Princeton Gives in to Student Tantrums


After a 32-hour sit-in protest put on by student activists, Princeton University president Christopher Eisgruber announced Thursday night that the institution would begin addressing the students’ concerns. What are those concerns? Those concerns, that so deeply troubled Princeton’s black student population that they were moved to such a dramatic protest? Racial injustice? Violent bullying? Brutality from the university’s security officials?

Um, not quite.

The students are upset because Princeton’s legacy comes with a heaping helping of President Woodrow Wilson, a progressive Democrat who once held the same position Eisgruber now occupies. His name adorns the School of Public and International Affairs, and a mural of Wilson hangs in the student dining hall.

“Having to walk by buildings that have his name, having to walk by his mural, having to live in residential colleges that didn’t want our presence on campus, that’s marginalizing,” said Asanni York, a black junior. “People are hurt by that. All this matters because, at the end of the day, black people’s feelings matter just as much as any other people’s feelings matter.”

How quickly these movements deteriorate! We’ve already gone from Black Lives Matter to Black Feelings Matter. One can only assume that by next November, we’ll be down to Black Chewing Gum Matters.

Wilson could be regarded as somewhat racist, though that wasn’t anything particularly unusual for a Democrat in those days. Once elected president, he permitted his cabinet appointees to continue segregating their respective departments, though this process was already in progress before he got there.

President Eisgruber said Princeton would take the student activists seriously. “We appreciate the willingness of the students to work with us to find a way forward for them, for us and for our community,” he said. “We were able to assure them that their concerns would be raised and considered through appropriate processes.”

Princeton will now consider a proposal to remove Wilson’s name from the Public and International Affairs building, and they will also consider removing the mural. Also in the works: Better “cultural sensitivity training” for the faculty and special rooms on campus for “cultural affinity groups.”

Instead of doing any of that, Princeton would be better served to sit these students down in a “wake up and smell the coffee” room.

When there is real injustice, no one can fault any man or woman who demonstrates the courage necessary to stand against that injustice. But when the only injustice is that done to your feelings…then you are not protesting for a just cause. You are throwing a temper tantrum.

Wilson is hardly a conservative icon; his view of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as irrelevant and restricting documents that are subject to almost endless interpretation is the root of much evil in our modern federal government.

But in a 1912 campaign speech, we see that even this progressive liberal was leagues ahead of the modern Democratic Party and light-years ahead of the current Black Lives Matter movement:

I am not one of those who wish to break connection with the past; I am not one of those who wish to change for the mere sake of variety. The only men who do that are the men who want to forget something […] Change is not worthwhile unless it is improvement.

Oh, if today’s liberals only understood that, our conflict with them would not be nearly so vicious or uncompromising.

  1. Croco Dile says

    “….Wilson is hardly a conservative icon…..”

    Woodrow Wilson to businessmen before the First World War : We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.

    One task the system performed with brilliance was to sharply curtail the American entrepreneurial spirit, a mission undertaken on perfectly sensible grounds, at least from a management perspective. As long as capital investments were at the mercy of millions of self-reliant, resourceful young entrepreneurs running about with a gleam in their eye, who would commit the huge flows of capital needed to continually tool and retool the commercial/industrial/financial machine? As long as the entire population could become producers, young people were loose cannons crashing around a storm-tossed deck, threatening to destroy the corporate ship; confined, however, to employee status, they became suitable ballast upon which a dependable domestic market could be erected.

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      1. Croco Dile says

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        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Hey TROLL croco shit. You have to paste the same bullshit all the time??

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    1. Croco Dile says

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  3. MAHB001 says

    These students will never wake up and smell the coffee.. Very sad indeed.

    1. Reality Check says

      The Students DID wake UP, THAT is the issue.

      why are things so hard for you to understand?
      oh wait, conservative.

      1. MAHB001 says

        The problem is that they have not grown up…. Face it demoralized cupcake, they are just like you.,

        1. James keeling says

          Maybe like YOU…..

          1. MAHB001 says

            You think I am a demoralized cupcake???? Far from it oh brainwashed one…

            Reality check has been subjected to Ideological subversion, and is now a demoralized cupcake..

            At 2:58 in this video is what happens to demoralized cupcakes and it is not pretty.


            Phase 1: Demoralization 15-20 years (completed, lots of demoralized cupcakes out there)

            Phase 2: Destabilization 2-5 years (Destroy economy, foreign relations, Defense systems) (0bama is doing all three)

            Phase 3: Crisis 6 weeks – includes a violent change in power. (0bama is attempting to do this before he leaves office)

            Phase 4: Then Normalization which lasts indefinitely.

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Astounding!!!…They have done it! The “Useful Idiots” have won.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Not yet buddy…. They are definitely winning this battle, but evil will never win over good.

          4. Reality Check says

            well since they are not evil, your and your silly kind are screwed.

            The country is turning liberals, so sad for you neanderthals.

          5. MAHB001 says

            Is turning liberals, the same as turning Japanese.

            I really think so.

          6. John Doe says

            I would say no. They don’t have slanted eyes, nor any traits of being of Asian descent. The Japanese, and most of those of Asiatic backgrounds are hard working and have an honorable background. They (unlike most liberals) work for a living, and don’t have their hands outstretched looking for the freebies that demoncRATs always promise to give anyone in exchange for a vote. I would more liken them to the likes of flipping eggs or pancakes, although you’ve got to be very careful not to sear them too much as their brains have already been far too scrambled by the unfortunate indoctrinization educational system brought on by the likes of their predecessors (AKA) Wilson and FDR and Clinton.

          7. MAHB001 says

            The joke was a reference to this song..


            I should have put the song in the post…

          8. Beeotchstewie says

            Is more like a case of explosive diarrhea IMO.

          9. John Doe says

            RC, again, you’re mistake, if you’re calling us out as Neanderthals, if you truly believe in Darwin’s Theory of evolution, that would place you clearly as a “Proto-Neanderthal”, of which are somewhat sub-human.

          10. Reality Check says

            If you were not a Neanderthal, that statement would make sense.

          11. John Doe says

            Thanks, burp, you truly gave me a laugh you gave me a good laugh you troll.

          12. John Doe says

            MAHB001 – I admit again, I agree completely with your sentiments. I would liken it to describing the Pink Floyd song “Brain Damage”, almost a permanent disease or condition that all liberals suffer from perhaps we’ll meet on the Dark Side of the Moon !

          13. MAHB001 says

            Thank you for the kind words, and you are right.

            Brain Damage sums up liberals perfectly


          14. Beeotchstewie says

            And the worms ate into his brain.

          15. OSAMA OBAMA says

            James Kneeling….Joining the rest of the libTURD vermin infesting this site? Welcome, We’ll have a fresh pair of Depends for you and senilitychick.

          16. MAHB001 says

            It seems the demoralized cupcakes are calling in reinforcements.

          17. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Kneeling is definitely a twinkie!

          18. Beeotchstewie says

            You guys are really on point today, I am LMAO.

      2. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

        Foolish idiot!!! Why don;t you wake up!!

        1. Jarhead says

          Reality Chick the paid troll can’t wake up until he sheds that massive colon mucus covering head/eyes/ears!

      3. Rex Woodard says

        They’re so open minded, their brains all fell out! Get your head out of your butt long enough to SMELL THE COFFEE LIBTARD!

        1. petemobtv says

          The funny thing about this entire debacle is that Wilson was a wild liberal bordering on Communism. Guess they like to eat their own.

      4. Richard says

        Yes,they woke up,to the fact that we have a racist asshole for president and all they have to do is say I’m black,therefore I’m ” special”.
        Bunch of winey ass punks stuck in an ” intitlement” versus hard work mentality.

        1. winki says

          Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!!! As long as someone else is providing it they have their hands out.

          1. Beeotchstewie says

            The PC term is Gibz. Stands for “Gibz meez datz”. Gibbers?

          2. Jarhead says

            Remember that the conversion of welfare into cash is as low as 20 cents on the dollar……..which curtails the purchase of additional drugs, booze, tats, sex, vacations, and limits gambling.

          3. winki says

            That’s true and then they just whine that they need more than they are already getting so they can buy more of those drugs, booze, tats, sex, etc.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          You got it Richard. I’m going to go downtown tomorrow and scream, “I’m a lazy assed, freebie lovin porch monkey and I deserve everything for free!” Maybe if I throw in the fact that I don’t have a daddy and my mom has to deal drugs to get by, they might listen, eh?? ROFLMFAO

          1. Tony Donaldson says

            If you’re looking to get your ass kicked you can find someone closer than downtown. It’s your funeral.

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Wow! Another sissy, leftist, hand wringer, too afraid of thugs to get involved. That’s the new America.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Bring it O Mighty Mouth.

          4. Tony Donaldson says

            I’ll be raising the geese to pick the grass off a hundred graves.

      5. joseph krushnowski says

        Looks like you liberals are eating your own. As a conservative I would avoid any educational institution that is having racial disputes or preaching left wing propaganda. Since Princeton is essentially a private university, why don’t you take your money and find another school more suited to your way of thinking. I have reservations on giving common sense advice because you are at a point in life where you think you know it all. After all you attend Princeton. Keep up the good work!

        1. Reality Check says

          “Looks like you liberals are eating your own”

          Funny from the guy who supports the GOP who weem to be in a cage match to the death.

          As a conservative your only choice is a Bible Hugging institution.

          “why don’t you take your money and find another school more suited to your way of thinking’

          wow, from “zero to out to lunch” SO FAST.

          A. I am retired

          B. most universities are already liberal, so MY WAY of thinking is already MAINSTREAM.

          we are just waiting for all the old farts to die off so we can have a better world.

