Obama Wants $5 Billion to Fight Terrorism but Doesn’t Want to Say Why


Just as Obama finally relents to do something about ISIS, it is becoming clear that it’s another excuse to spend a lot of money without telling the American people what it’s for. While I believe Obama has an ethical obligation to stand against the genocide being perpetrated by these Islamic thugs and a Constitutional obligation to protect America, that doesn’t mean he should be granted a blank check to do with what he sees fit. That, lawmakers say, is exactly what he wants.

According to a new expose by the typically liberal Daily Beast, Obama is asking Congress for a package of $5 billion to fight terrorism, but that request has not come with any details about how it would be spent. In many ways, it echoes the debate about Obamacare. Congress was hamstrung because they were forced to vote on the bill without getting a close look at its content. Democrats, naturally, are ready to fund Obama’s request even though no one has outlined how the money will be used.

Some have speculated that Obama’s lack of specificity is not just because he doesn’t have a plan, but rather the request is being kept intentionally vague because the White House wants to appear more dedicated to stopping ISIS than it really is. In other words, the $5 billion request is a ploy. Republicans vote down the request and then Democrats can turn around and say, “Hey, look America, the Republicans aren’t serious about stopping terrorism.” It’s cowardly, dastardly politics, and it’s being done at a time when America is facing a very serious threat.

Now, of course, things have changed. With the beheading of a second American journalist, Obama realized that he could no longer avoid the subject of ISIS. Now he really wants his $5 billion request to pass Congress, though it hasn’t inspired him to come up with a spending strategy that makes sense. Perhaps he won’t have to. For their part, Democrats certainly aren’t pressuring him to come up with a plan. In an example of just how twisted the liberal worldview is, they have even gone on record to say that the fund’s obscurity is its strength. Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin on the request:

“We don’t know what the details are, so we can’t say what is in it and what isn’t. I think that kind of flexibility is useful.”

Just…wow. This is the kind of leadership liberals have elected to Congress. No matter what the money is for, guys! Don’t worry about it. If some of it happens to go into funding various Democratic programs in lieu of actually fighting terrorism, oh well. Ya know, that kind of thing just happens in government. Nothing to see here.

Senate Republicans aren’t quite so quick to jump on board with the “the less details, the better” mindset. “I want to know what it’s for,” said John McCain. “If there’s no goal, there’s no strategy, and if that’s the case we don’t want to waste the taxpayers’ money.”

Unfortunately, wasting taxpayer money is all this administration is good for.

  1. Yadja says


    O is not to be trusted with anymore of the American people’s tax dollars. He has to be stopped and he has to be watched like a Hawk because nothing he has done or said was good for America.

    1. dude says

      you got that right.. they need to tie his hand.. then they can allow him to do what needs to be doneand not what don’t.. instead of giving him a free hand to destroy what’s left of the us economy with his steeling tax payer money

      1. maxx says

        I’m with you all. They can vote for the appropriation to blind side the democrats that are just looking for another talking point BUT make it clear that not a single check is written or fund transfer made without exact details on who is getting the money and for what. The money handling should be under the control of a “special facilitator” directly accountable to the American citizens. This facilitator must not be a member of any government agency or have any history of government service. This government cannot be trusted with a penny of “the peoples money” PERIOD.

        1. Laddyboy says

          I believe your way of controlling the money is VERY GOOD! Let it be so. This person can be paid out of the funds. When the war is called to an end, the funding STOPS. The Special War Controller will HAVE TO answer for where and to whom the money went. After this report, the Special War Controller’s pay stops.

          1. Sam says

            Maybe pay obamy ONLY in US Treasury Stocks. That way if we fail; so does he. NO PAY

        2. dude says

          this gov.can’t be trusted with anything much less money

          1. defiant1 says

            I worked for HHS for 34 yrs and recently retired. You are absolutely correct for this govt is corrupt, more under democrat admins, and by far the worse under Obama. A difficult working environment for a conservative.

          2. dude says

            I wouldn’t give him any money of anykind unless congress was signing the checks and for bus or plan tickets for all illeagals or for rosecuters fee and a jail cell for anyone who hides or works them illeagal

          3. bikerchick22 says

            I bet its going into his retirement fund

          4. Matthew G. Zatkalik says

            ‘Retirement’ from what? He has been on one major vacation from reality, from day one. He will be retiring after never having demonstrated due diligence and responsible leadership. Think about it. He had his academic records sealed. But his daily ‘presidential activities and pronouncements’ are a day to day replay of his mentors/heroes: Beavis & Butt-head / Cheech & Chong. However, those guys are caricatures. Our POUSA is the real thing. Obama is a reincarnation of Alfred E. Neuman. Note the profound similarity: ‘Get more stupidity delivered right to your mailbox’ – read the newspaper, listen to the media!

          5. bikerchick22 says

            in case you did’nt “get it” Mathew i was being sarcastic!!

          6. Matthew G. Zatkalik says

            In case you don’t get it: (1) Matthew has two (2) t’s; (2) “didn’t” is the correct spelling, not “did’nt” and (3) I, too was being sarcastic. A ride on that ‘bike’ may give you a new perspective – that is both sarcastic!! and caustic!!

          7. leewacker says

            I think he wants it for his muslim friends so they can invade us.

          8. Lynn Todd says

            Our government has been corrupt for years, from the lowest levels of law enforcement and officials in the smallest cities to the highest levels in the White House, Congress, and the military, it will never change, and we can do NOTHING after the Constitution was changed prohibiting the citizens from uprising.

            I also agree with Maxx concerning a facilitator that cannot be any member of any type of government agency or have had any history of government related service.

            In my opinion, O Bummer would just find a way to funnel the money to his Islamist buddies to obtain more weapons; then find someone else to pin as his scapegoat like most politicians do when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

          9. crustyone says

            He’s probably going to earmark some of the money to remove the pews from the Washington Cathedral so there will be ample space for his buddies to spread all of the door mats out on the floor.

          10. TAM44 says

            Yes it’s the most corrupt we have ever had and getting worst everyday. I hope we can vote out these anti Americans AKA democrats and rino’s who are just closet democrats.

          11. dude says

            you got that right

          12. Phil Dirt says

            That would be plan A.

          13. dmttbt says

            You can’t vote out the anti American democrats and the rino republicans because that is the only choice we have. When people say vote them out and there is no choice I am thinking about writing Donald Duck and voting for him. In Tennessee I have a choice of voting for Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander who are both rated a D+ as compared to the democrat who is rated a D-. Does anyone see a big difference? At least Donald Duck doesn’t hide the fact that he is a cartoon character. Before you vote you should ask the candidate what he or she has done and why you have to ask. If they had been on your side you should already know it.

          14. dude says

            shoot he’s got my vote…president Donale Duck would be better then what we got in the whitehouse now

          15. hangem'high says

            I’m pretty sure that Donald Duck is a registered voting Democrat, alone with Mickey Mouse.

          16. Michael Clemente says

            The Demorats are part of the muslim commies and Please Please Americans don’t vote for them.

        3. Marge says

          If the Saudis really are against ISIL they have the damn money and men to take care of the problem. They are a bunch of 2 faced backstabbers because they funded ISIL just like the majority of the 9/11 highjackers were Saudis. Now Kerry is all cozed up to the King while the King has rounded up 28 Christians! Oil, We should keep our own! But Nobama doesn’t want the pipeline. Remember the word TAQIYA, the Muslim practice of lying to the Infidels. What do the average Saudi citizens have to think of ISIL: more beheadings instead of the usual. The Saudi system of (in)justice allows for a trial to be held without the defendant present so he doesn’t get a running start when they go to chop his head off. That is the country America has overlooked all these years. On 9/11 it came back to bite us like the snake Saudi Arabia is! Muslims apparently have to force people to remain Muslim. It sucks.

          1. CCblogging says

            Barack Hussein Obama is a Saudi plant. The Israeli Mossad intelligence service has known this for years.

          2. Lynn Todd says

            With any luck the Mossad will rid us of them, preferably sooner than later!

          3. Marge says

            Amen to that!

          4. dude says

            I agree with you 100% but they need to get rid of them either way

          5. dmttbt says

            Why do you agree with Obama and call them ISIL instead of the name they chose for themselves ISIS?

          6. Marge says

            I was going by what they were calling them in news reports. I didn’t know who did the update. I’d like to call them Toast.

          7. dmttbt says

            We have to be very careful what we call the news now because some if not of it is BS by the politico.

          8. Lynn Todd says

            AMEN to that . . . toast! 🙂

          9. dmttbt says

            You do know that Obama and Kerry have given several F-16 fighter jets to Iran don’t you?

          10. Marge says

            They also gave some to the Saudis a while back too, didn’t they? Oh, got the news today that service members families are being threatened. No Shishkabob Sherlocks! As if they couldn’t make life any worse for the people in Iraq, they’ve painted buildings black in the desert. It makes me think of lyrics from a Rolling Stones song. I’m like Lynn Todd, hoping for Mossad’s help.

          11. CJeanne says

            But Americans are missing the point. Obama is a Muslim; he participates in Muslim prayers each day in the White House. He has installed significant number of strong Muslims in administration and White House and programs.
            Obama has himself said he will NOT do anything against Muslims and Muslims are welcome here – and HE WILL SUPPORT MUSLIMS ALL THE TIME…. Reread his speeches.

            He used our military and congressional leaders to get Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood installed as leaders in Egypt. Egyptians overthrew them and threw them all out and prosecuted them – and do not support Obama or Hillary. They clearly said that they love Americans but not our leaders.

            Obama’s half brother faciliatates finances for the Muslim Brotherhood and is solicitating funds to assist them throughout the world. The half brother went to the IRS for a tax exempt status. It took him ONE month to get it AND the IRS backdated it FOR THE PREVIOUS THREE YEARS.

            Do you think any of US tax dollars are going to the Muslim Brotherhood as well as it is to other countries who are our enemies —- but we still give them our tax dollars!!! If a country does not support America and is not willing to work for the kind of principles the US government is supposed to be committed to, NO US TAX DOLLARS should go to them. Period.

        4. Lynn Todd says

          I absolutely agree with your Maxx, that’s why our country is in the mess that it is currently in. Our government only gives to themselves, caters to big business, banks, oil tycoons and wall street. To what end for the people? MORE taxes, less jobs and wages that cannot keep up with the COLA. Then of course, the illegal immigrants don’t have to worry about that, they just work for far more than in their own countries and send OUR money back home. Great solution for American huh?

        5. Had Enough says

          Excellent plan!!

          1. Lynn Todd says

            Only according to our government that wants to keep the illegal aliens in!

