Obstructionist: President Will Veto Keystone Bill


Defying the will of the American people, President Obama has already decided that he will veto the Keystone Pipeline XL bill should it come across his desk. The Keystone bill is one of the first orders of business for the new Republican-controlled Senate, but it is doubtful that Mitch McConnell can gather the 67 votes needed to override the president’s pen.

“If this bill passes this Congress,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest, “the president wouldn’t sign it.”

The bill is co-sponsored by 60 Senators, and reports have it that three others will vote for it when it goes to the floor. It would approve the development of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would be used to transport oil from Alberta to the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Obama has said that he wants a more thorough investigation of the project and its environmental impacts before he would be willing to sign off on it. Of course, the State Department and the EPA have been “investigating” the plans for the last six years. Meanwhile, Canadian officials are growing impatient.

House Speaker John Boehner slammed the announcement, insisting that it was “simply another sign that President Obama is hopelessly out of touch and has no plans to listen to the American people or champion their priorities.” Hmm, sounds like someone else I know, but I suppose that’s a discussion for another day. Regardless of Boehner’s allegiances to conservatism, he’s right on this one. Polls have shown that 72 percent of Americans support the building of the pipeline.

And why wouldn’t they? At a time when our president should be looking for every way possible to open the door for new jobs, the pipeline will provide at least 40,000 of them. Many of these are in the construction sector, providing work for both highly-skilled and nonskilled workers. The argument that these jobs are only temporary is a non-starter. Wouldn’t it be better to let people work for a couple of years than to not let them work at all?

Environmental Impact Minimal

The main argument against the pipeline, of course, comes from the environmentalists. But Obama’s State Department has already determined that the Keystone XL would have a minimal negative effect on the environment. The hard-left liberals point to the carbon emissions of the Alberta oil sands as a reason to oppose the project, but they seem to ignore one simple fact: Canada is going to extract that oil one way or the other. The only question is which country will benefit economically, China or the U.S.?

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have gone out of their way to express their desire to work with Democrats for the next two years. Too far out of their way, many might say. So this is a real test for the president. No one expects him to cave on immigration or Obamacare, but this is a good project that already has bipartisan support. If he vetoes the bill, it should send a clear signal to Republicans: I’m not budging. On anything.

And if that’s the case, the GOP needs to take off the gloves.

  1. Bobbie says

    If it helps our country and it’s people, he will veto it!

    1. Rick Rogers says

      Well Bobbie.. It won’t help our Country or our farm land or lower the price of gas because NONE of the CANADIAN OIl will be for the UNITED STATES.. I have one simple question and I am pretty sure there are enough simple minds out there to answer it. WHY DO YOU THINK THE CANADIANS VOTED DOWN THE BUILDING OF A PIPELINE TO CARRY THEIR OWN OIL TO THE PACIFIC.. THE ORGINIAL PLAN was for the Piple to go from the Tarsands fields West along the US BORDER (But not in it) all the way to the Pacific Ocean.. But Canadians voted it down. WHY???

      1. Bobbie says

        My “simple” mind says, it will create needed good paying jobs. If the pipeline has been voted down, why is it even going up to be voted on here?
        The real question to you is why is obuma voting it down? The environmental impact? All the other pipelines are not impacting the environment, so therefore he is going to veto it because he doesn’t want any further good paying jobs in our country. He wants to continue the welfare state that he has made flourish under his time being “president”, dictator.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Bobbie… the CEO of the Company that is pushing for the pipeline in Canada is on Record that the pipeline will Provide about 2000 Temporary Jobs and when its finished about 56 to 60 Full Time Jobs.. This Pipeline will also go thru the Ogallala Aquifer, which is a subsystem of a huge underground mega-system called the High Plains Aquifer. It is made of permeable layers of sand, sandstone, and gravel within which are contained billions and billions of gallons of water. The nature of the aquifer geology makes the water easy to pump. The system covers 174,000 square miles beneath eight different states, ranging north-south from North Dakota to Texas, and from Nebraska in the east all the way west to parts of New Mexico. IF this OIL gets in that Aquifer there is no cleaning it up.. THIS WAS the REASON THE CANADIANS Said no… How about we don’t put ourselves in a position were we are RISKING the water that Irrigates most of American’s BreadBasket. That one reason right there is more then reason enough to say NO. You find all this yourself if you don’t believe me. its Pretty easy to find on sites that are NOT political.

          1. Deborah G says

            Another tree hugger without a clue.The trucks and trains used are 1000% more toxic and dangerous but you are ok with that because Buffet owns the companies and donates to OBAMA?

          2. jetmagnet says

            Trucks don’t transport tarsands stupid!! When you get a Fucking brain, let me know! Tarsands have to be in special pipes that can withstand 1500 ppsi of pressure dummy!

          3. Deborah G says

            My my aren’t we the little boy with messy diapers this morning. When you grow up maybe you can join the adults

          4. 454 casull says

            Don’t respond to him ‘take away his ability to vomit out his lies and he will go away.

          5. Esq says

            You funny!

          6. 454 casull says

            Yeah Barry would rather a 800 car trainload of oil derail and contaminate the land then pass a safe way to transport oil .

          7. Deborah G says

            That’s because his kissass buddy Billionaire donor Warren Buffet owns the rail company that transpports it. Funny how the hypocrite libs are A OK with that. Then they knock the Koch brothers who are actually honest about what they do.THEY give Millions to charity,support American kids, not AFRICA> The libs are the most hypocritical people on the planet. Cry for a spider put millions out of jobs, complain about blacks but never mention almost 200,000 are aborted but hey isn’t that a right? Sick bunch of people. They even bring their kids to GAY PRIDE parades and abortion rallies. No wonder this country has problems

          8. 454 casull says

            Man you are so right ‘only when these people are seen for what they really will any kind of change come about .

          9. jetmagnet says

            LOL another sale by a con artist was made and another sucker , sucked in.

          10. jetmagnet says

            Warren is donating all his money , so you lose the argument. The kochsuckers give nothing to charity, it’s bill gates foundation. Also the kochsuckers aren’t giving away their entire fortunes, their too busy screwing people with their money. Warren buffett and bill gates own one house the kocksuckers own 20 mansions and pay their employees peanuts.

          11. Lizfan says

            Boy jetmagnet you are an idiot. Have you ever read about the Koch brothers in anything that’s not liberal tripe? The Koch brothers have given millions to charity.

          12. jetmagnet says

            Name the charities they’ve donated to help poor people and people who are black.
            They donate for tax relief to art museums, to schools, and certain hospitals. Nothing for people hurting,

          13. Lizfan says

            What do you think giving money to schools & hospitals is? I guarantee that liberals George Soros & Tom Steyers don’t give money to charities. You liberals never bash them for it.

          14. jetmagnet says

            I don’t know george soros and i don’t care. He’s peanut compared to the structure to take over the country the Koch suckers have produced. They have you kissing their ass don’t they? What you people will never understand is that your controlled by these people. All this tea party concept means nothing to the billionaires, it’s promises made to keep you voting for what they want accomplished. They own all your politicians. The kochs fund 150 schools that have to adhere to their agenda. It’s communism. Their daddy served stalin and built all his refineries.He’s destroy democracy and freedom one brick at a time , getting legislation passed through ALEC. They are the richest brothers on the planet and are getting richer by the day. They will own you , your children and your granchildren. Your lacke politicians either obey them or get ousted-very simple. Alot of teabags were slaughtered in runoffs with establishment republicans, because the money flows only to those who support the billionaires.
            This whole concept of tea party was created to sucker you fools to vote. You’ll never get a damn thing you voted for.

          15. Lizfan says

            Soros & Steyer are way richer than the Koch brothers. Look it up. It’s Soros & Steyer who are destroying democracy & freedom. You are confused. All the propaganda & media blitz has come from the democrats, NOT the Koch brothers or the republicans. That’s how Obama ended up winning a second term when he should have been defeated.

          16. Deborah G says

            No he is not he is putting his fortune for his wife into a Market Index fund so she doesn’t have to manage it.That is easily searched on Google. He donates to Bill Gate’s foundation which basically spent in Africa

            In a message dated 1/10/2015 6:37:50 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, notifications@disqus.net writes:

            “Warren is donating all his money , so you lose the argument. The kochsuckers give nothing to charity, it’s bill gates foundation. Also the kochsuckers aren’t giving away their entire fortunes, their too busy screwing people with their money. Warren buffett and bill gates own one house the kocksuckers own 20 mansions and pay their employees peanuts.” (http://disqus.com/home/?utm_medium=email&utm_content=logo) _Settings _ (http://disqus.com/home/notifications/?utm_medium=email) (http://disqus.com/home/account/?utm_medium=email)

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          17. Deborah G says

            Ain’t Capitalism and freedom grand? I’;d love more people to become as rich as them good for everyone.The real American dream not the BS SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERIKA Obama wants with shared misery for all. And again 100% wrong they have a ton into charity

          18. jetmagnet says

            I doesn’t matter who owns the rail companies that transport oil. This for the dummies who don’t understand their azz from their face. Tarsands and cannot be shipped by rail. Even if it was approved it doesn’t affect rail oil transport at all. LOL

          19. jetmagnet says

            Well, how many trains have derailed in the past 10 yrs?? You analogy is stupid.

          20. The redhawk says

            This IDIOT rather Import OIL from Saudi Arabia, Russia and Venezuela than SELL OIL to make MONEY… another Fully VETTED DUMMIE poster boy by the LYING KING Propaganda OVAL TOILET!

          21. jetmagnet says

            So where’s your stats, your full of shit? Trains transport oil stupid, not tar sands. where did you fruitcakes go to school??? Obama is not in the oil, business LMAO!
            Your points are desparate. and silly , buffett donated $80,000 to Obama’s campaign and the Koch suckers and their organizations donated close to a billion.

          22. Deborah G says

            Thank God we have someone who can combat those Hollywood fruits

          23. Rick Rogers says

            oh yes pipelines are so safe.. Lets look at that shall we.. Here is a list just since the start of the 21st Century.. http://www.oilfieldwiki.com/wiki/List_of_pipeline_accidents_in_the_United_States_in_the_21st_Century

          24. Deborah G says

            All BS reports. A “MINOR” burn,trucks hitting pipelines,drag racers? An oil “SPOT” under a pipeline, I;ve ssen more oil spots in a parking lot than that, are you for real? There are far more accidents in most work environments with far more deaths. In face rail and truck accidents were 1000% higher carrying oil. More fatalities and far more damage. You tree huggers sure do grasp for straws don’t you? Another libby site that drags every minor incident up like it was the terminals exploding every day. Nothing you pointed to is relevant or even useful info. Not interested in your crappy research or you for that matter IRRELEVANT

          25. Rick Rogers says

            Ok so you proved your a GOP member.. If you don’t like the facts you disregard them ok I think that’s something you have to do to get your Membership card, but here is the thing. It does not matter how it happen. The water underground that could get fouled by Crude oil does not care if it was an accident or not. As for Tree hugging.. Maybe you should go hug one because without them You would not have anything to breath. Its not like we have another planet to move to once this one is Fouled. Around 20% of the oxygen in Earths atmosphere comes from the Rain Forest that are being Clear cut and Burned at an Alarming Rate. But I guess that’s alright if your ok with the worlds Population dropping about 20%..oh wait I forgot Population is going up not down.. oh well..

          26. Deborah G says

            OK I proved nothing about my party which BTW is NOT GOP. Second I have lots of big beautiful trees on my farm, plant new ones every spring.I believe in protecting the environment but not silly unfounded science or an out of control EPA . Responsible is the key word & you can’t legislate that. As a fam we know what pollues and what doesn’t. For instance we don’t use toxi pesiticide but natural deterrents so as not to kill off the bees. YOU libs assume only YOU have the answers and what you do in being ignorant of scientific facts is forget that MOST compaines are concerned about image if not the envirorment per se` and try to make things safe so as not to get sued. I’m good with that. We also have the best environmental engineers that can be had right within the family. Don’t knock that becase one won the National Environmental award for her work in that field and was decorated BY Obama. { I made her swear his ideology didn’t wear off] LOL

          27. jamesowens says

            lol you are so delusional corporations care about money and nothing else Koch brother paper mills have been polluting rivers for years -PROVEN FACT- they lie as the water kills people down stream and let their lawyers beat the poor in court – to them the loss of 1000s of lives is acceptable damage to the amount of money they make

          28. Al Hope says

            Ricky the bread basket and the aquifers will be just fine…go back to your city dwelling and enjoy the clean water and efficient heating and cooling that American engineers have always provided.

          29. jetmagnet says

            Another suckup moron! There’s been over 200 leaks. Try doing some research and get off your stupid ass and get educated like liberals.

          30. Deborah G says

            Never met a liberal that even when they had an education weren’t intellectually dishonest GRUBER come to mind? Obama? Both smart guys but complete piles of lying, manipulative garbage. BUT I guess you are ok with what they did.

          31. mac12sam12 says

            I think of you as a hemorrhoid, you always return.

          32. Rick Rogers says

            Al Try this one then. because to me this one is the Worst.. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2015/01/09/keystone-pipeline-nebraska-ruling/21493891/ I thought most of you were against letting Government (or in this case Companies and A foreign company to boot) Force land owners from having to sell their Property. Not counting the fact the route appears to take it thru land that belongs to Native Americans By Treaty and they don ‘t want it there either. So you also into breaking more Treaties with native Americans.

          33. jamesowens says

            quit trying they don’t want facts anything that disproves their believes they feel is propaganda – to stupid to learn and to ignorant to listen

          34. Rick Rogers says

            Better to light a candle than curse the darkness

          35. jamesowens says

            you are correct and a better man for trying to enlighten the loonies but one of their own said”YOU CANT FIX STUPID”

          36. Rick Rogers says

            other thing.. Please don’t be offended if I take your word for it.. You see there is a list of Pipeline accidents since 2000 that sort of says that statement might not be true. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pipeline_accidents_in_the_United_States_in_the_21st_century

          37. Al Hope says

            Rare and quickly repaired…your analysis of harm has no rational basis.

          38. Rick Rogers says

            Well just lucky then your not the one with the Veto stamp in your hand. Oil spills of any kind are dangerous.. There is still about 21,000 gallons of oil left in the area of Exxon Valdez and this is over 25 years later. So don’t say there is no harm when clearly the risk is there and considering where its going to run its not worth that Risk. Beside the point the building of this pipeline will break another Native American Treaty but what the hell With our history those treaties should have been written on toilet paper.

          39. Al Hope says

            Back to pipelines please.

          40. hankthetank says

            Don’t you read ? they went around ALL of that !!

          41. Jackjr says

            The Alaskin Pipeline doesn’t leak it goes through all kinds of places and there is more oil up there we need to get, but, environmentalists have there heals dug in to stop it without any real reason.

          42. Rick Rogers says

            None of you are answering the question your repeating Fox News. If it was so safe and so needed why did the Canadian people block the shortest route to the ocean. West to the Pacific Ocean righty along the U.S. Canadian border on the Canadian side.

          43. Jackjr says

            It still doesn’t leak

          44. Rick Rogers says

            Jackjr Sorry but your wrong on this count.. Here is the Simple Search to prove it. http://www.bing.com/search?q=Alaska+Pipeline+Spill&FORM=QSRE2

          45. jamesowens says

            that pipeline has full time crews fixing 10-20 leaks a month all along it learn- read – the facts are there

        2. Christopher Potas says

          if you think that 37 full time jobs are worth poisoning 30% of the water supply of the plains states, you really are simpleminded. Canadians refused the pipeline because it is a nightmare waiting to happen. Canadians also do not allow FOX news to be Broadcast in Canada because it is not a news channel.

          1. Jr1776 says

            Ever hear of the Alaskan pipeline ? It works just fine with no effect on anything.

          2. RobertNorwood says

            They’d like to forget that after all the hooting and howling they made.

          3. jetmagnet says
          4. Jr1776 says

            Have you walked the entire pipeline ?

          5. 454 casull says


          6. Jr1776 says

            Now that’s funny

          7. The redhawk says

            HOW CAN HE??? HE needs help with DIAPER CHANGES!!

          8. 454 casull says


          9. droll OP says

            Have you?

          10. Deborah G says

            Right the thousands of miles of pipeline in the USA including the ones in the Northeast ALL leak. BS I have lived near one for many many years never a leak never an issue.

          11. droll OP says

            Deborah G
            You’re woefully uneducated about this subject and are proving it with every one of insults that you’re attempting to sway opinion with. Let me remind you that name calling is the last refuge of a Debater that has exhausted his/her knowledge. It seems you have excellent skills at “piling on” .
            I suggest you educate yourself a little better, before you cast vile language insults in other posters directions.

          12. Deborah G says

            KMA I happen to know a whole lot more than the majority of the silly libn tree huggers here who BTW have the class of a gutter snipe. You missed my post. We have THE enivornmental Engineer right here that studied this for the US Government. NO impact period, not one study that was showing this was ever acknowledged, just some unsubstiated nonsense from Hollywood moron actresses all to the liberal lemmings. However it is easy to access.. Now go play with the other two droll trolls

          13. jamesowens says

            spammer – liar – and Koch brother paid to spread mistruths and deceive – did you read this liars previous rant about she plants trees but doesn’t believe in the science of global warming – total Koch spammer

          14. Poodleguy says

            In fact, the Alaskan pipeline produces some warmth & the caribou love it – the herds have grown & are in better health because of it. Hey JETMAGGOT, does your mother know you have such a filthy mouth? You are way overdue a serious butt whoopin, punk….

          15. Christopher Potas says

            ever hear of the EnBridge pipeline that spilled into the Grand River in Kalamazoo MI? Now there is NO life in that river. And that Alaska pipeline has had plenty of environmental impact you are just too stupid to do research.

          16. Jr1776 says

            Who do you think your calling stupid, All liberal research is slanted.

          17. jamesowens says

            lol anything you cant understand is either lies or untruths – that’s why there are experts and 99% of the Experts say global warming is real- it is the profiteers who deny it and the paid for politicos who work for them

          18. Mark Clemens says

            Dish dropped FOX news too!!!

          19. RobertNorwood says

            And man are they paying for it.

          20. chief1937 says

            That is one of the reasons I dropped dish also. They also dropped the braves games for money so what does dish dropping anything mean to the average American? There are plenty of other providers who will welcome dish customers.