          1. Roger Short says

            “Bible hugging?!” Is that a bad thing? I guess I’ll let God be the judge of that. As far as the old farts dying off, I probably qualify as one of those old farts, since I’m also retired. What I’m not sure of is, are you REALLY saying that once us old farts die off, the world will be a better place?! You may actually believe that, and if you do, I truly feel sorry for you! As for me, when I die off, there WILL be a better world, but it sure won’t be the world we are now living in! Let me give you some good advice, Reality Check. It would truly be in your best interest to become familiar with the Bible, and what it says about what will happen to this world. You can choose to believe it, or not, but the smart thing to do would be to at least read it, and see what it says! I know that I sure do believe it, and will I believe God’s Word, the Holy Bible, far more than I will ever believe anything that any politician, media member, university professor, etc., has to say! You’re welcome to believe what you wish. LOL!

          2. John Doe says

            Great reply Roger, I tip my hat to you. Reality Check truly needs a check up from the neck up as Zig Ziglar used to say !

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Senilitychick has again shown his illiteracy and libTURD leanings. Good work COMRADE!

          4. joseph krushnowski says

            I was a democrat for many years. When socialism / communism started to rear its ugly head I changed to independent. I am retired also. Bible hugging? Not really. I believe in God, just not a big church goer. Some teaching of morals in school is not a bad idea. If most universities are liberal then it explains why they scorn another point view that is different from theirs. So much for tolerance and diversity. If you are retired and criticize “the old farts” then it leads me to believe that you were employed in the public sector, early retirement, pension and paid health benefits? Back to the topic. I would like to see the campus agitators at Princeton demand that the university use some of the 21+ BILLION dollars in their endowment fund to pay for free education there. Let’s see how much the liberal university believes in wealth redistribution.

          5. Reality Check says

            “When socialism / communism started to rear its ugly head”

            Oh, so I guess you have said NO to Social Security and Medicare

          6. joseph krushnowski says

            I’ve paid into SS since I was working at age 16 flipping hamburgers. I retired at age 65. Point is it is not an entitlement, I paid for it. If the government were to offer me back all the money I put into the program that would be fine with me. Medicare is pretty much a mandatory sign up. Sorry about that.

          7. Reality Check says

            AND both are Democratic SOCIALISM.

            so you see how evil socialism can be?

            you need to wake up and stop supporting the GOP who TANKED this country.

            IF your money was in Wall street, you would be 50% poorer after the 2008 crash.

            THAT is why the GOP idea of “retirement funds” is STUPID but helps wall street to the tune of BILLIONS in fees.

          8. Reality Check says

            Old farts are also a class of uber conservative who want the world to stay in 1950. that could be you?

            not public sector. Film industry.
            healthcare, yes. pension, yes

          9. joseph krushnowski says

            Not applicable. I would be happy to see a kinder, gentler society instead of hostile angry people.

          10. Reality Check says

            Well THIS blog would be one of the most overtly hostile sources of DIVISION in this country.
            AND YOU feeding IT with your Talking Points about “communism/socialism”

          11. joseph krushnowski says

            So, now we know where you are coming from. Just another liberal agitator who’s sole purpose is to settle in on a site just to irritate as many people as possible. I will ignore any more reply’s you post.

          12. Reality Check says

            just another liberal trying to save America from YOU tools of the RICH.

          13. Reality Check says

            “Let’s see how much the liberal university believes in wealth redistribution.”

            “wealth redistribution.” is a Right Wing Talking point.

            maybe you can link me to Obama espousing THAT.

            INCOME Equality is the term you can attribute to liberals.

          14. joseph krushnowski says

            Semantics is a tactic to make things more acceptable.

          15. Reality Check says

            well you cons love your word games.

            somehow Terrorists are not terrorists unless you add the words “radical Islam”.

            How dumb is THAT?

          16. Mark Lahti says

            This is not really directly related to the topic but I like to share my definition of tolerance. It’s kind of right on the money when it comes to liberals. Tolerance is the minds ability to overcome the overwhelming desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it. Enjoy…..discuss….God Bless.

          17. Reality Check says

            and then the hypocrite says God Bless.

            typical con.
            vomit up a thread of HATE and then pretend to me a man of God.

          18. Mark Lahti says

            You who claim to be retired are waiting for all the old farts to die off? Ok. That is just about par for you. Help!! I just went against my own advice and fed a troll.

          19. Reality Check says

            old farts is is also a head space dominated by CONSERVATIVES who want the US to stay in the 1950’s or earlier.

            LIKE YOU.

          20. John Doe says

            Don’t worry Mark, we all make mistakes once in awhile, but not every time we open our mouths as all libtards.

          21. John Doe says

            What in the hell are you referring to RC ? A world without freedom or liberty. Have you ever heard of the name Patrick Henry ? I can only assume you would much rather the state take care of and control you, rather than being personally responsible, and while the state is at it, they will also take care of and pay for those that have got a vacuum chamber between their ears like you. Why don’t you move to your destination, the former USSR. Bow down and serve dictators like Pukin.

        2. Tony Donaldson says

          E. E. Smith University is accepting all cry babies who need a sugar tit to get though life.

      6. worn out 123 says

        Part of the “gimmie generation” are you?

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          You’re entertaining the egos of two lil faggot trolls bud..

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Hey there you go again calling it like really is my friend. I keep telling folks to top feeding the trolls. No one listens anymore. How you been? God bless.

      7. StarRider1 says

        Wake up to what your liberal lies? Blacks have never had it so good in this country,Can you say Black President elected . you are a piece of communist shit who enjoys the fruits of my fathers and grandfathers labor and blood sacrifice. You promote lies to suit your destructive means, how long have you been on welfare or disability? Taking advantage of the system . Show your self tough guy. Stop hiding behind your wall of words.People like you are a disease to society and need a dose of good ol ass whooping of penicillin just like the ass hole at the Trump rally got. You are a domestic terrorist you are in the most free and greatest country on earth and you still complain.

        1. Reality Check says

          “Can you say Black President elected”

          Oh well , THAT must mean there is no more racism in America.

          Blacks will be thrilled to hear that.

          when are the racists going to find out?

        2. Reality Check says

          what LIES am I promoting?

          “The Students DID wake UP, THAT is the issue”.

          Oh, was that a lie? or you just mental?

        3. Reality Check says

          “how long have you been on welfare or disability”

          only the retarded Right Wing think everyone who disagrees with them are on welfare.

          I actually have never even met a person on welfare.

          I am retired after 40 years in the film industry.

          1. petemobtv says

            ooooooo, the film industry. ooooooo

      8. Mernah Krotchmeyer says

        Maybe they should have awakened before they enrolled in this school. If I choose to frequent an establishment that “hurts my feelings” I guess that would be my problem, not the school, store, church, business or whatever. I would just not go there. I don’t get why negroes think they are so special, that only their lives matter, that we white folk owe them something–welfare, food stamps, free health care (planned parenthood), housing, free education, restoration of your inner city after you destroy it yourselves–to name a few. Get off your filthy, drug induced, no baby daddy, gimme mo mo mo, po misunderstood thugster me, cop killing, lazy asses and fix what you complain so much about your miserable lives, instead of whining and getting bleeding hearts to do it for you. You expect to be treated equally, which you should, well then, start being responsible for yourselves. A lot of negroes have pride and dignity. Try it. It’s nice.

        1. Reality Check says

          I’m White, silly
          I’ve never met anyone on welfare or food stamps.

          why do con tools lie all the time?

          1. Frank Andrews says

            You don’t get out much do you.

          2. Mernah Krotchmeyer says

            I did not lie about anything. I simply made personal observations, and a clue or two on how negroes might carry on their miserable lives, and a possible solution for their maladies. Can’t hurt to try the respectable approach. Nothing else seems to work for them.

      9. John Doe says

        RC, for the umpteenth time, please pull the manhole cover back over the sewer in which you dwell within.

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      1. Croco Dile says

        Minnie (this is definitely not your real name), the “company” you advertise for is just hunting gullible people for the $68 entrance fee. There is nothing else behind it.

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        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Ahhhh, two asshole trolls on at one time. Unreality chick and croco shit!! HAHAHAHA

      2. Michael Dennewitz says


    3. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Yeah they will, Starbuck’s swill!

    4. pmbalele says

      I guest you did not read what I have just posted today. People should be aware discrimination against Blacks is not confined with police force; but also is is engraved in the minds of some
      old government hiring officials and court judges. Some old judges still do not believe Blacks are regular human beings with all feelings and can be as smart as them. Watch out when such judges write their decisions. They will omit evidence that favor Blacks and replace them with completely
      unrelated evidence or lies. So far I have caught 4 judicial officials. I am planning to report them to regulators. I will keep you informed. In fact I know they are following me on this site. I do not care.

    5. Beeotchstewie says

      Students doesn’t do the rest of those paying their tuition justice. Freeloaders, whiners, racists I am OK with.

  4. MAHB001 says

    Lets ban all Wilson’s…… No more Dennis the Menace cartoons either.

    1. Eula Katz says

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      1. Croco Dile says

        Eula (if this is a real name), this “company” you advertise for is just hunting gullible people for the $68 entrance fee. There is nothing else behind it.

        Why don’t you engage in a business to earn real money ?

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          No shit, croco shit. You’ve said that before TROLL !!

    2. Rex Woodard says

      And that dam soccer ball from Castaway – ban it!

      1. MAHB001 says

        Especially that Wilson…

  5. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    The “Black lives matter” group are lucky to be attending such a fine and revered institution! SHUT UP AND LEARN SOMETHINGT!!!

    1. nonleftist says

      They should have know if they were taught something that Wilson was a progressive prick and all the progressives like hitlery idolized him. Hitler and the Nazis’ propaganda machine took his ideas and used them to indoctrinate the German public…HELLO PEOPLE, you wonder why the progressives are involved in the radical environmental movements pushing gloBULL warming and every other leftist crap. Ever wonder why all these democrat racists like Harry Reid, Bill Clinton and ROBERT BYRD(former 30+ year member of the KKK )can get away with racist statements and twist it too look like it is the republicans(or anybody who disagrees with them) that are the fools and racists’. They are fools for letting them get away with this propaganda bullshit to 100 years too LONG.
      Republicans should use this as a learning and TEACHING moment finally and it was given to them by unlikely subjects who were indoctrinated to follow the democratic progressive way of thinking.

