PC Overlords: “Freshman” Now Offensive


If I know Fix This Nation subscribers, I’m sure many of you check regularly to make sure you’re not accidentally using any offensive words or phrases that have been deemed politically incorrect by our liberal masters. Because of that, it’s my duty to inform you that there’s another useful, formerly-innocuous word you should strike from your vocabulary: “freshman.”

According to Elon University in North Carolina, the term freshman does not promote the inclusivity and diversity the small private college is known for. Therefore, they will be making the switch to the more palatable “first-year student” this fall. The news undoubtedly comes as a relief to the millions of women who have been mercilessly oppressed and marginalized by the sexist term for the last 400 years.

According to Elon’s Leigh-Anne Royster, the term may contribute to sexual assault on campus because it places a label on the youngest students, making them a target for hostility. By changing the term, Royster wisely believes that rape-minded students will no longer be able to identify weaker victims among the campus populace. She also believes replacing the term with the generic “first-year” denotation will help our culture to move past outdated “gender binary” notions.

The move just goes to reinforce how far ahead North Carolina’s liberals are when compared to the rest of the country. After all, Elon is following in the footsteps of the University of North Carolina, which removed the term “freshman” from its official materials in 2012. No reports have yet demonstrated how this change has affected levels of sexual violence on the UNC campus, but, I mean, you can just imagine.

First the Language, Then the World

If a language-change like this seems only trivially annoying, it’s important to understand the deeper context. This isn’t just about putting gender equity into the language. It’s about erasing gender lines altogether. Liberals, fed a never-ending stream of pseudo-science from LGBT advocates and third-wave feminists, have come to realize that women shouldn’t just be “equal,” they should be exactly the same. In some cases, they should even be given special privileges to make up for the years of oppressive patriarchy. Changing the language is just a small, but politically-powerful way for them to move closer to those ideals.

It’s not only absurd to think that a terminology change like this would reduce sexual assault, it’s absurd to think that anyone actually believes that it would. Therefore, you have to look for ulterior motives. What could those be?

Well, changing language in this way allows liberalism to once again take control of the conversation. What better way to shut down an argument about any topic in the world than to say, “I’m not talking to you, you just used the word ‘freshman.’ That’s sexist!” It allows PC liberals to occupy a higher moral landscape without actually accomplishing a thing. You can debate these political topics with this crowd, but you have to do it in a way that conforms to their rules on speech. By handcuffing the opposition, they’ve won the debate before it ever begins.

I wouldn’t typically expect a ridiculous term-change like this to spread, but history has proven again and again that these language modifications are exceptionally popular. No longer do we have stewardesses, waitresses, janitors, bums, retarded people, or midgets. These words, once perfectly useful, have been replaced by updated terms that sound different but otherwise accomplish nothing. Liberalism defined.

  1. brew_it says

    I am recommending that progressives should just stay away from sex all together because it follows with a chain of microagressions .

    1. pj4me says

      Plus then they breed!

    2. WhiteFalcon says

      Maybe they should just have their gonads removed. That might solve the problem. All liberals and left wing people should sign up on a big list and have their gonads removed. That would help them stay away from sex.

    3. Conservative says

      Progressives these have no idea what ‘normal’ sex is. If it’s not perverted it’s not good enough for them. Hell, sex education in school is be taught using pornography.

  2. marlene says

    Being offended is offensive. The dirty mind should mind its own dirty business. Will they change the name of the cockspur flower next? Will the name for a cat’s baby pussy become offensive too? What are these people? Will a female dog still be called a bitch? They already changed blackboard to chalkboard. Are these new sick progressives the same old sick progressives?

    1. Conservative says

      Progressive is just another name for Communism! Wise up America and quit sending your children to ‘government’ schools where education has been replace with “Introduction to the Greatness and Equality of Communism”.

      1. Cold War Gunner says

        Actually if you change the last word from Communism to “The Collective” ,it will encompass all of the leftist ills of this world..

