Republicans Avoid Confronting School Lunch Debacle


In an America where the country’s “conservative” leaders have backed down from fights on Obamacare and illegal immigration, the debate over Michelle Obama’s school lunch program is comparatively unimportant. Yet it should not go without notice that Republicans managed to find no room at all in the $1 trillion CRomnibus bill for a waiver that would provide schools with some relief from the ridiculous meal standards.

Far-left liberals in Congress have been nearly as outspoken against the spending bill as conservatives, but one has to wonder why they’re so upset. Beyond providing “populists” like Elizabeth Warren with a moment in the spotlight, the bill provides almost nothing for conservatives who had hoped for some big victories at the end of the year. While the results of the midterm elections won’t shape Congress until the new year, many voters thought Republicans would have a little more power going into this budget negotiation.

If they did, it was hardly evident. Not only did they hand Obama almost all the funding he needs to see his immigration reform through to completion, but they also threw a bone to his wife as well. School officials have been lobbying for some economic relief from the standards imposed by the new meal regulations, standards the School Nutrition Association insists have increased food costs, contributed to more food waste, and decreased lunch participation across the board. Republicans have gone public with their concerns on the issue, but these concerns did not translate into meaningful legislation.

Even though Republicans didn’t fight hard to include a broad waiver in the bill, the mainstream media is promoting what changes they did make as a strike against Democrats. “Spending bill eases school nutrition rules,” was USA Today’s headline. They reported on the two minor small-government victories in the bill: relaxed standards on whole grains and no increases on the current sodium caps. But to even call these “partial victories” is overstating the case. It’s a compromised bill from top to bottom, but it feels like Republicans made most of the big compromises.

Washington as America’s Parents

Beyond all the overspending, this is another example of the federal government trying to take the place of the American parent. There’s no question that we face a national childhood (and adult) obesity crisis, but the solution to that crisis is not to be found in mandatory school lunch regulations. Michelle Obama’s entire push for healthy lunch mandates has been driven by shaky science, labor money, and that old faithful Democrat standby: the desire to increase the federal government’s influence over America.

Republicans had a chance to stand up to big government once again in 2014, and once again they let the opportunity pass them by. I used to dismiss the argument that there was no discernible difference between the nation’s two political parties. With every passing year, however, that argument becomes harder to ignore.

  1. brabbie2002 says

    j am sincerely hoping the newbies coming into the house and senate have a spine as the rat bas==rds still in there have proven to be gutless lot of human skin waste!

    1. Angry American says

      What gets me is they funded the amnesty, now they want the new congress to take it up. It would have made it a lot easier to not fund it in the first place now they have to defund it which makes it that much harder. Of course the new congress are the ones that ran on the platform of stopping obama not the current congress which is more BS coming from the gop as they want this amnesty happen in the first place they are not fooling anyone many of them that voted for this won reelection with the same pledge only to turn around & betray all Americans that oppose amnesty & that is a big majority of Americans that oppose it. How these ba—–s can go before their constituents & look them straight in the face & lie is beyond me. But they will do it, wonder if they are also stupid enough to say they voted against it when it is so easy to see how they voted, thanks to the internet

  2. marla1 says

    Will America last till the dirt bags are out of the white house, but then Boehner the spineless bonehead who all know is a rino , are we any better off with these old communist political sewer rats still in office. Look what old D. Frankinstien did and look at piglossi and dirty old harry and old schumer the communist. Nothing will get better until stupid Americans remove the old communist guard!!!!

    1. lil-echoes says

      Americans should rise up and demand term limits for all those in Congress.. they should serve no longer than the President… 8 years.

      1. marla1 says

        Americans have become so dumb down they haven’t the intelligence to start petitions in every state and demand term limits because people are so stupid they have voted the same old communist white house sewer rats till some are 90 years old and still in the white house . With this new insurance , people over 70and 75 it is impossible to be taken care of and are let die. the sane should apply in the white house, EUTHANIZE the old Ba—-s ,but they are exempt of health care that applies to us!!!!! Give the bone head a few extra drinks and walk him to on coming traffic!

        1. helen sabin says

          Petitions won’t hack it dear….only at voting time will congress pay attention. We need a constitutional convention.

          and did YOU start the petition in your state yet?

          1. Porphyry says

            Eventually some of us will progress through the entire recommended sequence of boxes–ballot, soap & jury–till reaching the cartridge box. Once enough have opened this one, woe unto the entrenched parties!

          2. helen sabin says

            I am at that point….OUr founding fathers KNEW there would be a time that patriots would need to take back their government and that time may be here now.

          3. Grover Syck says

            Yes, we need to exterminate the teatard republicans and their disgustingly rich contributors. Return the government to the people, not the rich and the corporations.

          4. helen sabin says

            Unless you want to run around naked, and never use a phone, computer, TV, or eat, the RICH corporations are getting rich off YOU – ever consider that? RIGHT NOW you are giving them money and using one of their products. Have you ever donated to any candidate or political party? IF NOT…shut the hell up and start doing so as candidates need MONEY to run…….why NOT take it from corporations?

        2. Grover Syck says

          That is the way the teatard republicans and the fundamentalist christians want it.
          To dumb to know they are getting scr#%&*, and they buy what ever elephant crap that is thrown at them.

          1. helen sabin says

            How do you know this? Where is your proof? You could say the exact same thing about all the morons who voted for Obama and like you, they swallow all the crap that is thrown at them.

      2. ihatelibs says

        And , ALL MUST BE VETS

        1. Nightwing K'Trevala says

          Maybe not Veterans but they would have to have served in some capacity similar to it, like AmeriCares or the Peace Corps. It would give a chance to the ones that cannot, by reason of physical disability or crisis of conscience (conscientious objectors), enter the armed services.

        2. barry sharp says

          Minimum 2 years ACTIVE DUTY, not reserve or national guard. Nothing against either but AD make them work

          1. helen sabin says

            Our reserves and national guard are the ones who have been fighting right along the AD! i would trust them also.

          2. Grover Syck says

            As it is going, the results of you comment sold be a congress made up of idiots, blacks, and Latinos. There are not enough intelligent whites in the military to make up the necessary number.

        3. Grover Syck says

          No, none should be vets. The military is almost as corrupt as the politician, particularly the officer corp.

      3. Diana Brooks says

        Disagree they can graft a heck of a lot in 8 years! Get rid of lobbists, limit senate and reps to no more than 4 years,they get severance pay equal to 2 years salary, no lifetime pensions and benefits, and limit being able to raise money for election or put in any of their own. Election funding to be equal in amount to all from taxes. See who has money left at the end of campaign 30 days before Election Day ! Then we’d know who might be able to control our national bank account!

