Romney Blames GOP Candidates for Trump’s Victory


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, whose efforts to stop the Trump Train can only be regarded as pathetic and impotent, is now blaming the rest of the 2016 Republican primary field for not doing enough to defeat the billionaire. Speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer from his own Experts and Enthusiasts Summit in Park City, Utah this weekend, Romney said candidates like Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush had mishandled their campaigns.

“Their biggest failure was attacking each other and not the frontrunner,” he said. “Just politically, I thought that move was not right for them.”

According to Romney, Cruz wasted months praising Trump while going after other candidates like Marco Rubio. He also criticized John Kasich for staying in the race long after it was obvious that he didn’t have a shot at the nomination. And he slammed the Jeb Bush super PAC Right to Rise for spending much of their $100 million budget attacking opponents other than Trump.

“I thought it was an extremely large mistake on their part,” Romney said.

Though Romney is nowhere near softening his stance against Trump, he did acknowledge the nominee’s political skill. “He played it extremely well,” he said. “It was a very effective strategy.”

Romney once again dismissed any notion that he might launch a third-party run against Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but he said that he wasn’t quite done with politics. Apparently confident that Trump will lose, Romney said, “I do believe, after November, I’m going to be involved in articulating what the Republican Party stands for.”

Romney’s Monday-morning quarterbacking might be well received by the Republican insiders he invited to Utah, but you can’t help but notice that he’s more concerned about the future of the party than the future of the country. It’s all well and good to look forward to reforming the GOP after November, but how about taking steps to make sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t take office? How about supporting the Republican nominee so we don’t have to subject the American economy to another four years of failed liberal policy?

As Bob Dole said this weekend, George Washington ain’t on the ballot. Maybe Republicans like Romney don’t feel Trump is the perfect nominee, but if you can’t at least acknowledge that he’s the best we’ve got, what kind of a conservative are you?

  1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    Romney be quiet you lost to Obama you coward! How dare you attack PRESIDENT TRUMP!!
    what kind of a conservative are you? Weak!!!!

    You blame others you are a loser and low energy! We don’t want you Romney you are a Moron!!!!

    Romney states:
    Their biggest failure was attacking each other and not the front runner,” he said. “Just politically, I thought that move was not right for them.”

    Like Romney knows anything he lost a loser telling others how to run their campaign oh my God what a fool!! ROMNEY HAS NO CREDIBILITY!!!!!

    1. hora says

      That are guy who call his self conservatives, but are not, and GOP BE CLEAR HOW TREASON VOTER, time for paid are come.. Dems claim for illegals? NO and NO, all must back and Dems who not respect a Laws, be will Prison time and out politic forever. Illegals no any chance, must go, dreamer and all broke a law enter illegals, plus not back never, after get in illegals enter, be will a prison time and deportation, a game are complete over and Mexico prepare for to severe consequences, isolate Mexico are a only way be will understand. Muslin must review all are here and many deported, plus reduce over 90% of all muslin won enter. ARE NO QUESTION SOME ARE GOOD PEOPLES, but from some Country muslin must ban complete. Another big thing, declare a war against left, Dems politician to Jail, who are in power, remove under arrest, Repurats? to jail to. Trump win for said a BIG TRUE and majority voter approve and support, not blame t0o Trump, blame to voter who are big tired of shit, abuse, corruption, a lot politician be will out business forever.

      1. franco leon says

        LOL…very good!!!!

  2. MAHB001 says

    I used to have respect for Romney….

    Then again, I have been wrong in the past.

    1. Scrubjay says

      I was absolutely stunned when he threw the election. He was great in the first debate, then he lay down on his back like a submissive dog for the rest of the election.

      1. proudtexan62 says

        Did you ever think beyond the time he laid down? I didn’t either but I certainly have now and it’s uncovered a lot of information that Americans need to know and are finding out little by little as those who really knew what was happening are coming forward with the Truth. Can everybody say Establishment on both sides of the aisle in unison?

        1. Retired Marine says

          Therein lies the rub. The establishment uses votes only to mollify the people. I don’t believe our votes count as much as we would like them to. I am not seeing a lot of difference between the Rino’s and the Dems, looks like they both have the same endgame. Go Trump, expose the BS for once and for all. That is assuming they (the powers that be, like the ones who capped Justice Scalia) don’t attempt to remove him their way.

      2. Son Shine says

        As I see it; after his first debate with Obama he changed and wanted Obama to win. The way he is going after Trump he wants Hillary to win. If this isn’t true he would have continued his fight after the first debate with Obama. Now he is in bed with all the Democrats and all they want is power, money and destroy AMERICA. I think all that are against Trump are in bed with Obama, Bill, Hillary and want to
        DESTROY AMERICA ie. Bushes, Graham, Clintons, Romneys etc.
        If this isn’t true, why don’t you impeach Obama because he is destroying our country, stop all illegals from coming in and follow our laws, uphold construction and protect us. This is why we elected you. You have betrayed AMERICA. All that are not for Trump I pray you are voted out of office in Jesus name, amen
        ROMNEY shut up I wanted you and you betrayed us.

        1. Norman says

          Couldn’t agree with you more. Is it coincidence that 2012 pathetic failed candidates, Romney and Ryan, are the ones badmouthing Trump the most?

          1. Roger says

            Donald Trump is brilliant and he is the only candidate in either party that has ever said AMERICA first! This should mean to all AMERICANS that Donald Trump is the only candidate that really cares about putting AMERICA and AMERICANS first!

          2. Roger says

            Donald Trump will close our borders, he will deport the illegal alien criminals and build a wall, he will create real jobs, not paper jobs like Obama and he will bring American companies back to America! Donald Trump will reduce the national debt and balance the budget! Donald Trump will make sure that our military is the mightiest fighting force in the world and he will take care of our veterans and he will end veteran homelessness! These people are the ones that risked their lives for all AMERICANS! He will unite the good people of the world and terrorism will be eradicated from the face of the earth. No person running for President can do these things, except Donald Trump! No person running for President appears to want to do these things,except DONALD J. TRUMP! NO ONE, PERIOD! Donald Trump is not a racist, he doesn’t have anything against immigrants of any nationality that are in America legally, he only wants to deport illegal alien criminals and every legal immigrant should want that too! Donald Trump will make America greater than she’s ever been!
            DONALD TRUMP is a LEADER! Anyone thinks that DONALD TRUMP can’t do these things and more, vote for and elect him, your next PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICAN and you will be pleasantly surprised!

          3. Roger says

            Hillary Clinton is a total failure! She failed at everything she ever tried to do except lying, she is really good at that.
            1. While Secretary of State she failed to react to pleas for help from our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, that failure cost four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens their lives!
            2. The administration tried to blame the attack on a video, which they knew was false! Hillary Clinton was part of this conspiracy because she was Secretary of State and did not refute this claim even though there was no way that she could not have known it was false.
            3. Hillary Clinton and her husband stole government property when they left the White House, now I don’t think after eight years they didn’t know what they were doing was illegal and that the property they stole did not belong to them.
            4. While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a private, unsecured email server to send and receive emails which she knew was illegal, while putting our national security at risk. She said others did it that’s why she did it. So it seems even if it is wrong, in her opinion it is right if someone else did it.
            5. While Secretary of State six billion dollars went missing from the State Department! That is taxpayer money, I am a taxpayer and I want to know where my money is!
            6. Just recently Hillary Clinton stated that no Americans lives were lost in Libya while she was Secretary of State. I guess she didn’t know that Benghazi was in Libya. Imagine that, a Secretary of State that doesn’t know her geography! These four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya, Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Management officer, Sean Smith, Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.
            7. Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war in exchange for 20 billion dollars, promised to her by then President, George W. Bush. Supposedly for the rebuilding of New York City?
            8. Let’s not forget Whitewater and Vince Foster!
            9. Now we have Bill Clinton visiting polling places in an underhanded attempt to influence voters.
            10. When it comes to lying or telling the truth, this is what I heard Hillary Clinton say in an interview with Scott Pelley, she said I have always tried to tell the truth and I don’t believe I ever lied. What? You tell the truth or you don’t, there is no try. She doesn’t think she lied? I don’t believe I ever did anything that I didn’t know I did. If I told a lie, I would know it!
            11. Hillary Clinton even failed in marriage as everyone knows, they also know what went on in the oval office. Any other woman would have divorced her husband except for a woman pursuing a political agenda. Hillary doesn’t love her husband, she is using him for her own political gain.
            12. The establishment, the liberals and the media, slammed Donald Trump for not immediately denouncing David Duke’s endorsement but they say nothing about Hillary Clinton who was close friends with Robert Byrd, a former KKK member and chapter leader. I don’t care how much good one does it cannot erase the past. Byrd was a member of a gang of sheet clad bigots and thugs that maimed and killed people just because they were different much like the terrorists, Isis does now. It doesn’t matter whether or not Byrd was directly involved in any maiming or killings, he is guilty by association. Byrd’s claim that during his time in the KKK there was no violence, BS, he doesn’t know what other members did when he wasn’t around! Besides I don’t believe him, violence was and still is their agenda!
            David Duke a former member of the KKK also served in the political arena, so why is one former KKK member better than another? Robert Byrd and David Duke were members of a bigoted hate group, that maimed and killed for their own self serving agenda. Robert Byrd and David Duke both have blood on their hands, whether or not they were personally involved in any maiming or murders, simply put Robert Byrd and David Duke were terrorists.

          4. Roger says

            Hillary Clinton put our entire country and the life of every AMERICAN citizen at risk with her unauthorized illegal email server and I as an AMERICAN taxpayer, demand that she be arrested and prosecuted for her crimes against AMERICA and the AMERICAN people! There is also the question of six billion dollars that went missing from the State Department when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, something that seems has been swept under the rug! Six billion dollars is more than the average middle class AMERICAN worker would earn in 20 lifetimes and our government treats it with no more concern than an average AMERICAN would losing a shirt button! Hillary Clinton owes the AMERICAN taxpayers six billion dollars, it disappeared under her watch and she is responsible for finding it or replacing it with interest! I honestly don’t know how this woman that failed and let four AMERICANS die in Benghazi can even show her face in public let alone run for President or think that she has a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected President! If HILLARY BENGHAZI CLINTON couldn’t run the State Department how in the hell can she lead the country

          5. Roger says

            Hillary Benghazi Clinton is insane! I have no doubts!

          6. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Clinton Crime Family a disgrace!

          7. Junius Graham says

            All of this by Hillary was on purpose, She did what George Soros ask.

          8. Kea Among says

            And there you have it!
            Those, that don’t know who Soros is needs to get educated…..
            You would all understand how our nation has slid the slippery slop because of this man and his power.

          9. Justin Seine says

            Oh! But you are forgetting about her accomplishment as a Carpet Bagging Senator from NY –
            As Senator, Ms. Clinton co-sponsored 711 bills, with only three passed into law: One designated a national historic site and the other two renamed a post office and highway.

          10. Nellie McConnell says

            They don’t want their PORK FUNDS to dry up if Trump is president.

          11. ABO says

            Got a point there, Norm.

        2. Juan Two Three says

          Right on Son Shine! Beautiful my friend! I ope if Trump gets elected, he will nail those fuking RINO’s to the wall, one way or the other. Hell, he can write Executive Orders, like Obongoloid has been doing for years, to squash these mf’er’s!

