Police Reform Will Hurt Minorities


As Baltimore collapses under the weight of a riotous movement driven by the death of Freddie Gray, some of the most poignant images have come out of the very neighborhoods being destroyed. A black mother calmly sweeping the road in front of her house, telling a reporter that she has enough problems with her car without getting a flat tire from all the glass. Neighbors helping to board up businesses that have nothing to do with the grievances at play. Conscientious protestors who mince no words when condemning the actions of the violent.

These images should be remembered, and not just because racists like to use these incidents to justify their own hatred, willfully ignorant of the vast majority of Baltimore blacks who want nothing less than to see this madness stop. They should also be remembered by those who will renew their calls for police and legal reform in the wake of this event.

Since Ferguson, those calls have been persistent. And while there is always room to improve the way we police the country, we must be wary of changes guided by feelings rather than facts. Changes that attempt to lower “minority targeting,” reduce black incarceration rates, or decriminalize certain activities should be regarded with the utmost suspicion.

What these liberals fail to understand is that they are “saving” a very small element of the black community by penalizing the rest. The outsized incarcerated black male population – who do you think their victims were? The police who spend an inordinate amount of time in minority neighborhoods – who do you think they’re protecting? The laws against graffiti, drug dealing, and public drunkenness – whose communities are they aimed at preserving?

The activists and politicians who demand these changes are so intent on seeing these statistics as evidence of racism that they have abandoned those who obey the law. What benefit to the black community is there in wiping our hands of it? Because sometimes it sounds like liberals think that’s the answer. Of course, when tensions reach a fever pitch as they did in Baltimore and Ferguson, these same liberals want to know why police aren’t doing more to stop it. Maybe because when you watch these videos, you can’t help but understand that these are minority neighborhoods and businesses going up in flames. And for a brief moment, you get it.

  1. Edward Paisley says

    I recently saw a Black Sheriff speak and he said that “Racial profiling was illegal but criminal profiling was smart. Unfortunately too many Black youths fall into the “criminal” profile.” It is impossible for a liberal to tell the difference when their agenda is stir up strife and take others rights.

    1. Confirmed conservative. says

      Yes but by responding like this to this article what you are saying is that all black people are criminals. Be more thoughtful with your comments so we can have a real discussion. And refer to my comment about constantly criminalizing non criminal behavior and the effect that has on human self image and behavior.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I’ll bet that sheriff profiles white boys with long hair and/or beards, and tattoos. The stereotype of the white thug…….

      1. Confirmed conservative. says

        I bet he doesn’t. I bet he’s just full of hatred and likes abusing his power.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Where is this sheriff at? County/State.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Mark, I know you are smarter than that. The point the sheriff made was quite valid. They have made the art of profiling (predominately blacks) illegal. They don’t want it to happen in case it causes more racial discord. Criminal profiling is the act of following the law. When someone is doing something illegal then you have cause to stop and investigate. That sheriff could possibly be our sheriff here in Milwaukee County WI. Sheriff Clarke is quite outspoken on his interpretation of events as he sees them. He is always spot on the money in every instance. He is a black man and yet he is educated, well spoken, and is a staunch conservative.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Here in the Nashville Music district, we have a black cop, Mann. He hates white people. If he stops a white person, and they disagree w/him. He will usually physically take them down, to cuff them. The word in the street, he specifically looks for rich looking white people. He likes to search whites on the spot for drugs and guns. With little reason.

          3. phil62 says

            In the middle of Nashville he must keep awfully busy. Not with only the locals, but the number of vacationers.

          4. Mark Lahti says

            I really don’t have a clue why you would respond with this kind example. It makes no sense and has nothing to do with the conversation. Normally I really enjoy reading your comments. You are usually spot on and tend to be in the conservative vain. Where you’re going with this is just totally out of character and is quite baffling to me.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Thank you for reading me. I can’t be 100% all the time.
            Point of story, this police shooting/ brutality is random. A city here a town there. No real pattern, except white cops killing black people.
            Not all police are bad, not all are good either. Officer Mann, is a black cop w/a poor attitude towards white people. Sooner or later, a black cop will kill an unarmed white person.
            I think the police need to use more words, less bullets………
            I think there are more factors involved than race. Poor training and poor attitudes are at the top of the list.

      2. john robel says

        Yeah, and what constitutes a “criminal” in police state America? Everyday “law and order” politicians pass more laws to create criminals. The prison system has been privatized and incentivized. Cops run lap tops, talk on cell phones, use the radio, and run their laptops all while driving. WE GET BUSTED FOR IT. In Wa state it is ILLEGAL for cops to use unmarked cars for traffic patrol, yet they do it everyday. RCW title 46. WELCOME to POLICE STATE AMERICA on PLANET ORWELL, where the pigs are running the farm. “LAND OF THE FREE” has more in prison then ANY other country in the world. Most are non violent offenses.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Long time ago, in the winter when I was blasting. I took a breakfast at a local diner. I locked my truck, left the engine running for heater.
          Well, well, well, Johnny Law comes in the diner, and asks who’s white truck is outside running. Like a fool I said it was mine. I never knew there was a law saying, you CAN NOT idle your vehicle unattended. So I would know he gave me a $130 ticket.
          About 3 years after that. I went to get my DL Renewed. I saw a highway patrol car idling for the AC (summer time) i got my licence.
          The Patrol car was there idling, w/keys in ignition. I thought about that $130 ticket. So I get in the car, take it 7 or 8 blocks, park it, called local police, told them someone took a patrol car off their lot. News paper had story on sheriff firing a deputy, for allowing his car to be taken……

          1. guest says

            I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen cops parked in handicap spots or speeding for no apparent reason. I always call and report them to dispatch when I see them doing things in violation of traffic laws.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Here’s something I did in Hamilton County Fl.
            One of my nephews lives there.
            We were going fishing at the Occidental Strip mines (they let you fish the purified pits). We were riding through town. At the laundry mat, sat a police SUV from 2 or 3 counties over (Bradford) had their dept name on it in big green letters.
            This made me a bit mad. I hate when police think they are special.
            Florida has a law, that says a police vehicle can not leave it’s jurisdiction. Unless for official business.
            I got my cell phone, and took several pictures of the SUV in front the laundry mat.
            I called the BCSO and asked for shift supervisor. Asked him why this officer was allowed to break the law. I told him I was going to call both of our news papers To report this abuse of tax money. He got buddies w/me, asked me not to call the press. Then he asked how he knew if I was telling the truth. I asked for BCSO’s e-mail, sent him 5 pictures.
            He asked me to cut them a break.
            I asked him, if he pulled me over on 301 drunk. Would he arrests me, or let me keep driving drunk?
            He got quiet. Told me he would suspend the cop for a month. I have no idea if he did, or did not.
            If you ever do this. Take licence plate #. And the car #. If their in handy capped spot, make sure you get the sign in a picture or two.

          3. guest says

            Very good show. I think you handled that very well.
            I’ve followed cops home, to the station, to lights, just because they sped past me on shift change. I park and call the dispatcher.
            It Pisses me off to have them blaze past me at 80 in a 65 at midnight or 6 am and knowing that they just got off duty.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            If more people would use their cell camera’s when they see the police doing stuff out of line. The police would start acting right. If you see something out of line. Record it, report it.
            Coppers are dumb, but if we start recording them now, in a year or two, they will catch on…….

          5. hangem'high says

            Gutsy move, I bet that would have been one hell of a chase if you were discovered?

          6. Mark Clemens says

            Why make bad matters worse. I even knew if I would of got caught. I was going down for a few……
            When I got out, I put the keys on the hood. Called SO phone #. This was before emergency 911. As I walked back to my ride, I kept thinking “Fool! You about to go to jail, just to spite the police”. Also I would NOT suggest doing something like this, in this day and age. This was way before security cameras.

          7. hangem'high says

            I guess we’re all allowed a “Jeepers, what the hell did I just do” moment?

          8. phil62 says

            Now that is funny – I don’t care who you are 😉

        2. hangem'high says

          All you got to do is create more poverty by raising electricity, taxes, gas, food prices and make credit card charges expensive. Police don’t make the laws they enforce them, the control comes from the ruling elite.

        3. Mark Clemens says

          Drug laws, are just local courts Cash Cow. I bet Colorado will have fewer inmates, here shortly. Less money will be needed to up keep convicts.
          Colorado will have money flowing in their treasury. From pot tax, and not paying to lock up Pot heads.
          Here in Tennessee, it cost around $31,000 a year to keep someone locked up for a year. Why should I have pay that much, to keep someone sober? Who probably don’t want to be sober? Stupid

      3. cvxxx says

        Perception counts! The race politicians know this and encourage minority and poor youths to meet the stereotype of “trouble”. This is not new. Read about the 1950’s and the profiling that went on but it was not called profiling then. If a person was from the wrong side of the tracks the police and sheriff knew them and knew they did not belong and harried them back across the tracks to poortown where they belonged. It was tough to rise out of poverty but in the 1950’s and 1960’s there were jobs that paid well and the children were sent to college from college they were hired for good jobs or started businesses.
        Today, good luck. We voters allowed this to happen. We were asleep at the wheel.

      4. hangem'high says

        You’re forgetting the breaches around their cheeks, indecent exposer at best?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Saggy britches is the stupidest fashion (if you can call that) statement ever!!!!!
          Except your girlfriend, who gives a damn what your underwear looks like?

          1. hangem'high says

            It used to be the plumbers fashion, now even the unemployed have adopted it!

          2. phil62 says

            Hey, there are a WHOLE lot of women out there that I could care less about seeing what they are hanging out. Especially at a restaurant. Let that sink in for a moment.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          A funny note on saggy pants……
          One of My Granddaughter married a white boy. Who thought he was black, for a while. He was doing the saggy thing. None of my boys did this, they don’t like it either.
          So one afternoon me and my son in law eased up behind him, snached his boxer waist band plum over his head! It was a sight watching him grab for the waist band to remove it from his head. It also took him a few minutes to dig the rest of his boxers out of his butt crack.
          Next time they came over, he wore overalls!!!!!!!

          1. hangem'high says

            No wonder he became a Hippie, “Peace Brother!”

          2. Mark Clemens says

            He’s some kind of Hindu now. When he came to Thanksgiving last year, with a shaved head. I kept ribbing my daughter, that he went Nazi Skinhead. He’s harmless, but lazy. I’m not sure what he will find first. Himself or a damn job……..