    2. pleazzer says

      You need to understand these poor misunderstood progressive libs have nothing better to do. I mean a weak and sick mind can only understand so much and gets side tracked so very easy. THEY ARE LEGENDS IN THEIR OWN MIND and can only hope they do not get lost for years, (I on the other hand would not mind if they did). That is why they feel they KNOW WHAT IS BEST for everyone else so this ole PCC is only Politically Correct Crap for the feeble minded wanta be’s that can not handle such blunt language.

      1. ward says

        Apparently they do not have enough brains to be intelligently constructive, only dictated !

        1. Mark Clemens says

          If brains were dynamite, most liberals wouldn’t be able to blow their noses!!!!!

      2. ward says

        Appears that they are warped freeloaders or wannabe dictator supporters for their greed & probably both …!

        1. pleazzer says

          Yes, they are to busy telling everyone else they know what is best and how to do what than to look at themselves and fix their life. Takes to much work for them to fix their own problems, not to mention they do not have enough pride to accept all that the USA has done for itself and others in the world. They would rather be nit picken know it all’s, problems is they are not worth a damn at that either.

    3. Mark Clemens says

      I just saw a Vagina Willow!!!!!

    4. ward says

      They are worse than ever & the worst threat to U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights since Hitler WW2 !

  3. WhiteFalcon says

    This is more creeping communism/nazism/facism/liberalism. It is yet another attempt to control your mind by controlling your speech. It all started with the banning on the word nigger. Nigger is not a word that I use in my normal conversation at all, but I have the 1st Amendment right to use the word nigger whenever I decide to use the word nigger, and I refuse to let these stupid left wing morons prevent me from saying nigger. The is the same with me with every other word that they have “banned.” I will use the word “freshman” whenever it fits into my conversation and the left wing morons will not in any way influence me. They have done this with many other words also, most are swear words that no one on TV can say unless you are black. I don’t use them much either, but whenever it fits what I’m trying to say, the word police will not have any influence.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      How about a new unpolitical correct phrase
      Nigger Freshman………. Now that’s racist!

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        They don’t like racism unless it is they that are being racist. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and the Congressional Black Caucus are examples.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          The Webster’s definition of Nigger is:
          A lazy, shiftless person who will not work to support themselves.
          So in my term nigger freshman, anyone can be a lazy, shiftless freshman, who won’t study or do the lessons…………

    2. Conservative says

      I too will use the words I choose and I will mention and refer to GOD as I choose. It’s about time we Americans start challenging this Communist agenda that we seems to be adhering to.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        I’m with you.

  4. dusty says

    screw the politically correctness bull shit.

    1. Jeffrey T says

      Lol couldnt agree morr

  5. ONLYJB1 says

    I just threw up!

  6. pj4me says

    So now the so-called ‘rape-minded’ students will realize the ‘weaker victims’ are no longer freshmen but that stupid commie progressives changed the name to ‘first-year’ students, and the ‘rape-minded’ students will STILL know who to assault!! How moronic! I guess the liberals think the ‘rape-minded’ students are so stupid they won’t be able to figure that out!! What happened to all the freshmen? Oh no! Could they possibly be the ‘first-year’ students? Hmmm I wonder.

    How about we change the word “Liberal” to “stupid commie.”

    1. marihia says

      Now, now that would be STUPID PROGRESSIVE’S…….

      1. ward says

        progressive, commie, muslim libtards defines bo’s wannabe dictator supporters .. !

      2. defiant1 says

        you mean communists, progressive is the comfortable pc word for communist……

    2. BlueMax372 says

      I like it!

    3. ward says

      bo sums up everything that is not a benefit to any U.S. Citizens and only protects illegals, muslims , commie foreigners & anti U.S. cronies he can indoctrinate with his wannabe dictator whims & ways to deceive the U.S. Citizens Freedom and Rights ..!

    4. 7papa7 says

      That would be a compliment to the liberals. The gross ignorance of the left never ceases to amaze me. I didn’t think it possible to be such morons. I use to think that the liberals back in the 60’s didn’t have an elevator that went to the top but they seem conservative compared to today’s loons. Their elevator is stuck in the basement. Like the expression goes stupid is as stupid does.