          21. mrmsjb12 says

            dish is one of the dumocrat providers

          22. Deborah G says

            They lost almost a million subscribers when they did. Not smart and their stock is almost worthless now

          23. Mark Clemens says

            Didn’t know they dropped the Braves. Maybe they will replace them with the Pirates!!
            You know Fox dropping off of dish, might inspire Direct and Cox to hard ball(lower) their respective contracts. If FOX looses to many viewers, it might make them worth less. They need the most viewers to keep commercials value consistent. …..

          24. bobda says

            Fox News is a little to intelligent for you to understand anyway so what is your point?

          25. Deborah G says

            he doesn’t have one. Ever notice how the dumbest left wing people on the planet say the smartest people on the planet who happen to have the #! spot for how many years? Let him stay one of the 100 people who watch MSNBC

          26. jetmagnet says

            Fox news is for ignorant people in our society that like to hate something. It was never news in a court case, but entertaiment. All the rightwing wackos are protected under the entertainment clause. So the dummies get fake news hyped entertainment! LMAO

          27. Deborah G says

            Your azz wwas laughed off a long time ago. Now go where people like you congregate at the bathouse or where little girleymen meet their “wives” hahaha this ranting is comic relief

          28. 454 casull says

            If we all ignore the A hole he will fade away.

          29. Deborah G says

            I;m in let them strangle themselves in silence

          30. 454 casull says

            Best way to silence a libturd .

          31. The redhawk says

            and that is what a RED BABBOON AZZ is Referred to as… DA DUMMIECRAP…( joke to follow)
            Why should one buy Spray cans of Black Krylon paint….?
            “cause if you have RED AUNTS in your yard you can get them out , Spray them Black and create a black Ghetto where they start Shooting each other… ( just a COP FREE ZONE that is needed)

          32. The redhawk says

            bY ALL MEANS sTICK WITH BSNBC…and Keep Posting just so the WORLD can see what IDIOTS , well the dozen or so, watch that TOILET OF NEWS ..

          33. mac12sam12 says

            Dish also lost 90,000 viewers, and that figure is climbing.

          34. Deborah G says

            ALL contruction jobs are temporary until the project is completed. The way you think you belong on Canada

          35. Al Hope says

            Have a little respect for engineers you simple minded liberal. The water supply will not be poisoned but I suspect you know that making you a simple minded Gruber.

          36. Deborah G says

            The Pipeline is far safer than any truck or train

          37. jetmagnet says

            You idiots have shit for brains. Trains and trucks transport liquid oil dummy, not tar sands– that have to be under pressure 1500 ppsi. There’s not transport system that has the capability other than a pipeline under your neighborhood.

          38. Deborah G says

            This little man needs his diapers changed and a bottle. he’ll feel more like an adult then instead of an irrelevant toddler

          39. 454 casull says

            Sounds like he has diaper rash ‘ I guess we should cut him some slack cuz being 10 and not potty trained has to suck.LOL

          40. mac12sam12 says


          41. 454 casull says

            You got that right ‘ when was the last time we had a major oil spill on a pipeline .

          42. jetmagnet says

            It’s easy for you to argue based solely on a political position that cost people’s lives. Why don’t you move your ass next to a pipeline and go outside and enjoy the air with a cup a coffee? LMAO

          43. Al Hope says

            “Pipelines kill” is that your irrational mantra…lack of heating in the cold winter kills.

          44. Deborah G says

            FYI there is no fumes from an enclosed Pipeline

          45. 454 casull says

            Sounds like jet knows a lot about fumes ‘sniffing paint thinner all those years really messed him up.

          46. Stan Hoffman says

            jetmagnet, go bang your head against a brick wall until you knock some sense into it.

          47. mac12sam12 says

            Someone from the party of abortion that’s worried about lives, too much!!

          48. Deborah G says

            The technolgy has advanced by leaps and bounds far better and faster than those Wiind turbines that kill the birds LOL

          49. bobda says

            But I suspect you think MSNBC is which is probably where you got your numbers from. I also suspect all the money the taxpayers are on the hook for with your “green jobs” is worth it. About what 50 jobs? BTW how many times has the Alaskan pipeline had a leak since its existence thru much tougher terrain and older technology.

          50. Deborah G says

            Love the way you libs say 37 jobs when the reality it is 2-4000 jobs and the pipeline would need 37 monitors. That does not include electricians,operating engineers nor the thousands of periphreal jobs that remain permanent

          51. 454 casull says

            Yeah ‘ as always libs inflate the numbers when they want something but try and deflate them when it does’nt suit their purpose.

          52. Deborah G says

            Just how does 30% of the water get contaminated? I’d like to hear this pile of pseudo science crap.BTW? My daughter is a Phd in environmental engineering, won the Prestigious American Engineering award for her work. Not a shred of truth in what you just said.

        3. Mark Clemens says

          I’m for all job creation for 40 hour work week jobs. I’m for this pipe line, but it will produce less than 100 full time positions. The rest of the jobs will only last around 3 years. With the price of oil being less than $50 a barrel, why should the US Governments flip the bill? The pipeline companies should pay for it. This is corporate welfare. ……….

          1. RobertNorwood says

            $50 dollars a barrel won’t last forever. And I suppose the shipping it will attract won’t create permanent jobs or getting 3 years worth of construction jobs is not worth it? We’re really not creating a lot jobs in this country which explains why some people are making burger flipping a career and demanding $15.00/hr which is hardly a livable wage either.

          2. Al Hope says

            Canada is an alley and that is reason enough to build the pipeline.

          3. The Yukon Blade Grinder says

            Yeah. And they gave us RUSH–my favorite band!

            Good one Lerxrt!

          4. 454 casull says

            Yeah I like rush too especially GILDED CAGE.

          5. The Yukon Blade Grinder says

            All the world’s indeed a stage, and we are merely playa’s

          6. 454 casull says


          7. Deborah G says

            yes it is

          8. jetmagnet says

            Your for it? So if you had a huge pipeline going through your farm and water supply you’d be fine?? Since it doesn’t help you or your future but some billionaires, that’s ok with you? lol

          9. Deborah G says

            I have a farm and close to a pipeline. Never had one issue. In fact it brings money to the area.

          10. Stan Hoffman says

            jetmagnet, you have manure going through you head and your ok with that?

          11. Deborah G says

            The government will have zero cost all private money AND? ALL construction jobs only last until the construction is complete meanwhile communities that service them will grow, people stay because other jobs are need long term.

          12. Stan Hoffman says

            Mark Clemens, I posted above what the Keystone project will do for us. In the long term it will help put people to work at other jobs. Everyone is just focusing on the short term benefit.

        4. jetmagnet says

          52 jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re going to sacrifice out farmlands and water supply for 52 permanent jobs????? Plus steal americans land with eminent Domain?? Makes alot of sense. All the oil is going to communist China! LMAO!

          1. Deborah G says

            2-4000 construction jobs for a good long time plus all the auxillary services and jobs. like ALL construction jobs they end when the project is complete. Meanwhile Obama’s GREEN initiatove have created 1 at the cost of 40 million taxpayer $$$$$$

          2. jetmagnet says

            Wow 4000 jobs! Real progress for the GOP that hasn’t produced any jobs and blocked 13 jobs bill mostly all construction that would’ve put $2.2 trillion back into the economy. As far as green energy? It’s growing faster than dirty oil and producing more jobs.
            Fossil fuel are killing americans! Oil producing states have the highest cancer and lung diseases in the country , coal comes in second in deaths!

          3. Deborah G says

            Too bad you don’t live near one

          4. jetmagnet says

            Why would a advocate of environmental protection and wildlife. A person who cares about the future of our planet live near one. You should, your the dumbass that wants other americans that live near them to accept it because your politics are more important than anyone’s life.. cause you’re a useless zombiebagger, they give you a script and you follow it right off a cliff!

          5. Deborah G says

            I guess you missed all those environmental impact studies that couldn’t show it would affect the enviroment or animals at all. Alaska has the biggest one and the Moose walk right through it. So much for treehugger claims they would die off.

          6. 454 casull says

            He has no argument and he’s too stupid to realize it.

          7. Stan Hoffman says

            jetmagnet, when you move out into the wilderness and live in a cave with no modern conveniences, no fire, your don’t urinate or defecate, your don’t exhale CO2, ect, then maybe I’ll believe you have any convictions that are honest. Until then your just a HYPOCRITE who loves to enjoy all of our modern conveniences but tries to deny others the same privilege.

          8. jetmagnet says

            WTF does that have to do with the americans impacted by this stupid pipeline fella? Are you personally going to benefit from it? NO! so STFU!

          9. Stan Hoffman says

            jetmagnet, you really prove your ignorance by that comment. A 2 year old can figure out what I’m telling you. You don’t care about anything but yourself. And since you worship the creation more than the creator your going reprobate. You’d be wise to repent and get your life on the right track. But you show no wisdom what so ever. And God gave me the promise to bless those who bless me and curse those who curse me. So go ahead and curse me all you want as it will only curse you. And if you never get it right with God, you’ll find yourself in the depths of hell for all eternity running from corridor to corridor screaming God help me, God forgive me, God I repent. But you will find no help, no forgiveness, and no place of repentance for all of eternity because you wasted your life cursing God’s children. Jesus Christ is Lord.

          10. 454 casull says


          11. 454 casull says

            Heard something like that myself a while back .THANKS

          12. The redhawk says


          13. squeak says

            Get LOST, Hypocrite with your BS, LIES that YOU spew on this site… America Ignore this unknown Propagandist !

          14. 454 casull says

            Ignore the idiot ‘ he can’t help he was born a retard.

          15. Deborah G says

            True he and that he/she Barbara who changes names every few weeks are completely irrelevant. I just wonder if they have some mental disorder that they like the abuse they get? Sickos right?

          16. 454 casull says

            Well they are libs after all .I hear they like abuse.

          17. Deborah G says

            He’s a troll ..and needs a diaper change

          18. mac12sam12 says

            Train and rail car are the most dangerous methods of transporting oil if you’re so concerned about farmlands and safe water. The real problem is Soros’s railway stocks, Soros and Wall Street own obama.

          19. jetmagnet says

            SO WHAT?? So you want people in the train industry to lose money? Let’s put our railway system out of business. Briliiant! Soros stocks hurt people, have you been socked by a stock> idiot

          20. mac12sam12 says

            LOL! I’ll repeat. Rail and truck are the most dangerous method of transporting oil. I thought you guys loved the environment? It’s kind of like your love of Eagles. Windmills have killed thousands of them, no peep from animal lovers because they’re dying for a good cause, correct? Liberals are strange peeps!

          21. jetmagnet says

            Let me ask you something you probably never thought of. Truck and rail carry explosives, hazardous bio waste and fuel. We have tankers , thousands of them transporting something called Gas. Under your foolishness maybe we should transport this stuff through pipelines?? LMFAO!

            “That’s a political idea that’s not particularly well supported by the facts,” said Peter Goelz, a former managing director at the National Transportation Safety Board,
            the federal agency that investigates plane crashes as well as accidents
            involving rail, highway, marine and pipeline transit. He questioned
            the safety comparisons being cited and said Keystone XL backers have
            “tried to turn it into a zero-sum game, where they advance Keystone at
            the expense of railroads.”

            In fact, the realities of today’s fast-changing oil market make it
            clear that even if the Keystone XL and similarly stalled Canadian
            pipelines had already been operating, they would not have supplanted the
            rapid rise in oil-by-rail. Today, more than 70 percent of the North
            Dakota region’s surging oil production leaves the area by rail,
            according to the North Dakota Pipeline Authority.

            What’s more,
            the existence of the Keystone XL would not have prevented the recent
            rail accidents because it would not have been carrying the type of U.S.
            crude that spilled and erupted in flames.

            How can we know all that?

            First, it’s the wrong oil.
            The Keystone XL and comparable pipelines under review in Canada would
            be almost entirely filled with less-volatile, diluted bitumen from
            landlocked Alberta on its way to the refining hub and export terminals
            of Houston, or to export facilities on Canada’s east and west coasts.
            They would carry very little, if any, of the light crude oil that is now
            riding the rails, such as that being drawn out of the Bakken in North
            Dakota. That lighter oil is chemically more combustible than heavy
            grades of crude, and regulators suspect that the specific make up of the
            Bakken variety may have boosted the risk of fire.
            Second, most Bakken producers want rail.
            The producers of light, sweet Bakken oil are largely focused on shipping
            to the east and west coasts, where light crude usually sells at higher
            prices—and where only oil rail goes. Virtually all of the existing U.S. crude oil pipelines—as well as those on the
            drawing board such as Keystone XL—run north and south through the
            nation’s midsection, reaching markets that usually aren’t as lucrative
            for Bakken producers.

            For instance, the delivery point for the Canadian heavy crude that
            would be carried by the Keystone XL is the Gulf Coast, where refineries
            are flooded with all the light crude they can handle, much of it from
            Texas’ Permian Basin and Eagle Ford formation. And so, even though a
            small portion of the Keystone XL’s capacity was reserved to carry light
            crude from the Bakken to the Texas Gulf Coast, that’s unlikely to be a
            popular option now.

            Third, U.S. east-west pipelines are too financially risky. East-west
            pipelines were never built because East Coast refineries were
            historically supplied by ocean tankers, and West Coast refineries drew
            from California oil fields and tankers loaded with Alaskan and foreign
            crude. There are still no plans to build those pipelines.

            For starters, pipeline companies require long-term contracts that
            lock shippers into paying for capacity on a pipeline that delivers oil
            to a specific location—for a decade or more. Even though pipeline
            transit is cheaper than rail, it’s risky to make a 10-year commitment
            when oil prices are fluctuating so much and so quickly that the most
            profitable light crude market could be Philadelphia one month and
            Anacortes, Wash. the next.

            “It’s a very dynamic marketplace,” said David Hackett,
            president of the industry consulting firm Stillwater & Associates.
            “What the industry is finding is that railroads give them some
            flexibility that they don’t have with pipelines.”

            In recent years, two companies tested the appetite for large light
            crude pipelines, but both failed to generate enough interest to make the
            projects profitable. Kinder Morgan proposed the Freedom Pipeline, which
            would have carried Texas light crude from West Texas to refiners in
            Southern California. Last May, the company canceled the $2 billion project because it couldn’t attract enough customers.

            A $1.8 billion pipeline proposal from Oneok Partners
            called the Bakken Crude Express suffered a similar fate. The pipeline
            would have carried 200,000 barrels per day of light crude over 1,300
            miles, from North Dakota to the Cushing, Okla. oil trading and storage
            hub. Oneok dropped the proposal in late 2012, saying it couldn’t land enough long-term deals to cover the cost.

            For all those reasons, Bakken oil producers have been the driving
            force behind the rapid rise in oil-by-rail. Thanks mostly to them, oil
            transportation by railcar in the United States jumped from less than
            50,000 barrels per day in 2010 to an estimated 800,000 barrels per day
            in 2013, according to an infrastructure study commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute, an industry advocacy group.

            “It’s a bit disingenuous for the Keystone XL proponents to argue that
            the crude-by-rail boom and the safety risks associated with it are due
            to the Keystone XL fight,” said Anthony Swift, an attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council,
            a group staunchly opposed to the pipeline project. For Bakken producers
            in particular, he added, “rail has become an alternative to pipelines
            rather than an emergency measure while they wait for pipelines.”

            So i’ll take american oil over canadian. Maybe you should change your citizen ship to canadian or a commie chinese- both benefit from the pipeline, not america!!

        5. 454 casull says

          Exactly ‘the reason he wants it vetoed is to kill all the shovel ready jobs it will create ‘with jobs people take care of themselves and contribute to a thriving economy ‘Ovomit wants everyone dependant on govt to provide and will kill every oppurtunity he can to create jobs for people looking and willing to take care of themselves .

      2. The redhawk says

        may be being misinformed is al you have to offer right SEEP HOLE???
        So Transporting SAND OIL ( like the one imported from Venezuela) and having it brought in to the USA refinery via BUFFET’s RR and TRucks is ” ENVIROMENTALLY” safer than adding a few Miles to the EXISTING LARGE INFRASTRUCTURE OF MILLIONS OF PIPE LINE MILES??? ARE YOU THAT STUPID??? And EXPORTING OIL or GAS instead of Paying anti USA countries like Saudi Arabia , Russia and Venezuela for importing theirs is … well can you explain WHAT???

        1. mrmsjb12 says

          Isn’t Buffet one of 0bumas biggest mouthpieces I’m sure I’m right on that It would put his railroad out of business

          1. Deborah G says

            I said that in a prior post. Buffet supported OBAMA and he manipulated the truth when he said he paid less in taxes than his secretary. He doesn’t take a salary like $1 the rest is dividend income taxed at a way lower rate. He compared apples and orange so OBAMA could push for tax hikes on Middle Class making over $250K

          2. The redhawk says

            YOU got it…. He OWN WESTERN SOUTHER that carries SAND OIL from Canada at a $2 BIILLIONS profit a year….So if some trains set Villages on Fire due to antiquated rolling stock… ODUMBO and HOlder will just say “CRICKETS” and RETIRE WELL…..Not tat there is anything said about it @ mSM…and Rick Rogers must be hiding Under Mochelle’s HUGE Racist SKIRT…

          3. The redhawk says

            oH yes!! Buffet owns Western/Southern RR and makes over $ 2 bill profits/yr transporting Sand Crude oil from Canada to US refineries… and TWICE caused HUGE Oil Fires from derailed tankers ( OLD TANKERS)… But Holder and OBIMBO Ignore these REAL ENVIROMENTAL DISASTERS… and it seems that the Roger Fello is In hiding under Mochelle huge Racist “GREEN” SKIRT!

      3. RobertNorwood says

        No sense going at this point by point but you have left a lot out or simply do not understand how it all works. Just a cherry picked liberal talking point as thin and false as all the rest.

        1. bobda says

          Hmm just like you constantly do.

        2. Rick Rogers says

          point one.. It will create Jobs.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_7rX-C2cS8

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Point two.. It will be Safe.. Here is a list of just the accidents in the 21st Century.


