Restoring the American Economy to Greatness


Only a couple of months ago, a Federal Reserve survey revealed that Americans felt, by and large, that they were worse off financially than they were five years ago. A new study of the world’s economic freedom has the United States ranked 12th, a considerable drop from the heady days of 2000 when we ranked second. Job force participation rates are at staggering low levels, despite Obama’s insistence that things are getting better.

Moving the country forward into better economic times will take more than just a few tweaks here and there. We need to reconsider the strengths of free market capitalism and return to the principles that allowed us to become one of the richest countries in the world.

Lower Taxes
Taxes need to be cut across the board, and we need to get rid of this idea that the rich should be paying more than their fair share. This is Obama’s number one contention, and it is entirely wrongheaded. Small business owners are unfairly targeted by Obama’s tax plans, stifling innovation and reducing job opportunities for the middle class.

We could send the economy rocketing into the stratosphere if we were to take a pair of scissors to the red tape of federal regulations. I understand the dangers in true laissez-faire regulation, but what we have now is equally untenable. By reducing regulation responsibly, we can remove the shackles from American businesses, letting them compete in an increasingly global economy. Government should be there to help business, not kill it.

Reign in Spending
Conservatives have been hammering this point since before any of us were alive, but our representatives in government don’t follow through on their promises. How do you reign in a beast that thrives on its own expansion? We’re handing out IOUs like it’s no big deal, passing trillions of dollars in debt to our kids. There is so much waste, it’s unconscionable. We need politicians willing to stick to their guns when power and money come into conflict with principle.

Draw Big Business Back
We’re losing major American companies to tax inversion. Rather than attack the fundamental taxation problems that encourage companies like Burger King to find headquarters outside the country, Obama wants to paint them as unpatriotic. Maybe they are. But business isn’t about pledging allegiance to the flag; it’s about making money. You want to inspire patriotism in these fleeing corporations? Make it irresistible for them to return.

Prepare for Big Changes
Politicians, voters, businesses, and schools. None of them are preparing for the enormous changes our economy is going to experience in the next fifty years. We are on the precipice of an Automation Age, and we are nowhere near ready for it. When robots and computers replace half the American workforce, we’re going to have some startling issues that we haven’t even begun to discuss on a national level. Yes, we need to address the problems of today, but we also need to be preparing for the inevitable shift coming tomorrow.


  1. Helen says

    Have you ever heard of Our Lady of Fatima…. You can google that and get all the information you need. Only she can bring the peace we are hoping for… she herself stated “Only I can help you”. If you truly want peace, the peace that only heaven can provide…..It is time to start heeding this message!!!

    1. Uzoozy says

      The message should be that people should be good to each other.
      This is an universal message , religion plays a major part in conflicts come to common terms on take the good and discuss the rest later.
      Three major religions have God as the common factor we could agree on that.

      1. Deborah G says

        TWO major religions ISlam isn’t a religion it is an ideology and a philosophy of control and abuse add in a mysoginistic abuse ,? Not a religion a Satanic Cult

  2. Joe T says

    Helen………..just a thought…………JESUS…………really only answer……….amen

    1. Uzoozy says

      In the current synod taking place, after 2000 years still trying to prove Jesus is God.

    2. Sue4477 says

      Joe T, I like you better and better! GOOD ONE!!

      1. Joe T says

        Thank you Sue..the TRUTH BE TOLD

  3. ralph says

    We can turn this country around but that is not the matter at hand. The one at hand is get rid of Obama number one priority

  4. Kent2012 says

    A good chance to accomplish the turn around right after unloading the democrapos in congress and electing a president…then eliminate the Fed, IRS, EPA, and nominate Real Americans to the courts of the land as well as the courto supremo… more commie lesbians…

  5. James Andrews says

    America will never attain the level of prosperity and greatness we once had, until we force the downsizing of our government, both on the Federal and state levels. It is that simple. When the monster has been allowed to grow, unchecked, it takes on a life of it’s own, and it is not pretty!

    1. Kent2012 says

      in addition we need to exterminate all the “America haters”…these scum are responsible for our slide downhill….and the current administration has help from so many of these folks that should be exterminated, instead the next administration will ask them to leave and then pay them retirement for Real Americans….something stinks with that….

      1. James Andrews says

        think it’s time to start jailing those in Washington, as well as in many of our states, especially those who vote to overspend and add to the debts!

    2. Deborah G says

      NTIL we get rid of democrat Progressives

      1. James Andrews says

        That is a huge part of it, Deborah G!

