Republican SOTU Rebuttal Ignores One Glaring Issue


“We heard the message you sent in November,” said Republican Senator Joni Ernst in delivering the RNC rebuttal to the president’s State of the Union address. “Loud and clear.”

Ernst was an unusual choice to deliver the rebuttal, having been a senator for only a couple of weeks. At 44, though, the Iowan is being tapped as one of the party’s rising stars, and RNC leaders apparently thought that choosing her to address the nation would position her for a steady climb up the ranks. If the moment had star-making potential, though, conservatives were more concerned about what she chose to leave out of her speech than what she actually said.

Most glaringly, Ernst opted to leave the issue of Obama’s amnesty for illegal immigrants out of her rebuttal altogether. Despite claiming that Republicans had “heard the message” of the November elections, many in the party’s base think they missed the loudest message of all. While she paid lip service to the idea that Republicans would “correct executive overreach,” she failed to bring up Obama’s amnesty declaration in specific terms.

Of course, no one who has followed the political maneuverings of the past couple of months can be too surprised by the omission. The Republican establishment has determined that turning back Obama’s executive action is more a talking point than a real strategy. House Speaker John Boehner led the House of Representatives in a fiery vote to defund amnesty last week, but most experts predict that bill will meet a swift end in the Senate. If not there, then they expect it to die on the president’s desk. Republicans, unwilling to stake it all on a Department of Homeland Security shutdown, are hoping the issue will gradually fade into the background.

Though she didn’t address amnesty, Ernst did provide a strong rebuttal against the president’s speech. She took particularly accurate aim at Obamacare, telling the nation that Republicans have seen”the hurt caused by canceled healthcare plans and higher monthly insurance bills.” She said that Washington needed to move away from the “stale mindset” that led to policies like Obamacare in the first place.

A veteran of the Iraq War, Ernst was especially compelling in her call for a “comprehensive plan” to go after terrorism in the wake of recent attacks around the world. “The forces of violence and oppression don’t care about the innocent,” she said, delivering a message that contrasted with Obama’s call for diplomacy and coalition-building. That message is bound to hit home for a country that names ISIS as the second most important issue facing America.

As for the most important – the economy – Ernst promised that Republicans would tackle job growth, stagnant wages, and a complicated tax code that was riddled with loopholes. She said that the way forward included easing trade restrictions with Europe and Asia and approving the Keystone Pipeline bill.

But after the dust settles, it may be that immigration omission that conservatives remember best. Only two months after voters came out in force against the president’s policies, many are left wondering why our chosen leaders have decided to ignore the worst of them.

  1. Croco Dile says

    This is for all the people who don’t think we would have roads, protection, or anything else, without “taxes” (i.e., mass extortion) and the “guidance and management” (i.e., violent domination) of “government” (i.e., a parasitical ruling class).

    1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      You sir, are RIGHT ON THE MONEY! WELL DONE! If anyone does not understand what you are saying, then they are truly IDIOTS! Congratulations on being honest and bringing things to a totally understandable level!

      1. Croco Dile says

        Thanks to Larken Rose, not to me 🙂

      2. Martin Fruge says

        you are the idiot.

        1. hankthetank says

          The old saying,IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE !! now we know who you are !!

    2. vahillbilly4 says

      so glad I watched the video as I had the opposite idea with the minute description………
      this is so sensible and well done and I hope many take the time to view it.

    3. WhiteFalcon says

      It is interesting and infuriating to me that many of the pundits on TV refer to these morons that are in the government as “the ruling class.” I personally refuse to be ruled! Those idiots in DC are the hired help, not rulers. I wish many people would inform the talking heads of that fact.

      1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

        You are correct! We the people are supposed to be the rulers but have abdicated that responsibility to our “hired help” (congress).

        1. Lougjr1 says

          Sorry, that wasn’t our fault. We were suckered by those bums that we hired to do the job. If we don’t learn from now on, then we deserve what we get. Plenty of experience to learn from here. Lets see what the new congress does in 2015 and remember it forever !!

          1. pmbalele says

            What happened to Dr. Carson-dumped for being Black? So TPs and Repubs found Dr. Carson as a Black male. So we should say “Not another Black family in the WH.” Thanks a lot for racist TPs and Repubs,.

          2. Jaye C says

            Dr. Carson hasn’t been dumped….he is seen as the front runner from Conservatives. I personally wish Trey Gowdy would run…

          3. pmbalele says

            Dr, Carson, like John McCain should start brushing his teeth. Both do not. Trey Gowdy is a good man, but he talks like people in Lubbock Texas. I hate that accent.

      2. greyfox says

        Sounds more like a kingdom than a democracy. Democrats don’t govern, they rule.

    4. Jimmy King says

      Where does a bear shit in the woods?
      So that shit can make you tube videos. What a waste of time

      1. Croco Dile says

        Ohhh…. one of those SUPER “intelligent” participants can type on a keyboard !

        1. Jimmy King says

          I object to that characterization, if for no other reason than,”SUPER intelligent” to you, means an IQ over 80

          1. Croco Dile says

            Right, Jimmy.
            Judging from your previous comment you must be under 80….. IQ.

          2. Jimmy King says

            Whatever you say BillyBob

          3. LastGasp says

            Told you. Now watch his brilliant display of wasted typing,,,,,,

        2. LastGasp says

          You got it, har, har. No, Jimmy the troll is the local idiot that gets paid to misdirect and misinform. I promise you he will never say anything worth reading, NEVER. It’s best to just ignore him, if he’s not the center of attention he leaves.

      2. hankthetank says

        That goes for you too; Democrat; !

    5. Trisha Holmeide says

      Wow! Talk about plain, common sense all wrapped up in just a few words! Who is this guy and where can I get more info?

      1. LastGasp says

        Why do you need someone to give you this “info?” You just said it is common sense, can’t you think for yourself? Try real hard, it doesn’t hurt and you never know,,,,you might realize everything he says, without him saying it!

        1. Trisha Holmeide says

          Thanks LastGap–as I said to hankthe whatever, I am one who fully admits to not knowing everything in the universe. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this guy and didn’t catch his name or any contact info. I just want to know where to find a link or something to look up more info–I’m not God and need assistance from time to time unlike so many others I see.

          In a message dated 1/23/2015 3:07:18 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

          “Why do you need someone to give you this “info?” You just said it is common sense, can’t you think for yourself? Try real hard, it doesn’t hurt and you never know,,,,you might realize everything he says, without him saying it!”
          ( _Settings _ ( (

          A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( 1673&url= sotu-rebuttal-ignores-one-glaring-issue/#comment-1813812674:5WNMdZbGX6WuVCqA eO-cqYHXALE&variant=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1813812674 &

          1. LastGasp says

            Hey, I apologize for being so abrupt. I sincerely hope that you don’t consider my harangue as a personal insult or a beacon of arrogance and ego. I didn’t mean it to be. Just hoping the idea that he put across so well wasn’t wasted, that’s all. Peace?

          2. Trisha Holmeide says

            Apology received and accepted. As to the message I am and have been on tract with conservative ideas and priniciples my entire life, but have seldom come across people who could articulate those ideas as well as the gentleman on this video so am eagerly hoping to find out where I might find more of his info to share with my family and friends to help them better understand what (and why) our goals are. Peace to you and yours.

          3. Croco Dile says

            Just go to Youtube and type Larken Rose (his name).
            You will find many talks.

          4. Trisha Holmeide says

            Thank you, Croco Dile, I appreciate the help. Still wondering who the man was and if he represents a group etc. But, will try checking out the name you have provided and hope to get more info.

          5. Croco Dile says

            You will find out.
            He often mentions in his talks how he became an anarchist.

          6. Trisha Holmeide says

            Well true anarchy is “survival of the fittest” (rule of the jungle) and is embraced by materialistic, Darwinian Marxists as a means of justifying what they believe must be done to survive. I hope the man in the video is not advocating total anarchy, but a system with need for as little governance possible. It would be inspiring also if he brought up the concept of living morally under “godly” natural laws rather than being a god unto himself and living by, working within and sharing the planet without concern for others. I will investigate thoroughly and determine whether or not I believe this man is inspired and, if so, by what. Thank you for your reply.

            In a message dated 1/24/2015 12:18:33 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

            “You will find out. He often mentions in his talks how he became an anarchist.” ( _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( 1673&url= sotu-rebuttal-ignores-one-glaring-issue/#comment-1814353095:STwEjZv8SLW4zfBP nV1SKOdRjxc&variant=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1814353095 &

          7. Croco Dile says

            Yes, the term Anarchy is discredited by those who don’t want people to look at the true meaning of Anarchy, which is simply self-determination and free coexistence of individulas.

