Obamacare Website Shocker – Foreign Hacker Found a Way to Make the Site Worse


Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s more frightening about this administration: its dedication to opposing everything that makes this country great or its neverending incompetence. Both are going to wind up being the undoing of a Republic that has stood for more than 200 years if we don’t reign these clowns in. Unfortunately, the time to reign them in was before Obamacare became law. Now that it is, and millions of people are using the government’s Healthcare.gov, we learn that the $600 million website has been infected with malware for two months.

Obamacare! Great for your health and great for your computer!

Funny that we’re just now learning that a hacker broke into the site on July 8, and that the government claims it wasn’t aware of the breach until 10 days ago. I guess this is where we revisit the debate: ideology or incompetence? Which is worse?

Now we get to choose what to believe from these lying brickheads. They’ve assured the public that the malicious software did not affect the personal data of Obamacare consumers, and that the hackers never saw any private information. But these are the same people who lied about being able to keep your health plan, lied about its effect on the job market, lied about being able to keep your physician…the list goes on. Even if they aren’t lying, it took them two months to even identify the problem. Something else could be infecting the site, and they wouldn’t know it until, oh, maybe, November. And you can be sure that you won’t hear a word of it until after the midterms.

Adding a queasy layer of unwanted mystery to the attack, government officials confirm the hack came from outside the country. They say that the hacker intended to use the implanted malware to launch subsequent denial-of-service attacks on other websites.

“Our review indicates that the server did not contain consumer personal information; data was not transmitted outside the agency, and the website was not specifically targeted,” said the HHS. They went on to assure the public that they had since improved security.

The details of this particular attack are not really what’s important. It is a tight, focused lens on the incompetency of the federal government. Not necessarily because the site was hacked, but because it took this damn long to figure it out.

Then again, “taking a long time to figure it out” is basically this administration’s motto. Whether it’s deciding what to do about the Islamic State, deciding what to do about the unbelievable situation at the southern border, or when to slap that employer mandate into effect, these guys need to mull it over. Not for a few weeks, but for months and years. Maybe their lag when it comes to website security is actually a step in the right direction. After all, two months. If they could have come up with a strategy on ISIS in two months, a lot of people would still be alive today.

Anyway, you can go on and feel perfectly safe logging into Healthcare.gov this November when open enrollment starts again. No, really, they promise.

  1. jims-blog says

    lol, Did anyone “REALLY” expect anything “DIFFERENT”, once a “LOUSE” ALWAYS A LOUSE”!!! Serves those who broke with “TRADITION” right!!!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Banks will be ISIS’s first cyber target……..

      1. jbftskj says

        People are already switching to silver, gold, and their mattresses!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          ………Got a good feeling, something bad about to happen

        2. Harvey Melton says

          silver, gold, precious metal? they will figure out a precise and workable way to steal, er, confiscate that too.

          1. LiberalFascist says

            Protect your gold and silver by investing in Lead

      2. Paolo Welsch says

        This whole Fraud is showboat to make you idiots think they are all that big and bad when actually Osamabama is related to all of them and that is why he will not attack something he started. If you ever studied politics and war you may see the real truth? This gang of people in washington under the direction of George Soros and paid by yhe rich have stated they need to annihilate 70-80% of world population because you all are using to much of their resources??????????

        1. Seldena says

          You have a point! obammy is not serious about killing ISIS. that speech was made beause his poll numbers were so low. That was got to do something to look like I care speech. Americans don’t fall for his lies again!

          1. Brogue de Irlanda says

            TALK!TALK! While the illegal from africa plays golf, and smokes a joint with his queer friends

      3. Seldena says

        I think the CDC in Atlanta will and then New York and then the banks. Just my opinion…

  2. Chassit says

    As an experienced IT professional, I knew there was a reason to avoid that site like the plague!

  3. Carrie Barton says


    America is craving for a leader. One who is not afraid of taking charge. A person that will protect it’s citizens and make America strong. Help us keep America’s Republic strong. sign the petition for Dr. Carson to run in 2016.http://www.runbenrun.org/petition?recruiter_id=207883

    1. Steve Thomas says

      Except that he does not understand the 2nd amendment.

      1. jbftskj says

        I’ve been for his nomination, but if he’s anti 2nd Amendment when the time comes, I’ll vote for another who favors it. Time will tell if Dr. C alters his stance on this vital gun issue.

      2. Carrie Barton says

        Dr. Carson said “…the real reason that [the Founding Fathers] put it there is recognizing that there could come a time when our government itself could go off the rail, and could try to dominate the people, and the people would need a mechanism of defense for themselves,” he said. “I would never allow the Second Amendment to be jeopardized.”

        Ben Carson Gives Blunt Explanation Of Why The 2nd …


      3. Carrie Barton says

        Please be an informative voter and not listen to the left. They are scared of him, just as the rhinos on the right are. And they should be!

  4. Combatvet52 says

    Six years without a leader how long does it take to remove a cancer tumor.

    1. Steve Thomas says

      Under obamacare…let’s hope only 2 more years.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Wish it was yesterday

      2. Richard Chris Wolters-Photogra says

        Hey Hey Hey,,,,, Hillary Billary’s Next!!! 4 More YEARS of this nightmare!! Tighten your Belts America… This is where it gets UGLY….

    2. Mark Clemens says

      We’ve been w/out a real leader since 1988!!!!!!

  5. WiSe GuY says

    The little black monkey needs to go back to the Chicago zoo.

    1. Bill says

      No, just return him to Kenya!!!!

    2. KingoLingus says

      We could even give him a putter and a small putting green! Im sure the attraction would draw huge crowds but not to watch, but to throw wrotten fruit at hehe Now thats going green with recycling LOFL

    3. jbftskj says

      Keep the cage locked tight!

  6. Yadja says

    I would not give any information to this site and if I did not have insurance I would not get it from the government. They already have too much. My last job during my 3 day orientation when told all records were going electronic I asked how will they destroy them because we destroy records every 7 years. He said he did not know. So what you have is a data base that will always be there.

