Robbers Brazenly Ignore State Fair’s Gun Ban


Washington State Fair organizers had a foolproof plan. To ensure their employees did not run afoul of gun-toting marauders while going about their daily work, fair officials enacted a strict ban on firearms. Knowing that there has never been a time in American history where criminals dared to flaunt clearly-posted signs, the officials presumably dusted off their hands and congratulated each other for their mutual genius.

And then the unthinkable happened. On September 15, a group of robbers proved that crime has changed in the year of our lord 2015. With a wanton disregard for the fair’s gun ban, these criminals waltzed onto the grounds with the very weapons the officials asked people not to bring. They proceeded to use these weapons to commit three separate armed robberies in a 20-minute time span, targeting fair employees who had just been paid in cash.

“I guess you feel pretty big when you have a gun,” said one of the robbery victims.

Police were not able to catch the perpetrators, but the suspects have been described as four young black men driving a white Buick or an Oldsmobile. Police didn’t describe them as illiterate, so we can only assume they deliberately disobeyed the posted signs.

Good, Good, Good…Good Intentions

Whoever said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions must have known a liberal. As long as something sounds good, it is good. It doesn’t matter if years of research have proven that it’s not, it still is. As long as one’s intentions are pure, that’s really all that matters.

This is why you don’t see this huge shift on gun control in this country. This isn’t an argument that can be won with numbers and facts. Once someone decides that GUNS ARE BAD, there’s no getting them back through traditional means of argumentation. What they fail to realize is that their gun-free zones and strict gun control policies are actually making this country a more dangerous place.

“I’d say it was very bold to be doing this, especially this time of year with the fair going on and so many people being out and about,” a police officer said about the Washington State Fair crime spree.

Yes, what could have possibly emboldened them? The temptation of cash-flush, unarmed fair workers? You don’t need an iron backbone to overcome those odds. Criminals and psychopaths are drawn to these gun-free zones like flies to rotting meat, knowing they can carry out their crimes without fear of armed resistance. Washington State Fair’s no-guns policy didn’t just fail; it left these employees sitting ducks. One might draw a reference to the military recruiters shot in Chattanooga. They weren’t allowed to carry guns, but the Islamic radicals that shot them didn’t have a problem with it.

Gun rights activists spend far too much time on the defensive. It’s time to fight back hard and show the undecideds out there that gun control laws put innocent people in danger.

  1. MAHB001 says

    “Four black men driving a white Buick.”

    That is racists…. Forget about the gun thing, we need another Buick law…

    Liberals and their diversions are moronic…

    1. Deborah G says

      4 black men…………….Gee what a surprise and BLM is the most racist , irrelevant group in the USa besides CAIR

    2. Lance Lucius says

      How dare they? LOL

  2. MAHB001 says

    The obvious is that the No Gun Zone signs are an open invitation to criminals who do not follow the laws.
    The obvious is that gun laws only hurt the law abiding citizens.
    The obvious is that you can not create a No Gun Zone in a society that has the right to keep and bear Arms…
    The obvious is that our Politicians know these gun laws do not work, and their sole intent is to disarm Americans and destroy the second Amendment.

    What the politicians will do is use this event as a crisis to create more gun laws.

    When will liberals see the obvious? Never.

    1. Drawer22 says

      @MAHB001:disqus – Actually, one *can* decide to “…create a No Gun Zone in a society that has the right to keep and bear Arms.” The right has nothing to do with whether or not Victim Zone laws can be designated and/or legislated. Too, in other countries which either do not have the right to possess and carry or ignore the right by passing “gun control” laws, in both England and Australia, the laws were passed, most law-abiding subjects obeyed them my turning in their firearms for destruction by the State ─ and the predictable result was that, while crimes with firearms decreased, overall violent crime increased. With examples like this, the obvious intent of government administrations desiring “gun control” becomes all the more obvious, even to liberals: The object is control of people, enforcing the will of the government upon its subjects.

      Mολὼν λαβέ

      1. MAHB001 says

        If liberals see the obvious in this case, why do they still support their politicians that support “gun control laws” that will only hurt law abiding citizens?

        1. Drawer22 says

          @MAHB001 – That only law-abiding citizens are negatively affected by “gun control” laws is not of any consequence to liberals. The object is control of people to the extent that it makes subjects out of citizens, a role with which liberals have no problem, for such sheeple duck responsibility. (Yes, the humor was intended.) Though it is anathematic to you and me, progressive, liberal idiots (“proglibiots”) actually *want* to be told their limits and what they can an can *not* do. In this manner, they are much like children who are unable to mature. As immature adults, they still need parents, and the Great Parent is the government. All hail the liberal politician who provides for their needs and yet does not demand responsibility for their actions.

          Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          1. Croco Dile says

            History of American Education
            by John Taylor Gatto


            From the beginning, there was purpose behind forced schooling, purpose which had nothing to do with what parents, kids, or communities wanted. Instead, it was forged out of what a highly centralized corporate economy and system of finance bent on internationalizing itself was thought to need; that, and what a strong, centralized political State needed, too. School was looked upon from the first decade of the twentieth century as a branch of industry and a tool of governance.

            Woodrow Wilson to businessmen before the First World War : We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.

            By 1917, the major administrative jobs in American schooling were under control of a group referred to in the press of that day as “the Education Trust.” The first meeting of this trust included representatives of Rockefeller, Carnegie, Harvard, Stanford, the University of Chicago, and the National Education Association. The chief end, wrote the British evolutionist Benjamin Kidd in 1918, was to “impose on the young the ideal of subordination.” Students were to learn to think of themselves as employees competing for the favor of management.

            The ability of Americans to think as independent producers had to be curtailed…….

          2. Drawer22 says

            @Croco Dile – Thank you for that relevant, if tangential, background information. It would seem we’re reliving history one century later.

            De Oppresso Liber

          3. Croco Dile says

            Jimmy the Quick is not immpressed 🙂

            According to Jimmy I am “…..hopeless, irrational and just plain stupid messaging is about as dull as your intellect and twice as incontinent of reason…..”

          4. BeautifulAmerica says

            They started at the top—in government and in education. To be hired either place, you had to prove willingness to accept their anti-Constitution policies. Same today, but add media employees.

          5. Andrea Latham says

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          6. Jimmy Quick says

            Dude, your hopeless, irrational and just plain stupid messaging is about as dull as your intellect and twice as incontinent of reason.

          7. Krazeehors says

            Aah, there you are again — Jimmy Quick, J.K., Jimmy King, and whatever troll alias you are using these days.

            Your comment is just as hopeless, irrational and just plain stupid as YOUR intellect and, sadly, you lack the skills to reason.

            When you pick up your troll paycheck, be sure to give your tithe to Ovomit.

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            Okay Crazy Whore. Who’s side are you on? Croc-O-Crap works for the Federal Bureau of (dis) Information. Anytime his lips are moving he’s lying. Learn to read and you might catch on.

          9. Drawer22 says

            @Jimmy Quick – This post of yours only emphasizes your need to learn basic English, if that is the language in which you intend to communicate.

            De Oppresso Liber

          10. Jimmy Quick says

            Well, you’ve made your statement. Now stand by it. I suspected you were just another manifestation of the government troll system and now you have proven me to be correct. All of your fancy latin falls empty and without meaning as it is devoid of honorem et veritatis. Look it up if you don’t know what it means.

          11. Drawer22 says

            @Jimmy Quick – Having made many astute statements by which I stand, your intimation to the contrary comes as valueless as your intellect, which is that of a proglibiotroll. Think yourself as correct as you wish, for the thoughts of the wantonly ignorant are of little consequence, and you, Jimmy, exemplify the grandest of low-intellect ignorance.

            If it is “De Oppresso Liber” to which you refer as “fancy latin [sic],” then that is but another example of, not only your ignorance, but your inability to employ basic research. That being the case, it is my pity you have so rightly earned, for the sentiment expressed has considerable meaning, though you have not the least probability of discerning that.

            If you scream loud and long enough, Mommy may visit you in your basement. Whether that is to suckle you more or spank you, I have no way of knowing, but it is most certainly time for one or the other ─ or both!

            De Oppresso Liber

          12. Jimmy Quick says

            The funny thing. If you were anymore than a bag of foul air, you would care what a person like me thinks. I must have really gotten too you…

            Oh well, small ball isn’t my skill set, but it’s been fun watching you have your meltdown.

            See ya.

          13. Drawer22 says

            @Jimmy Quick – It’s inevitably fascinating to observe a sheeplish, insectoid proglibiot squirm in the light of dissection by those of superior intellect and education. Watching your struggles to keep up has provided amusement, but then you can’t keep it up either, as demonstrated by this most recent post of yours. What is it about, “…[T]he thoughts of the wantonly ignorant are of little consequence…,” either to me or other adults here? As you are apparently just beginning your ESL courses, what that means in simpler terms, is that I *don’t* care what a person like you thinks. If you have trouble getting that translated, consult an ESL tutor; if you intend to “graduate” to 1st grade in big boy school, have your kindergarten teacher explain it to you, dipsquat.

