Republican Women Want Trump to Put a Female on the Ticket


Days after Ted Cruz announced that Carly Fiorina would be his running mate (if he can magically become the Republican nominee after being mathematically eliminated in the primaries), female GOP lawmakers are calling on Donald Trump to follow Cruz’s example. According to a story in The Hill, Rep. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming advanced the idea at a Heritage Foundation event this week.

“I would suggest a woman, because some of the remarks he has made about women are not going to help him appeal to some of the 53 percent of the voting populace that are women,” Lummis said.

Lummis suggested Condoleezza Rice and Kelly Ayotte as possibilities, and others at the event went further, naming a host of women who might be up for the job: New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley among them. But there are reasons to wonder if any of them would accept Trump’s VP spot, or if he would have any interest in them to begin with.

Even if there were a female Republican who seemed like the obvious, can’t-miss-it choice, you have to wonder if this move would make a difference in Trump’s polling numbers. It just feels like such a pandering move. Something that is so typically “Washington” that it might actually chip away at some of Trump’s invaluable mystique. If he can choose a woman who is unbelievably qualified and whose alliance with Trump makes ideological sense, then by all means, go for it. But if it feels forced or fake, it’s not going to work.

That said, Trump does have a problem and he won’t win in November if he can’t solve it. More damning than his already-shaky perception among women will be the media coverage leading up to the election. It would be ridiculous to suggest that the media’s coverage of Trump thus far has been positive, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Once he’s the nominee, you’re going to be witness to one of the most astounding character assassinations in the history of this country. One dreads to wonder what they’re already sitting on, just waiting for the right moment to drop it on the American people.

That doesn’t mean Hillary’s inauguration is inevitable. When it comes to Trump, predictions are meaningless. He’s defied the media onslaught so far, and that’s more than anyone expected. If women begin to see him the way so many Republican men see him, he can turn this around.

But if the media can successfully frame this as Women Vs. Trump…well, forget it. And a female VP isn’t going to matter.

  1. gotabgood says

    We have a habit of judging one another and have never met each other, but because I prefer the color blue and you prefer the color red, we are hated enemies and ready to start a civil war over it.

    I am an American, born here, raised here, served my country in the military.

    I was/am proud to be an American!

    We have changed. First we have to start treating each other as Americans, like neighbors.

    I just watched “Where to Invade Next”. What an eye opener to what we have become.

    I know some of you will let prejudices and hate stop you from watching this film. But you see that is our problem! Can you see that?

    You hate a complete stranger who lives maybe 1000’s of miles from you, does that make sense?

    I ask you, watch this film. It will make you think.

    1. Croco Dile says
      1. Michael Dennewitz says


        1. Croco Dile says

          AAAHHH…. my greatest fan is back !
          Welcome, welcome, Mr. Witzidiot.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I love pictures like this of HRC in her natural environment!

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      1. MAHB001 says

        flagged the scum puppet again.

    3. Bob Stewart says

      There are general traits that certain people share that can cause them to be lumped together for criticism. Take for example liberals and democrats. Those two groups possess all the traits that inspire vitriol from people who love America and the freedom it used to represent. Maybe we should all start acting like Americans. Send your message to LGBT and black lives matter.

      1. gotabgood says

        I really don’t want to get into this word game especially right under my post of, we need to come together……. but with that said…… think about what you said and then think of the trials that the LGBT have had throughout the centuries.. They would be the most open minded group of us all. They were/are hated by all colors, all religions and maybe even some atheists. I do not think you need to send them a message of acceptance. Black lives matter….. The old saying goes, walk a mile in his shoes…
        There was a war fighting over their freedom… a war! That means half the country thought it was ok to own a person! Jumping down the portals of time, in 1965, we past a civil rights acts……….. EVEN AFTER THEY WERE FREED…. only to have that right taken away again by the SCOTUS and into the mess we have this day concerning voting… that should be a citizens right to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Oregon got it right and automatic registration. That way it does away with all this foolishness….. and scamming.

        1. joe says

          they are sick twisted deviants and anyone that thinks otherwise is a RETARD!! BEING A FRUIT IS NOT NORMAL!!

          1. gotabgood says

            Hello Joe.. I see your still blubbering and slobbering.. wipe your chin you have spit on it…. hmmmmm I think it is spit…???

          2. joe says

            you funny little man you just don’t matter.

    4. Retired Marine says

      Very well stated, I will watch it.

      1. gotabgood says

        Thank you..
        You will not regret it!
        It doesn’t make a difference of which party you belong to… this is how we let our constitutional rights drift overseas and they found it!

    5. 4freedom says

      A movie produced by whack job Michael Moore, I’ll pass.

      1. gotabgood says

        Somebody once said that the truth is sharper than a two edged sword…
        You really are scared of the truth? Or are you scared of the messenger?
        In either case you act like a scared little boy…….. That has the attitude of… If it was good enough for my grandparents, it is good enough for me. As you go outside to the “outhouse”, with last years copy of the Sears Catalog… you know…. for the paper work..

  2. MAHB001 says

    “(if he can magically become the Republican nominee after being mathematically eliminated in the primaries)”

    It seems the author is either a Trump fan or serious anti Cruz nut like the Republican establishment.

    This argument advocates that Cruz close up shop and go home, in the 8th inning just because he is behind.

    Please note that the converse side of this argument is that TRUMP has not sewn up the win either.

    If Cruz folded now, I wouldn’t want him as President, if Trump folded just because he lost Iowa, I want Trump as President.

    Folding because of polls and peer pressure is exactly what the elite does and why Boehner was booted out of office. It is what I hate about the Republican elite….

    1. grama18 says

      OH MY !! DUMB DUMB !

      1. MAHB001 says

        You are probably right…

        Trying to find something constructive out of your comment.

    2. denniscerasoli says

      That sounds good when you say you don’t quit a ball game in the 8th inning but this isn’t baseball and in order to win you still have to do it fairly.Cruz could win after the 1st ballot but it has already been shown to be a sneaky way to win by the majority of voters,Cruz would never get Trump voters to back him under those conditions and it would without a doubt hand the election to Clinton who shouldn’t even be running.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I thought about the fair charge as well.

        Cruz did not set the rules, and I do not think that he has broke any of the rules… Just exploited them… Cruz is NOT part of the establishment, and the establishment has given him no favors…

        No different than what Trump does with the Art of the Deal.. In winning the deal, Trump exploits the rules better than his opponents… I do not hear Trump whining about losing business deals…

        1. denniscerasoli says

          That is true but the rules are set by the RNC and he is accepting monies from PACS like they all do and he is a Washington insider being a Senator and this is what Trump isn’t.Actually i like Cruz next to Trump because their idea’s are not so different on the big issues,the difference is that Cruz has been iffy on immigration in the past so is he talking for votes? Also the economy and jobs is huge and that is where people tend to like Trump i think so why not give it a 4 year shot because i don’t think he will screw things up anymore then they already are,he could be good or he could be a dud.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I see it a little different on the immigration issue.. I think Cruz stood his ground. But that is what is great about this country, we are free to make up our own minds…

            The conditions he set were not met, and nothing happened.

            If Trump wins, I will vote for Trump. If Cruz wins, I will vote for Cruz…. There is good in both, bad in both, and a risk with both…

            A vote for a Republican is a vote for a shot at keeping our Constitution and Country.

            A vote for a Democrat is a vote for communism…

            A non vote is a vote for a democrat.

          2. denniscerasoli says

            The good thing is that Trump has brought in large numbers of voters that see Trump’s way which is much like Cruz’s when you look at it closely and the democrats have been down by comparison but i do expect a big turnout on both sides.My concern is that Cruz won’t be able to get the crossovers that will be needed in the general election.

          3. MAHB001 says

            YES, that is a good thing… Trump has bridged a gap and gotten many to subscribe to conservative values.

            Cruz does not speak to the heart the way Trump does… Liberals are driven by the heart… Conservatives are more pragmatic.

      2. MAHB001 says

        I like the football comparison better… See below.

    3. LYN says

      Rubio is a better choice.

      1. alegalcitizen says

        Better choice for the ILLEGAL aliens ONLY, WHY would you want to give an amnesty to people that broke laws to come here and work without proper documents? Then turn around and give us the green weenie by claiming up to 20 nieces and nephews that have NEVER set foot in this country. You know with their ITIN numbers they received back BILLIONS of our tax dollars, google it SEE for yourself WTHR in Indianapolis on tax loopholes costs billions on ITIN fraud. Then come back and tell me we should EVER consider them to be fellow citizens.

        1. Deborah G says

          You have ALL missed the reality of what Marco Rubio did. He was put in that position as a no win situation . He actaually got the best deal he could and moved it over to Congress where they could tweek it.

          1. 73Anne37 says

            Totally INCORRECT~! & You obviously do NOT live in Florida! Rubio was a Traitor to the People of Florida.

            RUBIO KNEW what he was DOING & is a NWO BUSH NWO Globalist!

          2. Deborah G says

            I have a home in Jensen beach. I don’t agree with you one bit. I think he is a smart patriotic pragmatic person who understood if he couldn’t get a whole loaf he’d take part and pass it on tho the Republican congress to work it out better.

          3. 73Anne37 says

            Ruibo IS a BUSH NWO Globlist~! He is also not Constitutionally Eligible~to be V.P.! Deb~~Look up & do some Research & SEE what BOTH of these things Mean~!

            You may not like what I am Sayng~~but I am Correct~!

          4. Deborah G says

            You may believe you are correct but Rubio ws deemed eligible for President so why not VP?

          5. 73Anne37 says

            Rubio was NEVER Deemed Constitutionally Eligible to be President either~! You have you facts messed up~! Rubio was such a Horrible Senator here in Florida & a traitor to those who voted for him~! Rubio also has the WORST work ethic in the Senate. Missed over 80 Votes & when he voted he voted FOR the NWO AGENDA of OBAMA

            Note: BOTH of RUBIO’S Parents were Not Citizens when he was born here.

          6. Deborah G says

            Apparently you miss the point. Poltical asylum at that point in time allows children to be considired citizens and natural born. This is why we need to be very careful granting that status to the Syrian refugees. IF Maraco Rubio was ineligible to run do you NOT think Hillary & the Dems wouldn’t have been all over that one?

          7. 73Anne37 says

            Yes~~The DEM’S would have been all over Jindyl ~~Cruz~`& or Rubio~~All Constitutionally Ineligible~!

            TRUMP will stop all those Babies from Staying here, & send them Back WITH their Illegal Parents~!

          8. alegalcitizen says

            He MADE himself ineligible when he decided to turn illegal aliens into fellow citizens, who are NOW waving their freaking Mexican flags in our faces in California, talk about waving a red flag in front of a raging bull!

          9. Deborah G says

            he didn’t decide to turn them into citizens and they are not. Me personally Id grab THEIR flag and burn it. Next I’d throw them all back over the border. They have zero rights but California allows them to do this kind of treason

          10. alegalcitizen says

            So you’re saying Rubio siding with the gang of 8 on their amnesty plan ISN’T what he really did??? You’re seeing something different, WHAT would that difference be?

          11. Deborah G says

            He was NOT for AMnesty rather IF the laws went through he wanted tight restrictions on who could get anything IF they were illegals to start with. he’s a pragmatist. Knows if the DEMS shoved the law through he’d at LEAST have some way to hinder the use of it.

          12. alegalcitizen says

            WHAT??? That’s incomprehensible??? Totally BS!

          13. Deborah G says

            Sorry you have a problem comprehending my thinking. Let’s agree to disagree….politey that is. I am not a liberal so I don’t speak that way to other Conservatives just because they hate a candidate more than I do In a word ? Grow up

          14. alegalcitizen says

            Then WHY in hades would you want Rubio when HE was one of the 8 pushing the illegal aliens for OUR citizenship??? I’m NOT getting you, you want to throw them back over the border BUT you want the person that wants to keep them here???

          15. Deborah G says

            I think we had this discussion. I do NOT believe Rubio wants AMnesty. Did what he had to do to get SOMETHING then passed it to Congress to fix

          16. MAHB001 says

            Rubio should have held firm, or explained his position better. Many felt betrayed by his actions.

          17. Deborah G says

            That is easy to say as an armchair quarterback but he was basically the Teaparty sacrifical lamb. NO establishment Gop person wanted the job.I think it is he who got the short end of the stick from his own party and republicans in general. He is smart,a true Patriot and a conservative. I definitely do NOT think of him as a NWO establishment guy. I think the left did their normal character assination via manipulation to make the Republican people hate him. Stupid them if they got manipulated in my opinion.They made sure he got tied to Amnesty and the innuendos worked on people who didn’t have independent thinking.

