Professor: “Repeal the Stupid Second Amendment”


Writing in the Wisconsin Gazette, Professor Tom Hastings of Portland State University makes an earnest appeal against the Second Amendment. Conceding that the Supreme Court ruled that the right to bear arms applies to each and every American citizen (though he disagrees with that interpretation), Hastings insists that the only answer now is to repeal the amendment altogether.

Hastings, who has built his career on the study of nonviolence, claims that since he and many other Americans are sick of the many shootings that plague the nation annually, it’s time to do away with gun rights. “Surround it, grab it, bring it in the back room, pull down the shades, and end it,” he says. “Repeal the Stupid Second Amendment.”

Hastings is hardly the first liberal to advocate such a measure, though his phrasing is among the most amusing. But even allowing for the fact that a peacenik like Hastings is almost certainly going to oppose the Second Amendment, he is as wrong as every other liberal when it comes to cutting down on American violence.

A Dangerous Road

There is something uniquely unnerving about the growing swell of support on the left for such a drastic measure. In the more than 200 years since the Constitution was ratified, there have only been 27 amendments. Only one has been repealed, and it was the 18th. The one where America tried to ban the sale of alcohol. Is it merely a coincidence that the only amendment successfully repealed was the one stealing rights away from American citizens?

The Constitution and, by extension, the Bill of Rights is widely misunderstood by liberals who want to dismantle America’s freedom piece by piece. They see it as a document outlining the borders of human rights rather than a document outlining the borders of government power. But it is the latter, as anyone with a 4th grade education can tell you (although that may not be the case any longer, considering the liberal indoctrination of today’s public schools.) The rights established in the first ten amendments are not bestowed upon us by the federal government; they were there already. Putting them down on parchment simply ensured that the government wouldn’t try to take them away.

Oh, but try they will. And if this outpouring of disgust with the Second Amendment reaches a fever pitch, liberals may actually try to secure the two-thirds of Congress and three-quarters of the states they need to send it packing. While I would be stunned if they were successful, even attempting such a thing would throw the entire Constitution into jeopardy. Suddenly it would become politically feasible to start examining other rights secured by our founding document. Maybe we need to curtail freedom of speech next. Maybe it’s not trendy to demand a warrant anymore from police.

This is a dangerous road the anti-gunners want to travel. I’m not sure they would like where it ends.

  1. jhforsythe says

    And these idiots are teaching our kids

    1. Phil McMorrow says

      That’s because they can’t stand the thought of putting in a 9-5 day with many Saturdays (unpaid) thrown in for good measure.

  2. artarlo1 says

    Get rid of ARROGRANT and UNAMERICAN Professors.

    1. Rattlerjake says

      Liberals should be given a choice, either leave this country or be euthanized. Anyone who refuses to accept the Constitution as it is and anyone who creates or votes for any law or bill that violates the Constitution or our individual rights, or candidate that supports such needs to be removed from this country – WE DO NOT NEED THIS KIND OF DIVERSITY.

      1. DJ says

        This would also apply to….replace Liberals with Muslims…..

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Why would we need to replace liberals with Muslims.? Are they not already one in the same.? They certainly are in my eyes.

          1. Billy's Gal says

            I think what DJ meant was the words “Liberal” and “Muslim” could be interchangeable. In other words, Liberals AND Muslims should be given a choice. However, I don’t agree with euthanasia. I believe if they do not want to live in this country under the terms that this country was founded, or live by the constitution that was written to govern our land then they should be given a one way ticket to one of the countries where they would feel more comfortable.

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            Our Nation tried repatriation after the civil war it did not work; What in Gods name would lead you either believe or assume it would work now with these lesser life forms . Honestly the only true cure for their deranged minds is one .308 diameter 182 grain Lead pill to the back of the cranium . Again this is my opinion I could be wrong. Though I very much doubt it.

          3. headonstraight says

            And just what nation are you referring to, Peatro? And just WHO were the objects of that failed repatriation to which you refer?

          4. Bob Sims says


          5. LastGasp says

            Dumb, really dumb.

      2. artarlo1 says

        You hit the nail on the head.

      3. Steve Stone says

        Right on, brother!

      4. Ronney says


      5. headonstraight says

        “[e]ither leave this country or be euthanized” !!!???

        Tell us this, Oh fierce proponent of the SECOND Amendment–what makes you so eager-beaver to jettison the FIRST Amendment?

        1. Bob Sims says

          Pathetic loser is head on crooked.

        2. Rattlerjake says

          This is NOT about the first amendment, I have no problem with an individual speaking out against anything, but when the physical action that follows it is based on deliberate lies, on defrauding tax payers, infringing on the rights of others, or violating any other portion of the Constitution then they are committing treason against the Constitution, and against “We the People”. This is about individuals who want to dismantle all of our individual rights to satisfy their desires of greed and power.

      6. David Fitzgibbon says

        “the ONLY truly “FREE” country”
        But for how long?? I don’t trust the direction Washington is taking us now.

    2. jerry sypek says

      Start with Harvard (now complaining about how obummercare is effecting THEM then M.I.T. Gruber’s current employer).

      1. artarlo1 says


    3. Jarhead says

      And give them drug tests?

    4. emag says

      …and don’t send your kids to liberal universities. Community college is just fine or learning a trade. Universities are there to make more little leftist mush brains. You are paying for it, through the nose, or your kid has lifelong debts to pay off. For what? Working as a barista?.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Emag only problem with that is if everyone one does that we have no doctors, No Dentist, No engineers.. Its not all Universities that go this extreme but.. The Professor is allow his free speech even if you and I don’t Disagree with it .

        1. emag says

          Oh right, of course, that’s understood.
          I thought of all the other “studies”.

    5. unique201 says

      He is entitled to his opinion, but, as you see none of us
      agree with him.

      1. CATMAN says

        Opinions are like assholes, every one has one and then some are one…..

      2. headonstraight says

        Rattlerjake, above, does not believe he is entitled to his opinion. Jake the Jerk says this:

        “Liberals should be given a choice, either leave this country or be euthanized.”

        I trust you don’t subscribe to Jake’s jerkitude.

        1. unique201 says

          I never even answered him. No less believe him.

        2. unique201 says

          My parents didn’t raise turkey’s.

        3. LastGasp says

          He’s an old softie, actually. I wouldn’t give people like you a choice. “If you don’t like it, leave,” is all you get from me, no warning.

  3. Jerry_Morgan says

    We should ban stupid professors

    1. Alan Correa says

      Jerry_Morgan; NO don’t ban stupid professors. Send them to a country where the people don.t have a constitution to protect them and see if they like it better there.

      1. David in Dallas says

        We are seeing it right now in France.

        1. Paul Pray says

          I saw the people in the streets, they were not sad, they looked SHITLESS, they were terrified where the next one will be.
          Funny thing how stupid laws and social will interacts..
          REmember ISLAM is a PEACEFUL RELIGION……and if you believe that I got swamp land for sale…..

          1. Larry E. Smrekar says

            Can I by it ? Is it with or without gators? lol

          2. Laddyboy says

            Paul Pray: I agree with your comment. However, “islam is a “religion of pieces” not peace”.

          3. Shauna says

            hahahaha! sorry that was funny

          4. Ctaj says

            When Osama bin Laden arrived at the Pearly Gates, he was greated by 72 men in knickers and white wigs, who proceeded to pummel and kick him.

            “Where are my 72 virgins?” he asked.

            “That was 72 Virginians, you idiot!”

          5. Conservative says

            Love it! Needed to hear something I could chuckle about!

          6. 3ronald1 says

            Ha ha ha ha ha – That is a good one! Judgment Day will be his reward and I think he will be very surprised.

          7. 2nd Amendment says

            The funny thing about Osama. Nobody identified the body, except for Naval Seal Team 6. And then performed a burial at sea, which is totally against his religion. And now all of the seal team is dead. I find that a little to convenient. I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin.

          8. Ctaj says

            OK, I’ll bite. Where’d ya hear that all of Seal Team 6 is dead?

          9. 2nd Amendment says

            Oh I think he know’s, thats why he won’t produce a birth certificate. Oh so many conspiracies???? lol. I just wish he would be impeached already

          10. Ctaj says

            Impeachment would get nowhere. I remember well the Clinton Impeachment. I watched as, one at a time, 100 Senators each took an oath to do “impartial justice under the law,” then not one of them called a single witness, and not one of them went to the evidence room to see what the House had brought. Not a single Democrat would vote to convict, and the Republicans had decided they would rather have a damaged Clinton in office going into the next election than give Al Gore an incumbency with a clean slate to run on in the next election. It’s never about justice or the law, and it’s always about the next election.

            To successfully impeach Obama, it would require Democrats with the integrity to follow the law, and no such creature exists. All an impeachment attempt would do is energize the Democrat base.

            Even today, as the GOP has taken control of the Senate, they are already posturing for the next election.

          11. Midlandr says

            Every single Demonrat Senator refused to even look at the evidence presented in the Articles of Impeachment. The Demonrats are very evil and accepting of criminal behaviour.

          12. Ctaj says

            I’m a Republican, and to be fair, every single Republican Senator didn’t look at the evidence, either, because it was pointless. They already knew they didn’t have the votes to convict and whatever evidence there was wasn’t going to change anyone’s mind. And they had decided it was better to leave a damaged Clinton if office with all his baggage, than to let Al Gore assume the Presidency and go into the next election as an incumbent with a clean slate.

            Any impeachment trial requires a 75% vote to convict, and that vote is never going to let the facts of the case over-ride political priorities. That’s an important reality that those calling for Obama’s impeachment need to consider. There’s no way in hell they would ever get a conviction, even if the facts show he’s guilty.

            There was never any chance that Clinton was going to be convicted in the impeachment trial. Even though he was guilty as sin of giving false testimony under oath in the Paula Jones trial, for which he was in fact disbarred.

          13. Midlandr says

            Not all Republitards, a majority of them would have voted to convict. ALL 44 Demonrat Senators voted to shut down the trial, along with 10 cowardly Republitards.

          14. Ctaj says

            Right, and that’s why the Republicans didn’t bother to do see the evidence. They wanted to convict him but didn’t have the votes, so it would have been a waste of time. They looked at the bright side — Al Gore wouldn’t get the advantage of incumbency going into the next election, and called it a victory.

            That’s pretty much the way it always works in the Senate. They know what the result is going to be before they vote, and if the Senate Majority leader doesn’t like what the outcome is going to be, he doesn’t allow it to come to a vote.

          15. azabigail says

            We should hope that they will remove him from office before his term is over, or American citizens will be stuck paying him hundreds of thousands $$$, a year for doing nothing but degrade and insult America, when he retires

          16. 2nd Amendment says

            Very true, just like letting BONER stay in as Speaker, When they have all said he’s a piece of shit

          17. Ctaj says

            Well, look on the bright side. At least he’s our piece of shit and not their piece of shit running the House.

          18. Roger_T73 says

            … their piece of shit is in the white house.

          19. Roger_T73 says

            What a silly concept, “democrats with integrity”. Has anyone here ever heard of such a thing?

          20. Ctaj says

            Saw a picture of one once on the internet, but it turned out to be photoshopped. Frankly, I doubt that any politician has much integrity — it’s an impediment to the job. I just think what the Republicans pretend to stand for sounds better than what the Democrats pretend to stand for. No way my libertarian views are every going to be given any power. That personal responsibility part scares folks off like ebola.

          21. Keith Brockmiller says

            Impeachment does nothing to get someone out of office. Conviction is not an automatic removal. Once convicted, there would have to be another trial to decide what to do. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s the way it works

          22. 2nd Amendment says

            I would bet your correct. Unfortunatly it’s just to late for anything to happen, to anybody

          23. Jude O'Connor says

            Read Dec. issue of The Barnes report, the interview with an Admiral about the Japanese attack Dec. 7th. Also about Eisenhower’s orders on the German army after the war was over. Victims of Yalta is an excellent book.

          24. Herman says

            I will have to get that book. If you really want to know who runs this World, get the book, Rule by Secrecy, by Jim Marrs. A little taste of it, Did you know that during the Korean Conflict, the Soviet Union was a member of NATO and was supplying Chinese and North Koreans with weapons, planes and pilots. Being a member of NATO, they knew every move NATO was going to make against the North Koreans.

          25. Ctaj says

            Tell you what, Jude, why don’t you just tell me about that Barnes report to save me $599 and I’ll take your word for it. And I thought was expensive. Barnes might sell a few more subscriptions if their list of reports wasn’t three years old.

          26. David Fitzgibbon says

            Burial at sea would make me suspicious that the real Bin Laden was alive and well and a look-alike was buried at sea, to eliminate the possibility of DNA analysis.

          27. Ctaj says

            Well, if the government is to be believed, DNA samples were taken from bin Laden, and they were a match with a sister’s.

          28. Don Fendley says

            I AGREE 100% WHO ID OBL?IS HE DEAD OR HIDING IN bhos basement .just a thought

          29. Don Fendley says

            How did the bad guys know which chopper seal team six was on? Don’t make good sense to me. Something is screwy. JuJust a thought

          30. luvzforplay says

            They got word from their head spy , Obama !

          31. luvzforplay says

            The had the toe tag to go by as they dug the lifeless body out of the freezer they had him in since he died of kidney complications some years ago , Why do you suppose this egotist let them bury America’s most hated enemy before parading his body around for the world to see. I guess as long as they had him frozen it would have been hard to lie about his condition !

          32. George T says

            Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

          33. 2nd Amendment says

            Sadly it really does, I know they say you can turn something around to make it look like a conspiracy. I read something about the SandyHook shooting’s, so I started looking things up. And there are a bunch of things that don’t seem right. There are no death certificates. They have pictures and video dated upto 5 days before it happened. They had footage of “the parents” a couple days after, no emotion of loss whatsoever. When you see things like this, you really need to step back, and look at the big picture. There are so many other stories that are like this. It makes you wonder who is doing what.

          34. al.k says

            Col. Tim Osmond, was bin laden, the so-called execution of bin laden was a holly wood photo shoot, bin laden had been dead since Dec,13th, 2001.

          35. 2nd Amendment says

            A staged hollywood production, it kind of reminds me about another staged production. THE SANDY HOOK MOVIE!!! Look at the names of trhe dead, you won’t find any birth certificates. On the F.B.I. site online, it shows all murder’s in the united states, and shows the signed death certificate. When the F.B.I. comes in they take the investigation over, and the state and local police are their little bitches to get them coffee and donuts. I would like to know when the F.B.I. when asked by the local police, to say ok we won’t put any of the death certificates or show that there were any murders that happened. I would have to say thats as much BULLSHIT, as THE OSAMA Production. And then all the seal team are now dead. How did they die, where are the certificates. NO WHERE, back to the sandy hook production, the school was unfit for children and staff. Heavily lead coated paint, along with so much asbestos, it wass going to be torn down, they wouldn’t let emt’s go into the school. The biggest mistake, they had older children travel and do shows at NFL games, anything that would let them. If you look at the kids faces, and the kids that were supposedly dead. They are the same kids, the pictures of the dead children were pictures taken of the older kids that were on tour, the only difference is that the dead ones were taken 5 to 7 years prior. The biggest piece of shit, Micheal Bloomburg, the biggest I want your guns asshole. The day prior said something big is going to happen. The next day, sandy hook, the day after sandy hook he introduced all kinds of shit to get the guns from people. It’s amazing what they can pull off. If you look at some things, there is a bus behind two different reporters. One was supposed to be at the Boston Marithon, the other at sandy hook. the parents you can see laughing and joking in the background, and then on camera acting. A few days after some of the parents were interviewed, and they were all happy saying oh they are in a better place and not showing any kind of pain, or being upset. And then the old guy that found sometimes he says 3, 4, or even five in his yard, and rushed them into his house when he got home. He says sometimes he knew what happened. Others he got home didn’t know what happened and had them run into his house. He was the funniest of all. So your right it doesn’t matter, they won’t be impeached, no matter what. It doesn’t matter what party is in control. The sick bastards get away with anything, and we can’t do anything about it!

