Police Chief to Atheists: “Go Fly a Kite”


When it comes to religion and politics, Christians have had very little cause to celebrate over the past year. But even in moments of darkness, there are shining beams of light that even the most pessimistic Americans can look upon. Kim Davis was one of those beacons, and Adrian Garcia is now another one. Garcia, the police chief of Childress, Texas, decided last month to add America’s national motto to his fleet. But upon decorating the town’s cars with In God We Trust, Garcia got a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

“Statements about a god have no place on government-owned cars,” said the letter. “Public officials should not use their government position and government property to promote their religious views.”

Garcia could have taken the path of least resistance. He could have crumbled in the face of the liberal agenda like so many others. Instead, he sent back a short letter that left no doubt as to where he stands on the subject.

After carefully reading your letter I must deny your request in the removal of our Nations motto from our patrol units, and ask that you and the Freedom From Religion Foundation go fly a kite.

Garcia posted the response on Facebook Monday, and his defiance immediately won support from two Texas Republicans. In a joint statement, Senator Charles Perry and Rep. Drew Springer praised his resolve. “We live in a country with a rich history of celebrating faith and honoring religious liberty,” said Perry. “It is un-American to suggest a police department should not be allowed to display our national motto.”

You would think that would go without saying, but you can’t assume anything in the LooneyLand that America has become. When Confederate memorials are being removed, gay marriages are being sanctioned, and taxpayers are funding abortion despite federal laws that prohibit it, there’s really no telling where the tides of change will take us.

As for Annie Gaylor, the woman in charge of the atheist foundation, she believes Childress and other police departments are just trying to deflect criticism. “I think there is no question that police and sheriff’s departments are wrapping themselves in the mantle of piety,” she said. “Police are feeling criticized so they react to this criticism by sticking God on their cars. Monkey see and monkey do all over the country; it is so anti-intellectual imagining that God will protect them.”

Is it more or less “intellectual” to believe that the nation’s official motto is somehow unconstitutional? After all, the courts have already decided this issue. In 2009, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals determined that “In God We Trust” does not violate the Establishment Clause in any way. That means Gaylor and her minions are simply whining.

  1. Gary Daniel says

    When a group espousing Freedom From Religion helps other people like churches do then I will listen to what they have to say. I bet they wouldn’t complain if the Red Cross came to help them after a natural disaster.

    1. Croco Dile says

      “To have faith is simply to believe firmly – almost as a certainty – things that are not reasonable.”- Francesco Guicciardini, 1483 – 1540, Florentine historian

      1. Joe Velazquez says

        And this is why it is easier for a rich man to pay through the eye of a needle, than to enter the kingdom of heaven.

        1. kotoc says

          Actually, it was said in the Bible, “it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

          1. Kate says

            Do you know what the eye of the needle is ? It is not a sewing needle….

          2. Joe Velazquez says

            It is a parable that translates to the fact that many rich men will not freely let go of their earthly riches, and become a follower of Christ. Therefore the rich man would rather die with his riches, than give away his riches to become a Christian. You can never buy your way into heaven. I hope this helps you understand a little better.

          3. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Nor is it a gate in Jerusalem. That story has been debunked everywhere. Google it.

          4. kotoc says

            Apparently I don’t know… if it’s not a sewing needle, what is it?

        2. kerry57 says

          you take that litterally?

          1. Joe Velazquez says

            Please understand It is a parable like many in the Bible. This one translates to the fact that many rich men will not freely let go of their earthly riches, and become a follower of Christ. Therefore the rich man would rather die with his riches, than give away his riches to become a Christian. You can never buy your way into heaven. I hope this helps you understand a little better.

          2. Kate says

            I understand it just fine, did you read my question and subsequent comment. I’ve heard many people say God meant a sewing needle and that a rich man will never be admitted into Heaven. Well 1) God did not write the Bible men did; 2) they used references common to their time in history not 2015.. . As I previously stated eye of the needle refers to the lower half of a gate that opens top and bottom and yes rich men who follow the laws of God can indeed go to Heaven as you can tell I understand quite well…do you ?

          3. Kate says

            No but some do. Actually the needle they are referring to in the bible is the lower half of a gate that opens top and bottom. It means that a rich man who is more concerned with his wealth would have a more difficult time (not impossible) getting into heaven then a camel crawling under the top half of the gate. Many truly believe it means a sewing needle….just checking.

          4. Joe Velazquez says

            Your not going to change kerry57 or the hate he/she has for God, it is clearly seen through out this post. Maybe He/She feels that God is to blame for the amount of hate in this persons heart. Not all souls who hear will listen when God speaks. Therefore there is nothing we can do other than pray for kerry57, that God would enter his/her life before the second coming. So do not get upset at his/her comments, but instead feel pitty for those like kerry57 who harbor so much hate in them.

        3. Joe Velazquez says

          And I do stand corrected; the Bible version uses a Camel through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

          Bottom line, it is basically to explain how difficult it is for a rich man to give up his earthly belongings to follow Christ than that of a poor man. This is still achievable by a rich man, like the Owner of Chic-Fil-A who was rich but always put Christ First.

      2. wonduh says

        Athiests have NOTHING? 🙂

        1. MyrlenBritt6501@comcast.net says

          Our America has been lost to the *eers and other nuts. One day soon the sleepingmasses will awaken and blood will run in our streets if the SCOTUS, president and congress continue to twist the constitution in their favor. NOWHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION IS ABORTION OR SEX PERVERTS “MARRYING” THE SAME SEX but our REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS TOO MANY RINO’S IN IT AND TOO FEW PATRIOTS WITH GUTS!!

          1. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            The topic that “wonduh” was responding to was about faith.

          2. worn out 123 says

            True, and well stated.
            Our “choices” consist of republicrats or republicrats. Professional politicians all with no concern for their fellow citizens, the republic, nor liberty itself.

        2. Shelby Dunmire says

          Said so well.

        3. worn out 123 says

          Athiests believe they have no need of God to achieve a moral life. I would submit that they often express a NEED to deny this to others and in-so-doing display an extreme selfishness. Hence, they have openly displayed their immorality.

        4. Jarhead says

          They can see dimly thru the colon mucus covering their eyes & head……but not enuff to make a intelligent comment.

          1. wonduh says

            HA HA, good one. You have to be careful Jarhead, some people will accuse you of being a Marine and make snide comments about it. Hope you understand there are trolls on this site. Have a great day!

      3. LibertyLovingPatriot says

        Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth. Pope John Paul II

      4. kerry57 says

        there are milliionaires that have faith did you want the list..?

  2. peanut butter says

    As it should be. A bunch of stink stirring folks want their demands met, and they are told to go and act like the children they are somewhere else. If you don’t believe in God, go found your own country. There’s got to be at least ONE uncharted island left out there.

    1. Scopedope says

      They could also go to North Korea. That would be a whole lot easier that worrying over all the expense & paper work associated with having your own country. But I guess that wouldn’t work too well either. A) Mr Kim is a self-proclaimed god & B) The DPRK doesn’t allow protests. It’s just down right unhealthy.

      1. Conservative says

        Maybe Cuba would welcome them. There they would not have to hear about God or faith.

    2. Conservative says

      If they want to destroy Christianity, they should move to a Muslim Country! I wonder how many atheists have joined ISIS to destroy Christianity? Maybe the entire Freedom from Religion group should be investigated to see how many of their members have defected.

      1. peanut butter says

        It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a BUNCH. I’d be checking out the ACLU, too.

    3. kerry57 says

      that is what the bible god says..if you dont believe in me..get lost..go deal with yourselves..

  3. stanbyk1 says

    Are these Atheists so afraid that their children might get religious? It seems like they might have a problem raising their offspring. You know, if God is myth, why are you atheists so afraid of religion.

    1. Bobtrhn says

      Now that could not have been said any better. Very good post.

    2. Debra Johnson says

      One of the first things communists do is to do away with churches and then take over the media thus silencing those who would object to them taking over the country. Liberals don’t like those who oppose their agenda and neither does the elites in the Republican Party. That is why the GOP has such a disdain for the Tea Party.

      1. kerry57 says

        conservatives and bible people dont like those who appose their agenda either..esp the biblically correct bible people and the evangelicals..and that is to take over the world with evangelizm

        1. worn out 123 says

          Please. Evangelicals don’t behead people. Catholics don’t behead people. Mormans don’t behead people. DUH! You make a moral equilivelant of other religions to Islam with your comment; ” . . . . take over the world”. How despicable of you!

        2. Debra Johnson says

          What agenda are you referring to. All I see is the systematic silencing of those who disagree with the liberals. The attacks by the left to silence Christianity, conservatism and taking away our rights as Americans by using the activist courts to make laws which is unconstitutional since they are not to make laws but enforce the ones we have and to uphold the constitution.

        3. Debra Johnson says

          Pray tell me what our agenda is. I haven’t heard any liberal who can tell me of any activist Christians who are suing any gays or attacking gays online or shutting down businesses of gay people who attack them. We are not taking over the world, but most of the world is being taken over by liberalism, socialism and immorality. Yes we are to spread Christianity all over the world, but you have a choice in accepting it, declining it or telling me to go away because you aren’t interested. We do not force it on you except when it goes against our beliefs which would go against God’s teaching. God is first and others are second.

      2. Rodger Johnson says

        The communist manifesto spells it out very clearly control the money, control the press, control the guns, control the church and you will control the people

      3. Rodger Johnson says

        hey that sounds just like the liberal/progressive/democrats agenda

    3. kerry57 says

      i dont believe they are afraid of anything personally..they know the bible people and christians are tho afraid of their bible god and afraid if they dont meet up to the bible god’s monastic demands they will go to hell..

      1. worn out 123 says

        Feel free to believe what you like. I will stand by you, though I disagree. I will defend your right to believe whatever you choose. Cannot you do the same?

    4. kerry57 says

      athiests have no need to be afraid of anything..its the christians who believe illusions..they fear this and fear that

      1. worn out 123 says

        You know little. When you speak of the Bible you twist its meaning to suit your own goals. The Fear of the Lord is to hate evil, not to fear God. You wish to deny God then go right ahead. What you should not do is tell others how to believe and/or raise their children. In God We Trust is a motto that instills confidence in many and you are NOT being required to accept this as anything more than that. If this is too much for you to handle why not simply ignore it? Here’s my bumper sticker: “Sh#t Happens”. Don’t like it? Don’t buy one.

    5. Jimmy King says

      Why are you so afraid of the constitution, and why do you hate it and this great country so much?

  4. Original Rebel says

    Doncha just love those snivelers? Makes you want to hand them a tissue and then a punch in the nose!

    1. sox83cubs84 says

      Never mind the tissues. Stick with the punch in the nose and follow up with a knee to the crotch.

      1. Original Rebel says

        I’d support that!!!

      2. Gary Stuckey says


      3. Tedski says

        And a good swift kick in the arse.

      4. kerry57 says

        amen this is what the bible god..commends to do

      5. Shelby Dunmire says

        You guys are really nasty. I will be praying for both of you that MY GOD, the Lord Jesus Christ, will come into your lives.

        1. sox83cubs84 says

          I can’t speak for the Rebel, but Christ has been in my life for several decades. I’m just not a passive person who lets the evil in our world walk all over them and bully them. If it’s in defense of my God and my country (as this is) I WILL fight back.

    2. kerry57 says

      your negative thinking doesnt help anything does it?

      1. Original Rebel says

        Negative? What, me negative? No negative here … just a possible solution to all that damn sniveling!

  5. Stargeezer says

    It’s about time that we stood up to be counted and the courtrooms get back to reminding these whimpering souls that the constitution does not promise them or any one else the right to not be offended. They are sure good at telling US that we don’t. If they don’t want to see the national motto or be reminded of their sins by being confronted with a statue of the 10 commandments – they don’t have to look.

    1. Tedski says

      Add one more commandment. Thou shalt not be an asshole.

      1. Kathryn Caldwell says

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        1. Mark Clemens says

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          All of you atheists who don’t trust God. Make sure y’all add Laura to that list………….

          1. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            How did they get nudie pics of your family?

          2. David Parker says

            The NSA installed cameras while expanding their terrorist surveillance program and provided them to Laura after she contributed to the DNC and bought Obama a new nightie.

          3. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          4. David Parker says

            Everyone who read that except you understood it was a joke.

            Please provide proof
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            You are lying please provide proof

            Does anyone know how to switch off that AI computer tagged as Waykent?

            David Parker

          5. Waykent says

            That is not proof. Please provide proof.

          6. David Parker says

            Thank you for proving you are nothing but a troll computer program.

          7. Waykent says

            Please explain your recent comments, program.

          8. David Parker says

            Waykent wastes digital space.

          9. Waykent says

            I am human, ergo, I waste no digital space.

          10. OSAMA OBAMA says

            WayCUNT took minutes away from my life, by his leftist prattle too. Sorry!

          11. David Parker says

            Yes, but I believe something else is going on here. Back in the early days of the internet and dial-up, some guys at Berkeley coded an AI routine that could respond to a transmission. It would publish a lot of text data, but it couldn’t go outside of its own text database.

            This “Waykent” thing sounds a lot like that, except that it appears to stay within context. I am sure it amuses its creators to no end that people will spend time replying to their computer routine, sort of like the way hackers take pleasure in causing trouble for others. It appears this thing is intended to divert attention away from whatever issues people are trying to discuss.

            However, Disqus limits me after about ten times of posting the same thing, and this Waykent program somehow manages not to get cut off.

            Maybe if we all flag it, Disqus will block those annoying posts. Worth a try.
            David Parker

          12. Waykent says

            Thank you for admitting you hate the First Amendment.

          13. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says


          14. Mark Clemens says

            Laura must have connections.
            You know most Apps can turn on your phone’s audio and video stuff w/out notifying you. It’s in the permission you agreed to, to run the App.

        2. Gregg the voice of reason says

          NO Advertisements Please

        3. Cold War Gunner says

          SPAM !! SPAM !! SPAM !!
          Go spread your garbage recruiting garbage on a libtroll site..

        4. John Williams says

          Most real whores make more than that you must be one ugly bitch.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Prolly a libTURD, ugly bitch!

          2. jetmagnet says

            Teabagger! ROTFLMFAO!

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You’ve been teabagged again shit magnet? Balls been bouncing off your chin again??LATSFAHP!!

          4. pineapple says

            Probably a two bagger.

          5. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            As annoying as the advertisements are, I bet most whores make more than YOU do as well. My brother owns an “escort service”… and unless you can boast earning 200 to 500 bucks an hour, they got you beat too. They damned sure got me beat, and I am not afraid to admit it.

          6. John Williams says

            You are correct but it would seem like the moderators, instead of playing PC patrol, would deal with it.

          7. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            True. It is annoying to see these dumbass advertisements posing as comments on discussion boards. But it is a waste of time to speak to them.. they are robots making the posts.

      2. joe says

        LOL! That would prevent 99 44/100 % of our politicians and a large majority of our local cops – at least those who were the school bullies but somehow got put on the police force.

        1. Barrustio says

          If they seemed like assholes to you perhaps it was a personal problem.

          1. Tedski says

            You obviously are the asshole with a personal problem, go back in the corner and jerk off.

          2. Barrustio says

            Now now Teresa be nice…heheh

          3. Tedski says


          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Turds are here from the DNC! These are the anti-social, law breaking leftist that clog our legal system and lengthen the welfare rolls. Si, se puede.

          5. LARRY PUCKETT says

            true patriot

        2. William Benton says

          Joe if you think that way you should leave America and never come back you asshole

          1. joe says

            OK, William, I hereby give you the opportunity to explain to me how I _should_ think.
            Please guide me to the proper train of thought.

          2. Coolcat says

            If you hate cops, the next time you are in trouble call a gang banger.

          3. joe says

            Where did you get the idea that I “hate cops”?

          4. LARRY PUCKETT says

            TOTALLY AGREE!

      3. David Parker says


    2. jetmagnet says

      Where in the constitution does it say anything about the role of any religion in government? This is not a Country designed specifically for Christians. Conservatives seem to have a problem with it.

      The one thing that religious conservatives have in common is their
      extraordinary arrogance and absolute certainty that they are correct and that
      everyone else isn’t. The cause of this is their religious beliefs. They claim
      that their beliefs are the will of God, the highest authority over man, and
      therefore, their beliefs are correct and should be law. This is how they are

      The victim complex that religious conservatives have stems from the belief
      that they are better than everyone else. Because of this, they believe that they
      deserve more rights than everyone else. They use religion to claim a right to
      act in a way that non-religious conservatives and other normal people do not
      believe is there. And when they don’t get these extra rights, they interpret
      this as persecution.

      Their hypocrisy lies in what they believe their rights are. They believe that
      their rights include the right to dictate to others how to live their lives, and
      to legislate to achieve this, and to elevate themselves above everyone else,
      while marginalizing those that they particularly hate. They don’t realize that
      rights are a two way street, and that while they have rights that cannot be
      taken away, other people also have rights that they cannot take

      1. Mark Clemens says

        The spiritual being that heads all major religions is refered to as GOD. So how does “In God We Trust” promote any specific religion? You know the Muslims and Christians believe in a God. So how is the phrase” In God We Trust” offensive?

        1. jetmagnet says

          I never said it was offensive. If you read my post it has to do with conservative point of view, not the rest of the christians.Read the second paragraph again.
          It’s the same thing with you people..you think your view of christianity is the only one. Last time i checked there where hundreds of different christian faiths. It’s only conservatives that link politics to religion.

          1. Mike Albertone says

            This story was specifically about the motto “In God We Trust,” which is our national motto and not one to which any one specific religion can lay claim. So, I am confused as to how any of your arguments are pertinent to this story. As for your points though, I think it goes both ways. Many, many liberals and progressives believe they are better than everybody else and only their view point is correct. At the end of the day, we are all hypocrites in one way or another.

          2. worn out 123 says

            Just some are more demanding hypocrites than others.
            There is no such thing as a “good man”. It’s only that some try while others do not, IMHO.

          3. jetmagnet says

            I’m not commenting on the story, but the way conservatives use religion. This article is written for specific reasons and is bigoted. There’s nothing wrong with the motto, it’s fine…it’s that the religious right is more concerned about “their rights” than anyone else… because thier fucking paranoid. If you’re a true believer a motto on a coin has no significance.

          4. worn out 123 says

            Ever hear of free speech, Mr. Educated? Even “true believers” have it. In case you didn’t know.

          5. Barrustio says

            Same applies if you are a non-believer…the motto on a coin also has not significance.

          6. glorybe2 says

            The motto does promote the idea that there is a God which in itself promotes all religions.

          7. Mike Albertone says

            That may be true but there is nothing in the Constitution about there being a problem with promoting religion altogether. It just forbids the favoring of one religion over any other. The motto doesn’t favor any one religion.

          8. William Hofmeister says

            It forbids only Congress in establishing a national religion. The constitution promotes religion but did not want to go down the path of becoming like the Church of England or the Church of anywhere else.

          9. Jimmy King says

            It promotes religions where there is 1 god

          10. Mike Albertone says

            In other words, it promotes only valid religions!!

