Romney Concession: Aides Tell the Tale


David Axelrod, a former Obama adviser, has a new book coming out that details his career in politics. But one small section of the forthcoming Believer: My 40 Years in Politics has Washington tongues wagging. According to Axelrod, Mitt Romney’s 2012 concession call to Obama “irritated” the president.

He was “unsmiling during the call, and slightly irritated when it was over,” Axelrod writes in the book. He quotes Obama quoting Romney: “‘You really did a great job of getting out the vote in places like Cleveland and Milwaukee,’ in other words, black people. That’s what he thinks this was all about.”


First of all, let’s assume the story is 100 percent factual. There’s nothing in the quoted statement that insinuates that Romney was blaming his loss on the black vote. So it shows that Obama must be sensitive about that topic to draw that conclusion. And perhaps he should be, because the numbers don’t lie. While the black vote always goes overwhelmingly to the Democratic candidate, Obama’s two victories were particularly reliant on that demographic. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that – black voters have as much right to determine the direction of the country as any other voter – but there’s no denying the facts.

A Disputed Account

Of course, accepting the truth of the story is not something we can do as a matter of faith. Especially when a senior Romney aide has come out to say that his boss made no such comments. Garrett Jackson spoke to The Daily Beast about the allegations, and he happened to be in the room when Romney made his call. According to Jackson, Axelrod’s account of the matter is not accurate. “Axelrod created enough of a lie to distort who Mitt is during the campaign. That is enough. Your guy won.”

Jackson insists that Romney’s concession call was short, though he does provide room for the possibility that Obama may have accepted the call with irritation. To his recollection, Romney congratulated the president before telling him that he would have some “tough decisions to make” about the direction of the nation. “I’m here to help however I can,” he told Obama. At no time, Jackson says, did he mention anything about Cleveland or Milwaukee.

Of course, Jackson’s story is not necessarily a refutation of Axelrod’s. A third possibility exists wherein Obama made up the Romney comment when relaying the story to his senior adviser. That may be the least likely of the three choices, but it can’t be completely dismissed. Neither Romney nor Obama have yet commented on the story.

What is certainly true, however, is that Obama did indeed have some “tough decisions to make” following the 2012 election. By some miracle, America decided to give him a second chance. And if the last two years are any indication, he has squandered that chance. The voters will never be able to directly rebuke him for his failures, but the midterm results certainly provided an indirect censure.

Would Romney have done any better? Like the truth of what happened during that concession call, it’s a question that can never be satisfactorily answered. But it’s hard to think of a scenario where he could have done worse.

  1. tomw says

    And this story will help fix….what? Romney is no longer in the mix.

    1. chamuiel says

      It is to help sell Axelrod’s new book.

      Do try and keep up, or re read the article.

      1. tomw says

        That will help “Fix this Nation”

        1. Kent2012 says

          why certainly…when folks like axleshaft do well it makes all of the “no information voters” jump for joy….some of them even run out and loot a liquor store to celebrate….oh and protest the killing of a criminal or two..

          1. Robert T. Uda says

            Not axleshift, axledick.

  2. Chuck Sherman Jr says

    Why should Romney be anything but contemptuous towards this America hating black bastard???

    1. merle says

      I doubt he was . It was probably just another Obama lie .

  3. johnanaguski says

    When you have the 80 IQ and less people determining the leader of the US of A you know we are in trouble.

  4. marla1 says

    Mitt Romney apparently is the only one worth talking about! His is the most gentlemanly in the whole of America!! Every thing about him is a gentleman , his intelligence that made him a multi millionaire, his look is the best in America, his wife is beautiful , his family is great!There is nothing about him not to love , but jealousy is a killer for most people! Look what parasite muslim terrorist you have set as head of our country when we could have had someone intelligent enough to surround himself with people to look after America, the country he loves! Not a snake set on destroying America and making us a third world country!!

    1. chamuiel says

      Multi Billionaire., not multi millionaire..
      do try and keep up.

      1. John the Libertarian says

        wealth estimated @300-450 MILLIION, just a shy bit (as in less than half) short of BILLIONAIRE status—showing your class envy, perhaps, chamuiel???

        1. Kent2012 says

          you were dealing with a voter for the african pretender…they will tell you that GWB spent trillions more that kenyan boyo and that Bush and Cheney murdered 6 million Iraqis and murdered all those people in NYC….etc ad nauseam..oh and he is a Mormon….I guess the “no information voters” would rather have a rag communist instead of a real American…

          1. survivor33 says

            I would vote for a Mormon before a Muslim any day….we all know what the muslims believe. AND this one certainly don’t know how to do anything on his own, except Veto….he has a pen and a phone. Realy he should only be allowed to have a pencil with an eraser and a pager, for all the intelligence and common sense he has.

          2. merle says

            Indoctrination and drugs are killing this country along with a good dose of laziness

          3. Kent2012 says

            yes sir and the laziness is a byproduct of the hard work that our parents and their parents did and when the “horn of plenty” was making the world jealous the whiners and crybabies were coddled by the communist infiltrators and guilt-tripped…..”oh we have so much and they have nothing”….”oh we stole all that they had, eeevillle America”…”how can a country that is so wealthy and have homeless folks that are hungry”….”who made you sheriff?”….”oh America is so horrible, they nuked the japs”…..on and on ad nauseam …the crying and the lies that these children vomit forth has caused me to become calloused…a french philosopher, Raymon Aron, once wrote this while preparing a discussion about the difference between a communist and a democratic nation, “freedom may be an abstract notion when you live in a democracy, but it becomes a very concrete problem once you have lost it” because of the sacrifice of millions of Americans on battlefields from Tripoli to Iraq and thousands in between we have an enviable government structure (well abused), a strong economy(when the adults are in charge), a fair system of law(when dealing with honest jurists), a great education system (especially if we can purge the commies, i.e. the like of billy “the bomber ayres”) and a great future if we can educate the “no information voter” and accelerate the maturity of our 21 year olds that are going on 2 years old again and are upset because some folks have more than they have, they do not want to work for it….they want it taken at gunpoint and handed to them, no strings attached…

        2. survivor33 says

          Really John? Just because someone mentioned he earned his $$$$$;s, does that mean the a envious? I certainly am no jealous of rich people because they have more problems than us lowly middle class.

        3. chamuiel says

          Are you a liberal? You sound like one.

      2. t0066jh says

        If what you say is true, that makes Maria1’s position even stronger.

      3. patriotgrammy says


      4. marla1 says

        Great for Mitt Romney! No gentleman deserves it more. Just imagine in your jealous mind if he was the leader of America the jobs he would have brought back to this country! But then some of the scum in America would have no excuse not to have a job!!!

      5. b.badenoff says

        billionaire? Chumuiel needs to do some research before posting generalizations

        1. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

          Ignorant people like Chumuiel like to spread falsehoods.

          1. chamuiel says

            Wow! Don’t tell me you are an infantile name caller.
            Do you even know what chamuiel is?

          2. Carol Benson says

            It sounds very much like Chamileon (sp), the name a commenter uses when ge isn’t calling himself 2deep4u or Rx7pj or several other aliases Cham uses & hides behind.

          3. Dr. Bob Uda says

            chamuiel may be a good conservative, but he is an ignorant one when he says Romney is a billionaire. He also speaks falsehoods due to that ignorance. Everyone that knows what is going on knows that he IS a millionaire, not a billionaire. Calling someone an “infantile name caller” makes you guilty of what you are accusing others as being–typical example of the kettle calling the pot black. Your ignorance confounds me.

      6. merle says

        He is not a billionaire he is a multimillionaire . He is honest so should you be .

        1. chamuiel says

          O.K. he is a multimillionaire.
          What do you want? a medal?

          1. Dr. Bob Uda says

            You want name calling? Okay, you are a jerk. That is more an accurate description than a name.

      7. Carol Benson says

        Chamuiel… How is 2deep4u? Chamileon? Rx7pj? How many more aliases are you posting
        Under now? Either that–or Chamuiel stole one of your
        Multiple personalities, huh?
        Busted again!!!

    2. bobby says

      There is one thing you will never find behind the name Romney, United States Military, not Mitt, not George and not any of Mitt’s five sons. I realize his sons did not grow up in the days of the draft but Mitt and George did. Most men that did not want to serve due to religious beliefs had to run to Canada but not Mitt. With all due respect it is true that Bill Clinton received a student deferment, that was totally legal. I put my education on hold and served four years in the Air Force before pursuing a degree, I was not wealthy like Mitt so the GI bill paid for my education, I guess he did not need that. Mitt was also the king of outsourcing, he made millions by tearing companies apart, shipping jobs off shore, taking away American Jobs. Most of his wealth is kept off shore to avoid US taxes, in 2011 he paid 13%, he refuse to release all of his tax returns, I wonder why, I don’t know about you but I pay more than that. It is true that Mitt Romney would have selected people to look after Americans but only the top 1%, the other 99% he just doesn’t care about. I will agree with you that Ann Romney is beautiful but Let me leave you with a quote I have found to be true my entire life, “Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the bone.” You also might want to look at the current state of America, we can always do better but we are on the right path, you may want to go back to 2001-2008, I don’t.

      1. Kent2012 says

        George who…

        1. bobby says

          George Wilcken Romney, Mitt’s Dad, former Governor of MI and 1968 Presidential Candidate. America was not ready for their type of leadership and never will be.

          1. twspears6007 says

            bobby; Quick answer never say never. Is there anything good that you can say about the Romney Family? Are you anti- Mormon?

          2. bobby says

            I am not anti Mormon, they have their beliefs, I have mine, you have yours. I believe you serve your Country, like in the military, Mormons have a problem with that, their founder belief was that you could have multiple wives, that would be against my Christian beliefs. As for Romney, I believe he is a good family man and a good person to the people he serves, I don’t know about you but I am not in that group.

          3. twspears6007 says

            bobby you are anti Mormon. What makes you think that Mormons have a problem with the military many have fought and died for our country and all you can do is throw out a statement that you have no creditable facts to back it up. In 1847 Our government that persecuted the Mormons at that time asked the Mormon Church in Missouri to furnish 500 soldiers to help with the US vs. Mexican war they served honorably and was the longest military foot march in US history over 1500 miles ending in San Diego California. Another fact is Obama’s family were Muslims and had multiple wives in Africa does this disqualify Barrack Hessian Obama? Is this also against your Christian beliefs.

          4. bobby says

            I thought we were talking about the current Mormon, Mitt Romney. Your last line is total fabrication, Obama is not a Muslim, show me names of the Obama’s that had more than one wives I never said the Romney was not qualified to run for President, I know Romney only had one wife. It was his policies that scared me, go back and check out the Coolidge and Hoover Administration, they wrote the book on failed Conservative Policies, maybe you had no problem seeing another 1929, you do know about the depression, right. I feel good that I am on the right side of history, I feel bad for stupid people that will take advice from Rush, he makes 50 million dollars a year off your stupidity, Rush sends a message, .”KEEP IT COMING.”

          5. twspears6007 says

            bobby I don’t know how much money Rush Limbaugh makes probably more than the nerds from CNN, MSNBC and the ABC channels. Rush is worth every dime he earns. He works very hard to bring the facts to his program. He and Fox news compliment each other and America is on the mend. After the November 2014 elections I am more confident that 1929 will not happen and liberals like you are on the run. From your statements I believe you are on the some side of history but certainly not on the right side I would call it the left side how about you.

          6. Kent2012 says

            right we need more rag loving communists and lesbians that sell guns to the rags…all hail the commies…

      2. marla1 says

        This country is as low as it can go with the communist muslim halfbreed terrorist with all his sealed records, no one has the balls to mention when they talk of off shore money, where the hell do you think oslima’s is? In the middle east you bunch of morons ! I’ll take an American any day and now that Mitt is out , I pray it is Walker and CRUZ , and don’t say Cruz is not an American.!!! He fights more for America than any other citizen and is one of the smartest men in America according to many different professors!!!

        1. bobby says

          You think Walker and Cruz is smart, maybe, with statements like you just made, I can’t say you are in the smart group. As a side note, one of those idiots you think is so smart, the nomination will go to one of them but they will never see the White House.

          1. Robert T. Uda says

            There is only one word that sums you up: IDIOT!

          2. Ray Taylor says

            Thanks. Your response is short and correct. 🙂

          3. bobby says

            If you truly have a PHD than more education might be something you would consider. Because I express an opinion you call me names. Your education background should tell you not to post on these web sites, you know as well as I do that when a person complain about everything you are really unhappy with your own life, everybody must take responsibility for their own life, is that not what you righties are all about. Don’t blame Obama for your problems, 100% is your fault. Have a great day, May God Bless.

          4. LastGasp says

            Do you practice being stupid? Do you like showing everyone how stupid you are? If you’re a paid troll, your boss is getting ripped off. No one listens to a stupid troll.

          5. bobby says

            Evidently you do, you responded, I have used some of the great Government Programs and I offer no apology, I served four years in the Air Force, when my enlistment ended I used the GI Bill to continue my education though my masters in Government from George Washington University, after graduation I spent the next 40 years as a Congressional Aide, I have bought 4 homes on the VA Loan Program, I was able to invest a lot of my personal funds through the 401K program, I am now retired and drawing a Government pension and Healthcare. I just listed 6 ways this great Government has help me, I know t nut cases , like yourself look on anything the does as welfare, wrong again, they are design to build a stronger America, I worked for this Country for 44 years, what have you done except shoot your mouth, not smart. I am not the stupid one, if you want to look stupid right in the eye go to your mirror, if you have one.

          6. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            The term “idiot” is not calling you names. It is an accurate assessment of you.

