Pope Francis Off the Mark on Climate Change


Pope Francis has been a different kind of pope, unafraid to bend the rules a bit if it means modernizing the Catholic Church. He has thus become a hero of sorts to progressives, though he remains true to Catholic doctrine when it comes to gay marriage, gender issues, and other areas where Christians and liberals tend to diverge. If Francis and Caitlyn Jenner may not have a lot to talk about, liberals were much happier with the pope’s encyclical on global warming. Called “Laudato Si,” the missive calls on all nations to reduce fossil fuel dependence, increase green energy production, and steer away from carbon dioxide emissions.

“Global regulatory norms are needed to impose obligations and prevent unacceptable actions, for example, when powerful companies dump contaminated waste or offshore polluting industries in other countries,” Francis wrote.

According to the encyclical, global warming can “mostly” be blamed on human activity and the burning of fossil fuels for energy. Francis says that there is a growing need “to change lifestyles, production, and consumption” if we are to avoid the worst effects of a warming planet. He said the effects are already in evidence, as seen by rising sea levels and the increased acidity of the world’s oceans.

Naturally, Democrats jumped at the chance to align themselves with the Roman Catholic Church. Obama’s secretary of energy said the encyclical “should inspire all countries to redouble the deployment of clean energy technologies and energy efficiencies and find the international will to significantly cut global emissions of heat-trapping pollution.”

When they want to really stir the pot, liberals love to take aim at Mother Theresa. They accuse her of worsening the situation in Calcutta with her abstinence approach to sex, burying the poverty-stricken population in a hopeless situation without condoms or abortions. Now, one can imagine the sick kind of mind that would criticize a true saint in every sense of the word, but let’s take them at face value. Let’s assume that liberals stand against religious leaders who would doom the poor with ill-conceived ideas.

They should be out in the streets, then, protesting Pope Francis. Because for whatever else the green movement is, it is a death sentence for third-world countries who would like to one day move into the 21st Century. Fossil fuels make the world go around, and environmentalists like Francis would have us abolish them. Why? For no better reason than to avoid a dire vision of the future that is wholly fictional.

This puts governments in the developing world in the tricky position of trying to boost their economies while simultaneously placing caps on the best solutions. We’ve seen what fossil fuels can do for the Western world, and we’ve seen what they can do for countries in the Middle East. By standing in the way of this progress, we are essentially saying that we are willing to watch people die so that no more polar bears have to. If, that is, polar bears are even affected by rising temperatures, a fact still in dispute.

The left may have papal support on climate change, but the rest of us should stick to what has been shown to work. That is, after all, the very definition of conservatism.

  1. WiSe GuY says

    If BS was music every global warming believer would have 1,000 marching bands.

    1. Bryce says

      So the believers would not be the source of the music? The bands would? That would have to mean that they believe otherwise, or else the “global warming believers” would also be spewing music/BS – so that means the marching bands must consist of non-believers and the BS/music is coming from them – and it even works, as they constantly harass the global warming believers, who, by your anecdote, are the ones telling the truth.

      Unless you meant something else, and you are simply too stupid to word your analogy correctly – which, I am getting the feeling, is more on the ball than the belief that you believe in global warming… Which, if I may add, makes you all the dumber for not believing in a well established theory that has had little evidence to the contrary.

      1. WiSe GuY says

        go away moron

        1. Bryce says

          So you agree with me then? Because you clearly have not refuted my point.

      2. WiSe GuY says

        Go watch the sky fall.

        1. Bryce says

          That’s hardly as entertaining as proving people like you to be empty wind-bags, as seen in your lack of response

  2. Conservative says

    I have to chuckle at the irony of how the liberals put so much credence on what the Pope says about climate change but they totally disregard whatever he says about abortion, divorce, same-sex marriage, sexual immorality, LGBT activity. The liberal Catholics and Protestants will continue having abortions, divorcing, entering into same-sex marriage, sleeping around like it’s as expected as eating and praising LGBT activity, suing true Christians for not participating in their activities, demanding open restrooms for men and women. The list goes on! What a bunch of hypocrites! Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!

    1. Nastasyana says

      It’s called, dealing with issues rather than sticking to your own beliefs in the face of facts. The Pope gave his opinion and it happens to concur with “liberal” thought. The Pope has other opinions that do not concur. Having a mind of your own is an indication of intelligence and not just following the party line.

      1. MARYSWEET says

        I believe the pope has had too much marxist influence in his life and it shows in his remarks. No one in the catholic church is allowed to have a mind of their own. It is like a form of communism. You are brainwashed from the time you are born and only what you are taught in the church is what you can believe.

        1. Nastasyana says

          Sounds like the people who follow Fox news and this website

          1. jimdarnall says

            I wonder why Fox is the leader in the polls for most accurate and complete news reporting. Of course if you don’t want the truth or all the facts then yes you probably like all the other so called news networks. Good luck with that.

          2. Conservative says

            FOX News leads and MSNBC is in the cellar. MSNBC is not a news shows, it simply expresses liberal opinions on the news, acts as agent for liberal politicians and their positions and if there is something in the news that does not fit their opinion they just do not report on it.

          3. Jim says
          4. Mark Erickson says

            Glad to see I’m not the only one skeptical of common liberal remarks like, “Fox news makes sheeple who love oil.”

          5. Connie Durand says

            The term “sheeple” was first coined in the Emory University Quarterly, 1950.[4] The metaphor of sheep standing for the clueless public believing everything their political masters told them was of course used by George Orwell in his fable Animal Farm. It referred to people as being like sheep, in that they needed someone to direct/guide them in all of their decisions; being incapable of doing it for themselves. It is what Obama and his Progressives believe most Americans to be.

          6. mac12sam12 says

            You don’t watch Fox, a left and a right viewpoint on every topic. You probably get all liberal all then time.

          7. Mark Lahti says

            Why do you good people reply to nasty? She is a troll and replying to her just encourages more of her lefty garbage. She tries to come across like she is some super intelligent know-it-all. Which, by the way, is the standard liberal format. Look what she says. In one short eleven word sentence she does the very thing she is saying that we do. Yet if you point that out to her all you get is more of the same and will not answer the question. Reason for that is simple….she has no answer for the truth. Again another liberal trait.

          8. Nastasyana says

            Oh so you don’t like liberals because they are intelligent. That figures!

          9. Mark Lahti says

            I normally refuse to reply to liberals for all the reasons I’ve stated here and elsewhere. But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to thank you for proving my point once again.

          10. mac12sam12 says

            Trolls are fun and I like to prove them wrong. I find that people who agree with me to be less exciting. Trolls are FUN!!

          11. Mark Lahti says

            The problem with that approach is that no matter how well you prove them wrong they still won’t get it and will come back at you with something that is totally off the subject. You can’t have an intelligent conversation with a liberal/troll/progressive because they lack the basic component of an intelligent conversation,.i.e. intelligence.

          12. Nastasyana says

            I do watch FOX. How do you think I know the stupid stuff they report about.

          13. MARYSWEET says

            No, just someone who thinks for herself.

          14. Cheshire Croc says

            Got it backwards, Nats. It is the Libbies who fear any disagreement. It drives them WILD.

        2. Jarhead says

          TRUE DAT……he should stick to Church matters and stay silent on everything else.
          He has done more harm to the Roman Catholic Church in just a few weeks than any other Pope in History.