          36. Wrabble says

            “And then performed a burial at sea, which is totally against his religion.”

            Would you have preferred that they buried him on land, where his gravesite could have become a shrine?

          37. azabigail says

            No but it’s very unusual that there was NO Islamic Extremist uprisal of any kind. Even if there was some kind of govt. to govt. agreement for the burial at sea, Islamic Extremists don’t usually side with a non-supportive govt. ( I sometimes wonder if there ever was a real Osama bin Laden)

          38. Wrabble says

            True, Islamofascists are ALWAYS going to fight against the kufar until the entire world is Muslim, but we don’t need to give them another site at which to worship.

          39. Roger_T73 says

            …but we could air drop hundreds of tons of pig turds on the grave site.

          40. Wrabble says

            “we could air drop hundreds of tons of pig turds on the grave site.”

            That is a LOT of progressives!

          41. Shep Schultz says

            Quit complaining. Lets get started.

          42. Wrabble says

            How about we let them do some of the work – tell them there is a gay pride festival and orgy with free drugs and give them the coordinates of Mecca.

          43. Shep Schultz says

            Nice. Infa and I considered a similar reaction involving DGBJ, his
            buddies, the local gendarmes, the media, and a drill with a hole saw in the
            energetic setting of a Dillards men’s room.

          44. Wrabble says

            I wonder what happened to him. Maybe he caught his “hunky husband” spending too much time on Grindr.

          45. Shep Schultz says

            Is Grindr a site I want to visit? There are a few things that cannot be unseen.

          46. Wrabble says

            I’ve never visited or installed Grindr but I read a couple of weeks ago about how that gay hookup website/app was reducing business in gay bars….and adding to the number of gays dealing with STDs.

          47. infadelicious says

            S-T-D….. D-G-C-J….. M-O-U-S-E!!!

          48. Wrabble says

            Another possibility about what may have happened to our dear friend could be that possibly he irritated one or more posters here so much that they sent copies of his more hateful and biased posts to all the catholic colleges in the SF Bay area (where he said he worked). Imagine the blowback from a college towards an employee who said the kinds of things he routinely does about women and Asians.

            I can’t imagine who would do such a thing, though.

          49. infadelicious says

            i sent some of his best work to Brian Sims’ office….. since he was braggin on knowing him and using his pic.

          50. infadelicious says

            i just went to his account . His last conversation was a month ago with Cletus… note to self… be nice to Cletus so he doesn’t “disappear” you. LOL

          51. Wrabble says

            Dat Cletus, he wile man!

          52. infadelicious says

            Noone’s ever seen Cletus, but the ways i hear it, , you know, the thing about Cletus… he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living… until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then… ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin’. The desert turns red, and despite all the poundin’ and the hollerin’, they all come in and they… rip you to pieces.”

          53. Doctor Hook says

            Neither can I. Gee, I wonder — who could it possibly be?


          54. Wrabble says

            “Men who used apps [like Grindr and Scruff] to meet other men were about 25 percent more likely to test positive for gonorrhea, compared with men who only
            met other men through in-person interactions. They were 42 percent more
            likely to be diagnosed with gonorrhea, compared to those who used
            in-person methods and the Internet.

            App users were also about 37 percent more likely than men who met other men in person to be diagnosed with Chlamydia.”

          55. Shep Schultz says

            …all I need to know.

          56. David Fitzgibbon says

            What a waste of perfectly good fertilizer!

          57. David Fitzgibbon says

            But we have the equipment to turn their site into glass with the push of a button! I hope it is never needed, but like the old saying, “speak softly and carry a big stick!

          58. Wrabble says

            Was our country deterred when the WTC was brought down?

          59. Herman says

            There was, because we supplied him with Arms when they were fighting the Russians. Or at least our good old CIA was. Just think of all the good the CIA has done. Hell, they even put Castro into power in Cuba and helped put Communism into Central and South America. Then you have to look at what else they did around the World.

          60. Unique says

            Just shows you that the United States is no better
            then any other country. When they do not want you
            to talk, you turn up DEAD.

          61. 2nd Amendment says

            Unique, thats what keeps happening to everyone that think’s for themselves. When my post’s fail to show up. I guess I had said something that was the straw. And the camels back is now broke.

          62. Roger_T73 says

            … that must be the “Clinton Doctrine”.

          63. Herman says

            I agree with you. I am sure Andrew Brietbart was killed because of what he was about to expose about Obama.

          64. azabigail says

            It’s more than suspicious. Those Islamic Extremists didn’t blink an eye when an Islamic leader was buried at sea, (by, in their eyes, “America the great satan”) and they usually go ballistic when anything Islamic is insulted, defiled, or sacrilegious to their religion.

          65. 2nd Amendment says

            Agreed azabigail, we’re screwed. When it comes to it I hope everyone has what they need take whatever on!!

          66. Herman says

            I say you are right. All of this I killed Osama was done to take the heat off him. I would be willing to bet that he is alive and well, living a life of luxury. That’s the main reason they will not show any pictures of the body, because some one will know that its not Osama, but a look alike.

          67. Roger_T73 says

            … because oblamo lead the effort to kill off Seal Team 6, like the good mud-slime he really is.

          68. David Fitzgibbon says

            Maybe they buried a dummy to satisfy the press.

          69. Mark Lahti says

            The truth to any conspiracy is the elimination of all involved in the conspiracy.

          70. 2nd Amendment says

            thats got to be one of the best quotes, sayings or whatever you want to call it, that I have heard in a long time. Would you be ok if I used that on occasion? That is great

          71. spyderdalton says

            OBAMA Bin Lying

          72. unique201 says

            Osama didn’t go to heaven, he went to HELL.

          73. ConservativeSenior says

            He’s making space for the obamas, reid, pelosi, sharpton, congressmen and senators, some on SCOTUS, JCOS and the rest of the maggots.

          74. Ctaj says

            According to folklore, that decision is made at the Pearly Gates when you meet your maker, isn’t it? (As though anybody really knows.)

          75. unique201 says

            It makes me feel better to think that Osama went straight to hell.

          76. Ctaj says

            Knowing he’s in a body bag weighted down with 300 lbs of chains at the bottom of the Indian ocean, probably feeding the crabs, is good enough for me.

          77. Ian MacLeod says

            ObL died LONG before the hunt for him, nevermind being killed by Seal Team 6. The man was diabetic with lousy circulation on a 6’5″ frame1 who’d been living rough for some time. He’d been hospitalized several times for diabetic complications, I understand. Besides, wasn’t he a CIA asset? I know NONE of the pics/videos taken after 9-11 that were purported to be of him WERE him. There’ve been an awful lot of false-flag ops in the last decade and a half or so and they’ve ALL been sloppy, and getting worse every time; 9-11 wasn’t any better. It was just so huge that no one thought “our own government” would do such a thing. Just goes to show…

          78. Roger_T73 says

            Osama went to hell, Obama came from there!!!

          79. David Fitzgibbon says

            Would have been cheaper to send him to Detroit!

          80. alphinostrum says

            Ever notice….where Islam reigns so does rubble from broken buildings….people live in hovels….slavery is extant…and people publicly lose their heads everyday.

          81. luvzforplay says

            Don’t forget the children and livestock raped !!

          82. George T says

            Now that last part about the livestock was funny!

          83. Roger_T73 says

            … they are the result of the Cult of Violence named islam.

          84. 2nd Amendment says

            Cool, how much for the swamp?!?!?!?!?

          85. Unique says

            See if you can also sell my bridge in Brooklyn.

          86. Roger_T73 says

            islam is not a religion, it is a cult OF VIOLENCE founded by a pedophile to cover for his own personal perversion!!!

          87. Phil McMorrow says

            I’ll throw in the Brooklyn Bridge.

      2. hora says

        Force move to Mexico.

        1. Joseph Toth says

          If he moved to Mexico the first thing on his agenda would be BODYGUARDS.

          1. Valor says

            Yeah, ARMED bodyguards!

          2. rjo3493 says

            ARMED BODYGUARDS !!!

          3. JZAMACONA says

            Why do we have to hear what some leftis moron in academia has to say? Why not write about Charlie the mechanic who keeps a shotgun behind the counter?

          4. Linda Lee says

            I’m all for the interment and re-education of these left wing looney professors.

          5. Paul Pray says

            You cannot fix stupid.

          6. johnnywood says

            You are forgetting the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He has the right to say anything he wants to no matter how mindlessly stupid it is.

          7. Dorie N. says

            It is not the saying that worries me. It is the action that the left is taking. They already are the murderers of this nation, and have purposely educated our children into thinking murder is acceptable. There are many who will not be in eternity because they have voted for this party of evil. That they think they will take away our guns without a battle, is bull. Unless they do it to each one individually, and in the dark of night. That is how evil opperates. By coming in the dark and invading the peace of others.

          8. johnnywood says

            No argument here.

          9. DevelDoc1 says

            Why do we have to hear these academic idiots you ask? We the general public need to be aware these are the same idiots that are “indoctrinating” our children when we send the to school, whether it be K-12 or beyond. This has been going on for some years now and the general public has not been responding/reacting against this trend. So that IMHO is why you need to hear about these fools.

          10. Ian MacLeod says

            You have a good point! Americans are, I believe between being massively irradiated and poisoned, asleep at the switch. The “elites” have TOLD US their intent, and here is another of their unwitting and witless tools! We do need to rid ourselves of fools like this – or rather to rid education of them! Especially at this time when we’re under constant attack, we can’t afford having people like this teaching vulnerable children this idiot philosophy! Disarm yourself in times of trouble and make yourself a victim, and we’ve been victimised enough!

          11. Paul Pray says

            You know what the funny thing about this whole JACKASS stating this and that he has a MASTERS in NONVIOLENCE……He is one of the MOST VIOLENT disgusting Person on the face of the earth, at least a Terrorist is a Terrorist, he poses as NONVIOLENT and Benevolent, but he is as dangerous and violent as the worst Terrorist because.
            I had a coworker state he was a pacificist, he worked as a Security Guard, we had no weapons, and we could not manhandle or touch others unless in extreme circumstances. We had a thief run from a neighborhood store and came across the property, he ran this guy down, tackled him, and fought him until the cops came….yet he is a pacifist

          12. DevelDoc1 says

            Thank you Ian MacLeod for your rationale response to my comments and expanding on same.

          13. Ian MacLeod says

            You’re more than welcome! I wish more people would bother to look around themselves and SEE what’s going on! Even idiocy like this, as bad as it is, is just a drop in the bucket! Someone who is unable to see how we’re being propagandised and lied to outright, who CANNOT figure out that if the People are disarmed, then we are helpless against a would-be dictator who controls people who ARE armed – and with so many examples in even RECENT history to learn this from! – well, such people are NOT competent human beings, nevermind Americans! This is simple, basic logic! Leonidas had the right answer at Thermopylae and it still applies!

          14. Dorie N. says

            The left are not the elites. They are the gutter trash. They are the garbage of humanity. They profess to love mankind, but they do not want you to live your own life, but rather they think they would be better to chose what you will do, where you will live, what you will eat, who you will marry, and in the end, how long you will live. And they will not stop until they are controlling every aspect of your life. They are not elites. They are baby killers, and race baiters, and letchers of morals. They want to play God, but they do not know how unfair and unkind they are when they try to dictate their goals for your lives. In the end, we will have to go to war with them, and many of them are our own family members who are so foolish as to believe that they know best about what is right. In the final war, we will have to decide if freedom is more important or is family?

          15. Ian MacLeod says

            Here’s a news flash: LEFT A N D RIGHT want to dictate to the American people, and their goals lead to the same damned place: tyranny! Haven’t you figured out yet that the “elites” OWN the Congress? AND Obama, who has managed, I think, to appoint even more criminals than… aw, Hell. It doesn’t matter. The entire Washington D.C. area has almost nothing BUT criminals in it. What We the People are calling “our government” is really a bunch of private, FOR PROFIT corporations! (Just FYI, so is the Infernal Revenue – and they have NO legal authority to take money away from ANY private citizen; they do it anyway). Legally speaking NO ONE in D.C. has any authority that reaches beyond the ten-miles-on-a-side D.C. boundaries. Yes, there are some stupid liberal – just like there are some stupid conservatives. I can remember when votes used to make a difference, though, and even some petitions. Now? They’re ignored. Votes are crooked I’m surprised when people bother to vote. The ones that matter will go the way the “banksters” want them to. Dubya’s wins were so in-the-open it was ridiculous! Now so are Obama’s, and when he can’t get the cooperation he wants, he puts on his dictator’s hat and writes an Executive Order. The Constitution says the President can’t write or pass laws. Well, so what? They do it anyway. Because We the People have allowed it, over and over again. Washington called them “proclamations”. It doesn’t matter, though – they’re still LAWS for all intents and purposes.

            The whole system has become a sickeningly open fraud. Protesters and the like get mobbed by armored, heavily-armed cops (after being set up by them) and to Hell with the Constitution and our so-called “rights”. And after some sort of BS pandemic is declared (like the LAST level 6 pandemic declared by the W.H.O. – without ANY lab-verified cases), care to make a bet that along with those who MIGHT BE SICK, guns also get hauled off? There’s no real connection, but you can bet the “government” will say that “We can’t have all these sick, possibly delirious people waving guns around” or something to that effect. Whether it makes sense or not makes no difference, as long it’s there.

          16. sparksnavy says

            Ian MacLeod–
            I think you have to look at the spineless and no gonads Congress–who will not impeach the S.O.B (SON OF A BLACK- MAN–LOL)and send him back to Kenya–he is not even a U.S. Citizen–check what his grandmother has stated!

          17. John says

            I suggest that you read God’s definition between the Left and the Right.

          18. Jesse Livermore says

            i agree completely…question?…do you think if someone such as Ted Cruz/Rand Paul were elected it would make any real difference in the path this country is traveling?

          19. Mike Homes says

            Of course it wouldn’t. Vote for yourself, friend.

          20. sparksnavy says

            I agree with you whole heartedly–just be careful of who you call a “fool!” The Bible gives a warning of calling people “fools” even if it is true—the Bible says one is in danger of “Hell’s Fire” –!!
            Take care–

          21. joespenthouse says

            Sadly he’s buying a house in the land of Fruitcakes, where he can swing with swingers of the same persuasion.

        2. aschark says

          Better yet, send him to downtown Chicago, or maybe Detroit. Move him from academia life to real life. Gun control has been around for a long, long time.

          Here’s a rundown on “gun control” in the late 1700’s: Italy’s Cesare
          Beccaria said the following in the 1760’s :”The laws that forbid the
          carrying of arms…” “…disarm those only who are neither inclined
          nor determined to commit crimes. Can it be supposed that those who have the
          courage to violate the most sacred laws of humanity, the most important of the
          code, will respect the less important and arbitrary ones, which can be violated
          with ease and impunity, and which, if strictly obeyed, would put an end to
          personal liberty — so dear to men,” “…and subject innocent persons
          to all the vexations that the guilty alone ought to suffer? Such laws make
          things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather
          to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

          Is alcohol being made and sold illegally? Is pot grown and sold illegally? Are guns being sold illegally? The answer is yes to all of those questions. And this bright-eyed Professor is teaching college kids? They should pull his credentials to teach. Idiot!

          1. Mutha2X says

            Actually send him to the SOUTH side of Chicago, not the downtown because that’s where all the shootings happen because that’s where all the gangsta thugs roam around. Drop him off around 11 and in a short time not only will he be cling to his guns but he’ll also be beggin for a Bible too. The dregs of humanity rule these neighborhoods. They have no morals or brains and just do drugs, steal, murder, humiliate and dominate their poor fellow blacks. Even babies are shot in the face here.