            For your edification, Swee’pea, it takes far more than laughter at your expense to cause a “meltdown” for either myself or any other adult. If you are ever able to grow a pair with hair, do return with a more mature attitude, vocabulary, and some additional, basic understanding of the English language. Don’t bite mommy’s nipple in the meantime, for she might then just conveniently “forget” to revisit your basement.

            Have a nice day, Sweetcakes!

            De Oppresso Liber

          14. Jimmy Quick says

            Dude, you are so far beneath it all, you should just keep your mouth shut and hope to learn something from the big people.

          15. Drawer22 says

            @Jimmy Quick – “…[B]ig people” are known to adults as “adults.” As you mature into adulthood, you may learn to appreciate that. In the meantime, perhaps you might learn to listen to your betters.

            It’s your bedtime, Jimmy, and you’ve already had your warm milk from mommy’s teat. Go back to the basement. Nighty-night.

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          16. Jimmy Quick says

            Oh, and just for your information, I only run by the name of JimmyQuick, unlike the unoriginalist you must be used to hanging out with, and I call them like I see them and I’m not ashamed…ever.

          17. Drawer22 says

            @Jimmy Quick – Your ESL tutor, if sufficiently advanced in use of the English language, may wish to address the subjects of pluralizing, run-on sentences, and punctuation. Logic is still a few years off for you, but when it’s offered, I’d commend that to you, as well.

            De Oppresso Liber

          18. Jimmy Quick says

            Blah, blah, blah…idiot. Go drown in a toilet yourself or something.

          19. Drawer22 says

            @Jimmy Quick – A proglibiotroll’s bow to eloquent rhetoric, I suppose. Bravo!

            De Oppresso Liber

          20. Gerry Costa says

            I do believe the only person you are impressing is yourself or the illiterates.

          21. Drawer22 says

            @Gerry Costa – Having no need to impress either, your statement lacks any element of consequence, and were it possible, your beliefs even less.

            De Oppresso Liber

          22. Gerry Costa says

            You know absolutely nothing of my beliefs so stop making stupid statements.

          23. Drawer22 says

            @Gerry Costa – Swee’pea, it was you you initiated the subject of your beliefs, not I. My response to your idiocy was on topic, and I maintain that any concoction your limited intellect may conjure regarding your beliefs remains inconsequential.

            It is my fervent desire that you indulge yourself in a course of English language reading comprehension. That, along with memory aids, will assist you in life.

            De Oppresso Liber

          24. IMSweetOlBob says

            Hey folks ! This evidently one of the insulting goons that were awakened by the DNC to interfere with the passage of comments on good web sites that may reinforce what we all know. Obama is a miserable failure and our only chance is to replace him and his democRAT regime with someone who cares about America.
            ignore this tool.

          25. Jimmy Quick says

            What are you going on with here and who are you? This had nothing to do with you or the fureret, (he likes latin sounding names).

            Are you just out of ideas so you want to pick on another person to try and make yourself feel better?

            I’ve read some of your post and I would suggest you read a couple of mine before you start carelessly casting about aspersions.

            You claim to be against Obama so get in line. I get his worthless hide first, you have whats left, if anything.

          26. Krazeehors says

            I am

          27. Krazeehors says

            I am not ashamed, ever, either.

            Liberals like you make me want to puke.

            Go away!

            Oh, and if you are NEVER ashamed, why is it necessary for you to use several screen names???

          28. Jimmy Quick says

            Look you crazy whore. I told you, I only have one screen name. If you know some way to prove me wrong, then do it. Other than that, get back in your cage.

          29. Krazeehors says

            I have received replies from “Jimmy King,” “J.K.” and “Jimmy Quick.” YOU are the ONLY person who EVER refers to me with the vile name you refuse to eliminate.

            That tells me that I am right. Also, WHENEVER anyone challenges you, you ALWAYS, and WITHOUT FAIL respond with insults and name-calling rather than logical comments and valid arguments.

            The evidence speaks for itself.


          30. Jimmy Quick says

            I rest my case.

          31. Krazeehors says

            What? You “rest your case?”
            WHAT CASE??
            The FACT that I have PEGGED you for EXACTLY what you are

          32. Drawer22 says

            @Jimmy Quick – You may, with regard to your use of any “big words” in the English language, have your ESL tutor consult with you over a dictionary.

            De Oppresso Liber

          33. Jimmy Quick says

            See earlier post…jerk-off.

          34. Drawer22 says

            @Jimmy Quick – Such language, little Jimmy! Mommy may yet wake Daddy to wash your mouth out with soap! How would you even *know* of such activities, being a flaccid, ill-endowed ne’er-do-well?

            De Oppresso Liber

          35. IMSweetOlBob says

            I repeat !

          36. MAHB001 says

            There are several trolls that I wish would read and understand your posts…

            Alas, they may read, but they will not understand.

          37. Drawer22 says

            @MAHB001 – It *is,* in some ways, unfortunate that I write for the literate, though I’m looking for an interpreter fluent in one-syllable words, so that those proglibiots lacking English language reading comprehension skills might benefit. Alas, I fear that proglibiotic trolls may not be the ideal target audience even then!

            De Oppresso Liber

          38. MAHB001 says

            I do not write responses to the trolls, for the trolls benefit. Trolls by their very nature are lost souls.

            I write my responses for those that read the trolls messages…

          39. Jim says

            There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is usually accidental and can be helped. Stupidity is usually deliberate and cannot be helped. The ignorant person simply doesn’t know any better and will usually be willing to learn. The stupid person either doesn’t have the capacity to learn or is so unwilling that he will fight any and all attempts at enlightenment. Trolls are usually stupid and quite proud of their stupidity. They don’t want to know better and will fight to maintain their stupidity.

          40. MAHB001 says

            Well stated..

          41. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

            Thanks for standing up for the Legals who wish to be able to protect themselves and their families.

          42. Laddyboy says

            Drawer22: Are you talking about Ameircan “liberals”, or are you talking about the people who believe in the ‘koran/quoran’? Your description about not being able to THINK for Ones’ self pretty much describes both of these groups.

          43. Drawer22 says

            @Laddyboy – In the current climate, I’d tend to adhere to your concluding statement. In that context, my response to your interrogatory would be an emphatic, “Yes!”

            De Oppresso Liber

        2. Deborah G says

          because they are brain dead

          1. BeautifulAmerica says

            Because they are brainwashed, by media, politicians, and worst of all, by the teachers in whom we have wrongly placed our trust.

          2. Laddyboy says

            BeautifulAmerica: When I taught, I always told my students to question what was given/told to them. If they disagreed, they had to bring in 3 items written by someone else that would support “why” they disagreed with me. For the most part, most of my students progressed very well.

          3. BeautifulAmerica says

            I hope this means you were actually fair. In my own experience, this type of assignment could prove impossible for a child or young adult, and just further the selfish teacher’s ego-trip. I’ve had profs like this, myself. And, considering that the media is NOT in the truth business, lots of stuff just isn’t published.

          4. Drawer22 says

            @Laddyboy – Thank you for being among the rightly proud few who were adamant that students should learn.

            De Oppresso Liber

        3. Lance Lucius says

          In a word, Stupid, woulld be your answer.

        4. fred says

          The liberals are the terrorists! command and control is their ultimate goal for all of us, who do not sit on their “throne”!

          1. BeautifulAmerica says

            So true.
            Unless you are infected with this disease, it’s very hard to fathom.
            Obsessive Lust for power and control.

        5. Laddyboy says

          When I vote each term; The first thing I investigate is “Is this person against gun ownership?”. If they are against the Second Amendment, I vote against this person. Then I look at how they voted on other topics. Then I make my choise.

          1. sandralisella says

            this election vote in the new guy do not vote for an incumbent that way no one is beholden to special interest groups cant be any worse than what we have now almost all our politicians are corrupt which means bought and paid for and trust me living in a state that is so poliitically corrupt if one has a brain it becomes quite obvious none of them are for the people only for what they themselves can get out of it

          2. MAHB001 says

            Very sound advice…

        6. dickG says

          Why do lemmings march into the sea?
          Actually, I tried to find an answer to your question by asking God (through prayer) and He did in fact answer me.
          But alas! His answer was thus:
          “My son. When you find out, PLEASE let me know through the same channels you first contacted Me. This is an urgent problem for which I have no answer or solution at this time.

