Republicans Still Determined to Take Trump Out


The phrase “Republicans are panicking” has been used so often in the past couple of months that it’s begun to lose all meaning, but Super Tuesday has certainly brought that panic to a fever pitch. After winning seven out of the eleven states up for grabs, Donald Trump has accumulated more delegates than the rest of the candidates combined. And while his nomination may not be written in stone, it’s hard right now to see how any of his challengers can catch up without a sudden and dramatic shift in voter sentiment. Months ago, that shift seemed plausible. Imminent, even. Trump would eventually say something so outrageous that his fan base would pack up and go home in disgust. It was only a matter of time.

But if Republicans are still hoping for that kind of implosion, they are even more foolish than previously thought. If Trump can mock a disabled reporter, savagely denounce the last Republican administration, praise Planned Parenthood, and play coy with the Ku Klux Klan, what would he possibly say at this point to turn his voters against him?

Still, the Republicans haven’t given up hope. The man seen as the establishment’s last hope still maintains that Trump’s support has a ceiling. On Wednesday, Marco Rubio said, “Donald Trump – 65% of the people who voted, voted against him, and that’s the problem he has. He can never bring this party together. There will never be a time when our supporters are asking us to make way for Donald Trump.”

Except…who’s to say Rubio and Cruz are in any better position? If 65% of the voters voted against Trump, that number is magnified if you substitute their names and results. Rubio is claiming that these voters will never go to Trump, but there have been a lot of those claims since the beginning of the primary season. Analysts thought that all of Jeb Bush’s voters might go to Rubio, but that didn’t quite pan out, did it?

Knowing they have to get more aggressive, several top Republican donors have launched super PACs aimed exclusively at the frontrunner. These PACs have begun rolling out ads in states where they believe Trump could be vulnerable, including Rubio’s home base in Florida. These ads highlight Trump’s controversial Trump University and his interview with CNN, where he claimed not to know anything about David Duke and the KKK.

But again, who will be convinced by these attacks? It’s not like Trump has been flying under the radar. He has dominated the news since last summer, and the media has gleefully covered every possible move he’s made. Who are these Trump voters who would see one of these ads and think, Oh wait, maybe I don’t like this guy after all? It seems like a waste of money.

Seeing as how the ultimate goal of all of this should be to defeat Hillary Clinton in November, it might be time to put the pitchforks away and embrace the excitement. The voters are speaking, and they are loud and clear. By fighting Trump this hard, the party is essentially telling those voters that they aren’t welcome in the GOP. Is that really the right message to be sending?

  1. MAHB001 says

    The Republican Establishment is committing suicide.

    All I can say is it is about time.

    1. Reality Check says

      it is really nice to see.

      1. MAHB001 says

        For once we agree on something….

        GO We the People, take back America and make it great again.

        1. George Block says

          Why do I feel that Reality (oxymoron) Check is just being sarcastic?

          1. MAHB001 says

            He is just a pathetic troll. Paid and controlled by Soros.

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Because he proves his stupidity more with every post. I believe it was abandoned by it’s birth mother and raised by a tribe of village idiots.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Definitely an it.

          4. jimmy midnight says

            I very much doubt that our friend Reality Check is paid by anyone. I’m not, and would be willing to bet actual money that you’re not either. I trust we regard one another as sincere, but misguided and misinformed.

          5. MAHB001 says

            I am unemployed with too much time on my hands. So you are correct about me.

            You are welcome to disagree with me and argue your points. I have had many a wonderful conversations with liberals (true liberals) that have debated their points and feelings with facts….

            It doesn’t really matter if Reality Check is paid or not. I think he is. Reality does not have facts, he has insults.

            Reality is a victim of Ideological Subversion. He is brainwashed and being used by a Soros or someone else. Regardless of the amount of information put in front on him, he can not accept anything that goes against his liberal ideology.


          6. Cotton says

            Nah, he is just some crazy moonbat. (opposite of a wingnut)

          7. jimmy midnight says

            My friend RC and I, and many others think YOU are the one(s) being ideologically subverted and used by dark forces for mercenary reasons.

            You’re numerous posts will be better and read better if you’re careful to reference people with pronouns of the “who” class, because calling people, “that” is disrespect, whether or not it’s intended.

          8. MAHB001 says

            Of course you and “your friends” do.

            Even when a preponderance of data is stacked up in front of you, you guys will not be able to accept one once of it if that evidence goes against your liberal ideology.

            If you guys can prove me wrong, I will admit I am wrong… Go for it.

            You can rest assured that I was not the first to be uncivil on the internet. Alinsky Radicals and the left has stripped civility from the internet. Their insults and relentless abhorrent behavior have hardened my responses.

          9. jimmy midnight says

            Mr. Mad Man, you’ll have to be a least one qualitative notch more specific about preponderances of evidence.

            Meanwhile, as something of an Alinsky fan, I certainly apologize for any foul language or personal insults that any of my impetuous allies may have laid on you. Alinsky would be the first to suggest to them that this is NOT a useful way to advance the cause.

            We think the cause will certainly be advanced as more and more of us learn more and more about verifiable scientific and Historical fact, because Truth Plus Reconciliation Equals Redemption. Could be you actually agree with that.

            Now you’ve gone and called yourself “that.” It is a sign of possible cluelessness–as is incorrect number agreement, “Alinski Radicals and the left has…” Just got through explaining about calling people, “that.” and the disrespect, intentional or not, that it bespeaks. I bet Jesus wouldn’t


          10. MAHB001 says

            As the solid Alinsky-ite that you are, you have identified one thing as undefined and dismissed my entire argument. That too is rather maddening.

            I was simply using similar words to what was used in the video.

            As for my English, sadly, it is not my best subject. I specifically hate writing. And in true true to Alinsky form, you use it to fire off an insult….

            So in true Alinsky form, run off and declare your insults a victory and do your little end zone dance.. All it does is show off your arrogance, and prove my points.

            BTW, perhaps you should finish your insults before you hit post… Using poor sentence structure only shows you as the first to cast stones when you shouldn’t be doing so.

          11. jimmy midnight says

            What video? I’m actually just trying to help you w/writing. For someone who hates it so much, you certainly do a lot of it.

            Truth Plus Reconciliation STILL Equals Redemption.

          12. MAHB001 says


            Sometimes you have to sacrifice. Mine is very small.

          13. jimmy midnight says

            Your hero, Yuri, apparently built a nice career for himself after leaving the poor old Soviet Union. He guessed, correctly, that a fair-sized American demographic would pay him quite well for saying things they wanted to hear. I try never to accept anything uncritically, but all us poor humans prefer to have our preexisting notions reinforced.

            Your hero, Yuri lived quite well for forty-plus years by understanding that a critical mass of Americans would be glad to hear what he had to say, and that the worse he spun things about USSR, the more he’d be lionized and paid.

            The same skepticism you apply to what I have to say, should also be applied to the Yuri’s of this world.

          14. MAHB001 says

            If you had anything more than character assassination you might be worth listening to.

            But alas, Yuri is correct, and your insults have fallen short of proving anything.

            I have apply my skepticism to all things these days. For instance, your well penned response lacks any hard fact type arguments against what Yuri said. Which in my skeptical mind means the guy hit the nail on the head.

          15. hangem'high says

            I’m always hoping he’ll come around to the light?

        2. ringostarr1 says

          MAHB001, you and every other Trump voter are only frigging up the bast nation in the history of the Earth. Maybe Trump will let you sleep in a second hand refrigerator box but don’t get your hopes up.

          1. MAHB001 says

            You are flopping around like a dying fish, establishment elite one.

            I hope Trump or whomever I vote for gets the Government off my BACK…

          2. MAHB001 says

            You assume I am a Trump Voter….. Why?

          3. hangem'high says
        3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          RC proves even a broken clock is right twice daily. Aside from that he/she is only useful as a bad example.

        4. hangem'high says

          I would add don’t hold your breath!

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        1. MAHB001 says

          flagged you scum puppet.

        2. 32eagle says

          incredible about that mcclaren-surely you must be a magician-because the numbers are way off

    2. George Block says

      Thank you for saying Establishment and not Party.

      1. MAHB001 says

        The elite controllers have turned their backs on the people that put them in office.

        In my mind there is a huge difference between the people and the politicians…

    3. ringostarr1 says

      It is loud mouthed liberal fools like MAHB001 who are killing this nation, not the GOP. The term “LOW INFORMATION VOTERS” was coined to describe Trump voters. Hillary is now pulling further ahead of Donald Trump in Nation Wide polling, a Trump nomination will deliver the USA into the tender embrace of BIG & EVER BIGGER GOVERNMENT even if Trump wins in November. The only path to victory for Donald Trump is if some video of Hillary surfaces of her performing sex acts with farm animals, and even that may not be enough.

      1. brokebill says

        I am not a low information voter. I am a retired CEO of a large corporation.
        We can always go with another Romney or a McCain? Is that what you want, another sure loser? Those are facts, they lost and gave us Obama and Obama2.

        Now we have momentum and a proven winner. We do not need another loser that the establishment thinks they will force on us. I am voting for Trump to take this country back. Time to throw establishment heads out. We need different leadership starting with the President..

        1. MAHB001 says

          Well said.

          I fear that the elite establishment is in control of the election, and the people are going to get the appearance of a vote, but the elite that are counting the votes will not count the votes.

          All these false choices like, “vote for Trump and Hillary will win” are designed to get people to move away from voting their conscience. They are herding people towards the result the elites want. Those false choices work really well on the Democrats because they are followers.

          I think the Republicans (PEOPLE) are waking up to the manipulation and not playing the elites game.

          1. ggrdr05 says

            I will NOT vote for little marco I will stay home for the first time in my life he has never hired a person in his life he has lived off the backs of the people his whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. MAHB001 says

            A non vote will be used as a vote for Hillary.

            Democrats = Socialsim/Communism
            Republican = a chance at our Constitution
            a Non Vote = a vote for Socialism/communism.

            Just the way I see it. That is if, any of our votes count anyway.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

        2. siridh says

          Can you imagine how weak Jeb? would have looked next to Hillary. She would have kicked his butt. And THAT was the RNC’s pick.

        3. hcool says

          What happens if Trump wins and the delegates give it to someone else?

          1. hangem'high says

            We still have a chance with Marco and Cruz


          2. Gea says

            I do not see Koch brothers trying to stop trump. They are deliberately staying out of it until the Republican nominee is chosen. Soros is an old fool who thinks that Hilary is it…he should enjoy his retirement and stop meddling into politics.

          3. hangem'high says

            Well can we agree to disagree on the Kochs? Soro’s made most of his billions through donations to his worldwide charity foundations, so it should only be right that Hillary would emulate his success!

          4. brokebill says

            It would be he!! to pay for the party if that were to happen. Trump supporters are ready to take action against the gop. (Read the twitter feeds.) Their actions against the will of the Trump supporters will cost this party long into the future. I don’t know if the party can recover. Ppl are really PO’d because of their actions.

      2. MAHB001 says

        You think I am liberal???? Starting out showing your intelligence eh…

        You think that an insult of that nature will do your establishment RINO cause any good?????

        I suggest that if you are a representative of the elite ruling class that you pull your head out of your —- and start reading these posts…. The establishment has lost control of the party.

        Here is the thing… The controlling elite of the Republican party have failed to perform. They no longer work for the Republican people that put them in office. They are corrupt controllers that have lost control.

        This “Vote for Trump and Hillary will win” nonsense is just a behavior modification trick that only works on the Establishment Elite now. It is a false narrative. I ain’t buying it. It is the same crrap that the liberals use to heard their sheep.

        Conservative Republicans are not sheep. We are not stupid. and I for one have had enough.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          You are possibly many things, but I seriously doubt liberal is one. You are far too intelligent to be a liberal.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Thank you! And thank you for your Service!

      3. hangem'high says

        This is what we can expect if Hillary Rob the Country Clinton,becomes president

  2. Albert L Biele says

    I believe a third party is in order, the Republican Party has fallen from grace, and longer represents the people; and Rubio lied; he was always a Rino, falsely representing himself to be detached from the establishment, that is, until he realized he was losing his chance to be the next president. When the smoke clears, the Republican Party will be split by a third party or, if there smart, they’ll back off and support the people’s choice!!!!

    1. RLM357 says

      Jn MIAMI they think he is light in his loafers!

    2. ringostarr1 says

      The only party that Donald Trump can organize will have another one of his Blond Russian bimbos jump naked out of the Donald’s party cake.

  3. AlanWH says

    If the Pathetic Fools running or better yet, ruining the “gop” had fought as hard against Hussein o as they are against Trump, they would have WON the Election in 2012. Just shows how Hopelessly Lost and Clueless they are. Hey GOP—-G-et O-ut of P-olitics!

    1. siridh says

      Romney fought like hell to get the nomination then folded. His job was done. And doesn’t the RNC ever learn? When Queensbury gets in a row with a guttersnipe, the guttersnipe always wins. Unless of course the RNC’s goal is to have the guttersnipe win.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        I just want to see all the heads roll when Trump does get in.

        1. new york says

          Don’t worry. Assuming Trump is the GOP nominee, Hillary will crush him. She is unbeatable, because she has a base of voters — blacks, Hispanics, and women over 50 — which makes her election inevitable.

          1. chief1937 says

            You may be correct but I sure hope not we as a nation can not withstand another 4 years of democratic rule as well as some republicans.

          2. MAHB001 says

            The elites in Washington will hand over the country to the new world order and agenda 21.

          3. Gea says

            Agenda 21 is a small document with 27 non-binding principles that sounds very noble, but have nothing to do with a “new world order” of lies that B. Hussein Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood ilk are promoting.

