Obama Warns Fellow Democrat to Pipe Down


In an interview with Fox & Friends Wednesday, Representative Henry Cuellar (D., Texas) told the hosts that the White House isn’t happy about his outspoken criticism of the President. Cuellar has had little choice but to criticize the administration over its lackadaisical approach to border control, but it appears the White House wants him to keep his mouth shut. The hosts asked him if he’d received a tongue-lashing from the Obama camp.

“Yes, I have,” Cuellar said. “But let me just say that I’m more concerned not about who gets angry at me at the White House; I’m more concerned about my constituents who want to find a practical solution to this question that we’re facing down there at the border.”

Cuellar declined to tell the program who it was that had called and didn’t elaborate on the message he received, but the point was made. It didn’t have an effect on the Democratic House member’s criticism of the situation, however – a crisis that is threatening to have an indelible impact on Obama’s second-term legacy.

Speaking to Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, Cuellar maintained his message that Obama was shirking his duties in not paying a visit to the Texas/Mexico border. “Let me say this: when I saw, and I hate to use the word bizarre, but under the circumstances, when he is shown playing pool in Colorado, drinking a beer, and he can’t even go 242 miles to the Texas border, and plus, if he doesn’t want to go down to the border, there’s the Air Force Base where HHS is holding some of the young kids from the border. He could at least make that trip to San Antonio, but again, border community leaders wants to see him down there on the border, and I think the optics and the substance of it is that he should show up at the border.”

Obama’s trip to Colorado got plenty of mainstream coverage yesterday with several news outlets reporting that he was offered a hit of marijuana at one of the local bars he visited. Of course, this story is a lightweight one, aimed at painting the picture of the fun man-of-the-people that Obama has had a more difficult time living up to then many predicted. Meanwhile, though, it can’t be ignored that there is a serious problem with the administration’s take on illegal immigration and border control, and all of the pot in Denver isn’t going to make people forget Obama’s failures.

Henry Cuellar may be reprimanded for speaking out against the president, but a small tide of growing concern is going to develop into a full-blown controversy if he doesn’t get a handle on the problem in the next couple of weeks. Immigration isn’t something that can be solved overnight, but the President’s plan of action seems to be headed in the wrong direction. Hispanic communities have already reached out to the administration, encouraging him to grant temporary legal status to more than 10 million undocumented aliens. If he should take their advice, we can expect to see the situation at the border worsen in the coming months.

  1. Rosebud15 says

    Because he’s telling the truth, shut up! They have told so many lies, they believe it themselves. God intervention for all!

    1. C K Johnson says

      Are you implying that Obama? The man who won the liar of the year award for 2013. Obama who won the worst President in the last 70 years award. Do you think this maggot is telling the truth?

      1. huey6367 says

        I think he is telling the truth by not going. Meaning, he wants this to happen. he designed this to happen to flood the country with low wage workers which lead to the economic downfall of the US. And he wants the US to be a third world country. So by not going you are seeing exactly what he wants. And that is his truth.

        1. Kent2012 says

          Just a thought Huey, it could be for all the reasons you suggest, but right now, right this moment, kenyan boy wants the GOP to say no to continuing to care for these illegal border crashers and do as Sen Coburn and others have said…”send the kids home”. Not only that the african pretender’s rag head buddies and the drug cartel $lut$ are pouring across the border because La Immigra is busy with the children that the african’s administration invited last year…when the GOP says no all the communists that are pretending to be American politicians in the democrap party will campaign using manure about how the GOP hate children and are racists……

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            Don’t you think by now, that Americans know better….especially after Boehner’s outburst yesterday and he was pi–ed…asking WHEN WAS HE GOING TO START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR SOMETHING…quote enquote….????

          2. Peggy Joseph says

            No, I don’t think Americans know better, or they wouldn’t have voted the sob in for a SECOND TERM!!

        2. pysco says

          Huey, a little info you may find interesting: President Hoover deported “ALL” illegal aliens during the depression in order to insure that Americans that wanted to work had jobs. President Truman deported 2,000,000 illegal aliens to make sure returning WW2 vets had job opportunities. President Eisenhower deported 13, 000,000 illegal aliens to ensure Korean War vets and WW2 vets had job opportunities…. It can be done, its proven…..

        3. huey6367 says

          I agree with both Kent and psyco. I am well aware of the deportations that occurred in the past so the veterans and people of this country (ie citizens) would benefit. Also, everything this POS does is political so anything he can do to demonize the GOP he will do. Bottom line, he said he wants to transform this country. Said it during the 2008 campaign and the MSM didn’t ask what that meant. I did. I wondered what needed or needs transformed in this country. Nothing needs transformed. It needs to get back to its roots. It needs a mental cleansing. Common sense should prevail. However the legislators and lawyers don’t see it that way. To them, if it is not written down then it does not exist and cannot be proven. The Progressives have spent a century dumbing everyone down. And this is the result. A country that will fail and possibly never rise again. I hope I am wrong. we, as a country, have become so soft it is sickening. For instance, no one can take a criticism as a critique and then work to make themselves a better person. No, they find it insulting and then crawl off to sulk. Just sickening how soft we are as a society.

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            My Dad said that back in the 60’s!!! and 70’s. As a result, some fled to Canada.

      2. David in Dallas says

        I read it that Rosebud was saying that Rep. Cuellar was telling the truth, not Obama.

      3. pysco says

        Telling the truth, It would be a first for this president

      4. Carol Chadbourne says

        Ya, right…I heard him say that he hasn’t written as many eo’s as we think…when in fact, someone in the ‘know’ said he has written more than ALL past Pres in toto. And frickin’ believe the latter. he CANNOT tell the TRUTH because he’s a pathological liar, meaning he is the devil’s spawn.

    2. pysco says

      Gods Intervention: It took three votes to get the LORD on the DNC’s podium last election… an irony

      1. Cranky Steven says

        But God refused the invite. Well, that’s what He told me. Live with it, lefties.

  2. Maria castro says

    He will be giving them crack, to “pipe” down.

    1. schwinndog says


      1. Cranky Steven says

        Adam West. Ben Carson. Drop the racism. It’s asinine. Leave it where it belongs with Obama and the lefties.

  3. dyno2 says

    Palin is right about one thing this fake citizen needs to be impeached!!!!!!

    1. dogface says

      I’m trying to get her to run against Clinton.. She’s got as good a chance as anyone.. I ain’t fond of women politicians but I like her.. Everyone should send an email to convince her to do it.. She doesn’t have a lot of money, I think, that’s why she’s shying away.. She would be a lot better than Hilly.. At least she’s not a psycho..

      1. Mrsbacktoyou says

        Sarah doesn’t need a lot of money, because she has her “face” out there now, just needs to speak up and say she’s willing. Also, Ben Carson is out there. Though they are both different in respects to demeaner, they both have similar values – like minded. Wouldn’t it be great to have them for V and VP?

        1. Harvey Melton says

          palin would be more suited as sec of state something like that, then with that exp. go up from there.

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            I agree..as much as I like and respect Ms. Palin….I, as a woman, do not really think the States are ready quite yet. We need to go with a proven Conservative like Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, if we sincerely want and need to “get those empty seats” filled by popular and well-known candidates…or we WILL lose those seats…maybe as VP, but knowing we HAVE to get those seats, it’s my opinion, anyway, that the front runner should be Cruz. At first and for a long while, I thought Rand was the man….but, somehow my senses tell me..not yet. I followed my feelings about the ‘tyrant’ and proved to myself I did the right thing. Right from the get-go, there was something in his soulless eyes…and now I know what it is…evil personified. Let’s not take ANY chances…he’s quite popular and his %age was the highest in a couple surveys.

          2. Recon1969 says

            As much as I agree with you concerning Ted Cruz he is not eligible. If we try to put him in office we would be violating the Constitution eligibilty law just as the Demo’s have done. In your comment you neglected to name someone who would make an excellent President. A man who is a strict Conservative and a proven Leader of Men. A man that I honestly believe can bring this country back to it’s greatness. That man is Allen West. Don’t count him out. he is distined for greatness.

          3. Made_in_the_USA says

            I believe you may be incorrect about Sen. Cruz’s eligibility. I read that both of his parents were American citizens working in Canada at the time of Ted’s birth. Correct me if I’m wrong, but John McCain’s parents were both citizens, and he was born in Panama.

            Personally, I would vote for Cruz, Palin, West, or Carson….paired up any way you like!

          4. Recon1969 says

            Look I’m not knocking Cruz i think that he would make a great President and heck I’m from Texas too. Now to answer your question. First concerning McCain, both of his parents were U.S. Citizens at the time of his birth with his father being on active military service in the Panama Canal Zone at the time. According to the Constitution McCain is a Natural Born Citizen because of the citizenship of both of his parents at the time of his birth.. Now to Cruz, His mother was a U.S. Citizen but his Father was a Cuban Immigrant at the time of his birth and Cruz was born in Canada which means that his father was a Cuban Immigrant to Canada not the United States. Generally the son assumes the nationality of his father no matter where he is born. In Cruz’s case that would be Cuba because at the time of his birth Cruz’s father was Cuban. His father didn’t become a U.S. Citizen until around 2003. Since Ted Cruz was physically born in Canada that would make him a Native Citizen of Canada but a natural Born Citizen of Cuba based on his father’s nationality at the time of his birth. Then if you want to throw in his mother’s nationality just make things even more difficult you could basically say that he’s a citizen of all three countries Cuba, Canada, and the United States. If you read the Constitution I believe you will see where the founding father’s basically said that no one could run for the Presidency that had any aiiegiance to any other country. In Ted Cruz’s case it seems that he had allegiance to three. Also you stated yourself that he gave up his Canadian Citizenship. If he gave up his Canadian Citizenship to become an American Citizen that means that he is a Naturalized Citizen of the United States NOT a Natural Born Citizen. Case closed.

          5. Made_in_the_USA says

            Thanks for correction!

          6. Recon1969 says

            You’re more than welcome. Have a nice day, and don’t forget to vote in November!

          7. jenna says

            Ted Cruz gave up his Canadian citizenship.

          8. Peggy Joseph says

            jenna try and keep up………that’s what Recon said.

          9. suzyshopper says

            Another man I would be us, Trey Gowdy, he’s proven himself too be a tough, no nonsense kinda guy, who’s not afraid too make enemies on the other side of the aisle!!!

          10. Juan TwoTree says

            Agreed!! Trey Gowdy is awesome!

          11. Peggy Joseph says


          12. medivac says

            I would want Col. Allen West for Secretary of State and Sarah for VP. Dr. Ben is exactly what we need for prez. Intelligent, soft spoken, saying what is on his mind even amid the enemy, and a down to earth person that can be open and crystal clear in his past. He also knows what is wrong with our country. I will support any conservative candidate that wins the nomination, though. We need to turn this country around and get back it’s greatness !!

          13. EL says

            Sounds great to me!

          14. Harvey Melton says

            good choices,yes we need good people that are actually for the security and good of this country and people, so our relatives in times past up until now has not died in vain in our wars etc.i’ll leave it at that there is so much more.

        2. Louise says

          I think Ben Carson and Sarah Palin would be a great team…..Hillary, she’s just a criminal….look up Watergate, she was fired for lying and being unethical….her lying started way back then….and how about the 12 year old that was raped, and she got the guy off with time served, which was 2 months….and she discredited the 12 year old, saying she looked for older men….and it was her fault….then they have her on tape, laughing about it….BIG JOKE….and she says she’s for women…..far from it…she’s the one with the war on women…..also made threats to all the women that Bill sexually harassed….and also blamed them…..if she gets in, it’s because of money, and paying people to vote for her…..dead broke, can’t make the mortgage payments on their homes…yes, plural, HOMES…sell a few of those homes….

          1. Henry L says

            Ben Carson and Sarah Palin would indeed be excellent but I believe Col. West and Sarah would be better.

          2. Anita says

            I think you are right. I love Dr. Ben but he has no experience at handling these crooks. I would make Dr. Ben head of the medical branch.

          3. Recon1969 says

            Anita, I agree with you concerning Dr. Ben, and I also agree with Henry concerning West and Palin (doesn’t matter which of the two are on top of the ticket) that would be a strong Conservative Ticket. While we’re at it lets go for Sheriff Arpiao for Attorney General and that Chief Investigator of his as Secretary of Homeland Security. If all those people assumed those positions wouldn’t that be a pleasant change for this country?

          4. 1commonjoe says

            Dr. Ben Carson would make an Excellant Surgeon General. We Need Him at the Top.

          5. Sam says

            Would definitely vote for West/Palin…….!

          6. Dr. Ron says

            I think ou are right abouta both of thse good people. It would be good to see people of integrity in office again. Haven’t seen much of that since George Washington was in office. I have a problem there though. Neither of these people have much experience. The last time we elected someone like that we got obama, and you see how well that has worked out. But at least with these two we would know exactly what we are getting and know what he stand for. So I guess I will agrue againstg myself and say let’s go with someone new, it has to be better than what we have.

          7. jenna says

            How much experience did Reagan have and he was a former governor like Sarah and he got us out of the red into the black economically .He balanced the budget,

          8. dan prater says

            Killary is a complete POS. But our country has already been overrun by illegal voters.
            We need everyone to check with the S S office to make sure you and you’re children’s SS number isn’t being used by illegals . you’ll probably find that at least one in your family has been hijacked. Both my elderly parents were. When I started to support them I claimed then as dependent’s on taxes. Both had already been claimed.

            Plz check your records, they nor I had any idea.

        3. Glatik says

          For me it would be a dream come through.

        4. dogonahog48 says

          Sorry the would be comedian soccer Mom just doesn’t turn me own.

          If she is chosen it would be for the WRONG reason. Two wrongs don’t make a right. She didn’t finish her job in Alaska. What makes you think she is qualified now. A hell of a lot of better choices standing in the wings..

          1. Recon1969 says

            First of all, Sarah Palin didn’t finish her term as Governor simply because of the frivolous lawsuits being brought against her by the Left causing the state of Alaska thousands of dollars per lawsuit. She felt it was better to step down rather than cost Alaska this undue expense. Second of all Sarah Palin accomplished everything she wanted to do in the first two years of her governorship. Third of all before Sarah Palin was tagged as McCain’s running mate in the 2008 Presidential Election she had an overall 90% approval rating as a U.S. Governor. It wasn’t until after she was tagged as McCain’s running mate that her ratings as governor started to fall because the Left and the MSM were terrified of her so they continually concocted lies about her that unfortunately a lot of the voting public started to believe. You see that’s one technique of brainwashing you keep telling a ly long enough people begin to believe it. Fourth of all I don’t think Sarah Palin will ever run for the Presidency because she knows that the MSM would never allow her to win. However Sarah Palin will continue to be a tremendous force in the political arena helping true American Patriots assume elected office. Any future Conservative President may offer Sarah Palin a Cabinet position where I believe she would perform an excellent job. Which Cabinet position would be determined on the new President. Don’t sell Sarah Palin short. She is a brilliant woman and a true American Patriot who only wants to see this country get back it’s excellence. Anybody that criticizes Sarah Palin obviously hasn’t done their homework concerning her background. True there are other good choices in the wings, but lets stop knocking Sarah Palin its been getting old for a long time.

          2. dogonahog48 says

            I guess if you can’t take the heat you are suppose to just get out of the kitchen. The media dragged Ross Parot’s family through the mud to no end. Wrecking our chance to have something beside Money see Monkey do Republicans and Socialist Democrats running the country. Daddy Bush jumped in a war with no provisions up front to pay for it. Only to save some oil companies interest wrecking our budget with a bigger disgraceful increase percentage wise than the Half Breed Kenyan’s insane spending. Who gives a dam what rag head controls what rag head. They are all barbaric muslims anyway. They have been fighting among them selves since time began. The very thing that Ross Parot preached had musroomed in to a down gradding of American workers into almost third world conditions. Watch this Speach where Parot hit the nail square on the head.
            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkgx1C_S6ls .
            NOT a single Candidate has touched this subject since 1992. Not a single one. McCain and THE Soccer Mom didn’t touch it. Romney didn’t touch it because it was his way of increasing Corporate profits on the Back of American tax paying working people. Now these working people who used their saving to retire on find the money they have in the bank is worthless. But that alright with the Monkey see, Monkey do Republican because Stock prices and corporate profits are souring from the cheep money AND CHEEP LABOR. Even the insane national debt and the insane amount of money owed China hasn’t been mentioned a hell of a lot in the campaign of 2014. It set on the back burner while we discuss being politically correct and racial equality.
            The unqualified Half Breed Kenyan’s win of the presidency Stated with bussing of white kids into the black schools whether they wanted to go or not. They had zero rights. The brainwashing has be going on ever since. I remember that was a big Monkey see, Monkey do Republican push. The whole thing boils down to what lyndon Johnson said back then. Look it up on Goolge.com “[Touting his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs, LBJ confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One]”
            Same thing going on right now with the Mecixans, for the same reason. Average working American? To hell with him, he doesn’t count.
            With congress being a bunch of Gutless wonders. what do we get? SSDD.

