Roseburg Wants Obama to Stay Home


President Barack Obama is scheduled to touch down in Oregon Friday so he can meet privately with the victims of the Umpqua Community College shooting. But if Davis Jaques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, has the temperature of the community correct, Obama may not find a supportive audience.

“Well I think the president will not be welcomed into the community,” he said on The O’Reilly Factor. “And that is not just my opinion. We talked to dozens upon dozens of citizens, some family members of the victims, our elected officials. And you may have a copy, if you don’t I’d be glad to read from it on the air that our Douglas County commissioners along with our Douglas County sheriff, who is very popular, and our chief of police all came to consensus language about him not being welcome here to grandstand for political purposes.”

What’s the problem? No Democrats in Roseburg?

Well, the problem, of course, is not that Obama is a Democrat but that he rushed to make political hay out of these victims before the crime scene was even secured. Without knowing the first thing about the shooter, the weapons he used, his motives, or even his name, the president chose to go on an angry tirade against guns when he should have been bringing the nation together.

This is what upsets people, even beyond the gun control debate. This president just doesn’t know when to shut it off. There are times (the immediate aftermath of a bloody massacre being one of them) when you should just be the president of the United States. Obama has no off switch when it comes to politics. Everyone knows where the man stands on gun control; he could have waited until the next day to start up with all the BS.

But no, he instead chose to trivialize the deaths of nine innocent people to score a few political points. Even if the citizens of Roseburg largely agreed with him on gun control (which, by all indications, they do not), they would have cause to be angry. They deserve a president who will acknowledge their suffering and remain above the fray for at least – at least – 24 hours. Thoughts and prayers may not be enough, but they are enough for the time being.

It’s mindboggling that Democrats have somehow managed to gain this reputation for compassion. President Obama, as noted by several reporters, seemed like he was on the verge of tears when he delivered his Roseburg address. But here’s the question: considering the content of his speech, was he upset over the deaths or was he upset that he still hasn’t gotten his way on gun control?

It’s a question that answers itself, which is why the people of Roseburg don’t want this smarmy politician anywhere near their community.

  1. The Capatin says

    This “emperor-in-new-clothes” doesn’t know when to quit! He isn’t wanted in town, his agenda will not be advanced and he’s not fooling anyone. Just watch him come into Roseburg, disrupt the community and alienate himself from the community even more than he already has.

    Let the “dog and pony show” commence!

    1. jreg9304 says


      1. The Capatin says

        While I appreciate the levity, the racist approach undermines the message. Obama is simply a “puppet” of the Left. While he does act as the “front man” for the Socialist/Communist machine, and “jumps” at their behest, there’s nothing racial to it. He already had his “toadies” and syncophants dancing to his tune.

        Don’t lend it credence by recognizing his presence. He’s in town to foster his Socialist agenda, nothing more. Do you pay attention to an eight year old standing on a street corner, vying for attention? If you ignore him and go about your business, the only attention that will be paid is by the Secret Service, Local Law Enforcement and the Media.

        Ignore him and his minions. They only have the power you provide.

        1. jreg9304 says

          believe when i say this…. Obama is no pawn. he is doing exactly what fits his agenda and no one else matters.. plus, jokes grow on trees. that is why the monkey statement.. it fits…

  2. AlanWH says

    Forget “Staying home, many want the Pathetic Disgrace Hussein to Get Lost Forever!

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      I would feel a lot safer if he were to be sent to Gitmo and placed under armed guard permanently. Then he can praise Allah all he wants to, we just won’t have to pay extra for his retirement or security detail.

      1. Marvinas2 says

        That’s why he wants Gotko closed.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          yes indeed.

    2. pmbalele says

      You must be violent like the guy who killed those innocent people. There is no reason for the President of the Free World not to visit people hurt by the crazy young criminal.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        I know this concept may be a little over your head, but HE DOESN’T GIVE A HOOT about anyone except himself and HE HAS PUBLICLY STATED that Christians, not muslims, not criminals, not international spies or even computer hackers, but Christians are the biggest thread within the USA today.

        So, is he going there to laugh in their faces? “Ha, ha. I got you right where it hurts, didn’t I”? -Obama

        1. will kari says

          What would happen if all Christians and Jews refused to pay their income tax next year. Then obama Hussein would have to rely on his Muslim friends and illegal aliens for his salary and probably would not receive a pension either.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            It’s an interesting idea, but I think the entire nation would somehow need to be in on it. If you can figure out how to do this, count me in.

        2. pmbalele says

          Are KKKs also Muslims? I think all religious zealots have one thing in common – if you do not agree with them, they will harm or kill you. No doubt there is separation of religion and government.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            No, that is really not accurate except from a sort of lazy approach to Truth. Christianity is not a religion, but rather a state of being. Many people are what I would call fair weather christians. They go along to get along, but when the time comes to switch over to Islam just to save their necks, they will do it in a heart beat.

            The real Christians will die, hopefully with dignity, but die they will.

            On a side note, the crusades were carried out by little men seeking fame and fortune, not Christ or any of His people.

            One of Satan’s greatest tricks is to make people believe that you must somehow curry God’s favor in order to be worthy of joining His exclusive club, but the Truth is, God wants as many as will put their faith in the work of His Son who gave His life on the cross at Calvary and then took it back three days later.

            People today don’t realize that Jesus walked about preaching for another 40 days after He raised Himself from the grave and He brought with Him many of the Old Testament saints. I personally believe that Halloween was created to convince the stupid people, of the day, that Jesus resurrection was some kind of a hoax and to make fun Him, once He returned to heaven.

            You see, the fact is, most people would rather believe a well crafted lie than the Truth.

            Real Christian followers of Christ accept the fact that in the end, most people are just fire wood and very very few will ever accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, even though many will pretend to have done so.

      2. snowyriver says

        Only 105 gun deaths in Chicago this week.. Obama is going to be very busy if he visits privately all the victims families.

        1. Gary Smith says

          Right you are!

        2. Beeotchstewie says

          Newsflash, black lives don’t matter to Barry UNLESS he can put political spin on it, not the case with the black on black murder epidemic.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            All lives matter to Barry……….Manilow

        3. Mark Lahti says

          pmbalele is what we lovingly refer to as a liberal troll. It is highly recommended to NOT FEED THE TROLL. Caps to indicate the wording on the sign. You notice how the first thing out of it’s mouth is to call names; i.e. violent. Also notice, if you will, the denial in that the “no reason” would not address the uniform request of the people of that area, including the victims, for him not to come to see any of them. We really have an insensitive, irresponsible, and ignorant POS poser in the WH.

          1. snowyriver says

            He — she probably voted against our sacred constitution in the last two presidential elections. Has to strike out at somebody because of guilt feelings.

      3. Esq says

        OH yes there is!

      4. Barrustio says

        Did he visit the families of the dead cops? Will he address the persecution of Christians and the evil of Islam? People don’t want to be a part of his photo ops. They are disgusted be lack of shame on the part of the president to be so cheap as to use this for political purposes…the people see through it all. If he really cared about lives he wouldn’t be ready to shut down the government in order to keep funding Planned Parenthood.

        1. dcfla says


          1. David Hansen says

            Please stop yelling

        2. Steve Bergin says

          We really need a Republican Constitution Loving President in 2016=Paul, Carson, or Cruz! Also, need more Republicans in House and Senate so they have a super majority and we take away all their excuses for not doing right by the American people!

          1. Barrustio says

            Yep we need Cruz in there for sure…as a lawyer he would use the precedent set by Obama on the use of executive actions to restore things back to normalcy.

          2. proudtexan62 says

            Yes, we desperately need Cruz. When Cruz tells you what he will do, you can not only take it to the bank, you can bet your life on it. He will repeal every illegal thing Obama has done and he will begin on the Day #1 just as he has pledged to the voters of this nation that he will. Ted Cruz is a Constitutional Conservative, a Constitutional Scholar and a Constitutional Attorney. He will not only follow but he will return our government to following our Constitution (the Law of our Land) on Day #1. He will not rest until it’s done because he’s already been fighting Obama, Congress and the liberal left in Washington since 2013. HE MEANS BUSINESS!!!

          3. Barrustio says

            He is the only one who has not toed the party line just to appease the party establishment…he has done what his constituents have voted him in to get done. The rest could learn from him.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            It would be nice if our next president was home grown, not a foreign import like the one seated. Before you know it the Queen will be President. She probably wants her colonies back…….

        3. proudtexan62 says

          Oh, no. He didn’t and wouldn’t. He wouldn’t even admit the young lady in San Francisco had been murdered and surely wouldn’t concede she was murdered by an ILLEGAL ALIEN who had been deported five times and was back again and the list goes on and on and on!!! You are 200% correct!!!

          1. Barrustio says

            He’s also hoping like hell Carson doesn’t get the nomination because that would totally destroy his party’s narrative about the GOP being racist. There are 100’s of 1000’s of Blacks and American born Latinos and Hispanics who are turning away from the Democrats because for the major part, these groups embrace conservative religious social moral values…and have tired of the liberal lies.

          2. David Hansen says

            You’r right. Kate’s brother was interviewed about a week after her murder and asked if his parents ever got a call from Obama or anyone at the White House? he said no but they did get a call from Donald Trump

        4. pmbalele says

          sound like a Repub or TP. These tell you one thing but do something else behind
          your back. I am sure your wife or close relative had an abortion. But you tell
          people different. And we have quite a few hypocrites in my town too. They are
          ant-abortion, but they have done so themselves. In fact I hate Repubs as a
          whole because they encourage abortions.
          Women would love to have kids, but when the kids are brought in this
          world, Repubs abandon these poor mothers. One state official in my state called
          poor women with kids as “baby factories” and the governor did not fire her. President Obama cares about these poor kids

          1. Mark Clemens says

            What state do you live in?

          2. pmbalele says

            What state? A republican controlled state and TPs were responsible for electing both governor and Reps in my state.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            If you know the state’s name, please share. It sounds like we have the same representative. Mine is against abortion, but somehow” Accidentally” talked his wife and mistress in to having abortions.
            So he wouldn’t have to pay two women child support.

          4. pmbalele says

            You made my weekend. Just read what I posted about 1/2 hour ago. Are you going to vote for Newt Gingrich or Sanford the former gov of SC? And would you believe they claim to be GOD’s people?

          5. Mark Clemens says

            South Carolina?

          6. Barrustio says

            Repubs “encourage abortions”???Really? “When the kids are brought into this world, Repubs abandon these poor mothers”… WTF…where are the fathers???And with contraception being free how did these women get pregnant if they didn’t want to, unless they were irresponsible and careless AND promiscuous. If you think Obama cares about these kids you have really bought into the government dependency bubble and you would have made an easy target for Jim Jones if you buy all the bullcrap.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Anti Abortion only breeds the welfare state. I think there should be a Planned Parenthood no more than one mile from every public housing development.

          8. Barrustio says

            Well, you may get what you wish for if Obama gets his way.

      5. GuardianFlame says

        OMG! You must be a clueless liberal or one in Conservative clothing. Reread this article again and again until you actually hear those family members of the victims sobbing abt their loss – and all the fraud in the Wack House can do is spew forth gun control crap the exact same day those people died. Do you get it now???
        The people of Oregon DO NOT WANT THIS POLITICALLY DRIVEN IDIOT OF A PRESIDENT going there to further his gun control agenda. If bho had half a heart (which he has nothing resembling anything that knows concern or emotion for anyone but himself), he would have shown remorse for the victim’s families and said he was sorry for their loss. No, instead he goes on the political bandwagon trying to use those people’s deaths as an excuse to take guns away from Americans. Crass and noncaring about the human element, he continues to be the WORST UnAmerican jerk in the Wack House…

        So please try rereading this article enough times so you can feel those tears running down your face or feel the deep sorrow of never seeing your loved one again or hugging them or seeing their smile. Then see how you feel abt the man supposedly trying to lead this nation but is failing pitifully, who tossed aside the death of your loved one to pursue his own twisted agenda of control, gun control, when he should have been offering condolences instead of legislation. No wonder Oregon doesn’t want him there. Bho deserves their anger and backs turned against him…and nothing more. There will be no happy crowds to meet him and no one to pamper his ego…he might as well stay home.

        Barry O. needs to shut up for a change and go look in the “truth” mirror at who he really is, not the character he is trying to portray. The critics should have closed down his show with bad reviews BIG TIME!

        1. dcfla says


          1. Steve Bergin says

            Ben Carson is a threat to the liberal wacko educational institutions! He will definitely disinfect them all of their cranial diseases that affect their brains and make us number one in the world again in educational achievements!

          2. GuardianFlame says

            What are you “ranting: about? Nothing you say makes sense. Can you tone it down enough to write a plain sentence that isn’t full of screaming capitals! Just because many people do not agree with your version of this government, don’t take it so personally. You are making a complete fool of yourself. Life is too short for that.

            Dr. Ben Carson IS a gentleman, a scholar and a doctor. What he can bring to our Presidency is calm brilliance unlike the other man who is sitting illegally in our Presidency. Too bad we didn’t find Dr. Carson before bho. Our country wouldn’t be going down in flames of major debt, having its social foundations thrown to the wolves and be killing whole beautiful babies when they are still breathing and very much alive. This is what bho has brought to our shores. Dr. Carson wouldn’t have allowed any of that to darken America’s days. He is a moral, educated man cut from the Conservative cloth, not a liberal torn from tissue paper.

            FYI: For dcfla, take a Chill Pill. You are going to have a stroke or heart attack and believe me, blogging can do that to you. So if you are new to this blogging venue (I’ve done this for over 8 years), please step back, breathe and relax. These are just words, not carved in stone like the Ten Commandments. Your life can go on without you stroking out…don’t do that to yourself. I’ve seen this happen before and some people never recovered. Good luck. God Bless…

          3. Marvinas2 says

            And when we vote for Ben Carson no one can accuse us of racial discrimination!

        2. proudtexan62 says

          OMG!!! He really is, Guardian Flame!!! Responses will only make him spout more ignorance. Then there’s Cotton and Reality Check and Croco Dile. They all have nothing better to do than interject their liberal dribble into intelligent conversations and try to “rile the Conservatives”. That is their assignment from the DNC.

        3. pmbalele says

          Did you really say he does not have emotion for anyone but himself? You
          must have been duped by TPs and Repubs. These are the people who care for
          nobody except themselves. Did you read about Chris Christie whining about
          Repubs in Congress who refused to vote for Sandy money? Chris said Repubs and TPs do not have a soul. They are in DC to rip you off. Look, despite have majority in both houses, these morons have done nothing so far. They love your money.

      6. Frick says

        EXCEPT they DO NOT want him there!!!!!