          4. MAHB001 says

            Yes, those principles sound very noble…. Everybody wants to save the planet, be good stewards of the animals that humans have been given dominion over and etc.

            There is actually 3 books that make up Agenda 21.

            Earth Charter initiative.
            Earth Summit Agenda 21
            Global Biodiversity Assessments

            Here is the problem I have with the Global new world order and agenda 21.

            America was founded on the principles that all men were created equal, that their rights came from God, directly to those humans, and those humans gave some rights to the STATE…. In order to form a more perfect Union…..

            Here is my rub… Agenda 21 believes those rights, the rights to decide what is good for the environment, what is good for the fishes, and the PEOPLE whom live on this planet, those rights reside within the STATE….

            What other systems believe that those rights reside in the STATE? Communism, Socialism to name a few….

            I believe that those environmentalists that want to save the planet have noble reasons in mind. I believe the POLITICIANS do not. I fear that the environmentalists are being used in a similar manor as to the socialists were used by Lenin and Stalin…

          5. Mathew Molk says

            Can she still run when she is out on bail?

          6. Emma says

            Prison. Or the gallows??

          7. Mark Lahti says

            Work release or what is called the Huber law.

          8. new york says

            She won’t need bail. Our fearless leader and his lackey at DOJ will stonewall any investigation. Also, she will — as she has — attribute the investigation of “Emailgate” to the vast right wing conspiracy which tried to take Bill down. That worked; Bill stayed in office, and polls still show that if he could run for another term he would easily win. Hillary is our next president for sure.

          9. MAHB001 says

            This is just behavior modification BS that is designed to herd the masses. Works on liberal Democrats, does not work on independent thinking Republicans and conservatives.

          10. Emma says

            Conservative thinking adults.
            There is no longer a republican or democrat party.
            They are simply one corrupt power hungry bunch.
            Read The Animal Farm.

          11. ggrdr05 says

            she may be behind bars as she should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          12. Mimi says

            This is what makes me think there may too many people voting who are not eligible to even vote. I don’t trust the system. The Dems are so much against voter ID – why?
            Everybody needs an ID to claim benefits – welfare – social security – insurance – everything else that is even less important than electing our representatives. This is a terrible feeling to have. How can we be assured that the voting is all on the up and up?

          13. jimmy midnight says

            On the other hand, many of us Lefties are at least equally concerned about the way votes are tabulated and counted, as well as the number who are turned away and/or don’t bother trying to vote on account of ID-style obstacles.

            Maybe it’s all down to whose ax is ground, and whose ox is gored. That sure is the way us po’ humans have operated at least since the Dawn of Recorded History.

          14. Gea says

            voter ID is a red Herring to cheat in elections. as I am a judge in my precinct for the last 5 years, I had seen numerous attempts of cheating, always by Democrats. I will NOT vote for ANY democrat until they clean up the mess created by allowing B. Hussein tyrannical presidency and violations of US laws.

          15. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Grand jury has been approved. Your biotch is toast.

          16. Emma says

            Wheeeee!!! Happy Dance!!?

          17. joebabe says

            I wish I had your faith in our legal/political system. When she is “perp walked” on her way to a federal prison, then I will have my faith restored………Until then,she will skate! That’s the way corruption works.

          18. Emma says

            Lol….such tripe!

          19. hangem'high says

            She has the supper delegates vote; they could give a chett about your vote, besides she has her double sided coin!
            Americans vote don’t count!

          20. Jimmy Quick says

            Sadly, you may be correct. The endless throngs of self loathing minions, standing in line to purchase their own personal ticket to Hell, do seem to be vehemently bent on taking the rest of us with them.

            The human race can only pray for Devine Intervention cause short of that the USA is gonna be flying into the pillars of civilization, blindly destroying anything that is good and just in this world, not to mention the greatest serial rapist of our time will be once again unleashed on the female populace.

          21. Emma says

            We Have & are witnessing Devine Intervention in the unusual form of Donald J Trump.
            He is, I truly believe, the Warrior God has snt in answer to our prayers.
            We are in a major battle…
            Good v Evil.
            If we accept & follow the Warrior He has Blessed us with,
            Good wins.
            God has Blessed us once again I believe.
            Now it is up to us to stand & be counted .

          22. Emma says

            Not unless she sits on him!;)

          23. Gea says

            Hilarly will be lucky if she is not in jail together with her former boss B. Hussein Obama and John Kertty, all traitors of America. Her sexual predator husband Bill should be in jail just as Bill Cosby.

          24. joebabe says

            You forgot to include all those dead people who insist on voting as “absentee voters”. They are not aware of the scandals and corruption that she is involved with because they can’t get cable anymore! She will give new meaning to the word “Teflon.”

          25. new york says

            You said it! And this is old hat for Democrats. In 1948, Lyndon B. Johnson won a Senate seat by all of 87 votes — winning by 6000 votes a district which had only 5000 registered voters. But no one cares. St. Hillary can do no wrong to a major portion of the electorate.

          26. Joe T says

            Ghostwriter communique’
            parallel time 19:51
            Input Info NEW YORK NEW YORK WAKE UP

            There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all. Friedrich Nietzsche

            The disclosures led to all sorts of fascinating insights into the campaigns: Jeb Bush’s average donations per day plunged along with his poll numbers, from more than $500,000 to less than $90,000 over the course of October, November and December 2015. A Super Pac associated with Hillary Clinton spent $300 on shredding, and got millions from the billionaire George Soros.


        2. HankBar says

          If anyone can roll heads, it’s probably Trump or Cruz. When you think about all the heads that should roll, it is a massive job. The EPA, IRS, ATTY. Gen. Judges, and find a way to control the FED. Reserve.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            It’s a long list.

        3. Gea says

          We Americans do not believe in cutting heads or limbs, as Islam does since 627 AD when Mohamed started the Muslim family tradition of beheading by cutting heads of 900 Jewish men from Medina, looting their property and taking their women and children into slavery which is widely practiced among Muslims today, form London, Paris, Sudan, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia and most of the 56 Muslims occupied countries which are now sending their surplus population to be fed and housed by the Westerners, only to stage jihad in our midst.

          I would just send Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood supporters all for a permanent Haj to Saudis or Iranian ayatollahs to enjoy then only true religion of Islam…and would not let any more Muslims into USA even as students or businessmen…. but for that we need to become independent of Muslim oil, halal fees and drug trade which finances jihad in the world, inspired by Islam, as written in Koran, Hadith and Sira (

      2. MAHB001 says

        It was not Romney’s turn. Both Romney and McCain were not chosen by the elite.

        1. siridh says

          Of course they were. I still remember the look on McCain’s face at that debate at the airplane. He KNEW he had the nomination and it was very early on. Romney too. Who do you say the picks actually were. I don’t remember the RNC freaking out about either of these guys, in fact, they seemed quite pleased.

          1. MAHB001 says

            The elite control both parties, Dems and Reps. The establishment is completely corrupt.

            I think this time around it was the Reps turn to rule. BUT, the People are not listening to the establishment and are not playing the game this time.

            I think the Establishment was behind Bush.
            Now behind Rubio. They DEFINITELY did not want Fiorina, Carson, or Cruz.

            Now that they don’t think they can control Trump, they do not want him either.

            But ultimately, I think they are going to give it to Hillary. I think the entire election is fixed and none of our votes are being counted.

            The MEDIA is preparing us for this when they say. “A vote for Trump, will put Hillary in the White House.”

            We the People assume that the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest when it comes to counting the votes….

            What happens when the elites are all the same? Nobody is questioning the fact that the fox is watching the hen house.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Now that statement I will pretty much totally agree with.

          3. Bachelor With Sense says

            You keep quoting “Uncle Joe”. Do you remember who started calling him “Uncle Joe”? It was the same Party that is Running a Communist AND a Criminal for their Presidential candidate!

            The GOPe is NO Better! It is ALL ABOUT Control and keeping the peasants in line! The ONLY Cure is a New Revolution that Eliminates those who think they are the Masters. I think that is about 10,000 who would have to go, including CFR, Bildeburgers, SOROS, and a few others.

          4. MAHB001 says

            A civil revolution means up to one hundred million dead. I just hope the 10,000 that you talk about are the first to go.

            This is the last chance for a peaceful revolution. I hope we can take back the election process.

          5. 73Anne37 says

            Correct~! This IS the Last chance to Keep American Sovereignty & our Constitution~! If TRUMP does NOT Make it we will be the “NORTH AMERICAN UNION”~! That is already in the Works~! Have you all read Mark Levin’s Book about a “CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION”? Well that is wanted because it will BREAK the Constitution. ~~ & then UNIPARTY can then form the “North American Union”~!

          6. hangem'high says

            I’ve been calling him Uncle Joe since the nineties, trust me none of the American citizens will make the cut for peasants but the illegals will!

          7. siridh says

            Ah, you are right. I misunderstood your earlier comment.

          8. hangem'high says

            We need to go out in force for Trump, so Trump can call them on the legitimacy of the elections

          9. MAHB001 says

            I still don’t know if Trump means what he says….. His last outbursts about George Bush’s “lies.” showed a side of Trump that I do not trust.

            He uses the tactics only used by liberal progressives.

            We will know his true intentions 10 days after he gets into office. If he is a traitor as well, we are going to have a civil war.

            We the People of the Republican party can not go wrong. Unless Trump is lying. All of them are better than the alternative.

          10. hangem'high says

            I don’t believe Trump can handle Pelosi’s and Hairy Reid’s out right foolishness, Trump won’t stand for their stupid chett! Besides he wouldn’t want to eliminate the only friend he has in Washington. (“We the People!)

          11. MAHB001 says

            I pray you are correct about Trump.

          12. hangem'high says

            About 99.9 percent


          13. 73Anne37 says

            Bush Did LIE~! Trump has been outing the EVIL ONES with TRUTH~! The only Weapon against EVIL~ is the TRUTH~!

          14. MAHB001 says

            You have ZERO proof that Bush lied. If so, bring it forward now.

            There is a special place in hell for people that accuse others of lying without proof.

          15. 73Anne37 says

            I Suggest you read Roger Stone’s New Book about the Bushes~! in addition, there are Many other Books about the Bushes on Amazon ~~~plus books online that you can read, & make up your own mind~! i have done all 3.. I am Correct. i would NEVER write something like i did, is if was not Sure!

          16. MAHB001 says

            Please provide the proof that Bush lied….

            And mind you that so far, nobody has proven a lie. Proven Bush was wrong, but not a lie.

            On the other hand, we have plenty of proof of 0-bama and Hillary’s lies.

          17. 73Anne37 says

            NO~! I am assuming you are an ADULT & Fairly Educated. I gave you the MEANS to PROVE it to YOURSELF~! I Know that YOU will not Accept an answer from me! I have tried that before. {The Proof is Out there to see/}

            The RINOS are just as Bad as Hillary & the Big “O”!

          18. MAHB001 says

            I have done the research, and determined that there is no proof that Bush lied. So if you want to prove me wrong you will have to provide the evidence.

            There is plenty of proof that Bush was wrong. None so far that proves to me beyond a shadow of doubt that Bush lied..

            There is even some evidence that WMD’s were secretly removed by the 0-bama administration.

            I take the accusation of a lie very seriously, and don’t think very positively of Trump when he made that accusation without providing proof.

            Have you ever heard this phrase?

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            I think that Bush hating people have repeated that lie enough times that the phrase has become the truth in their minds.

          19. Gea says

            George bush was also in bed with Saudis, walking literally hand in hand with the Saudi Princes. SHAME! After Bush, I did not think that we could get worse president, but b. Hussein Obama greatly surpassed him in incompetence, and his pro-Islamist and pro-Communist policies…

          20. MAHB001 says

            I don’t know exactly what you mean by Bush walking hand in hand with the Saudi’s, and it is unclear to me as to why that is/was a bad thing…

            Perhaps you can enlighten me.

          21. MAHB001 says

            Do you think Trump will actually do that?

          22. hangem'high says

            Oh yeah, just ask the pope!

          23. 73Anne37 says

            Yes~! TRUMP can Win if we Vote for him in “FORCE”~! They can not FIX the Election, at the point~! TRUMP will CALL the Legitimacy of the Elections if necessary~! He has been calling out everything else ~~so far. { With Massive Numbers ~~~the vote Can NOT be FIXED~! Only if an Election is CLOSE!}

          24. Gea says

            I agree with you and we all have to help him out. Make a list of RINOS who are currently running for US House and Senate and lets boot them out of power!

          25. 73Anne37 says

            Exactly~! I Agree, vote them out~! I will vote Libertarian, if no other choice~!

            TRUMP 2016

          26. Gea says

            They may push Bloomberg to run as an independent in hope that he would take away votes from Trump…but they may be mistaken as Bloomberg may take away votes from Hilary or Bernie.

          27. hangem'high says

            I hope the looser funds his own campaign, but probably highly unlikely!

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Of course they were and so was Bob Dole. Newt Gingrich was the GOP’s smartest politician and should have been the nominee.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Simply wasn’t Newt turn….

            Which is my point… It should be up to the People who’s turn it is…. Not the elites.

        3. hangem'high says

          No maybe not but both fell in line with the Elites request of not pursuing Obummers birth certificate, and his foreign exchange student visa!

          1. MAHB001 says

            Here is what I think.

            Elite Democrats want to rule via Crony Socialism. Leaning towards socialism
            Elite Republicans want to rule via Crony Capitalism. Leaning towards Capitalism.

            Crony Capitalism = Crony Socialism = Communism.

            The one thing that made them elite is that they could control the serfs in each party. The Republican Elite had to show that they preferred Capitalism to stay in power.

            The elite Republicans have lost control of their serfs and can no longer deliver on their promise… I think they will throw the election to the Democrat elite if they do not get the candidate of their choice.