          8. Trisha Holmeide says

            Or, perhaps those who believe in self-determination and free and cooperative co-existence between individuals could more efficiently choose a different term since anarchy appears to have several meanings to many different people. As much as I usually hate labels I think it might be important to coin a term specific to your cause and completely separate it from the other meanings of the term anarchy that are present in our culture today.

            In a message dated 1/24/2015 1:41:21 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

            “Yes, the term Anarchy is discredited by those who don’t want people to look at the true meaning of Anarchy, which is simply self-determination and free coexistence of individulas.” ( _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( 1673&url= sotu-rebuttal-ignores-one-glaring-issue/#comment-1814426345:lmj9YJ5FpavPMwFa sieiQZT7_q8&variant=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1814426345 &

          9. Croco Dile says

            They also use a nother term – Voluntaryism.
            This may be a better one.

          10. Trisha Holmeide says

            I happen to be one of those who believes (truly believes) in the Savior, Jesus Christ. I know when He returns He will establish “His” rule upon the earth which will be incorruptible and just and it will be based on volunterism. In other words, for those who choose to follow Him and submit to His will they will have the opportunity to engage in a system whereby everyone’s needs will be met regardless of their capacity, infirmity, or lack of talent etc. To me the only way such a system could possibly work would be if it was ordained and administered by the Lord himself, because man–all by himself, is so terribly subject to corruption and greed that inevitably someone would scheme to take more of whatever was being produced and find ways of deceiving people into believing they were getting a good deal when they weren’t, and would do harm to those who stood in their way and further corrupt others to join them in taking advantage of things.

            However, I do also want to believe there are people on earth who have practiced personal responsibility to the point where it is a habit of their character and as such have developed a higher standard of living for themselves and their families–one based on respect, honesty and individual self-actualization. I do hope those are the types of people who are attracted to your particular definition of anarchy and volunteerism. Otherwise, I can see doom written all over the entire concept. I’m sure there are boisterous, rowdy types who like the idea of bucking the system, but if the system is viable and worthwhile those types should fall off in a very short while because they would be unwilling to do the hard work such a system would require. I will be optimistic and hope this system is at least practice for the day when the Lord returns when there will be no need for any police to enforce any laws and everyone will have every opportunity to be fully self-actualized and free and enjoy a full measure of blessings and what is right and just before God.

            In a message dated 1/24/2015 3:26:33 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

            “They also use a nother term – Voluntaryism. This may be a better one.”
            ( _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( 1673&url= sotu-rebuttal-ignores-one-glaring-issue/#comment-1814499985:1RjbjrTyYW9wFmG_ tLd7XBsKdVg&variant=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1814499985 &

          11. Croco Dile says

            Here ordinary people were asked questions and you can hear their answers :


      2. hankthetank says

        use your brain that god gave you!!

        1. Trisha Holmeide says

          Unlike you,hankthetank, my mind is not an endless see of knowledge and enlightenment. I quite frequently call upon the wisdom of others especially for advice and direction when I am without the abundance of knowledge I want or need to fulfill a specific chore, duty or desire. So, please, if there are others out there who may accommodate my feeble mind and tell me who this guy is and where I might find out more information regarding his astounding opinion I would appreciate it. Obviously, God, in His wisdom has not equipped hankthetank with a generous heart due in no small measure to the fact He already bestowed upon him an over abundance of intelligence of which he will not share.

          In a message dated 1/23/2015 4:12:29 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

          “use your brain that god gave you!!” ( _Settings _ ( (

          A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( 1673&url= sotu-rebuttal-ignores-one-glaring-issue/#comment-1813915992:-itAF5Gcq7v2IzGa VlEU8Zyr7fY&variant=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1813915992 &

      3. Martin Fruge says

        hey Trisha I am just trying to see if we can listen to all the people including those that didn’t vote this time. I don’t know it all but I am 70 years old and I have seen a lot and we need to come together as a party and try to fix what we can

        1. Trisha Holmeide says

          I am not sure being affilliated with a “party” is going to do the trick. I really believe the majority of americans would not purposely choose the path our leaders have taken us on if they knew the truth as to where they are going to end up–total slavery. So, to me, most effort needs to be given to getting the majority of the population awakened from their government induced stupor, educate them regarding the perils of the socialism our leaders have embraced and finally teach them how they can be truly self-actuated, independent sovereign citizens with all their rights in-tact and enough monetary resources left to do whatever they want to do with their spare change (like feed the poor, dedicate land for posterity and wildlife etc). Party affilliation–unless such party and it’s leaders can codify the goals and political ambitions driving the move to constitutional governance without throwing in or out various other goals/principles seems to be just another way of alienating many who would otherwise support the priniciples if not the party.

    6. James Worcester says

      This “gentleman” has been off the grid waaaay too long.

    7. LastGasp says

      Excellent! Straight from Common Sense U. Thank you!

    8. Taking care of business! says

      This welcomed video reminds me of a bumper sticks I read years ago, stating that the, doubtless-progressive, clown actually wanted his taxes raised. Sure, why not? Then we can emulate Sweden.

    9. Erin Dougherty says

      I watched until about minutes in to see what his point is. He compares roads and streets food in the supermarket (a consumable good). Sorry, that doesn’t work. Not the same thing.

      1. Croco Dile says

        No problem.
        Just continue doing and thinking as before. You are not the only person that refuses to learn but in great company.

  2. william couch says


    1. Jerry Lister says

      A senator for two weeks and already eating out of Karl Rove’s hand. That is real integrity.

      1. Martin Fruge says

        Another woman hater . What a great world and Country we live in where even bigots are allowed to have their rights to say what they believe . God Bless America. God loves us all.

    2. Martin Fruge says

      Another sexist so intelligent. Grow up just because we have independent ideas we are rino ‘s What are you lap dogs. I don’t usually use that kind of verbage but I just get mad when people think if you don’t follow the party line you cannot be a true Republican . Well some of us just believe that we don’t have to have someone else to tell us how to vote .That is one of our right’s in the Constituion our right to vote our own minds.

      1. william couch says

        You don’t like it “”””SUE ME””””!!!!!!!!

  3. b glad says

    It didn’t take long for the Republican establishment to get Joni Ernst singing there tune. Another “conservative” walking the Rino line, that’s all we need. Being from Iowa, I’m not surprised. Sam Clovis was my choice.

  4. USCBIKER says

    She also omitted the fact Boo Hoo has gone out of his way to totally ignore the message we sent them. I told Joni as much in a tweet

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Did she reply?

  5. RGW says

    Please folks! Joni unlike the windbag, oBozo didn’t see the point of talking about it… We plan on changing it, fixing it or stopping it, enough said! Really, hasn’t this been the biggest problem in Washington? All talk, no action… Or all the action is counter to the American People or Our Constitution.

  6. Mark Clemens says

    Well it looks like the GOP SUCKERED the Iowan Conservatives. The GOP message is daffy at best. The GOP is still pushing big biz agenda.
    She says the USA needs to “ease trade restrictions on Europe and Asia’. Right now we only charge a TOKEN 3% Tariff from the EU and China. I reckon she wants to go to zero? Is shipping that junk over here to much? The lack of tariffs are why our jobs went overseas. Also the lack of tariffs is why the Treasury is in the red.
    If the GOP wants to really save and create jobs, they should push to drop out of the WTO. Not help it. The WTO is a tool to bring US CLOSER to a NWO. Today you might save a buck on your underwear, tomorrow they will take our guns.
    If the GOP and Tea Party are against raising minimum wages, how will the GOP unstagnate wages? This chick and the GOP are just blowing smoke up our asses. This is foolish economics and bad medicine. I bet her bank account grows faster than ours, in the next 2 years. Who backed this woman??????
    Thank you Citizens United for buying and bribing an already worthless congress.

    1. Rick Rogers says

      Hey I want the NWO to come back.. But Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are getting a little Long in the Tooth.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I’m more of a Four Horsemen person, Woooooo!!!!!!
        Can y’all feel the sensation of my generation?

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Hey I told you I am from Charlotte where two of the original horseman still live.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Are you stylen’ and profilein’?