        1. dcfla says


          1. Frick says

            I don’t think ANYBODY wants the guy!!! And I do understand!!!

          2. Marvinas2 says

            Hey, did you forget that Kenya wanted him? They call him their native son! and they’ve erected a monument to him. I say send him there, and let him build his library there.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Egypt has a bounty on Obama, for inciting that Spring Thing over there. So I reckon someone wants him!! LoL

          4. Steve Bergin says

            Very True and coming from a Democratic state that has got to burn big time. Kudos to the liberals in Oregon for snapping out of the liberal B.S. this administration spews on a daily basis. Now, if they would only dump all their other liberal policies, they would really feel better!

          5. Mark Lahti says

            Hello there dcfla. I just jumped into the thread here to let you know that you have your caps key on. If you just touch it one more time you would be free of the caps on all the time. Just thought I would let you know.

      7. jim_wright says

        Yes there is. They told the idiot they don’t want hom thete.

      8. Landshark says

        Well now, premenstrualbalele, since Obutterbutt has an agenda for the END of the free world, he has no right to even breath the air of America. And neither do those who support him.

        1. dcfla says


          1. Landshark says

            He’s always been an Obummer and an Obutterbutt.

        2. pmbalele says

          Watch out your language. This site is monitored by FBI and CIA.

          1. Landshark says

            Do you think I give a flying rat’s ass? This site is monotored the the American freedom Army, so get your butt out of America,TROLL.

          2. Marvinas2 says

            Is there some way we could send both Obama and pmbalele to that nice peaceful socialist island with the Guantanamo hotel? It would be a really great vacation for both of them. I’m sure they would have a lot to talk about.

          3. Landshark says

            I have a piece of wood soaked in menhaden oil in my back yard they can use for a raft.

      9. Marvinas2 says

        If he were a legitimate POTUS with legitimate motives you’d be correct.

        1. pmbalele says

          He is another JFK. I am glad you and I voted and re-voted for Obama. You made my life easier.

          1. Marvinas2 says

            I have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s no similarity between JFK and Obama, and I NEVER EVER EVEN THOUGHT about voting for Obama. No way on earth I would ever vote for someone with no verifiable history and a trail of idiotic campaign statements, someone backed by Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis.

          2. pmbalele says

            In 2008 67% of Whites, 98% of
            Blacks and 87% of Latinos voted for Obama. In 2012 66% of Whites; 98% of Blacks
            and 78% of Latinos re-voted for Obama. I see you’re a white male. Therefore 66%
            of you voted for Obama. Your wife being White woman voted for Obama. In 2008 98% of White women fell in love with
            Obama looks and voted for Obama. In 2012 78% of white women voted for Obama. I love both of you for voting for Savior of
            this Great nation. Please do not fake you did not know those stats.

          3. David Hansen says

            The muslim has been a giant mistake and we need to correct it

          4. pmbalele says

            You mean President Obama made a mistake to create good paying jobs; reduce the deficit; bringing back high paying jobs from abroad; Obamacare for every American; more professionals graduating from college? What is wrong with you? I believe you wanted to vote for Scott Walker, the school drop-out. You are lucky Walker quit the WH bid before people found he is a school drop-out. Walker was going to decommission all government universities in this Country. He is now working to get rid of all universities in Wisconsin. We are lucky we elected and re-elected President Obama. America was heaven again. Prepare for Hillary now.

      10. Tricia Harris says

        Except that he hates America and is NOT going there to show concern for the people. His only agenda is to preach more gun control. You don’t see the SOB going to Chicago with all the killings there every week, no do you? You don’t see the SOB showing any REAL emotion for the lunatics that go out and kill people, just wants his agenda to be furthered. I’d tell the SOB to stay the hell away too and would be right out there with a big sign saying GO HOME – YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE!

        1. dcfla says


        2. pmbalele says

          You look like one of those protesters -old fat and toothless women. That is why you are divorced for you hate yourself. You remind me of those Obamacare picketers in Washington DC. One collapsed from heat. She was rushed to ER. They later found she did not have health insurance to pay $10,000 for the 5 days she was in the hospital. Those protesters today are dumb – like those European leaders who came together to march in protest of ISIS. These leaders had refused to join President Obama in fighting ISIS. Now they are swamped by refugees from those countries. Dumb.

          1. Tricia Harris says

            Idiot! You just proved to every person who reads this what an ignorant, uneducated, illiterate, moron you really are. Good luck with trying to appear intelligent – you will lose that battle!

          2. pmbalele says

            Sorry to hurt your feelings. Try to take a bath and brush your teeth at least ones a day. You heart Newt Gingrich counseling Occupiers of Wall Street. I promise you men will want you. Now you hate yourself- that is why you did not want our angel in your town. Start loving your self and then love your neighbor.

      11. Arizona Don says

        You just cannot see reality can you? He does not care at all about the victims only about promoting his gun control. You are pathetically ignorant. You must be one of those oppressive regressive democrats who blindly supported a person who is fundamentally transforming America. Bet you cheered him like so many other oppressive regressive democrats not even knowing what the transformation was into.

        1. dcfla says

          YOU GOT IT RIGHT…

        2. pmbalele says

          I enjoyed every minute of his presidency. Nobody can tell my kids they cannot succeed because of their race. Obama was perfect as president of this Country. You could not talk bad about Whites in the WH because his mother was White. You could not talk bad about Blacks because his father was jet-Black. So if you were invited in the WH you had to behave and talk like a regular person. That is what made this WH great. Above all, everybody who wanted a job got one. Only lazy bones like you still whine. You want government entitlements. Funny thing is that you do not like illegals who are working in your farm. You lucky we have illegals.

      12. Arizona Don says

        The president has not even called the family of Kate (the lady who was shot by the illegal in San Francisco). Furthermore, it is obvious why he is going to Roseburg Oregon at least to those who are NOT oppressive regressive democrats. If the truth offends you that is to bad!

        1. pmbalele says

          You look like John Wayne. He hated Blacks. For you now it’s too late. You will see Blacks in churches, schools, at work and in buses. You better get used to it. There was no reason for those morons to protest against the Leader of the World. I saw some old toothless smelly old women there too. I believe they have not taken a bath for three months. Get over it and live like ordinary American. Love all people without regard of their race.

          1. Marvinas2 says

            What in the world are you talking about?

          2. Arizona Don says

            Leader of the world? Your kidding! He can not lead a funeral. Nothing has anything to do with race. You oppressive regressive communist democrats always fall back to the race position. This man would not make a pimple on a leaders behind.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          Obama is going to Oregon for two reasons:
          1. Advance his gun agenda.
          2. Recreational marijuana
          After all, he is in the highest office in the land.

      13. Al Hope says

        What skum you are.

        1. pmbalele says

          Thanks, I needed that. But watch out if FBI and CIA people knock at your door.
          You seem to hate Blacks for being in this country. You’re now too late. Blacks, like you an immigrant, are here to work and stay with you. If you not like Blacks, please jump in the ocean and play with sharks and Whales. We will pull you out before they eat you.

          1. Al Hope says

            Your hate slander has no power and I love blacks, especially my wife.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            Please DO NOT FEED THE TROLL. It will only make you crazy trying to argue with a illogical, ignorant, and hate filled liberal troll.

          3. Marvinas2 says

            They’re not even lies. They’re hallucinations. He (or she) is totally out of touch with any form of reality.

        2. Marvinas2 says

          We used to say that someone who speaks like that “escaped from the looney bin”!

      14. proudtexan62 says

        They asked him not to come to Roseburg and he went anyway and that is reason enough for any intelligent person NOT TO GO!!!!! He dismissed them and went, not because he cares for those wounded or does he mourn the dead. He simply wants to politicize a horrific event that he has had a hand in instigating and he wants to use this to push his “gun control”, another name for disarming America.

        1. pmbalele says

          Let me tell you the truth -I do not own or have a gun in my house; and I have been living without a gun for now 35 years. At the same time I have seen two of my customers killed by their own guns in their houses. One they were bidding and the loser who knew his friend’s guns were sneaked in his bedroom and pulled the gun. The other customer killer was his own wife. She was mad with him – and pulled a gun on him while sleeping. Unless you are hunter for game during hunting season, I would advise you not own a gun in your house. Let the police protect you. I am happy I do not own a gun.

          1. Marvinas2 says

            Or just be more careful who you allow into your home.

          2. pmbalele says

            I would not welcome both of you in my house if you bring guns with you. You know the Sandy Hook shooter. He first killed his mother and then went to kill those kids and teacher. Just a few days ago, a woman was killed by his own son – she refused to loan him money for drinks and illegal drugs.

    3. Nick says

      There is probably just as many that don’t want him to get lost forever, everyone has different opinions and beliefs, but I forgot this website is pretty much the KKK trying to be legal.

      1. The Capatin says

        Wow! What a racist remark. There are intelligent people here making statements that aren’t racist, yet express a POV that’s contrary to both the MSM and yours.

        You might want to think before you post.

        1. Nick says

          >Says you guys are the KKK
          >Gets called a Racist
          Nice Logic Friendo

        2. Cotton says

          Well most people here hate gays and muslims at least. Some people on here are racist as well but not as many.

      2. Landshark says

        Racist POS Communist useful idiot.

        1. Nick says

          Everyone is a little racist, I like to own my money, thanks for calling me useful, and that is just like your opinion man.

          1. Landshark says

            Glad to give you a lift. Now, spit out the kool-aid. It may not be too late.

          2. Nick says

            Depends on what kind of Kool-aid, I’m a fan of the fruit punch kind, can’t go wrong with a classic.

          3. Landshark says

            The Obama Fruit. Or, maybe it’s Fruit Obama. Kills brain cells. Bummer.

          4. Nick says

            How dare you insult the best flavor of Kool-aid you probably don’t even like Kool-aid you Kool-aid hater.

          5. Landshark says

            Well, I dislike it. I don’t hate it. Beer, fine wine and whiskey cured me of the taste for it.

          6. Nick says

            Just drink it in excess and get drunk off it because a majority of bad decisions are made while one is intoxicated.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            ………Thats what they told the children at Jones Town

          8. Nick says


      3. proudtexan62 says

        Seriously? The KKK trying to be legal??? You’d better look again troll. This is a Conservative website. The KKK is a LIBERAL/DEMOCRAT organization and has been from it’s inception. You low information liberal trolls should do your homework so that you won’t make such fools of yourselves every time you try to climb out of your holes and spout nonsense, which this most definitely is. The majority of the USA wants him to get lost forever and he can start tomorrow as far as we are concerned. Since you are so fond of the Muslim communist, why don’t you get your bag packed so you can go with him on short notice if that should become necessary?

        1. Nick says

          Hey news flash, The KKK are not a party they are ignorant violent bible thumpers, what does that sound like? That’s right, Conservatives, maybe you should do some research before you spout nonsense, your state was afraid they were going to be invaded by the army because you guys didn’t do research. Also show me your majority from an un-bias source and then we will talk further.

        2. muskat antonopolis says

          hey Tex,,,you any kin to “yoseminy sam”? rather than call somebody a sob like you
          just did…why don’t you just take a min and EXPLAIN your thinking….you might just
          find out you have more in common than you knew…..and you might gain someone to tour way of thinking……….

  3. Dudley DoRight. says

    Boo the nigger off stage.

    1. Bobtrhn says

      No the only people dumber than him are the ones that are still kissing his ass.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        That’s known as “brown nosing”!!!!!

        1. jreg9304 says

          yup, the ones that are still brown nosing are super glued too each other.. lololol.

      2. dcfla says


    2. US Army Retired says

      And there is a poop pot lode of them.

      1. proudtexan62 says

        That’s for sure!

      2. Beeotchstewie says

        HUGE understatement! That is one massive pile of dung!

    3. Mark Clemens says

      I say the kracker off stage
      (he is half white too)
      Why do y’all keep forgetting Obama is half white? Thats what makes him dumb.
      Look at Dr. Carson 100% black, and no stupid remarks………….
      Just sayen

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        Are you gonna back that up with your vote? Most blacks make fun of Dr. Carson. They call him a half wit and a Tom. I expect your race to shot themselves in the foot again, just like always.

        I’ve been saying Obama may not be black at all and when the British tested his DNA, they charged that he is definitely NOT the paternal son of Ann Durham, that official statement was meet with a collective yawn.

        Take a look for yourself at this photo of the real Barack Obama and tell me if you see any similarity. The ears? The eyes? The slightly over weight large build? The darker complexion?

        Anything? I rest my case.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          It’s to early to commit to any candidate right now. I like that when Trump says he’ll have a plan, for what ever he’s taking about. He produces the plan, in writing, on time.
          Also l like the fact Dr. Carson says the truth, about Muslims not being in publicly held offices, due to conflicts of Constitution.
          I am 1000% sure I will not vote for a Bush or Clinton.
          About that picture. Maybe Obama has that Michael Jackson disease?

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Well, I think we may both agree, whoever this person is that is causing all the problems for our nation as well as many other nations around the world, he is certainly not healthy.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Well, he does follow the religion that promotes pedophelia, so maybe you have something there. We all know Jackson liked young boys.

          3. Steve Bergin says

            Senator Rand Paul has plans drawn up and ready to go for a 5-yr Balanced Budget Plan, Invest in Communities Act bill, Fair-and-Flat Tax bill, social security reform, Trust-but-Verify Amendment to secure our borders, criminal justice reform bill, cut off foreign aid (especially to countries that hate us). Lastly, will follow the Constitution. Has he missed anything? The rest of the Presidential competition are nothing but hot air, with no plans ready to implement! Rand Paul 2016!

          4. Mark Clemens says

            FAIR TaX is a vote killer for me. My state already has a 10% Sales tax, i don’t need a extra 23% added to that every purchase for everything, every time. Also the money collection part of it will add more burden for small biz, that will be passed on to consumers for the red tape and paper work. If Carson goes Aq FAIR TAX, he’s lost the possibility of my vote………

        2. Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell says

          His real daddy is communist Frank Marshal Davis, who was screwing his mom at the time, Photos by FMD, pron photos by the way, prove this. She was under age at the time. Exact time line to his birth.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I hadn’t heard this before. Are you saying that their is some proof of these ascertains?

          2. Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell says

            Where have you been? The pictures have been all over the internet, and FMD was the grandparents close friend, and was into porn at that time. and he is who his mom sent him to to be mentored, in communism. These are all know facts. Do you think Obummer could have been elected, had the world known his father was a known commy, with a huge FBI file? Hence a fake birth certificate. Funny how the only one to die in a plain crash, was the one who knew the truth. I say blood type the bastard, and I think it would prove it. Bill Airhead, wrote the book, just to cover his butt. He is as fake as they come. I don’t believe those two girls are his either. No birth records on them either. And I am highly suspicious about Mooshell’s gender. His strings are jerked by Jerret, and we need them both swinging [as in hung by the neck till dead] from our white house porch, him and every muslime in the cabinet/congress/pentagon. Are we nuts?