      4. Francisco Machado says

        The global price of oil is a supply/demand issue, and the more oil is on the global market the lower the global price. Historically, this price has been manipulated by the control of supply by a small number of nations, the United States not having any significant control over this. Increasing production capacity here and enabling Canadian oil to go on the market lowers the ability of other oil producing nations to control price. For some inane reason, the argument is presented that the pipeline results in a small number of jobs. this is supported by counting on only the jobs on the pipeline, but lower oil prices result in lower energy prices. On the one hand, that leaves consumers with more disposable income to make elective purchases (things above what are necessary), which we count as raising their standard of living. On the other hand, this demand creates jobs making, transporting, building and selling these things. And the lower energy prices lower manufacturing price which, because of large volume production and market competition, lowers the price to consumers. There’s an awful lot of jobs there. And, since you’re using a Canadian vote against building a pipeline for an argument, why not answer the “why” question? Polls say the Americans want the pipeline. If voting against it is valid in Canada, why isn’t voting for it valid here?

      5. Al Hope says

        Rick is a retard. Canada has some retards too.

        1. The Yukon Blade Grinder says

          Careful now. Bubbles may have issues but…

        2. Rick Rogers says

          ok. AL don’t like the word but only a Retard would want Poison Pumped thru the Great Plains were most of the Farms in this Country are. Only a Retard would want something built that is only going to Benefit people Like the Koch brothers and John “Boner” the Speaker of the House that owns Stock in companies that would profit from it. TransCanada is asking us to take all the risk and get none of the Rewards. Unless you think the Risk of our farm land vs 50 Jobs is worth it.. If you want to discuss this like adults I am here. And can back up anything I write on here with Quoted information by the people who are involved.. Like the CEO of TransCanada that said there would be only 50 Jobs created from the pipeline. If you just want to insult don’t bother.. I will not do anything but Delete it. mostly unread.

      6. iccarus26 says

        Bobby canadians voted it down because it would cross over a river, that is the main reason.

        1. Deborah G says

          In the area it was voted down it is a bunch of liberal treehugger we have those azz holes here too

        2. Rick Rogers says

          Iccarus26 looks like it crosses a number of rivers here in the United States. .Now I grant you that I am looking at the Preliminary maps so they may not be 100% accurate but it has already Caused one Law suit that is allowing a private Foreign company TransCanada to Claim eminent domain on private owned land in the United States. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2015/01/09/keystone-pipeline-nebraska-ruling/21493891/ I thought most of you people were against the Government Taking from private Citizens?

      7. mrmsjb12 says

        don’t know about it maybe canada does not need the work like our country most of our workers only have part time jobs

        1. Deborah G says

          Canada’s economy has been doing way better than ours ,We have Obama who is the biggest JOB killer we have ever had between his unaffordable healthcare act to hand out freebies to people who don’t work to his azz hole green projects that are stealing from taxpayers. He’s a complete ideological economic lightweight and has ZERO experience at anything but Community Agitating

          1. 454 casull says

            And promoting SOCIALISM.

      8. Esq says

        It wasn’t!

      9. The redhawk says

        NOW REALLY!! CAN anyone be More Ignorant or STUPID than YOU??? EXPORTS are GOOD!! IMPORTING OIL FROM RUSSIA< SAUDI ARABIA< and VENEZUELA all bent to Destroy America with Funding from OBAMA… BAD.. VERY BAD… MORON!!!

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Sorry Redhawk but your logic is twisted.. We are being ask to Give up the Rights of private Land owners so A Foreign company can put a pipeline thru so they can sell their oil to other countries. As it stands The Native Americas In North Dakota who’s Land is directly in the Path of this pipeline is going to take them to Federal Count and a number of Land owners are going that Route as well because they don’t want to sell their land. In exchange we will get 50 Permanent jobs and we have to take all the risk if there is an accident. You know Russia had that kind of Deal when they were the Soviet Union.. When the KGB decided they were going to execute some one they did it with a bullet to the back of the head and then charged the family of the one executed for the cost of the Bullet that was used.

      10. Stan Hoffman says

        Rick Rogers, I answered that on my post above.

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Sorry Stan but I don’t see your post on here. or I would be happy to discuss it .

      11. hankthetank says

        why, not ask them? I,m sure they will tell you!

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Ok Hank One of two people at a house that has been on the Market for a Short time. The owner decides he is going to cut the price and offer to you after the other guy turns it down… Don’t you want to know Why?

    2. RobertNorwood says

      On the Bizarro World his helping would be a huge success. His habit of lying is profound, many like the “You can keep your doctor” lie but my favourite is his denial of having sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to our English friends. Of course it was well known that he did because of its utter crassness. I explained him this way in a letter of apology to the Canadian Parliament for his derisive comments towards Canada when speaking on Keystone – apologies…he’s an ignorant and juvenile individual.

      1. mrmsjb12 says

        just a complete a**hole to all of our allies please forgive his stupidity

      2. jetmagnet says

        Veto this Canadian garbage that only benefits the Koch suckers, the largest polluters in the country!they are using Eminent Domain laws to make it happen, and according to
        many Republicans “Eminent domain should only be used for the direct
        benefit of the public” Also we the taxpayer are already subsidizing
        this foreign corporation by doing all of the environmental statements,
        EPA supervision, dealing with the pollution it will create on the other
        end etc. Millions of people are against this including farmers loosing their farm land and indians their sacred land. We have plenty of oil here in the US. We don’t need a caustic pipeline going through the largest water supply in the country and are most sensitive farmlands! Obama is a crusader for AMERICANS, the GOP and teahadist SUCKUPS AND ASS KISSERS OF BIG OIL!

        2 million express opposition to pipeline

        of the Keystone XL pipeline delivered more than 2 million comments
        Friday urging the Obama administration to deny the project, about twice
        the number that supporters submitted.

        One thing is clear: Once construction is finished in about two years, the pipeline would create only about 50 new permanent jobs. WOW!! probably the 52 jobs sets a record for the GOP!!

        1. squeak says

          Another Obama Idiot… YOU must have BLINDERS on for the last 6 years… can’t you see what YOUR PEOPLE in this Administration have done to this Country ? Put the Damn blame where it belongs, you say Koch suckers, where & how many undesirables have helped this Administration on Bills, Donations, SOROS is one of them, of MANY …get a life !

          1. 454 casull says

            Don’t even try friend ‘jetmagnet is hopelessly liberal and has no compelling argument or credability.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Plus he’s Koch obsessed.

          3. 454 casull says

            YEAH i KNOW ‘It’s all KOCH BROTHERS THIS KOCH BROTHERS that with this asshole ‘guess he’s just jealous they have money and he;s still asking mommy for a allowance every week .

          4. hankthetank says

            NO, his problem, is he’s a democrat !!!

          5. 454 casull says

            Yeah it’s like a f*****g disease

        2. Krazeehors says

          Wow. What a vocabulary!! Is it possible for you to talk without swearing or calling those with whom you disagree ugly, vile names??

          Doing so, by the way, clearly demonstrates your obvious lack of character.

          Provide proof of what you are saying!! VERIFIABLE PROOF!!

          Hint: You won’t find any!

          1. 454 casull says

            Proof from a libturd ‘Come on now GET REAL.

          2. Krazeehors says

            Yeah, I know. One can always hope he will hire a Bradley Fighting Vehicle to pull his head out, you know?? Except that it would take Naval Jelly to clean the crap off of his head.

          3. 454 casull says

            HAHAHA GOOD ONE.

          4. Krazeehors says


          5. Sidney Hobden says

            MEVER HAPPEN!! Obummer’s in there!!

          6. Krazeehors says


          7. jamesowens says

            ignore the ignorant they never contribute an opinion as they have no idea except what they learn at their klan rally or faux news

        3. john robel says

          The best reason to build it, is to piss you chicken little liberal wackos off. There is no global warming and best of all, no enforceable gun laws. Just look at all the beautiful kits available. Support your local militia.

          1. 454 casull says

            Yeah I get a good chuckle every time JET posts one of his anal convictions on here .Proof positive you can’t fix STUPID.

          2. hankthetank says

            They should give all the true Frenchmen guns, they need them !!!

        4. Esq says

          There is no pollution and it does nothing to farmers!

        5. james walls says

          I thought all the dumb asses were in the white but I see that is not true

          1. Sidney Hobden says

            Yea, somebody out here had to put ‘um in there. I think there’s a few on this page.

        6. Poodleguy says

          You are a blithering idiot!!!! How many jobs would it have to create for it to meet with your satisfaction? Damnable fool!!!!

          1. 454 casull says

            Jets not worth the time ‘ IGNORE HIS IGNORANT ASS.

        7. The redhawk says

          and HERE is the latest VERSION of the TRUE DUMMIECRAT IDIOT POSTER CHILD!

        8. Bobbie says

          Were you around when President Reagan was in the House? The economy was booming. Now you have 18 TRILLION IN DEBT. EVEN AS A DEMOCRAT, HOW CAN YOU DEFEND THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY?????

          1. Deborah G says

            because he and the rest of the liberal morons have been indoctrinated and radicalized.since birth LOL Their parents are still smoking weed since the 60’s

        9. Bobbie says

          The “government” will pay for 2 years of community college for every student with a 2.5 now also! 17 day vacations really help bring our deficit down. Reckless grants being handed out. When will it end???

          1. hankthetank says

            And where will the government get the money ? ( the Tax Payer ) !!

          2. Sidney Hobden says

            Bobbie, when America puts it’s “big-boy pants” on and stops it!! Stay tuned!!

        10. mac12sam12 says

          Hey, Jetmagnet! Da peeps missed ya! 62% of Americans want Keystone, 30,000 temporary jobs and many of those will become full time jobs. It will also further lower the price of fuel which will benefit the poor. Lower fuel prices means lower prices for goods and services, good old capitalism?

          1. jetmagnet says

            Sorry fella, 2 million against it an guess what? No one in the states it passes gas through are for it. Gas goes right to a seaport, then shipped to your commie buddies in china!

            Forty-one years ago, when I used to get up at 5 a.m. to get on gas
            station lines with my parents, I started hearing about “energy
            independence” — a secure source of supply for our energy needs. Today,
            energy independence soon will be a reality.

            For China. Thanks to the Keystone XL pipeline.

            Q. Cui bono? (“Who benefits?”) A. China.

            Chinese economy consists of taking raw materials and energy, making
            that into stuff, and then selling that stuff — a/k/a “manufacturing.”
            Chinese leaders understand that in order for that model to work, China
            needs steady supplies of raw materials and energy. By how do you get a
            steady supply of energy, in a world where those supplies are dominated
            by a cartel, and are concentrated in a part of the world prone to war?
            In America, we’ve been trying to puzzle that out for four decades,
            without success.

            Well, the Chinese have figured it out. They’re
            going to get their energy from Canada, a stable country, and pass it
            through the United States, another stable country. They will pay the
            Canadians the world price for oil. They will pay us nothing, or next to
            nothing. So Uncle Sam is Uncle Sucker.

            And not for the first
            time. For the past decade, China has pursued an utterly unscrupulous
            and incredibly successful strategy in “trade” with the United States.
            China has been importing from the United States roughly $50 billion in
            goods each year, much of it food, raw materials and energy. China has
            been exporting to the United States roughly $350 billion in goods each
            year, mostly manufactured goods. And China has been buying roughly $300
            billion in U.S. assets each year, mostly U.S. Treasuries. So we buy
            their stuff, putting their people to work. And they buy our assets,
            driving us deeper and deeper into debt. America loses — twice.

            China has peeled off a tiny portion of that trade surplus, just $30
            billion, and audaciously is trying to parlay that into permanent energy
            independence. China has put that money into Canadian tar sands.

            tar sands are easily one of the dirtiest energy sources on Planet
            Earth. Does China care? No. As Deng Xiaoping used to say, “it doesn’t
            matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.”
            China’s leaders are so indifferent to environmental concerns that they
            have no problem with 8-year-olds in Beijing contracting lung cancer from
            pollution — but they get upset when the U.S. Embassy in Beijing puts
            an air quality monitor on the roof, and posts the readings on the
            internet. Canadian tar sands are a very, very black cat, but China’s
            leaders care only about catching mice.

            Chinese leaders have seized
            key elements of the world industrial supply chain, like rare earths.
            According to our government, they engage in pervasive industrial
            espionage. They have threatened American companies like Apple, Google
            and Walmart. In short, they know how to play the game.

            All of the
            oil that passes through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline has to be sold in the
            United States. Why not the same rule for the Keystone XL Pipeline?
            But instead, we allow a tax-free zone, to facilitate Chinese energy
            independence at the expense of our own. Why does Uncle Sam have to be
            Uncle Sucker?

            There are plenty of reasons to be against the
            Keystone XL pipeline. Environmentalists recognize it as the ultimate
            “bonfire of the vanities” — planet-wide carbon bonfires. The pipeline
            passes through an active earthquake zone. One bad spill could
            permanently poison the Ogallala Aquifer, which provides drinking water
            to millions of people, and 30 percent of our irrigation.

            Here is
            another reason, perhaps the best reason of all: It doesn’t do us any
            good. China, yes. The Koch Brothers (who own the refining capacity
            that would be used), yes. Us, no.

            When are we finally going to have a government with the courage to ask that simple question: Does it do us any good? Cui bono?


          2. Sidney Hobden says

            Get your Senator to add your concerns in an amendment. And just let it GO!!

          3. jetmagnet says

            If you followed this, the farmers and land owners in these states (AMERICANS) don’t want a pipeline running through their farmlands. They don;t want their land confiscated by eminent domain. Do you blame them? Where’s the conservatives on this? The fight for Bundy and peoples rights but on this issue they side with ideology scripted by big oil billionaires. You people are hypocrites, bought and paid for. This is not politics, ok? This is americans lives and the protection of our vital rescources. It’s not right or left to americans that care about the environment of our country and the future of are air and water supplies.
            This is a sell out as the supreme court in nebraska side with canada 5-4 to allow the pipeline to pass though farmers and indian lands. The fact that you people say your not racist, the fact that you say you’re patriots and fight for americans is frankly laughable.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            Already told you above. It doesn’t matter where the oil goes, oil is priced on a global market. The more oil, the lower the price. That’s basic economics 101. Try to keep up, you’re holding the rest of the class back.

        11. larry says

          Jetmagnet: You are more full of stuffing than a holiday turkey!!

        12. hankthetank says

          The very last words of a democrat, loser !!!

          1. jetmagnet says

            I’m not a democrat, I don’t follow what stupid people tell me word for word like you uneducated baffoons. It affects you also, but you have more faith in your politicians and media than your life.

        13. barry sharp says

          @jetmagnet, you don’t want Keystone XL, yu don’t want drilling on government land, you want to stop fracking. You must want to chop wood, pay 25,000.00 for solar panels or kill birds with your wind turbins. Go crawl into your cave and enjoy.

        14. Sidney Hobden says

          jetmagnet???? Really?? I guess we know who signs your welfare check. Oh, and don’t run out of “Kool-aid”!!

          1. jetmagnet says

            Are you that fucking dumb? I made $3 Million last year and you inbred clowns who probably don’t know who pays your check has the balls to judge me?
            Most of you inbred lackes take money from the government-so don’t bushit me. Most welfare is in red states with poor conservatives ( white peeps). Most social security welfare checks, military compensation and medicare and medicaid goes to rightwingers. I’ sure none of you basturds get social welfare checks or medicare, right? MORON!

          2. Sidney Hobden says

            I should have known you’d be stupid enough to take ‘the bait’!! Do you really think anyone cares about your income?? Give me a break!! It’s clear you didn’t earn it with your ‘intelligence”, or you wouldn’t be here. MORON? Basturd? Listen, you poor pathetic idiot, I earned mine in uniform fighting for the very freedom that you seem to take for granted, so take your $3 million a year and stick it up your a**, you sure didn’t get it attempting to make my America a safer, better country!!

        15. mac12sam12 says

          Thousands of full time jobs, high paying as well. Better than what president part time can provide!!

          1. jetmagnet says

            Obama 9.2 million jobs, bagger commie pipeline 52 permanent jobs, I’ll take Obama over the commies. Also the pipeline is subsidized with taxpayer money. lol
            Just when baggers claimed oil independence they ask for canadian tar. They baggers also help the chinese economy while screwing ours with the trade deficit caused by the turnaround for the products chinese will make from the crap. Kinda like the Japs after we bombed them made radios and electronics and sold it back to us for a profit. You need ECONOMIC lessons BOY!

      3. fred says

        He’s also a criminal, illegal alien, fraud, and usurper, who is a Muslim and a Communist! Those are the nicest things i can say publicly about that sub-human piece of garbage.

        1. hankthetank says

          SEE what I mean, Robert !! Fred has it down !!!

          1. RobertNorwood says

            It’s fine to call him names, there aren’t nearly enough. I’m not calling him names, I’m dissecting his actions, his personality clinically. Clinically, pathologically, he’s a pathological liar because he’s vain – won’t admit he’s wrong ever, a narcissist – believes in his own vanity, admires himself. His political leanings, day to day behavior such as playing golf instead of doing his job stems not only from the aforementioned, but his generation. Many from his generation lack true character, are self involved, liberal left. Character simply isn’t important, in fact it’s ridiculed. This makes him the perfect tool, a perfect Manchurian Candidate. If you pick it all apart you find very little difference between Obama and people like Adolph Hitler and other historic criminals.
            Now, to keep you happy – hes’ a bucket of vomit mixed with stewed monkey shit and is the biggest @sshole that’s ever come out of a cross between a monkey’s rectum and a vulture’s vomit. They could shoot him tomorrow and I fukken wouldn’t care.

          2. Deborah G says

            now tell me how you really feel LOL

          3. RobertNorwood says

            Huh, thought I did…tell you what…I’ll get back to you on that. LOL

          4. Deborah G says

            Please do i’ll be waiting to hear those adjectives LOL

      4. hankthetank says

        You, sir are to easy on him ! say something harsh,anything you say would be true!!!

    3. mrmsjb12 says

      he is just another black person bucking the system just like the people that don’t like the laws in the grand jury system just another way of ignoring peoples ways of doing things over 60% of the people want the pipeline so he opposes it just to prove that he knows best you know after 6 years of my way or the highway, he will spit in your eye if you don’t agree. remember he won the election and don’t you peons forget that.

    4. cowboy705 says

      The will of Republicans not the will of the people. You have no clue about this Keystone pipeline.
      We get NOTHING but tar sand oil. Now the ranchers and farmers they get the
      to have this pipleline run right through lands.

      One Rancher has the privilege of having this pipeling run 75 yards from their well for irragation
      and for watering their cattle

      The Native Americans are fighting this pipeline even though it is illegal to go across their land.
      Guess who is liable if some how a rancher damages this pipeline he has to fix it.
      Republicans in Nebraska passed a law giving eminent domain. Now because of this law
      it gives a forgein country Canada the right to take away the land of anybody this pipeline

      How do I know all this well it was on TV many times but Fox’s never said a word about this.