      2. Yadja says

        Super Glue his feet to the floor and tie his pen and phone hand behind his back. Gagging sounds good also.

        1. dude says

          not harsh enough

          1. Yadja says

            Well it never could be for the damage he has done and is doing.

          2. dude says

            you got that right

          3. squeak says

            He is doing what he is told to do & say… all nothing but a bunch of BS… Biden isn’t as stupid as he wants us to believe he is… don’t get me wrong, there is STUPIDITY THERE ! LOL !

          4. dude says

            tell me about it —-it’s text book stuff with the dem. party these days

        2. Marge says

          Right! When Biden was speaking about taking back America and sending ISIS to the gates of Hell….I thought that would be fine but remember who your boss is, Joe! Too bad Joe couldn’t lock Obama in the cellar when he got back from Europe!

          1. Yadja says

            I fear Biden as much as O but I feel that Uncle Joe, if left to his own decisions would confer with military advisers and generals and would do something better for this country than O.

            If Joe wants to be president, like Hillary when she could have challenged O, he needs to continue to fight against the storm of O and to put reasonable and valid solutions on the table so Americans can see he is not O.

          2. cliffy44 says

            Stupid Joe is the muslim-In-Chief’s life insurance policy.

          3. dmttbt says

            I think the white house is listening to generals too but not ours.

          4. Yadja says

            LOLOLOLOL you got that right.

          5. ongelofelijk says

            “plugs” a.K.a. Joe Biden wouldn’t know how to do so and loves his authority position as VP with all the privileges that come with the package.

          6. Phil Dirt says

            Are you kidding? Biden is every bit the pile of crap that Odumbo is. He’s just a different color of crap.

          7. dude says

            listen I don’t care what colar anybody is as long as they can an will take care of our cou ntry and its allies and biden isn’t much good either but man he’s a saint compaired to that idiot we have as president you can’t get much stupider than that unless your one of the one that are to scared or stupid to impeach that querr idiot

          8. Lynn Todd says


      3. Yadja says

        Right on.

      4. William says

        I would say a lot of the ISIS weapons are from Oblowzo somehow. Think about it he has surrounded himself with muslim advisers.

        1. Lynn Todd says

          That’s what he wants the money for in my opinion, to funnel more funds to ISIS or as he prefers the term of ISIL. What an idiot, and now a year after the Syrian crisis which he did absolutely NOTHING about, is now back tracking and trying to figure out a way to use Syria as his scapegoat without looking the the Blowzo he is.

      5. Sam says

        Take the keys to all the prez’s jets and mode of transportation and keep him/her in DC for the duration of its term! NO more vacations on the Vineyard, Cape, South Africa, Hawaii or wherever. And if you want to be nasty; take away the golf clubs…….

        1. dude says

          not god enough impeach him that way taxpayers won’t haft to pay him the rest of his life then jail his a/// and take mike Obama his old ( he/she) and Hillary that dried up heffer with him

          1. Lynn Todd says

            Got that right! She’s about as worthless as tits on a boar hog!

          2. dude says

            heck ain’t that what they done put tits on that thing I don’t think it was a hog though …a hog would have been an improvement

        2. William says

          He will scream, RACIST at you! LOL What a silly idiot he has become. Now the change that he was talking about is visible.

        3. dmttbt says

          Have him arrested for the crimes he has committed against the united states.

        4. crustyone says

          Deflate his basketball too and confiscate the pump.

      6. Conservative says

        It’s amazing and is a cause for fear thinking about all the ‘stuff’ Obolo wants to do TO in creating jobs and million dollar enterprises to repay all his contributors. Looks like he fooled them at all those fund raisers but the America public couldn’t be fooled.

    2. 7papa7 says

      I totally agree, he probably want the money for his retirement. It is always about him and NEVER about America.

      1. Yadja says

        His actions have spoken louder than his words and I believe people are getting it. I know our World Leaders got it a very long time ago. He is no use to anybody with the exception of Islam.

        As he said in his book Audacity of Hope Page 261 when speaking to a group of Muslims after 9/11 assuring them their citizenship meant something he would stand with them if the Political Winds turned in an Ugly Direction. We are there and it is plenty ugly.

        1. 7papa7 says

          He is also a pretty useful idiot to all anti American groups like socialists, communists, marxists etc

          1. Marge says

            Don’t give up on people. We can preach to the choir or do like I do: get on their liberal sites and tell them exactly how bad it is going to get here and soon. They will either make nice little Muslim converts or they will wake up and smell the coffee.

          2. 7papa7 says

            I have gotten cynical in my advanced years. I don’t see the drones ever changing they don’t have the mental capacity to see what is happening so they won’t do anything about it. I see very little hope unless those who do care get off their butts and start making a difference. They need to start voting conservative and start firing those who don’t do the job and make America a better place, who don’t bring it back to the foundations that made us great, bring God back into the schools and into society and the list goes on. We need to get on our knees and ask forgiveness from a Holy God and follow the principles of II Chronicles 7:14. It is time for us to revolt first at the ballot box and if that does no good in the trenches. The Declaration of Independence demands it of us.

          3. Lynn Todd says

            Great choice and would love to see it happen, but we must also remember that the Constitution was changed so that we as Americans could not revolt against the government.

            However, I really wonder just how many of our soldiers would lift a hand to fight their own brothers and sisters? I’m guessing not many, and I have always believed that I would see an uprising against the government in my time, and I still believe it will happen. At the rate things are going, it shouldn’t be long before a lot of these groups that are sick and tired of being the backbone of this nation and having their backs broken begin to take a stand.

          4. Yadja says

            It is because when with them he is among friends. By his own admissions in his own books he said when in college he chose the Commie and Socialist profs and he enjoyed the companionship of the like.

            His mother hated America so not surprising.

          5. 7papa7 says

            You are so right. Don’t forget the one who probably had the greatest influence on his life was that committed communist Frank Marshall. He was a total loser and hard core America hater plus he was the one who mentored obama while he lived in Hawaii.

          6. Yadja says

            We have had a very unfortunate joke played on us. A dark colored man whose people hated America and whose fathers were Muslim and whose friends were commies became POTUS at the most precarious time in our history.

            Unabashedly protecting and sympathizing with Muslims and unabashedly going against Americans and their very backbone for becoming what we are, the Constitution.

            People forget he would not wear an American lapel pin, we have pictures of him standing but without his hand over his heart when the National Anthem was played, mouthing something other than under God during the pledge of allegiance and on his re-do of his Oath of Office not putting his hand on anything much less the Bible.

            Duped by a slight of color and brought to our knees.

          7. 7papa7 says

            Correct again. I remember all of your examples. It is sad but far to many Americans are afraid of being called a racist if they don’t support obama and his drone holder. Neither one of these people are qualified. Remember obama also admitted to being a junkie when in college. The brain damage that was done is obvious to the most casual observer. They are both a total embarrassment to America.

          8. Yadja says

            Is it not amazing that we are afraid to force the truth to the spotlight due to the Racism Card, while he so unabashedly has put his Muslim preference up into our faces without a condemning word one being said about him.

          9. 7papa7 says

            You are so right, but the truth always has a way of coming to the surface just ask Nixon.

          10. Yadja says

            You know another thing that vexes me. Many say Muslims worship the God of Abraham. If they do why when Muhammad took his Qur’an to the Jews in Mecca and asked them to accept it and him as the last prophet they rebuked him and sent him away? Obviously they got the message loud and clear.

            I tell you we are surrounded by nincompoops and Cretins.

          11. 7papa7 says

            They have totally perverted what the God of Abraham teaches. We see that today with both Judaism and Christianity. You have Jews who deny Christ yet to OT makes it perfectly clear that Jesus is the One that all the prophecies talk about. You see perversion in Christianity by the prosperity gospel and many other perversions.

          12. dude says

            Nixon was a saint compaired to this idiot

          13. dude says

            you can call me what you want but that is a idiot …that needs to be taking out of the white house any way they can and as soon as they can they need to impeach him that would be the best way to show him he’didn’t get away with it an before you get all uptight I’m not racist and I’ve been a dem.for 35+ years but I have never voted for a Clinton or Obama and never will will be republican soon the dem party I grew up with and became one of… is nowhere the party they were don’t no where they lost there MORALS and FAMILY VALUES but there for sure gone

          14. 7papa7 says

            I have to agree with Ronald Reagan who use to be a democrat when he said I didn’t leave them, they left me and now so has the republican party. I just find them a little less objectionable. What is needed is a strong committed conservative party and they will make a tremendous impact on the country.

          15. dude says

            lets hope I no that’s the dir.i’m going in nov.

          16. Lynn Todd says

            Well said Yadja!

          17. Yadja says

            Thank you have some sites you might enjoy. Pass them on if you like them or see value in them.
            Shows attacks on Americans by Muslims since 1972.

            Covering lies in every year he has been in office and before during campaigning.

            This one is scary and one could never imagine a US president saying something like this, not to mention our enemies are listening and he just handed them an agenda they could follow.

          18. dude says

            he might have brought you to your knees but he ain’t brought me to mine not even close not to say it couldn’t happen but I’ve been preparing for this for a long time so I hope I’ve been preparing for nothing but o well if not i’ll fair better than most I hope anyway that’s the plan

          19. Yadja says

            It is a matter of speech not to be taken literally. I am not on my knees dude, I am fighting daily and working hard to get him duck taped by becoming a Lame Duck with an All Republican Congress. Even though we have enemies in that party also.

          20. crustyone says

            Even Moochelle had an issue with patriotism prior to him taking the Oath of Office.

            Obola seems to be more comfortable in the company of those who have little or no allegiance to the United States.

          21. Yadja says

            America has had a cruel joke played on us. At a time when we are in a war on Terror with Islamic loons we elect a president who owes his allegiance to our enemies.
            A wife who was never proud of America until they elected O.
            Stupid is what did this to our country, we now have proof positive the Democrats use Stupid to the max as admitted by the MIT guy and the Stupid won’t even recognize it was them he was talking about.
            He only has one goal and that is to bring America down and he will succeed if these Republicans don’t understand why they won this election.

        2. Marge says

          Like over half the population of states like mine joining Militias and seeing it not as some radical right-wing group but as an adherence to the United States Constitution? It is remarkable that he is a constitutional scholar. He may just be seeing it in action.

          1. Yadja says

            Marge, every state has militias. I know many men who are part of them in Georgia. They simply keep their fighting skills up to par for the sole purpose of protecting themselves and others from tyranny.

            Yes our Founding Fathers put that Second Amendment Right in there for the reason we are seeing today and they even went so far as to define what tyranny looked like and was so we could combat it when and if it happened here.