        3. Roger says

          I voted for Mitt the nitwit Romney but I wouldn’t piss down his throat now if he was dying of thirst!

        4. Jeanne Stotler says

          Might be blackmail, You know Chicago Politics, side with us or you’ll find _____ dead, or we will reveal how you did such and such. Don’t forget the trail of dead bodies behind both Clintons and Obama’s

        5. Name says

          I agree with you that they are all in it together. But I also see they want the New World Order which is everything is under the control of the very rich like in Europe.
          The Bushes were always talking the NWO.

        6. Miss Mellie says

          He is deceived as he is a member of a false religion, a cult: Latter Day Saints, the Mormon church.

          1. franco leon says

            that alone says the guy is not smart.

        7. blakerin says

          Totally agree

      3. Juan Two Three says

        Romney is nothing more than a cry-baby, whiney sissy-assed LOSER! I voted for him hoping he would get dome BALLS on him, but like you say Scrubjay, he laid down like a ball less puppy dog! What an absolute panty waisted wearing LOSER he was and he IS! He could have taken on Obongoloid but he wanted to be ‘Mormon Political Correct!’ And, he has the balls to call out all of the other GOP candidates!!?? “F” him…he needs to STAY OUT of any political aspirations because he will be eaten alive. Trump took down 17 of the candidates and Romney is just fuking jealous. He’s got to blame someone so he blames the 17 that got their asses beat by Trump!!! Trump says it like what all Americans feel!

        1. Scrubjay says

          I think it’s more than sour grapes. Somehow Romney is in with the corrupt political ruling class, and looking for some kind of payoff.

      4. Roger says

        You mean a submissive little bitch, right? Mitt the nitwit!

        1. Scrubjay says

          No, I don’t mean that. Male dogs can be submissive too. 🙂

      5. sue says

        Like Trump said, Romney blew it during the last debate with Obama. Who is he to blame anyone? I blame Romney and the Kool-Aid drinkers for Obama’s 2nd term win.

      6. MAHB001 says

        Romney lost the elites rock/paper/scissors game.

      7. Jarhead says

        May have been Just Following Orders?

        1. Scrubjay says

          Kind of looked that way.

      8. CCblogging says

        It was collusion between the Republican establishment and the Democrat establishment as ordered by the Globalist Elites who control both of the skunks.

    2. proudtexan62 says

      How could ANYONE have respect for him now???

      1. MAHB001 says

        Good question…

    3. 2Shadow2 says

      LOL. Respect is over rated for politicians, especially. It might be explained by the proximity of the word politician to prostitute in the dictionary.

    4. John E Strom Jr. says

      Mitt Romney is a whiner, a sore loser and a Mormon Judas. He did the impossible – lose to a gay, black community organizer. The trouble with Mitt Romney was he had no stomach for a fight. Nowhere wants to betray this country and give the election – and the next several Supreme Court picks – to THE most corrupt woman EVER in the history of politics. Mitt Romney is NOT a patriot. America desperately needs a patriot.

  3. MAHB001 says

    The Republican elites have lost control of the party…

    They will now shift their support over to the Democrat elites…

    Republican elites = Democrat elites = Communists.

      1. Jorge Molina says

        Get off with your propaganga.

      2. MAHB001 says

        flagged you scum puppet.

    1. David in MA says

      Maybe the citizens will start to understand, maybe.

      1. Laddyboy says

        I consider the word citizen to be an insult any more. I now consider myself and TRUE Americans to be AMERICAN NATIONALS.

        1. David in MA says

          Your right, I just read something about this recently and was amazed about the different impact this has on peoples lives. It basically had to do with income taxes, which citizens are responsible to pay but American Nationals are not….

      2. J. F. Samuelson says

        Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!

        1. bdaniel230 says

          We have the proof sitting in the White-house right now. The majority of voters in this country have no clue what the founding documents said and why they were constructed such a fashion. Given the documents they would never be able to understand that they were limitations on government, yet they are willing to trade the freedoms and liberties which those same documents protected for not having to deal with oversight of the government those documents limited.
          It is the fault of the people that the government has become so corrupt. Not by the peoples actions but by their inaction and unless the people become engaged, more than those that seek to destroy our national sovereignty, we as a country are at the end.

          1. Valor says

            Boy, you have nailed it!!

          2. Surfertim says

            EXACTLY! Until we wake up and understand WE did this to ouselves by our own selfish inaction, we get the government we deserve, certainly not the one we want. It’s like anything else, we have to be invested in our goverment and take action. Waiting for somebody else to take care of things for you is silent surrender.

          3. SallySenior says

            I might also add that it isn’t completely the fault of the voters – for many years we have failed to teach our children about the history of our government, or how the government is supposed to work. Truly we haven’t really taught our kids how to read and cipher, let alone how to think. The education system has been so infiltrated since mt grade school days. So sad. If we don’t stop it right now, Kruschev will have been correct when he declared communist/socialism woulld destroy us from within.

          4. bdaniel230 says

            But it is the voters that did not want to be bothered with education oversight, it would have merely taken the time to go to a school board meeting once in a while. It is the apathy of the voters that allowed all of that to happen. If the voters in the 50s and 60s would have been a bit more engaged we wouldn’t have had the problem with LBJ and his department of education. We ALL are to blame that we have left the responsibility for all of those things to government.

            IT MAY BE TOO LATE BECAUSE THE PEOPLE KHRUSHCHEV PUT IN PLACE ARE NOW PART OF GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACY! He was very involved with Beria in placing as many KGB sleepers in the government as possible before the war started.

          5. bdaniel230 says

            You may not realize it but Lavrenti Beria and Nikita Khrushchev were very involved in getting agents in place in the US Government from 1938 until Khrushchev lost power. And it is not beyond belief that some of Barack Hussein Obama’s mentors were some of those sleepers.

          6. Jorge Molina says

            Hussein definitely a student and effectively destroying the country from within.

          7. franco leon says

            With the help of Americans, couldn’t be possible by other means. Than you very much fellow Americans.

          8. Francisco Machado says

            “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, a prescient comment on Common Core.

        2. franco leon says

          True & sadly

    2. jimmy midnight says

      Well, Mr. Mad, you “conservatives,” (who I think are just manipulated) wanted Trump; and now you have Trump.

      If I was forced to bet on it, I’d put my money on Secretary Clinton to win quite handily come fall, but I’m sure we’ll both watch with interest.

      We agree that you’d have to look long and hard to find anyone less relevant than Mitt Romney, but disagree about the no difference between D’s, R’s, and “Communists.” (Whatever that is.)

      1. Retired Marine says

        We happily will vote for Trump, Hillery is (or should be) indicted soon. By the way there is no difference between socialism, communism, or fascism. That being said look at the declared socialist Sanders and you will see a person wanting control, Hillery obviously wants power and control, Romney wanted it, but had no balls. Trump, while you may not like him, is the best overall choice, and I am happy as hell that he will be out next President.
        One this is for certain, you are correct that Romney is not relevant in the least. You don’t sound uneducated, so why do you support Hillery?

        1. jimmy midnight says

          If anything, I’m over-educated, and that over-education includes a Chemistry background. In light of that knowledge about, “Differing heat capacities of various gasses,” I understand Global Warming/climate change to be an existential threat to our posterity.

          The only cussed difference that the coming election will clearly make is in the identity of SCOTUS justices. A President Trump would almost certainly appoint some latter-day Scalia, who would rule that the Federal government can’t do anything in greenhouse gas accounting.

          That would likely be fatal to the generation of our great-grandchilldren, on account of Ocean anoxia and/or sea level rises. That’s all I, or anyone else, really needs to know, although I have additional reasons.

          Those who think Secretary Clinton did something criminal around e-mails need to posit some kind of motive for her to have done anything that was against clear-cut rules at the time she did them. What possible advantage could she gain, as she was obviously doing quite well entirely within the law?

          1. Ted Crawford says

            Right Comrade dingbat! The last time you educated idiots spewed your Dooms Day predictions it was about The New Ice Age! According to the precise calculations of Dr. (?) James Hansen and others, we are two decades into that calamitous event, New York City is currently under an Ice Sheet a half a mile thick in fact! Been there! Done that! Got the bloody T-Shirt! Go play village idiot somewhere else!

          2. Jorge Molina says

            Well said. Spewing the lies and idiocy of Obama and his biggest threat to national security is global warming. Ha! Has been debunked by real accredited scientific minds.
            Obama wants us to believe in fairy-talesome because he won’t recognize I Sister as the real threat and that is because he is a Muslim.

          3. MSCsocal says

            Follow the money!

          4. Mathew Molk says

            In other words you have no real world experience, Never had a job, Never did anything for this country. and have no clue how things work in an industrial/commercial environment. — No saleable skills what so ever either.

            That is indicative of an ignorant collage liberal chump who can only regurgitate what he was programed to say. Completely devoid of original thought or comprehension of even the simplest logic.

            Hey kid, wanna talk about interstitial carbide precipitation after welding in HSLA steels?,,,, – I have had to deal with that in the real world, unlike you.

            Sit down asshole.

          5. rocky says

            I can only see two things that she might have tried…
            1. Stay under the ‘radar’ for the future, and…
            2. Feather her nest, also for the future…
            As we are witnessing now… we are in her future. !!

          6. Mathew Molk says

            Hey Kid, WE learned Boyles gas laws in high school…You had to go to collage to understand them? ,,,, WOW!

            You know how to tie you own shoes yet or dose mommie get you Velcro.

          7. richard king says

            hYou are wrong about “global warming”, read “a Disgrace to the Profession”. As to Clinton, the reason for her breach of policy and law is to hide her emails from intrusion by the Freedom of Information Act. She was selling favors to benefit the Clintion Foundation and her family and hiding her own incompetence in Benghazi and other fiascos should they occur, which they did.

          8. TheBlues says

            Ok so-called brilliant chemist. Let’s make a provision to end all fossil fuel use planetwide by 12/31/17. You communists would approve of this, no doubt. That date seems very reasonable, to me, to stop our planet’s imminent demise. What will happen to people if that provision is enacted? The other thing that the Democrats want is the carbon tax that will simply put people in the poorhouse. There is NO answer to natural “climate fluctuations”, as I call them.

          9. jimmy midnight says

            Well.I guess I stirred almost all of ’em up this time. I do like riling up you conservatives, so thanks to all of y’all.
            No one’s crazy enough to call for an end to petroleum by next New Year. That’s nearly as extreme as some of the stuff U think.

            A 50% reduction in fossil-fuel burning is something we as a species actually could accomplish, and an 80% by 2050 would then follow like the dawns that inevitably follow the darkest hours. And then we’d (well, our posterity really) get to some kind of irrelevant minimum in due course

            What’s really childish is conflating several meteorological papers written in the 70’s with an actual scientific consensus, a working hypothesis from which hundreds of research groups are working. Three, maybe four labs back in the 70’s thought that, perhaps, there was cooling going on. They soon realized that it wasn’t.

            If we actually follow the money, we’ll notice that some years ago the Koch brothers gave a Dr. Mueller a grant. He was a noted and legitimate skeptic. He conducted his research in a way that presumably would favor a non-conclusive result.

