Red Wave? 68% of Voters Think Illegal Immigration is a Major Problem


According to a new Rasmussen Reports survey, 68% of American voters believe that illegal immigration is still a serious problem facing the United States. 43% consider it a “Very Serious” problem deserving of intense, immediate solutions. This is not the high-water mark for the issue; Rasmussen reported that 80% of likely U.S. voters considered illegal immigration a major issue in 2015 when Donald Trump was just getting started with his historic campaign. But even with the mild decline in numbers, the survey proves that this is still an issue front and center for the majority of Americans. And with the two parties offering clear, divergent choices on how to deal with the problem, this can only be bad news for open-borders Democrats.

As with everything else, the extent to which you see illegal immigration as a “problem” that needs to be solved will depend on your overall political philosophy. Democrats see problems with immigration, to be sure, but they are centered around how the Trump administration handles it. To them, immigration is a top issue only because families are being separated at the border and illegals are being deported by ICE. If the Trump administration were to simply turn a blind eye to this lawbreaking scourge tomorrow, one can assume that the left would see illegal immigration as no longer being a problem at all. Hell, they want to get rid of illegal immigration as much as conservatives do; the only difference is they want to do it by eliminating the “crime” of it in the first place. Or at least take it down to a ticketable offense.

So it could come down to which party’s voters are more motivated. To be sure, Republicans haven’t done themselves any favors. Trump was elected with a powerful mandate: Build the wall. Republicans haven’t done jack to get us any closer to that point than we were in the days of Obama. Granted, it’s difficult considering the slim majority in the Senate, but this doesn’t feel like pure Democrat obstructionism. Republicans could be doing much more to pour on the pressure and make the wall a major issue on Capitol Hill. This far, they have refused. This isn’t going to help them out on the campaign trail.

On the other hand, Democrats look wildly insensitive and out of touch when they focus exclusively on family separation and the plight of illegals while ignoring MS-13, widespread violence, and the tragic cases of Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts. Americans crave law and order, and Democrats are never, ever going to convince the majority of Americans to put the safety of El Salvadorians and Mexicans over the interests of citizens. If they continue down this path, they are chartering their own destruction.