          1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

            He is always bringing up helping the poor, and redistribution of wealth. How much do you think he could get for that staff that he’s holding. The money He could get probably would feed 100 families for year. Now let’s look at the artwork, the Vatican has. I’m sure some of those frescoes could bring in multimillion dollars apiece. You get the picture old man. Put your money where your mouth is. Maybe you should watch the movie [ The Shoes of the Fisherman with Anthony Quinn]. You might get some ideas from it.

      2. simplynotred says

        That might have been nice if the pope did listen to alternative opinions regarding climate change during his summit, however those oppose to climate change were not given entrance to his gathering of scientist who spoke on the issue of Global Climate Change. He is also a liberal who does not want others to voice their opinion. He has an agenda. Agenda’s are what the ideologies of liberals transform into. For it IS in the Praxis of Agenda’s that usually inhibits thoughts of sound reason in liberals, and establish the will behind their revolutionary activities.

    2. MARYSWEET says

      That is because the liberals only believe what they want to believe and claim the rest is trash or racism. I agree with you that liberalism is a mental disorder. It’s called brainwashing and a closed mind. No one else’s opinion or beliefs are worth a fig but their own and everyone should believe in what the liberals preach or they are racists.

      1. Mike Homes says

        I think for myself so I’m an ‘ist’.
        I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Imagine if people realized the true truth. It’s not acid to disagree and have a real discussion. Can you imagine?
        Maybe someday the truth will again become cool. You know? The truth. How cool!

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        2. MARYSWEET says

          That is a a very good thing. I remember when the truth was the end result and it was a much better time for our country. I’m always glad to hear from someone who thinks for themselves but it is getting harder to find people like that. The majority of young people listen to the “media” and believe they are hearing the truth but what they are being fed is propaganda. It reminds me so much of Nazi Germany and it is being carried out the same way. It always amazes me that people can’t see history repeating itself. Do we not learn from past mistakes. Of course, the liberals are rewriting text books and not teaching history as it happened but the way the want it to be seen. You will never hear the truth from obama and his muslim brotherhood administration.

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    3. Jeff Griffith says

      Conservative. There are plenty of “true” Christians who have divorces, abortions, marry same-sex partners, cheat on their taxes, become alcoholics, exceed speed limits, and then, condemn others for doing the same. True, this Pope is out of touch with political issues and expects his slave like followers (particularly in Latin America) to act on his every wish. Become an atheist and you won’t need to worry about this “hypocrisy” as you put it.

      1. Mark says

        I do know any true Christian marrying same sex partners or having abortions. They may have their faults, we all have defects, but if you dig deeper, most are helping the poor, helping others overcoming addictions, fighting sex trafficking, digging wells for those in countries for those who have no clean drinking water, bringing light into a dark world with encouragement and uplifting, and healing the sick….just to get started.

      2. mac12sam12 says

        Yeah!! Who needs personal responsibility!!

        1. Jeff Griffith says

          mac12sam12. It is not a question of personal responsibility. The previous post addressed accusations and judgments by a so-called “true” Christian of the attitudes and behaviors of others blindly. When I hear these desperate statements, my answer is to look inward and avoid casting the proverbial stones upon other people. Incidentally, the above post has less to do with partisan politics, which exposes the faults of both “conservatives” and “liberals”. Read Victor Frankel’s book Man’s Search for Meaning….more relevant much of the Bible.

    4. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

      Off the mark, hell he is off his rocker.

    5. abinico says

      There is no such thing as a liberal Catholic/Protestant – the Bible is quite clear on homosexuality and infidelity. We must deny these demons any avenue for debate and forcefully declare as a true Catholic/Protestant you are by definition conservative.

      1. Conservative says

        There are TRUE Catholic/Protestants that do not commit immoral sexual activity or have abortions and they are Conservative There are also ‘in name only Catholics/Protestants who are very comfortable attending church, having abortions and engaging in LGBT activity These are Liberal Catholics and Protestants. Just because someone attends church does not make them faithful to God or the Gospel. The Bible says this will happen in the last days: I believe it’s 3 Timothy: “In the last days people will be calling right wrong and wrong right”. That’s not the exact quote, but that’s the meaning.
        Take Nancy Pelosi: She calls herself a ‘mainstream’ Catholic and thinks all Catholics are ‘mainstream’. If this is true, there must be ‘mainstream’ Protestants. They are like the Sadducees and Pharisees that felt so superior to the common people who actually went to the Temple to worship God. Hypocrisy is alive and well in the Country today and so is Satan.

        1. abinico says

          Pelosi can call herself whatever she wants but a higher power will eventually correct her.

          1. Conservative says

            Pelosi is the goddess of the liberals and believes whatever she says is infallible.

          2. abinico says

            Goddess my arse – more like their hermaphrodite.

          3. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

            She sold her soul to the Democratic Party and the dark side, years ago.

          4. abinico says

            She had a soul?

          5. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

            She sold something, I just assumed !

    6. Jim says

      So what do you think about the Pope’s position on the environment?

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  3. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    I don’t trust this Pope no how like i have never had trust for Obama my gut feeling says they’er not trust worthy.

    1. Bryce says

      If only because you can’t understand their diction… or the English language well enough to enunciate why exactly they cannot be trusted… or logical discussions well enough to know that gut feelings is basically saying you don’t like their outward appearance

      BTW, normally I wouldn’t point this out, but I’d hate for you to get the wrong “gut feeling” about my last sentiment – “outward appearance” – which, I feel it is necessary to stipulate, does not exclusively mean their physical appearance, but their general persona – rather than the meaningful things they have to say or the legitimacy of those things

      All in all, this is exactly why Bush was elected – people fear intelligence, despite the fact that people far more often undergo their “fall” by ignorance than by knowledge…

      1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

        What ever you think i still want trust him and you don’t need to answer me cause you and no one will change my mind about him.

        1. Bryce says

          It’s not about changing your mind, it’s about providing evidence that your opinion is invalid and should not be shared for its lack of legitimacy and merit.

  4. petemobtv says

    This Socialist nut job is creating havoc within his own church! He is basically, encouraging American Catholics to vote for Democrats in the next election! Does he find that more important than LIVE BIRTH ABORTION – which Democrats support? Is the man crazy???? Maybe the Church ought to stay out of this global climate change Political Football event, as that is all it is. He also should be reminded that the Church can’t be taken too seriously on matters of science. Anybody remember Gallileo????

    1. Conservative says

      I hate to agree with you, but I have that same gut feeling. Pope Benedict, a very holy and conservative man was elected Pope, but it was not long before the ‘powers that be’ pushed him out, blaming his health, which was a fallacy. He probably just was not going to become a politician joining in the U.N. in pushing for the New World Order. Francis fit that mold exactly. One of the first questions the press asked him was about homosexuality and his answer was ‘who am I to judge’? He is much more political than spiritual and he will deny the precepts of the church and Word of God to be a force in accomplishing this. He influences the mind, hearts of people all over the world. When people don’t know better and the Church does not teach the Word of God and has an attitude of ‘who am I to judge’ it’s easy for the world powers to take over.

    2. abinico says

      Socialist nut job? You do realize that Jesus was a communist, don’t you? And that God does not look kindly on Wall St parasites. The meek shall inherit the earth – not the Kock brothers.

