Rubio Supports Changing the Constitution


Can Washington D.C. ever be fixed from within?

The answer to that question grows more obvious by the day. After a few brief moments of celebration when John Boehner announced he was stepping down as Speaker of the House, conservatives traded their party hats for skepticism as Paul Ryan ascended to the spot. When Ryan presided over what many have called a “betrayal” – the $1.1 trillion omnibus bill – the 2015 outsiders movement in the presidential race was crystallized. If anyone was still wondering why Republican voters are showing so much love to candidates who have never held public office, the spending bill provided thousands of pages of answers.

Senator Marco Rubio, who has been criticized for not showing up to vote against that bill, has now come out in favor of a plan to fix Washington’s excesses: An Article V convention of states that would amend the U.S. Constitution.

“My first day in office I will announce I am a supporter,” said Rubio in Iowa Tuesday.

As Fox News points out, fellow candidates John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, and Rand Paul have given their blessings to the idea as well, but Rubio’s support brings the issue its biggest mainstream headlines yet. The fight for a convention of states has been going for years, but it has largely been kept to the fringes of the conversation. Supporters say it is the only way we can truly fix the broken D.C. machinery while conservative opponents worry that it would give Democrats a chance to do some constitutional chicanery of their own.

The three kings of conservative talk radio – Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin – have all come out in favor of the plan. Levin might even be credited with starting the movement with his 2013 book, The Liberty Amendments. As popularized as the movement has been, though, the sheer scale of such an endeavor might be responsible for its lack of mainstream support. Even eternal optimists have to doubt whether today’s Americans care enough about waste and fraud to really embrace what seems like a radical idea.

Truth be told, it’s not that radical. It is a process of changing the Constitution that can be found right in the Constitution itself, put there by the founding fathers. They understood all too well, even back then, how unlikely it would be for a corrupt federal government to reform itself. Article V was put there to give that power to the American people, and it may be our last and only hope of actually taming this goliath of gluttony.

With grassroots changes to the Constitution, we could reign in federal spending, limit the scope of Washington’s power, roll back the power of the president to its original limits, start snipping away regulations, and put more control back in the hands of the 50 states. Would such a movement give liberals a chance to make changes of their own? Of course. But don’t forget: any amendment would require 3/4 state ratification; no attack on our fundamental liberties can survive that process.

Is this all a pipe dream? In the short term, probably. As this movement picks up support, though, it could actually happen at some point down the road. And if the last eight years or so are any indication, it might be the last life preserver we have for our troubled republic.

  1. Reality Check says

    Do conservative ever suggest something that is possible?

    They feed you cons pipe dreams. You drink it up.

    vote for us, WE will pretend to fix Society by doing something practically impossible.
    But of course you guys are going to believe it.

    They told you to be SO AFRAID of the ONE in THREE MILLION chance of being in a Muslim terrorist event, and you obedient cons Snapped To like good drones and are all ready to ban ALL Muslims.

    No hysteria there, right conservatives?

    You guys know you have a ONE in SEVEN chance of dying of heart disease.
    you should be trying to ban fast food not Muslims.

    1. Hillaryoncrack says

      The MSM feeds you libtards BS and you drink the Kool-Aid like its going out of style. Talk about a group that “snaps to”, Hillary has admitted to lying and you morons STILL love her. Mindless clones, all of you.

      1. cabowabo78727 says

        Your avatar is hilarious!

        1. Hillaryoncrack says

          Thank you!

        2. Hillaryoncrack says

          I guess it was too early in the A.M. before for me to notice, but so is yours!! LOL! It’s perfect!

      2. Reality Check says

        Ah, one of the biggest bimbos of the wacky conservative class.

        “Liberal media” bull poo again.

        Tired talking point they tell you shallow conservatives so you believe the crap
        told to you by Fox news.
        somehow you cons are gullible enough to think that the “Liberal media” including
        the media from 195 other countries, is colluding together to shape American politics
        in favor of the “liberals” .

        ya that makes plenty of sense to people desperate to believe.
        all you have to do is suspend all logic and common sense.

        The same media that the GOP candidates flock to.
        the same media that tear the Pres a new asshole every week.

        the same liberal media that the GOP candidates quote on national television.

        you people are so gullible.
        so either the GOP candidates are lying to the American people, or “Liberal media” is the BIG LIE.

