Professor: You’re Racist if You’re White


If you were hoping that the concept of “white privilege” might have the good graces to disappear before the dawning of a new year, that’s one Christmas present you’re unlikely to receive. In fact, as Emory University professor George Yancy put it in the New York Times, it’s time for all white people to “speak to, to admit to, the racist poison that is inside you.”

“Don’t tell me about how many black friends you have,” Yancy wrote. “Don’t tell me that you are married to someone of color. Don’t tell me that you voted for Obama. Don’t tell me that I’m the racist. Don’t tell me that you don’t see color. Don’t tell me that I’m blaming whites for everything. To do so is to hide yet again.”

In other words, you have no argument. Yancy is right, you are wrong.

“As you reap comfort from being white, we suffer for being black and people of color,” Yancy wrote. “Just as my comfort in being male is linked to the suffering of women, which makes me sexist, so, too, you are racist.”

Yes, and your comfort as a law-abiding citizen is linked to the suffering of criminals, which makes you responsible for their plight. And your comfort as a human is linked to the suffering of animals, so perhaps PETA can come up with an “ist” to describe that as well.

But most specifically, Professor Yancy, your comfort as an academic is linked to the suffering of everyday Americans who don’t have the privilege of living in an ivory tower. It is your privilege to spend your days dreaming up social theories for which you’ll never have to answer. To denigrate the majority of Americans for having the audacity to worry about raising a family, getting ahead in their careers, and living a good life without constantly examining the hidden benefits of being white. When is there time in the day for this kind of reflection?

Yancy does not explain how all of this acknowledgment will actually help change society. Maybe liberals have finally been proven wrong so many times that they shy away from making predictions. It’s enough just to spout this nonsense, then, without justifying it with any rationale. Maybe it’s best that way; the obvious racism is better exposed when it isn’t hidden by fictional prognostication.

It is an inescapable fact of a free society that there will be some degree of inequality. In the Civil Rights Era, we put laws in place that eliminated racial discrimination explicitly. The white man’s burden has been sufficiently addressed. To go further would be to undermine democracy and thwart the free market. Which is, of course, exactly what this philosophy aims to do.

One can hope that Americans will eventually reject this narrative as unfair and illogical, but the political landscape of 2015 leaves plenty of room for doubt.

  1. Croco Dile says

    “….One can hope that Americans will eventually reject this narrative as unfair and illogical….”

    Hope prevents us from thinking clearly.

    Ferdinand Lindbergh wrote on Americans in 1968 :

    We should find a meaningful term for the masses with reference to their inadequacies of judgment. I propose, therefore, that they be regarded, in varying degrees, as handicapped, crippled, unable to make sound judgments and decisions in their own self-interest. They live blindly in a system that offers wide although not unlimited free choice and they are unable to choose wisely. They are victims of their own choices. Nobody protects them from themselves ! The masses are handicapped in that they are ready believers in tales and promises of nimbler wits, prone to give credence to the improbable or very doubtful. They believe that some obvious charlatan – a preacher, a politician, a vendor of cheap merchandise – is going to do something very good for them at only a slight fee or absolutely free. At their most extreme these people are the followers of astrologers, spiritualists, religious dervishes and messiahs of all kinds, very often political messiahs. They tend strongly to resist whatever is objectively the case if it does not harmonize with their delusions.
    Gullibility and muddle-headedness are functions of insufficient intelligence. The intelligent person is prone to make significant distinctions, to analyze, compare, reflect and seek out difficulties in proffered propositions whether flattering or promising to himself or not. Skeptical self-analysis is beyond the powers of the gullible because they already feel insecure, must (as they say) “believe in something” if only in believing. Intimations of any lack in their judgment are resisted. Hence it follows that they believe whatever ethnic, religious or national group to which they belong is inherently superlative. Having little sense of individual identity, they derive their identity from some extensive tribe – hence White Supremacy, Black Power, God-Jesus, Dallas Cowboys, etc.

    1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      WOW! Wonderful use of the English language, are you a speech writer in the political arena?

      1. Retired Marine says

        Ferdinand Lindbergh wrote on Americans in 1968, it was a quote, and a damn good one.

      2. .madashell says

        Those are not his words. They are the words of Ferdinand Lundbergh, an American journalist who had dedicated his life to the destruction of the richness of the United States.
        “Crock” is about perpetuating Lundbergh’s ideology.

    2. olf says

      This person was an atheist ? The evil is manifesting in millions on the left, most don’t realize they have lost all ability to reason, examine logic or assess truth by comparison. They are so lost that a rabbit animal may have more brain waves. Evil is evil. Dear Father God protect and guide Your people away from the dangers of twisted minds. Amen

    3. Douglas McIntyre says

      Interesting collection of words…so your point is that this professor is a dam fool? And is incapable of making a complete sentence without an overtone of Racism…or is a Pot calling the Kettle Black? Or that Universities don’t do background checks of any sort, and that is how people like him and Bill Ayres get employed to teach our children garbage?

      1. olf says

        Those who are running these colleges have lost all control of true standards of right teaching. If you allow or teach evil, evil is what you get. You will reap what you sow. Again the word of God is proven correct. Whether you like it or not, God’s laws of the universe are true and the perfect way of life. When did our value system go to hell. Remember sound mind, body and soul ? It is still the standard that places real truth firmly in it’s seat. Return to truth, He is still the only way home.

      2. Croco Dile says

        I was not reacting to that garbage that professor was professing.
        I did react to the optimism of the author of this piece by quoting Frdinand Lundbergh.

  2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    If being white makes me a racist, I am the poster boy for racism!

    1. Deborah G says

      I never was a racist but now I am.They made me do it.

      1. jim says

        Exactly , why do I need to apologize for being white !

        1. Deborah G says

          IF you apologize then you are admitting something that isn’t reality for most people.,just to cave under their bullying.tHEY are racist for expecting special privilage based on their color.Welfare,affirmative action,It is government sponsored racism ala OBAMA

          1. Walter L. Hatfield says

            Deborah, I went to school where blacks were a majority. I was as poor or more so than the majority of them. I have seen the excuses that are expressed by the BLM and others that the schools are to blame. It was a case of having no interest for many that attended my classes, they were more interested in street activities and this was in the early 1950’S. They have become so accustomed to the blame game and take no responsibility for their failures.

          2. Robert Andrew says

            Well said. The black community can only improve from within, and there doesn’t seem to be a concerted effort to do so.

        2. Gunflint Roseberg says

          No Apologies. No Regrets..They sure like our hard earned paychecks don’t they? Screw em….let them starve

          1. glenn398 says

            Gunflint as you can see in the countries they control they are starving and living in filth.

          2. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Yes glenn398..All the different races we have here in America, & it seems like they’re the only ones that cannot fit in. Always blaming the whites for their problems. They are right in one respect, we are to blame for not making them work for the welfare given. Tired of they’re free rides

          3. glenn398 says

            Gunflint the only thing I can’t figure out is if it is so bad here for all those people why are there hundreds of thousands of them trying to come here.

          4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            For the taxpayer funded freebies.

          5. worn out 123 says

            Welfare, HUD, food stamps, employment compensation and special status.

          6. glenn398 says

            Yes those stopped at the border coming from South America and Mexico when asked why they wanted to come here said they heard about all the government benefits.

          7. Deborah G says

            And like we are supposed to want them around when 2000 of the rage through a mall? Disgusting behavior and our President incites it

          8. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Our president not only entices it…He endorses it !

          9. Deborah G says

            Easy to understand he is an Alinsky follower, a Communist and his only stab at working was as a Community AGITATOR for blacks

          10. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Mrs Clinton another Alinsky advocate.

          11. Deborah G says

            She was on a first name basis with him but her innate greed got in the way.

          12. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            It boggles my mind that so many admire her and will vote for the tired old bag. Slick was a disaster for all but the most closed minded democRAT voter, but was likable for his mis-deeds and running around on Hillary much like “Peck’s Bad Boy”. Hillary is everyman’s ex-wife and that screech she has for a voice would drive buzzards off a road kill. If I wanted to harm my eye sight I’d stick an ice pick in both of my eyes rather than look at that old gunny sack full of lard.

          13. Deborah G says

            OMG! I am laughing so hard! now tell me what you REALLY think LOL loved it , made my day!

          14. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Sorry, should have read your post first!

          15. DaveM says

            He is not my president and he is an extreme example of a loser! Shame that people actually believe in this bath house testicle!

          16. Deborah G says

            Nor is he mine. NO Communist or MArxist IS an American President.

          17. hangem'high says

            Too bad the prejudice Americans voted for his skin color, and not the content of his character!

          18. jackirvin says

            we hace a racist traitor in the White House

          19. pineapple says

            He should be arrested for inciting riots.

          20. Michael Dennewitz says

            Don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t even call the piece of shit “president!” He damned sure isn’t MY president!!

          21. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            He endorses them through his silence as do the other Black ‘leaders’ like Jackson and Sharpton.

          22. pineapple says

            BTW when is Sharpton going to pay the millions in taxes that he owes?

          23. catman says

            Never !! They will be “forgiven” at the behest of his buddy Obumass !!

          24. Michael Dennewitz says

            The only comfort in knowing jessie jackass and not-so-sharpton is that both are not far from death’s door!!

          25. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I pray you’re right. I am still praying that I see Jan Fonda, Bill Ayers, John ‘Effin Kerry and the old bastard Jimmy Carter precede me into the ground. It irritates me to no end to have to share oxygen with these total wastes of skin.

          26. ABO says

            Racial divisiveness is basic to this administration’s overall policy. A major part of Obama’s efforts to destroy this nation.

          27. john says

            Bingo,,,that’s what exactly needs to happen..They should make them work so many hours doing stuff to earn their freebies to get housing and food stamps and medical..And your so right on about them and can’t fit in with society..All they do is wine and cry and blame and throw tantrums like little babies to get their way and free stuff.. Any other race acts like men and don’t wine and cry about nothing..They want war with cops they attack cops then cops does something to them and they cry about that and protest..Very sad people

          28. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            400 years and still not acclimated.

          29. MRHapla says

            Haiti and Liberia,,,200 years of Black owned/operated utopias,,,,,,if utopias were dismal shhtholes that is,,,,

          30. glenn398 says

            This crap is like a nightmare that never ends and I would bet 1000 years from now they will still be crying poor me, my relatives were slaves.

          31. Chris Harbinger says

            How can you think let alone believe and actually state
            l000 years from now at the rate this nation and Planet are being destroyed…in every aspect of our existence…?

          32. glenn398 says

            It seems that the lower life forms seem to be able to exist even under the worst conditions of life so yes I think they will still be around long after intelligent life is long gone.

          33. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Rats, cockroaches and welfare leeches will outlast us all.

          34. glenn398 says

            If you watch what Obama and the states do it shows they will steal money from everywhere to make sure the worthless gets theirs.

          35. pineapple says

            Not to mention parasite politicians.

          36. Deborah G says

            Cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast maybe we need to blast them twice?

          37. DaveM says

            With such a negative statement I must ask you one question!


          38. Deborah G says

            Ignoring the assholes is the best way I can think of.

          39. hangem'high says

            His clinging to the cavity expulsion orifice, much like the rest of the parasites in Washington!

          40. Michael Dennewitz says


          41. DaveM says

            OK….Public servant and volunteer in many hospitals. United States Navy retired honorable, Medical Laboratory Technologist. Medical Laboratory Manager, Medical Laboratory Director, Assistant college professor. Research and Development, Medical Research, Public School Teacher. Developer of the Oxygenerator used in the Heart Lung Machine….and the list goes on! Now Michael…shut up or put up you troll!

          42. Michael Dennewitz says

            Now you’re starting to sound like the PMIC in our white house. He’s full of shit also! Ha!

          43. DaveM says

            What other type of response can one expect from troll Schist! TROLL…..TROLL…..TROLL….idiot troll…LIBERAL SCHIST

          44. Deborah G says

            1000 years from now who will be caring?

          45. DaveM says

            So now you can see the future and the evolutionary development of man and machines?

          46. DaveM says

            Unless they keep pushing and develop a racial war!

          47. hangem'high says

            I’m sure the PC crowd has a pork belly funding just for that activity, under human relations.

          48. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            As is true in the large metropolitan areas and all states under democRAT rule where the leeches congregate and rape the taxpayers for this undeserved entitlements. Obama has turned welfare and unemployment into career choices in the ghetto’s of America.

          49. glenn398 says

            I don’t think people realize how large these ghetto’s really are as every major city in the U.S. has large areas covered by these ghetto’s and they are not only expanding but with rent subsidies are now spreading out everywhere.

          50. pineapple says

            Especially into decent neighborhoods, thanks to Ovomit and his minions.

          51. Deborah G says

            There are two types of people who generate income for themselves.The ones who work save and invest and the others vote for their living.

          52. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            AMEN! Deborah that can be the only answer for Obama and the liberal politicians taking up space in Congress. Keep the fait and your powder dry. The time for watering the tree of liberty seems to be getting dangerously close at hand.

          53. glenn398 says

            But if you notice even those cities that have had democratic rule for 50 years they still blame the republicans for their problems.

          54. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            They do need a scapegoat!

          55. glenn398 says

            True but you would think they could find one a little closer then 50 years.

          56. pineapple says

            This is also true about the cities they control.

          57. hangem'high says

            Darwin’s monkeys get to have sex with any women they chose just ask the unveil Swedish, French, and German, women!

          58. David Nichols says

            In a continent rich in natural resources they can’t figure out how to get clean water, or how to dispose of their garbage and sewage…. But they want to tell US we’re racists and doing everything wrong???

          59. glenn398 says

            Not only that they stand in the river just above where they draw their water and pee and poop in it.

          60. john says

            You know and I know he ain’t no real teacher..He got his job cause his color..He is dumber than a box of rocks..That’s why he ain’t teaching..He’s running his mouth on white kids and making them feel bad and intimidating them with others like him in the class..If he can make them feel sorry and take on guilt his racist tool is working on people’s kids..

          61. DaveM says

            Five generations of the initial freedom is enough. If they can not make it now it is their fault!~ The government sucks and needs to stop their BS. Name on thing the government has touched where it became better 100%. There is none!

          62. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Dave there are families in the ghettos who have never known a person with a job. When I was going to college in the 60’s & 70’s there were already families who had been living on welfare for five (5) generations. Bet the same families are still living off the backs of the taxpayer.

          63. glenn398 says

            curmudgeon that would be a sure bet.

          64. glenn398 says

            They have made it on the backs of the working poor. Name one government program that works efficiently period.

        3. Mark Lahti says

          I feel so guilty now that I am a blue eyed Scandinavian. Sure I can claim that I married a brown eyed woman with Sicilian parentage. But that doesn’t make me any less “racist”. I don’t know the correct term for the blue eyed privileged. I have many brown eyed friends and a few relatives by marriage. The guilt I feel for having blue eyes when so many others don’t is sometimes just to much to bare. I’m not sure just how much I owe all those of brown eyes. I just hope that some day some how they will forgive me if I make as many reparations as I possibly can.

          I hop that this wasn’t to deep for those of you who believe the white people are racist by definition. It makes me sick to see this bs just getting worse under the HTNIC. Everybody I know thought that this racist crap ended back in the sixties.

          1. glenn398 says

            No it just got started in the 60s with the riots of 67

          2. Mark Lahti says

            The riots were mostly about the police at the 68 Chicago democrat convention. I was there.

