Republicans: We Can’t Defund Amnesty


Ever since it became clear that President Obama would go through with his executive amnesty, concerned Americans have pressured Republicans to use the power of the purse to stop it. The chances of that happening have dwindled if a report from the House Appropriations Committee is to be believed. Headed up by Kentucky Republican Hal Rogers, the Committee announced that Congress would be unable to defund the president’s reform.

In a statement released just hours before Obama took his plan to the public on Thursday night, the Committee said that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services “is entirely self-funded through the fees it collects on various immigration applications.” Because the CIS would be chiefly responsible for carrying out the president’s decree, Congress would not have the authority to defund the program.

Advocates for shutting down the government, if necessary, to avoid financing the executive action say they don’t believe they are as restricted as the Committee has reported. Rep. Steve King and Senator Jeff Sessions have both said that there are plenty of ways for Congress to block the expenditures. Sessions proposed attaching language to an appropriations bill that would call for defunding the order.

The question that naturally arises is whether the majority of Republicans in Congress are serious about standing against Obama’s executive authority. There are some who think the GOP is happier to remain opposed with vehement rhetoric, giving them another position on which to launch a 2016 campaign. The alternative is to accept responsibility for immigration reform themselves, an option that carries plenty of political risk.

But while the two parties in Washington play their political games, evidence shows that Obama’s amnesty is going to have devastating effects on the American economy. By going forward with the legalization of millions of illegal aliens, Obama is putting an enormous burden on the taxpayers. Even top White House aides have admitted that the action will put millions of poor Mexican immigrants in line for federal benefits. As part of the tax system, they would be eligible for Earned Income tax credits, an entitlement that could see millions of tax dollars flow into the hands of the formerly-illegal.

Additionally, work authorizations will put immigrants in direct contention with many of America’s most vulnerable individuals. Low-paying jobs will be an area in which poor, under-educated citizens will now have to compete with illegals who were generally barred from this kind of employment before. Already, these workers have been the hardest hit by Obama’s economy. By putting millions of competitors into the system, the situation could easily get worse.

The 2014 midterms weren’t solely about immigration by any means, but the American people have nonetheless expressed deep concerns about Obama’s agenda. They have raised their voices, imploring Republicans to take control of a veering ship. If our elected representatives fail to take action against Obama’s immigration plans, they must be held responsible for that failure. Conservatives who wanted to see Republicans fight tooth and nail on this issue will not forget this abandonment anytime soon.

  1. Bonnie Somer says


    1. Combatvet52 says

      AGREE 100%

      1. Bonnie Somer says

        yes it is right there what is he not seeing we need to teach them who is in charge and to read the constitution it is plain as day

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Their like Barry……. Constitution don’t mean squat.

        2. Yadja says

          I think too many are all in for the One World Order, they see it on the horizon and within grasp. It will benefit all of them and we are toast.

          1. Txmissy says

            I agree Bonnie, nothing seems to stick. I think the last step we could take is a MASSIVE protest in DC, millions and millions, angry citizens as far as the eye could see. If that doesn’t work, the “tree of liberty will have to be watered” or we’ll be responsible for letting it die. No one else can do it. It’s up to US.

          2. Kent2012 says

            five dollars says that kenyan boy would stop that peaceful protest in 4 and 1/2 minutes…unlike Ferguson….

          3. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says

            How will he be able to stop millions protesting???? The US Army. They don’t have more than 250,000 troops, and many are stationed around the globe. Local police. They’d be overwhelmed. It ain’t gonna be stopped.

          4. Kent2012 says

            I do believe that the chinkees used tanks…

          5. DaveM says

            Ever look at the treads and gears of the treads on tanks…..easy to destroy….they are made for direct face to face action!

          6. Robert Young says

            Much more difficult for civilians who can’t legally own heavy weapons nor explosives.

          7. DaveM says

            There is no way to stop it! Revolution is at hand people….you better prepare now!

          8. crazyfreddie says

            Now UR. talking !!!

          9. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            I AM IN!!!!!

          10. ihatelibs says

            Im HOPIN . And , STOCKED UP, AMMO’D UP , LOCKED & LOADED . Just say , When and Where do WE Meet and Start . Ive been Praying for it for Years now .>>> Retired NAVY . 100% Disabled VET . Life Member of the NRA , and DAV . OATH KEEPER Member .

          11. informus219 says

            I am an American citizen, tired of your bigotry hatred ignorance let’s go!!!!

          12. Angry American says

            I am also willing to go, I am also disabled with mobility problem I can hardly stand up but am wiling to go along with other patriots even if I have to use a wheel chair to get there

          13. Elizabeth Miller says

            You guys make me proud to be an American.Thank You,and were right with you willing to do whatever we can.

          14. Michael Dennewitz says

            I am a Vietnam era disabled vet, but I’m not dead yet! I’m loaded and ready!!

          15. eddyjames says

            I understand the mobility problem having a power chair myself. However it does make an excellent and stable shooting platform. and at 6mph it can get you there un-winded as long as the range is under 6-10 miles. And you carry a whole case of ammo with you. Just saying.

          16. phyllisjmurphy says

            Kind of American spirit so needed. Might take your power chair and run over a few of these powder puff Republicans who now have control and won’t use it and maintain they can’t stop illegals!!! What the hell are they even in Washington for/ To serve themselves with huge salaries and pensions and free vacations around the world..Oh yes about themselves!

          17. setemfree says

            Getting mighty tired of those type people. All are lawyers in Congress, and all would not make a pimple on a real soldiers ass. The King used to lead his warriors into battle. Obama and our Congressmen are the King and his warriors, How about send them to Iraq to finish off Isis.

          18. setemfree says

            You and I will protect the backs of those if they have to run away for another day. Cause I can’t run either, ‘Course I never did like running’.

          19. Muriel Katz says

            Well, it will be up to us older people who can’t run to make sure our younger Patriots and their children are protected and helped as much as possible so they’ll still have a constitutional Republic to live in when all is over. Can’t think of a better reason for dying if one has to die.

          20. setemfree says

            I will stand strong God help all who stand with me.

          21. Roselind Berry says

            !00% disabled? According to what scale? Yur fingers seem to work just fine, although you might shift away from allcaps a bit more often. BTW, I have been praying against it (a final showdown) for years thati if it comes to the predicted shootout our forefathers anticipated with the 2nd Amendment, a lot of good people will be hurt, or left without a male winner. to support them. Since the Bible says God does not answer yes to prayers made for one’s own lusts, I will probably get the yes while you get the no.

          22. Michael Dennewitz says

            Always a damned deadbeat in the crowd. Sheesh!!

          23. Judy says

            Please move to a communist country. Or better yet move to a Muslim one.

          24. Shauna says

            When it comes down to it, your either with us or against us…..your call….

          25. Robert Young says

            Sir, you have been there, saw war, death, and destruction. Especially if your fighting was in the cities you know how many non-partisans, innocents, and non-combatants are killed and wounded in war. There are many of those shouting Revolution who have no idea of the death and destruction it would bring. However, I believe in God, Family, and Country so I will fight if necessary. I swore the Oath and it did not end when my service. did.

          26. Willie Johnson Jr. says

            Robert Young this is for you ,I am a veteran and I am with all of you at 84yr I can still shoot and have plenty of ammo ,I printed this out and put it in my window on the driver side of my car and truck so it is seen by all.

          27. aabol says

            I’m also a 100% Disabled Vet and carry the same memberships as you. I too am locked, loaded and ready.let’s get it done.

          28. Melveta says

            I agree with you Sir, Thank you for your Service… I want to be there to help.

          29. James Maxwell says

            USAF/NCO/RET, 23 years and disable vet OATH KEEPER also. I will not fail
            my Nation as long as there is breath in my body and ammo for my weapons.

          30. defiant1 says

            There is a statement on the grave of a writer who fought in the revolution against dictator Salazar, Portugal, it is: “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution is a duty”.

          31. informus219 says

            I am ready I am tired of bigotry, hatred, White rule.

          32. Free bird (free In Christ ! ) says

            Why do you hate white people???? What did I do to YOU ?????????????????

          33. informus219 says

            your bigotry. Do you know your children are racist as well. So this is something in the DNA. You can’t help it. Flipping that race card, calling blacks racist isn’t going to get your very far. Too much history in this country.

          34. Free bird (free In Christ ! ) says

            you are so wrong but only the Lord can help you ! Good luck! One last thing my dad never taught hate of any race or people !! You are hateful and only God can change your hate !with God all things are possible !Good bye

          35. Free bird (free In Christ ! ) says

            The problems in this country Is (Hate ,rejecting God and more HATE ) Remember not everyone HATES blacks !! Just because you HATE white people and blame ALL WHITE people for your problems in life , blaming white people for your HATE ! You CHOOSE to HATE !! God LOVES YOU !!! Jesus DIED for you !! Learn to Forgive !!!!!!!!

          36. Timothy Bunn says

            Some people take kindness as a sign of weakness. I heard this in a conversation from a couple black elders talking among themselves many years ago. Some things just stick with one.

          37. Free bird (free In Christ ! ) says

            Kindness is not a weakness ! It takes more (WORK) to be kind to others ! It is easy to (HATE) ! Easy to (HURT others) ! Easy to be (RUDE) Very hard to (LOVE) ! Maybe that is why the Lord said to (LOVE) our enemies !

          38. Timothy Bunn says

            Please don’t misunderstand! I wrote: “some. People take kindness is a sign of weakness.”

          39. Free bird (free In Christ ! ) says

            Sorry I thought you thought kindness is a weakness . 🙂

          40. hangem'high says

            Only if you end up dead!

          41. Free bird<God Is Not Dead< says


          42. says

            Well said!

          43. john robel says


          44. informus219 says

            If you witness Blacks being unfairly treated would you step up and say or do something about.

          45. Jarhead says

            YES, have done so! No biggie: Right is always Right. Left is always WRONG.

          46. phyllisjmurphy says

            Unfair treatment of blacks today is what they do to themselves and I am speaking to the 50% of babies born to unmarried school dropout, basically illiterate teens, pop out baby, kid grows up on streets, no identifiable daddy so gangs nurture and voila, a new psychopathic thug who will blow your brains out without blinking and eye. On 6th generation of these lazy welfare ghetto ones who have everything handed to them but incentive to stay in school at least thru 8th grade to learn the 3rs to enable them to move up in society…Tired of whining as though they were the only race mistreated…Look up Native American Indians forced on Reservations, Chinese slaves built American railroads, Irish immigrants indentured for years sometimes life to pay passage to Ellis Island. When England invaded Ireland in their quest to create the Empire of the Sun, 500,000 Irish, men, women and children were sold on same slave blocks as the African slaves who were sold by their own people to the French and Dutch Slave Traders….Americans are tired of blacks whining and blaming! You have free everything! Me and my 5 bros grew up in great depression where you had nothing but two hands, two great parents who insisted on school and me and my brothers put our selves through school, college and all became professionals. Momma and the Poppa had 8th and 3rd grade educations respectively! So I say to eternal race baiters like Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, Holder, and all the black politicians who use race card to win one more election, just shut up!

          47. hangem'high says

            The world is unfair its easier to blame race for your conditions, I like to blame the government elite!

          48. Jarhead says

            FED/GOV Elite: Who have allowed crooked, islamoNAZI’s, liberal-retards, & RINO’s to stay out of prison, where they belong.

          49. hangem'high says

            The state elite does the same thing but on a smaller scale, beside all states have a federal umbilical cord connected to their hub!
            If the branches of our government can’t resist unconstitutional action how do you expect the states to do so?
            It’s all about controlling the sheep through taxation, and debt. The poor through starvation the politicians through NSA, a dirty politician is easier to control!

          50. setemfree says

            Not wanting to get an education is what holds them down, nothing else. The ones that have enough get up and go, usually become executives, and then the lazy’s hold that against them. It is not just whites.

          51. al sowins says


          52. Yadja says

            My stepfather a Marine used to say that along with many other good sayings to grow by and live by.

            He said there are no Gray areas when it comes to Right vs Wrong, man makes the Gray areas to ease his conscience.

          53. real talk 1 says

            Not according to Nascar they make left turns for hour’s and get paid for it !!

          54. Emma says

            In a heartbeat I will !!!
            Why not?
            Injustice is injustice. Period.

          55. Robert Young says

            Informus219, there are too many variables in this senario to have just one correct answer. Some cases stepping forward night be the correct thing while other cases might require finding and contacting Authorities.But as an overall answer I would take some type of action.

          56. says

            what would that be Robert ?? Run and hide???

          57. says

            Um hell yes anybody not just blacks, because i dont carry a chip the size of a house around on my shoulders against any race, unlike some we know.

          58. jillocity says

            yes, i have

          59. Yadja says

            I know I would and I have in the workplace.

          60. Muriel Katz says

            Yes, I would because I have. Why? Because skin color to me is nothing more than the wrappings on a present. Wrappings have no bearing on what’s inside. Garbage could be wrapped beautifully while a diamond could be wrapped in an old newspaper or paper bag.

            Stop looking at skin color, my friend. None of us had any say in what color skin we’d be born with. You’re missing out on many worthwhile friendships and learning a lot from many people who don’t look a thing like you.

            I do believe God loves variety. Just like trees, animals, stones, etc, this world would be so boring if we all looked the same.

          61. Robert Young says

            John, you expressed your opinions which is your right but all your negativity offers no solutions. Thank God, most of the whites, blacks, and want to be Americans, not white Americans, black Americans, mexican Americans, ect. just Americans and will fight for God, Family, Country, and our Constitution if necessary.

          62. says

            Im sorry but John was only retorting to an already negative post,and i might an actual racist comment. Johns was not, his was fact.

          63. Deborah Henderson says

            So LBJ did accomplish something. I so wish that the Black people would understand that it is the Democratic party that is holding you down (along with Jackson and Sharpton). As long as anyone white, black or green is dependent on the government, you will never be FREE and you will never rise from your level of poverty. Racism is a word invented by Democrats just as they holler about the War on Women. There is no war on women (I have never been stopped from doing anything that is legal that I want or wanted to do). My kids have black friends, I treat them no different than their white friends…………..but even these kids admit the black adults make the biggest deal about racism and keep it in the forefront. The Black people keep the divide by saying they want to be the same but yet we want our NAACP, Black Miss America, United Negro College Fund, National Black ___________ (file in the blank, engineers, nurses, designers, publishers, etc. etc.). If we so much as thought about putting WHITE in any of the titles of our organizations (yes there are some but they are supremist groups)…I’m referring to if we had a Miss White America, NAAW, or United White College Fund etc, the blacks would go crazy. If you want us to all be treated equal then act as an equal and do your part. We are all AMERICANS. Although I am of German, Italian and Indian descent, I do not refer to myself as a German, Italian, Indian American…………..government makes me distinguish myself as caucasian on most forms…………..I would prefer AMERICAN even then. Even the government mandates how many black people you have to employee if you have so many employees………….they do not mandate that black employers have to hire a certain amount of white employees. Black people keep the divide and people like Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson keep feeding it and making money from it.

          64. jillocity says

            well said, Deborah

          65. says

            Its not going to do any good John he’s a morn orhe would not even be saying the things he is, a product of our school dumbing down system.

          66. Elizabeth Miller says

            That is not the truth sir.We are not racist.We are against the government agenda for our country,that has nothing to do with color.We are against militant police as well and stand behind you on police violence.My son was murdered by a black man and I now raise my Grandson.He plays Basketball and most of his teammates are black.They welcomed him and they are teaching him.One bad apple doesnt spoil the whole bunch.Barrock Obama is a muslim and he has purposly taken our country back 50 years on race relations because he wants to take our country and give it to muslims.Not one American is his friend.Do not let him play you or any American like a fool,we are all better than that.United we stand Divided we fall.I would like to remind you we all fought for FREEDOM together and we won.

          67. Combatvet52 says

            OH so your saying that Barry, Holder, and Sharpton are not racists wake up that’s how they make their money……..

          68. chamuiel says

            How could the children be racist when they are in liberal run Schools?

            by the way your infantile name calling gets old.

          69. usathoughts says

            Your President may be half black but claims the mantle of being Black. Do you really believe he got the job based upon the minority vote?

            The entire minority ethnic vote went for him. You think this is normal? It may be considered normal when any ethnic group is Tribal in nature. This has nothing to do with race nor racism but a way of thinking.

            Interesting you mention DNA. Outside of interbreeding Africans stand apart from the rest of the worlds population. Is this small .1 to .3% important? Apparently it is.

            How do I know it is important? Consider an entire ethnic group accepts the moniker “Black”. Do they not know how the entire worlds views this word in whatever language. The Democrat Party makes Stalin proud!

            I am of French extraction but you will not find us running around calling ourselves Frogs.

          70. Michael Dennewitz says

            Little do people know, but the first slaves (and their OWN PEOPLE SOLD THEM), came over from Niger! Most of the plantation owners, being somewhat illiterate themselves, couldn’t call them Nigers, so they began calling them niggers! And THAT is where the infamous phrase began. What infuriates the hell out of me is the fact that whites are the ONLY ones classified as racist. The blacks cry like babies about how they are treated, yet in Ferguson, the dumbasses looted and burned down their own damned town. When the nightly news comes on there’s ALWAYS at least two stories about blacks getting their asses shot while looting or selling drugs, yet the poor babies piss and moan about doze honkies kicking on us black folk! Trust me, if racism is ever detected in my manner or speech, BLACKS ARE THE CAUSE OF IT!!

          71. Jerry Rose says

            I thought that, too, Michael Dennewitz, but eventually I noticed in my dictionary that “nigger” comes from an old, obsolete French word meaning “black”. I guess that means “you pays your money and you takes your choice”.

          72. says

            Too much BS on the media that you swallow as an ignorant moron, ur the only one hear sounding likea racist or a bigot?? Um maybe you should buy a dictionanry and learn to read.

          73. SeeThroughYou says

            Horse Crap! 99% of Americans are descended from people who never enslaved or mistreated African American people. They are insular, aggressive, insulting and genuinely dislike Whites and even Hispanics to some extent and are quite vocal about it (ie they are largely RACIST).

            The only thing my family has done to AA people in the 5 generations we have lived in the USA is to dump cubic meters of our hard earned tax dollars into their entitlements and freebies.

          74. real talk 1 says

            If you really want the truth being a racist is not going to help anybody we as a nation have a lot more to be concern about, the whole country is imploding and we talk about bigots as if that’s going to solve our problems just maybe being a Christian is enough to think about !!! you think ?

          75. lil-echoes says

            If not for the ‘Whites’ in this country, you wouldn’t be able to -::- have a nice home, money in the bank, almost new car, good job, 2 R 3 kids, vacations in Colorado’s snow, a ‘computer & internet’ to bark your postings for me to comment on. Look at Mexico, which was discovered approx when this country was, and the depressing state it’s in now after a jillion years – and a totally difference race of people…..better yet, look at Africa after they booted the ‘Whites’ out – how depraved and barren of the good things of life you apparently enjoy to this day. So ‘stand up’ and admit you made a mistake in posting what you just did about the Whites..!!

          76. setemfree says

            Sounds like a poor excuse for a human.

          77. nevergiveup says

            You just showed your bigotry and hatred of the whites. You are doing the same thing you don’t want others to do, so now do you hate yourself?

          78. Shauna says

            a person who chooses to be a victim, will always hate themselves. It’s a DNA thing.