      1. petemobtv says

        You have NO idea of what you are talking about. None at all. And Jesus was NOT a Communist. Read Scripture.

        1. Bryce says

          The foundations of both Christianity and Islam are highly founded in an economically socialistic stance, and in many ways originated as being very socially progressive as well. Read scripture, but also read history textbooks – both show extreme similarities to both socialism and communism in their most raw and natural form, that is, the one present before institutions such as official Churches began to have political sway.

          1. petemobtv says

            READ the words of Jesus. His WORDS! He was clearly NOT a Communist.

          2. Bryce says

            Jesus doesn’t have words I can read in English, this isn’t the Qur’an, his thoughts were paraphrased by his followers.And please, expand on why Jesus was not a communist – offer some element of proof, rather than directing me to read what I have already read over again.

          3. petemobtv says

            Well, if his thoughts were paraphrased by his followers and you don’t believe them, then I guess you don’t believe the Bible.

          4. Bryce says

            I never said I do not believe them – however, his followers, not being the son of God, have room for human error, bias and slant, and should be taken with a grain of salt. I do believe them, to the extent of the facts of the matter – it is up to me to draw conclusions, otherwise I’m letting myself be ruled by other people, rather than God’s will. The Bible is not the extent of God’s will.

          5. petemobtv says

            I think more than a grain of salt. Otherwise, you have absolutely no basis for religion. Or Jesus. And what is God’s will? It’s in the Bible. So, if you don’t believe in the Bible, you don’t believe in God. If you don’t believe the New Testament, you don’t believe in Jesus. For that is the only place you will find him.

          6. Bryce says

            The Bible can be taken as evidence for God, rather than the basis for belief in him. Furthermore, God is supposed to be a recognizable component in the human soul, one discernible without any knowledge of the Bible – without even having heard of Christianity – and that, supposedly, is of the contract between Man and God, not between Man and the Bible. All elements of the Bible have, in the past, been disputed as apocrypha – and we chose what to believe, what not to – which makes up the modern Bible. So it is Man that chose what elements to even include in modern writings. I didn’t say I don’t believe in the Bible, I just dispute elements of it, as it is not of God’s will – which is included in the Bible, but does not embody the Bible.

  5. EMIRCITNA says

    THIS CURRENT ‘POPE’ has put the ‘Coup de Grace’ to Catholicism!!!

    1. petemobtv says

      Wrong. The Church will survive. There have been some bad Popes in the past. We survived. NOTHING will destroy Christ’s church. Nothing.

      1. charles says

        the catholic church is not Christ church. you don’t know the Bible and sure don’t know the history of the catholic church. no such church as the rcc until after about 330ad. not until Christianity was legalized by Constantinople. the threat of being being killed was removed. but it ushered it compromise. that watered down the Gospel message. the Gospel is the POWER of GOD unto SALVATION. catholics replace the only mediator between GOD and man with your pope. you can’t have both. you use one verse to create the idea of a pope,peter. you must have a min. of 2 verses to draw a conclusion. 1 verse backs up the other.
        john 8:56 “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.”

        JOHN 8:53-56
        Jesus is referring
        to the day when men would be justified by putting faith in God and not
        in their own works. Abraham had this truth revealed to him (Rom. 4:13),
        and he believed it and was himself justified by faith (Rom. 4:3-4, 9).

        11:6 says, “But without faith it is impossible to please him.” It was
        Abraham’s faith that pleased God. The Lord promised Abraham that his
        seed would be as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the
        seashore and Abraham believed God. That pleased Him so much that he
        counted Abraham righteous right then, even though Abraham had not yet
        fulfilled the rite of circumcision and he was not living a holy life.

        to Leviticus 18:9, it was an abomination (Lev. 18:26) for a man to
        marry a half sister. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was his half sister (Gen.
        20:12). Therefore, Abraham’s marriage to Sarah was not what pleased God.
        Abraham had already lied about Sarah not being his wife so that he
        could save his own neck. He was willing to let a man commit adultery
        with his wife with no objections from him. Immediately after this
        instance is when the Lord counted Abraham’s faith for righteousness
        (Gen. 15:6). Abraham tried to accomplish God’s will in the flesh with
        Hagar (Gen. 16) and then repeated the terrible sin of denying that Sarah
        was his wife again (Gen. 20).

        Anyone who really studies the life
        of Abraham and the favor that he found with God would have to conclude
        that it was Abraham’s faith that pleased God. It’s the same with any of
        us. The only thing that we can do to please God is put faith in Jesus as
        our Savior.

        1. petemobtv says

          We can end our conversation right here. YOU are a wacko.

          1. marcuswelby says

            Your rebuttals 1) You are sick, 2) You are a wacko…
            You should try studying the Bible. Your Catholicism won’t allow you?

        2. mallen11 says

          You are so very correct but most catholics can’t understand what you are saying.
          1 Corinthians 2:14….But the natural man (unbeliever) receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

  6. scott says

    this fag loving pos is obamas twin of another color.both rotten and evil to the core.

    1. petemobtv says

      You are SICK! AND….you have the wrong Pope!

      1. scott says

        oh let me fix that

        1. Bryce says

          Hooray, a progressive Pope! My prayers have finally been answered! Also, I think it very nice that you compliment the Pope this way – although I imagine you meant to insult him, in which case the photo should read “Pope Francis is a Libertine, as it actually does have negative social connotation. Otherwise you could just call him a republican – I can’t think of much worse an insult than that, but I think that would be far to harsh, even for someone like you to say.

          1. scott says

            only retarded liberals think backwardss and suck dik.keep proving how simple minded you worthless scumbags are

          2. Bryce says

            It’s ironic that in your response you use both dogma (thought control), name-calling, I’m assuming hysteria, given your poor organization of thoughts, and denial of reality, given the fallacy in your argumentation in your response. Perhaps you’re more liberal than you think.

            Furthermore, “liberal faith” makes no sense, “liberal doctrine” might, but the two are contrasting terms.

            Finally, I would appreciate if you could actually respond to my arguments logically, provided that is within your mental capacity, rather than posting in-apt, irrelevant memes – in order that we may reach a positive conclusion

          3. scott says

            learn to speak like an adult you pompous faggot.you delusional filthy scumbags think your smart because you try to use gay wording,yet you prove yourself to be the imbeciles of the world jerk off.

  7. terryk says

    Best advice for the Pope stick to matters of faith not climate politics. He has no real background. Unless he wants to be classed among the climate crazies that wish to blame mankind for all wrongs. Natural forces far outweigh mans actions when it comes to climate. Think about it.

    1. Bryce says

      Natural forces far outweigh mans actions, but that doesn’t mean our actions have no effect, especially as they sway it so narrowly by the standards of climate, but shift things so drastically for our tiny existence.

      Furthermore, who are you to advise the Pope? If you believe the papacy has no merit, your belief that he should stick to faith is unfounded, while if you normally do put any belief in the papacy, it is necessary to believe that this Pope was hand-picked by God, in which case you are advising God to take a different course of action… look who thinks he’s all omniscient now

  8. junkmailbin says

    The Bishop of Rome needs to stay in his venue.
    They poor get elevated by the opportunities provided by the capitalist system. As wealth grows in a country, opportunities to raise grow.
    The countries in the world that have embraced this have raised millions out of despair.. The countries that have not, have let their people suffer in hovels of despair.
    The Pope must first divest the church of all its wealth and give it to the poor before criticizing others.
    When he is wearing sack cloth and living in a card board box without the jewels and fine robes, I will start to believe him.
    Until than, he is nothing but a pompous load mouth like all liberal do gooders

  9. SouthernPatriot says

    Man-made global warming is a big scam. Sun-made global warming, now that is reality, but you won’t get money for research and your favorite charity.