    Staying healthy has never meant more than it does today. I feel so sorry for those who are filled with disease and elderly because they are in for a surprise with O care.

    1. jetmagnet says

      The insurers are private companies, many of which your insured with, aren’t you concerned?
      I guess 40 million Target CC and now Home depot where compromised, but healthcare concerns you. You would think if you had a compassionate mind you would be mad at the hackers not the fact people are getting insurance.

      1. gingergirl says

        I think folks ARE upset with the hackers, but this government run health insurance has been a disaster from day one! “You like your Dr.? You like your insurance? Rates will go down. Families will save at least $2500 per year.” Nothing but lies and incompetence. Yes, our citizens need health insurance but we don’t need obaamacare! It’s a government take over of our health industry. Now we are being asked to bail out insurance companies that didn’t make enough money – it’s never ending. That’s what has people upset.

        1. Terry Hamblin says

          The ACA was supposed to find you an insurance company and then in some cases, subsidize some of your payment. Turns out that if you just search “Health Insurance” you come up with bunches of companies and you can look at the levels, the prices, coverage, you can compare them side by side etc.. The only thing that is different is that you have to go through the ACA website to “possibly” get a subsidy, because courts have been striking down that provision when it is challenged. But 380 million to conjure up a website? Almost another 300 million because it didn’t work? Didn’t they think about asking the Health Insurance websites how theirs worked? Oh yes, I forgot, the website builder was contracted without putting out bids! Corruption at it’s highest level, and bald faced! Thanks Barry for another reason to hang you for treason!!

          1. maxx says

            I have worked in IT Software Development for over 30 years. The ObamaCare web site looks and operates like it was designed and built by a group of high school website wannabees. They could have bought and used any canned order entry system for less than 100K and had a more robust product. Again, whatever the government does ends up costing a fortune and isn’t worth a dime. Instead of using Mooshel O’s friends employer to create the site Bill Gates would have provided one for free. Even more costly is the bureaucracy constructed to deal with the socialized health care program.

        2. maxx says

          You are soooo right about obamacare. It was nothing abut health care but all about “government control” of the citizens. It is a wealth distribution program by the communist-in-chief”. It is all part of the socialist agenda that the democrat party has been following for over 40 years.

      2. Yadja says

        I am not for the government running anything and I am not for distribution of wealth or for putting more people into a system that will depend on those who have worked hard to attain their own independence. My insurance is one of the few that is OK’s with O care. So for now, I am not concerned and my insurance is 100%.

        I am an RN for close to 30 years and I want you to tell me that there is not government and state facilities throughout this country that take care of the indigent and those without insurance. Because they do and every phone book in this country contains the facilities that do just that.

        No healthcare does not concern me. In the last 30 years I have only been to the hospital a handfull of times and it was for emergencies connected with accidents or such. That would have been covered anyway because every hospital and clinic in this country has to take emergency cases.

        Plus I am one of the lucky one’s in that I do not take any medications, I have no disease processes and I don’t even take antibiotics unless an emergency I use herbs and vitamins. My mother was a Herbalist that beat cancer 30 years after being interred, starved and raped, for the duration of WWII.

        1. Steve Thomas says

          I do not take medications either, but it is a more of choice than luck. I will not even take a tylenol.

          1. Yadja says

            If anything comes out of this fiasco it will be the Preventative programs that come forward and also that natural medicines might come into the spotlight at last. However all medications were based on herbs in the beginning and many still are. Herbs are powerful medicines and need to be looked into carefully and their use under the care of a Specialist in the field. Although there are exceptionally excellent books out that can be purchased at the Health Food stores that give the information needed. I gave one to each of my family members. We all practice preventive medicine and the use of herbs.

            Good for you. I hope you will look into some of the books out there for natural healing. When I worked for Baptist Cancer Institute for 3.5 years in many capacities as an RN, I learned that Oncologists are really aware of natural remedies and holistic medicine along with the importance of pure water and food that is clean.

        2. jetmagnet says

          So your for corrupt private sector running anything. Where are you going to go when you have a problem with a private company and they refuse you in many ways? Just curious. If it wasn’t for medicare hospitals would go broke. Hospitals jack their prices because schlepers do pay their bills. Why buy insurance when you can screw the hospital and the taxpayer? Hospital cost in heathcare in the US are highest in the world and it won’t get cheaper until everyone Buys in.This is common knowlwdge…the more customers the lower the cost. This is how banks and insurance companies make their money. You can’t change that. Without Obama’s comsumer protection credit card companies can charge whatever they want. Banks can charge fees for anything, insurance companies don;t have to pay for preexisting conditions and they can drop you if you’re a very sick person in your world.
          I’m glad your healthy 72,000 people die each year because they can’t affoed health insurance. Just imagine if they showed that on TV everyday.
          Your 30 yrs old and depending on where you live, you have a good chance of dying from cancer. The GOP wants to get rid of the EPA. Texas has leads every state in cancer of all kinds. Coal miners 80% have some type of lung ailment. One of your relatives will die as a result of Gop enviraonmental policies.

          1. Yadja says

            My relatives are not in America on my mother’s side and all I have left is my step Father here in America.

            This country was founded on Capitalism and no other ism. Every country in the history of the world that has tried Socialism/Communism or any other ism has failed. It has been the people who suffered the most and even Castro now says the only answer is Capitalism and he is trying it out in Cuba.

            You see the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights the Constitution is all in favor of every individual having the opportunity in this country to be as healthy, wealthy and wise as they want to be. We as a nation, have bent over backwards and forwards to assist those less fortunate, we have Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing, equal opportunity in Public Schools etc etc etc if there are segments of our country who don’t want to do anything but become dependent on all the State goodies then sorry, no empathy from me.

            This government in our country already takes out of our paychecks it’s share we don’t give it. Everyone who pays Federal income tax gets raped believe me. The more we make the more they take.