          79. al.k says

            What the hell do you mean white rule, the laws of the land were for everyone, regardless of color, do the blacks or moslems have better laws where they came from, they don’t like the laws here, GET THE HELL OUT, don’t come here and think you can just wave the magic wand and we will buckle to your warped idea of what law is, we still out number the infiltrators and will fight to the Death to preserve our country, things get going and the leaders will go hole up with their st ache of food and ammo, while the people kill and eat each other.

          80. Jerry Holloway says

            Just another racist i see. White isnt the problem its sorry ass people wanting everything give to them these days . But thats the lib way blame everything on somebody else no responceablity for themselves.

          81. Emma says

            I am ready for what comes.
            I also am tired of the bigotry, the hatred & the hyphenated American foolishness,
            political correctness , illegal mandates, etc etc.
            Yes indeed.. I am ready..
            White rule????
            Evidently you are not tired enough of the “bigotry”& the “hatred” .

          82. Robert Young says

            informus219, correct me if I am wrong but it sounds to me like you are not nearly as interested in fighting for God, Family, Country, and our Constitution as you are in just killing whites.

          83. David Kledzik says

            Hey Robert, informus219 is just a moronic squat job with no facts to back up his accusations. He just wants to get everyone at each other’s throats, so best to ignore him or her. He wants people to argue woth him so he can scream the favorite libtard word “RACIST”, dont let him bait you. Race pimps like him have been doing this for a long time, it gets them attention in their irrelevant worthless lives,,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          84. Ron Straight says

            You’re ignorant! simpletons like your self will fall first cause you’ve never been tested with your life. You’ll bitch and moan and feel sorry for your self, but will never do something to make your miserable life better, just hate others for your short comings.

          85. says

            im sorry Sir but ur an idiot brainwashed by the left controlled media. The biggest bigots in this country are right now at this moment in control of it.

          86. al.k says

            Don’t fool your self, why do you think this scumbag has imported all the moslems training around the country for his take over, the more the merrier, he has been working overtime to take us down, that is why he was selected to ruin the country for the illeats, Henry Kissinger stated that obama would get the NWO going, he has almost completed his task, if he should fail, they will remove him, either way.

          87. phyllisjmurphy says

            Most of Obama’s immediate advising staff are all hard core Muslims and did you notice on the news last week, photo shoots of a big meeting called by Obama and invited guests were all Muslim imams and other Muslims..Be aware there are at least Muslims in Congress today….Americans need to wake up!

          88. setemfree says

            Almost all of his staff (advisers) including the one that is head of our National Security is a Muslim.

          89. Leo Klaudi says

            Stock up om precious metal, by LEAD!

          90. Bob says

            I hope so!

          91. dilligaf421 says

            It only took 3% of the population last time to get rid of a king.

          92. aclay777 says

            NoMore, you forgot the illegal Federal Police force, the Dept of Homeland security with Armed vehicles and 2 billion rounds of ammo, this force awaits the day to kill Americans, Not to mention UN soldiers have been seen in groups esp, in Georgia, they are here to take our guns, but at this time, they know what end of it they will get, I’m certain they haven’t worked this all out just yet, but the very creation of the DHS, an illegal act, as best said by Benjamin Franklin, … He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.

          93. victoria says

            Watch the movie “Soylent Green” An oldie, but they must have had visions of Obama when they made the movie.

          94. crazyfreddie says

            Oh Yaaaaaaa

          95. LastGasp says

            The book was even older. “Make Room, Make Room,” Harry Harrison.

          96. phyllisjmurphy says

            Hey I knew what and who Obama was the minute his evil face suddenly appeared on front page of Chicago Tribune and the Frankenstein Muslim Politician was created by Weatherman Terrorist bombers, killers/ destroyers, rich freaks Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who brought Obama to evil fruition and the rest is history..The Devil marching full force across America and the world! Am from Illinois and former Dem and husband active in state dem work all his life so a red flag shot up quickly when I looked at Obama’s devil eyes…Marxist College professors sucked him up and brain washed students…Illiterate welfare population sucked him up as they thought gold would be dropped in their lazy fingers and they would be taken care of in luxury by Obama for ever! Then there was those schooled in these liberal colleges who were absolutely brain washed and the rest is sordid tragedy of the Greatest Lie ever perpetrated in America and a deadly and costly one that will probably take America down which by the way is the goal of freaks like Bill Ayers..Read Ayers books of putting Americans in Concentration Camps and executing or enslaving those deemed unfit. This is the mad man that spied another madman in the Obamas and good bye America and any black that believes Obama gives a rat’s rear about them, I say get over it! By the way he is a mulatto, black father and white rich mother!

          97. mtman2 says

            These non-Patriots you’ve pointed to operate 9-5 mon-friday’s and a paycheck;
            NOT for real Principles to DIE -FOR. That’s the real difference if really looked at.

            Just voting the imposters out would work- IF the 60+% that don’t vote showed up to do their duty. WE truly are the majority and the socialists know it and is why they cheat on and ‘buy’ elections anyway they can to win ~!

          98. Timothy Bunn says

            Georgia has at least 6 military bases I know. I lived there most of life. Inducted 1970 Ft. McPherson,Atlanta

          99. merle says

            And Fema has a very large camp on one of the bases.

          100. phyllisjmurphy says

            Well, be aware that over 50% of voters in America today are registered as Independents which is quite astounding! Amen! Lets use that power and then work on non voters to register as independents…Political parties have neglected nurturing these complacent ones!

          101. mtman2 says

            At least 50% of LEO’s are with us and those that aren’t are too gutless without a true fearless leader- and who would that be?…..paper-tiger liberal/Progressive socialists?…………..NOT.
            All it will take is committed citizens that KNOW what’s right and demand it; not stupid mobs of anarchy rioting for ‘stuff’.

          102. polmutant says

            usa armed forces will cut the protesters down. they also have forsaken their oaths.

          103. linda15419 says

            Don’t be so sure.

          104. phyllisjmurphy says

            I would pray, the Military will stand up and take over and put this pitiful phony Muslim Mouthpiece Obama in chains and kick out all Muslims in America as they bring order and strength back to America! All Muslims in Military must be discharged and expelled from America or put in prison! Destroy all those Muslim Military training camps across America and centered in Midwestern states, then close all mosques and either destroy or put to good use for americans…I never thought I would advocate Military taking over Congress but Congress is so damn shiftless and self serving wealthy old men and women, disgusting…The good ones in Congress could be culled out and used to help restore America but yes, Military take over and kick all muslims out and kill them if they have to!

          105. Robert Young says

            Many have, but not all.

          106. David Kledzik says

            This isnt a case where the commanding officers tell all the enlisted infantry to kill every American, a fight on their own soil is not what they want, as I know many full time Marines and U.S. soldiers. With a ninety percent disaproval rating of El presidente, to go against everything they were sworn to uphold, I think that there will be much dissention in the higher ranking military, as they know full scale conflict means they would be ending this country and as well as everybodys future,,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          107. David Parker says

            Admiral Poindexter is a good example of the commanding officer mindset. He, and they, are nothing but socialist ass kissers, the very enemies of freedom. Their main concern is to manipulate enlisted men into acts of wholesale murder against whoever they, as patsies of the federal “administration”, choose to target. I believe a majority of the armed forces could be manipulated into killing anyone the federal government wants. What do you thing the USA Patriot Act says? Right now Obama’s henchmen are waiting his order to pick people off the street with no warrant, trial, or any other “rights” we are supposedly guaranteed by the federal Constitution. So it is that federal statute is unconstitutional but I don’t see any congressmen of supreme court “justices”, or the Obaminaton itself disturbed in the slightest.

            I believe it is a primary function of the NSA to identify targets among we the people. How might one be categorized as a target by the NSA? Expressing my opinion as I have is one way. Admitting to having actually read the federal constitution is another way.

            David Parker

          108. lildebrarae says

            Why do you think Obama’s ‘kowtowing’ to the Islmaofacist? Trust me, we protest; he’ll find the ‘people’ to ‘stop it’.

          109. Forrest Jane Cline says

            I don’t believe there will be anybody protesting…..Col. Harry Riley’s Operation American Spring held this past spring, was evidence of that……only a handful of protesters showed up. Even if there were millions protesting……Congress and the Senate will not pay any attention. Only God and the military can help us…..God I’m sure of…..the military I’m not sure of.
            True…there are lots of guns in this Country but organization is the key to success…..without organization and someone in the capacity of leadership…..I don’t see it happening.

          110. David Kledzik says

            Theres not enough military deployment, or police forces in this country to quell a full scale uprising. And by that I mean millions of people hitting the streets in protest. I dont see a full scale military or police action taking place, the costs far outweigh the benefits. Just ask an active member of the military, would you kill Americans if ordered to do so, they would say that that doesnt fall under their patriotic duty they took an oath to. And I’m not saying on the scale of Ferguson either. The administration is just trying to use propaganda to scare the American people, and I would say it’s working,,,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          111. Forrest Jane Cline says

            David…..thanks for your response and thank you for your service to our Country…..I hope and pray with all my heart you are right. It makes me mad as h*ll that this Country is in the shape it’s in and I can’t understand why our elected officials continue down this road of no return.

          112. ESQ says

            WOW ! Another A+ !

          113. phyllisjmurphy says

            Obama has purposely weakened American Military. Did you know his main staff is made up of all Muslim Jihadists with that snake eyed liar Susan Rice his chief Iran advisor. And hope you all noted the big meeting at Obama’s white house consisted of nothing but Muslims so the clear and present danger I think is about ready to descend. I have been advising family members to get out of America to the few countries who refuse to let Jihadists inside their borders..Japan is quite amazing in how they handle them!

          114. David Kledzik says

            There is no way any American soldier is going to take an UnConstitutional order to attack or kill Americans. How the military sees it is, its us against them, just saying,,,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          115. David Parker says

            I love your spirit, but exactly what is an unlawful order and do you suppose for one second that more than .00001% of the Corps is capable of recognizing an unlawful order? What did any of us know that we were not told by the very military hierarchy itself?
            I got lectured once for about forty minutes about how orders had to be lawful with no mention about what made an order lawful in the first place. The unrelenting emphasis was on following orders without question. Supposedly all orders were lawful or they wouldn’t have been given in the first place. It was not the place for enlisted or junior officers to ever question an order. Here is your mission, do it.
            David Parker

          116. Jerry Holloway says

            The local police will with us pretty sure.

          117. David Parker says

            The local police will be the very first to shoot us on sight. They are the most sold-out bunch of armed robbers and government hit men in the whole country. They enjoy their “qualified” immunity and elite status and are willing to defend it by killing you if that is what it takes the keep their gravy train rolling.
            David Parker

          118. hangem'high says

            Give the people their King, We the people demand it! Dissolve congress since they’re worthless anyways we can replace them with Czars since their more productive! Let the new, new world order begin!

          119. Robert Young says

            Hope this was meant as satire otherwise, I disagree.

          120. hangem'high says

            Rest easy, it is and was, let Uncle Sam have his day in court!

          121. ljcarolyne says

            Oh of course! We all know the truth about who stopped the National Guard. All the Usurper does is insight violence, it’s his nature.

          122. mtman2 says

            And so, WE should -NOT- accommodate his plans for Marshall-Law, WE have a system that works IF folks would finally show up + vote the ALL the socialists out ~!

          123. RichardM73 says

            Not if millions showed up. . .but, the main stream media will just ignore it, not report on it, and again, Obama’s base is covered yet again. So many traitors, so little time!

          124. jerry says

            We don’t need the media any more. We have the internet.

          125. al sowins says

            Jerry, the Internet is a major part of the Media.

          126. David Parker says

            Not yet. “The media” is what you see on a television or read in the paper. The media is the original news censor and manipulator. The internet is good, and that is why every government wants to control it, but presently there is too much freedom to choose you source of news for the internet to be classified as “the media”.

            David Parker

          127. jerry says

            Yes, I should have been more specific.

          128. defiant1 says

            Just look at the histories of how dictatorships are created, formed and fed by those around it, and then take a look at our “president” and what is around him! We have been living in a soft tyranny and the gradual creation of a dictatorship since 2008.

          129. mtman2 says

            “Well” Kent you’d think so but that didn’t happen with the BLM swat team
            ‘over-ride” by peaceful but armed citizenry.
            The Feds on all levels are looking bad to more and more folks that are waking up to the reality of OUR Founders warning of “big centralized power”.
            Hopefully it continues to where the pathetic 60+% that don’t vote- show up
            from now on and just throw all the bums out and install Patriotic God fearing Constitutional real Americans that respect ThePeople like Reagan did ~!

          130. Kent2012 says

            I hope that you are right on the money…my guess on the BLM thing is that kenyan boyo’s leading indoctrination team told him that shooting the rancher and the other Real Americans that showed up would adversely affect the “upcoming” elections (since past) and it would rip off the mask of the scum sucking pigs in the WH…and my guess is that may be why they let the children run the show in Ferguson….

          131. LastGasp says

            A lot of Ferguson was to take the focus of Obola’s amnesty. Amnesty was to take the focus off of ebola. Ebola was to take the focus off,,,etc. All of which further divide the nation. And we all know that a nation divided cannot stand.

          132. Ronald Gunn says

            Not if we don’t let him. He can be stopped.

          133. JIMBO says

            Why do you say that? Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

          134. LastGasp says

            He could try.

          135. Frank says

            Do you mean the Kenyan Ni–er?

          136. ESQ says

            Explain how he might do this act !

          137. Kent2012 says

            two A10 “warthogs” would make a mess of any peaceful demonstration, unless the demonstrators came with Hand Held Stinger missiles…do you recall what those bastards in chinkee land did to the peaceful demonstrators a few years back…smooshed them with tanks…now if you are dancing naked in the streets for girlyman rights or looting, burning towns, and shooting at cops…that is alright and the zulus in the WH will call the local gendarmes and tell them “hands off”….

          138. Jerry Holloway says

            He might try and if so let the sleeping gaint awaken like we did in 1941after the bombing of Pearl Harbor

          139. James Maxwell says

            He could try but the results might not be what he expected.

          140. Yadja says

            He would declare Martial Law and there would be chaos. But you are right…..we will see.

          141. Txmissy says

            As long as it’s peaceful, he has no leg to stand on to call martial law. That would be THE spark that would start the second civil war in this country if he did.

          142. Yadja says

            Nothing peaceful done by any of us would stop him, he would plant someone to ignite the situation and I fear we will fight without the National Guard helping us. Unlike Egypt where the military stood with the people, I don’t know with all those he has taken out if they would not kill us or round us up. I would hope not but it is not the military I joined in 1988.

          143. DaveM says

            Stick with your people!

          144. Yadja says

            This entire country is supposed to be “My People.”

          145. Angry American says

            Not even close to what the military was in the early 60″s, back then we had a million man army that was patriotic enough to enlist for god &^ country. Where today it is an all voluntary force but they don’t have a million men in uniform total of all branches. I like millions of others went in right after high school. It was the right thing to do then & that part is still the same today just not as many. Viet Nam changed that

          146. Yadja says

            I joined the ANRC in 1988 and the differences I saw between this war and Shield/Storm as far as the attitudes of the people is as different as day and night. I also saw, as an officer, defiance and total disregard for the chain of command by the minorities who were many among us and they surely had plenty to say about their Commander in Chief that was not allowed when on Active duty and I sent the Authorities to tell them so and let them know if they continued the two tons would come and they would spend time in the brig.

          147. LastGasp says

            Thanks, brother. Even though I was drafted, I served with honor and pride. I

          148. mtman2 says

            Absolutely true Txmissy, but these same people don’t even show up to vote so who pray tell would they want in office?
            60+% DO NOT EVEN VOTE that are registered.
            It does take a real American leader to draw folks out; ie- like Reagan did!
            But they should care enough not to let these socialists win- but they seem to ~!

          149. Angry American says

            I think that if it happens, the scariest thing to all politicians would be millions of Americans marching on D.C. that would scare most of them half to death & they all would desert their posts. I know if I was one of them I would be hopefully on the side of the people, where they should have been all along instead of doing what they are doing looking for self enrichment instead of being the voice of their constituents & casting their vote for the citizens of
            America instead of all the illegals, now that would be a novel idea

          150. ward says

            The problem is the damned cowards would know it is coming and not be there … !

          151. merle says

            I suggest a quiet move in over a couple of days . Car pool .

          152. merle says

            But he doesn’t play fair.

          153. Robert Young says

            If necessary, he will create his own crisis to declare Martial Law.

          154. DaveM says

            I say no chaos….just a new beginning!

          155. Yadja says

            No country has ever suffered through a Dictator/Socialism or Communism without having chaos. Even the beginning of the world the Bible says was Dark and in disarray.

            Sorry it does not work that way. Those Jews who thought it would were cooked. Those who armed themselves survived. The French underground was started by a blind fifteen year old and the members youth who made it work and saved lives everywhere.

            What do you think O has planned for us? Plantations filled with flowers and gardens and a nation free from all ills?

          156. DaveM says

            I do not like green eggs and ham and I do not like Obummer! I realize what this idiot thinks of America and Americans and I am ready to go when the revolution starts! What has he got planned for me…well lets just say it will not happen and it will lead to his demise once the revolution begins! Flush the toilet(my opinion)

          157. Yadja says

            When looking at the entire situation with clarity and the immense wilderness in this country, of which I have roamed from one end to another, it would take a gigantic effort and more than 2 years to bring us into the state that Russia became under Stalin.

            Not going to work.

          158. mtman2 says

            RIGHT, if the people don’t care then with anarchy- POWER vacuums will be filled, but not with good guys.
            This must be done the right way as gifted by the REAL Patriots that gave us the USA and the Liberty+ freedoms to do things right. As with Paul Revere the electorate needs to be awakened to stand with and for the choice of truth as in OUR Declaration of Independence.
            WE don’t instruct OUR children as to the importance of OUR Founding and those DOCUMENTS, we’ve allowed socialists to indoctrinate socialism to the last 3 generations and allowed the Democrats to play nice with the commies since the Bolsheviks Revolution; ie- USSR, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Africa and South America as a viable alternate all while inculcating socialism throughout OUR history, thrown God and scripture out of school, culture and now government.
            If Providentially created as stated by the Founders then that’s ‘re-needed’ ~!

          159. Yadja says


          160. mtman2 says

            Yeah Dave WE already had one and those Wise Founders gave us a revolution at the polls every 2, 4+6 yrs = 60+% won’t even show up; but did with Reagan ~!!!

          161. Angry American says

            As long as the toilet contains the Obama, by all means flush it twice

          162. mtman2 says

            Look as Americans Yadja WE have no excuse if 69+% won’t vote,
            yet I reiterate the fact that Reagan landslided TWICE as I’ve repeated above over and over.
            The “Silent-Moral Majority” aka “Sleeping-Giant” has been asleep for over a 100-yrs = 1912 giving socialist Woody Wilson the WH and he started it by giving us the IRS+the Fed. Reserve, then FDR+SocSec, trusting Stalin+Bretton Woods Agreement, the U.N. on+on til now(I could go on).
            Why w/Reagan even 49 out of 50 states?…… =a real leader that states the case for truth and confidence in God, OUR Founding and The People as Patriots,
            just as he did.
            SOoooh who will stand- that will draw all men to him or her, time to do it now~!

          163. Yadja says

            Agreed. I have hope but it will take everyone coming to life and this Congress doing what they were voted in to do. O must be stopped.

          164. Robert Young says

            Great idea but how do you accomplish this without chaos?