            O is no Constitutional scholar, I have read his life story, he is not even a Tenured Professor, he was a teacher of Constitutional law part time.

        3. Lynn Todd says

          Nods head in agreement.

      2. Marge says

        Nancy Pelosi who thinks Hamas is a humanitarian organization, will be getting over $800,000 a year in her retirement. Makes us want to puke.

        1. Merle Dickey says

          She is filthy rich she should donate it to a charity that does work for the people that are trying to get them selves out of poverty

          1. ongelofelijk says

            So much for a die-hard, radical limo-socialist always living on somebody else’s expense !

        2. 7papa7 says

          Yea I know, for the damage she has done to America she should have to pay $800K a year for every year she damaged the country.

        3. Lynn Todd says

          gag, spot on!

    3. Marge says

      The Constitution said that a bad government should be overthrown by the citizens joining Militias. I think this is the one! They want to take more and more rights away from us and give them to our enemies. We have more to fear from the Mosque in Minnesota than we do with terrorists overseas. The enemy is living among us. Homeland Security?! Immigration?! They are working against us and not for us!

    4. Ken Trefaller says

      The money will go to his Arab brothers. We should not arm another Arab we should kill them, like they want to do to us. Wake up America

      1. Yadja says

        You know Ken, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck etc it probably is a duck.

        If O acts like a Muslim, doesn’t do anything against a Muslim, visits every famous mosque in the world, raised by Muslim fathers, went to Muslim schools, studied the Qur’an, doesn’t wear a flag lapel pin, doesn’t put his hand over his heart when National Anthem played, words something other than under God we trust and when doing his Oath of Office over doesn’t put his hand on a Bible, takes out two kingpins in the Middle East, pulls outa Iraq, calls 13 deaths on an Army base by someone hollering Allah Akbar a workplace violence, says that ISIS is not Islamic, has CAIR as advisers in the WH, says there is no war on ISIS then you know what my friend…….


        1. infadelicious says

          I say if it looks like a duck, start a fire and make ready the orange sauce 🙂

          1. Yadja says


            Stuff it while we are at it……………..

          2. Lynn Todd says

            Hahahaha . . . . love it 🙂

        2. Ken Trefaller says

          Yadja: I hope you are Tea Party. Love your logic and reason. Keep up the good work

          1. Yadja says

            Thank you I am not a member of the Tea Party, they are strong here in my area, but I am in full agreement of their cause.

            I will look into joining. Especially for the upcoming elections.

      2. Lynn Todd says

        Right Ken,
        How many more shall we allow into this country legal or otherwise? As far as I’m concerned we need to CLOSE OUR BORDERS TO ALL FOREIGNERS during this time of economic and terrorist threat crisis!

    5. dmttbt says

      Impeachment or better yet arrest will do this country a lot of good.

      1. Yadja says

        Arrest for Treason and not upholding the Constitution.

    6. 4Bill_O_Rights says

      It’s pretty simple what he wants the money for. Same as the illegals crossing our southern border, Obummer wants most of that money to pay lawyers to defend them.

      A republican that wants to defund or repeal obamacare is a terrorist.
      A murderer who kills 13 at an army base in the name of ISIL is a disgruntled employee.

      Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

      Blood was shed for our freedom to speak, let’s not waste it being silent while our country is gasping for breath.

      1. Yadja says

        I don’t waste a single second of any day that I can use to expose this administration and to encourage people to vote the right way.

        I am well aware of the blood and treasure spent to bring our country about.

        Right now I am working on something that hopefully will hit Breitbart. A reporter for Tom Torento came to get my story. I think when Americans hear what the DOD is doing to Vets all over this country they will bring the Dems down and get them out.

        It was a Democrat in 2008, one Collin Peterson, still in office, who presented a Bill that had attached to it the rescinding of US Code 28, Section 2415, Subsection (d) that had time limits on the DOD for collecting any overpayments they made to military, this Bill did away with that and now there is no time limit. I got a nasty letter saying I owed them over 1000 they overpayed me 10 years ago. So I am involved up to my ears getting the nasty letters sent me out for the people of this country to see for themselves. Bush vetoed this Bill but the Congress over rode his veto. Now since 2008 Vets across this country, all ages, millions getting these letters.

        The Food, Conservation and Energy Bill of 2008. Tell your friends about it and get them to call their representatives to get that law back on the books. My Congressman is working with me but the DOD told him I had to pay it even if I signed a Waiver. They want that money and they will do whatever it takes to get it from me and everyone else they decide to attack. I pay and they will send any money back to me if the Waiver is approved. Yeh right, and the way they talked to me on the phone was a sin, I let them have it right back. We have a run-away out of control government.

        This law needs to be put back on the books and the DOD needs to shove those nasty grams up their behinds and I am hoping exposure of this will do just that.

    7. babysuegirl says

      Just like he wanted 3.7 for the southern border, but did not say exactly how it was going to be used.

      1. Yadja says

        Most likely to have lawyers set-up for them to see immediately if not sooner.

  2. Jerry Hughes says

    The inept lying outlaw in the white house is simply megalomaniacal, he relly does think he walks on water

  3. RMCSRET says

    This is why this President needs to take his request for WAR to the Congress. It needs to be discussed
    fully and the mechanisms to monitor what is going on put into place. Look what happened when left to
    there devices he let guns move across the border to Mexican Drug Cartels.

    1. dude says

      yea ..I agree but he can’t ..if he does that then they’ll no how much he’s stealing and how much he’s putting toward Hillary Clintons campaigne and her coverup for the murders she caused in bengaz

      1. RMCSRET says

        Yea and that is why we the PEOPLE need to rise up and take back our country. We need
        to put new blood into the CONGRESS that will give us the PEOPLE the control not
        they the politician. If they have lied to us in the past they will lie to us in the future.
        I have already made up my mind who to vote for SENATE this November and it sure
        is not the guy who lied to me about Debt, Guns, Healthcare, and the Military.
        YES MARK WARNER has lied to me and the rest of Virginia for over six years and it
        is time for him to be held accountable.

        1. dude says

          welli’m from wv and i.ve been a dem sence I was 18 that’s 38 year ago and i.m sick of the lack of moral that they don.t seem t have well I’m going to go for rep.senate don’t no if they have any there selves but at least we can tie that moron we call president and that b hillary

          1. Marge says

            Don’t stop telling people that. Let the liberals know on their own sites like MSNBC and CNN. We may just be able to convince people about their real intentions. It is outright Treason that they have refused to close the Borders and targeted Gov. Perry for trying to protect the American people!

          2. dude says

            don’t you worry about that I don’t care to say what I think and try to back it up if I haft too

          3. ongelofelijk says

            Am so glad that your eyes and ears opened up after so many years and now ask you to to share your wisdom with your family members and neighbors to follow your example come November for the mid-term elections.

          4. dude says

            well don’t no about opening my eyes but I just no that i.m sick of the dem these days .the dem. party I grew up with is not the same bdem party we have now used to be no matter weather you were dem or rep. you were for the most part for family and GOD and they had morals now they don’t.at least the dem don’t anyway.

        2. Marge says

          The people who have kept the borders open when Americans are in danger from cartels and terrorists need to be brought up on Charges of Treason. It is time for the states to get serious about Militias. Don’t let the liberals paint Militias with a broad brush. They will surely say they are ultra right-wing. That is why the people need to understand that the Constitution gives citizens the right to overthrow an oppressive government. I just got through paying over $200 to get my car inspected because our county commissioners acted like we were in the big city. I live near Shallotte not Charlotte. Our biggest town is Southport where the movie “Safe Haven’ was filmed! Aren’t you tired of being nickled and dimed by the goverment only to know they are also forcing big Islamic Centers on little towns. Ask Shelbyville, TN how it is! Eric Holder is doing that! Next we are getting a Mosque in Wilmington. How many terrorists have to come out of the one in Minnesota before Immigration and Homeland Security start doing something besides making Granny take off her shoes at the airport! Damn! Aren’t you sick enough off being railroaded into a Muslim country with Sharia Law ? The pro-Sharia Muslims in Michigan started to beat up the Americans who didn’t want their Constitution trampled….so the Muslim sheriff had the Americans arrested. Why can’t the Saudis send their Christians here and we send their Muslims there? Let the Saudis deal with ISIL. They created the monster. Now it is their problem. Let the Sunnis and Shiites fight each other until the cows come home. Obama refused to listen to advisors that said leave some troops in Afghanistan and God only knows where he was during Benghazi and they made a Patsy out of that Arab Christian that made the movie. I hope that people will reach out to all kinds of Americans and make them understand what is happening. We are being destroyed from within. Tom Clancy is dead or he could tell us about it. I wish some Karma on the government!

          1. Lynn Todd says


        3. Lynn Todd says

          I have said for years that WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our country. Many think I am totally crazy, but as I stated before, I believe that I will see an uprising against our government in my time. Just because the Constitution was changed so that American citizens could not rise against the government doesn’t mean we won’t. We are FED up with the lies, corruption, false promises, taxes, poor economy, no jobs and the list goes on. I absolutely agree with you RMC, WE THE PEOPLE must take back our great nation and weed out the ugly corruption with the big business, bankers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, oil tycoons, wall street and their selling ‘futures’, etc.

          It is getting worse, and the people are getting damn angry!

    2. Laddyboy says

      True. These gun runners broke the LAWS OF THE LAND. They MUST face the Judge who believes in the Constitution as the Law of the Land. I count the ATF and e. holder of the DOJ to be charged.

    3. LastGasp says

      He didn’t “let” them move across the border,,,,he was in on the plan.

      1. dude says

        now that’s closer to the truth

    4. Marge says

      TAQIYA, Muslim practice of lying to the Infidels. I can’t believe it isn’t on purpose. They have allowed the borders to remain open when our country is in danger. They ought to be brought up on charges of Treason. Perry is being prosecuted or is it persecuted for trying to protect the citizens of the USA.! People need to start talking about the Constitution and what it says about the right of the people to overthrow an oppressive government. It is time for people to get serious about Militias and support of them!

      1. ongelofelijk says

        Marge, the serious problem America faces is that so few people don’t know or are completely disinterested what the Constitution and Bill of Rights is all about because civics classes in our school system are no longer taught the way it should and this is fueled by the teachers that for starters should not be allowed to stand in front of a class room with their indoctrination mindset.

    5. Lynn Todd says

      Right on, and we must wonder just how much money lined his pockets for that move huh?

      1. RMCSRET says

        It may not have lined his pockets directly but you can best believe it is done

  4. Holy Joe says

    He means it as a ‘Gift’ To Al Q’aeda, help ther to buy bombs and stuff.

