Racist Killing Sprees: The Condemnation of Chris Kyle


Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, journalist Ayman Mohyeldin added his voice to the chorus of liberals who think American Sniper‘s Chris Kyle makes for a terrible hero. Acknowledging that the film itself was a good one, Mohyeldin said that the more you know about the real Kyle, the harder it was the justify holding him up as someone to be celebrated.

Speaking to his reasons for vilifying Kyle, the former Al Jazeera correspondent argued that “a lot of his own personal opinions about what he was doing in Iraq, how he viewed Iraqis, some of what people have described as his racist tendencies towards Iraqis and Muslims as he was going on some of these, um, you know, killing sprees in Iraq on assignment” were troubling.

Speaking for what I can only imagine (or, perhaps to put it better, hope) are the majority of Americans, host Joe Scarborough looked at him with shock. “Wait a minute…killing sprees?”

Wait a minute, killing sprees indeed. Unwittingly, Mohyeldin has exposed this entire liberal crusade against the movie and Kyle. Killing sprees! Like Michael Moore, Seth Rogen, and the cavalcade of leftists who have slammed Clint Eastwood and the glorification of Kyle, Mohyeldin has never spent a single day engaged in armed combat. Awfully easy to sit back, enjoy the fruits of freedom planted by soldiers willing to shed blood, and characterize those soldiers are little more than racist mass murderers.

Putting American Sniper at the top of the box office for two weeks straight, the general public has voted with their hard-earned money. But this liberal attack on the film sheds light on a point of view that is doubtlessly shared by many Americans, and that’s a crying shame. It shows a deplorable ignorance of history. It can only be that these people view all American troops through the same lens. Their Iraq War mantra that they could “oppose the war but support the troops” is coming unraveled. They didn’t support the troops. They considered them spree killers.

As for the charges of racism, who cares? Others considered racist by the extreme left: every Republican, most of the Founding Fathers, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, the Tea Party, most police officers, anyone who criticizes Islam, anyone who criticizes Obama, anyone who opposes illegal immigration, anyone who supports school choice, and the entire southern United States. They’ve lost all credibility when it comes to calling out racism.

Liberals can’t stand the fact that patriotism is having a moment in the sun. As a movement, they despise everything this country stands for. While they certainly enjoy the freedoms bought and paid for by “racist spree killers,” they reserve the right to demonize them at every opportunity. It apparently never occurs to them that they enjoy another freedom as well: the freedom to leave.

  1. usms85 says

    I did not know Kyle but thank God for his service and all of our snipers. I do know without them I wouldn’t be here today, I took a bullet on the left side of my head and if not for the training,discipline and God given ability they possess there are a boat load of us who wouldn’t have made it home. May God bless his family with the peace they need.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Thank you for your service!

      1. Croco Dile says

        The military is a blight on the spirit of humanity and only someone with a dark soul aka heartless would join such a rotten establishment.


        1. MAHB001 says

          That is THE ONE video by Jose the Outlaw that I can not agree with. Unfortunately, she can not get them all right.

          1. thebearded1 says

            Our military is not the problem – policies are. It’s not a new phenomenon. Meddling in foreign affairs is a big problem. Using our troops to gain political access and oligarch force for big business is a huge problem. Freedom is not tied to a fuel tank or fancy chocolates, especially for those exploited by our actions. But let’s make this very clear: the troops are NOT responsible for policy, they are there to do their job. If they were given more to do the job right, the part of the world that is ours would be a safer, different place. The men and women of the uniform are more capable at everything that comes at them then the rest of us, and I respect them highly for their sacrifices. They are not the enemy; they are the best of us.

          2. Richard Falbo says

            Finally someone understands. As my t-shirt says;” Vietnam- Good soldiers-Gutless Politicians”. That saying goes for all wars.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Excellent post, Thanks. I agree, those that serve are the best of us.
            I believe all this “Americans are bad crap” has been manufactured and spread by socialist into our society like a virus to destroy Americas resolve, turn them against Capitalism, and ultimately instill socialism in capitalisms place.
            In general, Americans are good people.
            Having said that, Politicians start out with good intensions but end up corrupted by the power of the office. The cesspool in DC will corrupt anybody that stays there too long.
            I am all for Term limits, for their own good.

        2. Btty says

          Look in the mirror for your blight on humanity. Your a disgrace not fit to shine the shoes of any sniper or any military person. Oh wait! You might be fit to shine John Kerry’s shoes!

          1. Croco Dile says

            Thank you for your support of Democracy !!!

        3. Jerry Holloway says

          Get lost shit head oh sorry you are already lost.

        4. chamuiel says

          only someone with a dark soul like yours croc, would say such a thing. you are sick, and pathetic.

        5. Richard Falbo says

          You’re a Freaking IDIOT, GET OUT if you don’t like the US

    2. Croco Dile says

      Of course, the American oligarchy via its mouthpiece mainstream media has firmly attempted to draw the battle lines – If you like Chris Kyle and American Sniper then you are firmly in the camp that supports the troops, loves your country, and opposes terrorism. If you do not view Kyle as a hero, then you are clearly in the camp made up of pinko-commies, socialists, and terrorist sympathizers.

      And, of course, if you don’t think Chris Kyle was a hero, then you hate the troops.

      But the truth is that Chris Kyle was not a hero. Chris Kyle was a murderer. He was also a war profiteer and a liar……….


      Brandon Turbeville

      1. Jerry Holloway says

        Hey people can’t you see that we can’t debate this lib they went to school to learn to be an idiot and done very well I see.

        1. chamuiel says

          they went to school to learn to be a leftist troll.

          1. Jerry Holloway says


      2. chamuiel says

        we know which camp you are in.

    3. Trythis Last says

      Amen. May God bless you and All of our servicemen.

      1. Btty says


  2. MAHB001 says

    RIP Chris Kyle. You are still a HERO. These liberals down here are just jealous and know nothing about service or sacrifice.

    1. Croco Dile says

      You are supporting EVIL

      1. MAHB001 says

        Actually, YOU are supporting EVIL.
        Americans, and its Military have ONLY gone to war for NOBLE reasons.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Nonsense !
          You are just parroting the statist propaganda.

          It is nothing wrong with defending your country from evil intruders, but the soldiers who go to war, whether they go to Iraq or any other place, are NOT fighting for their country, but for a Global society where they themselves will be slaves, therefore creating their own horrific future, by participating in the wars of the Globalists. The soldiers who go to war are unknowingly the Soldiers of the Globalists. Clinton, Bush, Obama and the other puppets couldn’t care less if you live or if you die. As a matter of fact, they prefer that you die – a dead soldier is a good soldier and one less worthless mouth to feed (‘useless eaters’, as Henry Kissinger once called us all). By refusing to support our own misery, we have to refuse military service as long as the Globalists still pull the strings. And when they are not pulling the strings anymore, eventually we need no soldiers anyway.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Talk about parroting propaganda!
            Have you ever re-read any of your posts?
            Liberal Progressive Socialist created the garbage you spew to make Americans question their heritage, in order to get them to question Capitalism. Once Capitalism is broke down they plan on instilling Socialism in its place.
            Our Choices are simple now.
            Democrats = Socialism
            Republicans = Capitalism
            The sad part is that the controlling elite of the republican party has been corrupted. AND that corruption is very much like the Globalists you talk about.
            Bottom line, your anti-American rhetoric serves only to divide Republicans which in turn supports socialism.
            Your utopia will not happen on earth as long as evil people are on earth.
            Our Military BRAVELY PROTECT US from that evil.

          2. MrSwingGuitar says

            Okay, MAHB001, you’ve revealed yourself to be a total idiot. Croco Dile is clearly not Liberal, Progressive OR Socialist. He is a Libertarian, who doesn’t buy in to fighting wars that have nothing to do with defense. I happen to think that Libertarianism is a deeply flawed philosophy, but at least the guy has a brain, which it seems you do not.

          3. liberaldisgust says

            @ SwingingGuitar , it’s really a B’tch when one opens their mouth and removes all doubt as you have done …. Croco Dile is delusional , utopian , and his explanation doesn’t address the nature of man …… MAHB001 isn’t far from the truth , all it takes for evil men to succeed is for good men to do nothing , as Croco would like …. so who’s the real IDIOT ……

          4. MrSwingGuitar says

            I’d say in this case, the real idiot is the one who can’t comprehend what I wrote. If you truly can’t discern the vast gulf between Libertarian concerns and those you’d describe as liberal, there’s really nothing I can say to make you understand. Do a little reading on the matter and come back when you have at least a basic understanding of the difference.

          5. MAHB001 says

            Your insult comment is a deflection as you can not argue with facts.

          6. Wes Tipton says

            True, there is noting you can say that anyone would believe.

          7. MAHB001 says


          8. Alexander Seredin says

            Like Klein brothers?Who spend one billion big ones to buy Congresses

          9. Croco Dile says

            Then you may learn how you can be an even better crook :


          10. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

            I agree that the war in Iraq was wrong. There’s nothing the US can do to save Muslims. They own the world they live in- not our problem. But there we are with no end in sight. Trillions of $ spent, thousands of our precious fighters dead/maimed and still the Islamic world is a shit hole. The path to hell is full of good intentions
            And now the perverts are coming here in droves. Whatever the mistakes- they were the doings of a narcissist/naive govt. Our soldiers are us. I love them.

          11. MAHB001 says

            Okay MrSwingGuitar,
            If you actually have a brain, I want you to USE your brain and go back a read my statement. Were do I call Croco a Liberal, Progressive or anything else. ….
            Forget it, the answer is, I DON’T. I DON’T care, if he is Liberal, Progressive or Libertarian…. That doesn’t matter.
            I say that the crap he spews is FROM Liberal Progressives, designed to remove Capitalism from America and instill Socialism. Read, Communism, because socialism ALWAYS comes with a dictator.
            I can tell that you are a Liberal, because you are just like a suicide bomber, you have been taught to fly by your handlers (loaded up with insults), and sent out into the world (Internet) with no ability to land (You have no facts).
            If you have a brain, try to argue against this, instead of throwing moronic insults around.
            Democrats = Socialism
            Republicans = Capitalism
            The choice in 2016 is really simple. Either you want to live under socialism and you welcome the slaughter that a dictator always brings, or:
            You want to control your own destiny, own something, and live under capitalism.
            So what is it gonna be?

          12. MrSwingGuitar says

            What is it gonna be? It’s gonna be business as usual in the 2016 election, with two major party candidates who are both in the pockets of big money interests. To state that Democrats are Socialists is ludicrous. All of the DC politicians belong to giant corporate donors, who would no more support an actual socialist than voluntarily donate all their profits to the state treasury. Socialism always comes with a dictator? The only true socialist states I know of are in Scandinavia, and they have freer elections than we do. Wake up and stop getting your information from idiots who have no concept of what socialism even means.

          13. MAHB001 says

            Hello…. That is because Socialist states fall to dictators. Lenin called socialist to gain power and then called them useful idiots, just before he killed them.
            So what are the odds of Scandinavia staying under their pure “socialism” if and when the USA falls to socialism and then a dictator? What happens to Scandinavia without US Protection?
            Your “Utopia” can not exist until evil is removed from the planet. I can see your vote is for socialism… sad and scary…

          14. MrSwingGuitar says

            I’m SO very far from being utopian. I believe in doing what works. For example, in this country Social Security (a socialist program) works well. The federal highway program works well. There are other examples. In terms of encouraging innovation, private industry is hard to beat. To keep an independent government, however, you need to make sure that such corporate giants’ desires don’t outweigh the will of the electorate. Places like Norway have a much more extensive safety net for residents, and consequently charge higher taxes than we do. Polls of the people there indicate they are far happier with both their government and the social services it offers than we are here. Lenin and Stalin were totalitarian bastards, as were Franco, Hitler and Mussolini. None of them had anything to do with actual socialism, or with allowing anything resembling free will among their populations.

          15. edinflorida says

            If Social Security is a Socialist program why do the people who receive it have to pay into it for 40 years? Well, unless you are an illegal alien of future Democratic persuasion then you can call it Socialism because immigrants who are just arriving get money for breaking our laws from the Social Security fund . That is a crock.

          16. MrSwingGuitar says

            Here’s an answer to your question from a right winger who fervently believes that Social Security is socialism. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that we live in a socialist system, we merely have socialist programs. Take another example: the interstate highway system. If you pay income taxes, you subsidize this system whether or not you drive a car or ever use those roads. Anyway, here goes:

            “The reason it is a socialized system is because of the following :

            1. It is controlled by central government with no opt out option (12.4 % our production )

            The mandatory transfer payments include 6.2 % of pay matched with an
            additional 6.2 % from employer . In other words the government owns
            12.4 % of your pay check and redistributes it according to their rules .

            2. Many people never collect a dime and their money was collected by force and transferred to ” the common good ” .

            3. Minimum payments are issued to people who otherwise would collect nearly zero . “

          17. Cartius says

            I am a Libertarian. I am going to say something that neither one of you may like. There is very little difference between the parties. There can be LARGE difference between candidates, however, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Both parties are taking us towards either a socialist or a fascist dictatorship. The republicans are just arguing that it should be a slower boat to hell. Social security: It has ALWAYS been a Ponsi scheme, to buy the votes of the old people. The Federal Highway program, is just a way to funnel money to the people who buy the politicians. It is a noose around our necks. Few of the massive amount of dollars we taxpayers pay for the repair and restoration of our roads, actually goes to the roads. Instead it goes to welfare programs, our is just pissed away by our Government. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, many of which are only perceived as good. There will never be a true Utopia in this world, it will not happen because evil will always be here. The best thing that could ever happen, is a return to the CONSTITUTIONAL Government we started with. That will never happen either. Once the people figured out they could rob the producers, it was all over. Cold War Submariner

          18. MrSwingGuitar says

            I’m partially in agreement with you, in that I too feel there’s scant difference between the two major parties. I don’t know of any national office holder who has resisted the pressures brought to bear upon him by big money. However, if you truly believe that welfare for the poor has any major impact on our economy, we’ll have to differ. The tax breaks given to large corporate entities, the money totally wasted fighting wars that have nothing to do with defending this country, the price supports given to farming conglomerates that are worth billions, if you put these together they make the money spent on the poor look like chickenfeed.

          19. Cartius says

            Read “Or is just pissed away”. Waste, fraud, abuse. I know the reason for the tax breaks, it is to buy votes, by “Providing” jobs. there is a bigger problem though, it isn’t just that there should be more or less tax breaks, there shouldn’t be breaks/subsidies to corps, or anyone else. Just because I did not use the word Corporate Welfare does not mean it is not implied. That is what a subsidy is. The tax code should be simple, and a 3rd grader should be able to understand it and fill it out. No breaks/subsidies for anyone, just lower taxes. It all comes down to “Control”. The politicians do not want to give back the control to THE PEOPLE. They like bending us to their will. Were you aware that the IRS, DEA, FEMA, etc., are actually forbidden in the Constitution? Any bureaucrat that makes any regulation is in direct violation of Article I section I of the Constitution. I quote “All Legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States”. That means ONLY Congress can make LAW. Many of the Bureaus make regulations and unfunded mandates (Read and enforced as law) on WE THE PEOPE in direct violation of the Constitution. It is done that way, to provide cover for politicians when we the people ask “Who made this law”, they can say “It wasn’t me”. It was ALL OF THEM. As to the defense of this country, do you believe that trying to bring stability to a region that provides oil to the U.S. is not part of defense? The world economy is built upon one product, oil. Our economy was destabilized by middle eastern oil once before. I remember the “Oil shortage” in the early 70’s. I was a kid, but I remember it. Politicians use the words “Living Constitution” to provide cover for destroying the very thing they pledged to uphold, just as I did. I take it seriously. My opinion? They are guilty of treason, and in a time of war too. Problem is, the people now think they are “Entitled” to everything the Government steals, and have become so dependent on it, they will never set things right. Do you know what we get when a democracy falls? A dictatorship. That is where we are heading. They aren’t even going to install handrails on this handcart we are on. (To hell)

          20. Croco Dile says

            At the end of the video he tells you an easy way out :


          21. MrSwingGuitar says

            In answer to your question “do you believe that trying to bring stability to a region that provides oil to the U.S. is not part of defense?”, I respond that, no, I do not, and that that is not our goal anyway. We wish to ensure that our oil companies make the lion’s share of the money generated by other countries natural resources. There are no oil producing countries that wouldn’t be happy to sell it to the US. If you feel that we are somehow entitled to petroleum for whatever price we want to pay, you’ve just proved that you don’t actually believe in the capitalist system. You truly can’t argue that US citizens have inalienable rights that must be denied to the other inhabitants of this planet. Well, you can, but you’re exposed as a hypocrite of the first order.

          22. Croco Dile says
          23. Cartius says

            ??????? He seems to be saying what I just said.

          24. Croco Dile says

            And do you UNDERSTAND what he is saying ?

          25. Cartius says

            So, now I don’t understand what I have been telling people for years huh? Did YOU read my other post? I forget which founding father wrote this, and it’s a paraphrase of what he said. “When the people realize they can steal from others and get away with it, this Union is finished?”

          26. Croco Dile says

            I must admit I did not read your previous post.
            Also I did possibly confuse you with the attackers…..

            Libertarianism is not the answer because it’s notion is Governments are legitimate, but they are not. It’s just a bunch of power hungry impostors. The idea we need a Government is in itself the cause of Evil.
            Listen to Larken Rose. His speeches are on Youtube.

          27. Cartius says

            Then we are not quite on the same page. I believe, as most Libertarians do, that Government is a necessary evil, must be kept in check, and be as small as possible. Many confuse us with anarchists. Anarchists believe in no government. We still need an army to defend ourselves against other countries, and a police force to protect us from our fellow men, who may want to do us harm. IE Bernie Madoff, or the idiots in Ferguson MO. There are other legitimate purposes for government, that is why our founders created one. We do not need a central government protecting us from ourselves from cradle to grave. however, if anyone wants to do something stupid, and it results in their death, the designers/builders of what they choose to kill themselves with should not be fined/prosecuted for the stupidity of the user. Firearm manufacturers should only be liable for damages if their product malfunctions, resulting in injury or death, for example. Likewise, if you are stupid enough to huff paint, the manufacturer should not be liable.

