Professor: White Men Should Give Their Jobs to Minorities


According to an assistant math professor at the University of Hawaii, any white man with a job that puts him in power over anyone else should quit or at least think about a voluntary demotion. Piper Harron, who graduated from Princeton with a PhD in mathematics, said in an American Mathematical Society blog post last week that it was impossible to achieve equality until white “cis” men gave up their positions of power so they could be filled by minorities.

“Not to alarm you, but I probably want you to quit your job, or at least take a demotion,” wrote Harron. “Statistically speaking, you are probably taking up room that should go to someone else. If you are a white cis man (meaning you identify as male and you were assigned male at birth) you almost certainly should resign from your position of power.”

Harron went on to remind men who “identify as male and were assigned male at birth” that they do not deserve their own success, no matter how hard they worked to obtain it.

“Get off your hiring committee, your curriculum committee, and make sure you’re replaced by a woman of color or a trans person,” she wrote. “Remember that you live in a world where people don’t succeed in a vacuum; most success happens on the backs of others who did not consent. You have no idea how successful you would have been if you were still you, but with an additional marginalization (not white, or not male, or not cis gender, or with a disability, etc).”

Since Harron recognizes that few white cis men will take her advice (since they are evil), she calls on schools to take matters into their own hands.

“What can universities do?” she asked. “Well, that’s easier. Stop hiring white cis men (except as needed to get/retain people who are not white cis men) until the problem goes away. If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism/racism/transphobia is showing.”

Ah. The “if you don’t agree with my idiotic proposal, you’re a bigot” argument. Very powerful stuff.

“When the applications come in, remember society makes dominant applicants look better than they are,” she warned. “Society makes marginalized applicants look worse than they are. There is no objectivity. There is no meritocracy.”

Even better. The “if you don’t hire felons and layabouts, you’re a bigot” argument.

Good news, though. If you’re worried about this kind of nonsense gaining acceptance in mainstream society (and, well…who knows anymore?), and you think you’re in danger of losing your job as a white cis man…all you have to do is put on a dress, change your name from Sam to Samantha, and – voila – you move from the oppressor category to the oppressed category like magic!

Seriously, though…has the fall of a civilization ever been so glaringly predictable?

  1. Justin Seine says

    Absolutely – Let the inmates run the asylum in the private sector just like they do in the public sector. May I suggest to Piper Harron PhD that she get a job that adds value to the human race and not divisiveness?? Nobody wants to earn anything any more – Just take it from those who have. This is what you come to expect from people who never leave school – ACADEMIA NUTS – I’ve come to the conclusion that the whole liberal education scene is a diminishment of our civilization. Our country is in free-fall to mediocrity and our educators, or should I say indoctrination overlords, are leading the way.

    1. Cookie Vranish says

      She could be a professor if she wasn’t a slug. Myself, it would help our society if all the current educators were simply killed and we start over. All we have in these positions are liberal slugs and they must be eliminated.

      1. k9maiden says

        I am so HAPPY that I went to college before the liberals took over. College today is nothing but brainwashing by the Commie professors. When I attended college, we did not speak of politics except in Government class. Then, and only then, did we actually learn how our government operated, the difference between the parties, and so on. Our professor, who was a Democrat, NEVER tried to sway us. He was an excellent teacher, he presented all the facts, and allowed us to make up our own minds as to which party better suited us, if either, in which case, we were Independents. It takes a very, very strong mind to fight off the propaganda from the left in colleges today, and those that lean to the right can not admit it or they are ostracized and ridiculed. I had a young student at Iowa State, who was Conservative, tell me this. We used to discuss politics, he was brilliant and is now an Actuary Scientist in D.C. What a pity that the overbearing liberal mindset won’t allow any other opinions but theirs. This is not what America is about, I, for one, am sick of it.

        1. Obie Miller says

          Amen, K9maiden.

        2. Kenneth Jones says

          You must’ve been in college when I was…..say in the late ’50s or thereabouts? Those were great years. One of my favorite classes was the study of Political Science. Not that I remember all that much about It, though.

          One of my classmates, whose uncle had been a member of Congress in the ’40s, remarked that he told him that the reason why he decided against a career in the House was that a good many were crooks, and he didn’t want his friends back home to think HE was a crook.

        3. Terramom says

          I second everything you said above.

      2. Lee O. Welter says

        Averse to violence and violation of fundamental human rights, I favor a better solution. The CEO of an extremely successful business states: the key to business success is hiring good people; they must have good value, as they can be taught anything else they need to know. Those without good values must find work elsewhere. These good businesses can do a better job of education than the tangled and inefficient web government has woven.

      3. Jim says

        Sounds like a pretty good idea…

    2. SUZANNE M. says


      1. Floyd says

        Hurry put her in a PADDED ROOM before she hurts her self and others.

        1. Ray Silipino says

          I do not know as she posted no photo but I would venture to say that she is a minority. She seems to forget that minority’s had preferential treatment for many years over the “White Man” under President Johnson’s Great Society Administration. Go back in time and you will see the amount of money the Tax Payers expended as opposed to the amount of return that was realized, did naught but create a total disaster. One of the best thing that can happen is a giant regression to the times of : “God helps those who help themselves.”

          1. berg1928 says

            Maybe she’s a trans.

          2. PATRICK says

            THATS A GOOD BET,

          3. KJHanover says

            typical gimme gimme gimme

          4. marshmil says

            KJ that’s the expression I usually use. Good to note someone else understands it. Keep up the good use of it.

          5. Kevin says

            Maybe “its” a trans? Only her hairdresser knows for sure…

          6. marion leon stephens says

            She was born an ASS And then she got BIGGER !

          7. John Cherish says

            We know for sure she is a femi-nazi

          8. lovinspoonful says

            No, you don’t.

          9. marshmil says

            I think “El Rushbo” coined that term. It is a perfectly tailored fit for fems from the “Isle of Lesbos”. They are OK until they start their bullish, pushy, Nazi attitudes.

          10. PATRICK says

            ANOTHER BLM A – – H – – E

          11. John Patrick Flanagan says

            She’s a black woman.

          12. shamu9 says

            Gee!! Thanx!! we couldn’t “figger” she’s a Knickker? Just by the situation?

          13. John Patrick Flanagan says

            The only reason I noted it was because one of the readers didn’t seem to know.

          14. Ran-man says

            I remember the so called “Great Society”, what a fiasco ! It was actually a “buy the vote for the next 50 years” program. Had relatives lose their jobs, only to get them back within 6 weeks because they were jobs where a person actually had to work. This woman has no idea whats really happening. If one did some research , they’d probably find she was given extra points for being a woman, plus even more for being a so called minority, to qualify for her “position”, which I dont consider an actual job. The last thing she should want is to have to possess the same grades and qualifications a white man does to get a job. I’ve been there ! When companies have to meet hiring quotas, the white man always loses out to less qualified people, which not only hurts the rest if the workers involved, but the company itself. I lost out twice, so this intellectual should be happy. The results ? The minority finally got fired after being caught sleeping in a bed he made at work 7 times, the women, did absolutely nothing for the next 23 years. Just sayin

          15. Terramom says

            I would hate to be one of her white students. I had a teacher in college back in the seventies who obviously hated us because we were white girls at a fairly expensive school. It was just obvious.

          16. marshmil says

            And I thought we got rid of that deplorable KKK. Looks like it merely changed its color and is worse now. Instead of burning crosses in peoples’ yards they burn cities and cars during riots. **Hey things are too quiet, let’s stir up another riot!**

          17. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            Its the NEW Democrackhead racist thug party!!!!!! its alive and well and liberals are burning cities, protesting, spreading violence and spreading Liberal racist thug Hate…. that’s the new demoracist Party!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Thank you liberalism

          18. marshmil says

            And their Queen of Hate is Cruella de Hill. (–apologies to “101 Dalmatians”) Thanks “AST” your post succinctly summarizes Barry Soetoro’s legacy. He did nothing else.

          19. marion leon stephens says

            She’d HATE me as a student .I got rid of a LIBERAL idiotstick US HISTORY TEACHER in hi school
            In 1972 . This ain’t my first prom

          20. Terramom says

            Good for you! I was in college from 72-76, and I was brought up to be a good little girl who did what she was told. And back then I’d be in lots of trouble, and my parents were paying. I’d like to think that if I were to encounter that at my age now, I’d stand up to it. I think I would because I know more about the world and I know what i believe. Also, she didn’t really do anything, it was just her demeanor–we could just tell.

          21. marshmil says

            ??? !

          22. marshmil says

            Marion you should work in the Justice Department. The nation needs more dedicated people like you to help get rid of the reptile sediment as we drain the septic tank swamp.

          23. Lizzie2 says

            Too bad you never got beyond high school

          24. marion leon stephens says

            Degrees in Botany and Environmental Sciences from Calpoly Pomona and CalState Fullerton . History is a hobby .
            Beats your GED ANYDAY !

          25. Lizzie2 says

            Good for you…I hope you are using your skills to save our planet.

          26. Shelly Shannon says

            That must have sucked. I want to hear more of your story. It sounds interresting.

          27. marshmil says

            Confusing to me.

          28. Terramom says

            It was just the way she looked at us–her demeanor, and the way she answered our questions. She worked at my college but was getting her advanced degree somewhere else. Maybe she couldn’t afford my college, although I would think that if she were teaching there, she would have had reduced tuition. I don’t know, but I was always very intimidated by her.

          29. Shelly Shannon says

            I get it! I’ve known alot of people who have used intimidation tactics to make a point. Only problem with them is that underneath it all their point is moot. This woman, whoever she is, has gone off the rails and no longer has any sense of reality.

          30. Kenneth Jones says

            Maybe if she actually had to work for a living and support a family, she’d think twice before making such an asinine statement again. My advice to that university is fire that bitch!

          31. marshmil says


          32. MickeyD69 says

            Look up LBJ and his comments after he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (I think. It may have been the Voting Rights Act.). His comment was… paraphrased… THAT should keep the ni**ers voting Democrat for the next 50 years. It’s close to a quote, but I’m not exactly sure, and I don’t want some troll screaming “LIAR! LIAR!” in response to my comment.

          33. marshmil says

            She is an anti-white racist.

          34. Wallace Hoffman says

            She is an anti-American activist.
            Wallace Hoffman

          35. marshmil says

            She qualifies for both labels. Why don’t these people just renounce American citizenship and move elsewhere? Because they like to bask in the warm economic sun made available by free enterprise as they try to destroy it. You cannot fix stupid!

          36. rockyndallas says

            Not entirely correct marsmil. This is a shakedown. Their sights are on the American middle class who they regard as a target for massive theft with the government acting as the primary thief. The Democratic party will enthusiastically comply for political support. Unless you are a part of their criminal enterprise you are their enemy and a damned fool to support them.

          37. marshmil says

            I fully agree with you rocky. Ergo, all Democrats, leftists, liberals are fools by definition.

          38. SUZANNE M. says

            who would take them?

          39. marshmil says

            Not nation with dignity would take them. They have a record of stirring up social malcontent.

          40. Fortuneless says

            She is a NIGGER..

          41. mary murphy says

            Uncalled for idiocy from you , Fortuneless.

          42. MickeyD69 says

            MARY: It’s interesting that there is such an immediate visceral reaction to that word. We were taught as kids that “…sticks and stones will break our bones but words will never hurt us.” Don’t answer, but think about this: Was your reaction based on the potential hurtful reaction to the word itself? (Although my Black friends call each other that all the time and laugh at the terror it seems to evoke in Whites!) Or was your reaction based on the fear that NOT reacting leaves us open to charges of being “racist”. Piper Harron truly is a racist, and is spewing forth the crap she’s been indoctrinated to say by the media and the deadly poisonous atmosphere on our college campuses. She has no business teaching ANYBODY and should be fired immediately.

            If a White ‘professor’ had advocated that all Blacks should give up their positions because they were given them unfairly through the discrimination of affirmative action the prog/libs heads would be exploding all across the Country and the lefties would be screaming for her head. If she truly is married to a White man, either he’s as stupidly racist as she is; or a total eunuch… probably the latter since a significant part of our cultural stupidity has originated from guilty white ball-less idiots.

          43. Michael Dennewitz says

            I have my own names for them and don’t really give a rats ass what people say. VELCRO HEADS, BOOT LIPS, PORCH MONKIES, and a few more that I won’t mention. It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, FREEDOM OF OPINION.. ???

          44. MickeyD69 says

            Unfortunately, since the Clintons slithered into Washington we have lost our freedom of speech. The First Amendment has been trampled by the criminal triad composed of: the democratic party (Not capitalized as a sign of total disrespect.) the lying thugs in the media, and the disgusting lemmings in academia.

            Most revolutions are not discovered until well after they are underway, and the ‘spark’ that sets them off is likewise unknown until well after the event has transpired. The dems, media, and academics have NO concept what could very easily happen if they continue their attempted coup to overthrow the lawfully elected President of the United States of America.

            They love to foment violence and destruction until they suddenly get punched in the face or encounter somebody who will strike back at their incitement of violence. They’ve NEVER seen or felt real pain… and they’re doing everything they can to guarantee it. The BLM idiots LOVE to scream about killing ‘pigs’… I wonder how they’ll feel when they’re getting the crap beaten out of them and there’s no police to respond to their sniveling cries?

          45. marshmil says

            Well stated Mickey. Thanks for the eloquence. We pray God Bless our great Nation this Memorial Day weekend. We do not deserve His Grace but ask for guidance during these evil times.

          46. MickeyD69 says

            I’m afraid that Divine Intervention may be our last hope… our politicians are either too corrupt or too cowardly to do what’s required.

          47. marshmil says

            Some of us believe we have entered the “End Times”. It is a period of world history prophesied to be so “bad” that ONLY God can end it. Muslim terrorism along with the anti-God mindsets of atheism and agnosticism are major facets that earmark today as signs.

          48. Combatvet52 says

            Sounds like you some real good ones.

          49. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yes, and I get a kick outta being called a Florida cracker too. My best friend during my entire 6 years in the Navy was a black man, but he wasn’t a nigger. There’s a hell of a difference.. ?

          50. SUZANNE M. says

            ANYONE CAN BE A N….R……

          51. SUZANNE M. says


          52. SUZANNE M. says

            HOW OLD ARE YOU?

