Post-Election Poll: Trump’s Popularity Rising Quickly


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…here comes another poll. And insofar as we can still take polls seriously, this one from Politico says that Donald Trump has gotten a huge popularity boost from being elected the next president of the United States. Trump, who suffered from the worst unfavorable ratings of any presidential contender in history, may see a path here to becoming what few of his predecessors have been: a president the entire country can be proud of.

According to the poll, 46% of voters now have a favorable view of President-elect Trump. 46% still have a somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable view of him. This is still a big improvement over the last Politico poll, where Trump only had the favorable view of 37% of voters.

“Trump’s favorability among voters has reached new highs since he became president-elect,” said pollster Kyle Dropp. “This honeymoon phase in common for new presidents. For example, Obama saw about a 20 point swing in his favor following the 2008 election.”

Dropp said the poll also showed that the majority of voters were not concerned about Trump’s transition into the presidency. While the media is treating the transition as a historical aberration wrought with controversy, 53% of voters think it’s being handled at least as well as prior transition efforts.

“About half say Donald Trump’s presidential transition is as organized or more organized than previous administrations, whereas about one in three describe it as less organized than past transitions,” said Dropp.

How many voters can be honest and say they have no earthly idea how a presidential transition process is supposed to go unless their chosen media outlet tells them? One in ten? Less?

Regardless, those favorability numbers demonstrate that Trump has plenty of room to grow throughout his presidency. Yes, a good many liberals are going to dig their heels in, but Trump’s unique charisma and his infectious enthusiasm for America could eventually sway the ones who are sitting back saying, “All right dude, it’s your ball, show us what you’ve got.” As long as those qualities are married to real results, of course.

  1. Justin Seine says

    The more of the popular vote that Clinton continues to rake in, the more popular Donald trump becomes. How does that work? To borrow the words from the man who was once asked “What’s worse, ignorance or apathy?” – I don’t know, and I don’t care! Hillary is history!

    1. mrpoohead says

      ………..and how many ignorant folk voted for the list of reneged promises made by Trump?

      1. MuslimLuvChrist says

        and 50% of “Americans” voted for a criminal???

        very scary…

        1. mrpoohead says

          50% didn’t vote – lousy choices!

          Clinton not convicted, Trump has been. Obviously you need to get down to the FBI with yours facts and not your conspiracy.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Man,,, are you ever full of shit. Just like your head.

            Go back to mommie’s basement or to the safe zone and pet the dog.

            Are you guys making busts of the Hillrat with the Play-dough so you will have something to worship after the people that gave her money to play and now she stiffed it the rotten bitch.

          2. mrpoohead says

            Clinton/Trump – both repugnant. Both unworthy of job, one just a bigger joke than the other. Idiot!

          3. MuslimLuvChrist says

            Who had the illegal private server
            Who byassed FOIA with an illegal server
            Who stonewalled Congress for years about an illegal server
            Who destroyed evience on the illegal server

            I guess Trump did?
            Get your facts correct liberal scumbag

          4. mrpoohead says

            Hmmmm; innocent until proven guilty. Obviously you are God/Allah/Yahweh and all knowing?

          5. MuslimLuvChrist says

            obviously you love criminals

            liberalism is a mental disorder

          6. mrpoohead says

            No, I just love facts – you ain’t got any. Just BS and hyperbole or where’s the prosecution?

          7. MuslimLuvChrist says

            typical liberal scum response

            you are blind to the fact that she is a criminal
            liberalism is a mental disorder

          8. mrpoohead says

            Don’t believe in God – no proof
            Don’t believe in ghosts – no proof
            Don’t believe in aliens – no proof

            Do however believe you are retarded and have no idea of the meaning of liberal or much else.

          9. MuslimLuvChrist says

            Typical liberal scum response

            So you don’t think obama will pardon her?

          10. mrpoohead says

            For what – she’s not been convicted of anything. Not rocket science. And irrelevant as Trump already says he’s not pursuing – just one in a long line of already broken promises. Why? Doesn’t have the remit to do what he said. He duped the retarded – you can include yourself in that lot. Told them what they wanted to hear – substance; zip!

          11. MuslimLuvChrist says

            Typical liberal scum response

            So you don’t think onama will pardon her???

          12. mrpoohead says

            Ahhh; ran out of gibberish did we?

            What’s he going to pardon her for – poor dress sense, marrying a moron, groping him at the Democrats Conference, being dumb enough to move to Arkansas?

            Suggest Ctrl, Alt, Delete buttons be pushed together for re-boot. Alternatively try a hammer to the head – can’t lose any brain cells, might do some good.

          13. MuslimLuvChrist says

            Typical liberal scum response

            So you don’t think onama will pardon her?

          14. mrpoohead says

            Thanks for proving me right – brain dead. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

          15. MuslimLuvChrist says

            Typical liberal scum response

            So you don’t think onama will pardon her??

          16. mrpoohead says

            Well thanks for playing but you seem rather boring and have nothing to say – not unusual on these sites for the retarded.

          17. MuslimLuvChrist says

            Typical liberal scum response

            So you don’t think onama will pardon her?

          18. mrpoohead says


          19. MuslimLuvChrist says

            Typical liberal scum response

            So you don’t think onama will pardon her???

          20. mrpoohead says

            For your education – liberalism; represents, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free markets, civil rights, democratic societies, secular governments, gender equality, and international cooperation.

            Thus calling someone “liberal” is kind of honorable, to not be “liberal” would make you a right wing bigot or a communist dictator. Therefore thanks!

          21. MuslimLuvChrist says

            Typical liberal scum response

            So you don’t think onama will pardon her???

      2. C K Johnson says

        If Trump goes back on his promises he will be a 1 term President.The fact that the Wall & prosecute Hillary or the Clinton Foundation.

        1. Daniel Brofford says

          I won’t go so far as to say prosecute Hillary C K. But I want a true investigation and if she did break the law ( which I believe she did ) she should be arrested and tried in a court of law just like me and you would be. I’m hoping that Trump is not talking about it to much so maybe Obama will not pardon her before he leaves office. Then the new AG can either investigate Her or appoint an independent Council to investigate her. That crap if he meant it that she been through enough is BS she has been through nothing compared to what she needs to go through if she has done what I believe she has done. I for one will wait and see what Trump does after he is in office before I make a judgement on how he’s foong as president and wheather he is keeping his promises or not.

          1. Daniel Brofford says

            Doing as president I don’t know where that other word came from lol

          2. C K Johnson says

            I know Hillary broke the law in her private Email server.She also got a lot of 3rd world countries to donate money to the Clinton Foundation.In my mind the Foundation is a Slush fund for the Clinton’s.Their daughter is already worth 15 Million dollars.

        2. mrpoohead says

          Wall……..what! They’ve already been reneged on – most everything promised is not under the President’s remit. Hysterical! Fools! No I did not want Clinton either – both are repugnant.

          1. C K Johnson says

            I remember Truman this is the worst choice i have ever seen for President .I believe the people voted against these candidates instead of for one of them!

          2. mrpoohead says

            Which would make you about 90 – then why not vote for the “others”?

      3. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

        We aren’t ignorant we just wised up to you IGNORANT DEMOCRATS RIGHT.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Am not a Democrat – considered both candidates repugnant and not worthy of the job. One is merely a bigger joke than the other. Trump told everyone hat they wanted to hear – all his promises are not under the Presidents remit. Duh!

          1. Mathew Molk says

            We know, You don’t stand for anything,,,Not even your beloved communist party.

          2. mrpoohead says

            I stand for facts and honesty. Doofus!

      4. Daniel Brofford says

        How do you know that he reneged on anything. He has taken office yet Bozo. I don’t get you people I don’t watch CNN or MSNBC but I would guess that is where you get your false info from. Just wait and see what he does after he takes the office. Listen this government will not catch me with my pants down so to speak. After 8 years of Obama this country could still fall at any time so everyone should be ready to take care of theirselves and family’s.

        1. MuslimLuvChrist says

          Trump will give up on the msm, good, who needs them!!!

          President Trump, continue to use twitter and youtube!!!

        2. Arizona Don says

          I glad you said that I’m getting tired of saying it. However, I suspect we should get used to it because I’m sure it will continue at least for a couple years.

        3. mrpoohead says

          The wall is now a fence, but won’t be anything. Ban on Muslims, mass deportation of “illegals”, not now prosecuting Clinton. Most things the office of President does not have the capacity to do.

          President is administrator, the Houses are the legislators – they stuffed up the country not the President. I am defending the job, not the man. Name one thing that Obama has done wrong.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            You say the wall won’t be anything,,,,just like you, boy.
            NOTE: This assbag is not a “Mister” anything.

          2. mrpoohead says

            Transexual Mathew Molk? Do you go with “Ts” or “TX”?

          3. Daniel Brofford says

            Pull troops out of Iraq, try to change government in Libya those two things created ISIS allowed illegals to roam the country unmolested told illegals to vote in this last election has been doing everything in his power to divide America along religious, ethnic, sexual orientation, lines raising taxes to all time highs causing company’s to leave our country to survive. Doubling African American unemployment putting a 1/3 more people on welfare and FS driving down African American home ownership. Putting out the worst medical plan in our history causing the people who could not afford it to pay a big fine at the end of the year for not buying it. I mean I just don’t have time to name all the bad things he’s done. Why don’t you give me one good thing he has done for our country.

          4. mrpoohead says

            The thing I love about you idiots is that despite shouting “Constitution” none of you seem to have read it. The President doesn’t make decisions – the House’s do. The President’s office is administration, not legislation.

            Iraq – the House shrank funding towards end of Bush Admin – this then continued under Obama. Did you expect for him to pay for it himself. No funding – we’re bankrupt = ISIS. Duh!

            “Illegals” – voting would work if they were registered – how? Drivel – out of context.

            Taxes – House
            Welfare – knock on of economy. Who’s in charge of that – House
            Healthcare – suggested 20 years ago. Both parties worked on it – House passed it. It’s real name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – the media christened it Obamacare. Duh!

            The President is the face, little else. Do you blame your Mother for your football teams results. Duh!

            Try again – you’ve got nothing!