          165. Seldena says

            He would declare martial law and then we would be stuck with him ! this is exactly what he wants–an uprising! We need to be calling our representatives, emailing them–flood them with our communication about following the Constitution!

          166. Txmissy says

            Seldena, sadly, our reps don’t represent us. I’ve been doing this for 6 yrs and most times don’t even receive a “Dear Friend” letter because they don’t want to respond to questions. They’re in it up to their eyes! My “rep” won’t even hold town hall meetings.

          167. Seldena says

            Well, I am blessed that all 5 of my reps contact me after I call or write. I have some good representation in GA and it will be even better whrn David Perdue is sworn in –in January! I am telling you flood the ph. lines–they do get the messages!!

          168. Larry Miller says

            They get the message and 99% go in the trash. How many things have you see changed with your letters and calls? So they respond, that means nothing.

          169. mtman2 says

            Yup as long as 60+% don’t show up to vote why should they be or even act legitimate. Let’s not forget Reagan LANDSLIDED TWICE- the 2nd time he took 49 out of 50 states.
            The votes are out there esp conservative Democrats, moderate Republicans, libertarians and independents; ie- Real leadership brings them out ~!!!

          170. LastGasp says

            If you don’t try, what good are you?

          171. informus219 says

            Thank you Larry, I don’t know if anybody has noticed. but not much has happened in Washington DC for 6 years. And we just sit back and take it we don’t even vote. So we deserve what we get.

          172. al sowins says

            In the past six years Obama and his Demonrats have almost destroyed the USA! “Not much has happened?” Where have you been- Krypton?

          173. ward says

            Exactly what I get & probably all U.S. Citizens that congress does not represent or protect the U.S. Constitution & Laws .. ! WE get a C.S. reply of ” thank you for your opinion” while they are actually saying you are screwed , we do as we please and will not represent the majority of U.S. Citizens …! They are saying they are bought off and violation of their sworn oath means nothing for their voted trust by people..!

          174. LastGasp says

            Mine will. I’ve even talked to him personally. You might have heard of him,,,R. Labrador of N. Idaho.

          175. DaveM says

            Do you really think all the crime syndicates, drug lords and the like would want to follow the ball less wonder! Martial law means the physical removal of the illegal president!

          176. Angry American says

            If & or when the revolution happens the line going into the white house is gonna be long, every conservative wants a crack at him.
            Some wanting to drag him out screaming & kicking all the way out the door lol

          177. LastGasp says

            Time to see some dancing under the cherry trees!

          178. LastGasp says

            Martial law means the sycophants that are left in the military after Obola forced out all the patriots are going to do whatever he wants. Martial law means the UN “Peacekeepers” and the DHS in your neighborhood. FEMA camps.

          179. DaveM says

            And how many of them will die before completing any of Obummers actions? I know I can definitely decrease the numbers…other patriots what have you to say!

          180. LastGasp says

            Like fish in a barrel.

          181. Robert Young says

            Those who have not seen the reality of War do not know how dirty and costly in the loss of loved ones as well as material things that war will bring. Ask any Vietnam Vet. and no, I am not one.

          182. Robert Young says

            Yes it surely does and I believe it is rapidly coming.

          183. al sowins says

            Last Gasp has it right. Fitzobama the First means you are FEMA 12345678.

          184. Robert Young says

            Not if he is the one who controls it and the Muslims and NWO people intend to keep Obama in control.

          185. Larry Miller says

            That will do absolutely nothing….get real.

          186. LastGasp says

            Nice to know you’re not someone to discuss plans with.

          187. Btty says

            Really? Have you ever lived in my sick stay of ca? Where a call to Moonbeam Jerry or polluted Pelosi or deadbeat Boxer are in control? We females would have a better chance of pissing up a tree!

          188. ward says

            Feel sorry for you ; pelosi your rep only supports bo & his wannabe dictator over foreign illegals that are now destroying a once great state …! Between the libtards like CA’s brown {nose} gov; pelosi & bo there is little “hope” for “change” to a Free State unless CA citizens get rid of their tyranny dictators creating the problems !

          189. Robert Young says

            LOL, you are right about those representing you. Until the voters of California wake up and vote those people out I don’t see your State Government getting any better.

          190. aclay777 says

            Txmissy, You mean a repeat action of Egypt, that’s where the Armed forces take over until new leaders are positioned, Now you see why Obama fired and removed all the patriots from high ranking positions, “Posturing” and his other actions showing he has, for the first time ever, put the majority of our Aircraft carriers in one port lined up where with one short attack removes us from being the # 1 superpowewr. (he docked them all in Norfolk Va for no reason, which is a strategical prohibition. )

          191. victoria says

            Just like FDR in WWII – positioning all our warships in Pearl Harbor for easy targets for the Japanese- even though his commanders had pleaded with him not to do so.

          192. mtman2 says

            Very true! FDR needed an excuse to turn Isolationist U.S. public to go pro war to be effectual before it was too late!
            He only thought a 100 or 200 would die at Pearl to do the job of turning public opinion!
            Read- DAY of DECEIT The truth about FDR by Robert B. Stinnet …

            and; the ROOSEVELT MYTH by Flynn.
            Socialists need to manipulate policy and history, it vindicates not being effective ~!

          193. Ronald Gunn says

            I’M IN, all I need is a time.

          194. JIMBO says

            I am ready to participate In this gathering anytime.

          195. David Parker says

            I think we should eliminate the federal government. The States (state, like France and Germany and Russia and China are states) should reinstate the Articles of Confederation and officially scrap the the Constitution for the United States. This extra layer of unaccountable bureaucracy has never been anything but a tool for the powerful to use against we the people. There is a very good reason the self-appointed constitutional committee met in secrecy.

            We the people would have fared much better without the federal government. We defeated the British without it during the War for Independence, it was helpless to defend us against the British in 1812 (The Americans at New Orleans fought at their own expense and without federal interference), had we had a valid reason to fight against Santa Anna, we would have (several state militias came to the aid of Sam Houston without any assistance from DC), we would have avoided the destructive War of Northern Aggression, the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and the current series of wars so profitable to the manipulators of the federal government. Instead of the worldwide waste resulting from the wars of the elite, we could have worldwide prosperity instead of the masses beaten into submission by starvation and impoverishment of today.

            Fire the whole bunch of them including the clowns in the “supreme” court without pension or perks.

            David Parker

            David Parker

          196. Robert Young says

            David, I wholeheartedly agree with firing the whole bunch, including Federal and Supreme Court Judges. I will fight for God, Family, Country and Constitution although I would like an Amendment limiting service as an Elected or Appointed Person to One six year term. Just do your job for 6 years then go home. Keep the medical and retirement you have at home for you will be going back to it it 6 years and the Federal Government will furnish NO medical or retirement for these positions. I swore an oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies, so Sir, if you attempted to scrap our Constitution, I would be Your enemy.

          197. David Parker says

            Or you could acknowledge that you were deceived about the content and intent of the federal constitution as is the case of everyone who has gone through the government public fool system. Textbook American history is a pack of lies from start to finish.
            In any event, the present bureaucrats, including the standing armies of cops, are the real enemy of the Constitution that we (me too) took an oath to defend. It is these domestic enemies that use the word constitution to calm us, while violating every aspect of what we believed it said every day.

            You might investigate a few things such as why the constitutional convention was held in secret, who stood to gain by scrapping the Articles of Confederation (which the Constitution copies in large part), etc. Shay’s Rebellion, the Last Battle of the Revolutionary War, is very informative.
            David Parker

          198. Peatro Giorgio says

            Millions of Armed angry Citezen’s.

          199. Ron says

            the tree of liberty is been dying since Kennedy was assassinated you see how Obama’s trying to push this Obamacare s*** on us it’s illegal under the RICO Act but nobody wants to stand up for it you’re 100 percent right the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed

          200. glenn398 says

            Txmissy you can protest all you want but doubt that will have any effect just like electing a republican majority thinking that would make a difference. My take is be well prepared when war breaks out in our streets to take American back.

          201. Name says

            Didn’t the march led by Glenn Beck in August of 2010 go for naught? I think we are past “the time to warn”.

          202. ESQ says

            I give you an A+ for your comment ! Move too the head of the line and collect your $200 !

          203. Dennis Mirante says

            I agree. We should shake the shit out of the gates of the white house to send this lawless bastard a message.

          204. Shauna says

            I’m afraid we have moved beyond that point, it’s going to take a lil bit more then a protest…

          205. Deborah G says

            We actually need a Miltary coup. March them right into jail Start over

          206. Melveta says

            How can I help….far west coast…Old lady…but I would be there to be stand up and be counted for Country, our Constitution & Bill of Rights and for FREEDOM. How can I help….I would like to….let me know….

          207. James Maxwell says

            The tree of Liberty may have to be watered from time to time but this time it may
            well be those in Congress and the White House who provide the “water” as
            they are dragged kicking and screaming out of office. We have to many
            lawyers who cannot agree on any thing an have no spine to stand on the
            principles of freedom and the oath of office. May God have mercy on the
            for I have nothing but contempt.

          208. Txmissy says

            Sorry Yadja, I put this comment in the wrong place!

          209. Yadja says

            No problem. 🙂

          210. ESQ says

            Well Said!

          211. Yadja says

            Thank you I am perplexed and saddened and disheartened by this new Congress response.

          212. Seldena says

            The New Congress is NOT in there until January!!

          213. Joseph Toth says

            I would like to see a lot of people mention the word ( recall ) a couple of times, so that all the new people might think twice about their votes.

          214. ward says

            All of congress appear to be bought off for a totalitarian dictatorship & control by the 10% wealthy N.W.O. that appears a bo tyranny creation in the last 6 years..!

          215. Yadja says

            I think they might have miscalculated because there are still too many of us, as shown with the results of this last election, who when we see the Whites of the eyes of the New World Order will show the Blacks just what chaos and rioting and fighting for the right is all about.

            And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, will give proof through this hard night that comes our way if our flag is still there.

            Do not underestimate the gun totting, Bible carrying, X military and the militias along with all Patriots in this country.

          216. Seldena says

            AMEN to that!!

          217. Yadja says

            When I was on Active Duty because our hospital took care of all those from downrange and the stupid commander let the world know after telling us we could not take pictures etc because it was hush hush , we were under bomb threats all the time. The German Guards would walk us to the hospital and say we were under a bomb threat, or high alert etc after awhile you don’t care anymore and just want to get it over with win or loose just get ur done.

            I just want to get O and Holder and all their minions in a position of defense to force their hand to stop this insanity while we can.

            Faint heart never won fair maiden and faint hearts never survived a Revolution.

          218. DaveM says

            I’m there!

          219. Yadja says

            We stand to win back our country but we do seem to have a time limit.

          220. ward says

            Believe the entire U.S. Military will support the Patriotic Citizens if bo launches his martial law crap & that is why he is opening U.S. borders to build his own gestapo type illegal army with illegal foreigners of musilim & hispanic origin ..! Suckers …!

          221. Yadja says

            Gotcha and with you 100%.

          222. ward says

            The sad part is that revolution is exactly what bo wants & appears to be doing with his created racism rioting & his support of illegal foreigners…! When all of the U.S. Patriotic Citizens have finally rebelled bo will activate his conspired martial law & E.O.# 13603 to dictate the entire U.S. ! This will also weaken us for illegal invasion !

          223. Yadja says

            I understand what he has been working towards but we cannot cower in the shadows and pretend we don’t see what is happening and it might not be turning out the way he imagines.

            The WH and Washington are not without soft spots.

          224. DaveM says

            For sure….none have military minds and no leadership ability! I know they can not put their stuff into one sock and the only hole they can fill….is ….well….watch them bend over!

          225. Yadja says

            Bend over and let the American people shove O’s Executive Orders up their kazoos.

          226. ward says

            This is not cowering, it is consideration of facts about the corruption created by the wannabe dictator & his own benefit that is considered a threat by his tactics.. !

          227. Yadja says

            I can’t help but think among all those generals and admirals et al that he fired or ruined their careers that one of them will come up with a plan to rid us of O. Already the canaries are singing but they need to sing louder and play dirty.

          228. ward says

            Why hasn’t the U.S. Military court martialed bo for dereliction of duty for treason just for National Security threats by releasing 5 terrorist enemies & 36,000 illegal foreign criminals ..? bo’s violations to bypass congress & change or make his own laws for his whims is also a threat to U.S. National Security which congress could indict him & supporters of his crony administration for sworn oath crimes …! IT is very evident that bo is creating his wannabe dictator regime with illegal entry of foreigners being his supporting populace & illegal army.. ! Still No Indictments .. !

          229. Yadja says

            It is what millions of us know to be true what you say and we voted in the Republicans not out of love but out of desperation and the desire for him to be prosecuted. The Constitution has no immunity for a president who breaks our Federal Laws.

            We will see.

          230. LastGasp says

            Can’t be tried for treason if you’re not a citizen. He’s not legal enough to pick tomatoes.

          231. ward says

            Maybe not tried for treason if not a citizen but can be tried for spying with the same ultimate & maximum penalty of execution that he deserves … !

          232. LastGasp says

            Aren’t enemy invaders just shot on sight?

          233. aclay777 says

            True, but it will take a serious effort to land lock them, but can be done, then we have won. really anything called career politician, with the exception of about 4 or 5 should all be removed and replaced by independent economist, and past patriots of our armed forces, a few school teachers and people from local jurisdictions, chosen in open forum not by a DNC or RNC, our biggest failures.

          234. Yadja says

            Sounds like what our Founding Fathers had in mind and put into place that we have strayed so far from.

            Exactly, this president has left a sour taste in the mouths of the US and the world. We need to do something about the Executive Branch to reign in any next person that has ideas that are not Patriotic.

          235. DaveM says


          236. aclay777 says

            All that has a ring of truth to it, but Republican governors reigned this election, a far different animal than the Federal version of “politician” all vying for power, the states are still more powerful, and the Federal message can be shut down by any governor in any state, South Carolina has a clear sighted governor and supporters, that entire state will oppose anything restricting the rights of “we the people” as will others, California will simply sit it out and light up a joint.

          237. ward says

            Bo still over rides the states with his criminal & unjust exeutive actions that are destroying the U.S. internally specially on the borders with illegal foreigners hs is letting enter the U.S. that are muslim & terrorist enemies .. Treason by aiding & abetting the U.S. Enemies & dereliction of duty to his sworn oath as president… !

          238. mtman2 says

            Yes, the 10-Amendment and article 5 of OUR Constitution are the safeguards set before us as states get wise to overtaxed, joblessness and way over-regulated ~!

          239. merle says

            That is his plan . W e might be better off to set up defensive measures in our neighborhoods .

          240. DaveM says

            Bet on it! I am there! Just waiting to bring things to an end, an new beginning and take out the trash!

          241. Yadja says

            Amen. New parties after cleaning out the Congress also.

          242. aclay777 says

            Yadja, Nice, bringing us back to Patriot business, Most of all, our very best warriors removed by Obama, and retired, are now civilians, as we are, a strategy against us is already known by who’s on our side now, and how to win is also on our side now; and they are seriously out gunned and out numbered, and lack the heart of a real patriot. but it will destroy this country, but, we rebuild well, Monsanto has to go in all this, making provisions and food scarce for this very reason and controlled by the temporary tyrants of this country (and others)

          243. Yadja says

            aclay777 O believe from this last election we have many more Patriots left than we thought and many see the Darkness at the end of a long tunnel. With Europe and the world watching I don’t know that O dares to go through with all his plans. Soros is well known for “Drastically Changing” countries and he and others supported O in going for the Senate and for President. Odd that if you remember Hillary was going to be the candidate but something happened and she stepped aside for O. I know there were threats by the Blacks they would tear this nation apart if O was not the candidate but there are not enough of them.

            He now has his millions of Mexicans, bad ones at that, he is also aligned with La Raza that wants the demise of America, true we are home from the wars by the millions and even though O made us all tell the government how many fire arms we owned in private etc. not too many were stupid enough to tell the whole truth.

            Europe won’t accept genetically modified foods or seeds and your right Monsanto makes sure it’s farms are close enough for the seeds to fly into the good farms. Many like my X have been storing good seeds and where I live there is food galore and fish. Lots of wild game and turkey. You know when you begin to really look at what it would take to conquer this country it would be a tremendous task due to all the wilderness, mountains and deep caves.

            We will see.

          244. aclay777 says

            If any of those impatient tyrants plan to see this through during their terms they will lose big, the take over will take a long time, like “how to boil a bullfrog,” any accelerated effort will look like the Bundy ranch confrontation, ultimately, the local sheriff swung back to the “we the people” from all the Feds and Reid’s corruption of selling off our “free to them land” to the Chinese, why would we want them here? and brought in quietly? and so far out of sight? Yet, states hasn’t done much, but has begun to take illegally confiscated lands back from the Feds.

          245. Yadja says

            Yes I have traveled this country from stem to stern and if anything happened it would be the big cities first and would take a very long time to hit the wilderness. When in Europe I heard stories how entire villages hid from the Germans in mountains and caves and survived. They had guns and people who went into the towns at night and raided for food etc.

            It seems an impossible task when one takes it all in. But it has happened all over this world.

          246. LastGasp says

            He doesn’t know how many guns the people of Idaho have. We nullified his gun grabbing laws.

          247. Yadja says

            He doesn’t know how many people are buying from one another without registering and that will make it really hard to disarm Americans. Soon as he cam into office gun sells went sky high and even with his bans on how much ammo you can buy and his actually not allowing ammo to be made there is still enough to cause him some grief.

            He is going to go totally “Caligula” on us before this is over and we know what happened there and also with Nero.

          248. ward says

            Through the grace of GOD the tyrants will not survive the Patriotic Citizens fight to protect our U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights for Freedom & Liberty … !

          249. aclay777 says

            You know, that all ads up just as you said, our representatives “are” failures. We only changed the front runners but we have not changed the direction one bit.

          250. DaveM says

            Well…this toast is burned and ready to cause “a little indigestion!”

          251. Yadja says

            O is the most secretive man in the WH ever and even his children are a mystery, all other presidents had pictures of Holidays as their children were growing et al but we don’t even know much about his children.

            And that mother-in-law living in the People’s WH and eating with dignitaries it is ridiculous.

          252. aclay777 says

            You know something else, it’s bad how we’re so closed off, all the evidence shows he isn’t a citizen, a distasteful subject, but his massive sum of $ spent to conceal his records, now opened up by two states, he’s just an illegal, MI 5 went public with that but was hushed up. So, if you don’t think what’s currently in our Senate and Congress isn’t a them against us mentality, you’re watching too many speeches and not watching Rome burn around you.

          253. Yadja says

            I read his books, looked into his Senatorial record, read books written about him the last one by those who knew him, watched his documents appear and disappear on the net, read the book that copied all of them before they disappeared, know his Czars and what they stand for, believe me I have been screaming and jumping all over him from day one.

            I can hardly wait until someone spills the entire beans and people in this country cannot deny anymore that he is a fake. I know about his 5 lawyers trying to get all his papers hidden forever. He is nothing more than an empty suit and puppet for George Soros.

          254. DaveM says

            I like your attitude! Truth….Obammas children are adopted. His “wife” is a transgender who played football for a famous college when younger. He is not an American citizen and is bisexual like his father! I hope his insides fall out from all of his rectal incursions which are frequent at the WH!

          255. Yadja says

            Attempting to find anything on Michele, her family or any of them is almost impossible, very selective.