          3. Recon1969 says

            I thought the subject here was Sarah Palin. However you have gone in deepth about a completly different subject. From reading your comment i find that I do agree with alot you say. So to make it short I suggest that every Conservative and that includes you get out and vote this November in an effort to put true patriots into elected positions. Then maybe we can start working on mending our countries wounds. I hope that you agree with this. I don’t care who the next elected Congressmen/women are, or the next elected Senators are, or even the next elected President is as long as they are all true American Patriots and are bound and determined to fix this country. Have a nice day and get out and vote in November!

        5. Pegasus0 says

          Come on, guys, use your head….. Do you honestly think that the international bankers would have paired Sarah up with McCain if she was not on their team??? She is a khazar. Holy toledo….. maybe we are too dumb to govern ourselves. Just look at the traitors we voted into office. When Bush was running FOR “RE-ELECTION, in 2004 and won, a british paper headline read: CAN 51 MILLION AMERICANS REALLY BE THAT STUPID?” It appears they were right and we were wrong. Remember, Bush was the set up guy and Obama was the hammer.

      2. Patti_Mi says

        Sarah Palin would be an excellent president. I would vote for her.

        1. Recon1969 says

          So would I!

    2. Larry Miller says

      Yes she’s right, but the level of integrity in the Soc. Dem. party will have to rise.
      In congress there are 71 Socialists in the once named Democrat party, so it’s going to be difficult.

      1. Carol Chadbourne says

        Oh, wow, I read that there were 50 socialists/communists in Congress. This is not good.

        1. dehart1224 says

          Larry is right 71 or 73 members of the Socialist Party of America- I was not all surprised at a LOT of the names and you probably will not be either- Look it up.

      2. dogonahog48 says

        YEA! I would give my front seat in hell for another Harry Truman Democrat.

    3. Christian_Patriot7 says

      Impeachment isn’t good enough. He should be arrested, handcuffed and physically removed from the white house and charged with murder and treason.

      1. dyno2 says

        Impeachment by treason is a death penalty in my mind.

        1. Janeen Alley says

          The penalty for treason is STILL death by hanging!

        2. Patricia says

          CLOSE, but no cigar. 🙂

      2. Louise says

        I don’t think Impeachment is the way to go…I like Sarah a lot, but I just found out, if he’s impeached he can’t do any time for his criminal actions…..and can’t be arrested…..I’d rather see him in jail than impeached…..I was for the impeachment before I heard the rest of the story….

        1. POTUSSUX says

          Great response Louise! Impeachment is not something a criminal would fear. All impeachment is, really, is calling the president to account through direct public questioning by the Senate. Not a nickel more. It’s an embarrassment, and a public scolding, but nothing more. The impeachment may lead to resignation,or possible removal from office, but it get’s the worm off the hook as far as criminal charges are concerned. If I have misstated any part of this please offer corrections. Those of us who would like to see this piece of crap handcuffed need to understand the distinctions..

          1. Sam says

            Yeah, good ole billy boy clinton was thrown out. And he is still around with Hitlery trying to get back into the White House.

          2. Pegasus0 says

            Clinton wasn’t thrown out…. huh?

          3. Me says

            He was impeached though!

          4. dan prater says

            Wasn’t it for lying to us?

          5. brenda Harrell says

            And we been lied to since day one from the muslim fraud in thief?

          6. MARYSWEET says

            Clinton was impeached but stayed in office until the end of his term. I never did understand that. He should have been gone

          7. Geno says

            The house impeachment is similar to a indictment, The senate did not convict.

          8. Me says

            There was a lot about Clinton and now Obama that was shady . Obama isn’t shady he is just corrupt!! If he has his way our country well be torn apart before we can get him out of office!!!!

          9. leehardy says

            Two slugs dragging their slimy rears around and still trying to claim a political throne. They are soo pitiful with their Narcissistic grandiosity and over inflated egos…Both are sick old geriatrics and need to be out of sight! Their records are not really something to be proud of!

          10. Larry Miller says

            See Roy Clingenpeel’s response.

          11. leehardy says

            Until all his records are opened, nothing resolved…All records of his life tightly sealed behind him!

        2. Roy Clingenpeel says

          “US Constitution, article I, Section 2, Paragraph 7 exception: but the Party convicted (by Impeachment, emphasis added by me) shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment , Trial, Judgment and Punishment according to Law.” Removal or censure can only be accomplished by impeachment but can be Indicted for crimes after removal from office by impeachment. This is designed to keep politicians safe from frivolous prosecution or vindictive political adversaries. This administration in my assessment should be punished by both extremes of the Constitution and criminal law.

          1. Seldena says

            We all know that Dirty Harry is not going to allow this!

          2. Rosie46 says

            Harry may have legal problems of his own being implicated with two attorneys arrested by the authorities in Utah. Though it will probably go nowhere since the Utah authorities are turning the investigation over to the feds.

          3. MARYSWEET says

            Yeah, and you know holder. He isn’t interested in anything except racial issues. He isn’t helping our Marine in jail in Mexico but I’ll bet if he were black he would be right there at the jail to get him out. That is so wrong. This marine has risked his life to preserve our way of life and it shouldn’t make ANY difference what color he is but that is all that matters to holder. We need to get rid of all of obama’s clique.

          4. Balto2 says

            True, the Marine has risked his life to protect our way of life, but Obama doesn’t like our way of life so to him the Marine is on the opposite side of the spectrum. If for some reason a muslim were held in Mexico, Obama would be right there himself to spring him out because they are on the same side and he is one of them.

          5. sherri palmer says

            All of the liberals in this country who don’t like our system of govt should go somewhere else, the truth is they think they will like that lifestyle, no they wont, they have carried osamas water and don’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face, I guess they all think they will be at “the top.”

          6. pineapple says


            Sharing Some Historical Facts.

            To: Obama:


            was you who told an Islamic dinner – “I am one of you.”


            was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”


            was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build

            foreign mosques.


            was you who wrote that in the event of a conflict -“I will stand with the



            was you who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a



            was you who bowed in submission before the Saudi king.


            was you who sat for 20 yrs in a Liberation

            Theology Church

            condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.


            was you who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us

            have to pay.


            was you who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from

            your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.


            was you who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount while

            repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Quran.


            was you who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.


            was you who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the

            building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of

            the World Trade Center.


            was you who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to

            host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the WH.


            was you who ordered both Georgetown
            Univ. and Notre Dame to
            shroud all vestiges

            of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast,

            you have NEVER requested that the mosques you have visited adjust their decor.


            was you who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.


            was you who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.


            was you who said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to

            Muslim communities.


            was you who as an Illinois Senator were the ONLY individual who would speak in

            favor of infanticide.


            was you who were the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the

            WH, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.


            was you who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.


            was you who refused to condemn the Ft.

            Hood killer as an Islamic



            is you who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women

            throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of

            hypothetical human-rights abuses.


            was you who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of

            radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that

            is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.


            was you who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.


            was you who ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new

            commemorative stamp.


            was you who directed our UK

            Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim



            was you who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in your quest to

            overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.


            was you who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in Grammar

            schools across our country.


            is you who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during



            is you who departs for Hawaii

            over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating

            in seasonal WH religious events.


            was you who was un-characteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim

            Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s
            Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s
            strongest ally

            in North Africa; but, remain muted in your
            non-response to the Brotherhood led

            slaughter of Egyptian Christians.


            Was you who attended school in Indonesia
            where your school records listed your religion as “Islam”.


            Was you who, while living in Indonesia,
            attended the Mosque with your stepfather on Fridays.


            was you who appointed s your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett , who is a member

            of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

            It was you who allowed Valerie Jarret, an
            Iranian, to negotiate a secret treaty with Iran
            that would allow them to continue developing nuclear weapons without fear of
            further sanctions by the U.S.


            was you who freed five Muslim terrorists from GITMO without giving Congress a

            thirty day notice as required by a law that YOU signed.


            Was you who brought hordes of Muslim refugees
            to the U.S.
            to be supported by taxpayers, while ignoring Christian refugees who were being
            slaughtered by Muslims.

            It was you who approved the change in the U.S. military
            dress code to allow men to grow beards and to wear Turbans


            we really need to go on?


            you may be a lot of things; but, for certainty, you are no Christian.


            who refers to himself as: “A man of Africa”,

            is precisely the type of ‘divided loyalties” individual that our Founders

            attempted to prohibit from ascendancy to the presidency when they constructed

            our Constitution.

          7. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Funny guy! So… you have the ability to just make up sh*t and post it; good for you!

            None of those things ever happened. You just don’t like a black guy being in charge, do you?

          8. 1American1st says

            PUTIN –
            Go to Youtube. There are so many videos of Obama himself making claims to confirm Pineapple’s claims.

          9. Ms_V says

            Putin doesn’t care about the truth. S/he is a shill.

          10. PutinOnTheRitz says

            YouTube also has a CGI video that some guy claims is proof of a hollow earth. I really don’t care what some racist yahoo has posted on YouTube. The fact is that you can’t point to a single non-doctored video of Obama saying any of those things.

            It’s fine that you hate the guy; that’s politics. But the fact that you all have to go to such lengths to make up stuff to justify your inner whatever-you-want-to-call-it? That’s just sad.

          11. Angry American says

            Do you live in a cave under a rock? How can one person be so misinformed? As you certainly don’t keep up with what is developing or what the latest this turd is trying to do, go to the doctor, one with a nice couch that you can lay upon & tell hi all your problems it may help or are you beyond help? I think it maybe the latter

          12. 1American1st says

            NOBODY has to make up anything about the azz in the WH. He doesn’t need any help. He does it all by himself.

            Who in their right mind would trade 5 terrorist leaders for a deserter?
            Who in their right mind as prez would encourage Socialism, Racism or homosexuality?
            or try to illegally give Amnesty to millions of Illegal Aliens? or keep releasing 10s of thousands of Illegals from jail so they can resume their crime sprees, including murder?
            The list is endless….. Most rotten prez in our history!

            Democrats make me sick.

          13. TAM44 says

            You sorry POS don’t like hearing the truth and are hell bent on destroying this country for a terrorist appeaser. obama is this countries number one enemy and those who support this lying treasonous sissified BOY are also our enemy.

          14. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Sorry POS? That’s the best you can do?

            I’m a scientist by training. If you want to change my mind, do it with verifiable facts. Anyone can call names; that’s the hallmark of a 9-year-old. Care to try again?

          15. Angry American says

            That is one of the things about the internet, you can make all the claims you want & it is hard or time consuming for anyone to check out your credentials, & I don’t believe much of what you say or you are so full of it.

          16. Angry American says

            Is your “scientific” degree or experience in garbology?

          17. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Again, that’s the best you can do? Rather than engaging in a constructive conversation, using facts and figures and citations, you just hurl insults. How’s that working out for you?

          18. senior65gal . says

            Seems to be all a liberal can understand. If you can’t make a logical argument. you hurl insults and then use character assassination. Part of your (un)scientific education, being educated by liberal educators.

          19. Brenda Harrell says

            I wouldn’t waste anymore time with this butt wipe, it is obvious he is a mentally deranged troll. Just click the flag and then the minus button and if enough people do that we can take this troll off of these forms!

          20. grinnie says

            Better yet, don’t up or down vote him….if he’s paid, he’ll die of starvation. ( ^^ ) Once I read their shtuff…I don’t bother again, just pass ’em by.

          21. TAM44 says

            He got it where crawling up inside obama’s butt where he dines at.

          22. 1American1st says

            YOU ARE A LIAR…. that’s what you are. Scientist…Pffft

          23. 1American1st says

            Do you experiment in homosexuality?

          24. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Do you experiment in pedophilia?

          25. Ironmike4610 says

            You ain’t shit…

          26. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Excellent observation. I am not shit. Wow! You folks have such amazing conversational skills!

          27. senior65gal . says

            Go to a liberal website. Perhaps, you will find some folks that agree with you.

          28. Ironmike4610 says

            My mistake. You ARE shit…

          29. Brenda Harrell says

            We could do a lot better, but we will reserve that for the brain dead liberal you are. You are the hallmark of a two year old. Grow up!

          30. Karen says

            So you must be one of those who believe in evolution! You can’t prove it, never saw it happen, but you believe in it cause it sounds scientific! At the same time you don’t believe in God because you can’t prove his existence! You are a fool who lives in factual land! If you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen or if you can’t prove it, again didn’t happen. I pity you!

          31. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Just so you know, Karen: It’s customary to capitalize a pronoun when referring to the Creator. So it should be “…you don’t believe in God because you can’t prove His existence.” (He’s a stickler for correct grammar, you know…)

            And yes, I believe in the scientific method. So should you, if you use a microwave oven, or a GPS, or even eat corn.

          32. Karen says

            How do you know GOD is a “stickler for grammar” if you don’t believe in Him? How do you explain when a child is born, I know that you can scientifically explain HOW it was conceived, but can you explain how/where it gets a SOUL?

          33. Jon west says

            Please define “scientist by training” I’ve never heard it put that way. I have several friends in the sciences for instance; my buddy mike is a biologist (PhD)at the Iowa City VAMC and that is how he puts it, or another friend called himself (PhD) a Microbiologist researcher at the UIHC. How you’re putting, it sound like BULLSHIT, but I would expect that from a Socialist, usually trying to make it sound like your important. If you’re hang out here then your not. Not an insult but seeking the truth from you as to your “science”.

          34. Julie Shoraga says

            Hey Putin pull your head out of your rear end and breathe you obviously suffer from brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain

          35. PutinOnTheRitz says

            That was an excellent factual rebuttal, Julie. I like the way you managed to cite so many instances, complete with references and links, in that short short post.

            Oh, wait; all you did was hurl a few insults. My bad!

            We have video and audio records these days, you know, and none of you can reference a single one to back up any of your claims. Oh well…

          36. Michael Dennewitz says

            Did yo momma have any kids that actually lived?? That coat hanger she used must have punctured your empty head just before she pulled you out!

          37. Brenda Harrell says

            Yeah, you are a factual butt!

          38. Chuck Rosenthal says

            Personally, Putin, I can’t document anything that I think about Obama because I don’t take notes or keep records. But I know what I’ve read and it dovetails with his policies and actions. It’s not necessary to record every detail when you can know somebody by observing the obvious. I know this comment is a waste of time because you are a true believer and dedicated beyond rationality.

            Wouldn’t want to be you.

          39. ken29 says

            And which one of your claims can you back up with a reference to video or audio records?

          40. PutinOnTheRitz says

            I don’t believe I’ve made any claims, but feel free to respond with something I’ve said for which you need a reference and I’ll be happy to provide it. Well, other than the fact that everything in Pineapple’s post is a load of hooey; it’s a little hard to provide a link to a negative, and since he or she is the one asserting something, it’s up to him or her to provide a factual reference. Which he or she has not done. And, in fact, not a single one of you has done so either.

            Then again, nobody ever accused y’all of being overly infatuated with facts.

          41. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Troll, MUCH?! Go check out the facts. You can’t believe everything you see/read/hear on the internet but there is still a lot of important information out there that should have brought Obama straight to prison.

          42. PutinOnTheRitz says

            I have checked out the facts. Sadly, that’s more than any of you have done.

          43. Angry American says

            Yeah right

          44. 1American1st says

            LIAR! You only check the “facts” from your lying, distorted Liberal blogs.

          45. Jarhead says

            Sounds like PUTIN ON THE RITZ has been brain-washed, brain-injured, was born stupid, is addled from hard drugs, or is a paid PC liberal-TARD or Feminine-NAZI TROLL……select any three.

          46. 1American1st says

            And what’s with that moron’s obsession with the Global Warming aka Climate Change HOAX? He thinks it more dangerous than ISIS?!?

            Follow the money trail, all the way to Al Gore & his other Liberal BFF’s.

          47. debi feldet says

            All lies, you would think al gore, just that name should wisen up all you believers, gores wife saw the light!

          48. 1American1st says

            Ain’t that the truth! It took her awhile but she finally got it….

          49. Brenda Harrell says

            Liar, you wouldn’t know the truth it Obama slapped you upside the head with his jinglebells, although they may be to short to harm you.

          50. Chuck Rosenthal says

            Now you’re just flat-out lying.

          51. chief1937 says

            Then you either distort the facts or refuse to believe them one. Maybe you should check someplace other than CNN.

          52. 1American1st says

            He/She/It Putin probably watches MSNBC for news.