      1. Jeffrey T says

        Don’t forget the modern day libtards are most likely kids of parents who spit on returning Vietnam vets!!! I’ve talked to quite a few being a disabled vet myself at various VA facilities/ Hospitals & a lot still have deep seated anger about that and the libtard offspring of the people who spit on them, called them names ETC. I always shake a Vietnam vets hand and thank him for his service/ sacrifice & sorry for their shitty home coming. I remember the 1st gulf war & returning vets treated like heroes & they didn’t do 1/10th of what Vietnam vets went through. During the national victory celebration in DC ( Yes I was one of the guys on the Mall giving tours) I remember many Vietnam vets climbing onto our busses & welcomed by us with open arms
        Sorry I got off the subject a little

        1. 7papa7 says

          I am in complete agreement with you. I am also a 100% disabled Viet Nam vet. I almost ended up in jail when I got off the plane after my tour there. Some punk spit on me and he left the airport in an ambulance. The only thing that stopped me from going to jail is one of the officers was also a Nam vet. He just told me to take it easy, I was morally right but legally wrong. Thank you for your service, it was definitely a difficult time for the military then.

          1. Bob Clarkson says

            I’ll be the third 100% disabled Vietnam Vet to weigh in on this one. I was the “Aircraft Commander” of the American Army and Marines returning from Vietnam through Sea-Tac. I wasn’ really concerned about the crowd of young people I noticed, but the huge number of MP’s, SP’s and AP’s shocked me. Did the PTB think we were going to go nuts when we stepped on American soil?
            Then I saw things being thrown at my guys, my temporary command?
            Igrabbed the neearest MP and ran to intercede for my guys. I had just arrived at the barrier when I was restrained by the MP and a member of the AP.
            The combined presence of the AP’s, SP’s and MP’s got between the libtard hate group and rushed us around a curve in the hallway to a waiting area. Ther an MP asked what about our briefing we didn’t understand. We had never received a briefing about being confronted by ignorant college students armed with spit and wads of paper.
            Every time I see a young service person in the airport, I make a point out of thanking them for their service and for picking up the baton for us old timers.
            That pathetic reception happened almost exactly 44 years ago and it still shows

          2. 7papa7 says

            Thank you for your service. I am glad to see that our brave men and women are being treated with much more respect than we were. I have moved since that happened and I am in a very pro military state and city. These idiots that we dealt with flat didn’t get it, it was because of what we were willing to put on the line that gave them the freedom to be a bunch of idiots. They don’t realize that under 10% of the population give the rest the freedoms and liberties protected.

          3. Jeffrey T says

            Let me know what state your in! I’m in the NE & open carry * got the cops called on me because of my gun, & stickers on my back window& was surrounded by 3 cops ( weapons drawn) my open carry pistol was slide locked open in front seat & trying to get my cell to play music, ( frigging ignorant libtsrd called the cops) they busted my rt arm open & came down with an infection & kicking my legs apart ( have had 3 back fusions) so was a shitty day & want out of here

          4. 7papa7 says

            I live in KS. They have talked about open carry but I haven’t heard anything about it passing yet. It is pretty easy to get a CCH license though. AZ has an open carry policy and I believe TX does also in many counties. You would need to check each states policy that you are considering moving to. The south is probably the easiest on open carry.

          5. Jeffrey T says

            Thank you for your service & sorry you guys got treated like that! I often ask Vietnam vets at VA hospitals about how they were treated upon return. Some get far away angry looks in their eyes. Others openly are pissed off & vent. I often get up ,shake their hands & its like were all buddies. They open up about the 1 yd or multiple tours they did & it does not compare with what returning vets now have gone through ( not knocking current vets ( my oldest did a year in Afghanistan)
            But thank you all for your service
            P.s. those libtard punk kids who spit & threw stuff raised their kids with same warped ideas they had.
            I taught my 3 boys was their choice. My youngest boy got his pee-pee smacked for writing an essay about vets, vets care ( lack their of) & I made them all read the constitution multiple times & quizzed them all. Now my youngest is thinking of joining the AF or ANG because he’s a computer geek & told him he could probl fly drones & blow the shit out of ISIS. ( talking him into it

        2. hoss50cal says

          Thank you for service Jeffrey

          1. Jeffrey T says

            Thank you very much, I only made it to 18 yrs before being medicly retired
            But thank you very much

      2. Jeffrey T says

        I think you were right I would have done the same thing & thank god the cop was a vet too. & thank you for your service as well to Sir

    5. Listener says

      Don’t forget fggt after the word commie.