    1. dude says

      it would be a lot cheaper to give them a piece of lead one at a time till they get the picture or we run out of targets

      1. Marge says

        Karma would be a black flag operation with ISIS in the school book depository and a real American on the grassy knoll.

  5. LEL says

    $5 Billion to Fight Terrorism ? That would be needed to buy terrorist “allies” to fight the terrorist enemies.

    1. Marge says

      The moon is glowing but no one is at home.

  6. David says

    He wants the money to pay for his illegals to stay in the country as he has already made clear he will take money from other accounts to pay for his agenda This Obama that is an illegal him self has to be stopped , there is no way we can survive another 2 years of his terrorism.

    1. dude says

      we be lucky to survive now another 2 years there won’t be any survivingnot as we no it now

    2. mallen11 says

      No one will be able to do anything or it would have already been done; therefore, our only hope is for more people to turn back to God, learn His ways from His written Word, apply them to our lives and then He will heal our land. It is the best way because Jesus Christ is still in control of history.
      2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
      II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.

    3. dude says

      well good luck with that …I fooled him I don’t have any in my account and if I did illeagal iim. will be the last thing in this world I’d spend it on ..except to send them back across the border ..that is after we permanent close it

      1. Marge says

        If I ever get hungry, I will cook a politican.

        1. dude says

          well I no a few i.d like to see you cook right now

  7. 2399molly says

    No money for Obama so he can give it to terrorists. Close our borders and use money for our Border patrol who should be on the border and not 100 miles. He gave millions to the Muslims to fight the Jewish people who are our only allies. He is the terrorist. When will the Senate and House do something about him and Holder. They should be tried by our military for terrorism.

    1. dude says

      you got it in a nut shell.. they need to retire that idoit permantly and take Hillary with him before they destroy our const.and our country and a lot of other countries that will go down with us

    2. maxx says

      I was under the impression that a military commander of any rank can be arrested and removed from power by his subordinates when said commander has been deemed unfit for duty or in direct violation of military rules or laws of the land. Obama is guilty on all counts. Why haven’t our Joint Chiefs pulled the pin and stood up for the people already?

      1. mallen11 says

        One word: FEAR

        1. Cartius says

          It’s worse than that. All of the military leaders who would DO that, have been “Let go”, because he didn’t like their politics. The “Yes” men are all that is left. They won’t oppose him because he cuts their paychecks. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

          1. Merle Dickey says

            But that is us

      2. Givendoly says

        He’s already fired all the good Generals! Nothing left but $@%^*)& suck-ups.

        1. Tony Donaldson says

          Or the suck-offs or suckee’s.

      3. Marge says


      4. Merle Dickey says

        He should be removed on the grounds he is deliberately endangering the US citizens by leaving the border open on purpose. Maybe to let the ISSI in, The mk-13 have already came in . Then we will have the muslims here that will join up with them and we are in for a fight of our lives . And he wants to take away our guns!!

    3. mallen11 says

      If money is given to -0 to give to terrorist then those who give it are just as guilty of helping to destroy our country. Yes, and why is the Senate and House so afraid of doing something about -0 and Holder? Because they are black and people would have an uprising like Ferguson? Let it happen and let the police and military restrain them. What is worse, continuing the destruction of our country or dealing with riots that CAN be stopped. God is our only hope when enough people decide to put Him first so He will heal our land. (see 2 Chron 7:14)

      1. Mark Clemens says

        If you think about it, ISIS Can’t kill any of us unless we go to them. That’s why Obama wants to send our troops over there.
        More bad news…….
        Hillary is in Iowa scoping out her presidential chances. She says “I’m back”
        (Just like a bad check)

    4. Marge says


      1. 2399molly says

        Yes and Holder is as responsible as Obama. The house sent a bill stopping Obama from issuing passports to illegals. Harry Reid refused to put it forward and not one Democrats responded. I am sorry I ever voted for a Democrat but glad I did not vote for BO. My state has illegals housed here as two churches were painted with hateful Islamic sayings. Not a word from our governor and not a word from major news, only local. House is going to give him money so he can give to Muslims just like he did on the Gaza. What is wrong with our Senators and the House. Close are borders and protect the people who voted you people in.

  8. Peggy Joseph says


    1. dude says

      heck man he can’t get much more in his funds he’s stole enough from taxpayers and the gov. already that he can buy his own country now to rule over

      1. Laddyboy says

        Buy his own country? He is doing his utmost at trying a coup to gain control of America and become its “dictator”. This is one reason HDS, ‘j. johnson’, is reporting to the CFR “Concil on Foreign Relations” which has NOTHING to do with the American People or America’s government.

        1. dude says

          you got a point there …he could just stay here andtry to own this one na he ain’t that brave or stupid well on the other had he is that stupid

      2. Mark Clemens says

        By Belt standards he’s a poor boy. Look.at how much Polosi, Alexander, Reid, McConnell, McCain, Feinstein are worth.
        Obama wasn’t in town long enough…….
        (Thank God for that)

        1. dude says

          wait till he gets out of office then see which ones got the most money

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Who ever gets reelected,.they will keep pillaging our treasury. If/when the Post Office goes under, Senator Feinstein’ s husband will broker the sale of Postal Properties. The Feinstein’ s will stand to make a little over $1,000,000,000 on the land sales. The whole the USPO. going under, is because of an expensive, complex retirement fund Senator Feinstein came up with. This is just one out of at least 200 examples of congress pillaging our treasury for their own means.
            I don’t see Obama staying in DC after his term is up. Then again he could be a lobbyist, but I don’t think he’s got the get up and go to really make it in that biz.,…
            Obama is what you call a premature politician. Shot his shot to soon.

          2. dude says

            well lets just hope he don’t make it that far for Americas sake

          3. Mark Clemens says

            In Hollywood lingo……. Obama is a shooting star. It’s about to fizzle out

          4. dude says

            well lets hope your’re right and it’s not to late for the US to survive

          5. Mark Clemens says

            We will survive. Our nation has been through worse………..

  9. Mark Clemens says

    To Obama the Tea Party is a bunch terrorists.
    He’s gonna use that money to feed his border children, and snuff out the Tea Party. Y’all better stock up on guns and bullets! !!!!!

    1. dude says

      I already have and steal adding to my stockpile

      1. Mark Clemens says

        You can never have to much fun, money, guns, or sex………

        1. dude says

          ain’t sex and fun in the same category lol

          1. Mark Clemens says

            You can have fun riding a rollercoaster,
            But you don’t have to have sex to ride a rollercoaster……..
            Unless you get your freak on in public

          2. dude says

            well having sex is like riding a rollercoaster and myself I think it’s a ho lot more fun

          3. Tony Donaldson says

            Sex is like riding a roller coaster. You know it’s not taking you anywhere, but when it’s over, you sure know you’ve been someplace.

          4. dude says

            I like that your’re right

          5. Cartius says

            If it’s your own rollercoaster, then it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, go ahead and have sex on it if you want.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            That’s why Congress should give me the $5,000,000,000. So I can build me a rollercoaster. Thats better than arming a bunch of blood thirsty Syrian rebels, or the Iraqi government (again). In 2008 didn’t Obama say he was against war in Iraq?
            What could he possibly do better than W?

          7. Cartius says

            As much money as our gov’t pi55es away, 5 B for a private rollercoaster isn’t all that farfetched. It would provide quite a few jobs in the design and building of it, and you would need maintenance, operators, etc. Kinda like the Wm. J LePetomane (SP) gambling casino for the insane in Blazing Saddles. “This is a giant step forward, in the treatment of the insane gambler!” (Mel Brooks)

          8. Mark Clemens says

            $5,000,000,000 by government standards might be 6 or 7 bolts and a rail or two.
            If I use privet contractors, I might have enough left over for a casino. Or we could put Slots on each car………

          9. Cartius says

            If you don’t hit a jackpot, the car throws you over the side?

          10. Mark Clemens says

            That would hurt repeat customers

          11. Cartius says

            Yeah, but it might help the gene pool!

          12. Mark Clemens says

            How? Gambling is luck. Smart people loose too………
            That’s how all those hotels in Vegas got so big.

          13. Merle Dickey says

            Hey, job creation!! See how easy that was. Too bad Obamass doesn’t know how to do it . Create jobs, not have sex on a roller coaster.

        2. LastGasp says

          “Guns will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no guns.”
          -B. Woodruff 1979

  10. lindy2 says

    the last statement are words we live in… ob obsessively obstructive.. two years is a long time to put up with his foolishness.

  11. Tim Aker says

    I would be OK with giving a Billion to the person that puts a bullet through Obama’s, Holder’s, Biden’s and Reid’s empty brain buckets.

    1. aschark says

      Tim, you missed Pelosi.

      1. Marge says

        Yes, remember the French Revolution.

    2. dude says

      don’t forget Hillary she’s the worst of them all

    3. dude says

      I’d be ok with taking that five billion for closing and securing our borders and buss tickets to send all illeagals back to there own countries the ones the buses can’t drive too we can get plane tickets

      1. Laddyboy says

        NAAA! They flew over on their own dime into South America. They can WALK/SWIM home. I am referring to the ‘people?’ who, hate, do not like America. I am not referring to the ‘innocent’.

        1. dude says

          I’m talking about the illeagal one’s not the ones who came here leagal and became citi. if your’re here illeagally I don’t care if you hate or love this country go home or ihope we can help send them home as long as they go

          1. Laddyboy says

            dude: I agree with you. IF they came into America illegally, they need to LEAVE.

      2. Marge says

        Charge those politicians with Treason and seize their assets to pay for it!

        1. dude says

          well now I really like that idea alot

    4. marla1 says

      Do you realize how much money America could raise!! When do we start?

    5. Tim Aker says

      Calling Bob Lee Swagger, Bob Lee Swagger, Bueller, Bueller!?!?!

    6. Mark Clemens says

      ………are you paying in cash or gold?
      Tony is looking for work.

    7. Marge says

      A time to gather stones together….A time for every purpose under heaven.

  12. aschark says

    This request for $5 Billion, without specifying the breakdown of it’s distribution, reminds me of Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare: “We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It.” If Obama came up with the $5 Billion figure, how did he get that figure? What’s the matter with $3 Billion, or $9 Billion? Just show Congress how the $5 Billion is allocated, then I’m sure Congress will grant the money. Giving a liar a blank check for $5 Billion is asking for trouble. Obama, according to Eric Holder, has the right to use armed drones against Americans on American soil (March, 2013). I guess Obama might want to use the money to fight terrorism, internationally and domestically (with the taxpayers money!). What a guy!