          11. Jimmy King says

            Mike, that’s exactly what the Constitution is looking to prevent. Valuing one religion over another based upon your background and the bias that come with it. Your beliefs are just that, beliefs. They are no more “valid” then than the person who worships a shrub or the flying spaghetti monster

          12. David Parker says

            Wrong again. The founders did not want another Bloody Mary burning hundreds of Christians at the stake and wanted to make sure the pope and his Jesuits could not weasel their way into control and establish a national religion.
            Our problem is that the federals have established secular humanism as a national religion while we were asleep. Government itself is the god of secular humanism, and a very jealous god at that, demanding all wealth, reverence and lives.
            David Parker

          13. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          14. David Parker says

            Find out for yourself. You don’t pay any attention anyway.

          15. Waykent says

            Please provide proof. That is not proof.

          16. Jimmy King says

            That’s an oxymoron

          17. glorybe2 says

            The courts have consistently held that the promotion of religion is taken in the broader sense of promoting all mention of religion whether in general or for a specific sect. Without that they could promote Christianity in general under the excuse that they did not promote Baptists or Catholics. Keep in mind that over the last 200 years the overwhelming majority of Supreme Court judges have been Christians. If they operated under their own personal beliefs rather than what the Constitution demands we would have every government office as some sort of gospel camp.

          18. Mike Albertone says

            I think what you said is untrue, that the courts have consistently held that the promotion of religion in general violates the Constitution. For example, when the motto “In God We Trust” was challenged in the court, it was found not to violate the Constitution.

          19. glorybe2 says

            The court took into account tradition and the long standing of use of the motto and found the violation not notable. There are exceptions to the general standing rules such as providing chaplins in the military at public expense or in having opening prayers in the House and Senate. Those activities were held to be without harm and allowable even though they do promote the notion of religion or imply that religious faith has some validity.

          20. William Hofmeister says

            Although they represented many denominations including deists, there weren’t any atheists at the constitutional convention, nor among the signers of the constitution. The whole foundation of the bill of rights is based upon the idea that our rights come from God. Without the concept of God, the structure crumbles.

          21. Mike Albertone says

            Exactly! The Constitution is not actually our founding document. The Declaration of Independence is. The Constitution is like the operating document for the principles espoused in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence makes it clear in several places that our rights come from God “…endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…” and that government’s role is to “secure” those rights for the people. Government cannot “grant” rights to people, they already have their rights from the Creator. Government can only help ensure that the people keep their rights.

          22. Jimmy King says

            Thats just the prejudice that you read into it.

            “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…” You read creator to mean god. And which god to you believe that to be?

          23. muskat antonopolis says

            keep kicking the can down the road jimmy…if you do not believe, that is
            your choice….but do not criticize our belief…..do your thing and worship
            a goose if that’s what you want…but remember what God, the one and only God, Jehova, said through his Son, Jesus the Christ…..”if you
            deny me….then i will deny you before my Father in heaven”..also
            the reverse…so jimmy what are you going to do with Jesus…the one
            who died for your sins….and I do not have any means of applying
            any pressure on you as you indicated earlier….it is YOUR CHOICE
            (as in eternal)…..have a really great day…

          24. David Parker says

            You again. I see this time you are Arminian.
            I argue that the Bible plainly says it is God’s exclusive choice whom He will save from his wrath. Of course, you would have to read the Bible to find discover that.
            David Parker

          25. Jimmy King says

            Muskrat, spew all the nonsense you like. It is my choice and I chose a long time ago to believe in science and fact and not bullshit myths . Your threats do not scare me. The flying spaghetti monster isn’t going to punish me either.

          26. muskat antonopolis says

            how many times do I need to say “IT IS YOUR CHOICE”…do as YOU please…
            and I did not threaten you…don’t shoot the messenger

          27. Jimmy King says

            Muskrat believe in whatever you want, but do not use my tax dollars to put it on the police vehicles etc.

          28. muskat antonopolis says

            jk….do you PAY any tax……? Well, I do not do anything to anybodys tax $s..
            I do not know what you are referring to?????

          29. Jimmy King says

            Muskrat, I’m referring to this Story that we are commenting on you dumb ass. And yes, I own 2 businesses which employ well over 100 people I pay all sorts of taxes

          30. muskat antonopolis says

            jk…when I was younger I owned a business also…..only had 5 employees…..i
            gave it up years ago…..now a old man….but i am still in a small way in business..
            ok….now let me see…” dumb ass?”…well then, why are you arguing with a
            “dumb ass”….dumber ass…..ho ho………you aint so smart…..ho ho…..

          31. Jimmy King says

            OK Grampa, I know this is hard for you, so I’ll type slower next time. Just take out your teeth and relax, it’s going to be ok

          32. muskat antonopolis says

            jk….you make a lot of assumptions…and you know nothing of me…it isnt
            your typing (you seem to have a problem staying on subject)…the problem is
            above your shoulders and between your ears…..and….it didn’t seem difficult
            at all to know who is “dumber”……and lying is easy to do…isn’t it?

          33. Jimmy King says

            Muskrat, lemme guess you’re greek which means you don’t want to do any work, you’d like the government to give you everything, you have a hairy back, and you enjoy spending time in your brother’s behind

          34. muskat antonopolis says

            jk…last response to you…no…I am an American ….I have worked since I was
            six years old starting by lifting 100 lb feed sacks into the back of p/u trucks…and
            post holes, more than you can count in Montana, stockyards in Ohio, military 13
            years and much much more….I do not have a hairy back and I do not have a
            brother NOR do I engage in sodomy…..BUTT…..you seem to have a great interest
            in sexual deviancy….you sure that you are not a closet queen…..come on
            OUT JK “it” is acceptable today even if not approved by most…….now, if
            you want the last word, then go ahead but I will not reply……bye!

          35. Jimmy King says

            No, Not all

          36. The Old Hippie says

            In that case, it would not include Christianity since Christianity is not a Religion but a relationshp with and Fath in God.

          37. David Parker says

            Please read this ( http://americanvision.org/11256/damaging-myth-relationship-religion/ ) before you go saying Christianity is a relationship rather than a religion. That is a distinction without a difference, invented by some psychologist in the pulpit, a feel-good preacher, a Rick Warren, Elmer Gantry type, not fit to handle the Word and Sacraments, more at home selling used cars.
            David Parker

          38. The Old Hippie says

            Strongs #2356. threskeia: ceremonial observance. This is the word translated as religion, and far as I am concerned does not fit Christianity.

          39. David Parker says

            I agree with you on that point: “Ceremonial observance” my ass. His judgement day, face-to-face meeting with God is going to be a too-late wake up call.
            David Parker

          40. Coolcat says

            Religion is Man seeking God. True Christianity is God finding Man.

          41. The Old Hippie says

            The problem is that way too much of Christianity is a mask put on by people to gain benefits they would not otherwise be eligible for.

          42. Mark Clemens says

            Nobody said I was a conservative.
            I think the constitution protects religion from government, and government from religion.

          43. worn out 123 says

            Government is considered all powerful, hence, it needs no protection from religion. The protection provided, therefore, is solely for religious affiliation.
            In the case of Islam, I think we could make an exception since it exists in direct contradiction and opposition to all other recognized religions and social norms. so much so, I am stunned that it is continually referred to as a religion.

          44. Mark Clemens says

            You really don’t want religion mixed w/government. Look.at Iran, it has a religion based government.
            Just think if any Christian religious branch, rewrote the constitution, with their church doctrines.
            Drinking Alcohol would be illegal
            Adultery could be punished by death
            You would be told what you can/can not eat.
            How you dress
            Just to name a few things, from Leviticus.

          45. William Hofmeister says

            Sorta like separate but equal? We all know how that worked out.

          46. Mark Clemens says

            Our problem with separate, but equal is we have dishonest people running things. The whole 3 branches of government that are equal was genius! We just somehow got the wrong people as guardians of The Constitution.
            Greed destroys everything it touches.

          47. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            Really? Only conservatives link religion to politics? When it is a liberal a**wipe like you who are on here making a political statement about religion…

          48. jetmagnet says

            I’m not a liberal. I don’t follow liberal or conservative GODS. I follow knowledge. I was given a brain and I do research and what i’ve discovered is conservatives are the biggest hyprocrites on the planet.

          49. worn out 123 says

            Well, my experience is that hypocrites abound. Growing up my friends hated blacks and didn’t call them that. They were democrats almost to a man. The moarnful cry of democrats is “do it for the children” while democrats push for aborting anytime a woman feels like it, calling a, unbaby a glob of tissue/ a fetus. When you hear the recent videos, however, they speak of harvesting the liver, kidneys, etc OF THE FETUS? No. A glob of tissue doesn’t have a heart to harvest.

          50. William Hofmeister says

            I suggest you use that brain to do more research. What you have discovered is somewhat lopsided.

          51. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            That is interesting. Of course the hypocrisy of how life is nothing sacred and is easily disposed of without any moral concerns only seems to bother libs when the one being disposed of is a mass murderer who is going to be executed. If it is an innocent baby.. no problem. They are also all in favor of free speech when it serves their agenda.. but I do not see conservatives pushing for banning all speech that is not “politically correct”. Liberals also seem to believe in innocent until proven guilty.. unless the accused is a white cop accused of killing a black guy… in those cases they want immediate pronouncement of guilt, and tend to riot and burn when the jury does not give them the verdict they have decided before a trial they want. Your own comments here, in which you make claims about conservative hypocrisy that apply at least equally, if not more so, for liberals demonstrates your OWN hypocrisy.

          52. jetmagnet says

            You only find this bigoted shit on a conservative website…these sites agenda is to draw out bigotry from conservatives and sell them something. lol

          53. wonduh says

            Seems like bigots begot bigots and it seems conservative sites are the only ones on the internet? Where or what sites do liberals and democrats have? I would like to read what they have to say about their glorious Obama, etc. I am curious and thanks if you provide a meaningful response.

          54. Rodger Johnson says

            go check out huffpost.com

          55. wonduh says

            I know of the site but I don’t look for trouble. Thanks.

          56. Mike Albertone says

            And Media Matters.

          57. Barrustio says

            Liberals don’t need websites they have control of all the MSM

          58. Rodger Johnson says

            you obviously dont consider the hateful rhetoric about conservative principles to be “bigoted” who’s a hypocrite?

          59. William Hofmeister says

            Obviously you have never visited a liberal website. You obviously are more interested in trolling than conversation and nobody finds that very funny.

          60. The Old Hippie says

            You remind me of the old saying about being careful about pointing fingers at somebody since you have 3 fingers pointing back at you. It has long been recognized that the things people dislike the most about others are the same facets of their own life that they are afraid of.

          61. Jim says

            Why don’t you visit a liberal website and see the difference for yourself! Liberals can certainly be the most untruthful, tasteless, tactless, sarcastic, mean, and nasty people when it comes to name calling. They can’t even take political satirical jokes either, but Liberals can certainly dish it out in the most distasteful way when it comes to people having Conservative Beliefs and Principles too. No one forced you to visit this Conservative website in the same way that I’m not forced to visit Liberal websites. That is called freedom of choice. Why don’t you go watch some more MSNTV! You are the one who isn’t very popular on this forum.

          62. jetmagnet says

            As an independent I visit websites at random. Mostly I recieve emails from these conservatives sites. When a subject is ridiculous or when I think it’s bullshit…which it is in most cases, i’ll comment. Whether you like the comment or not it doesn’t matter, but people get bullshitted on these sites. The subject matter draws people in like flies. It’s not the same on these so called liberal websites. The people are much more intelligent and the discussions are based more on reality and fact. If you want to get educated these sites offer nothing in the way of conservatism. It’s about hating the other party, the president and nothing of substance within the republican party.
            It’s too bad that I breakup the hatefest.. by i like doing it. If something is obviously wrong i’ll comment on it.
            Once in awhile I’ll actually get to debate an intelligent conservative and I enjoy that, but most of the time it’s babbling hatefilled brainwashed idiots that can’t refrain from insults and don’t know enough about politics or even their own party to handle a conversation.

          63. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            Really? Every time I see a post or comment that has anything to do with God, liberal atheist types cannot help themselves but to interject with something that is not only offensive.. is MEANT to be offensive. Christians do not push their God stuff into every topic where God is not mentioned… but every topic where God is a subject, atheist types seem to have to push their agenda.

          64. jetmagnet says

            I’m neither a liberal or an athiest. I don’t like liberals and I hate teabags, because their hyprocrites and uneducated. At least with liberals I get a well thought out educated response. Take a look at these responses…morons with nothing to say but insults.
            It’s amusing.

          65. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            ROFL.. yeah, all those libs toting signs that had GWB and Scott Walker wearing swastikas, or carrying signs calling for hanging them.. that was a thought out educated response. Yet in spite of all the accusations of racism, there are photographs taken at all those tea party rallies showing maybe two people total carrying racist signs. Deny it all ya like… your sympathies, and false claims, show where your own alignment lies. That is ok, if I were a libtard, I would try to deny it too.

          66. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            As typical, libs only think a comment is “thought out and educated” if it agrees with them.

            If libs beliefs are so “well thought out” and brilliant.. why is it that libs are always the ones trying to ban speech that disagrees with them on campuses? I do not see conservatives trying to do that, but libs are constantly trying to shut down dissenting opinions. Funny thing is, when someone is correct they do not need to shut down opposing views, because nothing that the opposing views can say will make them right when they are not.. so the fact they are trying to shut down opposing views betrays their own knowledge that their ideas cannot stand up to critical thinking and scrutiny.

          67. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            BTW, your own comment is bigoted even if you are too stupid to recognize it.

          68. jetmagnet says

            Well then, i’m right at home with the “SOURCE” for bigotry and hate…welcome to the conservative shithouse.

          69. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

            And once again.. another bigoted statement. Your picture is probably in the dictionary under the word Hypocrite.

          70. worn out 123 says

            That is a view of your own making. JFK was Catholic, btw. I agree there are those that hold their view of Christianity as the only viable one and above the law of the land, too. There are those who argue everything from the context of their religion. This is not what was intended by the authors, however. Furthermore, one is wrong to do so, IMHO. At the same time beliefs are formed by reading, hearing and evaluating ideas from the Bible as well as other sources and much of our history is founded upon free speech as enlightenment of the people. We may think alike on more than I suspected. You came on like an atheist bent on disruption of speech. Sorry, if I misunderstood. I don’t believe the motto should be seen as offensive to anyone, btw. Just wanted to make that clear, sir.

          71. Barrustio says

            Obama would certainly never link Islam to politics

          72. Rodger Johnson says

            islam links islam to politics all over the middle east. wake up!

          73. Barrustio says

            I’m very well aware of that…I thought my sarcasm was obvious.

          74. jetmagnet says

            No he uses christian diatribe all the time in reference. I’m sure atheist donot like that.

          75. Barrustio says

            Atheists don’t even like themselves

          76. BDnSC says

            Once again you prove your utter stupidity:
            Obama’s quotes on Islam

            1. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

            2. “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”

            3. “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”

            4. “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”

            5. “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

            6. “Islam has always been part of America”

            7. “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”

            8. “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

            9. “America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

            10. “I made it clear that America is not – and will never be – at war with Islam.”

            11. “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”

            12. “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed”

            13. “In ancient times and in our times, Muslim communities have been at the forefront of innovation and education.”

            14. “Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”

            15. “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality”

            16. “The Holy Koran tells us, ‘O mankind! We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.’”

            17. “I look forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.”

            18. “We’ve seen those results in generations of Muslim immigrants – farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our cities, the Muslim innovators who helped build some of our highest skyscrapers and who helped unlock the secrets of our universe.”

            19. “That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

            20. “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”

            Now Obama’s quotes on Christianity. . . .
            Now, let’s compare Islam quotes to what Obama has said about Christianity:

            1. “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation”

            2. “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”

            3. “Which passages of scripture should guide our public policy? Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is OK and that eating shellfish is an abomination? Or we could go with Deuteronomy, which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith?”

            4. “Even those who claim the Bible’s inerrant make distinctions between Scriptural edicts, sensing that some passages – the Ten Commandments, say, or a belief in Christ’s divinity – are central to Christian faith, while others are more culturally specific and may be modified to accommodate modern life.”

            5. “The American people intuitively understand this, which is why the majority of Catholics practice birth control and some of those opposed to gay marriage nevertheless are opposed to a Constitutional amendment to ban it. Religious leadership need not accept such wisdom in counseling their flocks, but they should recognize this wisdom in their politics.”

            6. From Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope: “I am not willing to have the state deny American citizens a civil union that confers equivalent rights on such basic matters as hospital visitation or health insurance coverage simply because the people they love are of the same sex—nor am I willing to accept a reading of the Bible that considers an obscure line in Romans to be more defining of Christianity than the Sermon on the Mount.”

            7. Obama’s response when asked what his definition of sin is: “Being out of alignment with my values.”

            8. “If all it took was someone proclaiming I believe Jesus Christ and that he died for my sins, and that was all there was to it, people wouldn’t have to keep coming to church, would they.”

            9. “This is something that I’m sure I’d have serious debates with my fellow Christians about. I think that the difficult thing about any religion, including Christianity, is that at some level there is a call to evangelize and proselytize. There’s the belief, certainly in some quarters, that people haven’t embraced Jesus Christ as their personal savior that they’re going to hell.”

            10. “I find it hard to believe that my God would consign four-fifths of the world to hell. I can’t imagine that my God would allow some little Hindu kid in India who never interacts with the Christian faith to somehow burn for all eternity. That’s just not part of my religious makeup.”

            11. “I don’t presume to have knowledge of what happens after I die. But I feel very strongly that whether the reward is in the here and now or in the hereafter, the aligning myself to my faith and my values is a good thing.”

            12. “I’ve said this before, and I know this raises questions in the minds of some evangelicals. I do not believe that my mother, who never formally embraced Christianity as far as I know … I do not believe she went to hell.”

            13. “Those opposed to abortion cannot simply invoke God’s will–they have to explain why abortion violates some principle that is accessible to people of all faiths.”

            14. On his support for civil unions for gay couples: “If people find that controversial then I would just refer them to the Sermon on the Mount.”

            15. “You got into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

            16. “In our household, the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf alongside books of Greek and Norse and African mythology”

            17. “On Easter or Christmas Day, my mother might drag me to church, just as she dragged me to the Buddhist temple, the Chinese New Year celebration, the Shinto shrine, and ancient Hawaiian burial sites.”

            18. “We have Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, and their own path to grace is one that we have to revere and respect as much as our own”

            19. “All of us have a responsibility to work for the day when the mothers of Israelis and Palestinians can see their children grow up without fear; when the Holy Land of the three great faiths is the place of peace that God intended it to be; when Jerusalem is a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims, and a place for all of the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together as in the story of Isra— (applause) — as in the story of Isra, when Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, peace be upon them, joined in prayer. (Applause.)”

            20. “I believe that there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people.”

            I don’t think that Obama is a closet Muslim, although he could be. He simply espouses theological universal-ism, or the idea that all religions have truth in them and somehow all end up in the same place when it comes to eternity.

            The problem is that truth, by its very nature, is exclusive. All religions make exclusive claims, that’s not something that’s unique to Christianity. As Tim Keller put it, “All claims are exclusive. The Gospel is an exclusive truth but it’s the most inclusive exclusive truth in the world.”

            Obama’s idea of pluralism is an interesting one. He praises Islam for being so “tolerant” and criticizes Christianity for not being accommodating enough to Muslims. He also says that we must not “slander the prophet of Islam.” Yet there is no mention of violent, oppressive shariah law, nor is there any mention of the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East at the hands of Muslims. (crickets. . . crickets)

            Obama lauds Islam’s great history yet goes after conservative Christians who want to practice their faith in the public square. Whether it’s Hobby Lobby or Catholic organizations and charities being discriminated against by Obamacare, Obama has shown little tolerance for those groups when it comes to their free exercise of religion or even freedom of speech. This isn’t true pluralism, it’s pluralism on his terms, and it’s disgusting and hypocritical.

