Revealed: Why Trump Shut Chris Christie Out of His Administration


If you were inclined to place bets on who would or wouldn’t get a spot in Donald Trump’s administration last fall, Chris Christie would have easily seemed like one of the safest wagers you could make. Many regarded the New Jersey governor’s “kamikaze” mission in a February Republican debate as the straw that broke Marco Rubio’s back, clearing the way for Trump to begin winning state after state. And after dropping out of the race himself, Christie quickly endorsed the improbable frontrunner, becoming one of the few elected Republicans to do so at that point. While some were surprised when Trump passed over Christie to make Indiana Gov. Mike Pence – a Ted Cruz guy – his running mate, Christie’s job as chief of the transition team seemed to clearly indicate that he’d have his pick of top jobs.

As it turned out, of course, that wasn’t the case.

Since Trump’s snub of Christie, a number of theories have emerged attempting to explain what went south in the relationship. In the bestselling “Devil’s Bargain” book, author Joshua Green hinted that Trump grew tired of Christie’s boisterous, loudest-mouth-in-the-room personality, a bad trait to have around a man accustomed to being the center of attention. Others speculated that bad blood between Jared Kushner and Christie, dating back to the latter’s prosecution of Kushner’s father, may have finally caught up with the New Jersey governor. There were even reports that Trump found Christie’s innocence in the Bridgegate scandal tough to swallow and disapproved of the way his ally threw his employees under the bus.

But now, we may finally have the truth.

According to Steve Bannon, who sat down with “60 Minutes” host Charlie Rose this weekend, Christie cost himself a job with the administration when he bailed on Trump at a time when the nominee desperately needed friends to stand beside him.

In a discussion about the mood of the campaign after the infamous Access Hollywood tape dropped in early October, Bannon said that he regarded the tape as a “litmus test,” one that would prove who would really stand by Trump through thick and thin.

“It’s a line I remember from the movie ‘The Wild Bunch,'” Bannon said. “William Holden uses it right before that huge gunfight at the end. ‘When you side with a man, you side with him.’ The good and the bad. You can criticize him, but when you side with him, you have to side with him. And that’s what Billy Bush weekend showed me. Billy Bush Saturday showed me who really had Donald Trump’s back to play to his better angels.”

Bannon said that Christie didn’t fit the bill.

“Christie, because of Billy Bush weekend, was not looked at for a Cabinet position,” he said. “I told him, ‘The plane leaves at 11 o’clock in the morning. If you’re on the plane, you’re on the team.’ Didn’t make the plane.”

Instead, Christie was on New York radio with Boomer and Carlton, doing everything short of throwing his candidate under the bus.

“Let’s be really clear, it is completely indefensible,” Christie said of Trump’s remarks on the tape. “I won’t defend it and haven’t defended it. That kind of talk and conversation, even in private, is just unacceptable.”

With those words, and his absence from the war room over the weekend, Christie may have ultimately cost himself the only shot he’ll ever have to make something more of his political career. When the going got tough, he got the hell out of dodge.

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          17. Mike says

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          18. kbmiller says

            Barn Muck, ignorant DumbA$$ok RATS don’t seem to be able to understand that the Electoral College determines the results of Presidential elections. How stupid are you?

          19. Mike says

            can you read? can you count beyond the number of fingers and toes you have. I did not question that trump won the electoral college. the moron I was responding to listed the popular vote totals and showed trump winning. I was merely correcting his stupidity.

          20. bytheway4 says

            Mike, they went thro all of the votes for the popular vote and found out that they were all illegal votes so Trump won the popular votes also.

          21. Mike says

            oh my goodness. I am concerned you believe that. they have done anything of the sort and there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. trump won the election, but trump is lying when he says millions of illegal aliens voted in the presidential election.

          22. Phil Esposito says

            Stop quoting the Bible. You’re a satan worshiper. That’s the only way to explain your brain washed belief in the BS the media has spoon fed you.

          23. Mike says

            You call him a Satan worshiper but you are the one following a man in Trump who has violated virtually all of the 10 commandments and has admitted to sexually assaulting women. He was also accused of raping his first wife, by that spouse. You call another person a satan worshiper when you line up to spoon fed lies from Donald Trump. wow.

          24. Phil Esposito says

            Another brain washed idiot. His locker talk with Bush did not say he assaulted anyone, only that he could get away with it. If you kept up on current events you would have seen Ivana’s apology for saying the rape charge bc they were in the middle of a divorce proceedings. But since your head is shoulder deep in the MSM a-hole you only hear/see what they want you to. Turn off your TV and think for yourself………….. I’m sorry, is that even possible for you?

          25. Mike says

            You are the one who believes the ridiculous lies from President Trump who lies about 70 percent of the time; You need to wake up and actually try and look through the unbelievable lies Trump says.

          26. Phil Esposito says

            I’m still trying to figure out who you work for……… CNN, MSLSD, ABC, NBC, CBS or do you live in your own little false narrative world where no facts enter but lies live.

          27. Mike says

            I am sorry I do not live in the Trump fantasy world which is what you were describing. I am not sure how people can continue to support a man that lies as frequently as he does, but then again I thought for sure people would wake up before the election and not elect a man who had no interests except his own. I was wrong then so I cant be too surprised that I am wrong now.

          28. Phil Esposito says

            I’m sorry…. when you said “I am not sure how people can continue to support a man that lies as …”. I thought for sure your next line was going to be “like the way I supported Obozo’s lies for 8 years”. That POS porch monkey f*cked America with help from brain dead morons like you.

          29. Mike says

            there is the racism from the trump supporter. thank you for showing your level of intelligence.

          30. Phil Esposito says

            So…. no reaction to the truth?

          31. Mike says

            Did President Obama ever lie? Of course he did and the largest one was that you could keep your doctor. This was a large lie, but it pales in comparison to the number and weight of the lies Trump tells. I am not sure what other “truth” you are referring to as the last post was just an idiotic racist rant.

          32. Phil Esposito says

            Please help me understand the lies Trump told. Perhaps you can enlighten me.

          33. Shirley says

            Mike,……Give it a REST, Already – will you???? PLEASE??????

          34. Phil Esposito says

            Oh, btw, I didn’t vote for Trump. I wrote in Sen. Cruz. But I do believe in supporting the Commander In Chief and did the same with Obozo until he started showing his hatred for American.

          35. kbmiller says

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          49. Ted Crawford says

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          50. Ed Anderson says

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          53. kbmiller says

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          54. skisok says

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          55. skisok says

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          56. Phil Esposito says

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          60. Phil Esposito says

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          62. kbmiller says

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          63. skisok says

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          64. Jim Tuggle says

            are you really this stupid? Conservative, law abiding citizens are in favor on disarming and eliminating criminals, including the terrorists and the illegal aliens.
            Only honest, trained persons should have access to firearms; or for that matter knives and baseball bats, iron bars or pipes…

          65. skisok says

            That’s bullshit. The GOP refused to require gun dealers checking those they sell guns to make sure they were not on the do not fly list. Why don’t you do your research and check the Congressional record instead of being stupid all of your life.

          66. bytheway4 says

            skisok, you are a typical brainless idiot, Obama created ISIS and has been funding them with our money, they and obama are the terorists. Hillary send guns and ammo to ISIS while she was running ( against America).

          67. skisok says

            You are the King of imbeciles voted on numerous occasions as the imbecile of the year. In fact in your high school year book, you were voted the most likely to be a moron. I see you have accomplished that mission. When you get your facts straight dumb dumb, then let’s talk.

          68. kbmiller says

            skisux, look in a mirror when you make comments, you F’n jack hole.

          69. Molon labe says

            Not just “one of the worst”–THE WORST!!!

          70. gotabgood says

            Or the WORLD…. you left out the rest of the world and their POSITIVE thoughts on President Obama.
            In fact the only ones that dislike Obama are the deplorables..

          71. ARTPSYCH says

            May your self entitlement legacy be remembered as a yawn!

          72. richard king says

            You bet. This man was, and is, a traitor.

          73. Mike Slaney says

            A little reminder of History that LIBERALS have an infinity to forget, How many times did it take Edison to invent the correct element for the light bulb? So you see, aren’t you glad he did not give up at the 11 time mark? Because if that be the case, YOU would most likely not be on this computer spewing out your poison. On the flip side, we are all Humans that fail miserably, what makes people winners? We don’t give up in the light of Tyranny and the stupidity of people, we get back up and fight. Because there are things greater than ourselves, other people who haven’t a clue from a hole in the head from a hole in the ground. It’s called TRUE FREEDOM, and it takes sacrifice, sometimes blood but all the time Righteous Effort, it COSTS! There is NO FREE TICKET, other than to HELL, it seems today that many are grabbing that one!

          74. Mike says

            What does Trump know of sacrifice? He was given millions from his father on more than one occasion to keep his businesses afloat. He received multiple deferments from serving in the military including one medical deferment for alleged bone spurs in his ankle, but when asked by a reported which ankle he told the reported she would have to go look it up. Where is the sacrifice from Trump ever in his life? He is a self-serving individual who ripped off several small businesses in his ventures by refusing to pay them for the services they rendered him and his companies.

          75. Knowledge Transfer says

            Imbecilic comment based on hearsay and common opinion not faultless facts.

          76. Mike says

            What part do not think is based on facts? This article details the illegal loan his father made to him to keep his casinos afloat as he bought millions in casino chips but never played them. this article details his deferments and that he could not remember during the campaign which foot he received his deferment for. this details the dozens of lawsuits for trump for not paying contractors and others for services he or his businesses received. Again what exactly was not based on facts?

          77. Knowledge Transfer says

            You are not based on facts.

          78. Mike says

            Once again I actually presented evidence of every statement I made, but as with most Trump sheeple you refuse to believe it and will only believe what he tells you.

          79. Knowledge Transfer says

            You pick fly dirt out of the pepper while exaggerating exceptions that are irrelevant as compared what he was elected to do. Trump also failed to shine his shoes when he was 6 months old. You forgot that one!

          80. Mike says

            Well you are a good Trump sheeple ready to put your head in the sand for all the negative things Trump has done and ignore his current incompetence. Well done as only a true trump sheeple could ignore his past.

          81. Knowledge Transfer says

            How many nitwits in a bushel? How many morons in a peck?

          82. kbmiller says

            Muck, tell us about X pres. Barrack Hussein OHOMO’s past. Where are his college records, applications, and grades? Who were his communist mentors?Who wrote his books?

          83. Mike says

            where are trump’s college records? where are his taxes? we know who wrote his book and that author has gone on record that he should have called trump’a sociopath. he also said trump’s net worth was approximately 250 million. trump sued him saying that claim was false. he lost, but of course the transcripts of thise depositions are sealed.

          84. kbmiller says

            Muck, waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa quit crying you F’n baby. Live in glass house, don’t throw stones. Grow up. People with brains are concerned about the economy, taxes, health care fix, security, the border, crime, terrorism, union control of our education system, welfare scams, police being targeted, DumbA$$ok RATS wanting no voter ID’s, main stream media and Hollywood’s Leftist LIES, etc. Grow up.

          85. Mike says

            so in previous posts you demand transparency from president Obama, but when the same is requested of president trump you say I am a crybaby.why exactly do you require greater transparency from Obama? what are you afraid of learning about trump? trump is the least transparent president in our history. he has released less information than Obama but you are apparently alright with that.

          86. kbmiller says

            Muck, politics works in a time line. You know, setting policy/precedent. Since Barry OHOMO didn’t let American voters see his REAL birth Certificate, college records, Lois Lerner’s IRS papers, Fast and Furious docs., FBI surveillance of his campaign, Benghazi docs., etc., why should the next guy in line?You pin headed leftists never think about the Golden Rule, do you?

          87. Mike says

            he did release his real birth certificate. the sad part is that trump is less transparent than Obama by the right makes excuses for him. why is that? you demand total openness from obama, but trump will not release a thing and you blow that off. your hypocrisy is sad.

          88. kbmiller says

            Muck, if you think that what was released was a rel birth certificate, you are as naive as the rest of the DumbA$$ok RATS who voted for the unqualified, incompetent , boneheaded JACKASS, Barrack Hussein OHOMO. It’s fedseral law that a Pres. candidate proves his citizenship. If the JACKASS disavowed it in college applications, don’t YOU think that is evidence? There is NO law that says a Pres. candidate must release his IRS forms. Don’t you know these facts? Or are you just another IDIOT repeating DumbA$$ok RAT talking points?

