Report Blames Trump for Rise in School Bullying


The American left has found a wonderful scapegoat in Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. In some ways, Trump has energized liberals as much as he has conservatives. They view him as the mirror image of Barack Obama – a blank slate upon which they can project whatever they want to see. With Obama, they saw a savior. With Trump, they see a monster. And through that lens, they can blame almost anything they want on his meteoric rise.

So here’s the Southern Poverty Law Center to do just that. The SPLC, which is little more than one liberal’s get-rich-quick scheme, released a report this week that says there is a “Trump Effect” in our nation’s schools – the candidate’s rhetoric is supposedly responsible for a rise in fear and bullying all over the country. The report’s conclusions were reached through a survey of more than 2,000 educators. And if we take the comments as being representative of who is teaching our children, Common Core may be the least of our educational worries.

My students are terrified of Donald Trump. They think that if he’s elected, all black people will get sent back to Africa.

Uh, did you disabuse them of this insanity? Or did you wring your hands and say, “Oh dear, I hope that doesn’t happen” in a nervous voice? This fear is so far removed from reality…you might as well blame Bernie Sanders for making kids believe he’s a sorcerer who can control birds with his mind.

There’s a sense that if someone doesn’t agree with you, it’s acceptable (even encouraged) to have hatred and anger towards them.

Right. You sure they learned that from Trump and not you? Nah, liberals love ideological diversity.

I don’t think it’s as possible to be entirely neutral this year. If I were to say that Donald Trump had decent points I’d be agreeing with racist dogma. I can be neutral about Democrats and Republicans, but not about racists.

Maybe this isn’t so much about the “Trump Effect,” but rather the way liberals are presenting Trump to impressionable children. God knows how these children are ever going to function in the world with this kind of nonsense gumming up their minds.

According to the SPLC, more than two-thirds of the surveyed teachers said that minority students – especially Muslims and immigrants – were worried about what might become of them if Trump wins the election. One-third said there had been an increase in anti-minority bullying.

Here’s an idea: Stop treating Trump like the second coming of Hitler and maybe kids won’t be so afraid. Then, stop treating conservative ideas like thinly-veiled forms of bigotry. In other words, quit indoctrinating these students with your political views and instead teach them to think for themselves.

That’s still legal, right?

  1. Reality Check says

    other words, quit indoctrinating these students with your political
    views and instead teach them to think for themselves. – See more at:

    you people are funny.

    1. grama18 says

      DO YOU !

      1. Combatvet52 says

        My thoughts exactly

      2. PatriotGal says

        I offer to help them pack so they can leave faster!!

      3. Dot S says

        Typical conservative response. Not worth the paper it is printed upon. The full original Repub candidates, most people thought and still think are really crazy. Why do you think the Republicans are panicking?

        1. GrizzMann says

          It is not on paper, unless you want to print it out.

        2. hangem'high says

          It’s all the elite in panic mode, Democraps and Returds!

          I’ll use my paper this afternoon when I take a dot S!

    2. Garden_Goddess says

      You certainly get your panties in a wad.

      1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

        Do you mean that the Democrats got there panties in a wad.

      2. Reality Check says

        is that how you interpret reality?

    3. Christine Cuneo says

      Reality Check you would not know reality if it smacked you in the face. Trump loves America first as any good leader would.

      1. Reality Check says

        good leaders don’t promote violence.

        Trump HAS SAID he wanted to punch protestors in the face and said he would PAY the legal expenses of people WHO DID.

        are you vaguely aware of reality?

    4. Edi says

      When was your head last out of your ass.

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        RC never comes up for air. He is a nitwit’s, nitwit!

        1. Observant_One says

          You know he may be on to something here, learning to breath with his head up his ass. The democrats should take credit for that advance in political science.

      2. Reality Check says

        when was the last time you posted something intelligent?

    5. albaby2 says

      What difference now does it make? It was caused by a video. Don’t worry, we’ll get the guy that made thst video, said the liberal presidential candidate.

      1. Reality Check says

        trying to make sense should be one of your goals when posting.

        1. albaby2 says

          Comprehension should be one of your goal when reading posts. Common sense cannot be conveyed to a liberal

          1. Reality Check says

            I’m sorry I don’t understand “stupid”

          2. albaby2 says

            Most stupid people can’t understand anything . No need to apologize.

    6. Betty4440 says


      1. Reality Check says

        BUT Betty provides NO facts.

        you know, BLOVIATING in all CAPS doesn’t prove shit.

      2. Jarhead says

        Betty Baby the paid troll called Really Checked is so covered with colon mucus after he/she/it pops the head out that it makes it impossible to understand REALITY

    7. GrizzMann says

      Islam would be watched if anyone read the Koran and believed that Muslims follow it. Unless, like the President, you concur with it’s goal. As far as violent illegal aliens. Why should they be released from jail? Just because they are ”Dreamers” bringing their culture to America?

      1. Reality Check says

        wow grizz, THAT is a lot of silliness.

        you must be an avid Rush Limbaugh or Savage nation fan to get that screwed up.
        does the low info con know that MUSLIMS are on the ground saving your Lilly white ass against ISIS.

        1. GrizzMann says

          Did I miss that, Kill all Infidels, in the Koran, or did i miss that it is OK to marry and thigh a six year old girl, perhaps it was that the Mohammad’s miracle medicine was camel urine?

          1. ABO says

            Don’t bother with RC, Grizz, he’s completely delusional and without intellect. The sound you hear is the wind whistling through the entirely empty space between RC’s ears.

          2. Reality Check says

            gee fool, maybe you would like to debate the liberal and embarrass me with your “intellect”?

            am am guess you are all HOT AIR.

          3. ABO says

            Been there, done that, moron. The last time I gave you a long list of well researched, fully footnoted FACTS, as opposed to the drivel you post as “facts”, your response was “silly tool of the right knows nothing. As I said previously, debating you is akin to reasoning with an earthworm.

          4. Reality Check says

            ” The last time I gave you a long list of well researched, fully footnoted FACTS”

            a list of drivel is not FACTS, fool.

          5. Reality Check says

            well Grizz, your problem is you listen to bat poo crazy people.
            It says NO SUCH THING in the Koran.

            MY PROOF would be the 2 BILLION Muslims living in peace each day, what’s YOUR PROOF?

          6. GrizzMann says

            The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with
            nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.
            Quran (2:191-193)
            Quran (2:244)
            Quran (3:56)
            Quran (4:76)
            Quran (4:89)
            Quran (4:95)

          7. Reality Check says

            “Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned
            that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.”

            so 2 BILLION who pray 5 times a day, are doing so just to go to hell?

            you’re not too bright are you?

          8. GrizzMann says

            Only if they follow the wholly Koran. BTW, I’m so bright my parents called me Sonny.

          9. Reality Check says

            Quran (2:191-193)

            If you read the next verse 2:192 and
            2:193 it says that the moment the enemies cease fighting- you have to
            stop the attack immediately. A lot of armies at the time did not believe
            in letting the enemy survive at all, irrespective of surrender.


            IF you look into things instead of believing Right Wing shit, you won’t appear so low info.


          10. GrizzMann says

            Yeah Islam follows that one too? Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq. Only to have to put some back. ISIS wins another one, while being ”contained” Yippy for the JV team!

          11. Reality Check says

            so I prove you are LYING and you get silly?

          12. GrizzMann says

            And which item is a lie? Did not Obama brag that the US is out of Iraq? Or that the US is back in Iraq. Or that ISIS did not stop its war of Northern aggression. When the US troops pulled out. How is it silly to repeat the president. Is he silly? Whoops, bad question.

          13. Reality Check says

            “And which item is a lie?”

            the quotes from the Koran that DON’T say what you claim.

          14. GrizzMann says

            And kill them wherever you find them,That is not Kill? If they surrender (Islam is the Arabic word for surrender)Stop killing them?

          15. Reality Check says

            “Did not Obama brag that the US is out of Iraq?”
            correct me if I am wrong, but 100,000 ground troops versus 3000 “advisors”.

          16. GrizzMann says

            The war in Iraq is over. many times. Is that not bragging? I promised to end the war in Iraq and I did. Not bragging? Do you use the NEWSPEAK dictionary?

          17. Reality Check says

            “The war in Iraq is over. many times”
            maybe if you cite a quote of Obama it will help prove your point.
            seems a tad silly.

            You have Obama derangement Syndrome it seems.

          18. GrizzMann says

            Silly to Quote the President? Why would that be silly or deranged?

          19. Reality Check says

            so cite the pres BRAGGING.

            simple exercise for humans with working grey matter.

          20. Reality Check says

            that ISIS did not stop its war of Northern aggression. When the US
            troops pulled out. How is it silly to repeat the president. Is he silly?
            Whoops, bad question.

            sounds like babble.
            can you reword this into something I can answer?
            Is THAT a tribute to a Sarah Palin word salad?

          21. Reality Check says

            “and thigh a six year old girl”

            is that Hillbilly for fuck?

          22. GrizzMann says

            No. It is rubbing one’s male member in the child’s thigh until ejaculation. It is totally acceptable in Islam. ”The Islamic practice of “thighing,” which involves a Muslim (more specifically, Muhammad)
            putting his penis between the thighs of a virgin (or a woman during her
            monthly period) and moving back and forth until he ejaculates.” Hardly a hillbilly definition. Unless it is Billy Clinton, but even he is not noted for the practice with a six year old. BTW, Mohammad waited until Aisha was nine to consummate his marriage.

          23. Reality Check says

            more proof you’re a right wing idiot.

        2. hangem'high says

          Muslim children are radicalized starting at age four by their mothers it’s as natural as leaning how to speak.

          1. Reality Check says

            just like LYING is second nature to YOU.

          2. hangem'high says

            Sure there’s a chance you can out run a lion, tiger, or bear but for safety I’ll put my money one of those three!


        3. Juan TwoTree says

          Reality Check-FAILED! YOU Radical Islamic Muslim loving fuking piece of camel fecal matter!! I pray an ISIS cell will find you and behead you like a fuking dog!

          1. Reality Check says

            ya fool, I live in America.

            what rational American sits around wondering IF the Muslims are coming?
            how low IQ does that require?

    8. Dot S says

      Are you kidding? Take responsibility? Repubs do not even know the meaning of the word. They let Rush and Fox tell them who to blame constantly. The first day of Obama’s administration they made that clear. Bush creates the problems and then blame Obama for not solving them fast enough. They make sure of that by opposing everything he proposes!

      1. GrizzMann says

        Would that be because Democrats voted for the Iraq war, twice?

      2. hangem'high says

        I’m so pass Bush, I can’t wait to get pass Obummer , unlike U liberals who like living in the good old days I just want to leave u all behind in the glory of it, and make America Great Again!

        If your coach doesn’t believe your team is good enough to compete and keeps throwing the game why would you stick with a coach that doesn’t believe in U??

        TRUMP 2016!

        For the next generation it’s basically the millennials call!

      3. Reality Check says

        I may live in a dream world occasionally.

        1. hangem'high says

          Once in a while you get one that makes you look normal!

      4. ABO says

        Ah, another world heard from.

    9. Juan TwoTree says

      YOU are one sick, head-up-ass progressive LibTurd that needs YOUR ass kicked and put in the hospital with every fuking bone in your body broken and unrepairable! Especially the bone they call your mouth, and both of your arms amputated at the shoulders so you stay away from a keyboard!

      1. Reality Check says

        so reality really bothers the low info con?

    10. Jarhead says

      YES, spreading the word of GOD to the masses.

