Republicans Promise to Block Obama’s Supreme Court Nom


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wasted no time in reiterating his position on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee on Wednesday, promising that the Republican-dominated Senate would not even consider confirmation hearings. McConnell, who made a public statement after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death last month, has said that the American people deserve to have a say in how his conservative seat is filled. And though Obama went out of his way to pick a nominee – Merrick B. Garland – who might be palatable to Republicans – McConnell remains resolute.

“The American people may well elect a president who decides to nominate Judge Garland for Senate consideration,” McConnell said. “The next president may also nominate someone very different. Either way, our view is this: Give the people a voice in the filling of this vacancy.”

In announcing the nomination, Obama used the occasion to pressure Republicans to cave. “I simply ask Republicans in the Senate to give him a fair hearing, and then an up-or-down vote,” Obama said in the Rose Garden. “If you don’t, then it will not only be an abdication of the Senate’s constitutional duty, it will indicate a process for nominating and confirming judges that is beyond repair.”

While McConnell dismissed the president’s warnings, other Republican senators have swayed from the hardline approach. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Mark Kirk of Illinois, and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire are among several senators who have said they would be willing to meet with Judge Garland. Other Republicans have said that they might be open to confirmation hearings on Garland if Hillary Clinton is elected in November.

While Obama has presented Garland as a moderate and activist groups have criticized the president for the benign pick, the 63-year-old appellate judge is not as apolitical as some would suggest. He has been described by gun-rights groups as fiercely opposed to the Second Amendment; the NRA released a scathing ad warning that Garland would vote to remove the individual right to bear arms. Garland, in 2007, voted to uphold Washington D.C.’s handgun ban, a decision that was later overturned by the Supreme Court.

Republicans are facing a difficult choice either way. If they cave and confirm, voters will see it as yet another instance of tough talk followed by inevitable capitulation. If they dig their feet in the sand, though, there could be also be blowback; polls have shown that the majority of Americans want the hearings to go forward. More to the point, it is entirely possible that Clinton will win the White House and that Democrats will take back the Senate in November. If that happens, it could give the new president a green light to fill Scalia’s seat with a liberal that would make Ruth Bader Ginsberg look like Rush Limbaugh.

  1. MAHB001 says

    0-bama, what goes around comes around…..

    1. David Kledzik says

      Yeah exactly MAHB001, like in 2006.

  2. MAHB001 says

    0-bama is right about one thing, the entire process is broken beyond repair.

    That includes the Supreme Court, Congress, his administration as well.

    Time to take our Country back…

    1. jscarano7 says

      i strongly agree

    2. Darlene says

      Ovomit is the main one who has brought America down—he has filled the positions inthe White House with Muslims…..Ovomit is a Muslim–and wants a One World Government under Muslim Shariah Law-If Hillary the Demon Witch gets in come November America will be no more we American’s will all be getting our heads cut off. George Soros is funding Hillary–I read it on the computer

      1. MAHB001 says

        The evil one did it intentionally.

      2. iLLuSioNaTi says

        Oddly enough, George Soros is also funding Bernie Sanders.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Hillary must be too corrupt and untrustworthy….

          1. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Sanders is just a prop to make it look like Hitlery has other liberal competition. She was chosen years ago to replace Ovomit and carry on his evil plans to bring down America. Once Sanders is eliminated Hitlery will get most of his votes, or at least that’s what they are hoping for. Both sides plan these things out at least 10 years in advance.

          2. MAHB001 says

            I agree, Bernie is in there just so that it doesn’t LOOK like a coronation.

            I get what you are saying now too. Bernie would never use his own money on such a fools chase…….

            Here is the thing, I think that it is the Republican elites turn to choose a president, BUT, the Republican elite are no longer in control of their party, so I think the Republican Elite will throw their turn back to the left, just to keep some sort of status quo…

          3. iLLuSioNaTi says

            BINGO ~ Not Conspiracy ~ REALITY! You’re correct, now that Trump (the Wildcard) is making such good headway, the Repub’s are in a panic mode. They will back Hitlery if that is what it takes to beat Trump!!!

            The Republicrats and Demoblicans are two peas in a pod controlled by the same Globalist Banksters. They both have the same masters and the 2 parties DO take turns just to keep WE THE PEOPLE fooled as to what is REALLY going on! ;~}

          4. David Kledzik says

            Problem for them is that it’s just money. What’s in peoples minds is what is important, and the people have spoken, Trump.

          5. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            So…..the Billionaire Trump who has spent his ENTIRE life making losing and making money is NOT about the money; he’s about the people ( after all; the factory workers who manufacture his products in China just love him ! ) OK………….

          6. jscarano7 says

            i couldn’t have said that any better

          7. Bob Marcum says


          8. Bob Marcum says

            bernie was added, because, it ‘appeared’ that hitlery was about to be indicted.
            No other reason; but, now, it’s gone to his head .

          9. American says

            I know your right, and both the left and right hate Trump because they can’t control or buy him. Wall street hates him because they know, Trump knows their dirty tricks. He may not be polished in conversation, he has a temper, but that is what we need. A President to stand up for Americans. Not for their parties, not for wall street, not for Soros or special interests. But for the American people and our Constitution. I know Trump loves his country, and doesn’t want it to turn into a socialist crap hole like Bernie wants, or a fascist pig like Hillary in control to finish our country off.

          10. Jack_Ray says

            Trump loves money, not people. Bernie loves America and its people and wants them fed, educated, and healthy. That’s where I would like my taxes to go, not overseas.

          11. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Did you make this account just for trolling conservative sites? You are nothing but a George Soros shill…a disinformation TROLL.

          12. Jack_Ray says

            How refreshing to see that America can still turn out educated students, and so kind with that large vocabulary of yours. Congratulations, with this kind of attitude and attempt at “getting along” with each other for the good of the whole, we seem to be doomed. It’s all totally unnecessary. An attitude adjustment and a “be kind” to one another, displaying patience and tolerance might help. You could be happy everyday instead of cynical. Pray. Your life is short. Maybe decide to have an intelligent discussion, using your problem solving skills, rather than a name-calling session. We did that in 5th grade, remember?

          13. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Seriously, it is obvious that you DID make this account just for trolling conservative sites. 92 comments – 79 votes, come on…LMAO! An old, old trick of you LWNJ trolls. Tolerance? Shove that tolerance where the sun don’t shine. If you’re not a paid shill of George Soros then you must be an idiot. Do yourself a favor and get lost troll! You’re like a little kid that goes someplace he knows he shouldn’t just to stir up trouble. Are you that board? No, you are a disinformation troll!

          14. Jack_Ray says

            “bored” not board. as in “I am bored with your attempts at writing something that can be understood by educated people.
            You made same mistake on another post above. I know its hard. I have empathy for you. By the way try “past” and “passed” for some fun.

          15. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Who gives a phuq what you think, Jack-Ass, but I corrected my error even though you knew exactly what I was saying. You just proved my point that your purpose here is not to have an intellectual conversation, but rather to disrupt and waste peoples time. What’s your screen name for the Libturd sites you frequent so I can come visit you, CHICKEN $#!+.

            Now where exactly did I use the word “passed” for “past” or vice-versa? Now you’re just making $#!+ up! You need to be more specific in your trolling observations, Jack_Ass.

          16. siridh says

            Are you ready to pay 75%? What Bernie’s promising is impossible unless we get rid of our military which is what Europe had to do to install socialism and we can see how that’s working out.

          17. jaybird says

            After raising your children in a liberal government they will probably began to think like the Youth Party of Sweden, they want to legalize incest and necrophilia.

          18. Jack_Ray says

            It will be impossible without a Dem Congress who would cooperate. Bernies’ tax plan is on internet. I saved it. Middle Class maybe 1-2% raise in tax; 250,000-10 million Then another step until 1 billion. Over one billion and up are taxed at 52%. Hard sell to them, but they are only 1%, and all the politicians they have paid off to vote with them. I doublt it would pass without revision, but why would we not try? What is there to lose. It would set things straight.

          19. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Yeah, right Jack_Ass. Sanders is a nut and a communist pig! Move to Cuba if you’re not happy here. I’m sure they will welcome your tri-sexual @$$ with open arms!

          20. jaybird says

            Google Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America-Educate Yourself”
            Google “Retired FBI head tells of Illuminati, satanism, pedophile rings”
            Georgia Senator Nancy Shaefer wrote a book “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services” about children being provided to politicians for sex. Approx. 2 yrs ago she and her husband were killed just before it being published.
            Back when the government was doing LSD experiments on agents/military they also were getting children out of Boystown and providing them to politicians for sex.
            Some girls in foster care were provided to Hillary- MK-Ultra (I think I got the name right). We have a sick group of people running our country.

          21. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Thanks for those references, jaybird. I am aware of most of them but many, many people aren’t. With all the MSM and troll disinformation going on out there, It’s always refreshing to see someone as yourself willing to take the time to help others see the truth that has been hidden from us for decades. Here is a video for anyone interested about “The Tavistock Agenda The Best Kept Secret”. Be prepared to have your worldview shattered!

          22. iLLuSioNaTi says

            “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”— Senator Daniel K. Inouye at the Iran Contra Hearings

          23. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Hillary Clinton is a Satanist – Illuminati Defector

          24. Florence Millard says

            What do you mean “must be”? She most definitely IS!

          25. MAHB001 says

            Point well stated… I guess what I was saying was Hillary must be too corrupt for Soros to back.

          26. Bob Marcum says

            She’s not simply too corrupt. She’s mentally unstable and therefore too dangerous, even for soros. She could turn on him, at anytime ( if she’s
            president ), and he knows it.

          27. Bob Marcum says

            She not only must be untrustworthy; she always has been, since birth ( maybe,
            since conception ).

        2. David Kledzik says

          And John Kasich. Soros hypocrisy knows no bounds.

          1. del says

            All of them can be bought by old soros

          2. gonzales27 says

            Except Trump

        3. James Maxwell says

          George is hedging his bets on a Democrap Socialist winning by any means

          possible and like most business people he is spreading his money to cover
          the odds of picking a winner in the upcoming election cycle.

          1. gonzales27 says

            There is a reason Soros was banned from the UK after destroying the currency,but liberal America let him in,we are a Liberal Nation

        4. Deborah G says

          He’s funding anyone who will allow the paid thugs in to trumps rallies

        5. del says

          Long as it is a dopecrat

        6. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Oddly enough, Charles and David Koch have spent $995 million on the GOP trying to buy the government…Soros has spent less than $20,000…try again asshat

          1. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Hey asshat, I could care less about your unproven statistics. FACTS BABY, give us your source! At any rate, IMO, NOBODY should be allowed to contribute more than $100, and no NON-PERSON should be allowed to contribute at all!

            If the TRUTH were known, Soros has probably contributed as much as the Koch’s have. Not only that, he funds anti-American organizations like MOVEON dot org. The Koch’s aren’t trying to destroy America by turning it into Communism like Soros is.

            Now crawl back into your dirty little cave @$$HOLE, your kanook lover is waiting for a gumjob.

          2. jaybird says

            He gave $200,000 to Kasich to keep him in and throw the election.

          3. ABO says

            Oh please,please make up some more pathetic nonsense for us. It’s so fun to read the ridiculous crap that spews forth from your empty head.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Oh puhlease…You morons of the beak noses and narrow minds always feed on pathetic nonsense. One reason you are all so belligerent is that most of you suffer from some bizarre idea you are somehow a superior race of men. Balls do not make a man. Brains do. You lack both..that leaves you where? A Eunoch?

            The shit-for-brains guys like you don’t want it easy, fast and yesterday. Not going to EVER get it but you sit there at your computer puking up more BS in a minute and a half than a herd of Texas long horns produce their BS. How about grow some balls and then puke up what educated recognize as right wing Mr. Man trash.

          5. ABO says

            This coming from a pathetic liberal parasite like you??? Exactly who are you referring to when you say “educated recognize right wing Mr. Man trash” You prove yourself to be low uneducated garbage every time you hit the keyboard. You post nothing in the way of anything of substance. Just Idiotic drivel which I must assume is all you’re capable of. How are things in the trailer park, Dumbo? Waiting for your400 pound “Eunoch” from downstreet to come and satisfy your every desire???
            Just a dose of your own medicine, Guttersnipe. Let me know when you finish that remedial reading course, genius.

          6. siridh says

            HAHAHAHAHAH — George Soros funds PP, MoveOn, etc. etc. etc. $20K is just laughable.

        7. jreg9304 says

          George sorryars is just that. a very intimidating individual. he will rot with the rest of the liberal extremists and not a good thing has come from this trash. just nothing but a havoc lover..

        8. American says

          It figures, Soros would like nothing better than to see redistribution of everyone cash come his way. Bernie has spent his entire life on the tax payer money. I still think I would rather see Bernie win the nomination than that awful, demented Hillary. That women is insane, and a pure fascist who hates America. Another Obama on steroids we don’t need.

        9. Darlene says

          Really—I had not heard that about Bernie Sanders–thanks for telling me

        10. Bob Marcum says

          Folks; george soros funds communism, at every opportunity.
          That covers it all.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            And you fund BS…but..fortunately, smart women don’t fall for it..Been a while for you Mr. Eunoch?

      3. Brian Templeton says

        Mr. Obama has been a practicing Catholic Christian since he was six years old, and even when as a young boy transported by his grandparents to Indonesia, which is overwhelmingly of the Muslim faith, he attended there a school that allowed the Catholic religion to be followed, and at no time has he ever veered from it.

        1. iLLuSioNaTi says

          You are a liar, Sir, and the truth is not in you!

          * * * TROLL ALERT * * *

          1. Brian Templeton says

            I did have to lie, sir, the facts about Mr. Obama’s past life are available from many authentic sources. In return, I list my postings under my true name and recent picture, and you?

          2. Brian Templeton says

            I should have said “I did NOT have to lie, sir”,

          3. iLLuSioNaTi says

            You shouldn’t have said anything at all, kanook! Progressive Liberal Socialist Trolls aren’t welcome here…need I say more?

          4. Brian Templeton says

            Actually I am more a conservative then anything else, I have not, and would not vote for Mr. Obama at any time, because of his policies, but I believe that a man and his family should NOT be lied about at any time. As senator McCann said, “Mr. Obama is a very decent man, but I dislike his policies, so you will not find me voting for them” Count me in the same boat as Mr. McCann.

          5. MikeS says

            And, now you have stooped to the level of “stupid”.

          6. jscarano7 says

            MCcain so do you think MCcain is a decent man give me a fkn break one of the biggest RINO, buddy your socialist ideas don’t go in my category i have to discontinue this conversation

          7. Mark Lahti says

            Mr. McCann was a district attorney in Milwaukee WI. He was never a senator. Not exactly clear who it is you are talking about but if I had to guess it could be Sen. John McCain from AZ.

          8. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Senator McCain is full of $#!+ and a RINO to boot. You must be one of those Progressive Conservatives which in fact are center left on the political scale.

            pResident Odrama is an usurper and violator of the Constitution which he swore to uphold at least 4 times in his piss poor career in politics. You are obviously a victim of massive disinformation or willfully trying to deceive others and trolling. In either case, I pity you!

