Planet Fitness is Unsafe for Women


Planet Fitness has decided that protecting the rights of men who identify as women is more important than protecting women. In one of the most ridiculous examples of bending over backwards to appease our PC overlords, the gym rebuked member Yvette Cormier when she complained that there was a man in the women’s locker room.

On February 28, Cormier entered the locker room of her Midland, Michigan branch to find a man in a wig and sparse makeup standing inside. “I just stopped right there in my tracks,” Cormier told ABC News. “It was a man for sure.”

She went to the front desk to ask why a man was in what used to be considered a “safe space” before liberal activists stole the phrase for their own nefarious purposes. She was informed that the man identified as a woman. Oh. Well that makes it okay. Obviously, this was just some idiot at the front desk who was probably uncomfortable with a conversation straying too far from protein shakes and butterfly chest exercises. Cormier took her inquiry to the Planet Fitness corporate offices, certain that she would get a better answer.

Instead, she found that she was not facing a low-level employee gone mad. She had run right into the brick wall of corporate policy.

Cormier was told that “whatever gender you feel you are, that’s the locker room you’re allowed to go in.” She took her complaints to her fellow female gym members, informing them about the gym’s decision. She was subsequently warned by the corporate office that she was violating their “no judgment” policy. They demanded to know if she would stop speaking about the issue. When she said she would not, they revoked her membership.

If this seems like the kind of event that would – once the headlines started emerging – inspire a quick and unqualified apology from the Planet Fitness brass, their statement proves we live in different times:

Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity. The manner in which this member expressed her concerns about the policy exhibited behavior that management at the Midland club deemed inappropriate and disruptive to other members, which is a violation of the membership agreement and as a result her membership was cancelled.

The rush to protect this country’s estimated 700,000 transgenders has put this country’s 158,000,000 women at risk. That’s not an attempt to say all transgenders are violent sex perverts. It’s merely to say that we can’t allow foolishly PC notions to overcome our common sense. We have divided bathrooms for a reason. If Planet Fitness thinks it’s worth the money to build a third locker room for transgenders, have at it. But there’s no reason women should be made to feel uncomfortable and unsafe to accommodate a tiny percentage of confused men.

  1. USCBIKER says

    She needs to leave that gym!

    1. Deborah G says


      1. Kelli Linnes says

        Glad to see you changed your mind. That obnoxious judge mental woman who made such a fuss is the disruptive one. It’s good they revoked her membership. I’d hate to be stuck changing next to her.

        1. American voter says

          yeah KILLI, I bet you would!

        2. doomsdae says

          have your fun now he/she because the Islamists are now in this country and it’s just a matter of time before they do away with your kind. Muslims DO NOT take kindly to your kind. They don’t have your kind in the Middle East, when they find them, they do away with them. If you don’t believe me, google “gays in the Middle East”

          1. Nastasyana says

            Oh so now Muslims are right when they kill gays but not when they kill americans

          2. Jim says

            You’re wasting your breath, Amigo. Kelli and her ilk are encouraging the Islamic takeover. They have shown that they cannot see any further than their nose. These are the airheaded sheeple that mindlessly follow every fad and jump on every bandwagon. When there’s a parade, they run so they can get in front of it. Kelli and her ilk love islam because it’s “different” and “exciting”. They constantly knock Christianity because it’s the faith of their parents (WAY uncool). They don’t seem to realize that islam is NOT some kind of a fad. When islam becomes the religion of the land, all these arguments for homosexuality will go right out the window. I do not want to see islam become the official religion of the U.S., but it would serve these professional malcontents right if the very system they are working hard to install ends up enslaving and persecuting THEM. Kind of like how the Polish communists helped to run the Nazis out of Poland, only to have the Soviets round them up and execute them in the Katyn Forest once they were in power. Idiots.

          3. Kelli Linnes says

            What did I say that was pro Islamic? My views on Islam is that it’s a flawed religion. It is clear that Islam uses the western culture of tolerance and acceptance to their advantage. We are supposed to be accepting and tolerant of their unaccepting and intolerant behavior toward any other religion. How ironic.
            I am a conservative Christian Catholic. My financial views are also very conservative and pro capitalist.
            If you met me on the street you would probably agree with many of my views.

        3. phil62 says

          You really are a dumb blonde aren’t you? Did you notice that nobody else in here agrees with you and your kind.

          1. Ms_V says

            Perhaps “Kelli” is really “Kelly”, judging by the inappropriate responses . . . sounds like he/she REALLY likes this issue. As a matter of fact, check it out – on a former post, this individual basically states they are trans-gendered.

          2. Kelli Linnes says


          3. Mark Lahti says

            Maybe. But it sure would explain a lot due to the total lack of moral and ethical thought you spew here.

          4. Ms_V says

            A trans-gendered blonde.

          5. Kelli Linnes says

            You have no idea what gender I am

          6. Mark Lahti says

            No. But we are all wondering if you do.

          7. Joe Fyffe says

            The question is, DO YOU ?????

          8. Kelli Linnes says

            Being with the majority doesn’t make you right. im not dumb.

          9. Mark Lahti says

            “im not dumb” All evidence to the contrary.

          10. Nastasyana says

            That’s a good sign that i think for myself and so not follow the herd.

        4. Ms_V says

          I think a gym exclusively catering to trans-gendered individuals is far preferable to a straight woman or man getting ogled by a new girl just getting used to her new parts, or by a new boy just getting used to his new parts. There’s an idea for you, Kelly! Start a gym catering to your new bff’s! (and we would certainly hate to be stuck changing next to you.)

          1. Kelli Linnes says

            That’s a great idea. I bet you also think there should be separate workout facilities for black people.
            By the way, for all you scaredy cats out there afraid of being within 500 yards of a transgendered person in a workout place, I have a solution. Just don’t go to planet fitness. Better yet, there is a chain that exclusively caters to women too. Curves. Btw I’m a member.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            I was waiting for it. Here we come with the name calling. I know you didn’t say so specifically but your comment most certainly names people who disagree with you as racist. You are a very sick person and I will hope and pray for your waking up from your PC induced trance.

          3. Nastasyana says

            Interesting, I went to curves and noticed that a few women whom I knew were gay, also belonged. They identified as gay women.

          4. Joe Fyffe says

            Does that mean you are TOTALLY confused? You really don’t know what you are?

          5. Joe Fyffe says

            OOgle, OOgle, OOgle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        5. Jacky says

          You would like that a lot better than being caught in that room with my daughter if my wife is there.

        6. Joe Fyffe says

          Kelli, Just for information, I believe judgemental is one word! Although, separating it into two words would help explain some peoples understanding. That would be the second word! “MENTAL”

          1. Kelli Linnes says

            Spell check did that for me. I am aware of the correct spelling.

    2. American voter says

      HE needs to leave that gym!

      1. doomsdae says

        The technical term is; heshes

        1. imbog says

          ” it “

        2. Ms_V says

          My friend calls them “shims”

          1. doomsdae says

            Good one too!

          2. Kelli Linnes says

            More hate speech

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Here we go again with mindless liberal drivel. Wake up already. Or…..wait a minute…… Ok, you got me. This is just a troll trying to stir the pot with stupidity intentionally to get a rise out of the majority of normal people. I should have known better as this is just to stupid to take that garbage seriously.

          4. Nastasyana says

            Define normal! Homophobes, mysogynists, pedophiles (97% are heterosexual), racists…

          5. Deborah G says

            97% IS a majority so you just proved that 97% is NORMAL and 3% of the population is LBGT ABNORMAL

          6. Nastasyana says

            97% of pedophiles are heterosexual. Are you saying that pedophiles are normal?.You realize that heterosexual means not gay.
            3% of pedophiles are either gay or bisexual. Do you understand math and percentages?

          7. Deborah G says

            I disagree with youer faulty premise. It is not hetero sexuals who are pedophiles. The pedophiles are latent homosexuals.

          8. Jim says

            When I was in Law Enforcement about 20 years ago, we called them “transformers”. “More than meets the eye”!

        3. Kelli Linnes says

          Hate speech

          1. Liberty says

            You betacha, it’s hate speech. God hates sin. See if you can change His mind.

          2. Deborah G says

            Grow a set, oh I forgot you had yours removed

          3. Ms_V says

            Hahahahahaha!! Good one!

        4. Deborah G says

          That was the Native American name for girly men LOL

    3. doomsdae says

      And you need to be sent to the Middle East where they do NOT put up with your sexual perversion

  2. Nastasyana says

    Okay, so this transvestite is dangerous because he’s really a man. What does that say about men?

    1. Deborah G says

      Not much but then again what does it say about Vapid Liberal women who accept such nonsense as inclusive?

      1. Nastasyana says

        It probably says that there are women who are secure in themselves and don’t think that just because someone has male parts that they are after your body. If the person identifies as female, she probably has more to fear from you than you from her. The title is incorrect. Planet fitness is unsafe for some women.