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            I guess I better do my home work on this. Thanks

      2. ErnieLane says

        If I recall correctly, the shooter is half white, half black, too. But of course the media calls him white.

        1. dcfla says


      3. jreg9304 says

        that is why Obama is all messed up. because of being a half breed…conflicts of interest….

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Big Chief Crazy Llama……..
          (That’s Obama)

          1. jreg9304 says

            how bout an alpacha, same family as a camel. hey!!! that is what we can do is brick Obama.! smash,,,, no more balls…

      4. dcfla says

        OK, I am going to SHARE Something someone Just shared with me yesterday! Pretty FITTING! HE said, he went to his sons football game here in our local area, & 4 or 5 black players asked him, he is White, “What do YOU think of Obama?” Now they Knew he was a Republican, or Conservative, so he thought for a few SECONDS because like some of US He too has Common Sense! & His reply was…”WELL, I”D LOVE TO TAKE THAT HALF BREED OUT BACK & BEAT THE HONKY RIGHT OUT OF HIM!”…I LAUGHED & HE SAID< SO DID ALL THE KIDS & THEN THEY HIGH 5'D HIM! THEY LOVED IT!! BECAUSE PEOPLE CONTINUE TO FORGET…WE ARE ALL A MIX OF DIFFERENT Ethnic Backgrounds! INCLUDING…OBUMMER!! MOSTLY…WHITE BLACK & I GUESS…ARABIAN?? DOESN'T MATTER, WHAT DOES MATTER IS….HE HAS NEVER LOVED OUR!! COUNTRY & IT HAS SHOWN BY HIS…"ACTIONS!"…WORDS DON'T MEAN A THING! IT IS HOWEVER ONES "ACTIONS!!" THAT "TELLS" It ALL!!

    4. proudtexan62 says

      If he had ever said that it would be the only truth he has ever told. That’s why we know he didn’t say it but thanks for the post, Dudley Doright. It’s good for a chuckle.

    5. jill says

      That was very inappropriate to say. Look, blacks can call each other that name anywhere and all day long, but let someone else say that and a fight ensues. Don’t know if you are black or white, doesn’t matter, have enough respect for others feelings and please don’t act so uneducated.

      1. Dudley DoRight. says
    6. ErnieLane says

      I like your choice of words. As I say, there are blacks, and there are niggers. Obama is a nigger.

      1. Dudley DoRight. says

        A Native American Wise-man told me:
        1. No one is born a nigger.
        2. Niggers come in every color.
        3. Being a nigger is a matter of choice.

        1. jreg9304 says

          on #3 no being a nigger is not a choice. it is the way they are raised. if brought up with bigotry, this is their influence for being one.. cut and dry.. so you are wrong as stated in #1

    7. Landshark says

      Dud, you only feed the racist when you resort to such language.

        1. Landshark says

          Now, that’s funny.

      1. jreg9304 says

        so what, Obama needs the publicity..LOLOLOL

    8. jreg9304 says

      meet, dumb and dumberer’s. the half boo, is so dumb that he has his daughters dress him.. that tie color does not go with his skin color, should have been yellow and black…hahaha.

    9. Nick says

      The only people dumber than the president are the people who complain about him in a website he’ll never visit. Because oh boy that will surely get him good, right?

        1. Nick says

          I forgot the far-right community is pretty much the KKK, sorry for trying to take your bed sheet off.

          1. Dudley DoRight. says
          2. Nick says

            I see you like shirtless pictures of Putin, you do know being homosexual is illegal in Russia?

          3. Nick says

            I don’t know what is worse, you using all these memes wrong or your hatred of the African people.

          4. Nick says

            I see you are out of ammunition, better luck time friend.

          5. Nick says

            Man, google images is such a wonderful invention isn’t it?

          6. Nick says

            I’m glad you sent this again, I didn’t read it the first time

          7. Nick says

            May I have #1 through 4 please and thank you?

  4. M.A.Rue says

    Yep, Obama tried his best to eke out a tear during his anti-gun tirade, but couldn’t quite get it done. I hope ALL the families of the victims, the sheriff, etc. stay home & ignore his intrusion. It’s just a convenient stop on his way to multi-fund raisers this week-end.

    1. proudtexan62 says

      I’ve never seen him even try because he doesn’t CARE about those victims. He uses those tragedies to further his attempted to disarm America. I am starting to get the idea that these “events” are not random. Liberal logic dictates that the more tragedies there are, the more support for his gun control will result. They don’t understand just the opposite is true!!!! I agree that even though Roseburg told him to stay home, he is intruding on their lives anyway. He must be on a trip to a CA fundraiser this weekend or a romp in Hollywood with some of his liberal scum actors and he needed an excuse to fire up Air Force One.

      1. sherri palmer says

        I agree with everything you have said.

        1. proudtexan62 says

          Thank you, Sherri: We all know every word of it is true and we have to keep the fight going until we have rid our country and ourselves of him and all like him!!!

      2. Beeotchstewie says

        He does maintain that he should never let a good crisis go to waste.

        1. proudtexan62 says

          He does that for sure!

          1. Beeotchstewie says

            He is anti-American to his core, I have tried to find even one thing he has done since he was first illegally placed in office, that was good for this country. I found nothing at all.

    2. Landshark says

      Be better if the Sheriff arrested the punk for treason.

  5. jimdarnall says

    Obviously we have a president that is many things but he certainly is not American. Tell him to stay home, whereever that may be.

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      What’s he gonna say?

      “Now if all you dumb white people would just stop clinging to your guns and your Bibles, you’d make my job of destroying the nation a whole lot easier.”

      1. Pamela says

        great reply!!!! I just wish he was reading all of this and know that we see Through him and he is NOTHING to us.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Hopefully our historians will accurately report this individual as one of the biggest mistakes we ever made as an intelligent people.

          1. muskat antonopolis says

            intelligence measurements go from 0 to skys the limit,,,,it is also relative to
            the species…..compared to humans dolphins and dogs and elephants, etc….
            are very intelligent….but what do we compare human intelligence to? In the case
            of those who voted for the Pres. the first time I chalk it off as racisim and pure
            emotion…so not much intelligence in evidence there…..however, in the case
            of the 2nd election and those who voted for the Pres….I compare their intell.
            to lets say….”dumb as a rock”……hopefully we as a people will REALLY
            think before we mark that little oval for the next Pres……….

          2. Marvinas2 says

            Hopefully our votes WILL go to the candidates whose boxes we check – with only one vote for each registered, living and ID’d voter.

          3. dcfla says


          4. Roger Short says

            When I hear a dumbocrat say that there is no voter fraud, I get livid, and I just want to knock his teeth out! They are lying SOB’s! I used to live in Wood County, in Ohio, and this is just an example of the crap that went on, all over the nation, in the 2012 election. There were MORE votes cast in Wood County, than there are total registered voters! Now tell me that there is no voter fraud, but you’d better not say it to my face!

          5. fiftysevenchevy says

            Semper Fi Roger!!!!!! You Got THAT right bro !!!!!!!!

          6. David Hansen says

            Roger, I’d like to ad an AMEN to that well said. 2017 will be the end of an error

          7. Guillermo3 says

            WHY? Do predict you’ll Die in 2017?

          8. David Hansen says

            No but we can get the muslim out of the White House

          9. jaybird says

            We need to hold protests if that happens and make them check their records, file a complaint or something this time.

          10. pmbalele says

            Something has not sank in my head yet. I believe Umpqua Community College and Roseburg County is full of racists, bigots, strange and primitive people. While I am sorry for the deaths of innocent people at the college, what shocks me is the idea the college and the county sheriff did not want to tell the world shooter’s name and race. The whole country and even right-wing media such FoxNews, wondered why. Now we are told the reason- the shooter was a white male. They did not want to tell the country that a white male committed the unconscionable crime. These morons have been brain-washed to think only racial minorities commit such crimes. So had it been a Black man did that the county sheriff would have put his picture and name up front of all newspapers right away as justification that only Blacks commit crimes. Was that not racist and dumb for the sheriff and college? Then came the issue with President Obama visiting the victims. These morons did not want our President there because he is a racial minority! These people have not appreciated that President Obama has brought prosperity again in this Country by creating good paying jobs. People are now enjoying life again for they can afford new cars, go to restaurants, gas prices are low and people can now travel for fun-they have money. As a matter of fact, I did not see a single Black person among the picketers. I did not know there are still communities full of bigots, racists and die hard primitive people who think their communities should remain same color. Let’s pray for such people to redeem themselves for they are lost sheep.

          11. Landshark says

            May a star fall on your pointed little head pmbalele. Because Obutterbutt is a queer Communist Muslim. And you are a puppet on a string. Go back to the Hell you came from. And take your lies with you.

          12. pmbalele says

            Did you have a job in 2008-may be not. Obama has brought back jobs which had been shipped abroad by Repubs. Now that you’re again enjoying life, you forget who enabled you. In my county employers are bidding for employees. Manpower is posting fliers everywhere. They can’t find workers. We may as well keep illegals here. They work harder than locals.

          13. smokedsalmoned says

            Simpleton look up labor force participation down from about 66 to62 percent and because people who stop looking don’t get counted as unemployed Obama can lie to his cultists and they believe instead of questioning

          14. pmbalele says

            If you do not have a job, you’re lazy or uneducated or without a trade. Would you believe CNAs in my home town are being paid $22 hr. This is because Repubs and TPs created shortage medical professionals. Thank God we have illegals. This is becoming Rome where people did not work-they were eating and getting fat. Just go beaches in Florida and Cal. Amazing how may women and men are there. Who is working to give them money? Parents.

          15. Justice says

            Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. Our government does not normally confiscate property of emigrants, however, many laws and regulations have been passed in recent years which allow many government agencies such as the I.R.S., O.S.H.A., E.P.A., B.L.M., and drug enforcement agencies to confiscate property from citizens that are considered rebels. Much of this confiscation is achieved without due process of law.

          16. Waykent says

            Thank you for admitting you hate immigrants.

          17. Jake Spooz says

            I hate the freeloading Muslims too, WayGay.

          18. Justice says

            Winston Churchill: 1920 “From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played a definitely recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century, and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads, and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”

          19. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          20. Guillermo3 says

            Time for Your Narcanon Meeting,Justice.That Hillbilly Heroin is doing a number on you!

          21. Justice says

            “The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American Branch of a society which originated in England … (and) … believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established.” —Professor of History Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University, in his book “Tragedy and Hope.”

          22. Waykent says

            Carroll Quigley was a known lunatic.

          23. Jake Spooz says

            Please provide proof.

          24. Justice says

            “New World Order Needed for Peace: State Sovereignty Must Go, Declares Notre Dame Professor” —title of article in The Tablet (Brooklyn) (March 1942).

          25. Justice says

            “All of us will ultimately be judged on the effort we have contributed to building a NEW WORLD ORDER.” —Robert Kennedy, former U.S. Attorney-General, 1967.

          26. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          27. Justice says

            “We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans…” —Bill Clinton USA Today – March 11, 1993, page 2a

          28. Waykent says

            Please provide proof. That is not proof.

          29. Justice says

            “If totalitarianism wins this conflict, the world will be ruled by tyrants, and individuals will be slaves. If democracy wins, the nations of the earth will be united in a commonwealth of free peoples, and individuals, wherever found, will be the sovereign units of the new world order.” —The Declaration of the Federation of the World, produced by the Congress on World Federation, adopted by the Legislatures of North Carolina (1941), New Jersey (1942), Pennsylvania (1943), and possibly other states.

          30. Jake Spooz says

            Waykent is a known homosexual.

          31. Waykent says

            Please, provide proof.

          32. Jake Spooz says

            Prove you are not.

          33. Waykent says

            That is not proof. Please provide proof.

          34. Jake Spooz says

            You are gay.

          35. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          36. Jake Spooz says

            You do not have sex with women.
            Ergo, you are gay.

            As you are not a priest. Did you go to mass today?

            Did the priest molest you again?

          37. Waykent says

            Thank you for proving you are a pedophile.

          38. Jake Spooz says

            Thank you for proving that you are gay, probably because you were your priests’ play toy.

          39. Waykent says

            Please provide proof, pedophile.

          40. Jake Spooz says

            Why are you a pedophile?

          41. Waykent says

            I am not. You are.

          42. Jake Spooz says

            I am not the one who was molested by his priest, you were.

          43. Jake Spooz says

            Your best friend told me.

          44. Waykent says

            Please provide proof, pedophile. That is not proof.

          45. Jake Spooz says

            Please provide proof, gay boy.
            That is not proof.

          46. Guillermo3 says

            You Should Know BETTER than to talk Facts and Reason here,pmbalele!!

          47. pmbalele says

            Well, two of my former CNAs got a CNA jobs for $22 per hour. I paid them $15.00. I was priced out by the government.

          48. Landshark says

            You are still as stupid as when I first read one of your posts. Yes. I had a job in 2008. And I had a job for the first quarter of 2009. THEN, after Obama’s “election” the job disappeared, along with the jobs of many others. And they didn’t go overseas.. We don’t build buildings overseas to transport to America. You can keep the illegal aliens up your ahole, you like them so much. And go back to your own country with them. I understand employers there are having a hard time finding workers.

          49. pmbalele says

            Did you say, ” you understand employers are having a hard time finding workers?” Why are employers having hard time finding local breeds? You and Repubs and
            TPs have taught your young people to be lazy. I watched the attendance at GOP debate and found 99% of audience was White people. Then go to beaches in Fl and Cal. Most young people there are Whites having deadly drugs and killing one another for insurance. Now you tell me who is working if people are at debates and at the beaches? Illegals. That is why owners of farm, factories, burger king, MacDonald’s etc are hiring illegals. The locals do not want to work. This is becoming Rome. Repubs and TPs are responsible for down fall of this Country. Do not vote for them next year.

          50. Justice says

            Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly. The Federal Reserve System was created in 1913. It is not federally owned and nothing is in reserve. It is a private corporation with the power to increase or decrease the money supply by changing the interest rates and the reserve requirements of its member banks. It can create money out of thin air, lend it to the government and then collect the principal and interest from the taxpayers. That is why its owners always have and always will promote war and socialism to create inextinguishable government debt.

            “Permit me to control the currency of a nation and I care not who makes its laws.” -Baron De Rothschild, brainchild of the Federal Reserve Bank.