        1. Hillaryoncrack says

          You make no sense at all. Either you are still drunk from last nights festivities or you are in need of psychiatric help. Either way, please die before Nov. 8th so you can’t vote. Oh, almost forgot, Happy New Year!

          1. Hopalong says

            One thing everyone knows about R C is that he is a troll on staff of the delusional Dems. Ignore him for anything other than humorous comic relief. What he thrives on is responses to his “fair and balanced” commentary.

          2. Hillaryoncrack says

            Yes, I know you’re right. But unconfined psychopaths upset me greatly. They are the ones who scream for more gun control and then the next day shoot up a school.

          3. Reality Check says

            I am the PATRIOT here to challenge all your retarded lies about MY country.

            I am also retired and have a HUGE pension.

    2. worn out 123 says

      You don’t have a clue as to what defines a conservative, Chump. You just defined republican statists. BIG DIFFERENCE!
      As for Muslims. Here’s wishing you had been a runner at the Boston Marathon or partying at that business in San Bernardino.

      1. Reality Check says

        the silly con has to go over a decade to get examples of Muslim terror.
        I can cite 353 example of NON Muslim terror just this year.

        but the cons with the low IQ are afraid of the Muslim.

      2. Reality Check says

        “hold animosity toward Christians”

        I hold anyone who is religious with CONTEMPT because they are weak minded SHEEP.

    3. paulrph1 says

      What planet are you living on? Did you not bother to read the comments? So what plans do the liberals have to maintain the Constitution? NWO, Progressives, Communism, Socialism, Gun Running, gun control, take away free speech. They cannot even control illegal immigration.

      1. Howard Rosenstein says

        Convention of States is the only way. Please read my document

        1. Reality Check says

          “2. Total Privatization of Medicare and Social Security Programs”

          Oh so you are a tool of the BANKS.
          why not just come out and be upfront about it.

          so in 2008 when the stock market crashed, what would have happened to ALL those “privatized accounts”?
          can Howard spell BANKRUPT?

          How about “Starving Seniors”?

          So tell us Howard,
          HOW is this an advantage for Americans?

          do you have a clue or do you just parrot the Right Wing Propaganda?

        2. Reality Check says

          Oh and as for Medicare, it runs on a small overhead of under 2%

          PRIVATE medical insurance on the other hand runs on a 15-20% overhead.

          “The traditional Medicare program allocates only 1 percent of total spending to overhead”

          so tell me tool of Right Wing Propaganda, HOW is is privatization going to help the system?

      2. Reality Check says

        I posted the first comment low info tool of the right.

        AND Paul the silly, seems to think Progressives, Communism are the same.

        you know FOOL, those are the opposite of each other.

        now WHY you low IQ cons think liberals are pushing OPPOSITE ideas, is just a testament of HOW low functioning and uneducated YOU ARE.

    4. worn out 123 says

      Heart disease? You have Obamacare now. ENJOY!

      1. Reality Check says

        I know facts scare you low info tools of the right.

        see any scary Syrians yet?

        1. worn out 123 says

          Did anyone say Syrians? Read your own comment sometime, comrade. You were speaking of Muslim terrorists I believe.
          Yup. Perhaps you self-satisfied, condescending, high info. folks such as you so obviously believe yourself to be of the radical left, haven’t heard of a little place called PARIS.
          (Actually, you appear to be just one of the politically correct, American Communist minions.)
          You should hang out more in one of the many gun free killing zones if you hope to meet some of those “peaceful Islamist terrorists”. Good luck and good hunting.

    5. James Maxwell says

      O’muzzies pet troll survived the new year celebrations. Interesting!

  2. MikeS says

    Hell no. Rubio is talking bull. The last thing we need is changing the Constitution. We especially don’t need him messing with our Constitution.

    1. crazyfreddie says

      WE DON’T

      1. disqus_Q2Bxp7ShOB says

        You need to go to the Convention of States website and read about it. Artical V of the Constitution is already in there and was put in by our founders for the exact reason that we need if for now. AN OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT. a Convention of States needs to be ratified by 38 states and it gives power back to the people while putting term limits on those in the federal seats of power including the President. I’m still not voting for Rubio but I will stand behind the Convention of states. Listen to Mark Levin talk about it sometime.