        1. Deborah G says

          I’m secure in myself and don’t want some pervert freakenzoid with a penis or without in my space capisce`? This is a personal time. Not be invaded by people who just a short while ago would have had the good graces to keep thier weird unnatural abnormal life to themselves. I don’t care what they do just stay away from me. They sicken me honestly

          1. Sharpshooter says

            Deborah; Welcome to Obama, bizarroland! It is a shame that the “deviants, perverts, sicko’s”, both real and imagined can force normal people to have to change their life styles to appease them! Trust me, it’s only going to get worse!

          2. Deborah G says

            Next we will have pedophiles demanding equal time with our children…ooooooops that’s already happening in sex ed in the schools. Freakenzoids are teaching our kids about LBGT Sex and sex toy use. The world is F-ing mad. We need to get these people OUT of our lives. They can live however they want but they have gone over the top with this “inclusiveness” crap. I don’t want my kids near LBGT. I don’t think they need to know or have to deal with it. AND? THAT should be every parents stand

          3. Mark Clemens says

            They do that, because they can’t reproduce and teach their offspring their ways. So they must teach your offspring their perverted ways are normal, to keep the sexual partner pool stocked.
            I’m with you on talking about sex stuff to kids in school. The only discussion about sex,should be about your parts. What they ate, how they work, how to keep your respectable parts clean, and STD prevention. This should be done at the 10th grade year……..

          4. Deborah G says

            they are more concerned with our kids sexuality and parts than teaching them REAL history and how to behave in the real life. they can’t even count

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Thats became every little kid they teach to buy into this way of life. Is one more future adult who will stand up for their cause

          6. Deborah G says

            OR be indoctrinated into the gay lifestyle for more choice picks

          7. Kelli Linnes says

            Fear mongers. Sounds like ignorance has reared its ugly head again. Isn’t this the kind of stinky group think that got innocent girls burned at the stake? I mean how do make the jump from different to dangerous? There is no reason to believe a true transgendered person is a danger.

          8. Sharpshooter says

            Truly “transgendered”, truly “deviant” is what you mean! Anything “deviant” or “transgendered” is dangerous!

          9. Kelli Linnes says

            I don’t agree with that assessment.

          10. American voter says

            KELLI; are you one of the “innocent girls”? (Sure you are.)

          11. Mark Clemens says

            My concern is not w/the “honest” transgender person, but do you not think this policy opens the door for a “dishonest” straight person (rapest)?
            How would you feel about getting dressed in front of George Michaels? Even if you don’t wanna “do” him. He’s still libel to whip it out and “do” himself, while you shower……….

          12. phil62 says

            AW – SHUT UP faggot lover

          13. Kelli Linnes says

            Hate speech

          14. Mark Lahti says

            You started up above by calling most of us here name callers. Yet it is you who keeps implying racism and calling us fear mongers. It’s is always the liberal way. If you can’t support your point of view with logic, facts, details, then you resort to the name calling. You have called us what you actually are your own self.

          15. Nastasyana says

            So you need to stay away from them. What gives you the right to deny their rights?

          16. Mark Lahti says

            The right? The RIGHT? Are you so totally devoid of moral and ethical values that you can not comprehend the lack of any sense of decency on this matter. How hard is it to understand that a “man” does not belong in a “women’s” locker room? If the “man” is so confused that “he” can’t figure out which room he belongs in. Then maybe it is this “man” that should be leaving the locker room to those who it is intended for. If you think that that minority opinion should far exceed the rights of the other “normal” members then maybe you too should be looking for a place that suits you better. If PF wants to become a transgender/gay/whatever fitness center then they should change their membership requirements. Until they do then the normally accepted societal norms should be the rule of the day. If you don’t get this then it is you with the problem, not the woman that tried to convey her concerns to the management.

          17. Natesse says

            You are defending perverts. Proud of yourself?

          18. Deborah G says

            sounds like you are speaking of yourself. They can and should have the same BASIC rights. NOT more, not special privilage and certainly not impinge on the rights of NORMAL people just because they think they can.

        2. doomsdae says

          That’s okay because the Muslims are now here in America and since they find Sodomites, Trannies, LGBT’s, and anything that is NOT male and female, the Muslims will destroy. When they find gays in the Middle East, they immediately take them out. It’s coming he/she’s so have your fun now while you can

          1. Nastasyana says

            How unkind of you, and I’ll bet you’re a christian.

          2. Natesse says

            So tell me, Comrade, how much does the Ministry of Truth pay these days>

          3. Mark Lahti says

            She/he/it/whatever is hopelessly lost in their own liberal demented mind. Nothing that you or I or anyone can do to bring them out of their delusion. You have to understand that the liberal mind, and I use that term “mind” loosely, is so indoctrinated in perverse logic that they are unreachable. It’s a shame and it should be classified as a true mental disorder. But until it is then the rest of us have to treat it as the illness that it is. I know….I know, it’s a tough cross to bear and they gather enough together to swing fixed decisions to the detriment of the rest of society. But there you have it. If they don’t get their way then it is just like trying to train a two year old to do anything.

          4. Nastasyana says

            Obviously you are not familiar with a ministry of truth.

          5. Natesse says

            Obviously you’re not up on George Orwell. Explains volumes.

          6. Nastasyana says

            That was 1984. This is 2015.

        3. phil62 says

          And you need to leave the room and join the rest of your “Gay Nation” friends.

        4. Natesse says

          You really are ignorant about the differences between the sexes, aren’t you? That aside, an individuals’ security about who they are is irrelevant to this issue. Once Pandora’s box is open, you never know what will pop out next. I will never endorse, accept, nor embrace perverse behavior as an alternative lifestyle. It is perfectly normal for women to expect to find other women in the locker room for women. It is perfectly abnormal for a man to claim he is a woman and use this as an excuse to use the women’s facilities. End of story.

    2. Roger_T73 says

      Adult males should not be allowed in places where young females are undressing!!!
      signed an adult male.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        ……….Roger that, Roger

      2. Beeotchstewie says

        Absolutely right.

      3. Mark Lahti says

        That about nails it squarely on the head. No pun intended.

    3. Mark Lahti says

      Absolutely nothing!!!!! One freak should be used as an example of all men? You liberals really don’t have a grip on any reality, do you?

  3. 2 parrots and a dog says

    This will result in women being raped. Liberals are okay with burkas, so I guess they are okay with rape. Eventually the lawsuits will begin and women will get their bathrooms back. Lawyers let the pervs in and lawyers will keep them out. This entire country is really run by lawyers eager to make a buck any way they can while we all run on the hamster wheel.

    1. Roger_T73 says

      Since oblamo will not let the US Military actually defeat isis, he MUST SUPPORT SLAVERY, because that is what the Islamic extremists do with non-mudSLIMES.

      1. 2 parrots and a dog says

        You are correct about Obama. It’s not just the ISIS Muslims who love imposing slavery. Look at Saudi Arabia and the rest of Muslims and those who can’t afford slaves, enslave their wives so I see no difference. Anyone supporting Muslims, supports slavery. They are all barbarians without God or conscience.

  4. cedamon says

    It is ridiculous but since this is a private business the obvious solution is for women (and men, for that matter) to refuse to join this idiotic club. The problem is for women who have already signed a contract, which you can bet PF will vigorously enforce. The solution to that is for thousands of women to quit and take steps to prevent further ACW payments, but that will be a hassle. Even for a company run by morons like this one is, money talks. So out of fear of a lawsuit by some transgendered man they drive away potentially thousands of members. Sad.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Sound pretty much like what I just said. Good one!!!!

    2. Kelli Linnes says

      If we only did what the majority wanted or needed what kind of society would we be. Thank God we are not that kind of society and make accommodations for all members of our society. We have buses, sidewalks, and toilets to accommodate handicapped. I don’t need that, but it’s not all about what the majority needs. That’s what it’s like in the public arena.

  5. WRgirl says

    Guess they should be required to build another dressing room for those that identify as their non born sex.

    1. Roger_T73 says

      You mean two more changing rooms:
      1 – “future females” and
      2 – “future Males”

      1. Beeotchstewie says

        3. Shemales

    2. Mark Lahti says

      I believe that in PF’s desire to not miss out on any potential paying customers that have cut their noses off to spite their faces. The overwhelming, vast majority of people will see this for what it is. Then for the sake of their own safety, peace of mind, and personal privacy decide to end their membership in this pathetic FC.

  6. John Mauldin says

    Duh, the “acid test” is simple. If you are physically equipped like a man, you are a man until that changes.

    1. john robel says

      Even after the equipment is changed, the DNA still testifies to the lie.

      1. bamissfa says


        because GOD created them male and female.
        even plumber’s products are male and female.
        The female has the innie and the male has the outie with the male plumbing part fitting into the female plumbing part perfectly.