          7. bobby says

            It took you two months to come up with that response, I realize you are 73 and no doubt have lost some of your senses but come on, for a PHD, which is hard to believe, you are not sounding real bright.

          8. pmbalele says

            I see you’re an old fart. We have to deprogram you to see all people of all races as important as you. Maybe you join Senator Lott.

          9. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            One thing about young farts. Some day, you too will become an old fart. I wonder what your thinking will be then? The only difference is that you will be an ignorant old fart. You need to do more reading to get smart, young fart.

          10. Carol Benson says

            Great advice!!!

          11. FreedomSpeaks2U says

            Bobby = DemocRAT whinner, Liar and career Welfare Recipient

          12. pmbalele says

            You’re the one whining. Now you want to nominate Walker-a college drop-out. We are also told he cheated in exams a reason was kicked out of college. Walker is trying to make himself as king of Wisconsin. He wants to fire all liberal judges, wants to acquire the DOJ and DPI and is abolishing all boards that have to do with land management. Wisconsin women have no right to their bodies. GOP wants freedom to all people is a joke-women will never be free if Walker or GOP candidate is elected as president. Good luck with Walker

          13. Ray Taylor says

            Illogical babble. Slow down and string together two sentences which make sense.

          14. pmbalele says

            There is nothing wrong with my posting. Illogical your …!

          15. merle says

            He can’t .

          16. Carol Benson says

            Who told you Walker cheated? Please provide your sources. Looks like a college education hasn’t done Obola much good. Abe Lincoln didn’t have one, either, & he was the greatest American president in history. Guess which party Honest Abe belonged to? Guess which party the slave masters belonged to? Stop regurgitating pap your commie professors feed you. How’s your Thesaurus doing?

          17. pmbalele says

            Ask why he dropped out of school. Call the Marquette University. They will tell you the truth.

          18. Carol Benson says

            First of all, Pn, Marquette would not release that information without the student’s written consent. Second, nowhere is it mandated that a US president must have a college degree. Third, obama, who was never a full-time college professor but was praised by supporters as a “Constitutional expert,” bragged on national tv that he had campaigned in most
            Of “the 57 states.” See anything wrong
            Here? He never caught his big mistake
            & never corrected it. Sound brilliant to you?
            He also gave a speech
            On live tv talking about the Marine Corps as the “corpse.”
            Huh???? That’s your president’s show of “intelligence”??? Worst of all, though: Obola has
            No morals & no character. He truly hates America. “None is so blind as he/she who will not see.”

          19. pmbalele says

            I am really sorry for you holding such hatred in your brains. No doubt Repubs and TPs are having heart attacks. They cannot stand seeing racial minorities living in the WH. It is a disgrace we have a school drop-out in Wisconsin. In England he would not be allowed to eat in college mess. May be you do not know the word ‘mess’. I will pray for you before going to bed.

          20. Carol Benson says

            You do not have a high school drop out

          21. Carol Benson says

            I appreciate your offer of prayer for me. Will it be muslim or Christian ?

          22. Carol Benson says

            Abe Lincoln–greatest American president ever–never got a college degree. Do you have one, Pn? I have two. In this economy–which obumble destroyed–people with Ph D degrees can’t find jobs…what is your degree in–confabulating (look it up)?

          23. Carol Benson says

            Here is what I notice, Pee. You throw a plethora (look it up) of wildazx assertions that make absolutely no sense. You watch to see if any of them stuck to the side of the barn. When challenged to document or support your crazy assertions, you ignore all questions & disappear.

          24. pmbalele says

            It is all on record.

          25. Carol Benson says

            “Trying to make himself as king of the…”–dead giveaway you are a foreign student. “We are told that Walker…”
            WHO “told” you that? Aren’t your commie Wisconsin professors teaching you about sourcing
            I hope you aren’t here on
            my money!!!

          26. Carol Benson says

            “We are also told that Walker cheated….” WHO told you that? What isbyour siurcw?

          27. Carol Benson says

            “Wisconsin women have no right to their bodies…”???? What hookah are you drawing on, miss Pee? Oh: “We are told that …” Who is WE? WHO TOLD “WE” such radical nonsense? Go visit Saudi Arabia & see how much right Saudi women have over their own bodies!!! Try Kenya where beloved Obama Sr had multiple wives & beat all of them!!! Who said so? Obama Junior’s half-brother who got a Ph.D at Stanford and hated Obama Sr.

          28. twspears6007 says

            bobby it is not the smartness of America that it is the problem it is the dumbness that is the problem. Dumb is as dumb does check the facts they will set you free.

          29. Milton W. Lowe says

            I believe John Wayne said ” You can’t fix dumb” just sayin’

          30. marla1 says

            I hope America is smart enough to NEVER put another black in the white house!!!

          31. Carol Benson says

            We may not have another president. ;You can take that several ways.)

          32. 413nat37 says

            He is the first Black and the last

          33. bobby says

            What about the guy you like, Ben Carson, I am sorry your remarks are directed towards all African Americans, here is something you might give some thought to, we are all God’s Children but the comment you just made is racist if I ever heard one, with that comment you don’t belong in this Country, please get out.

        2. pmbalele says

          Stop whining! What is wrong with Blacks voting overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008 and 2012? That racial skewness has been going for Whites for centuries. In fact in Wisconsin 2014 elections most illiterate White males and White females voted for Scott Walker. Please check the stats in Dane and Milwaukee County where Walker lost. But he won in Waukesha and northern Wisconsin where most Whites are high school or college drop-outs. Now you’re counting on Walker and Cruz as GOP nominees. Well if you nominate Walker, you’re nominating a college drop-out; and that how he won in Wisconsin-with drop-out population. Cruz is non-born US citizen. Therefore he is not eligible to run for WH job. Celabi for women if they vote for Walker. Walker wants this country be under Sharia law.

          1. marla1 says

            You moronic bastard if obummer slime born in Africa and God only kows who his father is can be president you Turd! Why is that communist muslin terrorist in the white house?? What the hell is he doing for you blacks? letting you kill each other and replacing you with Mexicans!! Use what little brain you have and see what is going on in the world!!

          2. pmbalele says

            I am Black and am enjoying life again after Obama won in 2008 and 2012. In fact I love Obamacare for it’s making possible for poor us Blacks have access to rich people’s clinics and hospitals. I am asking you to enjoy life like me before Obama leaves office.

          3. 413nat37 says

            Obama care is done JERKO . Wake up and get with the whites who
            are supporting you .

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            Leave it to a dumbass Velcro head to jump up and down defending the HNIC!!!

          5. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            You are not only a poor black. You are also an ignorant black. People like you make tyrants like Obama win when they have absolutely no business running our country–into the ground.

          6. Ray Taylor says


          7. pmbalele says

            These Repubs and TPs are unschooled-that is why they are stupid. Unfortunately they are the majority in Wisconsin to vote for Walker.

          8. marla1 says

            you are from Chicago and no choice but to vote because you were dragged from your welfare housing and told to vote twice for the muslim slime or you will meet your end and won’t get to use your cell phone!!!

          9. pmbalele says

            I am from Wisconsin and I did not vote for the college drop-out.

          10. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            Idiot! And that is not name calling. It is just an accurate assessment of you.

          11. Carol Benson says

            Good shot. Pm us probably at U of Wisconsin on a government grant. Hope It goes home to Kenya soon!!!

          12. LastGasp says

            It is a known troll. The progressive political machine will be swamping conservative websites with misinformation and misdirection, social engineering, prior to the next election. Want to learn some more about trolls and how to deal with them?

            How to Spot – and Defeat – Disruption on the Internet

          13. 413nat37 says

            You are a black Racists . Period

          14. pmbalele says

            Romney started it. And he is a TP and Repub leader. I did not.

          15. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            You are also a religious bigot, bigot!

          16. Milton W. Lowe says

            Being a non-US citizen didn’t keep Obama from running twice & winning as he is quick to point out…Dead Black people are good voters, it’s a known fact!

          17. pmbalele says

            Are you not the one nominating Ted Cruz as GOP WH contender? FYI Ted Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father.

          18. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            Cruz is no different than Obama who was born in Kenya to a Kenyan father. In both cases, their mothers were Americans. Obama set the precedence. If he can become POTUS, so can Cruz. BTW, are you anti-Hispanic? You racist, you!

          19. LastGasp says

            Troll Alert! Deceit and ignorance! What happened to your contrived writing style, dingleberry?

          20. glock 19 fan says

            Non-born US citizen? Not eligible for WH job? Haven’t we been saying that about Obozo? Or are those credentials OK if one is a Democrat?

          21. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            It is okay for Demonrats to lie, cheat, and steal, but it is not okay for Repugnants to do the same. Typical Liberal/Progressive double-standards.

        3. pmbalele says

          Do you mean it is low because the President now is Black. You’re dumb.

          1. troutslayerMT says

            Nice race card moron! You and Bobby come from the same inbred family tree? Obama Isn’t Black anyway, he’s half white. I would personally love to see Ben Carson become our FIRST black president.

          2. pmbalele says

            Ben Carson, like John McCain, does not brush his teeth. If he starts brushing his I will let you vote for him. I hope he reads this posting.

          3. troutslayerMT says

            what a moronic thing to even waste your time on

          4. pmbalele says

            I am older than you. So listen to me whenever I talk.

          5. Ray Taylor says

            What does age do for intelligence ? Age will help with experience.
            I’m 68. How old are you ?

          6. pmbalele says

            No doubt you have time to mess around on this site. You are another welfare recipient-SS.

          7. merle says

            Most people in their 60s have paid into SS for over 40 years. It is not welfare it is a retirement fund . You I would guess gets a welfare check every month and then you buy drugs with it . wow what a prize you are Yuck .

          8. pmbalele says

            You have been raised to despise Black and that they use drugs. Did you see what color are partiers smoking pot in Colorado? None of them was a Black person.

          9. Carol Benson says

            Where did you see ALL pot smokers in Colorado who were not black? Was that a photo of every pot smoker in the entire state? Obama smoked pot & crack all through college. One man who smoked with
            Him us Larry Sinclair. There are you tube videos of Barry doing drugs. Also his college friends & girlfriends gave written magazine articles about his love of drugs. Pn, do you just pull your crazy ideas out of your nether (look it up) regions? Must be when you’re smoking crack.

          10. chamuiel says

            I don’t li8ke3 anyone ho uses drugs.

          11. Carol Benson says

            Your first sentence, pn, was grammatically incorrect.

          12. Carol Benson says

            But she looooves her Barry!!!

          13. Ray Taylor says

            Azzhole. I paid for SS, it’s not welfare. I live on savings, and SS is a nice supplement, azzhole. I spend less time on this site than you do, azzhole. Let’s meet to discuss the matter man-to-azzhole.

          14. Carol Benson says

            Save yourself the aggravation. Whoever/whatever Pn is, It us NOT a real man. Takes after his god obumble.

          15. Ray Taylor says

            Thank you. Good advice.

          16. Carol Benson says

            What does “welfare recipient–SS” mean? Are they one & the same? No….

          17. Carol Benson says

            He’s right. Welfare mooches didn’t pay into the welfare ststems. Prople getting Social Security worked all their lives & paud into the system. One mire thing pmbale doesn’t understand about America.

          18. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            I’m 73.

          19. Carol Benson says

            She us 14going on 10. Oh, wait! That’s her IQ.

          20. merle says

            Years don’t matter intelligence does . so your about two .Creep

          21. Carol Benson says

            How old are you , Dearie? If that mskes any difference I am way older–& 1000 times smarter–than you are. You sound like a 12-year-old girl gtoupie that hasnpisters if odumbo all overbyour little bedroom. Do you dream about Barry every night?

          22. chamuiel says

            When ever someone talks about how smart they are, you can bet you are lying.

          23. chamuiel says

            You admit you are senile?

          24. merle says

            Wow how ignorant you are . Do you take your brain out and play with it ?

          25. Carol Benson says


          26. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            You are pretty small minded.

          27. Carol Benson says

            So you follow Carson & McCain around 24/7 to check their dental hygiene? Wow! Good reason not to vote for them then! Genius!!! logic, pn

          28. Carol Benson says

            You are not thst important you dimwit. I your visa runs out & they ship you back to good old Kenya, which us having some political problems of their own.

          29. Carol Benson says

            Obama does not take baths or use deoderant.

          30. Dr. Bob Uda says

            Is that why flies land all over his face?

          31. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            Dr. Ben Carson would be the first truly black POTUS if he was elected.

          32. Carol Benson says

            Correct. Obama is NOT America’s FIRST BLCK PRESIDENT because he is mulatto–50% white. Ben Carson is much smarter than Clueless obola & really understands geopolitics which ovomit does not.

          33. marla1 says

            You sure prove we are right! He is an African muslim communist black turd !! Are you?

          34. pmbalele says

            You’re not a human being. Too much joints in your system.

          35. marla1 says

            There has never been a joint or any dope in system, ever! I am Not black!!

          36. pmbalele says

            Did you look at people in Colorado? None was Black.

          37. marla1 says

            You are black welfare trash that white people paid for your Iphone and computer, that is why you nose is so far up oslima’s azz ,, when it should be up the white man’s azz!! drop dead, that will be 1 less of you to look after for about 1 second and another animal will be bred!!

          38. Carol Benson says

            Where in Colorado were you, pn, that you looked at people? One photo? A visit to Aspen? Some kind of objective “research” Todd the Wet Sprocket uses to support his opinions: “so there was a guy who told us & other blacks to go see Obama for no reason but he was a relative so we did….”can’t wait to see what scientific journal pn will publish his research in…hope it is prestigious enough to handle his English & high IQ….