      That stupid MSNBC Joe Scarborough(what ever is his name) is pushing the leftist crap all the time and now all of a sudden he’s telling Princeton to stand their ground.Every thing that Wilson has done to formant the progressive movement into the American psyche and into a generation of indoctrination.

      I hope someone with a microphone will jump on this and ride it to victory. It’s 100 years in the making. Cruz,Trump…..

      Woodrow Wilson has done more damage to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights than any other person. You people who support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights SHOULD KNOW BETTER,GEEZ open the shades and let the light in.

      1. nonleftist says

        Sorry for the poor english, i’m just irritated with some supposed conservatives.

        1. abobinmn says

          Poor English is you. I’ve seen your foolish comments before.

          1. nonleftist says

            You might not like the comment,but you can’t say it’s not true. Wilson’s was a racist,propagandist,elitist and progressive jerk. Do a little reading about history.

          2. petemobtv says

            Oh, who gives a $#!t !

          3. joe says

            Pleasing to be remove youself yes for perhaps you think not very well to be sure

        2. OSAMA OBAMA says

          I no longer apologize. Screw the libTURD scum destroying a once great nation.

      2. abobinmn says

        Bullshit fool! Obama has done more damage to the Constitution than anybody.

        1. alphinostrum says

          or rather, the Constitution is still ok….it’s himself he has damaged….beyond repair. It’s a pity too….he’s the first of his kind, and with a “legacy” like his, likely, will be the last.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Yup! Our first woman president!

          2. Laurence Almand says

            That will be Hillary Hitler – and she will make an even worse mess than Obama has done.

          3. John Doe says

            I dont know if thats possible

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Ohussein is our first woman president. Time for a man to stand up to these student slimewads, libTURDS and P.C. maggots.

          5. Tony Donaldson says

            Yep! Valerie Jarrett

          6. Beeotchstewie says

            Long live Val Jazeera!

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Can I use that??

          8. Beeotchstewie says

            Hell yes, feel free to.

        2. NativeAmericanMan says

          No SIR! YOU are wrong! Wilson is the one that opened the door for all the “Progressives muck.” He wrote HIS version of US History and got it adopted as the new official version (he who wright the history wins?) He got the Federal baking system started, and worst of all got the way US Senators are elected changed, and there by destroyed the balance of powers in government. The States no longer have anyone to represent their interest, now Senators represent their party’s interest and there is no effective means to have them recalled when they fail to do their job.Obummer just built on Wilson’s coattail.

          1. muskat antonopolis says

            wow..i am impressed with the history buffs who are posting here….hardly anyone
            of this current college age group even knows re Pres. Wilson and his agenda…
            most comments are on the scale of…duh..obumma sucks….or something equally
            unintelligent…SO speak on all of you intelligent ones and…..say nay to the brainless
            dizzies and their questionable comments….say on…

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Ohussein is our first woman president. Time for a man to stand up to these student slimewads, libTURDS and P.C. maggots.!

          3. cvxxx says

            Actually it was Wilson’s wife! She held power in his name, but really ran the country.

          4. chelseachablis says

            HERE HERE!!!

          5. John Doe says

            Sad, but true!

          6. Phoebe Isley says

            Who cares…what is missing is the point that Mr. Wilson was and will always be a president of the US of A PERIOD! We learn from our past to try and not repeat in the future correct? Obama (though he is worthless to me) will always be a president of the US of A. We most definitely must learn not to repeat all his mistakes but it doesn’t change history correct? These spoiled brats need to shut up go to school learn our history whether they agree with it or not because they CAN NOT change the past and then LEARN from it not try to ban it. Talk about a bunch of spoiled entitled thinking morons. Princeton WAKE UP and let’s add AMERICA WAKE UP! Enough of this whining little brats trying to pretend or think they are in lala land. This is reality so get real and GET RIGHT!

          7. chelseachablis says

            Truer words have never been spoken sir.

        3. nonleftist says

          And he’s following Wilson’s social progressive agenda to control YOU FOOL.

        4. Beeotchstewie says

          He follows only the Koran and you know that.

      3. maxx says

        Except for maybe FDR?

      4. BoTexan says

        if the republicans continue to try to bend their principles(promise more giveaways) to attract black voters, they will continue to lose elections, because they turn off/frustrate real republicans who then don’t vote and the blacks will continue to vote 97% democrat. learn a lesson republicans ignor the blacks.

        1. nonleftist says

          I don’t want them to give them anything,I would like them to teach them something they should have learned already about the progressive party. I wouldn’t give into their demands,but I surely wouldn’t let this opportunity slip buy without teaching them about the the root cause of the problem.

    2. Alan Connors says

      They already know all there is to know: White people are evil. What else is there?

      1. StarRider1 says

        If white people are so evil then why did they free you from slavery that your own people put you and to this day in africa continiues.

        1. Alan Connors says

          It’s too easily forgotten that slavery has been a fact of life throughout human history. White people in general shouldn’t be demonized for the fact that A FEW
          white people in the 1700’s and 1800’s took black people for slaves. Not only that, but there were almost as many BLACK slave owners at the time of the Civil War as there were white slave owners. And if it weren’t for a lot of WHITE people in the Republican Party in the years leading up to the Civil War, black people would still be slaves today. Jim Crow laws, the KKK? That all came from the Democratic Party.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            I firmly agree with all you have written here and do not want to be labeled a grammar or spelling police. However, the word democratic implies they adhere to a democratic process. They don’t deserve that implied dignity. They are the democrat party. Sorry if this comes across as egotistical or anything but the distinction is important. God bless and keep up the good fight.

          2. Alan Connors says

            Good point.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Thank you

          4. PatriotGal says

            Mark, you are right – it is not the Democratic Party; it is the Democrat Party.

          5. StarRider1 says

            I always refer to them as the demonic party

          6. Mark Lahti says

            That works too.

          7. Beeotchstewie says

            Democrappers, that is all they contribute to the betterment of this nation, CRAP.

          8. Drake Travis says

            they butcher babies and sell parts in secret, they hate God, they destroy families, and economies, they are swilling drunks, thieves, communists, they demoralize our military, they are philanderers, liars. Hmmm, Demonic Party actually fits!

          9. Jarhead says

            DemonicRATS also works well for those poor souls drenched in colon mucus.
            (AKA: Liberal-TARDS)

          10. Francie26 says

            And getting rid of them is due to republicans.

          11. Gregg the voice of reason says

            You are correct Alan .
            Allow me to add some more information.
            The NRA was formed to protect the slaves at the time the KKK were killing innocent blacks , Not well known.
            Democrats were the KKK

            Also slavery in America began in Africa , when two tribes went to war with each other they took prisoners (slaves) .
            The prisoners were sold to white men who came across the Atlantic to be sold here .
            One more thing there has been slavery from back in the Roman and Greek empires.
            Doesn’t make it right but it happened

            Today there are no living slave owners , it happened long time ago.
            I am a Christian , should I hold somebody accountable for my ancestors being fed to the lions for entertainment.

            Why don’t we come together to fight the real enemy to use all .
            Islamic terrorists

          12. Alan Connors says

            It’s also been documented that the KKK was not only in the business of terrorizing and killing blacks, but also into killing Republicans who were protecting blacks legislatively, especially on the state and local level. It’s amazing that so many blacks are so ignorant of the history of the Democrats and vote for them with such regularity.

          13. BoTexan says

            they will vote for and support anyone who will give them a free ride. as a democrat who successfully ran for a county wide office several times in the 80s & 90s I saw black votes bought with cash, wine, beer and dope, this was common place. also saw many dead people voted. the democrats have done this for years (LBJ admitted 212 dead people provided his margin of victory in his first election) and continue to do it this day. why do you think they fight voter id laws?

          14. Alan Connors says

            You’d think by now they’d see the stupidity of voting for the Demonic Party, free ride or not. For them, it’s been a free ride backwards.

          15. BoTexan says

            most of them don’t have a clue which way they are going.

          16. Alan Connors says


          17. Beeotchstewie says

            Anywhere but work?

          18. Beeotchstewie says

            To hear them lie, it is because proving your eligibility and you are who you say you are is “rayciss” white privilege.

          19. Beeotchstewie says

            They vote for entitlements, whoever they think will give them the most and ask for nothing but multiple votes in return.

          20. Alan Connors says

            Some interesting statistics I might add to all this:
            Under Democrats, black unemployment, black crime, black incarceration rates, black dropout rates, and black welfare rates have risen.
            Blacks have made up about 52.5 percent of homicide offenders since 1980.
            Young black men are more likely to commit violent crime than young white men by more than a 5 to 1 margin.
            70 to 75 of murders in NYC, Chicago, Milwaukee, and other Democrat strongholds are committed by black suspects.
            Black abortion rates have always been high.
            Blacks are more likely to die at the hands of another black person than they are for any other reason.
            There are others, but you get the picture. This is what they get for pledging their allegiance to the Party from Hell.

          21. Beeotchstewie says

            They vote themselves into a life as dependent spoiled victims by supporting those who have a vested interest in keeping them down and dependent. How stupid is that?

          22. Alan Connors says

            I agree. And I’ve said so time and time again. And it’s because of the lies that the Demonics tell them, that they are the ones looking out for the poor and black people.

          23. Jarhead says

            “And you will not be turned away if you do not have proper identification”
            Printed comment by SW FL County before last election.
            Must assume the dead can also vote… in Texas?

          24. Drake Travis says

            the KKK hated abolitionists even more that black people. Whites were executed on the spot in the forest if they were trying to free a black man. The black man was nursed and taken back to the plantation. Beaten? yes, but allowed to live. The white abolitionist had already seen his last sunset.

