Putin Retaliates: Are Trump’s Hopes of Better Relations Going Up in Smoke?


As the New York Times put it on Monday, if Russian President Vladimir Putin thought he was buying a new era of Russian-American relations with his interference in the 2016 election, his carefully-laid plans have “backfired spectacularly.”

Last week, Congress overwhelmingly approved a new package of sanctions against the Russians; President Trump, with reservations, announced this weekend that he would sign them into law. If Putin was expecting that Trump’s campaign friendliness towards him would translate into geopolitical weakness, he has another think coming. And this week, with the announcement of retaliation, the Russian president appeared to realize that his faith was misplaced.

In an interview with a state-run news organization on Sunday, Putin said that the Russian government had grown tired of waiting for the relationship between his country and ours to improve.

“We waited for quite a long time that, perhaps, something will change for the better,” Putin said. “We held out hope that the situation would somehow change. But, judging by everything, if it changes, it will not be soon.”

Putin chose to retaliate directly against the sanctions applied by the Obama administration in December – a move he had sworn off doing in the wake of the stunning election results. He announced that the American diplomatic mission in Russia would have to reduce staff by 755 employees, taking the diplomacy outreach to a level not seen since the height of the Cold War.

“Over 1,000 employees — diplomats and technical workers — worked and continue to work today in Russia; 755 will have to stop this activity,” he said. “That is biting.”

The State Department and the U.S. ambassador to Russia both condemned the tactic as unnecessary and counterproductive.

“This is a regrettable and uncalled-for act,” said a State Department spokesperson. “We are assessing the impact of such a limitation and how we will respond to it.”

President Trump has often expressed a desire to work more closely with Putin to forge a new relationship in the hopes that Russia can be an ally on issues like North Korea, Iran, and Syria, to say nothing of the ongoing fight against Islamic terrorism. But his hope for a reset has been stymied by the investigation into his campaign’s ties to the Kremlin and the left-wing conspiracy theory that he directly colluded with the Russians in their 2016 election meddling. Thus far, very little – if any – evidence has been offered to make those allegations stick. Nonetheless, their mere existence has handcuffed the president in that area of foreign policy.

There remains some hope that Trump will be able to work diplomatically with Putin outside the hardened boundaries of traditional foreign policy, establishment lines, but he’ll have to do so without much flexibility in the way of lifting sanctions. The new congressional bill largely prevents the White House from removing the sanctions without approval from Capitol Hill. If Trump is to truly reset this relationship, he’ll have to first convince Congress that it’s the right thing to do.

  1. Tiger says

    Russia is not threatening to take out any state in our country. N. Korea is. Russia does not call us the Great Satan and promise our demise, Iran does. Russia was the one who told Obama years ago when he stopped us from destroying the poppy fields in Afghanistan to bomb those fields. Russia took out ISIS tankers and oil that was being shipped to Turkey. Russia is a member of the UN and Putin attended the G20 Summit. I am not saying that Putin is innocent of crimes against certain people but if we are friends with Saudi Arabia who sponsors terrorism and builds Radical mosques all over America, and with other countries who harbor terrorists I think we need to take care of our relationships with Russia a little later down the line.




    Obama stopped us from destroying the poppy fields in Afghanistan Russia tried to encourage us to join the fight against heroine.

    We would be better served to take out the threat right here under our noses. Obama an X president is backing a “Resistance” as is an X Secretary of State, Hillary. Micheal Moore is calling for a take down of the WH and Trump. Soros is behind everything. Lynch, Comey and Hoder need an ass whipping and putting away. I say let us take down the enemies within while keeping one eye on all the other enemies. By the way we have laws against calling for Revolution against America, they are on the books use them.




    1. Retired says

      Moore should get a one way ticked to Putins office., that would be the end of his big mouth .

      1. Tiger says

        Along with Soros who Putin has a warrant out for. Now we better heads-up take a look at this man and remember his name.

        His name is Abdul El-Sayed.

        After years of being groomed by George Soros. He has been handpicked by the Left to be their next “champion” of Hope and Change.

        He is 32 years old, born in the USA, and an extremely well educated Muslim Doctor in Detroit Michigan (education funded by Soros).

        He is handsome, articulate, charismatic and smart.

        He is sympathetic of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is running for Governor of Michigan. Which is Step 1 in his preparation to run for President of the United States.

        He has the potential to be Obama #2, but far more openly Muslim.

        Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed is an American physician, epidemiologist, public health advocate, and politician.

        He has announced his candidacy for Governor of Michigan, running as a Democrat.


        Born: October 31, 1984 (age 32), Michigan

        Awards: Rhodes Scholarship; Paul and Daisy Soros; Fellowships for New Americans

        Education: University of Michigan, Ann; Arbor (BA); Oriel College, Oxford (MA, PhD);

        Columbia University (MD)

        Political party: Democratic Party.

        1. Retired says

          Interesting , I am sure the media will support him .

          1. Tiger says

            Some say it is false and a hoax but in my snooping I found this site and boy is it interesting, take a look.


          2. Phoebe Isley says

            Very interesting and seems to fit to a T of what is going on

          3. Tiger says

            I am impressed with the intelligence in so many of the articles and the backing of what they say with facts from history past and present.

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            I glanced at it, but you can bet your bootie I’ll be going back later to consume ALL of it. 😁

          5. Tiger says

            Good to hear I find it excellent, at times I am not in agreement with the opinions but I can’t deny this site makes me think.

          6. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

            I think Putin has nailed it on the head and we should be saying the same thing here about NO Sharia Law here!! I agree with him on this. Not happy then get the HELL out is what our gov’t should be saying.

          7. Tiger says

            The more I read about him the more I like him and I think Trump is ham stringed where Putin concerned being a she ran out the Politburo, Rothschild banking and Soros.

          8. will says

            False – hoax – sounds islamic to me

          9. Tiger says

            LOLOL usually the case.

          10. will says

            The FBI has mobilized a army over a firecracker at a minne mosque. Imagine if they had put this effort in to Seth Rich murder Wasserman would already be charged

          11. Tiger says

            I see that. But Muslims rule you know, look how many have killed us in America since 1972 and we take it and take it. One would think after 9/11 the American people would have demanded they never be allowed in our country. They love America, they use our laws against us, they are so easily using this country and eating it from the inside and eventually, if not stopped they will win.

            Take a look. Read it and share it. Preposterous that they are allowed and if they get one little thing done to them, even under Trump the fools, they get “Special Treatment.” What about the FBI looking into the Muslim cop that shot, in cold blood the woman in Minnesota?




          12. Elaine Blackman says

            I had wondered why they would hire a Somalian as a policeman since most of them really couldn’t have been vetted well. But it’s not really a lot different than all the Muslims they’ve hired as TSA inspectors, either.

          13. Tiger says

            What I have wondered about, is why after 9/11, all immigration from all Muslim countries was not stopped. We went to war, since when do you bring the enemy into your country when you are at war? No president in the past allowed that. Sure the war may take years, but you know what if they had been banned, then think of the lives saved, think of the billions of dollars saved on Homeland Security. You invent Homeland Security due to Muslims then you hire them, put them in high positions? The definition of insanity is what? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Sure people argue not all Muslims terrorists well where are the moderates? Wouldn’t you think the moderates would be joining our military like crazy to defend this religion they say is hijacked? Yet they don’t, out of millions of Muslims there are only 5,000 in our military. Out of them many have turned on our troops and killed them.

            We know the enemy, stop the insanity. Or die that simple.

          14. Elaine Blackman says

            When one of the jihadist Muslims was in the WH appointing Muslim czars and agency heads in charge of security and purposely bringing over as many of the Muslims as he could in order to bring down every aspect of our country including economics, Judeo-Christian freedoms while blatantly ignoring the 1952 law against Muslims and immigration quotas, it’s not really a surprise nationally for many of us who saw what he was. Why are there so many who DON’T?

            And I thought Bush was probably duped into allowing HS to even be formed to head security as an autonomous agency that was to serve as a clearing house for all the “intelligence” agencies. (Are there really 13?) I didn’t think much of GW Bush’s intellect since I thought he seemed more like a cross-eyed buffoon with an IQ no higher than mine, but I’ve since changed my opinion. He surely knew who and what the Obamas were and acts like he wants to carry out Obama’s would be anthem of “Id Like the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony”.

            And now we’re finding out the legacy of all those people we thought were so good or even great, was just whitewash jobs by the media, which is one reason the media wants to take down the president so badly, IMO. It’s being made known that they’ve been our Pravda propagandist for no telling how many decades. Maybe it’s been all of my nearly 70 years.

            I’m sickened thinking my country was the good guys all this time and we were being allowed to live the Stepford lives until they had really gotten entrenched.

            From an E-mail from Larry Nichols:
            To find it easily, go to the YouTube channel LarryNichols.News: https://youtu.be/RirIc7DexiY. Future programs will be better; but on this one I introduce Paul Martin and we talk about the mission.

          15. Tiger says

            Too many don’t know because they were never told what Islam is. I am a Combat Support Reserve nurse since 1988. Served in two wars. Learned about Islam in Shield/Storm and read the Qur’an and life of Muhammad. We understood why we were in war, but the American people still don’t get it. Sadly if Trump is not able to totally secure this nation they will learn.

            Bush Jr. was right about many things. He knew that the war would take years and that we needed friends, bases and countries in the Middle East on our side. Can you imagine what Hussein would have been with the way things are now and if he were in power when the Muslim in the WH.

            Hussein had WMD. They include Chemical/Biological and Nuclear. He killed thousands of Kurd with chemical. Israel bombed his nuke site near Baghdad when Hussein bombed Israel. Our troops now suffering problems from dismantling missiles that carried these WMD.

            Trump is right about so much but there is noway that the Progressive/Communists/Socialists now own the congress. Only a few that are real anything.



          16. Retired says

            Hey Tiger , have you seen or followed what is going on in Israel with Bibi the prime minister , there seems to be a hornets nest growing .

          17. Tiger says

            Yes and I don’t understand what is happening with Bibi. On Israeli sites, on blogs they tell me that too many Arabs are now in power in their governing body and they are not happy with Bibi who recently even wanted a pardon for the Gazan that was violent on the Temple Mt. He also bowed to the demands of the evil Gazan Hamas run bunch of satanic bastards, and took down the cameras he installed for safety. Then there is this scandal which just stuns me.


          18. Retired says

            Thanks for getting back to me. Is there no place left on earth were there is peace in politics .

          19. Tiger says

            Of course always. Well for damned sure no peace in Israel until Hamas is gone and the Jews throw out all the Muslims. Israel wasn’t given to anyone but the Jews, sharing it with Christians and non-violent religions is OK but no Muslims.

          20. Elaine Blackman says

            Some of the pictures are photo shopped since Soros was really young when they were going on at about 15 years of age.

          21. Tiger says

            Yeh the site is crazy at times but some of it is very interesting.

          22. Tiger says

            From this site and by the way I know I need more research on this site but I have never come across it before.

            “Russia will make The United States
            reflect upon what they allowed Rothschild to do to their own country.
            So when you see protests against Vladimir now, keep in mind it is
            probably staged by The Rothschild’s trying to control Russia once again.”

            “Convicted Felon George Soros”

            “Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Financial Terrorist George Soros!! Financial terrorist and Hungarian bank dick, Convicted Felon George Soros… Russian Intelligence
            has fingered Soros for using cross-collateralized compounded Swedish
            and Danish foreign currency derivatives for the purpose of an attack on
            the Russian stock market.. Soros’ use of these cross-collateralized
            compounded derivatives utilizing Luxembourg banks violates the terms of
            the Basil IIEuropean Union banking agreement.”

            “The thing that should give pause to the Heads of State Western is
            like Putin did in freeing Russia from those who wanted to bring the
            total economic and social collapse and beat up in jail all those who
            have tried. Are they influencing Lubawitschern Putin? The fact is that
            Putin is loyal to Russia and its people, and never allow anyone, even
            when he is in command in that nation, to sell out his country and into
            the clutches of the NWO.”

          23. Retired says

            That is the problem In the EU .they fell suckers to the UN- OWO/NWO – IMF/IMG -World Central Bank and Bilderberg Group .

          24. Tiger says

            And we are in the same exact hot water.

          25. Retired says

            Yellen Meets with them before she makes a news announcement .

          26. Edward says

            I think they are calling it the new globle order now. I read an article on it.

          27. Retired says

            They have been I existence for a very long time and had different names applied to them . they all boil down to the same thing Mass control of the population.

          28. Motorhead says

            and the worlds total resources!!!

          29. Sherry says

            ALL of you do understand that to be successful in their endeavors, they would have to rid the world of 3/4ths or more of the people to be able to control the wealth and power. Most of those left will be slaves or indentured servants, very few will run the show for the ultra elites! The world, in their plans, would become their own private “plantation”! Like N K., the people will be brainwashed by fear and kept submissive and “obedient” in order to protect their families. World war will certainly bring back our Messiah when the world appears to be collapsing in horrific chaos and every kind of evil. The ONE world government that they plan and dream of will never happen; Jesus will be coming to end this mess once and for all! Repent and get to KNOW your God and get to know your BIBLE! That’s your only hope of survival and peace.

          30. Motorhead says

            Indeed…I truly believe in the words with in John 3:16… I have seen how evil the world has become…I am ready…but our Lord has delayed his coming… in order more can be saved…thank you for spreading his Gospel…which is the Good News!!! Motor head!!

          31. granny_forUSA says

            Think you better look up JOHN again………..That’s not what I learned in Bible School, and JOHN 3:16 was the one I had to memorize……..

          32. Motorhead says

            John 3 16 is the believe in Christ!! Just saying I believe in Christ and am ready to go if he is ready to return!

          33. Elaine Blackman says

            Are you thinking you’ll be raptured instead of dying? So are you ready to die? Since you’re only talking about being ready if Christ returns, the likelihood of that is slim. You’ll probably die before then.

          34. Motorhead says

            No, I didn’t mean it like that! I will most likely die before his return! I believe his return may be close but it doesn’t matter to me because he said “He will never leave me or forsake me! It is in His time!! Not mine!!

          35. Motorhead says

            Granny …have you not studied the bible since you were a child?

          36. Eatie Gourmet says

            Not to argue with you, but even if Granny is 200 years old, how much has it changed?

          37. Motorhead says

            The bible doesn’t change…but if a person does doesn’t read the bible faithfully …that person idea of what the bible says may change!!! I’m other words…what she was telling me was incorrect…and it was because she really has forgotten what the passage meant!

          38. Elaine Blackman says

            It makes me so sad to see little Kim Jung U walking along clapping and everyone is clapping in unison with him. I guess he’s gotten rid of most of his family and everyone is terrified.

            1 John 4:18 says: “There is no fear in love, but perfect love throws fear outside, because fear exercises a restraint. Indeed, he that is under fear has not been made perfect in love.”

            2Ti 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
            (My favorite, and now I need to make it work better.)

          39. hairyputter says

            And extinction of America. That is why they hate Trump so much.

          40. Elaine Blackman says

            And the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, Nazis (all combined) is now the Democrat Party. Global warming has become the legitimately named “global climate change” except when the libs want to morph it into “global warming” in meaning.

            What is they say about roses? A rose by any other name is still a rose?

            Names can be flipped and interchanged.

          41. grnjllybn says

            If you put lipstick on a pig–it does not stop being a pig.

          42. teeky2 says

            The nazis in the US are far right extremist Republicans and darn proud of it: KKK, neo-Nazi groups, and other white supremacy groups.

          43. Elaine Blackman says


            It looks to me like Wiki lists some from both parties, but mostly Dem. But, they’re all individuals and nobody fits a mold.

          44. Richard Start says

            This is as good a place as any to express how I feel about Larry. These conversations can become disjointed. Looking for what he said the first time, triggered by your “not being mean” comment” I found the wrong one. It confused me but I went with making my respone to you e just as confusing. I thought he was supporting the iluminatii. I know I read it wrong but I was trying to fit it in with your statement too? Today the page popped up since I forgot to turn off the computer last night. Duh moment, before my eyes reminded me why I am slow in commenting. Only hope I didn’t confuse you too much with my out of whack comment as it didn’t pertain to yours?
            I read an article once in Reader’s Digest trying ot explain why smart people do stupid things. It had a long list of inteligent people and the dumb mistakes they made. I went around for a week joking “I do dumb things I must be smart?” Ha Ha. Too bad reverse logic dosen’t work that way. Being human we are all prone to goof up and I accept that. Off coarse we must be carefull when stacking up those stupid moves or others will begin to wonder about us. Never stack your stupid. Now I’ve let my fingers run a way with me, so must end this before I begin another stack.

          45. Elaine Blackman says

            I don’t really understand what you’re saying or meaning since the original point of thought wasn’t there for me. My real thing about Larry Huff was when he said that Obama never told the illegals that they should vote and then called me a liar. I even put the vid up and he said that there was no proof to him that Obama was talking about illegals. Whether it was illegals or non-citizens makes no difference to me, but the girl expressed concern that she might be deported. Obama told her that by voting, she was a citizen.

            That doesn’t sound to me like he EVER taught Constitutional law, and IF he did, it couldn’t have been the U.S. Constitution.

          46. Richard Start says

            I get your not following my train of thought there as I was over a couple of your comments but kept looking for the right one. I finally gave up figuring you might make head or tails out of it? Sorry.
            As far as Obama and teaching Constitutional Law, maybe that is one of the reasons he did not want his college records opened! I don’t think he did from the stuff that came out of his office and if he did it must have been interruptive theory as prescribed by Saul Alinsky. He did teach Saul Alinsky as a Community Organizer. If you are unaware of this one he wrote rules for radicals which prescribed teaching using the words of our system and bending the towards Marxist Communism.
            We have the Right to Free Speech, Free Press, Assembly but added on is a new one that was not there before it is Right to Free Health care which is and Alinsky add on. See how easy it fits in? With enough time slipping by a younger generation will not remember it was not there in the beginning.
            A lot of what Obama did during his years in Office was right out of Saul’s book.

          47. Elaine Blackman says

            I’ve never read Alinsky’s rules, but basically know about them. He’s pretty much like Hitler’s “Mein Kempf”. Was it taken from that?

            And then Bernie tries to go one further. Anyone who wants a college education should get one for free, while his wife borrows on more colleges and bankrupts more of them.

          48. Richard Start says

            He had nothing to do with HItler but promoted Marxism back in the 40’s when it was cool then became uncool with the McCarthy era. He noticed his radical freinds weren’t going anywhere so came up with a plan to sell Carl Marx by dressing like everybody else and sounding like them. He studied our Constitution and other founding documents to find words and phrases he could link to Marxism then developed word play so it sounded like he was talking about our Constituion when he was selling Marxism. He included some machiavellian theory but instead of the ends justify the means. Does this means justify that end? Tempering bad theory with justifiction. If you can’t defeat the idea attack the person presenting the idea. If they are not credible then the idea can’t be credible? One of his example is our newest right to health care which did not exist before Obama took Office.
            Many more ideas he put into his book to help others turn our Country from a Democracy into a Marxist Comunist Country and it sold. President Regan was aware of this man which is why he went into politics if I’m not mistaken. There was a story someone told Regan they would defeat our country and never fire a shot and that ticked him off. I never heard the name of who the other man was but after hearing the story of Saul Alinsky I can imagine it was him and his book Rules for Radicals.
            It’s odd that when I learned about him my sister was having a local political battle in her town and after I explained some of these games to her she was armed sufficiently to take out her adversary who was using Saul’s tactic’s on her! She dug up some facts and took the lady down. His methods are sneaky but not infallible. It takes determined people armed with facts not giving up.

          49. Elaine Blackman says

            Thanks for the info.

            I don’t understand the difference in ideologies, but it seems like the liberal left has all of them rolled into one to defeat conservatives.

            One lib trying to intimidate me told me he couldn’t understand me since my English was so bad and I needed to go back to Russia. I told him I knew my English was good and the lack of understanding was his problem.

            The racist remark is still used all the time.

            Good for your sister and for you for cluing her in. 🙂

          50. Richard Start says

            One thing at a time
            First some of these people love to attack grammar and min isn’t great either so I’ve just nailed with the fact that it’s the idea that matters. If they can’t figure it out it’s their loss not mine. More then once I’ve seen the chatter turn against snobs. “Russia?” I get that too because they have no answer. So many on line don’t understand our Constitution or history in part because liberal instructors have warped their minds thinking they are doing some kind of a service to our country. If they were doing a service to our country we would not have rioting in the street after an election because these children would understand no only how elections work but in four years we will have another one.
            Off of that soap box Hitler was a dictator and his idea of State finance was never worked out probably because of his erratic behavior. We know he hated Socialism and Communism but he took over much of the factory business for the war effort which kind of cuts out Capitalism. He isn’t one to be pigeon holed so easily. What I do every time I’m faced with idea’s or facts I don’t know yet is look them up on line. It is surprising how much you can learn over a year. Today I put in the bit on Hitler and socialism. I can’t retain like I use to but still I keep learning, this will make you more effective in your comments and maybe open up your mind to idea’s on how to defend your position’s. This comes in very handy when another hands you false information. Check it out. Not all the fact checking sites are doing that great of a job anymore, be your own fact checker when you can.

          51. Elaine Blackman says

            I’m not sure whether those teachers were unintentionally misdirected or intentionally misdirecting to destroy our country.

            One of Hitler’s, as well as Obama’s, was to control the educational system.

          52. Elaine Blackman says

            BTW, I wouldn’t have been the trigger. Did you or I even mention a name?

          53. 1angrywhite says

            You are a GD idiot! All Democrats are retards.

          54. teeky2 says

            Another intelligent comment from an angry old white guy supporting Trump?

          55. 1angrywhite says

            I support people when they are right. Liberals support destructive half baked ideals by anyone claiming to be on the right side of history.

          56. Eatie Gourmet says

            And how many of them are there? If your figures come from SPLC, itself a “hate” group, they are invalid to me. SPLC is it’s own worst enemy for being anti-religion, anti-free speech (it might be distastefull, but it is still protected under the 1st amendment), basically anti-American. (Though they would plead otherwise. Some of us see through their facadei)

          57. Elaine Blackman says

            ANTIFA acts more like Nazis than the Nazis do. So does BLM.

