Obama’s Community College Plan Rife With Problems


I have to admit, there are things to admire about this shiny new version of President Obama. Mired for years in a state of ineffective wishy-washiness, Obama finally seems ready to embrace his role as leader of the free world. Unfortunately, his aims as leader are contrary to the betterment of America, but, you know, no one’s perfect.

Obama’s latest swing for the fences is a rudimentary plan to make community college free for students who can maintain a 2.5 grade point average. It’s a better idea than we’ve seen out of this administration in quite some time. Certainly, a plan to increase the prevalence of higher education is more laudable than a plan to embrace illegal immigrants. But as always, Obama’s efforts come with a litany of problems that appear invisible to his most fervent supporters.

We don’t have many specifics on the plan yet, but we can make preliminary judgments based on what we know. Announcing the project, Obama said it would save as many as nine million students an average of $3,800 per year. He said he wants the states to pick up 25 percent of the tab, with the federal government picking up the rest of it. He said it will be modeled after Tennessee Promise, a program that will make community college free for state residents with money from the lottery.

So far, that’s about all we know. Facing a Republican-dominated Congress, Obama is unlikely to push such an initiative through, especially if it means raising taxes. Based on the scarce information we have, it’s not even clear if it’s something he wants to push through. It may just be meant as a talking point; something he can recall fondly in interviews about his legacy years down the line. But if he’s serious – and millions of millennials hope that he is – it’s important to point out the potential pitfalls.

The Need for Skepticism

The problems are plentiful. Funding tuition through the government doesn’t address the big problems with community college graduation rates. While costs are likely part of the reason behind the country’s abysmal 31 percent, three-year graduation rates, they aren’t the whole story. Furthermore, federal funding may steal incentive for community colleges to improve. And finally, there’s no such thing as “free.” The money has to come from somewhere, and that either means increasing the debt or increasing taxes. Neither sounds good at a time when the economy is still on shaky ground.

There is another problem, of course, and that’s with the federal government taking yet another step into controlling the nation’s education sector. We’ve already seen liberal ideology seep into our public school system. Colleges are little fiefdoms of liberalism as it is; this proposal will seal the deal.

I applaud the president for aiming big on American education, but let’s make sure we look at this plan from all angles before we do something stupid. We already know what happens when we pass a bill without reading it.

  1. RMCSRET says

    This is just another of the DEMOCRATs policies which are designed to make the young folks in this
    country think they are going to get something for nothing. Yet if they were to sit and think about it they
    will quickly see that the minimum wage jobs they are now working will be the mechanism for paying the
    tuition which they think they are getting for nothing.

    1. Mole Johnson says

      $85,000,000,000 dollars is not free.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Mole I want to approach this as an adult and ask a serious question ok. Please answer back alright. Is it not true that people who have an education normally earn more then those that don’t. And if those people earn more don’t you think they just might spend more on products and services made other companies? And if their spending more on those Items aren’t they paying sales tax on those items which goes to the states. And if they earn more Aren’t they also paying Income taxes on those increase earnings. This is how “Trickle Down” should really work. If people earn more they spend more. When I was first getting started I had a boss that had a quote on his wall in his office. He said he put it there so everytimes things were a little lean he would look at it and Remember how to fix things.. the Quote.. “You have to spend money to make money”. So I am interest in your thinking on this its not an attack just want your point of view.

        1. Lance E. Fontanne says

          Of course you have to spend money to make money, but your debt cannot go too high either.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            last numbers I heard were 6 billion a year for the program.. That’s about 20 F-35 planes that would not have to be bought.

        2. Al Clarke says

          There are already plenty of great State plans for paying for college education. Concurrent Enrollment is one, where students earn high school graduation credit (faster!) by getting those credits through college classes, which are free under concurrent enrollment. In Utah, if you get your Associate Degree while in concurrent enrollment in high school, the State pays 2/3 to 3/4 of your upper division tuition and fees. Three of my children have done this, to their great advantage. More kids could if they were serious about high school.
          I just feel like kids do better at school if they have skin in the game. Down the road, the student today benefits tomorrow from his education. Why shouldn’t he or she pay for some of it?
          Just about anyone can already get federal funding to help or completely pay for higher education. What’s new here? Federal financial presence in the education marketplace is a major reason why college costs keep climbing and why graduation rates (especially at CCs, some of which have such low standards that they offer more remedial courses than credit courses) keep declining.
          And when all these lucky students graduate, they will still pay taxes. It’s dobtful if they will ever pay enough taxes personally to cover the cost of their education. Especially if they have majored in one of the multitude of unmarketable majors that most employers would consider superfluous if not downright poisonous in the workplace.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            I see what your saying but one of the problems is those programs are not available in every state. This is almost as bad as not having a set of academic standards that are the same all over the country. A student that has a high school diplomat from one state should be able to take and Pass the final Exams in another school in a Different state. This link is a chart that is a couple of years old http://www.businessinsider.com/pisa-rankings-2013-12 in it it shows the Ranking worldwide of Math, Science and reading of the Average student. Would you be shocked to know that Vietnam out ranks us in Math? but I dont’ believe the Skin in the game makes anyone Better. I can’t even count the number of times I had to work till 1:00 to 2:00 am in the morning and then have to study and be ready for class at 8 or 9 in the morning. If I had this program they are talking about would not have had to work those long hours to earn enough to pay for school. My Father was Military so it was not going to come out of his paycheck if I wanted to go to school beyond high school I had to pay for it. Of course I might have to agree with you about Federal funding if there was less of that then we would not have Ben Carson or Paul Ryan around right now. .Both of them had their education paid for by the Federal Government and those are just the two off the top of my head.

          2. Al Clarke says

            What you are advocating is essentially federal control of education. As to education rankings among nations, systems are so different. Japanese children essentially have the right educational future determined by the end of fourth grade. The competition for the best jukos (after school tutoring) is intense. Vs. Us, with all children in the testing pool through high school.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            To be very Honest with you Al Clarke most of those countries that score above The US on those Charts have government control of the education standards. I am not saying complete control. I am saying that there should be a level Set that if you earn a high school Diploma that it means the same thing in Hawaii as it does in Georgia, as it does in Maine. You realize don’t you that the Majority of College Freshman have to take Some classes that would be considered High school level their first year in college. That’s a lot of time wasted on something they should have already been exposed too. back in the 60’s and 70’s when I was in school my dad was in the Navy.. I never when to the same school 2 years in a row until I was in 10th grade and then we moved so I had to spend my junior and Senior year in a different high school I went from having enough credits in NC to graduate as a Junior if I had stayed in NC to having to take a full load of classes as a Junior and Senior In VA. or I was going to come up one credit short. That level of math classes varied from state to state so much either I was way head in one state or way behind in another. So don’t see anything wrong with a National Education standard to set levels. A standard not set by Congressman or Senators with political agendas but some other way.

          4. Al Clarke says

            That would be handy, but your idea puts the pressure back on public schools, which have an egalitarian “self-esteem” ethos that precludes denying graduation except in most extreme circumstances. Some literacy test in language arts, math, etc., no doubt it would have to be multilingual, would have to be administered to accomplish what you envision. Commercial testing already does that at college entry points. Enforcing a literacy standard among AMericas high schools would be anathematic to the philosophy of the educational establishment. Colleges, especially ccs, are caught on the dilemma of expanding their student bases vs. the academic viability of the students they are recruiting. I think they will just have to deal with that.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            I am impressed with your thought out argument but I am afraid we will have to agree to disagree. As I mention I have seen the result of a lack of standards up close and in person. If I had not moved to a different state I could have started College about a year and half sooner then I did. I also know how hard I had to work when we moved from NC to Maryland around the time I was in 4th Grade. I was current with Math in my North Carolina Class but was about 6 months behind with my new one in Maryland. They were tackling problems with Terms I had never even heard of let alone being able to solve. ( I was very lucky. I had a teacher that understood what I was going through and who told me she knew I could catch up and worked with me an hour after school 3 days a week for 4 months.) As we moved from state to state those difference became very clear. At no time did I leave one school and one class and slide right in at the same level I was before. it was either way ahead and I was bored or way behind because I had not been expose to what they were well underway covering. And its not even math and Science. A lot of High school Seniors can’t name the three Branches of Government. They can not tell me how a bill becomes a Law or name the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. I handed a note to a 5th Grader the other day that I had written out that thanked him for Raking the leaves in my yard without me asking it was in Cursive and he could not read it and it was not because of poor penmanship. So put it simply I want the education for all our kids that we are paying for.

          6. Al Clarke says

            I think we would both like to see education be more successful for more students. In order to do that, we have different looks at the problem from different perspectives, different experiences. It has been great discussing this with you. Perhaps will cross trails again. Adios

          7. PaulN says

            The English have used testing for decades to determine whether or not a person’s success would be enhanced by “university” level or trades/IT programs. The Japanese also have stronger family units who promote, expect, and push their children to excel. As a family of two educators, the parental support in the US has been consistently eroded by federal programs and intrusion on the family with all the “on the dole” programs. Think of the current Liberal agenda of “JULIA” with cradle to grave government “help”. I could write a book regarding the transgressions of government intrusion creating parents who don’t have a clue. Too many fall into the victim diatribe and say why me instead of teaching their children “why not me”!

          8. Al Clarke says


        3. Don Berghuis says

          Sounds like your boss’s wisdom rubbed off on you, Rick.

        4. Jerry Cox says

          Where are the good paying jobs they are going to get. I believe we have very few jobs for those that are graduating now. How long do you think it might take to pay off the debt we create? What do you think the public sector could do with this much money if the government just got out of the way. Smaller government, less taxes and watch what would happen.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            We have seen what happens.. The Private sector is run on one idea.. Make a profit. If it breaks down to a choice between Profit and doing whats right just about every company out there is going to choice the profit. So you wind up with people not able to afford things like education or Training for the jobs that would allow them to advance themselves. I have a couple of small business with about 20 people working for me. All of the are covered by health Insurance. No of them make less the 15.00 dollars and hour and I don’t have any problem following what little government Regulations there are for my business. You know what creates Jobs a demand for the products or services that people want or need. But if people are getting paid there is not demand for services.. That’s one of the reason to increase the Minimum wage. If the working two jobs to live all of a sudden has more income she is not going to sit on it.. She is going to spend it on the bills and Food and Clothing and Housing she needs.. All of those are things that put money into back into the economy. Not sitting off shore in some Tax Haven Bank. Old saying if you want to make money you have to spend money. If you want the economy to grow you have to “seed it”. Also most major discovers that improve the economy or create Markets are made by people with an education. Who knows what some Kid out there that would like to become a Medical Researcher or some other kid with an idea for a new product that could change the way we do things. (sort of like the Iphone changed the Cell phone market). There was another saying and I can’t or the life of me remember who said it but.. “education Creates opportunity”

          2. Jerry Cox says

            I am aware of that saying. I grew up on the farm in N.C. as a naive country boy. My parents had 3rd grade education but provided for our needs, not all our wants. I went on to graduate High School(first and only to do so being youngest of six. I joined Nacy, did some correspondence schooling for career I wanted to pursue. Got out of Navy, accepted in top Fiance school in Boston, worked full time job, went to school nights while working in area I wanted to pursue. Took seven years to complete degree program. I was raising my own family at the time. I was a Finance Mgr. by that time for high tech manufacturing company. I went own to become a Senior Finance Comptroller for a 13 Billion Dollar company. I never received a handout or assistance from the Government. All of this free stuff gives no incentive or drive only continued entitlement thinking. What is one program that the government got involved in that was a success? Why does government have less than 10% of those in charge ever do any jobs in the private sector. They have all been on the dole in Government all their life. You need drive to be a success and ambition not the thinking someone will bail me out. Oh, and I didn’t have anyone to help me along the way except rewards for a job well done.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            I applaud your success but even with that Success you not saying you did not have someone that mentored you along. That gave you the Rewards they did not have to for a job well done. Well the sad fact is there are a lot of people out there that do good jobs and never are rewarded for them. There are a lot of people that need a hand to open a door for them not a hand to slam it shut. The economy in this country is never going back to a Manufacturing / agriculture based economy. We have shipped to many manufacturing jobs overseas and the death of the family farm and small farmers have made sure that will never come back again. So we are now a Tech and Service Economy.. Those jobs require education and Training that old economy does not need. Apple announced a few months back there were returning some of the Very High Tech Manufacturing jobs of their products back to the United States but that they would require a level of education and training that most workers don’t have. I am not sure if you saw the news last month out of Germany. Not only did they offer their citizens free college tuition but they offered it to any US Citizens that wanted to enroll as well. This country’s success was as leaders in Tech and science for decades now we are not willing to put forth the effort to make sure we are always leaders in those areas. I would rather spend the 6 billion a year on making that chance available then on spending it on 20 F-35 fighter Jets.