          9. armydadtexas says

            So you are just fine with his serious relationship with Bill Ayers
            You are fine with him being not only a student of but a follower of Saul Alinsky
            You are fine with him being slathered by rev. Jeremiah Wright of G.D. America
            You are fine with him looking America in the eye and lying to us about Obama care
            You are just fine with him looking America in the eye and boldly lying about the slaughter in Benghazi
            You are just fine with him and his agreement to Iran’s Nuclear Deal
            You are just fine with him repeatedly dictating law, even though he is not authorized to do so.
            You are just fine with these things. These sir are not Policy. This is who the little dictator wanna be IS. Just in case you don’t have a clue who Bill Ayers is, he is a domestic Terrorist. You should know who the others are.
            Now as far as John McCain is>>He WAS a Vietnam war hero. Since then he has been a Senator and a horrible one at that. He doesn’t know if he is a liberal democ-rAT or a liberal Republican. All he knows is that he will reach across the isle.

          10. siridh says

            McCain — and he’s one of those guys all conservatives know and either love or hate, if you don’t know the man’s name, you’re no conservative.

          11. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Brian a Canadian who migrated from England. I’m not sure if he knows who the Prime Minister is. It’s no wonder he is so confused about Obama and our other politicians!

          12. David Kledzik says

            Too late, you already gave yourself away.

          13. James keeling says

            Gentlemen,the fact is,who cares if Obama is or was a Catholic! The true fact is,what is he Now. Satin was an Angle! What he has done to this country is unrepairable to the Constitution Human Rights that are all God given. It’s quite clear,he hates our country and has done 8 yrs of damage to America. The sad thing is, Who gave him the opportunity!! Anger,Hate,Revenge, will not solve what he has done to true Conservatives. To come to the place where we all fight and stand for TRUTH, Honesty, and Respect of All Men’s Rights. We need a Pres. who believes in God, Honor, Truth, the Constitution! To fight amoung ourselves is the best tactic the enemy has Always used. “A divided house will Fall” Don’t let your anger lead you into your own demise. The only truths we hear is coming from Glen Beck. Fox, CNN,ABC,CBS, all love Drama,it sells. Who truly has the right views to lead this country into a Revival of the American Dream?

          14. Richard B says

            I had no idea that Satin was an angle!

          15. iLLuSioNaTi says

            I believe James meant “Satan” not “Satin”, and “angel” not “angle”…but you knew that. Been trolling much? And yes, he was an angel of light and now a fallen angel.


          16. Florence Millard says

            SATAN! SATAN! Satin is a fabric usually used for prom dresses!

          17. ABO says

            Typical illiterate liberal lemming, Florence. He’s not capable of anything better.

          18. Florence Millard says

            Well, I tried.

          19. ABO says

            Can’t hurt.

          20. Hillaryoncrack says

            Satin is a very nice fabric. Soft, gentle to touch. Some say erotic.

          21. Florence Millard says

            I CARE! I am a Catholic, and believe me, obama is NO CATHOLIC! I find it hard to even suggest that he is a Christian!

          22. MikeS says

            No. You were right the first time.

          23. jscarano7 says

            either your lying, or your just plain stupid””””WAKE UP BUDDY, if you can’t see what this scumbag obama is or what he is, or where he came from”” OR HIS MUSLIM FAITH, OBAMA IS A DIE HARD MUSLIM you have to live with it, an face it there’s not getting around this ‘ it appears your living in a fantasy land, that’s the bottom line SIR

          24. Richard B says

            And where is your evidence that Mr Obama is in fact a Muslim. Is there some place I can check that out?

          25. jscarano7 says

            why don’t you research it an find out, michele obama when she goes on tv or the net she said it that obama is muslin, an not only that, she says kenya is obama home which means that’s where he was born even obama’s grandmother said she was there in kenya hosiptal when obama was born, hey listen i can go on for days on this, i research obama, going back when he was around 10 yrs, i did a number of years of research, look there a book called dreams of my father, an there’s also a dvd on net flix same title, there’s another i think its called 2016 go on tube you’ll get a lot there, go on your computer an type in pastor manning he is a black minister in harlem in n.y. city, an he tell you all you want to know about obama, go on his sight

          26. Darlene says

            THIS IS THE TRUTH—

          27. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Richard is not interested in the truth, he is a paid troll. There are hundreds if not thousands of them that are paid with our tax dollars.

          28. jscarano7 says

            i strongly agree your right on

          29. Florence Millard says

            Actually, the Mombassa General Hospital was where obama was born. (In Kenya.)

          30. jscarano7 says

            your so right, yes mombassa general hospital, i couldn’t think of it at the time’ your right on target

          31. iLLuSioNaTi says

            For one thing it said he was on school documents when he was in Indonesia. You’re not very bright, are you?

          32. ABO says

            Not very bright, lazy, ill informed…typical liberal lemming.

          33. ABO says

            Ever hear of something called Google??? Or have you just not figured out how to use it. Or maybe you’re just too lazy to bother.

          34. Richard B says

            It is a known fact that Mr Obama is a member of the United Church of Christ. No Muslim would claim membership in a Christian church. Be careful of basing information on what you learn from the internet.

          35. ABO says

            Typical. You demand evidence but when you’re told to look it up you don’t want to hear it. Couldn’t be that you’re afraid it won’t fit your liberal agenda could it?

          36. siridh says

            Ha, no 20 years in a black liberation theology church. The “pastor”, Jeremiah Wright, traveled to Libya with Louis Farrakhan to meet with Quadafi. Geeeezzzzz, no one would buy what you’re selling.

          37. ABO says

            However, you did not.

          38. iLLuSioNaTi says

            >>I did have to lie, sir<<

            At least you are honest on that point, even though it was a Freudian slip.

            At any rate, give your sources or don't bother wasting anyone's time here. I have heard your line of BS before and as yet no one has been able to give any reliable sources for that tripe!

            Put up or shut up!

          39. MikeS says

            You are also a fool.

          40. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Don’t believe everything Chris Matthews tells you.

        2. David Kledzik says

          Bulldung, he was enrolled in a indonesian islamic school. He has said on several occasions that he is muslim, and of islamic faith, including the time for which he said, “If the political winds ever shift, I will stand with the muslims”. Don’t come on here and try and pass of that lying drivel like it’s gospel, because it’s all a damned lie, because we as well as you all know it.

          1. Richard B says

            The President has never said that he is a Muslim. He is, in fact, a member of the United Church of Christ. Do your homework!

          2. David Kledzik says

            Lmao. Sure thing Richard. While your at it why don’t you tell us about the time your granny sold a mule to General Lee at Gettysburg.

          3. iLLuSioNaTi says

            * * * TROLL ALERT * * *

          4. Florence Millard says

            Oh, you mean the church in Chicago, with the so-called ‘reverend Wright’ who fixed liaisions with its GAY members? You know the one who said “God bless America, No. No. No! God da– America!

          5. ABO says

            Typical illiterate liberal lemming, Florence. He’s not capable of getting it right.

          6. ABO says

            Another world heard from.

        3. Jeffrey Cahoon says


        4. pappadave says

          What an utter MORON! He was registered at elementary school in Jakarta as a MUSLIM…not a “Catholic Christian.” His father AND his step-father were both practicing MUSLIMS. His mother converted to Islam when she married Obama, Sr. and never changed her affiliation. For political reasons, he joined that BLT (Black “Liberation” Theology) church in Chicago–BECAUSE it maintained close ties with the “Nation of Islam”.

          1. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            Don’t forget the insider rumors that Obama daughters fast for Ramadan.

        5. MikeS says

          You are a lying troll.

        6. TAM44 says

          You’re as full of $hit as a Christmas turkey, you lie like obama and killery clinton.

        7. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          What color is the sky on your world?

          1. iLLuSioNaTi says

            I did my homework…Brian Templeton immigrated from England to Canada 20 years ago…at least that’s what he says!

            ROFLMAO What a loser!!!

          2. Brian Templeton says

            I actually left England in November 1968, when I was 27 years old because I could no longer stand for their particular socialist policies. I am a tri-national now, English, Canadian and Costa Rican (A tico!) I still work and have a company providing emergency property tax financing along with other high assured return investments of $25,000-00 or more.

          3. iLLuSioNaTi says

            >>I am a tri-national now, English, Canadian and Costa Rican (A tico!)<<

            So I guess you could call yourself a citizen of the world since you don't have an allegiance or alliance to any one flag or nation…no wonder you love Obama so much. I bet you and George Soros see eye to eye, huh?

          4. Brian Templeton says

            No I am not a Obama man, I did say that earlier in this comments column, I am more Conservative (Or Republican to you.) then anything. Canadian citizenship does allow for more than two citizenships, which could be handy if the western economies collapse. Now I am going to be away for a while, but it makes me sad, that the U.S.A., a country that I like so much, has had so much political turmoil over the last ten/twelve years.

          5. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Earlier you said the following:

            “Mr. Obama has been a practicing Catholic Christian since he was six years old, and even when as a young boy transported by his grandparents to Indonesia, which is overwhelmingly of the Muslim faith, he attended there a school that allowed the Catholic religion to be followed, and at no time has he ever veered from it.”

            Now either you are woefully ignorant, downright stupid, or a blatant liar, because there is no truth in what you said. I think we’re done here, Brian. Have a nice trip, but PLEASE don’t come to the U.S., we have too many kooks as it is! Bye-Bye

          6. Brian Templeton says

            I am going to Texas for the tax deed auctions on the first Tuesday of each month. Remember me saying that my occupation was that of an “Emergency Property Tax Financier?” Well I consider that I have saved a good many U.S. citizens from being thrown out of their houses. I am going down before the date to check on what could come up for the auction.

          7. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Oh, a foreclosure vulture. Kind of like an ambulance chaser of the realty world. I guess someone has to clean up the mess of the Banker Gangsters! All those people that sold property to people that couldn’t afford them, which created the housing bubble, should have gone to prison. I don’t believe anything happened to any of them! Oh well, looks like that’s given you plenty of opportunities, huh?

          8. Brian Templeton says

            No, I am NOT a “foreclosure vulture”, in nine years of working the tax deed and tax lien certificate game, I have only had to foreclose twice. But I guess that by allowing people time to meet their debts, I possibly saved more than three hundred couples from being ejected from their homes by the state sheriffs in your country.

          9. Brian Templeton says

            My pay-off average has been around 99% or higher.

          10. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Granted, what you are doing is perfectly legal. It’s just sad that most of your clients are victims of government overreach and unconstitutional taxation. I guess they have to fuel the Social Justice Machine some way. Everyone knows that Federal and State Welfare programs are largely funded with property taxes. It’s a crying shame that anyone is forced to pay the government for owning anything. I would call that criminal and unconstitutional! Hmmm, sounds like Socialism, huh?

          11. ABO says

            I’d go with ” all of the above on that one.

          12. Florence Millard says

            obama was not transported by his grandparents to Indonesia. He was brought there by his (trampy) mother where she married Lolo Soetoro. She had a child with him, a girl. obama was later dropped off in Hawaii where he lived with his white grandparents until he completed high school. The grandparents were card carrying Communists and he was also introduced to Frank Marshal Davis (also a renowned communist) who became his mentor. Pictures of Frank Marshal Davis and obama have very many similarities which have many people speculating that F.M.D. is his biological father, not the Kenyan goat herder.

        8. Richard B says

          The President is not a Roman Catholic. He is a member of the United Church of Christ. Do your homework!

          1. Florence Millard says

            And that church, the United Church of Christ, had a minister, Reverend Wright, who had the pleasure of connecting gays who went to his church. Barry also frequented gay bars and bath-houses in Chicago, for the main purpose of “hooking up.” From what I have read, he especially liked ‘older white men’. I guess they had more money to spend on him.

          2. ABO says

            One liberal twit bitch -slapping another. Gotta love it.

        9. Mark Lahti says

          HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sir your sarcasm is only exceeded by your wit and humor.

        10. Tired... says

          Interesting, since the church that he attended in Chicago wasn’t Catholic, and his policies seem to be uniquely crafted to ignore or vilify Christians.

        11. jaybird says

          He lived with his grandparents in HI that were practicing communist.

          I have not seen any Catholic events in the WH, I don’t think the Rev. Wright was a Catholic.

          He has celebrated Iftar Dinners and Nowruz (Persian New Year) in the White House. I am sure there have been others that I missed reading about or watching.

          He let top Muslim leaders go over our training manuals at the FBI and Police Depts and scrub any mention of words that show Islam in a bad light. EXample-Jihad, Islamic Terrorist, etc. How do you fight something that has no name.

          You need to be more involved and investigate what is going on in our Country or you are a gov. plant and try to dissuade everyone else’s opinion.

        12. jaybird says

          From the age of 6-10 he attended a Catholic/Muslim school in Indonesia. He did study Muslim there & maybe had Catholic studies.

          His grandparents lived in HI and had Communist friends and one wrote for the Communist paper in HI and he was in there presence a lot listening to it.

          I have not seen any Catholic functions in the WH. I know that the Rev. Wright was not Catholic.

          He has said that the Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful music he has heard and on Al-Jezzar news he said he is Muslim and speaks Muslim fluently.

          I have seen/read about the Muslim celebrations in the WH – example – Iftar Dinners, on March11, 2015 there was a Nowruz celebration (Persian New Year). I am sure there have been others that I missed.

          He let important Muslims (some with ties to Muslim Brotherhood) go through the training manuals of the FBI and police depts to scrub them of words that made Islam look bad, example – Islamic Terrorist, Islamic jihad, etc. How can you fight something that does not have a name?

          You either do not know or investigate what is going on in our country or a gov. plant that tries to dissuade the way people think and doing a poor job of it.

          1. Florence Millard says

            There is no “muslim language!’ Muslims speak the language of the country they are living in. (Which is Arabic, in the Arabian countries.)

          2. jaybird says

            Thanks, I am laughing, The 1st time I posted it the thing disappeared and I had to retype it all over again, it is a wonder there isn’t more mistakes. Certain postings have disappeared right after my posting and I was getting paranoid.

          3. ABO says

            Join the club, jaybird. Frustrating isn’t it?

          4. Florence Millard says

            It has happened to me too. Sometimes, I think the PC police work overtime.

          5. jaybird says

            It is not the PC police that I am worried about.

        13. Florence Millard says

          That is a lie!

          1. Florence Millard says

            Brian Templeton: I see you removed your post stating obama was a Catholic Christian. Did I catch you in a lie?

      4. G.Frazier says

        Regardless of who is funding the dim bulb political machine, the righteous, amongst us, still have a secret weapon: PRAYER!!
        Psalm 37:25 promises, “…I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken…”

        God’s people, in America, have become complacent, allowing the world to walk on us. The time has come to buckle down and PRAY!!
        Remember, in Mark 11:23, Christ promised that with the prayer of faith, we could do anything….Including, change America back into the country, where the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were honored.
        Now is the time to show the world we are, indeed His people and that, contrary to what Obama would like the world to think, America is still a Christian, God-serving nation.

