Report: California is Going Even Further to the Left With Next Election


If you thought that California couldn’t possibly stray any more wildly from the values and principles this country was founded on, a new feature story in the Washington Post demonstrates in striking detail how the Golden State is not coming back from the brink anytime soon. Indeed, if the next crop of Democrats in line to run for state office are any indication, the California of today might be considered downright quaint and moderate compared to what’s coming down the pike.

“Here in the self-labeled ‘state of resistance,’ the political debate is being pushed further left without any sign of a Republican renaissance to serve as a check on spending and social policy ambitions,” reads Monday’s feature story. “Even some Republicans are concerned about the departure of Gov. Jerry Brown (D), who proved to be fiscally cautious after inheriting a state seven years ago in deep recession.

“The race to succeed him, as well as contests for U.S. Senate and statewide offices, probably will feature a November ballot exclusively filled with Democrats,” the story continues. “The top two primary finishers compete in the state’s general election regardless of party, setting up several races between the Democrats’ left and even-more-left wings in the nation’s most-populous state, races that could signal the direction of the party’s future.”

Whether or not you happen to live in California, the political trends in that state inevitably play a major role on the national scene. And when it comes to marquee issues like climate change, taxes, immigration, and social progressivism, California has proven over and over again that it is the incubator from which the national Democratic Party pulls their half-baked ideas. Thus, while it might feel nice to just give California a sharp salute and say, “Hey, whatever you guys wanna do,” we don’t have that luxury. We wouldn’t go as far as to say their fate is our fate, but their direction IS the Democratic Party’s direction.

Which tells you everything you need to know about how important it is to keep them out of power in Washington.

As recent events have shown, though, that’s not enough on its own. The Republican Party needs to take a long, hard look at California and figure out what’s going wrong, because the state wields far too much power for us to simply hand it over to the left. Granted, there may be nothing that can be done, given the way the state’s Hispanic population has exploded, but it seems to us there is still an opportunity for the GOP to show it is both pro-Latino and anti-illegal immigration. That CAN’T be the impossible position that the left is brainwashing Americans to believe, and it simply isn’t.

The answer, as always, may come down to simple economics. Sooner or later, the Democrats are going to run California into a debt hole the likes of which no state has ever experienced. When that happens, the fate of many major cities could be that of Detroit, Baltimore, and other mismanaged Democrat metropolises. Then, perhaps, Republicans will have their chance to take over and do it better.

For now, California is the “Resistance” in state form. And we haven’t seen the worst of their craziness yet.

  1. Retired says

    Are the voters ever going to wake up in Ca. as to how the state is getting ruined by it’s political machine ????

    1. gotabgood says

      When your republican buddy was running the state they was in deep trouble… Now that they have a Democrat back at the helm… they are back on top and have a surplus…. you rightwingers.. especially in CA… should really shut up… you don’t know how to run a government and when you do, you run the state or country into the ground… So relax Brown is in charge and your state is back in the black..

      1. Larry Mitchell says

        Then why don’t you explain to us why there has been a mass exodus of people leaving California. Hint: 10% + in sales taxes alone to start. California is not only massively immoral but you’re all also pretty stupid for allowing all this corruption in your state. In the meantime, Arizona, Texas, and a few other states are reaping the rewards of lower taxes and a new base of moral residents who were drowning but now are flourishing. Yep, you just can’t fix stupid.

        1. gotabgood says

          Why don’t you explain to ‘us’ where you got your information?
          I know why….

          1. Carol Hyndman says

            You insult pugs! I had a pug, and he was smarter than the average Ca politician.

      2. Retired says

        What kind of drugs are you on that you get everything backwards ????

        1. carroll wood says

          he is a F I from mad magazine with not intel

        2. carroll wood says

          He is so stupid he believes obummer was the first black president. FACT, only a muslim half breed

          1. Mathew Molk says

            True. the royal exalted boma is a half honky wanna be. he is only 20% negro. We have never had a black president, but he sure screwed it up for any patriotic Black American to ever get elected to the office. – Way to go berry.

          2. Retired says

            You got that right , he was half/half but played the race card .

        3. Joseph Carrilho says

          They are nuts aren’t they.

      3. Joseph Carrilho says

        Sure. What about Obummer nearly doubling the debt from ALL previous debts.

        1. gotabgood says

          A little show and tell.. first the poster

          Now for some thinking…. the car represents USA.
          Bush and Cheney are driving recklessly on a territory they should not be on…. They run the car (USA) over the clif….. How much did that cost? Zero or maybe a dollar for gas.

          Now Obama looks at this totaled wrecked car (USA), and decides it is one of a kind, and needs to be fixed but first needs to first pull the car (USA) out of the canyon, (financial crash), and get it up on level ground. How much would that cost? LOTS!
          Now that it is on level ground, the repair to the car, (USA) needs to begin. As you can tell the frame, engine, transmission, steering, body are all gone… how much would that cost…. A REALLY LOT OF MONEY..

          BUT we have a catch…. we have people, (congress) who don’t want the car, (USA) to be fixed. And they, (congress), set up road blocks, (Filibusters), and sabotage, (vote no) all the work Obama is doing… so he several times has to start anew, which drives the cost even further up.
          But he done it… against all odds, but he did it….. and now Trump is trying to take the glory of all the work Obama did..

      4. mac12sam12 says
        1. gotabgood says

          Jerry Brown’s Legacy: A $6.1 Billion Budget Surplus in California

          Gov. Jerry Brown proposes $131.7 billion state budget amid sizable surplus

          Jerry Brown Creates California Surplus Miracle, But Can It Last?

          Updated January 11, 2018 02:17 PM
          “California’s economic health is stable because of the genius of its people. They removed the 2/3 budget vote that allowed hardliner hostage taking, they provided increased revenues to make important progress, and they elected a Democratic governor and legislature who have repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to responsible progressive investment, fiscal prudence, and debt reduction.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            CA is more than broke, 33% of all welfare recipients live there. It’s the illegals that drove them broke but the democrat don’t care if their state has become a banana republic, as long as the democrats are in charge of the banana republic. 1 in 5 live in poverty because of the “progressives.”

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Another old article.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            You are a dishonest liberal, a common affliction among the lower IQ types. Unsustainable debt. Thank the illegals.

          4. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I’m not really a liberal and I would match my intelligence against yours anyday. I scored in the 98th percentile on my SATs, how did you do?

          5. mac12sam12 says

            You finished in the 98 percentile and yet don’t know that California is billions in debt? They must have set the bar real low. Affirmative Action?

          6. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I never said .CA wasn’t in debt but so what, many states have debt including Texas.
            First you reference an old article as proof of current conditions, when I mention this your response, true to form, is some kind of insult.
            It’s apparent that you have little concept of SAT scores or you wouldn’t have made your Affirmative Action remark.
            So long for now, maybe you can respond to some of my previous posts before criticizing current ones.

          7. mac12sam12 says
          8. gotabgood says

            Why should I read your rightwing article, when I gave you 4 references? 2 of which are local papers.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            I hope California doesn’t ask President Trump for a bailout! Brown welcomes illegals, and 75% of illegals are on welfare.

          10. Carol Hyndman says


        2. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Nice article from 2010!

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Billions in debt and in unfunded liabilities could bring it to ver a trillion. You must have very limited news sources. Let me guess, CNN and msnbc?

      5. mac12sam12 says

        You’re about a month behind the news. Even the NYT’s said that the DNC colluded with the Russians to get information to attack Trump. The FBI texts also show that Obama, the DNC and Hillary all colluded with the Russians to take down Trump. Joseph Goebbels said, accuse the other side of that which you are guilty. That’s the democrats for ya!

        1. Traveller62 says

          Look at those red, vampire eyes! Kinda tells you something, doesn’t it.

        2. Carol Hyndman says

          Interesting and true but off topic here.

  2. Bill O'Neil says

    The right wingers that live in Red states should thank their lucky stars that the Blue states pay far more in federal taxes than they receive in federal spending, thus subsidizing the Red states.

    1. Retired says

      What are you smoking , how many of the red states were blue before the last election . Show us the facts you are claiming ????

      1. gotabgood says

        Who are the providers?
        Contrary to popular belief, those who make the most noise complaining about Federal spending and the programs said spending support, are in fact the same people who collect those Federal dollars and who coincidentally don’t want to give up the programs. Their states; the RED ones… receive more per dollar, than they give,as a recent New York Times article documents–even as fiscally conservative lawmakers complain about deficit spending–their constituents don’t want to give up the Social Security checks, Medicare benefits, and earned income tax credits that provide a safety net for the struggling middle class.”
        Most Red States Take More Money From Washington Than They Put In

      2. Lydia says

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    2. Simplynotred says

      Blue State Spend Too Much Money on Welfare, Childcare, Ridiculous, Regulations, Over burden their own citizens with Taxes, Fees, Housing Cost, Poorly maintained Roads, The Removal of citizens Bill of Rights, increases in the number of immigrants, biased employment against blacks vs for illegals. BLUE STATES ARE SO PRO MARXIST FORMULATIONS and LESS on the VERY HUMAN RIGHTS that they Espouse.

      In other words, Blue States are Voter Plantations, where voters are paid, covered, protected by the politicians to sustain Socialist/Marxist Political Power.


      1. Bill O'Neil says

        More drivel from a tRump cult member that gets talking points from Russian Troll Farm.

        1. Retired says

          The drivel comes from YOU ROBO TROLLS THAT ARE PREPROGRAMED and can not come with anything but Bullshitsky !!!