      Check out WCNN it is a TV station in Canada telling about all the pipelines running
      through Alberta Canada.
      WCNN has been keeping a eye on all the pipelines that have leaked or just broke
      and have a list of all these on there web site. Just check WCNN and the site will come up.

      WCNN has a list of all the pipelines that leaked and gas lines as well.

      1. Big__Nate says

        Yup. Youre an idiot. The next time I’m on the radio I will say that to your face – kinda…and let the whole audience tell you that you’re an idiot idealogue that spews crap he has been told to spew. Not a problem. I just love empty vessels like you. What was it – your dad was never home so you regurgitated everything your heroes told you as if it were gospel truth and that was the extent of your ability to think for yourself?
        Think of the pipeline as a tree. As Spring arrives, new leaves (jobs, construction, communities and towns etc) will spring up adding to the economy in ways of new taxes for the government (since that is the #1 goal of Democratic mouth-breathers) and all will be unicorns and rainbows for you. Wake up and realize exactly what it is that you want. Push someone else’s agenda…or think for yourself.
        I could go on for hours about the good side of the pipeline, but apparently it would fall on deaf ears and empty thoughts.

        1. 454 casull says

          It will if you are talking to a libturd.

    5. 454 casull says


    6. The redhawk says

      You mean ” HS COUNYRY” and HIS PEOLE who are Too FREAKING DUMB to KNOW what It is all About DONTCHA??

    7. S. Wicks Jr says

      I hope those that voted for him once or even twice remember him or her when they are filling up their tanks, heating their homes and TRYING to make ends meet! Thank you Demoncrapic Party. NOT!!!

  2. Rick Rogers says

    Maybe I should Translate this into a Form of Communication Tea Party members can understand… BAAAA BAAAAA BAAAAAA BAAAAA BAAAAA BAAAAA BAAAAA there now you sheep should get the point.. Well Except for those of you that have a sheep as a bed Partner that is.

    1. Joken Joe says

      Just saw a photo of you and your partner

      1. Deborah G says

        IS that Obama?

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Certainly looks like him.

    2. RobertNorwood says

      You haven’t made one intelligent comment, typical for a “liberal” – derisive, foul, stupid.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Wow that must put me in the same company as most of the Talking Heads on Fox News.

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Never heard anyone on Fox talk the way liberals do. But you wouldn’t know, you certainly don’t tune in and if you had your mind is way too closed. Your simple inability to see Obama for what it is either displays ignorance or a destructive mentality.
          Yesterday over a million islamophobes gathered in Paris,. to borrow a familiar criticism used by liberals. Fortunately Obama was not there, I mean who needs to see his silly ass in the crowd.

    3. Deborah G says

      And that sophomoric post tells me you are irrelevant

  3. Rick Rogers says

    I saw my Tea Party Neighbor’s House Get Robbed while they were away..The guy broke right in thru the window. I didn’t call the Police because my Neighbor is always telling me that “Governemnt is not the Solution”

    1. Bobbie says

      Are you kidding? You didn’t call the police because you hate “tea party” people?The police is not the federal government, for now anyway. My best friend is a democrat and I wouldn’t let her get robbed because of it. There is a special place for you. I’ve seen what karma can do.
      Look what your president has done to our country, and you blab on this site like your kind is so great? 18 Trillion in debt. Great job.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Guess you don’t understand Sarcasm either

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Liberals wonder why folks don’t get their sarcasm or simple facetiousness. It’s because of all the bizarre things you folks say that you really mean.

        2. Deborah G says

          we understand you are a typical nasty lib a disgusting person that would let anyone have their house broken into and you could have stopped it.

      2. Christopher Potas says

        the police are government

    2. privae times says

      You have a problem there dude its called liberlheadinass. As a neighbor you totally sux. Best hope your shack don’t catch fire and need water,as you neighbor will fall down laughing.

    3. The redhawk says

      oh the LYING KING will send Holder to make sure that the one at Fault is the one that got broken into…and Sharpton will SCREAM so that More Thugs will enter the fray may be locking AND LOADING is the FINAL ANSWER

      1. Ricks says

        correct redhawk. Who will be brave enough to fire the first shot?

        1. The redhawk says

          Well How about EVERY PRIVATE Citizen that has a Side arm… when the times come???

    4. RobertNorwood says

      If this story is true you’re an idiot and do not understand “Government is not the Solution”. That aside he still pays taxes for many things such as police protection which you denied him and failed in your civic duties. You only fulfilled preordained liberal self satisfaction, lack of self respect, and anti-social behaviors. It amazes me that you folks run around with such a high opinion of yourselves when in fact there is no basis for it. Liberals are closed minded and hateful as you have just attested to by your own behavior. From my own experience with liberal ugliness, derision of others, etc. my guess is that people who adopt the pretense of being liberal lack the necessary character to do it on their own and thus follow the liberal progressive script in the belief they are being good, worthy, people. Cults like the Jonestown crowd, Moonies, Heaven’s Gate and such fell out of fashion, fortunately for folks such as yourself false liberalism, progressivism, and the Democratic Party have given you all a place to be.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I could be mistaken, but two or three weeks back. Rick told me he was an American Indian. Maybe he does some kind of Oil Dance. The price of oil has dropped. And it’s all because of Oil Slick Rick.
        For a bottle of whiskey and some trinkets he’ll come to your town, and make it rain Texas Tea………

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Yeah he’s just a fullofshit liberal trying to find an audience, like his nonsense would fly with us anyway. Sounds like he enjoys being abused.

      2. Deborah G says

        CLAP CLAP CLAP so well said as usual! Nice to see you!

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Thank you, nice to see you! It’s not difficult is it, liberals have shown us all for what they really are. All I’ve done is borrowed a page from Frank Capra. When asked by FDR how to do propaganda on the Nazis he thought it over, went back after reviewing news clips and told FDR (I paraphrase) ” it’s simple, just show them as they are, they’ll provide the rest”. Kind of funny ain’t it?

          1. Deborah G says

            Unfortunatly our Moron in Chief shows the terrorists as peaceful religious folks not as the savages they are. he can’t even bring himself to say ANYTHING against Muslims

    5. Deborah G says

      And THIS moron is exactly what represents the left

    6. Daniel says

      What goes around, comes around, pal, and I wouldn’t want to be standing anywhere near you when it does!

      1. Rick Rogers says

        You know there is another word for that. Its called Karma.. And people like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan are all going to find out what that word means over the course of the next few years. As to my story above.. Ever heard of a thing called a Fable. A fable is a succinct fictional story, in prose or verse, that illustrates or leads to an interpretation of a moral lesson (a “moral.) This Moral Is “Don’t say Government is not the Solution when sometimes Government (that run the Police forces) are the ONLY SOLUTION.

  4. James Worcester says

    I think that 57,000 gallon spill in Canada might have a little bit to do with stopping the Keystone slopline.

  5. Yadja says

    Let him along with all the other Bills and scream it to high heavens when he does exposing his agenda.

    1. The redhawk says

      with MORE LIBBOCRATS DUMMIES up for re election in 2016… How many will JUMP SHIP and Override his VETO???
      Manchin counted already 64… 3 to go and the LYING INCOMPETENT KING is SAND BAGGED>>>

      1. Yadja says

        That is wonderful news had not heard it. That is what will happen on popular issues or the Democrats might as well not have a presidential candidate because anyone would beat them overwhelmingly.

        1. The redhawk says

          So far only DIE hards from the TWO anti America NE and WEST COASTS under the Influence of HOLLYWEIRDS and “GREEN” Failed “Solyndra” Millionaires are still “WAXING POETIC” against the XL…. I bet that Few Phone calls from Voters can CAVE THESE DEAD BEATS into SUBMISSION!

          1. Yadja says

            I do my share daily, first thing every morning before beginning my day, I call my representatives and even send emails to O telling him to Stand Down. That will surely get me a drone someday.

      2. Juan TwoTree says

        Prez. Obongoloid just wants to make sure his Islamic Terrorist Middle-Eastern buddies will continue to have U.S. dollars flowing into their country to buy weapons to destroy America and the western civilizations!

        1. The redhawk says

          and that seems to be his ONLY PLAN….

      3. 454 casull says

        I think it will go through ‘ barrys on his last leg and all the democrooks he bullied and threatened into doing what he wanted want some PAYBACK and will jump ship to piss him off .I know I would stick it to him if it was me.

        1. The redhawk says

          hE had his DUMMIECRATS play on the Circle firing line too often and those who have not paid the price on 4 Nov 2014 are Dropping the game!

          1. 454 casull says

            Yup’ they see him now as a liability to reelection.

    2. Terry Hamblin says

      I haven’t heard or seen much about this pipeline other than the greenies don’t want it and everyone else does! My opinion?? The pipeline will be well constructed so oil spills will not be the problem. Then again why should the US, unless the money is good, allow the oil to go right to the refineries on the gulf coast and be shipped out to the rest of the World. I think that I would go for it just to put people to work. !00% employment would wipe out the deficit in nothing flat!

      1. Yadja says

        His own people studied the Pipeline and what it’s presence would do or not do to the environment and gave him the green light. He is obstinate and arrogant and he wants nothing that will advance jobs in this country or help. He wants our demise.

        1. Terry Hamblin says

          The twerp is a narcissist and actually believes that he can have rational thoughts or even frame a sentence. Out side of what his bosses show him how to do he is out of luck!
          If you want to read some of my adventures in life, my submarine blog is: http://terryshere.wordpress.com

          1. Yadja says

            Thank you for the site I will read it.

            Your right about O and now he has cr@pped in his helmet….again…..by not being a part of a historic event in Paris where over 40 world leaders walked arm in arm against Islamic terror. I am hearing excuses that he stayed and watched football because he could not have been made safe if there. Really…….got to be kidding……..if Netanyahu was safe there then this clown would have been safe. Lame, Lame, Lame and he will pay for this one.

            Once again he stood with Islam as he said he would in the book Audacity of Hope.

          2. Terry Hamblin says

            Yes Yadja, he has never acknowledged even in an offhanded way, anything evil about Islam. I fear that the idiots in this country have selected an imposter and a traitor. Who knows how far his treachery will extend.

          3. Yadja says

            I believe he is with them and this is the final draw between O and the Free World for those who have eyes to see and the ears to have heard what he said to the UN after Benghazi. He has made his stance clear.

  6. Jr1776 says

    He is pathetic, and won’t do anything that is good for the Country, because he is so good at ruining it.

  7. The redhawk says

    Well What do you know?? The LYING KING is the KING of only the 38% of Americans who disapprove of the XL pipeline via LIES from ODUMBO and his Special Interest DUMMIES…. just like he is the LYING KING for the minority Plantation Dwellers that He , Holder and Sharpton keep locked up in ignorance, racism, and poverty … YES Elections have Consequences like he said… but Now he is really showing his COLORS Anti Job, anti Energy Independence and no matter what he says he keeps buying oil from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela… SOME LYING TOOL EH?

    1. william couch says

      UH, that’s “STOOL”..

      1. The redhawk says

        Tool … STOOL… POS… all one and the same…

        1. Jermain Johnson says

          sound like dubya, dart vader, cons.

          1. The redhawk says

            I bet yo Momma wishes she had done one of TWO things… Forced THAT” UNCLE” to EXTRACT or had gONE to abort you…

          2. Combat Veteran Seabee says

            The abortion that got away are ya?

          3. RobertNorwood says

            His attempt at being “germane”.

          4. Jermain Johnson says

            But you and your don’t like abortion?

          5. RobertNorwood says

            Anyone who “likes” such a grotesque procedure as abortion is fairly ill. For myself, there’s a problem with a society that looks upon it as nothing more than a personal decision and hide the truth within the metaphor of “women’s health”. If it’s so fine and dandy why do they disguise the issue? Now, that said, I’m not about to turn back the clock and return women to the days of the back room abortion. But unless abortion is confronted and understood, people realise they are taking a life, perhaps we need to ban it altogether and tell folks – the guy and the girl both – you are responsible for this.

          6. Jermain Johnson says

            It amezes me how comfortable it is to say “ban it” (abortion) when it affects others but when it is you and yours, you’ll secretly throw down the money to the best doctor and get it done. One of your ideological mates in congress from Tenneessee urrged his wife, or mistress get an abortion. Yet he was elected and relected.

          7. 3ronald1 says

            Unfortunately, in today’s society, no one takes responsibility for their actions in life, especially in sexual matters. Reproduction and ways to avoid it were explained in elementary school, but the media has made mating into a “conquest” for males and “recreation” because it feels good (and there are no “physical” ramifications for them – i guess it has always been that way for males, but now they have the females duped into their way of thinking. They use abortion as the “new birth control,” which is an abomination and death for the unborn human child. Late term abortions are even more heinous. It’s sick to destroy an unborn child. Who knows the achievements these destroyed children could have accomplished…a cure for cancer? a great inventor? a world leader? a brilliant scientist or physician. None of us would be here, able to enjoy living and life and love, if our mother had decided to abort us because it was inconvenient to have a child.

          8. RobertNorwood says

            Troll account. He’s white and mimicking a black person. Jeremiah Johnson gave him away.

          9. Jermain Johnson says


      2. RobertNorwood says

        The Stool and the Empty Chair – a children’s story.

        1. william couch says

          On happening now on fox, they ask what “you” (me) were looking for in the SOTUA tonight,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I thought for a moment and said “” Your resignation from the presidency. “””

          1. RobertNorwood says

            We can dream but let’s face it, most of us will not listen. He has nothing to say and apart from lying always says nothing. Nothing is worth than a lying idiot talking as if he knows what’s going on and you don’t.

          2. william couch says

            His hair is so grey,,,,,,,,,,, that’s from the stress of all the lying

          3. RobertNorwood says

            Amazing huh? That’s what he gets for taking a job that was way over his head. Now he’s fretting his butt off over his zero legacy.

          4. william couch says

            HIS LEGACY!!! HUH!!! HOMO FOREIGNER COMMIE MARXIST that fooled a nation!!! P O S!!! And he’s not a lawyer,,,, He lied on his bar exam…. He isn’t a member of the Illinois’ state bar. On the questionnaire, They ask if you are known as any other name that’s not listed hereon,,, Barry put no.

          5. Joe T says

            You are correct about Homo Obama-Charlatan
            Communist-Socialist-Covert Radical Muslim and Islamic Believer
            You can Google it for verification sources.
            The reports of homo acts by and with the President
            Copy and paste everywhere
            Published: 09/11/2012 at 9:53 PM (would someone describe this person as insane)

            A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House.

            “It was preposterous to the people I knew then to think Obama was going to keep his gay life secret,” said Kevin DuJan, who was a .gossip columnist in Chicago for various blogs when Obama was living in the city as a community organizer and later a state senator.

            “Nobody who knew Obama in the gay bar scene thought he could possibly be president,” said DuJan.

            DuJan, founder and editor of the Hillary Clinton-supporting website HillBuzz.org, told WND he has first-hand information from two different sources that “Obama was personally involved in the gay bar scene.”
            Click on link
            Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/09/claim-obama-hid-gay-life-to-become-president/#7J3uH8UdsRpUTqOy.99

          6. william couch says

            Thanks for the verification..

          7. Joe T says

            OK William…facts are not opinions, some get same confused.
            Difficult to believe that, in a way, about Obama, but someone reported it on the www.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            and yet another FOX NEWS Lemming. You know you don’t have to imitate them quite so much. That thing about Lemming jumping off cliffs to commit mass suicide is a myth so don’t feel like you have carry thru with it.

          9. william couch says

            So, are you going to jump down other peoples throats. That news came from SNOPES,,, you LIBRATURD!!!

          10. Robert says

            Ignore him. Maybe he will go away. I fed a troll the other day, and he just would not go back to his mommy’s basement. Couldn’t get away from him. Plus it was total non sense his argument. Last told him that his mommy should have aborted him and flushed him if she could have. Never feed trolls after midnight!

          11. william couch says

            Yeah, and for some reason I’m hammered. HE/SHE MOOOOCHELLE, lost her license to practice after she was found guilty of INS. FRAUD…. It’s funny that the LIBRATURDS would put a HOMO DRUG USING muslim FOREIGNER into office!!!! AS far as I’m concerned,,,, They’re all “children of unwed parents that sleep with their mothers”!!!!!

          12. Robert says

            You know, this guy Rick, seems like maybe he would smart up a little. He doesn’t seem a stupid as most of the other trolls, maybe there is some hope for him? Not as malicious as the other troll I was battling. Of course maybe I am just feeling sorry for him. Looks like such a nice kid that has been led astray by the brainwashing of the fascist, commies in the upper offices of muzzieland. Could be tneChristian thing that makes me want to help keep his soul from frying?

          13. mac12sam12 says

            Gruberites are hopeless, he still has an obama poster in his bedroom, and you know what, the thrill up the leg is still there!!

          14. william couch says

            LIBRATURDS don’t go away. They harass until you kill yourself just to get away from them….

          15. Rick Rogers says

            You can keep hoping for that ROBERT. Checking this website is the first thing I do every day in the morning It reminds me of the Fools we have to overcome to fix what is broken in this country.

          16. Robert says

            The reason it is broken is because of the GOP. Now that I am sure you will agree with me on? But it isn’t quite what you think. You see, the Establishment GOP are cowards, like all the DemoncRats are. And pretty soon there is going to be a massive “overhaul” and I am sorry to inform you that YOU will not get any enjoyment from the undertaking of this overhaul. Your King will not call you to his safe cave, and only the higher up elite(both Party’s) will be hiding out to wait out the storm that is on the horizon. Being a pawn, and especially a Liberals pawn, you my friend are marked as expendable. I think you know what that means. I hope that one day soon, you will open your eyes and mind, and see how the sh** is flowing. And you just may survive. You can have all your cocky comments al you want. You are entitled to it and as long as there are real true Patriots here, you will still be able to voice your Liberal lies and your fantasy dreams all you want. But let me be clear( I stole that from your King) you are living on borrowed time. Better get your house in order pretty darn quick. Stop being such a “smart a$$” as there are people taking names, and that may place you on it. Fair warning given.

          17. Rick Rogers says

            Ok there Robert just make sure you have my name spelled Right on the “list”
            And Robert this is not aimed at you but at the rest of the “citizens” on this web page.
            Let me make one thing very clear. There are very few Patriots on this website.

            Anyone that Judges someone because they follow a different religion does not understand Freedom of Religion and is not a patriot.