        2 female parts cannot connect or join and neither can 2 maleparts connect or join.

        God said it is an ABOMINATION for a man to lie with man as with a woman

        1. Bob says

          God said a lot of things in the Old Testament. Since we are discussing how this affects our daughters, perhaps we should also obey this gem from Exodus 21:

          “If a man sells his daughter as a female slave, she is not to go free as the male slaves do. “If she is displeasing in the eyes of her master who designated her for himself, then he shall let her be redeemed. He does not have authority to sell her to a foreign people because of his unfairness to her. “If he designates her for his son, he shall deal with her according to the custom of daughters.”If he takes to himself another woman, he may not reduce her food, her clothing, or her conjugal rights. “If he will not do these threethings for her, then she shall go out for nothing, without payment of money.

    2. Ms_V says

      I still don’t want the former “him” in my dressing room–even after the “equipment” changes. Are you kidding? Their sex change is their problem, let them figure out where to change – like at home or a bathroom. This PC crap has grown to the point of bizarre.

      1. Deborah G says

        I don’t want FREAKS around me sorry! I agree with you.

      2. Deborah G says

        Go to their website and get their Facebook and twitter links then post how you feel.

        1. Ms_V says

          I saw it – wth has happened to our country. Sickening.

      3. Chris Robinette says

        YESSS, I agree with you fully!!!

  7. R Jeffrey Savlov says

    A fitness center is there for body benders not gender benders. These Liberal PC activists aren’t worth the powder to blow themselves up and if you give then an inch, they’ll take a mile. Follow the rules or take a hike. I’m sick and tired of these minor morons being catered to like they are something special.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Well said R. We are in agreement with you here on that one.

    2. Deborah G says

      Agreed they can take their political/.sexual rants eleswhere.

  8. Kelli Linnes says

    Wow! You are so wrong on this one. Whipping fellow conservatives into a frenzy over a non-issue is irresponsible and ignorant. Where was it proved this person was a threat to anyone? Your article is dripping with judgement. You also make predictions of future incidents based on what facts? This article is pure rubbish! That woman who made a scene and articles like this are more damaging than any transgendered person in a changing area.

    1. American voter says

      KELLI: and you are, of course, a transgendered man? ( Very few women in a situation like the above one would protest so STRONGLY, WITH OUT A REASON.!

      1. Kelli Linnes says

        What is your point? That an argument I make is invalid if I am transgendered? I think people need to speak up in support of those they see are persecuted for no good reason. The arguments made by some people on here make conservatives look ignorant. Your assumption that I am transgendered means what? That I sm dangerous? Will you report me and have me thrown out of the ignorant bigot club?

        1. doomsdae says

          If you are a he/she you should have your “own” bathroom, health fitness center or anything else that requires you to strip naked.
          And since when do he/she’s rule “this” planet!

        2. American voter says

          KELLI: (QUOTE) Your assumption that I am transgendered means what? That I sm
          dangerous? Will you report me and have me thrown out of the ignorant
          bigot club?(UNQUOTE)
          If you have MALE PLUMBING, you should respect the rights and privacy of women using a locker/ shower/ bathroom. PERIOD!
          (YES, I would report you and have YOU thrown out of the club, if POSSIBLE!)

        3. Natesse says

          I’d really like to see you travel to the Middle East and speak up on behalf the people being persecuted under ISIS. See how far you get, Kelli, or Kenny, whoever the hell you are. Real evil is at the door, and you’ll be first on the list of useful idiots.

        4. Mark Lahti says

          No, your argument is invalid because they are not being “persecuted” for no good reason. There are very good reasons for their complaints. Your “argument” is based on totally false logic on moral and ethical grounds. And no we don’t “look ignorant”, you do. Some of the people posting on here may assume that you are yourself transgendered. I have not. I have learned over the six plus decades of my life not to assume anything. I have learned to have respect for others feelings and opinions when they are valid. Wanting to use the locker room of one sex or the others when that person is the one having a problem figuring out what they does not qualify as a valid reason. It’s a real shame that you haven’t figured that out by now. Grow up, wake up, or smarten up. Whatever it takes to comprehend how the rest of society has determined how we all get in this world for the protection, comfort, and peace of mind of the majority.

    2. phil62 says

      No Kelly or Kenny or whatever your name is: these people are not wrong YOU and the rest of the lgbt fools are wrong and it will come to an end just as it always has throughout history.

  9. Roger_T73 says

    My daughter is 19 and in the Military, but if this happen when she was a pre-teen, I would have accompanied her into the ladies locker room to be sure there were no perverts “pretending” to believe they were female, so they could have unrestricted access to young girls.
    If anyone challenged me, I would have “tried” Planet Fitness in the local paper and convinced ALL parents of young females that PF was not a safe environment for their children!!!

    1. Kelli Linnes says

      You certainly can and should ensure that any environment is safe for your children. That’s good parenting. I have a 10 year old. If you believe that someone is “pretending” to be a woman how do you make that judgement? You are judging them on appearances only then. If they fit the accepted definition of what a woman should look like, then they are OK? How about a real woman with a manly nose? Throw them out too? Certainly a danger if a woman has a manly nose. And if your answer is that they “may” have a penis, how do you know? Do you go up to them and say “drop your panties!” How many woman do you see walking around butt naked in the dressing room. Modesty is usually a prerequisite for ANYONE in a changing area. Lewd behavior is already covered under many local laws regardless if you are male, female, or transgendered. So if you see lewd behavior, report it! If not, shut up, change, and go get a work out!

      1. imbog says

        Dumbest argument I have ever heard. -Kelli, they take showers and change clothes in a LOCKER room. This has to be the most stupid policy and i hope the gym goes down in hell where it belongs.

        1. bamissfa says

          i hope they go bankrupt

      2. phil62 says

        So you are saying that you think it’s okay? How does it feel to be a part of the queer and pedophile nation? Man – I would love to go to the gym where you work out. I would not even have to take my clothes off; I could just stand there and ogle at you and your friends. All I would have to do is say I am a transgender – “Take MY WORD FOR IT”.

        1. Ms_V says


        2. Jim says

          You sound like a sensible pervert.

          1. Kelli Linnes says

            You sound like a idiot bigot

        3. Kelli Linnes says

          I’m saying that if you are a transgendered person who identifies as the opposite sex, you should be able to use the facilities you identify as.
          Already I see this discussion degenerating into name calling and bullying. I’ve been called a queer and a pervert so far. You all are precious gems of tolerance and acceptance. You don’t even know me and are judging me.
          The example you gave is a pervert using this new rule to gain entrance into the women’s changing area for illegal purposes. This would be an example of lewd behavior as the person you described is not genuinely a transgendered person. There are already laws that govern our general behavior in public places.
          Is there a compromise somewhere? I’m sure there is. I seriously doubt that any transgendered woman who hasn’t had bottom surgery is wanting to flash a penis. They usually are wanting to get rid of it, not show it off. I think a good rule is don’t show penis if you have one. Regardless of whether its perverted or just someone changing for legitimate purposes it shouldn’t be seen. And I certainly understand the point of young girls not being exposed to this anatomy regardless of any transgendered persons intentions. It’s best to be modest and I think most transgendered people are.

          1. Natesse says

            The very fact that our society has degenerated to the point that people can actually choose to debate about this, is beyond the pale of insanity. Do we have no shame, no common decency, no common sense left in us collectively? I know the difference between male and female. I don’t to need exercise any controversial judgement to make that call. The NATURAL rights of that woman in the dressing room were just trumped by the PERVERTED notion of “civil rights” for a pervert, period. You appear to be seriously deluded, Kelli, and that’s a shame for all of us.

          2. AttMore says


          3. Nastasyana says

            97% of pedophiles are heterosexual. (Perverts)

          4. Deborah G says

            That is absolutely untrue but you keep believing the lies. Pedophilia is a crime of sexual perversion and anger linked to aberrant latant homosexuality.Now you are in my field so have at it

          5. Nastasyana says

            he American Psychiatric Association (APA) has included pedophilia in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders since 1968 .DSM 4 defines pedophilia as “recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual
            urges, or behaviors that involve children, nonhuman subjects, or other
            non-consenting adults, or the suffering or humiliation of oneself or
            one’s partner.”

            What is your source for “aberrant Latent homosexuality” I’ve never seen that one.

          6. Deborah G says

            google it or consult your shrink

          7. Paul Robinson says

            Prior to the early 70’s homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder. I am unsure if they delisted transgenderism yet.

          8. Nastasyana says

            There was a time when women who did not want to have children or clean up after their husbands and assume “wifely duties” were considered mentally ill.

          9. bamissfa says

            it used to be that homosexuality males were perverts according to law.

            It was called “crime against nature”.