          3. hangem'high says

            It could be worse; he could be experimenting with witchcraft?

          4. Mark Clemens says

            ……Damn, that could be next!
            I’m hoping his next self will be a Wall Street Tycoon.
            I best start gathering rabbit feet.

          5. hangem'high says

            Yes start collecting rabbits feet; I think the tycoon might be a long reach.

          6. phil62 says

            I LOVE that one. Thank you Sir and your sons. Would love to have seen that picture.

    3. Confirmed conservative. says

      Yes but by responding like this to this article what you are saying is that all black people are criminals. Be more thoughtful with your comments so we can have a real discussion. And refer to my comment about constantly criminalizing non criminal behavior and the effect that has on human self image and behavior.

      1. tbrec63387 says

        What non criminal behaviors are being criminalized?

        1. Confirmed conservative. says

          Driving with a tail light out. Driving in a white neighborhood. Going 5 miles over the speed limit. Having a nice car. Having a shitty car. More than a couple black guys standing on a corner together not selling drugs or committing other acts of thuggery. Anything can be turned into a crime if you make people so fearful when you approach them that they become defensive and emotions are heightened. And if you’re racial profiling on a regular basis that is what happens.

          1. Shauna says

            If it looks like shit, smells like shit, it’s shit. The stats don’t lie….Tell you what, how about they stop doing crimes and maybe the profiling will stop. I suggest you ride around with a cop for a night.

          2. Confirmed conservative. says

            I suggest you try being a black person for a week.

          3. hangem'high says

            Try being Chinese, or Korean descent in a black neighborhood.

          4. Shauna says

            same old excuse, out the same old tired playbook. spare me. Fact is, blacks have more opportunity then any other race, affirmative action, acceptance to job opportunities, good schools, just because they are black. so, yes, it would be fun to be black for a week, because I would use those opportunities rather then running around acting like the trash you see above. IF, they were utilizing the opportunities rather then using race, color of skin, or any of the same old excuses, to be a sloth, thug or plain ole criminal, then maybe cops wouldn’t have to shoot them, chase them down or arrest them. What’s sad is many blacks actually go to work, raise the family and go to church and abide the law. I don’t see any of them whining about being profiled. Funny, it only seems to be the ghetto trash doing all the whining, perhaps if the welfare was removed, maybe they would have to pull up the pants and go to work…no time for bad behavior but you see, democrats, liberals, or the so called activists need them to profit from them. If your black, which I doubt, what are you doing to help those communities? Have YOU bothered to take the time to mentor?

          5. Mark Lahti says

            I like that response. But CC is just another liberal troll. If he gets to you and you respond to him then you’ve made him happy. I believe it gets his rocks off to rile up any conservative.

          6. hangem'high says

            Police usually are obligated to check out concern citizens’ phone calls, that’s why neighborhoods have neighborhood watch posted.

          7. Confirmed conservative. says

            Right and then you end up like Trayvon Martin.

          8. hangem'high says

            That’s one spectrum, I guess you never hear about a non-neighborhood black killing a home resident in a drive by?
            The other home owner invasion goes down!

          9. Mark Lahti says


        2. guest says

          How about anything a bored cop sees you doing when he has nothing better to do then stop you.
          And yes, it happens all the time.

          1. hangem'high says

            I do get stoped a lot, but they always let me go I try not to act suspicious.

          2. guest says

            Why the hell are they stopping you? Are you long hauling?

          3. hangem'high says

            Because I put on my brakes Duh…No but I have a license, they tell me it’s a privilege not a right?

          4. guest says

            I hear you.
            They stop you for preventing an accident, marvelous.
            The first drivers license and the start of the death of the right to travel was Karl Benz of Mercedes Benz.
            He got so tired of his neighbors complaining about the noise of his automobile that he petitioned the German government to license him in 1908 so that he would have the “right” to drive.
            It didn’t take long for liberal government’s around the world to twist driving into a privelege.

          5. hangem'high says

            Well, if I thought my four cylinder GEO could cut the mustard, I’d probably give ‘em a case, but as it sits they could probably get out of their vehicle and still write me a ticket while the peddle’s to the metal.

            On a more serious note; what I thought licenses and registration fees was supposed to be spent on, is on the Repair of the Roads. So why are the representatives on both sides of the isle wanting to Tax gas to spend on repairing roads?

          6. guest says

            That’s the nature of liberals and the perpetuation of government bureaucracy.
            Call for a tax on something to finance something, give them selves raises, misuse the funds then tax something else for the same purpose.
            They’ll never stop until they taxed us to 100% of our income.
            It’s socialism., Marxism, communism.

          7. hangem'high says

            I wish “We the people could vote every time they wanted to raise taxes on something?
            I would like our politicians to only make minimum wage?

          8. guest says

            The liberals in nevada are pushing for a raise in cigarette tax from 80 cts to $1.80.
            Governor sandoval has killed his political career, at least as far as I’m concerned.

          9. Mark Lahti says

            No it doesn’t you fool. If you’re not doing anything illegal you will not be stopped for going about your normal business as a citizen. If this sort of thing is happening to you all the time then maybe you should take a look at what it is that you are doing to attract their attention.

          10. Confirmed conservative. says

            I know you don’t actually believe this which makes you worse than stupid.

          11. Mark Lahti says

            Yes I do believe this. I’m a 64 year old retired veteran. I’ve been around the world a few times, lived all over this country, been to places you probably wouldn’t dare to go, and moved about in many neighborhoods from the gutter’s to the gated communities. I’ve seen things that you only have heard about in the news or gossip circles. I understand the police mentality and the criminal mentality. If you live the strait life that you should be living, if you keep your nose clean, if you portray the image of a normal productive member of our society; you will not be bothered by LEO’s. Call if profiling, call it unfair and unwanted attention, call it whatever you want to. If you provide LEO’s with the telltale signals that you are up to something or are trying to escape their attention you will bring them down on you. So when you call yourself a conservative and then talk this kind of BS you make everyone doubt you. Therefore to call me stupid is just one more of those liberal tactics. You have no real argument and have no legitimate response or comeback. You then resort to name calling and bringing up unsubstantiated, untruthful, and deceitful rhetoric. I also notice that you utilize the gutless tactic of the no photo scam. You are a poor excuse for the typical liberal troll trying to get the dander up on any conservative site you wander onto. Try to grow up, smell the coffee, get a life, whatever. But do go away as your nonsense impresses no one and is just bothersome to have to read in a stream with some people having a real conversation.

          12. guest says

            I looked over into my passenger seat but I don’t see you.
            How the *** would you know what I witness?
            And I didn’t say it happens to me. But it happens and to frequently.
            Gray was supposedly carrying a spring assisted knife so the cop said the arrest was legal.
            Really? How did he see the knife in the guys pocket?
            His probable cause was not based on x-ray vision but rather Harrassnent of a black youth because he had nothing better to do at the time and he didn’t want the kid looking at him side ways.
            The cop criminalized non criminal behavior.
            Do a YouTube search and watch some videos of what cops do when they’re bored.

        3. Jarhead says

          Confirmed idiot is a paid troll, brain-washed, brain-injured, a liberal-retard or on hard drugs – – select any two.

          1. hangem'high says

            I’m not intimidated!

        4. hangem'high says

          Throwing rocks.

      2. IMSweetOlBob says

        What non-criminal behavior ? Shoplifting ? Selling drugs ? Burglarizing ? Armed robbing ? Purse snatching ? Carjacking ? Home invading ?
        All Black people are NOT criminals, but many, many criminals are Black. Change that and you will get the change you are looking for.

        1. hangem'high says

          Or just running down the road when seeing a cop!

        2. phil62 says

          You forgot about the ole “knock out game”.

      3. hangem'high says

        Like having spray paint in your possession while you’re nowhere around the building that got Tagged, or railcar!

  2. MAHB001 says

    I got an idea, everybody quit doing unlawful things.
    The need for law enforcement would be reduced greatly.
    Why do I feel like I am preaching to the choir?

    1. cvxxx says

      Because it is simplistic. Notice when refugees come our government bends over backward to help them get started in a business? Be a citizen and need help starting a business and see what happens.

      1. IMSweetOlBob says

        cvxxx: Absolutely right ! This is part of the strategy of democRATS to get new voters. They know they already have the low info. blacks. So, foreigners get the loans to open stores in black neighborhoods .

        1. cvxxx says

          We must have forward moving economic push. Most people want a better life but we have allowed a system the denies that opportunity. But reform must start early.
          The future will be much worse unless we all get together and study and become involved even if it means missing TV. I was on neighborhood planning in Seattle but the meetings were at 5pm. My new job was in Redmond and let out at 5 it took a hour to get home. Many such problems can be solves by internet group meetings and other information so people understand. Most of the people on the committee were real estate and local business representatives a couple of section 8’s and a citizen who worked (me). If one wonders how things can go bad there is one reason. Very little informed citizen participation.

        2. hora says

          But how doing are inverse effect, will loose more support and votes, don’t thing all blacks are fool, I assure you Hispanic will not support Dems next election, only illegals and most blacks are not also to happy with Dems, see a report from Detroit, Michigan, under a corrupt mother fucker dem liberals a crime jump high, also Sinaloa Mexican Cartel are in business selling heroin plus Dems bring more illegal in and Detroit are full with Mexican. Doing what doing Dems go down like heavy rock.

        3. real talk 1 says

          But the blacks burn them out when protest start !!

      2. Laurence Almand says

        Correct! Our government has betrayed our own people by giving preferential treatment to foreigners who invade our country and take jobs away from native-born people. Read SUICIDE OF A SUPERPOWER for a truthful report.

        1. real talk 1 says

          Our government took every thing from the natives in this country and put them on reservations our so called government is not now or ever been what you think. You but got to pay attention to things first of all Columbus didn’t discover America if our leaders would tell the truth about this nation just maybe things could change around the world for us !!

      3. jim marcum says

        That is true

      4. real talk 1 says

        You see new immigrants but the Demo’s see votes when they give your hard earn cash to their cause !!

    2. Ken Trefaller says

      Quit resisting arrest. Period end of story

      1. MAHB001 says

        Excellent suggestion. Actually,do this:

        Hands up! Don’t Shoot!

        1. jim marcum says

          Bang, bang, bang, FREEZE

          1. MAHB001 says

            Still believe what the media tells you?

            What you say is an insult to the 99% of good cops out there, and is a lie.