    1. Marge says

      Do you not see the relevance of the amount?! The number 5 is special One rids the real officers but security is always something that can become too relaxed. Someone ordered a stand-down in Benghazi so what Karma.

  13. pysco says

    He will use the money to fund another terrorist group…………… Let me see. He already Trained and armed ISIS, Gave mass amounts of money to HAMAS, and Hezbola, Al Qaida, and Taliban………….. Why would we trust him with more funds to arm some other faction.,

    1. Marge says

      That is the Saudi Neighborhood so they can take care of it. The problem with that is they are 2 faced Taqiya spouters. Kerry is over there while the King has just arrested 28 people for praying to Jesus.

  14. Mark Clemens says

    To me,
    It sounds like Obama wants to train the Iraqis to fight, and make Iraq’s government stronger.
    I could of swore we spent like 8 years doing just this so called strategy. Did the Iraqis forget how to fight, stab, shoot, aim cannons? How long do we have to hold Iraq’s government’s hand? We been there around 10 years. If they haven’t got it by now, I don’t think they ever will……..
    Let’s just save that $5,000,000,000 or better yet give it to me! I promise to stimulate the economy with it!!!!

    1. Marge says

      They got pscyhed out by someone questioning their religious devotion. All Muzzies try to out Muzzie each other.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I don’t think we should arm any groups over there. Who really knows who side, who is on?
        Look at the first reporters execution. The executioner face was covered up. We don’t know what he looks like.
        When Obama hands out weapons. The executor can take off his head gear and claim to be a “Freedom Fighting Rebel” and get a stock pile of weapons for ISIS.
        Those people have proven time after time, they can’t be trusted……….

        1. Marge says

          Saudi Arabia funds ISIS. They taught them to behead people. I heard a man on Fox’s Morning Buzz say that there is a difference between beheading a British aid worker and the Saudis executing their own people. No, that just shows the similarity. He assumes the Saudis are executing their most hardened criminals that way. No, the Saudis are the most hardened criminals. They don’t have a Justice System. They have an Injustice System. Way back when a Saudi Princess who was forced to marry her cousin was executed for adultery, the West should have been paying attention. Her lover was beheaded. We just kept buying Saudi oil instead of learning to depend on our own oil and improve public transportation and our decaying railroads. That was the late 1970’s. Actually in Saudi Arabia the defendant doesn’t even have to be present or know that he is on trial for his life! Most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis. What did the Saudis do about Osama bin Laden? They deported him. Is that only because he got on a plane and left anyway? They are two-faced Taqiya (lying sanctioned by Islam) snakes. When you think of Saudi Arabia think of a two-headed snake. One head has his mouth closed. He is selling oil to America. The other is hissing and ready to strike.

  15. paglee says

    Obama wants to fund Syrian-citizen “freedom fighters” (if he can find any rela Syrians) so they can
    mostly battle Assad’s army and maybe ISIS aside. Problem is Obama has been
    funding “freedom fighters” from all the world who have taken over much of Syria
    already. They used to be called “FSA” (Free Syrian Army) but they have changed
    their name to ISIS, and now Obama wants to send them a couple $billion more.

    Obama pretends he is a Christian but was educated in Indonesia at an Islamic parochial
    school under the name of Barry Soetoro and there he swore to be a Muslim forever
    –but is he even also a closet Islamist? Why else would he refuse to at least
    coordinate U.S. future air attacks in Syria with the President of Syria who has
    an army already fighting those barbaric ISIS invaders?

    Or has he just been over-brainwashed with PC against a brutal beleaguered dictator Assad who takes
    desperate measures to keep his nation together?

  16. Roy Austin Smith says

    Part of the money will go to fiancé the enemy we are fighting. He is one of the enemy. The white house is our enemy.

    1. marla1 says

      I think the only way we can eliminate the political sewer rats is when all congress and senators are in house it to take a wrecking ball to it with them in it! They are getting rid of our home land and Americans are to stupid to see that!! Even to stupid for term limits when many of these old leeches on the taxpayer’s wallet have been senators and congressmen over 40 years and have become millionaires on the taxpayers back!!

      1. Laddyboy says

        marla1: Agreed!!!! When they are kicked out of serving in any and all government Offices, they will NOT get any “retirment” money for anything. They have NOT earned the RIGHT to any form of “retirement” funds or medical coverage. They can go to obamacare. They will have to get a job and support themselves. PERIOD!!!!

  17. jimwilson81 says

    Maybe Obama wants to keep the money for himself and his family and friends. Yes, I am being sarcastic.

  18. loran says

    I see that there a lot of other commenters who also believe the same thing that I do about our Commander in Chief, he cannot be trusted on any thing. Notice how his mouth cannot for the word “million.”

  19. Kent2012 says

    It would seem to be rather obvious. Those bus operators need lots of bucks to haul the illegal aliens all over the US…kenyan boy has them going to every State and then they are paying thousands of dollars to scum that are “fostering” the children…you do not want to know how much, as there are families of four and five that are living on a lot less per month than these foster scum are getting per “child”…of course no one from the administration will tell the truth about who has been processed and moved or where they have been moved too…some states are suggesting that the actual children are showing up in school when they should be flying home…

    1. Laddyboy says

      Kent2012: I personally have nothing against any of these illegal alien immigrants other than they BROKE THE LAW entering America without going through the LEGAL IMMIGRATION PROCESSES which are already LAW. According to Federal Law, it is UNLAWFUL for ANYONE to give assistance to illegal alien immigrants. In ENGLISH, this means EVERYONE who transported, housed, fed, clothed, medicated or assisted these illegal alien immigrants in any way, shape or form, has broken Federal Law. Therefore, they will have to stand before a judge. Hopefully, the Judge will be one who believes in the Constitution.
      Let the JUDGEMENTS begin.

      1. Marge says

        Well, I have been on the bus when the Border Patrol got on. Every one of the illegals had some kind of paperwork and answered “Si” to being a citizen. They asked me if I was an American citizen. Yes, and they could see my bus ticket.

    2. Marge says

      I think some real horror stories are going to come out. The gov’t tried to hide them in the very beginning. Some disclosure from the guy who promised transparency. Yeah so much so we can see through him.

      1. Kent2012 says

        Marge is it not a travesty that what passes for “main stream media” in this country is nothing more that a cheer leading squad for kenyan boy and his commie appointees..??

  20. tinkerunique says

    Sounds just 0’bummer-care = we have to pass it to see what it is. BS ! The Syrian rebels were funded quite well, now those weapons are turned against us and the rest of the world. POTUS gave ?$M to the Taliban and the “Gitmo 5” in exchange for an Army deserter. There is an ISIS “group” in Mexico and the border is wide open. WHY do the American people STILL support this person posing as the president ?

    1. Kent2012 says

      oh no Tinker, oh no….did you not know that it is GWB and Dick Cheney that are doing all these things…how can kenyan boy accomplish all that when he is vacationing, campaigning, or golfing…

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Will Obama do BACKGROUND Checks on any of these people he plans to arm?
      I’m against giving any of those people weapons period. They are crazy, change ideals in a heart beat. Reagan gave both Hussain and bin Ladin arms, training look how that turned out 13 years ago yesterday.
      Damn their ideology, the hell w/their oil! I thought both were better over here anyway

  21. Had Enough says

    3.5 billion is for the illegals!!!! Wanna bet!!!!!

  22. junkmailbin says

    go to congress and be contrite. Tell ell the truth about why you want the money and what it is targeted for. No blank checks. Be humble and nice.
    Shift the money from sending it to Mexico, central american and south american countries.
    Since it is OBumbler, he will lie and screw things up as usual

  23. marla1 says

    He wants this for the illegals! Wise up America!! How can you all be so stupid not to see this? Term limits will rid the house of the political leeches from both parties!!

  24. Seldena says

    Cannot trust this man on anything!! he lies about everything!!! What is the problem of laying out the cost of what he wants? Something always deceitful with this man..

  25. don says

    typical of obama…he’ll probably use the money to try to subdue americans in some way. such as attack the second amendment and gun owners.

  26. jwn0001 says

    Tell the president to sell his “stash” of recreational drugs, and lay off the “vacation a month” club….in two years you get your “at least” 2 billion dollars, no problem. confiscate the 2016 (p)Residential re-election tour money he has been accumulating on the taxpayer dime to stay in power indefinitely, (probably at least 500 mil to 1 billion) and you got it covered.

    Basically he can self fund it by acting like a president!

    If you need more, have he and Moochell do the “ride share” when he and Sasquatch travel for a photo op prior to their separate but equal vacations (from each other???) and pick up another 1 billion or so.

    Primarily from travel costs, and the reduction of SS troups, I mean “Secret Service”….gee the initials are SS, never thought of that til now. you get all the money you need, and a more respectable “Puppet and Chief”

    Hail Hydra!

  27. willynilly says

    did we not learn a lesson from obama care. I shouldn’t say we, I should say republican congress and senate. and the less said the better, REALLY? ANYONE WHO ALLOWS THIS NEEDS TO GO.fooled once shame on you fooled twice shame on us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYMD_W_r3Fg

  28. Nikita63 says

    Congress should NOT approve the funding for ISIS unless there is STRICT CONGRESSIONAL CONTROL OF HOW THAT MONEY IS IN FACT SPENT! There is a no reason to trust a president whose penchant for robbing the piggy bank of the taxpayers at will with no accountability as to how that money is being spent but his word. We need Watchdogs on ALL Federal spending and The president is NOT the only one who needs to be held both responsible and accountable. Congress has at least some integrity as there are some in it who will divulge inequities and abuses. There is NO ONE in the administration who would do so! That would also force him to acknowledge that he NEEDS Congress in order to wage his war of retribution on ISIS and COMPLY, with accepted constitutional procedure and process ; though he will hate it. THAT is the law as written, not amended by Executive Order or privilege.

    1. Marge says

      The whole government consists of a bunch of robbers anyway.

  29. DD says

    No plan, no budge–NO MONEY! I am tired of him funneling the money into the hands of terrorists! Ask the military what their plan is and what it will cost–if reasonable, fund them to proceed. They can throw obama in jail on their way out of the office!

  30. stendell says

    Here’s another “We Have To Pass It To See What’s In It” they should consult Pelosiii to pass this bill!!! STOP the dang spending, unless there is a PLAN!! This person in the Oval Office likes to throw ‘Billions’ around like we do pennies around here!!!….but we have a plan, at least!!

    1. Marge says

      Did you see her say yes, that Hamas is a humanitarian organization? People need to quit worrying about what we will eat when all hell breaks loose. Remember the French Revolution?