            “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” -Thomas Jefferson

          51. Justice says

            Abolition of all right of inheritance. Our inheritance tax puts all rights of inheritance in jeopardy. Property tax, income tax, and inheritance tax, should be abolished because they are all direct taxes and they all violate our God-given property rights. They could be replaced with indirect taxes like sales tax, tobacco tax, alcohol tax, or gasoline tax. Some advantages of indirect taxes are:

            They are indeed Constitutional.
            Our privacy would be protected.
            Everyone who spends money participates including the super-wealthy, foreign visitors, illegal aliens, drug dealers, and others now in the underground economy.
            It is a pay as you go system – no April 15th.
            The IRS and all associated collection cost would be eliminated.
            Lower production cost will allow business to compete internationally.
            Prices would come down more than enough to cover the sales tax increase.
            Business would expand creating new jobs.
            The money now in off-shore tax-havens would flood back into this country stimulating the economy.
            Manufacturing would come back home absent the over-taxation and over-regulation that drove them to foreign countries.

          52. 657241 says

            Ha, ha, ha, what lies you spout. Those illegals are not looking for jobs. They are avoiding it even if you shove them to their faces. Why work when you get everything you need? They are here for the WELFARE Benefits: FREE FOOD, FREE HOUSING, FREE MONEY FOR THE CHILDREN, FREE TUITION, FREE EDUCATION, FREE CELL PHONE, FREE ABORTION, FREE HEALTHCARE. YOU ARE A FOOL IF YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL AND ARE LOOKING FOR ANY JOB. Show me an illegal and I will show you a welfare recipient.

            I heard DEMS will also give them cars and social security benefits and a RIGHT TO VOTE!! THE GREATEST VOTE-BUYING SCHEME EVER CREATED BY A POLITICAL PARTY.

          53. 3ronald1 says

            If they are not a citizen, they have no legal right to vote! We need to make sure they DON”T.

          54. 657241 says

            Illegals do vote. They voted democrat since time began. It is a given. Democrats are their enablers. They are issued IDs and driver’s licenses so they could vote. Almost all precincts do not ask for birth certificates, passports or citizenship papers. Just Driver’s licenses, even if they do not know how to drive. Amnesty is being pushed so illegals become citizens, so they could be vote. They are also encouraged to vote as many times as they can. Precinct hopping and flying voters are common

          55. 3ronald1 says

            I had heard it was true, but didn’t want to believe it. We need a change in the law concerning voting. It is fraudulent to allow a non-citizen to vote in any election. How did it ever come to be this lax? We are in DEEP TROUBLE if this isn’t stopped.

          56. Guillermo3 says

            What’s Your Bund called,Landshark?

          57. smokedsalmoned says

            He was half black like Barry and his dad left him just like barry

          58. Guillermo3 says

            Yuk,Yuk….Good One,Gomer!

          59. smokedsalmoned says

            The killer posted about how other shooters became known worldwide……their names even spoken by the president…….that’s why they don’t want his name spoken…..u are the bigot the racist and we will pray for u anyways

          60. Charles Burnes says

            What’s that you’re smoking

          61. Justice says

            A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. The income tax was imposed upon the people briefly after the War Between The Southern States and The dictatorial Federal Government. In 1895, The US Supreme Court abolished it with the words, “The income tax is indeed a direct tax and therefore unconstitutional”. The Court understood that, “No capitation, or other direct Tax shall be laid,…” Art. 1, Sec. 9, of the US Constitution, means exactly what it says. However, in 1913 there were enough socialist in Congress to again foist the income tax upon the people with the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. The income tax is not designed just to raise taxes, which could be accomplished very easily with a national sales tax. Instead, its goal is to punish achievement, invade privacy, and control the people through fear and intimidation from the most Gestapo-like arm of our government, the I.R.S.

          62. Waykent says

            What war between southern states?

          63. Jake Spooz says


          64. Justice says

            President Woodrow Wilson: 1916 “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

          65. The Capatin says

            Well said! 99 years later we’re in the same boat, with the Captain of The Titanic at the helm!

            “Nearer, my God to Thee, nearer to Thee…”

          66. Waykent says

            Provide proof, please.

          67. Waykent says

            Does the IRS summarily execute people?

          68. Justice says

            Thomas Jefferson: 1816 “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

          69. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          70. Guillermo3 says

            CRACKERS RULED in Roseburg!

          71. mary says

            The sheriff didn’t want to make him famous because that was the shooter’s goal. He was black, or like your hero Obama -biracial, and had muslim extremist propaganda on his computer. The sheriff and town could have used that to further hate but did not. You just showed yourself to be the racist sheep.

          72. pmbalele says

            I am a racist sheep? Then what a reason not to expose that criminal. He must have been related to you or the sheriff. And why were there no Black picketers or Black police. Still that county is full of bigots and racists.

          73. mary says

            Are you really this stupid? Is this the level of intelligence of an Obama voter? Wow. You think the sheriff didn’t release his name because he was a racist? The shooter was bi-racial and had a much darker skin tone than the lightened pictures of him splashed all over by the liberal media. He also had radical muslim propaganda on his computer and did blogs glorifying the most recent shooting by a GAY BLACK MAN of the t.v. journalists. If the sheriff was a racist, he would have shouted this was black, violent, terriorist, muslim scum targeting and murdering only good Christian American people. He did not. Unlike Obama, the sheriff was considerate of the grieving families and friends of those killed and wounded and did not want to give any press to this POS shooter. Obama was the one that used the pain of these people to further his own gun control agenda. Of course, when an illegal Mexican shot a white girl in San Francisco, crickets. When a muslim terrorist shot up a military recruiting office, crickets. Chicago weekends are a shooting free-for all, crickets. THAT is what those people were disgusted about and WHY they didn’t want Obama there. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin but the content of his character that intelligent American citizens can’t stand.

          74. pmbalele says

            Did you say he is lightened pictures of him? Sure he was mixed! That is what everybody is telling us. You must be a TP or Repub who think only Blacks commit crimes. And please leave President Obama alone. Remember Obama is another JFK. He has brought jobs from abroad; decommissioned Bin Laden, the Yemen and Benghazi guy. Let us thank Obama for making America the greatest country on earth again. You must be one of those adoring Trump. I have nothing against Trump – but you morons are calling Trump “Jesus of America.” Look at the internet today. Some Repubs and TPs are holding placard: “Thanks Jesus Trump.” The guy is divorced and still you call him ‘American jesus.” Shame on you. And what are you doing at home responding to my posting. Watch out – your husband might be behind you talking to man – that is me.

          75. mary says

            Oh, my! I have to stop with you now because I don’t ridicule mentally deficient people. Have a nice day!

          76. pmbalele says

            They are lying to you he was not white male.

          77. mary says

            You’re the one that said he was white!

          78. pmbalele says

            Read what I have posted. You must be one of those too.

          79. The Capatin says

            My how self-righteous and pathetic. Mary is right, you have no truth on which you can stand, so you blather all these Socialist precepts. Obama couldn’t match JFK on his BEST day.

            Have a great afternoon.

          80. Jimmy Quick says

            Wow. You are stupid. Obama is a the “turd in the punch bowl”, and has brought nothing of value to this nation. More to the point, he has stolen more from the American people than all the other presidents combined.

            I don’t write this for you because you are obviously demented, but other impressionable people need to be told that you are a liar just like your father, Satan, and that you should not be trusted even as much as a poisonous snake, and like your hero Obama, you are wholly worthless.

          81. pmbalele says

            I guess you were not living in 2008 when banks were closing, the federal government was penniless, GM was folding; unemployment was 12.5% guess price was 3.99 per gal. Now you have a job, a new car, you eat in restaurants, you pay your mortgage on time, you go to see those nude women in bars, you forgot that Obama brought prosperity. You must be a chronic Republican. You cannot see how Obama repaired the ruin caused by the Bushes and Reagan with their trickle-down economics or pure capitalism. I will pray for you.

          82. Jimmy Quick says

            National average for gas when Obama was elected = $1.78 per gallon. Within three months of Obama being coronated king, gas was over $2.50 per gallon.

            None of what you said is true. I don’t have a new car. I drive a junker that gets me their most of time. I lost my mortgaged house and am in a much smaller rental. I haven’t been to a bar in years and Obama has brought nothing but pain and disappear.

            Before Obama, I made an obscene income. I worked hard then, but now, I work twice as hard for less than 1/10th of what I used to make. In fact, even with my wife now working full time, our family is living below the national poverty level.

            You are just some kind of a fool to come around here preaching your rhetoric.

            I live to see Obama swing for what he has done to this nation, and for your information, the TRUE unemployment rate is closer to 30% right now, you idiot.

          83. pmbalele says

            Sorry for you. Laziness is your problem. That is how Rome fell. People wanted to be served instead of working. You may as well join TPs and Repubs. By other way did you watch the Democratic debate? That is what is going to be next year. Hillary will be crowned as next president. You and your friends such Trump will be left in the dust.

          84. Jimmy Quick says

            Maybe, but when the center pole finally gets kicked out and this show is all wrapped up, where are you gonna be?

          85. Charles Burnes says


          86. Tony Marcus says

            A precinct-by-precinctbreakdown of the official voting results from Wood County, Ohio, for the 2012 election shows that Barack Obama received nowhere close to 100% of the votes cast in any of that county’s 97 precincts. The highest percentage he achieved in any one precinct was 75.5%.
            The official Voter Turnout statistics for Ohio show Wood County recorded a total turnout of 64,342 voters, an amount far smaller than the number of registered voters in that county (108,014).

            To put it another way…your statement is a pack of lies, and you’re a liar, a dupe or both.

          87. Ralph V says

            Here!….here!…. you could spend all day writing rebuttals to the comments on here….very sad to think these people do vote….or perhaps most of them don’t bother…one can only hope.

          88. Ralph V says

            See reply to dcfla above!!

          89. Guillermo3 says

            IMPOSSIBLE !! For G.O.P.,FORCE and FARCE are IDENTICAL.

          90. Ralph V says

            Keep watching Fox network… will definitely receive propaganda that matches your views….seriously de voided of FACTS.

          91. muskat antonopolis says


          92. 657241 says

            Make sure voters are US citizens only. No illegals, No green card holders, or holders of worker permits, no pets and dead people, no incarcerated people and make sure these voters vote only once. Use the Iragi INK,(jentian violet ink) to make sure each registered voter, voted only once. No precinct hopping and no flying voters. Start purging the voter’s registration list now, to make sure only US citizens vote. Make sure all the military vote is counted.
            Very important: Ban the use of VOTING machines. These can be rigged BY EITHER PARTY. These ballots should be counted manually and witnessed and initialed by the precinct clerk from all parties, to make sure it is true and correct. It is NOT important that we will learn the election results at zero nano-second after the precincts closed. Do NOT announce the election results from the east coast until voting is complete in the west coast. Allow at least one hour to announce election results.
            Election ballot should be signed by voter and initialed by precinct voting clerks from all major parties.
            The paper ballot should not have the effect of “voting chads”. The box or circle of the chosen candidate should not have perforations. The circle should be filled in completely with black ink pen and the full name of the candidate WRITTEN in capital letters next to the PRINTED circle or box.

          93. fearlessolotraveler says

            “No matter WHO you vote for, the government STAYS IN POWER!”~Stefan Molynuex

          94. dcfla says


          95. fiftysevenchevy says

            GO Trump/Carson!!!!!!!!!!!

          96. David Hansen says

            After Kate was murdered in San Francisco, her bother was interviewed. The reporter asked if his parents got a call from Obama or anyone at the White house. He said no but they did get a call from Donald Trump. I thought that was very interesting.

          97. John Topper says

            Why, you voted W in twice!

          98. muskat antonopolis says

            jtop…not sure what you are asking me? are you saying G. “W” Bush?

          99. Guillermo3 says

            WELL,Since Hitler and Ceausescu are dead the G.O.P. will have to settle for Trump.

          100. fearlessolotraveler says

            If people want to know how “dumb and brain-washed” too many in this country are since the 1950’s, have a look at the “Jay Walking” episodes on YouTube. I was absolutely sickened to watch and listen to the literal IGNORANCE of “college students” (and older folks as well!) Mr. Leno interviewed people on the streets of America, asking SIMPLE questions that many fifth graders could probably answer!! John D. Rockefeller, maniacal patriarch of the deranged Rockefeller ilk said: “I don’t want a nation of thinkers; I want a nation of WORKERS!” (Baaaaaa!) Mission accomplished, Mr. Rockefeller!

          101. Upset Voter says

            He didn’t get the 2nd. election. He put his Muslim friends in to change all votes for Romney to Obama. This is a total felony and should be brought before the Supreme Court and try him for treason and voter fraud to us LEGAL AMERICANS! Al Sharpton owes $5 million in back taxes he never paid. If that was us we would be put in prison. I have never seen racism go up 100% since Obama took office. Let me get this clear. #1 I am not racist. I have many friends of color that are kind, intelligent and loving. #2 I am not a traitor. #3 I am a French/Italian American that was born in this country with both legal parents.

          102. dcfla says


          103. Psjlt says

            dcfla – I agree with pretty much all of what you said in your posts, but please, please stop yelling! All caps is either yelling or you are just lazy.

          104. smokedsalmoned says

            Can u hear the caps? Don’t be so petty

          105. proudtexan62 says

            I did the same dcfla but he was young and appealed to those who don’t take the time to research who is holding the highest office in the land before they fall in line behind him just as if he was the latest acid rock star or band. The young people weren’t the only ones and we know who the others were. The young people have, for the most part, come to their senses and will never do that again. They have the intelligence to see what and who Obama really is. Those who continue to support him have an agenda just like him and, for the most part, that’s a paycheck and not having to do anything at all except what they are told to earn it. The rest who don’t qualify in the above statement are just dyed in the wool liberals who would vote for a Democrat no matter who and what they are and what they have done to this country and US….matters not to them. They are just like the one in office today and at least two of them who are running for 2016 and are the image of him, same ideology.

          106. John Topper says

            and as a Republicant, you don’t do the exact same thing for the same reasons?

          107. smokedsalmoned says

            Harry Reid refused to vote on over 300 house rep bills so who really is the party of can’t and no my sheep like friend

          108. David Hansen says

            please no more caps. Obama is a bum. ZYou can say it in small letters

          109. smokedsalmoned says

            U can’t hear caps stop being so g– about it

          110. Jimmy Quick says

            And have you noticed how the self righteous pricks still won’t admit that they screwed up?

          111. John Topper says

            why are you yelling?…Using all caps is the internet form of yelling.

