Rubio is Right: Obama Knows What He’s Doing


It got buried underneath Chris Christie’s jabs about memorized talking points, but there was an interesting sub-debate about Barack Obama at Saturday’s Republican debate. Namely: What is it that has made Obama such a terrible president? Is he foolish and incompetent, as many of the GOP candidates argued? Or is he a liberal mastermind doing everything he can to make America unrecognizable?

Near the beginning of the night, Sen. Marco Rubio said, “Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Barack Obama is undertaking a systematic effort to change this country, to make America more like the rest of the world.”

After some back and forth with Christie, Rubio repeated his contention. “I think this is an important point,” he said. “We have to understand what we’re going through here. We are not facing a president that doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows what he is doing. That’s why he’s done the things he’s done.”

Later in the night, Donald Trump joined in on the fun. “Marco said earlier on that President Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, like we have this president that really knows. I disagree, respectfully, with Marco,” said Trump. “I think we have a president who, as a president, is totally incompetent, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I think he has no idea what he’s doing. And our country is going to hell. So, I just want to say, we disagree on that.”

Allowing for the obvious missteps – mostly involving the Middle East – Rubio is closer to the truth here than those who insist Obama is an idiot. Obama’s fundamental worldview may be that of an idiot, but most of what he’s done over the past seven years has been the result of calculation and deceit, not blind blundering.

That kind of rhetorical distinction may not mean much when it comes to choosing a Republican nominee, but it’s a crucial point for undecided voters in November. Our country is not in trouble because Obama was too inexperienced for the job; if anything, we should be thankful that he is not politically skilled enough to see his dark vision through to completion. At this point, he has vastly more presidential experience than anyone on the stage. Yet does anyone think he’s a better president today than he was in 2009? If anything, he’s worse. His experience has made him arrogant. Give his agenda to someone who’s better at getting things done and the situation gets even worse. The last thing our country needs is a more competent version of Barack Obama.

On a debate stage, dismissing the president as an imbecile plays well, and of course there is a long tradition of calling our president’s intelligence into question. But when we get past the easy applause lines, the truth is clear. Obama may not be anyone’s idea of a genius, but the steps he’s taken to weaken America have not been the result of stupidity.

The voters who (twice!) elected him on the other hand…

  1. Reality Check says

    Barack Obama is undertaking a systematic effort to change this country,
    to make America more like the rest of the world.” – See more at:

    so mor NORAML?

    1. Karen says

      As you told me before, “Obummer can’t raise taxes” well, HE personally did not create 200,000 jobs per month, HE personally did not change the GDP, and HE personally did not change the DOW from 6500 to 16,000! If I can’t say it you can’t either! Just because your welfare check went up, you think all is rosy with the world! You think that if it doesn’t touch you directly, it isn’t happening and people are making these things up! Collectively what Obummer is doing to this country WILL ultimately touch you, it may take a little longer because you are a “protected species” but it WILL COME! Mark my words! Get over yourself and start thinking about the country in general, not your little “protected” world only!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

      1. says

        The real problem is OBAMA ADDED more the 30 million people to WELFARE and FOOD STAMPS and that folks is the real reason he is letting our country down with his bullshit

        1. AKLady says

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          1. says

            you sure hate the truth but thats your opinion not mine

          2. AKLady says

            Maybe you should try some new material, maybe truth?

          3. says

            yes you are good bye and get help from REALITY CHECK he agrees with you

          4. AKLady says

            Someone has to tell the truth.
            You can’t seem to manage it.

          5. says

            see what i mean you dont know what good bye means

          6. AKLady says

            Quite the ego trip you have going.

      2. AKLady says

        Childish name calling.

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        1. Karen says

          Who died and left YOU in charge? I will ask you the same question! Why do YOU believe it is acceptable for YOU to lie? Why do YOU believe it is acceptable for YOU to repeat lies? In famous words of “reality check”, PROVE that what I posted is a lie!! Show me some proof!!

          1. AKLady says

            Your childish name calling says everything that needs saying about you.
            Prove I have lied — even once.
            Reality Check does not lie, nor does he exaggerate.

          2. Karen says

            You started this by saying I lie! YOU prove that I lie!! Talk about me being childish? You and ‘reality check’ must be living under the same rock!! Just because it doesn’t “touch” you, you can’t believe/accept that things are happening here in the US! If you think all of the US is like it is in Alaska, you live in a bubble! Alaska is mainly untouched by the evil in this country! Its like living on another planet, I know, I’ve been there! So, don’t JUDGE others till you walk a mile in their shoes! If you choose to view the world through rose colored glasses, that’s you, but DON”T criticize others for viewing in black and white! Sounds like you have an authority complex, calling people “childish” and saying they lie! As I said before, who died and left YOU in charge?

          3. AKLady2015 says

            Wow, you have been to Alaska!
            Assume, assume, assume.
            Maybe you should learn a bit more about the presence of the federal government in Alaska — as in MILITARY..

          4. Karen says

            Now what? Are you saying I used “foul” language? Show me where!
            Prove it!! Just cause you can’t stomach the truth, doesn’t make it “foul”! So that’s your problem! You have never established any firm roots anywhere in this country! You brag that you have lived everywhere! Kind of reminds me of the old saying “jack of all trades but MASTER OF NONE”!! Wake Up America!!

    2. AKLady says

      Actually, the job loss number under Bush had reached 1 million a month.

  2. Reality Check says

    Oh WAIT!
    lets see what Fox News has to say about Obama’s economy.

    U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’

    The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.

    seems like WE are LUCKY that Obama did not follow EU into “austerity” like the Germans did who are now going into RECESSION.

    1. Michael says

      What an idiot! In what reality is our economy doing well except in Obama’s lying twisted mind.

      1. Reality Check says

        well fool since the rest of the planet is on the edge of recession, the above article would be significant.

        are we WAY better off after the GW Bush debacle?

        Before Obama, we were losing 500,000 jobs per month
        After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

        Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
        After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

        Before Obama, DOW 6500
        After Obama, DOW 16,000
        maybe the IDIOT of the right can prove some examples.

        1. says

          THE Trouble is you believe all of the lying bullshit that came out of OBAMA BECAUSE YOU FELL FOR IT You dont want to know the truth and you re so call reports show how much you want to protect OBAMA

          1. Reality Check says

            well, WHY are you not giving me those “other” facts.
            too hard?
            a secret?

          2. Reality Check says

            the problem for you cons is, I can prove every word and you can prove shit.

            “Employers cut 524,000 jobs in the U.S. last month, but even a number that alarming needs the right context”


            how about this, low info tool of the right.

            “The hemorrhaging of American jobs accelerated at a record pace at the end of 2008, bringing the year’s total job losses to 2.6 million or the highest level in more than six decades.”


  3. MAHB001 says

    Rubio is right! And his constant repetition of that phrase, proved Christie right as well!.

    They are both right.

    1. Deborah G says

      Good Point

  4. MAHB001 says

    This is what is happening to America. It is a systematic attack designed a long time ago that is described in the video below.

    0bama is not stupid, he is evil, he has run the country through the destabilization phase, and intends to push it into Crisis… I have watched this video several times and now I am convinced that the Trolls are Demoralized, 0bama has almost completed the destabilization, and he is desperately attempting to move the country int the Crisis phase, before he leaves office. .

    Phase 1: Demoralization 15-20 ( Ideological subversion, liberal progressives are the product)
    Phase 2: Destabilization 2-5 years (Destroy economy, foreign relations, Defense systems)
    Phase 3: Crisis 6 weeks – includes a violent change in power.
    Phase 4: Then Normalization which lasts indefinitely

    In order to defeat your enemy, you must understand their tactics.

    1. Reality Check says

      “the Trolls are Demoralized, ”
      more proof you are out of touch with reality.
      lets hear some examples.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Hey Demoralized Cupcake, it is you that is out of touch.

        Just the fact that you try to deny these accusations confirms that they are on target.

        1. James Maxwell says

          Reality Check is a troll that is follow its masters direction to cause hate, discontent
          delusions and misdirection on ever issue. Just ignore it and it will whine away
          till it disappears in the dim past of ignorance.

          1. BTeboe says

            Flag it once in a while as well.

          2. Tiger says

            Yes it is a troll and I stopped posting to it long ago. No source you give, no video you give, no article no nothing it will deny it.

            Needs to be duck taped.

          3. canurelate says

            Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver.

          4. Tiger says

            Carry some in my purse in case I have to pepper spray a BLM or someone and can take care of them as they are blinded.

          5. Cheryl Detar says

            You need police issue spray, It shoots 20 feet and will melt a styrofoam cups in seconds. Then pull out you gun.

          6. Tiger says

            It is police grade and won’t go into what else I carry.

          7. Patricia says

            Atta girl –

          8. Daniel Wright says

            Wildfire 18%.

          9. Tiger says

            And then some.

          10. Reality Check says

            well fool of the right, YOUR evidence is some blog from a guys basement.
            evidence you would not DARE to provide in a REAL WORLD debate.

          11. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I have been waiting for one of those so far It has not happened. I wish it would.. we would come out the winners . why you ask do I say that , because we have God on our side.

          12. Reality Check says

            see intelligent people post the sentence you are referring to, so I have a clue about what you speak of.

            God got Obama elected. it was HIS plan.

          13. Cheryl Detar says

            That’s your reasoning? How about facts? If you really believe it’s Biblical, try looking up Barack Obama in Bible Prophecy. His very name means satin. God has allowed Satin to exist, until he comes back. You might also, try reading about, “Not being deceived by satin.

          14. 3ronald1 says

            That would be “satan” – satin is a fabric. The End Times are upon us.
            And, Rubio is right! – BO has already destroyed foreign relations (we are the laughing stock of the world and no one trusts us), screwed up the economy (Obamacare has destroyed thousands of full-time jobs), and downsized our once-powerful military. He has accomplished Phases I and II. Phase III is next. To that end, he is importing thousands of Middle East people and ISIS will hide among them – and THEY want to kill us. His campaign promise was “to fundamentally change America” and he has – but certainly NOT for the better.

          15. Cheryl Detar says

            100% agree with you.

          16. sue says

            Obama knew exactly what he was doing prior to his October 31, 2008 campaign promise. Rubio did his homework on Obama. I can’t say the same for Mr. Trump. I believe Rubio talks about Obama, because a win for Hillary is like a 3rd term for Obama.

          17. john says

            I don’t think it was to much work on Rubio’s part to figure that O.fraud knows what he’s doing to destroy America and what he did in the middle east to get these refugee terrorist in to other people’s countries..I just can’t believe the one’s that bought that crap…And Trump knows.. I just think he wanted the chance to be different and say O’fraud doesn’t know what he’s doing..And you think about it he’s right when it comes to running a Country and a military he’s a tard..When it comes to destroying a Country He can pull that off..

          18. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ok, I have had It with Rubio ,where in the heck was he for 8 years. they really are getting on my nerves with their crazy talk. they are all missing chips in their head.

          19. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Amen Rubio is right the sob knows exactly what he’s doing to our country he’s bringing his Muslim family here to America to make our country 3rd class

          20. 3ronald1 says

            You are right! He’s bringing them here by the thousands. Just look at what is happening in the U.K., France, Germany, Sweden, etc. with all these Muslim immigrants/invaders. They boast that they will soon be the “majority” and take over the country. They are raping women and girls. I do not plan to travel to Europe anymore. I wouldn’t feel my family would be safe.
            And our POTUS is bringing this plague HERE to our country. Better arm yourself and be prepared to protect your family.

          21. Cheryl Detar says

            3ronald…Ya know, I read these posts, for content, not spelling and grammar, or to use my red pencil. As a retired language arts teacher and seamstress, I do know the difference.

          22. 3ronald1 says

            The reader has no way of knowing that you know the difference. I read the posts for content also, but as someone whose long career included preparing and proofreading legal documents, contractual agreements and correspondence that would be read by someone else, I learned to pay attention to the written word, especially spelling. I can’t believe that someone who TAUGHT language arts does not pay attention to what she has written. Did you teach your students to have such a cavalier attitude toward what they wrote? My teachers and professors taught us to ALWAYS be certain to be accurate in what we wrote and that the written word filled with errors made the recipient see the writer with less credibility. I had wonderful teachers with integrity who held us to a high standard and gave us a quality education. I’m glad. Gosh, even my first-year typing teacher marked off for spelling errors (he called them “typing errors”) and strongly suggested that we not make them. 🙂

          23. Cheryl Detar says

            Wow. I taught, “Special Needs” children. I was just happy, if they got anything down on paper. I also taught them, Social Skills.” Perhaps, I could help you with yours. “Let he who is perfect, cast the first stone.” That must be you.

          24. 3ronald1 says

            Well, YOU are the one “who cast the first stone”, pointing out that you knew the difference between “satin” and “Satan” and that you taught Language Arts. (meaning you graduated from college and indeed should know the difference).

            I only pointed out that you actually WROTE that Obama’s “name means satin” (a fabric) and that “God allowed satin [a fabric] to exist”, etc. Then, you throw in your credentials (I taught Language Arts…) indicating you were a college graduate – but, nowhere did you mention “Special Needs” children. If you had, I certainly would have given a shorter response, Certainly their writing skills would not be at the high school or college level and expectations would be different for them. (I once “subbed” in a Special Needs class and some of them had very high skills at certain things…others received joy from pinching or hitting people…quite painful. Kudos to anyone who teaches these children. It is a real challenge.)

            That being said, even though you taught “Special Needs” children, you shouldn’t relax your own language/spelling skills when writing comments. You lose credibility in what you say. I agree totally with what you intended to say however. This POTUS needs to leave. I, too, believe he is EVIL…evil to the core.

          25. Cheryl Detar says

            Better check you punctuation. You made a few mistakes, yourself. It was a typo, I made. You are no more than the typical bully.

          26. Sylvia says

            ronald, I totally agree with you. My problem also is that I am suffering from major depression, for over a year. The first 7 months of 2015 were hell. Sylvia, the zombie, who couldn’t function like a human. Just sit in the chair with tv on,every day, every week, every month. Then finally in July taken off the old meds and put on a different one. Slowly but surely I was becoming human again. But there still is a part of me that I can’t get normal. So, what is going on in this world and our country, fills me with so much angst and hate. Obama is the demon from satan. I hate him. I want him dead. He is destroying this country on purpose. But it seems that nothing can stop him. Congress hasn’t or won’t. And Hillary the crook will probably still get elected president, because the people who vote for her are so stupid and clueless. Is this our end of time? I don’t know. The bible tells us that Jesus will come like a thief in the night., meaning no one knows. Therefore, you are right about the Phases, and phase 3 is what is happening now. I just read that Obama has told the military that they have to think about our climate change before they do anything. Dear Lord, the man is so evil. If our military said to themselves, it is time to take out Obama and restore America, I would say Yes, yes. I might sound nuts, but I do not want the children of today growing up in this America. I want them to be free and feeling normal like we did when we were children.
            Anyway, sorry that I emptied my heart and soul here on this page. Sometimes I feel like I just need to talk about things that are causing me such anxiety.

          27. Reality Check says

            “His very name means satin”

            But the fool did not see the need to PROVE THAT?

          28. ELAINE MARZANO says

            then there are an awful lot of them out their with that same name .

          29. Reality Check says

            you are making less and less sense with each post.

            hitting the bottle early?

          30. ELAINE MARZANO says

            whoa, he is nobody , they would like you to think he is but he is a mean muslim, and he will be rewarded in hell. not for any other reason except he is not playing with a full deck.

          31. john says

            I’m sorry but that crack smoking homo is nothing in the bible ..People are nuts and justify everything to the bible..If they arrest his ass that show his ass leaving the bible real quick..He’s like a baby you let it throw fits and break things and don’t set them in time out they will destroy your whole house..That’s him you don’t make a stand and show who’s boss he will destroy your whole Country..He’s a crack head bath house Barry nothing more..To many people buy into his gibberish PERIOD.!!!!!

          32. 3ronald1 says

            It was Satan’s plan and people fell for it.

          33. john says

            BINGO!!! Reality Check posts his dumb stuff so people will speak to him if it’s arguing or what..Everyone should just let him talk to the air and ignore him..It will go away..

          34. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ok ,John, we can do that but these guys never stop and then it gets worse.

          35. john says

            Ya,, I’ve been suckered in like the rest of the crew..But I’m not no longer ..I’m just giving advice to the one’s that do…

          36. Lynn Todd says

            Right, I agree, Reality Check makes some really stupid remarks to bait people into a nonsense discussion. Yet never shows proof of anything other than stupid remarks to try an start trouble, rather than speak or debate intelligently about the current issue at hand.

          37. john says

            He’s a dip sh!t pardon my French.. Ya it’s best if everyone ignore him..He’s out to get an arouse out good people on here..And when he says the stupid stuff he does then people attack at his comments..Then he becomes the main part of every discussion..I pretty much figured him out..There’s other’s too.. Like Rxpj7 and the the Redman I call the redgurl..Bob666 Margaret Kaufman couple others..

          38. john says

            I don’t think they even read none of the topic’ s..They just scroll down and start in on people..And maybe if they read and wrote something and answered a person with a good comment somebody would reply back to him or her..Even if a person just says Agreed is better than that crap they do..thanx for replying to my comment………. : )

          39. Loretta Stacey says

            So, in your deluded world, you’d let in a lot more Muslims and increase the risk? Thank God people like you aren’t in politics. We’ll send them over to live next door to you. Then we’ll laugh.

          40. Reality Check says

            I am not concerned about Muslims.
            terrorists concern me.

            the 400 CHRISTIAN mass shooters in AMERICA last, year concern me.

          41. Loretta Stacey says

            I don’t think that anything concerns you. I think you’re on this website to swear and stomp, drool, and push your weight around. And you’re a lazy bum who needs to get off his butt.

          42. Reality Check says

            so you get all stupid on me when faced with facts you don’t like?

            I am actually retired after 40 years in the film industry, parrot of right wing talking points

          43. ELAINE MARZANO says

            so that is what gives you the right to start picking on any body that disagrees with you. ok we get it !

          44. Reality Check says

            well she is LYING about MY country and I am a Patriot, unlike you who LIE.
            Loretta is the one posting:
            “to swear and stomp, drool, and push your weight around”
            when I cite the stats about mass shootings,
            which is stupid, so….

          45. Fraginals5 says

            That is the great impostor politics, have you not live thru the last seven years?

          46. Robert Barnes says

            As what a goofer ?

          47. ELAINE MARZANO says

            wait don’t we have enough of them here yet.?

          48. Reality Check says

            don’t we have enough WHO, yet?

            you have serious communication issues.

          49. jetmagnet says

            The christians on the right aren’t christians, they’re fake disciples of Beelzebub!

          50. Fraginals5 says

            Really? Christians are the ones raping women in Europe, decapitating people, cutting in half children, burning alive enemies, right?