            Liberal progressives like this idiot professor are ruining America! We must be diligent about voting to keep these ideas about repealing our rights OUT of politics.

          2. David Fitzgibbon says

            “Gun control has been around for a long, long time”
            The illusion of gun control has been around for a long time. If you want the state to tell you when you can wipe your butt and brush your teeth, let the state have control. As it is we are hypocrites, we condemn communism yet practice it subliminally.

          3. Dorie N. says

            Excuse me, but it is the democrats who are the hypocrites. I never advocated for gun control. Abhor the desire to control other’s lives. Democrats have as their party platform, the murder of innocent souls, and as such anyone who voted for them, or supported them, or even says, “Good day” to them becomes a murderer by implication in their evil deeds. No thank you, I have no desire to even encourage my own brothers and sisters, who have been brainwashed into that communistic belief that they know what is right for everyone else. No one has the right to tell you who you should like, or support and no one shall. It is only God who has the right to control us, and if He believes in allowing us the free will to make our own choices, then who is man to try to dictate our choices? Yeah, who is man to play God?

          4. Jean Staggs says

            Our country is being abused and her people are being told everything is just wonderful. Reality makes this idea hard to believe. When will we be able to believe our politicians?

          5. David Fitzgibbon says

            ” When will we be able to believe our politicians?”
            I was going to say “when hell freezes over”
            But on second thought when they arrive there
            will just raise the heat.

      3. jakex_iii says

        good answer.

      4. Alan404 says

        An interesting idea.

      5. tax man says

        He must have muslim roots!

        1. John Galt says

          He smooches roots.

        2. Jean Staggs says

          Jean Staggs Do you think those roots keep him from saying who is killing people around the world if they are Christians?

      6. headonstraight says

        And isn’t it nice that WE have a Constitution that PROTECTED US from the tragedies of Columbine, Newtown, Fort Hood and scores of other mass shootings?

        1. WILDCATF4F says

          the TRUTH is something that you are so UNABLE to comprehend, that when the reality of your IGNORANCE is made manifest, you sill be hung out so the crows are ripping you apart!.

          1. headonstraight says

            Your problem is one of simple comprehension. Obviously the U.S. Constitution did NOT protect us from the tragedies I cited. If it had done so, those folks would not be dead. All I am arguing is that a constitution, per se, does not provide protection from either the mass shootings in this country or in France. If you disagree, then you tell me how the Constitution of the U.S. or the constitution of France (yes, they have one) protected against the shootings I have cited for both countries.

          2. WILDCATF4F says

            I will continue to ask when you plan to see reality for what it is, IE every teacher being REQUIRED to open carry, and be able to hit their target, and if that is asking them too much, then they are not FIT! to be a Teacher!.
            If they are of the few that ask us to trust the safety of our Children to them, WE have the RIGHT, to expect them to do everything in their power to PROTECT their students, and if they are not willing to complete that, then they get tossed into the ‘UNEMPLOIED’ line, knowing that the majority will recognize them and start keeping their distance.!
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          3. LastGasp says

            Hoo hey!

          4. sixpac2k says

            The point you are missing is that if one of the victims had been armed the outcome may have been different but you conveniently ignore the number of crimes stopped the number of lives saved everyday by responsible gun owners. Those tragedies were all done by criminals terrorists or mentally ill people. But you are so eager to take away my right to defend myself from people like that. If you don’t like guns don’t buy one leave my freedoms alone!

          5. merle says

            Thank you !!!!!!

          6. Edward J Baker says

            The creation of gun free zones violates the Constitution. Got it?

          7. merle says

            If you don’t like it here you are free to leave . Exactly what do you think would happen if we would have our second amendment taken away ? You think we the normal citizen would be safe ?And that places that have been attacked would be safe !! You need to read more about the people that did these things !!

          8. David Fitzgibbon says

            If it wasn’t for guns we would still be bowing to Geronimo!
            With an arrow in your butt!

          9. Bob Sims says

            Head on Crooked. You are as worthless as the professor.

          10. LastGasp says

            Why do you believe the Constitution should protect you from anything except the feral government? I don’t believe there is a law in that whole document anywhere that says it will protect us from mass shootings. Can you please find it for me?

          11. David Fitzgibbon says

            The constitution does nor protect us, it gives us the right to protect ourselves. Although I have heard of it being ignored by some law enforcement eager beavers. The conditions of gun ownership should not be compromised by local cops looking for a pat on the back from all the old ladies!

          12. David Fitzgibbon says

            “All I am arguing is that a constitution, per se, does not provide protection from either the mass shootings in this country or in France.”
            But it does give you the right to supply your own protection.

        2. CATMAN says

          headonstraight (??) Take a look at Frances very strict gun laws. Had some people been allowed to carry a firearm, perhaps the death toll would have been much lower.
          That is what our second amendment is all about; the ability to protect ones self and family wherever you may be, in your home, car or on the street or shopping. Each of those tragedies you mention were committed in a so called “gun free” environment. What that means is it is a “target rich” environment for any goof ball
          Whack job that get’s a bug up his ass to be a “hero” and get his 15 minutes of fame,
          (pardon me I meant INFAMY).

          1. headonstraight says

            See my response to Zen999the, above. Also please note that “some people” at the site of that French mass murder were indeed allowed to carry guns, namely the two security men who were among the murdered. The newspaper there was permitted to have armed security protection; they just did not have enough.

          2. sixpac2k says

            So what is your point other than if there had been enough armed people the tragedy would not have occurred. That’s right so maybe your head is on straight after all.

          3. merle says

            I don’t think it is .

          4. Edward J Baker says

            Are the lives of my neighbor’s children so worthless? When my neighbor killed an intruder, intent on killing his three children, with his shotgun four decades ago, was it really such an evil act? Incidentally, two of the three children are now physicians.

          5. merle says

            Oops did I read ” they didn’t have enough ? Only one of the security was killed .

          6. pappadave says

            …and HE wasn’t the one with a gun, either.

          7. Bob Sims says

            Head on Crooked. You are as ignorant as the professor.

          8. LastGasp says

            Maybe the police got confused when they couldn’t remember which one was supposed to bring the gun that day.
            So what is your point, anyway? Why do you think there is a valid comparison between France and the USA? If you can’t answer that you have no business talking with grown ups.

          9. LastGasp says

            Then you are saying that more guns would have saved the day? Good, I think so, too.

          10. headonstraight says

            More guns, properly authorized and in the hands of trained security personnel,would have been desirable. But “more guns” in the sense of every bubba and bubbette packing iron in church, in bars, in Walmart, in schools and at football games is not the kind of “more guns” that I would endorse, since I happen to have a brain.

          11. LastGasp says

            Why don’t you use it, then?

          12. LastGasp says

            That is the problem with all of you people who want to restrict and regulate our rights,,,you only want to enforce your will on us as long as it benefits YOU. The elite who rant the most about getting rid of guns all have private, ARMED guards. You, in the depths of hypocrisy, want to regulate the ability for everyone to own their own weapons or the amount of bullets they contain, as long as someone “in authority” is around with enough weapons and ammunition to protect your sorry, worthless, pansy ass.
            Tell me why anyone would want to take their firearms into church? And why would it be so bad even if they did?
            You morons think that everyone, everywhere would buy fully automatic weapons and carry them everywhere with no thought to social mores or purpose. That is what separates you idiots from normal, thinking people. A responsible gun owner isn’t making a statement about how tough they are, like you fools seem to believe, they merely want to be left alone and their natural right to defend themselves to be un-hindered.
            I could care less if you want to have a gun or not. Why should you care if I want one? Because you think YOU KNOW BETTER THAN I DO. Let me tell you something, dingleberry, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR ME?

          13. LastGasp says

            Had everyone that wanted to carry do so, it never would have happened in the first place. No one except the paid terrorists would have been begging for their life. Why can’t these pansies look at the facts of how useless and counter productive gun control laws are? Why should they even care?

        3. Zen999the . says

          You think it was just a coincidence, all these incidents were in GUNFREE zones?

          Even at Fort Hood, military are not allowed to carry firearms.

          And France is an anti-gun country. How’s that working out for them?

          1. headonstraight says

            See my response above to WILDCATF4F–It applies equally to you.

          2. Bob Sims says

            Head on Crooked. You are as stupid and useless as the professor.

          3. headonstraight says

            It seems to be working out pretty well, Zen. The murder rate in France per 100,000 residents is 1.3. In the Second Amendment Republic of the U.S. the rate is 5.0, almost 5 times as great. Does that satisfy your concern or do you have some other irrelevant and clueless comment to make?


          4. Eric Domejean says

            Stop giving out facts, the ammosexuals don’t want to hear it.

          5. merle says

            Who stupidly would protect your cowardly ass.

          6. LastGasp says

            Who ya gonna call, dingleberry? Who is gonna protect your pansy ass?

          7. Independent Voter says

            I can see by your name calling that you are a progressive.

          8. greyfox says

            Please don’t call them “progressives” they ARE REGRESSIVES” For a change let us set the agenda, they have been setting it long enough.

          9. LastGasp says

            A commie by any other name is still a commie. There IS a cure for communism,,,It’s an open source system for injecting lead into their personal space. However, I have heard that rope works, too! Isn’t technology great?

          10. Dorie N. says

            Oh, I so agree with YOU. It is time that we put the regressive murderous democrats into the ocean and let them swim to the Middle East or the Orient. Either direction will help them to see how ass-wipe stupid they are.

          11. taffytee says

            Your statement doesn’t prove anything. Is there a greater percentage of French on the public dole so they don’t turn to stealing, threatening, killing others to get what they want? And, why would we want to compare our culture to France-I don’t think they have had a stable economy for many years. And we, the Americans, had to sacrifice our young men to rescue France and the rest of Europe from Hitler. Criminals are the ones who misuse guns.Do you suggest, with this inane logic, that, since CARS kill people, we shall ban cars??? How about we severely punish the drunk, drugged and/or further irresponsible person for MIS-USING the car.

          12. headonstraight says

            The plain unvarnished FACTS I posted speak plainly for themselves.

            Your irrelevant blithering drivel does nothing to change the FACTS!

          13. Edward J Baker says

            Whenever a head on crooked lib is confronted with facts they mearly rant rather than engage arguments.

          14. greyfox says

            What facts? You speak of murder rates, are you suggesting people cannot be murdered in ways other than with a gun? You don’t parse the types of weapons used for your “fact” statistic. Are they all gun murders? what percentage are gun murders? Your “facts” are very much varnished. Any blithering and blathering that’s going on is yours, get your facts straight and don’t simplify complicated issues.

          15. merle says

            Just because you have some facts doesn’t mean we should lose our rights to the second amendment !! Your just one .

          16. Dorie N. says

            I don’t think that they should be able to change our laws even if more than half the country agreed with them. If they do not like living in a country that allows free will, then by all means they should move to Mexico or to the Middle East and live with the Muslims who do not believe in free will for women.

          17. Bob Sims says

            Head on Crooked. You are as useless as the professor.

          18. Joe says

            you may have your head on straight, but a small window where your belly button is located would help you see where you are going. .

          19. LastGasp says


          20. LastGasp says

            Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,,,,,geeez, for a minute there it seemed like you were actually serious! Can’t stop laughing! That’s great,,,do you mind if I use it?

          21. ForTheMusic says

            you’re so called facts are flawed.

          22. kenndeb says

            Most liberal facts come straight from the regime. Liberals follow the example of their Emperor. He is well versed in lying and deceit. The democratic party has been taken over by communists that would like to turn our country into a soviet style police state, and it has been moving along as planned. One small problem. American patriots are well armed. The tyrant needs to remove the arms, and traitors like you want to help.

          23. pappadave says

            Besides, if I ever need any advice from the French, it’ll be how to retreat and I don’t plan on retreating one step.

          24. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            headonstraight is straight up his @$$

          25. David Fitzgibbon says

            ” CARS kill people”
            Alcohol kills as many.

          26. Dorie N. says

            We do punish the drunk, and drugged, and anyone who is irresponsible for miss-using their car. They go to jail and sometimes prison when found guilty of vehicular homicide. That is not murder, per se, but is classified as the taking of life through one’s intent and irresponsible behavior.

          27. SeeThroughYou says

            The US murder rate by strangulation alone is higher than the combined murder rate methods of most EU nations.

            The US is full of violent jailbird misfits and soft liberal courts than let them back on the street.

          28. headonstraight says

            Back on the street where our lax gun regulation makes it easy for them to arm themselves.

          29. SeeThroughYou says

            Baloney, there are 360 million guns in circulation yet criminals still have to get their auntie to go buy one for them because nobody will sell them one.

            The regulations are already in place, background checks are done on 95% of all firearms purchases already but you can’t stop some shady character from gettings a weapon and hurting people if that’s their aim.

            AK47s are 100% illegal in France yet those scumbags were able to acquire them to murder the staff of Charlie Hedbo.

            “Lax Gun Regulations” is just another failed part of the liberal Phony Narrative..

          30. LastGasp says

            Right on! You failed to mention the RPG’s they had. Also not legal about everywhere. You’re correct about “Lax Gun Regulations,” also. We’ve let them have regulations and they always want more. There shouldn’t be any at all except for special circumstances.
            There is no proof anywhere that gun control makes the population safer. There is plenty of proof that gun ownership and availability makes the population safer.
            Wonder why they can’t get that one simple fact through their conditioning?

          31. ForTheMusic says

            Retired from 45 years of service,in both government and private sectors…hmm now i know why u say these were part of the government..probably still are..getting paid to say this nonsense u spew..someone we should not even trust..i bet you state false info too lol

          32. kenndeb says

            I’ve stated on other forums that you do not need a gun to commit murder. I an walk around near any neighborhood and find enough poisonous plants and fungi to take out 100 people. I can improvise a device from what I find around the house that would take out an entire block. I can find, at arms length, something that will kill. People kill, not objects. Guns are only as evil as the person holding it, and far more people are killed by other means.

          33. David Fitzgibbon says

            You can make one helluva boom with an acetylene torch, Just fill a garbage bag with a good oxygen-acetylene mixture and put in a long fuse or remote detonator it will explode like a bomb! Rattle windows for a block! Don’t stand near it!

          34. kenndeb says

            I learned about calcium carbide when I was 8. Babyfood jars, a piece of carbide, and a little water. Seal the jar and toss in fire. Run very fast.

          35. pappadave says

            Criminals DON’T OBEY THE LAW, Knucklehead! That’s what makes them criminals! Pass all the laws you want and you won’t make the SLIGHTEST dent in criminal behavior.

          36. headonstraight says

            You want criminals in jail, don’t you? Reasonable gun laws–and there are plenty of them-are most likely to be violated by criminals and thus will provide more opportunity to arrest, try, and convict them.

          37. pappadave says

            Well, stupid, I see my comment went right over your head. There are 20,000 “reasonable” gun laws in effect currently and the ONLY people who are restricted by them are those prone to obey the law in the first place. If you want to have ANY effect on what little gun violence we suffer through, anyone using a gun in the commission of a crime needs to be put in jail for a LONG, LONG time.

          38. headonstraight says

            Well, denser-than-a-black hole, I see MY comment went over YOUR head, since you did not see your way to actually address the substance of it.

          39. pappadave says

            Only a dumbass is so dense he can’t understand that, by definition, criminals disobey laws. YOUR “solution”? Pass another law–which criminals will disobey, too. Just how stupid must one BE to be a “progressive” these days?

          40. Jesse Livermore says

            headoncrooked…I am sure you won’t respond to this ..BUT how do you explain that in ALL states where there is a right to carry capability crimes involving firearms are significantly lower including murders of course

          41. SeeThroughYou says

            The murder rate in US states with homogenous populations is lower than France’s murder rate.