          25. BoTexan says

            the tribes in Africa sold their captives to mostly black ship captains(pirates) who brought them to Haiti, cuba, porta rico, and Jamaica where whites and blacks bought them for laborers in the sugar and cotton farms. this is still going on today in Africa, but they are being sold to muslims in the middle east, in fact there are more people being sold into slavery today than in the past. why don’t the black lives matter in Africa????? the ivy league schools have been and still are full of progressives(communists) who are not proud of this country but want to get rich off her!!!!!!!

          26. Alan Connors says

            Why don’t black lives matter in Africa? Because it’s a big political issue over here and the regressive lib-idiots can milk the sympathetic liberal press for all they can get out of it.

          27. Gregg the voice of reason says

            Thank you Bo for the correction and clarification ,I stand corrected.
            You are right , I guess in the motherland Black lives don’t matter and Muslims have a pass.
            Sounds like Obimma policy

          28. John Doe says

            BoTexan, I’m always up for a correction, but the way I’ve understood history, was that it was the muslim’s off the coast of Tripoli, Libya that were the original slave traders of the day, look at the Barbary Coast Wars, brought on by Thomas Jefferson, who was sick and tired of having the sailors on our tradings ships captured off that coast, and being held for ransom, no different than Isis, Always looking for a freebie handout !

          29. kmdilli says

            Sorry Bo, I just got so upset that I stopped reading and spewed.

          30. kmdilli says

            Now I’m talking to myself- like I said, I got really fired up and I apologize if I’m responding to the wrong posters.

          31. Drake Travis says

            Bo, you way to go!

          32. Jarhead says

            Under age sex slaves make up a large portion of the Mexican Mafia’s yearly 150 Billion income. Gee wiz is that why the Mexican Guv-mint wants an open border?

          33. kmdilli says

            WOAH! I agree that “perhaps” there are no longer living slave owners in USA- at least white or black AMERICAN born slave owners.
            HOWEVER there are far too many “slave owners” that are allowed to come here with their…household help (?) in tow that never are allowed to see the light of day outside the home they are “given to, bought into, indentured servants to”, call it what you will. Are they not SLAVES?
            We don’t read their stories often but if you pay attention it’s still happening HERE in USA with OUR government condoning it (mostly Arabs from my personal research) but slave ownership is widely accepted all over the world.
            I wonder why BLM has no interest in all of that. Because most aren’t what they consider “black enough”?

          34. StarRider1 says

            That’s some what true , how ever there are still black and white and brown slaves being sold in all Muslim country’s most are woman but the majority are African. These are the facts BLM wont touch because it wont fit there gimme more for free narrative.

          35. Jay says

            Yes Gregg, when you allow this country to import and be over taken by Musslimes for the pure sake of kindness, getting along, and saying they will change and become like “us Americans” in culture and belief – – – then my friend YOU AND I will be one of those being thrown to the Lions. Except It will be simple beheading and have a stake rammed up you from the bottom. Get ready for that fight my friend.

          36. Gregg the voice of reason says

            Jay I’m ready my friend .
            Lock and Load
            Molon Labe

          37. BoTexan says

            blacks were the best treated immigrants to come to the US, compared to the irish, polls, whoops & pilgrims they were provided with nothing—– the blacks were provided a home, food, protection, and a job. none of them starved to death and 99% were treated as any valuable asset would be treated, very well. when they were freed 85% stayed on the plantations for generations and loved their owners.

          38. Alan Connors says

            That’s true, and if that’s their choice, then so be it. Personally, I’d rather have the freedom to determine my own course in life, for better or worse, and not be dependent on somebody else.

          39. Jay says

            Bo That is correct, some of my distant family, grandfathers, great-grandfathers had black people who were officially freed back during the time. Some of their families, Much later lived across and down the road apiece from me… They still respected my family and would do anything for us. Even in the 1940 and 1950’s. I even favored them with work through a company which I was employed. Some of these do-good’ers, complainers need to remember “they could have been left – and still be over in Africa” – today, enjoying their cu zine.

          40. ConservativeSenior says

            Good heavens. Don’t confuse the morons with facts. It will damage their self-image of victimhood.

          41. Alan Connors says

            Yeah, reality would be a bitch for ’em. They’d be in over their head from the word go. They couldn’t handle it if something worthwhile was actually expected from them in life.

          42. Drake Travis says

            Alan, you rock it! You KNOW exactly the real story. Love to not be speaking this by myself! Thank you brother.

        2. Rosie46 says

          And why do you accept the welfare and handouts that their income taxes pay because they work to support your sorry, lazy butts.

        3. rayhause says

          StarRider, they don’t know the history of slavery and that it was their own black race gathered them up from their villages in Africa and sold them into slavery. Very similar to the current administration, it is easy to blame others for their own incompetence and ignorance.

          1. BoTexan says

            it is still going on today, muslims in mid east are buying them more now than back then!

        4. John Doe says

          If I’m not mistaken, it was blacks selling blacks into the early slave trad for cheap labor. What do you think caused the Barbary Wars off the coast of Tripoli, Libya ? Thomas Jefferson created the Marines as a direct result of muslime pirates from taking over ships, capturing their crews of sailors that traveled the west coast of Africa, then asking for ransom money, no different than ISIS. They were the ones that started the slave trade selling blacks to other countries as cheap labor, no different that ISIS/ISIL (whatever the name they call themselves). It’s no surprise that Oslama has people on his staff that work for both ABC and CBS. All paid for liberal networks.

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        1. rocky says

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        2. joe says

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    4. petemobtv says

      They are only there because they are black. Academically, they could never cut it. They are nothing but QUOTAS!

      1. michael t says

        Interesting.. if this is really true, then the Prof should point it out to his precious little snowflakes

        1. psych warfare says

          The Prof doesn’t have to point them out….It’s obvious……Just ask the skanks named Tonya….

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  6. Bobtrhn says

    You might as well close the damn school down. These idiots aren’t there to learn a damn thing other than the fact of them getting away with all they want because of a black ass idiot we have for president.

    1. DenverKitty says

      Bob…a particularly astute observation!

      1. Bobtrhn says

        I’m sure I’m not the only one with those thoughts. Thank you.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Agreed! Feel exactly the same, sick of their whining and complete lack of personal responsibility, and their blatant racist behavior. They cannot seem to get to the truth, LBJ was right the whole time.

          1. Bobtrhn says

            I’d love to give them all a reason to have a tantrum.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            All you have to do to piss any liberal off is tell them the truth. They cannot accept it.

          3. Bobtrhn says

            lol. Yep you have that right. But it’s so much fun to piss them off and so easy to do. It’s almost boring and there’s no challenge.

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            Like trying to converse with reality check, hopeless.

          5. Bobtrhn says

            Yep that’s impossible.

          6. Jarhead says

            They call it “Hate Speech”……..which is not easy for Liberal-TARDS to do considering the colon mucus their words must travel thru?

    2. Tony Donaldson says

      They want a free education. They don’t want to pay for it. I say expel the rabble rousers. Don’t give an inch. They are expected to produce something besides useless noise.

      1. Bobtrhn says

        They can all go back to Kenya with Obama and produce more apes.

        1. John Doe says

          Granted, you gave me a great belly laugh, but I would say you’re disgracing the animal kingdom.

          1. Bobtrhn says

            Now those are true words John Doe.

    3. MAHB001 says

      Home school your children now…

      1. Bobtrhn says

        You have that right. We really need to get this guy out of our house.

    4. Jarhead says

      Time to protest… time to study the 4 R’s…….duh!

  7. James Maxwell says

    Sad to see an “education” opportunity wasted on those who are not smart enough to wake up and smell
    the coffee. If you want people to respect you, the first thing is you must learn to respect yourself and
    and not hope for a riot or a group of idiots to gather round and make an ass of themselves. Learn to
    stand on your own two fee and achieve your goals by hard work and not hand outs or welfare. I know
    many disadvantaged people who have worked long and hard to get past their background to become
    respected peopl3e in their community and become leaders of men and women. They did not have to
    whine and cry about how bad they were treated but proved that they were worthy of respect of others
    by their actions. Princeton like most bastions of the idiot left claim to be “educated” but their action
    prove otherwise. For the money they charge for admissions the student are being cheated and it is
    doubtful whether they will ever be able to go into the real world and survive without welfare of some type.

  8. James in Texas says

    This young Black lady does not want equality, she is demanding that only “Black feelings Matter” and that all others must now cow-tow to them! As the truth is that most of the monies provided to the “betterment” of minorities, the time may come when all of us “underlings who are not Black” may decide to just stop providing for these funds. Then, they can have what they want. I’m quite sure that the few “All-Black Colleges and Universities” can provide free educations to them without cost to themselves, without the funding provided by the “rest of us”! Most of the White Americans want nothing less than equality, and that also includes “Us”! Bye the way, equality does not include feeling sorry for your hurt feelings!

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      “may decide to just stop providing for these funds”…except the IRS will provide for them..We must elect a new leadership, a new way of thinking, a new America.

  9. Patriot1955 says

    If they want to run it and make the rules they can get off there asses go to work and buy it.

  10. Patriot1955 says

    They should start playing the lottery because no one wants to hire a dumb ass.

  11. jdbixii says

    No one asks blacks to cease to remember (since there is no one alive who experienced it personally) slavery before the Emancipation Proclamation of the Civil War era, an time in history of 150-plus years ago. History WAS what it WAS. While eliminating it from the textbooks of history may provide the desired ignorance of it, it will not change HISTORY. What is needed is a good course in logic, cause- and-effect logic. Fifty plus years ago, it was taught as a part of Philosophy 101.

    1. James keeling says

      They are just looking for another government free ride. Cut the entitlements of school..and watch the difference.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Burnice Sanders has promised them free college, not to educate, but to indoctrinate…..