          3. glenn398 says

            The riots were all over the nation so it wasn’t just about Chicago, they just wanted to riot and they did

          4. Deborah G says

            It did but the libs/Dems needed more VICTIMS to get more votes

          5. pineapple says

            Have you considered getting some brown contact lenses? LOL

        4. Ronald Gunn says

          I will NOT apologize for being white

          1. DaveM says


          2. Ronald Gunn says

            Well, they had better not come alone.

          3. Deborah G says

            I am GLAD I’m white

          4. Ronald Gunn says

            Me too. oh my, I guess we are racist. Well that just means we are as good as Obama and Sharpton. O WELL, time to end it, unless some one ends for Obama and Sharpton first. PLEASE!

          5. glenn398 says

            Deborah so am I but too bad we are harshly penalized for it.

          6. Deborah G says

            I am NOT a victim, never will be a victim ergo I am a white conservative. THANK GOD

          7. glenn398 says

            Agree with you but we seem to be in the minority

          8. Deborah G says

            Actually we are not. The reality is over 60% of American identify themselves as Moderate Conservative center right. IF you believe the liberal propaganda I could see how you might feel that way because THEY are the loud fascist voices. Remember the blacks who rallied behind OBAMA simply because he was black never realizing he would hand them ZERO and high unemployment are not oo keen on that again.They may not get off their couches and vote for a skanky, lying old white woman from the deep South.

          9. glenn398 says

            You can think that all you want but with most states being blue that is proof you are wrong. With our borders being flooded with illegals along with Obama bringing in hundreds of thousands from the middle east the few red states will go blue.

          10. Peatro Giorgio says

            Actually what shall occur is the blue states shall become bluer as the conservatives move to conservative states leaving behind the progressive an liberal policies, To further erode the blue states into the cesspool of deeper depression ,recession, racial devides. . While the Red state Profit an expanded personal liberty ,Jobs growth fairness an a just justice system an a Constitutionally correct political class. Wish you well Dumbo rats.

          11. glenn398 says

            I used to think that but then watched as those from California moved to Oregon, Washington, Nevada plus the illegals and changed them into blue states and that is happening fast in Arizona as the illegals have already changed a lot of districts into blue and the illegals alone changed New Mexico into a blue state.

        5. john says

          You don’t that’s their racist tool against you..Have a Happy New Year my HONKY…

          1. crazyfreddie says


          2. DaveM says

            And do not forget the name “cracker”! I love to cause indigestion when necessary!

          3. Deborah G says

            I love being called a Honky makes me remember why I appreciate God making me White,.Thank you Jesus!

          4. john says

            Thanks,,Happy New Year CrazyFreddie…

        6. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          I don’t feel a need to apologize.

        7. DaveM says

          We do not! If it was not for our ancestors many of the blacks would not be alive today! They were sold by warring tribes to the “white man” and otherwise would have been killed! Blacks as slaves (do not forget white indentured slaves) lived longer than their masters and usually cost a fortune! Many generations have past and today they are still screaming unfair and unjust actions and placement! I know five generations is enough to bury this trash and let people stand on their own two feet and not the sorrows of their long gone ancestors!

          1. Deborah G says

            We saved the slow dumb one that caught from extinction instead of thanking us they hate us. Oh Well I can live with it

          2. pineapple says

            My ancestors were cavemen, and I believe I deserve restorations for the way they had to live.

          3. DaveM says

            🙂 Uggg!

        8. hangem'high says

          Actually you have to excuse their actions for being Black!

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Well Deb, I was going to say the very same thing.. Since childhood, I was never racist! I grew up liking many colored kids ( as we called them).. If these lazy asses hadn’t adopted that infamous crybaby saying of theirs, “We be gittin stepped on now fo ova 200 years,” I wouldn’t have the attitude I do now. Most of these crybaby blacks don’t even know who the hell their fathers are. The majority of them can’t even trace their ancestors, yet they call themselves “African American!” Truth be known, it was THEIR OWN PEOPLE that sold them into slavery, yet it’s SOOO convenient for them to blame whitie.. Well, if there’s any racism out there, their shoving it down everyone’s damned throat has caused it….

        1. Uzoozy says

          The slaves were imported because white man needed it and the Jewish
          Ship owners were obliged to make money.

          1. billdeserthills says

            The poor Irish seem to have suffered even more with slavery, if such a thing is possible. How about all those poor white slaves?I never hear anybody representing for them?

          2. QuanellEleven says

            The Irish, unlike the Porch Monkeys, are not whiners.

          3. Paula says

            White slavery and indentured servants….none of that counts since the blacks can’t cry victim!

          4. DaveM says

            Bet on it!

          5. Diane Crouse says

            Tribal wars were going on in Africa and the suppior war tribes made slaves of those they did not kill. Then Muslims came and killed and gathered survivors up and sold them into slavery long before the Spainyards ever came.

          6. Paula says

            Muslims have been in the slave trade 500 years before any white man thought of it. There is no Arab Apartheid Week on American campuses, but there should
            be. Slavery, in its most barbaric form, still exists in the Arab world
            and there is no Exodus in sight either.

            You’d think these “activists” would be upset if they knew or cared…that in Sudan and Mauritania, racist Arab societies enslave blacks. Today. Most of the slaves are African Muslims. Mauritania, the West African country with the largest population of
            black slaves in the world – estimates range from 100,000 to more than a
            half-million. In Mauritania, slaves are used for labor, sex and
            breeding. The wholly owned property of their masters, they are passed
            down through generations, given as wedding gifts or exchanged for
            camels, trucks, guns or money.

            But instead of hollering and yelling…these elite college professors, white and black, the race pimps like -0- and the rest of them….ONLY see US as racists! Not only that, the blacks convert to islam because they “know” we oppress them and islam embraces them! The blacks here would be well advised NOT to go to any middle east country…where they would be enslaved and oppressed!

          7. glenn398 says

            Paula it only matters if the white people had anything to do with it, any other race of people it is okay to make slaves of blacks.

          8. Paula says

            Had a “discussion” with a black woman ONCE. No matter what I said…what the nazis did to the Jews, to the homosexuals, handicapped…I cited some other stuff and you know what she said? She said, it didn’t count because it didn’t happen here!
            I personally do not talk to a commie-liberal, on purpose! I avoid them like the plague.

          9. glenn398 says

            Probably what she really meant was since it didn’t happen to a black it doesn’t matter anyway, we are the only one’s that are important.

          10. DaveM says

            I think what she meant was “I have brain damage and can not be educated or apply knowledge!

          11. ABO says

            Remember, glenn, BLACK LIES MATTER.

          12. glenn398 says

            You’re right, damn my sorry ass I must get on the band wagon and join the politically correct.

          13. ABO says

            Somehow, glenn, I can’t see you buying the PC BS, EVER!

          14. glenn398 says

            Guess you seen right thru me, can’t fool you

          15. ABO says

            You don’t hide it. Not often do I agree with everything one person says on these sites but in your case I’m right there!

          16. glenn398 says

            Happy New Year to you and your love one’s also and may we somehow get people in office that will change the direction this country is going in before it is too late, if not already.

          17. Deborah G says

            I avoid blacks,Muslims,liberals in that order. Nothing good can come out of any interaction with any of them

          18. pineapple says

            There were black slave owners of other blacks in the Southern U.S. prior to the so called “Civil War.”

          19. glenn398 says

            True and the big thing blacks ignore was the republicans voted to free the slaves not the democratic party that they vote over 90% for.

          20. Paula says

            If there are any libs out there…what I’m about to write,is probably as racist as -0-, sharpton & that pos professor that is article is about.

            You look at any country run by blacks, it’s a major fail. Look at the cities in the USA, run by blacks and poverty runs rampant. Look how much -0- has taken us down since in invaded our WH.

            If it weren’t for white people, there would be no NAACP, no civil rights, no PC, no affirmative action. The list of what whites have done to make blacks in America prosper is long. And obviously not appreciated one bit!

            Instead of becoming Proud Americans, they started to separate themselves with the label of Africian-Americans. Instead of working to make blacks prosper, instead of working towards a common goal — black activists worked to bring more hate. They won’t be happy until they totally destroy the white culture. And, you know what? That wouldn’t make them happy. Gloat maybe. But never happy. It’s sad that some of them can only be so small they have to blame someone for their insecurities.

          21. glenn398 says

            Well said and they are getting close to their wish of destroying the white culture. Like I have stated before if the whites hadn’t built America into the power house it was Germany and Japan would now control the world and you know what they both thought of other races of people. Am sure they would have eliminated most other races or at least used them long enough to work them to death.

          22. glenn398 says

            Diane careful with facts there are too many that hate you using facts.

          23. Paula says

            Definition of facts, to an obama liberal, is: Right Wing Conspiracy.

          24. glenn398 says

            Have found out you can’t even have a discussion with them and even showing them in black and white they still don’t believe anything negative about their great leader.

          25. DaveM says

            Brain damage can not be cured!

          26. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            And liberalism is a mental disorder!

          27. Paula says

            They have hypnotized sheep adoration for him. And her– the man/wife. Now the commie-libs have Trump to blame…along with all white people….for all their failed socialist programs and dreams of THEIR kind of Utopia. Lucky them, they have so many to blame for their oppression and we only have one to blame. Thank you obama.

          28. glenn398 says

            To me the lowest I.Q. has been doing the majority of the breeding for several decades now and you can see the results.

          29. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Or a cry of racist!

          30. DaveM says

            They create their won definitions of words just like they do the economic indicators!

          31. DaveM says

            Then maybe they have warped the facts to their own usage! Knowledge is knowledge and it is the most powerful tool man has except for GOD!

          32. Chris Harbinger says

            3,000 years of ISLAM as Conqueerwhores…and we are to make them and LaRaza aka ISLAMONAZIFASCISTs our et al via the Despotic Dictatwhore…Kenyan god king…Thank you LEVER PULLERS bow to your eternal souls accompanyment..and destination.

          33. QuanellEleven says

            Ah, yet another misinformed simpleton regurgitates inferiority. It was Arabs who took the negro out of his stick hut with pounded elephant shit floors. Plantation cabins were three steps up from their lifestyle in Africa. The North American Pavement Apes should be paying reparations to their Masters for improving their lives.

          34. Deborah G says

            We got the dumb slow ones not the smart ones. Genetics at work

          35. glenn398 says

            Deborah don’t think there is any smart one’s since the African nations were there long before civilization on other continents. If there was any intelligence they would have had a civilization far advanced of any other.

          36. glenn398 says

            QuanellEleven can’t remember his name but several years ago a black professor wrote about such things. To start with he was dismayed they way the blacks were being treated here as he saw it. He decided to leave America and go back to his Africa homeland. To make a long story short after describing what he saw and experienced said thank God my ancestors were brought here as slaves so I could be born in America.

          37. Deborah G says

            You are wrong again. The black slavers owned the ships and the . Do some research. They caught them went to the Islands then shipped them here. Very few Jews even around in the South then.

          38. worn out 123 says

            There were others in the shipping business. Just sayin.

          39. DaveM says


          40. glenn398 says

            Deborah there you go with facts, that is not acceptable to any on the liberal left.

          41. Uzoozy says

            I am not wrong. Every slave that came to Americas were seized and Transported to US was done by American Jews, they sold hard liquor to Americsn Indians got furs and the like ,these were sent to Europe, then ships went to Africa load slaves and sell them in US.
            It was a very profitable trade, thousands of Jews became rich in short order.
            Lets not change history.

          42. Deborah G says

            You are inordinately wrong. The first slavers were wealthy Balcks from Africa. The English and Spanish with some Portuguese. The blacks captured slow ,dumb people and brought them to the Islands where they then brought them to the US> YOU need an education, what have you been reading the Q’uoran? the child molestors handbook to the galaxies?

          43. Uzoozy says

            You whiteys like you are uneducated 4th grade at best, no idea of the world.
            Even today Jews marry girls of three years plus on day.
            They have sex before that called poke in the eye.
            Holy and pious prophet was married off by her parents .
            in USA one does not need to marry just have sex.
            There are one rape every. 7 seconds, which includeschilld and sex with motmothers
            what a country ,go and stuff your self.

          44. Deborah G says

            you WISH you were in My country instead of some Muslim flea infested hole. Next? What a garbage education you have. You have the mindset of a dark ages insane Islamic.You really believe that stuff? No wonder the world wants to be rid of you.

          45. glenn398 says

            Uzoozy I don’t know about 4th grade whites but from reading your posts above if we are 4th grade you haven’t even made it to first grade. Try reading your posts first, check the spelling, space your words and try constructing a sentence that makes sense.

          46. worn out 123 says

            And Black Africans had the slaves for sale, anyway.

          47. glenn398 says

            Careful the left don’t like facts. We not only freed the slaves but made slaves of ourselves by taxing the working tax payer to death trying to help them become civilized but to no avail.

          48. Chris Harbinger says

            Ignorance is balooning…

          49. worn out 123 says

            You’ve got a point, Chris. White Americans invented slavery and sickle cell, too. Now that you’ve seen it in writing you can believe it, right?

          50. pineapple says

            The cause of the so called “Civil War” was the dreaded “Tariff of Abominations”.
            which forced the South to pay tariffs on goods passing through southern seaports.
            These tariffs were used to build roads and bridges in the northern states, and the South was left to fend for itself. (See “The South was Right” by Kennedy and Kennedy.)

          51. True American says

            your own people made your people slaves, and you are still doing it, your women having kids so they can get more money from the government, then letting them grow up like animals.

          52. Uzoozy says

            Looks like you are the product of TT

          53. glenn398 says

            True American you’re wrong animals don’t crap, destroy their homes, plus have unity and respect for their own which blacks have yet to advance to that level

          54. Uzoozy says

            You must be talking about whiteys who have kids out of wedlock and leave the woman and walk off . Normally they shoot them indiscriminately.
            God bless America

          55. glenn398 says

            At least the whites know who the daddy is and that is one you can’t claim plus the fat black woman has no clue who the daddy is either.

          56. DaveM says

            AND who sold them! Fellow BLACKS that were enemies. Otherwise they would have been killed! They have much to be thankful for. READ AND LEARN HISTORY PEOPLE!

          57. Uzoozy says

            You have the whitey idea of slavery.
            Soldiers were sent into the jungles to capture and rape women and bring back the pretty ones.
            10 million were imported only one million arrived,’
            God bless the dead souls.

          58. DaveM says

            Maybe there were some soldiers but I doubt it was the way you stated! The ships were small and the government owned soldiers! You need to read history! Got a tattoo? If your black then you have betrayed your kind! Tattoos were used to mark the slaves! Same as branding! By the way. How they determine the “pretty ones”?

          59. glenn398 says

            You’re kidding, pretty one’s, most looked like a notch above a monkey

          60. Uzoozy says

            Your ancestors came from there.

          61. glenn398 says

            We may have but at least the whites gained some intelligence unlike your kind that has stayed as stupid today as they were back then and never advanced.

          62. Uzoozy says

            Whitey is the same as blackie/brownie same blood same heart, same desires same fears .
            Whitey is inferior to the b…… in many ways

          63. glenn398 says

            You’re right as you are number one in prison population, rioting, percentage of welfare, kids not know who their father is nor the mother, ghetto building, but sorry to say last in high school graduation.

          64. Uzoozy says

            Remember Ferguson its a typical whitey rule area.
            16 violations on the same road for the same crime.
            What a country, no wonder BLM has taken gusto.