            But facts are stubborn things, and their veracity is unaffected by opinion or feeling. Dr. Mueller, after spending some hundred of thousands of Koch bros’ bucks, was forced to conclude that warming is a reality, and is caused by human activity, mainly fossil fuel burning.

            Everyone in t.he Earth Sciences community just congratulated him on his data choices.

            Now, dumbfuck, if you’d really learned Boyle’s Law in HS, you’d also know it takes a godamn apostrophe. I dare ya to google, “Heat capacities of various gasses.”

          10. TheBlues says

            You don’t know your ass from a shit hole in the ground, little weasel. You don’t even know what normal climate fluctuations are. Dollars to donuts, weasel, there were no glaciers in time of the dinos, weasel.

          11. dboutin says

            You can say all you want about being over-educated, you sound just like obumass and Killary.. BRAINLESS..Neither one knows their ass from a hole in the ground..All they care about is being a King or a Queen and all the money they can get their dirty murdering hands on..Keep kissing their ass and see where it will get you..obumass is the worse president in history, Killary sucked as Secretary of the U.S.

          12. Retired Marine says

            No, when it comes to State Secrets there are clear cut guidelines and laws. She violated several pertaining to highly classified material. Private servers are a violation of the law. What she is guilty of is treason and espionage. Had I or any other military person done the same we would be breaking big rocks into gravel at Leavenworth. As to her motive, it is MONEY, that is the trail you follow. She sold to Russia control of our largest uranium mine, why? MONEY. What she did was far worse and more damaging than anything Gen. Petraeus did and look what happened to him.
            As to climate change, no one disputes climate change it has been happening since the earth was formed. Worry about CO2 emissions, the largest complained about gas, is fundamentally erroneous, as all plant life requires it, and as we all know plants make oxygen, try living without CO2 and see how long we and all animal life would last.
            It is also factual that one volcano is more harmful to the atmosphere than anything mankind has done since our inception. The science is baseless and that is why the name was changed to climate change instead of global warming. No proof.

          13. jimmy midnight says

            Let’s get it together such that CO2 levels actually are the limiting factor in plant growth in every crop field all over Planet Earth.

            Tonight’s Zen Riddle: “What is the sound of a half-ass farting?”

          14. TheBlues says

            Sounds like you, furry weasel.

          15. Retired Marine says

            While it is true that plants can be over saturated with CO2, it is NOT going on now, nor in the future by all projections of real science. The answer to your riddle is your response.

          16. jimmy midnight says

            No. Under optimum conditions for growth, a higher CO2 level can actually increase yields, which was what I was facetiously bringing up. Levels would have to increase at least a thousand fold to get to the kind of suffocation you’re referencing.

          17. Retired Marine says

            Indeed, but since the climate change people want to go to extremes, I made the point. Again not one soul disputes climate change, what is disputed is global warming, not a bit of factual data supports the claim.

          18. jimmy midnight says

            If the “Not a bit of factual data,” was in the form of printouts, it could easily bury you, you’n’me both. So you are the one going to extremes, in pro-actively ignoring currently available info.

            “Climate change,” was adopted as an alternative nomenclature so that the natural-sciences naifs who are, for better or worser (and it’s generally for the worser) the overwhelming majority of people all over the world, would understand that additional energy in the climate system can bring bigger storms and record rainfalls and droughts in addition to heart waves.

            It had nothing to do with us not knowing what we’re talking about. That applies to you

          19. Retired Marine says

            In a word, bullshit. The mean temperature of the earth has not changed in 60 years. Without lying, please explain that. Now you want to start doing the liberal thing and go on an attack because you can’t defend your position, go for it, but do not expect civil discourse back. Your lack of evidence is apparent.

      2. SallySenior says

        You are so misguided. I feel so sad for you. If you are correct, and that self-serving money grabbing lying sell out hypocrite Hillary does win, you can kiss your country bye bye.

        1. jimmy midnight says

          Dare to hope I’ll be staying right here in Twenty-First Century USA for quite a while yet, and expect to enjoy it thoroughly.

          1. TheBlues says

            Weasel, why don’t you leave the normal people alone?

      3. MAHB001 says

        The only way Hillary will win is if the election system is fixed….

        Oh yea, that’s right… the election system is fixed… The elites are counting the votes…

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

    3. Retired Marine says

      Another truth.

  4. bygeorge says

    To: Mr. Mitt Romney,
    Dear Sir, Get the F___k off the stage, already.

    It’s over and we will move on, with or without you. Your continued bloviating about Donald Trump simply stirs up the pot and nothing is going to change especially if Hillary Clinton becomes President. If that unfortunate occurrence should come to pass, I’ll personally blame you. Let it go! Conservatives no longer want the old, incompetent, corrupt GOP establishment pretending they represent us any more.

    1. Retired Marine says

      I’m beginning to believe that he want’s Hillery to win. He is a democrats lap dog, as he was when he gave the election to the thing we have in the mosque in DC.

  5. AlanWH says

    How does the Pathetic Two-Time LOSER “Mittens Rom-nut” have the Gall to Criticize Anyone? His Weakness, Fear and Cowardice in the 2012 Election, gave us the last Four Years of Hussein Zero. Shut the Pie Hole “Mittens,” Look in the Mirror, Apologize and get behind a Stronger Man than you, instead of Complaining and Whining.

  6. Susan Short says

    Romney, you must be a very unhappy man! Maybe you’re still angry over losing to King Odumbo in 2012. Whose fault was that?! Maybe your wife has shut you out of the bedroom, and frankly, I wouldn’t blame her! Whatever your problem is, Mitt the SHXT, you need to go away, shut up, and never be heard from again! You are NOT relevant, sorry to inform you, so quit making a fool of yourself, and just SHUT UP!

    1. Laddyboy says

      Susan: He did not LOOSE. He SURRENDERED without a “fight”!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Retired Marine says

        You are spot on, he didn’t once attack the muslime oblamer.

        1. DLynn says

          Many were interviewed on TV and publically shared how they voted five and six times for Obama but Romney didn’t want the presidency bad enough to challenge the results. Our country wasn’t worth him fighting for in 2012 and it still isn’t in 2016.

          1. Retired Marine says

            Did you see what Ohio did? They removed the dead, duplicates, and persons who left the State from the voter rolls, and the democrats are having a fit.
            There is not one chance in hell that any county would be over 100% of the registration, but that is one thing that happened in a county where they had a 140% turnout in Ohio. I would be willing to bet every state has that issue.
            Only democrats have math like that. You hit the nail on the head about Romney.

        2. Edward B. Levy says

          yes gyrene, he is a walking
          cluster %^$#

          1. Retired Marine says

            Semper Fi

      2. pmbalele says

        Well, Romney saved Taxpayers money by losing. The guy wanted to move in with 5 boys each with a wife and three children; 5 nieces and 5 nephews each with 2 kids and Ann Coulter as whatever role she was going to hold there. US would have been bankrupt supporting all those people in the WH.

        1. DLynn says

          Let’ compare O moving in with his wife, two daughters, and mother-in-law which was minimal but add in all the trips they have made all over the world on Air Force One and the entourage that must accompany them (Secret Service Agents) everywhere they go.

          1. pmbalele says

            You’re funny. But why did Ann Coulter want to move in the WH with Romneys. Please call her and find out. She claimed Romney owed her something.

          2. DLynn says

            There is nothing funny about O taking a world wide apology tour at tax payers expense (of which I am one of them).

          3. Lenora Lee says

            Don’t forget their dog who had his own special plane.

          4. dboutin says

            don’t forget their 2 dogs..especially when they went to Martha Vineyard and he had the plane go back and get the dog and bring it to Martha Vineyard..

        2. rocky says

          And so… we are not bankrupt now ??

  7. barbara says

    If you can’t get with the program Mitt, just leave and take Hillary with you. That would be your best contribution!

    1. 81537 says

      Dear Mitt, here’s what I think of you, your opinion, your record OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  8. yatesracing says

    Romney see a Psychiatrist . The fact your a loser, is eating you. The big loss against Obummma and you sure were a bigger loser against TRUMP IS MAKING YOU NUTS. PLEASE SEE A PSYCHIATRIST. AND STOP ACCUSING EVERYONE FOR YOUR OWN FAILURES.

  9. 81537 says

    Poor Mitt, he and his elite, control freaky friends are concerned about their future to lead us peons where we really don’t want to go. He and Kristol should get married and fade into the sunset.

  10. David in MA says

    Romney is a moot individual in this or any political instance in my opinion, the established politicians must see Trump as a big threat to their corrupt status in Washington, they are scared chitless of him and I can see no reason other than they fear exposure and maybe even jail time for their misdeeds to America when Trump is elected. I hope to hear Trump call out many times: “YOUR FIRED!” and congress gets cleaned up and America again becomes the leading Nation on the planet.
    It is way passed the time to stop being a one party nation.

    1. Goodforall says

      Good post and so very true!

  11. Scrubjay says

    Romney giving out free political advice. It’s worth exactly what it cost…nothing.

    1. Jarhead says

      Romney STFU & go home there are enuff RINO’s in Washington, District of CORRUPTION.

      1. hora says

        hWhat exact need doing, like Kasich, treason voter and leave in enemy hand.

  12. cmunit says

    Miserable Mitt

  13. buddman says

    Dear Mittens you LOST remember You were Smacked down by that fat Lying cow Candy crowley Remember ??? You let her B*tch slap you on national television Than you Slinked off into the Sunset like a good Loser does So sit down shut up and Vote Trump Quit Throwing your little rich kid Temper Tantrum

  14. peter says

    People should blame Romney because he didn’t do what he needed to do to beat Obama. He is a sore loser and a cry baby. Get over it bozo!

  15. Goodforall says

    Romney is pathetic! He needs to shut the heck up and just go away. Trump was right-he is a sore looser and choked like a dog against Obama. He’s lost any respect he ever had.

  16. Jack the Rooster says

    As bad as Obamy has been, I’m not convinced (Bee)itch Romney would have faired us much better. He comes off as a “metrosexual”, power hungry, and out of touch Fortune 500 CEO, who gets ugly when he doesn’t get his way. He’s a Hillary deep down in his mercenary little heart.

    1. Gunflint Roseberg says

      Jack…Couldn’t have stated it any better…..GOP Rino’s /DemoRATS/Socialists/Communists…. one big azz happy family…..

      1. Jack the Rooster says

        That’s the way I see it. It’s Wealthy Political Social Class we’re fighting against for control of our nation and our lives, not political parties. Uncouth Donald Trump’s wealthy, but he comes off as being “from the wrong side of the tracks” and therefore not welcome to their particular country club.

        1. Gunflint Roseberg says

          Right-On the money Jack

    2. Retired Marine says

      Well said.

  17. SouthernPatriot says

    This RINO loser is apparently not busy enough. He needs to be doing something, other than running his mouth. Does he ever look in the mirror? He lost to Obama due to his cowardice in confronting the revealing obvious weaknesses in Obama’s character and policies.

  18. CrustyOldGeezer says

    ODD… Logic would point to the FAILURES of both romney and mcKainnedy to run aggressive campaigns are WHY the American Voter should VOTE FOR THEM instead of running a sissy campaign whose only message was “we’re not as bad as the other guy”.