          28. Croco Dile says

            We need government ????
            We NEED an entity that is stealing from us every day ????

          29. Cartius says

            I am a Libertarian, 80% service connected disabled veteran. I have read Rand, Hayek, and many other authors who saw this coming, long before I was born. Have you ever heard of the invisible hand? It is the belief that if people are rewarded for their individual contributions, they will produce more, that wealth comes from productivity. The first roads were built BEFORE the Government was involved, we did not need Government to build them. People who needed roads built them before Government was involved. Government only became involved, when someone did not want to have to PAY for a road to be built. (BTW I only watched the 1st min or so, and the last 2 mins)

          30. Croco Dile says

            Okay, so we both basically on the same page.
            Then why were you attacking me for my comments ?

            (you should watch the complete video)

          31. gaeliclass says

            sorry but did you actually write “social security works well’.?
            Do you know that there are more people in the US on food stamps that at any time in history? Did you know that many Americans have given up all hope of finding a permanent job? Do you know what is happening to people under the outrageous “Obamacare”? Do you also know that once people are convinced they will not find a permanent job and they better start depending on those ‘govt food stamps’ – that they actually will stop looking and they will soon be on their knees when the food runs out!? That my friend is what socialism is all about and that is what is happening to over 60 million people in the US…

          32. MrSwingGuitar says

            First of all, you are aware, I hope, that social security has absolutely NOTHING to do with the number of folks on food stamps, except of course for those who are retired and aren’t paid enough by SSI to get by. Tell me: What is happening to people under the “outrageous Obamacare”? I can tell you what’s happening to ME. The health care premiums for my wife and myself went down from $1500/month to $600/month for the same policy. The premiums we had been paying made it impossible to save for retirement. Now we can actually put money in the bank each month to make up the difference between what we’ll receive in SSI and what we need. The only “horror” stories I’ve heard about Obamacare are folks saying that the plans they were in decided not to participate, so they had to change doctors. That’s certainly annoying. However, if you balance it against the millions of people who previously couldn’t obtain insurance at all and now have coverage, it seems like a very petty thing to complain about.

          33. gaeliclass says

            touché – and I am glad it is working for you sir – but facts speak –
            so do ask why so many Americans are on food stamps, why so many no longer look for work; – the answer is obvious ‘ it is planned that way’ and it is called socialism or even better ‘communism’…
            I hate to rock the boat but truth is America is being dumbed down!!

          34. MrSwingGuitar says

            One could write a book talking about the subjects raised here. As far as I can tell, the number of nouveau poor in the US is largely do to shipping millions of what had been good paying middle class (mostly unionized) jobs overseas to countries where people are desperate enough to work long hours for almost nothing with no benefits. The trade agreements that made this possible have been championed by politicians of both parties, with Reagan, Clinton and Bush being perhaps the worst offenders. When you add to this the financial crisis of 2008 and beyond, it’s not surprising that there are so many people on food stamps. Mind you, during the depression of the 1930s, long before there were food stamps, the percentage of people out of work was considerably higher than it has been since. The Obama administration, either out of skill or luck, averted a catastrophe of that magnitude recurring. In doing so, huge corporate entities, largely banks and insurance companies, were given welfare far in excess of that given to all ordinary citizens combined. If we actually WERE on the brink of either Socialism or Communism in our government, what would of course have occurred would have been nationalization of these entities. It’s my contention that, when push comes to shove, the government always does what the giant corporations want, regardless of the party in power.

          35. cobrapilot66 says

            How are your deductables?

          36. MrSwingGuitar says

            Deductibles are the same as they were in our former policy, but routine office visits used to cost $20. Now They’re free.

          37. MAHB001 says

            Just curious, how does it feel to sign the death warrants for hundreds of millions of people?
            You do not dispute the facts that socialist societies fall to the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Hitler, Castro, etc. resulting in death and misery. Yet you vote for Socialism.
            You cite lies like, “social security works well” and “the federal highway program works well”, when they are collapsing… REALLY?
            You justify 0bamacare by citing just how wonderful the Government is to subsidize your monthly payment… REALLY? There is no free lunch….
            You ignore the fact that 0bamacare was sold to fools by a bunch of corrupt lying politicians and insurance brokers, and socialist like Gruber….
            You ignore that 0bamacare is designed to fail and turn into a single payer system… ONE HUGE STEP CLOSER TO SOCIALISM….
            You ignore that 0bamacare forced as many people off their preferred insurance as that have signed up, NET ZERO.
            Actually, I am beginning to think that you are evil, you can’t be that stupid.

          38. MrSwingGuitar says

            Who exactly is the moron here? Painting Hitler, Franco, Mussolini as socialists is just plain idiotic. At least Stalin and Lenin CALLED their society socialist, though it was truly just your basic totalitarian dictatorship. A mature society takes the ideas that work and uses them and discards those that don’t. I AM definitely a fan of a single payer health system, as is employed in pretty much EVERY other first world country, which results in far lower costs and (in most of them) better health outcomes (this based on the WHO, which puts the US 35th in the quality of care, while we’re way in the lead on money spent). I’d welcome proof of your contention that “0bamacare forced as many people off their preferred insurance as that have signed up”…are you TRULY alleging that people who had their insurers say they would not accept ACA have just let their health care lapse? That’s a laughable contention…but I eagerly await you presenting proof of its veracity.

          39. Wes Tipton says

            You have exactly NO idea what croco boy is, but he is far worse than a libertarian, and that is glaringly obvious to anyone paying attention, which obviously leaves you out.
            Who cares if he does not buy in to wars? They all have to do with our defense, and always have, other than Nam, which was a huge political blundered started by Kennedy. Iraq 1 was to rescue Kuwait form Saddam, and Iraq 2 was obviously to take down that murdering psycho, which BTW the entire world back us up on, including the UN, and our Congress (with a yes vote from the then inept senator obuma).
            Talk to any soldier or Marine who was in Afghanistan, and they will tell you we had the taliban beaten and on the run, before our politicians again interfered and cost us certain victory, and therby many wasted lives.

          40. MrSwingGuitar says

            Great! Explain how the Korean War, Grenada or the Iraq war protected the US. Oh, and our involvement in Vietnam actually started under Eisenhower (if you’re shot by an “advisor”, you’re just as dead). As to the UN and the Iraq war, you’re just plain wrong. I quote “a majority of the UN Security Council members supported its proposed
            18th resolution which gave Iraq a deadline to comply with previous
            resolutions, until France announced that they would veto any new
            resolution that gave Iraq a deadline. However, for a resolution to pass,
            a supermajority of 9 out of 15 votes are needed. Only four countries announced they would support a resolution backing the war.”

          41. Wes Tipton says

            I already explained Iraq, so no need to do that twice. Korea was blatantly obvious as the commies were invading one of our allies, and we do have that nasty American habit of helping or allies when they are being attacked.
            Grenada was not a war, it was a quick military action to rescue American school kids, but I guess you would have preferred for them stay there and be imprisoned eh?
            Saddam ignored resolution after resolution,and rather than sit and do nothing as this current regime does repeatedly, we did as we threatened and took him down, with the support of the MAJORITY of the world, and our Congress. The input from a body as useless as the UN was not needed since they can never agree on any course of action, and can’t back it up even if they do actually make a decision occasionally. If we waited for those twits we’d still be waiting. Why that absurd organization still exists baffles me.

          42. MrSwingGuitar says

            It really doesn’t bother you at all to be caught lying, does it? In your previous post you stated ” the entire world back us up on (Invading Iraq), including the UN.” I just presented proof that you were lying, so you say “The input from a body as useless as the UN was not needed”. There’s really no way to have a discussion with someone who just lies and then says it doesn’t matter…buh bye.

          43. Wes Tipton says

            Yes the UN did back us up on inforcing the resolutions against Hussein. Hmm, where have I heard that mooslim name lately? At least the nations that counted backed us, while a few of the radical nations as usual did not, and we wisely, as usual, ignored them. So what you ‘believe’ to be lies are simple truths to the rest of us.
            Not sure why I bother debating with an ugly anti-American like you, if indeed you even are from America, but i guess I m just bored.
            Now back to more important issues ,like the Superbowl. By-bye.

          44. MrSwingGuitar says

            A few radical nations…like Germany and France (France if fact provided evidence before the invasion that contradicted the Bush regimes claims about weaponry in Iraq, which Bush and Co. happily ignored)…go crawl back under your rock.

          45. AttMore says

            Well said….God Bless!!!

          46. OSAMA OBAMA says

            FRIK YEAH! Screw the leftist sissies.

          47. AttMore says

            Amen to that,lol…..God Bless….

          48. Joe Glass says

            Well said!

          49. MAHB001 says

            Thank you.

          50. edinflorida says

            Venezuela a futuristic portrait of the USA. Have you read the latest news concerning the Socialist state of Venezuela? Venezuela a once strong country became under the Socialist/Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez. Recent news show people in lines that stretch for blocks wanting to buy food. If these people attempt to buy food more than twice a week they can be arrested. Could this be what is coming to the USA under President Barack Obama? It certainly could because under Socialism no one has a desire to produce food or anything else and why would they so, people begin to starve. Socialism beings to a nation much more than equality it brings social destruction, desperation, and a deprivation of basic human rights. For some reason Liberals do not understand this although it is coming knowledge. Go figure.

          51. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

            Very frightening. The bastards who shattered Russia and caused the deaths of over 40 mill came to the US during the 50’s. Their Progeny are carrying the banner for America’s ruin via political correctness, multi culturalism/creeds =Cultural Marxism and horror of horrors- ecological marxism.

          52. Kent2012 says

            wolfy I think that the earliest scum from the commie party in roosha arrived here in the 1920s….had infiltrated the state department by the middle of WWII, created the disinformation campaign that cause General Marshall to support mao instead of Gen Chiang kia Shek…..that led to the slaughter of an estimated 70 million chinese…what a tragic misreading of the signs on the wall…..Gen George C. Patton was not fulled, of course they killed him…they were very afraid of him and his ability to sway public opinion..then harry fired Gen MacArthur…

          53. gaeliclass says

            yes you are right.. and the communists/Marxists infiltrated the west at different levels – also as priests and theologians. As the great St. John Paul II said after 9/11 ‘Evil is Planned, Good must be Planned’.. He was given a message to the world.. how many understood it?
            America must be taken back by the Republicans and I thank God every day for the courageous members of the Tea Party as they are a Force – made up of regular every day Americans who refused ‘to be dominated’; who refused to let their Constitution be destroyed and who refused to let the current WH administration take their freedom!
            May Americans rise up as they did – cost what it will cost -= and take back their once great Nation under God.

          54. Wes Tipton says

            Our nation, and this current crooked regime is so chock full of commies it is frightening. They are much like the mooslims, and are content to wait decades to reach their objective. Just the other day the commie party of America, which not be allowed to exist, aligned themselves officially with the Democrat party!
            It will take many years to dislodge the thousands of these traitors in our midst at all levels of government, and if we don’t accomplish that job we will lose this nation to their socialist/marxist mind control ideology.

          55. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

            John Paul kissed the Qur’an. That was so incredibly stupid, and affront to the 60 million Christians who were murdered by the Ottoman muslims & Kurds.. Apparently he didnt know of islam’s plans for world domination. Their evil is planned. Our Good isn’t good enough. Bring naive, humble andconciliatory will only get us killed. Muslims -as Cjris Kyle noted-are savages. There’s only one way to deal with savages. We fight them with the same mentality as they have toward us or all is lost.

          56. Alexander Seredin says

            Nobody killed more Christian than Christians killed themselves, Starting with Hagia Sophia massacre Konstantinople and ending with millions killed in WWII

          57. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

            You are a dumb ass who knows nothing of history. Muslims blasted down the walls of Constantinople with a cannon they bought from a Hungarian turncoat. They entered into the city and put Christian citizens to the sword. They rode into the Cathedral of the mother of divine wisdom aka hagia Sophia where the bastards raped women/children at the altar after they murdered the men. They decapitated king Constanti new X1 & his famiy/ used their heads 4 centerpeices. Oh, aint they nice? Ottomans murdered over 60 m. christians. Timor the lame murdered approx. 30 m. innocents. Muslims ravaged southern Europe & the Balkans. There’s nothing in the world that compares to the evil if Islam. Shame on you for bashing the core religion of the West. Think you’re cool? you’re not.

          58. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Please, stop with the self hating, mis-information, sissyfing crap.

          59. Croco Dile says

            It was the other way around.

            The real Communists went from USA to Russia and were funded by American zionist banksters.

            Dr. George A. Simons, a clergyman in charge of an American congregation in Petrograd at the time the Bolshevik terror broke out, was a witness. Parts of his testimony are given here :

            Dr. Simons – There were hundreds of agitators who followed in the trail of Trotsky-Bronstein, these men having come over from the lower East Side of New York….. A number of us were impressed by the strange Yiddish element in this thing right from the start, and it soon became evident that more than half the agitators in the so-called Bolshevik movement were Yiddish.

            Senator Nelson – Hebrews?

            Dr. Simons – They were Hebrews, apostate Jews. I do not want to say anything against the Jews, as such. I am not in sympathy with the anti-Semitic movement, never have been, and do not ever expect to be…… But I have a firm conviction that this thing is Yiddish, and that one of its bases is found in the East Side of New York.

            Senator Nelson – Trotsky came over from New York during that summer, did he not?

            Dr. Simons – He did…… In December, 1918….. under the presidency of a man known as Apfelbaum …. out of 388 members, only 16 happened to be real Russians, and all the rest Jews, with the exception possibly of one man, who is a Negro from America, who calls himself Professor Gordon…. and 265 of this northern commune government that is sitting in the Old Smolny Institute came from the lower East Side of New York – 265 of them…… I might mention this, that when the Bolsheviki came into power, all over Petrograd we at once had a predominance of Yiddish proclamations, big posters, and everything in Yiddish. It became very evident that now that was to be one of the great languages of Russia; and the real Russians, of course, did not take very kindly to it.

            William Chapin Huntington, who was commercial attache of the United States Embassy at Petrograd, testified :

            The leaders of the movement, I should say, are about two-thirds Russian Jews….. The Bolsheviks are internationalists, and they were not interested in the particular national ideals of Russia.

            William W. Welch, an employee of the National City Bank, New York, testified :

            In Russia it is well known that three-fourths of the Bolshevik leaders are Jewish….. There were some – not many, but there were some – real Russians; and what I mean by real Russians is Russian-born, and not Russian Jews.

          60. Wes Tipton says

            Oh, so now it was the fault of the Jews! You really need to drop these classes you are taking at whatever liberal college, or high school you attend, and move away as fast as you can from the radical dimwit profs who are filling your brain with this tripe. Your rambling is rapidly going from far left field to deep outer space! LOL.

          61. Kent2012 says

            it may be chemically induced brain cell stutter…

          62. Alexander Seredin says

            If you open your eyes you will see duall citizens running everything from State Dep to banking and to IRS and Homeland security

          63. Kent2012 says

            yes and George W. Bush planted explosives in each floor of both twin towers and the other building and personally pushed the button the destroyed them….then Dick Cheney went to the Ronald Reagan Insurance company and collected on the million dollar insurance policies that they had taken out on all the folks in the buildings…

          64. Croco Dile says

            Why are you talking nonsense ?
            Is it too hard to think first ?

          65. Kent2012 says

            not when dealing with an obvious cretin…

          66. Alexander Seredin says

            George Bush did not do it, but neither did “19 Arabs”

          67. Kent2012 says

            no they had plenty of financial support….all they did was commandeer the aircraft and murder the civilians….singing the praises of allah and maohammy the clown…..in fact the actual numbers of soldiers to innocents that the rags have killed is overwhelming….not surprising, just overwhelming, they are not soldiers they are murders following a murderer…

          68. Alexander Seredin says

            You sure beat dick Cheney at lying. There were no “Airabs” on those planes at all, none whatsoever, the who thing was a Mossad a operation

          69. Kent2012 says

            you bet, your buddy daffy duck is waiting to escort you to the cannes film festival…that is in France in case you did not know…keep a sharp eye out for the Mossad….you recall that those clever and brave folks took out a manufacturing plant right there in France because it was building 2 nuke reactors for that wonderful neighbor, towel saddam, and then the Israeli Air Force waited and waited and waited and 12 minutes after the #2 reactor had been fired up, those brave pilots took it out…just the same as the sane part of the world finally put an end to the ovens…while you are enjoying your popcorn and fantasies you can reflect on all the lives lost to the lies of others…you know them…the nazis, the commies, and the current hero of the parasites and government unions right here in the good old USA, his majesty and rag loving communist, kenyan boyo…

          70. OSAMA OBAMA says

            CORRECT!! It was 19 MuSLIMES!

          71. Alexander Seredin says

            You believe crap[, you are crap. There was not a single Muslim on those planes

          72. OSAMA OBAMA says

            What’s with the [?? I’m surprised you survived the crash as YOU were on that plane. Just who was flying? the Koch Bros. HAHAHA, what a sissy stooge.

          73. Alexander Seredin says

            I do not know who or what flew it, but there is no evidence whatsoever that any of them were on the planes. After all did not jews protect all the airports?

          74. OSAMA OBAMA says

            OOOOOOOO!!!! Another Soros , racist, anti-Semite! No surprise here.

          75. Alexander Seredin says

            Anybody who imagines Jews being SEMITES, is either crazy or completely disconnected from this world

          76. OSAMA OBAMA says


            1. A member of any of the peoples speaking a Semitic language, including the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Hebrews, Phoenicians, and many of the peoples of Ethiopia.
            2. A Jew.

            Sorry, I should have been more specific! You are a typical leftist, Jew hating bastard…………Just sayin’!

          77. Alexander Seredin says

            I get it Khazars convert to Judaism and became SEMITES by osmosis. You give me the shits. None of you scum are semites. Get out of palestine!

          78. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “Get out of palestine!” That sez it all!

          79. Alexander Seredin says

            One way or the other, Birobidzan is waiting

          80. OSAMA OBAMA says

            AWESOME!!! LOL!!

          81. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

            Wow. Thanks for the info. Knew about this but not in the depth you presented.