    2. MAHB001 says

      Seems like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today…
      It seems your solutions are a bigger more intrusive Government. More imposed Taxes than your “Token 3%.” In other words stepping closer to NWO.
      As if raising minimum wages is the only solution to stagnant wages. It is a way for the Government to get more involved and more intrusive… How about letting Capitalism do its job. Get the Government out of the way.
      Joni Ernst did not set her wages and it is a cheap shot for you to insinuate that She is in this only for the money. She has voluntarily stepped into a Cesspool of Corruption to try to change things for the better.
      Your posts only serves to divide. I take it you think a Democrat would serve better…
      BTW I backed this Woman! THE PEOPLE elected this Woman, and she deserves a chance to make a difference.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        How much money did you give her campaign?
        If the answer is $0 you haven’t backed anybody. Money is the NEW SPEECH (the more you donate, the stronger your voice)
        You might want to look in to tariffs. They solely funded the Treasury from 1790-1914 then big biz talked Congress to reduce them, and impose INCOME TAX on the People. Also tariffs were imposed by George Washington’s Congress (Second act passed by the US Congress) These men really cared about this country’s future, not a bunch of Wall Street Yahoo’s worried by THE BOTTOM LINE….. Bill Clinton’s congress reduced them. Who’s economics do you trust? George Washington or Bill Clinton? I’m with George……
        Income Tax is way more intrusive than tariffs.
        Look what the IRS did to the Tea Party. Tariffs are/were collected by CUSTOMS, not a domestic agency (IRS)
        How would you create, or bring jobs back to America?
        But hay, China Thanks You for being to cheap to buy American Made Products. Also, if you didn’t notice B.Clinton and Bush Jr let the FREE MARKETS do their thing. Are you better off than in 1999?
        If not raising the minimum wage, how would you unstagnate the wage situation? Please be specific. About giving this woman a Chance, she has it for the next two years. I bet she turns RINO shortly. They all do. I’ll also bet her worth gains five times faster than yours.
        If the TRUTH divides us, so be it.
        IN LIBERTY

        1. MAHB001 says

          I believe the current political environment corrupts everybody. Short of Jesus, no human stands a chance in that cesspool.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I would like to see a much smaller government. I wish they would only session 3-5 months a year. The longer the Congress is in session, the crazier the laws have gotten. I think the worst money The People ever spent in DC, was putting AC in the Capitol. They should have to sweat it out, like the rest of us!!
            Term and Age Limits are something else I’d like to see, before I die.
            Something else I’d like to see before i check out, is another state added to the Union. I feel gipped my patents on back have witnessed Statehood of a territory.

          2. TexasStomp says

            E-congress except twice a year for votes on big ticket, recurring items and election of officers. Otherwise……keep theirbutz at home and their nose to the grindstone. Make gov’t office less attractive and profitable and you’ll get more serious candidates and better legislation.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            All that bribe, i mean donation monies need to be limited to $10,000 per person, $5,000 per business/ corporation. This is a big problem.

          4. TexasStomp says

            meh but when I’m Queen each party will be given X amt of air time on C-Span and NO contributions will be legal at the fed level. States are another issue and they can decide. But no public money, which is all DC ever has control of, will be spent on one minute of campaigning for elective office. You wanna meet the candidate and find out about’em…..then git off yur lazy buttt and ask them. :))

          5. Martin Fruge says

            Mark that is the first of your post that I think all of us agree with but we have to believe that our system is not destroyed but very damaged . The first thing I would like to see is term limits on Congress. Every other Politicians , even our Presidents are so why can’t we hold our congressman to the same standards . The longer they are in Congress the less in touch with us . I was born and raised in south Louisiana , my dad was a democrat town boss and I grew up watching town meetings where my dad told everyone who to vote for and gave them money to make sure they did. When I was old enough to vote I voted against one of my dad’s choices and my man won. My dad would not allow me in his house when he was there and for three months I was not allowed. Then my dad called and asked to come to dinner and while I was there he told me that I was right an the person I voted for was doing a better job than the Democrat that he voted for. That is when I became my own man and have always voted for who I thought was right person . We just had a senator from La. who thought she could win because of her name and racism because She pandered to the older minority’s and she didn’t live in the great State she supposedly represented The fine people of La. sent her packing. I don’t live in La. now but members of my family still live in the area I grew up in and I will always call La. home.

          6. MAHB001 says

            I agree with you that less time would reduce the amount of harm they can do.
            I think Term Limits is the answer. That limits the amount of corruption they are exposed to. There are plenty of good people in line, asking to get corrupted. 🙂

      2. Martin Fruge says

        I am proud to be one who agrees 100% and she will make a difference and I am not from Iowa but I thank all Iowans for electing her. Go show them Joni I was in the Air force in the 60’s and am proud of you. We need more of our military to run for office .

  7. Adrian Vance says

    At this point we can blame the Republican leadership for what she said, but she will shake them and become every bit the conservative that many of us would like to see.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

    1. Martin Fruge says

      I don’t know what you are implying but I think she is as conservative as I am and I am a conservative that believes in the constitution and what it stands for and I thought that she did a great job.

      1. Trisha Holmeide says

        Martin–time will tell what she is made of and whether she is a go-along to get-along gal or a dedicated patriot willing to do the hard work…

  8. papa doug says

    Swatting at flies while the elephants stampede over you.

    Wake up people all you who haven’t yet, it’s not about being Democrats or Republicans any more they are just good ole boy clubs slapping each other on the back. Politics has actually simplified itself into being Socialist or Constitutionalists and the socialists are winning. That’s right nearly half of our Congress and Senate not to mention appointed officials are socialist and the number is growing while we swat at flies. Socialists infest every political party with only a handful of Constitutionalists fighting back.
    I opted out of political parties and lost only the ability to vote in primaries which are just political party games anyway paid for by taxpayers. But I feel more attune to my constitutionalist politics and freer to vote my conscience.

    Step back, ignore and shun party politics and see who is really for the American people and our Constitution.

    1. George says

      Well stated, sir. Nice to see someone with an open mind, but I disagree with the your statement; ” Politics has actually simplified itself into being Socialist or Constitutionalists”.
      Both major parties seem to be working toward the common goal of the “New World Order”.
      This is very evident through the actions, or lack of the same, by most of our elected officials.
      It seems amazing that the GOP had enough power to shut down the government, but not enough to prevent or overturn the granting of mass amnesty to millions of criminals (illegal aliens) through the use of executive order.
      Anybody smell something rotten????

    2. Albert Nygren says

      No Sir, It used to be the case that we could vote for an individual no matter what party they belonged to, but no more! Democrat’s and many Republicans vote as a block and vote form who the Party Chairman tells them to. Also, it is the Majority Party member of all committees that decides which votes or bills go to the floor. It can be a great bill and the majority of the committee members may be for a bill but if the committee chairman says “No” it doesn’t go to the floor to be voted on.

  9. Dane says

    I heard Sen. Ernst and she reminded me of a wind-up doll with a pre-recorded speech and painted on smile… it was a big turn off. We need to find out what GOP plan’s are to keep our borders safe and how they plan to send the illegals back home.

    1. Martin Fruge says

      Would you have rather A radical from the party given the speech and have the Dems be able to call our party obstructionist , that is what The President wants.

      1. Albert Nygren says

        No! The Dems call Republicans obstructionist because they don’t or shouldn’t vote for Obama’s stupid and Communist plans to ruin our Country. We need Republican who will speak against and vote against Obama’s Socialist/Communist desires. Today, being called an obstructionist is a badge of honor and the people must know about it. To give in to evil in order to not be called names is cowardice and not in our Country’s best interest.

  10. MAHB001 says

    I for one am hoping We the People can root out the corruption within the elite ruling good ol boy network at the top of the Republican party.
    Realize that the corruption didn’t show up overnight, it will take some time for We the People to root out that corruption.
    Illegal immigration may be at the top of some lists, but I think HONESTY and holding our elected officials accountable should be.
    We can no longer count on the media to keep politicians honest, it will be up to We the People.
    The Moral Majority can no longer be silent and can no longer stay on the sidelines.

    1. Angry American says

      FYI, it is both parties not just the gop so why single them out?

      1. MAHB001 says

        You are correct, the corruption is in both parties. I was simply talking about the GOP on the post. I believe the people of the GOP recognize the corruption, AND we are taking steps to fix the corruption, where the Dems still don’t have a clue.
        Dems = Socialism
        GOP = Capitalism.
        I really have kind of lost hope for the Dems.