          39. Carol Benson says

            I’ve seen blacks in Colorado. I’ve seen whites in Colorado. Your point is…? Pointless, as always. I saw blacks
            In Denver & Estes Park. They saw me. And???

          40. pmbalele says

            Do you which color of people is disproportionately in prison? Blacks. This is because White police officers hunt them for drugs. White officers will never hunt white drug dealers. This is because the White drug dealers may be their neighbors. I once worked for the State of Wisconsin government. One time we found the building next to our office was that of White drug dealers. But no police would dare go there until a fight broke up. The police, for fear we would know their preferential treatment of White drug dealers, went there to arrest them. But we know the police had known for years the house was that of a drug dealer. He only happened to be White. We want freedom – not to Blacks but to White rich males.

          41. merle says

            He is either a drunk or a druggie full of hate like all the indoctrinated fools that voted for this traitor we have . I am going to just ignore him now he isn’t worth a comment .

          42. Carol Benson says

            I’m betting pn is a she….

          43. Ray Taylor says


          44. Carol Benson says

            The human body has many. joints: elbows, knees, neck, ankles..which of these joints does Marla have? Pn–give it up. You are not & never will be cool. (Look it up.)

          45. Carol Benson says

            Probably. After all, pn sure can’t think rationally…

          46. merle says

            That is not what he said. Quit twisting some ones words. He is a communist traitor and he is half black and proud of it so where is the insult you are imagining?

          47. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

            The POTUS is half white, 1/4 black, and 1/4 arab (muslim type). He got his name Barack Hussein Obama from his father who was 1/2 arab (muslim type) and 1/2 black. BHO is far from being black.

          48. troutslayerMT says

            I’ve been saying this for two years! I hope he runs so I can start calling liberals racist

          49. pmbalele says

            You have been drinking stuff. President Obama father was jet Black from Kisumu-Kenya. His tribe are are very bright people and hard working. The President does not have Arab blood.

          50. Carol Benson says

            Who told you such stupid garbage? Frank Marshall Davis is very likely Obama’s biodad. He barely knew his putative father. (Look up “putative” in your College Dictionary. ) Hussein Sr. Was from Kenya. He was an alcoholic , a polygamist (see dictionary) who beat his wives. I’d be happy to tell you where that info came from. NO ONE said. Obama has Arab blood. His father was black & his mother was white so he is a mulatto. He possibly was born in Kenya. Now since some fool is filling your empty head with misinformation, you tell me: how & where did his mother meet both Davis & Obama Sr.?

          51. pmbalele says

            Here is the Truth. In Wisconsin there was guy by the name Ogombe, He worked for state. He was related to President Obama. So in 1998, this guy asked me and many Blacks to visit Obama while in Chicago. Other people went. I did not. Now here you are being fed with lies by TPs and Repubs that Obama’s father was Arab. Obama Sr was of Luo tribe; who live near Lake Victoria. Luo eat fish almost daily-they are very smart. Lake Victoria fish is natural and tastes so good. Go to Kenya –most Luos are Engineers, doctors; lawyers; business people and are very respectful of visitors.

          52. Carol Benson says

            So i WAS right. You are from Kenya but have the nerve to correct MY ENGLISH GRAMMAR & USAGE. This “guy” who told you to go meet Obama: How was he related to Obama? Why did he want you to meet him?
            Were you community organizers? Students? Members of the same union?? What did Obama say to all of you? What did you know about him then?
            Who said Obama had “Arab blood”??? No one. Obama has a black biological father
            & a Caucasian mother. Obama spent very little time–if any–with Obama Senior; Davis, a black American from Kansas, helped raise Junior. In DREAMS FROM MY FATHER–ghostwritten by Bill Ayers–obama barely mentions the man he supposedly wrote the book about, but mentions Davis 22 times. Rather odd.

          53. pmbalele says

            I have told you if you’re not a lawyer or journalist, you do not know grammar of English well. You might have been a teacher in high school; but I am afraid you misled your students as to the words you corrected me about. Check your dictionary the words I used. I have re-checked them and I was right.
            I have been lucky that President Obama or his campaign group sent me quite a few of his photos when young. At least you agree with me that President Obama’s biological father was from Kenya. His mother was a US citizen
            and he was born in Hawaii a US state. Why were you morons then whining that
            Obama was not eligible for the WH job? You people even sued in federal court to disqualify Obama from running. You lost. Now the same people are quiet as to Ted Cruz. You’re hypocrites big time.

          54. Carol Benson says

            What does a lawyer have to do with grammar? Guess who TAUGHT the lawyers & journalists Standard Written English? I did not say i taught high school. I taught college English for over 20 years–in COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES. I also worked as s professional journalist & writer for many years, how many college classes have YOU taught, you pissant twit? What articles have YOU HAD PUBLISHED? I don’t mean online blogs or comments. Which dictionary do YOU use? How many degrees in English do YOU have? Academic awards? Journalism awards? How DARE you schlep intonthis country with your prefabricated ideas & no sources & your broken English & DARE TO LECTURE ME ON ENGLISH GRAMMAR & USAGE? Your syntax needs work, too. Tell me about Old English, Anglosaxon , the IndoGermanic origins of English the difference between colloquial English & Standard Written English. You scummy little putz who can’t think or write. Go ahead & answer my questions you little coward & intellectual gnome.

          55. Carol Benson says

            No, i don’t agree his bio dad was Kenyan. That’s what the white grandmother wrote on the cut-&-paste Registration if Birth. His bio-dad was American Frank Marshall Davis who was born in Kansas. His mother, Ann Dunham, was also born
            In Kansas. She was having affairs with both men at the same time she became pregnant. She was partying in Kenya when she went into labor & tried to get a flight to the US to givs birth there but the crew wouldn’t let her on the plane because labor had started. Compare obully’s photo with Obama sr & with Davis: obammy looks exactly like Davus. Davis helped raise him after Ann dumped obama on her parents in Hawaiia. I have early photos of Obola, too. Better put yours on eBay while they still might ve worth a few bucks. You sound like some pitiful hormone-driven 14 year old girl in love with an image . P.U.!

          56. Carol Benson says

            Who on earth told you only lawyers & journalist write English well? Someone is filling you with a load of hooey. You make such stupidly outrageous assertions with
            No context or support. Do you understand the difference between an opinion & a statement of fact? Both need some
            Kind of support, sources, proof. You probably never studied logic, rhetoric, debate, or argumentation in school. Your saying something–or repeating something someone said to you–does NOT make it ipso facto true. You need to learn that before you continue to make a fool of yourself on this venue. CAN’T FIX STUPID.

          57. Carol Benson says

            Pm–i have no problems with
            Kenyans. I’m sure they are very nice people,
            Although Obama has hardly
            visited there. I do have a problem with a president who lies every time he
            Opens his mouth, then lies about telling those lies, then blames everyone else. Walker is a REAL MAN with REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. A college degree sure hasn’t done the prez any good. He’s messed up or destroyed everything he has touched. Being
            President is NOT a “learn while you earn” job!!! He has destroyed America in 6 years, betrayed all our allies, befriended leaders who hate America & want to drop nukes on America & Europe & Israel–AND YOU
            NO PROBLEM WITH THAT???!!! Who cares why Walker dropped out of Marquette? He has more common sense in his little finger than Obama has in his entire body. When the nukes start flying will you really care about who has a college degree? Obama cut most of his college classes to smoke pot

          58. pmbalele says

            I know TPs and Repubs are jealous a young racial minority is the President of the
            World now. I know it hurts you for you were told by your fathers and grandfathers
            that the President of US should be White and that is why you call where Obama
            family lives the White House. Just work hard and enjoy life before President
            Obama leaves the WH. I am enjoying life; and have access to rich people’s
            clinics and hospitals. Obamacare is working for people of all races in my town.
            Get over it.

          59. Carol Benson says

            Did you know my father & grandfathers? Were you there for our conversations? Would you like to know how often blacks were the subject of my parents’ conversations? Zero. We had many more important things to talk about. Don’t flatter yourself. My grandfathers died when I was young so race never came up eith them, either. My greatgrandfather fought for the Union army. Guess what party Lincoln belonged to? What party were slave holders & KKK members? Hint: Slave masters were Democrats. Lincoln was a Republican. Anybody ever bother to tell you THAT?!you sure got a sh–load of assumptions & prejudices dumped into your empty head!

          60. Carol Benson says

            Also your grammar errors in this post (as well as your nom de plume–look that up) have revealed you to be a foreign student from Africa who has nothing but socialist professors at the University of
            Wisconsin who are feeding you thus crap. Obama Sr.–where is he today? Does obozo have siblings? Where are they? How did obola meet Moochelle? Where were their daughters born? I can answer all that plus lots more– just want to see if YOU know. You are regurgitating stuff you hear in college. Where did you hear Ted Cruz lied? If he did, how does that compare to ovama’s lies that threaten to blow the entire planet up?
            Who is or was Barry Soetoro? What religion is Obama?

          61. pmbalele says

            Does religion really mean anything these days? No. I am Catholic. It’s your relationship with the Creator who is known by different names. I am no socialist -I hate socialism. It makes people lazy and cannot think for themselves. But I hate Reagan capitalism – survival of the fittest. That is what caused the 2008 melt-down. My English is Wisconsin language. That is how people here talk. Please do not be like Bill O’rielly who thinks knows many strange words. The only people who write and speak good English are lawyers. If you’re not a lawyer then you do not know the language.

          62. Carol Benson says

            No such thing, my Dear, as Wisconsin language. It is a geographical dialect just as someons from Alabama has a Southern accent& English-speaking Canadians speak with a Canadian accent–but in all cases the LANGUAGE is still American English. Brits speak British English with a cockney or Midlands or Liverpool accent. Germans speak Schwabian, Berliner, & Bavarian dialect but the official language is German. Spaniards speak Castilian Spanish which is different from Mexican Spanish. Texans speak American English with a Texas drawl ir accent. Minnesotans speak American English but their accent us similar to Canadian. Hawaiians speak American English but there is pidgin English & different dialects (“howlie,” “bra” not “bro”) with Polynesian thrown in. People in the Bronx speak English that is
            Very different from Queens or Harlem or the Bronx–all American English with different accents. People from Boston & Baltimore speak English but sound very different.

          63. pmbalele says

            I am told you are going to vote for Ted Cruz who was not born on US
            soil. The guy came here as migrant worker. We are told he was born in Canada to a Cuban father. I hope you know Cruz is not eligible for the WH job. No doubt he enjoyed shutting down the government. Ted does not have feelings about this Country. Ted can flee to Cuba and stay there without problems. He is making funny of Texas TPs and Repubs most of who are ignorant people.

          64. Carol Benson says

            Pn: your ignorance is stunning. Who told you only lawyers write good English??!!! Have you ever read a deposition or a trial transcript? Of course not. It’s dry as dust, full of legal jargon (look up “jargon”), & very boring. It is not “good” writing because it has to be very specific & may not be creative simply because the law is extremely complex & lawyers must be very careful about every word they use because if they aren’t they could lose their case. That is a “good” thing because it is not written to entertain but to win a suit in a court of law. Which brings me to a very important part about writing (see part 2…)

          65. pmbalele says

            The way you right tells me you were not a good English teacher. Look at last two lines of your posting. How can a good writer, as you claim, start a sentence with “Which? That is a fragment. Your students might have flunked English.

          66. Carol Benson says

            “The way you right…” Did you mean “write”? Which is the wrong spelling. Which means you don’t know how to right./write/.., yes, that was a fragment. That is because I was not writing a formal essay style. Which was a point I planned to make later but wverything got erased. I have antiny iphone keyboard & can type with only ine finger –injust made 2 typos there & sometimes it’s too much effort on websites to go back & change typos. Using occasional sentence fragments is a stylistic device. Some publishers like it because it is a zippier journalistic style. Others don’t care for it in journalistic pieces.Having written magazine & newspaper articles for over 50 years, i prefer my own “voice” because when I break the rules I do it for a reason. Many great novelists have developed styles that broke all the rules. Read Hemingway. E.e.cummings. Faulkner. Virginia Woolf. Gertrude Stein. Tom Robbuns. Et al. Once a goid writer knows the rules, he/she can break them for stylistic reasons. But if one of my students wrote comma-splice or fragment errors, I would flag them.Capisce? Nicht wahr? You, however, came to America as a visitor or immigrant…see next part…

          67. pmbalele says

            Did you say – much effort on websites to go back & change typos? So the same applies to me. I do not read my postings after posting them. I know right in that sentence was wrong spelling. Please read what I have just written in response you so called English experts or teacher.

          68. Carol Benson says

            My screen keeps freezing up so I may not be able to correct typos. As I started to write: You came to America & began telling native Americans they don’t know how to write English or their views are stupid. You are very, very rude & arrogant. You have the right to free speech but you have bad manners. Suppose I visit Kenya. And while there, I tell them they don’t know anything about their own language. And they are all stupid. And wrong about their country or government
            or leaders. A Kenyan invites me to their home for dinner. During the meal I tell my hosts they cooked the fish wrong. And their home decor is garish. And I know better
            because “a guy” or “they told me” or “I was told….” And therefore (stylistic device) i know more about their language, politics, culture than the Kenyans do. Would that be polite? Or insulting? A way to make friends?
            Or piss (yes, “piss”) everyone off? What if I lectured them about Kenyan history? How would you or any Kenyan feel? What if I said, “Well, you Kenyans are all alike & let me tell you why you’re so stupid….”
            Thus endeth the First Lesson. More will be forthcoming….