          4. Jerry Cox says

            Sorry Rick, I just don’t believe in handouts. If our economy has changed than you need to ask why and why is another bill that will kill jobs in America is being proposed by President Obama. I still contend any program being proposed by the Government is about power and control and nothing else. This President does not really care about helping someone. Getting them dependent on the Government is what is all about. Do you have any idea how much money the Government is poured into education including this President as well with no real results from it. This community college thing is just a ploy and bridge to indoctrinate more children, pay off universities while the same universities have increased costs for excess layers of permanent waste and we have gotten Common Core which is nothing more than indoctrination of our students. Again I ask the question what government program has been successful and our costs were anywhere close to the money spent. Retrain the workforce. Let the private sector come up with the program like this if you like, identify where the training is going to be needed, and then help the business with grants that they must show how it was spent and a way to measure it.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry we have to disagree. You appear to have bought into the Reagan fantasy that All government is bad and Private sector is good.. Your idea disregards the facts that if there is no profit in it the private sector is not going to do it. If the money and not been spent on the space program in the 1960’s we would not have GPS or Cell phones or Microchips.. All of that was effected by the “seed Money of the space program” We now have companies looking to make money in Satellite Launches which would never have happen without Government Programs. Your long range airliners would not have been developed as quickly without The long Range bombers the Government paid for in the 1940’s. Did you know that a lot of mechanical Devices use ball Bearings. And that you can’t Create a perfect Ball Bearing in Earth Gravity. But you can create one in a zero Gee environment each and every time. There is one other thing that has always be curious to me and that’s the high regard of Ronald Reagan.. You have a president that came to office with a National Debt of 700 billion Dollars and Left office with a Debt over 2 Trillion dollars.. So how is that a Conservative?? Looks like he was ok spending money on Government programs? I always said that if President Obama and Called the Affordable Care Act the RONALD REAGAN care act the republicans in congress would have tripped all over each other to vote for it.

          6. Jerry Cox says

            I know we were disagreeing on Government. I never mentioned Reagan at all in any of my comments. I said Government has never developed a program that it did not come in at well over 10-100 times beyond any estimates made and the costs. I will give you some science that NASA did and made available to the public but I never really looked at NASA as a government program but more of a space program. I am talking the program on poverty, the guidance and control over the education in our country, the medicaid program, welfare, solar investments in companies vs letting Solar become something worthwhile buying, bailouts and ready made jobs that never were in place and most of the Trillion dollar bailout is unaccounted for today, losses of over 100 Billion by the IRS, Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mack scandals, and more and more. Let the private sector pick winners and losers at there expense. I never talked conservatives either. When people disagree why are they first to assume conservative, etc. I think the government should be involved in infrastructure, which is what was intended. I don’t like people that take my money I paid in all my life at maximum level and then they tell me in the most recent years that is a benefit I am receiving not that I paid and then some. I am retired and glad I planned a little better than the government did. War on Poverty, we have failed and will with failed policies of government. Education has seen trillions poured into it and it is worse today then many years ago. You tell me somehow I bought into Reaganomics and I would say you drank the koolaid. There are no actual facts that will support my position on government is bad controlling everything for they just are not bright enough. I applaud you having the business you have but the government says you did not create the business. Rest my arguments.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Actually my business would not have been build without using information from the government on startup and import export information. So yes they did help build my business and am not ashamed to say I used the small business administration to help me with the info to get started.

      2. RMCSRET says

        Try asking a 18 or 19 year old if they think it is free or not and let me know what the
        answer is okay.

    2. PaulN says

      RMCSRET check out the cover page and subsequent article in the January 26, 2015 issue of National Review which is as follows: The Rise of the Idle Man.

  2. abc__jps says

    designed to get votes…all the free stuff is designed to get votes. bring the illegal here for free to get votes. Americans just let him destroy the country. When immigrants came here years ago they came to build the new world they did not want to bring the old country here, they worked, built a good country. These want to change things why not stay were you came from if its so good. Look at south Fla. learn a lesson from loosing south Fla. to cuba. When my kids were raised I was responsible for their shots, lunch, school supplies nothing was free we taken the responsibility away from parents and look what we have. Be smart American and do not loose our country.

    1. Goldbug12 says

      This Muslim Communist Lying Fraudulent pResident has to be removed! His number one agenda is to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY AND KILL US ALL! When the hell are we going to get off our LAZY ASSES and do something about it! If we don’t, he along with his Muslim Jihad friends will cut all our heads off………WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

      1. Don Berghuis says

        Goldbug 12, in your case , head removal mightbe an improvement. Certainly, it would remove that so-called ‘braIn ‘ of yours.

        1. Mole Johnson says

          I think you are a “Mooj” and a “Commie”

          1. Don Berghuis says

            Don’t know what a “mooj” is, but I am definitely not a Commie, while you appear to be an idiot.Mole Johnson.


          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            False claims are easy to make and impossible to disprove. What IS easy to prove is that you are an Obama leg humper. How much more FREE STUFF are we, the tax PAYERS suppose to fund????

          3. Roger_T73 says

            NO MORE!!!

          4. Mark Clemens says

            According to Don’s post to me. He’s been milking the system since the 1950’s or 1960’s. He even admitted he’s a quitter (dropped out of collage after 3 years).

          5. PaulN says

            There you go again. What good was all the enlightenment when you stoop to name calling. Really!

        2. WhiteFalcon says

          Goldbug12 is expressint the anger and frustration that all of us have with this totally unqualified boob that is in the White House at the moment. Everyone with the exceptation of the most communist/Nazi portion of the very left wing socialist democrap party feels the same frustration.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Don must need someone to pay his way through school, or he didn’t set any college money aside for his kids. Now he expects us to pay his kids way!
            I bet Don is really JAMMY BOY, or Jammy Boy’s Daddy………

          2. Don Berghuis says

            Actually, I attended college from 1950-53. I was not doing well do to my being too young to really appreciate college (17). After 3 years, I quit in 1953, enlisted in the US Army. I served 3 years, getting married just before my discharge in 1956. When I came home from service, I decided that with a wife,I couldn’t afford college. I worked for two years, then decided to take a course at the college I had been going to, while still working fullo time. I liked it so much that after two years of part time college, I went back and finished up—–with honors. I worked part time the last year and carried a full load in college. With two childeren by now, I thought long and hard about grad school, and, with GI Bill and scholarship money, I gained a masters and a CAGS (eqyivalent to a PhD. After graduation, I was paying off my student loans when I became aware of the National Defense Education Act , which forgave portions of student loans to folks working in poverty area schools. I qualified and got about 30% of my loans written off by the government. I worked for 30 years in a poverty area school, managed pay my wife through school and educate three sons through college. I am now retired for 20 years, living on my investments, savings , Social Security, and a Veteran’s benefit for a 20% Service Connecte ddisability. Doing quite will, Thank You. So I would say you lose your bet about my education cost payment or the education of my children. I would say I earned every cent.

          3. PaulN says

            Then for goodness sakes, why would you belittle the responsibility, compassion for your less fortunate brethren, and hard work just to stoop to some of the vitriol you have displayed on this blog, sir.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Well I worked two jobs for 14 years to put my kids through college, so they won’t have to break their backs (like me) for a living. Why can’t the rest of you all do that? Lazy? You think someone owes you a free pass? Hard work never hurt an ambitious person, it also builds character. You also have more self respect when you earn stuff on your own.
            You know why your kind (hand out crowd) always misses opportunities?
            Because it usually shows up in overalls, and looks like work…………

          5. Rick Rogers says

            so your basically saying you were the ones giving handed outs to your Kids. That you denied them the chance to build their Character thru work. I read both of you comments and that is what the two of them combine read like.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            How is sending one’s own kids to college a hand out? It’s called responsibility. Do you charge your wife and kids for meals, like a restaurant? I would hope not, same with education. They had part time jobs to buy cars, threads, entertainment. The education was on daddy, the frills of being 20 was on them.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Just following through on your statement that struggling build Character. If your kids did not have to struggle does that mean they have no character? oh by the way.. NWO Cool American Dream was ok.. BUT THE MAN was Nature Boy.. who happens to be from Charlotte as well.. . Wahoooo

          8. Mark Clemens says

            Helping your children is the parents job. Why are you for Government handouts, but against responsible parents helping their own children? You!ve been on the reservation to long……..
            I’ve also seen The American Dream whip the Woooooo out of Flair……

          9. Rick Rogers says

            Tell you something funny.. remember back in the late 80’s when the Four Horseman jump him in the Parking lot. I was standing across the street watching them film it that day.

          10. LastGasp says

            Wow! And all that gives you the authority to denigrate someone you don’t even know. Gee whizz, next time you have something that important to contribute, save it for someone who cares.

          11. PaulN says

            Don’t forget the most beautiful sound of the call to evening prayer. Or Anti-Colonialist. His words not mine.

          12. WhiteFalcon says

            Yeah, I heard that also. Makes me want to puke. And his little groupies and puppets keep trying to say that he is Christian. That is as big a lie as global warming.

        3. PaulN says

          There you go again! Time to leave the childlike, playground behavior and become a responsible adult. Still overwhelmed by the Kool Aid!

      2. Rick Rogers says

        Goldbug12.. There is this old Rule they use to teach in Sunday School.. If you can’t say something nice about someone say nothing at all… Now about you and your ideas …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
        There you get the hint?

        1. bobwhite says

          If you don’t like to see what many Americans, Goldbug12 included, think about your Marxist no account idol haul your butt over to the Daily Kos or one of the other Left Wing pervert sites.

          That’s not a hint. Take Don Berghuis with you.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Since you decide to be childish Bobwhite let me give you a Reply you should understand.. “MAKE ME”

          2. bobwhite says

            With your reply to Goldbug 12 you’re calling me childish? Now you can take your internet bravado with you.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            I will make it simple for you as Long as this Website is here I will be here calling them out on their “creative reporting” Nothing you can do about it but maybe stop reading the site because I am not going anywhere. And I plan on bring a lot of New friends with me.

          4. bobwhite says

            Oh no hotshot, I won’t stop reading this site. I will ignore you and your dirtbag Leftist friends.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Then enjoy the flood.. Hope you can swim because they are coming and will target any racist, homophobic, ring wing Fanatic that thinks they are better then everyone else. You remind of a guy that use to work for me. Back in 2008 he use to make his political beliefs know to any of my customers he contacted. He was told to stop. he did not. I told him he can have his beliefs but I was not paying him for him to spout them so he could stop doing it during the time I was paying him to work. He keep doing it. Last straw was when he told a customer that he did not know that he hoped he would have a job after that N***** got in the White House. To bad he was not smart enough to realize person on the other end of the line was a African American. You know I was never as happy as when I realized That NC was a right to work state and I could fire his ass without cause. Last I heard of him he was applying at the local Wal-Mart. They called and wanted to know why he was fired. Was very happy to tell them.

          6. Jim says

            It’s because of Liberal Leftists like you that our country is in such a mess!

          7. Rick Rogers says

            What Jim.. Please give me the dictionary Definition of Liberal Leftists.. I want to see if you can Get it right.. And for Extra credit show me the written portion of the constitution that says There is a religious test of who can hold an elective office.

          8. LastGasp says

            Well the truth is known, now. There is just something about a person who likes to ruin other peoples’ enjoyment,,,,hmmmm, let me see,,,Oh, yeah. You make me want to puke. Don’t have a life of your own so you ruin other people’s lives.
            Now that you’ve admitted to purposely ruining the forum for everyone else, I can think of several ways to keep you from contributing your malicious crap.
            You aren’t “calling out” anyone, sllck. You are committing a crime and the people who pay you to disrupt conservative forums are committing a crime also.
            Have fun in your new life.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            Try again Sherlock. I am just someone that is using my freedom of speech. And have invited some friends to check out this website. So are you afraid of some of is that are going to call you on all the hate speech on here?

