Professor Who Trashed Trump Now ANGRY That Her Remarks Were Televised


A Princeton professor whose outrageous anti-Trump commencement speech earned her some coverage on Fox News is now mad at the network for publicizing her remarks. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, an African-American Studies professor, had plenty of choice words about the President of the United States in her graduation speech at Hampshire College, but she apparently didn’t want those words to travel outside the halls of the ceremony.

Interesting how, in this case and the videos chronicling the disruptive behavior of the Evergreen State College protesters, these liberals take such exception to being exposed for what they are: Embarrassments to their so-called cause.

Taylor claims to have gotten death threats and other harassing messages following her TV coverage, and she is angry at Fox News for having the audacity to discuss her…public comments. “I am not a newsworthy person,” she said. Now she’s canceled upcoming lectures in Seattle and San Diego, insisting she had to do so out of “fear for my safety and my family’s safety.”

At the commencement speech, Taylor was not so shy. She told the graduates that they were heading out into an “increasingly dangerous” world, the “most extreme illustration” of which came in the form of President Trump.

“The president of the United States, the most powerful politician in the world, is a racist, sexist megalomaniac,” she said. “It is not a benign observation but has meant tragic consequences for many people in our country – from the terror-inducing raids in the communities of undocumented immigrants to his disparaging of refugees in search of freedom and respite.

“He has empowered an attorney general who embraces and promulgates policies that have already been proven to have had a devastating impact on Black families and communities,” she continued. “He thinks that climate science is ‘fake’ and his eagerness to take the country into war can only be interpreted as a callous disregard for its steep price in both money and human life. This list could continue but suffice to say that Donald Trump has fulfilled the promises of a campaign organized and built upon racism, corporatism and militarism.”

We obviously don’t condone any of the morons who sent this woman death threats, but maybe she’ll now understand that there’s no such thing as a “safe space” in the United States of America. You want to go on stage and trash the president, don’t be surprised when your deranged rant winds up on the news.


    1. Vince says

      She got what she ask for, it is about time the demorats get what they put out. And they started a fight they can not possibly win.

    2. k9maiden says

      Made her millions by being a Commie, Politician from Mexifornia! Idiot people, this woman is not only insane, she is dumb as a box of rocks.

      1. Lisa Meyer says

        And more crooked than Hellary ever thought about being. She’s got her voter base buffaloed, though!

      2. richardwfaith says

        BUT, she is a perfect loyal puppet to soro$$$$$$. That’$ all she need$!

  1. jgfsmf says

    Is she (he) that stupid not to know that you say something in public, you’re saying it in public?

    1. Deby says

      Dude-she is a professor!! So, probably not.:)

      1. jgfsmf says

        Hahahaha. That made me laugh!

        1. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says

          Me too.HaHaHaHaHaHaHa, but sadly it is true, We need to get back to basic values Why is our country run by lawyers who have no idea of “bottom line”?

      2. donl says

        Professor’s are a dime a dozen now!!

        1. pineapple says

          “Professor’s are a dime a dozen now!!”

          And even that is more than they are worth!

        2. k9maiden says

          Liberal professor’s are a dime a dozen, but rarely will you find one who is Conservative with Conservative values, if you do, they must be quiet or face the consequences. Same goes for students who dare think for themselves and know right from wrong, they are demonized and punished if they are Conservative, no matter how intelligent they are, they always receive lower grades. I know of three cases of this, but those students went on to become Actuary Scientist, physician and a Master’s in Education teaching in an exclusive private school. What happened to the liberal loons? Probably lawyers or journalist.

          1. Janet says

            My question is why can’t they teach and leave politics and their personal beliefs out of us. Students at all levels might actually learn something. Education should be more “middle of the road” and provide information and facts related to both sides and allow students to make their own determination. We are not encouraging students to learn the value of making their own decisions as they will need to do as a matter of life itself. So very sad.

          2. Lisa Meyer says

            You mean, you want them to do “the RIGHT” thing? 😉

          3. PatriotGal says

            Lisa, foreign concept to the left.

          4. Pam Dunn says

            Someone PLEASE explain of what use or value a degree in “Black Studies”has in the world.

          5. PatriotGal says

            When one does not agree with the liberal, bullying mentality and is a professor who excels, thus is adored by most of the students, the rest of the “colleagues” shun that professor because “it makes them look bad”, refuse tenure and tell half-truths which are actually lies, forcing that person out. Christian colleges are some of the worst.

          6. rdells says

            Most professors are Liberal because of their superior intelligence. I kid you not!

          7. Pam Dunn says

            What happened to the liberal loons?

            They ALL became burger flippers who think they are WORTH $15/hr when they need proper supervision to assure they flip the burgers to cook both sides.

          8. rdells says

            No such thing as “intelligent conservative”. Conservative = “me-me-me”. And don’t even TRY to claim that’s not true.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            We’re intelligent enough to know that Hillary would have been a terrible president.

      3. Doris Simonis says

        She is awfully stupid in her remarks both on stage and off. My question is ” how did she become a professor? Is she the token black that took the place of a qualified candidate so the college could claim to be diversified? Obviously she couldn’t pass a college entrance exam.

        1. Jim says

          Colleges teach NOTHING anymore so you do not need any brains or education to teach “Snowflakes” the perils of life. You or I can walk in off the street and teach a class on chewing bubblegum and impart as much wisdom as they are learning (?) right now. The sad part is that they earn a sheepskin for it !!!

          1. calhar says

            That’s what diversity does.If your stupid you need a collage education to be on a par with a 3rd grader.Then they have the attitude that you can be anything you want to be,which is nothing but a con artist of deceit.Whitey beware

          2. Jim says

            Amen to that

          3. Victoria Gooch says

            Read reply just before yours or follow this link to update your thinking:

          4. Glenn says

            Add some more:
            You can spend a fortune to get a useless degree in a host of subjects
            You can put yourself in massive student debt
            You can default on that debt and saddle the taxpayers with it.

          5. Tim says

            blame others when you are told by the SCOTUS that you are inferior (4/5ths a person) in 2003 (Mich. college admissions & affirmative action). N1663Rs

          6. AKLady says

            Your post makes no sense.
            Maybe you should have stayed in school.

          7. SUZANNE M. says


          8. albaby2 says

            I thnk AKLady maybe heavy into self medication.

          9. michael a says

            Aklady is an horrible lady and with Muslims I don,t even see her name anywhere on my page she has been blocked so I never see her name you people need do same click her name then u find 3 dots click that then block her simple as that.

          10. michael a says

            Haha she tried to comment to me again but below my comments it says this user is blocked aaaaahahahaha…too funny.

          11. AKLady says

            The only person that cannot read the comment is you.

          12. pintorider says

            Hello Liar.

          13. Linda Abernathy says

            So if we all block you then no one will see your obnoxious repetitive comebacks………….goodbye AK, so done with you and your idiocy!

          14. AKLady says

            No one forces you to read.
            You choose to do so.
            That is your problem, not mine.

          15. libertybells2 says

            I know same happens to me, love that block tool….their responses show up as “this user is blocked’ and it is good!!!

          16. Linda Abernathy says

            THANK YOU! It’s so nice to be rid of her!

          17. Emma says

            I did that a loooong time ago!!!?

          18. Diane Ross Eslinger says

            Michael, I did the same thing & blocked her…I also get the message “this user has been blocked”

          19. libertybells2 says

            Yeah i blocked AK she’s really not too swift…waste of time to read her responses.

          20. Tim Groves says

            Same here !!!

          21. andrew says

            I think she is good for a laugh, and naught else.

          22. AKLady says

            U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          23. Ezra says

            islam is not a religion – (well it is a pretend one) but an ideology and political system

          24. AKLady says

            That decision is above your pay grade.

          25. AKLady says

            That decision is above you pay grade.

          26. AKLady says

            That is above your pay grade.
            Not your decision to make.

          27. Ezra says

            Actually it is NOT above my pay grade and as a priest and prophet of Yeshua Hamashiach it is my job to tell the world the decision that Christ has ALREADY made – that all false religions are exposed for the frauds they are. (Hint. There are only two true religions in this world)

          28. Richard Faith says

            What’s the other one?

          29. Ezra says

            Think on it – hint “Christians”

          30. Richard Faith says

            Wouldn’t it be simpler to skip the games and answer my question? I’m not trying to judge you; I only want to know your thoughts. You have nothing to fear from me.

          31. Ezra says

            No games. I thought I’d was obvious. Christianity and Judaism.

          32. D.M.S. says

            I thought there was only one?

          33. Ezra says

            I am not being flippant here, but think about it. (And I think I could guess what you are thinking). Respond when you have given it some thought ?

          34. D.M.S. says

            I’m being honest.
            I thought there is only one.
            If you ever look at my profile, it states that I’m a learning Christian.
            I don’t know all the answers and I doubt that I ever will.
            Take care, brother.

          35. AKLady says

            You do the work of Satan.
            Hate is not part of being a Christian.
            Lying is not part of being a Christian.
            Taking God’s name in vain is not part of being a Christian.
            You have no idea. whatsoever, as to what it means to be a Christian.
            You are neither a priest nor a prophet.
            You are a rude, ignorant speaker of hate and lies.

          36. Ezra says

            The truth I speak must be getting to you for you are becoming my unhinged. As I told you I am a believer in Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ to those who speak no Hebrew). His truth is mine and I witness it to all who will open their hearts and mind to eternal life in Him. You apparently are not able to but I trust and pray that the Holy Ghost will not let you rest until you are won over from Satan. I’m praying that will happen soon for I sense your soul is in great danger.

          37. AKLady says

            Your posts tell a completely different story. You speak hate, and only hate. You do not know the meaning of the word Christian. Faith without works …

            Allah is the word “God” in Arabic a Malay.
            Allah is not the name of a god.
            Muslims worship the Old Testament God of Abraham,
            just as do Jews and Christians.

            Please cease to sin. Lies are the work of Satan
            Please cease to heat. Hate is the work of Satan.

            Please do not soil me with your filth.
            Do not pray for me, you follow false teachings, you do the work of the Devil.

          38. Ezra says

            Please don’t insult us by quoting the evil book of Koran. It is nothing more than the ravings of a lunatic desert dweller drunk on cactus wine. The moon god is allah a pagan deity originating out of the pit in Babylon.

            Do not fool yourself into thinking your religion is Abrahamic in any wY – that idea is as far from the truth as east is from west.

            Repent and turn to the Risen Christ before it is too late .

          39. Ezra says

            Allah is an old pagan moon god from Babylon.

            I will continue to pray that the Holy Ghost will convict you of your sins.

          40. AKLady says

            Allah is the word god in Arabic,
            Allah is the word god in Malay.
            Allah is the word god in Christian Bibles printed in those languages,
            There has never been a “moon god” named Allah.

          41. AKLady says

            Names of Near eastern moon gods:
            God Ta’lab (Arabian mythology)
            God Wadd (Minaean mythology)
            Goddess Nikkal (Canaanite mythology)
            God Yarikh (Canaanite mythology)
            God Baal-hamon (Carthaginian religion)
            God Napir (Elamite mythology)
            God Kaskuh (Hittite mythology)
            God Kusuh (Hurrian mythology)
            God Sin (Mesopotamian mythology)
            God Aglibol (Palmarene mythology)
            God Men (Phrygian mythology)
            Goddess Selardi (Urartian mythology)

          42. Ezra says

            Yes, and allah heads this pantheon of demigods – he is their head god.

          43. AKLady says

            Please educate yourself.
            Your bigotry and ignorance embarrasses Christians and America.

          44. Ezra says

            I have studied the pseudo religion of islam over 40 years . I probably know more about it than do 908% of moslems.

            Your hatred and bigotry does not allow you to see clearly on the issue.

          45. AKLady says

            Problem, Ezra, it is you, not I, who is spewing hate and bigotry.
            Your bigotry and ignorance embarrasses Christians and America.
            Your spew will win not a single convert.

          46. Ezra says

            You keep spouting the same old tired garbage. Jesus said that in the end time there would be false prophets like yours of who call truth a lie and vice versa. Funny how not one Christian on this thread are embarrassed by the truth except you.

            BTW you have stumbled into yet another of your gaffes: I do not win converts, rather I tell you the truth of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It is the Holy Ghost who wood you into conversion, not I. And if you deny His invitation and you die without Christ then you have blasphemed the Holy Ghost – the one unforgivable sin. Repent before it is too late!

          47. AKLady says

            Repent before it is too late!
            Satan has a spot reserved for you.

            Love thy neighbor …
            Love thy enemy …
            Judge not …
            All sins are equal in the eyes of God…
            As you do to the least of these so you do unto me
            Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
            I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

          48. Ezra says

            Learn to rightly divide the Word and you just might get a small bit of respect- otherwise just continue to display your ignorance and stupidity.

          49. AKLady says

            Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.
            You need to learn respect for other people.
            You need to learn respect for their rights.

          50. Ezra says

            I respect peoples’ right to be stupid and choose to follow a false religion, but I need not respect the evil ideas of the false religion. That logic probably is too nuanced for your simple mind.

          51. AKLady says

            Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.
            You need to learn respect for other people.
            You need to learn respect for their rights.

            That logic probably obviously too nuanced for your hate-filled mind.

          52. Ezra says

            All Christians are priests and prophets. If you were a Christian you would know that simple fact.

          53. AKLady says

            You do the work of Satan.
            Hate is not part of being a Christian.
            Lying is not part of being a Christian.

          54. Richard Faith says

            Most importantly, it is a borderless nation that fully intends to engulf the entire world.

          55. richard king says

            Your point?

          56. berg1928 says

            Is That her problem? She needs to change her meds.

          57. Shelly Shannon says

            I think she is heavy into self denial.

          58. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your remark says so much about you.

          59. Jeff Warner says

            AKLady is based in Alaska, claims to be an educated legal whatever, also posts on sites that are conservative, while she is a total liberal. She, like many libs, is as anti-Trump, as pro Sharia Law as one can become! She sits on her keypad on the Kenai Peninsula, doing nothing, but posting BS!
            Actually claims to have had a couple of her published ideas written into law, but there is no proof of that ever happening! She is just another BS Lib, out to spew hatred and crap about conservative thought, while attempting to influence someone to her way of thinking!
            I guess the air in Alaska is getting rank, like one of their citizens!
            Go bury yourself in a ditch, AKLady! You are out of your league, and your lies keep being disproved!

          60. dinddong says

            Love your post.

          61. Ezra says

            She definitely is FAR from being educated if you actually hold your nose and read some of the crap she posts.

          62. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          63. albaby2 says

            All tne while collecting money from those big old nasty oil companies

          64. Ezra says

            Hi Jeff: so now she is posing as a legal eagle? Last week she was a surgeon and before that a social worker.

            I pegged him/her as an isis sleeper apologizing for Islamic terrorists.

          65. Ted Crawford says

            ONLY on her Jihadist buddies!!

          66. Jim says

            I say AK should start with self-euthanasia..

          67. libertybells2 says

            Well she already was in school and look what she has to show for it…stupidity.

          68. Jeff Warner says

            Stay in Homer, live alone, and learn the rest of true Americans are tired of old crows like you!
            You are not a Professor! You are not a Lawyer! You are just an idiot living in nowhere, so you can attempt to hide from society while putting your thoughts out hoping to get a bite!
            I searched you months ago, and located where you live, and found no schools in Alaska, or anywhere in the Northwest, that you ever worked or we’re employed at!
            I guess you are not very astute, or you would know if someone really wanted to get information on you, there are thousands of ways and means to do so!
            The University of Alaska, which had two campuses, does not employed you. You did not attend the school. The closest campus is in Anchorage, which is a six hour plus drive from Homer, which is an hour boat ride from your location. No one employed in any capacity at UA, lives on the Peninsula!
            So go hide under a rock, quit trying to prove how unintelligent you really are, and get off the net! Maybe moving to Anchorage, attending a decent school, might help you learn something to benefit yourself or others!

          69. AKLady says

            I suggest you obtains the services of a mental health professional.
            Your ego is only surpassed by you willingness to lie.
            UAA is not the only four-year university providing education in Alaska.
            I have never attended or worked for UAA, nor have I claimed to do so.
            I have never lived in Homer, or that area.
            I am a retired surgeon.
            I did my “residency” so to speak at combat hospitals in Vietnam.

          70. Jeff Warner says

            Now you once again lie! Check with the VA and DOJ! No female Doctors did their residency or conducted surgery in Vietnam All female medical personnel in Vietnam, were in nursing positions from 1965 when the first females arrived, until 1973, when all females left any position that was not administrative!
            You do live on the Kenai Peninsula, and do shop in Homer, but do not live in Homer. You are and were never a surgeon, and you have laid claim to being a legal person, having written several items that you claim are now laws!
            I have been tracking you for more than a year, and watched your lies and inconsistencies put on social media.
            You are an imposter! You are a LIAR! There are NO four year colleges in Alaska, near where you live! The closest is hundreds of miles away.
            You have claimed several times to be a lawyer, yet that is a lie! Now you claim to be a retired surgeon, which is also a lie! I know which spit you live on, and research shows no doctors, no lawyers, and no person on your spit to be professional in their career!
            I suggest you hide from everyone, since your reputation is totally untrue!
            As for the first amendment, it speaks of religion, not ideology, which Islam is. Islam is a way of life, including religion, law, life behavior, which oversteps true religion, thereby becoming an ideology!
            Since you claim to be so learned, you might read it and note the place women and children are in when they are banned from prayer with their male family members, are less then second class then males, and are not accepted in court as trustworthy!
            Get a real life, and quit lying!

          71. pintorider says

            I believe it is a federal offense to lie about military service

          72. Jeff Warner says

            It is, but seldom prosecuted! She has visited numerous Facebook pages, and lied so many time about her education, about where she lives, about her profession! I have searched all recognized schools and found no one living in the Kenai Peninsula area that is a graduate of law school or medical school living or retired, a woman, anywhere! I decided in 2016 to follow her trail through the maze of the internet, since she can out anti-Trump,lying about him, lying about herself! Her ignorance has been her use of AKLady which is her registered user name, easily followed! That’s how I tracked he to Alaska (AK) and then tracked her to the Kenai Peninsula!
            I suggest everyone bloke her, so she will only have other liars to correspond with!