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            You are projecting again!!!

          2. Retired says

            Just plain old facts about you .

          3. Joseph Carrilho says

            Yes, vomit on you.

          4. Simplynotred says

            If you grab your diaper, you can wipe off that drivel before you make another mess.

            Damn Californians, got to do everything for them.

          5. Retired says

            Hey be careful how you talk about Military Retires !!!! Hardly from Ca.

        2. Joseph Carrilho says

          Were you born stupid?

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            Stop talking to yourself.

        3. mac12sam12 says

          Believe me, we feel your grief. 🙁 poor boy

  3. Justin Seine says

    If they go much further to the left they will fall into the abyss. Probably not a bad thing.

  4. Justin Seine says
  5. Skippy says

    When their State goes totally bankrupt, the rest of us better not have to bail them out. They made the mess that their in, let them figure a way out of it, without federal tax dollars.

    1. Jr1776 says

      10-4 0n that !

    2. tCotUS says

      We the People bailed Mexifornia out at the tune of 300 Billion last year.. Ironically ,they keep giving us the finger…

      1. Retired says

        Time to return the finger missing from their hand , start with Pelosi and Waters .

        1. tCotUS says

          Highly Agree

        2. Yul bolsun says


          1. Retired says

            She needs both fingers removed !!!

          2. The Redhawk says

            Adam SCHITTF

          3. William Von Huben says

            Feinstein and Pelosi are multi millionaires and do not give a dam about the people that work for a living and are over taxed by there stupid party brining in illegals that for the most of them go on government programs.

          4. BILL says

            They are fucking Democrats get used to their bullshit

        3. Joseph Carrilho says

          Don’t forget Mr. Moonbeam Brownie Boy.

        4. Ronnie Cowlishaw says

          And that idiot Jerry Brown alias Moonbeam what a moron!

          1. The Redhawk says

            MOON BAT

          2. Ed says

            How about Moon Bat Shit Crazy

          3. The Redhawk says

            Fine with me!

          4. Carol Hyndman says

            Clever! Too bad for him his name lends itself so well for the moniker!

          5. The Redhawk says

            Well just so hat he can be identified with those who voted for him….A$$ hole also fits him

          6. Melody says

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          7. The Redhawk says

            How many BJ’s did you give that got you the mini coper??

          8. Retired says

            Serve his head on a platter !!!

          9. glenn398 says

            Ronnie he’s not as much a moron as the people that elected him.

          10. BILL says

            The illegals on the Democrats they suck

          11. glenn398 says

            The illegals are voting for the party the blesses them but what is the excuse for the others?

          12. Traveller62 says

            But Ronnie did get us out of the mess that Moonbeam1 got CA into. I was out there. I know what happened.

          13. glenn398 says

            Considering Reagan was working against a democratic controlled state it is a miracle that he got anything done.

          14. Traveller62 says

            But the thing about it was that he DID get it done, and every registered voter at the time got their share of the overage we had, which BTW at that time was $50 dollars that we did NOT have to pay taxes on, federal or state. Back then, that was a lot of money.

          15. glenn398 says

            Yes he did but at a huge price. As president we really paid the price when the democrats wouldn’t pass tax relief unless he agreed with the tax credit. He said they don’t pay in any taxes but the democrats said we don’t care as unless you allow the tax credit to pass we won’t pass tax relief. So today we are stuck with paying a yearly tax credit to those that contribute nothing to our society and most are on welfare.

          16. Carol Hyndman says


          17. Retired says

            Hollywood !!!

          18. glenn398 says

            Reagan was part of the old Hollywood when most were good people and it is so sad what it has turned into today.

          19. Retired says

            Mr. Hollywood the Union Man !!!! In the end it came out his Honey ruled .

          20. glenn398 says

            Well if that is true she did a good job as far as I am concerned.

          21. Retired says

            She was also very protective of him , plus she did not throw things and swear at the staff .

          22. glenn398 says

            Yes that was true love between the two of them and it was very obvious.

          23. christine says

            President Reagan was ONE recent President for whom I could vote wholeheartedly. I hope President Trump will be another one if he can buck Dem recalcitrance to help put our economy back on track.
            Seems the Dems put us in the hole all the time, economically and otherwise, and a Republican always has to pull us out.

          24. Carol Hyndman says

            Right! Just giving the people what they “want”.

          25. DAlnB41 says

            Gutless does not have the fortitude to stand up for those Californians who have lived there for years and years, who helped make that state grate, who have been overtaxed and under compensated, been pushed to the background as the sate is invaded with illegal immigrants and wealthy voters who are looking-out more out for themselves than they are for the state and the country!

          26. Ursus_Indomitus says

            If it’s Brown, flush it down.

        5. BILL says

          Don’t forget the asshole Jerry Brown

          1. Retired says

            He gets lopped and served on a platter ,eyes open !!!

        6. Carol Hyndman says

          Unfortunately, to be rid of Pelosi and Waters requires the CA voters, and the voters there appear to be blind. A Republican revolution is needed there to pull off the blinders.

          1. Retired says

            I read a article that after 4-1-2018 anyone that renews a drivers license will be automatically registered to vote in Ca. , People living there need to speak up if it is true .

          2. Carol Hyndman says

            It is becoming far to easy to vote. How voting be taken seriously, if all one must do is show up, enter a booth, close their eyes and then push a button?
            I would rather have a smaller turnout of intelligent responsible voters rather than huge numbers that do not know what they doing. Of course Dems want a large number of blind voters (figuratively) that they can lead around on a leash.

          3. laulau says

            The Mexicans will soon be the majority, so expect them to take over the government and declare open borders.

        7. DAlnB41 says

          And what ever Janet Napolitano’s fingers touch!

          1. Retired says

            Served on a platter like brown.

      2. BILL says

        That’s the fucking Democrats for you shoot them

      3. Carol Hyndman says

        They have had their chance to reform, and they blew the money as they would again.

    3. Dr. Terry Sumpter says


    4. Bill Shell says

      by then they will be their own country, with no allies! there debt is there’s!

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        They’re lying their asses off over there where there’re their wars.

        English is a confusing language, so is French.

        1. Mathew Molk says


        2. Traveller62 says

          Don’t get us going on the frogs.

    5. Phoebe Isley says

      They have enough multi-millionaire Hollyweirdos let them bail them out. Bankrupt them since they seem to be a big root of the problem.

      1. John Doe says

        Who knows….if we really get lucky, the whole cabal of California might be dropped in the Pacific Ocean by the next big earthquake that’s been predicted for decades !

        1. Traveller62 says

          California will not drop into the ocean. It’s the actual formation of the plates and how they work that causes the earthquakes. The San Andreas is a “slip-strike” set of plates. They move up and down against each other which prevents a “break away”. Look up how the S-A works. The whole “Ring of Fire” is that way.

          1. Rodney Steward says

            That’s sad to know, all this time we’ve been waiting to see it gooooo !!!

          2. Traveller62 says

            To Retired and Rodney: I’m sorry about that. I used to live out there in the late 60’s and early 70’s when it WAS paradise. Now, it’s nothing but a garbage scowl (like Commander Scott said when approached by the Klingons, and the Enterprise was insulted–Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles). In some ways, I miss it, but NOW there’s no way I would EVER return to it, even for a visit. Yes, the SA works that way, and it runs all the way up to Alaska–remember the 1964 earthquake up there? Slip-strike motion. Maybe someday when the big one hits, the back and forth motion will initiate enough movement that eventually CA will fall off into the ocean. I’m not an earthquake-ologist, but what I learned about the SA while living out there taught me a healthy respect for the darned things, and to move back home to Texas. One can hide from a tornado, but ya can’t hide from an earthquake.

          3. Rodney Steward says

            The 60’s and 70’s were the Hot Rod days, and yes most of America looked up to CA. in those days, 70’s and 80’s was closer to my age !! But it seems that the worst politicians in the world are from CA. and it’s getting worse everyday! And glad to see you back in Texas, it needs help too now that so any muslims and left wing idiots have moved in! Good luck my friend, it can only get better, I HOPE!! 🙂

          4. Traveller62 says

            Those muzzies have nothing against open carry here. Make my Day Laws AND Castle Doctrine is what it’s all about. They can cry all they want. Our beloved feral hogs need to eat too, ya know. We also have gators that need to eat. They have HUGE appetites.

          5. Rodney Steward says

            You mean they are legal to carry, are they now considered American’s even though our Constitution means nothing to them! This is our next enemy my friend, but some reason our Gov. wants to see it so we can all be considered domestic terrorist!!

          6. Traveller62 says

            Are you talking about Moonbeam or Abbott? What I am saying is that the muzzies have to watch it a little more down here, than in other states. They can whine and bawl in the big cities, but down here in “Redneck” country, we don’t have a problem with them. They don’t get anywhere near our feral hogs and the gators. Need I say more?

          7. Rodney Steward says

            LOL, I know what a POS Moonbeam is, I was taking about Abbott ! I’ve got a LOT of Red in me too my friend, I just live 3 states over to the East, as in “ROLL TIDE” country!! Glad to see the muslims being treated like they should be, and we have a bunch of Hogs too!! 🙂

          8. Traveller62 says

            Hey! Right up my alley, son!! You got hungry gators, as well? If you have noticed, Louisiana does not have the problems with the muzzies like everyone else does. I wonder why!!!

          9. Rodney Steward says

            They don’t like Gators and Hogs and can’t speak CoonAss !!