          58. Elaine Blackman says

            The KKK was started by Democrats. I think most still are, but there are probably some conservatives, too.

          59. rogerevans says

            Bilderberg Group is a Nazi started group.

          60. Retired says

            Then tell us who the founders where because is loaded with big money people ???? The Money Changers !

          61. hairyputter says

            George Soros is a former Nazi collaborator.

          62. rishi says

            Dirty kuffar natanyahoo’s dikk likker Muslim hater.

          63. Edward says

            If russia want to arrest soros that explains why democrats are mad at them.

          64. Larry Huff says

            Your site is FAKE news, you ignorant fool.

          65. Tiger says

            It is like any other site. It has it’s good articles and it’s questionable articles, intelligent people know that. fools like you apparently don’t.

          66. Larry Huff says

            No, it’s not like any other site, you racist piece of vermin. It is written for poorly educated morons like YOU. Do not reply to me again, I know who you are.

          67. Tiger says

            Yeah right an I know who you are.

          68. Larry Huff says

            No, you don’t know who I am. ALL REAL Americans know who YOU are. Keep digging your hole, savage

          69. Tiger says

            LOLOL oh spare me. Tell me this and show me the videos OK?
            Videos of the Right rioting and committing acts of violence at Obama’s inauguration.
            Video of the Right rioting and being violent at any Hillary rallies.
            Video of the Right rioting and being violent all through Obama’s administrations.

            You can’t but I can show you video of the Left being violent and rioting from the time of the elections up to today.



          70. Tiger says

            Sure I do, you told us.

            Larry Huff

            BobMbx “In Hoc Signo Vinces”

            13 days ago

            What are you talking about?????? Have you ever even been to REAL
            America? $15 is a STARTING WAGE, you dim bulb. Educated, successful
            young liberals make FAR more than that.
            I retired at 53 making $47
            an hour. Now I get a huge pension and free healthcare for life. YOU
            will live life as a SOCIALIST on LIBERAL created govt programs.

          71. Larry Huff says

            You NAZIS are out numbered and you know it. It’s almost time.

          72. Tiger says

            If I were a Nazi yeah I would be outnumbered but looks like the only one using Nazi tactics here is you. You are trolling sites that Trump supporters on and you are telling them to shut up their lies. Larry I believe you are deranged.

          73. Elaine Blackman says

            Maybe that was Larry in the UAW hat saying, “Donald Trump has accused me of….. whatever.”. 🙂 So many are pretty much alike.

          74. Tiger says

            This one is in need of a boot to the head. His salary was given him through Union contracts, thugs and he most likely only worth 10 an hour. My X a Union Stewart when in the Post Office, said he hated his job, saving the jobs of real bastards that needed firing. My guess Larry one of those.

            Brags about his pension, that pension is paid for by the people and he thinks he is different from other takers.

            Brags about his lifelong insurance again what did he do to earn that when he retired at 53. He is a nasty, hate-filled old fart. I wish him an infestation of mites in his drawers and on his genitals, if he has any left.

          75. Foxtrot Uniform says

            These parrots do all seem to read from the same script. I have yet to meet any that can express themselves without using profanity or accusing someone through projection. And, forget any semblance of articulation, even if they did have something worthy to offer. The upside to all this is that they are powerless and must resort to violence, which, in the end, will prove increasingly risky for them as the kid gloves come off and law enforcement personnel are allowed to do their job of protecting life and limb of law-abiding citizens, not to mention that law-abiding citizens will eventually be given the nod to do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their loved ones when law enforcement cannot or will not, for whatever reason, be there to enforce law and order.

          76. Elaine Blackman says

            I keep hoping that any illegal who riots will be deported as an undesirable, as well as naturalized citizens who can have their citizenship removed for joining terrorist groups. ANTIFA needs to be declared to be one of those.

          77. Larry Huff says

            YOU are undesirable, you foul old woman

          78. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Musing in the mirror, again, Larry? Stop the denial and face reality. Socialism has reached its expected shelf life and the Good Ship Lolly Pop America is now dumping all excess baggage and nonpaying parasites, so sink or learn how to swim in the sea of life.

          79. Foxtrot Uniform says

            We all know who you are: a poor, pathetic putz, whose ineffectual posts are as powerful as a gun loaded with blanks.

          80. Larry Huff says

            Keep digging NAZI, we are coming for you.

          81. Tiger says

            I take that as a threat. Appears you are the ones acting like Nazi, Communist, Dictators etc. It is your ilk that is demanding and actually threatening the lives of the people of this country.

            Come and get me. I am ready for you.

            Pathetic little man with most likely, organs the size of peanuts. Is that why you are so angry?

          82. Larry Huff says

            You are not ready for crap, NAZI.

          83. Tiger says

            Well I am doing pretty good against you and you are most assuredly the biggest pile of crap I have come across in awhile.

          84. Larry Huff says

            You are being watched closely but you still are running your ape like mouth.

          85. Tiger says

            Oh good another threat. Got your name Larry. Going to do some digging seems you might be part of the groups that are causing the problems, tell me what state you are from.

            Oh and by the way you have now threatened me three times on here. Watch what you say.

            I am not afraid of some old worn out, fat union sucking jackass who retired at 53 with big bucks and talk about running your mouth.

          86. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Larry, pick up your Teddy bear, your Mommy is calling, it’s time for nighty night.

          87. Elaine Blackman says

            I’ve blocked him. I’ll see now whether it’s from me or from the site.

          88. Tiger says

            I am leaving him because I enjoy irritating him. LOLOL These trolls, telling us to stop posting are everywhere and some get really ugly.

          89. Larry Huff says

            And you will be in the camp, Lurline.

          90. Tiger says

            And where would this camp be?

            Oh I am not Lurline I am the good witch. LOLOLOL

          91. Larry Huff says

            The camp is in YOUR Mother Russia

          92. Tiger says

            Odd I don’t live in Russia, I am an American but I do know Russian history. How would I get there Larry? Who would take me there? They don’t want me but you might qualify sounds like you are a thug or maybe Mafia or some gang, but then you are a nothing, bored and trolling sites that support Trump. I see you threatening people all over.

            Well if that is what blows your trousers up.

          93. Tiger says

            Oh I did and looky what I found. You are a troll, an old man with nothing to do but sit back and enjoy your Union Pension and healthcare you didn’t work enough or long enough for and you most likely have some mental problems that you are on medication for.

            Larry Huff

            BobMbx “In Hoc Signo Vinces”

            13 days ago

            What are you talking about?????? Have you ever even been to REAL
            America? $15 is a STARTING WAGE, you dim bulb. Educated, successful
            young liberals make FAR more than that.

            I retired at 53 making $47
            an hour. Now I get a huge pension and free healthcare for life. YOU
            will live life as a SOCIALIST on LIBERAL created govt programs.

          94. Larry Huff says

            And we are coming for you.

          95. Elaine Blackman says

            Everything is “we”. You probably wouldn’t have the guts to do anything but threaten anonymously on your own. You’re a coward and a bully. YOU’RE the NAZI!! Were your parents from Germany and they taught you the anti-American neo-Nazism? You’re a projectionist of your own liberalism onto everyone else, just like ANTIFA!!

          96. Foxtrot Uniform says

            And, the boogy man is coming for you, Larry, so be sure to check under your bed, you silly squit.

          97. Larry Huff says

            WE are coming for you and you know it. Get your guns, bibles and your dried food. It won’t be enough you Russia loving scum bag

          98. Tiger says

            We who? You with the “Resistance”? You do know that the Attorney General is now investigating who is behind all the riots and the Antifa and other groups. It might be your name I see out there sooner than later. You look good in stripes?

          99. Tiger says

            What state you live in Larry? Must be up North somewhere they were the big Union boys and that is where scum like you got 47 an hour and a pension etc. Retired at 53 so what state Larry?

          100. Elaine Blackman says

            He might also be in CA.

            The closed shop states are nearly all in trouble. When Sandy went into NY and NJ, they wouldn’t even let people who weren’t union help them fix the utilities, though.

          101. Tiger says

            Nasty man this one.

          102. Elaine Blackman says

            I’ve blocked several like him, but the problem is that they’re only blocked to you, not from the site. Even so, I’ve had to do it from a few, including the Red Man. He just spews nonsense anyway. This one is flat out evil, IMO, but God knows for sure. Even so, God loves him.

          103. Tiger says

            Elaine you are kinder than me, I believe the Almighty not pleased with evil but He continues to love hoping for them to come around. Working with death and dying I learned a lot. Nobody goes until they have been given every chance to change.

          104. Elaine Blackman says

            You obviously don’t have a Bible. You really need to get one in a hurry.
            BTW, Bible is always capitalized, just like your Qur’an.

          105. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Have you considered seeking treatment, Larry? These fantasies of yours, albeit somewhat humorous to us, are really sick and you need help. You are not coming for anyone, Larry. For one thing, Larry, you are way outnumbered and way, way outgunned, not to mention outsmarted by your betters. The paid protesters are not enough to stop the rising tsunami of patriotic nationalism that will smash all your globalist and internationalist funding. Say goodnight, Larry., because, lights are going out for the Orwellian, PC-controlled world of yesteryears.

          106. Tiger says

            Stop replying to me. I read your profile, you are arguing with everyone, calling everyone a liar and even telling people to stop posting their lies. You are a midget in the midst of a army of warriors armed with truth and all you have is a cricket in your pocket.


          107. Larry Huff says

            Keep digging savage. We are coming for you.

          108. Tiger says

            Oh wow lucky me another threat from the monkey who is following the “Three Monkey Rule”. LOLOL

            Keep it up little man you will find yourself in trouble.

          109. Larry Huff says

            You are finished. WE will tear down your world, very soon.

          110. Tiger says

            You speak a lot about “We” you got a mouse in your pocket? Just who is going to take our world down very soon?

          111. lastnerve says

            Maybe, but you wont live through it.

          112. Tiger says

            The only thing you will tear is your food with your gums.

          113. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Have you always been prone to death wishes and cutting off your nose to spite your face or shooting yourself in the foot? Despite all your ineffectual and childish public tantrums in the streets, you aren’t going to tear any world down, except your own. You and those of mutual destruction are not builders of civilizations but destroyers, and you will wallow in your own destruction while others continue to build or rebuild. You are completely dependent upon your betters, who, by their own initiative and self-reliance have provided their fellow man things of value. That required discipline, taking risks, and being responsible for one’s actions. You leftists can only feed from the troth and spew your venom out of envy and jealousy, then bite the hand that feeds you. You ungrateful, lazy leftist louts cannot survive without mooching off someone else, even under normal times. You’ll really have a tough row to hoe when finally the SHTF and you no longer have a government to force others to spoon-feed you through life. And, if you think that patriotic, American citizens are going to keep the kid gloves on and allow you to continue looting and robbing them blind, think again. When push comes to shove and pull to yank, you’re on the losing end, mister, because most of us gun owners are locked and loaded and no amount of protesting will do any good, since there will be no Big Brother to watch over you, and we have most of the guns and are well trained to use them. Aside from the criminal element that you liberals protect at everyone else’s expense, you liberals are pretty much without guns and without the will and discipline to survive. So, we shall see who’s finished in this world of turmoil that is rapidly approaching its zenith. Who will rise from the ashes of civilization, the dependent destroyer of values or the independent producer of values and survivalist? Any bets?

          114. Larry Huff says

            You will work till you drop. Then liberal social programs will pay your way.

          115. Tiger says

            You told everyone you retired at 53, you were Union, meaning nobody could fire your sorry ass. You said you made 47 an hour, Union thugs got that for you when you only worth 15 or less an hour. You have a huge pension you bragged and healthcare for life. No I won’t have social liberal programs pay my way. I have lived all over the world. Made money hand over fist. Served in two wars as an Army Combat Support nurse. Saved and invested and when semi retired I took out all my 401K etc. My children also well educated and well off. I own everything I have, pay cash and live very well thank you.

            No Unions in my career, my X a Union Stewart and said he saved more sorry asses like you, who really needed firing than he wanted to remember. No pension, didn’t need it, invested, my money not sucking off the tit of the people to pay for my retirement like you. I also have healthcare for life, only I earned mine as a Combat Support nurse since 1988, honorably.

            You are a boil on the ass of America and you are the one filled with pus. You are the blood sucking leach on society not me.

          116. Larry Huff says

            You vile NAZI I don’t read your anti American lies, you white whore

          117. Tiger says

            Ahhh now calling me your mother, sisters and most like your daughters name, whores, how is ye old red light holding out on the family corner? LOLOL

          118. Elaine Blackman says

            I see why you’re calling everyone who’s conservative a Nazi. The Zionists say that the Nazis were on the right. Dinesh D’Souza says that they were on the right, but that here in the U.S., the Dems managed to switch the names so that the right everywhere else is the left here in the U.S.
            Since they change the meanings of so many things, like global warming becoming the authentic “global weather change” that the liberals like Gore keep hijacking to mean their false “global warming” agenda.
            We don’t have to come after you. You will meet your Maker and He will mete out your justice. It’s not too late since I really doubt that you believe in God, Jesus, or any religion.

          119. Franz Kindler says

            Mr. Huff, you wouldn’t know a real NAZI if you saw one, but we do, and your socialist rhetoric, like FDR’s, is certainly in keeping with the National Socialist rhetoric of the 1930s. By the way, Mr. Huff, did you know that the NAZIs got the idea of concentration camps from the U.S. government’s policy of putting American Indians on reservations back during the time of Andrew Jackson? Yes, I know, that’s not part of the “Shining beacon on the hill” we Americans want to project to the world and certainly not for which the Democrap party wants to admit any responsibility, but it is historical record. Excuse me, I forgot, we’re supposed to erase history like in George Orwell’s book 1984. Speaking of erasing history and replacing it with lies and excuses, how much are you and your Intifida thugs being paid for destroying historical monuments of General Lee and other great Americans? And, did you know, Mr. Huff, that Hitler borrowed many of FDRs socialist ideas? The main difference between FDR and Hitler in regards to socialism was that FDR disagreed with some of the NAZI regimes approach to implementing socialism. But, never the less, Mr. Huff, socialism is socialism, call it what you will. For more details on this, you might want to check out Dinesh D’Souza’s new book “The Big Lie” ( Exposing The NAZI Roots Of The American Left) and the associated video. Yes, that’s right, Dinesh D’Souza, the guy whom the Obama regime wanted to silence and put in jail for a minor infraction of the law. While you’re there on D’Souza’s Website, you might want to watch “Hillary’s America” “Obama’s America” and other well researched and revealing videos. And, while you’re expanding your knowledge of what’s really going and hidden by the propaganda media, check out the video about your Intifa brethern on the left. Enjoy.

          120. Larry Huff says

            You’re just as dumb as a sack of hammer handles, aren’t you Skeeter? LOL!

          121. Franz Kindler says

            Translation of Little Larry’s post: “Because I’m incapable of polite and
            reasoned discourse, owing mostly to my lack of knowledge and my refusal to
            accept facts that don’t support my indoctrination; therefore, everyone else is
            dumb, so I’ll just call them names to make me feel good and make up for all
            that I lack (integrity, credibility, honesty, original and independent
            thoughts, honor, etc.)” Keep it up
            Larry, the world is watching this object lesson in how leftists and
            collectivists like you are losing and will continue to lose, because you have
            nothing to say or offer of value to anyone.
            You and those of your ilk are the Zero men, as you are completely empty
            of ideas and have nothing LEFT except tantrums, name calling, lies, riots, and
            looting, and maybe that’s why you’re called LEFTISTS.

            No one is dumb (unable to speak) simply because they don’t
            agree with you, nor are they stupid; however, as one of your liberal actors
            said playing the Forrest Gump character, “Stupid is as stupid does,” and what
            could be more stupid as someone who embraces failed and deadended idologies (liberalism,
            socialism, progressivism, communism, collectivism) that destroy that which one
            claims as a right? If one were to
            illustrate this in a movie, it would rightly be titled “Stupid, Stupid and
            Stupider,” or as the Russians might simply say, since they lived and suffered
            under regimes that embraced your ideas,

          122. Larry Huff says

            You are so stupid that you don’t know that you are stupid! LOL! Trump lost by 3 million votes. The conservative agenda was massively rejected by 3 million votes. Your side is elderly and dying off quickly. It is just a matter of time and you will all be gone.

          123. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Boy, you really do like proving others correct about you,
            don’t you. Projecting what obviously
            you are upon others is a continuing theme in all your posts, which illustrates
            what so many others have said about you leftist loons: all nonsensical chatter and no substance. As Kindler said, you are Zero, Zippo,
            irrelevant, inconsequential, and as nothing, which is why your leftist
            ideologies have a very short shelf life once enough people know that what’s
            behind the curtain is nothing except more angry, accusing voices, name calling,
            and lies, but no values.

            You are wrong, as usual, about the 3 million votes, because
            if you subtract all the illegal votes that were cast by illegal aliens, those
            voting multiple times for Hillary, votes from the grave, and Soros controlled
            voting machines, the real outcome for the popular vote is that President Trump
            won by a large margin. So, in reality,
            President Trump won by a landslide by winning the popular vote and the
            Electoral College vote.

            Just as you are consistent in your vacuous postings, you are
            consistently wrong about Conservatives consisting of just an elderly
            population. True, people do die off,
            but that applies to everyone, and besides, those inclined to swallow your
            leftist ideology are prone to unhealthy lifestyles and die off at an early
            age. Moreover, technological advances
            in longevity are allowing people to live into their 90s and beyond, and those
            people are typically disciplined and self-directed people, who take responsibility
            for their own health, education, etc., not leftist leaches, who demand that
            others provide it.

            So, Nada man, take a look in the mirror and wave goodbye to a
            dying, dysfunctional product of many decades, if not centuries, of leftist
            indoctrination from the media, academia, entertainment industry, and the
            political establishment.

            As Always,

            Foxtrot Uniform

          124. Larry Huff says

            Provide proof of these illegal votes. But you can’t, that is because you are LYING, you NAZI piece of garbage. Your urine soaked Dear Leader finished a distant second and was massively rejected by the American people, you low life lying piece of shyte.

          125. Larry Huff says

            75% of the federal welfare budget is used in the rural, white Republican areas of the country. These are the Trump voters who are poverty stricken and are old and in bad health. Half of you Russia loving NAZIS will be dead in 5 years, almost ALL of you will be dead in 10 years. REAL Americans will rejoice and rebuild our country.

          126. Johnny Mac says

            Out nation will not be dictated to by the left coast!!!! The founding fathers could see that the nation would be threatened by liberal lunatics like you and the rest of the parasites. Jhmccullough

          127. Larry Huff says

            You serve Mother Russia. WE are coming for you, you foul old bitch

          128. Tiger says

            You got your funeral arrangements made? You are foaming at the mouth over there old, liberal taker. LOLOL Choke on your spittle.

          129. Franz Kindler says

            Mother Russia? Sir, you’re beyond your depth here and it shows. Please, do us all a favor and retreat gracefully to another site more in keeping with your foul mouth and nonsensical comments.

          130. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Thank you, Franz. It needed to be said.

          131. Dennis Burns says

            Funny Larry: hope you were not serious in that remark..You should be well advised that Russia in not the enemy only a competitor..I look at the Intl space station every morning…Wife and I visited Russia in fall of 2013 and were treated royallyl..

          132. Dennis Burns says

            you seem to have misunderstood Larry…He is a kindred spirit;;;;we both have worked forty or more years for variojus companies and have accumulated PENSION CREDITS… what the F is wrong with that???So now when time comes to collect we are all supposed to give the monies to charity????made monies hand over fist…Larry never said that…Blood sucking leach??? REVIEW THAT PLEASE…

          133. Elaine Blackman says

            You may have worked for a union, but you probably went to work as a thieving Dem politician afterwards.
            BTW, the Dems have no honesty about them. Soros won’t even pay the people he hires for the most part.

          134. Franz Kindler says

            Mr. Huff, you can huff and puff all you want, but your utopian, socialist world is coming to an end, then you and those of your parasitic ilk will have to really work for a change. The producers of the world are shrugging the socialist/communist/collectivist tics and fleas off their shoulders and declaring their rightful individual liberation from the leeches of the world and all of the Soros money and all of the Soros funded anti-American front groups and goon squads will never be able to enslave us ever again. You’re done, Mr. Huff, as are all who live by force, violence, and nonreason, so step aside, your leftist, festering ideological carcass is fouling the air.

          135. Tiger says

            You are an old, fat and worthless, bad tempered, evil and arrogant man who worked under Union, my X was a Union Steward for the Post Office, he said it made him sick to save the jobs of the worthless pieces of scum who needed firing. He might have helped you keep your job once.

            Whose coming for me? Tell me who it is, how will they find me and when cause I want to have a party waiting for them.

          136. Larry Huff says

            I am a wealthy liberal and that makes you angry. YOU will never have what I have. That is what scares you.

          137. Franz Kindler says

            Congratulations, Mr. Huff, now, instead of advocating robbery via the cover of government redistribution programs, why not put your money where most flapping liberal mouths are and exercise real charity and freely give of your wealth to the poor, as opposed to having government pick everyone else’s pocket under the guise of charity. Surly, Mr. Huff, you do know the difference between robbery and charity; the former is by force, the later voluntarily from the heart.

            As for your foolish comment that Tiger would be jealous of someone of wealth, liberal or otherwise, what evidence would you care to share that substantiates your claim? Were she jealous of your wealth, Tiger would be the typical liberal, who wants to redistribute the wealth of others, which is robbery by any other name. Judging by her comments here, she doesn’t appear to be anything close to being a liberal. Besides, why would any rational person be scared of someone else’s wealth or property, except a liberal, socialist, communist, or any other collectivist, all of whom embrace collectivist robbery at the expense of the individual. The street thug is more honorable in his unpretentious thuggery than those who hide their thuggery via government redistribution programs under the pretense of charity and the “common good.”