          73. pintorider says

            I did indeed block this weirdo liar psychopath “AKLady.”

          74. AKLady says

            I have never posted on Facebook.
            I have never lived in Kenai.
            I suggest you obtains the services of a mental health professional.
            Your ego is only surpassed by you willingness to lie.

          75. richard king says

            She was never credible about her educational background. She might have got some of it in online correspondence school, but not all that. There were no MASH units in Vietnam, which is the implication of “combat hospital”.

          76. AKLady says

            I suggest you do further research.
            I think you will fins that many women did not receive full credit for their services. You see, to give credit would be an admission that women were serving in combat zones — a legal violation. The solution to that illegality is to relabel the status of the area.
            Careful research will educate you to the fact that women have been denied credit for their “combat” service in every war since the Civil War.

          77. Jeff Warner says

            My research is excellent. The military does not accept any interns for duty anywhere!
            They never have!
            Since you once again bless your response about other four year colleges in Alaska, you need to see which ones have any medical schools. Only UAA does!
            And Med school is after the four year college undergrad school. You did not even attend a four year school, or at least you did not graduate, therefore you never attended any medical school.ladt year, you claimed to be a lawyer, when you were spewing your garbage about Trump. Since he won the election, you are now changing your turn, and claiming to be a surgeon, practicing in Vietnam, as an intern?
            I am not an M.D.! Never claimed to be, bt I have a very close relative, who is. He served in the U.S. Army, in Vietnam, with the rank of Full Colonel! He was the top medical officer in Vietnam, and was in country for three tours. He and I discussed your lies, and he said many people seem to want to lay claim to being in Vietnam. I specifically asked him if any internships took place in Vietnam! After laughing, he answered NOT in ANY BRANCH! They do not accept interns in active duty in the military. Never have!
            In NO combat area, has there been any female surgeons, until 1991, and the female surgeons were located in Saudi, never in Kuwait!
            There were commissioned officers surgeons, rank of Captain and above, female, in Japan, Hawaii, the Philippines, Guam had three during the entire Vietnam conflict, but none ever in country!
            So your BS is busted! You lie about where you are located, you lie about your education, you lie about being a lawyer, you’ll about being a surgeon, you lie and spew out more lies, getting caught and trying to lie your way out of your lies!
            Live on your spit, and grow up! Start by being honest with yourself! It’s never to late! Donald Trump is our President! Islam is an ideology, not a true religion, not a true governing law, but just a great deal of unconfirmed stories from 1400+ years ago! As a woman, if you are truthful with yourself, you would know Islam is NOT compatible with our form of government or with our laws! You would admit that Islam practiced by the book, is not nice to women, is not nice to children, but gives all to the men!
            The real believer in Islam, is a believer in Paedephilia, is a believer in having four wives, is a believer that only the male can get a divorce, is a believer that girls at six can marry, but the marriage should not be consummated until she is nine! No law says any male consummating a marriage before nine will be punished. Women who are raped, are only believed if they can get four males of adult age, to state they witnessed the rape! In court, a female giving evidence is only credible for 25% of their statement! Women are not permitted to drive, but because the Qu’ran says they can break laws and even lie to gain acceptance, women in Western countries are sometimes allowed to drive! Once a western country is won, the women will no longer be allowed to drive, to vote, to speak, to travel alone! That is the true Islam!
            So before you begin telling everyone more of your lies, try to read the Qu’ran, and then tell what it really says!
            And quit lying about your education or about your work!
            You were and never have been a lawyer or a surgeon.
            You live on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.
            I do not know your full name, and even if I did, I would not post it as a sign of privacy.
            Quit lying! Be yourself!

          78. AKLady says

            #1- Residents are not interns.
            #2 – I graduated Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

            #3 — I graduated from Charter Oak State College. I assure you that is an accredited university.

            #4 – I obtained two graduate degrees. Many people do.

            #5 – Females in combat zones was illegal. You will never find their service credited.


            Your fiction is obvious from the many factual errors you make.

            What is, and what is not, a religion is a decision made far above your pay grade. End of argument. If you wish to discuss the flaws of various religious faiths, please do so in a factual, adult, intelligent manner.

            Trump is our President — for now. He will;, in all likelihood, be impeached. The preliminary legal action is already underway. He has violated the Constitution. Legal experts have credited him with 30 violation so



            “Practiced by the book,” there is not a single religion that is “nice” to women. Interestingly, Muslim countries have a higher percentage of women judges and women in government than does America, or for that natter, most Western nations.
            By the way, Sharia is cultural, not entirely religious. American law is based on British law, which is based on Roman law … Ever Christian Holy Day was/is originally a pagan holy day. Christmas is the Winter Equinox. Easter is the Roman Fertility Holiday, right down to the Easter Eggs.

            The majority of your rant is totally false. It is the rumor mill, hate monger. Each nation has the right to establish their own laws.
            After 1777, women in the US could not vote until 1920. Women could not hold property, until 1839, when Mississippi passed a law allowing it in their state. Black men were given the right to vote in 1870. Then in 1875 Minor v Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875): The U.S. Supreme Court declares that despite the privileges and immunities clause, a state can prohibit a woman from voting
            Get a factual education and pyt away the lies and bigotry. Save the ignorant assumptions, lies and insults for some that is ignorant enough for you to impress.

          79. Ezra says

            I do doubt that Trump will be impeached. I think the democrats will split the part led by crazy bernie – which should be good for Republicans for decades to come.

          80. AKLady says

            Improper capitalization.
            Nursery-school name calling.
            I am so impressed.

          81. Ezra says

            Good. I capitalize according to my preferences, not yours, lol.

          82. AKLady says

            Good English is not a preference.
            You are either illiterate or educated.
            Failure to capitalize proper nouns makes you look ignorant, nothing more, nothing less.

          83. Ezra says

            Wrongo boffin! Good English is knowing how to manipulate the grammatical and spelling constructs to convey precisely what one intends.

            I am curious as to which non-capitalization you react to so negatively (though I have s hunch ?)

            You know, it has been a long while since I have run across someone so wrong so often. You take the cake (or the bacon if you are so inclined).

          84. AKLady says

            Running across someone as ignorant and bigoted as you is becoming a more and more frequent occurrence

            The sad part is that you are both, as a matter of choice. You fail to realize you insult our Founders and our Constitution.

            You fail to realize you insult your neighbors.

            You fail to realize you insult every man and woman who dons this Nation’s uniform.

          85. Ezra says

            There you go again making stupid statements. You run your mouth without engaging your brain which in your case is fairly non-existent.

            You are not a real American nor a Christian if your words are the evidence. Whatever isis hole you learned your wicked craft failed to teach you when to quit. Your repition of verbal garbage is tiresome and you are unable to discern truth in any manner.

            Have you considered why no one on here listens to what you say? If I were criticized by all my listeners I would be embarrassed and perhaps listen and o what they are saying. But it is not in the nature of evil to stop, look and listen,

            I have tired of your irksomness and will now block your messages as have others on here, I hope the Holy Ghost brings you to repentance before it is too late.

          86. AKLady says

            You are no Christian. You do not know the what the word means. You simply fake stuff to harass people. That is you Internet game. Took me awhile , buy I have you figured out. You re now blocked

          87. Ezra says

            Lol. Repent before it is too late.

          88. richard king says

            Apart from all of the plethora of lies on your background, you, as a lawyer ( which you are not) should not believe the party line of the left that Trump will be impeached. Obama is the one who violated the constitution many times. Name one violation of the constitution committed by Trump. The leftist attempt to overthrow the duly elected president of the Uniited States is nothing less than treason, and the minions attempting to carry it out will pay.

          89. AKLady says

            Why are you replying to a post that is 5 days old?
            Trump’s ties to Russia are currently under investigation.
            Trump’s travel ban violated thw 1st Amendment.
            Trump’s travel ban violated the 5th Amendment,
            Trump’s travel ban violates the 14th Amendment.
            Trump’s acceptance of money from foreign governments is a violatopn of thw Emoluments Clause.
            Trump’s sociopathic behavior has become hugely evident, the narcissism, the compulsive lying…

          90. richard king says

            Unlike you, I have other things to do than refute frauds like you.
            Trump has no ties to Russia, the FBI and congress have been at that lie for almost a year and have found nothing. It’s a diversion that the crooked dimms like Hilary formulated as a red herring to cover up her crimes.
            Trump’s travel ban did not violate the constitution; the Supreme Court has the case now, and will overrule the political hacks posing as judges on the fourth and ninth circuits. Their legal reasoning was laughable.
            There is zero evidence that Trump has accepted money from foreign governments. He has plenty of money. It’s the Clintons who did that, big time.
            The ultimate narcissist and daily liar was Obama, not Trump.
            Trump is a patriot, your guy Obama was a traitor.

          91. AKLady says

            1, False. The Uniformed Services University, F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine,
            2, False. Charter Oak College is accredited, its Bachelor and Masters Degrees are accepted by most major universities, Including Harvard and Yale, as well as the Uniformed Services University. Charter Oak College, as well as the New York Regency Program degrees are four-year equivalent. Oh, and ignorant one, 90% of universities will permit you to test out of courses, but you have to pay full tuition. The majority will give credit for CLEP exams, usually up to two years of credit.
            3. Dual majors are common, you are grasping at straws to accompany your lies.
            4. Everyone knows someone, it is the oldest lie on the books.
            5. I never claimed to “intern” in Vietnam. I state my service their comprise my surgical residency. Try paying attention and getting your facts correct.
            6. Combat hospitals were staffed by both women nurses and women doctors.
            7. Deciding what is, and what is not a religion is above your pay grade.
            8. False, the Koran does not authorize criminal behavior.
            9. False, Sharia is cultural not religious.
            10. False, I live East of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.
            11. You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking a veteran with lies.

          92. Linda Abernathy says

            False: The Quran has 109 verses on promoting violence,which I believe is criminal behavior. Anyone can give a load of BS but I don’t know of too many online colleges that give medical doctorates online!

          93. Michael Dennewitz says

            Their queeran DEMANDS that they try to “convert,” further demanding that, if they cannot convert, THEY ARE to consider the person the infidel and eliminate them. Now, would someone TRY to educate me as to what the hell “a good mooseslime” is? ?As far as I’m concerned, it’s shown itself to be a mooseslime that did a “good” job of killing!! ?☹?

          94. AKLady says

            The Bible says your are to kill unbelievers: Deuteronomy 13:6, Deuteronomy 13: 13, Deuteronomy 17:3, 2 Chronicles 15:13, Leviticus 20:27, Matthew 15:1-9, Romans 1:20-32, and Matthew 5:42-44. There is more, but that should educate you a bit better.

            Good people do not act out like children, They leave name-calling to infants.
            There are 1.6 billon Muslims. It is the world’s second largest religion.

            A Sample of Historic Contributors to America: Crispus Attucs, Yarrow Mamout, Estevanico, Norsereddin, “Hi Jolly”, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Omar Ibn Said, Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali, Peter Buckminster,

            A Sample of Modern Contributors: Fazlur Rahman Khan, Shahid Khan, Ayub Ommaya, Ernest Hamwi, Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Farah Pandith, Ahmed Zewail, Aziz Ansari

            Also, America’s first ally was a Muslim country — Morocco.
            Morocco is also our longest ally — 225 years.
            You insult our Founding Fathers.
            Freedom of religion is that they fought and died for.

            You insult our Constitution.
            You insult your neighbors.

          95. richard king says

            America’s first Muslin enemy was Libya, and President Jefferson ordered the American fleet and Marines into battle against them, and defeated them. “…to the shores of Tripoli”.

          96. AKLady says

            The Barbary Wars had nothing to do with religion.
            America’s first ally was Morocco — a Muslim country.
            America’s longest ally, 225 years, is also a Muslim country — Morocco.
            The first Revolution casualty was a Muslim — Crispus Attucks.

          97. AKLady says

            You obviously have not read the Holy Bible.
            When I attended medical school, there were no on-line colleges.

          98. richard king says

            AK Lady’s age must be 112, to have done all that. She goes back until the mind of man runneth not to the contrary.

          99. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …enfant terrible
            You are so ignorant, and so childish …
            Good night. I am volunteering at the clinic in Anchorage tomorrow.
            That’s right, on Sunday, at the church this week.

          100. richard king says

            If I were at the clinic in Anchorage, I would tell the staff to keep this woman away from me. She is not a doctor, as she claims.
            Can’t do much damage at church, though.

          101. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          102. richard king says

            You’re welcome, Miss Fraud of 2017.

          103. AKLady says

            “I do not know your full name, and even if I did, I would not post it as a sign of privacy.”
            That admission alone prove your entire post is a total lie.

          104. Linda Abernathy says

            Do you have her real name?

          105. richard king says

            Well, that lays it out. You did the research that confirms what I thought, and said. This woman is a complete fraud, and her slaughter of the Queen’s English was obvious.

          106. Linda Abernathy says

            Uniformed Services Univ-Students remain civilian until graduate school requirements are completed. Degrees are not granted until completion of both graduate and medical requirements.
            Medical students have a minimum of a seven-year active duty service commitment and a six-year inactive ready reserve commitment following their internship and residency after graduation. Hmmm interesting

          107. AKLady says

            You are only half-right.
            Active duty personnel also attend the University
            Personnel having already completed pre-med do not follow your alleged schedule.
            May I suggest you do more than assume a list applies as written, there are exceptions.
            The University accepts credits completed at other institutions.

          108. richard king says

            I did a bit of an analysis about AK’s educational and professional claims, and I estimate her age to be 112.

          109. richard king says

            Methinks you dissemble, Dr. AK, counselor, war hero, brilliant mind, a woman of substance. Oh, and faker.

          110. Linda Abernathy says

            Finally someone made that woman silent! LMFAO

          111. AKLady says

            I suggest you obtains the services of a mental health professional.
            Your ego is only surpassed by you willingness to lie.

          112. pintorider says

            Yeah, sure. Liar.

          113. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …enfant terrible

          114. Ray says

            AK your simply full of crap. The only brain you have is non functional at best, like most libs your a liar, to sit here and debate us is foolhardy at best, and like all libs you still have not come to grips with the 2016 election outcome, tell me, what eats at you the most, your inability to grasp reality or that reality has no place in your so called world? Your just another malcontent trying to somehow convert those of us who despise anything liberal, I cannot comment on where you have been, but this I can say with no reservation, anyone that went to nam doesn’t so openly use there experience there to prop themselves up in a loosing battle like you do here, in other words your out numbered and don’t have the ammo to pull your worthless butt out of the foxhole.

          115. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam. Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          116. Linda Abernathy says

            was wondering when the ad nauseam would pop up, get a new line , that one is way beyond old………..

          117. AKLady says

            That is your problem, not mine.
            No one forces you to read.
            You choose to do so.

          118. AKLady says

            You exaggerate and make false statements, then expect to be respected and up-voted.

          119. Ray says

            Is that all your great supposed experience can come up with? I feel like I’m talking to a fifth grader, maybe I should use smaller words so the next time you read them your brain won’t spasm out of control and cause you to type fifth grader responses.

          120. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam. Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          121. Linda Abernathy says

            You need to find a forum of your expectations and since no one here has ever acknowledged you except in argument one would think they would move onto a room more to their liking. Why you stay here and go through this makes me think that you prefer arguments instead of friendly allies and truthfully a tad twisted in the head. If this isn’t so, move onto a Bernie/Hillary/Pelosi/Schumer/Kathy or whomever you worship to kind of forum!

          122. Ray says

            One would think that Linda, but since your the only “ONE” I will remain content to sit here and know that what ever I write, you and AK will have to stifle your vMt and continue to think you bother me. And Linda, try reading my comments that I’ve made to AK before you made your remarks to me, I did make the non argumentative approach, and that was met with her usual childish remarks, much like yours, right from the get go you both are always on the defensive , and it’s not hard to see why you both prefer that approach, and in case you didn’t notice, I’m not a Democrat, I am who I have always been, common sense and not a knee jerker trying to undermine the commander and chief, if people like yourself don’t like the president do what we had to do when Obama was in office, we waited until we the people saw the chance to replace a lawbreaker with someone who understands there are more than sycophants who will support you.

          123. AKLady says

            Trump has never served in the military draft dodger.
            He stands as an insult to everyone who has.

            You shame me for talking about my experience and the pain I still carry.
            Every day I sewed ravished bodies back together, Some I could not save, Them, I had to zip in body bags. It was my failure, the body bag my responsibility. I saved thousands, few left a whole as they arrived.

            But I still see those faces as I pulled the zipper closed.
            You shame for talking about what I did — you are not listening. I’m talking about the failures, The ones I could not save, Over 40 years, and I still wake up screaming. ” bastard, don’t dare die Ion me. Don’t you make me tell your mother you gave up.” Anything to make them angry, gets the adrenaline flowing.

          124. richard king says

            You might consider a career as a third rate fiction writer, now that you have your grammar partially learned.
            Obama never served in the military, and Bill Clinton was a known draft dodger. Sen. Blumenthal of Connecticut was a poster boy for stolen valor, having claimed he served in Viet Nam, when he never went near the place. Lots of examples, and it is not a prerequisite for the presidency to have served. Trump had a medical exemption.

          125. AKLady says

            Obama was not old enough to be drafted.

            Trump faked a health deferment from the draft.
            Clinton legally applied for, and received a draft deferment,
            Baby Bush went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard.

            I could care less about Blumenthal He is Connecticut’s problem, not mine, not Alaska’s.

            Insult away, I find it rather amusing. It seems to be the best you can do.

          126. Linda Abernathy says

            Actually my reply was for AK not u! Don’t worry I have since blocked her!

          127. AKLady says

            Another right-wing who cannot get their facts straight,

          128. AKLady says

            Now that you have blown off steam, do you have any facts?
            Harvard and Yale legal experts say Trump has violated the Constitution more than 30 times. The Emolument Clause violations are simply icing on the cake.

          129. richard king says

            Name the experts, first. Then tell me why anyone should take the opinion of Harvard and Yale experts, like Lawrence Tribe of Harvard who was a mentor of Obama and is a left wing stooge. Doubt he knows anything much about the law, since his “amazing student” obviously knows next to nothing. The Harvard professor who knows the law is Alan Derschowitz, and he says unequivocally that talk of impeachment has no foundation whatsoever.
            You throw this stuff around and facny yourself some brilliant scholar, when you are nothing but a faker.