          53. marshmil says

            I can agree with the last part of your last sentence Mickey. And had those white ball-less wimpy nut cases been in the Continental Congress around 1776-1789 we would likely be
            saying “Hail to the Queen” today. And maybe Elizabeth II would not be the only queen in the 50 American Colonies.

          54. MickeyD69 says

            And, if they had been stinking up Washington after Pearl Harbor, they’d have surrendered and we’d be speaking Japanese and German.

          55. marshmil says

            —-and bowing to the Chrysanthemum Throne and saluting the Swastika. 🙁

          56. MickeyD69 says

            We had our share of moronic demoncraps even back then. FDR called Stalin “Uncle Joe” and believed the propaganda lies the New York Crimes was printing from their correspondent in Moscow during the 30s and 40s, Walter Duranty, who was a communist and KNEW Stalin was systematically starving the Ukraine to death and killing millions of others through his pogroms.

            Roosevelt’s third Vice President, Henry Wallace was a card-carrying Communist and was kicked off the ticket in the 1944 election because even the democrap party bosses could see that putting a communist in the Oval Office might have been a bit too much. Of course, that was THEN. Today’s lying, thieving, disgusting traitorous democraps wouldn’t give a crap. Oh, wait…they gave us George Soros’s boy King Barry 1st… ’nuff said.

          57. marshmil says

            I had finished first grade elementary school in 1945. I do remember my Mother telling me to go down street and tell a friend of hers that the President (FDR) had just died. The “Little White House” at Warm Springs, GA is not far South of where I grew up close to Atlanta International Airport. The 1940s and 1950’s were relatively stable in the South. Then came LBJ’s nonsense and the social order began churning like a hurricane bringing racial unrest and the drug culture.

          58. MickeyD69 says

            I was born and spent much of my childhood in Baltimore, considered a “VERY” southern city back then. My grandfather had a business, and the workforce was roughly equally divided between Black & White. We never thought there was any difference between the two and our family’s ‘social circle’ was about the same composition, mostly because everybody had to work hard to keep food on the table and the roof over our heads. It never occurred to me that there was anything different about the people in the business, they were all just trying to make it best they could… till I got to college and was told that I was a “WASP”. I had no idea what that was, but it must have been bad because that’s what they told me…

          59. marshmil says

            Only racists come up with epithets like “WASP”. We whites are not allowed to use the “N” word but it’s perfectly OK for Blacks to call us “whitey”, “cracker”, ‘WASP” and such as that. If you mention the book THE BELL CURVE they go ballistic even though its findings are based on US military recruit statistics. Liberals support the idea of free speech and of the press provided whats said supports their agenda. Same with the use of epithets.

          60. MickeyD69 says

            My college roommate freshman year was Black and he got very offended when his friends called me “Honkey”. We were wrestling and acting goofy one day when his friends were calling each other Ni**ers (Which, of course, we can’t even dream of typing or saying.) when they started teasing me, telling me I was their “token Honkey”. Clark really lost it, asking his friends what they’d think if I called them Ni**ers. They SAID they didn’t care, but I certainly can’t see that exchange happening today. We really need to eliminate EVERY penny of governmental funding for any college unless it’s a military scientific or mathematic program. But, I’m digressing. Y’all have a WONDERFUL MEMORIAL DAY. We have a very traditional holiday here, with a full weekend of ceremonies and remembrances.

          61. Shelly Shannon says

            We are open to anyones point of view but come on. Please don’t disrespect every black person for the sake of possibly one. Remember, the black community stepped forward to give our President a chance. This is what we fought for. If he respects those that came through for him then we should too, despite what our personal feelings are.

          62. MickeyD69 says

            Please explain your comment: “Remember, the black community stepped forward to give our President a chance.” This makes zero sense since all the Black racists in government; brilliant Blacks like “Maximum Ignorance Waters” and “Elijah Liar Cummings” have been screaming and lying and doing everything they can to impeach our lawfully elected PRESIDENT since the election, well before he was inaugurated.

          63. Shelly Shannon says

            I’m not talking about the washington eliete. I was talking about the black voters that stepped forward to vote for Trump. He did get 10 percent of the black vote.

          64. MickeyD69 says

            You’re absolutely right… But the media is doing everything to hide the fact in their lawless, hypocritical efforts to overturn a legitimate election. Unfortunately, the 10% of Black voters who did step up were essentially neutered because their votes were cast in deep blue states that were already pre-determined for Shrillary.

            It will be interesting to see what the Black vote does in 2018 and 2020. Of course the criminal Democrats and their fellow thugs in their ‘lame stream media” propaganda wing will continue to lie and cheat every way possible to steal the next elections. They’ve proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how dishonest they are.

          65. Combatvet52 says

            You are ever so right……100%

          66. SUZANNE M. says

            I don’t like her at all…….however you just lowered yourself beneath her by using such a despicable word. there are tons of really amazing African Americans ,,,,,she just happens to not be one of them. Please clean up your mouth.

          67. Combatvet52 says

            For your info I know them as Negros since I was a kid and I have friends that are Negros and they agree with me…..they don’t know squat about African Americans they are American citizens born in the USA…….so what do I do go around saying that I’m Italian American no way I’m American period.

          68. MickeyD69 says

            The whole “African American” load of garbage is just one result of Professor Stanley Fish and his fellow America Haters in academia who came up with the whole “multiculturalism” racket back in the 80s. It’s just the largest effort to destroy our Country through “Balkanization” and the institution of “identity politics”.

            Like you, I knew them as “Negroes” back in the South in the 50s and 60s, a term THEY shared with no difficulty. Then, the academic a$$holes and their criminal allies in the media started calling them “Afro-Americans”. Then it ‘morphed’ to “African Americans” in the best orchestrated effort to destroy our Nation by disrupting our unity as a people with common values, traditions, and history. King Barry 1st promised to “fundamentally change America…” and he, and his allies in academia and the media have done just that… doing their best to destroy what 350 million Americans have built through their hard work and dedication.

            We’re in the hardest part of the war, and the outcome is very much in doubt. When the government bureaucracy can shamelessly flaunt the law and commit treason, from the Clintons to the traitors in the government leaking information to the media; this is war…a real revolution. Have we reached the point that violence is the only solution? Is it time that these traitors face the blood and pain they’ve been doing their best to inflict on the rest of us? What happens when a snowflake gets the crap beaten out of him? Does he cry and scream for the police to enforce the laws he so proudly breaks?

          69. Combatvet52 says

            Bravo D69 well said.

          70. MickeyD69 says

            Thanks Combatvet52. All this crap was starting while I was “vacationing” in the stinking jungles of S.E. Asia during the 1968 “Festival of Tet” They threw a hell of a party, but I’d have been just as happy to skip the whole thing… It’s beyond heartbreaking to watch all this crap getting worse and worse. Two of my favorite quotes came from Thomas Jefferson and Carlos Castaneda…

            Tom Jefferson: “From time to time it becomes necessary for the Tree of Liberty to be refreshed by the blood of patriots and scoundrels…”

            Carlos Castaneda: “Those who forget the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.”

          71. Combatvet52 says

            Two good quotes.

          72. marshmil says

            “Load of garbage” is the perfect label for that apartheid mindset you mentioned above by Stanley Fish. Never heard of him before so that establishes his insignificance.

          73. marshmil says

            ALL persons born within the boundaries of and on American “soil” of the United States of America are Native American Citizens (subject to Constitutional limitations thanks to the intrusion of non-citizens attempting to usurp entitlement handouts). It is stupid to affix the name of a continent or geographical location before “American”.

          74. SUZANNE M. says


          75. Combatvet52 says

            You have a problem……I used the word NEGRO not the other word “N” It was OK for LBJ to call them “N” because he was a liberal Demorat.

          76. marshmil says

            I agree Suzanne.

          77. brucethompson22 says

            That’s what LBJ called them when he signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964. and I quot ” That will keep those Ni**ers voting Dem. for the next 200 years” and thet said Slavery” was over.They are Slaves to the Dems.

          78. SUZANNE M. says


          79. brucethompson22 says

            There’re the ones keeping the HATE going.It’s kind of a science that nobody picks their Ethnicity, even Bill Nye who is not even a real scientist knows that but he will try to tell you there are 50 different genders when everyone knows there are only two, one xx chromosome female and, xy chromosome male. They chose to be “SLAVES” through being lazy and buying the Dems. B.S.The “N” word as you call it is their word.Get informed.

          80. SUZANNE M. says


          81. Bobby R. Blair says

            Look here IGNORAMUS. the first definition of that word is “an ignorant person” it takes a tremendous amount of ignorance to even use it.

          82. JOHN HIGGINS says

            Guess what she is married to a white man in the same school same dept.

          83. Bill says

            YES! It’s adopt time people realize the only people that talk about other people being racist- are blacks

          84. marshmil says

            The USA was fairly stable and free from racism until the mid-60s when LBJ invented his Great Society. HIs Gross Society sewed seeds of racism which in 2008 began to come into full stinkweed blossom. Now we have the”tares among the wheat”. At the harvest the wheat will be gathered into the barn. The tares will tossed into Gehenna for burning. —Leftists will not understand what that means.

          85. Shelly Shannon says

            She is a racist that hurts not only the republican party but also the liberal democrati party. She is eating her own.

          86. marshmil says

            America has a small faction of racists today. They are misfits who cannot come up with reality based things to discuss so they resort to racial agitation to get attention. They should be viewed in the same manner as Vladimir Lenin, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Benito Mussolini, the new dictator in Venezuela and deposed Barry Soetoro of Kenya. They support the concept: “Let us stand by what is corrupt and make if worse if we can for our private advantage.”.

          87. pmbalele says

            That is the worse advice in this country. I disagree with such a concept. That means we Black people cannot compete like Whites or people of other races in American labor and school system. Actually, that reminds me of my case in state government. A promotional position exam to supervise 6 Whites was advertised in the state. I and many as 200 people, all whites, took the exam. Somehow all questions asked were in the area of my specialization in college. So I scored 93.5% which was highest score. After getting my slip showing I ranked highest, I went to administrator, a white woman, and asked her to appoint me for the position. I had not shown her my slip yet. She said: “To supervise Whites you have to rank highest in exam. This is not AA program position.” I produced my slip showing ranking No. 1. She was so disappointed and angry-left me in her office and went to see state agency lawyer. She later came back and said: “We are going to fight this – you cannot supervise Whites – they will tell the Governor- he will not like it.” They gave me salary raise; but not the position. I will keep you posted what happened after that. So you see, it is not the education or labor system hurting Blacks – It is the environment we are subjected to. Solution: We must continue to make sure we study and make the effort to the best of our ability. If I could do it anybody can do it. I am a normal Black male.

          88. marshmil says

            Thanks pmbalele. You obviously ran into a prejudiced white person. Sorry to know that and I’d personally wish she could be replaced by a non-racist person, regardless of racial background. Not sure exactly what you mean by “That is the worse (sic) advice in this country. I disagree with such a concept” I get the impression that you read into my post something that’s not there. “Small faction of racists” is composed of people of all “colors”. They just dislike people of a “different” color. I grew up and reside now in the business district of Atlanta GA. Prior to 1965 “race relations” were stable here. They have gone down since then and especially since 2008. There is a lot of anti-White sentiment here compared with 52 years ago but probably not as bad as in Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and maybe a few other places. My own
            assessment is that children brought up in Mother and Father environments with emphasis on civility and respect of others’ rights tend to wind up as traditionally good, productive citizens. Racial background has nothing to do with civility. Family background has everything to do with civility or lack thereof. I am what most people would call politically “conservative”. But my kind finds that liberals make us out to be evil, anti-Black and hating “underprivileged:” people. Conservatives have utmost respect for anyone who puts forth an honest effort and stays clear of such as gang and drug culture. Again, that woman you happened to meet up with would find herself on very thin ice were I her supervisor. As an aside you might be aware that there was an incident where nine firefighters took a test to get a promotion. Eight of the men were Black and one was white. After exams were scored the white guy turned out to have made the highest score of the nine. He was not given the promotion because some involved did not like the idea of a white guy getting the promotion even though he made the highest score. So it can work both ways. That story was in the news about 20 years ago. Racism has NO position in a workplace but individual racists keep it alive and well.

          89. pmbalele says

            Thanks for your response. Actually now another state department will be paying me heavy for the same sin. After that incident I described before, I took the trouble to learn how to prosecute my own discrimination cases. I am not going to hire a lawyer for racial discrimination cases. But I am warning people never represent yourself in criminal cases however minor it may be. It is just too hard. But I encourage people to learn how to represent themselves in civil right cases. It is very expensive to hire a lawyer for civil right cases. I will keep you posted how much this state Department will pay me. I won the case without a lawyer.

          90. marshmil says

            OK but I’m still in a fog about what you’re talking about here. Sorry. No comprende!

          91. pmbalele says

            When all dust settles, I will post everything here. Please be patient. It is funny and fun how people are now caught with time.

          92. marshmil says

            OK but what do you mean by, “caught with time”?
            AND—do not sponge off of taxpayers.

          93. marshmil says

            I wish you the best in cases that are legitimate. But don’t be a leech and sponge off taxpayers.

          94. pmbalele says

            What – I should not be a leech and sponge off taxpayers? Well, the state government should have trained their lawyers and administrator to respect me and other Blacks. I did not ask for AA program to be hired. I ranked highest.

          95. marshmil says

            pmbalele I’m beginning to see that your perceptions are somewhat out of line. You are beginning come across as someone who is owed a living because you scored high. Good for the high score. But in my life I’ve discovered that many high-scoring people (Ph.D. level) are not qualified to supervise others. You scored high on an exam but apparently your “people” skills are lacking and that is beginning to show up here. I think your racial status had nothing to do with it. Quite frankly your attitude here is coming across like you think somebody owes you a living. I’m being very up front. I honestly wish you the best but maybe you’d do better trying for some other employment. Do not use race as a crutch and excuse for not getting a job. Nor should anyone hire you BECAUSE you are Black.
            Best to you friend. God Bless our great Nation and you in your endeavors.