          51. Reality Check says

            First OFF, fool of the right.

            “cutting in half children, burning alive enemies, right?”
            love to see some links to that.

            Christians RAPE and BEAT women every few seconds here in America and EU.

            are you just stupid or brainwashed?

          52. Robert Barnes says

            Those are stupid brain washed junkies.

          53. Reality Check says

            who can vote, unfortunately.

          54. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ok, you want proof of the burning of children this just happened I could not even watch it, I know their was a lot of screaming kids being burned alive, this just happened along with the stoning of another human being. Now is the time for a reality Check.

          55. Reality Check says

            I LIVE in the USA, not tribal Afghanistan.

            let’s try and keep it real instead of HYSTERICAL.

          56. ELAINE MARZANO says

            oH so you don’t want to see it. too bad I will send it anyway.

          57. Reality Check says

            so where IS IT?

            or is this the rambling of the delusional conservative?

          58. ELAINE MARZANO says

            OH yes because he believes in him right. .Boy you guys never quit but that is ok because ewe don’t either.

          59. Reality Check says

            if you all believe that God is in control, what else could be going on?

          60. Fraginals5 says

            Obama does not have anything to do with God, he worship the devil allah.

          61. Reality Check says

            On Obama personal devotional life…

            “I do have a few favourite [passages of Scripture]. Isaiah 40:31 has
            been a great source of encouragement in my life, and I quote from it
            often. Psalm 46 is also important to me; I chose to read it on the
            tenth anniversary of 9/11. Niebuhr’s serenity prayer is a good one as
            well. I’ve also been blessed to receive a daily devotional from my
            faith advisor, Joshua DuBois, who will send me Scripture or thoughts from people such as CS Lewis or Howard Thurman every morning.”


            On the heart of Christianity…

            “We are both practicing Christians and obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others, but, you know, when we think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is, not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the Golden Rule, you know, treat others the way you would want to be treated.”


            maybe you can link me to something to prove YOUR SHIT.

          62. Fraginals5 says

            Do you believe anything that comes from his mouth? First why he does not celebrate the National Day of Prayer? He celebrate Ramadan with muslims. Why for him the most beautiful sound on earth is the Muslim call to prayer? Why he bring Muslims refugee and he ignores the Christian persecuted Syrians? Why he has never celebrated Christmas publicly? He goes to a secluded mansion in Hawai? Why he always comes to defend the Muslim faith and always make comments negative of Christians? Why he hates Israel? Just food for thought.

          63. Reality Check says

            “He celebrate Ramadan with muslims.”

            NO he Doesn’t.

            love to see you prove that.

          64. Fraginals5 says

            Yes he does. I don’t have to prove anything. Get informed. Do not believe propaganda. The only way of having an informed opinion. Is by reading the two sides of an issue, not repeating what we hear.

          65. Reality Check says

            “First why he does not celebrate the National Day of Prayer?”

            I will NOW demonstrate HOW DIM this con IS.

            “Presidential Proclamation — National Day of Prayer, 2015”


            oh here is another one for the moron of the right.

            “President Obama Proclaims Thursday National Day of Prayer”


            and Newsmax is a right wing rag.

          66. Reality Check says

            PS. Allah and the Christian God ARE THE SAME GOD.

            god you cons are DUMB.

          67. RobertNorwood says

            Too bad you don’t have a clue about English. Schit, had to read that three times God did not get Obama anything… God does not “go and get” anything, that’s a our job.

          68. Reality Check says

            well fool. the dumbass I was speaking to,
            THINKS God controls EVERYTHING, so…

            I will try to use simple sentence structure if I know you are around.

          69. Virginia Hornibrook says

            God had nothing about getting this crook elected

          70. Reality Check says

            BUT Virginian, I have heard you religious enthusiasts say IT many times.

            IT’S GOD PLAN.

            so now you get to pick and chose which things ARE gods plan and which ARE NOT?

          71. Robert Barnes says

            NO ! It is the stupid people and the Communist (demoCRATS) that elected this POS, muslim, queer, foreign agent as pResident.

          72. Reality Check says

            you cons need to get over this cold war era “commie” shit.

            WHAT is with you people and this “Road to Communism” shit you
            are always proclaiming that the left is heading for?

            So tell me, WHAT shining light of “Communism on the Hill” is out
            there that the US Liberal is desperate to emulate?

            HISTORY tell us that communism FAILED MISERABLY in Russia and China who have both gone to CAPITALISM.
            the remaining commie countries are barely functioning.

            SO WHY do the right keep thinking the left are desperately conspiring to get there?

            no Brains?

          73. George says

            How did you get to be so ignorant ‘ , naive ‘ , and stupid ‘ , in only one lifetime ?

          74. RobertNorwood says

            You’re in a basement with a guy. Hey, to each his own I say, just use protection…

          75. Reality Check says

            I am in my Den.
            sorround sound, 60″ TV..
            I never link to my blog.

          76. RobertNorwood says

            60″ tv…ooh, now you have us all jealous. And surround sound. Ooh…

          77. RobertNorwood says

            Duck taped to a chair weighted w/ bricks and tossed from a bridge.

          78. Tiger says

            Love Duck tape carry it in my purse along with two types of knives, pepper spray, scissors and much more.

          79. Tiger says

            Throw the chair out of a plane into the mountains.

          80. RobertNorwood says

            Mountains with snow – be great to watch the 2500 ft. tumble after the 500 ft free fall. Want him alive when he hits the slopes.

          81. Tiger says

            Oh I visualize what people say that looks so good.

          82. Daniel Wright says

            No,in the middle of the Bermuda triangle.

          83. Tiger says

            Or the Dragon’s Triangle that one even worse takes down entire huge vessels.

          84. Reality Check says

            sorry tool of the right wing, I will be here until you low info cons STOP LYING.

          85. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you can be here as long as you like , but we will never stop getting our country back
            and when we do , and we will,, I hope you can find a nice comfortable place to live. so you can keep your head on your shoulders.

          86. Reality Check says

            everything you believe is Right Wing LIE, so….

            I will bet big bucks that you are so low info that you are afraid to debate a liberal.

            lets hear your excuses.

          87. Snookyjack50 says

            Ready, Reality, any time now, warning, I deal with facts.

          88. Reality Check says

            Well, I am not holding my breath.

          89. Snookyjack50 says

            Just as I thought RC, I’ll try once more, different wording, name Obam’s accomplishments for the country, not those that benefit YOU, that have benefitted America as a whole, facts only please

          90. Reality Check says

            well silly con, you should try posting “the question” directly to me instead of Elaine.
            well I will start with

            1. Obama saved America from the debacle generated by the GOP corporate greed policy.

            you can debate that for starters.

            U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’

            The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.


            HAD WE gone down the “austerity road as the conservatives were advocating, we would be in the same spot as Germany which is on the verge of recession.

          91. Deby says

            oh PLEASE try! that would be a great start

          92. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I never make an excuse unless I need to stop some idiot from goin on and on about nothing and if you know me you would know I have been debating them for 5 years now. I don’t need a camera or a bunch of people to debate anyone .

          93. Snookyjack50 says

            Bring it on, you start, Reality

          94. Snookyjack50 says

            Sorry Elaine, my comment was to Reality

          95. ELAINE MARZANO says

            thanks but you were ok.

          96. ELAINE MARZANO says

            did I not hear that same comment a little while ago. yes I believe it was you that holds that claim to fame.

          97. Deby says

            Elaine, RC cuts and pastes his garbage-he repeats the same tired drivel, with nothing to back it up-you call him on it and he starts with the name calling-he is truly a sad, demented dude-and here’s the kicker-he lives in CA!! Land of the limosine libs-so really, he is just a very, lonely, lying troll getting his kicks out of ticking smart, knowledgeable folks like us off-don’t fall for it.

          98. MikeS says

            He actually is a troll. He keeps showing up on conservative blogs talking trash that has no basis in fact.

        2. Patriot47 says

          Nah. RC is ALWAYS touching himself.

        3. Tiger says

          They are trolling the sites more than ever now and after almost 8 years of this Demolition Derby O they still don’t get it. They have no clue what is going on in Europe, the ME or Israel or any other country due to O’s agenda.

          1. MAHB001 says

            They have a clue what is going on in Europe and simply don’t care.

            It takes a very special kind of evil to do what they do. Worse than the gestapo.

          2. Tiger says

            You give them too much credit although I will agree there are trolls trying to keep Europe out of the limelight.

        4. Reality Check says

          so examples are too hard for the moron of the right?

          1. MAHB001 says

            Examples clang off your melon like a drumstick off a cymbal.

            Watch the video, try to learn something.

          2. Reality Check says

            I wonder why you low info cons are so hesitant to post examples?


          3. MAHB001 says

            We post them, you can’t acknowledge them because of your conditioning.

            And when we do, all you do is throw out lame insults.

            In other words, talking to you is a waste of time.

          4. Dan says

            You must remember that Reality Check not only lives in CA, BUT is retired. People (if you want to call them that) that live in CA are oblivious to REALITY aside from the price of te gallon of water. Reality Check is also just scared that he will lose his SS if he changes his stance on anything. What he fails to realize is, under any socialist/communist, his SS will dwindle so much faster.

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Wow you are so intelligent . but why do you keep repeating the same phrases over and over did you just realize you could.

          6. Cheryl Detar says

            Examples were given, in the first post. You are the one with NO rebuttal….Excuse me, liberals ignore facts.

          7. Reality Check says

            the first post was a KGB spokesman, hardly Proof of squat unless you are a low info con.

            maybe you should look up the word “fact”.

        5. ELAINE MARZANO says

          Hey MAHBOO1, how have you been? missed you for a while. have been on my facebook page trying to keep the scammers off . got rid of a couple. thank god. you are on the right track, I guess he must like to suffer so don’t spend to much energy on him. I would offer my help but I found that you can take care of yourself. go for it . I will sit back and watch the fun. God Bless you.

          1. MAHB001 says


            Good to hear from you, it has been a while. I am doing fine. Improved my web site, have you been by since the begging of the year?


        6. Loretta Stacey says

          What flavor of cupcake are we talking about?

        7. jetmagnet says

          The GOP blows! and has garbage for candidates! Their ideas suck, their plans suck and they are the stupidest bunch of clowns on the Planet.

      2. Deborah G says

        zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzznot worth giving air to this idiot

        1. Dan says

          It takes a special kind of troll to sit in mammys basement calling every fact that you provide it lies. The only thing worse than a professional troll are the ones like Reality Check that don’t get paid to do it, rather following their feelings right off of the fiscal cliff of pompous, self-righteousness that ALWAYS fails.

          1. Deborah G says

            As a Medical Professional my belief is that he gets off on negative responses basically a Masochist. don’t give him the thrill or air. It only worsens his condition

        2. Reality Check says

          were example too hard for low info con?

        3. ELAINE MARZANO says

          somebody has to do it.

      3. Tiger says

        You all have been the problem all along. Your stupidity concerning who O is after almost 8 years is pathetic. That you haven’t a clue as to what he has not only done in America but in the ME proves you don’t even listen to or look at European news and the ME and Israeli news. You are clueless and you have helped this nit take us down.

        Listen to what MAHB001 is saying and learn something and if anyone is a troll it is you.

        1. Reality Check says

          “That you haven’t a clue as to what he has not only done in America”
          I DO have a CLUE, which is WHY I know you are all LYING fools and WHY you can’t give any examples.
          seems that “informed” humans would have examples right off the top of their head.
          instead, I get “if your eyes are open, you would know”, crap from the low info right.
          Trump will get his ass handed to him if he was try that bull poo in a debate.

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ok big mouth let us here what you have since you seem to be well prepared for this convrrsation

          2. Reality Check says

            well your question is bit vague.

            AND you pretend to be educated and informed?

            ok, we can start here.
            Obama save the US from the GOP debacle.

            lets examine reality.

            Before Obama, we were losing 500,000 jobs per month
            Obama, gaining 200,000jobs per month

            Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
            After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

            Before Obama, DOW 6500
            After Obama, DOW 16,000..

            I can link you to all those stats, if you are not informed enough to know they are FACT

            so NOW you can post some facts to prove how bad Obama has done.

          3. Loretta Stacey says

            I’m not sure of your statistics, but just because anything happened it is not directly related to something Obama did to bring it to action. Anything after 2008 would be an improvement. We were at near rock bottom with nowhere else to go.

          4. Reality Check says

            Well Loretta,
            IF it was Obama “plan” to take America down, he did a sucky job.
            you cons blame Obama if it rains, so the fact that things are a 100% improvement he also gets credit for.

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            what has improved other then in your head. it has ben brought out many times about unemployment and the economy and whose fact are you talking about the fact that they cheated at the polls at the elections. and the fact that h elide about his birth, listen we have been all thought this garbage for the last eight years and congress and the senate let him get away with it . mad don’t get me started on what the has done to the SR.s and the veterans. please you are making me more angry by the minute with your false claims.

          6. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Amen somebody got it right

          7. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Name them don’t use his false numbers

          8. Reality Check says

            IF ONLY that had some meaning to me.

          9. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Obama has put out false reports so glad you believe in this idiot he’s ruined the USA vote Republican to get our country back

          10. Reality Check says

            so maybe you can link me to the “real reports” fool of right wing Propaganda.

            I guess there are NO CONSERVATIVES working in the government.
            or are they all just pussies who cave to the “boss”

            do any of you cons have ANY critical thinking skills?

          11. Reality Check says

            so lets link me to the “info” that has convinced you the everything is a lie?

            I wonder why FOX NEWS is also carrying water fr Obama?

            U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’

            The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.


            kind of looks like YOU are the ill informed brainwashed fool of the Oligarchy

      4. MikeS says

        You were just given some examples, dummy.

        1. Reality Check says

          those were not examples, those were LIES and STUPIDITY from some morons of the right.

          plus flapping gums from a con tend to be LIES.

          1. MikeS says

            more flap from the reality check troll, learn to pay attention and go find some facts, nobody here thinks you know anything worth saying.

          2. Reality Check says

            No mike, MORE TRUTH from the liberal.
            what would you like me to prove to you?

          3. MikeS says

            anything you say flap trap. you being a troll means nobody cares about what you say.

          4. ELAINE MARZANO says

            oh yeah we all lying and obama is right . he has put this country as far down as it is going to go . we are going to stop the downfall right now. we have had it with the negative attitude not happy here get the heck out and while you are out their look for a place to live. other then America. cause you won’t be accepted here . you told us what you think now get out because we are going to get out and fight to take our country back. weather you like It or not we have allowed your precious president run it into the ground and give our money away until we have none. we are thru waiting. so go take a long walk . and decide what you are going to do, but don’t tell us because nobody cares.

      5. George says

        Its time that you started paying , at – ten – shun “.

      6. worn out 123 says

        O B A M A

      7. RobertNorwood says

        Cuts and runs in Iraq and Afghanistan and now incrementally inches back. Takes down Middle East govs that were no danger to us for the muslim BrotherHOODS, gets our folks killed in the process, turns the whole region upside in a bloodbath, gives one of the worst regimes in the region a path to nuclear weapons, lifts their sanctions while they openly call for our destruction, turns his back on our friends – won’t even speak to the Egyptians because they tossed his muslim brotherhoods out. Oh, it just goes on and on…you’re an idiot troll that shows up from time to time with his stupidity in hand so I blame myself for addressing your comments. No amount of reality is going to cross the empty frontier supposedly housing your brain.

        1. Reality Check says

          wow, that is a lot of lies in one post.

          lets examine some of your loony post.

          the question was about EXAMPLES of liberals being demoralized.

          your first example was:
          Cuts and runs in Iraq and Afghanistan

          isn’t the right the group calling for MORE troops in both countries?

          and doesn’t that make you an ignorant hypocrite?

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Sure if you say so…my fault for wasting my time. Liberal trolls are never a good bet especially if one expects intelligence and a modicum of logic in the exchange. You can Google the def of “modicum” if you need, I won’t think any less of you; that would be impossible.

          2. Reality Check says

            well since I shot you down, I would expect nothing less than you finding some reason to bail.

          3. RobertNorwood says

            You shot me down? Thank you for telling me – I hadn’t noticed.

          4. Reality Check says

            That is just a side effect of being low functioning.

          5. RobertNorwood says

            If you say so. Speaking of “low functioning” you should have your dipstick checked – if you can find someone to go back there, otherwise you’ll have to reach around. Wear gloves.

        2. Reality Check says

          “Takes down Middle East govs that were no danger to us for the muslim BrotherHOODS”

          sa far as I know we have only been involved in one such action and that was at the behest of the UN due to gadaffi killing off THOUSANDS of it’s people, so…

          perhaps the idiot of the right can link me t something to back his pack of LIES.

        3. Reality Check says

          “gives one of the worst regimes in the region a path to nuclear weapons”

          Oh well Robert, THAT proves you have the IQ of a radish.

      8. Daniel Wright says

        More like morally bankrupt. Right troll?

    2. Reality Check says

      “and he is desperately attempting to move the country int the Crisis phase, ”
      Oh, tell me how.
      does your family know you are delusional?
      are you locked in a bunker, ready for this “event”?

      1. MAHB001 says

        hmmm… Lets see.

        0bama’s attempts to destroy our economy is his overspending.
        0bama’s attempts to destroy or foreign relations is represented by his overt deals with terrorists organizations, like paying the Bergdahl swap, ransom payments to Iran, and his giving of nukes to Iran.
        0bama’s attempts to destroy our Defense system is his changing of the rules of engagement, reduction of the military, persecution of Petraeus.

        These lists go on and on, but you have been demoralized and will not be able to see the evidence because it runs against your ideology.

        You have proven over and over again that you can not see the forest through the trees.

        1. James Maxwell says

          Do not forget his primary goal is to bring islam along with its murdering blood
          thirst criminals to America and establish himself as the caliph of the Americas.
          But the left is working tirelessly to keep that fact hidden from American with
          our rich and divers religious freedoms. Out politicos are so worried about
          staying in Government elected offices that they are working hard but nor for
          the American Citizens, they are out for how much money can they steal from
          us without actually doing any work for the citizens or our Nation.

          1. MAHB001 says

            You are so correct, my post above could have gone on for pages.

            The traitorous acts of 0bama should have been cause for his impeachment, but for the traitors in office that refuse to start the process.

          2. Reality Check says

            “Do not forget his primary goal is to bring islam along with its murdering blood thirst criminals to America and establish himself as the caliph of the Americas.”

            AND James wonders why I KNOW he is MORON.

            tell me fool how does one take over a 320 million population with a few thousand Muslims?

            I could use some entertainment.

          3. Loretta Stacey says

            Was the World Trade Center not scary enough? That was pulled off with 21 men. Billions of dollars of property damage and countless lives lost. Mass killings at the Boston marathon, mass killings in San Bernardino, killings on military bases, mass killings on the street of Paris, suicide bombers in Afghanistan, and not to mention the rebel base in Syria destroying cities one by one. The Syrians don’t know who is behind the rebels, and some conjecture Saudi Arabia? Is that enough proof or do you need to see more people die? Maybe it will be your family next.