        1. Albert Nygren says

          The Dems have been for Socialism for a long, long time. I have never had any hope for them. Now I only have a little hope for the Republicans and that is because of the Tea Party. We all have to donate to the Tea Party because they are a force for responsibility in Government. All of our elected Representatives must get the idea that we do not elect people to “Govern” us but to be our paid “representatives”. They are our employees! We hire them to represent us in Washington and State Capitols and if they don’t represent us we should fire them!

          1. Taking care of business! says

            A study of the Democratic Party has shown a socialist-drift since day one, even before the word socialism entered the lexicon.

      2. Trisha Holmeide says

        I think some still hold out hope for the Republican party to represent us constitutionally–whereas, the Democratic party is forever lost to us due to immersion with Marxist philosophy and “at-oneness” with the goals and ambitions of the global elite and the NWO. .

        1. LastGasp says

          Really well said, thank you!

        2. Erin Dougherty says

          Trisha, I have a couple of questions for you (seriously, not trolling here):
          Do you think that Liberals love their country less than Conservatives?
          Do you think that the USA is the greatest nation on Earth?

          1. Trisha Holmeide says

            I think a good share of people who consider themselves liberals are deluded into believing good is bad and bad is good on a tremendous number of issues. I’m not saying the “right” doesn’t have it’s share of blind followers also, but they tend to do less harm in their ignorance. The progressive movement has always been about undermining our representative form of governance in favor of Marxist principles and those converted to said principles have been whittling away at the very foundations of our Republic, imbedding socialist schemes and programs into every possible part of American life to the point where very few are left who have not, themselves, become participants in their own destruction by virtue of their enslavement to government entitlement programs rather than maintaining their own independence.

            You and other liberal minded people might argue they love this country just as much as those on the right, but I would answer everything you say you love about our country is foreign to that which the founders designed or ever dreamed of. Because the trap has been set and many have fallen prey to the bait of getting something for nothing at some one else’s expense as justifiable we now have a government so large no one can keep track of all the corruption and treason taking place. We virtually have an Oligarchy fully engaged in controlling the direction of both parties which are raping and stealing the time, talent, investment, and futures of ourselves and our children for endless generations to come in order to pay ever increasing loads of bribes in the form of entitlements. Entitlements, which in and of themselves have deprived the American citizens of their honor, ingenuity, integrity and indomitable sense of self-determination. Further, they have involved us in conflicts and wars to further drain the resources of the hard-working citizens for their own gain in power and wealth. So, no I don;t believe liberals love this Republic, but merely the process by which this Republic has been brought to it’s knees which is progressivism.

            And, as for the US being the greatest nation on earth–I certainly believe the founders were inspired and that God, in His wisdom, wanted this nation to engage in the American experiment–obviously it was unique and a never tried before idea. It actually started out as a nation by and for God, but that was thrown out very quickly and the “gods” of this nation became “we the people.” Even with that, it still was a unique experiment on self-rule–which also came with the concept of individual responsibility and worked quite well for a short amount of time. But, as with any good idea there are always those who would use the vast opportunities offered to swindle and deceive and obtain unfair advantage over others to the point where many of the ideas and principles elucidated in the primary documents claiming our independence are no longer even known or understood by the vast numbers of people claiming to appreciate them in their fullness. Part of the blame is how progressives, even during those first few years, were able to stifle truth and control various media leaving their own impressions in lieu of truth. Thus, numerous generations have grown up without ever having learned what were the actual principles argued that persuaded the founders to proceed. So, while we were a nation established “on a hill” so to speak to give light to the entire world that light has been controlled and diminished by several factors including our willingness to ignore the values that set the standard for the principles we were once almost perfectly suited to stand for. Values such as “thou shalt not steal” have been replaced with concepts of class-warfare believing anyone who has more than another must be a bad person and got his or her gain off the labor or others and deserves to have his wealth stolen and re-distributed. Values such as “Thou shalt not kill.” replaced with thou shalt kill only innocent unborn babies and innocent citizens and innocent victims of war collateral etc. Values such as standing up for people’s right to have their own opinons and beliefs and standing up for the right of all people to self-determination are now replaced with political correctness dictating what we can say and think or sell or not sell and to whom or who not. With are no more free than the subjects in any other totalitarian regime and are being legally brutalized for having any opinion or taking any action not approved of by the establishment elite. None of these things are evidence of the “greatest nation on earth,” but of just another dictatorial, totalitarian “wanna be” government in action. While I still believe the land itself is highly favorable and set apart from other lands for a special purpose and plan–our government in it’s current state of decline and decay can hardly be considered what it was intended to be or even used to be as the “greatest nation on earth.”

            And, while expounding on these sad facts please note I am not blaming just the “liberal” mind set, but all those who came before us who had far more blessings of freedom yet allowed the disease of progressivism to grow and increase to the point where there may be no return and America will be just another memory on the ash heap of history as a result. Sadly, it seems humans are weak and most willing to give up their right to freedom and self-actualization in return for promises of support and safety. Must be a lazy gene inherent in the human race is all I can fathom, but never-the-less that is exactly why we are in decline and have fallen over the edge awaiting the final impact which is forth coming sooner than most people know or understand. Thank you for asking for detail regarding my opinions left vs. right. Most people don’t care to know why the other side believes the way it does so you are intellectually above the rest and much more courageous than many of your contemporaries.

            In a message dated 1/24/2015 5:02:13 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

            “Trisha, I have a couple of questions for you (seriously, not trolling here): Do you think that Liberals love their country less than Conservatives? Do you think that the USA is the greatest nation on Earth?” ( _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( 1673&url= sotu-rebuttal-ignores-one-glaring-issue/#comment-1814576903:ciKLKLHe0Wvg2Sre PzcVqW4Alxs&variant=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1814576903 &

          2. Erin Dougherty says

            Thanks for the very well thought out reply. I promise I’ll write back when I’m caught up on work!

          3. Trisha Holmeide says

            Looking forward to it.

            In a message dated 1/25/2015 3:17:27 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

            “Thanks for the very well thought out reply. I promise I’ll write back when I’m caught up on work!” ( _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( 1673&url= sotu-rebuttal-ignores-one-glaring-issue/#comment-1816794105:GhVCkiCpVgJDWmZP xekurB69lH4&variant=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1816794105 &

          4. togetherwestand says

            outstanding write up! We need many many more people to awaken and understand what you are saying. The truth . While it seems that people are starting to wake up and dig up the truth the real problem is like you said, we must have an informed population and we obviously do not. I can only hope and pray that more people start showing some backbone and start looking deeper into the current issues plaguing our country. Keep up the great work and remember there are still people out there that believe in the country and what it used to stand for. God help us all and I truly hope more people start to show your understanding.

          5. Trisha Holmeide says

            God will give light to those who seek his ways and wisdom. Another reason we must try to stop the schools from brainwashing our children into believing God does not exist except in the world of people’s imagination. They do this by teaching Darwinian Evolutionary theory refusing to offer any other possible explanation or “theory” possible for our existence thereby closing their impressionable minds to the light God shares with the faithful. Even people who claim to be true believers are sucked into believing in evolution or try to make it fit with God using evolution etc. rather than throwing it out as mistaken principles at best or actual diabolical deceit. God works through people and so does Satan.

          6. togetherwestand says

            You are absolutely correct. Switching to homeschooling is one of the best ways. Mine went to a christian school and then to public school. Very big difference indeed. Public schools are sickening in my opinion. My son raised his hand in class when they told him we all came from monkeys and said, “That is not true! ” was very proud that day. Many kids do not even know of Jesus Christ or anything else regarding morality or believing in something greater than oneself. We owe it all to HIM. The attitude and behavior difference between the kids at public school and mine was startling! Disgusting what they try to teach our children. So many people have this negative feeling about the Bible and what it teaches and that makes no sense at all considering it teaches all positive traits and good morals. If the human race is ever to live together in peace it would have to be because they want to. Too many really don’t want to. My favorite book i the world is my bible. Everything we need to know is right there! Too easy..
            Thanks again Trisha and keep it up! I believe we CAN make a difference.

          7. Erin Dougherty says

            Hi Trisha,
            Firstly, I’m not sure what you are trying to say by the “good is bad…” statement. I might be liberal in my views, but I’m sure we agree ISIS is bad, that high unemployment is bad, and many, many other things. It’s naive to think the world is black and white.
            Can you provide examples of how Progressives are trying to bring an end to representative government? I assume you mean that Marxism=dictatorship, so I must say that this is the kind of thing that conservatives say that bugs me. I love our Constitution and form of government, and know that my liberal friends do too. It’s why I asked you that question – May I then assume that you believe that only Conservatives fight and die for our country, that we don’t cherish our traditions and history too?