          96. pmbalele says

            All white people I was going to supervise came to me and said they would revolt if I had asked them to. This is because I had worked with them for two years and seen how friends I was. My job performance was above average. You should have read what the administrator said. Her excuse was not that I did not get along or have good work ethics; she thought, I as a Black male, could not rank highest. I sued the State and the case was removed to a local federal district court. I opt to prosecute the case myself. As usual both the state attorney and I were asked open statement. I went first and then the state lawyer. Now before we started presenting facts the judge, a white woman from up north said as follows:
             Judge: Before we go into this case, would you please tell the court your score and ranking on exam.
             Me: I scored 93.5% which was highest score
             Judge: No. Were there White people taking the exam?
             State Lawyer: Yes your honor
             Judge: I cannot accept this; I am dismissing the case. And if you want to appeal that is your right and problem.
             So you see this female federal judge dismissed my case because she was raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to her as a White person. Now do you really want me to take it with grain and salt? Not me. The case was then moved back to state agency. I will keep you posted.

          97. marshmil says

            This is an issue you should resolve with your employer. It is not appropriate to thrash out your private issues on this internet site. I wish you the best. Take care and enjoy the Memorial Day holiday tomorrow. God bless you.

          98. pmbalele says

            Resolve with my employer! They hate people of my color. For them there is no room for talking sense. That is why I took them to court. A secret. I have won the cases.

          99. Terramom says

            She is. I saw a photo of her on another site.

          100. Wayright2 says

            Photo here:

            Short cut: she be black.

          101. Kevin says

            Isn’t that James Brown, hiding behind an incredibly ugly Halloween mask? I find the “Borg Queen” (Star Trek movie #8, “The Year We Make Contact”) more attractive than Maxine Waters.

          102. catman says

            With that wig she wears, I think she is just trying to look more like a white woman than most blacks do…

          103. Juan TwoTree says

            HA HA HA!! Good one!

          104. catman says

            Hell, that sex doll is much better looking than Hillary isn’t it ??

          105. Michael Dennewitz says

            What an UGLY BITCH!!

          106. Kevin says

            Based loosely on the scripture, 2 Thessalonians 3:10…

          107. MickeyD69 says

            She’s Black…a typical Black racist who has had it easy wherever she’s gone BECAUSE of her skin color. She has never had to work for anything… it’s been given to her because she’s Black. See where Affirmative Action has gotten us…

          108. lufkincy says

            And we are paying for our kids’ tuition to listen to this drivel.

          109. MickeyD69 says

            It seems that the more useless and loony these moronic colleges get, the more they charge to spew forth their poisonous crap.

          110. Michael Dennewitz says

            “drivel?” No, BULLSHIT is more like it! ???

          111. Terramom says

            So she got her job on the backs of those who actually worked for it but didn’t get the job.

          112. Steven Swanson says

            She’s A Ni**er !

          113. Greg Hernandez says

            She is black ( though that doesn’t matter ) . She is very smart in school , in life …Not so much. I went on her school website. Her crap is typical bigoted liberal. Other than that it is BORING. The left thinks stealing jobs from others is smart and trying to tell others what to do is her thinking that somehow she is qualified to be god is laughable.

        2. Kenneth Jones says


        3. marshmil says

          To hell with her, I’m concerned with protecting the social milieu.

          1. Terramom says

            Me too.

        4. KJHanover says

          it’s just others she wants to hurt.

          1. SUZANNE M. says


          2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            Exactly that’s what Im saying I don’t like Deniro, madonna and Whoopi anymore there nasty liberal morons low energy!

          3. Kevin says

            I saw an interesting video on YouTube supposedly uploaded by Barry’s sister, Auma, which documented Barry’s visit to Kenya in 1990. She (Auma) started the narration with, “After 27 years, Barrack finally made it back to Kenya…” The problem with that, of course, is that 1990-27=1963. According to Auma Obama, Barry was 27 years old in 1990, which would have made his birth year 1963 (or maybe +/- 1 year depending upon which month the birthday falls, and the month of the visit in 1990). But, according to his “birth certificate” he was born in 1961. Ooops! Oh, what a tangled web we weave, one we practice to deceive…

          4. Combatvet52 says

            This is the real fake made up POS rotten to the core.

          5. Linda Lee says

            vaya con Dios morons!

          6. Kevin says

            What would I say to them? How about, “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!”

          7. S. Wicks Jr says

            I’d say LIARS based on their statement about LEAVING……..

          8. Combatvet52 says

            Get out now we don’t need liberal morons in this country……..Tom Hanks, Madonna, Joy Behar, man the list goes on…… why are all you people still in America GET OUT

          9. donl says

            Please GO!!! Do NOT return.

          10. Ed Shick says

            Do not leave the door it you as you leave , Good by !!

          11. MickeyD69 says

            How many of these moronic racist bigots have actually left? I’ll bet NONE.

          12. Ray Silipino says

            I’ll give all in this photo a very honest cheer…./GO-GO-GO-GO-GO-GO, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO CATCH THE BUS, JUST KEEP IN MIND THE “EARLY BIRDS” CAN SIT UP FRONT. This group must think that the people are really stupid. They made these pledges to leave and expected the majority of people to be saddened over their hollow threats, well guess again. The individuals in this photo do have some things in common, they gambled and loss and for the most part they are collectively grinning like a jacka$$ eating briers. When the Election was over they started saying that they were only “joking” and started “crabbing” to cover up their stupidity. Well folks in your occupation you should stick to the script. Perhaps someone should help the person in this group that wanted to “blow” their brains out over the election and without malice I do hope their dream comes to fruition.

          13. Jim says

            As usual you are NOT a person of your word and totally devoid of HONOR.

          14. John Cherish says

            Why are you all still here? Ya’all are still freeloading off the system, time for you to go don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya on the way out. Leave already what ya waiting for, Oh I know you wanna milk the system some more and are a bunch of LIARS

      2. practicedcynic says

        Right ON, you educate a MORON, you get an EDUCATED MORON!!

      3. Bill says

        She us a friggin moron

        1. Kenneth Jones says

          You noticed!!

      4. Ray Silipino says

        In cases like this I always use the term: They are educated beyond their intelligence. To give you an exact example the person I was addressing actually thanked me for acknowledging his level of education———“go figure”



      6. autrypma says

        Maxine Waters has a multimillionaire house, much money in the bank, her husband has a really good income, but she is always preaching that folks with money should help folks without…does she do what she preaches…ABSOLUTELY NOT, she is so busy slamming President Trump, that is about all she does. She and Nancy Peloski need to team with this nutty professor and all of them find an island of their own, so we don’t have to see, listen or have any contact whatsoever…

        1. PATRICK says


        2. SUZANNE M. says

          BLM HYPOCRIT.

        3. Mark Owen says

          She was born stupid and been losing ground ever since!

      7. Joseph Prycodzien says

        You could not have stated the facts more sucinctly and you deserve to have this excuse of a PhD’s job that you would handle more proficiently than this poorly educated fool..

        1. Glenn Trail says

          Joseph, did you not know that you can get a diploma for a PHD or anything you want on line for a small price? My wife collects frogs, and I sent for a Masters diploma for “Freddy Frog”. All I needed was to send $19.95 and they would send it. So little Freddy frog now has his Masters in Engineering. Not bad for being a little clay frog.

      8. JOHN HIGGINS says

        Well said.

      9. Shelly Shannon says

        You mean this “UNEDUCATED” moron. If she were educated, she wouldn’t be so stupid.

    3. SD of AZ says

      What is really sad about this sort of professor or educator is that they are not preparing the students for what is coming in the REAL world. And where someone of this persuasion exactly like this educator could not keep a real job if she could even get it. They have failed their students and performed very poorly. The cost will fall on the students. Businesses are going to vet their new hires harshly especially with what they are seeing and hearing from this new generation. If I was in the hiring mode, the resumes from people from the colleges of today would be mostly filed in the trash can. Who would hire people of this ilk and taught by some one so very stupid?

      1. PatriotGal says

        Maybe she donate her entire salary and all her benefits to minority males.

      2. Justin Seine says

        As I have been articulating since the snowflake revolution began is that our kids get out of school believing that they are victims and that they should get trophies for watching those who put in the time and effort to develop the talent and skills to win. They seem to think that since it is a free country, everything should be free and the government, who coincidentally has zero money, should pay for it. They are being released into our “Dog Eat Dog” society as whining vegetarians who will get eaten alive by the wolves they will be trying to compete against. So they’ll end up back in Mom and Dad’s basement (the whine cellar) to cry into their video game consoles and Facebook pages wondering why they can’t get a high paying job.

        1. Kenneth Jones says

          I see that every day where my wife and I live, and if anyone thinks this isn’t actually happening right now, they’re living in La la Land.

        2. SUZANNE M. says


        3. Jim says

          Well said.

      3. Kenneth Jones says

        Oh, boy, that is so true!

    4. George Bartenfeld says

      Even if you gave them your job they would not work, show up one day Obama has them expecting free every thing

      1. Gen11American says

        Hopefully White American voters learned their lesson about what happens when they give up majority rule! The extent of damage Obama did to this country, and is still trying to do while operating a subversive Shadow Government to bring down Donald Trump, is being exposed day by day, and I hope Obama suffers the consequences for all of it, along with his Hungarian Fascist Puppet Master, George Soros!

        1. Terramom says

          I agree, and I hope he suffers massive humiliation in some way for the damage he has done.

          1. SUZANNE M. says


        2. Jim says

          Obola and ALL his minions (in every part of USA life) and ALL enablers etc. need to be EXECUTED. That is what obola’s TRUE religion wants to do to ALL who oppose it.

      2. Gen11American says

        When affirmative action was initiated in our County government back in 1977, white employees had to work doubly hard to pick up the slack for the unqualified minority employees department head were forced to hire! The effectiveness of government went totally to hell, just as the effectiveness of the New York police department has gone to hell due to PC and an emphasis on “Diversity” instead of quality! If minority candidates rank in the top, that’s terrific. But no taxpayer-supported government agencies should have to hire poorly qualified employees for the sake of diversity and quotas! The US is supposed to be a Meritocracy! Granted, everyone should be granted the same opportunities, and the same quality of public education should be available to everyone no matter where they happen to live, and what their Zip codes happen to be, but those Americans who possess the most skill and ambition should be allowed to rise to the top without less skilled and less ambitious Americans wishing to drag them down! And professors most certainly shouldn’t be demanding that White Males give up their jobs to minorities! Such demands only create even more stubbornness and defensiveness! WHITES ARE THE LEGITIMATE MAJORITY IN THE US, IT WAS THEY WHO CREATED THIS COUNTRY, FOUGHT ITS WARS, WROTE THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND THE US CONSTITUTION, FOUGHT AND DIED TO FREE THE SLAVES, AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO ALLOW THIRD WORK PEASANTS TO OVERRUN US AND TURN THIS COUNTRY INTO A HELLHOLE LIKE THOSE THE PEASANTS CAME FROM!

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Well said Gen11

    5. Francisco Machado says

      The University hiring criteria has almost entirely shifted from qualifications and teaching ability to ideology and indoctrinating ability. Technical knowledge? We can hire that from India.

      1. shamu9 says

        Affirmative Action Monkey Quotas!

        1. Nightwing K'Trevala says

          Let’s not insult the Monkeys. The Monkeys would probably do a better job at many vocations than the people of color that supposedly HAVE the jobs and, besides, the monkeys are not busy rioting and being Welfare Queens.

      2. Terramom says

        Fortunately, college degrees are no longer the only way for people to get ahead in this world.

        1. Francisco Machado says

          My opinion on education: Promoting college for applicants irrespective of ability is absurd and very costly. Funding and expansion of technical education would be of greater value to individuals and to society. With all the government regulations and requirements now imposed, intimidation of employers, it’s no longer possible – maybe not even legal – for a teenager to go to a garage or to approach a contractor and say “I don’t know much, but I’ll work for cheap if you’ll teach me to do what you need done.” Regulations now shut down kid’s lemonade stands or youngsters going house to house selling snow shoveling services. Government is outlawing the sort of jobs where people used to get started a half century ago – they even buy advertising to promote application for the dole.

          1. Terramom says

            Right. I just retired from teaching, and I know that everyone is not destined for college. I used to get so made when Obama would tout that we were getting everyone college-ready. And I know that liberal government is the death of business–on purpose, I believe. We need to get it out of business and let entrepreneurs do what they do.

    6. richjack4 says

      And from where does this professor propose professional and educated minority replacements be recruited? From local, state or federal prisons? Perhaps your local fast food restaurant. Just more nonsense illustrating blacks have never liked whites, never will. Period. Sooner or later whites will realize that they are being played for fools by the black culture!

      1. chad says

        It may sound racists but it seems the dumbest, laziest people at my work are bl&ck. Black men spend half the night roaming the building talking to women. Their all not that way but it seems the majority are.

        1. richjack4 says

          It is not your imagination as many of us in professions deal with the same thing. First, there is a sense of entitlement, and the second, which correlates with that, is any type of discipline towards them doesn’t take but 10 seconds for the word ‘racism’ to be brought up. And from experience I can tell you, no company needs that aggravation. And they are certainly aware of that.

    7. Nightwing K'Trevala says

      or since she is at the University of Hawaii- M-ACADEMIA NUTS? Just saying…

    8. Osamao says

      Leading the way and they don’t even know it. McCarthy and Khrushchev were right!!

    9. PATRICK says

      f – – k this idiot…..probably a ISIS PAID IF FULL MEMBERSHIP CARD……

    10. John Procidano says

      Oh YES! Give all those white folk a month or two vacation while the other folk run everything. I feel it is a grand idea. Then when it all crashes they will have ONLY themselves to blame. Just think, it will remove all from welfare that cry for more of what they refer to as entitlement that they never paid into. all the welfare will save all that money as the minorities will be supposedly working the jobs the white were let go of.

    11. Juan TwoTree says

      I didn’t realize that ‘White Men’ were still picking cotton!!! Yeah, give those jobs to the fuking ‘Knee-Gro’s!’ Maybe this time they can get it right!

    12. Marialice Barone says

      The academic nuts only think they think…they don’t really know how to do anything!