          53. TAM44 says

            You are eleven eggs short of a dozen, where you get your fact from? brian williams, obama, killery clinton, bill clinton, al gore. You’re pathetic and useless as tits on a boar hog.

          54. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Clearly you have not…

          55. Seldena says

            I always check out facts. I check both sides of the argument. I find republicans make more sense than any Democrat.

          56. PutinOnTheRitz says

            I’m glad you check out the facts, Seldena. But don’t you find it just the tiniest bit curious that not a single person responding to my posts has presented a link to a verifiable source to back up all that nonsense about Obama? And even you, who claim to verify the facts, seem not to know that there are currently over 21,000 border patrol agents, up from around 11,000 in 2004. (The number of border patrol agents is set by Congress, not the President; the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, signed into law by Bush, set the current number.) Here’s the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligence_Reform_and_Terrorism_Prevention_Act

            Deportations — again, at a record level — are under the control of the President. The number of border guards — what you call “border security” — is controlled by Congress which, if you haven’t noticed, is completely controlled by Republicans. Taxes, also, are controlled by Congress. Obama can’t raise taxes, as you seem to think he is going to any day now, by fiat; it takes a bill, passed by Congress.

            As for ISIS: I should think you’d be a little tired of sending our soldiers off to some other country to die for someone else’s problem, but perhaps you’re willing to volunteer to run off and fight ISIS. After spending $2 trillion dollars in Iraq, I think maybe we could use some of that money back home to fix our bridges and highways and sewer systems and levees and a host of other things, all of which are going to kill far more Americans than ISIS ever will.

          57. hankthetank says

            You are one asshole enemy of this country!! Everything Pineapple said is 1,000% right on,you dumb ass MFER,!!!

          58. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Ah, yes. Neither you nor anyone else on this board can come up with a single link to prove anything in Pineapple’s post, and I’m the “dumb ass MFER.” Ohhhhhhhh kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…………

          59. 1American1st says

            You use Wikipedia, the site where anyone can go in & manipulate the information to suit their agenda? That’s as bad as using Snopes to verify…well, ANYTHING!

          60. Seldena says

            Are you a Socialists/Communists/Democrat? Those Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to do their jobs. http://www.vox.com Obama picked this fight with them. Sending our soldiers? We could send 10,000 Marines and ALLOW our bombers to really bomb ISIS. www,bbc,com.and ISIS would be defeated. Yes there would be civilian causalities and that always happens in war. Look ISIS is beheading, crucifying children, burning women alive, etc. They will not be stopped because all thte help we have want the U.S. to lead and Obama refuses. why not use all the billions we send to the Saudis, Turkey, Iran, and Egypt and use that money for America? http://www.washingtonpost.com—www.forbes.com. Look all this up. Obama really is the enemy here here because of POLITICS.

          61. debi feldet says

            You are so right!

          62. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Wait, but Snopes.com debunked most of this and they would never have an agenda and could never get bought out…


          63. 1American1st says

            Did you know that Snoops is so pathetically LEFT WING that they issued a statement that said something like “they have no political agenda” or “they’re not Democrats” or some total BS.
            Yeah, they’re not Lefties like Hitler wasn’t a Nazi.

          64. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Oh I know… I have looked into many things, some of which I have witnessed (first hand) others I seen on live tv broadcasts and in the news in the past and those things are now denied by Snopes. Yes I know but Libtards think that Snopes would NEVER conspire to lie to the people.

            You would think with all the blind faith the lefties have, they wouldn’t have a problem with Christianity. We only have one ultimate faith and it’s a 50/50 to the non-believer… The Demoncrat party is a polytheistic religion of it’s own making — with named Messiahs, prophets, and so many unbelievable fairy-tales you have to have blind faith for it all!

            Geez, I mean God only asked we believe one story in faith. They have a new faith every couple days. It is tough to bend my mind around it all.

            You must have severe psychological baggage to literally (and continuously) follow those that would lie to you, rob you, harm you, and then send you up river without a paddle over and over and continue to deny it is happening – than listen to people that are honest, but bluntly tell you how it is. Yeah, republicans don’t bring the bad news softly, but they tell you the bad news honestly (most of the time – most of them). Conservative Americans are great people, the kind of people that help old ladies across the streets and help a stranded woman change a tire.

            Democrats — I don’t even know what they are talking about… Sorting the fact and fiction and figuring out whose friend or enemy they are is nearly an impossible task and requires far to much effort for me to ever trust them at all. Democrat people are terrible hypocrites and have a whole lot of do as I say not as I do going on. Democrat Americans are those background people you walk past everyday on the street but never know who they are. They don’t say hi or smile (many not all of course, exceptions to every rule) and they always promote pornographic ideas (like the superintendent at my son’s former school allowing a NAMBLA sponsored mandatory assembly which taught my 7 year old about gender assignment and sent him home with flavored condoms – most Libtards think I am a stupid religious fanatic and a bigot because I am opposed the North American Man Boy Love Association, a known pedophile group, soliciting homosexuality and sex to my 7 year old)…

            We really need to anger up and fight…

          65. Warrior7Princess says

            I agree. Conservatives seem to be passive while liberals seem to be hot heads with anger management problems. I have seen them blow up over nothing. Also, they tend to be shallow investigators if they investigate at all. And when they add up logical facts they come up with a non sense answer. Two in my family have insisted all Republicans are evil. They refused to entertain any idea that there could be even one Republican who is not evil, which would disqualify their liberal logic that all Republicans are evil. It is has been pointless talking to them.

            I think if conservatives would whip up half the anger liberals use, then we could get more accomplished.

          66. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            I’ve said it before and I will say it again – this is how I feel in every debated conversation I have with liberals… It just loops around back to the begging again and again and again. (the result of programming idiots into arrogant idiots)

            “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ~ Joe Goebbels (on the “The Big Lie,” a tactic used by Communists and Fascists throughout history to establish their dictatorships)


          67. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Can’t say this better myself…


          68. retona4 says

            Hitler was a Nazi. Are you promoting a pseudhistory?

          69. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ummmmm, I’m even worse dude, I don’t like black dudes PERIOD!! heehee Mix that into your koolaide!!

          70. PutinOnTheRitz says

            At least you admit it. Your buddies here pretend otherwise.

          71. Michael Dennewitz says

            I have no “buddies” on here, just those that like to debate or discuss. What really pisses me off tho is the fact that several can be deep in discussion about something, and then someone has to drop the “race card” and totally screw up the entire discussion! Either that, or some dumb bitch will jump at the chance to chastise you for shit, damn or hell!! That’s when the entire “point” is lost…

          72. Jon west says

            I don’t like the Monkey in the WH or his rioting Chimps in the streets either. I wonder how many would look like his son if he had one?

          73. Angry American says

            From what I read & know it is all true, maybe you should keep up with what is happening, you seem to not know what is happening. It is people like you that got this P.O.S into office believing all he says, I am willing to bet that you still believe all the lies he has told as gospel. Most of America have found out what a liar he really is. Do you know how many lies he told about the ACA (obama care) I don’t think you really know anything

          74. Tom Moulthrop says

            Everything he listed happened and is absolutely true. WHAT KIND OF BLIND IGNORAMUS ARE YOU???? Oh wait, I know, everything is always about race right? Stop race baiting for once and just look at the facts. He only became president because he lied and appealed to low IQ voters such as yourself.

          75. PutinOnTheRitz says

            I know, I know. I’m so “low IQ” that I’m a MENSA member. How come you haven’t provided any concrete references to anything to back up these ridiculous assertions? Nobody here has. Gee… I wonder why that is?

          76. 1American1st says

            Keep up your fantasies… MENSA…. HaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaa

            You can’t even figure out that Obama uses Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

          77. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Ah, yes. “Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.” Now, you probably have no idea what that means; it’s something you heard on Fox or something that Limbaugh or Beck said, but you go ahead and post it anyway. That kind of thing just cracks me up!

          78. Jon west says

            I’ve read the piece of crap but you keep trying, I bet I can quote it better than you. WOW, you continue to layout the proof of what a jackass you really are keep it up it’s good entertainment at least for me, at the end of the day!

          79. 1American1st says

            I’ve read it. Maybe it’s time you read it, then look in the mirror, Commie.

          80. retona4 says

            So what if he did?

          81. Jon west says

            If you need to brag about it or mention it you more that likely aren’t MENSA. WOW you socialist are really not that bright. I’d be willing to put my IQ up against yours any day of the week and twice on Sunday if you would like. Personality I believe you are a typical Socialist fraud, that puffs yourself up but really you come off as a joke and a phony. I love how you Socialists come on to conservative sites. As you can see I don’t hide behind a phony name on these sites.

          82. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Thanks for the chuckle, Jon. Let me know when you want to test your IQ against mine; I’m here all week.

          83. Mary Palermo Pringle says

            What a tool you are. A nonsensical ignorant tool who when the shit hits the fan will look to an American Patriot for protection. You and your ignorant libtarded compatriots will be better off heading for the borders of Iran lest one of the true Americans find a traitor in their midst.

          84. pineapple says

            If you read my post, you will see that race was NOT mentioned.
            The article below explains some of the reasons why Obama should not have been President.

            19 Signs That American Families Are Being
            Economically Destroyed (See #16)

            Submitted by Tyler Durden
            on 04/09/2015 Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

            The systematic destruction of the American way of life is
            happening all around us, and yet most people have no idea what is happening.
            Once upon a time in America,
            if you were responsible and hardworking you could get a good paying job that
            could support a middle class lifestyle for an entire family even if you only
            had a high school education. Things weren’t perfect, but generally almost
            everyone in the entire country was able to take care of themselves without
            government assistance. We worked hard, we played hard, and our seemingly
            boundless prosperity was the envy of the entire planet. But over the past
            several decades things have completely changed. We consumed far more
            wealth than we produced, we shipped millions of good paying jobs overseas, we
            piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and we kept
            electing politicians that had absolutely no concern for the long-term future of
            this nation whatsoever. So now good jobs are in very short supply, we are
            drowning in an ocean of red ink, the middle class is rapidly shrinking and
            dependence on the government is at an all-time high. Even as we stand at
            the precipice of the next great economic crisis, we continue to make the same
            mistakes. In the end, all of us are going to pay a very great price for
            decades of incredibly foolish decisions. Of course a tremendous amount of
            damage has already been done. The numbers that I am about to share with
            you are staggering. The following are 19 signs that American families are
            being economically destroyed…(Look at #19)

            #1 The poorest 40 percent
            of all Americans now spend more than 50 percent of their incomes just on food and

            #2 For those Americans that
            don’t own a home, 50 percent of them spend more than a third of their incomes just on rent.

            #3 The price of school
            lunches has risen to the 3 dollar mark at many public schools across the nation.

            #4 McDonald’s “Dollar Menu
            & More” now includes items that cost as much as 5 dollars.

            #5 The price of ground beef
            has doubled since 2009.

            #6 In 1986, child care
            expenses for families with employed mothers used up 6.3 percent of all income. Today, that figure is up to 7.2 percent.

            #7 Incomes fell for the bottom 80 percent of all income earners in the United States
            during the 12 months leading up to June 2014.

            #8 At this point, more than 50 percent of all American workers bring home less
            than $30,000 a year in wages.

            #9 After adjusting for
            inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000
            since 2007.

            #10 According to the New
            York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

            #11 47 percent of all Americans do not put a single penny out of
            their paychecks into savings.

            #12 One survey found that 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to

            #13 According to the U.S.
            Department of Education, 33 percent of all Americans with student loans are currently
            behind on their student loan debt repayments.

            #14 According to one recent
            report, 43 million Americans currently have unpaid medical debt on
            their credit reports.

            #15 The rate of
            homeownership in the U.S.
            has been declining for seven years in a row, and it is now the lowest that it has
            been in 20 years.

            #16 For
            each of the past six years, more businesses have closed in the
            United States
            than have opened. Prior to 2008, this had
            never happened before in all of U.S.

            #17 According to the Census
            Bureau, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home
            that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

            #18 If you have no debt at
            all, and you also have 10 dollars in your wallet, that you are wealthier than 25 percent of all Americans.

            #19 On top of everything
            else, the average American must work from January 1st to April 24th just to pay all federal, state
            and local taxes

          85. Tom Moulthrop says

            Your words. “You just don’t like a black guy being in charge, do you?” A race baiting comment if I ever heard one. “Everyone” on the internet belongs to Mensa, just ask them. You try so very hard to sound smart but only to yourself. The rest here can see through the Obama transparency you share with many others with the same disease. I’m dumber now just for interacting with you.

          86. 1American1st says

            So typical dumbazz Liberal, always pull the race card because you can’t defend that piece of crap. Well, you know what? You Liberal jerks wore the race card out. Nobody’s buying YOUR racist BS.

            Obama isn’t a horrific prez because he’s black. He’s a horrific prez because he is totally inept, a Racist, a Socialist, panders to our enemies & to foreigners, knows zero about our military, knows nothing about economics or our Capitalist system or anything else for that matter. WORST PREZ EVER!

          87. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Facts, please. References. Citations.

            You don’t like him; fine. I don’t care why you don’t like him. Just don’t make up sh*t to justify it. If it’s the policies that you oppose, explain what you don’t like, why you don’t like it, and how you would make things different. That’s dialog; that’s how things work in a functional democracy. Dialog and compromise. (Our bicameral Congress, for example, is the result of a compromise.) Blind hatred just isn’t going to get you anywhere.

          88. 1American1st says

            And BLIND STUPIDITY by Democrats is what got us int situation we are in now. Nobody has to make sh*t up, he manages to make bad decisions almost daily, all by himself & certainly without Congressional approval. He is not a king & he can’t make laws, but of course he keeps trying, doesn’t he?

          89. Chuck Rosenthal says

            Come on Ritzy, if you’re so hot on facts how about presenting us with a few to back up your phoney line.

          90. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Wow, Chuck. OK; since you don’t seem to believe what I’ve said about a compromise leading to the bicameral Congress, here’s a link that should be about the right speed for you:


            Now, if you were really asking for me to provide a link showing Obama not doing the things that the silly post said he did… well, that’s kind of hard. But as I posted elsewhere, you can go to factcheck.org or snopes.com or politifact.com and look that stuff up. Of course, you won’t believe it — it conflicts with the artificial world view you’ve constructed — but you also will be unable to provide a single link to back up any of those claims.

          91. retona4 says

            (Doesn’t mention their hatred began the second they learned a black man would be president.

          92. 1American1st says

            YOU ARE THE RACIST!
            The only reason YOU support him is because he is black. There is a lot more to being a President than just the color of his skin.

            Obama is a loser & you know it. Not because he is black but because he is a Democrat Socialist, totally inept & HE is a Racist.

          93. retona4 says

            “Obama is a loser & you know it. Not because he is black but because he is a Democrat Socialist, totally inept & HE is a Racist.”

            Did the president join a new political party? I haven’t heard any news about it.

          94. Rosie46 says

            Another uninformed voter. It has nothing to do with his color, but his character, his policies and his lies. We should not vote for color, but for character (from a black minister) and he got in the WH because of his color.

          95. Henry Servatt says

            @PutinOnTheRitzy, is that the best you can do, deny all, and accuse of racism? I haven’t vetted these accusations yet, but some of them I do remember as they occurred. Some of them, while possibly not being scrupulously true to the n-th detail, surely did give a strong circumstantial message. I don’t believe in coincidences much, to begin with, but when overlay several of the circumstantial incidents, any possible aura of coincidence fades away. Not sayin’, just sayin’…

          96. debi feldet says

            Nothing to do with race, sounds like your racist, lets just stick to the facts, HE IS DELIBERATELY ENDANGERING THE PEOPLE & THIS COUNTRY! IF YOU DON’T SEE THAT YOU ARE BLIND! We the people of thia country, USA are sick of it, we WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK! His Unconstitutional Acts have to STOP!

          97. PutinOnTheRitz says

            (Shrug) OK; what unconstitutional acts? How is he endangering the country? You folks all scream the same thing, but never back up your charges.

            You know, we have a system in this country to determine whether something is constitutional or not; it’s the Supreme Court, not some right-wing discussion forum. So while you may think he’s done something unconstitutional, it’s not for you to decide. Those 9 folks on the Court are the ones. (And they’re in your corner, too; it’s a very right-wing and reactionary court.)

            Honestly, sometimes I wonder if any of you have actually read the Constitution, at least anything other than the Second Amendment.

          98. debi feldet says

            I know we have a system, he doesn’t follow!
            1 NO BORDER SECURITY
            3 BENGHAZI
            5 IRAN
            12 DOESN’T ENFORCE LAWS!
            Do you wani ?

          99. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Yes, I wani.

          100. Brenda Harrell says

            You really are that dumb. You are the only one on these forms, that injected race into the conversation, so that makes you the racist. Grow up!

          101. Chuck Rosenthal says

            Are you completely out of your mind, or just a miserable rat with a love for mindless destruction?