          5. Daniel Brofford says

            I know more about the constitution then you’ll ever know dumbass. They voted because the states controlled by the dummycrats let the illegals have drivers license so they registered at DMV. Damn we have to explain every little thing to you intellectually Challenged people. You are right on one thing there are things this monkey could not have done had the republicans had any balls. But ultimately obozo is the one who did these things and the house just never stopped him. Don’t worry though you will benefit from the good thing that us real Americans did and that was elect a real man with some brains that will show you derelicts how to run a country. I had two friends who were just like you and we might not be friends ever again because when they went running their mouth to my face I beat them up like I would you. If they come back to me and apologize I will forgive them and be their friend again. So watch what you say to your friends to their face because they just may be a Trump supporter and you won’t know it until they humiliate you.

          6. mrpoohead says

            Well disprove one thing I’ve said. You got nothing, not even a brain.

            To get a drivers licence you need a social security number – did they make those up? No substance just idiots speculating.

            Please list one thing Obama did that was outside of his remit. Waiting ………………………………………………

            Trump, bankrupt a few times and good inheritor – little business acumen. Good luck. Serial BS artist.

            And compared to you I’m Einstein – who you going to blame when Trump reneges on all his messages?

            Little chance of any Trumpers where I am – overseas. Everywhere else he’s seen as a joke.

            And you failed – not one piece of substance.

        4. Mathew Molk says

          Right,Dan. I read on one of these blogs that MSNBC broke the story that the President (MY President) was not going after the Hillrat because “She has suffered enough” – Consider the scarce. I also read that the NY tiles backed up that story and the the President said the same in an interview with them.

          Both have told so many lies, though that we have to take it with a grain of salt (Or maybe a whole box) but even the thought of her walking makes me physical ill. (Do I get play dough and a dog to pet if she is not prosecuted?)

          1. Daniel Brofford says

            I would need more then some Play Doh and a dog to pet lol. I just hope Mathew that the DOJ does a good thorough investigation and I just have to at this point believe that they will. I know the senate says they will keep digging so we will see here in a couple of months what happens.

      5. movingwaters says

        + mrpoohead. Glad to hear from you poohead. I did check out that business of reneging on the promise to go after Hillary. That is not exactly what happened. Trump’s campaign chief Kellyanne did say that Trump wasn’t going after her. But Trump did choose a wonderful patriot, Jeff Sessions, to be AG. It is not Trump’s job to go after Hillary. That is the job of he AG. And unlike the farce in the Obama years, the office of the Attorney General will be re-established in righteousness.

        1. MuslimLuvChrist says

          AND if obama pardons her, he will be the first POTUS to pardon himself,

          since he is deeply tied into her illegal server, and many of his emails are sealed by executive privilege, well that will be over very soon…

          1. Mathew Molk says

            I know Nixon wasn’t charged when he was pardoned, but I don’t see how the royal exalted boma can pardon her. For what?

            I also don’t think he can pardon her for state and local crimes. – We will take what ever we can get. – Look what they finely did to get Al Capone.

          2. MuslimLuvChrist says

            Nixon had the dignity to resign
            Clinton should not of even been allowed to run, and she has no dignity
            If she did then Bernie would of been president

            She is a selfish criminal

          3. mrpoohead says

            Nixon was pardoned for crimes against the state – totally pointless. His crimes/errors weren’t against the state. It was stupid posturing and sucking up.

        2. Arizona Don says

          Absolutely correct! Unlike obama, Donald Trump will not tell Jeff Sessons who to prosecute or not prosecute.

        3. mrpoohead says

          Correct – but Trump offered lots of things that the office of President does not have the power to invoke. Very amusing – maybe he will pay for the wall himself?

          1. movingwaters says

            You would have to be more specific. I know, for instance, that the leftards running France and some of the other climate hoaxsters are livid that Trump is not playing along with this very profitable charade. But Obama took his pen and his phone and committed us to this vow of poverty by executive action. Congress never signed off on it. It is a treaty. That takes Congressional approval. So Trump is just undoing what Obama did. Obama did many things that were beyond his power to do. He has been like a dictator for 8 years. Did that ever bother you? Trump isn’t even inaugurated yet, but has made some really outstanding appointments, including the woman he just picked for Sec. of Education. She believes in school choice and quality education! Praise the King of Kings! None of his picks so far self identify as worshiping Chairman Mao or any other Communist mass murderers, another big departure from the Obama regime.

            Maybe you should consider calming down, giving him the benefit of the doubt, and seeing what he does. Also, it would be really good for you if you asked Jesus to help you see your sins, and repent of them. He can change your heart and your mind if you start picking up his book. God is giving us an open door to help him win souls before judgment falls. Prophecy is sill being rapidly fulfilled. We don’t know how long we have. But we do know that you really don’t want to be here after he takes the obedient, spirit led church home.

          2. mrpoohead says

            Which Executive Order – good luck finding one.

            Treaty not put through House is not a treaty – duh!

            In what way was he a dictator – proof please!

            Democrats are conservatives, Republicans are extreme conservatives. No commies in US – moron!

            Schooling won’t change – we’re 30th in OECD countries on education. Disgusting. Won’t change – means investing in future of country and it’s people. We’re bust and not prepared to pay.

            I am calm, I’m merely pointing out the swathe of hyperbole and BS that he used to get in and that he has not the power to fulfill.

            God, no proof don’t believe. Haven’t seen aliens – don’t believe. I have hope with my football team, but reality is unfortunately not so good. God therefore can get lost and if I’m wrong it won’t matter – he’s all forgiving right?

        4. Mathew Molk says

          God I hope you are right. After McCain and Mitt wit I don’t think my kidneys can take another shiev.

          Mr. President, Say it isn’t so.

      6. Chuck Lynch says

        You are either naïve, dumb or complicit, which would make you an enemy of the U.S. Constitution!!

        1. mrpoohead says

          If you understood the Constitution then you would know that the President has not the power to do most of the things Trump was offering. Duh!

    2. MuslimLuvChrist says

      any honest woman would of won,

      she lost because she is a criminal!!!

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Tell it to Carly.

        Takes more then just being a women to win.

        1. MuslimLuvChrist says

          She was my first choice, and I donated to her,
          Because I knew the fix was in on clinton,
          And I wanted a strong HONEST woman!!!

    3. April Williams says

      Hillary did not win the popular vote.

      1. Mr Rollo says

        How is that? The voting of illegals and felons? There is no way to unrig that.

    4. April Williams says

      Final #Election2016 numbers

      #PopularVote: #Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750

      #ElectoralCollege vote #Trump 306 #Clinton 232…

      Update: Anyone asking where I got the figures, it was from twitter posts. Knowing the Democrat media have been dragging their liberal feet giving Michigan to Trump – finally they did, with Arizona finally declared two days ago – Trump now has the 309. Except for the twitter posts, the popular vote number still need to be updated in Wikipedia or MSM media – which may take another few days because the liberals are still reeling and recovering from Trump-shock victory. If I’m wrong, I won’t hesitate to change the numbers. It’s the job of the establishment media to tell the people the final numbers when it’s out there already.

  2. tony says

    I wonder how many of Hillary popular votes were fraudulent

    1. Tiger says

      With O encouraging on TV for illegals to vote most likely all of them and even with all the voter fraud reported everywhere Trump won.

      1. bjpurg says

        Oh Tiger please don’t tell these libs that….. obviously they can’t handle the truth!

        1. Tiger says

          It is called Shock treatment.

      2. MARLENE HESSLER says

        He should be charged with treason for encouraging illegals to violate another of our laws. Seriously, 0’s only claim to fame is in the HALL OF SHAME. HE’S DONE MORE TO DESTROY THE US THAN MANY ALREADY IN PRISON.

        1. Tiger says

          Admirals and Generals got together long ago and said he should be tried for Treason and gave all the reasons why. The Constitution is clear on what Treason is and O has given aid and comfort to our enemies. He and Soros also have broken our laws concerning inciting riots.

          1. CEM in MO says

            I like Marlene’s “0” instead of the “O.” 🙂

          2. MARLENE HESSLER says

            Seems appropriate to me. A zero for 0,

          3. MARLENE HESSLER says

            I agree. Why aren’t the powers that be holding him accountable?

            Two sets of laws?

          4. Tiger says

            Until Trump and a real DOJ along with AG going to get hotter than Hell this next 4 years.

        2. April Williams says

          He did keep his promise though. He said he would fundamentally transform America and that he did. I thank God, that he had mercy on us (I believe that is why Trump won)

          1. Mr Rollo says

            He started it and Hillary would have finished it with her mentor Soros.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            I strongly suspect that too, April.

            We got a second chance. Let’s not screw it up.

          3. mallen11 says

            Absolutely, but We the People need to continue to learn His written Word, apply it and pray for our Nation so God will continue to bless our Nation.

        3. Mathew Molk says

          Yes, Marlene. But now Trump says he may not do what he said about appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the Cackling Witch….Please say it isn’t so.

          Some pencil necks are saying it sets a dangerous precedent to go after a loosing opponent. I say it sets and even more dangerous president to knowingly let a treasonous felon walk away scott free. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is to have the president of the United States do nothing when he knows a crime has been committed, especially one with such overwhelming evidence.

          Mr Trump. We took a ton of crap from the liberals all through the election and worked for you and stood behind you 100%. Think you might return the favor? LOCK HER UP!

          1. MARLENE HESSLER says


            Your assessment is right on target imho. It’s not just one crime, but a long list. Just losing an election does not wipe away her guilt.

            Agree, this puts me on alert. Couple it with keeping Christie with bridgegate hanging over him, and Romney with his actively fighting against Trump and the picture is losing its rosie glow already.

      3. Mr Rollo says

        Thank goodness for the electoral college. If there were none, the Demons would win every Presidential election till the end of civilized history.

        1. Tiger says

          That is the plan.

        2. mallen11 says

          That is only because of fraudulent voting methods by the Demons.

      4. mallen11 says

        God had a hand in it. There were many people praying consistently. Jesus Christ is still in control of history.

        1. Tiger says

          Indeed He did.

    2. MuslimLuvChrist says

      an estimated 3 million illegal aliens, 2 million dead people, and about another million voting multiple times along with felons,

      so Trump won the popular vote also

      1. Susan Short says

        Yes, and that is why we must have the electoral college! There were SO many fraudulent votes cast, that if you only counted the legitimate votes, Trump wins the popular vote also!

        1. MuslimLuvChrist says

          I agree, but we need to clean up the voter registration rolls!!!

          by removing:
          duplicate records
          (democrats vote multiple times in multiple states),
          deceased voters
          (democrats bring the dead to life every election),
          felons (VA is letting felons vote),
          people who have moved
          (democrats vote multiple times in multiple states),
          and all non-US citizens (democrats want illegals to vote).
          The best way to remove illegals from voter rolls is to not only require VOTER ID, but to require PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP!!!