    3. 7papa7 says

      It would be very simple to turn the country around. Get rid of all the outrageous requirements that have been put on business. Lower the tax rates on business down to a max of 16%. Implement the flat or fair tax. Require a balanced budget. Cut waste in all agencies. Eliminate all unnecessary agencies and the list goes on and on but you get the point.

      1. James Andrews says

        I certainly do; but we’re facing a seriously uphill battle, between the tax and spendocrats and the RINOS!

        1. 7papa7 says

          It is an uphill battle but one worth fighting. We choose our battles and saving America from destruction is one I choose to fight.

          1. James Andrews says

            I feel the same, 7papa7…..we can’t give up!

    4. mrmsjb12 says

      yes “SUPER DOWNSIZE”

      1. James Andrews says

        I am glad to see someone else gets it!

  6. pmbalele says

    This article puts us back to square 1. Did you know that Repubs and TPs are primitive and dumb people living in advanced country? After reports came out unemployment dipped to 5.9% these morons came swinging that the true unemployment is 14 to 16 because some people have given up looking for jobs. I am asking these morons – how are these 14% without jobs living with Congress that hates poor people? The present Congress, infested by TP and radical Repubs, will never give free money to unemployed people. TPs and Repubs want the unemployed dead. So only when there is bad economic news these morons regard the reports as true. But when economic reports favor President Obama the
    reports are lies. Thanks a lot- telling me how biased, brain-washed and radicalized TPs, Repubs and right wing media are. FoxNews anchors such as O’rielly and Hannity always try to find fault with the present administration. Now the economy has shifted in President Obama’s favor Bill O’rielly is quiet about the economy. O’rielly has now shifted his gear. He is now talking about ISIS, Syria, Iraq, Benghazi and the IRS. O’rielly does not want to know ISIS is offspring of GWB when he went to Iraq the 2nd time killing Sadam. At that time Sadam had been contained and was ready to sell his oil unfettered to US. O’rielly cannot come to terms President Obama is on top of those issues. As usual, I have warned Bill O’rielly and Hannity to stop the hate-card otherwise they will suffer heart attacks; just for thinking the present administration is doing an excellent job. Please remember never to vote for TPs and Repubs on November 4th.

    1. James W Parker III says

      You are out in left field! TP’s and Repubs would love for everyone to have a job! They would also like to have big government butt out of the job market. The fact remains that nearly one in five (20%) of Americans are not employed and are no longer counted as unemployed since they have given up looking for a job and no longer qualify for unemployment benefits. Those other unemployed people who still get benefits at at about 5.7 %. ObamaCare is one of the biggest hurdles for small and medium sized businesses, and beginning next year for all businesses. Tack on the EPA, Dodd-Frank and numerous other Federal laws and agencies and you will find more reasons to stay out of business. . .You can make smart-ass remarks about morons, but you only disclose who you really are. With 49 million people on food stamps and millions more receiving housing vouchers and other assistance, you can’t blame Repiublicans in Congress. Democrats have ruled Washington since 2007, and they are making a mess of the private sector and small businesses that provide most of our new jobs.

      1. pmbalele says

        You’re a liar. I did not know White people lie too. How do you know 20% of Americans are not employed and are no longer counted. Please give me your source of information that 20% are not counted among the unemployed.That is speculation and speculation is not evidence. It is good that some unemployed or underemployed are getting help from the government.

        1. Sue4477 says


  7. MILES E DRAKE says

    Obola and his retinue of traitors and fools are about 80 per cent done in their plan to reduce the United States to a central american or African level economically. The next part of the plan, making the country demographically and culturally similar to a third-world state, is proceeding apace. The intentional importation and spread of Ebola will complete the job, decimating and paralyzing the native population while providing a pretext for the establishment of dictatorship.We must stop the party of ISIS, Ebola and Amnesty in 19 days, then take to the streets every day until Obola is forced to resign and flee, taking his grotesque consort and his moron underling with him to whatever sand dune or rain forest really gave him a birth certificate.

  8. Deborah G says

    Simple OBAMA is an Ideological A-hole. Can’t say it any plainer than that. He just doesn’t get anything that isn’t from Saul Alinsky. Neither can Killary.Commie Lite

  9. William Fisher says

    We’ve got a commie in the White House we need to get rid of first and of course all of his henchmen.