        1. Richard B says

          Well, let’s see here: We have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, those who follow the way of Shinto and other nature-based religions, Pagans, and non-believers in our country. Is it that God only likes Christians? Do we have a special place in heaven? Our nation was not founded upon any religious ideology. Just read the Constitution.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            How about reading the Declaration of Independence. I’m hoping you will agree that that document was an integral part of our founding. I think the language in that little item will clarify any confusion about what our founding was based on.

          2. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            I thought this fallacious position was laid to rest ; apparently not. The Declaration of Independence (…”endowed by their “Creator” ) does not specifically identify the God/Creator referenced anywhere in its text; how do you conclude that they speak of a Christian God? It could be Allah or Zeus (I personally have always suspected Jefferson was a closet Muslim; what with that Black Muslin Slave Mistress of his and all) and, why did they choose NOT to be specific? HMMMM. Declaration of Independence aside the Constitution is the core document upon which our system of Government is established ….There is only 1 reference to a “Lord”. – The signature line- “…year of our Lord…” If that is proof that we were founded as a Christian Nation…very weak proof indeed. That reference is simply a dating convention common in the day. Comparable to when we sign and date legal documents today e.g. Jan. 01 2000 A.D. (Anno Domini …year of our Lord) rest assured most of us are not professing allegiance nor recognition of a Deity when we sign on the dotted line. Neither were the founding fathers. That aside …how’s this…The U.S. is a secular government with a majority Christian population. Fair?

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Hey Lahti…Where in the US Constitution does it EVER mention a specific religion? It doesn’t dipshit. Grow some balls.

          4. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Sense you are a government shill you’re not allowed to talk about religion, so STFU!

            BTW ~ Are you a tri-sexual or are you just naturally ugly?

          5. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            …and you are what? 12 yrs old?
            Please…raise your bar! Respectfully. AL

          6. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Did you make this account just for trolling conservative sites? 58 comments ~ 62 votes…right…LMAO…who are you trying to kid? You are nothing but a progressive liberal communist disinformation TROLL. What’s the matter, get board with LiberaLand? Return from whence ye came, LWNJ TROLL! We really don’t care about your twisted viewpoint.

          7. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            OK OK you got me. Apparently you saw through my deception… pretending to be a conservative under the nom de plume “ALBUQUERQUELIBERAL”; you’re clearly too sharp for me Sherlock. You do have a point…I often visit what you would call “conservative sites” looking for signs of intelligent life. Why am I still here you might ask….still searching.

          8. iLLuSioNaTi says

            You just proved me right, that your sole purpose of making that account is to agitate people at conservative sites. Give it up bitch, the jig is up. All further communications with you will be in your native tongue. Bye~Bye and kiss my @$$ LWNJ.

          9. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            Nope… no signs of intelligent life under iLLuSioNaT.

          10. iLLuSioNaTi says

            لا… لا توجد علامات على وجود حياة ذكية تحت AlbuquerqueLiberal.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Sense you are a BS artist who graduated Magna Cum Laude from BS University….You idiots need to grow up.

          12. Florence Millard says

            Since…………..not sense!

          13. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Coming from the Chief FemiNazi around here, I consider that a great compliment. However, I don’t have a Bachelor of Science degree, Miss Lady (and I use that title in jest), rather I have an MSEE degree.

            Why are you such a man hater? Did Daddy molest you? Did he Father his own grandson with you? Did your son grow up and rape your Mother (his Grandmother)? What the hell is wrong with you? YOU GROW UP, IDIOT!

          14. Florence Millard says

            Since…………not sense!

          15. iLLuSioNaTi says

            I stand corrected, Madam.

        2. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

          Hmmm….so is Soros a Christian or a Jew (or a Muslim)…Confusing…they all refer to the same book and many of the same “prophets” (under different names) So what does that make you? (& Where do Mormons fit in?)

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Soros is a Greek and is very like most Greeks a Byzantine.

          2. siridh says

            No, he’s a jew that turned jews in during WWII. He has no compass whatsoever.

          3. iLLuSioNaTi says

            George Soros (born in Hungary to Jewish parents) was born György Schwartz but he changed his last name to Soros when he became a dual citizen of the U.S. and Hungary because Schwartz is “black” in German and Soros is “a successor” in Hungarian. Here’s a famous quote of his:

            “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance—to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god” or “I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise I might end up in the loony bin.”

            There you have it, a megalomaniac!

          4. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            The referenced quote was taken from G Soros’ book “Underwriting Democracy – Encouraging Free Enterprise and Democratic Reform Among the Soviets and in Eastern Europe ” 1991 . Chapter 1 Page 3 It is part of a much larger paragraph that, when read in context gives pretty much the exact opposite impression of Mr. Soros’ self assessment than what one would obtain from merely reading the above snippet. The post is another fine example of disinformation. The quote is “famous” because it has been used with impunity countless times over the years by Soros’ detractors all over the web.

          5. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Nice try but nobody gives a $#!+ about your little tricks of disinformation, TROLL. You yourself admitted that he said that, no matter how much you try to sugar coat it. While I’m at it, nice try at baiting G.Fraizer, but it didn’t work:

            “Hmmm….so is Soros a Christian or a Jew (or a Muslim)…Confusing…they all refer to the same book and many of the same “prophets” (under different names)”

            We know that YOU knew George Soros was a non-practicing Jew. The fact that you referenced his book tells all. You must think everyone is stupid but yourself. To the contrary, you have proven your stupidity. I’m guessing your IQ is around 65 to 75. Can’t be far off. Now go away troll, you bother my sense of honesty and integrity.

          6. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            Nope… no signs of intelligent life here either….

          7. iLLuSioNaTi says

            لا… لا توجد علامات على وجود حياة ذكية هنا اما….

      5. Eleanore Whitaker says

        How about Bush the Tush and Cheney they Painey in the ASSEY when they allowed this nominee to be in the Justice Dept? AFTER their drawling phony Texan Alberto Gonzalez had to resign as Justice Dept. Dickhead of course.

        Awww…Lil Darlene can’t support herself. She relies like all lil Dixiebelles and Corn Pone Queens on Big Daddy to do it all for her and all she has to do is “spread ’em.” Time for more morning sickness honey? You moron bitches of the Confederacy are going to get as good as you give…

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          I bet that as a true liberal female your face would stop a clock.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Good one. I would bet you are right on the money on that one.

        2. iLLuSioNaTi says

          What a potty mouth gutter minded slut, you sound like you’re still in middle school. GROW UP TROLL!

          1. ABO says

            Not much chance of that, I’m afraid.

          2. iLLuSioNaTi says

            She’s just a troll visiting from an Hillaryous supporting FemiNazi website called The National Memo. Everyone should go over there and rag her like she does to conservative sites! Give them some of their own medicine!

          3. ABO says

            Now there’s an idea.

        3. jaybird says

          Hate spewing and nothing educational shows your grade level.

        4. Darlene says

          Lord Jesus, I PRAY that you would please give this woman a blessing and help her heart not to be so sour against others. to let you know a little about me.I am a Christian. My dad died in 2004, my husband died 8 1/2 months later Feb.2005, both with CANCER, My Mom died 2008. My only son is a Wonderfull Christian man
          age 45 this year,married 18 yrs. now he adopted his wife’s daughter when she was age 2 from a previous marriage . I live alone with a cat May you be blessed with happiness and good health every day.

      6. jaybird says

        The others kept what they have done a secret and now we are just beginning to find out what they have done if you investigate every event. Now architects are saying that explosives were in Tower 7 and maybe other buildings of the World Trade Center. I think it is TRUTH11 that has taken their reports to other architects all over the world for their opinion and they are agreeing with the findings. They had a big marquee board in Times Sq. about this. When the UN has meetings, google them and find out what they are discussing and what they plan on doing to our country. The climate thing if approved will obligate us to pay “Billions”. to 3rd world countries and will pull us further into the poor house. The Chemtrails that are being done in CA,AZ, etc are poisoning the water, food supply, people are having medical problems but it is all about the money and controlling other countries if they can learn how to control the weather. With the elite globalist it is all about the money and who cares if people have to die there are too many of us on earth anyway in their opinion.

        1. Darlene says


          1. jaybird says

            The name of the architect’s study posted on internet is AE911TRUTH.

          2. Darlene says

            Thank-You—-I will look it up

      7. Richard B says

        You have not one shred of proof that the President is a Muslim, not one!

        1. Mark Lahti says

          And do you have one shred of proof that he is not? This is truly a stupid argument. There is much out there indicating a pretty secure circumstantial case for his Muslim leaning over any declared Christian beliefs. Just saying.

        2. Darlene says

          his own grandmother said he was a Muslim–born in Kenya, Africa. The ring he wears is inscribed there is no God only Allah

          1. Florence Millard says

            Which is, I believe, the reason his (white) grandmother died so soon after a visit from obama. (This was before he was ‘elected’ the first time.) It was probably done to ‘prevent her from telling the truth.’)

          2. iLLuSioNaTi says

            She died within 24 hours of that infamous visit! I believe she was murdered for the very reason you gave.

          3. Florence Millard says

            So nice to know I am not alone in thinking that. That has really bothered me for the last 8 years. And now Hitler-y, who wants to be our next P.O.T.U.S, has quite a body count too!

          4. iLLuSioNaTi says

            “Wants to be POTUS” is the key phrase…Hillaryous Clinton will probably never make it to election day. Even though the FBI is controlled by the most evil and corrupt President we have ever had, I believe in miracles. I believe that there are enough good Agents left to ensure that she is brought up on Felony charges before the election. Who knows, maybe even Obama will allow it to happen sometime soon. That way If she is indited and they still let her remain on the ticket there will probably be a Civil War, a New Revolution if you will. That’s why Obama wants to collect all of our guns.That’s why he has been preparing for Martial Law all these years. I know that sounds rather far fetched but, IMO, Obama is by all accounts mentally unstable. A lot of what he has done so far indicates he has been on the verge of insanity!

          5. Florence Millard says

            Too much pot and cocaine, maybe?

          6. iLLuSioNaTi says

            That, and maybe numerous brain surgeries? If you have noticed, he has had many new scars show up on the back of his head over his Presidency. I first noticed a long scar across the upper back of his head from ear to ear after he became a Senator. Google “Obama Scars”, there’s now tons of stuff on the subject!

        3. iLLuSioNaTi says

          Do your research…YES, HE IS, AND HE ADMITTED IT!

          1. Darlene says

            that is the truth—Ovomit is a Muslim–he has even said when it comes down to it–He will stand with the Muslims..against American’s. He is working for a One World Government under Muslim Shariah Law—we will all be deleted–getting our heads cut off. He has already asked the Military if they will be willing to shoot –Americans, he has Stockpilled more ammunition and hollow point bullets–than we have used in all the wars we have had. he has depleted our Military –pathetically.

        4. Florence Millard says

          obama himself said, “If the winds should shift in an ugly direction, I will side with the muslims!” Look it up. (caps left off intentionally.)

          1. siridh says

            Audacity of Hope, right?

          2. Florence Millard says

            Not sure about that. I have not read either of his books, nor do I plan to. I heard him say it in one of his many, many, many speeches. And it had to have been awhile back because I have not listened to any of his speeches for years now. So full of I, I, I, my, my, my, or mine, mine, mine! So sick of him I could barf.

      8. Sheila Smith says

        You are so right! He’s a Muslim and he wants his Muslims buddies in so that he can take over as a Tyrant and cut off all of our heads!! Believe me he’s not ready to give our country back, he doesn’t want to give up his power and would not surprise me if he has a Muslim army here to try and stay in power!

      9. jaybird says

        Google “Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America-Educate Yourself”. NWO has been planned since the Rothchild family and others have been alive.

      10. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

        Oddly Soros (I hear) is funding Rafael Eduardo Cruz (aka Ted) as well… obviously to insure the future relocation of Cuban Muslims into the USA. Can you believe it? (ummm…NO!)

      11. Eleanore Whitaker says

        President Obam Lil Dixie Belle or Corn Pone Queen…didn’t bring country down as low as you narrow minded bigots do..Take the red light off your front door. Your customers know you are a liar and a dipshit who can only earn a living with her spring open legs.

    3. Tiger says

      Alisa just sent me this petition to sign concerning this. It is going to all the Congress. If you see fit please sign it and send it on to others. I just signed it and sent it onto my X who has a huge following.

      Thanks hey just heard, as so many of us suspected, Trumps son targeted and warned if his father doesn’t get out of the race. Got a letter with white powder on it. We knew this would happen. His address and other pertinent information put out by Annonymous.

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        I signed!

        1. Tiger says

          Good hope it works.

      2. MAHB001 says

        I signed…

        1. Tiger says

          Good send it on if you like it hope it works.

      3. iLLuSioNaTi says

        I have signed and alerting others…THANKS!

        1. Tiger says

          Thank you so much. It is all we can do. We work with our representatives, we get the word out on the net and everything we can to help our country. That is a good thing. ;p

          1. iLLuSioNaTi says

            A big part of why America is in trouble is because most people lost contact with their Representatives. That left a vacuum and evil stepped in and took over.

          2. Tiger says

            They not only lost contact with their reps they have lost contact with Reality. They would not know anything bad about Islam if ISIS had not shown them, then Stark Reality set in. Now they still can’t stop O from bringing the enemy to us.

            Can you imagine what a boon this refugee situation is to ISIS, man you not only can come here but you get 600 a month, housing, food and free everything. What a deal.

          3. iLLuSioNaTi says

            It’s a coupe and preparation for Martial Law when he takes over as dictator. Without a doubt they will be his civilian army he spoke about a few years ago.

          4. Tiger says

            It surely is beginning to look like something is up that is no good for any of us.

    4. American says

      Yes away from the Democrats who hate it, and want the NWO, like Hillary, vote Trump, and take back our country.

    5. Richard B says

      And once you have it back what do you plan to do with it?

      1. MAHB001 says

        Turn Her direction around, and put Her back on the course for liberty, freedom, and prosperity for all willing to work for it…… As if I will have anything to say about it, but thanks for asking.

        1. Florence Millard says

          And, no more welfare for those physically able and mentally capable of working!

      2. iLLuSioNaTi says

        What’s it to you COMMIE?

      3. ABO says

        Oh, aren’t you a clever little troll. How long did it take you to come up with that gem???

    6. Bob Marcum says

      We MUST get the Supreme off of it’s high-horse. It has been creating laws, and, that is not it’s authority. It must get out of the social affairs, of the people. It’s the states authority, to create
      the rules which govern the moral issues of society ( not the federal government / and, most
      certainly not the supreme court’s ). obuma has been using the supreme court, as his whipping post. That, absolutely, MUST STOP.

      1. MAHB001 says


    7. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Obama’s Administration is not ending with a Financial Meltdown like President Cheney’s. You boys still suffering from terminal hemorrhoids over voting for a former CEO of Halliburton who turned that lazy ass New England Texan into a front man while Cheney ran the White House from a back room? Shows how stupid some people are and how easily they fall for anything.

