Rand Paul Moves to Block Net Neutrality


Senator Rand Paul, in the middle of a fledgling White House campaign, is not finished making waves as a lawmaker just yet. On Wednesday, Paul introduced legislation in the Senate meant to block the FCC from imposing regulations on the internet. Earlier this year, the Democratic majority in the FCC voted to enforce what’s come to be known as “net neutrality,” a set of rules intended to make ISPs treat all traffic the same. But in the process of reducing the power of gigantic internet companies, many conservatives fear they are opening Pandora’s Box.

“The Internet has successfully flourished without the heavy hand of government interference,” Paul said in a statement accompanying his resolution. “Stated simply, I do not want to see the government regulating the Internet.”

Paul, who has often been cited as the Republican most likely to draw millennials into the fold, is fighting an unpopular battle. Conservatives wary of big government have plenty of legitimate concerns about net neutrality, but this is a movement that has been wholly embraced by many young Americans. If Paul and other Republicans want to take a stand against it, they will have to do a better job of explaining their position in a way that makes sense. Merely calling it the “Obamacare of the internet,” as Ted Cruz once said, is not going to be enough.

The most common refrain is that Republicans are only fighting this because they are in the pockets of the Comcasts, the Time Warners, and the AT&Ts of the world. Either that, or they are simply opposing this because Obama is for it. And when they make comments about net neutrality that don’t quite match up with the facts, they give their opponents all the license they need to write them off as clueless partisans.

To be sure, the problem is not with net neutrality. If the FCC were to keep internet companies from splitting access into cable-esque tiers or extorting popular websites for more money, all would be well. The problem is with handing over authority to the FCC in the first place. Today the concern is that ISPs may not treat all traffic equally. But what about the concerns of tomorrow? Will the FCC, now vested with a certain amount of regulatory control over the internet, see fit to censor content? Will websites be fined if enough parents complain about nudity or bad language? The possibilities are grim, and these are the concerns that Republicans should be promoting.

Even if one were to dismiss these concerns as fantasy, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s much harder to de-regulate than to regulate. This is one cat that doesn’t like to go back into the bag. Once the federal government has its clutches on the internet, it will take an act of God to wrest it away. Thus, at its most basic level, this is another expansion of an already bloated system. That means higher taxes, more bureaucratic waste, and less freedom. And if you can’t make coherent arguments against that, then you have no business running for president.

  1. MikeS says

    Go Rand! The government is about trying to hush us up and track us like rabid animals.

    1. Seldena says

      I am afraid we are already being tracked and listened to.

      1. MikeS says


      2. DivineEncounters says

        Google Fusion Centers. 72 throughout the U.S.

    2. pineapple says

      Meanwhile, they can’t track illegals.

      1. Btty says

        Yeah right! They don’t want to because it would take votes away from them. Harder for them to steal elections!

        1. MAHB001 says

          That is exactly right. None of those illegals are going to vote, so the Democrats are going to vote for them.

          1. DivineEncounters says

            Along with all the Dead People and pets.

      2. patrick says

        It’s not that they [gov] can’t track the illegals, it is,they WON’T track them!!!

  2. Bernie Mitchell says

    the majority of the American people want smaller government rather than more government. No government has ever done a good job at anything the best that we can hope for is that the government will not make things worse, government entrance into the private sector always amounts to an attempt to gather power into the government.

    1. pineapple says

      The best government is the least government that is necessary.

      1. Fred says

        I am begining to beleive *NO government* is the *Best government*.

        1. pineapple says

          No government would mean anarchy, which is what we have in Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, and other major cities ruled by Democrats

  3. American says

    If the IRS was used by our government to further their political agenda by suppressing Conservative groups, what do you think FCC control of the Internet will do? This is not good for freedom-loving Americans. The Internet has provided the greatest ability to communicate world wide – in the wrong hands it can become another propaganda tool like our current Main Stream Media, or worse, actually limit dissent. It IS like Obamacare – it was sold on good-sounding, but likely also false, promises. Anything that can be used for good, can also, and likely will, be used for evil.

    1. pineapple says

      It will be like in China where they control what is allowed.

  4. Morton212 says

    If you want to be hit with higher charges and slower access – then vote for banning net neutrality.
    This is a low point of Paul’s strategy – he is getting campaign funds from the large operators for pushing this nonsense.