          102. chief1937 says

            Where have you been troll you know they are all true as most have been on the news. Don’t really care what color is in charge so long as they do their job according to our constitution. For your information he is only half black.

          103. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Yeah his cup is only half empty! He is still half white! Quit robbing him of that!!!


          104. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            I love Ben Carson!!!

          105. Karen says

            Where have you been, under a rock? You probably can’t read anything over 3rd grade level, otherwise you would have heard or read about ALL the incidents that Pineapple mentioned. I feel so sorry for you ignorant people, it must be really hard when you are always in the dark and can’t keep up with what is happening in this world! Wait, you know, maybe you are better off NOT knowing because you are probably not bothered by all this crazy S*IT!!

          106. PutinOnTheRitz says


            So, Karen, not only can I read, but I can provide links for my assertions. But then again, as you pointed out elsewhere, I believe in science. You, by your own admission, do not, so I doubt very much that you would have any interest in the truth, especially if it conflicts with what you believe. I’m perfectly happy to be proven wrong; I’d rather have someone correct me than continue to believe something that isn’t true.

          107. Karen says

            So, let me ask you this, do you believe in love? I would say not because you cannot touch it, prove that it exists by testing it in a lab, can’t reproduce it in a lab setting, can’t measure its matter, can’t prove that it exists because it isn’t written down on paper, etc, SO… love DOES NOT exist! RIGHT? One day, when the trumpet sounds, you will be left behind and then you will understand what I was talking about!

          108. delbert balling says

            Your joking; right?

          109. ken29 says

            Maybe, just maybe, some of them didn’t happen, but many of them did happen on live public TV. Sorry you missed them. Were you busy watching Pravda?

          110. PutinOnTheRitz says

            Want to hear something funny, Ken? If I made a claim, I’d be able to back it up with concrete proof. Like a link to the video. As for Pravda, it’s sad that you “conservatives” are such a humorless lot. Apparently, you don’t get the “Putin On The Ritz” reference. Oh well…

          111. ken29 says

            You did make some claims and didn’t back them up with any references (concrete proof?). I see you have since added one vaguely related link. I think I got the original humor in the phonetic rendition of your screen name. I guess you didn’t get, or maybe didn’t appreciate, the connection of that choice to the journalistic source of socialist ideas like yours.

          112. usmc354 says

            You sir, another arrogant braindead LIBERAL Obama minion, rank as one of the least informer knownothings! It takes little effot to google EVERY THING in pineapple’s post. Due to your ignorance and closeminded attitude, you sir, wish to be satisfied to wander this life without knowledge and insight and remain true to your savior, the impostor. I truly pity persons as you!

          113. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says


            Saudi King Abdullah April 1st, 2009 – Obummer did more than bow, he prostrated, and the White House came forward lying saying it never happened after it aired live on like 50 channels worldwide!!! The same day he bowed to Queen Elizabeth II of England as well but it was a smaller nod bow not a slap your hands to ass and bend over bow like he awarded Abdullah with.


            A little later in 2009 (November I believe it was) he prostrated again to Japanese Emperor Akihito (and his wife), he then began a series of bows following that looked like a chicken pecking corn. It was even noted that he was bowing once per second for about 20 seconds.


            Then in May of 2012 he bowed to the communist Chinese Hu Jintao.


            There were many others, but the worst I think was the Burger King (seen here).



            Obama says to the Muslims, “أنا واحد منكم” (I am one of you)



            Obama says, “My Muslim faith”



            Obama gives $770 million to rebuild foreign mosques. (Not $100 million like Pineapple quoted.



            In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition.



            Obama says, “I am a muslim,” “I am one of them,” multiple references to “The HOLY Qur’an” with his little roll of the tongue, and various others see this video…



            I know that is only the first 6 on Pineapple’s list but of the first 6 his (or her) list is 6 for 6. I would assume if you look up each that you will find they are true…

          114. pineapple says

            If you read my post, you will see that race was NOT mentioned.

            The article below explains why Obama should never have been President.

            19 Signs That American Families Are Being
            Economically Destroyed

            Submitted by Tyler Durden
            on 04/09/2015 Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

            The systematic destruction of the American way of life is
            happening all around us, and yet most people have no idea what is happening.
            Once upon a time in America,
            if you were responsible and hardworking you could get a good paying job that
            could support a middle class lifestyle for an entire family even if you only
            had a high school education. Things weren’t perfect, but generally almost
            everyone in the entire country was able to take care of themselves without
            government assistance. We worked hard, we played hard, and our seemingly
            boundless prosperity was the envy of the entire planet. But over the past
            several decades things have completely changed. We consumed far more
            wealth than we produced, we shipped millions of good paying jobs overseas, we
            piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and we kept
            electing politicians that had absolutely no concern for the long-term future of
            this nation whatsoever. So now good jobs are in very short supply, we are
            drowning in an ocean of red ink, the middle class is rapidly shrinking and
            dependence on the government is at an all-time high. Even as we stand at
            the precipice of the next great economic crisis, we continue to make the same
            mistakes. In the end, all of us are going to pay a very great price for
            decades of incredibly foolish decisions. Of course a tremendous amount of
            damage has already been done. The numbers that I am about to share with
            you are staggering. The following are 19 signs that American families are
            being economically destroyed…(Look at #19)

            #1 The poorest 40 percent
            of all Americans now spend more than 50 percent of their incomes just on food and

            #2 For those Americans that
            don’t own a home, 50 percent of them spend more than a third of their incomes just on rent.

            #3 The price of school
            lunches has risen to the 3 dollar mark at many public schools across the nation.

            #4 McDonald’s “Dollar Menu
            & More” now includes items that cost as much as 5 dollars.

            #5 The price of ground beef
            has doubled since 2009.

            #6 In 1986, child care
            expenses for families with employed mothers used up 6.3 percent of all income. Today, that figure is up to 7.2 percent.

            #7 Incomes fell for the bottom 80 percent of all income earners in the United States
            during the 12 months leading up to June 2014.

            #8 At this point, more than 50 percent of all American workers bring home less
            than $30,000 a year in wages.

            #9 After adjusting for
            inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000
            since 2007.

            #10 According to the New
            York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

            #11 47 percent of all Americans do not put a single penny out of
            their paychecks into savings.

            #12 One survey found that 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to

            #13 According to the U.S.
            Department of Education, 33 percent of all Americans with student loans are currently
            behind on their student loan debt repayments.

            #14 According to one recent
            report, 43 million Americans currently have unpaid medical debt on
            their credit reports.

            #15 The rate of
            homeownership in the U.S.
            has been declining for seven years in a row, and it is now the lowest that it has
            been in 20 years.

            #16 For
            each of the past six years, more businesses have closed in the
            United States
            than have opened. Prior to 2008, this had
            never happened before in all of U.S.

            #17 According to the Census
            Bureau, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home
            that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

            #18 If you have no debt at
            all, and you also have 10 dollars in your wallet, that you are wealthier than 25 percent of all Americans.

            #19 On top of everything
            else, the average American must work from January 1st to April 24th just to pay all federal, state
            and local taxes

          115. Ms_V says

            All true . . . and sickening. This is only a list of what is publicly known, it is probably even far worse than we know, if that’s possible. And, to PutinOnTheRitz, he’s not a black guy, he’s a mixed guy, i.e., black AND white, and no one cares.

          116. debi feldet says

            Race Color doesn’t matter, its their illegal & unconstitutional actions! He needs to be stopped, if cogress won’t do there job, it will be up to us! Congress will be next for not doing there job, their constituents are watching them also, we the AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE FED UP!

          117. Gerard Regnier says


          118. ggarrett34 says

            What are YOU doing??

          119. Gerard Regnier says

            Why should I tell you and the entire nation what I am doing? It seems to
            me like a very foolish thing to do, sort of like broadcasting your game
            plan to the opposition.

          120. Warrior7Princess says

            Right. I don’t care anything about his color. All I care about is removing him for all the damage he has done. His color is totally irrelevant.

          121. 1American1st says

            Right. Nobody cares about his color, that’s just something brain-washed Liberals use when they have nothing to say to defend the illegal, improper, immoral, inept actions of the jackass in the White Mosque.

            Libs can’t stand it because we really don’t care if he’s green, but we do care that he is evil & dangerous to America. Libs are unpatriotic Socialists, the product of Socialist propaganda. They call themselves “Progressives”, but it seems to me they’ve turned back the hands of time to the 60s & even back to the 30s & 40s, reminiscent of Hitler.

          122. autrypma says

            I want to not only remove him, I want him in prison or worse. He is a traitor to our country, along with several “others. He should pay, not draw his retirement or whatever he thinks he should get…it should be real punishment, not a slap on the hand. This is serious business…this is our lives, our children’s lives and future and our Countrys’ future…this must be stopped.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          123. will kari says

            He’s a illegal alien Muslim,that’s what the Democrats and the stupid news media had elected as POTUSA.

          124. Brenda Harrell says

            Great post and all true, and here we are sitting here typing, when we should be marching in DC, demanding he be arrested for treason.

          125. pineapple says

            Not to worry. We will probably all be arrested when they see our posts.

          126. Brenda Harrell says

            I will live free or die free. I will never give in to that terrorist traitor without a fight!

          127. autrypma says

            I am with you Brenda…I will not be intimidated or threatened…and not ever give in to that terrorist traitor..exact title.

          128. afanaglenn says

            Live free or die, just like Brenda says.

          129. patriciaicon says

            Do a Google search ……obama impeachment …..and read the full list of specific wrongdoings of this administration of obozo…article by article by article written Jan this year. I did not check on the status of its passing….both houses.

          130. autrypma says

            I have a list, sent to me by Judicial Watch, of at least 75 SPECIFIC WRONGDOINGS of this administration of OB. And yet he continues!!!
            How many greedy selfish, crazies do we have in our legislature. How many of them also have been threatened by OB’ and gang…Any where he is becomes defiled and trouble is brewing…ANYWHERE…check it out…and I honestly cannot think or do not know of one single act where OB has done anything to “help Americans”, only hinder, bring in thousands of illegals (for political purposes – not humanitarian purposes)cause race relations to worsen, encourage people to be against the
            police – who are here to defend us, not to fight citizens who have been fed this liberal, socialist junk…Is there anybody out there who was alive when Hitler was stampeding over German, France, Italy, Switzerland…it was during and the cause of WORLD WAR II. Has anybody read about the German prison camps, the horror of the MILLIONS of Jews and others who were KILLED in masses, by Hitler’s troops,
            Has anybody read about the destruction of MILLIONS of people’s lives, homes, businesses, This is what OB is about. This is what he wants. The destruction of America, as we know it. it could become: Muslim America…Heaven help us..

          131. patriciaicon says

            Did you do the Google search…who is reading my comment!

          132. Terry Rushing says

            We will never get Milquetoast McConnell and crybaby Boehner to move on that, even if brush were piled around them and a match was struck. They are both RINO establishment “republicans” who are afraid they’ll shut down the government.

          133. chief1937 says

            Guilty as charged on all accounts.

          134. Warrior7Princess says

            Good post Pineapple. Even with all his distractions, we should never be dismissive of all he has done. It is hard to believe he has done this much damage.

          135. DarrellinColo says

            This should be Obamas legacy as the worst president of the United States and her bigest enemy!!!

          136. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Hey Pinapple!

            I don’t think there is any way to persuade the Obamanation supporters to see reality. Maybe we should just find a strong military dictator like Kim Jong and invite him to run for US president.

            At least then we can be assured that we will have national security and all the Muslims and illegals will stay out. At the same time the liberal commies will certainly vote for him since he will promise lollipops, rainbows, unicorns, and leader that cannot lie (or poop for that matter)…

            They will certainly be willing to obey such a magnificent master.

            [sarcastic but true]

          137. pineapple says

            Perhaps we could install as a benevolent dictator one of the following:
            1. Lee Iacoca
            2. Donald Trump
            3. Mark Levin
            4. Rand Paul

            Actually, you or I would be better than what we have. I would insist on following the Constitution and those who won’t work shouldn’t eat.

          138. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            I would love to see Donald Trump run things. Our economy would improve. I can see him auditing branches of government and the White House staff in my head, “What do you do? … you hesitated you’re fired!!!” LOL! I can see Trump bankrupting the rest of the world. I used to live near Atlantic City and seen how he runs that town. When he wants to shutdown competition they are gone. As president maybe he could get rid of that squirrel tail on his head. LOL!

            Lee Iococa failed in keeping Chrysler afloat – clearly someone that doesn’t monitor his subordinates spending (look at the millions spent on Asian masseuses in Hawaii). We don’t need that. Bush told us (before everyone threatened marshal law on him) “I believe in a free market system in America. It is my opinion to let failing businesses fail. It has been proven that others will rise to the occasion and replace them.” From his FIRST speech on the bailout, it was cut about two hours later by the libs in the media.

            Rand Paul would be very strong on foreign policy — that would be a big plus. He also seems to hate the Fed and Wall St. Knock our oligarchs down a notch. We would see that much needed Wall St., Fed, IRS, and Dept. of Treasury audit that we need desperately. He also seems strong on government transparency.

            I must confess I don’t know much about Mark Levin, so I have no educated opinion there.

          139. Blogengeezer says

            All so true. Sickening is the lavishly gushing way he came to Power ‘Over’ the people. The 9-11 Faith frenzy that immediately followed the attack on the USA, lasted for what, a few weeks, months while blaming Bush?

            Then ‘The People’ elected a muslim as POTUS. Can’t get much more ADD than that. In the chemically dependent USA of today, all of the Mad Hatter’s logic and The Queen of Hearts intelligence, can not save the USA. Into the rabbit hole of insanity we go.

          140. afanaglenn says

            And unbelievably, there are still those who believe that he is not a muslim.

          141. Anthony Miller says

            If that ILLEGAL,POS,doesn’t like our way of life,he sure is MILKING it for all he can get! Arrest and EXECUTE him for crimes against the United States of America!

          142. Angry American says

            That would be one execution I would attend, so I could cheer them on with some cat calls to the one, I want him to know with out any doubts at that his scam will stop with his demise

          143. susanna says

            I agree!

          144. Michael Dennewitz says

            This sir, is why I am beginning to say, “I’m a proud Vietnam vet, but I no longer go around bragging about it!” Hope you understand my meaning!…

          145. debi feldet says

            He needs to be imprisoned also for his criminal acts, lynch better watch out she is right behind him!

          146. bullet.varmit@yahoo.com says

            IT makes me wish SOME ABORTIONS were RETROACTIVE !!

          147. ken29 says

            Holder isn’t AG anymore, it’s now Lynch. Not much difference beyond gender and name.

          148. 1American1st says

            This is an older thread fro 9 or 10 months ago, but became quite active again. A lot below is relevant even today.

          149. 1American1st says

            Lynch is Holder in a skirt.

          150. rebapiper says

            they got the right name for the General Attorneys office, A Lynch party for the Police, A lynch party for America as well, it they get their way and disarm Americans and the Police.

          151. TPM says

            Any prosecution of Harry would DIE of old age on Holder’s desk.
            Haven’t you heard? Going after Democrats is … Racist

          152. TomBerger says

            You’re right, but which half of this HalfBreed’s (Imposter President) race would they / we go after? His White half or his Black half.

          153. sherri palmer says

            after the muslim part

          154. Laddyboy says

            TomBerger: All of the colors of the rainbow. The body is ONE being. The offense is done be the “being”, NOT THE COLOR.

          155. MikeS says

            His back half…with a steel toe boot…in public…right down Pennsylvania Ave.

          156. Don Jusko says

            Says you TPM

          157. Laddyboy says

            TPM: Change the name from ‘e. holder’ to ‘l. lynch’. Then your comment would be 100% correct.

          158. jfmor says

            Oh great…. Holder will block justice.

          159. Robert Frye says

            That negro has to go!

          160. Anna says

            which one ..LOL ( both of them)

          161. Cranky Steven says

            Holder is no more a Negro than obama. They are both mulattos. Cafe au lait, so to speak. They inherited the worse of both races.

          162. Joe Thomas Williams says

            Where yall get this negro crap? They bothe are stone cold,white hating niggers.One is even a muslim nigger.

          163. Cranky Steven says

            I have heard it said, “Not all blacks are niggers but all niggers are black.” Think Dr. Carson and barack to see the meaning of this.

          164. gubllod says

            Obama’s racial background is, I believe, Arabian-Caucasion. His father’s side [and his grandfather] came from one of the Arabian tribes which has a darker skin. There are a number of Arabian tribes which are darker in complexion than many of the other tribes. It was his grandfather who emigrated to Kenya. He has no African heritage but permits people to think this here in the USA for political reasons. In effect Arabia is completely Muslim and the sacred Muslim sites of Mecca and Medina are both there.