          69. pmbalele says

            Only Repubs and TPs are dumb to think we do not know their secrets. Did you hear about Indiana is in turmoil because Repubs and TPs like you want to make it harder for gays to have freedom? And here you’re telling us that Repubs love freedom. How can you claim you love freedom when you are encouraging businesses not to serve food to others because they are gay, Blacks, Muslim, Catholics etc. So when you sing Land of the Free, you actually mean White males Repubs and TPs freedom- not to regular Joes and Jane. I not arrogant – I just want to educate you to behave like a normal human being.

          70. Carol Benson says

            Ha!!! I was a liberal Democrat for 50 years!!! I know all their dirty tricks & lies!!! Oooohhh! You are so scary!!!

          71. pmbalele says

            I am not scary, I am a gentleman. It is you Repubs and TPs who get me going crazy. You pick on the people in the WH because they are Blacks. You were raised to look down on Blacks. You should have been in Florida at GOP convention. There were about 100 women dressed in T-Shirts that read: “WH for Whites only.” And you thought it was funny. Thank God Romney lost. Look.

          72. Carol Benson says

            Pt. 2–you make so many sweeping generalizations (look that up) in one comment it’s very hard to reply with a modicum (look it up) of intelligence. Bill O’Reilly went to Harvard University & loves language. He is also Catholic. He has hosted a number of popular tv shows before the one on Fox. He does not use “strange words.” He uses formal English & “bloviating” is not. “Strange” but is a word rarely used in casual conversation. He uses words
            like that–which are real English words–because he has a dry sense of humor aimed at the intellect. Words can be formal, casual, obscene, metaphorical, funny, etc.
            pt. 3–who is filling your head up with such stupid crap? Who said only lawyers & journalists are “good” writers? Some lawyers & journalists write well , but
            Not all. Some lawyers & journalists write well, some don’t. I actually taught English composition to a judge from Manila who fled the Philippines (look it up) to get away from muslim terrorists in that country who were murdering judges. He had to start over in the US to get a law degree & I taught him in my English class at Humphreys College where many students became lawyers & some became judges. So if only lawyers & journalists write well, & I taught English comp to lawyers, what does that make me? Pt 3 next….

          73. pmbalele says

            You what-actually taught English composition to a judge from Manila? You certainly took advantage of that judge. I believe you’re bragging that you wrote and spoke English well. This is a problem with some White males in this Country. They go to foreign countries for women but actually they do a pretext to meet your women. All those words you asked me to check are normal words in Wisconsin. Of course they would not be normal to people in foreign countries. You were teaching people wrong language. People should write as they talk. Remember the purpose of a language is to convey information from your brain to others. If you brag that you use strange words, please know others, like me, are not impressed. Please do not tell me that you taught English to foreigners. It’s useless information to me.

          74. Carol Benson says

            I just wrote you a 4-part response to your arrogant & insulting comments. You cover a lot of topics with no supporting data so it took a long time for my response& then my iphone erased it all so I hope to be more concise (look it up). First some questions: “i am told you are going to vote for Ted Cruz….” 1. WHO told you I am going to vote for him? How would they know this? Are they psychic (look it up,? Even I don’t know whom i will vote for ! Who told you, does he/she read minds? If someone tells you something, you need to assess (look it up) their biases & credibility. Do they know ME? If not, how reliable a source are they?

          75. Carol Benson says

            You idiots think anyone who criticizes obola is patently (look that word up) racist. Is thatt why obola was elected–simply because he was mulatto (look it up)? A racist is one like you–you base all your judgments on skin color. People who are NOT racists look past skin color to experience, character, ideology, creativity, courage, leadership, love of country. I loathe all these in Obola. I would loathe him if he were white with purple polka dots. When you accuse others of racism only because obola is HALF WHITE & HALF BLACK– which half do we loathe? Obama CHOSE to align himself with blacks only, which means he hates his other half (he never wrote DREAMS FROM MY MOTHER). And he hates whites because he hates being half white. Interesting psychopathy.

      3. twspears6007 says

        bobby lie after lie after lie no wonder this country is in such deep trouble we have people like you that downgrade the best and vote for the worst. You have it all wrong lies are only skin deep truth goes to the heart of the soul. Talk about records where are Obama’s college records that were sealed when he entered politics. Where is Obama’s military service. Why is wealth a issue with you look at John Kerry he married his wealth look at the Kennedy’s they made their fortune selling bootleg Whisky in the 1920’s&30’s. bobby thank you for your service in the military I have a high regard for our fellow service men I served in the Navy in 1954 .How do you like Obama’s loathing for the military he puts up a false front but deep down and vocally he feels that America and its military is the problem in the whole World while giving Islamic terrorism a pass and its okay for Islamic terrorist to wage war by means of inhuman military actions that by his record will not take action . bobby we have lost the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and we are about the to lose the entire Middle east by Obama’s lack of leadership that our military gave their all to prevent. Now Obama’s is attacking Christians for things that happened over a thousand years ago with the Crusades in Europe and Asia and what was the reason of the holy wars it was against the Muslim’s is this a coincidence or a organized effort to excuse the modern Islamic war on humanity for their actions. It seems that Obama knows more about Islam than he knows about Christianity He has denied that America is a Christian Nation while the facts are that 80% of Americans are Christians and 3% are Muslims but who receives most of Obama’s attention and appeasement the Muslims. Mitt Romney’s wealth and how he obtained all legal by the way it is no problem for America it is the American dream and America has created more millionaires than any nation in the World. Mitt Romney has dropped his seeking the Presidential nomination. Time to move on and quit the bashing of the Romney family Mitt Romney would have restored this nation to the days of Ronald Reagan no doubt about it.

        1. bobby says

          After the draft was abolish all Americans of a service age were not required to serve, Obama fell into that period of time, he has no military record. I have seen Obama college records, surprise you haven’t. Clinton received a college deferment which was available also when I enlisted in 1961, I chose to serve my Country first, the benefit for doing service first was the GI Bill, you might call that self serving, I call it one of the greatest Government programs ever. It is true many of the wealthy people in this Country got that way by less than conventional means, the difference between them and families like the Romney’s is they reinvested their wealth back in America, not China or some third world country. We now have another trade agreement on the table, TPP, this will make a bad deal like NAFTA even worst. I am not a fan of Ross Perot but when he was talking about the sucking sound, referring to American Jobs going off shore he was right on. You need to go back and check, Muslins represent more than 3%, but what does it matters, the reason we have the American Experience in the first place is based on freedom of Religion. One more thought, I know you right wingers love Reagan, read the Presidential difference, he started the war on middle class Americans, that is where income inequality started. You have a great day and may Gob Bless

          1. twspears6007 says

            bobby you are clueless and infected by the liberal disease and certainly not mainstream America. What the hell do you mean conventional if you are within the law then that is the American way. bobby you are a hypocrite you support Obama for not serving in the military and bash others for their lack of not serving in the military. It is the same thing they didn’t serve period you made it an issue didn’t you what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.Thank God Bill Clinton did not serve in the military many females would have been raped by him. By the way what is your figure for how many Muslims are here in America you claim there are more that 3%. bobby where are they? Underground and hiding? Did you get secret information from Barrack Hessian Obama and his un-american staff?

          2. bobby says

            You are a poster child for stupid, Muslim is a religious belief and that is what this Country is about, Muslims don’t believe in the radicals any more than you or I, we even have a Muslim serving in Congress, Keith Ellison of MN, I guess the people of MN don’t have a problem with freedom of Religion.

          3. FreedomSpeaks2U says

            @Bobby….Apparently your do NOT have anything truthful or intelligent to say. The more your post, the more everyone realizes you’re nothing but a lying liberal TROLL babbling nonsensical talking points that managed to give DemocRATS a MASSIVE LOSS in the last election……LOL
            Keep up the good work electing intelligent CONSERVATIVE lawmakers and soon-to-be PRESIDENT of the USA……hahahahahahahahahaha

          4. merle says

            Yes and this traitor in the WH has a cabinet full of muslim brotherhood.So what ? I don’t care for them nor you .

          5. twspears6007 says

            bobby At this point I truly feel sorry for you. Most of the bloggers on this issue are not supportive of you views. I will always support your right to post your views. The course of debate is the American way and right or wrong will be determined sometimes sadly after a lot of damage is done. I have no problem with Muslims and their right to be part of the American Dream I firmly believe that only the Muslims can resolve the radical Islamic Terrorist attempt to take over the world. The Koran has a doctrine to kill the infidels that means you and me then maybe it is time for a change in some of the beliefs of the Islamic doctrine. Islam is in conflict with Americas core beliefs. Shirra law is an attack on the Constitutional rights of all women in America and a direct assault on Christianity of which is the majority of America population.

          6. bobby says

            You don’t have to feel sorry for me, I am on an extreme right wing web site, I would be lucky to find one person to agree with me, that is not the reason I go on these sites, this is where I find the material I need for my articles which will appear in several Progressives Publications. I don’t have time to respond to everyone that respond to my postings but you sound like a thoughtful and intelligent person, that in itself is rare on these sites. I have a Republican background, I served four years in the Air Force, I attended and received a degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin in 1969, I received my Masters in Government from George Washington University while working for a Wisconsin Congressman. I spent 40 years as his aide. My dad was a Republican, Wisconsin State Senator from 1949 until his death in 1971. I now live in Florida, I like to think I am semi-retired but I still put in about 60 hours a week working for Progressive causes. I also listen to Rush, not the whole three hours, about an hour a day. Here is a guy the right wing is following, nothing out of his mouth is based on facts. He is also an hypocrite, He believes drug users should be hung out to dry, he was a drug user and my guess, still is. He comes across as an expert on women, there he may have some experience, he was married four times, The only contribution Rush made to America is not to have children, more of his DNA running around would not be good for our Country. His entire purpose in life is to protect his income. In the past decade the top 1% in Americans have increase their earnings by 271%, has yours gone up that much? I am a progressive because I believe in moving forward, the Conservatives are disposed to maintain the status quo. If we don’t start working on our infrastructure very soon, it will crumble around us. You are right, only Muslins can bring down the radical side of their beliefs, since the attack in Paris they have started doing just that. Christianity also had their radical side and in the course of time not that long ago, burning crosses in yards, the KKK, killing Abortion Doctors, slavery. You would have to tell me where in America is Shirra law practice? Christianity Is the majority of Americans, I am part of that majority, I also support a freedom of religion given to us by the Founding Fathers. I also have respect for some Conservative that make sense, two of the people I follow and read their articles every day is Scott Rasmussen and David Brooks. I appreciate your post, thank you, May God Bless.

          7. twspears6007 says

            bobby sharia law is practiced in many Muslim community’s in America and they are lawsuits filed in behalf of the Muslim Community to practice this horrible discrimination against their own women. Many of the women live in fear and are not in a position to control their own lives. Bobby do you agree that a religion must obey US laws and that religion must have the correct doctrine to be supportive of the laws of the country they live in? bobby you state the Founders of this nation as if they gave this nation a freedom of religion that overrule the laws that they wrote to form a more perfect union. Religious laws and mans laws must be in concert to insure the future of that nation will continue for all its citizens. No religion will survive in the long run if it conflicts with the laws of the nation that they reside in. One of the success’s of this nation is that we have certain unalienable rights to pursue the journey to happiness I sincerely believe that Christianity is that journey. I have observed over the years that the Muslim is basically a forced religion with serous consequences even death if you leave the Islamic religion this doctrine is in direct conflict with the laws of this nation. Islam is certainly not supportive of the pursuit of happiness. I believe that Obama’s support of the Islamic Religion has set a collision course of division and Obama knows that Islam will never fully support the Constitution of this nation by the way neither does Obama. The Koran prevents this if Obama doesn’t understand this then we are in serious trouble of which could have been prevented. bobby Discus blog site is not right wing so please stop blaming them for your unpopular sometimes not factually views. I am sure there are many left wing readers on this blog site.

          8. bobby says

            My views are factual and there are many Progressives that post on these sites, they however are not a majority, in reference to Discus, that is a mechanism to transfer our views, nothing to do with right or left. I do want to clear a couple of things up about Muslims but first I want to remind you of an incident that you may or may not be aware of, it happen at around 5PM last evening in the vicinity of the University of North Carolina, three Muslim students were shot to death by a 46 year old man, his name is Craig Stephen Hicky, he turned himself in to the authorities, he hated Muslims. I have a lot of outlets that are used for what I do, I can tell you the kind of talk I hear coming from some of these people are fueling this type of behavior, the right would deny that statement and not all of their listeners would react that way but someone with a nut loose would. I have wrote about the Muslim Faith for a long time, I have associated with Muslims, I have had dinner at their homes, I have talked to them in lengths about their beliefs, bear in mind there are many factions of Islam but the ones you are referring to are not in the USA, their laws, however, go by the Quran’s writings. There are three parts to what they believe, the first is (belief) It commands Muslims to believe in God, the Angels, Prophets, revelations and other metaphysical and Physical aspects of the faith. The next is (Chacter) Shariah commands Muslims to strive for traits like humility and kindness and to avoid traits such as lying and pride. The last rule of the Quran is the one the right wing is most fearful of (Actions) This is relating to God , such as prayer, fasting and pilgrimage, other humans such as marriage, crime and business. Let me make a statement that may be where a lot of your false beliefs come from. In the USA there are no Islamic Courts, but judges sometimes have to consider Islamic Law in their decisions, an example would be, a judge may have to recognize the validity of an Islamic marriage contract from a Muslim Country in order to grant a divorce in America. They do have in their doctrine the stoning of a women that commits adultery but in order to convict that person there must be four witnesses to the actual act, I doubt that someone committing that act would have four people watching, They do have in there doctrine the amputation of the hands of a thief, that only happens if the thief don’t repent. Unlike the United States the Muslim Country have no need for Capital Punishments. In the Quran there are 6,236 versus, only 80 deal with legal injunctions. Obama don’t support the radical group that calls themselves Muslims and I don’t either. If you truly knew the US Constitution then you would knew Obama has followed it completely. If he has not I would be the first person to advocate his removal from office, now the Republicans have the majority to make that happen, if they could present anything other then talking points, go for it, they won’t because they have nothing. I am a Second Amendment supporter, from the time I could walk, being from Wisconsin I was raised on hunting and valued my guns very much. But I also know if our Founding Fathers could see what guns are used for today, they would have been more clear on the Second Amendment. I need to tell you one more thing, I am a Christian, not a Muslim, I am of Baptist Faith, I am also Caucasian. Just wanted you to know. Please pray for the three Students that were shot yesterday, thank you and may God Bless.