          10. Retired says

            People can hope it slides ,can’t they .Sience has been known to be wrong at times

          11. jimmy midnight says

            Careful with verifiable facts! In forums like this, they’re considered far more dangerous than guns or even atom bombs.

          12. Traveller62 says

            Well, if people can’t “handle the truth” they can go elsewhere. Slip-strike plates are real, so is their chemistry, and that’s what the San Andreas is built upon. The whole “Ring of Fire” is that way. Verifiable truth. Remember the 1964 quake in Alaska. Look it up my friend. Too bad people can’t “handle the truth”. Nothing but snowflakes in my book.

          13. Carol Hyndman says

            Actually, I think you mean physics, not chemistry. Otherwise, I like what you have to say.

          14. Traveller62 says

            Thank you for the correction. I took both in h/s, but got mixed up just now. I guess Mr. Midnight is uncomfortable with “verifiable facts”. Guess it shows his education.

          15. Carol Hyndman says

            Thank you for the geological lesson though with two brothers who are geologists, it was a good refresher course for me.
            It would be nice if the plates slip and slide enough the southern part might slide into the ocean to become an island independent to the rest of the country!

          16. Traveller62 says

            Hope they agree with me. I lived out there, in Vacaville, CA, in the late 60’s, close to the San Andreas. Close enough to feel the rumblings every day. Just bc one does not feel the ground rumbling doesn’t mean there is not anything going on underground. I learned quite a bit about the SA while out there. But, I defer to your two geologist brothers. Yep, if they did “slip slide away-Simon and Garfunkel”, it would be interesting to watch.

          17. Carol Hyndman says

            Both of them live in New Mexico, south and middle, Las Cruces and Albuquerque. I guess they followed my example. I lived in Arizona for 5 years before abandoning it for the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. Lately, I wish I had never left Washington to return to WV.

      2. MajorPain says

        Dangerous World
        Published on Jan 16, 2018
        The founders of New California took an early step toward statehood Monday with the reading of their own Declaration of Independence from California, a state they describe as “ungovernable.”

        Their solution: Take over most of current-day California — including many rural counties — and leave the coastal urban areas to themselves.

        1. NavymanBill says

          Interesting. I lived/was stationed in CA five different times, and have many friends who AREN’T followers of Pelosi/Feinstein/Boxer/Jerry Brown/Adam Schiff, etc!! They HATE what California has become and would welcome a separation of greater LA/SF from the rest of the state.-rather like what you mention. I think it is a real possibility.

          1. MajorPain says

            They shooting for 2022 I hope they make it they also want to leave Sacramento behind as well.

          2. jimmy midnight says

            It’s NOT a real possibility, and furthermore, rural Cali would B financially LOST. Far from needin’ a bailout from the rest of us, Cali is a prosperous state, net contributor 2 federal budget, and is currently running a state surplus.

            Many of us think it’s the real melting-pot America anymore, and a move a little farther to the left won’t hurt anyone but the deplorables, etc., who will suffer emotional deprivation, because the “others” they so despise aren’t being subjected 2 any punishments at all, while the New Cali types wanna putta genocide on ’em. Maybe they’ll B disappointed enuf 2 consider a mass suicide.

            Don’t do that! We can ALL work together–4 a better Human future.

          3. NavymanBill says

            Jimmy, your optimism is commendable, , but California is NOT the prosperous state it was twenty years ago. Sorry. The drawdown of the US Military impacted California more than any other state. And the WAVE of illegals has taxed California in virtually every area-crime, law enforcement, social services, schools, employment, the job market, housing. etc.

            As for the “real” melting pot, I think you’re being a bit naïve. Most of the Mexicans and others I saw sneaking around Chula Vista or past Imperial Beach weren’t interested in being American!!!? They’d work for a while-make a “grub stake” and go back and live large in Mexico for a few years, and then go back and do it again. And the rest of the Californians PAY for it!!

            I have several old friends-long time Californians- who are genuinely considering moving to Texas or Arizona. California’s time has come and gone. You have Californians who want to make another state, and then you have the lefties who want to make it a SEPARATE country-remember them??

            Again, your optimistic output speaks well of you, but it isn’t realistic. Pelosi and Maxine Waters and Boxer and Schiff-all WEALTHY by the way-have pushed too far to the left, especially after this last election. California’s future isn’t one I would care to be a part of. Good luck.

          4. jimmy midnight says

            Successful Americans, and office-holders we’ve heard of clearly R successful, R all wealthy. This is USA! the gleaming city on a hill.

          5. NavymanBill says

            “Groovy”? Dating yourself there, Jimmy. Again, I commend your optimism, but at some point, I think you need to take off the “rose-colored glasses”. A lot of Californians think the place is anything but “groovy”. I suggest you visit there again, and dig a little deeper. Good luck.

          6. jimmy midnight says

            Groovy will forever B groovy, even if it doesn’t run as fast or jump as high, but it will entail increasing diversity.

          7. NavymanBill says

            Good luck.

          8. Jack Hills says

            His marijuana bill must be really high.

          9. Jack Hills says

            Third blunt. Now groovy has become a living breathing thing that’s a bit faster than a turtle.

          10. Jack Hills says

            Bet he rolls another blunt!

          11. Jack Hills says

            Wow, another massive blunt!

          12. mac12sam12 says

            Y R U here? 2 be annoying? Y don’t U go away 2.

          13. jimmy midnight says

            You’ve quite peceptively identified the reason 4 my presence here. It’s all about NOT allowing U Crackers 2 have any safe spaces where y

          14. mac12sam12 says

            So U R black? I grew up with black people in South Boston and most R still my friends today. Do U think U should be getting reparations? U R obviously a democrat still on the democrat plantation, AKA Uncle Tom.

          15. jimmy midnight says

            R’s R punk fear-defined mediocrities, frightened at a near-death experience level of ALL ideas they’ve not, themselves, internalized.

            And reparations would B a fine idea, but some kind of re-distributive JUBILEE! would B easier 2 implement.

          16. mac12sam12 says

            The reason for your presence here is because you’re a troll.

            Definition of a Snowflake: A person who refuse to accept the fact that the old lady lost the election fair a square. Trump 2626 counties, Hillary 400 counties.

            You’re black and still belong to the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK. Ironic, no, slave?

          17. jimmy midnight says

            I’m making the best of the situation, in which “electoral college,” makes our presidential election rather 2 much like “1 acre,” rather than, “1 person,” –1 vote.

            But it is what it is. What I’m hoping going forward, is that the way ALL our institutions R now so exposed, can allow us 2 avoid the next generations of arms races.

            I guess I’m flattered U got the impression I’m black.

          18. mac12sam12 says

            So you’re ashamed of being white? White privilege? I’m not white I’m Mi’Qmaq (MikMak) Indian Northern Maine, Southern Canada.

          19. American John says

            and 1/2 black. I remember you, you were the tribe that flipped and flopped so much that you could and regularly did give your self you own BJ.

          20. Jack Hills says

            How many dime bags did you put in that giant blunt?

          21. Michael Dennewitz says


        2. Jack Hills says

          I love this solution.

          1. MajorPain says

            Yep and so do about 10 million other people who live outside of the Metropolitan Areas their getting tired of the overflow form the criminal activate. Oh I’ll give an Idea of the Crime / (Correction Corporation of America) is Building 20 more Prisons in California in the Next Few years. And Jimmy Has been Binge watching Bill and Ted Movies for to long.

      3. Carol Hyndman says

        Excellent idea! Their money comes from the other 49 states when people go to watch their output. To start, begin a nationwide boycott of their films which are usually filth or otherwise unwatchable in any case. Then do not buy when they are out on DVD from which most of the film income comes in any case.
        Then start reading the books that are used as a source for films. The books are much better since the best parts are gutted from the films. As a bonus, reading will give the country a more literate, educated and informed populace. Besides, it is fun! Give reading a chance!
        I’ll get off my soapbox, now!

    6. SouthernPatriot says

      In order to help assure that, we must make sure Pelosi does not become Speaker of the House again by having a Democrat majority there, the Senate has more conservatives, and Trump/Pence remain POTUS, because if Democrats take over one or all three of those they will bail out CA over and over again as a way of thanking them for their votes.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        You keep forgetting about those pesky pay stubs with the increase in take how that the prez is putting into homes all over the country. Blow-See hasn’t got a snowballs chance in hell. She needs to stay out on the left coast if she want’s any respect.

        Oh yea,,,There is somthing about some kind of a memo too. It’s going to be a blood bath for the NWO Marxists (democrats) and the RINO elites in November.

        MAGA and get on board the Trump Train or get run over by it. We are gaining momentum all the time.

        Let kalifornication burn in their own fires.

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        The dumbasscrats are killing themselves!! 😀😁😂🤣

      3. niknar says

        You’d think that if the the Democrats got back in the majority, they’d have the good sense not to retain Pelosi as Speaker, but knowing them, they’d probably keep her through her 90s.

        But anyway, California taxpayers pay to the fed a lot more than they get back despite rumors to the contrary.

    7. Beaver Boesl says

      Naw make all the welfare recipiate’s get off their dead asses and have them do oboom booms shovel ready jobs to dig a trench to detach californification state borders from the mainland so it sinks,the taxpayers will save all kinds of $$$$$💰 👍😂😂😜

    8. The Redhawk says


    9. MajorPain says

      Dangerous World
      Published on Jan 16, 2018
      The founders of New California took an early step toward statehood Monday with the reading of their own Declaration of Independence from California, a state they describe as “ungovernable.”