        7. 2nd Amendment says

          I have read most of the replies to this post. Do we need to be corrected if we are wrong on a subject?!?!?!? You bet your ass we do. I have noticed that 99% of these replies, there PRO 2ND AMENDMENT. If I’m not factually right about something, I wan’t to know. If YOU DO NOT LEARN AT LEAST ONE THING A DAY, WHY BOTHER LIVING?!?!?!?
          @Drawer22, I wan’t to thank you, you read what I had to say, and you POLITELY CORRECTED what I had said. By doing this, and btw WE BOTH had a couple things RIGHT, and a couple of things WRONG. NEITHER ONE OF US CALLED EACH OTHER ANY NAMES. Almost everyone here has ONE GOAL, to SAVE our 2ND AMENDMENT. If someone puts anything that’s incorrect, if THEIR like me, THEY WANT TO KNOW what WE HAD WRONG. We do this by REPLYING to what someone had SAID that we had WRONG. As above if you DON’T LEARN at least ONE THING, what’s the POINT?!?!? If we are ALL coming HERE to VOICE our OPINIONS, if someone CORRECTS you. They are doing that so you have ALL the KNOWLEDGE NEEDED. BUT when if you’re the one that’s doing the correcting, or RESPONDING to the PERSON who CORRECTED YOU. WHY DOES EVERYBODY START CALLING EACH OTHER NAMES?!?!?!?!? All this does is DIVIDE EVERYONE, that’s NOT what this FORUM IS FOR. WE ARE ALL HERE TALKING ABOUT THIS BECAUSE OUR RIGHTS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY ONE BY ONE BY ONE. THE 2ND AMENDMENT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A HOT TOPIC. BUT DID YOU KNOW THE NSA DECIDED THEY KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR US. DOES EVERYONE HERE KNOW WHAT THE 4TH AND 14TH AMENDMENTS ARE?!?!? IF NOT

          1. MAHB001 says

            Thank you for your post… The civility you wish for has been long lost on the internet.

            Most come to these posts to learn and communicate. However, there is a small number of people that come here to disrupt, and spread lies. These people are called trolls, some are paid.

            You can recognize their posts as they usually start out with an insult, follow with a deflection, and end with an insult…The body of the post rarely has facts to support their positions. All designed to disrupt and stifle the conversation, divide the people, and get the last word in…

            Some are really awesome (Drawer22) at humbling these trolls. I on the other hand am not so elegant. I have been known to lower myself to the trolls level and do battle.

            The only thing that can not be done, is let the trolls have the last word, I have found that responding to their insults is a excellent opportunity to restate my position and ask for facts and not insults.

          2. 2nd Amendment says

            I agree it’s like being in school all over. However the ones that can be awesome, can be an ass as well

          3. MAHB001 says

            Apparently, that is how Saul Alinsky taught them to argue. Insult, dodge, deflect. If your opponent insults back, or takes the bait you win.

            The other thing that they do is NEVER, EVER admit they are wrong, they just quit posting and come back some place else… If you admit that they have a good point, they claim victory, and insult you on the way out the door. That is infuriating.

            I must admit that I have a very short fuse with the trolls. I admire Drawer22 for his patience, whit and intelligence.

      2. Tina Cortez says

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      3. Deborah G says

        Washington is a patently STUPID liberal welfare state. I wouldn’t gp to the West Coast on a bet. NY is getting there. Cuomo and DEBlasio are so racist,LBGT ,Illegal pandering moronic it is beyond belief. My own neighborhood that was once a quiet peaceful semi-rural area is LOADED will illegals ,weflare everywhere,benefit cards for ilegal mothers and so on. they piss on my lawn, they are rude,hate guerra’s [white women] and make sure their women are pregnant 100% of the time for $> Now we have strict gun laws so we can’t even defend ourselves. Moving to the South as soon as I can. BS

        1. Skyhawk says

          You are welcome in Texas.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            If you love high taxes, corrupt and inefficient public employees, wasteful,dishonest ineffectual turd politicians, an ignorant, vapid electorate that elects them, sissy gun
            grabbers, Kalifornia is your home.

        2. Rattlerjake says

          “If you’re blonde, brunette, or redhead I’m available”, North Carolina welcomes conservatives and we’re working on kicking out the rest or the libturds.

        3. Drawer22 says

          @Deborah G – Being a redneck in the blueneck *State* of Washington, I’m in the minority, west of the Cascade Mountains, where my choice of residence is in a blueneck county, on a blueneck Island, in a blueneck county seat. (Eastern Washington State is Constitutionally-oriented, in contrast to the higher population of western Washington State.) Far from being “STUPID,” I’ve found it a near-ideal location in which to propound a philosophy of logic to otherwise intelligent ProgLibunists, as I have little desire for preaching to the choir. On occasion, swaying one influential ProgLibunist at a time in person has proven itself a fruitful endeavor.

          Let me note that I do not live in Washington, which is a District of Corruption (DC). I live, work and play in the *State* of Washington, where a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) is a “must issue” document, upon application to every County Sheriff’s Office. (Despite the misdesignation of “Pistol” in the naming of that document, revolvers are also included.)

          De Oppresso Liber

      4. Lance Lucius says

        Like the baseball bat home invasions, where instead of people being able to protect themselves from home invaders, they get beaten to death with ball bats, then robbed. Gun control at it’s finest.

      5. scott says

        right to bear arms shall not be infringed,that means no laws can be made to inhibit our rights dik weed.stop your liberal reasoning as-wipe.anyone who makes gun laws is guilty of treason,its unconstitutional.

        1. Drawer22 says

          @scott – You may wish to re-read my Comment with a translator, if you are unable to understand that you and I are on the same side of the Constitution of the United States of America, *inclusive* of its 2d Amendment. That you and I agree making anti-firearms laws is unConstitutional and indicative of treason does *not* mean either that traitors and treason do not exist or that unConstitutional legislation can not be passed by such traitors. Thinking so is far more indicative of an ostrich, which is a characteristic of proglibiots.

          Along with a reading comprehension course in the English language, you may also wish to invest in English courses which teach spelling, punctuation, grammar, and the proper use of uppercase and lowercase letters.

          Glad I’ve been able to help clarify the non-issues you raise.

          De Oppresso Liber

          1. dickG says

            The ostrich and proglibiots are both sub-species of “Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us and the Sheeple-People are their devout followers.

          2. Drawer22 says

            @dickG – Thank you for that most astute differentiation. It has been my observation that all are candidates for dissection in a biology laboratory.

            De Oppresso Liber

      6. supergun says

        Excellent Comment. The violence will continue with other objects of mayhem. The IDIOTS think they can prevent the violence against society, thinking they solve the problem of doing away with guns. TOTAL STUPIDITY.

        1. Rattlerjake says

          People seem to think that libturds are concerned with criminal activity. Criminal activity only aides the libturd agenda by keeping much of the “disarmed ” populace in constant fear and distracted from libturds accomplishing their ultimate goal of control. Once control is gained, they can just order their “police force” to eliminate the criminals.

          1. supergun says

            That is the way it has always been since time. The Good, the bad, and the focking ugly.

      7. WhiteFalcon says

        You are entirely correct.

      8. Skyhawk says

        In a gun free zone I carry MACE. It is only effective at close range though.

        1. Drawer22 says

          @Skyhawk – Distance favors the trained marksman, so for those wishing to be shot at longer ranges, Mace is an excellent option. As for me, it is my preference that neither I, nor those for whom I assume responsibility for their safety, be defenseless targets in a “Gun-Free” Victim Zone.

          De Oppresso Liber

      9. niko says

        Thanks for ending that in grammatically correct lettering.”and accents to boot”. A Greek Orthodox NYC right wing Conservative .

    2. Andrew Owens says

      Gun Free Zones = Target Zones for criminals but Liberals are too stupid to understand that.

      1. John Williams says

        AKA “target rich environment” for those wishing to commit murder and mayhem (think movie theaters and schools), it is not just about the ability to easily rob someone.

      2. Rattlerjake says

        It’s not stupidity, they know exactly what they are doing. Criminal activity is a distraction that keeps the populace “busy” while libturds accomplish their ultimate goal, CONTROL!

    3. supergun says

      Most dangerous places in America ate those places that do not allow the 2nd Amendment Right to bear and carry arms.

    4. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

      The right to keep and bare arms does not create the problem. CRIMINALS ARE THE PROBLEM, Is that to hard for you to understand? The LEGAL citizens do NOT use their guns for ANYTHING illegal.

      1. Rattlerjake says

        Obviously you didn’t understand the points that MAHB001 was stating. Your reading comprehension is very poor.

        1. Drawer22 says

          @Rattlerjake – Missing the point is absolutely correct! MAHB001 didn’t say one word about the right to get a suntan on one’s “bare arms” at all! 🙂

          De Oppresso Liber

        2. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

          Are you her Mommy? Can she not reply for herself or does she need you?? So go mind your own business. Thank You and have a nice day.

      2. MAHB001 says

        You are correct, the right to keep and bare Arms is not the problem.

        And correct to acknowledge that Criminals are the problem.


        Gun control liberals don’t understand this, and the politicians are taking advantage of those liberals ignorance…

        Those that wish to defend the Constitution must defend the second amendment, and never give another inch to the left….

    5. Laurence Almand says

      The Socialists deliberately ignore all the times guns are used for good purposes and prevent crime, and screech about the isolated incidences where they are used for crime.

    6. Krazeehors says

      Amen. It will be interesting to see what that troll Jimmy King has to say!!

    7. R. T. says

      ” To conquer a nation , First disarm it’s citizen’s ” HITLER

    8. katrinaharris says

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    9. Albert Nygren says

      I have only one complaint. When you said that “you can not create a gun free zone in a society that has the right to keep and bear arms.” That right has nothing to do with anything. Do you think that crooks care any more about the 2nd Amendment than any other law?

      1. MAHB001 says

        My point is that crooks don’t care. And to create a gun free zone is an infringement on all the good peoples rights to keep and bear Arms….

      2. Albert Nygren says

        I must apologize as I now see anther meaning to what you wrote that, “This is obvious that you can’t create a No Gun Zone in a society that has the right to keep and bear arms.”. That meaning is that since we have the right to keep and bear arms the government does not have the authority to create no gun zones.