          18. MAHB001 says

            There is so much manipulation going on right now.. Manipulation is the name of the game… Makes me sick.

          19. alegalcitizen says

            HE, himself, and HIM tied himself to Amnesty, ALL by his itty bitty self! WHY did he do something so damn stupid?

          20. Deborah G says

            Obviously you are one of those who I was speaking about in an earlier post. can’t waste time trying to educate those who refuse or can’t see the reality of dealing with dems. He handled it right. I am DEAD against amnesty but you have to play the hand given to you.

          21. alegalcitizen says

            NO, you don’t, you can ENFORCE the laws on the books! Guess you’ve NEVER checked out then???

          22. alegalcitizen says

            So the hand he was dealing US was an amnesty, PROVE differently, go to http://www.numbersusa, and check out your idiocy!

          23. Deborah G says

            look Have I called you names? I don’t agree and yes I go on Numbers USa all the time. I just have a very good perception ability

          24. alegalcitizen says

            idiot alert!!! HE WANTED to give OUR citizenship to MILLIONS of invading illegal aliens, mostly Mexican invaders!

          25. Deborah G says

            I thought only Dems acted like that? I am far from an idiot. however I do understand they practicalities of an issue .I love Trump and hope he can build that wall. Marco Rubio is not what the left has successfully made him appear. believe as you will.

          26. alegalcitizen says

            I BELIEVE what I saw, What I have SEEN, and what he SAID! The whole gang of 8 bill was to allow MILLIONS of illegal aliens to stay and pay a fine, (yeah, sure, where will the get the $$$), and eventually receive OUR citizenship. See Missy, I’m on the border in the Mission/McAllen area of South Texas. Check this out the La Joya school system, one of 33 districts in S. Texas. ONE OF 33, this school district (mostly rural) has 41 schools FORTY ONE! It has 23 Elem. 8 Middle, and 10 different kinds of high school. In the school year 04/05 there were 23,444 students, they have added between 1,000 and 1,400 EVERY year. And most of them are either anchor babies, OR illegal alien children. Did you get that just ONE district out of 33 school districts in the Rio Grande Valley??? You should SEE what this school district offers it’s students. THE BEST football, softball, baseball, and track facilities, a few years ago they purchased a 27 hole golf course, are taking out a few holes for 3 olympic sized pools, a WATER PARK, and other goodies. IF you go to Walmart or some of the other stores near one of their Elem. schools at the time school is out you will SEE many vehicles with Mexican plates, thank you Gringos for things YOUR own children and Grandchildren will NEVER have.!

          27. alegalcitizen says

            Ever watched border wars on Nat. Geo??? YOU can SEE what goes on in my winter home area!!! Obama turns them loose, sends the children of the illegal parents already here to them (at our expense) instead of sending them all to their home country.

          28. Deborah G says

            The first step is have a President with BALLS> Then NOT let them in If they get in send them back ASAP> I’d carry at all times if I were you. we really should stop paying taxes.

          29. alegalcitizen says

            I’m getting freakin whiplash trying to follow you, first it’s Marco’s GREAT, then you would toss out the VERY people he was trying to make FELLOW CITIZENS, HELP, I need some pepto bismo!

          30. Deborah G says

            Personally I think you need a dose of maturity in holding an adult discussion.

          31. alegalcitizen says

            I don’t CALL saying in one breath you think he’s a GOOD candidate and didn’t want an amnesty and in the next you would toss them over the fence. Don’t preach to anyone that IS ON the border for part of the year, TALKS to the border patrol, IF you think he didn’t want an amnesty, you need to do some checking, like I said, go to, and click on the state of Florida, and SEE his record where he wanted to pass an amnesty!

          32. Deborah G says

            First of all I have a home in Oro Valley AZ right on the border. That being said I do think Marco Rubio is smart, and we need Hispanic votes in the GOP>. If you want the perfect candidate run yourself. Meanwhile WE have to be smart and regain the WHITE HOUSE and keep the order to stop amnesty cold and get tough.I also like Trey Gowdy . There are good people out there the right choice is important not for just MY beliefs but what can win.

          33. alegalcitizen says

            I really like Trey Gowdy, I don’t trust Rubio AFTER he ran in Florida on NO amnesty, then as you say had some bad advice, which he TOOK, so saying that he sounds like he can be bought or “fooled”. Why didn’t he stick to his convictions?
            I’m too old to run, not as old as some of those old codgers in the congress, but too old for all the BS that gets spread through the hallowed halls of congress.
            So IF Hispanics would vote for the Republican party, WHY aren’t they doing it now, I mean it WAS a Republican President, Reagan that gave them their first one, they then lobbied congress for the ENTIRE rest of their families to come here “legally”. Which means we have at least 10% of Mexico in this country, they just want the WHOLE of Mexico here. Sorry, my forefathers going back to before the Revolutionary war didn’t fight for this country to turn it over to a bunch of people that don’t respect us OR want to change it to what they fled. Makes NO sense to me.

          34. Deborah G says

            I have homes for business reasons in NY,Az and Florida.Soon to leave NY liberal mania land for good closing shop here for sad reasons mostly how they tax and punish business owner’s small successes. My business will then be limited to primarily Florida and Az but I am not liking the illegals destroying everything they touch. Our vets get less than these idiot Dems hand out to anchor babies and their” custodial” read that illegal parents.

          35. alegalcitizen says

            ??? WHO put him in any situation??? He ran on ON amnesty for the illegals and the first thing the idiot did was to go with the gang of 8, NOW WHO made him do that??? Tweak it you say??? They NEVER let any Senator OR house member tweak anything, that’s why obamacare is such a disaster. WHY did he side with the pro amnesty people when he RAN on the exact opposite???

          36. Deborah G says

            Actually he was put into a position by Boehner and McConnell. Simply because he is Cuban they told him be a good boy or we will destroy your aspirations Tea Party Boy

          37. alegalcitizen says

            So he signed up to be an idiot, I don’t call that good Presidential material, and WHERE did you hear this???

          38. Deborah G says

            Just google it and you will see just how they screwed him because they did NOT want Hillary to face off against him

        2. LYN says

          good point.

          Although I believe Rubio had a corrupt mentor, he can be guided back to the American way, he is young… I am sure he see’s what happens when he follows the wrong leaders, he needs someone to teach him how to be a strong leader and how to stand his ground even when he knows he is right and the crowd is against him, not to fold under pressure, if he practiced American Values and not the Washington DC crooked behavior, he could have a chance.

          Rubio was not as bad as they pronounced him to be….

          1. alegalcitizen says

            You know when he first ran in Florida, I said, he’s a GOOD person, then he flipped us the bird with his amnesty BS, that did it for me, I’m TIRED of forking over BILLIONS to aid and abet illegal aliens that are stomping on OUR flag, telling us California is THEIR land, and their children in Fort Wayne, IN, saying F you Donald Trump, this is what you want sharing our citizenship??? Really? He was as bad as they said he was. I don’t want NOR will I EVER support another amnesty EVER again.

          2. alegalcitizen says

            Instead of factcheck, factcheck Rubio’s record at, click on the state of Florida his WHOLE record is there. He completely destroyed his believability when he sided with the gang of 8, some of the WORST Senators in the Senate.

      2. jalee says


      3. Michael Dennewitz says


      4. Deborah G says

        I think so as well . I think he is a great choice but perhaps they burned all bridges between them.

          1. Deborah G says

            That would be good because the GOP needs his Hispanic support

          2. alegalcitizen says

            Donald would lose if he chose this flip floppin amnesty loving jerk as his VP!

      5. 73Anne37 says

        Rubio Is Not Constitutionally Eligible to be V.P. or President~! RUBIO was a Horrible Senator & a Traitor to the People of Florida

        1. LYN says

          He just needs some training, by an honest mentor, and not the Bush’s 

          1. 73Anne37 says

            Personally~~I do NOT want Rubio to eVER hold Public OFFICE again~~but then again~~I LIVE in FLORIDA~~

      6. MAHB001 says

        Not in my opinion. But then again, Fiorina was my first choice.

        A Hillary/Carly debate would be the END of Hillary’s political career, and that I would like to see.

        After a Hillary/Carly debate, there would be nothing left of Hillary for the liberal media to put back together again.

        1. LYN says
          1. MAHB001 says

            Hillary counts the votes… Not Trump… When you count the votes anything is possible.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

    4. Mike Burkett says

      Besides polls have evolved to the media’s tool of persuasion and less of a forecasting measurement. Trump knows this and refuses to play by the professional politicians rules. Moa Tse Tung would be proud of how Obama has enslaved the integrity of the lame-stream media.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I agree…..

        Fight the left stream media at:

        1. Mike Burkett says

          Thank you for the wonderful site.

          1. MAHB001 says

            No, Thank you for the support…. Please spread the word…

    5. 73Anne37 says

      TRUMP already has 1002~~! Cruz can Not get the Nomination at all–even later~!

      1. MAHB001 says

        I view a brokered or contested convention as a tie game.

        If your team is down by 7 points, with 3 seconds on the clock and they are on their own 2 yard line… Would you have them take a knee on the last play of the game, or would you have them go for it? Virtually EVERY team is going to give it one more shot to tie the game…

        Trump has not WON until he hits 1237….. If he doesn’t hit 1237, the game is tied….

        Now the real question is, now that your team got the touchdown, do you want them to kick a field goal and go into overtime, or go for the extra points?

        1. 73Anne37 says

          TRUMP has 1002 as of yesterday~ In Indiana TRUMP is Up 15 pts. In California he is Up ever so much More~! He has this & also Knows N.J. is His~!

          TRUMP will have well Over 1300 & most likely at least 1400 1st Round~!

          1. MAHB001 says

            If that is the case, I will vote for Trump….

            The question is, if the trend were reversed, would the Trumpetiers vote for Cruz?

            I don’t think so.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            Glad to hear you will Support TRUMP~! It is a Positive Choice for a Sovereign America.

            I few Months ago~~ a Few Former Cruz people might have still voted for Cruz~~but ~~NOW~~too much BAD BLOOD has followed & won’t even let a few of the Former Cruz people vote for Cruz ~~if he were to get it~!

            I am on a Site where MANY of the people were former Cruz people & they are “Rabidly ” Against Cruz now.

            I never would have supported him~~simply because i KNOW he is not Constitutionally Eligible. I am not MAD~~I have always just been informed. I would not have supported Rubio or Jindyl either. {Same reason}

  3. grama18 says

    BULL–CRAP ! I do not give a RATS / ASS who TRUMP has as a running mate ! LET him make that choice . AS a woman I will put my 2cents in on this . GO TRUMP !

    1. Mike Burkett says

      Well said but, Trump’s citizen presidential campaign would proffer from appointing a politically savvy politician to run the fat-boy professional power-brokers in the Senate.

  4. Sargent Clyde Davis US Army says

    If it takes a woman to run as a VP with TRUMP then so be it.

    1. Mike Burkett says

      A Politically-savvy female professional politician would be perfect. Someone to run the fat-boy professional power-broker politicians in the Senate.

    2. Jarhead says

      How does the name Palin grab you?

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Fine! Susana Martinez might also be a good choice. So many females out there who are so much better than a Mrs. Slick Willy Clinton or a Carly Fiorina.

    3. supergun says

      May the most qualified be VICE. Doesn’t matter about the color or gender.

      1. Gerry Costa says

        Simple and right on !!!!!!!!! No wonder you are supergun. You are exactly right.

        1. supergun says

          UROK. We have allowed the liberals, communist media, and the corrupt establishment to break laws after laws. They have no respect for the Constitution.

    4. Mike Burkett says

      A politically savvy women to run the fat-boy Senate like rented mules would be nice but, the democrap power brokers in the Senate will not go easy. In fact, if Cruz’s VP CarlyFioreno could not stop the HP board of directors from out-sourcing jobs to Europe, she doesn’t have a chance with the democrap power brokers in the Senate.

  5. Wayne Smyer says

    how about The Saracuda? or maybe Annie “Ole Brown-Eye Coulter? or ?? GOT IT! CARLY, OF COURSE, SHE’S A REAL WINNER! AND SINGS TOO!

    1. LYN says

      Or how about a VP material

    2. Mike Burkett says

      Desperate move by desperate professional politician to regain relevance.

  6. Bob Stewart says

    How about K.T. McFarland?

    1. LYN says

      Why not Marco?