          77. jetmagnet says

            That’s propaganda and doesn’t matter to americans, only to rightwing fruitcakes who have NO opinion on thier own lame party of do nothing garbage!
            What Obama has done is bring the economy back, gas is $2 401k’s are higher than b4 bush. 5 million homes refinanced under Obama’s Harp program. Women have equal pay , 12 million now have healthcare. Millionaires have become billionaires. That’s what people really care about. What they don’t care about is obstruction. Since the teabags took over congress in 2010 the approval rating has dropped each year to a record low 7%.
            Obama kicked your ass not once but twice and he would win again in 2016 if he were able. The GOP is sour grapes and offers nothing..so what’s to vote for? You tell me why anyone would vote for GOP policies. LMFAO
            The GOP platform is hate and bigotry, all the candidates suck and couldn’t run a diaper service. Trump is a pompous ass,carson is a Poosie and fiorina failed at every jobs she’s had. Who else you got? Rubio? Cruz? two cubans?

          78. BDnSC says

            So you agree then that Obama spouts lies? Isn’t that what your first statement says? Bwaaahaaaahaaaa!
            And what is hysterical is that based on the other facts you threw out, YOU BELIVE THEM!! Bwaahaaahaaaaaa!!!

          79. jetmagnet says

            You want to talk lies? Look at the last election Robme lied and then took it back the whole election. You have conservatives lying and cheating on their wives, then trying to take it back or ask for forgiveness.
            Their lies are continuous and laughter for americans, as rightwingers make hypocrites of themselves on a daily basis.Fox news is 80% lies. The latest is a admission by the top republican for the House, mcCarthy..that the begnasty commitee is nothing more than a Hack job to bring down hillary’s numbers and so is the email controversy. This should help americans decide that the GOP is full of shit. theri candidates suck and they know it, so they need to try to take down hillary. It’s amusing to us independents who decide elections.

          80. BDnSC says

            You mean like Harry Reid lying about Romney not paying taxes? Or are you talking about Obama lying about being able to keep your doctor and the cost will go down?
            Talk about a hypocrite!! You are so full of it I’m surprised the flies haven;t started taking you away!

          81. jetmagnet says

            Well, lets see. I have conservative friends who’s policies where cancelled, now they have Obamacare and still have their own doctor!!!!!!!!!! amazing! What this was, was political theatre for republicans. Now they’ve ditched Obamacare altogether as a wedge issue.
            Romney never revealed his tax returns, remember, so Harry is correct in that assumption. What’s to hide if you paid?

          82. BDnSC says

            Then why wouldn’t Harry reveal his tax returns? LOL!

            As for all of your other lies and propaganda, you should study these:

          83. jetmagnet says

            You can argue the difference between a lie and a bold untested statement.
            The diference is malice. The president has no malice toward americans only compassion.

          84. BDnSC says

            If EVER there was any doubt that you are a total, incompetent, blithering fool, you have single-handedly removed all doubt!
            You can “argue the difference between a bold untested statement and a lie” all you want. It simply proves the point that you are lying to yourself and anyone else that will listen. It does not change the fact that it is a lie.
            And once again you prove that you are showing signs of schizophrenia.
            Too bad your mother didn’t take advantage of Planed Parenthood so you could give all of us here a first hand account of all the good they do!

          85. William Hofmeister says

            I hope that was with sarcasm off.

          86. Barrustio says

            The very purpose of my sarcasm

          87. See The Light says

            You are just like all the libdemtards every where. If one does not agree with everything you say not matter how stupid ignorant and BS then they are the enemy. All of your statements are a lop sided socialist white paper. Go vote for Bernie or Hilary as you voted for Obama and his socialist handlers two times. There is not helping the brainless idiots in this country. All you can hope for is an early demise of these idiots.

          88. andrew says

            There is… only one Christian faith… The followers of Christ… all others claiming to be “christians ” are such in name only

          89. William Hofmeister says

            Then why did Carter, Clinton, and Obama spend so much time in churches trolling for votes?

          90. Jimmy King says

            Because the people who are gullible enough to believe in religion, want their president to share those beliefs. And all they have to do is walk into one church and all the sheep line up to vote for them

          91. muskat antonopolis says

            ask them….

          92. pineapple says

            With the exception of Islam, which links politics with religion.

          93. jetmagnet says


          94. David Parker says

            Correct, Islam IS the government, complete with its “Sharia law” which basically says a Moslem can do anything to anyone not a Moslem. It would be your fault if you were standing in a line and a Moslem decided to hit you. Absolutely transparently an excuse for barbarity.
            David Parker

          95. Waykent says


          96. David Parker says


        2. Jimmy King says

          Because it promotes religion. Are you that fucking stupid or have you never read the constitution?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            You should know by now. I’m not fucking Stupid, I’m fucking your wife!
            I don’t think In God We Trust promotes religion, it endorses it.
            If religion is bad, why do they hand out bibles and korans in US Prisons?
            Playboy and Penthouse are way more fun………..

          2. glorybe2 says

            I don’t imagine that the state is handing out Bibles and Korans in the prisons. It surely must be from religious organizations.

          3. Jimmy King says

            I know just the opposite. They hand out bibles in prison as additional punishment

          4. worn out 123 says

            Really? Where does it provide for protection for the state from religion? Nowhere. It provides for protection for religion from the state. This because the state is considered all powerful. Duh! There have ALWAYS been references to God in America from it’s conception. “In God We Trust. America, America God shed his grace on thee.”

          5. jetmagnet says

            Your worried about a motto on a coin? Maybe you should whitness countries that don’t allow any religious worship. Your ass is lucky to be here in this country. It’s like the confederate flag. A flag of bigotry and slavery, and losers and meaningless to 98% of americans. As long as i can pray,worship i’m fine.. I don’t need a coin to give me salvation.

          6. worn out 123 says

            Good! That doesn’t give anyone a right to deny free speech, however. If people do not share a level morality openly because of political correctness then we have lost something great as a nation. In my lifetime I have witnessed many a hypocrite, not exclucing myself at times. This willingness to express my observations and humility I got from the Bible, btw. This is the wellspring of my tolerance of others beliefs so long as they do not encroach on the liberty of others and that is the only limit to ones liberty I will ever endorse and not that of government, nor that of laws which often favor the powerful. I do not even consider myself a good Christian, btw. What I do try to do is allow others THEIR inalienable rights/liberties (such as freedom of speech) and consider this the best anyone can and should hold as moral. I do agree even free speech does not extend ad infinitum. I just believe I should be careful when considering those possible limits.

          7. glorybe2 says

            Nobody suggests that individuals be restrained from advocating a faith. But it is quite different when the state is allowed to advocate. I do not think a school has the right to stop students from praying together as long as sidewalks are kept clear and the like. Obviously Muslim students will need to observe prayers at the times required by their faith.

          8. jetmagnet says

            I believe in this-

            We hold these truths to be self-evident:
            that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator
            with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and
            the pursuit of happiness.
            This means everyone!

          9. worn out 123 says

            Excellent. Ditto. Slurs and name calling are not permitted then, as they serve mainly to intimidate. Government is making laws that interfere with natural rights. I hold natural rights to be the highest form of law. That government has no right with which to interfere. A child is human from conception. Government condones this by the use of taxpayer funding to ENCOURAGE murder. That’s hardly a Christian view, IMHO, but, pridefully promoted by the democrat leadership. Government control of the internet is interference with free speech, another natural right. Stay tuned on this as citizens will sooner or later begin to be imprisoned for speaking against a tyrannical government IN AMERICA. Excessive taxation is both political leaderships in lockstep to enslave the citizenry. (It’s going to increase greatly and soon)

          10. Rodger Johnson says

            except conservitives ofc? you are the biggest hypocrite of all

          11. William Hofmeister says

            That certainly is a statement of support for religion which makes your earlier postings seem somewhat bizarre. You also seem to be on somewhat of a high horse over what you wrote. You do realize that when that was written it didn’t include women or blacks or common white men. Voting was restricted to vested landholders. It was Andrew Jackson who gave voting rights to the common white man. It was reconstruction before we gave the vote to blacks and then only forced it on the defeated south, many northern states still denied them voting rights. Women of course had to wait till the 1920’s. You display an abominable lack of knowledge about our country’s development.

          12. oldwoman says

            Oh, so you’re a bigot about the South. And your spelling ain’t so great either…..

          13. jetmagnet says

            I’m a southern redneck, that doesn’t believe in racism. You don’t need to spell . as most conservatives can’t spell or comprehend anyway.

          14. Jim says

            Your grammar is atrocious Jet!

          15. jetmagnet says

            Apparently, you can understand it…that’s all the matters fella! Sticks and stones…well, you know the rest! hahahaha!

          16. glorybe2 says

            Our blessed Confederate flag has nothing at all to do with slavery. Slavery was used as a tool to whip up northerners into supporting a war. Back then, just as today, the poor are the first to be drafted or volunteer for war. Poor southerners had no slaves. they had nothing! Poor southerners actually had to compete for their daily bread with slave labor. Some slaves were freed as they wanted to become confederate soldiers fighting for the South. We honor our family members lost in the Civil War as well as men lost in more recent laws . One town in Virginia lost every single able bodied male when their landing crafts were hit on D Day in WW2. naturally these valiant young men are among those honored with a Confederate flag. Many southern squads still flew confederate battle flags in Korea and in Vietnam. Southern soldier are known far and wide for excellence on a field of battle. Despite being under armed and out numbered confederate soldiers killed four Yankees for every Confederate lost in battle during the Civil war.

          17. Waykent says

            Thank you for admitting to treason.

          18. Jake Spooz says

            You made the statement:
            Thank you for admitting to treason.

            Please provide proof.

          19. glorybe2 says

            What treason did I admit to?

          20. Jim says

            Let me tell you something, you are no scholar of American History, and very far from it by your ignorant comments. Let me refresh that clouded memory of yours! The Civil War started over States Rights, not Slavery. Slave ships were still flying the US flag up until the time slavery was abolished. Slavery was started by Northern Yankees, not Southerners. Many Blacks happened to fight for the South honorably and there were those who moved back to the South after they were being treated more harshly by the people up North. General Lee released his slaves before the Civil War started when General Grant’s family still owned slaves after the Civil War ended, so you tell me who the real bigots were. You also talk about Southerners being bigoted losers in your comments. Robert E. Lee graduated at the top of his class at West Point and had been Commandant there too. During the Mexican-American War, Lee was instrumental in several American victories when he went behind enemy lines to gather intelligence on Santa Anna’s Army. This intelligence gathering helped the United States win the war against Mexico. Besides that, Jefferson Davis served in the U.S. Army as a Colonel. After that, he became a U.S. Representative and Senator from Mississippi. Davis also served as the Secretery of War in President Franklin Pierce’s cabinet. Both of those men served the U.S. and Confederate States of America with honor and no one who is a real scholar in American History would even consider them losers. Your ignorant comments are making you out to be the real loser here!

          21. Liz says

            Which religion? The Constitution states the Government cannot establish a National religion, well, if Jews, Christians, Muslims, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Episcopalian , Wiccans, etc., all believe in a God, how is this establishing a NATIONAL RELIGION. It doesn’t say you should or should NOT be an Atheist, it doesn’t say freedom FROM religion only that you cannot establish a National religion which we have NOT done.

          22. Jimmy King says

            The establishment clause has been interpreted by the Court to mean that the government may not endorse or support a religious establishment. It does not say may not establish a national religion. Supporting “god” endorses those religions tho acknowledge a “god” over those that either do not or worship several “gods”

          23. Frank W Brown says

            No, you’re the fucking stupid asswipe, by their STUPIDITY will you know them!

          24. glenn398 says

            Jimmy the consensus has always been when a person is quoting something they feel is unimportant they use cuss words to try and feel important and that fits you to a t. Conservative when I was growing up in the 40s and 50s meant we conserved and used only what we needed, didn’t waste. We respected nature and after camping pickup up our trash and didn’t leave it for others to do so. Today you on the liberal left have twisted the meaning of conservative and have tried to make it into anything negative. You try and drown out anyone’s quotes that don’t agree with yours so take it free speech is only allowed for those that agree with you.

        3. glorybe2 says

          The wording of the constitution is behind the ambiguity. The founders may have meant not to promote any one religion over the other but as it is worded the meaning can be and is taken as not promoting the notion that anyone should take up any religion at all..

        4. George Jones says

          You are absolutely correct. That shows that people do not want any supreme being; well they are going to get one.

        5. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Why reply to shitmagnet? Leftist wither when they see a cross or God on a building or coin.

        6. David Parker says

          Colossal ignorance. Try telling that claptrap to God when you face the judgement.
          God, who created the universe and everything in it, is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Christianity is the one and only proper expression of worship of the one and only God.
          It is true that every man has to face God when God says so, but there your universalist analogy ends. Also, just because there are many Moslems and Catholics and Buddhists and Hindus and cults that try to pass themselves off as Christian does not mean they worship the same God. The way the Moslems describe the fiction they call Allah is not a description of God. The Buddhists do not worship any deity: Their goal is to escape into utter static nothingness. The Hindus believe in so many deities they can’t count them all. The Mormons teach men become god and inherit galaxies. There is no notion of God common to these “major” religions.
          David Parker

          1. Waykent says

            Thank you for admitting you do not believe in God.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Who are you to spirituality judge anybody? Did God hand his job over to you? I didn’t see anything in the bible, on the TV news, nor did God send me a memo (we talk a lot, hes never mentioned you).
            Mark Clemens

          3. David Parker says

            God tells us in the Bible to judge righteous judgement and he gives us enough precedent in the Bible to figure out what is righteous. What you refer to is the admonition not to condemn people for doing as you do. It doesn’t mean you don’t vote to execute someone you know is a murderer, for example an abortionist with his scissors stuck in a baby’s head is guilty of murder and everyone in town should pick up a rock and stone him to death. I assume, of course, that everyone else in town doesn’t murder babies for a living.

            The only way God talks to believers these days is through the Holy Scriptures. If you are hearing voices, it isn’t God talking to you.

            David Parker

          4. Waykent says

            Thank you for admitting God cares nothing about humanity.

          5. David Parker says

            You are lying God loves his elect and sent his Son to be a propitiation for them.
            Please provide proof
            Please provide proof
            You are lying

          6. Waykent says

            God no longer speaks to humans. Ergo, God cares nothing about humanity.

          7. David Parker says

            Waykent is not sentient ergo Waykent is irrelevant.
            Please provide proof
            You are lying

          8. Waykent says

            I think, therefore, I am.

          9. David Parker says

            Waykent is a digital parrot.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Are you the Dave Parker who used to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

          11. David Parker says

            No, I was not good at baseball, couldn’t handle curve balls. I know, I know, watch it all the way in, but by the time I could move fast enough I was out of school.

      2. worn out 123 says

        Read your coins, comrade. Why not look the other way? No one is forcing you to read the motto. Poor thing! Does it hurt?

        1. jetmagnet says

          My comment has nothing to do with the article or the Motto. Comprende?

          1. BDnSC says

            You really are an idiot aren’t you? And you have just proven it to the world! LOL!

          2. Rodger Johnson says

            then why post your stupidity here at all? its you thats trying to force your views on the rest of us and getting upset that nobody here really cares what you have to say

      3. BDnSC says

        You are suffering mightily from polluted logic. Hows does “In God We Trust” constitute a law establishing a religion? Your problem is that you cannot read the what the Constitution actually says and marry it to anything that you say.

        You claim religious people are screaming “victim” yet it is fools like you that are threatening to sue over our national motto. Your, ” hypocrisy lies in what they believe their rights are.” and yet you are too shallow to comprehend that your whole diatribe above is actually what is wrong with you and those that you comport with.

        You are in fat a shallow person that thinks you are deep. You have to twist the meaning of words and phrases form what they actually say and then ry to explain what they really should mean. Problem is, you can only convince a few they mean what you think, instead of what they really say.

        BTW, Don’t you have a kite waiting for you?

        1. jetmagnet says

          You make no sense whatsoever. I am talking about conservative christians ONLY fella, seems you people have cognitive disabilities.

          1. BDnSC says

            You prove my point impeccably!
            And the rich part is….You don’t even comprehend the irony! LMAO!

          2. jetmagnet says

            You still are a lost puppy.

          3. Phoebe Isley says

            I do understand where you are coming from. There are some Christians who are very passionate about their faith is the best way I can say it. Obviously you are an intelligent man and know about our history. Whether you choose or anyone else chooses to accept it or not this country was based on Christian values. As they say “the proof is in the pudding”. We were once a great nation with God as part of our country but the more and more others feel that He shouldn’t (obviously you are quite observant) the more and more this country is “out of control”. Moral standards are no longer and there seems to be less and less structure in which held USA together. All seem to take offense about anything and everything and “all goes” so to speak. We as Christians witness it not just some of the time but it seems lately ALL the time. It is frustrating and yes at times we will protest and do and say things against what we and even non-believers feel are ripping this country apart.

          4. jetmagnet says

            When you come to grips that the country is progressive and you can’t change people’s minds. Christians are pushing in ways that deter people from it. Conservatives are not loving people, they hate everyone that doesn’t agree with them, they insult people and chastize them instead of loving and accepting them. They employ racism and bigotry. They do everything in their power to insult and piss people off. They need to accept what is and pray for what they think everyone should be. These people can watch Newtown children slaughtered and laugh at the the prospect of taking a weapon of death from the beloved grip.
            They cheer at executions by the state, who has no moral authority to execute anyone, but fight to protect an unborn fetus. They starve children by removing food stamps while allowing a mother to die in order to save that precious fetus.
            The right is full of hypocrisy. They have claimed family values, but elected a conservative or re-elected a conservative that has cheated on his wife or is under criminal investigation, rather than elect a democrat who is much better… based on soley on politics.

          5. muskat antonopolis says

            jetmagnet….man, you are incorrect in your description of a Christian..
            many, many people claim Christ as their Lord and Savior but DO NOT
            know Him at all and are as far away from Christ as we are from the
            moon ..anyone who running for political office who says I am a
            Christian,,,loses my vote…neither will I purchase a new/used car from
            a business who has a cross or bible displayed in their advertisement…
            the mark of a Christian is in his/her everyday, unobserved walk with
            his/her God….now, our God is the Lord God Jehovah…..His only son,
            Jesus the Christ is our Lord and Savior and His Spirit is the earnest
            of our salvation, our comforter and our guide in this life walk…..reminded
            through God*s Spirit of our obligation and priviledge of serving Him,
            we walk according to His instructions….don’t steal, don’t covet,
            love mercy, do justly, walk humble before your God….etc…and we
            are NOT PERFECT by any means…Paul the Apostle said….that
            which I hate I do…and that which I want to do…I don’t…who can save me from this wretched flesh that I am..his answer was and is still
            Jesus Christ .and when I do turn to my way and not God*s .. the penalty is death..separation from God and all that is good……but, we who are in Christ have an advocate for us to the Father who is Jesus Christ, that if we confess our sins and
            ask for forgiveness He WILL forgive us and take away our penalty..
            is that where you are at Jimmy? Cannot figure out all the ups and
            downs the lies and garbage that is called by the world honesty and
            truth….there is only one who is forever the same unchanging
            and true and that is God through His Son, Jesus…have a really good day….