    13. Sandy129 says

      That is a fact! There is that sector of society that thinks if you are white and a professional you did not earn it! I am not a politician but I am a Registered Nurse and trust me I worked hard for that degree and to pass NY State board exams! My comment is mainly due to the group of colored girls (I am not a racist!) complaining that a “D” was not considered passing as it was in high school! Praise the Lord it was not considered passing. People’s lives rest in the hands of that RN watching after you coming out of surgery or in the ICU or other critical care areas. I don’t think any of us would be happy to hear her say that she was a D student and just barely passed her exams! We have to Qualify for a position, no matter what it is or the color of our skin. I know of some awesome colored nurses. They are able as well as anyone else. Some people are just better suited for some other field that doesn’t require the technical knowledge that any field of medicine does. Those like the one writing this article have NO clue how we worked to get where we are. This is America and anyone can succeed if they are willing to work hard giving it all they’ve got to excel!

    1. elkhunt says
      1. says

        You are being too kind and should not put down gorillas.

        1. red110306 says

          Really… I am sure that the Gorilla possesses more intelligence than both of those losers combined!

          1. k9maiden says

            I agree, they are highly intelligent animals.

        2. Retired says

          Sure looks like AKLady .

      2. shamu9 says

        Put a Suit on that Go-Rilla and send him to Congress. as a Dem. Couldn’t vote any worse than E. Cummings!

        1. Gen11American says

          How right you are! Check out Congressman Elijah Cummings’ career voting record on immigration issues on NumbersUSA! He’s got one of the worst records of any of the blacks in Congress, and that’s really saying something because they’re all terrible! They rail about unemployment rate of blacks, and claim they’re dedicated to protecting American jobs, yet they’ve been aiding and abetting the illegal alien invasion of our country for DECADES! If black voters would just get informed, none of them would vote for ANY Democrat EVER!

          1. CherDash says

            Is the guy on the left Cory Booker?

          2. Gen11American says

            Yup! Everyone seems to think he’s just great but he’d be Obama the Second if we were stupid enough to elect him in the future!

          3. CherDash says

            Thank you! I agree about him being Obama II.

          4. Gen11American says

            Yup! Everyone seems to think he’s just great but he’d be Obama the Second if we were stupid enough to elect him in the future! Here’s his career voting record on immigration issues since he’s been in Congress:
            1. Reduce Chain Migration – No Grade
            2. Reduce Visa Lottery – No Grade
            3. Reduce Unnecessary Worker Visas – 4 actions – 50% – C
            4. Reduce Refugee and Asylum Fraud – 1 action – 0% – F-
            5. Reduce Amnesty Enticements – 7 actions – 0% – F-
            6. Reduce Anchor Baby Citizenship – No Grade
            7. Reduce Illegal Immigration Rewards – No Grade
            8. Reduce Illegal Immigration at Borders – Minimal Action
            9. Reduce Illegal Jobs and Presence – 2 actions – 0% – F-

            Does anyone who sees Senator Corey Booker’s grades still think he deserves to be paid $175,000 per year plus a Cadillac healthcare plan 4 times better than the average Americans? The voting record of Democrats in Congress is positively pathetic! 43% of Republicans in Congress have A’s and B’s on immigration issues, 0% of Democrats do! All the Democrats care about is flooding in more illegals and foreign workers they can entice into voting for Democrats even if it’s illegal for them to vote at all!

          5. CherDash says

            That is a dismal record he has there.

          6. Gen11American says

            It certainly is. One expects the Demos to lie when they claim during campaigns they’re working for the benefit of the American people, but when their voting records on specific issues are readily available for everyone with a computer to access, it’s beyond my ken to understand how they are so lacking in character they routinely do the exact opposite of what they claim they’re doing! Thank God we have organizations that monitor the politicos. If we only had the MSM to keep us informed, we’d all be totally misinformed instead of just the voters who support the Democrats! And 93% of them are terrible!

          7. shamu9 says

            Meat Head Cummings!

          8. shamu9 says

            ‘Meat Head’ Elijah Cummings!

    2. homer1057 says

      SEE the RACE card is what these people play when they have nothing else to play! They can NOT get over what has been done and what history has shown, and so, out comes that card! I dare any ONE, anywhere, to find me one/1 successful black leader in HISTORY, that has ever been successful? yes there has been ONE/1 but name me one other! Don’t give me that RACE issue, because it won’t work here! WHY, well, HISTORY/Facts PROVE what I said, and so does the Bible. SEE Genesis 9:20-27KJV Hey: don’t get mad at me, I did “NOT” write that “BOOK” but I KNOW who did, so confront and argue w/”HIM”!

      1. jackschmidt says

        Who is the one successful one?

        1. SD of AZ says

          I know a few. The one that did the peanut butter back around the turn of the century. The Brain surgeon that ran for president beside Trump. And there are more. Sadly not enough have overcome the dem wits. And apparently are still playing the race card in every way. BO did but he is likely going to be the last to sit his half back butt on that seat for some time to come.

          1. shamu9 says

            George Washington Carver is the name your mind isGroping for!

          2. Bob Morton says

            B.O. played the race card starting from his campaign and throughout his presidency. He gave speeches about murders of black people but never once mentioned any murders of white people and there were many. I live in TN where, in 2015, Zaevion Dobson (who was black) was gunned down while he was shielding his two female friends. Yes, he was a hero and got recognition from Obama. What Obama left out was Zaevion was murdered by two black gang member thugs. We had a 2007 torture/murder of a young white couple by 3 black male thugs and a female black thug. It was a very horrendous crime. It went to trial after Obama was president and the original trials, appeals and retrials were torturous for the families. Not one mention of any of this by Obama. What these scum of the earth thugs did to this young couple while they were still alive was unimaginably cruel.

            As far as this idiot, Piper Harron PhD, I didn’t know there was a PhD award for morons and, of course she’s black. There are many successful blacks, Hispanics, females, etc. but they had to work hard to get to where they’re at. The people that are the “poor me” (all ethnicities and both genders) think they shouldn’t have to start from the bottom and work their way up. A lot of them don’t work because because no one will hand them a cushie job with no experience and little to no education. I am totally for the proposed budget cuts to the welfare system. It includes cuts to medicaid and food stamps. The goal is to put able bodied people back to work (or to work for the first time). I also think that everyone on welfare should be drug tested and, if positive, kicked off welfare. I guess Harron would expect the government to find them high-paying executive jobs. I also noticed that Harron is a temporary assistant professor – is she trying to take her boss’ job because she is a black female? This is Bob’s wife.

        2. k9maiden says

          Apparently you haven’t heard, or followed Dr. Ben Carson, one of the most successful and intelligent surgeons of our lifetime, saving over 15,000 children from near death, the youngest Chief of Neurosurgery at John Hopkins. He was also CEO of Kellogg, on the board of Costco for 18 years, he and Candy founded the Carson Fund in 1994, and to date, has sent over 8000 inner city children to college. He was the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, vote one of the most admired men in America, and one of 89 Living Legends, a title given to him by the Library of Congress. Dr. Carson, born to a 15 year old mother in the heart of the Ghetto, once belonged to gangs, and dubbed the “dumbest kid in school” until he had an epiphany and became a follower of Christ, which changed his entire life. Quite inner strength and one of the most decent people in the world today. Then there was Herman Cain, Condi Rice, Allen West and a slew of others, but unlike the fake Black, BO, who is White, Arab, and a little Black blood from his Kenyan Grandma, the aforementioned went through the Civil Rights movement, and they struggled for their highly respected positions in life and it is well deserved. Unfortunately, because many of them did not stay on the PLANTATION of the DEMOCRATS for votes, the liberals hate them. HOW DARE THEY MAKE A SUCCESS ON THEIR OWN! HOW DARE THEY BELONG to the CONSERVATIVE PARTY! The left are the most racist people going, they put a label on everyone, something we don’t do.

      2. red110306 says

        Hey Homer… You acted like a coward with that deflection. Grow a pair and take a stand. Don’t deflect on the Lord!

      3. berg1928 says

        Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Supreme Court Justice Marshall, and more.

    3. shamu9 says

      Meat-Head Elijah!

  2. jim jones says

    Piper Harron is a fucking asshole.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Second the motion……

    2. ernldo says

      I believe you’re being way too kind, but I concur!

    3. homer1057 says

      Psalms 50:23b KJV … and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God. This is a wonderful fix for those w/a potty mouth, and I sure had one! But, not now! Thanks for listening Jim!

      1. jim whittaker says

        You are so right,I used that same talk till i asked JESUS in to my heart,I am still a sinner how ever i was saved by grace thru faith. .HE is still working on me.

        1. SNUFFER says


    4. Nightwing K'Trevala says

      Language, please!!! Just because that supercilious, pedantic, dictatorial moiety of scrapings from the academic middenheap uses such language to try to expound upon hir putative discerning and mind-shattering perspicacity doesn’t mean that you have to adulate that bloated, pompous, obnoxious minion’s verbal patterns

    5. ZACAL says

      That sounds like a hole a gay person would go after. A shit packer.

  3. Neil Hatch says

    The only bigot is this racist a$$hole.

  4. charles becker says

    Why is a moron like this even thought of as a professor, teaching our kids?

    1. kenrmer says

      Because she can’t make it in the private sector.

    2. Cookie Vranish says

      This dumbing down of our society goes all the way down to kindergarten! The men this dope writes of have all been neutered to some degree. They need to have value again and women’s rights have trashed that! White men get the short end of the stick in every walk of life. Even in divorce court. So, based on that, we need to kill all the lawyers and judges. I guess that would include the politicians!

    3. Jimi Johnston Jj says

      A Princeton education? No thanks, what a waste. Like to see a real spokesman from the school chime in.

    4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Another failure in affirmative action even for Hawaii which is made up of mostly people of color!

  5. buffalobob826 says

    This so called professor can kiss my ass. It was not my fault how I was born and some dumbass is not going to tell me what to do. She needs to give up her job so someone with some sense can actually do her job.

    1. Bill says

      How do U know it’s a she just hard 2 tell nowadays might identify as a man or whatever??

      1. Lajos Markos says

        biil reread article it explains it a she and sorry sob at that I said she

        1. jaime says


        2. Carabec says

          …Bill was being sarcastic!

      2. cv says

        Bill I get your point. She could solve the whole problem by imagining that she’s a white male. Then she would get freebies and perks and other advantages that have been coming my way for years. In fact, I wonder why I have two jobs and work on weekends and holidays??

    2. EBRM says

      Absolutely spot on buffalob826. This bitch can get stuffed.Shes a racist, leftist, IDIOT.

    3. Kenneth Jones says


  6. Terry Cornell says

    He must have me confused with somebody who gives a sh*t!!!

  7. elkhunt says

    now that’s funny–I don’t care who you are—-that’s funny

  8. Bill says

    Didn’t we just have a person of color in WH 4 8yrs who put people of color in jobs & probably had a few trannys in there 2 & we C how that worked out. By the way why don’t U give up your job cause it sure don’t sound like your worth a shit as a teacher. I wouldn’t want your liberal/communists way taught 2 my kid. But they have been taught 2 think 4 themselves & B polite till Someone like U pisses them off

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Well said Bill.

    2. says

      The previous fraud in white house didn’t count as he was only half black, so this PhD PinHeadDummy should clarify black for us, before we give up our jobs to another fraud. LOL

  9. Glenn Saulsbury says

    Wonder if he should give up his job to give to someone else. No because he most likely gets paid very well.

  10. RONALD WIEDER says

    How bloody stupid and thoughtless- even for the likes of her !

  11. gotcha1 says

    Piper Harron is not the authority that makes policy. His/Her sexist, racist statement should put it in it’s right place, the unemployment line. It is amazing how these eggheads move forward in life! I mean can they drive a car, make a rational thought? Parents should seriously consider sending their kids to these liberal nutjob incubation houses!

    1. Bob Morton says

      To think that idiots like her can vote!!! I heard that Harvard is allowing black students to have their own graduation ceremony. They are also planning to participate in the main graduation ceremony. “More than 125 graduate students worked for more than a year and raised more than $27,000 to pay for the event and a reception, the Root reported”. It took that long for 125 students to raise $27,000? Does that mean that whites, Asians, Europeans, Indians, Arabs, Hispanics, etc. can have their own ceremonies? This is Bob’s wife.

      1. gotcha1 says

        The obvious logical deduction from your point is that since they have to have their own ceremony they are practicing racism. That is the bottom line.

  12. Combatvet52 says

    I’m retired but just supposed I was young enough to work……I have to give my job to the minorities, so that means I would have to go and pick cotton for a living or ask the GUBMINT to support me.
    Harron can kiss my butt.

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      A descendent of people brought to the country in 1628 as livestock who are still trying to assimilate. Amazing!

  13. freedomchoice says

    For your pathetic FYI, at the rate today is going, white men has become the minority, morons!

  14. bleedgreen says

    we already know if a white male is not in charge what happens but Trump will get America Great Again

    1. Carabec says


    2. berg1928 says

      Don’t hold your breath until Trump gets anything great again.

      1. john says

        Hold your breath until you NEVER BREATH AGAIN !

  15. My country says

    This is what the racist word actually means . Propaganda spouting out of an ignorant morons mouth . And they let this actually teach . The universities in America are breeding grounds for the worst kind of hatred while they proclaim to be for one cause or another . Like this article these people have mental problems that are worse than being insane . The University of Arizona is paying students $10 and hour to turn in people who are against what they call the new norm. This is Hitler’s tactics right down to the snitching on fellow friends and neighbors that resulted in their deaths . If this is to stop we are going to have to shut down these universities one way or the other !

  16. echschmidt says

    SO 50 years of aggressive affirmative action in college admissions and in corporate placement hasn’t “leveled the playing field” enough??!!! Maybe, just maybe, society isn’t the problem,

    1. Cookie Vranish says

      Isn’t that the truth? I do know of minorities that have done well for themselves. But few of them, unless they are drug dealers or in sports. They are good at that! We do need the entertainment!

    2. Law.Abider says

      She’s a math professor, not a sociologist so what gives HER comments any weight? I think they’re SO used to having everything handed to them that they can’t/don’t know how to compete. Now they just want you to hand away your job to them. I guess since they get everything handed to them when they complain, why not go for the gold and ask for it all. What have they got to lose? It may just happen since it has done them a lot of good in the past. RIDICULOUS!

  17. rivahmitch says

    Bring on the race war. Harron should be among the first to drop.

  18. Doc says

    No picture but let me guess, it’s a racist black liberal democrat. Well, you can just kiss my shining hairy backside. Your mama should have aborted you. The best part probably ran down her leg.