            Seeing how the coronation of Hillary is going as planned, the elites will proceed with the coronation, even though it is the Republicans elites turn to rule.

            The whole thing is, the elites have pushed the country so far towards communism that the Republican elites can not hide behind their conservative cover…. The elites are spies, and traitors to conservative causes.

    2. GrumpyOleMan says

      No they wouldn’t have. They forced Romney down our throats then, just like they are trying to do with Rubio now. When they FORCE THEIR choice down our throats, instead of letting We The People pick the one we want, everyone loses. To the DUMMYCRATS!

      1. MAHB001 says

        I think We the People will rally behind whatever candidate ends up on top of the Republican ticket.

        I do not believe the elites will count the votes during the election.

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

        1. hcool says

          Sounds like Democrats!

          1. MAHB001 says

            Times are very tough right now. I do not think the elites will rally behind whomever ends up at the top of the republican ticket.

            This election is the last election.

            Republicans = Capitalism = Constitution.
            Democrats = Communism/socialism = slavery = destruction of the Constitution
            A non vote will be used as a vote for a Democrat.
            A dead person will vote for a democrat.

          2. Conservative says

            Your comment “a non-vote will be used as a vote for a Democrat. That is exactly what Obama said ‘I heard all you people that did not vote’. He, as a egotist, assumed that meant they just trusted him. What a bunch of stupid suckers!

          3. MAHB001 says

            I think the whole thing is controlled on setting our expectations. The MEDIA sets our expectations with phony poll data.

            Then the MEDIA calls it a close race…..

            This sets the public’s expectations for something close.
            As long as the results are 52% to 48% our expectations are confirmed and nobody questions anything.

            When the results come it at 52% to 48% the losers go home and lick our wounds, and the winners do a little happy dance.

            Nobody questions who is counting the votes.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          4. JACK FROST says

            Joseph Stalin had insight on dealing with elections & voting. Anybody want to guess which U.S. party uses same tactic ? TRUST BUT VERIFY helps prevent old Joe’s tactics, some at least ..

          5. hangem'high says

            This shows that Trump will be great at uniting this nation, he’s already got Bipartisan support! TRUMP 2016!

          6. MAHB001 says

            That is a good sign.

          7. hangem'high says

            Of course the bipartisan is both parties trying to defeat him, but what the hay?

          8. pmbalele says

            I cannot believe it. Romney with his wives and children coming here to defame Trump. So Romney wants you to vote for a foreigner -Ted Cruz who will sell you to Cuba and Canada – making you loyal to Queen Liz. Conservative! These are Repubs and TPs who want to make Blacks slaves again. Look how they treated Dr. Carson – like junk. I told Carson not to associate with Repubs and TPs also known as conservatives. These were looking at him as a slave not doctor. Romney made himself a pariah- should be condemned.

          9. Gea says

            This part about “black slavery” is NONSENSE! It is the black racists who want not equality but special privileges based on pigment, just as B. Hussein Obama had been getting. If he were white, he would have been booted out of white house long time ago…

            Trump will provide big broom to clean up Washington and many will lose their nice comfortable overpaid jobs…

          10. joebabe says

            Right! …..and it is that “big broom” that the phony politicians are afraid Trump will use to end their boondoggle of the public funds. My biggest fear is that Stalin was correct……..the vote counters call the winner…….not the voter.

          11. MAHB001 says

            Sell us to Cuba and Canada??? Are you real? That is silly, if you had listened to even one thing that Cruz has said, you wouldn’t believe that.

            Black slaves again??? How far in the past are you living?

          12. Ariviste says

            Are you crazy?

          13. jimmy midnight says

            Funny, I always thought a non-voter would be a vote for status-quo.

            I feel pretty comfortable predicting that, come November, the reality of Presidential year electorates will bring Hillary back to the executive mansion, where she apparently belongs.

            Around the margins, about as many will come in just to vote for Trump as will be sufficiently turned off enough to not participate, or cast a protest vote, so it would all add up to a wash.

            Of course, it’s also like, “Hey, babe, doncha’ know, ain’t no controlled experiments in History.”

          14. MAHB001 says

            Planting your wishful thinking seeds I see. I see them as lies you hope will happen.

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

          15. jimmy midnight says

            The original “Comrade Vlad,” was not the first to notice how repetition approaches fact as a limit. The notion was playing out even in Old Testament times.

            They call it BS, as opposed to “Canary Crap,” or “Firefly Flickin’s,” or “Perfect Little Flower Pollen,” because there’s a power component in it.

            When all of us are telling our own lies, we’ll have freedom of speech, from which truth may have a chance to emerge; and Truth Plus Reconciliation STILL Equals Redemption.

          16. MAHB001 says

            Interesting that you call yourself out on your own BS.

            Not sure I follow you on your little formula.

            The only act for true redemption is to humble yourself before the true redeemer and savior, Jesus Christ.

            So, you are going to have to explain to me how this self redemption formula works.

            “When all of us are telling our own lies,”

            Do you even understand what a lie is?

          17. jimmy midnight says

            Hey, Mr. Mad, thanks for the stimulating discussion. I’m confident you and I have many theological disagreements. The one is focus here is about redemption. Your notion of surrender to Jesus is about the rather different idea of salvation. It’s quite unnecessary. Jesus doesn’t need that from the likes of us. He doesn’t embody those Yahwistic insecurities.

            Due at least in part to what Jesus did and had to say, salvation is pretty much a given. Redemption is something us poor humans will have to work out cooperatively in the here and now.

            Lies come in a variety of shades. There’s the obvious situation, in which we say something we know to be untrue. Then there’s what mainstream media, a villian
            in both my book and yours, does a lot of, omitting important details in hopes that an incorrect inference will be drawn. Finally, there are the lies that spring from the delusions all of us have. I hope I have fewer, rather than more. I guess you do, too.

          18. MAHB001 says

            Thanks for the conversation. Still not sure what you meant by Truth plus reconciliation equal redemption.

            When it comes to redemption, my beliefs are that it will not come from man or mans acts on earth, but from God.

            When it comes to redemption and truth here on Earth between the Left and Right.

            I fear reconciliation is now impossible, because of ideological subversion, or brainwashing. Those that have been demoralized like Reality no longer accept anything that is against the liberal ideology, therefore can not accept the truth, nor will then reconcile or give an inch in any other direction than towards socialism.

            It is a pretty dire straights this Country is in.

          19. jimmy midnight says

            That’s exactly where RC and I think conservatives are coming from. From time to time, someone will make a large amount of MONEY by working within the world of fact, and then traditionalists will deny they ever opposed that particularity.

            I have very minimal beliefs. I try to work through the world of verifiable fact first, and when it doesn’t provide unequivocal answers, I’m forced back onto what faith informs.

            We disagree about both redemption, which I’m working on, and the possibility of reconciliation, which I’m also working on, Thanks again for a stimulating, and tough, exchange.

          20. MAHB001 says

            Hope you find the redemption and reconciliation you are looking for.

            To tell you the truth, I do not understand your second sentence, Apparently I am not the intellect you think I am. Perhaps you could supply and example.

            I can understand why you and Reality think it is Conservatives that have been brainwashed. We think just the opposite, I ran across this video the other day and a light bulb went off…


            The Ideological subversion is teaching people to ride the backwards brain bicycle… It makes a lot of sense to me… How about you?

          21. jimmy midnight says

            I think people learn backwardness at a very early age. The video makes a fascinating point about learning, particularly physical learning.

            Western cultural traditionalism is a backwards bicycle! Unlearning backwardness is enabled by understanding verifiable scientific and historical fact, which is the point of sentence two above. Sorry if I’m being too obscure.

            It seems to be that you think facts are the same as ideological subversion. My faith informs me that it’s just the opposite. If belief is contradicted by fact, belief must yield.

          22. MAHB001 says

            Why did I know you would think that Western cultural traditionalism, or “conservatives” were riding the bicycle backwards???

            From the Ideological Subversion video:
            “Most of the people who graduated in the 60’s, drop outs or
            half backed intellectuals, are now occupying positions of power within the
            Country, within the Government, Civil Service, business, MASS MEDIA, educational system. You are stuck with them. You can not get rid
            of them, they are contaminated, they are programmed to think and react to
            certain stimuli, in a certain pattern. You can not change their minds, even if
            you expose them to Authentic information, even if you prove that white is white
            and black is black, you still can not change the basic perception and illogical
            behavior. In other words, the process of demoralization is complete, and
            irreversible, to get rid of society of these people you need another 20 or 15
            years, to educate a new generation of ideologically minded and common sense
            people who would be acting in favor and in the interest of the United States

            So the guy that thinks America is great, that America created an Capitalist environment that created the most wealth, uplifted the most people from poverty, abolished slavery with their own blood, gave the most people in the world freedom to accomplish their dreams, is WRONG????

            And why is it you think the group that fights to instill socialism/communism in the America is riding the the traditional bicycle? Do you really think slavery is what man kind wants?

            I hope this helps you and Reality figure out what has happened to you and your little group of people. I can only put this bluntly, You are riding the bicycle backwards…. As in the backwards bicycle video, he eventually figured out how to ride the proper bike again… I hope Yuri is wrong and you and your kind are not just contaminated….

          23. jimmy midnight says

            You and your conservative friends are the brainwashed ones.

            As for the Russian defector dude, he was so full of it that the whites of his eyes may have turned brown, and the mercenary interests he had in saying what he said the way he said it, are transparent. You may be able to see that much, at least.

            America’s prosperity was originally built on the clueless and viscous exploitation of abundant natural resources and stolen human labor, that is, slavery.

          24. MAHB001 says

            Once again, you have proven the Russian defector dude correct, as well as my suspicions. It is you who can not accept facts if those facts are against your ideology, nor can you accept anything that you do is wrong. Regardless of the evidence placed in front of you.

            Can we agree on this fact, that the backwards bicycle was built to react exactly backwards to the normal bicycle? I think we can also agree that once you learn how to ride the backwards bicycle, it is as easy for you to ride as the “normal” bicycle, and finally once you have learned to ride the backwards bicycle .

            I hope we can agree on this, because if we agree on that, we can also agree that neither one of us know who is riding the backwards bicycle and who is riding the normal bicycle. All we need to do is determine who is riding the normal bicycle and who is riding the backwards bicycle.

            Now that you are quoting Howard Zinn’s version of history that only recognizes the BAD things about American History…. Prior to Zinn, do most history books focus on the bad things about ones history or the good things about ones history?

            I would say, normal history books focus on good with the bad as examples. History books tend to brag about a kings conquest and all the good things the king did, not the kings weaknesses and mistakes. And in the kings schools what is taught? Certainly NOT how bad the king is…. Just look at the Communists societies out there and the control of the material taught to say the Chinese people.

            So in fact, prior to Zinn, Americas history books had both the good and the bad of America’s history in them, but they focused on the GOOD….

            Therefore, I would say I am riding the normal bicycle, and you are riding the backwards bicycle…. Your turn… Prove that I am riding the backwards bicycle.

          25. jimmy midnight says

            Your backward ideas are proof enough. Are you a Young Earther. a believer in Scriptural Inerrancy, a Climate Change Denialist? Do you accept the Periodic Table? Maybe you think Genetically Modified crops are good for us.

            There were critical Histories written prior to Zinn. I have to disclose here, that in the ’50’s, I attended a pretty elite private elementary school. Our History text was something called, “Stories of My Country’s Beginnings.” And that’s exactly what it was, stories.

            My faith informs me that everything we encounter must be evaluated critically.

            Though I’ve never been involved in governance, I guess I am one of the people defector dude was talking about. In the early to mid ’60’s, we thought we were experiencing a second enlightenment, and it was not unrelated to things we were lighting. And we were correct about that.

            Re-read the Ninth Amendment, my Mad friend. There are just two kinds of people in the world, Children of the Enlightenment, and Construers of Disparagement, who were explicitly discouraged by The Founders.

          26. MAHB001 says

            Your insults are not helping. As I have already stated, your ideas and conclusions are backwards to me, and visa versa. Just you thinking my ideas are backwards is not adequate proof for either one of us.

            But your reaction makes me think that your bicycle is not only backwards, but it will only turn and go to the left. That my friend is a bicycle that can not be ridden unless it goes in circles. It will never go forward, and never in a straight line.

            I don’t even know what a Young Earther is, unless it is tied to Scriptural Inerrancy, which I am going to have to think about, because I question everything. I do not deny climate change, yet I do deny MAN MADE Climate change of a large scale. Yes I accept the Periodic Table, and I am not sure what to think about Genetically Modified crops as my initial studies indicate that the modifiers are modifying to create more food to feed us all, rather than hurt us all.

            Yes, there were critical history books written before Zinn, that was not my point. My point was the MAJORITY of the books were written about all the positive things in that lineages past. So again, Zinn’s history book which states all the negatives about America’s history is not the normal one. Given the fact that Zinn was also a communists with nefarious intentions that are outlined in the book, “The Naked Communist’.” I do not trust that his version even holds water. There is a mixture of good and bad in everybody’s history.

            My faith also requires that I evaluate everything critically, so we do have some common ground.

            I can only imagine just how impossible it is for you to think that the defector dude was talking about you and your friends. I too believe he was talking about you guys.

            Let me give you one more example that proves yours is the backwards thinking.

            You fight for Socialism, I fight for Capitalism. Both of us are headstrong that we are correct, and the other is bat driven nuts.

            There is a reason Socialism does not exist on Earth. That is because until evil is removed from earth, humans will always think for themselves first, then help others. It is self preservation to think to secure your own safety first. What is working? The primary reason we all work is to better ourselves… To secure our own future. In Socialism, nobody works for themselves, everybody works for the common good of all. Socialism creates a society unwilling to work for the common good, and unable to work for themselves.