          6. jetmagnet says

            You need to make a choice between GOD and your anti-God politics.
            Going on this path worshiping wealth and violence and dissing the poor is the path to Hell.

          7. muskat antonopolis says

            ….and there was this man who was blind in one eye because there was this
            small speck of dirt in his eye, he tried in vain doing everything he could think of
            to remove the speck that he might see clearly……his friend said to him,
            here, here now…let me show you how to do that…..so he tried to help his
            friend and in doing so blinded his friend…..well, what happened that the result of
            his assistance was blindness for his friend?…because his friend also
            had an impediment in his eyes and could not see clearly to help take out
            the speck….to him who has an ear let him hear……

      4. Stargeezer says

        And as I said, you right to not be offended by my desire to express the existence of God does not trump your wish to deny Him. ANY honest look at the founding documents of our nation clearly reveals an acknowledgement of God’s existence and influence in our nations birth. Denying that is simply rejecting the oblivious and like unto the petulant pouting of a small child screaming for a toy in they can’t have.

        America was founded on the very principals of the Christian faith. One of the most cherished of which is that following it is by faith and completely voluntary. Nobody forces you to be a Christian or not. There is no penalty for not believing or not attending church. Unlike Islam, nobody will threaten to cut off your head or kill your children if you declare yourself to be a atheist. Frankly, nobody cares if you want to live half alive. So, in a nation that is so free and tolerant of your unbelief, why demand that we must surrender the symbols that mean so much to us in order that you not be exposed to what you don’t believe in?

        You must admit that is seems rather foolish to claim that exposure to a slogan somehow causes you such distress that it must be removed. Or is it that seeing the motto reminds you of what you are missing in your life?

        As far as hate goes, just who hates the national motto being put on squad cars or our money? You claim that Christians hate unbelievers, but nothing could be further from truth. We are directed to love and care about unbelievers just as we do all believers. We are to hate sin, but never sinners. Can you say the same?

        1. jetmagnet says

          I’m not commenting on the content of this article fella….lol…I’m speaking of conservative rants and views the rest of us christians don’t have.
          Do you understand? Or do you need more specifics?

      5. Jim says

        You confused Liberals are the reason our country is falling from grace! Why don’t you move to Saudi Arabia where they vigorously enforce Sharia Law and have no tolerance for other religions or non-believers. Since our U.S. currency has “In God we trust” on it,” and you are so offended by that motto, you evidently don’t need to spend any of that money, or have it put into your bank account either, which is fine with me!

        1. jetmagnet says

          In your bigoted mind seemingly so, but most people aren’t conservatives and have strong religious beliefs and don’t separate christians by their political ideology.
          There is nothing in the conservative wheelhouse that complies with the bible. It’s their own religious theocracy, and conservatives hold their politics above God.
          BTW Jesus was a liberal, that didn’t believe in capitalism or war. that believe in helping the poor not removing their food for their families and children. Not removing education from their lives. The conservatives are immoral in everyway, they are the false prophets and very close to the teachings of AYN RAND an athiest. Do yourself a favor and get educated! Bieng an independent allows me to be pragmatic and not bias and “Locked in” with tunnel vision like liberals and conservatives.

          1. BDnSC says

            Jesus stated, “The poor will always be among you”.
            Jesus stated, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life”
            Conservatives have created vouchers and charter schools in an effort to teach under priviledged children. It is the libs like you that have and continue to file suit to prevent them so the liberal teacher’s unions can continue to poor money into lost causes like you and the democrat party.
            In what polluted corner of your brain have you managed to convince yourself that Jesus would be for abortion?
            You obviously suffer from a severe cause of Dunning-Kruger Syndrome, and based on your last comment you are either incredibly ignorant or tending to schizophrenic. You have warped all reality to make it conform to the voices in your head, so I tend to believe the latter more than the former.

            Get some help. Meanwhile, do your family and the world a favor and get rid of any guns you own. You quite obviously are out of touch with reality.

          2. jetmagnet says

            Charters schools are ripoffs, another example of the private sector taking advantage of children for profit. Like most baggers you like to insult people like a juvenille who can’t get his way. Where do you get your info? LMFAO! It’s ridiculous. Your GOD is the dollar, you worship it. Your theocracy is capitalism not GOD. You obey your political theocracy and follow nothing else…pathetic.
            Most baggers have no facts are ignorant and would rather try to insult their way rather then present facts. I’m not a liberal lmao! I’m an independent that can vote either way. I don’t divide people like baggers.
            Read the bible.

            Prov. 14:31

            Anyone who oppresses the poor is insulting
            God who made them. To help the poor is to honor God.

            John 3:17 But if someone
            who is supposed to be a Christian has money enough to live well, and sees
            a brother in need, and won’t help him–how can God’s love be within him ?
            1 John 3:18 Little children, let us stop just saying we love people;
            let us really love them, and show it by our actions. 1 John 3:19
            Then we will know for sure, by our actions, that we are on God’s side, and
            our consciences will be clear, even when we stand before the Lord.

            He who shuts his ears to the cries of
            the poor will be ignored in his own time of need

          3. BDnSC says

            Show me where Jesus said to give the responsibility of helping the
            poor to the govt instead of taking that responsibility on a personal basis. You can’t because it is not there.

            Show me where Jesus said not to make a profit. You can’t because it’s not there.

            You think you are an independent. but in reality you are alone because your thought process is so corrupt no one else dare agree with you.

            Finally, it is obvious that nothing makes you happy. You readily complain but have no solutions. In short you are a miserable contemptible excuse for a human being, and quite frankly life is to short to care what losers like you think.

            Go get your kite.

          4. jetmagnet says

            So your conservative peeps are going to help 40 million people correct? How many blacks and hispanics who have no money are you going to help and feed like the bible says? LMAO You my friend are a hypocrite and an asshole!
            Tell me also how many jobs your conservative
            elected officials are going to bring back to the US? They’ve blocked Obama’s anti-ousourcing bills. You idiots have no fucking clue..you watch fox news until yo mamma calls you into bed for a whoopin’ lol
            Your an idiot that follows the script and has absolutely no fucking answer!

          5. BDnSC says

            Is it painful to be sooooo stupid?
            Take your meds and calm down. ATF will be there shortly to confiscate your guns…Heh,Heh,Heh!

            BTW, over 300 bills were introduced that Harry Rid refused to allow up for discussion or a vote on and stupid you thinks Obama introduces legislation?

            Keep on typing you dumphuk! Every comment you make you shows the world what a shallow ignorant fool you really are.

            Have you looked up Dunning-Kruger yet?
            Naw, you don’t want to improve yourself. You think you already smart! The rest of us know better though 😉

          6. Cold War Gunner says

            So, you equate ALL conservatives with thinking they are above GOD ALMIGHTY, correct ??
            Wrong, I have been a conservative all my adult life..I believe in VERY small Government..all persons must be self reliant, and self governing..No assistance of any type from a central government..Assistance from your church only..If you choose to not associate with a church, then you are on your own..We do not need a “cradle to grave” social services mentality to live a proper life..GOD threw out satan , and his evil angels, and cast them down upon the earth, and with good reason, as satan wished to overthrow GOD and impose his own version of Heaven, no different than what atheists and non-believing dictators wish to impose on the earth today..Satan at this point rules the earth, and is trying to subvert all the GOD loving peoples of earth to his evil, perverted ways..and he is doing a very good job of it with help from people like you..

            Back in the ’50s, I stood up and raised my hand to defend this country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, which afforded you the right to say your piece, however, I also have the right afforded me by the Constitution to say my piece, and I have come to the conclusion that you are a domestic enemy, no better than the satanist cult, commonly referred to as islam..

            You are what you are, a product of the statist centers of social indoctrination..
            Good bye, and good riddance.

          7. worn out 123 says

            Aaa haaA! Jesus was not a liberal or conservative. I suppose one could rightly say he was a moralist and/or a realist, definitely a theist. It seems to me you confuse republicans with conservatives. Generally speaking, politicians are very similar while true conservatives and moderate democrats are close in ideology often only separated by one or two issues. The democrat party has bee infiltrated by communists posing as socialists, posing as progressives, posing as democrats, however. All this I observe almost daily from the president on down. The gun grab is an example. The few, by comparison, who are maimed and/or killed by shootings (not by guns as guns don’t decide to fire of their own free will) is a cost society must bear. This the founders knew full well, has not, and will never change. Why then does the democrat party desire to make America a gunfree, killing zone? Because government will then exercise its absolute power over the citizenry. This is as certain as the earth beneath our feet; To keep liberty citizens must have the ability to resist tyranny. Thus, the leadership in the democrat party are intentionally spreading falsehoods to gain absolute power. Being bigoted is the least of their sins, IMHO.

          8. jetmagnet says

            Every teaching proves that Jesus was a liberal. Do you know what a liberal is? Look it up. You can argue all you like, but I can’t see Jesus carrying an AR15 and thinking massacres in Newtown are just fine.
            I don’t think Jesus would hate as much as you people do. I really don’t think he would cheer at a man being executed by the state. You peeps are on the wrong side of every issue. I don’t think he would berate the president and accuse him as bieng a muslim.

          9. worn out 123 says

            With good counsel make war. “I don’t think Jesus would hate as much as you people do.” “The Fear of the Lord is to hate evil.” Do you think religion provides for acceptance of evil? Murdering the weakest among us, unborn children — How would you think Jesus would feel about this? A mild disapproval? Tut-tut! Now we mustn’t do that. This is an atrocity against mankind. A shameful, disgusting, despicable act approved by, at the very least, the democrat leadership.

      6. MyWickedEvilAlterEgo says

        Yeah right.. it is religious conservatives who are so certain they are right.. all those atheists I see popping up in EVERY topic that involves God.. such as this one… are so open minded about the possibility THEY are wrong, huh?

      7. Frank W Brown says

        And YOUR right to be an IDIOT cannot be taken away either!

      8. Mickey says

        Jetmagnet, you use a lot of words that do not go together and are simply spouting off so that, maybe, some day, some of those words will actually gel.

        It is your liberal friends, and you, I guess, who are forcing your ideas on me as I ( an extremely conservative person) am a ‘live and let live’ kinda guy.

      9. glorybe2 says

        Real Christians are in a bind due to rogue churches that preach all kinds of trash calling themselves Christian churches. it even crosses major divisions within the faith. most nut job churches are protestant churches seeking to attract ever larger memberships but there are even a few Catholic churches doing things that have no business in any church. Christ preached poverty, humble life, and absolute love for all other people. Find a church that agrees with that is quite a challenge. Christ did not teach patriotism, family values or upward mobility. He also did not ask people for their money.

      10. lufkincy says

        It appears you are the bigoted one. Actually our country was founded on Christian ideals. From my observations it is the atheists who feel they have more rights than others, hate Christians, and attempt to dictate to others how to live their lives. Rights are a two-way street and Christians do not attempt to elevate themselves above everyone else. They certainly do not “hate” atheists…they pity them.

      11. Marianna Mansfeldova says

        Because your are lazy uneducated ignorant, I will recommend you ,read American history, that is based on Christians values, so you have to either live with this or move to Muslims country. There you will not have any problem to complained about religion….my Gosh why some people in United states are so F uneducated and yes, stupid….

        1. jetmagnet says

          I’m lazy and ignorant based on what? Your think you’re better than anyone else? What kind of christian are you? Your an example of hypocrite, claiming to be a christian while being as hateful and disgusting as possible.

      12. Barrustio says

        I think you have Christians confused with the LBGT because everything you mention certainly applies to them.

        1. jetmagnet says

          I see no comparison whatsoever.

          1. Barrustio says

            Read your own post as you applied it to conservatives and all will apply to the LBGT word for word.

      13. George Jones says

        You have a lot about rights. What I don’t see is responsibilities; with rights there must be responsibility. A Christian can celebrate GOD and the atheist will continue to celebrate their lack of god. Yes I do believe there is only one way to be saved. If someone doesn’t then that is their decision. Putting a sign on a car is not the same as chopping off heads if you don’t believe, I know I jumped around a lot, but I cannot get very deep in a short space.

      14. David Parker says

        It IS however, a country designed by Christians. I’m sure you never knew, but the Puritans were Christian and all the British settlers who moved here brought with them the common law and Christian customs. The colonies were Christian, no pagans except the Indians, none of the “for tax-exemption” religions were invented yet, there was no question whatever that God’s law was the law, it is obvious that the united States were Christian. After Christians clean up the place and make it nice, the pagans want to move in and make it a shit hole like the one they just left and the stupid liberals, like birds shitting in their own nest, back the pagans just to spite the Christians.

        But you should be careful what you wish for: Without what is left of the Christian influence in this country, things would be a lot worse. You stupid liberals will be facing Moslem and Hindu bandits on the roads, your welfare check won’t arrive any more, and you will be looking for food in some open air dirt road market with flys all over the place and shit on the ground. You liberals should visit India or Pakistan sometime and see what you are really asking for.

        Not that I am tying to get your hopes up: You will never thwart God’s elect.

        David Parker

        1. Waykent says

          Please provide proof.

      15. OSAMA OBAMA says

        “The one thing that religious conservatives have in common is their
        extraordinary arrogance and absolute certainty that they are correct and that
        everyone else isn’t.”-shit magnet, pompous, self important NOTHING!! Kind of like the rest of us posters here.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Thanks for proving my point! lol

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            RIGHT! LMAO!!!

      16. Coolcat says

        Masterpiece of liberal projection.

    3. BDnSC says

      And I will add, if it offends them that much, they can feel free to take advantage of their right to pack up and move. Tell them to try Michigan for starters…

      1. FreedomTrainUSA says

        Better yet move out of the Country….Maybe one of the Sharia Muzzie Hell Hole Countries…

        1. Rodger Johnson says

          I will contribute to buy anyone a ticket as long as they give up their passport and renounce their citezenship

          1. LARRY PUCKETT says


          2. jetmagnet says

            Corporations are doing it..you know the ones you worship.

          3. worn out 123 says

            The ones that pay your Obama check, comrade?

          4. bluelove says

            huh?? why would you post something like this , about someone you don’t know? We don’t worship corporations- but LITEN carefully, you may learn something- we do like the jobs they give us! Do you work? Then you are blessed. obozo has the highest unemployment of any other pres., and it continues to get worse. You are only interested in “lookin cool” to all your liberal “politically correct” friends! NOthing is free. Grow up.

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You left out more people on entitlements.

          6. Faye Hayes says

            Does that include you too ? I bet those Food Stamps comes in handy when you get a craving for a bottle of Jack Daniels ? LOL!!! Then you can call all of your buddies on that free Obama cell phone & have one hell of a party in that run down trailer of yours. LOL!!!

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says

            AW!!! Get your jockstrap in a knot?

          8. OSAMA OBAMA says

            How many abortions have you had Faya? Has that herpes cleared up yet? I love how you turds get so vitriolic about one person’s beliefs, as if it effects your stupid, empty lives. Ah, but it keeps you out of the welfare office leeching of of the rest of us.

          9. Faye Hayes says

            It’s really hard to believe you are a Christian??? All you do is call people names, use filthy language & offer nothing of value to this forum. You need to crawl back to your cave & stay there. Instead of using OSAMA OBAMA, I think a better name for you would be SHIT FOR BRAINS.

          10. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Not hard to believe you’re a libTURD! I noticed that you have cleaned up your MOUTH! What happened, did the vodka run out. You and your ILK do not deserve civil conversation. It really is the same old-same old, “magic man in the sky” rhetoric. BORING.

          11. OSAMA OBAMA says

            More hack DNC crap! Evil corporations, tax the rich, “I’m offended”, muSLIMES are peaceful and Christians are bad, on and on ad nauseum.

          12. jetmagnet says

            So if you don’t tax the rich, who do you tax?? Are you a christian and you write shit like this? Yeah, muslims are peaceful.lol

          13. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Even shitmagnet isn’t that stupid or are you?

        2. David Parker says

          Well put! Sharia Muzzie Hell Hole

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says


      3. Merlinever says

        What you wrote about those who are offended by the motto “In God We Trust” to “pack up and move out” makes no more sense that if king George had told the American colonists that if they didn’t like his taxation without representation they could leave America and find somewhere else to live.
        You and your fellow believers want to get rid of all the unbelievers because you see them as a threat to your flimsy fantasies, your ridiculous belief in things for which there is not, nor has there ever been, a shred of proof or evidence

        1. muskat antonopolis says

          here*s one for your kind consideration…a atheistic scientist looks up at
          the heavens and says toward the stars…..if there is a god, I just want
          you to know that we are pretty smart down here….as smart as you are
          really…..then the scientist looking upward again says….you know we down here can do whatever you can do……..he continues….just to
          prove it, I am gonna make a person right now….with that the scientist
          gets busy with all manner of equipment and things and as he does he
          mumbles to himself…..take this aaaah and put ittttttt..ok, now he
          triumphantly says…first you take a little dust and…….suddenly he hears
          a voice…….”get your own dirt”
          Naw….we do not want you to LEAVE we want you to BELIEVE for your
          sake….I think that you misunderstand….we aren’t asking you to do
          anything that you do not want to do yourself….but what skin is it off
          your nose if we believe….if what we believe is wrong..then we are
          the fools not you….so what does it hurt you to not ridicule our belief?
          We as a body, are in no way perfect…we have all the weaknesses
          of every other man…we sometimes get to harsh in our criticisims
          of others who do think or believe as we do…that’s wrong….but we
          know where to go to seek help in overcoming our weaknesses and
          seeking forgiveness for our errors (sin),,, who do you go to for
          spiritual help?

          1. Merlinever says

            FYI, atheists don’t talk to imaginary people.
            We’re not delusional as all you believers insist on being.

          2. muskat antonopolis says

            ok…it is your life….it is your choice…..

          3. Merlinever says

            Stating the obvious is a sign that you really have nothing to say…

          4. muskat antonopolis says

            I am learning that everything necessary for life and happiness has already been
            said and compiled into a very neat personal letter to me an everyone who will
            avail themselves to it…..all I do is repeat it…..don’t shoot the messenger..

          5. Merlinever says

            *See my last reply.

          6. muskat antonopolis says

            ok…I saw it…it still says the same thing that it did before…I find that there is nothing further to be said….have the last word…..here.

          7. catman says

            A U.S. Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan. In one of the courses he had a professor who was an avowed atheist and member of the ACLU.

            One day the professor shocked the class when he came in, looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, “God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I’ll give you exactly 15 minutes”.

            The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, “her I am God. I’m still waiting”.

            It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his seat, went up to the platform, and cold cocked the professor, knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and just sat there looking on in silence.

            The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked a the Marine and asked, “What the hell is the matter with you? Why did you do that”?

            The Marine calmly replied, “God was too busy today protecting America’s soldiers who are protecting your right to say stupid shit and act like an asshole”.

            “So, he sent me.”

          8. Merlinever says

            If this story is true/actually happened, what this marine unknowingly did was to prove that there is no God. I hope this marine was kicked out of that college, arrested, charged with assault and battery, is serving time for his idiotic, cowardly trick, and will be sued by the professor.

          9. BDnSC says

            A trick? Why is it anymore of a trick for the Marine to hit the prof than it is for the prof to provoke the Marine?