    1. Cookie Vranish says

      I would put my life savings with your bet!

  19. kotoc says

    The ONLY time a white male should give his position up to someone who’s a minority is when the person wanting the job can, and will, do it better. That, and perhaps if the white male is old and due for retirement and the “minority” person is much younger, and fully qualified.

    This should NOT be an issue of race, but performance. The only way a business, agency, etc. can succeed is NOT about race equality…. it’s who can do the damn job, Piper Harron!!! … Period.

    1. Cookie Vranish says

      Actually, the only time a white man should give up his position to a minority is when your position is going to get you killed!

  20. ernldo says

    Lead by example, you stupid putz professor…. Maybe whitey go a riotin’ and lootin’ too?

  21. homer1057 says

    LOOK: I am NOT praising anyone but, IF this idiot knew anything about the TRUTH, and I mean the King James Bible, she wouldn’t make a remark like she made! SEE, in Genesis 9:20-27 The three races are in the condition today, because of what happened in that time, and by what was done and by what GOD did! SEE “HISTORY” Proves what happened after that! The “White” man ,and that was “Japeth” was “ENLARGED”! vs 27 among men! i.e. that means the “WHITE” man was the inventor, and the discoverer, and the leader and the politician etc etc of this world! Compare the inventions and what I just said w/those of the other two races! I mean LOOK at “England” white, “America” white! Look at the LAW. from White man, see Blackstones Commentaries etc. I am NOT praising or lifting up anyone or any race, all have sinned, BUT the Irrefutable FACTS are that God ENLARGED the white man, as He said He would and if this IDIOT doesn’t like or believe it, tough apples! History and FACTS, PROVE…GOD said it, and that’s that! Just because she hates what GOD said, means about as much to me as a giraffe in a mini skirt!

  22. The Capatin says

    More racist BS. Evidently the people “trying” to find work aren’t qualified? Imagine that.

  23. downs1 says

    This man, this liberal professor, this product of academia today clearly displays his foolishness! One has to wonder how many of his own professors brain washed him! To do less than one is capable of doing is sloth, and sloth destroys nations! Just look around at the world today! It’s called “socialism”!

  24. ONLYJB1 says

    We’ve been doing this for many years. It’s called affirmative action and we still can’t get them to work. Now here’s my idea. Why don’t you give up your job to an individual that is actually capable of teaching!?? What a PUTZ!

  25. Cheryl says

    Excuse me did you Ms Professor pay for my education? For that matter any white man’s education? You have a hell of alot of nerve stating something so Raceist! You madam should be fired immediately!

    1. VirgoVince says

      WHOA! Runner-up for FUGLY mooch or whoopi LOOK ALIKES??
      NOT easy to see before breakfast??

      1. ernldo says

        Yup, another whining feral ape….

    2. Ron says

      I hit view and had to immediately hit hide…………whew

    3. jackschmidt says

      Now I understand.

  26. Rick D. says

    Isn’t it scary to think that our youth are being educated by morons like Ms. Harron? She must be a barrel of laughs at social gatherings!! She probably leaves her audiences in ruckus laughter!!

  27. Carabec says

    …..and by doing this history repeats itself. The minority’s, trans, disabled will have supplanted the White cis male not by working or achieving but by climbing on the backs of those that have. Not because they worked for it themselves. The recipe for The Destructon of Civilization. In three generations we will ALL be living in slums or caves! This woman is Bat S–t Crazy!

    1. Shelly Shannon says

      This is another step in the leftist brainwashing agenda. No different than Jim Jones and the Guyanna tradgedy without the poisioning. I look at this like a cult. Those with liberal power will eventually force their base to follow them or be thrown out of the fold. Young liberals better wake up because they are actually being told to go to the back of the line. Spend enormous amounts of money, and IF you can secure a career then it will be taken from you and you will be forced out unless you submit. They will eat their own.

  28. Marion E McKenzie says

    We gave a Black the White House b8 years ago .He Fucked it Up to the point it will take 20 years to straighten it out…

    1. Law.Abider says

      Boy ain’t that the truth!

  29. melmack 1 says

    Why doesn’t this arragant bitch head to Africa to educate her own people …. she certainly accomplishes nothing here but bloodshed and hate

    1. Law.Abider says

      Because she can’t make a s***load of money there like she can here.

      1. melmack 1 says

        Right…the so called “Ivy League” needs to be disolved and remade into collages that provide an old fashioned American education. Not this LIBERAL crap where they actually learn nothing from garbage like HER !!

  30. homer1057 says

    You know: My “OLE MAN” respectfully said, always told me, he said son, NEVER take any “Wooden Nickels” and I never forgot that! It kept me from a lot of troubles. and I say that to say this: IF people would just remember, that just because someone says something, does NOT mean it’s right or true, and just because people think they are right, does NOT mean they are! What MUST happen is PROOF, it must be shown and KNOWN! IF you just accept what’s said as gospel, and as truth, then you could get a lie, and be deceived, and not even know it! Just because something feels good, does not make it so, and just because something hurts, does NOT make it wrong! The KJV Bible says it best when it says: PROVE “ALL” things; hold fast that which is good. 1 Thes 5:21 and Ronald Reagan said this: “Trust but verify” Now I think this is good advise any way you slice it!

  31. Comanche7WL says

    What’s the saying ? Those who can do, those who can’t teach. What a “dumb ass”. He needs to go surfing. There’s a Tiger Shark looking for breakfast.

  32. onewldindian says

    She is very sick, put her in a rubber room!

  33. Ron says

    These are the kind of loonies that are teaching in our colleges. Our schools are becoming looney liberal factories.

  34. Mark says

    “An African-American female math professor makes a provocative point about the over-representation of white males in academia. UH president defends freedom of expression.”
    A shinning example of why 50+ years of affirmative action is meaningless to minorities. They will never be satisfied.

  35. TomMcCorkill says

    I am sure that as a mathematics professor she does not understand that only 1+1=1. Maybe she should study genetics where it actually does make sense. White males achieve their positions through hard, dedicated work and in, most instances, competence, Females and “minorities” have the same opportunity in our society. Take a look at the number of doctors, lawyers, and heads of major corporations to see the basis for my comment.

  36. Jim Colon says

    I can’t believe these Liberal “Nut Cases” are teaching our children. People like this are an embarrassment to educators everywhere.

  37. Frank says

    Somewhere there’s a bullet with her name on it!

  38. Brenda says

    Maybe the Professor should be thankful instead of resentful. After all, were it not for affirmative action she more than likely would not be in the position she now holds. There were very few female or blacks male or female teaching in colleges prior to that.

  39. Sean O'Neal says

    Right from the start I see 2 problems with this: 1) they have to want to work and since the majority of the minorities have gotten use to living off of the public dole that isn’t going to happen very soon 2) they have to have an education and far too many feel that an education is not necessary and to add number 3) why does this professor believe it is any more important for minorities to work than those who have the jobs – talk to Heritage Foundation and Newt Gingrich who made sure they approved NAFTA and sent most of our jobs overseas or Paul Ryan who along with several from congress saw fit to get paid millions to vote yes on the TPA giving Obummer the right to make treaty agreements in a stand alone position. Sorry professor, but your liberal gunk is just that – gunk! It is after all the liberal college professors who have aided in bringing this country to where it is today!

    1. pineapple says

      If whites give up their jobs, who will feed the blacks?

      1. Sean O'Neal says

        Your response is nothing but racist since the number of whites running the streets and taking money from Soros has certainly grown and you see more whites than blacks. It is the whites who are accepting the Socialist agenda and calling for everything to be free – I am white and disgusted at the actions of our young but they are getting their training from inside the schools. Racism makes nothing better – the country could do well to give hands up rather than hands down.

        1. pineapple says

          You didn’t answer my question.

        2. pineapple says

          “Your response is nothing but racist ”

          “White men should give up their jobs to minorities”

          Sounds like you are the racist

    2. Law.Abider says

      Why does she think it’s more important for minorities to work than those who already have the jobs? Because she wants to carry out Obama’s agenda of sticking it to white people.

  40. kenrmer says

    This Harron is a nut case. The following is the prologue to her Thesis for a PhD in Mathematics at Princeton. Yes, mathematics, a field that is devoid of bias by race, gender, or income.
    Respected research math is dominated by men of a certain attitude. Even allowing for individual variation, there is still a tendency towards an oppressive atmosphere, which is carefully maintained and even championed by those who find it conducive to success. As any good grad student would do, I tried to fit in, mathematically. I absorbed the atmosphere and took attitudes to heart. I was miserable, and on the verge of failure. The problem was not individuals, but a system of self-preservation that, from the outside, feels like a long string of betrayals, some big, some small, perpetrated by your only support system. When I physically removed myself from the situation, I did not know where I was or what to do. First thought: FREEDOM!!!! Second thought: but what about the others like me, who don’t do math the “right way” but could still greatly contribute to the community? I combined those two thoughts and started from zero on my thesis. What resulted was a thesis written for those who do not feel that they are encouraged to be themselves. People who, for instance, try to read a math paper and think, “Oh my goodness what on earth does any of this mean? Why can’t they just say what they mean????” rather than, Ah, what lovely results!” (I can’t even pretend to know how normal” mathematicians feel when they read math, but I know it’s not how I feel.) My thesis is, in many ways, not very serious, sometimes sarcastic, brutally honest, and very me.
    It is my art. It is myself. It is also as mathematically complete as I could honestly make it.
    I’m unwilling to pretend that all manner of ways of thinking are equally encouraged, or that there aren’t very real issues of lack of diversity. It is not my place to make the system comfortable with itself. This may be challenging for happy mathematicians to read through; my only hope is that the challenge is accepted.”

    Trump needs to defund Princeton and U of H for gross misuse of educational public funding.

    1. Law.Abider says

      Princeton is private but I believe the state funds the U of Hawaii. Judging from the reaction of that Federal judge in Hawaii who halted Trump’s travel embargo from the seven countries where jihadists come from, Hawaii is ultra liberal so I doubt any funds will be withheld. Good sentiment, though.

  41. larry outlaw says

    How does a person like this ass wipe even get to open her piehole to media news like fix the nation? Something is wrong here.

  42. Areyoukiddingme says

    I think she should give up her affirmative action job

  43. Ibcamn says

    so nothing will get done,so nothing will get invented ever again,so nothing will advance further in the world,so nothing in medicine will ever be done…so nothing ever will be built and so nothing in the future will be accomplished and we will have even more war……just what everyone wants,right

    1. cv says

      You got it nailed! There are people who work long and hard to succeed, and there are others who would like the fruits of their labor without lifting a finger. Basic difference.

  44. red110306 says

    Hey Harron….
    You should give your lips to my backside!

  45. DonRS says

    Most certainly, Let this nincompoop start the parade by resigning. He clearly has nothing to offer intellectually, only repeating left wing talking points. This airhead is proof positive that those that can, do, those that can’t teach!

    1. cv says

      It is a “she”. Don’t artificially elevate her into the ruling class of bigots. She doesn’t qualify.

      1. DonRS says

        CV, do you really think that it matters whether this irrational, mindless thought comes from a “he” or a “she”.

        I admit, studies show women tend to be more emotional than men, but both (actually, now 56 sex categories) are fully incapable of their own thoughts, only dependent upon others to fill their heads full of mush with talking points.

        1. cv says

          I misspoke. She might think she is a he, and therefore a member of the ruling class of bigots. 56 categories? I thought they were at 31. Whatever happened to checking the plumbing? The vast majority of us can check our sex in a few seconds. It’s not that complicated. A DNA test will confirm if there is any doubt. I think psychologists went too far to make their clients happy by telling too many people they were “normal”. Everybody is not normal in one way or another, so it’s normal to be different. I think people need more work and longer hours.

  46. Tired... says

    Once again we see liberal bigotry disguised as virtue…WOW!!!

  47. says

    Look at the bright side, these liberal liar losers can’t deal with their loss, so they lash out blaming whites, while never will they admit the previous half ass black and white in white house has destroyed their demonrat party forever. Pathological deniers are just as much to blame than the pathological liar in white house for last eight years. RIP

  48. cv says

    Wait a minute…according to current liberal ideology, I can be a man but identify as a woman, and therefore am a woman and can compete with other women in sports, etc. So you know, lately I’ve been thinking I am a “trans-woman of color who is an extreme ethnic minority” so in fact somebody who is more advantaged than me should resign and give me her job. In fact, I also understand people can change from male to female to gender queer depending on the time of day, and I think I feel that coming on, so just pick what you want me to be, I aim to please! Just make sure you keep giving me things I don’t deserve and don’t want to bother earning.

    1. hangem'high says

      Just call me poky hun azz

  49. cv says

    Dumb and dumber!

  50. SammysDad says

    Washington , DC is an example of what would happen anywhere if this math “teacher” had his way. Hey, just saying, indoctrinated people quickly ruin anything they touch. White men: DON’T GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB JUST BECAUSE SOMEON ELSE WANTS TI RUIN THIS NATION!

  51. MJB says

    More giveaway programs for people with no initiative? How many more programs do we need for minorities? America doesn’t owe any of it’s citizens anything. America’s freedom offers you endless opportunities to excel no matter who you are. Get to work!

  52. Anita Kulvinskas says

    Let me guess–she is pissed cause she is just an “assistant” math professor, that a MALE who is CIS (whatever) had the position she wanted and she just cannot accept that. Did it ever occur to her that not everyone is qualified? It sounds like the minority she is referring to is women, transgender people and who else?? There are more women in power positions than ever before. Why does she not instead speak on “minorities” getting educated, continuing education and reach that level. Why the hell should a man of ANY color step down, they have bills to pay like anyone else.
    I think all that education turned her completely stupid, What is a dominant applicant? One that is top in his application, more qualified than the others. And would you hire an applicant who is “marginalized” as she says which is border line of fair to not acceptable? No, I think not. But lets look at Princeton and then Hawaii, and then tell us about Piper. (Too many Sociology classes and basket weaving!)

  53. Forever American says

    She is nucking futs.