    6. brian James says


  7. fred says

    I’m sorry to say, NONE of this means anything! It is very simply a “wag the dog” scenario, which is what all of this political correctness BS is! the only reason it exists is to distract us from the real crimes taking place in the nation’s capitol and not to improve anyone’s existence in any way! So the next time you see a “group” protesting some political correctness BS, just know they are just messing with your thoughts enough to keep you from fighting their Tyranny!

    1. Conservative says

      Stand UP to Them! We still have some of our freedoms left but they will all be gone if we don’t start standing up for our freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. Let’s be courageous and put an end to this nonsense. We are acting like a bunch of sheep going to the Communist camps. It’s destroying us!

      1. fred says

        I have been doing as much legal and semi-legal writing and talking to our “representatives” and media people as i can, some you can get through to, others are either stupid or blind to the “incrementalism” of the communist/socialist guy from kenya’s policies designed to destroy our freedoms and get everyone on the “nanny” state! It is a difficult battle to win, EVERYONE blames someone else, however, I believe all of us together can eventually get back many of the freedoms that have been stolen! The “patriot” act is one piece of legistlation i personally think is total garbage, just takes OUR freedoms as citizens for very little in security gains! the TSA needs to be converted into a “profiling section” of the FBI and “homeland security” disbanded and just made a group inside the FBI! Thanks for listening, write and talk to people about this everyday, and maybe we can all get their attention! After the last election, many of these socialists are scared and pissed off, so it would be in our interest to have them all exposed and removed from office, including the treasonous fraud born in kenya!

    2. Paula says

      GREAT point!

  8. crustyone says

    We currently have a joker who thinks he is a king instead of just a president.

    1. BlueMax372 says

      What we have is a total nonentity who desperately wants to be a dictator. Depose him!

    2. Cranky Steven says

      bozo thinks he’s god. so do the demomaggots who worship him.

    3. Elizabeth Fortin says

      …and he is NOT OUR PRESIDENT! He is a fake and fraudulent “illegal”!!

  9. Mark Clemens says

    How is the term Freshman Sexist? Both boys and girls are Freshman, that should make them equal.
    I reckon Elon is discriminating against young students. As for this Lesbo, Bio, Homo, Transo group, it is out of touch w/it’s people.
    Every homosexual prefers a “Freshman” over a stale woman………hu?

    1. ward says

      The muslim lingo & quran belief is only man & women do not count so the word freshman must insult their ignorant cult dictatorial belief in the quran as there leader to hell says …! Queers ..?

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I Don’t this is a Muslim thing. It’s more like a case of stupid faculty………..
        Anyhow Muslims kill queers, and collage girls are way to old for crusty old Muslim Men. This is a case of ordinary stupid American Collage Faculty. Nothing more or less.

    2. bobw-66554432 says

      The appropriate term would be “FreshPerson” to remain “gender neutral.”

      It is the word “Man” that is offensive.

      Which, of course, indicates that the newcomers to the college are men. Therefore if these individuals are believed to be the target of rapists, that would suggest that the attackers would be individuals that want to have sex with an ‘innocent, ‘fresh’ man’.

      And since we know that women would never sexually force themselves violently on a man, that leaves… well, men as the expected rapists.

      And since men who want to have sex with men are gay, that means that the university believes it has a number of gay rapists on campus.

      Oh dear… This PC stuff gets really troubling when you follow it to it’s logical conclusion….

      1. Mark Clemens says

        How ever you slice it the word Fresh is what the story claims to inspire rapist. The skool needs to move the phrase in a different, not such a sexual turn on. How about STALEMAN

      2. Jeffrey T says

        Now that would be funny! A serial gay rapist!
        Bet it wouldn’t make MSM news

    3. Jeffrey T says

      How’s about ” new person?? LOL

  10. Conservative says

    Americans Wake UP: We just do not have to take this. Stop this Communist agenda of Political Correctness intimidating. USE that Word….FRESHMAN is a perfectly good word, stop being bullied by the Communist Progressives. They are steam rolling over us!