          165. A Lee Lowe says

            they are here too!!

          166. Kenneth Van Antwerp says

            It doesn’t matter what race he is, he has to go. In fact he never should have elected in the first place.

          167. gubllod says


          168. Mike Curtis says

            That’s what happens when you put a honky in the wood pile

          169. fred says

            Reid and Pelosi are the closest to him, and were the enablers who supposedly “vetted” him as eligible for office, so they BOTH need to be indicted and prosecuted as well.

          170. 1American1st says

            And whatever happened to the deal he & his son, who represented a Chinese company, were collaborating on to sell thousands of acres of Public American land to that Chinese company? Somebody sure shut that story down fast…. and I read somewhere Hairy’s son no longer represents that China company.

            I still think that was a conflict of interest.

          171. Btty says

            ROFLOL, Of course it’s going nowhere. State of Utah is run by Mormans, Dirty Harry is a Morman and brings them a lot of money. Do you really think they will prosecute one of their own? I highly doubt it. Unfortunately!

          172. Joann Holmes says

            No they don’t because of the rinos McCain,Graham,Boehner,McConnell,just to name a few there are plenty of republicans that vote with the democrat-COMMUNISTS. They need to be removed from office replaced with conservatitives.

          173. Merle Dickey says

            VOTE, please

          174. Geno says

            I’ve bee voting for secure borders and against illegal aliens for 28 years. That has sled to nowhere! It is time for the next step! A second American revolution is constantly coming closer. As long as we have democrats and repjublidcans nothing will change on this issue!

          175. grunion says

            I am with you but we all know it will be very messy. We have to harden our hearts and be willing to act in ways alien to most of us but necessary to secure our freedom. I do not look forward to the next 2 years. That maniac is going to do something very stupid, count on it.

          176. Geno says

            My heart was hardened when that drunk driving alien killed my son and only child, because an acting republican President signed an amnesty In America when we sign for something, we own it or owe for it. Reagan owns that one along with the party he belonged to. So, I vote, but not for either major party. When politicians of both parties, see low wages to be more precious than American lives, trouble was coming, and they asked for it. America today is not America as it was when I went to school. It is not the America my uncles died for in WW-II!

          177. grunion says

            You have my condolences. My Pop was an officer in the sub service during WW II. He is 96 now and active but I am concerned that the intense anger he feels toward, “This select group of what is now the worst government we have ever experienced”. Then he shakes his head and mumbles something about unintended consequences. Point being, he and I share your views. He just has a lot longer timeline from which to draw his conclusions.
            The one my Dad insists is going to happen is a devaluation of the dollar from 10 to 1.

          178. Geno says

            Two things I’d like you to pass on to your Pop, a pat on the back and a hug in a display of my appreciation for his service. I havea friend who is 88, he said to me in ’08, “Geno, we have probably lived in the best of years that the USA historically will ever have.” He served in that one too. We cannot keep fighting other’s wars, providing foreign aid then taking everyone’s poor, and giving our jobs to other’s poor warring about non-existent WMD’s and expect the USA survive. We are not the world’s Santa Claus!

          179. grunion says

            I just passed your words along to him, he smiled and said “You are very welcome”. He appreciated it even if he didn’t say so, we could tell…

          180. theseer says

            Reagan clearly announced he was wrong to grant amnesty!!!!

          181. Angry American says

            Reagan admitted he made a big mistake after signing amnesty into law, unfortunately he saw it to late!!

          182. Angry American says

            That “maniac” does something every day so I guess you would have to pick one from the pile

          183. trugrits says

            What is the point of voting when in reality there is only one party and we aren’t invited? Libertarian will never make it past the brain washed citizens to be elected.
            McCain and Romney were used as shoe ins for Obama. That worked out real good didn’t it?

          184. MARYSWEET says

            The purpose of voting is that maybe your one vote will make a difference. And if all the people who feel like you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain and things will remain the same.

          185. Cliff Stewart says

            You’re somewhat wrong there. I have never missed a chance to vote to try and get rid of the garbage that has been ruining our country. But just recently I have been thinking along the same lines as those you are talking to. I have YET to see where my vote counted….any of them! And now it has become so ugly and nasty and seemingly out of control in D.C. that I wonder, FOR REAL does ANYONE’S vote ACTUALLY mean ANYTHING?

          186. MARYSWEET says

            Cliff I think you may have noticed a change in the mid term elections. It’s a beginning and we did get rid of some of the trash in DC. Don’t give up. I know things are bad and I get very frustrated but I keep trying and I do feel the mid terms were a beginning. At least we do it legally and only vote once and in only state whereas the dems were votes in more than one state and voted several times for their choice. KEEP THE FAITH. GOD IS IN OUR CORNER.

          187. Cliff Stewart says

            Mary Sweet ( What a sweet name)…I like where you’re at in your thinking. It’s a shadow of what mine USE to be….before all the corruption seemed to take over. Which brings me to my question: Anymore is “doing it legally” really getting anywhere??? And hey, I love your spirit and having faith that GOD is in our corner. But is he really…since we have done everything lately but PHYSICALLY slap him in the face??? I know he is a loving and caring and forgiving GOD…but remember at one time, because of Israel’s actions (much like ours), he did turn his face from them. And we are no better than Israel (HIS chosen people). Remember HE left Israel alone to wonder in the desert for forty years….and we’re not even his chosen people.

          188. MARYSWEET says

            Thank you for the kind remarks. I do believe God is looking after us – it is we who have let him down. I don’t mean you personally but look at all the evil in the world and it seems to be growing, and the hate. I also believe he is telling us in his own way how unhappy he is with the condition of his children in this world. If the majority don’t stand up and say STOP – we must live according to the Bible and the Ten Commandments if nothing else. The Commandments alone would make the world a much better place. With some of our natural catastrophes I do think it is his message that He is trying to get the attention of the worst sinners that they are destroying our world and going against everything He has taught. I am not a church goer but my late husband (who was Jewish and I am christian) talked about religion and not really surprising we agreed on every aspect. It’s really very simple when you just follow the Ten Commandments. I pray every day that people will wake and realize what is happening and make every effort to get back on the right track.

          189. Karen says

            He (GOD) let them wonder in the desert for 40 years as punishment for turning their backs on GOD! But even thru their wondering, he supplied their EVERY need! Notice I said NEED not WANT!! We (US) have turned our backs on GOD and he allows us to be punished for our wicked ways! This country has made money and power its god, we have refused to acknowledge sin for what it is…adultery, promiscuous sex, children outside of marriage, homosexuality, laziness (welfare), I could go on, but you should get the idea!! And now we are feeling the pain from our disobedience!!

          190. sherri palmer says

            Remember that libertarians are for amnesty…Romney should be ashamed of himself for saying the GOP should vote to fund osamas executive amnesty bill.

          191. Cranky Steven says

            Merle, right on! Vote early. Vote often. Vote conservative. Remember in November ’cause the WH doesn’t give a s*** about the four dead Americans in Benghaze or the Marine in Mexico. Boycott Mexico.

          192. Cliff Stewart says

            Well, November has come and gone…………..I voted……………but “McConnell the Bastard” and “Boehner the Bitch” sure voided my vote. It seems to be the same of’ story over and over. When and where does my “vote” actually count for anything??? It’s kind o’ like seeing a person trapped in quicksand and throwing them a rope coated in axle grease.

          193. Angry American says

            Boycotting mexico is easy, I haven’t been down there since the early 70″s & I didn’t loose anything down there so there is no reason to go back. Besides we have so many of them here in S. Ca. that we now call it mexifornia, there is a simple reason for that & that is we have so many millions of them here illegally that if you see a group of 100 of them you can safely bet that 70 of them are illegal. Now that is something the du8mbocrats are proud of, you must keep in mind that Ca. is now controlled by the left & if you think that is good they have run up the unfunded liabilities to over 100 Billion dollars. How is that for a track record? & they seem to be very proud of the record too

          194. Ed Shick says

            There should be a Way to Recall a man with over 300 bills that has not been introduced to the senate ,, If he is not of Sound Mind , he should be replaced along with our Muslim leader , Not tomorrow ,But today!

          195. Roger says

            There is, it is called we the people!





          196. Cranky Steven says

            I 100% agree. Walls work for Isreal and N.Korea, why can’t we have one?

          197. Don Jusko says

            We paid for it already.

          198. Cranky Steven says

            Don, excellent point. But we are going to pay even more dearly for not actually constructing what we paid for.

          199. Joe Thomas Williams says

            And arrest the traitor that some call Mr President.TThat nigger muslim,barrack.

          200. Cliff Stewart says

            If an illegal is here ILLEGALLY and commits any kind of crime then it should be “LEGAL” to KILL them on the spot…without any questions asked. Now go ahead you bunch of mushmellon liberal cry babies use my statement to fuel your stupid fires.

          201. TPM says

            So long as Democrats have a majority in the Senate, it cannot / will not happen.
            Impeachment has to be voted on (approved) by both the House and the Senate.
            The Dems in the Senate would NEVER vote to impeach.

          202. ELAINE MARZANO says

            TPM you are right. That is why we must do all we can to get the people to vote this November. We have to keep putting all the garbage that is going on with the administration right up front and in the face of all the people by letting them know what the truth is. No lies about anyone just the truth. Make them aware. It makes me sick to know so many people do not believe we are in trouble. So our job should be Make Them Aware. I also would like to ask if anyone has been receiving Emails from Washington regarding money for donations I am a republican and never got them before. I thought they were just bragging about how much they had for campaign candidates. I kept them because I thought they were very strange. Most of them look just like republican forms. They do not say who it is for until the very end. They say how they are afraid they will lose control of the white house. My first thought was if someone thought it was was for the republicans and they decided to donate to them that would be terrible. our own people paying for the other side. I am sure it is being done as another way to cheat in the elections. Please give me some in put.

          203. Gene Husky says

            Why don’t people do some research about this election.There will be no 2016 election.Martial Law has already been planned.Our illegal presishitdent will remain in office while martial law in in effect.Why in the hell do you think it was so important for him to sign this law.No-one was even thinking about martial law but him.Go figure.Why? If he is not physically removed along with his muslim leaders he appointed to head all the security forces(HLS. he created)we will see a lot of killing here in the US.Log on the http://www.x22….See the real truth.

          204. MARYSWEET says


          205. Gene Husky says

            I am pleased to see someone else paying attention.People get so rapped up in their corriculam they can’t see the forrest for the trees.Over 50% on welfare.That is intentional.Look up the Cloward Piven strategy and you will see the direction he is taking us.He learned from them at Columbia…Read the story and it will explain.

          206. MARYSWEET says

            I am ashamed to say that a member of my family voted for obama. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it so I really gave her a little education as to who he is and what his plans are for our country. Of course it was too late but you’re right when you say a large number of voters just vote for the looks of the candidate or for some stupid reason that has nothing to do with qualifications. Most people do not check out the candidates and who they really are. In fact, of all eligible voters, about half don’t even bother to vote. In my book they lose their privilege to complain when things don’t turn out the way they thought it would. The people on welfare has increased about 150% since obama got in office. I won’t say elected because he cheated by rigging voting machines, getting illegals to vote, dead people voted and some people voted in more than one state. This is all his plan though

          207. Norma says

            I get those letters looking for donations all the time.

          208. Don Jusko says

            Get rid of the RINO’s first. Don’t just give money to the GOP until the Tea Party group agrees that it’s worth it. Don’t let anyone usurp the name, we never said anyone could use it, if they are not on Ron Paul’s side they are out-of-here. Balance the budget, stop the unconstitutional wars.

          209. Karen says

            It doesn’t matter if we vote or not, the one with the most money/control will be PUT into office to serve/rule the US! We are allowed to voted only for show and to make us believe our vote counts! Do you really think OBUMO won the last two elections by the peoples vote? The corruption in the White House is alive and well!!

          210. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Karen, You are talking about 9 moths ago. We have come a long way in our thinking since then. I have said this over a hundred times do not give them any donations. And it doesn’t make a difference how much money you have it doesn’t mean you are qualified to be a President. and this time we will make sure that doesn’t happen again. And yes I do think that because he cheated. And made sure he got what he needed to win. even the dead people were asked to vote. Come 2016 we will have gotten rid of the way we vote now.

          211. Bird says

            As they say, “never say never.” Cuellar and others have turned…. there will be more.

          212. dave ussery says

            Screw the damn congress–a million or so of us Americans just need to invade DC and take OUR capitol back!

          213. bobplugh says

            Then maybe it’s time to RECALL THOSE DEMS in the Senate! GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!!

          214. TomBerger says

            It Doesn’t have to be Voted on According to the “Declaration of Independence”; Read it and see if I’m not right. “We the People” Can Take Action ourselves, and the Declaration tells us how to go about doing this.

          215. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Seldena, what makes you so sure that he will be here to not allow it?

          216. bpgagirl22VAnow says

            And wouldn’t it be awesome IF Dirty Harry were actually real?! The one of Clint Eastwood origin.

          217. wildeagleone says

            And that is why it is so important for the Republicans to first take over the senate and secondly get rid of Boehner and get someone with the guts to Impeach and then take the man to trial for treason

          218. grunion says

            You have ruined a whole genre of Clint Eastwood’s movies for me.

          219. bobplugh says

            Except that Dirty Harry might be out on his butt come election day – and it’s is ABOUT TIME. Then HE can be prosecuted for all his mis-deeds.

          220. grunion says

            I will dance naked on the town square if Reid goes to prison (not really, don’t want to scare the children).

          221. TomBerger says

            Nethier “Dirty Harry” or his Cohorts will have a Choice in this Matter.

          222. atchafa says

            Impeach him after
            reid loses majority!!!!

          223. Deborah G says

            I will be happy to watch that creep swing at the peverbial rope he hung himself with

          224. sherri palmer says

            But will they do it? I don’t think so…

          225. steven says

            The RINO’s have they tongues up O’BUTT HOLES rectum.

          226. papa doug says

            Seldena, you forget that it isn’t about Democrats and Republicans anymore, those are just old titles for the old guard. It’s about socialists and Constititionalists and both parties are overrun with socialists. That’s why it looks like a number of republicans have betrayed the people last November but they haven’t. They remained true to their socialists constituents.

          227. Seldena says

            It is socialism fighting Capitalism too. This is why I feel TED CRUZ is our only hope for our Republic. He is all about Constitutionalism and loves America. He does what he says.

          228. MARYSWEET says

            No, Dirty Harry is not in power now but the GOP leadership have taken over where he left off so they won’t allow it either. We need to get rid of the rinos in Congress as they are fighting the conservatives every step they take.

          229. Seldena says

            Mary, I agree with you that the rhinos are ruining the Conservative Republicans. I have asked McConnell and Boehner and Graham what was wrong with them! Why would they not agree with the Conservatives? Makes no sense to me excet I think the Rhinos are so used to getting what they want with their money deals, etc…

          230. bullet.varmit@yahoo.com says

            I hope you are,nt counting on the Mc RINOS !!

          231. Seldena says

            No, I am not. They are the problem!! Conservatives have to get their voice!!

          232. Frank W Brown says

            No, his doppelgänger mcconnell will toe the SAME line as dirty harry, it’s already happening. We don’t have government any longer as was the Dream of America!

          233. jillocity says

            takes 2/3 of Senate votes for impeachment…we have a majority of 54 (i believe), unfortunately far from the 67 needed for impeachment

          234. annmc says

            The GOP doesn’t have the guts to challenge Obama. They keep supporting him. When it comes to the NSA snooping (unconstitutionally) on law abiding citizens they roll over; when it comes to increasing the national debt they roll over; when it comes to the border, they haven’t done anything to challenge him, so what do you bet they will roll over.
            Rick (I want to be president) Santorum admitted in an interview he supports Obama when it comes to the NSA. Another liberal calling himself a Republican. He is pretty typical of the GOP: a wimp!!

          235. Seldena says

            The GOP is afraid like you said of Obama for some reason! They have enough to IMPEACH him but won’t because they fear an uprising of the blacks. When it comes to the NSA on the Patriot Act, there is Title 3 I agree with in listening to our enemies. Title 2 is about the American citizens. I am against that but, now we have American citizens with the enemies! SO what are we going to do? We have to listen or we will miss an attack.So, I am really torn. Some is good; some is not…

          236. Mike Failla says

            But the g.o.p. has no spine and if and that’s a big if, who replaces him? Joe biden! What an insurance policy!

          237. 1American1st says

            I’d rather have Joe Biden than Owacko. Joe Blow is a moron. Obama is evil. Look what he has done to blacks & whites. He has practically started a Civil War. He thinks Global Warming is more dangerous than ISIS ?!? He’s playing footsie with Communist Cuba, only 90 miles from our shores. He wants to give Iran the nuclear materials they need for nuclear weapons?!?