          9. twspears6007 says

            Bobby I will pray for them it is another sad moment in America it was a white atheist that by his wife’s statement was not for a religious reason. I will also pray for the Muslim faith their lack of understanding the problems that Islamic Terrorism is causing a lot of fear in the United States and all over the World. I am hoping that the mainstream Muslims will take the a giant step to reassure the World that they are a nation of peace you just can’t say it without any action. Bobby I can remember when the Arab Muslim’s flew airplanes into the World Trade center in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia killing thousands of innocent people and many Muslim nations had millions of Muslim’s cheering what had happened and shouting death to America. That is not away for Muslims to say they are a nation of peace. There is genuine fear of Muslims here in America and Muslims justify that fear by sitting on the side lines. Barack Hussein Obama says he is Christian and not a Muslim either but we are in a dangerous situation because of Obama mandate of appeasement for the Muslim’s. America’s leaders must wake up and make sound decisions on defeating Islamic Terrorist before they kill millions of innocent people.

          10. bobby says

            I can’t disagree with most of your statements here, what I can tell you is that one persons action should not be blame on an entire group. The attacks of 2001 was a terrible act and yes, the perpetrators were of the Islam Faith but we can’t label all Muslims or blame them for the acts of a few, we would not blame all other religious group for the acts they commit, such as murder of abortion doctors. I would not blame all Atheist for the act of this one person on Tuesday. I am a Christian but in this Country Atheist also have a right to their beliefs, no person has the right to make a statement with violence on another person. I recall a statement being made by the radical group causing 911, I do not recall millions of Muslims cheering them on or Shouting, “Death to America,” no doubt there were many but I think millions may be exaggerated. Here in America we should have a fear of Islam, there are many Fractions to that belief, including radicals committing awful acts in the name of Islam, Muslims are just one of the groups within Islam and not the violent one. There are many reasons why I am a Progressive today, I never regretted switching parties but what I see today convinces me more than ever that I made the right decision in 1969. In 1969 I was a senior at the University of Wisconsin, I was interning with a State Senator, he also switch from Republican to Democrat, his reason was not complicated, in Wisconsin we had a US Senator by the name of Joseph McCarthy, a Republican that was trashing everyone of being a communist, this included a high school teacher of this State Senator, he switch parties for that one reason. I grew up thinking Joseph McCarthy was the greatest, he died when I was 14, he had also label President Eisenhower, a fellow Republican as a Communist, are you kidding me, a 5 star General, a war hero, a President, other Republicans were allowing him to get away with it. Joseph McCarthy died in 1958, it took me the next 11 years to bail and the reason it took so long was because my Dad was a Republican State Senator, my Dad passed away two years later, that was my only regret, I should have waited. Today there are members of the Republican Party that are a lot worse than Joseph McCarthy but the one person that reminds me of that man the most is Ted Cruz, he is spreading the same garbage except he is McCarthy on steroids, he even looks like him. The other person is Rush Limbaugh, facts to this guy is none existence, yesterday he made some comments on the three Muslims students killed, he said it was over a parking dispute, that was mention by the guys wife, it was not confirm, he said the guy was a Liberal, that was never mention, the only part he had right was him being an Atheist. I just wanted to be clear, I did change parties without a lot of reasons, if I were making that decision today my reasons would be multiply a thousand times fold. You have a great day, and may God Bless.

          11. twspears6007 says

            bobby you simply don’t get it America is not against Muslim’s in general they are in fear of Islamic Terrorism and though it is a minority in the overall picture never the less the actions of these terrorist drive their hatred based on the teaching of Mohammed their God. Obama has made a huge mistake in his policy of appeasement and the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. President George W. Bush warned that removing the troops to soon would create a vacuum that the terrorist would soon fill . Bush was right on and now other nations like Syria, Yemen and Libya are in danger of falling to the ISIS curse that Obama’s mandate of appeasement has caused. Please stop blaming the fear of Muslims on a simple issue of religion intolerance it has no basis when our administration has failed to protect this nation from extreme Islamic terrorism.

          12. bobby says

            Before I attempt to set you straight on what you just posted, I want you to know I respect your views but I also would respect them a little more if they were factual. I do get it, Muslims in general are associated with terrorism. I am a Christian, that is my belief, Muslims have their belief, we all can justify what we do in the name of our God. Christians have transform over centuries to a law abiding belief but we still have those that believe they have the right to commit mayhem in the name of our God. Obama has not appease anyone, that is a talking point coming from the right. Obama did not withdraw troops early from Iraq or Afghanistan. In the case of Iraq, let me clue you in. In 2008 George Bush signed an agreement, US-Iraq status of force agreement, it stated that all US troops would be removed from the Iraq cities by 6/30 2009, in Feb 2009 Obama actually extended that date to 8/31/2010. The date set by that agreement to have all US troops gone from Iraq was Dec 31, 2011, the actual date of the final troop withdrawal was 12/18/2011, OK it was 13 days early. I did find comments by Bush about troop withdrawal, but no where did I find a comment that he made about creating a vacuum for terrorist, the withdrawal of troops was made within the terms of that agreement, Bush and Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, went on TV to celebrate this agreement. We went to war in Iraq based on lies, no WMD, Saddam was not part of 911, the fact is no country in the region liked Saddam Hussein, he bluff his way through to stay in power. Bush had a personal vendetta to settle with Saddam, get even with him for the assassination plot against his father. The price for that was 4500 American lives, 30,000 service men and women that will carry the scares of war for the rest of their lives, thank you George W. As far as Obama protecting this nation from extreme Islamic terrorism, I may have missed something, please tell me when the last terrorist attack occurred, the answer is 911 under your pal George W. Bush. We as progressives don’t make our own facts, we are always forced to tell the truth or suffer the consequences, the latest example is Brian Williams, in the past there has been many that has lost their or making over the top remarks or making things up, Phil Donohue in 2003 from MSNBC, Keith Oberman from MSNBC, Ed Schultz was suspended for a period, many others, go back and check. On a daily basis Fox fabricate the truth, the only person they ever fired was Glen Beck, even he was too over the top for Fox, the biggest liar of all is Rush. I have editors that will put the ok on my articles and on occasions I have been called for misstating a fact. Thank you for the posting and May God Bless.

          13. twspears6007 says

            bobby; Did Obama create a vacuum or not read the facts from our military leaders and many knowledgeable war strategist’s Obama created a vacuum no doubt about it. bobby War is hell but the loss of freedom is far worse. bobby you want proof of Obama’s appeasement policy this is from John Bolton Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Quote: [ President Obama is making a career out of passing failures off as achievements. All signs indicate that Obama is getting ready to sign a deal with Iran that will likely rubber stamp their nuclear-weapons program. Not only will this tragically flawed agreement leave Iran with the upper hand, it will put weapons of mass destruction into the hands of an outspoken enemy of the United States and Israel and leave the world in peril. If proof is needed, just look to the barbarism emanating from ISIS. We are at war with radical Islamic terrorists, and the nightmare scenario is a nuclear-armed Iran. Appeasing Iran will expose Israel and the United States to unthinkable risk. Obama’s hasty and irresponsible retreat caused the collapse of Iraq and allowed the rise of the Islamic State, a threat equal to or worse than Al Qaeda. America must vigorously oppose Obama’s agenda that appeases radical Islam. Obama’s national security strategy is completely detached from reality, and he must be stopped. We are at war with radical Islam, and Obama is giving the enemy what it wants so he can brag he ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. John Bolton} unquote.

          14. bobby says

            I am not sure what you did not understand about the agreement with Iraq, let me make it clear, Iraq wanted us gone, George Bush signed a binding agreement with the Government of Iraq making the end date for our troops to be gone as 12/31/2011, Obama could not change that date. The Military leaders were critical of Bush signing on to that end date but they understood Obama had to adhere to that date. The word vacuum would apply to George Bush not Obama. As for John Bolton, take the time and educate yourself on what this man is all about. You should also educate yourself on the word appeasement, “It is to reach compromise to avoid conflict or end conflict,” I know the right wing would like you to think somehow it means sympathy toward our foes, wrong again. Every President since Washington has used compromise to avoid or end conflict. Lincoln used compromise toward the South to end the civil war. The reason we have a North and South Korea is because of Compromise, the reason we have a North and South Vietnam was due to compromise. The Berlin wall was due to compromise. There are a few compromises that went bad, the most famous was Britain’s Prime Minister Chamberlain, he compromise with Hitler to avoid war with Germany, a short time later Hitler invaded Poland, at the time he did not realize Hitler could not be trusted. In 1986 Reagan was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal, he claimed he did not know what was going on, if he didn’t he should have. Eleven members of his administration were convicted, in one week his approval went from 67% to 46%, the American people were not buying it either. We were involved in the Vietnam conflict for almost 20 years because no one would compromise to end it, 47,000 lives were lost because of the lack of compromise or as you call it appeasement. From 1961-1965 I was a flight engineer on a C-130 transport, I have seen first hand the savage results of war, we transported the wounded to hospitals in England and Germany, the dead back to their loved ones in the US. In all the conflicts we have been involved in around the world since the revolution, that has cost us 3 million Americans, dead and wounded, you may think appeasement is a dirty word but it has saved millions of lives. As a side note, Isis would not be around today if Bush had not chosen to take on Iraq, if Saddam needed gone his people should have taken care of it, he was a terrible man but only one man. Your opinions are welcome but what would be more welcome is fact base opinions. Have a great day and May God Bless.

          15. twspears6007 says

            Bobby not true about Iraq wanting us out they wanted a US force large enough to combat any uprising left there they knew it would create a vacuum. Obama wanted a guarantee that the military left there would be safe from hostile actions Iraq could not make that guarantee and Obama’s unreasonable request gave Obama the out he was looking for and besides Obama’s campaign was based on stopping the war on terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. bobby this action has become a very bad decision from Obama and very few people agree with your arguments to defend Obama’s policy of appeasement. bobby I never viewed appeasement a dirty word till Obama was elected in 2008 he made it a dirty word. I hope that Congress will finally impeach Obama to stop the cowardly policies of Obama. As far as Vietnam the war was all but won till the appeasement the dirty word of Democrat President Johnson stopped the bombing of North Vietnam because he did not have the guts to finish the job a form of appeasement much like Obama’s. ISIS is here because of Obama weakness and who was responsible for the retreating of the greatest military force in the world your pal and mentor Barrack Hussein Obama. bobby I know where your education comes from and I don’t want any part of it indoctrination comes from people like you that spill out a lot of misinformation and hope some of it will stick. It may work on minds full of mush as Rush Limbaugh would describe but I am an American among millions that will defend the principles of truth till my dying breath.

          16. bobby says

            I have spent much time not trying to convert you to a Progressive but to educate you on facts, in a posting to you I said you were thoughtful, I may have made that statement too soon. You are not defending the principles of truth but the talking points of someone like Rush. It is quite apparent now you are one of those people contributing to his 50 million a year, Rush don’t want a Republican to win the White House, he would have nothing to criticize if there were a Republican Senate, House, White House and a majority on the Supreme Court, his income would dry up right along with the entire Country. I kept copies of all of your claims that were bogus and compared them to where I had heard them, Rush and Fox News were the winners. Don’t you have a mind of your own, are you that brain washed by these un-American Jerks. I had suggested you read the agreement made between Iraq and the Bush Administration, they did want us out, they wanted the date to be before 12/31/2011. Vacuum is a word right out of Rush’s mouth just like, “Low information voters.” I kept posting to you with the hopes you would give some suggestions on what the extreme right is all about, I would like to tell my readers what you would replace Obama Care with, Boehner keep saying, “Repeal and replace,” with what. How about the children of immigrants would you deport all of them, how about the Keystone Pipeline, would you let that dirty oil go through your state and it will only require 35 permanent employees, America will not benefit, Canada will, that is why they paid Republicans and a few Democrats to vote for it. How about the stock market, the Dow just went over 18,000 points, would you roll it back to 6600 like when Bush left office. The car companies are on a roll with record profits thanks to the stimulus, would you prefer to have them go bankrupt like Romney suggested. When Bush left office unemployment was over 10%, it is now at 5.7%. If McCain had been elected in 2008 I shutter to think where we would be at today. I am not going to attack your education as you just did mine, I don’t want to get that personal with anyone, I want views not personal attacks. I have not given you any misinformation, if I were to write any article that did not contain factual information my editor would fire me, we hold people accountable for what they say, the same is not true for your side. A good example is a statement you made about Johnson, anyone that completed the eighth grade knows that he escalated the war in Vietnam, Kennedy wanted to reduce troops by the end of 1963, Johnson did not honor that commitment. After 20 years it was time to get out, I know you like to use another Rush word appeasement, if that were the case it was Nixon and Ford that was guilty of appeasement. In 1968 I voted for Nixon due to the escalation by Johnson. I also noted you like to use another Rush term, the middle name of Obama, Hussein, you think somehow this will link him to Muslim or Islam. You may be one of millions that follow Rush, using the term American leaves a lot to the imagination, on this point you should know the approval rating of Obama is 51%, in this same time fame Bush had a 28% approval. By the way, Americans were getting tired of war, 64% wanted us out of conflict, when I went to school that was a majority. I read the Scott Rasmussen news letter every day, that is where my polling data come from, in case you don’t know, he is a Republican Pollster, that would make his polling data a bit bias to your side. You have a great day my friend, May God Bless.