        1. Westy34215 says

          Our founding Fathers envisioned a Congress that was “Part Time” and short time. It was not suppose to be a full time career. Congress has abused the process to their fullest extent. Exempting themselves from laws they pass for the “common man” , passing raises and pensions for themselves, Colluding with greedy Corporations to line their own pockets instead of looking out for the people they are suppose to serve.

        2. worn out 123 says

          Any such convention will have ample numbers of American socialists and communists attending in the greatest strength they can possibly muster and they outnumber conservatives.

          1. disqus_Q2Bxp7ShOB says

            You are getting a constitutional convention mixed up with a Convention of States. A convention of states protects us and the Constitution. It was put in the Constitution by the founders and you need to read more about it on the Convention of states website before yo condem it.Consevitives are not out numbered yet but they soon will be and then you will lose the Constitution

          2. worn out 123 says

            I do not condemn Article V. I do not find it to be efficacious as European communists have studied, planned, and toiled for America’s demise for decades.

          3. disqus_Q2Bxp7ShOB says

            What else are we going to do. I’m sure Mark Mekler, Mark Levin and many Constitutional Scholors have studied this side of the boat also. If anyone else has a better idea I’ll sure listen, but I’m not hearing any.

          4. Antonio says

            And the true Christians, the libs hates the Holly Bible, it preach values, family values, which they despises. The homosexuals now are after the Catholic Schools.

    2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


      1. worn out 123 says

        Worse if he encourages changing that which Obama hates. This is just what has said he wants to do. Open borders, gun control, and nullifying the U.S. Constitution. Rubio is showing his true colors, his donkey!

        1. TexRancher says

          Don’t forget ILLEGALS and the years old socialist lie that there are only 11 million of them here! It might have been 11 million when Obama took office, but just bare math )how many in and may deported since) will show that the real numbers are somewhere between 20 – 30 million and growing by the day! That doesn’t even consider the thousands of “refugees” Obama is bringing in in secret which does include terrorists!

          Rubio isn’t just soft on ILLEGALS, he’s down right mushy!

          1. MARYSWEET says

            I am also a Texan and know exactly what you mean. And rubio wants to make them legal but not citizens. So what is the difference as most illegals don’t want to become citizens, they just want to live here and feed off the welfare system.

          2. worn out 123 says

            I wish you were 100% correct. However, Dearborn, MI., San Bernardino, Twin Towers, Paris, the Boston bombing, and the Quran itself prove this not to be the case beyond any reasonable doubt in the cases of Islamists. They don’t come to assimilate on any level. THEY COME TO CONQUER. They are destroyers of western civilization and this Obama knows full well.

        2. disqus_Q2Bxp7ShOB says

          The Convention of States is a power given to us in the Constitution by our founders to regain power from a tyranical government. It limits the federal governments power and puts it back in the hands of the people through the states. It’s a good thing not a bad thing… go to the “Convention of States” website. I still won’t vote for Rubio but I will stand with our Constitution and use the Artical V as it is written in the Constitution.

          1. worn out 123 says

            Fair enough.

        3. Jarhead says

          Rubio is a RINO-Quisling and should be dumped.

          1. worn out 123 says

            Rubio = Jeb lite = Hillary lite. 3 people cut from the same political cloth.

          2. disqus_Q2Bxp7ShOB says

            Agree with being very careful, but Obama ismakeing major changes and the Artical V is the only way we can stop it NOW

        4. Antonio says

          It will do to the country what the Vatican II did for my Catholic Church, it opened more doors and Satan now has plant doors to get in. In the Constitution case, any changes will open doors for the socialists to sneak in. We now don’t really know who is R or D, making things much worse. I my self like Ted Cruz, the least of the evils.

    3. Howard Rosenstein says

      Read and add your ideas. I suggested many ideas to stifle the impending Kingdom D.C. dictatorship. Term limits for all elected officials including members of Supreme Court, repeal and replace Income Tax with Fair Tax or some other taxing system that removes the social engineering Internal Revenue Service, repeal amendment XVII, direct election of Senators and make it easy for States to recall bad Senators and repeal of the vote for 18 year old children that recently graduated from High School. These are only a few of the sixty ideas I have to stop the loss of our Republic. Yes, it is time to review our Constitution. Even though you don’t like Rubio, the Constitution must be modified in order to control our elected employees. The citizens of the United States are the true government, not the elected officials we choose to represent us. They managed to flip it upside down were we are the peasants and they are the Kings and Queens that rule over us. If you disagree, please move on and watch what happens. The adults are about to take over.