            I view socialism as Heaven on Earth… Aint gonna happen until evil is removed from Earth. However, every attempt of a society to create socialism has fallen short to Communism.

            Capitalism on the other hand is more like nature. You work for your own good, you create something and benefit from those efforts. Capitalism DOES exist on Earth. Just go to a swap meet and you can witness it in action.

            So which is more natural? Socialism or Capitalism. I say Capitalism more closely fits humans natural inbred instincts, therefor Capitalism is more natural.

          27. jimmy midnight says

            Pure unregulated Capitalism is the way to a dog-eat-dog world. The limit that Communism approaches is a bureaucratic plague. Both of these things are quite natural. In a Social Democracy, we would attempt to balance these tendencies dynamically,

            Maybe I seem like just a broken-down old rock’n’roller, but, Mr. Mad, I “know me some” molecular biology, and as a result of that knowledge, I can tell you that there’s real danger in the chimeric artifiingcial plasmid technology (Genetic Modification), and that in a real democracy it would be confined to closed experimental spaces, where we’ve already learned some useful stuff from it.

            As for an intention to feed the world, planting great dozens of acres fields of wheat, rice, soy, or cor

          28. MAHB001 says

            I would say that we live in a dog eat dog world…. How does Disqus put it… Deal with it.

            Since pure socialism is not attainable on this earth, the socialists efforts always fall short to Communism or some other form of dictatorship. And that world is far worse than the dog eat dog world of Capitalism.

            If the Alinsky Radicals win this fight between Capitalism and Socialism, and Socialism falls to Communism up to 100 million humans will die.

            While that will suite the One world order Aristocrats just fine, I find it unacceptable, and you should too. However, I honestly don’t think the socialists that are trying to take over America will fall to Communism. I think they will fall to Radical Islam. The One World Order types are not religious and the Islamic Terrorists will NEVER give up their religion….

            Why do yo say that in a real democracy Genetic Modification would be confined to a limited space? Is it that the One World Order types trying to reduce human population?

          29. jimmy midnight says

            Your fears about Islam are SOOOO overblown. Talk about that stuff has an eye-glazing effect on this aging Child of The Enlightenment. I”m almost aslee…zzzz.

            Genetic Modification has already been narrowly circumscribed in more like-real democracies such as France and Sweden. Wilder and more conspiracy minded leftists than I, think GM is part of a population reduction scheme. I just think that what biotech companies are doing on a mercenary basis is sufficiently destructive without ascribing viscous motives to them. But crops produced this way are not the same as their non-chimeric plasmid containing precursors. They’re just not good for us, and so, far from feeding the world, they’re liable to make it sick.

            I have no idea why you think that any number of us would perish as a result of a never-gonna-happen-anyway takeover, whether Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Islamist, Seventh Day Adventist, or any other bunch of -ists. I have think it’s about successful fear-mongering. Just to be really clear, mongering means selling and I guess you’ve bought it.

            I watched the backward bicycle stuff with great interest, and defector dude for several minutes. Still urging you to re-read the Ninth Amendment.

          30. MAHB001 says

            My fears of socialism are not overblown. My fears of Islam are only that in order for the left to instill socialism in America they need to weaken America. And that weakening may not be my fears now, but if and when socialism is instilled in America, we will not be as strong as we are now. We are not near as strong as we were when 0-bama took office. And the America has not reversed its direction.

            Amendment 9 – Construction of Constitution. Ratified 12/15/1791.
            The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

            BTW, there are far more than two types of people in the world…

            Don’t you love the Constitution? Supports Capitalism…. Supports Freedom, liberty…

          31. jimmy midnight says

            Hey, Mr. Mad, let’s start this round with me asking you how you like to be referenced in these posts. Is “Mr. Mad,” okay with you, or would you prefer some other salutation? You can call me Jimmy if you like.

            I don’t have your last in front of me (#^&$#()+&^) computers) but I’ll attempt do something from memory. Thanks for re-reading the Ninth Amendment. Can you at least see how someone with my sort of views would find people with yours to fit very nicely in the, “Construers of Disparagement,” category?

            Of course it’s not the only distinction that can be drawn between groups of people, but I do think the “Children of The Enlightenment” vs. “Consrtuers of Dispargement,” dichotomy is a us

          32. MAHB001 says

            Hey Jimmy,

            Mad will do. I too, enjoy our conversations. It is nice to be civil once in a while, rather than respond to insults with kind.

            Although I re-read the Ninth Amendment, I must admit I do not get the tie to your “Construers of Disparagement” category you got me in. I guess you are going to have to hit me over the head with a bigger hammer.

            I believe what you are saying is the Children of The Enlightenment would be those on the left, and the Construers of Disparagement is on the right… Correct?

            The MEDIA is way too corrupt. I will say that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN and just about everybody but Fox has joined a cabal, A.K.A. the Goebbels. They use bias by omission to black out stories that hurt a liberal ideology and sensationalize stories that hurt conservatives. The practice is insidious, and undetectable to those immersed in watching only the cabal.

          33. jimmy midnight says

            Yes, I do suggest that the Left consists of Children of The Enlightenment,and the Right, Construers of Disparagement. I’m not alone in thinking that so many of the rights we enjoy could be construed as springing from the Ninth, for example a right to privacy, which isn’t specifically mentioned elsewhere.

            The result of our Civil War clarified that Amendment Nine was about human rights, such as, in that case, the right not to be owned. Nine also does mention states, but Civil War,which was also about States’ Rights, made those rights subsidiary to the rights of individual, flesh-and-blood humans.

            Sadly, the courts have actually not seen it that way yet. Many legal professionals, however, do. Maybe it’s just a matter of time, time in which Dems appoint more SCOTUS judges.

            You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I think Fox, or as I like to call it, Faux News, is even a notch more corruptly partisan than the CNN’s, etc. of our media world. On an ironically positive note, their biases and conflicts are so blatant, that no one will miss ’em.

            All of ’em run innumerable drug ads, and so we won’t be hearing anything from any of them about children with cancer who are abducted from their homes to have chemotherapy forced on them. Shh.

          34. MAHB001 says

            I will admit that the left is much better at using words than the right to control ones thoughts.

            Children of Enlightenment, is something all of us would want to be, even this conservative. The decedents of the enlightened, Innocent, strongly influenced by really smart people that have reached the epitome of understanding…. Wow, what a wonderful place to gravitate towards…..

            While me and my fellow conservatives are relegated to a Construers of disparagement. One that interprets everything in a belittling way…. Ouch….

            So why is it that guys like Reality consistently open their posts with an insult? Insults are a disparaging statement. I mean almost 100% of the time…

            And why is it that the left especially the Alinsky radicals never, ever, admit that to being wrong? That is not enlightened. I’ll refer to my backwards bicycle example of which I gave two examples of why I felt the left was riding the backwards bicycle, and you simply moved the conversation on to the next subject, without admitting a thing….

            Or why is it that the Children of the Enlightened never, ever acknowledge history when it comes to things that go against the lefts ideology? Like the fact that Socialism doesn’t exist, and every attempt to implement it has fallen to a form of Communism…

          35. jimmy midnight says

            A yet-to-be-perfected form of socialism is alive and doing quite well in Scandinavian countries.

            Glad to admit any errors on my part, when you find ’em, let m

          36. MAHB001 says


            Your “Yet-to-be-perfected form of socialism” IS all the proof that we need to prove out my statement that Socialism does not exist and that Alinsky radical types (forgive me for assuming you are one) will not acknowledge history when history goes against their ideology.

            I would also point out that I have submitted evidence of your factual errors when it came to whom was “riding the backwards bicycle”, yet you fell short of admitting your accusations were wrong. And to top it all off, you did not provide any examples of why you thought your own backwards thinking was the norm.

            All you have to do is find a couple of RC’s first posts that are responding to no one, to figure out that he is lying to you about the insults. And RC is not the only one, half a dozen more “trolls” all use the insult, deflect, insult comment format as their primary form of communication in their posts.

            Indeed the Children of the Enlightened is not an accurate term to describe these people…

          37. jimmy midnight says

            Us Alinski-ites (yes, glad to admit I’m one) think a forward-looking yet-to-be-perfected Socialism is as good as us poor humans can actually do in governance, because it’s, like, permanently progressive.

            Statements like, “Right wingers are Construers of Disparagement, whereas us lefties are Children of the Enlightenment,” or “Socialism always either fails or becomes state-dictated Communism.” are matter of Historical interpretation, and as such, are debatable matters unlikely ever to be resolved.

            Facts are data points like, “McKinley won the 1896 election,” or “Various gasses have various heat capacities.” They can, or at least should, be settled by “bothering to look it up.” Confident you can understand this distinction.

            People in all these political posts say a lot of unpleasant stuff. Venting’s cool, but generally not very persuasive.

          38. MAHB001 says

            I am beginning to see how you view the Left being Children of Enlightenment, and the right being Construers of Disparagement.

            Forgive me for saying this but I see the left as just children, not having formed adequate reasoning techniques to come to logical conclusions. Certainly not enlightened. (Because of either those drugs you talked about, or the ideological conditioning I talked about.), (come on that is funny)

            It seems you are not able to view or evaluate the causes and effects of your attempts to achieve your forward-looking-yet-to-be-perfected-Socialism. You ignore history and its teachings that every attempt has resulted in unfathomable amounts of human death and suffering.

            I also see how the left views the right as being Construers of Disparagement. Most children view their parents that way. It seems that the right has been delegated the responsibility of just saying no to the whims of the left. Especially when those whims kill hundreds of millions of people.

            I guess I am OK with being considered a “Constuer of Disparagement” in this case because I feel I am looking out of Everybody’s best interest and safety. If you see a child playing with a gun, you have got to do something. Right?

            So let me be the Constuer of Disparagement in the room and hand you some tough love. You will never attain your forward-looking-yet-to-be-perfected-socialism on Earth until you remove evil from man. Until then, your efforts will always fall short and the results will be hundreds of millions dying and a lot more suffering under slavery.

            Socialism on Earth must be forced, people do not want to live under slavery where their efforts are enjoyed by others, before themselves. Current Governments DO NOT redistribute the wealth efficiently, they skim off the top (the evil that I am talking about) and take care of their elites before ever giving back to the people that are slaves to the system.

            That is simply human nature. To take care of yourself first, then others. Socialism takes care of the Government first then others..

            Sorry, you can’t have your utopia on Earth, and pursuing it will only make the masses suffer.

          39. jimmy midnight says

            Thanks for getting back, Mr. Mad. The thing is, you give no evidence for any or your assertions e.g. “Socialism on Earth must be forced,” “…The results will always be hundreds of millions dying,” or “Those whims will kill hundreds of millions.”

            So your thinking, not mine, is apparently fuzzy, because you can’t deal with the distinction between verifiable fact and Historical conjecture. Differing heat capacities of various gasses is a fact. The notion that evil must be abolished B4 human progress can happen is conjectural.

            Much of Western Europe is currently doing quite well with obviously unperfect-able Democratic Socialism. Canada’s approaching it, and USA will adopt it soon, though we’re unlikely to call it what it is. The key is doing quite well in the here and now. It’s not about perfecting anything. I thought you’d catch the joke, it’s kinda like lighting things for the enlightenment.

          40. MAHB001 says

            Now that is the Alinsky Radical in you showing. Deny the obvious then deflect.

            I submit to you as evidence AND FACTS:

            1. Most if not all “Communist” countries have walls to keep their people in.
            2. Most if not all Communist Countries are failed versions of Socialism.
            3. 0bamacare is forced
            4. Our Social Security is forced.
            5. Did you know the word defector was created in Russia to name the “defective” people that did not want to live in Russia?

            As for FACTS for “Those whims will kill hundreds of millions.”

            Your forward-looking-yet-to-be-perfected-socialism will start out with a dictator in charge. That dictator in charge will disarm the public. When that is done, the dictator will exterminate those that oppose the regime.

            Russia, Stalin rounded up about 20 million dissidents and exterminated them.

            China, Mao Tze Tung Another 20 Million
            Cambodia, Pol Pot approximately 1 million
            So if those were not facts and are some sort of historical conjecture, please explain.

            Just how many dissidents to socialism/communism is in the United States? I would say around 110 million…

            As for Western Europe doing quite well, are you sure about that? Or are they going the way of Greece? I would say you use cherry picked statistics to CONTROL children’s minds.. Or are you using fuzzy historical conjecture?

            And lastly, you have used your backwards thinking to come up with this dozy. “The notion that evil must be abolished B4 human progress can happen is conjectural.” What I said was, that in order to achieve your Utopian Socialism on earth you will have to remove evil from the minds of man. Humans are making progress every day….

            Thoughtfully, Construer of Disparagement

          41. jimmy midnight says

            I don’t want none of no Soviet-style dictatorship. USSR’s 20 million died mostly at thew hands of German, etc. army in WWII. There’s less excuse for what Mao, etc. did, but many of those casualties also took place because of counter-revolutionary violence.

            Pol pot, ugh. The thing is, we don’t want revolution with its inevitable counterrevolutionary violence, but we are going to insist on some kinds of redistributive jubilee.

            How’s it feel to be a chronic violator of the Constitution? Ninth Amendment, anyway?

          42. MAHB001 says

            The Socialist that put Lenin/Stalin in charge didn’t want a Soviet-Style dictatorship either. Those that resisted, were, how did the defector dude put it, squashed like a cockroach. …

            It is the nature of the beast…. Power corrupts, and that is why I say that your yet-to-be-perfected-socialism is unattainable.

            So one of the keys that I look at is if the “Government” is trying to disarm the people….. I would say yes…

            Not sure how voicing my opinion on these subjects in this manor is breaking the Ninth Amendment…. You have the right to do whatever you please, you do not have the right to force me to do what you please.