          10. Merlinever says

            I used the word “trick” figuratively as a derogatory way of describing this idiot marine’s act.
            This professor provoked the marine?
            By stating the truth?
            Only a person who is afraid of the truth is going to be “provoked” by it.
            This professor was simply practicing his First Amendment rights of freedom of speech; the freedom of speech guaranteed to all Americans in our Bill of Rights gives all Americans the right to say anything they chose,especially and specifically things that others disagree with or find OFFENSIVE.
            Get educated.

          11. BDnSC says

            Is that why you are so afraid of the idea of God?

            Do tell us all why you consider only your thoughts to be the truth and no one else’s.

            SInce you cannot post anything without pasting something, try this one:

            ‘Let me explain the problem science has with
            religion.’The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and
            then asks one of his new students to stand.

            ‘You’re a Christian, aren’t you, son?’

            ‘Yes sir, ‘the student says.

            ‘So you believe in God?’


            Is God good?’

            ‘Sure! God’s good.’

            ‘Is God all-powerful? Can God do anything?’


            ‘Are you good or evil?’

            ‘The Bible says I’m evil.’

            The professor grins knowingly. ‘Aha! The
            Bible!’ He considers for a moment. ‘Here’s one for you. Let’s say there’s a
            sick person over here and you can cure him. You can do it. Would you help
            him? Would you try?’

            ‘Yes sir, I would.’

            ‘So you’re good…!’

            ‘I wouldn’t say that.’

            ‘But why not say that? You’d help a sick and
            maimed person if you could. Most of us would if we could. But God doesn’t.’

            The student does not answer, so the professor
            continues. ‘He doesn’t, does he? My brother was a Christian who died of
            cancer, even though he prayed to Jesus to heal him.. How is this Jesus good?
            Can you answer that one?’

            The student remains silent.. ‘No, you can’t, can
            you?’ the professor says. He takes a sip of water from a glass on his desk
            to give the student time to relax. ‘Let’s start again, young fella. Is God

            ‘Er..yes,’ the student says.

            ‘Is Satan good?

            The student doesn’t hesitate on this one. ‘No.’

            ‘Then where does Satan come from?’

            The student falters. ‘From God’

            ‘That’s right. God made Satan, didn’t he? Tell me, son.
            Is there evil in this world?’

            ‘Yes, sir..’

            ‘Evil’s everywhere, isn’t it? And God did make
            everything, correct?’


            ‘So who created evil?’ The professor continued, ‘If God
            created everything, then God created evil, since evil exists, and according
            to the principle that our works define who we are, then God is evil.’

            Again, the student has no answer. ‘Is there sickness?
            Immorality? Hatred? Ugliness? All these terrible things, do they exist in
            this world?’

            The student squirms on his feet. ‘Yes.’

            ‘So who created them?’

            The student does not answer again, so the professor
            repeats his question. ‘Who created them?’ There is still no answer. Sudenly
            the lecturer breaks away to pace in front of the classroom. The class is
            mesmerized. ‘Tell me,’ he continues onto another student. ‘Do you believe in
            Jesus Christ, son?’

            The student’s voice betrays him and cracks. ‘Yes,
            professor, I do.’

            The old man stops pacing. ‘Science says you have five
            senses you use to identify and observe the world around you. Have you ever
            seen Jesus?’

            ‘No sir. I’ve never seen Him.’

            ‘Then tell us if you’ve ever heard your Jesus?’

            ‘No, sir, I have not..’

            ‘Have you ever felt your Jesus, tasted your Jesus or
            smelt your Jesus? Have you ever had any sensory perception of Jesus Christ,
            or God for that matter?’

            ‘No, sir, I’m afraid I haven’t.’

            ‘Yet you still believe in him?’


            ‘According to the rules of empirical, testable,
            demonstrable protocol, science says your God doesn’t exist… What do you
            say to that, son?’

            ‘Nothing,’ the student replies.. ‘I only have my faith.’

            ‘Yes, faith,’ the professor repeats. ‘And that is the
            problem science has with God. There is no evidence, only faith.’

            The student stands quietly for a moment, before asking a
            question of His own. ‘Professor, is there such thing as heat?’

            ‘Yes. ’

            ‘And is there such a thing as cold?’

            ‘Yes, son, there’s cold too.’

            ‘No sir, there isn’t.’

            The professor turns to face the student, obviously
            interested. The room suddenly becomes very quiet. The student begins to
            explain. ‘You can have lots of heat, even more heat, super-heat, mega-heat,
            unlimited heat, white heat, a little heat or no heat, but we don’t have
            anything called ‘cold’. We can hit down to 458 degrees below zero, which is
            no heat, but we can’t go any further after that. There is no such thing as
            cold; otherwise we would be able to go colder than the lowest -458 degrees.
            Every body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits
            energy, and heat is what makes a body or matter have or transmit energy.
            Absolute zero (-458 F) is the total absence of heat. You see, sir, cold is
            only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot measure cold.
            Heat we can measure in thermal units because heat is energy. Cold is not the
            opposite of heat, sir, just the absence of it.’

            Silence across the room. A pen drops somewhere in the
            classroom, sounding like a hammer.

            ‘What about darkness, professor. Is there such a thing
            as darkness?’

            ‘Yes,’ the professor replies without hesitation.. ‘What
            is night if it isn’t darkness?’

            ‘You’re wrong again, sir. Darkness is not something; it
            is the absence of something. You can have low light, normal light, bright
            light, flashing light, but if you have no light constantly you have nothing
            and it’s called darkness, isn’t it? That’s the meaning we use to define the
            word. In reality, darkness isn’t. If it were, you would be able to make
            darkness darker, wouldn’t you?’

            The professor begins to smile at the student in front of
            him. This will be a good semester. ‘So what point are you making, young

            ‘Yes, professor. My point is, your philosophical premise
            is flawed to start with, and so your conclusion must also be flawed.’

            The professor’s face cannot hide his surprise this time.
            ‘Flawed? Can you explain how?’

            ‘You are working on the premise of duality,’ the student
            explains… ‘You argue that there is life and then there’s death; a good God
            and a bad God. You are viewing the concept of God as something finite,
            something we can measure. Sir, science can’t even explain a thought.’ ‘It
            uses electricity and magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully
            understood either one. To view death as the opposite of life is to be
            ignorant of the fact that death cannot exist as a substantive thing. Death
            is not the opposite of life, just the absence of it.’ ‘Now tell me,
            professor.. Do you teach your students that they evolved from a monkey?’

            ‘If you are referring to the natural evolutionary
            process, young man, yes, of course I do.’

            ‘Have you ever observed evolution with your own eyes,

            The professor begins to shake his head, still smiling,
            as he realizes where the argument is going. A very good semester, indeed.

            ‘Since no one has ever observed the process of evolution
            at work and cannot even prove that this process is an on-going endeavor, are
            you not teaching your opinion, sir? Are you now not a scientist, but a

            The class is in uproar. The student remains silent until
            the commotion has subsided. ‘To continue the point you were making earlier
            to the other student, let me give you an example of what I mean..’ The
            student looks around the room. ‘Is there anyone in the class who has ever
            seen the professor’s brain?’ The class breaks out into laughter. ‘Is there
            anyone here who has ever heard the professor’s brain, felt the professor’s
            brain, touched or smelt the professor’s brain? No one appears to have done
            so. So, according to the established rules of empirical, stable,
            demonstrable protocol, science says that you have no brain, with all due
            respect, sir.’ ‘So if science says you have no brain, how can we trust your
            lectures, sir?’

            Now the room is silent. The professor just stares at the
            student, his face unreadable. Finally, after what seems an eternity, the old
            man answers. ‘I Guess you’ll have to take them on faith.’

            ‘Now, you accept that there is faith, and, in fact,
            faith exists with life,’ the student continues. ‘Now, sir, is there such a
            thing as evil?’ Now uncertain, the professor responds, ‘Of course, there is.
            We see it Everyday. It is in the daily example of man’s inhumanity to man.
            It is in The multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world. These
            manifestations are nothing else but evil.’

            To this the student replied, ‘Evil does not exist sir,
            or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of
            God. It is just like darkness and cold, a word that man has created to
            describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is the result of
            what happens when man does not have God’s love present in his heart. It’s
            like the cold that comes when there is no heat or the darkness that comes
            when there is no light.’

            The professor sat down.

            PS: the student was Albert Einstein.

            Albert Einstein wrote a book titled God vs. Science in 1921…

          12. Merlinever says

            “Is that why you are so afraid of the idea of God?”
            Whatever gave you the idea that I was afraid of an antiquated myth, born of ignorance?
            What I do consider very dangerous and worthy of fear is large groups of stupid people………such as the people who follow the various religions of the world, and, in so doing, show that they are willing to believe in and base their all too brief lives on things for which there is not, nor has there ever been, a shred of proof or evidence.
            The rest of your lengthy reply is nothing but the usual religiously inspired babbling, and a measure of the ridiculous lengths to which a believer will go to manufacture out of nothing support for their belief in the unbelievable and to defend the indefensible.
            Don’t you have anything of more importance to do?
            Like pick your nose?
            Or give your mind an enema?

          13. Faye Hayes says

            Boring!!! The student was Albert Einstein ? I’m so impressed. NOT!! Also, TDLTR.

          14. catman says

            Just to put your single brain cell and palpitating heart to rest, this is a FICTIONAL STORY. Now, that being said, if I ever had to put up with a so called “professor” such as the one in the story, I might just react in the same manner as our fictional Marine seeing as how I am a 6 year veteran of the Marine Corps.

          15. Merlinever says

            There was nothing in what you wrote that indicated that this story was fictional. And religiously crazy status of our country is such that this story is completely, though regrettably, believable, genius.
            That you or anyone else is a 6 year veteran of the Marine Corps doesn’t make them immune to either unsound reasoning, self-deception, or all out lunacy……as you seem to never tire of proving…

          16. OSAMA OBAMA says

            What UniverSHITTY do you teach at prof.?

          17. Merlinever says

            Don’t you ever tire of showing how childish you are?

          18. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Nope! I love to see you twits squirm and get your Depends in a knot! Blather on J.O.!

          19. Coolcat says

            Another offended libtard. Don’t cry!

          20. Merlinever says

            I am not a liberal and I am only offended when people substitute misguided emotions for reason.

          21. Coolcat says

            You are a hippie.

          22. Merlinever says

            You’re a pussy.
            And you are amusing.
            What makes you think you know anything about me or my lifestyle when we have never met nor ever laid eyes on each other?

          23. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You reek of sissy, liberal , offended, crybaby progressiveism.

          24. Faye Hayes says

            Very Funny! LOL!!!

          25. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Stupid bitches are easily amused.

          26. Debra Johnson says

            If God killed every stupid atheist that opened his stupid mouth he wouldn’t be the merciful God that he is. God is not mocked and he says that only a fool says their is no God. They will find out if they aren’t saved when they die that their is a real place called hell.

          27. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “God is not mocked and he says that only a fool says their is no God.”

            Please explain the still-living comedians that mock God.

          28. Debra Johnson says

            There is a difference between mocking and having a sense of humor. There are plenty of Christian comedians and Bill Cosby used God in his monologues, but it wasn’t done in a disrespectful or done disdain like saying the man upstairs. I know of a comedian who made fun of the Crucifixtion and he died in a terrible car accident.

          29. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          30. Merlinever says

            “If God killed every stupid atheist that opened his stupid mouth he wouldn’t be the merciful God that he is.”
            There’s nothing “stupid” about not believing things for which there is not, nor has there ever been, a shred of proof or evidence; what’s stupid beyond belief is people who do.
            And please don’t talk about how merciful you believe God is.
            Haven’t you read the Bible lately?
            You know, the parts where God committed genocide, killing every man, woman and child in an area, or about the great flood in which he killed every living thing, innocent people and innocent animals included.

            “God is not mocked and he says that only a fool says their is no God”
            Who care what God is supposed to have said; he’s just a myth created a long time ago in a time and place in which ignorance and superstition ruled and everyone thought that the earth was flat!
            And the fools are those who believe in things just because a lot of others have for a long time, or because these things were written in a book of fiction over 2,000 years ago.
            What’s important to keep in mind here is that no matter for how long a lie or a myth has been held or repeated, they’re no less lies and myths.

          31. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You frauds “believe” in a false president and her fraud claims!

          32. Merlinever says

            “a false president”?
            “her false claims”?
            What ARE you talking about?
            Do you even know?

          33. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Blather on astute one!

          34. Merlinever says

            Your reply says nothing and only reveals your pitifully infantile nature.

          35. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Blather on astute one! You dimbulbs don’t deserve better. Kindly F.O.

          36. Merlinever says

            Suffer from arrested development much?

          37. Rich says

            A great Story and may you be blessed. A marine came through and handled the situation in style. LOVE IT.

          38. Coolcat says

            Wow awesome!

          39. OSAMA OBAMA says

            GOD BLESS our Marines.

          40. Mike Albertone says

            There is nothing imaginary about God. I think it is delusional to see the vastness of the universe, the beauty of the earth and all that is around us, and NOT think there is a God. It take a greater leap of faith to NOT believe in God than it does to believe in Him. And that doesn’t even include all the stories about people who have had personal encounters with God or one of His saints. There are thousands upon thousands of those kinds of stories that can’t all be chalked up to delusion. It is completely illogical to believe otherwise. Nobody can ever prove 100% that this is a God, but if the measuring stick is “beyond a reasonable doubt,” it would be pretty easy for believers to prove that He does exist.

          41. Croco Dile says

            You just LOVE it to stay delusional, apertone.

            As Epicurus pointed out :

            “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

          42. Mike Albertone says

            I will debate Epicurus on that point. God is both able to prevent evil and willing to prevent it, but that does not mean He always does prevent it. Because He is an all loving God, He bestowed on humankind the greatest gift – free will. He does not interfere with that, because to take away our free will would be evil, as it would not allow us to decide for ourselves whether to accept or reject Him.

          43. Merlinever says

            “There is nothing imaginary about God.”
            That statement implies that you believe that God is real.
            If you believe that God is real, what proof or evidence do you have to support your belief…?

            “I think it is delusional to see the vastness of the universe, the beauty of the earth and all that is around us, and NOT think there is a God.”
            The vastness of he universe is proof only of the vastness of the universe.
            The beauty of the earth is proof only of the beauty of the earth.
            Your claim that the vastness of the universe and the beauty of the earth proves that there is a god and/or that he’s real is a non sequitur.
            Delusion, such as all believers proudly display, is walking along, seeing a rock by the side of the road, pointing at it and saying, “Oh. Look. There’s a rock. That proves that I’m a millionaire.”

            ” It take a greater leap of faith to NOT believe in God than it does to believe in Him.”
            Congratulations: you got that completely upside down and backwards.
            The reason why atheists lack a belief in God is because there is not, nor has there ever been, a shred of proof or evidence to support such a belief.
            Faith is, according to the dictionary, belief in things for which there is no proof or evidence; all it takes to reject the belief in a supernatural being is sanity and reason.

            “And that doesn’t even include all the stories about people who have had personal encounters with God or one of His saints.”
            Well…..isn’t the power of self delusion truly amazing.
            These “personal encounters” are nothing more than the products of over active, wildly unrestrained imaginations and wishful thinking.
            Such people who have these “encounters” need professional help.

            ” It is completely illogical to believe otherwise.”
            What is “completely illogical” is to deny logic and reason by believing in things for which there is no proof or evidence.

            “but if the measuring stick is “beyond a reasonable doubt…”
            I’m convinced that nothing is “beyond reasonable doubt” for people who have lost or surrendered their power of reason:
            “The truths of religion are never so well understood as by those who have lost their power of reason.” Voltaire.

            “it would be pretty easy for believers to prove that He does exist.”

            Then let’s see the proof……
            Forgive me if I don’t hold my breath for this answer.
            The truth is that there is not, nor has there ever been, a shred of proof or evidence for the existence of the God of Christianity, for the gods of any of the other religions, or for any supernatural being.
            You have no argument.

          44. Coolcat says


          45. Merlinever says

            …you are.
            Thanks for admitting it…

          46. Coolcat says

            Project much?

          47. Merlinever says

            Post meaningless replies much?

          48. Coolcat says

            Arrogant self righteous hippie?

          49. Merlinever says

            You’re amusing.
            Please keep it coming.
            I can always use some comic relief.

          50. Coolcat says

            You are the sick joke. I was a dumb liberal in the sixties, but I grew up. Your turn now.

          51. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Grade school come back!

          52. Merlinever says

            I could reply, “Kindergarten reject”, but I try to avoid stating the obvious.

          53. Mike Albertone says

            I did say in my post that nobody can prove 100% that God exists. What I didn’t also say is that nobody can prove 100% that He doesn’t exist either. So, if nobody can prove that He exists for sure and nobody can prove that He doesn’t exist for sure, then what are we left with? We are left to use our reason and our senses to try to determine the impossible…to distinguish whether He exists or not. Your belief that He doesn’t exist is just that, a “belief” not a fact. My belief that He does exist is just that, a belief, not a fact. The interesting thing about Dawkins quote is that he has it backwards. What I have found is that people with no belief in God are incapable of distinguishing what is true from what is not true. Those many stories about people who have had personal encounters with God that you so easily write-off can’t be written off so easily by men who really care about science. I’ll give you just one example.
            There are currently visionaries of the Blessed Virgin Mary who are from Medjugorje in Bosnia. These visions have been going on for 34 years, which means they started in 1981. At that time, Bosnia was a communist country, so you can imagine the skepticism of the authorities to the claims of the visionaries at that time. Many, many, many doctors and scientists, quite a few of which did not believe in God, examined the visionaries. To a person, they found them to be of sound mind and body and free from deceit. The doctors and scientists say they can’t say for sure that they are seeing the Virgin Mary, but they seem to enter a higher plane, a supernatural one. During ecstasy, what it is called when they are having the visions, they do not respond to anything else going on around them. Doctors have stuck them with needles, burnt them with matches and they don’t flinch. After the apparition is over they notice the pain, but not while it is going on. They have been tested to determine where they were looking during an apparition and have been found to all be looking at the exact same spot, which the doctors and scientists say is basically impossible if one were not in some kind of supernatural state. There is much, much more I could tell you. This is just a sampling. If you wanted to know more, I could provide much more material. You can believe if you want that all this is somehow an elaborate ruse by the visionaries. But I find it hard to believe that 6 children (now adults) could pull something like that over on a Communist government and atheistic doctors and scientists for all these years. And for what gain would these visionaries get? They certainly didn’t get riches or glory from it. You don’t even hear about it in the mainstream press, at least not much in the last 25 years or so (it was in the press a decent amount in the early stages). Like I said, if you want me to provide more, I’d be more than happy to.

          54. Merlinever says

            When you’re talking about proof for God’s existence, terms such as “prove 100%” are meaningless and useless; either there is irrefutable proof that God exist or there isn’t. That there is proof for the existence of God can’t be true to a percentage, anymore than some one can be 1% or 50% or 99% dead.

          55. Mike Albertone says

            Not true at all. If what you say is true, where is your irrefutable proof that God doesn’t exist? In a court of law, what is the standard? Isn’t it “beyond a reasonable doubt,” That is because you can’t be 100% sure that someone committed a crime, you can only be reasonably sure. The same thing is true for God’s existence or non-existence. Neither side can be 100% sure, you can just try to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

          56. Merlinever says

            No one can prove that God doesn’t exist because no one can prove a negative.
            For instance, no one can prove that pink unicorns don’t exist either.
            The point is that since you and your fellow believers make the claim that god does exist, the burden of proof is on you to prove that he does.
            And you can’t.
            Case closed.