          238. Mike Failla says

            True enough. My thought was morons make mistakes as well and there is no doubt about what you wrote about the usurper in chief. Biden would get us into trouble by blundering into things. Truly, they both suck!

          239. 1American1st says

            597 days until Obama leaves office!
            I pinned the following “Obama Countdown Clock” to my task bar:


          240. Mike Failla says

            Cant get here soon enough. Just wonder what kind of surprises are in store for us before the clock expires?

          241. retona4 says

            So then you aren’t putting America first?

          242. Troof Detector says


          243. ricktenny says

            All we need is 60 votes and yet…….

          244. maxx says

            Even though the Republicans have the 60 votes, they never seem to be able to get the 60 because of all the dam RINOs. Until Congress is physically perp walked out of the chambers we will continue on the liberal spiral down the toilet. There is no other way to “clean up the corruption” PERIOD.

          245. Yadja says

            This man fits the description in the Constitution of a Traitor. He is a Traitor and it is up to Congress to decide his punishment that could include hanging. He has given aid and comfort to our enemies from day one and that can not be denied by anyone unless they go back and rewrite history.

            He is a Traitor. Pure and simple.

          246. Abbe Kemack says

            IT IS, WE THE PEOPLE! We have the rights to a government that works for and protects us. We have to contact our senators and complain to them so we can get it heard. Or we can picket the whitehouse. I am waiting for a notification from some group, as I will be there!

          247. Yadja says

            I walk at least 5 miles a day and I meditate and pray as I walk. I ask Great Creator to intervene. I thank Universal mind for the very fact I am walking and not fearing death. I am free for now.

            I contact my representatives, I am the constant annoying voice on their answer machines, we could do a lot more than we are doing but like the Japanese Admiral said when seeing the carnage of Pearl Harbor we have wakened a sleeping giant. Americans are sleeping.

            When they wake from their lethargy…….all He!! will break loose on Islam and every Muslim in this country. No not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are Muslims.

            Our “Good ole Boys” will take care of business and I will be right there with them.

          248. grunion says

            I keep up a pretty much non-stop flow if letters to my various representatives. Have they done any good? Somehow, I doubt it.

          249. Yadja says

            But we have to keep it up anyway. We don’t have anything else. Right now I am pushing for Congress to put down any Bill allowing the Horse Slaughterhouses to open throughout this country. We fought this battle years ago, a horse is not a cow, pig or chicken, they are incredibly intelligent and magnificent animals that, and no animal deserves slaughtering in inhumane ways, slaughtering for table food. The pictures sent me I cried for hours. A mare laying flat on her back dead with her entrails butchered and at her feet the dead colt still attached to the cord in a pool of blood. I would kill anyone I witnessed doing this. I really am working to get the word out. This is unacceptable and we can not allow it.

            Then my Congressman is working on something on my behalf, the DOD is sending bills out to soldiers saying they overpayed them over 10 years ago. There is a US Code 28 Section 2415 Subsection (d) that covers that and there is a limit of 6 years, but these people said they did not have to follow any code or law so we will see.

            He is also going to address my situation that was written-up in Frontpage mag, my fight with CAIR and see if he can find out where my medals went and why I have not received them. So they do work for us please if you care, say something about the horses. Thank you.

            March 10, 2004
            CAIR’s War from Within
            Andrew Whitehead and Lee Kaplan

          250. Roger says

            Why don’t you start the ball rolling?

          251. Bird says

            One problem…. it takes “money” to travel to Washington, it takes money to make picket signs, it takes “money” to buy guns and ammunition for protection, it takes “money” to advance a cause and advertise. One thing the low income, out of work, hour’s cut, hard working citizen’s (when they ARE employed) don’t have is “money”. Another reason the POTUS and cronies want to keep the rich, rich and the poor (the complaining class), poor.

          252. grunion says

            I didn’t used to be poor but something happened around 2011 and when I woke up, I had no job and no money.
            Strange world the liberals have created…

          253. robert3016 says

            A traitor he is and those who have let him me such are accessories to his tyranny! He has directly assisted the Islamist in the murder of our military but also other Moslems who as the Kurds, Christians and other minority groups who have been classifed as Satanists by the demons within the Islamic mental state of Sheah Law according to their demigods out of the 6th century conquest of Islam – life as a serfs in the name of Mohammad the son of Satan or death.

          254. Yadja says

            Yes he is responsible for millions of deaths now. Many don’t understand or realize that more men killed in Afghanistan after he became president than during Bush. Then you are right all the Christians, who I am sure he relishes that they are murdered and Kurd et al. He is indeed a mass murderer. People don’t even count those killed by his drone strikes. We are talking villages wiped out. He is the Devil incarnate.

          255. Don Jusko says

            Anyone in congress that doesn’t agree is also a traitor.

          256. Yadja says

            We are so surrounded by traitors. Have you heard about the University of Indiana and it’s “Truthie” project? They are monitoring Twitter with an online system to track misleading activities such as rooting out dissidents, people who make inappropriate political comments etc. It is supposed to be just an experiment to see how many out here are too Right and bashing the Left?

          257. Ddenney1 says

            I ask again can a present dent pardon himself for all crimes before he leaves office??? Wait and see!?!

          258. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Ddenney, I don’t think that is possible. Maybe we should make sure he has no Pen or Phone so he can’t do anything.

          259. dave ussery says

            Shatter both hands, break his jaw three ways-ought put a stop to his commie mooslem ass! oh yeah-find a cork big enough for his husbands mouth TOO!

          260. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Roy, Thank you for explaining that to us. I could not believe that if he were impeached he would get away with all the garbage stuff. I am so glad you gave us this information. Especially because Sarah new this and was being told she has no clue. But she does. She is a whole lot smarter than a lot of people give her credit for. She really never said we should do something that she didn’t research first to make sure she was right.

          261. azabigail says

            @Roy ….Great post. The other concern is if no one does anything and we end up having to pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars a year when he retires, for doing nothing but harm to America.

          262. Michael Dennewitz says

            Hell Roy, every damned one of the politicians are corrupt. It would take one hell of a cleaning to rid DC of ALL the parasites! When the repooplicans stab us in the back, as they just did and continue to do, I guess it’s a good day to “buy” a politician! I’ve really lost all my trust in ANY if them!! :-((

          263. tubesaft says

            If he was found not to be qualified to be president all his rulings would be voided according to what I heard. That sure would be the best way to go and with only one fact to prove.

          264. John Q. Public says

            Where were you when GW was in office ? He lied us Inot a war , killed over 4800 is soldier’s and wonded over 40000 not to say anything about the 3trillion $$$ he waisted. So where were you then .

          265. Roy Clingenpeel says

            JQ, I had just retired from 28 years of active service including 2 tours to Vietnam with 160 + combat air sorties. Your comment was an incoherent reply to my comment. What was your status?

          266. debi feldet says

            Ok lets remove him from office, not impeach him, then try & convict him to prison for life, for TREASON! He should be imprisoned like his bro morsi! hillary should also be imprisoned also for all her crimes, I would even allow her & bill to share. A cell! If I were chelsea or those two of obamas I would distance myself, becaue they are goung down! American Citizens are fed up!

          267. Roy Clingenpeel says

            debi, Impeachment is the only way to remove a sitting president from office other than not reelecting him. He must be removed before any other legal action other than censure, an administrative action by congress, can be taken against him. sorry we are stuck by congress’s inaction.

          268. Upward Trend says

            I must agree with you. Take him to task!

          269. sturgis says

            He’s not going to be Impeached! If he were it would take too long, and it would be a waste of time. He would finish his term and remain in office. The bottom line, if he and the progressives are allowed to continue with their agenda, this country will be transformed into a Socialist, if not eventually a Communist State. Anyone who loves America should just rationalize what this POS in the W.H. has done. The direction in which he is taking our country. Anyone who wants to change this country and the Constitution, does not, love America! There’s only one way to rid of the POS, and it’s not legal!

        3. EL says

          I would like to see him before a judge for all his criminal actions. Then HANG HIM!!

          1. pat ange says

            I would prefer to see him go before a firing squad of our military which he is destroying. If they asked them to volunteer for his FS there would be so many shooters, only hamburger obama would remain.

          2. Sam says

            ONLY IF; every rifle had HOLLOW POINT bullets that he purchased to KILL “We the People”! Why he bought all those rounds of ammunition is beyond me unless he/she planned to USE them on We the People. Don’t believe hollow point bullets are supposed to be used in warfare.

          3. Kenny Coffman says

            You’re right about the hollow points and warfare. Only FMJ (full metal jacket) cartridges are used by the military, as far as I know. But remember, this “warfare” is obviously going to be against the U.S. citizens by our government police forces. I guess that they’re allowed to rip up us citizens more so than, let’s say, the Taliban or other terrorist groups. “We The People” are more of a threat to our government, ya know?

          4. Pegasus0 says

            He and his handlers ARE the terrorists group, not the Taliban. Remember, the taliban, when they had control wiped out the poppy fields and fought the drug runners a lot harder than Bush and Obama did. Oh, thats right, Bush was the chief drug runner. LOL

          5. Angry American says

            because during war it is best to wound than kill, it takes two or more to remove the wounded than just leave the dead lie until graves registration comes to pick them up

          6. dan prater says

            Fmjs aren’t nice either. They don’t shred, but they make one hell of a hole all the way through and they’re harder to stop with armor.

          7. pat ange says

            I believe he is trying to start a civil war so that he can put marsh. law in place. That is why he has tried so hard to disarm Americans and purchased guns & amo. tru every dept. of the gov (post office, Dept. education, ect.). Islamic Terrorist have been coming tru the border for years and he knows it. America’s most dangerous terrorist threat is Obama. If Democrats continue to support him they should be declaired a terrorist organization and charged with treason along with America’s biggest Trader.. Why don’t he put all these illegal “children” in all the fema camps that DO EXIST; oh, he has them reserved for “We the People”.

          8. Pegasus0 says

            Very astute observation, Pat. These bankers never do something for only one reason and you hit on one of the big reasons. Starting a civil war will weaken the nation and the soldiers we have are so burned out, that our military readiness is shot all to hell, so then we will lose WW III as planned in order to move the global dictatorship/royalty forward and do away with the shredded mantel of freedom, to allow them to rule by fiat dictatorship. .

          9. Angry American says

            Did you know our government supplies uppers to service member during long deployments so they can stay alert

          10. wac4761 says

            this has been going on for a long time!!!

          11. maureen says

            I agree about his trying to incite civil war to institute marsh. law. This is how low we have become under his presidency.

          12. Seldena says

            You do know he signed that bill this week, don’t you? he is just waiting for an uprising to do just that! We have to constrain our emotions to ensure this does not happen! We will never get rid of him!

          13. MARYSWEET says

            He signed it in March 2012.

          14. PatriotGal says

            maureen, yes, that is what he meant when he said he would “fundamentally change America” a country of laws and citizens who mostly obeyed the laws – into a third world country with no laws under a tyrannical dictator.

          15. bayman61 says

            martial law.

          16. pat ange says

            Supreme court Chief Justice Scalera made a speech at the Univercity Of Hawaii he stated; that the Government has “Interment Camps in every state, he believes it is very wrong, but is sure they will use them. We have a corrupt, 53yo spoiled brat teenage bully for a President. He is stupid, incompentent and Ant-American. He is the worse enemy America has ever had.

          17. Byran Cook says

            I agree anyone that has not tried to stop him is complicit and he is treasonous so that makes them traitors things are going to get much much worse it may even end in the destruction of America as we know it but I think we can safely say that those responsible will be held accountable

          18. Merle Dickey says

            No most of them are staying in hotels or buildings they have revamped. Thought it was interesting, I heard on OAN that most of the illegals that were gave dates to go to court haven’t been showing up for their courts. Imagine that , just running loose through the country!

          19. PatriotGal says

            Merle, plus they’re flying on commercial flights without documents – yet, you, I, and anyone else who plans to fly must have photo IDs, etc., and submit to personal, dehumanizing invasions by the TSA.

          20. Merle Dickey says

            It is pretty obvious he is trying to deliberately ruin the economy with all theses illegals coming in. There won’t, be enough jobs of any kind out there. I hope employers just won’t hire them And maybe they will go back!He is so incompetent that he should resign but he won’t because he still has tricks up his sleeve.

          21. MARYSWEET says

            They never do show up. Also, they are flying to who knows where by themselves. TSA doesn’t use any security on them either just show their court date paper and they let them on the plane. Where are they getting the money to be flying anywhere?

          22. Merle Dickey says

            That is a very good question Mary!! It is frightening to think they let them go though a check point while the rest of the legal citizens have to take our shoes and jackets off. Last year I had surgery on my leg and it was wrapped due to bleeding. They pulled me out and said I had to unwrap it. I did but I didn’t do a very good job of wrapping back up I was so mad. They didn’t stop the middle eastern in front of me tho!!We have more traitors in the WH than just one!!!

          23. MARYSWEET says

            I am so very sorry that you had to go through all that. The TSA is such a joke in all reality. I believe we should disband them entirely and take some lessons from Israel. They have the best security in the world w/o all the BS our current government is imposing on us (w/o our consent). Hopefully things will improve if we can get a Republican majority in the Senate and the House with a Republican President in 2016. Maybe then we can get serious about security and securing our borders w/o causing our citizens to be humiliated and/or harmed. Right now our country is not ours, it’s obama and his fellow thugs who have hi-jacked it with the help of reid, pelosi and holder. Hope you’re doing well now.

          24. Merle Dickey says

            Thank you! I am doing great!But it was very frustrating to me at the time because of them letting the middle eastern guy through w /o any kind of extra screenings.

          25. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Merle, I have given that subject a lot of thought and one day it was a light bulb went off in my head. This is why he was letting all of the prisoners out of jail and not worried about where they were going to stay. My first thought was he probably is letting them stay at Camp David. That is why they never go their for vacation. He is probably training them to fight us. I am sure he did not just turn them loose and said I do not know where they are. And the ones he is letting thru the border, he knows exactly where they are. And what really makes me mad is we are paying for their food and board. He has everything ready to go. When you do not see Michele, or the kids for a while you know he is ready. The last time I questioned their whereabouts was when she wasn’t happy with him and wanted a divorce. I guess if we do nothing we will find out!!

          26. pat ange says

            Obama knew they would not show up for court…Obama is responcaible for them coming here illegally, part of his plan to destroy America. Rosemary’s baby is in the whitehouse.

          27. Merle Dickey says

            Oh, how right you are.

          28. brenda Harrell says

            I will never go to a Fema camp, I will try to survive in the wild if necessary. I believe what Thomas Jefferson said, Give me liberty or give me death, I will live free and die free!

          29. proudtexan62 says

            That was Patrick Henry but it’s still the way to go!!!

          30. brenda Harrell says

            Yes you are right and I knew that, just put in the wrong name. Dumb me.

          31. proudtexan62 says

            No, Brenda, you are far from dumb!!! You are a conservative!!! I have those moments all the time. The message is the important part and give me liberty or give me death is my battle cry too!!!! Our freedom and liberties are too precious to allow being taken from us. The liar and squatter in OUR White House is not going to do it!!!!

          32. brenda Harrell says

            Thank you proudtexan62, and you are exactly right. I stayed in your great state for a month on Lake Travis and loved it there. I am in Florida on the beach, if it wasn’t so cold on Lake Travis in the winter I would have moved there instead. Everything you said is spot on and if we conservatives don’t stick together and do what’s right for this country, it is lost.

          33. pat ange says

            Encourage all conservatives to vote in Nov.We have to take the Senate & keep the House. All that are able need to volunteer at their voting polls and watch for election fraude. If you live in Florida, you know we have mega democrat fraude here.

          34. brenda Harrell says

            This is my first time voting as Floridian, as I am from Virginia. I didn’t get my voter ID card or drivers license in time to vote in the primary. But I will be voting for Scott!

          35. leehardy says

            Concentration Camps are in Obama’s crazy political Marxist mentor Bill Ayers wealthy Chicagoan and wife terrorist bomber Bernadine Dohrn, Michelle’s friend! Their idea is to level the classes, just poor ones with the brilliant ones like Ayers and dohrn and Obama and evil ones ruling like emperors. Scary!

          36. pat ange says


          37. dan prater says

            We’ve got Billon’s also. And I do believe the military will be on our side. Bullet’s don’t care who bought them.

          38. MARYSWEET says

            Not all the military will be on our side. He has thinned out and fired about 500 top military who don’t agree with him and has hand picked his own military and police forces throughout the country. obama is this country’s worst enemy at this time including ISIS.

          39. dan prater says

            I was referring to the guys with the guns in they’re hands, not the o picked commanders.

          40. MARYSWEET says

            You’re right!!! We still have a lot of good guys out there – I know that.