            Agree with you may he get his just deserts soon.

            Now we are hearing that ISIS is coming to help the protesters in Ferguson, that means they think they have new recruits and they are right here, which I have always know. When they decapitate an American policeman in the streets like in England and other places….then these Blacks will have a backlash that will make a tsunami look like a f@rt in a whirlwind.

          256. victoria says

            Hey! Did I just imagine that the policemen in N.Y. were attacked by the “hatchet man”? He wasn’t completely decapitated, but had half his head sliced off – haven’t heart any more about it ….. did he survive?

          257. Yadja says

            I never heard that the cops head was almost severed but your right they haven’t said anything else about it.

          258. Combatvet52 says

            Their not his kids and that’s no wife it’s a made up family of socialist traitors bent on destroying America and rename her muslim united.

          259. Yadja says

            Agreed read his books, studied his Senatorial voting record, read books about him and all that were in the realm of fiction and conspiracy theory are now proving to be true.

            When it is exposed, and it will be, it will be of huge proportions.

          260. Combatvet52 says

            The hanging tree……..

          261. Yadja says

            He is to a great extent, along with his handlers frightened by the thought of Prosecution for ignoring and breaking our Federal Laws on Immigration along with Holder. Not only ignoring but suing those who tried to enforce them, stopping our Border Guards from enforcing them. Not to mention changing O care so many times. He knows because he said so the Executive Branch can not write law. He changed because nobody is stopping him but now after loosing so badly they are more cautious.

            The fact they are consulting and looking into the Constitutionality of his Executive Orders is making me fat with happiness, he knows if push were to come to shove there is a chance he goes to prison. The Constitution does not give him immunity when he breaks our laws.

            I know John Podesta said on FOX in 2008 O was going to bypass Congress every chance he got but they have gone way outside the lines and we can only hope in Jan the tree is used.

          262. Combatvet52 says

            He has gone completely wild because of COLOR if this were a WHITE president he would have been throw out on his a$$ look at all the racial unrest in this country while he is in office, never before has it been like it is now, I blame him for everything that has gone wrong since 2008.

          263. Yadja says

            He has fooled his “Stupid” bunch for his entire time in office. He is not an American Black whose ancestors were born in this country or were slaves. He is a Kenyan Black Muslim because that is what he father’s were and what his people in Africa are today. Just goes to show you what Glittering Generalities can do.

            Yes he is raising an Army of Blacks and Hispanics filled with hate for anything White. When the Black Panther leader was speaking in Florida and was secretly taped they were saying that they needed to kill all Whites including their children and even the babies because they would grow-up and become the enemy of the Blacks.

            Just as the Khan and the Hun and other murderous men of old killed everything that moved when they conquered and I might add the Jews did the same in the beginning when wiping out the Pagans, so do these Hispanics and Blacks who are members of M13, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam and La Raza. La Raza believes it’s time has come.

            If he is not stopped his “War against Whites” will come to fruition and I believe our military, the one’s I know, will fight with us. I see where there are many Contracted Snipers and others who do serve O.

          264. aclay777 says

            Well said. but my indigestion is more than “a little,” but we know in can always get worse before it gets better.

          265. aclay777 says

            That NWO, will not work and will tear this county apart, these idiots will rule nothing, Middle American and 300 Million guns isn’t going to let it happen, it will go bad, I think the Bundy incident has shown that, the Fed’s actions were out numbered and over whelmed, but some of those are being slowly and quietly sought out by the feds and I’m sure being held under the NDDA, ,but while this is going on, we will be extremely vulnerable to attack with the weakest American ever known due to Obama’s actions.

          266. Yadja says

            I don’t like to think it would not come to that, never dreamed it would but then never dreamed my country would have a Tyrant in our WH. So much I never thought possible has happened and so familiar to me after reading about Russia and other countries that went through this.

            O is evil and means the people of this country harm and that is the very reason for our gun rights. This is what our Founding Fathers wanted us prepared for.

          267. aclay777 says

            I think you speak for the majority of Americans. I also think for the bold moves and accelerated acts by the Tyrant in the White House, and his many minions, many Senators and Congressman, knows their is a line they can cross and lose it all, and they’re not exactly sure where that line is, but what we elected this time, isn’t a great panacea, but we voted for the non-liberal message most of them ran on but never intends to fulfill.

          268. Yadja says

            We basically are one who are Patriots and believers in our Constitution and our Republic. How we allowed this satanic bunch into the WH is still baffling. Nobody told the truth, nobody vetted him, blindly with glittering generalities gleaming before them even intelligent people like my daughter voted for him first time around.

            She is the only family member that did she is now an Independent and by the way highly educated and taught our family history so there ya have it. He was the Pied Piper.

            He Piped all the rats into the government.

          269. sandraleesmith46 says

            Everyone of them agreed to that in order to get their names on those ballots, so that is, in fact, which side they’re on! The BALLOT box is BROKEN!

          270. defiant1 says

            when googling One World Order, I found this piece of a quote from one of Obamas speeches in mid Oct ’14 taken from an article by Washington Post‘s Chris Cilliza:
            “….part of peoples’ concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles,…”

          271. Yadja says

            Yes he is a One World Order backer and always has been. The UN would govern, the monies from the world would go to them to spend and spread as they see fit, the One World Court would be in charge of all law and order and all the wealthy would be sitting high and dry.

            It will be interesting.

          272. LastGasp says

            “A free man can be killed , but never conquered.”
            -Robert A. Heinlein

          273. Yadja says

            As shown in the Gulags throughout the world and all those who have been imprisoned for long periods of time including, my greatgrand, my grand, my mother and my father.

            It truly makes one stronger, leaner, meaner and thankful for everyday of freedom and life with a full belly and without fear.

            O is bringing all that to this country slowly but surely.

          274. LastGasp says

            It’s happening faster and faster, like he’s in a hurry. He’s (his handlers) getting careless and out of control.

          275. Yadja says

            I read about him all I could find before the elections because my friends told me about this unknown Black Senator named O who might run for president. He is very mysterious and many strange things have happened to records on his mother and documents on him. Why would he pay 5 lawyers millions to hide all his passports, birth certificate, college transcripts his thesis etc. Now they want them sealed for eternity.

            When Corsi, who wrote several books on O, went to O’s hometown to investigate his people O’s cousin O’dinga stopped his group and took their passports and papers and if Hannity had not been watching and reporting his moves there is no telling what would have happened. O’dinga is the one who lost the presidency of Kenya and spent years in jail for burning down churches with people in them. He has stayed clear of O but he is his cousin.

            O comes from dubious backgrounds and his mother’s passport records were conveniently burned in a fire. So we don’t know where or when she went certain places. It is difficult to get all the information together but what has been revealed in O’s own books and books by those who know him or knew him etc is very revealing. We know he and his family were Communist leaning and America hating and that he was raised a Muslim.

            That corks it.

          276. sandraleesmith46 says

            Yep, five hundred thirty-five out of five hundred thirty-five of them! They sign on to get their names ONTO a ballot for any Federal level office, via CFR, Trilateral Commission, or Bilderbergers.

          277. Yadja says

            I don’t believe Europe is ready for the One World Order. I know that Andrew Stern of the SEIU that helped put O into his Senatorial seat and the WH has visions of a One World Union, that is why you saw so many uprisings in Europe with well made signs related to Unions. They are busy that is for sure and while most of us are keeping our heads above water, attempting to find ways now and again to enjoy life they are busy trying to figure out how to control us, use and abuse us.

            Don’t think Scotland will go down easy or Switzerland and others. The next few years will be interesting.

          278. bluisle says

            I don’t think were toast lots of fight left in us just going to lose a lot of battles before we finish the war

          279. informus219 says

            Again Yadja, you need to read more, One World Order, was a subject that came up in the first President Bush adm.

          280. Yadja says

            Again, I am well read on the Bilderberg Group, how the Federal Reserve was created, who talked our countries leaders into creating it and the family names that created it and remain big in politics and forming our country and world, I know about the One World Order the Northern Alliance and the entire situations that so many in our government and billionaires etc are involved in and back.

            Bush was big on the Northern Alliance but he never, never, never did anything to this country that comes close to what O has done and is doing. In fact before we went to this war, the World Court came into fruition and Bush had all the countries sign that they would not pick any of us up when we were in their countries to be tried for serving in the war. He protected us, we came home to a country we knew we were safe in, with O we are in as much danger having served our country as we were downrange and doing our jobs overseas.

            O is truly an abomination and you need to understand who and what he is and do your homework.

          281. Free bird (free In Christ ! ) says

            Burned toast !

          282. informus219 says

            George W. Bush is definitely his father’s son. The senior Bush, also a member of The Order, served the ignoble One World Order cause as a Vice-President, President, head of the CIA, ambassador to the People’s Republic of China and other influential positions.[3] It is unfortunate that the citizens do not have a complete record of his many deeds and activities. This is partly due to Executive Order 13233 which conveniently restricts access to the records of former presidents.[4] This was drafted by Alberto R. Gonzales, then White House council and issued by George W. Bush on November 1, 2001, just before the National Archives was due to release some very revealing records, “some of which might prove embarrassing to the President’s father, George H. W. Bush, due to his involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair.”[5]

          283. jetmagnet says

            I think you are toast. lmaO

          284. Yadja says

            And if I am toast and you live in America you are right there with us.

            Only your not playing with a full loaf so your just the crumbs.

          285. ESQ says

            Some what true Yadja! However it will be of a Benefit initially but soon after the fall their heads to will be removed from the tops of their necks !

          286. Yadja says


          287. phyllisjmurphy says

            You know, have read here and there about One World Order and believe it is a true horrible plan by the Bilderberg groups, Illuminata and who in hell else is on the list. There is a list of names of American politicians and all Presidents and most of past and present congressional members are members, and if any of you recall the Illinois Weatherman Terrorist, wealthy spoiled one from Hyde Park Chicago, a professor(gag, gag) for years brain washing with his Marxist hate crap. Anyway Ayers and FBI listed terrorist wife Dohrn are the Frankenstein political parents of Obama. Obama the phony hauled into Chicago and with aid of Rahm Emmanuel and Chicago Dems, and the ghastly Ayers and Dohrn ACORN Terrorist group(now defunct after they were raided) is a Jihadist, lived in Indonesia with his Muslim stepdad, muslim half sister, muslim white mother who converted to muslim when marrying the step daddy…Obama is a Muslim, and attend muslim schools until the mother died and he returned to Hawaii to live the life of spoiled rich kid off his banker white Grandparents, the Dunhams…The grandparents were hard core Marxist, Saul Alinsky activists in the hate doctrines of Communism! Stupidity and laziness of Americans, assures us that we will probably be imprisoned or wiped out soon!

          288. Yadja says

            Yes your post is right on. Stumbled into all this through the years but don’t forget the Federal Reserve and the fact those who proposed it are also big players in the above.

            Then remember they print money based on no oil, gold or silver. If and when the rest of the world stops using American dollars to buy commodities we are gone.

          289. pmxpilot says

            If Hal Rogers and his House Appropriations Committee can’t defund all these inappropriate expenditures they have to step aside. We don’t want such ineptitude running and ruining the country. I see more qualified folks right here on this forum, We have to kick these RINOs and One Worlders out of office once and for all in 2016. The mid-term elections were the opening shot!

          290. Yadja says

            Your right and I continue to check these guys out. McCain, Graham, Bohener, Reid, Pelosi so many need to go. We must have Conservative standards brought back to America.

            Ted Cruz is looking really good and boy does he blow smoke up their backsides.

        3. ESQ says

          What he is really saying is that the Republicans just as the Democrats have NO Intent to STOP Obama PERIOD! Folks it is what it is! To fix means that the SHIT must hit the fan! Buckle up Folks for it’s gonna be one Nasty Ride if the Country is to be restored! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and by all means PRAY! It’s NOT all about Football! AMEN!

          1. Bonnie Somer says

            it is gng to be a bumpy ride b/c i know for sure that the people on this site are not gng to sit still for this

          2. Yadja says

            Your right. I am not buying anywhere that has a majority of Hispanics working. I am boycotting and encouraging others to do the same any business that uses them. In Florida that includes I won’t be buying oranges or citrus fruit grown here.

            I will make any that come to my area and rent Section 8 housing and have ten people in the home uncomfortable by calling the Realtors, because there are laws as to how many to a home.

            If they go to our schools I will raise He!! with my country commissioners that my tax dollars are paying for their schooling when I don’t even have any children in school anymore.

            I will join any group that protests, screams and hollers. I will fight and fight hard until I can’t anymore and have to go to the mountains where they don’t want to go because they can’t survive there. I will go where like minded go and if a state secedes I will go there.

          3. marla1 says

            Boehner the RINO has always had his nose up Olims”s rear ! We the people need to put someone is his position who has both BRAINS and HACKBONE! Like They Gowdey!! Or Rick Perry!!!!

          4. Yadja says

            Rick Perry will be the next president of this country. I thought he was a bit on the dumb side after the last debates but I listened to some of his speeches on the Middle East and Israel and I was very impressed. He will have plenty of time to beef-up his debate skills if O does not find a crisis to put Martial Law into affect before then.

            He is far from dumb and his speeches on the situations around the world sounded like Reagan, forceful, prepared and knowledge filled.

          5. Todd Driscoll says

            I am sorry to disagree with you but I don’t believe we will EVER be able to get rid of Obama. He still has two years to figure out how to initiate martial law and blame it on the “unlawful and racist” acts of the white majority. Still trying to figure out how we are the majority. I do believe that a march on Washington is the step we are being forced to take to protect our rights but that will be the catalyst that sets of the explosion that will be the destruction we will leave to our children. I support seceding from this nation and would be proud to be the one to lead the march. Who’s with me?

          6. Yadja says

            I am for secession and born in Texas if they secede we might go home. Abe did not want this country divided but it may be the only answer.

            You never know many on all sides of the fence voted against him in this last election, if those traitors in Congress want to continue to control the country they will play ball seeing what would happen if O goes through with plans made by Soros who changes countries, it is what he does.

          7. aclay777 says


        4. guest says

          Let’s face it. They knew when they made the promises they made, to get our votes, THAT THEY WERE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING. THEY DO NOT WANT TO DO ANYTHING!

        5. Jean says

          Millions can protest by
          1.- refusing to send in taxes to the IRS. The IRS has already said by their actions it’s ok not to give papers to authorities.
          2- bury your tax papers inside thousands of frivolous papers. Bury them the way they bury us.

      2. ljcarolyne says

        They better find a way, or READ MY LIPS, FIND A WAY! FU that lie.

      3. Peatro Giorgio says

        Can we say recall get that whiny ass loser out if he won’t stand up for the Constitution and us

        1. Combatvet52 says

          By all means recall his stinking a$$ out.

      4. Dave says

        Meanwhile, as we are weakened, our old enemies are growing stronger. While we are growing weaker, the EU is on the verge of breaking apart. The situation which existed just prior to the outbreak of WW2 exists today, and talk of war is growing around the world.
        Our own president is pulling the rug out from under us and giving it to illegals. And his action has, as has happened in the past, induced more waves of illegals who know nobody will be able to tell that they have been here more than 5 years. And this amnesty has given them all the goodies that everyone else has had to work for.
        We are all in deep kimchi.

      5. pmbalele says

        TPs and Repubs are hypocrites. Do you know the patrol officials at the border
        are now marrying the Latino girls crossing the border? If you have nothing to
        say why can’t you just shut up?

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Why don’t go and visit a shrink, i wasn’t shut up i was brought up and when you talk i want to throw up……..happy now i said something.

    2. ForrestByers says

      I agree!

      1. Bonnie Somer says

        forrestbyers i have written a letter w/the starting paragraph that quotes the above.

        i sent it to over 100 members of congress already and am working on the rest let them get the msg or be fired

        1. Yadja says

          I also have called daily my representatives letting them know they need to prosecute O for breaking our Laws and let them know the Constitution gives no immunity to an unlawful president. He is just a man and working for us. They know the score they just won’t do what they were voted in to do.

          I also send emails and call the WH asking O to stand down, telling him we the people don’t want him and are pushing to prosecute him.

          1. Bonnie Somer says

            i honestly don’t know whats left
            we rally; write; email and call yet not much seems to sink in i have no idea what it is gng to take short of revolt to get us back to what America needs to be. Boy this ain’t it

          2. Krazeehors says

            Yep. And it damn sure won’t be electing another Democrap.

          3. revgay says

            revolt might be the only way—I’ve been saying that for 6 years and I’m preparing! We must be willing to put our lives on the line if necessary. If he invokes marshall law we’ll have to.

          4. DaveM says

            It will be the only way….either one is with the revolt or they too will be killed! No mercy…no maybe…fats only! I am fed up of all that I have worked for to be torn down by a moron who thinks his is king!

          5. Txmissy says

            I agree Bonnie, nothing seems to stick. I think the last step we could take is a MASSIVE protest in DC, millions and millions, angry citizens as far as the eye could see. If that doesn’t work, the “tree of liberty will have to be watered” or we’ll be responsible for letting it die. No one else can do it. It’s up to US.

          6. Bonnie Somer says

            i would love to see a massive rally prob is this tea partiers would come then the rest people say they will go but always an excuse maybe we finally can get close to a million but it would be a stretch

          7. Marilyn Stern says

            Patriotism is dying and watching it happen makes me sick. I never thought I would see the day when American born college students would do nothing about Muslims harassing and abusing a Jewish student. And how about dozens of Americans standing by as a brave veteran stood with two flags (American and Israeli) during a Muslim protest in Washington. He just stoically stood there as Muslims pushed him around, spit on him and screamed in his face. Even when they tore the flags out of his hands and threw them on the ground, not one American moved. All they had to do was walk up and stand with him. Instead they just watched and photographed the scene. When the police finally came to his aid their answer was to ask him to leave because he was upsetting the Muslims. America, as we’ve known it, is already dead.

          8. Bonnie Somer says

            marilyn i cannot agree w/u more but i am not one to watch i act whatever one person can do i do go to dc and lobby write email call and the like
            i am trying to get t partiers to dc and anyone who wants to go on dec 3 for a rally so far boy no luck

          9. DaveM says

            As long as everyone brings a weapon to protect themselves from the minions ….I agree (revolution)

          10. Bobby Riffle says

            You said it

          11. Yadja says

            All that is left is for the people of this country to refuse to accept any of these illegals and in fact to protest their tax dollars supporting Public Schools that have a mess of them or for those capable of doing so to send their children to private schools or to home school their children.

            When you see Section 8 housing come into your neighborhoods and ten of them living in one home, just as what happened in Orange Park Florida in my neighborhood, report them because the dwellings have Real Estate Law that only allows so many to a family home. Complain to the police, turn them in every time you can, Eisenhower had his Wetback day where he deported over 150,000 and made every company follow our Immigration Laws and 100,000 followed.

            When we see places of business overwhelmed with illegals don’t buy there. Boycott every company that is using them. Don’t go to their restaurants etc.

            That goes for Walmart or anywhere you see them, now that this amnesty is coming the illegals are coming out of the woodwork in my town. They are emboldened and they are haughty and flaunting it. Look when you see Lowe’s and other places having everything in the store sub titled in Spanish you knew this was coming.

            If they have no jobs and no benefits then they will leave.

            Or if it comes down to it those with money will leave like they always do and those who can will follow and America will be that Third World Crapper that O so badly wanted. We have Congress to thank for it if they don’t act.