      Their solution: Take over most of current-day California — including many rural counties — and leave the coastal urban areas to themselves..

    10. rocky63 says

      Skippy, with you 100% on this. I am growing more and more willing to consider California to no longer be a part of the USA. They seem determined to thumb their noses at everything the rest of us think is important. The federal government should stop subsidizing their crazy, endlessly expensive “fast train” project, which will never be finished and useful. A while back they actually were distributing documents to consider seceding from the Union (thinking they are S. Carolina in 1861?). Let ’em go wherever they want, just don’t have the other 49 states pay for any of there lunacy. Let ’em have their Sanctuary status for illegal immigrant criminals — just as long as we don’t let those criminals return to an AMERICAN state.

      1. Just1Saddletramp says

        Here is a clue on how to stop California’s lunatic procedures and policies. The sane citizens of the United States should stop buying products manufactured by any company located in the State of California. When companies and people start losing money and jobs, things will change. I will not knowingly purchase any product manufactured in California.

        1. ollie says

          You must be a moron! You should know the white people in this country won’t stick together on anything! You will find they will stand up for the blacks and mexicans! Are you really that stupid? I’ve noticed you whites talk all big and bad! I think a bunch of cowards that watch the Flintstones on T V and you think you’ve been watching a documentary!!!!

          1. Carol Hyndman says

            What has this got to do with the subject at hand?

          2. Traveller62 says

            Why are you injecting “race” when we are talking about what California produces. Me? Personally I like TEXAS RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT! Now. Put that where the sun don’t shine, cause we don’t give a rat about the “race card” here. Go somewhere else to interject your rabble.

        2. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Do you eat almonds? Do you wear cotton clothes of use cotton towels etc.? I don’t know where you live but most of the produce farmed in the United States comes from CA. Its going to take considerable effort and research to not consuming or using something not tied to CA.
          This is not a “CA. is great” post, it is just pointing out how much CA. contributes to our everyday lives.

          1. Just1Saddletramp says

            I lived on the central coast of California for two years in the mid-nineties.
            California is a beautiful state but the arrogance of most of California residents is beyond incredible, hence the situation they now find themselves in. Almonds are not my favorite nut, I prefer pecans and walnuts which are grown in locations other than California but I will admit boycotting most California produce would put a person in somewhat of a dilemma. My home state, at one time, was the major cotton producer in the United States and could be again with the right persuasion. That being said, clothes made of cotton are produced in a number of different areas other than California. If you will note, I specifically mentioned products manufactured in California. Many California products are also manufactured elsewhere. A major manufacturer of items I use in one of my favorite hobbies is located in Oroville, however, those items are produced elsewhere in the country so I will deal with those companies instead. Labels on items show where they are manufactured so not much research is required.

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I think it would take considerable effort and most people wouldn’t make the effort. When I mentioned cotton I should have said cotton cloth, Calif. Is the largest producer of cotton cloth in the U.S..
            Good luck with your effort.

          3. Carol Hyndman says

            I cannot do without my almonds ( other nuts), but I do prefer Florida oranges.

          4. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I get my eating oranges from AZ, most Florida oranges, Valencias, are made into juice.

    11. oldfatguy says

      Thought they were going to secede…

      1. Carol Hyndman says

        Never happen, unfortunately. They are too dependent in one way or another on the rest of the country. Now a long boycott of their nasty movies may.

    12. Ron Dapo says

      Absolutely 1000% correct Skippy!!!!! No FEDERAL MONEY

    13. Moe says

      Maybe the celebs whom have such big hearts will,share their fortunes to help support their illegal immigrants?

      1. Carol Hyndman says

        Never happen, at least to the extent that it would help any.

    14. Jerry Kurten says

      Let the Hollywood Liberals bail them out!

    15. RC says

      Skippy, when it comes to the wall, I feel the one at the Mexican border should turn and be continued northward between Mexifornia and Arizona. From what I’ve been told the people from Mexifornia have pretty much invaded Nevada and that’s a real shame because that might be the next state to go. As one who grew up in California in the 1930’s it was like living in paradise. Then during the last few of my working years I saw it gradually becoming what it is and I got the hell out of there when I retired in 1987. Never looked back. In my opinion ALL funding or help of ANY KIND should be totally cut off to Mexifornia.

    16. BILL says

      I didn’t make this fucking mess but I’m paying for it

      1. Skippy says

        I wished all these left-wing nut-jobs would move to Canada. Better yet we send them to Siberia. If we had to pay for them to move, it would save us allot of money in the long run. Most important we would save this Great Constitutional Republic.

        1. Carol Hyndman says

          Siberia is in Russia, who might have objection to taking our left-wing nuts. However, northern Alaska has a large area that can be populated. Six months to a year forced to live off the land in northern Alaska might go a long way to changing their left-wing ideas and attitudes.
          Still, Alaska is still the only pristine wonderland left in the United States, and I hate to have it ruined by California leftists. They do tend to ruin everything they touch.

          1. Skippy says

            They have the same beliefs, that way they can live in their Utopian Society.

    17. Terry Moore says

      I will never understand how those people think. Their logic defies all explanation. It seems that their intent is to destroy in the name of strength through diversity. A false narrative that has been taken too far.

      Jerry Brown and whole lot of others there need to go, forced out of Office or cited for disdain for Federal immigration law, arrested on the spot, hauled off in cuffs and taken straight to jail to be photographed, fingerprinted give their prison garb and taken unceremoniously to a jail cell and then tried for malfeasance of Office, utter lawlessness and disregard for the welfare of their respective constituents.

      I do not understand why any law-abiding citizen would want to live there given the current communists running the government. Houses are unaffordable, except to the very wealthiest, crime is rampant, the police have their hands tied trying to enforce the law, and their current policy of allowing sanctuary cities and, in effect the whole state, is contrary to the Constitution of the US.

      Yes, these people need to have their funding withheld if this is what it takes and AG Jeff Sessions needs to get off his back side and start doing something materially, to stop this nonesense. If these liberals defy the law, then they need to go to jail. Period!

      1. Carol Hyndman says

        Withholding all Federal funding would get their immediate attention, at least.

    18. Carol Hyndman says

      AMEN! Although the LEFT will go ballistic, and claim the rest of the country MUST help bail them out because they are too “important” as the second largest state to be allowed to go under.

    19. DAlnB41 says

      Watch the coming events from the Janet Napoletano show house! She startted out a few years back developing some kind of coordinated information management system that would be used in the SOuthern California colleges where they would all be able to use the same system. On the surface that sounds good and probably should have been for a long time – – BUT – what started out as a projected few million dollars has already grown to over a billion dollars and it has not been completed or implemented yet.
      The California Tax Payers (and most likely they will want to tap the federal government and American taxpayers for a large portion of it) will be tapped for another P-O-S Napoletano has come to be known for.
      She is the one who, I guessa it this time we can say – Grandmothered- the fall of our Federal Immigration laws and Program when Obama gave her free run to do as she wanted too with those laws. THAT too is what killed the Democrats Comprehensive Immigration Bill several years back – that bill had as much bad in it as it did good – – the most damaging was the part that WOULD HAVE GIVEN The Secretary of Homeland Security (Napolitano at the time) the power to change law, programs or policies WITHOUT ANY reviews, rebuttal or control from Congress or the White WHoues – – A SINGLE PERSON DICTATORSHIP within our government; more power than the president or congress!
      . That is similar to what most Secretaries of the various branches of our government have but in that case – it was greatly enhanced!
      Remember, when attempts to make changes in the Senate approved Immigration Bill was attempted , the Republican house ran into so many roadblocks the bill finally died. By That Time, Napoletano and Obama had ignored our federal immigration laws and program to the point we ere being overrun with illegals and they were doing nothing about it!

    20. niknar says

      At this point, it’s more likely the other way around. It is the US that has lost all sense of fiscal restraint (e.g. the recent Republican Wealthcare Plan & last week’s spending plan to break open the budget crisis) & is plunging deeper & deeper into the blackhole of debt, while California under fiscal conservative Jerry Brown has managed to get its fiscal house in order & become 1 of the healthiest state economies around.

  6. devi kurella says


    Relax Brown is in charge and your state is back

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  7. ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial says

    The Granola sate has gone so far left they came back around and are now nothing but a bunch of fascist fools.

  8. Jr1776 says

    Build that wall from Mexico all the way up the coast of California

    1. watchman48 says

      No, build that wall all the way up California’s East state line….

      1. georgerobinson99 says

        California would be pleased……….keep all the rubbish loud gobbed jerks out

        1. Joseph Carrilho says

          Mind your own business; your friendly RAPEfugees.

          1. georgerobinson99 says

            Why should I mind my own business, this is WWW site so anybody anywhere in the world can comment and criticize

      2. Retired says

        Build the wall all the way to Canada .

      3. Carol Hyndman says

        I believe he must have meant up the east side of California; otherwise you would just wall the nuts into the country to continue their current policies and financial demands on the rest of the country.

    2. Carol Hyndman says


  9. zrevtom says

    Compare populations as to how many people are paying taxes.
    California has 36 million people, Wyoming has 600,000 people
    who will pay more into the Federal government, Ca or Wy
    What about NY NJ Illinois. it is just like the electoral college where the big states
    have the bulk of those votes because of their populations which is why we use the
    college instead of the popular vote because there would never be a Republican President
    because the bulk of democrats are located in those big states.

    1. georgerobinson99 says

      Are you foaming at the mouth or do you have facts and figures……………..