          The facts and figures from 2012 alone are alarming and the situation has grown worse since then. According to various watchdog organizations concerned with the integrity of American voters’ rights:
          • 46 states have prosecuted or convicted cases of voter fraud.
          • More than 24 million voter registrations are invalid, yet remain on the rolls nation-wide.
          • There are over 1.8 million dead voters still eligible on the rolls across the country.
          • More than 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state.
          • True The Vote recently found 99 cases of potential felony interstate voter fraud.
          • Maryland affiliates of True The Vote uncovered cases of people registering and voting after their deaths and uncovered more than 348,000 dead people on the rolls in 27 states. California: 49,000, Florida: 30,000, Texas: 28,500, Michigan: 25,000, Illinois: 24,000
          • 12 Indiana counties have more registered voters than residents.
          • The Ohio Secretary of State admitted that multiple Ohio counties have more registered voters than residents.
          Federal records showed 160 counties in 19 states have over 100 percent voter registration.

          the establishment will never clean this up,
          because the establishment needs this corruption to win!!!!

          1. Daniel Brofford says

            Now felons are allowed to vote in a lot of states as long as they have finished their sentence. It does say no taxation without representation but I know a few felons and they vote republican. I don’t know what a poll would show but I don’t think just because a person is a felon that would all vote democrat.

          2. MARLENE HESSLER says

            It doesn’t matter how they would vote. Losing one’s right to vote is part of the punishment for committing a felony. They should never get a say again.

          3. April Williams says

            Now I know in NH you don’t get to vote ever if you are a felon. I don’t think that people who are sitting there collecting entitlements should be voting either. I am not talking people who have to take entitlements to make up for what Social Security doesn’t provide.

          4. Al gosselin says

            In NH you get your voting rights restored at completion of sentence. I know I’m one.

          5. Mathew Molk says

            Good work Al. Keep your eye in the sparrow, my friend.

          6. CEM in MO says

            I think it was Thomas Jefferson who warned about the catastrophic results our country would suffer if the people were ever accommodated in being able to vote themselves benefits from the government.

          7. Mike Geremia says

            only taxpayers should have the right to vote…….

          8. Mathew Molk says

            Not at all true, and why after paying one’s debt to society do you and to keep punishing them? – I’ll bet you think they shouldn’t even have the right to earn a living. I know MANY ex-felons that are VERY productive citizens and are sure as hell a lot better mentally equipped to vote then the kiddies in the safe zones. There are 2 of them that are friends

          9. Daniel Brofford says

            Thank you Mathew. People can and do change. Sometimes things happen in people life and they make bad decisions but there are a lot of crimes out there that doesn’t make someone illredeemable when they truly want to change their ways and their life. It can be done. I mean a true 180.

          10. glorybe2 says

            Those that believe in Christ must by definition believe in forgiveness. But then the other shoe drops. When times got hard in my area, jobs became next to impossible to get. Businesses demanded perfect applicants. They wanted young, fresh, educated employees, who had never had any kind of problems in their life. Even the most trivial misdemeanor arrest, no matter how long ago, disqualified people from even getting an interview. Obviously that was a really bad situation. But in a world in which an employer must turn applicants away, how wrong would it have been to turn away perfect applicants in order to hire someone who had any kind of problem in the past? Some young people come into the job market with a huge string of accomplishments and never even had a problem in grade school like getting caught smoking in the bathroom and getting a detention in the seventh grade. And now one must wonder about whether genetic testing is unfair as well. Can you imagine that investing in an employee who will become very valuable to you with several years in the company under his or her belt is wise if testing reveals that the person will be very prone to cancer? Is it wrong for a business to only consider the most superior employees that it can hire?

          11. Sweetness&Light says

            The cretin states don’t say it the law does.

          12. Mike Geremia says

            they did their time for their mistakes, why do some states keep on punishing them….esp. Florida–one of the worst states punishing felons…..also it is big business, but the media and pols keep it quiet…….

          13. Mark Plenn says

            Florida did away with the chain gangs didn’t they?

          14. Mike Geremia says

            aha—-hahhahhhahahhah…….how bout Georgia…

          15. Daniel Brofford says

            Well I guess they do lose their right when they are convicted but I know in the two states I’ve lived in when you fill out your voter registration form they ask you I don’t remember how it’s worded but I know it said if you are not on parole or probation you are legal to vote. So I cannot tell you how many states do that but I thought I had read 33 states or 38 states allows them to vote.

          16. Mark Plenn says

            As a retired State Corrections Officer; I feel that after they served their time and show that they are then honest citizens, the ex-felons should be given back their voting rights. However, all citizens should show positive ID to vote.

          17. MARLENE HESSLER says

            With all due respect, as a taxpaying American I very strongly believe that part of the price of doing a felony crime is GIVING UP ONE’S VOTING RIGHTS FOREVER.


            Time for coddling criminals is past.

          18. teejcee44 says

            You are right. I think it mostly will balance out to favor the most popular candidate. But putting electronic voting machines in is fraud waiting to happen because of the fact votes can be changed without anyone knowing.

          19. April Williams says

            My husband and I were talking about that because Hillary campaign came out with an article 2 weeks ago and wanted to challenge the paper ballot voting, calling it fraud because we should be using the electronic ballots. A liberal democrat who is a voter fraud expert says Hillary stole 5 states popular vote from Trump. Then we have the 3 million illegals that voted, then we have the dead people that voted. So how many people really voted for Hillary?

          20. Ralph says

            Obviously all were dead, at least brain dead.

          21. irish1919 says

            Legitimately ? Very few. Why do you think they want a fjawed popular vote system ? Cheaters and frauds do win elections more often than America needed. No ID laws writing in with no proof of legality is disgusting. We need ID fur a library card

          22. Ralph says

            That and the fact that sorro’s makes them.

          23. irish1919 says

            Any system can be tainted and had been. I agree though that this early voting and machines has taken fraud to a new level. We should not be voting more than 3 days out except for those who can only vote by write in. I remember when some in the military were shut out of the voting because in democratic juristinctuuns they didn’t seem to get there in time. Wondering how late they were sent out? Military doesn’t generally vote for Dems in large numbers.They certainly were not in support of Obama or Clinton. No law enforcement was either .

          24. Tiger says

            Not only that non violent felons include people who wrote hot checks, boy I have done that paid in time but if not would have been a felon, missing child payments and in Florida about 31 other such things. You are right some felons should get their rights back.

          25. glorybe2 says

            Child support issues are a nightmare in every direction. And now with inter state abilities some individuals have almost 100% of their earnings ripped from their pay before it even touches their hands. I know of someone in such a situation. Even going to a day labor job for the first time his child support is grabbed on the first day. The man works 16 hours a day, often 7 days a week and still is only allowed to keep $20. per day. Living on $20. per day is impossible in my area, unless one is in a flop house with a bunch of other troubled people. Many of our laws are creating criminals. When you get four or five such folks crowded into some sort of make shift shack or whatever and the cops come, which they quickly will here, one of the people will have dope or a weapon and then the whole make-shift tribe gets arrested.

          26. Tiger says

            I agree and have seen it for years. In fact CEO and wealthy men won’t divorce their wives because of this they end up with nothing. The thing that irks me is there is no accountability as to how much of that money does go to the child by the mother. The mother’s start living with another man and they get this bonus it is a shame. Men get it with abortions also. They have no say. Sad but I don’t think it will improve any time soon.

          27. Mike Geremia says

            felons have no rights in the state of Florida… of the worst for punishing felons after they have paid their debt to society……they just cannot get a good job….that is why many of them go into cutting lawns and landscape business…

          28. Tiger says

            I know. I have several men I know who way back in college found with pot and went to jail then now felons and can’t find work and yes they went to doing yard work etc. I helped several with their resumes. Lives are ruined and the saddest part is here where I live the judges give excessive sentencing because they own the land the jails built on, the schools people have to go to and the farms the prisoners work on. My neighbor a Psychologist who was sitting in the car while her husband went into the store to buy booze and the radio playing and motor running, they had been partying and the cop came up asked if she had been drinking, she said yes but she wasn’t driving he took her to jail and booked her on DUI. She is in her 40’s and would have meant the end for her career wise but her father paid a slick lawyer 15,000 dollars and got her off.

            So money talks.

          29. dude says

            I agree that would be one of my top priorities voter id’s and and proof of citi. and cleaning up all ways to illegal vote and then we can get back to legal voting

          30. Rummy C says

            I don’t have a problem with that. If a dead person can get to the polls then they should be allowed to vote. Dead lives matter!!

          31. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            Tell me how in hell can a dead person vote If i’m right the dead can’t get up and go VOTE. SO WHO IN HELL VOTES FOR THEM?

          32. Rummy C says

            Irene, that is the problem. You can’t see dead people. Ever see a dead person vote? Of course not. They disguise themselves to look like live people. They look just like your neighbor, you friend, the person who lives across town, even the person bussed in specifically to help dead people vote. Most of these dead voters need a sense of humor transplant. So do some live people.

          33. livefreeordiehard says

            Give them the sniff test. No, wait, that wouldn’t work because some of hillary’s voters would smell the same way.

          34. Mark Plenn says

            Hillary Goons.

          35. livefreeordiehard says

            I believe he was kidding….

          36. John says

            They don’t go to the poll. They mail it in

          37. draftinging says

            Just like Oregon, we mail in our vote, look a a map showing Trump & Killary votes. In the Portland area voted democratic and the rest of the state vote republican, Trump should request the Portland area to recounted and check for multi-votes. Tip: of the 1300 rioters arrested in Portland, 30+% was not register to vote, 30+% didn’t vote. But they started fires, broke store windows, car windows, etc. There was an old saying”if you don’t vote, you have no right to say anything” so shout your mouth”

          38. John says

            Start over again with registering everyone Sounds like a lot of work but it would put people to work. ID card with picture and thumb print

          39. jetmagnet says

            First they need to inspect fraud in republican states who toss out ballots and don’t count votes who are democrats.

            Election Results 2016: Only 112,000 Voters Gave Us President Trump. lol
            He sucks and we get to rip him and republicans for the next for years

          40. Daniel Brofford says

            He could never be as bad as the democrats. Do you know why? Because Trump loves America. I’m not going to say he may not make mistakes but everything he does will be because he believes it will be good for our country.

          41. danstewart says

            You have the wrong name, should be “s*it magnet”.