      1. alegalcitizen says

        Because he was one of the gang of 8 to FORCE an amnesty of between 10 and 30 MILLION illegal aliens as fellow citizens, it’s working out so well out there in California isn’t it?

        1. LYN says

          Rubio is young, someone needs to teach him how to be a strong leader and not a follower who falls under pressure.

          1. alegalcitizen says

            HELLO???? That’s the first thing the dumba** did when sent to the Senate was jump on McCain’s and Grahmnesty’s bandwagon. That wasn’t because he was young, because in his “youth” he campaigned on NO AMNESTY, it was just plain stupidity

          2. LYN says

            Wasn’t McCain busy with the Mossad in Israel creating ISIS? yeah it doesn’t sound too bright on his part to be hanging out with that crazy lunatic Lindsey Graham… ugh!

      2. Jarhead says

        Lyn …… Polo is dead? Rubio a Quisling/RINO…..

        1. LYN says

          oh come on now…. Rubio is still young he can be brushed up to do the right thing…

          1. Jarhead says

            Have not heard of any successful brain transplants and that is assuming the thick, sticky, opaque colon mucus can be removed from marko before surgery.

  7. LYN says

    Not necessarily.

  8. Johnny G. says

    Given the fact that women are going to be leading the parade and Washington to boot, I’d say “we have a problem Houston.” We need someone like Trump, but we will end up with Hillary. We are doomed. Thank God, I hope to be dead and buried before the SHTF.

    1. LYN says

      I hope not! It shouldn’t be a primary issue of a gender as much as who will help the country against the machine. Hillary is part of the machine.

      1. Johnny G. says

        Trump is outside the box looking in and he sees it broken, Hillary is the box incarnate.

  9. Albert L Biele says

    Logic has definitely left the arena!!! (I’m a retired CEO Private funding co.) This country is on the brink of the worst financial down-turn in history by years end, and your debating whether to put a politician in office, or a man who is one of the top, if not the best, financial geniuses of our times, This country is as screwed up as it is today because the voters vote for the candidate they like rather than the candidate that they need. If all Trump did was to provide a cushion for the coming crash, the benefits would be unmeasurable

    If your house was flooding, you wouldn’t call a politician; you would call a plumber, likewise, to revive a failing economy, you would summon an economist who has a proven record of success, and not a politician. (Lawyer),

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Albert, I’m with you on that.. Mr Trump didn’t get filthy rich by delivering newspapers on the weekends. He SEES where this country is being ruined by the squandering and he’s a genius with figures… GO MR TRUMP…

      1. Albert L Biele says

        Thanks for the comment; just trying to help people who are unemployed or those who are living week to week, to be aware of a candidate that can help them the most.

        1. Ethel Schubert says

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          1. skipsart says

            So how many friggin’ different people have this same room mate named
            Lori, who only 2 days ago bought a grey McLaren P1?

            Inquiring minds want to know.?……………NOT !!!

            Get lost !

          2. Ted Crawford says

            What they never explain is whether or not Corporate provides them with the Bib’s and Knee-Pads, or if they bought them themselves!

      2. Ted Crawford says

        No he didn’t. He became ‘filthy rich’ by being a Corrupt Crony Capitalist Democrat! While he isn’t the Corrupt Politician For Sale, he was the Buyer of them! The flip-side of the same corrupt coin! The former couldn’t exist without the latter !

        1. Mary Brumley says

          He openly admitted he did that! That means he knows how to HIT them!

          1. Ted Crawford says

            Riiiiiiight! “yeserday i conant eben spell cornservative, today I are one!”
            “Pay no attention to that corrupt little man behind the curtain! I’m the real Donald Trump”

          2. Tiger says

            Riiiiiiigt wanna another Black Muslim in office? Just vote Democrat, oh that is right no Democrat is running, just a Progressives Socialist, liar and filthy politician and a filthier Socialist.

          3. Ted Crawford says

            My last vote, I’ve voted in every election since I first became able to in 1968, will be for Gary Johnson and my family and myself will be watching Hillary’s Inaguration from Costa Rica on January 20, 2017! As a disabled veteran, I’d not last very long, at least as a free man, in Hillary’s America!
            A hearty _uck You to Trump and his Cult of Delusionals!

          4. Tiger says

            Hillary will never be president she will have nothing but her entire life flushed down the toilet, where she and Bill have been anyway by Comey the FBI Director who said he would make everything on her public.

            I am a vet of two wars and good to see you won’t vote H or S but too bad you can’t see that Trump is right for America at this time. Good luck in Costa Rica.

            <<UCK H and S along with O and M.

          5. Ted Crawford says

            ONCE again, Hillary IS the 45th. President!!
            Only one of two possibilities could possibly prevent that!
            One – Should Obama lose faith that she will continue his legacy of Fundamental Transformation and allow lovely Loretta to indict her!
            Secondly – should whatever is obviously ailing her, render her disabled or take her life!

          6. Tiger says

            Hillary is nowhere but in the anuses of history. She and Bill two disgraced people.

            She is a goner.

          7. Ted Crawford says

            She and they, almost certainly WOULD have been , if not for Trump!

          8. Tiger says

            Oh no they are. Bill just got booed out of a Town Hall. Was stupid enough to go into Coal Country and talk about other fuels. He and Hillary tightening the noose with every time they open their mouths.

            Too boot H is talking BS women’s rights an old and warn out theme.

          9. Jorge Molina says

            Maybe you and Hitlery with move to Costa Rica together, good riddens.

          10. Ted Crawford says

            Why would Hillary move anywhere? She’s just a few months away from owning your clueless backside!

          11. Jorge Molina says

            You are funny Teddy,and in Denial Hitlery is a criminal and worthless hag that belongs in prison along with your buddy obummer

          12. Ted Crawford says

            As I stated, and is typical of the overwhelming majority of Trump supporters, you spew uninformed half truths and disingenuous innuendo!
            You are of course correct in your assessment of Hillary, but then all that is a matter of Public Record. You couldn’t be further from the truth with respect to my opinion of Obama, The opinion I have and have held since 2010, is that he is the worse President in modern history, if not ALL of history!
            That explains my desperate, losing fight to keep Trump from the nomination! It guarantees, baring actions from Obama, that she will be the 45th. President! In view of the empirical fact that Hillary has shown her complete willingness to sacrifice our personnel, for her own goals and/or to cover up her misdeeds, I strongly encourage all our personnel, particularly our Military personnel, who’s enlistments are up or who have sufficient time in service to retire, DO SO, before she takes office in January!

          13. Deborah G says

            She’s toast they lying bitch political WHORE> Ask the miner’s

          14. Ted Crawford says

            Perhaps you’ve failed to notice, in spite of all that, She still leads in the polls, even in West Virginia!

          15. Deborah G says

            I can believe it. There is a whole lot of stupid out there and they call themselves Democrats

          16. Ted Crawford says

            AND the Trumpites who facilitate them!

          17. Deborah G says

            I don’t see trump supporters as anything but disgusted with lying Politicians and Washington not hearing them. BOTH sides have taken the Trump banner up. The talking heads and skewed polls aside he sure has a lot of supporters and has defied logic . I am not counting him out at all.

          18. Ted Crawford says

            For your consideration:
            Picture Trump, who has always enjoyed being the Biggest Check-Book in the room! Who is always given deferential treatment, where ever he goes! Who’s used to dealing with reasonably intelligent people! A man who is accustomed to making whatever decision he pleases without any restrictions!
            Firstly, even in a post-Obama Presidency, the Constitutionally mandated limitations and restrictions would chaff him beyond his ability, what little he has, to deal with it!
            Now picture him in a room with Kim Jung Un, a lunatic that murdered his own uncle by feeding him to the dogs, LITERALLY! Another relative of his was executed with an Anti-Aircraft weapon!, However he also holds the reins of Nuclear Weapons! Trump’s ego maniacal, narcissistic head would simply explode within only minutes of negotiating with such an idiot! The outcome would be very, very bad for America and her ally South Korea, and potentially the World writ large!!

          19. Deborah G says

            Don’t be silly. He surrounds himself with smart people. His bluster is just that. An egotist perhaps but we need some of that. Too many girlymen in this administration,time to get some strength back. The Military looks like a LBGT fraternity/Sorority. he’s fine. So would any of the people running . ANYONE except Hillary! Our taxes will be sky high and our rights trampled and we’ll have Hillary’s “peeps” just like Obama deciding for us. Ugly picture

          20. Ted Crawford says

            Good luck with that!!
            I guess that you believe that a life long supporter of everything Democrat, suddenly, after a phone conversation with slick Willy, experiences a Paulian Epiphany and was miraculously transformed into the consummate Conservative! Odd, I’d never associated Bill with God! Wonder how I could have overlooked that?

          21. Deborah G says

            he also supported republicans. It’s business. I do the same thing. I live in an UBER liber township. If you don’t get along with them they close you up. Graft? you bet I call it survival

          22. Deborah G says

            Nice to dream isn’t it? Trump will clean her clock given 1/2 a chance. She’s a disgraced POLITICAL WHORE

          23. Ted Crawford says

            She is far, far worse than even that!! That notwithstanding, she, without direct action from Obama, IS the next President! I suppose that God, if he exists, could take a hand, but he hasn’t shown the slightest interest in this insignificant Planet in at least 2000 years, doubt he will now either!

          24. Deborah G says

            Glad you see that. To me she is EVIL incarnate. God does exists albeit probably not the way he is portrayed.

          25. Jorge Molina says

            You left out the L BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T BE SO CRUDE, RIGHT?

          26. Deborah G says

            You might as well just vote for Hillary then.

          27. Deborah G says

            he started a revolution which you as a disabled vet should recognize that he wants to help you more by not handing out benefits to illegals

          28. Ted Crawford says

            One of the first keys to survival in combat, particularly in a war like Vietnam, is enemy identification! I see Trump for what he really IS, NOT what his public rhetoric claims him to be!
            Another example, though none should be needed. Mr. “I’m not for sale!” all throughout the Primaries, NOW that he’s locked it up, just hired a marketer, a DEMOCRAT Marketer,AHH TO SELL HIM !!!!
            I don’t want to hear any of your weeping and gnashing of your teeth, as you gradually realize that YOU’VE BEEN HAD!!

          29. Deborah G says

            he hirerd a Pro-Lifer. You haven’t figured it out yet. Trumpo deosn’t CARE about Political parties. he’s going to surround himself with smart people who will do what PEOPLE want. Not every American is as conservative as you or I

          30. Ted Crawford says

            Once again, as is the ONLY way any reasoning person could support Trump, YOU completely missed the point, intentionally or otherwise!
            Trump presented himself as someone NOT for sale, UNTIL, he had secured a position, from which he can only be removed on November 8, Once he’d accomplished that goal, he gleefully put himself ON THE MARKET, just like every other Candidate! IE: He bought for himself the irrevocable Nomination, now he’s intending to cash in his stock and enjoy his ROI !!!! Similar to his actions in many of his business dealings, once investors were lined up and Stock Holders had been secured, Trump cashed out by declaring Bankruptcy, leaving everybody else holding the bag and worthless stock!!!! YOU WERE WARNED!!!!

          31. Deborah G says

            You are silly. Once he is the nominee the PARTY needs to take over to secure ALL of their candidates. They HAVE to defeat Hillary so the Supreme Court doe not get too far to the Progressive left. You really don’t understand reality.It is more than your sophomoric view of the country and your hair on fire warnings.

          32. Ted Crawford says

            WOW !!! “The delusion runs deep in this one Obi Wan”!
            There is NO path to the White House for Trump!!!
            Given the choice between a Progressive and a Democrat, the voters will undoubtedly chose the Progressive! Why would they opt for Half a Loaf, when they can have the whole thing!!!!????
            “Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the Voters discover they can vote Themselves Largesse from the Public Treasury. From that moment on the majority will always vote for the candidates promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy and is always followed by a Dictatorship!” Alexander Tytler
            Trump only promises them Free medicine and Free abortions, Hillary promises them whatever they want, though neither have any intentions of giving much of anything!
            There aren’t enough delusional ….conservatives(?) to get Trump even one State in November!

          33. Deborah G says

            While I do agree with you on several points no one has been able to predict Trump. he defies logic at times.

          34. Ted Crawford says

            There is no need to predict Trump really! In the current circumstances the American Electorate is an open book!!!