            Liberalism, progressivism, socialism, communism, and other collectivist isms are all morally and intellectually bankrupt, which is why they can only swarm as angry mobsters in the streets, rioting, looting, and attacking law-abiding citizens. Your uncivil rights that you all proclaim at the expense of individual rights and freedoms is coming to an end, and that, sir, is what has you and every coward hiding in a mob or hiding under the comfort of their distanced sanctuary scared. Ayn Rand wrote about you and your ilk in her opus magnum “Atlas Shrugged,” which clearly illustrated how the predators and parasites in society are at war with the producers. All the producers have to do, and are doing, is shrug the parasites and predators off their shoulders and proclaim their individual rights and freedoms to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which is what the U.S. Constitution is all about. The election of President Donald J. Trump was but one example of this by putting America and its legal citizens FIRST. The world of tomorrow is for the bold and the brave, the rightful heirs to the Constitutional Republic bequeathed to future Americans, not the wimp and the coward. Just as the Soviet Union and other collectivist regimes came crashing down by its own weight of predators and parasites, so, too, will the Welfare society and other liberal programs come crashing down. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism is great until you run out of someone else’s money.” Well, as the shrugging continues, so, too, does the confiscation and redistribution of wealth gravitate towards zero.

          138. Larry Huff says

            Do you think that I read your rambling nonsense, you babbling fool? I don’t.

          139. Franz Kindler says

            No, but others, who know how to read beyond simple sentences and are capable of comprehending ideas do read my postings. Those useful dupes, who cannot and/or will not and prefer obscenities and parroting their puppeteers will continue to be willfully ignorant and eventually perish. No, Mr. Huff, I don’t care if you read it or not, as it was meant for discerning and objective thinkers, who do appreciate my posts. Your postings are simply a handy segue to show others the foolishness of your posts and counter your socialist ideology with reasoned comments. No, Mr. Huff, I never expect those of your ilk to have any reasonable arguments to substantiate anything, let alone capable of thinking outside the box of their socialist/collectivist indoctrination. But, I do thank you, sir, for your childish reply, as it speaks volumes about you and definitely makes my point crystal clear to all who choose to read and think.

          140. SouthernBelle says

            Ohhh, my! Beautifully said, Mr. Kindler!!

            It is SO refreshing to read your post, so well thought out, so articulate and so right on the money, Sir! You even quoted, not one, but TWO of my very favorite women of all time!!

            Hats off and kudos to you!!!

            VERY Sincerely,


          141. Dennis Burns says

            I agree Larry: I got out of the navy in 1967 with three thou savings and became financially independent ten years later with real estate investments and stocks..The blogger who calls herself Tiger is best described as pussy…she has made some astute observations on the political but she has made an ass of herself with the blatant name calling and foul language…Poor folk do not like rich folk…jealousy! pofo think that rich fo got there by theft…My only theft was a theft of ignorance…have a good one…db

          142. wmg says

            and these are the people calling the right racist? Hitler would be proud of them. I wonder if the Jews, typically democratic, see through this? After WWII they cried never forget.

          143. Tiger says

            Exactly and by George we are now the Jews, anyone who is conservative or bucks them and their idiocy. I don’t know the American Jews I am not liking much.

          144. Dennis Burns says

            Tiger: the Jews are a very very ancient culture with fantastic history..They are the foundation I repeat-the foundation of Christianity..Jews tend to be somewhat socialistic in their view of life in general…share things but do not get overly possessive..Jews are the world’s financiers…they are honest and hard working…You should very carefully study the history of the Jews…they have often been falsely accused and made scapegoats…

          145. Dennis Burns says


          146. Tiger says

            Oh keep crying fart blossom.

          147. Dennis Burns says

            tigerpussy: that was a joke…yhou failed to understand that..

          148. Johnny Mac says

            Put on your light loafers and threaten real men !!!! You are a joke jhmc

          149. Larry Huff says

            Go to your safe place, snowflake

          150. Tiger says

            Me LOLOLOL old man, old union man, old man who mae 47 and hour and retired at 53 with a fat pensions and healthcare for life, you were given a safe place for life.

          151. Larry Huff says

            I worked, unlike you. You work for what they tell you to work for. You have nothing, but what we liberals give you.

          152. Elaine Blackman says

            So you admit that the liberal Dems want to make slaves of everyone!! You admit that you’re purposely trying to bankrupt the country while stuffing your own pockets at everyone else’s expense!!!
            See, most liberal Dems are too boastful and stupid NOT to make that mistake. That’s how most criminals are caught, and you and the rest of the liberal Dems are as big a criminal as anyone!! Maybe bigger since the Dems use the Mafia as their hit people.

          153. Dennis Burns says

            what proof do you have that dems use mafia??as hit men.??? I remember a famous mafia statement:==== they only kill each other! OR as Lord Jesus in his very profound statement: Live by the sword die by the sword…

          154. Netencho says

            AMERICA!! I will just say…. if you all look at my post…. from the very start… I kept on saying to you all…Keep Faith and Trust….In the True God Jehovah…. And His Son, Christ Jesus, AMEN!
            Whether you believe it or not…. think it or not…. imagine it or not…. or even care or not…. I will only say…. you should know what’s in the Bible to understand, and believe…. that life without God in your everyday life is no life at all.
            I for one…. can only let you know such….. but I will say… God is waiting with open arms for all you lost lambs, and the rest of his people to return…. to HIS GRACE.
            This year 2017…. is your chance for GRACE….OR IN THE LONG RUN YOUR CHANCE FOR DISGRACE? The choice is yours. I will let you all…. Ponder on that one.
            I will only say…. this country was a hair away from complete destruction…. still is…. but…being his People….God will not take You …… any place where his GRACE cannot protect You.
            Even after you all left him and forgot him, letting them take him out of schools, work places, and you could say homes too. Think back…. when did all this problem started??
            He has stayed around, waiting for your return…. I will just say… this is your year…. your chance to return to him, and His Grace, whether you’re a lost lamb, you forgot him on purpose, whatever the case…. your choice…. I will say…. take a step back …… take a holistic view…..to see the Truth.
            To end this….. I will say…. Mr. Trump……was put in place…. for a purpose… and He will not fail….no matter what anyone comes out with…. against him. God’s hand is on him, to guide and show him the way, and only to God, he will answer.
            This country and people just need to Keep Faith, and Trust in the True God, Jehovah, and His Son, Christ Jesus, AMEN! God Bless
            Deuteronomy 30:1-8
            “So it shall be when all of these things have come upon you, the blessing and the curse which I have set before you, and you call them to mind in all nations where the LORD your God has banished you, and you return to the LORD your God and obey Him with all your heart and soul according to all that I command you today, you and your sons, then the LORD your God will restore you from captivity, and have compassion on you, and will gather you again from all the peoples where the LORD your God has scattered you.
            “If your outcasts are at the ends of the earth, from there the LORD your God will gather you, and from there He will bring you back. “The LORD your God will bring you into the land which your fathers possessed, and you shall possess it; and He will prosper you and multiply you more than your fathers. “Moreover, the LORD your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants, to love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, so that you may live. “The LORD your God will inflict all these curses on your enemies and on those who hate you, who persecuted you. “And you shall again obey the LORD, and observe all His commandments which I command you today.

            Liberals Protestors Ways
            “But not you out there, the protesters, the special magical leftist children protected from the consequences of living in the real world with my taxpayer dollars. You get to shut us down for disagreeing with your thug tactics and your nasty, pathetic, evil ideology.”


          155. Franz Kindler says

            Mr. Huff, there you go huffing and puffing again. You sure live up to your sir name, I’ll give you that. But, where in the wild blue yonder did you ever come up with such an absurd notion that liberals give. We all know that political liberalism, as it’s understood today, is all about taking and redistributing. Don’t confuse robbery and fencing the goods with charity and giving. And, don’t confuse hardly working with working hard.

          156. Granny Filec says


          157. Larry Huff says

            yes, I worked hard, unlike you

          158. Granny Filec says


          159. Dennis Burns says

            blabbermouthing is hare work huh??but pay not so good.

          160. Brenda Sinclair says

            my place of saftey is in the arms of the one who died on the cross ,shed his beloved blood that all those god created in his image will have salvation in heaven for eternity May god bless all of His children and destroy all of satans children

          161. Larry Huff says

            You are an evil, wicked puss filled demon with open sores. You are NOT a Christian. A Trump voting racist like YOU will burn in the hottest part of hell!

          162. Dennis Burns says

            PLEASE LARRY: that was a very nasty post not worthy of a person who loves life. Hell is a state of mind…some people are already in hell…

          163. Dennis Burns says

            Larry: that is a fellow human…she may be FOS. but she deserves respect as a fellow..Life here on planet earth is all about the struggle between good and evil…do not let evil thoughts get the best of you…

          164. Larry Huff says

            She deserves a room in the loony bin. Her religious insanity has caused her to want to do things like hurt black people, brown people, gay people and many others.

          165. Johnny Mac says

            Hey Cream Puff. All that Huffing and Puffing can’t save you from being a paranoid LIB. JHMc

          166. Dennis Burns says

            God gives grace and powers to overcome the fleshy materialism of Satan…It is the choice between good and evil which every one of Gods children must make..Serve God with goodness or serve satan with evil actions…God has given humanity to decide between good and evil…Love must be voluntary or it becomes slavery …db

          167. Larry Huff says

            Dig NAZI. You are finished.

          168. Tiger says

            Another threat, OK Larry Huff and Puff and blow it out your A-hole. I know your name. I have copied your posts and I am finished with you.


          169. Larry Huff says

            yOU ARE FINISHED EVEN IF YOU COPY MY COMMENTS, you Nazi piece of garbage. WE are coming soon….and you know it

          170. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Larry, men in the white coats are now here and want you to go with them. They just want to help you, so please cooperate and stop making a scene.

          171. Foxtrot Uniform says

            You sound like a parrot. Polly want a cracker?

          172. Lynda DeKellis says

            What is your problem??? If you can’t type nicely then GET OFF THIS SITE!!!!!!!

          173. Athanasios1 says

            Larry Huff and puff and blow.

          174. Motorhead says

            Larry why don’t you leave this wonderful lady alone and go stick a shovel handle up your asz!! You swamp dwelling rat 🐀 bas-turds need to leave normal people alone!! Now go home to your sewer basement and let your cross dressing husband put a Dog and tranny show on for you(poor dog)! Go to your neighborhood mental health facilities and there they can determine if you are mentally ill or are just a dumb asz!!!God bless America and the 82nd Airborne!!!

          175. Franz Kindler says

            Translation of Larry Huff’s retort to Tiger: “It’s not like any other site, because people challenge my unsubstantiated claims here and reject my character assassinations, loose and vulgar language, and challenge me to think outside the comfort of my leftist cocoon of lies and irresponsibility as an adult human being. And, anyone who opposes my lack of civility, comprehension, or even dares to rebut my comments better not do that again or else.” Or else, what, pout and shout and tell Mommy?

          176. Dennis Burns says

            Right On Larry..Tiger appears to me to be a loud mouth name calling bitch. Anyone who does not agree with her gets a tirade of foulmouth ignorance…db

          177. Motorhead says

            Hi Beautiful, I see you are still speaking the truth …to those that do not have the capacity to recognize it!!! You are…and always be my friend!! You are well loved on this site as you are in your life!! May our Lord keep blessing you as your life has blessed us wounded warriors! Always your friend Motorhead!!!

          178. Tiger says

            Hi Motorhead, thank you and I am a fan of yours. You know we get lots done on these sites. There are so many of us fighting the good fight, people put petitions up and we sign and spread them, there are those who can get in touch with Sessions and Trump, they take things we post to them, I am thrilled we all have one another. We are an Army in and of ourselves.

            Lord Bless you and yours and all.

          179. Motorhead says

            God bless😂

          180. wmg says

            I just stumbled on to this site and glad I did. Recently started reading New York Post and gladly jumped at the chance to approve of Trumps leadership link that led me here. With the New York name I was expecting something different and try to keep an eye on what the enemies of state are ragging about.

            I know New York is a large state, like Illinois. I love Chicago, but not the people running it. They spent us into insolvency, worse than a third world credit, crime rate and school system, etc. . . etc. . .etc.

            I’m so impressed with your writing I will bookmark this site to learn more. .

            I will try to contribute meaningful middle class thoughts and concerns that go largely ignored, except for the few who have no link to the people in charge.

            There’s a lot of RINO bs going on too. Just last night, the RNC took $50 and then told me they don’t contribute to primaries after I asked them if this was for Trump. Hell, i’d of rather given it to Bruce Rauner (R) Governor of ILLinois, fighting the good fight for the people of Illinois, against the corrupt likes of Chicago. I pray he wins again.

            No more ranting. . .just reading now.

            Thank you

          181. Tiger says

            Hi there and welcome. Thank you for the compliment. You will find many on here that are great posters and people who know the score on many levels. We share petitions and information, we have many who are able to fast track things we are concerned about to the Trump Team. You will be a sure asset for all of us and we will surely appreciate your input.

            My family doesn’t give to the RNC anymore and told them until they back Trump and his Agenda they will get none of our money. But when Trump decides to run again you bet we will contribute. Trump is fixing to rally across America and take it to the people who is stopping up his plans and that is going to hurt many RINO.

            Not a rant, great post thank you also.

          182. Dennis Burns says


          183. Tiger says

            Go shit in your helmet. The race card is torn and tattered, doesn’t work anymore. Fluck off. Wish it were over.

          184. Dennis Burns says

            Hey Pussy: go chase a mouse and hope you are not bitten.

          185. Tiger says

            Hey whore monger go to Hell.

          186. Dennis Burns says

            you took my space! hell is full of your ilk

          187. granny_forUSA says


          188. Dennis Burns says


          189. granny_forUSA says


          190. Brenda Sinclair says

            dennis i hate to blow your bubble into, but there actually are two generations/bloodlines /children/generations upon this earth since day cain was sent to the land of nod(present day iran)to live there he married a wife had a son Enoch the beginning of muslim/arab generations, read GENESIS 3.15 this verse is the key to the mystery that opens up truth to Gods people)…when god spoke to satan told him He(God) would put enmity(distance) between his(satan)seeds(children) and the seed (children)of the woman(eve) satan had his seed (cain) from cain all generations leading up to last born muslim/arab
            from Adam and eve came a son seth from him all the generations leading up to Jesus a pure race of Hebrews ALL CREATED IN THE VERY IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD, who blew into the nostrils(nose) of adam and eve giving them a soul which made them a human being. GOD DID NOT DID NOT DID NOT CREATE the children of satan who has no soul nor is human so all on earth are of two generations one from seeds of satan and the other from the created generations from God. satan has his children and God has children, the children of God hears the voice of their shepherd and follows, but the children of satan are not humans nor have souls and can not hear the voice of God nor can they see the words of God nor can they ever be converted to become humans/Christians …to expect a muslim to convert to be a christian is to foolishly think you can change a rock into bread to eat or a bird into a horse. it is impossible as they(children) are animals not humans..it has been the desire/goal of satan/allah/Lucifer to take the place of God in heaven,to take over entire world and rule it, to sit on throne in temple of God and declare himself God.,the muslims generations from satan and cain will take over and rule entire world under sharia laws/islam this is predicted in the bible to happen and will,it is happening before our eyes today nation after nation being invaded by the animals muslims with no souls not humans (aliens) children of satan.they invade ordered to rape every white woman they see to produce more muslims to end Gods chosen childrens raceit is happening england sweden italy,austria,netherlands, norway, greece spain, canada, america, we had a gay muslim satanic illegal president obama who was put in place by george soros to destroy/divide america and it worked..remember when time of flood in noah day God caused flood that killed only satans children not those He God created noah and his family. god did not kill His children but children of satan and same thur out history when christains went to war it was against children of satan..same today our war is with children of satan ot with Gods children.

          191. Brenda Sinclair says

            May God be with an protect all His beloved children from the wrath of hurricane irama

          192. granny_forUSA says



          193. Dennis Burns says

            granny you are in delusion…God allows freedom of choice…Humans can decide whether they want good or evil…We humans can never ever blame God for our problems as you insinuate…

          194. Dennis Burns says

            Brenda: delusion does not blow bubbles..GOD is the creator of all…HE created humanity in His own image…You seem to read the Bible…read in John where it says GOD IS SPIRIT. HUMANS ARE SUPPOSED TO DEVELOPE THEIR SPIRITUAL AWARENESS AND NOT CONCENTRATE ON FLESH OR MATERIAL…You need to understand the difference between history and metaphor in the Holy Bible. The sons called Ham Seth and Japeth were all of the same race…There is the Human Race or the daytona 500 race…talking about a jewish race, italian race etc is the height of ignorance…
            Here is some food for thought. The fall of Adam!..He did not fall from the sky as some might believe..Adam and Ever were first spirit beings from heaven sent by God to live in Paradise on earth…They were given rules to observe…they were eternal beings…They broke God’s rules and needed to experience the flesh and all of its hardships…
            Satan was one mean dude who thought he was equal to God…Hence, pride is the devils’s favorite sin…The fall of satan is similar to the fall of adam and eve in that both falls were acts of disobedience…
            Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto youl…
            You have not bursted any bubble..you have only indicated your lack of perspective about RACE…There are several viable and credible religions throughout the world which teach and prove the unity of humanity. ONENESS makes much more sense than the lamebrain calling a culture a race..Have an good weekend…Dennis Burns

          195. Brenda Sinclair says

            dennis i appreciate your answer/comment although i do not agree with you ,where in bible does it say god sent adam and eve as spirits to the earth? no where, it says God created adam from the dust of the earth, then blew in his nostrils to give him life/soul which made adam a human being and with eve , she came from the rib of adam, then God blew into her nostrils giving her a soul making her into a human being .GOD CREATED ADAM AND EVE,BUT GOD DID NOT CREATE THE GENERATIONS FROM SATANS SON CAIN AND HIS SON ENOCH there were two generations upon the earth satans seeds(children) and Gods creation adam eve their son seth and all generations that followed these two generations Gods children and satans children have been at war and will be till last day earth exists.read gen 3;15 this verse is the key that opens up entire mystery of the bible, when we learn satan has his children god has His children then the puzzle comes together.so we ARE NOT ALL CREATED BY GOD IN HEAVEN NOR CREATED EQUAL for Gods children has a soul and are humans, satans children do not have souls nor are they humans, they are of their father satan who lies rapes kills steals, sacrifices little babies.they are the children of allah animals not humans in the form of a body resembles a man, at the time of the flood, God caused all of satans children to die, not noah and his family who had a soul and were human God has never will never kill His own children. our enemy is satan and his children, from cain his son built a great city babylon, then Egypt,,africa turkey, iraq iran, palestine all arab/muslim nations, Gods children were held as slaves in Muslim nations, clear God was a hebrew as his children also were

          196. Dennis Burns says

            Dear Brenda: as I mentioned one must be able to differentiate between metaphor, parable, and straight factual statement…the Holy ‘Bible contains all three in abundance…If you want a challenge just read some important passages from a bible published in 1963–the year I graduated from a catholic college..
            I BELEIVE that at the moment of conception God the Almighty gives that spark of spirit which enables life to continue…WE ARE ALL EQUAL BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE BEEN DULY CONCEIVED AND HAVE RECEIVED A SOUL…
            The Jewish culture is ancient and they were often persecuted for their insistence that there is only ONE God while all of their neighbors were polythistic…They were “chosen to teach the world the oneness of GOD and the unity of humanity…for the most part they did a great job…when they failed and intermarried with stoneworshippers, they lost the support of God…I might add…God is a God of love and forgiveness as fully explained by Lord Jesus. there is no guile, revenge punishment etc in God…those are human caharacteristics when they abandon faith in the Almighty…IMO it matters little which son of which father was born of satan or the sons of Noah…Jesus called his prime apostle Peter, satan…So I believe that satan is more of a concept than a person..
            The Holy Bible tells much but not all..I( question the necessity of frequent revisions in the past few years…KJV or the cath ver. are ok with me..
            Yes even the Jews succombed to human sacrifice when the intermarried stone worshippers…As a side note…IMO is was God’s will that the Conquistadores laid waste to the aztecs and mayans who were practicing devil worship and human sacrifice…Gold was the payday for the conquistadores…their prime motive was to eliminate human sacrifice….that they did…war is never pretty but they got the job done and the Queen had her coffers filled…

          197. Dennis Burns says


          198. granny_forUSA says




          199. Dennis Burns says

            OK GRANNY: good point…I believe that the cain/abel story is a parable that never really happened. Only lessons to be learned..Yes humans killed animals grown for food.That is what all humans did then…Goat, lamb bison etc all dang good meat…
            .what the hell you say: God can never be limited to some human faith…One must question the various religion’s interpretations of who is God.???All three magor religions have different versions…Mary was a Jew and Joseph was the step father of Jesus…His father, according to the Holy Bible was the Holy Spirit..this is what is stated clearly in the Bible…believe it or not…that is your choice…I ask: would the followers of Lord Jesus be willing to die for a fraud?????
            yes for certain exists…we differ on where it comes from…so be that…db

          200. Granny Filec says


          201. Dennis Burns says


          202. Dennis Burns says


          203. Dennis Burns says


          204. Dennis Burns says


          205. Dennis Burns says

            The book of Revelation lends some credence to your theory..God is Spirit…Jesus was the original human spirit.. Image and Likeness refers to spirit..How could the Almighty ever be confined to human form…???? Some angels have been kicked out of heaven no doubt…Nothing in the Holy Bible indicates that those angels could propigate into human bad boys of terror…Humans were given the option of good or evil…Satans children chose darkness and evil..NO children of satan could have pre existed…Adam and all the other prophets must have pre-existed..God does indeed send messengers…Humanity kills many but not all…

          206. Gary says

            Dennis -How stupid was your statement !! You must be very dumb to think that every single person in the world is just like us !!!! Yes you can call everyone “Humans” just like you can call rats and elephants animals

          207. Dennis Burns says


          208. noel says

            sorry to interrupt your childish banter here but no man has ever got close to the moon that was a cold war trick the Americans played on Russia and you will die trying to go there through the radiation belts, and that is the sole reason no country will send humans there “EVER”

          209. Dennis Burns says

            Yes you should be sorry…So who the F are you to say that John Glenn and Yrui Gagarin are a fraud??? You must be speaking about a different moon..your ass perhaps…

          210. Brenda Sinclair says

            dennis wrong there are two generations upon this earth, Gods children and satans children.. they do have different races one Hebrew the other Arabic/Muslims(children of satan)they were first called the nephilians, those two generations still exist GOD’S CHILDREN AND SATANS CHILDREN WE ARE AT WAR TODAY ALL OVER THE WORLD WITH SATANS CHILDREN AND HAVE BEEN SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME

          211. Dennis Burns says


          212. granny_forUSA says


          213. Dennis Burns says


          214. Cheg says

            I fully understand and agree with you, Dennis. I, too, am 75. Maybe Granny is in another era.???…lol

          215. Larry Huff says

            Hillary won by 3 million votes. Antifa is coming for you.