    The Pope is off on this other leftist platform issues as well. He favors Democrats, though they fought to keep God out of their platform, support all term and birth abortions, sodomy marriage, and countless other immoral and anti-Biblical and anti-Catholic Church policies.

    His predecessor wanted to rid the Curia of its homosexuals and was too old and enfeebled to do so. It was expected that this Pope would continue the process of identifying and removing those in Curia who were homosexuals. He has not. He has closed the investigations and has not even dealt with several who were identified by the previous pope.

  10. cal3301 says

    Be afraid, be very afraid. Do yourselves a favor and learn about AGENDA 21 and the UN sustainable development goals. They are dumbing down our children on purpose and the climate change is only a ploy. Check out the FEMA Camps across our country when you have a chance……..



    1. mallen11 says

      Why be afraid when there is nothing we can do about it?

      1. cal3301 says

        Who said we can’t do anything. We are stronger when we stand united. Obama and his minions have been separating us by class and color and we must stop falling into it.

        Even God knows that people become afraid. It is fear that puts one’s body on alert. If you do not fear, you’re just plain stupid, because even a hero fears when he in the midst of adversity. Praying may calm your fears, but it does not take them away.




        WE HAVE HOPE!!!!

        1. mallen11 says

          Yes, but how do we stand united? The only way I know is for masses of people to turn back to God, learn His divine establishment principles and apply them to our everyday life. This is NOT being done and until enough people do this, our Nation will continue to slide into the depths of evil. We can quote God’s Word and I believe what He says in His Word but it is not being read, taught or applied by most of our country. As goes the believer, so goes the nation under God. Yes, our ONLY hope is the Lord Jesus Christ who is in control of history but why should He help us and bless this Nation when We the People are not abiding by His precepts?

          1. cal3301 says


          2. mallen11 says

            Why are you shouting at me and rejecting God’s Word? Can’t you understand God’s Word?

          3. cal3301 says


          4. mallen11 says

            What a joker; you are too funny. I think you must be drunk and very superficial just like the Pharisees were in the time of Christ on earth. Grow up.

          5. cal3301 says

            Evidently you are the one that has to do the growing up. Again, someone who claims to be religious, making fun of someone you know nothing about. I don’t drink and above all, I am not superficial, but yet you appear to be. You quote Biblical verses at people, yet you call them names in your next breath. Not only is that superficial, but it also makes you hypocritical.

          6. cal3301 says


          7. mallen11 says

            Who are you to tell me or anyone else what to do? What type person does this? Calm down and take your meds.

          8. cal3301 says

            You are responding to my post. If you are replying to me I have the right to tell you what I want to hear or not. That is the type of person I am and I won’t pull a punch. Read what I wrote because it is truly clear that you do not comprehend that well. No one and I mean no one wants to be preached to and you and I have been down this path before. I answer to my GOD, not to you. That is the way it is suppose to be whether you want to hear it or not.
            You are not God, or a disciple, or very religious, if you are quick to set in judgement of another. No meds needed on my end, but evidently you have the anger issues. I told you my caps lock button was stuck.

      2. Matthew V. Brown says


  11. codycollie says

    I am a Catholic and did not know that he was a scientist? I would like to see the RAW data that conviced him that Man Made Global Warming exists? Did the all knowing Obama convice him?

    I believe that the “Scientists” and Politicians hawking Climate Change are NOT to be trusted period!

    We have to ask the following questions:

    Who paid for the reseash?

    Who did the research?

    How was the study designed? Did they take the conclusion they wanted and design the study to get that conclusion?

    Were the people that did the study qualified to do it?

    Were they Liberal or Conservative?

    How was the data collected?

    How was the raw data manipulated?

    We need to FOLLOW the MONEY!

    Climate Change = Summer – Fall – Winter – Spring

    1. Matthew V. Brown says

      Well said.

      1. Bryce says

        If only because it was just within your range of understanding…

        1. Matthew V. Brown says

          Yes, I’m always glad when something is “within my range of understanding.” But your snarky comment is completely outside of my range of understanding.

        2. Matthew V. Brown says

          Thank heaven it was within my “range of understanding”, or I would look like a fool like you.

          1. Bryce says

            you do regardless, as you disregard the “just” in my comment, and discount the general sentiment – taking my comment to mean that I believe you understand, but in fact I mean you celebrate anything you understand, simply because you understand it, rather than because it deserves celebration

          2. Matthew V. Brown says

            Then I apologize for misunderstanding you. You weren’t insulting my range of understanding, you were insulting me because I appear to be celebrating “just” because I understand it. This, of course, is not true. I was celebrating it because I believe it was TRULY spoken and “deserved celebration”. So thank you for clarifying your insult.

          3. Bryce says

            If you’d prefer I could be more to the point and simply say that you believe it to be true simply because you understand all of the words, whereas more complex, more truthful ideas escape you for the same reason but under the opposite conditions…

          4. Matthew V. Brown says

            I still remember my undergraduate science courses and my graduate studies of theology. I am completely comfortable with more complex, more truthful ideas, some of which, I daresay, would run you around the block. But I’m glad you were more to the point, so that I could more readily see your error.

          5. Bryce says

            But you couldn’t see it before? You needed me to simplify it for you? And how about giving me an example of these “complex” ideas that would “run [me] around the block”? Or was this just a hollow boast?

            And I am legitimately curious on this last question, no insult intended, which school did you go to?

          6. Matthew V. Brown says

            Well, assuming the the God of the Bible exists, and is omnipotent and sovereign, Is human choice a sham? Does real human choice imply some limitation in God’s omnipotence and sovereignty? Start with that complex idea. By the way, what I needed clarification of was your rant. I understand the principles under discussion very well, thank you.

          7. Bryce says

            Yes, the beginning of the post is an extension of the problem of evil, given the three principles posed by Christianity – omnipotence, omniscience and moral perfection – that if God is all powerful, and all seeing, he would, theoretically know our futures despite our having free choice, but then the question arises that if he knew our choice would he affect our destiny, given his power, but hindered, in this sense, by morality. Theoretically he should have seen my current actions before he even created Adam. It is a religious sort of fatalism. As to your further philosophical inquiry, that makes a fair amount of sense too – if humans do have free choice beyond God’s will then he is not God by his own definition as he is not omniscient or omnipotent. The two disregard whether he constantly uses these assets, but theoretically he should

          8. Matthew V. Brown says

            I’m impressed! Does God’s ability to see my actions even before His creation of Adam result in religious fatalism?It is a question I have never fully settled in my mind, although one very wise man told me that God is both sufficiently wise and sufficiently powerful to create man with morally significant choice without putting chance behind Himself. By the way, if you answer this tonight, you will probably have to wait until tomorrow to receive my answer. Alas, my bed calls me. Peace be to you.