          2. jim marcum says

            A lie?????? You tell us one profession that has 99% good, honest, caring people. Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer 99% ????? I think you might want to check who lied here.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Do you know a good honest lawyer? wow

            I am not sure what you are arguing here. Do you think that Ferguson was bang, bang, bang, shoot? Because if you do, you have been mislead and need to start questioning your sources.

            Do you think that because Gosnell was a corrupt abortion Dr. that all the others are corrupt abortion Drs?

            What I am saying is a LARGE majority of Cops are good Cops, and that you are wrong to judge them all by the actions of the bad ones.

          4. phil62 says

            yea yea yea yea yea – whatever.

          5. MAHB001 says

            You know that is the problem with you on the left. You apply hypocritical standards and have no credibility. Should I have said the same to your story?
            Learn how to lose with grace, and listen to others, it will do you some good.

          6. phil62 says

            What planet do you come from? One minute you are praising the liberals and next you are praising the right. I am a CONSERVATIVE SOUTHERN BAPTIST AND REPUBLICAN!!!! Did you hear that clear enough. Where do you get off calling me a leftist liberal. Maybe you need to quit sharing your opinions with people who are grown up and know what they are doing?

          7. MAHB001 says

            Never praised the liberals, Never will.

            My apologies if I took your posts wrong.

          8. phil62 says

            Thank you

          9. jim marcum says

            You just changed what you said. You said, “99 % “. That proves you knew what I was talking about.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Most people out on this thread stereotype blacks a lot. Not all of us are on welfare, riot, play knock out, sell drugs, get girls pregnant and go.
            Shallow minds, make shallow ideas……….
            If you do run into a hood rat, all you have to do is walk away. If they have a weapon, you can defend your self.
            If you run into a bad cop. You have to stick around, by law, and let him/her do their thing to you. If they try to hurt you, and you defend yourself. You will have to fight other cops, plus you will be jailed, if not killed on the streets first.
            Look what happened to Rodney King. Half dozen or more cops put an ass whipping on him.
            I think 20% of cops should not be cops……..

          11. MAHB001 says

            Look, the 99% is up to debate. Does anybody really know the real ratio of good cops to bad cops? Sheesh.

            I am white, I too have been detained and handcuffed.

            I was working for a radio Mfg that sold police radios. We were doing a study on a remote mountaintop site, I left my apartment at 3am, was dropped off at 5:30am while my boss drove around the city below sending me RF signals and I took measurements. I had one 2 liter bottle of Pepsi and a bag of Doritos, it was 110 degrees, I was up there until after sunset. At the end of the day I was tired, , hungry, dehydrated and in fact needed medical attention.

            When my boss finally headed up the hill to get me, he forgot to notify the police that I was there, we were on our third shift. His headlights triggered a massive swat operation. Helicopter, squad cars coming up the mountain on all the access roads. I watched the entire thing unfold as I removed our radio equipment from the tower that I was on.

            My boss got up to the top first, he had changed his clothes into a suit and tie, and had a date.. Hmmm. I was a young white punk that stunk like he had been stealing radio equipment all day long.

            The about six police surrounded me, the commanding office took the well dressed dudes over to the cushy command van for interrogation, I stood there surrounded for a long time until I made some kind of move that triggered the officer in front of me to draw his gun. I was probably staggering.

            What did I do? I put my hands up. Next thing I know is that I was slammed on the hood of a squad car, handcuffed. From my vantage point, with my face sideways on the hood of the car, I saw my boss and the police sergeant having a pleasant conversation, laughing about something…. That is until they realized that I was handcuffed and in need of some help.

            I am white, I have been illegally detained twice, I have been discriminated against for being white, I have been more qualified, had more experience than a woman, yet received less pay and was not promoted before her.

            Blacks, Women,, minorities and Democrats are not the only people that have these problems.

            Get over it, deal with it, do your best, be good to others. If the socialists in the 0val office get their way it is going to get a whole lot worse.

          12. Mark Clemens says

            That’s because you were dressed like a poor person. I think that’s why cops go after black people more. A typical stereotype for blacks, is we are all poor.
            Think about this:
            If a cop roughs up Donald Trumph (say a cop didn’t recognize Mr Trumph). Beats T up, has a “I felt threatened” story.
            Well in court there will be the DA Man and the Cop, on the prosecutions side. On the Defendants side will be Donald Trumph and a thousand lawyers…..
            Poor people can’t afford that.
            Getting a conviction is a big deal for a cop. Picking on poor people put those odds more in the cops favor. I don’t know why the news don’t bring this up, instead of harping on race.
            Poor white people, get the shaft too.

          13. MAHB001 says

            Partly because I was dressed differently, partly because of a dozen of other reasons. To this day, I have no clue what I did that caused the cop to draw his gun, but I got to tell you, it is no fun looking down the barrel of a 45.

            My point is, that this shit can happen to anyone. Regardless of race. You can say it is because of race, but that isn’t the only reason. How about just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

            Criminals TRY to blend in. They hide amongst us and I think that a large percentage of the time all these cops are trying to do is find the bad guy. I believe these guys for the most part are just doing a job and they wish everybody would just follow the laws so they can go home safe.

            But then there are knuckledraggers that enjoy shaking down people. Those are the ones that we have got to be scared of.

          14. LadyGreenEyes says

            Good grief! Why on earth would headlights on a hill trigger a massive police response??? That makes no sense. Plus, what excuse did they use to slap on cuffs, or even to be there at all?

          15. MAHB001 says

            Actually, it was really quick and efficient police work, with a little luck on their part.

            The Police Helicopter spotted my bosses headlights almost as quickly as I did.
            I am sure they called it in, and found out that nobody knew of any reason why someone would be on that access road.

            I was up there on a City owned communications tower. I was taking equipment off that tower. It was a remote area, the roads were closed with gates, all the cars from my vantage point were in clear view, which was the same for the Helicopter.

            I am positive my boss got the tests cleared for the first and second police shifts. I was on that mountain from 3am to 9pm that day. Basically all three shifts. The night shift that responded had no clue we were supposed to be on the mountain.

            Honestly, the Police were just doing their job, protecting the City’s property. They had 4 different access roads covered.

            As for the cuffs, to this day I have no clue what set the officer off. We were not talking, they were not asking me anything, I was just standing there with them surrounding me about 10 ft away.

            What I do know is that if it ever happens again, I am going to do exactly the same thing I did the first time.

            Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.

          16. LadyGreenEyes says

            Ah! That makes sense, then. So someone probably didn’t pass along to them why anyone would be there. A city-owned road like that, it’s a good thing on their part that they noticed so quickly. The cuffs are weird, but maybe the guy had a bad day? At least they weren’t punching and kicking or anything.

          17. Proud Conservative Mom says

            As Mark Levin predicted long ago, Obama and his fascist comrades are turning this once great Republic into a police state more and more every day.

          18. LadyGreenEyes says

            That was always the plan.

          19. Proud Conservative Mom says

            It breaks my heart how Obama literally gets away with murder as he knows the cowardly RINOS will never impeach him. That is what makes him even more brazen by the day.

          20. LadyGreenEyes says

            I strongly suspect many are spiritually afraid. Remember who he works for. It’s only for a season, though.

          21. IMSweetOlBob says

            They may have put a whupping on him, but it didn’t slow him down because he was so high on drugs, you could have run over him with a truck and not hurt him that moment.
            They put a whupping on him because as many as they were, they still couldn’t control him.
            Were they supposed to just let him go ? Were they supposed to let him hit and beat them ? What ever they did, it still didn’t get his attention.
            He was no innocent victim

          22. LadyGreenEyes says

            I agree with much of what you stated, but have to disagree when it comes to Rodney King. My guess is that you only saw the video clips the news media showed over and over, and, watching those alone, I would have agreed with you. One news channel, ONE time only, where I lived when that was happening, showed the entire video clip. The bits we saw so much were only a small part of it. King was a very big guy, and he was very violent. The police had a hard time getting him subdued enough to try and cuff him (and there was a legitimate reason to arrest the man), and he fought his way loose and started swinging at, and hitting, multiple cops. They got him down again, and he did it again. This happened several times. I think there were four cops involved in that case. If you could see the whole video, which the jury certainly would have seen, you’d understand their decision. Had I not seen it, that one time, I’d still agree with you.

            On that note, only 20%? That might have been true once, but these days, I suspect the percentage of bad cops is a lot higher than it once was. Police forces are militarized, as well, which adds in whole new layers of issues. Places that get SWAT gear end up making a lot more arrests, and having more violence on the part of the police, than they did previously. There are videos of people being manhandled by cops, for no legitimate reason at all, and yes, they are often arrested for resisting that illegal assault. And, yes, it’s true that not all are like the thugs we often see.. The thug types make the entire group look bad, which is often the case.

          23. MAHB001 says

            Video clips are by their very definition taken out of context.
            I think you are right. It is prudent to NOT to rush to judgement.

          24. LadyGreenEyes says

            Indeed! It is all to easy for the media to manipulate people. I have read about cases of the media filming refugees from an angle so as to make it look as though they were being held captive, by those that were actually aiding them, and the story being spun to show that false claim. I have seen actual video, taken by a third party, of a Palestinian group throwing rocks at, and sometimes shooting at, an Israeli building, which only responded sporadically, and then acting as though one man was shot. A ready vehicle sped up to drive him off, supposedly for medical attention (literally seconds after he was “shot”, and within minutes, the same man was back tossing rocks with the rest. No doubt, some media outlet reported the “Evil Israelis” shooting a poor innocent man. The RK case is one where I KNOW they misrepresented the facts, because of the one station showing the entire video, the ONE night. If I’d missed it, I would likely think he’d been a victim. We can even read of cases, and see video, of fake situations being set p to fool people, for gags, and it’s not difficult to imagine media sources staging things as well. Heck, governments, too, for that matter! With all they can do int he movies, it’s a wonder anyone completely trusts professional video.

          25. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You positively nailed it!!! These falsehoods and propaganda are staged and filmed on a regular basis. It is completely and diabolically very purposefully done. I have seen this firsthand as well.

          26. LadyGreenEyes says

            I’d love to hear the details, as much as you can share without revealing persona data, of course.

          27. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Gladly! So very sorry. I am way behind on checking my e-mails and try to respond to my friends on Disqus first and then the Trolls. 😉 I will G-d willing answer all of your questions as fast as I can.