          57. Mike Albertone says

            Untrue once again. You just admitted that you can’t prove He doesn’t exist. Also, you can prove a negative. I can prove to you that my cat is not a dog, can’t I? I told you that it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that He does exist. You never responded to some of the proof (of which I have lots more) I put forth. I also didn’t explain myself well in one of my earlier emails when I talked about the universe and the earth. What I should have said is it takes more faith to look at the order in the universe and everything in it and think that it all just sort of happened by accident than it does to believe that God exists and He created it. No matter what explanation you come up with about how the universe was created, there is always the question of where the material came from that preceded that step. I can go on and on but at the end of the day, we all have to make up our mind on our own and it take faith to believe that He doesn’t exist (because you can’t prove how the universe began) and it takes faith to believe that He does exist. So, either way, both the believer and the non-believer have faith.

          58. Merlinever says

            “I told you that it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that He does exist.”
            You keep saying that.
            And never back it up with real proof.
            How pathetic.
            And amusing.

          59. Mike Albertone says

            Actually, your premise is totally wrong that nobody can prove a negative. In the scientific method, someone proposes a theory that seems to be true to them and then they, along with others, try to set out to prove it to be false. If after a while nobody can prove that it is false, it is considered true until and unless someone can prove it to be false. So, having this argument scientifically speaking, you have to try to prove that God doesn’t exist and if you can’t, than He does. Since you already admitted above that you can’t, I guess He does!

          60. Merlinever says

            “you have to try to prove that God doesn’t exist and if you can’t, than He does.”
            Yours is called an argument from ignorance.
            Not knowing the answer to a question, such as how the universe came into being, does not serve as proof of anything except that it is not known how the universe came into being, and certainly does not serve as proof of the existence of any supernatural being.
            Instead of guessing, you might try accepting reality.

          61. Mike Albertone says

            You have yet to respond to my post about the happenings in Medjugorje. It is true that we don’t know how the universe came into being and that it doesn’t prove God exists because we don’t know. However, what is your explanation? What explanation can science give us? The Bing Bang? It’s possible, but then where did all the matter come from that caused the Bing Bang in the first place? Like I said, you are right that it doesn’t prove God exists, but it is at least possible until we can explain it some other way. And if it is possible, what are some of the other ways we can determine. By examining things like the apparitions of Medjugorje, or the miracles performed by Padre Pio, or the stigmata that he received or the stigmata on the forehead of Fr. Sudac or the many Eucharistic miracles, or the other apparitions of Mary, or the miracles from St. Theresa the Little Flower and on and on and on. I can keep naming them and I think people are doing a disservice to themselves if they don’t at least investigate these things with an open mind. If in doing so, they conclude there still is no proof, then OK, that is their call, but if you don’t even try to find out, I think your missing out on something great.

          62. Merlinever says

            ” However, what is your explanation? What explanation can science give us”
            Neither I nor science has the explanation of how the universe came into being.
            But we admit it and science goes on working to find the answer, while believers claim to know based on what is written in a work of fiction written over 2,000 years ago in a time and place in which ignorance and superstition ruled and everyone thought that the earth was flat.
            I’m not “missing out on something great”.
            You’re creating something in your mind that doesn’t exist in reality and calling it great.

          63. Mike Albertone says

            There is no conflict between faith and reason. To the believer, science is a noble calling, the study of creation. The difference is that we feel science is an effort to learn what and how God created the universe and the study of the things He created. To the non-believer, it is the study of the physical world, period, It would seem that a true scientist, though, would at least admit that God is a possibility. And there is a balance between science and religion.

            Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.

            Pope John Paul II

          64. Merlinever says

            “There is no conflict between faith and reason.”
            Actually, faith and reason are mutually exclusive.
            And the only thing that science could be said to have with creation is that it exposes the total lack of evidence to support it.

            “It would seem that a true scientist, though, would at least admit that God is a possibility.”
            Any true scientist who admitted that God was a possibility would be revealing that they were unworthy of being called a scientist, and a major disgrace to their fellow scientists and to the world of sane, reasonable people..

          65. Mike Albertone says

            There are very differing opinions about faith and reason. Here are some examples:

          66. Merlinever says

            The difference between faith and reason is not a matter of opinions; it’s a matter of fact. I suggest that you look these two words up in the dictionary.

          67. Mike Albertone says

            II don’t know if the image I am trying to past in here will work. My ability to “reason” can’t seem to figure it out!

          68. Merlinever says

            What image?
            I would have to assume that your ability to reason was too lacking for you “to figure it out”.

          69. Faye Hayes says

            YOU ARE A COMPLETE MORON & I can prove it 100%. LOL!!

          70. Mike Albertone says

            OK. I am waiting.

          71. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Your dumb ass is 100% ignorant.

          72. Merlinever says

            Is that all you’ve got?

          73. Coolcat says

            Without the tune in of the spiritual, you don’t believe in God because you are spiritually dead in your unrepentant sins.

          74. Merlinever says

            News Flash: it’s not necessary to believe in people who aren’t there in order to to be spiritual or to have spiritual experiences.
            And my “unrepentant sins”?
            You mean the ones I was supposed to have committed before I was born?
            Sorry, but I’m immune that that ludicrous nonsense.

          75. Coolcat says

            “The Fool says in his heart there is no God.” Psalm 14:1

          76. Merlinever says

            The fool quotes from a work of fiction (the Bible) and thinks he has said something meaningful or of value.

          77. Coolcat says

            Repent or Perish, fool.

          78. Merlinever says

            Thank you, but watching porn is much more fun and satisfying.

          79. Coolcat says

            Yes, enjoy your bondage to lust.

          80. Coolcat says

            To a fool nothing but emptiness cranially is your condition. You look in the mirror and see your god.

          81. Merlinever says

            The fool keeps on repeating a bunch of idiot crap that some previous fool wrote a long time ago.

          82. Coolcat says

            And you keep listening to the dumb atheists that have indoctrinated you.

          83. Faye Hayes says

            And you keep listening to the dumb & ignorant Christians that have indoctrinated YOU.

          84. Coolcat says

            At least I am not going to Hell like you are.

          85. Coolcat says

            To you fiction is reality. You are fiction. No one could be as stupid as you.

          86. Merlinever says

            You seem to incapable of making any sense; that’s reality.

          87. Coolcat says

            To the clueless like yourself, you have zero common sense. Just the echoes of empty mind.

          88. Debra Johnson says

            A baby will not go to hell. He hasn’t reached the age of accountability which means he doesn’t know right from wrong yet. Once you knowingly sin then you are accountable for it.

          89. Merlinever says

            “A baby will not go to hell. He hasn’t reached the age of accountability which means he doesn’t know right from wrong yet”
            What about Original Sin?
            Don’t you know your own religion’s idiotic-beyond-belief dogma?

          90. Coolcat says

            Blasphemy is only going to make you burn harder.

          91. Merlinever says

            Your empty, idiot threats are only making me laugh harder…

          92. Coolcat says

            You won’t be laughing after 70 to 80 years. You’ll be screaming for eternity.

          93. OSAMA OBAMA says

            WOW! Profound!

          94. Merlinever says

            Sarcasm won’t make you look any less the fool than you have already shown yourself to be.

          95. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You twats spend hours impressing yourselves. LMAO!!

          96. Merlinever says

            We don’t have to impress ourselves; we just tell the truth.

          97. OSAMA OBAMA says

            They go to the DNC for guidance, thoughts and ideals.

          98. Faye Hayes says

            What a dumb story. Was that supposed to be funny ? I hope you’re not studying to be a stand up comic. The audience will be throwing tomatoes at you & booing you off the stage. LOL!!!

          99. muskat antonopolis says

            well bless your little heart faye..it was NOT supposed to be funny…actually it
            shows just how pathetic certain people can be when they continue to deny God
            despite all we see around us which gives testimony to God the Creator Sustainer..
            Sorry you found it “dumb”……maybe you found it offensive also?

          100. Faye Hayes says

            No, It’s you I find offensive & pathetic as well. Does that answer your question ?

          101. muskat antonopolis says

            well aren’t you sweet….and say the nicest things….hope you think about all your
            anger over the absolute Fact that God is real, and He sent his Son Jesus the
            Christ into the world to save sinners like me and you…..bless you….

        2. Dale Reynolds says

          Could GOD really have created all the stupid Atheistic/Socialistic/Marxists on this thread. YEP.. I told you God has a sense of humor !!!..He gives us something to laugh merrily at and about. Are there better laws than the 10 Commandments or a better rule than the Golden Rule ? Or is Life a Cosmic Accident if so were living in a Train Wreak and no holds-barred .. ” and on the bloody morning after” ?

          1. Croco Dile says

            These Jews were only shepherds when they entered Egypt circa 1632 B.C. until their ‘exodus’ in 1232 B.C., during the reign of Ramses II, 1279-1212 B.C. The Kemites (Egyptians) not only accepted their Asian brothers and sisters, the Haribus, as equals but also integrated them into every aspect of Egyptian society.

            At that time also, there were ten (10) categories of sins. Thus, the categories of sins that the inventors of the mythical Moses, the Afrikan, used as the basis to formulate the so-called “Ten Commandments” already existed. The ten categories of sins in ancient Kemet (Egypt) are as follows :

            1 “General sins against people”
            2 “Crimes against a person”
            3 “Crimes against the Gods”
            4 “Crimes against the King”
            5 “Crimes against the Dead”
            6 “Crimes against animals”
            7 “Crimes against Property”
            8 “Fraud”
            9 “Faults of morals and character” (I)
            10 “Faults of morals and character” (II)

            An intelligent man cannot believe that a miracle ever was, or ever will be, performed.

          2. Dale Reynolds says

            You are correct ! An intelligent man cannot believe because of its infallibility. BTW your 10 points are rather childish as a contrived rebuttal.

          3. Debra Johnson says

            Miracle aren’t performed it happens and their are thousands of people probably even millions who believe in them because they do happen.

          4. Croco Dile says

            HAHAHAHAAAAA…… you are a really special “scum”, as you would be called by the Romans.


          5. Debra Johnson says

            Why do people like you have to resort to being hateful and despicable to those disagree with you. There are millions of people who have had miracles happen to them. Probably you haven’t heard about them is because you are a small and close minded person.

          6. Croco Dile says

            It’s not about “disagreement”, it’s about stupidity of believers.

          7. Debra Johnson says

            That means you are stupid because you believe what you believe.

          8. Croco Dile says

            Like I said, Debra, you are a really special scum.

          9. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You and your progressive friends prove your fear of religion by your vitriol. Go on your way and leave others alone. Your “SCUM” in the White House deserve your wrath, not an innocent believer.

          10. Croco Dile says

            You really must work on your memory, Osama !
            By now you have read many of my comments and still you come up with such a stupid reply ??!!

          11. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You vapid twits deserve nothing better. Now go sit in your tire.

          12. Croco Dile says

            No, there is just nothing better YOU can offer, smart Osama.

          13. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Don’t have to! Everybody knows what a twat you and your “offended” and “outraged” DNC minions are. Go back to the Huffington Post where the vapid slugs will admire you.

          14. Faye Hayes says

            That’s because he really is stupid.

          15. Faye Hayes says

            That means that you are stupid & ignorant because you believe what you believe, with no evidence or proof , whatsoever!!

          16. OSAMA OBAMA says

            That’s what liberals do! Tolerant aren’t they.

          17. Faye Hayes says

            Just like you Christians are so tolerant ?? Your religion teaches you to be tolerant of people who choose not to believe in a god or gods as you do, the bible or the 10 commandments. But you really don’t practice what is being preached to you on a daily bases. And, that makes you & your buddy Debra, 2 of the biggest hypocrites on this forum. Your jesus would be so proud.

          18. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “Just like you Christians are so tolerant ??” Uh, cite a case OH tolerant one! I will then cite cases where LGBTs, atheists, liberals and other scum have attacked others that only want to believe. WHAT A CRIME!

          19. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Replying to scumbags like you and croc-o-shit is forgiven, just like your Koran forgives lying to infidels. Spend more time flailing about asshat, this is fun seeing just how ignorant and vapid you are. You are a tired, old, ugly assed NOTHING!

          20. Faye Hayes says

            Your comment makes no sense , whatsoever!!

          21. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Made sense to me. LMAO!!

          22. Faye Hayes says

            Of course it would make sense to you. You’re brainless. Nothing funny about that. You’re pathetic.

          23. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Jockstrap all knotted up?? I love how you turds spend so much time frothing, spewing and shatting your Depends here! Such vitriol against something that won’t hurt you unlike your thug gubment, thugs in da hood, thugs that want to behead you. THAT IS PATHETIC.

          24. Debra Johnson says

            It makes sense if you believe in miracles. Just recently a 2 year old was found alive after 2 days in cold weather. People who are cured by praying to God and doctors don’t have a reason why it happened. Of course it doesn’t make sense to someone who have no faith or hasn’t had a miracle happen to them.

          25. Merlinever says

            “YEP.. I told you God has a sense of humor !!!.
            God doesn’t have a sense of humor because……(long drum roll ending with a clash of symbols)…there is no God.

            “Are there better laws than the 10 Commandments”
            The Ten Commandments could have been written by anyone as some of them are just ordinary common sense, while most of them offer no moral value; what does “Thou Shall No Make Graven Images” have to do with morality?

            Most of the Ten Commandments could be vastly improved by any ordinary person.
            “Thou Shall Not Kill” is a misinterpretation of the Hebrew Though Shall Not Murder. “Kill” and “murder’ are tow different things. if we’re not supposed to kill, what is an armed woman alone being attacked by a rapist with a knife supposed to do? And doesn’t that commandment put, at the very least, all hunters and soldiers in deep trouble?
            On improving the Ten Commandments, how about “Thou Shall Not Abuse Children” or “Try Not To Deep fry All Of Your Foods”?

          26. Debra Johnson says

            Once you take God out of society what you get is lawlessness, immorality, depravity and lack of caring for human life. This is what is happening now and God will judge us like he did before.

          27. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          28. Merlinever says

            In reply to your pitifully ignorant claims, see the photos with writings I attached.
            And God never judged us and never will; he’s just a myth, no different from that of Zeus, Odin, Allah, the Tooth Fairy, or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
            Please grow up and leave Never Never Land behind.

          29. Faye Hayes says

            Excellent!! Two of the most brilliant minds in The Atheist Community. Thank You. Faye.

          30. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I love your sarcasm!

          31. Faye Hayes says

            I love your stupidity, ASSWIPE!!

          32. Faye Hayes says

            I love your stupidity, ASSWIPE!!!

          33. OSAMA OBAMA says

            If those are the most brilliant, what does that make you and Festusever?? HA HA HA!! This is just too easy!!

          34. Faye Hayes says

            A lot more intelligent than you’ll ever hope to be. MORON!!! When was the last time you read a book or are you illiterate ? Playboy & Penthouse don’t count. DUMBASS!! This is just too easy!!

          35. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I read the cesspool maintenance handbook and saw you and merlin on the in-flow chart. DA HUCK!!

        3. BDnSC says

          Why do you concern yourself so with other people’s beliefs when you cannot legitimately show where those beliefs have trampled any of your rights. At least not in the last century or so.
          Isn’t it odd that you are not content to be an atheist you demand that we all agree with you and cater to your desires. You can call my beliefs fantasy all you want. I don;t really care if you end up in hell. It ill be of your own doing if you do. The real question is why do you feel it necessary to try and take people with you? What do you gain?
          By the way, King George basically did tell us to live with it or leave, We chose to fight and create a country where we are free to exercise our religion whether you like it or not. So you have the same ultimatum we had. Shut up and live with it, leave, or if you have the balls (which you don’t) fight!

          1. Merlinever says

            “Why do you concern yourself so with other people’s beliefs when you
            cannot legitimately show where those beliefs have trampled any of your
            Religious people’s beliefs trample my rights every time they vote.
            As one of may examples, where I live one cannot purchase any alcoholic beverages on Sunday. This is because of the ‘blue law’ which were created by religious people and, unfortunately and unjustly, are applied to ALL people, regardless of whether they adhere to any religion or to none.

            “Isn’t it odd that you are not content to be an atheist you demand that we all agree with you and cater to your desires.”
            I demand no such thing. I only challenge believers to honestly and objectively question the beliefs by which they have chosen to live their lives and which they try to push on others.

            “You can call my beliefs fantasy all you want.”
            “You can’t convince a believer of anything; their belief is not based on evidence, but on their deep-seated need to believe.” Car Sagan.

            “I don;t really care if you end up in hell.”
            What you don’t seem to care about is facing the reality that hell, like heaven, an afterlife, etc. are all fairy tales based on nothing but wishful thinking.

            “Shut up and live with it, leave”
            If our founding fathers had taken that attitude regarding King George”s tyranny, our country would never have come to be.

          2. BDnSC says

            ” where I live one cannot purchase any alcoholic beverages on Sunday…” The alternative is to either move to a location that allows you to buy in Sunday, if it means that much to you. Obviously it doesn;t so you point is moot. The alternative is wither socialism or communism. Please feel free to avail yourself of the right to move.

            ” I only challenge believers to honestly and objectively question the beliefs…” Not so. You are here complaining that “In God We Trust” be removed from a patrol car that is not even in the place you live!

            “What you don’t seem to care about is facing the reality…” If you don;t care, then why do you bring it up at all? After all, I am sure a believer has never asked you to try and convince them that when they die there is no more. And just to be clear, you can’t see gravity, but it is real, and you can’t see or touch love or laughter, but they are real too. What makes you think your reality is true and mine is not?

            “If our founding fathers had taken that attitude regarding King George”s tyranny,…” Oh but they did. As I pointed out previously and you so conveniently chose to ignore. We fought a war and won! So if you don;t like it you know your options!

          3. Merlinever says

            “where I live one cannot purchase any alcoholic beverages on Sunday…”
            The alternative is to either move to a location that allows you to buy
            in Sunday, if it means that much to you.”
            The point is that no American citizen should be forced to move from where they live to avoid being subjected to unjust laws.
            Please feel free to admit you have no argument.

            ” I only challenge believers to honestly and objectively question the
            beliefs…” Not so. You are here complaining that “In God We Trust” be
            removed from a patrol car that is not even in the place you live!”
            I’m complaining about a ridiculous motto that wreaks of delusion and insanity being placed on vehicles used by those who’s job it it to serve and protect us; it is not a requirement that one has to live where this stupidity is being entertained to object to it.

            “What you don’t seem to care about is facing the reality…” If you don;t care, then why do you bring it up at all?”
            Twisting my words is a pathetic strategy; I was speaking about what YOU don’t care about.
            Nice try but no cigar.

            “I am sure a believer has never asked you to try and convince them that when they die there is no more.
            I don’t waste my time trying to convince believers of the obvious, I just remind them of it. Nor can one reason with those who reject reason in favor of fantasy:
            “You can’t convince a believer of anything; their belief is not based on evidence, but on their deep-seated need to believe.” Car Sagan.

            “you can’t see gravity, but it is real, and you can’t see or touch love or laughter, but they are real too.”
            Gravity can be measured and its effects can be seen; this does not apply to God.
            Love is a human emotion produced by the workings of our brains, which are real and can be seen; such is not the case with God.
            Laughter is a response also produced by the workings of our brain, and it can be witnessed when someone is engaging in it; God has never been actually witnessed.