    1. Cold War Gunner says

      What the left really wants, is to throw out the dictionary, and replace it with their “Lexicon of Jingoisms”. Only words approved by the collective elite..

      1. ward says

        More than likely it is muslim lingo crap from the 3rd world …!

  11. TadhgMcLir says

    “Royster wisely believes that rape-minded students will no longer be able to identify weaker victims among the campus populace.” REALLY? Only if they have the IQ of a doorknob. HOW, in anyone’s mind is ‘first year student’ going to confuse the “rape minded” about young, naive students. Liberal Logic is an oxymoron.

  12. ihatelibs says

    One day Closer to the next , Armed Revolution . The only Sure way to Stop such LIB/DEM COMMIEcrat BULLSHIT Non-sense

  13. Linda Lee says

    BALDERDASH. Don’t these people who say idiot stuff like this have work to do? I tihnk their desks are littered with phrases and words that they don’t want any one to use. What a waste of time and a pay check which they are not earning in any meaningful way.. They are too busy writing “newspeak” as in tthe dystopian world of the book “1984”. This is a disturbed mentality.

  14. rchguns says

    I don’t know what’s worse the bimbo who comes up with this idea for the college administrators who agree with it. She wants to change it because she finds a term freshman offensive. I sincerely believe that the rest of the country should find her mindset and the rest of the politically correct idiots offensive.

  15. Vernon Cunningham says

    I have no intention nor inclination to “rape” a freshman, so I shall continue to use language that I have been raised and educated with. it doesn’t matter what you call them, inexperienced people are easier to manipulate. So teach your children well before they take off for college.

  16. Mark Lahti says

    I wonder how the campus PC police would handle some “First Year Students” wearing FRESHMAN t-shirts or sweatshirts.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Expulsion, incarnation, maybe even a Mid-Evil beating………..

  17. Paula says

    It must be hell being a loony lefties..waking up each morning worried that they will find a rapist or a legal gun owner behind every blade of grass!

  18. Paula says

    A PC label or not… a predator will always spot a victim!

  19. adrianvance says

    Will someone put these “PC” freaks out of their misery? They must be the most unhappy people on the planet!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  20. satin85718 says

    “first-year student” ARE YOU SERIOUS?????!!!!!!!!!! Political correctness has more than helped to destroy this country!!!!!!

  21. Combatvet52 says

    This reminds me of MY SS benifits that i worked all my life for and now they call Entitlement Check,
    Stupid progressive liberal BS.

    1. Paula says

      That’s because they don’t want to offend folks on welfare….see the connection?

      1. Combatvet52 says

        OH you mean all the lazy no good parasites that we are supporting every day and now we will have 5 million more thanks to Commie liar.

        1. Paula says

          You do see the connection!

          1. Combatvet52 says

            OH yes loud and clear, he wants to help people…… all he wants is future Dumbocrat voters, i can tell you right here in my state their are illegals holding two jobs one for tax the lower amount and the other higher paying job all CASH

          2. Paula says

            I didn’t know that.

            Not only are we supporting “former” illegals but the other parasites you forgot to mention are our elected “representatives.” They are the biggest welfare frauds we got going.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Thanks for the correction i forgot to include the LAWBREAKERS that’s all they are scheming dirt bag rats.

          4. Paula says

            There is not one damn thing I agree on with obama… but he has done something no other presidents have done. He brought into the light how spineless the GOP is…how corrupt the entire government is..and anything we want is not up for negotiation. Other than that he’s still a POS.