            I don’t owe anyone in this country anything. My money should be mine to give as I see fit and to take it from me is stealing. I paid my income taxes all my working years and I gave all I want to give and more than I should have. I like my country the way it was set-up and we did just fine until the last years when more and more want to be have a Daddy State.

            People run into this country from countries with Dictators etc. but there is a good chance that more of us will be running away from here if you get your way. Then you can all take care of each other without my money.

          2. Sam Gunning says

            Sure, because the government’s track record is SO WONDERFUL in handling other things like Social Security, Medicare, etc. Especially THIS administration! Jetmagnet, you are a blind zealot, and in some instances, the most dangerous kind.

          3. jetmagnet says

            Sam, don’t tickle me with petty thought, i get this nonsense non stop from baggers who don’t know WTF they’re talking about, and it’s redundant. Tell me what specifically is wrong with these programs in general terms, not management, and what’s your alternative…Paul ryan? I’ve read his budget, have you?

          4. Sam Gunning says

            Tickle you? I wouldn’t even want to breathe on you, much less touch you. Typical of most liberal trolls, you dismiss any dissenting views or arguments be demeaning them rather than engaging in honest debate. The ORIGINAL topic was NOT what’s wrong with gov’t programs (Another argument in itself.), but what YOU found wrong in the “private sector” handling the nation’s healthcare. And of course, you just HAD to take an unrelated potshot at a GOP Congressman. The GOP outlined FIVE authentic legislative programs to reduce healthcare costs and trim bureaucracy a LONG time ago. The AMA, back in 1994 or thereabouts, submitted a low-cost national healthcare plan, requiring little government oversight. It was ignored. Speaking of petty thought, we’ll await your usual overreacting, abrasive and baseless reply. And since the bi-partisan Simpson/Bowles Commission lined up with many of Ryan’s budget proposals, you seem to be at odds with both DNC and GOP.

          5. jetmagnet says

            What? Simpson Bowels? Not one democrat would vote for the ryan plan and even many republicans thought it was ridiculous! Try harder and give me something serious to work with fella, you’re tossing around yesterday’s garbage.
            The ORIGINAL topic was NOT what’s wrong with gov’t programs (Another
            argument in itself.), but what YOU found wrong in the “private sector”
            handling the nation’s healthcare. My answer? It’s the highest in the world and unaffordable for millions of americans. 40 million I beleive, minus 10 million who have Obamacare. So tell me how you would insure these people ( love to hear this LMAO) since your bagger party has no plan. Go ahead i’m ready for the discussion! lol

          6. Sam Gunning says

            As opposed to distilling every form of left-wing socialist thought in the 2,500 (estimated) pages of ACA, eh? And by the way, not one Democrat voted for their own President’s submitted budget. And your inflated figures are highly suspect. Since I already addressed your comments in prior posts (regarding the options to ACA), I won’t repeat them here again. I have other things to tend to.

          7. Roger_T73 says

            Don’t forget how well the govt runs the Post Office.
            And by the way, how was it possible that the IRS doesn’t do computer back-ups, like for lois lerner?
            That was a LIE from day ONE. The director of the IRS should have been put in PRISON, not jail, and told he would be released after lois lerner’s e-mails were ALL DELIVERED AND VERIFIED!!!

          8. Sam Gunning says

            BY THE WAY, since when is the “private sector” totally corrupt as you imply? They are plenty of honest businesses in America, including the healthcare sector. Your rant reveals a basic mistrust of capitalism and infers socialistic leanings,

          9. jetmagnet says

            In relation to what? The discussion is about privatization not capitalism, if you bother to look into the corruption and failure of privatization maybe you would have a different point of view. Bagger governors are failing on that concept.

          10. Sam Gunning says

            AGAIN, cite your examples for refutation. Is ALL privatization corrupt? Do you have an ingrained mistrust of the open market and private sector? If such is the case, there is no common ground for a realistic discussion. Please, name half a dozen business endeavors overrun by government regulation, and/or government programs regarding business that have been wildly successful.

          11. maxx says

            Sam, how long have you and jetguy been having this dialog? Sounds like it might be ongoing. What I read in his posts are the typical ignorant liberal agitator comments just used to annoy you and whomever reads them. I find the best way to deal with people like this is to ignore them which by itself shows the one thing they hate the most; “contempt for them and what they stand for”.

          12. Sam Gunning says

            Actually, just one hour or so yesterday. Every once in a while I like to confront a lying, delusional liberal and get it out of my system, particularly when they begin, without cause, name-calling and insulting those who disagree with them. Don’t worry, I’ll vent it all out and bring it to a close.

          13. maxx says

            I understand your frustration. As soon as I see a post where they have reverted to name calling, profanity and worse I know their political ideology and move on to the next. Liberals are soooo obvious. Personally, if I was face to face with these kinds of people I would deck them making sure it is a defensive move.

          14. Sam Gunning says

            Cowards like these exploit the anonymity of the Internet to display their rude, coarse behavior.

          15. Sam Gunning says

            Incidentally, please see my closing remarks to Jackmaggot, I’m sorry, Jetmagnet (Hmmm, that nasty DOES rub off…got to watch that).

          16. jbftskj says

            Plenty of private healthcare options out there, if you even care to look…

          17. jetmagnet says

            Millions of people didn’t have healthcare until Obamacare thanks for advocating for ACA.

          18. Roger_T73 says

            If you think that insurance companies should have to pay for preexisting conditions, then I suggest you look up the word “insurance: in a dictionary. If they can’t refuse to cover pre-existing conditions, I would like to explain how tghat would work in say auto insurance.
            Don’t buy a policy until after you have a serious accident, and oh, by the way, when the Insurance companies lose Billions of dollars, the ACA will reimburse them with your tax dollars!!!