          216. Larry Huff says

            Shut your mouth while you still can, traitor.

          217. keedon says

            LOL Larry you responded to yourself in that post. Larry do you talk to yourself a lot in the asylum?

          218. Lee Martinsen says

            Maybe IT did win by 3 million votes, more likely 1 million, There were probably 5 million illegals voting as requested by Buhrok Hoosane Osama.

          219. Gary says

            Wow I like that- Buhrok Hoosane Osama- name must have come from East Africa.

          220. Cheg says

            Too bad he hasn’t gone back there!!!

          221. Larry Huff says

            Provide proof of these illegal votes. Provide proof that Obama requested illegals to vote. But you have no proof. That is because you are a Russia loving filthy liar, you dirt bag.

          222. knightsstrength says

            Shame you do not know 2000 years of history

            Even the Great Schism 1054
            The Fourth Crusade 1204
            The Crimean War
            UK’s deal with Sultan over Cyprus that saw the destruction of Armenia. Queen Victoria almost completely German, marries Catholic German Prince Albert
            Jacob Schiff funds Japan for Russo-Japanese War, also funds Russian Revolution with UK , USA funding

            We even have bankers, corporations helping Hitler, and now we have Soros, a creep from helping the Nazis

          223. keedon says

            First of all Victoria was a Protestant of the Anglican Church, the Church of England. Victoria was born in Kensington Palace and was English. Albert like most Germans was Lutheran. The first Crusade was from 1096 to 1099. It was caused by the Muslim Saracens murdering 3000 Catholic Pilgrims on the way to the Holy Land. Before Germany started WW2 the US and Germany were allies. Henry Ford received Germanys highest civilian medal of honor for his shared anti-Semitism with Hitler. Most American companies did business with Germany who was our ally until the late 1930s when they started their world conquest. No Jews supported Germany. No Jews provided money for anything you list. I suspect you are a Neo Nazi from all that Neo Nazi propaganda you are spouting.

          224. knightsstrength says
          225. Larry Huff says

            You are the puss filled demon with the open sores. YOU will burn for eternity.

          226. Larry Huff says

            You will be dead soon, old man. YOU are irrelevant. SATAN awaits you, scum bag

          227. Larry Mitchell says

            Antifa is just a bunch of cowards. One day there will be all the vets, bikers, and conservative patriots showing up. Where will you be? Under your bed? Begging the cops to help you? Why should they when you and your ilk have no respect for them, your own selves, the conservatives, and the military. You are nothing but a bad joke. As soon as the civil war starts, I predict you will be pissing your pants. Funny thing about a war, it always separates the boys from the men. Good luck with that.

          228. Larry Huff says

            Vets, bikers and patriots are all LIBERALS, you babbling bumpkin. They are ALL antifa, you Russia loving piece of trash. Most cops are liberals, the military voted for Obama by 70% TWICE and for Hillary by 64%.

            The civil war????? Are you minority elderly Trumpanzees going to start it? What are you going to do? Beat us with your govt paid for walkers and canes? Fling your soiled Depends at us?

            Trump lost by 3 million votes. You traitors are old and hopelessly out numbered and most of you will be dead in 5 years. YOU are irrelevant!

          229. keedon says

            WOW Larry Vets, bikers, the police and all patriots aren’t liberals. As far as dead in 5 years what a moronic thing to say. I’m 68 and I will still be alive in 20 years. My wife and I are retired and our mortgage is paid and our wise investments for 40+ years in 401ks has given us a nice IRA nest eggs plus SS to take us to 90+ years of age. Did you know that for the first time in history the 200,000 man Fraternal Order of Police union voted for a Republican against Hillary?

          230. Larry Huff says

            Did you know that the soldiers voted 64% for Hillary? And 70% for Obama, TWICE. That frightens you too.

            You are old and will be dead soon like most Trump supporting nazzis. YOU are irrelevant.

          231. Larry Huff says

            Your urine drenched Dear Leader will crash the economy and your investments will be worthless. You will then depend on LIBERAL CREATED soc sec to survive.

            But you are an old, pre corpse nazzi who will be dead in 5 years. Go fuuk yourself, Ruskie!

          232. SSObozoSinking says

            Hope you are with them you Gruberite…. We are READY, WILLING and ABLE. Been planning on you and you posse for twenty years. Think you finally have the balls? Bring it Gruber…..

          233. Cliffy44 says

            Larry Huffington Post – as usual, you are wrong; as it is verifiable that the 3million vote margin that that witch’s cunt claims to have received, were (and this is verifiable; as I am an election poll judge) were corrupt votes, and America knows that to be factual.
            I guess that you were too busy barking at the moon, whilst playing “Dueling Banjos” on your mama’s violin.

          234. Larry Huff says

            Provide proof from a reliable source, but you don’t have any because you are a filthy LIAR, you piece of shyte! REAL America knows that Clinton won by a MASSIVE 3 million votes.


          235. keedon says

            I could ask the same of you. Give proof that Trump and Putin colluded. Us Deplorables are the real Americans. You gullible, liberal Demwits aren’t real at all.

          236. Larry Huff says

            You deplorables serve only Mother Russia. We dems won by 3 million votes.

          237. keedon says

            LOL again Demwit give us proof. I know you can’t. If Hillary won by 3 million votes why isn’t she in the WH?

          238. Larry Huff says

            The proof is coming and you are frightened. Your urine soaked Dear Leader is finished. We REAL Americans take over in November. You nazzis will be sent to the FEMA camps.

          239. keedon says

            Frightened? Where do you imbeciles get that? Every night 63 million Deplorables go to bed knowing all is right with the world. Trump is in the WH and Hillary isn’t. You are at the height of your gullible delusion. Trump isn’t finished and he can’t be impeached. He has got an impeachable offense against him. There aren’t enough votes in Congress to bring proceedings. I enjoy sparring with imbeciles like you. You make me laugh. You gullible, liberal Demwit morons will be crying again when the Mueller investigation ends with Trump being exonerated. Unfortunately Hillary, Obama and the Podestas aren’t going to be so lucky. As we post the DOJ under AG Sessions is putting together an investigation into Uranium One.

          240. Larry Huff says

            And every night thousands of elderly pre corpse deplorables die of old age. It’s over for you Ruskies.

            We REAL Americans take over in November. Many of you traitors will be headed to the camps.

          241. keedon says

            Like the elderly pre corpse Piglosi, McCain, Lewis, Hillary and the Demwit senile members of Congress. If you believe in FEMA camps that explains a lot.

          242. Larry Huff says

            Uranium one?????? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! LOL!!!

            You are just as dumb as a sack of hammer handles, aren’t you Ivan?

            Trump will be indicted by March.

          243. keedon says

            Keep on dreaming numbnuts.

          244. knightsstrength says


          245. Larry Huff says

            No, the elderly Comrade Trump

          246. keedon says

            So Hillary Rotten Sinton is the same age as Trump you moron.

          247. Larry Huff says

            No, she isn’t the same age, Trump is the oldest pres in history. She did get 3 million more votes, however.

          248. keedon says

            Numbnuts they are both 70 years old.

          249. knightsstrength says

            Every person, raped, killed, tortured in the West your responsibile for those as the left backs the refugees criminals and the many others brought into countries by Operation Ratlines and Operation Paperclip. Look it up

          250. Dennis Burns says

            and you granny are nothing more than a fart in a windstorm..

          251. Dennis Burns says

            Brenda: A generation is generally considered to be about 25 years in duration…I believe you refer to Cain killing Abel and some other atrocities by early humanity..Yes for certain, Satan had influence in the beginning…Are you saying he actually gave life to an evil person????..A person who chooses evil is considered a child of satan…As I have previously mentioned–satan is better described as a concept..the ability of a human to chose evil instead of good…The war, IMO, is internal and for each individual to decide for oneself..Does one pursue a self-gratification indulgent in physical pleasure life style or does one decide to help others in need..??? So I say that the constitution is correct…all men are created equal…that means all humans receive a soul from God the Almighty…Your point is that those who choose evil are children of the devil by choice…Yes I can agree with that…God gave us humans all free agency or some call it free will..There is an individual conscience and a collective conscience….

          252. grnjllybn says

            just a minor correction, they were called collectively “nephilim”
            Everything else you said is accurate.

          253. Cheg says

            INTERESTING! I have been in church, since a small child, and a Christian for many of those years, and never ran across this name….”nephilim”. Have I overlooked it in my bibles?…I’ll have to closely look for it.

          254. David in MA says

            Look for Lillith also.

          255. Chi Sam says

            I’ve never once cracked open the Bible…and I know the name is “Lilith”. Are you effing stupid?

          256. SUZANNE M. says


          257. mrpoohead says

            “When I was an infant at my mother’s breast, I gurgled and cooed like any infant. When I grew up, I left those infant ways for good.” Nice school-yard speak!

          258. SUZANNE M. says

            THANK YOU!

          259. SUZANNE M. says

            THANK YOU!

          260. Mr Rollo says

            I blocked that putrid feces months ago.

          261. SUZANNE M. says


          262. SUZANNE M. says


          263. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            #Me too! What a hateful half wit and I think I credited him too much for having a half!

          264. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Liberals are all hateful little children. I wonder why democRATs are such childish creatures? They never seem to mature past the Oral/Anal stage of life and are merely two year olds emotionally locked up in adult bodies!

          265. SUZANNE M. says


          266. SUZANNE M. says


          267. knightsstrength says

            Shame you use a picture of what looks to be Nikola Tesla. A man. I respect, so do not pull down his name

          268. Larry Huff says

            And now we have Trump, a true NAZZI whose father was a KKK member.

            Soros NEVER helped the NAZZIS


          269. knightsstrength says

            Who collected all the possessions of the Jews but Soros.

            His father was Catholic, so was Hitler

            You would not even know all the Crusades were Catholic and you had heaps, well over 8, You had Northern, Baltic, and Prussian and many with in.

            When was the real First Crusade and if you answered 1095 your wrong as the first was The Battle of Hastings 1066, where William the Bastard flew the Pope’s flag, that was what William was known by

          270. keedon says

            Nonsense! Soros was born in Nazi occupied Hungary in 1930. They changed their name from Schwartz to Soros in 1936 so they could survive the Nazi occupation. They were Jews. His father was a Jew. Hitler was not a Catholic. Hitler was an insane vegan with a full time astrologer telling his fortune every day. He was trying to recreate the myth of the pure Aryan race. The Aryans were blond haired, blue eyed, tall and light skinned. Hitler was none of those. Besides 6 million Jews Hitler murdered 10 million Christians.

          271. keedon says

            Now who is the liar? Trumps father wasn’t in the KKK. Trump isn’t a Nazi and Soros was born in 1930 so when the Nazis came to power he was 9 years old. He was born in Nazi occupied Hungary to a Jewish family who changed their name from Schwartz in 1936 to Soros in an anti-Semitic Hungary. He never collaborated with the Nazis. He moved to London in 1947.

          272. Larry Huff says

            Trumps father was arrested at a KKK rally

          273. keedon says

            Date and location? If you can’t show definitive proof than you are just a gullible, liberal Demwit moron.

          274. Larry Huff says

            May 31 1927. Anything else, you lying piece of shyte?

          275. keedon says

            No numbnuts you gullible, liberal Demwit that doesn’t prove anything. Bye.

          276. Larry Huff says

            You lying sack of shyte. You nazzi piece of garbage. Prove me wrong, you gutter snipe

          277. catman says

            Sorass, ADMITTED IT! (helping Nazi’s) Then said he did not feel remorse because if not him, someone else would have filled the void! You are a LIAR

          278. Larry Huff says

            No, he didn’t and you have no proof that he did, you filthy animal.


          279. Larry Huff says

            90% of cop killings, 70% of rapes, 80% of child molesters are alt white Republican voters like YOU.


          280. knightsstrength says

            Sorry you got a empty brain of history you Nazis Ustaše,
            Best word to describe you is a Traditore

          281. keedon says

            You stop posting lies on this forum. LOL you are yelling at us. If we don’t stop posting lies what are you going to do about it?

          282. Larry Huff says

            I will keep exposing your lies, Ruskie. Lying is a way of life for garbage like you. You have no pride or morals. And you don’t care.

          283. keedon says

            Gullible, liberal crap like you are the ones on the side of no morals and don’t know what pride it. You are on the side of Weinstein and Prez Sinton. I am 69 years old and I am the real patriot here. I’m not some scared liberal moron like you posting such BS. Born and breed in the US. Happily retired with my wife of 35 years. A wife who serves on the alter every Sunday and is a Life Member of the NRA. What are you numbnuts? Are you an atheist? Goodbye proctologist delight.

          284. Larry Huff says

            You are old, frightened and will be dead soon. You serve only Mother Russia. You are a disgrace to the uniform.

          285. Larry Huff says

            You will be dead soon, snowflake.

          286. Larry Huff says

            Soros was a child during WW2 you babbling buffoon.

          287. knightsstrength says

            A 14 year-old Soros was no child , he knew what was happening otherwise he would be dead and he would have collected the Jews possessions. He would have been helping

            Billionaire George Soros wants to bring down Europe’s borders

            EVERYTHING GEORGE SOROS DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X9tKvasRO54&feature=youtu.be

          288. keedon says

            Nonsense! Soros grew up in Nazi occupied Hungary born in 1930. Don’t start with the lies. He couldn’t even attend school as a Jew. The Schwartz family changed their name to Soros in 1936. By 1944 when Soros was 14 the Nazis were sending the Hungarian Jews to death camps.

          289. Larry Huff says

            I understand that you child molesting Republican perverts believe that 14 is not a child. That’s why you sickos supported pedophile Roy Moore for senate.

          290. knightsstrength says

            Your just a bloody fool. A 14 year-old quickly grows up when faced with reality. We treat children as Children but you Nazis Swine support Muslims child rapist

          291. Larry Huff says

            You child molesting Republicans treat 14 year olds as sex objects.

          292. Larry Huff says

            Nazzis are far right wingers, you ignorant savage.

          293. Warden Clyffe says

            Add the common word you’re to your vocabulary, stupid.

            As an adult, you’re (see how easy, stupid?) expected to be capable of correctly repeating words you’ve seen in print tens of thousands of times.

          294. knightsstrength says

            Look in the mirror as most of your words to every one is stupid, dummy, so you take the cake you twit

          295. Chi Sam says

            Everyone, stupid. “Every one” can only refer to numerals.

            …and that would, of course, be ‘are stupid’.

            Embrace English.

          296. Chi Sam says

            **** you, you silly, hyperbolic twerp. Play your sissified games with someone that might actually give a rat’s *** about you or your thoughts.

          297. knightsstrength says

            Typical Jerk. Should never use a good man’s picture

          298. Warden Clyffe says

            That’s what your Muzzie pals say about Muhammed.

            Go **** yourself, you effete liberal twerp.

          299. caser4liberty says

            I find that when reading the Bible it helps to ask questions and then look up the answers. Who are the sons of God and the Nephilim? – Rational Christianity
            The Nephilim were on the earth in those days – and also afterward – when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. Genesis 7:23. Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; men and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds of the air were wiped from the earth. See more at: https://www.rationalchristianity.net/nephilim.html

          300. Dennis Burns says

            Brenda: GOD is the creator not satan…satan is the shit disturber..I still say that satan is a concept not a personal entity able to create life…Just review what Lord Jesus said concerning satan…Genesis states that all God created was good…There is nothing in the Holy Bible which says a good person must remain a good person..A good person can choose evil…then submits to worldly flesh and material inclinations..l.;You have not fully explained your conspiracy theory…FACT REMAINS…GOD IS ONE AND GOD IS THE CREATOR…I quote Lord Jesus…Satan is a liar and the father of all lies…No possible way for children to be fathered by satan…There are no doubt many evil societies on earth..they generally self destruct..they fall to the great universal law of attraction….evil attracts evil and good attracts more good…SATAN REMAINS AN EVIL ATTRACTION NOT ANYTHING EVEN CLOSE TO A CREATIVE ENTITY….A DESTRUCTIVE ENTITY OR A LOSS OF GOD;S LOVE…

          301. granny_forUSA says


          302. caser4liberty says

            Who are the sons of God and the Nephilim? – Rational Christianity
            The Nephilim were on the earth in those days – and also afterward – when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. Genesis 7:23. Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; men and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds of the air were wiped from the earth. See more at: https://www.rationalchristianity.net/nephilim.html

          303. granny_forUSA says


          304. Dennis Burns says

            hey dumnshit bozo…this country is multi-cultural..go live in a cave..

          305. Granny Filec says


          306. Dennis Burns says


          307. Motorhead says

            Hi 🐅 Tiger, just wanted to let you be aware that I ripped those two Putzes up a little!! I know you can do it yourself …but it’s hard for me not th blast these rat bas-turds!! Please excuse my English!!! God Bless!!!

          308. Tiger says

            Well any help from you is welcomed. I got so many rat bastards on my posts it is hard to keep count.

          309. Motorhead says

            Hi Tiger 🐅 those two are just a couple of butt buddies!! I wouldn’t believe anything they said!!! They are real special…if you know what I mean!! They are the reach around brothers..just like Lindsey and John…special!! God Bless Tiger…your friend Motorhead!!😂

          310. Tiger says

            LOLOL for sure my friend. God Bless you and yours and our country and keep our president safe.

          311. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Indeed you do. I do as well and wear their attacks like badges of courage. Every time I get an attack from a liberal retard I realize I have given it a mental wedgie and a stain in their shorts.

          312. Tiger says

            It is down to the wire.

          313. granny_forUSA says


          314. Motorhead says

            Look here Wriinkles, I spelled it exactly as I meant to! You would know that if you would quit sexually assaulting that cucumber!!!BTW you can use the cu(cum)ber on your face once you are done with it!!! You are a Putz !!!

          315. Granny Filec says


          316. Motorhead says

            Granny…it has a double meaning…ok ???

          317. Doug001 says

            The word bast@rd started in Spain, where itinerant travelers on mules would carouse the ladies in the towns in the hope to get them to sleep with them. They used the saddle (called a bast) as a pillow, and any children produced were thus called bast@rds meaning concieed oer the bast. It is also a somewhat unusual English last name, when it is pronounced B’stard.

          318. Kol says

            That’s a good one! Thanks!

          319. Nicodemus says

            Likewise. When the RNC comes asking for $$ I tell them I give to the Tea Party….

          320. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I now give all my former donations to the RNC and republican politicians to Judicial Watch and Citizens Against Government Waste. At least those two organizations get things done and expose corruption which is a welcome change from the stagnation and lack of effort by our Congress-critters.

          321. Andres Villamarzo says

            Yes he is looking at taking it to the people by looking at repealing the ACA (I forgot, is it because the rich are being taxed in this bill to assist Americans with health Insurance via this Cadillac tax)? Maybe it’s because of his warped tax reform plan that he says rich 15%, middle class 25% and the lower incomes @ 12%. Suggest you listen closely as he wants to build walls and wants an infrastructure bill for another trillion dollars, we all know he was a developer therefore does this not bother you that we are going thru two hurricanes Harvey & Irma, the country is in a 20 trillion dollar hole with daily interest payments of 380 billion dollars and Trump wants to put the country in a worse financial crisis. Give me a break lady, you are brainwashed by Trump, his lying son and their corrupt family! No bank in the USA will lend him ten cents because of his 6 bankruptcies, “GOOD BUSINESS LEADERS DO NOT GO BANKRUPTCY”!!!!

          322. Tiger says

            You are about as informed as a nat on a jackasses ass. Thanks for showing again the insipidness and confusion of the Ult Left.

            Off the grid you are. I live in Florida, yeah I know about the storms. A country with no borders loses it’s sovereignty. You do know European countries not only building walls but putting razor wire on top and armed guards?

            You do know that it is the Democrats who gave you O care and that your representatives are exempt from it or no?

            Do you have any idea the accomplishments he has already made? LOLOLOL course not.

            Please go to your safe place and take your titty bear with you. Fluck off numbnut.

          323. Johnny Mac says

            Andre the Giant Moron is clueless. The historically corrupt Democrat Party makes the Trumps look like followers of Mother Theresa. Jhmccullough

          324. Dennis Burns says

            Andres:YU be FOS. Trump has been poor; he is now rich…rich is better as the old saying goes…National debt is a huge problem…what is your solution…Cut
            Waste is the Donald’s solution and I agree..

          325. DeNeece1 says

            Andres, consider the following. First of all, I don’t think any of us have had the opportunity yet to read and analyze what is being proposed to replace the ACA, so let’s reserve our opinions until we do that. Next, what do the rich do with their millions? Answer…they buy things and stuff, providing jobs to those who manufacture, market and sell those things and stuff. They invest their money into corporations, municipalities, etc., providing themselves a return with which they can buy more things and stuff while providing capital for those entities into which they have invested. They lend their money, through individuals or institutions so that other people can purchase homes, build or expand their businesses etc., providing jobs. They give their money to various charities, relieving governmental entities from their roles as social program providers. Unless they are stuffing their money in cash under their mattress, or burying it in jars in the back yard, what else is there for the uber rich to do with their money? It makes lousy toilet paper and doesn’t look pretty on the walls! Oh, yeah, they can also contribute to political campaigns, those campaigns which they believe will provide the best economic security for the most Americans. So, enough with the rich-bashing. Thank God for them.
            As far as the financial state of this country, if it had not been for the condition he inherited by the irresponsibility and poor judgments of his predecessors, he wouldn’t be facing the ridiculous national debt, the shortcomings of the federal budget, the need to finance the wall and infrastructure and take care of people suffering from disasters. Give him time to grow the economy, thereby getting more revenue to the federal coffers, prioritize American needs over those of other countries, and slowly right this sinking ship. It’s complex and will take time to correct. A lot more time than a few months. As I said in the beginning, please consider these points before you express any more uninformed opinions.