    1. hangem'high says

      Yes, if you’re happy with your internet provide you can keep him!
      Da ja vue!’ All we need now is Nancy Pelosi to appear on all news channels and proclaimed you must pass internet neutrality to know what’s in it!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I say leave the internet the way it is right now, for ever.

        1. hangem'high says

          I agree!

  5. Evan says

    Glad to see someone trying to stop this! The only thing Congress
    has to remember is this: If obama is for it, VOTE AGAINST IT!

  6. alfy says


    1. johnny51 says

      And that is communism .

      1. pineapple says

        Not surprising, since Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, and Obama’s grandparents were all communists.

    2. fred says

      You are exactly correct! they want our mouths sown shut so they can progress with their takeover, and incrementally ruin our country forever with this fake PC BS! It’s all a diversion when they completely blame the wrong group-the Police- for problems in our society! The criminal activity from Baltimore should have and the National Guard there immediately, and all violent “protesters” arrested and thrown in jail for a LONG time! The video I have seen of a white man in his 60’s being beaten is shocking not just for the actual beating, but because of the lack of an effect response from the Authorities! The MSM is also culpable in NOT reporting the truth about all the crimes these protesters have done throughout the country! Without a deterrent like jail, they will continue bc this Administration has encouraged them to do so!l

      1. DivineEncounters says

        Google Fusion Centers of which there are now 72 scattered throughout the U.S.

  7. Laidbackrebel says

    Again, “THEY,” are doing what they have learned to do so well. Take both sides of the arguments, in order to control the entire arguments, and KEEP THE PEOPLE DIVIDED. TELLING US WHAT TO THINK, IN JUST TWO DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS, IS USUALLY THE WAY THEY MASK THE TRUTH,…………WHICH LIES IN A THIRD DIRECTION. AND IS ALWAYS AWAY FROM GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      This whole story is shotty and confusing.
      Their boy (Paul) has come up w/a obviously bad idea, but since he’s a republican candidate. It appears the publication is trying to whitewash it.

  8. fred says

    Rand Paul is one of the ONLY people in Washington DC who does what he says, and I sincerely hope he is the next President! If all the people in Congress followed through with their Campaign promises, we would have smaller Government, and a criminal in the WH would be in Federal Prison! And the Clintons would both be in jail also where they belong!

    1. Seldena says

      Ted Cruz hates any gov’t intrusion also. He is against Net Neutrality also.

      1. fred says

        I like Cruz, just want him to follow through on indicting the potus for treason. Paul is not a lawyer, Cruz is, and I hope they both do something to stop the tyranny we are under from our illegal alien, criminal potus.

    2. Fred says

      Well, fred, VOTE!

  9. Robert Young says

    Thank you Rand Paul. Please continue your fight to keep government out of the private sector. The internet has survived just fine all these years without govermnent retgulation.

    1. pineapple says

      In spite of the fact that it was “invented” by Al “Gimme the Money” Gore.

  10. Seldena says

    This article is full of false information. The Internet will be ran by the gov’t and we will be taxed and will cost us more. That is the truth. Republicans are trying to stop this and they are not the only party that supports Comcast-Time Warner–Most of them are Democrats that gave millions to Obama campaign–not Republicans. Don’t believe a liberal piece of trash!..

  11. Guestmeg says

    I never cease to be stunned by the ignorance of the American Public. The FCC has had authority since 1934 over all interstate communications by wire and radio, which includes cable and broadband service providers. They have been regulating cable operators and the internet since inception. This constant attempt to create fear of government control is nothing but a propaganda tool. Speaking of tool, that is what Rand Paul and all the others in Congress are- tools for the Koch brothers and other big money interests.

    1. Mel Tynan says

      Yes and you are one of the IGNORANT Americans…If you had worked in broadcasting maybe you would think differently about the FCC..Believe me the FCC is not the friend of the communications industry..

      1. Guestmeg says

        They are not supposed to be the friend of the industry. Their purpose is to protect the public from abuses of the communications industry. Hopefully soon they will crack down on outlets that intentionally spread lies but call themselves the “news”- like Fox.

        1. pineapple says

          In case you thought there might be some bias in news reporting….

          How’s this for having the “inside track”?

          THE PUZZLE.

          ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

          CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

          ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

          ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

          ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

          CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

          And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.

          Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???

          It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

      2. Fred says

        And, unfortunately, the fool probably votes. Another uninformed ‘Obama-voter’.

  12. donl says

    Thank you Rand Paul. obama’s administration could use net neutrality to spy on us and shut us down. One more freedom down the toilet. obama and his regime must be stopped.

    1. Fred says

      Kill the POS SOB.

  13. TexRancher says

    This is just another example of politicians looking for more power and control of U.S. citizens! They (including Kenya Boy) need to keep their grubby hands off the internet.

    Remember, this is the same government that couldn’t run a whorehouse in Nevada without running into bankruptcy! Everything politicians touch turns to SxxT!

  14. Dolores Adams says

    This administration is too intrusive in everything. They can keep their hands off the internet.

    1. Fred says

      The only way that will happen is if we chop their hands off.

  15. My4x4 says

    There already is a fair amount of “regulating” going on right now whether someone knows or not. Content is screened, access is controlled, and access speeds are choked by companies who charge a premium for faster speeds. The only stuff that should be censored is illeagal content and the only control on speed should be that of the equipment, not who pays more or tuning someone back on speed due to high traffic. If the equipment can’t handle the traffic you must be doing something right and need to upgrade to handle the added traffic, not cutting speeds. And imo, nothing we do on the internet should be monitored or recorded. It’s like a telephone call, you can’t record it without reasonable suspicion and a court order. We in America have already given up more privacy than most realize. Everything from your internet activity and driving habits (yes, there is a computer in your car that tracks speed, location, and other operations) to the groceries/clothes you buy are monitored and recorded for anothers use.

  16. Morton212 says

    Why anyone would want to sign away access to an affordable internet – to a pack of Rand Paul corporate contributors, a monopoly, is absolutely astounding.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      The whole story is confusing me.
      What regulations does the FCC want to oppose, that Senator Paul is for?
      Right now is all internet traffic equal?
      If Senator Paul gets his way (no FCC interference) what could happen?
      I’m not picking on you. Nor do I think you are a expert. You just post logically, and politely.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I see the internet as the interstate of commerce. Just like the interstate there has to be some rules. I don’t like the Government messing w/public stuff, like this. Unfortunately I trust Big Biz less.
          I reckon we see who some of Senator Paul’s larger detonators are…….

  17. Samuel Clemens says

    I don’t care what the FCC wants to do, or our federal government for that matter, Just stay the hell out of our business. What has the feds done other than mess up whatever they regulate?

    1. Morton212 says

      Your business ?

      1. Samuel Clemens says

        Perfect example: My business is none of your business. What’s with the nude picture?

        1. Morton212 says

          Can’t you answer the question without an irrelevant deflection ?

          1. jim marcum says

            his business must be male dancer or prostitute or something and I think there is a pole tax.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            He’s a faker, I’m the real Mark Twain!!!!!!

          3. hangem'high says

            He’s starving to death as it is, let alone buy shoes.

          4. Samuel Clemens says

            Irrelevant? Posting a nude picture tells us a lot.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            …….Old man like that, might be attracted to a young man, in your physical condition. He might have some candy. LoL

          6. hangem'high says

            He has no pockets!

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Who Mort? or Sam?

          8. hangem'high says

            And no nutter!

          9. Morton212 says

            Yup – I do get more than my share of these old nutters.

  18. hangem'high says

    Go Rand Paul, if the democrats say something it usually means the opposite, like “Republicans are in the pocket of Comcast, Time Warren, and A&T, all these guys support the Democrats like, calling it Net neutrality which means one big Kuhuna over seeing it all, No competition, it’ll become an oil collaboration or a partnership of the wrong entities like China, Russia or even our new trade partners, Iran and Cuba? Whomever the Clintons, and AL Sharpton decides.

    1. Morton212 says

      I bet you did not know that Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the second largest stockholder in Fox News – with uncles and cousins who are responsible for the suppression of journalists, the execution of dissidents and financing of terrorism, Isn’t this the most cherished news source for right wingers ?

      1. hangem'high says

        What does that mean exactly… He has more money than me? I bet if we did the math, which is, if you have a job you’d even have more money than me?
        A matter of fact is anyone who invested in a 401 in the mid-eighties might be bought into Fox News, that is if they survived the crash in the early 90s or again in 2001!