          89. Mike says

            you are not correct. presidential candidates do not have to prove their citizenship. in addition yes it was a legal birth certificate unless you are that moron Arpaio. even president trump has acknowledged he was wrong and president Obama was and is a citizen of this country. you are correct that there is no law that requires a candidate to release their taxes as there is no law that requires a birth certificate or college records to be released. my question for the trump sheeple is always the same. why is it alright in your head to demand more transparency from obama, but when trump lacks all transparency you shrug and are ok with it. it is completely hypocritical.

          90. kbmiller says

            Muck for brains, how stupid are you? There are distinct requirements needed to run for president, age, citizenship,etc. You just posted that a candidate doesn’t have to show proof. Again ,I ask, how stupid are you?

          91. kbmiller says

            OK genius. Do you admit that there are certain qualifications that a person MUST have to be eligible for the presidency? I learned those in 4th grade. Whose responsibility is it to prove that the candidate in question is qualified? I never posted that there is a law concerning college records. I’m only suggesting that if those records were released, the truth would be revealed. In your opinion, why doesn’t OHOMO want his application , attendance, thesis, other writings, or grades posted? Must be something there he wants hidden . Didn’t Moochell(Michael) also have his/ her(its) racist papers locked up(Sealed) so American voters couldn’t see who these people really were? Only by questioning what the lame stream and the swamp tells you can you find the truth. Those that want it hidden should not be trusted. You voted for them.

          92. Mike says

            There are requirements to run for President. No state requires proof of a birth certificate to be placed on the ballot. They take the major parties word for it and no proof of citizenship has to be shown unless challenged in court. President Obama did produce both his long and short form birth certificates because of the racist antics of the birther movement. The state of Hawaii has signed off on the birth certificate and stated unequivocally that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen. In addition, were you aware that two papers in Honolulu had birth announcements for Barack Obama on August 4, 1961. I realize that you want to believe that there is some ridiculous conspiracy related to this, but the facts just do not back it up. No President has ever released their college transcripts, etc. This information is not sealed by any court order. Universities are not allowed to release this information unless given written authorization from the person. Why should President Obama release information that no other President has ever released? Why are you trying to hold him to a higher standard than you do President Trump or any previous President. The right always says it is not about race, but yet have no difficulty excusing PResident Trump not even releasing his taxes because it is not required by law, let alone his college record, but get all up in arms about President Obama not releasing every paper he ever wrote for any class he ever took. You show your hatred by even suggesting that Michelle Obama is not a woman. That is despicable. She has had two children. Do you openly wonder whether Melania was in this country illegally as has been suggested or that she was a prostitute/escort before marrying President Trump? I doubt it because that is also despicable as she is also like Michelle Obama a beautiful woman.

          93. kbmiller says

            Muck, you are either gay or a woman, yourself. Which is it? Is that proof that YOU are LYING? Reading comprehension is a valuable asset. I posted that OHOMO could end the debate over his citizenship, simply by allowing the release of his college records. What are you and OHOMO trying to hide? I have my diploma, records, licenses on display in my office. By ACTIVELY CONCEALING his records, OHOMO is allowing the debate to continue, and increase the probability of guilt. If you don’t see that, then you are more stupid than I thought. Which is REALLY, REALLY stupid.

          94. Mike says

            How would releasing his college records end the debate over his citizenship that his CERTIFIED birth certificate from the state of Hawaii has not? The state of Hawaii has stated his birth certificate is real and that he was born in the United States. If that does not end the debate his college transcripts will do nothing for it. You have your college records on display in your office? Why? I get the college degree or a license hanging in your office, but why do you have your college records hanging in your office? That is extremely strange and I must admit i do not believe that unless you are extremely vain there is no need for anyone to see your college records. Obama’s college degree is verifiable with the University as is the fact that he was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. He is not actively concealing anything. He has proven his citizenship and that has been verified by multiple entities, but regardless of what he does you would choose to not believe him. this is obvious as despite both his short and long form birth certificates being released and certified by the state of Hawaii and multiple birth announcements in papers in the city of his birth immediately following his birth you believe that college transcripts including as you stated earlier thesis, attendance and other writings would prove he is a citizen? that is delusion of the highest order.
            As for whether I am gay or a woman I have no idea the relevance of that except to show your own bias. It is a shame that you have allowed racism and prejudice against the LGBQT community to cloud your rationale thought.

          95. kbmiller says

            Muck for brains, Didn’t GWB have his grades released when the DumbA$$ok RATS challenged his GPA against Gore and Kerry? Wasn’t his proven to be superior to both of the Liberals? If OHOMO admitted he was a foreign citizen on his application, THAT, is significant. Probably not to a FLAMING A$$WIPE like you though.

          96. Mike says

            he did have his records released and his gpa was a a bit lower than his opponents. he even admitted he was more known for his social life. it is not appropriate for that information to have been leaked and Obama has no obligation to release his college records. you will forever be blinded by your racism and bigotry. that is unfortunate. you allow a who president in trump to not disclose anything, but a black president must release everything.

          97. kbmiller says

            Muck for brains, I thought, as president, HillBilly Clinton was a scum bag and his policies terrible. Wasn’t he asked to leave Oxford over rape accusations? OHOMO admitted that he considered living the homo lifestyle. Since I believe both of these idiots are disgusting, does that make me racist? I never posted anything about an obligation, did I? You are blinded by your affinity to the jack booted thugs ruling the DumbA$$ok RAT party. They are funded by the Socialist and Communist Parties and the New Black Panthers in the USA. Or don’t you know that? I suppose you’d label me a Socialistist or Communistist as well as racist. Don’t you see how your logic leaps have NO logic behind them? Grow up you F’n CRYBABY. I couldn’t care what color these DumbA$$ok RATS are. They are greedy crooks only interested in lining their pockets with taxpayers $. Go away you JACKASS.

          98. kbmiller says

            You ignorant FOOL. “They take the major…….Who’s ,”They”? Anyone with even half a brain wouldn’t believe ANYTHING that came from the DumbA$$ok RAT party. You don’t qualify for that. As your pea brain isn’t equal to half. Keep exposing your stupidity, it’s amusing.

          99. Mike says

            it is amazing that you accuse me of ignorance when you have almost no knowledge about our government or apparently the ability to use a simple internet search engine. the truly sad thing is that you are exactly the picture of a trump voter. a person driven only by emotion with no actual knowledge. that is what made you so easy to manipulate. trump was right when he said republican voters are stupid and easy to manipulate. next time before you call someone ignorant do a basic internet search. you will find that the states do not independently verify presidential eligibility to become president and that process is left to the parties that nominate the individuals.

          100. kbmiller says

            Muck, please answer these 2 questions. 1. When did the blacks 1st start or demand the term African American be used to describe themselves? 2. In what year did OHOMO’s father’s birth land acquire it’s name, Kenya? Please answer those 2, as a difference of opinion can easily be settled.

          101. Mike says

            I assume you are going with the stupid argument from the right which is based on no factual information so I will answer the questions you will be asking.
            President Obama is identified as an African-American on the birth certificate- Fiction!

            President Obama is not identified as an African-American on his birth certificate. The birth certificate doesn’t name a race for Obama, but his mother as identified as “Caucasian” and his father is identified as “African.”

            President Obama’s birth certificate says his father is from Kenya, which wasn’t a place in 1961 – Fiction!

            Obama’s birth certificate says his father was born in “Kenya, East Africa,” but the claim that Kenya wasn’t a known place in 1961 is false. Kenya’s original name was Kikuyu. It was named after Mount Kikuyu, which means “mountain of whiteness” because of its snow-capped peaks. However, during British colonization, the name was shortened to “Kenya” because British settlers were unable to pronounce “Kikuyu.” It’s true that Kenya won its independence in 1963, but it was known as Kenya for decades before that.

          102. Knowledge Transfer says

            If this subject was about 2+2 equaling 4, you would dispute that 2+2 equals 4.
            When the right knuckle ride comes, we will know where to find you for your long overdue and fully needed brain transplant. Thanks for revealing yourself.

          103. Mike says

            you are a great trump sheeple. ignore facts and evidence or are you unable to comprehend it? it is a shame that at some point you will understand you voted for a conman.

          104. Knowledge Transfer says

            You see him as a conman because you have been coned. How to you get into a Fox Hole? You lift up its tail. You are lost in the big lie.

          105. Mike says

            I am sorry but that is you and how you blindly follow the current PResident Trump.

          106. Knowledge Transfer says

            You should be sorry because you are a Marxist myrmidon.

          107. Ted Crawford says

            Seriously? It’s his clearly flawed humanity, that he owns, that attracts so many.! Unlike your Messiah Obama and Queen Hillary, that, according to them, have never made any mistakes! Everything in history that seems to counter that, is ALWAYS…”the fault of someone else” !

          108. kbmiller says

            Muck, con man? You can keep your doctor. You can keep your health ins. PERIOD !!! Your premiums will go down $5000.00 per family. This won’t cost anyone a dime. No illegals will be covered . Who’s the CON MAN you JACKASS?

          109. Jimbosidecar says

            Oh yeah, evidence from dailykos. BwaaaHaaaHaa!!!

          110. Mike says

            there is no disputing that trump received an illegal loan from his father as he was fined for it. do some research that is a matter of public record.

          111. Jimbosidecar says

            I’m going to have to block you. You pegged my BS meter and my moron meter simultaneously. And at my age that’s not good. Come back when you can debate intelligently

          112. Mike says

            that is always the method of the trump sheeple. you see truth and you cannot have that so you block them. i.understand you cannot have facts interrupting trumps lies.

          113. skisok says

            I agree with President Trumps stance on Vietnam. We got absolutely nothing out of the war with Vietnam except for dead people. But I might add that the military industrial complex made a bundle on the war.

          114. kbmiller says

            Muck, sniff sniff, I’;m sooooo sowwy you DumbA$$ok RATS lost. Boo Hoo. Grow up you F’n Cwybaby.

          115. Jimbosidecar says

            HA! Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are. Taking something from Dailykos as fact. Almost spilled my coffee over that one.

          116. Shirley says

            Say Mike, do you think you’re any better? Do you believe3 you’re perfect??? If you do, you’re just kidding yourself!

          117. skisok says

            Mike didn’t run for President. Did he?

          118. What's that you say? says

            He is sacrificing right now because of people like you.
            He sacrificed a pretty sweet life to have to put up with your crap
            And your liberal friends freeloading spend other people’s money mentality.
            It’s funny how you losers hate successful people. Big baby
            Go out and make yourself a millionaire and quit acting like
            That guy.

          119. Mike says

            I am so tired of this ignorance from the Trump supporter that liberals are somehow freeloaders and are not contributing. The traditional blue states such as California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts residents give more money in taxes to the federal government than their states get back whereas traditionally red states such as Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, etc take more from the federal government than their states give back. It is the red states that are actually taking more while the blue states subsidize them. In addition, Hillary Clinton won about 500 counties in the last election. Trump won over 2600 counties. That is impressive, but who is actually producing in this economy? the counties that voted for Trump? No. Hillary Clinton’s 500 counties account for 64 percent of the economic growth in this country whereas Trump’s 2600 accounts for 34 percent. The point is that stop with your stupidity that the left is not working. We are in fact supporting the right wing people in this country who vote against their own interests like lemmings as they follow the conman off a cliff.

          120. What's that you say? says

            Talk about ignorance. You only support that level because you are taxed up the ass. The majority of the liberal democratic party are freeloaders. You and I both know that. If any one of them on federal assistance was not allowed to vote, your party would never win again. There are plenty well off conservatives who support the working class by helping them support themselves. That is why President Trump won. We also support helping the poor but not enabling them. That is the difference. Your party thinks poor people will never amount to anything and need your “divine help”. It’s a pathetic feel good for your ideology which does nothing for them. Look at Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and on and on all under liberal democratic policies. Your defense that five liberal states should dictate the policies of America are so misguided.
            Thank God the founding fathers
            were wise enough to put in the Electoral College because they knew there would be a concentration of wealth in select states that would try and influence and undermine the core values of the union.