    10. Ammy says

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      1. MAHB001 says

        Just flag this spam.

    11. Mary Green says

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  3. Dudley DoRight. says


    1. Al says

      Castro: “Armos? Para que?” Why do people need them.

    2. David in MA says

      and this is what Obama is doing……….. only he is using “refugees” and soon u.n. forces.
      LOCK & LOAD!

      1. joebabe says

        You’re right! Wait until he is elected Secretary- General of the UN, imagine bho as president of the world……now that’s a nightmare!

        1. David in MA says

          That is his goal, right after the muslim world crowns him the Mahdi.

  4. RMCSRET says

    Just another example of when you educate folks and teach them how to read. They can now understand
    it is open door policy where no guns are allowed to be carried or USED.

  5. Michael Dennewitz says

    What’s funnier than a fart in a space helmet is that, after all that damned back slapping of each other, if one of the employees would have had to shoot one if the criminals, HA! JUST LIKE SHITCAGO, totally undefended!! THE ONLY REASON the government is trying to eliminate guns is so that the HTNIC and his “army” will meet less resistance when the bitch declares himself the emperor of what is left of this once mighty, blessed country!!

  6. Homer says

    Gun Free zone sign`s are merely Welcome sign`s for thugs…….

    Kinda like your idiot neighbor that just got a new 60″ TV that places the empty box by the curb for trash pickup / to show off for his neighbor`s….
    The truth is that shows Who and Where to visit to get a new Free 60″ tv to a thug….(we all have a thief not too far from us)

    The social media-aholic that posts 300 status msg`s a day including when/where/how long he/she will be gone including photos of their house AS they are heading out of town for a vacation….

    COME ROB ME is what the Thug see`s..

    People need to think before they act including signage to prevent Only law abiding folks from carrying protection / open invitation for thugs to have it easy.

    1. Deborah G says

      I have a picture of my Doberman and a shotgun at my front door

      1. jaybird says

        If they have been watching your home and see that you are not there, they will shoot the dog and come in.

        1. Deborah G says

          My home is never left unguarded by someone trained in the use of firearms. My dog is not left where these lowlife,junkie,thug pukes can get him.They’ll have a hard time getting past the electrified gates

          1. jaybird says

            Sounds like you thought of everything! Great job.

      2. Rattlerjake says

        I have snakes in every room. Blacks and Hispanics entering my home will immediately see a 5 ft. Western Diamondback Rattler in a display case (and she rattles at any movement). If they don’t die of a heart-attack, they will likely kill themselves trying to get out of the house. If they get past her there is a 14 ft. python in the living-room. I haven’t met a nigger or mexican’t yet that isn’t a chicken-shit when it comes to large snakes!

        Everyone that comes to my farm is made aware of the snakes (many don’t return), I have yet to have an intruder or trespasser in 22 years.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Using n—– paints us conservatives as racists. Please stop.

          1. Rattlerjake says

            People like you are not only pathetic but have no backbone and cow to the libturd agenda. Call me racist, I DON’T GIVE A SHIIT! Call me a birther, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, homophobe, prepper, or any of the other terms that the left insists on labeling conservatives to prevent them from telling the truth. There is not ONE word on this planet that better describes lawless, criminal, black scumbags (like Ovomit, Sharptonue, Jackassson, Michael Brown, the black panthers, the Ferguson and Baltimore rioters, the “Black lies matter” supporters, etc.) then the word nigger. If you don’t like it then DON’T READ or RESPOND TO my comments, go climb in your PC hole and cry about it!

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Dude! Good, hardworking , intelligent blacks are the majority! The leftist, slobassed media presents them all as lazy, slovenly Obomites. They are not! And don’t paint the rest of us as racists. All Americans, not just blacks and Hispanics are waking up to the leftist’s lies!

          3. Rattlerjake says

            Really?! “Good, hardworking , intelligent blacks are the majority!”? So where did you come up with that bullshiit statistic? It’s strange that with all of those so-called “Good, hardworking , intelligent blacks” that you RARELY EVER see any of them stand up against the niggers that continue to discredit the black race; no different than how you NEVER see muslimes stand up against the islamic cult!

            1. While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States’ population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned. The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005, a rate that is outpacing crime and population rates. The incarceration rates: 1 in every 15 black men and 1 in every 36 Hispanic men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 white men.

            2. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three black men can
            expect to go to prison in their lifetime. Individuals of color have a
            higher number of encounters with law enforcement.

            3. According to recent data by the Department of Education, black students are arrested far more often than their white classmates. The data showed that 96,000 students were arrested and 242,000 referred to law enforcement by schools during the 2009-10 school year. Of those students, black and Hispanic students made up more than 70 percent of arrested or referred students.

            4. As the number of women incarcerated has increased by 800 percent over the last three decades, women of color have a higher rate of incarceration. Black women are three times more likely than white women to be incarcerated, while Hispanic women are 69 percent more likely than white women to be incarcerated.

            5. Blacks comprise 14 percent of regular drug users but are 37 percent of those arrested for drug offenses. From 1980 to 2007 about one in three of the 25.4 million adults arrested for drugs was black.

            Of course you will immediately regurgitate the libturd claim that it is due to racism, racial profiling, etc. instead of the facts that include that these people insist on breaking the law.

            As for your last statement, if you are JUST NOW WAKING UP, you’re at least 7 years behind intelligent people, and at least 20 years behind true conservatives.

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            AH! It is funny snake ASSHOLE! you just showed up on this site, that espouses family unit, religion, hard work, lawful gun ownership, Constitution protection, law enforcement and military pride, anti-statism, P.C. hating rhetoric!! Then you spew racist excrement to falsely show us as bigoted scum!! Take your hate along with “DOC”, the other DNC “plant” and fuck off!!

          5. Rattlerjake says

            Really?! So you speak for ALL of those on this website? You’re the one who is providing unsubstantiated statements and then when you’re proven a liar, your only retort is ad hominem attacks, as every good little libturd does! You yourself have violated at least half of the things you claim that this site “espouses”.

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LOL!!! Spew on kunt!

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Spew on Ms. Jarret!!

  7. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Black robbers? That ‘spains it! Common core English, they couldn’t read the signs. How funny that this happened in Wash. State, the libTURD cesspool of Amerika. They make Marxifornia look smart.

  8. champion2211 says

    Now if some of the concealed handgun people were there with their guns and made an attempt to stop them, and did so, the fair would thank them. We have our guns to help protect others as well as ourselves. We are not there to rob or shoot anyone but to make the party safe for all. Their thinking was good but when those robbers decided to be criminals, well that’s another story.

    1. Jack says

      You are forgetting about today’s American justice,,you broke the law/regulation of the fair operators regulation(no weapons allowed).Suppose a gun fight is started..Being a legal concealed carry(CC) does not give you the right to go against posted regulations You are putting your future as a law abiding citizen,in jeopardy

  9. David in MA says

    once again, it pay’s to advertise….. for the criminals anyhow.

  10. tom s says

    and this is a surprise for what reason? Sure, declare a gun free zone and advertise it as such and then be surprised when the bad guys show up with their guns and rob the place.

    1. Lance Lucius says

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result.
      This is proof positive that liberalism is a mental disease, contracted in higher education by means of indoctrination. A weak mind is a dangerous thing, as liberals are no doubt aware, well perhaps not, there is not much awareness in them after all.

  11. 2nd Amendment says

    UNFUCKINGBELIEVABVLE!!!! This lies upon the Washington State Patrol. I Live in the City of Puyallup, which is the home of THE WASHINGTON STATE FAIR. First off, during the summer you have NO idea how many OPEN CARRY FIREARMS there are here. Seriously I think we have well over 80% of our City that ACTUALLY HAS THEIR CWP ( for you liberals, cwp= concealed weapons permit) so when summer ends, so does open carry. The IRONY OF THIS, I AM A MEMBER OF WAC (again for you liberals, wac= Washington Arms Collectors) AND WE HAVE A GUN SHOW THERE 11 WEEKENDS OUT OF THE YEAR AND HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM. So having a sign saying GUN FREE ZONE, I don’t care what that sign is supposed to protect, but that thin metal GUN FREE ZONE sign along with a thin sheet of paper saying NO CONTACT ORDER. I swear liberals are actually stupid enough to think that will work. The PEOPLE THAT WOULD OBEY THAT SIGN, ARE THE SAME THAT COULD HAVE PREVENTED IT. Why would they, BECAUSE WE DON’T BREAK THE LAW, do you think that you actually have a chance in hell that a CRIMINAL WOULD LOOK AT THAT SIGN, AND AUTOMATICALLY SAY SHIT I NEED TO TAKE MY GUN HOME, WE CAN’T HAVE THEM HERE. How do you LIBERAL IDIOTS ACTUALLY THINK THAT IS GOING TO WORK. A CRIMINAL that knows people that are LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WILL NOT BREAK THAT LAW. That sign should have just said ALL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WILL NOT BE ARMED, CRIMINALS PLEASE COME AND TAKE WHAT AND ALL YOU WANT. Please tell me people can’t be THAT IDIOTIC!!!! IF THERE IS A LIBERAL, SMART ENOUGH TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO REPLY TO MY POST, AND TELL ME WHO THE SMART PERSON THAT CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA. OR WAS IT A JOINT VENTURE BETWEEN HOWEVER MANY LIBERALS IT TAKES TO SUGGEST SUCH A STUPID IDEA.