          326. Nikita63 says

            Heritage Foundation and the RNC but since their quite apparent betrayal of the President and his MAGA agenda, I have terminated membership in both and donate direct in support of Trump and his efforts to reveal and heal the damage done by the Obama years and the Progressive pundits who made his policies mandatory and usually by executive order rather than with any sort of
            congressional consultation. Keep up your writing as you can see in the replies the effect you have in making others less aware of the operational reality much better informed and they realize it! In that, we have both been at the task for quite awhile. I intend to remain active in and dedicated to doing so and it appears you too, are to the same task. All my best to you and yours. I hope you weathered the recent onslaught of hurricanes in your area and remain well and suffered not much property damage. Nikita 63!

          327. Tiger says

            Again thank you and yes we are kindred spirits and this fight is getting uglier than any of us ever imagined. This slaughter in Vegas was purposeful and when and if it is comes out there will be a tsunami of revolution. The storm never happened here., nothing it was miraculous.

            Keep up the good work and so will I.

            Blessings to all of yours and you.


          328. Nikita63 says

            I am currently preparing to leave my Virginia Resort on a bus tour to Washington, D.C. where I plan to pay my respects to those who EARNED it. Those on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, many of whom I knew personally fifty years ago and 12 from my home town. That is an inordinate amount of loss FOR A TOWN OF ONLY A LITTLE MORE THAN 25,000! I make the trip to the Shenandoah Valley twice a year ;generally in April and October for 2 weeks each trip.You are familiar with my background so you know why I am as dedicated to doing as I do, Next week, I will likely Cross the Blue Ridge MTS. to Ruckersville on the other side of the Skyline Drive about 60 miles from here. It is the hometown of the Hyer girl killed on 12 August in Charlottesville, VA. by the Antifa swine and also there is a little known but well worth the trip Vietnam Foundation Museum I discovered a few years ago, located there. I have a sense of deja vu visiting the place and it is budgeted by public subscription and all guides and speakers during the tour ARE former soldiers who served in Vietnam. Some will forget, I NEVER will!

          329. Tiger says

            You are one fine Patriot and man, proud to know you.

          330. Nikita63 says

            Tiger: I an nothing special. Those whose names adorn the Vietnam Memorial Wall are the epitome of our best. They made the ultimate sacrifice mostly unappreciated and particularly in THAT war. While taking photos of the 3 soldiers while at the Memorial on Wednesday of this week. I was dressed in apparel identifying me as a Veteran of that war and several groups of parents and their kids wished to thank me for my service and asked if I would have my picture taken and speak if I could on my views of the war since I served in it. I did so for about 20 minutes and as I talked, the crowd got bigger and when I finished by telling them all to ignore the media and read the history of the war and the events leading up to it and after and then decide what they felt about it after THINKING about them , seriously.: That it was a good habit to THINK on your own and that the only stupid questions are the ones never asked as that is the best way to LEARN.The hugs and handshakes and thanks for my service were ASTOUNDING to me and in direct opposition to my”welcome home.” in , Oakland CA, fifty years ago when all 271 members of my freedom flight home were called every filthy epithet you can imagine and had feces and urine thrown at us by some five hundred or more “anti-war demonstrators,” I was deeply moved by the SINCERITY of these parents and the striking respect given by the KIDS.One couple had lost both their fathers in Vietnam but had other relatives who served and survived and they told me they had heard similar stories from their surviving family members and you could sense the underlying anger in them. Perhaps there is STILL some hope for us all if the youth will remain loyal to what is right and NOT be indoctrinated as is being attempted by our contaminated “educational system.” It was a most unexpected event and made my day! I thought you might be interested since I know some of your 2 war background.It is something I will cherish to end of days and mine are a lot closer than yours ,in all likelihood!God Bless America, though it be politically incorrect to say so publicly but then, I NEVER was politically correct and NEVER will be!

          331. Tiger says

            What a wonderful story thank you so much for sharing.

          332. Nikita63 says

            You are most welcome. Others who find it distasteful and I am SURE there are many of the lunatic left who will: DO NOT MATTER!

          333. Michael Hennessey says

            I always like when people (the Majority) become vocal about the things we (me and some others) have silently let happen because we trusted in our constitution and treasonous “people” have sabotaged our constitution, i.e., O’Bama, Clinton and his subversive organization.They will be punished when Trump organization
            reveals the truth under the Mueller “investigation” garbage and hopefully Trump doesn’t get tangled in a legal trap by Mueller for speaking the truth in an interview he doesn’t have to do.
            Let’s all speak out and support our leader, President Trump.

          334. Tiger says

            Amen you got it from over here.

          335. Rhiannon122 says

            Thank you and all those on the Vietnam Memorial and who served in past wars in this country. Your service will always be honored by me in my heart.

          336. Procius says

            Some have, Some will, We NEVER will

          337. Nikita63 says

            No We NEVER will but, at this point it is more important that for all time to be remembered, it is those like Rhiannon who thank and appreciate us though likely never served but lost a relative in that horror show, that will make that a real possibility! The Wall is a lasting tribute to them all and an appropriate one but,those family members and friends are the most important because they will teach THEIR kids the TRUTH about that war and the valor and courage of those who served in it, rather than the deceitful descriptions and detrimental portrayals of the lunatic left which are and have been prevalent in American Society for FAR TOO LONG! I served with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade from May of 1968-May of 1969, then after leave and reassignment finished my active Army Duty at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, then in Washington, D.C, on Georgia Ave, N.W.! It was sheer coincidence that one of those with whom I served was Jan C. Scruggs, who was the main force behind the creation of the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Our time is nearly past but for those who must continue, God bless all those who try to preserve what this country once was, and can be again though it has lost its way for quite some time. In spite of all we have become since, I would serve again for the people I served WITH and for were the Finest Kind and a credit to this country; unlike those we elect who violate their oaths every day; the same one we took and honored as THEY DO NOT!

          338. Procius says

            FYI – I was recruited to be a gov employee right out of high school Trained at Langley, as do all in this business. Can’t say where & when I worked. I too took an oath from that day to my death, it never expires. They periodically remind me of that. Don’t know of very many of my co-workers that are still around. I read a lot of this stuff but very rarely respond or post.

          339. Nikita63 says

            Then you are indeed in my 73 years of living experience qui,te unusual. Thank you for your honesty which I find nearly unique among most government employees with whom I have had to deal in a number of different federal agencies over the past fifty years or so. Your oath is one you have lived up to and indeed, may be worded exactly the same way as those who take any oath to serve in our military though I would not know. I have had a degree in Government since 1967 from St. Michael’s College in VT; the same school from which current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Marine General Joseph Dunford did as well, ten years after me in 1977. I was in my youth a Freedom Rider and met Dr. Martin Luther King on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL as a college sophomore in 1965. I have lived a lot of recent American History but there is a major decline in learning and teaching ability in this country which has been in my opinion, DELIBERATE AND A PART OF THE SOUGHT AFTER BY THE U.N.. IMPLEMENTATION OF THEIR SCURRILOUS AGENDA 21!. I am sure you are familiar with it. You had to be special to be recruited out of high School so, kudos to you for trying to do something of significant service to the country, regardless of how it has worked out to this point in time. And, as your oath will be incumbent on you ’til you draw your last breath: SO WILL MINE!

          340. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Thanks for your service and welcome home!

          341. Nikita63 says

            And to you, brother in arms. If ever the line in the sand is drawn as I am almost SURE it will if the Swamp is not drained, and SOON, I am sure You, Tiger most veterans NOT of Vote vets. org and every REAL AMERICAN, Constitutionally loyal and Rule of Law adherent and compliant WILL stand our ground TOGETHER against the New World Order and those congressional criminals of the left who are an affront to all who love FREEDOM AND CHOICE which they are forever trying to eradicate while mandating every aspect of YOUR life., and, you know the vast MAJORITY OF THEM BY NAME AND ALL OF THE LEFTIST LUNATIC CABAL I CONSIDER TO BE UTTERLY TREASONOUS AND SEDITIONIST! I believe most REAL Americans have no use for these venomous vipers. I surely do not!

          342. Roy Stewart says

            Both sides have declared war on our President. We the people need to stand with him during this great battle and show support in continuing of draining the swamp and with Gods help heal this great Nation. That both sides nearly destroyed!

          343. Tiger says
          344. knightsstrength says

            It is also fought for him in Australia against this evil

          345. Rhiannon122 says

            May I join your site? I am a conservative Catholic Christian.

          346. Tiger says

            Not my site and people like you are always a breath of fresh air on any site. Personally the more the merrier and we need to stick together, petition together, scream and holler together at our representatives.

          347. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Welcome to reality!

          348. Motorhead says

            Tiger is a wonderful human being…and one strong lady!! I adore her in so many ways…May God Bless…Motorhead

          349. Gottbird says

            “I’d of” is the uneducated way of writing “I would HAVE.”

          350. GenEarly says

            I always contribute directly to the candidate of my choice. There are many “front” organizations and groups, plus the RNC which funds only Establishment candidates, especially in the primaries to preclude any “outsiders”.

          351. Brenda Sinclair says

            tiger i thank you also i try to do same thing research for truth, too many sit back let the preacher tell them what the bible says fools, for jesus said search the word to show yourself proven..a fool listen to anything and believes it, while wise men search for truth and find it., a wise man takes advise, but fools have it their own way which is satans big motto to people HAVE IT YOUR OWN WAY, NOT GODS WAY https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fccf9c211669f1356e98f582b0558b6cca24a80d393ca2804116ccca49ea7d55.jpg

          352. Tiger says

            History bears out what this poster says. But mankind doesn’t listen. If America goes Socialist/Communist then they will know.

          353. Dennis Burns says

            America is much more materialist than most religious leaders would like…socialism continues to gain ground as the lazy people multiply….But the nation with guns for protection cannot be turned into a commie state…We are still the beacon on the hill but the light does shine a little dimmer these days..

          354. Steven Smith says

            tiger–if you have the ear of trump–you need to tell him to get sessions out and put christie in as a/g–sessions is not aggressive enough-especially at a time like this with so much proof of the guilt of obama-Hillary-lynch and comey and others
            they should be under arrest and heading to trial–and then off to Leavenworth for 10 to 20 –or Obama deported back to Kenya (maybe after his prison time–
            maybe even better off to gitmo for daily waterboard therapy

          355. Tiger says

            Steven there was a time the Trump Team sent me questioners about subjects I was interested in but all that stopped a few months back.

            Now remember Trump hasn’t replaced Sessions yet and he was called the “Silent Assassin” for bringing down the KKK in his state. He broadsided them they were struck dumb and blind sided by him. So let us keep the faith.

            Yes we know who did what and we know what we want to see happen, guess the case has to be fail proof against them before anyone acts.

            I would sure like to see Guilinani as the head of FBI.

          356. wmg says


          357. Dennis Burns says

            Motorhead: where is yur moto??no doubt in a lower chakra..she calls another a fool…never good…that only condemns herself as the critic..I am a veteran who doubts your validity as a vet..

          358. Motorhead says

            I don’t doubt your service …the MILITARY under xPresident Broke Insane Obola did let in vermin such as yourself to enter!!! We are still getting rid of Putzes like you!! I don’t care want you think or what you and your husband do with your dog! You sick lib-retards swamp rat-bastards can cornhold yourselves and your dog..you sick bas-turds…I will not waste my time on the filth that you represent!…you are BANNED!!God bless America and the 82nd Airborne!!!

          359. Dennis Burns says

            The 82nd would never ever accept a motormouth lame brain like you..I served 29 years of sea duty..I am a conservative who is also non-partisan…JFK was a conservative..good luck with your fromotion from kindergarten to first grade..

          360. Gary says

            I have always been a Conservative and you Mr Burns are closer to Antifa than any Conservation. Do not give us a bad name.

          361. Dennis Burns says

            Gary: you got that right..I know a lot about fascism from family history…mom born in Germany in 1908 and experienced all of Hitlers tirades before finally being allowed to emigrate…Dont know what Hitlers motive might have been; but he allowed granpa to emigrate because he was a highly decorated
            WW-1 hero against the french and brits..You probably are not aware…but the cause of WW-1 was those two stupid countries called france and britain were fearful that Germany would industrialize first and dominate Europe…start a war and bring down Germany…HOWEVER… Germany was kicking their sorry asses so the cried to the US please save us we are your heritage…
            Gary: who is us??please give out your definition of conservative then I will give out mine…I remain financialy independant, contribute to worthwhile charity, balance my budget, donate to worthwhile charity..attend prayer meetings nearly every morning….You must be basing your assessment on my nasty reply to motorhead…You should re-read the fillth which spewed from his foul mouth…I did 29 yrs service for this great country of ours and somv asshole cannot diminish that..

          362. Gary says

            Every thing I read here confirms Dennis came from Satan”s side of the so called human race.

          363. Dennis Burns says

            Thanks Gary: The Donald will prevail as the dumpocratz stew in their own juice; then fall flat…US must have a balanced budget and plenty of dead wood in washdc should go up in flames..I do have personal experience with Russia having visited for 12 days in 2013…very very enlightening…I am glad we agree on Israel–a country surrounded by enemies swarn to exterminate them…They survive with God’s grace and with the fact that they are much smarter than their neighbors bent on destruction..any fool can destroy…It takes genius to inhabit a country which was barren wasteland and make an oasis capable of exporting food to its lazy neighbors who have trouble feeding themselves..Yes about Europe..Germany once a leader, has become corrupt…as has France their erstwhile competitor..Germany just recently outlawed sex with animals..for the previous 20 years it was anything goes…The morality of Denmark is not much better..
            .Regarding pedophilia I know of a wonderful pastor who was forced to pay 1.5million for just putting his hand on a 12 yr old boy’s knee during confession..I suspect that sleeze politics was at the base…His family is very prominent in Kentucky…
            I once had a neighbor kid try me from behind when we were playing a game who has the biggest..I beat the tar out of him; and I question why a youngster would submit to sodomy without a fight…The bs about I can kill your parents is an empty threat…Try me just once and I will tell my parents, and get my friends with knives and baseball bats..

          364. maryjo150 says

            Way to shut Larry down! You know the liberals because they always swear or put another person down in a rude way.

          365. Tiger says

            Sometimes I still get shocked at the attacks. I have been doing this since 2004 but the posts and the opposite party has become increasingly violent and vulgar. Sometimes I have to just go away from it.

          366. knightsstrength says

            I call him a Traditores, a word with a bit more than just the word traitor


          367. Tiger says

            Obviously you can’t comprehend either.

            Tiger to Retired • 23 days ago

            From this site and by the way I know I need more research on this site but I have never come across it before.

          368. Gary Jensen says

            Whether that site is fake news, who knows, however there has been an international arrest warrant for Soros’ for two years.

          369. Sage Nighthawk says

            LARRY HUFF, you are the ignorant fool so shut the hell up before the whole world knows what a dip shit you really are! ass wipe

          370. Tim Groves says

            POOR larry, To bad you Don’t have enough sense to Tell the Difference between Real & FAKE news, I’m Sure you Fall all over yourself Praising people like the Mad Cow & the Idiots on cnn.daesh. People like you are what’s WRONG With the Country, You Thrive on the Shitburgers fed to YOU by The Real FAKE news, MUNCH them down a FAST as You can. Meaning You have Shit for brains, Sorry But That’s the FACTS !

          371. Larry Huff says

            Provide proof of this FAKE news. But you can’t, Ruskie. You are a liar. Trump lost by 3 million votes.

          372. Tim Groves says

            LMBO, Another liberal CLONE. EVERY Day the People Conducting the Investigation are Finding Thousands of FAKE & ILLEGAL Votes, Keep Eating the Shitburgers, It Suits you, Poor little demoNAZI Yroll. You are Simply TO EASY. You have a nice whatever. I Prefer to Argue with people who Actually THINK. Sorry Bout your luck.By the Way, That’s THOUSANDS in EACH City they look into, add it up. Really Doesn’t Matter about 3 million votes, Guess what Clone, President Trump IS the PRESIDENT !!! I Think you Slipped by martha plimpton. You must have been a Survivor of ONE OF HER MANY Abortions. How STUPID is Someone Who has Multiple Abortions ?
            That’s the liberal way.

          373. Larry Huff says

            Trump lost by 3 million votes, he was rejected by the American people. We REAL Americans are coming for you.

          374. Larry Huff says

            Provide proof of these illegal votes. But you can’t, you are a liar. Trump and the conservative agenda was massively rejected by the American people. We are coming for you, you NAZI piece of shyte! Very soon, Ivan!

          375. Tim Groves says

            I Don’t Have to Prove it STUPID, The Folks doing the Investigation Have the Proof, LMBO. To Stupid to even Know your STUPID, How SAD, BA BYE NOW PUPPY !!!

          376. Larry Huff says

            So you have no proof and you are a liar, just as I said. A LIBERAL caught YOU lying, snowflake.

          377. granny_forUSA says


          378. Philomena says

            Like CNN and MSNBC

          379. Larry Huff says

            No, like FOX. Are you a stroke victim?

          380. Philomena says

            No, CNN & MSNBC

          381. Larry Huff says

            I see another Trump supporter went berserk with a gun. Is he a terrorist, you racist piece of shyte?

          382. Philomena says

            A domestic terrorist like Obama’s friend Bill Ayers

            Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Working With ANTIFA Terrorist Group

            Violent domestic terrorist Bill Ayers (Barack Obama’s friend and mentor) is officially linked to Antifa through his group “Refuse Fascism”.

            Ayers is infamous for the Weather Underground, a domestic terror organization he co-founded with other degenerates, and for bombing the Pentagon.

            “Refuse Fascism“, a fascist organization that wishes to inhibit and deny the speech of conservatives, is partly funded by George Soros. It has organizers like Bill Ayers and is targeting youth across the country with the intention of indoctrinating and brainwashing individuals who nascent politically. We know Ayers was associated with Barrack Obama and is a big supporter of various socialists and communists as well as violent terrorists.
            Today, it has come out that Ayers is partnering with Antifa in the spread of militant violence against pro-America demonstrators. Leftists have historically turned Ayers into a folklore figure who they cherish and respect despite his violent past.

          383. Larry Huff says

            No, a domestic terrorist like the TRUMP supporter who murdered 50 today. At least he turned on you country fried hicks this time!

          384. Philomena says

            You are a sick minded person. Discussion closed.

          385. Larry Huff says

            You are NOT a conservative, you are a Russia loving fascist.

          386. Philomena says

            You are NOT a conservative, you are a Russia loving fascist.

          387. Larry Huff says

            And YOU are a Russia loving domestic terrorist.

          388. Billy Childers says

            Spoken like a true ignorant liberal< Larry Huff

          389. Hey you says

            What news isn’t?

          390. SSObozoSinking says

            So…. we should trust ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, FOX? Who let you out of Gruberville?

          391. Roy Stewart says

            Boy your head is in the sand! However, when people come to rape your women and cut off your head I will be there with my guns to protect you and you women!
            God Bless America

          392. Larry Huff says

            You will be cowering in the basement trembling in fear like all you NAZZIS do. Why are you so frightened all the time? BE A MAN, NANCY! We LIBERALS have ALWAYS protected you from the scary BROWN and BLACK people.

          393. Robert Floyd says

            LOSER!!! Stop playing with yourself pervert !!

          394. Larry Huff says

            The arrests in the Trump administration start tommorrow

          395. Granny Filec says


          396. Tricia Harris says

            So everyone that disagrees with you, and has articles to support their point of view, is fake and they are ignorant fools? You need to take a look in the mirror on who is the ignorant FOOL!

          397. Larry Huff says

            You people post nothing but lies as I have proven. Lying is not disagreeing, it is just lying. But you don’t care.

          398. Tricia Harris says

            In addition to being a fool, you are an obnoxious ass. Just like I said, as far as YOU are concerned,
            anything that YOU don’t like or YOU disagree with is a lie!

          399. Larry Huff says

            Then prove me wrong about anything, Lurline. But you can’t. You are a victim of fake news.

          400. greyghost5632 says

            Truth may hurt but it is always the truth!!

          401. Larry Huff says

            Provide proof, but you can’t, you fuuking liar

          402. litwav says

            And your brain dead, just can’t use critical thinking.

          403. Larry Huff says

            It’s “YOU’RE” you babbling idiot.

          404. donl says

            Larry, have you always been a Commie Pig or did Obama/Hillary make that decision for you? Just wondering.

          405. Larry Huff says

            You filthy Russia loving traitor. Get out of MY country!

          406. donl says

            See what I mean folks? Proof! Those on the Left ( Lib.Coms.) always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. Every time.

          407. Larry Huff says

            What are we guilty of, you Nazzi piece of shyte?

          408. donl says

            Lies, Deception, Cover-up, Greed, Corruption, Sedition, Treason, ignorance!!

          409. Larry Huff says

            Provide the proof with dates when these lies, etc occurred. But you can’t, you are a liar. You vile piece of Russia loving filth.

          410. Chris Robinette says

            and you believe in CNN?

          411. Larry Huff says

            All NORMAL people believe CNN except for you FAKE News believing, poorly educated, low IQ Trumpanzees.

          412. Chris Robinette says

            Hello Harry Huffnpuff, again you are wrong, I have 2 college degrees and an IQ of 142. what about you? Or did Obama blow you away with “job”.

          413. Larry Huff says

            You live on LIBERAL created social programs and you are borderline retarded. It’s all in your file, Ruskie.

          414. Chris Robinette says

            Excuse me, Dip Shyte, but liberals hate trump just like you. I support President Trump fully.

          415. Larry Huff says

            You support Trump because you are an old, frightened racist.

          416. Chris Robinette says

            That means you support the butcher of Benghazi Killary Clinton because you are pussy whipped. Mr. Harry Huffnpuss.

          417. Larry Huff says

            That means you support Trump who lied about an injury to avoid the draft, you snowflake sissy.

          418. Chris Robinette says
          419. Larry Huff says

            All REAL Americans are ANTIFA.