          19. proudtexan62 says

            jetmagnet: You need to get it. Yadja is on OUR SIDE. He/she (sorry I don’t know because I am not familiar with Israeli names) is telling you everything he or she researched about Obama and found out way ahead of time he was not the person we wanted to be POTUS. It’s a shame more of us who are natural born Americans didn’t do the same. I did some research on him and knew from the little bit I did he was not for America and, of course, didn’t vote for him. I didn’t realize how bad it really was because I didn’t get deep enough into his Muslim upbring, his young adult life, and his socialist/communists/Marxist teachings. We have ourselves to blame for allowing him in our doors. I would never have voted for him but many did the first time and then he arranged to stay with voter fraud the second time which, by the way, he and his ilk are working feverishly to arrange for the November 2014 and 2016 elections. Those of you who still support him after you have the facts and the only way you don’t have the facts now is that you are deaf, dumb, blind and incurable ignorant, go with him when we run him out on a rail!!!

          20. jetmagnet says

            Your comment is inaccurate and cynical with predjudice and racial overtones.Mostly rightwing hypocracy that’s been circulating by righties and makes them look like idiots.
            Also, your stupidity is further emphasized by the oxymoronic “he’s a socialist/communists/Marxist”. If you know anything about political ideologies you would understand none of them mix. What a degenerate!

          21. proudtexan62 says

            I am anything but prejudiced and am anything but racist!!! You are the racist idiot. I know political ideologies and I understand the mix! Do you? I lived during WWII and that is where my education of those ideologies came from…..those who embraced those ideologies were enemies of America then!!! The problem is that Obama studied under all of them so it’s hard to tell what he really believes. He has taken what he needs from each of them to be what he has become. I am not a degenerate. I am a senior citizen woman and much more educated and savvy than you about many things. You are what you are and you will never be anything more. When Obama leaves, you need to be sure you are on the passenger list for whatever conveyance he travels on to get out of our lives!!!!

      3. Sam Gunning says

        Giving the government control over one of the largest sectors of the American economy is not the answer. We have had numerous viable alternatives and solutions with healthcare that have been ignored. Obamacare is not one of them.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Are you a supply-sider? Do you have any concept on how the economy works?
          I hope your worthy on the subject. So tell me what your concept of all chiefs an no indians would be? I’m into the markets, economics and business so give me your best shot. lol

          1. Sam Gunning says

            Too bad you’re not into civil discourse or pertinent argument. My concept of all chiefs and no indians? What in the world are you even referring to? The CBO records, Wall St. studies, and various other sources I consider more credible than you have vindicated “supply-side” economics long ago. By the way, how’s your portfolio doing right now under Obamonomics?

          2. jetmagnet says

            I’m up 28% for the year. Last year was 58%. In my experience consumer demand drives GDP and the economy. Businesses donot create jobs, consumers do. The hub of an economy is the workforce. The more spendable income they have the more money they spend and support small businesses.
            The success of capitalism is such that 98.5% of all wealth is in the hands of 1% of the people, This economy will never grow with a minimum wage class that continues to grow as outsourcing continues to grow in a global economy.
            Not only do we have corporations holding over $2 trillion in liquidity and not creating american jobs, but an estimated $1.5 trillion is lost in tax havens and billions more in unecessary tax subsidies. Now you have “inversion” , just who is going to these taxes? Who else, those who are already struggling to survive. The Gop’s answer is rob the entitlement cradle and replace programs with vouchers and wall st gambling of their future,Ryan’s plan is quite enlightening to plutocrats.
            Which is where we are eventually headed. A plutocratic Oligarchy. Look at the gdp growth rate of middleclass vs the wealthy.

          3. Sam Gunning says

            And yet you defend someone who will erode your profits via capital gains.Stockholm Syndrome of a sort, I suppose. If we are headed for an oligarchy, your idol and the DNC have accelerated the journey by their excessive taxation and corporate cronyism. The U.S. has the highest corporate tax percentage in the world. “Who is going to these taxes?” The syntax isn’t clear, but I think you mean the middle class. There is a clear proven option: across the board tax cuts. It worked for Kennedy and Reagan. Cut the corporate tax rate to reasonable levels. I don’t even want to hear your expected revisionist history on the economy here. The results were already documented and recorded by the CBO and elsewhere. Right now, I do have real online business to attend to.

          4. jetmagnet says

            The tax rate was 92% during eisenhower and we did fine. We have the #1 economy fella and you want to give away more tax breaks?Again your a supply-sider , trickle down fairy dust failed in both reagan and bush administrations and produced debt and loss of jobs. I look at profit margins all day…we more millionaires and billionaires that any other country and we’re on of the highest in poverty…who’s winning?

          5. Sam Gunning says

            I suppose your solution is MORE confiscatory taxes, along with more subjective revisionism thrown in to make it seem workable. Government needs to be weaned from its massive overspending, period. And what is the problem with the 1% per centers making more profit? Sounds like class envy. Our economy is faltering and you seem to advocate RAISING taxes which has historically failed to stimulate it. One reason income is flat is BECAUSE of high taxes, NOT Reaganomics. You’re a dedicated revisionist and zealot, and frankly, it’s a waste of valuable time to exchange with you.

          6. jetmagnet says

            I can see you aren’t very educated in economics. You can’t have growth without spending . You reduce the deficit by creating jobs, republicans have failed miserably at creating anything. Nothing is wrong with making more profit as long as the money “trickles down”, right fella? You just made your own point ludicrous! lol. So tell me where the growth of the middleclass went. since baggernomics and your idea is suppose to create more jobs. Your hilarious! It’s like the con man that keeps coming back to the Sucker asking him for more money or his investment will fail, it’s the same old ponzi scheme. It’s not so much raising taxes on the rich- it’s getting them to pay higher wages and less corporate welfare to executives with million plus bonuses, lavish parties and decorating their buildings with millions of dollars of art while paying as low a wage as possible.
            The envy bullshit is just a Ploy by rightwing media that facilitates their lies, we all know that. A freakin junior high school dropout knows republican strategy.
            Are you just watching Fake News Fella? You have no clue how republicans and democrats strategize to marginalize what they’re hiding? Are you that dumb sir?