          8. Trisha Holmeide says

            Certainly, I have some very progressive friends and we share the same loves and interests in many things (animal welfare, natural foods, music, humor etc), but when it comes to specific highly charged issues, such as the “illegal” immigration issue, voter rights, 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, states rights, and even marriage itself we completely part company. My liberal friends (some homosexual) want the federal government to make it against the law to discriminate against them for their lifestyle while I see–according to the constitution–the limited powers of the federal government do not include mandating states regarding the issue of marriage at all let alone homosexual marriage. My friends believe guns kill people all by themselves and want the federal government to impose as many restrictions and limitations of the use of firearms as possible while I stand firm in my belief that the government should do nothing to interfere with my rights to own and use guns as long as I am not hurting others illegally. My liberal friends don’t believe religion should have any place in our government and religious groups should not have any say. But, I believe while the government is not supposed to impose any religion on the people the people were supposed to as standard practice impose their beliefs upon the government. My left-leaning friends believe it is immoral not to allow all people who want to come to this country in. Further, they believe the job of government is to support and supply almost everything to everyone. I believe a country without borders with rules and mandates for those who would enter is a country whose house is being demolished–just as our homes have proper ways to enter them with out permission so should our country welcome immigrants through the proper channels and not give favor to those who have obvious contempt for our laws to begin with. And, speaking of non citizens “rights” my liberal friends believe if someone lives here in this country they should be allowed to vote on the issues and for the candidates that will affect everyone’s lives here. I believe every means of assuring the integrity of our elections and right of US citizens to vote should be utilized I also believe the only llegitimate purpose of the federal government is to protect us from our enemies (foreign and domestic) and almost everything else should be the purview of the states if they so choose to develop or engage etc.The founders did not set up a system whereby half the country would become dependent on the other half of the country and managed by an obscure and clueless mass of tangled bureaucracies (despotic or otherwise) just to keep 1/3 the population employed by the government’s need to re-distribute the wealth. Conservatives believe in having the least amount of government (rule by force) and the most amount of individual freedom and protection to fully enjoy our unalienable rights. Progressives appear to believe (and work hard at getting the government to impliment) entitlements are better than rights and the government is one giant benign benefactor to alleviate all the pain and suffering of all people everywhere (except those they label the rich who obviously don’t count)–they want the federal government to take from those who have been successful and give to those who it labels as poor. They want a much power given to the government as possible (many want total government–communism to replace our representative form of government) and to curtail the freedom of the people (how much people can make, who they can hire, how much they can save, where they can live, what kind of energy and modes of transportaion they can use, what they can and cannot do on their own land, etc………etc………..etc………!).

          9. Erin Dougherty says

            I do agree with you that there is a ruling class oligarchy in this country that wants above all to hold on to its power and accumulate more. You can class it warfare, but I can not agree that all of those in this upper strata have gotten there by pluck and the sweat of their own brow. It’s not all bad though; there are new success stories every day, from every political stripe. I’m a small business owner (construction), and I’ll probably never be rich, but I don’t think that it’s the government that would hold me back from getting to be that big, it’s corruption.

          10. Trisha Holmeide says

            If I wwere to venture a guess…how many successful business people gained their success via hard work, dedication, perserverence etc. vs those who inherited their welath and status or who gained it due to corruption and greed I would put my money on the hard-working, dedicated entrepeneur and business person. If we want to take a poll all we have to do is walk around our own communities and visit the hundreds of start-ups and small businesses in the area and ask owners ourselves–or look google their names and learn more about them. If you are the owner of a small construction company you already know how difficult it can be to keep the bills paid, keep up with all the new regulations, stir-up business, keep self and employees employed during the dry spells and whether or not you actually work normal hours of end up working many times way longer and later than you intended (about 12-14 hours per day is typical of a start-up business peson’s work schedule 7 days a week). After the first few years when a few extra bucks have been saved to help you relax a bit you “might” be able to hire more help and take some time off and see if your family remembers what you look like. As is typical in any business venture there is always risk–and the number one risk is whether or not people want and need your services and can afford to hire you for it. If the economy is down people naturally stop spending on things that are not essential and will put off their remodeling projects or building that dream home. Very few brick and mortor construction companies become so successful they can be noted as among the 1% but most that are able to stay in business over-time can be said to had reached a certain amount of success which can also be measured in their accounts receivable. What you do with your profits may well determine your final cululative wealth tally. May contactors see the limits of their service perimeters and will venture out into another branch of the industry–such as selling wholesale, specializing in a specific necessity (roofs come to mind) and becoming franchized dealers for particular products. Or, as my own father did–buying up rentals to rennovate, manage and sell. But, I would also venture the number one drawback to success in your field is confusing, costly, often times stupid government regulations. I read somewhere it can take years from the time of applying for a building permit to completion of a project–which just takes the profits and throws them right out the window. So, if there is corruption I would imagine it’s the same as it has been for many years–at the government level picking winners and losers rather than allowing the free market to decide who can be successful or not.

          11. Erin Dougherty says

            It looks like my posts may appear in reverse order, but I hope writing back in a few messages will still make sense.You are clearly not a foolish person, and I almost want to apologize for asking if you thought the US is the greatest nation on Earth. I love what this country stands for in principle, but I feel that we often come up short based on objective measures – Education, life expectancy, per capita income, incarceration rate, infant mortality; I could go on. What I wish conservatives understood is that liberals *want* their country to be great – We just disagree on how to get there. This is the crux of things. I don’t think it can happen by itself, by good will or churches or rising-tides-that-lift-all-boats (although these are part of the solution). We need those things *and* a representative government that sets rules and enforces them equally for all.

          12. Trisha Holmeide says

            In agreement so far. But, may I question the “degree” to which we need and the “degree” to which we are willing to shift responsibility for our needs onto others and by “what” mechanism?

            In a message dated 1/26/2015 4:46:37 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

            “It looks like my posts may appear in reverse order, but I hope writing back in a few messages will still make sense.You are clearly not a foolish person, and I almost want to apologize for asking if you thought the US is the greatest nation on Earth. I love what this country stands for in principle, but I feel that we often come up short based on objective measures – Education, life expectancy, per capita income, incarceration rate, infant mortality; I could go on. What I wish conservatives understood is that liberals *want* their country to be great – We just disagree on how to get there. This is the crux of things. I don’t think it can happen by itself, by good will or churches or rising-tides-that-lift-all-boats (although these are part of the solution). We need those things *and* a representative government that sets rules and enforces them equally for all.” ( _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( 1673&url= sotu-rebuttal-ignores-one-glaring-issue/#comment-1818684315:PKfBT8Ps0KroDKOe w3tvcrwXpDQ&variant=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1818684315 &

    2. LastGasp says

      Hey Mad! Glad to see you! I don’t think there’s any doubt about the total loss of the Democrats to communism, Oh, I meant socialism, Oh geez, I forgot, progressivism. Well, you know one commie has always looked like every other to me, no matter what they’re calling themselves. How about those RINOs, eh?

  11. MarcJ says

    Joni Ernst seems unfortunately to be just another RINO.

    1. MAHB001 says

      After 2 weeks and one speech?? You think that is fair?

      1. ardis4 says

        In a single week Ernst (& the vast majority of her congressional “conservatives”) opted to betray their voters and voted for proven Obama shills and capitulators Boehner and McConnell.–i.e., Boehner quote: “Not One Dime For Obamacare If The GOP Wins The Power Of The Purse”–ditto McConnell quote: “Tea Party conservatives are bullies in need of smacking down”. Fact is, post landslide election 2014 right out of the gate the same GOP leadership Ernst voted for delivered to Obama the store through 2015 and will fold on Obama’s ILLEGAL amnesty.


        1. MAHB001 says

          It is your (and MINE, actually all of us) responsibility to make sure they hear your words.
          We can no longer sit on the sidelines and gripe. Call them, Email them, remind them of their promises to the people. Not once, but continuously.

          1. Trisha Holmeide says

            Yes, we should continue trying all the normal means and methods of brininging our representatives in line, but we should also be prepared for the very real fact that they may not pay any attention to us as they have much greater authority and control over them from the powerful elite within the Shadow Government directing their course and if you don’t believe that then you tell me why–regardless who we elect or what they say to get elected nothing ever changes except more “progress” toward total governance by an ever increasing totalitarian regime–we are losing the game and it is time we faced the facts. Our leaders are not working for us–they are working (if allowed to stay in office) for the power elite in control of virtually the entire world.