    But I guess it does take a MAN to admit to his MISTAKES and move on…

  19. Loving America says

    Romney has NO Common Sense and is trying to sound and look smart! He needs to go and joing the liberal democraps and stay at home! News Guys and Gals Quit Interviewing Romney…he could care less
    about what Trump is doing and he is “Working the System For his last Fame and Glory!”

    1. meangreenMarine says

      The Obama News Networks only interview this Loser because he’ll say negative things about the choice of the people, Donald Trump! As a two time loser, he has NO advice that can be considered relevant!

      1. Retired Marine says

        Semper Fi Brother

  20. Laddyboy says

    Rommney the RINO, who “ran for ‘b.h.0-bama’, that supports the DemocRATic agenda is criticizing other “GOP” members. WHAT A LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. clem says

    Willard Romney and Glenn Beck need to go to a convenient meeting place and self fornicate.

  22. pappy450 says

    Time for Romney to GO AWAY, SORE LOSER. You had your chance and BLEW it BIG TIME.

    BUT who knows, maybe that was the “plan” after all. … Maybe “money” changed hands (and his feeble mind.) Wouldn’t be the “‘first” time now would it??

  23. Donald Dickson says

    Time for Romney to shut up and get on the Trump Train!

  24. Combat Veteran Seabee says

    Hey romney, you had a FAILED CAMPAIGN TWICE!!!!!! Shut up and go away!

  25. Apostol Pappas says

    Inappropriate, counterproductive to GOP party unity, and clear evidence why Romney lost.
    Time for him to stop now and give the people’s choice a chance. In party rivalry is now not wise. Trump may yet surprise his critics.

  26. bdaniel230 says

    Typical GOP Establishment mentality. Romney would have been considered a flaming liberal by the standards of his father but he claims to be a Conservative. He has turned over the largest portion of the economy of Massachusetts to the government, He has seldom sought free market solutions to the ills of the Massachusetts economy and has doubled down on the graft and corruption in Washington D.C.. Trump may not be my choice but the idea of the limp wristed, panty waist, self agrandized idiot giving declamations of strategy to candidates that would have beaten him in a race, is not only laughable, it is probably the biggest reason Trump won.

  27. sdonley says

    First off I voted for Mitt and as he is acting like a baby ,I am sorry I did .Trump was fine as long as he was giving you money

  28. mickeymike2 says

    Besides Romney, himself, doesn’t anyone really care what he says or thinks??

  29. Cheryl Heberle says

    BE QUIET Mitt Romney!!!!!!!

  30. Pirate Sword says

    Ol Mitt simply doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to say what needs to be said the way it needs to be said. That’s enough to show that he’d be a willing puppet to maintain the status quo in DC. Trump is about to demolish the cabal’s gravy train of corruption and backdoor deals there on the hill and every, single one of those career bastards is scared and for good reason. The PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! Time to pull on the big boy boots and focus on the hildebeast. She must not win in November.

    1. Lenora Lee says

      AMEN Matey!

  31. Jerry Cox says

    Mitt Romney was not a good candidate either when he ran. I voted for him because he was more conservative than the Democrats. However, he was a RINO in Mass and gave Ma. the first Obama Care without letting the people decide at all. Obama really used in RomneyCare against him. He did not challenge the vote which was a disappointment because almost 3 million votes switched around in the final hours of ballots cast. Philidelphia had districts that had 0 votes for anyone other than Obama. This was really hard to believe but Romney did not challenge. He gave the election to Obama and if he could beat them than his judgement should come into question when he accuses those like he does. He is doing much of what Trump has done that he is so critical of. His opinion not worth much.

    1. TheBlues says

      We voted for Mittens. I do remember that he rarely moved his lips to say just anything during his campaign. Like he was on mute the whole time. It’s like we were locked in to expect that from a GOP candidate. So refreshing to see Trump and what a GOP candidate should be like, not a mitten mummy.

  32. bdaniel230 says

    Even more laughable than Romney giving out political advice, he is giving out economic advice. The Governor of Massachusetts who turned over the largest chunk of his economy to socialists. He is as free-market as Karl Marx.

  33. Mark Clemens says

    Y’all know Romney is a VENTURE CAPITALIST. That means he buys up American homegrown companies who provide Americans jobs. Then Romney buys land overseas and builds a manufacturing facility, to take advantage of cheap communist labor. Then Romney will ship that junk, back Stateside to sell.
    Trumps AMERICA FIRST Policy will put a dent in Romney’s wallet. Romney wants to define the Republican Party as a Business Friendly, worker Unfriendly Political Party.
    Trump has drawn a line in the Sand, by making American Jobs, and Products First. We see what side Romney and the GOP Establishment are on………

  34. freedomcreator says

    go away Romney – you are so quick to criticize your own party, but not the Democrats which is
    what is wrong with the RINOs and why we want TRUMP – back off please – you had your chance and
    blew it.

  35. Ron Stephany says

    why all of a sudden is this proven loser trying to slide back into importance or relevance,he is a proven nothing on the political stage,so why doesn’t he just shut up and support trump to make sure our wealthy socialist liberal hillary,is beaten in November,…typical moronic rino crap– divide our party and give the election away—just listen to her and decide if you want to turn our country over to that…

  36. Bebe Nix says

    Romney needs to go away and hide. He has disgraced himself and the Republican Party with his antics of a spoiled child. Trump is going to be our next President. The people have spoken.

    1. Lila Jane Tibbitts says

      I agree; let’s face reality, Romney lost and he’s a sore loser. If he would just keep his mouth shut, it would be benefit to all of us.

  37. Michael Dennewitz says

    rumnie is a chickenshit turncoat, just like mccain. He must stand to lose a fortune if Mr Trump wins! That’s all that any of the bastards think of is $$$$$$!

  38. CCblogging says

    Ha, ha, Mittens giving advice on campaigning. What a silly, hateful loser.

  39. CCblogging says

    I saw Mittens back off when he had Obama on the ropes concerning Benghazi. I believe that there was Collusion between the Democrat establishment and the Republican establishment in that election. That surrender was ordered by their Billionaire Globalist Elite Masters who control both parties. I am voting for Trump.

  40. RobertNorwood says

    Romney jumps out of his time machine once again. What is it with his random attempts to be relevant? He needs a hobby.

    1. richard king says

      Not only that, but his destructive comments about his fellow republicans, only help the democrats, no one else. His puerile attempts to undermine Trump, who has much more support in the GOP than he ever did, are outright support for Clinton.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        Romney’s little one man band show is going nowhere. He’s less popular than ever if that is even possible. Seems the big question regarding his occasional outings is “who asked ya”.

  41. chief1937 says

    Romney is jealous because he did not get the nod himself. His effectiveness as a leader is all but over. I do agree the Republican party was too concerned about attacking each other and not enough dwelling on the importance of this election. Trump is the nominee either get behind him in support or shut your mouth already. He (Trump) is head and shoulders above his opponent. Neither are all that great but then we have to choose one or the other and another 4 years of Democrat policies will be devastating.

  42. Retired Marine says

    Romney YOU LOST TO A FAILURE!!! So shut the hell up. America didn’t want you, get over it.

  43. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Yes Mitt, it’s all their fault that Trump won, you idiot! Stay out of politics, and take ALL of your buddies with you!!! You could not even beat “The worst President in the history of this country”, but it’s everyone else’s fault that Trump won! You are TRULY AN IDIOT!!!!

    1. Lenora Lee says

      Jeffrey Cahoon………….WELL SAID!!!! Makes one wonder…… with that track record, Mitt should tuck his tail between his legs and crawl back to his Brigham Young shelter.

  44. junkmailbin says

    he is a back stabbing disgrace to conservatives and his church just like his Dad was. He hates Trump for his position while his father did the same to Goldwater. Nothing like passing down the worst traits to your kids.
    We have many false conservatine bringing up Ranoldus Magnus all the time yet not following rule one: :never speak badly of a fellow Republican

  45. Philomena says

    Perhaps Romney should be blamed for Obama’s victory in 2012. Mitt, Please keep quite and go away before you do any more damage by getting Hillary Clinton elected. Mitt, You were not able to stand up to Candy Crowley and Barack Obama in 2012

  46. jalee3 says

    I just pray that Romney shuts up…I am sick of his nasty, hateful, spiteful rhetoric.

  47. Susan Short says

    fyi Susan Short is not the person on Discus making these posts. We have a joint e mail account which I am trying to separate. So, please don’t refer to ME. These are the viewpoints of my HUSBAND. Sometimes I agree, and sometimes disagree. I will say that I am disappointed in Romney basically trying to hand the presidency to Hillary – same with the 2 president Bushes. If Romney had shown some spunk back when HE was running he would have been president.

  48. Don says

    romney is a POS and needs to just sit down and STFU!!!!!! he blew his chance and now he is bitter that a non politician won the nomination he is so bitter I don’t even want to see him nor hear him!!!

  49. ch says

    Romney, you sound like a bitter man. You lost to Obama and I believe it was a bought and corrupt election, but you have got to let the voters elect their man. Not many in Congress have done a damn thing to protect the citizens who elected them from Obama. We are fed up with the establishment/career and politically correct politicians who want only to protect their jobs and line their pockets from the lobbyists.
    WE the People are done with this

  50. retired4ever says

    NOW he attacks and it’s his party??? Too bad he didn’t try something when he was the nominee? He has certainly lost his character but then he lost that in his debates with obummer.

  51. proudtexan62 says

    Romney, we BLAME YOU for being so weak and cowardly that you refused to fight to win against Obama in 2012. Because of you, he has done the most damage that has ever been done to this country. If you are so afraid that Trump is going to stop your power and questionable income sources, put it in a REAL SAFE offshore account and move there where you can watch it daily.

    1. Lenora Lee says

      Yes Mittwit, move offshore with your money and quit putting monkey wrenches in our lives! I also BLAME you!!!!!!!……… for 8 tragic, pathetic years of Obama!

  52. Lenore Bowen says

    I really worked to get you elected Romney, YOU CHOKED YOU LEFT US IN THIS MESS, YOU ARE THE REASON. I am so glad that Donald Trump is willing to do the job you dems and repubs have screwed up.
    I am voting for Trump because of YOU.

    1. TheBlues says

      Trump 2016 ! ! MAGA!

  53. Edward B. Levy says

    Bob Dole, you hit it right out of the ball park, with bases loaded. Romney is a punk. He would rather see Hildabeast than Trump for the next 8 years. If she wins, their will be no GOP for 20 years. Also she will help sweep both house and the Supreme Court with at LEAST 3 new Justices if not more. Romney isa RICH kid, who does not want to play with any other kid, if it is not his way. No wonder he lost in his BID

  54. James Autrey says

    Romney is half correct, the GOP is responsible for Trump’s rise, but ONLY because all true Americans are sick and tired of the republicans who say one thing and then once they’re elected they do just the opposite.
    We gave republicans control of the senate and the house so they would stand up to Obama and FIGHT for this country, instead they bow down and kiss Obama’s ass every chance they get.

  55. Hillaryoncrack says

    Where was all this piss and vinegar from Romney when he was running? This wussy couldn’t even muster the guts to attack Obama on his abysmal first term record. What a putz. And now he’s crying and pointing fingers? Ryan should tell him to sit down and shut up.