          42. GuardianFlame says

            Go to Judicial and read what cases of voter fraud they prosecuted various states in the 2012 elections. J.W. is one of the best legal organizations out there that makes sure our govt follows the laws it enacts! Check it out!

            It’s great to follow what they’ve done, but they are only one organization and we need many more to monitor our federal government…many more!

          43. irish1919 says

            Problem is our universities have corrupted the minds of our children that they will never even know about an alternative to Marxism. Next laws to be pushed on America is Sharia. A Muslim radical in charge of the DNC. That’s the Democratic Party. Wish they would shed democrat and say who they really are. The Regressive party.

          44. GuardianFlame says

            This is where “parents” need to step in and inform their offspring of the truths! Many parents refuse to communicate with their young adult kids abt politics. Time to grow “some” and learn to discuss subjects like this.

            If we want our offspring to know truths, we must educate our kids ourselves until our public education system is overhauled and truths are once again taught instead of political ideologies.

            One answer is to send our kids to private Christian schools AND COLLEGES where they will get a truthful well rounded education. OR learn how to discuss ALL subjects with your children. Both of you will grow when you do!

          45. irish1919 says

            Yes. This is why education needs to go back to local communities so parents can keep
            Much closer eye on what will be taught in school. Also we need many alternate schools to choose from. Charter, Christian, private and more home schooling would be a good thing. We still have public colleges which are infested by the left. Truth is anyone with alternate opinion is crucified on many of these college campuses . You have students not admitted depending on if they are a conservative or not . We no profs who have told students if they have a different thought which is professed by them do not attend. We can teach our children well but in most cases they get turned over to leftvwimg radicals .
            I agree we should teach them how good this country is and about the constitution and why it is necessary in a Republic like ours . They will not be taught it in public schools at any level of education.

          46. GuardianFlame says

            I couldn’t agree with you more. Get the Federal govt’s fingers out of our children’s education. We know what our children should be taught — no political ideology from the Left that will brainwash our kids. We are so done with that.

            My son pulled both his sons out of the public school they were in because his 16 year old told his teacher that gays were sinners when his teacher was teaching his class abt homosexuality (no notes were sent home asking permission for the students to learn abt that perversion – his teacher just ran with that subject and jammed it down their throats) and that it was normal to have sex with your same sex. That’s when my grandson made his statement. He was immediately screamed at and told to leave the room, that no negative discussion was allowed. My son picked his son up from the principal’s office and told them to remove him from their enrollment, he wasn’t coming back. The principal pleaded but my son said No. My son also enrolled his youngest son in the same Christian High School. Both boy’s grades wrre suffering at the publuc school because of the subject matters that wrre discussed that went against their Chrustian teachings. Since being enrolled at the Christian High School, their grades are 4.0+ and are enrolled in Sports as well. Life is once again good for them!
            We must demand control of the subjects our I ds are taught – both in high school AND COLLEGE. The Left has done enough damage to our young fertile minds and they must be removed from the education field one way or another…period!

          47. Mike Geremia says

            yes, more home schooling, more private schools and more Christian and Parochial(Catholic) schools….

          48. Mike Geremia says

            I agree with you 1000%

          49. GuardianFlame says

            We need to get the word out abt changing our kid’s education avenues. They are our futures and right now many of them have been brainwashed into thinking Patriotic America sucks. It’s up to us to change our kid’s ideas abt what makes America good! That would be Us!

          50. livefreeordiehard says

            But, Trump has appointed a woman as head of DOE that is all for Common Core. This is the first thing Trump needs to be educated about! We need to get common core, a leftist concept which often changes its name when parents find out about it, out of all of our schools! Please, if you have kids or grandkids, look it up and check into your state. Bombard President Trump about it.

          51. GuardianFlame says

            Yes, I totally agree!! Common Core is the worst teaching technique ever. It doesn’t teach, it FRUSTRATES CHILDREN AND MAKES THEM NOT WANT TO LEARN. Plus, these children learn nothing…nothing. And that is exactly how the radical liberals want our population – stupid! Not going to happen to my grandkids as long as I have breath in me!

            Contact Trump NOW about his choice for education – why we are concerned — and maybe we can turn this around before it happens! We started a new Presidency — let’s finish this!

          52. Mark Plenn says

            Pro-Terrorist Sharia Party = DNC.

          53. Mike Geremia says

            no more democratic party but the National Socialist democratic Party….

          54. Mark Plenn says

            NSDAP Better known as Nazi Party.

          55. livefreeordiehard says

            And the stupid left will demonstrate for it not knowing that it would do away with them! Gays off of buildings, rape victims killed….it goes on and on. Shairia law is expressly against them!!!

          56. Daniel Brofford says

            You are so right and that is why I donate to JW every month and everyone that can should do what they can to help.

          57. Tiger says

            In Florida alone we found 35,000 dead people voted, people voted multiple times and we have polling stations who don’t take ID just let you vote. They have them all over America. It was found that in those counties last election all votes for O not one for Romney, mathematically impossible.

          58. CEM in MO says

            And WAY over 100% voter turnout — AMAZING display of civic duty!

          59. JerryBGoode says

            Its always the left who lies, cheats and encourages voter fraud. Chicago has been famous for this for years. Never ever been in favor of a Republican.

          60. Tiger says

            That is the only way they can win but they thought bringing in millions of Muslims and illegals would seal the deal. They failed this time. Vigilance is a must and Trump must put our immigration laws back and stop the refugee program.

          61. JerryBGoode says


          62. Mark Plenn says

            Chicago ,land of Obama’s joy’!

          63. irish1919 says

            A true honest election would never find the Dems in control. Thank God our founders drew up the constitution with providential input .

          64. Tiger says

            Amen. We are in for 4 years of constant badgering and terrible things done by these monsters. I knew we were in bad shape, I understood how long the Shadow Government on the 7th floor had been at us but I didn’t expect they had half this country. Not good and we are still on the edge unless Trump rids us of the refugees and illegals. Once that 50% grows we will fall.

          65. John says

            Once the county is found of this then all the votes for that person should not be counted

          66. Tiger says

            Should be but isn’t and won’t ever be as long as Progressive/Socialist/Communist exist.

          67. Daniel Brofford says

            That’s why Tiger when these liberals talk about fraud in republican states they know it’s not true. I have ask some of them give me one example of where it was reported that a machine flipped from democrat to republican. Never happens but it does happen the other way quit often. I’m all for a fair election but I believe when they get this election fraud fixed you will see a big jump in republican votes and a big drop the other way.

          68. Daniel Brofford says

            quite often lol.

          69. Tiger says

            I fear for this recount. They are threatening the Electorate who will be voting in December. With their very lives and there is an endless supply of money to give to unscrupulous people who will gladly change their votes. This is serious and I can’t imagine what this country will do if this turns into a Hillary win after Trump has made all the right changes and the Republicans lead.

          70. Daniel Brofford says

            The problem is if they were to some how try to say that she won those 3 states instead of Trump the only thing people could do at that point is go to war. We would not have any choice because it would no longer be America as we’ve known it. If people would not be willing to fight for their country all would be lost at that point. I hope and pray to God that it doesn’t come to that.

          71. Tiger says

            That is truth. Now I read today that the Training Camps that O said had the right to own guns also, are gearing up big time with heavy guns to fight off any raids by the FBI under Trump. They fear the investigations will reopen and they better be afraid. What kind of stupid does a country have to allow people to have 35 Terrorist Training Camps in your country, O that is who, that alone should account for Treason.

          72. livefreeordiehard says

            There needs to be…and I hate to say this….Federal guidelines that each state has to go by under oath. Oath still means something to some of us.

          73. Tiger says

            Yes Oath means something to Trump voters but to the others it means nothing and if it did there would never be any cheating etc. They are lowlife and they are scum of America did you really look at the protesters?

          74. cowgirl20 says

            Yes indeed!

          75. Rummy C says

            Oh no we can’t do that. That would violate the rights of those who are to stupid to vote.

          76. Ed Shick says

            Good comment

          77. denniscerasoli says

            I read a book called Contract On America perhaps 10 years ago,and as much as i like JFK,his election was stolen from Nixon.Kennedy SR made his money bootlegging with the likes of Sam Giancana who was the mob boss at the time and and Kennedy SR went to Giancana for help in getting John elected,and he promised that the crime commision would drop its investigation of La Costronosa or MAFIA so Giancana saw to it to use fraudulent votes,dead people and votes being counted twice and three times over in Chicago the most crooked political state in the Union,and Kennedy beat Nixon by 6,000 votes in the entire country.Nixon knew this as he later stated in memoirs,anyway that is how Kennedy got elected,corruption is old news.

          78. MuslimLuvChrist says

            It turned out that JFK was a better president,
            he gave us a man on the moon,

            and obama just wants a man in the women’s rest room

          79. denniscerasoli says

            I liked Kennedy too like i said,but it was how he won the election.Kennedy was only in office a short period of time before he was killed but he was strong.I was a Marine during the Cuban Crisis and getting ready to invade Cuba and i listened to his speech across the nation about the use of Nukes.Kennedy said that any act by Castro against America would be considered an attack by the Soviet Union and that we would strike with Nuclear weapons.I don’t know your age but you almost were not born,lol.

          80. Mark Plenn says

            But he didn’t give full support to the Cubans who were in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Thus Castro was in planted till he died this week.

          81. denniscerasoli says

            This is true they didn’t have air support and they cursed Kennedy while they were on the beeches getting slaughtered.Castro was already doing business with the Soviets and Kennedy was afraid at the time that the Russians would be forced to defend an ally according to a documentary i was watching a couple nights ago.Castro was like a ghost,lol.The CIA with the help of the mafia couldn’t get to the guy and when those two working together can’t do it that’s saying something.

          82. denniscerasoli says

            Man didn’t land on the moon when Kennedy was in office,wasn’t it 1969 when they landed on the moon.Kennedy also gave us Vietnam and his Vice President Johnson was stuck with it.It was already in the making when Kennedy was killed,it was Kennedy’s baby and Johnson carried it out.

          83. MuslimLuvChrist says

            I was born when JFK took office,
            true, vietnam was a disaster, like pulling out of iraq,

            and lbj created the “war on poverty” while saying “I’ll have those naggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

          84. irish1919 says

            Guess he was right. How come the left never got on him for using the N word or disparaging Jews like he did. All the left is anti-semetic .Yet they get the Jewish vote. What’s up with that???

          85. MuslimLuvChrist says

            these “Americans” vote for destruction,
            destruction of America, destruction of Israel, destruction of themselves,

            I don’t understand it

          86. Mark Plenn says

            The answer is habit, FDR was a savior in the deluded minds of 1930s thru 1960s Jewish voters.