            “What makes you think your reality is true and mine is not?”
            There is no “your reality” or “my reality”; reality is not something that individuals can own and do with as they please; reality is what it is and is impervious to the whims of man.

            “If our founding fathers had taken that attitude regarding King
            George”s tyranny,…” Oh but they did. As I pointed out previously and
            you so conveniently chose to ignore. We fought a war and won!”
            If we fought the Revolutionary War and won, as we did, we obviously didn’t follow King George’s advice/command.
            If you’re so afraid of reason and reality, you shouldn’t try to use these things in an argument………… just as kids shouldn’t play with guns.

          4. BDnSC says

            You sure do think highly of yourself and lowly of others don;t you. You cannot seem to grasp the difference between reality and your thoughts.
            You have a very warped sense of logic that is clouded by your extreme desire o believe the voices in your head are in reality facts. They are not. The fact that you cannot tell the difference is an obvious harbinger of schizophrenia.

            You state that Love and Laughter are “workings of our brains and can be witnessed” but that doesn’t hold water because what you find humorous many may find offensive. Once again your logic is sorely lacking and quite franlkly indefensible.

            As for the no American should be forced to move to avoid unjust laws, oce again you mistake your opinion as being the benchmark when in fact it is obvious that the majority of those living around you don’t consider your opinion worth acting on. In your own polluted logic, you seem to think it should be perfectly OK to have sex with children or animals as long as it is something that you want, and no one else should be able to make laws against it lest they be unjust.

            The irony here is that you cannot wrap your feeble mind around the fat that no one cares what you consider unjust.

            And finally, your last statement is further proof that you do not have the ability think rationally and process logic. Your own statements and inability to understand the references as presented show a disturbing inability to process information, and consequently that defect further eliminates you from our concern over your feelings and corrupt thought process.

            When you can get over the fact that just because you want something that the rest of your community doesn’t want, does not make it unjust, then reasonable and rational people may be willing to have a conversation about it. But as long as you are so narcissistic and schizophrenic that you cannot distinguish between your thoughts and the truth around you, no one is going to pay any attention to your concerns or diatribes.

            And oh BTW, I am glad to see that you finally understood that we chose to fight King George and we won. Too bad that your narcissism prevented you from seeing the real point…hint (we didn’t accept it, we didn’t move, we fought and changed it…LOL!!).

            You are right about one thing though, YOU definitely have no business handling any guns!

          5. Merlinever says

            “You sure do think highly of yourself and lowly of others don;t you”
            I “think highly” reason, logic, facts, and reality and only think lowly of those who don’t.

            “you mistake your opinion as being the benchmark when in fact it is
            obvious that the majority of those living around you don’t consider your
            opinion worth acting on.”
            Nothing I have written was an opinion; I suggest that you look the word up.
            And FYI, I don’t give a rat’s @$$ about what any majority of people think about what I write; I have found that the larger the size of a group, the less reason and responsibility they exhibit; the religious populations of the world are a case in point.

            “you seem to think it should be perfectly OK to have sex with children or animal”
            How absolutely ludicrous of you to say that!
            What kind of drugs are you on?
            Show me where I ever indicated in what I wrote the nonsense you stated above.
            As for the rest of what you wrote, it’s just the usual religiously inspired wild rantings of a person desperate to create support out of nothing for their belief in the unbelievable in their effort to defend the indefensible.
            I sincerely hope you cure yourself of your religious delusions and get well soon.

          6. BDnSC says

            So what is logical or rational about thinking that laws approved by the majority are unjust because you and a select few do like them? That is not a fact, it is an opinion. The fact that you do not know the difference speaks volumes about you corrupt thought process and warped deductive reasoning skills.

            For someone that denies religion and mocks faith, you sure have a lot of faith in your own misguided reasoning. As mentioned previously, you suffer from Dunning-Kruger Syndrome. The more you write and try to rationalize your stances the more obvious it becomes to any logical person that you have a severe case indeed.

            You are the epitome of the saying, “Never argue with an idiot. They will wear you down and beat you with their experience!”

            Based on your lack of deductive reasoning and your total inability to comprehend any view point contrary to the fantasy in your own small mind, I am signing off with a sincere suggestion that you get some help.

          7. Merlinever says

            “So what is logical or rational about thinking that laws approved by the
            majority are unjust because you and a select few do like them?”
            What’s illogical or irrational about not liking laws that others make based on their idiot beliefs that they force me to abide by?

        4. bluelove says

          We have a right to our opinion, just like you do. and I never was a part of the catholic church. The catholic church, before the reformation, are the ones who burned people at the stake. You, sir, with all due respect, need to study a little more, before voicing such a claim. Funny thing is, every atheist, who actually did that (studied the bible and christianity) BECAME CHRISTIANS, when doin so! Why clump christians into a group we make no claim to? atleast most of us. Read about the reformation, then lets talk.

          1. Merlinever says

            I don’t write opinions; I suggest you should look the word up.
            Exactly which claim is it that you believe I should “study a little more, before voicing”?

            “The catholic church, before the reformation, are the ones who burned people at the stake.”
            Now they only go to places like Africa where there is an AIDS epidemic and tell the people there that while AIDS is a terrible thing, it’s much more terrible to use condoms because the church forbids their use……… in spite of the fact that the use of condoms by the populace would greatly reduce the number of people who became infected with this deadly disease.

            “Funny thing is, every atheist, who actually did that (studied the bible and christianity) BECAME CHRISTIANS”.
            What is your proof of this?
            Do you really know ALL atheists in America and if they studied the Bible, and, as a result, became Christians?
            “Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.”
            Isaac Asimov.

            “Why clump Christians into a group we make no claim to?”
            The only group I “clump” Christians into is the group called believers; that would be all those who believe in a God for whom there is not, nor has there ever been a shred of proof or evidence.

            I suggest you read The End of Faith; Religion, Terrorism, and the Future of Reason by Sam Harris. And/or his equally excellent work, Letter to a Christian Nation.

          2. Debra Johnson says

            You deny all the proof that God exists it is your problem that you don’t believe it. By the way I am a Christian and am not a Catholic. Most of your examples were done by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is not the true Christian Church. It was started by those who think that the Church was started by Peter which it wasn’t it was started by Jesus. The Baptist Church is the one started by Jesus and the doctrines were given by Jesus. The King James Bible is the one given by divine intervention of God.

          3. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “It was started by those who think that the Church was started by Peter which it wasn’t it was started by Jesus.”

            Thank you for showing your ignorance. Roman Catholics believe the Roman Catholic Church was founded by Jesus.

          4. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “The Baptist Church is the one started by Jesus and the doctrines were given by Jesus.”

            Please provide proof.

          5. Debra Johnson says

            Try reading the whole new testament. it tells the whole story. Its not just one thing its his whole life. Also read the sermon on the mount which is Matthew chapter 5.

          6. Waykent says

            Please provide proof. That is not proof.

          7. Merlinever says

            “You deny all the proof that God exist”
            What proof?

            “By the way I am a Christian and am not a Catholic.”
            Since Christians and Catholics both believe in God, and all the rest of the nonsense of Christian dogma, there’s little difference between them.

            “The Catholic Church is not the true Christian Church”
            Here you are completely wrong; that you don’t seem to know that is a sign of the extent of your idiocy.

            “The King James Bible is the one given by divine intervention of God.”
            There never was, nor will there ever be, a divine intervention of God; God is just a myth.
            And the King James Bible is just another version of a grand work of fiction.
            What else would you call a book that mentions a man being born of a virgin, a man who walked on water, a man who fed hundreds of people with a single fish and a single loaf of bread, a man who cured lepers with a touch of his hand, a man who, after being brutally murdered, rose from the grave like a vampire and magically floated up into the clouds, and(and this one is my all-time favorite), a snake that talked?

          8. Merlinever says

            “We have a right to our opinion, just like you do”
            Nothing I have written was an opinion; I suggest that you should look the word up.

            “The catholic church, before the reformation, are the ones who burned people at the stake.”
            Now they’re much “reformed”.
            Now they only go into Africa where there is an epidemic of AIDS raging out of control, and tell the people there that although AIDS may be a terrible thing, the use of condoms is much more terrible since the church forbids it………although the use of condoms could greatly reduce the number of those infected with this deadly, horrifying disease.

            “You, sir, with all due respect, need to study a little more, before voicing such a claim.”
            Exactly which claim is it that you are saying that I “need to study a little more, before voicing such a claim”?

            “Funny thing is, every atheist, who actually did that (studied the bible and Christianity) BECAME CHRISTIANS”.
            What do you base that claim on?
            Do you know personally every atheist in America and which ones, if any, studied the Bible and, as a result, lost their power of reason and became a Christian?

            “Why clump Christians into a group we make no claim to?
            The only group I “clump” Christian into is believers, which would be all those who insist on adhering to beliefs for which there is not, nor has there ever been, a shred of proof or evidence.

            I suggest you read The End of Faith; Religion, Terrorism, and the Future of Reason by Sam Harris. And/or his equally excellent work, Letter to a Christian Nation.

        5. OSAMA OBAMA says


          1. Merlinever says

            I’m sorry about that speech impediment you have.
            When, if ever, you get it fixed, I’d like to hear what you were trying to say.
            Good luck.

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            The “threat” you atheists perceive from Christian believers is a frightening one isn’t it. Better you direct your animosity toward the real threat of those fundamentalists from the middle east and their Shariah Law doctrines. The jackass in the picture above quotes, as you all do, past, though murky history. Nice picture of a liberal twit however. Now go hide under the covers from those SCARY Christians.

          3. Merlinever says

            Glad to see you cured your speech impediment.

            “The “threat” you atheists perceive from Christian believers is a frightening one isn’t it.”
            Atheists, thinking people who respect and use reason and logic, have good reason to be frightened by believers, huge groups of people who base their lives on belief systems based on lies and myths and have no respect for logic, reason, or reality.

            “Better you direct your animosity toward the real threat of those
            fundamentalists from the middle east and their Shariah Law doctrines.”
            Interesting that you should mention that.
            I’ve been studying Islam on my own since 2006.
            I know much more about it than most Americans ever will and that most Muslims will ever know or admit.
            At first, I came to the conclusion that Islam was THE problem: the worst, most dangerous so-called religion that ever was………which it undeniably is.
            But then I stepped back and took a longer, wider, more in depth view of the situation……and realized that the real and greater problem that Islam was plugged into was religion itself.
            All religions are systems of belief that treat lies as truth, myths as reality, and use imaginary rewards (heaven, an afterlife) and punishments (hell, eternal damnation) to control and enslave people.
            Almost all religions were created in times and places in which ignorance and superstition ruled and everyone believed that the earth was flat; modern religions are, likewise, nothing but wild delusions, wishful thinking and fantasy set to music.
            Now, go crawl back under your rock where you will be safe from the light of reason.

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            What a self important fraud! Blather on with your opinion piece, your biography, your narcissistic spewage.

          5. Merlinever says

            Nothing intelligent to say?
            Well, at least you are consistent.

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “I’ve been studying Islam on my own since 2006.
            I know much more about it than most Americans ever will and that most Muslims will ever know or admit.” WOW!!! So you’re a scholar!…What a self important fraud!
            It’s a waste of time responding to narcissistic spewage.

          7. Merlinever says

            I never claimed to be a scholar.
            And as for my claims about knowing more about Islam than most, as a famous baseball player once said, “It’s not bragging if it’s true”.

        6. Faye Hayes says

          Brilliant comment!! So well written. Love your photo.

          1. Merlinever says

            Thank you. People like you are the thin, golden beams of light piercing the dark, gloomy, clouds of ignorance all around.

          2. Faye Hayes says

            Thank you for your kind words. Faye

          3. Faye Hayes says

            Thank You for your kind words. Most Christians would claim this is the light of god shining through the clouds. I prefer to think of it as the golden light of reason & logic. Faye.

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Circle jerkin is Merlin and Faya.

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Love your sarcasm. Photo is the epitomy of a bearded, liberal twat!

      4. David Parker says

        Why pick on Michigan? I say they should follow their convictions and move where the national motto is not “In God we trust”, some place where western civilization, (aka Christianity) has not cleaned it up and made it a nice place to live.

        Let’s also be very clear that God referred to our motto is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Creator of the universe and everything in it, God whom Christians acknowledge and not a pagan-invented “Allah”, “Rah”, “Gai”, or whatever else some bloodthirsty tyrant dreamed up to keep his army in line. Freedom of religion does not give credence to anything people can dream up.

        Christianity is the one true religion and In God we trust.

        David Parker

        1. Waykent says

          Are you claiming God was invented by pagans?

          1. Mark Lahti says

            After you get done balancing your one brain cell on the tip of a toothpik. How about trying to explain how you got that from what David wrote. Honestly, I can not for one second understand how so many stupid people can find the ability to type.

          2. Waykent says

            He claims Allah was created by pagans. Allah is Go . Ergo, he is claiming God was created by pagans.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Only if you are a muslim. Are you playing this stupid game just to try to be relevant? This is the action of pathetic liberal troll. So, which is it troll or relevant?

          4. Waykent says

            Are you claiming the Arab Christians who call God Allah are Muslims?

          5. Mark Lahti says

            Ok…ok…I get it. Stupid troll. Thanks for answering my question.

          6. bluelove says

            allah, is a false god.

          7. Waykent says

            Are you claiming God is a false god?

          8. bluelove says

            There is only one true God. And He is very relevent.

          9. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          10. Debra Johnson says

            Look around you do you think that false gods are able to create a tree or mountains or make the sun rise and set. You just don’t want to see you just want to argue.

          11. Waykent says

            No, they are not. God(s) had nothing to do with the formation of the cosmos.

          12. Faye Hayes says

            It’s called Science , you idiot!! You refuse to open your mind to what is provable & has been substantiated, time & time again. You would rather believe in a false deity, without any evidence or proof that this sky daddy really does exist. How do you prove a negative ? Have you ever asked yourself that question?? Maybe you should.

          13. Debra Johnson says

            Actually it hasn’t been proven. It is still called the theory of evolution. They haven’t found the so called missing link. You would much rather believe in something like the big bang theory which doesn’t explain how the big bang was formed to begin with. First off he is not sky daddy he is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Its not a negative only an act of faith. I know because God has spoken to me through his word and if you think that trees, mountains, human beings just happened you are delusional. My ancestors are not apes and the world and space just didn’t happen. You prove it.

          14. Croco Dile says

            Like I told this character Debra, she is of the most stupid kind and really deserves here strange faith.
            No hope here…..

          15. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Look! The shirt that will be worn by the democrats at the next Democrapic side show. Can’t wait to see the foaming and spewage.

          16. Faye Hayes says

            Wow!! I’m so impressed by your failed attempt at being a comic. IDIOT!!!

          17. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I’m NOT impressed by your spewage, ideology, thoughts, being, existence. That’s why you are single, a loser, huddled in your corner like the vermin, DNC slut you are.

          18. Jake Spooz says

            Allah is not God, gay boy.

          19. Waykent says

            Are you claiming God is not God?

          20. Jake Spooz says

            Allah is a false Islamic God, Gaykent.

          21. Waykent says

            Who is Gaykent?

          22. Jake Spooz says


          23. Waykent says

            I am Waykent. Who is Gaykent?

          24. Jake Spooz says

            Waykent is gay.

            Ergo, you are Gaykent or WayGay if you prefer.

          25. Waykent says

            I am straight. Who is Gaykent?

          26. Jake Spooz says

            Please provide proof.

          27. Waykent says

            Of what?

          28. Jake Spooz says


          29. Waykent says

            Who is WayGay?

          30. Jake Spooz says

            Waykent is gay.
            Ergo, you are WayGay or Gaykent or whatever else we want to call you.

          31. Waykent says

            I am straight. Who is WayGay? Who is Gaykent?

          32. Jake Spooz says

            You are all in one.

          33. Kent2012 says

            or he may be oriental….ah so waytoogay….

          34. Jake Spooz says

            He swallows the cum of Sum Yung Gai.

          35. Kent2012 says

            created by mohammy the rapist, thief, murderer, and liar from sand land…

          36. Jake Spooz says

            And pedophile.

          37. Faye Hayes says

            Just like your Christian god.

          38. Donovan Nin says

            god is a figment of the collective imagonation

          39. Faye Hayes says


          40. Jake Spooz says

            I’m not religious, but a Christian God is not Islamic.

          41. 1Anastasia says

            nope-as everyone can see–youare just trying to be ridiculous-when you are potty trained get back on the site .

          42. dantalbot says

            Waykent is obviously a troll. He just gets his rocks off by being an obnoxious brat, clod, lout, moron, imbecile, jackass, and a generally putrescent a-hole. His sexual orientation has nothing to do with anything.. He is neither straight nor gay, he is just a blob of non-viable tissue that we would normally refer to as a placenta, which is normally discarded. The real baby was mistakenly trashed.

          43. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          44. Croco Dile says

            You are ILLITERATE, spoozie !

            The word Allah (Arabic: الله) is the Arabic term for God. It usually refers to the Islamic God, but in the Middle East, other religions sometimes use the same term for their God.


          45. Jake Spooz says

            I know that, ásswipe.

            A false God.

          46. Croco Dile says

            ALL gods are false, spoozie.

            The story of Jesus descending into hell had its origin in the old pagan story of a war in heaven. This story, besides being given in the Apocalypse or Revelation, is to be found in the Persian Zend Avesta, and was known to the Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, ancient Mexicans, the natives of the Caroline Islands, the Hindus, etc. It was told of the Infant Krishna, “whose life was threatened by the tyrant Kansa, who had heard a prediction that Krishna (or Christna) would one day slay him. The child escaped and grew up among rustic cow-herds. Among the miracles he performed was the raising of a widow’s son from the dead. He slew Kansa, and descended into hell to restore certain children to their sorrowing mothers.” This is strangely like the story we read of Jesus. In Egypt, Typhon was the “god of evil” and Anubis, the “jackal-headed genius of death,” conducted souls to the land of shades. Osiris was “god of the underworld and judge of the dead.”

          47. Jake Spooz says

            I don’t care about your religion rant. Tell someone who gives a shít.

          48. Croco Dile says

            Almost nobody on this site gives a sh*t, spoozie.
            I’m giving you the truth anyway.

          49. Jake Spooz says

            You wouldn’t know the truth if a croc bit you on the áss.

          50. Croco Dile says

            What you believe in, spoozy, is full of contradictions.

            The TRUTH never contradict…. only LIES.

            But it would be too much to ask you to think about it…..


          51. dantalbot says

            you hate the truth

          52. Croco Dile says

            The good George wrote about you, robot.
            He was right !

          53. David Parker says

            Eric Arthur Blair was speaking of all you, Big Brother zealot.

          54. David Parker says

            Prove it. If you are speaking of Christianity,
            show me a contradiction in Christian doctrine.

          55. Croco Dile says

            Read your bible, idiot !
            It’s full of it.

          56. David Parker says

            In other words, you haven’t read the Bible, you know nothing of any of the contradictions you allege are in the Bible, you are merely parroting other atheists as blank as you are and therefore you cannot name a single supposed “contradiction” in the Bible.

          57. Croco Dile says

            YOU have not read the bible, idiot !

            Or you did but are so morally corrupt that you don’t want to admit how despicable the doctrine is.
            You will pay the price…….