            I was in Israel a year and a half ago for two weeks (and 25 years ago for two weeks as well).

            On one of the tours that I went on, our tour guide showed us one of the beautiful areas where the Israeli government had built really nice apartments for the Arab people to live (bear in mind that they also pay the lowest taxes from any other citizens in Israel). He told us to remember what we saw. We then traveled on a highway for about ten to fifteen minutes and he then showed us an area where people were taking photographs of a camel with some Arabs. A short distance away were some shabby looking tents and other paraphernalia that were strewn all over the place. The tour guide told us his Arab friend took him more than once when there was filming done in that area as “proof” of how shabbily the Arabs were treated and to demonstrate how they were living “in squalor.” I saw the “stage” and all of the “props.” The only things missing were the actors.

            When I mentioned this to my husband’s first cousin (who is in Intelligence in the Israeli Army), he knew exactly what I was talking about. He said this has been done already for years. The biggest tragedy is how quickly and eager the world is to believe the perfidy. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

            I, myself, spoke to more than one Arab when I was there. (More particularly, the ones who are friends with my family). They spoke out very strongly against the playacting and explained how behavior like that makes it much harder for the Arab citizens who are smart, hard working, and enjoy living in peace in Israel next to the Jewish (and Christian) people and sullies their reputation. Naturally, even more so, that applies to the terrorists who want to kill every Jew and Christian and wipe them off the face of the Earth!

            May G-d protect all Christians and Jews from these monsters!

          28. LadyGreenEyes says

            Wow. That’s even worse than the stuff I have heard, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. When they will claim illegal weapons shipments that are confiscated were “needed supplies”. they’ll clearly lie about anything!

          29. Proud Conservative Mom says

            You positively slammed the proverbial ball way out of the park. It does indeed worsen by the day. Obama, treating PM Netanyahu as despicably and abominably as he does, takes it to a whole new level. Israel’s enemies see the writing on the wall as clear as day. Obama will positively have blood on his hands.

            The only thing keeping my sanity with regard to Israel is knowing that the Almighty G-d always protects Israel. I will never ever forget reading an interview of a terrorist high up in the hierarchy. The response that he gave when questioned about the aiming of their missiles is both timeless and priceless. It was “We do aim them, but their G-d changes their path in midair!!!”

            Indeed, as wise King David wrote in Psalm 121:4 “Behold the Guardian of Israel never sleeps or slumbers!”

          30. LadyGreenEyes says

            I like that quote! God does indeed protect them as promised.

            On that other one, I am still half expecting a treaty of some sort. How that would happen, with all of the hostility, I don’t know, but we do know one will come at some point.

          31. Proud Conservative Mom says

            It will tragically never happen as their own Charter has in writing that they intend to wipe Israel off of the map and kill every Jew. In fact, when a bunch of French Jews immigrated, one of their top henchmen said it’s great how many Jews are coming to Israel. We can then kill them all together instead of hunting them down all over the globe.

            There can NEVER be peace with people who want to wipe you off of the Earth!!! Simply impossible!!!

            Bear in mind, the End of Days a/k/a The Messianic Age is almost upon us. The Messiah will come when Jerusalem gets attacked on all sides. The prophecies are very clear about this. It will truly be the darkest before dawn!

          32. Bucksergeant says

            Sorry mom, forgive the language, Remember I warned you.

          33. Proud Conservative Mom says

            I must have missed it, but no worries. I will check it out and thanks for letting me know.

            Every now and then I get behind on my e-mails and miss out on what the people that I really like on Disqus send me. This happens to me particularly when I get “Trolled”, a term that I coined for getting besieged by “intelligent discourse” from the Trolls. I, therefore, try to visit as many individual pages as I can to try to catch up and see if I somehow missed anything from my favorite people.

            My maternal grandfather was a very proud World War II Veteran. We were the best of friends and like two peas in a pod. We had very similar personalities and had so much in common. We spoke every single day. I spent the weekends with my grandparents twice every month when I was a teenager and able to navigate the New York City subway on my own. (I was truly blessed as both sets of grandparents lived across the street from each other. It was about a half an hour subway ride to get there.)

            Anyway, speaking to my grandfather was like talking to a living history book. He had a phenomenal memory as well. Our relationship really took off when I was in the sixth grade and had to do a report on President Herbert Hoover. My grandfather was born in 1922 and lived through the time period. I interviewed him for my report and we spent hours talking. That report really cemented our relationship in ways I never could have imagined. I feel so thankful that the Almighty G-d providentially had my then teacher assign me a president who lived during my grandfather’s early years…

            As you can well imagine, there was alot of salty language in the army. I remember when my grandfather once slipped and called someone an “S.O.B.” I remember begging him to tell me what a “SOB” meant. Naturally, he refused, but it makes me grin from ear to ear just thinking about it. (My grandmother who had overheard from the other room, went “nuts” when she heard what I was asking and realized what had happened. It was all good. I was very close to her, as well.)

            Thanks for bringing up some of my favorite memories! 😉

          34. LadyGreenEyes says

            Yes, and the treaty to which I refer is the one mentioned at that time. Seven years, broken in three. HOW that happens, I can’t imagine, since so many hate Israel, but God says it will, so I believe Him.

          35. Proud Conservative Mom says

            P.S., One of the foundations of Judaism is that everything that happened to our forefathers is a portent for their descendants, which is why the Torah relates so extensively the narratives of the travelling, and the drilling of the wells, and all the other events that is detailed in Genesis, that happened to our patriarchs, especially.

            As you undoubtedly know, when Jacob was going to meet Esau many years later in Genesis 33:1 “Jacob lifted his eyes and saw, and behold, Esau was coming, and with him were four hundred men; so he divided the children with Leah and with Rachel and with the two maidservants.”

            The reason why Jacob divided his children up into two separate camps was to prepare for a likely attack by Esau. If one camp perished, G-d forbid, the remnant would be able to escape and survive. This is PRECISELY why the Almighty G-d when He exiled my people, dispersed us all over the world, so a righteous remnant will always remain.

            One of the five main miracles that will happen when the Messiah comes, will be the ingathering of all of the Jews to bring us all back home to the Land of Israel where we really belong. One of my favorite Books in the Tanach (the entire corpus of “The Old Testament”) is Isaiah. Some of my favorite passages describes the ingathering very movingly Isaiah 43:1-6 “And now, so said the Lord, your Creator, O Jacob, and the One Who formed you, O Israel, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you, and I called by your name, you are Mine. When you pass through water, I am with you, and in rivers, they shall not overflow you; when you go amidst fire, you shall not be burnt, neither shall a flame burn amongst you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;…Fear not for I am with you; from the east I will bring your seed, and from the west I will gather you. I will say to the north, “Give,” and to the south, “Do not refrain”; bring My sons from afar and My daughters from the end of the earth.”

          36. LadyGreenEyes says

            It’s a great passage. I think we have seen a lot of that movement, though certainly not all. There are plenty of Jewish people scattered all over the world, still.

            I remember a song based on that verse. I think it was called “Fear Not”.

          37. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Fear Not ” sounds like a great song. In Hebrew it is “Al Tee-rah.” We have beautiful songs composed from Isaiah about this alone.

            The Jewish people will stay scattered and dispersed until “The Messianic Age.” I am looking forward to all of those miracles to come.

            King David describes it so beautifully in Psalms 126:1 “A song of ascents when the Lord returns the returnees to Zion, we will be like dreamers!” We will be like dreamers because of the tremendous overwhelming good that we will receive from the Almighty G-d on all fronts, it will hardly seem real. Like a take on “Pinch me so I know I am not dreaming.”

            Moreover, it’s the knowledge that we will have our “happily ever after” that kept my people persevering even through the darkest of nights…

          38. hankthetank says

            You brought up a good sub get ! Rodney King got what he deserved! he was out on patrol ,at 2 in the morning ,drinking, & wouldn’t listen to the police ! he started the trouble by running from them ,they didn’t beat the other guy’s in the car, just KING, just like OJ ! he finely got his !! ( Simpson )

          39. hangem'high says

            An insult to the cops that got killed on duty!

          40. jim marcum says


          41. hangem'high says

            May you drown in your own worthlessness!

          42. phil62 says

            You sir, are just as hard headed as your are naïve and blind. You are in for a very rude awakening. It’s not what is said in the news. It IS what people are sharing their personal testimonies. Wake the hell up dude!

          43. MAHB001 says

            I have no clue what you are talking about, sir. I get the insults, their are childish, but the part about personal testimonies????

          44. Kortiak says

            Actually it is more like 99.9999999 MAHB001, and why do you hide with a factious name.

          45. MAHB001 says

            Why do you hide with a factious name?

            Because I fear some of the more ideological idiots on these posts will follow through with their threats. And YOU know who I am talking about don’t you?

          46. phil62 says

            I have said this before and I will say it again. IF you really are stupid enough to talk to me face to face my name is Phillip Lake and I live in Brandon, MS. I don’t HIDE behind “factious” names – with ANYONE.

          47. MAHB001 says

            My factitious name comment was directed at someone who is called Kortiak.

            It was NOT directed towards phil62….

            Perhaps the program is fubared. Mixing things up to confuse us?

          48. LadyGreenEyes says

            What sane person, these days, would post their real name on forums like this, for trolls and worse to see and track?? There are people on these forums who actually have posted people’s personal data, location and all, for others to see. But, hey, if you want to post your data, feel free.

          49. Proud Conservative Mom says


          50. JoJoViolet says

            While i believe that most cops are good cops they stand behind the bad ones. How often do good cops go public and tell on the bad ones?

            ‘Evil flourishes when good men do nothing”

          51. MAHB001 says

            Good point..

        2. phil62 says

          It doesn’t always work they way you have it laid out. I am 66 yrs. old, never been arrested, we were taking care of my mother who had dementia, she called 911 by mistake, the cop came out, pulled a gun on my wife first and forced her back into the house, took one little look at my mother and saw she was alright, then came over to me and asked me what my problem was, before I could even explain what my mother was doing he told me to stand up and face him when he spoke to me, I stood up and he reached his hand out to touch me, I have severe nerve damage from heart surgery in my chest and cannot stand for someone to touch me, before he gave me a chance to explain he forced me to turn around and handcuffed me so damned tight that it cut off circulation in my hands and the pain of having my arms restrained behind me was incredible. He arrested me for threatening a police officer and resisting arrest. He was, and still is, a fking asshole just like a lot of these cops who are overstepping their boundaries of protecting innocent people. I am on SSDI from the military and this asshole cost me 600.00 because it hurt his pride when I did not stand at attention when being addressed by him as a dictator. Wake up and smell the Obama roses dude.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            In Rutherford County Tennessee, if the police are called to a house for something. Very seldom do they NOT arrest someone. I moved out of that police state.