          130. AKLady says

            1. Violated the 1st Amendment — travel bn.
            2. Violated the 5th Amendment — travel ban.
            3. Violated the 14th Amendment — travel ban.
            3. Has violated the Emoluments clause since swearing in. He has transferred management, but not ownership, of the Trump Organization

          131. AKLady says

            Sewer language indicates illiteracy and immaturity.

          132. AKLady says

            Problem, Congress has already begun to act.

          133. richard king says

            The congress you refer to is Reps Watts and Green, who are demonstrably goofy. If these stupid, uniformed dimms try impeachment, they will be roundly defeated, and make asses of themselves.

          134. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …enfant terrible.

          135. AKLady says

            Sewer language.
            I am impressed.

          136. AKLady says

            You team with Ezra and go after anyone that happens to invade your special safe space. That is all you do, bully and harass people.
            You are doing Satan’s work and proud of it.

          137. Ezra says

            Do not believe a word that person says. Now s/he is claiming to be a surgeon. Let’s see, first a social worker, then a historian now a doctor. What next a rocket scientist! ROTFLOL

            This individual is trolling the boards for the moslem pseudo religion.

          138. Ray says

            Thank you ezra, long ago I could see she was bad news, im sure her parents would be proud to see what its become.

          139. Ezra says

            Lol, I read down where the social worker, surgeon, whatever ISIS troll is telling you that you are satans minion to bully and harass. That is so rich coming from a takkyah believing muzz.

          140. dinddong says


          141. AKLady says

            Yes, some people are that foolish.
            There are also foolish people without degrees.
            You are wrong about the “saddle the tax payer”
            Default on a student loan, your paycheck gets a hit.

          142. Gary says

            That is on the assumption that they get a job! If they go on welfare because the poor little know nothing snowflakes can’t get a job, the tax payers are saddled with their education bills, as well as their food, housing, utility, medical, and income costs.

          143. AKLady says

            you need to do further research.
            Your data is invalid and reeks of bias.

          144. Ollie Octopus says

            AKLady: Your cover is blown. You are really a male homosexual pervert.

          145. marshmil says

            I too have wondered about the gender orientation considering highly defensive replies I’ve witnessed posted by that person.
            But to me that’s not a significant issue. I don’t care which way another’s pendulum swings. Stay within statutory laws and civility and all’s well.

          146. AKLady says

            Defensive replies?
            Prove your accusation.

          147. marshmil says

            Don’t need to. You leave them everywhere like pigeon droppings downtown among statues. One does not have to have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology to recognize them. Even if God Himself, in Whom you do not believe, presented His answer to you right in front of you you’d reject His answer.
            It’s interesting to know that I, as a US taxpayer, helped pay for your training in medicine and surgery. Hope you are enjoying a nice retirement I helped afford for you.

          148. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          149. marshmil says

            You enjoy playing with your rubber stamp. It’s “one size fits all”. You are definitely schizophrenic. Which rubber stamp reply do you intend to use this time?

          150. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          151. Ted Crawford says

            Apparently you have that trite nonsense earmarked in your ‘favorites’. Talk of tedious.boring, and repetitive, geeeeesssssse!! But then it is as substantive as anything else you spew, so ……!

          152. AKLady says

            It would appear that I hot a sore spot.
            Thank you for proving my statement … insult, exaggerate, repeat …

          153. Ted Crawford says

            Not even close. Your spew is often humorous, occasionally even hilarious, this trite is simply mind numbing!

          154. marshmil says

            Ted some people have a fixation (fetish) for being obnoxious.
            It gets them attention which for unknown reasons they might not be able to get otherwise. They are essentially “nobodies” in the world. They have no power or influence. On these sites they are anonymous so whatever they leave here will have no bad effects on their private lives. Sites like this one are great for exchange of ideas. But, like Facebook, they attract the “trailer park gossip trash”.

          155. AKLady says

            Yanking your chain is so much fun.
            You are easy, so easy. 😉

          156. Ted Crawford says

            Really? Speaking of “childish”

          157. AKLady says

            Making a liar expose themselves is not childish

          158. Ted Crawford says

            I don’t, necessarily, assume you are a liar. You seem more the ‘educated idiot’, slap full of disassociated inert facts, but totally lacking the ability to collate them into any form of wisdom.

          159. AKLady says

            I just succeeded. Thank you.

          160. marshmil says

            You “hot” a sore spot. You and your spell checker missed. “Hot” is an adjective, not a verb.

          161. AKLady says

            “”Spell checker”???

          162. AKLady says

            “……Stay within statutory laws and civility…”

          163. AKLady says

            “….Stay within statutory laws and civility…”

          164. marshmil says

            OK. You too.

          165. Ted Crawford says

            WOW! Now Comrade Dingbat it seems you have a new ‘favorite’ trite nonsensical phrase! Curious, just what the hell does “statutory law” have to do with a blog post?

          166. AKLady says

            Name calling is nursery school behavior.

          167. Ted Crawford says

            In other words , you’ve NO idea, you are just repeating a nonsensical comment you heard!!
            By the way you might share that piece of wisdom with Obama, Pelosi, Waters Clinton, Et. Al.!

          168. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            edious, boring, repetitive …

          169. Ted Crawford says

            Well, now we know it’s not on your favorites, you forgot your ‘t’! Apparently you get off typing the same idiotic nonsense over, and over, and over again!

          170. AKLady says

            Thank you for your proof reading.
            Why do you assume things?

          171. marshmil says

            Don’t need to nor have any interest in playing your game. You folks are amusing—I’m making reference to non-conservatives. I think you’d make a nice-fitting member of the Communist Party, USA if not already. By your rejecting the concept of “God” you have taken the first and most important step. The rest is essentially transferring control of everything over to the government. Conservatives respect the dignity of people. Communism respects the status of the state. With conservatives government assists the people. In communism the people assist the state. In the latter, people are Josef Stalin’s useful idiots.

          172. AKLady says

            Thank you for proving my points.

          173. marshmil says

            Since your “points” are meaningless I can meaninglessly say “your are welcome”. Your thought patterns when compared with those of humans on terra firma are quite bazar.

          174. AKLady says

            “….Stay within statutory laws and civility…”

          175. AKLady says

            ” Stay within statutory laws and civility …”

          176. marshmil says

            You too. Are the planes noisy tonight?

          177. AKLady says

            You are the one who keeps crossing out of civility.

          178. marshmil says

            Whatever that means. You leftists, liberals, progressives, collectivists, socialists, communists—choose whichever one you thing fits you—blame everyone else for everything going on you don’t like. Enjoy your game.

          179. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            You just proved my statement.

          180. marshmil says

            I’ve learned your set of rubber stamp replies and am having fun making you use them. You are somewhat like a puppet.

          181. AKLady says

            I’ve learned your set of rubber stamp insults and am having fun making you use them. You are somewhat like a puppet.

          182. marshmil says

            You also exhibit echolalia.

          183. AKLady says

            Wow! His new spelling word for the week.

          184. marshmil says

            YEP. Surprised you noticed.

          185. AKLady says

            Your immaturity is a clue that cannot be missed.

          186. marshmil says

            You just described yourself. Thanks for finally saying someone worthwhile.

          187. AKLady says

            Immaturity, piled higher and deeper.

          188. pintorider says


          189. AKLady says

            Oh, thank you, thank. you … no more idiocy and insults.

          190. AKLady says


          191. pintorider says

            Octpus thinks everybody who disagrees with him is a pervert. I think he’s hiding something…

          192. marshmil says


          193. pintorider says

            If you read some of his comments you’ll find his accusations a reoccurring theme. I think he protesteth too much!

          194. marshmil says


          195. pintorider says

            FU dimwit. Whatever.

          196. marshmil says

            Aha! Another leftist. We recognize you by your lack of capacity to use civilized, standard English. Did you ever attend school?

          197. pintorider says


          198. marshmil says

            I figured. You guys are as easy to spot as a red ball clamped on a clown’s nose. 😀 Oh, …whatever! Thanks.

          199. pintorider says

            whatever, wanker.

          200. marshmil says

            Your compromised use of English is again noted.

          201. pintorider says

            Whatever, cumguzzler

          202. marshmil says

            Christians have been ridiculed for 2000 years…comes with the territory. Satan you are now behind me…you are blocked …the gate is closed! ;D

          203. pintorider says

            Ooooh da debil gonna get me! How third century!

          204. Emma says

            Actually, someone had said on here aks’ profile said Male, & the profile was immediately blocked or set to private.

          205. AKLady says

            Prove it.

          206. Ollie Octopus says

            I have posted on numerous news sites and have learned their speech patterns. Almost all are pseudo-intellectuals who talk down to people. I feel sorry for them because they will never find true happiness. Life without a mate of the opposite sex is not normal and speaks of a serious mental disorder. Instead of getting treatment they will almost always try to make themselves believe they are okay the way they are. AKLady has a very serious problem and I pray he/she/it will get help and have a chance to lead a happy life. I do not hate this person but refuse to call them gay because they are anything but gay.

          207. marshmil says

            Emma I hope that does not surprise you.

          208. Emma says

            Lol… no, it doesn’t. I blocked AK a long time ago.
            I do not deal well with willfully stupid, lying, conniving know it alls.
            I felt sorry for AK for a brief time, but realized it was wasted energy.
            You cannot fix someone like that. Sad situation.
            The harm they cause our America is incredible.

          209. marshmil says

            Most genuine US citizens over age 30 have enough experience as adults to make rational decisions about ideas.A few somehow got their cerebral cortexes contaminated with whoever knows what leaving them with cognition like a computer with a virus. They mis interpret what is posted and come up with bazar responses that don’t match the issues being discussed. They post as if they are the only ones who know anything and that everyone else is totally out of touch with reality. They are blind to the fact that they are the ones out of touch with reality. Their responses certify the facts about them. They are easily hoodwinked into following agenda that can lead to their own misfortune. They are clueless.

          210. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          211. pintorider says

            I think AKLady is a complete fraud but your claiming everyone you dislike or disagree with are homosexuals, get me wondering why you are so obsessed with perversion. You protesteth too much, palsy walsy. Come on Octy, you can tells us about your heart’s desires. We won’t hurt you, man. Get it off your chest. They say yoou’ll feel better when you confession your true feelings…

          212. marshmil says

            In YOUR holier-than-thou opinion.

          213. AKLady says

            Fact is not opinion.
            Your need to learn the difference.

          214. marshmil says

            Oh sorry. So your holier-than-thou is FACT Surgeons tend to be prima donnas. Your posts reveal a lot of facts about you. Now we know. Now I wonder if you overdosed sniffing Halothane or hospital grade Ether when no one was looking.

          215. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          216. marshmil says

            Glad you enjoy. Regards to Elmendorf personnel. Tell them I am grateful for their efforts to protect the greatest nation in the Western Hemisphere and finally under a bona fide American Commander-in-Chief to replace the Kenyan foreign student fake just before him. I was USAF myself.

          217. AKLady says

            Your insult towards a former American President is a violation of your oath of enlistment. I suspect you were enlisted personnel. As an officer, your commission and oath are an Act of Congress and are effective for your lifetime unless your formally repudiate your citizenship.

          218. marshmil says

            Your New World Communist Order agenda will never twist my adherence to the great USA. The foreign student imposter Barack Hussein Obama was never legally a President of the United States of America. He is an insult to this great nation thanks to the scum who supported his illegal occupation of the White House which was for eight years the White Mosque complete with Crescent Office. You yourself are filled with lies. I do not insult anything associated with the USA except the scum who are attempting to overthrow it. YOU are an embarrassment to the United States of America with your fixation that all people are liars who do not subscribe to your twisted thought patterns.

          219. AKLady says

            Why do you insult the FBI?
            Why do you insult the U.S. Intelligence agencies?
            Facts are facts.
            Your post is extremely informative — about you…

          220. marshmil says

            Your assumptions amaze me. They are like opinions of 13 year olds.

          221. AKLady says

            Every time ou assert that Obama in not an American you insult every American investigative agency and make yourself look rally foolish.

          222. marshmil says

            Good. I’ll increase my activities to expose the Lefties who support that Kenyan-born foreign student disciple of Saul Alinsky. “rally” foolish. Yes I’ll rally against that Kenyan/Indonesian imposter forever. If that’s foolish then I’m enjoying it whatever label you or other leftists want to attach to it.

          223. AKLady says

            Why do you insult the FBI?
            Why do you insult America’s investigative community?

          224. marshmil says

            They know me very well–who I am. They enjoy my responses to yours. It’s a recreation they indulge in
            during off time or during “breaks” if and when they get them.
            I regret some of them are required to “protect” the Kenyan-born traitor. They detest the assignment.

          225. AKLady says

            Have you considered that I might also know who, and what you are. It si not your “Internet” personae, by any means.

          226. marshmil says

            Ha ha ha ha! Your BS does not scare me at all. Submit your knowledge to a candid world.

          227. AKLady says

            Each of your posts is more childish than the last.

          228. AKLady says

            I’ll let them know the next time I am recalled to active duty. Even at my age, and retired status I still get recalled for short stints. , Their medical wing gets overwhelmed at times.

          229. marshmil says

            If we did not have Satanic scum on the planet we would not need a Department of Defense. Unfortunately a great share of anti-American scum has metastasized to inside the borders. If we do not contain this unwanted mass of evil the nation will succumb. This “genre” tends to be characterized by atheism and a religiosity that is anti-Israel and in particular anti-Christianity.

          230. AKLady says

            “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”
            ~1797 Treaty of Tripoli signed by Founding Father John Adams

            “Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.”
            ~Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814,

            “Every new and successful example of a perfect separation between ecclesiastical and civil matters is of importance.”
            ~Founding Father James Madison, letter, 1822

            “No religious doctrine shall be established by law.”
            ~Founding Father Elbridge Gerry, Annals of Congress 1:729-731

          231. marshmil says

            Why are you preaching that stuff? I never said it was!
            Your cognition appears to be affected by some deterioration, i.e., “Senior moments”.

          232. Ollie Octopus says

            He is a socialist Muslim who I believe is married to a transvestite.

          233. pintorider says

            You’re a closet queer with a poop fetish.

          234. marshmil says

            Opinions are based on factual evidence. You can call them conclusions if you prefer. Now which rubber stamp will you select for this one?

          235. AKLady says

            Opinions are anything you want them to be, as are conclusions.

          236. marshmil says

            For once you made a statement of truth. Welcome to the real world. Nice that you got yourself a new rubber stamp.

          237. AKLady says

            I do research before posting.
            Maybe you should try that method.

          238. marshmil says

            Your assumptions are like those of 14 year olds.

          239. AKLady says

            Yet another example of immaturity.

          240. marshmil says

            You are right. You gave us another example of your mental immaturity at 14 year age level. Piaget called this “concrete thinking”. It does tend to be hard headed.

          241. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          242. marshmil says

            Ha ha ha ha. Suggestion to save time for you. Number your replies so that all you have to do is type a number onto the screen instead of all the words. Post the list with each number and its corresponding reply. Simple and you save
            time. 🙂

          243. AKLady says

            Suggestion stop lying, insulting, assuming ….

          244. marshmil says

            If I am “lying, insulting and assuming” let
            facts (your favorite fetish) be submitted to
            a candid world as proof.

          245. AKLady says

            Be very careful.

          246. marshmil says

            Bring on Satan and his filth. I have Protection they know not about.

          247. AKLady says

            Obviously, you are one of his minions.
            Lying is the work of the Devil.
            Your mouth is obviously under his control.

          248. Ray says

            AK everything you write reeks.

          249. AKLady says

            Is that why you frequently up vote my comments?

          250. AKLady says

            The scent of fact and truth is sweet to those who value it.

          251. The_Domo says


          252. Caroline Van Winkle says

            I take umbrage at that.

          253. marshmil says

            CVW you might want to clarify. Are you offended by Gary’s post or by the irresponsible activities of the “snowflakes”?

          254. Caroline Van Winkle says

            Latter of course

          255. Susan Short says

            Folks, don’t even bother to respond to AK Lady! I gave up, long ago, realizing that there is no hope for that ignorant, liberal bixch! She is the classic example of someone who thinks he/she is smart, and who doesn’t know their azz from a hole in the ground!

          256. glenn398 says

            Susan I think you are being too kind in AK Ladies case and even saying she is ignorant is giving her more credit then I would.

          257. Ted Crawford says

            She clearly suffers from an historic case of delusional grandiosity!! All the way from a nurse in a Vietnam MASH to a colleague of Dr. Carson!!

          258. Jarmil says

            Susan, you never argue with stupid ignorant people. Even with the stupid and ignorant professor. You can not win. Good example?
            How about Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi?

          259. Ted Crawford says

            As I heard someplace; “You’ve done nothing when you’ve bested an idiot!”

          260. AKLady says

            May you have your way …
            May you become disabled when you have killed Medicaid.
            May you become disabled when you have killed SSDI.
            May you be denied private insurance because you have
            a pre-existing medical condition.

          261. Greg Hernandez says

            Oh no , the AK Zygote is on another site and a story the little unsexed, undeveloped zygote knows nothing about. The ” Professor ” is an idiot and though she definitely has the right to say what she wants, the media has the definite right to print it , air it and comment on it. And we have the right to comment on this persons lack of intelligent thought and her hatred of our President. She showed herself to be a racist , bigot .
            Medicaid was being killed by OBAMA when he stole a millions from it to partially fund odopeycare. Under the types of plans the President has been talking about, Medicaid will be stronger and a lot of people who should not be on it will be put on other plans.
            Yes there will be fewer people on ” Gubmint ” healthcare but it will be because they Choose to do so, like when people had real coverage before odopey killed private insurance. Heck , I knew people who would not put in $ 75.00 a month even when our company was paying the difference on what odopey called Cadillac plans ! SSDI is for people who paid into it while working, it was never intended for those who did not pay into it.The rolls need to be cut.
            President Trump has iterated that he wants to keep preexisting conditions in his plan. Again, the little zygote has no clue what it is yakking about Hey Zygote Snowflake, it will be in the 90’s here all week, come to Ohio and MELT ! We voted for Trump and we are darned Proud of it.