      1. Reality Check says

        good thing we are a secular country.

  2. Combatvet52 says

    The BULLYING is by the idiot students who don’t know which end is up, if you ask them a question about the wall that Trump is talking about all they come back with is that Trump is a racist……….BS BS and more BS

    1. Juan TwoTree says

      This is all BULL SHIT!! Bullying is crap! The sissy-assed student needs their asses KICKED and go back home to their mommy’s and daddy’s and live in the fuking basement!! If they don’t want to go to get an education, then get the fuk out of the college/University system and let students who want to learn and be educated!! Rotten, cry-baby student fuks!

      1. Edward Hake says


        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Absolutely right Edward!
          TRUMP IN 2016!!
          HILLARY IN PRISON 2016!!

          1. Emma says

            UNDER the prison!!

          2. Juan TwoTree says

            Ha ha ha….Better yet, Emma! Good one!

          3. Dianna Zerbe says


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          5. Juan TwoTree says

            Your picture makes you look like a ‘Street HO!!’

        2. Mary Brumley says

          But in a way, isn’t it amusing to see the corrupt establishment jump around like jackrabbits in a panic because they are SO, SO afraid DT will rain on their parade? There they go, THUMPITY THUMP, THUMPITY THUMP THUMP! I have to laugh at them.
          TRUMP 2016

          1. Vangie Martinez says

            That is just toooo funny:)

          2. Mary Brumley says

            I just read some other mails by you and am pleased to meet another sincere follower of the Christ!

          3. Vangie Martinez says

            Thank you Mary. I know I say somethings that others do not agree with and that is ok. I do some times have a very different perspective to give that makes others mad even Christians. If I should say something that rubs you the wrong way please do not take offense to it. I am only giving my opinion or perspective I do not mean to attack you or others personally. So please do not take what I may say in disagreement to something as a personal attack on you or others it’s just my thoughts on it.:)

          4. Edward Hake says


          5. Emma says

            Trump 2016
            Cruz is a traitor in my opinion, &I used to think very highly of him.
            He is a dirty bird.

          6. Edward Hake says


          7. Mary Brumley says

            It is possible, I don’t say proven, that his wife is also a traitor.

          8. Dianna Zerbe says

            I agree with you that he’s a traitor and he’s a dirty bird. Just looking at him gives me the willies! Lord help us JESUS!

          9. Marshabblount4 says

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          10. 32eagle says

            now it’s your roomate-fascinating how many of those people own diecast model mcclarens

          11. Emma says

            Trump. 2016

        3. Emma says


          1. Edward Hake says


      2. Combatvet52 says

        Agree 1,000 %

      3. OSAMA OBAMA says

        They don’t have Daddies! That is why they are sissified, limp, little twits! By the way, that is Trump’s fault too!

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Hey, Osama, I understand they don’t have the “Daddies’, completely! BUT, please explain WHY it is Trumps fault?? Because he didn’t show up at that ‘rigged’, disaster Liberal fucking state of Colorado? HUH!!?? WTF mate?
          What needs to be done is to start some serious ASS-KICKING with these ‘BULLIES’ on campuses, period! SERIOUS ASS KICKINGS! You might believe in this ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ BULL SHIT’ Liberal Progressive horse manure, but I strongly believe that MY 3 kids who are going to Universities, on MY DIME, have the right to be educated, taught, disciplined, and degreed, rather than have mf’er’s bullying them because they are there to LEARN, NOT f”ing partying every chance they get, getting drunk EVERY night at the dorm, smoking dope, doing meth, no snoring coke or doing black tar heroin! Do ,y kids go out and have fun, yes they do..are their GPA’s where they should be?? Well, not one of them has a 4.0 GPA, but not one of them is below a 3.7.
          Sorry Osama, but I can’t figure out what side of the fence you are on with this issue blaming Trump ,that has been going on since the start of the Clinton Administration in 1991!!??
          Come on now, really??!

          1. Defend America says

            He was joking. I have read other post by him he is not a liberal.

          2. Paul Bogart says

            There were little gangs when I was growing up wanted to be tough. I found if you catch the leader alone and stomp his ass with a repeat promised they would loose the desire to bully you.

          3. Juan TwoTree says

            Right Bogart! Had a few ’rounds’ in high school, messing with one of my sister’s and the last one was at Princeton when some ‘dirty jock-strap’ was really bullying a dorm college mate. He wouldn’t give up on the guy. Yes, the kid was a skinny, frail dorm mate, but SMART, just wanted to study and learn, didn’t participate much in activities with others. He is now the CEO of a huge high-tech company. Anyway, one night, myself and two others waited until the ‘bully’ went to his dorm room, waiting for his room mate to call me, the we quietly went in and beat the rotten snot out of him! Threw a blanket over him and began to pounch, punch and throw him around the room up against his computer work table, against the walls, bounding his head off the wooden bed frame foot board! He ended up with a broken nose, 4 broken ribs, a broken elbow both eyes blackened beyond belief, stitches in his head and right ear….he NEVER messed around again. In fact, his mommy and daddy were so upset, they moved him off campus into an apartment!! Ha ha ha…Paybacks are a bitch!

          4. Gerry Costa says

            Absolutely right Paul.

          5. Emma says

            Ty for teaching your kids to be responsible!!
            Congrats for being a decent parent.
            You sure have a right to be proud of your kids.
            Good on ya & God bless you &your family.
            Does my heart good to see parents like you.
            Part of the solution, not the problem.?

          6. Juan TwoTree says

            Thank you Emma!

          7. Emma says

            You are welcome & we are all grateful for parents such as yourself!!!?

          8. Ms D says

            Clear, Concise, Correct!! There have always been bullies & the best way to contain them is to fight back!! We need to reverse the nonsense policies that have brought us to this point. Return prayer & the pledge of allegiance to public schools. Restore corporal punishment so that children have effective discipline for poor choices & bad behaviors. We must teach them that such actions have consequences.
            Mr. Trump talks tough, yes. He acts tough, yes. But he has life experience & success and he is not a lawyer or a career politician. We have seen what lawyers & career politicians have gotten this country in to.

          9. Mary Brumley says

            Perhaps he was just being sarcastic.

          10. Gerry Costa says

            Good post Juan — I like your attitude and the direct way you present it. If these people learn to stand up to these so-called bullies and weren’t such wimps about it — ” bullying ” would pretty much disappear.

          11. Juan TwoTree says

            Thanks much Gerry! I am so sick and tired of all of these friggin wimps! Just who in the hell do they think they are!! Same with those friggin BLM arseholes! Each and every one of the bastards needs to get their asses kicked, but good!

      4. R. T. says

        Yes the ones’s you are talking about are there on daddy’s dime , I have two cousins that payed for college themselves and they were lucky to have time to sleep OR study .

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          R.T.: GOOD and great for you two cousins!! Sounds like these are the kind of college kids that will do GOOD for American, rather than sucking all they can out of mommy and daddy and end up living BACK in mommy and daddy’s basement or living off ‘Obongoloid’s & Killary’s and Sander’s’ Entitlement programs!!

        2. albaby2 says

          Awwww Barney would have forgiven their loans.

    2. Emma says

      There are bullies because of the no tolerance policies.
      The kids are punished for defending themselves.
      If bad behavior is not addressed it will not change.
      Trump is not a racist. I think most people are not.
      The issue is the “gimme” crowd & the destruction of our culture.
      Trump really is being waylayed because not only does he fight back, but has been labeled a dangerous bully by the bullies themselves.
      People, we need Trump.
      Without strong leadership we are in a heap of trouble

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Emma…….Agree with you 1,000% the schools and collages are a disaster with Barry pushing all this Mussie Culture into our kids and grandkids heads.
        Like Juan above says The sissy-assed student needs their asses KICKED…………………..
        TRUMP is in it to WIN it…….Then he can do his job.

      2. Ms D says

        Clear, Concise, True!!! There have always been bullies & the way to contain them has always been to fight back!!! People who cower & allow themselves to continually be bullied will always be victims. We need to restore corporal punishment in public schools so future generations grow up with some discipline in their lives. This will help to establish consequences for certain actions, which currently does not exist.
        Of the current candidates for President, Donald Trump seems to be the ONLY one who recognizes these facts. I don’t see him as a bully but a tough guy who believes in consequences for poor choices and performance. Politicians have developed a Teflon coating in accountability. They waste time & money rather than do the jobs that they were elected to do. They pass legislation that they don’t have to adhere to. They commit crimes with impunity & still collect pensions, even if they are caught. Donald Trump is brash. He speaks tough. But he has proven experience & success in life and he is NOT a lawyer or career politician. We’ve had far too many years of that kind of ‘representation’.

  3. peter says

    Any completely lame excuse is valid in Liberals eyes.

    1. MARYSWEET says

      you got that right.

      1. Juan TwoTree says

        Hi Mary!

        1. MARYSWEET says

          Hi Juan! Long time no hear. Hope everything is going good for you!

          1. Juan TwoTree says

            Everything just about the same for me. And you? Have you seen ANY improvement on the illegal alien migration you had told me about, or is Ovomit’s Executive Orders still in place to let them come across the border without Border Patrol intervention? This Ovomit makes me sicker and sicker by the day. You see where the Russians flew their fighter jets over the bow of one of our ships and all Ovomit and his puppet minions could say was …” The President is ‘concerned’ about the incident”….what a bunch of crap! It used to be that any enemy aircraft that flew within 20miles of our Navy ships, we would warn them once and if they didn’t respond to alter their flight path, we would shoot them down! That’s the problem with Ovomit, he is SO weak and afraid, makes us look like fools.

          2. Reality Check says

            “America is expelling illegal immigrants at nine times the rate of 20 years ago (see article); nearly 2million so far under Barack Obama, easily outpacing any previous president. Border patrol agents no longer just patrol the border; they scour the country for illegals to eject. The deportation machine costs more than all other areas of federal criminal law-enforcement combined.”


          3. Juan TwoTree says

            Mind your own business! IF I wanted to hear from you, I would have REPLIED to you, but I didn’t. And your attachment is all B.S. dog shit progressive LibTurd propaganda!

          4. Reality Check says

            when you seem ignorant, it is my Patriotic DUTY to inform the low info.

          5. Juan TwoTree says

            YOU are such a FUKING, un-informed, head-up-arsehole ANTI-PATRITOTCI, Clinton loving, Radical Islamic Brotherhood Muslim, scrotum bag sucking , LIBERAL arsehole kissing target for everyone else on this blog!! I HOPE and PART that someone or SOMETHING takes you OUT! Maybe your f’ing BLM will do it for us, or Killary(4 DEAD AMERICANS ON HER AND OBONGOILIDS WATCH!!), or Sharpton’s ignorant BLACK GOONS, or “Da Rev. Jack-Off’ Jackson”….ANYTHING or ANYBODY!!
            Reality Check, YOU ARE TRUELY A LIBERAL, ‘ASS-WIPE’ scrotum-licking, ignorant ANTI-PATRIOTIC-AMERICAN “LibTurd”, camel fecal eating piece of infested you-know-what!!!
            BLOOFF or BLOME and quit wasting everyone’s time with YOUR BULL SHIT LIBTURD POSTS!
            Like the previous post has said…..”AZZ HOLE Reality Check needs to have someone take a 3 lb.. or 5 lb. sledge hammer to his head before his ‘Brothern’ Radical Islamic Muslims behead the C-SUCKER!!!” The poster was RIGHT-ON, 1,100 % right!
            WE ALL AGREE!! IF, and I repeat, IF you don’t believe, LOOK (IF you are even smart enough!) read previous posts referring to YOU!!!
            Go back to your sand-box, you wimpy PUSSY!