        1. lil-echoes says

          I don’t think the average citizen running for Congress would know all the ropes about Governing in 4 years. I doubt if they will be able to grasp it all in 8 years – but no more than 12. I feel they should be made to have the same Insurance as all Americans – not those Cadillac plans they cherish. They are no better than we are.. and especially those who wanted Obama’s insurance. They should all be made to take it out and drop their Govt insurance. They work approx… 6 months out of a year. How many people have such a job as that with all the freebies they have. Yes, most definitely, as you say, get rid of the lobbyists. It’s outrageous.

          1. Diana Brooks says

            Instead of ” common core ” let’s give an education in the GOVERNMENT AND THE CONSTITUTION. Then the average person wouldn’t be so ill equipped as you stated it. The founding fathers weren’t career politicians and they not only formed a government but a Constitution by which it should be operated. These CLOWNS can’t even follow their outline none the less govern under it! Time to put hard working stiffs in there, ones like single moms who work, auto workers who get the shaft by big brother,old folks who survived the depression,as well as the young kid that is making his own way, VETERANS who have served this country. Americas Eagle needs BOTH WINGS TO FLY! Not bigger profiterering ,millionaire,wild spending, devil may care career politicians and government!

          2. Nancy says

            AMEN Diana. Put people in office who have common sense!!

          3. cumiadom says

            The problem is that most who aspire to be elected to Congress and Senate,
            First: they do not have any thing resembling common sense.
            Second: They are narcissist parasites only looking for their own agenda of living as privileged demi-gods and get rich quick using corruption as their only skill.

          4. Nancy Carver says

            There are so many articles out there about Obama being Narcissistic and others in big government. I read those that do this type of thing and then did not vote for any one that was narcissistic as they are ME people and want there way or nothing . Why do people vote before checking the candidates out? I don’t have to worry IF my person gets in then. Its not one of those ME people

          5. dinkerduo says

            We used to be taught that in school—it was called “civics”—doubt they teach that anymore as they don’t want these younger people to KNOW ANYTHING let alone anything about how the government works–they might figure out just how crooked most of these people are!

          6. Grover Syck says

            The problem is most people do not care about “GOVERNMENT AND THE CONSTITUTION.”

            Much of “common core” is good. It needs to be cleaned up, not scrapped.

          7. Grover Syck says

            Also, most of the republican members of congress do not know what is in the constitution. If they did, they would not be doing and saying the things they do.

          8. william couch says

            They have to be able to read first!!!

        2. Nightwing K'Trevala says

          Give them twelve years in Congress total, that’s two terms as Senator and six for the Representatives, But I agree to the rest of it IF their salaries are based on a 40 hour minimum wage week, NO Overtime and they have their kids in public schools. They also have to be a veteran or a past member of the Peace Corps or another service oriented organization like that if they are disabled or are Conscientious Objectors. JFK had the right idea “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” Let the politicians prove first that they did serve their country willingly before they try to rule the people that might disagree with them.

        3. dinkerduo says

          Each candidate–in any race–should get certain amount of money from their respective parties—period—and it must be equal–so much for a GOP and so much for a Dem.—that way it is fair! The last potus race cost over 1 BILLION dollars—that is ridiculous!! There needs to be a cap for each race–more for potus–less for Senators and Congresspeople–less for state races! We must get the really big money–on both sides–out of the picture!!

          1. CapHoya says

            Great idea. Convince people to stop voting GOP and it might actually happen.

        4. gretagarbo123 says

          No – 8 year term limits would help. It’s the length of time in office that often causes these people to go off the rails. They are pressured by special interest groups, they become obsessed with holding power, etc. I think 8 years is more feasible than 4. Think of the true conservative ones. They need more than 4 years, but no more than 8. I do agree with no lifetime pensions.

      4. helen sabin says

        We need a constitutional convention to require this and term limits for SCOTUS also. I live in CO and until we get rid of the Marxists we have here in the state legislature and those moving from CA which they screwed up, we won’t have it.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I think the SCOUS should be a ONE TIME 15 year term……..

          1. helen sabin says

            I think a ten year term is enough …look at the damage they could do in that time?? SCOTUS has made egregious decisions lately and the need to go!

          2. Grover Syck says

            Also, the ethics standards for the socus should be reinstated and made more stringent than the lower courts.

            The current “corporate” court eliminated the ethics standards for themselves.

        2. Grover Syck says

          Yes, you need a strong democratic majority in ALL state legislators, along with democratic govenors.

      5. patriot2 says

        with no retirement.

      6. Phyllis says

        Why would we rise up? Have you seen the republicans doing anything except caving in to all of Obama’s Imperial demands. Do you really think they will agree to vote themselves out of office and all the easy money. This is a game and we are ‘the stupid ones”.The Congress agrees with Mr. Gruber on that or haven’t you noticed.

    2. ihatelibs says

      Nothin a Good old Fashioned Revolution wont cure

      1. Diana Brooks says

        You got that right!

      2. mallen11 says

        Not a revolution but a great Bible revival and then see what God will do to bless our Nation again.

    3. ONLYJB1 says

      Warren and clinton, two of the biggest communist in our political system.

      1. marla1 says

        Don’t vote for the snakes!!! Write in who you want!!!!! Hopefully Clinton has a stroke or somebody body bags the bitch like the 49 she body bagged!!

        1. ONLYJB1 says

          Oh my God, are we @ 49 now? Oh, forgot, Benghazi! But we all know, what difference does it make? That was too long ago!
          Really chillary?

          1. Grover Syck says

            Benghazi has been proven to be nothing more than a republican distraction technique. The republican intelligence committee report said there was nothing there of consequence, and that the likes of Goucy and Issa should shut up and sit down.

          2. ONLYJB1 says

            Ah, progressive communist indoctrination!

      2. CapHoya says

        Oh no!! Eight years of a black man followed by another eight years of a liberal woman?? AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

      3. Grover Syck says

        First they are not communist.
        Second there is no republican party any more. It has been taken by the fascist and oligarchs.

        1. ONLYJB1 says

          I’ll say again. Progressive communist indoctrinated one. That means you, Grover.

    4. Sue4477 says

      VERY IMPORTANT to get them out. Obama & cohorts are trying to turn our nation into a communist nation. There are an estimated 100 communists in the dems/progresives/liberals/socialists in the House, and communists have been reported to be a majority in the Senate. One site names 80 of them, including obama.