          112. smokedsalmoned says

            Petty much

          113. jaybird says

            They are changing the schools history books now on what happened back when George Washington was fighting for this country. They will say he made America better. Just make sure your grandchildren know the truth.

          114. Jimmy Quick says

            Ya, they preached the same garbage about Lincoln and most people today are still clueless of the fact that Lincoln started he civil war over money and it had nothing to do with slavery.

          115. smokedsalmoned says

            Please explain your story and prose legit sources

          116. Jimmy Quick says

            Too much work today. Go back and read my past comments on the subject or do your own research. It’s not too hard to find the Truth if you want it.

          117. smokedsalmoned says

            U lie or u prove It, now get to work and repost citing sources or be branded a liar

          118. Jimmy Quick says

            I don’t work for you, you arrogant little POS. If you can’t do a little research on your own, then you are branded an incompetent idiot and just another poorly cast product of the public school system. So eat that and piss off.

          119. proudtexan62 says

            I have made CERTAIN my grandchildren know the truth and much to my surprise, they knew it before I had to tell them. They are college age and have minds of their own that can’t be tainted by scam artists like Obama and the Democrat Party.

          120. John Topper says

            NO only by a bull shit artist like Trump!

          121. smokedsalmoned says

            So u think he didn’t make America better?

          122. John Topper says

            No Mr. Quick….that will be your George W. Bush. ….already been analyzed and documented…but then again, like many of your party, facts and documentation and proof are not relevant…just what FAUX makes up is.

          123. David Hansen says

            John, What candidate do you favor? Would that be Hillary perhaps?

          124. John Topper says

            NO, Mr. Hansen, I do not prefer Mrs. Clinton at this time. I feel her past history, not her accomplishments, are counterintuitive and derisive.

          125. David Hansen says

            John you’tr right about Hillary. You must be in favor of someone. Could it be Joe Biden? his son being kicked out of the Navy for failing a drug test is not his fault

          126. John Topper says

            Mr. Biden seems like a good fellow, but I don’t think his heart is in politics anymore after his sons death PLUS it’s only 13 months till the election.

          127. Jimmy Quick says

            # 1 – I don’t know you and you don’t know me. # 2 – Your attitude towards others is pretty poor considering the fact that most the people just want the Truth, nothing more, nothing less. # 3 – Bush didn’t act alone and all the back bitters were in on it with him. I don’t white wash what he did and I don’t think this nation has seen a president since Reagan that actually cared about our nation. # 4 – I don’t need to cling to some party or affiliation for my identity. I am a free thinker and I follow the facts, wherever they may lead. # 5 – Try to think a little before you post something on this site. You might find it a little less embarrassing and possibly, you could even learn a little something or is that what you fear the most?

          128. Ralph V says

            Unfortunately for you, this President will be seen historically, as a very progressive leader, who didn’t have the support of the fragmented Republican Party to take this nation into the future.

          129. Jimmy Quick says

            Into the future of what? You call a 7th century cult of murder and mayhem futuristic? Why not do us all a favor and pay some muslim a quarter to cut off your head, cause you haven’t got a clue how to use it and the people in this country who are not traitors just don’t need you around anyhow.

        2. fiftysevenchevy says

          I consider him LOWER than Whales dump!!!!!!!

          1. Pamela says

            Yes or worse. I like you ID and that car! I started High School in 1966 and my first car that my dad bought for me was a 56′ chevy, turquoise and white. It was in perfect condition and I loved that car. Wish I had it now! There was a gas war going on at the time and gas was 18 to 20 cents a gallon. I had 2 riders that I picked up for school each morning and I charged them $1 a week each for gas and $2 filled up the gas tank, hahaha. The good ole days…

          2. smokedsalmoned says

            Who Obama?

        3. Guillermo3 says

          WOW,Pamela just like You:NOTHING!

          1. Pamela says

            no, like you and everyone that voted for him. You mean absolutely nothing to this country! You helped him ruin this country, congratulations Mr. Nobody.

          2. Guillermo3 says

            Pamela: is that with a “P” for Pathetic?

          3. Pamela says

            NO, P for PEACE on earth, good will toward men. Are you a man? Then learn how to look on the inside instead of the outside and you just might learn something!

          4. Cdreeder says

            you ARE the base of the left tarded twats of 0 bunghole…you are an idiot

      2. jreg9304 says

        the Sheriff out there should arrest him as a traitor as soon as his feet touch pavement.. then escort him to the middle of town and behead him muslim style, for the whole country to watch..

        1. Tricia Harris says

          Oh now THAT would give all of us a great pleasure to see his sorry treasonous butt arrested as soon as AF1 landed! I LOVE THAT THOUGHT!

          1. jreg9304 says

            that county’s sheriff has the authority. there is no doubt..

          2. David Hansen says

            How about Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Now that would be something. However, even if the sheriff has the authority and jurisdiction to do so….good luck getting past the security. No one will be allowed to touch the POS in the WH no matter who it is.

          4. proudtexan62 says

            Unfortunately, that is very true!!!

          5. Tricia Harris says

            Well, more and more of the folks across America are getting more fed up with his treasonous actions. And he’s thrown the Secret Service under the bus so many times now, it’s a huge surprise that any of them are will to protect his sorry ASS! May be not so much longer and we’ll see him awaiting hanging after conviction of treason!

        2. Al says

          He’s a muslim.

          1. jreg9304 says

            are you talking about the sheriff or Obama.??

          2. Al says

            Obama of course. He’s the one with the prayer matt in his back pocket.

          3. jreg9304 says

            i was hoping you’d say him. president sheep fu86er that is…:) the sheriff is a Patriot, Obugerer is not..

          4. Al says


          5. John Topper says

            N O T

          6. Al says

            You don’t believe he’s a muzzie? LOL

        3. David Hansen says

          He sure is a muslim ( make that moose limb) There is more than one item on u tube where he says the koran is the most beautiful…….in the world. Ugh barf puke Obozo is enough to peg your gas reflex

          1. jreg9304 says

            well buddy, start fartin, because he is coming to a town near you. hahahaha. lets hope the Oblister pop’s and dies between now and then…

        4. Jimmy Quick says

          Man, I’m only sorry I can’t give you more up votes.

        5. John Topper says

          jreg….expect a visit from the secret service. oh, BTW, he is a Christian for the millionth time…

          1. jreg9304 says

            prove it.!!! and not from what i have heard and read.. so, prove it, that he is christian. also the secret service can do zilch. free speach, no law agains’t it…. !!!!!

          2. jreg9304 says

            like i said libtard prove he is a christian…

          3. smokedsalmoned says

            He says he is but in his own books he mentions he joined rev wrights church to get street credit.

          4. David Hansen says

            John, Obama is a Muslim. Do you think it would be all right for Christians to pray in front of the White House? I think you’ve had a little too much kool aid

        6. smokedsalmoned says

          I didn’t vote for Barry but don’t say that stuff out loud

      3. dcfla says


      4. Mark Clemens says

        When will Obama ask the Muslims to stop clinging to their guns and religion?
        How many Syrian Refugees will need a background check, before entering our country?
        Ali Akkbar = Towel head soup!

        1. jaybird says

          They will need them but doubt they will get them or they will overlook who they are and what they have done.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I’m with Hungry and the Slovak Nations. Send the refugees back home. At the best, we should be very picky who we allow in our country. We don’t need every Hussein, Mohammad, or Yousaff in here. Until we FOR SURE 100% who they really are, and what they did in Syria before ISIS came to town. Collage graduates only. They need us, we don’t need them. We have a illegal Mexican problem, as it is………

          2. jaybird says

            Have you seen the video’s of the refugees at the train station in Germany throwing the food & water on the train tracks that the Red Cross is handing out. They would not let the children have any either. The men 16-49 need to be sent back to fight for their own country. A woman on the train understood their language and the men were talking about robbing her or taking her as a hostage for money. They trashed the inside of the train station. You can probably google it.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            No, but I’m not surprised. Muslims get out of hand about how their food is prepared. Reckon SPAM don’t meet their high standards. You are right, I’ll even take it one step further.
            Those people don’t deserve a country. They ruin their holy land, like cowards run and expect the west to give them a mule and 10.
            Hell, I hope they keep throwing the food away. The more that starve to death, the less to infect the world.
            I think the Pope should bless all the water that gets handed out to them…………

        2. Jimmy Quick says

          I got to admit, that’s funny.

      5. John Topper says

        this administration has dome more so you can keep your guns, that the previous two Republicant ones. Read before shooting ( off your mouth ).

        1. smokedsalmoned says

          How much weed do u smoke per day

        2. David Hansen says

          John, i suppose you like planned parenthood too. Killing babies like they do is too much for me. Lay off the kool aid

          1. John Topper says

            Yes, I do like Planned Parenthood also. Hope your sitting down Mr. Hansen because I have a NEW thought for you today. Planned Parenthood, by it’s mission of providing Women’s Health care PREVENTS more abortions than it performs. OK, breathe, breathe. Read it again SLOWLY!

        3. Jimmy Quick says

          Are you a fool? Since day one Obama has had as his # 1 goal, to take away the peoples right to self defense. I’ll even go as far as to say that it seems a little suspicious how none of these mass shooters are ever captured because they all end up dead, usually by their own hand. I know that most people live in a bubble and just to take a look outside and see reality happening is more than they can take, but for your own sanity, you need to stop trying to cover up everything and pretend it is not happening.

      6. Guillermo3 says

        Yeah,NOTHING Worse than Culture!

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Yeah, don’t you wish you had some? I do.

      7. fearlessolotraveler says

        Bravo, JQ! “He is, what he is!” You’ve said it honestly and accurately! I remember an FB posting after that last false flag where he is angrily shouting: “How many more of these massacres do I HAVE TO ORCHESTRATE before you Americans let me take your guns?” I’m guessing that FB post was photo-shopped (the sentence, that is!) but even if he was quoted as saying that, I doubt many of the 320,000,000 in this country would have actually understood “our refusal to comply” is THE REAL REASON he was (and still is!) so pissed! Yep, he’s angry and frustrated WE WON’T blithely “hand over our guns” so we can be quickly and quietly subjugated like the Aussie and Brits!

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Talk to the police. If they are being honest, they will all tell you, the last thing they will ever do is to allow a perp to disarm them. It is nothing like Hollywood where everyone puts down their gun and gets into a fist fight. In the real world, when you drop your defenses, you become the victim and a fool as well.

          Obama has proven to be a liar on all levels and of despicable character. There is absolutely no reason to ever trust this person.

    2. Beeotchstewie says


    3. jaybird says

      Post a guard at the room door of the victims at the hospital and don’t let him in. I would not want him disturbing my child who is recovering and not feeling good.

      1. proudtexan62 says

        I would tell him to get away from me and my child and don’t come back. I can only imagine how hard it is for those people to have him in the same city with that scum, knowing that he has no care, no compassion and no sympathy for them or all those 13 who were murdered but simply USING THEM to further his agenda to disarm America. Luckily for us all, that will never happen but he will never stop trying until someone shows him first hand it’s NEVER GOING TO BE.

        1. jaybird says

          I hope it won’t happen but he is determined, I am always signing petitions and writing my state representatives, governor and Federal representatives. I hope everyone on here does that. That is how we got Boehner out, I get over a 100 Conservative letters daily and a lot have petitions that you can sign. When you look at what the UN/dictators are trying to do to us that they have already done to their people it is scary. They are putting UN troops in the US to stop domestic terrorist in the big cities. They were advertising for a person with 7 yrs disarmament experience in their NYC office on the government website. Google the UN meeting that was in Mexico a couple of weeks ago and read. Everyone needs to be getting all the information that comes to these sites and get involved with their representatives. When ever you see that someone in the government has a meeting = google it to find out what went on.

          There is an 86 yr old grandma that owns a gun shop in Roseburg, OR and she called him the Executive Anus.

    4. jreg9304 says

      ha ha ha for sure and that home is where he soaks his head. the throne in the Whitehouse bathroom..ha ha ha ha ha…

    5. Juan TwoTree says

      He’s a lieing friggin ‘knicler’ Muslim Brotherhood puke!

    6. Al says


    7. fiftysevenchevy says

      I say send his rotten MuSLIME a$$ back to Kenya where he was born & where he belongs!!!!!!!

    8. snowyriver says

      If you google the phrase below you can make up your own mind as to where Obama was born…..
      “Kenyan Parliament Admits Obama is Not a Native American”

    9. Spark1845 says

      Some say he WILL NOT FINISH he second term? I thought he would not finish the first one. He is a HORRIBL thing. Not even a person in my opinion. Just a piece of SHIT put here to destroy. Anyone who likes the guy is my ENEMY. PERIOD. WE have to take him OUT of office and JAIL him.

    10. John Topper says

      been documented, but to you “birthers” that doesn’t matter. HE IS AN AMERICAN!

      1. jimdarnall says

        Sorry to say though it won’t matter a former official from his African home just confirmed Obama was born there. Sorry to throw a wrench in the false document saying he was born in the US. Bet you cant prove it one way or another.

      2. smokedsalmoned says

        Hillary started the norther thing. Fyi

      3. David Hansen says

        John, he was born in Kenya. Michelle said so in a speech by mentioning Kenya as Barack’s home country.

    11. Guillermo3 says

      REALLY? What then is the President’s nationality?

      1. jimdarnall says

        You tell us. He was raised not in the US. His brother is in Africa. He went to Muslim school as a child. A retired official in Africa said he was born in Africa. There is a real possibility he is not an American citizen but the truth is. Dah!!!

    12. Michael Dennewitz says

      Ummmm, the little porch monkey is NOT OUR PRESIDENT !!

  6. Elizabeth Fortin says

    Don’t they mean stay home (go back) in Kenya? Even Kenya didn’t want him the last time he went to visit because they didn’t want him to push his ssm on them. He’s a “man (if you can call him/it that) without a country”. No one wants him.

    1. Conservative says

      He can always go back to Chicago where he will always be welcomed in the ‘smoke filled rooms that make up the Democratic politicians.

  7. Conservative says

    Obama is such an ignorant klutz to go where he is not wanted. As the Country’s #1 narcissist he just believes that everyone should be thrilled to have him ‘crash’ their most solemn moments. He just cannot even let the dead rest in peace.

  8. terryk says

    Count on Obama politicizing his visit for his anti gun agenda . Saying he won’t is just another one of his many lies.

  9. John Q. Public says

    What _ ss bags !!! And they wonder why America is rejecting the republican party !!!