          17. twspears6007 says

            bobby more proof of the Muslim movement in America completely destroy’s your defending Islam .
            There are undeniable ties between the rise of radical
            Islamic factions operating in the United States and the escalating number of
            mosques within our nation. Quietly, behind closed doors, a number of America’s
            mosques are operating as a breeding ground for jihad, the gradual
            implementation of Sharia, and eventual Islamic supremacy. Now a Mosque in Texas
            is openly offering Sharia-based rulings in civil cases. The Islamization of
            America is a real and present danger. Extremist Mosques must be exposed and
            shut down for the sake of our national security. Please see my update below –
            Trenton, The rise of Sharia in any society or legal system is more than a
            threat. It is more than a movement. By definition, Sharia is a vehicle for the
            overthrow of Western Civilization through the imposition of Islamic law and
            culture – and now America’s mosques are moving to implement Sharia as an
            alternative legal system.A Sunni mosque in Irving, Texas, has established an
            Islamic Tribunal to hear “voluntary” disputes among the Muslim
            community based on Sharia. Breitbart Texas spoke with one of the judges, Dr.
            Taher El-badawi. “He said the tribunal operates under Sharia law as a form
            of ‘non-binding dispute resolution.’ El-badawi said their organization is ‘a
            tribunal, not arbitration.’ The four Islamic attorneys call themselves
            “judges” not “arbitrators. “Yet, when asked what would happen if
            Sharia conflicts with Texas law, El-badawi said, “we follow Sharia
            law.” Texas judicial precedent does not allow the application of foreign
            law that violates public policy, statutory, or federal laws. On the surface,
            the tribunal may appear to be benign, but security experts have issued repeated
            warnings about the slow, systematic jihad that operates beneath the surface of
            many mosques. + + America’s mosques – a
            breeding ground for jihad and Islamic supremacy. The explosive growth of
            mosques across the American landscape in recent years is no coincidence. We
            have a pro-Islamic administration that favors political correctness over
            national security, a President who refuses to identify the enemy, and a porous
            southern border open to anyone who chooses to enter. Many experts believe that
            American mosques are breeding grounds for the teaching of hatred of Jews,
            Christians, and all unbelieving “infidels” who are not Muslims.
            Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani told the
            State Department at an open forum that “the most dangerous thing that is
            going on now in these mosques… is the extremist ideology. Because (Islamic
            jihadists) are very active, they took over the mosques; and we can say that
            they took over more than 80 percent of the mosques that have been established
            in the U.S. And there are more than 3,000 mosques in the U.S. So it means that
            the methodology or ideology of extremists has been spread to 80 percent of the
            Muslim population. “”Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other
            faith,” says Omar M. Ahmad, founder of CAIR (Council on American Islamic
            Relations), “but to become dominant. The Quran, the Muslim book of
            scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only
            accepted religion on Earth. “Could their intentions be any clearer? Every
            mosque that preaches violence against Americans must be shut down. The rise of
            radical Islam must be exposed. Liberty Counsel’s powerful message to Congress
            and the oversight committee of Homeland Security calls on them to expose these
            fanatical elements and take appropriate action. We are also calling on them to
            secure our borders in the name of national security. Using Liberty Counsel’s
            Action’s powerful Fax Barrage, your message is one click away:

          18. bobby says

            7.4% Muslims, you should read a little better, Romney was subjected to the draft, just like me, I served through enlistment, he did not serve at all. Clinton got a college deferment. Obama choose not to serve and that was his American right, there was no draft when he turned 18, his Grandfather by the way did serve during World War II, There are many Republicans that did serve when required to. John McCain a war prisoner for 5 years, George HW Bush was shot down in World War II. You will find most of those in Congress served when they were required to by the draft. By the way there are many small communities in this country that is over 50% Muslims, as a side note, I live next door to a Muslim family, they are the nicest family you would ever meet. All the homes in this area is valued at over $500,000, I did not want you to think because a Muslim is on my block it must be a low grade area.

          19. twspears6007 says

            bobby here are the facts as usual liberals get it wrong. This the US survey the states that were not listed were below 1.0 percent. We were not commenting about small community and pockets of Muslims here in the US.
            Muslim State Population Table
            State Muslim Population
            (1,000) Percentage Total Muslim Population Percent of Total State Population California1,000 20.03.4 New York800 16.04.7 Illinois420 8.43.6 New Jersey200 4.02.5 Indiana180 3.63.2 Michigan170 3.41.8 Virginia150 3.02.4 Texas140 2.80.7 Ohio130 2.61.2 Maryland70 1.41.4

          20. merle says

            Actually ( and I am not favoring bobby) There are a mass of muslims around he great lakes area especially in Dearborn Mi. Since Obama has came in the muslim population has doubled ! I feel many are illegal just like the ones he lets in from the south .

          21. bobda says

            If you saw Obamas college records post them because I and about 300 million citizens of the U.S. would like to see them. Just post here because you say he has nothing to hide then it would shut down the controversy surrounding them. And about Reagan he had no war on the middle class. What he had was a war on out of control govt. spending. When Reagan took office the unemployment rate where I resided was 24.6%. Pa. BTW. Reagan reduced taxes; corporate,individual and capitol gains. After implementation we were getting more tax revenue and GDP increases were 5% to 6%. The best president before him was JFK and that loss was catastrophic to the entire country. What might have been. Also thank you for your service and apologetic for missing that on my previous post. God Bless.

      4. FreedomSpeaks2U says

        Here we go again, another class-envy finger pointer….
        Grow up and take responsibility for your own LIFE and ACCOMPLISHMENTS instead of being a “pitty-pot” whinner……!!!! You must be a liberal loser….

      5. bobda says

        So just when was it that Obama served in the military? If you think this country is doing great then you either live in a fantasy world or you are getting the “free” stuff Obama hands out on the backs of the people who work hard and pay taxes. As far as the economic implosion in 2008 look no further than the Community Reinvestment Act championed by the democrats including Obama. Look really hard because this is what happens when you run out of other people”s money. BTW why are so many of Obamas records sealed? Thought he was Mr. Transparency. Also you need to wake up because under Obama the top 1% are doing just fine and the middle class that he says he is helping have lost ground.

        1. bobby says

          I never made the statement Obama served in the Military, quite the opposite, I stated that his generation was not required to serve, the draft was eliminated by the time he became of age, You might go back to school and concentrate on comprehension. You have a great day and may God Bless.

      6. Ray Taylor says

        On the “right path” to where ? The current state of America is swirling down the drain.

        1. bobby says

          Look at the facts, not one of your strong points, those of us that are doing great know that if we had another Republican Administration it would have been a repeat of 1929, one example is the stock market, I lost a great deal under Bush, the Dow was at 6000 points when Obama took office in 2009, today it is over 17000 points, I not only made back what I lost but I triple my investment. I guess you have nothing invested in this Country to worry about.

          1. Ray Taylor says

            F yourself. I have 40 years Army service invested in this country, not lucre.

        2. bobby says

          Ray my buddy, explain that one to me, The Dow is over 17000 points and this next week will go over 18000, the Dow was at 6000 when Obama took office, gas prices are an average of $2.10 per gallon in my state, may be more or less in yours, the car manufacturers all had a double digit increase in profits in Jan, letting Detroit go bankrupt was a bad idea, unemployment rose a little bit in Jan to 5.7%, it was over 10% when Obama took office, that was because optimism in the job market was back and more people are seeking employment, Consumer confidence is once again at an all time high. I can go on and on about all the good things that have taken place under this Administration, I think you get my point. The one thing which is very apparent is denial on the right but denying a point does not change the facts and what I have listed here are facts, People like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Shawn Hannity, etc. on a daily basis try to make up their own facts to fit their right wing agenda, people on your side will believe them, people on the Progressive side know better. My all time hero in America is Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, he started the Progressive movement in this Country, the first President that tried to reform healthcare, read the book Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris, I bet he would turn over in the grave if he knew what the Republican Party had become. You have a great day and May God Bless.

          1. twspears6007 says

            bobby one answer 18 trillion national debt and expected to rise to 24 trillion in the future if we stay with the Obama’s current economic agenda. This is not what I call a cure for America’s problems. I call it a disaster for the future of America any dummy can live on a credit card the problem is how to use the talents of our leaders to stop the bleeding of Americas financial resources. Mitt Romney’s greatest accomplishment is sound economics and America is left with a great dilemma how to vote in the best of America’s leaders.

      7. Name says

        “Mitt Romney refused to release all his tax returns”? How about The Fraudster’s refusal to produce … what he … didn’t have, in other words, his crimes of identity fraud, impersonation and high treason upon an entire nation were clearly premeditated?

        1. bobby says

          If you are talking about the Presidents Birth Certificate, he has produce it, what planet were you on when that happen, if you need his college transcript those too can be verified. My last point is this, if he truly is guilty of what you say he is let Congress do something about it, they have a majority in both the House and Senate and if it got to the Supreme Court they have a majority there too. You can spread all this false garbage all you want but the facts are clear, the Issa Committee concluded the President did nothing wrong. It is true some of these right wing Presidential Candidates will pander to the right wing nut cases but they all know the President did nothing wrong and they know there is no case, you guys need to get it together before you are left behind. You have a great day and may God Bless.

          1. Name says

            False garbage? What planet are you on? Are you relying on the fake short form and on his stolen SSN?




            “They all know the president did nothing wrong?” What is the basis for their knowledge, since both Congress and the courts refused to entertain any claims?

            Issa Committee concluded Obama did nothing wrong? Are you referring to his top aide allegedly not using tax-payer $$ for political activities? What does that have to do with Soetoro’s illegitimate presidency? Don’t throw answers if you don’t know what you are talking about!

            Numerous lawsuits have been filed challenging Soetoro’s legitimacy. But no court has been willing to look at the evidence. Courts’ ruling was invariably procedural: You have no standing, or we don’t care. Congress never wanted to impeach Obama, not only for his identity fraud and inherently, high treason, but for any of his crimes.

            If you didn’t know, when countless complaints challenging [Soetoro’s] fraudulent identity are filed, courts have a duty to allow claims of such crimes and treason to proceed.

            Under the US Code,

            18 U.S.C § 3 – Accessory after the fact – Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact….

            18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony
            – Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony
            cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as
            soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in
            civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined
            under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

            A federal judge, or any other government official, is required as part
            of the judge’s mandatory administrative duties, to receive any offer
            of information of a federal crime. If that judge blocks such report,
            that block is a felony under related obstruction of justice statutes,
            and constitutes a serious offense.

            Upon receiving such information, the judge is then required to make it
            known to a government law enforcement body that is not themselves
            involved in the federal crime.

            (Clearly, not Holder)

            Both the Congress and courts are as treasonous as Soetoro.

            Take a look at the document below. This is only one document among other compelling evidence that Government never considered.


      8. 413nat37 says

        You are an Abstractionist .If you think this country is going in the right direction with OBAMA . Wake up .

        1. bobby says

          The Country is doing well, it is quite apparent it’s not going well for you but stop blaming the President for your short comings, my family and I are doing very well and all the people I know are doing well. Take control of your life and you will see what a difference it will make, I am sorry you are in dire straits but Obama can not take responsibility for those that won’t help themselves, stop shooting your mouth off on these web sites and get a real job.

      9. bobda says

        Well my friend I am quite capable of comprehending the English language. Maybe you need to reread your post. If you were not inferring there was no big deal that Romney did not serve than why bring it up. It was quite clear what you meant by it by giving Clinton exoneration with a deferment. I served (nam 70-71) but my brother did not so does that make my brother a bad person; I think not. You say Clintons deferment was legal but the business practices of Romney were also legal. The same can not be said of the Clintons and Whitewater. As far as offshore tax havens the democrats are just as guilty. As an aside do you remember when Kerry docked his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid the Massachussets tax? Just sayin.

        1. bobby says

          Romney did nothing wrong but neither did the Clinton’s, congress spent 20 million dollars, many years, a special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, in the end it was found they did nothing wrong and was cleared, give that one up. I served from 1961-1965 on a C-130 Transport as a flight engineer, our mission was to build up equipment and vehicles in Vietnam. The last time I looked at a US map, Rhode Island was still in this Country, state tax goes to the state, Romney is using off shore, that would be out of this Country to avoid Federal Taxes. That is a very stupid comparison, in fact it is not even on the comparison charts. Have a great day, thank you for your service, May God Bless.

      10. merle says

        And you just told a huge lie , Many millionaires and billionaires invest in other countries , If I had that much money I would too . You just tried to destroy a a very good man and there are few of those in politics. So what if he didn’t serve? he was very knowledgeable about what was going on . You golden mulatto didn’t serve in the military either . He was too busy studying Islam and drinking and drugging !! We are not on the right path and only with Gods will ,will we be able to survive his traitorous plans for us !!!Your disgusting and a brainwashed fool .