          10. LastGasp says

            Ha, ha, ha, ha, you little twerp, quit with the playground games and grow up. Afraid? I wonder if you can imagine how little I care about people like you. You must have really poor self-esteem to have to go to forums to prove yourself. Doesn’t work in real life, does it loser? Have to annoy serious people to get a little bit of attention , eh? Watch out your little game doesn’t come back and bite you in the butt, loser.

          11. Jim says

            Yes, you do have freedom of speech to make yourself look more like an idiot! You are doing a “Bang Up” job doing that, without anyone’s help!

          12. Rick Rogers says

            Glad to see you think the founding Fathers were idiots because most of the ideas I have formed about the Document that created this nation were formed by their own words in the Federalist Papers and the quotes they gave later on. Sorry you think so little of the Founding Fathers.

          13. PaulN says

            The pot calling the kettle black!

          14. Maggiemae says


          15. Don Berghuis says

            Thanks, I already comment on several of those sites, but I come here to Iirritate you Right Wing Nut Jobs. Appears I’ve been successful. 🙂

          16. bobwhite says

            The only thing you Left Wing dolts are good at is screwing up everything you come in contact with.

            You must be a truly pathetic piece of humanity when your goal is bothering people. You people really are mentally ill.

          17. Mole Johnson says

            Oddly enough …. Everything Barak touches turns to crap also.

          18. Wapitiman says


          19. PaulN says

            Childish! Got nothing better to do. Get a job!

          20. Jim says

            Why don’t you go watch your idol Chris Mathews play some more Liberal Hardball on MSNBC.

        2. Maggiemae says

          I agree..it is always better to be nice and civil with people and try your very best to help them make better choices or decisions in their lives. However, when the country you live in has a leader that goes against every thing your country has stood for and people see the drastic change in a civil society, it goes way beyond trying to be a ‘nice guy’. Millions of people have had enough and since we do still have our First Amendment, people are free to express their thoughts, just like you do. Being critical of this administrations actions is all part of that.

          1. Don Berghuis says

            Yes, George Bush DID go against everything our country stood and stands for, but fortunately President Obama was there to clean up Georgie’s messes—like Afghanistaqnd and Iraq and the Great Recession.

          2. Maggiemae says

            Sorry. My life and those of my friends and family were just fine until 6 years ago. I’m NOT drinking the kool-aid. Sorry. Period.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Maggiemae Did you have any friends or relatives that lost their lives or were wounded in Iraq? Some of us did long before Barak Obama was president so not sure how their missing from our lives now would be something I would call Better or Fine.

          4. LastGasp says

            Don’t say you’re sorry to that puke, he’s not worth it.

          5. Maggiemae says

            You’re absolutely correct. When I read my comment again I thought…wow, I sure could have left out the ‘sorry’ without affecting the rest of my statement. I won’t let that happen again 🙂

          6. PaulN says

            How is the Kool Aid? or Rose colored glasses? or just come back from Colorado?

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Don must belong to the Mushroom Tea Party!

          8. Al Clarke says

            Sorry Don, your information comes of shallow and opinionated, virtually devoid of understanding. Do some homework about the “house of cards” created by the 1993 CRA that caused the recession. I think one’s opinion of GWBush depends on what you think America stands for. Unless you take the time to really understand what HE believes we stand for, you will not understand. What is it that YOU believe America stands for? Just so I can understand your opinion.

          9. LastGasp says


          10. LastGasp says

            So what? Do two wrongs make a right? Just because Bush screwed up means that
            Obolo can do anything he wants?

          11. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LOL. entertaining as usual.

          12. PaulN says

            Unfortunately, the method of Alinsky(the author of Rules for Radicals i.e. the Community organizers bible as taught in Chicago by “gee, I wonder who”) invokes the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” approach.

          13. Maggiemae says

            Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is what is being followed step by step. That squeaky wheel is at the hands of a dictatorship. When you can get the majority of people on the welfare dole, you are the people controlled totally by government. It’s no longer “we, the people” it becomes “I, the government”.

          14. PaulN says

            Have you noticed that are so many deluded individuals who have the facts and truth either so distorted or just simply in space? Jeremy Corsi penned a book only @65 +/- pages discussing the parallel between the Community Organizer in chief as well as those who continue the same tactics. The Evil Genius Behind Obama. I once attended a sales seminar by one of our most successful in that field at the time. He simply said, which was prior to the media of today, that “we are the books we read and the people we meet”. I must add that so many don’t seem to employ the smell test to what they hear and just take the “all we like sheep” approach to the non-truths they hear. Part of the Alinsky tactic is say it enough and you will believe and then the masses will follow. The intent of R for R is to use the middle-class to sympathize, rally to the unfortunate, and when they are used up, move on to continue the power increase. I couldn’t agree with you more. Keep the faith.

          15. Maggiemae says

            The sheeple will follow until they put themselves in a cage they can’t get out of….welfare. I live in 2 states, splitting the time 6 months each. I’ve made friends in both places as both places are new to where I use to live for over 40 years, still keeping contact with all the ‘old’ friends. I have learned that all of my friends in both states are conservatives. I had no idea of what party they were affiliated with and judged them on how they treated me and other people. As I’ve gotten to know them better, politics came up for discussion. I’m very outspoken and a conservative but I held my tongue….for a while. As all the others spoke and I listened I realized we all have one thing in common – the better good for America. I also learned that every single one of them was a conservative tired of the government control on way too much in our lives, the over spending of a Congress gone wild, the lies and deceitfulness of our government in general. Funny how ‘birds of a feather flock together’. All that government giveth, government taketh away. Germany has a very successful socialist government. They have had it for years, they have awesome medical, good work, great homes, products built/made in Germany, great food, educated people and happy, productive people. With good leadership much can be accomplished. We do not have good leadership and therefore, we fail.

          16. Rick Rogers says

            But Maggiemae the problem is that the Majority of Americans Don’t agree that he is doing anything wrong.. He won twice. The Majority rules in this country last time I checked and The only reason I come on this website is to fight the hatred and flat out lies that are told on it.. Simple experiment and you see what I am saying. Pretend just for a moment you don’t know anything about Barack Obama.. Now go thru this site and read the Truly Hateful comments made by the Majority. Your right you have your First amendment and would not want to take them from you. but there has to be an underline basis of truth behind your objections. The Birthers are going to hate it in 2016 when Democrats start throwing their own arguments at them about Ted Cruz and believe me they are waiting for it. But don’t come up with phony arguments that have been disproved over and over again. “he is a Muslim” we if so he is not a very good one since he has been hitting them with Drone strikes for quiet awhile now.. “he is a Socialist/Communist/Fascist” Well since Communist and Fascist Hate each other that’s a bit of a stretch and there are Socialist Programs being run by the Government long before he was ever President or don’t you realize that Public School education is a Socialist Idea. But back to “He is a Muslim” ok lets say he is.. According to the Constitution his religion is no ones Business but his. There is no Religion test to president. And the true of the matter is all those that use those names when talking about him Secretly deep down want to use another word about him that really would label them as racist You know the word Right the big one that starts with the Letter N

          17. Maggiemae says

            The first 4 years were spent on campaigning for another 4 years….lots of promises of good jobs, better pay, no lobbyists in Congress, great cheap healthcare – you can keep your doctor and more. Way too many people on welfare/government dole is a huge factor. No incentive for people to get a job and get off of welfare – because there aren’t jobs to be gotten. So, are those people going to vote for anyone that might cause them to lose the goose that laid the golden egg??? NOT!
            Six years of constant turmoil with the IRS, NSA, VA, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, radical Islamists, millions of illegal immigrants – paid for by my tax dollars. The big problem with this president is there is absolutely NO resolve to anything. Then add in Ferguson, MO and Trayvon Martin – in which the POTUS has NO business interferring, let alone causing more havoc and hatrid. Rather than putting out the fire, he threw gas on it. Then we have Paris…and he is totally MIA on standing united with the rest of the world on radical Islamist terrorists. I doubt there has been a time in history that this country has had a ‘perfect’ president…each have their own faults. This man just has more than his fair share and this country is suffering in many ways because of it. I voted for him in 2008. I learned from my mistake and didn’t repeat it in 2012. Many people believed his ‘promises’ in 2012 and now have b

          18. PaulN says

            I am sitting here as Nancy P claims that Paris, France is tied to the GOP opposition to the Pres. plan for immigration which will put our country at risk. What!!!!!!!!!????????? In regards to the French, have we all forgotten who aided and abetted the American Revolution, were staunch supporters of liberty at that time, as well as the Statue of Liberty given to the US from the French that I saw twice floating into New York harbor on each of the Queens. I am convinced we have a society who are more than deficient in our history, hence, who we are as Americans. The Change they sold has left me with an empty hand and the issues I have dealt with as well provide me with an insurance plan more expensive than my mortgage and still more out of pocket money. My tip off as to the intent of this current crowd was the redistribution of wealth statement in 2008 made to “Joe the plumber”.

          19. The Father of Satan says

            It is a lost cause .. you really can’t treat retardds like they are human .

        3. Al Clarke says


        4. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Leg humper, get the point??

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry you have the name Wrong Osama was the one that President Obama sent the Seals In to Kill. You know the one Bush and Cheney could never find because they were more concerned about the oil in Iraq then finding Osama. But then I can see the confusion.. Your use to names like Billy bob and Jim Bob.. and
            Cletus, Cooter, BO, LUKE, Uncle Jessie.

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Billy Boy Cliton was too busy frikking interns to go after Obama, er, Osama. He had three chances to kill the muslime pig but didn’t. Then Obama and Biden outed the HEROS of Seal Team 6, having them killed. SEARCH IT LEG HUMPER!! You pukes should go back to Val. Jarret’s office, where the rest of the sewage of America awaits their orders.

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Just curious did you ever serve? I thank I know the answer but figured I give you the chance to respond.

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Served in Viet Nam, Korea and Desert Storm. HOPE and CHANGE you smarmy t. burglar.

          5. Jim says

            You are right! Obama and Biden didn’t care one iota about Seal Team 6 other than to feather their own nests and toot their own horns. The both of them would have been charged with Treason if this had happened during WWII.

          6. The Father of Satan says

            No forced them to sign up and play soldier ..

          7. The Father of Satan says

            Damn good shot ! Those missiles Ollie North sold them really do work .! The good part is 38 less gvmt employees to pay .. that is a good thing .. right ?

          8. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Love to hear from typical, vapid libTURDS! Bitch about Heros in uniforms getting paid but shove my hard earned tax dollars at the lazy, the illegal, the drug using VERMIN . Sorry, you have to be a man to be a father, mother of satan.
            P.S. Your boy, billy CLIT-ON allow missile technology to be sold to China. HOPE and CHANGE!

          9. LastGasp says

            He’s a troll. He’s paid to NOT get the point.

        5. Jarhead says

          Here is one for you twinkletoes “Call a Spade a Spade, not a frickin shovel”

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Well since that saying historically meant something else about about the about how All Bigots should die and never be allowed to Breed.. That’s a favorite of mine.

      3. Mark Clemens says

        The Founders would be shooting at DC by now!!!!!!!!

    2. Jerry Cox says

      I believe it is designed to put the new Republican controls of both houses in a position to be demonized further they have been already. He would say I wanted to do this but the Republicans have shut it down without even looking at the merits and what it would. He would continue to say our payoff is down the road like all of his programs are. I have the price tag is $66 Billion. Well first the government uses estimates on the lowest possible scenario which never materializes. This is further distractions so attention to his have one of the higher unemployment of young people, the black community has been abysmal under Obama leadership (or lack thereof). Votes are clearly a bi product of the plan just like he brought the elections with our tax dollars. Obama care is a train wreck with the worst of the accidents coming this year and next. This is clearly about the government moving in further into more power. The TN plan is a pilot being funded from a reserve of money derived from the Lottery which steals from the poor already. How many times can you commit the same money to something else? This guy uses the media and promises like this with money we do not have. We are over 18 Trillion in debt already and Obama Care will add another Trillion with the next year or two and we will have accomplished nothing with it. Our health plans and doctors shortage etc. is already worse under Obamacare.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Jerry Cox.. He does not have to do a thing to Demonize The Republican Congress. They are doing a great job just on their own.

        1. jeff says

          What hole have you been hiding in?