    1. Drawer22 says

      @2nd Amendment – Just a note for the purpose of accuracy: The State of Washington (WA) does not have provision for any CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit). In WA, a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) is what authorizes residents of WA to adhere to the 2d Amendment of our Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Washington.

      Of further note regarding permits: One can not permit the exercise of a right with a permit granting permission by The Almighty State ─ but some states do so anyway! Imagine that! 🙂

      Sic semper tyrannis.

      1. 2nd Amendment says

        The Newest one I have which I got about 6 months ago, the ones they actually give you the choice of having it laminated from them. Yes it is a CPL. the white ones it replaced, which replaced the yellow ones. Those were CWP’s. I have many expired ones that say Weapons Permit.

        1. Drawer22 says

          @2nd Amendment – Your recitation of history is fairly accurate, with an exception: CPLs, being issued by the Sheriff of each WA county, are not all optionally laminated ─ a minor point, indeed. I had not addressed the history of the concealed documentation in WA, so it was a wonderful trip down Memory LN, for which I thank you.

          De Oppresso Liber

          1. 2nd Amendment says

            @Drawer22 -I know you like to believe you know everything there is about anything there is. Maybe you should do some homework. If they are not optionally laminated, I would urge you to call the Puyallup Police Department and ask them for yourself and have them prove you wrong, The Puyallup non emergency number is
            (253) 841-5415. After talking with them Mr know everything, I expect an apology!

          2. Drawer22 says

            @2nd Amendment – Well now, aren’t you the feisty little buggeree! Despite being unable to take a compliment, I do not doubt that you are far more knowledgeable about Puyallup and the PD there. It may interest you to know that the State of Washington encompasses more than the one small jurisdiction of your town, and that Puyallup is not a state unto itself, nor for that matter is it a country (which would likely be your next uninformed claim).

            As individual law enforcement departments, agencies and offices are notorious for giving incorrect information, and as RCWs are written for the *entire* State of Washington, I’ll do my own research, inasmuch as you are apparently insufficiently educated to do so. A pity, for I’m certain your parents had high hopes for the insectoid they hatched.

            De Oppresso Liber

          3. 2nd Amendment says

            I hope you read the new one under that comment. The one you replied to I thought I deleted it. I know all about individual and county law enforcement. And no shit you mean Puyallup isn’t a State. If you really want to get into it. County trumps City, State trumps County and Federal trumps State. I know the command of authority.

          4. Drawer22 says

            @2nd Amendment – Glad to see you stayed awake for at least *some* of your highschool Civics class. Bravo! (Somehow, I very much doubt that you “…know all about individual and county law enforcement.” Your statement is sufficient proof of that, as is your closing sentence.

            Do attempt to be concise and accurate. It helps in effective communication.

            De Oppresso Liber

          5. 2nd Amendment says

            whatever, have fun being an ass

          6. Drawer22 says

            @2nd Amendment – While being concise, you have yet to earn credibility through accuracy. Keep trying. Make your mommy proud, boy.

            It really is a shame that you started all this by being unable to accept a compliment gracefully. By thus fragmenting the cause in which we probably both believe deeply, you help the proglibiots, almost as if you were a buddy to their unConstitutional attempts at tyranny. When you are a subject on your knees to them, just remember that there are knowledgeable, intelligent, educated, experienced men still standing true to their oaths in support of the Constitution you abandoned for false pride.

            While you’re down there, kneeling, that might be the time to learn English. Everything from capitalization to punctuation would be a good start. If the mommy at whose teat you suckle cares enough, perhaps she’ll teach you something about manners, as well.

            De Oppresso Liber

          7. 2nd Amendment says

            You can say whatever you want about, that’s your constitutional right. Oh by the way that’s the 1st AMENDMENT, which I supposedly don’t know anything about. I agree that you complimented me. However when said another comment, which by the way wasn’t directed at you, about you or anything to do with you. Then someone that thinks he knows all about the state of Washington, and what the permits are called. And had to point out that I was wrong, I have had that little paper for over 30 years. I can even tell you what color’s have been used. And so you know I am knowledgeable, intelligent, educated and experienced. As far being and helping the proglibiots and buddies with them. I will never be on my knees for anyone. Trust me I know Constitutional law, I know the oath I sworn to uphold and protect. I would lay my life down for what I was sworn to do. The first time you made a comment to me, you said ” Just a note for the “purpose of accuracy: The State of Washington (WA) does not have provision for any CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit). In WA, a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) is what authorizes residents of WA”. Then when you checked, you found that yes they were what I said. And about who issues them, yes they are by Washington State. However you obtain them from the County in which you reside. So if you live in King County, you have to get it from that Sheriffs Department. You may be confused because you’re able to go fill out the paperwork at your local PD. Then they send it to the County in which you live to finish the process, then you will get it in the mail. So in a way we are both right, yes it is the State that issues the permit. But it doesn’t matter which PD you do all the paperwork at, it still goes to the County. And I had already apologized about the know it all reply. That was my fault, I didn’t read it fully. I then wrote up another one. I also replied to someones comment, it was about all the name calling. People that are all working on the same goal, why…why do we fight, argue and call each other names. I had even written in that one, that we had both learned something from each other. Even with this comment, I’m sure you will find something to either make fun of me, or call me more names. And ya want know what, I don’t really give a fuck. And if you do call me whatever you choose, THAT’S YOUR 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHT. OH, ONE MORE THING ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION. AT HILLSDALE COLLAGE, WE DO OFFER A FREE ONLINE CLASS, IT’S CALLED THE CONSTITUTION 101. If you take it enjoy, if able to contribute anything to keep it free, it would be MOST APPRECIATED.

          8. 2nd Amendment says

            Comments made prior to your “compliment” is what started this. I could really give fuck about punctuation, spelling and whatever else you want to keep making fun of how that is done. I was told, you have a back and a brain. You need to decide which one will make you money. So as you keep making fun of everything I do or say. I chose my back, actually work for a living. However, you chose your brain. Good for you, you can write and spell and whatever else it is that you do. Like I said, have fun as you make fun of everyone else. Like you said this is an issue we both are passionate about. I will never be on my knees as you say. As far as making my mommy proud, I have as a matter of fact. I have plenty of awards for what it is that I do. As far as her teat, that I do not suckle upon. There have been plenty of other tit’s I have sucked on. So go ahead, make your next comment about whatever is wrong with my punctuation. As for me, this will be last remark to you!

          9. 2nd Amendment says

            I am no longer in King County, Since Pierce County had the option especially since the new permit looks like something one could decide to make one for themselves. Besides the fact that it looks home made, do different County’s also have permits that look different then other county’s? I posted a reply before this one, I didn’t read all of the wording in your reply. If that still shows up as a reply in your account, I apologize for that reply. I should scan it black out all sensitive data on it. Because I’m not joking that they look like something you would print off your printer.

          10. Drawer22 says

            @2nd Amendment – I agree with your assessment of what the WA CPL looks like. Given the time, I may yet re-create mine and print it out just for kicks. My understanding of recognition and reciprocity is that, since our CPL looks more like a fishing permit than a form of positive identif ication, all too many other states won’t accept it as a lawful form of official concealed carry documentation. Too, in the past (I have not yet researched the present.), while the CPLs issued by various WA LE agencies/departments/offices had a similar appearance, they differed in detail. In addition to the lamination question, I shall also research WA CPL standardization for you.

            De Oppresso Liber

  12. Tome says

    Anytime you have gun free zones the criminals are safe because nobody to shoot back. 90+% of gun crimes are in gun free zones! Switzerland have by law a gun in every home and gun crimes are almost non existant! We never had problems until they started making gun free cities! Now almost all crimes are in gun free cities! The US. is the 4th worse country with gun crimes! You take four cities away and we are the third from the least gun crimes. Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Washington DC. are the four that makes all the gun crimes!

    1. TexasRider says

      @disqus_EkNJmrsbZq:disqus….Something else these cities have in common is they have all been run by Liberal Democrats for years.

    2. TexasRider says

      Something else these cities have in common is they have all been run by Liberal Democrats for years.

      1. Lance Lucius says

        A very important point.

  13. SouthernPatriot says

    “Gun free zones” and “no guns allowed” signs are open invitations to criminals, the mentally unsound, and jihadists. The only ones who seem to recognize and obey these signs are law abiding citizens who do not wish to protect themselves and their belongings.

  14. Alan404 says

    Criminals commit crimes, absolutely amazing isn’t it. While amazing, it remains all to true. They don’t pay much attention to Gun Free Zone admonitions either, which might be even more amazing.

  15. Adrian Vance says

    My goodness! Everyone knows criminals don’t ignore “No Gun Zone” signs! How can this be?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for bullets.

  16. Alleged Comment says

    I HATE to say this but LIBERALS do know guns bans uhh, backfire. They FULLY KNOW THIS that is why they try VERY, VERY hard to convince you to “UNARM” yourself.