    1. TheBlues says

      Thaaat’s a good point.

  56. afftongrown says

    Such a putz!

  57. Daniel says

    I blame Romney for giving Obama another 4 years in the White House. He failed and needs to ride off into the sunset.

  58. Patriot47 says

    Loser RINO.

  59. melmack 1 says

    This mentally challenged moron needs to go back to being a silent LOSER !!!!

  60. richardcancemi says

    Was Romney a RINO Democrat when he ran for President? Is that why he threw the election? He certainly sounds like a Democrat nowadays. What a dufus.

  61. RMorrow says

    The GOP Presidential Candidates were the best we have ever seen. All 17 of them, and Trump crushed them all. All GOP Candidates ran with the attitude to FIX OUR NATION, which is good, but none of them had the vigor to take on all Liberals on all fronts including the media and win. Only TRUMP carried that spirit to take on evil on all fronts and say it the way it really is. God has lifted this man up for a purpose, and that is to crush the lies of Liberalism.

    1. Lenora Lee says

      RMORROW…..Correct……GOD has chosen Trump to truly, “Make America Great Again”…….Under
      GOD… it is meant to be. Donald really loves America and what it is meant to stand for.
      Today is Donald Trump’s birthday….on Flag Day! 70 yrs. young! God bless Donald Trump and God bless America!

      1. RMorrow says

        Lenora, google Mark Taylor, he prophesies about Trump. You will like it.

  62. william russell says

    hey romney, i voted for you, but i am glad your lost because you are not the person i thought you were. You asked trump to support you and he did. Now that trump has won the nomination you are doing everything to see him loose. You are just spiteful individual and have no respect for you. I have a message for you, the american voter does care a dam about what you say, go home and enjoying walking your dogs.

  63. Ken says says

    Poor Mitt – a loser all the way – Professional Politician and Establishment Puppet – The GOP Candidates that lost were weak and unelectable + the RINO Establishment ties doomed them. The Establishment is pouring billions into trying to hang on to the control of OUR Government they’ve had for 28 years.

  64. Mary Carter says

    Well, he is right. We don’t want the same old story again. We want someone who will do something for our country and not big money and special interest groups. We are sick of it Mr. Romney so why don’t you give up your tirade.

  65. Frank W Brown says

    Hey mittieboy, do us ALL a favor and take a LONG walk on a SHORT pier, remove yourself from OUR misery!

  66. Carl Peal says

    Romney lost his own campaign, and now has the chutzpah to tell us anything? This is the problem with the establishment GOP. They are as bad as the Dems in believing they know what is best for us “peons”. Mr. Romney, I once had some respect for you. No longer. I think you should shut up, and let We the People decide, not you or other of the #NeverTrump ilk. Crawl back under your rock. JMO


    Mr Trump forget the wall ,build an island in the ocean 400 miles long and 400 miles wide with walls 40 foot high 1 water well 500 bales of hay.100,000,000. C rations. Take all the crooks out of DC put them in coppers drop onto hay,come back and get all the illegals don’t forget pencils,paper so they can vote to elect hillary to be their leader of their new world ,if it gets to full add to the walls it’s okay they are used to walking all over people, maybe add a goat, ass,pig,no wait m that would be one too many

  68. Drake Travis says

    Romney needs to be quiet now

  69. RFA1949 says

    Romney criticizing anyone is a lot ABSURD.

  70. Ted Crawford says

    WOW ! The monumentally delusional are out in force today! Mr. Adams is proven right! “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes ,exhausts and murders itself! There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide!” John Adams
    Given the current Clown Show, masquerading as a Presidential Election, what he predicted, is the ONLY possible outcome!

    1. paul prehn says

      You totally took Adams words out of context. You are an idiot.

      1. Ted Crawford says

        By all means, enlighten my poor uninformed mind!

  71. patiencelevel1 says

    Mitt, Mitt, Mitt…..go home and be quiet. You had nothing to say in 2012 and no one wants to hear your whining now. It’s OK, I know you’re just jealous…

  72. Joellen Davis says

    Romney, You need to face reality and yield to others in our Republican Party. We want a winner….not a loser like you. Sit back and enjoy your millions and your family. Leave our country alone. We do not either want or need you.

  73. Lancelot Blackeburne says

    This from a man who lost the 2012 election to Barack Obama and didn’t attack Obama’s many, many weak points and vulnerabilities effectively during the 2012 campaign. The GOP should have won the 2012 election after Obama’s performance during his first term, and yet……

    Sorry Mitt. Not interested in your analysis.

  74. John Eld says

    Look who calling the kettle black,he is the one who is the loser.

  75. snowyriver says

    Romney knows exactly how to run a campaign.

  76. blakerin says

    Romney is beginning to sound as if he has had a mental breakdown.

  77. WhiteFalcon says

    Romney is responsible for Ovomit being in the White House right now. We the people are responsible for Donald Trump being the nominee. Romney is dead politically and he needs to shut up and sit down. He has no relevance in today’s political world. Mitt, SHUT UP!!!

  78. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

    Some people want to blame Trump for division in the RNC. It’s more Mitt Romney’s fault. Romney is the sorriest candidate the RNC has ever had—–not a leader just a gossiper God and the people have spoken
    but Romney thinks they are smarter than God . The scripture says God puts in power and removes from
    power, But Romney says God don’t know what he’s doing, Listen to me and the other self righteous
    people in the RNC.

  79. doug says

    I agree Romney lost to the Muslim terrorist, he gave Barry the election him and Ryan. Shut up already!

  80. onefour says

    Romney when are you going to learn that most people don’t care what you say. Only those on the left are your biggest fans. When was the last time you were interviewed by a conservative commentator? So just go away.

  81. M J says

    Romney – stay out and let the big boys handle this – namely, Donald Trump! He knows how to win!

  82. Robert Rios says

    Romney is such a loser, he makes Obama look good!

  83. Mathew Molk says

    All time ballbuster,,,,The SOB that went in the tank for his Royal Exhaulted Boma bitching about people who came out fighting.

    This slug better get back under rock before we find our salt shakers.

    Hey Mitt Witt. Out here in the jungle everybody doesn’t get a trophy,,,,Like the RINO/Democrat Establishment would have it.

  84. Brenda says

    Romney failed to note that none of the other candidates were against a “pathway to citizenship” (aka amnesty), none of them were strong supporters of border control, none were against the TPP one sided trade agreement, they wanted to import more H1B and H2 visas, as reasons the 15 did not prevail. Attacks on each other happen in every election primaries and really had little if any impact.
    I realize that blaming someone else for your failures has become in vogue with the Obama administration, but each candidate must assume the blame for his own failure.

  85. Edward J Baker says

    And you licking Obama’s boots four years ago had nothing to do with it?

  86. snowyriver says

    Romney the great.. He knows how to campaign better than a Muslim, non citizen of the US, 1/2 negro.. Yup Romney the great.

  87. firesale says

    Romney is a sick man that needs to go back to his wives. The last campaign they made fun of his black trash man so Romney had his kids go get one. They displayed this poor little boy looked like a grain of pepper in a salt shaker.

  88. Roger Mark Wood says

    Go the hell away Rom finally please! Enough of you and your corporate Reps. Smh.

  89. Arnold Young says

    And all this from the guy who folded in the 3rd debate and LOST!!! I used to think a lot of Romney but he sounds more and more like a whiny LOOSER!!! Maybe he should just fade away into the sunset.

  90. Roger Mark Wood says

    The weak smirk that comes with the design of his face tells you all you need to know about the yellow backbone and black heart inside. The face of the deceiver. An alum of the ‘deep state’.

  91. TheBlues says

    When Mittens ran for office, I remember naught of him articulating anything. Romney was, and still remains a useless non-producer of everything that exists or existed.

  92. Albert L Biele says

    Romney sees himself as the Sun and everyone else as insignificant objects revolving around him, seeking his wisdom, but viewing things from a distance, it turns out that he is really a small meaningless, and insignificant asteroid moving at warp-speed toward the sun, shortly to become an immeasurable part of who he originally believed himself to be; the Sun.

  93. Carol says

    Romney how dare you blame others when YOU are to BLAME….YOU LOST against BO….and you alone!

  94. survivor33 says

    Well one thing for sure, Trump could certainly beat Romney without even trying. Romney caved to Ovomit and showed no signs of having any political know-how when he was running for pres. He was a whimp and I voted for him, shame on me….Vote Trump.

  95. PaulfromTexas says

    political advice from a loser who hides for yrs behind his money and magic underwear….go ‘way Mittens, nobody knows who y’are anymore….

  96. Bill says

    Of course it was their fault. Just as it was Romney’s fault that Obama was re-elected. Who’s error was greater?

  97. Surfertim says

    Yep, one loser advising us, when he himself couldn’t/wouldnt close the deal, and telling us what an individual who has blown his performance at the the same task away can or can’t do. Sure, I’ll listen to him, but it is to his detriment from my POV. I voted for him, then watched him go to sleep at the end of the campaign and hand it to Obama. He, in my opinion, gave it away, but still I had faith and forgiveness for him. I have now lost all respect for him as he reminds me of a pouting juvenile sitting at the dinner table, arms crossed over his chest, refusing to eat his vegatables and panning his parents for their control over him. If anybody can find a reason to ever vote for this man for any position of responsibility, I feel sorry for them. He is an exceptionall bright man, but one I can never trust again. Truly sad, Mitt, I once had the pinnacle of respect for you, and now you’ve taken that away from me. Please, go back to your businesses you’ve enjoyed so much success with, and quit sniping at folks running for office when the public has already weighed in on how they feel about you. Hell, I won’t even do business with you anymore, my trust in you erodes daily.


  98. docwilly says


  99. Sid sees her says

    Romney is the SOB that gave us Obummer and now he is blaming other people for his screw-up. Anybody with that kind of problem should be in a institution for the insane.

  100. Maria Y. Vela says

    Mitt Romney you are acting like a hurt 10 year old about not having had the guts to run against Trump, I guess you could have tried. Quit blowing hot air towards Donald Trump and move on to something positive.

  101. kbfallon says

    What I would like to see and I’m sure some here would also……….is for Romney to have a meeting with Trump on TV and when Romney starts running his mouth–Donald knocks him on his AZZ with a solid right—SMACK upside the head! And say–I was Ok when you needed some help-but when I need it this is how you repay the favor. Now ..that would make my day. Please!!!

  102. Paula Brummett says

    Romney, Please just go away!

  103. Ronald Starkey says

    That loser has no room to talk about how the candidates ran their campaigns. Look how he handed over victory to Obama. They should kick his ass out of the Republican party.

  104. John Olsen says

    He certainly has become pathetic. This loser is giving advice? If had the testicular fortitude of Trump he probably would have won. I am so sick of the Republican party it makes me cringe. They don’t care about the people. It’s all about keeping their power. The only difference between Dems and Repubs is spelling. They are ALL corrupt.