          5. Combatvet52 says

            Second the motion.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            The mass illegal immigration is to overwhelm and bankrupt SSI, So the Koch Brothers or George Soros won’t have to make that payroll tax. After 65 if your not a millionaire you can starve to death, with the other poor undesirables………

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Your SSI check is an entitlement, you worked for it, therefore you are entitled to it.
      Calling Welfare an entitlement is wrong, that is a benefit check. You didn’t work for it, so it benefits your income.
      Both conservatives and liberals want to lump the two in the same category. Soros and the Koch Brothers hate paying in to the SSI trust fund. After all, if they robbed, cheated, and stole to become billionaires, why can’t you?????

  22. Paula says

    It must suck to be a loony lefty…. waking up every morning worried that there is a rapist or legal gun owner behind every blade of grass.

  23. JohnC3Freeport says

    They are freshmen! Deal with it you stupid liberals.

  24. Jack Given says

    I agree with most of what the article says with the exception of words that (like the slang “N”) word are meant to be derogatory or deprecatory, i.e retarded. To tell a person “you are retarded” or the abbreviated “retardo” is to tell the person, “Because of your level of intellectual functioning, you aren’t as valuable as I am.” And now we enter the world of physical or psychology genocide: let’s rid the earth of people who we don’t like, Jews, Muslims, Christians, homosexuals, persons with Downs Syndrome, short people, fat people and the list could go on.
    waitresses, janitors, bums, retarded people, or midgets – See more at:

  25. BlueMax372 says

    More leftist bullshot!

  26. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    What a BUNCH OF CRAP! You PC people MAKE ME WANT TO VOMIT! You can stick your PCness right where the sun never shines!

    1. ward says

      One thing for sure is your head is so far up & locked that puking would suffocate you..! Good lib..!

  27. Kent2012 says

    Well Leigh-Anne you have opened a can of worms…junior and senior are male terms with sophmore being the only term that could be considered “gender neutral” …..more problems for mankind to deal with….I wonder if the rags have the same problem in sand land…oh that is right women do not have a say so in anything there..

  28. defiant1 says

    I am not pc and never will–if libs/progressives/Marxists/communists are offended then so be it!

  29. cvxxx says

    At least some understand that PC is an evil. The way is to ridicule pcism.

  30. mickey mouse says

    didn’t know they had liberals in NC. The good ole boys didn’t run them all out of state? they must all be transplanted Yankees.

  31. Len Guini says

    I see alot of you slinging the term Commie about but do you remember that Communism was started by the jews in Russia and under that Communist regime, over 66 MILLION whites and esp christians were murdered by them? They are now attempting to do the same thing here but with us, a much wealthier host. Once they cut off our free speech, take our guns, slam us with so much diversity, it will be practically impossible for whitre folks to associate and speak openly, then we will have become just like Russia and pre-WWII Germany. No wonder Hitler was pissed!.

  32. Maggiemae says

    I want to know who died and left the PC idiots in charge of anything! They really need to crawl back into the hole they came out of. I have just about had it with these PC lunatics. I think if NO ONE printed, repeated, spoke, discussed or wrote anything that these lunatics write, maybe they would go away. These nut jobs rely on their ‘crap’ going public and they get off on it….gives them some type of ‘high’. Sick, demented people that they are. Maybe they should try something constructive….now there’s a thought I could live with!

  33. USCBIKER says

    That’s funny coz any time you read an online article with the bio of an actress, it reads “actor”. What happened, did they grow a penis?

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Some did, Some didn’t, and some like Rosie O’Donal you just can’t tell…………

  34. Wes Tipton says

    Why not just change it to freshperson’ since the libs want a sexless world, with no distinction between men and women. Psycho nancy is not a congress woman, she is a congress person, and I am not a fireman, I am a ‘fire person’. Drooling idiots running our universities and ‘teaching’ our children. Makes my blood run cold just thinking about that subversion.