          43. jimmy midnight says

            Mr. Mad, you can take to your neighborhood or global bank the idea that I have zero interest in depriving anyone of their firearms rights. Kinda joking about Constitution stuff, but you have embraced ‘Construing to disparage.”

          44. MAHB001 says

            I was just pointing out the similarities of the Alinsky Radical in the oval office and those of known evil dictators.

            And no offense intended on the force me comment, not sure where I was going with it.

          45. jimmy midnight says

            like I was saying corn, for export, obviously detracts from locally available food supply. Biotech companies knew this from the get go, so don’t go presuming that their motives are noble. Because they are publicly traded corporations, they are required by law to be guided by mercenary motives.

            I didn’t say you were backward, just that your ideas are. This will=never-grow-out-of-it Child of The Enlightenment still hopes that you, you Incorrigible Construer of Disparagement, (come on, I’m joking here) will re-read the Ninth Amendment.

          46. Deborah G says

            And what or who determines fact? Double Blind studies? Your opinions? mine? facts are largely an ever changing paradigm. What one understands to be fact in two years can be totally irrelevant. Left wing “facts” are rife with supposition, forward looking projections and complete hogwash science. Right thinking folks tend to delve into realiity in a far more structure manner. Things supported by time and the proof of concurrent repitition of similar outcomes tend to make their “facts” a lot more stable.

          47. jimmy midnight says

            As a scientist, I heartily agree with your assertion that facts stabilize over time. And that’s relevant here, because…?

          48. JACK FROST says

            Actually, LOTS of dead persons vote for democrats. That history is there.. You just watch for it again this November. There will be other voting breaches also, lots of them.

          49. MAHB001 says

            AND soon lots of illegal immigrants will be voting for democrats, even if they are not in the country at all.

        2. Conservative says

          It doesn’t matter the Party, Democrat or Republican, the ESTABLISHMENT decides years ahead of the election season who the ‘certified’ nominee will be. A
          t present the Republicans designated Rubio and the Democrats Killary. The Dems, in spite of knowing how totally corrupt and evil Killary is in cahoots with the Wall Street Big Wigs are counting on Killary to keep filling their own pockets with hundreds of millions. If we ever got to see Killary’s quarter million, one hour speeches we would see the deals made for new programs, new departments and new TAXES.
          The Republicans want RUBIO because he will ‘go along to get along’. They too have their ‘pet projects’ and they know Trump would be too independent and CRUZ would be too honest and Constitution minded.
          The bottom line: Elections are a fraud, we are all manipulated with lies and contrived DELEGATES to ‘fix’ the elections to their own agendas.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I agree…. The ones that have the most influence on the certification is the MEDIA.

            The MEDIA conditions the American people to accept the Elites certified choices.

            To fight the corrupt MEDIA join.


          2. Gea says

            Every thinking America has a choice and find out truth based on research and critical evaluation of facts rather then accepting what nonsense main stream media serve. that is the beauty of Internet, if you apply critical thinking to differentiate between chaff and grain.

          3. MAHB001 says

            I agree with what you say, for the younger generations. However, there are older generations that grew up watching the evening news and trusting those sources…

            WITHOUT QUESTION….

            For those people whom do not get their “News” from multiple sources or do not check other sources for their information, they are vulnerable to the biases that the Liberal MEDIA use. Bias by omission.

            Even this last election, the Liberal Press was able to black out all knowledge of 0-bama’s and Hillary’s lies about Benghazi. They have even been able to keep Hillary out of jail, make the IRS dealings look “acceptable.” etc.

            Americans deserve to be fed the truth, not liberal propaganda.

   Join the fight.

          4. Gea says

            it is a brainwashing of Americans that EX-KGB agent warned us about in 1980ies, describing pernicious damage done by infiltrators into American educational system that brainwashed American academia into neo-Marxism and feeling ashamed for success of US. that is what we had allowed to pass as real history and allowed traitors such as John Kerry into government as people did not understand the danger of Communism…

            Young people had been educated to look at their own country and freedom as guilty for all kinds of problems in the world. Obama is one of the traitors who capitalized on this ignorance and media are filled with fools who have not learned history, but propaganda against their country, covered up with WORDS of democracy, human rights and equality, and had forgotten about self-sufficiency, meritocracy, free markets, independence…Look how, Clinton, sanders panders to the MOBs (Muslims, Obama and black racists) who do not want to be EQUAL but want special rights and cover up the truth.

            B. Hussein Obama is a combination of incompetence and pro-jihadi and pro-Communist policies that are endangering not only US but the entire Western civilization, that is now invaded by Islam and want to dominate us…b. Hussein Obama is an enemy NUMBER ONE of Western civilization…and so is East German Communist Angela Merkel who is NuMBER TWO..

          5. MAHB001 says

            Well said.

            Liberal Progressives are the Enemy, and the Enemy is within….

            I think the Liberal Progressives of the world are being used as useful idiots by the Muslims terrorists. Muslims are the new Stalin…..

          6. Gea says

            Communism is not as bad as Islam, as Communism was not sexually deprived as Islam is with its condoning pedophilia, polygamy,rape, misogyny, slavery, looting and mass murder, because Mohamed committed all those crimes against humanity and he is a role model for all pious Muslims. Mohamed was much worse than Hitler and Stalin combined and Muslims aer enablers of terrorism, as the IDEOLOGY of Islam, as written in Koran, Hadith and Sira is a hate speech against ALL non-Muslims.

          7. MAHB001 says

            That is what I am saying.
            Liberal Progressives are socialists that brought Communism in power.
            The Communists are the new useful idiots
            Islam is the new Stalin/Lenin.

          8. Gea says

            Islam is an IDEOLOGY worse than Nazism…and 20% of ALL Muslims are like SS-troupers, while 80% of all Muslims (1,600 millions) are like Germans who supported Hitler. totalitarian, supremacist and imperialistic IDEOLOGIES can morph from one to another: Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Islam…can just exchange places… The destroy FREE speech and rule by terror, just as Mohamed ordered them.

      2. AlanWH says

        True, but in 2012 over 4 Million Republicans who voted for McCain stayed home, If they hadn’t, Romney could have Won. He ran a Terrible Campaign and inspired No One. Now he’s “fired up” about someone who is Inspiring Millions more than he did. Romney’s actions are a Disgrace.

        1. Emma says

          As is he.
          No honor, self respect or courage.
          Certainly no respect or care for our people or our Great Republic.
          Think about this….
          They, gop, are bringing in hired guns to discredit, defame, belittle & all around destroy the only person who genuinely loves America, is Brilliant, has the courage & the ability to help restore our America , who truly Believes that America & Her People are Exceptional, believes in our Sovereignty, & by those very same stands will upset their corrupt ways .
          Time to stand up & put Mr. Trump in The Peoples’ House.
          It is time we have a Real LEADER who puts America & Americans FIRST again.
          Get rid of the traitors.
          Once & for all!
          This will be the last election I see. I pray we do it right
          for the sake of Our America, for our children & grand children.
          The RIGHT choice.
          The Only choice, if we are to survive as a SOVEREIGN Nation.

          1. MAHB001 says

            You need to distinguish between the elites, establishment and Republicans.

            The elites are no longer Republicans, they are the establishment.

          2. Emma says

            As far as I am concerned, they are all cut pretty much from the same ragged cloth.
            All in on the take, one way or another.

          3. MAHB001 says

            That is politicians, correct? I agree.

            I believe the DC environment is so caustic that it corrupts EVERYONE if they are in there long enough.

            Some get corrupted even before they are elected. Others it takes time, but eventually the power corrupts them.

          4. Ed Shick says

            Term limits should be an issue as should Voter Fraud ! Had we had some better laws America would have Forgot who Obama was by now ! We forgot Korea , but we best wake up , The war never ended for them !Freedom is not Free!

          5. O'Possum/TX says

            We have more than enough LAWS. The problem is corrupt politicians refusing to ENFORCE the laws equally.

          6. Mark Tercsak says

            Repukes for short

          7. .madashell says

            Although I don’t agree that Trump is the only one running for the office of POTUS,
            who truly beleives in America and her citizens, I do agree with your assessment of the “Establishment GOP”.
            They have, for years now, been “boiling a frog” and we, the concerned citizens of the U.S., are the frog.
            They have morphed into true elites. Elites that are even more dangerous to this
            country than those infected with the brain destroying desease of liberalism.
            As you are, I am sick and tired of our elected officials lying to us to get elected only to, when installed in the office they seek, give those who gave them their votes the big fat finger, and proceed to do whatever it takes to line their pockets with our hard earned money.

          8. ai says

            Do not trust Rubio and Cruz. GOP establishment, wake up. TRUMP is it.

          9. hitlery says

            Cruz 2016. He is NOT establishment.

          10. Btty says

            How can Cruz be establishment? The establishment hates him as much as Trump! You might want to rethink that one.

          11. Gea says

            More those RINOs fight Trump, more Americans will vote for him, in spite otfdirt taht both Democrats and Republicans are spreading about him.

          12. JACK FROST says

            I think you are pushing it a bit there Emma… If all you said were true then Trump would be accepted by all common sense folks.. You speak as though all the man says he will/can do. Face it, he has done very little for anyone other than himself, plus, He has ‘SAID’ a lot.. He has yet to PLANT the crop he speaks of.. He may BECOME a good man but he is not one yet ! He DOES have a BIG arrogant mouth. Lets hope thats his biggest fault !

          13. Emma says

            You are due, as are we all, your opinion.
            I stand by mine.

          14. JACK FROST says

            Emma: Your comment is an OPINION.. My comment is FACTS on the present scenario. You think on that .

          15. Emma says

            Romney is a sad case
            weak. Agreed,
            Trump is not. Fact.
            Not everyone is going to agree on every issue.
            I absolutely believe Trump is the only viable applicant for the position of POTUS.

          16. Btty says

            Do you know the man personally? If not then you have no clue what good he has or hasn’t done. If you have fact instead of just shooting your mouth off then post them.

          17. JACK FROST says

            BTTY: LOOKS to me like YOU are the one with the shooting off big MOUTH.. This conversation is not about what Trump has / hasn’t done, its about what he can / will do. And this is all a FACTUAL part of this conversation.. Trump has great potential .. Question is, if elected, will he really stomp FOR the American people ? He has the POTENTIAL to do so, as did obama.. Once the driver is in the car, its up to him to win or lose for the people.. Country can’t survive another obama..

          18. Btty says

            Jack I was responding to your earlier comment where you said the man has done very little for anyone but himself. I ask you if you had any facts to back that up? Again I’m waiting for your facts. If you don’t have any that’s fine just be big enough to admit it. I’m probably expecting more than you can provide.

          19. JACK FROST says

            Btty: Being 77 i’d think that if Trump has done a lot of worthy things for others i’d have heard about more than the handful of little DEEDS he has done here & there with his BILLIONS. YOU are the one that should list all these GREAT things he has accomplished since you seem to KNOW and see Trump to be the cure to America’s ills BECAUSE OF HIS HISTORY.

            I’ve, on several occasions, said he has potential, and he does.. Given the opportunity, should he accomplish HALF his promises he can be a great man & great president. obama had the VERY SAME opportunity & look what he has done. Another 8 years under obama type rule / leadership could roll this country into a communist base country where WE THE PEOPLE means nothing..

            This is likely the most critical election year in America’s history… If you have inside info on all these GREAT things Trump has done then spell them out… WE THE PEOPLE are electing a new president in a few months & we need to know these things so we can get it RIGHT THIS TIME. This could be the LAST TIME we have the opportunity to do so as a FREE nation…. :

          20. Btty says

            Jack why should I have to list his good deeds I’m not the one that said he hasn’t done any. That was YOU. When you say things like that you should back them up. I don’t know what good deeds he has or hasn’t done. On the other hand Trump wasn’t my first pick. I wanted Cruz. Having said that if Cruz doesn’t get the nominee and Trump does I will without a doubt vote for him. I agree with you that this is the most important election in the history of the US.
            Please list where I said Trump was the cure all for the ills of America. I’ll save you the trouble because you can’t since I never said it. He might be a great President then again maybe it will be Cruz. Either way I hope they turn this country around and it’s going to be a very tuff job. Again I have to disagree that Obama could have been a great President. He never had the brains, heart or will to do anything but tear our country apart. That he has done a good job of. I think we are on the same side just telling it in a different way. I have seen my country go straight in the toilet for over 8 years. The last 8 have been unbelievable. Corruption at its height and we don’t have to wait for this election to know that We The People mean nothing to these elitist!
            What I would say to you is stop trying to turn this on me and YOU backup what you said about trump having no good deeds under his belt. By the way, what good deeds did Obozo, or any other President have? Is this the criteria for being a good President? Tsk, tsk there are a lot of things that go into the making of a good President. Good deeds are well and good but there’s a lot of other things just as important. By the way being 77 is a blessing. I’m not far from you. Getting old isn’t for cowards is it? 😉

          21. JACK FROST says

            Btty: There is nothing to turn on anybody here… From where I sit you make no sense at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          22. Btty says

            I was wondering when you would show your mentality. From where you sit? Is that your rest home? Because your the one that makes no sense. As I said before your real good at shooting your mouth off with no facts. Now go take your meds and relax.

          23. Btty says

            By the way Jack, I’m at work (work nights) but when I get up tomorrow I will list many good deeds in trumps favor. He has given alot of money to alot of very respected Charities that help Children. Got to go for now.

          24. Btty says

            Okay Jack, I had to pull double duty at the hospital I work at but I did do a little research and he has given alot of money to charities some of which help children and our vets. All you have to do is go to and put in Donald Trumps good deeds. Very simple and might enlighten you. If you can’t find it feel free to let me know and if I don’t have to pull double duty tonight I can send it tomorrow.