          4. Reality Check says

            we have 10 million Muslims living PEACEFULLY here, and you con are wetting your panties over a couple isolated incidents.

            there were close to 400 MASS SHOOTINGS last year killing over 400, two of them by Muslims,the rest by people who identify as Christians.

            why not be afraid of the people doing the most damage?

          5. Loretta Stacey says

            No, your facts are wrong. The total is a lot lower than that. The number of people killed in the World Trade Center was in the thousands. These are not isolated incidents. We’ve been at war with Muslim countries for 14 years now. They don’t like Americans. I think you are a Muslim spouting anger just like them.

          6. Reality Check says

            here are the nearly 400 MASS SHOOTINGS from LAST YEAR along with links to ALL the local news stories.


            lets see what you can prove.

          7. Reality Check says

            we have been at war with terrorists for 14 years.

            YOU are the problem in America.

            GW Bush the day after 9/11

            ““The faith of terror is not the true faith of Islam. Islam is peace,” Bush declared in 2001.
            “The terrorists are traitors to their own faith, trying, in effect, to
            hijack Islam itself.” And then: “I also want to speak tonight directly
            to Muslims around the world. We respect your faith. It’s practised
            freely by many millions of Americans, and by millions more in countries that America counts as friends. Its teachings are good and peaceful. And those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah.”


          8. Virginia Hornibrook says

            I don’t think you’d be say that if it happened to your family I know some of the families in San Bernardino

          9. Loretta Stacey says

            I hate to think anybody actually is that evil. But the bringing in of Muslims and defying our voting on this to ban it with a veto illuminates something more sinister.

        2. Tiger says

          Been there done that with this troll and he is a plant and won’t accept anything. Don’t bother with it.

          1. MAHB001 says

            When he serves me a softball, I am going to take advantage of it. Guys like this have used intimidation in the past to silence others and force their points of views on others.

            We can not let them silence the truth. I have noticed since I started posting that the environment has swung the other way and trolls like this guy no longer ruling the roost.

            People are no longer listening to these guys and THAT is a good thing.

          2. Tiger says

            I have been fighting trolls for years and very few are turned as far as anyone intimidating me that never was the case, I just don’t waste my time on vermin.

          3. MAHB001 says

            When I first came on board it was obvious that the trolls used insults to intimidate and silence people with nonconforming views.

            In the beginning I must admit that it worked even on me.

            One of my first posts was on a YouTube Jon Stewart video. I observed that Jon was taking his clips out of context, and stated that he was using his position unfairly… That caused a dog pile (on me) of Jon zombies that not only shocked me, it silenced me. They immediately down voted my post so many times that they got it removed from the post. That was my first encounter with liberal censorship. The entire post was lock step Jon Stewart loyal, if it wasn’t praise, they were not going to tolerate it. A very interesting environment for those that want to study mob mentality.

            As I wandered around, I noticed one thing that was clear, the trolls are nothing more than bullies with self esteem issues.

          4. Tiger says

            They are more now than I have ever seen because they know the power of the net and there are too many sites who once allowed truth who now censor. I been doing this, trying to warn people about Islam since coming home from this war 10 years ago. I have been threatened, banned and censored and if points mattered I could play a game but I am in for the long haul and fighting them to the end. Hopefully the PC will end in 2016.

            Yes they are full of it, weak, programed, bullies and many are straight up with O’s agenda. I know the game and I don’t play nice with them, I been called things I never knew existed and I worked with soldiers and men all my life.

            They are a dying breed.

          5. Reality Check says

            “I have been fighting trolls for years”
            so by now, you should have better info than the blogs from a guys basement you like to post.
            Oh, and then when I DISPROVE your shit, with the Washington post, THEY are of course lying and the guy in his basement is the guy with the facts.
            does that about cover IT, lying POS?

          6. Reality Check says

            “When he serves me a softball, I am going to take advantage of it”
            Oh, tell me what that would be and I will give you one.
            do I have to be a retarded as you ?

        3. Reality Check says

          “0bama’s attempts to destroy our economy is his overspending”
          you are such and idiot.
          the GOP congress makes the budget fool of the right.
          why does the con not understand WHO controls the purse strings?
          (you’re a con is why)

          1. MAHB001 says

            0bama has spent more on his crony capitalism pet peeves than all other presidents combined.

            He did it with full consent of a corrupt GOP Congress that is nothing lower than democrats in conservative clothing.

          2. Reality Check says

            Obama controls NO MONEY fool of the right wing, so…

            so when Obama tried to STOP subsidy to Big Oil and the GOP STOPPED him, is that because they are puppets of Obama, moron of the right wing?

            you prove to be less and less bright with each post.

          3. Loretta Stacey says

            Listen, you need to get educated. Obama controls where the military is at and what they do. He is the commander in chief. His decisions affect our finances.

          4. Reality Check says

            what does that have to do with the above post about Subsidies for Big Oil?

            you think what congress does, does not affect your finances?

          5. Loretta Stacey says

            He has used his executive orders and plans to use more to over-ride Congress. We have tried to block Obama, but got pushed back with his vetoes and executive orders.

          6. Reality Check says

            you are making a word salad.
            an EO can’t “override congress, ill informed human.

            NAME ONE case.

          7. Loretta Stacey says

            You shouldn’t have your head buried in the sand, buster. He’s had two of these orders in the past month. He can and does use Executive Orders and vetoes. We didn’t want the package to go through for Syrian refugees. I’m not going to educate you on political science and how our country is structured. I think idiots should remain idiots. If you have a computer type it in and do your own research. Do you really know how to spell? Where did you get such stupid reasoning? Were you born in the forest and raised by monkeys or wolves?

          8. Reality Check says

            people talking out of their ass always give me the “look it up yourself” excuse.

            especial since I am TELLING YOU that you are LYING.

            an EO CAN’T overturn legislation fool of the right wing.

          9. Loretta Stacey says

            Look it up yourself and it’s time to shut your mouth. Where’s your proof?

          10. Reality Check says

            well silly con, I can’t look up what YOU haven’t specified.

            still waiting for an example to work with, LOW FUNCTIONING human

        4. Reality Check says

          “like paying the Bergdahl swap, ransom payments to Iran, and his giving of nukes to Iran”
          wow, not even one thing correct, fool.
          nice WORD SALAD thought. Sarah Palin would be proud.

          1. MAHB001 says

            You figured it out. and couldn’t refute it either, that is why you deflect with insults… Good enough for me.

        5. Loretta Stacey says

          Now those are examples with some substance.

      2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

        Well when you suckers wake up at what obama is doing it’ll be to late.Have a nice day while you can.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Reality does not want to wake up… He is a willing victim of the ideological subversion that is talked about in the video.

          1. Deborah G says

            He’s getting off on all this attention he is a sick person who we should not be enabling to continue his self destructive behavior. IGNORE him and he will have to get Mommy to stroke him

        2. Tiger says

          Irene RC is a misdirected, dyed int the wool O loving, ignorant and agenda spewing troll. Nothing anyone could say will penetrate his Neanderthal skull.

          It starts being very foul, accepts no sources, no video no nothing. It is a prime example of the dense and the dull of mind that has been produced by this country.

        3. Reality Check says

          do you cons ever notice how you can NEVER give an example?
          is that because you are vacant cons?
          I am VERY informed, which is WHY I know you are all Dim bulbs.

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            And why are you skirting around the questions I have asked you. you must be out of energy completely.

          2. Reality Check says

            well to my knowledge you have yet to post to me.

          3. armydadtexas says

            Please stop trying to reason with “reality check”. A waste of your mental energy.

          4. ELAINE MARZANO says

            we give you all the answers you need you just don’t like them.

      3. The Politinator says

        Gotta love the lemmings.

        1. Tiger says

          Only problem is these lemmings don’t fall off the cliff.

      4. alegalcitizen says

        You are the delusional one with 22,872 comments and 5,486 other delusional folks voting for your stupid comments.

        1. Reality Check says

          that’s a lot of UP votes for a liberal on a Tea Party site full of wackadoodles.

          1. alegalcitizen says

            So WHY aren’t you on the wack-a-doodle site called huff n puff post, that’s where your crowd hang out.

          2. Reality Check says

            well, because they are not in need of deprogramming like you conservatives.

      5. ELAINE MARZANO says

        I see you have the same problem that a lot of Obama followers have, you have a half functioning brain and that Is what they look for when the they want to recruit people for their cause. some one they can lie to and know they can use them for what ever they need them for without them questioning why?

        1. Reality Check says

          “when the they want to recruit people for their cause”

          more proof you are just another brainwashed drone of the right.

    3. Cotton says

      I believe Bush has done most of the destabilization. His policies caused the great recession of 2008, he failed to stop the biggest attack on american soil since pearl harbor(9/11). He started two wars, one of which was justified solely through propaganda and lies. He started his presidency with a surplus and he ended it with a massive deficit, I guess we are just lucky that the deficit has been going down over the years.

      1. MAHB001 says

        And if you believe all that crap, I have some ocean front property in AZ for you.

        1. Cotton says

          Go ahead and defend him then, but we all know how much he screwed up. No need to hide it.

          1. MAHB001 says

            You got somebody in your pocket? The WE you are talking about is a very small percentage of people, most of whom have been influenced by a corrupt MEDIA. There is no we all in your group.

          2. Cotton says

            Hahaha, no need to act misinformed. Bush during the end of his presidency had a 65-69% disapproval rating, talk about “a very small percentage”. Please fact check yourself next time.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Polls are not facts. They are only used by those that do not have facts to support their opinions. I guess you do not have facts to support your opinion.

          4. Cotton says

            It is a fact that those people disproved of his presidency, and you made the idiotic saying that only a “small percent” think Bush was a poor president. But let me guess, polls are not actually counted correctly.. yada yada tin foil hat.

          5. MAHB001 says

            Just saying, polls are not facts and those that use polls as facts, as you do, do not have the FACTS to support their suppositions,

            Your deflections to the Bush years is old and stupid.

          6. Cotton says

            You sound butthurt because I am right, lol keep whining. Bush was awful and you are utterly ignorant if you think he did anything good for this country.

          7. MAHB001 says

            You sound stupid because you know I am right. LOL… That is not whining.

            Polls are not facts.

            Polls are used by idiots to prove something that they have no facts to support.

            All you have is deflections, insults, and polls.. what a sorry little troll you are.

          8. Cotton says

            Then let me go back then to the time I said I believed that Bush has hurt our country, then you saying that only a small percentage of people believe that, then I post the exact opposite of a “very small percentage of people”. Then you act like it is wrong for some reason? Stop dodging the truth.

    4. lou says

      I don’t think he’s that smart it doesn’t take a genius to be corrupt, to destroy specially if the media is covering for you and assisting you.Had the media did their job this clown would have been impeached the first year in office with his failed Gun runner scam in which he gave military weapons to El Chapo leader of the Sinaloa Cartel

      1. MAHB001 says

        You are 100% correct. 0bama would be nothing if it were not for the MEDIA.

        Fight ABC, NBC, and CBS liberal bias at:

    5. Virginia Hornibrook says

      This idiot knows exactly what he’s doing when he was running he told us he was going to change our country and thats what he’s doing he wasn’t us to be a third country just like where he was born in Kenya we always thought Carter was the worst Obama’s the worst. We need to get a Republican back in the white house and get America back to the wonderful country we’ve always had to live in. Rubio is right the sob knows what he’s doing

      1. ELAINE MARZANO says

        Rubio may have known but so did we and we waited for them to take care of it, but they chose to ignore it. why , because they wanted to get rid of him without getting on the bad side of people. they were worried about votes this whole time. lets not rock the boat. I borrowed that from very dear friend, I have not heard that expression for a long time. but I fits very well . Thanks John.

      2. jetmagnet says

        It’s better now than any damn republican left it. The last one lost 800,000 jobs a month caused 911 and never got osama! The GOP just blows at everything!
        They bitch about Obamason, while accomplishing absolutely NOTHING! NOTHING!
        It makes me laugh!

        1. Virginia Hornibrook says

          Well if its better since Obama became president u must live In Kenya with this crooked president he’s trying to make us a third world country and he’s doing a pretty good job of it and he still has 10 months to change it and we can’t let killer Hillary in them we’ll have 4 more years to ruin the best country in the world but then killer Hillary should be in prison along with Obama and rapist bill. Vote Republican

          1. Robert Barnes says

            Vote for TRUMP ! No more RINOS see video EVERY THING YOU KNOW IS A LIE at

          2. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Not necessarily Trump but vote Republican

          3. jetmagnet says

            Much better and if a republican is elected it will go down the toilet guaranteed!
            Trickle down economics is a sham and a failure!

            I Remember when the last Republican president was in office?
            Aug 2008 –
            334,000 jobs were lost.
            Sep 2008 – 458,000 jobs were lost.
            Oct 2008 –
            554,000 jobs were lost.
            Nov 2008 – 728,000 jobs were lost.
            Dec 2008 –
            673,000 jobs were lost.
            Jan 2009 – 779,000 jobs were lost.

            And of
            course, in 8 years under Bush they created MINUS one million private sector jobs
            when normally 23 million would be created… and were losing 800,000 jobs per
            month as Bush headed out the door with 60,000 closed factories under him…
            along with destorying14% of our economy and screwing the entire world economy, a
            17 trillion los in asset just in the USA and 1/2 of what little private sector
            MFG left, in bankruptcy… They turned a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus into 6
            trillion in new debt and handed the next guy 12 trillion in projected
            Everytime a republican is in office they give away taxpayer money to the wealthy, people are fedup with business as usual. The GOP is all in bed with special interest. Bernie does it the right way and the way the founders wanted it, individual contributions from millions of americans, not bought and paid for baggers!
            Obama brought the economy back and many people are making millions. In fact we have 30,000 more milionaires and 40 more billionaires since obama took office and we’re under trickle down bullshit economics.

          4. Daniel Wright says

            You bet. Let Communism rule. True eqality [in poverty} for all.

          5. jetmagnet says

            It’s the Teabags that are much worse- Fascism, dictatorship and they would like to restrict americans rights and squelch the democratic process.
            They want to impose their crackpot ideas , capital cronyism and restrictive laws to try and force people to live a lie, which baggers do everyday of their lives.
            Giving money to plutocrats and supporting fascist is not what teabags are supposed to be about. They are a joke and hyprocrites!
            To say people are communist because they want a better life, higher wages, healthcare for all, and a future that doesn’t destroy the planet is simply moronic.

          6. Daniel Wright says

            That’s why Obama,Hillary and others want to restrict our second amendment. rights. Those horrible Republicans. These are the kind of people morons like you keep re-electing….. Take a bow.

          7. jetmagnet says

            Why is it only rightwing fruitcakes are worried about the 2cnd amendment?
            70% of NRA members agree with them on background checks. I’m an NRA member and own a gun range and train people on tactics and survival. I’m not worried about Obama or Hillary taking my guns away. That’s a joke the gun lobby plays all the time to sell guns. I know because i have friends in the gun lobby that make shitloads off dumb fucks like yourself.

          8. Daniel Wright says

            So you don’t believe the evidence I just showed you. The words of the hosts are irrellivant. The words of the idiot Democrats in the video is the point that went right over your head. You vote idiots like them in and laugh at conservatives. You are as idiotic as they are. Funny. You claim to own firearms and own a range. It looks like your “friends’ in the gun lobby are making lots more money off of you than me.LOL. If you think that Hillary and Obama are the only threats you are stupider than your avatar suggests. You are a troll of the left who is obviously following his Alinsky training. No matter what someone says,you have an answer. You know everything,know everyone of consequence and have been everywhere. Your bullshit is obvious and transparent. You are not nearly the sucess as a flimflam man as you think you are.

          9. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Glad you believe this crap Obama has done nothing for this great country of ours. He won’t fight against any of the Muslim attacks because he’s muslin himself how many Muslim has he already left into the united States he didn’t vet the Muslim that killed my friends in San Bernardino hope you still think he’s this great President as he needs to be in prison with Valerie jarred, killer Hillary, and rapist Bill Clinton

          10. jetmagnet says

            So what about bush and cheney 3000 dead americans in 911?
            They took out sadaam now we have ISIS. The GOP causes terrorism!
            How about that rightwing fruitcake that killed innocent people in planned parenthood, or the massacre at the south carolina church by another rightwing terrorist. We have to worry about natural born terrorist like timothy mc Veigh another right wing terrorist and quit pissing off muslims and make them hate us.
            The whole republican party should be jailed and bush and cheney executed for war crimes. Obama killed more terrorist than your stinkin do nothing pussies in congress that won’t even authorize a war with isis. Your misinformed like most baggers who have their head up their ass and don’t bother to get informed outside your propaganda media. Your a sick puppy than needs an education or maybe you need to move to a place like north korea where fascist propaganda works well. It doesn’t work here. lol

          11. Daniel Wright says

            She should move to north Korea? That sounds strange coming from a Communist.

          12. Virginia Hornibrook says

            He can take killer Hillary, Obama and rapist Bill with him

          13. jetmagnet says

            Clinton got a blow job, most men have gotten a blow job, silly, maybe your boy friend got one, It’s hilarious how you dupes can turn a blow job into a rape.
            Killer what?She killed who? I wouldn’t want someone with your bigoted brain even judging a pie contest. Your brain is fried.

          14. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Where in the hell have you been since Benghazi who do you think gave the stand down order it was killer Hillary. So she should be in prison with crooked Obama and her rapist husband Bill they paid these women off she killed the 4 men in Benghazi

          15. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Your a complete idiot

          16. jetmagnet says

            So clinton got a blow job by a surrogate who was more than willing to do it, not because he made her, but because she had the hots for him, and that’s rape?

            This is an excerpt from monica’s interview with time magazine-

            Lewinsky has kept a low profile since the affair. When she has
            returned to the spotlight, she has often drawn controversy. In 1999, Lewinsky gave a rare interview to TIME. See what she had to say about her mistakes, humiliation and becoming a celebrity.

            1) She had regrets.

            “I really feel the worst about what this has done to my family and
            friends. And then I think second to that would be Chelsea and Mrs.
            Clinton, and I do feel bad about my part in how the country has had to
            deal with this. I made a lot of mistakes. I mean, that’s probably a
            bipartisan issue. Everybody in the world would agree on that.”

            2) She thought she was “pretty discreet.”

            “I didn’t have the maturity to realize exactly how serious this was.
            Although some people may find this hard to believe, me actually only
            telling 10 people was being pretty discreet for me. But I still feel
            horrible about how indiscreet I was. That was a real betrayal. I
            betrayed the President in that way. I didn’t have the foresight to see
            what the possible ramifications of this could be. “

            3) Talking is the best (and worst) punishment.