          87. Mark Plenn says

            But truth must prevail.

          88. Mark Plenn says

            Chicago is the city where Joe Kennedy Sr. contacted Sam Giancana to help to cheat JFK into the W/H. ps I was a young Democrat for Kennedy, so I am only telling what I learned later on. We must rember Obama came to us from that city. A city known for dirty elections!

          89. denniscerasoli says

            Yes indeed Mark.

          90. Mark Plenn says

            Trump is solid, Hillary is loose. You eat both!

          91. jetmagnet says

            There’s no voter fraud only voter suppression by republicans who can’t win only by cheating.

          92. Mark Plenn says

            That must really be your self image. You don’t read or watch the news on TV do you Dingel bell? The DNC Fired their head for cheating for Hillary over Bernie. DNC = Democrats ass wipe.

          93. Daniel Brofford says

            I don’t know how they can get it fixed but there has to be a way. We need to get it done before the next election.

          94. livefreeordiehard says

            Unless I missed it, you forgot that Soros owns the company that put out and services these machines, many of which were caught switching a Trump vote to a hillary. How many WEREN’T caught???!!! New machines or at least taken over by another company for servicing, some way to check them out….something…

        2. Arizona Don says

          You are absolutely correct! If it were not for the electoral college the small states especially in the North East may not have a voice in government and the large metropolitan areas (mostly democrat) would control the nation. Same goes for the so called red fly over states because of the sparse population.

        3. TPM says

          It’s also why we must “True the Vote” which will be much easier to do, while the GOP controls both houses. We have 2 years.

        4. Mr Rollo says

          With the incredible influx of illegals, if there were no electoral college, there would forever be democrats elected to win.

          1. Tiger says

            That is the plan my friend.

          2. Mr Rollo says

            The Rats would have to amend the Constitution to dissolve the electoral college. That would be close to impossible considering the specs, like ratification of a number of states, etc.

          3. Tiger says

            Won’t happen with Trump as president and no Republican would agree to this understanding how these filthy bunch stack the deck it would be suicide. But as it is this country now 50/50 and possible they could win again next time round and complete the dirty deed.

            We are far from out of the woods.

        5. iram says

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        6. denniscerasoli says

          I used to believe in one person one vote,until i looked into the electorate and saw the wisdom of the founding fathers that came up with the electoral college which has been in effect for over 200 years.

          1. irish1919 says

            They were wise. They had more wisdom and intelligence than Obama and all our politicians, without a doubt, The electoral college was genius in that large states could not take away the will of smaller states. Hillary is ahead by 2 million votes they say, yet it is California and Mewyork which counts for that and more. Look at the red states for Trump. Amazing all red pretty much xceot for the 2 coasts , this is exactly why they put in electoral college . They created a Republic and not a democracy. They would not allow this country to be ruled by a majority. Hillary wins big in 2 states. Good for her. She loses a caste majority of the other states. Why should her margin of votes in these 2 offset the voters in the other 48 states? It should not. Genius they were .

          2. denniscerasoli says

            Well said.

          3. Mark Plenn says

            They over 200 years ago saw what could happen if a scallywag like Clinton would pack the ballads. So they came up with a better plan. Those Founding Fathers were well ahead of their time.

        7. jetmagnet says

          All the fraud was republicans, they removed people from the roles in three swing states and threw away thousands of democratic votes. No way trump wins blues states, the election was rigged. No one wants a fraud, a man-baby , sexual predator running this country, but uneducated dummies.

          1. Mark Plenn says

            Where’s your proof; your nothing but a Hillary Hag.

        8. gull says

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        9. mossbergman says

          not if we didn’t have it only 4 -5 states would ekect the pres all peeps in the smaller pop states would have no say whatsoever

      2. raledbetter says

        You betcha my man

      3. Tiger says

        Amazing the voter fraud people reporting all across the country. The flipping of votes from Trump to Hillary but they didn’t put up with it. They demanded attention and got it and used paper ballots. We had gross amounts found in Florida but people working the polls told on it. Exposed it. Sadly even with that we see clearly half our country is not for our Republic and will happily trot down the path of Socialism to the home base of Communism.

        We are still deeply in trouble. We see also they are violent people who would kill us if they could, I think someone will die sooner or later believe me they are not going to stop.

        1. MuslimLuvChrist says

          and who is funding all the anti-police/anti-Trump violence?
          and who bought the majority of electronic voting machines?
          who lives at 136 Cantitoe St, Katonah, NY 10536-3804

          On November 26, 2016, vigils will be held throughout America to call for the arrest of George Soros. Americans will come together across the nation, including the White House, following the revelations that Soros-Funded Orgs, like, are behind violent anti-Trump riots across America and the purple revolution.
          You can find all the nationwide event locations by going here (new locations will constantly be added):

          Please make signs calling for his arrest and bring anything PRO-TRUMP!!!
          Please use hashtag #ArrestSoros #NationalTrumpParade
          Source: Soros-Funded Orgs Behind Violent Anti-Trump Protests Across America

          Source: The Clintons and Soros launch purple revolution

          We will gather outside the home of George Soros and in cities across the nation to urge our government to indict and arrest George Soros so that he may be finally brought to justice, once and for all.
          Please also sign the petition demanding that the Department of Justice investigate Soros:

          1. Tiger says

            Indeed you are well up on the game and good to see. Soros and all are violating our laws related to inciting violence and hopefully when we have a real DOJ and AG this will happen. If it does not, due to the almost down the middle split in this country, between the sane and the insane and the radical Public Schools and Colleges we might fall into the final solution pit.

      4. HadEnough says

        Muslim – Yes, He Did !!

      5. cowgirl20 says

        Don’t forget about the idiots that have registered their dogs to vote.

        1. MuslimLuvChrist says

          what is worse?

          having a live dog vote, or
          a dead person vote???

          just more votes for corrupt democraps

          1. cowgirl20 says

            That is a great question, hard to answer, it’s all bad. There was a ton of voter
            fraud for obozo, that is how he won.

      6. Richard Daugherty says

        What corrupted Soro’s MESS!!

      7. Sweetness&Light says

        These votes, according to the law of the United States of America are not worth anything. Just because Obama says so does not make it real. He won both electoral and popular by a landslide!

      8. denniscerasoli says

        To take those numbers seriously is a joke,and this recount business still needs Hillary’s permission and something tells me that she won’t dare because she knows that it would be futile.If Hillary were to question it which she herself hasn’t yet and she is wrong then you will see them go after her for an indictment and i don’t think she wants to chance it.

        1. MuslimLuvChrist says

          President Trump is just waiting to see who obama pardons,
          because if he pardons anyone, he will have to pardon himself,

          or he is fair game

      9. Mark Plenn says

        Yes the Covenor of Virginia giving 60′ 000 felons the vote!

      10. jetmagnet says

        No he lost the popular vote, he’s more hated than hitler. he has nazi’s in his cabinet.

    3. Daniel Brofford says

      I think they have already found about 3 million because Ca allows illegals to vote. Trump needs to change that.

    4. teejcee44 says

      Most of them would be the correct answer Tony! This is NOT a fluke people, Trump took it fair and square.

      1. Ron C says

        The American people helped Trump beat the rigged system.

        1. April Williams says

          He changed that map, people came out in droves

        2. mallen11 says

          God and the right American people helped Trump beat the rigged system.

      2. Arizona Don says

        Right that is what shocked hillary so much!

    5. Jean Langford M. says


    6. robert sanders says

      all of them

    7. Julie Adams says

      At least 3 million illegal votes were given to her therefore she didn’t win the popular vote.

    8. Mr Rollo says

      Let’s start with about a million. A good start!

    9. R. T. says

      There is an estimate of 3 million illegal’s voting and you can bet they aren’t going to vote for Trump to get deported !!!!!!!!!

    10. mrpoohead says

      Wonder when Trump will get a decent haircut and stop bathing in coffee?

    11. Frances Chute Quinn says

      i figure at least five per cent maybe more. warehouses full of ballots, dnc headquarters with secret rooms filling out absentee ballots, rigged machines changing trump votes to clinton votes, there is still all the illegal alien votes to minus out. that’s a lot of millions.

    12. denniscerasoli says

      You can throw those poll’s or flush them down the toilet.There has has been only one party that was caught cheating and they have the nerve to say that the American people have a right to know.It will be a long time before the media regains the respect of the people,and even liberals know how rotten the Democrats were to Bernie Sanders and when you think about it hard it should be no surprise that Trump won.People had Hillary by a landslide going in but i had it very close in Hillary’s favor but i wasn’t a bit surprised when Trump pulled it off.

    13. Joseph Vanchieri says


      1. gotabgood says

        we will find out won’t we? At least in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania,

        1. Joseph Vanchieri says

          Trump won all three. I guess we saw.

    14. gotabgood says

      In a couple of weeks we will find out won’t we? At least in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania,

    15. jetmagnet says

      Trump is awful. disgusting and will make this country more divided than ever. He won with 46% of the vote. Hillary beat him by 2 million. What’s he done to become popular, kiss putins ass and do the same pay for play clinton did? He’s making deals to fill his pockets. The gasbag will prove republicans are lousy at government. For the idiots who vote these clowns in they are already planning on voucherizing medicare, social security and privatizing Va benefits, LOL I can see all these seniors who voted for the idot crying that they have no money to live on.

    16. jetmagnet says

      None, the election was rigged in favor of trump. Why were the polls wrong? Many votes where dumped or invalidated.

    17. Allan Scott says

      At the minimum, 3 million but most likely 7 million.

  3. Tiger says

    I imagine it will go even higher as he will be talking directly to the people, telling them first exactly what he is doing and how he is doing it. Thankfully he kissed off and pissed off the Main Media and told them to their faces what he thought.

    As to those getting all upset about his not pursuing Hillary, he doesn’t have to, he will have a new DOJ, AG and FBI etc. Congress is still hot on her heels, Trump won’t interfere. Others are investigating her fund and Trump won’t interfere with that. The child sex scandal still being investigated. All will fall into place and on the heads of these filthy rats who were part of the Dictators Brown Shirts.

    1. Arizona Don says

      Right on!

    2. Daniel Brofford says

      After I read your post Tiger I should have just shut up and let you do the talking lol. I believe that also, Trump will be the President and sessions will be the AG so I to believe that she will get a real investigation and if and when they find evidence of her many wrong doings then she will face the justice she deserves.