    Do NOT BE FOOLED and why I always tell people NEVER EVER OBEY A LIEBERAL.

    That is what YOU DO NOT KNOW that is hurting you!!! Be wise and no harm can come to you and understand a lieberal’s desire to CAUSE YOU HARM!

  17. Arthur L. Trevallee says

    This is amazing! An armed robbery in a “gun free zone”? Gee, who would have thought that would ever happen?

  18. william g munson says

    Gun control LAWS are for the Benefit of the Criminals and they enjoy it too and take advantage of it where ever they can find it in effect! they Love Obama too

  19. scott says

    no,you mean the criminals didnt listen to the liberal idiot scums rules again.only liberals keep doubling down on dumb.this is why we have our enemys coming into our country by the 10,s of thousands to kill us.

  20. jim scofield says

    You Can’t Fix Stupid

    1. Paladin says

      Amongst many gems of wisdom, I was hard-wired with this, “Ignorance is not knowing; Stupidity is knowing better.” …And to that was added this, “If you’re ignorant, know you’re ignorant and choose to remain ignorant, then you’re stupid, also.”

  21. Gunflint Roseberg says

    You know it’s getting really hard for a career criminal to get ahead now days. There’s alway the possibility of getting shot, or injured. Why is everyone bitching about these Gun Free Zones? Fact is criminals must have safe zones also to practice their profession. I just don’t get it why anyone would challenge GFZ’s. . Liberals get it, Thugs get it, Obama gets it, so why don’t you Constitution Loving Patriots get it? *sarc*

  22. Harold says

    Living proof that Liberals are stupid for thinking people will Obey their SIGNS!

  23. JIMBO says

    I agree that gun free zones are very dangerous. They are all dreamland for people that want and do commit acts of violence. It may be a long time before we are able to convience the hard nosed liberals that there approchg to gun control is dangerous and stupid.

  24. American says

    I’m shocked! Shocked! Criminals intentionally being lawless? It’s unheard of! (Sarcasm off). There are many such examples, yet the liberals can’t quite grasp the concept that criminals will probably not follow their gun control laws. It’s a blind spot for them; they just can’t see it.

  25. jjmcl431 says

    now who would have thunk it?

  26. Lance Lucius says

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer place…LOL Gun control freaks forget a little thing called self-defense. All you gun haters, do you know that anything can be a weapon? A sword in the trained hands of a person with ill intent can also commit mass murder, a little more bloody, but what do you freaks care? A person with a gun can take out a sword weilder, but what the hey. A hammer as a weapon? Obviously. How about simple physical force? How many of you anti-gunners would last 10 seconds in a quick physical attack? Not one of you would be my guess. Name the tool, and it can be deadly. If you liberal communists just would be honest and tell the people you just want to disarm them so you can control and kill them YOUR way, I’m sure all of us gun owners would flock to your pronouncement, NOT. Mind your own damn business, if you don’t like guns don’t get one, but stay the hell out of our business.

  27. Jim Mahoney says

    Libtards n libtards policies film at 11, any night any day anywhere . Keep telling the BAD guys where the GOOD guys are unarmed and the same shit will ALWAYS happen.

  28. ErnieLane says

    Is the use of the word “brazenly” tongue in cheek? Isn’t just robbing a brazen act? And, isn’t this just further evidence that when law-abiding citizens don’t have guns, the criminals will?

  29. DennisofRockyMount says

    The USA founded by genius , run by idiots.

  30. kotoc says

    Reading through all the comments made so far, I must agree that it’s generally common sense to KNOW that posting “gun free zone” signs is an open invitation to criminals. “Free money from helpless, unarmed citizens. Come and get it.” The brain-dead liberals that think they can make our country a safer place, not by disarming the good guys and giving the bad guys more power, but that the criminals will “obey” the rules just like everyone else. Like I said… brain dead. It just makes no sense at all.

  31. scott says

    the only way to stop crime is not gun control,its thug control.

  32. Allan Stark says

    Of course posting such a sign is like an invitation to disaster.
    And it’s not “flaunt” – it;s “flout.”

  33. JOE says

    liberal demoRATS,as stupid as stupid can get,joeupyoursCS’S!

  34. papa doug says

    Tsk, tsk, tsk imagine that, criminals ignoring gun control laws! Just what is this world coming to?

    Hey liberal idiots, Do you need it spelled out for you? Criminals ignore laws, it’s what they do! Ypou can pass a thousand more gun laws and it will only allow MORE crime because the criminals will know that law abiding people are defenseless and therefor EASY PREY!

  35. Robert Gunther says

    When are our illustrious politicians and elected officials
    with their college degrees going to realize “criminals do not obey laws”

    They would have been better off posting a sign “legal
    firearms welcome”

    1. melmack 1 says

      They are much to busy being PC and fighting to pass laws that will ban weapons for the
      law abiding.

    2. EMIRCITNA says

      ONLY when THEY, themselves, become victims to a gun-toting criminal in one of their “Gun Free Zones”, will they realize their STUPIDITY!!!

  36. EMIRCITNA says

    (Do you feel lucky?!)

    1. Gunflint Roseberg says

      Gun free Zones for Criminals, Thugs, & Liberals..!! They have to make a living too!

  37. 11Mic22hael33 says

    It’s time to criminalize liberalism and it’s father, communism.

  38. James Kennedy says

    It’s a good thing the cops, were on patrol, and able to stop this robbery, Oh, wait they were more than likely guarding the donut shop, and that’s why the robbers got away with this crime, and of course no mention in the local news that they were BLACK, in a mostly white city, I mean who would ever suspect blacks comminting such a crime as robbery.

  39. brabbie2002 says

    If this was done in Yakima at the State Fair, tell the cops to check out the area around Yakima Avenue and South First Street then go to the southwest toward the river. It is called the Hole for a reason! If they burned this part of town to the ground, no one would complain. Except the gang bangers, drive-by shooters, druggies and drug dealers plus more illegal aliens than you can shake a stick at! It is the armpit of WA State!!!

  40. joebabe says

    What a surprise! Criminals not obeying the law. Who woulda thunk it? Golly gee whiz, liberals and “gun haters”, don’t you believe in self defense? …..protecting your family? …….protecting your home? ……your country? Oh right, you’ll tell them to join hands with you and sing Kum by ah. Yeah ,that’ll work! So far,so good , right?

  41. James Kennedy says


  42. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

    Might as well say FREE MONEY HERE!! COME AND GET IT!! The sign should say, plain clothes security people are being used. Maybe then things would be different.

  43. Steven Kaspar says

    We have to get rid of these Liberal Idiots and we have to get a national concealed carry law!

    1. Rattlerjake says

      We have a “national concealed carry law”, it’s called the second amendment. Problem is, like all other laws and the Constitution, that libturds ignore law and the Constitution and do as they please and sadly conservatives insist on sitting on their thumbs thinking the “next” election will change something!

  44. Camp Taji says

    It is the fault of the school system. Had these disadvantaged black youth had the ability to read the NO GUN sign it would not have happened.. Illiterate Lives Matter, too

  45. Dan Menard says

    What a great article! Well written and on point to what is really going on. More armed citizens not less is the answer to street and domestic violence. Every thief or crook taken down by an armed citizen is one more clean spot in the gene pool!

  46. 4thHorseman of the Confederacy says

    As I read this article while enjoying my morning java,,,,nearly blew coffee out of my nose. I’m thinking, “brilliant!” Gun free zones keep us safe, the sign says so, right? I carry 100% of the time, although you wouldnt know it. I certainly pick my battles, and certainly wont pull my sidearm unless a life-threatening situation presents itself. Gun-free zones are like speed limits, arbitrary at best,,meant to be bent, at least

  47. Ted says

    A gun free zone is a political statement. It came out of the halls of congress. All Federal and State buildings are gun free. Ever notice? The latest shootings have all been gun free zones. To me it gives killers time to make their plans and that has proven out when the police inspect the killers home and find these plans with some as long as 2 years in the making.

  48. dkuch says

    These stupid asses that run the fair do not realize that criminals do NOT obey the law. I spent 19 years in Detroit MI, the city at the time had the strictest gun laws in this great country. Well, that is the big reason that Detroit’s name was changed from “Motor City” to “MURDER CITY”. I worked on 12th street and at Detroit City Airport, name changed to Coleman Young Airport or Coolman Young Airport. I can tell stories about Detroit that I don’t believe and I was there to see them happen.

  49. fred says

    The ignorance of the anti-gun lobbyists is perfectly illustrated by this event in that the only deterrent for thieves and robbers is the fact they wouldn’t do the crime if they knew they might get dead from the act of stealing…think about it for a couple of seconds…gun control should be imposed on anyone who has used a gun weapon in a crime for LIFE! If they are found with a gun one time after?… off to the Prison labor camp for life!

  50. Phil says

    Every one knows that Strict GUN CONTROL, will bring about a society that has NO crime… Just check out the Crime Stats in countries that have strict Gun Control. Like, England, France, and Australia. These countries have NO armed crime due to strict gun control….