            “I got into trouble because I didn’t stop talking about the
            relationship, and now my punishment is that I have to keep talking about
            She sure sounds like she got raped? lmao!
            Men get blow jobs everyday in case you’ve been living in a convent…it take a republican to complain about it. lmao Every member of congress have gotten a blow job, some i’m sure by women who worked for them.
            As for this nonsense that hillary whipped out a gun and shot the people in the counsel, who by the way were warned to get out, is fucking moronic!

          17. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Your crazy what you think Clinton did was ok he raped these women and use an excuse it was what every man gets is a blank job

          18. Virginia Hornibrook says

            You need to go to hell

          19. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Bush and Cheney left 7 years ago can’t blame them anymore blame the idiot in the white house now stupid

          20. jetmagnet says

            You peeps have to blame somebody…lol

          21. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Go back to hell where you came from go to CBS and watch the Republican debate maybe you’ll get some smarts which you don’t have

          22. jetmagnet says

            I love those republican debates, they include #1 blaming Obama #2 the wall #3 ISIS #4 Did i leave economics, policy ideas, jobs, national security, climate change? What do these fruitcakes have in mind? I haven’t found out yet. Rubio has speeches written for him, Bush and kasich talk about how they were good governors and carson looks like he needs a knap. Trump is worth watching, cruz is a fruitcake and is a canadian mouth piece.

          23. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Vote Republican

          24. Virginia Hornibrook says

            You’ll name what the Republicans did why don’t you tell us how much we’ve lost since the Muslim’s been in the white house he lies about every total there is like unemployment he says we at 4% when its more like 15% since he doesn’t count all the people who lost their jobs

          25. jetmagnet says

            You tell me how trickle down economics, which is the policy of every GOP governor creates jobs? Also, all those bush taxcuts for corporations went to executive bonuses and outsourcing. You have to understand economics and the market, i have a degree in both business and economics from MIT.
            We gained many jobs back and some manufacturing, but republicans like outsourcing and they block every anti-outsourcing bill. So you wonder why the economy is even better? The GOP did everything to ruin the the economy after obama was elected, and people saw through it and re-elected him.
            The GOP blocked 13 jobs bills and created ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            They are in trouble in my state and every other they run, bankrupting the state to pay for corporate wellfare. They give millions away to corporations and they don’t create any jobs, it’s hilarious! You keep electing Bullshit politicians that suck up to billionaires and do absolutely nothing for americans, that’s why people are pissed off all over this country, both republican, democrats and independents.
            They going knowere under Trickle down boogeyman economics. The funny part is rubio and the rest of the clowns want to lower corporate rates even lower. It’s insanity and people all over this country are fucking tired of the bullshit. Your media blames Obama for everything, but he’s the least of the problems, trust me , I know.

          26. Virginia Hornibrook says

            I won’t try to tell someone as stupid as you glad your smart but for what I sure wouldn’t want you in the white house your as stupid as obama

        2. Dan says

          Never send a black guy to do a “mans” job.. He will screw it up everytime. Only a black would think giving Iran (a known terrorist nation) the path to a nuclear bomb.
          Obama is so freaking stupid, it’s a wonder he can even walk.
          The best thing for America is if our military marched into the White House, grabbed the monkey AND his freeloading family.. Carried them outside, and hung them ALL from the tallest tree on the premises.

          1. Reality Check says

            ” Only a black would think giving Iran (a known terrorist nation) the path to a nuclear bomb. ”

            well fool of the right wing, the Iran deal does the opposite.

            so now we know you are a racist ass wipe AND stupid.

            tell me fool, how does Iran get a bomb when they sent 97% of their fissionable material to Russia?

            tell me fool, how does Iran get a bomb when there is 24/7 monitoring by the IAEA?

            show us you have some clue and are not just a tool of the right, vomiting the talking points you have been taught.

          2. Reality Check says

            I just try and create some wind to counter the vast storm of LIES the right generates

          3. jetmagnet says

            MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report) – Scientists have discovered a powerful
            new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to
            sustain life, a sobering new study reports.

            The research, conducted by
            the University of Minnesota, identifies a virulent strain of humans who are
            virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving scientists at a
            loss as to how to combat them.

          4. Daniel Wright says

            Your screen name is apropriate……… the twilight zome.

          5. Dan says

            TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016….


          6. PaulUK2901 says

            Even for a RWNJ that’s really classy.

            Do you know what a Caps Lock is?

          7. Dan says


            TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!!!

          8. PaulUK2901 says

            Obviously, with your low IQ and racist views, Trump must seem like a genius to you.

          9. Dan says

            Unlike yourself, Trump wants to bring back America from the destruction your butt buddy has done to it.. I realize your in love with the idea of sucking a black guy schlong. But you should wake up and see the big picture.. While your all hard and drooling for Ovomit, he’s arming terrorist country and bent on the destruction of America.. Get off your knees and grow up!

          10. ELAINE MARZANO says

            thanks Dan, the only thing that bothers me is your choice of words, could you kind of refrain from the bad ones. otherwise I think you are great . and handle yourself very well. And I am glad you are on our side.

          11. Dan says

            Your right, and I apologize. Sometimes I just get a little over exited and have a tendency to outdo any liberal BS I come across. Kinda like fighting fire with an atomic weapon. I’ll try to tone it down though.

          12. ELAINE MARZANO says

            thank you for replying Dan., I know how you feel, I sometimes have to go back and redo my words when I am so angry. which lately has been most of the time. I know how you feel.i ma sorry it took so long to get back to you , but my computer was down for about 2 weeks. and I am trying to play catch up. I had close to 3,000 emails that I told them to just delete. it is so crazy anymore. but just try and keep it to a low roar and I will be happy. and that will keep the Disqus people off of my back. thanks for being here.

          13. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Sir actually , what are your accomplishments in your lifetime that qualifies you to be a critic of Americas due process of voting.

          14. PaulUK2901 says

            I am breathing and I have more than three brain cells. What are yours? (I’ll let you off on the brain cells.)

          15. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I am sorry, but that is debatable. And that is your opinion. not valid.

          16. Daniel Wright says

            Here’s to MSNBC and Mother Jones. The real home of the news.

          17. jetmagnet says

            Well, I don’t watch it all that much, but they have republicans on the show, unlike the fruitcakes on the Fuck me because i’m stupid propaganda channel. They are respectful of their republican and teabag guest unlike the NAZI host like hannity the clown and O’rielly the bloviated pompous ass.

          18. Daniel Wright says

            Really? Respectful to Republicans like Ed. “laura Ingram is a talk slut”Shultz?

          19. jetmagnet says

            I have no idea WTF you’re talking about. I’m sure one incident makes up for 1000 by rightwingies! lmao It’s like all the other shit. 3500 people die in 911 , but the fruitcakes are really fucking concerned about four assholes in an embassy. it’s hilarious!

          20. Daniel Wright says

            911 was a sneak attack. Benghazi was a planned attack that should have been responded to but was ignored. Contrary to your belif I see all our deaths at the hands of jihadist as tragedies that should never have happened. You just called three patriot American warriors and a diplomat assholes. Disgusting is too good a word for sociopathic scum like you. You think that this is funny. Fuck you asshole. You are a traitor who doesn’t deserve to be an American.

          21. jetmagnet says

            No just the opposite. George bush was warned and knew these people where in the US. Benghazi was a sneak attack , so to blame anyone is fucking stupid.

          22. Daniel Wright says

            You are a left wing moron on steroids. Are you saying that Bush and Cheney were in on it? Are you saying that there was a conspiracy with them,the CIA and Israel to knock the towers down , Do you think that explosives were planted in the buildings to make sure they fell? Are you saying that Bush knew the details of the conspiracy as to times places, methods and the identities and locations of the jihadists? All those things would have to have been known in advance in order to stop them. 911 was a type of attack not used before and even if the methods and timing was discovered beforehand every airport in the country would have to have been shut down to stop it. That would still not have revealed the killers identities and they would have lived to kill in a different way. I have heard all the bullshit conspiracy theories from crackpots like you a thousand times over. If Bush and Cheney were as guilty as you say they would be the first president and vice presidents in American history to be tried and executed for treason,conspiracy and the murder of over three thousand people. Tell me Einstein,has that wish of yours came true? You wished upon the wrong star asshole. Ben Ghazi is a horse of a different color. Guess which day it happened on. Yes,September,11th; Good guess. What signifigance does that date have in the minds and hearts of all jihadists? That’s right,it is the date when they scored their biggest blow against the great Satan in history. One they will celebrate with another attack on us every time they have an opening. That fact is well known to the government. Obama and Hillary were well aware of the dangers and did nothing. They ignored warnings from US intelligence sources and ambassador Stevens’ months long pleas to upgrade his security. He saw what was happening in Lybia first hand. There was also internet chatter warning of an imminent attack but his pleas and the obvious coming attack were dismissed as insignifignt and they put a low priority on it. The attack was watched in real time and no one but those “assholes” as you called them lifted a finger to help defend our outpost or a high ranking ambassidor. It was therefore,NOT a sneak attack due to the things I just outlined and this first video proves it. Hillary emailed her daughter using an alias telling her the attack was planned. Obama pulled out his give a shit card and flew to Las Vegas to a fund raiser. Hillary whipped no ones ass. She used her mastery of manipulation and lawyering skills to dodge the questions,many of which were later proven to be outright lies. I remember when she and her entire staff had a mysterious case of mass amnesia at the white water hearings. She learned one very important thing as a member of the water gate committee she was fired from. Never leave a paper or recording trail. She shredecd most of the white water doccuments. Some were found later in her desk by a maid but by then it was too late. Her lack of computer skills will be her downfall. The emails she thought were gone are NOT gone. Her activities as secretary of state to let our people die to help win the election for Obama and her illegal activities as secretary of state to use her position to enrich herself through the phony Bill, Hillary and Chelsey Clinton foundation are beginning to be exposed to the light of truth. Do you really want to nominate someone under investigation for criminal activities by the FBI? If she is indicted before the election but after being nomonated do you think she will actually win? Do you think that loyal free market congress members would send a president Sanders the bills he wants that will distroy our economy? You can dream the dreams of a dreamer all you want but your fantasy of turning America into a socailist utopia are not likely to come true.

          23. jetmagnet says



            The GOP sucks, and their attempt to get to the truth was bullshit as many americans whitnessed. It was from the very beginning a lousy attempt by Fake News channel to make a whole lotta nothing into bullshit.

            Also, nobody is going to vote for any republican in 2016. The stats show that democrats are out registering republicans in every state. People would rather have an experienced Clinton then a Teahadist running the country. A republican would be hazardous to your life.

          24. Daniel Wright says

            Media matters? David Brock is a Commie lying pig. You might as well ask a Jew in 1939 Germany to believe the Goebbels propaganda machine. 911 was an inside job? Your avatar is missing the tin foil hat. As for registration,your numbers are bullshit. You believe only what backs your screwball notions. You blame our people for dying in benghazi Fuck you traitor. You are disgusting scum who belongs in Cuba or China where people agree with your Commie ass.

          25. jetmagnet says

            There’s many more articles, even conservative that says the same thing, Bullshit.
            Even the committee members said the only reason for a benghnasty comittee was to try to bring down hillary. It blew up in their face, now every american realizes everything the GOP says is pure lies and bullshit, which i already know ,from working with them. The fact is you subscribe to propaganda not news and your mind takes you deeper and deeper in to bullshit. Peeps on the right are convinced all news is lies and only their propaganda is real. I learned of brainwashing while in the military. It’s obvious that you are brainwashed, you don’t even have a single thought that’s original, typical of a directed mind.

          26. Daniel Wright says

            It is obvious to me that you are the brainwashed one. You ignore the testimony of the people who were actually there and naively believe what a proven liar has said. You say that committee members said that the hearings were to take Hillary down. That was ONE member who was taken out of context. It wasn’t politics. They were actuaslly out to get the CROOK.Uber lefties like you never let the facts sway you in any way. There is always an excuse why the left is right and the right is wrong. You nutcases are the kings of the conspiracy theory. There is always some nefarious plot by the right wing to enslave you. People who have actually had personal dealings with Hillary have said she is a coniving, self centered, power hungry witch,yet you think she is the greatist thing since sliced bread. Do you have inside information to dispute their words? Why do you think that her body guards referred to Marine one as broomstick one; because of her respect and kindness for them? I use logic and carerful anylitical thought to come to my conclusions, not emotions like liberals do. What you see as facism is a steadfast dedication to the truth,the constitution and the rule of law. You are wrong about the American people. They are smarter than you think. You see Republicans as “old white farts” Lets see.Chuck Schumer-65.Hillary-68,The Burn-74,Boxer-75,Pelosi-75,Feinstein-82. All Democrats. All old white farts. Cruz-45,Rubio-45,Carson-64. All younger than the youngest Democrat,Two Hispanic,one black. What was that again about old white farts???It’s obvious that you are not the older experienced person you claim. Only young people think in those terms.You are also wrong about how Democrats win elections . They use fraud,deception and the courts. They also use the courts to overturn laws voted in by the people as inprop 8 in ca. I see that you are counting on winning by atrition like the Khmer rouge in Cambodia by endoctrinating a new generation of gullible ignorant youngsters into the old failed communist system and waiting for the older generation to die out. Then you up the ante by bringing in hoards of illegals into the country giving them amnesty,welfare,food stamps,section 8 housing,drivers licenses, free college tuition that citizens can’t get and are put on the fast track to citizenship. The stipulation being that when they become citizens they register as and vote as Democrats. Your ilk is a prime example of Einstein’s definition of insanity. Communism has failed over and over yet you think you can tweak it in a way that will result in sucess. Communism can only sustain itself by morphing into a totalitarian form of government. It is always sustained at the cost of freedom. You think that Republicans want to usurp and bypass the constitution. Obama is the one who sees it as a roadblock to his “progress” He sees himself as in the role of a monarch,not a president. The people will not let someone like him [Hillary] take power again. Also as you might have heard,there were 85 new classified emails found today in Hillary’s stash. The congressional hearings may have resulted in a stalemate with her,but if you think that the FBI investigation is merely a security review then the FBI disagrees. Do you believe them,or her?

          27. PaulUK2901 says

            You seriously need to get a hobby and lighten up.

          28. Daniel Wright says

            And what is your suggestion? Become a Democrat? I grew up and left that party 36 years ago. I suggest you do the same.

          29. PaulUK2901 says

            How are you going to manage with another eight years of a Democratic President?

          30. Daniel Wright says

            You’re a little over confident seeing the trouble Hillary is in. That leaves Sanders who is a joke at best. Good luck with that.

          31. PaulUK2901 says

            You’re very over confident seeing the trouble the GOP is in. Trump, Cruz or Rubio? Jeez, what a choice. Do you seriously think any of those three are electable. Delusional GOP, nothing changes.

          32. Daniel Wright says

            A crimnal/traitor or a geriatric socailist. Those are your choices..

          33. PaulUK2901 says

            I’ll take the geriatric socialist every time. Bernie has the experience and the intelligence to make a great President. He polls way ahead of any of the GOP losers.

          34. Daniel Wright says

            His experience is virtually zero. The polls now are meaningless. Did the that last comment mean that you would vote for a Republican if one of them polled ahead of Bernie? If you were trying to discourage me you failed.

          35. PaulUK2901 says

            “The polls now are meaningless.”? Why?

            Bernie has, by far, the most experience of any of the candidates of both parties. As I am British I won’t be voting, but all my American relatives will, I presume. However, I wouldn’t vote for any GOP candidate, they are far too looney tunes for me.

          36. Daniel Wright says

            One week before the 1980 election Jimmy carter and Ronald Reagan were in a virtual tie. On election day Reagan won 44 states and Carter won six. In the 1948 election; polls gave Dewey as much as a 52.2% to 37.1% landslide victory over Truman. The Chicago tribune was so confidant of a Dewey victory that they printed the headline on the front saying “Dewey Defeats Truman” in bold letters in the election day morning edition. A copy of that paper is for sale on Ebay. The asking price is $ 3,950 if you are interested.Being British ,you have a lot to learn about what can happen in American politics. Being British you also have little knowledge of how important protecting the constitution is to Americans of Both major parties. We are also not nearly as left leaning as Brits are. You see protecting our constitution as “loony toons.” We see it as a patriotic duty. We didn’t kick your countries ass in two wars of independence just to have a leftist nut take our freedoms away.

          37. PaulUK2901 says

            Do you have a point?

          38. Daniel Wright says

            If you’re too stupid to get the point then what could I say to change your mind? My point is obvious to anyone with a three digit IQ. Besides that, why the Fuck do you have the gall sticking your nose in the American presidential race? I have not commented on your politics. Mind your own business.

          39. PaulUK2901 says

            So no point then?

          40. Daniel Wright says

            The point is that polls are meaningless at this point in time. Anything is possible between now and November.What next,are you so lazy that you want someone to give you artificial resperation because you find the effort of breathing to difficult ? Get a life jerk!!!

          41. PaulUK2901 says

            It must be nice knowing Trump will get battered by any Democrat. GOP is broken. Lol!

          42. Daniel Wright says

            Laugh all you want. It doesn’t matter. If polls are what you go by then look at the poll at 19:20 of this video that shows Trump beating Sanders 36.01% to 29.69%. Hillary gets less than 1%. Cruz, Rubio and even Paul beat her. Now go ahead and LOL.

          43. PaulUK2901 says

            Wow!! You are making poll predictions to hundredths of a percentage points now. Did you predict Bernies win in Michigan? Lmao!! Then you post a video of Alex Jones. ……… stop it……….. my sides are hurting………

          44. Daniel Wright says

            What an idiot. I made no such predictions. I only posted the numbers in a poll. I told you that polls were meaningless at this point in time. I showed proof and you still didn’t see the point. Why should Bernie winning one state matter? Unless Hillary goes to prison he will never be the nominee. As for the source of the video,you would laugh at anything right of mother Jones or rolling stone. I thought you might be reasonable but I see that you are a stepford stooge of the left. The reporter in the video follows candidates to get news. Where do you get your information? Oh,I almost forgot. I already mentioned the toilet paper rags you read. Never mind.

          45. ELAINE MARZANO says

            OH, my goodness this is precious. I think everybody should be seeing this and hearing this. I have never seen this before. I find it fascinating. I do not see anything that would allow me to share.

          46. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you think we are looney tunes wait until you see what happens with your choice. He is so phony he is lucky if he is still able to stand up when he has to go vote. He has some crazy ideas and if you haven’t been listening to him you should have paid more attention.

          47. PaulUK2901 says

            Crazy ideas? Like what? Universal Health Care? Free College? Fairer Taxes? …………………………… yeh, right! Really crazy.
            Thank goodness for “sane” policies from Trump, like building a 300 mile 700ft wall! And Mexico is going to pay for it!!! ROFLMAO!! You RWNJs crease me up.