          82. Alexander Seredin says

            Dual citizens of Israel run JewSA

          83. MAHB001 says

            Well Said…

          84. Kent2012 says

            kenyan boyo wants to lead the USA towards another cesspool…indoctrinate, then turn the races against each other, then crash the economy while supporting rag scum in their quest for virgins…

          85. Ronney says


          86. Kent2012 says

            did you see croconutless’ reply about the Jews were the force behind the rooshan revolution….they must have moved quickly from Stalingrad to Bejing to help mao with his 70 million murders…

          87. MAHB001 says

            Excellent example.
            I will never stop fighting for the truth. Liberal Lies, deception and the promise of free things must not win.

          88. Kent2012 says

            they helped the emperor from kenyan get elected 4 times…fooled a few twice and then his buddies paid off a whole bunch two more times..when he finishes his golfing tour he will show up in the middle east to be installed as the prime emammi in the 13th caliphate…

          89. Alexander Seredin says

            There are millions of people in US who have no money to buy food

          90. Kent2012 says

            croconutless is just the same as all the little clowns that jumped out in the streets to protest Nam…their strings were pulled by commie operatives and feed crap by their handlers…their offspring still think that you can leave the scum alone and they will go away….

          91. Alexander Seredin says

            …and you thought it was OK to slaughter 7 million Vietnamese

            to “protect” USA from them?

          92. Kent2012 says

            create some more fantasy, need to get with mikey moorehole for some suggestions on how to make your “facts and figures” credible…suggesting to you just what the UN’s involvement in places such as Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq would take a very long time of repetitive dissection of concepts that involve such things as “enabling others to direct their own destiny” and “blocking and disabling communist scum wherever they maybe found”…you, however, are not receptive to anything that might suggest that the great USA is anything other than a conspiratorial demon set on destroying the world….oh and you forgot to hammer George W. Bush for the 46 million Iraqis that he and Dick Cheney killed and throw in the 27.5 million murdered Afghans for good measure…

          93. Gary Stuckey says

            His name: croco dile should have been crocofshit!!!

          94. Alexander Seredin says

            Bravely makes billions for Military

            Complex, and when they are finished they stand at the freeway entrance to beg

          95. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

            MAHB001, old Croco says he’s a true(?) patriot in one of its post, but from what I get is that he’d be the first to start crying and pissing its pants if anyone attacked his wimpy arse. I’d bet he would be the first one to start screaming for someone to come and pull his widdle arse out of the fire; and low and behold if he looked close enough it would be one of us poor suckers, A SOLDIER OR EVEN A POLICE OFFICER, that showed up to do the job with no object who was doing the screaming even if it meant their life.

            Proud to have served and would do it again. US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; Door gunner, 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if this wonderful country and its people ever needed me because
            my oath of enlistment does not have an expiration date. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 and retired from the Id. Air National Guard Apr. 1, ’92 as an E-6.


          96. MAHB001 says

            I have friends that have refused to fly the American flag during 0bamas presidency.
            Thank you for your service.

          97. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

            MAHB001, you need to encourage you friends to fly ‘OLD GLORY’ now more than ever because we need to let O and his minions like Croco that this is still a free country because they’ll be honoring those Veterans that paid the ultimate sacrifice or those that are still serving to ensure this Nation will remain free.

          98. MAHB001 says

            I hear you!
            BTW, I asked my friend about the flag and he told me he put his flag back up after the results of this last election.
            He is also moving to AZ, from CA.
            Mary, an online friend of mine, says… Never bet against a pissed off American.
            One thing is for sure, 0bama is pissing off just about everybody.

          99. Valor says

            You really need to quite drinking the liberal cool aid. It has rotted your brain. But then, it is obviously too late..

          100. Jerry Holloway says

            You need to have a brain to rote first. Speaking of croco

          101. Croco Dile says

            But maybe it’s not too late for you ?!

          102. cobrapilot66 says

            Absolute ignorance^^^!

          103. guest says

            The staff at [ valor-point ] in Colorado,from the rotted head{ scott strong } on down needs to be removed for the good of the veterans there.Below the rotted head there is thomas kinney,and still lower there is hector galacia along with Curtis brown,all above named not looking out for the good of the vets there.

          104. staberdearth says

            Don’t forget the word “jingoism”. Learn what it means first… People of your limited historical knowledge tend to like the way that word sounds. Use it, improve your grammar. Keep in mind it does not improve your credibility, nor your knowledge of history, nor your understanding of the world outside of far left la la land which tends to be incubate on college “campii”.

            I assum that you have a reptilian brain. They tend to get very slow at low temperature.

          105. Croco Dile says

            You seem to be an especially sophisticated dude…..

          106. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

            Oh thank the Lord for sophisticated intelligent minds.

          107. cobrapilot66 says


          108. mallen11 says

            You are one sick creature. Please go live in a country that does not believe in peace, freedom and are so ignorant they live like animals. Maybe that will suit your lifestyle better. Otherwise you are part of the problem here in America.

          109. Croco Dile says

            I’m already in that country – the United States.
            And so are you, a sick idiot as you are…. and you even didn’t noticed.

          110. Trythis Last says

            What is your solution to an attack on America worse than Pearl Harbor?…Utopia?

            Ps.. No dead soldier was just a useless mouth to feed… He could have voted

          111. William Keen says

            Trythis Last, ‘worse than Pearl Harbor’? Who orchestrated that attack? The POTUS wanted U.S. in the war but the people DID NOT, so he let the Japanese THINK that they could keep the U.S. out of the war with a single stroke and he let them attack.

            The same thing happened on 9-11 EXCEPT that there was NO ONE to attack the U.S. so the POTUS did it! He had a lot of help; his brother was in charge of WTC Security for the 3 months before 9-11, Israel had the suitcase nukes, the FAA along with the Air Force did NOTHING when the alleged planes were off course (but, there were NO Planes so they had nothing to respond to), and the missing 3 Trillion dollars that the Pentagon couldn’t explain is no longer a factor since the group meeting to look into it were destroyed by the cruise missile that took out that meeting room the day they met!

            Now, it WAS worse than Pearl Harbor! NO ONE attacked the WTC, it was “pulled” so that the Insurance would pay off instead of having to rebuild them to clean out the asbestos! Among other things.

          112. Trythis Last says

            Since you agree that it was worse than P.earl Harbor, what is you solution?
            Please, no propaganda/conspiracy rant.
            Just your action plan.

          113. MAHB001 says

            My guess is his handlers have not taught him a solution. They have only filled him with hate and discontent and then sent him out to spread it around.

          114. MudEngineer says

            William, I see that you take the deduction on your tax forms every year for the blind. I say that because for you to say that no planes flew into the World Trade Center building would mean that you were blind at the time. I saw them hit and I have no thoughts that they weren’t real planes. My wife’s flight attendant friends died on a couple of those planes. Second, the reason that the buildings burned so fast was due to them “not” being insulated with asbestos when they were built. Unfortunately for all those people, it had been banned and the substitute insulation could not stand the heat from the burning jet fuel and the steel lost its strength and buildings collapsed. Now, I suggest that you go take a walk with your blind man’s cane!

          115. Krazeehors says

            Absolutely. I saw those planes hit those buildings as well, and I have also seen security tapes on the buildings that, among other things, showed Muhammed Atta in the cockpit moments before the plane hit the building. They were found in the rubble and are unmistakable.

            These building had a different style of construction, designed by a Japanese architect and a different type of spray-on insulation. The rebar was designed in such a way that it melted because of the high temperature of the jet fuel and burning debris, causing the buildings to pancake when they collapsed.

            Building 7 WAS demolished after the fire had so badly damaged it that it was endangering the first responders working at the site of the collapsed towers.

            This was a horrible tragedy and a senseless attack, and I for one am sick and tired of people and their conspiracy theories, which have been largely fueled by the LSM.

          116. Kent2012 says

            you can discuss this till the cows come home and move over to willy’s stump for servicing…there is another problem with all of those Bush hater’s insanity….structural damage to the prime supports at the floor of entry was accelerated by a physics situation that was understood from an investigation into two rail accidents…one in Great Britain and one in Maryland…the aircraft were full of fuel, by design, when the wings struck the steel beams the tanks first compressed….that put the fuel under extreme pressure..at the moment of rupture the source of “ignition” was an ongoing occurence..what occured next was something that the architects would not have been able to plan and design for…an massive explosion with a fast moving fireball….the combination of the explosion combined with the intense temperatures would have nearly incinerated the supports of the impacted floor..then the sudden settling of the floors above began the horrifying domino of the upper portions of the build collapsing, one floor after another – quickly gaining speed in the race to the basement…of course the children will never believe what really happened, they are still angry that the adults had control of the WH for awhile and they were getting slapped around…

          117. Wes Tipton says

            No planes, in spite of thousands of witnesses? Are you actually that frigging stupid Willy?

          118. MAHB001 says

            He is just brainwashed, liberals have trouble with logic too.

          119. TAM44 says

            William keen is eleven eggs short of a dozen.

          120. Michael Dennewitz says

            Croc N Willy ! A new brand of crack!

          121. Kent2012 says

            I believe that the last egg is cracked….

          122. b glad says

            You must be a whacko buddy of Croc o” Crap.

          123. Cher says

            I have some beach front property in Arizona I can sell you cheap!! It is and up and coming tourist destination sure to triple your investment

          124. justavenger says

            The problem with crazy people like is you hurt so many people when they cramp up from laughing at you and some even have a laundry bill for you from peeing their pants. STFU you crazy basterd.

          125. chamuiel says

            and yet, another delusional troll.

          126. MAHB001 says

            Your post is another excellent example of the garbage liberal progressive socialists have created to get Americans to hate their history, hate the Government. With the end game to break down our Capitalist based society and replace it with socialism.
            0bama can not “rebuild” America or “Transform” America until he collapses Capitalism.

          127. Kent2012 says

            and we wonder why our children come home with some really cockamammy thoughts….

          128. Krazeehors says

            You are so full of shit it is almost comical.

            Yeah, right. Blame Bush. Did he hide all the bodies on his ranch in Texas?

          129. cobrapilot66 says


          130. MrSwingGuitar says

            Question: who were the attackers on 9/11? Answer: Saudis. Question: Who did we attack in retaliation? Answer: Iraq. Question: Who are Bush cronies who sell lots of oil to the US? Answer: Saudi Arabia. This all makes as much sense as if we had retaliated for the attack on Pearl Harbor by invading Canada.

          131. Trythis Last says

            sometimes I help my wife clean the house….we usually ask…………
            Where are you going to start?

            Do you have a solution ? …or do you just prefer to have a self dialogue?

          132. MrSwingGuitar says

            A solution to which problem? It seems to me that our middle eastern problems are due in large part to our (and Europe’s) meddling there. For example, the Islamic government in Iran has long called us “the great Satan”. You can attribute this solely to religious fanaticism, or you can can look at history. In the 1950s, the CIA engineered the coup in which Iran’s democratically elected government was overthrown and the Shah put into power. The justification for this was that Iran had threatened to nationalize their oil industry. The Shah and his secret police ended up being so hated that Khomeini and his bunch of thugs had broad popular support for their Islamic revolution. If we didn’t treat the entire world as our fiefdom, this likely would never have happened. The vast majority of ALL people worldwide want to be left alone to determine their own destinies. We in the US have taken as a given that we should be able to tell everyone what to do. This really doesn’t work, particularly in a time when enormous destructive power is available to any group. I’m all for defending America. I’m dead set against the hubris that too often informs our actions worldwide.

          133. Trythis Last says

            The question was
            ….. What is your solution to an attack on America worse than Pearl Harbor?

            If you can’t keep track of the conversation, there is not much I can do for you.
            I CAN read the question to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

            As to your inferred position that US is messing with Iran over oil, I say…
            What about Saudi Arabia?…we have allowed ourselves to be extorted over oil to keep the peace. A much better solution is American oil independence. But any effort toward that end is met by economic warfare from the whole oil cartel …driving the price for a barrel down toward its true cost of about $9.00 / bbl .

          134. MrSwingGuitar says

            Is your contention that the appropriate response to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor would have been to attack another country that had nothing to do with the attack, and to ignore any retaliatory action towards the country whose citizens DID attack us? You make no sense.

          135. Trythis Last says

            You really are literate challenged…….
            The question was
            ….. What is your solution to an attack on America worse than Pearl Harbor?

            Asking another question does not constitute an answer.
            Sorry, I can’t help those who do not want to be helped.

          136. MrSwingGuitar says

            You clearly can’t even help yourself. Do you have to hire someone to tie your shoes as well? If you truly can’t understand the point I’m making, it’s not worth my time conversing with you. But, nevertheless, here you go: the sane response to “an attack on America worse than Pearl Harbor” (which 9/11 was only if you consider JUST the number of fatalities, 2977 on 9/11 versus 2,403 at Pearl Harbor, not counting the 1,178 who were wounded in the earlier attack, nor considering the almost complete destruction of our Pacific fleet that day) would have been to discover who the planners of the attack were, find and either apprehend or kill them. Instead, we proceeded with an badly planned invasion of Afghanistan, which was so poorly executed that pretty much all the Al Qaeda members left in a leisurely fashion for Pakistan, followed by an idiotic invasion of Iraq, which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the attack. In point of fact, in the earlier 1993 attack on the twin towers, there was ONE Iraqi involved. Guess where he was on 9/11….in one of Saddam Hussein’s prisons. If you still don’t get it, I’d suggest you start over in kindergarten….clearly whatever education you did have didn’t take.

          137. Trythis Last says

            Recitation of your version if history is not an answer to a question.

            IF you had a solution, I’m sure we would have heard it by now.
            CONCLUSION: You have no solution.

            Don’t bother to re[ly. I’m finished with you.

          138. MrSwingGuitar says

            Here it is again for you, minus all the other details, which clearly befuddle your tiny brain: the sane response to “an attack on America worse than Pearl Harbor”would have been to discover
            who the planners of the attack were, find and either apprehend or kill
            Did Bush and Co. do that? No…they’d rather just start wars to enrich their munition company friends.

          139. Croco Dile says

            Some news to you : OPEC does NOT control the oil price.

            You are shouting at the wrong dog.


          140. Trythis Last says

            Ah… Yes, crocodile.. Great link to the net…must be true!………some guy selling DVDs …about the bildebergs…and how they made Katrina happen… Did you buy the DVDs?

          141. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I guess you’ll be blaming the Jews again huh Einstein?

          142. Paul Pray says

            The answer was Saudis. In which we should of done the whole response differently.
            First, we stop all importation of OIL from that Country.
            Second, we go in and Support and Arm the NORTH Resistance in AFganistan and help them DESTROY AL AQUEDA and BIN LADEN. Instead of letting him escape.
            Third, HOLD EVERY COUNTRY RESPONSIBLE FOR Supporting or Housing them.
            Either, economically, no aid, and no assistance. Then we could also use military force at last response..

          143. Krazeehors says

            Where have you been? Bin Laden has been dead for almost 4 years. We invaded Afghanistan 13 years ago. Did you just pull your head out of the sand (or elsewhere) or what?

          144. Paul Pray says

            Well, the first 2 weeks of the AFGAN invasion we had him cornered and pounding his location with tanks and arty. The decision came to halt it, and talk about surrender from the us leadership/fighters aligned with us, when he slipped out to PAKISTAN, so we could of killed him earlier we had him, we let him go….There were other options, but we have weak leaders, that is what I am getting at, we are viewed as weak, a PAPER TIGER as you will…..while everybody else flexes and we have a leader and leaders are not worth a crap.

          145. Krazeehors says

            And, Tora Bora is a HUGE NETWORK of caves. There is no way we could have destroyed that entire cave system.

            Congress initially gave Bush approval to go into Afghanistan. Then they pulled back.

            One President did not make this decision all by himself.

            And Ovomit OUTED not only our SEALS who eventually took him out, but our CIA agents who were hunting for him — and THAT was on the 2nd or 3rd day of his administration.

            Furthermore, Bush STOPPED any “torture tactics” in 2007.

            Like I said, it is people like Chris Kyle who keep our troops safe, including my son.

          146. Krazeehors says

            They were expatriated Saudis — followers of UBL, and had been members of al Qaeda FOR YEARS.

            The Saudis are not blameless, but they did NOT cause 9/11.

            And, our purchases of Saudi Oil has been going down for years. We never took ONE DROP of Iraqi Oil.

            It was the Iraqis who destroyed the oil wells — even now, with their oil industry operating at 1/3 capacity, they are making billions in the South where ISIS has not infiltrated and have paid the US not ONE DIME.

          147. MrSwingGuitar says

            Assuming that by “UBL”, you mean Osama Bin Laden, he was a member of a prominent and wealthy Saudi Family who were buddies with the Bushes. So, if pretty much all the folks committing the attack on 9/11 were Saudis and the mastermind was a Saudi, what on earth are you talking about? How is an invasion of Iraq justified by this? The Saudi government itself may not have been involved in the attack on the twin towers, but it’s well known that they supply massive amounts of money to Islamic fundamentalist zealots, and their use of Sharia law is as extreme as anywhere on earth.

          148. Krazeehors says

            The Saudis/Sunnis who attacked the WTC towers and the Pentagon and who crashed the plane in Pennsylvania had left Saudi Arabia BEFORE the Gulf War to fight with bin Laden against the Soviets in Afghanistan. They had not been to Saudi for years and were exiled.

            I have seen NO evidence that the bin Laden family was friends with the Bush family. There is also NO evidence that anyone in the Bush family was acquainted with bin Laden. And, yes, I mean Osama bin Laden.

            But then, you probably believe the moon is made of green cheese, right??

          149. MrSwingGuitar says

            From the Denver Post (not exactly known as a promulgator of unsubstantiated stories such as the ones told almost daily on Fox), September 12, 2006
            “Bush claimed we’d bring back Osama bin Laden “dead or alive.”
            But the more we learn about the ties between the Bush family and the bin Ladens, questions like this one pop up: Did Bush really want to capture him?