    1. lieberalschism says

      Yeah right, that’s why England is in the process of banning long pointy knives.
      Criminal control would make things so much easier.
      Gun and knife control equals population control.
      You’d better start stocking up on rocks before they are banned too or before the Muslims get them all.

  51. John Williams says

    I would expect nothing less from liberal land in Washington state, once again the liberal loons have proven that they are idiots. What part of criminals and gun free zones don’t these fools understand?

  52. carla AMERICAN says

    Make Obama pay the victims of their hard earned pay to support their families that were robbed by ARMED BLACK from his private bank account.

    1. WaltDizzy says

      Sorry, I’ve been out of town. How did the arrests go? Is Senator Stabenow safely behind bars now?

  53. Valentine says

    Best written sarcasm I’ve read so far. So true; and thank you.

  54. jreg9304 says

    this would have been guaranteed that if some of the fair patrons had been wearing a side arm, stuff like that would not have happened…there never should be a gun ban at any function where the is large quantatees of cash.. or there should have been more foot patrols of state police like at the Ohio state fair. if you look around troopers are all over and we have never had a problem like that, here in Ohio..

  55. rchguns says

    .The liberals in the socialists of taken over Washington state no matter how often is proven more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens prevents violent crime.

    Labeling your business is a gun free zone is like putting out an invitation to any armed criminal to come in and take advantage.

    Look at it another way crime is an occupation. Every occupation has certain hazards connected with the job. If a person chooses crime as an occupation they should be aware that being shot and killed is an occupational hazard.

    These loony leftists and social progressives want to take the guns away from law-abiding citizens. Those only in the hands of law-abiding citizens will be affected because there’s not a criminal alive that is so dumb that will willingly give up their guns.

    How long will it be before the stupid politicians mandate that all criminals have insurance against on-the-job injuries? New York City is almost that way now, if you’re going to be Mugged in New York City you only have two choices. 1. Give the creep whatever he wants and hope that he doesn’t cut your throat. Or 2 run and hope that he doesn’t shoot you in the back. If you fight back and injure the criminal they’re going to sue you for damages and if you happen to have firearm you go to jail for five or six years and the family of the bad guy will take everything that you own in court

    1. lieberalschism says

      “Those that live by the sword….”

      1. dickG says

        Just because you have one, doesn’t mean you have to live by it.
        Just have it close by!

        1. lieberalschism says

          With the ever increasing level of violence by muslims, illegal aliens, blacks, etc. we should all consider keeping some type of weapon close by at all times.

        2. lieberalschism says

          Well darn.
          But that’s ok.
          I’d rather live with it than by it anyways.
          I don’t really want to have to walk next door every time I need it.

      2. rchguns says

        Have greater likelihood of surviving. Don’t live by the sword but live with the sword. If you’re not willing to protect yourself and those around you and your loved ones than you have very little reason to survive.

        Liberals would like to have us believe that the police and the government can protect us. Stop and look at it logically for once the police cannot do a thing until a crime has been committed.

        A criminal breaks into your home takes your family hostage killed your wife and children and rape your dog and sodomize is your cat. Just for laughs they leave you alive. What good did the police do? With our legal system is screwed up as it is right now the odds of the bad guys ever being, caught is less than 50%. If they are caught the way the legal system is stacked against the honest people more than likely they would get off with maybe a year or so in jail.

        Same scenario but instead of being an instant victim depending on the government and the police department you have armed yourself and know how to use the weapon. They kick in the door threaten your family and you kill them end of story. You now save yourself and your family not to mention the fact that there will not be any more victims. That my friends is living with the sword.

        1. lieberalschism says

          All very true my friend.
          When I made the comment about living by the sword I was actually referring to the criminals at the fair.
          I believe you and another poster misunderstood the intent behind my statement.
          I am pro 2nd Amendment all the way and do live with mine. I don’t live by them but I will use them if ever necessary.

  56. Laddyboy says

    It is time to charge these IDIOTS who “infringe on the RIGHTS of Americans to protect themselves with weapons” to be brought up on charges of being accessories to the crimes. These gun-controllers ENABLED the THUGS to rob and steal without being afraid of retaliation by any law abiding citezenry. It is time to start charging the “no gun allowed” crowds.

  57. Steve Huntsman says

    Those wise dimocraps sure know how to set up a shooting gallery don’t they ????????????

    1. lieberalschism says

      We need a new minimum wage just for criminals, we have to make sure they get paid for their effort.

      1. Steve Huntsman says

        Give the people their right to protect themselves and they will pay them justly for their effort !!

        1. lieberalschism says

          30 pieces of lead.
          Coincidentally it’s the same exact amount as my magazine capacity. Whadaya know.

          1. Steve Huntsman says

            I believe one piece of lead place between the eye would be payment enough you don’t what to over pay the scum bags.

          2. lieberalschism says

            That’s true, what am I thinking, with the price of cartridges these days I need to think about using them more wisely and efficiently.

  58. Laddyboy says

    The TRUTH IS: “Gun free zones = Target Rich Environments”.

    1. lieberalschism says

      IOW: Shoot me, I’m an easy target.

  59. beltedmagnum says

    The employees that were robbed should sue to get their money back as their employer failed to provide a safe working environment and did cause them harm.

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      I like it!!

  60. stratus46 says

    Say it aint so. Lawbreakers break the law? How can that be? We put up a SIGN _clearly_ defining the gun free area. We are ruled by buffoons.

  61. Laurence Almand says

    Another example of the stupidity of the gun-control do-gooders. Do they think criminals will pay ANY attention to gun regulations? Indeed, they often seek out places where guns are banned, because they know people are vulnerable, and they can rob with impunity. The following sign should be posted in all gun-free “safe” zones:


    I hope the do-gooders have learned their lesson – but don’t bet on that. (If the fair had allowed people with CCW permits to carry their weapons, these crimes could have been stopped immediately.)

  62. j0e cave says

    i believe in gun control i can put 5 shots in a 5 inch circle @100 3 seconds,all the gun control i need

  63. hangman57 says

    Gun control laws ,just gets innocent people killed . Because it takes away their right to carry a gun for self defense . Gun Free Zone Areas , just makes innocent people bullet magnets . Gun Free Zones ,only work for our criminals . Because it makes it a no resisted zone for criminals .

  64. Pete Allenbach says

    Just wait till Al Sharptung hears about this!

  65. peanut butter says

    They asked for it… they got it. Hope they learned from this experience.

    1. lieberalschism says

      You’re talking about liberals? They don’t learn anything because it’s all the conservatives fault.

      1. peanut butter says

        No, they don’t learn anything because they are ignorant and their minds are closed. They only ALWAYS blame the conservatives for their OWN failures.

  66. wildeagleone says

    Are Liberals in the Governors and Mayors positions in this State (_of amazement -)?

    1. lieberalschism says

      Right across the border of the State of Ignorance.

  67. Obie Miller says

    The ONLY people who will ever obey laws–(think:gun free zones)–are (surprise) law abiding people. All these do is attract and invite criminal activity.

  68. Thomas Lee Mullins says

    How rude. The gunmen should be made to feel bad for not obeying the ‘no guns allowed’ policy.

    1. lieberalschism says

      They are out and about right now still trying to find a store that sells guilt in easy open single dose packages.

  69. Joyce White says

    We keep trying to explain the facts of life to the liberals, but they appear to be brain-dead. Laws are only obeyed by honest law-abiding citizens. Criminals do not obey laws!. That is probably why they are called CRIMINALS. There are always some people who will be able to supply ILLEGAL firearms to the criminal element. So, divesting HONEST citizens of their 2nd amendment rights should and MUST be considered “aiding and abetting” in any crimes committed against unarmed citizenry. I don’t know how much more succinctly we can state the OBVIOUS

  70. William Benton says

    Why not just post a sign that says come on in and rob anyone you want because they will not have a gun for protection

  71. DevelDoc1 says

    Once again we see that “There ain’t no cure for stupid”

  72. joe says

    Does this mean that the author of this article is saying that the criminals disobeyed the “No Guns” sign?
    I’ll bet that the bad buys did not have a concealed carry permit, either.

  73. kassa1 says

    Really gun control/confiscation is what the Marxist elitist want ,as they could care less about your protection or safety! Just like your communist cousins they want to promote any of their evil on you without any repercussions against them as this is what confiscation of your weapons is really all about, when the fact is there’s no greater human rights, then to be able to protect yourself, your family, and your property! Without that right you have no rights whatsoever and they they lead us know that! If you’re conservative for a Christian or anyone who speaks out against their tyrney ,then you are at target once they disarm you! Learn from history America all the governments to disarm their people for the people safety murdered over 200 million of their own people for varying reasons them with some of the ones mentioned above!

  74. sox83cubs84 says

    Washingtom State is fast becoming the People’s Republik of California, Northwest Station. Mark my words, however: you could have a dozen more criminal incidents like this is Washington or California, and the liberal weenies would still cling to their useless gun-free zones. CARSON/TRUMP 2016!

  75. Scrubjay says

    It’s just shocking…Shocking, I say!

    What we need are more common sense gun laws, then the criminals will abide by them!

  76. Greg Taylor says

    You mean the armed robbers were black? Shocking!