          12. Owyheegent says

            We have to carry the fight ourself ! We have the final defunding so to speak with our pocketbooks. Congress
            long ago left their Cojones in the House and Senate
            cloakrooms. They have surrendered to the lobbyists
            and the Chamber of Commerce !

          13. Yadja says

            But if you think hard on this companies and big business loose also if there is nobody to buy their goods and if we go completely Socialist they will be run by the government their prices set and they have much at stake.

            People like Trump need to jump into this with both feet, he has the money and the means to assist the people. People like him who have gone against O will be punished severely if Marital Law is declared and something big goes down.

            In Stalin’s Russia everyone was under his thumb and the first to die were the elites and the Middle Class. The docs lived in the same rubble as the people and everyone had the same amount of furniture, no pets they were killed, only so much food and they died like flies. Stalin killed off entire villages the mass graves still being unearthed.

            I don’t see the world watching this and I don’t see Europe, who already don’t like O and have spoken so harshly against him, allowing him or anyone to be accepted if he pulls something like this. Who knows maybe someone will help us again.

          14. DaveM says

            Time for the pot to be full or do not sit on it! Revolution is at hand!

    3. Elizabeth Sprowes says

      Sorry but it is Article 1 Section 9 of the Constitution that is about Migration or Illegals. Section 8 is about Money and Debt.

      1. Bonnie Somer says

        MY BAD

      2. Bonnie Somer says

        [image: Constitution]
        Table of Contents Cite This Page Home Civics Constitution Summary Article 1, Section 8
        – INTRO
        – JUST THE FACTS
        – KEY CONCEPTS
        – SUMMARY
        – Preamble
        – Article 1, Section 1
        – Article 1, Section 2
        – Article 1, Section 3
        – Article 1, Section 4
        – Article 1, Section 5
        – Article 1, Section 6
        – Article 1, Section 7
        – Article 1, Section 8
        – Article 1, Section 9
        – Article 1, Section 10
        – Article 2, Section 1
        – Article 2, Section 2
        – Article 2, Section 3
        – Article 2, Section 4
        – Article 3, Section 1
        – Article 3, Section 2
        – Article 3, Section 3
        – Article 4, Section 1
        – Article 4, Section 2
        – Article 4, Section 3
        – Article 4, Section 4
        – Article 5
        – Article 6
        – Article 7
        – Signatures
        – Bill of Rights – First Amendment
        – Second Amendment
        – Third Amendment
        – Fourth Amendment
        – Fifth Amendment
        – Sixth Amendment
        – Seventh Amendment
        – Eighth Amendment
        – Ninth Amendment
        – 10th Amendment – 11th Amendment – 12th Amendment – 13th Amendment – 14th Amendment – 15th Amendment – 16th Amendment – 17th Amendment – 18th Amendment – 19th Amendment – 20th Amendment – 21st Amendment – 22nd Amendment – 23rd Amendment – 24th Amendment – 25th Amendment – 26th Amendment – 27th Amendment – TIMELINE
        – QUOTES
        – QUESTIONS
        – PHOTOS
        – TEACHING

        ARTICLE 1, SECTION 8

        – BACK – NEXT

        Bust out your magnifying glass. We’re taking an up-close look at Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution.
        Quote #1

        Quote #2

        Quote #3

        Quote #4

        Clause 4. To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;

        Another clause that seems to bring together two things that have little in common. First, Congress has the power to set up a process for immigrants to become American citizens. (The idea that America is a “nation of immigrants” is thus embedded right in the Constitution.) Second, Congress has the power to set rules for hopelessly indebted people and businesses to declare bankruptcy. In 2005, Congress used that power to change bankruptcy law; it’s now much harder for individuals to escape credit card debts by declaring bankruptcy.

        Quote #5

        Quote #6

        Quote #7

        Quote #8

        Quote #9

        Quote #10

        Quote #11

        Quote #12

        Quote #13

        Quote #14

        Quote #15

        Clause 15. To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

        Congress has the power to call out the militia—organized units of citizen soldiers—to defend the nation from attack or armed rebellion. In modern times, the militia has been replaced by the National Guard.

    4. onesilverfox says

      Well, this is a fact. This can not go on. So who is going to fire the first shot that will be heard around the world ? Are we to lay down and play dead ?

    5. Tom Brooks says

      Since CITIZENSHIP refers to U.S. or Non U.S., the issue has to be Federal. One can be a U.S. citizen without being a New Jersey citizen, But the opposite can not exist.

    6. Sandy/CA says

      From what I’m seeing the Reps as well as the Dems are both doing a two-step around the laws of the Constitution in order to make themselves appealing to the masses. If the Reps don’t stop Obama in his Evil ways by 2016, we may no longer be governed by our Constitutional Laws at that time, then what? I also think Obama is race baiting the latinos and the blacks to join forces and fight against the whites. I heard a latina say that they need to stand with the blacks because they could be next, in reference to the recent Brown-Wilson situation. Where do you think this attitude is going to lead if left to smolder? I also honestly think the issue of whether children born here of illegal parents are, in fact, considered citizens by the Consttution Must be resolved immediately! This issue has been tossed back and forth for far too long.Let’s take it to the Supreme Court and get it resolved once and for all and then move on from there as to what we can do with the noncitizen’s children that were born here. The whole breaking up families issue would be resolved if they are proven Not to be citizens. We need to start resolving some of these hotbed issues before us or else they will become full blown infernos of rage.

    7. ArmyCombatVet says

      Hal is a gutless traitor as are most of the GOP cowards, better known as RINOs. The nation gave the GOP complete control of Congress and they are committing political suicide en mass. They lied to the American people and to my way of thinking that’s treason! Hal needs to become a decoration on an oak tree as does any other traitor who lied to get elected! The Constitution strictly forbids illegal immigration by the government. It violates the Constitution and as such is a felony! The Constitution is the law of the land, period, end of argument!

    8. aclay777 says

      “”””PURE POLITICS “””” This is the exact bill that was purposed
      after the Republicans lost big in 2012, except the pathway to
      citizenship had 11,000,000 in contention for all these positions, accept
      not healthcare and preferential treatment for the low paying jobs. What
      made that fail was Border security, where the Republicans hasn’t blown
      their horn loud enough in lieu of the mass illegal immigration from
      other countries including terrorist this 2014. I guess we can blame the
      lack of horn blowing on the Alphabet channels, (ABC, CBS,NBC and CNN).
      NOW, OBAMA, takes a similar version, less people, yet more cost , and
      allegedly adds the long denied Border security to his action, which is,
      I’M CERTAIN, is a ruse, “another lie.”

      The Republicans
      strategy is risky; with Obama’s action so quick after these 2014
      elections in all hopes it will fade with his administrations continued
      and manufactured major destructive issues along the way; Hoping for
      memory loss in 2016. Once all these gifts are given by politicians but
      paid by the American people, it’s hard to remove. However, the jobs
      issue with preferential treatment over regular Americans can be dealt
      with; lets see if they are “all” just politicians with enough, yet, to
      few, to oppose these underlying actions into other agencies realms,
      Furthermore, making it appear as if there is decent among politicians,
      when it’s really just more of the same ole same ole “theatrics.”

      I’m not a Tea Party[r], but their message is the best one for real
      Americans and real immigrants that have the desire to be a real
      American, which I understand, voted republican this time, which sends
      the loudest message, which these Liberal actions is, in fact, biting
      into these low earning families lives and that’s being ignored.

      There is another way, “fill out the forms,” you know, as they have
      done for about 80 years, you know, abide by the law, maybe make it more
      “liberal” (ouch, did I really say that), but abide by the law.

    9. 7papa7 says

      Since when does obama care about upholding the Constitution, his agenda is to destroy it. He should have been impeached 6 years ago but the wusses in congress don’t have a backbone. He should have been impeached, tried and put before a firing squad as the domestic terrorist that he is.

    10. Goodforall says

      Amazing how some can over look this not so insignificant article in our Constitution. I hope they exercise the power they have been given to stop this wanna be dictator.

    11. guest says

      I’ll say one thing. They had better, after the results of the last election. I’m tired of the “giving in” while our laws are being thwarted. If they don’t get out of the “we can’t” attitude, I predict a lot of us will stay home, next election. We didn’t go to the trouble of electing them only to have them lie down on the job! We hired them to do something RIGHT and they know what that is. Time to quit kowtowing to the chamber and listen to the voters! Time to grow a pair and stand up for the constitution!

    12. Michael Dennewitz says

      I myself have been wondering what the hell happened to the congressional process! I guess I’ve learned a hell of a lot. IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER AND MONEY, RIGHT? They’re elected so that they ALL can sit there on their dead asses, do nothing, and watch an illegal halfbreed destroy this great country. Makes me sad, being a Vietnam veteran, but glad that I’m 70… GOD HELP WHAT’S LEFT OF AMERICA!!!

    13. jetmagnet says

      Sounds like fascism , to defund anything
      We have elected an ungovernable collection of
      snake-handlers, Bible-bangers, ignorami, bagmen and outright frauds,We have
      elected people to govern us who do not believe in government.

    14. WhiteFalcon says

      One thing that the Congress can do is to insert the regulation that all fees they collect are to be delivered to the General Fund rather than used themselves. That would take care of that and then if no funds are provided to Immigration and Naturalization at all, they are done and so is Ovomit’s amnesty.

    15. Florio Vino says

      AMEN1 this is the right way! He has already overstepped more than 18 changes that H unilaterally made and figures one more if NOT stopped will achieve what he wants and that is TOTAL poer and A DICTATORSHIP! IT IS SO OBOVIOUS even CARTER could understand it! He desrves to be fired!

    16. Patriot47 says

      I can think of over 500 twits that need to be fired.

    17. hora says

      That show why Dem party must close down.

    18. al.k says

      Both sides are on their agenda, they don’t do what the law says, they do what they are told, all traitors.

    19. dockilldare says

      that same art along with art 1 sec 1 also gives congress enough reasons to empeach obama on a basis of violating the constitution which of course is a felony. but they wont do it why? because if the republicans start holding the democrats accountable to those parts of the constitution, then when the republicans hold the white house the democrats will do the same to them. it would be imposing limits that neither party want to live with/by.

    20. jetmagnet says

      Baggers should work with the Pres instead of fighting with him on every damn issue.
      It’s not amnesty anyway, the right promotes lies. This is a temporary measure, not amnesty.
      Congress has no power- they’re losers who haven’t done shit since elected!
      Pres has the right as did reagan and bushie to do this. Where were you Peeps when amnesty was granted?? It’s because he’s black and he’s the BOSS!!

    21. lildebrarae says

      Ole Hal, didn’t ‘miss’ that part of the constitution. He just doesn’t give a damn on enforcing it. He’s a oath traitor, the same as Boehner and McConnell!

    22. robertmccabe says

      And yet when they ran for office they said vote for me and we will defund it.Liars from Boehner to McConnell so corrupt it’s hard to believe.

    23. ESQ says

      I like that word that you just used there Bonnie “NOW ” ! We are now just about midway through February and still No Recalls ! Let us forget about 2016 and start the clean out now if we are to save the Country !

      1. Kent2012 says

        it is imperative to keep your weapon clean at all times…you do not wait until it jams…that could be fatal…

    24. guest says

      I hate to say it, but Rogers is from my state. I do not see much action at all from republicans who promised us a lot before the election. They had better make a much more concerted effort at keeping those promises, if they ever hope to be elected ever again. Amnesty and Obamacare for two issues. It seems, we as voters, come in last, if considered at all. I think most of them are in bed with the Chamber of Commerce, and have no thoughts about us. “Just give us your votes and money.” After doing so, we’ll ignore you! I do not think it is too much to ask that the oath they took be upheld (that includes the President, too).

      1. Bonnie Somer says


    25. hora says

      It play games, I will not any more vote for GOP. Can’t are big lie if don’t won.I afraid see all move to another civil war, where not only Dems be will loose but GOP too. It some game I was said before,Dems offer money under a table and buy any one. It fact criminals association Party doing all illegals activities won. Dems was loose 95%, mean are easy put him down, but for money a monkey talk and dance.

    26. pattonknew says

      we understand that progressives control both houses but we also know that they have collectively facilitated obama and the liberals utopian wealth distribution policies in the welfare lines to socialism, rather than opposed them through the last 15 yrs ….on top of having a hundred years of the same tactics leading us to where their going rather than where they are.
      please support convention of states by signing their petition if you have not done so, nra / second amendment rights and national right to work organization… we must keep the pressure on collectively

    27. Gwen Gooden says

      If all tax paying citizen refuse to pay our taxes until the IRS employees and Al Sharpton pay their delinquent taxes there wouldn’t be any money for illegal immigrants. The more we pay the more they waste. Remember the Boston Tea Party,

    28. Melveta says

      I go for that….how can I help?

      1. Bonnie Somer says


    29. MARYSWEET says

      The GOP establishment won’t go against obama and that is why they are saying they cannot repeal obamacare or rescind this immigration that obama declared for the world to come in our borders. It’s all BS because only the old guard establishment don’t want to make waves and want to keep “business as usual” in DC. Also, there is a good possibility and it has been said that obama threatens and even bribes some of the Congress to obey him in everything he wants.

  2. 40Helen60 says

    Of all the dirty lowdown cowards! We the people voted to kick those lying democRATS out of office because they refused to do the work they were elected to. Those democRATS were so afraid of Dictator Obama, they caved to every one of his illegal activities. NOW, the Republicans are saying the exact same thing, “We can’t do anything to stop Obama.” Why the H**** did these Republicans even run for office in the first place! Don’t stand up there and say, “We can’t defund Obama’s amnesty!” READ MY LIPS! YES YOU CAN DEFUND THAT ILLEGAL AMNESTY BILL DICTATOR OBAMA SIGN! You just wait, you’ll be out on your a***** come next election. I hope and pray a third party will be formed who will not be afraid to stand up for the Constitution. I hope you get exactly what’s coming to you, you two faced lying SOB’s

    1. Krazeehors says

      A third party will just give the Democraps control – again. And that is exactly what they want.

      No, it will take shutting down Karl Rove and the GOP establishment — something they fought tooth and nail to avoid in November.

      1. wirdbird says

        Speaking of Karl Rove — what the heck is going on with that guy? He might as well be a progressive considering what he has been doing to attack the Tea Party candidates in their elections, etc. Seems all politicians are all aboard with the North American Union and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

        1. joe haire says

          I think that the Tea Party is our only hope to turn the tide of RINO abdication

    2. Txmissy says

      I think this is the end of the Republican party. I know it is for me.

      1. Cher says

        So you will vote for the Democrats so they can further the damage at a faster pace?

        1. Txmissy says

          I will NEVER vote for a Communist (and that’s what the Democrats have become, lock, stock and barrel). But unless we can get through to the Republican party that we’re done with them voting the same as the Communists, where does that leave us? I speak only for myself, but voting for the Republicans anymore feels like I’m voting Communist. There’s NO DIFFERENCE. It’s all rhetoric, no substance.

  3. b glad says

    Congress has the power of the purse, but they say they can not defund Obamacare and they can’t defund amnesty. Well, what the hell did we elect you for?

    1. Yadja says

      Agreed, the Constitution gives the Congress the Power of the Purse for this reason to put a hold on a tyrannical president along with much more. They are in kahoots with him.

      1. ShawnNJ says

        I am sorry and sad to say, your are correct.

        1. Yadja says

          The One World Order and the Northern Alliance are within smelling distance of their filthy, corrupt, noses.

      2. Shauna says

        I think your right, but a small part of me still wants to believe they just might do the the right thing for the American people…..I’m watching closely tho…..;)

        1. Yadja says

          The young pups who are barking and yelping and nipping at the heels of these old dogs don’t have the chain. Even those like Cruz make me angry because I hear him say one thing then another. That goes for the entire bunch of them. I have caught all of them giving us BS.

          We will see. We will see.

          1. Shauna says

            ROFLMAO! I like the young pups yelping and nipping at the heels of the old dogs…It annoys them and keeps them on their toes….We just roll up the constitution and smack em on the nose when they get out of line…Your right tho, we will see….It’s so frustrating….

          2. Yadja says

            Sigh…..what we need is a pit bull to come in take them by the throat put them in a death roll and make them holler and give.

            They don’t do what they were sent there for by my honor I swear I will work to get a Libertarian or Independent in the WH. I will work to destroy both parties and give this country new life.

          3. Shauna says

            I hope you know I’m joking around..sometimes I do this so I stay sane….I swear it’s the insane running the asylum, simply way too many issues to cover and fix..I’m so glad your active my dear, and I like your posts, I have been exhausting myself trying to stay on top of all the issues..I’m wearing down, it’s exhausting. HOWEVER, I made a promise to myself 6 years ago to FIGHT and you better believe this is what I’m doing..I just wish more would step and take the baton every now and then. I love the pitbull analogy and will only add that the pitbull was frothing….LOL….Keep up the good fight, and Godspeed….

          4. Yadja says

            Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend I am so glad to know you are here and all the other wonderful Patriots who are fighting to save our wonderful country.

            If you get the chance Google George Washington’s address to the Nation when he made Thanksgiving a National Holiday. Brings us home…..where our heart is….America….the beautiful and the Almighty still loves us, I feel it.

  4. 40Helen60 says

    While you’re at it, any one living on welfare needs to learn a trade and go to work. My son tried to get food stamps when he lost his job over a month ago, but was told because he was drawing unemployment he wasn’t entitled to food stamps. Two years ago when he was out of work for over a year, he tried to get food stamps but was told he had to be working in order to get food stamps. I called the Dept of Human Services, here in Austin, and was told, “Yes, you must be working in order to get food stamps or on a worker programs for 6 months.” That’s the law now, except when it comes to those who do not want to work or illegals.

    1. Terry Rushing says

      Too bad “rules” are not applied equally to everyone. It seems that “freeloaders” get direct access to help and aid and those who have paid taxes and now need assistance get the “run around”.

    2. Fedup says

      Isn’t the food stamp program a federal program? Do the states have a say in the requirements for receiving benefits even if it’s coming from the federal government? I know people who aren’t working that receive benefits but they live in Nevada.

  5. Freedomsprice says

    Well that’s real simple to fix,,,,, stop paying taxes until the stupid bastards figure out who they work for,,,!!!!

    1. Cher says

      I know the Obama adm would come after us but what if all the people against this admins Bs went in and change their w2 to say 12-15 dependents?? We start the defunding ourselves. Just be sure to put the money aside for when they come for ya!!

    2. Diana Brooks says

      That would work if they wouldn’t just borrow more money!

  6. NativeNE says


    1. Diana Brooks says

      AREN’T WE ALL!

  7. Jim says

    What the “Lord” Obama hath joined together; let no CONgress tear asunder !!! I think I am gonna puke !!!

  8. amazed108 says

    I really don’t know why anyone really believed that Republicans would try to halt the flood of illegal aliens into this country, The entities these politicians receive their campaign funds from are more than happy to hire these illegals and pay them less than they would have to pay a citizen. I just heard on the Mike Church morning program that these illegals will not be counted toward any employers tax liability if they are not provided with health insurance. So next year that will save these employers $3000 a head. Why hire a citizen when you can hire an illegal. I was sure the Republicans would come up with some reason why this would be impossible and then they can blame it on Obama just like the ACA which they wont be able to do anything about either. It’s all a dog and pony show.