  105. armydadtexas says

    ONce again, Romney proves to be completely out of touch with reality and IRRELEVANT. What a moron. Hey Romney the one thing that stands out about you above anything else is how you THREW the election. You lost my respect, you lost your credibility. Now you are just noise. Go home and PISS OFF

  106. dogtrainer1 says

    All this “arm chair quarter backing” coming from the same man who layed down and allowed Obama to plow right over him in the debates, while allowing Obama to avoid the “hard questions” about his Administrations serious failures, in most actions of that Administration, in the first term. So Romney was impotent in his actions of his 2012 campaign, and yet now he is attacking Trump rather than helping a Republican take back the White House. Seems to me that this guy (who I voted for in 2012) is doing things Ass Backwards. If you can’t help defeat Hillary, I would advise Shutting Up!

  107. FEDup says

    This guy needs to admit defeat and shut his mouth!

  108. mickeymike2 says

    Why doesn’t he go soak his head in the toilet. He screwed us up and gave us Obama . . . now he wants to give us Clinton.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

  109. Tennman39 says

    It seems that Romney has all , the answers he forgot when he was running, Mitt you had your chance and you were not criticized for your goofs from a past candidate. You had your chance, now it’s time for Donald Trump. At least he say’s what needs to be said. GO AWAY!

  110. usmc12 says

    I consider myself A Jeffersonian Anti-Federalist, State Rights and only State rights!!!.

  111. USAnowMSAsadly says

    Romney, go suck Hillary’s clip on penis you POS Moron moron! The RNC needs to get the POS backstabber off the stage.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

      1. USAnowMSAsadly says

        Precious AK, maybe you need to get into a Rubber Room and blow off some of your steam. I personally don’t like your holier than though attitude. You must be a member of the Offended Class. I would recommend you stop viewing my posts if it gets your panties all in a wad. No doubt you have few, if any friends. You must get your fermions all up responding to people who you disagree with. Get over yourself skank-bitch! Maybe you should go suck Hillary’s Clip-on penis to calm your nerves down. I think you would do much better off hanging out in Suzi-Bake Oven chat rooms so as not to fry you mind. Maybe if you donate a little more money to your goddess Imelda Marcos Klynton campaign she will send you some of her used dress shields to sniff so as to keep you brain dead. Move on, get a life and shove your obama-vibe up your rectum for some real fun and excitement precious.

        1. AKLady says

          My advice to you — grow up.

          If you want to institute change, act like an adult and interact with the representatives you elected.

          Yout sexual inuendo is that of an adolecent male.

          1. USAnowMSAsadly says

            SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BITCH WHORE CUNT! SEEING THAT YOU SOUND LIKE AN IGNORANT MORON SKANK. OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE A LESBIAN. No guy with an ounce of sense would want to penetrate your bio-hazardous waste dump cunt, I am sure the over 500 members of our military enjoyed boning your ass. mouth, and cunt when you were the Madame of a whore house in many Ports of Call. Now bend over and let your CUNT WHORE MARXIST BITCH HITLARY BONE YOUR FAT ASS!

          2. AKLady says

            So childish. How old are you … 8. 9??

          3. USAnowMSAsadly says

            Hey AKUNTWHORE, go shove Hilary’s penis up your mouth,. Granted it will be the first penis you will have ever experienced. As a FAT OBESE SKANKHO that you are, no man with an ounce of sense would fuck your cunt. Granted, your mother who ran your town’s only whore house wasn’t able to have a successful whore house. The EPA had to shut it down everytime she spread her legs as it caused a bio-hazardous dump. Sadly, they never determined who your sperm daddy was as she had satisfied over half of the penises of the 5th Fleet sailors. As she couldn’t make enough money to abort you, society now must deal with her afterbirth farting on a daily basis. Get some help AKunt, Your mother should have aborted her placenta she now calls AKCUNT.

  112. Jennifer Carlton says

    I have just been reading the comments people have made on here and with the foul mouths most of you have, it’s no wonder the general population of the United States think the only followers of Donald Trump are a bunch of red neck ignorant hillbillies who don’t know how to express themselves without using the F word or something similar. You talk about Romney ‘throwing’ the campaign and helping Obama win, and you talk about people not supporting Donald Trump, the representative of the Republican Party… and asking how could they not do that, if they are a conservative… because they would be giving their vote to Hillary Clinton if they didn’t vote for Trump. Well, I was asking myself the same question in the last election, when all the T Partiers got mad because their choice for the Republican nominee was Rick Santorum. … what a wonderful choice huh? Well the TP’s took their marbles and went home and guess what? We got another 4 years of Obama. Maybe it’s time we did as I begged all conservatives to do at the beginning of this campaign. Vote for the person most qualified and who wins the Republican nomination… even if it is Mitt Romney. Use some common sense and don’t believe someone just because they say what you want them to say and you want so much to believe them. Look at their record… like.. have they ever contributed to the campaign of Hillary Clinton for instance? Have they ever been a devout Democrat? Do they hire foreigners to work for them at $4.00 an hour? You picked a snake oil salesman with your ignorance and we are all stuck with him. If all conservatives voted for him… he still wouldn’t win, so if you want to blame anyone for him losing.. blame yourselves. Marco Rubio was the only person who ran on the Republican ticket that could have won for us and YOU idiots blew it.

  113. Bob Stewart says

    Romney should know. He’s one of the republican candidates responsible for Trump.

  114. AL says

    Mitt was always UNFIT his god is satan

    1. AKLady says

      America was founded upon religious freedom.
      You demean what the Founders fought and died for with your religious bigotry.

  115. Trythis Last says

    Well Romney is mis handling his life.
    His father is likely cringing in his grave.

    Now, it is all about “me”…Mitt

    His stupid crap amounts to… I can’t have it my way so give America to the libtards.
    What a sorry axx axx- hole!!!

  116. Ron Stephany says

    I wonder who he would like to blame for his losing to bitch hillary,,,it doesn’t say much for hie appeal

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

  117. Stephen Norman says

    Yes , hindsight is 20/20. Now we see what a limp dick Romney would have been if elected in 2012.
    Talk about a sad case of jealousy.
    Good luck in your future ventures crybaby.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

      1. ringostarr1 says

        What does it matter to you? You live in St Petersburg, Russia and work for Putin’s Internet Research Agency where you post on the Internet for a few miserable Rubles per month.

    2. TheBlues says

      We now call him Mittens Muffy. He didn’t know how to move his lips during his campaigns. He is now known to us as “the mute mittens muffy”.

  118. johnnywoods says

    H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Romney are all RINO losers, so now we get a lecture about how we wound up with Trump. Maybe he should consider himself and the RINOs before him and consider how “We the people” feel about this current political climate. He lost so he needs to shut up and sit down.

  119. nobuttkissr says

    Hey Romney! Why don’t you go and get yourself lost. We don’t want to hear what you have to say and don’t care. Get out,stay out,and don’t come back! You miserable loser.

  120. Ron Stephany says

    this is a small reply to AJLady–I suppose I must say I am sorry if i hurt your delicate ears,,,but bitch is the name for female dogs,and i have chosen it to describe hillary clinton—in no way does that embarrass America,her running for president is enough embarrassment to this country—-just in case,go look up bitch in your dictionary

  121. Ron says

    Why is he complaining, everyone from the “GOP” followed his example from 2012. Just go thru the motions with no fire or heart. I can’t wait to see his ideas for losing more elections in the future.

  122. meangreenMarine says

    We should listen to Romney because he did such a fine job LOSING his run for the Presidency…Not once but TWICE! You are no longer anywhere near the spokesman for Republicans or thinking Conservatives!
    Go home and be quiet! You’re just an aggravation to most of us!

  123. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Romney is an IDIOT!

  124. TAM44 says

    Well, if you had of been a man instead of a wimp, we would not have had obama back in 2012. Blame yourself you piece of obama squeeze.

  125. Patrick Thomas says

    Romney is a fucking loser. He gave us four more years of Obama because he couldn’t campaign worth a shit.

  126. bill sexton says

    i too used to have great respect for Romney. But, sadly, today i must admit that he makes me sick!

  127. Mark Brickey says

    This all coming from the RINO that weenied out so badly that he handed Obama his 2nd term. The election was his, all he had to do is WANT it…

  128. TPS12 says

    Time for romney to crawl back under a rock. A guy who had no fight in his own campaign wants to tell others what they did wrong. Establishment loser.

  129. jeannemartin says

    I guess if you had run for president again this time you would have beaten Trump? If, however, it was like the last time you ran, we would be looking toward a Hillary win because we know you will eventually “check out!” and hand the election to Hillary just as you did to Obama!
    So I would politely ask you to either endorse Trump or please keep your mouth shut!!!

  130. R. T. says

    This from the guy that let obumba win .

  131. SJW says

    Good grief, he needs to stop with his BS and settle back into Utah with his millions and let the people do what he couldn’t. His credibility is zero.

  132. Archie Cogollos says

    Toooo bad he never mustard that energy for his 2012 campaign…or the same attack dog mentality for his own race…….

    1. ringostarr1 says

      What do you expect of a candidate who was born in Mexico like Romney was?

  133. Rightleaning says

    I used to think Romney was an ethical person. His attack on Trump brought out his true colors. The republican party brought Trump to the People. Trump didn’t set the stage, the weak Republicans Congress did. He just stepped up to fill a large void that the American people were telling the Republicans to fill. They refused and decided to support President Obama’s tyrannical regime. If they supported their voters there probably would be no Trump. Now they don’t want to live with the consequences. To bad. I am voting for Trump. He might fool us all and be the greatest President we ever had. And then again he may be a total failure. But nobody can beat Obama in the failure category. Maybe Hillary.

  134. 1josephg1 says

    Shut up Romney! It is Bush’s fault.

  135. RuFus92 says

    Mitt Romney has decided to concede this country to the liberals and Hillary just because he is a sore loser and doesn’t personally like Trump. Thinking like this will cause no end to the Democrats and the ruin of this country, Thanks a lot Mitt you non-supportive traitor.

  136. runnindeer says

    This pathetic whiner really needs to grow up and stop with this silliness. He has proven as have many others that are jealous and fearful of their own future that they don’t really care about this nations future as much as they care about their own ego and self image. Like children crying that they want something that they aren’t supposed to have these people have made themselves look like fools while trying to make Mr. trump seem foolish. They have acted more like Democrats that even the most die hard democrat. Donald J. Trump will be triumphant.

  137. Charles says

    I blame you Mittiot. For retiring mid-term during the 2012 election.

  138. Jmanjo says

    This guy needs to take a long hike into the woods and not come back! He was a loser and tries to impart inabilities to Trump to be president. What a croc! Fade off, Mitt! You are wasting headlines.

  139. pianobill says

    Romney, We, the American people, have heard enough out of you. You had your chance, but Soros paid you to give it to Ovomit. You are a disgusting person, Just SHUT UP and go away so we don’t see or hear from you ever again. TRUMP 2016

  140. Terry Story says

    It is sad to see how far a failed candidate from the past has gone. It is always easy to criticize of course, but the case could be made that if Mitt Romney had done a better job we wouldn’t have had the mess we have today!

  141. Bobby Hopkins says

    shut your f in mouth loser.u are making matters worse and spliting the repubs more.we need unity not division.if we dont get together hillery will win and that will be the end of the unitedstates as we know it.think about it.

  142. jreg9304 says

    Blame it all on Romney for opening his big mouth and moreso the GOP for letting him out of his cage.. for what reason we will never know!!!