  77. 2nd Amendment says

    I know I could go off and make a lot of good, valid reasons that the idea of a flat piece of sheet metal with some writing on it saying GUN FREE ZONE. Hell lets even say a thin piece of paper signed by a judge, I mean fuck that has to tell you right there you better follow what it says. Everyone responding to this article, and by the way I live around 10 blocks from the fair grounds. That’s where WAC or Washington Arms Collectors, which I am a member of. We have 11 gun shows at those same fair grounds. I could make many arguments, however everyone that is even commenting on this obviously are like minded, AND NOT A LIBERAL! So why tell each other what we already know. Nobody reading the responses about this article needs to be told what we already know!

  78. 2nd Amendment says

    All of these replies, the ones correcting everybody else. What does this arguing between like minded individuals accomplish? NOTHING. So make fun of what I say, think or feel. why drive wedges in between like minded individuals?

    1. Drawer22 says

      @2nd Amendment – What you state would be pretty much in line with my own thinking, were it not for the occasional naïve or ignorant person who might be persuaded to learn, given factual information. As for proglibiotic trolls (“proglibiotrolls”), they’re fun to toy with and can be entertaining.

      Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

      1. dickG says

        The main question here is: “Do they make good pets?”
        I have almost always found them to be un-trainable, although most can be housebroke, but after they learn to speak they never seem to keep quiet. Jabber, jabber, jabber with no meaning.
        Does anyone have a training manual?

        1. Drawer22 says

          @dickG – I am unaware of any training manual for training proglibiotrolls beyond basic housebreaking, and of even that, there is no assurance.

          De Oppresso Liber

          1. dickG says

            I guess I’ve made another bad investment.
            It just goes to show ya that one should do their homework BEFORE allowing their emotions to rule.
            Take my 1st ex-wife . . .
            PLEASE! TAKE HER!

          2. Drawer22 says

            @dickG – Thank you for the offer of ex-spouse’s comforts, but I’ll pass. More than enough troubles cross my path, being a redneck in a blue state, in a blueneck county, on a blueneck Island, in my blueneck town of residence. One suggestion I’ve received for those who cause me grief (I have an ex-wife myself.) is to hand them a bullseye and ask them to take it downrange. It seems a valid idea, as “accidents” go.

            As for proglibiotrolls, if you invested in a training manual for even one, you got taken. A psychiatrist suggested to me that infliction of extreme pain may obtain limited results, but it seems to me that’s more effort than it’s worth. Oh, and it may also be unlawful, come to think of it!

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  79. Gray_Doug says

    No pun intended, but bang went that theory! Why did it take 13 days to get the word out?

    I hope they catch those pukes and send them to Walla Walla for a very … long … time. No parole. No time off for good behavior. And put teeth behind the term “hard labor.” Thank God they didn’t pull the trigger, but sooner or later someone will.

    Guns don’t kill people on their own; there’s a nut behind the trigger . . . that’s the XXX that you nail. Don’t go after the gun companies; go after the criminals. Put their identity out there for the public. Be sure that the public knows if the gun used in the commission of crime is a stolen weapon or not. Don’t omit important information because that’s the same as lying (fitting the news to print (aka yellow journalism)).

    We now have a prime example of what happens when you disarm the public, put up signs saying thou shalt not have guns here. We have proof positive that the bad guys could care less about the signs because it’s a wolf in the hen house! And boy did they collect.

  80. Andrea Latham says

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  81. Albert Nygren says

    I can’t believe the naiveté of the person who wrote this article and the people who had an idea that because the passed a law saying no guns allowed, that crooks would have paid any attention to it. The writer said, “The Unthinkable happened” , yes, a crook didn’t obey the law, what a shock!

  82. David Wheelock says

    I will carry my gun anywhere I go

    1. dickG says

      NEVER leave home without it!

  83. Gerry Costa says

    Maybe these jerk organizers just needed bigger signs, or bigger lettering or a ” we mean it, no weapons ” at the end.. How can adults be so ignorant as to think this wouldn’t draw the criminal element ????

  84. IMSweetOlBob says

    Ooooooooh Nooooooooo ! Please don’t tell me that criminals broke the rules !
    How criminal of them ! They should be really ashamed, huh ?

  85. Sylvester Jones says

    No kidding what a bunch of idiots must have been liberal democrats.

  86. David Gearhart says

    Just another example of liberal anti gun laws. These people are called criminals for a reason. They don’t follow the laws. Creating more laws just gives the more laws to break and ignore. Someone said that we can’t enforce the laws we have and then said that we needed more laws. Is that insane?

  87. Just Saying says

    Control, control. control…. when will we wake up and understand that the liberal agenda of gun free zones. education polices, political correctness and so forth, are all about control of our society. Enough of keeping silent when we see and hear this corruption of our rights.

  88. Greg says

    The obvious thing here is that the people running this fair are totally ignorant morons!!!!

  89. Jena Smith says

    This is the sign they should have put up.

  90. Dick Ellis says


  91. ZO666 says

    Kinda weird I know many Washington gun people who would have taken these guy’s out in a heart beat…..This is your state on Californians….

  92. ZO666 says

    Too bad Washington used to be a safe place to raise your children not it’s turning into Detroit…

  93. Ammy says

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  94. champion2211 says

    When people try and make it safer, they usually end up making things worse. Now they should have had a lot more guards around that were armed. That might have helped or not. By putting it in the news paper or on the radio,TV that there would be a NO GUN ZONE at the fair, you got it right, that the bad guys were the only ones there with guns. Pretty bad as they already knew there was no one there to stop them. Why not? Pretty bad on the park officials part. Not thinking seems to be getting around now a days. By doing what they did was just inviting the bad guys for a day of robbing people.

  95. niko says

    I say line up the Washington state fair organizers and use them as targets for people that own guns legally,”oh what fun that would be ” !!!!!!!!

  96. MidwayBill says

    Gee, I thought that gun free zones, in concert with Washingtons recently passed I-594 Universal Background checks would stop this kind of criminal behavior. It’s getting to the point it isn’t even safe for unicorns to be out in public!

  97. patricia crevier says

    I cannot believe it…..criminals who ignored a NO GUNS sign!

    1. dickG says

      ” . . criminals who ignored a NO GUNS sign!”
      Surely Madam, You jest!

      1. patricia crevier says

        ..I jest

  98. David C. Telliho says

    How dare they blatantly disregard a clearly posted gun free zone ? Have they no respect ? Hey there, you well meaning liberals. When good men are armed, bad men stay away. Understand ? It`s a fact. EVERY circomstance of a mass shooting has taken place in a gun free zone. Committed by a liberal. Check it out. Liberals should not own guns. There is your mental test. Since the robbers felt they could just take what they did not own or have not earned, I conclude they too were most likely liberals.

  99. adrianvance says

    What criminals don’t pay attention signs? What next?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  100. Warren says

    They are not responsible, being raised poor with little Education were not able to read the sign if they had been able to I am sure they would have taken their Gun’s home & returned for a Fun Day at the Fair.

  101. SheriffJon says

    This isn’t news. Every school and theater shooting in the last decade or so has been committed by individuals who outright ignored “NO FIREARMS PERMITTED” signs. To date, not one of the shooters has proven to be illiterate. So much for gun control laws being effective tools for crime fighting. If everyone who wished to carry a gun for self-protection did so, crime would drop like a stone, as it has in states that approved concealed carry. So, what is the true agenda of the liberals and gun control fanatics who insist on taking away the law abiding citizen’s right to bear arms? Ain’t it obvious, folks? Any law doing so is Unconstitutional. And that, ladies and gents, is why we must fight against gun removal from our culture with whatever it takes.

  102. Texas Belle says

    Obama comes out and whines every time there is a mass shooting but never mentions the many shootings and deaths that occur in big cities every weekend, Chicago being a good example. He is such a low class individual who thinks that he is the smartest guy in the room when, indeed, the entire world is laughing at his delusional words and lack of action int the Middle East, His deal with Iran will endanger the entire world in a few years and Iran will try to decimate Israel ASAP. No doubt Obama will cheer when Iran destroys Israel; he is a very obvious anti-Semitic, and a very obvious Muslim.

  103. NoMoreWireHangers says

    This is why a gun ban in the whole country would work so well. (eyeroll)

  104. T. VOGT says

    What Bothers me is Obama,Kerry,Clinton have decimating our Military, becoming buddies with Countries we can’t agree with on the simplest terms I mean come on, Kerry wasted 3 years globe trotting and came out with NOTHING yet they call it a win?? Then the lets take their Guns away because that bad gun jumped out of it’s secure spot, and found a criminal and committed a crime against the criminals feelings or intentions.. yea right… Those that belong to the NRA, Become conceal carry users are the criminals? NO They will be YOUR ONLY FREAKING LINE OF DEFENSE !
    So pull put the big boy/girl pants and stand up for being able to defend yourself..and even the dumb liberals you don’t want your kids seeing murdered. It is a whole lot easier to a kid to understand the bad guy with a gun is threatening everyone and the good guy stopped him..NO GUN ZONE.. called FREE TO ROB RAPE AND KILL when you want.. If they aren’t in a position to do so wing em take out a shoulder or a hip.. but if you save a life, some scumb bag needs to die.. PERIOD.

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