          65. glenn398 says

            Don’t know what you mean by whitey rule area. I just wish all whites would refuse to go into the black areas and let them rule themselves. You people kill each other at a much higher rate then any police action and yet it seems to be alright as long as a black kills a black.

          66. Uzoozy says

            You will never agree.
            Blacks are Gods children.

          67. glenn398 says

            I think you are looking at it backwards. Yes God gave us life but am sure what is more important to God is what we do with our life. I don’t judge people as a white person on anything except what they themselves do with their life and their action’s with me or towards me. Am sure you had expectations of your own children, some may have pleased you and some may have not. I had two son’s and promised would pay for their education. Son number 1 got his education and is making a 6 figure income. Son number 2 didn’t want to put the effort into it and today struggles in life and always comes to me in need. I have problems with both. Son number 1 while making a 6 figure income married a woman that doesn’t believe in God. She does believe in a higher being but not God itself. As far as race actually the Asians impress me the most as they have proven that they have taken the opportunities given them in this country and made the effort to use them in a positive way. If the time ever comes that blacks quit blaming whites for everything that happens to them and just become part of society then things will change. Very few whites were slave owners yet we are all blamed for it. What we are not given credit for is the fact that whites went to war to free the slaves, whites passed laws favoring blacks to give them the opportunity above all others to succeed but we get no credit for that, just the hate for the other.

          68. Uzoozy says

            Thank you for a great post, one which does not have any abusive language.
            I may be looking at things backwards, however I have a strong faith in God the Almighty.
            My sole purpose in life is to pray to that God and do good things,.
            Americans in general are great people, open hearted and kind.
            Marriages are made in heaven, so let it be it will workout one way or another.
            FYI most foreigners put in a lot of effort to make something out of their lives and usually from rags to riches.
            Whites are not an homogenous race, there are good and bad like everyone else.
            Whites do seem to have a fear of the unknown, like the San Bernardino shooting.
            For several days when the link was not made terrorism everything seems ok.
            During that period discussion was limited to gun control.
            Then once the terror link was announced hell broke loose, the rhetoric went for gun control(which is the main culprit) to war.
            Since 2001 there have been over 400,000 killing out of which 53 allegedly done by terrorists,. With the miniscule death by terrorism American want to eliminate the entire religion of Islam , so whites are not the only one who get the blame.
            25 Muslim countries have been raised to the ground by western countries, does that play any part in the upheaval .
            Life is precious lets all live in honor and peace , Islam is here to stay live with it.

          69. glenn398 says

            People can live with a lot of things as long as it doesn’t infringe on them. Islam on the other hand does and the belief that anyone who isn’t Islam should die really isn’t acceptable to the rest of us. They have no plan to become what American represents and are set on changing it to what they ran away from. It is much like the Californians leaving their state because of high taxes and the states liberal ways. So what do they do, change the new state into a California. I failed to state about my 2nd son who wouldn’t go to college. Today all his failures he blames on everything but the person responsible, himself. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of others?

          70. Uzoozy says

            There is no such thing in Islam which states all that do not believe in Islam should die.
            That would be the interpretation of non Muslims.
            The bible is so full of these phrases that it comes from the Quran which it does not.
            Islam is simple and the only correct religion, one God many messengers Adam, Moses , Abraham and Jesus (may God be pleased with them) and the final messenger was prophet Mohammed.
            May your second son get his feet firmly on the ground, the problem with parents like be is that they will always be your child and are required by your conscience to do something.
            I was forced by my job to come and work in USA which initially I resisted, however in the passage of time, I have come to like America with its good natured people(except a few TT) .
            God bless America

          71. glenn398 says

            You should tell that to all those that have been beheaded, bet they would be glad to know they were beheaded by a peaceful believing Muslim.

          72. Uzoozy says

            Taking the life of any single person of any religion is not allowed in the peaceful religion.
            Beheading which is a atrocious act was the normal in UK and Europe .
            France changed from beheading to guillotine and last used it around 1940.
            ISIS is not Muslims never were nor ever will be.
            When we talk about Hitler Christians always deny the fact he was a Catholic.
            The only man who arranged to kill that many people and the world looked on.
            That what X’tians do, is that a correct statement ?

          73. glenn398 says

            You need to tell that to the Muslims then as it seems many themselves believe it as they cheer when their so called fellow Muslims kill others.

          74. Uzoozy says

            Only the media sees it, there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, exc3pt a few goons rest are God fearing religion.
            please do not paint all Muslims with one brush.
            since Hitler wad a Christian all Christisns are killers,is that true, the conclusion is the ssme.
            Happy New Year

          75. glenn398 says

            People can proclaim to be anything they want but only those that practice what the preach are true to their claim. Think is was obvious that Hitler wasn’t a Christian considering what he was doing. I don’t remember him proclaiming to be a Christian he was just raised Christian.

          76. Uzoozy says

            Hitler was a devout and active Christian, also the most evil person who he colluded with the Pope and was blessed by him.
            Mussolini wss also a Christian another cruel man.
            Please do not deny facts.

          77. glenn398 says

            I didn’t deny anything if you can read, I stated don’t remember him proclaiming to be a christian as I only knew of him being raised a christian. Proclaiming you’re a christian doesn’t make you one.

          78. Uzoozy says

            Get over it, stop denying, Hitlet was a Christian

          79. glenn398 says

            Never denied anything, if you can read I said saying you are a christian doesn’t make you one. I can say I am a woman but that doesn’t make me one

          80. Uzoozy says

            You are correct

          81. Uzoozy says

            Its your way of looking at it, everytime a person is killed a short prayer is said. L QUEDA , ISIS HAVE BEEN CREATED BY THE WEST, TO ENJOY THE mayhem

          82. Peatro Giorgio says

            Your an idiot ISIS was created 1400 years ago. Mohammed was a Terrorist, Liar , Rapist,Thief, Pedophile, murder ,Homosexual. Who had a dream of flying over Jerusalem, after having drank fermented Goat an Camel piss.. If he was such a great Prophet. Why then could he not read or right,an required scribes to take plagerized dictation of the Holy Bible for the formation of the Book of lies the Quran.

          83. Uzoozy says

            You have copied these passages from the Wicked Bible.
            Muhammad is the only holy person, perfect in every
            Way. Its an historic record,
            Looks like you are on COKE,
            The Holy Quran came to earth thu angel Gabriel, came from God of Adam, moses, david, Jesus and Abraham may God bless them all.
            You are now thinking likr a prick

          84. glenn398 says

            I thought at first maybe you have a little intelligence above the typical black but you don’t, anything a person of color does no matter what is good and everything a white does is bad.

          85. Uzoozy says

            I was trying to get across the point, whatever complexion one is, a crime is a crime is a crime.
            by the way I am green, color blind at that.
            all people are born equal.

          86. glenn398 says

            You sure don’t post like one who is color blind. All people are born equal in the eyes of the law but otherwise not all people are born equal. Some are born with life long disabilities, some are more intelligent, better looking, under better economic conditions ECT

          87. Uzoozy says

            Its your understanding, mankind is born equal.
            my prayers are for all those who are sick, disabled and unable to live life to the fullest.
            these things are a mystery however these people will be blessed in the next life, as long as their deeds are good.

          88. glenn398 says

            Like I said born equal in the eyes of the law, what else do you want to add to that?

          89. Uzoozy says

            Stalin, hitler, mussolini, milsavic, all christians all cruel and heartless.
            Thats what its all about killing people4000,000 were killed by gun violence, rape at one rape every 7 seconds, who dunit can only be?

          90. glenn398 says

            Like I have said you can claim to be anything you want and I can claim I am super man just don’t ask me to prove it and jump off tall buildings.

          91. Uzoozy says

            Islam is a relugion which always lived with in peace with all religions.
            After the invasion of 25 Muslim countries this hss started, Get the West of of there and peace will prevail, like Indonesia and Malaysis

          92. glenn398 says

            So the invasion of Europe by the Muslim’s was an act of love in your opinion

          93. Uzoozy says

            The act of migration and the open hearts of Europeans this has happenef, for me I believe this is Divine intervention.

          94. glenn398 says

            If you call the fact that your people have to run from your own race and go to what used to be those horrible white people to save their lives you are right.

          95. Uzoozy says

            My people is everine, created by the same God.
            Nature abhors albinos, as proven in the animal kingdom

          96. glenn398 says

            What ever you want to call yourself am not going to debate that one.

          97. Uzoozy says

            Its like slapping someone on purpose and then apologize.
            Slave labour transportation cost 9 million deaths enroute to America.

          98. glenn398 says

            I really doubt in those days there were any records kept so throwing out your 9 million deaths is B.S.

          99. Uzoozy says

            Its a well recorded part of History, people deny it because its unbelievable, All the land owners were you guessed it, remember Christian majority theory.
            In collusion with Jew Ship owners.

          100. glenn398 says

            Only in your own twisted mind, but just conveniently forget that your own people sold you into slavery and today are doing it a lot more then they did during the slavery days.

          101. Uzoozy says

            They are Gods Children, may the Lord do away with this travesty.
            By the way I am green

          102. glenn398 says

            They may be God’s children but they sure are being used and abused.

          103. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            You people sure don’t know much about history nor reality.

          104. ABO says

            Nor do they want to, curmudgeon.

          105. Uzoozy says

            Only whiteys know history, in every war whiteys are involved, WW1 WW2 Serbia, Rwanda, CAR MASSACRE, and many more.

        2. Chris Harbinger says

          AFDC and Welfare have created a 2 leggeds amoebic parasite on the diminishing working law abiding US Citizens of Generations as taxpayers: for how long…not much. Never in history has EVIL been so devisive..and deliberate and coming from the top of where ..neutrality and unification should exist..VOID..intentionally…EVIL vs One Nation Under GOD…souls bought and paid for Devil directed..

        3. Uzoozy says

          You were born a racist

      3. HadEnough says


      4. Paula says

        Me too….I stay far away from any predominate black areas. I will not take the chance of becoming a victim of any black hate towards whites!

        1. Deborah G says

          When 2000 black teen MOB rages through a mall and NOT one is arrested proves to me that they are so completely savage NO ONE wants to touch them including the cops who will get vilified for being racist. Gone too far, time to stop this criminal behavior

          1. Paula says

            You have my vote! The do-gooders, the “activists” any liberal have trained us not to complain about blacks. We (use to) hate being called racist! They want to turn us all into frightened subjects!

            But the worse of them all….the MSM. They need to be accountable or find a new gig!

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Looters should be shot on sight! Open season with no bag limit.

      5. john says

        That’s 2 of us..That freak teacher needs to practice what he preaches..He should be fired and not allowed to be around any people’s kids again..

    2. jim says

      I am getting so sick of this nonsense . Go ahead than color me racist , I could care less .

      1. Deborah G says

        I stopped caring when THEY decided to burn their own towns down as a form of justice LOL

      2. worn out 123 says

        You will care.

        1. glenn398 says

          Not really, just will be prepared

        2. Dan says

          The only thing that I will care about is the cost of the ammo and not eating my kill.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Why is there not been a bounty placed on them?

          2. Dan says

            The time is not right.

        3. Gerry Costa says

          And why is that ???????

          1. worn out 123 says

            See my above comment.

        4. OldHighlandGuyOne says

          Is that a threat?

          1. worn out 123 says

            Hardly, but, thanks for asking. I know it’s impolite to answer a question with a question so I will not ask what you think is going to come of all this. Let me just be vague in answering as I have no accurate details, however, the end game is a lower status (in U.S. law) for certain people, which is currently being established via a circuitous route; “special status” in law for certain groups of people. An even more direct method may be employed in the future.
            I will use this as but one example.
            If 10 points are given test scores of college applicants who are minorities today. Why not 20 points being subtracted for applicants of “cauc.” or non-Islamic status in the future? “There is a war against Christians.” . . . . D.T. He is stating a fact and more importantly a trend. How far will this go? You tell me.

          2. olf says

            There is much truth to the tenets of what you are pointing out. These people are not pushing equality, they are pushing hate and revenge for past issues you and I were not even born yet. 150 250 years ago. #1 is human dignity repaired the slavery problem and that is what our fathers fought for. Amen #2 If they want to have the discussion then tell the whole story of all slavery and who was actually doing it for 1000’s of years ago. In the Bible Old Testament slaves were family and offered even the same privileges as the rest of the family except ownership of land. In some cases they were given land and property (cattle, maid and man servants) etc. The cultures of the world slavery is horrifying compared to this country. How muslim slaves being sold and the death of those who refuse islam. Or blacks selling there neighbors ? The list go’s on and on. Moral of this point is, the accusations they are making is not what they really want. The evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10. The one they follow is demonic. Sin is sin. Sin is never right or for the good of mankind, not even the people that carry it out. Sin is never satisfied. That is why those colleges that have been teaching these lies are now seeing their students turning back on them too. Sin is stupid, a lie from satan.

          3. worn out 123 says

            Ships crews had little time and less training for hunting down potential slaves. It just makes common sense to understand they most likely bought slaves from the most convenient places for resale in the Americas like any other commodity would be handled. Take arms for another example. Ship’s crews do not make arms they buy them for resale. Today they transport NG. They don’t make it. So this begs the question to which the answer should be obvious: Who enslaved others? Not Americans. Who invented slavery? Not Americans. Who freed slaves? Americans.

          4. olf says

            Yes Sir, that is true. When they talk about poor black people in the south, they for get to tell that 99% of the white people were also very poor. Their argument is not valid, but young people don’t know the truth because the evil erased true history and not taught at all. God Bless your path Sir. Keep standing for truth. Evil only wins when good people say nothing.

          5. Chris Harbinger says

            Ignorance of HISTORY and their own ancestral what?

          6. fed up ron says

            If only the slave ships sunk on their way here; we would be so much better off
            obama will push for reparations before he’s through ruining this country.
            F@#king muslium

          7. glenn398 says

            Think it is a statement that if you want to dump your trash on me I will be ready to defend myself.

          8. billdeserthills says

            I used to sell guns for a living, there are lots of folks who can’t wait for the opportunity to actually get to shoot (legally) some poor, (likely stupid)person
            or people. Watch your six, doesn’t cost anything

        5. Deborah G says

          When they look down the barrel of my well protected home? I think not.

    3. olf says

      The only answer to their empty statements is leadership whom will openly condemn such clearly without merit or proper reality. God can only bless truth. Amen

    4. Russ says

      you and me both Jeffery. Mark me down as a white, gun owning, Bible thumping, libtard hating, black lives don’t friggin matter, Conservative, “racist” and damn proud of it!!!!!

    5. Ronald Gunn says

      Me too and proud of it.

  3. fcutch says

    Someone please CHOKE the sh!t out of this fool

    1. Teapartyjoe says

      Move, Africa is probably just what the race card needs and we have enough left wing nuts here already!

  4. bandit says

    Calling one a racist only means they have lost the arguement ! Frackin’ Lib-drones !

  5. tomw says

    Does being black make them thugs?

    1. Kenneth Van Antwerp says

      There are just as many white thugs as there are black.

      1. bandit says

        #WhiteLivesMatter ?

      2. Deborah G says

        BS there isn’t even a close comparison.

      3. tomw says

        Wow. You really don’t get the point.

      4. Paladin says

        As a %age of respective populations???

      5. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        You really can’t be THAT STUPID can you?

        1. Valor says

          Yeah, he can. An awful lot of that going around.