    1. Debra says

      I’m in my 60’s now. And when all this PC crap started within the last 15 yrs, it pissed me off too. But it didn’t seem to phase a liberal when you question them when they corrected you. If you ask them if they were crazy, stupid, etc they enjoyed the chance to try and tell you why you were the one that was wrong. So that didn’t get anywhere with them. So then i started just saying ” I’ll say what- ever the hell i want to say. They would laugh as i walked on. So that didn’t work with them either. so one day, out of the blue, when one made a remark about what i said, I just looked at them and said “Bless your heart” and shook my head and walked away. They didn’t have anything to say back quick enough because they weren’t quite sure what i was saying to them. And it still works today. Where i got that from was my grandmother. But she always said it to someone that was confused, slow minded, etc, and they couldn’t help what they were saying. So now instead of anger, or getting pissed off, i say that and don’t have to deal with them. Their look is priceless. They looked really confused then. This way i don’t get upset and i continue to have a good day. Because i am going to continue to say what we have always said. If it’s their 1st year, they are freshmen, if it’s a blackboard, it’s a blackboard, etc. And i think the expression fits them very well. They are slow, simple minded, confused people.

  35. Lily Haley says

    Ludicrous. Asinine. Idiotic.
    PC stands for positively crazy.

  36. johnnywood says

    Fools and idiots are now running the country.

  37. Robert Freedom says

    Stop using the word democrat and use the correct word COMMUNIST

  38. Jeffrey T says

    Frigging stopped!!! What’s the frigging diff between freshman & 1st yr students???? Seems to me these liberal jerk offs should give the girls at least pepper spray or a flashlight/stun gun& that UV spray, seems to me its every woman’s right to be able to walk alone or in a group unmolested & school administrators should give non – lethal options as well as self defense classes. Removing freshman to 1st yd student doesn’t change a thing!!
    Stopped libtards

  39. brian James says

    this is so bull shit, this political correct phase bull shit has gone way out of hand and the two people that this phrase started with are the two most corrupt douche bags still in DC. Billy boy and Hillary. these tow have committed more crimes than Big Al back in the day. this is so crazy to let this political correct bull shit control our life’s and our nation. hurting feeling when people are being beheaded and it is in correct to say anything about these scum bags murdering Jihads Muslims cowards because of our dictator who favors them. Bit me now with rape victims this is nuts.

  40. William Wilson says

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  41. bobw-66554432 says

    ‘First year’ will soon be eliminated because “It suggests individuals who are sexual novices and therefore more desirable targets for sexual predators.”

  42. JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group says

    I am for free and open debate. I also believe the extremist lib/commie view is a legal means to destroy this nation. Why debate evil intentions ? It must be eradicated from the public square and put back on the ashheap of history. The debating of this bunch of destroyers is nonsensical and gives them legitimacy. Their ideas and past actions certainly prove they are not worth debating in the public realm, but only amongst themselves in their strange little enclaves. BE GONE !! Back to the USSR BOYS !!!

  43. ward says

    Better do away with North Carolina before it infringes on South Carolina that insults the south and belittles Carolina for her being north instead of south ..! Same type of libtard created ignorance @ E.U.N.C. or is that non thinking educational institution real name PU … ??

  44. edinflorida says

    LAMEBRAIN come to mind. Lamebrain is a disease inherited by Liberals or caused by liberal leftist college professors and or graduates who could not progress up to or beyond stupidity. They are becoming a menace to an orderly society.

  45. GMA213 says

    I just finished reading “Agenda 21” by Glenn Beck. I am more determined than ever, to FIGHT BACK. NO MORE PC! RESIST TYRANNY! SAY WHAT YOU FEEL…WHAT YOU THINK…WHAT YOU BELIEVE!!!

  46. dusty says

    how about we change liberal masters to commie masterbaters? and i hope it offends every damn one one them….

  47. joe says

    Women should no be changed to Wo, we don’t want to offend them

  48. cvxxx says

    This is why PC is another way of reciting the Emperor’s new clothes”. Truth is sometimes unpleasant. But sugar coating can cover the problem until it get too big.

  49. Donald Mitchell says

    I like to simply refer to LGBT activists, feminazis. Liberals, “Progressives” (ALL progress is not headed in a rightful direction. i.e.; Obama is progressing way too well in his abundantly obvious efforts to destroy the United States.), pseudo-academics, communists, socialists, etc’ as ASSHOLES. How do ya like me now?!

  50. Fred Underwood says

    How much farther to the left can we move this is so off the wall that is beyond comprehension if your brain actually functions normally. Alas another win by the politically correct guru’s.

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