          25. ai says

            Romney was weak, meek so we lost to an amateur senator. If he acted like Trump, he would have won.

          26. Joe T says

            Excellent comment..congrats…..

        2. MAHB001 says

          That is what we are being told by the MEDIA…. Who counted the votes?????

        3. Gea says

          Judging by what Paul Ryan had done since being a speaker of the house, Romney/Ruan were only marginally better than the traitors B. Hussein Obama, Hilary Clinton, John Kerry and their Muslim brotherhood that is now running US. Us Congress RINOS are too cowardly to remove those traitors although the evidence is overwhelming that all of them should be tried for treason. SHAME!

        4. Michael Dennewitz says

          Very well said. A man that ran TWICE and lost his ass, and now he’s bad-mouthing Mr Trump like crazy. How damned pathetic can one get!!

          1. Btty says

            I’m pretty sure mitt has proven to everyone he can’t get any lower. Gee, I’m beginning to wonder if mitt and dirty Harry is what happens to you when you join the Mormon church! Just kidding, sort of.

          2. Joe T says

            Astute comment…Btty

          3. Btty says

            Oh my goodness Joe! How nice to hear from you. It’s been a long time. Hope you are doing well and staying out of trouble? 😉 take care my friend.

        5. ai says

          Go away, Romney

      3. Wildeagleone says


        1. Emma says

          You are so right!!

        2. joebabe says

          Exactly! Despite his desperate attempts to mock Trump on an elementary schoolyard level, and failing, Rubio is still accumulating large amounts of money from the “big dogs” in the GOP establishment. The last debate showed how desperate he has become. It appeared that his main goal was to disparage Trump. He speaks beautifully but, he appears as a performer experiencing. “flop sweat”, pleading with the audience to like him…….pathetic ! Not my idea of presidential leadership…….P.S., In Florida, I heard him speak at a tea party/conservative rally. He won my vote for the senate that day with his conservative “views” on borders, language,and culture issues. He won, went to DC and almost immediately joined Schumer and the gang of eight crew. What’s up with that?? With no important legislative experience under his belt,he is running for president? Please!

    3. RLM357 says

      The DNC planted a Video Camera, ( placed by the Caterers ) to record Romney’s “Private Speech” to donors. Then used a ‘true comment’ about the Welfare folks (47%) that vote as told by their enslavers (the DNC) – Out of Context. Romney was an Establishment RINO pick that No body wanted as a candidate. His father used Saul Alenskys communist book (BO’s fav.) as a guide for All State Employees. Read his True History. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

    4. melmack 1 says


      1. BTeboe says


        1. Chelsea Schwartz says

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          1. MAHB001 says

            Flagged you scum puppet.

      2. Edward B. Levy says

        melmack. GREAT COMMENT! IF the GOP dirtbags, pull this on Trump, they have screw this country by getting the witch elected. AS the WIGS, the GOP will never again EXIST.

        1. melmack 1 says

          That would be a great thing. As one Indonesian dictator once said, we have the old established forces against the new emerging forces …LOL

        2. Mark Tercsak says

          There is one and they are waiting for folks like you to join, Constitution Party !

      3. Johnd01 says

        Yes who are these guys? Where is the money coming from? Who ever it is should be branded as Hillary supporters. Is this one of Hillary’s tricks to win?

        1. melmack 1 says

          And what is really sick is listening to these REPUBLICAN BIGSHOTS (tom ridge) and some elected congressmen and senators (colorado) saying THEY WILL NOT SUPPORT OR VOTE FOR TRUMP…Why don’t they just go out and collect money for hillary and bernie?? THEY ARE COMPLETE AND TOTAL AHOLES and that includes romney

          1. Btty says

            They know when Trump wins their scamming and stealing from the American people will end. They don’t want anyone in office they can’t control. Most of them would starve to death if they had to work a real job! I hope Trump has excellent body guards because I believe his life is in danger from this crowd of gangsters.

        2. Kurt Hanssen says

          The GOP. is for the WH. cartel, since Bush is out, that means Killary

      4. jreg9304 says

        REPUBLITARD”,S THAT”S WHO THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Mark Tercsak says

          Repukes is what they are Bolshebiks, you want to throw them up and spit them out !

    5. MAHB001 says

      Those pathetic fools did not fight because it was not their turn…..

      I think that the left waited through Bush’s term and then it was the Lefts turn to put someone in office. So the left chose 0-bama.

      The people really have no say in the elections anymore.

  4. peter says

    The GOP and the RNC with all its idiots are DONE!!!!!! The more bad things they say about Trump, the more people like him and hate republicans, Rove, Romney and all the rest. Go TRUMP!!

    1. bettycajun says

      Excellent comments. The Gop leaders are not in tune with their voters; haven’t been for some time. They are now suffering the consequences…we have had it.

      1. brokebill says

        The establishment will never recover with me. I’m done with party until they reorganize and replace management and talking heads. The only reason I am voting Republican is because that is the ticket Trump is running on. GOP big losers this time.

        1. siridh says

          Time for a third party. The Republicans showed their true colors over the tea party. They hated them worse than the progressives. It said a lot.

    2. brokebill says

      Absolutely. I am ready for all the party heads to roll. Replace them with true Americans that put our country first in all decisions. They have proven to put themselves first and only! Establishment, you are fired.

  5. lou says

    The voters are not going to take Trump out the voters are taking the Establishment down and out

  6. Tiger says

    The Democrats are dead already, they died the day O got into office, all this anger in people throughout this country is against O and his policies. All the Democrats have is a Socialist and another Progressive.

    The Republicans turned a blind eye to the people who gave them the Congress at midterms. All they have done is give O everything he wants. There are only 28 Republicans in Congress and two from Florida and it isn’t Rubio.

    The Republicans don’t want Trump, the lobbyists, big business and Wall Street will finally be out of our issues. That is why they would rather have the Democrats win. Business as usual.

  7. TAM44 says

    They want to destroy Mr. Trump and will end up destroying their own damn party. I call the RNC ROTTEN NASTY COWARDS who have let obama do as he damn well pleases and if that’s conservatism I want no part of it. They continue to stab Mr. Trump in his back and I would never vote for a democrat as that’s what these scum are doing, putting their money on hillary rodham clinton the most evil vile lying woman ever to walk on earth. They want to sove another loser like mccain or mitt romney down our throats, I say stick your pick up where the sun does not shine. Go Mr. Trump 2016

  8. siridh says

    If the RNC had backed a true conservative (Cruz) or even a very quiet but courageous man (Carson), they wouldn’t be having this problem. No, they want the usual squish (Jeb!) and flip flopper (Rubio). But after Dole, McCain and Romney we see what they’re doing. They’re Democrsts in disguise and the “conservative cause” (to them) is a dog whistle.

  9. HankBar says

    The RNC chose Romney their pet boy last time and he could not defeat the worst President in the history of the U.S. Now they want to trot him out again as an attack dog to try to bring Trump down. The RNC is too stupid to try to bring their party together around their own candidate. They would be doing the same thing to Cruz if he was leading the pack. If Rubio thinks that 65% voted against Trump then he must realize that 80% voted against him. The RNC IS committing suicide. Donations will dry up from the general voter. I will never donate again until the party gets it right.
    If Romney has any future political plans or hopes he had better keep his powder puff nose out of this.

    1. Scrubjay says

      I haven’t given a cent to the RNC. When they email for donations, I reply with the reasons they won’t see anything from me until they get back to the founding principles that the party of Lincoln used to stand for.

      I have directly donated to a couple of candidates that I like; I know they won’t get any financial help from the establishment Republicans.

      1. Angela Worden says

        I agree with you, but I don’t intend to donate because I can’t trust the RNC to give people I like in the party. They do the choosing. Rubio and Cruz are not my choosing.

        1. Scrubjay says

          That’s why I donate directly to my candidates of choice.

        2. siridh says

          The RNC does NOT support Cruz. They would do the same to him as they are doing to Trump. The RNC was pushing JEB? and after his demise is pushing Rubio.

    2. Deb Bennison-Supers says

      We refuse to donate to the RNC. We donate directly to the candidate of our choice.
      Romney ‘lost’ the 2012 election because Evangeline’s refused to vote for a Mormon. Thanks to them, the (D) party was able to steal that election easy. If all remember, nobama was a sourpuss because he knew he’d not get re-elected. Little did he/they & we know, the Evangeline’s, right along with all who voted 3rd party, write in or not at all, would hand that election to nobama on a silver platter!
      The fact that the RNC/EGOP are refusing to hear We, The Voters, proves they are all in with the money people & WILL help get hitlery in thw WH even if she’s sitting in a jail cell! Or, just as bad, put Biden in!

      1. Laddyboy says

        Deb Bennison-Supers: I see you are agreeing with me when I say the “DNC”, “RNC” and the “GOP” are one and the same part of the establishment who do not want OUTSIDERS to interfer with their AGENDA.
        I diverse now:
        I hope Congress passes the bill that will OFFICIALLY state the ‘muslembrotherhood’ is a TERRORIST organization. When this is passed, it means ALL of the multitudinal muslem oganizations in America, like ‘cair’, will be EXPELLED from America using :
        PUBLIC LAW 414.

  10. Angela Worden says

    Yeah, Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona.She endorsed him today.
    Boo-oo- Mitt Romney!! And I voted and volunteered for him.

    1. Scrubjay says

      I voted for Romney too. What a disappointment. It was almost like he threw the last election on purpose.

      In the first debate, he wiped the floor with Obama. Subsequently, he seemed to be distracted, even to the point of allowing the lie the moderator spewed in defense of Obama and Benghazi.

      1. Donna says

        He threw it for HILLARY!! That is what I am that he wants to cry about TRUMP!!!! WHY??? So KILLARY can get in??? The guy needs to stay HOME!!! GO TRUMP!

  11. TWORIVERS says

    All the big boys in the Repubs are scared of Trump and at the rate they are going they will out another Clinton in the White House…It seems that the east COAST has already decided the President and the West do not count, so divide the Nation everything east of the Mississippi go their way and us west of the Mississippi go our way minus California..

    1. ringostarr1 says

      People like 2 rivers are too dumb to have an opinion. The further West you go the poorer Donald Trump does in the Republican Primaries. Trump is a Rust Belt Candidate much like Sanders and Hillary.

      1. TWORIVERS says

        Put it this way I have lived in this country except for 20 plus years in the military 85 years and am watching it go to hell in a Basket now days and seems to be getting worse all the time..I am neither a Repub or Demo just an American that is very concerned..

  12. George Block says

    The RINO’s in Washington are not the Republican Party. The Conservative voters are the Party. The RINO’s have abandoned the voters and it’s time to reboot. They are in fear of there jobs, wealth and elitism. It’s their party that hopefully be over and they can all go home. We need to tell them that it is time for them to sit down, shut up and listen to the adults in the room. The more they fight any candidate that seems to be the favorite of the Silent Majority the deeper they dig themselves into unemployment.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Fight the MEDIA at:

  13. Scrubjay says

    Can you imagine if the RNC fought as hard when it came to Obama’s terrorist ties, and his blatant racism? They always seem to eat their own.

    And they still don’t get why Trump and Cruz have so much support from disenfranchised (to use a liberal buzzword) Republican voters.

    Rubio is a sellout and a traitor to the Tea Party movement, that got him elected in the first place. With his ridicules attacks, he seals his fate as the new head of the RNC, never to hold elected office again.

  14. honey says

    How can anyone stand this government when they are ALL acting like babies??? I can’t believe this!! They want to “TAKE TRUMP OUT”.. Who in their right minds is supposed to talk like this???? They are all crazy ! The only sane one seems to be TRUMP! Cruz & all the other “officials ar all “NUTS”. Just listen to them talk. Esp. CRUZ. He made suh a “DIRTY” crack about Trump last week about his
    thumbs”. I couldn’t believe my ears.!!! What a dirty mind he has, his mind is in the gutter same as a “PIG”.. I wouldn’t want him in ANY office & his pal is just as bad. I’m so sick of looking at them. VOTE DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT. He is serious about this country, Cruz is not. Cruz doesn’t even talk about what he will do for OUR great country, all he can talk about & think about is defeating Trump but he NEVER will !! Trump is a good man !.

    1. siridh says

      That was RUBIO who made the Dirty crack about Trump. Cruz is conservative and pretty anti establishment — in fact they hate him.

  15. James Maxwell says

    Sadly the GOP establishment still has their heads in a very damp dark region as we can see
    by they way they have acted the past 7 plus years in bending over backwards for o’muzzie
    and not standing up for the voters who elected them. Time to replace the “Go along to
    Get along” crowd of corrupt with Men and Women of Integrity, I realize that may be an impossible
    mission with the vast majority of them being Lawyers who are trained to lie and deceive others
    as a matter of fact. They are more concerned with getting rich off of the back of TAX Payers than
    actually honoring their oath of office and the will of the people who voted for them. But the
    VOTERS are also just as guilty by reelecting these bottom feeders to office.

  16. GrumpyOleMan says

    As has been said before, this is the Republicans election to lose. And they are working overtime to do just that. If they put as much effort in winning, as they do in losing, Obama might have been an also ran. But no, the Republican Elite, just like Obama, thinks they know more and can better choose what the American People need/want than us poor lowly citizens!
    Congratulations Hilliary! I don’t know if it was just your dumb luck, tenacity, or you actually helped, but the GOP has committed suicide yet again and you get the OBozo 3rd term. To all my offspring, their offspring, and their offspring, apologize for the idiot choices the GOP leadership have made, and the piss poor economy, education replacement program (indoctrination) and above all the Dummycrats that have destroyed it.
    To the rest of the World, I apologize for not doing more to provide real leadership that could help make the world a better place for the human race.
    Signed One more future X Republican.

