Services, Trump University when they took you for $33,000 for a THREE day course, possibly AHI & /or Ruched Limbaugh telling you to send them $1,000 for a “high IQ certificate” gold print embossed & EVERYTHING…? ? ? ? ? ?

            Were you ever tested with Rohrshach blot impressions, logic & memory tests, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI which ALL gun owners need to take & PASS at their own expense of approx $1,000 clams), number sequences of 8 or 10 numbers which you must recall one or two minutes later? TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOUR EXTENSIVE psychiatric testing PAL ! ! !

            Eh pal? Were you 98th percentile in your high school graduating class academically or your college graduating class, eh PAL ???

            NOT LIKELY in the least. LYING is the MOST likely result of some TEA time wizard who wants to make some STU- pi – -ly unrealistic and unprovable claim.

            You’re a LIAR and I’m NOT pal. What do you think about that TEA Time Wizard Neanderthal Troglodyte boy?

          17. Ralph Sinamon says

            Uh…yeah, I AM in the 98th percentile, and higher than you. You keep showing your actual intellect by your delightful use of pejoratives.

          18. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            When you read the sports pages upside down, LAST place teams in standings are first, right? You read your rationality and perception scores upside down PAL.

            Your not 98th percentile in anything related to intelligence I can assure you.

            Are you ready to ask Congress for an MMPI test for EVERY new crazed gun owning wannabe yet? Then every gun owner in USA will be tested due to the 12% incidence of sever psychiatric illness in any large population (over 1 million).

            I’d like a nice tidy response to this sole idea that can pre-emptively assure CRAZY GUN NUTS don’t happen much anymore. GOT IT SMACK’d UP Ralph?

          19. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yo momma musta been embarrassed when she shit you out, home boy.. Bet you ain’t tired of all da freebies you be gettin huh, Velcro head??

          20. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            HOME boy WItzI boy? ARE you a JEW BOY FUCK BRAIN? If you are, you’re the FUCKING DUMBEST Shrew Jew that I’ve ever encountered.

            FYI: my hometown neighborhood had the 2nd highest Jewish population in Minnesota after St, Louis Park. Look it up JEW BOY! ! !

            God you are a FUCKING DIM FUCK JOB TEA Party Moron….Get a FUCKING JOB IDIOT…..

          21. vlad the impaler says

            another fantastic piece of writing by the road scholar,he just oozes intelligence as words dance onto the screen.with ease giving the reader a sensation of actually.being there….(applause)…you cant afford a jew neighborhood .

          22. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Try reading On The Road by Kerouac and then try to spell Rhodes Scholar right next time, highly intellectual VLAD the Impala boy.

            Where did you come from, out from under the rock in the swamp where you reside?


          23. Walter Flatt says



            MEDICARE————————-1.45% TO 2.35%
            TOP INCOME TAX——————-35% TO 77.4%
            TOP INCOMPE PAYROLL————–37.4% TO 52.2%
            CAPITAL GAIN ——————–15% TO 28%
            DIVIDEN TAX———————-15% TO 39%
            ESTATE TAX———————–0 TO 55%










          24. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Youare a WHACKO Flathead motor brained IDIOT DUMB ASS TEA Party MORON…Get lost you TOOL brain…..

          25. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I was rushed and couldn’t read all of your list of taxation burdens. I can agree with you that the NFL (League offices, not team owners of course) should NOT be a “non-profit organization” ! ! ! This little oversight of the past 50 years was brought up before this Congress started last year in Jan of 2015.

            DO you think TEA Party could have included the NFL’s millions of dollars of earnings every year in our taxable businesses??? They couldn’t quite get that done in ONE year. What did they get done in the past year??? NOTHING, essentially.

            I agree that churches should NOT be tax exempt organizations. They raise money like any other business, own real estate in usually quite grand areas and should participate in paying for the needs of society. They could be taxed at a lower rate than individuals, like maybe 8% but they should pay tax on what their income and revenues are. Fair is fair, even in God’s eyes I have to think….

          26. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            If you would kindly add “Nitwit” to the end of your moniker, you could make it easier for the rest of us to address you as ONAN, please.