          2. ardis4 says

            Done that, doing it, still waiting and not holding my breath.

        2. Trisha Holmeide says

          I don’t know why anyone on this site is surprised at the “R” party going along with “O.” The real people running the show behind the scenes–are unelected oligarchs (corporate leaders, academic intelligentia, and international bankers)–check out the credential of the members of the Counsel on Foreign Relations, Tillateral Commission, and read their periodicals spelling out exactly where they are aiming take action, their goals and the direction they are foisting on the US government. They, and their fellow travelers under many different names are leaders and minions of the leaders involved in the scheme of the New World Order which they fully intend every living being to be subjugated under. Why else would president Bush tell Glenn Beck not to worry about any major changes in the direction of the government upon changing leadership due to each election! Obviously, the president is merely a figurehead and out representatives, once they are clued in, have no more chance than a icecycle in a heatwave of making any real changes. Perhaps people didn’t notice but it may be too late to “save” this country through any normal ways and means. Perhaps it is time we all start ruling ourselves and making our own protected communities and homes and either work despite the government or find a way around their Orwellian means of control. And, of course, pray we have the blessings of the Almighty for our endevors.

          1. ardis4 says

            The record of the Gruber Bush GOP speaks for itself. i.e., Unprecedented federal deficits/earmarks/pork, massive entitlement programs, open borders (with rewards & incentives), Fannie & Freddie GSAs, McCain-Feingold, no lock box on bankrupt Social Security and a litany of broken promises never kept. The Republican Party controlled the White House and both chambers of congress from 2002-2006 and voters are still waiting for the GOP’s promised ANWAR, entitlement reform and 2% optional private investment in Social Security. Save for the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, who’s sacrifices in U.S. blood & treasure have since been null and voided to be replaced by Isis, the Bush GOP’s legacy was begetting Obama. Manifestly, the D.C. GOP is totally lacking the conviction and fire in the belly to stand their ground and take the fight to the Obama opposition–ditto will always find an excuse for failure and not getting their job done.

          2. Trisha Holmeide says

            ardis4–I agree. Especially since the Republicans and the Dems appear to be sharing not only bathrooms but koolaid.

    2. ardis4 says

      The empirical evidence is making that clear. Don’t listen to what the GOP says, watch how the GOP governs.–i.e., 100% proof Obama agenda. The “We Can’t Win” “Well Be Blamed” “Kick The Can” “We Must Pick Our Fights” (NEVER)–D.C. GOP will always have an excuse for failure.

      1. MAHB001 says

        That is the corruption at the top of the Republican party that I would like to see minimized. The only way to extract a cancer like this is to keep after it.

      2. Albert Nygren says

        Not if we keep the Republicans feet to the fire. We all need to donate to and support the Tea Party that is a big hope for us. We need to let every Republican know that if they cooperate with Obama and the Democrats that they will never get elected again to anything. Yes our hope is not with the Democrats but with ourselves. We need to get active and bombard the Republicans with emails, faxes, phone calls and letters, to let them know the score.

        1. ardis4 says

          Although 75% of Republicans polled after election 2014 said they wanted new GOP leadership 90% of Ernst congressional “conservatives” opted right out of the gate to continue the capitulation agendas of Boehner & McConnell. The empirical evidence speaks for itself: Quote Boehner pre-election 2010: “If the GOP wins the power of the purse not one dime for Obamacare.”–“Wait until the debt ceiling raise, wait until the budget battle we will have the Ryan Plan.” Instead post landslide elections 2010 and 2014 Boehner proceeded to fully fund Obamacare from the get go through 2015, ditched the Ryan Plan, surrendered the Bush tax cuts for the job creators, surrendered the Sequester, surrendered the pork Farm Bill, surrendered the Payroll tax cut, caved on Keystone (never used GOP leverage to get that done)–ditto quote Boehner he was “hell bent” on giving Obama amnesty. Adding insult to injury the GOP leadership responsible for oversight AFTER 3 YEARS has yet to hold a single person accountable for crimes & scandals “Fast & Furious”, Benghazi, the VA and the IRS. Ditto America is STILL waiting for Lerner’s emails. When Republican voters demanded accountability from their D.C. leadership the GOP establishment didn’t hesitate (right out of the Obama playbook) to marginalize to destroy their conservatives grass roots, quote: “A fool’s errand” “terrorists” “hostage takers” “dangerous” “uneducated” “Hobbits” “wacko birds” “bullies in need of smacking down”—ditto “RACISTS” (source the 2013 Cochran primary).
          Does the above sound as if the Gruber “Shut Up Stupid, We Know Best, Do As Your Told” GOP leadership is likely to bow to voter pressure if they haven’t by now?

          1. Albert Nygren says

            You may be right that no amount of citizen pressure will end the corruption of both the Democrat or the Republican party, but at least I have to try to do that and I hope you and many others try also to end this trend (pushed mainly by Democrats) to turn this country into first a Socialist Country and then a Communist country like the old Soviet Union was. If you are a Bible believer as I am, you know that none of our effort will succeed. Jesus said in Mathew Chapter 24, that “unless the times had been shortened all the people on Earth would have died” The tribulation period before Jesus returns was originally 3 years but that was shortened at least twice due to God’s Mercy so that now the Tribulation period only will last for 6 months.
            But even though that is true I believe that we have to do everything we can to return the USA to the Constitution ruled, and Christian country that it was when I was a boy in the 1940’s and 1950’s. So I appreciate your comment and I agree with you in principal; but I have to try to hold the Government accountable for the promises that they are not even trying to fulfill. God Bless you kind Sir.

    3. jim marcum says

      she will say what she is told to say. pity

      1. says

        I would have liked to hear from Trey Gowdy!

        1. Trisha Holmeide says

          But, even our beloved Trey Gowdy has taken a turn away from the Benghazi investigation abruptly–despite many on the commission openly suggesting he may have been compromised since there is a pile of evidence of treasonous acts by the Obama administration that has already come to light. We cannot allow ourselves to put past performance and personality over the facts as they truly are in the present–virtually everyone in Congress, the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch of government are human beings subject to corruption and failings on a daily basis, and seeminly are failing us on a daily basis. We have no idea how otherwise upright and good men and women are being persuaded to betray us, but they are and we have to be prepared to throw each one out in turn regardless of their past performances.

  12. gmhunt4 says

    The GOP elite did not bring up illegals, because they agree with Obama, the people be “dammed”

    1. Martin Fruge says

      they did not bring up illegals because the have to use their position to do it right and legal. Obama will veto anything they try to do , so they have to work to get a veto proof bill and for that theu needs a super majorty to override any veto. They need the independants and moderate Dems to do it.

      1. jim marcum says

        Martin if you believe that I would like to talk to you about some real estate.

      2. James Worcester says

        a “veto proof” bill…that’s funny

        1. Taking care of business! says

          Right on, James. There aren’t enough Demonrats to make a “veto[-]proof” bill. But there’s always the filibuster, should the RINOs get brave. Let’s watch what the Demonrats filibuster, remembering how much opposition that was when Prince Harry was in control. Funny how it works when someone else has a gored ox. Let’s see if the House will de-fund any of Barry’s pets.

      3. LastGasp says

        They shouldn’t have funded it when they didn’t have to. Their pissing and moaning now is all show, a veto proof bill is not going to happen now, and you know it. The only way to rein in Obola is to leverage ALL FUNDING OF EVERYTHING THE PETTY DICTATOR WANTS. No maybes, no giving the pinko democrats any breaks, no compromising. How many RINOs really want to play hardball with Obola?

        1. Taking care of business! says

          Between the Demonratic asses and the RINOs, the Congress in a zoo.

      4. gmhunt4 says

        The GOP should be defunding ALL illegal immigration Obama has done by executive order. Boehner said that was what they would do, but have done nothing

        1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

          Boehner, that says it all!

  13. pmbalele says

    She is beautiful but flat chested. Most women now want big ones. That is why she joined TP and Repub.

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      stupid, blind libTURD chimes in. I guess you haven’t looked at LibTURD women lately! They are frikken MUGGLY!!

      1. Martin Fruge says

        now don’t be like him if you do you are no better than him, I know it is hard but lets be the
        better side . they really hate it when we stay on the high road.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I heard on FOX she’s going to Chair the Itty Bitty Titty Community. A good tit, is a terrible thang to waist!!!