      1. MAHB001 says


  3. Jeff Noncent says

    It’s about time the Republican party, have a guts to stand against the guy in the white house

    1. Darlene says

      You said the Truth—it is definitely past time—-We sure know what happened to Judge Scalia, don’t we?

      1. AKLady says

        Yes, it was obvious: He committed suicide with a knife, fork and spoon with a bottle at plate side

        1. iLLuSioNaTi says

          Keep dreaming…everyone knows he was murdered…but why let the facts get in the way, right? No autopsy means no justice for him and the American people.

        2. David Kledzik says

          We just wish you would.

    2. cutterguy says

      and do what is right for USA

  4. Karen Stickney says

    Obama, you did what the Constitution said to do. These whiny hypocritical babies can’t handle it.

      1. AKLady2015 says

        I only hear politics.
        Childish temper tantrums.
        The right has not uttered a single word about wualifications.
        In fact, they began this stupidity before anyone was even named.

        1. Pam Dunn says

          We can ALWAYS count on you for a butt load of asinine stupidity.

          1. AKLady2015 says

            “I know you are, but what am I?”

          2. iLLuSioNaTi says

            “a butt load of asinine stupidity”

          3. AKLady says

            “I know you are, but what am I?”

          4. iLLuSioNaTi says

            You are AKLady2015: “a butt load of asinine stupidity”. Who do you think you are kidding?

          5. AKLady says

            “I know you are, but what am I?”

          6. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Obviously about 6 years old…NOW GO TO BED LITTLE GIRL!

          7. AKLady says

            “I know you are, but what am I?”

          8. iLLuSioNaTi says

            6 jir doondoonayaa taga, oo istaahela in la booqdo sariirta gabar yar!

          9. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Waxaa iska cad aadan fahmeeyn.

          10. ABO says

            Same thing over and over and over but if one of us repeats one word or phrase we’re “boring”. What are you? Pathetic!

          11. AKLady says

            Stalking people again?
            Gee,. the moderator allowed you back on line?

          12. ABO says

            The moderator never sent me away and if I had any thoughts of stalking anyone it certainly wouldn’t be an idiot like you.

          13. ABO says

            Oh aren’t you clever??? Somebody help you out with that?

          14. AKLady says

            The last time you stalked someone, you were out off the site
            Seems like it is time for thw moderators to do it again.

          15. ABO says

            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        2. iLLuSioNaTi says

          Flashback: Obama Tried to Filibuster Bush’s Supreme Court Pick

          1. AKLady says

            I only hear politics.
            Childish temper tantrums.
            The right has not uttered a single word about qualifications.
            In fact, they began this stupidity before anyone was even named.

          2. iLLuSioNaTi says

            I only hear politics. Childish temper tantrums. The left has not uttered a single word about qualifications. In fact, they began this stupidity before Justice Scalia was murdered.

          3. Tired... says

            Of course you do, because that is your lens, but just like most people on this page, you would be arguing for the opposing point of view if the situation was reversed. I believe that President Obama has a right to nominate anyone that he wishes, and I also believe that the senate has a right to decide if they will confirm or not confirm.

            This country’s basic disagreements have always been about religion, not politics. Everybody follows their own conceptualization of a Higher Power(s), even if that Higher Power is themselves or the environment, and it is that belief system that shapes an individual’s politics, including yours. There is no shame in this, is it merely a reality that we live according to what we truly believe, not by what we say we believe, and what we believe is based on how we answer the basic existential questions.

          4. AKLady says

            Fact is not opinion.
            The “right” began their propaganda long before anyone was selected.
            There is shame in ignorance.
            America is not now, nor has it ever been a “Christian” nation.
            Ignorance is not a matter of religious belief.

          5. Tired... says

            So many things to address.

            “Fact is not opinion.”
            No argument, but what is your point? You see one thing and others see something else. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but not everyone agrees with your interpretation.

            “The “right” began their propaganda long before anyone was selected.”
            Naturally, because of a basic mistrust of Obama. This is the same reason why those who argued against selecting a justice in an election year during the Bush Presidency. It is fascinating that they are arguing the opposite point now that they are in power.

            “There is shame in ignorance.”
            I merely pointed out that everyone acts out of their religious beliefs, which in turn shape their political beliefs. However, if you do not understand that we are all ignorant, then that is most unfortunate. Ignorance can exist without arrogance but arrogance cannot exist apart from ignorance. Naturally deliberate ignorance is inexcusable, but to assume that anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant is arrogant.

            “America is not now, nor has it ever been a “Christian” nation.”
            Never said that it was, but it is difficult to deny the role that Christianity played in shaping the nation.

            “Ignorance is not a matter of religious belief.”
            You are absolutely right; instead ignorance is an intrinsic part of each one of us, but only the arrogant are unable to recognize it in themselves.

          6. AKLady2015 says

            Your belief that Christianity played a role is one that is mistaken. Jowever, you can take solace in the fact that many fall prey to that prpaganda.

            You see, the majority of our Founding Fathers were Diests and Agnostics. The fact that they attended church services speaks to politics, not beliefs.

            Oh, and Tired, in today’s world, ignorance is a matter of pure laziness. The Internet put knowlede at youir finger tips.

          7. Tired... says

            Either or thinking is simplistic: I did not say that every founder was a Christian, but to deny that faith, and Christianity in particular, played a role in this country’s founding is dishonest. The fact that founders attended church services speaks to a variety of motivations, but regardless of their motivation, their belief about the answers to the existential questions shaped their politics.

          8. Tired... says

            Having access to information and understanding what that information means are two different things, but beyond that the idea that you can comprehend everything that goes on in the universe is absurd. If you do not know everything, then you are ignorant, as ignorance is a lack of knowledge.

          9. ABO says

            Your belief that you have a brain is a simple delusion. Get over it.

          10. AKLady says

            Thank you for your input.
            You have said more about yourself than I every could.

          11. ABO says

            Ya I’d go along with that.

          12. AKLady2015 says

            The Constitution of the United States of America makes zero reference to a god or Christianity.

            At no time is a god ever mentioned in the Federalist Papers.

            “In God We Trust” was first placed on United States coins in 1861, during the Civil War

            The clause “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance was inserted only in 1954.

            Our Founding Fathers understood well the extraordinary danger of mixing religion and politics; we forget that lesson at our great peril.

          13. Tired... says

            I agree that the founders made it a point to protect against the establishment of a state religion, but that is not the same as your assertion that Christianity did not play a role in the nation’s founding. The personal correspondence of the founders, the Declaration of Independence, the fact that the Continental Congress had a chaplain and prayed before their sessions, all point to the role that faith played in their lives. Yet to their credit they also realized that it was wrong to force one religion upon the country so they deliberately prohibited it. Religion and politics are inextricably mixed, as I have already pointed out, because our politics are based upon our religious beliefs.

          14. ABO says

            Read the Declaration of Independence you pathetic twit. Or have someone read it to you if you’re not capable.

          15. AKLady says

            Thank you for your input.
            It says so much about you.

          16. ABO says

            As usual no actual response just some stupid, snarky remark. It says so much about you.

          17. ABO says

            Can’t come up with anything but your usual, word for word empty remarks over and over and over ad infinitum.

    1. Pam Dunn says

      Only doing what OBAMA DID when HE was in the Senate you moron !!

      1. Darlene says

        that is EXACTLY the Truth—–people do not want to face up to the truth

      2. David Kledzik says

        Pam, facts elude liberals like karen, especially now that the shoe is on the other foot.

    2. stickichild says

      Well if the muslims come here I hope your head rolls right away !!!!

      1. Darlene says

        the Muslims will surely——-cut off her head–and the Muslims are already here in America, Ovomit has brought them paid to have them brought in. 50,000 Muslims have come into Canada—and that Border is wide open–they will be coming on down into the United States
        and taking over. Ovomit has now told DHS to stand down and just let all the Refugee’s come on in –uncontested — One World Government–under Muslim Shariah Law–then All Americans will get their heads cut off–and deleted out—Muslims are already in control
        IN DETROIT MICHIGAN it is all practically—Muslims there

    3. iLLuSioNaTi says

      Waxaa ka hadlay sida doofaar hantiwadaagga run ah!

    4. David Kledzik says

      You don’t know the Constitution then, because Article ll, Section 2, Clause 2 gives the senate the right to not even consider a Supreme Court nominee. Nice try though. By the way look up what Biden said as chairman of the judiciary committee on confirming a Supreme Court nominee during a presidential election year. And obamas fillibuster of now judge Samuel Alito. And Schumer and Blumenthal saying they wouldn’t even consider a nominee of Bushes. The crybaby hypocrite is looking back at you in the mirror.

  5. caligirl1960 says

    Thanks to all of you! Please continue to block Obama from appointing a supreme Court judge.

    1. Darlene says


  6. James Elliott McDaniel says

    Go, Merrick, go! Right out the door and into the gutter/sewer, Merrick! Go, Merrick, go!

    1. Darlene says

      Merrick doesn’t believe in our 2nd Amendment right to own a gun to be able to protect ourself–and wants to delete that amendment—I HOPE the Senate HOLDS Strong and doesn’t cave in—-

  7. AKLady2015 says

    Maybe the Republicans should count on a another Democrat in the Whitw House.
    Politics before the American people, as is their usual.

    1. Pam Dunn says

      SEE, Usual liberal leftist ignorant stupidity from you.

      1. AKLady2015 says

        “Pam Dunn AKLady2015 • 23 minutes ago
        SEE, Usual liberal leftist ignorant stupidity from you.”

        The words “ignorant” and “stupid” are synonyms.
        Your post says more about you than I evere could.

        1. Darlene says

          exactly—-the truth

          1. iLLuSioNaTi says

            LMAO and so very true.

        2. David Kledzik says

          Did you have to look up the meaning of synonym. Just like you have to take off your shoes to count higher than ten.

    2. jscarano7 says


      1. iLLuSioNaTi says

        Huffing glue again…hard to keep stocked up with alcohol in Alaska you know. ;}

    3. David Kledzik says

      President Trump, you had better get used to saying that……. Well there is always Canada. Hell they won’t even take your kind…… Lol.

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Suggest you research the Alaska Independence Party.
        You might find it informative … just saying.
        Keep in mind that Alaska is over 3 times larger than Texas.

    4. Tired... says

      Like that’s not a two-way street!

  8. jscarano7 says

    ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””donald trump 2016
    ””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016

    1. Darlene says

      Yes Indeed—Trump wants to Save America. that Demon Witch—-.HILLARY along with OVOMIT
      need to be put into Guantanomo–and let them Rot there–they have destroyed America, and our


      1. AKLady2015 says

        Full Definition of name–calling

        : the use of offensive names especially to win an argument or to induce rejection or condemnation (as of a person or project) without objective consideration of the facts

        1. iLLuSioNaTi says

          Waxaad u baahan tahay maskaxda jug ka gaartay bukaanka kaansarka qaba, doofaar hantiwadaagga!

        2. David Kledzik says

          Dotri dalaminitri ordreanus alpididro dos mapanadris.

          1. AKLady2015 says

            If you want to insult Americans, the least you can do is learn the language.
            Your post is childish — just as childish as if you had used pig-latin.

          2. ABO says

            Pig- latin, isn’t that your native language, AKLady???

        3. mac12sam12 says

          Full Definition of Troll

          :someone who goes to a website where they know everyone will disagree with their comments, and try to cause maximum argument and disruption. College studies have shown that trolls are very unhappy people and should seek counseling.

          1. Truth Matters says

            The trolls are getting organized for the upcoming election. One troll will post a comment and 50 trolls will upvote it thereby putting it to the head of the line as the “best” comment. We conservatives need to get organized by following a group of disqus commentors who make good points and upvoting them. Spread the word.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            They aren’t really getting those up votes, they can manipulate the up vote some how because I’ve inspected the up votes and a lot of them haven’t commented yet or they have it put into private. I see it at the Washington Times a lot.

          3. Truth Matters says

            I imagine this is happening also, perhaps the moderators are cheating, but a few days ago I saw a warning posted by a commentor who listed names of about 30 or so trolls who upvote each other. I was familiar with some of the names and they were valid accounts in this case, at least.

          4. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Great idea…VOTE…VOTE…VOTE…

          5. AKLady says

            Paranoid Personality Disorder

            The Paranoid Personality Disorder* is characterized by a pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of other people.
            People with this disorder assume that others are out to harm them, take advantage of them, or humiliate them in some way.
            They put a lot of effort into protecting themselves and keeping their distance from others.
            They are known to preemptively attack others whom they feel threatened by.
            They tend to hold grudges, are litigious, and display pathological jealously.
            Distorted thinking is evident. Their perception of the environment includes reading malevolent intentions into genuinely harmless, innocuous comments or behavior, and dwelling on past slights.
            For these reasons, they do not confide in others and do not allow themselves to develop close relationships.
            Their emotional life tends to be dominated by distrust and hostility.
            (Solurce: DSM-5: The Ten Personality Disorders: Cluster A).

          6. Tired... says

            Are you qualified to make the diagnosis or are you just confirming your status as a troll?

          7. mac12sam12 says

            You’re the definition of a troll. No one hear agrees with anything you say but negative attention is better than no attention at all, correct?

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Discussion is good. Sheep bleating the same thing over and over is boring. That is especially true when the parrots are doing exactly what Goebells. preeched.

            Also, childish name calling is so not impressive. Children need attention. Children need to be liked. Apparently, you are part of that set.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            I’m a sheep? You’re a liberal with a hive mentality. No democrat has ever done anything wrong and Obama is the perfect president in your mind. You wear your partisan hack tag very well

          10. Jack_Ray says

            Two names come to mind for “Most paranoid”: Trump and McConnell. What are they afraid of? The people (as in “by” “for” and “of”) should march en mass to Washington D.C. and fire McConnell. He represents him, his ideals, not the people’s. He wields too much power to only act on his own desires.
            Shameful rhetoric. I thought our educational systems turned out better educated people, you know, the kind of people who can spell, and write sentences which have a main idea and a thought. Where are your issues? Are you not concerned about the future of this country? Some of what I’m reading seems to mimic Trump’s tactics: Name-calling, scape-goat, hasty generalizations, false conclusions, bandwagon, false testimonials, etc. People have actually stooped so low as to use these tactics on this “comment” site. This doesn’t cover our issues. It only sounds like Trump. Other than building a wall to keep people out (or will it backfire and keep the people in?) what else does he stand for? Stuff that can be fact-checked?. Let’s make America great again. He has never told us how to do that. This is serious business. Rise above the name-calling and using religion as your crutch. God doesn’t care about each country’s elections. He cares about how YOU turn out, given all the tests He puts you through.
            And no, Merrick is FOR the 2nd. We must have read different bios. This would come out during his vetting process, IF McConnell will allow us to have one.
            Is it possible to have real discussion about the issues presented in the article or must we continue to degrade each other because our religious beliefs are different, or because our political beliefs are different, or because our nationalities are different, our color, our dialects, our disabilities, etc. ? Decent conversation is hard to find these days.

          11. ABO says

            So even though you are fully aware of your condition, you continue to act out the symptoms openly. Please, seek professional help.

          12. AKLady2015 says

            Sorry, you are mistaken.