          121. Mike says

            i do not have any issue with the electoral college. I have issue with ignorance from the right who erroneously believe that they support liberals. it is liberal states and liberal counties that drive this country economically and pay for those on the right. trump won because he was able to tap into the latent racism in this country and make people believe he could bring back a time when whites were the dominant force in this country and people believed him

          122. What's that you say? says

            Yes you do. You are a liar.
            Your narrative that all conservative are racist is not true and you know it. You are drinking the progressive kook aide. I am not a racist never have been. I think you are racist for supporting policies that hold minorities back kind of a form of passive aggressiveness. Calling out racism to pander votes for a misguided party is despicable. Keep up that narrative and you will have President Trump for 7 more years. And another Republican for 8 more,Please don’t change. You have no solutions only obstruction.

          123. Mike says

            I never said all Trump supporters are racist. Are all racists Trump supporters? Yes they are. The white nationalists are absolutely all Trump supporters. If you continue to support Trump despite his racism and his support of white nationalists then yes you are the company you keep.

          124. Ted Crawford says

            My life experience has shown me that usually the loudest mouthed soul, screaming “look over there” , does so in desperation to keep us from looking at them!

          125. Mike says

            then you must believe that Trump is completely guilty in the Russian scandal as he is constantly shouting to anyone who will listen he did nothing wrong and Russia would never want him as President or someone should investigate Hillary. Bottom line if you believe what you just said you must be very concerned.

          126. Ted Crawford says

            Professing innocence is NOT the same as labeling someone else with ones own vice! ANYONE, with a reasonable intellect, demands an investigation into Hillary’s activities! The preponderance of evidence from the days of the Mena Cartel to the present screams for it!

          127. Mike says

            you may be correct on that but the preponderance of the evidence also shows potential collusion by Russia and the trump campaign. it also shows the potential of conflicts of interest for trump in dealing with another foreign power. there is a preponderance of evidence related to possible obstruction of justice. I assume then that you are also for the special prosecutor investigating the president. again if we believe there is possible evidence against Hillary lets investigate as long as you use the same standards in trumps dealings.

          128. Ted Crawford says

            Respectfully Mike….WHAT “evidence”? All I’ve seen to date is innuendo, rhetoric and speculation! I’ve been actively involved in politics since 1968, and I’ve never seen an investigation go on so long without a single piece of substantive evidence being reported.

          129. Mike says

            for obstruction the first piece of evidence is trump himself in his national interview after the firing saying he in part did it in part due to the Russian investigation. now there is the initial draft of his letter to fire comey that has so many people in the white house spooked they have all gotten their own lawyers. let’s not forget about Michael Flynn and his discussions with russia or Donald Jr meeting with a supposed representative of Russia and in his own emails he expresses a willingness to quirk with russia to upend Hillary Clinton. nothing of substance may have come from that meeting, but there is certainly enough information to investigate.

          130. Ted Crawford says

            Indeed, due to the absolutely incompetent way in which Comey was proceeding with the investigation. In fairness, President Trump should have expected such incompetents given Comeys, astonishingly confused investigation into Hillary’s E-Mails. He come on Public Television and explains that, though she’s broken about 6 laws, he won’t be recommending prosecution, curious! Just days later he once again goes public with the statement that he’s re-opened the investigation of her! Not only is it painfully obvious that he has NO idea how to investigate anything, but the very fact that he went public, is a sign of incompetents on it’s face!
            It does appear that Flynn may have his teat in the wringer, however his actions took place well before he was involved in the campaign, egro;a non issue.
            The Trump Jr. incident is a complete nothing burger, always was!

          131. Mike says

            that is not correct on Flynn as some of his conversations with russia occurred after trump bands him as a member of the incoming government. also how can you say a meeting in which Donald Jr wanted to get information abut Clinton and admitted he would be open to collusion with russia is nothing? at last least try not to stick your head in the sand and be objective

          132. Ted Crawford says

            Intent, is a mitigating factor, not a prosecutable offense. If I kill someone with my car and it can be proven I fully intended to do so. It becomes Vehicular Homicide, rather than Manslaughter. I cannot, however be prosecuted for intending to kill someone if I never actually do so! Flynn was fired as soon as these meetings came to light, Whether or not President Trump was aware of them, beforehand, neither I, nor anyone else, knows.

          133. Mike says

            i am not saying there is a prosecutable offense discovered yet only that there is cause for a full and thorough investigation.

          134. Ted Crawford says

            Absolutely astonishing! This fiasco has been ongoing for nearly a year and a half, without the first single piece of substantive evidence being discovered. How long should we continue? Should we make Muellers position a Cabinet Level Institution and carry it on in perpetuity then?

          135. bytheway4 says

            Mike , how much did Soros and obama pay you to make your idiotic comments.

          136. What's that you say? says

            That’s stupid. I support President Trump and I am not a racist. You can say whatever you like.
            Obama is the reason we elected Donald Trump. It had nothing to do with race. Like I said keep up that narrative and you will continue to lose elections.

          137. Mike says

            so you stand by a man who stands up and equivocates the violence of white supremacists. a man who would not condemn David duke and claimed he did not know him despite him talking about him multiple times in the past. you may not consider yourself a racist but standing by an individual who sympathizes with racists is not much better. it helps give them strength.

          138. kbmiller says

            Muck Trump did condemn Duke, many times. Guess MSNBC, CNN, Salon, ABC, CBS and the LGBTQ sites you watch didn’t broadcast that. Didn’t OHOMO and Holder refuse to prosecute the New Black Panthers when they were intimidating, on camera, white voters with 3 ft. long Billy clubs, in Philadelphia? Isn’t THAT racist? How stupid are you?

          139. What's that you say? says

            He has condemned both on multiple occasions. You just choose not to listen.
            Your party has no ideas so you fabricate a sick story line.
            Your party kills babies, whether or not you agree with abortion, you stand with them. enough said.

          140. kbmiller says

            Muck, are you saying that Black Lives Matter members and the New Black Panthers are Trump supporters? They’re racists. Huh? Tell as JACKASS. Are they?

          141. kbmiller says

            He’s not smarter than that.

          142. What's that you say? says

            You’re right. I gave him way too much credit.

          143. kbmiller says

            OHOMO won with 99% of the nigra vote. Is that latent racism or more like BLATENT racism, you moron.

          144. Ted Crawford says

            We, Comrade, are NOT like you! Not at all! We elect people to reduce our tax liabilities. However when they are not successful in defeating your Socialist representatives, we demand of them that they find a way to get us the best possible return for our tax dollar!
            You poor delusional soul, on the other hand, select people determined to tax every working American they possibly can to the highest levels achievable to create funds to give to the people who have children and vote for their living!

          145. kbmiller says

            Muck, who owns the companies in the blue states that are productive? What party’s voters get the lion’s share of welfare? How stupid are you?

          146. kbmiller says

            Muck for brains Do you think that the welfare recipients in the blue states are paying the taxes? It’s the profitable businesses that are squeezed. Anyone with a brain knows that the major businesses, in a city such as Chicago pays the taxes, yet the city is full of welfare recipients who vote DumbA$$ok RAT. So your statement is both idiotic and irrelevant.

          147. Mike says

            the point is the blue states support the red states not the other way around. it is the conservative states that are the welfare states.

          148. kbmiller says

            Muck, look up HillBilly CLITons draft deferment. How many Law degrees do the CLITon’s and OHOMO’s have left between them? You should try to get more facts before making yourself look so STUPID on here.

          149. Mike says

            I have not defended Bill Clinton’s draft deferments. he dodged the draft as well. interesting that you bring him up, but are not concerned with trumps. as for their law licenses all but Bill could practice law. you should look up the facts on that one as both Michelle obama and Barack obama merely chose to place their law licenses on inactive status. Hillary Clinton did this as well. this is a common practice if you are not going to be active in the profession.

          150. Ted Crawford says

            Really? What, pray tell, did Obama know of it? He, like his Socialist Mother before him, suckled at the Government Teat ALL his life!

          151. Mike says

            Obama did not serve in the military but there was also no draft at that time either. trump repeatedly received deferments with one being a medical deferment that he cannot even identify what foot had the spurs. I realize that many wealthy individuals avoided Vietnam by joining the national guard like George Bush or dodging the draft like Donald Trump and bill Clinton.

          152. Ted Crawford says

            What has that to do with the fact that Obama knows nothing, nothing whatsoever of ‘sacrifice’! Hell I’m a two tour disabled Vietnam Veteran and I don’t give a fig what did or did not happen with respect to his military deferment 40+ years ago.
            I’m interested only in what he’s doing now!

          153. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            I’d like to see you fake bone spurs on an X-ray.

            BTW: Dickhead Clinton never bothered showing up for his physical. He played the drat board like a violin, true to his nature. Ever read the bullshit letter he wrote documenting his manipulations at avoiding the draft? Here:
            LMAO – he was asked to leave Oxford due to rape allegations. Seems he was willing to wage war alright, but on unsuspecting women instead of V.C.

            As far as Trump not paying his sub’s and contractors, the article failed to state that any of the suits were actually won by those who brought them. You’re just presenting more worthless fluff from the party that will cease to exist in its present form if Awan starts to sing like the little stool pigeon his is.

          154. Mike says

            there are no x-rays abd trump does not even know which foot was allegedly effected. of course the “spurs” did not stop him from playing college athletics.

          155. Joseph Slabaugh says

            I think you were looking for “reporter” but went with the stupid word “reported” to make yourself sound like a dumba**.

          156. Mike says

            i appreciate that you could find no fault with the substance of my post just a typo.

          157. Mike Slaney says

            Perhaps the better question is, What do you know of Sacrifice? Yes, the history of a man is important to determine his character, but may not reveal the change of a man TODAY! The whole picture please! Liberals, Media, and unscrupulous people leave facts out to paint a different picture, after all that’s what POLLS are for! For good or bad Trump is GOD’s choice, and His hand is on him, I dare not get between them. Case in point, Obama, I would be hypocritical to say I support him, I didn’t, 100%. His beginning was evil and so was his ending, so far. What I had to say about him in writing I would say to his face, respectfully with the facts at hand (not half truths) and NOT in my feelings. I would do the same for anyone, Trump, my friends, and even you!

          158. Mike says

            you honestly believe God chose trump? wow Christians that are trump supporters will overlook anything. so God chose a man that has violated at least four commandments. thou shalt not steal: trump has refused to pay many contractors who completed work on his properties. many of these were small businesses. thou shalt not bear false witness: trump has been shown to lie approximately 70percent of the time; thou shalt not commit adultery. trump has cheated on at least two of his wives. his first wife even accused him of rape. thou shalt not covet: trump has unabashedly coveted women, money etc. he admitted to sexually assaulting women even. this is assuming you also somehow believe he keeps the Sabbath day despite never attending church, but you maintain God wants s man president despite him showing no elements of faith? you are living in a fantasy world.

          159. Mike Slaney says

            Hello Mike, it appears you are a little knowledgeable of Biblical facts or at least familiar, lets deal with the word “CHOSE.” “God puts up Kings and sets them down.” so the answer to your question is, YES! (That does not mean He approves 100% in them. case in point, Many past Presidents including Obama and much further back in History, even Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Chan, Po Pot, and more. ” God uses men to bring Blessing and Judgement.)
            Lets deal with His sins, read my earlier post. Sabbath day, I sad NOTHING about “Sabbath Day,” but since you bring it up, It is good practice to acknowledge GOD in all you do, I however do not live under Mosaic Law but Grace in following Christ as a disciple. lastly, ” you maintain God wants s man president despite him showing no elements of faith?” I said no such thing! Faith has little to do with the sovereignty of GOD’s Will, GOD even uses SATAN to accomplish his will “even the demons believe, but they tremble.” Belief means NOTHING until it is applied. Just like medicine for your diabetes, you don’t take it, you get sick. Hope that helps!