            With fewer than 50 ground troops surrounding the massive Tora Bora region in the mountains of Afghanistan where bin Laden was hiding, ground commanders pleaded for 800 more soldiers, according to Gary Berntsen, the CIA field commander whose book “Jawbreaker” goes into amazing detail about the botched paramilitary operation. Berntsen
            and other ground commanders said the U.S. let Osama bin Laden get away.
            Wasthis because of President George Bush’s close ties to the bin Laden family?
            In 1978, Bush and Osama bin Laden’s brother, Salem bin Laden, founded Arbusto Energy, an oil company based in Texas.

            Several bin Laden family members invested millions in The Carlyle Group, a private global equity firm based in Washington, DC. The company’s senior advisor was Bush’s father, former President George H.W. Bush. After news of the bin Laden-Bush connection became public, the elder Bush stepped down from Carlyle.

            Interestingly, on Sept. 11, 2001, members of the Carlyle Group – including Bush senior, and his former secretary of state, James Baker – were meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C., along with Shafiq bin Laden, another one of Osama bin Laden’s brothers.

            Whileall flights were halted following the terrorist attacks, there was one
            exception made: The White House authorized planes to pick up 140 Saudi
            nationals, including 24 members of the bin Laden family, living in various
            cities in the U.S. to bring them back to Saudi Arabia, where they would be
            safe. They were never interrogated.”

          150. Krazeehors says

            Usama bin Laden was STRIPPED of his Saudi citizenship by the government of Saudi Arabia because of his terrorist activities, which started in the LATE 1970s!!

            When you have a family with numerous wives and God knows how many children, there is NO WAY you can substantiate ANY kind of “close relationship” between an American ex-President and the terrorist who was the most wanted man in the world. It’s like saying that because I know a Korean-American with the family name of “Kim,” I am somehow friends with Kim Jong Un. Kim is the most common name in ALL of Korea.

            I am estranged from my brothers. I don’t know their friends, don’t speak to them, don’t know their families, etc., and it has been that way for DECADES.

            So, if one of them commits a crime, am I guilty of “Guilt by Association?”

            I know all about the Denver Post. It is a liberal publication, has been for most of its existence, etc.

            I also know about the initial hunt for bin Laden. The 50 people hunting bin Laden were escorted by Afghani citizens. They (CIA) got to about 500 yards of bin Laden — wounded him, and he made farewell messages — when their Afghani trackers TURNED on them.

            bin Laden was a hero to Afghanistan because of his association with the Mujahadeen in fighting the Soviets. The US ALSO equipped them to fight the Soviets, and it was those people who later became the Taliban.

            The bin Laden family is quite large. Clinton could have taken him out in the 90s and he blew it. After the fiasco in Tora Bora, CAUSED by Afghani citizens, the CIA continued hunting him, developing intelligence, and eventually found him. It was intelligence gathering DURING the Bush administration that eventually enabled our SEALS to take him out,.

            I know, you are a rabid Democrap. You will continue to blame Bush for the fact that your toilet won’t flush properly until the day you die, regardless of the fact that you don’t know the man.

            And, if Bush caused 9/11 or it was a hoax, or whatever, WHERE are the people on the planes?????

          151. MrSwingGuitar says

            Do I really need to quote your own words back to you? You said “I have seen NO evidence that the bin Laden family was friends with the Bush family.” I presented such evidence, and now you claim that it doesn’t matter that it’s true. You’re just a liar. Incidentally, I’m neither a Democrat nor a 9/11 denier. You, however, are a fool.

          152. Krazeehors says

            No, sir, I am NOT a liar. The bin Ladens were taken back to Saudi (yes, I checked) after 9/11 because after it became evident that bin Laden (which was right away) had orchestrated these attacks, it was for their own safety. And, for the record, I do NOT get my news from FOX, but from several other sites.

            Having a business relationship and having a friendship are two different things.

            Do you know, specifically, WHICH bin Ladens (out of hundreds) were friends/business associates with George HW Bush?

            I am a disabled veteran with a child currently deployed. It is people like Chris Kyle who keep him safe.

            And, having read my last statement, I did not say that the Bush family was friends with the bin Laden family.

            You are a troll, so go away.

          153. Kent2012 says

            another brain dead democommie, forgot afghanistan was first and then we attacked that saint saddam hussein …of course you were so busy watching cartoons that you missed what he was into and never heard about his wonderful boys, oohwee and coohwee…of course now that WMDs have been shown to have been there all along you say noting about all those nutless democommies that you voted for that told anyone that would listen about WMDs and how bad this rag is and what should be done….of course all of the transcripts and video of your heroes should be ignored….by the way there swingy…GWB, a Real American, got the approval of congress and went into the fray with other UN help….of course your facts are slightly yellowed from you wetting your pants…

          154. MrSwingGuitar says

            You clearly have extreme comprehension issues. Go back and read what I just wrote again….I clearly stated that we invaded Afghanistan first, totally blew it, and then invaded Iraq for no good reason. No one with sense would contend that Saddam Hussein was a worthy leader. He was a murderous tyrant. That’s not why we invaded…there are murderous tyrants all over the globe and we leave them alone (the ones we don’t directly support, that is). If you’re truly gullible enough to believe that 30 year old cannisters of poison gas that have a shelf life of one year is evidence of WMDs, well, you’re just as stupid as you appear. Your pal GWB and his puppet master Cheney used the fear engendered by the 9/11 attacks to get approval for his grotesque invasion. Had even minimal brain power been brought to play concerning Iraq, those bozos would have realized that all we’d be doing by invading would be to increase Iran’s power in the region. The rise of ISIS in Iraq is also directly attributable to our invasion and the stooge like government we set up. Saddam was a dicatator, but he was also (too) good at dealing with dissent. The ISIS folks would have been stopped in their tracks by his forces, had they dared to enter Iraq.

          155. Croco Dile says


          156. Trythis Last says

            Wunnerful….. have you shared this with your Congressmen?
            …or am I to understand that your proposed solution to radical ialam is
            …stop voting….BRILLIANT…NOT

          157. cobrapilot66 says

            Please, DON”T VOTE……. EVER!

          158. Kent2012 says

            that is true most recently with the dim bulb from Georgia, jimah, then billy “the traitor” clintoney and his ho, now the african pretender and the lunch mammy…

          159. Jerry Holloway says

            Hey go spew your trash some where else. To debate you and libs like you is pure nonsence so get lost . Maybe in a rag head country or china Russia.

          160. William Keen says

            Croco Dile, THANKYOU! You have clearly stated the facts. The U.S. has NOT been in a war that the people supported – – – UNTIL there was some False Flag Operation by the Gov’t that made us (U.S.) afraid – THEN we were willing to DEFEND the U.S. JFK was killed so that Johnson and his cronies could get FILTHY RICHER making weapons and ammo. The attack on Afghanistan and the whole Middle East was to AGAIN make these same people richer by depleting our weapons cache so that it would have to be rebuilt.

            9-11 has been proven to be an “Inside Job” accomplished by the Bush’s with they aid of Israel using suit-case nukes.

            What more do we need to realize that we are just being used as cannon fodder to stuff the pockets of the PTB with more POWER? The Regular Army isn’t being used overseas, it is the Reservists and National Guard. These people signed up to DEFEND this country NOT to invade some other country. They are being trained to kill families in their homes and then asked if they would do the same HERE!

            And these dirt-brains think that a loose killer with a ‘good-eye’ is a HERO? The drone operators are leaving the service in bulk because they can’t stand the idea that they are being directed to kill women and kids in their beds, cars, or simply walking down the street. Their targets are 7 thousand miles away and they kill whomever they are told to.

            Again, THANK YOU for speaking up!

          161. Btty says

            One word penis breath! DELUSIONAL Describes you to a tee

          162. Name says

            What the hell do suitcase nukes nukes have to do with 9/11? Last I checked the towers went down due to steel losing most of its structural strength at about 1000 Fahrenheit which meant it couldnt hold weight and down they went

          163. Larry Wilson says

            I think he meant suitcase Muslims!!

          164. chamuiel says

            one troll thanking another one. now that is funny.

          165. Larry Wilson says

            “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” Churchill

          166. MAHB001 says

            Give it up William,
            You could repeat that nonsense a trillion times and the only two people that would believe it is you and Croco Dile.

          167. Croco Dile says

            Glad there are a still few whose brain still function !
            Have you ever hear Larken Rose on Youtube ?

          168. Kenny Coffman says

            Globalists or no globalists, Kyle was killing radical Islamists (who will GLADLY saw off YOUR head, Croco Dile) and that is a good thing.

          169. Croco Dile says

            Then you are clearly a victim of propaganda, Kenny slave !

          170. cobrapilot66 says


          171. Croco Dile says

            Yea, riiiiight.

            You are the ONLY one who got the facts strait !


          172. cobrapilot66 says

            It’s not my fault that you’re an ignorant, deluded left wing fool. Thankfully, wimps like you aren’t on the battlefield screwing things up for real men!

          173. Wes Tipton says

            The only way to fight obuma and other globalists, like soros, is to keep our military strong and keep these radicals at bay. If we lay down our arms then they would win, and we will indeed all be slaves. You may wish to follow that path, but Americans who actually love this nation will never do that!

          174. MAHB001 says

            Right on! Great post.

          175. Croco Dile says

            Listen to Larken Rose and you will learn a lot !


          176. gary says

            Actually, the statist propaganda tells us that Muslims are peaceful people despite the fact there hasnt been peace in their part of the world in over 1400 years! AND there have been OVER 20,000 terrorist attacks against non-muslims BY muslims in the past decade. Anyone who thinks the US government acts in their best interestss should have a nice long conversation with the American Indians!

          177. Larry Miller says

            You are one ( along with numerous others ) ignorant Son of a Bitch. You attempt to write with ellogent words while not one ounce of knowledge flows to the paper . I will not even attempt to display substance to my position, as I dare say you would be unable to comprehend.
            If you remained silent most would view you as a fool, but when you write, you remove all doubts.

          178. Croco Dile says

            Really, ignorant Larry ?!
            Thank you for supporting Democracy !

          179. justavenger says

            You are a delusional libtard with a serious mental disorder, facts are facts you’re one demented puppy and no amount of that vile billshit you just spewed can change the minds of Real Americans. Shame on you puppet, get some help or self terminate.

          180. Croco Dile says

            ….. another ignorant here.

          181. justavenger says

            Everytime you post there are tens of millions laughing at you clown. Matter of fact go get your floppy shoes and red nose you clown.

          182. chamuiel says

            No soldiers? You really are delusional, troll.

          183. Croco Dile says

            And you are Einstein, right ?!

          184. Larry Wilson says

            Brainwashing has shown it’s ugly face now. Let me guess, you voted for Obama twice? My neighbor did the same thing….he was told that his health care would be free if Obama was elected. He is very pissed now….he has to pay more than before. He forgot to read the part where..if you have an income you have to pay.
            So where are you in this…..yours is free?

          185. Croco Dile says

            Wrong, Larry. I never vote for any liar out there.

          186. desertcelt says

            Will you show me where Kissinger referred to us as “useless eaters”? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’d just like to see it to alert and inform friends. Thanks.

          187. Croco Dile says

            You sure can use Google search ?

          188. Arnold Young says

            I have a question–Do you stand on your head when you look at the world because you have it all upside down!

          189. Combatvet52 says

            PROPAGANDA must be your middle name……

          190. Croco Dile says

            Did they shoot your brain, vet ?
            Thank you for bringing Democracy to the world !

          191. Combatvet52 says

            Thanks for the compliment you just stuck a knife in all us veterans back, how do you put your head down at night and sleep……..you should have nightmares.

          192. Croco Dile says

            I’m glad to do that to UNTHINKING stupid mercenaries who just follow orders from a criminal government !

          193. Combatvet52 says

            Your one sick DUDE……..you voted for this present government.

          194. Croco Dile says

            I never vote. And definitely not for this socipathic gang of thieves.

          195. Combatvet52 says

            ( Sociopathic Gang of Thieves ) You got that part right.

          196. Beverly Miller says

            So you want the Muslims to take over the whole world and worship their evil leader whom was no better then they are and was just a common Muslim that fooled them into believing he is divine, but is more like the devil.

          197. Croco Dile says

            Who was talking about Muslims, Beverly ?
            Can you even READ ?????

          198. burt banford says

            Soldiers fight for each other not the Govt. You sound like a stinking leg. Where did you serve

          199. Lougjr1 says

            Idiot, we go to war in order to keep the fight away from America. We make sure the fight doesn’t reach this country so the American people will remain safe. You start a war with us and we will bring it to you. You get the message Idiot ?

          200. Croco Dile says

            Are you really THAT stupid ????

          201. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dude! You need to stop snorting that shit.. If some lowlife asshole invades my home and I can reach ONE OF my weapons, I’m protecting my own ass and SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO REMAIN FREE TO DO SO!! Snort a little more!!

          202. Croco Dile says

            Can you read ????
            Then READ what I wrote, DUDE.

          203. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

            You might be correct about the forces of evil -NWO which is more terrible than we realize. However, our soldiers are our soldiers. They are one of us and deserve our moral support. When the time comes,we will fight along side of them.

          204. Croco Dile says

            No, they don’t deserve our support for their OWN decision to serve the EVIL forces.
            They could become a productive part of the society. Instead they chose to be mercenaries for their own personal reasons….. each one of them.

          205. cobrapilot66 says

            Left wing patsy. Move to Iraq!

          206. Kent2012 says

            all those that lost their weapons at the same time that they lost their testicles were sent to the final reward by scum…scum that needs to be exterminated where they are found, not when they happen to show up at your front door…

          207. Croco Dile says

            ….. said a totally delusional idiot 2012.

          208. Kent2012 says

            you betcha nutless…

          209. daledor says

            I agree on the globalist agenda – they think they rule the world. The fact is that they are allowed to to the evil they do because God’s people have been asleep and not doing their part in opposing evil. I was in the military for 6 years and served my country. I have no regrets. My challenge is this, most of the military are citizen servants of the people of the USA. If the government goes tyrannical then they will get a lot of dissent, believe me. Obama has tried to get rid of that type of people and even demanded that people sign documents saying that they will fire on American citizens.

            Most of the law enforcement and military are outstanding patriots. No, I don’t agree with some wars that some presidents have deployed them in. When I was in during the Vietnam era I did not know the justness of that war until I talked to a POW who returned. Ho Che Min was making a run from China using the communist North Vietnamese to try to take control of not only South Vietnam but to make a run to take over all the way to India. When our media helped the communists win in south Vietnam by pressure to get us out of Nam then there was a mass butchery of south Vietnamese people. We went there to defend our allies from World War II and keep the Communists from taking over all of south east Asia. Russia helped the Communist brothers in the effort. At that time many south American countries and Latin American countries had become Communist by force also with the aid of Castro and Russian troops.

            The New World Order instigated Communism, Karl Marx was a close friend of the earlier NWO Globalist Rothschild Banking Empire Illuminist systems head, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s spawn.

          210. Croco Dile says

            Do I understand correctly that you finally did realise you were not a “patriotic” american soldier but a mercenary for the Globalists who were running Communism and United States at the same time ?
            If this is what you did realise, then I congratulate you. In this case you are one of a very tiny minority of the population that can think rationally.

          211. daledor says

            If “patriotic American” means agreeing with the Constitution and with how America was formed with emphasis on God and small government, then I must be very unpatriotic to those who think that patriotism is follow the New World Order and going along with their policies to restructure and redefine laws, rewrite history, and have control over the people and America’s resources – I am indeed not in agreement with that nor the evil ones who perpetrate the plan for financial gain, control of the world, and are in direct opposition to the will of God and the human purposes that He wants us to follow.

            I suppose that my ‘Patriotism’ is to a country that will respect and honor God and give people freedom to choose, vs make all decisions for them.

          212. Chuck says

            There is definitely some truth in what you say, BUT it is not nearly as simple as you portray it. And where the nation’s interests may occasionally intersect the interests of the “globalists” it is not wrong to preserve our interests. Perhaps at times this will serve the NWO agenda, but this could be true of any adversaries at any time in history. Opposing vicious and murderous Islamic interests is in the interest of civilization and mankind as a whole. We should do more of it.

          213. Wes Tipton says

            You are simply parroting the leftist propaganda by the mindless drones of the lap dog media, from whence your gathering of this nonsense originates.
            We badly need men like Chris who have the guts to fight for a nation that is under siege by the islamic horde, not to mention the threats from Iran, the psycho butterball in that ugly north Korean wasteland, and Russia and soon China.
            Choose radical socialism and be a slave to the marxist elitists, or grow a pair and act like an American instead of a lowly mouse! Your one little disturbed voice on a blog full of actual Americans means nothing, and your words are empty to us.
            Enjoy your day, and enjoy the game, if you are into sports, which I seriously doubt cause football is probably way too violent for you!

          214. grunion says

            Stop right there, while you can still salvage a shred of your credibility. Your verbose tirade is hack, much over-repeated and otherwise a crock of shit. You have a worm’s eye view my friend and until you can avail yourself of a more complete understanding of world events, stay on the playground.

          215. bb says

            Go suck a big one!!! Crocodile Dickhead!! Sempervivum Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!!!

          216. Croco Dile says

            Congratulations, smart bb !
            I was sure the idiocy of other commentators here can be toped.
            You WON the BIG ONE !

        2. tk-atty says

          Amen Brother! If not for America Europe and the entire world would be goose stepping and speaking German. These foolish people who think that you can appease the wicked, just look at the world right now, and what Obama has done. He has caused chaos all over the world, on purpose!

          1. Ronney says

            Amen correct Satin controls Obummer and everything that comes out of his mouth.

          2. Croco Dile says

            Too bad you are a stupid slave !


          3. Mark Luhman says

            Not exactly true Russian and England had a lot to do with defeat of Hitler. We did tip the scale to the winning side. It was the Russian that keep Hitler from the eastern oil fields and England held out and denied Hitler the Mid East oil fields. As far as Japan goes that was primarily an American British and Australian effort, we were the heavy weight there.