            Anyone that Judges someone by the color of the skin or the ancestry of their Parents does not understand the lines of the Declaration of Independence.. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–

            These People are not Patriots

            Anyone that discriminates against another American FOR ANY REASON is not a Patriot.

            We have serious problems to solve and we need serious people to solve them. And what every your particular problem is I can promise you this. Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are not the least bit interested in solving it. They are interested in two things. and Two things only: Making you afraid of it , and telling you who’s to blame for it. That is how the GOP wins elections.. “Oh what kind of name is Barak Obama” “That Sounds Muslim to me” ” Oh his father wasn’t a Citizen that must mean he is from Kenya” . You want to know how stupid that sounds.. Try this “oh what Kind of Name is Rafael Edward Cruz” Oh, Its sounds Cuban.” “Wait you mean his Father was CUBAN” ” HE has to be a communist then” Sound familiar. And just so there is no misunderstanding BOTH of those thought process are WRONG and NOT the statements a Patriot would make.

            Back about 2005 and 2006 a lot of people were called unpatriotic because we did not agree with Iraq War. We were told that ever true american supports the president. We were told that OVER AND OVER AGAIN. so tell me.. Whats different now. This website and its comment section has said every Vile and disgusting thing that can be said about President Obama. So using that same Reasoning, EVERY TRUE AMERICAN SUPPORTS THE PRESIDENT. TO not do so is unpatriotic. You can disagree with him you can vote against him but He is the President and he was elected by a Majority TWICE. You don’t like it Tough this country has been Majority Rule from the beginning and the Majority said you were wrong TWICE.

            Thank you Andrew Shepard for potions of this post that I changed slighty.

          18. Robert says

            First of all, you quote the

          19. Rick Rogers says

            So what Ann Coulters Birth Certificate says she is a MALE? My full name is Richard E. Rogers JR. but I use Rick Rogers.. When I fill out a form I don’t not use a Nick name. You know Like TED CRUZ to make every one forget that is real name is Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz. What do you think is on Cruz’s Drivers license or his Bar exam or his College application.

          20. mac12sam12 says

            Fox has never said those things about Obama, oh indoctrinated one.

          21. Rick Rogers says

            Oh god your killing me.. You should go on the Stand up Comedy Circuit.. You watch Fox News. But I’am the one Indoctrinated.. on my side hurts from Laughter.

          22. mac12sam12 says

            Fox, always has opposing views, oh indoctrinated one!

          23. Rick Rogers says

            No Mac12sam12.. Fox has opposing Lies not views. The Fact checking services have them listed about telling the truth maybe 18% of the time without putting a Slant on it. Or do I need to remind of the lie about 240 million a day they claimed a diplomatic trip to Asia was suppose to cost. Or the fact that President Obama was keeping a Muslim Library open during the Government Shutdown with money out of his pocket. Or that the Majority of people don’t like the Affordable Care Act when all the unbiased polls say they do. Sorry Fox news is laughable and if the Fairness Doctrine was still in effect they would have been shutdown over about 6 years ago.

          24. mac12sam12 says

            Sure, left leaning “fact checking.” The left even has Media Matters that listens to Fox, Rush, and Sean Hannity just waiting for a screwup, pathetic and kind of sad. “UCLA just came out with a study that reveals republican men are more likely to beat their wives, as opposed to liberal men.”
            Fox News, “Fair and Balanced,” oh indoctrinated one!

          25. Rick Rogers says

            Starting to think you would have been a good Follower of Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple.

          26. mac12sam12 says

            Sorry, I don’t have a religious bone in my body so I wouldn’t consider joining a cult. You worship at the alter of liberalism, that’s a sick cult, oh, indoctrinated one.

          27. Rick Rogers says

            if you think Jones Peoples Temple was a Religion then you might be the typical Fox News Views.

          28. mac12sam12 says

            You’re hooked on MSM, they should have DNC after their name, indoctrinated one!

    2. Jerry Cox says

      Hey redhawk, You have spoken the truth. We have the all time champion of lies for sure. He opens mouth and out comes a lie but many of his hackers don’t care. He has 51% that he has placed on the payroll and a little more by his executive pen he has probably exceeded this. Only 37 % even take the time to follow and be informed. This will cost us our country. You think he is bothered by threats from someone named Boehner and McConnell. He is destroying the Constitution as we speak and his plans is to destroy America. That has been his main charter since he came to office. We are doomed as a country and blame it on some 60% that has let him do it. You think we could get a rally in Washington the way Illegals have, Blacks walking for something that does not even exist but made up. The media would not even cover it. Obama just sold 65 Billion in Arms to the Saudi’s. The Saudi’s are the biggest source of funds for ISIS. We are supposedly bombing ISIS to destroy them. Is ISIS for real or just made up in Black Suits and been given a new name. They came to power pretty quick did they not?

      1. The redhawk says

        But AQ according to the INCOMPETTENT, INEPT LYING KING is “DONE” “ENDED” “FINIS”… So now he can Concentrate on Sending Holder to Paris to Further Damage those poor FROGS …

        1. hankthetank says

          And they are peaceful ,also!!!

          1. The redhawk says

            OH yes … Just ask ODUMMIEOBAMA!

        2. supergun says

          Send hooder to paris makes no sense. Just another wasted tax payers money.

          1. The redhawk says

            the EUNUCH KYING KING is too afraid to be LAUGHED AT…

      2. Bobby Riffle says

        America should destroy him, in my opinion we need a coup!!!!

        1. The redhawk says

          and a COMBAT BOOT UP HIS A$$ !!!!

      3. hankthetank says

        They were trained for a year,by the cia, & armed & payed for by Obama, with OUR tax money ! he is ONE of them! A MUSLIM !!!

      4. The redhawk says

        1) after a major Construction JOB is DONE there are FEW permanent Jobs on this Project.
        2) If you can Think out of te BOX… Permanent jobs in Refineries, Ports, Exports and Reducing Dependency on Foreign OIL is a benefit for our Balance of Payments
        3) the Pipeline is Much more Enviroment SAFE than current Trucks and RR carrying the same Sands oil and cleaner for the AIR you breathe… so Go backwards again and present a more Intelligent Argument or STFU!

    3. 454 casull says

      Complete waste of air and should have been thrown out in his first term.

      1. The redhawk says


        1. 454 casull says

          True ‘very true

          1. The redhawk says

            and NOW the DUMMIECRAPS WHINE ” cause Too may of the ones who can no longer stand the LYING KING and TROLLS did not VOTE… But miss the MESSAGE just like ODUMBIO DOES..

        2. supergun says

          The walking dead.

          1. The redhawk says

            The same Idiots like the ones who voted for and IGNORE the fact that the EUNUCH Lying king is still unable to utter the words:” RADICAL ISLAM”

          2. Jermain Johnson says

            And radical Christians, don’t forget.

          3. The redhawk says

            And pray cite where “RADICAL CHRISTIANS” conduct TERRORIST attacks and MURDER folks…. Carry on the world awaits your … well whatever…

          4. Deborah G says

            Oh yes definitly be aware of the radical Christians they may sprinkle you with baptismal water now THAT is a scarey thought isn’t it? Such fierce providers of the Bible, you pathetic libs. think you are going to melt?

          5. supergun says

            You know there has got to be some big scandals going on behind this pipe line deal. I bet billions of dollars are involved.

          6. The redhawk says

            I got a strange Premonition that some MOAB of a Scandal is about to hit the fan and The LYING KING may call it Quits to avoid Prison time….

          7. The redhawk says

            THE FEW remaining Reid DUMMIECRAPS and their LYING KING!… YES “WALKING DEADS”

      2. hankthetank says

        Should NEVER been elected!!!

        1. 454 casull says

          Yeah that would have been better yet.

        2. Jermain Johnson says

          Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You too late, get off those meths and vote the right way.

          1. The redhawk says

            FAILED English 1 didn’t you…. maggot

          2. Deborah G says

            We do vote the “RIGHT” way not some rainbow BS way

          3. Angry American says

            Could or would it be possible for you to learn about the reply button & how to use it?

          4. Jermain Johnson says

            Educate me teabag, and don’t bring in Sarah Palin lingo.

          5. Angry American says

            Do you prefer idiot or moron? But you are correct I am a Tea Party Member

          6. Jermain Johnson says

            I figured right, nothing else to add, your reasoning say it all.

          7. Robert says

            This site should not allow you to vote “thumbs up” for yourself.

          8. Jermain Johnson says

            I don’t, and don’t care.

        3. jetmagnet says

          He’s the greatest and he should be re-elected again! I say we change the 22 cnd amendment and re-elect Obama for a third term. He’s beat and wacko, nosepickin, jackass bagger that wants to run. LMAO!

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Speaking of bowel movements, have you tried a laxative? YUR GRUMPY today. Epic and false rant, as usual!

          2. The redhawk says

            SHHH a Laxative Might release his head from his COLON…. or blow his brains out!!

          3. supergun says

            Sad that we have people like you in America.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Sad we have commie Teabags that support canada oil and commie chinese imports!
            While pissing on our american farmers and indians!

          5. Deborah G says

            hahahah teaparty people are NOT communist moron. That is for you left wingers. Time to go get your dictionary out.Get an education beyond third grade.

          6. jetmagnet says

            Then why do you support keystone…and use your fucking brain…not something you read off a conservative clown website??

          7. tax man says

            You are lost to reality. He is the worst, by far, and has done not one thing that is beneficial to the American Citizens. The things that are improving in America are happening in spite of Obama and his failed policies. He is the obstructionist in our future and he needs to be removed from office by whatever means are most efficient.

          8. jamesowens says

            how about fixed the economy the bush /cheny regime crashed- how about fixed the job market the bush/ cheny regime crashed – how about ending 2 0f the 3 wars bush / cheney lied to start- how about the lowest gas prices since the carter era.
            why do people like you type when you know nothing.

          9. tax man says

            Obama did nothing to help these. Especially the gas prices. Obama has done everything to thwart lower energy prices including banning coal use in the US and prohibiting the drilling of gas/oil from US reserves. It was the private industry and Fracking that have brought us oil independence, not Obama! As to the wars, he should have unleashed everything we have in the middle east and killed off the terrorists. Now all his had done is spend our money and piss off more muslims exposing us to more terrorism. We should have nuked the ME a long time ago, then moved in and taken the oil for our use! The job market is being improved by private business, not the government, and in spite of the poor tax law of the USA under Obama. Small businesses are being screwed by Obama and his allowing illegal criminals to work and live in the US at the expense of the American wage earner. Better ways to do that such as special limited work permits issued to employers who would be 100% responsible for their foreign workers – housing, food, insurance etc, all not at taxpayers expense and only for Agricultural jobs paying less than minimum wage. Obama has hindered all not helped anything.

          10. SoundMind says

            I suspect the fall in gas prices is artificial to make the way for higher gasoline taxes at the pump. Once–and if–they’re implemented, gas prices will soar again.

          11. Deborah G says

            Absolutely. The moron Obama is already calling for it.

          12. jetmagnet says

            Better get educated! Gas prices are supply/demand, derivatives ( speculation)
            There’s to much supply due to Obama policies. Obama granted millions of oil permits and production has risen dramatically under his leadership.
            Also, being a conservative i can see why your benevolent about low gas prices. The Koch Suckers who fund and own your teabags are hurting right now. They Grin when gas prices go sky high!

          13. Paul Hayward says

            Alright Jetster – Now I’ve heard enough… You guys who defend this Administration are all alike… and take credit for things your Hero has absolutely NOTHING to do with!! Everyone KNOWS that oil production has increased IN SPITE OF Obama’s policy line. He quite OBVIOUSLY has blocked pipeline construction… but ALSO blocked Govt. land leases for exploration! But he didn’t block the Big Oil subsidies and tax breaks, did he?? (we wouldn’t want to bust up our “piggy-bank”, now would we??!!) The MAIN reason for the drop in gas prices is the FACT that the rest of the World is in recession – and the demand for oil from China and India has been much LESS than expected – leading to an oversupply of oil, and a drop in price!

            This leads us to Point #2 – Why is the US doing better?? WELL it seems that the US has failed to regulate Wall Street and the Big Banks – even in the wake of the Big Bank Bailouts!! This LACK of regulation has allowed the Big Banks to float over $300 TRILLION worth of derivatives into the world market that are only backed by 10% OR LESS with actual assets….and as a result, the Stock Market has soared – on a bubble ALSO boosted by Quantitative Easing (which pumped $85 BILLION in worthless Fiat Currency into the economy every MONTH) LEAVING US on the hook for one of the MOST DANGEROUS scenarios of financial collapse we have ever faced. This ASININE Government – charged with protecting us from Unfair Monopolies – never blinked an eye and told us these banks were “too big to fail”!! What a FARCE!! Even now, your Fearless Leader is preparing to veto the Keystone Pipeline – blocked for over six years – declaring it to be a lynchpin in combating global warming… another FARCE!! That oil is STILL being shipped – through our towns and cities!! – on thousands of trucks on our highways – and thousands of UNSAFE DOT-111 tank cars by rail!! (look ’em up!) – the same ones to blame in the utter destruction of Lac-Megantic, Quebec, Canada, killing 47 innocent people in a horrible, fiery death (look that up too, while you’re at it!)!! KEYSTONE is a matter of PUBLIC SAFETY for anyone who cares to dig deep enough!….. Another LIE from the White House is the Unemployment Rate. Damn near EVERYONE knows that “the method of figuring unemployment has been changed”…… what for?? …besides to make the figures “look better”??!! Over 2 Million job seekers who have quit looking for work are no longer tabulated!! …..AND over 500,000 self employed at their own business throw in the towel EVERY MONTH!! – way more (double) than the number of jobs created each month!! When this Charade Masquerading as a Parade finally runs aground – you will all realize that this disingenuous approach to dealing with the TRUTH has cost us ALL DEARLY!! – Do you remember what they told us about NAFTA?? Did you then see all our jobs shipped overseas??(OPPOSE TPP!!) Do you remember them telling us DDT, and then Agent Orange – were SAFE?? They ALL serve the same King – Big Money.

          14. Paul Hayward says

            BTW – the word “benevolent” means “charitable to others”….

          15. Deborah G says

            Ignore the two trolls don’t give them air to breathe. When they don’t have anyone to rail against they will move on with a new name to another site

          16. jamesowens says

            you are totally delusional and need to get your news from someone otherthan fox. I guess the recovery in the economy is because the rep took over jan 1st.
            you probably still believe in the trickel down theory.
            and frackig lol let the m do it near your house see if you think it pollutes more than they say- pss that produces gas that is sold overseas to buy the gas that comes in here that is now lower per barrel- learn economics not the fox news hour.

          17. Deborah G says

            Here’s where you show your ignorance. Markets are not affected by Politicians rather forces and events that move themm/ What do they teach you in those liberal government run schools these days?

          18. Rick Rogers says
          19. Deborah G says

            Did you read about the 50 car pile up in PA? Of course there are always accidents in every aspect of life. It wasn’t even a MINOR impact.More people died in the accident.

          20. Rick Rogers says

            only a fool allows people or Companies to Defecate around their Drinking water and that’s what pipelines do.. Even the Famous one in Alaska has seen 69 percent decrease in the Pipeline thickness along parts of the line because of corrosion

          21. Deborah G says

            Then of course you must be against illegals working in the fields? They defecate and urinate right where your food is being harvested.AS well as bringing in deadlt illnesses so OF course a responsible Lib like you wouldn’t want to let them stay would you?More people have died from their filth than a pipeline.You know from antibiotic rsistant starins of lysteria,Enetrobacter,the thing that paraylzed all those kids, remember that? How about that? aS WELL AS SEVERAL DiSEASES THAT WE HAD ERADICATED I thought not

          22. jetmagnet says

            Debra you have a shithole for a brain. Your kids probably urinate every where because they have a dumbass mother full of hate and apparently is being satisfied enough. lol

          23. Rick Rogers says

            Why am I not surprised your one of those. I bet if you could you would have been out there protect those busloads of Kids that had made it on their own cross the border from OTHER countries beside Mexico. FYI.. That law that allowed those kids to be in this country was signed By GEORGE BUSH not President OBAMA. SO he was following a REPUBLICAN LAW PASSED BY A REPUBLICAN CONGRESS. SO GUESS YOU WANT TO IMPREACH HIM FOR THAT. Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

            Since your a woman I won’t say what I think of you but will just remind you of the comment Dan Aykroyd use to say to Jane Curtin during the Point Counter Point skit. But we will insert your name “DEBORAH YOU………….”

          24. Deborah G says

            I’m crushed LOL Gotcha when you lose you act like a typical liberal. Name calling,

          25. Deborah G says

            Who said Mexico?

          26. Rick Rogers says

            That struts and frets HER hour upon the stage
            And then is heard no more: it is a tale
            Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
            Signifying nothing.”

          27. Deborah G says

            Oh please a bit over dramatic aren’t we? Your histrionics have zero to do with the discussion if you can call such lunacy that you spew such. OBAMA is at fault for putting these children at risk traveling by NOT enforcing the laws we have. Not BUSH he did. They came because they were told he would not only let them in but stay. HE is soley responsible for their danger and their deaths as they occured. IF he was kind he’d have stopped them before they got here barring that when they did NOT put American children at risk by integrating them and transporting them all over the country. He did this before he had any idea of their state of health thereby causing illness and death to our kids.

          28. Rick Rogers says

            You have to love that you make statements without any references to back them up. No References does not make them facts it makes them The fiction of your disturbed mind. But I really need to stop. My parents told me never to make fun of the Mentally Challenged so I will not comment on your post anymore. In the battle of wits your completely unarmed.

          29. jetmagnet says

            Lmao! Illegals kill more people than cancer???

          30. Rick Rogers says

            Wow.. Did not know so much Drivel could come out of one mind. Every watch X FIles. You make the “Lone gunmen” Look good.

          31. Rick Rogers says

            Guess it does not bother you that the Dirty Lazy, Disease Ridden people comments are all pretty much the same thing Hitler said about the Jews. But Hey if you don’t mind being in that company who are we to stop you.

          32. Deborah G says

            I like Jews so we’re not alike at all.

          33. Rick Rogers says

            Sounds almost like the sentence In Every Bigots back pocket.. I have (insert Minority Here) Friends so I not Racist. I feel bad for your children if you have any you screwing up their minds.

          34. Deborah G says

            LOL nice try my kids are perfectly NORMAl productive humans with families. Absoultely normal now doesn’t that make a liberal want to cry?