          160. Mike Slaney says

            Mike it appears you have some Bible knowledge, question, Who is the worse, Satan, Trump, myself, or You? If you chose Satan, you are wrong! When it comes to EVIL We ALL come out from the same SEED. GOD is HOLY and He will Judge ALL likewise by SIN Nature. That is why Jesus Christ came to sever the relationship, to do something WE could not do, I suspect you know this. When GOD chooses some one to work through it can be to bless or Judge, View your history. Man chooses his way, but it is GOD who directs and steers the heart. “The heart of the king is in the hand of GOD.” Don’t get me wrong, GOD “ALLOWS,” the evil of man to accomplish His will, no matter how you think it to be, good or bad. Hitler did a lot of evil to the Jewish nation even though they were rebellious, wicked, evil and self-willed. Out of it came the Birth of the modern nation Israel who by the way is preparing them to be purged and cleansed through the Tribulation known as “Jacob’s Troubles.” No my friend, God uses Human instruments not human perfection(there is none).

          161. Shirley says

            How TRUE!

          162. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            And they’re grabbing by that ticket with both greedy hands….like Bill Clinton ripped pussy

          163. kbmiller says

            Mike, You are 100% correct, the DumbA$$ok RATS want everybody else, except them, to sacrifice….. our time, hard work and our finances. They think that freedom means they get free stuff, in exchange for their votes(For the DumbA$$ok RATS)

          164. Celestial119 says

            The fact that he overcame his bankruptcies, where others failed, and came out on top!

          165. jimmy midnight says

            The 1 about drawing Jared Kushner’s wrath by prosecuting his father, makes sense as a complete explanation as far as I can tell.

          166. Shirley says


          167. niknar says

            Amen! Whatever he says & does, we must believe & support him, because he is the image of the Lord Christ, & we must worship & obey him to the end.

          168. gotabgood says

            Even if your grand kids are required to learn Russian.
            or maybe this is better.
            ублюдок мой лидер DRUMPF
            Or better still
            ублюдок мой лидер Путин
            Better learn it… you are selling out to it..

          169. niknar says

            Oh, wouldn’t that be divine? Our Dear Leader for life! Praise the Lord Trump!

          170. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, it’s coming out now, that it was the Hell LIAR y campaign that was paying the Russians, you JACKASS. Look up Podesta bros. HA HA HA How stupid are you?

          171. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            And you still fucking lost!

          172. gotabgood says

            Hello Dumbshit,
            You know why I can call you that and feel very comfortable with my assessment on your intelligence??
            Because from this last post, you don’t think to highly of me, which is your right, but then you voted for me… hahahaha and I am not going to tell you when or what post. I think I will take a photo of it and maybe post it for all to see… hahahaha

          173. Ted Crawford says

            The “reason”, Comrade, is perfectly obvious, you are a narcissistic, babbling idiot!

          174. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, you criticize another’s reading in the same paragraph that you misuse the word, “to”. Not (Too) bright , are you?

          175. Ted Crawford says

            While you, almost certainly won’t understand, successful men and women will, it is his courage to try in the first place, his determination to succeed, his willingness to learn from his mistakes and try one more time!

          176. gotabgood says

            Ahhh I get it… to not pay his contractors, to scam students, to discriminate against other human beings, declare bankruptcy and then refuse to pay his lawyers… anything to get ahead… right?

          177. Ted Crawford says

            You’re not kidding here are you, you are truly as mindless as you appear! More’s the pity!

          178. Joseph Slabaugh says

            The “russian connection” – failed to be a real thing.

          179. gotabgood says

            Funny, I thought it was an on going investigation and you called it over before they even had a chance to talk to the big WIG..

          180. Joseph Slabaugh says

            So thats what you call yourself these days?

          181. bytheway4 says

            Is that what obama told you, just wait until obama throws you under the bus when he is done using you. You are really a brainless third grader .

          182. richard king says

            Because he got out there and tried, and built one of the most successful real estate empires in the world. Many entrepreneurs fail before they succeed, the losers can’t get up again. He has guts and brains, and that’s what we want for a president.

          183. Shirley says


          184. skisok says

            I agree that he is and not was a jackasses behind, but he indicted Kushner on a fraud charge. He was doing his job and doing it well in that instance.

          185. vinnieboyz says

            As we all no DACA is unconstitutional. We are quite aware that with the national debt continuing to rise. You are just piling it on our children and grandchildren. This is not right or fair to them or us middle class taxpayers. It also continues to change our culture & not for the better. It is also unfair to the people who do obey the laws & come into this country by way of legal methods. It also encourages more illegal immigration and more law breaking as being permitted in our country. It also take away jobs from our legal children & adults in our country. It is also giving social services away to people that should not qualify for any social aid paid by legal taxpayers. That is why social security is not keeping up with inflation and our legal citizens suffer the consequences.
            Please sign and forward this petition.

          186. ARTPSYCH says

            “Wassup masser”? “I knose I haff ta pick mo-cotton to get mo corn-cob”

          187. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            wassup Bro Just kickin some Liberal Democrackhead racist thug Ass!!!!!!!!!!!
            Im havin fun!!!!!!!!!!

            Democrats love leftist ideology with their latte’s and me I like eggs and hashbrowns with coffee with conservative values..

          188. ARTPSYCH says

            I did that out of humor and not for a racist attitude,

          189. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Everything’s Racist when its come to Liberalism there humor in that!

          190. ARTPSYCH says

            the thing is it’s the Democrat Party who hinges on racism since their Party began and it was the Republicans who wanted slavery to end well as Jim Crow laws, lynching, and segregation in schools and businesses. the democrats are trying hard to cover up their past by wanting to topple all the statues of past Democrats and covering up history in the history books. they are as corrupt as the Hillary machine is.

          191. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Exactly! I could not have said it better you are one deep and accurate Conservative..

            These Liberal racist are evil!

          192. ARTPSYCH says

            The Left is so unhinged they call everything Fascist or racist..even to the point of absurdity and incoherence. So if SPAM is a poor persons substitute for meat..i’d be called racist, because they would connote that to blacks and poor whites. So When some prick who happens to be white screams down the street in his hopped up truck with an american flag out the back waving ( I’ve seen this!)-if i yell at him i’d be a racist for impeding his freedom to squeal tires and wave the flag . It’s a 25mph zone and the white trash around here think they can do anything.

          193. Robert Uda says

            Do you remember when the Lefties called him a real genius? I don’t hear them say that anymore because the facts are in after eight miserable years of proof.

          194. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Exactly Robert, Obama was one of the worst jive talkin divider’s in America’s History he was a disgrace…the media protected this moron!!!!!!!!!!
            Worst President evaaaaaaa!!

          195. PoorPitifulPearl says

            Obama had big feet, alright, but rather light in the loafers. Carter didn’t make much of an impression, but that Trump boot ought to be the biggest — and on top!

          196. LIVE FREE OR DIE says

            Obama got the shoes on the tax tit.

          197. Jimbosidecar says

            This post is all I need to see. Picks the worst president in American history, and then the second worst. If you had a brain you’d be dangerous.

          198. Robert Uda says


          199. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, remember HillBilly Clinton said x pres. Barrack Hussein OHOMO would be serving him coffee a few yrs. ago. Yasaah Massah.

          200. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Thats why you Lost the election loser you losers are weak!!!!!!!!
            We rejected you!


          201. Franie says

            That’s why we don’t like Hillary!!!

          202. gotabgood says

            Sorry Moron…. Putin helped Trump… the evidence is over whelming…. investigation turns up more each week, it is now just a matter of time when you will hear Trump trying to pardon Trump…
            The only thing Trump cares about is Trump… better you find out now than later.

          203. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says


            You have no credibility!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoW look @ that crowd loser

            We Won You lost hahahahahahhahahahaha lol



          204. Sickofit says

            Where’s YOUR PROOF??

          205. Ted Crawford says

            Really? Splain, Mr. Wizard just what the hell does he stand to gain from being President?

          206. gotabgood says

            Well his hotel in NYC is booming… his golf course in Florida is raking in the dough…. plans for a Trump hotel in Manila and Moscow are in play…. who knows, maybe North Korea too.

          207. Ted Crawford says

            Perhaps you failed to notice, clearly you are too ignorant to know or understand, that President Trump, like every President before him, with the exception of Obama who had never done a single thing that wasn’t at the tax payers expense, divested himself of any control of all business interests.
            In President Trumps case he completely handed them off, permanently, to others. Most Presidents use a “Blind Trust” and resume control after their terms. In any case Comrade , these Hotels were already in the works before Trumps candidacy, and would have proceeded just the same with or without his having been elected!

          208. gotabgood says
          209. Jimbosidecar says

            “Evidence is overwhelming”. What evidence????

          210. richard king says

            There is no evidence at all.

          211. gotabgood says
          212. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            All you post is fake posts you liberal hating phonny!!!!!!!

            Your a Clown & Dummy like him !!

          213. gotabgood says

            Same for you since you can’t look anything up..


          214. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            You are Fake posts and you are brainwashed by the Liberal Rcaist thug Media…how old are you 15, 17 hmmm


          215. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Ru still posting lies and propaganda fake news find anything yet???
            Keep lookin you look like a Fool!!!!!!!!

          216. Joseph Slabaugh says

            UNDER whelming.

          217. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Sorry Moron You area fraud and a paid Fake post RETARD!!!!!!!!!!

            YOU ARE IGNORANT AND GUESS WHAT YOU LOST 8 YEARS BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY You cant do a thing but post nonsense we all LOL @ YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

          218. Robert Uda says
          219. richard king says

            That is complete garbage. Not one iota of proof after lies, fixes, and the Clinton criminal enterprises after him. The leaks from the DNC came from Seth Rich, who was murdered while in the midst of it. The real Russian story is about Hilary and the Podesta brothers, all slime, and it is coming out despite the bent politicians like Loretta Lynch and James Comey.

          220. gotabgood says

            Read and learn.. by the way where have you been? This is common knowledge now.
            The definitive Trump-Russia timeline of events

          221. Ed Anderson says

            gotabgood is a perfect example of what a person becomes when he/she eats a steady diet of MSM crap and constantly drinks DNC kool aid.

          222. Ted Crawford says

            In your case, it’s simply your foul breath blowing back into your face!

          223. gotabgood says

            And in your case, it is the crust caked on your upper lip…. where did you say you got that from????


          224. Ed Anderson says

            If you do smell it, it’s probably coming from your lips.

          225. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, she’s standing next to OHOMO.

          226. Ted Crawford says

            He clearly represents the lowest level of human morality! IE: typical Hillary supporter!

          227. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Sorry Moron…. Putin never helped Trump… the evidence is over whelming….
            You haven’t found anything…Crooked Hillary lost we crushed her….more & more Americans see thru you and the liberal lying Media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            investigation turns up nothing Again and Again more each week, it is now just a matter of time when you will hear nothing and Trump is the WINNER Again!!!!!!!!!!! Keep posting lies, distortions and hate you have nothing 9 months loser….you are a sick lying liberal Moron!!!!!!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP 8 Years and guess what you can’t do a thing but post lies and fake posts hahahahahha lmyassoff @ this idiot gotabgood my ass!


          228. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, the John Podesta’s brother was working with the Russians during the campaign. Get some facts instead of your stupid cartoons, you lame brained JACKASS.

          229. gotabgood says

            Here dipshit.. deal with these facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            BREAKING!! MUELLER TELLS MANAFORT he’ll be INDICTED!! [Updated]

          230. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, you flaming corksocker. Illegal wire tap by X pres. OHOMO who had everyone including, Rice, Comey etc., etc., DNI LIE for him. What they did was WORSE than what Nixon did in Watergate. It was proven that Nixon wasn’t involved in break in. OHOMO was involved in wire tap for POLITICAL reasons, you flamer. Keep showing how stupid you are on here. It’s amusing.

          231. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, you slimy dripping crunt lip…., Read it and weep you F’n jack hole. This dumbA$$ok RAT CIRCUS should have been shut down mos. ago. It wasn’t because you whining left wing nuts would have had a massive melt down.

          232. kbmiller says

            GotabGAY or {James Freeman 9/19/2017, did obama know about comeys surveillance} HA HA HA HA you JACKASS. And THESE are the people you vote for? How many times must I ask, “How stupid are you?”