          6. Reality Check says

            Juan needs a mental evaluation.

          7. coneyro says

            Let me just say something, and I have no horse in this race either way. Whether you agree with a commenter or not, your vile, filthy language and ranting isn’t called for.
            I was taught that those that need to substitute cursing for intelligent, thoughtful exchange, can’t process opposition correctly, have immature personalities and cannot adjust well to negativity in their lives. So far, in my experience, this has held up.
            I don’t know you, so this is not a personal attack. Why don’t you use this fervour, and express your strong objections with sensible, legitimate statements, leaving out unnecessary racial undertones and frankly, nothing expressed but hate.
            BTW, the younger school kids, as a rule, aren’t listen or reading articles about Trump, unless their parents are present. But, be honest, the things he does say, right or wrong, about foreign people, condoning violence on protesters, misogynistic comments, and talking about his manhood, for example, are not subjects or behaviors putting him in a good light, or what I would want my children to emulate.
            Defend someone for their cause, it is your right, but don’t excuse them for their misconduct. The first does not negate the debasement of the other.
            Just my “two cents” worth.
            Now, carry on….

          8. Juan TwoTree says


          9. coneyro says

            Well, I guess that your brain falls asleep when someone tries to offer common sense. Very mature.

          10. Juan TwoTree says

            No, Conehead, not al all. It’s reading your version of ‘War & Peace’ blibber-blabber camp fire girl post. You don’t like what you see on the site, tough, then don’t respond and go to a church website so you don’t get so ‘pissy’, broken hearted!!

          11. coneyro says

            I’m not going to apologize for trying to have a civil conversation.
            I actually come on the comment section to learn about, and educate myself on subjects.
            You are not teaching me anything valuable except how to NOT answer back people with whom I disagree.
            FYI, I grew up in a rough part of Brooklyn, NY, so it’s not that I’ve been sheltered against the “tougher” side of humanity. I’d just like to set a good example for my kids. There is nothing “pissy” about that, is there?

          12. Juan TwoTree says

            Well, OK…how about not pissy…how about weak, frail, scared, not balls?? That make you feel better?
            Semper Fi (From Long Island)

          13. Dot S says

            Agree with you Coneyro! Disagree fine. Disagreeable not called for–shows ignorance.

          14. Frankdidit says

            This may be true, however have you ever looked at the amount of money that is sent to Mexico every year by the legals and illegals. Last report I looked at put the figure at around 40 Billion every year. Think Mexico will pay for the wall? Just put a stop to this money leaving our Country.

          15. Reality Check says

            well, it’s NOT illegal to send money to Mexico, so……

          16. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Uh, that’s not making America “less dynamic”?

          17. Frankdidit says

            Yes I am well aware it is not. However, one needs to understand it is money leaving this Country to support another Country. It is money take that should be spent here on our labor force.

          18. Reality Check says

            you know anyone who will pick strawberries for less than minimum wage?

            “Study Finds Illegal Immigrants Pay $11.8B in Taxes”

            The 50-state analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy released on Thursday found that roughly 8.1 million of 11.4 million undocumented immigrants who work paid more than $11.8 billion in state and local taxes in 2012, even while they were living illegally in the country.

            Related: Clinton’s Fuzzy Position on Immigration Worries Activists

            The group’s analysis estimated that illegal immigrants’ combined
            nationwide state and local tax contributions would increase by $845
            million under full implementation of Obama’s 2012 and 2014 executive
            actions and by $2.2 billion under comprehensive immigration reform.

            Tax contributions from illegal immigrants ranged from less than $3.2
            million in Montana with an estimated undocumented population of 6,000 to
            more than $3.2 billion in California with more than 3.1 million illegal
            immigrants, according to the study.



          19. Frankdidit says

            Do you really believe what you sent to me? If I were in the Country illegally I would not be paying the IRS. Most work for cash, this is because most states will fine employers who hire illegals. Therefore, I don’t see them paying into the IRS. I do believe that the people who are here legally are not happy with the illegals because they work for less and pay not taxes. Because of Obummer I wouldn’t believe anything you sent to me. It says to me, Obummer, is trying to justify his agenda.

          20. Reality Check says

            Well Frank, you vote GOP, so….
            that pretty much sums up your intellect.

          21. Frankdidit says

            You really need to get a real life. I could inform you as to who and what I have done for this Country but reading what you send me only lets me know how stupid you are. No further reply necessary it would only prove my point.

          22. Reality Check says

            “his is because most states will fine employers who hire illegals.”

            FUNNY, you do stand up?
            Reagan stopped enforcing workplace illegals.
            his Masters didn’t like that.

            SEE, many illegals have fake SS numbers so they CAN work

            THOSE people pay SS and other deductions like everyone.
            THAT is the money the link talks about.

            you ARE AWARE that many have fake ID.
            it’s part of the right wing knowledge base.

          23. Reality Check says

            ” Because of Obummer I wouldn’t believe anything you sent to me.”

            you are silly enough to think using fake ID just started?

            are you capable of any rational thought or is Obama Derangement Syndrome so advanced in you that your brain is fried?

          24. ABO says

            RC is a myopic, functionally illiterate liberal lemming, Frankdidit. A troll as well.

          25. MARYSWEET says

            It is when the illegals are doing it and working here illegally and not paying taxes but getting healthcare and other benefits.

          26. Reality Check says

            you missed the part about “legals”?

          27. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “Barack Obama, deporter-in-chief..Expelling record numbers of immigrants is a costly way to make America less dynamic”…LMAO!!

            Hey senility! How is expelling illegal aliens making America less dynamic? Nice try, citing a foreign, leftist P.O.S. magazine!

            Here is the truth about what happens in a “blue balled” state….
            “California officials estimate that $650 million in welfare benefits will be distributed to undocumented immigrant parents in Los Angeles County in 2013. “When you add the $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 millionfor healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year,” Antonovich said in a statement.“These costs do not even include the hundreds of millions of dollars spent annually for their education or incarceration of the illegal felons..”……Yup!! Less dynamic!!

          28. Jarhead says

            Not fast enough to rid our beloved Country of maggots…..and not enough asylums for those suffering from colon mucus syndrome such as the paid troll that uses Reality Check.

          29. 3RD Parallel N. says

            Not going to read it. Those expelled return over and over, to be recounted over and over. Learn to think for yourself in public schools,
            did you?

          30. Reality Check says

            I sure did.
            they taught me to prove what I say.
            I did.
            you provide right wing HOT AIR.
            some more FACTS the con won’t like.

            “The number of Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. illegally has
            declined. In 2014, 5.6 million unauthorized immigrants from Mexico
            lived in the U.S., down by about 1 million since 2007. Despite the
            drop, Mexicans still make up about half (49% in 2014) of unauthorized
            immigrants. At the same time, unauthorized immigration overall has
            leveled off in recent years.”


          31. 3RD Parallel N. says

            Leveled off. Really. Here’s a syndrome for you to experience. Take a culture tour back & forth on Mt Elliott Street in Detroit. The numbers of illegals living there is next to zero (-0-). Earth to Reality. Hello. The place is RUINED.

          32. Reality Check says

            A does not equal B.

            con logic only works on Fox News.

          33. 3RD Parallel N. says

            Cant argue with a public school education. Thats for sure!

          34. 3RD Parallel N. says

            Useless to argue with a public school education. Thats for sure.

          35. MARYSWEET says

            You are drinking too much Kool Aid. There are hardly any illegals being shipped back where they came from. obama wants to keep them all here so they can vote for killary. You’ve been listening to the liar-in-chief, obama, again.

          36. Reality Check says

            nice link proving that.

            I post links
            you post HOT AIR.

          37. MARYSWEET says

            Everything is about the same here. Had a bad hail storm a few days ago but I had no damage myself.
            No change in the illegal immigration situation. In fact, I would say it might be a little heavier traffic now that everyone knows they won’t be detained but just a pat on the back and let out the front door to do whatever and go wherever they want. There is absolutely no record of them, their names, where they came from, who they are or where they will go. obama is not the least concerned about the situation as he created it. He is probably dancing a little jig over all the riots, protesters and chaos he is causing. I still think he will encourage more chaos before the election so he can declare martial law and cancel the election. Especially if he thinks the Republicans will win. There isn’t anything he won’t do. obama is not really weak, he is evil and this has always been his plan. He stirs things up and then sits back and watches the chaos he has created. I have always said obama was our worst enemy over Iran, ISIS and everyone else.
            Russia has been flying planes along Alaska, east and west coasts for over a year now and the media doesn’t even mention it and nothing is done to stop them, which is no surprise as obama is a do nothing president. He won’t let our military fight back when they are attacked because he doesn’t want his brother muslim jihadists to be hurt. He has always protected the muslims and is now teaching islam in public schools and even kindergarten. We need to be rid of him NOW.
            The supreme court is suppose to be addressing the illegal immigration problem where he is issuing them green cards but a decision isn’t expected until June. There are 26 states suing, starting with Texas and we do have a real severe problem with the illegals here.

          38. DB says

            We are moving back out west. Probably New Mexico. I’m ready and loaded. I know it’s not going to be easy, but they are everywhere. Florida is a nice place to visit, but not to stay with it being the #1 allergy state. I don’t know what we can do to help stop the illegals from coming over, but I will keep fighting our reps. Or get a bigger truck. I had a friend when we lived in Texas that got so angry with the illegal problem he went to a place where they hang out to wait for a job, with pay under the table of course, he told them he needed all the help he could fit in his truck. You know the Mexicans can fit a bunch in a small area. The he took off and drove them to the border. Took out his gun and told them to start walking. And they did. Back to Mexico. He knew they’d be right back, but for a little bit he felt good.

          39. MARYSWEET says

            New Mexico is so full of the illegals. Almost as much as Texas. You are right, they are everywhere because obama lets them come in and they spread out all over the country. They don’t go to Hawaii and I’m not sure about Alaska but the other 48 states are inundated with them and being supported by taxpayers. I am so tired of this and it is getting worse as obama has now ordered the Border Patrol to not get names, or detain in any way, anyone coming across the border. They are no longer getting names, getting court dates or anything – just walk across and go wherever they want to go and no one knows who they are or where they are. I like the way your friend thinks. Hope he does that a few more times. He is a true American patriot and you can tell him I send him my thanks. Good luck to you with your move.

          40. 3RD Parallel N. says

            Not sure about Alaska. Really. Can you imagine swimming to Alaska?

            And last year, my mother-in-law with a real valid Passport got turned back by the Cannucks at the bridge..

          41. MARYSWEET says

            LOL No, I can’t imagine swimming to Alaska or Hawaii so I don’t know if they’ve found a way to get there yet.
            Only the innocent are stopped at airports. The TSA is the most useless piece of government fleecing the American taxpayers. It is a false sense of security and they give no confidence at all. Several criminals and even some with terrorist connections have been found to be working for the TSA. Like we don’t have enough problems without our government being our worst enemy (namely obama).

          42. rosieb47 says

            I’m not going to write anything. This school bullying is so stupid it doesn’t even bear commenting on. The parents and teachers are equally to blame. And here our taxes go to pay these idiot teachers for spreading such stupidity. Virginia Caminer

          43. MARYSWEET says

            It is the parents and teachers who are actually promoting bullying. I think if you will look at the family, one of the parents is a bully and the schools will not touch the subject with a ten foot pole. It has gone to such extremes now that it is obvious the parents and schools will never do anything about it. I say call the police and have them arrest those involved and let the courts sort it out. Maybe that will wake up the parents and/or the schools that this is a serious problem.