            However, having viewed a number of your posts, I would suggest you go back on your medication.

          13. ABO says

            A three year old could have done better than that. Tells me a lot about you.

          14. MTnman says

            Good observation. But, your wasting your time on one who is the embodiment of her own distortions, projections, and angst.

          15. ABO says

            Very well stated and absolutely accurate, MTnman.

      2. jscarano7 says

        i strongly agree with you, pay no attention what other morons say’ there working for the obama administration an there getting paid very well to intimidate us conservatives an agitate us that’s there job.”””””there very very sick people they have a probate mind

  9. Karen Stickney says

    No, it’s leftist intelligence made to counteract your rightist stupidity and hypocrisy.

    1. stickichild says

      Hey maybe we could play stick ball with that ugly mug as it rolls down the street lolololol

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Full Definition of name–calling

      : the use of offensive names especially to win an argument or to induce rejection or condemnation (as of a person or project) without objective consideration of the facts

      1. iLLuSioNaTi says

        If you are trying to make a point you are sadly missing the mark.

    3. David Kledzik says

      You know squat about the Constitution. Liberal ass trots use it like a punchline. Leftist intelligence, now there’s an oxymoron, moron.

  10. Terry Jirovsky says

    Waste of time…..the Dems would do the exact same thing (and have) if the situation was reversed. NO big deal. Cover something of interest….like Hillary’s investigation, IRS investigation, Bo Berghdahl investigation, blah blah blah……

    1. iLLuSioNaTi says

      Not a waste of time…keep focused on all of it until all of their evil deeds are undone!

  11. HENRI says


  12. MuslimLuvChrist says

    its part of life:

    mcconnell will cave, or
    obama will replace Scalia with an executive order

    1. David Kledzik says

      Obama cannot replace any judge with an executive order.

      1. G.Frazier says

        You’re right, David. He cannot do a lot of things he’s attempted (and, often broken laws in order) to do.

      2. MuslimLuvChrist says

        and presidents cannot force law enforcement to
        disobey the law with respect to illegals,

        keep it real, this lawless “usurper” will do anything illegal!!!

  13. Karen Stickney says

    Hypocrisy: say one thing and do another. This is what you hypocrites do when you whine about Barack Obama ignoring the Constitution and whining when he adheres to it. It’s the truth, and your pea brains can’t handle IT!|!!!

    1. iLLuSioNaTi says

      LIAR! The Constitution says that Congress SHALL (not MUST) consider the Presidents pick for Supreme Court replacement. It also says the President SHALL (not MUST) pick a Supreme Court replacement. That word “SHALL” is rather problematic for you mental midgets, isn’t it?

      Obama should do the will of the people and allow his successor, who will be picked in less than a year, to make the choice, because logic dictates that his successor would be more in tune with WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT! Get with the program and do your homework before opening your big fat communist mouth! SHALL as opposed to MUST. Makes a world of a difference.

      Obama is the Grand Usurper of the Constitution. Admit it, you Liar, ADMIT IT!!!

    2. Deby says

      thank you for your definition of Progessive Democracy-apparently it is YOU with the smallest pea-brain here. take a hike troll

  14. Francisco Machado says

    The Progressive Republican machine was aware of but disregarded the
    will of their constituents and lied to them to gain the Senate and
    increase House representation, then didn’t use the powers given them by
    their voters. By essentially abandoning their own defenses against the
    Democrat Progressives (whose goals they seem to share), they created the
    perfect opportunity for Trump to outflank them by expressing the exact
    frustrations felt by the voters. In that sense, he started out as an
    ideal candidate for the emotionally reactive and, since the Progressive Republicans had outraged most of their voter base, this was almost everyone. My opinion: He’s far from ideal for a President. He’s also losing his attractiveness as the ideal candidate, and the Progressive Republican Machine is so frustrated at the significant popularity of candidates that will actually attempt to block or eliminate some of the Progressive programs they have transparently been feigning to fight. A few of them are so desperate to preserve these programs they have even voiced a preference for Hillary, and it would surprise me if there aren’t quite a few more of them remaining on the QT about it. The Progressive Republicans created this disaster and now find themselves in the situation of a fool who commences to look for solutions to his problem after he has stepped off a cliff.

    1. iLLuSioNaTi says

      Can’t trust the Repub’s nor the Democ’s. Two sides of the same coin and puppets of the Globalist Banksters!

  15. G.Frazier says

    Obama said he’d done his job and he fully expected the Senate to do theirs. All I could think of was that their job is to block him! He is the one, who demanded to filibuster Bush’s choice a few years ago.

    1. iLLuSioNaTi says

      Yeah, he did his job…Antonin Scalia is dead…we know why, now we want to know HOW!

    2. David Kledzik says

      Exactly, now the shoe is on the other foot. McConnell should bring that up at every chance.

  16. wcgraybill says

    I think the repubs better not agree on this judge as he is not good for America regardless what the dems say. As you can see I am for the constitution, screw the people that are against the constitution. The damn commies. Use them for target practice tared and feathered they will stand out better that way.

  17. Jeanette Eaton says

    I cannot understand the two-faced people who, like Mitch McConnell are saying “let the people decide” when it comes to whether or not they consider a new supreme court justice, yet when it comes to letting the “PEOPLE” decide who they want for President, they are doing everything that they can to negate the “PEOPLE’S” wish.. This is going to backfire on them so badly, and like I have said before, we all will be the losers….including the Democrats. In the meantime, the Republicans will implode because of their stupidity when it comes to trying not to notice the “PEOPLES’ WISHES! I couldn’t care less as to who ends up being the new Supreme Court justice….but I care VERY MUCH who becomes our next president!

    1. iLLuSioNaTi says

      >>I couldn’t care less as to who ends up being the new Supreme Court justice….but I care VERY MUCH who becomes our next president!<<

      You might want to re-think that unwise statement.

    2. David Kledzik says

      The Supreme Court is very important, don’t under estimate it. If you like the Bill Of Rights, your freedoms, you might take notice.

  18. Richard Tillman says

    Big mistake Republicans. This will come back and bite you in the ass.

    1. iLLuSioNaTi says

      NOPE! Nice try commie.

      1. Richard Tillman says

        NOPE! Nice try Nazi.

        1. iLLuSioNaTi says

          Nein, netter Versuch kommunistischer Schwein.

    2. David Kledzik says

      Only if they confirm will it. Democrats didn’t elect those republican senators, nor would they in the future.

  19. AKLady says

    Politics before people — typical Republican stance.
    Baby Bush is a lesson learned the hard way — America is not going to forget that very quickly.

    1. iLLuSioNaTi says

      Siyaasada – dadka hortiisa——– Democrat Kiisas khaas u caddeynay.

      1. AKLady says

        Did you mean: Siyaasada – dalka hortiisa?

        1. iLLuSioNaTi says

          Haa, xisbiga Democrats Siyaasadda dadka ka hor dhigay Waxa aan ahay farxad aad u ogolaan weyday.

          1. AKLady says

            Did you mean: Did you mean: Haa, xisbiga Democrats Siyaasada dalka ka hor dhigay Waxa aan ahay farhad aad u ogolaan weyday.

          2. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Doondoonayaa garan maysaan waxaad leedahay.

          3. David Kledzik says

            She doesn’t have a clue what your saying, awesome.

          4. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Yeah I know…ain’t it hilarious (or Hillaryous)?

    2. David Kledzik says

      Just returning the favor to the crybaby demorats.

  20. David Kledzik says

    This article makes it look like republicans lose either way. I beg to differ, if they cave they will be voted out. Just who the hell do the democrats think voted in the republican senators, a majority of democrats, don’t make me laugh. From what I’ve seen and heard the republican senators constituents don’t want a obama nominee voted on, it’s all just propaganda to make us think otherwise, because only a few liberal media outlets say that a majority of Americans want a confirmation. At least for now no vote on a nominee, and if a republican wins in November then there can be. What’s the difference of putting in a crappy one now or later. Big difference, a crappy one now means obama will get all his radical leftist plans instituted, el.- climate rules, illegal immigration, loss of the individual right of the 2nd Amendment, etc., etc., etc.

  21. Karen Stickney says

    I know plenty about the Constitution. I am smart, and you just can’t handle it. You rightist hypocrites expect everyone to uphold it, and you can’t take it when a liberal follows it. You’re the one who is a moron. I am smart, smart, smart, smart, and you are not, not, not! I think for myself and I don’t follow what stupid conservatives say because I know the truth and they just can’t stand it because I am intelligent and they are not. Why don’t you go back to school and brush up on the Constitution you claim to love, as you have forgotten that it says that one of the President’s jobs is to appoint judges. It doesn’t matter whether the President is a Democrat or a Republican. THAT’S THEIR JOB, YOU BRAINWASHED, UNEDUCATED, RIGHTIST LOSERS!

    1. Deby says

      Ignorant narcissist is what you are leftist tool.

    2. Buck says

      Were you on the floor kicking and screaming say all that. I get a visual image of a 6 year old throwing a tantrum. ?

  22. peter says

    I do not believe a word the republican party says anymore because they all are cowards when it comes to standing up against Obama!

  23. Combatvet52 says

    O-Vomit broke everything in the system………….PERIOD

  24. miles says

    The Republicans cave, they loose the presidential election.

  25. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    It is a good thing that the SCOTUS does not MAKE law, they only interpret, Congress makes law. As an aside, if Clinton is elected president of the US, we the People, and We as a country, ARE DONE!! The entire system is broken! I hope Trump wins the election, he may have a path out of this mess but, politics and EVERYONE associated with it, is a useless slime filled bunch of crooked bastards! THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN!!!!

  26. pappadave says

    The GOP Senate has given Obama everything he wants without much objection so I’ll believe THIS claim when I see it.

  27. peter says

    I don’t believe anything the republicans say, especially that they will block Garland from the supreme court nomination. They have caved into Obama one to many times.

  28. pysco says

    We have Kagan, and Sotomayer for life, we don’t need any other liberal judge, that tries to legislate laws from the bench…… Obama’s appointments are a a train wreck, they have nothing to do with the Constitution, they are left wing liberals that will disregard Constitution at every turn.. The real question if the GOP has finally grown a set of balls…. sincerely..

  29. James Maxwell says

    As the old saying goes “The proof is in the pudding”, as many times as the GOP and its so called
    leadership has made promises they have LIED to the party members way to often and given
    in to o’muzzie at the expense of the American People. They could not even do a budget and hold
    true faith and alliance with the Voters. We can only hope that they develope a spine and do
    not surrender on this issue. It is far to important to American as a Nation, not just Republican or
    Democrat Socialist to corrupt the Supreme Court in this manner. Our nation is lost and drifting
    due to lack of morals and conscience the roll over group just wants the same mantra of the Hippies
    of the 60’s all peace and love with no responsibilities and that has prove to be a total failure in the
    real world where people have to get up, go to work and pay bill.

  30. Tiger says

    O knows what he is doing. He knows that this judge will cinch the gun issue. I am happy to see someone who worked with Scalia letting that be known and so far I have not heard this blasted across the news. I think that is one of the great things about our blogging. We spread the word. I think many times we do make a difference. And Ben Carson admitted they read our blogs. Of course they do. I have seen sentiments made by myself and many on here used by people on the news, including Rush Limbaugh.

    We all need to jam our representatives offices with calls and let them know we don’t want this man. Irony of it Biden and then Senator O railed against Bush making a last call on the Supreme Court. Their hypocrisy has been played on the TV over and over concerning this.

    Gotta stop this man. Hook or crook.

    1. Buck says

      Get’em tiger. ????Buck

      1. Tiger says

        Amen and I ain’t slowing down anytime soon.

  31. MikeS says

    Their promises have been so hollow…especially Mitch. Shut up. Stop promising. Just block any obama nominee. Block! Block! Block!

  32. Gerald A. Reason says

    The following quote is a sample of Obama’s BS attitude towards the Constitution: ““If you don’t, then it will not only be an abdication of the Senate’s constitutional duty, it will indicate a process for nominating and confirming judges that is beyond repair.” First, the founders of this nation added this conformation process to protect the people from any President placing persons on the court that would harm this nation. At the time of the writing of the Constitution, the Senators were selected by the State legislatures and were to represent the State itself. This meant that each state had two votes as to who would be a federal judge. Today, the people elect the Senators and therefore, the states may well have divided party representation in the Senate, BUT, the concept is still the same. The President appoints someone to the Federal Courts. “with the advice and consent of the Senate.” The Senate is suppose to have a part in the nomination process — which seems never to happen, regardless of what party’s President is in office. Then the Senate must consent to the nomination, before they can take their position.

    The problem is, If Obama does not get his way, he has to make up some rule that indicates the Senate (or Congress) is the problem. The President has no control over the Senate and therefore, it is NOT the Senate’s duty to approve his nomination, nor is it their requirement to follow His dictates as to how they deal with a nomination. Second, the process is designed to prevent any President from , as said before, putting people into the courts who will damage the nation as a free Republic.

    – See more at:

  33. del says

    Ovomit needs to be gone before another activist idiot is elected

  34. Deborah G says

    The judge ,Obama and PLanned PArenthood met together. ENOUGH of a reason to BLOCK

  35. new york says

    Judge Garland appears to be a moderate, and a good choice for the Supreme Court. Also, he’s white, male, and straight. Senate Republicans should jump at the chance to confirm him, rather than wait until Hillary is elected and nominates who-knows who.

    1. Buck says

      New York. I guess you are from there. Garland is anti gun. That is enough for a lot of us to say he should never be on the suprem court. To think Scalia would be replaced by garlan is a liberal pipe dream.

      1. new york says

        Yes, I’m from New York — upstate New York — and I’m pro-gun. But whom do you think Hillary Clinton would appoint to the position. Likely a black woman — making four female justices — and very much to the left, to counterbalance Clarence Thomas. Maybe a Muslim or a trannie. In any case, Garland would be more acceptable than a Hillary appointee.

        1. Buck says

          Bush tried to get Bork but the democrats said no .

          1. new york says

            Actually it was Reagan who nominated Bork, but the point is well taken. My point is that, while Garland would not be my choice, he’s better than whomever Hillary Clinton will appoint, given the chance. And Garland, being white, male, and straight, wasn’t appointed to appease any particular group.

          2. Buck says

            You are right it was Reagan.

  36. TAM44 says

    Yes they need to block this abomination, he’s a liberal as one can get and a threat to our freedom.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      He isn’t a liberal jerkbird…He was already praised by one of your own conservative Republicans when he was in the Justice Dept. under George W. Bush..Your dick is hanging out of your short pants spiteful little boy.

      1. TAM44 says

        He is a liberal just like the other piece of $hit john roberts the frigging traitor. Now crawl back up obama’s A$$ it’s your feeding time you two cent piece of obama squeeze.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          He is neither liberal nor conservative…What the hell is with you asshats of the right that you think this country must all be conservative?