      6. jim says

        I disagree . Fact is 80 % of the crime is done by the 13% black population . I must be racist for citing facts and not political correctness .

      7. Gerry Costa says


      8. OldHighlandGuyOne says

        Show me.

    2. Teapartyjoe says


    3. jim says

      No, but the reality is 80 % of the crime is done by 13 % of the population .

  6. Vernon says

    Sorry, but “stupid is a stupid does” and his comments/position come close to proving the point!

    1. glenn398 says

      Come close to proving the point, think it is way past proving the point.

  7. abobinmn says

    Yancy is a racist hate monger. The trouble is that young kids will believe this angry little man much like the brainwashing that goes on with young people about guns.

    1. Deborah G says

      he is a morn and we shouldn’t spend education dollars in the form of tuition to schools that permit these people to spread their hatred and use our money to do it.

      1. Paula says

        These schools should be sued for inciting hate and racist discourse!

        1. MARYSWEET says

          Most of the schools are state schools and all of them receive federal funds.

          1. DaveM says


          2. MARYSWEET says

            That would all be taxpayer money. Better yet get rid of obama and all his muslim pals in the Rainbow House. Then start cleaning house in our educational system.

          3. catman says

            I believe you may have meant the “Outhouse” because both smell the same !!

          4. MARYSWEET says

            LOL You got that right. We’ll need to get the world’s best exterminator after (IF) the obamas ever move out.

          5. Robert Andrew says

            You people really aren’t smart enough to realize that congress is the problem, are you? The President has very limited power as the head of the Administrative branch of our government, and yet you allow congress and the political pundits to distract you from the branch of our government that writes the law, writes the policy, and establishes the budget. Both parties are equally at fault for selling us out every day, and you people allow them to brain wash you with lies, and distractions, turn you against one another, and allow them to place the blame with the President, and you aren’t smart enough to see what is happening. And then you idiots make rude, and disparaging remarks like you just made. If someone made a statement like that about anyone of my family members, I would knock them out, but you big feeling cowards get in front of your computer and show the world what a bunch of disrespectful idiots we have in the U.S. None of you would make a statement like that to a person face to face. Any wonder that other countries think we are idiots? People like you paint that grim picture. And while you’re acting like an idiot, why don’t you share your long list of accomplishments with us, so that we understand how you come to feel so superior to the President of the United States of America! Tell us a couple of things you have done to make America a better place for all of us. I damned sure won’t hold my breath until I see that list……………………

          6. Deborah G says

            Let’s see Graduated 3rd in class 2 years ahead of schedule out of 623,Summa Cum Laud graduation from Top Ten university, Deans list every year,2 Masters,Phd,own 2 businesses, IQ Mensa level,Oh and my records aren’t sealed.Supported a disabled person without Government help,put two kids through college & Grad school,one engineer one Lawyer that weren’t mine, Paid my taxes since I was 17, Completely supported myself and family with hard work. ,Yes I feel superior to a Commie Ideolog that is nothing but a Community racist agitator.I’m a Patriot. He’s not end of discussion. In fact he is a Flim Flam man whose arguments are sophomoric and deceptive.

          7. paul says

            You’re an incredible woman and obvious patriot. People with entitlement mentalities will never understand. Don’t waste your breath. God bless you.

          8. glenn398 says

            The only problem is Obama does what he wants to weather breaking to law or not

          9. Paula says

            Yes and make them take a pledge of allegiance to THIS Country and to OUR Constitution! That goes for the MSM as well.

          10. tigersvoice says

            A “Pledge” of any kind means nothing to these people, especially a “Pledge of Allegiance” to anything American. They practice the expedient, time-honored strategy of saying and agreeing to ANYTHING that is necessary to further their aims.

          11. Robert Andrew says

            This website is doing a fine job of that, along with every other political pundit, and every elected official. Fire 535 congressmen for the next four or five election cycles, and they will magically remember who they are supposed to represent. That will put an end to these divisive, childish games, and they will get to work fixing some of our structural problems and work for everyone, not just those that buy their votes.

          12. Paula says

            I’m all in favor of a tax revolt. Taxation without representation.

          13. Paula says

            I totally understand what you are saying…and you are right! We’ve all seen the privileged elitist commie-liberals, like this racist professor, take from this country and turn around and spew their ungrateful and ignorant rhetoric to their adoring fans, students, voters.
            That said… I’m not a lawyer, but if a person swears their allegiance to a country then preaches hate about that country, while giving aid and comfort to the enemy
            wouldn’t that be treason? We can ask obama…he did it.

          14. Robert Andrew says

            That, I totally agree with!!! If you are going to live here, you must pledge allegiance to our country. If you aren’t willing to do that, live elsewhere!!! Paula, that is the only intelligent thing I have read here. Thank you!

          15. Paula says

            Thank you.

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          17. Uzoozy says

            You too seem to be in the rainbow coliation.

          18. MARYSWEET says

            It is obvious you know nothing about me because I am so far away from the rainbow coalition.

          19. Robert Andrew says

            Mary, are you really that stupid? Are you naive enough to believe that a new President is going to fix every problem that our country faces? And you surely aren’t dumb enough to believe that he is a muslim. Can you really be that stupid, or are you just that brainwashed from reading this kind of garbage? You sound like the American version of the Taliban or ISIS. Cut the heads off of every man, woman, and child that disagrees with you. Brilliant damned logic, and really scary! Maybe you should start by getting rid of every congressman, because they are in fact, public enemy number one in America, but you aren’t smart enough to get it, are you? Drink more KoolAide, it is rotting your brain, just like they political pundits want it to do………………………

          20. MARYSWEET says

            I am not stupid but if we get the right person in the White House as President he can start reversing a lot of the damage that obama has done. It will take a lot of time and hard work on everyone’s part and it won’t be easy. At least it will be a start to regain the respect and trust of our allies and let our enemies know they cannot mess with America. It’s like Texas: DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS and it also goes that no does that with America. We can rebuild our military, bring jobs back home, start to enforce the immigration laws. And I know that most of Congress is the biggest problem we have had and yes, we need to fire almost every one of them and get some Americans who really want to do the job that needs to be done.
            And I don’t like Kool Aid and don’t drink it.

          21. David Nichols says

            Private, Methodist School…

          22. Robert Andrew says

            I wish we could all afford that, but we can’t. My nephew lived with us his senior year and attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School. 28% of the graduating seniors had grade point averages of over 3.91, on a 4 point scale, and 55% of the graduates earned a sports or academic scholarship. Far superior to my public school district and they are one of the best in the nation.

          23. Paula says

            There has to be a way to shut these fools up! Look at the people in that POS’s classroom, the ones I see are white. White and being trained to be part of the White guilt crowd.

        2. william couch says

          THAT COONETTE in the AG’s office want do that. She’s part of the the action to bring martial law to the US.

          1. Robert Andrew says

            William, I think you’re late for the KKK meeting, and you’re also an idiot! Wake up, it’s the 21st. century………………………………………..

          2. william couch says

            You’re right!! But know this,,,,,,,,,,,,, They’re ALL SPOOKS IN THIS ADMIN….

      2. dude says

        I agree 100% that’s one of the thing that’s wrong with America today is people like that he’s using the media and anything else to get attention and keep his job …they need to fire these idiots …their will be no end to race issue until we stop people from using there own race to benefit their self …these people should be made to teach the cric. the state board set and not there oppion’s that no one cares about …we need to hold them accountible

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Affirmative action has only been a success in providing jobs for people who would otherwise be receiving undisguised welfare.

          1. Robert Andrew says

            Affirmative Action was well intended when originally conceived, but like so many programs, the program, as implemented has been a failure. I believe in a level playing field, as I believe most intelligent people do. I believer that we should make every attempt to eliminate discrimination and treat all people equally, but affirmative action did noting other than establish a double standard that lowered the standards by which minorities were qualified for college admission and qualified for jobs, rather than providing the tools to promote high achievement. The net result was that it proved to be a disincentive for high achievement for both minorities and the majority. In many states and in most major metropolitan areas today, whites are the minority. Will affirmative action policies offer whites the same advantages as people of color? If so, I want to apply to be a Section 8A Set Aside contractor.

          2. Walter L. Hatfield says

            Now this is more constructive and to the point. Thanks for being part of the answer, not part of the problem.

        2. David Nichols says

          And we need to learn grammar and spelling…

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Always someone to overlook the “intent” of a message by criticism of ones spelling or grammar. Sho woosh I be purfuckt like you..

          2. David Nichols says

            Yeah, you are probably a supporter of “participation trophies” too…
            In competitions it matters who wins…
            In written communications it matters if you can express yourself correctly…
            And for some, “hey, what the hell, close enough dude”

          3. Robert Andrew says

            David, you’re too smart to be on here, and I’m fed up with it, so I’m signing off. You can try, but you will never reach them.

          4. David Nichols says

            You’re right, Robert…”There are none so blind as those who will not see”

          5. Robert Andrew says

            If you look at the IQ of people that follow theses kinds of web sites, and allow themselves to be brainwashed, you will understand why they can’t spell and use good grammar. And you will be attacked for mentioning that fact………….. Read below. I would also question the intent of these people and this web site. It darned sure isn’t intended to make America better…………………..

        3. Robert Andrew says

          There will also be no end to the structural problems our country faces until we get rid of divisive political pot stirrers like this web site, and quit allowing people to drive wedges between us and distract us with the ramblings of one black man. We have far larger problems that you should be focused upon………………….

          1. glenn398 says

            The trouble is this one black man isn’t talking to himself, he is spreading his thoughts of hate to a lot of others and on our dime. This isn’t what college is suppose to be about and since we have so many left leaning liberals teaching today it is destroying what used to be a good education.

    2. HadEnough says

      This is So True.

    3. OSAMA OBAMA says

      They also teach hatred for our country, it’s history and culture.

      1. Robert Andrew says

        And what do you think these so called high and mighty, self righteous conservative web sites and talk shows do???? You’re calling the kettle black and you don’t get it. They are a brainwashing apparatus, created by political pundits, with their own political agenda. And making America better darned sure isn’t their motive.

        1. glenn398 says

          So Robert what kind of hate statements are the conservative web sites making?

    4. joecool1 says

      This is hate speech! Right Obama, right Lynch! Right? Right?

      1. hangem'high says

        This was bound to happen, let “em ride in front of the buss, and drink out of the same water fountain, now they get to teach us how true racism should be applied!

        1. Robert Andrew says

          What did you expect them to do, forget about it? So you’re philosophy is hangem’high? The KKK has some openings in Mississippi and Louisiana. Better get down there, if you aren’t already. He’s one man that this pot stirring web site heard about and now everyone is ready to hang him. He might feel the same about you……………… We have bigger problems that getting all worked up about one guy with a big mouth. Will you ever figure out that you have just been played by political pundits that masquerade around as do gooders? Fix This Nation. com, my aching ass. Try tear America apart so we can make some money and steer some votes towards a party that despises the middle class. Don’t get it do you???? And just for the record, I support John Kasich, the only sane, and qualified republican candidate.

          1. hangem'high says

            Sarcastically it’s only been about six decades all the sacrifices that their parents made has been nil for not as the black millennials segregate themselves in safe Zones? Black only clubs and Gangs, same with the Hole Moles I find it very ironic that Obummer, Sharpton and Jessie Jackson encourage it! Uncanny that the KKK (old democrats) were ahead of the game, once a liberal democrat always a liberal democrat!
            I follow Dr. Common sense, and Reverend Manning on social media, you’ll never see main stream media give these guys air time because they make too much damn sense!
            I won’t hold your support for John Kasich against Yea, there’s still time to jump on another’s band wagon!

      2. Robert Andrew says

        Right joecool1. And what is coming out of your computer and your head??????? Let me give you a clue, HATE SPEECH!!!

        1. hangem'high says

          I guessing if you’re white everything that comes out of your mouth is hate?

    5. SouthernPatriot says

      You are right! Who the hell made this racist an expert? Does he know thousands of Caucasians well enough to determine that they are racists? Of course not. Leftist loons do not have to have researched empirical evidence, all they need is imagination and that becomes fact. What an alternate reality world Yancy lives in!

      1. Robert Andrew says

        You started out leaving me with the impression that you had an IQ greater than your age, and then stepped on your thing, just like that black professor. Do you know thousands of leftists well enough to qualify them as loons? No, so that makes you a double talking idiot, that has been brainwashed by some web site. Just what they were trying to accomplish. You played right into their game. Any idea whey the nine poorest states in America, the nine states that take more than they pay in, from the federal government are republican states? It is because the ignorant are easily manipulated, and the more people these political pundits can brain wash, and the more people that TV can dumb down, the quicker they can lead the sheep to slaughter. That is why the middle class of America has lost net worth and earnings for the last fifty years, and you don’t get it, do you?????

    6. Juan TwoTree says

      Someone should find this ‘Nygher’, beat his ass to a pulp. then tar and feather him and hang him high in an old oak tree!! Now THat should teach the young kids about preaching BS, garbage racist slanderous remarks. They’ll hopefully THINK twicwe before believing filthy nyghers like this in our Unversity’s or any school…….

      1. Robert Andrew says

        But you should have the ability, under our First Amendment to make theses kinds of stupid statements, right? Free speech is good for you, but not allowed for a black man. Is that correct. That First Amendment that you take for granted cuts both ways, like it or not. If a man can’t state a different opinion from the main stream, or from what you believe, he should be attacked???? Do you know that is exactly the philosophy of the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Quida, along with every other terrorist organization in the world. Brilliant ideology Juan. I’m white, I’m educated, I’m a patriot who loves America, I support John Kasich for President, I try to make America a better place for everyone, and I think you’re an idiot! My right to free speech, and a damned accurate assertion! OH yea, the KKK is looking to recruit some people in Mississippi and Louisiana, so wash your white sheet and your pin head hat, and get your application in…….

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Yo, Bobbie Boi?? Have you been fuking brain dead from 6 days ago??? Damn, I understand it is dificult to respond to every post/blog, but for Chirst sakes, 6 DAYS AGO?? What have you been doing to abuse yourself? Your crack pipe agan?

          Tell me Buckwheat, with your are ranting and raving about and whining and moaing, what in the fuk are you doing about the bull shit ‘Black Lives Matter’ conspiracy?? HUH?? More than likely you are doing squat, zero, nada! AND supporting these degenerates!

          What are YOU doing about your ‘Brother’ Farakan? Don’t have the BALLS to dispute or confront him? Probaly limp wristed LibTurd LIAR!

          How about our supposed ‘sons and daughter’s’ that the PARENTS are paying for a good long term University education? It’s OK for these ignorant punks, blacks, white ‘brainwashed’ youth to be posioned by fuk heads like this highly payed ‘Knee-Gro’ fuk that was probably going to college on OUR taxpayer’s dollars ffor years???!! This black mf’er needs a bail of cotton stuffed down his pie-hole to shut the ignorant mf’err
          up….he spews and talks NONSENSE!

          That fuking George Yancy should have had his rotten filthy, skinny assed Muslim hide tarred and feather and thrown and hung by his balls naked fron a tree for public viweings! The rat fuk is an anti-American, black whining soliaist burnt Irish PIG and should be sent back to his roots back in Africa!! Let the mf;er THEN start complaining about THEIR unjustices and crybaby living conditions!!

          “F” these absolute Anti-American Proofersor (wanna-be’s ) and destroy every one of these c*ck suckers, like this country needs to do with the filthy terriroits s

        2. hangem'high says

          The liberal progressive seem to be the only ones with a license to lie, everything else is hate!