            South Dakota had 4 murders per 1 million people with a gun ownership rate hovering around 50%.

          42. headonstraight says

            No. 2013 statistics show that South Dakota had a murder rate of 2.4 per 100,000 people, MUCH higher than you claim. Here is my source:


            What is YOUR source? Put up the goods. I did.

          43. SeeThroughYou says

            Baloney, you can’t lump together justifiable homicide and murder statistics. South Dakota’s record year for criminal homicides was 8 in one year with a resident population of 940,000(with about 120,000 non resident transients and visitors).

            There were 5 criminal homicides in South Dakota in 2011 and only 3 of them involved firearms.

            Your stats are flawed.

          44. ForTheMusic says

            and u forget about mexican cartels..if gun control happens, who do you think will get rich? do u think the POS in chief will secure our borders? he wants amnesty so no!

          45. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is fascinating, but it’s what they HIDE that’s important. Anybody can cherry-pick facts & figure to bolster their argument. Show all relevant data before you claim a win. How many were murders? how many were drug-related, How many were committed by, forget it. you’ll never understand.

          46. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            Another thing that helps keep your murder rate so low is the demographics. How many gang-bangers live there? Maybe these pinheads ought to concentrate on outlawing street gangs? Just a thought.

          47. Zen999the . says

            Did those murders include strangulation, beating, poison, drowning, arson, auto, in addition to firearms? If so, then you are the clueless one.

          48. Bob Sims says

            Head on Crooked. You are as stupid as the professor.

          49. Mark Forrer says

            Hey stupe…we have 5 times the population as France…..

          50. David Fitzgibbon says

            “Hey stupe…we have 5 times the population as France…..”
            But five times the living standard.

          51. Mark Forrer says

            And 5 times the liberal ass hat clowns trying to force their liberal agendas down our collective throats…..

          52. Mark Forrer says


          53. LastGasp says

            You might try getting some recent statistics if you want a little credibility.

          54. LastGasp says

            Your comparison is meaningless. In your own words, “,,, some other irrelevant and clueless comment to make.” is exactly what you did. How are the two comparable? What are the parameters of confluence? And why did you bring up the Second Amendment in that context? Non sequitur, dude.
            It’s like comparing apples and oranges: there are a couple of similarities, but not enough to exchange or compare qualities.

          55. Zen999the . says

            Yes, good idea. Outlaw all guns. It worked for alcohol so well. Oh, yeah, except for the illegal sale and consumption of alcohol. You outlaw guns, and only outlaw will have guns. Check statistics in Chicago. You are not only clueless, but an idiot.

          56. David Fitzgibbon says

            Outlawing guns would require a constitutional convention, because our right to bear arms is included.

          57. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            France is not the USA. We are an independently-minded people, & have been since Colonial days. The Second Amendment does not require anyone to keep & bear arms, it merely records that the right exists among FREE peoples. You don’t like or want guns, OK, don’t get one, but you cannot force gang-bangers to stop committing murders over turf, or sociopaths from killing indiscriminately. Only an armed citizenry can, IF you idiots will stop trying to disarm innocent, law-abiding people. Pass a law that requires execution for people who use guns in crimes of robbery or murder, & watch the murder rate drop like a brick! At least, the GUN murder rate. Those who wish to kill will do so by other means. An Eastern nation banned all guns & killers took to using baseball bats, so, you guessed it! The gov’t banned baseball bats! Stupid.

          58. David Fitzgibbon says

            Only complete idiots would trade freedom and their constitutional rights for a false feeling of security. The cops are not going to be there when you need them, only when you’re going ten MPH over the speed limit.

          59. Dorie N. says

            God has shown us through His Word, that these same things happen over and over again, and people never learn. He would make them live under the grip of totatlitarianism for at least a forty year generation and then they would end up doing again the foolish behavior leading them back into being slaves to their leaders and governments. This is why it is not long before God will be taking back this earth from Satan, and putting His Son in charge. If you do not learn during that thousand years, then you do not deserve to be in eternity.

          60. David Fitzgibbon says

            The “right to bear arms” clause invalidates these poor excuses for communism. I live in farm country where everyone has two or three guns at close hands. I have ten acres of woods and it is common to have a wolf or fox raiding my cat food dish on the back porch. They do have sense enough to run when the door opens.

        4. Independent Voter says

          All of these incidents happened in places carefully identified as being full of defenseless victims. All were committed by registered Democrats on SSRI anti-depressants. The Muslim cowards in France attacked a place they knew was full of defenseless people. Guns DO save lives. Cowards commit murder.

        5. SeeThroughYou says

          It did in Oklahoma City recently. A Muslim started cutting off his coworkers heads and was shot with an AR15 by the supervisor before he could kill anyone else.

          1. merle says

            And I say YEAHHHHH for him .

          2. David Fitzgibbon says

            I todays world it would not surprise me if they prosecuted the supervisor.

        6. merle says

          That is the whole point tho . Without arms in this country this would be happening every day to people that disagreed with the mulsim filth that is slowly growing across the globe ! All of ours have been by mentally challenged people. They would find a way to make bombs If they have guns taken away .

        7. pappadave says

          It was the establishment of “gun-free zones” that were responsible for Columbine, Newtown, Fort Hood and scores other mass shootings, and everyone but a moron knows this. All of those venues–including VA Tech, that movie theater in Colorado, etc. etc.–had BANNED guns, so the victims were simply targets instead of being able to defend themselves and others. In the case of Fort Hood, guns weren’t “banned” but AMMUNITION was.

          1. David Fitzgibbon says

            ” VA Tech, that movie theater in Colorado, etc. etc.–had BANNED guns,”
            Rules that contradict our constitutional rights are null and void. Ignore them, and stupid politicians. RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!!

        8. Linda Lee says

          An unarmed citizenry is an invitation to those who perpetrate these horrible massacres.

        9. John Galt says

          Don’t want a gun don’t buy one. Who will protect you when evil comes for you. Police you say? Like they did in Ferguson MO? No, I think they stood around and watched things burn.
          I take the responsibility. I’ll not shoot anyone that doesn’t need it and see to it to the best of my ability they don’t harm me or my family.
          You call the police.
          It won’t save a single life to take guns away from responsible gun owners.

          1. headonstraight says

            Hold a seance and tell it to the nutty Ayn Rand, Johnboy.

          2. Bob Sims says

            Head on Crooked. You are as ignorant as the professor.

          3. John Galt says

            Ayn hated commies. I don’t expect you to endorse her philosophies. She was far smarter than you and had the number of people like you a long time ago.
            Really, when evil shows up at your house what will you do to protect yourself or family?
            Peeing in your pants is not a good choice but I wouldn’t advise you to buy a gun if you can’t handle the responsibility. Neither should to deter those who can, responsible gun owners don’t do mass shootings or cause crime.

          4. LastGasp says

            Losing your grip, head? Maybe you should just mellow out and spend some time researching before you say something stupid.

        10. LastGasp says

          Ha, ha, ha, ha,,,,,good one! It seemed for a moment that you were telling us that stricter gun control would have prevented those “tragedies.” I’m a little hesitant to call them tragedies because several of them were choreographed by the feral government. Those tragedies all happened in “gun free zones.” You know as well as I do that a “gun free zone” is an open invitation for a whacko to kill someone.
          Oh, you might consider changing your post where “,,,scores of other mass shootings” just kind of slipped out in your excitement. You know as well as I do that there aren’t “scores” of other mass shootings. I would take back my assertion if you can prove to me there are “scores of other mass shootings” and even apologize for impugning your progressive conditioning.

        11. LastGasp says

          Just think how many of your “mass shootings” there would be without a Second Amendment.
          You have proof and documentation of “,,,scores of other mass shootings.?” Do you know how many are in a “score”?
          And why wouldn’t it”,,, protect people in this country from the kind of outrage that was perpetrated in France”?

        12. Cameron Triplett Sr says

          Have you noticed that almost ALL mass murders have occurred where guns are banned, & the victims were unarmed & had no way to protect themselves from those w/homicidal intent? These people may desire to kill the unarmed, but they have no desire to risk facing armed “victims”. As w/all terrorists, they are craven cowards who fear death for themselves. An armed populace is a polite populace.

        13. Kevin Fogarty says

          Honestly, I am not sure why you bother. It is like talking to a wall. Albeit a very vocal wall. I have been called every name in the book, and have yet to see a single cogent argument to support the notion that it is actually a good idea to keep guns around. You are pissing in the wind my friend. Nonetheless, you’re OK by me. I think I will go now and wipe my rectum with my degree since I have recently been told, by one of the highly informed and logical denizens of this website, that that is all that it is good for. Good Luck to you , Sir.

      7. Laddyboy says

        Alan Correa: This is a VERY GOOD idea.

      8. supergun says

        This idiot professing dumbo would not last a day.

      9. Rick Rogers says

        Constitution protects EVEYONE Alan Correa.. Not just people you agree with.

        1. Alan Correa says

          Rick Rogers you are 100% correct so lets educate everyone about their rights governed by the constitution

        2. Alan Correa says

          after reading some of your other comments it’s probably a good thing you are not one of my neighbors. we are all American Patriots that love OUR country and most of us are veterans who fought for OUR rights and not just had them handed to them. God bless America and thank you God for our rights.

      10. Conservative says

        What’s more stupid, the professors or the parents that spend thousands sending their children to be indoctrinated by professors entrenched in Marxism beliefs?

      11. James Michael Lukes says


      12. james walls says

        Why not show them the end of the barelle that justice exits from and give them a early start to HELL? Just a thought

      13. Phil McMorrow says

        North Korea is lovely in mid winter. I think it’s only about 10 degrees below zero…Sort of like Boston.

      14. RobertNorwood says

        Right now the Syrian border would be a good place for them.

    2. Peatro Giorgio says

      No don’t ban stupid Just feed it a lead poison pill. Right in the back of the empty cranium. My opinion I could be wrong.

      1. Steve Stone says

        Just read your reply. LOL. Seems we think alike!

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          O yes :you and I are not alone in our thoughts. Many more are quickly coming to the same conclusion.

          1. headonstraight says

            And you have done a scientific survey to come to that conclusion, one would suppose? N-a-a-a-a-h! Just blithering drivel from the gun nut sector!

          2. greyfox says

            Scientific surveys are often made to support conclusions that have been made before the survey or perhaps you are not familiar enough with surveys to understand that. Who made the survey? Why did he/she make it? What was the bias of those doing the survey? Who did they survey? Surveys are made for people like you who don’t really delve into anything but grab at any straw to support their case, in this case a survey. I took a survey among the flat earth society members and we concluded that the earth was flat. Now go play with your toys and surveys.

          3. merle says


          4. pappadave says

            Well, Obama’s antipathy towards the Constitution has resulted in more gun PURCHASES than any ad campaign possibly could. The NRA’s membership has gone up 20% and first-time carry licensees are up by 45% in those states that permit it.

          5. headonstraight says

            Most of that frantic run on guns and ammunition was the result of the panicky fear-mongering by the pro-gun crowd, who warned that when Obama got in office he would be coming for your guns and ammo, so you better stock up before it is too late and all of you get herded into those FEMA camps we all “know” are being constructed in remote areas, awaiting the imposition of martial law and the incarceration of anyone who doesn’t line up with the Obama fascist regime.

            Crazy, misinformed propaganda can sometimes be more effective than any advertising campaign, since, after all, there are certain ethical standards and restraints required in advertising, but no such requirements are levied on the wild-ass fantasies of wild-eyed paranoid fanatics. And there are always, among the pro-gun sector, plenty of true believers ready to knee-jerkedly react to the slightest warning that their precious 2nd Amendment rights are about to be infringed (the horror! the HORROR!). The firearms and ammunition industry just loves all this, since it sucks in a lot of dupes ever more ready to shuck out hard cash to stock up on more and more guns and ammo to ward off the evil commie socialist liberals who are OUT TO GET YOUR GUNS!!

            All in all, it is something of an amusing little charade, though really sad when one considers how much of it is based on pure fantasy!.

          6. Bob Sims says

            Head on Crooked. You rant and rave because you are a liberal loser.

          7. LastGasp says

            Can you believe he actually said that? Straight from the MSNBC talking points catalog. Any fool who pretends to believe that,,,and continues trying to make people on a conservative forum listen to him has to be either a real retard or a paid shill. I go for him being an idiot troll who was assigned to disrupt our conversation. Just look, he’s not original, he uses out dated, quasi-facts, he doesn’t even try to understand what anyone else says and he uses ad hominem remarks to provoke responses, besides being a full blown bigot.
            Yep, he’s a troll,,,don’t respond, they get paid by the number of responses.

          8. pappadave says

            While I am loathe to assign “honesty” to Obama or his media sycophants, I’m willing to take him at his word on this issue. He’s TOLD us that he wants “universal registration” and stiffer gun control (“stiffer” than the 20,000 “regulations” already on the books which haven’t stopped a SINGLE shooting.) When someone tells me that they want to remove all guns from private ownership, I take them seriously. Barbara Boxer has outright said that, if she could, she’d ban and confiscate ALL guns in private ownership.

          9. David Fitzgibbon says

            And I would bet that Obamas stooges are monitoring internet traffic for “dangerous”
            people who propose lax gun control!

          10. pappadave says

            The next time you decide to spew this stupidity, first get down on your knees and thank gun owners that you aren’t speaking German or Japanese as your native language today. The ONLY thing that kept Japan from invading the west coast at the outset of WW II was that Yamamoto knew that any invading Army would face–as he put it–“a gun behind every blade of grass” because of our 2nd Amendment.

          11. headonstraight says

            Your alleged Yamamoto quote is about as credible as that forged Kenyan birth certificate for the President. Here is the widely-propagated misquote” you so authoritatively posted:

            “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”



            Read what says about this misquote:



            So, pappadave, the next time YOU decide to spew some alleged “quote”,you might better check it out to see if it is genuine. There is a lot of stuff passed off as “quotes” that is just made up by some silly-ass smart alec and seized upon by gullible and naive people such as yourself in a vain effort to score some kind of debate point or “gotcha.” You scored zero this time around and got nuthin’!

          12. pappadave says

            The next time you decide to try and refute anything I post, try and find a source for your “refutation” that’s a BIT more credible than “” which, much like Wikipedia, is a well-known site fraught with far-left, ultra-progressive “fact-checkers.”

          13. headonstraight says

            That old “shoot the messenger” stuff doesn’t cut it, pappadave. You KNOW your “quote” is bogus. There are plenty more sources for its inauthenticity than I named. To you and your irrational wingnut ilk, any source that disputes your
            ingrained, irrational sense of things is “liberal.” Pitiful!

          14. pappadave says

            No, anyone who uses a far-left site to “prove” something is the moronic liberal

          15. Bob Sims says

            Head on Crooked. You are as sick in the head as the professor.

          16. LastGasp says

            You are really stretching to have something to say,,,,too bad it is non sequitur and irrelevant. I suggest doing some reading and research if you don’t like being made fun of.

      2. john robel says

        Brother, you aint wrong.

      3. headonstraight says

        You are wrong. Your nutterance is all too typical of the swaggering, bully-boy attitude of those on the extremist fringe of the gun nut crowd.

        1. Bob Sims says

          Head on Crooked. The only “nutterance” here is you and the professor.

    3. Jarhead says

      And also drug test them?

    4. James Andrews says

      He should be fired for spewing such seditious speech.

      1. Cold War Gunner says

        This is Portland, Oregon we are talking about, won’t happen..A viper filled nest of libturds..who moved in from Kalifornicate..

        1. James Andrews says

          I know…..still sad though!