          35. Rick Rogers says

            what Your still breathing? Tell someone that Cares..

          36. Deborah G says

            The illegals bring illness THAT is a fact. TB, Enterobactor,Listeria,Influenza and many more including thinsg we haven’t seen in many years from using the fields as their bathroom stops where food is being grown and harvested. THAT is a FACT According to the USDA. Not saying much for the people who hire them either not providing facilities. The reason we have LEGAL immigration is that vaccines,health etc can be documented as well as TERRORISTS who may enter just as eaily. ANYONE who comes here legally has to go through the same process and we welcome them and their diversiity. Like most liberals you can’t comprehend common sense from your favorite catch phrase “racism”

          37. Rick Rogers says

            PROVE IT.. Show me your source Material and it can’t be FOX NEWS. They are well know for Bending the truth for their Narrative.

          38. Deborah G says

            No offense but just who the hell do you think you are? These libs think they can “DEMAND” someone do their bidding. Do your own research. TB was brought in by an illegal in California. There there’s tip now run along and surf little man

          39. Rick Rogers says

            really are you that clueless.. You made a statement I said back it up with Facts.. You declined to do so .. So you lose the Debate because no facts mean you made it up. . Sorry if that struck a nerve that you can’t prove what you claim. But that’s ok.. most Tea Party members can only parrot what they hear on Fox News. Oh and just so you know a lot of the anti Vaccine Group are extreme Christian Tea Party members. So look in your own back yard first before you try to lay blame on a bunch of Innocent Kids.

          40. Paul Hayward says

            Let’s just imagine that all those Fox viewers you speak of – making it by far the leading cable network – aren’t those same voters you expect to turn out and vote blue….

          41. Deborah G says

            This guy is simply a liberal idiot. I can’t even describe what I think of people as totally clueless as that. They take a piece from this a piece from that. rant against the Tea PArty people like they are some kind of threat. blue haired ladies,vets and old men who remeber what America used to be about. CONSTITUTIONAL and founding fathers.

          42. Paul Hayward says

            I try to go easy on them… they have been betrayed in favor of big money…. I imagine we all wish we could be proud of our leaders…. and most people know that the Tea Party is a conglomerate of people from all walks of life and fit no particular category. To insult them for rising to speak – for wishing to be patriotic – is bitter irony indeed.

          43. Deborah G says

            he’s a moron and I decided to just place him in the irrelevent file with the other two morons here. Starve them from attention which is all they want since they live on unemployment in Mom’s basement probably

          44. Rick Rogers says

            Not really because you see Fox news never likes to say they are wrong or that they are backing the wrong horse.. So a lot of those RED voters will think its in the bag so why vote. But really don’t you get it Voter turn out campaigns are always more successful by Democrats then they are for republicans. That’s not made up the numbers are easy to find and Verify. So if Republicans are so strong at economics and Government then why are the states that take the most in Government Assist all lead by GOP Governors and GOP Legislators. or are you saying they are just not up to the job? Why do the states with the Worst Test scores also “RED” States.. Why are the States with the Lowest Per Capita Income all “RED” states. Why are the States with more people living below the Poverty Line “RED” States.. And Finally why is it the states with the most Citizens not covered by Healthcare RED STATES. You do realize that those uninsured people that need lifesaving healthcare are going to get it and if they can’t pay for it the Healthcare system is going to jack up everyone’s prices to cover it right. That’s why we have the HIGHEST healthcare cost in the world but the standard of care have been dropping for years.

          45. Juan TwoTree says

            More Dem-O-Crap voters?? If so, the only reason they vote more is they are a miniority,uneducated, on the government free entitlement dole and they get time off from their work to go vote, that is even if they have a job! And then of course, you have to be a Dem-O-Crap to get to a voting poll, otherwise, the Black Panthers will harass and threaten you to come into the polling location, then the Muslim Eric Holder will excuse the behavior…call it “Workplave Violence” since all these criminals/thugs do is work to disrupt voting!

          46. Rick Rogers says

            Hey Juan TwoTree you know about the Voting ID laws are all about right. Here is what GOP Officials said they were about..




            So tell me again how Voter ID laws are for Voter Fraud.. These GOP officials don’t seem to agree.

          47. Deborah G says

            BTW? you argue like a sophomoric 12 year old.

          48. Paul Hayward says

            That “famous one in Alaska” has an excellent safety record – and it’s only spill was from sabotage – and THEN was back online in 19 hours.

          49. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry Paul but this was just ONE thing when I typed in “accidents on Alaskan Pipeline” There were more listing but I have meetings about to start so see ya.


          50. Rick Rogers says

            Has it dawned on you yet that you only seem to make nasty comments about other Races and Nationalities and those of different political beliefs. And you offer no facts or reference Material to back up those Comments. I am pretty sure you the one Shakespeare was talking about 413 years ago.
            ” a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
            And then is heard no more: it is a tale
            Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
            Signifying nothing.”

          51. Deborah G says

            First of all the last person I have to answer to is you.Second I don’t suffer fools easily and to me most liberals ARE fools, Third,here’s a simple solution if you don’t like what I have to say IGNORE the post. Simple solution

          52. Rick Rogers says

            my bad… That struts and frets HER hour upon the stage
            And then is heard no more: it is a tale
            Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
            Signifying nothing.”

          53. tax man says

            Got all my economics from my Graduate School days. Got my Doctorate and feel pretty confident in my resources and knowledge base. Enough that I KNOW Obama and friends have no clue about economics nor energy and they only believe that GOVERNMENT is the sole source of success. Well the current economy, gas prices, auto sales, housing sales, interest rates, lack of inflation etc are all happening IN SPITE OF Obama and his failed policies! Fox News is not the source, take a look at the energy publications and the financial news sources. Obama has tried to muck it all up and he has failed! America is succeeding because American Businesses are making moves AROUND Obama and doing it on their own! Obama has failed in everything he has tried in government. He has no real world experience and had done nothing to help us out. This is NOT due to the wave of conservatives added to Congress, but that election is an indication of Obama’s failure to help Americans.

          54. Rick Rogers says

            Energy publications huh? ok name some.. Let me see them. And TAX MAN all that Election proved was that something like 16.9 (give or take a point or two) percent of eligible Voters Believe what the GOP is Shoveling. Historical Fact one you can’t Deny when there are large turn outs Republicans LOSE. That’s is the cause of the whole Fake “voter Fraud” issue. ITs funny when I look back on a internet Search about Voter Fraud almost all the cases are Cases of REPUBLICANS committing Fraud not Democrats.. Like the Poll worker in Oregon that thought it would be ok for her to fill in the Ballot of voters that did not vote in certain Races. OF course she filled in the REPUBLICANS not the Democrats.

          55. Deborah G says

            Showng your ignorance again. The black woman from Cinci voted for ALL her family several times. ANd in case you didn’t notice the Repubs THUMPED the Democrats

          56. Rick Rogers says

            Look who is talking about Ignorance.. You won 16.9 percent of the eligible Vote. IF that’s a Thumping please say hello to Mr. Roarke and Tattoo for me because its pretty clear your living on Fantasy Island.

          57. Deborah G says

            hMMM LET’S SEE both HOUSES ?The largest Republican controlled Senate since ww2? Guess you went to an alternative reality school

          58. Rick Rogers says

            Really you just can’t wrap your head around how small those numbers really are can you. Try it this way.. Stick a hundred people in a Room 20 percent of them are Republicans. The Rest are independent. Now tell the other 80 percent that the 20 Percent are going to tell them what they can and can not do. Then tell the 80 percent that in 1084 days you can kick them out of the room.. Hmm does not take a Genius (which Believe me I am not in any way shape or form saying that you are) to see what will happen. You and your ilk have an royal Ass kicking coming.. and its going to be so much fun to take part in. When the GOP tries to cut the Social Security Benefits of those that have paid into it all their lives we will be there to show them the video of the GOP saying that is what they wanted to do. When military families can’t afford to put food on the table because of the cuts in SNAP programs We will be there to show them the vIdeo of them Calling for it. So just go back to watching “Here comes Honey BOOBOO” and leave the thinking to the rest of us. Your not cut out for it.

          59. Deborah G says

            The veterans should be getting the money from the benefits the libs give the spawn of illegals, lazy baby daddies that sell their girlfriends EBT cards for drugs to sell and morons who actually even know who Honey Boo Boo is. .Soldiers should be Obama’s priority but over a year later he has done SQUAT They fight for us in fact they make it so even morons like you can say whatever stupid thing you can mouth.

          60. Rick Rogers says

            Senate bill S. 1982, would have expanded veterans’ healthcare programs, given veterans in-state tuition rates at all schools across the country and provided advanced appropriations for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Supported by the President. Blocked by the GOP because they could not add an Amendment for sanctions on Iran when The president was trying to get them to talk about Nuclear Arms

            H.R.26 – Veterans Mental Health Screening and Assessment Act

            H.R.28 – Veterans Outreach Improvement Act of 2011

            H.R.79 – Dependent Care Act of 2011- To amend title 38, United States Code, to provide certain abused dependents of veterans with health care

            H.R.117 – Housing, Employment, and Living Programs for Veterans Act of 2011-To amend title 38, United States Code, to make certain improvements in the laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and for other purpose 01/04/11

            H.R.136 – To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow taxpayers to designate a portion of their income tax payment to provide assistance to homeless veterans, and for other purposes. 01/04/11

            H.R.237 – To amend the Homeowners Assistance Program of the Department of Defense to give the Secretary of Defense flexibility regarding setting the commencement date for homeowner assistance for members of the Armed Forces permanently reassigned during the mortgage crisis.

            H.R.284 – Veterans, Women, Families with Children, and Persons With Disabilities Housing Fairness Act of 2011-To authorize funds to prevent housing discrimination through the use of nationwide testing, to increase funds for the Fair Housing Initiatives Program, and for other purposes. (01-11-11)

            H.R.287 – Homes for Heroes Act of 2011-To provide housing assistance for very low-income veterans. (01-11-11)
            All of these were Bills blocked by the members of the GOP in the house and the one in the Senate. So before you tell your lies get your facts straight because you look like a fool when you don’t. Oh wait it just dawned on me if you were planning to look like a Fool heaven forbid I stop you. Your doing such a great job.

          61. Deborah G says

            Obama is the biggest scam artist ever to hit the American political stage. OF course the bill like most of his crap didn’t pass because he ALWAYS tries to slip in something he knows doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of America wanting. Do they have a stupid school for liberals? It seems they are so well educated in that style of conversation.

          62. Paul Hayward says

            So where were all your Democratic Voters??? Disillusioned by the Illusion of Success??

          63. Rick Rogers says

            Tell you what Paul Lets you and I play Poker. We both put up 10,000 .. But you are only going to be allowed to win 20% of the hands? Would you claim that was a big win when I win the other 80%? Midterms are low turn outs That is a historic fact.. Republicans win on low turn outs.. PRESIDENTIAL elections are NOT low Turn outs. Republicans Lose when there are High turn outs. Again those are verifiable historic facts. Sorry if they don’t suit your purpose. The writing is on the wall. If you had this mandate you seem to claim you would have taken a larger portion of that of the 39% turn out. but you didn’t. As of this morning one of the Job approval Polls put the Presidents approval Rating at 50%. The state of the union speech tonight is going to outline Programs that the MIDDLE CLASS agrees with. So tell me what do you think the poll numbers will be tomorrow and how do you think the Republicans in Congress are going to look when they block each and every one of those proposals. you know sometimes you win a war by Retreating a bit and letting the other said think they have one. ” If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.” Sun Tzu the Art of War

          64. Deborah G says

            Don’t try and talk sense or use your education with fools

          65. Rich Ollar says

            I guess you watch MSNBC and CNN for your news Who do not report the truth Just Obama side of the news you really need to review your views which are wrong and I will be glad to show you

          66. jetmagnet says

            Show me? Baggers can never produce evidence. Because they believe in lies and bullshit. I’m on several blogs for years and they have a talking point script that was taught to them by rightwing media, that provides intellectual cover for their prejudices, their insecurities and racial bias.

          67. Deborah G says

            America is thumbing their nose at him and like we always do succeed in the face of tyranny

          68. Rick Rogers says

            No Deborah the Majority of Americans are thumb their nose at the simple minded Tea Party that as allowed themselves to be pawns of the Rich. Funny thing about Pawns they are normally the first pieces knocked off a Chess board when the game gets near its conclusion

          69. Deborah G says

            Funny seems they won quite handily in the midterms guess you missed that?

          70. Rick Rogers says

            I seem to have to keep telling you this but then your Tea Party you never meet a Fact that you believed. This Numbers are adjusted because the final Count in some states was an estimate and was not posted until Recently. But let me try again I do it again for you this TIME.. THE NATIONAL TURNOUR IN SEPT 2014 Was 39.1 Percent of Eligible Voters at last COUNT.

            REPUBLICANS WON 51.9 of that vote which Remember was 39.1 percent of the electorate (again at last count ) So THAT MEANS THEY WON REPUBLICANS WON 20.29 Percent of the Vote. That is not a Mandate, That is not a Thumping that is an embarrassment. And if you want to take if farther When You total up all the VOTES Cast in all The SENATE Elections Not by state but by Total Democrats out Polled The Republicans. So Tell me DEBORAH what do you think is going to happen when a Presidential Election comes up WHEN EVERYONE that has an interest Votes.. You don’t have to be a History Major to see a Trend along those lines. High Turn out Means DEMOCRATIC Victory.. ITs a historical Fact. So Based on historical Trends.. in 1018 days from Today the Republican Senate Majority Disappears.. How badly the House Screws up things Could well mean an end to the House Majority as well. Because you have something your not going to like. You have a sitting President that does not have to ever run for office again. And he has a Veto Pin and The GOP does have the Numbers to override any Veto he might issue. ITs going to be fun to watch over the next to years because President Obama has out maneuvered The GOP on every Turn. And Tomorrow night he is going to stand in Front of Congress and ask for a Middle Class Tax cut. And if he does not get it EVERY Democrat running for office is going to be hammering that point over and over again in 2016

          71. Deborah G says

            I grant you he is a manipulative SOB but let’s see for now we WON and you lost I’ll buy you a Lite beer so you can cry in it Fair enough?

          72. Deborah G says

            Here’s a clue. You can’t “TELL” me anything. I don’t take business advice from morons nor do I take ANY advice from liberals so save your breathe

          73. jamesowens says

            from your rants it sounds like you took nothing from a book- a newspaper a scientific journal- a magazine – the teachers in your grade school-or anyone smarter than coldslaw

          74. Rick Rogers says

            heres one back for you Save yours.. Till you turn Blue. I for one won’t miss you.

          75. Deborah G says

            LOL They are average people tired of being taxed and big government. Where do you get your info from?

          76. Rick Rogers says

            So guess you were sort of shocked at the Job Approval Rating poll that was published today huh? So after the state of the union tonight when he puts forth proposals that the average American has been asking for and his poll numbers go up even more what are you going to say then? Oh wait I know.. Its the LIberal Media.. yea.. I can see it coming from your keyboard right now.

          77. Rick Rogers says

            Frack Fracking only a Fool injects Poison into the Ground and then “HOPES” it won’t get into the Aquifers were most of the water we use for Drinking and Irrigating Crops.

          78. jamesowens says

            Koch brothers say it doesn’t — fox parrots what they say and the nummys believe its good for them -as one man said “PITY THE FOOLS”

          79. Deborah G says

            We have had fracking here where I live in NY for years BEFORE it was the liberal mot d’jour. NOTHING has ever happened adversely except good paying jobs.Now the morons want to stop it and people are leaving NY in droves.

          80. jamesowens says

            ask the people who live were it is happening -talk to the folks whos water is polluted near it – read an article with interviews from the countys -lord woman try getting the facts – it is better to sit quietly and be thought stupid rather than open your mouth and continually prove it.

          81. Deborah G says

            Now what poinson would that be genius? High Velocity water?

          82. Rick Rogers says

            ok You ask for it here is the POINSON but I think you meant Poison…


            and there are more listed. You want to know the effects of each do you own Research on Google just type in the Chemical and added in Effects on Humans. So are used in SMALL amounts in other products but not in the amounts required in Fracking. So do your own Research I will waste no more time on you Be gone.

          83. Deborah G says

            I guess reading 1001 comprehension isn’t a strong point for you either? The process is safe. IF you read what you sent me it says it right there. You can’t even think beyond the list of “chemicals” already approved as safe by the EPA which BTW is out of control but that’s another story. Grow up and stop the silliness. You are quite boring

          84. Rick Rogers says




            If you want I will be glad to contact these people and pay to have them send you a gallon of their Tap water and you can make a video of you drinking it. You will not have a problem with that would you? There is an old saying that you are living proof of.. There is a Sucker born every Minute.

          85. Deborah G says

            Big deal Natural gas in the ground is no earth sahhtering diatribe against fracking. My neighbor sunk a well and did that

          86. Juan TwoTree says

            Yeah, why are the idiots even frickin’ drinking it knowing this, if the story is even true. You would think if they are stupid enough to drink the water, use it for cooking, they would, themselves, go down the street/road and get some friggin water. Why don’t they sell if it is so bad? I’e looked into this through GOOGLE and TruthorFiction, USGOV.COM websites, ZERO written about this. If this was such a horredous and unhealthy situation, it would be on some website. The Forbes.com site?? Have you actually read that story??

          87. jamesowens says

            jesus Christ how much of the kool aid did you drink to be that messed up

          88. jetmagnet says

            Obama did everything, he’s the president-since your an economic moron, trying to explain what bernacke did, low interest rates, bond rates and global swaps, derivatives it might explode your tiny brain! Obama is the best ever!! His approval ratings are now 50%. You’re talking shit fella. I own several businesses and deal with thousands of small businesses. Obama has done alot for small businesses. Stop watching the Fruitcake news and get a fucking brain.