          262. AKLady says

            Your ignorance is overwhelming.
            Your name-calling is very childish.

          263. Ollie Octopus says

            Preexisting conditions is NOT insurance. Health insurance is where you bet you will have an expensive health problem that the insurance company will have to cover but the insurance company, based upon statistics, bets you won’t and that you will keep paying premiums. Preexisting conditions is like you waiting to get collision insurance until after you wreck your car and expecting the insurance company to pay for it with you paying the same premiums as everyone else.

          264. Greg Hernandez says

            Yes, I know that pre existing conditions are not insurance . President Trump has said he hopes to keep that in his health plan. Personally , I know a fella who has that problem . He could not get ( So he said ) insurance until ozerocare. Yet, he drank, ( Not supposed to ) , used pot ( not supposed to ) and put down anyone who tried to talk to him about it. Ozero care comes in and he found out his first few payments were low BUT his co-pay was so high it made the plan useless. I think President Trump will do a better job in putting some kind of healthcare plan into play and it MAY include pre-existing problems..

          265. marshmil says

            Thanks for your output. It says a lot about you.

          266. AKLady says

            May you have your way …
            May you become disabled when you have killed Medicaid.
            May you become disabled when you have killed SSDI.
            May you be denied private insurance because you have
            a pre-existing medical condition.

          267. marshmil says

            Right on Gary.

          268. Ezra says

            Gary, like most moslems in this country they such from the public trough like pigs. Every freebie available they take and then practice sedition.

          269. DPMP says

            What pay check ? You have to have a job to get a pay check unless you’re on welfare and the government supports you.

          270. greenlantern1 says

            Ever hear of CORPORATE WELFARE??

          271. Ted Crawford says

            Yes, we saw prime examples of it with General Motors, Chrysler, Solyndra, Beacon Power, Ener 1, and dozens of other examples of Obama’s largesse with tax payer dollars!

          272. greenlantern1 says

            Forgot President Calvin Coolidge’s slogan “What’s good for GM is good for the country?”

          273. AKLady says

            Actually, it is a misquote of Secretary of Defense Charles Edwin Wilson. He was in office during the Eisenhower Administration. It should also be noted that Wilson was the former CEO of General Motors. What he said was: “because for years I thought what was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa”. It is said that he tired to correct the misquote for years. 10 (Source: Best Quotes”, Car and Driver, 1/88, p. 49.).

          274. Ted Crawford says

            Given the preponderance of Coolidge’s statements, one could assume that he was using GM as an example of American Free Enterprise writ large. Aside from that GM operated in a very different manner then and it’s NOT the 1920’s in any case.
            The real issue here is this however. Obama excoriated Romney for suggesting that GM should be allowed to file for Bankruptcy and allowed to restructure. Rather than do that Obama first gave GM Billions of tax payer dollars, THEN allowed them to do exactly what Romney suggested in the first case!
            Obama, effectively bought little Turbo Tax Timmy, a seat at the bankruptcy table, where the corrupt pig, for all intents and purposes, stole all the money investors had paid into GM stock over all the years! Totally opposite of the normal outcome of a bankruptcy courts decisions!

          275. greenlantern1 says

            Ask Trump about bankruptcy courts!
            Does the name Trump Taj Mahal ring a bell?

          276. Ted Crawford says

            President Trump was private citizen Trump at that time. Another consideration might just be, to reasonable people, that at the time of it’s bankruptcy and closure Trump had NO interest left in the business. Carl Icahn had purchased it and was the owner of record! Trumps entire personal private life resulted in a net gain to our National Treasury.
            On the other hand, Obama’s entire history as a private citizen was one of draining the National Treasury. Something he continued as President!

          277. greenlantern1 says

            No interest?
            Wasn’t the name, Trump, on the building?
            What was Trump paid, under the table, for that?

          278. Ted Crawford says

            Yes, Carl decided to keep the name, as is common in business deals such as this, it is reasonable to assume Trump was compensated for that. However it would be completely above board and a part of the sales documentation!
            Why would it be necessary to do “under the table” deals when the action is perfectly legal and perfectly normal?
            None of which is germane to your statement. What is germane is that Trump had NO part in the decision to file bankruptcy or to close the business.

          279. greenlantern1 says

            Ever hear of Carl Paladino?
            Did Trump?

          280. AKLady says

            Congress makes the laws.
            Congress spends the money.
            You elect Congress.
            Maybe you should have picked better people to vote for.

          281. Ted Crawford says

            Once again your gross ignorance surfaces! These actions were taken as a result of Barack Obama, Tim Guietner, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the Progressive majority 110th. Congress! IE: the incompetent, corrupt Progressive Socialists YOU vote for!

          282. AKLady says

            Do you even read what you write?
            Save the childish insults.

          283. Ted Crawford says

            I should read what I write???
            Perhaps the phrase Physician heal thyself is apropos! You CLEARLY stated “ (I) should have picked better people…”
            The incidents I spoke of, that you responded to, took place during the term of the 110th. and 111th Congress’s. Progressive majority’s in BOTH Houses of Congress during that time! I can absolutely guarantee I didn’t vote for even as few as 1, (ONE) of those corrupt individuals!!!

          284. AKLady says

            Childish rant, piled higher and deeper.

          285. Ted Crawford says

            How sad, your intellectual abilities seem to be deteriorating at a rate similar to those of Clinton!

          286. AKLady says

            Childish rants piled higher and deeper.

          287. Ted Crawford says

            Creative avoidance, a lack of substantive responses and obfuscation are your hallmarks!

          288. Richard Faith says

            “Congress makes the laws.
            Congress spends the money.
            You elect Congress.
            Maybe you should have picked better people to vote for.”
            The foregoing seems theoretically correct, but for one little omission:
            The Globalist CABAL ultimately determines whose names ever get printed on primary ballots in the first place. In effect, this creates a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM, wherein nearly all ostensible mutual opposition is STAGED. Active members and operatives of the Globalist CABAL include, but are no limited to, the following subversive and/or seditious organizations and individuals:
            UN, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Bohemian Grove Club, Skull and Bones, Open Society Institute, Tides Foundation, Center for American “Progress”, m*e*d*i*a*m*a*t*t*e*r*s*.o*r*g*, m*o*v*e*o*n*.o*r*g*, soro$$$$$$, daviD rockefelleR (recently deceased at 101 and long LIVE the DEATH of him), mauricE $trong (recently deceased also and long LIVE the DEATH of him also), henrY ki$$inger, World Bank, World Court, International Monetary Fund and its handmaiden, the SO-CALLED “Federal Reserve” (which is NOT federal and has no “reserves”), Global Union, North American Union, Rhodes Trust, Nobel Commission (from whom obamA and ara-FAT received BRIBES under the cover of “Peace Prizes”), and, in only the capacity of USEFUL IDIOTS, islaM (because its more active followers are so easily incited to perform acts of terror on behalf of the aforementioned other Globalist CABAL operatives.

          289. AKLady says

            Please seek outa mental health professional.
            Your paranoia is clinical.

          290. Richard Faith says

            No one hates conspiracy theorists more than conspirators and their minions do.

          291. AKLady says

            Is that supposed to be an insult?

          292. arley_barley says

            Myopic, but, as far as your words go, true Glenn. You cite a part of the other side of the ‘reasoning coin’ Victoria alludes to. the Coin almost complete, with the words of you-two.

          293. albaby2 says

            The liberal arts graduates are bartenders or working at lesser jobs. They can’t sell their snowflake social theorys to companies that are actually producing something other than emotions.

          294. glenn398 says

            albaby you forgot a lot of them have government jobs as think even a bartenders job would be above their ability.

          295. arley_barley says

            What you reference, Victoria Gooch, is the ‘Hype/Head’s Version, of the need for a Degree, without the Responsibilities of said Degree. I say:
            One with a Degree, or Extended Degree, like PHD, need also know that they are held to a much higher Standard of Excellence of Thought, with the Professor/subject of this article, seems to have forgotten, considering her ‘Slanderous Name Calling.’ She used her First Amendment Right, to imply herself above contempt, for her utterances, and once ‘uttered,’ belong to the wind, to be heard, by any and all that may be in proximity, or the echoing, through ‘Media,’ any utterance offered in public, legally, may be sent to the next mode of utterance, the Communication avenues, where the World may also be privileged to hear, comprehend, and grow in knowledge and wisdom, from (supposedly the very thing any Professor desires/craves). Any thought, word, or deed, made public, in today’s, instant-coverage-avenues, is always a cell-phone camera away from publication (as even my words, I freely utter in this blog). What we espouse, no matter the method, other than if protected under ‘Copyright,’ is repeatable, unless specifically Classified; an open speech to a congregation of people finds the communication, susceptible to being repeated, or commented upon. Today, everything we say publicly may echo for Decades, in the system, if not longer. AMEN

          296. AKLady says

            They say ignorance is bliss.
            You seem quite blissful.
            My experience had been that people such as yourself are simply jealous.

          297. Jim says

            If ignorance is bliss and spewing forth the garbage that you do so freely and without regard to what is said, then I am very happy to never have gone to college. I was never a burden on taxpayers. I never had my head filled with abstract ideas or propaganda. I never rioted or destroyed personal property by protesting. I never bodily attacked or harmed anyone just to make a sick point. Everything I owned or ever did was due to hard work and persistence. I own a home, a car, I travel as I wish. I have many friends and most importantly, I do not mooch off of anyone because I do not live in my parent’s basement. I had a good well paying job that supported me and my family throughout the years. I was happily married for 36 years until her death. So you see a college education today is not the cat’s meow. As for me I am not jealous and I will NOT lower my standards to raise yours. Have a glorious and BLISSFUL day

          298. AKLady says

            I am a retired surgeon.
            Uncle Sam paid my tuition,
            I serve six years un the military to pay for it.

          299. Jim says

            I see that that college education taught you proper word tense and spelling. I rest my case. You need to give back your “Sheepskin”.

          300. AKLady says

            I admit to being a bad typist.
            Please feel free to insult.
            Oh, and thank you for proof reading my post.
            As a dyslexic, I frequently have problems spotting errors in typed words.

          301. Ted Crawford says

            The poor soul is simply delusional! She spews her Socialist ideology, while claiming to be American, and to have served in our Military, apparently ignorant of the fact that her horrific ideology is exactly what our Constitution was designed to prevent and our Military is mandated to defend against!
            The term ‘Educated Idiot’ seems to fit her perfectly. just overflowing with inert facts, while lacking any wisdom whatsoever!

          302. SUZANNE M. says


          303. Ironmike4610 says

            A RETARDED surgeon!…….”un” the military. hahaha…That’s rich.

          304. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          305. Martha Serafini says

            I give you credit. These are some real nutcases. Their big talent is spewing insults. They’ve really got nothing else to offer. They even communicate with one another that way. It’s all they know. It also explains why they continue to be so easily scammed by this bleached out pathological liar in the WH. Wait until they get their “new” healthcare. Maybe that might wake them up to reality.

          306. glenn398 says

            Martha no we are not spewing insults, we are spewing facts and unless you are liberal left AK Lady will totally disagree with anything you say.

          307. martha serafini says

            Your post demonstrates my point exactly. You all use insults as the backbone of virtually all of your posts. I get that you do not have an appreciation for facts, in that they threaten the false narrative you have all been consistently fed by Trump. You all seem to be caught in the, “Trust over Truth.” Because you all have chosen to believe whatever he feeds you, you trust what he says rather than working to identify the (as Carl Bernstein says), “the most verifiable form of the truth.” It’s resulted in an absolute falsehood as to what the Democratic agenda is, which Conservatives outrageously believe is to bring Sharia Law to the US to change our Democracy. So ridiculous, but I have been told repeatedly on these sites that this ideology is what we want to integrate into our legal and political system. That’s an example of what fake news does. Democrats have no agenda points involving the integration or adoption of any form of Sharia Law, but that doesn’t seem to matter. It’s been internalized as fact by the Conservatives. And, yes, I understand you are not open to new ideas or new ways of thinking of the issues Trump has spoon fed to you all. It’s very sad, in that his base is who he is pandering to, and that group (as pole numbers indicate) are not enough to re-elect Trump. Of course, that may not even matter if Trump isn’t able to complete his term anyway. That’s what I see happening. Trump has been his own worst enemy because he doesn’t have self-control or sell-descipline. He isn’t in control of himself.

          308. glenn398 says

            Martha my opinion has nothing to do in anyway with Trump. Have watched the democratic party take this country farther and farther to the liberal left and that is what I don’t like. Back when Kennedy ran I voted for him as to me he cared for the people of this nation but when Johnson took over the direction he went that did it for me with the democratic party.

          309. AKLady says

            Truthfully, and honestly, I appreciate your input.
            It is a thankless job, but someone needs to do it.
            America is being embarrassed.
            You are on the mark. Make America HATE Again is in full swing.
            Stick around, or come back and visit — you are welcome.

          310. Martha Serafini says

            Reading these posts, and seeing the level of misinformation that exists within this sub-group is really amazing. They internalize as truth every bit of information Trump has fed them, so they base their behaviors and beliefs on incorrect information. Did you see the protest yesterday against Sharia Law being integrated into our Democracy? That’s what this group believes is happening, and it’s all based on falsehood. That’s why they are all so hateful toward all Muslims. I have been told repeatedly that Democrats side with Muslims, and that our goal is to help Muslims bring Sharia Law to this country. Too crazy, but that’s really what this group believes.

          311. AKLady says

            Yes, it is what they truly believe.
            It is incredibly sad.
            If that were not enough,
            they would put Christian “sharia” in place faster the blink of an eye.

          312. Martha Serafini says

            Exactly, especially the “Christian” thing. There doesn’t seem to be any inconsistency for them in committing to being Christian, while spewing bigotry and hate toward anyone who doesn’t fit their narrow description of what a “patriot” is. I really hold Trump’s pervasive lying and fake news responsible for causing an entire segment of the society to be operating on an completely false narrative. How does that get corrected? Is it even possible?

          313. AKLady says

            I agree.
            Make America HATE again seems to be the Trump dogma.
            He never stops lying. He is putting family into key governmwnr positition, creating a dynasty

            Our basic culture has moved backward, to the days of open racism.
            Equality for women is also rearing its ugly head. Muslims are the current target. Who/what will be next? The resemblance to 1938 Germany is frightening. I grew up with neighbors who survived that horror.

            In one of the earlier posts someone brought up thw “camps”. I have not witnesses the Nazi camps in person, however, I have witnesses Florida’s migrant worker camps. The only thing missing is the fences and guards.

          314. PDMcCripe says

            Crude and ignorant remark. Take it somewhere else.

          315. Ironmike4610 says

            If you don’t like it, YOU take it somewhere else. POS

          316. Caroline Van Winkle says

            Wow, military medical excellence, what an oxymoron. My daughters right leg is 3 inches larger in diameter thanks to the military medical doctots. She was hit by a motorcycle right outside military hospital and the kickstand penetrated her calf muscle which was not treated and became infected. The treatment for that infection which had cost the cast to be soaked with a yellow pus, was to drill a hole in her cast and put iodine on the infection which caused some function in her leg to be impaired, hence the 3 in diameter in her right leg. One of my friends is now dead as according to military doctors, she had a hysterical personality, but it turned out to be cancer. One of my friends had his nerve in left leg severed thanks to military medical doctors. Oh, and what about a patients ‘ mother who was told her daughter had a problem with a cyst on her ovaries…but it turned out to be a burst appendix. Lol lol not.

          317. chief1937 says

            Not defending military doctors but let me inject some simple facts. Many of your private practice doctors got their training in the military. There are good ones and bad ones in both military and private practice and yes they sometimes make mistakes while practicing their trade just as everyone else. I personally have been treated by both and it seemed to me there was little or no difference in them.

          318. glenn398 says

            Chief hurt my back in the military and went to the doctor. He said you think your back hurts and that is why it hurts. So guess the cure was to just think my back didn’t hurt and everything would be back to normal.

          319. Caroline Van Winkle says

            It’s only been since the debacle at Walter reed with a partial blind surgeon doing surgery that it became public that many doctors n military joined because military did not require them to pass accreditation tests. Now things have changed. I will repeat to you what a friend of mine told me who was a pathologist…there Is no such things as good doctors…only lucky patients as no matter how good a doctor was supposed to be, he saw their mistake on his slab.

            As I am on my third shoulder surgery. Due to doctor error, I am not very happly. With the medical community. I find the military doctors to be more egregious as to what they. Have done to my daughter I would be happy to see those particular doctottts drawn and quartered.

          320. Buzzles says

            I could state just as many fiascos out in the general medical field.

          321. Ollie Octopus says

            What BS! You were probably a waiter in a gay nightclub.

          322. AKLady says

            Is that supposed to be an insult?

          323. glenn398 says

            Probably a lot of people can be thankful you are retired.

          324. AKLady says

            Does insulting people make you feel powerful?

          325. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            In many, many, cases, a trade school is the better choice.

          326. Jim says

            That is so true

          327. marshmil says

            In this new 21st. Century learning a trade is a very good choice. I was a university student during the “classical” time. Students paid their own way and enrolled to learn about the world via academic freedom, not to be indoctrinated with socialist dogma by flaky social misfits. There is a need today for people trained in the “trades”. Pay scales are not bad in the trades.

          328. SUZANNE M. says


          329. sensrbtch says

            jimm! i also have believed that a man has never needed a degree too succeed in this society. however; if you expect too succeed in any way the demo-roids have and the system work against you. that means that the systum does not WORK FOR YOU! with that in mind, the demo-roids have slanted the systum against the American People. triumph is about git in rid of the dis equal standards THAT THE DEMO-ROIDS THINK IS THE NORM. it is not! thanks fior takin the time to post u r shit!

          330. PDMcCripe says

            Well stated and not a single spelling or grammatical error. More than can be said for many other commentators.

          331. Michael Dennewitz says

            Woosh I cud spael and be purfuct like you….

          332. chief1937 says

            Gees thanks for adorning us with your perfection now let me ask one question do you also walk on water?

          333. Ollie Octopus says

            I was an attorney and believe me, it is not what it is cracked up to be. I think most people would be better of with a good trade. Clark Howard, financial guru, recently remarked that today a person needs two years of junior college to be on the level of a high school graduate of 20 years ago. They are dumbing down our kids to the degree that I believe anyone who sends their precious children to a public government school is committing child abuse.