            The Blaze??????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You really are a sissy snowflake! LOL!!!

          420. cardell johnson says


          421. Larry Huff says

            Shut up, you fuuking moron.

          422. Charles Wolfe jr says

            Tiger is no ignorant fool. She has more brains than you could have if you lived 1,000 life times , you douche bag idiot liberal , Hang it in your mammy, boy !!!

          423. Larry Huff says

            Smoking METH again, Cletus?

          424. sniperbait66 says

            Is that Huff, as in Huffington Compost?

          425. Larry Huff says

            Shut up, you Russia supporting traitor. You are a disgrace, you filthy animal.

          426. shamu9 says

            Huff on THIS Laaaary!

          427. Patricia Anderson says

            I love it can’t stop laughing for falling out of my chair!!!

          428. granny_forUSA says

            COULD BE………….

            SOROS has the demorats in his pockets….(all of them)……You can look up that info on Google, and also get the amounts………..There are RINO’s that are also on the SOROS payroll, just like McCain…..and there are 12 of them that they know about……Hope Putin has that info also……….

          429. mikegru says

            I think Putin needs to hire the Israeli Secret Service to get Soros they got Eichmann

          430. hairyputter says

            Add John McCain to that list with the Democrats. He was a big pusher of Russian sanctions. He also is funded by George Soros.

          431. Steven Lee Peebles says

            Why aren’t these pieces of shit being _ucked off. My hats off to Putin he takes care of his country and his people! What have just started with Trump. Start locking up these haters of american people and this land.

          432. Ltpar says

            The Presdent is till in denial about Soros and his New Wrorld Orderr. He has at lease three of Soros supporters advising in his inner circle, One is the liberal Ivanka Trump. Second is her husband, Jared Kushner who holds a 350 million loan from Soros and third, National Security Advisor – General Mcmaster, who used to work for a Soros company. While Trump is not a Soros clone as was Hillary Clinton, you see who is blowing in his ear and causing him to make certain decisions.

          433. Elaine Blackman says

            Cute pun. I missed that at first.

          434. Steven Lee Peebles says

            Help Russia get soros that piece of shit. Soros is the one who brought us obama jelly. The one that was going to bring us all together (to kill each other). 1/2 this country is blind as a bat.

          435. Ltpar says

            Soros and the New World Order are more dangerous to the United States than Russia and China combined. Wake up folks, smell the java before it is too late

          436. Dennis Burns says

            How many democrats are multi millionaires likd
            soros??sleezy human jealousy is no doubt a huge factor

          437. Brenda Sinclair says

            russia and sweden has a dead or alive warrant on soros as america now should do for paying for rioters to incite violence, someone needs to find soros turn him over to putin, i bet there will be a huge reward, he is hiding out knowing this warrant is on his head but bet you hillary and obama knows where soros is, waterboard them for info.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ffa031007ccbd4f949c0af6f38c54a578a53b411ef3bfe24e1be3b1dcf66e4e2.png

          438. Tumbleweed7 says

            I wish Russia would arrest Soros. We don’t seem to have the will or ability to get rid of him.

          439. Steve Dolyniuk says

            Not only Democrats. Our Members of Congress just recently put more sanctions on Russia. We need Russia as a friend, not as an enemy. I guess in order to be a politician, you have to be stupid & have no common sense.

          440. Consultant says

            If Russia, really wanted Soros, they’d have him taken out. … . Russia’s the premiere Covert Operative State, they’re Masters at it. … .

            Like I stated in Posting on another site; The US ever since Jimmy Carter, has playing Intelligence Catch Up . … .

          441. Steve Dolyniuk says

            Not only Democrats. When congress recently put more sanctions on Russia, it was passed by a majority of both parties.

          442. boone1 says

            the democrats won’t be on soros pay roll anymore if the Russia Arrest Warrant if the U.S were to let that happen.

          443. cardell johnson says


          444. Nicodemus says

            Soros OWNS many of the Dims and Rino’s. I’d give 10-1 odds it was Soros who paid the $1 million bribe to get Bath-House Barry into Harvard (and keep him there while he was out smoking pot instead of attending classes).

          445. Joanne Aulenbacher says

            Well stated. You have been doing your homework.

          446. Tiger says

            I am not too happy with some I am finding out. It appears the Swamp has a couple of huge snakes we can name right off the bat, Soros and Rothschild. Two notoriously not well accepted names that have been partnering up to hurt many countries and interfere in too many governments.

          447. Sherry says

            I heard it was changed to the “D.C. Cesspool” because of all the shit in it that feeds the bottom feeders!

          448. Tiger says

            And every outhouse has to have the shit covered over and a new hole dug. But like the outhouse, if we put the same people back in office, we will get that same shit.

          449. granny_forUSA says

            Many countries still will extradite criminals (SOROS) to whomever wants him for crimes in that country…….Why can’t Russia do the same and start the papers to do so………

          450. Tiger says

            Don’t know but wish Russia, if so much the guys who we are told they are, would do it the world wold jump with joy.


          451. Paulette Kimbrough says

            Tiger I am so interested. Where’s the best places to learn more pls?

          452. Tiger says

            OK here are starters.

            George Soros Funded by the House of Rothschild – The New American
            May 2, 2011 – To my wonderment, the Rothschild family controlled billions of … of the relationship between Soros and the Rothschilds is worthwhile and …
            George Soros And The Rothschild Connection
            In several newspapers across the world Soros is praised as a kind of Robin Hood … of the Rothschilds is not just an ordinary or accidental banking connection.
            Dec 8, 2015 – Among the members of the board of the Quantum Fund is one Richard Katz ….. The connection between Soros and the Rothschilds is achieved …
            George Soros and the Rothschilds Connection – HiddenMysteries …
            http://www.hiddenmysteries.org/conspiracy/rothschild/soros.htmlIn several newspapers across the world Soros is praised as a kind of “Robin Hood … of the Rothschilds is not just an ordinary or accidental banking connection.

          453. Bob Morton says

            Can someone snatch Soros in the middle of the night and ship him to Russia? LOL (not really kidding). If Soros wasn’t in our country, maybe we can reclaim our country! This is Bob’s wife.

          454. Tiger says

            Hi Bob’s wife that is an excellent idea and would love if Russians would do just that. Cause nobody in America will do it.

          455. Patricia Anderson says

            They should do a Seth Rich on him!

          456. Sherry says

            Seth Rich didn’t have any protection. His mistake was he trusted those he worked for! Never trust a progressive left Communist nowadays called a Demoncrap.

          457. Elaine Blackman says

            It would be nice if a special op group like Seal or Swat would do that. He’s really too old to worry about except that even Obama still created mass pandemonium up until the day of the inauguration.

          458. Tiger says


          459. Sherry says

            He still is, but quietly undercover of “darkness” of the Deep State. Swat or Seal wouldn’t work; too big! It has to be done by stealth when they LEAST EXPECT IT and then the complicated plans must cover every possible leak or movement! They would have to choose someone willing to work “inside” at the cost of perhaps getting caught, being tortured to death or outright dropped out of a plane over the ocean. This is scary stuff; It will take a MAN with brass balls and one who relied on God for his protection. KNOW ANY ONE LIKE THAT???

          460. Elaine Blackman says

            You’re right about how he still is creating pandemonium. I don’t really advocate it anyway, but it had to be done with some.

          461. Sherry says

            Perhaps Israel WILL! He is a backstabbing, greedy and evil Jew! They have excellent undercover surveillance, expert “kidnappers” or just plain “knock off”
            experts who never leave a trace of their “activities”! How come nobody asked THEM to rid the world of this devil?? No price would be too high to pay them for their expertise!

          462. Tiger says

            I am with you on this one also. It appears that all our good people who ran necessary squads of men and women who could clean out the crap, is laying down their arms.

          463. granny_forUSA says

            Not all of them………….

          464. Tiger says

            Ahhh well good.

          465. granny_forUSA says

            Save funds………he might commit suicide………two shots to the back of his head……works for Hillary……….

          466. granny_forUSA says

            Lead poisoning is a problem solver…………..

          467. Tiger says

            Amen ask Russia about poisoning they use the Lucretia Borgia method all the time. Kiss the ring.

          468. Larry Huff says

            Not YOU, you filthy animal. WE are coming for YOU and your kind.

          469. Tiger says

            Oh I see now it is not me you are coming for. Hummm OK got enough posts where you sure didn’t name anyone and “you” was used in with threats. What state you live in Larry? Come on your such a big mouthed mean SOB tell me.

            My kind what would you want to come after people like me? We don’t riot, we don’t threaten, we haven’t done anything to disrupt this country only people like you.

            Ahhh so sweet calling me your wife’s nickname filthy animal. Will she be upset. Or does she know what you are doing on the net?

          470. Tiger says

            Your posts are inappropriate the number of times you have threatened me has crossed the line.

            Now you stop posting to me or I will block you. Already turned all the threats in hopefully you will learn a lesson. You can’t threaten people.

          471. Larry Huff says

            Block me you filthy NAZI. We know who you are.

          472. Tiger says

            Oh no I am enjoying watching you self implode and watching the others calling you out. How does it feel to be so unpopular? At your age you should mellow and learn something, boy howdy you are stupid all the way around, vile, vicious, foul, filthy, disgusting, obnoxious, despicable, sad, pathetic, lower than a bottom dweller and I bet you smell like carrion.

          473. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Well, what do ya know, it’s Larry Huff talking gruff and tough, again, but have no fear, cuz Larry’s stuff is really puff and fluff. Yeah, a real bad dude, who picks fights with gals, cuz he ain’t got no pals. But, as anyone can see, he likes to cry NAZI whenever he can, cuz he’s really not much of a man, and maybe just a baby. Poor, little Larry, what a load to carry, so quick to bite and take flight, but now must face those men in white.

          474. Larry Huff says

            Block me NAZI

          475. Foxtrot Uniform says

            You’re sinking here, kid. It’s time to pack it in and go trolling in more shallow waters where you’re not way over your intellectual head.

          476. Larry Huff says

            You are not a person, you are a NAZI.I know who you are you puss filled demon

          477. Tiger says

            Hey get original old man , pus is my specialty that was already used on you. LOLOL

          478. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Calling someone a NAZI does not an argument make, nor does it make sense, unless you consider the definition of a NAZI anyone who disagrees with your infantile muttering.

          479. Larry Huff says

            You are a NAZI. We are coming for you. You are done.

          480. Foxtrot Uniform says

            Larry Huff speaks so ruff, but Larry Huff is all bluff and puff.

          481. granny_forUSA says

            The old FART is 87 yrs old……….If someone could just scare him into a heart attack………..PROBLEM SOLVED……meet him in the dark as zombies………

          482. Bob Morton says

            He’d have to have a heart to be able to have an attack. Besides, he’s got his son(s) that he’s been grooming and his nephew is married the Chelsea Clinton. God knows how many more devil’s spawns there are. I did hear one time that his biggest fear is dying though. This is Bob’s wife.

          483. Ginnie says

            His sons will just take over and they are as ruthless if not even more so than he is.

          484. niknar says

            So why so much concern & conspiracy theories revolving around an 87-yr old man?

          485. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

            I am surprised that Putin has not sent his undercover marksman over there and ended Soros once and for all.

          486. Tiger says

            I don’t understand. I miss the days of assassinations and murdering of bad guys.

          487. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

            Hey it works for me as long as it is not here and not our President. Twice is enough especially when one of those was on ones birthday and watching it on TV. Oh they are still here but is the media is so rapped up on Trump they don’t report on the good stuff anymore 😉

          488. Tiger says

            Right on.

          489. Michael Dennewitz says

            The media, ALL OF THEM, are and will always be too wrapped up in sensationalism, AT ANY COST!! 😋😂🤣😃😄😆😀

          490. Elaine Blackman says

            It’s not even that. It’s an all out war on Trump and conservative agendas. If sensationalism was the agenda for them, Trump has given them plenty of great stuff that’s being done for our country while Russia and impeaching President Trump are horses that have been ridden to death.
            No. The sensationalist agenda has been replaced with outright propaganda and NWO agenda, as if Hitler was standing there with his threats and Nazis as enforcers.

          491. SHAFAR NULLIFIDIAN says

            Only two? So what are Presidents Garfield and McKinley? “Chopped liver”?

          492. Elaine Blackman says

            The news that reports as much as 93% negative things on him never did report anything good, did they? I really don’t know since I don’t watch them. Some of Fox News is getting bad. There are only a few there I watch.

          493. Sherry says

            They have too much invested to let Trump go, so they stay WRAPPED up 24/7 to find anything; true or not, to get him impeached!

          494. Patricia Anderson says

            They only kill the Good ones!

          495. will says

            which makes us wonder. The line from the movie patriot ” Not sure I want to trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants 300 miles away ”
            At least with a dictator you only have to kill one to make a change. Now we have a deep state that requires a “Blu November ” our version of a Red October. When executions go on for weeks or even months.

          496. Tiger says
          497. Tiger says

            Says it all.

          498. Motorhead says

            Hi Beautiful…I just hope George Soreass gets ran over by the TRUMP TRAIN!!!

          499. Tiger says

            Hi there my friend. Good post, Soreass, LOLOLOL I wish his ass was sore from being kicked into a jail cell and made somebody’s lover.

          500. Motorhead says

            Indeed Tiger 🐅indeed.!!

          501. Sherry says

            I LOVE IT: George Soreass! THANKS!

          502. Motorhead says

            You are welcome 😂

          503. Elaine Blackman says

            I think our government has replaced the Mafia as organized crime.

          504. Tiger says

            OHHHHH great stuff.

          505. Sherry says

            WHO will be the true judge of who is REALLY the BAD guy?? God ONLY KNOWS! People make too many mistakes in these judgements and innocence has been betrayed too many times! SOME, like Un and Soros are obvious, so get-er done!

          506. granny_forUSA says

            I miss Judge Isaac Parker, Jesse James, & really miss John Wayne…….

            Judge Isaac Parker often called the “Hanging Judge,” from Fort Smith, Arkansas ruled over the lawless

          507. Tiger says


          508. Sherry says

            I don’t believe Putin wants Soros dead; he knows that Soros is keeping all the world unhinged and Putin wants to come across as a “savior”! Putin is expert in using situations, propaganda, and snuffing out any hints of exposure to his involvement in all crisis that has his thumb print on them. He is a total manipulator; REMEMBER, he IS KGB! I don’t think Trump really understands a man like him; too political and the knowledge is too risky to divulge to his constituents and the media! ALL of these world leaders have GIANT egos to feed and constantly having to guard against any knowledge of their weaknesses

            or mistakes.

          509. granny_forUSA says

            What happened with being able to extradite criminals………

          510. donl says

            A+ for doing your home work tiger!!

          511. Tiger says

            Thank you. I try.

          512. granny_forUSA says

            Those are the FACTS……….You forgot to mention what he did to the bank of England………..He was also a 15 yr old that ran messages for the Nazi regime in Germany to the Jewish population and SOROS also told where they could be located, even the ones that were hiding…….

          513. Tiger says

            You are correct but my dear I forgot nothing.

          514. donl says

            Hey Tiger, you are one smart cookie. You are right up there with Rush and the rest. Thank you for your knowledge.

          515. Tiger says

            Thank you my friend. My grandfather a politician all his life, one form or another. I can’t stand to see what is happening in America. So I fight and I dig but I have marvelous contacts at home and overseas that keep me informed.

          516. Tagdogs says

            Soros should be arrested and sentenced to die for the war crimes he committed during WWII by turning fellow Jews over to the Nazis for extermination.

          517. Tiger says

            Indeed and for what he is doing in America related to riots. We have laws on the books to prosecute people who bus in, encourage and back in any form riots and violence.


          518. Elaine Blackman says

            Wasn’t he just a boy then? He was b. 12 Aug 1930. When the war ended, he was 15, right?

          519. Tagdogs says

            He was still old enough to know what was happening and would happen. He just has an in born hatefulness.

          520. Elaine Blackman says

            That’s true and he said it was one of the best times of his life. I forget the reason, but he was sick then. It’s just that he was too young and didn’t have the power then that would have been prosecuted. They let too many Nazis and SS get away. I think a lot of these wars have been instrumented by those who weren’t prosecuted, especially those in that part of the world. In the ’60’s, there was a war going on that was exterminating some religious group that I later thought was being led by some of those Nazis. It seems like the Shiites was one group, but that was too long ago.

          521. Steven Lee Peebles says

            good for Putin and my hat is off to him for fighting fire with fire. When the terrorist were burning people to death. Putin had the balls to burn terrorist alive. Good for u Sir.

          522. Tiger says

            Amen the things he says are correct and he ran the Rothschild banking out of Russia and paid off their debt. He ran out Soros also , tied at the hip with Rothschild.

          523. Larry Huff says


          524. Tiger says

            How so? Seems you have a chip on your shoulder, smells like a cow chip.

          525. Elaine Blackman says

            You like to call people names, especially accusing them of lying. How can you say that you know anything? You say a vid doesn’t show Obama telling illegals, or at least non-citizens who are fearful of being deported if they vote, doesn’t say that they can vote. I don’t know whether that’s dishonesty on your part, laziness in not watching, or just plain too stupid to understand? But when illegals all over the country were showing up to vote and saying that Obama told them they could vote, they weren’t as stupid as you.

          526. Benjamin Michel says

            Thanks for the good info and the head ups

          527. Tiger says


          528. Dennis Burns says

            only difference between rothchild and soros is thqt roth not convicted…..any rothchild attempt to control russia was unsuccessful..loan big money at usurious rate and think they control the govt…Age old advice from holy Bible…niither a borrower nor a lender be..

          529. Gary says

            Tiger-you are dead on in everything you say. Americans have been Brainwashed for so many years, that they can’t think for themselves. We should be friends to Russia- they are us !!!! We are the same as them, we have so many crooked politicians here. Look at the Clintons, Democrat Senator Menendez, and many of the Black Negro leaders are very crooked /dishonest, and very Racist toward Caucasians .

          530. Tiger says

            Amen and thank you. Americans ancestors are Europeans unless they are of other persuasions but the majority of us are from that stock. I don’t see where anything that is dark has done us any favors and to this day are doing us no favors.

          531. granny_forUSA says

            I hear that soros is scheduled for an injection of lead poisoning………..

          532. Tiger says

            Make my day.

          533. maryjo150 says

            Keep your information coming. Are you an attorney? Be sure to give us the source of your facts. I love hearing well-founded facts. Thanks.

          534. Tiger says

            I am not an attorney, but thankfully the net offers us the facts from attorney’s from all sections of the law. We have at our finger tips Constitution specialists and the Constitution itself to review. We have all our immigration laws with explanations. We have all our laws related to everything for us to review and understand.

            I have seriously thought of going back to school to become an attorney. I have always been interested in law. I try to look everything up I stand behind.

          535. Robert Kahlcke says

            Perhaps he should be taken by force to Russia, is there a reward offered by Russia?

          536. Tiger says

            Not that I know of. I do know that there is a huge movement throughout Europe now to take Soros organizations out.

          537. Consultant says

            TIGER, are you a Russian . … ? I fail to see how, other than the Soros revelation, reflects on Putin’s many Challenges to the US. … ? Having a Background, that lends itself to knowing more than the average citizen, I find your musings to be informative, for the novice, but of little relevance to
            others. … .

          538. Tiger says

            No I am not Russian and I am not here to amuse you or anyone else. Having a grandfather who was a Consul for the Polish Government, ran an underground for intelligentsia and others, to get out of communist countries, along with a great grandfather who spent the duration of his life in the Gulag, came out blind and couldn’t speak, along with a history on my mother’s side again of fighting the Bolsheviks and all, I think I know what I am talking about.

            Putin is not Stalin and he is someone who can be talked to, whatever threat Russia maybe at this time in history is not the problem that needs our laser focus, it is the Middle East and N. Korea in case you haven’t noticed.

            Take it somewhere else.

          539. Consultant says

            Tiger; I’m not at all attempting to either, Amuse or Diminish you or your
            Post. … . What I am attempting to do, is to utilize this forum, for Debate. … .
            These sites, can be useful, if we all respect others opinions, and in some cases, they become a venue for disgusting insults. … . I’m not interested in participating in those. … .

            Now, with respect to your opinion, that Putin is a man that can be talked with, I really believe, Putin understands one thing, that is Strength. … . His assumptions; such as in Georgia and Crimea proved to be correct. … . Putin, by way of Aggression, entered both Independent Nations, and I might add, successfully, with nothing but a “Don’t Do That, Again” not only from Obama, but President Bush as well. … . Tiger, though Negotiations with Putin, might seem a good thing; so far, they’ve been unsuccessful in any Theater, the Middle East or Eastern Europe. … . Putin, has been the Master in all such endeavors and from what I see, he now will have to pay close attention, President Trump, though Stern, is also one that knows what he wants, way before he enters the negotiations. … .

            You also mention the Middle East and North Korea; I can assure and everyone else; America, has a Plan to deal with North Korea and it’s one that will, in no way be a protracted Ground War. … . The US has numerous Assets in place to deal with them. … . In 2015, the South Koreans, through their Negligence, allowed Obama War Plans, to be Hijacked through North Korea’s Outstanding Cyber Capabilities. … . I can assure you, those plans were scrapped, if not when Obama was still President, for sure, after President Trump sworn in . … .

            In order for the US to be successful, we must all keep in mind; There will be substantial loss of Life, this should never be taken lightly, but WAR IS HELL, that Phrase, should also not be taken lightly, Ever. … . With that said; the intent of a War, is to Disable the Enemy, to prevent that power, whoever it may be, from Ever Retaliating Again. … . The United States of America; is the most Powerful War Machine, Ever . … . However, the United States of America, is and will Never be the AGGRESSOR. … . And, will Never be Subservient, to any, Nation, Terrorist Group, Rebel Force, Ever. … .

            In the case of the Middle East, you will soon be seeing the resolve of the US, Play out in a way, not seen since the Invasion of Iraq, which G.H.W. Bush’s invasion to stop the aggression in Kuwait. … .