      1. Tiger says

        Naw we need all the voices telling it like it is because I see too many falling back away from Trump and not rationalizing.

        1. Daniel Brofford says

          Well like Trump has said repeatedly he doesn’t believe in telling your enemy’s in advance what your plans are. So I have faith in him to do the right things.

          1. Tiger says

            True that. People need to not forget the lying Media and thinking they are telling you the truth now is ludicrous. Listen only to Trump. Now I see the Dems want Congress to investigate Trump’s overseas businesses for conflict of interest this is just never going to stop.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      I’m with ya, but even the mention of his administration not putting her away scares the bajeebers out of me.

      On the other hand she took a ton of money from some very bad men for favors that she can now never deliver. She spent the money not getting elected and I’ll bet they want it back. If she doesn’t have it all this no prosecution talk may be a moot point. These guys have no seance of humor at all and the vig on money owed them can be out of this world. There could be a great big “ABATED BY DEATH” stamp on the front of the Clinton eMail investigation folder.

      1. Tiger says

        Here is the skinny, I was pissed also. There is Protocol that is followed by the winner and that includes showing no animosity to the loser. But here is the key, Trump said he would not interfere with any investigations and the FBI has 4 active cases on her, the Foundation and much more and Congress going after her. Now Trump is going to let his DOJ and his AG do the dirty work and he won’t interfere, just like he said.

        He washed his hands of her like Pilate did with Jesus, no offense to Christ just using an example that he was a sticky wicket and the best Pilate could do was step aside. That is what Trump did.

  4. gotabgood says

    Report: Trump’s charitable
    foundation admits violating IRS ban on “self-dealing”

    Donald Trump’s charitable foundation appears to have admitted in 2015 tax
    filings that it had violated a law that bans nonprofit leaders from using their
    charity’s money to help themselves, their businesses or their family, according
    to The Washington Post.

    The law bans what’s
    called“self-dealing” and the Trump Foundation indicated in tax filings to the
    IRS that it had transferred “income or assets to a disqualified person,” and
    Trump could be that person, according to the report.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Don’t you get it? nobody here is listening to you.

      And BTW, Dose he have anything at all to do with that organization. I don’t know, but i do know there are several Chinese companies that use the name “Trump” completely without his authorization or without any involvement with him. — The bottom line with your bullshit, though, is I couldn’t care less.

      We won, You lost, go back to your safe zone and pet the dog. (Hope he bits you)

      1. gotabgood says

        The trouble is, your ignorance or stupidity, or both will bring America down. After Hoover’s destruction. it took 12 years of Democratic power to bring America to the greatness it enjoyed and everyone wants to go back to… but you are doing it wrong! Not through the rich or corporations made America great… it was the work force. 50 years it lasted, then Nixon took a chunk out of our healthcare, then Reagan took all the safety regulations put there by FDR and smashed them.. It took another Democrat to fix the damage done, but then you stole the election in 2000 and 2004..and once again you took us down… This time Obama got us a float again but with you kicking, screaming, conniving, gerrymandering, lying, stealing and you got a mixture this time I am not sure you are ready to deal with. BEFORE he is even sworn in, he is using the WH for benefits in his businesses….. it is all about Trump…. NOT you… NOT the American people..
        And by the way… it is called “Trump Foundation”… figure it out…

        1. Donald N. Mei says

          Nixon proposed national health care in 1974.

          1. gotabgood says
  5. MuslimLuvChrist says

    don’t trust any msm polls, the msm will continue to attack President Trump,
    fuuk the msm!!!

    President Trump, continue to use twitter and youtube!!!!

    1. gotabgood says

      YEAH! Known for truth and facts

  6. Philip Allen says

    I voted For Donald Trump but am very disappointed with him over his refusal to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s email scandals and/or Clinton Foundations scandals. Why? Donald Trumps says he doesn’t want to hurt the Clintons. Well Donald it is not about hurting the Clinton’s. It’s about equal justice for everyone who breaks the law. How about General Petraeus he did a lot less than Hillary did and got 2 years probation. Martha Stewart spent time in jail and also did a lot less. Also Machinist Mate 1st class Kristian Saucier who took just 6 pictures of the inside of a submarine and got a year in prison without parole. Ask Saucier’s Family that had a baby and a wife if they weren’t hurt. He also did a lot less than Hillary Clinton did and you want to let her off because you don’t want her to be hurt. What a hypocrite you are Mr. Trump. It seems like your administration is saying let the rich get away with breaking the law but hold the poor are other people accountable for breaking the law. I am very disappointed in you Donald and Rudy Giuliani in not demanding your Justice Dept appoint a special prosecutor or Grand Jury to look into Hillary’s email scandal. If the law applies to some but not everyone equally then it should apply to no one. Mr. Trump if you do not persue justice for Hillary email scandals then you will have lied to the American People and the American Voter. I will be thinking about this when you come up for re-election. America should be about equal justice for everyone. It is not about picki9ng and choosing.

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

      I think that his (A.G. WILL DO THAT WHEN THEY’ER IN OUR WHITE HOUSE ).

    2. movingwaters says

      Alex Jones (Infowars on YouTube) did a segment on that 11/22 that you might want to hear. Don’t be discouraged over what may be a chess move.

      1. gotabgood says

        Alex Jones… now there is fact finding person….. even if he has to make his own facts to make a movie…. he’ll get it done.

      2. Arizona Don says

        Very good how many times has Donald Trump criticized obama for broadcasting his intentions to the enemy? Dozens? More? Of course it could be a chess move. Seems to me people would be smart enough to see that. Guess not!

    3. Daniel Brofford says

      Let’s don’t jump the gun Philip, He might be saying this in hopes that Obama does not pardon her. If after he takes office and at that time he’s still saying the same thing I’m going to be really mad myself but I’m going to wait until after he becomes President and maybe we should all do the same thing.

    4. Mathew Molk says

      Well said Phill.

      But the fat lady aint singing yet. It scares the hell out of me and makes me sick that that cackling witch might walk, but let’s give President Trump a chance. We could be seeing demons where none exist.

      Maybe I’m nuts but I am going to keep my faith in MY President. Hope to God he dosn’t play me for a chump.

  7. Susan Short says

    The liberals are so busy telling us how much they fear a Trump presidency! They are truly afraid, and they have good reason to be afraid. They are scared to death that Trump will actually shake things up, and make things better in this country, and if that happens they are out of business!

    1. kotoc says

      Alas, I fear the day will never come when all those who protest Trump’s victory will admit that this is the guy who can and WILL get things done. Until he is officially inaugurated, he doesn’t have the “power” to follow through with his promises. I have a feeling it might take awhile before he officially sees to it that Hillary faces charges for her crimes… in the meantime, he’s biding his time before getting started. I just hope and pray he WILL follow through with all he has said he will do. We just need to be patient, and then…. the Democrats WILL be out of business!! Woo hoo!!

    2. Arizona Don says

      If they were not so crooked they would have nothing to fear, right? So just who’s fault is it they have to fear Donald Trump and why. Donald may actually turn out to be the best president since Reagan. Maybe even since Calvin Coolidge who produced the roaring twenties.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      And loose all the “free stuff” the parasites are getting now.

    4. gotabgood says

      Better is good….. but better for whom?????

      You have a good chance of losing SS, Medicare, ObamaCare for sure, public school system, you say great.. where do the poor get an education to better themselves? Sounds like like more poverty and crime to me.

      We are alienating our long term friends and getting friendly with dictators.

      And you really need to check out Trumps plans to “Make America Great Again”.. first question should be… Great for whom??

      Second question the things he says.. like this one. Oh, and in case you don’t like my source… do some searching…

      Trump Infrastructure Plan Busted For Being A Tax Cut Scam That Won’t Create Jobs

      By Jason Easley on Sat, Nov 19th, 2016 at 1:46 pm

      Trump’s infrastructure plan that some Democrats said that they might be
      able to support is not an infrastructure bill at all. Trump’s plan is
      not to spend government money on job-creating projects but to give tax
      cuts to contractors and the construction sector.

  8. tCotUS says

    LIberals fear the unknown…They would sooner be lead by a known scoundrel, then taking a chance being lead by an unknown soldier for the Republic. Sad, no research, no knowledge, no future.

    1. gotabgood says

      Hate to differ with you… but it is the Liberals that venture out… not afraid of science,.. where as the conservatives… well the name speaks for itself…you hate change, don’t believe in science or math.
      And it is the conservative that cuts the budget for space… even medicine… you don’t want cures for anything… that would take profits away from doctors, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals.. and lets not leave out the insurance companies.
      Nope….. if it were up to the conservatives, we would still be on the horse and buggy… which, come to think about it…., we wouldn’t be in the fix we are in now… So, Liberals invented pollution, found it was bad and tried to fix it, but the conservatives are addicted to oil.. so it is still your fault!

      1. CommonSenseFanatic says

        “… but it is the Liberals that venture out… not afraid of science,..”

        I don’t know a single conservative who is *afraid* of science. I do know many that are skeptical of science by consensus. Just imagine how differently the history books would read today if, say, George Washington had questioned the consensus of medical science that bleeding was the best treatment for the common cold. Today’s liberals would fault him for destroying the industry of scarifier manufacturing.

        No. Conservatives want science based on facts – – PROVEN facts – – not computer models based on assumptions, the veracity of which cannot be demonstrated until some nebulous constantly advancing time in the future. The Salk and smallpox vaccines provide verifiable results of true acceptable science, which BTW have contributed to handsome profits for doctors, pharmaceuticals and hospitals. A goal applauded by conservatives.

        1. gotabgood says

          Ok, I misused a word.. I should not have used the word afraid.. I should have used the word Believe. there are some of your group still question the moon landing.
          Science is not facts.. it is an exploration.
          A few examples. at one time the modern day scientist believed the sun revolved around the earth. At one time the scientist believed the earth was flat.. ( some of you still do). And for the longest time scientist believed we had 9 planets in our solar system, now there is some disagreements on that..

          Science Definition

          The word science comes from the Latin “scientia,” meaning knowledge.
          How Do We Define Science?

          According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, the definition of science is:

          “knowledge attained through study or practice,” or

          “knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws,
          esp. as obtained and tested through scientific method [and] concerned
          with the physical world.”

          What Does That Really Mean?

          Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge. This system uses
          observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural

          The term science also refers to the organized body of knowledge people have gained using that system.