        2. LastGasp says

          The whole hippy-dippy left coast is like that.

          1. Gunner says

            Hey, last gap, zip code 98684- makes me pretty much left coast. Don’t much care who it is, try to gun me or mine, hope your as good as a shot as you think you are. My day it was “the only dead commie was a good commie”. Your reading it right. I own, I carry, I am WELL trained, both on the ground and in a rotary unit-door gunner, I have no fear of defending me and mine. Vote Republican, Colt, and free hair cuts. RESPONSIBLE WEAPONS OWNER, MARINE, AMERICAN-TRY TO TAKE ANY ONE OF THEM.

          2. LastGasp says

            Hey, sorry if you misunderstood me. I wasn’t denigrating our service people I was one also. Yeah, I’ve got family in the the Oly/Tumwater area and went to college over there. A long time ago, after the service. You know what I meant, I’m sure. It’s all getting like Commiefornia. My nephew and niece asked me to bring most of their weapons back with me to Idaho. They were really worried about the local gun control nazis raiding their farm or business to get their collection of military hardware. Nothing select fire, just some bigger calibers like the .338 Lapua.
            i apologize if it sounded like I was giving you shit, but you gotta admit that there’s a lot of nasty gun grabbing mentality in the big cities and heavy urban areas over there. That’s why I left in ’77.

            wasn’t it, “The only good commie is a dead commie?”

          3. Gunner says

            Point of view, it’s good. Why do they try? Thinking that is. Or like that fence post turtle dude that slimed his way into DC, how the he11 did they get through the 4th grade?? That’s OK-just reminding the world that it’s spread out like peanut butter and jelly-everybody has to be some one, somewhere, sometime, around others doin the same. Screw the numbers, mourn for those left behind, and pocket another life lesson, and be glad to be alive. Can’t much predict the future, kinda dumb that way. Good at history. I know it will, or something will happen some where. Just don’t bring it to my back porch, you’ll see a .80 cal and a front sight post. Historically followed by a loud noise, my wife is my back up, lady like, a.45 M-1911. Like I also said, I know history and can’t fix what will be, nor can I be everywhere and would rather the professor hang out in those second amendment free zones. As I figure it we own France as it is. Repeal the professor to France, fit right in. Maybe work at one of those open targets as an unarmed security. Probably one of those hippies on the other side of the chain link fence at San Francisco International in 74. Enough for and from me. Keep yer ammo dry and use some fire control.

          4. LastGasp says

            Heh, heh,,,,yeah,,, for what it’s worth, I guess we do own France. Next time I need to retreat or give up I’ll ask them for advice. Hoooey! .80 has got to be spendy! I know what .338 and .50BMG costs, but .80? I seriously doubt that the recipient of such fond, .80 attention would ever hear a thing!
            Nice to have someone at your back,,, mine ran away with our attorney. At least she waited until our boys were on their own.

          5. Gunner says

            Oh, pretty sure dead commies were good commies…….Jane the urinal cake must of rewrote it somewhere…………………….

    5. Armycombatvet says

      He just set himself up as an easy target and he should be banned from the human race not the second amendment. Better yet, send the commie coward to an area with a extremely high crime rate and let his views be known, the rest will take care of itself! Violate the Constitution…….pay the price. The traitors comeuppance!

      1. Cold War Gunner says

        This useful idiot is a poster child for post-birth abortion..JMPO

    6. Dandyangie says

      These are the kinds of people who are brainwashing our young. Our liberties are under attack by these useless morons and America sleeps while they undermind the greatest country in the world in closeted class rooms. They should be held to some decent standard or dumped in a shithole of their dislike.

    7. NoRINO says

      Send them to hard labor camp for no lesser than 30 years.

    8. USAHooRaa says

      Amen Jerry, “stupid is as stupid does.” Take away our liberty and watch Hastings cry and scream.
      He should return his Diploma from whence it came. He needs to look at the numbers of the industry and all the jobs it would affect.

    9. Daniel Max Ketter says

      I was an instructor ad hoc before my career in the automotive labor, and you are RIGHT, there are many stupid professors out there.

    10. LastGasp says

      Stupid professors should be seen and not heard.

    11. brian James says

      no, send them all to Afghanistan. let them be with there buddies.

    12. Shane says

      If you banned stupid professors, there wouldn’t be many left.

    13. Conservative says

      I would place a bet that Prof. Tom Hastings has several guns and he would not hesitate to use them if he, his family or home were threatened. He is just one more liberal professor with absolutely no common sense; a liberal professor who thinks he is wiser than our Founding Fathers were. I feel certain our Founding Fathers knew that eventually liberals in government would begin to make one set of laws for themselves and another for the people they want to rule. They knew history and they knew the perils we would eventually face; oh how right they were. Guns in the hands of responsible citizens is more vital today than it was 239 years ago!

    14. Shauna says

      darn Jerry, you beat me to it, but I was going to say, We should repeal stupid professors….LOL…

    15. says

      Just do something to get them out of the US!!! The ridiculous nonlogic that comes from progressive communist college professors is …sorry, no word comes to mind except asinine.

    16. ED Hamlin says

      Hahaha, good one!

      So we have a social group of people that are clueless because they isolate themselves and that have no idea what the world is like outside of the state they live in or for that matter they believe what they see on the news and media they prefer. they don’t hear the other side, their information is extremely biased and anti constitutional.

      It would be nice but we have run out of large island continents to send the buffoons. Albeit we could try to send them to Africa but I would not burden many of the God fearing people of the continent especially South Africa. It could work though because they would see or those who live there already would see there is a better life and it is achievable if you get ride of the trash.

    17. Larry Venable says

      just fire them and make sure they can’t suck on the public money teat, nothing funnier than a holier than thou professor who can’t find a job.

    18. RobertNorwood says

      They’re taking up space where real and better ideas might form.

  4. terryk says

    Disgusting does this idiot realize what he wants. Look at France people being slaughtered because they are unarmed.

    1. Paul S says

      Right, un armed police. Halt! Or I’ll insult you a second time. As useful as tits on a bull…

      1. Jim says

        That does eet. I am taking my munekey and I am leaving lol. I Inspector Clouseau.

      2. emag says

        The police woman in Paris got shot while begging for her life. She had no gun, of course. How stupid is that. Wonder if now it will change, at least for the police.
        And I hope it has an effect here in the US, more people getting armed.

      3. LastGasp says

        Hey, it was your turn to bring a gun today, remember?

    2. Merlinever says

      Not just France. What about the terrorist attack on the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Australia? And there are probably too many others to mention.

      1. David Kledzik says

        Was reading on One Political Plaza this morning, and it said not in much detail that several retaliatory strikes took place, including attacks on some mosques, muslim prayer halls, and a kebab shop,
        SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

        1. Merlinever says

          Right. I saw that too. Looks like at least some of the French people have decided to fight fire with fire……and not a moment too soon…

          1. David Kledzik says

            They are starting to see what political correctness towards these people gets you, and we need to stand and fight in this country also, or we will be in the same boat they are. As well as making a stand against fruit cakes like the libtard professor in Oregon,,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          2. Merlinever says

            It’s not just political correctness, though that is the main part of the problem. It’s also multiculturalism, diversity, inclusiveness, cultural relativism, and normalcy bias (the incorrect belief that because something hasn’t happened before it never will)……and the way so many Western governments refuse to connect the dots and see that unlimited, wide open immigration, which allows Muslims from other countries to pour in, is allowing the Muslims to invade their countries, destroy their culture and national identities, and turn these Western European countries into Islamic states.
            Please read “Stealth Jihad” by Robert Spencer and “Modern Day Trojan Horse; The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration” by Sam Solomon and E. Al Maqdisi.
            The importance of these books cannot be over emphasized.

          3. LastGasp says

            Good one! Also, a good resource to check out is “45 Communist Goals” in “The Naked Communist,” by Dr. Cleon Skousen (1958).


          4. LastGasp says

            You are correct, sir. We’ve ignored them for too long!

        2. LastGasp says

          Oooooh! Not the kebabs! That’s all they got going for them.

          1. David Kledzik says

            We should invite them to our neck of the woods for a good old fashioned a@# wh#%@(%#@
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

    3. joebabe says

      Gun-free Australia just got a taste of it also; along with the. Poor Brit soldier who was hacked to pieces while onlookers “strongly condemned ” that act of terrorism…. Never forget Fort Hood!

    4. headonstraight says

      Slaughtered? Who is being slaughtered and where?

      The murder rate in France is 1.3 per 100,000. In the Second Amendment Republic of the U.S.A, the murder rate is 5.0 per 100,000.

  5. Dravak says

    These idiots will never understand. You cannot take weapons from honest, law-abiding citizens. All that leaves is unarmed masses against the criminals who will ALWAYS find a way to illegally procure firearms.

    Ask the professor what he would do if a thug broke into his home, threatened to rape his wife and children in front of him and then shoot him in the head?


    1. 4b4mac says

      Hey Dravac: The answer……..DIE ! Maroon!

      1. Jim says

        That’s moron, not maroon

        1. Terry Lee says

          I think that is a Bugs Bunny reference.

          1. Jim says

            Come to think of it, I think that you are correct, Thanks. That one slipped my mind.

          2. headonstraight says

            Such information predictably slips the mind of a Daffy Duck.

    2. Miss Mellie says

      It will be “interesting” when the feds come into rural Alabama to TAKE guns. These men have hunted game for 7 generations. Of course the National Guard could our number us and take the guns; but it would be “interesting” for a while; though not pretty.

      1. ForTheMusic says

        i don’t think the people of Alabama will just lay down their arms..i think they will fight.

        1. Steve Stone says

          When they come for my guns, I will go down in a blaze of glory and take more than one of them with me!

          1. LastGasp says

            They can have mine one bullet at a time,,,,and buddy, I’ve got lots of bullets.

          2. WILDCATF4F says

            I took the same oath, to ” Uphold and Defend ‘ the Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign & DOMESTIC!, and that lasts till I am DEAD!, DEAD!, DEAD!.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

        2. Miss Mellie says

          For sure, Music, they won’t. My husband and I discussed this one time as we drove through a particularly rural section of our county. He said just what you have said, “They will fight, but they will lose.” (being outnumbered & out-gunned). We both agreed that that they’ll (we’ll) be pitiful———-but brave.

          1. LastGasp says

            I don’t want your pity. With that attitude you WILL lose. The feral government is the one that is out numbered and out gunned.

          2. WILDCATF4F says

            If the average
            firearms owner has say 100 rounds at the start of the war, 50-75 of them will be fatal, or wound deep enough to allow the gear to be removed, and issued to those that will fight, they just didn’t have weapons to start with, WE will NOT lose, THEY will, and the UN will run out of troops faster than they can put them on a plane to ship them to their deaths!.
            Keep this in mind!, WE will become the ‘INSURGENTS’ and we will make them pay in more ways than they have was to PAY!.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          3. LastGasp says

            Molon Labe!

      2. joe says

        I don’t think the national guard would obey orders to fire on their own people. I have seen many interviews with members of the military that said they would turn their guns on the general that gave them that order. I think the military would be very unlikely to follow any orders from the government that would result in killing innocent American citizens after all they took an oath to PROTECT and defend. I am sure a small percentage of the brainwashed would try to obey but I am also sure they would be taken out by their own especially the national guard. Any American military person that fires on innocent American citizens would be an instant target in my sights that is for sure.

        1. Miss Mellie says

          I feel like the Guard will have been persuaded that the pathetic citizens refusing to surrender weapons are “plotting an overthrow of the govt., etc” Once there was a people in this country and when their states were invaded by the United States military, they took up arms. 250,000 of the paid with their lives—–but not before we got 350,000 of THEM.

          1. LastGasp says

            Who the &uck are you calling pathetic?

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Huffing glue kills brain cells, the ACA has a glue sniffers rehabilitation program.

        2. Ian MacLeod says

          “I don’t think the national guard would obey orders to fire on their own people.”

          I thought so too, but take a look at what’s actually happened. The National Guard was used after a couple of hurricanes and floods, and they DID disarm people. In New Orleans after Katrina though, the police took it upon themselves to do it – without orders! One video still breaks my heart: after the cops demanded any firearms she had (and after they broke down the door she was opening at their demand), a little old lady held an old pistol out on the flat of her hand, told them it wasn’t even loaded and was all she had, they tackled her and beat the Hell out of her! These “police” (I’ve met and seen the New Orleans police in action before, and I DON’T like them! They appear to hire thugs ONLY) pounded on doors, illegally demanding entry, searched for and STOLE any firearms, and “punished” any owners who were reluctant to allow such illegal confiscation by beating them to a pulp. If that was tried here in rural Oregon in most places OR in my native Texas, there would be a much reduced police force by the time that was all over! We country folk tend to take our Constitution seriously!

          1. LastGasp says

            Yeah, I saw that, too. they’ll do it whenever they get a chance. That’s the state of our police state. The regular Army and other services mostly won’t fire on civilians, I wouldn’t. And YOU KNOW THE MARINES WON’T.

          2. joe says

            I agree what they did down there was wrong and it should have never happened but taking away the guns is a far cry from opening fire. I also think that if it gets bad enough to where people fear this happening they are NOT going to give up their firearms so easily. It is simple to hide weapons and they do not have the manpower to do the search on every house they suspect has firearms. I also agree that there are a lot of people that should not be cops and I suspect they will be among the first to be taken out if things get to that point. I feel there are a lot more good cops and good military than bad so to be the bad ones will be nothing more than target practice for the good they will be eliminated first and will no longer be a threat, at least that is my hope. I really hope it never comes to that but as things get worse and worse and our government takes more and more of our rights away I fear eventually it will come to that and if I am still alive when it does then I will do what I have to do as I am sure most Americans will.

      3. LastGasp says

        They don’t outnumber us, far from it. In 2011 there were almost 15 million hunting licenses issued by the Fun and Games dept. No country in the world has 15 million soldiers.

        1. headonstraight says

          But nowhere near 15 million of those license holders have the arch-reactionary mindset that certain fringe lunatic gun nuts have.

          1. greyfox says

            Hey headonstraight, why don’t you quite while your behind.

          2. LastGasp says

            All it takes is one, headjob. Who’s gonna save your worthless hide?

        2. Miss Mellie says

          Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear; should have said they have much greater fire-power with the automatic assault rifles; armored vehicles, etc. We couldn’t hold those off with 12 gauge shot guns for long.

      4. Porty1119 says

        The Guard, combat – arms units in particular, will side with the American people.

    3. top2004 says

      Its not the criminals Im worried about, its the gov.

    4. rjo3493 says

      Hopefully they would rape and shoot him in the head instead and spare his wife. I’d say she don’t deserve what she has put up with.

    5. WILDCATF4F says

      the COWARD! would no doubt kneel put his hands on his head, Hate himself for what he is ALLOWING to happen, then wonder HOW? he could have done something different just before the bullet punches through the head!.
      LOCK & LOAD!!!

  6. Paul S says

    Hey professor dumbass! Those who pound their swords into plowshares are ruled by those who didn’t.

    1. blackhawk132 says


    2. Valor says

      He is too stupid to comprehend that.

    3. David Kledzik says

      Thomas Jefferson, ,,,
      SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

  7. Combatvet52 says

    Professor Tom Hastings of Portland State University how about we kick your butt right out of the system we don’t need stupid professors teaching our kids STUPID LIBERAL Ideas, go back to your commie land where ever that might be just make it far far away, and you can take a whole bunch of lawmakers with you.

    1. Robert says

      Common Core is another tool of the Marxists to Brain Wash children, They must all think alike, All speak alike, Only believe what their government tells them. Only eat and drink what the government tells them to. Disobey your parents because they are stupid Racist fools and should be arrested if they tell you what to do. Welcome to Marxist America paid for with your Tax dollars.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        I won’t go down without a fight Robert, I took an OATH back in 1952 to defend this country and it’s constitution some thing the present administration doesn’t understand
        we must not let them destroy us.