      1. EMIRCITNA says

        ONE of the first things that needs to be changed in our U.S. Constitution is to CLEARLY DEFINE ‘NATURAL BORN’ CITIZEN as being a person born to TWO CITIZEN PARENTS!

        1. Howard Rosenstein says

          Read my labor of love for America
          I included your idea for the Convention of States.

          1. EMIRCITNA says

            BRAVO!!! ~ Indeed a GREAT piece of work by a true American Patriot with high intelligence and great COMMON SENSE, my friend! ~ Very well researched and written in language easily understood by the common citizen!
            Bottom Line I’M ALL FOR IT….once you include getting the U.S.A. OUT of the U.N. and the U.N. OUT of the U.S.A.!!!

          2. Westy34215 says

            Our biggest issues is Illegal immigration and Obama’s importation of Muslims as Refugees and other programs that will amount to 300,000 more Muslims in 2016. Yes, the funds are approved by our RINO Congress in their $1.2 trillion Omnibus spending bill. Obama is spreading these Muslims and South American Spanish people around the Country, especially in RED States. In the near future every State will be Liberal Democrat’s sucking on the teats of Big Fed Government.

            Congress is not doing their job and haven’t been for years. The only way for America to survive at this point is a Military Coup or 3rd American Revolution.

          3. EMIRCITNA says

            … a LAST RESORT! ~ But let us FIRST try to correct things as per the devices given us by our founders, such as the Convention of States, to coral & harness a government gone rogue, my friend!

          4. Paul Smith says

            Too late for that – MUCH too late. Besides, the GOP has proven over and over to be in the tank for big government supported by big business/agriculture/pharma/bank. Change it now of we’re all done.

          5. pineapple says

            To see just how corrupt both parties are, read “Sold Out” by Michelle Malkin.

            Rubio is exposed for increasing H-1B work visas, which allowed Disney World to replace its American IT employees with immigrants from India. The Americans had to train their Indian replacements before they were fired.

            This happened to me when my job was out sourced to Mexico. I had to go to Mexico and train my replacement, after which I was forced to take early retirement.
            The trade agreement, NAFTA, is the cause of my job loss.

            The T.P.P. trade deal will outsource more American jobs.

            The middle class is becoming extinct in America, thanks to crony capitalism.

          6. ChiefD says

            Term limits. The SCOTUS, while lifetime appointments, along with all federal judges, should have to have a vote every 4 years on each justice to determine if they will stay in office. CA has that, every 6 years I believe, and the people back in the last part of the 70s got rid of 3 justices who were too liberal (all Brown appointees) including Rose Bird, the Chief.

          7. Reality Check says

            “Obama is spreading these Muslims and South American Spanish people around the Country”

            where does the average moron GET this SHIT?

            and why are you guys so low functioning as to believe IT?

            pretty sure not one of you rocket scientists can even begin to prove it.
            THAT would be because IT’S A LIE.

          8. Michael Dennewitz says


          9. Frank Andrews says

            Crawl back into your hole reality chick! You never come out of it enough to know what is going on in the real world! TROLL!

          10. sherri palmer says

            I believe you and I agree…

          11. worn out 123 says

            Another socialist/communist living in La La Land. UH, wait! Did I hear the postman? You’d best go run check your mail for your Obama check, Comrade.

          12. ABO says

            And which mental institution do you reside at???

          13. worn out 123 says

            You cannot be this ignorant. Really? NO. REALLY!?

          14. worn out 123 says

            It is not a lie.

          15. ChiefD says

            Just look around. MS13 gang members in many states (El Salvador), unaccompanied minors coming up from Central America, to be united with relatives living in the USA (illegal and legal). Oh, with idiots like you, why bother with facts. If Obama said the earth was flat, you would believe him.

          16. Reality Check says

            Well Chief of STUPID, Obama HAS NOTHING to do with any of those issues.

            It’s only the IDIOTS like yourself think such traitorous crap.
            your VA should be cut for being a terrorists.

          17. Reality Check says

            ” If Obama said the earth was flat, you would believe him.”