          334. Caroline Van Winkle says

            Amen to that. The fact that snowflakes have taken over the education system and believe that all kids are created equal is just a lie. If you have an iq of 90 vs 160, you are not equal. If you are born physically handicapped vs a child that is not, you have to work much harder to succeed. But look at Helen Keller. There are exceptions to every rule.but, we are not born equal. We should all have the same opportunity to succeed based upon our abilities.

          335. Fred Brown says

            CVW you certainly have a knack for stating the obvious.

          336. marshmil says

            The “created equal” concept means “equal” in the Love of God and in legal standing under the Declaration and the Constitution. EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW. Some are unfortunately born with handicaps but that does not change value regarding God’s Love for them or for their legal status under the Constitution. We all do have the same opportunities to succeed within the confines of our abilities.

          337. lesa says

            Beautifully said!

          338. Caroline Van Winkle says

            I Agee totally. Slugs have taken equal to mean that no matter how slow a child is in learning they must be promoted. My niece graduated with an A- grad e total from high school, but could not spell, read, or add a column of figures without using a calculator. THose things are meaningless to Our Lord

          339. glenn398 says

            Caroline they are equal after the school system brings the 160 down to the 90 level and that is how they operate.

          340. marshmil says

            Well said “Squire” Octopus. Thanks. I like Dr. Clark Howard’s commentaries. Wonderful humanitarian. The value of college Bachelor’s degree has been diluted by wholesale churning out graduates. Even some of the Master’s programs of today crank out diplomas with inflated values. In short, today “college bred” is essentially a four year loaf thanks to “programs”.

          341. Ollie Octopus says

            Thank you marshmil. Twenty or thirty years ago who would have thought Harvard would turn into a cesspool? It can’t get much worse than Evergreen State College. The National Review – Evergreen State College
            “It’s time for legislators to send a message to the illiberal student mob. In 1999, the Evergreen State College of Washington featured convicted cop-killer and Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal as its commencement speaker via a recording. Abu-Jamal was on death row and could not attend, yet the college eagerly gave him a platform to speak. Eighteen years later, Evergreen State refuses to protect the physical safety and free-speech rights of its own professors from the threats and aggression of student protesters with a sadly familiar illiberal bent. In a shakeup of Evergreen’s traditional Day of Absence — a day when black students leave campus to evoke the spirit of the Douglas Turner Ward play — student activists this year requested that all the campus’s white members leave instead. Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary-biology professor and Bernie Sanders–supporting progressive, sent an e-mail to his fellow professors taking issue with the change-up on the grounds that while it made sense for students of color to willfully leave campus to “highlight their vital and underappreciated roles,” forcing every white member of campus to leave would be “an act of oppression in and of itself.” Within days, vitriolic student mobs took over Weinstein’s classroom, screaming at him, calling him a racist, and demanding his resignation. When videos of the mobs made it to YouTube, the protesters demanded that the videos be taken down. Rather than ignoring the disruption and demands of students — including “the immediate disarming of police services” and “mandatory sensitivity and cultural competency training for faculty, staff, administrators, and student employees” — Evergreen’s president, George Bridges, actively enabled them, excusing protesters from homework, instituting said mandatory sensitivity training for all college employees, creating a new equity center, and launching “an extensive forensic investigation” to “seek criminal charges” against whoever posted the videos to YouTube. While local police chief Stacy Brown told Weinstein to remain off campus as law enforcement could not guarantee his safety, Bridges lauded the protesters’ “passion and courage.”

            But then it’s a college in the state of Washington.

          342. marshmil says

            Hypocrisy has truly hoisted its ugly head in the USA. The people who a few decades ago clamored about “racism” on campuses and in other places are now guilty of the same thing they accused others of. I will be called a racist simply because I dared to bring this out into the public arena here. It’s interesting how a faction of the US population demands “equal treatment” and enforcement of laws when THEY want something yet it is totally OK for them to violate the same issues and resort to non-peaceful behavior if they don’t get their way immediately. In other words, if they don’t get what they want, regardless of what they want, they throw temper tantrums which include taking over classrooms, campuses, conducting street riots, breaking windows burning cars and businesses, physically abusing people of another color for having different political views. The fruit is on the trees. Corrupt trees do not produce good fruit. Good trees do not produce corrupt fruit. And the blame goes: …corruption exists because the good trees made them do it. Some reject rule under law and traditional civility because as they see it, they didn’t make the laws therefore the laws do not apply to them.

          343. marshmil says

            Thanks for posting Jim, beautifully stated. You are a great American. The Founders had people like you in mind when they put together the Declaration and the Constitution. In their day Americans lived off the land and their work, not off the “guvmunt”.

          344. Jim says

            It’s all about exercising good judgement and common sense !!!

          345. marshmil says

            Correct! But both of those seem to be foreign to today’s minds and agenda. Around 1965 with LBJ’s Great (?) Society
            hoax came the “gimme, gimme, gimme what’s mine–I got my rights” crap. In the 40s and 50s anyone with that attitude would have been an immediate social outcast.

          346. glenn398 says

            Jim Excellent comment and so true on how it was in the old days before the me society.

          347. marshmil says

            Thanks Jim. You shut up that Alaskan frigid one. Non of “her” (?) rubber stamps could reply to your eloquent post.
            This nation needs more like you.

          348. Caroline Van Winkle says

            Balderdash. It took me only 9 years after my college degree to reach the same promotional level as my exhusband did after 26 years in the military. I was promoted as I was told many times, NOT because of my good nature or charming smile good looks,only because I was very intelligent and very comment. But, I needed that degree first.

          349. AKLady says

            Is your name Jim?
            What was it Jim said?

          350. marshmil says

            Blah, blah, blah, blah. Same old same old. Same quality has hung in moldy closet a long time. Nothing novel. Nothing original.

          351. richardwfaith says

            Did you mean “college”? Personally, I do prefer your choice of words (“collAge”); that actually better describes what it IS.

          352. ernldo says


          353. AKLady says

            Another one who apparently, went through life without the need of any professional services.. No accountant, no tax expert, no doctor, no dentist …

          354. SUZANNE M. says


          355. Jim says

            No trolls

          356. AKLady says

            noun: troll; plural noun: trolls
            a MYTHICAL, cave-dwelling being depicted in folklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance.
            synonyms:goblin, hobgoblin, gnome, halfling, demon, monster, bugaboo, ogre
            “the storybook trolls who live under the bridge”

          357. Jim says

            Ask me if I care !!!!

          358. DaveA says

            I made the same mistake the first year of JR College. The professor told me if I was in college, I should learn how to spell it! At 16 years old, I was pulled out of school. I was the WORST speller, and didn’t know proper English. I learned very quickly to carry a dictionary everywhere I went!

          359. Richard Faith says

            But see how far we’ve devolved; now we have SO-CALLED “professors” whose spelling is abominable. CollEge has definitely devolved to collAge!

          360. AKLady says

            Spelling is rote memory
            Parrots do it well.
            Are you a brid brain>

            Many of us are not
            We have Dyslexia..

            Some of the worst spellers in history are : Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy Jr

          361. SUZANNE M. says


          362. Richard Faith says

            Spelling and grammar are important for precise communication. It scares me that you were (or allege to have been) a surgeon; if any medicines you prescribed were ambiguously written up, a patient could have suffered or even died. It’s already scary that so many medical doctors have abysmal handwriting; couple that with poor spelling, and then “What could possibly go wrong?”.

          363. AKLady says

            Poor Richard has never read a medical record.
            He has no idea as to the many abbreviations that are used.
            Poor Richard thinks doctors still write medical records, when in fact they dictate them and someone types them. Even my personal physician has a stenographer who follows him from exam to exam

          364. Caroline Van Winkle says

            Even tho the above is a pain in the posterior, correct in abbreviations. The same is true re all professions…it’s the ability to separate those who are not us, by using a language “they” cannot understand. I could write a paragraph using military speak, that unless you worked in the same area, would not understand the context of what I was talking about.

          365. AKLady says

            Richard insults without having the knowledge needed on which to base his critique. Before the advent of the tape recorder, students were required to take handwritten notes. Even today, many professors will not permit their classes to be recorded. After roughly eight years taking notes, one’s handwriting had taken a huge hit.

          366. Richard Faith says

            Give me a break; I didn’t call you a “bird-brain”.

          367. AKLady says

            Is your reading comprehension that poor?

          368. Richard Faith says

            While not denying that some doctors use stenographers, all of my medications (thankfully there are very few) over the last ten years have been hand-written in my plain sight by the prescribing physicians. My awareness of medical procedures and protocols is other than you imagine; my wife is an operating-room RN.

          369. AKLady says

            Now, they type prescriptions then into the medical record and then to the pharmacy by computer. Well, my primary has a steno who is at his side 95% of the time. The only prescriptions that are handwritten are those for narcotics. Even then, a computer notice is sent.

          370. Richard Faith says

            Insinuation duly noted and ignored. The only time a narcotic prescription was ever filled for me was for recovery from a surgery years ago. I took one single pill and hated the way it made me feel so much that I made up my mind never to take such drugs again under any circumstances. Pain I can endure; being drugged up, not so much.

          371. AKLady says

            Who cares when or if you were prescribed pain meds.
            What has that to do with the facts I presented?

          372. AKLady says

            Known bad spellers: Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy Jr

          373. Richard Faith says

            The classic excuse for mischief on the playground is: “Johnny did it TOO!”. Null excuse! And remember, most or all of the “Johnny’s” you mentioned have more than fully compensated for any of the deficiencies you allege that they had in spelling, by their lifetime achievements. What are yours?

          374. AKLady says

            Spelling is rote memory.
            Parrots do it well.
            Are you a bird brain?

            My achievements? M.D., J.D., Six years military service, including two tours at combat hospitals in Vietnam. Retired surgeon,. over 30 years of practice.
            I volunteer at charity medical clinic twice a week

            What have you done?

          375. Richard Faith says

            Self-taught electronics design engineer, named on ten U.S. patents, of which at least one is associated with a product that has been sold over a million units; father of three wonderful daughters, one of whom is a genius and superachiever, have singlehandedly rebuilt automobile engines and transmissions; have designed and constructed many electronic test instruments; designed electronic circuitry for Harris Corporation nine years, Fender Musical Instruments eleven years, Aphex Systems, four years; traveled to London as a consulting electronics engineer; have been employed as a pianist over a period spanning about fifty years; have arranged vocal harmonies for rock bands; have designed, constructed and used an electronic piano-tuning system; have written technical papers on such diverse subjects as current-transformer testing, piano tuning, Class-D amplifier supply-rail pumping; am currently a performing member of a prominent rock band in my town: we raise thousands of dollars for Honor Flight. We have also donated very significantly to Shoebox.
            These would all probably seem small accomplishments next to yours; however, the technical knowledge and experience required for them may be on a far more comparable scale than you imagine. I respect your accomplishments, but must insist that I am responsible to consider them as allegations at this point, not out of disrespect for you, but because I have no means of independently proving their factuality. You may likewise consider all I have said here to also be allegations, and for the very same reasons.

          376. AKLady says

            I have three children, a son and two daughters.
            Two of those children are physicians now serving in Afghanistan.
            My grandson is at the Air Force Academy.

          377. Jim says

            Oh? Did you know Ben Franklin personally?

          378. AKLady says

            Do you make a habit of spewing nonsense?

          379. Jim says

            Blah, blah, blah….ad nauseum

          380. AKLady says

            Exactly. Thank you for admitting it.

          381. Jim says

            Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.

          382. AKLady says

            I suggest counseling,
            You are spouting pure nonsense.

          383. Caroline Van Winkle says

            Actually, spelling is not rote memory, it has to do with the ability to visualize the word. Look at good spellers, as they try to visualize the word to be spelled by looking up above to the right or to the left…try reading books on neurolinguistic programming.

          384. AKLady says

            NLP is one if the newer psychology schools of thought. Grinder makes the claim that anyone can acquire skills by “modeling”. NLP has been overwhelmingly discredited scientifically.

          385. Caroline Van Winkle says


          386. AKLady says

            I suggest you obtain a better science education.
            You are incredibly out-of-date.

          387. Caroline Van Winkle says

            Would you like to discuss RAdOTS, icbms, chaff, attitude of missiles, binary programming language, and shooting done incoming missiles. What about scud missiles…plus I have psy degree, graduate courses in computer science and systems analysis while completing masters in library science and information retrieval. Did I mention I completed 3 years of college in 18 months…which included 14 hours of driving weekly from ucla to UC I, to cal state Fullerton. Oh and shall we discuss command and control at hradquarters level. Contract law, war powers law, law identifying military call up procedures. All of this while completing 1 year course in nlpplus 4 months course work in Erickson hypnosis…plus 2 nights a week in middle eastern dancing plus 2 nights at dojo in tai chi and martial arts.

          388. AKLady says

            BS, Charter Oak College, State of Connecticut
            M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
            J.D. George Washington University.
            MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.
            CEU – U.S.D.A. Graduate School.
            CEU – University of South Carolina, School of Medicine
            CEU – University of Wisconsin
            CEU – University of Alaska
            Charter Oak College’s previous name was The Connecticut State Board for Academic Awards. I completed the undergraduate degree without having to attend a single day of classes. I did my surgical residency serving two tours at combat hospitals in Vietnam.
            I learned computer programming while helping to “debug” the
            U.S. Government’s oil spill forecasting program.

          389. Caroline Van Winkle says

            Nlp is not a new school of thought. 3 top therapists were modeled to determine why those. 3 were tops in their field. Seeems you don’t know as much as you think you do.

          390. AKLady says

            Newer ≠ new
            Seems you need to pay closer attention.
            Spelling is memorization

          391. DaveA says

            I have dyslexia but do not consider myself a bird brain! You are also wrong to say spelling is rote memory! Someone who has been taught at a young age, or those who enjoy such can over come the short falls. I finished the 7th grade, then went into the military. After 12 years, and coming home from Vietnam I was able to go the a community college. I received my degree in Air Conditioning Technology. Last but not the least,, I USED THE DICTIONARY FOR EVERY COURSE! It served me well! (No computers or spell check)

          392. AKLady says

            How did you learn to spell?
            It is pure memorization.
            Uncle Sam paid my medical school tuition.
            I served six years, including two tours at combat hospitals in Vietnam.

          393. v349355 says

            And yet everyone you mentioned worked thru it and all you do is use it as your excuse. Shows your character.

          394. AKLady says

            “Thru” is not even a valid word.
            You cannot cure dyslexia. There is no such thing as working through it.
            Save your ignorance for someone you can impress.

          395. Jim says

            thru (θru)

            prep., adv., adj.
            usage: The spelling thru, advocated for over a century by various spelling-reform groups, is now used chiefly informally or in headlines or signs. However, some periodicals use thru as a standard variant, regardless of context.

          396. AKLady says

            Through began life as the Old English word spelled either as thurh or thuruh

          397. Jim says

            Ah but you stated in another post that “thru” was NOT a valid word. Being in the dictionary makes it a valid word. Time for you to go back to school. It proves that you do not know what you are talking about in the first place. No one will ever take you serious anymore; not that anyone ever did in the first place. “An
            education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much
            you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you do know and
            what you don’t.” ….Anatole France…1844 -1924…..Don’t call me; I’ll call you whenever I want a good laugh.

          398. AKLady says

            What dos Old English have to do with Modern English?
            Are you trying to claim that “thuruh? is the same as “thur”?

          399. Jim says

            Why do you try to twist things around? Our language is based on OLD ENGLISH and other languages or are you too dumb to figure that out? You claim to be a surgeon or a doctor yet you show the ignorance of a thumbtack when you are wrong. I have spent too much time trying to educate you. I am surprised that you had any patients that lived. You are a mixed up poor soul. Don’t get insulted, but is your job devoted to spreading
            ignorance? Do not bother to crayon in an answer either. I bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing that
            you’ve never used it. I used to think that you were a big pain in the neck.
            Now I have a much lower opinion of you. Like I said the last time…..don’t call me, I’ll call you.

          400. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            My post was not specific enough. My fault.
            It was a long night and an even longed day

          401. v349355 says

            You need to step off your high horse before you hurt yourself. Why would I waste my time impressing YOU. My comment to you was all the aforementioned people didn’t use their condition as an excuse or rants. Save your response to yourself you are irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. Yak Yak Yak. Get a life

          402. AKLady says

            Since when is admission of a disability an excuse?

          403. AKLady says

            Bad spellers: Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy Jr.

            Have you been tested for dyslexia? Dictionaries are no help for many people.

          404. Caroline Van Winkle says

            That is why the acclaimed method of sounding out words to teach spelling or reading using phonetics is such a disaster.

          405. AKLady says

            Spelling is rote memory.
            Parrots do that very well.
            Highly intelligent humans are frrquently very bad at spelling, as you can see from the above list.

          406. Richard Faith says

            Have you been tested for Alzheimer’s? You have repeated that tired rant ad nauseam already in this one forum.

          407. AKLady says

            Maybe you meant ‘on this forum’.

          408. Richard Faith says

            I definitely meant “one forum”. There are others, and your often-repeated (probably cut-and-pasted) comments are on several of them. As you probably know, I frequent many of the same forums (would you prefer the Latin plural “fora”?) as you do. In addition, I usually commit to the tedium of loading up an entire forum in my computer, so that instead of responding to individual posts on their respective points alone, I can get a perspective on where a posting individual is coming from, so as to achieve a more comprehensive response.

          409. AKLady says

            Prove it.
            Name the alleged forums and give the URL.
            Back up your accusation with evidence.
            I’d love to prove your lies.

          410. Richard Faith says

            YOU’RE a lawyer; THEREFORE, put up or shut up. SUE ME. MAKE MY DAY!

          411. AKLady says

            Apparently, you have lost contact with reality.

          412. AKLady says

            You are right, we don’t need doctors, nurses, scientists, druggists …all those professionals are just a total waste OF taxpayer money.

          413. Shawn Sapp says

            You just said it did not cost taxpayers. Now you say it does. Why do you lie?