      1. Martin Fruge says

        another sexist fool must be because most Women are more in tune with what’s going on.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          It’s called HUMOR, You should look into it……

        2. LastGasp says

          Yeah, right.

    3. Martin Fruge says

      What are you A DEM Or just sexis,or dumb.

      1. pmbalele says

        What is wrong with telling the truth. Nobody wanted her in the Democratic Party because of that. She had to join TP where many member are dumb males.

        1. joe haire says

          You would rather have Rachael Maddow the ugly diesel dyke???

          1. pmbalele says

            Rachael is smarter than Ted Cruz, Sara Palin, Michele Bachman, Herman Cain and Joni Ernst. Ted Cruz could not even present his rebut. He forgot he was in USA; thus spoke Cuban. You would not vote for Rubio. Like Cruz Rubio sometimes mixes Cuban and English; and tell him he should not steal bottled water.

          2. LastGasp says

            Don’t respond to pmbally, it is a paid troll and will underwhelm the discussion. Thank you.

          3. joe haire says

            I am familiar with him. Other trolls in his camp are: Koolnightes, Jetmagnet, Sancho Panzer, Betty Withers, Uzoozy & others. Their game is HATE!!

          4. LastGasp says

            Score on Maddow the Diesel Dyke! Hoohah! I have interacted with those that you named. You pegged them alright! Waste of skin, all of them.

      2. LastGasp says

        It’s a paid troll,,,please don’t wind him up or put a nickel in him! He will say the most ridiculous things to provoke a response.

  14. gwedem5995 says

    I am sick of hearing about the infrastructure. What happened with all the almost l trillion dollars to fix a lot of it. There was a street in Columbus, Ohio and it wasn’t in that bad of shape but it got some of the stimulus money and the big sign bragging about it. I wonder how much that big sign cost. Maybe we need a few less parks and running paths until we can get our infrastruction under control.

    1. ardis4 says

      What happened to Bush’s 300 plus billion “Transportation Bill” in 2005 to fix infrastructure? Ditto Obama’s TRILLIONS in Stimulus he vowed would “fix America’s infrastructure” and create “Shovel Ready Jobs” ? ?

      America under Obama has lost it’s AAA credit rating, is now downgraded the “second best” economy and is tanking with 18 trillion deficits on the backs of future generations–so why aren’t bankrupt U.S. taxpayer’s demanding accountability from their TRANSPARENTLY outlaw, fraud and waste federal government?

    2. Mark Clemens says

      My State (Tennessee) squandered its share to send people to community collage for free. And y’all thought that was an Obama or Democrat idea. Our Governor (a REPUBLICAN) Came up w/that idea 3 years ago. Your state probably Pork Barreled it somewhere………..
      Oh, road signs run around $500 each for speed limit size, $1,800 for the interstate sizes…….

  15. shafawn says

    I dunno. It seems like the democrats have ramped up their political attack on the GOP and the GOP itself is now part of the mushy middle. There is no clear message or genuine anger from the right yet we have PLENTY of reason and ammo.. RNC is shooting blanks as usual and still freaking stuck in the 70’s.. I guess they don’t want a true conservative in 2016… which means another democrat because conservatives won’t get out to vote for a RINO.
    WAKE UP GOP!! What is wrong with you? You act like you are in Obama’s pocket too!!
    We need a 4 alarm fire and they send us milk toast.

    1. Martin Fruge says

      Do you think that the Tea Party Is the answer, they are no where close to be right to run any party because their ideas are as radical as the Democrats, we need all ideas to work together if you don’t like the party get out and form a new party and see how many would follow and how many would be elected you TEA PARTY people don’t want anything that doesn’t agree with them. well the truth is the only way to fix things is to do what is right for the Country not your radical part of any . So if you don’t like the party you are in get out. To the original TEA PARTY people who the radicals their name I am not talking to you, you never intended the named to be radicalized.

      1. Albert Nygren says

        The Tea Party may seem “radical” to you because the Republicans have given in to the Democrats for such a long time. The views of the Tea Party used to be “mainstream” when our country was at it’s best. We don’t need new parties. New parties can’t win elections and a vote for a new party is a vote for the Democrats because it is a vote taken away from a Republican. No, we need to reform the Republican Party so that it votes for the benefit of our Country and not for special constituents. The needs of our Country now are stopping illegals from coming across our borders, reducing our $17 trillion dept, improving our military so that it is again the most powerful military in the world and can fight 2 wars at the same time. Also, we must renew the encouragement of John Kennedy to, “Do not look for what will benefit you individually but to work for what is best for our Country. It does not help anyone to improve the quality of life for any individual if we are on a ship and the ship is sinking! Our Country is sinking and if that is not turned around the ship will sink and everyone will drown!

      2. shafawn says

        Well you have to give Tea Party this… Obama hated them enough to use NSA to spy on their records and target conservative donors with the IRS. Those are some deeply disturbing facts that we are already waist deep in waste. Tea Party has won it’s spurs and paid it’s dues. As far as it’s extremism I’m not sure. I have gone to their site weekly and the only negative thing I took away was racist remarks by posters. Not saying the party has no hope but they need fine tuning a good PR to get the ball moving with any momentum.
        Considering the Constitution Party as well.
        The bottom line is if it aint broke don’t fix it .. but if it IS BROKE .. FIX IT OR BE PREPARED TO BE REPLACED.
        Thinking that the American people have to keep serving the GOP with no other choice is the same cloud of vapid vanity that Obama suffers.
        We aren’t circling the drain anymore .. we are straddling it and frankly we are in such utter danger right now from being attacked from the radical jihadists (that do not exist) that this whole conversation may take a back seat within the year because we may be entirely focused on recovering from the attack!

        1. Martin Fruge says

          I agree we have to change some things but we have to fix what is broken but not fight losing battles. We have to listen to the people who put people in office and if they do not listen then change them but sometimes it is hard to replace them. We should fight to get all of congress to be term limited every other politicians are.

          1. shafawn says

            Amen!!!! CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS!!!


          2. Taking care of business! says

            And a good dose of realizing our two-party system has morph[ed] into an amalgam, needing desperate replacement by new multi-parties.

          3. Martin Fruge says

            Yes when we get term limits politiciuns wont be able become do nothings and millionaires.Put our gov. in the hands of the people and our nation will be a better and stronger nation.

      3. LastGasp says

        Why do you call the Tea Party radical? You and your mealy mouth cohorts call them radical and almost spit when they/you say it. Why? Explain why or cite some sources that prove they are radical. I’m betting you don’t know $hit from Shinola.

        1. Taking care of business! says

          Agreed. What’s radical about the Tea Party? It’s only radical to those who oppose our Republic, our Constitution. It might do well for those who question the need for its rise to study their site, and not the unfounded-ramblings of progressives.

  16. ardis4 says

    The same Ernst who insists the D.C. GOP heard their voters “message loud & clear” is the Ernst who voted for the same GOP Boehner/McConnell establishment that for 6 years have acted as shills & capitulators to get Obama’s agenda done. The GOP just won the greatest landslide election in 100 years and right out of the gate the ” Power Of The Purse” Boehner capitulated as if his party had lost in a slam dunk and gave Obama the store through 2015–i.e., Over a trillion in new spending payoffs to Obama’s special interests, FULLY funding Obamacare for the 4th straight year through 2015 and during a war on terror setting up a fake scenario in which the “Well Be Blamed” GOP can find one more excuse to capitulate with respect to Obama’s revoking the rule of law to legalize jobs, Dream Acts, “deferred action” and amnesty for illegals during a war on terror and when America’s job participation rate is at 62%. End Game: To defacto transfer (as a “human right”) U.S. Sovereignty to Latin America to transform America into an Obama one party electoral system. Simply put the “We Got Your Message Loud And Clear” Ernst GOP has effectively nullified election 2014, disenfranchised their voters and abdicated their checks and balances prerogatives. The Gruber GOP power elite’s and their phony congressional “conservatives” without a whimper have handed ALL leverage to Obama to ensure that the Grand Old Party doesn’t have to work for a living. Instead, the GOP can waste their voters time and money infinitum placing on Obama’s desk symbolic bills they know he will never sign because they are fully cognizant he will rule by executive orders, Reid filibusters and vetoes.


    1. jim marcum says

      they also had room in their trillion/s dollar budget to open the door for employers to go after individual pension’s. this will be broadened to all of us when loopholes are discovered (that will be purposely put in) to allow all our pension’s to be stolen back.