          44. ABO says

            The Cannucks are mostly liberals ( read Mentally Challenged ).

          45. 3RD Parallel N. says

            What does that portend for the U.S. then?

          46. ABO says

            Frankly, since the Cannucks seem to be following the lead of the Lefties here in the US, It’s difficult to predict but personally I would hope that at some point they will see the error of their ways and set a course for more logical and reasonable thinking and hopefully those who have, here, fallen into the myopic abyss of liberalism will follow suit. Just sayin’

    2. jreg9304 says

      not only libs, but the establishment on top.

    3. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Excuses and blame is all they have!

  4. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Well that’s a bald face lie that you stupid Democrats are putting out. You and some republicans have not the GUTS to tell the TRUTH ANYMORE.

  5. DeeDee says

    Trump effect? Total BS. There have always and will always be bullies in school.How about putting the blame on parents for once? They should be teaching their children to be civil.

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      I like that, “The Trump Effect.” I new liberal diagnosis for way things will never work out as well as they planned.

      In truth they only plan as well as they think, and that is the real short coming, but hey, blame it on something else and the rest of the lemmings will just shake their heads and start to cuss under their breath, talking about how bad everyone else is besides them.

      1. Ronald says

        Your 100% right on the $$$
        Great post

    2. ProfessorPBZ says

      I agree with you 100%, DeeDee!

    3. GrizzMann says

      Liberals blaming themselves? Unheard of. Remember it’s Bush’s fault.

    4. MAHB001 says

      I am beginning to think that all the left has is BS.

      1. ABO says

        And the supply is absolutely endless.

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        What took you so long???

        1. MAHB001 says

          🙂 you know me, I’m a slow learner.

    5. MAHB001 says

      The Southern Poverty law center is nothing more than liberal bullies with a law degree.

      There is no doubt that the SPLC’s “research” is worthless.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        “Where the FBI has found hate crimes and hate groups declining
        significantly in the past ten years, SPLC claims hate groups have
        increased 67.3% since 2000. Where once SPLC’s hate list was reserved for
        groups like the Aryan Nation and the KKK, in 2010 SPLC started citing as
        hate groups those Christian groups that oppose same-sex marriage or
        believe homosexuality is not inborn, or are otherwise critical of

        Just another LYING, LIBTURD group inciting racist hate!

        1. MAHB001 says

          The SPLC IS a hate group…. Just ask the people the SPLC has targeted.

      2. ABO says

        Far worse than worthless, MAHB001.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Yes the Southern Poverty law center is far worthless than little me MAHB001..

          1. ABO says

            Please sir, I would never suggest that you are in the least “worthless”. Quite the opposite, MAHB001.

          2. MAHB001 says

            I missed that comment the first time I read your post…. 🙂

          3. ABO says

            My “worthless” comment was directed at SPLC. Certainly not you, MAHB. I should have made that more clear. My bad.

          4. MAHB001 says

            No worries, me bad too!

    6. Jeanne Stotler says

      Being a BULLY is nothing new, I am 83 and I remember bullies, difference is, parents, when my kids did something wrong they got a spanking, if it happened in school, I got a call, punishment was given in both places. I was taught at an early age NOT to stare or make fun of people with disabilities, My Mother told me just to thank GOD that I was OK and say a prayer for them, told same to my kids. Empathy is lacking on all levels today, manners are out the window and children are not being taught the basics of Good behavior. I do daycare, PLEASE and Thank You are expected, NO is used to set limits and adults are not called by first name unless Miss or Mister proceeds the name. Homework is done after school,when they attend school, reading is important, and they must tell me what story was about, kids now in Middle school and High school are all A/B students because I insisted homework first. It’s too late for little ones to do homework after dinner when they don’t get picked up until 6 or later, and since they are here more than home I feel I am responsible to teach good behavior, which is lacking in a lot today.

    7. red110306 says

      How about raising their children to defend themselves instead of whining to the Dean?

      1. Jarhead says

        Don’t forget that many bullies are held back in school due to brain dysfunction so a 5th Grade 17 year old bully is difficult for the standard 5th Grader to handle.

  6. Ernest Hayes says

    do these idiots ever pull their heads out of their asses?

    1. meangreenMarine says

      No! The only way they will ever see the real world is if they get plastic belly buttons!

      1. Ernest Hayes says

        I wonder does Obamacare cover that

      2. Retired Marine says

        Now that IS funny…LOL

      3. Mary Brumley says

        That plastic insert is called a Mod 1. lol

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      They are frightened that their ears will pop.

      1. Ernest Hayes says

        they might actually discover that the world doesnt care what they think

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          How true!

    3. GrizzMann says

      Why? It’s warm and comfy there. There make believe world takes shape there. Why ever leave?

    4. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Only to collect the welfare check!

    5. Jarhead says

      Probably but the thick, sticky, opaque colon mucus prevents the brain/eyes/ears from functioning properly so they immediate re-insert in the colon for the warm comfort & satisfaction found in their colon. Especially when the Gay Bath House is closed for the evening & fruitcake barry is not around to keep it open to have access to his Peter Pan.

    6. ABO says

      Can’t speak for all but in the case of “Reality Check” the answer is unarguably NO.

  7. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Really ? Trump effect ? ..Those BOTTOM feeding Liberals will say anything to prevent America from returning to it’s Heritage.

    1. Jarhead says

      It took them awhile to learn how to spell TRUMP since the PC LiberalRETARDS have used Bush so long.

  8. Bud44 says

    Hey southern poverty law center, where have you been for the last 70 something years that I have been around? There have always been bullies, this just goes to show how full of shit you are. It’s either that or you guys are the stupidest horses asses on the planet.

  9. Tiger says

    So if Trump being blamed for Bullying who did they blame prior to him? Being as books have been written on the subject, children have committed suicide due to online and school bullying, who was to blame for all that?

    When I was growing-up our parents taught us how to take care of bullies, I taught my children same thing. Don’t encourage or answer a bully when they are taunting you walk away. If they touch you beat Hades out of them and I taught them where to hit first and second and last. Always good to kick in the chins first then work your way up.

    I don’t see Trump followers mixed in with the BLM, Hispanics and Muslims forming to riot or perpetrate violence on others and stop and disrupt Trump from speaking or appearing somewhere. We don’t see Trump followers carrying signs and disrupting Hillary or Bernie gatherings. This is a bunch of bunk for giving more fuel to the fires that are out there already by the dullards and stupid.

    Without “Hating” Liberals have nothing.

  10. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Southern Poverty Law Center? Absolutely zero credibility just like any left wing organization run by lawyers.

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Good article. Thanks. That Morris Dees is a useless POS if ever.

  11. ZACAL says

    School bullying has been going on before liberals became so annoying to the general society. To come up with a pre planned study to try and prove a silly non existent truth just won’t work.

    1. Dot S says

      They are talking about a RISE in bullying! Better reading comprehension needed.

      1. hangem'high says

        Amazing what a little chalk and schooling will do!

      2. ZACAL says

        They are blaming Trump sweetheart, that’s a helluva a lot more than a stretch. “better reading comprehension needed” liberals do those stretchy things. No Brag, Just Fact.

      3. ZACAL says

        Dot – sweetheart, I know what you’re trying to imply. You can’t prove a statement like that without documented proof. Face it, it’s liberal progressive propaganda being thrown out hoping it will stick. Ain’t going to happen sweetie. Better luck voting republican.

        1. Dot S says

          Not your sweetheart. sir but never Republican as they cheat to win instead of good policies. Will not vote for another Repub until they play by the rules!

          1. ZACAL says

            We don’t allow illegals for votes, Blocks of cheese for votes, Free cell phones for votes, Free welfare for ever for votes, This list could go on for ever. I’ve been married 53 years, I’ll bet you’re divorced because of a bad controlling attitude. But we still love ya sweetheart, we’ll watch out for you.

  12. gerald Hughes says

    Nothing new here, we all know that we will not be able to continue to coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    We must physically separate ourselves from them, it is the only way to prevent civil war

  13. le3845 says

    Typical liberal left-blaming everyone else on their woes.

  14. RichFromShowMe says

    When the SPLC actually does something that’s NOT Un-American, that may be the signal that the end of the world is nigh.

    Until then the SPLC and its parent organization, the ACLU, are responsible for bilking taxpayers out of Millions, probably by now, Billions of dollars by recruiting, then indoctrinating their clients on what to say and how to say it and, the final touch, appearing before one of their “Pocket Judges”, of which obamba has added hundreds during his Reign of Terror . . . . then sending the bill to taxpayers.

    1. PatriotGal says

      Are they Soros’ funded?

      1. Dot S says

        Certainly not the Koch Brothers–they like bullying.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Bleeding heart, limp wristed, libTURD alert!

      2. RichFromShowMe says

        Yes . . .

        But, what makes it worse is much of their funds are generated by suing honest folks just trying to make a living; i.e., us taxpayers.

        When they win a lawsuit taxpayers reimburse their expenses. Many of their lawsuits are simply “woven from whole cloth” and heard before one of the Left’s Captive Judges.

  15. Patriot47 says

    Do all liberals suffer from Alzheimers? Bullying was a growing problem LONG before the current (s)election cycle.

  16. jimmy midnight says

    SPLC is onto something. There is such a thing as atmospherics. Children are extremely impressionable, and when they hear calls for mass deportations, blanket exclusions, additions to mass incarcerations, encouragements to physically throw people out of speech venues…of course some of them will take those cues out on other kids.

    And some of those other kids will feel, and actually be, threatened. Bullying is something done thoughtlessly, so it doesn’t need a singular, specific cause. There have been numerous incidents in which “adult” Trump supporters have administered beatings to a variety of “others.”

    Thankfully, when precious, impressionable, and not fully responsible, children misbehave, it usually doesn’t appear in the news.

    1. hangem'high says

      You better take a good look around you, especially around the world and get you pansy azz harden up! Because what’s coming down the pipe is going to wake you privileged children up to the real cruel world, that doesn’t care whether you breathe or not!

      Trust me this president Obummer has no intention of protecting your gullible azz, black or white!

      1. Juan TwoTree says

        Right on hangem’high! Sissy-assed, whiney bastard kids should get a good ass kicking!
        Semper Fi

        1. hangem'high says

          Then they would have a true grasp of the difference between bulling and free speech!

          1. Juan TwoTree says


      2. jimmy midnight says

        So you apparently think it’s a good idea for children to be bullying one another if the “other” is Muslim, Latino, or Black.

        If that crazy fool, of a world-class literary artist, John of Patmos, hadn’t written those lunatic ravings known as The Apocalypse, maybe some of you cons wouldn’t be quite so sure that everyone with whom you disagree will soon, “Get theirs.”

        Now it’s your turn to trust me when I tell you that there’s never been a moment since Christianity became a dominant religion, when most of you weren’t quite certain that the End Times were just around the proverbial corner.

        What if a groovy, prosperous, and peaceful future occurs instead? Seriously, will you then perish from apoplexy because you can’t torture me and my kind to death, or watch as others do it for you, as you’re fantasizing about?

        1. hangem'high says

          If you can’t see what’s happening around you your part of the problem

          If TRUMP in chalk is bulling then Laying down in a mass grave is justified.

          1. jimmy midnight says

            Sorry I don’t see relevance of video. I think you’re, “Tripping your brains out,” on paranoia, and on a level comparable to what John of Patmos was doing when he wrote that delusional screed. (And did an enduringly great job at it.)