            It still is a crime against nature. Doesn’t matter that psychiatrists have caused it to be decriminalized.

            I like things better when all the freaks were in the closet wish they would go back in and lock the freakin door.

          10. Deborah G says

            The mental organizations have been lobbied and bullied by the LBGT homofacist mafia with the AMA and Democrats to change the defintion of abnormal. You can’t not through science, statistics or any other measure. You can help fix their appearance to make them not want to commit suicide but you can’t change what is natural and normal from abnormal

          11. Nastasyana says

            I agree. It was much easier when laws allowed us to discriminate. Now we only have ourselves to answer to.

          12. Paul Robinson says

            Says who? Simple logic. If someone likes prepubescent children they are clearly not heterosexual, that doesn’t make them homosexual either regardless of the sex of the victim. If the victim has entered puberty then male to male would be homosexual behavior regardless of the claimed heterosexuality of the perpetrator.

          13. Nastasyana says

            I remember a wise old male friend of mine who said, “Parents would think nothing of letting their daughters be around a known “don juan” from whom they may have more to fear than from a homosexual- known or unknown,

          14. Sadler2010 says

            If you like little boys and are male then you are a Homosexual AND a Pedophile…. End of story!

          15. Paul Robinson says

            I agree I was just trying to be nice to the homosexuals. My original comment was meant to debunk the common lie that it is somehow heterosexual men buggering little boys. Of course one has to be homosexual and sexually perverted to do that.

          16. Sadler2010 says

            That is the problem our nation bends to appease this select group(minority) and others while treading on any opposed to them in the name of tolerance and political correctness. I call BS on all of it!!!

          17. Ms_V says

            Not true – propaganda to normalize the abnormal. Better check your facts or continue to look like an idiot.

          18. Barbara Leone says

            Natesse, I could not have said that any better myself.

          19. Deborah G says

            No libs have no shame. They have elevated perversion and abnormal behavior/practices as good. Let God deal with them I just want them as far away from me and my family as possible.

          20. Deborah G says

            Very wel said. It is exactly what I have been saying. These perverts and freaks of nature think they can control the beliefs of everyone else just because THEY feel a certain way. I pity them but I don’t want them in my bathroom

          21. Deborah G says

            The least tolerant people on the planet is the LBGT and Liberals. The only thing they accept is their own perversions. They don’t tolorate NORMAL people, Patriots, Conservatives,non union supporting folks, the list is endless on the left’s intolerance. NEXT?

          22. TadhgMcLir says

            Kelli, ignore the trolls. Yes, transgendered have rights. There are MANY doctors, a lot of them Psychiatrists, who legally could certify someone as transgendered. If it’s for real, get a doctor’s statement in writing and give it to the club. With that there should be no problem using the facilities. However, consider the plight of the Transgendered, an unfortunately large percentage of the population has an urge to hurt them. If they say they are a Trans-Woman the “men” will want to beat them up for not being “real” women. Also they would want to beat up a Trans-Man for being a fake. What our Nation (and the world) needs is a good dose of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” However I’m cynical enough that I really don’t see a lot of that happening.

          23. bamissfa says

            of course they anger people because they dupe people

          24. AnnCA says

            If you are a transgendered person who identifies as the opposite sex, you should be able to have sex reassignment surgery which should be paid by your insurance company or, if you cannot afford such insurance, by the government. In case if for any reason you cannot or don’t want to have a surgery, your should be able to ask a business management and they must find arrangements which would be equally convenient for both you and other customers so nobody would feel uncomfortable. I’m absolutely sure that transgendered people would find much more support if they would ask for affordable ways to change their bodies than if they would demand rights to discriminate against other people. LGBT community must understand that by enforcing policies which discriminate against majority, politicians do nothing to improve your lives. They just use you to induce hate and divide people so they will gain more power. Why do you think that the same people who supposedly care about your rights refuse to identify radical Islam as a threat to America? Do you seriously believe that in a ‘peaceful’ world ruled by Sharia law your will have a right to use facilities you identify as… or any facilities at all for that matter?

          25. bamissfa says

            where is the boob job for women who want to look more womanly

            why the F should insurance have to pay for a freaks wish list

          26. AnnCA says

            Because there is not medical condition such as “small boobs”. A woman with small boobs is still a woman. On the other hand, transgender is a medical term and bodies of real transgenders really don’t fit to these individuals . You would not cal a freak a little boy who acts like a girl and want to dress like a girl . But you think that it’s OK to call a freak an adult stranger with the same problems.
            Your comment is just another example of my point. This government does everything possible to induce hatred and divide people, but instead of trying to understand why this government enforces rules which discriminate against majorities and change the government, you aim your anger at people, most of whom never did you any harm. This is exactly how fascist societies are made.

          27. Paul Robinson says

            And a genital mutilation doesn’t make a man a woman. Seriously, how anti- woman can any notion be? Merely removing a mans genitals makes hima woman. Is that all that a woman is a man without balls? Silly

          28. AnnCA says

            Sex reassignment is much more than just genital mutilation. You can read details here .
            However, in this specific case it doesn’t really matter where a person is 100% woman or not. The problem is that Planet Fitness by following politically-correct rules failed to make arrangements which would satisfy ALL their patroons. So, the problem is the government and their ways to transform America into Totalitarian police state by inducing hatred between people. That transgender person is not a problem, he or she is just another casualty of war of progressive-fascist ideologists and politicians against American people. (I’m repeating myself here, but looks like you didn’t notice the main point of previous comments).

          29. doomsdae says

            Soon and very soon we will have Sharia law where your kind will be no more…

          30. Chris Robinette says

            The transgendered in process or the fully surgically completed transgendered “woman”? The question seems to be how complete the transformation has become? Am I wrong? If the “tail” is still there then the unisex for you but if fully transformed there is no question as to being male of female as no “tail” is present.

          31. bamissfa says


          32. Paul Robinson says

            Maybe the so called transgender female could just so up at the gym clothed in workout attire. The woman that complained didn’t complain that the transwoman was working out at the gym. She complained that he was in the female locker room. If someone chooses to embrace bizarre behavior they could at least have a little consideration for others. Obviously, someone who fully appears female even if they were born a man wouldn’t be a problem, simply because no one would know.

        4. Nastasyana says

          97% of pedophiles are heterosexuals.

          1. Natesse says

            Bad stats, and you know it. Keep playing your little games. Keep defending perverse behavior. Karma is a bitch.

          2. Nastasyana says

            I am not defending pedophiles. I think they should be castrated not as punishment but as preventive. The discussion started about a transvestite who considered himself female and the gym that gave him those rights in their policy. I simply believe that those who are concerned should obviously attend another gym. If you are homophobic, why would you support a gym that is not. If you are racist would you support a black gym? People are using this venue as a place to bash homosexuals and transgender people. I do not think this is kind or fair.

          3. Natesse says

            Homophobic? Really? Men who want to use other men’s butt holes as vaginas do not scare me-they repulse me, as do women who think it is somehow possible for two females to engage in sex-it isn’t. You don’t seem to get it, maybe you never will, maybe you’re simply trolling, hoping to slide nonsense terms like “homophobia” into the mix in an attempt to normalize it, while at the same time demonizing those who, with good reason, find the practice detestable. Men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men will never be normal, and your suggestion that the normal people of the world capitulate to the perverse is insane.

          4. Jim says

            I couldn’t have said it better!

          5. Deborah G says

            me neither. I beieve we have been talking to a transgender trying to make us beliebve it is OK

          6. Kelli Linnes says

            I can’t convince bigots. Stay in your swamp.

          7. Deborah G says


          8. Deborah G says

            My electrician has a bumper sticker on his truck. Innies go with outies, outies go with innies or there is no electricity.Repeat

          9. Ms_V says

            Outstanding – love your plumber 🙂

          10. Kelli Linnes says

            You love plumbers? Now that’s sick. Plumberphiliac!

          11. Kelli Linnes says

            Many women enjoy anal sex from what I hear. personally I think it’s gross. I would never do it.

          12. Deborah G says

            masochists I guess sick

          13. Kelli Linnes says

            Shocking bigotry

          14. Kelli Linnes says

            You are the sick one

          15. Deborah G says

            Why doesn’t the freak aatend another gym? Why do you people think you have the reight to onvade everyone’s space because YOU feel like a woman? YOU go somewhere else.

          16. Nastasyana says

            She is attending another gym. Not mine.

          17. Deborah G says

            It is truthful. All speech is free unless of course as a transgender you feel peope are being unkind to you? I wouldn’t say anything nasty to you, I just avoid ALL LBGT and it’s not because I’m Homophobic, they don’t scare me in the least. I just don’t want to surround myself with perversion.