          4. teachersaide says

            UK was a short step away from losing the war, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Winter setting in had stopped the invasion planned by Germany, after the “Battle of Britain”. The rest of Europe had been invaded/conquered by Nazis/Axis powers in record time. Russia/USSR had a “non-aggression pact”/treaty with Germany/AXIS powers, that Germany violated when Hitler thought he could invade Germany and win! Prior to USA entry into WW II, FDR was sending vital supplies & munitions, to China, Russia, & UK; had embargoes on the Axis powers; and Japanese assets frozen in banks. When Churchill heard that the Japanese had attacked Pearl harbor, he said he slept the best since the war started, because NOW he knew they could win. Almost everything that UK needed had to be shipped to them, by sea, which was Ruled by the German U-boats. Yes, the USA used UK in order to launch their attacks against Axis powers. However, MOST of the supplies used were MADE In AMERICA! Yes, USA & Australia did the heavy lifting in the Pacific, because almost as soon as V-E Day in Europe occurred, Churchill was removed from office, and UK was no longer involved in Pacific operations. People of an age to remember the Cold War, living in what used to be called West Germany & West Berlin, KNOW who saved them from Soviet aggression, after the Nazi regime was defeated. IF you ever get to Berlin, check out the museum at the “Check Point Charlie” site! Visit the Luftbrucke Monument. Visit the Holocaust Museum.

          5. Croco Dile says

            What a caricature of real events !

            Are you feeding kids with this propaganda, “teacher” ?

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Really libsissy? Didn’t your professors teach you to HATE Amerika??

          7. Croco Dile says

            No, they taught me to love America, idiot.
            Your brain is shut down….. why I’m even answering you ?!

          8. OSAMA OBAMA says

            AH Crocashit English is your third language isn’t it. Thinking isn’t even a close fifth. LMAO Go back to a sissy website, only men and strong women allowed here.

          9. Croco Dile says

            HAHAHAHAHAAAA…….. idiot “man”.
            What you YOUR third language ?

          10. OSAMA OBAMA says

            What??? Wow, Obungler and Ms. Jarret would be proud.

          11. Croco Dile says

            Right, they love you too 🙂
            And you love them too as you clearly state with your new name.

          12. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Crocoshit! LMAO!!

          13. teachersaide says

            NOW retired, and I worked with Multi-disability students, thank you very much. WE were working to teach them to survive/thrive: feed themselves, dress themselves, toilet themselves, some to get jobs, etc. WHAT? Are you standing in for the character “Chekov” from Original Star Trek, that EVERYTHING was invented in Russia? TRY looking all this stuff up in an Encyclopedia- They tend to be objective, and actually do FACT Checking! When I was growing up, WW II Veterans were ALL around us- my paternal uncle (godfather), my next door neighbor, a lot of the guys who worked with my father, etc, OR they were related to someone who fought in WW II, Or worked in industries that were listed as “critical” to the war effort. The opening of a second front in Russia was very much a lead weight on the Nazi war machine. Hitler was an idiot to believe his OWN propaganda! However, look up “Lend Lease”- THAT operation provide much needed supplies, munitions, planes, tanks, guns, etc to the Allies, both before and after the USA entered the war. YOU might also want to Look up the Berlin Airlift!

          14. Croco Dile says

            I’m familiar with this perverted version how WW2 “happened”….. as wars just have the tendency to “happen” out of little things and are not planned at least 1 decade in advance.

            For you a bit to think about :

          15. Dale Reynolds says

            Croco Dile change your name to the more appropate ” Loco Dildo “

          16. Croco Dile says

            Ahhhh, Dale…. glad to know a super specialist in the dildo business. How is it ? Are you happy with your dildos ? Share your knowledge with us, please.

          17. Adam Brier says

            Actually you complete dumbfuck, it is quite accurate. They not teaching world history in common core anymore?

          18. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
            along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”

            Karl Marx

        3. Bill Godsey says

          Define evil.

        4. Alexander Seredin says

          Tell me about it. 47 wars started since WWII for “noble” cause. Which one did you win?

          1. MAHB001 says

            So your the kind of person that looks away. When you walk by a group of kids beating up on another kid in a wheelchair in some parking lot, you look away, you don’t intervene, you don’t call for help, you just look away.
            Well, the Americans that serve in our Military, don’t. They go in, they do what they can, they sacrifice life, limb, and so much more (WHEN ASKED by the American People).
            You do understand that when the President of the United States, asks Congress and gets approval, to go to war, or whatever they call it, the approval COMES from the representatives of the people. It comes from Americans.
            You choose to ignore the kid in the wheelchair and claim the group of aggressors is the victim. For what? An ideology that wants Americans to reject capitalism and vote for socialism (democrats).
            I got news for you, your WRONG. Americans and Americans finest that serve in the military go to war for noble reasons. PERIOD.
            Most Americans and especially our Military is just not made of the crap that allows us to watch the poor kid in the wheelchair take a beating. Not when we can make a difference by doing something.
            Thank you one and all for your service. You are all Chris Kyles and heroes in my mind.
            Liberal socialist sure do piss me off.

        5. Alexander Seredin says

          Shit yeah! O I L

      2. otoman says

        YOU are evil. The devil sings kumbia in times of war to deceive the innocent.

      3. Btty says

        And what the hell are you supporting? Muslims? Spawns of Satan! Because by God that’s exactly what they are. It disgusts me that any soldier gave his or her life for the likes of You to be able to enjoy the freedoms they insure for you. Your a coward! I say that because you don’t have the guts to make your comment to any Marine. I wish you had the guts because I would love to see what happens to you!

        1. Croco Dile says

          If you are not that an idiot as your reply suggests, just go to Youtube and search for Larken Rose.

      4. Jerry Holloway says

        You are the one that’s supporting evil and you know it . But being the lib idiot puppet you cant see past your nose

      5. Kenny Coffman says

        You are a fool.

      6. Name says

        Yes, were supporting evil for defending a man that no doubt saved many american lives and as for these Muslims, don’t forget how they threw children in the thousands against Static Saudi defenses to try and break through with bombs, that’s evil, and I loved this movie because it showed you that they were willing to kill their own just to try and take out troops, remember the woman and the kid with the rocket shell…You are truly ignorant and people like you, who don’t actually look into any facts for these things, are the reason our country is sinking

      7. Wes Tipton says

        Duh…what a fool croc.

      8. Pete Paradissis says

        Croco Dile you are a Croc o Shit!

        1. MAHB001 says

          🙂 If I could, I would up vote your post 100 times.

          1. Pete Paradissis says

            Thank You and may GOD bless AMERICA!

          2. Croco Dile says

            Thank you for bringing democracy to the world, Pete Parasite !

        2. Croco Dile says

          Very sophisticated, Pete Parasite !

      9. justavenger says

        I’ll go one step gurther MAHB001, Croco Dile is pure evil is does have one ounce of decency in his whole body.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Good, scavanger, then go one step gurther !

      10. chamuiel says

        No, you are deluded one.

      11. Larry Wilson says

        No The writer of this does that. The Koran preaches evil!!

      12. Combatvet52 says

        Who the hell are you supporting the DEVIL don’t mess with the military.

      13. realistredneck says

        No! you idiot!
        We are supporting humanity!
        There is nothing human about the Islamic Terrorist!
        Simply put they are barbirans worse than a rabid dog
        and they need to be delt with as such!

        1. Croco Dile says

          Thanky you for that much support of Democracy, pigneck !

          1. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

            No. Its not.

      14. Ronney says

        Your a joke

      15. AttMore says

        You are evil!!!

      16. Krazeehors says

        Asshole. YOU are the evil one.

      17. edinflorida says

        Evil is easily recognized in the faces of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, and Senator Harry Reid. Evil oozes from their faces and their actions leaves no doubt. Just in those four is the evil that threatens all Americans. Liberals and Conservatives alike.

        1. Croco Dile says

          I agree.

      18. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

        Murdering Muslims know exactly what they’re getting themselves into when they face off against American miltary. Men like Chris Kyle know it’s their duty to protect their own and to do it without hesitation or apology. Keep in mind this- it’s the duty of all muslims to kill the infidel even children. Thats jihad as taught by Mohammed. Muslims declared war on us. They are “savages” who devasted all terroritories that conquered. They get what they deserve

        1. Croco Dile says

          Then this may be questions for you too :


      19. KayO says

        It’s people like you who sit back and watch people get slaughtered without a care in the world.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Really ?

          Now those who don’t kill are the bad ones ????!!!
          And killers are the good ones !!!!!


          1. KayO says

            Those who oppose defending against evil are the lazy ones.

      20. ArmyCombatVet says

        Chris Kyle was a brother who saved many lives doing the job he was trained to do and he was the best. The ides of war haunt all of us who served. We did what we did because we took a sacred oath to do so! War is ugly, a fact but we, even in war, had a sense of the value of human life and taking it is never an easy decision. Without us America would be no more. Real Americans will never stand down! Our nation is being compromised by a Muslim impostor, an actor if you will, in our White House. He must be removed for massive violations of the Constitution and tried as traitor who is aiding and abetting our sworn enemies. Less than 2% of our population are muslims and they are the termites in the foundation of our nation, eating away a piece at a time. They, by their very presence, are enemies of the state! There are over 130 million gun owners in America and growing along with tens of millions of veterans. We must take our nation back and demand that the cowards we elected man up and clean house!

        1. Croco Dile says

          What had your service to do with Muslims and Obama ?


      21. cobrapilot66 says

        You are an idiot!

      22. rrecroc says

        Unfortunately, constant revolution is the only solution …….. there will always be men greedy for power and money …… wanting much more than they need …… wanting to control and rob others and not wanting others to have anything …… such people are murderous, willingly killing their fellow man, other species and polluting the whole planet to get more wealth. Jefferson believed a revolution was needed every 20 years ……. not far off I imagine.

        1. Croco Dile says

          There is something more to it than “evil men” in power.
          Have you ever read what the Insider said in 2005 ?
          If you google “insider 2005” you should find it easily….. it is worth reading.

    2. jetmagnet says

      Liberals are jealous? Look, let’s get something FUCKING straight.
      Max Cleland.
      He’s a Democrat, a Viet Nam Veteran.
      He’s MY HERO.

      He’s like John McCain, only he has three less limbs.
      He pisses and shits into a plastic bag.
      He’s a triple amputee.
      He’s been like this for years.
      He’s not a long term senator.
      He’s not married to a beer heiress, who can afford a $300,000 outfit, most of it in diamond earrings.
      He’s just a Viet Nam vet, and he ain’t running for shit.
      Know why?

      Because people like Shawn Hannity (what an honor it is to speak to such a great American, Mr. Hannity).
      Mr. Hannity, who has a radio show, and Ann Coulter said he was a drunken ass, liberal pussy.
      drunk, someone who caused his very OWN injuries because, he had too
      many beers, and he was playing around with a live grenade, while sitting
      around a camp fire.
      Remember that?
      DO YOU?
      How about Saxby Chambliss?
      Who stole his seat?
      Remember that?

      NOT like John McCain. A cross in the sand, thumbs up to his fellow prisoners as he was returned from being tortured.
      I can look at Max, and I can immediately see what he’s been through.
      John McCain?
      Not so much.
      All I have to go on with John McCain is what HE has told us.

      There is a thing or two that I know for sure.
      tossed his first wife away like an empty Budweiser can, because she was
      crippled in a car accident and she wasn’t “pretty” enough anymore.
      He started fucking around with a VERY rich blond, worth millions, while he was still married to his crippled first wife.
      Nice guy, huh?
      So, he got divorced, married Miss Budweiser and set upon his new life.
      He got caught up in some scandals, Keating Five and others, but money and lots of it, often makes problems like that go away.
      And we were reminded over and over and over that he was a POW, a WAR HERO.

      Not like Max Cleland, who was a drunk, and not like John Kerry who was a “gigolo”.

      Then, John McCain decided he would run for President.
      Against a ne’er do well “gubner” from Texas called “Dubya”.

      McCain came out of the box strong, winning, actually destroying “Dubya” in New Hampshire.
      Then came South Carolina and it was over.
      the “Christian” guy I’d like to have a beer with, “Dubya” said he had a
      illegitimate “colored” daughter, and HOW “Christian” was that, and John
      McCain was done.

      Now, here he is.
      “Code Pink” being dragged out of his convention speech, to the zealots screaming “USA! USA!”

      John McCain ain’t no “war hero” let’s get that straight.
      McCain is a right wing whore, who is prepared to get down on his knees
      and suck any right wing dick that’s put in front of him.
      He’s already proved it.
      He ain’t no “Maverick”.
      If he was a “Maverick” he’d be in jail right now for strangling who ever levied that insult against his “colored” daughter.

      John McCain is speaking right now, delivering his “BIG” speech.
      How fucking inspiring.

      crook ain’t fit to carry Barak Obama’s briefcase and tomorrow morning I
      plan on getting in any body’s face that differs with me.
      War Hero?

      Blow me.


      Let’s talk.

      THIS is a war hero.

      1. Pete Paradissis says

        Shut Up jetMAGGOT!

      2. MAHB001 says

        Liberals are jealous. AND weak minded lemmings.

        Thanks for proving bigotry, lies, and deceit, flourish in ignorant people like you.
        Quit wasting your time, copying insults from your handlers. Insults are a sign of weakness and the only thing your post has is Insults.

      3. mac12sam12 says

        The peeps welcome your usual lengthy diatribe!

      4. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Your stupid sissy picture is to make us think that you don’t sit down to pee. Take all of your UNFOUNDED shlok and get a job. Oh, try not to swear when you spew and rage. LMAO!!

        1. jetmagnet says

          With a name like osama obama-you’re another whore for the right who sucks KOCK and believes all the shit shoveled your way as long as it’s Hate,racist and bigotry, otherwise you’re an “empty shell” bound for Hell.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            shitmagnet spews, froths and again admits that he, like ocumstain and the rest of his ilk, libsissies, are NOTHING. LATSFAH!!

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Shit magnet, don’t forget, LibTURDS are sissies and we have to feed, protect and satisfy their women.

          3. jetmagnet says

            I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. Libturds? I guess you shit a libturd every morning and you still look UGLY and yo mamma too! lmao

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I’m sorry shitmagnet, I’ll rephrase it……LibSISSIES!! You know ..scared of your own shadow, “gubment gotta provide for me”, “shriek!!, it’s a (gasp) GUN!!)” Now bring me your wife so I can show her how it’s done! LMAO!!

        2. jetmagnet says

          I guess if i chewed tabacke, screwed my sister, had a confederate flag over my bed and burned crosses in negroes yards – i could growup to be a Fine Racist Pig like yourself, but fortunately I had parents that lived.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Hi Shitmagnet! When will you sissies man up and earn your own way? I’m ready to satisfy your wife now. She sez your libTURD ass never could. Too busy spewing and throwing things.

    3. Joseph Toth says

      If they’re ass were in danger, they would want someone like Chris Kyle out there to save their fat ass.

      1. Ronney says

        They do not have the guts to be put in that situation.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          LibTURDS are sissies and we have to feed, protect and satisfy their women.

          1. Ronney says

            No doubt

      2. Croco Dile says

        We don’t need those mercenaries.


        1. Lougjr1 says

          Croco dile, You are still wet behind the ears and obviously are living in a fantasy world. You will find out that this world in much more complicated than you will ever imagine !

          1. Croco Dile says

            I already know what you are writing.
            Do you have something of substance to tell me what I can learn from ?

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LibTURDS are sissies and we have to feed, protect and satisfy their women.!

          3. Lougjr1 says

            Why should I waste my time, you have already been indoctrinated by your liberal upbringing. Before you learn anything, you must be of clear mind. Then you will be able to learn from your own observations by not watching and listening to liberal HS and College professors who have the ability to mess with your brain. You must also question anyone and everyone who tries to convince you that they are an authority on the subject. If you are not sure, look it up and find the answer ! That would be a good start !

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            Folks, this is the major reason for a lot of people being up in arms over what’s happening to this once great country – people like croc-of-bile having nothing better to do than wile away his hours behind a computer screen insulting everything that’s good, while mommy hands him his soup and crackers for lunch. I have glass to cut and customers to satisfy. Y’all have a nice day.. CHRIS KYLE, YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MY HERO.. RIP BUD, RIP…

          5. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

            You sound like an over educated intellectual who doesn’t understand reality. Your life revolves around academic debates that have no relation to real life. How pathetic.

        2. rrecroc says

          Whenever something doesn’t make sense …… in any way ……. simply follow the money and you will get to the truth.

        3. chuckles says

          So why don’t you just say what you are promoting,….Anarchy. Many call themselves Libertarian, but it’s basically Anarchy with no morals. You end up with Occupy Wall Street spreading feces on cop cars and raping girls in tents as you spread garbage on private property. You end up moving back home with mom as you can’t pay your bills and then get welfare and food stamps from the “man” because the world you imagine doesn’t exist. You just end up a blood sucking parasite in bondage to others that are truly free.

          1. Croco Dile says

            Just continue with this lovely government sucking you dry.
            Poor guy…… I feel sorry for you.

        4. dinkerduo says

          Oh really sweetie?!? Who’s gonna protect your sorry–uninformed–immature azz when the going gets rough? You?? hahahaha

          1. Croco Dile says

            I don’t need your protection, dinker clown.


          2. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

            Choco Dile, I hope you are enjoying the freedoms that people like me have dedicated our lives in defending. The following poem tells people like you where your freedom came from.

            THE VETERAN!

            It is the VETERAN, not the Preacher, who has given us FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

            It is the VETERAN, not the Reporter, who has given us FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

            It is the VETERAN, not the Poet, who has given us FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

            It is the VETERAN, not the Campus Organizer who has given us FREEDOM TO ASSEMBLE.

            It is the VETERAN, not the Lawyer, who has given us the ARIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL.

            It is the VETERAN, not the Politician, who has given us the right to vote.

            It is the VETERAN, who fights under the Flag; It is the VETERAN, who salutes the Flag; It is the VETERAN, who eventually has his coffin draped with the flag.

            So, next time you see a VETERAN, walk up to him or her and thank them
            for their service and their sacrifice! (Yes, Choco Dile, I said sacrifice, because that is what we have done: we put our lives on hold: we sometimes have to leave our love ones (wives and children) behind and they have to carry on. Oh, yeah, sometimes one of us makes the ultimate sacrifice: WE ARE KILLED DO OUR DUTY!)