          35. Deborah G says

            Trump wrinkles and all is a FAR better choice than what we have or what we are heading to doomsday with Hillary

          36. Ted Crawford says

            I don’t see it that way. Anarchy, while very different, even the Polar Opposite of Socialism, is NO better a form of government! It’s simply different, still deadly and destructive! It’s like having to chose whether to be shot or stabbed to death! Trump, like Obama, clearly believes that he, and he alone has the answers, and if Congress doesn’t agree, he, again like Obama, will simply issue Executive Orders! It will clearly take EO’s to do even half of what Trump has, so far, promised he will do!

          37. Deborah G says

            Who is advocating anarchy? That was a quantum leap of logic.You assume if it is TRUMP there will be anarchy? I see just the opposite with the laws in place being utilized correctly i.e. border control/ deporting illegals vis a vis Obama’s Gay /illegal agenda pushed through executive orders

          38. Ted Crawford says

            However, that’s not all that Trump disingenuously promised! He also promised to ban Muslims, a direct violation of Article VI, Clause III and the First Amendment!!!
            He also promised Mexico would pay for the, largely ineffective, Border Fence??? BY WHAT Mechanism?????
            Extra-Constitutional, and flat out false promises, should have made many take a step back and consider! Instead they charged ahead fawning over these obviously false promises, just exactly like their Progressive counterparts have for decades!

          39. Deborah G says

            Sanders says he’s a Communist but can’t win on that so he calls himself a Soclialist

          40. Tiger says

            Hi Deborah thanks for accepting my apology. Yes Sanders can’t win because that word still leaves a bad taste in millions of people’s mouths in America.

            Matter of fact, saddest of all is no Democrats running. They died with O. He is a Progressive/Socialist, among other things and so is H.

          41. Deborah G says

            No apology necessary. It was a simple error of mine not to have put quotation marks around it. that being said we are Feisty conservative woemn LOL So sparks can and do fly LOL> I can just see you with a group of Millennial lib perptually offended vapid women. GOD help them (-:

          42. Tiger says

            LMAO yes we are and if you really want to get into some muck and mire view the video of the illegals rampaging through California objecting to Trump. Then read the comments, they think they rule.

          43. Deborah G says

            I saw that. IF I were there I’d stomp their flag to the ground. IF they touched me I’d have to do something they would never expect of a white woman LOL

          44. Tiger says

            Boy Howdy you and me could sure cause a Special on all channels when we finished with them.

            I carry mace and other things in case some crazed BLM thinks they will stop me from going into a shop. They had some of them try it at the Ocala Mall, they were not happy with a Southern Specialty shop that features the Confederate flag on Tees and jackets etc. One of them came in hollering for her to take all down and then others joined in and before you know it the Marion Country Sheriffs office were there in very large numbers carting them off. They tried it again the next day and got the same treatment.

          45. Deborah G says

            mace? I carry period. Whatever it takes NO illegal is going touch me. THAT you can take to the bank Senora`

          46. Tiger says

            I carry also but mace first thing I will use. In Florida we can shoot if we feel threatened.

          47. Deborah G says

            You may not get a second chance.

          48. Tiger says

            Well after being an Army Reserve Support nurse since 1988, serving in two wars and managing to keep from getting kidnapped by Muslims twice in Europe, along with dodging some other serious situations while traveling Europe on my own I think I got this one.

            I don’t hang in crowds, I don’t go to crowded malls, theaters, concerts etc. stopped that long ago. Protecting oneself is so much more and you understand that but yes if pushed hard shoot first and ask questions later.

            You are Force to be Reckoned with I pity anyone who messes with you and would gladly serve beside you if you were military and we were serving together. ;p

          49. Deborah G says

            I don’t let anyone push me around. Must be the little dog mentlity I’m 4 ’11 LOL but my husband said I can stand toe to toe with anyone. Hopefully he is right. I can disable a man 3 times my size. Learned from a marine

          50. Tiger says

            I bet you can. My mother was only 5’2″ and I am 5′ 7.5″ and she was a force and a fighter. I have to work to live up to her memory.

          51. Phoebe Isley says

            Deborah G and Tiger…I really like you girls. Strong women of God! I feel the exact same as you do Deborah regarding what happened in CA. Stomp on my flag and I won’t sit by idly and do nothing

          52. Phoebe Isley says

            Oh, in regards to this article…Trump doesn’t need to pick a woman to prove anything. He will pick whomever he feels will aide in the recovery of our country and if it’s not a woman who cares. It’s not about that and I trust his choice whomever it may be.

          53. Deborah G says

            Why Thank you. We welcome you to the ranks of tough, smart conservative women. Look out La Raza we’re not taking any shit from you and the disgusting children you’ve raised.Those kids would have their behinds paddled if I saw them give an adult the finger while holding a Mexican flag. I’d march their sorry asses right back to the border and kick hard

          54. Phoebe Isley says

            I was thinking the same thing but felt sorry for those kids for having such terrible parents. These children should not be involved in this kind of nonsense yet these parents who are suppose to be raising them put them in a world of hate. I feel bad for these kids who look up to their parents for guidance and this is what they get…irresponsible idiots. Sorry so blunt on words but its how I truly feel. There are no more “free passes” for this kind of behavior and WE THE PEOPLE are bright eyed and bushy tailed now. Tolerance obviously doesn’t work so no more sitting by idly and tolerating. It’s time to stand strong and proud as a united front and together say NO MORE!

          55. Ted Crawford says

            The last Liberal Democrat President was assassinated by the Progressives on November 22, 1963. Darn guy just wouldn’t get with the program!
            Remember; “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!” They simply couldn’t allow the Democrat Electorate to believe that they could, and should actually be responsible for their own future, now could they! It would have destroyed their current narrative that only the government, under Progressive control, could possibly provide them a future!

          56. Tiger says

            Amen to all you say. I think of the assassinations in our history and I have to wonder why when necessary has it not been done?

          57. Ted Crawford says

            Of course there’s a Democrat running! One Donald Trump, lifelong Corrupt Crony Democrat Capitalist, akin to George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Tom Steyer, Jeffery Immelt, etc.!

          58. Tiger says

            Oh get off the boat. I have been a Democrat, Republican, thought about Libertarian but ended-up an Independent. So what. And the people you name like Soros are against Trump and Soros paying people to riot at his rallies. What does that tell you.

          59. Ted Crawford says

            Well, given that Trump was the benefactor of all that nonsense, it tells me a lot!
            “Don’t throw me in the Brier Patch Brier bear!”

          60. Tiger says

            Yeh well he ain’t Brier Rabbit and he is an open book. No surprises.

            We in the O patch and now time to get the out.

          61. Ted Crawford says

            Indeed he is, as many have been saying for a very long time, Sadly far too many chose to only read the Chapters earmarked by Corey Lewendowski and Paul Manaford, and ignored the major portion of that open book!
            It’s all water under the bridge now! All that’s left to do is prepare, however one can, for 8 years of Hillary at the helm!

          62. Tiger says

            She isn’t going to be at any helm. Comey going to fry her and O will have plenty of excuses for saying he couldn’t help her out and then they will do what they planned all along.

            BIDEN/WARREN TICKET FOR THE DEMOCRATS. Mark my words. ;p

          63. Ted Crawford says

            Obama is NO fool, contrary to what some believe. He might not have accomplished everything he intended, but he’s done very great deal of it. As long as he believes that Hillary will continue his Fundamental Transformation Loretta Lynch will take NO action whatsoever!
            If, on the other hand he has lost that faith, he also knows he must act NOW or it will be too late!

          64. Tiger says

            He must act now because it is getting right on being too late. So bring it on. We expect it. Know how much he has at stake along with all the other vipers.

        2. Tiger says

          And he said so and that is another reason he is so right for the job.

          Paul killed Christians and became the apostle he did and did good for Christ and Christianity.

          Nothing like a sinner to know a sinner and deal with a sinner.

          1. Ted Crawford says

            Given that Trumps ONLY God is the Almighty Dollar, and that he’s never walked to Damascus, I seriously doubt that he’s experienced any such Epiphany as did Paul!

          2. Tiger says

            Really so how do you know what is in his heart? He admitted that making money and becoming greedy was his life for so long but now he will be greedy for Americans. Thank God for his coming forth at this time in our history.

          3. Ted Crawford says

            You, however, do ?! It might be noted that even Paul didn’t act on his epiphany for 8 years afterwards ! Or that Pauls ministry was to the Asians and Gentiles NOT the Jews!

          4. Tiger says

            So what who Paul brought into the circle?

            I know that he didn’t need this. His family didn’t need this. That he is hated by everyone who I dislike including people like you.

            That is good enough for me. Must be doing something really right.

          5. Ted Crawford says

            You mean, of course, anyone that should be so gosh as to bring up Inconvenient Facts that DO NOT fit your narrative! How perfectly rude of us!

          6. Tiger says

            Never said that. Those attitudes and ways are of your ilk and your playbook. When I speak facts that you don’t like you call me a liar but when I don’t take your facts then you are absolutely right and I am absolutely wrong.

            That is called hypocrisy or an illness one or the other or both.

          7. Jack says

            Hey Ted, Lets get into this century not a couple thousand years ago, what you seem to forget are the words of Jesus, when he said Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars, and unto God the things that are God’s. Therefore just what does this election have to do with the things of God’s. This is pertaining to
            things of the political class. Who wins this election may already be preordained by God. The reason being maybe he has to decided to punish this country for their
            fall from grace? That’s Gods concern religion not politics.

          8. Ted Crawford says

            I see NO evidence whatsoever that any God, certainly not the Judeo Christian God, has taken any interest in the happenings of this, apparently insignificant, Planet in at least 2000 years! That being said this election was preordained, but by Trump and his Cult of Delusionals, not any Gods whatsoever!

          9. Jorge Molina says

            Your nonsense is blasphemous.

          10. alwaysright21 says

            I follow the God of Negro Haters 2nd Incarnation Fellowship
            Ohhhhhhhhhhhhm oook oook eeek eeek ch ch ch chimpout

          11. Ted Crawford says

            I haven’t the slightest idea what the he_ _ you are babbling about, except that you are apparently prejudice! I would be a terrible hypocrite were I to be prejudice. In Nam my best friend was Black, he saved my bacon and ultimately gave his life for this country. Take your adolescent, disgusting bigotry elsewhere!

          12. alwaysright21 says

            Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.. niggersuck and everyone knows it, even n!ggers

          13. Ted Crawford says

            Correct, however, that term, properly understood, does not apply to any specific skin color or ethnicity!

          14. alwaysright21 says

            If you’re talking about the retarded shitskin mooncricket spearchuckers, there are no magicniggers. Some hide their TNB potential, but given time and opportunity, they will always chimpout. shheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!

          15. Ted Crawford says

            While I seriously doubt you possess sufficient intellect, still you might benefit from President Lincolns wisdom: “It is better to be silent, and thought a fool, than by speaking out, remove all doubt!”

          16. alwaysright21 says

            Go stump for Hillary Clinton/Cory Booker 16
            while you ride an aids pogo stick niggerboy!

          17. TAM44 says

            ted has had his head up his obama ever since he fell out of his mothers butt.

          18. Jorge Molina says

            Who cares!

          19. Deborah G says

            It’s the economy stupid.Of course his business skills would fix that

          20. Tiger says

            Who you calling stupid lady and I use that term loosely? Don’t start off like that with me. Or I will finish it.

          21. Deborah G says

            I wasn’t calling you stupid THAT was a Quote McCarville said when the Dems couldn’t figure out what the voters wanted and they lost. Apparently you don’t know history. It was a very famous quote.What I was saying is that like then it is the economy that will get America going again and Trump knows how to do it. FYI? Go google the quote.

          22. Tiger says

            It wasn’t in quotations, sorry I thought you were not an enemy.

            I will look it up good quote.

          23. Tiger says

            I feel so bad for jumping you, I Thought something wrong with the way I read it. I really don’t know that quote.

          24. Deborah G says

            LOL That’s a minor thing. We usually get along so I figured you did’t understand. No biggie

          25. Tiger says

            Oh good so glad to hear it. ;p

          26. marlene.langert says

            Sol what! My grandchildren grew up in Damacus, MD. It was a great place to grow up. Damascus, Syria, is not.

          27. TAM44 says

            Go cry some place else, you idiot welfare scum.

          28. Phoebe Isley says

            Well done Tiger…I applaud you. That was an excellent response. God Bless!

          29. Tiger says

            Thank you Phoebe. ;p

          30. alwaysright21 says

            We bow to your overpowering intellect

          31. Tiger says

            You should. If you don’t then that is your problem.