  54. Natalie says

    What can universities do? Stop giving degrees to useless people like this who will clearly contribute nothing to the world because they are so stuffed full of leftist nonsense, absurdity and ugly hate masquerading as ‘tolerance and compassion’ it’s a wonder they can pass as normal human beings outside their little liberal ivory towers where ridiculous crap like this is peddled. These rabid lunatics have no idea what those two words mean and never really show them for anyone. What they really feel is a smug superiority so pervasive they cannot see past their own sneering, upturned noses to the rampant hypocrisy underneath. An outrageous, unearned arrogance based on the idea that they’ve ‘suffered’ things they make up themselves and then ascribed to those they’ve been taught to loathe like ‘stare rape’ and the ‘patriarchy’. And a hate that’s been tailored to fit the same people. They’ve been programmed in other words and go out into the world with so much of this sick baggage weighing them down when they inevitably fail, because you can’t function full of so much hate for so many imaginary things they blame their programmed boogyman, not the programming itself, which ruined them before they even started.

  55. Len Tippett says

    When you consider all the millions of potentially intelligent sperm units that could have fertilized her Mother’s egg, this is the one that made it. Then as a double slap in the face, her Mother probably paid her tuition at Princeton, and they finished destroying the rest of her brain.

    1. Natalie says

      No, her tuition was probably paid by us, you know the people she hates so much.

      1. Law.Abider says

        Princeton is private but she, no doubt, was the beneficiary of a scholarship.

  56. Donald Lindsey says

    any white man with a job that puts him in power over anyone else should quit or at least think about a voluntary demotion. Piper Harron, who graduated from Princeton with a PhD in mathematics, said in an American Mathematical Society blog post last week that it was impossible to achieve equality until white men gave up their positions of power so they could be filled by minorities.

    Let me say this “why doesn’t she give up her job to a white person whit a degree that is unemployed NOW?’

    She is a idiotic black Socialist is the answer, they believe that they should tell other what to do and how to live. She needs to be like me one who a degree but can’t find a job, can’t pay bills or buy med’s.

    universities hand out degrees to blacks like candy who has no brains or commonsense.

  57. Ken says says

    As I have observed for years in hiring and firing and interviewing “graduates” – a piece of paper from any institution does not provide a measure of intelligence- it is more important to overcome a dumb down education and environment and learn and gain experience. A Country of burger flippers is never going to be any better than 3rd World – Maybe that IS THE GOAL – ALL EQUALLY POOR…;-)

  58. Garys_opinion says

    Sure thing, hand the world over to a bunch of under educated drug dealers.
    When I started in engineering there was a saying. “Those who can… do, those who can’t… teach.
    The teaching field today is populated with Communists, they aren’t capable of anything else.

  59. Albedamned! says

    Just like the MTA in NYC social promotion. No qualifications required, if you got contacts, you will go up the ladder.

  60. jreg9304 says

    This gal takes the cake as being the literal NUTTY PROFESSOR. just how delusional can she get? Professor of what? nose pickology!!!

  61. Shelly Shannon says

    She can start by quitting her own job. She has no problem touting her credentials. I say HELL NO! Another attempt to create a third world country and bring transgender people out of the minority. If people didn’t work to achieve their place in society they wouldn’t be in their positions in the first place.If these people want to be in high positions then let them come here legally and create their own success. This is business as usual. She really needs to go climb under her rock. Libs should wake up. You have been used by libs in power, and now you are going to have to either follow suit, do what your told and submit, or resist your own party. This is the bed you’ve made for yourselves.

  62. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says

    He can give up his job first.

  63. anthony j. manzo says

    Let her prove her point by giving her job to lets say Maxine Waters. I feel sure she could do as good a job as the professor.

    1. Ken says says

      Crazy Maxine is way up the ladder from this bottom of the ladder Professor – Mad Max has made millions working the political system – hell – Maxine pays her daughter $750,000 to stuff envelopes and calls her “My Assistant”

  64. calhar says

    This is the kind of racial crap that should be stifled.This ignorance should be kicked in the a** and her brain cells jarred back up into her head,then slapped up beside the head and arranged in the proper perspective.Christ some educated morons are pathetic.Its about time that the news media ignore these idiots instead of promoting their stupidity.

    1. Ken says says

      News Media and Education – all Puppets of the Liberal Elite Establishment. Drain the Swamp

  65. Floyd says

    My dog may be a bitch but she is smarter than this b that is called a professor

  66. phil says

    typical liberal……. always willing to give someone the shirt off my back.

  67. Krazeehors says

    Oh my. Sweetheart, you are absolutely CERTIFIABLE!!

    WHO KNEW that the lessons Corporal Klinger taught the world in MASH would actually be useful today!!!

  68. richjack4 says

    And from where does this professor propose minority replacements be recruited? From local, state or federal prisons? Perhaps your local fast food restaurant. Just more nonsense illustrating blacks have never liked whites, never will. Period. Sooner or later whites will realize that they are being played for fools by the black culture.

  69. Tim Leach says

    For someone who has a PHD this has got to be the stupidest and most arrogant woman on the face of the earth some one ought to knock some since into her before someone else kills her

  70. Susan Short says

    How, how is it that we have such total dumb fuxks teaching in colleges in this country?! How did this happen?! Sure, after you’ve done the work, and gotten the education to earn the job you have, give it up, and give it to somebody with little education or qualifications for the job! That’s real smart!

  71. BT says

    Don’t see a picture of this pinhead so I can see if she suffers from white guilt, but if she does, why doesn’t she set the example? This gal (yes, I did say that!) is the compleat windbag. Also sounds like she’d like to get on a hiring committee. Poor dear, it’s unlikely now that she’ll ever be on one (but I could be wrong if she’s working at Snowflake University) Oh dear, how judgmental of me.

    1. Law.Abider says

      Google her pic (or should I say Yahoo her pic?)…..typical black liberal, about 25 or so.

    2. Norman says
  72. BuddyBoy53 says

    So give up your job teaching moron!

  73. Steve says

    Good to know. I will keep an extra change of Alpha Female fur in my closet.

  74. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    There will NEVER be equality, since all people are not equal! To take a high profile job and stick a LOSER in it would be idiotic at best. This prof should be fired just for being stupid!

  75. SouthernPatriot says

    In the French Revolution, the laborers massacred the doctors, lawyers, and leaders. By doing that, they suffered for generations without anyone to function well and positions of authority or advisory positions. The American Revolution did not do this. Even those in power who supported the Crown were allowed the opportunity to change their views and support the winners, even after the fact.

    An assistant math professor who is an academic anarchist and demented leftist put this cr@p out. Evaluate the source, then ignore the source.

  76. Dave T says

    Of course she has a PhD in mathematics. She likely sucks at everything else in life. Might be the next Governor of HI. Just plain WOW!

  77. Mark Brickey says

    Intriguing – This gal went to school (almost a given…) on White Man’s Money, has done nothing to MAKE jobs for anyone, let alone for people “of color”, yet she hides behind “Intelligentsia” blathering about what people in the “real” world should do.

  78. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says


  79. bill sexton says

    your absolutely crazy. White men made the modern world. White men made electricity, air planes, cars, trucks, ships, and trains. White men created sky scrapers, oil wells, and whiskey. White men are the creators and thinkers of the world. Without white men you would not be a professor. You would still be eating bugs and living in the wilderness. Get off by blaming someone else for your lack of fortune. Blame your self.

  80. Michael H. Payne says

    What is a minority? What should be used as a yard stick? People of color? Combined people of color outnumber whites. What about people with red hair? They are a small minority. What about people with blue eyes? Only 18% of the world population have blue eyes. Blue or light colored eyes are not restricted to whites. Who makes these decisions?

    1. Law.Abider says

      The loonies like Pelosi, Hillary, Obummer, Schumer, Sharpton, Jackson, La Raza, etc. All the ones who are looking for power and feel they can gain it by delivering freebies to the layabouts which consists of OTHER people’s money.

  81. David C. Lannan says

    This racist piece of trash professor needs to be looking for a new job herself. How about people actually EARN their way instead of expecting the so-called white privileged to just hand everything to them? Liberal regressives … I mean progressives … cannot cope with real life, expect everyone else to hand them everything – and we are the entitled and privileged ones? Go pound sand lady.

  82. Jean Langford M. says

    I believe You need to migrate to Vensuala, It is in the alternate Universe on your left…You can meet yourself coming and going…Looneytoones…

  83. Bill says

    So, if you are a white male and want to keep your job, the really productive way to do that is to put on a wig and a dress and give yourself a female name. Suddenly, you meet all the criteria necessary for this brave, new world, and justice is restored? We seem to live in a truly post-reality society.

  84. David in MA says

    It will not be long now.

  85. Just1Saddletramp says

    She wants equality among men, huh ?? I will draw a lot of flak on this but ” God created man. Sam Colt made them equal “

  86. TPS12 says

    So all white men should stop wasting their money attending schools after all they apparently don’t deserve jobs. Maybe no form or application should ask gender or race and just higher people based on grades and achievement. Or should all schools move to a pass fail grading system so we don’t discriminate against the students who really don’t want to study?

  87. hangem'high says

    All liberals should give their jobs to conservative, Oh wait a minute?

    All conservatives are already working!

    1. Mike W says

      I’d like to see the young punk in the picture above in 20 years – show him this video and watch him cringe about how stupid he was.

      1. hangem'high says

        You’re talking like he’ll come to his senses in twenty years? I’m thinking hell be wearing a derby cap, a black tee-shirt with a Red Crescent and sickle printed on the front, a potbelly and two young men under each arm?

    2. Mike W says

      You don’t get lips like that sucking on door knobs.

      1. hangem'high says

        He’d be real asset if he we’re to relocate to the nearest prison?

  88. Mike W says

    For a PHD he is not very bright. Webster’s defines achieve as : to get or attain as the result of exertion : That means to work. Positions of authority should be earned not given away. Left wing loons have the same misconception about many things – respect is another example. They feel they are OWED respect. Respect is also EARNED not given away freely. They have the same problem with the difference between legal and illegal.

    1. Law.Abider says


  89. ZACAL says

    All of us “white folks” had nothing to do with our color. As long as under-educated professors insist we should be ashamed of ourselves we will remain devided world. They’re also basing conclusions on 150 to 200 year old facts. Many of which political correctness junkies are trying to eradicate, such as removing statues and flags along with removing facts from history books. Burying your head in the sand will give people something to laugh about 200 years from now.

  90. John Williams says

    “Remember that you live in a world where people don’t succeed in a
    vacuum; most success happens on the backs of others who did not consent.” I wonder where the backs of others were when I was starting a couple of business, using my own money not provided by others, doing my own 18-20 hour days with out all of those other backs to stand on. this woman is a typical liberal femanazie loon, who, simply, because she is a woman, had extra doors opened for her. I wonder if she is willing to step aside and let others have her job, my bet, she is not, and my bet is that she has never actually had to work in the real world.

  91. George T Horvat says

    If memory serves, didn’t Obama say some of these things? It would appear that in this woman’s opinion all of us who were born in the USA should move to third world countries so that the third world people can take our places here. If even there was a “DING-BAT” we have finally found her.

    1. Ryanrobocop says

      George T Horvat is a cuming guzzling cock sucker

    2. Ryanrobocop says

      George T Horvat is a cum guzzling cock sucker

    3. Ryanrobocop says

      George T Horvat is a fucking cum guzzling cock sucker

  92. msueh says

    Let this “educated” idiot be the first to voluntarily give up her job/take a demotion, etc. So what if she was born a female & feels slighted? What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, to paraphrase an old saw…
    I am a female, proud/glad of it, and do not identify with the liberal insanity that is overtaking our beautiful country. I have three accomplished sons and I’ll be darned if I expect them to give up what they’ve worked hard to achieve.
    More power to the real men who are busy building up our country while so many are trying to tear it down.

  93. Letterman007 says

    I think it’s time for her to give up her job to someone with at least half a brain! No wonder the students at our universities are so anti Trump and so liberal!!

  94. Sol_of_Texas says

    Probably best to ignore the silly statements of anyone who can only view the world through the lens of identity politics.

  95. rfrichey says

    Chances are that if they did give their jobs to minorities the job wouldn’t get done.

  96. jjmcl431 says

    how come they did not show a picture of her? is she that ugly? i may be wrong but i bet she is not White and hates men, at least White men. she better stay in Hawaii and never come to the mainland. there are too many White men here for her to deal with and she could not handle that.

    1. Law.Abider says

      Google her pic. Black, 25 (?) with natural hair. Looks like a privileged, catered-to black.

    2. Norman says
  97. Moe says

    Piper Harron Phd and Yale Dean June Chu are truly a special kind ignorant, the blinded by their own self glorified image. They are far from being scholarly, and more towards being bigots and racist. Like most so called liberals they are and act like the types of people they claim they hate? These two nut cases and products of Lvory League University ignorance are two good reasons to re-elect Trump and open the Clinton investigation that was covered up by Obama to should pompous asses like these two reality and conspiracy that was based upon their ignorance to be led by sneaky morons.

  98. IMSweetOlBob says

    First of all, let’s define “Minorities”.
    The city in which I (‘an elderly white, widowed male) live is 76% Black. The City Government is 80 % Black.
    Am I not the Minority here ? How about some of the preferential goodies and mandated quotas being passed this way ? What’s that you say ? My privilege ? Oh ! I see ! Because of my color, my Social Security, that I worked all my adult life for, automatically buys truckloads of wealthy toys.
    My driveway is full of Maybachs and Lamborghinis instead of a 16 year old Honda.
    My Peanut Butter is more nourishing, less fattening, and lower in cholesterol, and tastes like Fried Chicken !
    Ooooooooooooh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah !

  99. Linda Lee says

    She should resign her job and make way.

  100. practicedcynic says

    The nutty professor should have consulted her shrink, before she babbled to the public. OK you loony lefties you can keep quite, the USA clearly knows how dysfunctional you are!

  101. CALVIN says

    How about this dipshit quit his job and let a real person teach our kids. This is what these fucked up professors are teaching your kids and you are paying them to do this! Is that fucked up or not?

  102. Jim Hays says

    I noticed that she doesn’t ask women to step aside.Could we please see her past positions (outside of teaching) that gives her the expertise to even make a statement like this. I spent 4 years in pharmacy school, then graduated, got a job in a pharmacy and then learned how to actually fill a prescription, something that my professors had never done.

  103. ECwashr says

    Liberalism is a bigger threat to America than Radical Islam. This idiot liberal FOOL professor is just one example.