          7. Sam Gunning says

            No, but you are just that rude and imbecilic as to make such comments. It’s NOT GOV”T SPENDING that creates jobs (disallowing civil service, bureaucratic positions, etc. which aren’t the majority of the national labor force). Your prior diatribe hinted at “soaking the rich”. Middle-class black families flourished under Reaganomics: documented in a WSJ study and elsewhere. Black unemployment has consistently been much higher under your idol than it ever was under Bush, according to Julian Sands, NAACP President. And anytime you want to discuss Keynesian economic theory, go for it. I could use the laughs.

          8. Sam Gunning says

            Before you waste my time and anyone else’s here, let me point out the obvious. You are nothing more than an agent provocateur, Jetmagnet, incapable of proper debate and civil discussion. The fact is you are the perfect example of a liberal troll, enjoying the anonymity of cyberspace to make insulting remarks to others that you’d never dare make in person. Beginning a discussion with insults doesn’t make you intellectually superior, just a small, petty individual. You’re not here to exchange ideas or honestly debate and disagree. You’re just here to disrupt and disseminate skewed, biased info, and insult people. That said, I need to move on. Abraham Lincoln said it best, and I think I’ll follow his sage advice: “Never get into an argument with a fool; people can’t tell which is which.” Considering the number of veterans, active military and trained security pros who do frequent these sites, be VERY grateful you have the digital privacy of the Internet to hide behind (unless your hero manages to make Net Neutrality a sickening reality).

          9. Roger_T73 says

            You can thank obamanomics for everything you just described. He is killing American jobs by the millions!!!

        2. Roger_T73 says

          Dictators throughout history have sought to control the people unfortunate enough to live under their Iron Hand.
          Speaking of dictators, oblamo has done more damage to America than Hitler ever dreamed of doing!!!

    2. hankthetank says

      ( ALL will be ) later on,It hasn’t kicked in for business YET ! it will be 5 years before people find out what they really have!!

      1. Yadja says

        They are considering starting the fines sooner than later. To me that is ludicrous on the face of it. If someone can not afford insurance how can they afford the fines? What will be interesting is when or if the fines start and people are flabberghasted by them and go to court and it ends-up in the Supreme Court again, what will the outcome be? I remember Justice Roberts saying about the fines, they can not make a judgement on something that has not happened yet to determine if it is unconstitutional or not.

        1. Paolo Welsch says

          Self Destruction allowning them to tell the world that the slaves could not comply with illegal laws and annihilation

          1. Yadja says

            Interesting take.

      2. Paolo Welsch says

        wrong, about another 5 months and the US Police State will fall into total annihilation, that is what your illegal from africa and the elite who own this puppet have planned

    3. taliesin319 says

      I’m 74 and you would be surprised how much energy you can derive from wanting someone
      brought to justice and if possible sent to prison or hanged. A whole lot of elderly people, some of whom stood on the beaches of Omaha want to live to see and to act toward this usurpers fall.
      We are the generation that said Can do. We are still that generation. In many cases we have
      begged our younger kin to arm themselves to plan for civil unrest. Over the last two years the change in those people is to me and others like me incredible. They see the problem and tell their friends and half of those friends get interested in the 2nd amendment. These are the people now buying weapons, training, and acquiring many other skills. as one who always thought social networking trivial, I can see now why it can be one hell of a tool used properly. What starts with something you ask your family to do because you fear for their safety,
      is communicated by younger kids who engage their friends and they engage their friends.
      America is not out by any means. We have mega roaches and they have to go. With God’s grace I will live to see that. If I don’t people I love have learned the meaning of the 2nd amendment and those people will by God’s grace see this tyrant dragged to justice. For Benghazi in particular. One only has to look at and hear Ms Pat Smith, mother of a son whom the Butcher of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton left to die with 4 other Americans to know just how strong the elderly with a cause to live for can be. Molon Labe.-
      56th AMES/USAF–Vietnam -68-70

      1. Yadja says

        I want to thank you for a wonderful, inspiring and excellent post. Yes you are so very right on about the net. When I came home from this war, after having a run-in with CAIR, I read the Qur’an, studied the life of Muhammad and began using the net and International Talk Shows like Pal Talk to educate the American people on what we were up against in this enemy. Lo and behold, when my friends suggested I look into a Senator named Obama, I began to look at him seriously. I checked out his Senatorial record, nobody who loves their 2nd Amendment Rights would even consider this guy I thought. Then his staunch stands on Late Term Abortion I told my friends noway. Then I read his books and I read other books about him and I was Stunned, I do mean Stunned, that with the enemy we were up against this guy would be elected POTUS.

        The net is indeed valuable, I fight everyday the plants on here that discredit me and call me a liar and attempt to shut people like me up related to O. I don’t even call him by his last name anymore, he is just the big Zero Mr. O. Your generation is younger than my mothers. She was a POW for the duration of WWII. I was spared nothing when it came to the truth about war and interment camps. Or the history of my people, my grandfather was in those camps also and their fight through the ages for Freedom. There were never prouder Americans than these two when after 8.5 years they were naturalized. My father was in the Death March. So I am well aware of their generation and yours. You are basically still very young and it just gives my heart such joy to see someone like you, with your wisdom and knowledge and experience on the net telling the truth as only you and those like you can tell it.

        He is a dangerous and very sly scorpion who is well trained and he is indeed a Muslim in his heart. I lived in Europe for 3.5 years and even though there were mosques everywhere I never visited one. He on the other hand never visited a Cathedral until he became president. In his term he has visited every major mosque in the world and nobody seems to question why that would be. It is not just a hint to the American people, it is proof that he is in his heart a Muslim. This is the reason he refuses to call terrorism what it is or to face down Islam. This is why he overturned Gadafi and attempted to get Mubarak killed and Morsi in place for president and screamed bloody murder when Egypt deposed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood. It is why he supports Hamas even as they were attacking Israel. No president has had a worse relation ship with Israel only O.