          18. Nastasyana says

            And that’s fine.You can select with whom you choose to associate in your personal life just as I can. I respect people no matter who they are, what they are and the choices they have made. Respect does not mean I have to invite them to my home or even sat more than “good morning”. If they attend my church, I can choose to attend another church or welcome them into my church community or simply ignore them. However as you so wisely wrote I do not have to be nasty or mean to them either.

          19. Paul Robinson says

            Says who.

        5. Deborah G says

          Liberal women are so sick they’d let you

        6. Kelli Linnes says

          That makes no sense whatsoever. If you want to debate about it please offer reasonable justifications for your bigotry. Your terms have no meaning in this discussion.

          1. phil62 says

            I have just as much of a right to express my terms as you have yours. I have read down through your comments and it is very easy to see where you are coming from. I could care less what excuse you use it is IMMORAL, DISGUSTING and it WILL lead to more Pedophilia. You are too blind to see that NO ONE in this discussion agrees with you. This has NOTHING to do with bigotry. To even attempt to DEBATE with you would be as useless as trying to debate with the south end of a north bound jackass. MEN HAVE NO REASON TO BE IN BATHROOMS AND SHOWERS WITH LITTLE GIRLS AROUND. Go back to the cave, or closet or wherever it is that you crawled out of. PS: Go find some help from a shrink, or just go ahead and check in to a mental ward and do everyone around you a big favor. Have fun staring at yourself in the mirror.

          2. Kelli Linnes says

            could ‘not’ care less is what you mean. Or maybe you mean that you could care less but don’t. Whatever. Transgenderism has nothing to do with Pedo perverts.

          3. phil62 says

            Kelli, I took the time to go into your facebook page and all you do is argue with everyone. Excuse my grammatical error, but grammar is not the issue. You will never see the truth so like I said earlier: crawl back into your hole and hush.

          4. Kelli Linnes says

            Phil, I don’t know what you saw on Facebook that was argumentative. I am pretty transparent with who I am. I do try to see everyone’s viewpoint, but some people are just nasty and call me names. I’m not a pervert. I don’t think you would like it either. Try opening your closet and letting everyone in. How would that feel? I don’t see you have a Facebook page. I’m sure you have at least one fetish, kink or particular taste. Would you lay that open for everyone to dissect? Not many would feel comfortable having everyone know what turns them on displayed publicly. No matter what that particular taste is I can guarantee I can guarantee you would find one person who thinks its weird. Pervert! how does it feel?

          5. phil62 says

            Here is the difference: I do not go around bragging about the things that are strictly between me and God. Yea – everybody has something to hide – EVERYBODY. Even Paul had something wrong that bothered him every single day of his life but he kept it between himself and God. For the thing/things I have going wrong I get on my knees and ask God and Jesus to keep me under control and they DO. But just by the way you ended the last post shows me that God is not a part of your life, so anything I say is an argument and foolishness to you. My way of handling private things is my CHOICE. Your CHOICE is just the opposite, but it is still A CHOICE that YOU make.

          6. Kelli Linnes says

            God is a part of my life. I don’t know why you would question me like that. Jesus is my Lord. Thanks for your time and comments. Have a nice day.

          7. phil62 says

            Then ACT like it and TALK like it. You don’t want people throwing rocks at you Kelli, so stop throwing rocks at them. I am glad that God is part of your life, but He should BE your life. I questioned you to see what feedback I would get from you. Why not try saying something to the effect that “I disagree with you but I will pray for you and I hope you will do the same for me”. It was really effective when you said “what things are you hiding in your closet”. First do like I TRY to do: start by asking God what should I be saying to this person and then write accordingly. Then end your conversations by saying “have a blessed day”. I say that every where I go and it helps me as much as the person I say it to. God bless and talk to you later.

          8. Kelli Linnes says

            God Bless you. Have a great day.

          9. phil62 says

            TY Kelli, it would seem that somewhere in the middle of all this madness that two people could become friends; I think that is the way it’s supposed to be.

      3. Ms_V says

        So we need to undress in front of anyone that “claims” to be a woman, and only react if they become lewd? What an outrageous argument. I don’t know any female that would want to undress in front of a strange man, whether he is fully equipped or not, unless of course, that female was in the business of doing so on a regular basis.

        1. Jacky says

          Carry a women give him an instant sex change.

        2. Kelli Linnes says

          Your discomfort shouldn’t be an excuse. And yes only lewd behavior should be reported. why should you take action against anyone who hasn’t done anything to you? I don’t understand why you think it’s ok to take a preemptive strike on a person who is just changing like you are. Wow

          1. Ms_V says

            Because a man – former or current – has no place in a women’s dressing room. Period.

          2. Kelli Linnes says

            I’m sorry but that just sounds bigoted. Transgendered people identify with the sex they present as. I agree, A man doesn’t belong in the women’s restroom. They aren’t men.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            This is NOT name calling. I am just expressing my outrage at the ignorance you keep exhibiting here. The woman tried to express HER discomfort with finding a man in the woman’s locker room. When she took her concern to the management she was confronted by an equally ridiculous policy of complaining violating their “no judgement policy”. If you can not wrap your brain around the basic facts and how outrageous these two policies are in the context of a gender specific “safe environment” women’s locker room then I suggest that you are either ignorant or totally indoctrinated in the PC philosophy. What I find totally baffling is that this is even an issue. The VAST majority of people expect and demand that when entering a gender specific locker or rest room that all you should find in there are members of that specific gender. For you and others that find that being PC is more important for the sake of a minute percentage of the population than it is for everyone else has got to have a few screws loose or missing. The only problem in trying to discuss this point with you PC people is that you are so indoctrinated in this mindset as to be mindless drones in the sheeple country of PC correctness. I find it an awesome failure of either the education system or the parenting of this generation.

          4. Natesse says


          5. taliesin319 says

            Make it clear to every one of your friends that Planet Fitness has no concern if their currant policies result in harm to a woman perpetrated by a man who swore
            he was just a woman in transition. Unisex bathrooms are the answer. The discomfort of every patron should be important to management. If it isn’t call their nearest competitor and ask if joining their Gym will result in the same feelings of discomfort you have with Planet Fitness. If they get enough calls you will probably find they use the old arrangement. A well placed kick in the pocketbook may
            do the trick. if not Planet Pervert will have a contented group and the competitors will also get richer. One unisex bathroom and fitting room could solve this problem. If ideology is that important. Find another gym.

          6. Deborah G says

            I’d call their nearest competitor and tell them to advertise they have Me and women’s bathrooms the rest can sign up at Planet Flitness LOL

          7. taliesin319 says

            sounds like a plan.

          8. TexanForever29 says

            Deborah G, I agree with you completely, but the LBGT crowd is so militant, and the U.S. DOJ is SO messed up nowadays, I’ll bet that they’d file discrimination lawsuits against any gym that advertised “separate dressing rooms!” Sounds just like those bakeries whose owners refused to bake wedding cakes for gay weddings. They were either heavily fined or worse, put out of business. Sick, sick! I sure wouldn’t want my wife, daughter or granddaughters to go to a disgustingly PC establishment like Planet Fitness! Our current system promotes perversity.

          9. Deborah G says

            It isn’t our cyurent system it is the total breakdown of morals in the USA. The LBGT crowd is less than 3% of the population yet the liberals will always seek the bottom and scrape off the scum for votes

          10. Deborah G says

            They are men with their penis cut off. They have no female organs and just because they get female hormones doesn’t make them a woman. They are Freaks of nature.

          11. Chris Robinette says

            Sorry, but they have “vagina’s” surgically created and are fully functional for sex but not for procreation. Some fully transgendered men look better than many women. I leave it here.

          12. Deborah G says

            Goody goody so let the freaks pretend. Just don’t pretend near me Capisce`?

          13. Chris Robinette says

            Just stating fact but from your attitude, I’d rather talk to them rather than you.

          14. Bob says

            I’d have to agree with Chris. I imagine any interaction with a woman like you is uncomfortable. Capisce? Give me any transgendered person over you.

          15. Deborah G says

            I;m really good with that.

          16. Bob says

            that makes no sense

          17. Deborah G says

            Of course it does. IF you’d rather be with a pervert than a normal person then I consider it a compliment because you obviously are not of the type of person I am comfortable with.Liberals make me visibly ill so I am really fine if you chose not to interact with normal people and stay away from me,.

          18. Bob says

            If I can say this in the kindest way possible, you are an idiot. But I am not being nasty at all, I just think your an ass. I like you and all, but I would visibly puke if you were around me. You are a walking oxymoron….emphasis on moron.

          19. Bob says

            who said a transexual is a pervert? I don’t agree with that definition. A pervert is a pervert. That’s a separate issue.