            Your ravings would be a notch more credible if you knew when to write “your” and when to write “you’re.”

            You’re raving. Don’t wait ’til the Sabbath to give it a rest.

          2. hangem'high says

            Your right, I should have known you’d not see the connection nor able to comprehend the need for phycologists intervention


            Trump 2016

  17. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    That is just horse shit and these ,,and these horse shit people are nothing but LIARS.

  18. clem says

    Is this site owned by Glenn Beck?

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Go back to the Huffington Poo. They like ignorance!

  19. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    I’m surprised they aren’t blaming the bullying on “W”.

  20. Joy Daniels Brower says

    If any liberal friend (thank God, they are in very short supply!) ever broaches this subject, I’ll blow his or her head off with my rebuttals! I’m already dealing with a gay friend who thinks football should be abolished. He says it’s wrong to sell tickets to watch people hurt each other. That he misses the whole premise of the sport is so far beyond his gay mind as not to be worth discussing. He’s definitely a loser on THAT score! But he’s counting on endless lawsuits to finish off the whole business. He’s a liberal who wants to control other people’s lives. Typical.

    1. Dot S says

      You get 10 people in a discussion, you will probably get 10 opinions! Be more respectful of different opinions!

      1. GrizzMann says

        In my opinion, Democrats lie. Based in fact. As in, the Benghazi murders were inspired by a video on the life and times of Mohammad, ISIS is contained, you’ll save $2500.00 a year with Obamacare, if you like your doctor you can keep him, etc. etc. Et cetera.

        1. ABO says

          On and on and on, ad infinitum.

          1. Reality Check says

            people who leave their history open are really not the brightest people on the planet.

          2. ABO says

            What on Earth would a complete idiot like you know about that???

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            MICHELLE OBAMA: “Barack knows that we are going to have to change our history”

          4. GrizzMann says

            Nice Latin. When Will they use Veni. Vidi. Vici?

          5. ABO says

            That would be Veni after all their wanking.

        2. OSAMA OBAMA says

          “This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our country.
          We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the
          lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at
          American embassies over an awful internet video”

          “Clinton had said
          during a March 2008 speech that while visiting Bosnia in 1996 as first
          lady, she remembered “landing under sniper fire.” A greeting ceremony
          had to be canceled, she said, as her party “ran with our heads down to
          get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

          Videotape showed Clinton
          and her daughter Chelsea and their entourage instead striding across a
          tarmac with smiles and greeting a retinue of well-wishers.”

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Give it a much needed rest Dolt, er, dot!

      3. Jarhead says

        Right is still always RIGHT don’t care what sex, age or color you are.

  21. Chris says

    Trump is getting the blame for everything next thing you know he will be blamed for bringing ISIS into our country.

  22. Gerry Costa says

    Well — at least these morons are not blaming Bush !!!!! These pathetic lying corrupt scum libtard/retard demoRATS will try and lay blame for anything on anyone they can except themselves. It is past time to send these lying POS down the road and out of our government.

  23. John Gagne says

    The media is responsible for it all.

  24. disqus_e1rjNMkUay says

    Evil liberals, try every angle to blame Trump for behavior, that “they” have been very comfortable with for years. Check out the Gerry Springer show, don’t have to go any further. FIST FIGHTS,(a promotion) Wigs flying, cake , flowers and clothes strewn all over the stage, and Gerry standing there, rubbing his chin, and at the same time, lining his liberal pockets Oh ! and hear the silly audience cheer. Ouch ! Duh. So take a Hike liberals, and take your “.judgments”, with you.

  25. Judy says

    SPLC, !st) Bullies have been around for as long as I can remember, I’m 71 2nd) Mr. Trump has 4 very nice adult children, very polite 3rd) They were told everyday No Drugs, No Alcohol and No Smoking (Mr. Trump does none of those either) 4th) Parents no longer take responsibility for their children, they instead teach their children to blame someone else (another child, the teacher, the police and etc. 5th) Mr. Trump is not responsible for the #1 thing Bullies PARENTS forgot to teach that Bully and that was RESPECT!!!

  26. louann says

    Ridicules! If any thing im scared.. Cause of the media lies about trump. I think someone might punch me. The lies from our government.this is what they have caused and people actually believe them. There twisted .protest rally in corrupt Colorado. Today. I hope our government dont send there crew of brain washed believe any thing there told people.

  27. Donya Ging says

    Obama started race riots and bullying himself. He paid Baltimore to do it, and he paid the same actors that acted in Ferguson to do Baltimore. Anyone with any brains knows where bullying came from.

  28. itriedthemall says

    Trump hasn’t been on the candidate scene long enough for “bullying increase” to be noted, let alone studied. Truth is President Obama is the biggest bully I’ve ever seen as either a president and/or presidential candidate. No major political player in my lifetime has done as much to promote bullying and racism as President Obama!

    1. Dot S says

      Really!!! What universe do you live in? You want a bully hero–look no further than Cheney.

      1. GrizzMann says

        Cheney was not blamed in this.

      2. hangem'high says

        I take it u miss out on the Union days when you had to bring hard hats and clubs just to get through the day! But alas that’s what happens when you have no factories or jobs!

      3. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Blather, rant, spew, and prattle …’s what LibTURDS do best, besides tax and spend!!

      4. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Okay, how about the drunken Ted Kennedy who cowardly left an intern to drown, alone in his car while he went home and slept it off! Or, how about the pervert “bent Willy” CLITon and his hag of a wife that vilified his victims??

  29. Loving America says

    Hooray! It is time that the Students of America are not allowing the bullies to bully them like Obama has let Isis bully the World and …the gays are bullying the World too…the athesists are bullying the World…the liberals are bullying….the transgenders are bullying….he says Our Children have to take and put up with this kind of behavior. Lets borrow his daughters for a week…bully them and let them lose to go home and let them beat the hell out of their parents for doing their bully tactics on the World and especially America! It would not take long until the mess We the People are putting up with would come to
    a dead stand still! Kids of America do not bully unless you are bullies then knock them out!

  30. Donya Ging says

    Idiot Liberalism sucking after the riches of the arabs = More rioting, killing raping etc Islam has always murdered and slaughtered and worse than the hogs they hate.
    This is what this country is wasting away to.
    A filthy bunch of pigs who hates pigs.

  31. Pegasus says

    What liberal idiots…. there have always been bullies in school… I was one of them…. but, now I’m not!

  32. ilovemygoats says

    These kids are learning from their idiot liberal parents. Bullying among children was going on LONG before Trump appeared on the scene. Leave it up to liberals to blame ANYONE other than the ones responsible…the parents. But it’s their motto….It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault…It’s NEVER your fault…you’re not responsible for your own actions. The liberals are responsible for giving us the ‘millennials’…sorry a$$, wimpy, fragile young adults incapable of coping with real life that hide in their ‘safe spaces’ when someone says a simple word, or get offended at the site of a confederate flag, or become unhinged because someone wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk on a sidewalk. Good grief…if the “children are our future”….we are doomed.

  33. Pegasus says

    BS…. there are bullies in school everywhere….!

  34. A natural born American says

    Bullys? The world is and always has been FULL of bullies. Take the obamas for example. And the women on “The View”, past and present, and isis and all the professional politicians and…

    What I like is how the libt**ds will always blame EVERYTHING THEY DO WRONG on someone else , THEN call others ‘war mongers’ when THEY have to go in and fix the libt**ds screw-ups. I’d say the TRUMP EFFECT is just that — a conservative who’s explaining how he’s planning on fixing a country that’s been devastated by obama’s ilk! Ilk — I like that word.

  35. stacy cantrell says

    I am so damn over this crap! Stop lying about Trump!! Trump wants to put America and Americans first! Period the end.

    1. Dot S says

      Trump is a bully so why would he not think bullying is best for our country? Sorry but I would never agree with that policy. What do you think is going to happy with bully Putin meets bully Trump? Bomb, bomb, bomb! My grandson is reporting for Army duty as a 2nd Lt, so I have a personal interest–do you? His family has always had someone supposedly in one of our services, since Revolutionary Days, supposedly “protecting” our country” usually bullies!

      1. hangem'high says

        Point out one Democrap or Returd that isn’t a bully and I’ll call you a liar, free of charge!

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Blather, rant, spew, and prattle …’s what LibTURDS do best, besides tax and spend!!

  36. Angela Worden says

    Give me a break!! You sound like a Democrat blaming Bush for everything. I suppose all the PAID VIOLENT PROTESTORS don’t have anything to do with it–or the riots after the black man was killed in

  37. ShemSilber says

    By the same rationale, Islam blames Israel for everything, even when they are killing each other off! Azazel, who is not actually the “scapegoat,” as they call it in the KJV, but the actual father of lies, murder, destruction and all Torah violations. For the time being, Azazel is still allowed to work his evil, within limits set by Yahuwah Almighty, but the time of reckoning is soon, when sentence will be carried out. He will be consigned to Gei-Hinnom, the Lake of Fire prepared for him and the angels that he deceived along with himself (Matthew 25:41). When that comes, there will be no more Allah of Islam, for that is his current alias.

    By the power of the returning Messiah Yahushua (Jesus), all evils will be swept clean from the earth, and we will have peace. No more Islam, no more politics, no more heathens of any sort, for all will either fulfill the purpose for which the Master Yahushua created us or they will become ashes under the feet of those who have submitted to Him and He has made righteous, for none of us can do that for ourselves. By His power alone we will have everlasting life in true peace and productivity, building our Father’s Kingdom ever outward, omein!

  38. Ronald says

    You want to talk about a left wing run amuck
    Phase Bullying is it
    School districts spend millions on classes
    To fight bullying of all kinds
    Complete nonsense !
    The worst bullying I see going on is the teachers & staff
    Bullying kids ! !

  39. Jim says

    Just spoke with a friend of mine in Ohio and learned that they had some snow last week. Since snow in that part of the country is a bit unusual this time of year, it must have been caused by the “Trump Effect”, as well. What a bunch of liberal nonsense. I am getting so tired of seeing garbage like this.

  40. CUZIN ERN says

    Yes, you are probably rite for a change by trying to killing yourself off with your own hand: congratulation!!
    If you happen to be mesmerizing the Black members of society this attempt to drag these folks into your baileywick sucks as you just hit the water hole!! Stop using them for your battering ram you ungratefull ingrates!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Kissmyace711 says

    What a crock. Maybe looking at a President and DOJ that want to go easy on criminals and empowering troublemakers may have something to do with this. If there are no consequences for this behavior it will just get worse.

    1. Dot S says

      Easy on criminals? The US has more in prison than any other country. That is not enough for you?

      1. GrizzMann says

        The US has more area to cover and does not deport illegals after they serve their time.

      2. Kissmyace711 says

        And your point is? Your president is letting criminals out of prison that should stay in. Maybe your ok with that but I’m not. No, like I really want more people locked up that don’t deserve to be.

        1. Jarhead says

          Many should have been executed for their crime(s).

          1. Kissmyace711 says

            I agree

      3. OSAMA OBAMA says

        We have more people than any other country! We also have more liberal raised thugs, miscreants and Dots!

      4. Jarhead says

        NO…..a recent sentence for MURDER was 120 weeks in prison, times four, because they killed four people…….should have been the death penalty or life in prison. Crooked judges give short prison time & low cash penalties…..