    1. Tricia Harris says

      What kind of lunatic are YOU? Good grief! America is NOT rejecting the Republican Party – we are REJECTING the sorry morals and no values of the Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Communists, and Socialists who are killing OUR country! Obama is the WORST OF THE WORST and a sorry example to politicize a killing he encouraged in the first place. He belongs at the end of a NOOSE! And YOU are a horrible for having no sympathy for the people in this down – you are as bad as the POS occupying the White House!

      1. ErnieLane says

        I have been a loyal Republican voter since 1968 . . . but I think the country _is_ rejecting the Republican _Party_. I think most Republicans are conservatives first and Republicans second, and vote Republican because that’s been the “natural” choice. You can see my point in the increasing numbers of Republicans that didn’t vote for McCain or Romney . . . and even more will stay home in 2016 unless the nominee is either a true conservative or a non-politician. I like to say that the Republicans will take you to the same place as the Democrats, just slower.

        1. Tricia Harris says

          Well, in that light I agree with you. I thought you were simply saying Americans were rejecting Republicans because they more agreed with the Communist Democrat side. I think you are right. I voted for McCain and Romney in the General election because there was no choice – I did NOT vote for either of them in the Primary because neither of them would have been good for the country. McCain is really no better than Obama in my opinion. We can’t afford Jeb Bush or Marco or any of the RINOs – and although I love what Trump is SAYING, I don’t think he has the polish or class to be the President, but I’m thrilled that he’s forcing these issues. My pick is still Ted Cruz – he’s brilliant, Conservative, has a lot of class, UNDERSTANDS the Constitution and loves this country – great combination. And thank you for the clarification – I agree with you.

          1. ErnieLane says

            I think there are very few die-hard Republicans like there are die-hard Democrats. Most Republicans are conservative; they just vote Republican because there is no place to go. But, like me, they are giving up on the _Party_. I was hoping someone like Cruz would have left the Party and started a new, conservative one the day after the 2014 midterms. I think that then, he would have sufficient time to supplant the Republican Party as the alternative to the Democrats. Our electoral system ensures it will be a two-Party system, but there is no inherent why one of them has to be the Republican Party. To the people that tell me not voting Republican is effectively a vote for Hillary (or whomever): if I vote Republican, and get someone who said he was conservative but turns out RINO, I’m disappointed, think I wasted my vote, all. If a Democrat wins, at least we know what we’re getting and what to expect. I’d rather get the second option.

  10. US Army Retired says

    We all what Barack Insane Obama to go home. Hey Barry Kenya called your hut is ready.

    1. 0331Tap says

      Stop it…It hurts when I laugh this hard…LOL

  11. Gerald A. Reason says

    It is not this man’s race, as some comments seem to think, but his ruthless pursuit of the destruction of our Constitution and the American value system, which make him a disgrace to this nation. To understand him, one must think of what makes up the mindset of a third world dictator. “Lust for Power” with an agenda. The one main difference is, this man’s use of power is being manipulated by others who’s goal is far from the best interests of the American people. It is not his lack of compassion, nor his stand on gun control which make him who he is. It appears to be his lack of moral character and his demonstrated belief that the vision of our founding fathers is outdated and bad for the people, coupled with the appearance of being totally inept, that make him a danger to America. (I am not sure if it is his ineptness or his deliberate behavior with a sinister motive, that we are seeing).

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      I agree completely with one small caveat. He has used the race card masterfully to stay in office. No white president could have been able to get away with all the anti-American atrocities this lying Muslim traitor has. His skin color matters only in the fact that he uses it to get his way. It is shameful to behold.

      1. Gerald A. Reason says

        You are right there. But, that is part of his agenda to divide this nation. He picks at a weak spot and rips it open. I don’t think “shameful” is a strong enough word. Treasonous seems to fit better. But that is my opinion and I see many do not share my opinions.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          I agree completely, I was keeping it low key. The lying Muslim is and always has been 100 percent an anti-American Muslim supporting traitor who has done everything he can to destroy this nation from within since he crawled out of Satan’s ass. Does that cement to you where I stand on this POS?

          1. Landshark says

            Glad to see someone else paying attention to what is really happening in America. Congress certainly is not.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            They get paid handsomely to look the other way. That has always confounded me that they are selling out their own families and future generations of their relatives for nothing more than abject greed. That sentiment applies to every single member of both houses, regardless of party affiliation.

          3. Landshark says

            I could not agree more. We are being and, have been duped, by people who care for nothing but the cash they can squeeze from our pockets.

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            We are in for a really bumpy ride. We will win in the end, just how many will die defending our liberty is the question.

          5. Landshark says

            The really unsettling issue is after centuries of having the best way to protect freedom for us and the rest of the world, we now find our government making deals with criminals and despots the world over to line their own pockets while they steal all the money they can from us. And give it to people who don’t give a damn about freedom.

          6. Beeotchstewie says

            NWO has their hands all over this mess.

        2. David Hansen says

          Gerald, You are right. There are still a few quacks that like Obozo for some strange reason but most realize that he is a menace

  12. kotoc says

    I wonder what Obummer would think if he had some big, fancy affair planned, with a long, drawn out speech prepared for him… he gets there, and nobody shows up. Just the sound of crickets and an empty auditorium or courtyard, wherever it might happen. And what if a minute few showed up just for the opportunity to boo him off the stage. It might be cool to see on the news a bunch of rotten tomatoes thrown at him as well. He should know NOT to go, but being the narcissist he is, he’s blind and deaf to Americans.

    1. sherri palmer says

      I always think about when he is giving a speech,in the house, they should not applaude when he enters, and then when he begins to speak, they should stand up and leave

      1. kotoc says

        Even then I don’t think Obama would take the hint. In his over inflated ego, his reaction would likely be “Wow, I must have been more effective than I thought! They’re so enlightened now, they think everything that needs to be said has already been said.”

    2. Beeotchstewie says

      I wold pay to see some apes pelt him with their feces. That would be viral internet gold.

      1. kotoc says

        That would be a funny sight to see, indeed! I would pay PLENTY to see that happen! LMAO!!

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Maybe we could have those who paid to attend get to chuck a few nuggets his way too! I am sure that would be fine with them.

  13. KingoLingus says

    That turd follow’s the Demonrat mantra of “never let a good crisis go to waste” a little too dam close! When is he going to just SHUT UP any way?

  14. Dennis McLain says

    I stand with the people of Roseburg. It is not a question of being whatever party you belong to, it is a question of are you using these people in their time of grief for political purposes. That shows zero compassion for their sorrow and shows a strong dislike for America and their people because of YOUR own needs. You, Mr. So-called president need to step down and disappear to save any narcissistic face you have left. The shame is on you!

  15. Philip Allen says

    Obama only cares about what Obama wants. Shootings and death mean nothing to him. What did he do about the four citizens killed in Bengazi? Nothing. What did he do to prevent all the Christians being killed in the Middle East? Nothing. And I’m sorry to say he doesn’t care about the killings in Rosebud, Oregon. He is only using it for political gain and to advance his gun control stand. The same way he uses the riots in Missouri to advance his agenda of the police being corrupt and targeting blacks. Instead of uniting his agenda id to divide people and pit races against each other. This has been the case time and time again with Obama. If he truly cares about people getting killed why hasn’t he gone to Chicago where crime and shootings has risen dramatically? Not enough publicity and doesn’t meet his political agenda. God Bless the people of Rosebud, Oregon and they are right on about Obama coming to promote his agenda. I say leave the people of Rosebud, Oregon alone and let them heal however they want to and see fit, but again you know nothing about respect or privacy. Need I Say More?

    1. HardnoseMP says

      There killed 62 in Chicago last month=Obama didn’t go there to comfort the families !!!

      1. Beeotchstewie says

        The victims and the perpetrators are almost all black in Chicago, so that does not fit his evil white devils out to kill all blacks agenda.

  16. Dawn says

    They are so right. Never mentioned the atrocity that took place, nor prayers for
    the families etc. It was another grand stand exhibition which is unforgivable.
    He needs to stay put or better yet, resign and let the country regain its dignity.
    Worse jerk ever to be in our WHITE HOUSE.

  17. ralph says

    Roseburg you are the best thing I have hearf out of this country in seven years may GOD Bless you all and may you all not turn your backs on him for that would mean that he is there but to completely shut down the town while it is in the area

  18. Mark Clemens says

    ……..Well one county of people want Obama to stay home, the rest of the nation wants Obama to GO HOME (Where ever in the hell that is)

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      It is Hell itself he crawled out of.

  19. Don Wreyford says

    Wow even the dumb downed Americans of all colors on both sides of the fence see him as a traitor,way past time.maybe we could stand as Americans and rid ourselves of ovomit and thugs

  20. Tricia Harris says

    If I were living there, I’d bring a group to protest his arrival with signs telling this sorry POS to GO HOME – HE IS NOT WELCOME HERE! I understand respecting the OFFICE of President, but this sorry excuse deserves NO RESPECT! GO HOME and tout your sorry agenda to the liberals who agree with YOU – the rest of us DO NOT!

  21. Jr1776 says

    Gun control is people control, car’s kill more people ban those you morons! read history !

  22. hdrider says

    I cannot remember who said it but it seems that ” The person who is best suited to RUN for and win the Presidency is too often times not the best suited to BE the President. Obozo is a perfect example of this,

  23. HardnoseMP says

    Obama should apologize for promoting “Gun Free Zones” and admit that they have allowed crazies and cowards to kill our children all over the country=all of his liberal gun laws have been a complete failure with negative results=the results speak for themselves=God Bless the good people of Roseburg !!!

  24. Dolores Wieland says

    Obama was wrong in making Roseburg a political statement and politicizing his gun control. Only dumb libtards listen to him these days, it seems

  25. Gunflint Roseberg says

    More & more Democrats are finally waking up, & becoming very vocal. They now realize the most dangerous Muslim Terrorist in the US, is the one sitting in Washington, DC.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      In the Rainbow Mosque 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, District of Corruption.

      1. Gunflint Roseberg says

        Yep, That’s the Place!

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Isis’ western headquarters.

          1. Gunflint Roseberg says

            And Recruiting Station….Wonder what their motto is?

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            How do you say “Kill Whitey” in Arabic?

          3. Gunflint Roseberg says

            ضارب للبياض القتل

  26. Marilynn Reeves says

    Stay home? I want him to go home to Kenya.

  27. jerry young says

    if the media would have posted an unedited photo of the Oregon shooter as being black instead of white would obama have said anything? except that’s my boy! stay home obama is not the right statement, the right one is obama go back home to kenya where you belong! and take all your hate for America and your muslim trash with you

  28. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Odumba==The Divider of our Nation & Not a Uniter. As a Muslim, Presidential Tyrant, & Liar he’s doing a fine job I give him an A+.

  29. MeecheMill says

    Jerk – he is not wanted there because those people are wise to his intentions! He wants to go so he can blame all gun owners instead of the terrorist who killed 13 students! Does anyone make the connection between the shootings at this College and the three men who stopped the terrorist on the train in France? One of those 3 men was signed up for this campus and would have been in that very room the shooter opened fire on, killing 13 – the only reason the hero was not there is because he agreed to be on Dancing with the Stars and was in California instead of that classroom. NOW, yesterday, the second one of the three hero’s was stabbed numerous times in the stomach.and the mob of thugs who attacked him, jumped in a car and have not been captured! The media is claiming it is NOT related to the train terrorist in France – Does this sound off key to the rest of America? Apparently the three hero’s are being targeted and the Media is covering it up!!! Wake up America –

    1. Emma says

      Likely on obamas’ orders.
      I believe these shooters are being “programmed” to do these mass shootings .
      All were seeing shrinks & on psych drugs.
      Yes.. I do believe this regime is behind all this in order to further their agenda to frighten & disarm America .
      When a people are disarmed they are defenseless & contolled. Easy pickin’s

  30. Taladad says

    Perhaps he would like Kenya – his birthplace.

  31. mary ann oyanib says

    A desperate man who wants his way to gain political victory and dismiss integrity which he has none. Sad and we call him President?.

  32. Patriot47 says

    Me too. Back to Nigeria.

  33. Gerry Costa says

    He will have his battalion of troops to round the people up and bring them to him if for nothing more than a photo op. He just doesn’t or doesn’t want to get it but people are tired of his BS rhetoric and his bring down America agenda. I do believe the people of Roseburg will be forced to meet with him. If we had a Congress with any guts and brains at all he would have been ousted years ago.

  34. Ddenney1 says

    Never let a crisis go to waste??? How about keep the “waste” out of a crisis!!! Why can people not see he screws up every time he does something! It use to be said in politics are you better off now than 4 years ago after 0 it’s do you have ANYTHING left you had 4 years ago??? Cruz 2016

  35. EdStone says

    Obigears needs to go back to Chicago where people “respect” him? He needs to leave office
    Everyone knows his socialist agenda and want nothing to d with it. In fact, obigears can take his son, boehner, with him

  36. andrew says

    A fitting reception for Mr. Oblowhard, is when he takes the stage to address the situation with his rhetoric.. all attendees should simply turn their backs on him, with copious Booing…

    I’m thinkin’ the Fool has a lot of audacity even attempting to go to Roseburg !!!

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      A bunch of pig blood strewn about would send the lying Muslim a very clear message as well.

      1. andrew says

        Get radical… how about hosing him down with pig-blood from a garden sprayer…

  37. Paladin says

    If this reporting is true, no one should enter ‘raisin nut’s’ speaking venue… and better yet, stay home!!!

  38. The Capatin says

    I refuse to make any ignorant, racist comments. The deterioration of our social structure over the past 7 1/2 years should illustrate how well thia “Chicago Machine” politician has used the Leftist sympathies (and mantras) to excellent effect. It has rent the fabric of our society, fomented hate and discontent, taxed us into poverty and sewn the seeds of viiolence and racial strife.

    Look carefully at how he as dismantled our economy under the guise of “protecting the environment” and “saving the children”. He brazenly stated that we need to “politicize” the tragedy at Umpqua Community College. The mand possesses all the class, subtlety and warmth of a cobra. I have seen more compassion and understanding from a Miami street pimp.

    Ever the mass manipulator and panderer, he uses the visceral reactions of the uninformed to fortify and promote what will “feed the machine” and give the tyranical Left more power.

    The man is a disgusting developmentof our “politically correct” (read: Nazi-inspired) culture. In 1935 Hitler praised the German people for “entering a new period of peace and culture, through the removal of personal arms from society. This gave his troops the freedom to burn and raid the Jewish ghettos. Look up “Krystalnacht” and it will refresh your memory of the tragic, racist results.

    This mook is a 2015 model of the Original National Socialist Party of Germany.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      Precisely why I call him Blitler. (Black Hitler)

      1. David Hansen says

        It would be tough to compare Obummer to Hitler. he doesn’t have any hair on his upper lip and I don’t think he knows how to paint.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          I doubt he even is able to mark his own golf scorecard himself.