  104. kayjay says

    Yes professor give up your job…

  105. PatriotGal says

    Of course, SHE/it would. Nothing like being a jealous female assigned at birth gender, obviously a feminist, totally useless Demonazi – looks like HI is going the way of Seattle, Nutsofornia and NY. Academia is useless. Anyone considering higher ed should save their money, take on-line courses or read lots of books and take CLEP tests which lead to degrees. We have to stop the idiocy of the “educated” morons earning huge salaries because our kids are taking out loans beyond imagination so they can be brainwashed by the morons. Stop the flow of dollars to universities/colleges and everything will change.

  106. Dennis Anderson says

    Well that kind of puts her job in jeopardy doesnt it. It goes back to the late 60s doesnt it. I got ripped off in Mekenna Beach, Maui. I came out of the water after a swim and my cash and return ticket were gone.
    They took food out of my back pack everything was scattered. I was 6 months trying to find work that would get me off that rock. What I seen all over the place in graffeti was Waheenees can stay, but white boys go home. The locals didnt want to hire me for anything. How about this professor you stay on your forking island we dont need you in the states FU. While were at it take your secure teaching job away from you. After all who the fork do you think you are telling people what to do. What an arrogant pile of $cheit you are. You have proved to me that you are to stupid to live and we can do without you. There = CASE CLOSED.

    1. Law.Abider says

      She’s a warped BLACK trash liberal complete with Afro.

  107. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Starting with this moon bat!

  108. Kendall Stephenson says

    Tell ya what, mr. college professor dude, why don’t you give up your job first. I’m sure anything, even a monkey, would be able to teach your students better than you.

  109. glenn398 says

    Where are they going to find a minority that wants to work or does he just mean fill the position.

  110. jim says

    The liberal elite seem to be getting more racist and absurd toward people of the white race . If whites did this to any other group there would be hell to pay . Quit the race baiting and divisiveness .

  111. Charles H. Thibodeaux says

    Well Doctor Piper, it appears you desire to be the Pie eyed piper, Well you take a demotion and let a dummy take your place. I am sure your fellow coworkers would never know that you had left.

  112. Cadfael says

    Another glaring example of why tenure is bunk and we need an evaluation system where students get to fire politically bullying professors, not the good ol’ left wing ex-hippie agit-prop activists club based on rear end oral contact advancement it currently is.

  113. Tiger says

    Well I got a news flash, we are a Republic, we have Laws and a Constitution and until the day we are no longer a Republic and all our documents that are the backbone of our country are gone, you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one comes true first.

    Please continue to talk the lunacy coming from you is what the world needs to see so they know why you are ignored.

  114. Lancelot Blackeburne says

    Here’s another “academic” enthusiastically contributing to the dramatic decline in the quality of U.S. academia and education.

    She is definitely helping to make a business case for creating new privately run conservative universities which focus on academic quality rather than “progressive” politics.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Very well said my friend.

  115. chad says

    Another moron from an ivy league school…
    Let this overpaid paper weight give up her job to a minority and since she has the time she can move to Somalia where very few evil white men live. Hope she enjoys it.

  116. James Clark says

    This “professor” wants America to look like South Africa.
    Crime is a prominent issue in South Africa. South Africa has a very high rate of murders,
    assaults, rapes (adult, child and infant), and other crimes compared to most countries.
    HIV/AIDS in South Africa is a prominent health concern; South Africa is believed to have
    more people with HIV/AIDS than any other country in the world.
    According to official estimates, a quarter of the population is unemployed,[8] however
    unofficial estimates put the real unemployment rate as high as 40%.[9] A quarter of South Africans live on less than US $1.25 a day.[10]

  117. Dorothy Wolfgang says

    She is an idiot and should lose her job to someone who has values.

  118. Jons_On says

    This clown goes to show that you don’t have to be smart to get a PHD just a liberal.

    1. Norman says

      A college degree does NOT mean she is intelligent. A college degree only means she attended college.

  119. Christine Glass says

    Drug screen this liberal professor

    1. Norman says

      No, don’t do that! She’d be promoted to full professor WHEN she tested positive for drug use.

  120. ED says

    These are the same so called smart people back in 1960’s and 70’s who pushed college on everyone no matter they wanted it or not. They erased trade schools, you were stupid to learn a trade to have a real skill to make a living.Now on average today’s skilled workers in the blue collar professions are making good living wages compared to many Academic learned people who are still living in their parents basement. A disaster way of thinking on her part.

    1. Norman says

      Bernie and Pocahontas want to give free college tuition to everyone including even the dumbest people just so they can draw them into colleges then indoctrinate them to radical ways at taxpayer expense.

  121. k9maiden says

    This is a case where a highly intelligent person lost her damn mind! She needs to have a taste of her own medicine, some minorities who wanted equal rights want more than equal rights! Let’s be honest, some will never be satisfied, and this woman is one of them.

    1. Norman says

      They already have equal rights and still are NOT satisfied; now they want SPECIAL PRIVILEGES.

  122. iwojimafan says

    I hope she reads this text as she is another Anti American LEFT WING LUNATIC. This Moronic Idiot needs to be put in a Straight jacket and hauled off to an INSANE ASYLUM. It seems that she got her degree out of a Cracker Jack box. As the old saying goes, there is a very thin line between Insanity and Genius and by her statement about white men giving up there job to some uneducated minority, shows that she has not only crossed the thin line but jumped head first into the Realm of I NSANITY

  123. LibsRHaters says

    This woman is proof once again that some people “Do”, and those that can’t teach. She is also proof that a college “education” is a lot more indoctrination than anything to do with higher learning.
    Back in the ’70’s, the “Big 3” automakers were busted in fraudulent practice of building cars to last only 5 years. This was to keep the American car buyers perpetually indebted to them. The same is true now with higher learning institutions! The product doesn’t serve the buyer since the product doesn’t produce an educated prospective employee for most employers who need them. Instead, each buyer is put under decades of indebtedness and proper learning happens on the job.

  124. B.A.Campbell says

    I think the dear professor should give up her job and look for a demotion, I believe in equal opportunity and I have worked hard for what I have and anyone who wants to work hard for success has the same ability, but giving my job to someone who hasn’t worked for it , only creates a disgruntled lazy man who will have no respect for himself and only want more hand-outs!

  125. firehawk69 says

    They swim in the koolaid they are drinking. Gone totally bonkers these people have.

  126. sargentrage says

    Tell that professor to suck my ….

  127. Sgt. York says

    Will this liberal SOB give up his indocternation job to some stinkin Muslim Wild Dog from the Devils horde? If not then he is one of the Devils Horde. If he were to have to go to work on the end of a shovel he would be dead dog meat in a two week span. He is another asshat who is in dire need of being fired and replaced with a True American not a Asshat Liberal like himself.

  128. Millard Huff says

    So let this assistant math professor give up his job dumb liberal.Can’t believe how dumb liberals are and think.

  129. Timothy Toroian says

    Unmitigated bull biscuits!! What the hell is with all of this anti male crap. Not just white males but males in general. And this nonsense of denigrating the majority and subjugating it to a minority is not only discrimination, in the long run it’s stupid. When the majority again asserts itself do the academics think the situation for the minorities will be sugar and spice??

    1. Norman says

      Then they call us “racist” and “sexist”.

  130. April Stoner says

    Why would anybody of any color, give they’re future they did the hard worked for to some cottled little kids who have not been educated, to put them in our jobs will further spread the unrealistic
    fantasies of “everything in the country is all about how they’re being discriminated against”, the indoctrinators have purposely set out to destroy this country, and have made sure there is an obama communist wanna-be planted in every area of our American structure, the obama mindset of undereducating our American citizens down to the ignorance level of obama, knowing full well,
    Anybody with an American education will not go along with the third world agenda obama needs
    Our youth to embrace, the wennie behind the communist curtain deceit, where they put together their indoctrination curriculum, to make sure the target goal to under educate, stifle emotional growth to ensure the American citizenship will have to live off government, that obamas narcissism needs this country’s intelligence level to come Way down, and we now see how many adult co-dependent group thinkers, turned over they’re brains to the obama ignorance. These weak minded tabloid rag hacks have no individuality, no genuine grounding beliefs or independent opinion, just watch mainstream news, or listen to the dimwits in office, that turned out to be as co-dependent as the target goal for our youth. They latch on to any group that fulfills they’re co-dependent need of acceptance. These communist assholes in our colleges, media and the dimwits politicians are oblivious to reality, blinded by the unrealistic fantasies of world domination, which is the terrorist end game, and the obama terrorist has infiltrated to prime the
    Citizens and plant the ideology of uncommon sensibilities and Islamic ideology In the fabric of America. As American citizen, if they are citizens, in America we work for a living, we support our own, for our own future, these kids are in for a humongous shock when they no longer have a dictator in they’re ear to soothe and comfort with lie about the fantasies of ignorant
    Indoctrinators that have nothing to offer these kids or this country. As far as I’m concerned, these
    Anti-Americans have no place in America, in our schools, government or neighborhoods.

  131. Ronney says

    Hay Moron, I will give up my job , or better yet let’s trade jobs. If your still alive after 36 hrs. Then I will give it up.

  132. Shawn Sapp says

    That is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. How does someone so stupid ever become a professor? Oh, that’s right, the position was given to her. She was incapable of earning it. Why bother to print remarks from such ignorant, racist people in the first place.

  133. Rose Weleski says

    My, my! How degrading to be hired for how you look and not your brain! And we call men “wretched” (or worse-womanizers) when they do the same to women? Hire people for their knowledge and credentials. Ask: can they do the job? If the answer is “Yes” then hire them! It doesn’t take much intelligence to figure this out. Brainwashing! That’s what it is. Everything right is now wrong. And if you dare to disagree…well, you’ll be branded as a bigot…it’s like someone holding a big stick over everyone and slapping fingers if we make a move not in tune with theirs.
    Sorry! I’d want to be hired for me! Not some quota.

    1. Gary says

      Rose, I think these clowns are hired for their “ideology”. If you “believe” a certain way, you are in, if you don’t, you get shown the door. Going after white males is the latest thing being used to destroy the country.

  134. MIKE6080 says

    let the minorities work 70 hr. weeks and pay the taxes that they dont pay now.

  135. Gary says

    What is this “CIS” term? Is the latest Liberal “buzz word” for something that they hate? So I am a male that was “assigned” as a male at birth? Who is this whack job? The only thing I can think of that I was “assigned” at birth was my NAME! And that is a privelege that parents get. This woman is living proof that “education” can go too far. Another PhD that is absolutely useless. These people STAY in academia because they wouldn’t have a prayer of surviving in the outside world. And we allow these clowns to “indoctrinate” our children? They are supposed to be preparing them for “real” life, but how can they do that when they don’t know diddley about it themselves? I say fire the whole lot of them and replace them with people that are either currently working at REAL jobs, or have had real work experience. THESE are the people who can truly point students in the right direction.

    1. Norman says

      My guess is that Ms. Harron was a full-time college student from when she graduated high school to buying a phony doctor degree (PhD) who has no real-world life experience and never will. Then she somehow ARROGANTLY believes having no real-world experience qualifies her to tell those of us with real-life experience how to live our lives just because she sat on her ass through college lectures for several years.

      A sidenote: My wife and I attended our conservative son’s college graduation recently. My wife commented to me that the “professors” weren’t much older than the graduating class. High school teachers are on average older and more experienced than college “professors”.

      1. msueh says

        I hate to write it, but there’s more money in a university paycheck, and it has naught to do with ability…

      2. Gary says

        … and we pay these “experiences” people thousands of dollars per year to indoctrinate our offspring? Makes you wonder what has happened to this country. 🙁

  136. marion leon stephens says

    MILLIONS of White Men have given up MILLIONS OF JOBS in this country to MILLIONS of people NOT FROM THIS country. I have to try to get Social security Disability Benefits because I don’t SPEAK SPANISH. So UNTIL YOU HAVE WALKED IN A WHITE MANS SHOES , SHUT UP .

  137. mholdcraft says

    Another Pure Bull Shit story. Maybe the professor’s job should be given to someone with a Brain!

  138. marion leon stephens says

    Now you know where the word NIGGER comes from .

  139. Pat Prybil says

    What Universities really need to do is stop hiring WHACK JOB professors to teach our children. If I was paying the tuition on my kid to listen to this WHACK JOB, I would pull my kid out so fast, and encourage other parents to do the same. What happened to professors teaching academics? It’s time for parents who are footing the bill, to insist that when professors over step their job’s, they are let go. No more tenure. This professor is pitting one race against another, with this way of thinking. These Liberal MORON’S are taking us back to the 60’s-70’s. Thanks to O’bama. Instead of race relations getting better, he made things worse. I could go on and on with a list of successful people of color who are a wonderful example of success. One man stands out. It was through hard work, and a mother who insisted I apply myself, so said Ben Carson. The Liberal’s pushing that the White Man is responsible for every bad thing in the world, is a SHAM Every human being is responsible for their own success, or failures, nobody else!!! Anything is possible, if you apply yourself, and don’t wallow in self pity, and go down that path of poor me !!!

  140. BorderGuard says

    If they possessed the IQ or skills, this would still not be feasible. But they don’t, so why even consider the preposterous suggestion.

  141. jkosow says

    Give it up to someone of color? The blacks were given the opportunity to attend any school they wanted. What did they do? They chastised their fellow black that really tried to study and achieve. They were asked “What are you trying to do? Be like Whitey?” So they didn’t work to learn and achieve. Now, they expect those positions to be given to them.

  142. autrypma says

    What kind of nut is this woman….Who is going to take care of the white man’s family if he quits and lets a minority have it. This woman should be put off the board, put out to pasture, put on a slow boat to china. I really hope there are enough sane people to not believe this garbage !!!!!!

  143. jim whittaker says

    I thank you for your input snuffer and you have the right. . I do not know how old you are but that is why so many of our millitary whet to war to give you your choicse and freedom.also that is why JESUS went to the cross to also give you your choice HEAVEN or hell.

  144. JoAnn Graham says

    Sounds like another perverted teacher to me beyond help probably still burning the system Don’t they have mental hospitals there to protect people from those type who prey on innocent youth.

  145. Obie Miller says

    This professor does NOT need to be teaching anyone!