            Well moron, someone told you this shit ans YOU believe it.

            why is that tool of the right wing Propaganda.

            as for believing everything Obama says,
            is just more evidence you have the IQ of a radish.

          18. ABO says

            Far better IQ than you could ever manage, empty headed clown that you are.

          19. Reality Check says

            says the con afraid to debate the liberal.

            maybe you can embarrass me enough to go away?
            that is what I do to you and all your con brethren on a daily basis.

            You of course will deny that, so I will be sure to point it out to you the next time it happens.

          20. ABO says

            Afraid to debate you??? LMFAO that would be like debating an earthworm. You are completely incapable of putting together a normal sentence much less participating in debate. Go drool on your keyboard some more, clown Boy.

          21. Reality Check says

            “The only way for America to survive at this point is a Military Coup or 3rd American Revolution.’

            This is also proof you your low INFO persona.

          22. Michael Dennewitz says


          23. pineapple says

            “Our biggest issues is Illegal immigration and Obama’s importation of
            Muslims as Refugees and other programs that will amount to 300,000 more
            Muslims in 2016.”

            Over the holidays, Democrats sneakily crafted a bill that will make criticizing Islam a hate crime.

            Sounds like Obama might be behind this bill.

            Next there will be a bill that will make criticizing Democrats a hate crime.

          24. Conservative says

            Remember Loretta Lynch said she was going to have to look into that Second Amendment. It looks like every Obama appointee is corrupt and the Republicans need to quit endorsing these appointments. They are all blindly loyal to Obama and the destruction of the Constitution.
            When will they think about making criticism of Christians and Jews a hate crime?

          25. Paul Smith says

            Time for an Article V Convention of the States

            ” Why should we ‘accept US law, statutory or case.’ when Natural Law (and thus Natural born Citizenship/
            Allegiance) is ultra vires – or beyond the legal scope of power and authority of Man OR government?”

          26. Conservative320 says

            It not only looks like, it is absolutely true Nothing coming from the Obama administration is trustworthy. All members are corrupt and without a single redeeming quality. With nearly 50% of the voters receiving some type of government assistance and the massive voter fraud of 2008 and 2012, there is not a chance in hell that anything good will ever come from these criminals.

          27. JYuma says

            They also made a Bill that outlaws firearms. One small problem,they will need to come before the House too be past.I wonder if either one will ever make it that far?

          28. ChiefD says

            Obama doesn’t need the house or congress, he does everything by fiat, his unlawful executive orders.

          29. JYuma says

            Wanta Bet?

          30. ABO says

            Wouldn’t surprise me a bit, pineapple.

          31. worn out 123 says

            Legal immigration also has been heavily corroded under this administration.

          32. Conservative says

            Legal immigrants can’t get in because we are so overcrowded and over burdened with illegal immigrants who use all out benefits and take our jobs.

          33. Paul Smith says

            I wish that was true but we’re still taking in about a million legal immigrants a year – totally unsustainable.

          34. pineapple says

            WHAT IF THEY LEFT
            Considering the Denver Post, I’m surprised they published this. This really shows how the hiring of illegals is false economic practice.

            Tina Griego is a Free-Lance reporter for the Denver Post. She writes some really good stuff and she is a strong advocate for LEGAL immigration Homework on issues is part of her make-up and fabric …

            What if they left?

            It does not have a political slant to it, it’s just the facts: Not Democratic, not Republican, not liberal and not conservative.

            What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?

            I, Tina Griego, journalist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News wrote a column titled, “Mexican Visitor’s Lament.”
            I interviewed Mexican journalist Evangelina Hernandez while visiting Denver last week. Hernandez said, “Illegal aliens pay rent, buy groceries, buy clothes. What happens to your country’s economy if 20 million people go away?”

            Hmmm, I thought, what would happen?

            So I did my due diligence, buried my nose as a reporter into the FACTS I found below.

            It’s a good question… it deserves an honest answer. Over 80% of Americans demand secured borders and illegal migration stopped. But what would happen if all 20 million or more vacated America? The answers I found may surprise you!

            In California, if 3.5 million illegal aliens moved back to Mexico, it would leave an extra $10.2 billion to spend on overloaded school systems, bankrupt hospitals and overrun prisons. It would leave highways cleaner, safer and less congested. Everyone could understand one another as English became the dominant language again.