          Kansas and Iowa under 2 Republican governors had to close their schools before the official end of the school because they are out of money. Then, there’s MI with its lead in the water Governor with Republicans trying to get out of the fact that MI like so many Republican states hates the EPA..and loves poisoning kids…

          Not to mention Maine and Lousiana…more conservatism gone belly up. You jerks of the right are dead in the water. No one cares anymore about your slash and burn, mindless austerity..You want to live like this is 1910 Russia? Do it..But you will NEVER drag the rest of us into your puke morass of BS economics.

          You haven’t had a president in office who didn’t have a recession since before Warren Harding was president…want to explain why it is always the Dems who end up cleaning up after you stupid idiots try to hamstring the entire country in debt with more wars we don’t need?

          If the only way you can earn profits for your states is war and turning women into baby machines so you have plenty of foot soldiers..maybe you need to get the hell out of this country. You are not wanted here.

          1. Deby says

            hey loudmouth, get your facts straight at the very least if you insist on ranting your crap-the state of Michigan has been run by DEMOCRATS for the last few decades, which is exactly why they had to declare bankruptcy and start over -your ranting sounds a lot like talking points spoon fed to you from your completely Soros bought-and-paid for liberal media. Not an original thought left in your pointy little head. Give it a rest troll

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Hey Shitball….I’m guessing down there in Corn Pone or Dixieland your state does what Kansas and Iowa had to do..shut schools down because you Walmartian hookers can’t earn enough with that red light on your front door right?

            Every Republican governor in a Republican state has had massive economic failures. You can’t admit it because a lunatic like you lives off the tax dollars the rest of us pay. It has always been the Democrats who got the country back on track. Hoover was followed by FDR who had to create jobs for millions Hoover and his Wall Street boys put out of work.

            Unlike you, tootsie..I don’t need a red light on my front porch to earn a living. I paid my dues for 44 years and most of us are fed up with lazy ass women like you who can’t get a life much less a job.

            I hate to inform you moron…but of the 6 top media moguls here in the US…ALL are ultra conservatives…Start with Rupert Murdoch..Ted Turner and go on to Adelson…Bitches like you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

            I live in a state that doesn’t treat women like sex cattle…you need to live your state once in a while…you might find you have something other than a bush between your legs to earn a living.

          3. Deby says

            LOL thanks for proving my point AND describing who you really are-a low information media-whore that laps up everything she is fed on a daily basis. Everything in your post is exactly what the demonrats have done to our once great country-and you are so afraid your obamaphone and government cheese are going away you feel the need to go to the library computer and post psychotic and nasty drivel about people who think and live better than you do. Thanks for the laugh you nasty little beyotch

          4. iLLuSioNaTi says

            WOW, what a rancid lying bitch…I bet you’re fun on a date…NOT!!! Just because you keep repeating lies does not make them true. STFU LIAR!

          5. ABO says

            Typical liberal troll. She can’t do any better than foul language and pathetic insults. No intellect beyond the level of a myopic lemming. Sad but true.

          6. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Myopic lemming…so appropriate. They can’t see the cliff they are driving our country over. They are truly blinded from seeing the truth because they are unable to focus on the facts that are before their very eyes. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Always want their cake and eat it too. I could go on and on, but Michael Savage said it best when he first coined the phrase “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. I wonder if he realized at that time how right he was! That statement is more true today than ever before.

            Just look at the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium today. The capital of the EU is reaping what they have sown because of PC, tolerance, and open boarders. ISIS was a creation of the CIA to fight Bashar al-Assad of Syria and now we see the unintended consequences. It won’t be long before we start seeing more attacks like that in the U.S. due to our PC, tolerance, open boarders, and now the faux refugee crisis. They are not refugees, it’s an invasion created by the Muslim in Chief Odrama.

            Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder!

          7. ABO says

            Well put and absolutely correct, iL Lu SioNa TiThey won’t get it until it’s far, far too late and then of course it will somehow be our fault.

          8. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Seems to always turn out that way.

          9. TAM44 says

            All that writing and you did not say one word C unt, you leave the country. I fought for it B—H and don’t need your stupid input. I never mentioned conservative once in my first post SFB. Pull your lips over your head a swallow.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker says

            All your BS and you haven’t said one word about why you have so much free time to sit at a computer and post BS all day. Hey prick face…do yourself a favor..don’t try to keep up with people who are smarter than you will ever be.

            And in case you think our states will just keep supporting Corn Pones and Mutton Chops lazy asses…think again. Your Great Depression lifestyles are not what we in the most progressive states plan for our kids futures. Your kids? A bunch of jerks who can’t wipe their own asses without your help.

            Maybe you need to keep your mouth shut and get an education?

          11. TAM44 says

            You wouldn’t know smart if it slapped you upside that ugly puss of your’s . Take a break and change your $hitty underwear douche bag.

          12. iLLuSioNaTi says

            He’s a liberal and you’re an idiot.

  37. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Republicans block, Republicans shut down, Republicans slash, Republicans battle, Republicans haul out their swaggering, drawling BS…Good…let them “block, tackle, pass, punt and any other reckless ruination of the policies that have been in place since the Founding Fathers KNEW that partisans are supposed to work TOGETHER. What we have here are spiteful little dickheads who can’t think about anything but sucking up to their billionaire power base.

    What in the name of all hell could they possibly find wrong with this nominee? Since one of their own Republicans praised him not a decade ago during the Bush administration? If we wanted to pay lazy Corn Pone Kings and Mutton Chops, we’d let them get away with this BS.

    Time for Americans to stand up to these snot nosed Twerps. They are NOT the last word on government WE are. As in WE, the people?

    But, President Obama can just do what Bush did…place the nominee while the GOP is on recess. Unless of course, these jackasses plan to NEVER take another recess. Good..maybe now they’ll actually do the jobs they are elected to do…W O R K …The 4-letter word all Corn Pones and Mutton Chops hate most.

    1. Deby says

      Democrats lie, Democrats cheat, Democrats battle, Democrats slash, Democrats haul out their biased bought-and-paid -for liberal tools in the media to get their way and lie about everything and anyone who disagrees-namely Republicans. Talk about spiteful little dickheads-who suck up to their George Soros Billionaire power base. Time for America to stand up to these snot-nosed Progressives as they are NOT the only or last word on government-We The People Are- and Eleanore, WE have spoken-Obozo’s little fiefdom is about to go down and you entitled, whining serfs will actually have to work for a living. Boo Frickin’ Hoo.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        No liar the Dems don’t. Let’s see now…Gingrich speaker of the House …3 wives..Left Wife No. 1 when she was in chemo treatment. Moved on to Wife No. 2 who was diagnosed with MS to Wife No. 3 and got religion…hoping his sins would all be absolved…Jes anothuh good ole good ole boy right?

        Then there was Texas Tom DeLay…Speaker of the House…had to resign because he and Abramoff, King of K-Street Lobbying got their asses in trouble when they tried to bilk that Native Americans who owned that midwest casino…..No lies though right?

        Alberto Gonzalez, Bush’s Justice Dept. chief had to resign because he hired ONLY Republican U.S. Attorneys and appointed ONLY Republican U.S. Attorneys..

        But now if you want to REALLY talk lies by personal favorite is how Bush and Cheney lied about the WMDs in Iraq just so Cheney’s beloved Halliburton could get their meat hooks into the Iraq war planned when Cheney was CEO of Halliburton…Then, there was the dressing down Nanny Rice got from the 9/11 Commission over lies of omission for not acknowledging the 6 memos from the Clinton Administration about the potential for an attack by al Qaeda.

        Democrats NEVER need to lie..You liars of the right make up more lies before you are out of your beds. Try again and the next time…do use facts…not BS.

        Oh and by the way…your right wing Corn Pone Kings, Charles and David Kockheads spent a lousy $2 million in donation to a Presbyterian college…Soros has already spent $200 million on more than a dozen colleges in the US…Suck it up Dixie Belle or Corn Pone Queen, whichever you are.

        The next time you get the rag on, do make changes faster, the odor is polluting the planet.

        1. Deby says

          so “Democrats NEVER need to lie”-are you for real? Step away from the meth you delusional nasty little monkey, and go get some help for your extreme mental instability-stop taking up space on a site where sane, normal people discuss things you have no idea about-so zip it you sick mess of a human being.

  38. kassa1 says

    First off everybody that Obama has put in power were put there to help bring down this country as every move Obama makes every breath you take is geared toward the destruction of this great nation. If Ryan or MacConnell either one helps Obama with this they should be not only throwdown office but they should be physically Tardon feathered by the people of those states. Obama is a destructionist Garrett at the transformation from freedom to slavery of the 98% of us as the self serving servants in federal government ,Think they are above the people and exempt their selves from the rules that they imply on we the people.

  39. stadalberts says

    They better NOT let Obummer put someone in the opening.

  40. retired4ever says

    I believe we are at a point where a third party needs to be formed; one that will abide by the will (votes) of the people. We need term limits at every level of government, especially at the federal level. A paraphrased commentary last night (March 17th) on Fox news: “Don’t pay them and see how many will still serve” Do we really think any of them are serving or just there for the paycheck and the inside track to big $$$$$$$
    This will be my 14th general election and I am embarrassed to admit that I belong to either party.

  41. jaybird says

    I have 2 Demorat Senators and they go along with just about everything Obummer wants. I might call them anyway and tell them we are not bringing it up for a vote and if we do I want them to vote no.

  42. John Williams says

    I would not trust McConnell as far as I could throw the old goat, Cruz called him a liar for a reason, because it is a fact. We all need to be all over our representatives NOW and make sure they know that the approval of this “Trojan Horse,” a so called centrist, is a joke, he is anything but a moderate or centrist. McConnell will cave and there are enough spineless RINOs that will follow to get this “activist” approved, this is not acceptable.

  43. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    I’ll believe it when I see it. The democRATs march in lockstep to the beat of the leaders in the party. The Republicans are RINO’s more often than not. I don’t trust anyone who is currently in Congress and we need term limits badly.

  44. Carol Notermann says

    I’ve read these posts…. I just want to suggest something… From what I’ve read, Obama’s appointee has been supported by both parties to get where he is. Please Republicans and Democrats… please consider the concept of working together for the betterment of our Christian/Judeo Republic… Please put, party, money, getting reelected and personal gain where it belongs OUTSIDE OF POLITICS. Our country is in grave danger, outrageous debt.. outrageous over spending, Politicians have padded their pockets, and cheated the American People for too long. Lets start making changes now… Vote for the Country, vote for WE THE PEOPLE, Work together, hold the hearing and if possible (Using intelligent thought processes).. Both parties STOP acting like spoiled brats… and for God’s sake DO YOUR JOBS!!!! Use your conscience if you still remember how to, DO WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY!

  45. joe says

    Everything and anything that the traitor, obama, (AND his cronies in the Congress) do and have done over the course of his reign MUST be blocked and/or revoked. All things done by obama are designed toward the destruction of our constitution and thus of our nation.

  46. stan lee says

    It’s a presidential prerogative to name a Supreme Court replacement, though the precedent was set by a Democrat Senator (Biden) that the Senate not vote in a replacement chosen by Pres. Bush during end of the Bush presidency. Then, it was the right of the Democrat-controlled Senate to reject the Republican President’s choice of nominee to the Supreme Court. The Republicans now control the Senate, and it is now their prerogative to reject an Obama-nominated Supreme Court Justice, which is what the Republican-controlled Senate is now doing. The Biden precedent established at end of a Republican Presidential term in now what Senate majority leader McConnell (R) is utilizing as Obama’s term is ending. It was to allow a Democrat President to name a Supreme Court nominee then, and it is now to allow the next President to utilize that precedent now.

  47. Jeanette Eaton says

    I fully understand the importance of the Supreme Court. And this doesn’t concern those who remain on the bench right now. The Presidency has to be fixed first and that is highly unlikely to happen. Because it is the President who gets to choose the ones who will serve for life on the highest court in the land, it is so important to be able to choose those we feel will make the right choices when deciding the fate of people or issues. The process by which we elect those presidents who are the ones that make the choices for those who serve on the highest court of the land is broken. It is because the Supreme Court is so important, that how we choose our President is MORE important. And the way we do that needs to be fixed and it needs to start at the local level but I think that it is so broken and corrupt that it can’t be fixed. I hope that I am wrong on this, but if the “PEOPLE” of this country aren’t allowed to choose the person that they feel is the best one to fulfill the duties of the President responsibly including choosing those who will interpret the existing laws and further laws and situations that affect all of us, then we all lose. “We the PEOPLE” are ,
    constitutionally , supposed to be the ones who choose, but there are flaws that concern the way that is done because of the electoral college. There is too much corruption and the only way to fix it, constitutionally, is by a Constitutional amendment and that won’t happen.
    The only real way for this to change, is for the minds and hearts to change is through Divine intervention, but, even that is challenged. I believe that it is very important as to who is chosen to sit on the bench of the Highest Court in the land, which is WHY I think it is MORE important who we choose who will ultimately make the choices for those who serve FOR LIFE on the Supreme Court. Our very survival as a nation depends on it. But it is HOW we are allowed to chose our Presidential candidates that I am questioning…ESPECIALLY because of what is occurring at this present time. If the majority of the people choose to select Mr. Trump as the presidential candidate for the Republican Party there shouldn’t be anyone trying to make a different choice for them because they think they have a better choice.. This whole thing will backfire on them so fast, and I fear that it won’t be able to be fixed.;;;and things will become very ugly. I am not totally in agreement that there will be riots but there will be protests and I think it will happen on Election Day.

  48. Terry Jirovsky says

    The Republicans should do like Obama…….”thoroughly investigate this”…..code words for do nothing until people get tired of hearing about it. Just like “Queen Hilarious”……lying for 11 hours about Benghazi.

    For God’s sake….what difference does it make!!

  49. American says

    I hope they keep their word this time and not stab Americans in the back again. That fascist fool must be stopped. This Presidential race is one of the most important in history. We have many Supreme court judges that age aged and will need replacing soon. We can’t let one of Obama’s lap dogs, replace them. Vote Trump,

  50. daveveselenak says

    Don’t hold your breath, the “Re-PUNK-lican” establishment, the other half of the two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy will cave in as they always do after feigning resistance: I still contend that there will be no elections this November and have made several steak dinners that I’m right – I haven’t been wrong so far! This expose that the state-run, fifth column propagandists – FOX FAKERS included – aren’t covering filters in to my bets!