    7. edward says

      F– k him!!

      1. catman says

        He’s not my type. His plumbing all wrong !! Maybe Obummer would like the job perhaps??

        1. Robert Andrew says

          F–k you, idiot!

          1. catman says

            Sir, I really don’t think you are man enough to get that job done !!!

    8. Eileen Jones says

      He isn’t the one I’m worried about, I’m worried about the Pres. and his racist influence on minorities . Constantly blaming white America not black America who were responsible for bringing slaves to America. Blacks had slaves and the fact that the Dems. voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the biggest hypocrisy ever thrown at the American People! Liberals are to blame for racism then and racism now, yet they make the lemmings in this country believe the opposite ! Goes to prove….” Stupid is , as stupid does !!!!!.

      1. Robert Andrew says

        I would counter with the fact that anyone that lumps everyone together as good bad or indifferent, us vs. them is an idiot! Yes blacks have been the primary force behind slavery and still are today in Africa, which doesn’t make it right any more than muslims using women as slaves or prostitutes doesn’t make that right. And making stupid unfounded remarks like you’s certainly isn’t right either.

        1. hangem'high says

          It always has been about us and them since the beginning of time, if you believe any different than you’re as good as history!

    9. Albert Nygren says

      I agree 100%!

  8. Robert E Boltz says

    this Black professor should be removed from any College now and in the future. He is a danger to all regardless of color, and if possible return to Africa where He might like it better.

    1. olf says

      The hateful propaganda the left promotes will also come back and eat their lunch too. This so called educator is obviously insane by way of hate. Evil brings all to insanity whom allow satan to practice it in their minds. The evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy. he is a liar and the father of lies. Sin is always ugly no matter where it is.

      1. Robert E Boltz says

        Olf Thanks for your reply, Appreciate you doing so Have a nice day

    2. 3ronald1 says

      Right! An “educator” is supposed to teach the subject matter of a specific course and not his personal beliefs. My sister was a student in “Honor’s College” and had a professor that promoted atheism in his English Literature class. (Much like the movie “God is Not Dead”. He should have been removed from the staff. His purpose was to teach the subject matter to the class, not his personal beliefs. A teacher/professor should have the qualities of honor, discipline, integrity, scruples, morality, etc. to be able to influence the minds of our youth. It is an honorable profession that has a great responsibility – Yancy is lacking in that department.
      Yancy should be removed from the college. And, I agree, he might want to move to Africa where I’m sure he will find a better life than here in the USA.

      1. Conservative says

        All liberal professors have been destroy our youth for decades and as a result the Country is eroding. They enjoy the fruits of the working class taxpayers for doing nothing more than spreading lies, hatred and eventual destruction. They have been clearing the way for Communism and the destruction of freedom.

      2. Edchero says

        People like this shouldn’t be allowed to move to Africa. They should be FORCED to move to Africa! And I’m sick and tired of seeing good tax dollars being given to those who poison the minds of our children with their ridiculous ideologies.

  9. Teapartyjoe says

    If they really think white is racist then they should leave here and go to a black country where there there are no whites. This country was formed by white Europeans but I suppose left wing nuts will try to argue that point.

    1. Jim says

      I strongly agree with you… and I will chip in to pay for his BOAT ride back!!!! And out tax dollars are going to this JERK….. Will there be a “test” on this!!!!! He should be FIRED!!!!!

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      If whites are so racist, then why are so many black dudes marrying the white gals? Figure that one out!!

      1. Patricia says

        I think I’ve heard blacks say that a white woman is seen as a ‘trophy” or something equally degrading.

        1. QuanellEleven says

          Somebody has to marry those fat ugly ones!

      2. QuanellEleven says

        That is an easy one. Who wants to sleep with a Wookie? White girls are actually human.

    3. Patricia says

      To hear muslims tell the story, it was muslims that founded America. They will, have and continue to re-write EVERY nation’s history.

      What do civil societies do with rabid dogs? We should consider the same thing with rabid people.

      1. Teapartyjoe says

        Amen , You right! What else could we do.Patricia get your gun. I will have your 6

    4. glenn398 says

      Their country makes a pig pen look like paradise.

    5. Deborah G says

      Blacks are racist so why can’t I be and get stuff for free?

  10. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is time for white people to speak up, as replacement by a central american lumpenproletariat is imminent, followed by subjugation by a subsequent mohammedan invasion, and an attempt at genocidal extermination is a strong possibility thereafter. Even though funded by white communists and run by a white man feigning negritude, the purpose of Black Lies Matter and the campus racial agitation it has engendered, as well as the increasing hostility of the regime of Barak Hussein Shabazz to native-born English-speakers and followers of Judeo-Christian religion, is clearly to send Caucasian Americans the way of the Ainu or the Aborigines if they are lucky, and the way of the Armenians or the Rwandan Tutsi if they are not.

    1. Deborah G says

      They have been silenced in the name of PC> I am NOT PC and have no problem saying what my issues are with blacks.

  11. Rightleaning says

    Is it because we don’t get all the free stuff, we have to work for it?

  12. armydadtexas says

    Why this so-called professor is a RACIST, He just PROFILED Whites. A Typical far, far, far, left wing, radical, extremist, HYPOCRITE, Socialist democ-RAT.
    If my being White makes me a RACIST, then I wear it like a badge of honor. You don’t like it, K.M.W.A.

    1. HadEnough says

      I would like to tell Yancy. “It’s time for all black people to ‘speak to, to admit to’, the RACIST Poison that is inside you.” You Blame Whites for Everything.

    2. HadEnough says

      I AGREE !!

  13. Roy Fredrichsen says

    I didn’t have any choice being “white”. I was born that way. The proffessor is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Not based in actual fact.

  14. SickandTiredofObamaTheMuslim says

    It looks to me … like this Black Professor, is just adding to our heightened race problems going on right now! Obviously, he is a racist hate monger … against white people! He should not be in a position, to influence college students, or be a teacher at all. Do we really need to go way back to the slave days, and try to crucify white people of today … who were not even living, when this all took place? We certainly had no control over something that happened 100’s of years ago … we were not even alive back then! Get over it Professor Yancy!

  15. Retired Marine says

    If all and only white’s are racist, why are so damn many blacks venomous racists, thugs, and punks? Not all of course, but look at the inner cities, blacks hold themselves down by peer pressure. It is time to rid our universities of these Sharpten like race pushers. Being white I am sick and tired of race baiters putting us all in one bracket. You want a race war, bring it on or shut the hell up.

  16. patanzalone says

    Personally I do not even think of race. Until morons spew out articles like this. Why is there a need to make matters worse. This person thinks white people have the time to just think racism. Not so, there maybe a percentage but the same goes for minorities. I worry more about work or the economy or fishing. I could care less about worrying about race. You can fly take a boat and leave this country any time you feel. IT is a free country, no one is holding you here. That,s what the many white Americans died for to free the minorities. YES white hundreds of thousands died. Where they racists?

  17. Jack says

    I’ve been turned down by many government related jobs because I’m a white male. I hold two college degrees and a massive amount of experience so I know they are not more qualified. So, government has created reverse discrimination against whites and yet blacks are still not happy? We should all be Americans simply, not Afro-American or Mexican-American, or Asian American, etc.. Should be law abiding and criminal behavior (blocking traffic, civil disruption, etc. are crimes) should be prosecuted, law should not look the other way because of color.

  18. Patriotic USVeteran1776 says

    If you are dumb enough to believe that being whit is being racist, then you really are beyond any means of rising above ignorance, no matter how many Masters Degrees you have.

  19. James Maxwell says

    Typical of the Academia elite, they will take and twist fact to suit their purpose and attempt to sway
    any arguments in their favor, BUT when reality sets in and they have to come out of the Ivory towers
    of ignorance and live in the real world the whole scam falls apart when they find out it does not work
    in the real world that the world lives in. This is further proof that tenure is a bad thing for the
    education system and the student does not benefit them as they are fed the corruption of a closed
    and restricted mind that is not open to new ideas or thoughs.

  20. AlanWH says

    The so-called “professor” needs to be reminded that anyone who thinks there is more than One race, is racist. We are all of the Human race. The differences are people groups and tribes, not Races. You are either Human and part of it or not.

  21. l.bell says

    I would just like to say thank you “professor yank off” for finally enlightening me on who that racist white guy is I have been looking at for 50 years in my mirror truly Richard Cranium of the cllege campus parents can now justify spending hundreds of thousands of their hard earned dollars to send their beloved children to a university where an obviously well traveled person such as yourself can can take the money and give absolutely 0 in return on their investment. You sir are a huckster a carpet bagger a liar and thief of money and knowledge you are the poster child for why abortion needs to stay legal. (And generally speaking I’m not for abortion however I am for women’s rights with that being said I don’t want to hear about the abortion comment toward this professor I stand by my comment in its context)

  22. joe says

    I _have_ noticed that I am rejected for employment in my field, in favor of persons of a different skin color but lesser in education, experience, and skills. I am called racist upon sight without ever having spoken a word or made any kind of action, displayed any flag or symbol, and based entirely upon my skin color.
    Are those who reject me on the basis of my skin color discriminatory?

  23. Dave McFarland says

    Professor Yancy by his own definition, is a bigot and racist. He is a disgrace to his race. The human race.

  24. Debbie says

    Tired of being called racist, Will not feel bad because I was born White,deal with it

    1. glenn398 says

      Well even if we are what they call racist they give us plenty of reason to be so.

  25. old broad says

    Hey boy, the only reason you got into collage was some stupid white let you in because you are black NOT on merit, the only reason you are a professor is because some stupid white hired you BECAUSE you are black NOT on merit ! Do you appreciate what you have because of the whites ?Oh no, no matter what you are GIVEN you demand more even though you don’t deserve it !

  26. Douglas McIntyre says

    I am white and proud of it! I have what I have because I worked for it and no one ever gave me a helping hand up when I was down, I just got back up….and that too I am proud of. I never cried that life wasn’t fair, that someone else was holding me down…that anyone ever owed me anything….that I wasn’t willing to work and get for myself…so if this is what makes a racist…then by all means consider me one!!

    My friends of color are people that I got to know and like because of our common interest…not because they are of color…..because I don’t feel I owe anyone anything, even if my great grandfather owned slaves at some point…that was the times and all anyone can do is change things…not undo them. Like the old adage states about “crying over spilled milk”!

    Irony, about 65% of all Government jobs are people of color, 65% of all sports and big dollars are of people of color….more and more are in Movies and on TV as host, commercials can’t run without a black person in them…so at what point is this Racist BS going to stop??? But with these results why should they, come to think about it!!!

    But reading about this so called professor…which most likely is the results of ‘affirmative action’ doesn’t surprise me at all…this is the garbage they are teaching now day at our universities!

  27. Scrubjay says

    Racism on parade in the Progressive/Democrat circles…and not a peep from the corrupt media to quell such hate speech!

  28. Ironmike4610 says

    If whites are racist, then blacks are race PIMPS…

  29. Charlie says

    Heck the the “don’t tell me ” list proves that this man has no business in the education business. Further it proves that this man is so caught up in political correctness that true American values don’t matter. Would like to see Dr. Ben Carson and Herman Cain debate this so called educator into the reality of being an American citizen in this century
    It seems this man and others are caught up in the narrative of the ” white privilege” / “black live matter” are totally sucked up into the socialist spew of manure that our nation is in dire need of change. Problem is that socialism always fails history does prove this statement. So no would not indulge said “professor” in his “don’t tell me” list by arguing . However would object to his ability to spew his ignorance on the capability of all races of Americans and the failures of all races of Americans. Success or failure by any individual has nothing to do with skin color . Success or failure are created by individual life decisions . Success stories and failure stories of citizens of our nation are not because of race or gender only individual life decisions are what make individual successful or a failure .

  30. Ironmike4610 says

    His black aZZ should be run OUT of the State of Georgia.

  31. Valor says

    Message to Yancy! I didn’t used to see color, but because of race baiting A** holes like you I am beginning to. And I resent that. You, sir, ARE a racist jerk that needs to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. You and your kind have set race relations back to where they were 60 years ago, and I detest your kind.

  32. scott says

    the only racist are these filthy nigg-rs and liberal communist sh-tballs.if being racist is not liking worthless lazy garbage that lives off our tax dollars,trying to change our country into a third world sh-thole like the ones they came from,want to take away everyones rights and are elliminating our constitution then im all in and proud of are 300 million other americans that hate liberal scum.

  33. phil says

    Obama is half white. So he is half racist??
    I’ve noticed that the ones who cry racism are the true racist.

  34. ADLoggy says

    Another example of how far academia has fallen. “George Yancy, Professor of Philosophy, works primarily in the areas of critical philosophy of race, critical whiteness studies, and philosophy of the Black experience.” Yes, this is an actual course of study in college and people are stupid enough to send their kids to colleges and pat for them to take these classes that spew this hatred. If not for academia hiring these worthless degreed professors, they would be asking you if you want fries with your order while striking for $15/hr wages.

  35. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says

    this nut case need to be fired, but how many people will call of write Emory University to demand it.? Athletics

    Michael Vienna, Director
    Woodruff P.E. Center

    Barkley Forum
    Ed Lee, Director
    220 Dobbs University Center

    Bookstore & Campus Life Technology & Communications
    Bruce Covey, Senior Director & Bookstore Liaison
    432 Dobbs University Center

    Career Center
    Paul Fowler, Executive Director
    1784 North Decatur Rd #200

    Center for Community Engagement and Leadership
    Elizabeth Cox, Interim Senior Director

    Center for Diversity and Inclusion
    Michael Shutt, Interim Director
    230E Dobbs University Center

    Center for Women
    Danielle Steele, Interim Director
    230E Dobbs University Center

  36. JMICHAEL270 says

    Does he go to Jeremiah Wright’s church?

  37. OldmanRick says

    Gosh, oh golly gee, I’m so depressed now that George Yancy has declared everything from A to Z to be “racist.” It surely seems that political correctness(cultural Marxism) and idiocy has finally conquered all.

  38. Brenda says

    Prof. Yancy is nothing short of a very angry black man, spewing nonsense to make himself feel more important than he is. He hides behind his “black racism” to create a greater problem than we already have. He should be fired for using his academic position to spew racial hatred toward the white race.

  39. tax man says

    This professor is a major part of the problem. There was basically no race problem in America until Obama and friends started stirring it all up after his election. They were just upset that all Americans were equal and having the same benefits and opportunities. They want to be superior and to punish successful Americans. These racists want to get everything for nothing, and that is not going to happen. Make sure you Vote in the elections in 2016 and let’s put these racists back in their bottle!

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Ahhhh, but this is what the PMIC has been working on. He and geo soros are now working on the biggest race riot in history! And once it’s started, he will declare martial law. Anyone that believes this “refugee” BS is in for one hell of a surprise! Those are actually his soldiers, here to protect his sorry ass when he screams out that he’s now a dictator. Watch and see!! THERE WILL NOT BE AN ELECTION!!

      1. Patricia says

        I have been suggesting that scenario for a long time now. He’s getting all the infrastructure in place for THAT specific time.

        Just take a look at how many muslims are in the government positions that facilitate his agenda! It’s dangerous, treasonous and COMING!

        Can you imagine Cankles’ face when she realizes that Bam-Bam has once again upstaged her?