      1. carroll wood says

        CA pays more in gas tax than we pay for gas in Texas and we don’t pay tax for food, F I. words from a CA resident

        1. georgerobinson99 says

          Perhaps the reason why you dont pay taxes on food………….its already so very expensive………so what are your prices on daily food items……….no cheating now as I can cross check them online

      2. Joseph Carrilho says

        You’re foaming at both ends from Islamic Pollywog Puss.

    2. says


    3. Mathew Molk says

      There is ever reason to believe that the President did not loose the popular vote but the states with Working Americans who have to pay taxes are all on the Trump Train and well remain there as long as the jobs and take home pay going up.

      That is a real world fact that the snowflakes and NWO Marxists(democrats) will never understand. – We do not want their nanny state. We want to make our own way and spend the money we make as WE so see fit.

  10. georgerobinson99 says

    “” the values and principles this country was founded on,””…………and what were they?????

    1. Retired says

      The Swedish pooper strikes again .What a great country ,made the top 5 for rapes in the world .

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        He likes being a cuckold. Swedish men have been pussified.

        1. Retired says

          He is part of their gay community .

  11. mustangjohn says

    California is finished, period.

    1. Oldawg70 says

      This degenerate disease has already got a foothold in your area too…=(

  12. Oldawg70 says

    Where immorality prevails, society fails…always! California government is based on Queer Logic…nuff said! Living in this state is disgusting at best, and…this social form of cancer is permeating your neighborhood too!

    1. Yul bolsun says

      The bad thing is that the cancer is spreading Colorado Washington Arizona and Oregon.

      1. Oldawg70 says

        Personally I think we are headed towards a violent crossroad with this degenerate disease!

        1. Dr. Terry Sumpter says


        2. says

          Yes, it is called the End Times.

          1. Oldawg70 says

            Seems virtually every biblical parameter has been met…so…sooner rather than later! For God, or against God! No other options…

      2. says

        Yes and ruining those fine. States as well. God is still in charge, pray for all if America to put God back in our country.

        1. Yul bolsun says


  13. Salgal says

    Californians are sheep; they follow all those nuts in the movie industry.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      NOT all of us……

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Then grow a pair and get out. Most of the rest of the country has more jobs then there are qualified people to fill them. – Face facts. It’s over for kalifinication.

        Just be advised, we have no nanny state out in most of the rest of the country. If you can’t cut it on your own you are not going to make it.

  14. Barbara Johnson says

    California is teetering if not already there on bankruptcy and there will other states and cities that are on the precipice. When you spend money on useless and unproductive programs the only thing you do is create a downward spiral and eventually your demise.

  15. ForrestByers says

    Let them secede, totally, distinctly and without a cry or a whimper and let any other state with a moral socialist collectivist notions do the same until we get down to the real United States of America, one based on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States as written by the founding fathers. In terminal stupidity is not worth one life but it is worth letting it succumb to its own weight of political power inclination! May God bless America and do so in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  16. Katia says

    I think the sun in Cali has fried the brains of those half wit politicans..and all the ones that vote them in and actually think that state is top dog anymore..It sucks everything about it..Only thing good in Cali anymore is the Ocean..Some beaches that is..the rest went to the dogs…Dems..are the cause of all the upheavel there and their brain dead way of thinking..ameba brains.

    1. Carol Hyndman says

      You insult the amoeba!

  17. Michael Dennewitz says

    I like to think that I’ve been to about everywhere, being 73 yo. Onboard ship, we covered many a place, including Vietnam, which ended up being a nightmare! Been all thru the Caribbean, England and France, but thank God, and from what I’ve heard and learned, I never got close to California. I now know, I HAVEN’T MISSED A DAMNED THING, huh? 😁😂🤣

    1. Robert Dostoevsky says

      Nothing except Yosemite, Coast Redwoods, Sequoia, Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Golden Gate, San Diego Zoo, Big Sur, etc.

      1. Traveller62 says

        The Wax Museum in San Francisco, Chinatown in San Francisco, swimming right off the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, driving down Lombard Street in Frisco, barely making 3mph, if you’re lucky. The Wharf Restaurant in Frisco. Alcatraz Island. The sharks that guard Alcatraz Island. The horse racing in Vallejo, CA. Go to UC in Davis, CA, and you will see THOUSANDS of bicycles on campus. No vehicles allowed on campus. One can park their car, but must get around on a bicycle. Also, the only thing left of Haight/Ashbury district in San Francisco is the street sign.

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Thanks for joining in. I don’t live in Calif. but have enjoyed most of it. New Year at midnight in Disneyland, and Halloween at Knotts Berry Farm in Anaheim.

          1. Traveller62 says

            I lived out there in the late 60’s early 70’s when it WAS paradise, and I say WAS.

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            The addition of millions of people has certainly changed the big cities.Southern California is more crowded and the suburbs have also grown dramatically. There has probably been more then a thousand miles of freeway added since the 70’s to handle the obvious increase in traffic. In spite of this, there is still a lot to see in Calif.

          3. Traveller62 says

            Have they beefed up Highway 1? With that much increase, Hwy 1 probably NEEDS it.

          4. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Haven’t been there in over 10 years but it was still a 2 lane road at that time.

          5. Traveller62 says

            When I was out there in ’69, before I “mustered out”, it was 2-lane. Just wondering if they had improved it.

          6. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I haven’t been therein over 10 years but it was still a 2 lane highway at the time. This is a scenic road so a slow leisurely drive would be fine.

          7. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Nope, still 2 lanes when I was there in 2002.

  18. Buck Stearns says

    Maybe the “big one” will save them.

  19. Ex-Liberal says

    Nancy Peloci stands on the floor for 8 hours for illegal aliens. I wish she had that passion for the American people. Who does she work for? I think the illegal vote has to be checked out in California. What a disgrace.

    1. Carol Hyndman says

      Eight hours is not really very long. If the amount of time had been in double digits it would have been more impressive!

  20. Joseph Carrilho says

    Parasitic bastards – I live (stuck) in San Diego County.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Het the hell out of there while you still can. There are all kinds of unfilled jobs for qualified people all over the country. They are so desperate I have been retired for 3 years and am 71 years oid and I’m getting calls to go back to work, Most of the rest of the country is booming my friend.

    2. Traveller62 says

      Get the hell out!! Isn’t the San Andreas getting ready for the “big one”? You don’t need to be there when it happens. Get the hell out while you still can. The first step is the hardest. Yes, you think you are stuck, but you are not. Come to Texas. Freedom rings in Texas!

  21. Jmanjo says

    California has gone bonkers and no wonder with fools like Pelosi and Schiff and Maxine the Monkey!

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      That stupid old hag ain’t smart enough to be as monkey.
      Monkey shit is smarter than that Waters woman.

      1. McBinOH says

        I hope that young man who is running against that b___ beats her. Wouldn’t that put her in her place really quick!

  22. melmack 1 says

    Are they really sending buses to Mexico to bring back Mexicans to vote democrat in their elections ??

    1. Valor says

      Don’t need to. Already have enough illegals there now.

  23. Valor says

    California is no longer the “Golden State”! It is the “Granola State”! Fruits and nuts surrounded by flakes! CA is a preview of what all of America will become when the Demorats complete their decades old goal of transforming America from a Constitutional Representative Republic where the people has a say in government into a permanent single party government ruled by a select elite. That goal is almost realized. Will be with the next Demorat controlled government.

    1. Carol Hyndman says

      Very appropriate avie!

  24. Donald Lindsey says

    Add CA to the wall, nothing in nor out bt road, boat or air,

    1. gotabgood says

      You’re in luck… Mexico has agreed to pay for the wall….. with some minor changes to the Border.

      1. McBinOH says


      2. Donald Lindsey says

        ignorant socialistic moron – really?

      3. mac12sam12 says

        A $70 billion deficit with Mexico and you think they won’t pay somehow?

      4. mac12sam12 says
  25. Ronnie Cowlishaw says

    It is a sick place I will never step foot in that SHIT-HOLE again!

  26. Nick Hinton says

    Won’t happen, EVERY TIME there is a disaster (like every other month) the “fly-over” states bail their asses out!!

    1. Robert Dostoevsky says

      See my post on hurricanes and tornadoes. Fly over that.

  27. Mathew Molk says

    Who cares? They are the state with the most poverty now. Has more wetbacks then Seaworld and are heading for financial doom. Any industrial CEO with enough brains to tie their own shoes is preparing to move out or has moved their company out already and the only way they are going to avoid total bankruptcy is massive tax increases. (Got a feeling the Prez will NEVER sign a bail out for them )

    Let them go the way of Greece. – Just like the royal exalted boma and cackling witch showed us the way out Kalifirnication will show the rest of the states how not to vote.

  28. Clay Williams says

    As long as I can remember CA has always been ahead of the REAL USA in “OFF THE WALL” stuff.with Hollywood’s Super rich Idiots at the helm they can do just about as they please….for every UP….there is a Down and it will be the LOWEST Down ever,,,and naturally we will be called on to BAIL THEM OUT! Screw them let Pelosi, Feinstein,Waters and the other Super Liberals get them out…Since…after all ..They put them THERE!t

    1. Mathew Molk says

      If you go to the auto parts store you will see seemingly identical parts one marked “49 states” and the other marked “California” Here is another fact. Used California CARB equipment is worth less in the rest of the country then a 49 states unit.