      1. Dean Mauldin says

        Last month, the DNC chairman announced that on Jan 15, the Democrat party would be known as the Socialist Democrat Party. Why will they be allowed to just announce this and become a Socialist Party? Surely , those in a position to do so, can prevent this from happening. I haven’t heard a word about it from either party since her announcement.
        Does these type of changes not require some congressional considerations?

        1. Sue4477 says

          It sure seems like it should require some form of official change. But I’m very glad to see they won’t be hiding under other names anymore. They need to be recognized for what they are. And HOPEFULLY lose voters. Thanks for the head’s up.

        2. helen sabin says

          I hadn’t heard this at all – where did you see this?

          1. Dean Mauldin says

            discount it all you want. won’t change anything. I am not one to post anything I haven’t seen or heard. I am an 81 year old lady who had worked all her life and still take care of myself. This was on the computer. I could look it up , but I won’t. I posted it to see if anyone else had heard it. I don’t know if it was on TV
            since I don’t have one. Haven’t watched tv since last April. I don’t believe everything I hear, either. By the way is her name Wasserman?

          2. helen sabin says

            81?? OMG – that is fabulous. I hope to get to be that age and more. Why no TV? You are NOT missing anything by NOT watching it however. I don’t bother turning it on either. I hadn’t heard of this but I do think what is in the DEM party now are not socialists but Marxists. They have LONG passed the spectrum of socialism and are heading toward Communism. Many in the GOP are helping them along. And Wasserman Schultz is one of the biggest liars in the party! She is a horror!

          3. Dean Mauldin says

            please search Democratic Socialist party, or Socialist Democratic party. you will find Obama is a Marxist; Obama is a Socialist; Obama is a communist. they also tell his plans from the time he was in the Senate, and his current plans for this country.

          4. helen sabin says

            I totally agree. Read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg and you will see why. Then search out his statements and actions by Obama sic as the home owner in Willamete Illinois where he wanted to criminalize a home owner who defended his home against a man who invaded two times….

            Obama’s long-term antipathy to the Second
            Amendment is evidenced by a case that came up when Obama was an Illinois state
            senator and Obama worked to prosecute criminally a man who stopped a
            home-invasion burglary that happened while his children were asleep in their

            But he used an improperly registered handgun.

            The home invasion case

            The case involved Hale DeMar, a 52-year-old
            Wilmette resident who was arrested and charged with misdemeanor violations for
            shooting a burglar who broke into his home not once, but twice. DeMar shot the
            invader in the shoulder and leg.

            DeMar was well-known in Chicago as the owner
            the Oak Tree Restaurant on the Magnificant Mile along Michigan Avenue, and
            legally had purchased the gun in the 1980s from Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale.

            On Dec. 28, 2003, DeMar woke up in the middle
            of the night to find his home had been invaded by a criminal who stole various
            household items including a television, a ring of keys and DeMar’s BMW SUV.

            The next night the thief returned and used
            DeMar’s keys to get back into the house. This time, the thief set off the alarm
            system, automatically notifying the security company.

            Concerned his children were in danger, DeMar
            got his handgun from the safe where he kept it and shot the thief, who then
            fled the house by crashing through the front window to escape.

            The burglar, a 31-year-old with a criminal
            record, then drove DeMar’s SUV to the hospital, where he was arrested.

            Arrested for self-defense

            On Jan. 8, 2004, Wilmette Police Chief George
            Carpenter arrested DeMar for violating the town’s handgun ban, which took
            effect in 1989.

            “Wilmette homes are much safer without a
            handgun,” Carpenter told the Chicago Sun-Times, defending his decision to
            enforce the North Shore suburb’s local ordinance.

            Additionally, Carpenter charged DeMar with
            failing to renew his Illinois firearm owner’s identification card, which had
            expired in 1988. DeMar faced some hefty fines and possibly even some jail time
            under the violations.

            A few days later, appearing before the Wilmette
            Village Board to defend why he arrested DeMar under the town’s handgun ban,
            Carpenter explained, “Handguns create a hazard in the home.”

            Against a background of booing from local residents
            attending the packed village board meeting, Carpenter argued his case. “My
            experience is that handguns are more likely to be used or threatened to be used
            in quarrel or domestic situations or in suicide attempts,” he explained.

            Town residents testifying disagreed, describing
            gun ownership as “a God-given right” and “the most sacred civil right.”
            According to a Chicago Sun-Times reporter present at the hearing, at one point
            a man in the audience stood up and yelled, “Give me liberty or give me death!”
            echoing Patrick Henry’s famous line.

            “Until you are shocked by a piercing alarm in
            the middle of the night and met in your kitchen by a masked invader as your
            children shudder in their beds, until you confront that very real nightmare,
            please don’t suggest that some village trustee knows better,” De Mar said in
            his own self-defense.

            “If my actions have spared only one family from
            the distress and trauma that this habitual criminal has caused hundreds of
            others, then I have served my civic duty and taken one evil creature off our
            streets, something that our impotent criminal justice system had failed to do,
            despite some thirty odd arrests, plea bargains and suspended sentences.”

            In February 2004, Cook County prosecutors
            dropped all charges against DeMar, thinking better about facing the public
            outcry that had developed throughout the state over the case.

            Obama pursues case

            But that wasn’t the end, and soon Obama was in

            In March 2004, the Illinois Senate passed
            Senate Bill 2165, a law introduced in response to DeMar’s case, with provisions
            designed to assert a right of citizens to protect themselves against home
            invasions, such that self-defense requirements would be viewed to take
            precedence over local ordinances against handgun possession.

            The measure passed the Illinois Senate by a
            vote of 38-20.

            Obama was one of the 20 state senators voting
            against the measure.

            After passing the Illinois House by an
            overwhelming majority of 86-25, the measure went to the desk of the
            now-imprisoned Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who vetoed it.

            On Nov. 9, 2004, the Illinois Senate voted
            40-18 to override Blagojevich’s veto.

            Again, Obama acted against the bill, voting
            with the 18 that wanted to sustain the governor’s veto.

            On Nov. 17, 2004, the Illinois House voted overwhelmingly,
            85-30, to override the governor’s veto and Senate Bill 2165 became law.

            According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the
            override vote in the Illinois legislature demonstrated that, “Legislatures are
            responding – albeit with very small steps in Illinois – to constituents who
            demand that their right of self-defense be held sacrosanct.”

            Obama was one of the few state senators who did
            not get the point.