  40. Mynickelsworth says

    Yancy is a single minded Racist and appears to be just professing to be a Professor. He is incompetent to teach anything except Racism.

  41. miles says

    People like this are proving the old ideas that blacks are inherently mentally slow and lazy. The more all these idiots spew their trash the more they hurt their own race.

    1. worn out 123 says

      Morally speaking. The facts are that our governments and those powers behind them have decided to enslave the whites masses. (People of color will NOT benefit from this, btw) Critical thinking must be subdued to make this come to pass. Political correctness is the tool used to silence all morally correct ideology.) Dr. Carson may seem lethargic to some, however, he is brilliantly working this out in his most simplified terms to others who’ll listen. That requires a high degree, not only of critical thinking, but, of keen verbal skills as well. He must fight the statists of both major parties and a majority of elected officials who are actively seeking a promised place in the NWO to politicians of personal aggrandizement. This place has no room for Christians nor uppity white people, btw. So, everyone just settle down and enjoy a gradual transition as the dye is cast. There is really nothing white people can do to prevent nations from falling into the socialist/communist quagmire so accurately predicted by Nikita Khrushchev in his speech of Sept. 29th, 1959 where he pointed out exactly how America would fall. (It makes a more interesting read than the Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in light of current events.)

  42. worn out 123 says

    Yancy is the perfect example of racism at it’s finest. Islamists, President Obama, most elected republicans, and nearly all democrats believe this chit!

  43. knowledgeisgood says

    I’m a racist? I never knew I was until he said I was. I guess there is no way to be able to defend myself according to this Professor. “WAIT”, There is one thing I can say though in defense of my whiteness, and that is, (I’ll say this as nicely as I can) Professor Yancey, your mind is full of racial dung who’s three fingers point right back at you while you point your one towards the white ethnic group, get a life, and STOP spreading your racial crap to a captive audience. Emory College, my daughter WAS going to go there, But not if you have racist professors who take advantage of his position as a professor to lie to young people, while the young people has to sit there and listen to his racial BS. If what I say makes me a racist, then I will wear that banner with pride, no matter what this professor thinks, just like his Black Panthers, say, “Black Power”, I will now say, “White Power”.

  44. American says

    No email address is given, but you can call James Wagner, President of Emory University at 404.727.6013. Voice your complaint, demand that they discipline, if not fire, this divisive, racist, hate monger Professor George Yancy. That such behavior is unbecoming, and demeaning of the institution that is Emory University. Comment that Yancy’s behavior, and the response by President Wagner, will influence future donation decisions to Emory University.

    1. Margie says

      I’m calling today. Thank you for the contact


      1. Patricia says

        I’m from Atlanta, Georgia originally and I will call and voice my white privileged derriere about the racist Yancy. And I’ll do it today!

    2. Patricia says

      11:59 Texas Time – I just now hung up with President Wagner’s office and had a calm conversation with the lady who answered the phone. I identified myself, explained to her my feelings about this article and how destructive it is. I also let her know that I’m white and NOT a racist.

      She said Mr. Wagner was out of the office all week but he has been made aware of this article and plans to get ahead of this $-killing Professor’s incredible rant on whites.

      I let her know that white $ will dry up for Emory unless the prestigious university’s President does SOMETHING about it.

      She thanked me for taking the time and I thanked her for her civil discourse. She wished me a Happy New Year and I dittoed that sentiment.

      I’ll be anxious to read what this president of Emory will do to Yancy!

  45. kotoc says

    I feel really sorry for this poor a-hole. He doesn’t have a grip on humanity at ALL. Apparently, when he was growing up, his unmarried momma, living on welfare, told him and his 6 sisters and 8 brothers that he couldn’t have all the stuff he wanted because the white people hate the black people.

  46. Dane7711 says

    I may be racist, but I’m not as racist as this jerk !!

  47. 4freedom says

    So what’s the bottom line, what free stuff provided by us crackers is he looking for?

    1. glenn398 says

      4Freedom don’t know as there isn’t much left that we haven’t already given them, maybe a new luxury car every year is all I can think of.

  48. Robert Russell says

    And yes this black man is teaching our kids blacks lives matter but not whites all i can say is throw the bum out.

  49. matt says

    We then he is( ass )ist black racist and should not be in a position to teach any one i will look into suing the college

  50. glenn398 says

    So what am I suppose to do paint myself black and act like the rest of those animals? If being black is so wonderful then there is little hope for the world as they have proven nothing but a hate for all that is different from them, ignoring the fact that we have done everything possible to help them with hardly any results. The poor me is the tax payer that has had to foot the bill for these worthless examples of humans.

  51. jimdarnall says

    By his own actions and his statements he is the one that is the racist against whites. All those claiming the white privilege argument are the true racist. I here no white people claiming any racism issues but they should. The Muslims and blacks are the ones whining all the time like they deserve something special. Of course so much comes from liberal teachings in the schools that are all about wanting, deserving and not working for anything. As far as Muslims they just want complete domination over all others and will do and say anything, and I mean anything to get their way. Me, being white and have worked all my life just to get by have taken no handouts, I say get over it and quit blaming white people for your own failures. that goes for blacks, whites and Muslims. This country was not built on a hand out mentality which is what these complainers want. There is no such thing as white privilege. Grow up and deal with your own problems. For a professor to say and act like this is to admit they are the real problem of our college system.

  52. Chris says

    Sounds like the Professor is the poster boy for racism!!

    1. worn out 123 says

      Well stated, Chris.

  53. oldhokie says

    Any college professor who is so stupid as to believe that skin color alone defines racism (I am certain that he believes Blacks cannot be racist) should be unemployed. It is time for Alumni of colleges to quit giving money to institutions that allow this crap to be spouted on campus. take away the money and things change

  54. le3845 says

    I really don’t care what this moron says. It’s all whining “poor me” rubbish.

  55. luckymegc says


  56. Rich says

    I wasn’t but I’m getting that way now.

  57. says

    Blacks are very racist because they hate themselves because they are black

  58. Dan says

    Shut up you high yellow mutt. How is that!

  59. kassa1 says

    This the kind of communist in our colleges who are lying decieving the youth and I say this is child endangerment and these should be dealt with. Oh we have racism and per capata the black your are 100 times more racist than all races combined followed up with their aggressions of beating,raping,robbing and murderig white or other races but black just because they are not black and this is all ginned up by the communist from the shite house thru colleges and their lying propagand arm the media, why to bring this country down for global communism run by the one preventers like Obama the Clintons Sorros,Rothchilds , Buildbergs and so on!

    If had a kid in one of the brain washing colleges I’d sue for child endangerment and remove them from that brain washing college.

  60. Ralph H Moran says

    WOW, I just had an awakening, if I’m a racist because I’m white then he must be an idiot because he is a professor. That makes just as much sense.OH! and he must be a drug dealer and a gangbanger and a pimp and a generally bad guy because he is black. That makes as much sense doesn’t it?

  61. hrandym says

    No worries. The white race gave us Western Civilization which gave us our Constitution, which gave all people equal rights. The rub comes when those given freedom don’t recognize the responsibilities of freedom. They are the ones always asking someone to give them something they haven’t worked for, but something someone else has worked for. Make no mistake: there is always someone who gives up something worked for before anything is ‘given’.

    So, I guess I’m a racist and proud of it. Actually there are some of the darker races that share our commitment to freedom of the individual, and I am proud of them as well.

  62. Austinniceguy says

    When his race decides to clean up their act, decides to stop the drug dealing gang-banging, decides to become responsible parents, decides to get off welfare and subsidies, decides to clean up their ghettos and teach their children pride of ownership, decides to teach their children to show off their diplomas instead of wearing their pants halfway down their asses to show their dirty underwear, perhaps I will start developing some respect for them. Until then I have no problem with how I feel about them. This guy is a bloviating MORON and the sad thing is that parents entrust their children to his blather. This is the poison of the future. With the administration being as divisive as it is, this guy is sowing the seeds for the future. Why doesn’t he speak to HIS people about trying to elevate themselves out of the gutters?

    1. Arizona Don says

      The things you suggest here will never happen because the system is set up (by the very people they most support, the democrats) to keep them in broken families and uneducated. That is the only way the democrats can stay in power is to keep the blacks down and in line with promises and keep them loyal to the democratic party. Yet the democrats are so smart (not intelligent there is a difference) they have the blacks thinking the white republicans are responsible for all their woes. As long as they continue to think that way nothing will ever change. Seeing to it the blacks remain dependent requires considerable handouts at, by the way, tax payer expense. Quite a plan isn’t it. But the real gotcha is the give-a-way programs. Where the democrats are “smart” is keep them looking forward to those handouts with promises of more while the republicans promise jobs and employment for “self improvement.” So it is labor vs santa clause. How does anyone think that will come out? Of course jobs are better then handouts but if the handouts keep them comfortable that is all most “uneducated” blacks desire.

      1. Austinniceguy says

        Very well stated and much appreciated. I have understood the system of freebies for many years and your description is spot on. Now we have Hitlery and Burnout Panders offering free everything at the expense of higher taxes to employers!!! If their supporters would just put a pencil to paper they would realize that not a single one of those programs is sustainable, just like obamacare. I’m truly scared for the future of this once great country if Hitlery gets in!!! Happy New Year!!!

        1. Arizona Don says

          I personally do not see any way hillary can win the election. I also do not think she can beat any of the top four republicans right now. Having said that you are absolutely correct if she does win we are headed for a civil war. The reason I say that is there is somewhere between five and one hundred million citizens (from both sides of the isle) who are just about done being pushed into this obama abyss in an effort to destroy America and this Constitutional Republic.

  63. Arizona Don says

    These blacks who espouse such malarkey feel inferior and therefore this is their defense. They do not wish to, in any way be equal, they desire superiority. Just like the oppressive, regressive communists who refer to themselves as democrats blame others for their own failures. A good example is obama. Nothing is ever the fault of one of these people. It is always the fault of others. It appears since obama is narcissistic they all want to be.

    Prior to obama I was actually indifferent about blacks. Now I do not particularly care for most of them. Does that make me racist? No that makes me self-protecting because of “their” racism. Who is it that keeps bringing up this race thing? Me or them? Those blacks who have made something of themselves have learned to read, write and speak in an intelligent manner. Those who do not do not and are stuck in a rut they will never get out of because they have convinced themselves the reason they are kept down is the white mans fault not theirs. Totally false and completely unfounded. The reason they do not improve their life is they are to lazy to get educated or work at succeeding. Because, it does take effort and motivation most have neither! But it is all you fault if you’re white.

    Furthermore, whole families are more receptive to education and self-improvement then broken families. The blacks have fallen into the dependence abyss now and until they “lift themselves out” they will oppress themselves and blame the white man looking for more handouts. The very people they support politically are the ones who have oppressed them and they are to damn ignorant to see it. Even abortion is made and even promoted for them to keep the race down. Yet they cannot see it. The welfare system is set against them and keeps families apart. They like their democrat buddies who depress them write laws to promote broken families which is a large part of that abyss. Their lack of motivation and effort will keep them in the abyss until they and only they lift themselves out. Opportunities abound yet they refuse to use them. Even the bad schools could be good if the blacks attending had a desire to improve themselves. Because that is what education is the pathway to self improvement.

  64. Jim Horn says

    I’m white and I dislike racists regardless of their complexion. This guy is an example. He’s a jerk!

  65. Gerry Costa says

    What a piece of sh!t article. I can’t believe they even interviewed this idiot. I guess if you are a black, libtard/demoRAT moronic professor — that means you can make as many ignorant statements that you want and someone will put them in a useless article like this one.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says


  66. adrianvance says

    Hey, all it takes from anyone is good, respectful behavior by everyone not to have these problems. I have no trouble with “black” people because I treat them the same way I would like to be treated. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  67. bdcorvette says

    Mr. Yancey needs emergency cranio-rectal surgery. What a jerk! Typical liberal bull stuff.

  68. Remmie says

    Yes, I may be but not nearly as racist as black or brown people. Not only are black people extremely racist,they apparently are so stupid that they do not know that snow is white and use a traditional Christmas song about having snow for Christmas as a racist talking point. If I was the administration of any of those colleges and universities I would hang my head in shame for the lack of education received there. I would not be trotting out a racist black “professor” to say that all white people are racist. Maybe Margaret Sanger was right and we should keep funding Planned Parenthood, 80% of their abortions are black women. Maybe we should do this to keep welfare down and raise the collective IQ of the nation.

    1. John Williams says

      Do you know what is really quite funny about this whole
      “college demand” stuff? Consider, it is the liberal left who has
      pampered, coddled, indoctrinated, handed out “participation awards”
      for nothing and protected them from having their little feelings hurt all their
      lives. Now these “little brats” have come back to bite them in the
      backside even getting some big shots to resign and lose their jobs. What we
      have here is proof that the liberals and their liberal agenda is a joke, you
      fools are now reaping what you have sown and I think it is hilarious. The only
      sad part is you have also totally screwed up the future leaders of this

  69. beltedmagnum says

    Liberalism is based on theory, feelings and fantasy. Liberalism is a “Mental Disorder” that says right is wrong and up is down. This Professor is the biggest racist I have heard in a long time…

    1. John Williams says

      Liberalism is closer to a cancer and if not removed will destroy the host.

      1. beltedmagnum says

        Cancerous brain tumor is more like it :o)

  70. John Williams says

    Says a successful black man with a good job and a college degree, I suppose it was someone with white privilege that got him where he is today. I defy any of these blowhard “true racists” to look anywhere in the world and find a place where everyone including “blacks” have a greater opportunity to succeed. Note, I said opportunity, not the guarantee that you will succeed, you have to get off of your black A$$ to do so, just like everyone else. It is such a joke when I hear these blowhard fools claim, there would not be a problem if the police force had “race ratios” that matched the ethnic ratios of the communities they are policing. I ask which one of those people do you want on your police force, the one jumping on the roof of the police car, the one touching the drug store, the one throwing the brick thru the store window or the one carrying the 46″ flat screen out thru the broken window? Wake up people there are standards to be met for most jobs and; that kind of behavior tends to leave you out, “ghetto speak” leaves you out the rest of the world does not understand it. When you want to be taken serious then act like you are interested , put forth the effort and stop acting like a bunch of uneducated idiots. When you are ready to learn what the problem is you can start with places like Baltimore to see what the problem is a vast majority of the time, especially in the black community.

    Let’s look at Baltimore a little closer and see if we can
    find a common denominator to apply to the problems there. First it is said that
    it is white cops and whites in general that are the problem, in particular
    white cops. Two things to point out, out of 6 cops involved in the Freddie Gray
    incident, one half of the cops alleged to be involved are black, for those who
    have trouble with math that means only one half were white. Next, a question
    for you, did you see anyone looting and burning that you would want as a police
    officer in your neighborhood? Police, like almost all job vocations, have a
    certain criteria that prospective employees must meet, from the looks of those
    in the street, it is my guess that looting, burning, (including kicking in the
    windshields of police cars), lack of education, arrest warrants and a list of criminal
    records do not meet that criteria.

    Now I will go a little farther in looking for the common denominator involved here,
    consider the following.

    Mayor of Baltimore— Stephanie Rawlins Blake, City Council
    Baltimore 1995 – 2010, Mayor Jan 2010 – present, prior to being Mayor Baltimore
    City Council 1995 – 2010, she is Black.

    Mayor of Baltimore— Jan 07 – Jan 10, Sheila Ann Dixon
    forced out of office for fraud, prior to being Mayor, Baltimore City Council,
    Dec 1987 – Jan 2007, she is Black.