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry no hole.. The scumbag Tea Baggers and GOP congressman and Senators had them all full up.

          2. Al Clarke says

            Rick, try to not be disgusting, at least.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            You sound grumpy, PJ boy.

          4. hankthetank says

            I see, you know NOTHING about the TEA PARTY ! they are the best thing that ever happened to America,then & now, I bet you don’t even know what ,(then ) means !!!

          5. mac12sam12 says

            I think you’re replying to the wrong guy, I support the Tea Party and have been to many rallies, I even donate!

          6. hankthetank says

            I,m sorry about that, it was for Rick Rodgers! maybe he got the message any way!!

          7. Rick Rogers says

            You mean American Taliban party right. .Because you seem to share a lot of the same goals and objectives.. The difference is theirs are based on Islamic Faith and yours are based on Christian.

          8. PaulN says

            Ever known a Christian to behead anyone? Moral equivalency doesn’t work in your statement. Every Christian strives to share the good news but Christians also accept others as they are not rape, kill because someone doesn’t convert to Christianity.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            Actually they behead quite a few people in their long history. I am sure you have heard of the Crusades.

          10. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Azzwad! Try to speak about current affairs.

          11. PaulN says

            I think you have mac12sam12 confused with the rants of Mr. Rogers(Rick)! mac12sam12 is pro tea party. Mr. Rogers is the Progressive in the crowd.

          12. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Progressive???? Code for tax the rich, bow down, elitist, groveling whiners.

          13. nwrkjoel says

            As a present member of the Tea Party Patriots I have to ask, why do you have such animosity toward American citizens who expect their Federal government (regardless of party) to follow the Constitution, perform their jobs as public servants with integrity and complete transparency, and be fiscally responsible with the money that We, the People have earned, by working for it? FYI-Name-calling really doesn’t help support your point of view.

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Ok Nwrkjoel… I answer it …. But want you to understand when I am saying you I mean the TEA PARTY OK.. Because if your Party was just all about that then I would be there with you. But its not.. You were co-oped by big money, The Tea Party as a whole has attracted The worst of our country. White Supremacist and Neo Nazis fly to your support. Most of the politicians that fly under your banner don’t understand the word Compromise and to be honest a lot of them Don’t appear to have a enough smarts to fill a thimble. Louis Gohmert got three votes for speaker then when on TV and told the country they almost had enough votes to make him speaker. Last time I checked 218 was along way from 3. Michelle Bachmann thinks Ben Franklin was President and thinks Moses gave the Constitution to the Founding Fathers. Sarah Palin Can’t remember the last thing she Read but most of us can remember it was GREEN EGGS AND HAM. and Last but not least.. Ted Cruz calls for a shutdown of the Government… Uses the word Shut down a number of times in speech after Speech and then Denies he ever did it. Your party is a Minority but you want to force your beliefs and Idea on those of us that Don’t agree with them. But the one I think I laughed at the most was the Sign I saw at a Tea Party Rally that said for the President not to force his Socialized Obamacare on them and to leave their Medicare along.. (Maybe someone should have explain to her that Medicare is Socialized Medicine

          15. mac12sam12 says

            You’re a f*cking idiot. The Tea Party isn’t about race you pickle puffing moron, it’s about lower taxes and fiscal responsibility. The two founders of the Tea Party, David Webb, talk show host and Fox news pundit, Niger Innis, spokes person for the “Congress of racial Equality, and msnbc and Fox news pundit, are both black. So now blacks are starting anti-black organizations? Stupid much? You, who come from the party of Jim Crow, the KKK and george Wallace.
            Sarah Palin, a very smart conservative woman who has been smeared by low IQ morons like you. The left smear black conservatives and conservative women because they’re afraid of them. So much for the “war on women” and racial equality. Sheila Lee Jackson, “man walked on Mars.’ want to talk about stupid? Hank Johnson, “My greatest fear is that Guam will tip over if there’s too many military on one side of the island. Honorable mentions for democrat stupidity. Obama, Biden, Wasserman-Schultz, Pelosi, Maxine Watters, and the dumbest MF of all, Rick Rogers.

          16. Rick Rogers says

            oh my god I think you guest Destroyed your entire argument with one Statement.. Sarah Palin is Smart. Lets let her own mouth convict her.

            1. “As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border.” –Sarah Palin, explaining why Alaska’s proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience, interview with CBS’s Katie Couric, Sept. 24, 2008


            2. “Mr. President, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke.” –Sarah Palin, on how President Obama should deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, CPAC speech, March 8, 2014


            3. “The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.” –-Sarah Palin, in a message posted on Facebook about Obama’s health care plan, Aug. 7, 2009


            4. “All of ’em, any of ’em that have been in front of me over all these years.” –Sarah Palin, unable to name a single newspaper or magazine she reads, interview with Katie Couric, CBS News, Oct. 1, 2008


            5. “Well, let’s see. There’s ― of course in the great history of America there have been rulings that there’s never going to be absolute consensus by every American, and there are those issues, again, like Roe v. Wade, where I believe are best held on a state level and addressed there. So, you know, going through the history of America, there would be others but ―” –Sarah Palin, unable to name a Supreme Court decision she disagreed with other than Roe vs. Wade, interview with Katie Couric, CBS News, Oct. 1, 2008


            6. “He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringing those bells, and um, makin’ sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed.” –Sarah Palin, botching the history of Paul Revere’s midnight ride, June 3, 2011

            I do believe just about any Grade school child could have gotten this one right. She Murdered it.

            And lastly and I think this one if my favorite of all time..

            9. “We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?” –Sarah Palin, admitting that her family used to get treatment in Canada’s single-payer health care system, despite having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing, March 6, 2010
            I will give her this she is no longer the Dumbest Women in the GOP that was title was taken over by Michelle Bachmann who has appeared to have handed the Title over to Joni Ernst.

          17. Rick Rogers says

            Ok please do me the honor of telling me what this is different from the same things the Taliban say.. Just change the word Christianity to Islam? There is no difference.
            “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war.” — Ann Coulter

          18. nwrkjoel says

            Ok Rick, Here we go…the Tea Party co-opted by big money? You’re confusing us with the republicans. (and the democrats, for that matter.) Some people say that the republicans are the party of big money, yet I can easily name more millionaires/billionaires who support the democrat party. (BTW-I’m a lifelong, registered Independent.) You must be attending (lol) different rallies, since I have yet to see, or hear any white supremacists nor neo nazis at the ones I’ve been to. Members of the Communist Party within our country have openly endorsed/supported Obama…does that make him a Communist…I don’t think so. Not enough smarts to fill a thimble? Have you ever heard Joe Biden speak? How about the rantings and blatant lies from Nancy (We have to pass the bill, so we can find out what’s in it.) Pelosi? Check out YouTube for several examples of Obama’s brilliance. i.e.-Unbelievable Obama Gaffes-Mistakes, Lies, and Confusion. The Tea Party may be a minority of the population, but the beliefs and ideas that you say we want to “force” on people is called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Strange as it may sound, We. the People , do expect all politicians, from every level of government, to follow them. Bottom line is “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything you have.”

          19. Rick Rogers says

            there is Another reason This is a quote by a president that was supported by Tea Party…
            Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” — George W. Bush
            I was not with George W. Bushes illegal war started on false claims when documents show that Cheney had been asking for papers to be written on how they could get the Iraq oils up and Running if the US had control of Iraq.. These papers were requested the 2nd Week Bush and Cheney were in office 8 months before 9/11.
            If your groups goals were just for the Constitution to be followed I might buy in. But is not and Actions and Statements by people that are suppose to be carrying your banner DON”T agree with the purpose you stated. The day I am going to let some supposed “conservative Christian” tell me what to do and who to vote for is the day my rights under the Constitution really will be gone.

          20. nwrkjoel says

            As for your first sentence, I must assume that you mean the quote was supported by the Tea Party and not president Bush, since the Tea Party didn’t exist until 2009. As for me, I never was in favor of the Iraq war. The key words in the rest of your comments are suppose(d) and claim. These people that do the actions you speak of are NOT true Tea Party, regardless of what they “claim.” Just as anyone who supports abortion is not a true Christian, regardless of what they “claim.”

          21. Rick Rogers says

            Look likes that’s were we are going to split.. I don’t Judge people by how they stand on one issue as to whither they are a Christian or not.. Seems “To me I read something about Judge not less you be judged?” But what I am said was Yes I understand the Tea Party basic Idea but the state goals are being over run by those that have been referred to as American Tealiban… Those people I have no respect for. They Degrade Science and education, Insist their “Christian” beliefs are the only ones that matter and are ready to force Their Morals on to everyone. Wait that sounds Familiar for some reason where have I heard of a Religion that wanted for force its morals on everyone.. Its Right on the tip of my Tongue Something about Shaira Law I think.. Oh yeah if I hear one more hypocrite say that “God told them to run for president” I might have a heart attack from laughing so hard

          22. PaulN says

            I extend to you my tolerance for your consistent and repetitive ignorance which brings me to this: There is no rational need to argue with ignorance. it is obvious you have some serious issues. Get a grip of reality and have a conversation not a name calling, filth spewing, and deceptive rant. Thanks for the opportunity and have a nice day. I truly hope things work out for you. May God Bless You and your family.

          23. nwrkjoel says

            As a Christian, I don’t have the right to, nor do I, judge people. I do have the right to condemn the atrocity that is abortion. It is the termination of a human life. Anyone who believes in God, can’t really believe that God is o.k. with abortion. To clear up further misunderstanding, I pray for people who perform and/or promote abortion. I do not wish any ill will on them, or anyone else. I have the deepest empathy for those people contemplating abortion, but desire their choice to be made based on all the facts about it and not one made by fear, misinformation or peer pressure. May God bless them all. I wish you well.

          24. PaulN says

            Remember 57 states?!? or Marine Corpse instead of Marine Corp! How quickly you forget that many people say a lot of stupid things in the moment. Bet not you! Have you read or proofed your posts! By the way, every worker who gets a paycheck pays into the system and is matched by their employer. Medicare ain’t free. Especially since it isn’t free even without upgrading part D or a plan known as Advantage. If you don’t upgrade, be prepared for a lot of out of pocket expense and even with the upgrades, you have less out of pocket but still you pay.You must have Medicaid and Medicare conflated. Just spend some time with the facts not info from MSLSD.

          25. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Don’t respond to leg humpers.

          26. PaulN says

            All you can do is demonize and name call. Is that the solution to issues that have two sides to a story. But then you are just following the same path show to you by your man with the plan. Really?

          27. Rick Rogers says

            REALLY?? do you even watch the News or Online Video of most of these tea Party Rally’s. Do you pick up a newspaper or Read an online news report or hell even read the comments on this webpage. Your Right there is Demonizing going on but its mostly from the Right that want’s to call the President a fascist, or Socialist, or Kenyan, or a gay lover. So sorry it hurts your sensibilities but I don’t take that crap with it being a direct Challenge. You don’t like the President find.. I did not like the previous one that got a lot more people killed both here and abroad. But beyond me questioning his lack of brains I did not stoop to the leave of these racist pieces of trash. Or try to limit a person right to vote because they know that person will never vote for the agenda they have in mind. 2016 can’t get her soon enough. We have two years to watch the Tea Party and GOP tear themselves apart. And its pretty clear that they don’t have the power to override vetos so they can waste all the time they want if they don’t work with the president beside the “our way or the highway” mind frame they can frame all the veto’s to hang in their offices. Believe me There are a lot of us that can’t wait to call them out for the broken agenda that the majority of the Country does not agree with. We don’t need your minority to make the correct changes in this Country so you and your brethren can become the modern day Tories that try and stand in the way. You don’t hear much about them in history because they were buried and forgotten by history. The Tea Party is going the way of the Whig Party. It might have started with noble ideas but it was taken over by right wing extremist Just curious you know what extreme Right wing fanatics have been called by history right.. FASCIST.