          32. alwaysright21 says

            Shheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit Oh, and Trump/Haley 2016!

          33. Tiger says

            She isn’t with him. Don’t have a clue who his running mate will be. He said it would be one of those who ran so my guess Rubio. One sharp cookie on Foreign Affairs. We will see.

          34. alwaysright21 says

            I’m pretty sure the next VP will be the Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley. If Rubio had not flung P00, dropped out earlier, and endorsed Trump, he would have been in like flin.

          35. Tiger says

            Interesting thoughts we will see. I do like her. But I don’t know he should choose someone just because they are a woman.

            I think he should get a General with war under his belt.

          36. alwaysright21 says

            A General is a terrible pick. Hasn’t been a good one since Eisenhower and he was a Dove. If he goes with a Senator, a Jack Kennedy type would be good. He was surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, a Hawk.

          37. Ted Crawford says

            It would behoove you to get yourself…several Dictionary’s and the accompanying Thesaurus!!!
            In your…ignorance(?) you label the man that lead the Allies to a victory over the Nazi’s, the man who ordered and accepted the responsibility for the results of the D-Day Invasion, a Dove?!
            Look up the word “Pragmatic”!! He was so given his abundance of empirical knowledge on that exact issue!!! You, on the other hand have absolutely NONE!

          38. alwaysright21 says

            He coined the phrase “military industrial complex”

          39. Ted Crawford says

            And, he was proven right in 1963!

          40. alwaysright21 says

            and you blow goats get cornholed ( , ) by crazed sheep and like it!

          41. Tiger says

            Aww we will have to wait it out. A Jack Kennedy would be wonderful.

        3. Juan TwoTree says

          Oh, Teddy Boi!! Get off the black tar heroin and go back to snorting cocaine!

          1. Ted Crawford says

            Does it require much practice to be as idiotic as you are, or does it just come naturally?

          2. Juan TwoTree says

            Why don’t you ask your 3-legged “MAMA!

        4. TAM44 says

          Shut up you piece of obama squeeze, you jealous B—H.

    2. Combatvet52 says

      Albert dead on my friend couldn’t have said it any better.

    3. supergun says

      Excellent comment. This article is just another bull chit opinion. The one who wrote this would not even print his name on it.

      1. Albert L Biele says

        Thanks; just trying to present the facts. And your right about the artificial. What amazes me most is the blindness people have pertaining to the economy. They just don’t know what’s really going on.

        1. supergun says

          They march together as the walking dead. This is the real danger of our Nation. These terrorists that violently protest at the TRUMP Rallies remind me of the people who violently protested in the days of the Alabama Desegergation. The other people,,,they don’t have a clue what is going on. They march towards the ovens like the Jews did.

          1. Albert L Biele says

            How true, and how sad; not just for the Trump supporter, but for civilized Mexicans who came into this country legally. The riots and violence portrayed in California truly substantiate the reason why we have to build a wall, to once and for all, protect our citizens from these unconstitutional displays of violence.

          2. supergun says

            There is nothing wrong with building a wall to keep the thugs, murderers, and drug traffickers out of our home, just like it is ok to have locks on our homes, autos, banks, post office, and white house.

          3. Charles T. Gore says

            Last week, Costa Mesa / Orange County riots, Burlingame, Calif., Bay Area.
            Both riots by illegal aliens / wacko liberals. Where are the police / National Guard?
            Costa Mesa was the worst, destroying police cars, Mexican Flags, out of control with the police letting them destroy everything in sight till the rioters got tired and stopped. It’s a hell of a thing that Trump can’t have a rally not shut down by law breakers. Then the F%$king press / media blames Trump. WHERETHEFOQUE ARE WE? Shoot the bastards / what ever it takes?

          4. supergun says

            kalifornia is pretty much a lost nation. I would get out of that hole as soon as possible. It is going to get real nasty there.

          5. Charles T. Gore says

            Living in Northern Calif. 65 miles northwest of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada foothills has its advantages as riots like last week would not happen here as law enforcement is enforced with vigor.

          6. supergun says

            There are a few places in California where the sane Americans live. But you have a lot of idiot politicians and citizens to close for comfort. Just keep a good supply of food, water, medicine, and bullets. When the riots start in that area, then it is every man for himself. Take care my friend.

          7. Mike Burkett says

            The sane Americans will be needed by Trump for the primary and would cement California as a legitimate potion of the American electorate . California can be saved but it’s going to be a lot of work.

          8. supergun says

            You are exactly right. I am pulling for California. Once the rot begins, much has to be done away with. That is a lot of chit to deal with in California.

          9. Mike Burkett says

            The beautiful part of California with the Sierra mountain range. Well worth saving. Maybe split California with a wall and sell southern California to Mexico.

          10. Charles T. Gore says

            Southern California has been Mexico invaded by illegal Mexicans since the mid eighties. Mexicans have owned it but have not paid for it yet.

          11. Charles T. Gore says

            Auburn north of Sacramento / Roseville is where the Hwy 49 split of Iruns north to Grass Valley / Nevada City

          12. Mike Burkett says

            Sale California to Mexico. Hell, the illegal aliens already own it. Did any of the rioters get Soros money like the professional protesters in previous riots blamed on Trump?

    4. usathoughts says

      Well stated Albert.

      We have 535 Lawyer Politicians that rule over us. They are good at writing Laws that few can understand but exhibit ignorance regarding Finance, Economics, and Foreign World Politics.

      When I was in business lawyers were someone hired to protect your legal interest but not to create that interest. Their mind-set is simply too narrow.

      These Lawyer Politicians have failed America for 45 years. It is time for a change while we still have hope of doing so.

      1. Albert L Biele says

        Great write up, love your commentary. Actually it’s 554 lawyer, including the Supreme Court, who have totally destroyed our country. I blame the voters who are always complaining but continue to vote for the same candidates year after year.

        1. usathoughts says

          Well Albert, have been around a long time, 73 years. Grew up as a farm boy – wanted to be a Physicist, go figure. Didn’t have the requisite gray matter. Attended St. Johns Seminary for a year. Degreed in Engineering & Finance. Was CEO for 12 years of an International Corporation. Have gotten into as much ligitament trouble as possible. Have always subcribed to the idea life should be lived to the fullest. In that I have no regrets.

          Just what you wanted… a bio from an old man! Okay, not really.

          In a Republic with a democratic vote you are absolutely correct. Recall the expression; “you made your bed, now lie in it”. We have an opportunity this election cycle to rise up and change our fate.

          Perhaps in future we are fated to become a dictatorship as did Rome. It seems all Social Policies lead to this same end. At least it has over the past 25 centuries.

          Thank you for the compliment.

          1. Albert L Biele says

            Your synopsis has already come to fruition, noting the democratic candidates, of a socialist, and a criminal. I also believe that there is nothing new under the sun; history continues to repeat itself, which makes me believe that the learning curve somehow dissipates somewhere along the time line, resulting in man’s inability to learn from past events. I believe one has to be enslaved, before they can appreciate freedom, experience failure before they can recognize success, and above all, a the youth of today must be reintroduction of civics, in order for them to have the ability to differentiate the doctrines of tyranny, from the rights given them in the constitution. The answer is: democracies generally last 250 years, which is a strong indicator that our time is limited. Noting that all great nations eventually fall, I expect that our time is short. However, I will remain a patriot to my last breath,

            Have a good day.

          2. usathoughts says

            Only one point of disagreement. Would rather you use Republic as a Democratic State known as a Democracy has never really existed. A matter of semantics, a small thing but I believe important.

            I keep a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, with Amendments on my dest at all times. Will do so throughout this election cycle.

            I find nothing within the Constitution and the resulting Republican form of Government that would preclude this Nation from a continued existence. I am sure you have heard the term; “Civilization Reset”. I think we need a “Constitutional Reset”. Can you imagine every lawyer in the Nation marching on the Capital!

            Improbable but possible. If Senator Cruz and Mr. Trump were to team up they could go a long way in bringing this to pass.

            Believe I have mentioned that our monetary system requires Production & Spending be in balance. Under the guise of correcting this broken system the entire Federal Government could be re-organized. A VP Cruz could make sure it is aligned with our Constitution. A President Trump could attend to Main Street America and re-align the Federal Reserve & Wall Street to this end. This would be a one hell of a revolution!

          3. Albert L Biele says

            Well said.
            I would like to see Trump in the white house and Cruz on the Supreme Court; now that would be a mind settling preposition.

          4. letfreedomring10 says

            PS. Thank you for you reply and kind words. . .

          5. usathoughts says

            Just tried to order the book. Found my Debit card is out of date. No problem, will get it next week.

          6. usathoughts says

            I have no argument with that. God… Cruz would be terror to the liberal judges.

          7. Albert L Biele says

            Yes he would, make a great Supreme Court Judge. I remain, a member of the American Legion, a patriot, an author; latest novel being “INSURGENCY’ where are the patriots. And at the age of 75, privileged to be from the greatest generation of our time.

          8. usathoughts says

            I am 73 this November. Did a short stint in Vietnam as a path finder. Only there for four months. For three of those months I was a civilian! Listed as AWOL at my post in Fulda, Germany. This was a CIA operation. I was young, stupid and did what I was told to do.

            Is your book available on Amazon? Or you could tell me not to be lazy and look it up. Either way is fine by me. My eMail address is

            Have you noticed that most all posts of any worth are by people 60 plus. Our use of language and dated stories give us away, and that we actually have something to say that isn’t utter nonsense.

            p.s. I have a book in the Library of Congress. Actually a unique training manual.

          9. Albert L Biele says

            Thank you for asking. The novel “INSURGENCY” where are the patriots is available on the internet at Barns and Nobel and Amazon books. I have a web page that is not totally complete, but there is an entrance to both book stores on the main page.
            The web page is:

          10. paendragon says

            Yay! A Goldman-Sachs globalist bankster shill on the Supreme Court roster!Whee!

          11. usathoughts says

            I am a Constitutional Conservative. Your post is sarcastic but still, strikes a nerve. What you allude to must be considered. It is like the flip side of the Socialist on the Supreme Court. Neither should be tolerated.

            I keep a copy of the Constitution on my desk for reference. Like our Modern Monetary System it has been corrupted.

            I, for one, have become weary of our Lawyer Politicians. They seek to rule over us when instead they have been hired to look after the welfare of their clients. That is; the American voter.

          12. paendragon says

            Elite globalist banksters aren’t the flip-side of socialism, they are the exact same!

            Dictionary definition of “socialism:”

            Socialism: 1) Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods; 2) A system of society or group living in which there is no private property; 3) A system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state; 4) A stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism …

          13. usathoughts says

            Fits perfectly with todays Modern Monetary System. First proposed by Karl Marx in his Das Kapital in 1865. We are on the same page.

            Private property? Why then must we rent our homes, land, and transportation from the government. Don’t pay the rent they confiscated it. This is the most egregious of all laws. It is also unconstitutional.

            How many people look at their currency? Says right across its face it is a Debt Instrument. It is not money in the sense most people thing of as money. We just have the right to use it. Gotta love it! Pay a debt with debt. It is supported by the good faith and credit of the United States. As you say vested in the Government.

            I like the twisted logic of number 4. First have to create wealth then it can be dispersed. Where is the replacement part of this equation. The U.S. is in the consumer phase but without production. The Governments solution; Export our wealth to a foreign country.

            Your comment about the global banks is right on. Socialist Governments, of course, Socialist Central Banks. The ECB is a perfect example.

            This reply is all over the place. Like Trump, just wrote what popped into my head.

          14. paendragon says


          15. letfreedomring10 says

            I would add this tidbit here for the benefit of all who do not grasp your understanding of what is real:

            The stages of Democracy are:
            Bondage where WE came from.
            Spiritual faith, what drove US here.
            Great courage, to stand up to the despots of Europe.
            Liberty, to be free.
            Abundance, what WE made for ourselves.
            Complacency is what WE have become.
            Apathy, is the results of not being vigilant.
            Then dependency and that is where WE are today dependent on others and not being (suri jurist) self reliant and caring for our brothers in the way almighty God has ask of US all, amen.

          16. Albert L Biele says

            .I can see that you are well read. Great explanation of what we are up against. If we do not implement the study of ‘Civics’ in our High Schools, the freedoms given us in the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, will move our present generation to a status of Bondage. They will not so much lose their freedoms as gain their enslavement

          17. letfreedomring10 says

            Al, we are heading on a course never before thought of and it’s not going to be pretty. Civics was taken out some 40 years ago and was intentionally done, so the coming generations would not be made aware of what their duty was to defend the Constitution at all cost. When the three RRR’s were taken away, it was the beginning of the end, however, may I say it is not over so long as people like you can stand up and be heard and not relent in you discourse on what is needed to stay free for the evil they purpose, amen.