        “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
        along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”―
        Karl Marx

  12. Roger Short says

    To say that it wasn’t unusual for Democrats to be “somewhat racist” is like saying that it wan’t unusual for Hitler to have Jews killed! If you know the history of this country, which most people who vote Democrat do not, you know that the Dems were horribly racist and discriminating against the blacks in this country, particularly in the south, for many years!

  13. BlackBeaver says


  14. WuDanFu says

    All of these things were in place before they chose to attend, maybe they should have gone somewhere else. I’m no fan of Wilson, I believe he set the course to destroy this country, but I could ignore this petty bullshit for the opportunity to attend this university.

  15. Austinniceguy says

    Once upon a time these were known as institutions of higher learning where the students ACTUALLY LEARNED SOMETHING TANGIBLE!!! Now they have deteriorated into indoctrination centers for the left. These young people have no idea what they are getting themselves and this country into. I have always suggested that they move overseas to see what happens when you lean that far left. I know one family whose son thought socialism was a great idea UNTIL they cut him off financially so they could redistribute what would have gone to him, among strangers. He threw huge tantrums and even threatened to sue them until he learned that they are able to do what they choose with THEIR money. When they dealt him some seriously tough love he decided that capitalism was more in line with his way of living, after all. These young people need to be given a huge dose of reality before they can decide how they REALLY want to live. We have a history that cannot and should not be erased.

  16. JOE says


  17. carmelboy says

    Expel these sniveling morons. Enough with catering to Black card manipulation. The pity party is over….how privledged these idiots are to be accepted ti Princeton!

  18. alphinostrum says

    —-“In My Day”, they would have ask you to go home for the rest of the semester for behaving like that!

  19. CUZIN ERN says

    Be in it black/white /a rain bow; if a muslim, all can be re-radicalized with spiitting number of others so, don’t ever for get it as it will be your road to the future…..

  20. imbog says

    No more black cars- I feel demeaned and can not sleep nights. I feel all of you should do what i want because I want it====Sound familiar ?

    1. Reality Check says

      NO sounds really silly.

      renaming buildings that are named after people who were racists is really not that big a deal.

      It’s a wonder why you cons even care.
      desperation perhaps?

      Why no article about how the TPP is going to end America?

      Right Wing does not seem upset about that.
      THIS is much more important.

      1. imbog says

        You can not change history wither it is to your liking or not. I don;t like a lot of things that happened but they are part of history and should stay as history for the generations that follow.

        1. Reality Check says

          changing the name of a building hardly erases history, silly con

  21. junkmailbin says

    Liberals will fold like rice paper wen stood up to.
    Nice photo of the Racist in Chief W.Wilson

    1. Reality Check says

      The Founding Fathers didn’t fold.

      You don’t know liberals too well.(like most conservatives)

  22. Bob McMahan says

    For me, this has to be seen in the context of a general attack on our culture and traditions. Our elites no longer seem to have a commitment to defending the ideas that informed the founding and development of our nation. One might hope that the board of governors of Princeton might remove this twit from his office. But then, the members if that board are no doubt also members of that same useless elite.

  23. winki says

    PEOPLE!!! You need to Get Over Yourselves!!! Why don’t you worry about getting an education while you’re there instead of whose name is on a building or picture is on a wall? Move on!!!

    1. Reality Check says

      It’s kind of down the same logic path that gives us no building named after Adolf Hitler.

      It just takes longer to get to the people of lesser offenses, but eventually history cleans things up.

      GW Bush bldgs are already hard to find.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        HA HA HA!!! Ocumstain’s buildings are where people will have bowel movements and, or, have homosexual sex.!

        1. Jarhead says

          Don’t forget those Chicago Gay Bath Houses where 0 has his own Peter Pan.

  24. tom cook says

    Time for this nation’s white majority to man-up and tell blacks that they really don’t matter that much: contributions to humanity by blacks the world over are so minimal as to be nonexistant. They are free-loading parasites on the backs of intelligent people who work–whites.

    1. Reality Check says

      unfortunately for Tom, they CAN VOTE.

      “contributions to humanity by blacks the world over are so minimal as to be nonexistant”

      I can see you’re a top notch racist on top of a low info American.

      AND then pretend there is no racism problem in America.

      Guess what Tom, Jesus was not a White guy.
      darker skinned than Obama, that’s for sure.

  25. andrew says

    This is a gi-normous crock of raw sewage… It likens to the story that some muslims complained about a man using his name in his email address. Their gripe ??? The mans’ name is Callahan.
    Er… exkeeyoose me…. islam, the respectable IRISH NAME of Callahan has been around FAR longer than your concept of islam, your “allah”, or your perverted moohammad.

    You asshats are in college to learn something…. STFU and do it !!!

  26. gerald Hughes says

    There is quite an obvious solution to all of this.
    Close the Federal department of education, cease all student loans, when they have to work to pay tuition, they won’t have time for this nonsense..
    In the meantime, Princeton joins Missouri in the circle file list.
    I subscribe to a service that rates colleges and universities from the standpoint of a prospective employer.
    Princeton and Missouri have just joined the, “throw resume in the circle file, when you see these names on them”, list.

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Hughes for President 2016!!

      1. gerald Hughes says

        Thank you, vote for me, upon being elected, I will rescind all of Obama’s exec orders the first day.
        The second day, I will disestablish the Department of Education, the Energy Department and the EPA.
        Then at the end of the week, I will resign in favor of my VP Ted Cruz.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Hughes for President 2016!!Hughes for President 2016!!Hughes for President 2016!!Hughes for President 2016!!

  27. melmack 1 says

    They will NEVER learn anything except if we YELL and SCREAM and DESTROY and STEAL whitey will give in to our demands…we do not need education…

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      True, but the hilarious thing is: In Ferguson, the stupid assed Velcro heads vandalized and DESTROYED THEIR OWN BUSINESSES

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        They stupidly did the same in the Watts riots….LMAO!

  28. Randy Daniels says

    these poor cry baby kids at all these schools protesting are never going to make it in the real world IF they ever make it out of school.Their feelings got hurt, they want safe zones, flags offend them and are racist. Blame the parents for raising week minded kids then blame the schools for not standing up to them and their stupid demands and for not telling them to get their asses back to class or they will be kicked out of the school making room for kids who want to learn!

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Excellent!, However, they will make it as our turds in Gov’t. have instilled “affirmative action”, “equal opportunity” dumbed down testing, scoring, requirements for employment. It’s called, LOL, LMAO, progress.

  29. James keeling says

    Another spineless College Pres. Get a job students and shug up! You can have your setin in a 3×5 cell…all you want

  30. Michael Dennewitz says

    I said some time ago that there has to be a reason why a person feels the way he does, and this is a clear example. These poor, little, mistreated, freebie lovin blacks keep cramming this shit down the throats of the white boy and it’s no damned wonder that racism exists. I know, I’m fed up with their pu___Y whipped attitudes, and it’s changed my feelings about them drastically in just the last 2 or 3 years!!

    1. Reality Check says

      because now you are a brain washed old man.
      several years ago you still were able to think for yourself.

      now all you do is post Right Wing talking points and wonder why your always WRONG.

  31. N.McDaniel says

    Anarchy! They are even “dry behind the ears yet”!! Example of academic incompetence!!

  32. Penny Fuentes says

    Princeton should publish a notice that it is not a protest haven but an institution of learning and those who are not in their class within the hour forfeit their “privilege” not right, of being a student. End of discussion, stop kissing these useful idiots behinds.

  33. wabbitno2 says

    Thanks to Obozo the blacks can do just about anything and get away with it. Think of what would happen if there was a Christian/white group of people doing this kind of crap, the re-actions would be so very different. The white would be expelled and further actions would be taken, that I am sure of. I am sick and tired of this BLM group and those that join in with them, they should go to Africa and see how they live there, oh wait, sorry, they don’t know where Africa is. If they did any research on slavery they would find out that their own blacks sold blacks into slavery, the whites were stupid enough to purchase back in the day. These blacks are raised from childhood to hate the white people, that they have been so poorly treated but the sad part is that at least 90% of these people weren’t even born when the slaves were being purchased and yes, mistreated. BLM and other groups like the Black Panther just keep this crap going and Obozo has done nothing to stop it, in fact he has given them the go-ahead. We are more divided now than we were seven years ago and that is truly sad. Obozo built this and he owns it, PERIOD

    1. Reality Check says

      “We are more divided now than we were seven years ago and that is truly sad”

      BECAUSE all you cons do is BITCH and WHINE about MADE UP bullshit.

      “but the sad part is that at least 90% of these people weren’t even born when the slaves were being purchased”

      are you REALLY so friggin dim as to think ANYONE ALIVE born during the years of slavery?

      if your this challenged, I guess the rest of your vomit is equally stupid.

  34. l.bell says

    Wake up “educators” these are “students” they are there to be educated by you which means that you are in charge. They know nothing that is why they are there .GET IT? It’s time to take charge tell the little brats to sit down face forward and shut up and pay attention.Then if they still want to be disruptive tell them to get the f### out and don’t let the door hit you on your way out. And don’t come back. Then black list them from any further loans for school and black list them from college any college period.

  35. william russell says

    Hey just think the black lives matter africians americans are on a free full scholarship at they are given to them by hard working white people. They are never satisfied and want more. It is about time the white people pull their kids out of this college and send them some place else because companies are not going to hire liberal students for thier businesses..

    1. Reality Check says

      Oh william, such a shallow human.

      I love the way you fools think you are the only ones who pay taxes.

      ” because companies are not going to hire liberal students”

      such mind numbing silly fantasies you conservatives have.

  36. MARYSWEET says

    These so called black protesters are being paid to complain about something that I’ll bet they never even noticed although walking by them every day until it was brought to their attention. This is all the liberals just trying to get rid of the history of our country, good and bad, when we should be learning from history instead of blindly listening to these liberals who have closed minds to anything except what their twisted minds want to believe and force it on everyone else.