            The Joyce Foundation

            Kenneth Vogel, writing in, pointed out that before
            Obama became a national political figure, he sat on the
            board of the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation that gave out at least nine grants
            totaling $2.7 million to groups advocating gun-control measures.

            Among the Joyce Foundation grants approved
            while Obama was on the board was $20,000 in funding to a group called the
            Violence Policy Center that used the money to publish a book entitled “Every
            Handgun is Aimed at You: The Case for Banning Handguns.”

            Josh Sugarmann, the director of the Violence
            Policy Center and the author of the book, wrote in the book’s introduction, “A
            single consumer product holds our nation hostage: the handgun.”

            For his eight years with the Joyce Foundation,
            Obama was paid more than $70,000 in director’s fees, according to Vogel’s
            article in

            more at

          5. CapHoya says

            Just because you see it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. Many people mistake parody sites for being real, and then there are organizations like Fox News who can’t even hit 10% on facts.

        3. CapHoya says

          Huh? Democrats produce much better financial results for businesses. They’re also the best at lifting people up economically and off of public support. That doesn’t sound very socialist to me.

    5. 7papa7 says

      I think America needs to realize that republicans are cowards period. They have zero backbone. They stand for nothing and the sad part is that they are just a little better than the democrats and that is because of the vast minority who have a backbone like Senators Cruz and Lee and Congressman like Gowdy and Gohmert plus a very few others. These folks actually put America first. I don’t know of a single democrat who puts America first but like all rug rats they put self first. Remember the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Until we dump the democrats and RINO’s NOTHING will change.

      1. Diana Brooks says

        Status quo bigger and bigger government, less and less personal freedom one wonders EXACTLY WHEN THE PEOPLE WILL FINALLY SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND RIISE UP TO DEFEND THEMSELVES! 72 and waiting for GOD or a revolution.

        1. 7papa7 says

          I agree totally with you, it is disgusting what has happened to the greatest country in history. What I fear is that God will return before a revolution. Far to many people rely on government so they won’t step up to the plate until it directly affects them, they only care about themselves and not the country. This will last until the country turns their back on them. Nothing would make me happier than to see some of these great military commanders who were forced out of the military get together and put together a civilian force that would be as big or bigger than the present military and as powerful. We have to get to the point that we will admit that we have a camel jockey in the WH and until he is shown a strength greater than he has nothing will happen. He has the congress afraid of him and the people not willing to fight his tyranny.
          PS you have a beautiful dog.

        2. mallen11 says

          No need to wait for God since it is up to each person to put God first then we will see the difference in our country. Why should God bless our Nation when we the people no longer worship Him through His Word. Too many don’t even know what the Bible says and therefore are living as unto the Lord — it is not what man says we should do but what the Bible says.

          1. Grover Syck says

            The wall of separation must be made stronger, wider, deeper, and higher.

      2. mallen11 says

        The issue is not putting self first but putting God first; then we will see better leadership and our country will prosper again.
        Jer 17:5 Thus says the LORD,” Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the LORD.
        Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.
        2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.

        1. 7papa7 says

          I was inferring what they do. It is obvious to myself that you always put God first. I forget from time to time that many don’t. In Peter we are told to obey our government unless it violates God so the bottom line is who do you want to obey, the Godless or the Godly. Right now we have a president and administration who not only are Godless but also violate Scripture in NOT standing with Israel. God clearly says those who bless his people will be blessed and those who curse his people will be cursed. America’s leaders are now in violation of both of these which is why America is in the pain it is in and that is why under Reagan we were so profitable as a nation. We will be and are being disciplined for the actions of our leaders. We are getting what is just. All those who call on the name of Christ need to ban together and take responsibility for our actions and start electing Godly men who put God first. I totally agree with you.

        2. Grover Syck says

          Keep your god in you home and your church, but out of the public square, and out of my face.

          “God” is a man made device to explain the unknown, control the “faithful” , and to extort the “faithful”.

          1. mallen11 says

            You fear God more than you realize. It amazes me that people who claim to be enlightened are so blazingly insecure when it comes to public displays of faith. This was not the case in the early years of our country. Atheists or non- religious individuals were not offended by Christian prayers back then. They actually believed in peoples’ right to express their faith in the public square.
            Atheist want to convince everyone that there is no God since they probably think they would make them feel better but it won’t.
            If you think the Word of God was written by mere man without God’s instructions you are badly mistaken.
            Jer 9:23-24 Thus says the LORD, “Let not a wise man boast of his wisdom, and let not the mighty man boast of his might, let not a rich man boast of his riches; but let him who boasts boast of this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the LORD who exercises lovingkindness, justice and righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things,” declares the LORD.

      3. Nancy says

        Yes to 7papa7!!

      4. helen sabin says

        NOT all are cowards – Lamborn our REPUB congress critter did NOT attend the State of the Union and got lambasted for not dong so – I cheered him on! He didn’t miss anything. But it does seem that it is ONLY the tea party candidates speaking out – so let’s elect them in 2016 – for President – GOWDY for VP – Cruz For Sec Def – Alan West for energy – sarah palin, for state house – John Bolton, for treasury – The Donald although he donates to both sides , and so on and so forth!

        1. 7papa7 says

          No l agree not 100% of them are cowards but you could probably dump about 90% of them. I definitely agree with some of your choices, the Donald has to big an ego for anything but the top spot. He wouldn’t want to be accountable to anyone. I would also like to see Gohmert on SCOTUS. Lee for sec of state etc. You definitely have some good choices.

          1. helen sabin says

            I LOVE THE idea of Gomert and Lee and agree – they would be good also. There are many in both houses that could be good but they need to stand up and speak out. Too many are too lazy to do so and don’t want to rock the boat – those have to go also. Now all we have to do PAPA is get some 70 million to agree with us. :>))

          2. Grover Syck says

            Yes, a guaranteed democratic victory.

            Hillary is going to be the next president if she wants it. If she runs, she will bring bring along a democratic senate, and very likely a democratic house.

          3. mallen11 says

            Along with all libs, you have a sick mind that will destroy this country because you would rather have communism than freedom. If you think you won’t suffer under Hellory’s reign; you better get some good Bible teaching for Jesus Christ is in control of history whether you think so or not. You are a mere male who needs help. I don’t believe she will make it; too much garbage and bad decisions.

          4. 7papa7 says

            If they aren’t willing to speak out and take a stand I would have to question how good they are. Those that you mentioned have stood up, spoke out and take a solid stance.