          414. SUZANNE M. says


          415. Gary says

            As long as those professionals you speak of are in the pockets of BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES because they owe for tuition costs, we could do without them. They lie, misrepresent, do unnecessary surgeries, dispense useless drugs, all for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies bottom line. And before you even think about going there! I am not only a nutritionist (self educated) but I am also a 66 year old recipient of there misdiagnosis and insistance of useless drugs with more side effects than one could comprehend.

          416. AKLady says

            There is a serious shortage of physician in the United States.
            Your personal bias is very evident in your posts.

            It is human to error. I am sorry for your problems.
            However, oftentimes the patient contributes to misdiagnosis.
            In may cases, especially given your age, there were not applicable diagnostic tests available.

            Medicine is an still an art. While there has been huge advances in both medical science and equipment, there are many answers that still not been achieved.
            By the way, I am a retired surgeon.

          417. SUZANNE M. says


          418. Richard Faith says

            If all the indoctrination were stripped from the curriculum and universities would concentrate on the academic qualifications exclusively for professional service, the education required for these professions would be cheaper and better, and both would help to reduce the shortage to which you allude.

          419. AKLady says

            A doctoral degree requires two years of study, no matter what the subject is.
            In medicine, a one year internship is then required, i.e., supervised practice.
            That is followed by a residency, during which time a specialty is learned and perfected.

          420. Caroline Van Winkle says

            Doctoral may require 3 years of study.

          421. AKLady says

            The time required to complete a doctoral degree depends on the level of education completed prior to entering the doctoral degree program.
            When I entered medical school, I had completed a BS in Health Sciences and an MS in Chemistry. I was accepted in both Medical School and Law School and completed both an MD and a JD in two years.
            If time and money are your concerns, I suggest you check out the Charter Oak State College and the New York Regency Program. Charter Oak State College began as the Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards. Both states offer programs in which you can obtain a college credit through academic testing.

          422. richard king says

            If you mean Black Studies, Gender Studies and the like, you’re right.Some things one just learns in life by living, and courses like this are a waste of time and money, therefore no educational value.

          423. richard king says

            With a law degree as well? I don’t think so.

          424. AKLady says

            You don’t think, that is the problem.

          425. richard king says

            I think with more clarity than you do. So, four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of internship, two years surgical residency, three years of law school. Is that what you did?

          426. AKLady says

            Four years of college? No, three days of testing.
            Medicine/ law as a double major can be done together, under three years.
            I did my surgical residency at a combat hospital in Vietnam, two tours.

          427. Richard Faith says

            Not my words, but yours.

          428. AKLady says

            Apparently, you have gone through life without the need of any professional services.. No accountant, no tax expert, no doctor, no dentist …

          429. Richard Faith says

            You’re reading too much into my posts. I never said that universities should be abolished; I’ve only suggested that much of what they teach is of no professional value and that students and their parents are getting much less bang for their buck than they should be getting.

          430. AKLady says

            Knowledge has value — all knowlesge.
            I am thankful that professionals leave school with a well-rounded education. That us especially true of those in my professions — medicine and law. An understanding if cultures, language, and history are necessities. Additional language functionality is a necessity in today’s global society.

          431. Ted Crawford says

            Perhaps Henry Adams explained it best; “Nothing in education is so astounding as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts!” True then and, sadly even more so today as a result of little Jimmy Carters monstrous creation, exacerbated by …..teachers(?) Unions!
            Ted Kaczynski holds a Ph.D. from Harvard!

          432. Richard Faith says

            Someone once told me that, in a few very fortunate cases, certain long-term inmates in prisons, having ostensibly nothing to do for months at a stretch, have gone into deep thought and have “correlated” their knowledge. This sounds very interesting to me, in that given even two very random bits of knowledge, there’s a good chance that they are somehow mutually connected. The more such connections a person can become conscious of,
            1) the better the probability that the person will remember the aforementioned knowledge over a long term; and
            2) the more likely the person will be able to put such knowledge to constructive use.

          433. Ted Crawford says

            If I understand you correctly, you’ve just explained the adage; “Nothing happens in a vacuum”! I was fortunate enough to have worked for a couple of years with Inmates. I held AA and NA meetings in a local Prison. What you say is true, at least among those inmates that take advantage of the educational opportunities they have.
            Sadly, many are unable to maintain their resolve after being released. I know of three people, one of whom I had great expectations for, who, even in my short time there, returned as Inmates once again.

          434. Richard Faith says

            The word “recidivism” comes to mind.

          435. Victoria Gooch says

   Read and Learn:by Kelci Lynn Lucier
            Updated March 29, 2017
            Being in college is hard in many ways: financially, academically, personally, socially, intellectually, physically. And most students question why they are trying to get a college degree at some point during their college experience. Simple reminders of the reasons why you want to get a college degree can help keep you on track when you feel like getting off.
            Tangible Reasons to Get a College Degree

            You’ll make more money: figures range from several hundred thousand to a million dollars or more over your lifetime. Regardless of the details, however, you’ll have more income.

            You’ll have a lifetime of increased opportunities. More job openings, more chances at promotions, and more flexibility with which jobs you take (and keep) are just a few of the doors that will be opened when you have your degree in hand.
            You’ll be more empowered as an agent in your own life. You’ll be better educated about the things that have an impact on your day-to-day existence: knowing how to read a lease, having an understanding of how the markets will influence your retirement accounts, and handling the finances of your family. A college education can empower you in all kinds of ways to be more in control of your life’s logistics.
            You’ll be better able to weather adversity. From having more money available (see #1 in this list!) in a savings account to having marketable skills and an education during an economic downturn, having a degree can come in handy when life throws you a curve.

            You’ll always be marketable. Having a college degree is becoming increasingly important in the job market. Consequently, having a degree now will open doors for the future, which will in turn open more doors and make you more marketable later … and the cycle continues.
            Intangible Reasons to Get a College Degree

            You’ll lead a more examined life. The critical thinking and reasoning skills you learn in college will stay with you for a lifetime.

            You can be an agent of change for others. Many social service positions, from doctor and lawyer to teacher and scientist, require a college degree (if not a graduate degree). Being able to help others means you have to educate yourself to do so through your time in school.
            You’ll have more access to resources. In addition to the financial resources, you’ll have access to through your higher income, you’ll also have resources in all kinds of unexpected and intangible ways. Your roommate from freshman year who is now an attorney, your friend from chemistry class who is now a doctor, and the person you met at the alumni mixer who may offer you a job next week are the kinds of benefits and resources that are hard to plan for — but that can make all the difference in the world.
            You’ll have future opportunities in ways you may not be considering now. When you graduate from college, you may have never even given a second thought to graduate school. But as you get older, you may unexpectedly develop a strong interest in medicine, law, or education. Having that undergraduate degree already under your belt will allow you to pursue your dreams once you realize where they are going.
            You’ll have a strong sense of pride and self. You may be the first person in your family to graduate from college or you may come from a long line of graduates. Either way, knowing you earned your degree will undoubtedly give a lifetime of pride to yourself, your family, and your friends.-You would not be able to do any of the above with just a third grade education.

          436. Suze says

            One HUGE caveat to all these advantages you have listed for the college degreed, THEY AREN’T TRUE ANYMORE, because the colleges are not teaching diversity or exposing students to other ideas except liberals ones, not preparing for the work place or for true competition, not demanding integrity and hard work from their students, and what they end up having at the end of their degree is a ball and chain student loan that in the best case scenarios they will be paying off for fifteen years IF they find a job.
            And minor additional point, if a graduate from one of these liberal indoctrination institutions applied to my organization for a position, I would immediately look up their student body activities or for any social media forums to see whether they were going to be an asset or stir up a sit-in for more pay six months from now. Better yet, just let them interview for the job and keep looking.

          437. turtlemom3 says

            At least ONE college IS teaching real values and real subjects. Hillsdale College is the place to try to send your kids if you want them to get a good education. This is not an ad, just information for those who want it.

          438. Suze says

            There ARE still a few colleges that strive to offer a truly diverse curriculum and an environment which prepares their graduates to deal in the real world. But isn’t that a sad statement in and of itself?

          439. Ren says

            Agree completely turtlemom3. I’m taking four classes online with Hillsdale right now.

          440. Robert Russell says

            Hillsdale also teaches constitution a must to graduate.

          441. Tim says

            bad, abusive parents send their children to be brainwashed by communist at great cost. Some get the propaganda for free (taxpayer funded)

          442. Richard Faith says

            I have a true genius of a daughter who graduated with high honors from a university and then went on to a very successful career; however, I will probably never be able to let go of my anger over the fact that about the time she entered the university and needed funding, and her mother and I were going through a nasty divorce wherein between legal expenses, alimony, and SO-CALLED “child support” of which very little at all trickled down to the kids, I went through great efforts to get her a MERIT scholarship based upon her grades and test scores. Without a single stinking exception, EVERY scholarship agency I had contacted came back with the same damned response: “We don’t DO that any more. ALL of our scholarships are based upon ‘need’, and YOU are making too much money”. Needless to say, it wouldn’t have done me any good at all to ask “WHAT money?”. The system has long been rigged to PUNISH ACHIEVERS.

          443. Suze says

            Yes, the system right now is set up to reward the lowest denominator, but take heart, achievers are once again in demand, and anyway, if it’s in your DNA to achieve, it’s impossible to dumb down, and sounds like your daughter is the same way. Nothing will stop her.

          444. Tim says

            and support laziness and unproductivity. When the money of socialism runs out, so will the life blood of the stupid. That is how socialism usually ends, mass murder. Death to Amerika, the new Evil Empire. hypocrites, loony, waste

          445. Suze says

            It’s true. They abuse their children by shortchanging them, so that they don’t have a chance against those who have been reared with care and actually have an education in order to navigate these rough times.

          446. Karen says

            You can’t do much with a liberal arts degree! These days that type of a degree should throw up an immediate red flag!!

          447. bendecido says

            I have had that same questions for many years. Truly, what kind of job can one get with that degree. Unless they get a job with the college they just graduated from and keep on expanding that useless degree.

          448. richard king says

            Wrong. many of the liberals arts graduates lately have procured jobs on Wall Street. My liberal arts degree (not recent) enabled me to get a job in an ad agency as a copywriter, and then entrance to a professional school, upon completion of which I had a choice of jobs. But the liberal arts education has served me well, with its courses in English, history, languages, psychology, biology, logic, and the like. It’s the difference between an educated man, and one who simply knows how to make a living.These courses in Black Studies and Gender Studies and the like would have been a waste of time, easily learned by going to work and living in a neighborhood.

          449. Askjrsk says

            Very well said, and very true.

          450. AKLady says

            Maybe you should have stayed in school long enough to learn hwo to write with proper English grammar. Oh, and maye you should avoid doctors, dentists, pharmacists, scientists … they are all those “stupid” people who “need a college education to e be on the par with a 3rd grader.”…

          451. SUZANNE M. says


          452. 2Deep4_U says

            Only small people attack the form when they’re unable to deal with the Substance…….Check

          453. pmbalele says

            Ladies and Gentlemen -I am told it is Comey v. Trump in 2020. That is what my neighbors Repubs and TPs are floating now. You remember I counseled Trump never trust you, Repubs, TPs, Born-again Christians and right wing media. They are in positions just to look for office women. Look, Trump wants to expand Obamacare. But Ryan, McConnell, Cruz and other hard-liners are against expanding Obamacare. If Trump does not expand Obamacare, he will be voted out of office in 2020. I encourage him to follow my advice-expand Obamacare. After all I am older than him.

          454. Jarmil says

            and useful Leninist idiot…

          455. dinddong says


          456. Ted Crawford says

            Exactly! Obama studying the Constitution is akin to Lucifer studying the Bible! They both simply search for ways to destroy the documents, and use them to destroy society!

          457. Garys_opinion says

            Not only that but they often get honorary doctor’s degrees from it.
            I was at a graduation ceremony where an Obama appointee judge actually said that in his interview with Harry Reid, Reid claimed to be pro life.

          458. k9maiden says

            How stupid do these liberals think we are on the right?! Abortion is a platform of the Commie, Demoncrappy Party. You cannot be pro life and Demoncrap, PERIOD!

          459. greenlantern1 says

            Ever hear of the MOUNTAIN MEADOWS MASSACRE??
            Isn’t UTAH a REPUBLICAN state?

          460. richardwfaith says

            mormoN SO-CALLED “Republicans” are more like a third party.

          461. Pam Dunn says

            They were NOT a part of the USA at the time.

          462. greenlantern1 says

            Does that condone the mass murder of American citizens?

          463. Richard Faith says

            Please explain. I don’t know what you mean by that. Not to either agree nor to disagree; I simply don’t understand.

          464. greenlantern1 says

            Wasn’t Howard Hughes a Mormon?
            Ever read about the Hughes’ loan to Nixon?

          465. Richard Faith says

            Not sure that Hughes was a mormoN, although he did surround himself with mormoNs in his years of old age and deteriorating health, and he is alleged to have left a “mormoN will”, which I do not believe was ever authenticated beyond reasonable question. His surrounding of himself with mormoNs is largely believed to have happened primarily because Hughes thought of mormoNs’ attention to disease prevention and health as things that might prolong his own life. Something that just “inclines me a little bit” to think he was never a religious man is the persistent story about what he allegedly did in his younger days: allegedly, when he wanted a woman for sex, he would promise her marriage on a sea cruise, charter a ship, take the woman on the cruise, marry her on the cruise, consummate the marriage, order the ship’s log destroyed, then sail back to port as an “unmarried man”.
            In answer to your second question, no I did not read about his loan to nixoN (whose worst deed ever, IMO, was to start trade with China); however, if depravity of any kind or degree was involved, I wouldn’t put that past him.

          466. Pam Dunn says

            HEY STUPID; THAT was many years ago and WAS NOT “Republicans” but Mormons. Do extract your head from your rectum, extract your brain from the toilet bowl and learn the truth and facts.

          467. rdells says

            Mormons ARE primarily Republicans, dopey.

          468. Victoria Gooch says

            Mormons and Politics
            The LDS Church is too involved in politics?

            Mormons are politically neutral
            The Mormon Church never endorses one political party over another and prohibits the use of Church buildings and telephone directories for political purposes. The Church encourages members to be politically active but never dictates which party they should join. While the Church does on rare occasions speak out on moral issues that happen to be hot political topics, it always refers to the moral principle and never to the political parties which endorse or reject that principle.

            All Mormons are Republicans?
            While there are many influential Mormon Democrats, LDS political diversity is even more apparent abroad, where members of the Church espouse many different political philosophies. Before moving to the United States, for example, my wife, a Brazilian Mormon, belonged to the Brazilian Workers’ Party, a democratic socialist party that opposed Soviet socialism during the cold war.
            It is true, however, that in the United States many Mormons are Republicans. This political affiliation is a personal choice and is not dictated by the LDS Church. The history behind U.S. LDS political demographics is fascinating.

            The LDS Church stays out of party politics.
            During most of the 19th century, Utah was polarized along local rather than national party lines. Two local parties dominated the political scene: the “Mormon People’s Party” and the “Gentile Liberal Party.” When Mormons did think in terms of national politics, they were almost universally Democrat, as the Republicans opposed Utah statehood. Brigham Young was a life-long Democrat.
            In order to gain the senate’s approval for statehood, Utah was required to “normalize its political allegiances.” The Church disbanded the Mormon People’s Party but feared that a mass Mormon migration to the Democratic Party would displease Republican senators. Church leaders sent Apostle John Henry Smith to visit LDS congregations. It was possible to be a faithful Mormon and a Republican, he explained to the amazement of many LDS faithful. In 1893, the Church even asked some specific families to become Republicans, a move that would be unimaginable today.
            Largely because of this Church effort, Republicans and Democrats were both well-represented around the turn of the century. The Democrats had some impressive victories; in the first presidential election after Utah statehood in 1896, Democrats earned eighty percent of the presidential vote for William Jennings Bryan and elected many of their own to state, local, and national offices. Democrats also had great successes in the 1910s, in the 1930s with the rise of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and in 1964 with the Lyndon B. Johnson landslide. The Democratic stance on social issues such as caring for the poor was seamlessly compatible with LDS teachings. It was a great time to be a Mormon Democrat.
            During the 1970s and 1980s, the Democratic Party started to adopt some moral positions that conflicted with LDS teachings, leading many Mormon Democrats to switch to the Republican Party. This switch was likely accelerated by the example of LDS apostle Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture under President Eisenhower. Elder Benson was very politically active and, terrified of the looming threat of Communism, often reacted ¸ber-conservatively to its perceived growth. His personal political example, though not necessarily representative of the politically-neutral Church, doubtlessly influenced many members.
            Alarmed by this mass Mormon migration to the Republican party, in 1998 the Church again sought to assure its members that it did not endorse participation in any one political party over another. The Church assigned a General Authority, Marlin K. Jensen, a Democrat, to give an interview to the Salt Lake Tribune stating explicitly that it was possible to be a good Mormon and a Democrat.
            In recent times many Mormons have begun to realize that it is possible to be a Democrat while rejecting isolated party views on certain moral issues. Recent prominent Mormon Democrats include Eni F.H. Faleomavaega (Delegate to U.S. Congress from American Samoa), Jim Matheson (Congressman from Utah), Harry Reid (US Senate Majority Leader from Nevada), and Tom Udall (Congressman from New Mexico).
            (Accurate as of 2006. See David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism.)

          469. Suze says

            In the way Mitt Romney is Mormon who is full on establishment RINO GOP, perpetuating the status quo of big government, selling out Americans.

          470. Richard Faith says

            …and as such, is an operative of the same Globalist CABAL that, through the FINANCING of soro$$$$$$, owns outright the democRAT party AND the media. Unless we throw a good monkey wrench into the engine of its MONEY TRAIN, the Globalist CABAL will remain INVINCIBLE. Why the HELL doesn’t Trump EXTRADITE soro$$$$$$ AND HI$ $0N$ to any country that will promptly DISPOSE of them by their own legal means?????????????????????????

          471. PATRICK DE SALVO says

            He can’t he’s a greenlantern and can’t see past his nose

          472. Victoria Gooch says

            Green Lantern
            Green Lantern is a superhero and an intergalactic police officer in the DC Universe. The weapon he wields is a power ring that translates his ideas into green energy using the strength of his willpower.

          473. greenlantern1 says

            Mitt Romney is a Mormon!
            Isn’t he a REPUBLICAN?