          Less formally, the word science often describes any systematic field of study or the knowledge gained from it.
          There were a few people in the 70’s thinking we were going into an ice age… because they looked at spikes instead of the whole picture.. the trend is up, since 1900..

          1. CommonSenseFanatic says

            Believe it or not conservatives also ^believe^ in science. Some of us have even studied Latin and have an acquaintance with Copernicus’ place in history. But we also distinguish between scientific method, a scientific theory and a scientific fact.

            While we accept that today’s environmental climatologists have advanced a scientific theory (man-made global warming) and have applied the scientific method (though arguably with the entry of invalid data) we cannot accept their conclusions as scientific fact. A constantly changing imprecise date(s) certain for the predicted calamitous events – – think Ted Danson’s 10 year warning some 20 years ago or algore’s date certain which has also come and gone – – makes me unwilling to accept your theory as fact. That being the case, I think – – in true conservative fashion – – that it is absolute folly to disrupt the world economy to satisfy a phony “science”.

          2. gotabgood says

            Why is the rightwing so dead set against the HISTORICAL SCIENTIFIC FACTS..

            Once something has happened it cannot be changed. We can agree the earth has been here longer than man??? What happened before that time is speculation, depending on how you read the data. Since keeping records around 1880. We have set data. We know the CO2 data, we know Temp data of land and sea. Was our measure devices accurate? Probably not, but it basically maintain the same readings until the 1920’s… from that point onward, everything is up.. CO2 up.. Temps up. What happened?? Industrial revolution was taking place. All that was before remained the same.. after the 20’s man stepped up the game of making CO2, and as per the chart I gave you and not from just one source or one country, they all agreed from the 20’s to present day… it is getting warmer GLOBALLY not someone’s back yard. 2016 has already been declared to have broken last years heat record and we still have a month to go.

            This mini ice age that a FEW scientist said was happening in the 70’s are most likely the deniers of today, they were wrong… they looked a few spikes and got paranoid.. the trend is HOTTER!! And the chart shows this.

            And once again, you do not need a scientist to tell you something is happening in your life time… I was born in Michigan. They are having less snow, not as cold and not as much rain as they were 60 years ago. Yes they had some bad storms in 68 I think and again in 78/79… and then again when the polar vortex in 2014.. There are a lot of years between those dates. The winter of 80/81 we had to drive a 100 miles north to get into snow so we could ride the snowmobile on.

            The grass at my parents home was always thick and green, I use to cuss at it.. I was the one who had to mow it with a real push mower… last I seen it was 2002, grass was thin, and bad need of water, was brown in many spots. it never needed watering when I was growing up. Snow was on the ground all winter. The first time I really paid attention to it was when the Chicago Drag strip opened on News Year Day… maybe 65, 66 not sure which.

            Plus we cut down over 2 million trees a day and they are our CO2 storage houses.

            Most of the warming occurred in the past 35 years, with 15 of the 16
            warmest years on record occurring since 2001. Last year was the first
            time the global average temperatures were 1 degree Celsius or more above
            the 1880-1899 average.


          3. CommonSenseFanatic says

            “Why is the rightwing so dead set against the HISTORICAL SCIENTIFIC FACTS,,”

            It isn’t the historical scientific facts we object to but rather we recognize the FACT that the history of the generally accepted INTERPRETATION of scientific facts has been known to change – – a la your previous reference to Copernicum theory. In the case of global warming, many of “the rightwing” accept the fact that the data as gathered – -your personal non-scientific anecdotal “evidence” notwithstanding – – may indicate a warming phase has begun – – just as they have begun and ended in the past.

            It is the “conclusion” that man is the cause which we reject. The simple fact that a time certain is forever being moved ahead indicates to some of us skeptics that those advancing the catastrophic conclusion find it necessary to do so in order to keep the study grants flowing.

            As for the fact that, as you say, some 2 million trees are destroyed daily you seem to overlook the fact that there are massive reforestation projects continuously under way. Many of them funded by the very industries which harvest the lumber. It simply makes good economic sense to do so.

          4. gotabgood says

            When you cut down a tree say 50′ in height. How long did it take for that tree to gain that height, would have to be 15 years? Longer than that most likely. That also is 15 years of stored CO2. It is good and necessary to plant trees I also gave a photo of the size of the seedling to be planted. I am sure that the 50′ tree cut down held a lot more CO2 than the seedling holds, agree? How many seedlings would it take to cover the loss of CO2 storage of a 50′ tree?

            All grass and plant life absorb CO2. I am sure we can all remember the field or cow pasture at the edge of town, which is now a Walmart store. Heat producing black top and heat producing building is now covering that CO2 gathering field.
            I was stationed at Fort Sill Oklahoma. There was this black top road that went back into the firing range for artillery. You go back there at sun down and the road was covered with snakes, tarantulas and the likes… Why? That black top road held the heat and they would come to the heat, for the road was warmer than the grass and dirt. Now think of the millions of miles of road ways that have been added since 1920….. all over the world. Since the 1920’s the buildings built, the homes built, all radiate heat… and the 7 billion people we have on earth now….. all exhale CO2… The population chart may or may not interest you, I find it fascinating.

            Throughout the world, about 900 million trees are cut down annually, as of 2014.
            That equates to about 2.47 million trees cut down every day. These
            trees are used to make everything from lumber and paper to deodorant and
            food additives.
            Continue Reading
            Trees are unique in their ability to lock up large amounts of carbon in
            their wood, and continue to add carbon as they grow. Although forests do
            release some CO2 from natural processes such as decay and respiration, a
            healthy forest typically stores carbon at a greater rate than it
            releases carbon.



      2. Mathew Molk says

        Yea, We do not put our hand out for grants to discover if snails get depressed when watching a human eat escargot, but we do put our own cash and blood on the line and come up with new coatings for machine tool cutters.

        Here is a news flash for you,,,,The vast, vast majority of the innovations in in science and technology in history were a result of a consecutive rugged individualists putting their own asses on the line. People like Ford, Edison, Leer, and Larry Bell and immigrants like Igor Sikorsky all did what they did without a single government grant. – You know anything about the Salk vaccine? Funded by the March of Dimes, which you klikly never heard of either. Not a nickle of government money there. Space Flight? Ever hear of a guy named Bob Gotard?

        Those are a few of “us” so where are the liberals with their hands out that made a difference in the day to day lives of the average working American? (Crickets?) See Didn’t think there were any. .

        1. gotabgood says

          I will give that to you… the 1st generation rich, had to work for it and at their own sacrifice… they know work and what it takes to get a job done and have respect for the workers who get their products ready to be sold…. these 2nd and 3rd generation rich… they cannot relate to the workings class, they have never known what work is, never known to have to save up for something.. they want it.. they bought it… to be very blunt.., they cannot relate to you at all..

  9. movingwaters says

    Mr. Trump has already spoken to 2 manufacturers who had publicly announced the probably move of their plants. Apparently Mr. Trump plans to return America to a tax and regulatory environment that makes it more amenable to keep jobs here, and less attractive to move overseas. There appears to be a renewed desire to consider American jobs by these corporations. And Trump still has over 50 days before he even becomes POTUS. He is already on the job. And he won’t be spending 1/3 of it on vacation and/or playing golf, like the worst POTUS in the history of the USA.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I’ll bet he doesn’t even own a set of clubs…. Crazy isn’t it? President Trump came here to work…The Royal Exalted Boma came to play golf and go on vacations. Somebody has to be really wrong,,,,,I wounder who?

  10. prgrmr1 says

    You should at least be an American citizen to vote!

    1. Tired... says

      The law does require U.S. citizenship to vote, but like most laws today they are only enforced if you are an average middle class American…everyone else is exempt.

  11. teejcee44 says

    What is it that the Libs want to all of a sudden change to the “popular” vote? Can’t cheat your way to the presidency? Buck it up losers, no one wanted Hitlery! Face it numbsculls! Get a life already. After Obama, you can crawl back into your safe place, and stay there, dark and dank as it is!

  12. kassa1 says

    Like who would believe anything just call meanest rag newspaper portico would say, the coming this newspapers have nothing on portico

  13. Albert L Biele says

    I can see where Trumps victory is going to be a tough-nut for the liberals to adsorb i.e. having to submit to our written laws, and adhering to the constitution. Excluding war presidents, Obama was not high on the list in issuing “Executive Orders,” however, it’s not the quantity, but rather the substance and methods that he utilized to make unilateral changes that defines the seriousness of overriding congress, in creating, and or changing our laws. By Obama resorting to the usage of presidential memorandums in lieu of Executive Orders, he surpasses all other presidents regarding high-level-executive-action. What we had was a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism; commonly identified as Fascism. Hillary, with the help of a corrupt news media, and the Democratic “Goon-Squad,” was chosen to put the last nail in the coffin.

    1. ABO says

      Can always count on you, Albert. Exceptionally well stated, based entirely in fact and entirely accurate. Thank you!

      1. Albert L Biele says

        The sad part is, congress buckled at the knees.–Thanks for the comment.

  14. ThenStand says

    They are a liberal news source. It’s often said that many polls are selectively done to produce the outcome they want.

    I hope their poll is not their message to Trump that they’re happy he’s showing signs of NOT keeping his campaign promises, including his unconstitutional and and unprecedented words to use his power to stop an FBI investigation…of Clinton.

    1. Arizona Don says

      When and in what format did Donald say he would use the FBI to stop an investigation of hillary? I did not hear that!

      1. Ron C says

        He didn’t say that, he merely stated that “he didn’t want to see Hillary hurt”. Then the lying MSM takes off and starts putting words in his mouth….including Ms. Kelly!

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Hurt? Most of us want to get a rope!

          1. Ron C says

            The first class hanging comes after a fair trial…

  15. watchman48 says

    I feel as though if Pres. Elect Trump fails on his promises to investigate Hillary’s crimes and the false birth certificate of Obama’s than Mr. Trump is really no more of a man of honor than what Obama is…

  16. junkmailbin says

    the donald is going to have a big drop after jan 20, 2017 if he does not push for the prosecution of Hilary the Criminal. The American people will not put up with that bitch smerkng in our faces about geetting away with serial crimes against the country

  17. Ron C says

    Folk’s you have got to stop listening to the NEWS media…they are liar’s, Trump never said he would stop the prosecution of Hillary….it’s not his jo to tell the DOJ who or who not to prosecute! Just because Obama stopped the DOJ doesn’t mean, all of the sudden it is correct, to do so. The MSM is creating a crap hill….don’t listen to them! Trump said he “did not want to see Hillary hurt”. Big difference then what the MSM is saying!