        2. Grover Syck says

          If you mind is as screwed up as your post, I feel sorry for you

      5. CapHoya says

        If any of the gomers you listed put country before themselves just once, I promise I’ll have a heart attack and die. That should be enough for any of them to do it, but I’m not worried. They’ve got you right where they want you.

      6. Grover Syck says

        the retards you mentioned do not have a back bone, they have severe insanity.
        Cruzer gave the democrats 20 more judges and other appointments due to his bit of stupidity at the end of the session. Gave them 2 more days to get the nominees confirmed. Cruz, Lee, Gowdy, Gohmert, and Issa are all idiots. They all should be in a mental institution instead of congress.

    6. mallen11 says

      Actually, nothing will get better in America until more people decide to put God first in their lives instead of humanism, communism,

      1. Sue4477 says


    7. helen sabin says

      Boehner would be better than Biden or Obama but not by much. He needs to go!!

    8. Grover Syck says

      The “dirt bags” were removed from the White House 6 years ago when the illegitimate president, George W Bush was evicted.

      Unfortunatlly, Baby Bush and Dirty Dick Cheney did not get put in prison, where they belong

    9. graybuffalo says

      If the spineless GOPers we elect don’t fulfill their promises to get elected, why bother trying to ditch the Marxist communist, globalist, fraudulent, illegal Pres. Barack Hussein? In two years time, we won’t recognize Amerika anymore. We are surrounded by idiots. We are doomed. Time to become an ex-pat.

    10. lil-echoes says

      Not enough people pay attention to what goes on in Congress – they just take it as it is. I’ve often wondered when you sign a sheet saying to get rid of this one or that one.. if it’s ever counted or if it’s a way of participating in the event. It will take an ACT of TOUGHNESS to get rid of those lazy ones in Congress who think they are a God Send ornament to be glorified like Obama desires on the Campaign trail. He goes on those campaigns to get out of working in the WH and probably get away from Michelle and to find a new lover along the way and smoke some crack.

  3. donl says

    Why don’t the Republicans come right out and say it, Our children are being “controlled” by the far left. We have a serious problem in this country, It’s called Communism, Socialism, and Progressivism. There are no more real democrats, the ones that used to look out for the little guy. It’s up to We The People to decide our children’s future. I see rough going in the very near future. Rush said it best, “folks for the next two years fasten your seat belts”.

    1. Sue Breslin says

      Until the American people unite as one, it is useless to even start. We MUST do as Egypt did, ALL gather together to demand this traitor step down. But until you have one voice, the future is not looking good. The only time you will see Revolution, is when it hits the people’s pocketbook; which is coming soon. Then and only then will they rise, hopefully as one and not make it a stupid race thing.

      1. donl says

        Thank You for your post. You are correct.

  4. CA Loser says

    If these Fockers lay down and play dead again, we will have to remove both parties and start over. These Republicans better grow some base balls, they are looking more and more like the left light. Can you say Revolution?

  5. American says

    Boehner has to go. We need someone who will stand up to Obama and REPRESENT the American people. I’m still optimistic things will improve with the 2015 Congress, but Boehner still has to go.

  6. Mark Clemens says

    This is a DISTRACTION STORY. I’m gonna teach y’all how to spot propaganda.How important of an issue is School Lunch (2%-3% over all)? Who cares what Mrs Obama is doing?
    The REAL story here is the $1,000,000,000 spending bill, it’s tooooooo damn long!
    To many pages
    To many earmarks
    To many dollars going to political allies.
    To many government raises
    To many $$$ going into the Pork Barrel
    To many conflicting issues
    But hey, its Christians, and YOUR Congressman has to give his BIG MONEY Supporters a little something. Even if the rest of us have to cough up the actual Trillion.
    If you believe in TERM LIMITS, you should start thinking about BILL PAGE LIMITS. I think 25-30 pages should do it, or it must of been a complex and stupid idea. I think congress does this Lame Duck (dumb duck, is more like it) on purpose. So they can implement their BAD IDEAS, and distance themselves from them. Here’s another Bill that the House voted on, before READING IT. 60% of it was written by LOBBYISTS. If the Congress is to damn LAZY to wright it’s own Bills, whats the point in keeping these people in office? If you vote straight party lines, you are responsible for these losers coming back session after session……
    As James Madison suggested all Bills should be kept simple. Look at the Bill of Rights or Constitution. They are both straight to the point about how government works, what it can and can not do. What the People can do.
    Y’all have a Merry Christmas!
    Eat all the food you like, as much as you want, next year they may be illegal…………..

    1. Diana Brooks says

      I agree with Bill page and issue limits wholeheartedly! My bill page 1 bold type vote to limit congressional terms to no more than 4 years! Page 2 vote to eliminate lifetime pensions and benefits and give severance pay of 2 years salary and a thank you for your service card! End of Bill

      1. Sue4477 says

        Agreed. Why should Congressmen receive huge amounts of money for the rest of their lives? Add to that their family benefits also. Compare that to our many vets who receive NOTHING annually. And VA benefits that are often seriously lacking. That’s simply not right.

        1. Angry American says

          They receive these pensions after 1 term & they get them for the rest of their lives courtesy of the bills they passed into law

          1. Sue4477 says

            Yes, the bills they passed IN THEIR OWN SELFISH INTEREST to rob from us, the taxpayers. Then they CUT other benefits for people who’ve paid for them throughout their working years, people who work hard and need that tax money, vets and so many others.

      2. hankthetank says

        All bills should only contain Only ( 1 ) item! no amendments allow !!!

    2. Sue4477 says

      Excellent points made! I’d never heard the bill page limit idea & compared it to the Constitution & Bill of Rights. Good idea.

      1. Diana Brooks says

        O careLESS alone is reputed to have over 10k pages, no one read all that! Most had no clue what was in it nor did they care ! “IT IS DEMO SPONSERED, MUST BE GREAT, I’M A DEMO I VOTE ” “YES”

      2. Mark Clemens says

        Thank you. With 1600+ page Bills Lobbyists writing part of them is past crazy!!!!
        Did you know EVERY CONGRESSPERSON gets $1,500,000 a year, per member to run their office? With all that money, the congress should wright Bills, not an out side source…….

        1. Sue4477 says

          I didn’t know the amount of what Congressmen receive annually to run their offices. That amount is appalling and invites abuse. Congressmen could and should write their own bills. By limiting the length of their bills, this becomes entirely possible. I think they are simply lazy and only too happy to have someone else do their job.