            Oh, by the way Choco Dile, may the Great Spirit watch over all of you and guide your steps for all eternity.

            US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; Door gunner, 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if this wonderful country and its people ever needed me because my oath of enlistment does not have an expiration date. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 and retired from the Id. Air National Guard Apr. 1, ’92 as
            an E-6.


          3. Croco Dile says

            It was the VETERAN who helped a gang of thieves and murderers to stay in power and enslave us for centuries !

            YOU DID IT.

            People falsely assume that many of the useful and legitimate things that benefit human society require the existence of “government.” It is good, for example, for people to organize for mutual defense, to work together to achieve common goals, to find ways to cooperate and get along peacefully, to come up with agreements and plans that better allow human beings to exist and thrive in a mutually beneficial and non-violent state of civilization, But that is not what “government” is. Despite the fact that “governments” always claim to be acting on behalf of the people and the common good, the truth is that“government”, by its very nature, is always in direct opposition to the interests of mankind. “Authority” is not a noble idea that sometimes goes wrong, nor is it a basically valid concept that is sometimes corrupted. From top to bottom, from start to finish, the very concept of “authority” itself is antihuman and horribly destructive.

            Thank you for bringing Democracy to the world, Veteran !

          4. FortyFive says

            Choco Dile, you must have been born AFTER 9/11 and never understood what happened to the Twin Towers or the evil, savage perpetrators from the Middle East that carried it out. You said “It is good, for example, for people to organize for mutual defense, to work together to achieve common goals, to find ways to cooperate and get along peacefully, to come up with agreements and plans that better allow human beings to exist and thrive in a mutually beneficial and non-violent state of civilization”. Well, bubba, I hate to break the news to you over what we had here in the United States before 9/11 but we were very close to your fantasy utopia. Then it was shattered by the cowardly mooselimbs hijacking civilian aircraft and crashing them into civilian buildings. Nothing strategic or military about their targets. Just evil old-fashioned murderers in the context of Cain and Abel. Except the cowards of 9/11 were MASS MURDERERS. CSWO Chris Kyle removed the savage vermin with surgical precision and did not KILL any vermin that didn’t deserve it. NO COLLATERAL DAMAGE TO CIVILIAN NON-COMBATANTS.

          5. Croco Dile says

            45, unfortunately you are full of crap.
            Especially about 9/11 believing this idiotic conspiracy theory about Muslim hijackers.
            There were even no real airplanes involved, so how could there possibly be real hijackers ?!
            This is pure fantasy !

            But if I’m wrong, then you sure can show me ONE foto or video with a visible vortex after the “real” planes “hit” the towers !?

            Where is the VORTEX ?????

          6. FortyFive says

            I am unwilling to qualify an ignorant statement with an intelligent response. I understand, you reject my reality and replace it with your own ignorance. I get it.

          7. Michael Dennewitz says

            I think parts of the twin towers actually fell on your disgraceful ass, TROLL… Go ask mommy for some more koolaide. You’re making a lot of people sick. And don’t even try to convince people that you’re ex military. The likes of you could never have been anything but a traitor. If you’d been beside me in Nam, hell with the gooks, I would’ve shot your miserable ass!;

          8. Croco Dile says


            Right !
            I will definitely take an advice from a mentally limited guy like you.


            Were you a capable one, then you would have shown me a foto or video already where a vortex can be seen…. you goof-off.

          9. Alexander Seredin says

            Veteran is a fool who dies to enrich Oligarchs, I know I was that fool.

          10. FortyFive says

            Alexander Seredin: Hmmm. Copy and Paste much? Seems I’ve seen your subtle philosophy of pacifism before? Tell me about your solution to the problem of “Oligarchs”, or in our case, TRAITOR MUSLIM in the People’s White House and complicit TRAITORs in the House and Senate? We DO have some common ground. I’m just poking a stick at you.

          11. Michael Dennewitz says

            Another ass kissing liberal, just like Croc-of- Bile.. And we all wonder why this country is sooo screwed up…Pay no attention to it FortyFive. Perhaps, like a good fart, the Oder will soon go away…

          12. Lori says

            John, I am just here to say Thank YOU and all that have served! You all have my undying and unending gratitude! Although I did not vote for this clown, I apologize for the harm he is doing to our country, the one so many served for and the many that lost their lives for, God Bless YOU ONE AND ALL!

          13. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

            Lori, you need not apologize for this clown that thinks he’s doing a bang up job. To me the only job he’s fit to do is kiss our enemies arses. The man(?) is nothing but a damn coward and worthless one at that. Oh, I also should say those that think he is great need to move to some country that all they have to do is bow and scrape and wait for their Supreme Leader to give them their scraps.

      3. Elizabeth E. Price says

        Chief Executive of Yahoo! – Marissa Meyer , is recommending people to start freelancing from home… Something that I have been doing for over 2 years now. My profit, for this year alone is $53k so far and all I needed was nothing more than my laptop and several hrs of free time each week at home working online job over internet company, despite that i have a full-time employment beside it. Great thing is that even newbies, can get $50/hr with no trouble and the earnings can go even higher over time… This is where i started. wey….

        See This Now…… pocketisonlyfordol.blogspot.com


    4. Laurence Almand says

      You are correct! Kyle was a noble and dedicated man. If the Lib/Socialists don’t like soldiers, let them move to China!

      1. Disgust says

        or just get rid of them one way or another.

      2. Croco Dile says
        1. rrecroc says

          We are now an Oligarchy …. both Princeton and Northwestern Universities have published supporting statements in the last year. 10% of the ppeople control 85% of the wealth. There is no representational govt under such conditions ……. what we have now is a collaboration between the Oligarchs and the Government for their mutual interests …… to hell with the public. That is the classic definition of fascism. The strategies and movements of the govt and the Oligarchs are for their own interests ……… the soldiers still believe they are fighting for the public back home. They aren’t ….. they are fighting for the agenda of the Oligarchs.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Which univerSHITTY did you sleep through??……..At MY expense??

      3. Alexander Seredin says

        What is “noble” about being a mass murderer?

        1. Croco Dile says

          Maybe because he had an American flag on his uniform !?
          Had he a Russian flag, then he would be a mass murderer….

          But Kyle was murdering on orders of “our” psychopaths, so he is a “good” guy. And he never questioned the orders given by the psychopats, so this makes him a “patriot” !

          1. Kent2012 says

            spoken like a true coward, the same as the idiot twit seredin…

          2. Croco Dile says

            ….. said the true coward2012 !

            Lying to me is not a big deal, coward, but lying to oneself is unforgivable idiocy !

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            How does Ocumstain sleep??

          4. Kent2012 says

            with his tiny head up his large azz…

          5. Alexander Seredin says

            Thanks Croc You took the words out my mouth

          6. Kent2012 says

            too bad that those of us who put on a uniform did so in order to preserve your right to free speech, only the read what you and that twit wrote….the word that describe you and croconutless starts with a “c”…..

          7. Alexander Seredin says

            You put your uniform to make Klein brothers rich and George Soros US banker

          8. Kent2012 says

            no it was to protect the weak and the mentally incapable from being victimized by the communists…you know the modern day rags…now we have both because “cowards” will not stomp the dog squeeze out of these worthless scum….need to get your nostrils farther down in the atmosphere…you are depriving your last two brain cells of sufficient oxygen….

          9. Alexander Seredin says

            You are a typical scumbag that world needs to get rid off. Today it is”communists” tomorrow it will be someone else, and bankers are laughing their heads off

          10. Kent2012 says

            hey up yours jerkoffsky…

          11. teachersaide says

            APPARENTLY, YOU failed Your world history class, or YOUR schools’ history class failed YOU! At least 100 MILLION people have been killed by COMMUNISTS (conservative estimate!), dim wit! Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Min, etc. LOOK it up, if you don’t believe me! I am of an age, where I remember Soviet Premier Kruschev, pounding a table at the UN, with his Shoe, and saying, “WE will bury YOU!”. I remember nightly news casts, where people were being Shot, while trying to escape FROM East Berlin, East Germany, any county that was behind the Iron Curtain, or Communist China. Gee, I’ll bet YOU have NO idea WHY those people were willing to Risk their lives, to get away from COMMUNIST oppression. Communism Translates into TOTALITARIANISM, just as much as Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, or Fascist Italy. Get an education, and stop watching MSNBC, et al.

          12. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

            HOORAH! I too am in your age group because I do remember Kruschev doing his little tantrum ‘Shoe-banging stunt.’ I enlisted into the Army in 1963 at the age of seventeen and finally decided to hang up my spurs in 1992.

            May the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide yours and their
            steps for all eternity.

            US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; Door gunner, 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if this wonderful country and its people ever needed me because my oath of enlistment does not have an expiration date. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 and retired from the Id. Air National Guard Apr. 1, ’92 as
            an E-6.


          13. Croco Dile says

            Thank you for helping the criminals enslaving us and killing people abroad who did nothing to YOU !

          14. teachersaide says

            Thank you for your service to our country. My spouse is retired Air Force, 22 years, all before I met him.

          15. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

            You’re welcome, Teach and tell that ‘Wing-nu,t (LOL) thanks for his service.

          16. Kent2012 says

            it would appear that croco dialo homo is another of the thousands of cowards that are on their prayer rugs right now mumbling some crap about keep the african pretender from danger…..these brain dead twits still have not got a clue as to why we have gone where we have gone – to do what we did….and those before us, our fathers and grandfathers, did this to preserve the concept of free speech, among other many great things about our great USA and we have to listen to or read crap from these mental midgets…..I just grit my teeth and know that they are outnumbered by the deserving…

          17. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Trust me sissy boy, you’ll go first!

          18. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LibTURDS are sissies and we have to feed, protect and satisfy them and their women. HAHAHA!

          19. Adam Brier says

            I am satisfying one right now. She is one entitled train wreck of a woman.

          20. FortyFive says

            Nice. I’m guessing Kent2012 is a Marine? Either way, thanks for YOUR service,bro’. Are you an OATHKEEPER yet?

          21. Kent2012 says

            yes, service with the wonderful crazies in the Army combat engineers..

          22. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

            Ken, after I said my oath of enlistment and added a couple of lines under my breath: “I will defend those that can not defend themselves, and yes I’ll even defend those that will not.” And, Brother, I ended with the following 4 words. “SO HELP ME GOD!”

            Ken, below you’ll see the oath that those of us that served:

            The wordings of the current oath of enlistment and oath for commissioned
            officers are as follows:

            “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So
            help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

            “I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States (can be changed to denote the branch of service that you are joining), as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
            that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)


            In the Armed Forces EXCEPT the National Guard (Army or Air)

            I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So
            help me God.

            In the National Guard (Army or Air)

            I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of (STATE NAME) against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of (STATE NAME) and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So help me God.

            Thanks for you service, My Brother.


          23. Kent2012 says

            Gary Owen Sarge…31st Combat Engineers..Phouc Vinh, RVN 70-71…in support of the Black Horse 1/7 1/9….

          24. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

            Hooah, Brother! Gary Owen too you also!

          25. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Next, remove his penis!

          26. FortyFive says

            Alexander Seredin said? “Thanks Coc, you took your member out of my mouth” Tee Hee Hee Hee!

          27. teachersaide says

            Kyle was PROTECTING his fellow soldiers. THAT is courage in any army! People who are trying to Kill OUR soldiers, based on Islamic extremist fundamentalism, NOT to protect themselves or their families, are called TERRORISTS! MAYBE you missed the Whole war to kick Iraq out of Kuwait? YOU know, the war that defeated Saddam Hussein in record time? The war that was stopped d/t to a cease fire/truce? AND, that cease fire had Conditions! Hussein had been in violation of those conditions for more than 3 YEARS, by refusing access to weapons inspectors. KNOW what happens in the REAL WORLD, when someone violates a cease fire/truce? GROW UP! YOU got a beef with the administration that ordered that invasion/war, Fine, take it up with them. DON’T go slamming OUR troops, for obeying the Lawful orders of their lawful commanders!

          28. Croco Dile says

            But WHY were “OUR soldiers” even there ?????

            WHY was Kyle even there ????

            Too much to comprehend for you ?

            Thank you for bringing Democracy to Iraq, idiot !

          29. teachersaide says

            WHY were they there? THEY were there, because Hussein VIOLATED the Terms of the CEASE FIRE! Grow UP!

          30. Croco Dile says

            What ????
            Hussein did what ?

          31. teachersaide says

            A Major part of the cease fire/truce, was the admission of weapons inspectors, to monitor for WMD’s. Saddam Hussein had Kicked them out of HIS weapons factories, for over 3 YEARS! REAL world, REAL consequences. I do realize that “Consequences” is equivalent to a 4 letter word, for liberals. But, like I said, it’s the REAL world.

          32. Croco Dile says

            So this is why the Bush/Cheney gang waged war on Hussein and found….. nothing ?

          33. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says


          34. FortyFive says

            Well, if you believe the propaganda libtard media. But after the fact, WMDs were found but the propaganda media chose to ignore and silence further reporting of the find as it defied and invalidated their sensationlist “journalism”. Too bad you all were wrong and that is hard to accept and swallow with your depth of hatred of PATRIOTS. 🙂

          35. FortyFive says

            Just compare our lack of rapid response to the 9/11 attack to the RAPID and FOCUSED response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Interesting. 9/11 consisted of Islamic cowards attacking civilian targets incognito, whereas Pearl Harbor consisted of Japanese cowards attacking military targets while looking us in the face. Our response to 9/11 SHOULD HAVE EXCEEDED, IN FORCE AND REACTION TIME, our response to Pearl Harbor. I’m done here. Beam me up Scotty, there are no intelligent responses here. Only cowards looking for entitlements and free handouts.

          36. Croco Dile says

            As I said, you are full of crap, 45.

          37. FortyFive says

            Your opinion. Just like assholes. We all have one. The question remains, who has the credible evidence. My information goes much deeper than your libtard, propaganda media. You only parrot and regurgitate what your libtard, biased resources feed you. MY facts, on the reality side, are based on witness evidence and physical contact. Just go on and drink your Kool-Aid. People like you will never wake up to reality, only your own version of utopia.

          38. teachersaide says

            GIVE me 3 YEARS to find hiding places for WMD’S, almost unlimited access to money & power, with armies to command, a space the size of approximately California, and I could HIDE the Washington Monument, disassembled, and YOU would never find it!

          39. Croco Dile says

            This is exactly what the Bush/Cheney regime hat to their disposal and came up empty handed…… but with a lot of propaganda drumming in MSM, which you seem to be a victim of.

          40. teachersaide says

            NOPE, I said this before ANYBODY else did.

          41. Adam Brier says

            He was violating international law by ignoring cease fire and no fly zones.
            Go live in a country that doesn’t have a military or a national backbone, you’d be much happier there pussy.

          42. Croco Dile says

            This was the justification given by Bush and Blair for the war ?
            Iraqui airplanes flying in Iraqui air space ?

            Can you invent something that makes sense ?

          43. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Sorry teacher, from this point on, the libsissies spew such crap, I can’t stomach it. Good luck! Don’t forget,libTURDS are sissies and we have to feed, protect and satisfy their women.

          44. FortyFive says

            Hey, pussboy, Chief Kyle doesn’t need a defense for his actions from morons who, with EXTREME COWARDICE, attack him and his family. You more than adequately identify yourself as an ignorant follower of leftist, neofacist, muslim-supporting commie ignorance

          45. FortyFive says

            btw, PUSSBOY, there IS a difference between “murder” and “KILLING”. islamofascists MURDERED Americans on 9/11, and Americans KILLED islamofascists since. too bad your hatred of freedom and America blinds you so much.

          46. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

            Dile, if he’d had a Russian flag on his uniform and was doing the same thing that the CPO did, he’d be just another soldier defending his fellow soldiers against an enemy that was trying to kill them. US Combat Veteran (Vietnam: ’68-’69, 1st Cav Div (AM) Helicopter Door gunner) and damn proud to have served.

          47. Croco Dile says

            Kyle and his fellow soldiers WERE the ENEMY !


        2. 0331Tap says

          Another dumb one…

        3. Mark Luhman says

          Alexander do you mean like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. As to a solder protecting his fellow soldiers that is killing the enemy, no matter what side he is on. Mass murder are those who kill non combatants and innocent people, but such logic is lost on people like you Alexander. I would suspect Marx or Rachel Carson are some of your heros yet they killed millions without firing a shot.

          1. Croco Dile says

            Are you one of those morons on the street ?


          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You are a sissy and we have to feed, protect and satisfy you and your women.

          3. dinkerduo says

            Don’t forgot Hitler–Lenin–the Kims of No Korea–Che–Noreaga–ISIS–all of the Muslim Brotherhood and their off shoots–etc.– etc.—there are too many to list!
            But these brainwashed–naïve–done nothing–no nothings think the world is all rainbows and sunshine–too bad they’ll have to learn the hard way but they’ll be the first ones screaming for HELP at the first sign of trouble to their precious little lives!!!

          4. Alexander Seredin says

            I mean like Dick Cheney, George Bush and your lover Chris Kyle

          5. Lori says

            Alexander, all I can see about you is you are a foolish, foolish man! Bet you voted for Obamie twice, didn’t you? I won’t even mention how much I loath you people!

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            Another dumbass troll. I have glass to cut…..(what hole are these assholes dug out of?)

          7. Alexander Seredin says

            With a name like yours I am sure you know all about assholes

          8. Michael Dennewitz says

            Your mother’s ass must have been in severe pain when she shit you out! So much pain that she forgot to flush afterwards!!

          9. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yep, I can see you coming a mile away.. ROFLMFAO

        4. OSAMA OBAMA says

          LibTURDS are sissies that we have to feed, protect and satisfy their women.

        5. Adam Brier says

          He was in the US military following orders. You are a complete imbecile and should move out of the USA. You are not wanted here. If you don’t understand what he did and why he did it, there is no hope for you and you don’t deserve to enjoy the benefits of freedom. If you said the things here around me in public, there is a good chance you would get sucker punched

        6. wapitihunter says

          What is noble about being an idiot? Who or what did you lay your life on the line for? Or have you.Spineless scum.

          1. Alexander Seredin says

            If I was stupid enough to lay my life:” for Geeorge Soros, do you think I would be here talking to you you stupid scum? I would rather shithead like you die for Oligarchs.