          20. Kelli Linnes says

            I understand that you can not change XY to XX. Perhaps gene therapy might be able to some day.
            That aside, secondary sex characteristics can be changed. And those are the ones people see. You don’t see someone’s chromosomes or their uterus. If your only definition of a woman is XX chromosomes then I can stop. I won’t persuade you. I just know that with hormone therapy and surgery some gynecologists would not immediately notice a difference from a natal born vagina. You can orgasm as a woman and you the tissue changes to suit the reconfigured anatomy. Your body is smart and adapts. You can get lubrication and it functions the same as any other vagina.

          21. Deborah G says

            You can try and convince the world you are a woman, try to convince yourself.

          22. Kelli Linnes says

            Part of being a woman is acting like one. What convinces you that you are a woman?

          23. Deborah G says

            Parts is parts

          24. Kelli Linnes says

            you may have the parts of a flower, but your mind is a dump truck.

          25. Paul Robinson says

            They certainly are not women either. But especially if the said male is intact and not a eunuch I think that would make most women uncomfortable. Why should so many have to suffer to cater to so few who have a mental illness.

          26. Kelli Linnes says

            It’s not a mental illness

          27. Natesse says

            That is the end of the story, Ms V. I couldn’t agree with you more, and thank you for stating it so simply!

          28. cvxxx says

            After surgery they would not be a man any more. It would be a vey nice thing to create an fund so people so confused can obtain such surgery earlier in life.

          29. Deborah G says

            Yes it should be. WHo the F are you homofacists to decide for other people? The fact this is a personal time and should not become a political ball field for the LBGT crowd of perverts. And YES they are perverts and abnormal. If you want to feel sorry for them go ahead, don’t expect everyone to agree or follow your demands.

          30. headonstraight says

            Kelli–It IS lewd behavior for a standard model genitally-equipped male to enter a women’s locker facility or women’s restroom and expose his endowment to members of the opposite gender.

          31. Kelli Linnes says

            I agree. Now what part of this story says anyone exposed a penis to anyone else in a women’s locker room?

          32. headonstraight says

            None whatsoever, but if you believe that kind of thing will not happen after opening women’s locker rooms to any and all persons who “feel” they are women but have male equipment, then you are hopelessly naive.

          33. Kelli Linnes says

            When you exclude a whole class of people because of the actions of one individual then that is discrimination.

            I am not naive enough to know that eventually a black man will rob a convenience store sometime in the next month. That doesn’t mean all black people are going to rob a convenience store and we shouldn’t let them in. Basically you are saying that all transgender people are perverts. That’s not true.

          34. brabbie2002 says

            Because I have no need to see a guy’s package swinging in the wind just because he thinks he is a woman, which he is obviously not. How about we turn this around and we all undress in the same room? I suppose you think that would make you comfortable, but what about we married ladies who do not wish to see another man’s package than our husband’s? Are we so wrong to want a dressing room where males are not allowed – no matter which way they lean? As for lewd behavior – I notice Bruce Jenner is doing such a great job of keeping his “leanings” out of the yellow journalism papers and I wouldn’t undress in front of him either!!!

          35. Deborah G says

            he’s a feak as well not only is he trying to be a woman but claims he WiLL be a lesbian because he likes to have sex with women. now tell me that isn’t sick in the head?FREAKENZOIDS

          36. brabbie2002 says

            AMEN to that, sister! I bet his kids are soo proud of him. NOT!!! It must be doubly hard on them now what with the trashy Kardashians being on their “let’s throw our dirt on TV” and their father being a “celebrity” in the worst possible way!

          37. Deborah G says

            These freaks don’t care about the kids, they only care about their perverted sexual feelings that have to be fulfilled. next he’s a used up old man so now we have a dirty old him/she who wants to be a LBGT lesbian ? Sickening.

      4. Jacky says

        I find you in the restroom with my daughter and you are anatomically male, you will receive a gender change on the spot, If you don’t like that stay out of the restroom with my daughter you low life pervert
        By the way I am the good natured one in my family, if it should be my wife that catches you, you suffer pain way out beyond the ordinary

        1. Kelli Linnes says

          Hate speech

          1. Jim says

            So, the 1st Amendment only covers those who agree with YOU? Give me a break! This “hate speech” crapola was invented as a way for libtards and communists to silence those who disagreed with them. All I see is hypocrisy. Deny someone their rights while crying and moaning that you want YOUR rights protected.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            Bingo!! Nailed it right to the wall Jim. Good one.

          3. Bob says

            So let me get this straight, the First Amendment gives you the right to express your desire to illegally cause bodily harm to someone? That’s news to me. Are you also special enough to scream fire in a crowded theater?

          4. Jim says

            The “yelling fire in a crowded theater” argument is a false argument that goes way back. That was always used as a justification for limiting our 1st Amendment rights. That has nothing to do with the debate.

          5. Kelli Linnes says

            This wasn’t about your right to express bigoted opinions, Sir. You have every right to do that. Please, speak on.

            But do you have the right to express your desire to cause me bodily harm?

            The following is a threat of physical harm, not a free expression of speech:

            “I find you in the restroom with my daughter and you are anatomically male, you will receive a gender change on the spot, If you don’t like that stay out of the restroom with my daughter you low life pervert
            By the way I am the good natured one in my family, if it should be my wife that catches you, you suffer pain way out beyond the ordinary”

          6. Deborah G says

            TRUTH! hate speech is what you libs do

          7. Jacky says

            Yes it was, so?

          8. Kelli Linnes says

            should I report you to the authorities as evidence of a credible threat to my body?

          9. Jacky says

            Feel free pervert

          10. bamissfa says

            FREE speech

      5. gets2say says

        No thanks! If I feel uncomfortable, I can always take my money somewhere else!

      6. brabbie2002 says

        Let’s see – their facial structure is different, they are built different, they have five o’clock shadow, they do not comport themselves as women, etc, etc, et al !! And how do you shower? Fully clothed? Are you a transvestite or a “used-to-be” man?

      7. Jim says

        As I have posted earlier–I have a 14 year old daughter. If I see a man entering the restroom that she is using, regardless of what he “identifies as”, I will drag his sorry hide out of there and I might just help him to achieve the “identity” he wants. I keep a sharp Case pocket knife and I am always glad to oblige!

    2. Liberty says

      Real women PICKET, PICKET, PICKET. Why are the libs always out in force? Because they back each other’s indecent proposals. Bring out the conservative women to back the decent proposal and PICKET, PICKET, PICKET. The squeaky wheel gets the oil….and the press!

      1. Deborah G says

        I started a twitter and Facebook campaign. THEY beeter have a whole lot of LBGT customers if they want to keep their “no Judgement zone” in business.

        1. Jim says

          This incident with the transformer has shown that they are actually the “Poor Judgement Zone”.

    3. Dave S. says

      A person on another site, about this same article said;

      “Whoa! Is that Mrs Obama”?

      On a more serious note; I say, cancel membership or don’t join them and to all others boycott until they go out of business.

  10. doomsdae says

    Since when did the he/she’s begin to “rule the Planet!!” This world has totally gone mad and this he/she’s don’t belong on this earth but should be booted to Mars where they will certainly have their own Planet!

  11. brabbie2002 says

    I can see all the perverts in the world dressing like women so they can get “a quick peek” in any lady’s lavatory or dressing room. Planet Fitness – YOU SUCK!

    1. Kelli Linnes says

      Your perverted world maybe. Not my world.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Just for grins and giggles I think I’ll throw out my favorite blonde joke. “Do you know how many blonde jokes there really are? No? Just one. All the rest are true stories.”

        1. Joe Fyffe says

          Just think, Mark: If God had created us as Bi-Gender, we wouldn’t have to worry about it. We’d have a Hole and a Pole!

      2. brabbie2002 says

        So you think men should be a woman’s dressing room? Talk about perverted!!!

  12. Beeotchstewie says

    Simple, if you have a penis, you use the MEN’s locker room. No wiggle room there. What is next, hermaphrodite locker rooms?

    1. phil62 says

      They are going to lose a lot of both women and men. There are millions of men who do not take kindly to some fruitcake watching their wives and girlfriends in the shower. Planet Fitness just went to Gay Fitness and man are they going to lose money on this stupid move.

      1. Beeotchstewie says

        Count me among those who find this appalling Sometimes political correctness must be set aside for the good of the vast majority of the customer base.This will decimate their bottom line.

        1. phil62 says

          Thanks for using common sense on this issue.

          1. Beeotchstewie says

            Not enough people use it already!

          2. Mark Lahti says

            That is just so completely accurate. It is just so amazing that these are the kinds of issues facing us with all the other hate and violence going on the world today.

          3. Natesse says

            A big AMEN to that, Mark. The last thing any of us need to be concerned with is hurting the feelings of perverts. I’ve pretty much had enough!

      2. Mark Lahti says

        Hope so….really….. hope so!!!!!!

  13. pana2 says

    whoa thanks for sharing….i have a plant fitness plan but for the 10 bucks i pay monthly it’s cheap enough so that I can leave it and forget about losing out. Goodbye PF.