          48. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Daniel, you are the greatest. I love you and want tot hank you for the things that you do to show the American people what is the truth. I shared your posts with my facebook page. I hope you don’t mind. really thought they needed to see the videos

          49. jetmagnet says

            Actually Obama decided he wouldn’t prosecute either in his first year. He’s tried to work with republicans, but they decided the first day that they had no intention of working with him, which is unprecedented in american politics. 522 filibusters and 25 clotures and every bill blocked by boehner and the fruitcakes proves to the american people who the turds are in government, not Obama.
            Terrorist are born because of rightwing policies and Israels position of domination. Israel dominates the weak GOP and tells them what to do like little school children, while we send them billions of taxpayer money.
            The GOP caused the mess in the middle east and every terrorist act is a result of GOP foriegn policy. If a rightwanger were elected world war III will soon follow. None of our muslim alllies will help and tuen on us, because we have an anti-muslim president. Mexicans won’t stop drugs from coming here because of rightwing hate for them. The world of shit is waiting for the next bagger to run the country, and satan is sitting next to him as a key advisor.

          50. Dan says

            First off lil boy, your an idiot. Second off, case your too stupid to keep up, Ovomit worked the deal with Iran, and also freed up 150 billion dollars for them that will help fund its terrorist state. 3rd off, looking at the monkey in the White House’s approval rating, pretty much EVERY REAL American realizes Ovomit is a sissy, failure, apologizing to every terrorist country out there. He needs to be killed.. It’s him and morons like yourself that America needs to be rid of..


          51. Reality Check says

            First off idiot of the right, Obama’s approval is higher than GW’s was at this time.


            why such a dumb ass?

          52. Daniel Wright says

            What does a president’s popularity in the US have to do with Iran? Obama certainly IS popular [in the jihadist community].

          53. Reality Check says

            the con tries real hard to be clever.

            He fails.

            does it bother you that Obama is more popular than GW was?

          54. Daniel Wright says

            The con is Obama. The con man,the flimflam man. His popularity is of no consequence to me. Bush has been gone for almost eight years. Mentioning him shows how desperate you are.

          55. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Amen to that he’s selling us down the river

          56. jetmagnet says

            Obamason has 335 accomplishments, the GOP has ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          57. Virginia Hornibrook says

            It’s only higher because he’s got all his Muslim friends he let in illegally. At GW didn’t sell our wonderful country down the river like Obama has. He needs to go back to Kenya where he was born and take his wife,the Clinton’s and jarred with him

          58. Reality Check says

            10,000 Muslim refugees, hardly changes the percentages in a public poll low info human.

            He even raised our pubic opinion Globally.

            you are a brainwashed tool of the Oligarchy taking over.

          59. Virginia Hornibrook says

            What the hell you smoking. Obama is the dumbest President we’ve had since Carter

          60. Reality Check says

            “The world ‘largely likes’ the US, says global survey”

            Overall, the US is largely seen in a positive light, with a global
            median of 69% of people saying they viewed the US favourably. That’s up
            from 65% in 2013 and 2014, says Pew”


            I PROVE what I say.
            Cons just FLAP their GUMS
            Facts versus HOT AIR

          61. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I am going to say this one time. even ten Muslim terrorists are two many. And the way they are coming in you can be sure they are here. the border patrol has been told to let them in without checking them. How stupid does he think we are.???
            reality if you were as smart as you claim to be you would know this.!!!! the only thought I have is that you are not a happy person and you think that you can get what you want because you are an OBama fan. I wish I could let you see how wrong you are. but pretty soon you will find that out. The only thing he has raised globally is the opinion of the people all over the world as to the realization that he is not what he appears to be. And now he is trying to desperately show he sweet side of himself. He is tryin to let everybody know they are wrong about him. But he is a person not to be trusted and we know this. I hope your god will watch over you when the time comes to do or die.

          62. Reality Check says

            “the border patrol has been told to let them in without checking them. How stupid does he think we are.”

            PROOF you are not very bright.

          63. Reality Check says

            “I wish I could let you see how wrong you are”

            YOU are a BRAINWASHED DRONE.
            so not going to happen.

            that statement about the border patrol confirms that.

          64. ELAINE MARZANO says

            once again you are not paying attention to anything . it was on facebook the sheriff was told not to stop them. and he was very upset over it. Do you want to call him a liar. He wants them to come across the border why do you suppose he is wanting that to happen? and why would the sheriff lie to the news people. because he doesn’t want his job anymore. come on wake up. I wish you could see how wrong you are.!!

          65. Reality Check says

            one fool on the internet, does not evidence, make.

            cause NO ONE EVER LIES on the internet, right critical thinking Elaine?

            I am awake and I see how brainwashed you are.

          66. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you are calling the Sherriff a fool. I don’t think he would be happy to hear that. I trust him before I trust you.

          67. Reality Check says

            I am saying people post what ever they want to further their agenda.

            YOUR problem is you are DESPERATE to believe.

          68. PaulUK2901 says

            Seriously Elaine, read a book; stop listening to Alex Jones; turn off Faux News and get a life. Spending your time posting uninformed drivel on here doesn’t help anyone.

          69. ELAINE MARZANO says

            why don’t you stop trying to make me look bad . all you are doing is making you look like a jerk. I have no idea who Alex jones is or Faux News either. why don’t you just mind your own business and stop telling people what to do. you are disgusting because you have no idea about me or what I do it is obvious by what you are writtng. I will not answer you any more.

          70. PaulUK2901 says

            Why don’t you start using capital letters?

          71. PaulUK2901 says

            That’s the winner! Stupidest comment on this thread. Congrats!

          72. Reality Check says

            secondly low info fool of the right,
            the deal with Iran was negotiated with Germany, France, Britain, Russia and China.

            the 100 billion was NOT in Obama’s control, not too bright one.
            It was in the far east, lying POS.

            “”The money is sitting in China, India, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, maybe
            a little bit in Taiwan,” says Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of
            the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “Those countries were buyers of Iranian oil.””


            maybe you can link me to something to prove you are not an ISIS terrorist spreading seditious lies on the internet.

          73. Dan says

            Hush monkey! Let the humans run the country, blacks are more ape than human.. Case you haven’t seen yet, it’s spreading all over the Internet. Black people are more ape like according to DNA testing.. The studies have figured out why they act like they do… Google it monkey boy..

          74. Dan says

            Google it monkey boy.. “Do blacks possess the Neanderthal gene?” Guess what.. They don’t.. Blacks are small brained ape like.. Hahaha.. BUSTED.. America now knows we have a gorilla in the White House.. Now we know why he’s so stupid.. A few years ago he was still peeling bananas with his feet and slinging his own poop.. No wonder he’s destroying America.. It all makes sence now.. LMAO

          75. Daniel Wright says

            So John Kerry wasn’t in the negotiations on the Iran deal? The US Ok’d the release of the funds. They were being withheld by UN santions. The US had to sign off on the deal Nimrod.

          76. jetmagnet says

            So did 7 other nations who had sanctions. Do you really think the 7 other nations would re apply sanctions because the rightwing party said so? LMAO!
            The US would be alone with limited sanctions and IRAN would still be able to build a bomb regardless.

          77. Daniel Wright says

            So lets all drink up and celibrate. Here’s to WW3.

          78. jetmagnet says

            Sissy? He killed more terrorist than any president. He got osama, and bush couldn’t he gave up and even said so.
            Your teabag congress are the pussies, they’re too afraid to vote against ISIS.
            Obamason has Balls, much bigger than the sissy’s that have to shut down the government like children and default on the debt if they don’t get their way. what abunch of sissy’s and you voted for em” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

          79. Dan says

            Actually monkey boy, Bush got Bin laden. It’s a known fact. All Ovomit did was get his gay butt out the way.. I feel sorry for you monkeys. Being stupid AND gay must really suck

          80. jetmagnet says

            Your fucking stupid. bush caused 911. In fact he planned it. He sent saudi’s who probably funded it under his administration safely back to saudi arabia after the attack to protect them. Bush didn’t want to get bin laden.
            He even said so in a news conference..
            Bin laden planned the attack and bush helped execute it. That’s why bush who was told by the CIA of an eniment attack blew it off. NORAD has claimed that on Sept. 11,
            no more than 14 planes at 7 bases were ready for use in interception
            missions across the entire continental United States. This number had
            been scaled back during 2001 – very curious in light of the high-level
            warnings during that same period that al-Qaeda was planning to hijack
            planes in the U.S.
            The notion of a hijacked passenger jet meandering over the northeastern
            United States, unmolested for more than an hour before blasting away a
            chunk of the Pentagon, should appall anyone whose taxes contributed to
            the quarter of a trillion dollars spent on defense that year. And if you
            stop and think about it, there was actually two hours in which
            something could have been done.

          81. Dan says

            You should know that nobody wants to read all that catscratch you just typed. The smart people all know that Bush got Bin Laden. You need to stick to things that you DO know about when trying to get into an adult conversation…. Like peeling bananas with your feet, or pounding your chest in rage. LMAO!!

          82. Daniel Wright says

            Dan,Jetmaggot says he was a CIA agent. His post shows that he belongs in a tin hat unit headquartered in a padded cell.

          83. Dan says

            There’s quite a few of these moronic liberals that come into our chats to defend Ovomit or express their views. I ignore most because more than likely they are at thier assisted living housing, sitting in some kind of wheelchair, wearing a football helmit, with a cork on thier fork (to prevent eye injury). They have no real understanding of how the world works, let alone this country. Therefore the best advise I can give you is.. Just smile and wave…. Then move on to the intelligent posts!

          84. jetmagnet says

            What are you defending? Tell me all about how the GOP has enriched lives and moved the country forward. You whine and bitch like a Yapping dog to any opposition that will listen, Peeps like you are contributing to the downfall of America with your new, virulent strain of
            empty nihilism, blow it up if we can’t get what we want mentality, bomb-throwing
            obstructionism, witch hunting that would make McCarthy proud, and eliminating
            the division between church and state? Sounds allot like hitler or stalin to me.
            When you ask one of these mind controlled teabags what they support, they get lockjaw. These ignorant peeps are so doggy trained by their media programing, they have no idea what their for, because their trained like rats with human brains fused to them to attack anything that doesn’t fit their trained minds and also blame everything on someone else as if there bullshit is something america needs or even wants.

          85. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I am sorry to interrupt you ranting but I am going to ask you to please control your words you are using. I don’t mind hell or dam. it is the other nasty stuff that looks bad and is bad. I ma sure their are a lot of words to describe what you are feeling. sorry you can continue your ranting.

          86. jetmagnet says


          87. Daniel Wright says

            Where is your proof that Bush planned and/or caused 911? This video proves zero. If you were president in 1941 would you have ordered the assinations of Hitler,Mussolini and Hiro Hito and ignored their armies? You are a leftist fool who has no real knowledge of military tactics or understanding of how to run a war.

          88. jetmagnet says

            You’re talking garbage. Why did GW go into hiding after he left office? Bush cheney, rumsfeld are war criminals. Why didn’t bush do anything about the muslim terrorist that he knew where in the country? He not only gave amnesty and allowed a porous border, he did nothing about known terrorist in the US.
            Many have been stopped during Obama , none with bush.

          89. Daniel Wright says

            What garbage? There were Eleven attacks under Obama as of 2011 Add Ben Ghazi, San bernardino,The Chattanooga shooting,the Umpqua college shooting,a knife attack at a Ca. college and the cop shot at point blank range and we have seventeen known Muslim attacks on American soil under Obama: One that lasted 13 hours. with no response. When did Bush go into hiding? He didn’t go completely off the radar,he was easy to find. As for known terrorists Obama and Hillary support and have ties to the muslim brotherhood which is on the terror lists of Russia,Ukrane,Egypt and others but is strangely not on ours.

          90. jetmagnet says

            You read propaganda that suits your theocracy. It’s bullshit. I said that you are a “programmed” individual. You haven’t provided one link that isn’t from a rightwing bullshit website, and their are over 3000 sites just to reinforce your programming. lmao. So you’re comparing a knife stabbing to 911, what an imbecile.
            The muslim brotherhood bullshit is another lie from your rightwing media. I can tell you that it doesn’t exist in the united states. Obama and hillary have no ties, now that is really far fetched. But i expect just about anything from a robotic zealot. Get yourself unprogrammed and join the human race.

          91. Daniel Wright says

            An attack is an attack. Those sites showed history. History isnt spin and it isn’t propaganda. You take the side of leftists over the truth then lie saying you are independent. I am not sectretive about my conservativism. I don’t give a shit what you say. I don’t care how you think of me.You are just a leftist;a useful idiot who lies about himself to impress gulligle people and make yourself sound knowledgable. You are just a lying piece of shit thinking I will swallow your swill. Fuck you!

          92. jetmagnet says

            I don’t have to go to those sites. I’ve been in intelligence for years, and know a hellava lot more than you do. You’re brainwashed! Leftist bullshit. Left-right, you’re a divider and anarchist and part of the anti-christ.
            I’ll say it again and again. You are a controlled individual without an individual thought in your tiny head. Playing with robots is fun, I have one i’m assembling. Should i program it Left or right? hahahahahaha!

          93. Daniel Wright says

            Bite my ass lemming. You have no intelligence so how could you be in intelligence?

          94. jetmagnet says

            Your mind is controlled, you’re hooked on being programmed, so you have no intellect that is reasonable. intelligence is a dirty word to you small minded, one sided peeps. You like being “jack in the box” and hate anything that challenges you in your little box of bullshit. There are millions like you, little rats with human brains fused to them. The outlook for you is bleak and other Tormented souls who try to defend a theocracy that’s more like the Nazi doctrine. The GOP uses the same mind control techniques as the Nazi’s in world war II. The have you obeying every command, defending every absolute idea, all you have to do next is raise your right hand and say Heil Hitler!
            Unfortunately, for you small minded puppets, millions donot subscribe to bullshit programming and have wonderful lives. Live much longer and happier lives.
            I’m having a great time watching you deteriorate, the negativism, hate and thoughts of being deprived of something is an awful burden. LMAO!

          95. Daniel Wright says

            I am one sided? The left is the master of propaganda. They are raising a generation of good little leftists as we speak. You bitch about conservatives and conservativism as if we were actually in control. The Democrat party,the media and the school system have all been sucessfully been infiltrated by communists and you worry about conservatives? The GOP is using Nazi style propaganda? ROTFLMAO!!! Who are the kids in the color video singing about,Ted Cruz,Donald trump? Voter supression? Dems are the masters of that too. Sceduling local elections in off years and never changing is a way Dems dominate school boards and the curriculims. What war on immigrants? Do you mean the enforcing of immigration laws? Republicans welcome LEGAL immigrants. You know,the ones who come here………….. (legally). Dems want to bring in and put on the fast track to citizenship as many illegals as possible in order to register them as Democrat voters to gain more control of America. Your definition of an Oligarchy is a little biased too. Oligarchys are not just groups of private citizens. Cuba,N.Korea,and the old Soviet union are in the same catagory of countries controlled by a small group of people. As for conservatives not wanting to help people; What a crock of pure horse shit. Anyone who knows anything about the current version of welfare programs well knows that they are designed speciffically to keep people in poverty in perpituity. The rules never allow a welfare recipient to ger his/her head above water. You are required to sell off anything of value other than a house,one vehicle and wedding and engagement rings. Anything of value must be sold off and the money spent before you get benifits. If they find out you have one dollar more that the maximum you are cut off. Those are Democrats that are so “generous” as to deliberately keep people in perpetual poverty as to control them 24/7/365. All you have to do to see the real programmed robots is watch the latest news. Bill Ayres, and the Sanders campaign are sending paid operatives to trump rallies in order lead brainless lemmings in the croud to violate the first amendment rights of a leading candidate for president. Are you proud of those little weasels who are afraid of trump? The leftists you side with shout down conservative speakers on college campuses. When have you seen Republican students do that to liberal speakers? When have you seen conservatives start riots,loot businesses set fires and attack police. Those idiots are your precious leftist “activists”. Leftists routinely use their first amendment right to free speech the violate the first amendment rights of conservatives. It looks like what’s good for the goose is denied the gander. Limit competition,crush small business? What a crock Your claims are without merit. You side with those who would destroy our economy and would nationalize all businesses. You are a leftist,plain and simple. Don’t piss in my shoes and tell me it’s raining.

          96. jetmagnet says

            Your argument is pretty weak. I’m not impressed. So these leftist are trying to do what? That’s your fucking problem. You are programmed to think like a rat. So you eat up anything that looks like cheese, or whomever your enemy is at any given. moment. ROTFLMFAO! Get unfucked, read honest literature instead of Rightwing fantasies. I see this shit all the time. Fruitcakes run around looking for some any material to base their stupid theocracy on. So with over 5000 rightwing websites, 150 tV stations 23,000 radio networks, the Koch suckers and their powerful network, you’re worried about
            Give me one source that isn’t based on rightwing propaganda. So far NADA! You’re hilarious!

          97. Daniel Wright says

   and black lives matter both funded by Nazi collaberator Sosos claim responsibility for the Chicago violence. The ends justify the means right old pal?

          98. jetmagnet says

            More brainwashed material. When will you unfuck yourself and join the human race?

          99. PaulUK2901 says

            Daniel hasn’t the wit to understand your points. Probably better to leave him in his own delusional world.

          100. jetmagnet says

            Yeah, maybe i’ve upset the little fellow, Nothing in his world works for him.

          101. ELAINE MARZANO says

            when do you suppose he had time to do that ? Hmmm maybe between the first and 10 hole on the golf course.???

          102. ELAINE MARZANO says

            It doesn’t take balls to do what he did . he sat with his wife if he is, the whole time. did he not have some of the seals killed that were involved jn that job. or was that another job. and did he not save the life of john the beheader. isn’t it funny that we hear no more about him, since they claim they killed him. I wonder where he Is now.??

          103. jetmagnet says

            It’s who’s in office that either takes the blame or the success. I can only imagine the fallout would be if 911 happened on Obama’s watch or 312 marines who died in beruit under reagan’s leadership, was under Obama’s leadership. Obama got osama, he’s ordered the execution of 146 terrorist with drone strikes. Your phony candidates could only wish. They talk alot of shit but they can’t even authorize the war against ISIS for crying out loud. They’re afraid it might ruin their re-election chances. LMAO!
            Meanwhile obama fights the war alone and has more balls than any conservative in the house and senate. You can see what they’ve accomplished even with total control. Nothing. People are stupid in the GOP, voting for do nothing clowns that read nursery rhymes and shut down the government , costing billions and people’s jobs…just to score political points. what a joke!
            As far as Rubio, he sucks. He won’t win in Florida, he’ll get alot of cubans voting for him. Like most conservatives they don’t create jobs or show up for work.

          104. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I well agree with one thing. Rubio will take his home. let me say one thing I don’t like anybody I think they all need to hit the road. democrate and repubicans. none of them did their job for 8 years. That is it.