          89. Deborah G says

            I think you have a short memory It WAS OBAMA that said oil and gas production would not make America’s gas prices drop[Uneducated economically] second he said that he would stop drilling so energy prices would bankrupt people into going for the green agenda. Meanwhile back at the ranch HIS carbon footprint like AL Gore’s is huge.No green power at his home or the WH

          90. jetmagnet says

            He never said that, but he gets all the credit from us, for the lowest gas prices in 10 ,yrs! He’s the best. Jackass teabags in congress did nothing but harp on drill baby drill, shows you what moronic understudies these clueless peeps are. lol

          91. Angry American says

            My god you are stupid

          92. Deborah G says

            EPic isn’t it? LOL

          93. Rick Rogers says

            Your wrong about the GREEN Power. The top of the White House is now Fitted with more Solar Panels then the ones that Ronald Reagan had REMOVED. And this Production makes gas prices go down can be make light of with one statement. Why does the price of Gas in the Gas Station Tanks Change in Price when the price of a barrel of oil changes. That Gas was produced long before that oil price when up so why did the gas price go up. Its simple and since you and your people seem to live on Conspiracy theories you should like this one. Gas Prices ARE FIXED by the Major OIL COMPANIES. Their political support is (along with the Campaign brides oh.. sorry should have said Campaign donations.) Keeps them out of the The Anti trust charges that should be brought against them. You want to stop government handouts.. Start with the Really “takers” the Oil Companies the Banks, the Pharmaceutical Companies those are the real “welfare queens”

          94. Deborah G says

            Blah Blah Micheal Moore is my hero blather. I think you are a complete liberal moron. Totally irrelevent. Go find Roger and hug him

          95. Rick Rogers says

            huh??? what the Frack are you taking about no one said anything about Micheal Moore.. Are you hearing those voices in your head again?

          96. Deborah G says

            You sound just like him. Liberal baltherer with nothing to add. You obviously don’t get the comparison.

          97. Paul Hayward says

            This I totally agree with… when you’re right, you’re right. Except that you may have noticed the gas price goes up quicker than when it falls…

          98. Rick Rogers says

            Your right Paul but I think the term your looking for is Price Gouging. I am curious about something There was an action taken by a Republican President about 43 years ago. I wonder how do you think that action would play out in todays world


          99. charles says

            the price of commodities is fixed on the world market. this is very simple so you might get it. do you own any gold? silver? if the price of gold goes up in value then the gold you CURRENTLY have raises in value. if you do not like that then i want to buy all your gold/ silver at the price you paid. it is not what you paid for something but how much some one will pay you for it. the same reasoning can be applied to stocks. you know the stock market that you brag about doing so well under obama. the stocks you bought today are now worth more tomorrow.

          100. Deborah G says

            You better really get an education. It was a bunch of Democrats that crashed the markets, Barney Frank ring a bell? Cuomo? Fannie Freddie? and an ALL Democrat congress?

          101. Deborah G says

            here’s my answer to that. OBAMA sucks , he’s the worst thing that ever happened to America. In fact he’s the worst WHITE President we ever had. We haven’t had a real black President yet.

          102. Rick Rogers says

            Tax Man the sad part is that if Mitt had won (god forbid) and had the same economic record and Job growth Record the Right would be calling him the next Coming of Reagan. So stop making it personal and look at were we were in 2008 and were we are now.. Or to Quote St. Ronnie..
            “Are you better off today then you were 7 years ago?”

          103. tax man says

            Rick, I AM better off than I was in 2008, but not due to Obama, but due to my own hard work despite his bad tax and administrative restraints on small business. I make my money by helping people get around Obamacare and Taxes and keeping more for themselves and their families while not paying penalties and higher taxes to the Federal government. The only folks benefiting by Obama are the folk who are now part of the welfare system where before they had to take their low level skills and earn a living – now they get paid much more NOT to work and the taxpayers have to pay for it. We use legal means to avoid Obamacare and higher taxes such as Trusts and multiple business entities. We are better off not because of Obama, but in spite of Obama! He has created a special needs for those willing to work for a living but who want to take care of themselves, not the idiots on welfare, food stamps, unemployment and government healthcare subsidies. Our clients actually go to work every day and earn a living and don’t ask the government for any handouts.

          104. Deborah G says

            I can see why your business is booming LOL

          105. jetmagnet says

            We are better off because of Obama and his policies. If you don’t understand this you need a course on economics. Just because you have a simpletons view of how the entire economy was the result of your hard work, you need a brain transplant.
            People worked hard under bush- his policies destroyed the economy!
            Reagan sucked and Clinton cleaned up his mess.

          106. Craig Feist says

            What’s wrong with this guy jetmagnet?

          107. Evan says

            He has his head up his a**!

          108. Deborah G says

            nope OBama’s ass but hey he likes it that way

          109. The redhawk says

            Then that must be CHUCK TODD of BS NBC whose Nose is just so BROWN!!!

          110. Deborah G says

            How can you pick just one? They all have that color nose and most are light in the sneakers to boot

          111. The redhawk says

            Well Chuckie TOOL , oops ToDD, has the biggest FLAT forehead having it smacked so often on odombo’s Butt! the others are just BONE HEADS! Inconsequential, Ill infirmed and all they do is emit METHANE just like ODUMBO did last Night I am told…I was listening to a REAL Jack A-$-s in a barn who actually was making SENSE being that he lives in REALITY …

          112. jetmagnet says

            These peeps follow more morons- ted draft dodger and child molestor Nugent! His penchant for 15 yr old groupies is well known.

          113. The redhawk says

            Just a BUNCH of FREAKS DUMMUIEC RATS!

          114. mac12sam12 says

            Hear the latest? Bill Clinton is riding the Lolita express with convicted pedo Jeff Epstein!! Hope Hillary doesn’t find out!

          115. jetmagnet says

            No big deal, former governor and presidential hopeful Bob McDonald gets 2 yrs in federal prison for bribery. Chris christie is still under investigation for misuse of public funds. Scott walker is under investigation for breaking campaign funding laws and of course rick perry was booked and jailed. Then there’s the other crooks and thieves low information fruitcakes re-elected.

          116. mac12sam12 says

            McDonald, who cares?No one’s more corrupt than your pickle puffing president. Chris Christie, LOL, that will go nowhere but msnbc will stay on it to the end. Funny how they ignore the IRS scandal, Benghazi and F&F. Priorities buy a corrupt cable outlet! Rick Perry, even Holder doesn’t buy that one about Perry, will go nowhere. Re4moved a drunk public employee, OH NO!!! Same thing with Scott Walker, funny how they go after successful republicans. LOL Again, will go nowhere. Keep me filled in on Christie!! HARDY HAR HAR HAR!!!

          117. jetmagnet says

            Obama corrupt? LMFAO! you peeps should stay away from the funny papers-Fake News Hysteria Channel,for the mentally challenged, and easily influenced!
            You are funny. I think he could win a third term based on 327 accomplishments, probably more than any other president. However, the stupid base of the GOPTP couldn’t get a bagger elected to save their lives , so they voted for corrupt , incompetent GOP establishment republicans. Now their states are suffering from incompetent governors. Christie, and walker both have high unemployment and are in deep debt, they suck! and kansas browback is deep in debt with big tax breaks for corporations..that didn’t pan out- (trickle down Boogeynomics) they may have to turnoff the water in kansas. hahahahaha!

          118. Average_Joe56 says

            ” Then there’s the other crooks and thieves low information fruitcakes re-elected.”

            Oh, you mean the Democraps and RINO’s?

          119. jetmagnet says

            The list of teabags some of which belong to or affiliated with nazi groups, kkk groups, skinhead groups- many are just crooks and thieves like Gov Rick scott who defrauded medicare.

          120. Average_Joe56 says

            Lots of conjecture…not much substance…..

          121. mac12sam12 says

            Child molesters don’t fare well in prison. Bill will meet a real BUBBA!

          122. jetmagnet says

            WTF are you talking about? You mean Ted nugent??

          123. jetmagnet says

            Hey, one other note…10 most generous billionaires to charity in the US…not one fucking bagger or republican in the bunch!!! Where’s those beloved Koch Suckers and sheldon adelson??? Your billionaires even suck!

          124. 454 casull says

            Just wait till the BITCH OF BENGAZI announces her run for pres ‘all the stuff they have on BILLY BOY will come out and we will see how approving the american people are of the WIFE OF A CHILD MOLESTER .

          125. mac12sam12 says

            That’s what I’m hoping for!! Full story here


          126. 454 casull says

            Me too ‘hope to GOD the american people will not give her a pass on that shit LIKE SHE DID’NT KNOW ABOUT IT EXCUSE.

          127. jetmagnet says

            They don’t have jackshit-people don’t listen to fabricated bullshit your rightwing blathers out. The latest commission on benghazi with a republican leading the commitee found naddddddaaaaa!! LOL Bill is the most popular ex president ever??
            Ted cruz ?? 12% would vote for the fruitcake. Paul?? 14% you are LOSERS!!!!

          128. The redhawk says

            Heck “more than light” They’d walk in a field of Clpver without bending a single STEM

          129. Deborah G says


          130. Jermain Johnson says

            He is your president not Ted Nugent…lol!

          131. Deborah G says

            OBAMA has never and will never be MY President. He is a out and out fraud from the get go. Anyone who backs this man is a disgrace to America. Interloper,Liar, Con Man.

          132. Jermain Johnson says

            Your folks are working with him and for him even though they have tried their damnedest best to throw wrenches, they still have failed. Now they have invited their out of town leader to come speak in the congress. We will see.

          133. chamuiel says

            You will not see. You head is stuck too far up obama’s ass.

          134. The redhawk says

            and when he takes it out of Obama’s ASS he sticks it up HIS own…always in the DARK

          135. Jermain Johnson says

            Are you too stuck in Sarah Palin’s. lol!

          136. The redhawk says

            And that is a BAD CHOICE??? you IDIOT!!! But then you are of the Bathhouse Barry “gay” crowd….Real Women are OFF your list… My BAD!! hahahhaah

          137. Jermain Johnson says

            wow, bad choice, your own spokes woman is bad choice. Well i did not chose her you and ilks did. Next you’ll say fat Rush is a bad choice, gun nut Ted Nugent is not. I have heard it all, when going gets bad, run away from idiots like you.

          138. The redhawk says

            Gay boy will probably look into Mochelle’s

          139. The redhawk says

            Susan Rice, this “Johnson” tool, Jack Evans, and KOMRADS have all been Proclaimed to be CERTIFIED STUPIDS by Odumbo’s.”PEN” action….. and the Parade is ON….

          140. The redhawk says

            Welfare suits you well???? How’s Plantation living TOOL??? Using Tax payers money to purchase prayer Rug yet?? how was your Looting in Ferguson???

          141. Jermain Johnson says

            Rather do that than pay your party of No congress for doing nothing.

          142. The redhawk says

            Or Paying a JERK to be the Emperor with No clothes on sitting in an EMPTY CHAIR…. TOOL ON MAGGOT

          143. Jermain Johnson says

            And yet you still can’t or could not do jack as the Emperor won 2x. LOL!

          144. The redhawk says

            ” WoN” REALLY??? The SHEIK of the new Caliphate he invents in his MIND could not won without LYING and Cheating and having ISLAMO Fascists MORONS like you Vote for IT!….. But the Sleeping TIger woke up in 2014 and El ballsy Free turd got Slammed … BADLY!

          145. Jermain Johnson says

            “Sleeping tiger” lol!! All drunk like stupor off of moonshine and constant meth.

          146. The redhawk says

            But he LIED to you MORONS and Besides MITT proved RIGHT, OBHOZO Proved to be WRONG….You MORINS voted for him and WE Smart ones did nOT…hence WE Be Smart You be STUPID…. just like GRUBER CALLED YOU… TRA LA LA .

          147. Jermain Johnson says

            You’re a false ‘smart’ and will continue to be. 2016 is coming.

          148. The redhawk says

            and New name is hERE… another Presidential Certified “STUPID”..NEXT???

          149. jetmagnet says

            the 47% which includes all vets recieving compensation all peeps recieving social social security, all disabled and anyone else that’s not well off robme believed, we shouldn’t help those people. This is little rich boy you stupified fruitcakes voted for?? LMFAO!
            Now you love Gruber, a liberal? wow you pinheads will follow the great Cheese in the sky wherever it leads you. hahahahahahahahahahaha

          150. The redhawk says

            Well Folks Here we have the newest revealed Obama Certified “STUPID” besides Susan Rice…list that by Presidential “PEN” was released Friday night..more names.to follow…LMAO

          151. The redhawk says

            Not to Confuse you Daisy, but polls for Congresss are RISING since Jan 2015 as Gallupp polls for DUMBSOREASS Barry are Plummeting….maybe if he DEMANDED that the KEYSTONE PIPELINE be Painted Black he might go for it…it built by Invading Illegals Muslims!! Supervised by CRUSADERS..of course.

          152. Jermain Johnson says

            Why not, when cons and teabags vote for them, and answer yes to pollsters.

          153. mtj3134 says

            And he sits his wife, at the State of the Union, with an illegal…
            How dumb does one have to be, to not see this ??
            Just asking

          154. Jermain Johnson says

            And what did your crying Boehner (and your teabags in attendance) do? Nothing, just sat there glued to his king chair.

          155. mtj3134 says

            You seem to be so enslaved to Barry, that you fail to reason..
            It was not Boehner’s day, it was Barry’s and he is the one we should be praising or criticizing.
            You get it now ?

          156. Jermain Johnson says

            Oh really, not his day? Why were you con teabags in attendance, should have stayed home drinking moonshine and doing meth.

          157. mtj3134 says

            They were there, out of respect and tradition. Your buffoon answers clearly show that you understand neither. ((((

          158. Jermain Johnson says

            Respect and tradition my rear end. Who were they respecting, and what was that con teabag who shouted “you lie” respecting? Is that tradition?

          159. Jermain Johnson says

            If so what are you or have you been doing about it? You are a flaky fake.

          160. The redhawk says

            Good question to ask the INCOMPETEN LYING KING!!!! ” Hey barryHO how about solving all the Problems you have CREATED”???

          161. Jermain Johnson says

            For 8 years your dubya never solved the problem he created.

          162. The redhawk says

            May Be but DUMBSOREASS BARRY really Made it MUCH WORSE… face it Daisy….You got taken in by an incompetent Muslim. Plantation owner.

          163. Jermain Johnson says

            And you are governed by a Muslim, he will continue to govern you for 8 years, you can’t do jack but beat your chest and jump of a bridge, hitler remnant.

          164. jetmagnet says

            We don’t care what you low information Peeps like for president-we like him 51% to 47% 332-206 and it will continue in 2016. No bagger will ever be president-ever!

          165. The redhawk says

            But we do have a DOUCHE Bagger NOW!!! You INCOMPETENT and DELUSIONAL …..PANSY!

          166. jetmagnet says

            He’s actually the best president ever!!! with more accomplishments 254 without help from the do nothings.

          167. chamuiel says

            hussein obama may be your president. He is not mine.

          168. Jermain Johnson says

            If you live in the USA he is. If in doubt go as your lordship fat Rush.

          169. The redhawk says

            Really living with your head up your colon still.. eH Pansy??

          170. Jermain Johnson says

            I get it. The oops! governor and or Sarah will do for you as president. Go on secede.

          171. The redhawk says

            The LYING KING is a GOOFY FREAK!! Worthy with Kerry for the Remake of “DUMB AND DUMBER” they are Naturals for that!

          172. Jermain Johnson says

            Dubya and Cheney comes to mind…lol!

          173. The redhawk says

            No the TITLE belongs to the King that Squats to pee and hair Ball Karry!! Try some Originality Maggot!!!

          174. Jermain Johnson says

            originality goes to dart vader lying and sending our boys and girls to false war.

          175. The redhawk says

            YAH MORON just like sending THUGS to Ferguson… STFU you PHONY POS…

          176. Jermain Johnson says

            I’ll rather go to Ferguson than going to dubya’s false war.

          177. The redhawk says

            I bet… So hiw much did you Steal there???

          178. charles says

            he gets lots of heads up his ass and anywhere else he get get one.

          179. The redhawk says

            All of CBS..BS NBC.. and ABC occupy that light Brown HOLE!

          180. Deborah G says

            He’s a liberal 12 year old brainless moron. There is no cure for stupid and there is a lot of that going around

          181. RobertNorwood says

            His zombie avatar for one thing.
            And what does that tell us folks…wait for it…Moh-ron.
            Deb’s right – he is 12. Gets his talking points from his 70’s throwback parents.
            He’s like having a parrot at the dinner table.

          182. Jermain Johnson says

            Speaking the truth, dropping wisdom to cons and teabags.

          183. charles says

            you have to know the source of all wisdom which you don’t to impart it.
            your most intelligent thought is foolishness to me.

          184. Jermain Johnson says

            Amen to that.

          185. chamuiel says

            And yet another liberal troll who is obsessed with gays.
            Which do you prefer to be? The baggee? or the Bagger?

            Why would you try to drop the truth to convicts?

          186. Jermain Johnson says

            See who’s obsessed with gays, your Alabama judge in the news now.

          187. LastGasp says

            How grown up of you. Hey, you’re missing your circle jerk, your turn to be pivot.

          188. 454 casull says

            Nah ‘he likes it in the center for all the JIZZ he swallows.

          189. chamuiel says


            and yet another liberal obsessed with all things gay. Have you come out yet?

          190. Jermain Johnson says

            No I am busy no need to if I do you will be disappointed.

          191. Average_Joe56 says

            “Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.”
            Elbert Hubbard

            Jermain, you’ve exceeded your limit….ten fold.

            Thanks for playing… no parting gifts for you today…other than a swift kick in your backside…for being such a knuckle dragging neanderthal.

          192. Jermain Johnson says

            Don’t be pissed, it’s the nature of the beast to call you and your out.

          193. Average_Joe56 says

            Since you don’t know me, or anything about me…..Who exactly is “you and your”?

            BTW, who’s “pissed”? Certainly not me…you maybe?

          194. LastGasp says

            He’s a well-known troll. Will do anything to misdirect or divert a normal, interesting discussion. Ignore him, if you can.

          195. mac12sam12 says

            He rants and breathes through his mouth a lot. I’m guessing he’s a taxpayer drain as well, you know, he loves the free stuff! He also calls conservatives communists. Ha!!

          196. 454 casull says

            Just another stupid uninformed libturd moron who wants all the free stuff to keep coming so he can stay in mommy’s basement abusing his blow up doll ‘ which by the way is the only way he can get laid ‘and does’nt have to worry about joining the workforce and being a contributor instead of a PARASITIC LEECH.IGNORE THE JACKASS’YOU ONLY GIVE IT POWER WHEN YOU REPLY TO IT.

          197. charles says

            you know zilch about economics! but maybe more then obama! you are just a fag that wants to s*** C*** in public and liberalism is the way to get there. you are a proud card carrying member of nambla

          198. Robert says

            TROLL alert

          199. The redhawk says

            Oh that Dead Beat is Worse than a Troll… a real DUMMIECRAT IDIOT!