            The US, should never have Invaded Iraq, in 2002, reason being, it wasn’t necessary. … . We should’ve utilized our Covert Capabilities to take out Saddam Hussein and focused on Afghanistan. … . G.W. and Rumsfeld, made some really bad calls, most importantly; when they were duped into believing Iraq had WMD’s . … . The purported WMD’s that they supposedly had, was nothing more than a Ploy, Iraq used to Deceive Iran. … . After the 9 Year War, both Nations, were weary and Broke. … . It was one, Iran, most assuredly believe, as did others. … . It was Foreign Intelligence, that gave the US, the same intelligence, Iran had. … . In Fact, these same Nations, I believe, knew Iraq, would have had to have been involved in a much more intensive Nuclear Program, than they were really capable of. … .

            Getting back to Russia, you must realize; as the US focuses on North Korea, the Middle East, don’t you really think, they’ve taken their focus off of Russia’s Aggression . … ? President Trump’s not going to do that, he has a much more Stereo Tactical Approach to the World Affairs, assigning those to fill Voids in some areas, others overlooked. … .

            I hope you look deeply into some of the things I pointed out. … . In addition, to the aforementioned issues facing the US, we also have the Left that is ever so present in America, it includes those in the Media, that really want the US to Fail. … .

            Some Food For Thought, Tiger

          540. Tiger says

            You are not the President of the United States and your information is informative to many who are uninformed, the fact you understand you are not the only one who has an opinion based on research is a good thing, but remember anything you say is opinion also and you have no power to make anything happen.

            As to Iraq once again you show that your opinion is your own and you have not done your research. WMD include Chemical and Biological, Hussein killed thousands of Kurd with Chemicals.
            Hussein’s nuke site near Baghdad was destroyed by Israel, it was not a candy factory.
            Hussein entertained terrorists, he was a threat to our allies in the Middle East and us.
            Hussein bombed Israel.
            Hussein went into Kuwait.

            It appears you didn’t listen to the head of the Marine Corps or to others who said that Iraq was stable when Obama took command. I am well aware of what was found in Iraq. I saw the pictures and treated the soldiers, who experienced the white and the yellow cloud.

            Back to Russia again? Taking our eyes off them because of the two immediate dangers is not to your liking? You honestly believe that America can’t march and chew gum at the same time? If we negotiate with the likes of China, who recently burned down churches and beat the people in them, we can negotiate with Russia where Putin is rebuilding churches everywhere. You are too focused on Russia and you are the one with the problem.

            Thanks for the thoughts I think on them daily, not because you mentioned them, but because all is the future of our country and by the way, the Progressive/Communist/Socialists in this country, along with the Main Media and Hollywood are a bigger threat to our country at this point in time because they are here. That is an entirely different subject.



          541. Consultant says

            Oh, Now Tiger, of course he had those things, it his Nuclear Capability, that was the inducement, for the US and it’s Allies to invade. … . And yes, Hussein had killed Thousands of Kurd’s and Yes, he did so, with Chemical Weapons. … . None the less, if you do recall, the amount of Nerve Gas, located, was in fact Minuscule, compared to what the Intel. had indicated was there. … . As far as Israel, the only reason, Israel didn’t continue to attack Iraq, is because the US had requested it not to do so. … . If you recall; Israel Bombed the Nuclear Facilities, Iraq was in the process of building. … .

            Let me be clear on a couple of things; I’m not a fan of the Obama’s Policies, in any way. … . And yes, Iraq, was way more than stable, it was on it’s way to becoming a Country, that if it could get out of its Sectarian Ignorance, could go on to be a Country, that could rebuild and become a Vibrant Economy. … . However, because of the Iranian Influence, with the Shiites, and Obama’s Destabilizing Policies, slid back into nothing more than a Divided Chaotic Pit of Despair for those who had so much hope. … . I have way more insight than I can or will put forth here, seeing as this is not a venue for such things. … .

            I’ve been around and conducted several involved dealings with the Russians, for the most part, they are a people craving more, however Putin has had the ability to Rally around the Mother Land and has done so very well. … . Destroying the Poppy Fields, is the Economy that drives the Taliban, this is an Absolute. … . America’s destroyed many Convoys taking Oil to Turkey . … . When we talk of Innocence, we must remember, where Putin came from, he’s not at all naive. … . Putin is Calculating and in a lot of ways, like President Trump, he knows what it is he wants to accomplish, before he enters a negotiation, unlike Obama. … .
            Obama, was out of his league, when he has dealt on any of his World Affair Venues. … .

            If you recall; Arab Spring; that was Contrived by the Obama Administration, it backfired on him, in a big way. … . His alliance with the Islamic Brotherhood, Wow, how messed up was than. … . Libya, another huge miscalculation on his part. … . And then Syria, his Line In The Sand; How Dumb was he not o follow through on doing anything; he basically destroyed any credibility with the very Rebel Fighters, that had began the campaign against the Assad Regime. … . In fact, it was his inaction, that led to the creation of ISIS/ISIL. … .

            Obama, is a Liberal/Socialist/Communist, wanting the US to become a Society, similar to the European Political System. … . He and Kerry, sought to accomplish, in the Obama 8 Years, what the Left in this country has been striving for some time, however they failed. … .
            Obama’s beginnings, should have told the American People, a bit about his upbringing, his Politics and who he associated with, which because of his Political Environment, who he really was. … .

            When you refer to the Domestic Threat, the Left, keep in mind; Senator Joseph McCarthy, in the 1950’s predicted exactly what we are experiencing by, Hollywood, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Huffington Post, NY Times, Washington Post and a Myriad of Celebrities that jam our Airwaves, with Left Wing Propaganda, you are absolutely correct. … . The Left has orchestrated a Political Movement, which is funded by none other than George Soros, the Racial Movement, which by the way, has gone after Trump, like none other, in recent
            times. … . What I find so amusing is, it hasn’t worked. … . The mere fact, Trump, has never cared about Race, especially when he was trying to accomplish something, he has always utilized the Right People for the Right Position, no matter; Female, Male, Gay, Straight, Black, White, ethnicity, has never ruled his decisions. … . In fact, a couple of my very close friends, who’s company was undergoing some challenges, had DJT Mentor them, they Love him. … . He gave them not only advice, but showed them how it’s done, from the bottom to the top. … . Behind closed doors, he’s a powerhouse of ideas and knows how to get the most out of a situation, utilizing the Talent, he’s brought in to do the job. … .

            Tiger, I like your insight, if more Americans, had better insight, into the attacks our government experiences each and every day, they might not be so apt to go along with the desecration of our National Anthem and Flag . … . Thanks for the engaging thoughts and of course your insight. … . Thought we may not agree on some things, I believe we are on the same team. … .

          542. Tiger says

            If we would have fought any war the way O fought these wars we would have lost. The bodies of our European ancestors were piled sky high, all ages and war includes civilian deaths, we know had the emperor of Japan surrendered Nagasaki and Hiroshima would have been spared. His mindset killed his own people and Americans and the world tend to forget, the Japanese and Germans were racing to get the nuke and had every intention of using it on us. Killing millions without blinking an eye.

            We are fighting a Savage enemy downrange today, the likes of which the world has not known for centuries. They laugh at our Rules of Engagement and our Geneva Convention, they dessecrate our dead, they slaughter everyone, they decapitate, mutilate, hang, execute, crucify, drown alive, bury alive, burn alive and we fight them using our centuries rules, we need to annihilate them and civilian casualties be damned because that is what they have planned for us here in America, if and when they get strong enough.

            I suppose like today, you would have preferred to allow Hussein to continue until he was a huge help to Iran and like Iran wanting to kill us. Just as many are saying in the military thank God Hussein is gone, imagine what he would be doing in the Middle East today.



          543. Tiger says

            You want to really know what is happening in America today, dig past Russia, China or any country but our very own. These seeds of desent and disruption and corruption planted carefully years ago and even though Communism is outlawed in America, it was busy planting. Look to the cadet from West Point who is a Communist. How is he allowed to even be in our military. Last I looked wasn’t allowed and if one found, they were tried for treason and shot. OH Well.





          544. Tiger says

            Our country has a cancer and it has metastasized, in case you have been so focused on Russia you haven’t noticed Antifa, BLM and all rioting from elections to this day. We have battles inside our own country that must be fought and the reason that Hillary and all so shocked they lost, is because they had thought Obama was the last of the Mahicans for their implementation of the One World Order and he certainly made no bones about it, in the end. But instead of being the Messiah who issued in their Utopia, he was the one who was so abrasive to the common sensibilities of the American people and so delusional in his comments, so outrageous in his open and up in our face, ignoring of our laws, our Constitution that he brought Trump in on a tsunami and the Swamp is deep.





          545. Vincenta says

            Well, say what you want about Putin, if he is so dedicated to Mother Russia, how and why did he let George Soros make a fool of him, and slip by him. Soros is the “Gold Finger” of today. The money he stole from the Jews and Patriots of Hungary, who he sent to their deaths in Nazi Concentration Camps, bank rolled his sick enterprises.

          546. Tiger says

            I know what Soros is. I told you Putin threw Soros and Rothschild out of Russia. If our presidents so dedicated to America, including Trump, who I support, why didn’t they throw Soros out and Rothschild banking? We know why Obama didn’t but the rest, why didn’t they go after him?

          547. Granny Filec says


            After all, Soros was one of the puppet masters behind the Georgian attack on South Ossetia which killed Russian peacekeepers (along with many innocent civilians). He was one of the puppet masters behind the Maidan coup in Ukraine, which sparked a civil war, caused the deaths of thousands of Russians, and continues to rage to this day.

            He openly supported sanctions against Russia and called for a 50$ billion dollar fund to, among other things, help wrest Crimea back into the Ukrainian fold against the wishes of its Russian population. He fomented social unrest by trying to tarnish the legitimacy of Putin’s 2012 election through his Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation (both of which have since been shut down and thrown out of the country).

            He supported Al-Qaeda terrorists through the ‘White Helmets’ group, which mendaciously claimed that Russia was responsible for civilian casualties in Syria.

          548. Tiger says

            Incredible post incredible thank you.

          549. Granny Filec says

            THANK YOU…..had to look all that info up tho…….I like to know facts…..

          550. Steve Dolyniuk says

            Also, our corrupt politicians about six months ago, placed more sanctions on Russia. What this has already done, has made Putin start working closer with China. To be real honest, I trust Putin MORE than our corrupt politicians presently in office. China is out to break the USA, & with support from other Countries, they will succeed.

          551. Tiger says

            I am with you on Putin. He believes Trump very smart, he has chastised the leaders of Europe for giving over to refugees, he has spoken out against the One World Order, he believes in Sovereignty, he took out the oil tankers of ISIS selling to Turkey and blasted Obama for not doing it, Obama said that he didn’t do it for fear of what it would do to the environment, he accused Obama of creating ISIS, we have an audio of Kerry saying just that, he won his re-election on Obama’s weakness and said Russia would now be the world leaders. Why not, why hate him for wanting for his country what we have. He ran Rothschild banking out of Russia, he ran Soros out of Russia, he has brought religion back to Russia and he has paid off their debts.

            Obama could talk to every Dictator in this world, every Communist and Socialist, he could make deals with Iran our deadly enemy but Trump can’t speak to Putin. Amazing.





          552. Steve Dolyniuk says

            Tiger, I have read many of your posts, & I agree with you 99% of the time. I sure wish more people would wake up ! Have a good day, & many more.

          553. Tiger says

            Thank you Steve and you have a good day also.

          554. boone1 says

            Wanted dead the Rothschild’s 5 million reward.

          555. Tiger says

            Rothschild and Soros hand in hand. I still don’t know why Trump hasn’t gotten Soros, Obama and Hillary for perpetrating and paying for violence, rioting and instigating a Coup.

          556. boone1 says

            Could it be that all of them are still friends?

          557. Tiger says

            Soros, Obama and Hillary are One World Order people. Trump is not. They also attend the yearly Bilderberg meetings. Trump does not. Clinton is a Secret Society member, Trump is not.

            Trump’s speech to the UN let it be known beyond any doubt that Sovereignty is and will be, the main goal of America and America First. Sovereignty was the key ingredient in the entire speech and he encouraged other countries to keep theirs for the sake of their own people.


          558. boone1 says

            I like Trump and my whole family voted for Trump. Not only are Soros, Obama and Hillary are One World Order people so is the Bush family. Bush Sr. even came on TV and said it when he said no new taxes.

          559. Tiger says

            Yes the Bush’s are snakes and sadly I never thought it until the truth came out.

          560. Cheryl says

            I pray for You all, Our President Donald Trump, Our Vice-president and Vladimir Putin nightly. I don’t know why but something tells me these three men with God’s guidance will save America. If I knew why I would tell you but alas I can’t.

          561. Tiger says

            Cheryl I believe you, I pray for them also. Trump doing too much good and the One World Order and Deep State won’t stop without one last blast of power and God only knows when or how.

          562. Cheryl says

            I know what you mean I pray nothing happens to the President, I have no trust in the people who are supposed to protect them I just give it to God bless you.

          563. Tiger says

            You are right on.

          564. Carolyn Jette says

            Down with Soros…no friend to America..

          565. cardell johnson says

            I AGREE WITH YOU A 100%

          566. keedon says

            No the Rothschilds had no influence on Russia ever. The Jews were being murdered as the Christ Killers since the early 1900s. The Russian Orthodox Church called for the Pogroms by the uneducated peasants and millions of Jews were attacked and many left the country. The Church created THE ELDERS OF ZION. My family came here in 1901 through Ellis Island when they fled the Cossacks . Stalin killed a lot of Jews also.

          567. Tiger says

            Yes the Rothschilds had influence on Russia and are tied at the hip with Soros. Certain sects of Jews did crucify the Christ, that is history and we know the Sadducee and Pharisees had become the ruling body of the Jews at the time of Christ. Just as Christians have different sects in their religion. The Jews of the day wanted to wipe out the followers of Christ and everywhere his followers went after the Crucifixion they were indeed killed, all but John and Matthew. Mark was the interpreter for Peter, he was not with the Christ. People wonder why we don’t have more information from the time on the Christ, it is because anyone who followed him were killed.

            The Jews created the Bolsheviks due to the way Russia treated them so they are tied with Communism. The Elders of Zion is interesting and we know much about it. My family goes back to the 13th century and my grandfather ran an underground to get people out of Communist countries. Stalin killed so many we are still finding the graves in countries, mass murders.

            Russian TV Exposes Rothschilds And The New World Order | Disclose.tv
            ▶ 5:23
            Aug 8, 2017 – Uploaded by Zionist ReportOne of the richest and most influential families in the world has been exposed by Russian TV (watch the full …
            Purging Russia From the Evil Rothschild Money Changers | Katehon …
            Aug 19, 2016 – Despite efforts by the Rothschild-controlled Central Bank of Russia
            and the use of dozens of billions of foreign exchange reserves – the
            value of the ruble against the dollar has, therefore ,declined by 39%
            during the past few years.
            Russia Joins Hungary And Bans The Rothschilds – Awareness Act
            awarenessact.com/russia-joins-hungary-and-bans-te-rothschilds/Sep 14, 2016 – We all know that Vladimir Putin is never far from controversy, and now Putin has banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory. Recently, Putin reminded his cabinet that he paid off the Rothschild’s debt and “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck .

            You might want to read this on the Jewish website about the Elders of Zion.


            From the article:

            Protocols of the Elders of Zion

            “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an anti-Semitic
            pamphlet published in Russia at the end of the 19th century. It purports
            to be the minutes of meetings held secretly by Jewish wise men plotting
            to control the world. Exposed many times as a forgery, the Protocols
            has nevertheless continued to be translated, published, and distributed
            all over the world, from the United States to Japan, from the Arab
            world to Latin America. Its legacy is alive and well today in the
            charter for Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, as well as among Holocaust deniers, and conspiracy theorists.”

            Contents of the Protocols

            “The Protocols consists of 24 “meetings” during which the chief
            of the Jewish wise men explains how to turn non-Jews into slaves and
            how to take hold of various global institutions. The text contains a
            critique of liberalism, an analysis of methods that can be used to gain
            control of the world, and a description of the universal State to come.
            The book does not give details about the identity of the wise men, the
            author of the “minutes,” the time and place of the meetings, the
            intended audience, or the ways in which the manuscript was made public.”

            “Different editions give different accounts of where the manuscript
            was “found.” In some editions, it was discovered in the “chancellery of
            Zion,” purportedly located in France. In others, it was obtained by “a
            woman who knew one of the top leaders of Free Masonry,” another society
            typically associated with Jewish conspiracies. In other editions, the Protocols was presented by Zionist leader Theodor Herzl himself at the First Zionist Congress in 1897.”

          568. keedon says

            First of all the Romans conquered the Jews and had them totally powerless to have any say over Roman rule. Jesus was a creation of the Catholic Church at the council of Nicaea in 325AD. Since Jesus supposedly died in 35 AD that New Testament came out almost 300 years after he died. In the real Old Testament written 3000 years before Jesus supposedly existed the Mochiach was predicted. He was never named and there was no Jesus. Constantine and the Catholic Church invented Jesus and the disciples over 200 years after he died. The Catholic version of the Old Testament doesn’t even resemble the REAL OLD TESTAMENT OF THE JEWS WRITTEN 3000 years before. The original Old Testament written in Hebrew doesn’t mention Hell, Satan, original sin, the trinity or virgin birth. There are 17 names for God in Hebrew and Yahway and Yeshua aren’t any of them. Since the Mochiach was coming from the House of David as a virgin birth he couldn’t be the Mochiach. The mother didn’t count so only the father is the important one so don’t tell me Mary was from the House of David. Jesus didn’t turn over the tables of the money lenders in the Temple. Only the high priests were ever allowed in the Temple. The money CHANGERS tables were in the courtyard and they only exchanged the money from other lands to Shekels so the Jews could buy a sacrifice to God. They worked exactly like the changers from dollars to the local currency when you travel to a foreign land.

          569. Tiger says

            Although there is overwhelming evidence that the
            New Testament is an accurate and trustworthy historical document, many
            people are still reluctant to believe what it says unless there is also
            some independent, non-biblical testimony that corroborates its

            In the introduction to one of his books, F.F. Bruce tells about a
            Christian correspondent who was told by an agnostic friend that “apart from obscure references in Josephus and the like,” there was no historical evidence for the life of Jesus outside the Bible.[1]This, he wrote to Bruce, had caused him “great concern and some little upset in [his] spiritual life.”[2] He concludes his letter by asking, “Is such collateral proof available, and if not, are there reasons for the lack of it?”[3] The answer to this question is, “Yes, such collateral proof is available,” and we will be looking at some of it in this article.

            Evidence from Tacitus

            Let’s begin our inquiry with a passage that historian Edwin Yamauchi calls “probably the most important reference to Jesus outside the New Testament.”[4]
            Reporting on Emperor Nero’s decision to blame the Christians for the
            fire that had destroyed Rome in A.D. 64, the Roman historian Tacitus

            Nero fastened the guilt … on a class hated for their
            abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the
            name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of
            Tiberius at the hands of … Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous
            superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in
            Judaea, the first source of the evil, but even in Rome….[5]

            What can we learn from this ancient (and rather unsympathetic)
            reference to Jesus and the early Christians? Notice, first, that Tacitus
            reports Christians derived their name from a historical person called
            Christus (from the Latin), or Christ. He is said to have “suffered the extreme penalty,”
            obviously alluding to the Roman method of execution known as
            crucifixion. This is said to have occurred during the reign of Tiberius
            and by the sentence of Pontius Pilatus. This confirms much of what the
            Gospels tell us about the death of Jesus.

            But what are we to make of Tacitus’ rather enigmatic statement that Christ’s death briefly checked “a most mischievous superstition,” which subsequently arose not only in Judaea, but also in Rome? One historian suggests that Tacitus is here “bearing
            indirect … testimony to the conviction of the early church that the
            Christ who had been crucified had risen from the grave.”[6]
            While this interpretation is admittedly speculative, it does help
            explain the otherwise bizarre occurrence of a rapidly growing religion
            based on the worship of a man who had been crucified as a criminal.[7] How else might one explain that?

            Evidence from Pliny the Younger

            Another important source of evidence about Jesus and early
            Christianity can be found in the letters of Pliny the Younger to Emperor
            Trajan. Pliny was the Roman governor of Bithynia in Asia Minor. In one
            of his letters, dated around A.D. 112, he asks Trajan’s advice about the
            appropriate way to conduct legal proceedings against those accused of
            being Christians.[8]
            Pliny says that he needed to consult the emperor about this issue
            because a great multitude of every age, class, and sex stood accused of

            At one point in his letter, Pliny relates some of the information he has learned about these Christians:

            They were in the habit of meeting on a certain fixed day before
            it was light, when they sang in alternate verses a hymn to Christ, as to
            a god, and bound themselves by a solemn oath, not to any wicked deeds,
            but never to commit any fraud, theft or adultery, never to falsify their
            word, nor deny a trust when they should be called upon to deliver it
            up; after which it was their custom to separate, and then reassemble to
            partake of food – but food of an ordinary and innocent kind.[10]

            This passage provides us with a number of interesting insights into
            the beliefs and practices of early Christians. First, we see that
            Christians regularly met on a certain fixed day for worship. Second,
            their worship was directed to Christ, demonstrating that they firmly
            believed in His divinity. Furthermore, one scholar interprets Pliny’s
            statement that hymns were sung to Christ, “as to a god”, as a reference to the rather distinctive fact that, “unlike other gods who were worshipped, Christ was a person who had lived on earth.”[11]
            If this interpretation is correct, Pliny understood that Christians
            were worshipping an actual historical person as God! Of course, this
            agrees perfectly with the New Testament doctrine that Jesus was both God
            and man.

            Not only does Pliny’s letter help us understand what early Christians believed about Jesus’ person, it also reveals the high esteem to which they held His teachings. For instance, Pliny notes that Christians “bound themselves by a solemn oath”
            not to violate various moral standards, which find their source in the
            ethical teachings of Jesus. In addition, Pliny’s reference to the
            Christian custom of sharing a common meal likely alludes to their
            observance of communion and the “love feast.”[12] This interpretation helps explain the Christian claim that the meal was merely “food of an ordinary and innocent kind”. They were attempting to counter the charge, sometimes made by non-Christians, of practicing “ritual cannibalism.”[13] The Christians of that day humbly repudiated such slanderous attacks on Jesus’ teachings. We must sometimes do the same today.