          233. gotabgood says

            hahahahaha well dipshit… you voted for a traitor..
            You know actually that is not very funny.. a foreign government came in an hacked our system and fooled 38% of the people, and bought off the electorate.. and his now bowing to any and all of Putin’s wishes… get out of NATO.. destroy United Nations, lift the sanctions.. turn a blind eye to what is going on with Russian military activities…

          234. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, wipe that from your chin, you flamer. Everyone in OHOMO’s administration , FBI, DNI, CIA, etc. said Russia had absolutely NO effect on a single vote. Must I ax you again, “How stupid are you?” You show with every post. There is solid proof however, that Podesta was exchanging $ with the Russians and Hell LIAR y was instrumental with the sale of the uranium mine. Get some facts.Parroting Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Colbert etc. only exposes your ignorance.

          235. gotabgood says

            Sorry guy/gal… your opinions are worthless… do you even understand what the word “proof” means??
            You saying something doesn’t make it a fact.
            So until you can show me some proof… your post go here…


          236. kbmiller says

            gotab GAY, absolutely NO evidence !!! There is evidence , however, that the Russians donated ~$145 million to the Crooked Clinton Foundation in connection to Hell LIAR y helping them buy a large % of a US uranium mine. Didn’t you know? Or are you hiding those facts?

          237. gotabgood says

            Here is the beginning of things about to change the way you view things,,
            You talk evidence….. where??? I see your opinion… I seen NO evidence.. show me evidence..
            like this;
            WHO DO “YOU” TRUST?

            Trump Not Concerned About Facebook Ads, Says it is Part of “Russia Hoax”

            Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that he intends to turn over to Congress the contents of 3,000 Russian-bought political ads purchased during the 2016 presidential election.

          238. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, Zuckerberg? Are you kidding me? He’s advocating paying the lazy even more not to work. How stupid are you? Podesta. Uranium 1, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS,Lois Lerner, Eric Holder(1st AG to be held in contempt of Congress), Comie, stolen $ from Haiti donations, Donna Brazille, Debbie Washerwoman(Brideof Chuckie) Schultz, etc, etc. Spend some time researching those scandals you MORON. Then spend some time at the end of your boyfriend and stop bothering the adults on here.

          239. gotabgood says

            This is where I shall file your post!
            No facts!
            No truth!
            No references!!!!!!!!!!!


          240. bytheway4 says

            Franie, sorry, idiot you meant obama, he is the real devil, He hates you and America, time for you to open your red eyes now before it is too late and our country is gone.

          241. kbmiller says

            X pres. Barrack Hussein OHOMO, a brain dead, unqualified, incompetent, boneheaded JACKASS.

          242. richard king says

            Childish garbage.

          243. Cookie Vranish says

            All of the terrorists would see him like that! Are you one of those terrorists or just a little stupid?

          244. gotabgood says

            Let’s put it this way I don’t hide from the truth as the righties do….

          245. Robert Uda says

            You don’t know the truth when you see it.

          246. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Sorry Moron…. Putin never helped Trump… the evidence is over whelming….
            You haven’t found anything…Crooked Hillary lost we crushed her….more & more Americans see thru you and the liberal lying Media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            investigation turns up nothing Again and Again more each week, it is now just a matter of time when you will hear nothing and Trump is the WINNER Again!!!!!!!!!!! Keep posting lies, distortions and hate you have nothing 9 months loser….you are a sick lying liberal Moron!!!!!!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP 8 Years and guess what you can’t do a thing but post lies and fake posts hahahahahha lmyassoff @ this idiot gotabgood my ass!

          247. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says


            You have no credibility!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoW look @ that crowd loser

            We Won You lost hahahahahahhahahahaha lol

          248. Sickofit says

            Where’s YOUR PROOF???

          249. What's that you say? says

            He has no proof. It’s a left wing brainwashing of people with small minds.

          250. Frances Carlson says

            Does someone pay you to be obnoxious or are you just that way naturally? You are an ignorant fool.

          251. Bruce A. Frank says

            Gotta…Another paid troll!

          252. bytheway4 says

            gotabgood, I feel sorry for you , everyone knows about that garbage , Russia was all made up by Soros and obama.Obama entertained the Russian congressman 22 times at the White House. I think you better wake up, obama wouldn’t give you the time of day. He and Soros want the NWO so bad , they both hate America. You and the likes of you are fighting Trump and the American people for them that really hate you Please check out the NWO. There will not be an America ever again. It will be come one country with Mexico & Canada. The UN will. take over. No more America, understand? If you love America stand with Trump, he is trying to save it.

          253. Bruce A. Frank says

            Now that is really funny! Particularly after all these years of the Left loving Russia!

          254. richard king says

            There is no Russia-Trump story.
            There is a Russia-Hilary-Podesta story.

          255. gotabgood says

            JUST FOR OPENERS…. read them and be informed.. do not remain ignorant. God says you are responsible for knowledge you reject…
            THE EMAILS: Trump Jr. posts exchange that promised dirt on Clinton as ‘part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump’

          256. richard king says

            That’s gobbledegook, and God has nothing to do with it. Your source is bent.

          257. gotabgood says

            They are the emails sent back and forth..can you read?

          258. kbmiller says

            GotabGAY, your boyfriend is waiting for you.

          259. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, Russia has Podesta,Clinton stooge, on their payroll and gave over $100 million to the HillBilly Clinton Foundation. Didn’t you know? Or are you hiding those facts? You flaming JACKASS.

          260. gotabgood says

            Hey! Dipshit..
            Show me where you got your information.. your opinions and figures are worthless..

          261. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY BOY, look it up like I did, you FLAMING GAY JACKASS

          262. gotabgood says

            I seen some of your, “look it up like I did” web pages… you’re a joke.


          263. kbmiller says

            gotabGAYBOY, you ignorant POS, you are too stupid to either look this up or too leftist to admit the truth. Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, James Riady, Maria Hsai.…..….. Read em and weep you leftistASSWIPE. Admit it. Even the New York Times investigated and printed it you FLAMING MORON.

          264. gotabgood says

            All these names you call me.. this is the third reference I have looked up that you have given me….. I will give you an “E” for effort… but an “E” is a failing grade!
            Maybe you ought to spend your time learning to communicate, because your references are worthless!!

          265. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, https:/

          266. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, read em again, you A$$wipe

          267. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, Stop with the LIES you POS. If you didn’t know any of this, then you are an ignorantasshole. If you did, then you are a LYINGjaxoff. I’d bet everyone else on this site knew it long ago.

          268. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY,can’t handle the truth, huh? You Crybabies on the Left are whining IDIOTS. You didn’t mention the NYT article, youASSWIPE. Keep making yourself look like a Fool.

          269. Bill Fultz says

            Only an imbecile would compare an arena seating less than 15k to over 130 million votes. Braindead bastard.

          270. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Takes one to know one, Brain-Dead Bastard!! You can sure sling the fancy language! Proves yr higher intelligence, I guess….

          271. Sickofit says

            Voter fraud idiot!! It’s all coming out, however anyone with a brain already knew that! WAKE UP!!

          272. Bruce A. Frank says

            Guess Hillary was the fool to ignore those crowds! Particularly with the info about NH!

          273. kbmiller says

            Bill FultzoShit, you again, you F’n JACKASS.

          274. kbmiller says

            Bill FultzoSHIT , only anASSHOLE would still be whining about it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          275. Bruce A. Frank says

            I see like the typical Leftist, you prefer to ignore the facts then challenge your preconceived ideology!

          276. gotabgood says

            It is the trend you people put America on.. before Reagan…… that is where Trump wants to take America…. But you won’t stand for that crap… because RTW was just peeking its ugly head up in a free poor states and by poor I also mean poorly educated. Unions were strong and pay was good, benefits great, 40 hour work week, vacations, over time, retirement… but you righties don’t like that stuff… so you wanted RTW and bust the unions…. welcome trickledown…

          277. richard king says


          278. richard king says

            It’s the opposite, dummy. You’re not paying attention.

          279. gotabgood says

            Maybe you should explain to me why you think we are moving forward?

          280. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says


            HA HA HA WOW you area brianwashed Liberal loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          281. Franie says

            I’d like to see gotabgood come back with this one! Thank God EVIL didn’t win.

          282. Retired says

            Only a Idiot Demon Rat would post such a ANTI USA picture !!!

          283. gotabgood says

            Only a rePUKE would stand for Russian agents into the WH..
            Only a rePUKE would defend a treasonous president.
            Only a rePUKE would defend a president to give away top secrets..

          284. buddman says

            You mean billy pedophile Clinton who gave the Chinese all our nuke plans ?? And Hillary who sold the Russians our uranium mines?? Those criminals

          285. gotabgood says

            Talk is cheap… all you did is talk… show me your references… or I will toss this into the bullshit file..

          286. buddman says

            ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC FOX DRUDGE Take your pick Fuckface you can.t accept the truth so crawl back into your little Hole and Hide LOSER!! MAGA TRUMP!!!

          287. Bill Fultz says

            Shut the fuck up. You are begging to have your ass kicked.

          288. buddman says

            Bring it on FUCKTARD

          289. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          290. Da7wqzaDwY says

            Toss yourself in with the rest of the bullshit.

          291. kbmiller says

            GotabGAY, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, Those 2 Chi Cons. gave illegal contributions to HillBilly Cliton. HillBilly sold to China ICBM secrets through Loral (of California). Do you think that was the payback for the secrets? You DUMBA$$ !!!

          292. Franie says

            Gee, seems Obama had Russian allies in the White House, i.e., Hillary selling our uranium to Russia. Obama’s entire eight years were filled with treasonous acts and omissions, i.e., open borders to let in the enemy, making law and not following law, etc., and then there’s that 150 BILLION that was smuggled to Iran. Wow! It must be wonderful in your tiny world living with blinders on.

          293. gotabgood says

            I guess I will call BS until you can give me some proof..

          294. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC FOX DRUDGE Take your pick Fuckface you can.t accept the truth so crawl back into your little Hole and Hide LOSER!! MAGA TRUMP!!

          295. Mike says

            88percent? who are you kidding? trump does not have the support of the majority of Americans. his support is around 40percent. provide an actual source for this 88percent.

          296. barnjoer says

            That is because the 60% can’t read or write lol
            Trump is still 100% better than Hitlerie Clinton!

          297. Mike says

            of course he is if you want a conman as president trump is your man.

          298. barnjoer says

            Yes he is and yours also!!
            We put up with that lying piece of crap you voted in for eight years so live with it!!🇨🇱👍🏻

          299. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Mike your a hater Real AMerica is at 88% we don’t count Liberal racist thugs who lie, spread hate and propaganda!

            Fact 88% newpoll

          300. Mike says

            You do realize that just stating it again does not make it a fact? His approval ratings is about 40%; an aggregate of all polls show his approval rating at 38%; the highest he receives is from Rasmussen which is at 44%. Rasmussen tends to lean to the right so even this poll is only half of the random number you throw out. Trump is not supported by the majority of Americans. He is the least approved of President at this time in his term. He has not signed any major piece of legislation and has at this point only served to alienate us from our allies. The interesting thing about this last post is that you claim not to count those who spread hate and propaganda. The ridiculous 88% statement is exactly propaganda. I am not sure what fantasy land you live in but I hope that the weather is at least nice there.

          301. Knarf says

            Yeah, those same polls said Hillary would win by a landslide!

          302. Mike says

            another great lie by president trump, but he knows his sheeple will not investigate his claims. the national polls had Hillary Clinton winning by 3 to 5percent. she won the popular vote by 2.9percent. they were actually pretty accurate. of course again you get your information from trump so you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than getting facts.

          303. kbmiller says

            GotabGAY, you are a LYING ignorant F*ckstick.

          304. Bill Fultz says

            Amazing how Obama supposedly did all the things you say under a Repuke Congress, and never one word toward impeachment. Fuck you, lying bastard..

          305. Jmanjo says

            Obama didn’t do any of that stuff. Obama was too bust trying to take America down while the idiot Democrats covered for his lying, cheating ass. You did drink the Kool-Aid stupid..

          306. kbmiller says

            GotabGAY, OHOMO didn’t do most of that and what he did do, backfired and proved to be disastrous. You LYING LOSER.

          307. Bill Fultz says

            Delete that post full of lies or I will have to kick your ass.

          308. kbmiller says

            Bill FultzoSHIT, bring it tar baby. You on da ,”Down Low” with Barry OHOMO? HA HA HA HA HA How stupid can you get?