  31. marlene says

    what a liar obama is. he’s fully aware that most of this money will go where we don’t want it to go or it wouldn’t be a secret. we know that much of it will be “lost” or “disappear” or pay for sports stadiums for our enemies, etc. the only thing that is transparent about this administraton are their lies!

  32. moral antagonist says

    I have a gut feeling we are going to give the money to Muslims (who hate us)to fight muslims that hate everyone.I say lets show exactly where it will go and be prepared for a shock.
    Do you really think our Muslim President wants to fight other Muslims.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      If he’s a Muslim, its against his religion to kill other Muslims…….

      1. Marge says

        Not really. Ayatollah Khomeini said that Islam is all about war and if someone doesn’t believe it they are witless. I would really like to kick back with some popcorn and watch the Shiites and Sunnis have at it on t.v.! What someone needs to do that understands the big bombs and where the button is…rescue those poor miserable people from themselves. I know I should feel ashamed but they won’t let me behave like a real Christian. They want to cut my head off for being nice. So make them wish we were nice.

  33. Amy Polnoff says

    Anybody wonder why, at this juncture, while the worse pres in America’s history is in place that a “jv” squad obtains billions of dollars, has unbelievable war “savy” and understands how to operate tanks and military equipment they have never had access to in their lives, is Muslim based (as the pres), the bleeding of the border is more out of control than ever, and the pres takes no serious interest except to ask for money for poorly made decisions during war times, is all happening all at once? Maybe there is an agenda that we all need to recognize and take action against. He needs to be impeached. And his little game of playing the “oooo they want to impeach me” game is merely reverse psychology and Bohner is pretending to play into it and finding it as a way to not proceed with impeachment for the favors and benefits he is getting from the other side of the aisle.

  34. ttoolman says

    He wants it to help out the illegal invaders,The Dems will buy the votes and that’s a lot of green to do that with.

  35. LastGasp says

    Finally Congress is starting to catch on. Obongo NEVER specifically says where the money he asks for is going. He NEVER has an itemized list of expenditures or variables. We don’t know what he does with the money he’s given so QUIT GIVING HIM OUR MONEY.

  36. CaptGene says

    ANY and ALL money requested/demanded by this administration needs a
    detailed expenditure list BEFORE hand. When the deer in the headlights
    leader says he wants $5 billion to “fight terrorism”, I ask: Define
    terrorism. Remember, with THIS administration, if you are a Christian,
    Conservative, believe in DOMA, are former/active duty Military, are anti
    abortion, etc., YOU are a potential “terrorist”.

    1. Marge says

      Remember he is using Taqiya and the number 5 is sacred in Islam. I just wish I was younger I already messed one up and he had to leave the Carolinas. They must know my ancestor killed someone in the Civil War…he beat a yankee to death with a wooden scrub brush over food. When the revolution starts in this country I am going straight to their refrigerators. You think I’m bulllshitting don’t you?

  37. mac12sam12 says

    If Obama wants to fight terrorism, it would cost 3.5 billion to build a wall on the Southern border. Shovel ready jobs!

    1. Mark Clemens says


    2. Marge says

      That would be a great way to make the economy better!

    3. squishy says

      Give every illegal a shovel and have him dig a post hole and string wire and metal!! If they whine, tie them to the fence and leave!!

  38. Savior says

    That and firing up the Presidential Jumbo Jet that cost the taxpayers something like a $170,000 an hour…That shouldn’t be used for Vacations or Jetting here and there to DEM Fundraisers and the like. In all actuality The President of the United States shouldn’t even be involved in Party Fundraising, especially when there are more pressing issues on his Plate….that need addressing, like closing our Southern Border for the safety of our nation. That’s leaving the Hen House Door wide open for terriosts to pour through and reak havoc any time day or night.

    1. Marge says

      The Hen House Door wide open and remember his preacher saying the Chickens have come home to roost?

  39. Givendoly says

    Don’t give him a dime, he’ll just steal it!

  40. sherri palmer says

    I think the Generals should decide what happens to any military money based on we cannot trust the head muslim in charge…

    1. Marge says

      He got rid of a lot of Generals! He wouldn’t listen to his advisors and he screwed up Iraq and now he wants the sacred Islamic number 5 billion to finish us off?!

  41. whoisshe? says


  42. bob deschenes says

    he wants this money to pay off the ISIS&L to back off and make him seem like he is succeeding in cutting them back.

  43. ChildofELOHIM says

    Let’s be objective!
    I recommend a Congressional hearing … with the military officers that were “kicked-out” of the service for refusing to deny CHRIST … helping Congress develop a true working budget!!
    If the Administration is embarassed … then heads should roll for even attempting to “game” the taxpayers … and especially in a situation like this!!!!

  44. bpgagirl22VAnow says

    And that friends, is why we call them DUMBOCRATS!

  45. Tony Donaldson says

    It’s time to just stop giving this idiot our money. I remember the bogus stimulus and all the green projects that he wasted money on. I’d like to see an outline, item by item this money will be spent on. Where are the bids for government contracts? Where exactly and for what exactly is the money to be used for? I smell a rat. The dems are behind in this election. They need to buy more votes. Congress would be fools to give this shyster any money this close to the election. Tell homey to take it out of his account and spend it as he wishes. I don’t want him touching another tax payer dollar.

  46. ConservativeSenior says

    It’s another slush for for his friends. Don’t give him a dime. He’s a liar and a thief.

  47. wildeagleone says

    Tell him to go to the Muslim Brotherhood and get the money, hell they’re his buddies and partners in crime

  48. Marge says

    I think Obama is using the Muslim practice of Taqiya: lying to infidels (all non-Muslims). Actually they can lie to each other too, as long as it serves Islam. I hope we last 2 more years with him and Holder! Either that or they are lost in their sick political ideology. I’m afraid that money and equipment will end up in the hands of ISIS or ISIL. The Saudis are very close. In Saudi Arabia they have beheadings and all sorts of human rights abuses. America has just overlooked it too long for the sake of oil. We need to use our own oil and Obama is against the pipeline. The Saudis started Wahabism that led to terrorism. They are funding ISIL! Kerry is over that right now cozed up to the King who just rounded up 28 Christians! This is all over the internet and I have yet to see it on the News on t.v.! Holder has been pushing small American towns to give building permits to build huge Islamic Centers! Ask the citizens of Shelbyville, TN. Also how many terrorists have to come out of one Mosque in Minnesota? Muslims don’t assimilate, they want to dominate. In the case of the Pro-Sharia Law rally in Dearborn, the Muslims became physical with Americans that showed up to voice their displeasure with having the Constitution trampled on. So the Muslim Sheriff had the Americans arrested. Did any of you not think that after the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 that if Immigration didn’t start deporting people, they would be back to finish the job?! Who is Homeland Security for? Not Americans. Why doesn’t Homeland Security and Immigration deport people and take citizenship away from Muslim Terrorists? What are they all trying to do, usher us into the new age of a country that is no longer the America we knew?! I’m hearing that the Foley’s were threatened by the Obama administration. They tried to shut up Greta from Fox. Where was Obama during Benghazi? Tom Clancy might have been able to write a book about this but he has been eliminated. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true that Joan Rivers was killed for making the gay joke about Obama. The more you read the better informed you’ll be: ACT for America, Britain First, Creeping Sharia, the book “Sayings Of The Ayatollah.” The Constitution says that the states should have Militias set up so that when a bad government takes away the rights of citizens, the citizens have the right to overthrow such a government. Do you suppose the founding fathers were talking about this one?!

  49. 3deuces1 says

    He wants that money to use against those Home Grown Terrorist, those born and raised in the USA. And those X Military Terrorist. Obuma is not out to get the Muslims, he is out to get us.

    1. Marge says

      One of the problems with Americans is that we have been so beaten down by the government all these years. My car was stolen so I had to buy another one. Now I have spent about half of what I paid for it for these inspections the county commissioners came up with. Why is it so damned much trouble to be able to put a car on the road? The government is treating my car like it is a factory. I am not polluting that much air. I’m so sick of hearing what they are doing to make me healthier. Banning large soft drinks. Now the kids have a no-meat Monday. Yeah, so Obama can give 5 (sacred Islamic number) million to the Saudis?! The Saudis fund all the terrorist organizations and they get their money from the USA. We need to use our own oil! Obama is against the pipeline! Kerry is all cozed up with the King that just rounded up 28 Christians for praying to Jesus. What is the difference between Saudi Arabia and ISIL? one beheads a little more than the other! We should get the Christians out of there and throw the Muslims out of here. The best thing for the Middle East is to elect a President who will go all Harry Truman on them. I hope we have an election. We hope we survive the next two years. The way this dictator and his henchman Holder is, things can start getting a lot worse. And we are always hoping they don’t pass another law. I remember my son when he was 8 saying “I ain’t gettin’ back in no carseat!” He got his grammar from his dad. Big Brother has been a real bitch to the American people.

  50. Paul Brown says

    The republican are right to question anything this muzlim terrorist wants anymore, because we can not trust this pig. This idiot only wants 5 billion dollars to spend on crap and to further the brotherhood even more. He has been taking our money and supporting these bastards from the beginning and it has to stop. I wouldn’t give this thief one dollar more without knowing where it will be spent and how, and then make sure it is spent that way or he pays it all back out of his pocket. We are tired of funding this terrorists plans for his communist agenda.
    I can do the job for a hell of a lot less money and a few B-52’s loaded to the gills with bombs and then go there and carpet bomb those animals until there isn’t a one standing anymore. We have to start standing up to these thieves and put a stop to the waste of our hard earned tax dollars that they have been wasting for the last 6 years now on this illegal terrorist.

  51. Merle Dickey says

    I am still wondering where most of the 7 plus trillion dollars he has spent 5 years into his term!!!!!

  52. marilyn says


  53. Sunsale says

    He needs tried for treason. He would just give it to his Muslim buddies.

  54. Lyle Goldbaum says

    he obviously needs that high amount so its easier to embezzle some of it to the al qaeda

  55. squishy says

    He promised to never hurt his Muslim brothers–so all they have to do is ask and he will give more weapons than he has already given them. Does anyone really believe he doesn’t help all those terrorist out? He will need their help in eradicating the earth of all Christians when he is dictator~~~~HE HOPES~~~~~

  56. dude says

    we’ve not survived what coming not close …and I hope to GOD I’m wrong

  57. Harold Sammons says

    Isn’t it about time congress and senate had a meeting and turned off the faucet and stopped the free hand out for every whim the president has; he wanted 7 billion just a few day’s ago for taking care of illigals and that was completely out of the possibilities,now he wants acouple billion and won’t say what for; Time to let him know the cow is milked dry!