          9. Bryce says

            Hey, I just want to take a moment to apologize, I think I may have misjudged you in your original comment – when it comes down to it I have some pretty radical political views and like to take out my frustration at having a dissonant or apathetic peer group online. I get smoked, and turn into a bit off an ass-hole. I normally wouldn’t respond so candidly, but too be honest it is clear you have quite a bit of background in this matter. Too be completely honest I am only in high school, and so haven’t formulated mature and thoughtful opinions, though I am a socialist by nature, to be sure, which has gotten me a lot of bad blood – probably the cause of this frustration. I was completely unfair in my earlier remarks – and I just want to say sorry from being such a nuisance. To be honest I’m awed by how courteous you have been to me here, given my absolutely uncalled for insults. I just assumed that most people on this site were full of shit (which, I’ll maintain, many are). Anyway, thanks for helping me take a minute to think about what I was doing. I think I’m going to pack this conversation in, at least from my side. You have a great night, again, I am very sorry for any annoyance I may have caused

            If you’d like I’ll delete this whole thread, just let me know

          10. Matthew V. Brown says

            No annoyance caused. I was rather enjoying the stimulating conversation. There is certainly no need to delete the thread. I would rather hope to keep a conversation going. We both have much to learn, you and I. And, as they say, “iron sharpens iron”. You are doing well to discuss such topics in high school. As I said, I have finished my undergraduate school, and went from there to a Christian seminary for my degree in theology (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts). I enjoy conversations which cause me to have to resurrect, as it were, some I my nearly dormant studies. Talk to me anytime, Bryce. It was a pleasure.

    2. Bryce says

      So basically what are saying is that because the scientists study this professionally, they are not to be trusted? So we should find people who study climate change as a hobby, while doing something else for a living? In other words, don’t trust the experts because they are experts – trust regular people – they don’t have a clue what they’re doing, but they’ve got a good heart – they might get it wrong, but at least they tried to give us an honest answer? Your conclusions make no sense!

      Furthermore, what could ever convince (that, for the record is the correct way to spell the word) someone with such extreme views as yourself that climate change does exist, if not scientists and the politicians we voted into office?

      1. codycollie says

        First thing. I was a Research Scientist and have worked for the E.P.A. and for a Contract Research Firm that worked on a number of “Climate Related Projects!


        I saw first hand how data concerning various amounts of air pollutants that our group generated were CHANGED to make those numbers look better than they were! Do not tell me that these so called “Profesional Scientist” do not manipulate data for the benefit of their sponsors and themselves! They do and I have seen it! Follow the Money!

        I read recently that these so called Professional Climate Change Experts would not allow a fellow Scientist to attend the Pope’s Climate Change Meeting because HE DID NOT AGREE WITH THEM!

        This has happened before! I suggest you learn more about this subject.

        1. Bryce says

          What you are saying has nothing to do with my reply – I was highlighting the fallacy in your argumentation, not your overall point, which I nevertheless disagree with, but don’t believe you’d accept common sense if I provided it for you.

          And the question at the end of my reply was legitimate, and I would really appreciate that if you are going to have this discussion you give the matter some thought.

  12. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

    I had no idea he was a Meteorologist. Who would have known?? And according to them it is NOT so. i think he needs to go back to being the Pope. What do you think??

    1. Nastasyana says

      There is a difference between weather and climate.
      We get a weather report every morning predicting what type of weather we will have for the week. Climate is weather over a sustained period of time. The weather in California and New Hampshire can be rainy. The climate in California is warm and mild while the climate in NH is tends to be cooler with extremes of snow in the winter. The climate has changed in Antarctica and extremes of tornadoes and floods and drought have been occurring. What is the big deal about being more careful with our environment for the sake of our progeny. We complain about the gov spending too much money and our kids having money won’t help them when they have no water or they have putrid air.

      Climate- conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.
      “our cold, wet climate”
      atmospheric conditions
      “the mild climate”
      a region with particular prevailing weather conditions.
      “vacationing in a warm climate”
      “they come from a colder climate”

      Weather- the state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.
      “if the weather’s good, we can go for a walk”

      1. mallen11 says

        And man can’t do a thing to change the weather or the climate. Jesus Christ is in control of history…
        Heb 1:3 And He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power. When He had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high,

        1. Nastasyana says

          Remember “free will”. Just like people can choose to “worship satan” or break the law, they can also choose to attempt to destroy this beautiful world.
          Go preach to the corporations who out of greed are polluting our oceans and our air and our earth.

          1. mallen11 says

            I forgot that I should not have responded to an anti-God liberal.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            Now you got it. Don’t let it bother you though brother. It is a very hard thing to resist. When someone is so wrong and yet so high and mighty about it you just can’t help yourself sometimes to try to get through to them. Just always keep in mind that it is an impossible task. Good to see that you have the good sense to recognize that though.

        2. Mark Lahti says

          Hey mallen11. I just read nasty’s last reply below about free will. You notice the liberal mantra? Growth, advancement, improvements in the human condition are all referred to as greed. These liberal nut jobs will sit back in their air conditioned homes, drive their suvs, fly around the country, spend the income they derive from the corporations (unless they are sucking up taxpayers money with a government job) and then complain about the life they have thanks to the corporations. It is called liberalism and it is a mental disorder. There is no point what so ever in replying to their idiocy as they just don’t get it and refuse to consider any opinion or facts other than their own.

          1. mallen11 says

            Mark, you are so very right and sometimes I just can’t help myself. Thank you for your encouragement and making things clearer. We can only pray for them.

  13. Holland180 says

    If the Pope could vote in our election, I think he leans Democratic and could probably cuddle up with Obama?

    1. Nastasyana says

      Okay, so you have a gut. Do you have a mind also?

  14. daveveselenak says

    I hate to break this news because I am a practicing Catholic but this “Dope Francis” like our Muslim-Marxist jihadist and next in line to be implanted by the NWO communists, that ole, ugly commie whore Hillary the Pillory, is doing what it is that he was supposed to do – deceive the dumb-(m)asses! He is the a Marxist Jesuit “False Prophet” that the Bible prophesizes as he will usher in the Anti-Christ! This is a certainty as the Left bows down on their knees to this pseudo-pope as they haven’t done to any other pope since St. Peter! We are indeed living in the End of Age days and to deny this is to be a fool! Hell on earth and especially in this DEAD REPUBLIC is about to be unleashed by Satan who is using these players and the Godless dumb-(m)asses that support these Godless ghouls to fulfill biblical prophesy – you can take that to the bank!

  15. MAHB001 says

    And that separation of church and state thing goes right out the window when it benefits the socialists.

    1. Bryce says

      But doesn’t when it benefits social conservatives, as it generally does?

      1. MAHB001 says

        The Constitution talks about the separation of Church and State. Not the separation of God and State.

        This is a common misconception exploited by those that want to change America and its founding on Judeo Christian law.

        1. Bryce says

          That has absolutely nothing to do with my question. Anyway the separation of God and State is the same thing as the separation of Church and State, as the Church is an extension of God’s will, theoretically.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Perhaps the real meaning God and Man.

            Ultimately the REAL ruler is God.

            God rules man,

            Man gives power to state.

            Now State is trying to rule man.

          2. Bryce says

            State is the representation of Man’s will, at least in a democratic society. So in reality, Man’s will is to be ruled over by the state, if that is the case. If not, state is just trying to impose rules to chase out the anarchy, the bestiality in Man.