    1. mrmsjb12 says

      don’t forget dirty harry and nasty nancy now we will have to work with killary klinton

  10. Mark Clemens says

    If you really want to fix the economy, first thing we must make overseas manufacturing less profitable by reimposeing TARIFFS. This method was successful from 1880-1914 (there about)
    Its called PROTECTIONISM look it up. The GOP, Tea Party, DNC, and Wall Street don’t want you to know about this
    Lets talk about Fair Tax. Like all government named programs, it does the opposite of it’s name. This tax code will give companies w/over 500 employees 0% taxes. The code will stick the rest of US w/a ADDITIONAL 23% sales tax (federal) on top of your state sales tax every purchase every time. That’s a lot of cash every time you buy stuff…..
    Also the Fair Tax crowd will lie, and say this will get rid of the IRS. OK I’ll roll w/this lie for a second.
    Here’s a logical question:
    If we don’t have a domestic tax collection agency how will the Fair Tax Money find It’s way to the Treasury?
    Their answer is dismantle one tax agency (IRS) Replace it w/50 other state level agencies. In short they trust 50 state IRS’ over just one IRS. Either way any domestic tax agency can target certain groups. The Government could add more % of Fair Tax to the price of a gun, for example,
    Tariffs are collected by CUSTOMS. No domestic tax agency required. Also tariffs were the Treasury’ s #1 source of review from 1790 (Day One) until the 1920’s. Then slowly Big Biz reduced them to token 3% from a usual 17%-25%. Thats why we are in debt. Reduction of tariffs was a double negative hit to the Treasury
    1. We stopped collection of the tax
    2. When manufacturing went overseas we now have a poorer tax payer,…,.,,..
    If you want to bring back our economy, wright your congressman and tell them to bring tariffs back….

    1. Sue4477 says

      “That’s why we are in debt”. So the trillions of dollars Obama has run up on the Nat’l debt has nothing to do with it? Obamacare & the fallout has nothing to do with it? The huge numbers of illegal aliens taking jobs that Americans need has nothing to do with it? Your idea may have merit, or may hurt businesses who employ people. Either way, you’re deflecting Obama’s responsibility
      for our debt in many ways & focusing on one point that may or may not be helpful for a tiny % of the debt he’s run up..

      1. Mark Clemens says

        The lack of tariff revenue started in 2001. That plus putting the war on the national credit card is what started the gap in revenue. Because nobody has done anything intelligent to replace the tariff revenue reduction the problem has gotten worse. Yes Obama and the Democrats have added other costly stuff to our debt too. Every journey begins w/a first step. The first step in bringing our economy back would be reimpose tariffs. Giving anybody a income tax break at this point would make matters worse. Actually I think the government should do away w/tax rebates period.

        1. Sue4477 says

          Would you have a flat tax? What do you think about the possibility that tariffs
          could make many things over-priced for us to buy? I expect our economy to tank & make purchasing by US citizens & illegals reduce whether an item is made in the US or not. Do you think tariffs would even out the cost of foreign vs. American products?

          1. TexasStomp says

            There are good and bad aspects of Flat vs Fair tax. The clincher for me is that FLAT tax is EQUAL for every earner based on TOTAL income except W4 dependent deductions.

            It does away with the need for better than half the people working for the IRS and tax accountants too. Whether you earn 20 thousand or 20 million, the rate is the rate.

            Even a 6th grader can figure out how much dad and mom owe.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            That’s true, but you have the mathematically challenged people saying
            “My 10% is more than the Poors 10%……..”

          3. TexasStomp says

            Doesn’t matter anyway. So many wealthy patrons donate so much to candidates dedicated to keeping them wealthy while getting wealthy themselves, nobody elected will support a flat tax system. The wealthy don’t toss buckets of money at candidates for no reason. They expect those candidates to work for them, not America and far as I can see that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for decades. We The People just don’t factor in our own country anymore.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Sad……….., but true.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Before the IRS thing I was all for a 10% yearly income tax. After the IRS Scandal, I’m against ANY DOMESTIC income/sales tax. The Tax Man is a Tyrant’s #1 tool. Look what Obama did. Who’s to promise the next President won’t do the same again?
            I think tariffs would make domestic manufacturing more favorable for USA workers. Tariffs were how the Founders filled the Treasury. In 14 years of nickel, dime, and quarter tariffs, Thomas Jefferson had enough money to pay Napoleon Bonaparte $15,000,000 for the Louisiana Purchase………
            That ain’t chump change either.

          6. Sue4477 says

            True, that’s a lot of money & quite a few yrs. ago. Esp. compounded by the bigger size of the nation & businesses today. Do you really think it would make up for the lack of any income tax? Or that it would be something that would ever get through Congress?