            In Colorado, 500,000 illegal migrants, plus their 300,000 kids and grandchildren would move back “home,” mostly to Mexico. That would save Colorado an estimated $2 billion (other experts say $7 billion) annually in taxes that pay for schooling, medical, social-services and incarceration costs.

            It means 12,000 gang members would vanish out of Denver alone.
            Colorado would save more than $20 million in prison costs, and the terror that those 7,300 alien criminals set upon local citizens. Denver Officer Don Young and hundreds of Colorado victims would not have suffered death, accidents, rapes and other crimes by illegals.

            Denver Public Schools would not suffer a 67% dropout/flunk rate because of thousands of illegal alien students speaking 41 different languages. At least200,000 vehicles would vanish from our gridlocked cities in Colorado. Denver’s 4% unemployment rate would vanish as our working poor would gain jobs at a living wage.

            In Florida, 1.5 million illegals would return the Sunshine State back to America, the rule of law, and English.

            In Chicago, Illinois, 2.1 million illegals would free up hospitals, schools, prisons and highways for a safer, cleaner and more crime-free experience.

            If 20 million illegal aliens returned ‘home,’ the U.S. economy would return to the rule of law. Employers would hire legal American citizens at a living wage. Everyone would pay their fair share of taxes because they wouldn’t be working off the books. That would result in an additional $401 billion in IRS income taxes collected annually, and an equal amount for local, state and city coffers.

            No more push ‘1’ for Spanish or ‘2’ for English. No more confusion in American schools that now must contend with over 100 languages that degrade the educational system for American kids. Our overcrowded schools would lose more than two million illegal alien kids at a cost of billions in ESL and free breakfasts and lunches.

            We would lose 500,000 illegal criminal alien inmates at a cost of more than $1.6 billion annually. That includes 15,000 MS-13 gang members who distribute $130 billion in drugs annually would vacate our country.

            In cities like L.A., 20,000 members of the ‘ 18th Street Gang’ would vanish from our nation. No more Mexican forgery gangs for ID theft from Americans! No more foreign rapists and child molesters!

            Losing more than 20 million people would clear up our crowded highways and gridlock. Cleaner air and less drinking and driving American deaths by illegal aliens!

            America’s economy is drained. Taxpayers are harmed. Employers get rich. Over $80 billion annually wouldn’t return to the aliens’ home countries by cash transfers. Illegal migrants earned half that money untaxed, which further drains America’s economy which currently suffers a $20 trillion debt. $20 trillion debt!!!

            At least 400,000 anchor babies would not be born in our country, costing us $109 billion per year per cycle. At least 86 hospitals in California, Georgia and Florida would still be operating instead of being bankrupt out of existence because illegals pay nothing via the EMTOLA Act.

            Americans wouldn’t suffer thousands of TB and hepatitis cases rampant in our country – brought in by illegals unscreened at our borders.
            Our cities would see 20 million less people driving, polluting and grid locking our cities. It would also put the ‘progressives’ on the horns of a dilemma; illegal aliens and their families cause 11% of our greenhouse gases.

            Over one million of Mexico’s poorest citizens now live inside and along our border from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego, California, in what the New York Times called, ‘colonias’ or new neighborhoods. Trouble is, those living areas resemble Bombay and Calcutta where grinding poverty, filth, diseases, drugs, crimes, no sanitation and worse. They live without sewage, clean water, streets, roads, electricity, or any kind of sanitation.

            The New York Times reported them to be America’s new ‘ Third World ‘ inside our own country. Within 20 years, at their current growth rate, they expect 20 million residents of those colonias. (I’ve seen them personally in Texas and Arizona; it’s sickening beyond anything you can imagine.)

            By enforcing our laws, we could repatriate them back to Mexico. We should invite 20 million aliens to go home, fix their own countries and/or make a better life in Mexico. We already invite a million people into our country legally annually, more than all other countries combined. We cannot and must not allow anarchy at our borders, more anarchy within our borders and growing lawlessness at every level in our nation.

            It’s time to stand up for our country, our culture, our civilization and our way of life. Interesting Statistics!

            Here are 14 reasons illegal aliens should vacate America, and I hope they are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them:

            1. $14 billion to $22 billion dollars are spent each year on welfare to illegal aliens (that’s Billion with a ‘B’)

            3. $7.5 billion dollars are spent each year on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

            4. $12 billion dollars are spent each year on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they still cannot speak a word of English

            5. $27 billion dollars are spent each year for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.