          27. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I probably won’t do that for you CLEATS boy. I might go to Conan The Barbarian Neutron Alley. Do you like it CLEATS???

            How did you like the debate of MORONS last night?

            Entertaining , right?

            How could more STUPID people cram themselves onto one stage CLEATS????

            MORONS should not be leading this country. GOP will nominate a MORON, no matter who it might be….NICE WORK CLEATS. You’re so damn smart , it’s incredible …..

          28. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            We already have morons running the country.

          29. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Name them…. Congress? That’s for sure….TEA Party = MORONS CLEATS.

            You couldn’t be more correct on that point asshole . . . . .

          30. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            You ought to be clean and sober by now, shouldn’t you, Crabs?

          31. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            How do you figure that idea CLEATS? I’m always clean and mostly sober, so why would you even mention such a stupid thing????

          32. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Apologies. Seek help for your mental illness issues, then.

          33. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            The only issues that I have are keeping TEA Party GOONS from sitting in seats in Congress or the White House after November of 2016…..

            Other than that, I can find issues of WSJ, NYT, Chicago Trib wherever I might please CLEATS. How about you?

            Are you reading the Sarah Palin Chronicles every day or something? She’s one fine journalist, isn’t she???? KLOWWNN town boy????

          34. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            I believe this site can help you with that:


          35. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Like who? Trump? Paul Ryan, Speaker of The House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, Mitch McConnell, Koch Brothers??? PICK your God DAMN POISON CLEATS = = = > fucking MORON . . .

            FUK you are the dumbest TEA ASSHOLE ever, aren’t YA REB BOY?

          36. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Why do you think any of those are running the country?

          37. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Trump and Gingrich have ALWAYS thought they were in charge of something in this country, since their tender ages of 3 or 4. Is THAT NORMAL CLEATS?????

            Paul Ryan was VP candidate with Mitt Romney , who yet thinks he’s the GOP standard bearer, since Jeb Bush is a TOTAL FAILURE.

            So Ryan, SPK of House, NOW in charge of a TOTAL FAILURE as a Representative body, Romney, delusional, Gingrich, delusional & Trump
            ULTRA delusional think they’re in charge of something as we speak.

            Are they CLEATS? MORON boy, CLEATS? Bueller . . .? . . Bueller . . .? ?

          38. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Check it out, ONAN! I found a new wallpaper for my cell phone!


          39. Rhetorical Brutality says

            ONAN the Barbarian?


          40. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            The one most likely to savage the sausage!

          41. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Just as a favor for the mentally impaired MORONS Of TEA Time….

            ONA: “I might go to Conan The Barbarian Neutron Alley. Do you like it CLEATS?? How did you like the debate of MORONS last night? Entertaining , right?”

            Rhet BAD ASS BOY, it’s such a shame that you left your brain cells a wasting away back in junior high PUPPY BOY ! ! !

            KLOWNN TOWN MORON . . . . . .

          42. Shep Schultz ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says

            Das awsum Bud!

          43. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Thanks, M’ Bruvva. I believe he’s from Wanker County, north of Chicago and home of Al Bundy’s in-laws.

          44. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Where’ve ya been SHEP MESSING boy?

            Watching Flintstones episodes with CLEATS , “THE MORON” ? ? ? ? ? MORON . . . . .

          45. Shep Schultz ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says

            What is with the new name?
            If I were you I would focus on fine tuning my medications rather than making up new names.
            Tell Cletus I said “Hi”, willya? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/97cbbe064b5a4d090ac01d1de62c6c08f94eab2eb2aebf7c3ac2afaa6c2930d9.jpg

          46. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I think CLEATS passed Shep. Sorry. Another MORON down the drain. You’re dropping like flies in heat lately.

          47. Shep Schultz ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says


          48. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            CLEATS, just a memory (very BAD ONE) This is what’s important cretin BOY .. . . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNceUcZhFi4

          49. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            I must’ve missed replying to one of his posts. Needy, that one. :o)

          50. Shep Schultz ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says
          51. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Some serious thighage there…

          52. stevemusicmaker says
          53. WHATCHU Talkin'boutWillis says

            You brought her so you FLucK-her REB maggot…

          54. ?Shep Schultz✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says

            Sorry I forgot your original name, but do tell Cletus “Hi” for me.