      I have another thing sort of off topic, but then maybe not. On the East side of Cleveland I went into a Home Depot. – The signs over the isles used to be Electrical with Electricos across the bottom. and Plumbing and Plumboria…..There were brand new looking signs there yesterday. NO SPANISH on them. – Looks like the worm is turning on the bilingual bullshit here. – Maybe it is going that way with all the PC and commie shit that started in kalifirnication.

      HD looks like they are interested in MAGA, huh?

  29. 45 cal says

    Secession of CA from the Union is problematic but the state’s disregard for Federal law enacted by Congress and executed by the President CA means the protections of the US government can be withdrawn.
    As far as state peoples desire to withdraw from the loony coastal counties and form a New California state that does respect the Union; more power to them!

  30. Phil Esposito says


  31. Phil Esposito says

    I’ve got to get out of this hellhole before I lose my sanity.

    1. Traveller62 says

      Then come to Texas where you will get back your sanity, plus learn to BBQ the RIGHT way.

      1. Phil Esposito says

        Thank you, Traveller. Don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed my mind. I’ve even looked into property in Corpus Christi. I’ve got to be near water. Grew up on the coast of SoCal and would miss the ocean too much to move inland.

        1. Traveller62 says

          Don’t go there. Go to Port Aransas. Much prettier than Corpus or Galveston, without all the hassles of each, and the dregs of society one has to put up with while IN Corpus or Galveston. Aransas is a lot quieter too! Please consider Port Aransas. Besides that, we would be so glad to teach you how to BBQ the right way.

          1. Phil Esposito says

            Thank you, my friend.

          2. Traveller62 says

            You are very welcome!! The BBQ welcomes you and your family. Our fierce Texas independent spirit, values, and respect for others are awaiting you. What we have here is what other states are jealous of and wish they had, but they are too PC to attempt it. The big cities (San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Houston) are a little weird, as they kinda lean towards the PC way of life. The smaller towns are where it’s “at”. Yes, we have our immigration problems, but the whole of the state is where we get our spirit from. Our independence, our ability to tell it like it is (and if you don’t like it, shove it where the sun don’t shine!) makes us one step above the rest of the nation. Like I always say, “I sez it like I sees it.”.

          3. Phil Esposito says

            Love your honesty and have always looked for a place that has family values and cares more for God than the almighty dollar and the insanity of Hollyweird. What city do you live in?

          4. Traveller62 says

            I live north of Houston. Waaaay out in the middle of nowhere, with my cows, horses, and the QUIET that comes with nature. I also attend the “Cathedral of Nature” on my back porch each morning, with a cup of VERY strong coffee. We Texans love our coffee strong. I look up and see what God has made and think why in the world do people think of those “four walls” when I can walk outside and SEE what God has made. I see a few stray longhorns, maybe an elk, our beloved feral hogs walking by, rutting up the ground as they go, hear an occasional rattler rattling his tail before striking prey. Reminds me of the Annual Rattlesnake Roundup in Abilene I used to attend. It’s still there. Sanctioned, of course. One can get his/her fill of rattlesnake- fried, baked, broiled, boiled, AND made into a pair of boots right there on the premises. I prefer fried myself. Son, you need to get out here and experience the calm of Texas to get your sanity back. Yeah, we got our rabble-rousers, but they are miniscule. Also, it’s close enough to the ocean to get your “salty air” fix! Come home, son.

          5. Phil Esposito says

            Thank you brother. God bless you, your family and all the critters that inhabit your land. I once went motocross riding in a place called Groden, CA and ate rattlesnake my friends and I shot with our .22 cal pea shooters. It’s true what they say, it tasted like chicken. Which probably means we didn’t BBQ it right. Can’t wait to try Texas rattlesnake.

            Thank you for being a voice of reason in my somewhat feeble existence of thinking I can change CA with my vote smothered in illegal and democrat controlled BS.

          6. Traveller62 says

            Rattler does taste like chicken. Go to Abilene, Tx for the sanctioned rattler hunt. It is held once or twice a year (unless the rattlers have doubled in population lately). Talk about tailgating! Don’t forget the “grabber”. Can’t get too close to those things, and wear your knee-high steel toed boots. It’s better to have ’em and not need ’em, than need ’em and not have ’em.! I’m sure Arizona and New Mexico have theirs as well. I’m too old to hunt them now. Retired. But my home is right here with the critters. Come home.

  32. PBHayes says

    California is already bankrupt with half a trillion in debt it can’t repay and that debt grows significantly everyday. Their two public employee unions are under water and no pun intended the state hasn’t completed any real water retention projects in about 60 years. Conservatives not Republicans should be here en masse making the argument that leftist Democrats have killed the Golden State and only a return to fiscal conservatism and constitutional rule of law can save it. If the next governor is Gavin Newsome there is no hope for California. Newsome and Antonio Villaregosa are both pathetic leftist creatures with one being little more than a sexual philanderer/drug abuser and the other about as dumb as they come. I only live in the San Diego area because of family and they are all considering leaving.

    1. georgerobinson99 says

      Must be like a disease this debt thingy, the USAs debt and unfunded liabilities is now well over $120 000 000 000 000 …………….thats TRILLIONS

    2. Roy S says

      I pretty much agree having been here all my life. There was an earlier time when Gov Brown was not out of his mind just a little odd in his choices and direction. He was referred to as frugal. (a few other names too)
      I might think San Diego a good last stop before moving to another state that has some control over direction and taxes. But the real problem of all these hardworking people leaving is more about who doesn’t leave. So we have illegals (who by most people’s reasoning are voting), homeless, homeless drug addicts, the never employed, the democratic plantation voters and pretty much anyone who doesn’t contribute to the states well being. Pretty sure that’s quite the growing population. Short of another tsunami like Prop 13 (property tax initiative) I’m not too optimistic regarding California being a place to raise a family.

      1. Traveller62 says

        Then do the right thing for yourself. Leave. Come to Texas. Go to Wyoming or Montana. Get some fresh air, and a fresh outlook on life.

      2. PBHayes says

        Roy another big problem the left and most phony Republicans don’t want to discuss is the massive underground economy. I routinely hire people for various services and none of them will take a credit card as they want cash only. These are basically Mexican national owned companies and none of them are legitimate. Right now my car is in an auto body shop getting some paint work and of course it is a cash only shop. From my time in the shop I have estimated the owner brings in well over $350K a year in cash and only pays taxes on the little bit of insurance work he does due to the 1099’s that are filed. He has become a friend in some respects and openly brags about not paying taxes and having no interest in becoming a citizen. He has lived in the USA illegally for decades.

  33. Statesman Patriot says

    Commiefornica is the bastion of social idiocy that, if allowed to migrate into more red states, will be the death of the American dream!
    Their ideologies have already claimed many states such as Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Illinois, and most of the eastern seaboard, including our nation’s Capitol.
    Gotta get my conservative relatives out of there before San Andreas erupts. Hopefully at least the southern half will simply disappear! Goodbye Hollyweirdos!

  34. The Redhawk says

    The WESTWARD movement to the LEFT might Merge these IDIOTS with China or Russia…Let y=them GO!… Picture Mexican flags flying in Moscow or BEJING and how long they’d last

    1. Alejandro M Castro says

      I share your view and Right direction.

      1. The Redhawk says

        Thank you

      2. mrpoohead says

        Another idiot presumably. Dumb and dumber!

  35. Sarge says

    If that;s what this rogue state wants to do that’s fine. Just keep their damn socialistic anti-gun liberal bias there and not shed their fleas all over the Nation.

    1. Traveller62 says

      Sarge, it will take the feds everything they’ve got to completely remove all of the “federally related” jobs there to make California “tow the line”. That includes all the military bases, the USPS, EVERYTHING federal. Once that is done, California will have only itself to blame for the exit.

  36. Alejandro M Castro says

    The problem in California is not the people, it’s their government. Thy’re being brain washed and don’t know which direction to take. The governor and his cabinet has gone rogue in favor of illegal immigration support. They’re even supporting the illegal criminals that have trespassed into our country, by hiding them in their Sanctuary cities. They don’t want the Federal Government to go into those cities and arrest the criminals.

    1. Traveller62 says

      Trump is getting ready to open a can of “Whup A$$” on California, through ICE. One does not mess with ICE, once they get going.

      1. Salemtheblackcat says

        Hope you are right!

    2. MajorPain says

      Dangerous World
      Published on Jan 16, 2018
      The founders of New California took an early step toward statehood Monday with the reading of their own Declaration of Independence from California, a state they describe as “ungovernable.”

      Their solution: Take over most of current-day California — including many rural counties — and leave the coastal urban areas to themselves…

    3. Salemtheblackcat says

      The resistance wants that for every state. Especially Pelosi. She talks about illegals for 8 hours, putting people around her to sleep. They want the votes.

  37. William L. Ramsburg says


  38. lha says

    I correspond with several Californians through a dirt bike forum,and they say that many residents are “normal”,thinking people,but the large Cities are full of flakes,so liberals control the State. The Founding Fathers foresaw this development,thus the electoral College,but no such arrangement exists for States. California will be a State in which many will leave,even though it may mean losing the equity in their homes as economics get worse. Many liberals left and went to Colorado,changing the State considerably.

    1. Traveller62 says

      Yup, Colorado is almost as bad as California.

    2. MajorPain says

      Dangerous World
      Published on Jan 16, 2018
      The founders of New California took an early step toward statehood Monday with the reading of their own Declaration of Independence from California, a state they describe as “ungovernable!”

      Their solution: Take over most of current-day California — including many rural counties — and leave the coastal urban areas to themselves.