          41. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Mary, Obama is ISIS. And Hamas, and every else. Just do not say bad things against them. And why do you think he is not going to destroy them. Those are his people. Not us.

          42. Merle Dickey says

            I’m sure that is part of his plan . THe NWO thing says the worlds population needs to be reduced by 80%!!That would be a start and if he would get a lot of us in Fema camps along with the illegals we could share their nasty diseases with them and poof there goes another bunch!!

          43. MARYSWEET says

            obama is stocking all that ammunition because he is stirring the racial pot and any other divide he can think of for this country. He wants to declare martial law so badly since he signed the executive order in March of 2012. He is also causing chaos on the border with this command to let everyone come in who wants to come in. Once Americans start rebelling he will declare martial law and possibly cancel the November elections. He is hell bent on destroying America.

          44. Balto2 says

            Sam, you are right, they are not to be used in warfare. So, if not to be used in warfare then it must be to use them on the American Citizens.

          45. Marilyn Stern says

            There are Muslim training camps all over the United States and Obama has Muslims training on our military bases, via the United Nations. The no loaded guns policy on our bases makes them very, very vulnerable, something that has already been proven. Obama opened the flood gates to Muslim immigration (one million, five hundred thousand in October, 2013, and that is in just one month) and increased visas for Muslim students by seven hundred percent as soon as he became president and the head of the Homeland Security Council is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Notice all the riots, led by Muslims, that are happening in our streets and on our campuses. Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, is considered our de facto president and Obama has members of the Muslim Brotherhood in his cabinet. Most should be able to put enough of these puzzle pieces together to envision the whole picture?

          46. Angry American says

            Yes & almost to a man they would want ammo not blanks

          47. MARYSWEET says


          48. Val says

            AMEN !

        4. Patti_Mi says

          The only reason he would not be arrested is because of Harry Reid. If the House impeached him, Reid would not try him in the Senate.

          1. gian2012 says

            Try Reid with him, he’s just as treasonous.

          2. David Roberts says

            Probably more treasonous. They both should be in jail.

          3. dan prater says

            He needs to stand next to o in all circumstance and recieve everything o receives.

          4. gian2012 says

            A toast to the demise of Dirty Harry and his buddy Obama, a bottle of Bud will suffice.

          5. dan prater says

            I just mean if o hangs dirty pants harry should be in the same noose

          6. brenda Harrell says

            A glass of Iced Tea would suffice for me.

          7. Pegasus0 says

            absolutely, then we could redefine the term “hanging around”, necktie party, etc…. LOL

          8. brenda Harrell says

            Don’t forget about Holder, Pelosi, and Biden and Hitlery!

          9. Sam says

            Then dirty harry reid MUST GO as well! I’m sure there are plenty that want to see him gone as well……

          10. Pegasus0 says

            Thats right, Harry Reid works for the Chinese. I forgot.

          11. Merle Dickey says


        5. Recon1969 says

          I agree with you. He should be charged with High Treason, tried in a criminal court, found guilty, and hung. Then he would be out anyway no need for impeachment.

          1. eddyjames says

            Yes in deed hang him high. Have a lottery to see which lucky citizen get to drop the trap door. Money can be used to pay off the national dept he’s responsible for.

          2. Recon1969 says

            You’re crazy as hell, but I love ya!

          3. dan prater says


          4. Sam says

            Could always pay to be on the firing squad and give him/it a 21 gun salute……

          5. Recon1969 says

            Firing squad yes, 21 gun salute, HELL NO! 21 gun salutes are reserved for the military and politicians that actually do good for this country. Obama is niether.
            Semper FI

          6. brenda Harrell says

            Thank you for your service. My son was a marine as well. Semper Fi and OORAH!

          7. brenda Harrell says

            He is only worth one bullet and one shot to the head would suffice.

          8. brenda Harrell says

            It should be the military that gets that honor!

        6. proudpatriot says

          OJ lost his civil trial…..OBUMMER would also!!!!!!!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            OJ is a fool. He got away with murder, and is now in prison for strong armed robbery of some old sports memorabilia.

          2. Sam says

            Wasn’t smart enough to keep his nose clean after getting away with TWO MURDERS….

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Never underestimate the power of STUPID!
            Heres a good one. The UF Sports Calender is featuring AARON HERNANDEZ (The Killer) as July’s athlete of the month! I wonder if OJ might make the UCLA Sports Calender next year……….

          4. Mark Clemens says

            If Obama’s Crew can “Rig/Fix” an Presidential Election (IRS Targeting) how hard could it be for him to “Rig/Fix” a jury box. Especially if they would hold the trial in Florida?

          5. dan prater says

            Why fl?

          6. Mark Clemens says

            Out of 5 high profile cases that DA Woman has lost all but one (Dunn) that was almost acquitted. Not to mention they cant count ballots down there either……. and their Governor looks like a walking penis.

            In all reality if Congress were going to impeach Obama, it would of either happened or we would be in the process of doing it now. We’ll just have to wait untill his term is over. For all you people who think he wont step down, if he dont and congress allows it. Will you be willing to take up fire arms & make it right, or will you just cry on social media? We have to many cry babys, and not enough doers. The Founders didnt ask permission to form a better nation. They took arms and matters in their own hands! Our grandparents saved the world from the Japs & Nazis. This generation cant even remove 535 greedy politicians. What happened to Liberty’s BACKBONE?

          7. Pegasus0 says

            You don’t have your history right at all. The original revolution was fought ONLY AFTER the British came for the guns. Before that Amreicans sat on their hands, and that is our way. Then when we have had enough, we take on the biggest bully on the block and whoop his ass. It only took 3% of Americans to beat the most advanced military in world history at the time. And we only had farmers and ranchers whose muskets misfired all the time. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and there are still some of us “educated” ones still left. We aren’t all dumb, ya know. To be honest, I DON’T THINK THEY CAN OR WILL BEAT US UNLESS WE SUFFER MASS TREASON.

          8. Mark Clemens says

            My history is right. I just left out the crying part. Jefferson and others petitioned the King, he ignored them. The King wanted to disarm HIS subjects before they got out of hand,(sound familiar ; senator Feinstein) . The Colonists stood up to the King. Whats the difference in a Tyrant being a Ocean away, or a domestic Tyrant Congress. Depriving people of Liberty and Employment? I see none. We jumped all over the Nazi & Japs. Whipped both armys in under 6 years. Why is this TERRORIST WAR taking so long? This nonsense has been building since the Clinton administration.
            You are right about the 3%. In the history of the world, it’s only taken 3% of a angry population to rise up & overthrow a seated government. How much more treason does this administration Have to commit? Right now we have
            1. Fast & Furious (one dead border agent)
            2. Bengalzi (dead ambassador & staff)
            3. IRS Targeting (Fixed last election)
            4. Who really knows who this President is?
            ( questionable credentials)
            5. Goes against Commerce Clause (Obama.
            6. Wants to start banning certain fire arms
            7. Spends our money like dust in the wind
            8. No government accountability
            Need i go on? Maybe I’m old fashioned, but to me the above is more treason than a country needs, I’m sure they got more up their sleeves…………..

          9. Merle Dickey says

            The immigration thing going on right now and he wants to give them amnesty!! That alone is a danger to the health and safety of the American people That should be impeachable alone!!

          10. brenda Harrell says

            Judge Napolitano said that the swap for the deserter Bergdal for five Taliban terrorists, should have a prison sentence for Obama between 10 years to life.

          11. Merle Dickey says

            He has did many things that if a republican president did they would have him ran out of town by now . Too bad so many have no common sense and can’t see where he is taking us. Judge Napolitano should be on the bench during his trial for treason!!

          12. LastGasp says

            What do you think the progressive/liberal socialist Democrats are? Traitors.

          13. wac4761 says


          14. Merle Dickey says

            boots on the ground we could but planes and tanks I don’t think so. They have bombs we don’t.

          15. bpgagirl22VAnow says

            And mass treason is what O is hoping for! He thinks he can exec. order his way out of anything!

          16. Me says

            Congress is bound to Obama like a kid to its Mom, which needs milk. Congress lets him get away with everything he wants to. They don’t know he isn’t stronger then they are.

          17. Mark Clemens says

            Heres a thought:
            Maybe all 3 parties (Dem,Rup,T) wanna see how far they can go, and how much The People will take….
            From here it looks like the Government is out to RULE us, not SERVE us like its designed to. All Founders warned us about self serving politicians.
            I think the whole lot should be exiled from office like the confederate soldiers and politicians were in Part II Of the 14Th amendment.

          18. Merle Dickey says

            One more time. Congress has been passing bills and laws then they are passed on to the Senate which Harry Reid puts most of them on his desk and they don’t go any further. It is more the Senates(Reids) than the congress. They are suppose to negotiate. Well, the senate doesn’t negotiate!!

          19. Me says

            What ever you want to call it!! We are getting screwed anyway!!Watch it. We won’t get out without losing a great deal!!!

          20. Merle Dickey says

            That is a probability very high

          21. maureen says

            A’men to that.

          22. LastGasp says

            Join your local militia!

          23. brenda Harrell says

            Yes Charlie Crist does look like a walking Thing. Scott has done good things for Florida. Charlie Crist was in charge and the state went down quickly. Stop dissing our state! I am against Obama and his regime and would like nothing more than to see that fraudulent muslim swing!

          24. dan prater says

            If I’m in the jury he’s screwed.

          25. Mark Clemens says

            They’ll make sure that won’t happen

        7. jenna says

          Sarah knows impeaching won’t do any good so why is she stirring the pot? There isn’t a majority of Republicans in the Senate until November IF we are lucky! IF they had enough democrats that would vote for impeachment in the Senate it would work.

          1. Recon1969 says

            Even if we take the Senate this November we will have to take it by two thirds, because that what it takes to convict in an impeachment trial two thirds of the vote. We have a tough job ahead of us come November, but it can be done!

          2. luvzforplay says

            Ron Paul said we already have enough votes in the House to impeach Obummer , problem is no one is moving for impeachment , I cannot figure out how much more does he have to do to be impeached , he is already guilty of the four deaths in Benghazi , the rest of SEAL TEAN 6 dyeing in Extortion 17, Fast and furious and the deaths of federal agents in that mishap caused by Obummer and his buddy Holder !!

          3. Merle Dickey says

            I believe they are waiting till after the election to have a better chance. But I agree with most of you , he should be removed on grounds of treason.

          4. Sam says

            Time to vote a STRAIGHT Republican ticket. NO democraps! Never did that in my life time but times are changing.!

        8. gian2012 says

          I can drink to that. Being hauled out as a treasonous fraud versus being impeached makes him subject to hanging. As a foreign born sitting president he can’t be impeached anyway so he’ll have to be hauled out kicking and screaming. His phone and pen won’t do much good then, he’s done and good riddance.

          1. Janeen Alley says

            I think since Obama is screwing the border states that Texas, the largest one, should be the ones to try Obama for Treason! And we know how they are in Texas! Many people there already hate his guts!

          2. PHIL atwood says

            people everywhere hate our lowlife president and his dumb wannabe wife

          3. wac4761 says

            I’m from Texas and I would go for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        9. Sam says

          How do you impeach someone that SHOULD NOT be in the presidency. Lets see a REAL certified BIRTH CERTIFICATE! No some homegrown one made up by the demoncraps……

          1. dan prater says

            His sealed records need to be opened. Sealing his own records should of been a warning flag to anyone with any brains at all.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            My theory on the sealed records, and foggy past is due to him SCAMING the US Government for his collage loans. Its my understanding he recovered grants as a foreign exchange student. Isn’t his Social Security number issued to Berry Somebody?

          3. dan prater says

            He actually has several SS numbers. I’d like to know who’s SS number’s he stole for his illegal application’s and false doc’s.
            In my opinion this azz is a mole.
            His hastily made up birth certificate is so suspicious also. If it was real he’d of plopped it down in a heartbeat.

          4. dan prater says

            It was made up by his bud, the governor of Hawaii at the time, but just got fired by we the people.

        10. bdaniel230 says

          Read the document associated with this government link, ready it completely. It is a request for bids to facilitate the housing and transportation of 65 thousand illegal children. Look at the date the bid was put out, the date it closes and the date of awarding the contracts. Then ask yourself how did they know last year, it takes the government a few months to decide to put out contracts for bid, that there would be 65,000 unaccompanied children, that they would be arriving between May and August and then tell me the administration didn’t orchestrate this invasion. That makes him a traitor and yes impeachment is not just indicated but necessary. If there is overwhelming proof and this is just the tip of the iceberg, then even Democrats will be forced to impeach this Obamunist.

          1. Merle Dickey says


          2. bdaniel230 says

            The title does sound like a weekend in Vegas for the kiddies but note that it was put out in January, that the bids were awarded in March and statistically the expected number should have been about 45% of what the bid was for, tells me they had more than a small amount of influence in the kiddies arrival. Also notice how many of the “children” needed a shave?

          3. Merle Dickey says

            Yes, I did. And I noticed the hard look in some of their eyes too.

        11. Val says

          How about a FIRING SQUAD.! OR A ROPE AND TREE.?

          1. dan prater says

            That’s exactly the vote I’d like to see.

          2. Merle Dickey says

            He has lost a bit of weight . He may be getting nervous reading about all these hanging and firing squad comments.LOL

        12. Merle Dickey says

          It would be foolish to try and impeach him before the elections. If they did and when it got to the senate to approve ole Harry Reid would laugh and put it on the pile of other papers he won’t pass on to sign and even if he did they would vote No on it and it would get thrown out. This why it is so important for everyone to get ou tand vote. Get ole Reid out of there along with at least 6 more.

        13. Yadja says

          Nobody is going to do anything about this raghead in the WH. He is still under the protection of the Magical Black Card. Nobody has the guts to do what is right. We are going to have to deal with this rotten bonofasitch for two more years and he is going to do more damage.

          It will take an attack on this Nation, which it appears is eminent, from those O said were wanna be’s, ISIS to take him down from his pedestal. I hope he is torn out of the WH by his ears.

        14. ipsd48 says

          Impeach first, then indict

        15. wildeagleone says

          I agree prison is where he and his ilk belong and nothing less.

        16. TomBerger says

          I Heard The Same Information, And I Agree with You 100%.

        17. Noah Rosenblum says

          Just think, if osama obama is impeached than Biden becomes president.
          How low can we get

        18. ward says

          Impeachment hell no he has proven his treason & indictments for violating his POTUS sworn oath is more than enough for arrest & imprisonment till his trial !

        19. sherri palmer says

          somebody make our day………………………………..

        20. guest says

          I been led to understand that even an impeachment proceeding can at least freeze his pen

        21. Peatro Giorgio says

          Wrong if he is impeached then removed from office. after leaving office He can be charged with felonies . He can not be charge for criminal prosecution while still in office. But after all bets are off.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            But if the little halfbreed bastard is illegal, then technically, he’s NOT THE PRESIDENT, eh??

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            You mean little half breed, muslim,treasonous ,Gay bastard, Did you not.

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            I can readily think of worse, more vile names for “Bath House Barry,” but I won’t print them! 🙂

          4. Peatro Giorgio says

            Mike I’m absolutely positive we could go all day with derogatory, vile ,completely appropriate comments in regards to the liar an Chief inactive commander

        22. Marilyn Stern says

          Remember the speech Sarah gave right after McCain made her his running mate? Listen again because, though it was redacted by mealy mouth McCain, she still brought down the house.

          Her speech reminded me of something that happened when Adlai Stevenson was running. A woman called out, “Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!” Stevenson called back: “That’s not enough madam, we need a majority!” Truer words were never spoken.

          I love a GOOD debate and a debate between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton would, to me, be a dream debate. If things turned around and Sarah were to run media bias against her would be a problem but the main stream media, partiularly CNN and MSNBC have so discredited themselves that I doubt many would listen. What’s that you say? No bias was shown against Sarah Palin? Really? You mean the media that NEVER scrutinized Obama but descended upon Alaska to try to dig up any dirt on Palin that they could in one of the most blatant examples of media malpractice, ever.

        23. ESQ says

          Not true!

        24. ProfessorPBZ says

          I agree.

        25. Lutetia says

          impeachment is to the way to go so why don’t you just STFU RIGHT NOW

        26. larry says

          Hello Louise: How about putting him on trial for TREASON??

      3. nana2162 says

        you have my vote!!

      4. MZAZ86442i says

        Arrested, tried, convicted hung/shot for treason.

      5. Angry American says

        I know many people that would volunteer to be among the first to storm our white house & would be more than happy to drag him out by his collar

      6. dmttbt says

        It isn’t quick enough.

      7. Yadja says

        I can see it in my minds eye. Dragged out in chains and irons and taken to the pen. The pig pen, with wild boars who have not eaten in ages. Torn to pieces, head first, slowly like Foley was decapitated.