  58. helensatmary says

    I suggest all call, write, email, fax Mr Boehner and demand he not give the money to Obama. Boehner seems to have a hard time going against Obama. He needs a refresher course in who he is supposed to represent. He is the one who allows him to get away with violating the Constitution and giving monies that go to who knows where. We certainly do not other than suspect most goes to muslim enemies like Hamas, and possibly to ISIS and or ISIL. We need to get on Boehners back to represent us or he will be history but not soon enough to save America.

  59. stendell says

    GET THE BOMBING GOING, then appropriate 1.5 billion to cover the cost of bombing!! Let Saudi furnish weapons for their ground troops, along with Egypt and the EU!! When that money is gone, come back with proof of accomplishments and ask for more money—that is the way of the “free World”, DO NOT THROW good money at BAD PLANNING!!!

  60. William Fisher says

    This ‘request’ reminds me of Obamacare and the words of Nancy Pelosi: “you have to sign it before you can read it”. How idiotic! And yet that is what Obama wants us to do. How do we know that he isn’t going to use that 5 Billion to aid the enemy? He’s been abetting the enemy with his resistance to do battle, so that seems to be the logical extension … aiding with our tax dollars!

  61. lil-echoes says

    Obama needs to stay in the WH for the rest of the year WORKING something instead of his MOUTH, & stay out of Air Force 1 which would pay $$$$$ to combat terrorism. Case solved !

  62. CCblogging says

    Beware America, Obama armed ISIS and he’s on their side. No money for president Islamofascist.

  63. Kre Waggner says

    If barry the “illegal” is given this money, the ones that give it to him should be drawn and quartered!

    He needs to stand trial for “Treason” and the “Rico Act” NOW!!!!

  64. dhwilson58 says

    First off, Obama wants the money so he can supply the terrorist! Secondly, if he doesn’t want to tell congress what the money is for, he should NOT get it! Thirdly, he has enough ammunition and military equipment to supply Three terrorist wars, let him use his stock piles that he wants to use on American civilians !!! He’s a lying, sneaky terrorist and should be sent to the gallows, not con 5 billion dollars out of congress to steal from Americans to supply his terrorist brothers !!! If congress doesn’t make that Muslim terrorist account for every penny, there’s going to be a lot of american’s pissed off beyond believe!!!

  65. defiant1 says

    Of course Obama does not want to say why, he is frivolous and political with taxpayer money paying off all his buddies, providing welfare for lazy degenerates, illegals and satisfying himself with lavish vacations, endless golf outings and parties. Had he not been so frivolous, extravagant, wasteful, lawless and untrustworthy, perhaps Congress could fund something beneficial to the country, safety and protection. He blind-sides Congress and cannot be trusted.

  66. Peter B. Duran says

    It is unbelievable but this should be one more proof that the Democratic Party agenda is one contrary to he interests of America and the American People. This is the a guy that dedicates most of his time collecting funds for the Party’s politicians, giving speeches that only a few listen to, telling the American People of course of actions involving issues of Domestic and international interests , to be left unaccomplished in the middle of the road or not put into effect at all. And he asking for 5B dollars without telling Congress what he wants the money for?., Who knows if he want to ask the Secretary of the Treasure to draw him a check and them disappears with the money. Do you trust him?. I would suggest Congress to give him nothing without, and after approval by Congress, specific amount to be allocated in steps as the beginning or conclusion of whatever plan his has in mind.

  67. pupster40 says

    He’ll give the money to SEIU, they know how to fight terrorism. Those doggone TEA Party terrorists.

  68. Ddenney1 says

    The government has needed rehab for their addiction to the people’s money since the 60’s! They call it war on poverty more accurately it should be the war FOR poverty of the people!!!

  69. TAM44 says

    Trillions are missing already unaccounted for and he want 5 billion more to help his terrorist friends who hates America as much as he does. obama is this countries number one enemy and is out to destroy it as fast as he can. We have open borders that obama wants to keep open and him and the democrats welcome all these law breaking illegals, terrorist, diseased people in to this country with open arms. That makes the democrats are enemies too as they have proved their selves by their actions. They threw God under a bus at the DNC in 2012 they mistreat our military and vets our Constitution is trash to them, There not for America but against it and our freedom as well.

  70. slypuffers says

    Bill attachment to fund support of Illegals……..sweethearts. Progressives need the Hispanic vote.

  71. marilyn says


  72. dosadoe says

    Obama wants 5 million to fund his terrorists friends if they be the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS/ISIL or Al Quida! Don’t let this Muslim Changeling fool you! He is on the Islamist side!

    1. infadelicious says

      To sum up: Obama, the dems and the cowardly self serving faux conservatives want you to fund people who want to cut your head off

  73. QuisPercusit says

    John Boehner should tell Obamafraud to shit in one hand and want money in the other and see which one fills up first.

  74. waybackwhen says

    My thought is he will keep it till he DOES NOT HAVE A “JOB” ANYMORE! Just think of the trips, the golf games, rubbing elbows with his radical Muslim “friends”!!

  75. squeak says

    I would not give him 5 billion for anything, he would use that money for his Agenda, not to help the American people from the ISIS Terrorists… he has proven it already, he has done NOTHING to take these ISIS down, he has known about ISIS for well over a year, gave them time to grow to about 30 thousand, also did Nothing for the two Americans that were beheaded… instead he lets the enemies know what we will do, why wouldn’t he just go do it ,get rid of them in a hurry, like they have done to us, if Obama truly felt it in his heart to retaliate to the enemies ? Also all the Commanders & the politians are saying ” we MUST have boots on the ground & their money source which is the oil they have stolen,in order to get rid of these ISIS… WHY is Obama so adamant of NOT putting boots on the ground ? Could it be he KNOWS that will get rid of them, could it be they are friends of Obama, could it be he is afraid of them… what is it Obama, why is it so hard to protect the American people & this Country ??

  76. badger says

    I wouldn’t give O another penny without knowing where it is going. It will most likely go to our enemies. This seems to be his track record.

  77. badger says

    Is that how much it costs to pay for his vacations and golf games?

  78. amigo says

    Remember the 3.7 billion he wanted for illegal immigrants …. maybe this is a way to get that and spend 1.3 billion to fight ISIS telling the people that he did his best …remember the words ” you can keep your plan and doctor”

  79. MARYSWEET says

    Some of the money will go into obama’s pockets and some will go to our enemies just as he’s being doing since he took office. HE WILL NOT USE IT TO FIGHT ISIS AS THEY ARE HIS BROTHERS.

  80. terryk says

    An opportunity for Obama to build a slush fund to do with what he wants – not only NO but hell NO

  81. Jerry Hughes says

    Good luck witrh that inept lying outlaw, we learned several years ago, with you, list it all and say you can’t spend it on anything else.
    You are not going to goive any more money to the sand fleas.

  82. adrianvance says

    He’ll get it. Where do you think all the defense contractor kickbacks to Senators come from?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” We prove it.

  83. Robert L. Rice says

    I always wonder if obozo,knows how many millions make a billion…. hey obozo,quick math lesson for you,,,there are 1 thousand million in 1 billion,so you want 5 thousand million for fighting terriorism,,,so,with that 5 thousand million,give each of those muzzies 100,000 dollars (that we don’t have) and they will all go home to screw their goats, problem solved,but,tell them if they start their crap again,we will KILL ALL THEIR GOATS….

  84. doug says

    I wouldn’t trust him or anyone in his administration along with a liberal and most of the democrats, with
    my granddaughter piggy bank, these individuals are money sucking leaches, a liberal doesn’t work remember that, they get the money from good honest citizens, name me one liberal who works for a living
    really works, most are paid by the tax payers. Congress should tell Obama we will overlook all the spending
    he only wants to give it to the muslim brotherhood, ISIS, and all the terrorists, Look at the joke with
    all the so called children coming across our boarders and he’s bringing more in from the middle east
    by the day. When are Americans going to wake up! get your heads out of the TV set and get motivated
    before it’s to late. We need to vote all the liberals and Democrats out of office

  85. joeb104 says

    Give that fn fraud nothing, he is a Liar, thief and has blood on his hands.

  86. eddyjames says

    You missed the point. Obama wants five Billion dollars to fight terrorism. He doesn’t intend to spend it to fight terrorism but to share with his cronies and islamobuttbuddies.

  87. Sheila says

    Obama wants the money to continue taking care of all these illegal aliens he brought here since the House of Representatives won’t approve giving them all these illegals lawyers. Not only that he is not to be trusted. He probably will use it against the American citizens like he has been doing!

  88. robert kelly says

    He probably wants a 5 billion check to fund the Brotherhood, his favorite charity. Like the 400+ million that he gave to his brothers country in gold. That’s why we need to Aud
    it the Feds !!!

  89. mike slaney says

    Goodness folks, if you haven’t concluded why he needs more money, you never will, hint, big wallet and a lot of golf!

  90. Okwaho1 says

    Money that he appropriates disappears into thin air to quickly. If he can’t justify what it specifically is going to be used for, (itemized list of sources and cost of specific materials and services) then don’t give it to him.

  91. tod says

    For Sure He wants to give it to Our enemies !!!

  92. Joe V. says

    More like to give to the brotherhood, A.K.A. terrorists.

  93. Peter B. Duran says

    He probably wants the money to send it to ISIS. Whos there to trust him unless its an ignorant Democrat or Liberal in the road together to destroy the Country.

  94. slypuffers says

    He will tell, and support, the enemies of America with transparency; however, hides everything from citizens, all the while aided and abetted by the MSM. …………sweethearts. Many would call this a High Crime, and Treason. All should be held accountable, with prejudice.

  95. setemfree says

    Not one dollar to this liar and thief. Give him 50 million to be a reward $!000.00 One thousand dollars for each Isis fighter. It worked in the old west Lets bring it back.. 30,000 Isis that’s 30,000,000 million plus leaflets and administration costs. to be dropped all over Egypt and Syria add another 15 million. Gosh how we saved money and lives.

  96. Beverly Eysenring says

    No more money for o from us only if someone who knows how to handle money sees an approves to where it goes not o or any of his people.

  97. dmttbt says

    ISIS is IsIL and it is not a threat, and then it is a threat but not a big threat but not a big threat and not right now. We are not at war but we need 5 billion to fight it. Giving money to certain people can be dangerous. Did he or did he not say in his own book that when it all comes down he will choose Muslim?

  98. cliffy44 says

    That un-evolved muslim P.O.S. is the single worst thing that has ever happened to America. That domestic terrorist is guilty of High Treason against America; and I am happy to provide the rope, so that his sentence can be legally carried out; as long as I may have front row seats, to watch the festivities.