      11. survivor33 says

        Bobby, you are soooooo full of s–t, you know nothing about Mitt, or George. AS Beauty is only skin deep, Mitts wife and also Georges wife is beautiful ALL the way to the bone, so I think you should keep you bashing and uninformative opinions to yourself…byt….are you beautiful or are you ugly to the bone. You sound like a liber know it all that really knows nothing. I’d rather go back t 2001-2008 than 2008 to present with Ovomit.

      12. Wendy M says

        Very well said, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg as to what positive changes have taken place in the past seven years. People see and hear what they want, and they certainly don’t want to hear anything positive about the Obama administration. I wasn’t a GWB fan, but I always found positives about his presidency. He was President of the United States, just as President Obama is, and that means he’s the President of all of us, not just the Democrats. Grow up, open your mind to see what’s there.

        1. bobby says

          Wendy, thank you for the post. You are right, I too supportive GWB in some of his policies but did not agree with most. It is true, the right wing don’t want to hear anything positive about Obama. I hate to say this but there is a major difference between George Bush and Obama, this will be denied by the right, GWB was white. Have a great day and May God Bless.

      13. Dr. Robert T. Uda says

        You’re right, your ugliness goes all the way to the bone.

      14. chamuiel says

        Mitt Romney lost because he never had a chance, and 4 million Christians stayed home and would not vote for a cult member.

    3. holland180 says

      Absolutely spot on….could not have said it any better myself!!!

    4. survivor33 says

      You said it correctly maria1. The only reason he lost is because of Ovomits corrupt liberals that voted 5-6 times, all the “give me’s” because Romney believes a person should work for what he gets, and all the dead people voted Demo-rats too. Polls showed in the black communities that they had more than 100 % voted…now how can that be? 500 people in the community and 1000 of them voted? Besides Romney is too much of gentleman to sling mud and lies about his opponent and that just can’t work in politics. You gotta be dirty and corrupt to come out ahead like Ovomit did.

      1. marla1 says

        Mitt Romney is to much of a gentleman and human being to work with the old political sewer rats in Washington!!

      2. Carol Benson says

        Aw, you’re just one of them nasty ole Racists, ain’ cha now…,

        1. chamuiel says

          Throwing the race card again. Really? Its worn out. Didn’t your handlers tell you that?

        2. survivor33 says

          I certainly am not a racist…I have a best friend that is black but she is one of a kind, nothing like the rioters and racist card players. However, I do recognize a gentleman when I see one and I certainly don’t see one in Ovomit and administration/senate.

    5. Milton W. Lowe says

      You nailed it, very well said…

    6. Wendy M says

      Got to be kidding me…..”parasite muslim terrorist” and “snake” as examples. Is there so little substantively to argue about that one needs to result to name calling. Very immature!

      1. marla1 says

        Your generation is so brain washed you have no ides what the truth is and what you are told is good for you by some communist that is told by the government what they can teach you and your communist professors teach you! When you are in 100 degrees weather wearing the black rags the muslim cows wear, and the muslim male animals are comfort able in shorts and short sleeve shirts , you will be wondering how you could have been such an imbecile to end up under sharia law!!!!

  5. says

    This story doesn’t surprise me at all. Obummer is so _ucking classless I can believe he would lie about the black vote comment ! What a POS. My2cents !

    1. Ray Taylor says

      Why can you believe he would lie ? Because he lies all the time ?

  6. arab says


    1. Len Tippett says

      arab, your name describes why your comment does not dignify a response. Just go home and live with your Muslim friends.

      1. Rich says

        Hey Arab..when you go back to the sandbox, please take your favorite goat with don’t want to forget your lover, do you?

        1. Kent2012 says

          he may have trouble getting the goat to leave DC…

        2. Len Tippett says

          Rich, I can tell from your comment that you replied to the wrong person, since our comments are pretty closely aligned.

        3. twspears6007 says

          Rich lets give arab a pig.

      2. bobda says

        Well said.

    2. Kent2012 says

      no kenyan boyo has his nose up the rags azz…too bad you love those clowns too much…

    3. CCblogging says

      All Muslims are dirtbags. Long live Israel.

    4. marla1 says

      You murdering slime go back to the middle east, you are not welcome in America , as you will soon find out!!

    5. drattastic says

      No obama has his nose up islam’s ass and it smells like death .

    6. FreedomSpeaks2U says

      Obama-con = Guardian of LIES, FRAUD, FAILURE, FILTH & CORRUPTION….
      DemocRATS love him…

    7. Ray Taylor says


    8. merle says

      I hope Israel bombs the living day light out of all Arabs !!

  7. Len Tippett says

    Romney would have won had he not been a puppet of the RHINO establishment. This is why four million conservatives stayed home and did not vote. If the establishment makes the same mistake again, there will be eight million conservatives staying home and not voting. The GOP is this close to non existence.

    1. Kent2012 says

      True Len, very true…unfortunately we have folks that could have voted for a Real American that loves the USA, but their feelings were hurt that their candidate did not make it to the run off show they sure showed us….oh and by default they voted for the african pretender…they still do not get it…

    2. Robert T. Uda says

      You and all the others who didn’t vote are nothing but stupid. YOU created the monster we have in there screwing things up. You got exactly what you asked for, idiot!

      1. Len Tippett says

        Sir, you are jumping to conclusions. I did not say I did not vote against the current administration. As a matter of fact I held my nose and voted for the bastards. This will not be the case in the future however. As for being an idiot, an idiot is someone who continues to vote for the same RHINO’S expecting to get a different result each time he votes. I guess you are just a slow learner.

      2. Len Tippett says

        Sir, you jump to conclusions. I did not say I did not vote in the last presidential election. I actually voted for the GOP establishment pick, just as I did when I voted for John McCain. I would object to your definition of an idiot, as I believe an idiot is one who continues to vote for a GOP establishment choice believing each time he votes he will ultimately get conservative results. So I will say, that I regret falling for this same promise, but I must admit I had reservations each time, as I had to hold my nose to vote for both of them. You on the other hand, are apparently still living in a world of ignorance, as you are yet to figure this out. After reading your bio however, and learning you are a Ph.d and specialize in “home land security”, you are probably sharing in the taxpayer fleecing along with the members of the GOP establishment you support. You are obviously a slower learner than I, but I will attribute that to your residence being in California.

    3. LastGasp says

      What’s a RHINO?

      1. Len Tippett says

        Sorry, it should have been RINO, which stands for Republican In Name Only. I suppose I just had a mental image of them also being fat and stupid like a Rhino. Thanks for correcting me.

    4. merle says

      Then this country will be non existence too . See how you like that .

      1. Len Tippett says

        Merle, sounds like you are as brainwashed by the GOP Establishment as the low information voters are by the Liberals. Continuing to vote for the GOP Establishment only slightly extends the Non Existence you refer to. Have you not yet figured out the main difference with the GOP Establishment and the Liberals? The GOP Establishment simply want to control all the tax dollars to buy influence from their chosen high dollar donors to fill their greedy pockets. Wake up and stop being so naïve.

    5. headonstraight says

      Or perhaps those he slammed and slandered as leeches and grifters–that 47 percent–WENT to the polls and voted, but not for his imperialist elitist ass.

      1. Len Tippett says

        I am not sure what you are drinking or smoking, but back when I was young I would probably have liked to had some of it. Fortunately I lived through those years and smarted up. If you are still young, maybe you will also mature and smart up as you age. If you are already matured and aged, well at least you have a lot of company out there to share your ignorance with.

        1. headonstraight says

          No mind-altering substances in play here, Len.That “47 percent” comment, recorded when Romney thought he was speaking confidentially to an assemblage of elite wealthy Republican campaign donors, could have had nothing but a negative effect on voter support for him. Maybe you “smarted up” enough to quit abusing yourself with whatever chemical aids you chose back in your misbegotten youth, but it seems like the effects are still lingering.

          1. Len Tippett says

            No lingering effects for me. I really think Romney is a good and decent man. He was just a puppet of the GOP establishment and far to liberal. It is interesting that you judge him when his comments were taken out of context. I really see the majority of Republicans as I see the liberal Democrats. I see them both as greedy and corrupt. There are only about eight Republicans I would waste my time give my vote. Really does not matter much at this point what either of us think, because the idiots running our current administration are going to allow us to be nuked off the face of this earth. Our one consolation is if you are a Christian we know that we will win in the end.

          2. headonstraight says

            Wake up, Len. Romney was not taken “out of context.” Here is what he said. Read it and then tell us just how it has allegedly been “taken out of context.”:

            “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what… These are people who pay no income tax…[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

            Now read this:


            and see what a squirrely and flagrantly deceitful job Romney did in trying to rationalize his elitst remarks.

  8. pianobill says

    Axelrod must have gotten some help, he is not intelligent enough to write a book.
    Oh I guess Bob Beckel helped him.

  9. Arcturus6 says

    First of all I have problems believing anything Axelrod has to say about anything considering him to be nothing more than a marxist political gangster. Marxists are not known to be well acquainted with the truth of anything; rather lies and distortion are their standard operations. Secondly, when you have so much of an electorate that has been mongrelized and corrupted, one can understand how someone like Obama can be elected. Third, when responsible Americans realize just how corrupt and marxist the democrats have become, perhaps then substantial change for the better can occur.

  10. MILES E DRAKE says

    The number of polling places reporting 1000-0 victories for Obama or Soetoro or whatever his name really is defies belief, and is clearly a manifestation of the “electoral alchemy” by which the ruling party routinely wins elections among our soon-to-be compatriots south of what is laughingly called “the border”. 2012 was obviously a dress rehearsal for stolen elections to come, and the election just concluded gave the Constitution and the republic but a brief reprieve. The 2016 election may be the last free one under the Philadelphia Republic, and it is certain that the Black Panthers and La Raza will be going all out for the Wicked Witch of Westchester. If we do not fight socialists and communists in the polling places in 2016, we will have to fight a dictatorship in the streets in 2017.

    1. Joe T says

      Astute comment

      1. headonstraight says

        More like ASStoot comment!

        1. Joe T says

          Ghostwriter communiqie’


          April 10th, 2012 | Author: The Meister

          unless someone can stop this ruse – george soros controls us completely

          Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything.
Joseph Stalin

          Follow the bouncing ball on the criminal corruption ruse of your USA votes.

          1.) The Obama Government has outsourced the counting of votes for the 2012 election. But since WHEN does the nation need to outsource a task as uncomplicated and straightforward as vote-counting?

          2.) Obama outsorced the counting to a Tampa Florida company, named SOE, that had previously been used to administer the vote counting process for over 500 American jurisdictions.

          3.) But recently, SOE software has now been sold to a company named SCYTL, owned by George Soros, headquartered in Spain.

          4.) The votes will go to SCYTL, the question becomes as to WHY Must local votes for each precinct will be downloaded to SCYTL’s main server – leaving no TRACEABLE record of how many, and what votes were scored! Which of course means that said votes will be MERGED; and any discrepancies at lower levels will be IMPOSSIBLE to track.

5.) But wait, it gets murkier: SCYTL is shadow owned by Pere Valles, a former CEO of Global Net; who just HAPPENS to have been a maximum level contributor to the Obama Campaign in 2008. Not surprisingly, Valles is also has contacts with Media Matters, a communication consortium owned by: George Soros.

          6.) Now the bad news: according to the “Black Box” voting site, this centralizes one “middleman” access point for over 525 voting jurisdictions: (AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, KY, MI, KS, IL, IN, NC, NM, MN, NY, SC, TX, UT, WA. – and growing).

          1. headonstraight says

            Congratulations! You have just earned 500 bonus points toward winning the Conspiracy Theorist of the Month award. Here are the goods on your wild-ass nuttiness:

          2. Joe T says

            Ghostwriter communique’
            parallel time 19:26
            copy that.

            There’s a devout Muslim in the office of the United States of America Presidency, by deception and assistance from others like minded in the USA govt; therefore,

            if any red blooded American denies this they are either insane or part of the problem.

            By his own daily words and deleterious acts is the proof verified daily. Once a Muslim ALWAYS a Muslim. Period.


            IF THEY (Muslins) believe the Qur’an/Koran……and you do NOT……you should be killed or dead as for as they are concerned. 4.89 : They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.3.85: And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers…..from the Qur’an!

            KEEP BELIEVING THEY ARE PEACEFUL…..8.12: When your Lord revealed to the angels:

            I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off (behead) their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

            The Qur’an was an oral text throughout the lifetime of Muhammad; it was also a fluid text. The complete text resided only in the memories of Muhammad and his followers. As he added verses and reorganized the text, his followers would rememorize the text in the light of the additions or edits. This means that the Qur’an was a living text during the lifetime of Muhammad. Certain verses revealed to Muhammad were later repudiated by him as “satanic” verses revealed not by Gabriel but by Satan. These verses were expunged from the text that so many had memorized.

            It’s plain to see Barack Hussein Obama has loyalties to this ideology that he can’t hide. It’s self-evident for many reasons; one of which is that he clearly avoids (refuses) to call the terrorists by their identity of followers of Islamic teachings, proven by the Qur’an (Koran) to be VIOLENT. For Manchurian* Candidate substitute the word Muslim.* This is occurring world wide at a rapid rate, due to verbiage changes by current covert leaders.

            IF YOU CLAIM TO BE A MUSLIM…..KORAN commands to kill infidels:

            Allah is an enemy to unbelievers. – Sura 2:98

            On unbelievers is the curse of Allah. – Sura 2:161

            Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. – 2:191

            Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme. (different translation: ) Fight them until there is no persecution and the religion is God’s entirely. – Sura 2:193 and 8:39

            Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it. – 2:216

            (different translation: ) Prescribed for you is fighting, though it is hateful to you.