          Did you notice both I and the person I responded to have 1 post each missing? Our 1st Amendment rights ignored and violated once again.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Don’t feel bad, I’ve been “edited” three or four times. It’s never the zingers between me and a radical, they take down the ones that strike a point, or make sense……
            For the USA being LAND of the FREE, there are sure a lot of rules here………

          2. Sue4477 says

            Yes, it’s happened to me before. We are no longer the Land of the Free. We are much closer to a Communist state than most realize.

    3. Fedup says

      Why do they wait until the last few days before it’s due to even begin to come up with a budget? Why don’t they start working on it at least a month before it’s due in order to compromise if necessary and to avoid the threat of a government shutdown?

      1. Nancy says

        My question completely!! Why do they wait to the last minute? They don’t want to know what’s in it – if they did – they would never vote on the budget bill because it would show how much PORK and nonsense is in it!! And they do not want to give all that up.

        1. Fedup says

          I thought Obama saying that he didn’t like it but he would sign it anyways was a crock of you know what. If he really didn’t like it then the only reason he signed was so he’s not made out to be the obstructionist. But why would he sign it if he didn’t like it? Warren and Pelosi’s sure put on a show though. It was pretty entertaining I thought.

          1. hankthetank says

            DON”t you know obama, lies about everything,! he got what he wanted! he was trying to make Bohner ,look good!!!

      2. hankthetank says

        They do this on purpose! they want to vote the bill & go home,they don’t want time to argue! screw the people!!

      3. Mark Clemens says

        We have not had a budget since 2007.
        They do this so they can cram bad ideas down our throats, then blame someone else for the poor legalization. Here are two examples in this massive Bill:
        1. All pensions (even rail road, except congress) will be cut by 25%, unless your over 80yrs old.
        This is because the Congress from 2003-2014 has sent 7,500,000 manufacturing jobs over seas (less people paying in to retirement pools).
        2. The congress will allow speculative trading again. That’s what caused mortgage crisis, and TARP BAIL OUTS. So in about 6yrs get ready to bail out the TO BIG TO FAIL BANKS……..again.

    4. CapHoya says

      In your list of “To,” the correct word is “too.”

      Earmarks were made illegal by the Democrats. That hasn’t changed. Too many pages? It’s a big country that just keeps growing. Too many gov’t raises? It’s been no raises for years, along with furloughs and shut downs. Is a 1% raise too much to ask, considering they could make a lot more money doing anything else? 60% written by lobbyists? I can assure you none of them are interested in coughing up $1.3 million per cycle in campaign donations. This gem was written by the gomers you elect to Congress.

  7. ihatelibs says

    Make MOOOCHELLE , Eat Her Crap

  8. CCblogging says

    The Democrats and the Republicans are all a sorry lot. Time for us to vote third party or just forget it.

  9. carlton goodson says

    I say let the kids wear tees that have prints on them. (logo) I’m a Obama school lunch survivor!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Look at that small carton if milk she’s holding, What size is that? Like 100 drops? When I went to school (back B-4 the day) we got a full PINT for a nickel. No wonder kids going to public schools are underfed. I say next Congress we adopt the Mark Clemens nutrition plan.
      I’ll put some more vittles on the youngens’ plates. Lots of pork and cornbread potatoes kind of meal. Not no 100 drops of milk, 32 peas 2 grams of potatoes. Who’s gonna grow eating like that????

      1. Diana Brooks says

        In response to the school nutrition issue. Some of those kids recieve only those 2 free meals at school, they deliver ( if actually eaten) less than 850 calories a day to growing children. As a retired nurse that is the dietary amount used for the morbidly obese in a hospital setting( because it needs to be monitored) .the changes in acid /base balance due to ketoacidosis( burning fats result) is the cause they are in the hospital! Kids require more than that just to grow ,energy to function and learn not withstanding.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Well, I say if this is the only two meals kids get,.put MORE FOOD ON THE PLATE!!!!!

  10. John Barleycorn says

    REPUBLICANS have turned up to be quite the pussy’s in Washington

    1. Angry American says

      This is why I support the TEA party, they do what we want them to do. Of course there just isn’t enough of them yet. I love the representative from N Carolina you know the one that told Obama that he was lying when he said that illegals were not eligible for obamacare. I think we need about 250 more just like him & he did that with both houses in attendance & to me that takes nerve, which is what we really need to represent us, not the wimps that make up the majority of the gop in office today. All of them will be looking to the next election where we can get them out. I will be watching with a lot of interest to see just how hard they are willing to fight obama’s radical agenda. Censoring him is not even a slap on the wrist to him & should be used as Toilet Paper for all the good it will do. Does the gop also think we are that stupid like the democraps do

  11. Diana Brooks says


  12. KayO says

    Why is Boehner there again? We don’t need a yes-man.

    1. Sue4477 says

      What does that tell you about all the members who voted him in again? Serious problems there with all of them. Very scary how they think.

      1. Angry American says

        It is up to the next congress to vote on who is speaker of the house & they have not taken office yet. I don’t think it will really matter as they will probably vote him back in

        1. Sue4477 says

          Both Boehner & McConnell have already been voted in for the next Congress by the current Congress. Absolutely infuriating!!

  13. ONLYJB1 says

    Perfect example of what happens when the federal government involves it’s all powerful stupidity in

    things they have no business messing with! Date back the beginning of the decline of our public schools. There you go, you got it!

  14. lil-echoes says

    I never liked Boehner —- Can’t feature them ever electing him in the first place

  15. papa doug says

    If you are already disappointed about Republican inaction get ready for a rough ride because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, independent it doesn’t matter because there are liberals in all political parties and most of those are Socialists. It’s all right there to see, their history in politics show who they are and where they’re going and none of it includes listening to us or what we want.
    You may wonder why the news media isn’t reporting and exposing any of this. You have to remember, the owners of the news media are mega wealthy socialists themselves and will do nothing to kill the goose that lays the golden egg!

  16. petsnpeopletoo says

    People need to remove kids from schools till they get the government OUT of them..

  17. sgtyork says

    HEADLINES…… Republicans run with tails tucked to momma pelosi and daddy ovomit for protection from American people for lack of guts.

  18. slypuffers says

    The old politicians of the GOP are gone, today they continually overlook the core values of Conservatism, capitulate at every turn, always ready to knuckle under, becoming whining wimps. The few truly Republicans left are Conservatives, holding to the Constitution, and the parties founding ideals. The GOP stopped being “Grand” after President Reagan………..sweethearts. Past time for strong Conservative leaders in control.

  19. John Green says

    American kids deserve the same lunches as Obama’s kids!! Fight this needed battle!