  99. Judie K Kopfman says

    So far, I can’t think of one thing Obama has done for our country since he has been in office. The United States used to be respected in the world, especially with the European nations. Now we are the laughing stock of the world with no creditability. Our words are cheap, the leadership is cheap and we are being taxed to death along the way and God only knows where it is being spent. Damn sure is not putting our great nation back on track as promised.

  100. Anakarenina says

    For all we know, he might just send it to ISIS to pay for all the vehicles they ordered and for all the weapons and ammunition to use on us. I, too, feel very uneasy about his request for 5 billions with no specific plans for its use. God help us all. I feel like we are living with the enemy. This is not a joke.

  101. Rosie46 says

    We are arming terrorists. He armed the Syrian terrorists but not the Kurds. What was going on in Benghazi that it is still so secret and now it comes out that the files of Clinton were cleaned out of any incriminating letters or e-mails. Who are we arming? Let’s use some of that money to close our borders. Do we really thing terroirsts are not coming over our borders and finding the jihadist training camps on our own soil. They know where they are. But still the borders remain wide open. We can protect other countries, but not out own.

  102. DogWithoutSlippers says

    His plan is to break the bank!~

  103. cumiadom says

    If he says what he wants the money for he won’t get any. Probably he wants to build some bomb shelters in Syria and Irak to protect ISIS/ISIL from the air strikes he’s ordering to save some face, win some time while getting expected positive press coverage by the Socialist Media Networks.

  104. Roger Wee says

    It took USD$5 Billions to topple Ukraine ! Maybe he have another nation in sight !

  105. ABBAsFernando says

    He wants to funnel the money to ISIS.

  106. pupster40 says

    Zero considers Americans terrorists, that should be a clue as to where the money is going.

  107. Larry Cowden says

    You can be sure a damn lot of it will be to import more illegal immigrants, give them amnesty and citizenship and turn them into liberal voters to buy the WH and both houses with! And turn this country into a communistic one or as close as he can get it!

  108. Holy Joe says

    All this sadly may be true, but you will all willingly troop to the Polls in 2016 to vote for that Evil Incarnate in the form of Hillary Clinton. All you Political Martyrs must masochistically enjoy being nailed to your political Crosses in Washington DC. Or are you all secret Devil Worshipers ?

  109. JIMBO says

    Obama should not get a red cent to spend on anything. It dose not matter if you put restriction on how the funds will be spent. That would just be the law, he breaks laws like they never existed. Don’t trust this SOB.

  110. M.Forus says

    ISILS corporate office is in the White House according Iranian leaders!!! I believe in them more then this joker!

  111. kaki pa says


  112. dirtflyer says

    O has squandered Trillions, now he wants $ 5 Billion more?, To cover his mess, after Generals warned him about pulling troops out of Iraq too early. He can go at it Mano A Mano himself.

  113. Joanie says

    Obama wants to destroy America! He is out to bleed our country dry and he is doing a through job of it. Impeach Obama or just go to the white house drag him out of office tar and feather the traitor, then run him back to Africa where he came from!!! All he has ever done is sneak and lie to us. I am sick to death of him and his meddling wife also!

  114. joeupyours says

    demagoguery ,obama A leader who obtain power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the low information voter the populace.Over the past year the demagoguery has got the upper hand. From demagoguery to sophistry, the liberal demoRATs practice the whole range of methods for manufacturing doubt …demagoguery and misinformation are shaping public opinion and in some cases public policy. joeupyoursMF’S!

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      That’s the Democratic way…While the rest of us get sucker punched with their antics, llies and disinformation tactics…This is Demoratic trickery at it’s best or worst depending on how you choose to look at their practices of disception and demagoguery…It’s their standard MO and the 47% fall for it every time!

  115. stendell says

    WATCH the 5 billion disappear, the liberals will laugh all the way to the bank–thanks to the taxpayers!!

  116. Carrie says

    There is no reason to give Obama Money when we don’t know what it is for……And in my eyes I just see that Obama has to pay these other Countries to fight and help us which should never be done………….CANT TRUST OBAMA AT ALL…………………

  117. yaki534 says

    Simple. He wants to disarm Americans.

  118. Had Enough says

    obama won’t say how the 5 billion is to be spent because he’s sticking it in his own pocket for when he isn’t king anymore!!!!!! Some of the money will make it to the WAR, but not much!!

  119. mallen11 says

    -0 needs to give an itimized statement for what he will use the money for and it better not be for his muslim buddies. Congress needs to tell him what it should be used for under the direction of the military. He is clueless when it comes to foreign powers or our military — wait a minute — to everything. He is only a puppet so follow the strings and really find out who is holding them.

  120. Harry Rainey Jr. says

    Barry needs the $5 Billion to fight the We the People Terrorists. Why would Barry bring in 300,000 Muslims every year? To replace We the People with his kind of people! Wake up America!

  121. Patrick Thomas says

    To request $5 billion and not give any details as to how it will be spent to fight ISIS is criminal. Obama should lint item the $5 billion and say exactly what each piece is for. To hand over $5 billion to Obama is a recipe for disaster. He’ll spend the money trying to get Democrats elected in November. We all know that Obama cannot be trusted. The Republicans should deny Obama’s request for money until he tells them exactly how it will be spent.

  122. Amelia Aremia says

    Another dictatorial action by Obama; yet Congress does nothing to stop his unconstitutional actions. Imagine what he can do to the USA within the next two years if Congress continues to remain silent.

  123. morg says

    With no stated plan, he will define anyone who opposes him to be a terrorist. Homeland Security will become his civilian army to control the people. Over the last several years they have bought enough ammunition to fight us,

  124. adrianvance says

    If he is not going to send soldiers, then what is this all about?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you too will know.

  125. joe haire says

    The Muslim Brotherhood is getting low on cash!!!

  126. whisper says

    This just more NWO BS, saying, ” Oh, we didn’t hav time to look at it.” As, attorneys, they know better than to SIGN or vote yes to anything without knowing what they are voting for. It could be anything!!! We already know that Ovomit thinks common Americans are the terrorist. For these treasonist politicians, I say, hang them all, big or small.

  127. whisper says

    We need to use Article V of the Constitution and have a Constitutional Convention of the States, which is to be used when government gets so big that it no longer listens to the people.

  128. Peter B. Duran says

    Who is Obama to ask for 5B without telling the American People how the money is to be used. Maybe he wants to divide among his associated and keep the rest for him. This character should has
    never be trusted in this Country.

  129. Federico Fellini says

    obama should be given nothing since he will just throw the money away and give it to his liberal buddies. If he really used it to fight terrorism, given that he knows how to fight terrorism (a BIG given), then his request would be doable. Based on past performance obama has no clue how to spend money wisely.

  130. 1947rhoda64 says

    Everyone who reads this article or knows a relative or good friend and you tell them about this $5,Million to fight terrorism, but won’t tell what they will be sending this for needs to be hammered in the wH with demands of (NO). All of call the WH and time you turn around and tell the WH (NO). We have no money for worthless spending. Tell him to takke it out his pocet and I am sure he has cheated the taxpyers enoufh to have more than $5, Million. W are sick to our stomachs with what this evil corrupt community organizer is doing to us and our country. It is jus like he wants to be fired, but no one in that WH will do anything to get this moron and his cohorts out of the WH and that includes the RINO”S. Next time I wll name the RINO’s who are involved with the community organizer for money. No more money for these terorist. So please call the wH immediately and let them have it.

  131. squeak says

    We the tax payers do not want to give Obama another dime… where is all this money going ? Not hard to figure out, is it ? He & his wife have spent more then they DESERVED, NO MORE !

  132. Patty Williams says

    He should ask his muslim buddies for the money.

  133. dude says

    you don’t have to worry about that… I wouldn’t vote for any of them i’ll cancel my vote out first ….I wouldn’t vote for an Obama or a Clinton …have never and will never get a vote from me or my family …an I am a dem. for 38 years …but I don’t no what happered to the dem party when I was growing up dem.and rep.had differences but both believed in GOD.family values and American somewhere along the way they lost that

  134. Arleen Avergil says


  135. grunion says

    As has been stated here and bears repeating, make him account for every penny spent or no deal!
    I would love to hear the liberals explain why the necessity for a close accounting is anti-American or obstructive, etc….You know, same old clap-trap.

  136. lil-echoes says

    Someone needs to tell Obama to use the money it cost to play golf and especially riding all over the USA and else where on Air Force 1… and pay back all the vacations they’re taken.. then he will have enough money for such things..

  137. Conservative says

    It is now responsibility of all the Democrats and Republicans to hold his feet to the fire and not allow him to spend a red cent before they have something in writing what that money will be used for.

  138. crustyone says

    So much for the transparency that never existed during this administration. The country is being ruled by a liar who does as he pleases with funds which are not personally his.

  139. Michael Dennewitz says

    P E O P L E !!! When the hell are the citizens of this country going to WAKE THE HELL UP ?? Ovomit is there illegally himself, therefore he does not possess ANY power to do anything other than take a shit. It’s no different than placing me or you in his seat, except that we ARE legal, but none of them, he, congress or the senate have ANY power of their own. The constitution clearly labels such people as traitors! I know where this once great country is heading because I KNOW that no one is going to get off their dead asses and do anything about it. Forget about law enforcement agencies and/or the military! THE PEOPLE have the power, per the constitution to march on Washington and remove his sorry ass. Only problem?? EVERYONE HAS BEEN BRAINWASHED AND NO ONE HAS ANY BALLS !! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

  140. leewacker says

    OF COURSE, Obama won’t tell why he wants so much money. He’s going to give it to ISIS so they can invade and take over the U.S. He cannot be trusted, and must NOT be allowed to take any more money–not even for one of those ice-cream cones he likes.

  141. Warpaint says

    5 Billion more to give to the muzzie brotherhood? Or is he just going to give it to ISIS if they will be his buddies?

  142. Follow Me Boys says

    Like Warpaint said…it is for a Terrorist but not to hurt him…I cannot believe there is not something other then “impeach” in the constitution. All that is a someone saying “you’re a bad boy stop”. If the senate and congress have no power to stop a tyrant than they need to go too.

  143. Lydia777.10 says

    Let him go back in time and collect a bunch of gold to help him come up with more money, since he believes in time travel.

  144. hangem'high says

    My guess is he wants to train five more US lead rebels , after all the Russians just took out the first five we trained!

  145. YOUGUESS says

    He wants to use it on the Citizens of this country who would be a threat to his Agenda. Were the terrorist to the Plan that he is head to make happen for the One World Government.

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