          105. jetmagnet says

            It’s bullshit! I just read that a bunch of establishment billionaires along with establishment creep politicians plan to take down Trump. Just like a rigged economy, you have rigged politics. Big money doesn’t want people who run thier own show ( self – funded) like Trump and sanders ( individual donations). they want control. Control of politicians, control of the government and control of your wallet. I hope trump kicks their ass and i’m not a conservative. People are tired of cookie cutter politicians. if they try to screw Trump out of the nomination all hell will break loose. Let the people decide who they want in office. The GOP has brokered conventions where they choose who they want. I hope trump beats rubio and he should. I see trump signs all over the place. The northern part of the state is all trump. The middle is trump and even some of the south. Rubio has the cubans in dade county and they’ll vote for him soley because he’s cuban. Hispanic are likr that. Even though rubio’s tax plan cost middleclass americans 35% tax rate and gives candy to the wealthy. he’s owned by wall st. Big sugar bought rubio and owns him in florida.
            Cruz is Hitting rubio in florida or his super pac funded by a billionaire hedge fund manger.

          106. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you mean like the things they pulled on DR. CARSON. they knew they had to get rid of him because hew as too popular.

          107. Dan says

            Bush paved the way for Bin Ladens demise.. All that Ovomit did was get the hell out the way so our military could go in and finish him. Ovomit hates our military and continues to weaken it. …. Well, you know the rest… And I don’t know why these pathetic liberals are in our chat. Even THEY know deep down inside that Obozo is a disgrace to America.

          108. ELAINE MARZANO says

            yeah, someone that is not afraid to speak their mind. Thank you so much. I feel much better. I also had to put up with Paul this morning. I have no clue why he is picking on me, it was so stupid , he said why was my name in capital letters did I think I was Queen of the fairies and he told me I had a low IQ I don’t know what my IQ is and personally I don’t care. I was going with a guy that had a huge iQ and he ended up screwing up is life and telling me I was no good and blaming me for everything that went on in his life. So much for high IQ’s. I only knew him for 8 months never even met him in person. ok enough of that garbage. so now I am on my I hate men week!!! just kidding.

          109. Dan says

            I’ve never held much stock in the whole IQ thing. My cousin, an attorney out in California, had a roommate that was considered an actual genius because of her IQ. But this woman was a horrible slob. Didn’t clean up after herself and had the worst personal hygene you could imagine. Plus. I’ve always heard, “there’s a fine line between genius and total insanity”…. Makes sence. So as far as me, I don’t want to be married to someone who is a dirty nasty slob whose also insane.
            Hmmmm sounds like whoopie Goldburg!

          110. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I don’t think you have to worry about that I am sure your wife is fine.

          111. ELAINE MARZANO says

            i found this in my Spam. I am having the same trouble I had before. I have been going cray all day today . I can’t believe that they don’t listen to what I am telling them. I aend a pM to the guy thaqt sent me those video’s , I am sorry about the typing again. it is not me this goes on all the time I hate having to correct everything. so if you can read it I won’t worry about it. I have to go eat . ok.

          112. PaulUK2901 says

            Are you on crack?

          113. ELAINE MARZANO says

            no I am not. and i am sick of our stupid remarks. you people better stop acusing me of the crazy things you do. go find another playmate.

          114. PaulUK2901 says

            I think you’re on crack, or maybe meth. You must be to come out with the comments you do.

          115. Daniel Wright says

            Elaine,Jet magnet is a lying leftist plant. He claims he was a CIA agent. There are websites he uses to get information to make him look smart and knowledgable that anyone can find if they look deep enough. If you look deeper into his claims you will see someone desperate to be taken seriously. He is a fraud.

          116. ELAINE MARZANO says

            thank you again. I knew he was but when I hear it from someone else it makes me feel better.

          117. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I think I forgot to say thank you. so here it is. why do they do this . do they need the attention. or are they just bored with life . maybe they are just stupid. it is so annoying.

          118. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Thank you, Danny, I wasn’t sure. I just get so tired of putting up with the know it all’s . You are ok I hope? I haven’t herd from you again and of course I think I said something wrong or you are still not feeling well. after last night primary I feel like crap. I can not understand hwy they can’t understand what hiliary stands for. if they saw her when she left the white house and heard her tell everybody they were broke. why would they even consider her for a second. He was just as bad he was president for gods sake he had the best job in the world why would he let her lose all their money. Oh I know he was busy taking care of business under the desk in the oval office. and if I was her I would never have said that to the millions of people that were watching. I am hearing her makeing fun of trump just turns me off forever if she was so clean she could throw stones and Mr. Kasich that won’t listen for 2 years when I tried to talk to him about the flooding septic sewers in lake county for the last 55 years, you would think he would want to take of it. noooo. not him he was too busy getting ready for his run a the White House.which would be a joke. he is so busy telling everyone all he has done for ohio but he doesn’t realize that is why he was elected to do a job. and do it right. no medals for him. he is such a cry baby. I hope he doesn’t get in as president because he can’t handle it. if he tells everyone what a good person he is and he never gets involvd in the crap that goes on, then what odes he do? beside s tell us how wonderful he is. ok, ask the people of lake county how they feel when it rains so hard and we are all trying to protect our furnace and our hot water tanks, washer and dryers from the sewage that is coming up thru the drains and it is up to the third and fourth basement steps. and it smells so bad and if you can’t pump It out you have to wait until it goes down. my neighbors are so upset because the have lost more furniture and tv’s every time it happens. and they will say it doesn’t happen that often . once is too many times. we are talking about expenses we should not have to put up with. but they will ignore it until it happens again. I can remember the first time it happened it as in the summer and we had a hard time because our husbands went to the Indians game that day . all of them . and when we realized what happened we ladies went from one house to the next one until we helped everyone out. we did it together and when our guys came home they were shocked to see what we did. and that was the frist time back in 1960. and we have been trying to get someone to take care of it ever since.

          119. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I have a question how do you know they were terrorist that were killed. don’t tell me because they had black on.!!!

          120. jetmagnet says

            Yes, It’s done in two parts. Operatives on the ground- CIA, military intelligence & JSOC. We have satellite cameras that can spot a mosquito on your nose from miles in space.
            The other part is CTC that coordinates the the strikes with the operatives on the ground and sets up a target signature on the terrorist or group of terrorist.

          121. ELAINE MARZANO says


          122. Daniel Wright says

            Blind and stupid. The “monitoring’ is a joke. 24/7? They aren’t even in the country.

          123. jetmagnet says

            Is that what Fox news told you? ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          124. Daniel Wright says

            Read the above post BOZO………..

          125. ELAINE MARZANO says

            If I was a parent with children in school and I heard that is what they are teaching them I would have had them out of that school and into home schooling so fast. never in my lifetime have I heard a school teaching children to sing praise to a president. What is wrong with the parents today? Why aren’t they teaching them other things that mean something in their life to help them survive in this crazy world. They have gone to far. and I want to know who is responsible for teaching them this ridiculous and uncalled for situation.

          126. Reality Check says

            According to the agreement, “for 15 years, Iran will permit the IAEA
            to implement continuous monitoring, including through containment and
            surveillance measures, as necessary, to verify that stored centrifuges
            and infrastructure remain in storage, and are only used to replace
            failed or damaged centrifuges.”

            This round-the-clock monitoring will explicitly include “electronic
            seals which communicate their status within nuclear sites to IAEA
            inspectors, as well as other IAEA approved and certified modern
            technologies,” according to the agreement.

            For instance, at an Iranian facility like Natanz, where more than
            5,000 centrifuges will be operating, the IAEA will have cameras that
            provide 24-hour monitoring, said Matthew Bunn, a nuclear specialist at
            the Harvard Kennedy School. In addition, the agreement says, “Iran will
            permit the IAEA regular access, including daily access as requested by
            the IAEA, to relevant buildings at (the Iranian nuclear facility at)
            Natanz … for 15 years.”


            I EAGERLY await your links of rebuttal.

          127. Daniel Wright says

            If you think that Iran can be trusted then I have a bridge to sell you. They have violated parts of it already. Liberals are so fuckin gullible.

          128. Reality Check says

            I think the trust issue is WHY we have 24/7 monitoring and IAEA inspections, fool of right wing Propaganda.

            I wonder why the countries CURRENTLY in range of Iranian missiles think it’s a good deal?

            maybe they are much better informed that the average brainwashed con like yourself.

            so far you have prove nothing other than you are ignorant (and brainwashed)

          129. Daniel Wright says

            So Iran didn’t violate the treaty by firing a missile over one of our ships? So they didn’t take our people hostage against international rules and get it away with it? Idiots like Carter get us into trouble with Iran. It takes Conservatives like Reagan to get us out. And Politifact? You refer to a leftwing internet rag like that and ridicule me???? Now who is brainwashed? Read the information on this site. If you still think Iran is trustworthy afterwords then you are the hopless dupe of the left you appear to be. If you can’t accept the facts, then you are beyond help. I have done my part. Now it’s up to you.

          130. Reality Check says

            wow fool , you don’t read well.
            the first line says

            “Any assessment of whether Iran should be trusted to abide by its
            commitments under the terms of a final nuclear agreement between the
            P5+1 and Iran must be informed by the regime’s previous behavior.”

            that does not exactly do to well for YOU, when YOU contend they ALREADY broke the treaty, does it fool of the right.

          131. Daniel Wright says

            There is no way you had time to read those facts so stop the bullshit. Here is more for you to ignore………..

          132. Reality Check says

            i didn’t need to read past the first line that were about PAST transgressions.

            YOU were supposed to be proving CURRENT violations of the Iran deal.

            you so low as to forget that already?
            the next link is to a guy making a living off his “right wing” IAEA stance.

            he is all over the internet sayi8ng the same shit since 2001.

            I can’t find anyone else saying these things on the net.
            I wonder why?

          133. Daniel Wright says

            Did you read the information in the last link? It shows how stupid you are for believing Obama.

          134. Reality Check says

            Well Dan, it seems to prove YOU are ready to believe anything as long as it is against Obama.

          135. Daniel Wright says

            You didn’t answer the question. You prove that uou believe Obama can do no wrong and you will ignore truth when you are slapped across the face with it. Were you one of the children in this video? Or this one? It is a shame that libs like you would use children as innocent propaganda tools just like the Nazi clip in the first post. Proud of your party yet?

          136. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Daniel, don’t bother you are arguing with someone that is a real jerk. he has no reasoning in any part of his brain.

          137. PaulUK2901 says

            Oh no, not you again. Lmao!!

          138. Reality Check says

            you seem to think everyone is “trusting” them.
            24/7 monitoring is hardly trusting them.

            what the fool needs to prove, is that the monitoring is a shame.

            you do know what the word “prove” means, right silly con?

          139. Daniel Wright says

            This site agrees with you,[mostly]. Claim 8 correctly says that the IAEA will have 24/7 access to [KNOWN] nuclear facilities. That access is in the form of a machine that is hooked up to [[Known] centrifuges. It also says that Iran’s ability to build a bomb will be “delayed” not stopped.

          140. jetmagnet says

            IRAN doesn’t need US approval to make a bomb or jack shit. The agreement at least allows transparency and inspections. What’s the alternative, world war III?
            It wasn’t just Obama fella, it was 7 nations, who know alot more than jackasses in the republican media. LMAO!! I wouldn’t trust a teabag to run a hamburger stand.
            Obama has done a great job, that’s why he was re-elected. The GOP? WTF have they done for anyone, except fuck people over, them blame the black guy! hahahahahahahaha!
            If you don’t fucking like it , go to a fascist country where only friutcakes have all the rights. Here, we all do fella, get fucking use to it, it’s only going to get worse when all the immigrants get voting ID. LOL

          141. Dan says

            I really feel sorry for you niqqers, being more monkey than human.. Not really able to think like a real man. It’s ashame that the word is now circulating all over the Internet about the DNA studies.. about how blacks do NOT possess the Neanderthal gene. Hahaha, and yes, I’m helping the spread of it.. Anyone can google it.. “Do blacks possess the Neanderthal gene?”… But it’s probably a good thing that people know.. We can stop calling you monkeys “niqqers”.. And just call you what you are.. MONKEYS!!! LMAO

          142. jetmagnet says

            Maybe when you’re in Hell you can explain that to Satan. lmao!
            You might as well enjoy the time you have left because eventually your ass is gonna die. “The wages of sin is Death” you’ll rot and a Big blackman will piss on your grave. If you’re reincarnated it will probably be redemption for your racist ways and you’ll be born in Kenya .

          143. Dan says

            HUSH MONKEY!!!! The humans are talking…

          144. jetmagnet says

            What humans, You’re a Teabag aren’t you? Teabags aren’t human and they explode in the microwave.

          145. Dan says

            Dude, you’re smoken crack…..

          146. ELAINE MARZANO says

            and you to Dan, I thought I could count on you guys fro help but I guess you got bored.

          147. Daniel Wright says

            That’s exactly what you want.For illegals to run this country. right jetmoron? And you think it’s funny.Traitor.

          148. jetmagnet says

            They should send all the illegals back. I told you i was an independent. I don’t like liberals, but I hate republicans because they suck corporate cocks and their minions follow like some brain dead sheep.

          149. Daniel Wright says

            You don’t like liberals but you back Hillary and the Bern? What’s up,are liberals too conservative for you?

          150. jetmagnet says

            Unlike brainwashed minions and dupes, I vote on policy, not by party (independent), I think i mentioned this several times. I like Trump somewhat because he’s not bought, but he’s lost his marbles. lol
            Independents- some lean conservative, some lean democrat, The teabags and republicans theses days all have the same ideology, none are reaganish..they’re basically the same turds floating in a bowl, waiting to be flushed in november.

          151. Daniel Wright says

            I have told you several times that I am a registered INDEPENDENT not a DEMOCRAT. I have always voted with my mind and not my heart as bleeding heart socailists like Bernie do. You have referred to me as a “teabagger” several times and although I don’t see that as the insult you do, due to the fact that I have actually thouroughly researched tea party platforns and policies I have never been a member of any tea party. I pride myself in my independence of thought and have had friends joke about how technical I tend to be at times. That is because I can’t help the built in tendency I have for paying attention to the minutest details of anything in question. You think I am a mindless robot programmed by the right. I have come to my conservatism through half a lifetime of having my dad and grandfather trying their damndest to turn me into a clone of themselves and become a linoleum layer and loyal union Democrat. I get my tendency to seek perfection honestly from my dad who even as a union executive still taught linoleum and tile laying and was one of the finest ever at that trade. I ,however was too rebellious and became a musician and sound engineer. I was a radio tech in the Army on a hawk missile base in Germany. I tell you these things to dispel your notion that I am some robot programmed by Rush limbaugh and Sean Hannity without the intellectual capacity to think for myself. I am more a Mark levin fan but I am Conservative because I think that way on my own. I follow my own conscince,not others’ orders. I have seen the Democrats promise over and over only to see them slip the people the big green weelie over and over. Promise them the world and then screw them. Then the lemmings fall for the same line two, four, or six years later. It is liberals who have the attention span of a housefly but you take their side.That is why I will never vote Democrat. Hillary is a liar and a crook. There is too much evidence to believe otherwise. Do you really think that the right has such a bone to pick with her that the entire conservative movement has been conspiring for 24 years to stop her? GIVE ME A FUCKIN BREAK!! Her claiming victimhood is a bad,stale joke. The FBI isn’t conducting a criminal investigation of her just becaust they have nothing better to do. As for Bernie,he will never get his Communist manifesto past even thinking Democrats in congress let alone Republicans. There would be four years of a stagnant government ending with a Republican landslide that would make Reagan’s best pale in comparrison. You somewhat like trump. I feel the same. I prefer Cruz. A court recently ruled him elligable and any lawsuit would be very bad for America and would be the product of nutcases like Alan Grayson who is so partisan that he would destroy America rather than have a Conservative in the whitehouse. Cruz has stood up to Democrats and Republicans alike on the floor of the Senate. Why do you think they are so strongly pushing Bush over him? Bush is their man. In the end, I think there is one thing we can agree on. The last thing we need is another president Bush.

          152. jetmagnet says

            You may be an independent, but you are in step with GOPTP theocracy.
            Ted Cruz is an embodiment of radical anti-government ideology that would tear the country apart. Millions of people would not putup with his fascism cloaked in a fake patriot rag. He likes to talk about the constitution, but would deprive others of their rights. cruz had fascist ideas since college.
            I like alan grayson. people who support americans not plutocrats are my kind of people. Even though I am wealthy, I get squeezed by powerful corporate interest. Grayson has fought the fed on several occasions, so has elizabeth warren on big banks and wall st.

            I can tell in all your post that you read, listen and follow rightwing media, because i listen and read it also, so don’t bullshit me with the “independent” tag.

            You would be served to follow “All legislation” and spend equal time listening and fact checking both sides, which i do and have done forever.

          153. Daniel Wright says

            If you mean that I am a Christian then,yes. I am an imperfect,non-denominational Christian. If you mean that I want the government to establish an official religion, you are 100% dead wrong. That is prohibited in the establishment clause of the first amendment to our founding document. You know:the constitution! I thought a smart guy like you would know that by now. You made the statement that Cruz is a facist. I have seen no evidence indicating that and you saying it doesn’t make it a fact. I agree that the fed is a corrupt self serving entity. If you think the fed should be audited to decide if it should be abolished then Cruz is your man.. Glenn Beck, who you probably think is a Nazi too was actually fired from fox news for exposing the truth about the fed. He and Cruz are in total agreement about the fed. Grayson is a moron and Warren is a phony socailist who lied her way into the senate claiming to be an indian. 1/64th Cherokee? Give me a break! As for moneys disappearing lets see……….

          154. jetmagnet says

            Glenn Beck is a certified Fruitcake!!!!!!!!lol

          155. Daniel Wright says

            So that means that you support the fed?

          156. jetmagnet says

            When did they let you out of the Funny Farm?

          157. Daniel Wright says

            At least I’m out. It seems that your lucky. They actually let you have a computer in your padded cell: Curious.

          158. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Jetmagnet, did you see the documentary on Hitler it was a while back.? I am not sure you did , I thought it was mind blowing and very scary. to think that he lived on and was still here. I could see Obama doing that. they had the route he took to hide from the people. they had it all figured out. All he wanted to do was to live in peace and quiet. And we were so stupid we had no clue. Doesn’t that make you nervous.

          159. PaulUK2901 says

            You are seriously weird. You really will believe anything, won’t you?

          160. jetmagnet says

            No, I donot see a comparison between a united states president that provided healthcare to 11 million people and saved countless lives to a dictator who exterminated 11 million jews and slaughtered polish and bulgarian people.
            Before you judge anyone walk a mile in their shoes.
            Try learning about Obama from a non partisan source b4 you condemn the man.
            To me every glass is half full. I follow no one, i don’t subscribe to political agendas and brainwashing. I’m too intelligent to believe a world view from any one perspective. Opposing parties trash each other to win elections and collect the coin from lobbyist and special interest. I sit back and watch the carnage.