          2. TexasStomp says

            If the police are called to a house isn’t it because someone is doing something illegal or threatening to? So they respond, arrest the perp and that’s a bad thing? That or they have the WORST false arrest record and court rulings against them in the state in which case the DA, which is an ELECTIVE position would have stepped in and done something about it if he wanted to keep HIS job, no?

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Let me show The Rutherford County thing in action. This is how most of them act….
            Go to UTube search Murfreesboro 4th of July DUI Check point.
            Let me know what you think of officer Ross’ attitude………

          4. LadyGreenEyes says

            Sometimes the police are called because someone sets up a neighbor, and reports some activity hat isn’t even taking place. Or, they could be called for a simple noise complaint, or because someone thinks they saw someone lurking around that they didn’t think belonged there. There are plenty of reasons they could be called, and not need to make an arrest.

          5. Proud Conservative Mom says


          6. JoJoViolet says

            So right. It has been my experience that when you call the police they come looking for someone to arrest. If the perp is there they will arrest him, however, if the perp is gone they will be looking for someone else to arrest. That’s when you go ‘uh oh’. Or a ticket or citation. I called the cops once because I thought someone was trying to break in. They came, found no one then wrote me a ticket for not securing the lid on my trash can. The lid was open a few inches because there was a lot of trash (in bags) and the lid wouldn’t shut. I have never called the police again and doubt I ever will.
            People say ‘don’t break the law’, do you really think I’m a criminal because I had a lot of trash that week?

          7. guest says

            It’s a good thing you tied the bags per the manufacturers instructions.

          8. MAHB001 says

            I too have had a bad run in with the police. I was not arrested, but detained and ticketed for “riding a Jetski on the wrong side of the river.”
            It was extremely humiliating, and eventually thrown out of court, but it took time and money to correct.

            There are bad cops, but I still maintain that MOST are good. They are just people like you and me. Doing a job, it is the aholes like the guy you dealt with that are out of control.

      2. jim marcum says

        Stop illegally arresting people

      3. real talk 1 says

        So true!

    3. Ken Trefaller says

      You are but you are rright The problem is resisting arrest. The NAACP bussing in anarchists and Obamas plan to cause unrest, nationwide so he can declare martial law and himself President for life. .

      1. phil62 says

        Not President – Dictator; big difference.

      2. edward martis says

        don’t forget the ‘American communist party’ and include them to——This is the stuff they LIVE for…………………

      3. JoJoViolet says

        Really? You’re that ignorant? What do you lunatic conspiracy theorists eat for breakfast, I want to know what to avoid?
        You know, maybe if you had real life problems to work on and solve you wouldn’t have to make up shit.

    4. George Cahonna says

      I agree…But, lets start with Hillary, Odumba, Holder, Reid, Feinsteer, Pelooser, all fine leaders..Laugh …

    5. real talk 1 says

      Your not you preach to a wall !!

  3. Gabriel Alan King says

    Police reforms will hurt people? Sorry- but that’s the dumbest thing iv’e heard all week. Militarized Police are literally running wild all over this nation with zero accountability for their actions… trampling the Bill of Rights while enforcing petty edicts for the foreign banks stealing our country. No one is asking Police to stop going after real criminals.

    1. guest says

      If police reforms come in the form of nationalism or federalizing it will hurt everyone.

    2. hangem'high says

      The last time someone had all the answers with injustice, We need fundamental chan;ge it was geared to help no one but grab power. Same here you think the citizen has it bad now, wait till Al Sharpton’s purge the police force! Might be good for the Bloods, Creates, and Black panthers, but if we the citizen let it happen, we deserve everything criminals give us!

  4. bill sexton says

    they will cry and wine until they force police departments to stop sending police patrols into black neighborhoods. Inner city neighborhoods will go back to the “good ol days” when cops stayed away from black neighborhoods thinking blacks can take care of them selves. I have heard people say the gangs ruled the neighborhoods and every one was terrified. Maybe cops should listen to the race baiters and the thugs and the other uneducated misfits and just stay out of their neighborhoods. People who have jobs and work for a living will save on taxes. We can reduce the size and cost of our police departments. Everybody wins!

    1. Confirmed conservative. says

      Well if you work for a living and then a cop pulls you over on your way home from work because you’re black and you’re afraid to open your window because there’s a pretty good chance they’re gonna beat you up and then they arrest you for for not cooperating, or worse yet escalate the situation so that they CAN beat you up, or shoot you through the window, then you’re a working person whose tax dollars have just gotten you a criminal record that will cause you to lose your job, or worse yet, have killed you. God forbid a black person ever gets a little bit ahead in this world. The cops will make sure they drag him right back down.

      1. Remmie says

        Tell that to Ben Carson.

        1. Jarhead says

          That Confirmed idiot is plum eat up with it…wonder what he is smoking?

      2. cvxxx says

        Crabs in a basket syndrome.

      3. bill sexton says

        boy, are you paranoid! do you believe in lil green men too? think there coming to get ya! sorry, if my words offended you,but that is really how you come off sounding. Not many people are going to believe police go to work just to hunt down black men coming home from work to kill them. But, if a police did stop you, why not do what a smart person does, OBEY!

  5. Todd Goins says

    If the Liberal media and News agenda would stop stoking the fire in these situations it might not be as bad. Latest survey showed Police officers last year (2014) killed just over 400+ white people and just over 200+ blacks. Ever thought if the police officer had no choice but to shoot to save their own lives after the person they were trying to arrest, pull-over, whatever failed to obey the officers commands? But instead the out-cry is always with one race. Why is it? Its the Media and the Liberal base stoking the fire. They pick on a minority of people which are told they are victims, that they are un-educated, when in fact neither is really the truth these days. Its time this all stopped. When was the last time a Riot started and destruction and looting occurred because of the death of a white person at the hands of a black person or the cops? How about never that I’m aware of. Its time the RACE card or I’m a victim stopped. I come from a state that is southern and known for farming so don’t tell me about hard times. You are what you make of yourself. Not from the handouts you expect from the Government. Our Government is just as much as fault. This Mayor of Baltimore saying and allowing a place for people to protest, riot, loot and destroy is OUTRAGEOUS. And then comes back to the media to say she never said those words when in fact its on the media her saying these actual things. She should be brought up on Federal Charges by Business for their destruction and FIRED from her job. Don’t be afraid to do so just because she is Black. Leadership has to be held accountable just like those arrested for this rioting and destroying of personal and businesses property. If the Black community or any community wants to make a change, do so in PEACE. Don’t act like a bunch of wild animals. Because that is how people will remember you as a bunch of animals and its your own fault. You want RACISM to stop, stop showing your ugly side.

    1. cvxxx says

      I saw a video of a chase in Australia. The criminal was armed with a pistol AND threatened a tv reporter on camera. The chase seemed like out of old keystone cops movie the police dis armed him and led him away in cuffs but they did not beat him nor shoot him although he was carrying the pistol.
      Do you have the links to those statistics? Facts will diffuse a lot. You have very good point that out legislatures come up with more laws to criminalize behavior and provide for private prisons . Some laws need to be repealed.

  6. Emily Tremmel says

    This bus the most ridiculous racist manipulative bullshit clearly aimed at stupid people who come to websites like this so that they don’t have to actually form opinions of their own based on facts and circumstances they know to be true. so intellectually dishonest and manipulative. Of course most crime is black on black. But by criminalizing evey move black people make police keep them down by drowning them in ticket fines and penalties and time away from work for unnecessary court dates which means they no matter how hard they work to get ahead they never will. Not to mention the cultural self image of victimization and powerlessness that feeds all kinds of bad behavior. But just read a couple of books – or just articles if your brain isn’t big enough to read a whole book- on how to motivate human beings and you will see that telling people they are bad when they’re not creates bad behavior. Go screw yourself.

  7. john robel says

    Freddie Gray may have bashed his own face, but there is NO WAY IN HELL he severed his own spine. THE PIGS DID IT, pure and simple. We live in Spokane where the Nazi bastards get away with murder all the time. City pigs investigate the county pigs misconduct and vice versa, and EVERY TIME the PIGS are excused. AINT THAT COZY? Ask Scott Creatch or Otto Zehm. No you can’t, they are DEAD. It took the FBI to prosecute the Zehm murder.

  8. Confirmed conservative. says

    This is the most ridiculous racist manipulative bullshit clearly aimed at stupid people who come to websites like this so that they don’t have to actually form opinions of their own based on facts and circumstances they know to be true that I’ve seen in a while. So intellectually dishonest and manipulative. Of course a lot of crime is black on black. But by criminalizing evey move black people make, police keep them down by drowning them in ticket fines and penalties and time away from work for unnecessary court dates which means that no matter how hard they work to get ahead they never will. Not to mention the cultural self image of victimization and powerlessness that feeds all kinds of bad behavior. Just read a couple of books – or just articles if your brain isn’t big enough to read a whole book- on how to motivate human beings and you will see that telling people they are bad when they’re not creates bad behavior. Go screw yourself.

  9. Mark Clemens says

    Well the first reform I’d like to see is:
    At the academy, teach the cadets. Their #1 responsibility is to bring in the suspect in ALIVE, so they can be tried.
    Second: The side arm is a LAST resort for DEFENSE, not the primary. They do have tazers, knight sticks, other police to detain a suspect.
    Third: If a cop shoots an UNARMED person, the cop should be fired. He/She obviously doesn’t have the nerve for the job………

    1. guest says

      A sherrif mistakes his pistol for his tazer and kills someone by accident. Then goes on vacation in the midst of the investigation. That’s some good training.

  10. gram47 says

    Is there anything that doesn’t hurt them anymore? If they would quit whining and get busy doing something worthwhile, they wouldn’t’ have time for crying “injustice” with every other breath. How about seeing a whole lot more of them concerned about their young people, like the mother who grabbed her rioting son and marched him off.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      That woman should get MOTHER of the YEAR award!!!
      I thought what she did was the right thing to do. I’m also glad her son was under 18.