  16. jk9267 says

    It’s time for the sheeple to wake-up and understand what the Papacy really means to this world. Clue: the Papacy is a deceiver.

  17. ed28 says

    Quasimodo rang Francis’s bells way too hard!

  18. skipfoss says

    This Iyatolia Pope Francis needs keep his nose out thing he knows nothing about ,preach to his people about GOD and stay out of politics. We have to many dipwits speaking out about stupid crap about global warming, is a fact of of the changing planet,it goes through natural cycles every few years and there is nothing that man can do to stop it

  19. adrianvance says

    The Pope has approximately the same preparation in chemistry as do I and I cannot understand how he can believe “anthropogenic global warming.” The facts are very simple:

    CO2 is a “trace gas” in air, insignificant by definition. It absorbs 1/7th as much IR, heat energy, from sunlight as water vapor which has 188 times as many molecules capturing 1200 times as much heat making 99.8% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.2% of it. For this we should destroy our economy?

    There is no “greenhouse effect” in an atmosphere. A greenhouse has a solid, clear cover that traps heat. The atmosphere does not trap heat as gas molecules cannot form surfaces to work as greenhouses. Molecules must be in contact, as in liquids and solids to form surfaces.

    The Medieval Warming from 800 AD to 1300 AD Micheal Mann erased for his “hockey stick” was several Fahrenheit degrees warmer than anything “global warmers” fear. It was 500 years of world peace and abundance, the longest in history.

    Vostock Ice Core data analysis show CO2 increases follow temperature by 800 years 19 times in 450,000 years. Thus temperature change is cause and CO2 change is effect. This alone refutes the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis.

    Methane is called “a greenhouse gas 20 to 500 times more potent than CO2,” by Heidi Cullen and Jim Hansen, but it is not per the energy absorption chart at the American Meteorological Society. It has an absorption profile very similar to nitrogen which is classified “transparent” to IR, heat waves and is only present to 18 ppm. “Green vegans” blame methane in cow flatulence for global warming in their war against eating meat.

    Carbon combustion generates 80% of our energy. Control and taxing of carbon would give the elected ruling class more power and money than anything since the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.

    Most scientists and science educators work for tax supported institutions. They are eager to help government raise more money for them and they love being seen as “saving the planet.”

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  20. Pauls1 says

    I thought it was the Pope’s job to help people to be brought to God and not try to fix earthly problems. Is ecology according to the Holy Bible? If we really believe in God, I don’t think so.

  21. GoldenRudy says

    Who translated his words from original Spanish to Italian then to English? He has been translated in the recent past to fit the agenda of those reporting what he has been “quoted” as saying.

  22. Shadowwolf78 says

    Green energy is not a death sentence for the undeveloped world. What it would take would be the developed world not being stupid and simply uplifting the undeveloped world to current technological levels without them having to go through the industrial development stage. This would keep them from adding to the problem of man made climate change, and also bring them to current or near current standards with the rest of the world. Yes, it might take a generation or so for some of the country to adjust to the changes, but they’d probably be better off after. Again, they’d have a fully functioning sustainable power grid and technology that makes living in their conditions much easier.

  23. doomsdae says

    All liberals, Catholic, Protestant and Atheists will only pick and choose what they want to believe or what they (in their minds) believe is right as long as it suits them. You either believe in God and His commandments or you don’t, plain and simple…..

    1. cal3301 says

      You can’t lump them all together, but in point you are right. My mother was of a Protestant religion, but she taught us that your religion is what you do everyday of your life, not what you do on Sunday. You treat people the way you want people to treat you. That is all that is really asked of you by God, if you believe.

  24. Jim Horn says

    This pope deserves no respect by any cognizant citizens of any society. His liberal, progressive, communistic actions and words clearly define him as a political dunce, not a person interested in the salvation of Christians.

    1. Bryce says

      I should point out that the salvation of Christians is not his priority – that is a matter for God – his role is the salvation of humans in general, by converting them to true Christians, as opposed to ones that label themselves this way and are not, or label themselves otherwise and are correct in that distinction. Finally, saying “this pope deserves no respect” is a rather funny sort of mistake, as you can either buy into the papacy, as a legacy of men chosen by God to direct his initiatives and opinions on Earth, or else not, in which case, for lying about its liaison with God, the papacy, should, as a rule, not be respected. Of course, you could have meant this relatively, but that would require you to weigh him against the Popes of history – not a favourable bunch, given all the inquisitions, witch-hunts, greed crusades, etc. – that does not, to me, seem an easy road to justification, but one I nevertheless challenge you to take, as it would bring me endless amusement, provided you respond intelligently, which I cannot fathom, given your comment above and the time you spend affirming the generally agreed upon sentiments in veritable circle-jerk of a website.

      1. Jim Horn says

        I appreciate your attempt to show a superior in intellect which is demonstrated in your condescending arrogance.

        I spent 25+ years serving as a diplomat in American Embassies, a job which required me to be polite to boorish assholes that I would never otherwise associate with at any time or any place. You are in that category.

        1. Bryce says

          Despite being a boorish asshole, I am nevertheless correct… unless you would deign to prove me wrong – after all, communication should be your strong-suit given your occupation… but it nevertheless ceases to amaze me that you can take the time to insult my character but ultimately fail to debase my overall premise… I would be truly honoured if you, a diplomat, would try – and I mean that sincerely, I understand that it is hard to anticipate tone on these forums, but I would truly relish the discussion – so long as it is in any way logical

          1. Jim Horn says

            My time is precious. I do not suffer fools gladly.

          2. Bryce says

            Would not your time be too precious to spend fopping about on sites like this? If you have no intention of changing anyone’s mind, why bother responding? To prove to the world that you believe in these notions – because that would be ultimately vain and trivial – again, proving your time is not precious enough to withhold conversation. If you didn’t want discussion you shouldn’t have posted what could be replied to.

          3. Jim Horn says

            In reviewing this blog, you are really on a roll.

            Feel good? All abut yourself.

            My time is spent in good ways.
            I teach and lecture about Islam.
            I write about Islam.
            Between the two, I have changed a large number of peoples’ minds, and onxce in a while something comes up begging a comment, so I comment, but I don’t waste my time justifying myself with twits.

  25. abinico says

    The Pope is right. Deniers will burn in Hell.

  26. Texas Belle says

    The Pope isn’t a Scientist and shouldn’t add his voice to this totally unfounded belief. The predictions ten years ago that haven’t come true should be enough to convince people that this entire campaign is a hoax and a lie. The planet may self destruct in a billion or more years and there is nothing that we can do to prevent nature from taking its course.

    1. Tejano Chimbo says

      ► He was a chemical technician

  27. 83footsailor says

    Why doesn’t the POPE stick to church matters – leaving the earth to the GOVERNMENT to handle. ????
    I know – the Government can’t fight it s way out of a paper bag ////////////////////////////////////

    1. Tejano Chimbo says

      ► Which GOVERNMENT do you want him to leave the earth to?

  28. Joe says

    I don’t believe anything Pope Francis says. I also don’t believe he was chosen by God. He is too progressive . The church needed a change, but not this.