  42. Danny says

    What idiots is coming out of the liberal socialist unconstitutionally federally controlled common core education system. Boo! Hoo! I was offended because someone said they believe in Jesus. The bullying is initiated by the teachers socialist attitude to control the thoughts of kids and the parents example to them of crying every time their feelings are hurt. Prime example of these results is this perverted organization that blames the conservatives for their own asinine actions. Grow up you idiot lawyers. You are the ones ruining this country

  43. Observant_One says

    Typical liberal garbage to distract the weak-minded from the disgraceful operation of the government.

  44. Lizard says

    So what … Bernie probably has 50% of kids thinking everything should be free in life.. What worse ??

  45. Nina Ferguson says

    If you want to look at what might be causing bullying, look at Hillary Clinton’s record. She has bullied women, ie, anyone that Slick Willie looks twice at, and threatens them. This has been going on for YEARS, even before his election as Governor of Arkansas. She doesn’t need any input from Trump to practice bullying, she has the record for it.

  46. Lizard says

    And Obama has black kids trying to beat up white kids ..

  47. kotoc says

    That’s the main problem with Liberals… they don’t like the truth. They make up all kinds of imaginings and resort to mud slinging to ease the discomfort of their own pathetic reality. They don’t like what they, deep down inside, know to be true.

    1. GrizzMann says

      I even heard that the President had make believe sons, girlfriends, a plan ti save people $2500.00 a year through Obamacare, had contained ISIS (A JV squad), etc.. Yes, Democrats do live in make believe worlds.

      1. kotoc says

        It baffles me why they CHOOSE to live a lie. Don’t they realize it’s self destructive? There it is, larger than life… the truth. No way, they say… we don’t like it. They prefer the rose colored glasses over reality, and it only makes them look stupid. Don’t they realize that?

        1. GrizzMann says

          When you live in make believe, everything can be normal.

        2. hangem'high says

          Stupid is the new normal!

          1. kotoc says

            You sure go that right! I’ve seen videos of people (liberals) being interviewed and asked some basic questions that everyone should know the answer to, such as “who is the current Vice President?” etc. and some of their answers made me shake my head in bewilderment. And these people VOTE and procreate!! God help us!!

          2. hangem'high says

            The zombie apocalypse has started, wait till they forget what toilet paper is used for!

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says
          4. kotoc says

            Yes, that’s one of them that really scares me about who’s out there in the voting booths. As it has been said, “Who is more foolish… the fool, or the fool that follows him?”

          5. Jarhead says

            And they also attempt to drive a vehicle…….GOD help us all!

      2. ABO says

        Good one Grizzman! Right on the money.

  48. MuslimLuvChrist says

    blame the dept of Ed for the worst school system in the world after paying the most per student!!!
    this is why Charter schools are much better,

    Trump will clean up the dept of ED (long past due) and will promote Charter schools!!!

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Give control of our schools back to the local counties. When they start to teach Shariah Law, LGBT, global warming, political correctness, FIRE THE basTURDS!

  49. Effenexes says

    You might have guessed it…the scourge of society… Southern Poverty Law Center. One of the biggest billies on the block. They and their insidious minds in the educational field, couldn’t make a pimple on a genuine professional educators rear end. They are the ones that are in the forefront indoctrinating the kids with their own swill.

  50. James Ruddy says

    How refreshing! We have a new bully on the block. I’m so glad they found someone different to blame as it was really getting old hearing how it was Bush’s fault all these years. If you have kids in school, you need to take the time to learn what they are being taught and sit down with them and try to undo the damage. If you believe your kids are worth it, then so is the time you devote to helping them.

    1. GrizzMann says

      It is Bush’s fault. Is that better?

      1. James Ruddy says

        Only if you’re Bush’s PR man and want to keep him in the spotlight as being somehow relevant for something or other.

        1. GrizzMann says

          Thanks. I love quoting Obama.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I thought that J.O. was being sarcastic!

          2. James Ruddy says

            You’re welcome. I love reading about it.

  51. Ed Shick says

    Could We say that Obama has caused the rise in people shooting our Policeman? Obama is a trouble maker from day one and why he is still in office shows how lazy Congress has been , Not one to suggest even Impeachment or Treason , and his Chief Adviser is a Communist , I’l bet Putin does not have a Communist Adviser!

  52. jaybird says

    I don’t understand parents raising their children to be victims.

    I don’t remember being told I need to tell the truth, defend myself or defend others, but I knew at home that if I did not tell the truth when asked that there would be hell to pay. In school I defended others, asked others why they said “not nice things to weaker kids”. I never thought about anyone beating me up (girl), I even confronted guys in high school. I don’t know why I was that way but I am that way about my country also.

    It all goes back to the parents from generation to past generations of where they screwed up and now the education policy/programs are enforcing victimhood.

    The SPLC are a bunch of bullies and the power they have over the simple mined people worries me.

  53. boris yasdnilkov says

    No matter what it might be, blame it on George Bush, Donald Trump or any other non progressive Liberal politician. Worthless garbage.

  54. TPS12 says

    How about we talk about Accountability for your own actions and stop blaming Trump or any one else for your own Actions. For some reason PC politicians, libs and MSM have decided do away with consequences for your own actions and let’s blame someone else and punish them. Idiots.

  55. Retired Marine says

    Southern Poverty Law Center? What a joke. Is anyone there even a lawyer? If you want to point the finger at someone for an increase in any bullying call it the “Obama effect”. Most problems start with that thing usurping in the once white house.

  56. bb says

    What is the address of that splc? What is that guy’s name that runs It?
    I should send him my used ass plugs.
    Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever :You Are!!!

  57. TAM44 says

    No it’s not Mr. Trumps fault, it’s the schools fault as they are full of liberals who have totally ruin the education system.

  58. dhartley231 . says

    What an excuse. Kids think for themselves , with common core ?Trump is an outsider and the establishment doesnt like an outsider,if elected Trump(hopefully) would change a lot of things Odumbo started (Obamacare) . It is more like people are tired of the BULL SHIT going on in this country and it is time for it to stop . The overeaching communist corporate America , trying to control US and take away OUR rights !!!

  59. Patrick Thomas says

    Just how stupid can liberals get?

    1. ABO says

      It would appear that the possibilities are endless, Patrick.

    2. MAHB001 says

      There is no limit.

  60. Empresstkettle says

    With the advent of ‘smart’ phones this enables the bullies to instantly transmit the event for their moment of infamy. Thus, some people will believe that bullying is something new, when the truth is, is that this has been going on forever. There will always be someone to disagree on whatever and results in verbal or physical bullying. Get over it! Remember: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

  61. MAHB001 says

    One can only hope that the Trump effect can make the liberals implode.

  62. rayr65 says

    Funny how these fools can blame Trump for this stupid crap but never blame Obama for the rise in black violence.. Strange how that works!

  63. jreg9304 says

    Anything that the corrupt media can get their hands on and twist out of shape about trump, this will be the media’s biggest mistake. it has already backfired on them on many occasion. when are they going to learn to let a sleeping LION alone.

  64. GuardianFlame says

    Southern Law Poverty Center has been inflicting “HATRED” onto Americans about anything and everything they can…it makes $$ for them! If they don’t have a “cause” they have nothing to hit their donors with. Right now they’re using Trump. Where their headquarters is located is not the “intelligence” belt of America, so those people are easily influenced by threats such as these.

    All I can say is how despicable the SLPC is for fearmongering our American minority children. If anyone is the “Bully”, it definitely shows SLPC seems to fit it perfectly! For shame, for shame, for shame SLPC. Go pick on someone your own size and stop misleading and scaring young children. YOU, SLPC, ARE TRULY DESPICABLE!!

  65. cbanalyst says

    This is all the more reason to elect any Conservative and not a Liberal.

  66. JW says

    I am fed-up with everything being blamed on Trump. Obviously the Clinton Regime and the RNC are willing to say and do anything to deny the peoples choice for their Republican nominee.

    Hillary will win because the OLD RNC FARTS will not give up control and continue to decide for Republican voters they know what is best for America. Many voters simply will not vote if Trump or Cruz is not a candidate.

    And don’t hold your breath for Hillary’s Indictment. It AIN”T GONNA HAPPEN!

  67. Trust No One says

    I’m not a Trump fan but only a total ahole could buy into this. I must say though with the way college student react to his name in chalk I can see how some idiot might buy into this bulls%!t.

  68. John Gagne says

    There are so many places to set the blame, government for one gets to involved in how you raise your kids. Parents need to get back to teaching values such as right from wrong and tolerance. Everyone is different and may not have the same beliefs as you. Our government is way out of proportion in what it was designed to do. The schools are teaching more than they are required in a manner of instead of how to think, their teaching them what to think. The media is scrambling events to indoctrinate us in what to think with all there lies by twisting the truth. Many Americans are intelligent enough to read between the lines, but also many are not and causing quite a ruckus such as riots and unlawful acts. When this Nation was once God fearing people, it was a safer place to live and with more freedom.

  69. UpstateNY says

    SPLC is the type of organization that can blame anyone for any and all ills and never have to answer for their evil ways.

  70. Barry Isaacs says

    Today Trump is responsible for an increase in bullying. Tomorrow he will be blamed for global warming. Sharon Stone is already blaming him for the coming Holocaust. The number of folks with fevered brains is countless. Some have called it Trump Derangement Syndrome. I am beginning to believe there is something to it.

    1. AKLady says

      I call these the words of a bully. Apparently, you don’t.

      “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
      “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
      “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
      “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
      “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
      “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
      “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
      “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
      “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

      1. Barry Isaacs says

        The issue is whether Trump is responsible for someone else’s unwarranted, belligerent behavior. The obvious answer is NO but you don’t seem to get it. None of the remarks you quoted inform 3rd parties that behaving badly is justified. Everybody has free will and are responsible for their own actions.

        1. AKLady says

          When an individual held in esteem stoops to encouraging violemce, yes, they are responsible.

      2. 32eagle says

        evidently he did get his point across very well and you repeat his words often-I think Trump would be amused and proud that you honor him so

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Oh, yes.
          Hitler’s Fourth Reich is very evident.

  71. bbb says

    So, all the murders in Chicago over the last decade were because of Trump campaign violence. Does anyone else suspect the spin doctors of vying for stand-up comedian status?

    1. AKLady says

      Why did you pick Chicago?
      The murder rate is high in every large city.
      It is a function of limited resources and over-crowding
      All mammals do it.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        “Cook County, the most populous county in Illinois, encompassing
        essentially all of Chicago, is a Democratic stronghold. However,
        Illinois’ reputation as a blue state rests upon the fact that the
        majority of its population and political power is concentrated in
        Chicago.” a true bastion of incompetence, graft and corruption!

  72. Glen Lewis says

    Blaming some politician or anyone for bullying is ridiculous. There have always been bullys; they pick on the ones they think won’t fight back. Put your fist in their face like I did and they’ll leave you alone. People who write this crap are either one of the bullys or one of the weak who wouldn’t fight back and got their a__es kicked because of it.

  73. Girlie58 says

    Why do you have headlines like that, blaming trump for everything?? Keep at it snd you’ll have Hillary as president, or worse Sanders…push it becomes Obama under marshal law.!! Support Trump because he is the only one with balls and money that can defeat the democrats and the GOP ESTABLISHMENT, now enemy of we, the people, for theur despicable special interest behavior sgainst one of its own! If its not Trump, I am not voting!

    1. AKLady says

      Trump is part of the right-wing, white, rich establishment.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        LMAO!!! Yup, the ones that create, employ, build, work, pay taxes…………………………

        1. AKLady says

          Please educate yourself with valid facts.
          The very rich pay little or no taxes.
          The majority inherited their wealth.