          28. PaulN says

            Slow down or use some common sense and read the constitution. You seem to think that only your opinion is worthy of consideration and you have all the “correct” facts. You sound just like a hot bed of streaming talking points with no sense of discussion never mind conversation. Think about this:

            “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will
            secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally

            ~ Samuel Adams
            At this juncture, it is time for you to reflect, not demean. You have a right to your opinion just not a right to decide or judge the facts. I am sure many have said as nasty a comment as have you but all that does is continue to foment the division that has been exacerbated by the current leadership whose tactics are to destroy not work within a framework of common sense and decency. Take the time to “listen” to yourself and spend some time in reflection and understand some folks i.e. The Tea Party or any other organization like them have the right to seek and lobby for smaller, less intrusive government that continues on a path of yet more program beget more programs that create a society of Idle Men. Have a good day. In the words of Fred Sanford, There is room for as many people at the top who choose to work to be hear, not just me!

          29. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “REALLY?? do you even watch the News or Online Video of most of these tea Party Rally’s.”….OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A protest that shut down the Port of Oakland to
            show the broadening reach of the Occupy Wall Street movement ended in
            violence when police in riot gear arrested dozens of protesters
            overnight who broke into a vacant building, shattered downtown windows,
            sprayed graffiti and set blazes along the way…….In Los Angeles, “By 5 a.m., all occupiers had been removed, leaving behind scattered
            signs, blankets, food, trash, mattresses and other items outside City
            Hall, where the lush lawn has become an expanse of dirt and debris.A hazardous material team will inspect the grounds before cleanup crews
            clear the area. Some of the debris is contaminated with urine and feces,
            police said.”

          30. jeff says

            Duck Doger, I would really like to see things your way, I really would but i just cant bend over far enough to get my head up my ass.

          31. Rick Rogers says

            sounds like the reason you can’t be because your head is already there.

          32. jeff says

            That’s the best you can do? Yah being a liberal I guess it is,.

          33. Rick Rogers says

            To quote someone I am sure you know.. YOUR NOT WORTHY.. of my best.

          34. jeff says

            At least you’re living up to expectations by quoting someone else.

          35. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Ha, Ha clever. NOT!!

        2. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Blather on OH groovy cat!

      2. Karen Gaddy says

        I agree. If odumbo wants to subsidize junior colleges, he should start with welfare recipients. Spend some of their welfare money toward education, and make them attend and get job training. Then they will be able to get jobs and get off welfare. This is a plan I could get behind. It would give people back their self respect and save the taxpayers money in the future.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          …….With out criminal records

        2. Alan Correa says

          Karen,, good idea but first we would have to REcreate jobs lost to foreign countries. Stop the imports and reopen industries here like we had 50 years ago when we were self sufficiant

          1. Mark Clemens says

            To do that we need to raise TARIFFS back to 1980 and 1990 levels (17%-25%). This whole employment mess could be fixed a few months, if we would stop big biz from bribing (Citizens United) Congress.,….

        3. Don Berghuis says

          But then we couldn’t subsidize billionaires like the Walton/WallMart families and the Koch industries.

          1. Karen Gaddy says

            I simply do not understand the libtards’ obsession with Wal-Mart. It is just a company that employs many people, unlike all the companies taking jobs overseas. I thought this article was about spending trillions of dollars we do not have on junior college. That is the article I was commenting on, not an article about Wal-Mart.

          2. hankthetank says

            Tell him, to check out company’s like G E & others, &leave Wal Mart alone !!

          3. PaulN says

            or jobs to the Feds in DC who produce nothing but poverty and plummeting health care as they suck the dollars right out of everyone’s pocket and call it taxes or like the proposed “fees” added to fuel. Yet another opaque name for taxes=fees!! Like we need to invest in blah, blah, blah which = more taxes to be moved from our pockets to theirs. Oh!! Could that be redistribution of wealth? The connections to other than dough for education is just another parallel to the rest of the big government, statist view of our hard earned money.

          4. Karen Gaddy says

            Off topic I know, but Obama-non-care is nothing but a giant redistribution of wealth. The healthcare part of it is infinitely worse than what we had. My brother is going to be paying $800 a month for a worse plan than he was paying $400 a month for. This is just for himself and his 13 y/o daughter. His deductible is 5x higher than the plan he had. This was one of the main reasons I voted Rebuplican and encouraged all my friends and family to also. We must dismantle this horrendous boondoggle.

          5. jeff says

            Karen you’ve hit on the root of the liberal issue, they aren’t in touch with reality.

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Hey leftist puke!! Don’t like em, don’t patronize em.

        4. Rick Rogers says

          Actually Karen job Training with an associates Degree is one of those ideas this is suppose to address.

      3. Don Berghuis says

        Nothing except `0 million now covered by Health Insurance, close down of two Bush wars, and a total recovery of the stock market and halving of the unemployment rate. SOME NOTHING!!!

        1. PaulN says

          What???????? Maybe a typo. Your hard work and education have slipped over time. Seems as though those “wars” were validated by all the democrat side votes in favor of until after the vote they registered suddenly became not so in favor of the Iraq war. You folks continually try to rewrite history. The 2nd war was the war IL Duce publicly heralded as “the correct war” and thus escalated the American investment in blood and treasurer. I am truly surprised at the lack of facts and truth that an educated man, public servant, and compassionate man has fallen to the ever present “Talking Points”. Really? You can do better.


    But blacks drop out of high schools ! This is not gonna help them – they will remain at the BOTTOM !

    1. MrD says

      I personally believe the 2.5 average will not even be considered by the vast number of liberal professors running our colleges.

      1. sandman says

        Yes, and everyone will get it, unless they have a more conservative attitude! and piss off their professor with their “ideas” and get a lower grade average and in turn have to pay for their “education”.

        1. Don Berghuis says

          I went to a good college, and often argued long and hard with my professors, some of which were liberal and some of which were conservative. Got As and Bs and a 3.4 average anyhow. I was welcomed by my profs.

      2. jamesowens says

        i agree they should at least be required to maintain a 2.8 or higher

      3. Don Berghuis says

        The law , as proposed, is quite specific—-2.5 . It is not up to the discretion of a ‘liberal’ or a ‘conservative’ professor.

    2. Don Berghuis says

      Not to racist, are you, RMSECRET? Many young folks DO drop outof school, some because of no money.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        Why is he raise? Statistics aren’t racist and a majority of blacks drop out of high school.

    3. Al Clarke says

      so do lots of hillbillies. And Hispanics. It’s not just a black thang.

  4. tax man says

    I like the plan just so long as the taxpayers don’t have to pay for it! Perhaps the wealthy four year colleges could provide funding to the JC’s to do this, and then get the transfers of smart students in the future. I have seen the pay scales for Administrators and Professors at 4 year colleges and read about their huge alumni gifting so we know the money is there.

  5. Morton212 says

    The main reason for poor graduation results is poverty. The vast preponderance of students who do not graduate, drop out from a lack of funding. It is not surprising – I suppose, that this editorial chose to ignore this basic fact. I would add to the discussion, that before acceptance into what is really a scholarship program, the student should be reasonably committed to the education, show some aptitude for the study course, and should be encouraged to select a vocation that is expected to be in demand.

    1. Don Berghuis says

      Correct, Morton12, and I am sure the president’s legislation or order will have that commitment written into it.

      1. PaulN says

        Did you read the Tea Leaves Don?

    2. Al Clarke says

      As I stated in my reply to Rick, almost anyone can get funding for a community college education. It’s keeping the funding that gets tricky. Personal problems, conflicts of lifestyle choices that don’t mesh well with college completion, and lack of commitment to study are some of the issues that lead students into poor grades and subsequent disqualification from funding. Complicating the problem is the totally justifiable requirement that disqualified students repay old loans before they can qualify again, even if their old disqualifying grades don’t block their readmission to the college. I know dozens of student in this sorry boat, and my wife knows even more from her role as a college administrator. We meet them every day and have no answer for them. Unless this program proposes to fund students limitlessly regardless of performance, which is a really dumb idea, this program will also not touch this problem.

      1. Morton212 says

        You make some legitimate points. But none of them are insurmountable. The fact is that if the program is successful – and with expert management (the Europeans have done a lot of work on this kind of program) it could help to restimulate a slowly shrinking middle class. As long is it is kept away from the clutches of Congress, it has a very good chance of succeeding with of course a viable and professional infrastructure..

        1. Al Clarke says

          Yet in our republic with our Constitution it is exactly Congress that needs to do it. Furthermore it would be virtually redundant. Further still, it would advance federal control of education, which we were promised would never happen in 1961 when Congress first dabbled in the states’ education systems. As a career educator, I’m saying that hasn’t gone well in several ways. No need for more control. My top-to-bottom career-long experience tells me this is a bad deal, as does my own experience as a college student and my observation of other students’ situations. With the lack of specifis and congressional sponsorship, I suspect it’s more political, designed to trash republicans who are determined not to get “grubered” in our current debt situation.

    3. PaulN says

      All I agree with except the funding. Money can’t by you love nor anything else. The motivation comes from within spawned from the home and the community. There are so many rags to riches successes in this country. Ramsey Lewis comes to mind. Dr. Ben Carson. The list goes on and on. Money is a short lived motivation. I realize the college level funding can become an issue. Many, like me, have dropped out due to money but nose to the grindstone to be able to go back to continue and finish. There are countless programs available as I have already seen even on these postings but you won’t get assistance if the standards aren’t met and perhaps the individual would be better suited to another field/subject/line of work whether it is due to the will or talent or lack thereof. Where there is a will there is a way. I have seen that scenario play out too many times by those who were committed to the idea of excelling, no matter the choice.

  6. Thomas Dugan says

    I applaud this effort as community colleges are much more cost effective (imho) at delivering education. The students are generally local so room and board costs are not an issue. The whole “college experience” of running wild and free while blowing mom and dad’s money and not learning anything is greatly reduced. As for the high school dropout rate, many have given up knowing that they will never be able to afford college of any form. This will give them a viable target to shoot for.

    1. Don Berghuis says

      Partially correct, Thomas. I went to college when I was 17 and didn’t do well, as it was the first time I’d really been on my own and in a distant town. After three years —wasted,I grant—I quit, went home, enlisted in the military, got married, came back to the same college and re enrolled on the GI Bill. With a full time job most of the time, a wife and two kids, I maintained a 3.4 Grade Point Averaqge, graduated after two more years. I went on to graduate school, graduated from there. The point is—I was too young and immature when I first went to college. If I had stayed near home, gone to a community college, worked part time, I would have valued the educational opportunity—not viewed it as an escape from home. So, yes….Community College for many would have been a wise move….sure would have been for me.

    2. Al Clarke says

      Nice thought, Thomas, BUT… even cc’s require high school completion or some sort of admission exam. Even then, though current programs fund just about anyone who needs help, they do NOT pay for remedial courses. When you start advocating funding remedial courses in college, you’re talking about funding high school all over again with Federal dollars. Hmmm……

  7. 40Helen60 says

    Illegals are already receiving ‘FREE’ college without having to pay one penny, while the colleges and universities must raise the tuitions on American citizens, thus causing an even greater hardship on the parents who pay so their kids can get a degree. The travesty in this country by communists sitting in the Congress, the anarchy of one evil man is incomprehensible. How can our military continue to obey illegal orders from a tyrant who not only has betrayed this country, but has been giving aide and comfort to terrorists since he came to power? You know D***** well had any president in the history of this nation committed just one of the crimes Obama has committed, they would have been arrested and made to stand trial for high treason. But, NOO, he’s made himself supreme ruler and he thinks he’s untouchable. He will not stop until there’s is no city, no town, no church, no building standing. Think Hiroshima was horrible when the A-Bomb was dropped in 1945? You better imagine 10 times that on American soil by the time Islamic terrorists finishes with us. We have only ourselves to blame for not standing up and fighting to remove this evil demon possessed son of Satan, Barack Hussein Obama, in 1999. Do not cry out to Almighty GOD, He will not hear and He will not save us. We brought this doom upon ourselves. Even our military have become cowards. Putin was right when he said, “Americans are stupid for voting for this idiot.”

    1. Mark Clemens says

      In my opinion this program will make an real college education worth less, because so many people will have some kind of diploma. Kind of like printing to much money, than you have gold to back it up…………

      1. Don Berghuis says

        Yeah—-you don’t want a lot of minorities who worked hard to get a degree running around. Education ought to be only for the rich folks, right? NOT!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          How you figure? I’m black (a minority) I’ve been working since I was 9. My patents made me do farm work until I left home, and I had to give all my money to my dad.
          When I started working I got in the explosive biz. Not by going to a school, I earned an apprentice job, and worked up to be an explosive engineer. While I was doing all of this, I was raising and PROVIDING for a family of 6.
          Why can’t the other minorities do this with out Government help? We all went to the same schools, got the same books. The difference is, I didn’t fall for MTVs black gangster images. A bonus of what I did was I learned a trade, plus I got paid along the way………….
          You people need to quit crying about job injustice, get off your asses and get a job. Learn to stand PROUD on your OWN TWO FEET. Not let the Government cradle you like an infant child!!!!!