  39. MajorPain says

    Dangerous World
    Published on Jan 16, 2018
    The founders of New California took an early step toward statehood Monday with the reading of their own Declaration of Independence from California, a state they describe as “ungovernable.”

    Their solution: Take over most of current-day California — including many rural counties — and leave the coastal urban areas to themselves!

  40. jimmbbo_the_deplorable says

    Under the Marxist Sacramento Politburo and Comrade Goobernor Moonbeam’s”leadership”, Commiefornia has
    * declared itself a “sanctuary state” in violation of federal law
    * begun imposing additional taxes on corporations that received the Trump tax cut
    * run up $460 BILLION in debt,
    * public pensions that are 52% underfunded,
    * a $100+ BILLION bullet train to nowhere (Jerry’s Folly) that failed financial tests for a bond measure and needs TAX DOLLARS to build, and likely will NEVER be finished due to lawsuits, outdated technology and earthquake hazards.
    * spent $111 MILLION for increasing “diversity”,
    * provided ILLEGAL ALIENS with attorneys to fight their deportation
    * the state designated the LEAST business friendly in the country,
    * regular droughts with NO additional water storage in 45 years while old dams break,
    * STIFLING environmental and business regulations,
    * highest electricity rates, income tax and gasoline tax in the country…
    * $18 BILLION in water bonds passed, NO new dams since 1972 despite DOUBLING

    1. Rodney Steward says

      This proves they can’t be their own country, they can’t live without Gov. money!! TOO many IDIOTS running that state!!

  41. Mike W says

    I watched a documentary on California last night – it is available on NetFlix – called “Water & Power: A California Heist. It is about the water crisis in California – how some have all they want and some have little or none. I wondered why – with all of the so called geniuses in California – and the fact that this water battle has been going on for over 100 years – why they haven’t realized that they are located right next to a very large water supply – The Pacific Ocean – they may have heard of it. Instead of creating the latest greatest nano chips or solar energy panels to sell to the rest of the world – why haven’t they come up with a way to process water from the ocean into water suitable for irrigating their farms and vineyards – watering their grass and washing their cars etc – and using the water they have for human and animal consumption?

    1. jimmbbo_the_deplorable says

      Moonbeam Brown has FOUGHT additional water storage and desalination since the ’70s… NO NEW RESERVOIRS have been built in the drought ridden state, and funds for dam repair have been diverted to leftist cronies of the Comrade Commissars in the Sacramento Politburo since ’72, despite DOUBLING population

      1. Mike W says

        They also allow people from other states to come in buy up a bunch of arid land and start digging wells and farm. We have the same problem in Florida – no where near as bad but we have water shortages – yet they keep building more and more huge developments – with no thought of where the water for these people will come from – it’s all dollar signs to them. They showed how draining the aquifer causes sinkholes etc. in this documentary they were showing how areas have sunken a few feet in the past years.

        1. Traveller62 says

          I saw where Florida’s sinkholes are caused by massive building upon limestone–essentially what the whole state is built upon. One gets just so much weight on limestone, that it sinks, the water below consumes what hole is left, and the whole thing is pretty well lost. But you are right. It’s all dollar signs to the developers.

    2. Carol Hyndman says

      Building desalination plants up and down California would be of more use than nano chips to California and the desert states beside them. Selling water from desalination plants could be more profitable eventually, too.
      More fresh water will be needed in years to come. Water in bulk may not be as glamorous as nano chips, but is and will be far useful and needed here.

  42. Rodney Steward says

    I thought the place was already run into the ground with the HUGH Tent City, illegals burning it down every time a mexican drug lord is busted, then the rains come and wash away whats left! This is truly one of America’s biggest sh$tholes with NYC being next!! We’re a ticking time bomb people, no way around it, we have too many communist and muslims buried deep in our Gov. that will be our downfall!

  43. jimmbbo_the_deplorable says

    John Cox, conservative businessman for governor…

  44. jimmbbo_the_deplorable says

    Moonbeam Brown shoved Jerry’s Folly, the bullet train to nowhere down Commiefornia’s throat. Unable to qualify for a bond measure because of insufficient accounting for the money, the only way to PAY for the monstrosity is by TAX MONEY… the recent national record gas tax is earmarked for “roads and other transportation” uses… translation – to PAY for Moonbeam’s POS union payback.
    Assemblyman Jim Patterson’s repeated efforts to gain an AUDIT of Jerry’s Folly were defeated till recently…
    Victor Davis Hanson’s thoughts on Jerry’s Folly

  45. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    What is this obsession with who is the best President, Trump or Obuma? No comparison! TRUMP of course! These people feel the need to keep obumas name in the news for some reason! WHY? He is done, no longer relevant, useless!!!!

  46. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    I live in CA, and I am NOT proud of it!!!!

    1. Traveller62 says

      Then come to Texas. Freedom rings here.


    So, WHAT are “WE” going to DO? We can’t declare martial law and appoint a conservative republican as “governor”. It’s going to take a DAM long time, but state conservatives have to figure it out. And though “we” would like to set off some mega-blasts along the San Andreas, it’s not going to happen. I agree that “we” shouldn’t bail them out. They have made their own bed. But how are WE going to get the Fed to NOT DO IT?

  48. georgerobinson99 says

    California is Going Even Further to the Left………………..further to the left of what??????

  49. Pro-Israeal says

    We need to support the conservatives in California and demand ICE and Border Patrol be allowed to deport and /or jail illegals. The explosion in hispanics is due to illegal aliens, which CA dems encourage to illegally vote. The dems don’t care what they do if it keeps them in power. Vote in November and give POTUS the necessary numbers he needs in Congress.

  50. JimnSal says

    The dems have a very limited vocabulary, they use racist in nearly EVERY sentence. Also, the dems are hanging on relentlessly to the illegals, but what about unborn babies? As far as they are concerned we. C

  51. Bonnie Treitler says

    they need to cut california off from the rest of this country and let them float in the ocean or build the wall starting at california since they like illegals so much or give that state back to mexico.

  52. leviathan says

    As long as the government continues to pay for their craziness it will go on. The idea that the rebublicans control of bath house and the executive has meant nothing, far too many left leaning rinos to stop it.

  53. My country says

    There has been no care given to the legal American citizens of California .And as we see the Democrats and some republicans are on that band wagon too . Thats why the working class are now homeless . Well it’s time to give an Order to deport and be out to of this country in 30 days or you will be shot .There will be no excuse or any age for you that will make a difference! They invaded us and that is an act of war .Try all politicians including the master mind Obama for acts of Treason against the people of the United States . It’s time to show our people they are more important than illegals and return this country to at least a civilized people without the loons running its time to show Americans we care .

    1. Salemtheblackcat says

      So many anti America and pro illegals in politics now. America first!

  54. Dale Francis says

    Fuck them all to HELL.

  55. SheriffJon says

    California is already in a debt hole it likely will not escape. And, Jerry Brown is determined to get the “Train To Nowhere” project done even though it is already several tens of billions of dollars in the hole and hasn’t laid any track. Fiscally cautious? The state is in deeper debt than when Governor “Moonbeam” first took the reigns. Now that greater giveaway programs have been created for illegal aliens coupled with California declaring themselves a sanctuary state, I give it somewhere between little and no chance of recovery. The flush handle has already been pulled….

    1. Traveller62 says

      Someone needs to call Linda Rhonstadt and have her slap Gov. Moonbeam up the side of the face! Or am I talking about the right Governor Brown?

  56. Ed says

    The state of California is completely lost to logical thinking. I think they should just go ahead and secede from the rest of the states. Maybe the rest of the country should vote on them remaining a part of this country. I, for one, would vote to let em go! It’s kinda hard to be sympathetic to that state when you hear of the disasters happening there. It’s karma!

    1. Robert Dostoevsky says

      Years ago I read an article from a Midwestern newspaper complaining about the cost to the nation of bailing out Calif. whenever an earthquake happens. What they failed to mention was the cost of tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding along the Mississippi etc. The costs of these disasters far exceed the cost of earthquakes. So much for Karma.

      1. Ed says

        Hey Dostovevsky, you fail to take into account the fires, floods and mudslides that hit just this past year. You might want to get all the facts.

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          I was just pointing out that karma is not selective.

        2. Robert Dostoevsky says

          The cost of the California disasters was a small percentage of the costs of the hurricanes.

  57. vinny says

    AH California the state that has the most ASSHOLES AND HOMOS just slightly ahead of New York.

  58. bob says

    keep going left right, right off the continent! the state most likely to succend go we wont miss you! youve been a sore on our west coast since reagan, bye!

  59. bob says

    ca kill rape, torture cut up a dozen people and we sentance you to feeding clothing you for the rest of your life! your a joke and we release you!

  60. Richard Bagenstose says

    stop sending our tax dollars to them , and make them fix their stste

  61. Kika68 says

    A large earthquake, long overdue, leaving the pacific coastline somewhere up around San Berdu, should take care of the problem

    1. Traveller62 says

      Check out the specifics of what is called a “slip strike” set of plates, aka: The San Andreas Fault, and how it works. Sorry, but CA won’t fall off into the ocean, although some wish it would.

  62. William Von Huben says

    They will bankrupt the state and only then maybe the stupid democrat voters will wake up. More taxes, more regulations and more illegals that is what they vote for. Problem is that the illegals that come here are mostly poor and immediately go on government programs and a lot are California programs. That is why there is an exodus from California and after the next election it is going to intensify and the ones leaving are the tax payers that are sick and tired of the stupid democrats in California.