  17. RLM357 says

    Don’t THEY get it by now? RINOs and the “Establishment GOP”, have to Go ! The Establishment ONLY wants to protect their Cash-Cows ! They come in with little money and become Instant Millionaires via Insider Trading etc. Trump Threatens Them ! Term Limits are Needed ! If the Establishment continues the opposition to We the People than A Third Party will succeed. The DNC is composed of Leftists. No Body wanted Romney, Dole or McCain ! They were sacrificial Lambs. The Establishment controlled the last Convention (which was a Farce) The Establishment FEARED Ron Paul and disenfranchised his Delegates with rigged and false reported votes. The Speakers used Teleprompters with anti verbage. pre written. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Trump is the poster child for “insider trading”. With someone as divorced from the truth and reality as yourself, what bit of revisionist BS will you believe next? That Jesus was crucified by Aliens?

  18. JIM DALLY says


  19. melmack 1 says

    So sorry I voted for MITT…he is supporting the garbage people now in charge and for our family it is only TRUMP !!!!!

  20. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    I’m a Republican but between Both Parties they have sold us THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OUT.

  21. Laddyboy says

    Do you want to join the “DNC”? Then you can join the establishment that runs under two other names. These OTHER names are the “RNC” and the “GOP”. These establishment groups WANT to continue their ESTABLISHMENT control of the American “government”. Outsiders who they cannot control are not wanted.
    I am sorry to see Mr. Ben Carson quiting the race. I hope he keeps being involved where ever he can help Americans.

  22. brokebill says

    The GOP heads are destroying their own future and their party. They think it’s just politics. We feel it is an assault on us because we want a different option than they have given us in the past. They have repeatedly failed us and now we are firing them. The party is history in my book and I will never respect those controlling it again. They have proven to be pure idiots. Why not spend the effort uniting the party and focusing on the real competition, HRC and Obama. Instead they continue to do stupid stuff! We need to get the idiots out and replace them with representatives that will put our country and the voters choice, first. Should Trump go independent, I go with him. This party is a joke.

  23. GrizzMann says

    Good thing the Democrats still back support their criminal and Socialist candidates. In unity there is strength, much like Islam.

  24. Douglas McIntyre says

    I am so Tried of the Washington Fools and their Talking Heads trying once again to undermine my voting decision…”I’m a Racist” because I didn’t vote for Obama, or a uninformed voter, or uneducated Trump voter…and the list goes on!

    Here’s the deal….we can continue to hear the same old BS on both Sides…democrats or Republicans of how they will bring change, or hope for America….get to Washington and lord and behold nothing Changes AGAIN!!

    Americans keep electing the same old fools (in Both Parties) and each time the fools turn out to be the foolers…and we the People sit around and vent on one of these sites!!! And hope in 4 years we get another chance to elect someone who will actually go to Washington and do what they say when running for office!!! But we know before we elect one of them “IT Will NOT Happen” we ALL know they will say anything to get Elected and do very little to honor their word!! But here we are again!!!

    So go ahead America…cast your Vote for the Same old boys and girl (Senators, Governors and other Washington BUMS to Be President) who have been fooling us for many years, or Hillary…who along with her old man…has helped to make America as bad as it is Today!! And then in 4 years, if we are still allowed to cast a vote, we can do it again …until then we can sit around on these sites and vent…how we Hate what is Happening to our Once Great Country!!!. Or, next time, we are going to be better informed…and Vote For Someone from Washington who we can ALL TRUST!! People we can’t find a Rose in a Pile of Shit!!! It just won’t happen!!!

    That is Why I will Vote For Trump….he doesn’t need to sing for his supper…or take Money to Buy it (Favors)!!! He is a Proven Leader and Knows how to pick the Right People for the Job and get the Best Results from them….I don’t expect Him to Know everything, just where to go to get answers…which his success has proven he can!! I don’t want him to tell me what his plans are….I want him to just do what he has said he would do…Make America Great Again!!!

    1. brokebill says

      Great post. I am with you on the Trump vote for all the reasons you said. Time to get rid of the deadwood!

    2. Effenexes says

      Congrats Douglas… Marvelous piece. Wonderfully spelled out and apropos to Americas problems that have festered far too long. We have awoken and are no longer apathetic toward the putrid representation we keep putting our trust in time after time. We need to elect representatives that are willing to form a consensus solving our nations problems, not by failed bipartisanship. The American electorate should take comfort in recognizing that they now have it in their hands to affect a change that has been a long time coming for We the People.

  25. J Franklin says

    The GOP screwed up the last two Presidential elections and handed them to Obama. Now, they’re in the process of squandering another opportunity by focusing their ‘war’ on their own party. By the time that November rolls around, they will have managed to convince the public that no Republican is worthy of its vote.

  26. armydadtexas says

    In the end, the Republican Party as a whole had better HONOR the Voters and their choice or the Republican Party will cease to exist. The GOP leadership best not sabotage this election

    1. MAHB001 says

      They still count the votes… We the People must take back the election process or we will all be disenfranchised.

      “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
      —-Joseph Stalin

      1. Gea says

        What is the address opf the video with the Russian KGB guy who talks about what KGB propaganda had done in America. He does not mention even more sordid Islamist propaganda that is paying for b. Hussein Obama pro-Islamist policies that are increasing the number of soldiers for Allah in America every day.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I believe the Russian KGB guy was well before the threats of Islamic terrorist were serious.

          I believe these old tactics may have been abandoned by the Communist threats of old, but picked up by the likes of the Liberal Progressive elites of today.

          Phase 1: Demoralization 15-20 years (Liberal trolls are evidence of demoralization)

          Phase 2: Destabilization 2-5 years (Destroy economy, foreign relations, Defense systems) (0-bama has been doing this for 7 years)

          Phase 3: Crisis 6 weeks – includes a violent change in power. (0-bama desperately wants to move America into this phase before he is booted out of office.

          Phase 4: Then Normalization which lasts indefinitely.

          There is one other book that you should look into and that is “The Naked Communists.” It has a list of 45 agenda items that Liberal Progressive elites have adopted. That list was designed to weaken and destroy Americas institutions.

  27. papa doug says

    This article should read, “Republicans Still Determined to hand White House to Hillary”! Because with their tantrums and infighting that’s exactly what will happen and I now believe that’s what they want. The GOP I believe now is more infested with liberals than I previously believed and they are coming out now when they are most needed by their masters. Mit Romney is coming out now to try to torpedo Trump and if it doesn’t work the GOP will take the last final step of supporting Hillary because they know that Trump spells their doom. It makes no difference what party you’re in now because it’s all about Liberals and conservatives and they are spread across all political parties.

    Conservatives could stop it but we would have to literally storm the GOP headquarters and throw the old guard out in the street and take over.

    1. Douglas McIntyre says

      I agree with you papa…but I feel it is no longer about Dem’s or Repub’s…I (from recent indications by those in the RNC vs. Trump) it is about the People of America Vs. The Established Washington Bums! Placing a title like Conserves…or Lib’s is a misdirection tactic, as if to suggest We The People Are Divided! So we fight among ourselves and Washington sits back and watch’s…and once again comes out the winner, and we the people once again the losers!

      1. MAHB001 says

        I agree with you, we need to rename what we call the elite establishment of the Republican party.

        You are correct that the controllers at the top of both parties are one in the same. We need to call them. I like it. Establishment DC Bums. Or just controllers.

    2. MAHB001 says

      I now distinguish between the Republican people, and the Republican Elites. So I would say, “Republican Establishment Still Determined to hand White House to Hillary.”

      Great comment.

      All the monkeys in the cage need to be replaced….

      Term limits.

  28. Debbie says

    I only have one thing to say, The fools better remember the ones that are now voting for Trump are the ones that put them in office. As they say We brought you to Washington and we can take you out.

  29. LindainPA says

    As a Republican, I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I still cannot believe people are voting for him! As bad as Hillary is, I honestly do not believe Trump can beat her in a Primary election. I truly feel he would prove to be a real embarrassment if he were to become President. Hillary is already an embarrassment. If I were her, I would find a rock to hide under.

    This cannot be representative of the best America has to offer in the political arena.

    1. siridh says

      There are a lot of people on the Dem side that don’t like their options. See their low turnout? Many will vote for Trump because whatever he is, he’s up front. I know this because my hardcore Dem aunt will vote for Sanders or Trump.

  30. chief1937 says

    As I have stated before I am not a real Trump fan however the GOP is simply hurting themselves by all these negative add’s against him which will result in a Hillery victory in November. I listened to Rubeo’s speech where he said he would rather destroy the Republican party than allow Trump to be nominated. If I ever had any consideration for him that speech destroyed it. If the Republican party does not stop their attacks they are going to guarantee a Democrat elected president. Are they really that dumb?

    1. siridh says

      They are protecting their cash-cow and right now Rubio is their mouthpiece.

  31. Karen says

    You know what makes me sick? You know what makes me angry? Both parties are spending MILLIONS,(maybe BILLIONS) to take Trump down. THE PEOPLE WANT TRUMP!! Why don’t they use that money to spend down some of the country’s debt? They (demos AND rinos) use everything Trump says, turn it around to their thinking and TRY to make Trump look bad! YET, at the same time the DEMOS, (and it seems like the rino’s with their non-support of the PEOPLES choice) are supporting a candidate that is currently under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION!!! FEDERAL INVESTIGATION!!!!
    How can she even be allowed to run for this position?? And the people backing her??!! WHAT??? Come on, she has helped this country fall into the mess we are fighting now!! What is WRONG with you people? Didn’t ya’ll hear this same S**T from Obummer that she is spewing? And you want MORE of this?? It’s time for the REPUBLICAN PARTY to support the PEOPLE”S choice candidate, quit wasting all that money on lies and (and making a mockery of the repub party) so we can turn this country around and get the government working for WE THE PEOPLE instead of WE THE GOVERNMENT!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

    1. MAHB001 says

      Dems and RINOs elite are one in the same. They no longer serve the people, they serve themselves.

      The only reason the people are backing Hillary is because of the corrupt MEDIA.

      Fight the media at:

  32. junkmailbin says

    the RNC, rino national coalition, is going to cause a huge amount of damage pushing their boy..
    For all the constitutional BS they push, it is about their power and privilege.
    We have an election for the candidate of p[resident, not a hand picked coronation. (what the dems, muslimes, and communists).
    It is about time for the establishment to realize that they need to back out and let the stupid people decide who is to run. If not Hilary wins, communists, muslimes, child molesters, and rapists win and society dies.
    Of the front runners in the repubichair camp, trump is the only natural born citizen ( both parents citizens at the time of birth). Want to play constitutional ist?? than apply it to yourself

  33. Jim says

    The GOP establishment is all about power. The career politicians have, for many years, been busy establishing a dynasty from which they can control, not only the country, bur the people who are allowed to manage it. Trump is his own man. He is what the GOP career politicians believe is a spoiler. He will not bow down to them for their anointment. He is self funded in his campaign and doesn’t “owe” any favors to any of the special interests that apparently own the GOP establishment, and that is why the career politicians are so afraid of him. He is representing the people of this country, not the special interests. I guess the GOP establishment and the Democrats are becoming so similar in their approach to government, ie., the establishment of a career Dynasty type of control, that a person like Hillary Clinton would be complimentary to their ideals. Sorry, not for me! I would like to see all of them out of the government and barred from ever running for any public office again ever.

  34. N.McDaniel says

    The dumbells are screwing the party!!

  35. gmhunt4 says

    Trump is “white” Obama, LOVES big government, taxes, ObamaCare, touchback for illegals, stealing private property, wall street bailouts.

    1. Deby says

      you are incorrect.

  36. TPS12 says

    gop you are a disgrace if only you would fight this hard for the American people. You have fixed nothing and we pick a person we think can make a difference and you attack him. Ask yourself how long have you been in Washington and failed us? We are tired of your do nothing approach.

  37. Joe T says


    1. 73Anne37 says


    2. 32eagle says

      You Got That ZipCode Right!!!

  38. Bachelor With Sense says

    Unfortunately the ONLY way to “Fix” this Country is a Civil War wherein the DemonRats AND RINOs are all KILLED. Leaving any Evil in existence will produce MORE Evil!

    Even so, Come Lord Jesus AND Come Quickly!

  39. Emma says

    Trump is Loyal to AMERICA
    Not a Party
    GO TRUMP!!!! 2016

    1. Joe T says

      Exactly Emma.very astute thinking………best wishes….Joe T

  40. laulau says

    They are saying that 65% of voters don’t want Trump, that means 80% don’t want Cruz or Rubio.

    1. Emma says

      65% don’t? Lol
      He just took 7 of 11 states so far!?
      They usi.g that obama math are they??

      1. laulau says

        With so many in the race, it is hard for Trump to get 50% of the vote, but the others can’t get 30%. As they drop out, if they do, Trump will get more.

  41. LaRae Bailey says

    If the Republicans intend to deliberately ruin the American peoples choice for the president, instead of fighting Obama for the rights of the American people, those same Republicans deserve to be unemployed. They are going to help the rich and famous decide for the people who is the best choice, just exactly like they’ve done for years. We are not stupid, we can decide for ourselves, if they keep their corrupt little noses out of it and just support the American peoples choice. If they cheat and connive to their own choices I will not support anyone they deem acceptable, but may in fact vote all democratic. We must take control of the government again, they must be taught that the people are done being screwed by them, that they will support the American people or they will be unemployed.