          55. WHATCHU Talkin'boutWillis says

            Dear sweet Cletus Boyer, the miniature Yankee Clipper, but CLEATS is incomunicado for at least a month now.

            I think he decided Cuba is the place to be on a vacation & he ain’t never coming back to his old school CHAPS Lauren REB boy…..


          56. DGCJ says

            Hey stupid. How are you? By the way, you’re a liar. At NO point four
            years ago did I state that I had five books on the market.
            You’re a lying child molester.

          57. Shep Schultz ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says

            You’re right. It was two years ago.
            Why do you lie? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4cbf317304fe4098530edac54cd5842c6a85775bb14eb920c781eb53b962dbfa.jpg

          58. DGCJ says

            Two years ago I stated this fact:
            I have four published books, not five, with Dover.
            Fact: None of those are related to music theory.

          59. DGCJ says

            Cartoon not appearing

          60. DGCJ says

            It’s hilarious that you and Petey were looking for music theory books in the Dover catalog and then had the stupidity to claim I didn’t have four books published by them.
            That must have been embarrassing, no?

          61. DGCJ says

            I’m waiting for you to tell me what it is about my Dover contract which I didn’t understand…..

          62. DGCJ says

            Do your grandchildren know you have the maturity of a ten year old child?
            I bet you molested them good over the holidays. That’s what you heterosexual males do.

          63. WHATCHU Talkin'boutWillis says

            Ohhhh, Shep Messing REB, you’re fantastically clever & so erudite ,all at the same moment , you F * CK dikless REB maggot FEG……

          64. ?Shep Schultz✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says

            Hi OND!

          65. WHATCHU Talkin'boutWillis says

            Chump’s Mustard Gas REB boy, Are you still in jail, PAL?

          66. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Who is FRED? Flintstone?

            here’s no such thing as food stamps anymore, so your documentation is quite weak.

            Check your sources CLEATS! Government workers are the most dependable for statistics, RIGHT???

            EVEN MORONS know that….Where’ve ya been?

            Watching too many Flintstones episodes or Dobie Gillis maybe??? MORON . . . .

          67. tcidda says

            u need to pull up to the propane pump and get a refill.

          68. vlad the impaler says

            you should be looking in a mirror saying all that because you are the fukn idiot,votng for grandma?what a loser,shes an opportunist and a flip flopper and shes for illegal aliens so fuck her and fuck you.

          69. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Well stated Vladdy. Have you slain any women or children lately PAL?

            You’re the problem with TEA Time. No wit,, no education and Neanderthal in temperament, like Trump.

            Good luck Vlad. You’re going to need it, IQ Of 85 TEA SLOB….Imbecile . . . . .

          70. prm2012 says

            Do you know what fascism is? We already have have a fascist in office now. The
            Government run by a want-a-be Dictator Obama the Blowhard, thinks he is the KING of these United States of America

          71. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says


            1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
            2. (sometimes initial capital letter) the philosophy, principles, or methods of fascism.
            3. (initial capital letter) a political movement that employs the principles and methods of fascism, especially the one established by Mussolini in Italy 1922–43.

            Sure honey & you have NO idea of which you spew, do YA BIG TEX
            HUNNNY ABOMINATION trainwreck?

            DUMB ASS

          72. Manuel Gonzales says

            You’re an idiot. You liberals have become so dumb and stupid with your cumbaya attitude that you are falling for the biggest lie in the world, “One World Order”. You are just blind and ignorant of the truth. America is being overrun and will not be a unique nation any longer if American’s don’t put a stop to all this nonsense in the name of humanity. Just wait until they start raping the women just as they did in Germany. Can’t you see their customs are not our customs. Ignorant democrats!