          309. Bill Fultz says

            You need to step it up, sewer breath. Your retardation is not compatible with my MENSA level IQ.

          310. kbmiller says

            Bill FultzoSHIT, reterdation, hmmmmm dat bes a big woid fo a DumbA$$ok RAT fum da ghetto. MENSA, be dat fo May Eat Nigra $ hit Always? How dum is yu?

          311. Bill Fultz says

            You will be eating shit and your racist words. Keep playing, dildo.

          312. kbmiller says

            Bill FultzoSHIT, grow up you JACKASS. Get yourself an education before you make a Fool of yourself on here again.

          313. kbmiller says

            gotab GAY Don’t forget his biggest accomplishment…… When he said he’d considered living the, “Gay Lifestyle”. HA HA HA HA So he must have tried it to like it sooooo much. Were you his partner? Was he the giver or the taker? HA HA HA HA

          314. gotabgood says

            You people always… I mean always bring up the gay stuff… why is that involved in politics? Isn’t that a personal choice? This is the 21st century, you can come out of your closet… you know, to take the light off yourself, you accuse others of what you’re doing…
            Was you beat up as a kid? Poor fellow… come out, come out wherever you are..
            A little less personal morals and a lot more politics and with references of course..

          315. Mark Brickey says

            UUUMMM,,,, let’s see…. Russian agents in the WH….
            Commies in the WH…
            Billy Boy…
            As usual, Gottab, you prove to be a fool

          316. gotabgood says

            FDR, WILSON and Truman, Russia was our Allie.
            Kennedy.. I have to say BS..
            I guess commies in the WH is better than what we have now… commie controlling WH!

          317. Mark Brickey says

            Ah, how little history you read! How great your ignorance shows!
            Even with your spelling…. try spellcheck…

          318. rfrichey says

            What would you expect from an idiot? I wonder if he’ll keep posting when he is blocked by all the people with brains?

          319. gotabgood says

            Am I blocked by you?
            No brains eh?

          320. gotabgood says

            Maybe you can give me some references to your wisdom…

          321. Bill Fultz says

            Wear your nose plugs. His history is straight out of his ass.

          322. Bill Fultz says

            Another one begging to have his stupid lying ass kicked.

          323. ggrdr05 says

            you must be talking about obambam!!!!!!!

          324. grnjllybn says

            Do you mean OBONGO?? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

          325. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, Only a DumbA$$ok RAT would have hundreds of visits by Islamists to the White House, Would bow down to Middle Eastern dictators, would allow Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt, the collapse of Libya and Iraq, allowing ISIS takeover, $100’s of billions to Iran. You DOOFUS.

          326. Bill Fultz says

            And you suck Trump’s dick for selling the country out to Putin. Go fuck a rabid goat.

          327. kbmiller says

            Bill Fultzo$hit, HA HA HA perfect name for a JACKASS like you. Apparently you know nothing about current affairs or history. Did you finish 4th grade, ghetto boy? That rabid goat looks better than yo mama you blue gummed monkey.

          328. Bill Fultz says

            Keep to digging the hole deeper with your bucket mouth, spook.

          329. kbmiller says

            Bill FultzoSHIT, Spook? Be dat anudda name for a shine or a coon? Whea be yo mama? Yous be needin sum hep, boy. Come muck my stable.

          330. Retired says

            Well you did defend Obama ,so that makes you the biggest Puke of all .

          331. Bill Fultz says

            A vote for trump is a vote of a traitor.

          332. rfrichey says

            Hey retired, do like every other smart person block that sob gottabgood.

          333. Mike says

            yes block those tvat disagree with you. that way you can stay in your bubble of stupidity forever.

          334. Retired says

            Got to keep the new comers informed and beat the trash down .

          335. AntiGOP says

            You’re just a hypo motherfcker !!!

          336. Retired says

            Why do you brag about being a mother humper .

          337. wayne g dearry says

            America thanks YOU Pres. Trump and I sure do.

          338. Mike says

            yes we all like our presidents to be conmen more interested in helping the 1percent than the rest of Americans.

          339. richard king says

            back to third grade with you.

          340. Mike says

            I understand no one likes to hear the truth about the person they voted for.

          341. Joy Daniels Brower says

            We know – and hear! – the Truth about Trump, but what you’re spewing doesn’t have a dime’s worth of “truth” in it!!

          342. Mary Brumley says

            Mike, believe me, YOU know NOTHING about the real world.

          343. Jalapeño Out Of F**ks To Give says

            Do you wrap a pic of trump around your dildo and fuck yourself with it? Anal too?

          344. Mary Brumley says

            Wrap a stick of dynamite around your private part and it will at least “look” larger.

          345. Cookie Vranish says

            How lame can you get? The only conman you knew was Obama who has all but sunk our country! Obama’s results are glaring! Murders in Chicago, Iranians funding international terrorism, $21 trillion in national debt, military that must use salvaged parts to keep things moving and worst of all, no confidence in our intelligence agencies. Yes, that is what you liberals thought was good.

          346. Simply_Sis says

            Who do liberal leaders really help other than themselves? Do your own research. They become FILTHY rich hawking their socialist propaganda to suckers like you. And they do not share their wealth. In fact, the rich socialist elites tend to hang out in their own crowds, they have body guards, they live in mansions, have their own islands… why not sell it all and give it to the poor? Oh yeah, because they’re not that dumb… maybe you are, but they aren’t. No, their plan is to sell this line of bull to people like you and then once they are in power… make slaves of us all for their own glory. They will rule over all humanity (globalist agenda), while we live or die at their good pleasure. Obama, Clintons, Bernie… tyrants all. True haters of humanity.
            Repent and call on the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation. That is your only hope. If you look towards people to lead you, they will lead you into hell. Best to trust God, Who loves you and has a plan for your life – plans of good, and not evil. Trust God and He will lead you to peaceful and restful places that you cannot find in yourself.

          347. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Here, have another cup of kool-aid for the stupid! On second thought, let’s save everyone time and you get the cyanide – much quicker! And we won’t have you to kick around anymore!!

          348. kbmiller says

            Muck, you do mean HillBilly Clinton and OHOMO who are now multimillionaires, don’t you? You pea brained FOOL.

          349. Mike says

            they are millionaires absolutely. Trump became a millionaire by inheriting his money. He then stepped on countless middle class businessmen in order to earn more money. He used bankruptcy laws to screw hard working folks out of money while he raked in millions more. He admittedly donated to every politician regardless of their party affiliation because in his words “that is what the wealthy do so when I call they pick up the phone.” He lied and defrauded people with even Trump University. Yes this man is our President and he is interested in one person and one person only, Donald Trump. The fact that he believes he is in the top 1percent of earners in this country means that is the only group he is concerned about. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he only wants to increase his own wealth. He does not care about middle class America. If you believe that then you are the pea brained fool. He never cared about them when he was in business and his actions even as President have not been one who cares about the middle class. His tax plan? what has been written about is a giant tax cut for corporations and the very rich. In fact, Secretary Mnuchin has admitted that if certain deductions are eliminated some middle class families will pay more in taxes, not less. Eliminating Obamacare? Another nice tax cut for the rich and the middle class and poor will pay the price. Passing executive orders such as allowing coal businesses to be able to dump pollutants into lakes and streams? Again NO benefit to the middle class just the rich. Donald Trump is 70 years old and has only ever cared about Donald Trump. He has historically not given to charity, even though he may talk about it the checks rarely get written. He had not even donated to his own foundation since 2005. He cares about himself and himself alone. You helped elect a man who does not care about the middle class and who will gladly screw over the middle class to allow him to add a little more money to his own bank account.

          350. kbmiller says

            Muck for brains, bankruptcy laws are LAWS. Which means it’s LEGAL. Quit whining. He won, your witchbitch lost. Do you need a loan? Little short of money? Let me know. I’ll help you out.

          351. Mike says

            I did not say he did anything illegal just that he has no interest or intent on helping the middle class or lower class and that he only is looking out for himself. I never accused him of doing anything illegal. He has been accused multiple times of doing illegal things whether it be discrimination in his renting practices as he would refuse to rent to minorities or his recent fraud case related to Trump University that he settled for millions of dollars, but I did not accuse him of anything illegal. I am just pointing out that you are fooling yourself if you believe he will help anyone outside of the top 1 percent in this country.

          352. Shirley says

            Thank You, Wayne G. Dearry. I totally agree with you!

          353. Shirley says


          354. Bill Fultz says

            Yes, he tanks you dopes for bending over and taking it up the ass.

          355. Bearitus says

            I repeatedly thank God for you accepting the USA Presidency!

          356. Simply_Sis says

            Better than being left.

          357. Retired says

            You will lose so give it up !!!

          358. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          359. wayne g dearry says

            I bet he gets another 7yrs and I place my bet.

          360. Mike says

            yes we should all want a misogynist, conman, non Christian as our president like trump.

          361. gotabgood says

            There is an old saying…. ” Never bet more than you can afford to lose”

          362. Bill Fultz says

            I would bet you, but you diseased right wing turds never pay up. I am still owed $10k for Obama winning in 2012.

          363. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY Go back to LBGTQ, CNN, MSNBC or Salon sites, you fit in better there.

          364. Jim Tuggle says

            I will bet on Trump.

          365. Bill Fultz says

            My bet is you love him cornholing you.

          366. Jim Tuggle says

            I just bet you are an expert on that cornholing, aren’t you?

          367. DEPLORABLE ME says

            >> BLOCK IMMEDIATELY <<


            Wikipedia defines a "troll" as "someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, c hat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion." Don't be baited by trolls. It's not worth your time. Simply put, "Please Don't Feed THIS Trolls."

          368. Bill Fultz says

            A troll does not post the truth, stupid. The truth that Trump is a criminal who will be impeached.

          369. DEPLORABLE ME says


            >> BLOCK IMMEDIATELY <<

            PLEASE DON'T FEED THIS TROLL ~ "Big Bad Billy Fultz"!

            Wikipedia defines a "troll" as "someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion." Don't be baited by trolls. It's not worth your time. Simply put, "Please Don't Feed THIS Trolls."


            PROOF POSITIVE ~ Click on any of Billy's avatars in this blog and read his mangina, hate-filled rhetoric; and decide for yourselves. Whoops sorry, guess you c an't; pussy Billy made his page "PRIVATE". How typical, BIG MOUTH ~ NO BALLS!

          370. Bill Fultz says

            Bill kicked your ass and wiped your snout in your own shit. That is your fucking problem, asshole. Keep it up and say goodbye to your chicklets.

          371. DEPLORABLE ME says

            BRING IT NIGGER!

          372. Bill Fultz says

            When you least expect it, peckerwood. NOBODY calls me that

          373. Bill Fultz says

            You won’t need to be blowing your nose. I will knock the snot out of you soon.

          374. DEPLORABLE ME says

            Bring it, you fuckin’ tree monkey!

          375. DEPLORABLE ME says

            Still waiting for you, nigger!

          376. Bill Fultz says

            Nice picture. One day you will come home and find that handsome guy deep stroking your wife with her moaning in enjoyment. It will be the first time she has ever cum.

          377. bttrap says


          378. DEPLORABLE ME says

            Impeached? Let me know how that works out for you, and the rest of your ‘safe space’ snowflakes.

          379. Bill Fultz says

            Libeal-free America? Come and get me, asshole. I’m ready.

          380. bttrap says

            wow your tough you skinny moron

          381. bttrap says

            like you said before

          382. bttrap says

            can’t you come up with your own ideas?

          383. Bruce A. Frank says

            Bets? Why, are you plotting an assassination?

          384. gotabgood says

            That s the righties way of thinking… anything that goes against the way you believe, you either kill it or blow it up.

          385. Cookie Vranish says

            I don’t know if Trump will make it a year. What I do know is if he doesn’t, neither will America. Trump is our only chance to save our country.

          386. gotabgood says

            You are delusional… you must have had a taco salad at the Trump Tower…. you better get to the hospital and get your stomach pumped..

          387. shamu9 says

            We Know Where YOU get Pumped Fruit gotaB!

          388. Simply_Sis says

            He isn’t going anywhere for the next 8 years.