  20. Fedup says

    We now have a one party government called the repulicrats.

  21. rchguns says

    As messed up as Michelle is made the school lunch program and how badly it needs to be straightened out I must really put it behind other more important disasters facing America.

    I realize it’s too late for the Republicans to do diddly squat to basically disarm the president and disband or at least limit the power of his private army. Homeland security is a cancer just like cancer starts out as normal healthy cells until something goes wrong. Homeland security went wrong a long time ago.

    The health of the nation is much more important than giving away free meals in schools no matter how badly their need.

  22. Valor says

    Once again the Republicans have demonstrated they are a wasted vote. With most of the people so ignorant of what is happening to this nation, we are so screwed.

  23. Dennis Derstine says

    There should be no pensions for our elected officials. These people are more than capable of going back to private sector jobs after 2 terms in DC. It doesnt take a lifetime to learn how to submit a balanced budget and down size an out of control government.
    We don’t need federal authorities telling us what to feed our children.
    Lobbyists?? Are you kidding me?? Constituents are the only lobbyists we need. Remember, you work for US!!

  24. JIMBO says

    I am at my wits end with the games our elected officials are playing with us. We all worked hard to make sure we had a change in Washington. What good did it do? The first major act was to approve a budget over 1 trillion dollars for Obama. He gets his way on illegal amnesty and they vote them selves a huge pay raise. Is this what the fight was all about? Sounds like a lot of back room wheeling and dealing. What has to be done to stop Obama and his crocked regime. I just watched a great documentary on Hitler and all I could see was Obama at work. Something has to give and it has t happen now.

  25. Nancy says

    That’s it! I’m no longer a Republican!! What the hell is wrong with Boehner? Get him out, along with his buddy Oba’me’. I’m so outraged with the Repubs signing this bill. And why do these politicians never read a bill before they sign it? If they would work, like a normal American, maybe they would have time to read something before they sign a bill never knowing what’s in it. Why are we paying their salaries when they are never at work? And I am TOTALLY in favor of term limits – eight years and then get out without their bloated retirements and other entitlements. I’m just soooooooo discussed, all this ‘crap’ the politicians dish out to the Americans, my health is being affected. WE have to stand up to this government!! Quit accepting what they are dishing out to us!!!!!!! Where can I start?

  26. helen sabin says

    School lunches should be a STATES ISSUE – Congress should NOT get involved in this social issue. The Bit** Moochelle eats like a queen and tells kids in schools to eat slop she wouldn’t feed her own daughters. Hypocrite!

  27. TAM44 says

    john Boehner is spineless and a cry baby as well and seems to be content on kissing Obama’s lying no count A$$, same hold true for mitch mcmonnell what a pair of losers.

  28. Tom Soriano says

    Instead of charging forward, reinforced by the confidence and trust that the American People showed them during the midterm elections, the Republicans are still cowering to Obama and his henchmen! Boehner and some other Republicans have betrayed US again and they need to join Barack and Michael when we clean house. We can’t let this crap go on until 2016!

  29. joe joe says

    I think its time to revamp the entire government! so much for voting Nov. 4th that did nothing for the American people!

  30. greyfox says

    It’s politics as usual, don’t expect miracles.

  31. A. Little says

    Time to CLEAN HOUSE……….. “CLEAN”……..

  32. pysco says

    There is no debate it was cut from the budget, when are you people going to quit kissing Obama’s “A”ss………. Stand like you got a pair.

  33. William Burke says

    Republicans? They need to change their name to the DUTY-SHUCKERS.

    Better yet, the DOODY-SUCKERS.

  34. marilyn says

    my,my do we have a congress or a body of people playing gotcha,beginning jan ist we want to see a return on our good faith that this country will be run by our laws,deep in debt,while obama plays golf and fund raises this must stop,we pay him for answers to the problem of america,not race riots.

  35. Jeanne P. says

    As in the past, why does not the individual town and city decide what shall be offered for children’s lunches and how they prepared ? This whole lunch debacle has grown to ridiculous proportions. It has no business being a huge national concern. Every board of education wants the best possible menu for the school children. The parents will inform the boards if the meals are unsatisfactory.
    This is a very local concern.

  36. robin says

    all of you people with kids in the school system look at the videos posted as to what they are forcing feeding your kids at school because of michelle obutma. Then go look at the videos of what the white house kids get to eat at school. A far cry from the crap your kids are expected to eat. Lift your voices people unless you like for your children to starve.

  37. sharon Mize says

    president Obama, I have e-mailed you serveal times about bullying and suicide, this war needs help
    and ways to fight and stop it! Please get back to me, this is a matter of life and death!!

  38. Frank Delano says

    With these WIMPS Republicans .Better get some Balls . I’M beginning to be ashamed to say I’M a Republican . Wake Boehner and the rest of you Republicans in power . The same thing can happen
    to you come next election . Better get some balls .

  39. wapitihunter says

    Mainstream Republicans have avoided just about everything including their “party”. Boehner led the democtats and Ohomo to victory in the budget to fund the government. The Republicans did well in the November Midterm elections or did they forget that. I know they forgot their party or at least the one they say they belong to. How are they going to stop Ohomocare and Amnesty when they funded it through most of the year. Next thing they’ll do is approve the gays appointees and then put a Rino to run for prez in 2016. Boenher , Frankenstein, Pelosi and Reid need to be run out of Washington.

  40. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    The RINO’s in Congress can’t even attempt to do anything about that control freak Michelle’s lunch program? Good Grief. Can they be anymore worthless?

  41. hopealda says

    If they treat Obama right, he may pass all the GOP bills presented within the next 2 years, without any treats of vetoing. Remember that we get things more easily with a “touch of honey”. So, we’ll see.

  42. Marilyn Stern says

    Let the state governments and school districts deal with Michelle’s stupid school lunch program.

  43. adrianvance says

    More Boehner boners. He is as bad as Obama.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  44. zookeeper216 says

    I always brought my lunch to school, even when I was in high school. Parents don’t want to pack lunches anymore, that would take time and effort. They also consider schools a cheap babysitter so they don’t buck the system. Stupid parents.

  45. Yadja says

    The parents of this country need to rise-up and to speak out in every school across this country. Plus the Governor’s of each State needs to put something into play to stop this nonsense.

    Michelle O is not an elected official and she does not write law, again following in O’s footsteps.

    People across this country better find their backbones, I guarantee if I had children in school I would be raising Holy He!! and they would hear me.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      If people really care about their children’s education. They should enroll them in privet schools run by the church you agree with…….