          73. WHATCHU Talkin'boutWillis says

            So Manuel Ortega, wetback boy,why did it take you EIGHT months to compose that really horrendous disjointed incomprehensible bit of TRASH talk, that usually comes from WHITE BOY, Trailer Trash REBS, eh FOOL ex Militarist Manuel?

            Why are you dumb as a FUKKING ROCK, Manuel?

            GO fluck & muck the dog lowlife SCUM . . . . .

          74. Manuel Gonzales says

            I guess it took 8 months to answer because it must have taken you 8 months to read the replies to your post. Dumb liberals are that way. Takes them forever to catch up to the present time.
            Do you eat with the same mouth you spit those, ” Makes me feel like a man” comments coming out of your trap. But I guess I have to realize that I am dealing with a wise butt honkie cracker.
            Actually i am not a wetback. (although I do sweat alot). I was born an American as were my folks and grandfolks and we are proud about it. America is a great country and we want it to remain that way. But lately in the past almost 8 years we have noticed a drastic change. All of a sudden the liberal agenda has gained speed with their dumb policies for our culture and country and I don’t appreciate it. I guess that is why I don’t care for your progressive “FELON” to continue down the same path. We need to get our country back to a civil society nation. But there is only one problem. The dumbocrats are giving us a little hard time about it. They want to create the new Sodom and Ghomorah for our country today. We gotta stop them. You dumbocrat liberals have to come to your senses and help us because one day you will have to answer to the higher authority for your stupid nonsensical decisions. I don’t think you want to end up in a bad place all because you were tolerant of the wrong moral principles.
            I would talk to you in your dirty mouth language but judging by the way you speak I guess you are just a smart butt young punk. I was there over 55 years ago. I gotta keep it clean now as I am almost about to make roll call. I became mature and believe me, it is the best policy.

          75. WHATCHU Talkin'boutWillis says

            Ok manuela, my fellow citizen, the Founders wrote the 1st Amendment for what purpose pal?

            I do know why and use that freedom of speech, every DAMN day pal. How about you?

            As for BHO, the Presidency, perhaps you have some 21st century amnesia from about 9/11/01, eh FOOL Manuel?

            I will not go to the GW Bush , worst President in American history card, because most of that story has been out for just 6 years now, right ,Manuel?

            Bho took over a derelict & forlorn America, weighed down by two needless Wars, as judged by the outcomes. Afghanistan WAS THE WAR worth fighting, wouldn’t you agree Manuel?

            That changed a LOT when March of 2003 rolled around , didn’t it?

            BHO had a DJIA of 7,000 in Feb of 2009, his first month in office pal. The DJIA today is at 18,492, so check it out on the 10 year DJIA graph nit Twit TEA REB fool.


            That’s just terrible to almost triple the economic gauge of GW Bush’s depths of an almost GREAT Depression II, right Moron?

            Get your SHIT together wetback and just head back to Guadalajara or wherever the hell that you’re Fukking family slithered through the gates of FREEDOM, you SLUT…WE Don’t need Hispanic RAPISTS, DRUG DEALERS & CRIMINALS MANUEL…

            Got it TRUMP cheerleader, cretin REB boy?

            You’re a MORON & I’m not. DEAL with if Fukkr…..

          76. Manuel Gonzales says

            I don’t know you my cyber space acquaintant, but I can tell you have a personal problem. You probably are not a democrat or liberal for that matter. You definitely are not a conservative Republican, what with that polluted mouth of yours. You have to be a neo fascist or white supremacist. You have alot of anger issues and you hate people whom you consider not of this country. I don’t know whether you are male or female as you don’t identify yourself clearly. You hide behind your foul mouth, so that tells me you are a coward. I suppose you could be female as I have run across foul mouth undisciplined women out in public.
            I am just going to consider by your conversation that you are just a plain fool and an idiot.
            The only reason I replied in my initial comment was to address your ranting about a political discussion which you showed you are incapable of carrying on against a civilized group. I wasn’t willing to start up a conversation but you presented an opportunity for me, which I appreciate, to witness for my Jesus to you. Yes Jesus called the religious in the bible “FOOLS”. So I won’t apologize for that.
            Let me give you some advice. Repent of your foolish verbiage and maybe people will be accepting of conversing with you. You don’t have to use filthy language to make a point. And know your subject wisely or you won’t be understood. In the book of Proverbs it gives an exhortation. “Wise men lay up knowledge; but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction”. The whole of chapter 10 is very resourceful and useful for learning.
            I will leave you with this; “He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known”.
            Seek the Lord while He may be found……..