        I am living for the day that this man is put in chains and taken out of the WH and all his benefits stripped from him, including body guards and he is put in the pen never to be seen or heard from again. Yes my family knows also and we are prepared. Thank you for the wonderful post you made my day. 🙂

        1. maxx says

          I applaud and honor your service…. thank you very much. Nobody really knows how critically important the job you did was to us grunts. Every word of your post is the absolute truth. I did much the same research on Senator Obama because I knew nothing about him back in 2008. But amazingly for a little known politician there was an incredible amount of not so flattering data on him. This information immediately told me he was a “bad character”. I, like you did my best to sound the alarm among my friends and associates open to hearing the truth about him. What bothers me most is that more people didn’t know about him back then. Of course the liberal media not only picked him but did their best to get him elected despite all of the “red flags” that were waving all over the internet.

          1. Yadja says

            Our men downrange know and he knows they know and he is disbanding them from all over the military, Army, Marines and Navy.

            We are going to need Divine intervention to get rid of him.

        2. taliesin319 says

          Since I am now 74, Yadja I may not live to see that day but my nieces and nephews are
          American to the core and none of them have
          defeatest mentalities. Even now one can in Obama, see the same mental instability one observed in Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and others of that ilk. No matter where this man was born-he was not raised and formed in the milieu in which Americans have been formed. He does not have an American mindset. Virtually all of our legal immigrants have assimilated to America while keeping the best ideas their Gransires had to offer and still acquired a affinity for things American. These they shared and some were gratefully added to our customs.
          Thank you for your reply, be strong and know that God settles his own arguments.
          Thank you and God Bless.

          1. Yadja says

            So true all of it every word. Islam and any other religion does not mix, likened to Oil and Water……one will rise to the top.

            Thank you. 🙂

        3. Seldena says

          I applaud you sir also! I studied O and was stunned also that he was ever considered for an election. Skin color won out. i have tried since 1995 to educate people too and why they cannmot understand what this Communist Marxists is all about is beyond me. But let me say that right now The INTELLIGENT Americans have finally opened their eyes to the truth! this is so good! I have Faith in God to help us get our country and Republic back by voting all DEMOCRATS OUT!! I pray we elct Republicans to take over the Senate and a Constituional Conservative in 2015 to take back the Presidency! One that truly loves America and our Constituion. Thanks to you family for their honorable service to our country!

          1. Givendoly says

            The main problem is with our elections , now that they have been corrupted. It doesn’t matter who we vote for Soros has it wrapped up.

          2. RetiredTpr says

            The Clntons seem to have the money issue worked out.” Bill and Hill are two of the most corrupt people to have ever walked yhis earth

          3. Yadja says

            You are so very welcome. It does my heart good in this day and age of Christian/Jew hate and military disdain to hear from people like yourself. We are in trouble in this country and my heart goes out to the military who will do as this O idiot commands them knowing they are in more harms way than ever before and that the Commander in Chief is so weak and uncommitted to them.

            Something has to give somewhere.

      2. lindy2 says

        great thoughts and thank you for your service in a war the politics gave away, kinda like the last troop pull out by our Manchurian leader. for anyone wanting to see, it was in plain sight before 08.

      3. Seldena says

        What an inspiration and heartfelt post sir! I wish all Americans could read this. Thank you for your service and I had an uncle at Normandy that was a medic. He survived ands has shared so many stories with us growing up. that is why I love you Veterans and our military so much and have cried over the way obama and the Democrats hate you and our beautiful “Old Glory” !! I would love to see him tried on treason myself. We only have POWER at the POLLS and I pray all Americans that want to see our Republic you fought for and our Constituion you defended will get out and vote all the Democrats out. They will lie and tell voters they donot support obama–but they do! republicans just have to win or we are doomed!

        1. taliesin319 says

          Thank you for your gracious comment but I am one of the proud women who served in Vietnam. 98 % of the women serving in the forward combat areas are members of the vartious Nurse Corps. They are as brave and as courageous as the men whose lives they
          strive to save and have the medals to prove it.
          They are serving today in the Middle east as
          they served in the Civil war, Spanish America War, WWI, WWII. Korea, and Vietnam.

    4. Seldena says

      Obama is has been a member of the Marxists Party with George Soros since 1996.When you want to take over a country you get the healthcare under government control first! this is waht obamacare is all about. Once they do this they have the power to contol your medications, surgeries, etc. This is happening. The Veterans that have lost limbs, are sick are useles to a gov’t under a dictator, just as they were for Hitler Elderly? Same thing. Secondly, they go after your finances and that is happening as we speak. then education and that is happening as we speak.All is falling right into place for us to be transformed as Has ALWAYS been obama’s and the Democrats plan all along! Democrats that are running for this Nov. elections? Don’t believe them when they say they do not support obama–they are flat out LYING!! Deomcrats are now becoming Communists–www.sadhillnews.com and this is the list so far.Americans you had better vote republican if we wanrt to restore our FREEDOMS and our Republic and REPEAL obamacare!!

      1. Yadja says

        So good to see so many who understand and yes O has been aligned with Soros for a very long time. Soros is the one who supported him for Senator and there are many sites on the net Soros has set-up that all sponsor O. People don’t even know who Soros is or his ties to O.

        There is no other way to vote come time. Perhaps this ISIS situation as bad as it is was a good thing because for the first time since 1979, when all this started in earnest and Khomeini said it was Islam for the world or the end of Islam, people are beginning to see what Islam is.

        I have read the Qur’an and studied the life of Muhammad, I always encourage people to look into it. They will see, it is clear, it is the doctrine that drove the First Crusades started at the death of Muhammad and it was his will then to take Islam to the world. Jihad is not a Spiritual journey it is what we are seeing. We have another Crusades on our hands.