    1. Txmissy says


  9. Barack_OnumbNuts says

    Defund all dreamer programs, immigration dollars, welfare to non-citizens, all alien student loans for starters. They’ll get hungry and leave. Defund all expenses for health and welfare at border crossings. Defund all transportation costs to ship illegals to different states. Defund all immigration courts, judges, and panel services to illegals…. the magnet must be defunded to stop the flow.

  10. Jude O'Connor says

    There are over 1300 federal agencies the GOP can start on. Google (list of federal agencies) they are in alphabetical order and the humor starts when you read the titles of some of them, it’s really a hoot.

  11. Valor says

    The Republican Party was supported by the American People to stop or at least slow down this out of control central government. If the Republicans instead give in to the Demorats and continue to tuck their tails between their legs there is no longer any reason to vote Republican. Why bother?

    1. Txmissy says

      Anyone voting for ANY democrat is voting for Communism. I hope they understand that. Spineless, traitorous Republicans or Communists….we’re sure between a rock and a hard place!!!

    2. William Matthes says

      Many of these Republicans campaigned this last election to stop Obama’s illegals. Now that they’ve won their seats, they are going to give up BEFORE they are even sworn in? Make’s me wonder? Why did I even vote for the GOP if all I get are a bunch of stinking Rino’s?

  12. chuck says

    The part about being completely funded through the fees they collect on applications? I call bullshit on that! No agency of the government does’nt go to the public trough. That’s why we call it pork barrel policies.

  13. Sharon Aldrich says

    I think it’s time for the American taxpayers to stand together in one BIG CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST OBAMA. Are there any attorneies out there that would know if this is possible??????

    1. Txmissy says

      Think it’s time to check, don’t you?

    2. Diana Brooks says

      I sure do but where will we find an attorney with that kind of balls?

      1. Sharon Aldrich says

        I would like you to put this out on the intetnet and let me know the response you get. If our Prez was a business I believe he could be in court on Fraud charges or I believe. I’m asking the question to Judicial Watch. Thanks for hour response. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Tom Brooks says

    Social Security was supposed to be self funded also. But the money is being dumped into the great federal money pit. Are they saying that is not happening with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, that there is a separate bank account for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services?

    1. 3ronald1 says

      Right! Social Security would be fine if they paid back the money they have taken from it to put elsewhere. These people are bankrupting our country and selling us down the river! We need to clean house in Washington. Are there ANY honest political leaders out there????
      BO wants to turn this country into a third world Muslim/Islamic country. He protects them, releases their criminal people from prison and has put several on his staff in Washington. Wake up America! Our grandchildren will suffer from this administration.

      1. Tom Brooks says

        I say again, “Understood, but that does not answer my question.”

      2. Diana Brooks says

        I’m for that a good house cleaning would work wonders I think ! Ammendment 27 gives the populous that right when their government is no longer serving the people.

    2. Krazeehors says

      It was self-funded until LBJ stole it to fund his illegal war in Vietnam.

      1. Tom Brooks says

        Understood, but that does not answer my question.

        1. Krazeehors says

          I don’t know the answer to that question. Seems to me that the GOP establishment are ignoring the Constitution. How can a department be “entirely self-funded” when Congress holds the purse strings?

          1. Tom Brooks says

            That is exactly what I am trying to find out. I guess I will have to ask my congressman (lower case intended to show lack of respect.)

    3. Fedup says

      To me it sounds like the US Citizenship and Immigration Services is not a federal agency and therefore would have a seperate non-federal account where the funds are coming from. I’ll have to Google them to see if they are federal or not.

  15. Green Eyed Lady says

    Why don’t they get it? If it’s bad for the country, it needs to be stopped.

    Aren’t we thoroughly sick of see our leaders do things just for the politics!

    1. Txmissy says

      It isn’t just for politics Lady. It’s for greed. They become rich through lobbies. Bottom line.

  16. Porphyry says

    We can defund the Republican Party if it refuses to comply.

    1. Terry Rushing says

      I’m game, so, how do we do it? My thinking is that people like McConnell and Bohener are in the back pockets of those who WANT illegals so they can get the benefit of cheap labor for their businesses and to hell with americans who need a job. If we could simply remove the “leadership” from their positions of power we would make some in-roads to stop this sell out of trust.

  17. Sharon Aldrich says

    It’s time for the American taxpayer to sue Obama, one BIG CLASS ACTION SUIT!

    1. revgay says

      that would be FUN!

      1. chief1937 says

        Maybe fun but would not accomplish much as there are too many Obama appointed federal judges to protect him and his party.Really not sure what it will take to get our nation back on track I just know it is broke now and in need of repair.

    2. Diana Brooks says

      Hey that sounds like a geat idea Im in! Where we gonna find a Constitutional attorney? He/ she will have to have ” balls” to stick it out!

  18. Yadja says

    This is bunk and these lowlife traitors are worthless to this country and have not a full backbone among them. This is a sad thing but they will get voted out along with DemProgressives and a Libertarian or Independent will be President. No more Republicans or DemProgressives.

    Even I know they can prosecute O for breaking our Immigration laws along with Holder.

    1. Txmissy says

      The truth is Yadja, there are no more “Dems” and they only use the word “Progressive” because they’re yellow cowards and don’t want to call themselves what they truly are: COMMUNISTS.

      1. Yadja says

        Sadly so.

  19. Sharon Aldrich says

    American taxpayer lawsuit against Obama! I’m for it, if AG’s can, why not the American taxpayer!!

    1. Txmissy says

      They certainly couldn’t say we have no standing!!!!! Sounds like an excellent idea~

  20. ShawnNJ says

    Earned Income tax credits. This was a con for Votes. This needs to be abolished. Who the heck came up with this. To give people money that don’t pay any Taxes.

    This country is so screwed up it will take real Leaders to fix this mess were in. The problem is we don’t have real Leaders.

    Boehner and McConnell are not Leaders. Heck Their not even Conservatives. What can we expect out of them. They have let us down to many times.

    I don’t want to hear they can’t defund this. They can stop any and all money these illagals think they might be entitled to.

    Plus they can defund all of Obama’s programs he put in place. Start with his Czars, EPA, IRS, Dept of Education ect.

    I urge all to contact congress members and tell them to defund ObamaCare and the others mentioned above.

    We need to take back our country.

    1. Txmissy says

      I agree with every single word you said. I’m afraid nothing seems to get through to ANYONE in DC. I’ve been writing, calling and emailing my faux representatives for 6 yrs now…I may as well be banging my head against the wall.

      1. ShawnNJ says

        Keep it up…They are listening. All of the emails and phone calls are logged..Just post to everyone the email address for them, when you find something like defunding.

        I do and it makes a difference.

        1. Diana Brooks says

          And you have seen action take place where? Time to enact ammendment 27 and throw them all out without their lifetime pensions and benefits ! Time to march on Washington in MASS they only understand what they see! 300 k mad AMERICANS just might get the point across!

  21. John says

    Ok than, seeing that this president has circumvented Congress, which is a breach of the laws of this nation, IMPEACH him, because if this incoming congress dose nothing, you will be out on your asses, come 2016 . I will assure you’s of that, America is sick of the coward’s in congress not doing anything as this tyrant destroys this country. So here’s a message Congress. Act now, or get the hell out of office.

  22. James Seidel says

    Cowards, congressional cowards. You send Our military all around this planet to die for what? So you can let an illegal, alien non-president (because he was not born in the United States, his mother was to young to pass on citizenship to him, his father was a negro from hell, he was adopted by his Indonesian Step Father, also from hell, he has more than one social security number, he is a socialist Wiccan, friend of Bill Ayers and also because I do not like this smiley faced intruder) destroy Our Nation? Negros can go back to Africa and fit right in. Where do homeless white people go? Under some stinking bypass.
    Thanks you spineless cowards.

  23. Chris Robinette says

    I have a great idea!!! Impeach Obama then strip his amnesty order and all the other orders and regulations he has pushed down our throats.

    1. revgay says

      too cowardly to do that too!

  24. AlabamaSouthernBelle says

    Why doesn’t anyone listed to the American People. We don’t want these illegals in our country. If we went to their countries and tried to live illegally, we’d probably wind up shot or in prison. There are not enough job for the American people. We have hungry Americans living in boxes in the streets. It’s time to think about our people instead of taking in ill.egals, and the government letting them have first choice in jobs, free food, free shelter, free healthcare. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I could care less about them. Take Care of our Veterans, our Disabled vets, our people with no jobs, homes, food. This is America, if they want to come in, let them go through the same process as all the others before. Just because the biggest illegal in American history came in and got the biggest job in American, doesn’t mean he can bring in all the others like him to take over.

    1. Txmissy says

      Wow!!!!!! Kudos for this comment!

  25. James Seidel says

    We have not had a Constitution since 1933. We have not had money since 1933. All due to the Congress who sold Our Country to the Federal Reserve, Bankster, Pigs. A history of Congressional Cowards, insider trading, soul less ghouls, Republocrats and Demicans. And the porn book writing, Air America radio failure, and full time comedian al frankenbeans was re-elected by some old, farmer/labor, prehistoric, fossils, from MN. The period at the bottom of hell, al frankenbeans.

  26. Terry Rushing says

    I thought we just “hired” these guys to shut down Obummer’s power grabbing. This sort of “failure to perform” will almost surely insure a loss in 2016. Once again, republicans seem to be set on a course of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. All those RINOS seem to want to do is play the congressional version of “Lets make a deal”.

  27. albertbryson says

    We must remember Congressman Rogers of Kentucky and see to it that he is defeated in 2016 primary for not doing anything about Obama’s illegal executive order.

  28. Bruce True says

    Maybe not not, but they can cut the purse strings in the executive branch, and stop these useless trips he has been making at government taxpayer expense and teach the Emperor Obama a lesson on Government and lawless executive orders.

  29. Gregory Lesniewski says

    Looks as though the GOP talks tough, but is nothing more than that—-talk! They do not have the balls to take a stand because they are more concerned about their party’s “look” then they are about doing what is righ; about doing what they took an oath to do—-uphold the laws and protect the Constitution while serving the country!

  30. Robert Freedom says

    JAIL JAIL JAIL all the communist that are in the government NOW. Those guilty of TREASON Hang em high now, and brodcast it world wide. When the communist riot in the streets Jail them too. see

  31. Diana Brooks says

    About the only thing left is Bastile day folks! Our Government (EITHER PARTY) is SIMPLY NOT GOING TO DO THE JOB OF SECURING OUR BORDERS! They are going to tax and ride the backs of taxpayers till we fall into the ground in favor of their party and their overpaid jobs! TIME FOR A MASSIVE WALK ON WASHINGTON! Only in a VISIBLE MASS are we going to be heard. This includes all those who are here, NATURALLY AND LEGALLY NATURALIZED!

  32. Kent2012 says

    the one true method of getting the “elected” officials attention and cooperation is something that were are not all that willing to do….stay home for one week…It will effectively bring a halt to America….the numbers of active duty military and National guard are insufficient to do much more than keep the power plants running…maybe the communications systems as well..

  33. Lee says

    We can defund amnesty and we should.

  34. Kevin Cantrell says

    so all we got was a bunch of lip service to get voted in well the republicans can kiss my ass the democrats will when the next election

  35. Kevin Cantrell says

    the republicans leadership are nothing but a bunch of lying cowards if they don’t do something to stop it

  36. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says

    The low-paying jobs the illegal immigrants are going to take are from the black community–the same people that voted for Obama. Obama just cut their throats.

  37. loran says

    Well it seems to me that if that is the case, why did Obama ask for extra billions to deal with all those children moving around the country? Something once again stinks in DC.

  38. brabbie2002 says

    Well, the first one we vote out! Put him at the top of the list!

  39. guymacher says

    It would be a simple matter to learn if the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services “is entirely self-funded through the fees it collects on various immigration applications.” I seriously doubt that it is.

  40. wirdbird says

    Oh, I see. All those people who are paying to be here legally have been suckered into paying for illegals. If I was one of the people paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to be here legally I would find a good lawyer and sue the Naturalization and Immigration Department for misuse of funds. Many lawsuits are filed which result in new laws, why not sue the Naturalization and Immigration Department too and get some laws passed which will stop this ridiculous run-around?

  41. wirdbird says

    This whole issue stinks, really stinks. Read this and stay hopeful about your ability to change this. Call your senators and representatives.

  42. gerf says

    do they really expect us to believe a few fees from people who want to be legal are going to fund this monstrocity ? Oh, but than again I guess we are all stupid !

  43. Seldena says

    What about Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution? They can use the purse! They can establish a militia and they should to CLOSE the borders and secure them!

  44. Cathy says

    If they can’t fix anything Why then did we bother voting?

  45. Dean Scholl says

    Just shows ya how spineless the GOP is….

  46. William Matthes says

    Should the GOP do nothing to stop Obama’s never-ending lawlessness, they WILL pay for it in the 2016 election. They were elected NOT to cave in to the tyrant B.O., but to stop him, period.

  47. Van Hamlin says

    This is why the Republican Party is dead. They refuse to take bold steps to challenge those who would make the United States a third world country. I suspect that most are on the same lobbyists payrolls as the progressive Democrats who openly support these regressive policies.

  48. chief1937 says

    The Republican party had best figure out a way to stop this run away train or they could see their support dwindle in the 2016 election. They were not elected to do nothing but to put this nation back on track by stopping some of the madness going on now. Rewarding law breaking illegals is not a thing they should accept. We have enough violence going on now without adding 5 million more freebie individuals to the list.What was our president thinking oh I forgot he wasn’t thinking.

  49. Sarah Turner says

    If they don’t do something to stop Dictator Obama we are wasting a very large amount of money paying salaries for Senators and Congressmen that we don’t need. Doing away with them will give us more money to spend on vacations, golfing, partying, and fund raising for the royal family. I guess they are royal because that is how the they perceive themselves.

  50. CrustyOldGeezer says

    oh darn, the quislings have surrendered without a fight.

    Who would have ever thunk it?

    Maybe the incoming House can GET RID OF BOEHNOR and the rest of the RINOs in power positions and install the BEST PERSON for the job instead of the typical career buddies.

  51. 2399molly says

    Maybe they cannot defund Amnesty, but taking away driver licenses, social security cards, green cards, giving them only to legals and not illegals, they can do. Taking money from the White House they can do,.

  52. papa doug says

    Oh please don’t tell me anyone is surprised. Obama is a socialist and intends to destroy America, (Democracy anyway), in favor of socialism. That’s the effect his executive orders are having, softening America up for the final blow to a socialistic government. And you see that while Nero fiddles Rome burns as the Republicans in concert with Democrats do nothing. Dark days are on the horizon people and all you who voted for Obama can revel in what you have wrought because you bought the doggie in the window!

  53. ward says

    Appears the congress is turning Lilly livered again with created ball less inactions to stop bo’s wannabe dictator whims & ways..! Amnesty & illegal invasion of the U.S. is internally destroying the U.S. security & economy ! Amnesty is invasion fraud of the U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights created for a dictator…!

  54. teedoffatobama says

    you can pass a law that no form of amnesty will ever be given , and you can defund ALL THE MONEY TO obama including his holiday vacations!

  55. David says

    You S.O.B.’s better stop this B.S… Democommies and Repubs……….are walking a fine line……be careful were you step……

  56. valc says

    Vote them all out next election

  57. Florio Vino says

    This is total BS! They have the POWER, Mebbe` not the BALS to do IT. Get on em` quick everyone. and tel your Family, Friends and assciates to get To their Representative and Senators tiop this Illegal overeach in power.

  58. Lee Higgins says

    I agree with you Bonnie, they put into law the power of Sequestration; I believe it is high time they use it on some other government department other than the Dept of Defense like they did last year.

  59. Björn Free says


    1. Curly Bill says

      Republicans: We Can’t Defund Amnesty……
      Well, I’m like, totally shocked. Same song, different band.

  60. GoldenRudy says

    If the Democrat Party can defund the military support to an ally (South Vietnam) and then prevent military support for an anti-Communist force (The Contras), why can’t the GOP defund something that is in conflict with The Constitution? For the GOP to say it can’t, is pure BS … and cowardice.

  61. Cajun Exile says

    The Republican establishment won’t defund amnesty because they want it.

  62. mary ann oyanib says

    #DEFUND THE GOP! Make sure we will put them accountable. For we the people will never give up to keep on keeping on. The president and his comrades are changing America from the inside and outside by destroying our fundamental rights and our constitution.

  63. Laddyboy says

    Bull Hocky!!!!!!!! mr. boehner and any other RINO who is in Office at this time. WE THE PEOPLE have awaken. WE ARE watching YOU. You have seen what happens when the American People are against “elites” which are in Public Service Offices. We RETIRE YOU! This RETIREMENT can occur to you too.
    As a REMINDER, the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES holds the purse strings of OUR government.
    Also, Congress controls immigration – – – – NOT the executive branch of OUR government.

  64. Don Dale says

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services “is entirely self-funded through the fees it collects on various immigration applications.” – News Flash – Illegals don’t wanna pay the fees! That’s a small part of why they’re illegals!

  65. rchguns says

    What they should’ve done a long time ago de-fund the Senate. According to the Constitution the seventh is responsible for passing a budget every year they haven’t done it in six years. Why are we paying these people? Senators and Representatives both publicly announce that they did not have time to read bills that were presented to Congress in fact one member of the black caucus said he never reached the bills that he’s going to vote on because he couldn’t understand them anyway.

    The White House and the executive branch should also be defunded for incompetence, criminal activities, treasonous acts, and excessive waste and federal money.

    Don’t defund amnesty just defund the presidency, his expense account, his salary, any nonessential spending of a personal nature and of course excessive spending for vacations.

  66. James Maxwell says

    I seriously doubt that any Government agency is totally self sufficient and able to work without
    additional funding from the House Budget committee. The way they blow thru money makes
    that impossible and they will have to come to the House for Financial assistance to meet their
    obligations. Then you slam the door in their face and tell them to come back when they are
    in compliance and follow the legal system. They will be lost, like a goose in the woods.

    1. Don Dale says

      Be lost as a squirrel in the street

  67. tk-atty says

    The Rinos had better stand up with the true Conservatives we just voted in to stop Obama. If they don’t stand against Obama in this, we will vote them out until they get the message!

  68. antilib says

    Republicans are worthless!!!!! I’m through with them.

  69. gwedem5995 says

    Whoever is in charge has to be under some entity and they can entirely defund that entity. If they back down now, there will take a beating in the next election. We have put our trust in them so they hadbetter not let us down.

  70. Shauna says

    No problem….But they have the ability to defund other things and they can block anything coming though..Don’t do the job you were elected to do or refuse to listen to the people? no problem, your finished.

  71. cdansreau says

    So the ICE is self funded through fees??? I do not think so. DO the fees cover illegal alien housing, travel, relocation, Are they saying that legal immigrants are paying for illegal immigrant services.
    at any rate congress has the power to make non compliance with immigration laws a felony by all ICE/border patrol staff.

    because of obama’s lawlessness he does not deserve the respect normally granted as the chief executive of the country. Congress should mothball Air force 1,2,3, marine 1, Limo, white house staff including kitchen and secret service detail. No more free fundraising, vacations, golf trips. if there is concern about food let them eat the michelle school lunches prepared by nearby schools.

  72. RichardM73 says

    And they wonder whey we call them ‘RINOS” — Repulican in Name Only! So many traitors, so little time!!!