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Hard to believe someone that has worked most of his life not seeing an advantage in a program his Children could Benefit for them. Or are you saying that Education should only be for a Few?

          2. Al Clarke says

            He just knows and understands that his kids can get it if they really want it, with or without this lame and redundant program. That’s not so hard to believe, is it?

          3. Mark Clemens says

            I’m like that Charlie Daniels song……
            “I don’t want nothing, if I can’t earn it on my own”
            A vast majority of this country needs to wean it’s self off the Government Tit. I mean this from the Projects to Wall Street, a hand out is a hand out. No matter how rich or poor a body is…………

          4. Al Clarke says

            So you a long-haired country boy? You’re all right, bro

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Hard to believe an old chunk of coal will turn into a diamond w/hard work from Mother Nature, but it does. My kids will pay into this also. I sent them to College so the diploma will show employers, this person catches on, and dedicates his/herself to a long task. Now every Tom, Dick, and Jane will have one.
            Also this will lower the standards of becoming doctors, dentists, lawyers, nurses. Look at nursing. In the 1970’s one of my sisters wanted to be a nurse. She had to to a 4 year college, plus two years nursing school. Now you (or me) can become a nurse in just 9 months. Dontcha’ think a few corners are being cut now-a-days?
            Hell, I’ll bet by 2035 any dumb ass will be able to become a licence physician in only two years or less in some generic medical trade school.,……..

          6. Al Clarke says

            Salutations to a great man. Sincerely.

          7. Don Berghuis says

            Mark, you didn’t get my sarcasm in saying education ought only to be for the wealthy?

          8. PaulN says

            Couldn’t have said it any better!!!

        2. PaulN says

          There you go again! Some of us would prefer to think that red and yellow, black and white they are precious in his site………… My experience in the class room was a simple statement to the students. I selfishly want each and every one to be successful in life so that as I age and retire, I can be assured the taxes keep rolling’ in to keep the river flowing. So keep your head in the game, pursue your dreams, expect to invest your time and energy, and take responsibility for your own life.

      2. PaulN says

        Or every child gets a trophy! We all can’t be all things to all people or ourselves. We have our raw given talents and the motivation we instill in oursevels to become the best self we can be. If everyone is the coach, there is no team without folks to coach. In addition to the more money thought is the fact that the more you print the more the value of each dollar declines!

      3. PaulN says

        A reply to Morton212 and all the other statists.

        Gee Morty, what do you think we are doing with a trillion plus in outstanding student loans GIVEN to college grads who are still on the dole be it my tax dollars, mom and dads, or yours and you think this will reduce my tax load. Every program that comes along just increases our debt by the trillions collectively and then the ever forgiving fed forgives the debt that was signed for and agreed to pay in full. What does that teach folks? Just like the mortgage programs several years back. The folks who paid on time every time got no break but the folks who overbought or extended their budget beyond their ability to cover their debt in case of an emergency i.e. loss of job or medical issue took the government handout or should I have said the taxpayers handout. The right thing to do is that if you can show up to work whatever you can handle, that is the right thing to do. Self-esteem comes from the accomplishments of your own doing not of someone else’s sweat!

    2. Don Berghuis says

      Name a college that specifically offers ‘free education’ to illegals.

  8. d66cmorris says

    Pass it we’ll read it later! Oh wait someone already said that before and now I can see what happens when you do that. Damn!

  9. Bob Hewitt says

    All of the obama plans are nothing but problems.

    1. Don Berghuis says

      Who is this ‘Barrack Muhammad Obama’ of whom you speak? I must have missed the Fox News broadcast on that one, Bobby Hewitt.

      1. Bob Hewitt says

        Yes you must have. Maybe you should quit watching the obama network to get your daily brainwashing. If you have a brain.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Says the man that has Fox news on 4 or 5 TV’s Running 24 hours a day. He can’t even go to the bathroom without the TV on the wall yelling “its OBAMA’s Fault”

          1. Al Clarke says

            His point is well taken, notwithstanding his shots at Obama.

          2. Morton212 says

            What point did he make ? I missed a point altogether except an irrational disease known in some quarters as Obamapobia

          3. PaulN says

            Spell check. Obama phobia.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Let me clear this up. Its Both Bush’s fault, Bill Clintons fault, and Obama’s fault. Can’t y’all see BOTH PARTIES are pushing us toward the NWO. If you support either party you are sheep………
            We need new political parties. The Elephant and Jackass are old, out dated, and need to be put to pasture………

          5. PaulN says

            There are as many statists in the GOP as there are on the other side! Tax and spend! Let’s create another program to suck the money out of the economy!

          6. Rick Rogers says

            You know you had me interest in Reading what you had to say till you Brought up the NWO.. Now I will admit to like watching the NWO because they were fun to watch in the Ring.. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and the others could always get a raise out of a crowd. But even I knew it was an Act and Wrestling was fake. So don’t be so upset about the NWO.. its not really “TOO SWEET and its not Really “FOR LIFE”

          7. Mark Clemens says

            The one who walked taller than the NWO, Was The American Dream, actually he whipped all those boys………..

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Yea but the NWO had better entrance Music 🙂

          9. Mark Clemens says

            Nothing tops Stars Spangled Banner, or God Bless America.

          10. Rick Rogers says

            thats Strange… I don’t remember Rhodes using those.

          11. Mark Clemens says

            During the bicentennial. Remember the Bicentennial Robe? Look like he stole it out if Elvis’ bathroom closet. After the bicentennial Roads used Midnight Rider as entrance music. My other main men of that NWA era were Super Fly and SuperStar Billy Gram. I remember when Flair was a Rookie.

          12. Rick Rogers says

            Me to.. Back when Black Jack Mulligan came out in Flairs Robe and starting tearing it up after Flair tore up Mulligan’s Hat. Remember Paul Johns and Wahoo McDaniel tagteam?

        2. Don Berghuis says

          Bobby, what would you know about having a brain?

          1. Bob Hewitt says

            Well Mr troll, it is obvious what you don’t have. Did your parents have any children that lived?

          2. PaulN says

            Gee, and here is the scarecrow asking someone else about having a brain!

        3. PaulN says

          Must be watching MSLSD!

    2. Morton212 says

      First comes an education. Communism has no ‘z’. His middle name is Muhammad . The largest communist nation in the world is China. It has NO socialized medicine.

      1. Bob Hewitt says

        LOL his middle name is What? What size what country? This is great really pulling out the trolls today.

        1. Morton212 says

          Exactly and I guess I have found a real conservatroll in you. If you are going to pretend that the POTUS is a Muslin – then do us all the favor of spelling the prophet’s name correctly.

          1. Bob Hewitt says

            Yes you have confirmed to being a radical troll. Normal mode of not answering only changing the subject. I guess maybe your last name is Webster and a absolute authority on spelling of a name you don’t even know. People like you are to stupid to even argue with. So I won’t waste any more time answering to your flatulence. Oh I also noticed you wrote Muslin? What is that?

          2. Morton212 says

            Oh that’s a relief. Now I know you read my post ! But what on earth makes you think that China has any kind of public healthcare at all ?

      2. PaulN says

        Your point is……………………………………………….

  10. MrD says

    Sooner or later the taxes paying for everything will run out,or be raised to a level of total poverty for the entire population.Of course the communists in power will do well.

    1. jamesowens says

      lets raise the taxes back to what they were when the “GREAT” ronald regan set them at befor the bushbaby/ cheny group ruined the economy and sold out America to the corporations -oh wait they are part of the the corporations regime

      1. Mark Clemens says

        They are all Evil Republicans, except Reagan

        1. jamesowens says

          comment was in reference to fact reagan raised taxes and there was money enough in the till to pay the bills nowdays republicnants want to do away with taxes so they have all the money even though we have seen that trickle down was a lie/ joke that the nummys bought

      2. Al Clarke says

        Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s (mouth) and remove all doubt.

  11. Lynn says

    This is an interesting proposal. But how does it work? 2.5 gpa to get free tuition. OK…do you get reimbursed the tuition after getting the 2.5 gpa? Well…that eliminates the students who can’t afford it in the first place. OK…so you pay first and then, if the student doesn’t get the 2.5 gpa – what then? They have to pay it back? But they can’t afford to pay it back because they didn’t have the money to go in the first place and, since they cannot maintain a 2.5 gpa, they likely can’t get employment at a high enough level to live AND pay it back. Or does everyone get a “free semester” and only if they get a 2.5 gpa, can they proceed to the next semester? This would make more sense (but govt. is rarely sensible). Also – who pays for the books, the fees, the supplies, living expenses while in school, etc. That can add up to a lot of money.

    How many semesters can they get free at the community college? 4, 5, 6, unlimited? Many students go to community colleges because they cannot get into the 4-year colleges, not just because they cannot afford the 4-year schools. They need remedial classes before they can even begin the college-level work. Some need several remedial classes. It may take them 4 years to get through community college (or more). How many semesters do we pay for?

    The community colleges will want their money – so grade inflation is likely to happen. Everyone will “earn” a 2.5 gpa whether they learn the material or not. A “C+” will become the new “F”. Only when students fail abysmally will their grades fall below a “C”. This already happens in some graduate schools where students must maintain a 3.0 gpa to stay in the program. A “B” in many graduate programs is equivalent to about a 60%. So the grade inflation will enable the schools to get their funding, but not truly prepare the students for a 4-year college or life.

    Will technical schools be included in this community college initiative? Not everyone is well suited to collegiate programs. What about those who wish to become mechanics, plumbers, electricians and other skilled workers? Will they get a free education as well?

    When community college becomes free, we will see the same issues we see in high schools. Students who don’t have to invest in their educations, will not value the education as highly. Since the CC will want the funding for the students to continue, they will pass them through classes at a high enough GPA for them to get their funding, the students will drift along without any type of commitment until they finish. Then they will wonder why they can’t get jobs even with a CC education. A CC degree will carry the same weight as a high school diploma does now and making a high school diploma the equivalent of finishing middle school. Those who do graduate with a high school diploma, but are not able to achieve a 2.5 gpa, will be even further behind than they are now. Many of these people are in the lower income schools where there are many environmental hindrances to learning. They do not have the foundational learning necessary to make it in community colleges – especially not at a 2.5 gpa level. These are actually the people who can benefit most from tuition assistance – but earlier in life. The ability to get into better schools during their formative years would prepare them to get into college later on. We already have a generous financial aid system in place for lower income people. They can already attend community college for free, if they complete the financial aid application. But that doesn’t help them if they cannot escape from the negative environment in which they are attempting to learn. Tuition assistance for the younger students to attend better schools can make a greater impact long term!

    Finally, how will we pay for it? Not only will there be a glut of students attending community colleges for whom tuition will need to be paid, but the community colleges themselves will need to expand – someone will need to pay for the new buildings for additional classroom space, additional teachers (where will these come from?), additional equipment, parking space, etc.

    While I think it would be great if everyone could get a college education, I don’t think this is the best way to achieve that goal!

    1. Don Berghuis says

      We could afford to pay for it if we weren’t supporting a bloated military establishment. I remember a sign in the 60’s “I look forward to when schools will be funded totally , and the army will have to hold a bake sale to build a B-1 bomber.”

      1. Lynn says

        I agree that there is tremendous amounts of money wasted at the Federal level. The Federal Government is not known to be very wise/thrifty with its spending. Veterans are not getting the care and support they need now. If funding is cut from the military – it won’t come from the next latest and greatest weapons system – it will hit the people who are serving. That’s the nature of government and I don’t see that changing regardless of which political party is in charge.

        The least cost-effective way to run anything is to run it through a large bureaucracy. Each level of bureaucracy something has to go through, more pennies on the dollar are siphoned off. If we want our funds to be well spent, we need to eliminate as much bureaucracy as possible. I’m not convinced the Federal Government is the best way to handle the educational issues we face in this country. Large bureaucracies try to implement one-size-fits-all solutions that only fit a very few.