      1. glenn398 says

        Mother of the year award, don’t think so. She has done what the rest of them there do having children out of wedlock that she can’t support or keep tract of. She just happened to see him there otherwise he would have just been part of the gang. I can only give her credit for getting on his case but not all her past actions.

        1. Shauna says

          agreed Glen, 6 kids and on welfare……Oh and no father…..
          The media is running around clapping like seals because she disciplined her son…*rolls eyes* This is so ridiculous, Perhaps if she had done that before, he might not be out throwing rocks. Oh and for the record, she only clocked him because she didn’t want him dead, not because he was out committing crimes, throwing rocks at police officers….I will admit tho, watching her knock that punk in the head was hilarious.

          1. glenn398 says

            Sometime you really have to dig deep to come up with something positive.

          2. Shauna says

            So true nowadays…..and thanks to this POS president, race relations in all areas have been set back so far, it will take a long time to restore it. Pathetic.

          3. glenn398 says

            Am afraid we are past the point of restoring race relations as this country has been trying for years with no success. The blacks have been given chances that no other race has had offered and look at where we are. I was involved in one of the first in the hard core unemployed back in the 60s . Did the training at G.M where of course it meant black only at that time. These were top paying jobs in the country yet they would only do half the job. Night shift got paid Thursday night and Friday night hardly any of them showed up. Day crew got paid Friday and Monday hardly any of them showed up. It cost G.M a fortune to cover for those that didn’t show up. To top it off our plant went from number 1 in productivity and quality to number 4 and 5.

          4. Shauna says

            It’s a systemic problem no doubt, but with a lot of very tough love, no more excuses and appeasing, it could be fixed but it’s going to take someone strong to start that ball rolling. Speaking of which, I just returned from listening to Trump speak tonight. Very inspiring……..Our country was built on ideas…..I think it’s past time to look at people other then the entrenched same ole politicians.

          5. glenn398 says

            Unless you stop the reward for breeding program nothing will change. That is almost totally what has built this problem. Before Johnson’s great society the blacks were a family of father and mother. Once this bill was passed the woman no longer needed a husband to support the family and that destroyed any hope of them advancing.

          6. Confirmed conservative. says

            I’m so amazed that you people feel so qualified to run other people’s lives. You must have a crystal ball so you can see the exact circumstances of everyone’s lives all the time that explain the nature of their behavior.

          7. Shauna says

            It’s gotta suck being a white liberal……tell you what, Let’s see you go into some of those neighborhoods and try and “help”……..cause we have all seen over the last 6 years how well liberalism has helped. PLEASE, spare me your whiny, offended, victim rhetoric. It’s gag worthy…

          8. Confirmed conservative. says

            No I think I’m gonna badger you.

          9. Shauna says

            So your a badger??? 😉

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Elvis once said
            “Never judge a person, until you walk a mile in their shoes”
            If welfare is the gravy train you think it is. Why haven’t you signed up?
            If everything is free and carefree like you say. You’d have to be crazy not to. You ain’t scared are you? Why? Its one big 24/7 party………

          11. Shauna says

            Elvis is dead, and I did not “judge” anyone….simply pointing out the truth.
            As far as me saying it’s a gravy train, I didn’t, however in the black community it tends to be a choice and a lifestyle rather then a helping hand as it was originally designed to be.
            I haven’t signed up for welfare because I am working….I like to be paid for actually doing something, I tend to be a woman with self respect and pride. But thanks….
            Again Mark, I never said everything is free and carefree, but you seem to like to put words in my mouth……As for it being a 24/7 party…Well, I can’t speak for most, but welfare is used for just about everything BUT food…I suggest, making coupons for food, no more ebt cards. Your casual attitude toward welfare is shameful, the whole, “just sign up” I’d be crazy not to?????? REALLY? This is the attitude today regarding welfare, it’s time to bring back the shame for being on it. Maybe then, people won’t be on it for so long….We have spent billions on these programs and gosh, how much has it really helped? The amount of fraud, theft, is rampant.

          12. Mark Clemens says

            Jesus is mortality dead too, but his words live on. A lot of dead people said smart stuff.
            Unto thy own self be true. That dude died before the 16th century. Words are powerful, because they never die.
            “Agreed, Glen, 6 kids on welfare….oh, and no father”
            Your opening comment.
            If you are not judging this womans reproductive morality, what was the point of your first comment? The only thing this responsible parent did, that met your satisfaction. Was the woman assaulted her son. You even say ” She only clocked him, because she didn’t want him dead”
            How many of your children do you want to see dead? If your 16 year old son was out there (not vandalizing, rock throwing) Would you drag him home, or let him stay?

          13. Shauna says

            Mark, and you think these quotes are going to fix the problem in these communities???

            My opening comment had nothing to do with her reproductive morality, not one bit, as long as I do not have to pay for the kids….It’s not MY responsibility or any other tax payer’s responsibility. If you can’t work and pay for these kids on your own? maybe it’s a good idea to close the legs, don’t ya think? Oh and by the way, where the hell is the father? shouldn’t he be supporting this? Oh and I’m assuming the kids are by one man…….
            You see Mark, we have a sub culture of pure rot and no one wants to admit that we have a problem, so more money keeps getting dumped into these programs and this is what we end up with….

            Last but not least, IF I had a 16 year old son, he wouldn’t be out there to begin with, he would doing things around the house or working, WITH HIS FATHER! At what point are YOU going to stop making excuses and start looking at solutions? The victim and excuses are getting old and tired…….PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY needs to be taught, it’s lacking in those communities…..

          14. Confirmed conservative. says

            How do you know why she clocked him? Do you know her? Did you talk to her?

          15. Shauna says

            It’s on u tube wizard……all you have to do is pop open your lap top at starbucks and look it up. I know white liberals pretend to care about these neighborhoods, but maybe before you respond to me with such a stupid question, take the time to at least pretend to care enough to look it up. Liberal policies are killing these communities!

        2. hangem'high says

          However you look at it, God gave them both a second chance, let’s hope it’s productive?

        3. Mark Clemens says

          She did more than you have done.
          She rose to the occasion to protect her son. That’s what responsible parent does.

    2. hangem'high says

      Its call political correctness, have you noticed the ones crying injustice the loudest are the one dolling out the injustice?

  11. Combatvet52 says

    You want this to stop……. don’t act like a bunch of wild animals, because even wild animals have laws, and they know how to take care of their young.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      …….So you think it’s open season on the animals, the police are the animals. Killing unarmed people.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Why don’t you try putting your life on the line as soon as you walk out your door in the morning like the so called animal cops that you claim, believe me you would change your mind real fast, my buddy was a cop for 40 years and got shot at 6 different times, he’s alive for quick thinking.

      2. Jarhead says

        Sick animals correcto mondo.

        1. hangem'high says

          Bernie five only got one bullet, better make it count! It would keep ‘em from emptying the whole Clip! Humm… ? No it wouldn’t!

      3. hangem'high says

        Arm ‘em with rubber bullets

    2. Jarhead says

      Semper Fi vet 52.
      USMC 1950

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Rodger that brother vet.

    3. Shauna says

      wow, good comment…

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Shauna glad you agree but it rubs the LIBERALS butt real hard.

  12. hankrbradley says

    400 plus white people shot an killed by police? White lives matter, I want my free pair of Jordans and a fifth of vodka, where’s the next riot?

    1. Jarhead says

      I want a free 60″ HD plasma TV, will you help me carry it to my car?

      1. hankrbradley says

        LOL as soon as I put mine in the car, yeah I’ll help you get one, hell two if you like! They are free you know at RiotsRUS

        1. hangem'high says

          There’s a reason you have a hard time finding good merchandize in Harlem!

          1. jim marcum says

            may you suffocate in your own racism.

          2. hangem'high says

            WHAT?? It’s because it’s all made in China. Maybe, a little racial?

  13. cvxxx says

    The problems are many run in a middle class neighborhood and you are jogging in a crime are you did something wrong and are under suspicion. That smacks of unfairness. I worked in Beverly Hills Ca. where at that time walking in residential neighborhoods was suspect.
    There are so many idiotic rule that run counter to the American dream. I was reading an article about buying excessive pop(soda0 with Snap & then selling the excess. so the police were arresting them. That seems to be a real problem many want to work or start their own businesses. How many of our ancestors received a start by a “grub stake” do they too could start a business,pan for gold,etc? It seem that the rules while helping leave no up side to climb out of . In a time then wages are flat and educated workers are being laid off so foreign workers can take those jobs(H1B visa’s) Like Disney & others; we need ways to get our citizens back into income production and to dismantle any barriers to re-employment or self employment.

    1. glenn398 says

      Start a small business on snap, you got to be kidding as they are stealing period and have no intention of doing anything legal.

      1. cvxxx says

        That’s the perception the race politicians want the nation to think. They do not want any to escape the ghetto where their power is maintained. The thugs and outsiders love to cause trouble. Then there are the fools who get swept up in the moment.

  14. Patriot47 says

    The title is accurate so it will be fast-tracked through.

  15. IMSweetOlBob says

    Blacks are in prison because they committed crimes. If they hadn’t done that, they wouldn’t be there. They get no free pass to be criminals just because they are Black criminals.
    What kind of bullsh*t is that ? We don’t need a separate criminal code for Blacks.

    1. jim marcum says

      could some of them have been set up?

      1. Confirmed conservative. says

        Oh no. That NEVER happens.

  16. pmbalele says

    We should blame TPs, extreme Repubs and FoxNews and especially Sean Hannity, Bill O’rielly, Andrea Tantaros; Glen Beck; for all these riots in this country. These have pumping white police officers to abuse Blacks and in fact have been encouraging racial discrimination in state and local governments. I have no idea why these racists are passionate against Blacks. We should also be wary about 7th Circuit Republican appointed judges. These make sure Blacks lose cases on appeal. Two weeks ago they sided with employer who refused to hire a Black person because he did not do well on interview. These judges should
    know interviews as subjectively scored are therefore subject to be used as barriers against Blacks.

    1. IMSweetOlBob says

      Refused to hire a Black because he didn’t do well on the interview ? Oh yeah ! I would always hire and take into my business anyone who flunked the interview. I am a social service, not a business.
      I only pay people my money because they flunked the interview.
      What a stupid comment ! If it wasn’t sarcasm, it was moronic !