            Evidence from Josephus

            Perhaps the most remarkable reference to Jesus outside the Bible can
            be found in the writings of Josephus, a first century Jewish historian.
            On two occasions, in his Jewish Antiquities, he mentions Jesus. The second, less revealing, reference describes the condemnation of one “James” by the Jewish Sanhedrin. This James, says Josephus, was “the brother of Jesus the so-called Christ.”[14] F.F. Bruce points out how this agrees with Paul’s description of James in Galatians 1:19 as “the Lord’s brother.”[15] And Edwin Yamauchi informs us that “few scholars have questioned” that Josephus actually penned this passage.[16]

            As interesting as this brief reference is, there is an earlier one,
            which is truly astonishing. Called the “Testimonium Flavianum,” the
            relevant portion declares:

            About this time there lived Jesus, a wise man, if indeed one
            ought to call him a man. For he … wrought surprising feats…. He was
            the Christ. When Pilate …condemned him to be crucified, those who had .
            . . come to love him did not give up their affection for him. On the
            third day he appeared … restored to life…. And the tribe of
            Christians … has … not disappeared.[17]

            Did Josephus really write this? Most scholars think the core of the
            passage originated with Josephus, but that it was later altered by a
            Christian editor, possibly between the third and fourth century A.D.[18]
            But why do they think it was altered? Josephus was not a Christian, and
            it is difficult to believe that anyone but a Christian would have made
            some of these statements.[19]

            For instance, the claim that Jesus was a wise man seems authentic, but the qualifying phrase, “if indeed one ought to call him a man,” is suspect. It implies that Jesus was more than human, and it is quite unlikely that Josephus would have said that!
            It is also difficult to believe he would have flatly asserted that
            Jesus was the Christ, especially when he later refers to Jesus as “the so-called”
            Christ. Finally, the claim that on the third day Jesus appeared to His
            disciples restored to life, inasmuch as it affirms Jesus’ resurrection,
            is quite unlikely to come from a non-Christian!

            But even if we disregard the questionable parts of this passage, we
            are still left with a good deal of corroborating information about the
            biblical Jesus. We read that he was a wise man who performed surprising
            feats. And although He was crucified under Pilate, His followers
            continued their discipleship and became known as Christians. When we
            combine these statements with Josephus’ later reference to Jesus as “the so-called Christ,”
            a rather detailed picture emerges which harmonizes quite well with the
            biblical record. It increasingly appears that the “biblical Jesus” and
            the “historical Jesus” are one and the same!

            Evidence from the Babylonian Talmud

            There are only a few clear references to Jesus in the Babylonian
            Talmud, a collection of Jewish rabbinical writings compiled between
            approximately A.D. 70-500. Given this time frame, it is naturally
            supposed that earlier references to Jesus are more likely to be
            historically reliable than later ones. In the case of the Talmud, the
            earliest period of compilation occurred between A.D. 70-200.[20] The most significant reference to Jesus from this period states:

            On the eve of the Passover Yeshu was hanged. For forty days
            before the execution took place, a herald … cried, “He is going forth
            to be stoned because he has practiced sorcery and enticed Israel to

            Let’s examine this passage. You may have noticed that it refers to
            someone named “Yeshu.” So why do we think this is Jesus? Actually,
            “Yeshu” (or “Yeshua”) is how Jesus’ name is pronounced in Hebrew. But
            what does the passage mean by saying that Jesus “was hanged”? Doesn’t the New Testament say he was crucified? Indeed it does. But the term “hanged” can function as a synonym for “crucified.” For instance, Galatians 3:13 declares that Christ was “hanged”, and Luke 23:39 applies this term to the criminals who were crucified with Jesus.[22]
            So the Talmud declares that Jesus was crucified on the eve of Passover.
            But what of the cry of the herald that Jesus was to be stoned? This may
            simply indicate what the Jewish leaders were planning to do.[23] If so, Roman involvement changed their plans! [24]

            The passage also tells us why Jesus was crucified. It claims
            He practiced sorcery and enticed Israel to apostasy! Since this
            accusation comes from a rather hostile source, we should not be too
            surprised if Jesus is described somewhat differently than in the New
            Testament. But if we make allowances for this, what might such charges imply about Jesus?

            Interestingly, both accusations have close parallels in the canonical
            gospels. For instance, the charge of sorcery is similar to the
            Pharisees’ accusation that Jesus cast out demons “by Beelzebul the ruler of the demons.”[25]
            But notice this: such a charge actually tends to confirm the New
            Testament claim that Jesus performed miraculous feats. Apparently Jesus’
            miracles were too well attested to deny. The only alternative was to
            ascribe them to sorcery! Likewise, the charge of enticing Israel to
            apostasy parallels Luke’s account of the Jewish leaders who accused
            Jesus of misleading the nation with his teaching.[26]
            Such a charge tends to corroborate the New Testament record of Jesus’
            powerful teaching ministry. Thus, if read carefully, this passage from
            the Talmud confirms much of our knowledge about Jesus from the New

            Evidence from Lucian

            Lucian of Samosata was a second century Greek satirist. In one of his works, he wrote of the early Christians as follows:

            The Christians … worship a man to this day – the distinguished
            personage who introduced their novel rites, and was crucified on that
            account…. [It] was impressed on them by their original lawgiver that
            they are all brothers, from the moment that they are converted, and deny
            the gods of Greece, and worship the crucified sage, and live after his

            Although Lucian is jesting here at the early Christians, he does make
            some significant comments about their founder. For instance, he says
            the Christians worshipped a man, “who introduced their novel rites.” And though this man’s followers clearly thought quite highly of Him, He so angered many of His contemporaries with His teaching that He “was crucified on that account.”

            Although Lucian does not mention his name, he is clearly referring to
            Jesus. But what did Jesus teach to arouse such wrath? According to
            Lucian, he taught that all men are brothers from the moment of their
            conversion. That’s harmless enough. But what did this conversion
            involve? It involved denying the Greek gods, worshipping Jesus, and
            living according to His teachings. It’s not too difficult to imagine someone being killed for teaching that.
            Though Lucian doesn’t say so explicitly, the Christian denial of other
            gods combined with their worship of Jesus implies the belief that Jesus
            was more than human. Since they denied other gods in order to worship
            Him, they apparently thought Jesus a greater God than any that Greece
            had to offer!


            Let’s summarize what we’ve learned about Jesus from this examination
            of ancient non-Christian sources. First, both Josephus and Lucian
            indicate that Jesus was regarded as wise. Second, Pliny, the Talmud, and
            Lucian imply He was a powerful and revered teacher. Third, both
            Josephus and the Talmud indicate He performed miraculous feats. Fourth,
            Tacitus, Josephus, the Talmud, and Lucian all mention that He was
            crucified. Tacitus and Josephus say this occurred under Pontius Pilate.
            And the Talmud declares it happened on the eve of Passover. Fifth, there
            are possible references to the Christian belief in Jesus’ resurrection
            in both Tacitus and Josephus. Sixth, Josephus records that Jesus’
            followers believed He was the Christ, or Messiah. And finally, both
            Pliny and Lucian indicate that Christians worshipped Jesus as God!
            I hope you see how this small selection of ancient non-Christian sources helps corroborate our knowledge of Jesus from the gospels. Of course, there are many ancient Christian sources
            of information about Jesus as well. But since the historical
            reliability of the canonical gospels is so well established, I invite
            you to read those for an authoritative “life of Jesus!”

          570. keedon says

            Josephus was a Jew who was taken to Rome as a slave his writings are the only history of the Jews during the Roman destruction of Israel and the Temple in 70 AD. He never mentions Jesus or the disciples.

          571. Tiger says

            Professor Schlomo Pines of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem announced his discovery of a different manuscript tradition of Josephus’s writings in the tenth-century Melkite historian Agapius, which reads as follows at Antiquities 18:63:

            A tthis time there was a wise man called Jesus, and his conduct was good, and he was known to be virtuous. Many people among the Jews and the other nations became his disciples. Pilate condemned him to be crucified and to die. But those who had become his disciples did not abandon his discipleship. They reported that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion and that he was alive. Accordingly, he was perhaps the Messiah, concerning whom the prophets have reported wonders. And the tribe of the Christians, so named after him, has not disappeared to this day.

            Here, clearly, is language that a Jew could have written without conversion to Christianity. (Schlomo Pines, An Arabic Version of the Testimonium Flavianum and its Implications [Jerusalem: Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 1971.])

          572. Tiger says

            I will now wash my hands of you. I see hatred of Jesus and Christianity and by the way the Dead Sea Scrolls the oldest documents found have five books identical with the five books in the Old Testament. I don’t argue religion and I certainly don’t argue with someone as filled with misinformation and hatred as you.


          573. keedon says

            First of all I never said I hated Jesus. I have been married for 35 years to a saintly Christian woman who serves on the alter every Sunday. I guess you aren’t open minded enough to see and accept what other religions believe about Jesus and Christianity. Judaism came 3000 years before Christianity. If you read the REAL Old Testament translated from the Hebrew you would understand. My Old Testament and the Old Testaments found in my wifes Old/New Testament don’t resemble each other in the least. Remember my Old Testament was written 3000 years before your Old Testament. As far as The Dead Sea Scrolls I have seen them when I lived in Israel. A YouTube just came out with more translations from the scrolls. The ones who wrote the scrolls were like the modern Hasidic Jews. The Dead Sea Scrolls don’t mention Jesus once. The original Old Testament mentions the Mochiach but never by name. The Jews who wrote the scrolls were hiding from the Romans in the caves of Qumran. The Romans murdered them all in attacking Masada.

          574. Tiger says

            Date and Contents of the Scrolls

            Scholars were anxious to confirm that these Dead Sea Scrolls were the
            most ancient of all Old Testament manuscripts in the Hebrew language.
            Three types of dating tools were used: tools from archaeology, from the
            study of ancient languages, called paleography and orthography, and the
            carbon-14 dating method. Each can derive accurate results. When all the
            methods arrive at the same conclusion, there is an increased reliability
            in the dating.

            Archaeologists studied the pottery, coins, graves, and garments at
            Khirbet Qumran, where the Essenes lived. They arrived at a date ranging
            from the second century B.C. to the first century A.D. Paleographers
            studied the style of writing and arrived at dates raging from the third
            century B.C. to the first century A.D. Scientists, using the radiocarbon
            dating method, dated the scrolls to range from the fourth century B.C.
            to the first century A.D. Since all the methods came to a similar
            conclusion, scholars are very confident in their assigned date for the
            texts. The scrolls date as early as the third century B.C. to the first
            century A.D.{1}

            Eleven caves were discovered containing nearly 1,100 ancient
            documents which included several scrolls and more than 100,000
            Fragments from every Old Testament book except for the book of Esther
            were discovered. Other works included apocryphal books, commentaries,
            manuals of discipline for the Qumran community, and theological texts.
            The majority of the texts were written in the Hebrew language, but there
            were also manuscripts written in Aramaic and Greek.{3}

            Among the eleven caves, Cave 1, which was excavated in 1949, and Cave
            4, excavated in 1952, proved to be the most productive caves. One of
            the most significant discoveries was a well-preserved scroll of the
            entire book of Isaiah.

            The famous Copper Scrolls were discovered in Cave 3 in 1952. Unlike
            most of the scrolls that were written on leather or parchment, these
            were written on copper and provided directions to sixty-four sites
            around Jerusalem that were said to contain hidden treasure. So far, no
            treasure has been found at the sites that have been investigated.

            The oldest known piece of biblical Hebrew is a fragment from the book
            of Samuel discovered in Cave 4, and is dated from the third century
            B.C.{4} The
            War Scroll found in Caves 1 and 4 is an eschatological text describing a
            forty-year war between the Sons of Light and the evil Sons of Darkness.
            The Temple Scroll discovered in Cave 11 is the largest and describes a
            future Temple in Jerusalem that will be built at the end of the age.

            Indeed, these were the most ancient Hebrew manuscripts of the Old
            Testament ever found, and their contents would yield valuable insights
            to our understanding of Judaism and early Christianity.

            The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Masoretic Text

            The Dead Sea Scrolls play a crucial role in assessing the accurate
            preservation of the Old Testament. With its hundreds of manuscripts from
            every book except Esther, detailed comparisons can be made with more
            recent texts.

            The Old Testament that we use today is translated from what is called
            the Masoretic Text. The Masoretes were Jewish scholars who between A.D.
            500 and 950 gave the Old Testament the form that we use today. Until
            the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947, the oldest Hebrew text of the
            Old Testament was the Masoretic Aleppo Codex which dates to A.D. 935.{5}

            With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, we now had manuscripts
            that predated the Masoretic Text by about one thousand years. Scholars
            were anxious to see how the Dead Sea documents would match up with the
            Masoretic Text. If a significant amount of differences were found, we
            could conclude that our Old Testament Text had not been well preserved.
            Critics, along with religious groups such as Muslims and Mormons, often
            make the claim that the present day Old Testament has been corrupted and
            is not well preserved. According to these religious groups, this would
            explain the contradictions between the Old Testament and their religious

            After years of careful study, it has been concluded that the Dead Sea
            Scrolls give substantial confirmation that our Old Testament has been
            accurately preserved. The scrolls were found to be almost identical with
            the Masoretic text. Hebrew Scholar Millar Burrows writes, “It is a
            matter of wonder that through something like one thousand years the text
            underwent so little alteration. As I said in my first article on the
            scroll, ‘Herein lies its chief importance, supporting the fidelity of
            the Masoretic tradition.’”{6}

            A significant comparison study was conducted with the Isaiah Scroll
            written around 100 B.C. that was found among the Dead Sea documents and
            the book of Isaiah found in the Masoretic text. After much research,
            scholars found that the two texts were practically identical. Most
            variants were minor spelling differences, and none affected the meaning
            of the text.

            One of the most respected Old Testament scholars, the late Gleason
            Archer, examined the two Isaiah scrolls found in Cave 1 and wrote, “Even
            though the two copies of Isaiah discovered in Qumran Cave 1 near the
            Dead Sea in 1947 were a thousand years earlier than the oldest dated
            manuscript previously known (A.D. 980), they proved to be word for word
            identical with our standard Hebrew Bible in more than 95 percent of the
            text. The five percent of variation consisted chiefly of obvious slips
            of the pen and variations in spelling.”{7}

            Despite the thousand year gap, scholars found the Masoretic Text and
            Dead Sea Scrolls to be nearly identical. The Dead Sea Scrolls provide
            valuable evidence that the Old Testament had been accurately and
            carefully preserved.

            The Messianic Prophecies and the Scrolls

            One of the evidences used in defending the deity of the Christ is the
            testimony of prophecy. There are over one hundred prophecies regarding
            Christ in the Old Testament.{8}
            These prophecies were made centuries before the birth of Christ and
            were quite specific in their detail. Skeptics questioned the date of the
            prophecies and some even charged that they were not recorded until
            after or at the time of Jesus, and therefore discounted their prophetic

            There is strong evidence that the Old Testament canon was completed
            by 450 B.C. The Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint,
            is dated about two hundred fifty years before Christ. The translation
            process occurred during the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus who ruled from
            285 to 246 B.C.{9}
            It can be argued that a complete Hebrew text from which this Greek
            translation would be derived must have existed prior to the third
            century B.C.

            The Dead Sea Scrolls provided further proof that the Old Testament
            canon existed prior to the third century B.C. Thousands of manuscript
            fragments from all the Old Testament books except Esther were found
            predating Christ’s birth, and some date as early as the third century
            B.C. For example, portions from the book of Samuel date that early, and
            fragments from Daniel date to the second century B.C.{10} Portions from the twelve Minor Prophets date from 150 B.C to 25 B.C.{11}
            Since the documents were found to be identical with our Masoretic Text,
            we can be reasonably sure that our Old Testament is the same one that
            the Essenes were studying and working from.

            One of the most important Dead Sea documents is the Isaiah Scroll.
            This twenty-four foot long scroll is well preserved and contains the
            complete book of Isaiah. The scroll is dated 100 B.C. and contains one
            of the clearest and most detailed prophecies of the Messiah in chapter
            fifty-three, called the “Suffering Servant.” Although some Jewish
            scholars teach that this refers to Israel, a careful reading shows that
            this prophecy can only refer to Christ.

            Here are just a few reasons. The suffering servant is called sinless
            (53:9), he dies and rises from the dead (53:8-10), and he suffers and
            dies for the sins of the people (53:4-6). These characteristics are not
            true of the nation of Israel. The Isaiah Scroll gives us a manuscript
            that predates the birth of Christ by a century and contains many of the
            most important messianic prophecies about Jesus. Skeptics could no
            longer contend that portions of the book were written after Christ or
            that first century insertions were added to the text.

            Thus, the Dead Sea Scrolls provide further proof that the Old
            Testament canon was completed by the third century B.C., and that the
            prophecies foretold of Christ in the Old Testament predated the birth of

            The Messiah and the Scrolls

            What kind of Messiah was expected by first century Jews? Critical
            scholars allege that the idea of a personal Messiah was a later
            interpretation made by Christians. Instead, they believe that the
            Messiah was to be the nation of Israel and represented Jewish

            The Dead Sea Scrolls, written by Old Testament Jews, reveal the
            messianic expectations of Jews during the time of Christ. Studies have
            uncovered several parallels to the messianic hope revealed in the New
            Testament as well as some significant differences. First, they were
            expecting a personal Messiah rather than a nation or a sense of
            nationalism. Second, the Messiah would be a descendant of King David.
            Third, the Messiah would confirm His claims by performing miracles
            including the resurrection of the dead. Finally, He would be human and
            yet possess divine attributes.

            A manuscript found in Cave 4 entitled the Messianic Apocalypse, copied in the first century B.C., describes the anticipated ministry of the Messiah:

            For He will honor the pious upon the throne of His
            eternal kingdom, release the captives, open the eyes of the blind,
            lifting up those who are oppressed… For He shall heal the critically
            wounded, He shall raise the dead, He shall bring good news to the poor.

            This passage sounds very similar to the ministry of Jesus as recorded
            in the Gospels. In Luke chapter 7:21-22, John the Baptist’s disciples
            come to Jesus and ask him if He is the Messiah. Jesus responds, “Go tell
            John what you have seen and heard: the blind receive their sight, the
            lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised,
            the poor have the good news brought to them.”

            But, with the similarities there are also differences. Christians
            have always taught that there is one Messiah while the Essene community
            believed in two, one an Aaronic or priestly Messiah and the other a
            Davidic or royal Messiah who leads a war to end the evil age.{12}

            The Essenes were also strict on matters of ceremonial purity while
            Jesus criticized these laws. He socialized with tax collectors and
            lepers which was considered defiling by the Jews. Jesus taught us to
            love one’s enemies while the Essenes taught hatred towards theirs. They
            were strict Sabbatarians, and Jesus often violated this important aspect
            of the law. The Qumran community rejected the inclusion of women,
            Gentiles, and sinners, while Christ reached out to these very groups.

            The many differences show that the Essenes were not the source of
            early Christianity as some scholars propose. Rather, Christianity
            derived its teachings from the Old Testament and the ministry of Jesus.

            The Dead Sea Scrolls have proven to be a significant discovery,
            confirming the accurate preservation of our Old Testament text, the
            messianic prophecies of Christ, and valuable insight into first century

            Two Major Prophets and the Dead Sea Scrolls

            The Dead Sea Scrolls have been an asset in the debate regarding two
            major and well disputed books of the Old Testament, Daniel and Isaiah.
            Conservative scholars maintained that Daniel was written in the sixth
            century B.C. as the author declares in the first chapter. The New
            Testament writers treated Daniel as a prophetic book with predictive
            prophecies. Liberal scholars began teaching in the eighteenth century
            that it was written in the Maccabean Period or the second century B.C.
            If they are correct, Daniel would not be a prophetic book that predicted
            the rise of Persia, Greece, and Rome.

            Before the discovery of the scrolls, critical scholars argued that
            the Aramaic language used in Daniel was from a time no earlier than 167
            B.C. during the Maccabean period. Other scholars, such as well-respected
            archaeologist Kenneth Kitchen, studied Daniel and found that ninety
            percent of Daniel’s Aramaic vocabulary was used in documents from the
            fifth century B.C. or earlier.{13}
            The Dead Sea Scrolls revealed that Kitchen’s conclusion was well
            founded. The Aramaic language used in the Dead Sea Scrolls proved to be
            very different from that found in the book of Daniel. Old Testament
            scholars have concluded that the Aramaic in Daniel is closer to the form
            used in the fourth and fifth century B.C. than to the second century

            Critical scholars challenged the view that Isaiah was written by a
            single author. Many contended that the first thirty-nine chapters were
            written by one author in the eighth century B.C., and the final
            twenty-six chapters were written in the post-Exilic period. The reason
            for this is that there are some significant differences in the style and
            content between the two sections. If this were true, Isaiah’s
            prophecies of Babylon in the later chapters would not have been
            predictive prophecies but written after the events occurred.

            With the discovery of the Isaiah Scroll at Qumran, scholars on both
            sides were eager to see if the evidence would favor their position. The
            Isaiah Scroll revealed no break or demarcation between the two major
            sections of Isaiah. The scribe was not aware of any change in authorship
            or division of the book.{14}
            Ben Sira (second century B.C.), Josephus, and the New Testament writers
            regarded Isaiah as written by a single author and containing predictive
            prophecy.{15} The Dead Sea Scrolls added to the case for the unity and prophetic character of Isaiah.

          575. keedon says

            I read the same thing in Wikipedia. The Old Testament of the Jews was finished being written 2500 years ago when Rome Conquered Israel, Zion in Hebrew. The Essenes were Jews period. There was no Greek influence whatsoever. The scrolls never mentioned Jesus no matter what your revisionist history says. Again I lived in Israel and as a Jew have followed the scrolls closely. The Essenes were ultra Orthodox Jews and the only influence that controlled their lives is the Torah. They had no contact with any other nation except the Romans who drove them to hide in the caves as they annihilated the Jews in 70 AD. Until 1949 when the scrolls were discovered they had never been seen.