    1. Bryce says

      If God didn’t choose him, who did He choose? And if that person was not made Pope, doesn’t that indicate a lacking in the required omnipotence on the part of God? Or did he let the Church err, indicating a lack of moral perfection – another requirement of the job description? Or did he simply not know how progressive Pope Francis was – meaning he lacked omniscience? Classic problem of evil – the only solution is that the evil in this situation doesn’t exist, and Pope Francis is doing things the right way, the way God intended, or else God does not exist. So when you say that you don’t believe Pope Francis, and don’t believe he was chosen by God, that, by an extension – through logic – proves that you don’t believe in the God that you say you do. I would really like to know then – why call him God, if this is indeed true?

  29. Jo says

    It is so sad to see that the leader of the Catholics of the world is a socialist. He pushes for a one world government (communism) forcing global warming taxes on the world. He isn’t pushing belief in Jesus Christ as the Savior, but is strongly involved in political matters. He is supposed to be the Shepherd of his flock and speak only of matters of the soul, not earthly, material, political matters. He seems to be very much in favor of the Bilderburg and Illuminati agenda. His upcoming meeting with Obama will affirm it.

    1. Bryce says

      Christianity, by nature, is highly in tune with socialistic agenda, if not socially, then most certainly economically, the charitable initiative is quite similar. Furthermore, the Pope should absolutely provide political advice if that advice might save the entire flock being burned alive, drowned, or frozen by our disregard of climate change. The evidence is irrefutable if considered logically and methodically – it is just hard to swallow, as it is, in the words of Al Gore, “an inconvenient truth”.

      1. organic girl says

        Catholicism may be attuned to socialism, but not Christianity. This marxist pope only accentuates it.

        Christians believe in using God’s gifts to be self-reliant, not to suck an existence from their neighbors’ labors.

        1. Bryce says

          Christianity does teach that we should be self reliant, but also to help those who fail in that objective. it’s not about the taking in socialism, but the giving

      2. Jo says

        Evidently you haven’t read all the reports by other scientists stating there is no truth in Global Warming, it’s simply a means to steal from the citizens of the world (mainly us) to line the pockets of the Elite who will be part of the One World Government. Al Gore is a thief and a liar; it’s been proven his ‘Inconvenient Truth’ movie was nothing more than fiction.

        1. Bryce says

          Save me your conspiracy theory bullshit and offer up some solid proof.

          1. Jo says

            As the expression goes: Follow the money for the truth.

          2. Bryce says

            Alright, lets pretend you have a point to make – make it. Lay the facts on the table, supported by proof, rather than give me stale proverbs.

  30. organic girl says

    This marxist dude is completely out of touch. He isn’t even able to discern intelligent information from propagandizement. Suckered in by the climate-criers along with all the other sheeple.

    Shame on the papacy.

  31. gutz22 says

    This man is a third world communist & has no business proporting anything outside of his faith.This is all part of agenda 21 folks.

  32. HankBar says

    Just another idiot in Hollywood garb pretending to know what he is talking about.

  33. Patriot47 says

    Stick with religious decisions. There is no knowledge or expertise to decide climate change theory in the Vatican.

  34. new york says

    Notice that, in his concern for the environment, Pope Francis fails to address the problem of overpopulation. Instead, he maintains the Church’s ban on birth control. He no play-a da game, he no make-a da rules!!

  35. IMSweetOlBob says

    It is none of his papal business. He is supposed to be a religious leader not a soapbox orator.

  36. Morton212 says

    It is outstanding to see a major religious leader take a moral stand for the quality of life of all living things.
    Too often technology and progress does little more than enable and multiply the trashing of our ecology – in the name of progress – when in fact it never addresses the core of the problems.

  37. robertleo says

    Too many clergy are becoming too political. If God truly has called men into the ministry his duty is to people understanding the way to salvation. Jesus did not involve Himself with politics. Men need to choose one but not both.
    The Pope in his remark about global warming as a spiritual leader of many Catholics is to make
    people aware of the signs that Jesus spoke about in Matthew chapter 24. When we start calling those signs global warming Christian will let down their guard and take their focus on His soon return. And besides God gave us the oil for he knew we would need energy and just think what else we have developed this commodity to our best good. Let us exercise out God given intelligence and learn to make it the cleanest form of energy.

    1. Morton212 says

      In fact the core of what became Christianity – was the crucifixion – a totally political act of suicide.

  38. robertleo says

    Morton212 you can’t kill God and He would not commit suicide. He said no one can take His life for I give it freely for all for the redemption of the sins of mankind. And He is alive and well. It’s the only way into His kingdom, accepting His free gift of salvation. There is no other way under heaven by which a man can be saved. Amen

    1. Morton212 says

      You are confusing the mortality of man for a life everlasting. Make no mistake, the crucifixion was absolutely intended to demonstrate death as the end of mortality and the beginning of the journey of the spirit. It was planned by Jesus who instructed Judas to betray him. That, my friend, is a suicide.

  39. 83footsailor says

    POPE FRANCIS needs to stay on CHURCH problems not the world. ///////////////////////////////

    1. Morton212 says

      This Pope means business. He has redefined the papacy as a relevant human leadership in confronting the evils of economic power which rewards only the tiniest percentage of the human population. It is about time that a leader with moral standing forced us to confront the shallowness of capitalism. I look forward to hearing the defense from those who would destroy the natural ecology of our planet – for profit.

  40. Nina says

    I think the pope should do whatever the hell he’s supposed to be doing like praying for ppl to be saved!! Isn’t that what he’s there for? No offense to u Catholics out there but he’s just a man just another man and also not a scientist. Is he one of those pd. scientists to jump on board with man made climate change?!?! Shame on him!! Thought he was a man of GOD think he’s going the wrong way on this one!! What an ass!!

    1. Morton212 says

      He is a highly educated man with no conflict of interest regarding issues of profiteering at the expense of the quality of human life. Consequently – the views he expresses are very very compelling.

      1. Nina says

        No conflict of interest?? How do you figure?? I can see by your pic that you are prob not a Roman Catholic!! Lol!! But….. There are some very weak minded ppl that will follow this mans belief on the subject just bc of who he is,as you well know!! They should be doing their own research and making their own choices but you and I both know they aren’t that’s why this world is a mess!! Ppl do not think for themselves!! He IS NOT an authority on global warming!! If anything he should know that GOD controls everything. Just think he’s an idiot. Stay in your church save souls or whatever you’re supposed to be doing!!

        1. Morton212 says

          Nor is the Republican party an authority on Climate change – but that does not prevent them from hiring experts who are. Sadly the only advice they seek seems to come from scientists who have derived major portions of their living from oil companies and other major polluters.
          The pope has no such conflict of economic interests. I think his ability to seek impartial advice exceeds that of any current political entity.

          1. Nina says

            Nor does it prevent the Dems and especially the biggest liar of all fat ass Al Gore from spinning the wheel where it stops to fill his pocket the most!! He didn’t even have solar panels on his roof in Tennessee until a few yrs. back. A friend lives near him. Hypocrite! Btw how can you possibly buy your way out of how much energy you use?!?! Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? I’ve been recycling, have dimmers, repurposing items all my adult life. We grow our own food don’t dump garbage, the only difference is I don’t advertise and don’t need someone like a rich ass hypocrite to tell me what an how to do it!!! Get freakin real!! Like I said in my first post ppl need to think for themselves.