    1. Reality Check says

      “These so called black protesters are being paid to complain about something”

      Mary ALWAYS say the most stupid shit.

      tell us Mary where you got that idea?

      you think black youth can’t come up with their own ideas?

      how does one become such an ignorant human?

      “we should be learning from history”
      BUT MARY,
      history tells us that the GOP Imploded the global economy and let 60,000 factories LEAVE the country.

      WHY would you want to do that again?
      did you not learn anything from History?

  37. Reality Check says

    “Extremist Christian Protesters At DePauw University Cause Outrage With Members Of The Student Body”

    OMG when are students going to just go to school to learn?
    You cant trust those Christian students.

    ALWAYS getting in the face of “normal kids” with their Religious AGENDA.

    They should have ALL their benefits removed and kicked out of school.
    (just like all you cons have called for below)

  38. Jjb54 says

    Well Princeton just showed they have NO backbone – bend to the will of a minority and have surrendered any dignity that they had. They caved to a bunch of BULLIES … so much for the Anti-Bully Movement.

  39. jdamsforall says

    These people are nothing but poster children for Obama’s terrorist regime….give us everything we demand or we will start killing white people, they are useless criminal elements, who deserve what is coming their way….war is coming to this nation and it is Divine judgment for exactly this type of wickedness, from mlk,and civil rights, gay,lesbian, rights, abortion (genocide) to Ferguson and Baltimore, blood is going to flow Obama and his homosexual ,communist,fascist minions are going to be destroyed, first in these churches, then in the political arena

  40. 7papa7 says

    Isn’t it nice to see what a bunch of wusses are running these schools. If they had a backbone they would have called in the police, arrested them for trespassing and expelled them from the school. It makes me want to puke when the inmates are running the institution.

  41. SouthernPatriot says

    All Democrats I have ever known were racists. Some openly like those who started the KKK and those who murdered 70 – 150 duly elected black Republican representatives in Colfax, LA and through their White League and the organization that was spawned by it, the KKK helped to terrorize all people who did not look like them. But many more Democrat racists were “closet” racists, elected in the past several decades but even when they hired blacks to their campaign and governing offices, found fault in all and complained about all, especially black women in their private conversations.

    But stupid and gullible African-Americans continue to vote the complete Democrat ticket, without even considered the character and what these candidates even stand for when they vote for them.

    1. Reality Check says

      another TRUD pretending there are conservatives in the Democratic party

      CONSERVATIVES are in the KKK

      CONSERVATIVES murdered people in Colfax.

      what party they belong to in 1950 is hardly relevant to anyone not being DISINGENUOUS

  42. Sgt. York says

    Expell those riotors or just shut the place down

  43. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Folks, our tax dollars are funding these puke factories! Burnice Sanders wants to make these colleges free to the entitled pigs we have spawned. These tar babies will demand Obama, Malcolm X, or Bill Cosby’s portraits replace a presidents. How Progressive.

    1. Reality Check says

      ” tour tax dollars are funding these puke factories!”

      IDIOT, Princeton is a private school.

      I know paying attention is hard for the con but this is just you being more stupid than usual.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Your cut and paste is, of course, WRONG, Senilitychick! But, the sad facts are…”Washington, D.C. – Taxpayer subsidies that cover the operating
        costs of most colleges and universities ranges from around $8,000 to
        more than $100,000 for each bachelor’s degree awarded, with most public
        institutions averaging more than $60,000 per degree, according to an
        analysis by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and Nexus
        Research and Policy Center (Nexus).”
        I know that paying attention to FACTS or anything for that matter, is not yours or any TURDS usual function!

    2. Reality Check says

      “Burnice Sanders wants to make these colleges free to the entitled pigs we have spawned.”

      State colleges you moron.
      PUBLIC colleges, LOW INFO con.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Washington, D.C. – Taxpayer subsidies that cover the operating
        costs of most colleges and universities ranges from around $8,000 to
        more than $100,000 for each bachelor’s degree awarded, with most public
        institutions averaging more than $60,000 per degree, according to an
        analysis by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and Nexus
        Research and Policy Center (Nexus)”.
        Imbicilechick Low life turd burglar!

  44. Jackie says

    Obviously President Eisgruber has no ba–s! According to a report: “The average Math and English grades show a marked difference in the performance of whites and Asians as compared to that of blacks and Latinos, with almost a full letter grade difference in English. On a 4.0 scale, average English grades were 3.0 for whites, 3.0 for Asians, 2.4 for Latinos, and 2.1 for blacks, for an overall average of 2.9. Average Math grades were 2.9 for whites, 2.9 for Asians, 2.4 for Latinos, and 2.2 for blacks, for an overall average of 2.8.” Need we say more????

    1. Reality Check says

      Gee Jackie, feeling threatened by the blacks?

      feel the need to put them down?

      do you have any stats for silly conservatives?
      probably lower than blacks.
      you all seem to be shy a loaf or two.

      1. Jackie says

        Not at all. And the stats are from Princeton University.

        1. Reality Check says

          nice link

  45. mary griffin says

    Did Wilson family leave a bunch of money for the college. If you remove his name from the buildings, take down his picture. Then gave back the families money.

  46. mjhiggs says

    Parents usually learn that if you give in to a whiny a$$ed toddler you create a whiny a$$ed monster. Likewise if you give in to these whiny a$$ed students, you create a monster. What next? Do they protest that in the cafeteria the salt is white or the pepper black?

  47. 0331Tap says

    Learning isn’t about learning…More brats at an Ivey league school just making noise…There are poor folks ,young adults that would give anything for that education…Maybe if people stopped giving so much money to these schools , just to get there name on a brick or toilet seat real learning may occur …

  48. Laurence Almand says

    Another example of cowardly kowtowing to agitators. Is there no end to this nonsense? The reason these students engage in such fusses is because they know the administrators – do-nothing effete intellectuals – will back down and let them get away with it.
    Keep in mind that many of these “students” are low-scoring brats who were allowed in the school simply because they are black, not because of their qualifications or intelligence.

  49. StarRider1 says

    Parents should pull there kids out of these prestigious schools and put them in community colleges that are not controlled by left wing nut cases. Only when these colleges lose money will they pay attention. BLM was started on a false hood and no statistic supports there theory’s of racism in America. The fact is 83% of whites killed by guns are killed by blacks. And a whopping 97% of blacks killed by guns are killed by other blacks. Those are the stats from a black presidents administration. So BLM was started by a white man named Sores. A man who creates injustice every where he go’s . The same man who along with Oprah financed Obama’s campaign. So I guess a white man is sentimentally still controlling the blacks in this country.Hey BLM kind of crazy huh? I guess as long as some one is paying your bills you will continue to spew out lies and hatred.60 yrs of welfare and free housing and you still complain. Attending the best schools in this country and you still complain. Like I keep telling the Muslims and Islamic’s if you dislike America so much then dont let the statue of liberty kick you in the ass on the way out. You have never had it so good and you all still complain.

    1. Reality Check says

      “So BLM was started by a white man named Sores. A man who creates injustice every where he go’s”

      SO Starrider LIES.
      why do conservatives make up poo all the time?

      “In the Summer of 2013, after George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the movement began with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.[4] The movement was co-founded by three black community organizers: Alicia Garza,Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.[5][6] BLM drew inspiration from the African-American Civil Rights Movement, the Black Power movement, the 1980s black feminist movement, Pan-Africanism, Anti-Apartheid Movement, Hip hop, LGBT social movements and Occupy Wall Street.[7]”

    2. Reality Check says

      “60 yrs of welfare and free housing and you still complain. ”

      YOU and YOUR ATTITUDE are the problem in America!

      1. StarRider1 says

        that may have been true for its start but it quickly was adopted by Soreos and is funded till this day. try doing a little research before you open your pie hole

        1. Reality Check says

          Try doing research??

          YOU ARE THE FOOL who said it was started by SOROS.


          1. StarRider1 says

            I was speaking in figurative terms dumb ass don’t take what people say so literally

          2. Reality Check says

            ” So BLM was started by a white man named Sores. A man who creates injustice every where he go’s”

            Seems pretty specific.
            if it was figurative, the words “like” should be there some place.

            you really think your dim conservative brethren got that subtle point that it was “figurative”?

      2. StarRider1 says

        My attitude along with 210 million others is what will bring this great nation back and that would be the enforcement of our laws and the enforcement of our constitution whether you progressive liberals like it or not. And when little white boy and girl call home and say mommy and daddy I cant get any studies done and the big bad black people scare me. Then rich mommy and daddy pull baby whites out of these prestigious schools and the money goes away and the schools will then man up and shut the cry baby black always me agenda down. Believe you me. And when enough cops are killed then you will no longer be called protesters you will be called anarchists and be arrested and thrown in jail and your movement will be called and labeled domestic terrorism. It is just a matter of having a law abiding president in the white house. Right now we have a lying law breaking gay Muslim Islamic sympathizer who is trying to accomplish what both his fathers preached to him and that was to destroy and change the fundamental nature of america.This will soon change.

  50. maxx says

    I expect Princeton like other pricy Ivy League universities will bend over and beg for forgiveness for the latest “trending offense du jour” from these black thugs. What should happen is the young people attending Princeton for the right reason, to get an education, should leave Princeton and go to an institution that is in business to teach rather than to “be politically correct”. In fact having a degree from these big pricy Ivy League schools is no longer a guarantee of getting a job so where’s the benefit? .

  51. catman says

    They either study and learn something or get the hell out of the way and let another student in there that wants to learn !!!