        Why not simply give each county in this country an increased block of money for education? Let each county decide on the best use of those funds – whether it be for private school vouchers for underprivileged children, transportation and meals for these children to enable them to get to the schools, or for community colleges or other pressing needs in their communities. Not all counties in this nation have a great need for community college tuition assistance…some have a much greater need in elementary, middle and high school education. County governments have a better sense of what is needed than state or federal governments have. Bring it to the local level for administration rather than the state or federal level. You’ll get more “bang for the buck” that way.

      2. Al Clarke says

        Military budgets are actually shrinking rapidly as a per cent of all federal spending. Yet national defense is explicitly a Constitutional function. Education is not explicitly. The Constitution must be stretched and interpreted to include Education as a Federal function.

  12. Diane Brenner says

    I attended a JC back in the 80’s that did not charge tuition. I had to pay for my books and supplies. I got an excellent education there, but even being a free tuition, the drop out rate was high. IMO no matter how much money the government throws at education, it won’t help and the money will be wasted. For students to stay in college they need to enter the school with a firm background from high school. And, even then, high schools were greatly inefficient. Money doesn’t teach. Good teachers, and good curriculum does.

    1. Don Berghuis says

      But that good curriculum and those good teachers DO require money, Diane.

      1. Al Clarke says

        Even so, the correlation between per-student expenditure by district and by state with student achievement does not exist. Many of the most expensive, high-taxing districts have some of the worst student performance records. In my own district, with an Indian reservation dominating the southern half of the area, the district makes significant class-size, staffing, and funding concessions in an effort to raise achievement. None of this can be demonstrated to have raised achievement levels. Part of the problem is that the county and state have “educational neglect” laws that permit parents to be charged in court if poor attendance is hurting their child’s education. The reservation does not, and does not permit the state and county rules to be enforced in county schools on the reservation. For example.

      2. Diane Brenner says

        So does running a JC Don.
        Judging from your other posts, you seem to think we are living in a cocoon safely hanging on an island somewhere. If government got their nose out of military issues, we’d return to having the best military in the world and wouldn’t have to live in fear of our enemy.

  13. Mark Clemens says

    This is NOT an ORIGINAL Obama idea. He got it from a REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR. Are y’all shocked? The Gov in question is running a DEEP RED, TEA PARTY STATE, Tennessee. Our Gov came up with this stupid idea last year. All Tennessee Students who have a 2.5 GPA (Just a half point from being a FAILURE) .are eligible for two FREE years of Community Collage. I’m not sure how Obama plans to fund another lofty program. Tennessee’s Governor RAIDED the STATE HIGHWAY FUND. NO real road jobs for Tennesseans, plus we still pay the Highway Gas Tax, to fund this nonsense.
    See Both Parties are out to rob, and rule us…..
    If you only vote straight party lines, you are the sheep both parties need to cram this Bull Shit down our throats……………

    1. Morton212 says

      The Feds will pick up 75% of the bill. Logically this is a very sound idea. If even only half of these students graduate into decent salaries jobs, the taxpayer will recoup the education cost within 5 years in their taxes – as against having to fund welfare programs …

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Why should I pay for people’s education I don’t even know? Ive done my part, I sent all 4 of my kids to collage. People who have already sent their kids to college should be exempt from paying for this BS……..

        1. Morton212 says

          For a couple of very good reasons.
          1) it will eventually reduce your tax load on the support of welfare.
          2) its the right thing to do, and vastly increases the quality of life in this nation.

          1. Al Clarke says

            Your 1) assumes that the program will increase the level of education and training of the labor force. My experience and observation tell me that it will actually reduce the cc graduation rate further than the current 31%. And, even if the program works, the Federal government will never pass the savings on in the form of a reduced tax load. Never has happened in the past, and neither this president nor the congress thus far has ever demonstrated an intent to do so.

          2. Morton212 says

            You are correct in saying that government will probably not pas the savings on. However, it will probably offset the need to pay for extra welfare – over time. I do not know what your ‘experience’ is in suggesting that it would reduce the graduation rate. I can tell you tht from the research I have seen on subsidized education programs in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, that the benefits are very tangible.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            When the government says it’s free, taxes go up.

          4. PaulN says

            Gee Morty, what do you think we are doing with a trillion plus in outstanding student loans GIVEN to college grads who are still on the dole be it my tax dollars, mom and dads, or yours and you think this will reduce my tax load. Every program that comes along just increases our debt by the trillions collectively and then the ever forgiving fed forgives the debt that was signed for and agreed to pay in full. What does that teach folks? Just like the mortgage programs several years back. The folks who paid on time every time got no break but the folks who overbought or extended their budget beyond their ability to cover their debt in case of an emergency i.e. loss of job or medical issue took the government handout or should I have said the taxpayers handout. The right thing to do is that if you can show up to work whatever you can handle, that is the right thing to do. Self-esteem comes from the accomplishments of your own doing not of someone else’s sweat!

          5. Morton212 says

            Here is some reasonable data.


            Now you should be able to apply the math and calculate an average tax revenue from each technical school graduate.
            You will see that for every point lowering the dropout rate the return on the taxpayer outlay is exponentially paid back.

        2. Don Berghuis says

          You sent your 4 kids to college , but you can’t spell the word college, Mark,. It is not “collage”—it is “college”. You got it right the second time–what happened ,did one of those four educated kids correct your spelling for you?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Are you so shallow were one wrong letter messes up your little mind? Did you get my point? Or are you hung up on one little letter?
            If all you have to criticize is my spelling, I must of made a valid point you cant dissent.
            Hell I’m paying for people’s health care, isnt that enough? How far down in my pockets do you people need to dig? Till I’m broke and bleed out???????

          2. Al Clarke says

            When you’re really pissed off, thinking fast and typing faster, sometimes you goof. Talk to the man’s ideas. He’s got credibility.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Mr. Anal, his spelling looks correct to me! I’ve had typos before, you?

          4. PaulN says

            There you go again. Have your ever spell checked your own diatribe? You really stoop to the gutter for such a hard working and educated man. Sniping should be left on the “playground”. Besides, where is the spelling issue in the first place!

      2. PaulN says

        Good grief!!! Really!? Where in the name of creation do you think the fed gets their money. Mars, a tree in the back yard? How do you arrive at such lofty stats. Have a study in hand with scientific process to validate your statement or is that just off of your cuff? Have you even paid attention to all the “students” 22 to 35 with college education who are either underemployed or unemployed living at home for whom the bell tolls for the good old hard working tax payer. Get a job, go to school part time, and be proud to say you did it on your own not off of the brow of hard working folks. Some earn, some take, some just partake!!

    2. Al Clarke says

      Nailed it again, Mark Clemens.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        A lot of these silly people think, Obama thought of this himself. That’s a joke! In the past 6 years, when has Obama had an original idea?????

  14. jamesowens says

    as usual the republican”t party will fight agains this- the last thing they want is educated citizens with the ability to see through their lies.

    1. Al Clarke says

      Your statement, like so many here, has contributed nothing to meaningful discussion.

      1. jamesowens says

        and what have you contributed to ther discussion or do you know what it is about.

  15. brabbie2002 says

    Maintain a 2.5 grade average and be a US citizen plus a resident of said community or within a ten mile radius. Some of our kids need this financial boon, but I am not sure how ovomit would handle the curriculum! What will be taught besides he thinks he is “messiah”. Maybe the Senate and House can take over and just help the States set up their own community college boon for resident students. Then the government can keep their noses out of the education process. Seems like we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

  16. SouthernPatriot says

    Everything from government comes with strings.

    The Department of Education in its founding and and its function began to “help improve education the United States.” That all sounds good, until you see the results. If we just go back a few years to the “No Child Left Behind” law, who would object to a program which has in its title, the intent to help those students who lag behind others? If you were told that the federal government began to use this program to control local school boards, even private schools, but his program and in effect “dumbed down” the curriculum and testing so that those students who were lagging could have a chance of being even with the rest. No program of government ever addresses the big problem: The lack of parental involvement in their child’s education.

    The latest program controls more of the curriculum and testing than NCLB ever hoped to accomplish. Common Core is the latest federal government mandate to state and local school systems. Another “dumbing down” of the curriculum and testing while pretending to improve it all.

    If we are not at least skeptical of Obama’s plan, and if Congress does not either affect greatly the details or toss the whole idea, they and with us are being derelict.

  17. 3ronald1 says

    How about a good trade school? A student with a 2.5 GPA probably does not have good study skills and is not prepared mentally or scholastically for the rigors of college studies. College isn’t for all students. Some are more adept at working with their hands. A good carpenter, plumber, mechanic, or electrician has job satisfaction, makes a good living AND they are needed in society.

    1. Al Clarke says

      All professions that are legal are also honorable if done conscientiously and in good cheer. College or no, somebody has to do it.

      1. 3ronald1 says


  18. Seldena says

    ALl for votes from young people! This ounds like FAFSA that I used for my college education. I had to maintain a 3.0 average. Nothing is free. We have to pay for this and the gov’t. How will this save any money? His numbers DO NOT add up as they NEVER do!

  19. Mole Johnson says

    Well who could have seen that one coming?

  20. PLW says

    Everything the Obama Administration does is rife with problems and most of all with costs to the Legal American Citizens and Tax Payers !!! Everything he does is a Total Failure !!!

  21. WhiteFalcon says

    If kids do not have the backbone to come up with $3800 per year, they don’t need to
    be in higher education anyway. There is no free lunch, and the tab will be
    picked up by the tax payer sooner or later. The graduation rate is terrible.
    This is largely because the students can’t read when they get to college. The
    last figures I saw said the average high school graduate read on a 7th to 8th
    grade level. That is not good enough. The entire philosophy of the primary and
    secondary education needs to return to the 1950s when students were expected to
    learn things and the teachers were there to teach them those things. English,
    History, Math, Science, and Civics with maybe a foreign language thrown in the
    mix, and these categories should be taught every year to every student. Certain
    standards were expected to be met each year. If those standards were not met,
    the student failed, period. A very large % of our students today are failing
    whether they are given a diploma or not. That is because the schools are
    failing. Whose fault is that? The Government’s. It is they who have been hell
    bent on dumbing down America ever since they took over the education in this
    country. They need to be kicked out of the education of our kids. They are a
    bloody disaster.

    1. Al Clarke says

      As a career educator, i must sadly agree.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        I’m not a career educator but I’ve been there and done that.

    2. Don Berghuis says

      $3800 per year is next to impossible for a kid raised in poverty.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        Colleges and universities have a lot of on campus jobs for kids like that. I worked one myself when I was in college.

      2. Fedup says

        Student loans, grants and scholarships will help. My husband’s cousin is not paying anything out of pocket for his education until after he graduates and get’s a good paying job.

  22. Robert Landon says

    I have an idea, drop the tax on lotteries and apply it to 2 yrs of community college. Do not pay it out until grades are posted.

  23. FloridaJim says

    The entire education game plan from democrats has been not to teach or discuss any ideas simply to indoctrinate all students in Progressive ideas and lie to them about the successes of Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ,Carter, Clinton and Obama the truth will kill them and any opposing ideas will cause the students to ask more questions and cause more embarrassment to democrats. the truth kills Progressives, democrats and Marxists.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      You left out the Bush family and their NWO Alliances…………

      1. Al Clarke says

        Once again, my friend, you have nailed it.

    2. Don Berghuis says

      Nahhh—the true facts are the failure of Hoover, Nixon, Reagan, and the two Bushies….those failures could easily crush a nation.

  24. Patriot47 says

    Keep jacking up the freebies, skippy. YOU don’t have to pay the bill.

  25. jalee says

    What program that he has designed and suggested has worked? I cannot think of one!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      The Obama Golf and Vacation Fund……..

  26. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa says

    Hussein Obama is nothing but a common Robbing Hood. Nothing is free. He is stealing from the taxpayers and giving to the Obama freeloaders. What he has built he did not do himself. He lived of the back of his white grandmother and that of the US taxpayers

  27. ONLYJB1 says

    The first rife is the fact that he PROCLAIMS that it is a RIGHT of every American. Really? A right? So is this administration planning on rewriting the “Bill of Rights”?

  28. ONLYJB1 says

    We are being “Grubered”! Who pays for this? Oh and each state will have to pay 25% of this expenditure! Really?