  73. GrumpyOleMan says

    OBozo usurps and takes whatever power he wishes because nobody on the other side has the gonads to do anything about it. To make matters even worse, the alphabet government (IRS, EPA, DHS, etc.) also freely do whatever they want because Congress doesn’t even have the gonads to stop them from their abuses. My questions now are: Why do we even need a Congress anymore and why are we wasting taxpayer money on Congressional pay, staffing, housing, and perks when everyone else is doing the job(s) they were elected to do?

    1. Shauna says

      clean house and start over…..this is what it’s going to take unfortunately. I never in my life time thought I would see such corruption and mess, but here it is…question is what are we going to do about it?

  74. Skip says

    Obama doesn’t have the authority to grant amnesty but he did so either defund the program or IMPEACH the POS!

  75. Jim Miller says

    Let’s face it , DC IS INFESTED WITH USELESS, WORTHLESS OVER PAID SCUMBAGS that only worry about their JOBS…. NOTHING ELSE and Most Republicans DON’T HAVE THE BALLS to stand up to the LACKEY ( Muhamed O ) of the King of Saudi Arabia; they act little puppets.
    Our Democrat US Senators in WA. State spend only 1.2 year of their time working, the rest of those 6 years, raising money for the next election, so much for taxation and MIS-representation.

  76. bill coleman says

    (1) If there was existing massive effective political or religious organization to fight and win the political and legal battle to save constitutional freedom, there would not be a bloody civil war later which would be horrific, costly and probably lost to the allied people who want to ignore, weaken, or destroy the U.S. Constitution.

    (2) In addition to other means to advance constitutional freedom and good politics, thousands of constitutionalists, who are motivated to do so, must learn to approach strangers with effective political conversation. As with almost everything, there are right ways and wrong ways to do this and each person’s approach to doing this will be refined by practice and their creativity. It needs to be done in a way that causes the person to think and leaves them in a mood to talk to you again or to open your email. If you would like to contribute knowledge to this effort or to learn more, send your thoughts to me, Bill Coleman, with a private message via this website or to “vin 5 ron at yahoo dot com”. (note: “Good Politics” is politics that keeps people free.)

  77. Shauna says

    FLOOD THE PHONE LINES!! Have fun…I have it in my speed dial, call every time I turn on the tv and see Ferguson…..

    U.S. Congress

    1. Louie Gohmert (R) — 202-225-3035

    2. Ted Poe (R) — 202-225-6565

    3. Sam Johnson (R) — 202-225-4201

    4. Ralph Hall (R) — 202-225-6673

    5. Jeb Hensarling (R) — 202-225-3484

    6. Joe Barton (R) — 202-225-2002

    7. John Culberson (R) — 202-225-2571

    8. Kevin Brady (R) — 202-225-4901

    9. Al Green (D) — 202-225-7508

    10. Michael McCaul (R) — 202-225-2401

    11. Mike Conaway (R) — 202-225-3605

    12. Kay Granger (R) — 202-225-5071

    13. Mac Thornberry (R) — 202-225-3706

    14. Randy Weber (R) — 202-225-2831

    15. Ruben Hinojosa (D) — 202-225-2531

    16. Beto O’Rourke (D) — 202-225-4831

    17. Bill Flores (R) — 202-225-6105

    18. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) — 202-225-3816

    19. Randy Neugebauer (R) — 202-225-4005

    20. Joaquin Castro (D) — 202-225-3236

    21. Lamar Smith (R) — 202-225-4236

    22. Pete Olson (R) — 202-225-5951

    23. Pete Gallego (D) — 202-225-4511

    24. Kenny Marchant (R) — 202-225-6605

    25. Roger Williams (R) — 202-225-9896

    26. Michael Burgess (R) — 202-225-7772

    27. Blake Farenthold (R) — 202-225-1134

    28. Henry Cuellar (D) — 202-225-1640

    29. Gene Green (D) — 202-225-1688

    30. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) — 202-225-8885

    31. John Carter (R) — 202-225-3864

    32. Pete Sessions (R) — 202-225-2231

    33. Marc Veasey (D) — 202-225-9897

    34. Filemon Vela (D) — 202-225-9901

    35. Steve Stockman (R) — 202-225-1555

  78. ramblindon says

    Thoughts while shaving: Until and unless Obama’s (foreign enemy within) true identity is revealed to the illiterate, mindless masses now controlling elections in post-Christian, post-Constitutional America (Amerika), the Constitution and Bill of Rights will continue to be attacked by all three (3) branches of government! America (Amerika) is getting the government from hell it deserves! Period! End Report!

  79. Robert T. Uda says

    You bunch of Repugnant wimps! If you cannot defund amnesty, then we will defund your job at the next election. You bunch of useless, brainless idiots! It is time to get rid of Boehner and McConnell. We do not have a representative republic any longer. Jerks!

  80. Tom Soriano says

    I was hoping that the Republicans would rally around the confidence that the American people placed in them in the mid-term elections. We certainly don’t need a bunch of whimps, we need leaders that are going to represent the true wishes of the people…..

  81. dinkerduo says


  82. CCblogging says

    If the Republicans don’t stop the Muslim madman’s amnesty, then I am through with the sorry bunch of wimps.

  83. jim_wright says

    If you RINO mainline republicans want me to EVER back you again you had better find some BACKBONE and put a stop to this self-important imperial president and his executive decrees. I am fed-up with his UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND UN LAWFUL action and I am fed-up with the LACK OF BACKBONE and will to HONOR YOUR OATH OF OFFICE.

  84. fcutch says

    B!tch Whine, Complain. The time for the second American Revolution is now upon us. Time to choose a side

  85. marlio says

    Well, then DONT FUND the printing of 30 million GREEN CARDS!!!

  86. RayR55 says

    Another liar and RINO.

  87. joe joe says

    so lets de-fund the republican party and deport all the illegals here in our America ourselves they always have some lameass excuss FUCK WASHINGTON

  88. Shelli Barnes says

    Republicans need to lead or get out of the way. If they don’t go in there first day in office and nullify that rats order, the Republican Party is hopeless and many will leave it. Conservatives will begin to form our own party and it will be head spinning to watch how fast they can take over the Republicans.

  89. marlene says

    Here’s your problem: The states, although they have a constitutional duty, right and authority to refuse to fund amnesty and also to refuse to allow illegals into their states, the states are represented by a democratic senate who refuses to act against the tyranny of amnesty. They are traitors and enemies of the people. On a FOOL would vote for a democratic senator.

  90. armydadtexas says

    The GOP best step up to the plate on behalf of AMERICANS or get ready for another 2006 election! I have voted for the last GOP pussy, that I am going to. Either Conservative or stay at home. Right now, it appears there is no difference between the GOP pussies and the democ-RATS! The GOP was given a very CLEAR MANDATE. This is their last chance. If they don’t come through, they can go to hell.

  91. Frankdidit says


  92. DaveM says

    Stinking cowards! They were voted into office to do the will of he people and as soon as they get into office they lose their spines! I for one am not pleased when some illegal is rewarded and able to get benefits I have earned throughout my life! I have paid the time….I have paid the money….I have served the military and retired….I have defended this country….and I am not about to have this issue swept under the rugs! In my personal opinion I feel all of them are yellow belly snakes with no fangs and constantly eat their own feces to stay in power! Apply the laws that are on the books! As listed below….ART 1 Sect 8 of rhw US COnstitution! Apparently not one of them have any ability to lead and stand apart to do what is right!

  93. Peter Tefft says

    Republicans and conservatives, do your job, your duty and uphold and defend the Constitution and the separation of powers. Obama is a dictator, he has committed TREASON and he must be impeached!! Republicans sissy’s and wimps, you have been given a directive from the 2014 elections. Americans want this despot out of office, now!!

  94. Irvan says

    Any republican who won’t go along with DEFUNDING obummer’s crap needs to be recalled and replacede NOW!~

  95. ward says

    IS the whole congress bought off by bo & his billionaire wannabe dictators by corruption of U.S Laws …. ?

  96. runnindeer says

    I watched my son loose work to illegals who were hired by local contractors for years in our area. No doubt the practice has gone on for a long time and the Government has done nothing to stop illegal immigrants from taking badly needed jobs away from hard working people who are legal law abiding citizens and who would take jobs if those jobs are available to them in their areas. Now , with Obamas amnesty to the outrageous number of illegals , and with Obama giving three thousand tax payer dollars to every employer who hires illegals- that’s 3 thousand per head for hiring illegals now, American men and women can say good bye to the ability to support their family and themselves in rural areas and that is especially so for the men and women who don’t want to be dependent upon Government handouts or welfare. Apparently when this current so called President stood up and screwed up his oath of office having to repeat it twice and then having his first watzit Michael, stand and tell the world that she had never been proud of this country until that day , while Obamas spiritual advisor Jeremiah Wright , told all that “God should damn America, ” this current -sic leader has practiced what his preacher preached and has worked to damn America.

  97. Hudmar says

    So we voted more of the same into politics no matter what they call themselves. It looks like this World Government is coming at a very bloody cost. God help us all.

    1. jim marcum says

      Sure you did. There were many voices on these blogs warning people that the GOP wanted the illegals here just as much as the Dems. They are both owned and operated by American Corporations which want the third world mentality work force right here in America. They can use the immigrants to keep wages low, break strikes, keep unions out and benefits will be non existent. They want them here and the drama old drunk Boehner and Turtle man Mitch have played out is sickening. Obama knew they wanted them here that’s why he was so emboldened to go against the will of the people. The two parties are the same. It has became the American people against the government. Stay tuned for more police state actions.

  98. jim marcum says


  99. Sammi De La Cruz says

    All of you on here write to Rogers and your reps in Congress and educate them on the Constitution and Art. 1 sect. 8. Tell them if they do not know the Constitution then get busy and learn it or be fired for not doing their job and not knowing the Constitution. Let them know that they also need to impeach Obama. Tell them not to worry about the ones who want the illegal to have amnesty for if they out numbered the ones who want the illegal sent home they would not have won the Democrats would have won. Time to do their job the all of us want, impeachment and illegals out of America, or come 2016 we may fill up the seats with people of the other or no party and get rid of both Democrats and Republicans. If they think it can’t be done well the Democrats did not think they would lose the Senate and more seats in the House.

  100. martin Gries says

    Now you know why they want to take away our guns….

  101. Jay Star says

    Guess they didnt get the memo! Most of the American people are tired of the crap being handed down by Obama. We want it stopped, thats why we elected the Republicans to do what we thought would be the will of the people. Instead we get the oh my, we cant do anything about anything! We will just sit here and collect our paychecks and perks! They need to use the power of the purse on anything and everything that Obama writes up with his magic pen! Keep him busy trying to get the money to do these unconstitutional things till January, when they will have control of congress! Play hardball for a change!

  102. Korean_Vet says

    Since GOP can’t defund Amnesty–we can “Abort” the president’s surname–“Obama” & by that,
    every “Bill of Congress” & 2 ‘Supreme-Court’ Appointments that he ‘signed’ with the “Wrong Legal
    Surname” will be rendered “Null & Void” at the time they were signed–(Not when the “Fraud” is
    discovered-!) (Clue–Ann Dunham remained ‘un-married’ at the time of her “Illegal-Son’s Birth”-! )
    (“Bigamy is Forbidden by Law” in the USA-!) Grace “Kezia” Obama at age 70 (during interview with
    London’s “Telegraph”) Stated & maintained “She had remained ‘married’ to Obama Sr. until his Death
    in Kenya in 1982-! Her statement verified that Ann Dunham remained ‘un-married’ when her son was
    born-! Obama Sr. made sure this president was a “Illegitimate-Son” by remaining ‘married’ to his 1st
    Wife, “Kezia”, as he ‘signed’ a “worthless marriage-license” to 16 yr-old naïve Ann Dunham on Feb 2,
    1961-! (If “Fraud” or “Misrepresentations” is present at the ‘Signing’ of any “Legal License or Document”
    it renders the “Legal Document”–“Null & Void” at the time it’s signed–(not when the “Fraud” is discovered) Thus, Ann Dunham remains ‘unmarried’ when her “Illegal-Son” is born Aug 4, 1961-! (This supports the WND article about 24 months ago)–when the Obama Campaign at a Golden CO Rally, where the president remarks to the Rally–“Let’s face it, a mixed kid from Hawaii born to a ‘single mom’
    is not likely to become President of the United States-!” (Page 126 of “Dreams of my Father” by B. Obama) Ann Dunham says “And there was a problem with your Father’s First Wife-! He’d Told Me
    that They were Separated-!” (‘Ann knows that He lied about being ‘Divorced’-!) Type in–‘The Nearly
    Aborted President’–29 yr-old (‘married’) Obama Sr. gets 2nd High School Girl Pregnant in MA in 1964-!
    (This Last Scandal was “Jumped On” by the Foreign Press, “Asian News International” & “Telegraph”
    when INS Documents revealed Obama Sr had paid for the Girl to go to London for an Abortion–Since
    Abortions were “Illegal in the USA-! George Soros in 2008 “Censored” it–from being revealed in USA
    by Owning 30 Major US TV Media-! “Duped” by Obama Sr’s Lies–Ann thinks she’s married & makes
    a ‘mistake’ on her “Illegal-Son’s” Certificate of Birth–She ‘Signs IT & Voids IT’-! Look at the Certificate
    on the Internet–it’s Signed “Stanley Ann Dunham Obama”-! She signed it as a ‘married woman’ to
    Obama Sr. & She WAS NOT-! Her “Misrepresentation”–“Voids” his Birth Certificate-! So–if her
    ‘Signature’ was “Real or Forged”–it won’t change the Result–Since She wasn’t “Legally Married” in the
    First Place-! The ‘Main Thing’ is–Ann’s “Illegal-Son” obtained a Surname–that he Never was “Legally-
    Given”-! (And using that “Wrong Legal Surname”–“Voids” anything else He ‘Signs’ as “Legal-
    Documents”-! It’s a “Criminal Offense of Fraud” to “Misrepresent Yourself” on any “Legal Documents”-!
    It’s Wrong to use a Stolen-Name–It’s “ID THEFT”–since that name has a “Legal Copy-Right Owner”-!
    But Ann Dunham’s “Illegal-Son” does have a “1st Title-Right” to his mother’s maiden-name–“Dunham”-!
    He is ‘her child” & Therefore, his (real) “Legal-Name” is–“Barack Hussein Dunham”–not Obama-! In a
    “Legal Marriage” the Wife is “Legally-Given” her Husband’s Surname–to create a living “Legal
    Partnership” & their “Legal Children” who are born during that “Partnership”–receive & ‘Inherit’ their
    Father’s Surname-! ( “Illegal-Children” DO NOT-! ) ( “Date-Rapists” & “Sperm-Donors” do not get the
    “Legal Right”) to place their Surnames on Children–It’s an Insult to the Child-! If Ann Dunham never
    has a “Legal Marriage”–then She’s ‘Not’ “Mrs Obama” & She has no “Legal Partnership” & has ‘No
    Legal-Husband’ & ‘HAS’ no “Legal-Son” who is Surnamed “Obama”-! I’m a Family Genealogist with
    3 Ancestors aboard the “Mayflower” & I’d know better than to Sign my name as “Al Gore” of “Bill Gate”-!
    1st–that’s not my “Legal Name” & 2nd–That’s “ID Theft” & “Fraud”–a “Criminal Offense”-!

  103. brian James says

    Nazi’s do what Nazi”s are, gutless and cowards who take for themselves and screw the people. they could not read the Constitution like not one read Obamacare but yet they all voted for it and said how great it was. if it is so great why don’t they have it. hang all the treasonous traders, rope is cheap. hell just reuse it after each trader swings.

  104. Paul Brown says

    This is crap, if they want to defund this thing they can but they want to wait for 2016 elections. Well if they don’t do anything to stop this destructive train from going down the tracks, there will be no republicans in Washington any longer because this amnesty bill and osama and the demoncraps will make damn sure of that.

  105. Colleen Cardoza Souza says

    First of small the reason Republicans cannot do anything about illegal immigration is because the people we voted for will not be able to do anything until they take over office on January 1st! What I don’t get is everyone is that what Obama did was illegal only the Congress the house can pass these laws if the president veto’s it then we need a 2/3 vote to turn it around. If this does not happen then maybe the American people need to get rid of all government and vote for all the new laws or change old ones! The newly voted for politicians need to do what the American people voted them in office for don’t worry about the Latino vote the people that came here legally do not want you to care about their future not the people who broke the law to come here! They may all resort to not even bother going the legal route! there will be a bigger problem on our hands if its not happening already United states government gives out 1.5 million visas per year to come here legally!

  106. Jarhead says

    Then figure out something else and do it without whining. Just do IT – – FAST !

  107. Bruce True says

    Information you can send to our congress to help curb it

    90% of the population don’t realize the 14th amendment of constitution to the U.S. didn’t come about until 1868 and was for children of free slaves not anchor babies to be used as an excuse to stop deportation of illegal they use this as a crutch and this has caused the problem in the first place. What needs to be done is a clarification of the 14th amendment from congress .

    To help here is a point that shut any Democrats mouth if they ever throw that in your face they will lose and that is what congress needs to do to our emperor.

    1. The Mexican government benefits by pushing off as many of their extremely poor and poorly educated people as possible. You wonder why? Because these illegal aliens mail back an estimated 20 Billion dollars a year into the Mexican economy. Mexico also uses the U.S. Social Services programs ( and other tax paid programs and services ) to benefit Mexico’s Citizens ( illegal aliens in OUR country ) with U.S. Tax Dollars to the tune of 250-300 BILLION dollars YEARLY ( Direct and indirect cost to U.S. Citizens ).

    2. Mexico has been spending millions in the USA to pro illegal immigration groups and an American based Ad agency to boost the perception of illegal immigration to trusting Americans. It’s simply a business decision. Spend a few Million and Mexico continues to get 20 Billion a year in returns. Is it any wonder that in one rally they are destroying American flags, making threats to hurt our economy and schools, then next all wearing white and draping themselves in American flags. They are well trained to “pull at the heart strings” of America for the sympathy vote. Don’t fall for it. Do what is right for AMERICA and what benefits AMERICA!

    3. The Mexican Government has been involved in all aspects of assisting these illegal aliens to enter our country. I’ve heard about a plan to give cheap GPS units ( And Maps! ) to “groups” of Mexican illegals crossing into the USA and Maps to get around official border patrol and Minuteman groups volunteers on the Southern Border. They even make a booklet to the poor to give hints on how to enter illegally, what to do, who to contact, dangers, if you get caught etc… Below is a copy of one of 32 page booklet and a News report about the 200,000 GPS units.

    4. If these 15-20 Million illegal Aliens get their back door Amnesty to back door front of the line citizenship reward, they will then, through reunification programs, bring in an estimated 30-45 MILLION relatives both real and bogus. ( Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers etc. etc. etc.… This would be on TOP of the 15-20 Million Illegal Immigrants for a VERY real possibility of 60 Million pouring across the Southern Border.

    5. “Anchor babies”, the practice of having an pregnant illegal alien enter the country, or they get pregnant while in the USA, accounts for 10% of the current birth rate in the entire USA! This is an abuse and loop hole of the 14th amendment. Why do they do this? Well, they use their ( Usually from Mexico ) babies to circumvent citizenship laws, thus the parents ( and other Central / South American relatives almost always ) then ride the child for permanent rights in the USA and then bring other relatives in through the child.,1249,600147361,00.html

    6. Did you know that more Americans have been killed by ILLEGAL Immigrants in the USA than in the IRAQ war. Did you know that the U.S.A. total financial support of ILLEGAL Immigration with all its direct and indirect costs is greater then the IRAQ war.