        1. Ian MacLeod says

          I took that same oath back in 1973; people don’t seem to realize that there is no expiration date on it!

          1. Combatvet52 says

            We just have to continue telling the ones that are lost that the OATH is a lifetime thing……..Period

          2. Ian MacLeod says

            I suspect my wife thinks I’m trying to “recapture my youth,” or to prove I’m as good a man as I ever was or something of the sort. Pfui. I know better! And getting shot or beaten to pud is not the way I would have chosen to go, given my druthers, thanks… NOT the way I ever visualized any part of my age. Ah well – it is what it is.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            If we back down we will be at one point tortured, I refuse to go that way even at 82 years young.

    2. Ian MacLeod says

      Common Core isn’t a “liberal” ANYTHING; it’s conditioning for absolute, unquestioning obedience to authority even if the reason for the orders aren’t understood. Disarming law-abiding citizens is simply rendering those citizens defenceless (the ones stupid enough to turn in their guns, anyway) against armed criminals and against a militarized government that has unilaterally decided to change the government over to fascism. To see that this IS what’s happening you only have to look at the militarized police and their “constantly in a War Zone” mindset that allows them to “mistake” anything from a T-shirt to nothing at all in people’s hands for a firearm. “I thought he had a gun” seems to be one of the most often-used excuses for police shooting citizens, even though having a gun in one’s own home and even pointing it at armed intruders who have NOT ID’ed themselves as police is NOT illegal or foolish – it’s a reasonable response! Police should NOT be breaking into people’s homes, at night, without warning, dressed in black and looking like armed break-in robbers. Those who DO are fools if they don’t expect to be shot at, and the resident should NOT be charged with anything – it’s a natural and generally LEGAL response to finding black-clad, armed intruders in one’s home in the middle of the night!

  8. MILES E DRAKE says

    Any idea that comes from a professor in Portland needs to be rejected out of hand. Perhaps, instead of opening the borders to the indigent population of central America, we should cede Californication and the increasingly wacky Oregon to the Mexicans, in return for an agreement to leave the rest of the United States alone.

    1. Padia Maria says

      Great idea!

    2. Merlinever says

      What a horrible idea! That would be giving the illegal alien invaders from south of our border a huge piece of our country in the hope that that would deter them from invading us; it would be, more than anything, rewarding these illegal alien invaders for their crime.
      That doesn’t make any more sense than taking guns away from law abiding citizens to discourage criminals.

      1. john robel says

        We have an illegal alien in the white house.

        1. Merlinever says

          Correction: We have an illegal alien – who committed treason at least 14 times during his first term in office – in the White House.

        2. headonstraight says

          We have all too many disordered wingnuts who actually believe that the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of Her Armed Forces is an illegal alien.

          1. greyfox says

            You probably have a survey to prove your point.

          2. LastGasp says

            Can you prove otherwise? I thought not. Go lay by your dish.

  9. Ronney says

    How can a professor be so stupid, It is no wonder college student’s wanted to repeal the 2nd amendment a week ago on the Alex Jones program. These poor children have no idea, like these idiots wanting to give up freedom for security. Mr. Hastings you are a fucking idiot of the worst kind, Oh how I would love to sit in on one of your classes.

    1. John P says

      Simple answer, this kind of education has been in the school system since John Hopkins University imported liberal professors over from Europe to teach in the school of medicine.

    2. LastGasp says

      I have been in classes with profs just as foolish (or more so) as him, recently. I was invited to leave and not return. Can you imagine getting booted out of college for exercising your right to express yourself? Those commies just can’t take a joke, I guess.

      1. Ronney says

        Good afternoon sir, I promise you I would have taught him something before I left the classroom.

        1. LastGasp says

          It was a her, I think. Hmmm, that could have been a part of the problem, now that I think about it. Aaahhh, how I wish you could have been there! It was tough being the only (admitted) Constitutionalist/Tea Party member in four of my five classes. A little back-up ( a witness, at least) would have gone a long ways.
          The profs didn’t like me anyway. I was older than most of them and asked too many questions. They were used to being the sole authority figure in the class, shoveling their progressive/liberal/communist ideology to the unsuspecting and highly impressionable students with no dissent or questions.

      2. Ian MacLeod says

        They ARE a joke – in poor taste!

  10. Wapitiman says

    We are so used to the freedoms we enjoy through our Constitution that we seemingly don’t recognize or appreciate they were bought with sacrificial blood. If this peacenik ‘professor’ does not like guns, it’s his privilege not to associate with them. It’s also my privilege to enjoy them. This ‘social sheep’ does not have the right to live my life for me.
    Hey, ‘professor’, move to England or Australia where you can enjoy being unarmed and victimized!

  11. farrightwing says

    This prof needs to be run off campus.

  12. farrightwing says

    Dittos Miles E Drake

  13. Jr1776 says

    Professor ? of what stupidity and liberal Communism.

    1. Robert says

      He earned his degree in another University that is full of Communist Professors, They have been teaching Communism in Schools, Collages and Universities since the 1940s. Joe McCarthy tried to warn us, and we allowed the Liberals to ruin him and hasten his demise. Nikita Khrushchev warned
      us that the Communists would take over the USA without firing a shot, you are seeing it happen now, before your eyes. Wake up American Citizens before its to late.

      1. Steve Stone says

        My grandson recently married a university professor and let me tell you, we do not get along. She is an avowed marxist and feminist. I could tolerate the feminist crap, but I took an oath to protect my country and it’s constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC and I am an OATH KEEPER! Hell, I’ve been married to the same woman for almost 53 years, once again, through thick or thin, I keep my oaths sacred.

        1. Ronney says

          Mr. Stone God Bless you and your family, well can I think about the daughter in law.

        2. KarenS says

          All these people spouting communistic and socialistic views are very close to being arrested for treason.

        3. Krampus Von Brom says

          Amen, brother!

        4. emag says

          I sympathize, Steve, my son is in the same situation. I hope it doesn’t last.

        5. Rick Rogers says

          Steve Stone just curious but she goes around and claims she is a Marxist? I ask because their are not that many of those. Communist are pretty much old news all over the world except for China and there is a possibility they may go a different route in the future. A lot of people confuse Marxist with Socialist and they are not the same. Almost every person in the United States was part of a Socialist program in their Life.. The Public School system were most of us got our education is a Socialist idea

          1. Steve Stone says

            No. On her facebook page under political views she list herself as “Marxist (really)” She’s an English Professor, so I’m assuming she knows the difference. I could be wrong.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            ok.. I don’t have much use for True Marxist their theories don’t work out. But there are some interesting ideas other countries have tried that might be worth a look at. Germany just made College Tuition Free not only for their citizens but for US citizens that study abroad as well. As someone that struggled to Work and go to college at the same time to pay for it I can see some benefits there. Wonder how things would be for our current college grads if they did not come put with huge amounts of debt before they work their first day on the job.

          3. LastGasp says

            Yeah, nice. Utopia, eh? When people get something for free, without earning it, they tend to take it for granted. It becomes valueless if it’s free in more than the literal way. No, no benefits there.

            Somebody has to pay for those students’ education. Think about it. Do the teachers get paid? Hmmmm? How about the administration? If college is tuition free, who pays for the infrastructure?

            You will probably say “Oh, the government takes care of it.” The government has no money of it’s own, buddy. It’s our money.

            So, how do you feel about paying for someone elses education besides your own?

          4. Rick Rogers says

            Ok.. You ask I answer. and One Question at the end. If my money is used to pay for a Doctor or A Surgeon that will same my life or someone I care about’s Life.. or even the family down there street then Great. If its for a engineer that builds a safe bridge I drive over every day, Great. But there is a point I have made before. Just follow me on this.. People with a Degree either 2 year or 4 year normally make more then other people without a degree right.. That means they have more money to spend in the economy. You have money to buy things like homes, Cars, Dining out during the week. They also pay sales tax on those items they consume. They pay Social Security and payroll taxes on that money. Which is PAYING for those people education. The leaders in Germany understand this process. (which is a bit amazing since when you think of FASICT governments their history provides the perfect example). The F-35 aircraft the Military is buying cost 299 Million each. 5 of those planes cost 1.495 Billion dollars. Sounds like to me there is money for the program if you trim other things just a little. No I am not anti Military I spend my time in the Air Force and Saw Congress spend money on things over and over that the military says they don’t need. This happen again just last week. The A-10 Warthog aircraft is a master at what it does but it does not fit in with the current planning of the Air Force. They don’t want anymore A-10’s but Congress is buying them because they are built in the District of some congressman and the state of some other Senator and they can’t allow those cuts.

          5. LastGasp says

            Ahhh,,,the qualifications,,, “If my money is used to pay for a Doctor or A Surgeon that will same my life or someone I care about’s Life.”
            “if the dog didn’t stop to shit, he would have caught the rabbit.”
            The thing is that WE DON’T GET A CHOICE about where our tax dollars go. And your neighbor probably has a very different idea about where his tax money should be spent.

            People with a degree do not necessarily make more money than those without any more. There’s lots of folks with multiple degrees that are under-employed or not working at all. The amount of people with a college education that are employed at what they were educated for, WHAT THEY INCURRED THE DEBT FOR, is surprisingly small.
            I worked in human resources as a student going through college several years ago, WHEN THE ECONOMY WAS MUCH MORE ROBUST THAN IT IS NOW, and can honestly say that less than one in twenty people who used our agency for employment were working at their education level. Those years of college weren’t exactly wasted, but they were unnecessary for the job market.
            My point is that the people with a university education can not be expected to pay for their education and still have enough disposable income to pay for other people. They shouldn’t have to. They are being punished for being hard working, devoted, and successful while other people who don’t have the work ethic or determination to succeed on their own get a free education.
            That is SOCIALISM. That is why socialism never works for very long,,,the over achievers who contribute most to a society are punished for being successful. As people learn not to be successful the standard of living declines until there is no one left to pay for everyone else.
            Germany and most of the European collective are drowning in the results of their socialist policies. The Union is withering under the burden of unpayable debt, just like the US. Free tuition would be the stupidest thing they could do.

            So, how do you feel about paying for someone’s education besides your own? How do you feel about paying for someone’s hysterectomy?
            No “if it was this way,” just tell me why you like paying for other people’s life choices as well s your own.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            your a bit off on want is going on in European its their Austerity programs that are causing the up roar.. They are cutting service to people and programs that are used by the Majority at the insistence of the minority.. LastGasp.. I have a question for you that might seem to be off topic but would wonder if you would answer it for me. Are you a Star Trek fan?

          7. LastGasp says

            Yes, but why do they have to resort to the austerity programs? Because their systems don’t work, they are failing.
            Yes, I was around for the original TV series and would consider myself a fan. I met several of the writers of some of the episodes at a college writing workshop. Gene Rodenberry and Harlan Ellison for example.

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Ok LastGasp.. since your a fan I have a question for you. And I am seriously interested in your answer. What type Economic system do you believe was on Display in the Federation. I know what Roddenberry intended because I was at a talk he give right before he died when someone ask him the question. The answer surprised me.

      2. Ed Shick says

        Well Alice Palmer sent her acorn friend Barry Soetoro to Moscow to school so he could learn more about Communism and Marxism , so he came home and went up the ladder of politics , might have legaly changed his name ?? but now signs every thing as BO!

  14. Rich says

    So he built his career on the study of nonviolence. Really? So at this point his conclusion is to disarm the American people and that is the solution to violence. I hardly think so. Disarming law abiding citizens only promotes criminal activity even more. Statistics shows this. I guess he skipped over that information in his life long studies. Such ignorance.

    1. Robert says

      He is like all liberals, the truth does not interest him.

    2. Valor says

      Disarming law abiding citizens also promotes government excesses and subjugation.

  15. tubesaft says

    If you call the police for help you should have to identify yourself with the serial number on your firearms ID card. If you don’t believe a gun is needed do it yourself.

    1. Wes Tipton says


  16. matt says

    Fix it for who ????

  17. mrmsjb12 says

    we need to rid this country of most of the idiotic dumocrats, cause most of them hate this country just look at their actions in NYC and that dumb ass mayor where did they ever find this jerk. this man is a complete disaster a one man wrecking crew, not to mention the idiots that are allowed to teach in our collages do they really know anything about America, and then their ring leader riding around the country in air farce one spreading his BS.

    1. headonstraight says


  18. RONALD WIEDER says

    And how would he propose getting all the illegal, unregistered firearms out of the black ghettoes ?

    1. Jarhead says

      Have a Black-Five-Finger-Discount Friday with wide open Check-Out lanes ? CALL IT: Trade guns for Loot Day?

      1. LastGasp says

        Just make a law that says if you can’t prove who your daddy is, no food stamps, welfare or other benefits. Then give them an out by saying if they turn in a gun they don’t have to prove who their daddy is. Once a month.

  19. Morton212 says

    It is very likely that the Second Amendment will be redefined in its meaning – and in my opinion in a way that was intended by the Founders. Its current application has now become an accelerant to violence.

    1. Dravak says

      Oh really Morton? And just what was that intention? Unless you are over 200 years old, I’d wager you have no clue just what our founding fathers intended. But I’ll tell you what works: The way things are. Law-abiding citizens protecting themselves against the criminal element. Granted, you will always have casualties. But “its current application” is not an accelerant to violence, it’s a deterrent that works far more than it fails.

      Go pander your liberal agenda somewhere else.

      1. Morton212 says

        I would warrant that your 200 year old interpretation is pretty flawed. We have results of its application and they are not pretty. So I suspect that the voter will eventually vote for a radical change of what you think was meant.

        1. Dravak says

          And just how will the honest citizens of this country continue to defend themselves against criminal violence? It will still be present, you know. This isn’t a country where there has always been strict gun control which leaves a minimal amount of firearms to fall into the wrong hands. There are more guns in this country than people. So when you take away my right to legally own one, how am I to defend myself and my family against those who will still acquire them?

          Use your head.

          1. Morton212 says

            Just as they do in other developed nations where gun violence is far lower pro rata than here.

          2. Dravak says

            Because those countries have never had guns to begin with. You aren’t understanding. You cannot enact a removal of ownership rights in a place where there are already so many weapons.

          3. Morton212 says

            That is actually false. Australia was once a nation where residents were heavily armed. Now gun ownership is heavily licenced.

          4. Dravak says

            Apples and oranges. The buyback that was done in Australia didn’t even come close to the volume here in the States. 40 million. That’s what would need to be destroyed to be equivalent with Australia. That will NEVER happen here.

          5. Morton212 says

            I agree that it will not be easy. It would have to be done over several years. First you stop indiscriminate sales, realistically, by requiring strict registration. You then require certification like in driving a motor vehicle. And the aim to reduce the number of guns by at least 90 percent.

          6. Edward Bryan says

            Sorry Morton, You are just another delusional moron. Turn on the news now and then. Should be enough proof there never, never be peace in the world. Responsible gun owners are the veil of protection that has prevented many miss deeds.

          7. DogWithoutSlippers says

            And now are susceptible to armed muslimes – GET IT? Wake up Hun!~

          8. Morton212 says

            They dealt with one psychopath successfully. Get real.

          9. Emma says

            I was raised with guns. My kids were as well.
            No one, & I do mean NO one, will ever take away my God given right to defend & protect , to hunt or to plink.
            When a society has no means or right for the individual to protect & defend themselves then it has become a society of slaves.
            No one cares as much about the preservation of ones life than the individual themselves.
            If one is being beaten to death who feels the physical pain? The individual being beaten to death. I have a God given Birthright to defend & protect
            my own person &No one can take that from me. Anyone…gov or individual who attempts to do so has chosen the wrong side of the fence because you are now my enemy , a danger to my well being & will be dealt with accordingly.