        1. Morton212 says

          He and Rupert Murdoch have absolute control of Fox. That means they have the power to veto topics and editorials. Think you are getting objective news ? Think again.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I’ll bet you didn’t know that the ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC cabal use the deceptive practice of bias by omission. That means they ignore stories that hurt the Liberal Progressive cause, and sensationalize stories that HELP the liberal Progressive cause. That leaves their, brainwashed, I mean subjects, I mean Lemmings, I mean poor viewers half informed. Informed with only liberal progressive propaganda.

            Fox does not practice bias by omission. They report all stories and present all the facts, AND they let you decide. That is why they are so popular, because they do not treat their viewers like idiots.

            Fox lets their viewers decide, not like the cabal that decides what their viewers will see and think.

      2. MAHB001 says

        I’ll bet you didn’t know that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC have formed a cabal and no longer report news but simply spew socialist propaganda.

        I’ll bet you didn’t know that the cabal attempts to brainwash their subjects with lopsided misinformation and partial truths.

        I’ll bet you DID know that Fox is the only source that is NOT controlled by the liberals.

        Who cares who owns it, as long as they continue to fight socialism…

        1. Morton212 says

          I’m afraid that I do not give too much credibility to large conspiracies. The problem is that once more than a handful of people know about it – it rapidly gets leaked one way or another. In this country we have devised a far more effective way to disguise our objectives from our adversaries. We simply flood the system with information – or – call it what you may – market or propaganda. In other words we hide things in plain sight. If you manage to observe things objectively – you will be able to always identify something close to the truth.

          1. MAHB001 says

            And I thought you were one of those 911 nuts, and yet you spread trash about Fox…. Lends credence to my theory about the liberals using their news to spread propaganda. .

            This conspiracy is pretty easy to prove out. ABC, NBC, CBS, formats are the same. On the West coast, they don’t even compete for broadcast time. The stories are the same, most pictures and video is the same,

          2. Morton212 says

            I do not ‘trash’ Fox. They do that all by themselves. Fox has the worst record for accuracy of all the news outlets.

  19. Morton212 says

    It is jaw-dropping to see how many ignorant people post support for Rand Paul on an issue that they have absolutely no knowledge apparently. A perfect example of ‘cut off your nose to spite your face’.

  20. Tracy Jones says

    I like the way Rand takes the BULL by the horns.He doesn’t let go until that bull is wrestled to the ground!

  21. Arcturus6 says

    I can believe that the so-called younger generation are so gullible as to believe whatever Obama says. Since I teach American History on an adjunct basis at a community college in the evenings, I come into contact with students. If you saw the intellectual ability of most of these students, you would understand why they are so gullible! And remember, the last thing….the very last thing that the Democrats want is an informed voter! So yes, I can see how this so-called crap called “net neutrality” can appeal to this section of the population but I also agree that Paul and others need to explain its dangers on an elementary level because that is the only way they will reach most of these individuals.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Home school your children and Grandchildren.

  22. Fred says

    Absolutely NO government interference with the Net. They F-up EVERYTHING they touch.

  23. QuisPercusit says

    The Big Media is controlled by the FCC and their broadcast licenses Hang Like a sword of Damocles over their programing and the Democrat party’s quest to carve out every conceivable voter niche market for them selves Leaving Republicans, conservatives, free thinkers and all other sentient beings out in the Newton Minnow vast waste land. Renice Priebus and the High Muckety Mucks in the Republican party Must, I say again MUST Kick the RINOs where it hurts the most. Embrace the Rand Paul fans and fight the Democrat, NWO, Socialist, Moneyed, special interest groups, Corporations and Niche voters to death. Our Constitutional Republic and our freedom to speak, worship, think; to be free of government inspection , invasion of privacy, right to bear arms for self defense and self incrimination will be flushed down the Porcelain convenience of Hillary Clintons Concept of Political correctness,(same as Joe Stalin’s). Yea Rand Paul, Yea Ron Paul, Yea, yea All genuine Republican Republicans, yea all Conservatives. If the republican Party wants to know how to beat the Democrats into the ground they know where to find me

  24. David says

    Go Rand…..taking control of this out of control goverment is coming… Millions are behind you Rand, let’s kick ass and take names……

  25. madmemere says

    What most people don’t realize and Republicans neglect to explain- -with Net Neutrality, the FCC will declare the internet a “utility” and apply “NEW TAXES” accordingly. Does anyone “really” want to be forced to pay MORE taxes to the greedy “regime”? I didn’t think so.