  39. TexRancher says

    Obama is just using this as another photo op for his gun control. (Confiscation) The people of Roseburg deserve better, but they won’t be getting from it Kenya Boy! He just wants this as a step to his planned tyranny for this country. He’s already shown that he has NO respect for our laws as evidenced by his repeated circumvention of the Constitution and he’ll use anybody and any event to promote it!

    Ask him what he’s doing about the average 9 thousand AMERICANS killed every year by ILLEGAL INVADERS! Or his turning more of those criminals loose on our streets. Yet, he wants to turn Roseburg into a political spectacle! I hope they run his Axx out of town!

  40. kotoc says

    Here’s a good example of Obama’s way of thinking… A white cop kills a black criminal in self defense… Obama: “We have a racist problem.” A black man kills 3 white people in a racist rampage. Obama: “We have a gun problem.”

  41. jjmcl431 says

    it is really sad that Obama has driven the people of any town or city to the point that almost all want the POTUS to not come to their town.

  42. Pamela says

    Keep his demonic sorry a@@ out of there. You do not want him there because there are probably 1000 demons piggy backing on him to get into your community. I would call the WH and tell them to STAY OUT!

  43. Tony Vidak says

    Yes- welcome him gladly, then let the shooter take him out! He’s facing murder charges, but he’d be a national hero if you let him get one more!

  44. muskat antonopolis says

    I believe that the Pres, was sincere in his “anger and frustration” at the killings in roseburg…..He just
    simply is too ordinary, not politically savy, if I may too human to be the Pres…..his outlook on things
    like roseburg compare to no less than much of the posts I read on the net……emotional, unthoughtout
    knee jerks ……dosent look good coming from any President…..past time for a CHANGE….

  45. richard schlinder says

    This response from this Oregon community is amazing and wonderful.Even in their sorrow,they can still view the truth. These are people of courage.I salute them.

  46. Katherin O'Day says

    It would be better if Obama went to Roseburg and THE PEOPLE NOT SHOW UP. Give him the same respect he showed them on the day of the shooting. The whole community should not show up and they should not give interviews to his propaganda hammer, the Media. Let their SILENT PROTEST speak and shame the president. Their SILENT PROTEST and NOT SHOWING UP will speak louder than any megaphone ever could and the rest of America will hear as the world listens. Obama turned his back on the nation, now the nation turns their back on him. He is no longer deserving of their respect and all future commemorations given to a former president should be stripped.

  47. Frick says

    Since they ARE NOT interested in meeting with the guy, maybe he should forget jetsetting there and QUIT talking about my 4 cyl carbon footprint!!!!!

    1. ErnieLane says

      I wonder when is the last time Obama did not travel for 48 consecutive hours. It is just mid-boggling how much money has been spent on his travel, in comparison to all previous Presidents.

      1. Katherin O'Day says

        He has to bankrupt the country as quickly as possible, he only has one year left.
        It took 43 presidents 200 years to accumulate a total of $ 6.3 trillion … it took Obama the FIRST TERM = 4 YEARS to accumulate a total of $ 6.9 trillion. Today he’s almost brought that total up to $ 19 trillion. If he reaches $24 trillion before he leaves office, he will have brought the USA to the same place as Greece = bankrupt. America will be lost to the people forever.

      2. Frick says

        wasington is sickening!!!!! especially the president, pelosi, reid, and a WHOLE bunch of others!!!!!

  48. daveveselenak says

    He is the Devil’s Advocate setting the world on fire and instigating the implementation of the One World Government, the reason that this demonic psychopath was implanted as “Dick-taker-N-Thief”! Loretta Lynch has floated the [ Strong Cities] or some such One World policing that is coming to AMERIKA! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – bet on it! mInr, NSA!

  49. Don in USA says

    Put that son of a bitch in JAIL and he will stay out of Oregon. Somebody needs to arrest him for TREASON Why isn’t that happening?

  50. ErnieLane says

    It’s too bad they didn’t move the funerals up to yesterday and not tell the
    White House. When he lands in Roseburg, they ask, “why are you here?”

  51. ErnieLane says

    The family members should just not meet with him.

  52. Bob Ware says

    The muslim-in-chief enemy agent can’t stay home from this because he doesn’t respect anyone but himself. If he shows hopefully they will tell him to leave and then turn their backs on him and speak among themselves while he speaks.

  53. PayTheMan says

    Obama was speaking to and invigorating his base. He was not attempting to talk to people like those on this site. The other side felt he hit it dead on. You all feel his blew it. That is the nature of this debate and much of our national discourse.

  54. A natural born American says

    A few years ago one popular dictionary included Rachel Ray’s ‘EVOO’ in their dictionary. The next printing of that same dictionary just might show a picture of barrack obama as an outstanding example of the meaning/definition of the word ‘divisive’.

    The last time there was so much divisiveness in this country was when some states tried to exercise what they understood to be their constitutional right of self governing.

  55. pmbalele says

    Davis Jaques and people in Rosenberg must be violent and racists. There is no reason for them to disinvite the Leader of the Free World to come to see his people. In fact looking at the picture of the people, I did not see any Blacks. That means the town or village is full of racists. I have just been wondering why some people are still racist even today. It’s stupidity.

  56. Lizard says

    I would like Muslim to go back Kenya and do america favor

  57. icemancold says


    1. Katherin O'Day says

      Did you notice for the first few days the media only spoke to the White father of the shooter and it was up to the People to expose who the shooter was? The media intentionally wanted to hide he was a Black American (although always exposing White shooters or criminals) and they are still doing their best not to mention his Muslim terrorist connections exposed via his Facebook. The first day CNN immediately broadcast they would not be releasing the name. People must do their own research in order for truth to be told. Main stream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine, used to manipulate and systematically program its viewers and this administration employs it to perfection. These days it’s necessary to go to alternative news sources and stay away from TV as much as possible due to the biased media and its use of psychological programming.

  58. William Konrad says

    What would you expect? His interest are purely self interests, he couldn’t care less about the shooter or the victims as long as he’s seen to care, and he doesn’t really care.

  59. hankster6 says

    Obama, being a pretend Christian, apparently believes that if he pretends to care, if will improve his image. In fact, he couldn’t care less, but he is bored and needs some photo ops to satisfy his EGO!!

    1. Katherin O'Day says

      The surviving victims, their families and the Roseburg Community has spoken out they do not want Obama going there to see them and they are disgusted the way he spoke immediately after the shooting. The people are not fooled and it’s time for them to pay back in kind. This president has disrespected the nation long enough, finally the nation is letting Obama know he is not longer respected or accepted.

      1. hankster6 says

        WELL SAID!! Thanks for your input!

  60. Dan says

    At least some people have their dignity. Obama isn’t one of them.

  61. Frank W Brown says

    Yeah, let’s go dance on the graves of the victims even BEFORE they are covered, that POS potus needs to be IMPEACHED, PERIOD!

  62. Patriot( retired Navy) says

    Obama is a traitor to this nation and its’ allies, but his agenda demands that the constitution be gutted and destroyed, and the upsetting part is that he uses any tragedy to promote his socialist plans, this man is a harbinger of bad tidings and should be tried for treason and high crimes and misdemeanors. He should do the right thing and not go their to incite the public.

  63. del says

    Lets let Washington be gun free…..wonder how many of these scumbags would live a long life with that happening????

  64. Tony Marcus says

    I can point you to many posts on here and Bizpac, for example, from the immediate aftermath of the Roseburg shooting, where posters were whining that Obama wasn’t going to come there to show support for the victims, that, because victims were Christian (and because the extremely credulous were ready to believe the shooter was Muslim) Obama had no interest in their fate. Now, of course, these same idiots are screaming that the president has no business coming to Oregon. The sad fact is, with bigots like these, there’s absolutely nothing he could do that would meet with their approval. Read some of the idiocy on this page, and it becomes clear that people with this sort of attitude are in fact mentally ill themselves. They are so consumed with hate they can’t see straight. There’s plenty of room in this country for varying political opinions. The sort of blind hate expressed here disgusts me, however. If you folks actually consider yourselves Christian, you have a lot of soul searching to do.

    1. Landshark says

      There is NO ROOM in this country for Communist ideology. You and all other “judges of Christians” need to get your heads out from where the sun don’t shine. You Obama fanatics are so consumed by your worship of him you are blinded to the reality of his agenda for the ruination of America. And, NO! Obama does NOT have any legitimate business in Oregon relating to the recent tragedy. It is the “GUN FREE ZONES” of Democraps that helped kill those people, NOT a gun.

      1. Tony Marcus says

        Surely you must have wandered in here from some other discussion…perhaps one in your tiny fevered brain. Moron, there was no “gun free zone” on the Umpqua campus, such things are illegal in Oregon. I’m far from a “worshiper” of Obama. Next to you clowns, however, he looks like a model of intelligence, maturity and good sense. Thank God that, as noisy as you folks are, you’re a small bigoted minority, and one that’s likely to die out soon.

        1. Landshark says

          Dream on goat raper. The Umpqua campus is such a “GUN FREE ZONE” the one campus cop was not allowed to be armed. When will you intellectually challenged Progressive pukes learn that “GUN FREE ZONES” invite the criminally insane to commit their mayhem unhindered. You are an Obama worshiper and the only bigot I’ve become aware of on this site. It is generally the stupid and careless who fall out of the gene pool. Wish you could stay a while but, you won’t last past the next election cycle.

          You don’t believe in God so, don’t invoke His name in your wishful thinking.

          1. Tony Marcus says

            From the NY TImes: “Oregon is one of seven states with provisions, either from state legislation or court rulings, that allow the carrying of concealed
            weapons on public postsecondary campuses, according to the National
            Conference of State Legislatures. The other states are Colorado, Idaho,
            Kansas, Mississippi, Utah and Wisconsin.The Oregonian noted more specifically that although UCC did have a no-gun policy, they were required by law to allow anyone with a concealed firearms permit to bring guns on campus:Umpqua Community College, site of a mass shooting, bans guns, knives longer than 4 inches and other weapons from campus.
            But that policy has one big exemption that renders the pastoral 100-acre
            campus near Roseburg anything but a gun-free zone: Everyone with a
            concealed firearms license is allowed to bring guns on campus.” Now, I imagine, you’ll say the Times is a known Communist paper or some such idiotic nonsense. Finally, don’t you dare tell me what I do or don’t believe, jackass. My spiritual life is none of your business. I’m done trying to have an actual conversation with you. You clearly are incapable of doing so.

          2. Landshark says

            Yes the NYT is a Communist rag, Alleged to be owned by a Clinton crony criminal. “UCC did have a no-gun policy”. What do you not understand about that statement? Was there ANYONE in that classroom, besides the shooter, who HAD A FIREARM? Maybe you can’t have an actual conversation because you are incapable of comprehending what a GUN FREE ZONE actually is. And How dare you tell me what to don’t dare tell you. Infantile hysteric moron.

          3. Tony Marcus says

            Okay, you’re officially to stupid to be considered a human being. Congratulations! Did you read the part saying “they were required by law to allow anyone with a concealed firearms permit to bring guns on campus”? I didn’t think so. The New York Times is “alleged to be owned by a Clinton crony criminal”. You idiot, the Times has been owned by the same family for about 120 years, and you can only “allege” the ownership? The Sulzberger family, who DO own the NYT are a very far cry from being Communists, but I’d be willing to bet you can’t even define the word. I’m done wasting my time responding to someone who can’t comprehend the simplest ideas. Go suck your thumb some more.

          4. Landshark says

            Can’t answer the Questions, Idiot? Who else had a firearm in that room? NO ONE! GUN FREE ZONE! The campus cop didn’t have a firearm! GUN FREE ZONE! IDIOT! Policy violations can and do lead to expulsion. I did not allege the ownership of the NYT. I reiterated the allegations of another. Pay attention brainy boy.

          5. The Capatin says

            Hear hear! I have a degree in Speech Communication with a minor in Sociology. Trust me, If a CCH permit holder had been tin the classroom, at the firt opportnity, he could have anchored that man with a maximum of five rounds (Had he missed with two). I used to work as an Armed Security Officer. Two “double taps” (two pairs of two rounds fired at the bad guy) and the hostage situation would likely have been under control.

            Training counts!

          6. Landshark says

            Thank you. Agreed on the double tap. And training. But convince a cowardly Dumbocrap of that. The Leftist,( read Communist), MSM were horrified at Dr. Ben Carson’s statement that the students should have defended themselves.

          7. Landshark says

            You are certified too stupid to comprehend the written word and , apparently, afraid to answer a simple question. Who else in that room had a firearm? GUN FREE ZONE! What entity has a no-gun policy? The campus cop did not have a firearm! GUN FREE ZONE! I did not allege who owned the NYT. I reiterated the allegation of another. If a person or organization supports and or finances Communist ideology, that person or organization is a Communist. A Communist is one who deifies the state A Communist state is one which puts all importance in the state and it’s leaders. It is TYRANNY, you ignorant baboon.

          8. Landshark says

            Can’t answer the Questions, Idiot? Who else had a firearm in that room? NO ONE! GUN FREE ZONE! The campus cop didn’t have a firearm! GUN FREE ZONE! IDIOT! I did not allege the ownership of the NYT. I reiterated the allegations of another.

          9. The Capatin says

            Landshark has done more for this country than you EVER have, or will have. You’re not fit to tie his combat boots. He and I VOLUNTEERED to defend this nation. In most peoples estimation, he’s done more than you ever will.

            Landshark was serving this nation, when the best part of you was running down your mother’s thigh.

          10. Tony Marcus says

            I don’t recall questioning his patriotism, only calling him a total moron. I stand by that descriptor. He and you (assuming you’re not just another alias of his) are welcome to believe whatever nonsense you wish, and I’m free to criticize such opinions when I find them idiotic in the extreme. This would all come under the heading of the first amendment to the Constitution. p.s. have you noticed what party it is that continues to vote down veterans’ benefits in congress? You might want to check that out if you’re not so blinded in favor of the very same people that are cutting funding for the VA, veterans education, etc. With all that military training, you’d think you’d stop shooting yourself in the foot.

  65. TAM44 says

    I would rather he take a dirt nap and and stop destroying America as he’s doing with the help of the demoncrats and rino’s who are just closet demoncrats. Would be nice if killery clinton took a dirt nap to and her sexual perverted husband bill clinton.

  66. Landshark says

    Obutterbutt is playing Rahm Emanuel’s infamous “never let a tragedy go to waste” card. When police Sergeant Darren Wilson shot and killed the black thug Michael Brown, Obama called it a “racism problem”. When Gay, black newsman Vester Flanagan shot and killed two of his former co-workers, Obama called it a “gun problem”.