          389. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says


            You have no credibility!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoW look @ that crowd loser

            We Won You lost hahahahahahhahahahaha lol

          390. kbmiller says

            gotabGAY, I love it when A$$wipes like you keep making FOOLS of yourselves.

          391. gotabgood says

            When people like you… call me names.. actually have very little to say about the subject, just rant and rave, say fake news and call me names… I know I am on the right track…. Truth in the bible is called “light” and when you shin it in a dark room (truth-less), you can watch the cockroaches (liars) run for the dark corners..

        1. Retired Chief Petty Officer says

          I had not realized how refreshing it would be to block some ranting fools. Just reading the responses to such fools tells me all I need to know about what was said.

          1. Mary Brumley says

            To whom were you referring when you say “ranting fools”?

          2. Retired Chief Petty Officer says


          3. Mary Brumley says

            I DO understand why! 🙂

        2. wayne g dearry says

          I sure like this–Thank God

        3. Reasoned thinker says

          GODBlessRealAmerica!!! — Totally agree with sentiment on this cup!!!!!

        4. Shirley says

          Now THAT SHOULD BE MY CUP – TOO!

        5. Shirley says


          1. ARTPSYCH says

            Democrats love leftist ideology with their latte’s and me I like eggs and hashbrowns with coffee with conservative values..not marxism and latte’s that leave me still hungry and too buzzed.

        6. Bill Fultz says

          And your ass is full of his cum.

          1. bttrap says

            and your mouth is full of cum from obambie

        7. ARTPSYCH says

          Trump had better get his shit together- when you work to closely with the Leftists- you get type cast as a softie and he will lose his base.

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

        I know it hurts you That PRESIDENT TRUMP is here to stay for 9 long Years!!!!!!!!!!!
        You evil lying Liberal sick pos! But guess what we have 8 Years and you can’t do a thing! hahahahahaha all you can do is post fake news because your a fake poster and hater!!!!!!!!! Yo Loser we Rejected you liberal morons!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Craig Vandertie says

          Whoever that idiot is apparently I blocked him quite sometime ago.

          1. rfrichey says

            I also blocked the moron. I wonder if his comments isn’t blocked by everyone on this site?

          2. Craig Vandertie says

            Alas, if he is anything like AKLibtard who repeatedly is blocked but simply adds or changes the numbers proceeding the name he will return.

            Conservative online magazine blogs should have a way to screen for the Deep State deeply intranced Looney Libtards and automatically block any comments by them.

          3. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
      3. Jimbosidecar says

        He surely confounded me! He could have gone directly to Congrwss and requested, no, demanded they find the money for hurricane relief. Instead he want to the 2 most despicable people in D.C. to give them everything they want in return for the funds. It makes me really question how good he is at negotiating.

      4. ARTPSYCH says

        Don’t side with these Hard-Left iron fisted ideologues- they will rape you and say it was your fault Mr. Trump!

        1. gotabgood says

          I think you might be a little confused in who you think you are talking to…

      5. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

        Have a cup of Coffee Retard and relax my President is here to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Good luck posting nonsense and lies it ain’t work keep it up!!!!

      6. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says


        Sorry Moron…. Putin never helped Trump… the evidence is over whelming….
        You haven’t found anything…Crooked Hillary lost we crushed her….more & more Americans see thru you and the liberal lying Media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        investigation turns up nothing Again and Again more each week, it is now just a matter of time when you will hear nothing and Trump is the WINNER Again!!!!!!!!!!! Keep posting lies, distortions and hate you have nothing 9 months loser….you are a sick lying liberal Moron!!!!!!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP 8 Years and guess what you can’t do a thing but post lies and fake posts hahahahahha lmyassoff @ this idiot gotabgood my ass!

        1. gotabgood says

          O’ one liner king rightie himself, wrote a paragraph. I bet you had to take a nap after all that strenuous exercise. But after reading… it was just a bunch of your one liners thrown together to impress me.
          As usual I had to file this…

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Go ahead little liberal man File it up your racist liberal hateful ASS!!!

            There you go Community Organizer wow its yummy ? taste good?

            FILE That!!!

      7. Simply_Sis says

        Notice who isn’t smiling in this picture?

    2. larry blackburn says

      WE WOW WOW

  1. Justin Seine says

    I think Trump was afraid he was going to get stuck with Christie’s tab for office doughnuts.

    1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says


    1. gotabgood says

      Trump……. is the swamp..

      1. Retired says

        You are the swamp creature that TRUMP plans to eliminate .

      2. Joy Daniels Brower says

        So, little boy, how would YOU know? I think I smell a REAL swamp critter! Go back to the swamp and stay there! In fact, why don’t you just save everyone the trouble and actually DROWN/DIE in the swamp?!?

        1. gotabgood says

          First place I do not go to your swimming pool… you know… the open cesspool that you take your weekly bath in..

          1. bttrap says

            looks like a pool you made with you ass

        2. Bill Fultz says

          Shut up asshole.

          1. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Why in Hell should I?!? ‘Cause YOU said so? That’s reason enough to say it again, “Drown/Die in the swamp, A-hole!!” And that’s YOU (Futzy Futz) of whom I speak!! Go play in the traffic OR go play with yourself!

          2. Bill Fultz says

            You should shut the fuck up because you are making a giddamn fool of yourself. Is that what you woke up this morning wishing to do?

          3. bttrap says

            either one would be o.k. as long as he’s gone

          4. bttrap says

            what are you going to do beat him up also you moron

        3. bttrap says

          that would be great

      3. bttrap says

        and you smell like the swamp

  2. Alleged-Comment says

    He looked like Humpty Dumpty next to Trumpy. Not a good fit if you include Melanie.

  3. wayne g dearry says

    I agree with this article. Plane leaves at 11 be on it or bye bye.

  4. Marcia Schweisthal says

    This is a reply to godabgood who is blocked now. In verse 6 it refers to pigs also. Nothing God has created is unclean.
    NIV Bible Acts 11:4 Starting from the beginning, Peter told them the whole story: 5 “I was in the city of Joppa praying, and in a trance I saw a vision. I saw something like a large sheet being let down from heaven by its four corners, and it came down to where I was. 6 I looked into it and saw four-footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, reptiles and birds. 7 Then I heard a voice telling me, ‘Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.’

    8 “I replied, ‘Surely not, Lord! Nothing impure or unclean has ever entered my mouth.’

    9 “The voice spoke from heaven a second time, ‘Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.’ 10 This happened three times, and then it was all pulled up to heaven again.

  5. Mike Slaney says

    Anytime Good COMPROMISES, Evil wins!

    1. Bill Fultz says

      The eclipse you like is Trump’s balls over your ugly face.

      1. bttrap says

        the eclipse is your head in your butt

    1. Mike says

      I am sorry you placed Barack Obama where Trump should be. I hope you can correct that.

      1. bttrap says

        you got yhat wrong we don’t want to tear america down we want to make america great again which is what trump is doing

        1. Mike says

          what has he done to make America great? please share. he has signed no major piece of legislation. he has shown zero leadership.

          1. bttrap says

            spoken like a true democrap

          2. Mike says

            I notice you did not or perhaps could not answer the question.

          3. bttrap says

            the question is democrap B.S.

          4. Mike says

            i understand you looked and found nothing so you go to the trump mantra insult democrats because you have nothing else just like trump.

          5. bttrap says

            no just like obambie

          6. Mike says

            well again thank you for showing that you could not even find one way trump has made America great.

          7. bttrap says

            he slowed down the border criminals from coming here and setting up cells now he has to get rid of the cells that the democraps want here . and he showed nk that we don’t fear that fat little runt like obambie was fearfull of him once again what did obambie do besides run america down that alone shows you what trump dose to make america great again

          8. Mike says

            President Obama helped rescue an economy in free fall. He took an unemployment rate that was over 12 percent when he was beginning his Presidency and brought it down to under 5 percent. The stock market had the third greatest percentage of gains during President Obama’s terms. He passed several measures such as the Ledbetter Act for equal pay for women and he passed Obamacare which has allowed more individuals to gain insurance than ever before in this country. What has Trump done? You have previously answered that question through your non answers in the past- nothing.

          9. bttrap says

            here is your answers he brought in illegals to take away jobs that americans should of had the stock markets are doing a lot better than when obambie was president this is happening now that trump is president obamacare is getting way out of hand with their increases, trump hasn’t given money to the muslims like obambie has done, trump hasn’t given guns to the cartel like obambie has done, there are many more but space has it’s limits all
            i can say is put that in your pipe and smoke it, there you have your answers

          10. Mike says

            president Obama did not bring in illegals. in fact he deported more illegal immigrants than any previous president. you mention the stock market which has done well under trump. it is at a record high, but do you know whose record he broke-president Obama. president obama oversaw the third largest percentage increase in the stock market in our history.

          11. bttrap says

            wow you are really misled about obambie

          12. Mike says

            no those are easily found facts. if you would do a little research and take your hate for Obama out of the equation you would begin to understand the positives Obama did. he was not a perfect president but unfortunately you are blinded by your dislike of the man. it is a shame because he did more of the things you seem to want than president trump will most likely do.

          13. bttrap says

            president trump didn’t give money to the muslims he didn’t give the cartel guns to kill our gov. agents he didn’t trade killer muslims for a deserter, trump didn’t take pay for his spot not like obambie we don’t even know if he is legal

          14. Mike says

            President did give his first quarter paycheck to a government agency that is true. He has been paid since then, but has not given any additional money. Maybe he will and maybe he will not. If you look at Donald Trump’s history he has frequently talked about giving to causes and then does not follow through. I am not a fan of the trade President Obama made either getting back Bregdahl who was a deserter and having to give up five known terrorists. We can agree that was a poor decision as was the operation that was known as fast and furious. There are times when Presidents make mistakes. President Trump in his first few weeks in office signed off on a raid against the advice of his generals and got an American soldier killed while getting no useful intelligence. Does that make President Trump a bad President? no of course not but it was a mistake.

          15. bttrap says

            he made mistakes sure but this is his first time as president, when you first started your job did you make mistakes? that’s how we learn by makeing mistakes and correcting them

          16. Mike says

            I understand your comment and desire to give President Trump a pass for some of his poor performance. It is interesting that you fail to give President Obama the same courtesy as you have remarked on the Fast and Furious program multiple times which was started and ended within the first 12 months of Obama’s first term.

          17. bttrap says

            obambie came from congress, trump didn’t, so I can’t give obambie any courtesy like you said it started with obambie

          18. bttrap says

            by the way trump gave money to houston did obambie?

          19. Mike says

            He has reportedly donated 1 million dollars which is the same Trump has donated. He has along with the other living former Presidents a campaign that has raised tens of millions of dollars to help with the victims of the Hurricanes. In addition, here is an article that shows that Trump never even gave money following HUrricane Sandy. Why do you think Trump does not let anyone see his taxes? There may be connections to Russia, but another reason is that the world would discover he is not at all philanthropic and despite his boasts does not give to charity.

          20. bttrap says

            keep reading the papers they had hitlery winning the election also and those papers are bought from soros that hates trump so he tells the news people what to print all lies no truth you also need to get over the democraps lost and the republicans won so stop crying wipe your tears and become an american

          21. Mike says

            what are you talking about? trump has never been philanthropic. he was not even the primary donator to his own foundation. you brought up his gift to hurricane victims which is wonderful, but many others including president Obama have done as much and more. president trump has never given much to charities. his taxes would tell us that. tell me if gas nothing to hide why won’t he release his tax returns. as you pointed out he has won the election.

          22. bttrap says

            you sound like hitlery TAXES do you show your taxes to everyone that’s his income and you don’t need to know how and where he gets his money

          23. Mike says

            we should want transparency from our president. he is less transparent than Obama was and the right constantly complain he was not transparent enough, but trump is even less transparent. why are you ok with so little transparency from trump?

          24. bttrap says

            he dosen’t run america down like obambie tried to do

          25. Mike says

            where do you get this from? provide any evidence for what you are saying. Obama took over an economy with well over 10percent unemployment and helped build America back up and we had under 5percent unemployment when he was done. he improved our standing with our allies. he saved the auto industry. if he wanted to bring America down he would not have done any of those things and more.