  143. patriot2015 says

    I also had respect for Romney,I was with him 100% even after he lost an election he by all means should have won. But know he is acting just like a little kid running around pouting because things did not go his way. As far as his sons he has BLOWN their chances in the future to run for office.
    I for one will never give this loser any respect, I do feel bad for his family he must be impossible to live with.

  144. TPM says

    Romney is a RINO and a LOSER.
    Let’s start referring to him as a Mitthead …

  145. 2Shadow2 says

    Romney the rino loser is now an expert in GOP campaign strategy. What a putz. He once again shines the spotlights on himself and lets everyone know he is pure establishment and will never admit that the Grand Old Politburo is so far away from it’s founding principles that it would rather self destruct than change. Let us never forget that this conservative poser was the author of Romneycare in Mass., and gave the Progressives their blueprint to invade Russia in the winter with Obamacare.

  146. Paul N Ransom says

    As usual this stupid ass hat got it wrong!!! it wasn’t the other candidates who allowed Donald Trump the nomination IT WAS THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  147. Robert Cruder says

    Mostly since the Reagan administration, the party was run for the very wealthy. They got votes by promising to enact religious prohibitions into secular law (in violation of both the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution) and ignorant “believers” fell for it.

    Elected, they failed to deliver, blaming “liberals” and “activist judges”. “Believers” fell for it repeatedly, refusing to see that wealth handed to the already super-wealthy came from their pockets.

    Romney did not “throw the election”. Voters saw those who caused and then profited from the dub-ya recession promising to correct it faster than Obama when they really planned more of the same.

    Trump is a “poke in the eye” against those “insiders” and their cronies. Beyond that protest, he offered no track record of enriching anyone but himself, no credible or even consistent plan and no allies with the power to make anything happen. He was a side-show barker promising something behind the curtain if we only paid admission, an embarrassment at best.

    I am angry for not having a choice.

  148. MTnman says

    Romney is at the top of the list of the reasons for Trump’s success.

  149. Arnold Young says

    Almost, now I said almost, feel sorry for Romney. he lost because he laid back and quit trying and now he complains. He has gone from the great hope to a poor loser. it’s really pathetic.

  150. blakerin says

    Knock. Knock, who’s there? Romney has lost it

  151. Letterman007 says

    The only thing smaller than Mitt’s mouth is his brain. He had his shot at the Dems and Odummer and blew it!! So shut up already.

  152. Francisco Machado says

    When the candidates we elected to the House and to Congress in 2014, increasing membership in both and giving Republicans the Senate, abandoned the promises that got them elected and began surrendering to the Progressive Democrats, showing none of the promised fight against the programs we elected them to end, they opened the door to a candidate like Donald Trump. Not giving a damn about your constituents is a working policy for Democrats but it’s suicide for Republicans.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      The only problem is that not enough of you voted for Republicans. It requires 67 Republicans and all of them voting together to over ride a Presidential Veto. By my count and the count of others there would be 64 Republican Senators today if it wasn’t for Un-electable Tea Party Candidates running.

  153. scorpian says

    Tell Mr. Romney to go to hell! He’s the fraud and nasty inside politician! Can’t believe I voted for the choking dog! Time to tell the GOP to shut this pain in the A– down. Romney and his fake partner Paul Ryan should leave the country. However, if Romney, and Ryan had any respect for the American people they would join with them in supporting Mr. Trump as they have chosen their next President! Get it!

    1. Patriot says


      TRUMP IS FOR AMERICA and for Keeping Us SAFE!


  154. Gale says

    romney = scum of the earth

  155. Tired... says

    I didn’t scan the previous comments so I am confident that someone has already said this…Romney is to blame for the rise of Trump. His inept campaign against Obama, coupled with his current whining has demonstrated his inability to relate to the common American. As I have said before, I am far from a Trump fan but he is the people’s response to a tone-deaf Republican Party. It is just a shame that he is the candidate, because he is beginning to show his true colors on issues like gun control.

    1. Patriot says

      Whoa….true colors?

      1. Tired... says

        Yes. because I don’t believe that he is a true conservative; rather I believe that he could easily embrace the same overbearing policies as Hillary. Still probably going to vote for him because, although he is no prize, Hillary is worse. Not really sure how doubting Trump’s conservatism equates to timidity…that one has me stumped.

        1. Patriot says

          Anyone that harps about a test of Conservatism when we are LOSING OUR COUNTRY to a bunch of SELLOUTS and SAVAGES is not playing with a full deck.
          We are in such a mess, surrounded by Enemies, and facing Savages that are being brought here to ravage and kill us……we are being PICKED OFF at random.

          Trump is the Only One who has Stood up to Take on this EVIL!


          1. Tired... says

            You clearly don’t understand the danger of wanting a strong man just for the sake of having a strong man, nor did you comprehend my post.

          2. Patriot says

            I understand perfectly.
            I just do not agree with your analysis.

            TRUMP IS a Strong man who loves and believes in AMERICA.

            HE Wants to end the degradation and erosion of our Traditions/heritage/Religion/history of our country by the Invasion of “REFUGEES” from Terrorist countries that pose harm to American citizens, desire to Replace them and conquer our land for their Caliphate.

            The Invaders are bought here purposely by the Anti-American Evil Obama and Corrupt Hillary Clinton who are selling out our country, our assets, and allowing Foreign Factions and the MUSLIM brotherhood to infiltrate our government by appointing them to Key positions.

            TRUMP wants to fight this corruption, restore order, obey the Rule of law and adherence to Our Constitution.

            Trump wants to protect America by halting Immigration of potential terrorists from countries that sponsor Terrorism until we have a handle on what is happening…because there is no adequate Vetting procedures.

            Any country that allows entry into their own country of individuals that have an Ideology that is adverse to our own, and who do Not want to assimilate, but rather want to institute Sharia Law allowing it to take precedence over Our Laws, and Kill/ Slaughter INFIDELS …those who will not adopt THEIR RELIGION IS INSANE.

            But this Insanity is being used by Obama, HILLIARY, etal…as a tool to create Chaos and Undermine OUR Civilized nation in order to bring it down and lay the groundwork for the New World Order/ ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

            OBAMA, HILLIARY, and their administration and TOADIES FEIGN THAT THEY ARE FOR the Gay Community, but THEY bring in Muslims that tortue, and KILL GAYS. THE AIMS OF Obama and HILLARY are SINISTER and IMMORAL.



          3. Tired... says

            Your response makes my point: You want a strong man who says what you want to hear and are indifferent to his principles. To me that is dangerous and can quickly lead to the very same outcome that we fear should Hillary become President. I am concerned that Trump may not possess the core principles necessary to understand the importance of individual liberty and the rule of law. We already have a President who circumvents the law whenever he desires; we don’t need another.

            Nevertheless, we share the same concerns about what Obama has done and what Hillary wants to do. Unfortunately I don’t believe that anyone else has a shot of defeating Hillary (sorry Johnson and Weld supporters…it’s the truth), so I am stuck voting for a man I don’t particularly trust over a woman who I know is even worse. It is clear that you trust Trump implicitly and believe me, I genuinely hope that you are right; unfortunately I do not share your confidence.

          4. Patriot says

            The mere Fact that he LOVES AMERICA and will Fight to defend her , AGAINST a huge cadre of non- Stop Attacks by factions with shared But varied evil agendas, makes him stand out above ALL OTHERS!


          5. Tired... says

            I get where you are coming from, but Hitler loved Germany too, yet he destroyed her. To be clear, I am not saying that Trump is Hitler but I am saying that love of country is not enough. Heck, many liberals genuinely believe that they love the country, although their actions say otherwise.

            As you noted earlier, we have a different perspective on this, although I believe that we both prefer personal liberty to big government. Let’s just agree on that.

          6. Patriot says

            I do not agree with you or your analogy, in fact I find it Offensive.

            Trump has so much to offer our country…a country that is STARVING for a LEADER to take control and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK…back to SANITY.

            Yes, I agree with you about having a much smaller government, the Rule of Law, abiding by our Constitution, and erasing ALL THE INSIDIOUS REGULATIONS IMPOSED by the TRAITOR IN CHIEF, Obama, who now occupies the Oval Office.

          7. Tired... says

            If you were offended then you misunderstood the point of my statement.

            Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

            ——– Original message ——–

          8. Patriot says

            No. I got it….I just felt mentioning the Leftist rant of the Names of Trump and Hitler too much, although I would find OBAMA/ Hillary and HITLER more palatable.

          9. Tired... says

            No leftist rant…I only noted that love of country is not enough…nothing more…and clearly stated it that way. However I would argue that Obama and Hillary are reminiscent of Lenin and Stalin, who accumulated wealth and power on the backs of the peasants, rather than Hitler.

          10. Patriot says

            But Hitler’s aim was Ethnic Cleansing…..killing All JEWS, MENTALLY UNFIT OR INFERIOR in his eyes, unattractive people so they could not breed and continue to produce characteristics that were unacceptible to him. He wanted a Super Race of superiority.

            Obama And HILARY Are bringing 100 REFUGEES PER DAY…OVER 1.5 already and re- settling them all over the United States.
            They are using them as Assassins to create chaos, rape,maim and murder AMERICAN CITIZENS And replace them……ethnic cleansing and population control!
            Abortion was not enough for OBAMA AND HILLARY…THEY NEEDED TO SPEED THINGS UP.
            THE ELITISTS/ GLOBALISTS want to seize an opportunity…a propitious moment…their patience in wearing thin, and many members are getting older…Soros, Rockefeller, KISSINGER, etc.

            These Foreign savages want to Destroy Western Civilization by killing all Infidels and forming their Caliphate.

            But what happens to the Elitists/GLOBALISTS WHEN THESE SAME SAVAGES TURN ON THEM?

          11. Tired... says

            Again, I understand you concern and agree that this country is drastically off course. The rest of this is minutiae. Our country is profoundly ill and we need a rebirth of freedom. I suggest an amicable divorce from those who think that we are headed in the right direction; that should make everyone happy…of course it won’t because they want to dictate what everyone thinks and does. To these people freedom is scary and needs to be controlled…by them.

  156. 012017 endofanerror says

    And the only person Romney can blame for not fighting the massive fraud in the previous presidential election is himself. He got screwed and didn’t even care. He is part of the problem. Trump 2016!!!!

  157. Christy Grubbs says

    Do not blame the candidates! It is the GOP’s fault this happened. They have given us loser candidates to vote for a like Romney & McCain. When we do control the house or the senate then we lay down and still let the democrats have their way. We have way to many Democrat sympathizers in the Republican party(RINOs). If we had more people in Washing ton like Ted Cruz Mike Lee and Steve King this would not have happened. We are tired of not being represented and the people who promise to represent you go to Washington and then become like the one we voted out. Until the GOP changes there is going to be a lot of anger toward it. We want to tear it down and start over with someone like us. We want someone who is not politically correct, we want someone who isn’t afraid of hurting the feelings of terrorist, who will say protect our borders and our gun rights! We want the constitution to be followed and the POS in the White House kicked out now! We Want Our Country Back!!!

    1. ringostarr1 says

      It is the Tea Parties that are to blame because of all of their RINO, RINO, Pants on fire BS. I suspect that Mike Lee will pay the price for his Tea Party activities in 2016. Hide and watch.