    Subject: Yes, it is true….Who will care? ALERT
    What a wonderful country. Freedom for everyone. But
    watch your back! That’s why there is
    such an alarm within US government, since
    Trump’s statement about temporally suspending the
    migration of Muslims to and from US till US
    authorities make sure there is a proper concept of
    safe penetration of US territory. People are stunned to
    learn that the head of the U.S.CIA is a Muslim!
    Do hope this wakes up some! You mean until it hits you
    like a ton of bricks read it again, until you understand!
    We now have a Muslim government.John Brennan, current
    head of the CIA converted to Islam while
    stationed in Saudi Arabia. Obama’s top adviser,
    Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in
    Iran where her parents still live.Hillary Clinton’s top
    adviser, Huma Abedin is a Muslim, whose
    mother and brother are involved in the now outlawed
    Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Assistant Secretary for
    Policy Development for Homeland Security,
    Arif Aikhan, is a Muslim. Homeland Security
    Adviser, Mohammed Elibiary, is a Muslim.
    Obama advisor and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs
    Council, Salam al-Marayati, is a Muslim. Obama’s Sharia Czar,
    Imam Mohamed Magid, of the Islamic Society
    of North America is a Muslim. Advisory Council on
    Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo
    Patel, is a Muslim. Nancy Pelosi announced
    she will appoint Rep Andre Carson, D-Ind, as
    the first Muslim lawmaker in the House of
    Representatives Permanent Select Committee on
    Intelligence. It would make Carson the first Muslim to
    serve on the committee that receives intelligence on
    the threat of Islamic militants in the Middle East! He
    has suggested that U.S. schools should be modeled after Islamic
    madrassas, where education is based on the Quran!!! And last but not least,
    Barack the closet Muslim himself, Hussein Obama. It’s questionable if
    Obama ever officially took the oath of office when he was sworn in. He didn’t
    repeat the oath properly to defend our nation and our Constitution.
    Later the Democrats claimed he was given the oath again in
    private. CIA director John Brennan took his oath on a copy of
    the Constitution, not a Bible. Congressman, Keith
    Ellison took his oath on a copy of the Qur’an. Congresswoman Michele
    Bachman was vilified and verbally tarred and
    feathered by Democrats when she voiced her
    concern about Muslims taking over our government.
    Considering all these appointments, it would explain why Obama and
    his minions are systematically destroying our nation,
    supporting radical Muslim groups worldwide, opening our
    southern border, and turning a blind eye to the genocide being
    perpetrated on Christians all over Africa and the Middle East.
    The more damage Obama does, the more arrogant he’s become! Our
    nation and our government has been infiltrated by
    people with a desire to destroy us. It can only get worse!
    If you fail to pass this one on, there’s something wrong??… Somewhere!
    I hope that all of you mentally disordered liberals out there are
    ecstatic with your HOPE & CHANGE and TRANSFORMED AMERIKA,

  51. ScranunSlim says

    “Oh – you’re the gun guy ”
    – Prezidunce Benghazi O’Selfie
    upon meeting Dr. John Lott

    Lott said O’Selfie then added that he didn’t think people should own guns.

  52. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

    How does the old saying go, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I’ll believe it when I see it, they flipped more than pancakes. My advice for them, is that they better pray that Trump doesn’t become president if they’ll keep their word.

  53. sue lenhart says

    . . . And the list of six Republican senators who have agreed to meet with said Obama SCOTUS nominee NOW (before the new POTUS is sworn in in January 2017?) is none other than the Republican senator from my state, the state of Ohio, Mr. Rob Portman. Attention, all Ohio readers: remember Mr. Portman’s name when it comes up on the ballot for re-election this November, 2016. I will not be voting for him.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Your objection to Judge Garland is what? Please be exact? He has the required education. He has the required experience. He has been held in high esteem by both parties priot to this nomination.

  54. Bob Ware says

    Why should I believe them (the Repub’s) after all the traitorous supporting obama they have done and continue to do?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Qhy should you believe any polititian who puts politics before the American people?
      Oh, right, that is what you do …

      1. Bob Ware says

        Not you again. Look at their record. It speaks for itself just as Hillary, your ideal politician, lies for herself. We’re in this mess because of the free flowing ignorance from voters like yourself.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Why do you assume?
          As usual, your assumption is incorrect.
          The only ignorance in this thread is yours.

          1. Bob Ware says

            Well from this entry of yours, I and others, can see you only read my threads. If you read the others you’d see how wrong you are as usual.

          2. AKLady says

            Why do you assume?

          3. Bob Ware says

            Let me explain it to you …. Your last sentence “The only ignorance in this thread is yours” clearly shows my thread is the only one you read, otherwise you would have comprehended that others are in agreement with me thus you are wrong again.

          4. AKLady says

            We the People do not elect a presidenr.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We thw People cannot elect a Presidenr —
            the Constitiution does not allow us to do so.

          5. Bob Ware says

            I’m doubly overwhelmed! You learned something! That’s correct! Congratulations! Of course that had nothing what-so-ever to do with what we were discussing other than deflecting the subject away from your idiocy.

          6. AKLady says

            There yoi go, making a fool of yourseldf — yet again.

          7. Buck says


  55. Dennis McLain says

    You had better not cave in to the democrats on this one or I think you will be in deep trouble with the populace! Do your jobs and block this effort by the democrats to install a anti-second amendment “justice”. He is not a moderate and should be treated as to what he is, another leftist liberal!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. ABO says

        You call Bob Ware boring??? You post the above, word for word over and over and over and have the nerve to call someone else boring??? Oh and by the way you have repeatedly chastised others here for posting insults yet you call Mr. Ware “pedantic and overwhelmingly boring??? Then you criticize Barry Bevers for leaving out a question mark in his post yet you say of Sanders and Trump ” are at far opposit poles” and refer to Trumps “fsther” and that is of course perfectly acceptable, because they are your words. You might want to make yourself literate before you go around insulting others.

  56. Karen Stickney says

    Brush up on your Constitution, troll.

  57. Barry Bevers says

    How could Garland vote to remove the individual right to bear arms. The supreme court’s job is not to make law – only to interpret law.

    1. MTnman says

      Garland would be an activist judge, making, not interpreting the Constitution. Justice Roberts and his wrongful manufacturing of law to enable Obamacare is a great example of activism (“For all these reasons, to say that the Individual Mandate merely imposes a tax is not to interpret the statute but to rewrite it…” – Referring to Obamacare).

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Garland is not now, nor has he ever been an activist judge.

        Do you consider Eisenhower to be an activist?

        When Eisenhower returned from WW II, he was determined to see national health care put in place for America. He repeatedly tried to make that happen.

        1. Bob Ware says

          Legally. Not illegally as you dems do these days. Eisenhower is dead and this is current time therefore that great mans efforts have no bearing on todays’ problems.

          1. AKLady says

            Maybe you should learn the meaning of comparison?

      2. Bob Ware says

        Correct. Healthcare is not a tax. That is an invalid law… obamacare.

    2. AKLady says

      Neither Garland, nor the Supreme Court has that authority.
      Such a change requires a Constitutional Amendment.
      Learn how your government actually works.
      Learn how your government actually works.

      1. Bob Ware says

        Learn how to comprehend what you read. He never claimed that Garlands actions were valid. He only asked how could he do it…wanting an explanation is what he is looking for. He has it right. Of course you also did not read his second sentence or you would not have written this comical post. You need to learn reading comprehension. You must have graduated from a ‘feel good’ Common Core curriculum or from a liberal U.S. University.

        1. AKLady says

          Add the missing question mark to the Bevers’ first sentence.
          Garland has never been in a posititon to do what you seem to be claiming.
          Had you thought the issue through, you would not have written yuor foolish post.
          You need to back your conclusions with facts.

          1. Bob Ware says

            Again, learn reading comprehension. I am not the one making a claim here. You are ignorantly claiming points that are not so by Barry Beavers and now adding me in. All I did was explain it to you but you can’t comprehend what you read so I’m now convinced I’m wasting my time with you.

          2. AKLady says

            Save your insults for someone who appreciates your opinion.

            You are extremely pedantic and overwhelmingly boring

          3. Bob Ware says

            Actually one cannot have a conversation with one who cannot comprehend what one reads. I have no insults in here. Another of your lack of comprehension leads you to believe that I have insults in here. You dem/socialists all think you are the answer to societies ills. However the ills are in fact caused by you all but you’ll never comprehend the truth so trying to educate you and your fellows is pointless. Truly pointless. Goodbye.

          4. ABO says

            You wouldn’t recognize a fact if it bit you in the face.

  58. Tired... says

    The senate is allowed to refuse Obama’s pick if they so choose; a refusal to confirm is not inaction, although they do run the risk that Hillary will win the White House and her choice could be worse. I prefer that they do the right thing now (don’t confirm) and let the chips fall where they may.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Do a bit more research.
      This judge received high Republican approval in his last appointment.

      The Senate is acting in a way which does not benefit We the People.
      The judge should be evaluated on his merits, not political one-upmanship

      1. Tired... says

        I am an independent, not a Republican, so I don’t really care about how many Republicans voted to confirm him; what I do care about are his rulings, which do not tend to favor things that I regard as fundamental to the continuation of freedom. USA Today, that well known conservative rag, called him a liberal in moderate clothing. However the bottom line is really this: I do not trust President Obama’s judgment, so the Senate is acting exactly like I , as one of “We the People,” want them to do since my freedom hangs in the balance. Nevertheless I am not sure why you object since the Republicans are just following the” Biden Rule.”

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Try making sense once in awhile.

          1. Tired... says

            What did you have difficulty understanding…?

            1) Republican approval of the judge’s last appointment is irrelevant
            2)The Senate has the right to confirm or deny.
            3) I prefer that the Senate didn’t rush into any decisions because I do not trust President Obama’s character, therefore in my opinion they are benefiting We the People.
            4) The judge’s merits are known.

            5) Why do you have a problem with this since Biden and other Democrats made exactly the same case regarding a Bush nominee?

            Does this help?

          2. AKLady2015 says

            No, not at all.
            It is mostly opinion — your warped opinion.

          3. Tired... says

            I didn’t think that it would, but I was hopeful…

            However, I did notice that you avoided answering the question both times and chose the demeaning path instead.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Are you aware that Garland oversaw the prosecution of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols?

            Are you familar wirh Orin Hatch’s opinion of him?

            Are you aware he has more experience than any other nominee to the Court in this county’s history?

            Did yoi know that he tutors elementary school students in reading and math?

            Most importantly, are you aware that the Senate is elected to represent the American people?

          5. Tired... says

            I am concerned with his interpretation of the constitution…period. nothing that you listed above speaks to that issue.

          6. AKLady2015 says

            He is known for his judicial knowledge and fairness.

            The Constitution is a living document. Unlike the Ten Comandments. it is not a grouping of static rules, but rather a road map for a growing and changing nation.

            Possibly, you should be more concerned with your interpretation of the Constitution? I suggest you take a few law courses. I think you would be amazed at how such education would assist you in reading and comprehending law.

          7. Tired... says

            By whose standards?

            The constitution is not a living document because it cannot initiate its own growth or spontaneously change itself. Rather it was a carefully crafted document specifically designed to be deliberately amended as the need arose through a very laborious process that was intentionally laid out by our founders. The concept of the constitution as a living document opens the door to the idea that the judiciary can bypass the legislative and executive branches, which is itself unconstitutional.

            We have differences of opinion which, according to my understanding of the constitution, is acceptable.

          8. AKLady2015 says

            You have a very poor comprehension as to the operation of the governmental branches, amd the Constitutiion.

            Let’s begin with the right to bear arms. Do you really believe the Founding Fathers meant for every citizen to be allowed to own machine guns, atomic bombs, chemical weapons?

            In the past, slavery was legal under the Constitution.

            In the past racial discriminaiton was constiutional.

            In the past, women were not citizens …

            The Legislative Branch writes law. The Judical Branch defines how it is to be applied. The Executive Branch enforces that law which is defined and is Constitutional.

          9. Tired... says

            I mean this without malice but it needs to be said: Your comment above is both arrogant and condescending because it appears that you cannot control your desire to demean anyone who holds an opinion that differs from yours.

            First, having just survived a bloody revolution, I believe that the framers understood the dangers inherent in any government and created a way for the average person to stand up to that government, just as they did. They also understood the average individual’s need to provide for and protect his or her family. Garland didn’t stand up to chemical weapons, atomic bombs, or even machine guns; he stood against law-abiding citizens and their right to defend themselves against criminals who, by definition, do not obey the law.

            Second, I never said that the Constitution was static: I merely said that I didn’t believe that is is a “living document” because I do not anthropomorphize. This is the main point where you and I differ: I suspect that you are ok with judges “reading into the Constitution” and adjusting it to reflect their own values, while I prize a strict interpretation. Since all three examples that you provided were changed via constitutional amendments, your actually prove my point that the constitution can be amended under the current process.

            Finally, I understand the responsibilities of each branch and find that the Obama Administration struggles to fulfill the constitutional role of the executive branch, which is why I do not trust him to nominate a candidate who respects the Constitution and by extension my freedom. In the Heller case, Garland demonstrated that he is one of those judges who believes that he can read into the Constitution what isn’t there, and that is why I do not want him on the Supreme Court.

          10. AKLady2015 says

            A living document or dynamic document is a document that is continually edited and updated.

            There are 27 Amendments to the Constiution.

            I suggest that you research the meaning of a phrase before stooping to childish insult.

          11. Tired... says

            I never insulted you; I merely called you out on the demeaning nature of portions of your posts, and I disagreed with your belief that the Constitution is a living document. I fully understand what the term means, which you should have been able to discern from the fact that I also believe that the Constitution can be amended;

            Although we disagree regarding the concept of a “living document,” we do agree that the Constitution can be amended through the process that, as you noted, has already functioned effectively 27 times. What I object to is the idea that such amendments can be made by the judiciary rather than the legislative branch, which is the danger I see in calling the Constitution a “living document.” Significant safeguards were put into place to ensure that new amendments met a high standard before they became law; I believe that calling the Constitution a “living document” undermines the average person’s perception of the process and may ultimately lead to excess when the roles of the legislative and judicial branches become conflated..

          12. AKLady2015 says

            Simply put:
            The Legislature writes laws.
            The Courts define how law will be inforced.
            The Executive enforces law.

          13. Tired... says

            We are in the same ballpark, although the Judicial Branch interprets the law based upon content and precedent rather than defines how a law will be enforced; as you noted, enforcement falls to the Executive Branch

          14. AKLady says

            Is that so?

            Why don’t you tell us about Miranda rights warning that law enforvement is requiresd to state to everyone they arrest?

            Tell us that is not an order as to how the law will be enforced?

          15. Tired... says

            I would call that an interpretation of the law designed to protect the rights of both the suspect and the police; in other words, it clarifies what existing law means.

          16. ABO says

            So, calling someone childish and insulting doesn’t meet your standard for insulting them. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me in the least.

          17. Tired... says

            I don’t believe that i used either of those phrases.

          18. ABO says

            Sorry, Tired my comment was meant for AKLady. You’ll note I have consistently up voted you during the above discussion. Again, sorry for my error.

          19. Tired... says

            Thanks ABO. I figured that it was a mistake, but wanted to make certain. I try to avoid using personal attacks or demeaning comments in my posts, although I am not always as successful as I would like to be..

          20. ABO says

            I know, it’s extremely frustrating trying to be civil with the likes of AKLady.

          21. ABO says

            Stooping to childish insult would put Tired in your class and I’m sure he is far, far removed from the likes of you so don’t you worry your empty little head, AK.

          22. ScranunSlim says

            Ahhh, the ” living, breathing” nonsense

          23. AKLady2015 says

            Try education.
            You might even find that you like being knowledgeable.

          24. ABO says

            Wow, AKLady, I’m impressed! That was one of very few of your posts here that lacked the usual deluge of misspellings and abysmal grammar. Try education did you???