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Think about all the goods that get imported here DAILY. Hundreds of Millions of items. That’s a lot of waisted (uncollected) revenue. To me, it’s like oil coming out of the ground, and nobody in DC is smart enough to put it in a barrel to sell it. Even Jed Clampett was smart enough to sell his swamps oil………

          8. Sue4477 says

            Thanks for explaining your idea. Have you tried contacting your Congressmen to get it started? I think they might still hold on to an income tax.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            Once, but you could tell he was chained to his campaign donations.

          10. Sue4477 says

            As most seem to be. I wonder if all of them received your idea in a letter or email, if it would start to look good to some & then gradually build support over time until a bill was introduced. They ARE desperate for money, except the ones who think deficit spending can go on forever.

          11. Mark Clemens says

            Even if tariffs didn’t bring jobs back like in the 1880s era, they still would bring in a large amount of revenue to start paying off this debt. Those $100,000 donations make Congress turn a blind eye to an EZ solution.
            Money talks
            Congress walks……..

          12. Sue4477 says


      2. Mark Clemens says

        Everything can’t be Obama’s fault. The lack of tariffs are G.H.W Bushs fault (NAFTA)
        Bill Clintons fault (WTO)
        Bush jr and Obama jr are just letting it happen.
        Actually the last 4 presidents are at fault……
        See how bipartisan this is? Two Rs and two Ds.
        They are playing bait and switch. Just like the Ds blame Bush jr for the mess. If we get a R president the Rs will blame the whole thing on Obama, because most Americans seam to have a short memory, and cling to party lines.
        It’s all part of George Soros & the Koch Brothers master plan to install a Corporate Style of Government here. First they must bankrupt the Treasury, and reduce our civil liberties…………..

        1. TexasStomp says


          Wake up, voters.

        2. Sue4477 says

          Oh I can certainly agree that BO is George Soros’ willing puppet. He’s the money behind the dems & rabid libs. I read Soros is working to establish a one world bank & ruling group or board that I think he would consider himself highly qualified to be a part of. He’s really into control and incredibly narcissistic.
          Koch Bros. I have to research.

          1. Bruce O'ryan says

            Research Evelyn Rothschild while you’re at it. The Truth will make you want to throw up.

  11. pmbalele says

    Now we know Repubs and TPs secrets. We are dying because Repubs and TPs in Congress cut funding for Ebola research. I hope you will not vote for any TPs or TP endorsed candidates. Repubs and TPs were raised as bad people. They are so much into money making that they want to kill you with Ebola.

    1. Sue4477 says

      AND Obama ELIMINATED the CDC regulations on EBOLA in 2010. Talk about advanced planning! No wonder the CDC & Texas hospital looked bad. No Surgeon General, no competent CDC, no Ebola reporting standards. THEN we get a Surgeon General with NO medical knowledge!! Gee, what could possibly be less helpful?

      1. Sue4477 says

        I will most certainly NOT vote for ANY DEM. Even if my other choices aren’t so great. Dems & BO are responsible for way too many evils in our nation. They & libs are way off in their thinking & defy the Constitution, Amendments & the great freedoms our country was founded on. Dem BO has handed us over to our enemies. There are more critical issues than the 1 Ebola issue, especially when you consider what a DEM BO did as written in my reply to you, above. BO has done his best to AVOID helping the people of our nation re: Ebola. How can you be so blind? So clueless? Get educated on the issues. Use your logic and reasoning.

        “Repubs & TPs were raised as bad people”: this is poor thinking but great prejudice. You can’t make that kind of blanket statement about any group & this is one of the most ridiculous I’ve heard. I have Christian values which are being STOMPED ON by Dems, not the other parties.

  12. James W Parker III says

    This is a wonderful article that sums up many conundrums facing us in the future. We are like lobsters in a pot giving up a little more of our freedom every day. Ever wonder why there are so many wealthy Democrats? I think it has a lot to do with tax policy. Back before Reagan, paying taxes for the wealthy and even for those making more than $50,000 per year, was considered optional. When rates were exorbitant in the 1940’s and 1950’s up to 91%, the wealthy hid behind tax shelters. They only had to find one good one out of ten to be a winner. When Kennedy dropped the rates to 75% in the 1960’s, you needed to be a little more choosy, When rates dropped to 50% in 1982, suddenly every tax shelter had to be good as you were risking 50% of your investment. When it dropped to 28% in 1986, tax shelters all but disappeared and the wealthy finally paid taxes for the first time since the 1930’s. sounds crazy doesn’t it? Ask your CPA But look at the huge increases in taxes collected under Reagan’s tax cuts!!!

  13. Michael Skok says

    America’s un-greatness is spelled, “M-A-D-E I-N C-H-I-N-A” on everything we buy in the store. This is a country that is trying to destroy us in any and every way possible.

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