          18. Albert L Biele says

            Unfortunately, you are correct, but we must attempt to convince the people, that if we stay on the present course, the country is going to self-destruct. This won’t be the first time an empire has fallen from it’s greatness. The terminology, stiff-necked, pertains to those who have a fixation on one direction not being able to, or not willing to see what’s on their right or left side. This is what we’re up against.

        2. Ted Crawford says

          No, not yet totally destroyed. That will be the task of Hillary’s SCOTUS, now that we’ve decided to shot ourselves in the head and nominate Trump! With the accompanying, certain to be, Progressive Senate, Hillary will waste NO time in finishing the corruption of that group!

          1. Albert L Biele says

            Hillary is not going to avoid prosecution, and certainly will not be our next president; Trump will win the election and help cushion the oncoming down-turn that will hit this country at years end. I just hope he chooses Cruz to be a Supreme Court judge.

          2. Amil Baker says

            I don’t think Cruz could get past a vote in the Senate as they sure do not care for him.

          3. Albert L Biele says

            Good point, but he would certainly give the liberal progressive Judges Stomach cramps.

          4. Ted Crawford says

            That’s hilarious!! Should Trump win, his first appointment to SCOTUS will certainly be Obama, unless that is Obama has already become the UN’s Secretary General ! In which case it will be Hillary!

      2. R. T. says

        Well said , we went from a Country that elected REPRESENTATIVES to one that elected ( stupid law ) law makers !!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. usathoughts says

          R.T. they are not stupid. Have hired enough of them to know. One way of looking at it is their agenda does not include Main Street America. This makes them far more dangerous to us as the body politic.

          You are absolutely correct in that we no longer have those in office who represent our needs.

          Was looking at this when I realized the two paragraphs really say the same thing. Just an observation.

          1. R. T. says

            I never said THEY were stupid just the laws they make , we probably have at least two laws that cover the same thing that we can understand , now they come up with one that no one can understand . A STUPID LAW !

          2. usathoughts says

            I got it.

    5. Deborah G says

      I tiotally agree on so many of his stances. He knows what needs to be done. “It’s the economy Stupid” A great quote

    6. Mike Burkett says

      Well said, notice that the presidential elections have become high-school popularity contests. I blame the shallow lame-stream media for misleading the American people. The professional politicians, along with both party establishments have been selling America out for some time now (see Phyllis Schlafly’s ‘Americans Last’ ideology shared by both party establishments). Now is not the time to resort to these same professional ‘kick the can down the road and never resolve issues’ politicians to solve the mess created by Obama and the democraps. Republicans have been divided by the democraps into conservative and moderates when at this time, we need a financial genius and pragmatist to save this country. A Hillary Clinton presidency would amount to Obama’s third term since he planning to stay in Washington after his dethroning and would destroy America. She indicates one trillion tax increase will be needed but, demoraps never understand the methodology of lowering taxes to increase economic activity and tax revenues.

    7. runnindeer says

      Amen and well said.

    8. gotabgood says

      Yeah the CEO’s have done so well buy us in the past…. say like in the 30’s and another time in 80’s I understand a few bankers lost their lives trying to kick farmers off their land.
      and the most recent 8 years into the 21st century you almost took America down…
      And what did you do with the bailout money?? Invested it? Set up new guide lines to not happen again? Fire a few CEO’s responsible? Send many to prison? Oh, No, we went to a spa with our bonuses for doing such a bang up job!!!!
      CEO’s for the most part are greedy and only care about self….
      No thanks!! Glad you’re retired!
      enjoy your stolen money!

      1. Albert L Biele says

        You sound like you have a lot of anger in you, God is my judge, and none other, he is the way the truth, who lights up the darkness, that we may see the narrow road that leads to his promised paradise. My company was too insignificant to put even a small dent in the economy, and I have never received money from the government for any purpose. My main concern is the providing of decent paying jobs for the enormous number of unemployed that presently exist in this country. Until a program is devised to keep large companies from manufacturing their goods in foreign countries, there will never be enough revenue collected to pay-off our debt. We are at the brink of a major financial collapse that is being ignored by our present administration. This election, and there are no guarantees, is our last chance to put someone in the white house that has the knowledge to mitigate the on-coming financial down-turn, that I suspect will occur by years end.

        1. gotabgood says

          I am not angry.. I am cautious about CEO’s… from you message it sounds like I lumped you into a category you don’t belong in and for that, I apologize.
          But your last sentence raised the flags again. bush was a business man and ruined all of them! as he ruined our country. We can hate Obama so much to forget where we were!!!!! We have to be realistic and not short on memory.
          Trump lied to God and country on national TV about his products. He lost companies, yes he is rich and that allows him to squander companies away… USA is NOT a business and shouldn’t be treated as such..

          1. Albert L Biele says

            Thank you for your comment, you make some good points, but I know a little more about Trump then most. He attended the same military school adjacent to West Point that my son attended, and I can assure you that although life, judgement, justification, and purpose plays heavy on who we really are, I can assure you, from personal knowledge and experience that Trump is a man whom has dedicated himself to be a driving force in bringing America back to it’s greatness. I believe that we all fall short of the glory of God, but for some, the choice of redemption becomes far greater than in others, whom never find their true purpose life. I believe Trumps search for purpose is in full bloom.

          2. gotabgood says

            There is an old saying, “Too close to the trees to see the forest”
            Someone outside of a disagreement might have a better perspective.
            As you say, you know him… through the grape vine sort of speaking.
            Trump is money hungry and power hungry.. “Your Fired”
            I think he is very serious about becoming president….. and 5 minutes after achieving it, it could walk away with mission accomplished. But he might also want to gain power over other countries… he is dangerous.

          3. Albert L Biele says

            He’s more about accomplishment, then he is about money; but I do respect your opinion.

    9. Ted Crawford says

      Single Dimensional Logic!!

    10. Mary Brumley says

      Thank you for posting and the info which you provide. The libs like to call all Trump supporters uneducated.
      So keep posting, it will gain votes for DT.

    11. Tiger says

      A black in color only man won the elections because everyone thought it PC to do so and look at the mess. Now all we need is a woman on the ticket for PC.

      Sick of it and those women better get their heads on straight.

    12. jreg9304 says

      Well said, retired CEO..:)

      1. Albert L Biele says

        Thanks for the comment.

  10. pmbalele says

    We are told Trump will put his own wife as VP. I think that is reasonable. Their kids are grown up. After all she is better looking than Carly and Cruz. The only person I can trust is the person I see and sleep with every day. She puts up with my BS and advises me on everything I do and do not do.

  11. John Gagne says

    Trump does not take preference to a man or a woman, he takes preference to leaders.

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


    2. supergun says


    3. SHORTSTUFF1 says

      EXACTLY!! We need LEADERS…I do not care WHO it is , just as long as he/she has some sense as to the laws and using them as are NOT making a fit as to what one wants!!! We need one that will work with Trump….WE CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

    4. Charles T. Gore says

      Yes and that is the way it was in the 1950’s and even through most of the 60’s till LBJ and the Great Society. That’s why I like Trump.

    5. Ted Crawford says

      However only the most Corrupt among them will do!

  12. Deborah G says

    As a woman I don’t want a woman IF she isn’t qualified and is simply AFFIRMATIVE ACTION hiring. That being said. I like Nikki Haley,Mia Love, and Susana Martinez. I don’t think a phony pandering choice is the right idea.

    1. Moe says

      I agree, yet there are successful Republican Women Governor’s, Mayors, and Congresswomen. How about the former Governor of Arizona? Trump is a businessman, a woman politician could help in her knowledge of politics and how the system works.

      1. Deborah G says

        Susana Martinez is from New Mexico I believe and she is great however the left would have a field day with her because they already started a smear campaign thinking she would be a threat Hispanic and a woman. They said she was drunk at a party . She fought back but you know the democrats they will repeat a lie over and over until idiots buy into it. Mind you they slide under the rug Elizabeth Warrens stealing tuition grants as a Native American which she is NOT hence the name “Fauxahantas”

      2. Deborah G says

        Jan Brewer is a decent choice, not mine but ok

      3. 73Anne37 says

        Brewer, Palin or Judge Jeanie would be OK but TRUMP will only Pick a strong Person who will be thinking the same way TRUMP is thinking~! It will NOT be a GLOBALIST~!

        1. Patriot says

          I like Judge Jeanie.

          1. 73Anne37 says

            I do too & She is tough & Anti-NWO>!

        2. Moe says

          The GOP party elites should not have any input, we know they would vote for Hillary to keep power and revenue coming in, example Obama’s PPA agreement paid millions to Congressional supporters for more free trade and more outsourcing. The GOP Congress members gave him the vote not the Democrats in Congress. Trump waiting to make the right choice gives time to strength his weaknesses in certain political groups. Hillary facing a reopened DOJ probe into her email destruction to hide contributions for political favors while running the state department, lies and cover ups in Benghazi, and six billion missing from the her cabinet, believed channeled into agenda programs refused funding by Congress. Obama, and his cabinet such as Johnson in Homeland Security and Holder now Lynch in DOJ, as well as leaders in IRS, DOD, SS, and EPA all have criminal activities in their term. Something this evil cannot afford a Trump win. Nothing will be done, except their being exposed as the liars they are, and the harm they did to the nation on purpose.

          1. 73Anne37 says

            They may TRY to Stop him & have all along, but TRUMP will Win~~If he does NOT~~America is Toast~!

            As of Saturday TRUMP has 1002 Delegates & is UP 15 pts. in Indiana & WAY Ahead in California~! He has this~!

            TRUMP will NOT put a Globalist in as V.P.~~ the NWO Elites need to know the V.P. is as Strong as TRUMP~! { If the Elites have their Puppet in as V.P. they would KILL Trump.}

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      All good choices!

    3. erleebird says

      Thanks for your clear thinking! I can’t believe so many people have stopped rationalizing and follow the “sheeple.” Mia Love seems really great (and I’m white). Anyone like Mia who is being ostracized by Nancy (cheerleader) Pelosi and other pigheaded dems must be very bright and competent to have become the target of these dumb, dimwitted dems.

    4. Gerry Costa says

      Haley is a POS who won’t stand up for what’s right. She is another let me cave in to political correctness rino.

      1. Deborah G says

        I have to admit I was appalled at the removal of the Confederate war memorial flags

        1. Gerry Costa says

          I was also and I just don’t think we need anyone in office who makes political correctness a priority or who caves in to radical minorities and illegals.

      2. 73Anne37 says

        Haley is an Establishment Globalist~!

    5. 73Anne37 says

      They are ALL Establishment~! You sure do not want TRUMP to be OK~!

      1. Mike Burkett says

        Citizen presidential candidate Trump will need trusted establishment professional politicians to avoid the inevitable pot holes set by the democraps, as well as, the lame-stream media and maybe, even, the republican establishment. Remember, the chosen VP will run the Senate and the entrench democrap power brokers in the Senate will not make this easy for anyone. Newt would have the political skills to navigate the democrap traps and dealing with Senate democraps but has baggage not particularly attractive to republican women (aka, a resume enhancement for any democrap but, republicans are held to a higher standard) A female VP would counter Cruz’s desperate power move to regain political relevance and, perhaps, carry the vote but, that lady will be tough enough to deal with Reid and Schumer – Ann Coulter or Cheney’s daughter might be a fit here.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Cruz is of no Consequence~At ALL~! No It will NOT be easy for the V.P~!~ but it will NOT be a GLOBALIST~! However~~ a Chris Christie~~Judge Jeanine~~Type ~~Will NOT let those NWO Traitors~~~get Over them or Push them around~!

          TRUMP Knows WHO the Evil Ones are & will Use CHARACTER & TRUTH to Out them~! {He will also USE Jeff Sessions as an advantage~~how I do not know yet.}

          Carson will help get rid of the Department of Education & get it down to the States & Towns. Carson may also have input on the Health Care Industry. TRUMP will also use Sarah Palin~~Jan Brewer~~Stephan {Sessions former Aide} etc to help get things Right~! There are also MANY others~~but TRUMP will use those he TRUSTS in the KEY Positions~!