          25. ABO says

            AKLady has difficulty understanding anything and everything that makes sense and or is based in logic, Tired. She spends far,far too much time firing up the ol’ bong would be my guess.

          26. ScranunSlim says

            “Tired’s” comments have been a model of civility, but you have responded hostility and sarcasm.

            So your pose of being against ad hominem attacks is just that.

      2. ScranunSlim says

        Bork was UNANIMOUSLY approved (as Solicitor General?) before he was nominated.

      3. ABO says

        Just following Joe Biden’s and various others’ lead.”Nomination for Supreme Court Justice should absolutely never be made during a presidential election year.” Of course Uncle Joe made that statement during the last year of a Republican president’s administration so it was perfectly OK and correct wasn’t it.

  59. Richard B says

    This nominee has been highly praised by both Republicans and Democrats, yet the Republicans just don’t want to do their job. It’s unprecedented that they should snub the President in this way. The President has done his job. Now it’s time for the Republicans to do theirs. There is, by the way, no rule stating that a President cannot nominate someone to high office during an election cycle. How are the Republicans going to handle this. Do they think their constituents are so stupid that they can’t see through this ruse?

    1. Buck says

      The more they snub him the better I like it. He’s the sorriest president of my life time. He even makes jimmy carter look good but it did not think that was possible. To think a republican senate would confirm an anti gun judge. Is the heights of stupidity .

  60. Combatvet52 says

    The GOP should have blocked Obama 7 years ago we wouldn’t have the disgusting crap that he laid in our laps.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Vulgarity is the quality of being common, coarse, or unrefined.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Go back to your knitting class………you would live under his rule the rest of your life…very sad.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          You need to crawl out of thaat cave. The world had changed
          Live under a man’s rule in mu ho,e? No as ling as I a, bringing in the l;argest check. The kids better be clean. Dinner cooked and he hose clesn.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Yeah and we is gonna change it back to where it was and should be.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Suggest you try putting toothpaste back in a tube.

          3. ABO says

            Suggest you put the bong down for a minute.

          4. ScranunSlim says

            Larg-ER check unless there are more than 2 spouses.

      2. ABO says

        So since you are not vulgar, what’s your excuse for being common, coarse and unrefined???

        1. AKLady says

          Only those who are common, coarse and unrefined nreed an excuse.
          I have no need for an excuse.
          Do you need one?

          1. ABO says

            Your opinion. Certainly not fact. Oh and no I don’t.

    2. AKLady says

      Congress makes the laws, something you seem to have forgotten or simply ignore

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Just like the speech he made to put someone in Scalia’s spot….. OH it’s my Constitutional duty, all of a sudden the Constitution he believes in only when it suits him………………..
        pure Hog Wash

        1. AKLady2015 says

          You listen to too ,any talking heads.
          Biggoted taling heads

          1. Combatvet52 says

            No… was him on the news talking I didn’t make this up……you know current events.
            He’s still the worse POTUS ever.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Let me know when you graduate from law school.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Did that going for my degree in what makes peoples heads like yours THINK.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Your posts tell an entirely different story.

          5. ABO says

            And you keep at the bong far too much. Give it a break.

  61. dtk1952 says

    Hey you POS in the WH, I vote no for the leftist judge. We don’t need any more there in the USCOTUS. I am willing to bet that the RINO’s cave in to the POS. They have before.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Vulgarity is the quality of being common, coarse, or unrefined.

      1. dtk1952 says

        Hi, AssKissing Lady(of the night). How have you been. I’ve been missing you.

        1. AKLady says

          Vulgarity is the quality of being common, coarse, or unrefined.
          It is also extremely childish.

          1. dtk1952 says

            Your speechifying reminds me of a 7 year old. Or, in your case, a broken record. All you do is repeat yourself. What vulgarity? I am just spelling out your name.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Profanity in a debate—especially in an ad hominem attack on the other person—is a poor substitute for intellect.

          3. dtk1952 says

            How dazzling, such big words from a little mind. The way you always repeat yourself is a fairly good indication of your low Libetard intelligence. You are so stupid that I am assuming that you are a Killary Hag Clinton supporter. All of them are of low mentality. Why do you all want another term of Ovomit? But, where am I going with this, 7 year olds can’t vote.

          4. AKLady says

            I expect most seven year olds know more about how a President is elected than you do.
            We the People do not elect a President. Never have. Cannot. the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            The Cinsitution also limits the number of terms a President may hold office. Suggest you read the 22 Amendment.
            I suggest you get an education.

          5. dtk1952 says

            You are definitely cracking. We do vote. And, you dumb punk, since you need it translated, Ovomit’s 3rd term would be with Killary in the White House. I know how the system works. If you would get off your knees and come up for air you might understand some things. What is the Cinsitution? Some dumb book that you 7 year olds read? How’s your Lover Boy Ovomit doing? I see he went to Cuba without you.

          6. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, you vote. However, your vote does not elect the President.

            The Electoral College elects the President.

            These Presidents did not receive the populat vote: John Quincy Adams,These Presidents did not have the popular vote: Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harriso
            Maybe you should take an Civics or American Government class.

          7. dtk1952 says

            Not bad for a 7 year old. What kind of vote is a populat vote? Never heard of it. I know how the system works, probably been around longer than you. Some of it I don’t agree with, like delegates getting to change their votes. This year that is a big one. It looks like there is going to be a battle at the Republican convention this year as the establishment is against Trump. You didn’t answer my question as to how your Lover Boy, Ovomit, is doing. And I still need to know what the Cinsitution is.

          8. AKLady says

            Popular = Populus = people.

            Delegates = political parties.
            Electors = Electoral college.
            From your remarks, I am both older and better educated than you.
            Your childish name calling says more than I ever could about your.
            I strongly suspect history will treat Obama very well, just as i thas Clinton.

          9. dtk1952 says

            You stupid Liberal twit. I didn’t ask you what Populus meant. It, populus, also is a genus of trees. I asked you about Populat. I know about delegates, electors and all the other vote robbing apparatus in the political system. Read what I said, I wasn’t talking about the electoral college. Maybe you are older than me that is why you write like a 7 year old. Your Lover Boy will go down in history below Jimmy Carter. I thought the Peanut Farmer was the lowest but your Lover Boy is lower.

          10. AKLady2015 says

            We the eople have never voted for a President.
            We the People cannot vote for a Prwsident.
            We the People are not permitted to do so by the Constitution.
            I have very bad news for you. History now looks very favorably upon Carter.

          11. dtk1952 says

            The old woman is getting dementia. Repeating herself, incapable of spelling correctly, etc.. I believe it needs to be committed. You can’t even carry on a conversation as you keep repeating yourself. I’m going to quit responding to your simpleton writing. What stupid history books are you reading, “The Liberals Guide to Great Presidents”? Yeah stupid Liberals would rate Ovomit and Carter up at the top when neither of them are good enough to lick cow pooh off of Ronald Reagan’s boots.

          12. AKLady2015 says

            Saint Reagan who tripled the national debt?
            The average approval ratings for Johnson and Carter are higher than his.

          13. dtk1952 says

            Only to stupid Liberals that are supporting Killary Clinton(because of her, 4 died).

          14. ABO says

            Maybe you should take an spelling class and perhaps an grammar class.

          15. AKLady says

            Whine at these bad spellers:

            Alfred Mosher Butts
            William Faulkner
            F. Scott FitzgeraldErnest Hemingway
            John Keats
            John Irving
            Jane Austen
            Albert Einstein
            Winston Churchill
            John F. Kennedy Jr
            Benjamin Franklin

          16. ABO says

            Oh I know. My favorite is F. Scott FitzgeraldErnest Hemingway.

          17. AKLady2015 says

            Save you insults for someone who respects your opinion.
            I admit ot being a bad typist.

          18. ABO says

            That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

          19. ABO says

            Please oh great one, explain the “Cinsitution” to us, please. And I suggest YOU get an education.

          20. AKLady says

            It is a typographical error.
            Since you are perfect, you probably have never made one.

          21. ABO says

            Still haven’t figured out what those squiggly red lines under most of your text are???

          22. AKLady says

            Another ignoramous that assumes everyone’s computer is just like his.

          23. ABO says

            Spell check has been pretty muck universal for many, many years now. it has been refined over time but is still very much as it has been. Only those too stupid or just plain lazy don’t understand it. Tells me a lot about you.

          24. AKLady says

            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          25. ABO says

            As usual, absolutely nothing to do with the current subject, just your usual repetitive nonsense, over and over and over, word for word. As I said, you seem to be missing a frontal lobe. Perhaps they failed to inform you of your lobotomy.

        2. AKLady2015 says

          The use of profanity is generally a substitute for poor (or zero) thinking and limited vocabulary.

          1. ABO says

            Oh and what explains YOUR lack of sane thought and YOUR limited vocabulary? HMMM?

      2. ABO says

        What’s your excuse?

  62. jscarano7 says

    ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016
    ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016
    ”””””””””””””donald trump 2016

  63. daveveselenak says

    Here we go again with the Lucy and Charlie Brown football kick – the “Re-PUNK-lican” establishment will talk a good game up until crunch time and then they will fold like an accordion – guaranteed! I’ll give you 50-1 on that!

  64. 1josephg1 says

    Screw you grassly kirk and the rest of you scumbag rino’s. Also by the way a special note to the foreign exchange student in the white house. Some day our God will give you the judgement you deserve. allah will be powerless to save you from burning in hell for all eternity.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Allah is the Arabic word for God. It is the same word used by all Arabic speakers — Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic ….

      Your ignorance and bigotry is an embarrassment to America.

      1. Robert C says

        Wrong.Jehovah and Allah are not reference to the same God. If they were, Muhammed and all muslims would worship Jesus as the one true God, Creator of the Universe, sustainer of life.

        1. AKLady says

          It was 13 Catholic Bishops, under Roaman Emperor Constintine I who declared Jesus Christ the Son of God. They also set the day that Easter would be celebrated.

          Suggest you study some history. Start with the First Coun cil of Nicaea.

          1. Robert C says

            Wrong again. Jesus Christ declared himself to be God.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Actually, he did not.

          3. Robert C says

            Actually, He did when he said if you have seen me you have seen the Father. John 8:58 Before Abraham was I Am.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            …26Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 27God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 28God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”… Genesis 1:26-28.

          5. Robert C says

            The “Us” that man was made in the image of, is Jesus Christ, who was and is and is to come.

          6. AKLady2015 says

            pronoun: us
            used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people as the object of a verb or preposition.”let us know”

          7. Robert C says

            So you acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. Good, that settles it.

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Putting words in someone else’s mouth is no different than lying.
            I said no such thing.
            Like Thomas Jefferson, I am an agnostic.

          9. Robert C says

            Thomas Jefferson’s
            Prayer for The Nation
            Almighty God, Who has given us this good land for our
            heritage; We humbly beseech Thee that we may always prove
            ourselves a people mindful of Thy favor and glad to do Thy
            will. Bless our land with honorable ministry, sound learning,
            and pure manners. Save us from violence, discord, and
            confusion, from pride and arrogance, and from every evil way.
            Defend our liberties, and fashion into one united people, the
            multitude brought hither out of many kindreds and tongues.
            Endow with Thy spirit of wisdom those whom in Thy name we
            entrust the authority of government, that there may be justice
            and peace at home, and that through obedience to Thy law, we
            may show forth Thy praise among the nations of the earth. In
            time of prosperity fill our hearts with thankfulness, and in the
            day of trouble, suffer not our trust in Thee to fail; all of which
            we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
            President Thomas Jefferson
            Washington D.C.
            March 4, 1801

          10. AKLady2015 says

            “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, then that of blindfolded fear.”
            ~Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, August 10, 1787

          11. Robert C says

            Jefferson must have have a special revelation between 1787 and 1801

          12. AKLady2015 says

            He was a politician.
            Sime kiss babies, others shake hands at the church door.

          13. AKLady2015 says

            “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.”
            ~Founding Father Thomas Jefferson: in letter to Alexander von Humboldt, December 6, 1813

          14. AKLady2015 says

            “Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.”
            ~Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814,

          15. Robert C says

            Well, as the saying goes, I passed you the rope, you can climb it or hang yourself with it.

          16. AKLady2015 says

            No, you just are too lazy to open a history book or two.

          17. Robert C says

            Since women were not called upon even to discuss politics, Jefferson saw no reason to give them the vote. Enfranchised women might take it into their heads to run for office. “The appointment of a woman to office is an innovation for which the public is not prepared, nor I.”

          18. AKLady2015 says

            Wyat, if anything, does that have to do with seperation of church and state?

          19. AKLady2015 says

            Matthew 19:4
            “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’

          20. AKLady2015 says

            Mark 10:6
            “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’

          21. AKLady2015 says

            Ephesians 4:24
            and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

          22. AKLady2015 says

            Colossians 3:10
            and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.

          23. AKLady2015 says

            Genesis 5:1
            This is the written account of Adam’s family line. When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God.

          24. AKLady2015 says

            Genesis 9:6
            “Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind.

        2. AKLady says

          There are many religious sects which do not recognize Jesus as a god. The Jews do not. I would point out that the Old Testament basically comsists of Jewish religious documents.

  65. Alleged Comment says

    Let’s see what the Retardicans will REALLY do since talking and doing are very TWO DIFFERENT things.

    Unless it comes to HillyBilly (the Clintons) one and the same.

    1. AKLady says

      That leaves Sanders and Trump, who are at far opposit poles.
      Trump’s fsther was a slum lord.
      Trump was a slum lord.
      They made their milliions on the back of the poor; mostly immigrant poor.
      Trump is thrid generation of an immigrant family — so much for roots.

  66. Dan says

    The conniving republican elite will cave on this also to keep the ‘status quo’ alive as long as possible…..

  67. MILES E DRAKE says

    The Senate majority must put a pillow over this nomination and keep it there in the same way that the late Justice Scalia’s mysterious and unexpected death created the golden opportunity to capture the Supreme Court and make it like the Venezuelan Supreme Court, where the justices chant Chavista slogans before upholding each and every act of the dictatorial regime. This “moderate” judge is simply a down-the-line Obama-Clinton apparatchik who has never written an opinion that did not first appear in the New York Times or the Washington Post. In particular he is a supporter of Second Amendment abrogation and forcible disarmament of the people, which must be the first priority of the left this year if the coming election is to be stolen and a one-party dictatorship established.

  68. armydadtexas says

    We’ve heard and experienced the Republican leadership’s Bluster before. Over and over and over. If like other times, the Bluster comes right before the GOP leadership rolls over and pees all over itself. America prepare to be BETRAYED AGAIN

  69. Bob Marcum says

    McConnell best be holding his ground, and put his republican senators in this place. He must not allow insubordination, in his house. If he does, he will be seeking another job, just like the rest of the Rinos.
    Grassely, Kirk and Ayotte can start looking for their new job, now. The one they have won’t last much

  70. ScranunSlim says

    “BORK U!, Mr Prezidunce.”

  71. Cheybuff says

    Why should the GOP try to block Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court when what they should be doing is just ignore him. Obama knows all about how to do that because he has done it to everyone since 2008.