  17. jim marcum says

    A lot to comment on here. Firstly the Immigration push by Obama was not addressed because the Republicans are for it. All the bullshit thrown out before the election was just to get elected. A good example Kentucky. The people of the commonwealth wanted to ‘ditch Mitch McConnell’, even the Republicans like me. But, everyone said we have to fight Obama on this immigration push that he is going on his own on. So Old Mitch got elected and what happened? “Theres nothing we can do to stop Obama on immigration”. They never intended to stop the illegal immigration free for all in the first place because big corporations wants the cheap labor in America. They don’t care that it will bankrupt our safety nets and the very people, the American workers, will lose to the illegal immigrants. The Corporate Fascist with the GOP is throwing the American middle class under the bus. I will guarantee you one thing and maybe fill you in just a little. These tax loopholes that this young women mentioned are not going to affect Corporate America one bit, they will still get their corporate welfare. The mega rich will still stash their money overseas to avoid paying taxes, just ask Mitt Romney. The major loophole that they want to close is your home mortgage interest. Who will that hurt? Middle class America will get hit again. The mega rich don’t pay interest because they own their (multiple) homes out right. People who have long used this just write off for taxes and insurances or major repairs to own property will have it stripped from them. I’ll bet anything you want to bet this is what their after it has nothing to do with the rich or corporations.

  18. Proud US vet/American says

    As a new Senator, she was used to bring the RNC rebuttal for one reason-“plausible deniability” for them if she screwed it up! The Republican Party is becoming as bad as the DemonRats ever were. Their lying, double-dealing tactics are going to cost them the 2016 election if they don’t change course and start listening to their constituents!

  19. Greg137 says

    The Spanish version of this response the GOP openly expressed their support of Obama’s executive amnesty… And all the rest of us get are vague references… GOP neeeds to have their leadership menbers removed from office… Tea party stand up and hold the Republican establishment accountable!!!

  20. jsccats says

    I was unimpressed with the so called “rebuttal” and it seemed to be just more of the party elites avoiding confronting Dear Leader Obama and his lies, failures, and continued “progressive” destruction of the country and pandering to our enemies. More than a little hype with the move of putting her out as the GOP spokesperson. This was a golden opportunity to point out the mess King Barack the Worst has made and tear apart the farce that was his speech if they put someone with some fight and facts out there but this was an excuse to wimp out again!

  21. Albert Nygren says

    We must hold our republican and Democrats feet to the fire! We did not elect a Republican Majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives for them to vote like Democrats! They must know from our phone calls, fax’s, emails, and letters that a Republican who votes like a Democrat will not ever be elected again for anything! The gravy train is over! Illegals’ coming across our borders must be STOPED and returned to their country of origin Business owners as well as Democrats want to increase illegals coming here! Business wants illegal for cheap labor and because that can treat them like dirt and the illegal won’t quit. Democrats want illegals for the votes. What; you say, illegals can’t vote. Yes they can. They can vote illegally and if they get the right to vote they will vote as a block vote for Democrats because Democrats vote them benefits!..

  22. CQQL33 says

    You folks are missing the goals of socialism or what ever you want to call it…..”Divide and Conquer” is the name of the game. We have division between Black and White, we had division between the Left and the Right, but it is the same back to business in Washington as it always has been. The sad truth of the matter is; “We are all in this, together” and if it goes in the direction as it has been, the down hill slide, America will be doomed to fail. Do you think all of the socialist in America will be happy with that ? As I said, we are all in the same country and we will all pay the price of being stupid. Don’t listen to what Washington says, look at what they are doing. With out America, where can you go ???

    1. ardis4 says

      The GOP doesn’t need help from Obama when dividing and alienating their core voters. That’s one job the D.C. GOP is getting done. Democrats deliver to their voters, the Gruber GOP sells their voters out time and again. If Ernst came to Washington to make the Washington establishment “squeal” nobody’s hearing it or is likely to.

  23. carolskey says

    In an effort not to alienate Mexicans (both legal and illegal), it seems all congressmen/congresswomen want to avoid the amnesty issue. Understandably the democrats avoid it because of the defeats they suffered at the hands of the voters just months ago. However, for Republican representatives to avoid the topic sends the message loudly to Americans that they DON’T CARE what is legal, Constitutional, nor what the desires of the voters are!

    I just want to know when it became the norm in America to break our laws and be lauded, appeased, and sometimes rewarded for doing so:

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”~Isaiah 5:20.

    We have been warned!

    1. Jack says

      I just love that biblical talk!!

      1. carolskey says

        And so does God…He loves it when we give credit where it is due! God Bless!

  24. Morton212 says

    It was extremely difficult to listen to Ernst because of the way she delivered her speech. You got the unmistakeable impression that she was loaded to the gills on some kind of serious prescription medication – to calm her nerves perhaps. Perhaps she is like that in real life; but the GOP does have some good speakers – experienced capable of very compelling delivery. Why did we not hear from one of them ?

  25. C.M. Dawson says

    Republicans = Democrats, and Democrats = Republicans.

    The one party system has already taken over the U.S.

    Any questions?

  26. Sgt. York says

    Good ol Boohoo and mitchie baby are in ass deep with ovomit on getting illegals some sort of staying power in the USA and its all about votes. There needs to be a house cleaning in congress and the presidency. We cannot continue to head down this endless road.

  27. iBaconi says

    The foe we’re up against is statism. A clan that includes Republicans as well as demonrats. The first goal for the freedom/responsibility respecting majority in this country, is to take over the Republican party. The demonrat party has been beyond consideration ever since it’s beginning when it was fighting against freedom for American slaves.

  28. helen sabin says

    Eisenhower and Hoover I think it was deported them to Mexico by train – dropped them off in the middle of the country and told them to stay in Mexico. That is what we need to do now!

  29. hjjusa says

    The issue of illegal immigration indeed needs to be addressed, biut it appears that it is up to we the people to do so, trouble is we elect someone in to do so and they turn into rhinos.Apparently weneed a new party that will stand for the issues they are elected on.

  30. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

    Sorry Joni, your rebuttal did not inspire me with your monotone, lack of passion delivery that made no mention of amnesty. Take some speech lessons to sound like you believe in what you are saying.

  31. pattonknew says

    for me you have the left politically saying we support immigrants as long as it serves our interests and the right ( progressives ) saying we support immigrants as long as it serves our interests; by government controlled media that has replaced public opinion with government propaganda without society understanding how to unite to tell the government you work for us and this is what we’ expect….. and that is for any peoples that come to this country to follow our laws and contribute to freedom and liberty for all or the american dream.
    authoritarian rule has been the downfall of every country on this planet except the united states and is a mistake that we must not make – having said that society has a greater responsibility moving forward to understand how we the people, not we the republicans or we the democrats control our government — of, for and by the people.

    1. jim marcum says

      Rand Paul will get my vote as it stands. I don’t think he is 100% what we need but he is change.

  32. cactusbob says

    Senator Ernst shows no signs of siding with the RINOs in their private war on conservatives. Before shooting her down, conservatives should see how she performs where it counts – in the voting! Remember, talk is cheap.

  33. JoAnn Dolberg says

    What is obvious to me is that We the People are being played!

  34. greyfox says

    This article has the odor of business as usual.

  35. Shauna says

    I “was” excited about Joni being the chosen one for the rebuttal. She is new, fresh and seemed ready to take on the establishment and I liked that she had a military background. I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a candle in the wind….

  36. Sherryo says

    Another dog and pony show. Nothing will change and the same agenda moves forward. All while the once greatest country on earth goes down in flames

  37. Combat Veteran Seabee says

    No bill dies on the president’s desk per se, it always has ONE MORE chance, a 2/3rd’s majority override of his veto!

  38. Amy Thomas says

    No surprise! Both parties have been bought out by big corporations who want cheap labor and will pay plenty to those who vote their way. TIME FOR A THIRD PARTY!

    1. hadenough57 says

      Forget a third party! Time for us to stop depending on politicians to have our back, irregardless of what political party that they represent! In the end, they all represent their best interest!

  39. Jaye C says

    Let the bill get to O’s desk, let him veto it and he’ll be seen as the obstructionist……but RINO McConnel will kill it in the Senate…I would think though, that they have the votes in the Senate to overturn Ovomits veto….if they really heard us in November, they’ll stop amnesty!

  40. Adrian Vance says

    As long as Republicans see Mexicans as cheap labor we will have this problem.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  41. Rick Rogers says

    Two years before I was born but it makes me wonder what the hell happen to the GOP.

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