  13. Michael Dennewitz says

    Most of we men, I say most, have had some harrowing experiences with women, but.. for the most part, we have to admit, the world would be one sorry assed place to live without women, right?? All of those sticking by Killary are only doing it because of the fact that “it’s ” a woman. Kind of like all the blacks voting for that Lil halfbreed commie because he’s part black. If America’s women voted, not just because she’s female, but because she’s super qualified, I personally couldn’t see anything wrong with it.. However, it’s a little late in the game to be considering such a move. geo soros’s media will cut anyone to pieces and I’D hate to see what the media would do with this idea…

  14. jalee says

    What Republican women? I am a Republican woman and I want Newt for VP.

    1. bluebell7 says

      So do I. He is a brilliant man. Bill Clinton wouldn’t have been considered a good president without Newt’s stellar leadership in the House. He’s the one who brought about a balanced budget. Go Trump/Ginrich 2016!

      1. retired4ever says

        Bill C was a good president?????????? You are kidding right?

        1. Jarhead says

          7Blueballs must have colon mucus surrounding his head, eyes & ears?

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Not exactly what Bluebell said!

        3. rocky says

          Well… he might be considered a… oh… decent one, when matched up with other dem’s. But that sure does not label his bed partner… the legal one… as a good selection to lead this country. At least lead it toward a bit of solvency.

          1. SNuss says

            The only thing that made Slick Willie look like a good President was that he was a pragmatist, and went along with much of what Newt and the Republicans proposed in 1994-2000. His first two years (1992-93) were a disaster

          2. Mike Burkett says

            The disastrous years included democrap control of both houses. When his party lost both houses in the mid-terms, he saw the writing on the wall and cow-towed to the republicans in the interest of preserving his legacy.

          3. SNuss says

            Sadly, he was not convicted for his crimes. The same is true of Obama.

          4. Mike Burkett says

            Don ‘t forget the coronated democrap presidential candidate Hillary. From White-water fraudulent billing to Vincent Foster’s apparent suicide in her presence to the Benghazi incompetence to her email scandle beginning a new phase of investigation. No doubt she will throw Obama under the bus for his participation in the crimes committed making it necessary for Obama to pardon Hillary.

          5. Mike Burkett says

            Hillary for incarceration not president. She a bigger criminal than Billy Clinton. He just could not control his urges to be with other women or abide by the parameters his marriage of political convenience.

        4. bluebell7 says

          I should have clarified that portion of my comment about BC. I did/do not regard him as having been a good president; though many on the left seem to believe he was the best. I couldn’t stand him – still can’t, and absolutely despise Hillary. She will complete the destruction of our country.

        5. Mike Burkett says

          Yeah, once he lost both houses of Congress and the republican majorities of both houses had a spine to expose Bill as a joke, Billy Clinton cleaned up his political game with Welfare reform with a work requirement, the criminal bill also hailed as bigoted today but, effectively protecting the Americans by locking up predator criminals . He is still scum privately and I do not want him near the White House again.

      2. Deborah G says

        That’s an interesting [airing. Newt IS the smartest guy in Politics

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Newt IS a POLITICIAN~! We do NOT want an Establishment Politician~!

          1. Mike Burkett says

            Trump will need professional politicians with establishment connections to be able to cleanup Obama’s mess. Besides who’s better to run the fat-boy senate with all the power brokers.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            There will be NO Deep Establishment NWO Globalist’s, you can be sure of that,. There may be a few Politician’s that will be with TRUMP, but not the NWO BUSH NEOCONS~!. BUT No GLOBALIST will be his V.P.~~ they would Kill him~~to make that V.P. President. It has to be someone that would DO exactly as TRUMP would do & i am SURE he KNOWS who that will be.

      3. usathoughts says

        Ginrich tries to make nice with the RINOs but does not work as they still hate him more than Senator Cruz or Trump. Most likely because he made them actually work to fulfill their campaign promises.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Newt IS a RINO who is just smart enough to KNOW TRUMP will BE the Winner~!

          1. usathoughts says

            That is a failure of his. Newt wants to be loved. But like you say he has seen the writing on the wall.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            Exactly “usathoughts”~!

          3. Mike Burkett says

            I have to disagree with your Newt assessment. I have lived in Atlanta for 15 years and Newt is the bright point of the otherwise ‘get along to go along’ RHINO republican establishment types that have not stopped Obama. Dream ticket 2016 – Trump/Newt Gingrich.

          4. 73Anne37 says

            I guess you do NOT realize that TRUMP is not only fighting for us~~He is ridding us of all the NWO Bush Neo-Con Politicians that got us here over the last 60+ years. Oh~~Trump might USE Newt, but it will be where He can CONTROL him~!

            Since the Government is FILLED with these Globalist’s~~TRUMP will Chose who is
            more likely NOT to STAB him in the Back. Newt was Wise to come out early & say more favorable things~~but Trump will know if he can use him, & where ~~~ Never for V.P.

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Newt would be an excellent choice. Brightest person I have seen in political office in my lifetime!

      1. Deborah G says

        me too and he is very pragmatic

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Newt IS Establishment!

    3. 73Anne37 says

      Newt IS Establishment~!

      1. Deborah G says

        He was never adverse to going off the reservation. He travels to the best of his drum

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Newt Plays by the Establishment Rules~~& is a Bit creative with those Rules. Newt also Sees the Writing on the Wall & KNOWS will Win~! Trump may use him~~but NOT as a V.P. Newt has Strong Globalist Leanings~!

  15. papa doug says

    Just like the Democrats, they don’t care which woman just any woman. How about Bonnie Parker? Oh wait she’s dead. Maybe convicted murderer Stacey Castor? She could give Killery a run for her money. Maybe not. Wait I know, how about brain dead Miley Cirus? You know there are just no good qualified women except Laura Bush who doesn’t want it.

    I think I like a good conservative, someone with a brain like Ben Carson.

    1. Deborah G says

      Well he would certainly be a thoughtful presence. I like Mike Huckabee too

      1. 73Anne37 says

        TRUMP will have Carson & Huckabee in his Administration, but doubt if it will be V.P~!

  16. retired4ever says

    Who ever it is he/she must be ready to step up to the plate. Trump will not stay after one term, Rice, Rubio, Haley, Newt ? Any one of them would be a good choice.

    1. usathoughts says

      I agree that Trump will be a one term President by his own choice.

      Mr. Tump has one overriding thing on his mind. He wants to re-establish a broad based and healthy Main Street America. Why? Well, he has 10 billion reasons. His types of business depend upon a strong Middle and Upper Middle class. Trump learned this lesson the hard way in 2009. As he stated intends to re-direct the Federal Reserve and Wall Street to this end. This self serving goal meets both Trumps and Main Streets objectives. What better can Americans ask for!

    2. 73Anne37 says

      NOOOOOOO~~~~! All Listed a NWO BUSH Globalist Establishment HACKS~!

  17. coneyro says

    Without mentioning names(wink, wink,) there’s this little sweetheart of a gal who endorsed Trump earlier. I think she used to govern(?)a really cold state somewhere up north. She is familiar with this VP scenario already.

    Sure she wouldn’t mind round two. Ha, Ha..

    1. SNuss says

      I like Palin for Secretary of the Interior. Her experience in the outdoors well-qualifies her for that job.

      1. coneyro says

        I got it….LOL

  18. Combatvet52 says

    Go Trump and if you all want a women VP I hope and pray that he would pick Judge Jeanine Pirro, the two of them would get this country back on track.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Yes Judge Jeanine is the Best Person Named so far. But TRUMP will chose & it does Not have to be a woman~!

      1. SNuss says

        Put Judge Jeanine on the Supreme Court. We need another good conservative there.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Yes Judge Jeanine would also be excellent there.

      2. Combatvet52 says

        I know that but if he does pick one let be Judge Jeanine.
        I met her back in the 70s when she was asst: Da in Westchester NY and she helped me with a louse of an employer.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Judge Jeanine will be Great no Matter where TRUMP uses her~! Judge Jeanine is the Only Woman I Know that would be Strong enough to hold off the Vultures in Our NWO Infested Congress~!

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Agree 100%

    2. Patriot says

      I like her very much and oh how she would smoke Hillary.

  19. juneausr says

    Condoleezza would be a perfect choice because she is very intelligent, attractive and knows her way around Washington!

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Condi IS a BUSH Establishment Globalist~! That would be the death of TRUMP!

      1. juneausr says

        Please read my original statement again…I won’t repeat myself again if you cannot understand it.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          If you did NOT mean what you Stated ~~then You should have put a {Sarc.} Note on it! I took it seriously & at face value.

          1. juneausr says

            I meant what I said. She would be an outstanding candidate, however, she is smart enough Not to want it. You libs are hard to communicate with.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            June ~~i am An old woman who is very knowledgeable about the NWO~! Researched this subject since i retired from Teaching in 1997~! I have always been republican, but since BUSH #`1 I have Written in my Choice for President, since i REALIZED that All the Candidates BOTH parties gave the people, were Globalist’s~! Condi IS a NWO BUSH GLOBALIST & would NOT be ACCEPTABLE to Nationalist {Common Sense Conservative} Donald TRUMP~! TRUMP is FOR America 1st ~~~! He is not a Globalist like Ted Cruz!

            You Cruzbot ‘s Do NOT Realized Ted Cruz is Part & Parcel of the BUSH/CLINTON CABAL & you called me a liberal~! WOW!

          3. juneausr says

            I have supported Trump from the moment he announced.

          4. 73Anne37 says

            Great~~! Then Add to your Research that TRUMP is against the New World Order { ~~NWO} – that has been Destroying our country for well over 25 Years. Actually Longer, but they have not been WITHIN the Government until this past 25~!

            This is WHY it is even so VERY important that He become President~~so we can “Wrest our Country “~~from the Bonds of Globalism~!

          5. juneausr says

            I apologize for anything I said earlier that was inappropriate…I clearly must have misunderstood something that you said in your first posting…

          6. 73Anne37 says

            Accepted~~! No Problem. Take Care.~!

  20. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    We need the best person for the job, not some token so we can have another ‘FIRST’ serving in some capacity. We are almost over the National nightmare of seeing our first half White person in the White House.

  21. Elizabeth Valentino says


  22. Juan TwoTree says

    I vote for Condi Rice! She’s twice a smart as ‘Hilde-Beast, is very TRUTHFUL, prettier than ‘Hilde-Beast’,won’t let ‘Hilde-Beast’ play the ‘women’s card (is ‘Hilde-Beast’ REALLY a women!??). Condi has a honest, straight-forward approach and CAN be trusted!!

    1. SNuss says

      Being better than Hillary is a really low hurdle to clear.

  23. SlipperCity says

    Absolutely I support Donald Trump for President! When talking about a Vice President, he should select the BEST candidate for the job; he should NOT go out of his way to select a woman if there are no women to are absolutely qualified. He also bear in mind that he should select a VP that he can count on, work with, and who will get the job done. This country is going to hell in a handbasket, and needs all of the help it can get. I AM A WOMAN, SO THIS OPINION IS NOT COMING FROM A MAN!

  24. rayhause says

    Who are these dumb ass women?

  25. Chuck says

    Agree. Select Governor Martinez of N. Mexico. Great leader, savey, very intelligent, conservative, Hispanic. Condi Rice also should be considered if Martinez declines. Then put Judge Jeanine on the Supreme Court. Wow. Would that set the liberals afire. Would love to fan the flames.

  26. Bruce Kellar says

    America’s thirst for handouts overwhelms their limited common good sense. Trump would be the logical choice but then again, Obama was elected.

  27. thomas says

    I am Voting for Trump regardless of whom ever the VP spot is. Male or Female ? America needs repairing right away.

  28. Bob Ware says

    We people with our brains turned on know the problem with this country is the Gov’t. . Getting the Gov’t. out of our personal and professional lives is the answer. To do that we need to remove all of the current members of the Congress (yes including “our Rep. who is good”) and start over with responsible people. The current good few can run again after a (suggestion) two term absence. That’s what we all need to do. A female VP or Pres. is fine if she is willing to take this approach. For that matter a male taking this approach would be fine also. Unfortunately as Bruce Kellar below just pointed out, handouts will most likely prevail again. If you vote for the handout candidate you are the problem. Handouts are never free and are dwindling due to a strained economy by Dem/socialist and bad Repub. policies.
    As I see it now, Mr. Trump does not have a female or minority problem. He has a Dem/Socialist and Socialist driven bigotry problem which is where this country now sits. This what he needs to over come. A female VP candidate will not help if she is there to coddle the female voter. That would actually be insulting in its own way. If she is there to take on the Dem/Socialist and Socialist driven bigotry problem the she can be an asset to Mr. Trump. A white male candidate would be seen as Trump Junior and that would not help. That’s my view. This is Mr. Trumps campaign and he is going to run it the way he sees as best. You and I don’t have to like it, it’s just reality. Mr. Trump has the problem understood. Can he get it fixed? Probably not. Congress creates the laws and this Congress is to corrupt and needs 100% replacement. obama’s illegal actions needs t be declared null and void, then removed officially so they cannot be used years down the road as a “loop hole” by some individual with a really slick lawyer.