          200. chamuiel says

            How long have you been delusional, troll?

          201. jetmagnet says

            I thought the Senate was supposed to be the ‘higher’ chamber. The place
            where bills and amendments are passionately debated for consideration
            being voted on by the full senate. Instead, when McConnell and a few
            other GOP senators feels they’re going to be late to a Koch brothers
            retreat in Florida then all debate must end. LMAO!

            McConnell’s rush to vote on amendments without providing time to read or
            debate them could have something to do with this Koch retreat
            tomorrow, which a number of Republican senators are reportedly
            Anyone can deliver a load of trash and the GOP specializes in it.

            If it makes you happy to see your elected officials getting absolutely
            nothing accomplished on your dime, this news should tickle you pink.

          202. chamuiel says

            Did all of the Democrats read obamacare before voting to pass it? I know Pelosi did not.

          203. mtj3134 says

            do tell us all, how many bills Harry refused to present to the Senate.
            don’t be shy, just answer ))))))

          204. Average_Joe56 says

            Oh look everyone, jetmagnet has learned how to copy and paste…isn’t that special (rhetorical)?

          205. chamuiel says

            why are you such an infantile name caller? Is it because you have nothing else?

          206. mtj3134 says

            Tell me again, how many well paid jobs, the POTUS and his admin have created ?
            The more you suck up to Obama, the more foolish you look

          207. jetmagnet says

            11 million- now your turn. How many jobs has boehner and teabags created?
            It’s not how many jobs created when you talk about incompetent GOP- it’s how many jobs the’ve lost while trying to bring down the greatest president of all time, better than reagan!

          208. mtj3134 says

            clearly, you did not read or comprehend my question…. which was, how many well paid jobs ?
            everything I read, is that about 70% of the new jobs are low paid.
            this is borne out, by the fact that wages are not rising as they would in a growing economy.
            but, stay in your surreal world, if it keeps you happy ))))

          209. mac12sam12 says

            300,000+ people a week apply for week apply for unemployment. During his administration more people have been fired that hired. That’s called a net jobs loss, the first president to have that distinction. We also have the lowest workforce participation rate since 1978 because of all the bankrupt businesses. Obammy, the worst president in history.

          210. jetmagnet says

            Money Talks, bullshit walks- Show me the Money, or in this case your source. A link from the dept of labor statistics will work. I’ve already done the research and basically your full of it. lol
            If you can’t prove what you say and most baggers can’t i’ll laugh hysterically as usual. There’s is more part time jobs, but that’s republicans protecting “The Job Creators” LMAO!

          211. mac12sam12 says

            Did you hear what gallops CEO said today? The current 5.6% unemployment figure is a joke. They don’t count the people who have given up looking, or part time workers. He also added that with such a low workforce participation rate, the figure’s probably over 20%.
            You don’t raise the minimum wage during a recession, that’s dumb, and it’s also a deflection from your gay president’s failure of not creating full time jobs. Huffpo said the reason for so many part time jobs is because of the ACA, it’s obama’s fault.

            Fox news, every Thursday more has the figures for unemployment sign ups, didn’t see it last week, the week before it was 317,000, the week before that it was 306,000 and before that 307,000. They get the numbers from BLS. What kills jobs is obama, and high taxes, not republicans. We can’t all be on welfare so why would you care about anyone else, you’re a loon lib! Go do Soros’s dik.

          212. jetmagnet says

            It’s more like 5.3%. I don’t know anyone that’s unemployed.
            20% really? How do they survive since there’s no extended unemployment insurance, thanks to the GOP? They also cut funds that help people find work. lol Let’s see 20% of 320 million people is what? 64 million people are unemployed, I find that hilarious! Quit reading nonsense and find your information from the actual source. The dept of labor and statistics. http://www.bls.gov/bls/newsrels.htm. There’s too many righties that just can’t understand How Great Obama is , 11 million jobs , no month without job growth since his presidency! The trickle down policies from reagan are the reason for part time work, along with union busting and right to work for peanuts states. The poorest states are Red states , because their based on slave labor.
            Stay away from fox news and get the correct information- my business depends on the “correct” information. If i listened to fake news I’d be poor like their audience! lol
            Ps the taxes are the lowest in the Obama administration than any other presidency. Do your research. Eisnehower had a 92% tax rate.
            here’s some good news for you and the people you support!

          213. Average_Joe56 says

            Who’s better at running Congress?

            Since it’s Congress that sets the spending Budgets, sets the Deficits, and passes legislation affecting jobs and the economy (The President cannot spend one penny that has not been authorized by Congress), let’s look at the record of Congresses over the last 30 years (Through 2010);

            JOBS (39,761,000 Net New Jobs)

            Jobs created when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = 8,100,000 net new jobs.

            Jobs created when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = 21,773,000 net new jobs.

            Jobs created when Congress was split (8 years) = 9,888,000 net new jobs.

            DEFICITS (a) ($7.304 Trillion)

            Total Deficits when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $5.022 Trillion.

            Total Deficits when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $1.219 Trillion.

            Total Deficits when Congress was split (8 years) = $1.063 Trillion.

            NATIONAL DEBT ($12.878 Trillion = 93.4% of all the Debt in our History)

            Total New Debt when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $7.859 Trillion.

            Total New Debt when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $3.238 Trillion.

            Total New Debt when Congress was split (8 years) = $1.781 Trillion.

            ECONOMIC GROWTH ($11.873 Trillion of GDP growth)

            Total Growth (GDP) when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $3.887 Trillion.

            Total Growth (GDP) when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $5.623 Trillion.

            Total Growth (GDP) when Congress was split (8 years) = $2.363 Trillion.

            Draw your own conclusions, but these are undisputed facts from government sources.

            (a) Deficits do not equal the increase in the Debt because of the government’s ‘funny accounting’.

            Sources – Democrats controlled Congress from 1987 – 1994, and from 2007 – 2010. Republicans controlled Congress from 1995 – 2000, and from 2003 – 2006. There was a split Congress from 1980 – 1986 and for 2001 & 2002. Links to government data sites are as follows;

            Jobs – http://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat1

            Deficits – http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/… See Table 1.1

            National Debt – http://www.treasurydirect.gov/
            And that doesn’t even include the abysmal track record of our current clowns in congress…..

          214. jetmagnet says

            LMAO! since reagan the wealthy have gained 400% while the middleclass 0-6% at best with supply-side boogeyman economic policies. Your welcome to show how growth and GDP occured during GOP tenatures. None compare to Clinton. No GOP president has ever had a surplus and in fact have had the worst deficits.

          215. Average_Joe56 says

            I noticed that you can’t refute my post…so you ramble on, like the the half wit libtard that you are. In the future…try sticking to the posts presented to you…and stop blowing smoke up your own backside…

            What I posted..are undisputed facts….don’t hurt yourself, tripping over them.

          216. jetmagnet says

            You didn’t post any undisputed facts, why should waste time with garbage that you post like most clueless conservatives? I found nothing in your links that comes close to what the hell you’re talking about. And some go knowhere.( not found)
            The facts is the GOP sucks at government because they don’t believe in government. I’m interested in a bagger trying to support anything- if i can find the info and if it logically supports their position-but this is never the case.The gop believes everything should be in the hands of the corrupt private sector so they can run a Plutocratic Oligarchy. The fact that you double down on stupid doesn’t interest me in an intelligent conversation.
            Give me any link that works and i will research it. I’ve done this for years with you peeps and it’s frankly a waste to prove you wrong over and over again.

          217. Average_Joe56 says

            Paid by the word? You seem to write a lot of words…to say nothing. My facts are stated plainly…You are either to stupid…or too lazy to look on those government sites (I’m guessing both) and verify what I posted.

          218. Average_Joe56 says

            Please explain to me how Clinton had a “surplus”…when the Nation was still “IN DEBT”. You can’t have it both ways….

            “When Bill Clinton left office on January 20, 2001 the national debt was at $5.278 trillion.”
            I also notice that the “surplus” never went towards paying off the national debt. So, to recap: If there is debt, then there can’t be a surplus…until after the debt is paid off…funny how that works.

            It must be that funny government accounting again……

          219. jetmagnet says

            Not the case. Again, trying to distort facts and reality bears laughter!

          220. jetmagnet says

            Funny accounting? lmao…None of your links work and only clinton had a surplus! No republican president ever balanced the budget and actually caused deficits. The GOP is a failure 30 yrs of supply-side boogeyman economics and the rising tide hasn’t lifted any boats, in fact it sunk millions!
            The facts are the 1% has gained substantially under the GOP 400% while americans have been screwed 0-6%. Show me any gop economic policy that directly benefits the working class? List the bills.LOL
            You have nothing! The GOP argument is bullshit and if you are a conservative you know the GOP is for the 1% “JOB CREATORS” we heard it over and over again since OBama was elected. NOW the morons are trying to fool americans that they care about the middleclass while trying to pass keystone for the KOCH bros! even a moron can figure out who they’re for and who they’re against.
            Of the eleven states in which Republicans
            came into power in 2010 – Alabama, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota,
            Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and
            Wisconsin – five were among the seven states that lost more than 2.5
            percent of their workforce from December 2010 to December 2011. The
            remaining 42 states lost an average 0.5 percent (there is no data for

            Overall, these 11 states were responsible for 40 percent of the total
            state and local public sector job losses in 2011. Add to these Texas,
            which because of its large size is responsible for 31 percent of the
            total at the state and local level. Taken together, these 12 red states
            drove over 70 percent of the total losses. The rest of the states
            suffered much smaller losses or even slight gains.

            How can we explain these huge, concentrated losses? It’s true that
            state budgets have been decimated in the aftermath of the recovery and
            the stimulus money that helped support them in 2009 and 2010 is all but
            gone. But as this data makes clear, the legislators who took office in
            2010 are not just dedicated fiscal conservatives focused on balancing
            the budget. Many of these losses were suffered after right-wing state
            governments made decisions not to raise revenue or to trim fat where it
            could be trimmed. Governor Corbett came into office with a promise not
            to raise taxes, but went even farther by lowering corporate tax rates
            and imposing a low effective tax rate on drilling in the Marcellus
            Shale. These choices made the deficit even worse. “There could have been
            fewer layoffs than there were,” said Mark Price, an economist based in
            Pennsylvania. “They could have avoided this.” As the Center on Budget
            and Policy Priorities has found,
            many of these newly GOP-dominated states, including North Carolina, cut
            corporate taxes, or cut taxes on high-income earners, including Maine
            and Ohio. Wisconsin did both.
            Maine has also suffered from austerity-minded decisions made by its
            Republican governor. In the past year, Maine lost five percent of its
            public sector workforce, the second largest percentage any state
            experienced. Yet uneducated republicans re-elect failed leadership.

          221. Average_Joe56 says

            PBS….OMFG…you really are grasping at straws now….pardon me, while I take this opportunity to laugh hysterically at your drivel…..
            As for the links not working…actually they take you to the site…it’s just that you aren’t smart enough to do the research and find the data…which seems to be normal for Libtards like yourself….. along with posting opinion , with nothing to back it up…except… more opinion.

          222. mac12sam12 says

            You ignore the fact that we have the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s, with a much bigger population. Know why? All the bankrupted small businesses. More people have been fired, another number you don’t look at, than hired. Net jobs loss record!

            Why did the economy fail, banks go under and the housing bubble happened? The democrats pressuring banks to give mortgages to the poor. Bush tried to put a halt to what was going on and was called a racist by Barney Frank, he also had y=two houses of democrats blocking him. Thank the democrats for that debacle.

            They tout 250,000 hired in one MONTH, but ignore the 300,000+ a WEEK applying for unemployment. See where the net jobs loss comes in? You don’t look at both sides of the numbers, hence, the low worker participation rate.

            Trickle down, AKA Capitalism does better than socialism. Ever work for a poor person?

            Red states are the poorest states? California is 17 billion in the hole, their businesses are moving to the red states of Arizona and Texas. California has high taxes, and 30% of all the welfare recipients in the country.

            High taxes do no one any good. Want to slam the rich with higher taxes? You know who ends up paying for their tax hike? The middle class and the poor, they pay through higher prices in goods and services. I’m a business major, businesses consider taxes business expense and add it to their costs. You pay, HELLO!!!

          223. jetmagnet says

            Well I’m sorry to inform you the GOP idea of capitalism works only for the 1% and we still have taxcuts for the rich and corporations, which has nothing to do with Obama or democrats. These stupendious ideas have been with us since reagan and have been opposed even now by the GOP. We can’t touch the job creators!
            It’s only going to get worse, because of gop approved outsourcing, software is replacing jobs, networking by businesses. So you have one call center when there where 100 b4. Millions of jobs are bieng displaced by technology-
            The GOP’s push to give all the advantages to corporations without supporting education like Obama wants to do with colleges, leads to knowhere. The GOP never includes the populace, only big daddy corporation who is supposed to provide everyone a job. LMFAO! They also want to remove jobs from government lol, So you have even more unemployed people or they have an opportunity to work for a private company for less money and no benefits lol
            After they remove or reduce people of socialist benefits like social security and medicare or make them pay more with less money it will get even worse, because most baggers are either on welfare, social security or some other govt pension or benefit. They are reducing tricare or replacing it and pensions for vets will eventually follow. They just implemented legislation that employers don’t have to guarantee your pensions , so private employees get fucked. lol
            The sooner you fucking realize poor people will be here forever and they either will be subsidized by the government or their will be a fucking uprising like you’ve never seen in your life. You add no birth control and get rid of abortion you generate even more poor people and hungry faces. The BEAST is the corporations greed to keep making more money and paying and hiring less and less people. LOL

          224. mac12sam12 says

            It’s worked for me and I’m not in the 1%. It’s obama making the top 1% more rich, more wealth has gone to them more than any other president. The rich say, thank you President Obama!! Capitalism, no system better and if you think so, it’s because you’re a financial loser.

            Quickly going over your comment, very busy today. Tea baggers on welfare, oh please! Republicans want to give less social security benefits? You know, campaign ads are aimed at the low infos, I see they’ve found you, Gruber.
            We add no birth control? No way, better than murdering babies. Another message from a campaign ad? Corporations pay according to job skills, and pay very well I might add! Forget it, your whole comment is one big campaign ad of mistruths and blatant lies! I’ve just described the average democrat campaign ad! Obama and Hillary, “you didn’t build that!” LOL

          225. jetmagnet says

            One other thing about rightwing websites and the fruitcakes occupying them. Why is it you never talk about your own party? Is it because they SUCK???
            It’s cry me a river. No positive news from the right? Must really BLOW being a bagger, nothing positive to talk about!!

          226. mac12sam12 says

            I don’t talk about my own party because it’s a democrat administration. Who would you choose for President, Cruz? Rand Paul? or doctor Ben Carson? Can’t make up my mind.
            I told you about Bubba, hanging around with Epstein, convicted pedo pervert. It’s going to hurt Hillary!


          227. Average_Joe56 says

            You seem to be awfully preoccupied with “Teabagging”, “Blowing” and “Sucking”…you must be one of those pole smoking, turd wranglers ( like your butt buddy…Barrack the parrot)…

          228. jetmagnet says

            You know I get these type of comments from teabags when I blow apart their “Learned propaganda” and when they have no facts supporting their arguments. why don’t you use non partisan sources?. It’s like zombies feeding off the dead…teabags actually think they’re human, but what they are is a new reality that only they live in and will probably die disatisfied.
            I on the other hand am quite satisfied with what Obama has done, independents have done and even some conservatives, Teabags will eventually be burned alive for screwing average americans and giving their taxes away to their donors, the KOCH SUCKERS and the adelson the Casino mongul who supports Teabags!
            Imagine that, teabags running to guy who make money off other people’s addiction.

          229. Average_Joe56 says

            So far, all I’ve seen you “Blow”…is smoke…up your own backside.
            Your biggest problem is that you “ASSume” too much ( I suspect that you know all to well about ASSuming things, not in evidence).

            I am not a Republican…nor am I a Democrat or a Tea Partier…I am a Conservative…Libertarian.

            Thanks for playing… no parting gifts for you today.
            Go back to contemplating your own naval lent…something on par with your Lack of intelligence.

          230. Average_Joe56 says

            I would imagine that you get comments…because you seem to be overly infatuated and preoccupied with the subject….

          231. Timothy Bunn says

            You leave out the taxpayers who pay for your freedom. Do you suffer? Socialism is a parasitic disease,being pushed upon a great nation by a man who started out with helping people, then turned into a twisted man who has usurped the Constitution and the Bill of rights by deceiving the ones who put him in the highest office in the land. You haven’t lived long enough too know anything about what you speak of,save for biased textbooks and teachers. I came up the hardest way possible. You think you know hard times? I believe you’ll soon find out along with your liberal leaders. Dig ditches,eat peas and bread. Live in a house with floors so cold you can’t walk on in the mornings. Cover up with painters drop cloths. Beat iceciles off a house so you can paint to buy food. Praise the anarchist. Lying politicians who get rich off the government, and steal your humanity and integrity away. It’s coming. You can’t freeload long. There will being an consequences.

          232. jetmagnet says

            Taxpayers don’t pay for my freedom- My great, great grandfather paid for my freedom, Col. John Robinson, whom I’m a direct descendant.

          233. Jermain Johnson says

            So why didn’t “your own hard work” help you in 2008 and prior? Cons and teabags will never admit the goodness in leadership of Obama, it is written from day one. The southern drawl speaking senator said it and you all latched unto it.

          234. tax man says

            Jermain – I was doing very well pre-Obama. I have my own legal and tax practice and thanks to all the government actions I am always busy helping Americans keep their hard earned money away from the likes of Uncle Sam. I am now helping folks murk through the muddiness caused by Obamacare when they are just trying to get their tax refunds. I will always do well because I am always fighting the government and I win most of the time helping my clients keep millions of dollars that the government wants to illegally take from them. It was much easier for most of my clients to stay ahead of the financial game before Obama – now there is just too much uncertainty but we keep making plans to keep any tax increases from getting any of our money! Still lots of legal ways to avoid taxes! I have not seen anything Obama has done to help any Americans – just his friends, illegals and non-Christians.

          235. Jermain Johnson says

            Good for you. I wonder also how hard you fought the government under W? Else wouldn’t have been where we were in 2008, lies about the war, etc.

          236. chamuiel says

            we were in good shape in 2008. How long have3 you been a paid troll?