  7. david b cordick says

    very interesting, with the mid term elections coming up, it is apparent that the dems are trying to suddenly be for the people, by delaying all the crap that they know that the american people do not want. why a delay on immigration, its a simple thing, americans dont want them, we cant afford them. so obama should just say they have to go back, but he is not, why, and he cant say anything until after the elections. wow,, a hacker from outside the country screwed with obama care, convenient, now the obama care mess can be blamed on the hacker and not obama. pure bullshit, but the ignorant will believe it, because obama and his minions will promise more free stuff. when a man running for office of governer and others run on a platform of raising taxes, and that will hurt the people. something is awfully wrong

  8. Sgt. York says

    Damn I’m glad that I never got involved with this false healthcare. Its bad enough that the fake doctors are involved now just money. Screw the dang healthcare let me go on my own.

    1. TexasStomp says

      Check around, Sarge. I’m a physician and my clinic offers its own “in house” plan. Flat fee of $16 a month, 30% discount at the checkout window and 10% on prescriptions if you get them filled next door. Lots of clinics are doing the same thing. I’ll bet you can find one in your area.

      Honestly if you add up all the monthly pmts, deductibles, and things your old ins didn’t cover and compare it to your actual medical bills…..unless you have a serious, chronic illness….you paid a lot more for the “illusion” of protection than you would have if you just paid cash at the window each visit.

      1. The Gimlet Eye says

        Aha! Not only are you a patriot, you are a healer ! My doctor did a survey on that idea some years ago- I guess she didm’t get a positive response, since she is still in a hospital system. But she- and the hospital – do give those of us who pay cash for what we NEED a healthy ( ! ) discount. ( And I do have a chronic illness, but it still pays to self- insure. )

      2. sgtyork says

        Don’t mess with Texas, OK Doc I used the wrong word there. I used fake when it should of been money hungry(or at least here). What hurts is we left Texas in 1972 and now we are lookin at vomitcare. Just glad I’m on medicare but bet you a coffee it’s gonna change big time before long.

  9. jetmagnet says

    It was probably a commie bagger living in russia…working for the GOP.

    1. mac12sam12 says

      Do you think anyone takes you seriously with your name calling? FYI, communists are left wing.

      1. jetmagnet says

        Name calling? Bagger is short for Tea bag or TPP take your pick. Commies come from the right. They also have a long list of homeland terrorist organizations and other extremist fruitcakes!

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Communists are left wing, just left of socialists. The terrorists were the Occupy Wall Street whiners. Thousands of arrests and millions in property damage.

          1. jetmagnet says

            I agree, except baggers are commies taking billions from the Koch bros. who’s daddy was a commie.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            The Tea Party is right wing you moron. The Koch brothers are 59th on the list of donors. Look who donates to democrats. Crooked unions, Tom Styer a ponsi scammer and convicted felon and Nazi George Soros. The Koch brother employ 60 thousand people. Jobs, some barry can’t create but sure knows how to destroy!

          3. jetmagnet says

            http://cdn.americanprogressaction.org/wp-content/uploads/issues/2011/04/pdf/koch_brothers.pdf Barry ‘s economy 10 million jobs- baggers? ZERO!! NO JOBS!

          4. Sam Gunning says

            What 10 million jobs? In what alternate universe did this take place? IF it did, it had NOTHING to do with his socialistic policies.

          5. jetmagnet says

            10 million — that’s the number of jobs American businesses have
            added over 54 straight months, the longest streak of private-sector job
            growth in American history. 10 million marks more than strengthening job
            growth, it is a sign of the industry of the American worker and the
            strength of an economy that made 10 million jobs possible.

            When President Obama took office in 2009, the country was in the midst of the
            Great Recession -the economy was shedding jobs by the hundreds of
            thousands, the housing market had hit rock bottom, and the American auto
            industry was on the brink of collapse. But President Obama took action,
            and now – thanks to the grit and resilience of American workers and
            business owners -our economy has added more than 10 million jobs and
            is growing day by day.

            From breaking ground on new homes to selling American goods abroad,
            the growing strength of key economic sectors helped make 10 million jobs
            possible. While there’s more work to do, take a look at a few of these
            critical pillars of our economy to see where we stood when President
            Obama took office and where we are now.

          6. mac12sam12 says

            Your link is done by progressives therefore, BS. Again, more have lost jobs than gained them. From BLS, 300,000 weekly applying for unemployment. Lowest worker participation rate since the 70’s, why? Because 13 million businesses have gone bankrupt. He will go down as the first president to ever have a net jobs loss record, worse that Carter. I’ll try to visit his presidential library though.

            The Barak H. Obama Presidential Library and Bath House.

          7. jetmagnet says

            It doesn’t change the fact and the fact is baggers support outsourcing american jobs and lower wages, which cost millions of jobs. Plus they have not passed a jobs bill, which proves my point even further! You can’t win, baggers are for the rich, they’re not for JOBs, which are people that aren’t rich LMFAO!

          8. mac12sam12 says

            The Koch brothers give millions to hospitals and research and also to schools. The koch brothers are patriots, Soros, Nazi and convicted felon. Have a good day!!!

          9. jetmagnet says

            They give it as tax relief, what do you think they do it for? They poison whole towns and people die from cancer. If you had $100 billion dollars you could afford to give a few million away. If they’re so charitable why don’t they give away all their money like warren buffet and Bill Gates plan to do? I don’t give a sheet about soros , he’s a two bit, small potatoes lefty.
            The koch suckers have 100’s of organizations and they have personal interest in having bagger politicians doing their bidding and destroying democracy. They are the ones behind citizens united, that corporastions are people and billionaires can control government and democracy with unlimited funds!

          10. mac12sam12 says

            I hear you. Sometimes they ride around in cars and randomly just shoot people! Why don’t they give their money away? Umm, let me think. What would their employees do? Should they give their money to you? The Kochs are 59th on the list of donors. Your world, democrat billionaires=good
            republicans billionaires=bad
            I get it now!

        2. jbftskj says

          Man, are you stupid. Read up on Russian & Chinese politics, then get a life!