          474. Jim says

            Greenlantern1 is a moron!
            Isn’t he a Democrat?

          475. greenlantern1 says

            I USED to be a Republican!!
            I WAS a moron!!

          476. Jim says

            I agree that you are a moron….you should have stayed a Republican. See that is what being a Dummocrat does to you. They can’t make up their minds (That’s of course if they have a mind). Oh well, survival of the fittest. Oh and by the way, the election is over……YOU LOST !!!

          477. Suze says

            The kind of republican who has been rejected by America as NOT having the welfare of this country a priority. Romney was part of the problem, still is. Close buddies with Biden and McCain….real sellouts. He represents what the voting populace was firing from Washington this last election. Remember how he did all he could to defame candidate Trump? But we voted Trump in nonetheless, which tells volumes about how conservatives view Romney.

          478. greenlantern1 says

            Which is why Trump interviewed Romney for his cabinet?

          479. Suze says

            From a business perspective tactic, one of the most effective ways to deal with a competitor is either to buy it up (absorb it) or hobble it; the photo op of Romney (who had publicly reviled Trump, but not being able to sway the election against Trump anyway) now actually cowering to this new president for a job AND THEN NOT GETTING IT, sealed the deal against Romney.
            But I would wager Trump didn’t close the door concerning future help from Romney. Trump’s biggest challenge is to cross that aisle with the establishment big government politicians to somehow get them to work with him in his obvious agenda to shift the axis of power against them. They ain’t going willingly.

          480. Richard Faith says

            RINO’s don’t count.

          481. greenlantern1 says

            Do Americans COUNT in YOUR “elections”??

          482. Richard Faith says

            In a strange way, maybe we actually agree on something, for a rare change (even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn). Elections enable political parties, which in turn enable the Globalist CABAL, whose goal is to bleed us economically and dissolve our sovereignty. IMO we wouldn’t be any worse off if people were picked at random for government service. You obviously haven’t arrived at the epiphany that President Trump was chosen by people who are fed up with all of the latter, and who want an America that is STRONG, INDEPENDENT, and SELF-SUFFICIENT in the world.

          483. Richard Faith says

            You are trying to take me out of context, and I’m not buying it. It should be perfectly clear to you, from the context of the discussion, that I meant that I do not count RINO’s as Republicans.

          484. Richard Faith says

            charleS mansoN is MALE. By your convoluted logic, all males must be evil; otherwise, I can see only three remaining options:
            1) romneY is not a Republican, but a FAUX-Republican;
            2) you do not perceive mansoN as evil; or,
            3) your thinking is just generally incoherent.

          485. greenlantern1 says

            Not all males are evil.
            Just Charles Manson, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, John Mitchell, Donald Trump, Jerad Kushner, Jeff Sessions and others of that ilk!!

          486. rick meek says

            Hmmm – Waco and others…….

          487. Joseph Miller says

            Hey stupid you need to know what ur talking about Utah became a State in 1890 this little tid bit of info might help you out
            For over 60 years, the LDS Church and the United States were at odds over the issue: the church defended the practice as a matter of religious freedom, while the federal government aggressively sought to eradicate it, consistent with prevailing public opinion. Polygamy was probably a significant factor in the Utah War of 1857 and 1858, given the Republican attempts to paint Democratic President James Buchanan as weak in his opposition to both polygamy and slavery. In 1862, the United States Congress passed the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act, which prohibited plural marriage in the territories.[3] In spite of the law, Mormons continued to practice polygamy, believing that it was protected by the First Amendment. In 1879, in Reynolds v. United States,[5] the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the Morrill Act, stating: “Laws are made for the government of actions, and while they cannot interfere with mere religious belief and opinion, they may with practices.”[3]

          488. ernldo says

            Its funny how the demotard party attacks the mormons, yet PROMOTE the same (worse) kind of behavior in inner city holes…Baby mommas with multiple sperm donors, and the latter NEVER asked to take responsibility for the progeny. Hypocrite leftists….

          489. Suze says

            Never challenge a democrat on their hypocrisy which reveals their true agenda, to exploit American people for political power; it produces foaming from mouth (theirs, not yours).

          490. Victoria Gooch says

            The Mountain Meadows Massacre summary: A series of attacks was staged on the Baker-Fancher wagon train around Mountain Meadows in Utah. This massive slaughter claimed nearly everyone in the party from Arkansas and is the event referred to as the Mountain Meadows Massacre. They were headed toward California and their path took them through the territory of Utah.

            The wagon train made it through Utah during a period in time of violence history would later call the Utah War to rest in the area of Mountain meadows. It was leaders from the nearby militia called Nauvoo Legion that staged the attack on the train of pioneers. This militia was comprised of the Mormons that settled Utah. With the intent of pointing the finger at Native Americans they armed Southern Paiute Native Americans and coerced them to join their party in the attack.
            The first attack resulted in a siege of five days with the wagon travelers fighting back. After the siege both sides were growing desperate. The travelers were running low on food and water and the militia feared that they would be recognized for not being Native Americans and therefore complicate the war in Utah. As a group of militia men entered the camp under a white flag, they then lead the emigrants from their encampment to their death. The death total was 120 and comprised of men, women and children. They did spare the lives of 17 children who were younger than seven. They quickly buried all the bodies and their haste left the slightly exposed.
            Wild West: The Legacy of Mountain Meadows
            By Will Bagley
            At dawn on Monday, September 7, 1857, Major John D. Lee of the Nauvoo Legion, Utah’s territorial militia, led a ragtag band of 60 or 70 Latter-day Saints, better known as Mormons, and a few Indian freebooters in an assault on a wagon train from Arkansas.
            The emigrants, now known to history as the Fancher Party, were camped at Mountain Meadows, an alpine oasis on the wagon road between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. The party, led by veteran plainsmen familiar with the California Trail and its variants, consisted of a dozen large, prosperous families and their hired hands. The wagon train comprised 18 to 30 wagons pulled by ox and mule teams, plus several hundred cattle and a number of blooded horses the men were driving to California’s Central Valley. The company included about 140 men, women and children—the women and children outnumbered the able-bodied men 2-to-1.
            As daylight broke in the remote Utah Territory valley, a volley of gunfire and a shower of arrows ripped into the wagon camp from nearby ravines and hilltops, immediately killing or wounding about a quarter of the adult males. The surviving men of the Fancher Party leveled their lethal long rifles at their hidden, painted attackers and stopped the brief frontal assault in its tracks. The Arkansans pulled their scattered wagons into a circle l and quickly improved their wagon fort, digging a pit to protect the women and children from stray projectiles. Cut off from any source of water and under continual gunfire, the emigrants fended off their assailants for five long, hellish days.

          491. Suze says

            Now that’s what is referred to as ‘reaching’. Uninformed, and telling on yourself. Must have received your education at one of the liberal institutions mentioned.

          492. rdells says

            We KNOW U R realy-really STUPID!

          493. Victoria Gooch says


            lacking intelligence or common sense:
            “I was stupid enough to think she was perfect”
            synonyms: unintelligent · ignorant · dense · foolish · dull-witted · slow · [more]
            a stupid person (often used as a term of address):
            “you’re not a coward, stupid!” LOL!

          494. Suze says

            Oh my, the playground just let out. Banal

          495. ernldo says

            You may as well block that idiot, single digit IQ and think’s she is relevant….

          496. Suze says

            Thank you ernldo.

          497. Victoria Gooch says

            Honorary Degree
            What is an Honorary Degree?
            An honorary degree or a degree honoris causa (Latin: “for the sake of the honour”) is an academic degree for which a university has waived the usual requirements, such as matriculation, residence, study, and the passing of examinations. The degree is typically a doctorate and is conferred as a way of honoring a distinguished recipient’s contributions to a specific field or to society in general. The practice dates back to the middle ages. The earliest honorary degree on record was awarded to Lionel Woodville in the late 1470s by the University of Oxford.

          498. Ron C says

            So true…the students are no longer being taught, they are merely being indoctrinated to accept dictatorial government.

          499. Rodney Steward says

            It worked well for Hitler!! 🙁

          500. Victoria Gooch says

            Ed Caruthers, Retired physicist and technology developer, age 70
            Answered May 27, 2015

            Critical thinking can and should be applied to all ideas: scientific hypotheses, our own bright ideas, the ideas of our friends and political allies, and the ideas of our opponents.

            The basic steps are:

            Think about what the idea really means. This is a good way to eliminate the buzz words and vague generalities. Karl Popper’s principle of falsifiability helps here.

            Examine the justification(s). You probably already know about cognitive biases. See if you recognize any. A long argument from a very abstract general principle should make you suspicious. So should very limited data. So should, “Because the authorities deny it.”

            Check for consistency with the rest of your knowledge. Do you have any personal experience that says the idea is right? Or wrong? Have you read about experiences with the idea? Especially for political ideas, it’s good to ask, “Where are people living this way?” and “How well are these ideas working there?”

            Ask, “What next?” If the idea is right, what do you do about it? Can you (or someone) apply it to live better? Should you stop doing something? Scientific papers usually end with suggestions for future work.

            Of course, you should customize the application of these steps for each idea that you consider. I.e., apply the principles of critical thinking to the process of critical thinking :-)so what steps to critical thinking did you omit to draw a conclusion which led to your reply?

          501. Emma says

            Logic. If it isn’t absolutely logical/logically functional, it is not right.

          502. Rodney Steward says

            Plain and simple, I wasn’t on common core in school, we were taught real History, not like this sick BS today, and yes, we were taught this very thing about Hitler in school !! Remember the words of Obama, Fundamentally Change America, like Hitler!!!!!!! 🙂

          503. Richard Faith says

            When I first heard that puppet of soro$$$$$$ repeatedly speaking that word “change”, I was sore amazed that the massive crowds in attendance, which SHOULD have been ROARING, “WHAT change?” didn’t even WHISPER that question. obamA must be the greatest MASS HYPNOTIST since hitleR!

          504. Rodney Steward says

            He was close and had the hate and evil down pat, just think where we’d be right now with Hellary, the real evil!! Things from now on will never be the same, it’s going to be a constant battle with the Dems. and their lust for our destruction! This is no longer the real Dem. party!

          505. Richard Faith says

            You are most certainly correct, but please consider the role of soro$$$$$$ in all of this. Please remember that he bankrolled johN kerrY’s Presidential campaign as well as obamA’s and hillarY’s. All three of the aforementioned accordingly have strong ties to soro$$$$$$; I have often said that, given that soro$$$$$$ was the real power behind obamA for EIGHT SOLID YEARS, soro$$$$$$ was the President In Fact, and obamA was merely his ROBOT. soro$$$$$$ said that if romneY had been elected as President, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. I believe that in a very convoluted way, THOSE words of soro$$$$$$ were TRUE, but only because soro$$$$$$ had used his MONEY to MAKE them true (HINT: he DID something to romneY). The eventual point that I’m driving at here is that our electoral system remains in peril for as long as soro$$$$$$ (AND his SONS, who are after all HEIRS to his evil empire) continue BREATHING. You might have noticed how furious soro$$$$$$ became when Donald Trump BEAT his PET CANDIDATE! Note that said fury has not even begun to subside; it is getting AMPED UP! We might not be so lucky again (next election) if any of the soro$$$$$$’s $urvive.

          506. Rodney Steward says

            YOU ARE SO RIGHT my friend! I’ve said for a long time if Soros could be taken care of it would be a totally game for the Dems.! Trump messed up his NWO plans bad, and he’ll make sure that Trump won’t win again! But if another Dem. becomes President anytime soon, we’re finished as a country, and civil war won’t be the word to describe what we’ll have! We’d be in one right now if Hellary had won!

          507. mrpoohead says

            Hitler blamed the Jews and others for Germany’s woes.
            Ditto Trump – no the economy isn’t the fault of Muslims and Mexicans, it is our fault!Our government and finance sector gave the world the Financial Crisis 2008.

          508. Pam Rugtiv says

            Trump isn’t wasting time blaming anyone; he’s just trying to fix it.

          509. mrpoohead says

            That’s all Trump’s pre-election rhetoric was – idiot!

            How’s he going to fix anything? Law and policy is the job of Congress – the
            President has zip power, they administrate. Do you understand what you are voting for?

          510. Rev. Phillip Meacham says

            hello stupid we voted for a man who will get things done even with the do nothing democrates who obstruct progress and who did nothing for 8 years under obama the little raciest muslim America destroyer

          511. mrpoohead says

            Dear Stupider. The President administrates, Congress makes policy and law. Are you expecting him to wave a magic wand like Dumbledore? Perhaps pay for a wall himself? He’s bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            So no, Obama did nothing more than play cards dealt by House – duh! That’s all they get to do.

            Obviously you represent the Church of the Retarded.

          512. Tim says

            aka: N1663R from Kenya

          513. Tim says

            HITLERY is NOT our dictator ! That is what I and most of Amerika voted for. poo head, indeed

          514. richardwfaith says

            But there IS a dictator, who operates by remote control and avoids all accountability through anonymity. His name is soro$$$$$$, and his PUPPETS include obamA, hillarY, johN kerrY, mccaiN and others. May he be incarcerated until 1000 years after his death, so that his stinking remains will be plainly visible as a public example.

          515. mrpoohead says

            No President is a dictator – they have zip power. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          516. Robert Russell says

            Congress 1/4 of Republicans & all Democrats are one world government.

          517. richardwfaith says

            And most unfortunately much of the 25% you mention are in high positions of leadership, so their influence is disproportionate to their numbers.

          518. mrpoohead says

            Awwwwww – Mr Conspiracy Theory has arrived. If what you say is true, what have they done. How are they steering the EU or China? Moron!!!!!!!!!!

          519. Robert Russell says

            Trump has fixed a lot so far got us out of climate change, closing by 60% food stamps , started the wall , started draining the swamp + he has the power of the veto. Never say he has no power Trump will get it done he is deporting illegals by the thousands but you will never hear it from the media. Oh by the way i am a Trumster not a idiot. Have a nice day!!

          520. mrpoohead says

            No wall, no ban, no mass deportations, no repeal of ACA (“repeal” means get rid of, not move goalposts six inches).

            Veto – easily over-rode, very little used today. Easily negated by Congress – can’t make law or policy. Try again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          521. richard king says

            Trump understands the separation of powers and the way our system was designed to work, and is working with that system. He also has a strong work ethic, notably missing in his predecessor. He is having a real battle, because the dimms have no agenda except to try to destroy his presidency, in the process paralyzing the government. Obama was a traitorous idealogue, and Schumer and Pelosi are following suit. It is not in the interests of the country to have no agenda except to destroy the effectiveness of another branch of government.

          522. mrpoohead says

            Stupid comment. Majority in Congress is Republican, all Democrats can do is whine.

            Trump has no power – Congress has the power. What did Obama do? Nothing! No power! Fukwit!

          523. Rodney Steward says

            Yeah, Obama blamed the White man and the Cops, and now we’ve got to take care of the muslims and mexicans ourselves! We need to use the border as a rifle range for the military and police, that would be great training!

          524. mrpoohead says

            Think you’ll find anyone with half a brain blames our current predicament on the repealing of the Glass-Steagall Act and the following ludicrous lending practices of the Finance Industry. No cops, but mostly stupid white men in suits.

            Muslims aren’t a problem outside of ISIS, other Muslims are mostly dealing with them. Mexicans – who’s going to do the fruit picking, hospitality, building, odd-jobs? They go wages will rocket and we’ll have inflation – won’t solve squat.

            Until debt is paid we’re stuffed – that’s two generations; we’ll be so far behind China and EU then we’ll be a bit part like Russia. Funny as! Currently debt still flying up, most EU countries now into falling debt. Suck it up buttercup! We’re stuffed!

          525. Rodney Steward says

            Well really Grasshopper, I think you’re an UnAmerican POS, if you’re in America you need to leave, if not stay where you’re at, I think Canada! You’re on the wrong side in this war to come, and you can keep believing the EU BS all you want but it’s a giant lie! Just see the difference it’ll make with those muslim infested countries feel with us just pulling out of the climate change scam, many millions of $$$ cut off to basically the same bunch of bums that are not doing their part in ever other part of the coalition! Let the muslims have your a$$ !! 🙂

          526. mrpoohead says

            No war coming – why? The only antagonist is Trump – N Korea is a joke and no one else interested in a war. ISIS represent a tiny fraction of Muslims and are being fought by Muslims.

            EU has taken in less than 300,000 refugees – hardly infested in a population of 750 million. Duh! the population of Muslims is 2% across EU – they must be super soldiers, all the ones I know are in mixed relationships with fairly ambivalent kids with regard to religion. Muslims have been in Europe for well over 500 years – they must be very lazy at taking over.

            America is now out on it’s own – China now more in line with EU, Russia too. We gave the world the Financial Crisis 2008 and it’ll take two generations to fix in the US. EU already starting to pay back debt, ours still rocketing. America is stuffed and deservedly so. We stuffed up the world in 2008 and ruined the Middle East in 1947 – best we stay well out of anything.

          527. Rodney Steward says

            Well Germany sure has had it tough with the muslim gutter rats with there attack, 3 in a 4 week period, and then the small attack in England night before last, but America is still more dangerous than Europe, Right! HA, and the PM lost in the UK just like I said, and just watch erkel, she’ll be finished too! Seen where the Queen had it out with the muslim Mayor of England, now wants him out! Wrong, Russia and China care nothing for the EU or UN or climate change, Putin made all this clear not long ago and said it was all fake and just for money! No worries if we’re on our own, we have all we need, we just need to clean house here with these snow flakes and other trash and we’ll be OK!!

          528. mrpoohead says

            No terrorist incidents in Germany since 2015. Duh! Think you mean England and they were just a few morons, hardly “major”.

            Homicide rate of US still five to ten times EU. So yes! An’ then some!

            Queen not involved in politics – so, no!

            Putin believes in Climate Change, but has a different approach. China and Russia committed to UN.

            Need ten million barrels of oil a day, plus wide variety of resources. Try again!

            Don’t know were you get your information – suspect you just make it up. Funny though!

          529. Rodney Steward says

            I’m sorry clown, you’re so full of shi$ !!

          530. mrpoohead says

            Well provide a reputable reference to dispute something I said and I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice. Good luck fukwit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Failed again!!!!!!!