  18. robert sanders says

    stupid polls but this might be the only poll that’s correct.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      A-Men to that, Brother.

  19. IVDAD says

    If trump keeps flip-flopping on promises he made, his popularity will sink faster than the Titanic, He made his promises, it is up to the people to see that he keeps them.

    1. Retired says

      Until he is sworn in there will be a lot of negative writing. Trump has played the media quite well and is still doing it. the Media keeps falling into the trap. Nobody cried this bad when Obama won even though there were a lot of unhappy people.

  20. Tiger says

    I am an Independent but in reality I am also a Moderate. I like what Trump is doing. So far sticking to his guns. As to prosecuting Hillary there is Protocol to be followed by the winner. He washed his hands of her and said kind things but he also said he would not interfere in any investigations of her and there are 4 open in the FBI and Congress are Full Steam Ahead. This means with a Real DOJ and a Real AG she will get hers along with most likely many people.

    He is getting the job done and I only believe what comes out of his mouth. The only people he should talk with besides directly to us is FOX, certain people and Conservative Talk Radio.

  21. Chuck Lynch says

    Put ink that lasts 1 week on the finger of everyone casting a vote in person.
    I know that only solves part of the problem, but make sure those sending in their vote are alive and not on a deceased list!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Just photo Ids. – As the States have control over elections I don’t know how to pull that off, but then remember the forced 55MPH speed limit? They crammed that up the state’s keesters. Same with the Rubber bumpers and unleaded gas. I think it could be done on a national level.

      OK Congress, Let’s see you get it done.

  22. Mathew Molk says

    Are these the same guys that sad Trump had less chance then a snowball in hell of winning the election?

  23. Bob Stewart says

    If you had seen the Hillary Clinton melt down after the Matt Lauer interview, you would be so proud that Trump has saved America from that mentally ill woman.

  24. Diana Sloan says


  25. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    His popularity is rising? Why? We should all just relax for 4 or 5 months and then evaluate what he has actually done, not condemn him nor praise him for what he may or may not do!
    As my wife said to me, “The talk should be over, now it is time for him to walk.” (Namely live what he said)

  26. geneww1938 says

    It drop a lot in this home… He is letting Hillary off the hook.!!!
    Now the legislators are letting Obama have his Supreme court appointment …

  27. Michael Gregory says

    Trump is showing more of his humanity every day. I think he might just do a pretty good job. The liberals meanwhile are LOSING what little credibility they had. Most people are now seeing that they LIED, cheated and used bribery to try to win the election. They have also destroyed many people’s trust in the media. We KNOW that the media IS BIASED and will say anything to try to convince us they are reputable. Too little too late.

  28. dahniuru says

    Ben Carson has the intelligence and the temperament to handle any job in Trump’s Cabinet. I am behind him 100%, and IMO he will be a very positive factor in any positive changes that occur in the inner cities. I have worked in the inner cities of Baltimore and LA and am convinced that miracles are going to be required, or much government support for those people. IMO, they have been trained to be welfare dependents by the Democrats since Lyndon Johnson.

    What can we do with an 18 yo who just had her 3rd baby, and three different fathers. She has 8 brothers and sisters and never had a father at home. Her mother has been on welfare forever. All her adult brothers and sisters are on welfare of some kind, none work. 2 sisters, age 14 and 21, each have a baby.
    In her high school she was voted Homecoming Queen.

    This is what we are looking at in a lot of the inner cities.

    1. ABO says

      Latest reports say Dr. Carson is likely to be chosen for the post of secretary of Housing and Urban Development. So that would cover your concerns with regard to the inner cities, dahniuru. However I too believe that he is fully capable of handling any position he is offered with great intelligence, wisdom, morals and ethics.

  29. Richard Daugherty says

    It does not matter about Hillary votes. This person is going to have to be prosecuted from treason to child trafficking.Most of our government to go down with her . Many in Congress and do not leave out Barry. They say the truth will set you free??

  30. SJW says

    I will never believe that Hillary’s popular vote has reached 2 million since the election. What did they do bring out all the absentee votes they had stored in a hidden room prior to the election from the illegals and dead folks? I don’t believe anything the media says or what polls say. They are trying to convince the electorial collage to change their vote to Hillary on Dec 19th. Nothing but crooks and criminals (predominately) in the DNC.

  31. Ron says

    It is simple make all voters bring in three years of tax statements or they cant vote at all, talk English, tax reports and birth certificate.

  32. Walter Flatt says
















    1. Mike W says

      Obama is not just a muslim, he is a shiite muslim. Obama has been working very hard to get Iran nuclear weapons, of course the lie he told is – that the materials are for energy. Iran is 90% shiite muslim. As one of the main goals of the middle east is to wipe Israel off of the map, I will never understand how American Jews could be a part of electing a muslim president.

  33. JOHN STEEL says

    he will be better then BHO & BILL & HRC. put together. these folks who don’t know it yet will soon see
    how wrong they were. They will never admit it , but who gives a hoot.

  34. USAnowMSAsadly says

    Why hasn’t the Press interviewed Hillary’s dead voters?!

  35. John Williams says

    Given the fact, that, according to polls, obama has a very high rating and almost every poll conducted prior to the election had hillary winning, I am not sure if I would take any poll serious at this time. I am well aware why the polls done by the MSM were skewed, garbage in garbage out. If you stack the polls to get a preconceived answer, your answer is going to follow the desired outcome, i.e. out of every 1000 people surveyed you ask poll questions of 600 democrats and 400 conservatives, your poll results will favor the democrats. This was and is the method used to steer the masses where you desire them to go, apparently the masses did not get the memo.

  36. Garry A DeManty says

    Republicans have to win back the popular vote and if Trump keeps his promises they will began to.My state of California was very bad for Trump and to me hard to believe they went for Hillary that way.

  37. TerrysTech says

    There were so many venues of voter fraud going on during this last presidential election that if it were not for the electoral college we would have a criminal for president once again by fraudulent vote. This country needs and must have a national voter identification card and no exceptions. If you do not have your id card on voting day then you do not vote. The crap the politicians shovel about those poor disenfranchised people who can’t get identification is all rubbish to wash over a gullible public. There is absolutely no reason we can’t treat this like a drivers license and actually use the BMV or SOS in each state to verify citizenship and issue these id cards. All of the nonsense about signing an affidavit or bringing a utility bill, etc. must stop. With a national voter id card the database used to issue the id cards could then be used to computer match each vote with the cardholder and we would know immediately if someone voted more than once. We would also be able to immediately place them on a warrant for arrest for fraud and hammer their butts for it too. I would love to be the cop who went around slapping cuffs on those sorry pieces of criminal trash. And for legitimate voters the system could be set up to allow a voter to verify that their vote was counted toward the people they actually voted for through a web based portal. That would also stop any voter machine fraud because people would have a way to make sure their votes were not changed. There are a lot of benefits to a system like the one I am proposing.

  38. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


  39. matureone says

    Trumps unpopular numbers were only with the media and their types of polls. I knew only one person who was voting for “The Hillary” the rest all thought she was the most corrupt individual in this country and she is and still needs to be held accountable for putting this country at risk!

  40. Jim Smith says

    Fear not, AP, CNN, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT etc. will rally their forces and attack, attack, attack Trump. They are ‘card carrying’ members of the Beltway Party and one motto seems to be “thou shall not be fair and balanced.” Follow the money.

  41. irish1919 says

    Around 5 million. That was approx the number for Obama. It’s amusing if not sick that they want the popular vote to choose our president . Our founders saw all this coming in future years where the most populated states ultimately cancel out the rest of America would be prey to a dysfunctional system. They knew we were never to be a democracy where the majority might rule .Its why they put in the electoral college . Because we are a Republic . I hate it when democracy is thrown around by the left when they really mean rule by majority. 2 or three states can never be allowed to govern over the other 48. Then it is not governing , it is ruling. Tyrany.

  42. Joseph Vanchieri says

    President Trump will do very well in the new Promotion. I guarantee his positive numbers are way higher than what the polls say. Unfortunately we have a corrupt media that won’t report anything positive about Mr. Trump’s presidency. There agenda is not the news or the truth. It is about pushing Socialism on Americans. So they are all trying out to be a socialist governments propaganda machine. Sorry fools , you are in the wrong country for that.

  43. Libertarian Soldier says

    Stupidity is contangeous, it appears.

  44. Mark Plenn says

    Truth will always prevail!

  45. RsGoat says

    He has been making some good picks filling in his staff even if one or two maybe questionable by the standards of the left, like Steve Banon, picks like him can be understood for his ability to get around politically correct language like a bulldozer. Part of our nations difficulty in dealing with our issues has been this fear of using politically incorrect language which has had the effect of ending viable conversation on how to deal with real issues we face leaving our government impediment to service the public and help solve any problems.
    Unfortunately, an uncouth person like Steve blurting out what needs to be said to get people thinking and talking is what our country deserves for allowing our educational institutions and media to bully us into this foolish position of not being able to deal with our own problems.
    I don’t buy the racist claims made against this man, those are just those people afraid to face what they are doing to our country by not talking about school of choice for inner city student’s. We do have to remind any hate group those laws are on the books still and will be enforced with their extra jail time, that has not changed and doesn’t look like it is going to ever. Trump said “Stop It”

  46. Edward Fitzgerald says

    I work the polls in OH, and I had to let people vote if they had ONLY a Electric bill that was dated within the last year, NO other I.D. was necessary and I was TOLD to let them vote on the regular voting machines, not a paper ballot! At that rate ANYBODY who has a neighbor can vote 2-3 times!

  47. SpiceGirl says

    Not one illegal should be allowed to vote in our countries elections. This was the need of and by the dems …let all they could get come in…we heard it right out of Obama”s mouth…go vote no one will stop you…Calif. gave them ID cards with the sole purpose of there vote going democratic. 3 million they rounded up to vote… Now you have to deal with all those illegals and our new President Trump will cut your funding when you make attempts to hide the criminals. Jokes on you and all your safe haven sanctuary cities. How can you call yourselves Americans when you do not care about the safety of all Americans.

  48. JOE says

    demoRAT party=murder=RAPE=ANTI-1ST.AND 2ND.AMENDMENT=looting=burning the MF down=abortion=kkk=slavery=muslim terrorists=high taxes=poverty=fixed elections=illegitimate kids=baby killers=crack heads=welfare=illegal aliens=homosexuality=beastiality=Pedophilia,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?.

  49. soldier for liberty says

    Good by Hillary you communist bitch!

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