      1. pmbalele says

        Interviews are fake reasons to deny an individual a job. That is what
        the Wis.DOC secretary and other agency heads in cohorts with the governor have
        been using as a weapon to deny Blacks jobs. And would you believe Walker wants
        to be president of USA when he allows his secretaries to discriminate against
        Blacks! Somebody has to sue Walker. May be I should. In Wisconsin is you
        corruptly deny an individual a state job, you can be put in prison for 6

        1. IMSweetOlBob says

          A hatchet piece on Walker from a union supporter ? The union may not care whether or not the interviewee speaks understandable English, or has piercings, or has tattoos climbing up heir neck, or fails to meet your eye, but if I was hiring, I would.

          Also, if the interviewee has wrinkled clothes or is dressed in a campy, jive manner (pants at half staff), I would think they showed no respect and not hire them.
          I am in business, or government to hire the best employees, not just to hire Blacks, or Feys, or Lesbians, or Catholics, or Baptists, or Wickens.
          I will hire whom I think is the best interviewed.

          1. pmbalele says

            You’re lucky you have not been sued and experienced how much it costs to win a case. Of course you may enter into a retainer agreement or insurance with law firm like Sears and other big corporations do. That means you have to pay the law firm whether you have a case or not. Companies and local government pay dearly to law firms as insurance. But again some law firms may abandon you and then you have to sue them too. So it is not worthy being biased against people because they are Blacks, women, old etc. Make sure you do not harbor such hatred when denying people jobs because that will come out when confronted with discovery.

          2. IMSweetOlBob says

            The threat of a lawsuit is always the ammunition of left wing or muslim jerks to force people to hire and pay people they don’t want in their business or don’t want to serve, for one reason or another. Those filing the suit are seldom the moneybags behind it, but are used as figureheads to promote some particular, usually unpopular agenda.
            The group of Feys and muslims have used this gambit to further their agendas.
            Does this mean I have to hire someone I feel is not qualified just because they are black or weird ? I think not.

          3. pmbalele says

            The law will ask you why you do not have Blacks in your company. You will have to tell the truth. Well as you have said, you do not like Blacks working for you. This is a country of laws. You will pay for it if you tell the court that you do not like hiring Blacks. If you do not pay the damages and fine, the Sheriff will be sent to your organization to arrest you for contempt of court – i.e. you failed to pay the fine for not wanting to hire Blacks. You may take your high power rifle. Believe it, whether you’re White or Blacks, once police have been dispatched to your home or company that you are armed, prepare to get bullet holes in your body. Why can’t you just be like me? I do not discriminate against anybody. Get over it. If you cannot stand Blacks working for you are loser close your business and move to Russia.

          4. IMSweetOlBob says

            Typical liberal spin. Show me where I said I said I didn’t want Blacks working for me. Do you mean YOU think that all Blacks wear their pants below their butt or that all blacks can’t speak English or that all Blacks have piercings or tattoos crawling up their neck ? Take your assumptions and your ill disguised prejudices stick them…………. use your over active imagination !

          5. pmbalele says

            Well, according your pleadings, I concluded that you hate hiring Blacks.

    2. Confirmed conservative. says

      Oh yeah – and this site. Don’t forget about that.

    3. JoJoViolet says

      Okay, I agree with most of your points but a better example must be available. If a person doesn’t do well on an interview, they never get hired, regardless of color.

      1. pmbalele says

        Read the Supreme Court decisions in 1994-96. Interviews are
        not job-related and particularly if interviewers are of same race.

        1. JoJoViolet says

          Am I to understand that you are saying job interviews are not job related? I must be misunderstanding you somehow.

  17. jim marcum says

    I don’t know where police reform could begin. We have police who are breaking the law. Click on youtube and watch people being ‘ordered’ to turn of their phone camera’s. Watch people have their phone knocked out of their hands and broken. Watch police turn their flashlights or spotlights into peoples camera’s. See Cops try to get people to exit their cars so they can get them to step away from their cameras. See people undergo illegal search and seizures. See people lied to about the constitutional rights. How do we go about putting law and order back into law and order. Allow these infractions of law and our constitution and you end up with cops shooting unarmed people in the back. Now where we going to go with all this.

    1. Jeanna Green says

      Hate to say it but when you have a President that only follows the laws he wants to follow, how do you think people who look up to this same law breaking President will start acting like. They follow the leader. When you have a corrupt Government, you have a corrupt society. When no one is surprised that we are lied to by the very people we trust and put into office, than I say it is time to stand up for our Laws as well as our Constitution.
      No one should ever be above the laws of our Great Country and especially the very ones we put into office to protect our Constitution and our country. Especially the ones who take an oath to defend our Borders and our laws. Don’t remember any of them ever saying during their swear in ceremonies to only protect the laws and people who they like and agree with.

      1. jim marcum says


      2. JoJoViolet says

        Please advise the laws that Obama has broken.

        1. Jeanna Green says

          That one is simple, right off the top of the head I can think of one big one.
          When Obama informed ICE agents to not follow the laws of immigration. He broke the law by not enforcing the very laws he swore to protect. When he took the oath, I don’t remember him saying “I swear to Protect only the laws in the Constitution that I feel are right and will do everything in my power, including lying to get rid of the American Peoples freedom with a swipe of my pen and then I will pick up the phone to let everyone in congress know that they don’t matter, but Black lives matter. Yah like he really believes that. He had

          2 years of having both the House and the Senate under his control. What did he do with those 2 very valuable years? Absolutely Nothing for the Black Community. All He cares about is spread hate and racial speech right along with his buddies Sharpton and Holder..
          I think the Black Community is starting to realize that Obama and his Lying Administration care nothing for them and is only using the Blacks to help him divide. What happen to his words during his first swear in that he was going to be the President the UNITES People, not just here but around the world. Yah right. He has done so much damage with his game of dividing and then once he has everyone against everyone he can call Martial Law and become king. That is the only reason he fans the flames or has his buddies go there for him and make the statement of “keep doing what your doing”. Guess Obama and the Mayor have a lot in common. Its not their business or homes that are burning so who cares..
          sorry for the ramble… can get a list together from several different places if you really have not been paying attention. This was just the first thing that came to mind.

          1. JoJoViolet says

            I believe you are referring to an executive order. Executive orders are not in violation of the law, they are changes to the law.
            Fyi, number of Executive Orders per year by recent presidents
            FDR 290
            Truman 116
            Eisenhower 60
            Kennedy 75
            LBJ 62
            Nixon 62
            Ford 69
            Carter 90
            Reagan 47
            Bush I 41
            Clinton 45
            Bush II 36
            Obama 34

          2. Jeanna Green says

            I don’t think that means he can make or change laws without Congress. Yes every President has used Executive Orders to pass things they feel they should. But President Obama is doing damage and breaking laws by telling Ice to ignore immigration laws. Just like the Mayor of Baltimore saying stand down because we need to give them room to destroy. Not exactly word for word but close. To her and Obama it is all just Material things that company owners did not create. Don’t think they would be screaming that garbage if it was their house or place of business was the target by Rioters. Same with Sharpton, who would be screaming if his house was being destroyed and the cops just did not show up. Yah right, they all would lay eggs and cluck like a chicken until they got the very people they slam (Our Police and Fire Departments)to help them.
            Sad day when our politician and people of influence like Sharpton call for people to destroy their own cities and these miss guide youngsters will follow and oblige because that is what our colleges have taught them.

  18. Laurence Almand says

    Another example of what happens when low-IQ Blacks become a large number of the population. Looks like Baltimore is headed in the direction of Detroit.

    1. Confirmed conservative. says

      I’m going to send this one to my mom who doesn’t believe that racism doesn’t really exists anymore.

  19. John Q. Public says

    Wow , if we were to use your logic we shouldn’t of gone after OBL for 911 or Hitler from taking over the world or even the British in our war for independence. Unbelievable , were do you guys get these thoughts ? Please get back on your meds.

  20. hangem'high says

    It’s all about protecting the young black gangster or gangster wanabes from the police. It’s not about protecting the White gangster or gangster wanabe’s, as far as I’m concerned if you run from the police you should automatically get arrested; I think it’s called resisting arrest?

    1. JoJoViolet says

      Actually resisting arrest can not or at least should be a stand alone charge. There has to be an attempt to arrest for an existing charge in order to resist it. It would be like a charge of selling stolen merchandise when the merchandise was not stolen. One crime must be committed before the next one can be committed.
      That is a big part of the reason all these cops were charged, they had no reason to chase him in the first place thus making all subsequent actions questionable.

      1. hangem'high says

        Running is a suspicious activity, if you’re a cop and your walking on a side walk and theirs a person coming toward you, all of a sudden this person turns and runs away from you, wouldn’t you want to know why they’re running from you? I would!

  21. Shauna says

    Looking at the pic above just proves these are not civilized human beings but pure trash, acting like savage zoo animals. This is what liberal policy, walking on egg shell pc, sympathetic to the cause creates. They make excuses for the bad behavior, constantly ramping up the “victim” narrative and stoking the fire of unrest. We are not doing any of them any favors. It’s past time to start holding them accountable for this savage like behavior. The Mayor is responsible for this damage and should be made to pay for it along with the rest of the trash that caused the damage. Identify as many as possible and cut off the welfare. The only way to earn it is to start cleaning up the mess. I also suggest that the next time this type of protesting begins, let the police or military lop a grenade into the crowd, they will be too busy picking up body parts to loot or cause destruction. I also guarantee future protesting will be peaceful from here on out….This was absolutely ridiculous and did not have to happen. This is what you get when morons are in charge. I also hope the police force will ignore those orders in the future. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  22. Marilyn Stern says

    One of the better articles. Black on black crime is more prevalent than the media is willing to report. In the end it is the black community that suffers because retaliation from their black brothers is feared more than helping the police. I lived in inner city Chicago in the 1950’s. It was bad then. It is a hundred times worse now. Liberal policies are their biggest enemy yet they keep voting for any Democrat fed to them. Only those willing to work and fight for a better future are able to pull themselves away from the liberal “ghetto” entrapment. In the end, you cannot help people who do not want to help themselves.

    1. Confirmed conservative. says

      Yeah but you could try not proactively trying to screw them.

      1. Marilyn Stern says

        Proactively? Proactively trying to screw them? It is they, black, white, hispanic, and various race mixes, though those who are only one eighth black will call themselves black, who are proactively screwing themselves.