  52. cae973 says

    hey my feelings are deeply hurt by our youth being made to feel guilty if they are white and demand all
    rascist classes called white privelege be stopped

  53. Tony Donaldson says

    Up a mural of a velvet black Jesus. A greaaaat big one. Woodrow was a bad president. He gave away the power of congress to coin money. He gave that power to a gang of Banksters who named themselves the federal reserve. Do these kids today know that?

  54. pappadave says

    Wilson WAS a virulent racist, however. He re-segregated the military services, for example, and insisted that blacks not serve in combat roles because “they aren’t intelligent enough” to do so. His favorite movie was “Birth of a Nation” which praised the formation of the KKK. Still, he WAS President of both the U.S. and Princeton. If blacks want to erase our history to spare their idiotic “feelings,” then we are in bigger trouble than even I suspected.

    1. Reality Check says

      re-naming buildings will not change history, silly.

      ” to spare their idiotic “feelings,”
      so apparently racism is still alive, hey dave?

  55. dude says

    well if you don’t like somebody that you only seen pic from way before your time and you don’t like it …then take your ass home and cry to someone who cares …except that worthless ,gutless deen that gave in to that sorry ass bunch of students that want to find something to protest about and try to get a grade or grades they don’t deserve …fail them for the semester and I bet the next one they won’t protest

  56. Mark Brickey says

    Poor Woodrow….hyperprogressivism take out one of their own early activists… Do I ear the nells for FDR or Teddy next?

    1. Reality Check says

      Wilson was not an early activists toward blacks
      whites? for sure he was a progressive.

      blacks not so much.
      Kind of why they want his name GONE.

      1. Mark Brickey says

        RC, I really wish you’d learn to read for comprehension instead of what you want to see. I didn’t say anything about B/W issues, did I? My comment was observation of progressivism not racism.
        If this is going to be based simply on racism, then we’ll be loosing several more progressives – LBJ, Kennedy’s amongst them

  57. .madashell says

    Pretty petty and insignificant.
    A description of, not only the grievances brought by this bunch of whiney miscreants, but the group itself.
    How good of them to go into our institutions of higher learning to grace them with their vast, experience based knowledge.
    Thank you so much, you stupid twits.

  58. justagramma says

    These “students” are not paying a dime for their education, and therefore don’t mind wasting the opportunity. They got into the school in the first place with SAT PityPoints, so they are not academically prepared for the rigorous curriculum. That is why they think they don’t belong…they don’t. Those blacks who did get in on their own merit, are trying to study. They are the black lives that matter.

    1. Reality Check says


      These “students” are not paying a dime for their education. LIE

      They got into the school in the first place with SAT Pity Points. LIE

      That is why they think they don’t belong…they don’t. LIE

      They are the black lives that matter. TRUE.

      wow gran.

      75% of what come out of your mouth is LIES.
      typical conservative.

      1. justagramma says

        SAT PityPoints: And it is pretty standard for all collges, especially “exclusive” colleges.

        1. lieberalschism says

          Nicely said to the checkin chit troll.

  59. Bob says

    It is so nice to be protected and everyone. Gives into the cry babies. martin luther king broke the laws of the Usa along every civil rights group why are they going to temove sll of these stteet names and monuments for these lawbreakers along with anything named fot him should not be considered for this criminal

  60. Larry says

    As an employer I can tell you that applicants with diplomas from this and similar colleges where students are so disruptive, because they cannot manage their emotions and focus on educational goals, are viewed very negatively.

  61. Dan Menard says

    This is just another attempt to re-write history, after the fact. Changing the current interpretation of history in no way actually changes anything. History is history only when it is accurate and true. Anything else, though soothing to the psyche, is a delusional and an out right lie.

  62. Reid Barnes says

    On the other hand, the students were protesting the portrait of Woodrow Wilson, who was a segregationist. Wilson is the President who gave a prominent White House viewing for the infamous pro Ku Klux Klan movie, Birth of a Nation.

    Note also from the article: “Wilson is hardly a conservative icon; his view of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as irrelevant and restricting documents that are subject to almost endless interpretation is the root of much evil in our modern federal government.”

    Hitler did not come into office by a coup but through legal electoral channels. Freedom is not insured by democratic elections but by constitutional limitation of the power of government. This constitutional limitation of government has depended on the role of courts in limiting government usurpation of its power. However, that is all lost if the judicial branch of government instead of upholding the Constitution in its decisions imposes its own agendas through judicial subterfuge.

  63. albany le says

    This is so stupid! I find it hard to believe that any school would ever remove the name of one of our Presidents. This is one thing that will make people upset. No group of class of people should never have the nerve to even want something like that./

  64. Jarhead says

    Am also offended by seeing a photo of O in the VA Clinic, 43 visits last year alone. Can’t they at least turn it so it faces the wall or place it on the Restroom floor under the urinals ?

  65. M J says

    Remove taxpayer funding from any of these Kowtowing houses of non-education! They are no longer worth our time – nor our money. They have long ceased to be institutions of higher learning, no longer serve the needs of EVERY student EQUALLY and are now mind-numbed shills of the Left, bowing in complete submission to violence and racial thuggery!

  66. rayhause says

    Why won’t they really get to what they want, take over our constitution and the judicial system. Sure wish they would get their guns and start rioting, many are just fed up and we’ll bring down the hammer.

  67. Kenneth Licker says

    It seems that capitulation from university administrators is the order of the day. Instead of giving in, they need to teach the students who seem to be out of touch with reality. They will learn once they leave the campus that having a tantrum only gets you fired, not recognized.

  68. Goodforall says

    These fools have no freaking clue whatsoever. Without Wilson they would not have the same school; he helped found. History is just that-what happened in the past has helped mold our future. It is quite sickening to see Princeton buckle in to these mush heads. It won’t end here-I can promise that. How much did removing the Confederate flag and statues help out? They have just moved on to something else.

  69. lieberalschism says

    Black cry babies matter.

  70. James Maxwell says

    And another bation of utopian useless utopianism caves to the monsters it has crated. They will never
    learn that sometimes a swift kick in the ass works better than caving to idiots that are not smart enough
    to wipe their own ass. Give them a choice accept the fact that life is not now and never will be a
    free ride nor fair. You have to get off your asses and work dammed hard to get ahead in the world.

  71. Janet Clayton says

    Well, once again the non white students are demonstrating…they are now lowering yet another institution to hear the plights of the downtrodden! It seems every time they have a whim to disturb the peace, these schools fall at their feet..they want, want, want this or that…they do not give, only want and take. Every school in the nation will be victimized and turned into “THE HOOD”. They cannot contribute, only whine, complain and destroy.

  72. Joe Overlease says

    The President need to be fired the protesters should be dismissed from school. Come on little boys and girls. get a grip. You are not there to disrupt the very expensive educational efforts of you fellow students, you are stealing from them. So if an education is not why you are there, the answer becomes simple “go home. children.”

  73. Karen says

    They can remove all the murals, statues, plaques, name plates, etc. they want, BUT they can’t change history!! It happened, we learn from it and we go on. Since when did someones “FEELINGS” mean we have to wipe away everything from the past? Since we taught these “Give-Me” brats how to TAKE and not GIVE BACK, they don’t know how to turn off the “Give Me” “I Want” “Its All About Me” “My Feelings Are Hurt” “Its All Your Fault” Etc! They spend THEIR lives looking at how everyone else makes or made them unhappy! They don’t KNOW how to contribute something valuable to society, that would make their lives better, but they sure know how to drag everyone down to their level! They don’t mind leaching off of those who actually do something to contribute to society though!! All I can say is, you can bite the hand that feeds you, but eventually, you will have to feed yourself!! Good luck with that!!

    1. lieberalschism says

      We just dwell on the past to much don’t we.

      1. Karen says

        It’s what made this country what it once was!! GREAT!! Thanks to the blood sucking libs, its going downhill mighty fast! I don’t know if it will ever recover to be GREAT again!! The values of this once great country has made such a drastic change, and not for the best either!!

        1. lieberalschism says

          That’s why my handle is LIEberal.

        2. Reality Check says

          we can never be Great again with LYING conservatives like yourself still alive.

          1. Karen says

            Go take a hike! You lilly-livered libturd, you and you stupid followers! When it comes down to it, you can’t survive on your own, you’ll need someone to support your sorry arse! Those of us who had to work for it, will know what to do! But you, your day is coming and each to his own!! Its cocked and ready to go!!

  74. kbfallon says

    Ok…lets be fair now–if they want change, let all the students who pay for their education vote on any and all changes that are appropriate. There now its fair.

  75. petemobtv says


    1. Jarhead says

      Demand your tuition payment back with interest.

  76. Trisha55 says

    These are nothing more than thugs who are probably there on scholarship courtesy of being black. This is just another form of terrorism and the echelon at Princeton should just expel them for disturbing the education environment of the university, missing classes, etc. It also proves they are not there to be educated or they would know all about Woodrow Wilson and see him for the liberal icon he was.

  77. thecelt1 says

    You poor uneducated ones. Why did you select this university in the first place?
    The only reason you go to a school of higher learning is to learn something. So,
    stop your bitching and start learning. If the Black Lives Matter bunch are so smart,
    why are you going to that university? Is all that gang wants to do, then attend a
    all black school. That way you Blacks don’t have to mingle with the HATED
    white students. All you seem to create is massive dislike/hated of yourselves
    by the whites. According to you folks all whites are against you. So true. The
    whites are fed-up with your bitching, trouble making and calling for you blacks
    to Kill The Police. Not very smart. I have had many Black FRIENDS over the years
    and I supported the Black movement. You are now loosing my and other whites
    and even some of the blacks support.

  78. michael t says

    Simply put, if these students feelings are hurt, let them go to another college of their choice.
    Once these precious little snowflakes hit the real world, they wont have time to worry about feelings over a long dead President
    Did I say wusses ???