      2. Girlie58 says

        So what? And Hillary isn’t part of the left wing rich establishment? Go sttack her!!Not Trump’s fault he was born white and has become rich! Why punish him for that? Go get the bad guys currently destroying the country like the current administration, socialist democrats, the traitors in the GOP ESTABLISHMENT! What Trump wants is what we, the people want. You are in the minority!

        1. AKLady says

          Trump was born white and rich.
          He is a second-generstion, KKK member.
          Minority, which hopefull becomes a majority before it is too late.
          Trump represents the Fourth Reich.
          You are just too blins to see the facts.
          We already have the conventration camps.
          Where do you want to put the gas chambers and ovens?

          1. Girlie58 says

            You assume too much!! Just be glad you are in America, and you probably love this country, thsnks to our forefathers! Sounds like you categorize white people as racists, if they don’t meet your agenda. Are you a racist?

          2. Girlie58 says

            Aren’t these camps created by the obama administration, and the socialist democrats in the last 8 yrs? You open your eyes..who’s been letting killers in from syria?

          3. MTnman says

            You may be referring to:
            There are other camps.

          4. Girlie58 says

            That is the most racist comment ever said!! You’re attacking Trump for being born white and you think thats ok because all of a sudden, you have uninformed idiots backing you up, and also because, the communist universities no longer teach the true american history so you are ignorant. You, and your like hsve been indoctrinated and brainwashed! So your heroes have become BLM, socialist democratic party, fidel castro,hugo chavez, bernie sanders, hillary and of course Obsma! Tell me I am wrong!
            You have taken the dark path in history. You need to educate yourself to the true history of the united states so you don’t wind up contributing to its decline and so you may not be deceived by voting for the wrong person who cares not about our country, unless you’re not from here!!

  74. randi says

    That is the biggest bunch of crap ever.

  75. Carol says


    1. AKLady says

      This is the man you want in the White House?

      “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
      “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
      “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
      “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
      “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
      “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
      “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
      “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
      “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

      1. Carol says


  76. 32eagle says

    just hold your horses-wait until he makes it into office first-but I reckon you damn sure couldn’t blame it on the weak wristed mutant mulatto sissified freak circus act

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
      Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

      1. 32eagle says

        I embarrass our traitor every time I bash him on purpose=i love this USA and scumbag illegal alien BORAX has got to go out of the whitehouse and right into the jailhouse

  77. BoBo Blood says

    The blame game Is the favorite tool of the liberal establishment….

  78. ourzoo10 says

    UH, better correct that idea…it is the POS occupying OUR White House that is creating the atmosphere for the bullying and riots.

    1. AKLady says

      Have you considered getting psychiatric care for that paranoia?

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        “No, no. I have been practicing…I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics, or something.” — Barack Obama
        “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets.” — Barack Obama
        “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us”
        “That’s just how white folks will do you” — Barack Obama
        “You know, the truth is that right after 9/11, I had a (flag) pin. Shortly after 9/11 I
        decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest…” — Barack Obama

        “I can no more disown (Jeremiah Wright) than I can disown the black community”

        1. AKLady says

          Maybe you should check the factuality of your so-called quotes.
          Also, you have cited them out of context.

  79. hangman57 says

    That is BS , to blame Trump for violence going on in this country . Blame Gangs !

  80. A_patriot says

    Gee, let’s take a good hard look at this one, shall we? Mr. Trump has been running for president now for how long? Ten months? And how long have we been hearing about this rise in bullying? The past few years? Hm. I’m not a Math specialist, in fact I fully admit it’s my weakest subject, however, even I can see things don’t add up!

  81. Mary Poffenbarger says

    More dirt by the RNC! Go Trump!

    1. AKLady says

      What dirt might that be? Trump is a bully:

      “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
      “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
      “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
      “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
      “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
      “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
      “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
      “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
      “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Awwwwww! Po’ Po’ akc welfare hack!

        1. AKLady says

          Truth and fact are a problem for you — as is your usual.

  82. Edith Johnson says

    Bullying was around when I was in schools many years ago. Ever since & in recent years, there has been a rise in bullying, particularly with the Internet & social media.

    How can a rise in bullying be blamed on Trump? Some of these articles are so crazy & unreasoable.

  83. VirgoVince says

    BULLSHIT, EVERY one of you stupid ignorant ugly lefturd niggers, ALL colors, is responsible for EVERY wrong in the world!!

  84. 2riotous says

    I think you have it just right. Just wish the liberals agreed with me. The battle would be mostly won!

  85. cae973 says

    The only bullying I have seen is by the anti trump bunch usually sanders supporters and truthfully they are a horrible bunch of vicious people.

    1. AKLady says

      Trump is a bully:

      “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
      “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
      “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
      “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
      “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
      “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
      “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
      “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
      “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Poor baby!!! WAAAAA!

        1. AKLady says

          Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

          That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

  86. Mary Poffenbarger says

    This just more people trying to bash his good name. We’ve been dealing with bullying for years, it’s worse now with FB! Don’t blame Mr. Trump!

  87. Bob Stewart says

    Fine, and I blame Hillary and Bernie for child abuse. Makes as much sense as that stupid liberal drivel.

  88. sox83cubs84 says

    Hey, SPLC! If you bedwetters want to discuss causes of bullying in schools, don’t point your finger at Trump unless you also want to blame the Gaystapo and the Black Lives Matter Bowel Movement, as well.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
      Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

      1. sox83cubs84 says

        Yo, babe! If you want to play perpetually offended liberal and whine about my posts, don’t use a blanket response that you’ve used before. Say something original…unless, of course, you CAN”T!

        1. AKLady says

          You are not worth the effort.

          1. sox83cubs84 says

            On the contrary, I must be, or else you wouldn’t have responded a second time.

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I feel sorry for your late husband! Did he sober up?

          3. AKLady says

            Save your childish trash for someone you can impress.

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Blather, rant, spew, and prattle …’s what LibTURDS do best, besides tax and spend!

        1. AKLady says

          Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

          That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          1. ABO says

            When are we going to see something new from you? Been reading the same posts, word for word from you over and over and over for years now. Time to memorize some new words of witlessness AKLady

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Exaggeration is no different than lying.
            Years, not hardly.

          3. ABO says

            Years. You know it. Over and over and over, ad infinitum.

    2. ringostarr1 says

      I know some of Morris Dees’ family and they told me that the only thing that the SPLC looks at before taking a case is not now worthy the cause is or how egregious the injury was but rather now likely Morris Dees will rake in some coins. In that important respect the SPLC and Donald Trump are idenical

  89. William B. Palazzo says

    And I blame Obama. So what?

  90. AKLady says

    Trump is a bully:

    “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
    “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
    “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
    “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
    “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
    “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
    “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
    “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
    “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

    1. 32eagle says

      Trump has a very aggressive inner character-he is no muscleman nor mafia heavyweight-but he reminds me of a buddy from Boston that loved to make fun of dangerous people-but both guys have a big heart even though they say too much of what they never should of

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Did your buddy change wives like they were used cars?

  91. Calvin T Pooner says

    I am a person who constantly gets bullied. Trump is the reason why I constantly get bullied. The other day, some kids shoved me into freeway traffic where I was hit by cars repeatedly. Then they set me on fire and pissed on me. This is all because of Trump. Before Trump existed, everybody was totally happy and there was no evil in the world.

  92. Libya21 says

    Do we live in a world of American idiots? The left started this PC nonsense, in effect saying no other views are acceptable. America has Freedom of Speech guaranteed, Only an idiot would blame Trump for speaking out since it is a constitutional right. We have become a nation of sissies and crybabies. Don’t hurt my feelings or I’ll cry and tell on you. Time to teach people to deal with it. Get a life! Grow up. We are not going to support this nonsense!

  93. WonderBoy2 says

    Bullying?, only by the demonRats.

  94. OSAMA OBAMA says

    “According to the SPLC, more than two-thirds of the surveyed teachers said that minority students – especially Muslims and immigrants – were worried about what might become of them if Trump wins the election. One-third said there had been an increase in anti-minority bullying.”

    “Where the FBI has found hate crimes and hate groups declining significantly in the past ten years, SPLC claims hate groups have increased 67.3% since 2000. Where once SPLC’s hate list was reserved for
    groups like the Aryan Nation and the KKK, in 2010 SPLC started citing as hate groups those Christian groups that oppose same-sex marriage or believe homosexuality is not inborn, or are otherwise critical of

    Just another LYING, LIBTURD group inciting racist hate!

  95. wandamurline says

    Well, go ahead and blame Trump for 9/11….for the Paris attacks by Obozo’s buddies, the terrorists, for the death of Scalia, for the deaths of the Ambassador and three heroes in Benghazi, for the idiots fighting at his conventions (which are probably getting paid to act like they are Trump supporters when they are working for the RNC or the Democommunists)….for the economy, for the amount of new teet suckers who are getting food stamps because they have no jobs in America, for killing the coal industry, for stopping the pipeline across America….for starting the collapse of the middle east by taking out the leadership in Libya, Turkey and Syria (trying to there), for giving billions of dollars to the Iranians so they can build a nuke and bomb America…..ooops, sorry, most of this would be attributed to Obozo and Hillary, not Trump….Sorry.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Don’t forget Egypt. Obama’s and as Secretary of State Hillary’s Arab Spring (named after the Prague Spring of 1968) was a total disaster. It lasted 2 days less than one full year before the Egyptian people themselves demanded an end to Hillary’s and Barack’s insanity. As many as 25% of the total Egyptian population was in the streets at once, all of them demanding an imedate end to the rule of the Mohammedan Brother Hood.

  96. cal3301 says

    In all reality, the bullying is on behalf of Obama, Holder, Lynch, his administration, and the Democratic Party. They gave us the LGBT, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, etc. etc. etc. The students, no matter their ages, are being used as experiments by their Liberal Progressive teachers.

  97. Alleged Comment says

    LOL! If I recall school bullying has been a problem for DECADES! So how can it be Donald’s fault.

    Are LIEberals lying again? That’s the only way they can express themselves ya know….

    1. ringostarr1 says

      If it wasn’t for lies and lying, liberals would all be deft mutes.

  98. Frank says

    More liberal-minded B.S. Those kids should be more upset that that woman running for President didn’t answer her phone when they were calling for help countless times from Benghazi!

    1. GrizzMann says

      It was after 03:00 hours?

  99. kassa1 says

    The bullying is the Democrat party! They have been bullying through intimidation lies and deceit and the stealing of our money and darring us to do anything about it ! The. Democrat/Marxist party and George sauce in the lot or the ones guilty of inciting violence including Obama inciting violence against whites and exciting violence against our military and a pl democrat/Marxist party and George sorrows in the light or the ones guilty of inciting violence including Obama inciting violence against whites and exciting violence against our military and our police, this is where the agitation lies but these leftist think they have the right to attack students who want to voice their opinion because Obama and his minions are breaking the law bringing it illegal illegal illegal people indoor country which or not not not citizens! They’re stealing stealing stealing our money through taxation to give to illegals when we are broke broke broke.

  100. mickeymike2 says

    The life-time politicians and their hangers-on are in a cold sweat. They’re are afraid the gravy train is leaving the station and headed to the junk yard. We have someone who knows how to run and business, create jobs, and stop our country from going further and further into debt. Take a look at Greece. The European Union bailed them out. “Ain’t” nobody big enough to bail us out . . . but a number of countries would like to take over our abundance of natural resources as payment for debt. If we don’t get away from career politicians . . . whose careers are based on doing favors in repayment of election support . . . our country isn’t going to be here for our children, grandchildren, and future generations. We’re already in a 20 trillion dollar hole and it’s getting bigger by the day.