          161. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I am sorry I did not mean to make you angry. I was just curious to know if I was the only one that saw it. thanks for your input. I hate the election time it is never good I hate the politicians. I wish it could be different. I was a candidate fro mayor for the city I live in and ever since then I have not liked it. ok got to go to bed. good night.

          162. PaulUK2901 says

            You’re certifiable Elaine. Have you ever had a mental health check?

          163. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Oh, my goodness you are exactly like me thought wise.
            that is a scary thought. I can not believe this is true. I am so glad we are friends.
            Just a little frightened that their is someone as crazy as me out their. and I loved reading your post.

          164. jetmagnet says

            Danny boy is Nuts, and hasn’t proved one point in any discussion. Mainly because he’s focused on being a parrot for the most cynical views of psycho-conservatism.
            Unless, you read about all sides of politics, you can never be truly intelligent.
            You don’t get facts about liberals, progressives or any other ideology unless you read their information on their sites, factcheck it and make decisions that way. The problem with conservatives in general, is they’re brainwashed and programmed to accept one point of view only, then reinforce it by going back to the same misleading sources.

          165. ELAINE MARZANO says

            One more thing, please don’t treat the others on this site like they are stupid . I believe Danny as his friends call him has a high IQ . and I know I am not the smartest person in the world, but god gave me other things to keep me floating above water. I call it holding my own. I go with the feelings that God has given me over the last couple years. you don’t have to be a genius to understand what is going on in your world , just common sense will do more for you than you can believe. I believe he does the same thing. I don’t listen to any of those people any more. They are selling something. of course they have sponsors to keep happy. so they will say anything to keep an audience going. I would not buy what they are advertising anyway. I don’t need them to tell me what is going on they lie anyway. thanks for listening.

          166. jetmagnet says

            Stupid? If he has a high IQ than he’s nuts. But he a problem with cognitive dissonance. Like most nutjobs the glass is always full. There’s no room with his gut prejudices and belief system to grasp beyond falling for rightwing propaganda. I’ve seen it on lost souls a million times. If you truly seek knowledge you don’t look at one side and refute the other because you’ve already determined in your mind, that your choice is always the right one.

            The one thing that religious conservatives have in common is their
            extraordinary arrogance and absolute certainty that they are correct and that
            everyone else isn’t. The cause of this is their religious beliefs. They claim
            that their beliefs are the will of God, the highest authority over man, and
            therefore, their beliefs are correct and should be law. This is how they are

            The victim complex that religious conservatives have stems from the belief
            that they are better than everyone else. Because of this, they believe that they
            deserve more rights than everyone else. They use religion to claim a right to
            act in a way that non-religious conservatives and other normal people do not
            believe is there. And when they don’t get these extra rights, they interpret
            this as persecution.

            Their hypocrisy lies in what they believe their rights are. They believe that
            their rights include the right to dictate to others how to live their lives, and
            to legislate to achieve this, and to elevate themselves above everyone else,
            while marginalizing those that they particularly hate. They don’t realise that
            rights are a two way street, and that while they have rights that cannot be
            taken away, other people also have rights that they cannot take

            That 11 billion was part of the sequester republicans wanted in order to lift the debt ceiling and prevent a shutdown. Thank your GOP who loves cutting government. Don’t blame the foodstamp president.


          167. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Than you for the report I tried reading it tonight but I can’t concentrate so I will read it in the morning. by the way did you call me stupid.? just thought I would ask. you know I will be mad if you did. ok , good night.

          168. jetmagnet says

            You are listen to MEDIA PROGRAMMING, ok? You are drawn to it, because you’re mind controlled. Now if you where independent, like myself you would like at least some things on the otherside, like i do. I dislike both parties, but liberals are more pragmatic, intelligent and are not conned easlly or led by phantasies, like climate denial. The liberal websites are much more intellectual without the parroted rhetoric from programming, like the rightwing lemmings. You are so obvious. I’ve heard the same bullshit on Fox and elsewhere, because i listen to both sides. You peeps parrot everything. I mean i was in intelligence, I can spot a stench mode politcal Echolalia a mile away.

          169. Daniel Wright says

            Are you saying that I deny there is a climate?

          170. ELAINE MARZANO says

            oK, now you hit a nerve. just for the record. I am not angry with anyone. No wait I am mad at my computer. it has been like its own boss lately. OK, I got that off my chest. I have to disagree with you I do not like liberals. I don’t believe in any of that crap. I think the 2 party system Is the worst thing we have. They are like at each others throat every five minutes. Talk about keeping people fighting with each other that is the way to do it.. If we had one party they could argue their point but not to a point that they would be ready to destroy each other. and no more money being sucked out of our pockets to help them get a job. And no reason to gather money from anybody and then feel like they owe them something. because they contributed to their campaign. look at all the money that will be saved. and the people that don’t have the money to run but have the brain it takes to do the job can finally get in to do something for their country. I think that is a good way if keeping things clean. no president trying to cheat by using his party for getting back at people. I see things looking a lot better. I am a person that values people by what they contribute to their country not by giving money but by doing things for your country that means something. like for the veterans. they are so badly treated. I have been trying to do things for several years, without any success until this year. I am on facebook and one of our veterans started to ask for a thank you for the vets that never made it home and I started to do what he asked and have been doing it ever time he gives us a new name. at first their was a few replies to his request. and it was just a thank you for your service. I started talking to them like they were standing in front of me. and before you knew it they were saying a few more words. I love doing it although sometimes I do cry a little bit . but it is worth it. I have maybe five a day or 0more. I think we need to do a lot more for them and their families. oK one more thing. I have no use fro the media wherever it is. I do not listen to them because I do not agree with them . especially the women reporters. the ones that think they have just been crowned as the 8th wonder of the world. They are so nasty. And what compels them to be that way I have not idea. They insist on giving their opinion of every thing. which Is not called for. years ago they reported the news and that was it , now they try very hard to make it competitive to cause trouble. so I am a thru I hope I did not make you angry , but I am a person that likes harmony. and will try and get it without being to obvious.

          171. ELAINE MARZANO says

            please watch your wording. I don’t care for the use of those disgusting words. I am sure you are intelligent enough to know a better choice of words. it isn’t just you . I have been trying to keep the columns as clean as I can without eliminating the people that want to be involved in the chatter going on.

          172. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I kind of agree with you. on some things I do not like the senate and the congress. at all. they do nothing for 8 years except help Obama spend our money. And now they think they can screw us again. by holding off until the election. well it won’t work because we know better. I am telling you I have no idea what we will do but I know it won’t be nothing. I wish you all could understand what it will be like if
            we don’t win the White house.

          173. jetmagnet says

            Illegals can’t vote, last time i checked, and certainly not in the 36 bagger held states where they have voting rights laws that require 6 different types of identification.

          174. Daniel Wright says

            6 different kinds of identification? I didn’t realize just how desperate you were. Show me where this site confirms your claim.

          175. jetmagnet says

            Let’s say your a 90 yr old american that doesn’t drive and has no photo id. Several documents are needed to get a photo id and go through alot of bullshit just to vote.
            Most of these people are black and old farts who never needed a picture id and the GOP knows how to target people that vote against the bastards.

          176. Daniel Wright says

            A 90 year old who doesn’t have an ID yet is not the fault of Republicans. You are making assumptions again. How can you defend the left after their blatant violations of peoples first amendment right to free speech? Also, you never backed your silly claim that 36 states require 6 types of ID in order to vote. You make lots of ridiculous claims but you have a curious tendency to dismiss them when I point them out. Here is another thing for you to ignore. The help America vote act requires voters not already registered to show one,(not six) form of ID. It can be an ID card or drivers license,A copy of your latest utility bill,a bank statement,a government check,paycheck or any government doccument with the voters name and address on it. There is no requirement that a photo ID be shown. This is federal law. These are not draconian requirements. As for those who would supress minority voters,look no further than the home of poll taxes,Jim Crow laws and the KKK. I’ll give you a hint. The name of the home party of these oppressive things starts with a D,not an R.

          177. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Wow Danny, you are so cool. As long as they are not dead that is all they need?

          178. Daniel Wright says

            You sure seem happy for the leftists in their progress to turn America into a communist gulag. That sounds strange coming from someone as ” independent” as you claim to be.

          179. jetmagnet says

            You are on drugs, fella. Why would wealthy successful people subscribe to your negative thinking? Money talks, bullshit walks. remember that. Capitalism is controlling you right now as we

          180. Daniel Wright says

            I love how you call the people who put Obama in office TWICE racists. If every white voter had voted for McCain in ’08 Obama would still be a Senator. I see that your hypocrisy is showing again. You claim to not let leftists influence your thinking yet you just used an extreme leftist organization to make your point. The ” white power” and “racist’ orgainizations you referrenced are all private entities. They are not government divisions with governmental authority. What negative thinking? I am positive that America has been hijacked by the ultra left. Stating a fact is not negative or positive. The leader of the CPUSA brags that his party has taken over the Democrat party but you refuse to even admit it. Is he lying or are you imitating an ostrich?

          181. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Good job Danny, SLU

          182. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Daniel wright what happened to you? I have been having a terrible time with the lunatics. and I haven’t herd from you for a while. I thought you would at least be here to help me out. did I say something to upset you?

          183. Daniel Wright says

            Sorry Elaine. I have had a slight health matter to contend with. I also have some a couple of leftists to deal with. forgive me. PS my friends call me Danny.

          184. ELAINE MARZANO says

            So be it I will call you Danny if you agree I am a friend. now are you OK. I did not mean to put any pressure on you.!! but I always worry when I don’t here from someone that asked me to marry them, and then disappears without a word. LOL just teasing. I am worried about another friend I have not heard from. he was very sick a while ago and could not tell me. So I worry about all my friends. My youngest daughter lost a friend yesterday due to liver problems. She was a great gal. and I knew her for years. It is not a good week. but since you told me what was wrong I feel better. Thank you. SLU

          185. Daniel Wright says

            Hi. My problem was minor. I just needed some anti biotics and pain meds so I could sleep. Sorry to hear about your loss. Your friend,Danny.

          186. ELAINE MARZANO says

            thank you. and I am sorry that you were under the weather. I have to be in therapy by 8:30 I WILL BE BACK IN AN HOUR TO se how you are!!! and update you.

          187. Daniel Wright says

            I’ll be in bed. I have been up all night and it is almost 6:00 am here in Ca. By the way what state do you live in,If it’s OK to ask?

          188. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ohio. northeast it kind of ends right here. some day I will explain what I mean. and you can ask me anything you want. it will be crazy here for a couple days . with the crybaby thinking he will win it. God he is enough to put me over the edge. He is always whining about something and telling everybody how great he is. trust me if he was we would not be having sewer problems for 55 years. every time we get a heavy rain we flood.
            I am sorry you are not feeling well. Is there someone to take care of you.?
            I had a therapy appointment at the hospital this morning but that all changed in five minutes. it turned out I had a appointment at the eye doctor also. I wonder who could have been so silly as to make 2 on the same day at the same time. Boy I will not admit to that one. you will have to kill me first. but I know you won’t do that right?
            By the way why were you up all night? are you married? is that ok to ask. really I am concerned as a friend . I think you said I was.

          189. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I am hoping you are still sleeping you need at least another 3 or 4 hrs. It is 3:24 here I think I will go and catch few minutes for myself. after I heard about my daughters best friend I was so horrified I just kept on writing. and then ii heard my back door open at about 8 pm and I heard grams can I sleep here tonight . it was my neighbors daughter. I said sure.
            tis is the one I took shopping yesterday and we went out to lunch . to my favorite neighborhood restaurant. it is so great and I gave her the money and told her to go pay the bill.. it seemed like she was gone forever. finally she came back and I said ready , she smiled at me and said no , we have to wait for the man in the green shirt, he is going to interview me for a job. I was shocked she is 15 . but her mom can’t work and her dad is doing 2 jobs. and she decided to apply when she saw they were hiring. he came and sat with us and asked her some questions. and told her to come in Monday night at 5 pm until 9pm. and she can pick her job. so I took her to Walmart to get what she needed to wear for work . including shoes. we had fun shopping. but she decided she wanted to sleep over my house last night . so I was tired and just kept typing. until almost 1:00am I am going to get myself a big teddy bear maybe I a can sleep better it works for the kids it could work for me. ok I will go and try and catch few winks. I ma sorry I never told you about my always being a little long winded when it comes to writing. maybe we can talk later.

          190. ELAINE MARZANO says

            by the way I love being your friend.

          191. PaulUK2901 says

            Is this website like a Social Club for village idiots?

        3. Daniel Wright says
          1. jetmagnet says

            Felix the Cat was a liberal!! Otto James Messmer (August 16, 1892 – October 28, 1983) ,born in NEW JERSEY, was an American animator, best known for his work on the Felix the Cat cartoons and comic strip produced by the Pat Sullivan studio.

          2. Daniel Wright says

            Felix is not the point. The fact that he is laughing at your idiotic,morinc beliefs is the point………..

          3. jetmagnet says

            I don’t know Felix, but he’s a LIBERAL!

          4. Daniel Wright says

            He’s a fuckin’ cartoon character.

          5. jetmagnet says

            This cartoon was produced, drawn, animated and everything he does was written by the animator, who is a liberal, so I guess felix is really laughing at you.

          6. Daniel Wright says

            I posted him. He does what I say. How’s that for a silly answer to your silly post you silly sailor?

        4. Lynn says

          You have got to be kidding me. This country is in such bad shap. I’m 55 and this is the worse than I have ever seen it. This is why I’m for Donald Trump. Because we need our jobs back I thank Its funny that Jeb Bush talking about how wrong it was for Donald Trump taken away a old lady’s home. But what they don’t say is that she got half a million dollars for her home. Our government go’s and takes people’s homes and land so that they can build a highway . And they never give what that land or home is worth. I just wish that young people could see what this country used to be like. Because this country is nothing like it used to be like. Obama has done nothing but destroyed our country and now he haves us fighting each other. I see everything that is in the Bible coming true. I don’t know if you have ever read the Bible? But if not please read it and you will see it all coming to light. So my dear pick our you going to let our government have you full of hate? Because that is why I don’t TRUST anyone who is already in our government and why I’m for Donald Trump.

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you are right to feel that way. A lot of us feel the same way.

          2. jetmagnet says

            It use to be awful, people died with no health insurance, millions of people lost their homes because of george bush. I know personally people who committed suicide when they lost all their savings under george bush.
            Thanks to Obama’s Harp program 5 million people refinanced and saved their homes. I remember Romney’s solution to foreclosures, kick those people out and sell them to investors. We would have been in a world of shit if ROBME was elected. Obama had every republican against him, blocking every jobs bill and program so he would look bad and hurt americans at the same time.
            I am in the mortgage business and my clients are so happy Obama ssaved their homes. The people with no solution to pay for healthcare who would have to sell everything to pay for cancer drugs or heart operations are happy they have obamacare. The most “EVIL” henious people on earth are the New teabags, their racist, bigoted, mean and nasty. They think the world revolves around them and they ignore the bible and what it says about the poor and needy, instead they want to remove their food and leave them homeless. Not everyone is a crook, there’s plenty to go around in both parties.
            The bible is correct, and your seeing it through the lens of the False profits on the right, who’s GOD is money and they serve the wicked. They support the greedy and the glutonous and bow down to them like GODS.

          3. jetmagnet says

            Well at least trump funds his own campaign and has ideas to help americans, unlike rubio and cruz who want to rip it apart and the others.

          4. Al Orr says

            You make incredibly intelligent points.
            Refreshing honestly

      3. Robert Barnes says

        Rubio is a RINO and has nothing to lose. He is backed by the GOP traitors. see click on RINOS

        1. Virginia Hornibrook says

          And your an idiot vote Republican

          1. jetmagnet says

            Vote for the “Peoples” champion Bernie sanders..we don’t want a puppet for billionaires and special interest running the country. have you seen rubio’s tax plan? all the money goes to the 1% and the rest of hard working americans get a prefabricated dog biscuit!!!

          2. Lynn says

            Do you know what a socialist is? A vote for him is like voting for Obama all over again. I for one I’m voting for Donald Trump. Because we need to bring this country back to the way it used to be. Strong. And I believe Donald Trump can make this country stronger than before. Right now our country is in deep danger of being attacked and you can thank Obama for it if that happens. And do you know that if this Bernie Sanders was to win then the government would own everything you can forget ever having your own business or anything because everything will belong to the government. And that is when all the rich people would leave this country and they will take there jobs with them. Let me guess you are young. Like in your early 20’s or 30’s? . I really would like to know what all of you young people are being thought in College. ? Because what I have seen is people makes college there life long job.

          3. jetmagnet says

            You apparently don’t know what socialism is. Why don’t you call Israel socialist, or Great brittian, france or Canada? They all have univeral healthcare, is that being socialist? Is it socialism to save social security and medicare, which will not exist under a republican president? Is it socialism when 1% of the people have 60% of the entire wealth? No, far from it. Lady you haven’t read shit, ok? Some of things you say show you are clueless and uneducated. I bet you haven’t listened to bernie sanders, because that’s not what he says. Bernie is getting more republicans than trump, how do you like that? People are hurting, they don’t want stupid promises the republicans have made for the last 30 years, give tax breaks to billionaires and the money will trickle down, bullshit! They took the tax breaks and shipped jobs overseas!!!!!!!!!! They’re never satisfied, UT mad $61 billion dollars and layed off 2600 employees because that wasn’t enough. when are you people going to learn who the hell runs this country and owns your wallet.

      4. jetmagnet says

        Never happen, nobody likes their policies or ideas, and their candidates have no experience or they’re tools for the establishment money Lords and crony capitalism. Cruz is the worst Liar on the planet and could be canadian pastor in chief. LMAO

      5. Lynn says

        Rubio can’t be trusted and I want vote for Rubio. Donald Trump is getting my vote.

      6. Lynn says

        Vote Donald Trump! I say this because with the left and right trying to stop truck just tells me we need to vote Trump! Our hole government is out of control and all of them know that they are going to have a good life and they could care less about us everyday people! Hell I even believe that Hollywood is in on it at lest most of them are. Them dame fema camps are not there for know dame reason! They are now saying that we the people have no say so in who gets picked to run for president! That came out of Newt Gingrich mouth! I say since when. So I thank that all HELL should brake out if they try to screw us if we don’t stand up now we’re done!