          10. Morton212 says

            You too will not holdout against the will of the people. You don’t really want to become a pariah do you ?

          11. Emma says

            Pariah??? Lol
            I am a free wmam &will rmaim so until my final breath. Even if in defense of that same freedom.

          12. Morton212 says

            You have to compromise in a free and democratic society.

          13. Emma says

            We are a Free Republic,
            And….no…. I don’t compromise where my freedom & well being is concerned.

          14. Morton212 says

            Do you not believe in democracy ?

          15. Emma says

            I believe in a free & polite society.

          16. Morton212 says

            There you go! So you must accede to the will of the majority, providing that the Constitutional majority rules are not violated.

          17. Emma says

            Not particularly.
            I am , have always been & will remain
            my own person.

          18. Morton212 says

            I mean – as a patriotic American citizen. How you feel about it personally may not always be the same. But then, we are all in exactly the same boat as far as that goes.

  20. Yadja says

    I can guarantee all these gun naysayers are going to have to step aside with what is going on in France. There will be no assaults by any Liberal or Progressive or insipid Democrat on our 2nd Amendment if they intend to have any say in the government of this country. They are already hanging by a thread where credibility is concerned with the voters do to their passive and lead from behind O.

    This morning again France is suffering under hostage attacks in two separate places that is called Divide and Conquer. If the people in these countries were filled to overflowing with private citizens armed this would not happen to this extent. Not only that the French were stupid enough to allow this segment of their society to take over cities and areas and practice their Sharia Law they are reaping what they have sown.

    This guy is barking up the wrong tree and with all that is happening via Islam it is going nowhere.

    1. Kevin Fogarty says

      Mothers aren’t getting shot to death at Walmart by their infants in France.

      1. Yadja says

        And whose fault is that? The gun or the mother?

        Tell you what you stay out of the Second Amendment and my right to bare arms and I will stay out of your right to be robbed, raped, killed or beaten He!! out of by some perverted loonie.

        1. headonstraight says

          Feel free to “bare” your arms anytime. Short-sleeved shirts are entirely permissible. You can bare your legs also if you wish; its a free country.

          But you need to bare some pages of the dictionary as well.

          1. Yadja says

            And you need to bare some responsibility for your “Stupid”.

          2. LastGasp says

            You’re lucky she’s not within arms reach, shithead. She’d kick the snot out your pansy ass.

        2. LastGasp says

          Hi Yadja! I’d say that sounds fair.

          1. Yadja says

            That is why they hate it because that is fair.

      2. john robel says

        Typical liberal. France is living proof gun bans don’t work.

        1. Kevin Fogarty says

          “Typical Liberal” is the kind of stupid attack on the individual that you right wing gun nuts use when you don’t have a good argument. The fact is that the French cops should have had guns-no question; but way more people are murdered in the US because guns are readily available. You think everyone having a gun saves people? You and your guns are not saving anyone. It is the vigilance of your government. Your Second Amendment is just Americans killing other Americans. Watching the utter stupidity of many of the people on this site is seriously going to make my eyes bleed one of these days. What happened in France is tragic, but it is made more remarkable by their peaceful culture. Tens of thousands of Americans are killed every year in horrific mass murders and individual violence. The Second Amendment answer is more guns- I am gobsmacked by this nonsensical response. The reason the criminals have so many guns is because they steal them from you idiots> Ridiculous. Call me a liberal, if you want but have a look at the numbers- they don’t lie. You might also address my actual point-mother’s don’t get shot with their own guns in France. Donkey. As for professors-they are people who actually know stuff. I’m just saying>

          1. LastGasp says

            You think everybody with a gun shoots somebody? Hey jerkwad, why are you here if it’s so painful? “Look at the numbers, they don’t lie,” so look at them! What’s wrong? Can’t find any that back your sorry pansy ass up? Show us some proof of what you say, dingleberry.

          2. Kevin Fogarty says

            So you mean to tell me that you DIDN’T know that about 12000 people in the US are killed each year with guns? By comparison: Canada has around 170. So we have 10 times the population and about 80 time the gun violence. Those are numbers. I guess we just have to admit that we love guns no matter the cost, but it is hypocritical to suggest that more guns in France would help.

      3. joe says

        WOW!! you are truly special, bless your little heart. Now go back to mommies basement and turn on spongebob little man.

        1. Kevin Fogarty says

          Actually respond to what I said instead of some moronic pat answer. I’m fifty years old and have two University degrees, you hillbilly. Think.

          1. LastGasp says

            Well dipstick, I’m 62. Served in the Armed Forces by draft, but I lived and came back. I’ve got a doctorate and three minors with at least a dozen certifications. Now, you wanna have a debate or you wanna go back to mommies basement and finish your circle jerk with your buddies?

          2. Kevin Fogarty says

            Good for you. I admire people who serve in the military. I really do. I am surprised that you have a doctorate, though. You haven’t said one decent argument about the benefits of gun culture. I submit to you the proposition that only hunters and the police ought to own guns. In another post, I produced figures on gun violence. All you seem able to do is ad hominem attacks on my apparent mommy’s boy tendencies. I’d like to be persuaded that, given the evidence of Sandy Hook Elementary and Columbine and Fort Hood, etc. that what happened in France couldn’t happen in the good ol’ US of A.

          3. joe says

            OOOO you have two degrees that your daddy bought you I am impressed, that explains why you are so stupid and can not form thoughts of your own. I own a company chuckles I create jobs I am far superior to you in every way I am also 3 years older so shut your trap junior and show some respect to your elders. You are wrong and you will admit it and apologize to every one in here. Without guns you would be picking turnips instead of flapping your uneducated mouth in here. I do not give a crap what you think of them it is my right to own them and you WILL NOT INFRINGE ON THAT RIGHT do you understand little man. I thought you would once I explained it to you now go use those degrees and wipe your rectum with them since that is all they are worth.

          4. Kevin Fogarty says

            Good arguments, Joe. Oh wait…there weren’t any. You can tell me all day long that you have a right to carry a gun. I am saying, once again, that your right to carry a gun only exists because there is a law that says that you have that right. I am saying that, above and beyond that, you have a moral obligation not to carry that gun because it has a tendency to infringe on others’ right to life. You can insult me all day long. I only pointed out that I have two degrees as a response to your juvenile taunting. Probably not a good idea. I paid for my University with my own hard work, by the way. So back to my point. The vigilance of your government is the only thing that keeps the threat of sectarian violence from your door, not your gun. Leave the guns to the cops and the army. I say again, as I have said before in other posts that the number of mass murders in the US is far greater than France, or any other country. “Without guns you would be picking turnips” ? What does that even mean? Jeez. To use an analogy you might understand: I am having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

          5. joe says

            You are clueless as to what the constitution is all about it is a set of rules and laws designed to tell the government what they can and can not do and who can do it. My right to self defense has NOTHING TO DO WITH LAW you are not very smart are you. As for my carrying a gun infringing on the right of someone else’s right to life how stupid are you, the only person that has anything to fear from me is the person that intends to do me harm. Your arguments are that of a person with a grade school education you do not even know what the constitution was written for you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to gun violence. Many thousands more are saved by law abiding citizens with guns every year than are hurt ,some estimates put that number as much as ten times more so quite spewing your uneducated lies. Listen up Corky the police are not obligated BY LAW to protect anyone, another thing you clearly are clueless about. The only thing that protects me is me, damn you are so stupid it is hard to believe you can keep your heart beating. It is clear I am far superior to you in every aspect of life you are just a meaningless little sheep following orders, how ashamed you should be of yourself. I guess you must have slept through school because it is clear you learned NOTHING while you were there. Wait let me guess you have a degree in advanced basket weaving and something to do with the arts ha ha ha you worthless waste of time.

          6. Kevin Fogarty says

            Hello again, Joe. I suspect this will be the last time I reply to you. You are just too dumb to spend any more energy on. Who do you think amended the constitution in the first place, was it magic? And who gave you the statistics about guns preventing crime ? The NRA? It is people like you who are directly and indirectly responsible for the carnage that guns cause in the US every year. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad. People who keep guns in their homes are 5 times more likely to experience successful suicide and 3 times more likely to die from homicide than people who don’t keep guns in their home. You are the NRA’s wet dream, my friend. Have a great life. As far as the arts go, don’t even try to make me feel bad about it, you wouldn’t understand.: it’s beyond you.

          7. joe says

            You simple minded MORON your facts are wrong you are a brainless puppet incapable of forming a thought on your own.How sad it is that you are so weak and stupid. You are a waste of oxygen, beyond help you are a dumbocrat lemming with no will of your own.You make up numbers or puppet what you are told to and are too damn lazy to look up the REAL facts. I am surprised that there are people like you that are so weak they will just do anything they are told to, roll over boy sit up, good boy ha ha ha you spineless jellyfish. The facts I gave you are the facts and you WILL accept that and you will like it little man.

          8. Kevin Fogarty says

            “Your facts are wrong”? They’re facts. People did research. You do know what research is, right ?
            Calling me dumb doesn’t make you smart. I just love how the people on this site keep saying “stupid academics”. You make me laugh.

          9. joe says

            Nope they are right that site is full of left wing lies, all you left wing retards are liars that is all you know. Go get a book called more guns less crime it uses FACTS complied from the FBI local police departments even the department of health. Also sparky Obammy did his own study and when it came out that it was in favor of gun ownership and proved that they saved more lives than they harmed he hid the study. 10 minutes of your time would turn this up but you are too lazy to do it. One lying webpage does not equal research I am far more educated on this subject than you can ever hope to be because I am able to think for myself unlike you that only says what he is told to say, polly wanna cracker ha ha ha.

          10. joe says

            Wow did you even read what was on that site? are you really that witless. You are a waste of my time you are not even smart enough to read and comprehend, who told you to cut and paste that URL. Maybe next time read before you send someone there holy crap you are just plain lazy.

          11. Kevin Fogarty says

            “John Lott’s research was in my opinion very instrumental over decades in having more states pass laws to make it easier to get permits to carry concealed loaded guns, and to lessen the barriers for those permit holders to take guns in ever more places, whether it’s bars, or places of worship, or schools,” says Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. “It’s all based upon Lott’s scholarship that has been completely discredited.
            “You know what? Wading through some junk science book doesn’t make you an expert. In any case, I am going to read that book, and see for myself. I will get back to you. I would like to reiterate that calling me names may make you feel better; and I hope it does; you seem to need that, but it doesn’t make you any better. It just means that like most people who love their guns, you just shout other people down until they get tired, and then you say you won. When I am finished the book, we will talk again. And finally, you can’t just dismiss anything that disagrees with your spurious claims as “left wing lies”. If you are going to believe something, you have to look all the way around it.

          12. joe says

            Again you are uneducated Lott was very anti gun, not until he did the research did he change his opinion and that was because the facts spoke for themselves. His work has NEVER been discredited by ANY credible source this is left wing garbage more lies more twisted truths.This is how the left works all they ever do is lie because the facts are the facts and they prove beyond any reasonable doubt that having a law abiding citizen with a weapon is a plus for society. All data points to less crime in areas where the stupid gun laws are way too strict. Detroit, Washington DC, Chicago I can go on. This goes for other countries as well in England the violent crime rate went up 40% after the ban, in Canada they wasted billions and are now in the process of repealing the insane gun laws. In Australia the over bearing gun laws have done NOTHING to reduce crime. Lets talk about history shall we ask the Jews how well it worked out for them when Hitler took their firearms. This country would not exist if not for firearms period. The only person that fears a firearm in the hands of a law abiding citizen is the uninformed brain washed coward. I am some what of an expert on this I do REAL research which is different than posting one webpage written by a group of clearly biased liars. As a gun owner for many years I know the laws I know the facts, I have a CCW and you can not get that if you are a criminal. Why are you so afraid of a law abiding citizen with a weapon you have nothing to fear from them at all.
            The lies about accidental deaths and being more likely to be shot with your own weapon are propaganda pure and simple the facts DO NOT bear this out.
            All anti gun people are the same they fear something they know nothing about and refuse to look into the real facts. These retards in Washington want to ban guns for nothing more than the way they look yet leave guns on the market that function EXACTLY the same hold the same number of rounds shoot the same 5.56 round but they have a wooden stock instead of a black plastic stock that is the definition of insanity.
            If you really plan to research this also look into the study obammy had the depatment of health undertake, it came to prove exactly what I am saying so he had it buried. As for my name calling it comes from the anger that I get when ever I see people telling outright lies when they simply have ZERO evidence to back anything up they are saying

          13. Kevin Fogarty says

            Hi Joe. I will read the book. Like most idealists, though, I think you make the erroneous assumption that most people are like you. I don’t doubt for a second that you are a responsible gun owner, and, if we met for a beer, you are probably a good guy. I will also admit that I don’t particularly like guns. I’m an archer, myself. I just think that it should be difficult to get a gun. I hear that there are lots of guns in Canada, but you have to really prove you are stable and educated about gun safety before you get one-is that so bad? I don’t think the fate of the Jewish people in Germany would have been avoided if they had guns-I really don’t. I am also going to try to find this elusive Obama Public Health thing. I just have one question: is there a single person on the planet who disagrees with you who is not a biased, left-wing, lying sheep? The sources I cited seem legit.

          14. joe says

            They can dissagree all they want they are still simply wrong facts are facts and no amount of figure manipulation will ever change that. As far as gun owners again you are misinformed 99.99% of gun owners are responsible law abiding citizens, I have met thousands over the years at gun shows ect. You are listening to the lies the media spews, the only people not responsible with firearms are criminals and I am sorry no laws you can pass will ever change that they will always have guns. Even in countries where strict gun control is in effect criminals still have guns. Despite what you may think due to the lies of the mass media you can not go to a gun store and buy a gun with out a NICS check National Instant Criminal Background check. You can not mail order a firearm it must be shipped to a store that holds an FFL. So when it comes to gun laws if you do not agree with me you are simply wrong there is nothing I can do about that it is a simple fact. I am not in the habit of making things up to suit my argument I simply research the facts through many different formats not just some crazy webpage. I can put up a webpage that says unicorns are real but that does not make it so. To put it as a matter of fact as I can I am right they are wrong and they know they are in a lot of cases so they lie they post links to insane pages. I had one send mt to a page that was supposed to be all facts by experts, turns out it was written by a comedian. So vet the source of the page do not just paste it because it is meaningless. You do the research I asked you to and it will change your outlook if you can view it in a non biased way. Now as far as the Jews well of course it would have made a difference they were marched off like cattle to the slaughter with zero chance of fighting back, come on now you can not tell me that you would just load into that boxcar without as much as a whimper if you had even a small chance at saving your own life. If the Nazi’s had no guns do you think the Jews would have just obeyed? If you would prefer to die in some camp or an oven rather than fighting back well then there is not much I can say to you. Guns are nothing to fear they are a tool and in the right hands no more dangerous than a hammer. It is simply impossible to take the guns all away so rather than living some pipe dream is it not better to open your eyes to reality.

      4. Le Coran: c'est de la merde says

        But French cops responding to a shooting are getting shot to death on sight. Why? Because the gendarmerie doesn’t carry guns, either. FAIL.

        1. Eponymous1 says

          We need to wish guns away real hard. THEN we’ll all sing “Imagine” together and be happy and safe ever after…

          1. Le Coran: c'est de la merde says

            One can almost imagine socialists pointing at a firearm as if it were a puppy which just wet the rug and saying, “Bad gun! Bad gun!!” Takes absolute genius to wonder why criminals and murderers run amok even more freely as a result of tighter gun laws. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer, are they?

          2. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. And getting stupider by the day… Who’d of thought that possible?

          3. LastGasp says

            We’ll have the unicorns round up all those bad guys.