    Obama is running out of time to disarm the American public before he has his Muslim “refugee” brothers in place in America to begin the final battles to establish an Islamic caliphate in America and the world.

    Keep the bastard off your streets, Roseburg.

  67. jim_wright says

    The pron lem is that Obama id a classly idiot trying trying to use any tragic crisis y o futhet his lefty agenda. He needs to respect the people for a change. I would ask people to assemble along his route an turn their back as he passes. That’s about all he is worth.

    1. Landshark says

      They should assemble ON his route and block his access to their community.He is worth much less than turned backs. His only worth is as a lesson to America. NEVER TRUST A COMMUNIST/MUSLIM COMMUNITY ORGANIZER.

  68. oaking says

    Don’t go to the gathering, snub him, if he tries to come to you, deny him entry (if private property, or rented), show him what his charade is doing to the people, he has no compassion for the people of the USA. He does not approve of our way of life. Fine. I don’t care what he likes or doesn’t, he is free to believe and think what he wishes, but not to force those beliefs on me.

    1. The Capatin says

      This is the ticket! You either snub or ignore hime Deny this mook his use of YOUR private/rented property. He’s not the king he believes himself to be. His intrusion stops at the property line.

      The mook needs to be remindedn that this isn’t a monarchy, regardless of what he thinks.

  69. Marvinas2 says

    Obama apparently knows nothing about gun controls or the criminal element intent on doing harm to others.

    1. Landshark says

      Ah, there’s the rub. He knows EXACTLY what the result of destroying the Second Amendment will do. His draconian gun control will never be implemented. We, the American people, know such controls would give free rein to criminals, Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies and, a rogue government, to rain tyranny on the citizens of America.

  70. Jon's On says

    He does tend to rush to judgement.

  71. ccannon says

    If the Democrats back in Washington were worth a lead nickle they would get together with the Republicans and start impeachment proceedings before Obama becomes a dictator and our nation becomes just another banana republic!!!

  72. bob says

    This is Obama’s “Climate change”, one of deception, attacking with no civility prior to even burying the youth of Roseburg, anti police and disrespect for authority. This is the Climate Obama created, and the temperature of the town must be hot. Hopefully as Roseburg is a gun toting town, Obama will meet his maker someday, and account for his actions. Obama knows the town and is sticking it to them. Not even civil.

  73. Steve Crawford says

    I wonder if he was WHITE, would they fell that way? Damn him if he does, and damn him if he doesn’t. But a few white bigots should not make the decision for all those in Roseburg. The BLACK President represent ALL Americans, both WHITE & black.

    1. Landshark says

      There you go, being a totally stupid ignoramus. It is the POLITICS of Obama which make him detestable, NOT the color of his skin. I, and most intelligent people, would equally detest a person of any hue who is dead set on the ruination of America. Take Hillary Rotton Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, for example. And Martin O’Malley and Dick Durbin, Joe Biden and Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham and John Boehnor and Mitch McConnell. All white, yet shamelessly, as Obama, ANTI and UN-AMERICAN. And the POS is only half black, racist.

  74. ZO666 says

    Ubama could care less about the victims.

  75. donemyhomework says

    Obama highlights that but ignores Chicago, Baltimore, all of the gang related black on black murders. So he’s both a liar and a hypocrite.

  76. Al Hope says

    O-traitor has not spent a single day as President of this nation…he is the President of Chicago’s Alinsky Crats only.

  77. Nick says

    We don’t need gun control, we need to control the bullet. The bullet is the item fired from a gun that kills people. If we jacked up the price of bullets then if someone really wanted to kill another person they would have to make it worth it. I know people like to hunt, but someone come up with a better strategy to stop gun violence, if you even can.

    1. Landshark says

      Just another Communist nut job idea to destroy the Second Amendment and enslave the American people. It’s not “gun” violence. It’s nut job Democraps.

      1. Nick says

        So any idea to stop gun violence automatically makes me communist? I think you might need mental help friendo. Enslaving the American People? Do you even know what slavery is? I bet you had to never do anything you didn’t want to in your life.

        1. Landshark says

          Maybe mandatory group hugs would fix everything. Suggesting any alteration to the Second Amendment certainly won’t remedy a damn thing. I would venture to guess I know a hell of a lot more about slavery than you do. And I do know that gutting the US Constitution would open the door to tyranny in America. Do you know slavery already exists in America. Street hookers know it. Have I ever do anything I did not want to do? Well, maybe the 19 months I spent in Nam killing Communists, no, wait I really enjoyed that. But then there is the rest of my life I busted my ass making a living and raising a family and teaching them that there IS NO FREE RIDE and it is honorable to earn what you want in life, no matter how much it hurts. And NEVER trust the government. I really wish I hadn’t had to do that. But you have to teach your children well so they don’t turn out to be a Libtard welfare leech or pimp. You?

          1. Nick says

            Since you never stated your age I doubt you fought in Vietnam, because if you did, you’d be proud of the worst war that America ever fought. That war literally coined calling Soldiers “Baby Killers”. Teaching your kids to never trust the government is just going to breed anti-government gun hoarders who believe the government will try to fight them and they will fight back.

          2. Landshark says

            You are one of the dumbest critters walking/crawling to face of the earth. What in the name of sanity does my stating my age have to do with the price of eggs in China? With your formula? I must surmise you haven’t been ANYWHERE. DOB 08/19/47. RVN 12/20/66 through 08/10/68 Chu Lai Camp Evans, Phu Bai Da Nang, Khe Sahn and, LZ STUD/Camp Vandergrift MASS-3 Task Force Xray, Task Force Oregon Ist MAR DIV DASC 4th MAR REG DASC,(three times) 26th MAR REG DASC.. And you bet your sweet ass I’m proud of it. It is where I was educated to the stupidity, treachery and cowardice of government. Do you peruse your monthly bank statement to make sure your money is not being misdirected? Well, you had better do the same thing concerning your government. Bright boy, and be prepared to fight back against it if necessary.
            Where do they grow dummies like you, anyway?

          3. The Capatin says

            Landshark: Semper Fi, Brother! USN. Aviation Machinist’s Mate (Jet). I enlisted, but missed combat by 7 months. Thank you for your service! We won the Vietnam Conflict, until we turned it back over to the “less than prepared” SVA “Regulars” which were promptly overrun by the NVA.

            You are right. Half the time, Congress didn’t know whether to “$#it or go blind”. Had they trusted the Generals and Admirals to accomplish their assigned tasks, we could have handily taken out the entire North Vietnamese Army. Instead, they chose to fight a “limited war” which never works. (It’s “scorched earth” or NOTHING with those Communist bastards)!

            Welcome home! *Salute*

          4. Landshark says

            Thank you Capatin, Semper Fi! Brother. Thank you for your service, combat or not. We did win that war. Nixon and Congress gave the South to the North in Paris. And it seemed as if Johnson was on their side. I do believe the South could have finished it with honor had Congress continued to arm them. And, if the Officer Corps of the South had not been so rife with corruption and cowardice.

            It now sickens me to watch as Obama weakens our Armed Forces and invites our enemies to take over our country without a shot being fired. It will be left to Patriots to defend freedom without the help of government if the Communist and Muslims are allowed to remain in control. Let the earth be scorched.

            Again, thank you and all who have, do and, will serve for the freedom of America and death to tyrants.

          5. Landshark says

            Salute. Thank you for having the balls to offer your self in the cause of freedom. Semper Fi…

          6. Nick says

            To be honest with you, I think it was a bad move for you to post personal information online to a complete stranger on a public source since anyone can find out who you are. To answer your bank question, I check it daily to make sure I have money to buy what I’m going to buy. You call me dumb but you messed up the first sentence of your statement. Lastly, where they grow dummies is here in the good old U.S.A. since that could be told by our children’s test scores being lower than the rest of the world.

          7. Landshark says

            So. Find me. Yes, my wayward son. Your test scores were low. That is the fault of your own lazy butt and the Communist infiltration of the government and education system. And me for not whipping your dumb ass more often. There. Fixed it. It is human to make mistakes. It is what your parents did. Yes. They were human. And so are you, you cute little moron you.

          8. Nick says

            That whipping comment is offensive to me since I am of African American descent, my test scores were pretty average which would explain why I am in college, you know that place the Y generation has to go to get a degree to actually get a job to live off. This being due to your generation, The baby boomers, soaking up all the money from the economy. Also, whipping someone is called assault and I would take you to court if you ever did such a thing.

          9. The Capatin says

            Here we go! You have to find someone to blame for your shortcomings. You can’t be responsible, because society has provided you with the “short end of the stick”. BOO HOO! You poor unfortunate creature!

            (Pardon me while I go to the toilet and purge my system of your sanctmonious, self-indulgent, pity party)!

          10. Nick says

            Don’t fall in. That would be a “shitty experience.”

          11. The Capatin says

            I won’t, that would force you to move to the basement.

          12. Nick says

            What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have
            ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you
            even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.
            Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

          13. David Hansen says

            Well done, Landshark.

          14. The Capatin says


  78. Steve Bergin says

    Impeachment anyone? As stated he’s bound and determined to take our weapons; Black organizations write him asking him to stop the illegal invasion because they will take jobs and lower wages for black people but to no avail–result: highest black unemployment seen in years–absolutely doesn’t care! He knew Hillary was using an illegal server and permitted the seizure of national security info = just as guilty as she is and needs to be prosecuted along side her!–approved of it because it will hurt America. Too many other things for such little space to list! Bottom line: Impeach! But how can we when we don’t even have a Speaker of the House of Congress to start the proceedings–that was plotted as well, the whole fiasco with Boehner and McCarthy–one big stall tactic so Boehner (I’ll remain in power until they find a new speaker) can reek havoc and pass bills to further destroy the middle class. Tell Congress hurry up and replace Boehner, no experience necessary, just get rid of him now!

  79. Frankdidit says

    What do you expect from a democrap born in Africa (muslim) POS with no brains. Remember, he is the empty suit in the White House.

    1. Nick says

      Africans don’t follow the Muslim religion homie, you need to google some more information.

      1. Landshark says

        Are you insinuating there are no African Muslims? You are about as smart as a box of rocks. Not all Africans are black. Not all Africans are Muslim. But, MANY black Africans are Muslims. You need to google some more information homo.

        1. Nick says

          Thanks for explaining everything that you can get off the Africa Wikipedia page. Calling me a homo in this day and age, what are you 12?

          1. Landshark says

            Wikipedia is not my source. Paying attention to what goes on around the country and world provides a plethora of useful information.
            Would “queer” suffice?

          2. Nick says

            Well, since I’m not attractive to men, I can’t be a homosexual, maybe you should ask about someone before you automatically assume something of them. Also, I didn’t say it was your source I was stating that everything you told me can be found of the Wikipedia page of Africa.

          3. Landshark says

            From your post, it is apparent you have access to that source. SOOOO, why in H did you make the observation that,” Africans don’t follow the Muslim religion homie”? Every thing I told you can be learned by paying attention to life.

          4. Nick says

            If you haven’t notice, I am one of those trolls you people hate and my job was to make you angry, which I did, so have a nice day sir.

          5. Landshark says

            Not angry Troll, Saddened that there are such as you. I will have a nice day. Always, in all ways.

          6. Nick says

            So will you be voting for Bernie Sanders this coming presidential election? #FeelTheBern

      2. Frankdidit says

        No shit. But Kenya does. Get a map and don’t act so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Nick says

          Frank, you don’t need all those exclamation points, I get what you are saying. I don’t need to own a map since you can go look it up online.

          1. Frankdidit says

            Good, then get a life! I have one thank you very m uch.

          2. Nick says

            Your life must suck since you need to insult people online to feel good.

          3. Frankdidit says

            Thank you for asking. Actually it is great! I just like to piss of libturds and those with shit for brains. I see it is working!

          4. Nick says

            I have shit for brains yet I’m in college for Networking, nice job judging books by their covers. But I forgot, all you conservatives like to jump the gun on many things don’t you?

          5. Frankdidit says

            No us conservatives like to use gun’s. As far as I am concerned all the libturds (democraps) should have their asses dropped kicked off the planet.
            I suppose you have never served in the military?
            If you did, your thought process would be different!
            And yes, I went to college and yes I served in the military.

  80. nike1234 says

    He is just going to make a spectacle of himself!!! Narcissist in Chief!!!

  81. WhiteFalcon says

    I hope they run the SOB out of town. They should all have their guns close by whether the Secret Service likes it or not.

  82. carpkiller says

    I wish I still lived in Oregon today. He would have heard me every time he opened his fucking mouth.

  83. Jim says

    I wish I could be there to see obama FINALLY get pushback. He was crammed down our throats from the beginning. Those of us who disagree with him have been shrieked at, accused of racism, and marginalized. He has been ramming through his agenda for the past 6 years, with both houses of congress rubber-stamping his wish list. When we got a majority in congress, I thought that would be the end of it. Instead, we ended up with a bunch of RINOs who seem to be scared to death of this Manchurian president. I’ve been looking for people to stand up to this Marxist and FINALLY, the city of Roseburg is showing us that all it takes is a little backbone. Now, the rest of the country needs to follow their lead and show obama and company that we will not be bullied anymore.

  84. Alleged Comment says

    THE problem is the negro is on the side of the criminal. Not the gun owners that would of STOPPED the shooter.

    Negro logic and voodoo thinking again.

    He thinks that removing a USN Carrier from the Gulf region will make Putin go away. Farrakhan thinks rounding up ten thousand Negroes to kill whitey will solve the racist problem.

    These Negroes, I tell ya, don’t you love their logic?

  85. Dudley DoRight. says

    boo that muslim nigger off stage

  86. R. T. says

    He needs to stay home, CHICAGO , Oh maybe gangs would shoot him .

  87. Victor Archuleta says

    Whazzizname’s photo turn my stomach. Please join me in storming heaven with this prayer, the essence gathered at Psalm 5:10 – “Destroy him, O God, let him and his followers fall by their own counsels; cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions, for they have rebelled against Thee.” No need to cuss when there are God approved curses available!

  88. moedom says

    They don’t want him there, yet he thinks he’s ABOVE all that! Obama is nothing more than an asshole…has NO respect for America or Americans. He and his fat ass wife need to GET OUT.

  89. Monica Riggs says

    The Aurora Tragedy was staged for Obama. Colorado 2012 AG did not even attempt, to stop it. Human Experimentation was amply reported. Our Role Models stand behind titles of respectability, and intentionally allowed this to happen, Political Persuasion at the sacrifice of human life, for r