  26. DivineEncounters says

    I once thought his father a nut. But I now understand he has been so right about so many things he has predicted. He and his son understand the following and so should all of you.

    Directive #3025.18 Defense Support of Civil Authorities 29 Dec. 2010.
    The reauthorized NDAA Section 1021 signed 2012.
    H.R. 645 that Ron Paul was against and warned Americans about. 22 Jan 2009. We now have 800 facilities across this country built to hold families and thousands of people. Ask Congressman Jim Gerlick and Steve Cole about it.
    Fusion Centers we now have 72 across this country. Untethered and gathering information on civilians that they consider a problem. Protesters, those that back Ron Paul’s thoughts and much more.
    National Defense Resources Preparedness signed via Executive Order by O.
    The Doomsday Plan signed via Executive Order by O. You Preppers really better look at this because everything you have done to prepare you for civil unrest is for naught.
    Council of Governors and the 9 Sectors.

    We in deep and they won’t allow Rand Paul to be elected but I am convinced now he and his father need to make a real stand and let the people of this country see what is happening.

  27. thecelt1 says

    Great news that an attempt to stop this Obama ordered Net Neutrality crap! Right now the Internet is
    open ground for We The People to communicate, purchase et al. Our grand, Air Headed, Phony
    President wants to shut down the Internet because the people can disagree or agree with Obama
    whenever they want. O’Bobblehead can’t stand ANY critisising of his America killing plans. I have no respect and greatly dislike Obama, his cabinet and the majority of the Democrats (really, I HATE these

  28. MAHB001 says

    I am young only in heart, yet I stand with Rand on Net Neutrality.

    Nobody should be opposing Rand on this. Keep the Government out of our business.

  29. MAHB001 says

    In order to work in the Chinese markets, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Cisco and others had to collude with the Chinese Government. In the 26 years since Tiananmen Square Massacres in 1989, the Chinese Government in collusion with these businesses has been able to wipe the Chinese History books of the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square. The true History as Westerners know it is unknown to the Chinese People.

    Today, Google colludes with the 0bama administration, exclusively. Google does not share what it has learned from the Chinese experience with anybody but 0bama and his henchmen.

    Does anybody have any doubt of what 0bama will do with this knowledge?

    Better start printing your history now, hiding your old text books and most of all.

    Support Rand Paul on this Net Neutrality issue.

  30. seersuckerandapanama says

    Millenials should be wary of a government that wants to put its grubby hands onto what has been a free and open internet. They should support Rand Paul on this.

  31. MrsTJNic@aol.com says

    Funny thing is, Gov’t can track every cow, in America, since they are marked, and registered. So if they just gave every illegal a Cow, they could track them!

  32. alaskat says

    As I understand it, there have been two court cases declaring flat out that the FCC does Not have the authority to regulate the Internet. It seems to me that would be the best way to fight the Feds and force them out of their absurd takeover plan. However, I may be wrong since we are now declaring that the Feds have the authority to force private business to bake cakes and host events or else face fines and imprisonment, which is ludicrous at best.
    Why do we complain about police brutality and then turn around and demand stiffer laws and more government interference in our lives? Are we really that stupid?

  33. DivineEncounters says

    Once I thought him too much like his father and a little whacked. Then I stumbled upon HR 645 and his father warning Americans about it. From there my path led to O’s Doomsday Plan and National Defense Resources Preparedness Plan, both by Executive Order, both that never existed under Bush or any other president, I realized what his father has been warning this country about because it is tied to his father’s prediction of civil unrest due to the eventual collapse of the economy which in turn is tied into his father’s warning about the Federal Reserve and it’s printing of money with nothing to back it.

    Now I realize that Rand Paul grew-up knowing about these things, understanding them and he is the ONLY candidate that can possibly take care of this horrible situation we face in this country. In fact the Fusion Centers around this country, of which there are now 72 have on their list of people being watched Ron Paul supporters. Wonder why?

    He has my vote.

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