          58. David Parker says

            Back to the point – you can’t provide a single contradiction in the Bible of which you allege there are many. You are a fraud, speaking of that which you know not as if you are some authority.

            For your information, I read the Bible all the way through every year.
            I started reading the KJV. Now I read the 1599 Geneva Bible because the notes of the Geneva divines are informative. I read other literal translations such as the NKJV and the ESV for comparison. I also read systematic theologies, apologetics, history, and commentaries on Christianity and the other major faiths.

          59. Croco Dile says

            3 books for you because you are obviousely incapable to do it on your own and need help. All 3 you can find on the internet for free :

            1 :
            IS IT GOD’S WORD ?


            by Joseph Wheless New York 1926


            A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Christian Religion

            by Joseph Wheless 1930

            The PENTATEUCH and BOOK OF JOSHUA Critically Examined

            John William COLENSO
            Bishop of Natal – London 1862

          60. David Parker says

            Wrong starting point! Go to:
            You said the Bible was filled with contradictions, let’s see some please! Please cite books, chapters and verses!

          61. David Parker says

            Cute graphic.
            However, you still have not offered up a single “contradiction” in the Bible of which you pontificated there are many. Cut and run, just like Dawkins.

          62. Croco Dile says

            Three Types of Conquest

            History reveals nations can be conquered by the use of one or more of three methods.

            1. The most common is conquest by war. In time, though, this method usually fails, because the captives hate the captors and rise up and drive them out if they can. Much force is needed to maintain control, making it expensive for the conqueror.

            2. Another method is by religion, where men are convinced they must give their captors part of their earnings as “obedience to God.” Such a captivity is vulnerable to philosophical exposure or by overthrow by armed force, since religion by its nature lacks military force to regain control, once its captives become disillusioned.

            3. The third method can be called economic conquest. It takes place when nations are placed under “tribute” without the use of visible force or coercion, so that the victims do not realize they have been conquered. “Tribute” is collected from them in the form of “legal” debts and taxes, and they believe they are paying it for their own good, for the good of others, or to protect all from some enemy. Their captors become their “benefactors” and “protectors”.
            Although this is the slowest to impose. It is often quite long lasting, as the captives do not see any military force arrayed against them, their religion is left more or less intact, they have freedom to speak and travel, and they participate in “elections” for their rulers. Without realizing it, they are conquered, and the instruments of their own society are used to transfer their wealth to their captors and make the conquest complete.

            Christianity – the selfish motive of desire for future reward.

            Christianity is basically a mind control device produced by the oligarchy for the mental enslavement of their subjects. – Joseph Atwill

          63. David Parker says

            “How can smart atheists be bamboozled by Joseph Atwill?

            Atwill is this guy who claims to have evidence that Jesus wasn’t real: Christianity was a cunning product of a Roman imperial conspiracy, intentionally designed to placate those troublesome Jews, and he claims to have a Roman confession that he’ll reveal next week.”


            You are not even a smart atheist.

          64. Croco Dile says

            What was said to have been done in India was said by the writers of the gospels to have been done in Palestine. The change of names and places, with the mixing up of various sketches of Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek, and Roman mythology, was all that was necessary. They had an abundance of material, and with it they built. A long-continued habit of imposing upon others would in time subdue the minds of the impostors themselves, and cause them to become at length the dupes of their own deception.

            Using religion for the good of the State was a Roman technique long before the Flavians.

            “We must persuade our citizens that the gods are the Lords and rulers of all things and what is done, is done by their will and authority; and they are the great benefactors of men, and know who everyone is, and what he does, and what sins he commits, and what he intends to do, and with what piety he fulfills his religious duties.”- Cicero, The Laws, 2:15-16

            The Christian Enslavement of Europe

            by Joseph Atwill 2012

            Today virtually everyone sees Christianity as a religion but it was actually developed as a system of mind control to produce slaves that believe God decreed their slavery. From their position as the ‘Pontiff Maximus’ – the official title for Caesar’s position as head of the pagan college of Roman priests – the Pontiff’s of the Roman Catholic church oversaw the feudal system wherein christianized serfs gave their work product to the authorities without complaint. Their docility was caused by the fact that they were Christians and therefore believed the Apostle Paul when he wrote: “slaves should be obedient to their masters in everything”. (Titus, 2)

            Though serfs were indeed slaves – the word “serf” can be traced back to the Latin word servus, meaning “slave” – the group that became serfs did not start out as slaves and were originally called coloni (sing. colonus), a Latin word meaning a farmer who farmed his own land. (One interesting etymological point is that the word ‘colonized’ was first used to depict a coloni changing wild land into farm land.)

            When Rome was a Republic the coloni had numerous rights including the ability to sell their land, but these freedoms steadily eroded during the imperial era. Around 300 CE the Caesar Dioclecian implemented a tax that unified a piece of land with its inhabitants. It thereby became more difficult for coloni to sell their plots.

            In 306 CE, upon the death of his father Constantius, Constantine became co-Emperor with his brother-in-law Maxentius. The two were bitter rivals however, and war soon broke out. Before the battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312 CE, Constantine had his famous but absurd vision in which Christ purportedly instructed him to place a particular sign on the battle standards of his army. This symbol was called the chi-rho ( The Chi Rho superimposed the first two letters of the Greek word “ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ” or Christ in such a way to produce the monogram that invoked the crucifixion of Jesus) and was described by Eusebius as “a long spear, overlaid with gold, which included a bar crossing the spear to form the shape of the Christian cross. On the top of the whole was fixed a wreath of gold and precious stones, and within this the symbol of the Savior’s name, two letters indicating the name of Christ by means of the initial letters, the letter X intersection P at the center.” Included with the banner were the words: “In hoc signo vinces” (in this sign thou shalt conquer).

            Armed with the ‘power of Jesus’, Constantine defeated his rival and became dictator. His reign is best remembered for the Edict of Milan in 313, which fully legalized Christianity, and the Council of Nicea, which he chaired in 325, that began the era where the religion enjoyed the power of the Roman state.

            Because of his assistance in making Christianity the state religion, Constantine enjoys a positive historical legacy. In fact he was among the most wicked men in history. What has been overlooked by historians is that his efforts on behave of Christianity were just one half of his legal ‘reforms’ and when one half is juxtaposed to the other an entirely different picture emerges. Constantine used Christianity to make the enslavement of most of the european population acceptable to the victims because it was an act of God.

            Constantine’s other edicts were the true beginning of medieval serfdom. They officially ended the coloni’s ability to sell their land but bound them to it forever. Another set of edicts forbid the lower classes from changing profession. Constantine thereby froze an unfair society in place. And to prevent any intellectual resistance from the newly created slaves, Constantine also began the process that made Christianity the state religion. When viewed in their true historical context it is self evident that the sole purpose for the specific combination of Constantine’s edicts was to enslave serfs and make the rebellion a sin.

            Below is the order of rank that Constantine’s edicts created – the Feudal System :

            The Pope

            The King



            Knights / Vassals






            Eventually the degradation of the coloni’s legal status to serf was formalized with the creation of a ceremony known as “bondage”. During the ceremony a serf placed his head in the lord’s hands – akin to the ceremony where a vassal placed his hands between those of his overlord. The serf would then swear oaths that bound him to his lord in a feudal contract which defined the terms of his slavery.

            A 7th century Anglo Saxon “Oath of Fealty” between a serf and his Lord still exists. It states : “By the Lord before whom this sanctuary is holy, I will be true and faithful, and love all which he loves and shun all which he shuns, according to the laws of God and the order of the world. Nor will I ever with will or action, through word or deed, do anything which is unpleasing to him, on condition that he will hold to me as I shall deserve it, and that he will perform everything as it was in our agreement when I submitted myself to him and chose his will.”

            When I speak with Christians, many describe the spiritual growth their relationship with Jesus has given them. I know they are sincere but I always wonder how they would feel about Jesus if they were forced to take an Oath of Fealty to his earthly representative.

          65. David Parker says

            You still have not provided any of the alleged contradictions in the Bible … .
            What some pope or bureaucrat did or wrote is not the Bible. They aren’t God – Father, Son, or Holy Spirit – and you said there were many contradictions in the Bible with the clear implication that you knew what you were talking about.

            Show me.

          66. Croco Dile says
          67. Kent2012 says

            crococrap be waygay and allazz

          68. bluelove says

            all those “false gods” got their story from the old testament, and new testament. You need to study some more.

          69. David Parker says

            Croco Dile doesn’t study.
            His coping technique is to fend off reality as glibly as possible. The reality of the universe and life offends his blind faith in the great nothingness.

          70. David Parker says

            You are false oh jackal-headed Croco Dile. Christianity is not your province and you do not speak for it or know anything about it. The Holy Bible is the self authenticating account of human history and its prophets never “borrowed” anything from pagan mythology.

            Herewith some knowledge for the saints:

            Christ’s Descent into Hell
            “About the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, ‘Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?’ that is, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’” (v. 46). – Matthew 27:45–46

            Throughout the course of church history, many people have taught
            that Jesus’ spirit descended into hell after His death on the cross.
            Basing this idea on Ephesians 4:8–10 and 1 Peter 3:18–20,
            most of those who have taught that Jesus’ spirit went to hell after His death have said that He went there to proclaim judgment to sinners and/or rescue the saints of the Old Testament. Today, many in the heretical Word of Faith movement teach that the crucifixion was insufficient to atone for our sins and that Jesus also had to suffer three days of torment in hell.

            Faithfulness to all of Scripture, however, requires us to deny that
            Jesus’ spirit went to hell after He died. First, Jesus told the
            repentant thief on the cross that he would be with Christ in Paradise on the same day of their crucifixion (Luke 23:39– 43). Second, nothing in Ephesians 4:8–10 says Jesus descended into hell; Paul means only that Christ descended into the grave. Third, 1 Peter 3:18–20 likely refers to the Son of God preaching by the Holy Spirit through Noah to the people of Noah’s day. Finally, Jesus finished His atoning work on the cross. The New Testament speaks of propitiation, the turning away of the Lord’s wrath, only in relation to Jesus shedding His blood on the cross (Rom. 3:25; Heb. 2:17; 9:1–10:18; 1 John 2:2; 4:10; 5:6–11). Moreover, our Savior’s last words on the cross were “It is finished” (John 19:30). He saw His work as completed when He died.

            Jesus’ spirit never went to hell, but on the cross He suffered the
            full wrath of God that is poured out in hell. True, the scourgings of
            the guards, the nails in Christ’s hands, and the other physical pains
            Jesus suffered manifested God’s wrath. Nevertheless, the most intense suffering Christ experienced was spiritual in nature, the hopelessness of losing the gaze of His Father’s blessing and the torment of experiencing God’s wrath for the sins of His people (Mark 15:34).

            John Calvin comments, “After explaining what Christ endured in the
            sight of man, the Creed appropriately adds the invisible and
            incomprehensible judgment which he endured before God, to teach us that not only was the body of Christ given up as the price of redemption, but that there was a greater and more excellent price — that he bore in his soul the tortures of a condemned and ruined man” (Institutes 2.16.10).

            Coram Deo (before the face of God)

            Sin against an infinite being demands an infinite punishment in hell. In a few hours, Jesus suffered and exhausted the infinite punishment that impenitent people cannot exhaust even after an eternity in hell. He could do this because, in His deity as the Son of God, He is an infinite being. This is a great mystery, but as the Heidelberg Catechism states, it does assure us that we are fully
            delivered from the anguish and torment of hell in Christ (Q&A 44).


            David Parker.

          71. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “The Holy Bible is the self authenticating account of human history and its prophets never “borrowed” anything from pagan mythology”

            You are lying. The Bible focuses on one specific area of the world.

          72. Debra Johnson says

            There weren’t as many people in the world back then and those early Christians went all over the world as Christ told them to do and preached the gospel so no they didn’t record it in the Bible, but Christianity became world wide. Since the Bible tells of the beginning of the world, space and humanity it tells of all the history there is. At one time all people spoke one language and lived in one area. It was when they got arrogant and tried to build a tower to heaven God confounded the languages and they dispersed all over the world. Of course that goes against all liberal science since we are supposed to have evolved from apes or whatever they believe.

          73. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “There weren’t as many people in the world back then and those early Christians went all over the world as Christ told them to do”

            You are wrong. Christianity was already in existence for nearly 1500 years before it took hold in the Americas.

          74. David Parker says

            Your point?
            Also, Christianity did not “take hold” in the Americas.
            Christians were the first European settlers to survive in North America. The Puritans were Christian and they founded the first successful settlement: They could feed themselves after the first winter. Out of Christian charity, the Puritans donated food to the gold digger atheists at Jamestown for two winters when those atheists were starving.

          75. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “The Puritans were Christian and they founded the first successful
            settlement: They could feed themselves after the first winter.”

            Saint Augustine, Florida, had been settled for nearly 60 years by the time the Pilgrims arrived in America. You are wrong. http://www.history.com/news/8-things-you-may-not-know-about-st-augustine-florida

          76. David Parker says

            A failed colony. The Spanish settlement at St. Augustine failed.

          77. Waykent says
          78. David Parker says

            It is not a French or Spanish colony! Spain beat the French and then the Spanish lost it to the English and now it is part of the State of Florida.

          79. Waykent says


            The Puritans were guilty of the same crimes as the Spanish.

          80. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “Since the Bible tells of the beginning of the world, space and humanity it tells of all the history there is”

            You are wrong. Please explain the history Native Americans going back thousands of years.

          81. David Parker says

            Very simple. “… the Bible tells of the beginning of the world, space and humanity it tells of all the history there is”
            Read the Bible.
            Even though you will not have the insight into what is meant that a Christian is granted, you might be capable of realizing that the Bible applies to mankind and is the history of the entire universe.

          82. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “you might be capable of realizing that the Bible applies to mankind and is the history of the entire universe.”

            Where does the Bible mention the American Revolution? Where does the Bible mention WWII?

          83. David Parker says

            You obviously still have not read the Bible and yet you keep commenting on what is says and doesn’t say. Then again it is impossible for a computer algorithm to understand the Bible.

            Does your programmer read the answers you trigger? Is there a routine in the Waykent program to log the replies?

            Anyway for those who might be the least bit curious, such things as war and earthquakes and storms come and go. We are not obedient people so we have no expectation of protection from these events. But, the fact remains that those are trivial events in the scheme of eternity. The Bible warns of wars and rumors of wars and says don’t get excited, these things will happen.
            The history that matters is the final acknowledgement by all mankind that God is sovereign. The details are trivia except that we all have an opportunity to participate in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth, i.e. teaching all mankind to obey God’s law.

          84. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “At one time all people spoke one language and lived in one area. It was
            when they got arrogant and tried to build a tower to heaven God
            confounded the languages and they dispersed all over the world.”

            Please provide proof.

          85. Faye Hayes says

            Again, she doesn’t have any. It’s wishful thinking , all in that deluded brain of hers.

          86. David Parker says

            Read Genesis.

          87. Waykent says

            I have. Genesis is a collection of myths, nothing more.

          88. David Parker says

            Then you haven’t read Genesis.
            There is physical evidence of a world wide flood for one thing as well as archeological for the history of the Israelites.

          89. Waykent says

            You made the following statement: “Of course that goes against all liberal science since we are supposed to have evolved from apes or whatever they believe.”

            We evolved from a common ancestor of apes and humans.

          90. Debra Johnson says

            Man was made in the image of God. Apes are apes and they are animals which God created before he made man and then woman. You may have come from apes but I never did.

          91. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          92. Faye Hayes says

            How can she provide proof, when she doesn’t have any??

          93. Faye Hayes says

            I think you have it ass backwards, Debra. Man was not created in the image of god. Man invented god & all the gods from every religion from the beginning of time. You may not want to admit it, but you are an animal. As WayKent stated, we did evolve from a common ancestor of apes and humans, also referred to as Primates. It’s pretty obvious to me , that you know nothing about Evolution. I suggest you check out Richard Dawkins on YOUTUBE. Knowledge is power. Believing in a false god makes you a puppet & your god is pulling the strings.

          94. Debra Johnson says

            The arrogance of the man. Where is the proof that we evolved from apes and where did humans come from if they weren’t created. They still haven’t found the proof that man evolved from apes. It isn’t obvious to me and my ancestors are Adam and Eve Not Bobo the ape. I have read about evolution and it makes no sense to me. You would have me believe that it just happened over millions of years (by the way earth is only 6-7 thousand years old).

          95. David Parker says

            Richard Dawkins is a fraud.
            He hates the fact that he is accountable to God, but for all his vitriol, he cannot defend his faith of evolution, and has contributed nothing of interest to the scientific world:

            “In an open letter, D’Souza contrasted Dawkins‘ eagerness to entrap non-scientist Christians on his TV shows with a refusal to debate a strong opponent on level terms:

            ‘To be honest, I find your behavior extremely bizarre. You go halfway around the world to chase down televangelists to outsmart them in an interview format that you control, but given several opportunities to engage the issues you profess to care about in a true spirit of open debate and inquiry, you duck and dodge and run
            away. …
            If you are so confident that your position is right, and that belief in
            God is an obvious delusion, surely you should be willing to vindicate that position not only against Bible-toting pastors but also against a fellow scholar and informed critic like me!
            If not, you are nothing but a showman who takes on unprepared and unsuspecting opponents when you yourself control the editing, but when a strong opponent shows up you manufacture reasons to avoid him.’21 ”

            There is much much more exposing how hollow Dawkins is:
            It’s a short article, if you comment without reading the article I quoted, you prove you have no merit.

          96. dantalbot says

            you are definitely an ape

          97. Waykent says

            I am, as are all humans.

          98. David Parker says

            You are lying. You said all are apes.

          99. Faye Hayes says

            So are you, whether you want to admit it or not. Science has already proven that but you choose to believe in some invisible supreme being who lives in the sky, watching everything you do. No one has ever seen this false god of yours, but yet you continue to believe this , without any proof or evidence, whatsoever!! You call Atheists fools for not believing in such ridiculous claims& then have the audacity to tell us we are condemned to burn in hell for all of eternity??? Doesn’t say much for Christian love & tolerance. It does say a lot about your arrogance & thinking you’re special & above everyone else, which by the way your not. It’s time to come down from your throne & join the REAL world.

          100. BDnSC says

            Gee Faye, is love nonexistent because you can’t see it? How about gravity? How about anger? Sympathy or compassion?

            You should Read this to the end. It will surprise you….

            ‘Let me explain the problem science has with
            religion.’The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and
            then asks one of his new students to stand.

            ‘You’re a Christian, aren’t you, son?’

            ‘Yes sir, ‘the student says.

            ‘So you believe in God?’


            Is God good?’

            ‘Sure! God’s good.’

            ‘Is God all-powerful? Can God do anything?’


            ‘Are you good or evil?’

            ‘The Bible says I’m evil.’

            The professor grins knowingly. ‘Aha! The
            Bible!’ He considers for a moment. ‘Here’s one for you. Let’s say there’s a
            sick person over here and you can cure him. You can do it. Would you help
            him? Would you try?’

            ‘Yes sir, I would.’

            ‘So you’re good…!’

            ‘I wouldn’t say that.’

            ‘But why not say that? You’d help a sick and
            maimed person if you could. Most of us would if we could. But God doesn’t.’

            The student does not answer, so the professor
            continues. ‘He doesn’t, does he? My brother was a Christian who died of
            cancer, even though he prayed to