          2. wapitihunter says

            Chris nor I laid my life on the line for George Soros but for your brothers in arms and for freedom loving people every where. Chris died trying to help a fellow warrior. Chris gave more of himself than all but a few before he died. His wife and children sacrificed more than so many. All gave some, Chris gave all. Have you given any or do you just take?

          3. Alexander Seredin says

            Stuff your “freedom” up your clacker. How can you give something you do not possess yourself? US has more incarcerated people than the whole world combined, because Soros’s investors make billions on private prisons. Maybe you should be there to see it.

          4. wapitihunter says

            Stuff your inflated head up your, I guess you can’t because it’s already there. It has to be because your talking out of your clacker.

          5. Alexander Seredin says


          6. Kent2012 says

            that is because our police force is better and our courts put monkey humpers away for a visit in the anal love factory…..

          7. Alexander Seredin says

            ….and American Diapers are better, look at Kyle, killed 300 before lunch!

          8. Michael Dennewitz says

            Asswipe, you wouldn’t even win a fight with first grade children. Deep down, you are insanely jealous of anyone who would achieve the fame such as Chris Kyle did. Why don’t you gather up all of your pussy friends and move to Iraq. We’ll listen to your pitiful screams as they chop off your empty head. What an ASSHOLE!!

          9. wapitihunter says

            I regret I replied to you. I should know better than to reply to a partisan bigot. I should not have incovenienced the other readers to have your comments take up space on their monitors instead of having intelligent comments take that space. I Will try to refrains from replying in future to people who can not grasp concepts and principles that this nation was founded upon. I will forever believe that Chris Kyle was and is an American hero for his sacrificesto protect and help those who fought for our Constitution and our rights. Yes Chris even fought for the right so that even imbeciles can voice their opinion.

          10. Alexander Seredin says

            All I can say to idiots like you is:
            Well, if you really feel that
            strongly about it..Here’s your rifle..Here’s your parachute..We ran out
            of the desert camo, but here is a bright day-glo orange jumpsuit left
            over from Gitmo..Watch your head climbing into that transport plane..And
            we’ll call whoever it is you are telling us needs to be invaded this
            week and tell them you are on your way to kick their butts all by
            yourself.But given the very long history of the United States government
            and the corporate media lying and tricking us into wars, you will
            forgive We The People if we sit this one out and keep our children safe
            at home.

          11. Michael Dennewitz says

            And this fucktard actually thinks he’s funny!! RIFLMFAO

          12. Kent2012 says

            partisan bigot and space monkey humper…

          13. wapitihunter says

            LOL is that the best you can do? You are a joke. A mindless joke. You are so stupid you are almost funny.

          14. Kent2012 says

            Wapiti, I was adding a few more identifiers for alexi seranwrap and croco delio homo, the brain dead trollers visiting us from the huffy puffy posty..

          15. Michael Dennewitz says

            You’re such a liar asshole. The words that spew from your diseased brain, prove that you know absolutely NOTHING about the military or the word hero. Crawl back into that diseased hole you were shit from Sorryden…

          16. snowyriver says

            Hey hunter lets get light.. Deceased wapiti 100 yds from my house right now.. Deceased because of foot rot.

          17. wapitihunter says

            It is a shame for such a noble and beautiful animal to die such a slow and painful death.Was it an abnormally wet year?

          18. snowyriver says

            out here in the Pacific Northwest it is always wet.. LOL

            Subject: Re: Comment on Racist Killing Sprees: The Condemnation of Chris Kyle

          19. wapitihunter says

            Then it was a Roosevelt or a Rocky Mountain?

          20. snowyriver says

            Roosevelt .. There is an epidemic of foot rot in this area.

            Subject: Re: Comment on Racist Killing Sprees: The Condemnation of Chris Kyle

          21. wapitihunter says

            Thats a shame. Can anything be done? I know you can’t hardly catch and doctor them. Down South of here a little bit we had chronic wasting disease hit the whitetail herd but they have rebounded well. Here predators, mostly coyotes took a toll on the fawns. After killing a few the fawn survival rate is increasing. God giveth and God taketh away. We are but a pawn in his plan. From the background in your AV I can tell you live in God’s country. It’s beautiful there. How is the bear population and wolves? In Colorado where I hunted I saw the elk and bear population explode. I watched the elk migration from Colorado into New Mexico one day. It was amazing. I did not tale an elk that year but the hunt was amazing just watching the thousands of elk come out of the high country. I wish you and the elk well. Stay safe and stay free, keep your powder dry and stay locked and loaded.

          22. snowyriver says

            I live in the shadow of Mt St Helens. just 50 miles from here to the end of the road at the view point.. also just 50 miles to the Great Pacific Ocean. The Washington Dept of fish and Wildlife is doing study on the elk here. I don’t have much confidence it them. Yes there are wolves at Mt St Helens. I have seen them.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Racist Killing Sprees: The Condemnation of Chris Kyle

      4. OSAMA OBAMA says

        “LibTURDS are sissies and we have to feed, protect and satisfy their women.”

      5. John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.) says

        Laurence, they could maybe join up with ISIS, that is if they have the kahoonies and try spewing their garbage.

      6. Michael Dennewitz says

        You see what I mean folks? Seredin and Croc-o- bile, amongst others, are the main reason why this country is about to be screwed! Not an ounce of patriotic blood flows thru their deranged minds. Oh yes, after I’ve signed off, the assholes of the world derive great pleasure in brushing up on their vocabularies and laughing, while they insult someone else. Truth be known, someone stick a gun in their miserable faces, they’d definitely shit their panties!! Sooooo, ramble on you super intelligent, left wing, radical, traitor assholes. Everyone in here pretty much has you all pegged.. RIP CHRIS! TRUE AMERICA IS INDEBTED TO YOU AND APPRECIATES WHAT YOU DID FOR THE LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY !!

    5. KayO says

      And they’re exercising their free speech that he protected.

    6. Ronney says

      Or Pride, Honor, etc. your right they do not have a clue.

    7. Mark Luhman says

      Actual to liberal Ghris only crime was he was not killing conservatives.

  3. Croco Dile says

    Monday, January 26, 2015
    ‘American Sniper’: Lies and Propaganda to Divide a Nation
    Brandon Turbeville


    1. usms85 says

      You are a very lucky individual. Lucky u are anonimous to me. That is all you will get out of me

      1. Croco Dile says

        85 a happy slave to the sociopathic slave masters ?

        1. Btty says

          Okay, I’ll say it. Croc, your not worth the powder to blow you to hell. Your a coward scumbag who reaps the rewards of those brave men and women who fight so you can spew your hateful rhetoric. Usms85 has to much class to waste his time on puke.

    2. Trythis Last says

      Of course… Anything that exposes socialist commie radical Islam for what it is must be propaganda, eh?

  4. Croco Dile says

    Thank the Troops for What ?
    This is for those who keep saying that if you love freedom, you should thank a veteran.


    1. Lt Bil Drat says

      D’Fuq did I just watch?

  5. Alexander Seredin says

    He was a “Christian” Can do no wrong. Just kill

    1. Jerry Holloway says

      Oh well I she we have another idiot here.

      1. Alexander Seredin says

        Yes Holowhead, 7 million dead Vietnamese will testify to what I said

        1. chamuiel says

          do you always live in the past?

        2. Jerry Holloway says

          That’s correct and most of them killed by there own people . Let’s see by clearing out entire villages of its people who was that? Oh yeah his name was POL POT was it not ? And I’m the one with a hollow head .

          1. Alexander Seredin says

            I was there and saw it. makes you a bloody LIAR.

  6. Valor says

    The louder the left and American haters squeal, the better I like it. If it weren’t for the Chris Kyles there would be no America and these idiots wouldn’t have the right to spew their stupidity.

  7. thebearded1 says

    Liberal vs. Conservative, good grief, these are ideologies. Both have flaws. Get down to the players – who is doing the dissing, who is involved with some sort of master plan, and then you can accurately identify what’s going on. Not all conservatives are good; otherwise we’d be in a RINO-free world and we aren’t. Liberals aren’t all that liberal when free speech is bashed at Christians, ‘racist’ is salted upon anyone who isn’t in lock step with a mantra. Divide and conquer is the biggest game in town. Our biggest problem, and it belongs squarely in the hands of people, is being duped by politicians who will get you ‘something’ and take away more. And war is not the answer, except when the threat is upon you. Those wars we should be fighting, hard…but alas, we’re toying with enemies and wooing despots. Didn’t work for the Republicans and it’s a disaster again for the Democrats. But, more people are getting the notion that it’s all a game and the game’s rigged to let ‘the house win’. Now if we all could play to OUR advantage…

  8. Trythis Last says

    Like obama and most other libtard radicals, their “self-thoughts” are revealed in their Freudian slips.
    Racist killing sprees quite accurately describes the killer radical muslims who run around beheadings people and shouting death to America… Death to Israel…death to infidels.
    Chris Kyle would not even qualify as a novice in the killing streets of Chicago!

    Get a life worth living!


    Folks-Asses like Moore & the perverted left are only kept alive by soldiers like Chris Kyle- The muslim terrorist would chop their heads off in a heart beat- queers faires- lesbians will vanish-no head-when it starts people likevmoorevwill be gone

  10. Joshua Alkema says

    These deplorable people should just leave America and never come back. I personally Honor Our great soldiers and marines. They gave so much courage and valor. Long Live America

  11. Celia Gelber says

    What did Ayman Mohyeldin want Kyle to do????? Deliver candy to the bastards? They should all rot in hell and I bless Kyle for his devotion to our country! He is my hero!

    1. Btty says

      AMEN Celia.

  12. privae times says

    American Sniper one of many who are keeping America free so asses like this can speak out.

  13. brabbie2002 says

    Typical libtard. Can’t make any sense to a living person, so they pick on the dead. That is until election day. Then the dead are dug up and made to vote dumborat by the thousands!!!

  14. Celia Gelber says

    Thank u btty- we are on the same “sane” wave length! That is wrong with the other maniacs? So many liberal americans are just not with it! This counrty is in such trouble and no one wants to face it!

    1. Btty says

      I agree. We are living in very dangerous times and it’s sickening that these cowards can try to demean our military like they do especially during times of war! They are traitors, and deserve to be hung by the neck until dead!

      1. Name says

        they deserve to be exiled to the middle east, then again they would all probably fit in with those goat-fuckers over their

        1. Btty says

          ROFLOL. couldn’t agree more. I believe these two idiots are either Muslims or obvious Muslim sympathizers

  15. PCLEMSC says

    Notice that NO-ONE is commenting on the character in the movie who was the Muslim counterpart to Kyle.
    A sniper who killed a child with an electric (Battery) drill, and who had a torture chamber with a trophy rack of hacked off arms and legs and who knows what else, along with a corpse hanging from the ceiling, bound with chains, and his feet cut off. No one seems to be castigating him, least of all the Muslim public relations guy, Mohyeldin. Here’s a guy who loves to torture people, even children, in gruesome ways without a word of criticism. But they heap criticism on the SEAL who shoots to protect his buddies, and who suffers serious remorse for the possibility that he may have to shoot a young boy.

  16. Jerry Cox says

    They are so quick to rip a patriotic American while holding up someone like Trayvon Martin Michael Brown as symbols of young innocent children killed by a racist policemen. These two thugs were violent young men that imitated the parents who were angry and bad apples. The left liberals don’t care about using any facts only what they read in the tabloids and it is all about them.

  17. bb says

    Ayman Mohyeldin and the rest of those towel heads over there at al jazz horse poop, CAN SUCK A BIG ONE!!!!!

    They hate America. That is the problem. They hate EVERYONE here. Even the regular every day folks. I ran into some SEALS in Jump School. They were, as Kyle’s future wife said in the movie, a bunch of conceited A-holes that thought they were better than every one else, but, maybe, that is what kept them going through the rough times. They certainly were good at their jobs. I watched the movie. I thought it was pretty good. I must say, though, I do not care for the actor that portrayed Mr. Kyle,Bradley Cooper. He played a guy named Sack, or some such nonsense, in the Wedding Crashers. I do not like that character one bit. Any How, Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!!!

  18. JosephDygas says

    There is no better racist than liberals, democrats and the Follywood elite!

  19. ROD38 says

    He is a great hero. Only terrorists, terrorists lovers and/or those fearing them try to deny it.

  20. Celia Gelber says

    Alexander- you are a moron and have obviously never served in the military! I thank G-d for that!

  21. Celia Gelber says

    Btty- we mucs be “soul sisters” G-d bless you!

    1. Btty says


  22. Celia Gelber says

    Love you and agree with everything you say!

  23. Pete Paradissis says

    When the Bast–ds came over here and slammed into the World Trade Centers it was on,fight them on their own turf.Chris Kyle is/was a true HERO,religion of peace my a–!

  24. gary says

    Anyone who thinks it is “racist” to hate muslims has been given an intravenous supply of government brewed “Cool Aid”, because clearly, you cant understand that when someone wants to kill you, it makes them your enemy by definition! There are two types of muslims. The first wants to kill you for not belonging to their cult, and the moderate muslim wants the other muslims to kill you for not belonging to their cult. Its not racist to hate muslims, its self preservation!

    1. russell lewis says

      To Josie the outlaw.suck it slowly.If you don’t like America get the fuck out Bitch! same yo you croc of shit.

      1. gary says

        They wont leave. We’re too busy importing them by the thousands and giving them hand outs and other government freebies! Obamas own aunt is an illegal alien here on the dole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Richard Falbo says

    Kris was definitely a HERO. They say it was prejudicial attacks? It’s called orders, don’t like it leave. I was a sniper and that was his job to protect the other soldiers. I’m sick and tired of Muslims saying they don’t like our beliefs. GO HOME this is the United States Of America, Not some foreign country.

    1. Kenyan Mocker says

      Yes we need to send the Muslims home, then follow them for the Final Crusade.

      Here they demand their rights doing nothing but using the system. How about we say they are a religion of piece when there can be Christian churches and Synagogues in Mecca.

  26. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  27. iccarus26 says

    When you acknowledge those that think in the opposite of what you are saying they get a kick out of replying with a bunch of bs and sit back and laugh while you may/maynot struggle to sound sane to their inane comments, they really don’t mean what they say, because if the taliban were to get ahold of them they would be begging for Kris to shoot the taliban and if Kris knew what they had said about him he would still take the shot to save their sorry a–=s, So three plus cheers for Kris Kyle my hero and the rest of our Armed forces that keep us free from the ah’s that want us dead and that also includes you spreaders of hate and malcontent with the United States. If you need a ticket to go let me know one will be on the way before you pack your bags.

  28. a fool says

    Carrying out one’s responsibility to serve under ~ Duty, Honor, Country, there is never shame nor crime! Anyone who has served the Country understands what it takes to go and use a gun on anything that is living, especially when the target is an other human. What happened to the Duty, Honor Country that was within all the souls in this Country, not too long ago? Have we all become wimpy little spin less nolthings?

  29. millerstwo says

    Just fourteen years ago Chris Kyle would have been a celebrated hero but today he’s known as a “racist on a killing spree”?
    Anyone who still thinks that the traitor occupying our White House isn’t a product of the Islam Religion is blind! As with all Muslims Obamas primary goals are the destruction of America or “The Great Satan” and nothing less than Genocide for the hated Israelis. We are not at war with Iraq per se we are engaged in another Holy war or Jihad very similar to the Crusades….Christianity vs. Evil !!!
    No one has ever won a Holy War!!!!

  30. jetmagnet says

    Liberals? Divide our country-rightwing lunatics. The list of so called liberal heroes defending the United states would take thousands of pages. The moronic response to millions of our armed forces who are liberal and support democratic principles or do not support the GOP – to say we know nothing about SACRIFICE SHOWS YOU THE PURE IGNORANCE OF THESE MORONS- Also, considering most of their idols and Tv and radio host deffered from serving adds to the hypocracy and stupidity of Tea bags.

    1. chamuiel says

      and yet another paid troll puts in an appearance. too bad you have nothing to say.

      tea bags? why are you obsessed with gays? have you came out yet?

    2. drattastic says

      Those are your people denigrating the memory of an American hero or did Michael Moore ,Seth Rogen and Ayman Mohyeldin suddenly become right-wingers ? Frankly it’s always the left who are repulsed and voice hatred for the military , they are the same kind of left-wing freaks who spit on returning Vietnam vets . As for the divide our country , it has never been so polarized since the civil war because of the disgrace that resides in the White House and his extreme far left administration , that division can be laid firmly at his feet .

      1. jetmagnet says

        The disgrace is the GOP that has Blocked every bill that helps veterans and Praise for Obama saving those programs along with Michelle and Joe biden’s wife. The GOP didn’t even honor vets in their 2012 republican convention and used them as props during the Shutdown. This vietnam vet and millions more support Obama. The GOP doesnot!
        They in fact killed americans for oil! Crippled 52,000 more for bushies personal ambitions and cheney’s haliburton. Name anything the GOP has done for vets?

        1. drattastic says

          You truly don’t have a clue what you’re talking about but that’s your typical liberal ,long on BS short on knowledge and I’m not in the mood to attempt to educate the void between your ears.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Typical what? You are a MORON sir. The only thing short is your inability to explain your shortcomings as a Human. You peeps pick likely bedfellows, george zimmerman, clive bundy and now another dud.

          2. drattastic says

            You’re rambling and foolish .

  31. Larry Wilson says

    Spoken as a True Racist Muslim!! Everyone else is racist except them……racist is not just a black and white thing. It is just as much the religious racist as all the others. So as a Muslim he would of course see it as racist because he sees it that way! The exact same way he sees it from the other racist Direction!

    He is very anti-christian and anti-American like so many of this religion are! As an infidel I am the other side of his coin as you could say and the enemy by his standards. I look at it this way…..If anyone is trying to kill me, my friends or my family, they are very much my enemy. And being that as it may be…..it seems like all of that faith are trying and even programmed to kill anyone that is not Muslim, Islamic or what ever they are. So like I said in the beginning…..he looks at it it a different light and direction.