  42. Wildeagleone says

    This elite gang in the Republican party had better keep their names from print as they will find that by taking away the people’s choice, no matter who it may be, is a danger to their existence in the positions they now have in the congress of the united states

  43. 32eagle says

    stupidity in raw essence-they have no clue about real patriotism-they are too riled up to realize Trump is who we want who we need and who is most skilled to handle the tremendous work ahead because of presidents before that did not balance the budget-how can a bunch of morons be so embarrassingly heartless like barrack Obama -you know, the circus freak

  44. Dave says

    Hey Republican Elite, Go FK yourselves, Were voting TRUMP 2016, To save America from all the globalist

  45. Dwight Mart says

    Democrats and Republicans currently in office is afraid of Trump and his unwillingness to play ball according to their rules! Its time we put Trump in as President no matter what ticket he runs under! We need a complete shake down in the White House and the way they currently do business! Hillary is a carbon copy of Obama and will continue with Obamas plans. Hillary does not have a problem lying to the people who puts her in office, is more concerned with Hillary than anyone else, failed to send help to Benghazi to try to save our people, made up a lie to cover it up, and has a list of charges against her involving shady deals, and possible criminal charges. Do we want a President that is already under investigation? She has way to much baggage she would bring with her! Out with the same old politicians and in with a businessman that’s used to working within a budget who will not take money from anyone trying to buy favors when he is elected as President. The only qualification Obama had was Constitutional law and he has done nothing but trample on it when his duty as President is to preserve and protect the Constitution! I am sick of politicians period! Trump is for the United States and our people. If you are undecided on who to vote for ask yourself if you are happy with the years under Obama, the lies, his failed policies, his support for illegals over the safety of Americans, his support of Muslims over supporting Americans, his open administration that has its doors lock, his siding with anti allies and breaking ties with our proven allies. The only difference between Obama and Hillary comes down to he’s man and she’s female. I have no problem with a female president but Hillary is a bad choice. Help America and Americans please vote Trump.

  46. R. T. says

    They had better wake up , a non politician telling the truth is beating them , and there still trying to get votes with give away programs !!!!!

  47. daveveselenak says

    The “Re-PUNK-lican” establishment, part of the two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy, will stoop at nothing to see that the peoples candidate will not become the “G – ood O – le P – unk Party’s nominee! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION to the growing TYRANNY at hand – guaranteed!

  48. M J says

    We need to clean the G.rime O.ut of the P.arty! One Useful Idiot at a time.

  49. Gea says

    Can anybody compose a list of all RINOs currently running for re-election. We should boot them all out and start a new party of INDEPENDENT THINKERS.

  50. GuardianFlame says

    GOP, back off and shut up!! You are making “fools” of yourselves!

    We the People have chosen the “only” non-political candidate that has a chance to re-vitalize our Nation and throw the unthinking and destructive policies of this present administration out with the trash…and that fake president with it. None of the other candidates will do what Trump will because they do not own millions of dollars and are not business builders…they are Politicians first and foremost!

    As hard as the GOP fights to tear down Trump, they are actually pushing more and more Americans toward him, making him the only candidate capable of “fixing” our ailing country.

    Don’t get me wrong, Trump is no Angel, he will make some errors, but he learns quickly and will fix his mistakes. He won’t be playing the Political Pundit, but actually trying to rebuild our Nation back to the greatness and strength it once had. He remembers a better U.S., a safer U.S., a more cohesive U.S. — not a fragmented country full of Racism (thanks to obama and his lousy liberals), infanticide, perversion of our moral beliefs, and a Military that has been hatched down by an irresponsible liberal fraud president bent on destroying our place in the world arena.

    Trump knows the vast majority of Americans do NOT want any more muslims entering our Country, nor do they want illegals taking funds that belong in our Social Security. It’s time to “consider” how America’s own true citizens feel about the destructive policies being jammed down their throats and TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP THOSE POLICIES!

    Trump knows these issues and isn’t afraid to talk about them because as President, he will rebuild our Nation as he fixes each of these issues. Everyone else is afraid to address the same issues becsuse it might offend someone…Political Correctness at it’s best. Hopefully, Trump will find another use for P.C. like perhaps the new T.P. for the White House and Congress!

  51. The Dutchman says

    I can’t believe how hard the idiotic republican establishment is working to get the hillda witch elected….

  52. vintageautomobilia says

    The GOP elite are the party of DODOs, but they are so entrenched in Professional Politics they don’t realize they are shooting themselves and killing the Republican Party. The American People want an outsider. They do NOT want another Professional Washington Politician!

  53. Michael Dennewitz says

    The ONE AND ONLY reason the GOP doesn’t want Mr Trump to win is because, when he does, all their damned freebies and kickbacks go out the window. They all hate Mr Trump because he’s “self-made” and NO ONE is putting $$$ in his pockets for “special favors!”. GO TRUMP!!

    1. AKLady says

      effluvium (noun) [ê-‘flu-vee-yêm]
      Potentially noxious, usually nauseating vapor or gas.

  54. Loving America says

    Their attitude sounds like they are scared to death of Trump and they are on the border of being very unpatriotic and threatening to Trumps wellbeing. They need someone to get them all under control!

  55. daanerud says

    My bribery money to go against Trump has not arrived.
    Still support TRUMP for president.

  56. AKLady says

    Create the Third Reich — Support Trump for President.

  57. Ed Shick says

    Just what is wrong with the GOP , They should be happy a man is fighting to get America Strong again We have Left a Russian Trained Communist and his Adviser destroy America , We just might have a Chance to survive the damage Obama has done ,If you read the Constitution , It seems that Obama should never have been Allowed to Run , Same goes for Marko and Cruz , I do think they are at least men that Love America , But why did no one in Congress do an Investigation of Obama and a Trial for treason , but then there is Hilary , the FBI investigates , nothing happens .

  58. Gerry Costa says

    If i don’t vote for Trump, I’ll vote for my Doberman. He will make a better President than any of the others.

  59. louann says

    Boarder is very important!!!!!!! Does any one have any common sense? Republicans must want Hillary to win. Its sickening how they talk about small hands????? lies lies what?Americans see you all lie. Trump 2016 or Cruz . If the Republicans keep this up there saying give it to Hillary. I’ve had enough. Trump 2016.

  60. louann says

    Sorry I can’t hold myself back if trump has small hands. Rubio has a very small head. Look at it.

  61. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

    This just goes to show you how STUPID these assholes are. Take TRUMP out and HILLARY wins. Who’s side are these shitheads on?? Hillary and Obama must have bought them. I also think they need to go back t ocounting the VOTES and screw this ‘Electorial’ crap. They won’t be able to change things and WE the PEOPLE just might get the person in office that WE voted for and not who they want. Maybe someone can answer a question. Why is it a DEM or a REP thinks they HAVE to vote for their party even if they know they are NOT doing there job or you just want to vote for someone else?? I was brought up as a REP but was told to ALWAYS vote for who I thought was best and that is what I have done for the past 46 years.

  62. donl says

    The republicans better learn how to deliver their messages to the people on the street. The REAL people on the streets. Hell most of them don’t have a clue the Democrats are Socialists / Communists. So wise up and get down to the street level.

  63. politicianssuck says

    Mitt Romney showed more passion dissing Trump then he ever did when debating Obama

    1. MTnman says

      Right. He got Crowley’d.

  64. Floyd says

    TRUMP TRUMP them ALL The rinos have done nothing for us for years.

  65. politicianssuck says

    Romney didn’t get Crowley’d, he got bought off

  66. Laddyboy says

    From what I am seeing; The “RNC”, the “GOP” are working VERY hard with the “DNC” to make sure their “sweet-heart” DemocRAT gets into occupies the President’s Office.

  67. RDG says

    After witnessing the not too subtle establishment machinations, iy h

  68. RDG says

    The best thing that could happen to the US would be for Trump/Cruz to get together somehow either with a Trump – Cruz ticket or Supreme Court appointment. It’s just too bad that Cruz bought into the establishment Trump attack mode which is so beneath where he was in the beginning. Trump/Cruz represents 70 to 80 % of the primary vote. For someone who is obviously extremely smart Cruz is being duped into this continued fight with Trump. He certainly should realize that he will not be the choice in brokered convention.

  69. Martha Hutcheson says

    I will Never Vote for the Trumpster!!! End Of Discussion.

    1. Joe T says

      WOW…………….who knew!

    2. says

      me either he might get impeached if elected he doesnt change his way of thinking

  70. Chelsea Schwartz says

    “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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  71. Paulette Lewis says

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  72. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Either you become one of the RINO’s …or YOUR OUT!

  73. jreg9304 says


  74. Joanne says

    Who wants another egomaniac in the white house, Trump is nothing but a fraud and phony. Vote for a real conservative.

  75. Mark Tercsak says

    My friends follow me into the Constitution Party, You are welcome to join, The Repuke Establishment will stop at nothing to control the destiny they see Their New World Order !

  76. usmc354 says

    I do not live a life based on movies, TV and such nor do I believe everything I hear or read. I say that in order you not think I “get my information” from fabricated sources. I watched but 3-4 episodes of “Houses of Cards” at which time I ceased watching it. I came to the realization that the author of that series either had been a politician or received technical support and advice of another familiar with the political system. It is incomprehensible to me how anyone could ever believe the real life “good ol’ boy establishment” system, as deeply entrenched within the US Government it is, could ever be destroyed or broken up. In reality, actual politicians have dirt and/or influence on others to the point they have “power” to rule and control our legislative bodies. That fact leaves the citizenry of this once GREAT NATION helpless to influence and at the mercy of the “elite”. If and until this can be changed, any and all should come to the realization, we citizens are mere pawns in the “chess game of life”. The “king maker” elites will continue to attempt putting into positions of power those they choose and not necessarily those of the people’s choosing. I wish not to “just roll over and enjoy it”, and not unlike so many others, I have no clue as how to change it. PLEASE! If you do not have a rational solution, do not come with your “time for revolution” BS until you show me your weapons, armament, ammo and a feasible plan of action and an explanation of what is to replace what we have now! Absolute power leads to absolute corruption

  77. erleebird says

    Why do the RINO’s want to self-destruct?. We the people are the ones responsible and willing to vote in someone who will once again bring honor to our nation. I’m for Cruz, but any one of the other GOP candidates appear to be far more honorable than Hillary (the Benghazi “Tokyo Rose.)”. Can’t wait for November. Hopefully our country will still be the United States of America!

  78. TAM44 says

    These idiots have shown us just what kind of cut throats they are by trying to take Mr. Trump out. They need to take a real long look in the mirror and see what fools they are to us. I call the RNC the ROTTEN NASTY COWARDS who stabs Trump in his back, but have bent down and kissed obama’s butt and let him break our laws without any repercussion what so ever. Those running against Trump call themselves conservatives, letting obama and the democrats do as they please is not my idea of conservatism. Look what they have done for us since we put them in office, can you say zero. We voted in 2010 and john boehner took over as speaker of the house January 2011. The real picture is that even though he was speaker obama and nancy pelosi told him what to do and he bent over and kissed their behinds like the wimp he was. We voted in 2014 and mitch mcconnell was suppose to be doing what harry reid had done, but mitch took his orders from obama and harry reid and he bent over and kissed their rear ends too.
    There’s not a dimes worth of difference in the parties, they only care about them selves and to hell with us tax paying citizens. I’m not deserting Mr. Trump, but I will never give these traitors one dime ever again. Go Mr. Trump all the way and don’t let these corrupt scum get by with their BS.

  79. John Williams says

    Some of this article is so far off base, I am not even sure where they get their information, specifically, “Donald Trump has accumulated more delegates than the rest combined.” That statement is a complete fallacy, if you are paying attention the combination of Cruz and Rubio alone beat Trump and the percentage gap between Cruz and Trump keeps getting smaller as things move forward, Cruz is well within striking distance at this time. The actions of “big donors” launching “super PACS” to combat Trump only shows us that they fear the loss of power they have when buying establishment candidates, we the people see thru this and the claim by the RNC that they have no control is little more than a layer of deniability, they know exactly what is going on, in fact the establishment is the driving force. Rubio is hanging on because he thinks, as the closest “establishment candidate,” (Kasich is dead meat and done he just refuses to admit it,) he thinks with a “contested convention” the powers that be within the party will put him in the spot even though he is next to last with delegates. I do not think he can even win his home state, but I may be wrong, should he lose Florida to either Trump or Cruz, he is done. If he hangs on after that, it would be my opinion that the establishment has told him “stay the course, we will reward you”. If that happens I fear things will not be pretty. At issue here is the following, the establishment is in a panic and know they are losing (this is a self inflicted problem) they will not go down without a fight, Trump is stubborn and will not go down without a fight, the outcome of this election cycle is not going to be pretty.

    Trump has accumulated more delegates than the rest of the candidates
    combined. – See more at:

  80. Carolyn says

    Say goodbye to the republican party. They have done to themselves what the democrats could not do.
    Instead of being killed by the democrats the republicans have chosen to commit suicide. I have been saying since Bush pulled 911, leave the republicans. Become Independents. That’s the only way your vote will be considered important in the future.

  81. Cheybuff says

    I just want my country back. HRC is wrong when she claims our country isn’t whole. We have it all we have just let it slip off the table for about three decades. The spilt milk is getting sour being left on the floor. Time for some fresh cream to sweeten our lives once more. Get behind our front runner and stop wishing for a different result by doing the same dumb things over and over.

  82. Gerald Leddin says

    Who cares what the party that ignores its base wants…

  83. Racebannon24 says

    Trump is a fake, look into his business dealings and you will see just how many business’s have gone belly up. Everyone thinks that he is a good businessman when in fact he is the opposite. I for one will not back this fake!

  84. Randall Lowe says

    1776 will rise again if you try to take Trump out!!!

  85. Joseph r carreiro sr says

    If Politicians would put Country before their jobs,power and money then things would get solved.Until then nothing will ever be the same in our Country for it will be under water if you get what I mean in my opinion.

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