      1. Yadja says

        Private schools, home school or Church’s need to get back in the business of having schools for their flock.

  46. Shauna says

    How could they possibly have the NERVE to say anything?? The kids are eating shit and they just passed a bill with so much pork in it, it would make the world fat…I’m so disgusted with our Govt right now…Quite frankly they all make me sick to my stomach! They all need a good ass whooping for this! Oh and McCain, you senile POS, listening to you on Sunday with that old goat, Bob Sheefer(spelling), you have lost whatever was left of your mind!! Folks, I say get them at the town hall meetings..A good ass whooping never hurt anyone and I think it would be better then a revolution at this point…Every single one of these asshats, ( with a exception of a few), thumbed there crooked, brown, nose at us…That is our thanks for electing them…I’m working myself into a tizzy….gotta go! Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for all you do and we will be back to fight again in the New year! God Bless you all!

  47. WhiteFalcon says

    Probably the biggest problem with Republicans is that over the past many years they have not had the balls to take a stand and fight for that stand. I refer to them as the cave-in party because that is what they do. This is not how they started out, but they have become this way over the years. The one thing that I can admire about democraps is that they will stand up and fight for whatever dullision their nut jobs happen to come up with. Our job is to clean out the RINOs from the Repuboican party. We have made progress but we still have a long way to go. Boehner, McConnell, and many others need to go. I feel like this will be McConnell’s last term because he is some 71 years old, but we need to come up with someone that is a true patriot to replace him. The same is true with Boehner and all the other RINOs. We must take over the Republican party and make it in the image of our founding fathers and all those that have given so much to make this country the greatest the world has ever seen.

  48. CapHoya says

    This Thanksgiving I had 15 people at my table. Everything was made from scratch – even the bread for the stuffing. For me, sharing a meal with family and friends is an expression of love, and I want it to be as good as it could possibly be. I also signed up to provide some Thanksgiving baskets at church, and there was a list of what we were supposed to include. The list wasn’t all that different from what I was making myself – starches, vegetables, cranberry sauce and dessert – but I was shocked at how expensive it was for the prepared stuff. Then I was concerned about how unhealthy they were. I was providing organic, all natural food for a lot of people for not much more money than I was providing food baskets for the poor.

    I don’t understand the objection to healthy food. The one that really gets me is the objection to whole grains. First, they’re delicious! Second, they’re not hard to work with. I’ve heard complaints about whole grain pasta not holding up. (Yes, I make my pasta from scratch too.) Vegetable pasta, such as spinach pasta, is the hardest to work with. Next up, white pasta. Semolina and whole wheat pasta? That stuff will patch a leaky pipe.

    We should be focusing our efforts on big agriculture and the highly processed crap they sell us. High fat, high sugar and high salt has created a health epidemic in this country. We’re killing our children on a school diet that costs more than the rest of the industrialized world, who feed their children wholesome fresh meals and don’t have any of the health issues we face.

    How much is Big Ag spending to make you believe that healthy food is the enemy, and why are you falling for it?

  49. DustyFae says

    Michelle Obama offends me with her school lunches while her kids eats whatever they want.Like all Moms, my kids are Special to me also.

  50. john4637 says

    We know which of our representatives are patriots and which are RINO”s or Marxists. Keep the patriots and each state must re-call the other drones and replace them with real Americans before it is too late. We will face disaster come 2016 if these crumbs are permitted to stay in office.

  51. Yadja says

    Just another show of weakness Mrs. O is not an elected official and nobody anywhere in this country had to listen to her or do anything she suggested.

    Canada just made a list that shows how “Stupid” Americans have been under O and they are right on.

  52. gretagarbo123 says

    Is there any issue these cowards aren’t afraid to deal with? The Conservative cowards. Only a handful like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz seem to be up for the fight. The others are phony conservatives and can go to h. We’ll see what the new ones do when they take office. For now, I’m watching them like a hawk and if they don’t fight for conservative values and continue to support wacky liberal causes, then I’m finished! I mean totally finished with them. I won’t vote for them again. I think many feel as I do, so this is their last chance. They have a great opportunity. If they blow this advantage they have gained in the mid-term election, then they are probably finished as a viable party. The Republican “Beltway Establishment” is too stupid to see this. They aren’t doing what their base votes them in for. I’m already giving up on our country.

  53. fidelity says

    Congress is pimping and you know what that makes their supporters. It’s all about money. They do not care about the American’s people, black, white or blue.

  54. Libya21 says

    No one elected Michelle Obama. Parents need to stand up for their kids and take back the school lunch program. It is time to confront local school officials. If they support Obama, demand their removal and use the tools afforded us. Some schools have banned parents sending bagged lunches. Only under a Communist system does a school system tell you what your kids can eat or bring to school. Take your responsibility and get in someone’s face. Take names. Kick ass. Take back YOUR school lunch program!

  55. Jean Witte says

    Just what all else are the Republicans deciding to not confront? What in the world do they think we had an election for in November???

  56. Timothy Bunn says

    Take republicans names to make sure remembered whom not to vote.

  57. marilyn says


  58. Marcia Schweisthal says

    If Boehner and McConnell don’t start doing the right thing, the voters in their states should start a recall petition to get them out of office now. Iam willing to give them a chance, but not a long one. Unfortunately, my state elected Democrats, so I can’t do anything here. All the states who voted for RINOs could recall them and vote someone who values America.

  59. Michael Dennewitz says

    And the bottom line: The repooplicans kissed ass til they took the senate, then they just as same said, “Thanks for the support folks, but bend over – this won’t hurt for too long! THE BASTARDS STABBED US IN THE BACK and are now just as evil as the democrats. WE’RE SCREWED!! HERE COMES MARTIAL LAW !!!

  60. vrahnos says

    You want a smaller government,less taxes,less government in our lives an so on then quit sending the bleeding hearts to D.C.

  61. adrianvance says

    Republicans avoid confronting anything. They are in terminal envy of what Democrats get away with.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  62. WhiteFalcon says

    The problem with Republicans is that they avoid confronting anything. That is one big reason why we are in the mess we are in now.

  63. guest says

    Since when have the republicans confronted anything?

  64. lil-echoes says

    Just another ‘weakness’ of the Republican party…. so afraid of OFFENDING someone for fear of being called a RACIST….. In looking back over the years… Obama has surrounded himself with women.. cause they are easier to ‘con’ than most men… also cause he feels the most comfortable with them since they are not ones to snicker behind his back about being a homosexual…. men… he feels do.

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