  29. Maggiemae says

    Well, here’s a news flash for everyone: Everything Obummer has done or will ever do is rife with problems. Incompetency isn’t always just in one area of your life, it can encompass everything you do. Obummer is living proof of that. I can not think of one single thing that this man has done since taking ofice 6 years ago that can even be said was ‘somewhat’ of a positive action. I don’t know any other president that has had one conflict right after another…..IRS, NSA, VA, Bengazhi, Fast & Furious, Obamacare, Ferguson. On each of these issues there has never been one single resolve….none! Turmoil surrounds this man like flies on ‘sh*t’.
    Now we have ‘free community college’ for kids. Free. Really???? Are these schools just letting these kids go to school for free – or are you and I, the taxpayers, footing yet another run amok free loader plan by the incompetency of this man?

    1. PaulN says

      The tax man cometh and the taxpayer payeth!

  30. Joe T says

    Let the liberals keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of misery, no hope, no change and divided.

    February 17, 2008, reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

    As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery

    The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

  31. twspears6007 says

    This proposal of free community college is another Obama attempt to raise his approval ratings to help Hillary Clinton win the White house. The proposal is a terrible ideal and any rejection by the Republicans will certainly make the Republicans look bad to the liberal’s of this Nation the real reason for the proposal. Lets look at the agenda itself. Obama wants to give free tuition to those who can maintain a 2.5 grade average. What if you earn a 2.0 are you left out who struggles to maintain a 2.5 grade average mostly the minority.Where is the money going to come from raise the National Debt? Bad ideal. Raise tax’s on the hard working taxpayers who are already paying to much of their funds on high taxes? Bad ideal also. Obama’s agenda of dividing America has to stop. The damage that we have already experienced from Obama’s socialist agenda it is more than a free nation can endure.

  32. gunnerv1 says

    “Ain’t nuttin’ Free”, Somebody gets to pick up the “Tab” at the end of the day. Although the person(s) with such Largess is Uncle Sam, we the Taxpayers, will get the Hook.

  33. richard ahern says

    Education and the Constitution.The US Constitution grants no authority over education to thje federal government. Education is not mentioned in the Constitution of the United States, and for good reason. The Founders wanted most aspects of life managed by those who were closet to them, either by state or local government or by families, businesses, and other elements of civil society. Certainley, they saw no role for the frderal government in education.

    Not only is the Constitution absolutely silent on the subject of education, but the U.S Supreme Court has also refused to recognize any right to a taxpers funded education. But it has consistenly recognized that taxpayer-funded education is a privilege, and not a right. The President is doing this with no authority as usual. The Lawless Preident

    1. Morton212 says

      The Constitution was also silent on the rights of women and African Americans when it first became law. So what if the idea of public education had not yet been discussed.

  34. Roger_T73 says

    Nothing more than oblamo trying to by the Youth Vote with MY TAX DOLLARS. He claims it will only cost 60 Billion but historically most Federal programs actually cost something like 10 times their estimated cost.

  35. arab says


  36. Neal Miller says


  37. carolskey says

    BO is hoping for two more years to brainwash America’s youth:

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”~Vladimir Lenin. Any doubters where BO is taking America? God please open the eyes of liberal fools to truth!

  38. sarge says

    all bills should that he wants passed should be read to everyone so he don’t get away with anything again like the idiot pelosi did on the obama care thing and she will regret it when it comes time for her get axed at the voting polls

  39. PaulN says

    Just another knee jerk reaction, off the cuff, instant grits, ill thought of, jumping on the band wagon response to the other side’s Governor of TN, can’t see past thine own nose, false narrative, knowing that someone has to pay for instead of encouraging and leading other states to implement programs like this on the state level and not another Federal program that is thrown on the backs of the diminishing tax base. Just more “man made crisis” that can’t go to waste! The more “free” education programs the fed institutes means the higher the cost of higher education. The higher learning folks are on the “Gravy Train” not Alpo!! Enough is enough. Centuries of history clearly show that without any personal investment, there is no value to too many on the dole. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Just like some of the banter on this blog, you can’t fix stupid nor is it gainful to argue with ignorance.

  40. bdcorvette says

    Ineptitude is habit forming, is it not? Another off-the-cuff, half-a$$ed “plan” that will cost the tax payer in order to win more liberal Dumbo votes. The only thing transparent about this administration is the lengths it will go to to recruit more Dummies.

  41. armydadtexas says

    Here we go again, O-Blow Hole PANDERING to the “GIMME GROUPS”. While the majority of Americans actually work and pay their way through college and pay TAXES; O-Blow hole panders to the GIMME, GIMME, GIMME SLOTHS. These groups are nothing but pathetic, societal, BLOOD SUCKERS. Wait till their TAXES start paying for the next generation of Sloths and Blood Suckers. Here is a hint to the for-mentioned BLOOD SUCKERS! NO ONE OWES YOU A DAMN THING YOU LAZY PUKE

  42. American says

    I don’t think we, as a nation, can stand any more “free” stuff. There is also no way that I would want to encourage the government to get involved in college education. Whenever they get involved in anything, what results is a bloated bureaucracy, added expense, more taxes, and poorer results – plus you know that the government will want to affect the curriculum. No way.

  43. vespo08 says

    Great value system being taught by the radical progressive movement. The government is here to take care of you. Taxpayer funded money is plentiful. You want food stamp assistance, you got it. You want free education, why you’re entitled. You need healthcare, taxpayers will fund it. There’s an open checkbook with this radical ideology. No more working for it, the government will build it for you.

  44. John Wirts says

    FREE COLLEGE BS!!! This will be another burden for the overburdened taxpayer! Lets fix our K-12 system, quit PC indoctrination, and teach reading, writing and ARITHMETIC! not the NEW MATH< OR THE NEW NEW MATH but good ciphering! If you don't know what that is you weren't taught but indoctrinated. When I graduated I could take my high school diploma and with that alone qualify for many good entry level jobs which could lead to a promising career. Now even college graduates with a Bachelor's or Masters degree can't find a decent job with any chance of leading to a career! It's time to stop the BS and restore our k-12 system to it's former glory! No more passing every student for the
    Federal money, Every student should have to take and pass an old style 12th grade exit exam, not the watered down 8th grade exit exam, which many fail but are given a diploma for the federal money. Since no one knows which students actually passed all the High School diplomas are worthless! This cheats the students who actually passed the exam!!!

  45. Ronald Hagler says

    What more do you expect from this lying fraud who resides in the White House. He is not an American, yet he was voted into office: twice! Why? Because Obama, with the full support of the DNC, has an agenda to destroy America and all the freedoms she holds. Name one action Obama has committed that shows him as a leader and not a ruler. In his mind, Obama is King, not President Obama. This is simply another move to generate votes for his reign over Americans. From pushing to legalize illegal aliens to subsidizing their housing, their employment and their very existence within our borders, this is simply another way to better these illegal aliens at the tax payer’s expense. Think about it. Where is the funding coming from to educate millions of freeloaders and ne’er-do-wells? The working American, that’s where!

  46. govtrumbull says

    A “Need for Skepticism?” This grandiose idea is going to be a disaster just like Obamacare and everything else this communist pushes on the entitlement crowd. Every socialist program envisioned by “Fidel” Obama, and every socialist program which existed prior to Obama’s first term have been turned into huge giveaways including State programs such as Vocational Rehabilitation.

    Anyone who feels they are entitled to taxpayer money fail to do their part. These entitlement chasers very seldom do their part and carry through on their contractual agreements. Obama and his Bureaucrats have turned every federally funded program into disaster areas. The administrators are encouraged to spend money on the chronically unemployed, abortion mills, and other programs designed to destroy individual initiative. As a result of Obama’s useless and ill-conceived programs, the United States owes more money to the International Banking Cartel; e.g., Federal Reserve Bank; which exceeds the total amount of wealth of the world added together.

    Our debt isn’t any $18 Trillion as the OMB claims it to be. As a result of government waste, mismanagement and outright theft of our tax dollars our debt, is more in the area of $80 to 120 TRILLION! And this debt is growing exponentially, It would be interesting to see what happens when the tsunami of chaos hits and the entitlement crowd suddenly find themselves without a pot to p*** in, if it wasn’t for the fact that the people working and providing the money for the leeches on our society, end up in as desperate a condition as the thieves. The crisis of mega-spending by our politicians will make the “Great Depression” look like a cake-walk. Best advice: Lock, load, invest in food, get off the grid, and invest in silver and gold. Prepare for the worst, because it coming at us like a C-8 hurricane.

  47. John Burks says

    anything the government messes with turns into a mess. obama wants this for two reasons control and to get votes, the tax burden grows and the economy and standard of living falls.

  48. Sharon Aldrich says

    FREE means someone else foots the bill. I paid for my education by working hard and holding a job on the weekends, let them work hard for what they get rather than a hand out!!!

  49. Daniel Unruh says

    Please gentlemen, everybody knows that the left keeps on saying the same thing over and over again until they believe what ever it is they are trying to convey. You will never change their mind. They really believe the things they say. They look to the TRAITOR in MY White House to be their long lost hope. Keep on drinking the cool-aid lefties, and you’ll never wake up to what the TRAITOR is really up to!!! The TRAITOR couldn’t write a decent bill if he wanted to. I think it’s lack of education. He was drinking the Kool-Aid in law school, along with his Marxist buddies.

  50. jimbo says

    I am well aware of how many of our higher education institutions function. I also can assure you that all students enrolled in these programs will acquire a 2.5 GPA. Unfortunately what they have learned will not justify this GPA. The colleges will pass them along just to reap in the tremendous amount of money they will realize by this stupid program. The GOP should fight this tooth and nail.

  51. Jarhead says

    Save time. …read this =..all the demonicRATS that comment below blame BUSH for all the Federal errors. overspending, border invasion, & death of disabled veterans due to FRIENDLY FIRE. Semper Fi

  52. dndvaughn says

    The ‘Biggest’ Problem is the IDIOT in charge !!

  53. Eitnier Cheryl says

    Maybe make marijuana legal and use the taxes.

  54. Margaret Longoria says

    More liberal garbage. Education is NOT FREE! Someone, namely hard-working taxpayers will end up paying for this Obama, just one of many, stupid ideas.

  55. MARYSWEET says

    He’s not worried about any problems. He’ll just raise the debt and make taxpayers pay the tab for more freeloaders and illegal aliens (like himself). This has been in his for a long time so he has already planned how he will do it. Anything he does is planned way in advance and then he springs it on the public as a “done deal”. He is very devious and just plain sneaky. OBAMA IS OUR COUNTRY’S WORST ENEMY. BEWARE OF ANYTHING HE SAYS!!!

  56. adrianvance says

    Amazing how everything this man touches turns to dog-doo.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  57. Davard says

    The idea that the ‘Government’ is a bottomless pit of money is insane. If all the people and businesses who pay taxes suddenly weren’t there, the government would be broke and so would the citizens that remained. All this money that Obama is spending on his dreams comes from the pockets of working, taxpaying people. There isn’t some mythical Uncle Scrooge box full of money. It’s the taxpayer’s pockets he is picking. Unfortunately we have reached that tipping point where there are more voters who don’t pay taxes than voters who do. ,It was tolerable when 1 out of 7 voters didn’t contrbiute anything but open mouths. But now its seems that 4 out of 7 contribute nothing. The 4 couldn’t care less about the injustice of such a system and have no incentive to change such a system.

  58. Adrian Vance says

    Obama cannot balance his checkbook, much less run a nation. What a joke, Affirmative Action!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  59. David Gearhart says

    Another unfunded mandate, which is normal for the liberal socialist. They make them sound so reasonable, as if anyone against it must be heartless. Giving no thought as to who will end up paying for it. The minorities have been getting free education without having to pass the college entrance test for years and then given jobs based on the lowest minority score equals the highest score made by a non minority. Then with the minority affirmative action the minority gets the job. We now have minorities in supervisory positions due to affirmative action that keep their job by being a minority. Obama is the crowning jewel of the affirmative action crown. No back ground check, no qualifications, no experience, a socialist, muslim, gay drug dealer who hates America.

  60. The Father of Satan says

    Excellent .. brilliant move by our Glorious Leader – He knew the ‘Tards would blow a cork over it and whine like dying babies in a hot car . He plays them so easy and they follow like trained pigs .

  61. Wapitiman says

    Do you really expect Obola to think something through (except what profits him personally that is)/?

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