            ….. martyrs…. Enter heaven – Surah 3:140-43

            If you should die or be killed in the cause of Allah, His mercy and forgiveness would surely be better than all they riches they amass. If you should die or be killed, before Him you shall all be gathered. – 3:157-8

            You must not think that those who were slain in the cause of Allah are dead. They are alive, and well-provided for by their Lord. – Surah 3:169-71

            Let those fight in the cause of God who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fights in the cause of God, whether he is slain or victorious, soon we shall give him a great reward. – Surah 4:74

            Those who believe fight in the cause of God, and those who reject faith fight in the cause of evil. – 4:76

            But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever you find them. – 4:89

            Therefore, we stirred among them enmity and hatred, which shall endure till the Day of Resurrection, when Allah will declare to them all that they have done. – 5:14

            O believers, take not Jews and Christians as friends; they are friends of each other. Those of you who make them his friends is one of them. God does not guide an unjust people. – 5:54

            Make war on them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme – 8:39

          3. headonstraight says

            If all of the billion Muslims worldwide actually believed and practiced every bit of what you have collected there, you and I would aready be dead.

          4. Joe T says

            Patience………..they’re coming they said, it’s on the news wire. 2014 2015
            best regards, Joe T

        2. Joe T says

          Don’t Tell Someone Else
          IRS Offers Extra Tax Refunds to Illegals Under Obama Amnesty
          Gallup says the 5.6% Unemployment figure is The Big Obama Lie the real percentage is 11.2%
          How Do We Get Back to Where We Were?
          Secret planting of up to 75,000 Syrian Muslims begins in U.S.
          SOROS PAID Obama Adviser Podesta Caught Green-Handed In Major Ethics Violation
          White House Keeps Pussy Footing Around Playing WORD Games; says Taliban is NOT a Terrorist Group
          Secret emails to finally nail Obama in major scandal?
          I won a Kenyan lottery.

          1. headonstraight says

            Advice to you, Joe T: Simply posting a litany of allegations that have nothing to do with the subject of the post to which you are ostensibly replying (and the prior post to which it was dressed) is NOT a polemically accepted element of argumentation, discussion and debate. Rather, what you are doing is blowing a big cloud of irrelevant smoke.

  11. wdmgoug says

    Just another case of Obama and his people lying to stir up some controversy. Anytime Obama can get the idiots in the mainstream media to wag their tongues about something other than the miserable failure he is as a president, he does it. Johnnanguski ( see below) has it correct. Obama’s base is exactly who we DO NOT want electing our president. The only thing that crowd knows is “more government cheese” in their pockets.

  12. Tiredofsocializm says

    The man I’m talking about Barrack Hussain Obama is nothing short of a major 2x mistake! It’s unfortunate the a small majority of Americans were fooled by this lieing ,inept man that the democrats glomped on to only because he was bi racial, non threatening (then) and could pronounce words correctly when reading his TelePrompTer! Sad is what I call this

  13. sweetolbob says

    They (you know who” they” is) voted for him simply because he’s Black ! The liberal idiots voted for him because it made them feel morally superior to be able to say ” I voted for a NEGRO ” ! All in all , he never would have received the nomination and would have been thoroughly investigated and vetted if he had been White.
    No sour grapes involved. He was elected because he was black and used the race card to stifle all criticsim.

    1. headonstraight says

      Perhaps “they” –or at least some of them–voted for him because his opponent was caught on tape castigating 47 percent of the electorate as good-for-nothing freeloaders. In his little conclave with wealthy conservative donors, thinking he was in a private session where he could let it all hang out, Mitt Romney insulted multiplied millions of Americans with his demeaning characterization. The insensitivity and rank stupidity of that elitist action is reason enough why the man should never be President.

      You don’t like it that you got Obama? Blame Romney and his blithering, insensitive pandering to his moneyed base of well-heeled plutocrats!.

      1. FreedomSpeaks2U says

        Why blame anyone for the Kenyon Turd’s election…Stupidity is the culprit….

        1. headonstraight says

          Stupidity–as in someone who can’t even spell KENYAN correctly!

      2. merle says

        LOL Well since there are 51% of the citizens on welfare and 45 % of those are the permanent type that fleece the government any way they can . That is who he was talking about and it is the truth If it bothers you then straighten you life out and quit sucking off the 50% that work their butts off !!

        1. headonstraight says

          NO. Get yourself educated. Start here:

          Both these sources cite a figure much lower that yours. Just where do you get that 51 percent? Or the 45 percent for that matter. I put up my sources. Can you?

          And contrary to your ASSumption, I am not now and never have been on welfare of any kind anywhere.

  14. drattastic says

    Did America give obama a second chance or did voter fraud give obama a second chance ?

    1. bobda says

      Voter fraud was part of it along with using the IRS to shutdown GOP fund raising and speech to rebuke all the lies he was telling so the only narrative being heard were his lies and espoused by the lame stream media. LSM never asked about his questionable friends, college records or from the American Bar Association. The oceans are not receding like he promised; just the great country he said he would fix.

    2. merle says

      We better have Voter ID this time and we need to make a scene before the election about the votes are to be counted right here in the good ole USA.

      1. drattastic says

        Don’t hold your breath , it’ll probably get worse , democrat voter fraud is always evolving.

  15. adrianvance says

    Oh come on…. Jeb had gotten to some of his most critical donors. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  16. arab says


    1. FreedomSpeaks2U says

      DemocRAT Bullsh*t from a camel Fu*ker….R.I.P. you P.O.S.

    2. Ray Taylor says


    3. LastGasp says

      What’s your point?

    4. merle says

      You know many don’t bother reading a post that is all caps don’t you ?

  17. FreedomSpeaks2U says

    FACTS matter and Obama has sealed his records so America cannot see ALL the facts. What is he hiding? Do any Democrats care? The answers to these questions make decent, law-abiding Americans wonder if we are being held hostage by an IMPOSTER and FRAUD who does not hold or support the core values which have made America the greatest nation on the earth,…. FREEDOM

  18. jlp5871 says

    The people that get up every morning and go to work do not vote, shame,shame, The E B T card bragade gets up at noon and votes.If you do not vote you are the problem.

  19. USCBIKER says

    Who GAF what Mitt did or said?! The only thing that matters is he was smart enough to GTFO of the way for 2016.

  20. ABBAsFernando says

    Adolph Obama uses race exactly the way Adolph Hitler did in Germany for the same reasons.

    1. ELAINE MARZANO says

      Fernando, where have you been? Out playing music? Oh yeah, he does have his Heros. I am sure he has more. How are you liking him so far?

      1. ABBAsFernando says

        Whatever do you mean?

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          about Obama , what I meant had you have enough of him yet?

          1. ABBAsFernando says

            Have NEVER believed him from the get go. As a VILE LIBERAL SCUM radical communist muslim appoligist hater of American and indeed the entirity of Western Society based upon Christianity. I have read the books of Dinesh D’Souza and many others as well. It is abuntatntly CLEAR to me Obama or whatever the Hell his real name happens to be is a Foreign Agent [SPY] brainwashed from Birth to be what and who he is. An agent of Islam.

            His mother’s family were card carrying communists, a fact. His mother earned the moniker of Anti Christ Ann in college, another fact. The man Obama claims as his father was married before he met his mother so they were never married according to the laws of America. You know what that means.

            Obama’s Kenyan family testify they were present at the Birth of Obama in KENYA! They have no reason to LIE. Obama has every reason to LIE. Evidence exists of this being another fact.

            The REAL QUESTION is why is Obama remaining in power? How corrupt must the high level governmental officials be to look the other way?

            Then the fact of Obama being handled by a Jewish NAZI in one George Soros. With who knows how much NAZI BLOOD MONEY behind him?

            We the People of America loyal to the United States Constitution have a moral duty to hold Obama fully accountable to the LAW! Obama and friends are not above the law. For if they do not obey the law, then it does not exist.

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            WHOA, OK GOT YA. take A BREAK BUD. WE NEED YOU. CHILL BEFORE You EXPLODE. Fernando WE ALL HATE HIM FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE. BUT IAM WORRIED ABOUT YOU. I THOUGHT I WAS EMOTIONAL. I am giving you my first place blue ribbon in that category .

          3. ABBAsFernando says

            I am quite calm compared to others. I know who my enemies are. I spoke the truth. It is well known by one and all. What concerns me most is those in positions of power to hold Obama fully accountable to the Law are not doing their job is TREASON.

            I suspect the Brotherhood of Darkness followers of Cain control many of today’s world leaders. They seek a one world government of FASCISM. An EVIL group of individuals who control Banking, Corporations, and Governments working as one. The rest of us will be managed much like a farmer manages his livestock. This EVIL group will cause much DEATH and DESTRUCTION that but for the intervention of God Himself our Earth would be destroyed. All the revelations of the book of Revelation are about to happen. And more.

            EVIL men believe they have all the chess pieces in place to take control. God controls everything and they have no chance. I don’t claim to comprehend why. God knows but we are about to revert to the middle ages.

          4. ELAINE MARZANO says

            OK, do you feel better? I do just listening to you. I felt terrible a little while ago. I am still upset a little. When you think someone isn’t being honest that gets right to the pit of your stomach. and then you don’t care what happens. I think I have reached that point in my life. I trust no one. my whole life has been that way. I guess God knows what he is doing. But thanks for making me feel better. I think I am going to try and get a good nights sleep for a change. God night ABBAs Fernando.

          5. ABBAsFernando says

            Good Night sleep well. Know we all knew before we were born into mortality the conditions of our lives. Everything both good and bad. For we could not progress without the lessons learned here.

  21. R Miller says

    Yes, the blacks run this country. What is all this about the down trodden minority status requiring special breaks in everything.

  22. arab says


  23. Michael Dennewitz says

    As they say, the truth always hurts in some instances! Ovomit has a boss! A mooselum boss, and it’s the head of the terrorist group that is his boss! We all know fir a fact that there was voter fraud, and yes, if it hadn’t been for all the Velcro heads that voted, Mr Asswipe wouldn’t be in office! As Franklin Graham and many other prominent ministers have said, this could be “our punishment” for allowing this country to become what it is. In any event, about the only positive thing that would begin to make an immediate fix, would be for an expert sniper to finish it off.. Wait until the HNIC enacts martial law. THEN people will start standing up, very LATE !!

  24. Alleged Comment says

    You can bet Mitt being a decent man was disgusted at what was going on that he should pull out of the next presidential race.

    You can bet something very DISGUSTING occurred and I’m quite sure he consulted with his wife and they decided they wanted no part of it. If they didn’t want someone decent in the White House then let all HELL break loose!

    Mitt pulling out is a very bad sign at what is going on in that CESSPOOL called Washington DC that he should pull out.

    The next president will be RUBBISH!

  25. glock 19 fan says

    What I suspect is that the Council On Foreign Relations started making serious threats against his family.

  26. FreedomSpeaks2U says

    America cannot trust ANY DemocRAT to keep their word, tell the truth or make good decisions for America.
    They should be NEUTERED, LOBOTOMIZED & DEPORTED so they cannot inflict their FOUL AGENDA on decent Americans or any other country around the world.

    1. merle says

      The democratic party is now the communist party .

  27. Mike Lawson says

    It’s bad enough his man won by crook more than by hook, and Assholrod knows this, but to impute false quotes to his man’s opponent afterward is just plain petty. “Poison Rasputin not enough; must also throw into river Neva!”

  28. Eli Charlie Noseworthy says


  29. merle says

    Yes . we allowed this traitor to under mine a man that was probably our best and maybe last chance to get this country out of the slump Obama has put us in . Instead of having open borders where any kind of criminal can come in… Note ISSI …. Romney would have had them closed and controlled with only legal immigration to be going on . Our military would not be cut down to only a few mousy officers . We do still have our brave volunteer soldiers, just not as many as we need . He would not cut the military money to protect this country . He would not have drawn red lines in the sand!! ISSI would never had formed out of Syria and if they tried they would have been shut down right away . and his best talent is making jobs!!! He said he would have everyone evaluated that was on welfare and only those that truly needed it would have it . That money would have gone to create jobs.!!! I would like to slap the faces of those that wouldn’t vote for him because he was wealthy or because he was mormon . He made his money ,it was not gave to him. And he never pushed his religion off on anyone He had one fault and it was that he loves this country and wanted to make it back into the country it used to be !!Gee what a fault . Those indoctrinated fools that voted for Obama have made things very difficult for everyone .!!.

  30. Wendy M says

    It amuses me that in the majority of comments made here (of those that I’ve read), blatant misspellings and incorrect grammar are used. So very sad that Americans are so unintelligent and not the least bit embarrassed about it. Sadly even more is that it appears to be worn as a badge of pride!

    1. headonstraight says

      Amen, Wendy M! You write with altitudinous eclat and I grant you wild acclaim! The regrettable and commonplace abuse of our Mother Tongue by ignorant and sloppy commentators is a shameful thing to behold. I would add that there seems to be pretty strong correlation between the truth and accuracy of comments and the degree of competence in the correct use of grammar and in spelling. That helps to explain why so much pure balderdash shows up here. Do any of these doofuses own dictionaries and if so, do they ever open them?

      That “badge of honor” defensiveness is a smokescreen, Wendy, to hid their embarrassment when their ludicrous errors are pointed out.

      1. Wendy M says

        Heck, just grammar and spell-check would do the trick. It’s free and just a click away, 24/7….I just don’t get it.

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