  29. Gerry Costa says

    I’m sure Trump will not follow any examples. I expect him to choose the VERY BEST person who will do their VERY BEST to bring this country back to respectability . It is totally ridiculous and ignorant to think he should pick a female for the sake of all these foolish people who think it is time for a female just because.

    1. 73Anne37 says


  30. Joyce White says

    I’m not sure he should or would choose a woman. But if he does, Condi. Rice would be my choice. She is smart, and knows her way around the State Dept. and can deal with foreign governments.She would be a real asset to his administration.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Condi Rice would be the Death of TRUMP~~! She is a NWO BUSH Establishment Person~! Horrible Idea~!

  31. usathoughts says

    I have known a number of women in accounting but you would not want to hire one to do your taxes. Being creative is not their best suite. What kind of women would be to Trumps advantage? None that I can think of. For the Welfare of the Nation Senator Cruz would be best as Vice President. Of course they would have to bury the hatchet but not in each other. Save that for the Socialist and that Wall Street crony capitalist – Hillary Clinton.

    There is no value in catering to the Media nor the Democrats of any ilk. We have all seen how they demean Republican Women and Negros.

    It can not be more obvious the Democrats are supporting the Islamic invasion of our Nation. Muslims are in the Department of State, our Federal Administration, Homeland Security, and many other Federal Agencies.

    Even Hillary’s chief confident, Huma is a Muslim whose entire family is engaged within the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Granted, Muslims do not hate women, however a woman’s entire role is to provide for the needs & desires of men. In our culture this is considered a form of slavery. By our laws many of these activities are considered hate crimes.

    If the Republicans cannot get this message across to the women of America they deserve to lose.

    I should mention that on many of these message boards comments such as this one are censored. Cannot even save them. Must first write them out in your word processor if you want to save it.

  32. 73Anne37 says

    This Article is Projecting~! These Articles always Gaslight or Project~!ma

    TRUMP will Choose who is BEST for Him & the Country~! Women do NOT CARE if it is a Woman~~Just not a Globalist~!

  33. 32eagle says

    I am still wondering if Cruz lost his marbles with his VP pick everybody I know of thinks ben carson is the right choice because he is billions of times smarter than mutant mulatto and is handsome (unlike muslim wonder whom looks like an experiment gone wrong)

  34. Paula says

    A woman for president or VP..just because she’s a woman is stupid! Look where we are because people just had to have a black man with a muslim name?

  35. Gea says

    I would like to have a healer as a VP…Dr. Ben Carson, who is NOT a professional politician either but has integrity and skills to heal the country. Trump/Carson would be an excellent choice to repair what is wrong with America because those guys cover most fields and can chose administration which will be filled with capable problem solvers rather then professional politicians. Enough of this political correctness. There are many capable women who could be in this administration but we do not NEED to go for gender games…perhaps he should chose Kaitlyn Jenner ;-)! S/he could jump high ;-)!

  36. SNuss says

    If you want to pander, why not go all out? Select a woman who self-identifies as a man, or a man who self-identifies as a woman. Then, mandate four types of bathrooms in every business, just to make it “fair”.


  37. M J says

    Hillary the Lying-Thieving-Baby-Killing-Destroyer or Trump the ‘Make America Great Again’ – Winner. There is nothing to think about unless you want more years of joblessness, trillions more debt added to what we already have by Kenyan-Born-Muslim-cultist, Obama! And don’t forget the brainwashed capitalism-hating Millennials, who are living in YOUR basement due to free money-welfare dependency and no jobs after getting out of school! More government physical intrusion in your lives, that’s what Hitlery can guarantee, despite her lying tapping mouth. The ‘first woman” B.S. needs to be tossed out. Look what the ‘first black’ (not Bill Clinton) ‘Dictator’ got us! And let’s not forget: The Lame-Stream Media mind-controlled everyone to hate Sarah Palin, who was a very successful Stage Governor, who put a lot of crooked criminals in orange jump suits, and put the State in the financial black! SHE has accomplishments! Anyone questioned about Hillary can’t recall a single thing she has done, whether as a carpet-bagging ‘senator’ who wrote no memorable legislation on which to hang her do-nothing hat, NOR as a Secretary of State where those serving overseas, as OUR Ambassadors, and their charges on station, were brutally murdered – NOT over a video! She did everything she could to sweep it under the carpet like so much dirt, with the families of those murdered – getting nothing but abuse! Trump, however has many accomplishments, in job creation and building a financial empire that created countless jobs all the way up the ladder. And THAT is something America can use after Obama and the Dems have systematically destroyed jobs which our kids need after school or vocational training! Go Trump!!

  38. Alleged Comment says

    NOPE! Don’t do it. And I don’t believe a Republican women wants that.

    This was probably put out by the Demoncraps that infiltrated the party. Believe you me, after a negro you don’t want a woman.

    That is why Hillary must be indicted and removed. The Demoncraps that infiltrated our side is why they are putting out this message that Trump needs a woman.

    Trump needs a woman like he needs another dollar.

  39. Charles Smith says

    I hope that he would choose Condoleezza Rice.

  40. PatriotForever says

    Dear Holy and Righteous Jesus neither Condi, Nicki or Kelly and they are IN FACT DANGEROUS! . Nicki is a pathological liar and traitor to the party as well as too women and Condi stood with Palestine against the Jews. The blood of the innocent children on her hands will never get washed off.
    Dear God people get a brain and then USE IT!

    Michelle Malkin or Jan Brewer are viable

  41. Bonum Malum says

    Now the republicans are sounding like democrats. Who ever runs with Trump needs to be the best person for the job, not decided by gender.

  42. Ethel Schubert says

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  43. buddman says

    Trump said he would consider Hillary if she is not in prison at the Time

  44. gotabgood says

    The way I see it you have 3 choices,
    Megan Kelly… yeah that will work!
    Michele Bachmann…. {snicker, snicker}
    Sarah Palin… [he he he he he]
    Oh… one more.. who is the one that said “I am not a witch”?

    1. buddman says

      Jan Brewer Former Governor of Arizona would be Great no baggage

      1. gotabgood says

        Oh yes… she did a lot of back peddling on ObamaCare…

  45. Gen11American says

    I am a woman and I don’t give a rip in Ripleyland if there’s a female on the ticket with Trump or not! For the ignorant, we are fighting a war on terror against Islamists which could bring on Armaggedon! We’re also fighting against globalist forces who are determined to install One World Corporatist Tyranny! In comparison to that, how does affirmative action rank? In the F’N toilet, that’s what! Get real! We need an all-Alpha Male administration which will clean up the god-awful mess which that pro-muslim POS has created over the past 7.5 years thanks to the blacks who voted in the worst POS is U.S. history twice!

  46. Optimista says

    Anyone paying attention to the MSM propaganda shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
    Life becomes simple once you tune them out and focus on the basics.

  47. Mary Brumley says

    I am just mystified. “Feminists” wish to be treated the same as a man, right? It seems to me that Trump treats them the same as he would a man if he were offended by a man. Am I seeing a double standard?
    I just want this country fixed enough that my progeny have a future! I will worry about how “sweetly” I am treated later.
    Will women stupidly toss this election because of their insecurity? I just hope they will think about our nation’s youth and the jobs they DON’T have.
    I will also add this: No “group” of humans can “demand” respect. They must earn that respect!

  48. Tiger says

    They can wish in one hand and do their doodie in the other and see which comes true first. You don’t have a woman that is up to the job, not one. After what we have been through with a man basically voted in just because of his color we darn sure don’t want a woman on the ticket just because she is a woman.

    We have huge problems and we have to have men with ideas and fortitude who know what they are doing. I would like to see his VP be a retired General. That is what I would like to see. But then I don’t think any Congressman or woman should be allowed to vote on anything concerning our Military unless they have walked the walk. I believe every candidate for president or any representative should be made to go to a Boot Camp for 6 weeks and then they should be taken downrange for a birds eye view of the mess O has made of the ME and while they are at it they need to visit our hospitals.

    No WOMEN none, ladies stand out of the way.

  49. Ted Crawford says

    In the first case Condoleezza Rice and Susan Martinez, being solid Conservative ladies, would never even consider it! Kelly Ayotte and, to a lessor degree, Nikki Haley, being further left, might! In any case it is a moot point. Trump, even should he chose Putin as his running mate IS the Republican Candidate! His Cult of delusionals will make sure of that!
    That being the case, Hillary IS the 45th. President! For all intents and purposes this Dog and Pony Show is over!

  50. jreg9304 says

    Suzy Martinez, would be a fantastic choice as VP…..

    1. Ted Crawford says

      Agreed, as would certainly Condoleezza Rice, however, being solid Conservative American Women, neither would even consider running with a Democrat!

      1. jreg9304 says

        correction, old democrat, new republican.. keep this in mind when you vote for hitlery!!!!!

        1. Ted Crawford says

          Yes, of course, after all he’s been a Republican all the way back to June 16!!! Just three weeks after his last phone conversation with Slick Willy!

          1. jreg9304 says

            june of 15 not 16.LOL. Trump is the highest man on the flagpole. he will win and throw his ex-deemo.compatriates to the wind that hillary will be blowing out her backside and slicky’s nose will be right there. if you really want to know the truth. trump can have a joint vice presidency!! male and female jointly… i know it hasn’t been done before, but, what’s to say it can’t be done. there is no law saying that it can not be, written in the Constitution!!!

          2. Ted Crawford says

            WAKE UP
            June 16, 2015 DUH !!!

          3. jreg9304 says


          4. Ted Crawford says

            No “typo” involved, you simply had NO idea whatsoever when Trump announced, typical of the overwhelming majority of Trumps supporters, willfully ignorant!

    2. anibanib says

      Crickey. what a mush, looks like and is a pig

  51. laulau says

    For petes sake, just because he had run ins with Kelly and Rosie and a few others doesn’t mean a thing. He treats women equally as men. His first big building had a woman contractor. Women get paid the same as me that work for him. He has women groups supporting him. It is a fantasy that women won’t vote for him. Cruz pulled out the wrong woman and nobody likes his choice. Down he goes.

  52. gregsmom says

    That’s funny because I recently have been suggesting that Rep. Cynthia Lummis might be a good running mate for Trump. Another might be Mia Love, the Republican congresswoman from Utah who is black, and conservative. There are certainly some good choices out there.

  53. ralph says

    This is not about trump this is about the communist media they are planting crap just like the communist scum Cruz he has been in office what the hell has he stopped what the hell has he slowed down Where did the scum bag help the military What has the crook done any dam were except run his sorry mouth and a Christian that he claims to be would not do any thing that he does or says and any one that would team up with him is nothing but a self server

  54. marlene.langert says

    The Veep selection for Donald should be bsed on who will compliment him in that they will have knowledge in areas he might not and balance Donald’s stance so that together they come out with the right decisions. I don’t care if it is a male or a female and I don’t thin other “Republican Women” care. Also someone who can help him win, although he is doing just fine.

  55. Wayne Smyer says


  56. dondehoff says

    There are several women of intelligence and accomplishments out there. but just like most men, they lack experience in the political and international arenas. The only female in the conservative political “ball park” is Condoleezza Rice, the ex-Secretary of State. She has the stature of Margaret Thatcher, the highly respected ex-PM of Great Britain. We must keep in mind the VP is but a single “death” step away from the Oval Office. Also, right now is not the time for female president, as about half of the planet is “occupied” by those of the Islamic Faith and they all believe females are inferior to men, and are solely for their “pleasure”. Rice has two “pluses” going for her—she is a female and of color—-that surely would reflect favorably upon the conservatives, females, and blacks, which would garner many votes.

  57. Niki says

    Definitely Trump needs a woman on the ticket !

  58. Gary Von Neida says

    I see a better alternative for Vice President being Ben Carson.

  59. PORCH MONKEY says

    All loser women mentioned.

  60. Carol says


  61. alwaysright21 says

    “he can turn this around” What the heII? Let that sink in for a minute. Vote Vote Vote and then Vote again

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