          77. WHATCHU Talkin'boutWillis says

            I won’t respond to any of your misplaced assumptions about me, which are completely not anything close to what I’m about.

            I speak out , with 1st Amendment purpose pal. The RIGHT has done so much damage to this country since D Eisenhower was President. Eisenhower warmed “Beware of the Military-Industrial Complex” didn’t he? Eisenhower knew about BIG Military actions from WW II ,didn’t he?

            Cheney & Bush were the two worst persons in charge of making decisions after we had intital success in Afghanistan. IRaq is a NAtionalk Tradgedy for Iraq & for the United Staes. All bad things with ISIL are directrectly traced back to al Quaeda in Iraq, which formed afterw we invaded Iraq. Then WE, teh US Military paid $ millions ofr AQ II to patrol Anbar Province for us, during the late surge period.

            THEN, AQII went to syria, transformed int oISI 7 the rest is a BIG problem now, isn’t it?

            Don’t blame Obama for crap that Cheney & Bush started with their incomparably horrid decisions in Iraq.

            Got it now Militarist douoosh feg?

            I’ll offer you Cannonball Adderley’s Country Preacher, Walk Tall song, introduced by Jesse Jackson, in the 1970’s when Jesse had Operation breadbasket going.


            Chicago, food donations to the poor in Chicago, where Obama did his community “WORK” pal & where about 1,000 inner city black thugs get killed every year, don’t they?

            Jesus wanted Christians to help those less fortunate, if I recall , right?

            Two faced hypocritical Christianity has done more harm to the Conservative Ideals, than anything. Blind following of some fairy tales and what Dad did before you , is 19th century thought pal…

            We’er now in the 21st century , if you hadn’t noticed that yet….

          78. Mary Koch says

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          79. vlad the impaler says

            women will vote for her because shes a woman ,they could care less if she is unqualified.

        2. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Burnice is even older!

          1. Dawn says

            Who is Burnice?…Or do you mean ‘Bernie Sanders”?

        3. Barry says

          Clinton has broke the law and right NOW she should be tried and convicted for her crimes. BUT not only is she still walking the streets as a free person, but DAMN FOLKS! She wants to be President of our country. Both her and obamabutt should be in prison. Yet they are far from it. WTF ? has this country come to? Why hasn’t he and she not in prison??? Why hasn’t the military done something? The constitution said the military is responsible to defend this country from enimies both foreign and domestic. May GOD show someone how to put an end to this Bullsht.

          1. Elizabeth says

            Careful, her Nay-Sayers have fatal accidents!

          2. jsftbb says

            they all should be tried for crimes against the USA and the American people from the top down and I would say be put in jail but then we’d have to feed the rats so the punishment should be the same as the radicals are doing to the christans and the American people

        4. Ellen says

          Not to mention lying a lot too. Seems like anything that comes out of her mouth is a lie.

          1. Antonio says

            Doesn’t matter which cavity of her it’s coming out, it’s the same, which’s S….”. Same from the president. Both of them if they happen to have a diarrhea, their heads will shrinks.

        5. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

          Hey Dawn, you’re too stupid to qualify as human being, racist dimwit….Go screw the pooch HONEY! ! ! ! !

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            STFU PORCH MONKEY!!!

        6. Ralph Sinamon says

          And THAT is being polite!

        7. Spark1845 says

          Yes, I am more than MAD. WE have to do something about this FUCK that IDIOTS call president. BRING CHARGES AGAINST HIM. JAIL, TRIAL, CONVICTION and EXECUTION. FAIR.

          1. George M Melby says

            My, myyyyy, you boyz are angry! Just wait until Hillary and a new Democrat majority Legislature takes you BOYZ for a spin, lolol!

