Pence Slams Media for Biased Coverage


Appearing with Sean Hannity on Wednesday, Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, said that the news media was doing everything possible to get Hillary Clinton elected.

“It’s two on one,” said the Indiana governor. “The media’s going to continue to do Hillary’s work for her.”

Pence said it was astounding to see how strongly biased the news coverage has been.

“The media is overwhelmingly biased in electing Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States,” he said. “I think it’s amazing. My late father used to say, ‘It is what it is.'”

Pence, of course, is no stranger to the liberal whims of the national news media. As governor of Indiana, he was at the center of a religious freedom firestorm two years ago that galvanized Christian conservatives and the LGBT community alike. The media’s coverage of that battle was no less biased and opinion-driven than the coverage of Trump has been. It didn’t quite reach the same degree of outright absurdity, but the manifest liberalism of it all was plainly there.

Even so, the media’s collective disdain for Trump has been a pathetic sight to behold, especially when contrasted with their coverage of Hillary Clinton.

“The father of the terrorist who took 49 lives in Orlando was sitting behind Hillary Clinton,” Pence said. “That got a fraction of the attention that Donald Trump’s remarks about protecting the Second Amendment did.”

Pence said that the media’s bias was also evident in which Republicans they chose to spotlight. “We’re getting support from members of Congress from literally all over the Congress,” he said. “Those who are giving their support are not getting anywhere near as much attention as those who say they’re not or they’re not there yet.”

Pence isn’t telling people anything they don’t already know, but in a sense, this is why many Trump supporters voted for him in the primaries. He seemed to be somewhat invulnerable to the media’s constant barrage of attacks – a quality we haven’t seen in a Republican candidate for a very long time.

The last two weeks have punctured some holes in that invulnerability, and it should serve as a sharp reminder that the media hasn’t run out of power yet.