    1. gets2say says

      There you go! THAT’s the vote that will get PF management attention! The rest of it they just view as free publicity!

  14. Beeotchstewie says

    Personal sexuality is a private matter that should remain that way. No need to bend the rules to accommodate one transgendered individual. Majority should rule. It is not right to force this on women to appease one person, or a minute group of people. This crosses the line entirely.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      And I wonder just how far their policy of “no judgement” will go when the freaks who can’t figure out what their equipment is for start to complain that they are being unfairly treated by the rest of the people in the locker room.

  15. Pentax Princess says

    Another good reason why I won’t join a privately-owned fitness center.

  16. Kathy Vawters Baker says

    I agree with you. R Jeffrey Savlov looks like I won’t be joining this club. AND I’M passing the word too. It’s bullshit what these people keep pushing for. . .And it’s a damn same we have to suffer for there Confused identity.

  17. Mary Ann says

    If you have a penis you use the men’s locker room. Using the excuse I feel like a female is just bullshit. Use the men’s locker room!

  18. SouthernPatriot says

    Is Planet Fitness headquartered in Houston? The pervert FemiNazi mayor there has tried to enforce similar rules throughout the city. Great uproar and opposition resulted. Only if the women who are members of PF begin to boycott, then not renew their membership, they will not have enough transgenders to make up that shortfall, and will close their doors or sell out to a group of investors who have better thought processes.

  19. daveveselenak says

    The madness, sin, goes on unabated and it will get worse as satan is ruling this sick world! The Christians need to start hitting back and start acting as Christian soldiers. Those people that profess to be Christians must flee this Godless business endeavor like a house on fire because that is what it is spiritually; let those corporate devils live with their ludicrous decision to placate evil!

  20. artarlo1 says

    Ah……………… isn’t wonderful liberalism just great?

  21. Liberty says

    Planet Un-Fit for decent folks. Might as well be another Chicago Bath House. Get your money back and get out!

  22. Michael Henry says

    Bad enough going there and see people who have terrible technique and will eventually hurt themselves seriously. They also have bowls of candy on hand as you enter/leave the place, now this BS.

  23. Ulfric Thorsson says

    This is disgusting and needs to END. These people are SICK and need to be put down,like you would a rabid dog or a horse with a broken leg

  24. TPS12 says

    Hey ask yourself, did you vote these idiots in now making the crazy laws of PCness. Well your getting what you deserve.

  25. chuckkel says

    Be a good capitalist and hurt them in the pocket book: cancel your membership, tell everyone else to cancel, make this widely known that this is a problem, and write their corporate headquarters.

  26. Ohso says

    ‘Freedom of Conscience’ is an archaic notion in the Age of Abomination, and has been replaced by ‘Pander or Perish’ = the new ‘gospel’ of the Gaystapo Thought Police.

    This is Not about the Traneeze (whether self mutilating Steroid Dykes or Male Drag Queens) – but about Forcing the Rest of Us to Deny our Immutable Inherited Genetic Gender – or face harsh penalties, eventually leading to Jail Time for Thought Crime using Judicial ‘Contempt’ charges as the weapon.

    Regardless of lacking any ‘Criminal’ Behavior – Anyone can be sent to Jail for ‘Contempt’ the moment they set foot in Any Courtroom, at the Judge’s Political Whim.

    This phenomenon was perhaps best explained by author Theodore Dalrymple (Dr. Anthony Daniels) in an interview in (August 31, 2005), when he said the Purpose of ‘Political Correctness’ is:

    “…not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.

    When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity.

    To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.

    A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    1. Natesse says

      Welcome to 1984. I think Kelli must work for the Ministry of Truth…..doubleplusgood!

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Good one Natesse. I like it.

  27. MAHB001 says

    Gays have become fascist in their thoughts and beliefs.

  28. Ohso says

    Note that it was the Female (XX) Swim Coach, who was protecting young girls – who was Punished and may have lost her job for failure to pander to a Male Pervert – such is the Age of Abomination:

    “College Allows Transgender Man to Expose Himself to Young Girls

    A Washington college said their non-discrimination policy prevents them from stopping a transgender man from exposing himself to young girls inside a women’s locker room, according to a group of concerned parents.

    “Little girls should not be exposed to naked men, period,” said David Hacker, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom. A group of concerned parents contacted the legal firm for help…

    According to a police report, the mother of a 17-year-old girl complained after her daughter saw the transgender individual walking naked in the locker room. A female swim coach confronted the man sprawled out in a sauna exposing himself. She ordered him to leave and called police.

    The coach later apologized when she discovered the man was transgendered but explained there were girls using the facility as young as six years old who weren’t used to seeing male genitals…

    Hacker said the college could be held liable for damages if any of the young girls is harmed by the transgendered individual.

    “Clearly, allowing a person who is biologically a man to undress and expose himself to young girls places those girls at risk for emotional distress and harm,” he wrote in a letter to the college

    . “Any reasonable person would view this as dangerous to the young girls involved. The fact that this individual was sitting in plain view of young girls changing into their swimsuits puts you and Evergreen on notice of possible future harm.”

  29. bookworm says

    How long do you think it will take for every gym in America to look like a San Francisco bath house of the 1970s?

  30. The Good Shepherd says

    Planet Freakness is for those who are TOO DAMN CHEAP to go to A REAL Gym & Health Club.
    As a member of Planet Freakness you take your own safety into your own hands as you travel from the ROOM FULL of BACTERIA to the Locker & Shower area. When you least expect it you can assume some FREAK will be eying you from another corenr of the room.
    …Nice people over there at Planet FREAKNESS!!

  31. Jim says

    Historically, transgender people have been the victims of abuse.

    1. headonstraight says

      In your view, then, does that give any of them the right to use locker rooms or other dressing and undressing areas or public restrooms designated for persons who are PHYSICALLY of a gender other than what these gender-confused people erroneously consider themselves to be? Don’t bopther to answer, Jim; I will answer simply and clearly for you: HELL, NO!!!!

  32. Jim says

    Historically, transgender people have been the victims of abuse from straight people.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Really? Come on now….really? If they are truly gender confused and there is a valid reason for such a thought process. Then they should be treated in a mental health facility like any other person who has an affliction that affects the mind and the body. Now I know you true believers that this behavior should fall within the range of normal will disagree. But then don’t get upset when the majority of the population with normal concepts of what is acceptable refuse to allow these mentally unstable people to take over their places of activity. And speaking of such. In answer to Kelli up above. Neither you nor anybody that agrees with you has the right to force abnormal behavior on the rest of us for any reason. Abnormal being that which is contrary to normal. It is really not all that hard to figure out. But….liberals…..go figure.

  33. alaskat says

    Political correctness is asinine. It hastens the downfall of a perverted nation, but that may be a good thing. God is not mocked.

  34. Nio Walters says

    This story is only the tip of the iceberg. Note that planet fitness like all other fitness clubs have lockers in the hallways to allow people to place bags and other items in. In a report that talked with the tranny in question, it turns out that this guy is not a member of the gym. He was a guest of another person who is a member. The tranny stated that he had gone into the ladies changing room to retrieve his bag from a locker. He stated that he had not changed clothes in the changing room before or after his workout. He had simply used the ladies changing room to store his bag. Why did he not use a locker in the hallway? I think he was using the tranny excuse as a way of getting his cheap thrills. If a tranny were to walk in on my wife, daughter, or granddaughters, he would be able to use the ladies room for the remainder of their life since he would be castrated very quickly.

    1. Kelli Linnes says

      Tranny is a derogative term just like the “n” word. Transgendered.
      But then again maybe you also think blacks should still drink out of separate water fountains as well. This is a crowd of bullies in my opinion.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Here we go again. The typical liberal response of calling names again. And yes you do imply the name calling when you imply that someone who disagrees with you liberal wackos is racist. You really have got to stretch that conversation out to get to the racist crap when no body else but you brought it up. Pathetic, simple-minded drivel from the “we know better than all the rest of you” crowd.

        1. Kelli Linnes says

          I guess the point is that your argument against this transgender issue sounds very similar to the racist tones taken when white people wanted separate facilities for blacks.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Just a little note for your education. The racists that wanted those facilities for blacks to be separate were all democrats. Now they want you all to believe that is the democrats that are there to help and protect the blacks. Check out your history. The people here who you are trying to link to racism are republicans and or conservatives. The issue of sexual confusion has absolutely nothing to do with race. My comment was intended for you to stop trying to make everything ultimately about racism when it has nothing what so ever to do with it. But that is the typical way for liberals to argue. When all else fails for lack of substance then go to the name calling and in this past decade bring it all the way to the false claim of racism.