          2. Spark1845 says

            No Georgie BOY, we are gonna spin the MURDEROUS Hillary at the end of a ROPE. Do ya all get it?? IF, she wins, it will be the third time in a row that the Demos. CHEATED and got away with it. BUT, this time, all of you ASSHOLES will pay the price for what that Terrorist and PUNK ASS NEGRO THUG has done to OUR country.

          3. George M Melby says

            Oooooooooo, baby… I think you like me, lolol. Sorry, not only do I have better taste but I’m ten times smarter than an old truck driver like you! Other than that, for Spark, you sure are a dud, ROFLMBO!!! Even President Obama is 20 times more intelligent than you are, Pinball Floozy!

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      6. Spark1845 says

        Hopefully the MURDEROUS Hillary Von CLITon will DIE before the election.

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    6. Francie26 says

      He thinks he will soon be able to retire in Hawaii with full presidential retirement benefits, plus the millions+ of dollars he has illegally accrued while in office.

      1. Suze says

        I don’t think Obama is dreaming of retiring. He has global ambitions.

    7. jimwilson81 says

      Remember the old saying about only believing only half of what you read? It takes a genius to figure out what is true and untrue. Believe me when I say the majority of people in the US are not geniuses, including politicians.

    8. MDKTT20 says

      Yes all democrats are Nuts. that is a fact. Congress should not allow any money to spend on these Syrians and any other persons coming into America illegally. enough is enough.

      1. Reality Check says

        I guess the ISIL group WINS.

        making Americans hide under their beds was the goal.

        you gave them a VICTORY.

        1. MDKTT20 says

          no, your wrong . I am not hiding under my bed. And I haven’t given them any victory. maybe Obama has for now. by not defeating them .

        2. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

          I bet it doesn’t take much to get you to hide under your bed. Be careful, in a room full of liberals it could get crowded under there.

          1. Reality Check says

            So tell me sill con, which group is NOT afraid of the Syrians (liberals)
            and WHO is scared shit less of Syrians (conservatives)

            why do conservative tools of the Right always LIE?

          2. Wyatt says

            Once they start killing those who don’t bow and worship the same as them you will fear them . And even when you do worship as they do , you will never be more than just a slave . But then you should be accustomed to that with your libral masters

          3. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Afraid? AFRAID?? You lilly livered liberal fool, this has nothing to do with fear, and everything to do with common sense. Why is that so hard for idiots like you to understand?

    9. John H. Kohlenberg says

      Give your own dam money away, but you have no right giving our money away when we oppose it.

      1. Progressive Republican says

        Does that mean I can get my money back for da shrub lying us into Iraq and being the real cause of all of this?

        1. gerald Hughes says

          Stick it low life liberal dem bloodsucker.
          You garbage are worse than useless.

          1. Debbe Inman says

            Democraps are mental every one

          2. Progressive Republican says

            Another treasonous conservative waste of skin (yeah, I know that’s needlessly redundant) heard from.

        2. Suze says

          You still think that the Bush clan was FOR conservatives? It’s a dance the GOP and Dems have done together to fleece this country. Dems want Jeb to be the nominee mainly because Hillary could win, but if not then they have second best.
          The major move against the establishment is for a reason. Throw all the political professionals out.

          1. Croco Dile says

            It does not matter who will “win” in this “race” which is not.
            But for sure YOU will lose !

          2. Suze says

            So if it doesn’t matter who wins, and there is no “race” then how can I lose? just trying to follow your odd logic.

          3. Croco Dile says

            You, and all of us, are losing by PARTICIPATING in this game the Controllers did set up for us.


          4. Suze says

            thank you for this. I actually agree entirely.
            What I believe is coming is a natural corrective (due to the perfect storm of over reaching corruption), which will incur loss but level the playing field for a while.

            The paradox of shortsighted controllers is they ultimately destroy themselves.

            But for this time during this “corrective” or implosion combined with the multiple attacks we will experience, we need to try to elect the most pro American citizen candidate possible. Having said that, I think it’s too late to reverse disasters already in play. Prepare.

          5. Croco Dile says

            This may be of interest to you too :