        I don’t know why it is always the little guys who have no say so that get caught and tortured by our enemies. Take those who are the head of our country. Kerry is out there, grab him.

      8. autrypma says

        True and double true !!!

      9. Ed Shick says

        Amen, How many great men have died for our great Nation and why do we have a traitor in White House ,, When do we change the Name of the Socialist Party to Communists?

      10. marylaforet says

        I second that!!!

      11. icemancold says

        I Agree 110% with you. He is also guilty of treason by freeing the TALIBAN leaders from GITMO in exchange for a DESERTER who is a TALIBAN and MUSLIM CONVERT, and also furnishing arms to the AlQada REBELS in SYRIA who gave the weapons and ammo to ISIS.!!

      12. Cranky Steven says

        Aint gonna happen but I would love it too.

      13. Roger says

        I agree!

      14. TomBerger says

        AMEN, You Hit The Nail On The Head…Word For Word.

      15. TomBerger says

        Not only Do I Agree With You, But “Count Me In”.

      16. Deborah G says

        First you’d have to tear him away from the surf in Hawaii and tear the rib from Moochelle’s hand

      17. sherri palmer says

        …boiled in oil, and dropped in that volcano in HI.

      18. Beeotchstewie says

        Gitmo for him, holder, Sharpton, Reid, Pelosi and many others is in order.

      19. TexRancher says

        A good example to follow would be to see how Treasonous Dictators have fared in history!

      20. Spark1845 says

        I have been saying this all along. Time for Jail, trial, conviction and HANGING by the pencil neck until VERY DEAD. PERIOD. Democrats SUCK ASS.

      21. Paul Brown says

        Patriot7, I like your idea even better. I will go you one a little further, charge this Islamic terrorist dictator pig with treason and murder along with Benghazi Killory the dyke pig and put them both along with most of the demoncraps like Reid and Peloosi into prison at hard labor for the next 60 years with no chance of parole for anything. They never gave the American people any type of parole of their problems, so screw them all.

      22. Michael Dennewitz says

        Good luck with that one.. NO ONE HAS ANY BALLS !!!

      23. Ironmike4610 says

        I’d like to see the Ahole pistol whipped…..

      24. bullet.varmit@yahoo.com says


      25. Arcturus6 says

        You have basically a gutless Congess and he is not about to be impeached; let alone convicted. As to being arrested on charges of murder and treason……while there might be merit to such charges, this too will not happen. Why? Because the American electorate has been mongrelized and corrupted to such an extent in the major population centers there is insufficient support for such action. Bottom line…..this socialist, urine sipping parasite will get to finish out his term and collect retirement.

      26. al.k says

        Yeah and then face a 21 gun salute in front of the WH with world wide TV coverage.

      27. autrypma says

        You are 125% correct. I have been saying this for months, but nobody seems to care or listen…at least the ones who could actually do anything about this “horror”.

      28. Lutetia says

        impeachment is to the way to go so why don’t you just STFU RIGHT NOW.IMPEACHMENT IS TO GOOD ENOUGH YOU IGNORANT IDIOTIC DIMWIT

    4. icetrout says

      but he’s got one of them Free Nijjer Passes… try to trump a nijjer pass & your automatically a RACIST… RACIST … Bad Ju-Ju …

      1. dyno2 says

        I think that there is a lot of racist in all of us life has set up man for the fall!!

        No matter what race you are or claim to be, this president is a fruit cake and all the George Clooneys in the world can’t defend that!!!!!!!!

    5. Val says


    6. brenda Harrell says

      He needs to be arrested for treason and publicly executed.

    7. runing says


    8. Baxter Danny says

      1 thing for an idiot I guess isn’t bad GREAT party choice!!! Someone outta be proud of that choice!!

    9. brawny1946 says

      Anyone who will follow Sarah Palin the 1/2 Governor of Alaska, is a Total Nut case ,This women has no brains .
      The men in Alaska much have looked at her ass When she was Elected and everyone knows John McCain is a Total Nut and he showed us all that when he picked this crazy women to run with him.

      1. dyno2 says

        I only said she was right about one thing. Never said I followed her or McCain. My vote hardly ever counts as it is mostly today for write ins.

    10. Jeff Brodhead says

      Impeachment is for an eligible POTUS. Foreign infiltrators deserve arrest and dispatching to the four corners of the world.

    11. Beverly Evans says

      Sarah Palin needs to be President.

    12. Curtis_JB says

      Palin is right about a WHOLE LOT MORE. The Dems hate her, so she’s always in their cross-hairs.

    13. Laddyboy says

      I could care less if his “birth” father is ‘marshall davis’ the confirmed communist that wants to destroy America, or not. ‘b. obama, b. soetore, b. davis, etc.’ needs to be impeached NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! He and his co-conspirators need to be arrested and prosecuted for their crimes against America.

    14. Jean Langford M. says


    15. snowyriver says

      You have it correct obama is a fake citizen. Impeachment is for legal presidents– ooops obama is not legally our president, he is usurper obama only.

    16. Troof Detector says

      Not enough votes in the senate to remove Obama.

    17. hora says

      Impeach only? prosecute and send to dead. but Dems must paid a consequences too, that not any escape, all dem are shit corrupt, but a balance start go against dems.

  4. David Dunn says

    he a islamicpig pig

    1. David in MA says

      and he eats hot dogs…..no pun intended.. ;>)

      1. badger says

        Does he eat hot dogs wrapped in bacon?

        1. Recon1969 says

          I don’t think David meant that kind of a hot dog if you know what I mean.

          1. dan prater says

            His bf could still wrap it in bacon.

          2. Recon1969 says

            Fine, you’re right. I’m not going to argue with you. Something like this is not worth arguing about. It’s obvious that we both don’t like the man and I think that’s all that matters. Don’t you agree?

          3. dan prater says

            Wasn’t arguing with ya. Just saying he could wrap his present (o’s’) in bacon.

          4. Recon1969 says

            Okay, it’s a truce. You have a nice day and don’t forget to vote in November!

          5. dan prater says

            I always vote, and do my best to shame the ones who tell me one vote won’t matter. I hate that ignorant statement.
            Have a nice one.

  5. Miller51550 says

    America is FAST BECOMING a Dictatorship! Time to TAKE BACK AMERICA by IMPEACHING this SOB!

    1. dogface says

      Hoorah !!

    2. Larry Kruzan says

      Don’t his mouth move purty?

      And what he said is 100% right! Impeach the tyrant and impose the most powerful punishment allowed to a traitor of our nation, the crimes against the constitution, and the high crimes of giving comfort to our enemies in a time of war.
      Bring all our troops home and line them up on OUR border. Cut all our foreign aid to everybody except Israel. since they are the ONLY ones over who have been willing to support us in everything we have done and not asked us for more money “To be our Friend”.

      1. Cranky Steven says

        Not as purty as Erica Holder’s. Kerry looks like a bowl of dried oatmean and Michele’s teeth could scare a sasquatch while shredding a HumVee! Lois Lerner makes me want to burn every bed in the world. Pelosi isn’t a primate, she’s a reptile, so she doesn’t count.

        1. Recon1969 says

          Steve, Your comment is hysterical. I can’t stop laughing. Thank you so much for making my day!

          1. Cranky Steven says

            I be thanking you, Recon.

          2. jenna says

            I will tell you what is SAD I do not read any of you coming up with the answer God gave us. 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people who I call by my name humble themselves repent get down on their knees and pray I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND! WHY? WHAT ELSE WILL WE GO THROUGH BEFORE PEOPLE LISTEN?

    3. guest233 says

      Miller…our once beautiful country where americans could hold their heads up and enjoy their constitutional freedoms has become one of fear and oppression. It isn’t ‘becoming’ a dictatorship..it already has become one! Everyone is afraid..the media..congress..American citizens..etc. My goodness but Obama is waging a war on ANYONE WHO DISAGREE’S with his agenda. We should have done something the minute we learned Obama made his claim that those who loved their country and it’s laws and loved God were his enemies. Only an enemy of this country and all it stands for would utter such contempt for we the American people.

      1. kris littlefield says

        Guest 233, when did he make that statement? I don’t doubt what you’re saying but I have a few ex friends that are Obama lovers that need to see that for themselves. Some people just can’t seem to see him for what he is. They have on blinders.

  6. Gordo says

    Obama would never step down, his ego and narcissism could not handle it. I can see Obama going back into deep community organizer mode, republicans are the enemy, anyone that disagrees with him is the enemy. This is all he truly knows. This is the only venue to get his fix on him. These events draw out the less informed idle worshipers.

    1. huey6367 says

      There is really only two ways I can see to get him to stop. Put him in jail on a very remote island in an undisclosed location or a long drop from a short rope for treason. There is one more way but I am not going to discuss that here.

      1. Sam says

        I like option two with the USA made rope. Give him the hemp treatment….

        1. Recon1969 says

          I like option four. Oh there was no option four so let me give it to you. With all the loose cannons in this country I don’t understand why he doesn’t end up like John F. Kennedy who did far less!

      2. Louise says

        Gitmo would be a good place for him…..

        1. Recon1969 says

          That’s a disclosed area. I believe he said undisclosed.

    2. Louise says

      their either enemies, or their racist…..he loves to use that…..

  7. gian2012 says

    When in history as a President of the United States mingled among the people was he offered a joint to smoke? Colorado is getting as bad as California for becoming another land of fruits and nuts. The dignity of the presidency has been lost under the non leadership of this fraud. Governor Hickenpooper should go hide in a closet of shame for allowing the downhill spiral of a once beautiful state by legalizing the moral decay of his constituents in letting them have pot to smoke anywhere. I don’t want to hear rebuttals from you potheads, you’re a disgrace to yourselves, your families, and your country.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Smoke a Joint and chill out! You people who want to dictate what people do is the true disgrace. If its “Cool” to be homosexual (AIDS,HIV,HEP,DEATH),have abortions (Baby Killing), have RUNAWAY GOVERNMENT SPENDING (Making USA all pay for it). Whats a little pot smoking gonna hurt?

      1. Carol Chadbourne says

        A couple months ago it was written that Colorado’s ‘accident’ stats have risen way out of hand…I will never visit that State again, not that anyone would mind.JS

        1. gian2012 says

          Coloradans are now “legally” higher than kites. Welcome to Rocky Mountain High !

      2. gian2012 says

        You’re talking in a way that’s difficult to decipher which side you’re on. I assume your rant is against the political left of which I’m not a member, I have my morals and patriotism intact. I agree with your points but a “little” pot smoking does hurt. What if all our grade school kids were out passing around a joint at school recess? Hmmm? Would you like to see your son or daughter doing that because Mommy and Daddy do it too at home? How’d you like to see your adolescent sons or daughters shooting heroin or snorting nose candy on lunch break after graduating from pot? Since you tolerate a “little” pot smoking, how are you going to feel when a loved one went from pot, to heroine, then coke, then meth, etc. when you get a call from the local gendarmes who take you to scene of them laying on the hood of a car as just a bloody carcass because they were too high to fasten a seat belt. Hmm? Cops see this ugly scenario all the time. So go ahead and keep talking through your ass hat.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Freedom is a two way street. You have to put up with peoples BS so your free to do your BS even if you dont like theirs. You know Islam bans all that stuff and liquor too, should we bring back Probition? You know liquor is just like herion, except herion will kill you in 10yrs, liquor takes 30-40 years. Its about freedom of choice. If Pot offends you; dont smoke it and give other people the choice. I think Strip Clubs degrade women, so I dont go to them. I dont try to pass No Stripper laws.

      3. jenna says

        From pot you progress to meth and its the poor mans drug of choice.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          You stereotype people a lot. Alcohol is the true” Stepping Stone Drug”. Booze leads to Pot,Pot Leads to Coke, Coke leads to heroin, heroin leads to the grave.instead of depending on the Government for behavior laws; take the time to PROPERLY teach your kids about the dangers of Alcohol & drugs. Its the PARENTS JOB to teach morality, not the governments. Lets not forget saturated fats, and guns are killers too; should we ban them also? I say not!!!!!

          1. jenna says

            No I don’t stereotype anybody. Where I live I’ve seen it many times. I never said that the government should teach our children Meth is extremely addictive. I don’t think any family here hasn’t been affected by meth. I haven’t seen any alcoholics get hooked on meth its always been pot. You may have seen differently but not me.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            So……… nobody on Meth drinks alcohol? They just smoke pot and meth? I still dont think I should pay $35,000+ a year per person to keep them off of pot & meth. Have you ever heard of “Natural Selection” i raised 3 kids (2 lawyers, 1 Md) pot & meth were in the high schools & colleges when they were being educated. I told them the dangers of alcohol & drugs. They must of paid attention. Temptation has been here since the world began. The Bible teaches self control is very important; look what happened to Sampson he fell victim of lust & DRUNKENESS. Booze not weed or meth was his down fall.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          You stereotype a lot. If a person takes a few drinks of liquor does that make them a alcoholic? Will they go down the Doper path? Islam thinks so……. Its also about freedom, self control, and paternal teachings.
          What about the co$t of incarceration? In my State it cost about $35,000 a year to lock somebody up. Why should i pay that much per person to keep them sober? Thats a waste of cell space that could keep child molesters, thiefs, violent people (Real Criminals) off our streets longer…….
          But hey a nation that wages a war on drugs. Really wages war on its own citizens. Any way the dude who started the drug war (Nixon) is dead and the dope is still here.
          Maybe the other 48 states should follow Washington & Colorado.
          Let freedom ring! Even if you are a Mile High. (all puns intended)

    2. schwinndog says


      1. Harvey Melton says

        uh huh and now for the real news on a planet called earth…….

      2. Carol Chadbourne says

        “Return to the Planet of the Apes”…..where common sense has all but disappeared.

      3. Finkster says

        Is that the new language of the Prison Planet. ?

      4. gian2012 says

        The way you write you’re obviously doing a pretty good job of self destruction. Care for a jug of JD to chase the pot?

    3. Jeffrey Cahoon says


      1. Harvey Melton says

        and girl scout cookies with pot in them lol

      2. gian2012 says

        Whatsa matter Jeffrey? Can’t you face reality or are you just too shitfaced from your joint habit to do so. Today’s Friday, you better sober up to go get your food stamps today or wait’ll Monday when you can quit falling down on the floor.

        1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

          I simply wondered what put you in a position to judge California?

    4. Louise says

      Yes, there’s a story on line about him being offered to smoke some pot….who knows if he did or not….do you really think that would come out of any democrats mouth…that he did…..only a bunch of idiots would want to see our president smoking pot….

      1. Cranky Steven says

        Oh, please. Everyone knows he’s into coke, not pot.

      2. gian2012 says

        Well Louise, we’ve plenty of idiots in this country not just Colorado who’d love to see their prez puffing on a joint now don’t we?

    5. jenna says

      Obama HAS BEEN PUT HERE to PUNISH us! We have taken God out of everything , murdered unborn babies, Christians living together not married, accepting homosexuality because we are suppose to accept evil now….sad is all I can say and WE brought it on ourselves.

      1. gian2012 says

        Good point. When the audience at the Dummycrat convention yelled, “No God, No God ” as a rejection of God, I said we’re in real trouble now. I don’t fear God but I sure do respect Him and as I sit and watch the moral decay of this country, it’s a matter of time before history repeats itself with God’s wrath coming down hard on this country for having lost it’s way with baby killings, illegals taking over everything willy nilly, mass shootings by crazies who have no caring for the sanctity of human life, drugs, porn, and the list is endless. The elected leaders in this country both at municipal,county,state and federal, are all self serving fools drunk with political power with the greatest of this ilk being Barack Obama who is Satan in sheep’s clothing. Jesus said the devil will be turned loose for a time and I believe he was thinking of Obama when he said it. The man is a self loving curse on this country and since our congress is too milquetoast to recognize evil, it’ll take God Himself to destroy this monster. Those who keep the faith will someday get to rejoice as those who choose not to are then sent to the bowels of perdition.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        Thats so true. When Jesus said forgive the sinner, i don’t think he ment for the righteous to follow the sinners path. Also this concorns me whats next? What group of degenerates will need their civil rights next?

  8. huey6367 says

    I am not an Obama fan but as President, you show up at things like the border just to show face which implies you are aware and concerned. Might even be able to use it to say that you are doing something about it. Not showing up can mean nothing else than you don’t care.

    1. dogface says

      He doesn’t like to do anything that interferes with his golf schedule

      1. cutie pie says

        he doesn’t like doing anything that will slow is progress down in ‘fundamentally’ changing American into an islamic fundamentalist state…

        1. David in Dallas says

          He doesn’t like doing anything useful.

        2. Mikeyprissy says

          Accurate statement

    2. Carol Chadbourne says


  9. Grandpa says


  10. Carol says