          1. jetmagnet says

            You want me to read bagger politics? I know the commies!

        3. Sam Gunning says

          It’s a pejorative term, jet magnet, and you know it. The assertion you made is wildly deceitful and insulting. Most of your posts are nothing more than personal insults or attacks with extremely distorted presentation. Right wing and communist are diametrically opposed in philosophy in this country.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Here are five similarities between the tea party and
            communist totalitarians:

            Both argue for the smallest possible size of government. Both
            want government to be fundamentally local with little to no input
            from a centralized federal government.

            Both argue that employment should be local and involve the
            area workers. In communism, the term is decapitalization of labor
            and in the tea party, the term is domestic employment.

            Both argue that the only interests that should influence the
            government are the interests of local citizens.

            Both argue for the lowest possible tax on individual incomes.
            Both see taxes as a tribute extracted from the citizen by law, with
            no real legitimacy.

            Both argue for citizen politicians. Both see the politicians
            as elitists, who has interests only in maintaining their elite
            status. Both want the “average man” to be the political person, and
            at the local level.

            The people of the tea party fail to realize these totalitarian
            positions. In the 1940s, C. Wright Mills pointed out that
            inevitably smaller government results in more “concentrated power.”
            Therefore, if power in the hands of fewer people is want you want,
            the tea party is for you.

    2. edward says

      Your picture portrays your black heart. Go live in Syria you trash bag!

    3. jbftskj says

      Moron subhuman mongoloid idiot.

  10. barb patton says

    Can a hacker make worse more worse?????

  11. slypuffers says

    Government malfeasance at it’s finest. Let’s all thank Progressive Democrats by voting them out of office. Then, just suppose, like their SEIU lackeys; picket their residences, trampling lawns, shrubs, and giving them misery. These Ideological brain dead elites are not above “We the people”……..sweethearts.

  12. James Grey says

    Well, Hussein Obama has to think up another LIE, after all HOW CAN HE BLAME BUSH ON THIS screwed up Obamacare crap?

  13. Laddyboy says

    From what I have been reading, the obamacare health center computer program NEVER had/has protection.

  14. john robel says

    A socialist “hack” instituted this Marxist agenda, with the duplicity of the socialist “hacks” in the senate. Our national security has been “hacked” at the border by the same “hacks”, as well as our Constitutional Republic form of government. It is fitting that this socialist “hack” web site is being “hacked” to illustrate ” of the hacks, by the hacks, for the hacks. Hack on hackers, we want our country back.

  15. James Maxwell says

    The only way a “Foreign Hacker” could make obama care any worse would be if they exposed all the
    corruption that is contained withing it. Or perhaps removed all the “subsidies” that people are receiving.
    How about if they exposed all the special exemptions that his political cronies are receiving like the
    ones that Congress exempt themselves from along with the rest of their “friends” who donate to their
    reelection campaign?

  16. Seldena says

    I do not believe for one second there was any hacking! I think this is just another lie form obammy!

  17. jbftskj says

    I hope hackers screw it up so badly that Congress will be forced to cancel the whole rotten program, and start over with one which Congress, providers, and the public can understand!

  18. taliesin319 says

    Thank God I avoided that site and would rather be dipped in excrement than have anything to do with it. Lost my insurance and also my Physician. My Healthcare is now that universal supplemental insurance
    provider. ” Trust in God–” Sure seems to be working. I want to live long enough to see Obama and his minions Line dancing, ten feet above the dance floor. Wishful thinking I know but thinking positively
    fosters a good immune response to stress. Halleluia !

  19. Tom says

    “The details of this particular attack are not really what’s important. It is a tight, focused lens on the incompetency of the federal government. – See more at: https://www.fixthisnation.com/conservative-breaking-news/obamacare-website-shocker-foreign-hacker-found-a-way-to-make-the-site-worse/#sthash.pivtY0yN.dpuf” You got to be kidding right the details of this particular attack are not important. Yea who cares if personal information about you is able to be used against you all it could do is cost you more money for life insurance , maybe not getting the job you applied for because they found out that you had some disease. What me worry naa be happy

  20. WiSe GuY says

    This is history!
    The first man, ever, to polish a turd!

  21. Harvey Melton says

    lead from behind and figure out from behind, typical of this administration, but when it comes too golf outings and million dollar vacations they have the logistics well thought out for that.or when it comes to selling out this country and everyone in it they have exact workable plans for that.it just depends on what the proirities are on wether or not they have workable solutions, which doesnt include anything good.

  22. jondarmes says

    I am shocked. Here we have the most intelligent president ever, managed to win the noble prize without doing anything, and some unknown hacker managed to screw health care up even worse than Obama and the democraps et.al. on his first try. WOW, HE MUST BE A GENIUS!!

  23. Kent2012 says

    It would be wonderful if someday when America has a president again that the WH personally pursues the twits that were paid way too much money for designing and implementing that disaster and squeezes all of the money plus interest out of those “IT twits”….of course that should wait until the rags are destroyed, the economy is revved up, the military is redefined, the world knows to pay attention to what the president says because the penalties will be forth coming if they do not, and the unaffordable healthcare destruction act is removed….

  24. Seldena says

    Does anyone REALLY believe a hacker did this? I don’t!! I think this is a made up story (again) from the administration trying to hide the truth of how bad the wed site was ans is. They lie about everything they want to COVER-UP!!

  25. Tim Aker says

    Guess the genius Network Admin doesn’t know how to protect it his own shit! Open ports on the firewall perhaps? Ever heard of a Honey Pot? Or is Obama the Network Admin? LMAO

  26. allen goldberg says

    Anyone surprised at this?

  27. adrianvance says

    Do you mean to say George W. Bush did not do it?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” We prove it.

  28. RetiredTpr says

    Why does anyone belive anything that come from this, the most corrupt administration in OUR Countries history? Even the mainstream media is turning against them and reporting some of the criminal and unconstitutional things that are being done.

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