    1. KVandy says

      kalifornya is already bankrupt. They’ve been pushing for quite a while for more federal funding. I resent any of my tax dollars going out there to support illegal aliens and the communist crap in charge.

  63. William Von Huben says

    We need voter ID and any illegals caught voting immediately deported with there whole family. Voting in the U.S. is for legal citizens only.

    1. Traveller62 says

      You know that, we know that, but the D’s think differently on that one. They have sold their souls to the devil, or the highest bidder, for votes. That is all they care about is votes, where they can get them, legally or illegally. The party of JFK is officially over with.

    2. Carol Hyndman says

      You really do not believe that illegals were encouraged to vote in Ca, as well as being instructed where to mark there ballots?

  64. Tiger says

    For my friends out there someone has leaked Wieners emails and they are explosive who he was in touch with. Someone did a good thing, a good leak, but then what difference will it make. Looks like more people coming out of the shadows but by the same token all the computers from Warrens agency were stolen. How bout those apples.

    Anyway here is the article.

    1. knightsstrength says

      If you know a name, treat them with care.

      1. Tiger says

        No names mentioned never do that.

  65. Tiger says

    OK here are the emails of Wiener, so share all those who can before the Ult Left does something.

    1. knightsstrength says

      Do not forget to make a copy of them and see who is who.

      1. Tiger says

        Already did.

  66. john robel says


  67. eddyjames says

    My plan for California it to vote yes on every tax and spend bill that comes along. Sooner or later either the people revolt or it collapses.

  68. howmanyamericans says

    Senator Feinstein testified before the Judiciary Com in 1995 that the state was “an immigration disaster” and needed more border protection. Simply put, the govt has not done its basic duty to
    “protect the states from invasion” as in the Constitution. The people are uniformed and even turning traitor in hiring Mexican illegals on the cheap. Only 16% of California white students were accepted to the fall class of U. of Ca. in 2017. So sad. K-12 54% you-know-what. has more info bottom of home page.

  69. downs1 says

    The once great State of California is finished! It is so corrupt and immoral, that it will collapse from within! They are bringing it on themselves, and in spite of the warnings they have received, they persist in their foolishness! So sad!

  70. Russ says

    how can you all allow brown and his minions do this to the once great state of california

  71. Murphmeister says

    Looking from space, the only thing left of California is the Pacific Ocean.

  72. Eric Pearson says

    Last week Trump was energizing and boosting the stock market into the stratosphere. If he has such power, what the fuck is he doing now? The market is plunging thousands of points every day. What a moron.

  73. Richard Start says

    Step two give felons the vote , this way they can organize and work towards weakening laws that hold them back! What happens when the people who should be in jail write the laws? How will the community be safe??? And can we achieve the same standard of living the people had in those neighborhoods where the event Black hawk down was based on? Will California move forward or backward?

  74. BILL says

    The fucking illegals are killing us along with the Democrats they should all be shot

  75. Jodi says

    I live in California. The craziness of the left is intolerable to myself and husband. He served in the U.S.Army for twenty-one years to defend the freedoms of America and Americans, not ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who have been allowed to break international law to run across the border, so they can have a better life and send the money they earn back home. While the women take welfare, food stamps, MediCal and education for free on the backs of hard working American taxpaying citizens.
    I raised four children without support, because in this state I was told that I shouldn’t have had children if I couldn’t afford them. I couldn’t get welfare, food stamps or MediCal. I had to get a job, go to school at night, support my children and my husband supported his two children.
    La Rawsa was really big here. Talking about how hard illegal immigrants work. They haven’t spoken the truth.
    Democrats are their best allies in the country. Democrats, at one time, were for the down forgotten “American” taxpaying citizen workers. They no longer represent us.

  76. John says

    Let them elect any and all the idiots they want, but just keep them out or our government. Let them become their own country and we can build the wall around them!!! Plus, we can funnel all the illegal aliens from Mexico directly to them, as well as all those in our country that they want to give sanctuary to.

  77. Eddie says

    Welcome to COMMIEFORNIA—the Illegal Alien Sanctuary State. DEFUND Commiefornia and its commiecrat elected officials.

  78. Jack Hills says

    What we need is a 10.0 to solve Cali’s liberal problem and rid LA of it’s street people.

  79. Ron C says

    The major cities in California have already gone the way of Detroit….The democrat party has turned many parts of the state into third world hellhole….it is really sad!

  80. says

    time for me to move…

  81. Michael Dennewitz says

    Venezuela has become a SHITHOLE, as well has many other countries. WHEN AMERICA? WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STAND UP AND SECURE WHAT IS OURS?? Jihadist training camps spread all across this country, the mooseslimes buying up huge medical facilities… even mooseslime doctors and nurses at the VA clinic here in Orlando now! WHEN are we going to get off our dead asses and rid ourselves of this SHIT ???😣

  82. David Gearhart says

    What is going wrong is that they did in the Electoral College. Making the liberal cities over ride everyone vote.

    1. Traveller62 says

      You mention “liberal’s fraudulent voting”. First look up the states that do not have voter registration, and then you will see the problem looking right back at you. If I lived in one of those states, I could vote in one district, then go to another district and vote again, on and on down the line. That’s how Obama got voted into office in Ohio. It was proven beyond a shadow of doubt that there were more votes for him than the total number of people in the state…all because of NO voter registration. It is all over the U.S. Once we get voter registration in place, fraudulent voting will disappear, much to the chagrin of Democrats who have all but admitted that all they are in office for is votes, anywhere they can get them, to advance the Democrat agenda of Socialism.

      1. David Gearhart says

        Eric Holder put a stop on all voter fraud cases. North Carolina whos normally goes republican of president elections. Had 250,000 illegal democrats votes of those that voted in more than one state. Steel their election top to bottom. The election results were not changed even with this evidence.

        1. Traveller62 says

          And just think…………Holder is considering a presidential run in 2020. If he wins, WE ARE SCREWED.

  83. John J. Mulhall says

    More than 3/4ths of the land-mass of CACA-land want to form a new state. I think we need to start requiring a passport from them and make them wait 7 years before they can vote elsewhere… Yes. I am a refugee and I find myself in a foreign country talking to English-speaking strangers with whom I went to school and worked with, when I go back. LA is one continuous stretch of homeless camp, and SF has “Poop Maps” showing where not to go if you value the shoes you wear. Financially and morally, I believe them to be bankrupt. Some think their hearts “…are in the right place…” but I remember the saying that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Personal responsibility is a key to all that…

  84. DEPLORABLE ME says

    If it’s BROWN, flush it DOWN!

  85. vinny says

    They go anymore to the left they will fall off the map. I know that can’t realy happen but we can wish.

  86. Mike from Texas says

    I was born in Compton and was raised in Calif. Had both Brown and his daddy as governors. When MLK was killed I almost didn’t make it home. I moved out of that state and never looked back. To bad the pres. doesn’t close all the bases there and move them to other states.

  87. DAlnB41 says

    I HONESTLY believe, the number of people who vote Party over Quality (regardless of party) are in the minority!
    – – – – – Problems generally do not follow party lines but effect all of us. – – – – –
    That is why we have the opportunity to vote for the person more than the party; IF we could all just tell the party leaders to concentrate on doing the job we sent them to Washington to do and stop their childish bickering, spending so much time digging up more trash, wasting TaXpayers money while they stand in front of TV cameras with a dozen (+/-) head bobbing followers standing behind them, we could save a lot of money and probably get something done.
    * * * * * When The Time Comes; think of the country and people FIRST; put party at the end of the list of your reasons for voting! If those in office today are not working to HELP FIX THE PROBLEM, they are a part of the problem!

  88. Ursus_Indomitus says

    Newsom and Villa Rag must hang.

  89. niknar says

    As the rest of the country keeps going further & further to the right, it’s good to have an alternative state that experiments with some leftist ideas. Certainly they’ve had a lot more success with their “crazy ideas” than the US has had with its continual political deadlock. However…

    Many people automatically assume that because Brown is a Democrat, he’s probably a liberal spender, but in fact, he’s 1 of the most fiscally conservative politicians around, & is the main reason California has gotten its fiscal house in order after years of getting further & further into debt. With Congress & the Trump administration throwing all fiscal restraint out the window & plunging us further into the blackhole of debt, it is imperative that California continue its fiscally responsible ways.

    Whatever programs we may want, defense or otherwise, we’ll not be able to have or keep them if all revenue coming to the fed goes to pay the interest on the debt.

  90. Richard Oswald says

    Cali became a 3rd world state under the Democrats

  91. Alejandro M Castro says

    We hope they continue going Left, until their state end up in the middle
    of the Pacific. Good by, California. Don’t forget to take all your illegals with you.

  92. Robert says

    Maybe the fault line will drop them in the Pacific with the next quake.
    Keep your fingers crossed.

    1. Traveller62 says

      Don’t think so. Look up the physics of the San Andreas. You will find that it’s quite different than you imagine.

  93. thomas Lentini says

    The blind leading the blind is what I think of California. Look who has control, sick people who don’t know whether they are a man or woman, people who want to be both and those who have no idea who they are. This is what our country has come to under the misguided direction of DEMOCRATS AND LIBERALS.

  94. Rodney Steward says

    Any time you see this – (D – CA) it’s a sick Anti – American Socialist !!

  95. Richard Start says

    Is thst before or after it breaks up into two states or more?

  96. Hoodoo H says


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