    7. 50%-60% of all street gangs across the USA are illegal aliens. Some of the most deadly gangs like MS 13 and 8th street are among the most dangerous, filled with illegal aliens. Countless hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant criminals fill our Federal, State and local jails for very serious crimes in addition to illegally entering the USA. Illegal Immigrant gang crime is rising rapidly and spreading across the USA. MS13 and Los Zetas are some of the worlds deadliest. According to Heather Mac Donald ( from Sen Hayworth’s book “Whatever it takes” ) 95% of ALL outstanding warrents for homicide in Los Angeles are for illegal immigrants and up to 2/3 of all fugitive felony warrents are for illegal aliens as well.

    8. 25% to 27% of “Federal Prisoners” are from Citizens of Central and South America ( Mainly Mexico! ) according to a U.S. Government Site. This doesn’t take into account the millions in state jails.

    9. Pro illegal immigration groups have tried to put pressure on CNN to have Lou Dobbs removed from CNN. He is a Great American who has documented the severe problems related to these illegal aliens and a leader in the fight to stop illegal immigration. He is on almost every week day evening. A great place to find informative and truthful information.

    10. The majority illegal aliens are seeking “amnesty” in order to reap the 250+ BILLION direct and indirect U.S. Tax dollar benefits ( and more once they obtain amnesty to back door citizenship) given to them every year. They have broken customs and border laws, millions have illegally avoided income tax which would put most CITIZENS in jail, MANY involved in other major document fraud ( bogus federal Social Security cards, bogus ID / identity theft , bogus birth certificates, bogus green cards etc. etc.). Some have killed and injured U.S. citizens and border control agents. Regular citizens would be thrown in jail for these things.

    11. These illegal aliens want to be rewarded with back door citizenship in FRONT of 280 MILLION people who legally and patiently wait for their turn at citizenship. Is it fair to reward those who break laws to enter the USA illegally ?

    12. In 1986 an “Amnesty program” was given which gave about 3 MILLION illegal aliens “Amnesty to Citizenship.” This was supposed to take care of and stop any future problems of this nature. This “Amnesty program” failed and it only spurred on 15-20 Million now and they now “Demand” Citizenship or they will “do this or do that” to OUR economy or OUR Citizens. This was a big lie told to American Citizens in 1986 and it is a big lie now. Giving ANY FORM of amnesty will only bring on another wave of invaders like the great California gold rush. Amnesties have never worked in History and each “Amnesty” has only lead to even larger numbers of Illegal Immigrants entering to hide for the “NEXT AMNESTY.”

    13. Have you noticed that several members of congress have been trying to sneak sharply elevated numbers of VISA’s. This is because “IF” these 15-20 MILLION illegal aliens get citizenship, they will leave the “so called jobs Americans don’t want” and flood all the main stream jobs across the USA, as “Citizens Of USA.” Then the USA will have to back fill ALL these jobs that the previous illegal aliens left, with a NEW tidal wave of illegal aliens who will then later demand their citizenship because the last two groups ( 1986 and 2006 group ) got theirs. Think your job is safe? Don’t bet on it. They are willing to work much cheaper then you in order to bump you out. It happens ALL the time. Fight now while you still can.

    14. Currently 280 Million people all over the world wait patiently and legally for their chance at citizenship. Why is it fair to let those who illegally entered the USA, breaking multiple laws be given “first in line status.” Let alone the ultimate reward of “back door amnesty” to citizenship!

    15. Illegal aliens in Mexico, when caught are charged with felony, jailed for 2 years and then deported as felons. Yet, U.S. Citizens don’t have the same protection? In most cases, when they are simply caught at the U.S. border, they are simply pushed back on Mexican side, only to try again, at a different location later till they make it. And though Mexico “demands” humane treatment for its citizens who illegally migrate to the U.S., regardless of their legal status, Mexico provides few protections for illegal migrants on its own soil. If the USA would charge these illegal border aliens, as felons, it would bar them from ever obtaining citizenship which would dramatically reduce illegal immigration attempts. That’s why the pro illegal immigrant groups are fighting the “felony provision!!” Help close this loop holes which are abused by illegal aliens.

    16. Illegal aliens are 50%+ more likely to be on welfare or other type of major U.S. tax paid $$$ benefit program.

    17. The quality of American Schools along border states with Mexico have been hurt by over crowding and behavioral issues, and language problems.

    18. I’ve read that 80+ hospitals/major treatment facilities have closed in California alone because of the cost of caring for illegal aliens. These are hospitals that U.S. Citizens depend on but no longer can because of illegal aliens. This is also happening across the entire USA at an alarming rate.

    19. Barriers DO WORK. They are also VERY cost effective ( as seen on CNN news ). In areas where the U.S. has made modern and well made barriers, illegal aliens have had great difficulty crossing and simply avoid these areas to find open borders. Barriers ALSO save Billions in Tax dollars by making less “dependents” for U.S. tax payers. You ask, open borders. Yes, there is currently TONS of open borders and not nearly enough border guards to stop the invasion. They simply hide along the border and come across when they see a weakness in our security.

    20. Approx 2/3 of illegal aliens cross the U.S. / Mexico border and about 1/3 of these MILLIONS simply apply for a VISA, knowing they will simply hide after the expiration date. BOTH are major problems. Elevation of the amount of VISA’s offered into the USA will only circumvent and make more loop holes for illegal aliens to enter this way and the pro illegal immigrant groups know it. Don’t let the current levels of VISA’s be elevated.

    21. Can criminals, terrorist, drug dealers, murderers, robbers and other felons cross the border ? The answer is absolutely yes yes yes, and they do virtually EVERY day. The border is so weak that this is THE prime weakness in our nations security. People from ALL over the world cross through the Mexican/American border.

    View our other LINKS to Sites to see with your own eyes.

    22. Serious crime along the U.S. / Mexican border are on the rise. People living along and near the border have been victim of serious crimes by illegal border crossers.

    23. Open lands and federal parks along the Mexican / American border have been severely trashed and in some places ruined for years to come because of illegal border crossing. Many of these federal parks and open lands are NO LONGER SAFE for American Citizens to enjoy because of the dangers brought on by these illegal aliens. ONLY with modern and well built barriers will citizens be safe from these problems. I’ve even read reports of murders along these border crossing areas, sometimes involving U.S. Citizens. Currently some civilian groups are trying to raise funds to assist in building a barrier to protect U.S. citizens, but they badly need our help!

    24. Some Mexican and Pro Illegal Amnesty leaders have the gall to claim that regions of lands like Texas, Los Angeles and other areas belong to Mexico and they have every right to take it back. Remember our ancestors at the Alamo fought and died to give to us this country that we live in now. They gave their life for the USA, we only are asking for your ACTIVE support to stop this invasion and NO MORE Amnesty / Citizen Programs for those who entered illegally.

    25. In some locations of America they have “Sanctuary Laws” ( and “Special Order 40” in California ) which actually are designed to shield illegal aliens from being caught. These are usually areas where so many illegal aliens have swarmed that they influence the legal system over then objection of most CITIZENS of the USA and the politicians there are too weak to stand up to these illegal aliens. In these areas, police can be actually be under great penalty just for asking the legal status of a suspected illegal immigrant. Any law that criminalized our law enforcement hinders us from capturing, arresting deporting illegal aliens must be changed at the federal and state level.

    26. Did you know that even though illegal immigration is supposed to be “illegal”, many states actually give these illegal aliens state ID cards ( Drivers License) , which many terrorist would love to get. This gives them complete freedom to blend in like a U.S. Citizens and makes catching these illegal terrorists difficult. Illegal criminals and illegal aliens use these difficult to tax paid benefits and “hide” appearing to “look” legal with these cards. This is the first item that law enforcement uses to establish residence and identification. Without a drivers license, it would make law enforcement and detection of these illegals much easier!

    27. Think the current numbers of illegal aliens is not a problem? Consider this! The population of illegal immigrants in the USA currently is higher the the entire population of over 13 States including Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Idaho, Maine and Nebraska ALL put together. This doesn’t even include the relatives ( approx 45 Million ) of these illegal aliens who WILL enter the USA if the current illegals gain “Amnesty” to back door “Citizenship”.

    28. Don’t be fooled by the Kennedy Amnesty Bill which would permit either front door or rear door “Amnesty” to legally protect a Majority of these 15-20 Million to either stay ( most ) or leave and be given assurance that they WILL come back soon legally and the U.S. Government will help them to come back ( either hidden in expanded VISA’s or so called work programs to Citizenship programs ). This is the same kind of game as the failed 1986 “Amnesty” program. Bottom line, it provides for almost all of them to stay in the USA one way or another. It also gives them the ultimate reward of back door “Amnesty” to Citizenship, even though they broke many serious U.S. laws!! SAY NO TO THE KENNEDY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT AMNESTY CITIZENSHIP BILL! Under the Kennedy Amnesty Bill, only a VERY SMALL fraction of the 15-20 Million would actually be told to leave. Also, the Majority will either STAY or get LEGAL help to come back. They will then be FREE to bring in MILLIONS and MILLIONS of their relatives into the country within a few years after these illegal aliens get their citizenship. ALSO, when you look at the Kennedy Amnesty Bill, BE CAREFUL for the INCREASED VISA numbers, WELL above the current numbers of VISA’s. As you know, VISA fraud equals 1/3 of ALL the illegal aliens in the country. These increased levels will only provide for MORE loop holes through our border!! The KENNEDY AMNESTY BILL will be LOADED with loopholes from vague or easily forged documents to say they have lived in the U.S. longer then they have, to sanctuary laws to highly elevated VISA’s, to minimal enforcement /punishment to those caught here illegally, all in order to make this “Amnesty Bill” weak, just like the one in 1986.

    29. PLEASE Vote for “Bills” like the Cornyn Kyl Bill. They live ON THE BORDER and they know illegal immigration problems , which will spread like wild fire if we don’t stop it now. As senators from Texas and Arizona, Cornyn and Kyl represent approximately 85% of the nation’s southern border. In preparation for the bill, the two Senators have carried out a thorough review of the nation’s immigration laws this year, including chairing seven hearings on various aspects of the issue. “In the past, we have not devoted the funds, the resources, or the manpower to enforce our immigration laws or protect our borders,” Cornyn said. “The bill we are introducing is based on the rule of law, and our need to restore enforcement of our laws.We must enact laws capable of strong enforcement, and our laws must be fair, requiring all undocumented individuals to go through the legal process.” “Beyond the notion of returning the rule of law to the border, the single most important aspect of this bill is that it does not reward those who have broken the law, and does not constitute amnesty,” Sen. Kyl said. “As a nation, we have made both of those mistakes and learned from them – they are the reason we now have an undocumented population as high as 15 million.”

    30. Support The REAL ID ACT to strip US ID cards away from Illegal Immigrants. These cards are used to obtain US tax paid benefits and US Jobs for which they are not legally entitled to have, but obtain BOTH Illegally with our US Drivers license / US ID cards. The REAL ID ACT also closes loop holes abuse by illegal immigrants and straightens our Southern border.

    31. Support the SAVE ACT that “Saves” US Jobs for American Citizens and Legal Immigrants and puts in place safe guards to prevents ILLEGAL Immigrants from using loop holes and other illegal means to obtain US Jobs.

    32.Don’t believe the pro illegal amnesty groups claim the a border fence would be too costly. Facts show that well built border barrier actually SAVE money because the costs of the illegals that cross over time far exceeds the cost of the construction of a proper barrier. It has also been shown that crime also dramatically decreases in locations where these barriers are built.

    33. Another claim that has been brought by the pro illegal amnesty groups is that it would be too costly to deport all the illegal aliens who have ignored U.S. law and have cross illegally into the USA. Simply placing and ENFORCING stricter ( with very costly fines ) laws on employers of illegal aliens, stop paying tax paid benefits to those here illegally, stricter border protection and giving ALL our law enforcement ( Police/INS/ICE/Border Patrol ) all legal rights to capture and deport illegal aliens, these illegal aliens will simply run out of funds and migrate back over to Mexico. This would cost almost nothing and the fines on employers should more then cover any legal issues related to their deportation.

    To list ALL the dangers both economic and criminal that illegal immigration brings to the Citizens of the United States of America is overwhelming. To give “Amnesty” like the failed amnesty program of 1986 ( bringing in 3 Million illegal aliens in 1986 and now in 2008 , 15-20+ Million ALL and their family should give us all a hint what will happen IF approved ), will only bring on a wave of illegal immigration like the USA has never seen. We are a Nation of Laws. They knew the consequence and that they were breaking laws of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Please vote NO AMNESTY, NO CITIZENSHIP to ILLEGAL ALIENS period ! We need to make a stand NOW or we will open up Pandora’s box. Also stop the abuse of the 14th Amendment with the “Anchor Baby” loopholes that make it easy to circumvent current citizenship requirements. Insist on the “felony charge” which will significantly reduce attempts to cross the border, because they will realize that if they are caught they will never be offered “citizenship”. It will also shut down a major loop hole by the pro illegal immigration groups.

    Do we invite a burglar to stay in our house after they have taken something from us? So, why should we completely ignore and bend laws, that U.S. Citizens would be arrested for? And to give Amnesty/Citizenship to stay in America Legally ( or to “Hang out INSIDE the United States, which is Amnesty ) is NOT fair to ANY Citizen or Legal Immigrant of the USA. To NOT arrest people for these types of crimes is NOT fair to ANY U.S. Citizen or ANY one who waits legally for citizenship! No Amnesty, NO Citizenship EVER for ANYONE who illegally entered the USA, period!

  108. gutz22 says

    The results of the 2014 mid terms was not only about illegal aliens (I refuse to use the word immigration as it is more of an invasion) it was a clear rejection of Barry The Bathhouse Punk’s committed goal to destroy this nation.The GOP were given a sweeping victory by the people to stop the Punk.In order to truly represent the will of the people The Punk needs to be reined in & removed from office.

  109. Proudvietvet58 says

    I simply do not buy into their statement “They can not defund Amnesty”!!!!

    I have to call B/S on this one!!

    Perhaps a few “Recall Elections” will show our New Congress and Senate WE MEAN BUSINESS!!

    It is not that hard to do!!!

  110. aclay777 says

    “”””PURE POLITICS “””” This is the exact bill that was purposed after the Republicans lost big in 2012, except the pathway to citizenship had 11,000,000 in contention for all these positions, accept not healthcare and preferential treatment for the low paying jobs. What made that fail was Border security, where the Republicans hasn’t blown their horn loud enough in lieu of the mass illegal immigration from other countries including terrorist this 2014. guess we can blame the lack of horn blowing on the Alphabet channels, (ABC, CBS,NBC and CNN). NOW, OBAMA, takes a similar version, less people, yet more cost , and allegedly adds the Long denied Border security to his action, which is, I’M CERTAIN, is a ruse, “another lie.”
    The Republicans strategy is risky; with Obama’s action so quick after these 2014 election in all hopes it will fade with other major destructive issues along the way; hoping for memory loss in 2016. Once given, it’s hard to remove. However, the jobs issue over regular Americans can be dealt with, lets seen if they are all just politicians with enough, yet, to few to oppose these underlying actions into other agencies realms, making it appears as if there is decent among politicians, when really just theatrics, I’m not a Tea partier, but there message is the best one for real Americans and real immigrants that have the desire to be a real American, which I understand, voted republican this time, which sneds the loudest message that is being ignored. There is another way, fill out the forms as they have done for about 80 years, you know, abide by the law.

  111. The duck says

    Obama admitted to breaking the law when he announced his amnesty executive order. That is an impeachable action, self admitted to. He promised to continue to break the law until congress changed the law making his position legal. All of which makes him a liar and a criminal. He took an oath of office twice to uphold the laws and constitution of the United States and broke his oath. He is a liar and a criminal.
    I say congress is obligated to impeach him. What is this not having the ability to do so? We need to keep in mind how congress stalls and next election replace as many as possible with those who love our country.

  112. Florio Vino says


  113. David Brown says

    Yes they can. With a simple well crafted statement in each bill preventing any funds being spent to support this illegal and traitor directed action.

  114. Phil says

    OK, can’t de-fund immigration great. This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. ENGLISH is the Language we speak. If you can’t read or speak ENGLISH get out. All applications must be in ENGLISH, Drivers Licence application, Rental Contracts, Street Signs, purchase contracts, Banking, Job Applications, every thing that must be on paper, written in ENGLISH. STOP the Anchor Baby BS, no more welfare for non ENGLISH speaking people, no hospital benefits except for EMERGENCY’S only. This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and our language is ENGLISH. if you can’t speak it or read it GET OUT, go to some country that you can speak and read the language.

  115. Greg137 says

    Obama and the democrats hate the poor and they always have..
    THIS IS WHY WE DON’T want MODERATES in charge of the Republican PARTY!!!

  116. Bryant Hill says

    This is what Americans want is for Republicans to defund amnesty.

    You had better do it.

    What Americans want is for Republicans to defund ObamaCare.

    You had better do it.


  117. ConservativeSenior says

    Republicans have put on their surrender diapers.

  118. daledor says


    They mean ‘someone is paying me real good to go along with this and my vote is not really a vote so why vote?” To which I say, YOU ARE FIRED YOU SORRY TRAITOROUS SCUM! YOU SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL OR KICKED OUT OF AMERICA.”

  119. FloridaJim says

    Today it is said “we can defund immigration amnesty. Why can’t we get the facts such as Lois Lerner;s emails are gone…we found them….no they are lost…we found them…. we look like idiots with all the partial information and few facts.

  120. Peter B. Duran says

    If Congress has the power to de-fund the Obama’s Amnesty so do it ASAP,

  121. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says

    The 2014 elections were about the economy, stupid!!!!!! Illegal immigration deleteriously affects the economy in many ways, I.e.,, massively stresses out the entitlement programs, stresses taxpayers because of the huge pressure it puts on collecting more taxes, and it affects the job market because lower income illegals will take jobs from real Americans.

  122. Samuel E. Warren Jr. says

    The Constitution spells out Congress holds the purse strings. Even in Kentucky Republican Hal Rogers isn’t willing to grasp the idea.

    Here is an idea, perhaps, even Rogers might grasp: Who is The Landlord Of The Government Of The United States ? The people and Congress is their realtor, thus, Congress, in essence, “Owns” or “Manages” government real estate. Congress makes the phone calls and local police department show up to padlock the office areas and office buildings used by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and all the nostagia fools in Washington D.C., who want to keep rolling back to the 1960s and 1970s have their padlock offices, which are symbolic of the student “Sit-Ins” when administrations got locked out of their college offices.

    The GOP can shut down Obama’s “Pie In The Sky Amnesty On The Fly” Immigration plan without breaking a real sweat. They can even figure out a way to look at the flaws of past Immigration Amnesty plans and overcome or lessen the glitches and the main thing is they are not allowing “I’m Late For My Golf Game Obama” to pencil whip immigration, so that he ends up with an Islamic State or al-Qaeda caliphate in West Virginia, Virginia or Maryland within spittin’ distance of Washington D.C.

  123. John R. Turner says

    Arrest then seems to be the best answer then. There is more than enough evidence to arrest and convict obummer for High Treason and Misdemeanors. That would nullify any laws signed by him.