          2. Morton212 says

            Al Gore has nothing to do with the Pope – he is not even a catholic. Try and stick to the point of the discussion and keep your silly deflections to yourself.

          3. Nina says

            Not deflecting just showing how stupid the Dems really are!!

          4. Morton212 says

            Let me try again then. Do you always get confused about the topic of discussion ? Or do you look for any opportunity to make a fool of yourself as you rant about Democrats?

          5. Nina says

            Stop answering! Case closed!!

          6. Morton212 says

            I will take that as ‘confused about the topic of conversation’. Possibly early onset dementia.

          7. Nina says

            You’re such an arrogant little asshole. Are you looking for an argument??

          8. Morton212 says

            Seems to me that its you doing the name-calling. So is it OK if I call you a conservaslut ?

          9. Nina says

            Is it ok if I call you a towel head?!?!?!?!

          10. Morton212 says

            Call me what you like. If the level of your debate does little more than embrace namecalling I doubt our exchange will be very interesting.

          11. Nina says

            I truly apologize for calling you that. I’ve never reacted to someone to that degree of nastiness before, you were just pushing my buttons, sorry. I may have gone off topic in your eyes, but to me neither the pope or Al Gore were authorities and you can get just as many scientists on either side. Right now it’s become nothing more but a political bullshit and that’s what pisses me off. It’s become all about $$ and regulations.

          12. Morton212 says

            Thank you.
            No, politicians and clergymen are rarely experts on scientific data – but they become the legitimate political mouthpiece for correcting (or denying) a serious issue that needs redress.
            In my opinion the case for global climate change that is exacerbated by human interference is overwhelming. I might add that the tolerance of a human climate – ecologically is seriously disturbed by an average temperature change of as little as 3 degrees. Finally I would suggest that there is little to be lost by accepting the possibility of human enabled climate change even if it were found subsequently to have been exaggerated – and a great deal to be lost if they are ignored and turn out to be true. The steps that are suggested to ameliorate the theoretical disaster are spawning a respect for nature, health and ecology that is actually likely to lead to economic advances and less reliance on developing and unstable oil producing nations.

          13. Nina says

            Not deflecting just showing how stupid the Dems really are!!

  41. Ramon Noches says

    I understand that the Pope has a background in the sciences. He would not have made his declarative without comprehensive study about the issue. It would be reasonable for any intelligent human to engage in their own research in order to understand why 90 percent of the world’s climatologist has declared
    human activity is causing changes in our climate, to do otherwise champion ignorant assumptions that could eventually prove disastrous to the entire planet. This issue has nothing to do with politics,or uninformed opinions, but much to do with irrefutable facts.

    1. Morton212 says

      I agree. But you are not arguing with rational people here. Most of the climate change deniers are either parroting a view they have been fed, or are simply woefully ignorant to the point of stupidity.

  42. ccannon says

    So much for any credibility for the Catholic Church! Too bad!!

  43. Mark Erickson says

    Here’s something I give more credibility than that current pope,…..

    1. Morton212 says

      Oh Boy. Still at kindergarten I assume.

  44. RMCSRET says

    As a Catholic I fully believe and listen to the Pope on issues of RELIGION. I do not listen to the Pope on
    matters such as Climate Change. I further believe that there are many, many more Catholics out here that
    feel exactly the same way as I do.

    1. Morton212 says

      I dunno. This Pope may be the most Christian Pope of all time. I think his popularity probably exceeds almost all previous Popes put together,

      1. RMCSRET says

        So Morton212 how about telling us what Climate Change has to do with being Christian.
        If that is the case there are a whole lot of Christians running around stating there is no
        God but still wanting the EPA and all of it stupid ass restrictions.

        1. Morton212 says

          If you bothered to read what he says – he is very concerned that the poorest of humans will feel the brunt of climate change – while those that are instrumental in causing it would prefer to collect their money and wash their hands of any culpability – calling it an act of God. This – I believe enrages the Pope, because God is his friend.

          1. RMCSRET says

            And If you were to read you would see there are issues much more immediate to
            the Poor that this Pope has never commented on at all. Did he comment on the
            Three Gorges Dams when the Chinese threw millions off there farms and out of
            there homes, NO. Did this Pope comment on the fact that several African
            Governments were driving folks out of areas in there home countries due to
            the Government wanting to work mines or drill for oil or gas. Did this Pope
            provide any ACUTAL Scientific evidence that Global Climate Change was actually
            being caused by other humans or countries? This Pope who actually comes from
            one of the POOREST nations on earth and he says a lot about a lot of things
            but never very much at all about his home country and the government there
            that is putting people into poverty in huge amounts. In fact NO LEADER in any
            country has provided any undisputable evidence that Humans are Causing
            massive Global Warming. There is actual evidence that in fact there is actual
            Global COOLING. I would rather believe science from a Satellite which cant be
            bought or sold than I would the likes of Gina McCarthy our EPA Director.

          2. Morton212 says

            There is a very simple answer to your opening question. The Pope is a very shrewd negotiator. He cannot possibly deal with every human injustice – there are just too many. So he tends to look for areas where he has the most influence.
            I am not going to be suckered into your demand for ‘indisputable’ evidence – because we all know that you would never agree that ANY evidence was indisputable.

          3. RMCSRET says

            So pray tell why should I take the Word then of just another politician on an issue
            like this. and in this case the Pope is just another Politician. I see no Science here
            and thus it is just another means of individuals trying to FORCE countries to
            pay out huge sums of money for NO viable reason.
            Yes you like most Liberals want to provide no solid evidence to show that this
            is indeed REAL and not just a hoax for money.

          4. Morton212 says

            There is a mass of reputable science on the issue. And it should be obvious that the cost of believing it is true far outweighs the horror of denying it until it is too late to believe it is true. There are massive benefits to changing our ways and stop polluting economics. It has already been shown that green energy – if mass produced would in fact be cheaper than fossil fuel energy – and additionally – fossil fuel production now has a very limited life.

          5. RMCSRET says

            Then please tell us why the Energy Dept just came out and said that it would be
            more costly to run automobiles on Electric than it would be for Gasoline power

          6. Morton212 says

            No idea – because it is not true if the current breakthroughs in energy production are utilized.

          7. RMCSRET says

            So you are stating that you are a denier of Science and engineering then right?

          8. Morton212 says

            No. I am stating that that is simply untrue. Provide the source and lets see the context in which it was said. You are probably spinning it away from what was meant.

          9. RMCSRET says

            Since you seem to have a working knowledge of the medium called the World
            Wide Web try and use it to do your own research. In that way you will know that
            no one is providing you false information, but of course if that is to difficult for you
            I will understand since the DNCC and other organizations will not be directing you
            on how to perform those operations.

  45. Connie Durand says

    This article is very misleading. The Pope does NOT support liberalism, nor does he support their “causes”. He was simply stating that per the Bible, and God’s instructions to Adam, that we are responsible for our own planet and the animals on it. We are the “caretakers” of the earth. Therefore, we should do all we can to try to preserve it, keep it clean and not spoil it for future generations. He was NOT trying to prevent third world countries from developing. Quite the contrary. If you heard his latest speech to the U.N., he gently “chided” them for not aiding the poor and for “wasting food” in their nations, i.e., American wastes over 133 billion pounds a year.

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