  101. Teresa Legan says

    We LOVE Donald TRUMP….

  102. 3RD Parallel N. says

    Hey, FTN, did it ever occur to you – that it is even more ridiculous to write about stuff like this.
    No where near on par with college kids being afraid of sidewalk chalk art. Get relevant.

  103. Eddie says

    Donald Trump is a bully and a thug—and gets away with it. No wonder Trump likes the “uneducated” voter—that’s his base.

  104. Jack says

    The subject of this article,is surely moneyed and instigated by republicans,who don’t want Trump to win!!IT is their way of telling the voters,they want to make SURE clinton wins the presidency. In the vast STUPIDITY OF the republicans,THEY WILL GIVE THE WH TO clinton.

  105. susan clark says

    Bunch of BULLS**T. Bullying has been going on in the schools, social media for the last 15 years. Sick of the nonsense with these media outlets. You think we are all brain dead. Go suck an egg!!!!!!!!!!

  106. NoRINO says

    Minority students got nothing to worry, they’ll receive their social benefits as long as they promise to vote for Democrats.

  107. Bill says

    How stupid do you idiots think Trump supporters are. The morons on the left are truly idiots!! Good grief what has/ is happening to our once great nation! It’s time for a house cleaning of rino’s and the communist left.

  108. PatriotForever says

    Their parents and the media has done it’s job on the ILLITERATE and STUPID Sheep and their lambs and kids, literally.
    AMEN: QUOTE – “Maybe this isn’t so much about the “Trump Effect,” but rather the way liberals are presenting Trump to impressionable children. God knows how these children are ever going to function in the world with this kind of nonsense gumming up their minds.
    According to the SPLC, more than two-thirds of the surveyed teachers said that minority students – especially Muslims and immigrants – were worried about what might become of them if Trump wins the election. One-third said there had been an increase in anti-minority bullying.
    Here’s an idea: Stop treating Trump like the second coming of Hitler and maybe kids won’t be so afraid. Then, stop treating conservative ideas like thinly-veiled forms of bigotry. In other words, quit indoctrinating these students with your political views and instead teach them to think for themselves. – See more at:

  109. 1josephg1 says

    Wow! I thought it was Bush’s fault!

  110. ALHL says

    I would like the stupid idiot who makes up stuff like this!!

  111. Marshabblount4 says

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    1. 32eagle says

      just how many roomates do you have?and why do they buy all buy mcclarens?

  112. FloridaJim says

    The democratic constituency Black thugs,homosexuals, perverts,unionists, lobbyists, professors and schools administrators, government employers, and all the losers of society have become bullies as they deny any discussion of anything they dislike from Climate control lies to Chicago’s 900 shootings this year with not one comment from Obama, Hillary, Sanders or Rahm Emanuel imagine if this were a Republican city? Hitler was a bully, Stalin was a bully, Mao was a bully, Idi Amin was a bully, Mobutu was a bully,Castro was a bully, Chavez was a bully, Obama is a bully every bully named are role models for today’s democrats.How to discuss and argue opinions has been removed by the bullies above.

  113. coneyro says

    Trump may or may not have decent points, but it is not a way I would want my children to be taught to express themselves. Nor would I want them to feel that just because they are American, white, or of a specific religion, that they are better, or worth more than any other race, creed, or ethnic group.
    Trump IS, whether being misinterpreted, being deliberate or not, dividing our people along ethic, racial, and religious lines.
    Also, if children hear Trump say it is OK to attack someone in opposition, or bad things about people of other cultures, for example, they will assume that it is legitimate to do so. Do you find, as a parent, that this is acceptable?
    Trump is, IMO, not a scapegoat, and liberals aren’t to blame, in this respect. He is actually doing and saying things on his own, which lead to these conclusions. And BTW, I am NOT a Democrat or Liberal. Just a citizen and parent concerned with what a positive or negative influence candidates have on our kids.
    Peace to all.

  114. 2Shadow2 says

    The bullying was here long before Trump entered the presidential race. But bulling is mostly a left wing spin on PC. It is great to whine about diversity and hurt feelings and a guy should be able to use the women’s room if he says he feels like a woman. If Trump puts a stopper in as much PC as possible it will go a long way to correcting what this country has become because of it. Most black have no clue about Africans. They have never been there they only follow the PC label African American. Why am I not referred to as a European American?? It’s all PC baloney and the Communists started this infiltration many years ago and the KGB has talked about it openly. This country is incredibly easy to destroy from within when it’s even elected officials only care about lining their pockets while spouting off how they are for the people and serving the country. Total BS. The politicians follow any ideology that gets them rich. And little by little this country has become fat, lazy and incompetent. The late Austrian economist Peter Drucker, years ago talked about how Wozniak and Jobs lost Apple after forming the company. He said that it had all come to easy for them and since they had never had do defend what they made when the time came to defend it they did not know how. And so it is as the average person waves the flag eats apple pie, barbecues and “supports the troops”. Beneath it they are clueless, really. If you want to support the troops how about you raise unholy hell until the VA gets reorganized and criminals like Hillary are in jail. How about you stop acting like the German people under the Nazi regime. Meaning, that the greatest rime of that era is not that the Nazis did what they did but that the people who knew better did nothing.

    1. Melissa Perez says

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      1. 2Shadow2 says

        Carajo. Perez. No me mientas, Spam, spam go away. Don’t come back another day.

    2. MTnman says

      “… bulling is mostly a left wing spin on PC.”
      SO RIGHT.

  115. Larry Cowden says

    Fracking moronic liberal teachers are to blame for this problem now!

    1. MTnman says

      Your right. They certainly are not British.

  116. Melissa Perez says

    “my room mate Mary Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”..,……..!wc348ctwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !wc348:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsMatterGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!wc348……

  117. Gerry Costa says

    What a stupid ignorant report. Bullying(as they call it) has been going on since people populated the earth. We have always had the strong and the weak.The only reason it gets so much attention now is that the weak, instead of sticking up for themselves, want the govt to take care of them. Fight back weaklings and you might see this word disappear from our language. But for the libtard/retards blaming Trump is absolutely ridiculous. Guess they have to blame somebody but themselves so at least it isn’t Bush. Pitiful bunch of people.

  118. USAnowMSAsadly says

    Trump responsible for bullying? If this is the case, then the Hildabeast is responsible for AIDS.

  119. Craig Watts says

    …and then there is myself… blaming bad behavior and poor parenting… what a concept.
    Who comes up with this $hit?

  120. 32eagle says

    look at that disgusting smile of a thief that lied when illegally assuming office-and when he got reelected the disbelief on his face was clear he plainly does not deserve any of this

  121. MARYANN33 says

    Let the spanking of the bullies begin…A grave mistake was made with Dr Spock and the darlings little fragile pschyes. Nothing a good spanking could not fix and the sooner the better..Put the paddle back in all schools now.

  122. MARYANN33 says

    A manufacture of good paddles would be a great business right now…So many spoiled behinds need them.

  123. MTnman says

    Todays real bullies are those using REPETITIVE innuendos, slogans, ridicule, sarcasm, mocking, flapdoodle, ad hominems and other fallacies, by the number, as substitutes for meaningful dialog. These are individuals most usually seen as defensive counter punchers, cowering behind substantive issues, offering none of their own, then, trying to refute anything not pc, multicultural or in keeping with their warped personalities and political ideologies. These are usually the same lowlifes throwing the punches, driving the blades, and pulling the triggers. Our jails and prisons are mostly filled with bullies from the liberal leftist portion of our society.

    Look to the family, the classroom, the playground, riots, mobs and you will find the majority from progressive backgrounds. Most originate from the lack of a good education in American history and government. Very few are representative of conservative thought. Fewer still are the products of a traditional family upbringing.

    BULLIES? Look to the unsuccessful shady side of our society not that which is achieving.

  124. Moe says

    Propaganda is the most effective form of control over a clueless society, Obama’s team like Hitler’s are masters do distortion and blaming the victim for their agenda. With the majority of media ignoring the facts and reporting carefully planned news releases to protect and continue what they do know is not true. There was an agenda here to transform the nation and weaken it’s’ influence in the world and to increase dependency upon a single political party. Illegal immigration on purpose was allowed to overwhelm the system making it powerless to defend existing laws, a weaker military provides more money to buy more votes, the untrue tale of how democrats are going to tax the ultra rich that finance them and republican counterparts. Global warming being more dangerous than terror, China, and Russian aggression gone unchallenged. A national deficit that doubled in seven years while the administration tells supporters they balanced the budget, false statistical date to uphold untrue achievements very similar to Hitler’s theme. The fact refusal to accept reality, the USA is weaker in military strength, the economy sits on the verge of collapse due to debt and spending borrowed money, a society torn by race, gender, ethnic diversity, income, and logic. As planned the nation is ripe for socialism under two classes of people. It is not uncommon for the people to move more to the right. This nation may never recovery from two trend under this administration. The education system is like under communism the key to indoctrination for Obama philosophies.

    1. MTnman says

      Correct. For several decades, our public education system has been preparing students for socialism and communism. Obama is but one head of the Hydra. And, Bernie Sanders is another.

  125. Gail Ferraiolo says

    Hillery should live under a bridge, like a homeless person! And take all their money and pay off our debt after all they are the ones who put us into debt, they want to destroy our country because there filthy crimes are catching up with them! Governer Malloy should live under a bus!! He is a disaster to Ct.
    #TRUMP2016 POTUS

  126. Melissa Rodriguez says

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  127. Texanbychance, Americanbybirth says

    We all know who the real bullies are……..and the racist.
    All of this is nothing more than “white” hate at it’s now “normal” manner.
    Hell……….I want you to hate me. So I can hate you back.
    I won’t harm my friends…………my enemies are another story altogether.
    Bullies only pick on those unwilling or unable to protect and defend themselves. It has always been this way and will continue in the exact same manner until the end of time.
    …….it’s human nature…………good or bad, it is who and what we are

  128. Obama says

    STFU you idiots.

  129. Roy says

    I agree with the article’s writer, IF this ‘effect’ exists I think it’s much more representative of the liberal indoctrination and vilification of Trump than it is a reaction to Trump himself. After all, when do these children ever watch a Trump speech or a presidential debate in which Trump participated or a press interview with Trump? The answer is likely to be NEVER for 99.9% of students under college age and at least 80% of college age students. So, where do the get their opinions of Trump? From teachers, parents and the far left biased mainstream media.

    My youngest daughter lives in NYC. She came home this week to celebrate her birthday (yesterday) with the family. When we were eating dinner and watching the news on her first evening home, some story came on about Trump and my daughter said she wished Trump would get lost. I asked why and she said it was because if he got elected her friend’s mother would be sent back to, I think it was France that she mentioned. I asked her if the woman was here illegally and she said, “No, but it doesn’t matter because he wants to get rid of everyone who wasn’t born here, send them all back where they came from.” This is the claptrap the liberals are pushing in NYC.

    Of course I disabused her of this notion and told her that Trump has never said that. He just wants to send people who are here ILLEGALLY back where they came from and her friend’s mother was safe as long as she is here legally. Luckily for the rest of us, despite a good upbringing by her mother and me, she hates politics and doesn’t vote (if she did it would be for Bernie). Let’s hope other young people her age (mid 20s) feel the same way about voting.

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