    Mayor of Baltimore— 1999 – 2007, Martin O’Malley, He is

    Mayor of Baltimore— 1987 – 1999, Kurt Schmoke, he is

    Mayor of Baltimore— Jan 1987 – Dec 1987, Clarence H.
    Burns, he is Black.

    Mayor of Baltimore— 1971 – 1987, William Donald Schaefer,
    he is White.

    Mayor of Baltimore— 1967 – 1971, Thomas L. J. D’Alesandro
    III, he is White.

    U.S. House of Representatives— Elijha Cummings, Dist. 7
    (Baltimore) assumed office 1996 – present, prior to that, Maryland House of
    Delegates, Jan. 1983 – Jan. 1996, he is Black.

    U.S. House of Representatives— Kweisi Mfume, Jan. 1987 –
    Feb. 1996, he is Black.

    U.S. House of Representatives— Parren Mitchell, Jan. 1971
    – Jan. 1987, he is Black.

    U.S. House of Representatives— Samuel Friedel, Jan. 1953 –
    Jan. 1971, he is White.

    Apparently race is not the common denominator, Blacks represented Blacks 7:4 for this time period, in some cases over 40 years, the real smoking gun here (common denominator) is that every last one of these people are liberal Democrats, this offers nothing more than proof that liberal policies, are for the most part, causing the problems we are seeing today. I would bet you can pick any city that has
    been under liberal Democrat control for any length of time and you will find
    many of these same kinds of problems. The story that the Tea Party and true Conservatives
    want to keep blacks from voting and want to put them back in chains is really
    just a fairy tale promoted by the very people who have enslaved blacks to start

    Governors for Maryland— Six out eight Governors for over
    fifty years have been liberal Democrats.
    It is not the ratio of blacks and whites it is the ratio of liberals to everyone else whether they are black or white, liberal is the common denominator and the biggest problem with the black community today. Remember while you are whining and licking that an excuse is like an A$$ HOLE every body has one, get over it and move on.

  71. junkmailbin says

    toad vomiting racist bs

  72. melmack 1 says

    Just another something playing the race card to justify its HUGH salary …no other reason. If it was all true it would not have a position …. would really be sweeping the hallway floors

  73. Kaido Ojamaa says

    Professor Yancey. US a,Racist, Propagandist and Wrong. First there is not Race as” White”, that’s right, you herd correctly. There are multiable Races of Fair Skinned Peoples. That is Fact. The US State Department, knows this and refers to it when it is the governments Interest. I used to work for them and know this as fact.

    Haven’t we all herd,if you can’t beat them to join them,? Errounous called, Labeled ” White people, in fact belong to multiple Races of Fair Skinned peoples. That makes them all Minorities!
    The people of the Various Skinned Races can start to claim Minority Status, by finding out which Fair Skinned Races, they belong to and claim such on Cenus,Job Applications, Discrimination/ EEO Complaints/ Lawsuits etc.

    The following are some examples of the various individual Fairr Skinned Races; Irish, Scott’s,Welch North French are of the CELTIC Race. Spanish,Portuguese, Southern French, Middle,Southern Italians, Romanians, Greeks are of the LATIN ROMAN Race. Germans, Austrians. Many Swiss, Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegians, Dutch are of the GERMANIC Race.Polish,Czechs,Slovaks, Russians, Slovenians, Croatians, Serbians, Bosnians, Macidonians, Montenegnians, Sorbians etc are mostly of the SLAVIC Race. Saami,Finns,Estonians, Ingers,Veps,Livs,Latvians, Lithuanians, Hungarians, Turks,Koreans. Japanese are of the TURANIAN – FINNO- UGARIC Race. Albanians are of the ALYRIAN Race.

    Let’s all start to claim our correct Fair Skinned Races and Beat them at their own game. After all,Equality, is for ALL, not just for some!

    1. worn out 123 says

      This has recently been and continues to be, pandering to certain groups with the SOLE purpose of gaining their vote. Just how far off the deep end this will go is anybody’s guess.

      1. Kaido Ojamaa says

        Worn Out 223:
        Yes they created this along with their Communist supporters back in the late 1950’s Planned, Supported, Exported by the Soviet Union, the seeds were planted to be used by future elected Fellow Travelers Marxist’s. What we have for some time now in America and Canada..
        In the Soviet Union, the CPSU started similar to state; ” There Is One Soviet Man- People “. This was overwhelmingly Rejected by the various peoples of the Soviet Empire.
        It was similar to the false labeling of FairSkinned Race people as; ” White”.
        You see the Creator, likes Diversity, nature reflects this. Just look at the various Flauna and Flora; animals, plants, trees,minerals, elements etc.All are diversely unique unto themselves.

        I partly grew up in Europe,and was told this as a boy,that the peoples in the different regional countries belong to different races,that No one is superior, that all are Unique unto themselves.

        Now that is recognition of non baised Real Divirsity. Now that should be taught in public schools and Colleges/ Universities.

        We are all Diverse and Unique, and as such Equality is meant for All and not for some, unfortunately this is not the Factual Situation in America and Canada today in the current situation in the United (divided) States of America.

        We as small people, Individuals can turn this around, by applying the knowledge, principals I wrote about in my 1st comment t on this thread.

        People are already starting to do so. Many Irish,are starting to refer in legal documents as being of the Celtic RacItalian descended individuals are claiming themselves as Latin Roman Race and rightfully so. I suggest we all do similar. As the situation is getting worse. I am tried of being ” Falsely Refered to as White, “. That is very Communistic and takes away from what I realm am. More and more people are waking up and seeing this.
        I believe this is a powerful Truthful and Effective way we Fair Skinned Peoples can achieve Equality in America.

  74. pysco says

    Judging a man by the color of his skin, and not the character of his soul is in fact a racial bias… Professor’s are supposed to be educated, and have the ability to reason, Professor’s rant about white privilege is infact racist, and makes him a racist Son of a bitch….

  75. Reddler says

    I have observed in life that those who make the loudest accusations are the ones who most guilty of the accusations they make.

  76. paulrph1 says

    What he is really saying is we are the victims. That makes everything OK if you are the victim according to them. These people;s soap boxes need to be taken away.

  77. pop diesel says

    Yeah but blacks humans are not only the MOST racist.. they are murders of their own kind RACIST. Black humans march in the streets displaying their visceral racism. Sooooo finger pointing should start with a good look in the mirror there …black “professor”…Or are you just another liberal white hating race baiting 15 minute of fame scum bag pretending to be a “professor” type black human?????

  78. Amy Thomas says

    What bull, this continued farce of blaming others continually is government propaganda. Everyone in this country has been subject to race, religion or ethic harassment at one time or another,and succeeded in overcoming it, but never have we seen this continued whining, looting, and attacks on all law enforcement by blacks, as we see today, thanks to a administration who promotes this kind of action. Get over it and take responsibility for your own actions as many blacks have done and climbed to the top like Charles Payne, Judge Thomas, and others. Obama and those like this so called professor have done more to divide race, religious, and ethnic and created hatred than any administration, and calling it P.C. Remember divided you fall, a trick that Hitler, Stalin, and other dictators used to divide a nation and become a dictatorship. This so called professor needs to stop spreading blame on other and needs to learn how to teach the truth in his classes.

  79. fred says

    The definition of a racist is someone who makes a point of discriminating against others because of their ethnic background. It seems to any thinking person that this “professor” (which is a huge leap given his lack of mental capacity!) is clearly a racist of the highest level of hatred and discrimination and is trying to convince young minds that white people are bad because of their ethnicity! He is the epitome of that word’s definition! Shame on him, and that school should fire him on the spot!

  80. moedom says

    Me: You’re ignorant if you’re black

  81. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    To cry “racist” is to admit that you cannot come up with anything better to say. It is an admission of failure and defeat. It is an admission that those crying “racist” have lost the argument.

    I love hearing these LIbtard Whackadoodle Douchebags cry “racist”, because that is their cry of Surrender.

  82. rayhause says

    Don’t blame me when I call you a black ass racist.

  83. B. Zerker says

    Prof. Yancy obviously suffers from the psychosis known as “libtardus shitforbrains”. No worries though, this condition can be easily cured with a procedure known as the “Louisville Slugger Lobotomy”. And yes, I am prejudice against everyone, no matter their race, religion, etc., with this mental condition!

  84. jim says

    I Pitty those in his class that have to deal with his BS – I really don’t care what this new society calls me, Like most of the people know who really matter – Most of these liberal teachers are bums anyway at heart and the worlds never been fair to them either- – This only happen in a Academic environment because they aren’t profit driven and special interests are given more than their share of leg up’s even foreigners like ( MR Obama )– In the real world, prejudice and laziness isn’t based on your skin color / The content of a person isn’t measured by their color– While the Black lives matter crowd goes around walking the streets and loafing, causing Caicos, most should looking for productive ways at improving the lives of those in the inner city where trouble is only a breath away. Most of this BS stems from the feeling of entitlement, thanks to the Demo-rats and their New Deals, thanks FDR and Johnson

  85. laulau says

    This guy has a screw loose…he should never be a teacher. He’s playing the “poor me” card again. He is paranoid like Michelle Obama saying only white people can go in museums. Did anyone ever tell her that she wasn’t allowed? No. You are the master of your own destiny, so don’t blame it on anyone else.

  86. Ttoe says

    No, what blacks suffer from is their blind undying support of the Democrats. They don’t hold the Democrats accountable, so the Democrats who exclusively control everywhere blacks control the vote, make them, maintain the status quo, and basically use them as props in their fight against the Republicans.

    Democrats have always used blacks in this manner.

  87. sox83cubs84 says

    Racist idiots like this guy (not to mention the Obamas, Holder, Lynch, Jarrett, etc.) are the biggest reason that race polarization is at its worst since the early 1960s.

  88. Smart Southerner says

    We know who the RACISTS are & who started the biggest black-white divide since the 60s are & they weren’t white. The biggest Racist is sitting his good-for-nothing Racist azz in our WH (his campaigns & propaganda funded by George Soros). Add to that Rev Al, Jesse, the NAACP, BLM (funded by George Soros), the ACLU (funded by George Soros), anyone remotely affiliated with Soros’ Open Society & his other foundations to cause chaos & try to start a Civil War, most ignorant blacks & damn near every black associated with a school or college.

    This country was moving forward with race relations until Obama was elected. He hates white people & as much as says so in his fictional “Dreams” books. All America has done since he was elected is go backwards in race relations & pit blacks against whites & a lot of white people have been injured & murdered because of it.

  89. Timothy Toroian says

    How about black relatives, jackass!! I have three. Actually four, one passed away at age of 11 months. Brother-in-law is more like a brother than in-law. Doesn’t count if I am friends with and have dated black women,jerk? And that’s not because you’re black, but because you are stupid. I very much dislike Obama because he is second cousin to a communist, something I have hated since I was 11 years old and could understand communism. Got into an argument with a black one time. He says to me “You want to call me the n-word, don’t you?” he stopped arguing when I asked him what the hell his color had to with him being an asshole. Didn’t care what color he was, he was an asshole!!!

  90. Hilly says

    The only people who are racist are the ones who constantly throw race in everyone’s faces. This racist professor should crawl back under his rock.
    I don’t understand why our tax dollars go to fund sh!t like this? Aren’t our children going to college to learn how to be productive members of our society? Sh!t like what this professor is teaching definitely is NOT productive. It is DEstructive and divisive.

  91. MSB says

    This man sounds like he dislikes and is upset with the majority of people in the U.S. He preaches that caucasian Americans are racist’s (He feels that the caucasian race thinks it is superior to his race) by birth and that is an intrinsic fact no question about it. Even if the caucasion himself says that he is not a racist he is a racist because this non racist Professor says that the person is racist. He is superior in deciding whether a person is racist over the person himself. All cacasion Americans are inferior to him when it comes to deciding their own racial attitudes. If a caucasion person says he is not a racist he truly is a racist just because he denied his racism. This man is superior in racial decision making than all cacasions.
    Believe it or not he is getting paid for his racial superiority and his ability to decide for every caucasion their racist status. He also gives the impression that the cacasion Americans will never cure their racism.
    He doesn’t sound happy ! One of two things must happen, ether he goes to a country is not be racist, a country were their are no caucasions or all cacasion Americans leave America and go to a country that accepts racist caucaions.
    Western civilization is made up of caucasions as a majority and all of the WC. countries accept all races.
    It seems to me that it would be a lot easier for him to leave America than it would be for all the cacasions to leave. I would chip in on all his expenses. I wonder were he got educated and I wonder how many caucasions have died to help other races improve their life style? I also wonder if he is at all thankful for the life style that he lives in America in compared to other countries in the Middle East for example? I also wonder how he would be treated in those other countries say for example Russia if he was preaching this message there.
    I hate hearing that people are unhappy with our system and I would even help to find him a country were he would not have to endure all these terrible racist caucasions. I hate to think of all the privaleges he has not been given because of this racism by caucasions. Poor, poor, poor Mr. Professor. I feel so sorry for him. . So lets start a fund to get him the hell out of this caucasion racist country. All in favor say AY.

  92. Rock J. Dueck says

    It’s people like this over-educated idiot that does so much to promote racism. Black people never seem to consider that possible if some distant relative hadn’t been brought here as a slave, they wouldn’t have the benefits of education,healthcare, etc, and the right to complain about how badly they are treated. While only a true racist fool would condone slavery, it cannot be denied that if it had not occurred many of the people complaining might well be in some underdeveloped jungle where feeding oneself would take priority over complaining. As a white guy who may or may not be a descendant of someone involved the bring in slaves, you’re welcome.

  93. Art Hock says

    Here is a jerk who should not have tenure and be given a shovel and have to work for a living. Racist assholes like him have no business in the education system. Another proud white guy.

  94. RB says

    Am I racist because I think your an Idiot Professor?

  95. hora says

    We learn racism from Black liberals like discrimination, pure liberals are evil and mental disturbing and be will end next election time. Liberals are a master of racism, corruption, lie, discrimination, be will start apply after next election and I hope that black liberals be will enjoy.

  96. Wapitiman says

    I am very comfortable being a Caucasian. I don’t have to apologize for my skin color or blue eyes!

    If you have problems, suck it up!

  97. onefour says

    I live in a neighborhood/community that has every race known so if I was a racist I would have moved years ago. This man is the type that keeps the race card being played.

  98. survivor33 says

    If ever there were racist in this world, it is the black people. This black professor at Emory Univ, i.e. George Yancy is calling white people racists, when in fact, he is teaching it. How he ever got to be a professor I will never know but he really ought to be fired and forever be banned from ‘teaching????’ again.

  99. Smart Southerner says

    I can tell racist Professor Yancy unequivocally that I did NOT vote for Obama. He has turned out to be the biggest racist to set foot in our WH in my lifetime of 65+ years! He has spent 7 years pitting blacks against whites, causing whites to be injured & murdered by blacks. Obama’s pushing blacks toward a new Civil War is what sent the drug addled teen over the edge in Charleston, SC where he shot 9 blacks.

  100. jjmcl431 says

    i am white and i am proud of it. thank you Professor. you and Blacks like you have done more to make me a racist than anything or anybody else could. screw you and Happy New Year.