  32. desertcelt says

    The government sends men to fight a war. Men like Chris Kyle do an efficient job of killing the enemy, thus saving American lives. Then dirt bags in the media and entertainment industry denigrate them. I would be for stripping these treasonous scum of their citizenship, confiscating their ill gotten wealth, giving it to war widows and then deporting them.

  33. Oldawg70 says

    Islam & Communism has declared war on the rest of the world…

  34. Oldawg70 says

    Chris Kyle did his job well…but not well enough because the evil just keeps multiplying! Now we need a legion of Chris Kyles in America. Personally I have had my belly full of killing but know that we either defend our country or they will destroy us. Obama is GOD’s punishment on this nation! Hell is coming!

  35. Sir Dirty Harry says

    Wonder what that POS thinks of the outlaw Josey Wales or Matthew Quigley movies?

  36. Combatvet52 says

    Yes he’s a terrible HERO because all you freaking LIBERAL idiots couldn’t fill his shoes so it’s all stupid LIBERAL jealousy, do have any idea how many lives American lives are saved by sniper fire……if not keep your fat mouths closed.

  37. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    Croco Dile, You should move to Iran, you sound exactly like a Jihadist. You are so far left that you meet yourself coming around the other way!
    Oh by the way, I spent 25 years in the military and NOBODY was pulling my strings!
    I SAW those muslim SCUMBAGS flying those aircraft into the World Trade Towers! Wiping them all out would be nothing more than taking the garbage out!
    Yes, there are peaceful muslims BUT there are a lot more insane ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Words can’t describe the contempt I have for the libTURD maggots. Truth is, American lives were saved by this hero’s actions and NO libTURD can deny that fact. Hey fatass Mikey Moore and Seth…GFYs.

  39. Conservative says

    It is so disgusting to hear the losers who live their little comfortable lives never contributing anything of value to help anyone but themselves. They are so jealous of ‘heroes’ that it sickens them to acknowledge that there are really good people, such as Chris Kyle and other veterans who give their all on behalf of their Country, their fellow soldiers, the people of the U.S., even those who are so ignorant and jealous all they can do is find fault.

    Let’s face it, the U.S. is crumbling; we have expelled God from our Government and welcomed Muslims, we are rejected morality and embraced every sexual perversion known to man, we have turned our children over to teachers who cannot teach and waste their time worrying more about political correctness and pornographic sex education.

    All the Progressives and Obama can do is bribery ‘just give the masses more’ but never teach or encourage what it really takes to become successful, content and happy. They talk about the American Dream and yet impose outlandish regulations and laws that stifle and halt the entrepreneurs. They are so quick to sue innocent people just trying to ‘make their dreams a reality’.

  40. 2001CPT35E says

    Chris Kyle – an American hero, a family man – a person who sacrificed his his own life for in order to hunt down the scum of the earth and for every target he took out – he likely saved 2-10 lives each time. Bad guys if they are not eliminated will normally kill between 2-10 people in their lifetime… more if they are terrorists. So, to all the naysayers about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle… just remember you are either with the troops who protect you or you are with the terrorists… there is no middle ground, and if you or your family’s life was being threatened – who would you rather call upon… Navy SEAL Chris Kyle or a terrorist? You will be forever missed Chris and as a former Army Soldier who also served in Iraq as a CI Agent, – I salute you for your service to our country… may your story inspire a new generation of American Defenders!

  41. MrSwingGuitar says

    This movie glorifies a man whose entire chronicle is riddled with lies. Of all the stuff that he reported since his return to the US, pretty much every detail has proven to be false. You may recall that Jesse Ventura won a lawsuit against Kyle because of one of Kyle’s total fabrications. Kyle was as much a truth teller as is

    Ted Nugent, whose stories of working for law enforcement have all proven to be bull. You’re entitled to your opinion about whether the Iraq war was motivated by noble goals, unidentified author of this article, but you truly can’t talk about a self-aggrandizing bull-slinger like Kyle as a great man without sounding like a fool.

  42. MarcJ says

    There is a sure cure for what ails us:
    1) We cured Hitler’s attempt to dominate Europe by killing him and 20 million Germans;
    2) We cured Japanese dreams of dominating Asia by killing 20 million Japanese;
    3) Reagan cured the Soviet dreams of dominating Europe, Asia, and Africa by building an unbeatable US military;
    4) We must cure the Islamist Jihad warriors’ dream of conquering the world by bombing them into dust by the millions.

  43. Kim Paulsen says

    he is a hero regardless of the rhetoric you asshooes come up with. You side with islam because you think they may rule someday gotta big surprise for you it is Americans you need to suck up too.

  44. Alexander Seredin says

    You can see the “heroes” like Kyle begging at the freeway exits all over JewSA

  45. russell lewis says

    Josie the outlaw and that croc of shit can both suck it slowly.If you don’t stand for us then you stand against us.So fuck both of you!unamerican cocksuckers!Eat shit and die.

    1. Lt Bil Drat says

      Who are you “replying” to. There’s nobody attached to your comment.

  46. Laurence Almand says

    If not for our armed forces – and dedicated volunteers like Chris Kyle – our Constitutional rights would mean nothing. The Socialist passive jerks always like to demean the armed forces and soldiers in general, while harping about their “rights” under the Constitution. No soldiers – no guns – no Constitution – no rights!

  47. Charlie says

    How do these leftist morons look at themselves in the mirror. Chris Kile is an American hero because he put his life on the line for us every day he was over there shooting bad guys. You
    people are free to speak out against him because of his and other soldiers’
    heroism. I wish you uninformed idiots would find someone who is not an American
    hero to cut down with your stupidity. Someone like Obama for instance, find out
    why your hero won’t tell you about his birth and childhood days, college days
    and so on. FUC$ all of you silly assed, idiotic, delusional dummys. I hope I don’t have to depend on you people to protect America from these crazy Islamic idiots when they bring the fight to our homeland.
    Maybe if you’re really nice to them and explain how you protested against Chris Kile, they won’t cut your head off. Good luck with that.

  48. dkuchera says

    A Great American, but here we go with Michel Moooreon, opens his mouth. Every time I see him and he reminds me of the pigs I used to take care of on my dads farm. I expect him to open his mouth the next time he is on a video and the words will come out OINK, OINK, Oink. At least pigs realized they were pigs and Michel Moooreon thinks he is smart.

  49. Jim Gregory says

    I know that Jesus tells us to love our enemies but it is almost impossible not to hate people like radical Muslims. The only thing they understand is a bullet in the head.

  50. Lougjr1 says

    All I can say, Long live Chris Kyles DNA in the American people. If it were not for people like Chris, we would not be the nation today !

  51. Michael Dennewitz says

    Goes to show you, once those liberal bastards get bored, they’ll start all kinds of shit! I suppose the bastards think every soldier that was in Nam when I was were all merciless racists too. Up your LAZY FAT ASSES liberals!!!

  52. anAmericanByChoice says

    End of discussion!

  53. cjg says

    guess what you liberal whinny ass holes, there are more of us out there…….. watch out!!!

  54. Monte R Stamper says


  55. Oldawg70 says

    I’ve asked this before…will ask again. What part of either the Constitution or The Ten Commandments would you either add to or take away from to improve life in this country? Islamic doctrine is both anti-american and anti-christian. Actions speak volumes and historically Islam has demonstrated absolute lack of peaceful tolerance for both…so…why should we not extend the same respect to you? That same challenge extends to Communism also. One nation under GOD…no compromise! If you don’t like it then it sucks to be you!

  56. pysco says

    Send that liberal camel jockey (Mohyeldin) Or (Moreyelling) back home… We don’t need him here he contributes nothing to America.

  57. William Homolka says

    The left are our modern day Tories who plagued the colonials during the American Revolution. When they won the war, the colonials drove most of them out of the new America. When we Patriots win the war against the Islamofascists, the American left and international banksters, we will do the same to them, God willing.

  58. d66cmorris says

    All this criticism coming from people who never did anything for this country. Put them in a uniform and send them into a war zone and see if they have the guts to survive and protect their fellow soldiers and friend. That the job of a sniper and it makes them heroes to all the ones they save.

  59. Dennis says

    Where was this crybaby asshole when Kyle was there going on a “killing spree” against the Somali pirates holding Capt Phillips with a gun against his temple? Kyle was ONE of the brave heroes that made it possible for Capt Phillips to spend Christmas at home. Just ask Capt Phillips if those Seals are heroes.
    To do what men like Kyle do one is usually not of the Sunday school teacher mentality. He understands this world we live in is REALLY a “kill-or-be-killed” world. His “hatred” against the enemy is not so much racial as it is resentment that men like the AQ or Taliban or ISIS or Somali pirates keep guys like hiim away from his family and the cultural aspects of American life that we all love.

    Next time lets see one of those liberal puss pockets grab a gun and go into harms way to help maintain their decadent and overly-paid lifestyles? What do we hear from guys that have already “been there, done that”? No complaints or any charges of racial hatred or murder charges coming from experienced veterans unless they are suffering from mental illnesses. We KNOW what it takes to get that job done. We KNOW that SOMEONE has to do it and we know who that SOMEONE has to be. You put emotions aside temporarily and you go after the enemy. Maybe you have to make some self-talk to keep your motivation high and your sanity in tact. Whatever you do, you get the job done and everyone in this country, nay the free world, should be thankful and pray thanks to God that those guys stand between the enemy and them. Every veteran and every active duty trooper is owed a lot more than just my simple “thanks for serving” but they should know that there are people like me that grieve for them every day. Not just grief for the fallen and those physically disabled but I grieve that they suffer everyday while in a combat zone and even if they survive and return home, they will leave behind a big part of what makes them the person they were originally. I grieve for them for that, it is sad and without any cure.

  60. guest says

    I condem c. eastwood,he forced Sondra locke to have two abortions,he’s a coward.Boycott c. eastwood,don’t enrichen him.As a veteran myself I support my fellow vets.

    1. Lt Bil Drat says

      Lmbo. You don’t appear educated enough to type a sixth grade sentence…I am a retired veteran of 27 years. Don’t insult us with your odd comments about a movie. Better yet have someone who can type do it for if you feel your Tourett syndrome makes you say things that don’t apply to the subject matter.

  61. William A. Barrow says

    It is easy to attack a dead man but remember, he was serving to cover your ass because most of you were not man or woman enough to be in the same uniform. And yes I served almost 20yrs in the service for you and that qualifies me to say what I am saying, buck-up and handle it.

  62. mallen11 says

    The movie was fantastic and stands for what true Americans believe in — FREEDOM.

  63. ObsoleteUSworker says

    The founding fathers were racists and sexists… Not all Republicans are racists, but racists are comfortable surroundings when they are around Republicans.

  64. Glenn H says

    I love that last sentence and totally agree with it!

  65. raziel71 says

    “Former AlJazeera correspondent” –That should tell you all about it. This is another terrorist sympathizer ,like most liberals are. I would like there was a way of identifying all these liberals in the street, so each time they need help from the police , veterans or any other they consider racists, they could be left out completely in their own. They are a burden to this country.

  66. mjnellett says

    Muslims kill Americans, Christians, including women and children My wife and I personally hate the pigs, and if hating what they do to our fellow human beings is RACIST…then so be it! Too many of our money hungry lawyers in America are willing to help these Muslim pigs to use our legal system against us. I guess law school scrubs their conscience of all principles, and values. We have tried reasoning with these people. Debating with these people, and debating with these people. All for naught. These people are just like their leader in America, Barrack Hussein Obama. Uncompromising, threatening, lying, deceiving, and arrogant. Their is no reasoning with people who are all too willing to kill mercilessly, or die trying, using ANY means necessary. Like cockroaches you have to wipe them out entirely, or they will come back again.

  67. Lee Walders says

    Liberals. These guy are insignificant in there on lives so they try to have some control over the people who actually have a life, liberals are some of the foolish and racist people that I have ever meet, this is the reason that they try so hard to label the republicans as the racist ones, sad part is , people actually believe the bs. All you have to do is listen to what they say, look at the policy that they offer or pass, and and the picture will appear, but if you need more, do your own research, but make sure that you do it, don’t rely on someone else opinion, someone else opinion is exactly why we are where we are at to day. Think for self and don’t let a liberal think for you or anyone else, do yourself.

  68. bayman61 says

    This man saved more American lives than he took enemy lives. Who cares how he did it as long as our soldiers come home. Where were these cry babies when the muslims attacked America on 9/11?

  69. fsa0033 says

    The enemy will attack from within if confronted with a superior force. They will fight as a friend then when the time is right, slit the throat of their enemy friend. They will live among the free then depose the freedoms that allowed them to harness the reigns.
    We must be vigilant. We must fight Islam and Sharia law. A Christian nation allows freedom for all. An Islamic nation forces harsh judgment on women, destroys freedom of will, and allows killings and dismemberment for minor situations. There is no freedom in Islam. Terror is their code.
    Our tolerance will be the end of us. Shut them down now. All laws should state that “No Sharia law” will be exercised or considered. We need to limit or restrict appointments to judicial seats, legislative (political) seats, and law enforcement positions. They will fill those every chance they get then overpower our society. Just watch.

  70. Jim says

    This discussion is not even arguable. If you don’t believe Chris Kyle was a hero, then there is no reason to convince you because you are beyond convincing of anything logical. I will say this, if a free country doesn’t have a strong military to defend our freedom, then that country will have neither. It is just that simple.

  71. RicC says

    If their ass was in danger, they would cower in a corner some where and submit t the enemy. THEY ARE COWARDS, plain and simple.

  72. brian James says

    Kyle is a American Hero(Patriot) who served his nation more than any of these other ass wipes liberals who live under the blanket of freedom these men provide for all even the ass wipe liberals.

  73. jim marcum says

    when someone is trying to kill you or blow up your platoon to take measures to prevent that would be necessary. I can’t understand how someone watched the movie and didn’t see that in every incidence people were ‘stopped’ that were trying to blow up American soldiers. don’t you think we should defend ourselves? do you believe we should turn the other cheek? the American soldiers, that I saw, in this movie were doing no more than protecting themselves.

  74. nevergiveup says

    Don’t let their words fool you. They twist words to confuse people. Chris Kyle was a hero, that’s all there is to it, period.!

  75. Alexander Seredin says

    Bloody murdering scum, in a civilized country he would be hung like an ordinary killer he is

  76. ONLYJB1 says

    The communist news media allows them so much voice. They can’t stand the fact that there are more real citizens than there are liberal/communist.

  77. WC Fisher says

    Chris Kyle’ You ARE an Idiot of an extreme magnitude. AN YOU Can Kiss my Bu-tt If it were not for Military people doing our job the way we do A-HATS LIKE YOU would be speaking another langue oOR SOMTHING ELSE.. CALL ME A-HAT we’ll do lunch and I’LL personally EXPLAIN THE FACTS OF LIFE IN VERY SMALL WORDS SO YOU’LL UNDER STAND!!!

  78. bb says

    Go suck a big weenie Moyheinnie, you towel headed peckerhead!’nn

  79. Greg Larson says

    After I read about a Muslim raring his 3 year old daughter then beating her t0 death, Then the Muslim Court Sentencing him 2 3 months in jail; As a Veteran I have ZERO respect for any muslim!!

  80. Alexander Seredin says

    I cannot believe there are so many people claiming to be “Christians” and who disregard the First commandment, completely

    1. Kent2012 says

      yowza, when the clowns come running lay down and wait….maybe they will think you have already croaked…

  81. 0331Tap says

    Who really cares what an Aljerzerjerk thinks

  82. bobmead1960 says

    I saw this idiotic muslims comments and Scarborough for one of the few times did the right thing! Shut up when you are a clear idiot.

  83. rmwayne says

    If any group is guilty of going on killing sprees and guilty of racism, it’s these muslim goons and their mass murdering of non muslims and their hatred toward Christians and Jews.

  84. bobangelo says

    Yes, the writer nailed it. “Liberals cant stand the fact that patriotism is having a moment in the sun”. These 2 brain cell morons hate everything about America, our military,our way of life and it just goes on and on. Put them in internment camps with the muslims and they can hold hands and sing kum-by-ya all day long. F-ing morons……

  85. Sam says

    There are too many American men who have laid down in rice paddies breathing through a bamboo straw while their remote post was over run by soldiers who would have killed them if they had been seen.
    Too bad these “so-called brilliant minds of movie and media” get coverage while people are liberated from oppression! by American men of valor including Chris Kyle.

  86. OSAMA OBAMA says

    May God bless Chris Kyle and damn the libsissies that sit at home while he protects our other hero men and women in uniform. One bullet may have save hundreds of heros and innocents. Michelle Moore, you big, bloated, fat pile, GFY!

  87. KatRob says

    I can’t believe that the sheeple still believe that the military is running around the world alleging protecting our freedom. Come on! How many died in Vietnam allegedly fighting communism so it wouldn’t spread here, and today communism is infested in every aspect of this country. How are our freedoms jeopardized by what’s going on in another country? We’ve got no business in the Middle East, it’s all about defeating israHELL’s enemies. israel has been murdering Palestinians since they stole their land and the US has supported them, so what’s so hard to understand why Arabs hate us?

    Chris Kyle was a coldblooded murderer who got his karma for killing people who never did us no harm, we’re the ones who invaded their countries. Rest in piece you murdering piece of crap! Snipers are cowards, shooting innocent men, women and children in the back, etc.

  88. white lightning says

    Perhaps liberals should live under Sharia for a while first.

  89. wapitihunter says

    There have been many successful Snipers but no one is attacking them. Chris is not much different than the others. I can’t understand why people are attacking him. I don’t remember this much hostility against Marcus Luttrell. Marcus wasn’t a sniper but a warrior. How many of the enemy did Marcus kill. I bet you he wishes he had killed more so that he may have saved his brothers. Many Snipers were more successful in the number of confirmed and unconfirmed kills. Where is the rant about them? Or are they attacking Chris because he is dead and can’t fight back. Or are they attacking him because the movie was so successful. People who attack Chris are spineless coward crap.Want to attack someone? Attack Marcus Luttrell or some other true hero to their face if your so brave , come on cowards. When you attack Chris you are no longer attacking him but his widow and children. Those who attack Chris Kyle i bet voted for Ohomo bin Lyin.