  79. jim says

    Spoiled and pampered children , their days are numbered since they will be their own undoing and when it comes it will be one sad day for them and us unfortunately — WOW how pathetic we have become

  80. lieberalschism says

    Geez, I don’t like Woodrow Wilson because he sold us out to the Federal Reserve / Central Bankers and took the constitutional authority of coining money away from congress.
    But let’s go with their issue because it’s so much more important.

  81. may12553 says

    Boo ‘ffing Hoo

  82. Samuel Clemens says

    I’m trying to think of something that I want. Seems all I have to do is publicly protest & someone will give it to me, especially at universities.

  83. 012017 endofanerror says

    I fear for my children safety being outcasts because they are old normal not new “normal” I hope they stay strong and don’t give in to the worlds twisted views and the craziness of what is now today. So demented and ignorant are today’s youth. A bunch of whiny racist blacks and white guilt freaks. God help us.

  84. marihia says

    SMH…..these people who run colleges have absolutely non common sense what so ever.

  85. C K Johnson says

    The more these University’s give the more these Black’s want. I want to see White people attending all Black colleges. I want to see White women in Black Miss America. I want to see White actors in Black actors awards. And I want to see Whites in the Black Congressional caucuses. Until you Blacks give on these simple request. I would not give you piss to take a pill with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Lancelot Blackeburne says

    Princeton is one of the leading universities in the United States and this is what their students are concerned about?

    The Princeton administration needs to tell these spoiled, self-centered brats where to get off.

  87. senior watcher says

    The protesters are trying to change history. What happened in the past helped to have what we have now.
    Many disagreements happened in history–but what we have now–is what is important. They have all the rights now–so think about your future and be glad you are in this country!

  88. Jack says

    These individuals aren’t capable of LEARNING! They don’t even know what took place on 01/01/1863,they just want to make another africa,out of the U.S.A.,if all you want is africa,then go BACK THERE…REAL SIMPLE FOR SIMPLE MINDED(????),TAKE THAT Princeton guy with you !!

  89. Roy Bryant says

    Wilson certainly was a racist. When Truman, also no hero of mine, desegregated our armed forces, it was necessary because the desegregation that previously existed was destroyed by Wilson. (Like Glenn Beck, “I hate that guy.”) But the next question is: Will the same people protest against Wilson for his other asinine attitudes? Wilson would have turned this freedom-promoting oasis of common sense over to a military dictatorship known as The League of Nations, and absolutely love, if he were here today, the growth of a military dictatorship known as The United Nations. Just as Harry Truman created what we now have as North Korea, Woodrow Wilson would have created a worldwide “North Korea”. But, it is OK, Woodrow. Our new president, Obama, is doing the job for you.

  90. saddlebroke says

    Princeton if you give the bastards what they want they will want more. If they don’t like your campus tell the little bastards to find another college and kick them out of school. In my day we the students would have kicked their ass off campus and that would be the end of that. Academia today is a bunch of PC nerd cowards—that includes you Princeton!

  91. jsccats says

    Very ironic that one of the biggest “progressive’ anti freedom POTUS is now under attack by an equally anti freedom minority hate movement that has many of his same goals even to racism but just reverse on black and white.

  92. paulrph1 says

    I think they should get rid of the Progressive Wilson stuff. Not because of the BLM but because of his political views against America.

  93. MILES E DRAKE says

    Leaving aside Wilson’s many errors and failings, these developments are straight out of Orwell. In “1984” Nelson was taken down from his column and replaced by Big Brother, Trafalgar Square became Victory Square and any building that predated the revolution and civil war was designated as coming “from the Middle Ages”. Soros and the other funders and handlers of Black Lies Matter clearly intend to seize control of the present, control the past and thereby control the future.

  94. Christopher Chance says

    Dumb bunch of stupid, spoiled, over entitled college punks with twisted liberal thinking, the college brings it upon themselves by teaching that bullshit! Just goes to show we need to fire all college teachers and replace them with decent people.

    Our kids are becoming liberal terrorists with mindsets that should get them their asses whipped by all the parents. Especially those who spend exorbitant amounts of money to send their kids to these institutions of liberal indoctrination, and that’s all they are anymore. The left has proven is has no business in education, this is what they produce, followers of the idiocracy of the left. They will go on to become the future obama’s and hitlery clinton’s of their day, which is entirely sad.

  95. joe says

    When did the blacks turn into such a bunch of pussy’s that every single thing upsets you how about you grow a set,screw you all we are not going to re write history for you

  96. jim142 says

    This group of black lives matter are as dumb as a stone, The next move they should make to draw more attention is to get a large group together and blow themself`s up. That will get them noticed.

  97. Thomas Lee Mullins says

    I think they should have been arrested for trespassing. their feelings are hurt? that is life. one cannot go through life without getting hurt feelings along the way. I don’t think what they did was a way to deal with it.

  98. John Phillips says

    Princeton should take some early childhood education classes, the ones that teach that you should ignore a tantrum.

    Part of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda calls for group protests to create racial tension and divide whites form all the other groups in target countries.

  99. John Phillips says

    Without some pain there is very little growth. What does not kill you makes you stronger.
    Do we want a bunch of milk toast Princeton graduates?

  100. Barbara Ervin says

    You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time but you will never please all of the people all of the time. Life is full of disappointing realities but if you live your life protesting everything that ‘offends’ you you are wasting that life. Stupid people offend me but I simply ignore them and go on. Find the things that bring you pleasure in life instead of looking for that which offends you and you will live a much happier and productive life..

  101. chief1937 says

    It’s clear these students will not be happy until Wilson is removed and replaced by Hosea Williams. If feelings are grounds for protest we are sure scooping low for reasons. They need to concentrate on studies instead of feelings. Lots of people have their feelings hurt daily without complaining. We have catered to radicals far too long already. Time to get over it. Black lives matter is purely racist. All lives matter even the unborn but then they don’t count anymore. Never thought this nation would ever get in the shape it is today. Hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a private agenda to yell about.

  102. Libertarian1911 says

    And black muslims are still selling slaves to this day. What’s their point.

    1. Reality Check says

      What’s YOUR point?

      something going on in some other part of the world makes things ok in America?

      how about whites being killed by angry blacks?

      1. Libertarian1911 says

        I was replying to another post. The press sure doesn’t want to cover the black on white crime, does it. Either all lives matter or no lives matter. Special rights and privileges for any group is wrong. Society has just plain gone crazy.

  103. Beeotchstewie says

    Replace it with photos of Buckwheat and or carvings, whatever is necessary. Let’s see if any of the white students are offended by that. This is getting way too far out of hand.

    1. Reality Check says

      you WHITE cons whining about IT is out of hand.

    2. Jarhead says

      Explain that Wilson is dead/buried/gone……so go to class or get off the grounds.

  104. ConservativeSenior says

    Grow up. You can’t change history just because you don’t like it. Princeton used to be a fine school. Now it’s full of sissies and it’s run by fools.

  105. jaybird says

    Why can’t these immature students look at it as, I made it to this institution no matter what Wilson said or did?
    All the college students are immature, their feelings are hurt about everything, I think they should stay home with mommy and daddy.

  106. kassa1 says

    The black people in this country have had more rights than white people in this country for the last 40 years so I don’t know what they’re crying about it’s always more gimme gimme gimme. And if you don’t give into him you’re picking them cause you’re racist or if you don’t want to beat you up you’re racist or if you don’t let them rip yeah you’re a racist. Most people are tired of it Democrat party keeps on putting this idea in her head so they can keep On the plantation. The Democratic Party hates black people who are conservatives and gets up by their own bootstraps because they don’t need them that being the Democrat party who Nancy Polosi says you don’t need God you have us. This is one prime example of the elitist Marxist wanting to be your slave owner .

  107. chelseachablis says

    Half….yes HALF of the slave owners were BLACK!!…And the most EVIL slave owner was BLACK!!! And even HE used to BE a slave. So he knows how badly some of them were treated. Although a lot of them were treated very well. They won’t talk about those ones though will they! And the Northern WHITE MEN actually FOUGHT FOR THE BLACKS FREEDOMS!!!…But they won’t talk about THAT EITHER!! I’m so damn sick and tired of all this “black lives….” crap…blacks this and blacks that!! Blacks commit more crimes per capita in this country but they won’t talk about THAT either! STATISTICS DON’T LIE!!!..And NO it’s NOT RACIAL PROFILING!!…IT’S THE TRUTH!! Blacks commit more crime than whites and that has nothing to do with white privilege either! I’m so sick of these bureaucrats constantly poking the hornets nest! Don’t you black people get it??? The “powers that be” WANT TO START ANOTHER CIVIL WAR!!! And they’re succeeding by keeping the racial divide alive and in full swing! Instead of the blacks fighting the whites….we really should be united against the establishment and get this broken nation fixed once and FOR ALL! UNITED WE STAND!!!……Get it together already people!!…Sheesh!!

  108. Drake Travis says

    they have the most creative, pathetic, lame excuses (in their non-functioning minds) to delay and dawdle in their studies, don’t they? Uh hum, I know. I taught Univ. students for 9 years.

  109. Michelletown says

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  110. John Gillis says

    My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA!!

  111. redneck01 says

    “democratic process” this phrase pops up often, and quoted wrong!

    It is a democratic republic process, it’s ” WE THE PEOPLE” that owns our government not government owning us!

  112. Jay says

    OK SO YOU ARE DEALING WITH FEELINGS, how about my feelings, they are hurt
    because blacks are allowed to attend Princeton why don’t you fix that to help
    my feelings… (Kick out all of them).
    YOU PEOPLE need to get over all this PC crap and live in the real world; you want to force the rest of us to cow down to your wishes. I never did like Wilson, since learning
    about him in grade school history, but he was there – a part of history of the
    times. I have lived with it and we all
    should continue to do so, a College administrator who gives it to this petty
    crap should be FIRED on the spot.

  113. svio87savs says

    Imagine if we elected a “secret Buddhist”!
    “He actually thinks all lives have potential! And that existence is subjective!!!”

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