        I got a great education in inner city schools in spite of surrounding turmoil. It is amazing how much help you can get when you show a true willingness to learn. WAKE UP. The world doesn’t owe you anything so stop daydreaming and start DOING. Don’t sit around waiting for somebody else to do ‘Something’ in order to create your ‘Someday’. Take responsibility for yourself and your life. Develop a “Backbone”, not a “Wishbone”. YOU are important, YOUR future is important. The time to act is NOW.

        Oh, and if you want COLOR:

        Color me…Conservative: I want a balanced budget.

        Color me…Libertarian: I want less Government.

        Color me…Tea Party: I recognize the Constitution as the road map to governing the United States.

        Color me…Human: I want to take care of the helpless.

        Color me…Capitalistic: There is no free lunch.

        Color me…Veteran: I want a strong Government to defend the United States.

        But NEVER, EVER Color me Socialist!

  23. TPS12 says

    Let’s see you have a CVS in your neighborhood where you can get conveniently a lot of basic needs. So what’s the first thing that comes to mind during your peacful demonstration LET’s Set it on Fire.

  24. BBLEE says

    It Would Help those in the Hood to Get Checking accounts, if the Banks would just make the Checks Big enough in Size, To Sign them with a Spray Can. Just trying to help.

  25. Morton212 says

    What an outrageous idea – that minorities would not be helped by better relations with the police !

  26. hankthetank says

    THE police can’t help any one, ( when the Mayor tells the police to stand down ) by orders from DC !

  27. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

    In response to much of the chatter on this article – I have developed a response. I’m tired so excuse me if I jump around a little I just worked 16 hours and have been up for 20 hours now… LOL!

    Maybe some you here, and those you personally know are a bit more “in the know.” I think you are giving a vast amount of credit where it is not due. (Sorry for my blunt opinion)

    In regards to the idea that these kids and US minorities will turn from the Democrats in the upcoming election… I feel it is like this…

    FACT: We heard the same kind of chatter before when people were talking about an Obama Re-election…

    Now we see how well all those pledges stood by it. The fact is this simply — all these unfortunate, dumbed-down, members of a generation of young folks are corn-fed the Comrade Obama crap in schools. They are literally taught that the conservative mindset is for old racist people that support the institutional model of the deprivation of rights for the minority. They don’t inform them that these minority privileges often come as a deprivation of rights to the statistic majority.

    They don’t explain that United States is a REPUBLIC but a democracy (because in most schools they don’t even pledge allegiance anymore — and in some, like my son’s former school this is the pledge: “I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the government, above which it stands, for a global economic nation, delivering liberty and justice to all…” — or something of that effect… I felt appalled). Technically the United States is not a democracy we are a Constitutional Republic and we need to learn to cling to that concept and quit calling ourselves a democracy (it reduces the concept of our Constitution being the most important law of the land). Words can form dangerous psychological impacts…

    Then again most of these kids are failing History, Civics, and English anymore and in many states/schools these are even viewed as “unimportant subjects.” Now call me a fool, but I was raised “if we fail to recognize, and learn from our history – then we run the danger of repeating mistakes of the past.”

    Don’t get me wrong, these kids aren’t 100% to blame, we all are. We let them become this because we are all so busy scrambling for the scraps from the masters table that we looked the other way, whether intentionally or not, and until we reinsert ourselves as influential figures in these kids lives, they will get further off course.

    …and when we are turning out 3+ million underprepared, undereducated 18 year old graduates a year in this country — anyone with “rock-star” status will snatch that vote. Also think, young people have a stronger motivation to vote because they believe their silly rock star wants to save the world! Their naivety tells them that he/she can accomplish superhuman feats and we can trust their grandiose promises. Look at ANY young Obama supporters and their irrational thinking. They also buy the TV propaganda that more experienced people want to see the proof of. They have been raised into this false sheepishness but believe it is the best thing for themselves. “I know better than you so do not question me.” ~ this is acceptable to these people. A person that allows others to question them is seen as to weak to lead. Follow the bullies. Orwell at its finest.

    Look at the interviews of the college kids in Baltimore when asked “why are you rioting?”

    “Because we are sick and tired of this [run down black neighborhoods], look around you! This is what they [the governing authorities] give us! This is all that we get!? Look at the neighborhoods that they [the governing authorities] give to the white folks. You would never see them give the white folks this… this hell.”

    Okay I have to step in… I am a white folk, and no one gave me a damn thing. I worked… hard. I sacrificed everything, even to time with my children, working while sick and injured, I missed my grandfather’s funeral for work… Sure my son has nice stuff and attends a “special” home school program that I pay for out of my pocket. Yeah, he has nice clothes and is spoiled with thousands of dollars in toys. BUT, he is 8 — working at a 5th grade level, straight A honor-roll student, with honors, on the Principal’s list, good merit, good citizenship — and he works around the house. He takes out the garbage, cleans dishes, and keeps his room and the living room area in good order. He folds and puts away his own clothes and lives on a tight schedule. He earns it… at 8. Why? Because I keep it interesting and challenge him in everything! But you can see in his eyes, he is happy and knows he is loved!!!

    Sure I own my house. Sure I drive a Lincoln, with a Ford work truck, an 883 Sportster, motor scooters, a SeaDoo, and my 30ft Stamas with 200hp Mercury outboards. Sure I am getting ready to add a few new rooms to my house effectively increasing the size by about 33%. Yeah I am even considering getting me a light aircraft like a single engine Cessna 172 or 182 or possibly a Piper Cherokee, used of course, fixer-upper… Yeah I treat myself to nice things, but I tend to buy it as junk and fix it… NO ONE GAVE ME ANYTHING!!! EVER! I worked and bought my first car, cycle, everything… It took me years to build and maintain my credit to hold that high 700’s score. It was never easy and none of it was free!

    The younger generations are raised on the indoctrination of welfare and frivolous lawsuits. Their entitlement issues are ridiculous! It isn’t like there is a government convention where they GIVE away all the nice neighborhoods to white people or anything… Time, money, sacrifice, and the love to improve the way of life for your home, family, and neighborhood is needed! It’s all a series of hard work and harder work so before you die you can breathe a sigh of relief and be contented in what your hands accomplished… These kids all seem to believe it should be handed to them. No effort needed. As far as “love” and “loving” their neighborhoods, we see that in how they burn them down… Now if I got pissed because Comcast ripped me off again or my bank was overdrawn or whatever — and I burned down a CVS or my neighbor’s house — I’D BE IN PRISON FOR ARSON!!!

    The minority communities anymore are slowly but surely becoming void of minority men and women that lived through the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s when REAL race issues still existed.

    NO ONE and by GOD I MEAN NO ONE born since 1975 has seen any TRUE racial tensions (where they aren’t allowed to ride a bus, go to school/church, work alongside, use the same bathroom (etc) as white people. Why? Because it don’t happen anymore! (Except maybe in places like Africa – ironically, then it isn’t white black but “this tribe – that tribe.”) Without anyone to relate the idea, “oh my, how times have changed,” there is no point of reference for these young people. Misguided and deluded.

    Baltimore protester – “They [the white controlled police structure] have taken away all our fathers and brothers and locked them away in prisons.”

    Statistically, in Baltimore, 72% of children are illegitimate and of those 86% are living in multiple home families.

    Unfortunately I have to say – “Sorry kid but they can’t take something that wasn’t there to begin with.” You can’t blame whites or the police or anyone, but your father, for your father not being a man. You also can’t blame others for your father choosing to be a criminal. Your dad wasn’t there because he made choices that stopped him from being there or he simply chose to leave you with your mother and chase after tail like a 20 year old trapped in a senior citizen’s body. These are personal choices not socially forced political elements.

    It all goes back to “personal accountability.”

    Sure I could chase tail and be irresponsible and leave my child to rot like these folks chose for their children. Jeez, I mean, I’m a pretty hot dude! I’m smart, funny, adventurous, easy to get along with, my sexual stamina is off the charts! I’m one heck of a catch. I have different women hitting on me EVERY DAY – wherever I go. However, giving my son a better shot than I had is MORE IMPORTANT and as a man my grandfather taught me to be MORE RESPONSIBLE in my choices. My son couldn’t be happier. These kids are victims of THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES, THEIR OWN FAMILIES, and THEIR OWN MISCONCEPTIONS of how life should be.

    So who are these youth going to vote for? The person that promises the most handouts. It is a proven psychological fact that people WILL in fact sacrifice their freedom, self-respect, dignity, and individuality if the “right amount” is presented.

    These lying-ass Libbies count on that fool vote in every election

    1. ELAINE MARZANO says

      well I am surprised you are still coherent after all that time!! do you deserve some bragging for that one/ if so allow me to do it for you. I need to kick some rear. JDwent. he just sent me 2 disgusting posts. that man is a crazy old man. he hates the world, but he hates me more. i sat here and tears were starting then I said are you crazy girl. what re you letting this idiot ruin your day. So I am mad as hell. and i can’t take this any more (sound familiar) and I went back in and told him off. I am getting tired of having to fight my own battles with the crazys of the world. are their no good men left in the world?

  28. Dan says

    After the latest chimpout, the police no longer care about the hypocrites that they once protected.

  29. jfred64 says

    From the Baltimore police blotter…..A 44 year old African American woman found murderes at the incinerator…A 44 year old African American man was shot in the head on the 1500 block of Hilton Street, he later died at the hospital….An African American baby girl two weeks shy of her third birthday was beaten to death on the 400 block of Furrow Street….An unidentified African American Male was shot in the head on the 4500 block of Winchester Road, he died there…and Baltimore is burned and looted over the death of a convicted scumbag drug dealer. Get a clue, start policing yourselves.

  30. Lee Berry says

    Where is the same amount of outrage for the young woman chased through Washington D.C. and gunned down for making a u-turn? Crickets…

    Where is the same amount of outrage at blacks killing blacks on a daily basis? Crickets…

    Where is the same outrage at Islam terrorists killing anyone that does not believe as they do? Crickets…

    Where is the same outrage at protesters destroying everything in their path – in their own neighborhoods and (parents) businesses?

    Where is the same outrage for those that scream discrimination/vengeance against a Black-Democratic structured system of their own choosing – meaning it is a Black run city – more crickets.

  31. Christopher DP says

    Nicely done… but the thing that hurts minorities the most… http://www.keenreport.com/business/baltimore-riots-hurt-minorities/

  32. adrianvance says

    The joke is that the more they investigate the more they will uncover the real skunks. Democrats will not like that.

    Google, “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

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