  146. R. T. says

    This professor really wants to bring down the economy taking jobs away from people that are willing to work and give them to people that just want the money and not work their way up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Vikram William Sunderrajan says

      How can a minority work their way up without having a job in the first place? You are creating a cycle that only those with money already can enter and succeed. I’m not saying people should give up their jobs, but why would you say that the minorities aren’t willing to work?

      1. R. T. says

        I’m commenting on this professor saying whites should give their jobs to unqualified people , I have worked with many minorities that have worked their way up , I have also seen minorities that did not want to work which this professor sounds like he wants whites to give there jobs to !

  147. fbair1 says

    Fuking nut job, she needs to go live in one of the thousands of ghetto’s and preach that crap….

  148. skipfoss says

    This has got to be at the top of the list of most stupid plans I have heard so far this week, just like the way these fools get their degrees the first get a BS( bull shit) then they get a PHD(piled higher & deeper) If it were up to these freaks of higher Ed no white MAN would ever have a job or they would just fade away,not on your life bitch we will always be at the top no matter what you freaks come up with so screw you and the unicorn you flew in on

  149. rick meek says

    Yeah Right – It’s so FFFF’d up now they can only do it in anyway…….STFU….Hmmmm – The dems GAVE immunity – 5th – disappearance – cover up – missing 411 – removed 411 – destroyed computers and records – classified 411 —– to everyone that ws in their pocket during the other investigations !!!!! Trump – declassify – and release the 411 in reference to these investigations to the people —- Let’em see just what the swamp has been doing for the last 8 years….

  150. rick meek says

    So much for “The best person for the job”……

  151. Norman says

    So capable, experienced, successful white men should be replaced by incompetent women and black men not because the white men are capable, experienced, and successful but merely because they are white and men?

  152. Norman says

    President George W. Bush gave his job to obama and look at what a disaster that was.

    1. msueh says

      (just tried to give you 100 up-votes, but I wasn’t allowed cuz I’m not a democrap.)

  153. Osamao says

    So……….White Professors should kill themselves then right? You know……….Privilege and all that……..

  154. Jeff Kelley says

    Even if there are a few idiots who believe this is a good idea, they cannot simply turn over their job to unqualified minorities who cannot make it through the hiring process. These minorities need to look within themselves to become successful and not surrender himself or herself to live off welfare. It is good that many ‘whites’ are denied assistance that is amply doled out to minorities. It forces them to find work and get the education they need to succeed.

  155. TeaPartyPatriot says

    an assistant math professor? when I went to college that was a graduate student who had not even qualified for an advanced degree yet.

  156. mad max says


  157. mad max says

    Zap3 hours ago

    If it wasn’t for Yahoo I wouldn’t know that “WHITE” people who live in trailer parks are TRASH, white people are the root of all evil, that all black people are severely oppressed and that ONLY white people can be racists, that a man can turn into a woman as long as they “feel” like a woman, that homosexuality is the coolest thing since the Rubik’s Cube, that the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate but the rainbow flag is a symbol of love, that illegal immigrants should have just as many rights as natural citizen, that women are treated like third class citizens in America, that global warming is my fault, that all cops are racists and all criminals are innocent victims, that “Black Lives Matter” but not if that life was taken from another black person, that Beyoncé is the greatest entertainer in the history of the universe, that anyone who believes in the constitution is evil and that all Democrats are saints, that the Kardashians are American royalty, that men and women are the exact same except for our sexual organs and to say otherwise is sexist, that Christianity is evil but Islam is the religion of peace, that believing in a higher power is childish, that all cultures are really the same, that firearms should be abolished because the police will protect everybody, that forced multiculturalism and diversity are somehow great for society, that the American economy is booming, that feelings are more important than the truth, that government is going to fix all of our problems, that socialism is better than freedom, that fat women are sexy, that fast food workers should make at least $15 bucks per hour, that women should be able to breastfeed anywhere/anytime they like without covering themselves, that using a spel check/eeditor isn’t nessacary, that globalism is better than nationalism, that Amy Schumer is the funniest person that ever lived, that I’m supposed to find Lena Dunham attractive, that being the child/spouse of a celebrity automatically makes you a celebrity for some reason, that I should staunchly support same sex marriage, that Hillary Clinton will replace Barrack Obama as the greatest leader in the history of the world, THAT mickael brown was and intelligent human being,that people really give a shit about what charlie sheen says, and whatever else I forgot. Thanks again Yahoo!LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?.

  158. mad max says

    THE demoRATS and muslims r the WAR on American,long live President Trump! GOD bless the United States Of American!LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness

    1. msueh says

      “LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness”

      Max, you have to ASK?

  159. Len9 says

    What a nonsense this math professor is blurting about. What if she leave her job as math professor and give the chair to an Asian math wizard and all she would do is mop the floor where she is employed at.

  160. CharlyO says

    Where did this loon get her degree, online from playboy!. These folks think life would be so much better if there were no white people at all anywhere. But, to bad, you would all live like the scumbags you already do, plus you would all starve to death! Goodbye.

  161. tom cook says

    Stupid liberal prick doesn’t get it: minorities don’t want jobs–they want whites working to support their lazy parasitic asses.

  162. Dennis Moore says

    Really we been stepping aside for the last 40 years its called affirmative action. Many took advantage of it, but some just sat on the side lines and whined. They are the ones still winning.Love Trumps ? love

  163. Carolann Enkhaus says

    what is truly scary is that this appears to be some new type of contagious mental illness

  164. chuck says

    I have never met minority that could do my job. They wouldn’t want it anyway, takes too much effort and skill and requires an education beyond highschool and besides they’d rather live off the taxpayers.

  165. patriotgirl1 says

    These people are VERY SICK.

  166. ernst says

    “Let the inmates run the asylum,” as indicated below, is the best way to see this proposal. White men are more often in positions of power because they work hard and earn those positions. People tied up in self-identity issues, as Piper Harron must be, rarely have the directed energy to achieve and perform responsible positions.

    Piper Harron, PhD and all, seems a perfect example of the combination of intelligent and stupid. It is a dangerous combination.

  167. Adrian Vance says

    I will guarantee you this lady is fat and frumpy, stump ugly and ever-angry. She will marry some poor dweb she will paddle before sex and dump guilt on him in a shower of invective every day, all day and twice on Sunday.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  168. Gen11American says

    What bull! Since affirmative action was initiated, including in government jobs beginning in 1977, how many highly qualified white men have been denied jobs while far less qualified minorities were hired? The quality of government went to hell due to affirmative action, and it’s now so pathetic, it’s referred to as The Swamp! And why should White Americans give up their jobs to minorities when tens of millions of those minorities have been sucking American taxpayers dry to the tune of $22 TRILLION since 1965! And furthermore, tens of millions of the minorities in this country are relative newcomers to this country, so why should generational White Americans impoverish their own families to aid Third World peasants! Our Founding Fathers claimed they established this country “For Us and Our Posterity!” Yet, after 8 years of Obama’s BS, the White descendants of the Founders are to step aside for non-Whites? Bull!

  169. Mary Carter says

    Is there something in the water in Hawaii? The people are totally off the wall. They need our prayers and help.

  170. P.S. OFF says

    Affirmative action hiring policies dictated by the federal government for decades have already given jobs to less qualified persons based solely on the color of their skin and not their ability. So, I have already given up my potential and actual job many times over. Here’s the perfect person for a job based on government mandates and liberal nut jobs like this supposed professor. Half black half Hispanic female who is a wounded veteran and gay but going through gender reassignment. Move over more qualified applicants here !??? comes.

  171. StampOutLIberals says

    Hawaii is not a true state and is not recognized by WE The People. Professor “Trans or sympathizer thereof, 1/10th of one percent of the USA, should follow own advice and give her teaching job to a minority.

  172. Mary Stanley says

    I have a better idea! All universities should stop hiring idiots.

  173. Betty says

    is She a transgender person of another race/?

  174. Countryman12 says

    What an egotistacle black trans bitch. She sets in her polished office making all kinds of money and has the nerve to say white men should give up their jobs so minorities can have it. What part of no education,do not want to work,use drugs and sell drugs,kill their own kind to get drugs and the money from the sell of drugs does not get. She should be sent to prison for being so stupid and saying such shit.

  175. Don Wilson says

    Are aplicants interviewed by person or computer??

  176. bdcorvette says

    Forget her education; at heart she is just another dumb ghetto chick.

  177. Don Wilson says

    Maybe she should’nt have stopped in Hawii! She would fit in nicely on MARS%!$@

  178. Thinkingman2025 says

    That idiot should go back to her cave and shut up. She is an embarrassment to educated humans.

  179. tom cook says

    Minorities (blacks) don’t want jobs; they are parasites-they want whites to work and support their lazy useless asses.

  180. Kathy says

    It’s obvious to me, this woman has never worked for a minority supervisor. If she had, she would not be telling Americans to quit, and give their job to someone less qualified. In MX, they don’t have to go to school, so many don’t. I wonder if she is aware that the reason our educational system is failing, is because of this? MX college students complained that our tests and accreditation were ethnically biased, in favor of Americans. So they lowered the standards, and now we have high school graduates who can’t read. Why? Because their teachers don’t know what they’re doing.

    1. msueh says

      Agreed with you ’til I got to the final sentence; I am a teacher, but one of the conservative, Christian few. I kinda think I know what I’m doing 🙂

  181. Rummy Walker says

    I could give up my job but there would be no takers. Welfare is much easier. He wants to make everyone rich, by making everyone poor. Typical socialist. “Hey Prof. It’s been tried before. It doesn’t work! Moron!”

    This guy is more proof that morons still roam the earth.


  182. Brent Fabbi says

    she is so diverse in her thinking, she is looney

  183. vincent deredita says

    Professor what are you a NIGGER!!!

  184. rog363 says

    This is exactly what is wrong with our educational system today. We have instructors who have no idea what is in fact going on in the world today, telling our impressionable younger generation what they feel should be changed to make things right, when they themselves have no idea about life in general, having been stuck in a profession of telling others what they believe is wrong with society, when they themselves have probably never visited other countries or met other cultures. I, as a veteran, believe we are losing control of our younger generation, because of the stupidity of many of these damned, unknowledgeable instructors, who see these students as nothing more then very impressionable people who also have no idea what is in fact, going on, and seem willing to listen and believe. We as concerned parents must step in and stop this BS before it gets completely out of control. Hopefully it isn’t to late…..

  185. dumbvet says

    I think this person has read too many books or maybe she was dropped too many times on her head as a child!

  186. Don Johnston says

    Dr. Harron got her PhD because she is an expert in mathematics. Her specialty is division.

    1. msueh says


  187. Jim Johnson says

    Hey Piper, since you were an obviously privileged person having gone to Princeton, how about YOU giving up your cushy job to a minority. Some PhD in math – your bogus ideas just don’t add up.

  188. KJHanover says

    so you can’t be racist unless it is against whitey. What hogwash

  189. Mr. Manfredgensenden says

    She IS delusional if she thinks the majority of the minorities will even WORK if they were given jobs, that’s the whole problem.

  190. Phyllis Schultz says

    She needs to be shown the door and booted out.

  191. Mark says

    This man needs a baseball bat taken to his head, and then go back and get the money back his parents paid in to the college for his education. How long do we have to listen to, and put up with total insanity form a bunch of hair brain, idiots. Is the whole planet supposed to dum down cause someone thinks they didn’t get the chance they wanted. There are literally hundreds of thousands of so called minorities out there that have jobs that I WOULD love to have, they got scholarships cause they were a minority, and got alot of other chances that i would never get being a white male.

    1. msueh says

      It’s a “she”, so therefore is REALLY deserving of a White Male’s hard work. (sarcasm…)

  192. 1775concord says

    Note to the authors responsible for this very misleading headline: This person is NOT a “Professor.” She is an assistant professor, who got her Ph.D. 10 months ago, some 14 years after her B.A.. She has a long way to go, with years of paper writing, research, teaching, to finally become a professor….if she even ever gains tenure, for which she should be a candidate in about 5 years (then to Associate Professor).
    Her views are idiotic, as almost everyone here notes.

  193. Barbara Wasserman says

    This professor clearly is a knee-jerk liberal and a racist and a complete moron. Would not take any of her classes.

  194. Duane says

    Mr. Harron I think it would be a good idea for all the fascist, liberal professors to give their jobs to a deserving minority. You first!

  195. Al1005 says

    “White Men Should Give Their Jobs to Minorities”
    Because it’s worked so well in Zimbabwe – the FORMER breadbasket of Africa…

    Ms. Harron is a temporary assistant professor and wants some older white guy’s tenured position without having to work for it.


  196. Marialice Barone says

    It’s nice that a woman wants to give away white men’s jobs! I’ve now heard everything. How much crazier are liberals going to get.
    My Grandson, who had a Navy ROTC scholarship at a prestigious university was told he was wasting his life and asked if he liked killing people by two of his Professors!
    I’m proud of him surviving such abuse,

  197. Robert Cromley says

    She says people who have worked hard to get where they are, did it on the backs of others. She believes these people should “hand” their jobs to others. So, anyone who is “handed” a job is more deserving than someone who worked hard for it. WHAT AN IDIOT.

  198. Robert Cromley says

    I’m now wondering if she was “handed” her Professor’s job. If not, she should handed to someone else.

  199. imbog says

    My son applied at the U. of Washington with very good grades and we live in Bellevue Washington only 12 miles from the campus in1972 and was turned down because he was not a minority.. He ended up in Wash State college 300 miles across state and graduated with honors .He went back to U of Wash to get a masters and again was turned down so he ended up in the u. of Oregon out of state tuition where he again graduated with honors..He could have gotten both while still living at home. But it cost an EXTRA approx $135,000 for his education… I came from a very poor family who appreciated a good education and did not complain but find that 43% of minorities who were give aid AND preference over whites did NOT graduate from college after all the help,,I remember a great old saying that…..”.There is no greater satisfaction than accomplishing yourself ”

  200. harold says

    Another dim -wit who thinks he is smart or funny either way he is still a dumb dim-wit. He should get a job or at least follow his own advise. There are probably a lot of minorities that would be a better professor than he thinks he is! It seems as those these idiot professors are getting more numerous by the day!

  201. Kyle Campbell says

    This guy is an idiot. The resignations should start with him

  202. EE says

    what a stupid bitch