  101. PatriotParatrooper says

    The blacks are more racist than anyone. I’d put the racism of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton up against the leader of the KKK. I’d say they’d come in a tie. The funny thing is, these people have to keep racism going in order to keep themselves employed. They have to make the black community feel like victims, which they are, but it’s not to white people. It’s to the democrat blacks that they elect to keep them on the government plantation. It’s ingrained in the community so deep, that when a black person pulls themselves out of poverty, moves to a good neighborhood with low crime, they call him an uncle tom instead of saying congrats and good job.

  102. Walter L. Hatfield says

    This is the root problem of people like George Yancy,His ilk will go through life playing the “Persecution Card” instead of teaching all students to be proud of their heritage and use it to promote good will. Yes there are Racist, but, it’s both Black and White, not just whites. President Johnson gave every entitlement he could back in the 60’s and the intelligent people used them to get ahead, people like George is of the mind set that, people of color need to be GIVEN EVERYTHING, which feeds the Slavery mind set.

  103. Monika Bingham says

    if this guy is this smart check out where you are if we white people dont bring the black people to AMERICA i am sick of people who do not think . LEARN HISTORY bevor you open your dumb mouth

  104. ConservativeSenior says

    This “professor” isn’t fit to be anywhere near impressionable children. He’s a racist.

  105. WhiteFalcon says

    You are racist if you are a liberal professor, period.

  106. steve says

    F**k you monkey man.Racist piece of sh*t.. Glad to be be white and whenever you feel froggy let me know and I will put you on the way back to Africa.

  107. VanceJ says

    Crawl back into your hole creep.!!!!!!! you are full of it.

  108. Kenneth says

    Over-all, the black race, for the most part, is the single most racist bunch of people in America today.

  109. rchguns says

    This is the kind of idiot that is now teaching our children, the future leaders of our nation? Well I do agree with a partial portion of this lunatics rant, everyone I don’t care what your color are your religion . I see that everyone is prejudiced against something or someone. That’s part of being a human being! But when you act on these beliefs you become liable for the consequences.

    People like this professor should never be allowed to teach no more than a white supremacist should be allowed to teach colleges and universities are meant to be places of higher learning not of prejudiced and outright stupidity.

  110. Albert Nygren says

    To say that being White makes a person a racist is one of the most racist statements I have heard yet!. What is Racism and what is prejudice? Both racism and racial prejudice is judging a person by the color of their skin and not the qualities of the individual person. That is exactly what Professor Yancy is doing!

  111. alpambuena says

    never was racist until all the black corruption, double standards and black political correct coverups began many years ago….so call me racist and include muslims too. when are the muslims going to start banning together in this country to protest terrorism. the blacks have the naacp, black colleges. and congress has the congressional black caucus…its about time the whites had the same thing.

  112. Jack says

    “How about that”,”a racist,calling everyone else,RACISTS.”

  113. marlene.langert says

    I have never been racist,then people like Yancy and Obama would make me racist because they are so full of hate. Blacks have become much more full of hate since Obama started his run. WHites also have become more full of hate because of what only some blacks are doing. The rioting and destruction of property by low class blacks for no good purpose has just stirred the pot more. And, all of the low class blacks are not poor nor do they live in poor neighborhoods. The worst are the ones like Yancy and the Obamas, who have had the chance to go to good schools and comeup in the world and hold good positions, but do not use it to help other blacks, but to drive them further down by making them think they are not good enough to make it and must follow the lack of leadership that the president and his entourage and these liberal professors instill in them. These so-called upper class blacks are gringding their own people down on purpose. Don’t believe them young blacks. Rise up and take a stand for yourself that you can and will do so. You cannot do this by looting and wrecking. You can do this by studying hard in school and recognizing your own capabilities.

  114. downs1 says

    Yancy is the racist! He is part of the problem, not the solution! Simply because he is a “professor” doesn’t mean that he is right, nor accurate! His words convict him as well as his supercilious attitude!

  115. billdeserthills says

    Professor can I tell You to Go Fvck Yourself?

  116. Charles Smith says

    That Little Nigger can kiss my White Ass.

  117. daveveselenak says

    FUK THE NIGGER, is that racist enough for him?

  118. QuanellEleven says

    This silly little man exemplifies the inferiority complex and just plain lack of intellectual power that black people demonstrate every day. It is good that his diatribe is isolated to a University that was founded on race rather than intellectual capacity. His illogic would be challenged in a real University rather than this Land Grant Reparations High School, Emory. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Who would send a child to that school that was not negro?

  119. freeper says

    You’re racist if you wear red ball caps and talk BS.

  120. Paula says

    racists are those who set out to destroy the nation’s white identity, that is racist.

  121. MRHapla says

    Yes it is a privileged to be part of a civilization/race that does indulge every itch and urge rejects all the forms of self-predation cannibalism, embraced the concept of planning for the future, seeing past our dicks, and developing , maintaining and recording a history worth preserving. Fun fact,,we are masters at self-correction and righting the course. So enjoy that,,,,,

  122. Paula says

    To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

    1. worn out 123 says

      Thankx. Great comment.

      1. Paula says

        You’re welcome

    2. ABO says

      Gotta love ole TR !

  123. Alleged Comment says

    Been saying that all along. Anytime you say how many “negro” friends you have, or you married a Negress, etc, that tells me YOU ARE RACIST!

    That’s right Negro, applies to you too. WE ARE ALL RACIST! So don’t get too proud negro! I mean, if you want to take it in that direction.

  124. takeitbacknow42012 says

    So you’re racist if you are white, but blacks aren’t racists? What a bunch of crap this man is teaching. I pray these young people aren’t that gullible! This really makes me angry that they allow people like this to “spread their hate”.

  125. Chris Harbinger says

    Why are you seated in his presence? He and Rev Wright if of non dark skin would have been disposed of for even spitting out something like that. LEVER PULLERS bow to the EVIL you have bestowed upon One Nation Under GOD..This male is mentally ill: get your money back and file for attacking your race no matter what color you are. Degenerate…

  126. Nina Ferguson says

    OMG!!!!!!!! Now, because I am white, I am racist? IN A RAT’S ASS.

    1. worn out 123 says

      See the trend. White Americans are deemed guilty to justify the stripping of natural rights from Americans. In Communism all the masses are equally deprived. Communism is simply socialism out of the barrel of a gun.

  127. Clay Ronso says

    “As you reap comfort from being white”

    Damn my ancestors making a better world for themselves and their children. The gull of them to discover electricity and how to use it. The never of them to develop farming techniques that allowed them to grow food in places which no one would think was possible. The audacity of them to explore this world, under the sea, and above it in space. Oh well, I guess we should feel bad that our white ancestors didnt sit around all day and starve to death rather then pick up a hoe and make a better life for themselves. Ho hum.

  128. Dan Clouser says

    This moron needs terminated from teaching. Only a complete and total idiot believes in anything such as “white privilege” I will go so far as to say that Yancy is a fucking retard.

  129. Almay says

    We can place a lot of blame upon LBJ’s programs that paid millions of non-workers, non-taxpayers, unwed mothers, drug users, alcoholics on his war against poverty. The result has been increase in poverty. Then the PC correctness, college professors and teachers and gutless elected congress found that these abusers of the taxpayers would vote for them if they gave these takers more money for doing nothing. These users continue to make slavery the reason for their plight rather than looking at the facts. One being that the men have children by multiple women and the women do not have the good sense to obtain birth control or better yet, keep their knees together denying sex until wed. While these folk embellish on their freedoms, they restrict taxpayer freedoms in more ways than anyone can enumerate.

  130. TadhgMcLir says

    Fire the Jerk!

  131. Ronald Gunn says

    Damn, this means I can’t shop at Walmart any more, no, I shopped there today and took my racist money. I know I don’t have to pay my taxes anymore, no, the IRS said I still have to pay my racist taxes, I know , my boss will fire me if I am racist. No, he doesn’t have a list of all the racist people in this country. So, professor yancy, what does being racist mean. I know, it means yancy is a racist asshole.

  132. Dick Ellis says


  133. JustAnotherBill says

    Who gave this brain dead, racist, hypocrite of an idiot a job as a teacher and why, after such an asinine statement is he still allowed to teach? Come on white men time to raise your voices of discrimination like the blacks would do and get this raciest piece of shit fired and black booked from ever teaching again. It’s time this reverse racism comes to an end.. The white man needs to file a lawsuit for reverse discrimination against this lowlife scum and all others like him and his kind.

  134. MSB says

    Their is a war on old Caucasian males and has been for the last 60 years a little before All In The Family
    Remember! Than came the Jefferson’s.

  135. Mitchell Loebel says

    The “professor” is an imbecile. Don’t waste your time on him.

  136. ZACAL says

    Hey Professor – Going by your logic, My turds must not be racist then.

  137. Larry Christopher says

    Thank God I found out I was racist. Now I am on an even keel with ALL blacks in America. Now…where’s my damn welfare check???

  138. rivahmitch says

    His only potential value would be as fertilizer.

  139. Stevon f. Nutt says

    What can I say but, Kiss my White ass you ignorant POS!

  140. Scott Henke says

    Here’s a scary thought: How many white kids in his classes fell for his crap?

  141. nicthstic says

    Here’s a theory about his theory, garbage in garbage out. Be ready for this thing to grow worse. They are coming after your companies, your retirement and your assets. It’s what they do, because apparently they cannot grow their own. The law of the jungle I believe its called.

  142. Mark says

    By that polemic, I guess it would be just as fair to say, “You’re a criminal if you’re black”

  143. joe says

    This guy is a braindead moron and he is teaching this twaddle, he should be fired and put into a mental ward. He is just like the rest of the racist pigs he using race as an excuse to be a lazy failure. Hey listen up you mental midget go fuc6 yourself, typical low life failure can not get a real job so he teaches. Screw you I OWE YOU NOTHING!! if you are a lazy failure you have only yourself to blame.

  144. WuDanFu says

    The only thing my “White Privilege” ever got me was passed over because I was not black, I didn’t qualify for the program, or quota requirements. White Privilege is a myth used to justify Affirmative Action, which amounts to “I can’t get it on my own”. I’m sick of the race baiting, the race card, and even the mention of race, you want to take a step towards equality? Eliminate the all references to race except for medical purposes or criminal investigation. I’m tired of the guilt trip and crying, half of my people weren’t even here for slavery, the other half wore Union Blue. I owe you NOTHING!

  145. bygeorge says

    So, is it okay to start using the “N” word again? That’s what this guy sounds like.

  146. says

    He is trying to put the blames on someone else because he is black and he doesnt like it When the n word is used by the blacks its ok or when they get into trouble they yell racism and start stealing as a excuse against the whites

  147. Daddy's says

    Send this guy to the moon a one way ticket. See if the little green moon people will like him. My guess they won’t. He’s just plain nuts,crazy,and a Misguided thing. this is what we are up against. I say fight fight people like him. There destroying this Country.

  148. says

    Sorry, but i think it’s the other way around, he is the racist

  149. JoAnn Dolberg says

    Yancy is not only wrong, he is demon-possessed.

  150. DogWithoutSlippers says

    What a racist you are. Another destroyer of America……….like Obama. You dare blame whites for your hateful rage. Go to Hell!~

  151. aaron morand says

    more double talk…double think bs from the ivory tower of academia….and he DOESNT have to explain
    his statements….just make up a theory, spout it, stand back and look at the bewildered faces of his
    students trying to wrap their minds around such blatant bs and stated to make those who are white
    feel inferior and those who are whatever color feel superior…..Question ….Why does he have to
    mention COLOR at all? ,,,,, Why not focus on the humanity of ALL people regardless of their color?
    ……How does the ?Professor? suppose that his statements will foster better ethnic relations? …. or
    perhaps he is looking for some news coverage and hopes that his statements will cause a
    riot by the students or maybe a shooting…. I for one question his qualifications as a ?Teacher? and his

  152. SlipperCity says

    If I am racist, let ’em earn their own money instead of sucking on the teat my of money and of society’s money.

  153. tom cook says

    The reasonable retort to liberal name-calling is to embrace their slurs: I am proud to be racist; it is openly apparent that the black race is inferior in almost all ways all over the world and cannot survive without excessive support from whites. They are primitive people barely out of the stone age. It is evolutionary, not cultural. You cannot train bonobos to be human.

  154. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    The reason why so many Blacks suffer is because they function like idiots! I.e., perfecting speaking improper English; gangsta rap; drug dealing; being responsible for the 65% of all crime; demeaning higher education; pants hanging low; …just to name the obvious.

  155. Donald Vestal says

    If “professor” George Yancy, has a problem with his race, it IS HIS problem, I am NOT responsible for him being black, or any other minority. If he has a beef being black then blame the people really responsible, his parents, they are responsible for bringing him into this world.If he doesn’t like being a minority in this world, as far as I am concerned he is free to leave!!!

  156. crazyfreddie says


  157. James Dillard says

    so it is okay for a man to single out an entire people just on skin color alone;

  158. allen goldberg says

    This University needs to remove this so-called professor..he’s preaching his personal views..right or wrong…he needs to be suspended, then terminated for this hate speech.

  159. MARYSWEET says

    That is the most asinine statement but then look at who made it. We are not given a choice as to what color our skin is nor who our parents are. But we do have a choice whether to educate ourselves, help others and not blame others for our misfortunes. We all have a choice what kind of life we live and this idiot is blaming all whites for the color of their skin. Should we also blame all Japanese for Pearl Harbor, or all Germans for Hitler’s war? I think this so called professor hasn’t learned much even though he has attended college. We all make our lives whatever we want them to be no matter our skin color, religion, ideology, race or any other factors.

  160. Dirtybird38 says

    I guess that makes our POTUS HALF racist?

  161. gerald Hughes says

    This guy and the other racists are not the problem, they are a symptom, of the liberal dem bloodsucker problem.
    We can no longer coexists with the liberal dem bloodsuckers, we must physically separate ourselves from the ersatz life forms, it will prevent civil war.
    The racists, perverts and atheists will all have to move into their portion, as they will be dog meat if they stayed in ours.

  162. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    It’s the extreme racist minorities who are the biggest cause of bigotry today led by their Black Messiah in the White House and all his minority appointments. Not one has been worth a damn.

    1. Uzoozy says

      Mr Barrak H Obama has been the best president ever.
      Wake up guys

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        I hope that’s you attempt at sarcastic humor. If not you need professional help. He has screwed up everything he has touched and makes Jimmy Carter look almost competent.
        You democRAT voters have not been blessed with any degree of common sense and run totally on emotion and a warped desire to see the world as a lala land full of rainbows and unicorns.

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        BTW, It’s Barack HUSSEIN Obama! Try to be accurate in your rants so you don’t expose your ignorance.

      3. ABO says

        Mr. Uzoozy is the best example of a complete moron we have posting here today. Wake up, you dimwit !

        1. Uzoozy says

          Mr.ABO is the best example of a complete moron we have posting here today. Wake up, you dimwit whitey !

          1. ABO says

            The simple fact that this is the best response you can manage proves my point. Thanks !

  163. DaveM says

    The voice of one idiot crying out for someone to listen! By birth a person is a racist! Seems to me that was used a long time ago and little cracker is sick of the BS and would love to settle this Mano Y Mano!

  164. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Is it any wonder why we have Obama as president and Ohillary as his inevitable suck-sessor?

  165. jackirvin says

    This guy is obviously a race baiter, I have no more control over the color of my skin than he does. This guy needs to look in the mirror and see where racism comes from

  166. USAnowMSAsadly says

    This professor should be beheaded.