            Would love to see were you got your information – am sure you just made it up.

          531. Rodney Steward says

            Like I said BOY, you’re full of shi$ and can’t prove a LIE, there’s no info. on it!

          532. mrpoohead says

            No need for me to prove anything – I offered you funds to refute anything I said. If you had previously offered up anything but lies and my facts were in error then you would win. Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          533. Rodney Steward says

            You’re just a well known LIAR F-BOY!

          534. mrpoohead says

            Well prove it then – not rocket science. Got nothing have you – why? I only use facts, you only use drivel. Dummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          535. Rodney Steward says

            You wouldn’t know a fact if it flew up your PU, you’ve proved to be nothing but a liar since you’ve been on these forums and everyone knows it! Good night F-BOY, I’ve got fish to kill tomorrow!!

          536. mrpoohead says

            “PU”? Punjabi University; well I like a good curry, but no.

            As I offer, according to you, nothing but lies why can you not refute one with a reputable reference? Are you too stupid, incapable of copying and pasting? Alzheimer’s? Can’t find a link to your drivel?

            Tuna or mackerel?

            I’ll be waiting – fukwit!

          537. Jo Ann Kowalski says

            Mr Steward people like poophead r just morons. They never get facts or evidence they want us to shut up n believe what they say. Too bad a woman from Brooklyn tells them all to eat shit the language they use now. WOW they all belong on street corners. They r all shitheads. Have a nice day.

          538. Rodney Steward says

            Hello my Dear friend, hope all is well, and as usual your dead on about poophead :-)! He tells more BS and lies than anyone on here and I believe he come from a street corner for idiots! It’s always a pleasure to talk with you Jo Ann, have a great week and talk soon! 🙂

          539. richard king says

            North Korea is no joke, it has multiple nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them at a distance, soon the US.
            A small fraction of Muslims is tens of millions of Muslims.
            Germany alone has taken in about one million refugees.
            I don;t know any, but I know that some of them are murderous savages acting on 7th century religion and and Sharia Law. They are not assimilating in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and even the UK.
            When the fool Obama tried to keep us out of the world, it fell to pieces and the rise of ISIS followed.
            As for Muslims fighting Muslims, it’s about time the civilized Muslims get rid of the rot in their ranks.
            You are naive.

          540. mrpoohead says

            …and you’re a moron. Germany has 600,000 and no terrorist incident since 2015. Most Muslims I know are in mixed relationships – their kids are fairly ambivalent to religions of parents.

            Sharia Law only exists in one country – duh!
            N Korea – “The Mouse That Roared”. Duh!
            World politics – nothing to do with President. Congress makes policy. We left the Middle East in disarray in 1947; they are modernizing – we stuffed them up in 1947, best we stay well away now.
            ISIS – not millions; 30,000 fighters worldwide. Duh!

          541. richard king says

            There was a terrorist attack on a shopping center which killed a number of people Christmas shopping. Muslim punks were attacking German women on the street and raping them, and probably still are, a fact that the German press is trying not to report. The same thing has been going on in Sweden and the Netherlands.
            Sharia lwaw exists inmost of the Arab countries.
            The president makes and executes foreign policy.
            ISIS and Al Queda a hell of a lot more fighters than 30,000, but not as many as there were since we started kicking their buts in Mosul and Raqaa.
            North Korea, a starving country run by a spoiled, murdering brat, with muclear weapons.
            This is one of the most ill-informed comments I’ve seen here, and your handle fits. You know nothing, and indeed have poo for brains.
            Don’t call people morons, everyone is smarter than you.

          542. mrpoohead says

            Wrong or back it up. No raping in streets on NYE Correct if you read drivel! Why would the press hide the stories in those countries – most of them have considerably more freedom in their press; especially Scandinavia. If I believed your drivel then Malmo is a no-go zone. Wrong, suggest you visit the local “conservative” paper in Malmo, they laughed at the US Alt-right sites. They do facts not supposition – why? Lose credibility, sales and advertisers – look who advertisers on these Alt-right sites – no one of importance! Duh!

            Sharia – Saudi. Rest have mix of Sharia and civil. Sharia is no different to Biblical – most of us have thankfully moved on from the extremes of Biblical and Sharia. Wrong!

            President has zip power, can’t make law or policy – Congress does! Wrong!

            Mosul, Raqqa – we aren’t kicking butt; we have provided support. Duh!
            30,000 or provide proof!

            Seen more, done more, don’t do conspiracy theory – that’s all yours!

            N Korea is not going to do anything. Feel sorry for the people but he’s a joke!

          543. richard king says

            i saw the abuses of women in Germany on video.
            You;re wrong about the prevalence of sharia in Arab counties. Try Iran, as well.
            i do conspiracy theory when I see clear evidence of a conspiracy.
            As to presidential power, read the constitution.
            No point in continuing the discussion, you insist on your own facts.

          544. mrpoohead says

            Well that proves nothing – was it authenticated or acted out? Did it end up in real newspapers or just the drivel here?

            Iran is secular; three religions recognized. Muslim, Christian and Judaism – yes, there are still tens of thousands of Jews there. They use some Sharia and some civil law like the rest of the region, bar Saudi Arabia.

            Can the President make law or policy – no! What power does he have? He can fart and people don’t notice? Big deal! Suggest you read “Constitution for Kids” and “Congress for Kids”. Duh!

          545. Tim says

            republicrats tried to expose the fraud that was going on. Then, or course, got blamed for it ! Demonrats NEVER do these kind of things. Always for the little man. Just like Hitlery STEALING the election from Bernie and his supporters. Blame someone lese. Couldn’t be that she is a murderous idiot. OH NO ! Couldn’t be that ! bunch of communist & queers ! scourge of the earth

          546. mrpoohead says

            Trump/Clinton – both repugnant, neither worthy. An’ your point?

          547. Tim says

            Hitler wanted his people to be the best. Amerika demands that YOU are no better than the drunk in the gutter. No better than a N1663R from Kenya in the white house, just as stupid. Will steal from you to make it so. Will waste YOUR taxes to indoctrinate those still in pubic skol (while eating free breakfast & lunch) You get poorer, the drunk is no better. SUCCESS !

          548. Rodney Steward says

            America is doing to the kids the same as Hitler did to the Jews, but you nailed it my friend! 🙂

          549. Jim says

            So true and so sad

          550. Victoria Gooch says

            what steps did you use in order to arrive to that conclusion? Check the link below to make that determination.

          551. Victoria Gooch says

            Ed Caruthers, Retired physicist and technology developer, age 70
            Answered May 27, 2015

            Critical thinking can and should be applied to all ideas: scientific hypotheses, our own bright ideas, the ideas of our friends and political allies, and the ideas of our opponents.

            The basic steps are:

            Think about what the idea really means. This is a good way to eliminate the buzz words and vague generalities. Karl Popper’s principle of falsifiability helps here.

            Examine the justification(s). You probably already know about cognitive biases. See if you recognize any. A long argument from a very abstract general principle should make you suspicious. So should very limited data. So should, “Because the authorities deny it.”

            Check for consistency with the rest of your knowledge. Do you have any personal experience that says the idea is right? Or wrong? Have you read about experiences with the idea? Especially for political ideas, it’s good to ask, “Where are people living this way?” and “How well are these ideas working there?”

            Ask, “What next?” If the idea is right, what do you do about it? Can you (or someone) apply it to live better? Should you stop doing something? Scientific papers usually end with suggestions for future work.

            Of course, you should customize the application of these steps for each idea that you consider. I.e., apply the principles of critical thinking to the process of critical thinking :-)
            So what steps to critical thinking did you not use in your reply?

          552. Ron C says

            Purely observation of the greater part of what is flowing out of the colleges nowadays…Human’s that lack the ability to critically think or to be useful in society…on an ever increasing amount.

          553. Emma says

            They are being groomed to be perfect little Automatons.
            Question nothing. Do as instructed.
            Reminds me of the BORG from Star Trek days.:'(

          554. richard king says

            They are being taught groupthink, which is that there is one point of view that fits all, and once you learn it, you never learn another thing.

          555. Ron C says

            roger that.

          556. Richard Faith says

            “…Society’s goal is to be part of the whole; this may sound good to you; not to me…” (Let Me Be; The Turtles). Somehow though, this sounds ironic. Weren’t they liberals? On the other hand, they WERE JFK-era liberals; that alone is different.

          557. richard king says

            Agree that JFK was not a liberal in today’s sense. He couldn’t be elected to the senate today, let alone president. We have instead Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, totally corrupt Hilary Clinton on the stage, none of whom has the character, intelligence or judgement that Kennedy had.

          558. Janet says

            What a wonderful analogy. I couldn’t agree with you more as I watch students protest, deny freedom of speech to those who differ with them, and only hope that someone in the educational system will wake up and smell the roses. The lack of education begins way before they even reach a level to seek a “sheepskin” I fear.

          559. Rodney Steward says

            This is the future Dem. party, and why they’re being taught this way, or lack of!

          560. Suze says

            The trouble with the entire liberal education agenda and curriculum …besides the fact that these students are getting FLEECED for that sheepskin, is they haven’t learned to do anything once they graduate other than to resist American ideology.
            The irony is these colleges end up being consumed by the breed of students they themselves are indoctrinating, folding to any of their ‘entitlement’ demands. The most recent graduates of the last ten years have been taught by their universities to revolt against common legal law, and it is going to occur to these graduates after they can’t make it in the real world and go in default of thier school loans that they have grounds to sue these institutions of higher learning.

          561. Rodney Steward says

            I totally agree, they are taught to hate our country and flag, or in general, MORALS that should be taught at home in the first place! But you’re dead on with the lawlessness and of course their safe places that is so very sick! Did you see on FOX NEWS the other night about the kids coming out of college, less than 50% were actually smart enough to do the jobs that they are applying for! They are NOT getting their education!! And come time for them to rule our country, they’ll lose everything this country has ever worked and died for!! SAD!!!!!!!

          562. mrpoohead says

            The country has been going down since the 90’s – we have the worst social disparity and mobility in the modern world, worst healthcare, poor education and a homicide rate five to ten times our peers. we are the toilet and have been for a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          563. Richard Faith says

            The situation you have so aptly described is the entirely predictable result of a scholarship system that awards money ONLY for SO-CALLED “need”, and gives no consideration whatsoever for SCHOLASTIC MERIT.

          564. Suze says

            The difference between a college educated person who went through the public school system in the seventies and those graduating today is ridiculous. High School used to mean something. But there are those who are getting educated through other venues and some select schools as well as learning skills, and will actually produce, and they will be the ones who will take the initiative any kind of real leadership requires. These pathetic know-nor-do nothings aren’t fit for much of anything. I cringe to think what will happen when things get really hard. They will be the first casualties.

          565. Rodney Steward says

            Exactly, because in the 70’s only half went to college because the other part couldn’t afford it,or was being drafted for the Nam war! Class of 72 here and went straight into the military, but no Nam time, it was winding down at that time! But yes, we had morals, respect, and WORKED, more than one job and loved our country, God, and our elders that were really so smart!

          566. Suze says

            This poor bunch are in for a fall.

          567. Rodney Steward says

            YEP, I guess they’ll die and rot in their safe places!! 🙂

          568. Suze says

            great book to read on plausible events which discusses the self destructive fallout of some of the groups in the event OF. “One Second After” by William Forstchen, a book congress was required to read, very informative about the different societal ideologies and their inevitable conclusions given our current direction.

          569. Rodney Steward says

            Sounds great with a name like that! Thanks!!!

          570. Suze says

            It was such an informative book.

          571. Jim says

            First they need to get their heads out of their pattooties

          572. greenlantern1 says

            YOU distribute sheepskins??

          573. Pam Dunn says

            The green wienie and total moron spews its usual load of trollish idiocy.

          574. Jim says

            I will not lower my standards to raise yours. Your ignorance is noted !!!

          575. A natural born American says

            Only it seems as though more and more employers are tossing the resumes submitted by liberal college grads and going with the more down to earth grads of lesser known schools. Companies don’t want to risk hiring on snowflakes who could prove to become major problems in the future.

          576. Victoria Gooch says

   Not true. Read below :Reasons to Get a College Degree
            A College Degree Can Offer a Lifetime of Benefits

            by Kelci Lynn Lucier
            Updated March 29, 2017
            “Being in college is hard in many ways: financially, academically, personally, socially, intellectually, physically. And most students question why they are trying to get a college degree at some point during their college experience. Simple reminders of the reasons why you want to get a college degree can help keep you on track when you feel like getting off.
            Tangible Reasons to Get a College Degree

            You’ll make more money: figures range from several hundred thousand to a million dollars or more over your lifetime. Regardless of the details, however, you’ll have more income.

            You’ll have a lifetime of increased opportunities. More job openings, more chances at promotions, and more flexibility with which jobs you take (and keep) are just a few of the doors that will be opened when you have your degree in hand.
            You’ll be more empowered as an agent in your own life. You’ll be better educated about the things that have an impact on your day-to-day existence: knowing how to read a lease, having an understanding of how the markets will influence your retirement accounts, and handling the finances of your family. A college education can empower you in all kinds of ways to be more in control of your life’s logistics.
            You’ll be better able to weather adversity. From having more money available (see #1 in this list!) in a savings account to having marketable skills and an education during an economic downturn, having a degree can come in handy when life throws you a curve.

            You’ll always be marketable. Having a college degree is becoming increasingly important in the job market. Consequently, having a degree now will open doors for the future, which will in turn open more doors and make you more marketable later … and the cycle continues.
            Intangible Reasons to Get a College Degree

            You’ll lead a more examined life. The critical thinking and reasoning skills you learn in college will stay with you for a lifetime.

            You can be an agent of change for others. Many social service positions, from doctor and lawyer to teacher and scientist, require a college degree (if not a graduate degree). Being able to help others means you have to educate yourself to do so through your time in school.
            You’ll have more access to resources. In addition to the financial resources, you’ll have access to through your higher income, you’ll also have resources in all kinds of unexpected and intangible ways. Your roommate from freshman year who is now an attorney, your friend from chemistry class who is now a doctor, and the person you met at the alumni mixer who may offer you a job next week are the kinds of benefits and resources that are hard to plan for — but that can make all the difference in the world.
            You’ll have future opportunities in ways you may not be considering now. When you graduate from college, you may have never even given a second thought to graduate school. But as you get older, you may unexpectedly develop a strong interest in medicine, law, or education. Having that undergraduate degree already under your belt will allow you to pursue your dreams once you realize where they are going.
            You’ll have a strong sense of pride and self. You may be the first person in your family to graduate from college or you may come from a long line of graduates. Either way, knowing you earned your degree will undoubtedly give a lifetime of pride to yourself, your family, and your friends.”

          577. anoesis says

            Colleges DO teach quite a bit these days. They teach all these pansies/yellow handbags to protest, loot, burn and wear hoodies while they’re doing it so the ever present secret agent spy scopes ( CCTV cameras) won’t be able to tell who they are. And in answer to someone’s question “Is she that stupid?” She’s a black, liberal, socialcommucRAT woman, so YES she is that stupid! All that species of female seems to be that stupid. For that matter ALL female ‘cRATS are that stupid. They think murder is an acceptable form of birth control, Sharia law and all its’ glorious freedoms are just what American women and gays need and that higher taxes and astronomical living expenses are just what we have to bear to guarantee WE save the planet while WHILE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD gets a free ride. And she teaches all this assinine crap to coddled college ‘students’ every day. She’s NOT supposed to fear for HER life after spewing all this hatred toward the President but all the CONSERVATIVE speakers whose lives were threatened when they tried to make speeches at these same colleges deserved it because they were the disgusting shade of White. They can dish it out but they can’t take it. I think maybe that’s about to change. I LOVE my President and I hope the rest of you do, too.

          578. Emma says

            I do indeed love our President Trump ?????

          579. ernldo says

            Sadder yet, students are building debt for these “courses”….

          580. Jim says

            And we’re paying for it when they default !!!

          581. ernldo says

            That’s why the feds need to be removed from student financing. Let the colleges take the responsibility!

          582. Jim says


          583. AKLady says

            At least grown-up who have been to college do not engage in childish name-calling. The sad part is you dropped out of learning before developing any common sense or appreciation for knowledge.

          584. Michael Dennewitz says

            And this is a perfect example of the SHIT being taught to our children nowadays. Glad I don’t have children!!! ?

          585. Caroline Van Winkle says

            There is an old saying that those that can do, do; those that can’t do, teach. My most competent professors were professionals in their subject like in abnormal psych,my professor had his own clients and in my appraisal courses, my instructor held a job as an appraiser of large skyscrapers, manufacturing companies, and apartment complexes.

          586. Susan Short says

            Colleges don’t teach anymore, they indoctrinate, and the students will regurgitate the CRAP that they’ve been fed, if they want to pass the course!

          587. rebeccadewhirst says

            Very sorry but the very sad fact is that our children are suffering from learning from these kinds of professors and it’s being infiltrated all throughout the United States very sad and pathetic

          588. Jim says

            Yes it is very sad

          589. Bob Seawright says

            Snowflake’s parents pay the cost of college. They are just as dumb.
            Snowflakes are poster-children for Birth Control.

          590. Climax says

            Poor sheep, sheeple get their skins.

          591. Toxophilite says

            Wait a minute….I heard there IS a college teaching coloring in books. Supposedly it’s a $9,000/yr course.

            So they ARE teaching!

          592. dinddong says

            Good post.

          593. Lynne Douglas says

            People are paying colleges and universities tuition to be “educated” by this
            kind of “professor” who is yet another left-wing propagandist who doesn’t
            appreciate this country. She should close her big mouth and open her
            little mind… And find some other occupation that doesn’t involve spewing
            her hatred for the country and system that bestow more freedoms and
            opportunities than any other place on earth. Does she hate Trump for
            being white, perhaps? I bet she adores Obama simply because he passes
            the color test.

        2. Tasine says

          She is a minority – intelligence is not an issue in high priced universities. Anyone who pays to attend one of those hell holes has rocks in his head.

          1. Linda Shelton says

            Especially Evergreen!

          2. Tasine says

            Yep, true…….and I’ll bet there are dozens exactly like the idiotic EVERGREEN.

          3. ch says