          2. headonstraight says

            Perhaps it sounds that way to you, Kelli, but that just ain’t the way it is. White and black are racial forms of identification. White people and Black people are, for the most part, NORMAL people who just happen to differ in skin tone, hair texture, and certain other physical characteristics all of which are NORMAL. Transgender people are ABNORMAL people. Their condition of gender confusion is ABNORMAL. Your attempt to equate the treatment of ABNORMAL transgender persons and NORMAL Black persons as relates to use of public accommodations is an apples and oranges thing–or maybe more extreme that that. Lets say it’s more like kumquats and pumpkins. i

  35. billl77 says

    Disruptive behavior is a man going into the woman’s locker room and not expecting the women to be outraged at the idea here’s an idea let all the women dump their gym membership to this perverts club that way the freaks can use what ever locker room they want F U planet fitness

  36. Joe Fyffe says

    Hey, Guys, let’s all buy us a wig and go on down to Planet Fitness for a free “peep show” Hell, we can even show them ours without being charged with public indecency!! Wow, what a Concept! Actually, what “BULLSHIT”

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Thanks Joe. At least some of us actually get it. Sure feel sorry for the dumbasses that don’t.

  37. Sam Palermo says

    If all women pull their membership and sue for lost membership fees the company would have a different decision. Also bring in a high voltage defense device in as soon as you are attacked let them have 100,000 volts to help them straighten out the hair in their wig. Then let the men drag his sorry hide from the females locker room as an example. Too many liberals these days!

  38. Joseph Pietrouchie says

    Well, did he check his penis at the desk(detached of coarse.), Then maybe there is some room for acceptance.

  39. taliesin319 says

    What a boon for high school boys everywhere and I guess Frat parties will soon have frequent trips to Planet Fitness to use the facilities just long enough for women to notice nature does not give
    a tinkers damn what you say you are. Under certain conditions she can make it clear you just how quickly she can revoke that female status.

  40. Kelli Linnes says

    I’m going to go workout now. Enjoy the rest of your day. I respect your opinions everyone. I really do understand some of the concerns. Please don’t be afraid. If you are a woman you probably were in a locker room at some point and never realized the woman next to you used to be a man. Let’s not over react It may not be “normal” but it’s not dangerous.

  41. adrianvance says

    This mind-bending business is stock-in-trade Communism: Believe what I say! Forget facts, Comrad.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  42. Jim says

    If you think the Planet Fitness policy is outrageous, wait until you hear what the mayor of Houston is trying to do. Mayor Parker (yes, THAT thing) tried to get a city ordinance passed that would allow people to use whatever restroom and fitting room that they felt they should use. This thing didn’t count on the backlash from the community. It seems that even in Houston we still have some sense of morality. All that aside, if I saw a man enter a restroom that my wife or daughter was using, I would follow him in there and drag him the hell out.

    1. headonstraight says

      The wacko Mayoress of Houston is a raving, scheming lesbian ideologue who is doing her dead level best to guarantee she will not be re-elected.

      1. Jim says

        When she’s gone, we will get someone just as bad or worse. Houston mayors seem to be getting worse as we go along. Before this one we had Bill White. He looked like Elmer Fudd and was a limousine liberal. I shudder to think what we’ll end up with next.

  43. Patti Bellion says

    It is too bad they ‘cancelled’ the woman’s membership, before she had a chance to tell them to take it and stuff it! Good riddance Planet Fitness!

  44. headonstraight says

    “Sincere self-reported gender identity,” they say? Allow me to translate that corporate code terminology. It means, in plain English, “Self-report as a woman, you lustbucket weasel, and you can peek at the real women while they are dressing and undressing in the women’s locker room.

  45. headonstraight says

    Years ago, I was in the Charleston, S.C municipal airport, in an area that was heavily involved in construction re-modeling. There were temporary walls and non-standard directional signs in place and in the confusion I unintentionally blundered into a women’s rest room. Fortunately, there was no one else in the restroom at the time, but when I saw the Kotex dispenser, you better believe I turned on my heel with the speed of summer lightning and got the hell outtathere! Now, with political correctness in place, I would have the option of claiming transgender identity and not have to worry about being troubled by law enforcement should I experience the same situation.

  46. Chris Robinette says

    Wonderful, any man can put on a wig, add little make-up and can claim to be an in process transgender to check out the women changing in the “WOMAN’S DRESSING ROOM”! WOW! Can they bring their cameras too???

  47. Shadowwolf78 says

    Planet Fitness is perfectly safe for women. It is not safe for bigots and idiots however.

  48. Alleged Comment says

    Yes, stay away from Planet Retard.

    No man should be in a women’s bathroom and no women should be in a man’s bathroom. There is no in between as gays and lesbians like you to think and stink.

    1. Bob says

      what about a gay man in the same restroom as a young boy? Or a lesbian in the same dressing room with your daughter? No problem?

  49. Jim says

    Sounds to me like Planet Fitness is not only a “Judgement Free Zone”, but it is also a “Poor Judgement Zone” and a “Common Sense Free Zone”.

  50. don76550 says

    Boycott Planet Fitness.

  51. Gammi2Anna says

    As a business that caters to the general public, providing the opportunity for health conscious persons to access exercise equipment in a group environment, why would Planet Fitness opt to shut out the heterosexual population in favor of the homosexual community? The female that was made to feel unsafe in the privacy of the gyms locker room had her membership revoked because she addressed her concerns to the management. Her ‘behavior’ was deemed as inappropriate and disruptive, leading to the cancellation of her membership. I have a gym membership in a locally owned facility that does not require any contracts or commitments except to pay a one time monthly or yearly membership fee. If I were to go into the locker room, which also includes showers and toilets, to find a male in the area, I too would be frightened enough to bring this to the attention of management. Planet Fitness advertises as a business that provides the community with the opportunity to use their facility to reach their fitness goals. Their members are given a contract that they must sign as well as providing the facility with the ability to draft fees directly from the members bank account. It takes several months and sometimes requires that the member close out their bank account to stop the drafting from their account if they decide to leave the gym. I’m just wondering if the contract includes the statement that was released to the media by the PF brass, “Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guest may use all gym facilities based on their sincere ‘self-reported’ gender identity”. If this policy is not included in the contract, how would the woman have known that the locker, shower and bathroom area would be opened to anyone that wanted to enter. If this is the policy of Planet fitness, why do they go to the added expense of providing separate male and female facilities? Would it not be more efficient to provide just one big shower, dressing, and toilet universal area? It appears to me that Planet Fitness is just another business that is willing to loose members in order to cater to the community of misfits so as not to offend the PC police. What happens to the rights of those of us that do not agree with the ‘anything goes sexual lifestyle’ of a few individuals? The Planet Fitness statement that was released even contradicts their own supposed policy about non-discrimination. Was it not a discriminatory act to revoke the female complainants membership simply because she expressed her concerns and fear with having males invade the ladies locker room? How would Planet Fitness have responded if the complaint had been made by the transgender guest? One last concern that I would have is the possibility of exposure to diseases that are very prevalent among the homosexual community which can be contracted simply by coming into contact with any bodily fluids, which also include sweat, urine, or skin contact with toilet seats. I definitely will never give my business to Planet Fitness because they do not get to make the call as to how I should feel about this issue. They don’t need or want my money and I don’t want their PC attempts to invade my rights.

  52. Bob says

    I think many of you posting here are disgusting human beings based on your responses to anyone who says anything less than cut their penis off, harm them, or send them to hell. I don’t know which church you go to, but it ain’t my God who talks like that. What would Jesus do?

  53. Guest says

    “If a man sells his daughter as a female slave, she is not to go free as the male slaves do. “If she is displeasing in the eyes of her master who designated her for himself, then he shall let her be redeemed. He does not have authority to sell her to a foreign people because of his unfairness to her. “If he designates her for his son, he shall deal with her according to the custom of daughters. “If he takes to himself another woman, he may not reduce her food, her clothing, or her conjugal rights. “If he will not do these threethings for her, then she shall go out for nothing, without payment of money.

  54. Bob says

    Where would you suggest Kimber James change to workout? She is a transexual. I think most of you have in mind that a man is using this policy to be a pervert when the objective is to give truly transgendered people a place to change. As with ANY policy, there COULD be an individual that abuses the privilege. i.e.: a man in a wig. that does NOT meet the requirement of the Planet fitness policy.

    Since many of you are conservative gun toters, I think you would all agree that guns don’t kill people, people do. So it is not a reason to outlaw guns. The focus is on stopping people who abuse guns.

    Same here. IF there IS a pervert, stop HIM. There is already a policy that excludes men from entering the restroom. They will be a very small percentage if at all that ABUSE this privilege and they should be dealt with immediately, just as people who use guns for improper purposes. The majority are transgendered women who just want a safe place to change and use the restroom.

  55. Michael Stewart says

    what is going to happen next goats who think they are people/

  56. David Witenstein says

    That’s why I belong to LA Fitness. Get the operation and then use the ladies facilities

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