          26. bttrap says

            wow!!! boy are you fooled by the democraps with their lies to make him look good

          27. Mike says

            again those are facts. you can provide no evidence that Obama was trying to hurt this country. i provided facts that show he helped this nation. you have so much dislike for Obama you have let it cloud your mind.

          28. bttrap says

            you are right I do hate obambie mainly because of bengazie and his muslim ties

          29. Mike says

            you bring up Benghazi which was tragic but at you aware that more diplomats died under president Bush than president Obama? no one ever had eight investigations into thise tragic deaths but the right is obsessed with Benghazi.

          30. bttrap says

            you don’t understand put yourself in those marines shoes waiting for help and running out of ammo knowing help was near and having that ugly old moron (hitlery) telling the mothers of the g.I. that it was a movie that started those cowards to riot then she has the nerve to say WHAT DOSE IT MATTER THAT OLD UGLY WOMAN SHIULD OF BEEN THERE

          31. Mike says

            I am sure all of the American citizens across the world that died in embassies under president Bush felt the same way but again we didn’t launch eight investigations into those deaths. I am still waiting for an investigation into trumps first failed operation where we lost an American soldier despite his Generals disagreeing with the assault and us getting nothing of value from the mission.

          32. bttrap says

            I didn’t think bush was a good president like obambie they both stunk the only investigation I’m concerned about is why didn’t they get help? help wasn’t that far away and why were they on stand by?? mike this is why I hate mualims you need to take a look at their koran and see why they need to dissapear from this planet

          33. Mike says

            have you ever read the bible? you seem to be fixated on a few verses in the koran but the bible has many similar verses instructing believere to stone to death those that do not believe in God. stop thank goodness people look past those verses in the bible or people might believe all Christians want to do harm to others.

          34. bttrap says

            do you understand what the bible is?

          35. Mike says

            yes. do you? the point I am making is if you only focus on a few verses any religion can be misunderstood and misused.

          36. bttrap says

            I’ve voted democrap for many years they have turned into liers and most of them were bought out by soros need to say I’m republican now and voted last election for trump we needed a change and finally got one voters are tired of the democraps politics

          37. Mike says

            Once again you were not able to name even one item he has actually accomplished to make America great. Unbelievable you have had multiple times but nothing. I am not surprised because anyone that looks at his presidency thus far can see he has accomplished nothing.

          38. bttrap says

            he’s too busy cleaning the swamp

          39. bttrap says

            that’s because the damn democraps keep making up lies and he has to fight them no time for legistation he started by working on the illegals here and keeping them out of here he has slowed the border crossers the person with no leadership is obambie the muslim

    2. Bill Fultz says

      That shoots it. I am going to kick your goddamn ass.

      1. Ironmike4610 says

        You got the easy part done….Talking about it!

      2. bttrap says

        you better start a list your going to get your ass kicked

    3. bttrap says

      good post

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Ah, so that is what Trump is hiding under that squirrel’s nest on his head. His parents made a mistake, they should have name him Dick.

      1. bttrap says

        looks like obambie you moron

    2. bttrap says

      very good

  6. GuardianFlame says

    We finally have a President “for the People” not against the people no matter what race! Thank you President Trump for seeing the real issues of our Country — bad politicians only concerned about $$! Get them all, one by one, til our Congress is renewed with true Patriots, not frauds after power and money. You go President Trump! “We the People” have got your back!

    1. Mike says

      he is for the people? only if you are in the top 1 percent in income level. otherwise you are on your own with this President, I mean conman.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        I totally disagree. I have written him many times addressing my concerns for our country. Interestingly, within the following few weeks, he comes out with statements/actions covering those concerns. And I am not in the upper class $$ range, not even close!

        President Trump DOES LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE. You haven’t tried to contact him but expect him to read you mind?? I get questionnaires sent to me from the President asking to rate his performance on major issues. I ALWAYS reply and let him know if he’s doing “good” OR “badly” on each issue. I even make suggestions how to improve our Nation.

        What do you do to improve our Nation? Nothing? Yet you slam our President instead of communicating with him. Now what is wrong with that picture?

        P.T. hasn’t even been in office for a year and people rag on him. He’s never been a U.S. President before, but he’s trying to do a good job at something COMPLETELY new to him. Do you honestly think you could do a better job? Are you experienced as a U.S. President? No? I rest my case.

        Unless you have tried to express your concerns about our Nation and maintained an open channel to the PRESIDENT as to how you feel or any improvements you may have, DO NOT KNOCK HIM OR SUGGEST HE DOESN’T HEAR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE — HE DOES!

        He could get more done if people like you and the clueless liberal biased media would just shut up and take a “time out” to really see their actions for what they are – politically driven whining to create chaos not improvement. With libs and the media, OUR ENEMIES ARE WITHIN! Too bad they aren’t smart enough to see their actions will hurt themselves as well. No vision nor introspection – bad news for America!

        1. Mike says

          I get the same surveys as you do because I have sent inquiries to the White House which I am not expecting him personally to read, but yes I complete those surveys. Please explain what he has actually done for you. Now when I say you I do not mean you personally but you as in a group of common Americans. Please share because he has not signed any major piece of legislation. He has signed some executive orders, but the majority were either minor or were to help big businesses like his executive order allowing coal companies to pollute in lakes and streams. He stated multiple times on the campaign trail and after he was elected that he had a great health care plan that would be able to replace Obamacare and insure “everyone”. He lied and did not have any healthcare plan and when he backed the Republican plan in the House it would have left tens of millions more uninsured. he has stated he wants tax cuts, but has no details on his tax cut plan except that he would cut the corporate tax rate to 15%. I am not saying that is necessarily bad but it will do nothing to benefit the average American. In fact his Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has admitted that many middle class families may see their taxes increased as some deductions are taken away. Even still, he will be reducing the tax rates of the wealthiest Americans if he has his way. Could I be a better President? No I could not but I also am not a reality star who thought he could be President. That is Donald Trump. He made that choice and it is not a job you learn on. He has shown no knowledge of how our government actually functions and does not seem to care. he does not know anything about foreign policy and has offended many of our allies and again he does not seem to want to learn. He has been on the job for 7 months and has accomplished nothing and has alienated several countries that we need support from.

          1. Bill Fultz says
          2. bttrap says

            is that you lying down?

          3. bttrap says

            we need support from n.k. are you smoking a joint? the rest of your comments are only your bias opinion you must be a muslim or democrap or both

          4. Mike says

            what are you talking about? no one said we needed support of north korea, but we do from other countries and trump has alienated many of our allies such as Germany, south korea, Australia. the rest of what I said are facts. he has not signed any major piece of legislation. he did state repeatedly he had a better plan than Obamacare and it would cover everyone.

          5. bttrap says

            all these countys have let muslims in and now are paying for it, trump prevented that from happining here go trump make america great again

          6. Mike says

            he did not. his travel ban is temporarily in effect but it is only a partial ban and is not really preventing people from entering the country.

          7. bttrap says

            he did so

          8. bttrap says

            then why did they stop coming here?

          9. Mike says

            I believe you are confusing two different situations. Legal immigration from the MIddle East has not stopped or slowed down in the Trump administration. He did establish a partial ban which was recently given a temporary allowance to continue by the courts so that may slow down immigration from the MIddle East, but that has not had any effect at this time. There have been fewer illegal immigrants from Mexico coming into this country. That is 100% true. President Trump has not passed any legislation related to this so if this is just coincidence or because of his tough “talk” on immigration time will tell. I just wanted to clarify that the ban has not actually effected immigration numbers from the Middle East at this time. Those immigrants are also legal immigrants to this country.

          10. bttrap says

            how can they be legal if they arn’t checked out?

          11. Mike says

            stop believing trump and his lies. we have the most extensive vetting process in the world. it takes an individual over two years to immigrate to this country. individuals from the middle east are vetted very well before they are allowed into this country.

          12. bttrap says

            then why all the cells in the U.S ? why do thwy need cells if they are legal? the koran will tell you why !!!!!!

          13. Mike says

            there are no cells. again more conspiracy junk from the alt right. it is not true. there are many Muslims living in my community. they are good people working, learning English and assimilating to the u.s.

          14. bttrap says

            go on line and google the cells in the U.S. keep those good muslims near you

          15. Mike says

            I have seen those lists and these cells don’t exist. you are believing a conspiracy that has been shown to be false.

          16. bttrap says

            mike do you need a brick to hit you in the head there are cells look at england they just had another attact from these cowards keep crying there are no cells when they put you in that cage and set fire to it read the koran and you will know why they hate us and the only way thay can get to us is from the cells

          17. Mike says

            There are terrorists around the world. That is true but there are not huge cells or camps of Muslims in the United States operating to attack our country. Can I say with certainty we will never have another terrorist attack in this country? no I cannot. We most likely will under Trump and under future Presidents. That is not a criticism of President Trump. It is merely an acknowledgement that there are terrorists both Islamic and domestic that have a desire to harm the UNited States. Despite this being true your statement that there are many cells or camps operating in the United States is false.

          18. bttrap says

            I respect your opinion even if it’s wrong there are cells !!!!!!

          19. bttrap says

            you need to see walter flatts post you might wake up then

          20. bttrap says

            arn’t they cute?

          21. bttrap says

            that’s because the other countries steped on obambie and was bought by soros trum cured that we are not weenies like obambie tryed to make us out to be trump will get our honor back from those 3rd world countries

        2. Bill Fultz says

          Jesus fuck you are a moron. Trump is fucking you in the ass dry and you love it. You eat his shit and beg for more. What did you do, grow up eating paint chips?

          1. bttrap says

            see your wrong right off the post you are the moron and the rest of post is all about you moron

      2. bttrap says

        your not an american if you don’t back the president of U.S.A YOUR PROBABLY A MUSLIM

        1. Mike says

          so you always backed president obama? so you condemned the name calling and racist remarks about president Obama? you called those on this website Muslims when they did not support president Obama? I doubt it

          1. bttrap says

            he gave them money

          2. bttrap says

            you can’t support a president that sends money to the muslims trade killerl muslims for a deserter give guns to the cartel let marines die in bengazie of coarse hitlery was also involved sorry but I can’t support a person like him that makes bad calls

          3. Mike says

            so based on your previous post and now you admit you did not support the president so i guess you are a muslim

          4. bttrap says

            no i’m not a muslim you still have you head on your shoulders

          5. bttrap says

            I didn’t send money to the muslims like obambie did that’s the main reason He was not my president he also did many things to prove he didn’t like american maybe some day they will erase his pitcher off the wall with all presidents and hang his pitcher up by the muslims that took out the towers

    2. Bill Fultz says

      You the dumbest 32% have his back. More than half are ready to celebrate impeachment.

      1. bttrap says

        keep dreaming moron

  7. My country says

    It is plain and simple .Anyone who has a job no matter what that position must be loyal to the company and the boss you work for .If you bash your boss or company you no longer have a job . Billy Bush was a setup . And Christie was not a team player .He did not stand for Americans and definitely not the president. Any American with half a brain knew this was locker room talk . And every guy alive has had bad thoughts and language about women Especially loose women .And that conversation was about such women .Every man with money has had women throw themselves and their underwear at them to get them in bed . Cougars !!! But with the release of the Podesta emails the perverts in the medias and CEO’s and especially the FBI and CIA and just about every politician leading all the way up to the Clinton’s pizzagate .Obama used our money to the tune of $65,000 to bring little boys to a White House party for those sexual predators enjoyment . After you read those things you will never ever have a kind word to say about any politician etc .

    1. Mike says

      That is just a blatant lie about President Obama and Pizzagate was the epitome of fake news. It is unbelieveable that people can believe that crap.

      1. bttrap says

        is that fake news like the election results from the polls?

    2. Bill Fultz says

      You are a fucking liar and I am going to kick your goddamn ass.

      1. My country says

        You are a filthy vulgar liar and don’t you ever contact me for I will report your sorry behind ! Besides that you are stupid and had better learn to read because you sure don’t know how to express yourself without going to the gutter with the rest of the pefifiles . Get your facts !

        1. Bill Fultz says

          Turds like you are only found in the gutter. And if you spread these heinous lies, you will be confronted.

          1. bttrap says

            is that where you came from? moron

      2. bttrap says

        I hope you try that on someone and they put a hole in you head