      5. Cletus B Neckbeard says


      6. LastGasp says

        How do you know? You don’t, so stop with the irrelevant provocation, idjit.

        1. Kevin Fogarty says

          It’s not irrelevant. Guns violence kills thousands of people in the US every year. This shooting in France is a drop in the bucket compared to the mass killings in the US. You aren’t even smart enough to figure out that vaccination is the greatest single public health benefit ever, so your credibility.. not so good.

  21. Richard Nicoletti says

    Another jackass who calls himself a professor. These men sit on their lofty perches and profess their ignorance to our children. If guess our founding fathers didn’t know what they were doing.

    1. Robert says

      They also become Judges and show their bias in the Rulings they make, even though Justice is
      supposed to be blind.

      1. jerry sypek says

        Hence the reason for specific term times and elections for all judges. They are political lifetime appointees who are unaccountable for their actions.

  22. Padia Maria says

    Repeal his ass back under the rock he belongs under!

  23. Jude O'Connor says

    Repeal all tenure for professors and teachers. Why we keep these failures in teaching is insane, fire them. Do we keep rotten apples? Heck no!

    1. Jarhead says

      And start drug testing….

    2. emag says

      That’s where all the commie red diaper babies and people like the bomber Ayers and his wonderful wife settled, in universities. To indoctrinate our children. People need to stop sending their kids to these liberal leftist schools, and send them to small community colleges or trade schools, which would guarantee them a better job than working as a barista after they graduate from one of these idiot universities.

      1. LastGasp says

        It’s the only kind of jobs they can get and keep. What’s one more snake in a nest?

  24. Dennis Stanley says

    What we should be doing is keeping the criminals in jail instead of repeatedly turning them loose to create more havoc and leave the law abiding citizens alone. The criminals would love to see guns banned. They don’t care about the laws or amendments anyway.

  25. Grandpa says


  26. WhiteFalcon says

    The solution to this delima is to fire the STUPID so called professor.

  27. marla1 says

    That communist professor should be removed from the school system by force!! He is another Hitler! Take their guns and they are at our mercy! Euthanize someone who is so against self preservation!!

  28. American says

    When did liberals switch from being lovers and defenders of freedom to over-controlling Nazis against all forms of freedom?

    1. Padia Maria says

      It began in 2008….

      1. Jarhead says

        LONG, LONG, LONG before 2008……..

        1. jerry sypek says

          Woodrow Wilson and F.D.R..

          1. LastGasp says

            Yeah, even before that. Sad to say.

  29. Ron Beal says

    WE need to think about the 2nd Amendment situation, thoughtfully, without emotion, but sound, logical reasoning. The liberals have attacked the right to own, buy, keep and bear ‘guns’ for decades, possible longer. “Amend the 2nd !” – the continual battle cry of paper pushers. Control, regulate, demonize, control ammunition, label every bullet, record every number, license, permit, report, raid on and on to infinity !
    The ‘problem’ is ‘our’ government, the people we voted on to do a job for us, now wants to control us- with paper, rules and laws etc. OK- think about this – Amend the 2nd ! NO, just trash it – period !
    The government – our government- does not have our permission to tell us what we can and cannot do – until an individual presents a danger to another or society in general, which becomes a common sense issue. Now, with the 2nd trashed, there is NO Amendment giving permission. The citizen can do whatever they desire – the citizen does not need permission to bear, own, store or sell any type firearm. There will be no amendment granting permission and “our government” will not control the self-defense of each citizen through rules, regulations and laws.
    { It is all about control! }
    Suggestion: One might consider, in ones long range plan for peace, prosperity and happiness, that exterminating all liberals may be a possible solution to all evils in the world today.

  30. R Miller says

    Standard communist acedemia propaganda. There is no exception of taking away guns by dictators before taking over countries-never not one, and look at the carnage they produce. Maybe France can educate us about gun control, as these same communist want us to copy Europe and other countries with less freedom. We pay millions of dollars for guys like this to indoctrinate our children, in college, who have not been educated in the history of this country, or even honest history of the world. It starts in grade school. Better they be taught disfunctional sex in second grade.

    1. Robert says

      Under Common Core they leave out important parts of our history because they have decided it is not in their best interest to teach it. They aren’t burning books like Hitler did, they just rewrite them to fit their Agenda and claim it to be truth, what Scum they are.

  31. crazyfreddie says


    1. Jarhead says

      Chicken feathers might upset the PETA Freaks? How about Horse Feathers? (Ala Marx Brothers).

  32. johnm says

    O.K. So we do away with the 2nd amendment , now only the criminals and the police have guns , what chance does the common public have. you can’t protect your selfe and the cops are only minutes away,now in some cases “a few minutes ” could be any where from 3 to 45 minutes, by that time ,you and your family are dead and the bad guys are long gone .” remember when you outlaw guns , only outlaws will have guns”.

  33. dusty says


    1. Padia Maria says

      Maybe throw in a little pistol-lwhippin’. What would this fool do should a home invasion occur? Lecture the perp to death?…These morons should not breed!!!

    2. DogWithoutSlippers says

      He’d wish he’d had a gun – what a jerk!~

  34. DogWithoutSlippers says

    Two justified fears………criminals with guns and a criminal government. If The Citizens are unable to defend and drive out criminals and despots we will become slaves and worse – PERIOD. Get that through your stupid heads liberals!~

  35. Jim says

    How about we repeal all the STUPID professors?

  36. Virgil Ferguson says

    What gave this fool he idea that he(she) is anywhere near smart enough to determine what rights God should have given to us ?????????????????????????????

    1. Merlinever says

      God didn’t give us anything; God doesn’t exist. God is nothing but a myth……just like Zeus, Odin, Allah, Poseidon, The Tooth Fairy, the Boogey Man, or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
      Our right to defend ourselves, our families, and our property is one of our INALIENABLE rights………not a gift from some imaginary. invisible guy-in-the-sky.

      1. Robert says

        Socialists, Communists and Marxists all hate god. Do you believe if we banned Religion the
        world would be a better place?

        1. Merlinever says

          How do you know that all socialists, communists, and Marxists hate god?
          Why do you seek to establish the idea that all atheists either are, or are to be, associated with socialists. communists, and Marxists?
          It should be obvious to anyone who has read the Bible, the Torah, or the Koran, and/or who has studied history that without religion, the world would be a much safer, nicer, healthier, more productive place.
          People who believe in an all-powerful, all knowing, all good, invisible guy-in-the-sky are delusional and have no sound explanation of why so many bad things happen to so many good, innocent people.

          “Religion allows perfectly sane, decent people to believe by the billions what only a lunatic could believe on their own. If you believe that saying a few Latin words over your pancakes will turn them into the body of Elvis, you’ve lost your mind. However, if you do the same thing over a wafer at comminion, you’re just a Catholic” Sam Harris.

      2. Virgil Ferguson says

        Merlinever, if you are right and I’m wrong, I have lived a long happy life here on earth with the hope of a future in Heaven. If I’m right and you are wrong, I have lived a long happy life here on earth and when I pass from this life I will live eternity in Heaven. when you die, you will live eternity in Hell wishing you had accepted Jesus. Your choice. I hope you make the right one .

  37. red55bird says

    WE may have to start another Revolution. For if good men do nothing against evil, then evil will over take Good, you should be scared for what you see before you is Tyranny.

    1. jerry sypek says

      Of the personal opinion we are very close to the tipping point now. I do not believe I am the only vet out there who is waiting with sadness in our hearts for the first shot.

      1. red55bird says

        Socialism has destroyed the life’s of millions of people in the twenty century, if we do nothing it will destroy US.

  38. kotoc says

    Why doesn’t someone just stand up to this idiot and simply say, “NO WAY!!!!” ???? Tell him if he doesn’t like guns, don’t buy one. There, wasn’t that easy?

  39. Jim Slater says

    Since he is willing to take away my 2nd amendment rights, he should be willing to give up his 1st amendment rights, as a show of leading by example. If you’re willing to take away someone’s rights, you should be willing to lay down your own.

  40. dusty says


  41. Joe T says

    SO let the liberals keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of misery, no hope, no change and divided.

    February 17, 2008, reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

    As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery

    The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

  42. blackhawk132 says

    Yes ; Let’s ban a free people from having any weapon . This way when ISSL or any other ignorant Muslim country attacks the U.S. : We will be as helpless as the Germans were against the tyrant Hitler.
    Gun ownership does NOT kill people ; It protects the people and country.. Liberal thinking is a pox on normal thinking Americans.

  43. Seldena says

    What is wrong with educated people that make some of the most ignorant statements? If those people in Pari and even the POLICE had guns just maybe so many lives would not have been lost! Liberals are so Low IQ!!

    1. Morton212 says

      You seem to brush over the fact that the shooters had had para military training and were ruthless unemotional killers. That – is what does not come naturally to most citizens.

  44. tommyd says

    What will he do if someone attacks him or breaks into his house, or threatens his family throw a book at them. Their is a saying that fits him and other liberal professors, ” it is better to keep your mouth shut and resemble an idiot, than to open your mouth and removing all doubt!”

  45. Peggy says

    Just goes to show how stupid he is, how did he get to be a professor? I guess he wants ONLY the criminals to be armed, and then they can run rampant over everybody–what a putz

  46. Gerald A. Reason says

    Does this idiot realize that there is evidence that Japan did not try to invade the US for two reasons; Supply lines and the number of armed citizens they would have to face.

  47. Mike Stempo says

    To log in here took more energy than I care to spend on Professor Moron. The man’s hard drive is corrupted.

  48. dusty says


  49. labrat says

    Horse whip this idiot!

  50. dockilldare says

    first we all know that facts bounce off liberals like a tennis ball on a brick wall. which is why anyone who thinks this way can rationalize their beliefs to themselves, because facts are not important to them. they will just say it is everyone else’s fault because the others didn’t follow thier great ideas. point in fact, chicago, detriot, dc, and the list goes on. its not the failure of the gun control in those places its the fact that everywhere around them did not apply the same rules. ie violate the rights of law abiding americans, while stripping them of there ability to defend themselves and turning them into victims.

    the FACT that gun control reduces violent crime has been debunked in every attempt, be it here in the states or abroad. the current incedent in Paris is further proof of this. Citizens can’t own firearms but terrorists can smuggle in assault rifles and god only knows what else. good call makes sense..NOT!

    So in addressing this “professor” and i use the term extremely loosely, and all of his followeres i will gladly debate the issue of gun control with you anywhere, anytime. you’re ideals are garbage, they have been disproven just as marxism and all of totalitarian goverment has. you are a dying breed of cowards and feminzed/castrated males who would rather be a victim than a survivor. you are poisoning our youth as baddly if not more so than Baldur von Schirach did to the German youth in the 1930’s and you need to be gone. plain and simple.

  51. Terry Tate says

    Screw you Idiot Liberals, haven’t you destroyed this country enough?

  52. Merlinever says

    This stupid professor should be fired, arrested, charged with treason, tried, convicted, and hanged.

  53. fred says

    Maybe this professor should be banned, and monitored for “unamerican activities” and maybe told he can find a job elsewhere bc we are a nation of laws and he can go to a country where guns have been banned and see how he likes it there?. We don’t need this worthless moron who never worked a day in his life to be here influencing the minds of our children. It’s all good in theory that guns should be banned until the Government stops using them against us and foreigners who hate us give their’s up and criminals? I think we can all agree this piece of trash should lose his job and move to Mexico where he will get everything he wants!

  54. Robert says

    Another imbecile that is allowed to teach your children Communism and be paid handsomely for it. He hates our constitution and the people who believe in freedom. He thinks American Citizens are stupid and
    don’t know how to run their lives, and that he and others of his ilk know what’s best for you and every body
    else. He should live in one of the Marxist Countries he thinks is so wonderful, Maybe China, Russia or Cuba, he would be happier there because they don’t allow citizens to own guns.

  55. Nomen Nescio says

    “Repeal the Stupid Second Amendment”? The second Amendment does not GRANT a right to keep and bear arms…it GUARANTEES the pre-existing God Given Right. Under the rule of law, RIGHTS cannot be repealed since they were never enacted by any act of law.

  56. ForTheMusic says

    sorry u can’t repeal the bill of rights and besides..we won’t stand for it

  57. Frick says

    Boy mr professor that would CERTAINLY help things!!! What a dummy!!!!!

  58. Cher says

    Maybe he should study how “gun control” is working just great in Mexico and Chicago. Of course he probably supports Holder and Obama who helped arm the CRIMINALS in Mexico. What a bunch of hypocritical idiots!!!!

  59. playnice says

    Every teacher in Florida swears the oath to uphold the Constitution. Perhaps they do in Portland. I would call this professor in violation of his duty to uphold. Start the firing of these individuals. Let’s purge them from access to the youth of America.

  60. Roy J Rowley says

    Where in the hell this dumb ass come from, from mars,Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,
    As for me I don’t like guns don’t have one don’t need one,I don’t live where stupied people live,if this guy don’t care about guns that is him if he don’t want one that is ok with me, I thinks maybe he should tell the drug cartels and the terroris what he thinks,do you think that a drug dealer care’s about you,do you think if somebody want to rob you they will care about your rights,The only thing I see is that he is telling drug dealer,terrorise and robber is that he is on there side,come on kill all them american

  61. Reelman1946 says

    Look to history…always look to history. The thugs of the world, without exception, sought to take guns from citizens….without exception.
    Guns lower crime as data has told us for decades. Notice the dementoCrats (aka angry toxic control freak secular socialists) love only 2 things..
    bans and mandates…bans and mandates.
    Freedom is about choices, not a long list of bans and mandates.

    Also we have this double standard where the elites exempt themselves from the pain of their toxic policies like O-care…why is that?
    The political royalty and the hollyweird have bodyguards with guns…why is that?

    Many federal agencies we think do not need military grade weapons (or ever had them) and millions of rounds of ammo now have them….why is that?
    Now WeThePeople are supposed to give up most or all of our guns? Nonsense.
    The mass shooters are almost always democrats/liberals who faced a defenseless or so-called gun free zone…why is that?

    The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see – AynR…

  62. Valor says

    Professor Hastings is a glaring example of someone educated past their intelligence. Sadly, these idiots are developing it minds of the next generation.

  63. William_Shumate says

    Why does anyone pay any attention to these moron professors. We shouldn’t even give them the time of day much less publish the garbage they speak.

    1. ForTheMusic says

      because they are teaching our kids

      1. William_Shumate says

        Then we should teach our kids not to pay any attention to anything political or social these morons say.

  64. Curtis Jones Jr says

    Ban STUPID Professors, if fact if I were paying for my College I would want my money back because of stupid profssors.

  65. ALBERTJ says

    Professor Hastings must have failed history, because if he passed he would have known that after Pearl Harbor the Japannese did not attack the U.S. mainland because they knew that U.S. citizens were armed an would not think twice about defending this country. Maybe he would like to see this country taken over by its enemies.

  66. papa doug says

    The Constitution and, by extension, the Bill of Rights is widely misunderstood by [socialists] who want to dismantle America’s freedom piece by piece. Liberals, at least most of them, are socialists so lets call them what they are.

    Our constitution is the only thing that protects the citizens from a government run amok and a socialist takeover. We must suspect anyone who dares to eliminate even one part of the constitution or it’s amendments. This so called professor should never teach in our schools nor should any other socialist leaning teacher. They use their education not to build but to destroy.

  67. Roy J Rowley says

    I would like for somebody to let me know would you take a knife to a gun fight,or maybe a rock to a gun fight, What do you think he would do if somebody was to break into his home and he was there when they did,call a cop maybe that would be a plan what if they didn’t get there in time,Maybe he would make a wish,Wish they would go away,maybe he would say if only I had a gun.I can shoot them in the ass.