      7. R Miller says

        I agree with both of them. Obama is a traitor destroying our country, and knows exactly what he is doing. On top of that, he has no idea of reality. The media and their liberals hunt down Trump in every possible way, and supported a man with zero qualifications, and less knowledge of governing the country. Any radical could destroy, a great man bould build. Trump has the ability to deal with everything thrown at him, and hires the capable experts that are needed to run the many elements of our government–not patronage like all the other candidates. We know Hillary is evil, a compulsive liar, sneaky cheat and corrupt as the day is long. IF YOU WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK, and IF YOU DO NOT WANT HILLARY TO CONTINUE THE PLUNGE INTO OBLIVION, then stand up and DONATE TO TRUMP. Make him beholding to the people, not the big boys, or Hillarys gangsters that want to destroy us. If ever it mattered what every little citizen of this country get involved-it is now, on a par with the effort to win WWWII.

        1. PaulUK2901 says

          You realise Obama is leaving in six months, don’t you. He has accomplished the majority of his agenda and will retire as one of the most popular Presidents ever. What are you going to do during the Clinton administrations eight years?

          1. R Miller says

            I have never doubted Obama is a traitor and radical terrorist who knows exactly what he is doing and going to do to destroy our country. I cringe what he will do in the next six months-beyond opening the doors to serious criminals/up to and including giving our nuclear codes to our enemies. He must be reigned in. Sadly, impeachment could drive loonies to the democrats.

          2. R Miller says

            I find it strange that Rubio is the only one espouses this theory. I know Trump is too smart to start a war with O. He must defeat Hillary. Where is the RINO republicans we elected?

          3. PaulUK2901 says

            Whatever you are smoking, ingesting or injecting you need to stop it.

    6. jetmagnet says

      Rubio doesn’t know jack sheet! I live in florida, his sucked and did nothing. The state is run by incompetent republicans and a crook for a governor.

    7. Azabigail1 says

      Exactly MAHBOO1, that or he was picked by those who are really in power over him to be their puppet, and he just obediently followed their every bidding and instructions. But it’s more likely that he’s just a bought anti-American who is partnered with international entities who have an agenda to bring America down, and is buying points along the way to become the next Secretary General of the UN.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I say let him be Secretary General of the UN…

        And lets get the United States OUT OF THE UN.

    8. ELAINE MARZANO says

      the only thing I see wrong with your statement is you said before he leaves office, he does not intend to leave the white house .Ever.

      1. MAHB001 says

        If he pushes the Country into a Crisis, he will declare martial law and you will be correct, he will not leave office.

        I think you are right, he doesn’t plan on leaving office, and he still has many tricks up his sleeve that we do not know of.

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          Thanks MAHBOO1, I am so sure about that . it is like it keeps repeating it self over and over in my head..

        2. Cotton says

          When he doesn’t do that can I laugh at you?

          1. MAHB001 says

            Sure, if 0bama doesn’t succeed you can laugh at me all you want.

            My happy dance is rather entertaining.

      2. Reality Check says

        so you are THAT Nutty.

        so when he does leave office, I assume you will send Obama letter of apology for all the shit you have said about him over time.

        AND then you have GOD to answer to for all the evil things you have said about Obama.
        gonna be a HOT eternity for Elaine the LIAR.
        that’s in the 10 commandments isn’t it?
        bearer of false witness.

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          your turn for a reality check, you are the one that is playing with fire, and you will be the one to get burned., you can call me anything you want . I don’t care. it doesn’t bother me because I beleive and I know I am telling the truth. because we have opened our minds and our hearts as to what is going on on . so you can call me anything you want it is ok . just don’t expect to hear rom me again.

          1. Reality Check says

            “I beleive and I know I am telling the truth”

            BUT can’t put it into words, a sure sign of you being a vacant parrot of talking points.

            “because we have opened our minds and our hearts as to what is going on on”

            is that why you have your fingers in your ears and going LA LA LA LA LA LA LA so you can’t hear me?

            cause you have “open minds”.
            FUNNY (and so sad)

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ok stupid , I never said I just could not put it into words. and I have many times but I do not think repeating it over and over to the same troll just to keep him happy makes no sense to me at all .

          3. Reality Check says

            we have never engaged before yesterday, so humor me.

            I still maintain that YOU CAN’T.

            maybe call an educated friend
            (oh, well they are probably not right wing nut jobs, so…maybe not)

          4. Arizona Don says

            Replying to reality check is a waste of time. He is a troll!

          5. Reality Check says

            I am the TRUTH and the WAY

          6. Daniel Wright says

            You are?????

          7. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you forgot about the lite. or did you burn that out.?

          8. ELAINE MARZANO says

            yes you are right and I will not anymore

          9. Arizona Don says

            The best way to irritate him is to NOT reply

        2. Daniel Wright says

          It’s just like a Democrat hypocrite. An atheist envoking God.

          1. Reality Check says

            well silly one, THEY believe in God.
            and I am agnostic.

          2. Daniel Wright says

            Really? Why invoke God if you are not sure he is real? Are you hedging your bets? Bearing false witness against thy neighbor is deliberately lying about someone’s past behavior. Elaine gave her opinion about what she believed Obama might do in the future. Total opposites. Also,What they are you referring to?

          3. Reality Check says

            well Dan, in a debate one uses all the tools you have available and the silly beliefs of the religious enthusiast is one of those.
            that really should not be too hard t understand, even for a conservative.

          4. Daniel Wright says

            You see Christianity as silly? You should understand something before using it against someone. Your understanding of Christianity is non-existent. You can’t even understand the true meaning of the ninth commandment and think you are smart.

        3. Virginia Hornibrook says

          Hell no Elaine doesn’t need apologize because what she said about the crook Obama is true let see what u have to say after the idiot leaves the white house forever and he can go back to Kenya where he came from the idiot Muslim

          1. Reality Check says

            well Virginia, fools like yourself think it is true.

            but God is aware of the TRUTH which is why Elaine is in trouble for lying.
            AND I guess you will be joining her.

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            l am not a liar nor do I spread the junk that is meaningless, and my God lnows this.
            Call me what you like I could care less.

          3. Reality Check says

            ” he does not intend to leave the white house .Ever.”

            that is YOU lying.
            that is YOU spreading CRAP like an ISIS terrorist.

        4. ELAINE MARZANO says

          I will never apologize for a statement that I know is right. he is the one that will be facing our God and begging for mercy. I see my name nowhere in the ten commandments. I bear no false witness. I put it in Gods hands. I don’t have to prove I am right , he has to prove he is not wrong. good bye Reality . welcome to the real world. and by the way did you catch the video I mentioned in this discussion?

          1. Reality Check says

            thinking a statement from the KGB is proof of something just adds more evidence to you being a Dim Bulb.

      3. Daniel Wright says

        Have you ever seen the toll being president has on the chief executive? They usually can’t wait for their second term to end. I don’t see that in Obama. He is in pure totalitarian ectasy being the most powerful black man in history. He will force the country to remove him by force. He probably thinks the military will side with him. I believe he is in for a surprise.

        1. Virginia Hornibrook says

          Our military will not protect this idiot as he’s never supported our military

          1. Daniel Wright says

            He has fired or forced to retire so many highly ranked officers he knows won’t take military actions against American citizens that he may actually have blind support from some. If so,some will back him,some won’t. The real tragedy is that he may actually take actions that will trigger a second civil war. I pray that will never happen. That kind of chaos here could make us vulnereable to invasion from foreing powers including jihadists. Then again,maybe that is the point.

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Daniel , we know this , so what do we do about it?? we can not let it happen, think about what this would mean to our children and grandchildren, like what happened when they just cremated a lot of kids alive. I could not finish watching it. Is this what you want for America???

          3. Daniel Wright says

            What did that last sentence mean? Do you really think I want children to die? I don’t know if Obama CAN be stopped. His lawless rule isn’t being stopped by those with power. I am only one man with no power. Until the Republicans do their jobs and impeach the criminal in chief I’m afraid that nothing will stop him. I have seen posts on the possible burning of children by ISIS. Both liberal and conservative sites say the photo is real but the text is fiction. If you have a link to an actual video please post it. If it is true then everybody should know the truth.

          4. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I have a link it was on FB. I ma not sure how to move it over. Daniel I did not mean that last sentence in a bad way or man way. I am struggling to get answers. I feel so helpless when it comes to things like this. I am still a mother of 4 and I just get upset when I see what they are doing to kids. and stoning people top death.

          5. Daniel Wright says

            Open a window to answer me on Disqus. On google chrome right click on the icon to open a second window and go to the facebook page.Go to the top where it says etc.etc. left click with your cursor on it until it turns blue. click copy. Go to your Disqus responce window,right click where you want to put it then left clink paste. I am now doing the same with a link to a video to help you understand Islam.

          6. ELAINE MARZANO says


          7. Daniel Wright says

            Yhamks. PS You had your caps lock on. Just sayin’

          8. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hi, Dan, I hear you about my caps , I do not do that , I have a problem with my computer, it does what ever it wants to do. I can take it off and it comes back on. I have had it repaired so many times but it doesn’t help. I have explained to them what is going on and they keep telling me he is gone but I know better. He brought me a tower he told me mine was too small but his whole idea was to be able to control my computer. Believe it or not, it is true. he has ruined a couple of my facebook friends the same way. ok, I hope I explained why I some times have caps. I can take it off but it keeps coming back and then he misspells words until I am ready to scream. it is not any fun trying to type and then correct all the misspelled words. It takes up to much time. Sorry about all this.

          9. Daniel Wright says

            It wasn’t a serious problem to me I was just pointing it out. I have a problem in my spell checker so I get called stupid by liberals if I misspell a word. It sounds like your keyboard may be malfunctioning. They aren’t really expensive at office depot. I had to buy a new one and a new mouse when I bought the tower I have now due to actual mice chewing on the cords. If you see your letters as caps you may have the caps lock on. If when press the shift button you get a small letter then it is definately the caps lock button. I have done that many times myself. If it is the caps lock then you will have two green lights glowing on the top right of the keyboard. Pressing the caps lock button again will return the letters to their proper order.

          10. ELAINE MARZANO says

            thank you again . but this is a new one and it is like the third new one.

          11. ELAINE MARZANO says

            do you have pet mice? and where do you keep your computer

          12. Daniel Wright says

            If you notice I just had to correct my own spelling. I put two wrong letters in the word thanks. Silly me.

          13. ELAINE MARZANO says

            That’s ok, I still think you are great.

          14. ELAINE MARZANO says

            thanks I replied to you as to why. it may sound a little crazy but it is true.
            and why are you thanking me, for what? I should be thanking you.

          15. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Se hat is why I love you . you have a great sense of humor.

          16. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I hope you don’t mind I haven’t been able to concentrate for a minute any more. so many crazy people out their . I have a post that is from someone new . Snf the dumbest thing I si cant’ understand what he is tryimg to tell me because he is not doing the English thing. I have no idea what he is talking ABOUT AND THAT IS A LITTLE SCARed. Sorry my cap were on.

          17. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I know that .my computer is being a real nuisance . it loves doing these kinds of comes on by itself and if I shut it off it will just come back on.

          18. ELAINE MARZANO says

            yes you are correct. he is in for a big shock, maybe he know this and that is why he is building his own army with terrorists. in fact I am sure of this. He thinks we would not notice this. we are finally getting wise to his game playing. he will step up his progress and if we let him do it we will be finished.

        2. ELAINE MARZANO says

          Daniel, It is nice to know someone thinks like I do. I say we have to just take him out of their. And they better not wait to long. he will destroy us a little every day. I think we should demand he have an evaluation test done just for starters.
          then get after our congress to get him out . I am sick of giving them a paycheck every and getting nothing in return.i have sent them a pink slip already..
          never heard a word.LOL I guess they are still laughing .

          1. Daniel Wright says

            Thanks Elaine. I’m afraid something has changed things for the worse. With the sudden death of Justice Scalia I fear Obama and the left will be emboldened to accelerate their agenda to warp speed. If Obama suceeds in tipping the scales in his favor by sneaking another Socailist/Communist into the SCOTUS things will definately change for the worse. Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer have announced they won’t run for re-election. Both are most likely leaving office due to their loss of power to the Republicans. With a supreme court that will OK every thing a president Clinton would force on us by way of executive orders, they might change their plans. We must stop the witch at all costs and force the Republicans to stand as firm as the rock of Gibralter against Obama’s next appointment unless he/she is not one who will help turn our country permanently to the ultra left. I live in Ca. and unfortunately my Senators and congressman are all Democrats and won’t listen to me. If you have reasonable representatives where you live please ask them to help stop the madness before it’s too late. Thanks again and pray for America.

          2. PaulUK2901 says

            definitely not definately
            Socialist not Socailist
            Gibraltar not Gibralter

            It’s better if your nonsensical rants are spelled correctly.

          3. Daniel Wright says

            My posts are to the point and relevant to the conversation.Excuse me for being dislexic and having a non functioning spell checker. Can you spell asshole,asshole?

          4. PaulUK2901 says

            Did you mean dyslexic?

          5. Daniel Wright says

            Yes. I also meant asshole. Do you agree,asshole?

          6. PaulUK2901 says

            I agree you’re an asshole, asshole.

          7. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I don’t recall asking for a spelling checker. I hate people that impose their useless time consuming arrogance where it is not needed. We are not here to debate some ones spelling. no one cares, because we get so heated up and involved trying to get our point across hat we type to fast and misspell words. most of us are aware of this but we don’t make a point of announcing it. that is not why we are here. You on the other hand should not get involved in such pettiness, you are allowed here as a guest not a critic. if you wish to stay please stop with the spelling test , no one cares.

          8. PaulUK2901 says

            From someone who spells her own name in capital letters. Who appointed you Queen of the Faeries?
            If a poster continually uses poor grammar and spells incorrectly it’s generally a good pointer that their argument is weak. Ok your highness?

          9. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you have to be a sick person. I did not enter my name . and I don’t care who did it is just my name no big deal. maybe to you it is but I don’t care. I do not enjoy conversing with you . so I will end any further communication. and I am not sure about your spelling either.

        3. ELAINE MARZANO says

          yes, I know you are right. but we have to do something , we can not let that happen.

          1. Daniel Wright says

            If he tries that he will start a civil war. That is something no sane person wants. That is, unless destroying America is his ultimate goal. Unfortunately neither you or I have any say other than our votes and social media posts. Pray for America.

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hi, first are you ok. sorry it took me so long to get back to you. my neighbors daughter wanted me to take her to Walmart. so I said yes . She has slept here all week. I have no clue why . but her mom had some surgery today. so I told her not to worry she could come here right after school. her grandmother is over her house and she doesn’t like her. I think that is sad. any way I hear you. but why does it have to be like that. i am to a point I don’t know what to think anymore. boy when he lost ohio I was so disgusted . I just wanted to disappear into the woodwork. I could not believe o . I was talking to someone else earlier and they sais they thought they needed to recheck the ballots. I think they could do that.

    9. Cotton says

      Just saying, these theories are not facts and those that use theories as facts, as you do, do not have the FACTS to support their suppositions. Where are your FACTS?

      1. Reality Check says

        facts from that nut job?

        don’t hold your breath

      2. MAHB001 says

        We are using something liberals can not use…. Common Sense.

        Did you watch the clip? In it he describes a demoralized cupcake as someone incapable of seeing the truth when the truth does not agree with their liberal (socialists) ideology.

        Did you also catch what they do with their demoralized cupcakes when they have accomplished their task? Squash them like a cockroach. They are only useful idiots to this group and unfortunately you are one of the demoralized cupcakes.

        Look around you, when theories are supported by reality…. They are facts.

        1. Cotton says

          Reality does not support your theory and it is not a fact. I am not demoralized at all, my hostile nutjob of a friend :^).

          1. MAHB001 says

            Ok, we are all entitled to our own opinions.

    10. Lynn says

      You are so right and now that that judge died he will put someone elsh in his place and then that is when are freedom will be taken away from us all. Donald Trump is100% right. And let’s see if the Republicans in office let’s him get away with it. I just seen a new add on t.v. from Jeb Bush saying that Donald Trump is a lier. And talking about him taken a house away from a old lady. Yes he did do that but he did something that our government has never done. He pretty much bought the woman’s home from her he got half a million dollars or her home. But that is not being talked about. Our government takes land and homes away from we the people all the time. Yes they get some money but not what they want for it or even what it is worth. And if you fight them they still take it and you get way way less than what they where going to give you. So Jeb Bush is saying crap that our own government dose all the time. If it had been our government taken that house from that old lady she would have not gotten no where what she got from Donald Trump! People so need to wake up and see why everyone who is in our government like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who is still in our government and is not doing his job like being there for votes. This country needs Donald Trump and if he dose not win then kiss this country good by. That is if we still have a country before Obama’s term is up. Because I have a bad feeling that our country will be attacked and soon.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Lynn, I agree that this country needs an outsider, and more important it needs We the People to wake up and start paying attention.

        The problem I am having is telling who is telling the truth and who is lying anymore. I grew up believing that people are good, lying is really bad and one does not accuse someone of lying without 100% proof of their lies. In other words, one must give the person the benefit of doubt before they are branded a liar.

        Unfortunately in the last debate Trump accused President Bush of being a liar about WMD’s. To date, I have asked numerous times for 100% proof that George Bush lied about WMD’s. Nobody has been able to give me that proof. There has been plenty of proof that George Bush was WRONG about WMD’s. But zero proof of lies.

        Now I wouldn’t bring this up but to my knowledge the ONLY people that have accused Bush of lying about WMD’s has been liberals….. Except when it came to that last debate when Trump did it. trump showed me a side that I really didn’t want to see from him.

        I consider 4 people to be outsiders, Fiorina, Carson, Cruz and Trump.I put trump at the bottom of the list because of what he did at the last debate.

        A vote for any one of these will be a vote for a chance at keeping our Constitution. As a matter of fact, a vote for ANY Republican is a vote for our Constitution.

        A no vote, or a vote for a Democrat is a vote for socialism/communism.

        I have that same bad feeling you do.

    11. jetmagnet says

      More commie youtube videos! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. MAHB001 says

        Hey demoralized cupcake… you are the only one ROTFLMAFAOing

        1. jetmagnet says

          Your more like a prefabricated dog biscuit. lol

  5. peter says

    Marco is right. Obama is trying to change the United States. He is a community organizer and not a president.

    1. Gunflint Roseberg says

      Their are always bits & pieces of intel each political runner releases on the other. It’s up to us to high-light these bits & pieces. Rubio is right on the money with that statement, but he has his own skeletons. A major one is 180 degree stand on the illegals. Most know Odumbo is a divider of We the People……………. (unless your a Muslim or Democrat)

      1. MAHB001 says

        I have talked to people from Florida that will not turn their back on Rubio ever again. Betraying of ones trust should not be taken lightly.

        1. George says

          Rubio ‘ / Rin o ‘ .

      2. Roger says

        Rubio, is not right, he is dead wrong!

        1. Brenda says

          Obama has been aware of just what his Hope and Change agenda encompassed since day one. He knew just where he wanted to take his “fundamental change” America rhetoric.