      1. Christy Grubbs says

        Well if the people that got voted in followed through with what they promised then we would have been fine but when they start voting like the dems then we need to vote them out. Mike Lee will be fine!

  158. Grandma of 8 says

    I voted for Romney and now cant stand to even look at him !! HE is the reason we need Donald Trump !! He rolled over when he refused to confront Obama on Bengazi in that third debate. He did not have the guts to say what needed to be said. Where was all his outrage when he had Obama right where he could have crushed him in that debate? Did he save it all for Trump four years later after he blew it? He has ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBILITY now…he had his chance and he didn’t have the b–ls to close the deal!! Well, Trump DOES have them !! We may not like some of the ‘politically incorrect’ way he can express himself, but see where being ‘politically correct’ got us? We had to choose between nice, polite, ‘presidential’, politically correct’ Mitt Romney, and Obama, and they chose Obama!!! See where THAT got us!! Trump is the ONLY chance we have to get our country back…and if we do not do it now, it will be too late 4 years from now!! Look at all the damage that has been done since O called the terrorists ‘the JV team’ !! If we have another 4yrs of this, we will not have a country left to save. …and dont get me started on H….all I can say is that all you woman’s rights people need to look at all the foreign countries with sharia law that are financing her campaign!!! WHAT is THAT all about!?? All she wants is money and power–(and the foreign countries are trying to BUY a president of OUR country)…that is what the Clintons are all about…and a whole lot of ‘you know what’ for Bill !!! Wake up, America, or we are in for the worst ‘haircut’ the world will ever seen !!!
    ONE MORE WORD>>>>Keep your eyes on Cleveland…I have sick feeling that the GOP is still trying to cook something up at the convention….I think Paul Ryan was in shock when Cruz and Kasich dropped out at the same time..he figured there would be a fight and Ryan would be drafted like he was for Speaker…that’s why it took him so long to half heartedly endorse Trump !! Ryan figured HE would be the nominee. None of them want Trump because he is not in the ‘good ole Boys Club’ and they are all petrified that their gravy train is coming to a screatching halt!!! ( that’s why they would even rather have Hilliary!! she will not rock the financial boat…but what about the Supreme Court??) (Kasich is also delusional that HE will be drafted, too! ) They do not seem to grasp the fact that Trump got millions more votes than any one of them –and this IS still a democracy, isn’t it? all I can say, is PRAY—we are in for a rough ride…

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Ted Screws is the Delusional one, Ted’s daddy is reading the intestines of chickens that he’s killed and keeps telling his baby boy that Teddy Cruz is the one anointed of God. Ted Cruz may well give the Tea Party what they so desperately seek, the Impeachment, conviction, and removal from Office of a President of the United States of America because he is unwilling to work with even the members of his own Party.

  159. Capitalist and proud of it says

    Trump is not the best we have. Please remember that he has NOT yet won the nomination … that happens at the convention!

    I wrote in Ted Cruz’s name in the recent CA primary. I’m looking for a delegate revolt at the GOP convention when its noticed that Humpty Trumpty can’t win against Hillary. Humpty Trumpty is Dem light.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      And Ted Cruz is a Jim Jones want-to-be. Now you cruz bots out there be sure to crook your pinkie finger when you sip the Hillary Cool-Aid from your Silver cups.

    2. Patriot says

      And you are BRAIN DEAD!

      It is Inane People like you that are the cause of us LOSING OUR COUNTRY!

  160. ringostarr1 says

    I guess it is fair for Romney to blame his fellow Republicans for Donald Trumps success after all if it wasn’t for the fact that in 2012 Mitt Romney acted like a guilty little boy whose mother caught Masturbating Barrack Obama would not have won a second chance to destroy America.

  161. meangreenMarine says

    I blame Romney for 8 years of Obama! He had two swings at bat and struck out both times!
    You’re no batting coach, Mitt! Your just sitting on the bench because nobody wants you or your philosophy!

  162. lectron777 says

    Romney – why don’t you open a GM car dealership

  163. Nellie McConnell says

    Who is Romney blaming for his loss to Obama? I voted for Romney once but probably never again. Lost respect for him.

  164. CCblogging says

    Romney had Obama on the ropes concerning Benghazi and he backed off. Can you say, COLLUSION?

  165. Loving America says

    Romney is being used to cause division Americans..Wake Up! Being used to turn Us against one another! while all eyes and ears on Mr. Trump by whoever they use Obama and the FBI are probably telling someone else to keep their mouth sut like they did to the wife of th e Orlando killer…this man had a plan and they knew and used him to do the killings just like Obama and Hillary did in Benghazi! Division is
    of the American People is what Obama needs to take over America…Let’s take him down so he cannot do this ever again in America! Take down the ones involved in Obamas Takeover Plans and that includes the ones of the FBI that have fallen for his tyrant and treason ways! Down With Romney the Traitor!

  166. dkuch says

    These fools in government just love to do the “blame game” instead of taking any of the blame!

  167. Bebe Nix says

    Has Romney joined the Obama/Clinton/Muslim Brotherhood Cartel??????? Sure sounds like it. I wonder how much they are paying the scumbag.

  168. Loretta Siani says

    Romney has no right to criticize. It’s because of him and his wimpiness that Americans had to suffer Obama for four more years.

  169. yellowjacket2 says

    And I blame Romney for Obama’s second election.

  170. Patriot says

    The Republican Voters supported you even though both you and Paul Ryan wimped out in the debates and alligned yourselves with Obama as if you were Democrats.

    Both of your performances were an EMBARASSMENT!

    You Threw in the Towel!

    Is it because both you and Ryan are Anti – American Globalists and on the same side as Evil Obama to form a One World Government?

    Both you and Ryan are REPUGNANT!

    The People have selected TRUMP as the REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE… either GET BEHIND HIM and Stand with the AMERICAN PEOPLE or STHU!


  171. Philomena says

    Mitt go away and keep out of sight. You had your chance and let let Obama and Candy Crowley walk all over you.

  172. Amy Thomas says

    Romney is a disgrace to the so called Republican party, course most of them in the party are also a disgrace. Someone needs to tell Romney to shut his mouth as he is gaining the wrath of the Trump people and losing the respect of everyone in the party..Trump is right, it has just been exposed that the present politicians are working to overload this country with immigrants, legal or illegal,. Seems immigrants do not know about our Constitution, or rights or our freedom and makes it easy for a full government take over of the U.S.The idea that Trump is attempting to STOP OUR BORDERS FROM BEING OVERRUN, is what makes these commie politician attack Trump..

  173. Linda Gentry says

    The elite are upset because they want the one world government and one world religion to happen and with Trump as president it want happen. If Hillary is elected we will have Sharia Law in the U.S. I know this sounds crazy but watch and see. She has sold her soul so to speak to get elected. Also George Bush said he was voting for Hillary; I know he is mad at Trump for talking about his family but that is not the real reason he would vote for her. His father, Jimmy Carter, and the Clinton”s all want a one world government and Obama too. Also George Soros who has paid people to cause uprisings in this country and probably at some of the Trump rallies not for sure but I think he has done this. I wouldn’t put it past him if he thinks Trump will win he will declare Marshal Law and there want be any more elections if this happens and you will see Military Police everywhere in this country and some want be from this country either they will be from all over the globe. The Pope is even getting involved in political things which he shouldn’t. I also think the Holy Roman Empire will rise again. Germany will control the world’s money too watch their banks now. I know all this may sound wild but sit back and watch.

  174. Jim says

    Romney needs to wake up and realize that he had his chance in 2012 and blew it. The sad reality is that he would have won if he had just gone after Obama like he is going after Trump. Unfortunately, since he ran a lousy campaign and acted like a typical Republican wimp he lost an election that should have been easily won.

    Whenever Romney speaks he is constantly talking about the conservative values of the Republican Party, but try as I may I can’t figure out what Republicans is he talking about? Could it be the ones who have been nothing more than another arm of the Democrat Party and have failed their voter base miserably over the past two and one half decades. Maybe he is talking about the Republicans who helped create a mountain of debt that we can never hope to repay, stood by and allowed the destruction of our health care system and were involved with the passing of legislation that led to the losing of about 55,000 US manufacturing plants, resulting in millions of our jobs being lost to other countries. Are these the Republicans that he wants rump to emulate? I certainly hope not.

    In reality the Republicans and so-called conservatives we have elected haven’t done one single thing to help improve the future of this country for our children and grand-children. Instead, they have worked side by side with the Democrats to aid them in their agenda, which is destroying our country. They have been a total embarrassment to those who elected them and if Trump doesn’t want to go down the same road of destruction that they have chosen for us, all I can say is, “Thank God”.

    It is time for Romney and the rest of the Republican Party to accept the fact that Trump won the primaries and that it is time to rally around him. If this election is lost to Hillary, one of the most corrupt, inept people to ever run for the presidency, it won’t be Trump’s fault. Instead, it is going to be due to people like Romney and a long list of others from his own party, such as Jeff Flake, Nikki Haley, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Susana Martinez who have fought him every step of the way.

  175. Robert Cruder says

    One must not be more intelligent or better informed than the expected primary voters. That merely annoys them.

    To lead a country, one must be more intelligent and better informed than anyone else and must teach.

    One must win the primary before one can enter the general.

    As in 2012, primary candidates had to recite what at least some of them knew was already proved false by science, history, demographics or geography because that is what primary voters already believed. The winner always would be the best barker/actor/liar.

    The public simply did not fall for Romney in 2012. I don’t think they will fall for Trump, They may be sufficiently educated that they would not fall again for Reagan.

    When primary voters start fact-checking, the party might start winning.

    1. Patriot says

      Where are you checking your facts?

      1. Robert Cruder says

        Rather than argue about minutiae, let’s start with something big.

        How old is the Earth?

        We can move on from there.

        1. Patriot says

          You’re EXCUSED…Permanently!

  176. Archie Cogollos says

    hahahahahha…hey lost an election that was in the bag…..he lacked heart…he had the brains and the training…but not the heart….had he had half the fire he now has to trash Trump….he would have won….I have lost all respect for him…what a shame….he could be a tremendous help to the new forthcoming administration in the Trump presidency…but chooses to be an antagonist….shameful….

    1. Patriot says

      Exceedingly Disgraceful….HE IS an ANTI- AMERICAN ELITEST GLOBALIST!

  177. Michelle K. Lawrence Smith says

    So glad Americans did not elect this back stabber into the Presidency…gone 4 good we all pray.

  178. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    Romney is weak a coward! Obama crushed him he’s not a fighter he’s a weakling, pathetic and low energy! Romney should just shut up once a loser always a loser….

  179. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    Phony Romney, Crooked Hillary, Wacko Wasserman, Wicked evil Elizabeth Warren, crazy boy Obama

  180. Ron N. says

    We blame you for losing in2012 moron

  181. Justin Seine says

    Thanks to Romney’s ineptitude we got a second massive dose of the Obama Pandemic.

  182. Cookie Vranish says

    Romney still isn’t going to man up that he helped Trump win. But most important, Trump is simply a great person at a time when the grass roots voters are sick of the establishment Republicans that talk and strut around like they are special!

  183. Justin Seine says

    One must admit that Trump’s latest strategy is catching a lot of attention:

  184. Ron Stephany says

    this proven loser should just shut up,who cares what he has to say

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