            6. $3 Million Dollars ‘PER DAY’ is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens. That’s $1.2 Billion a year.

            7. 28% percent of all federal prison inmates are illegal aliens.

          35. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            When the heads of “common” citizens literally start rolling down the streets, there won’t be a Muslim safe in America, except maybe in sanctuary cities where they don’t give a Tinker’s dam about decency.

          36. 101Airborne says

            AMEN to that!!!

          37. Frank Andrews says

            WOW! Very well done sir! I intend to print this and will share it with all on my friends list. Thank You!

          38. Dolores Wieland says

            Howard..I am impressed..I read all of your “Call for Convention of States to Preserve our American Republic” and tried to forward it to the people in my address book It won’t let me. Although I am not an American citizen, I am a legal resident since 1952 and care greatly about our rights and America’s welfare. Yes..we need to do something soon and bring your “labor of love for America” into the spotlight.

          39. Howard Rosenstein says

            Thank you so much for your interest in forwarding my document to other people. Try copying the document and then pasting it. Otherwise, I’m not sure what could be done. Although you are not an American citizen, we need more patriots like you.

          40. Dolores Wieland says

            Howard..I figured out how to forward to all the people in my address book (around 2 a.m.) and it is done. Already received a phone call from one. You should get some type of response and I hope this snowballs…We need to fight

        2. Ilene Richman says

          I agree. That is to eliminate treasonous people elected to the Presidency as we now have.

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          2. Bob666 says

            It that what on-line hooking pays these days?

          3. EMIRCITNA says

            I CANNOT BELIEVE that this site’s monitors have left this SPAM up for TWO DAYS at the time of this post!!!!!!!!!

          4. VulpineMac says

            Have you reported it?

          5. EMIRCITNA says

            FLAGGED it at the time of my post, but there is no excuse for monitors not perusing the site for TWO DAYS!

          6. SNuss says

            We need an independent means of impeaching a President, when they violate the Constitution. The RINOs and Leftist Dems will not live up to their oaths of office by impeaching and convicting Obama for his crimes against the Constitution. This only encourages future Presidents to take even greater liberties against our rights.

          7. Paul Smith says

            That knife would cut both ways. Careful what you wish for. I agree, however, that there needs to be a way to deal with unconstitutional presidents.

            ” Why should we ‘accept US law, statutory or case.’ when Natural Law (and thus Natural born Citizenship/
            Allegiance) is ultra vires – or beyond the legal scope of power and authority of Man OR government?”

          8. John Phillips says

            The bar to remove a president is very high when his party will blindly support him no matter what he does. It takes at least 60 senate votes and a decent vice president. There is no point in removing him if the VP is worse unless you think that you can impeach the VP too. The other problems is that it could take close to a year for removeal

          9. BTeboe says

            I’ve often heard that Biden is Obamao’s insurance policy.

          10. Gen11American says

            His secondary insurance policy is the tens of millions of blacks who are being stirred up continually to convince those in Congress that any attempt to impeach the worst and the first black Muslim president in U.S. history will result in civil disobedience on too grand a scale for those cowards in Congress to handle.

          11. BTeboe says

            You got that right. All he has done is aggravate just about everybody in this country one way or another.

          12. SNuss says

            There needs to be a better and faster alternative. The Constitutional violations are obvious to all, except the kool-aid drinkers. Our elected officials should be held to a HIGHER standard, rather than having their offenses ignored for political reasons.

          13. danstewart says

            Egypt had the correct solution to a very bad & treasonous president. The military should frog march him out of the WH.

          14. SNuss says

            As much as it would please me to see that, I do not want to see a military coup, as that would spell the end of our Republic. That would lead to far worse problems. We have a civilian government, and the citizens need to fix what is wrong.

          15. danstewart says

            It worked out in Egypt, could work out here too.

          16. ChiefD says

            Biden, even with his gaffes and idiocy, would be better than Obama. At least Biden is an American. Where’s a Ronald Reagan when we need him most?

          17. JYuma says

            Gitten kind of Moldy in his grave.

          18. danstewart says

            I would MUCH rather have Biden as president than o-butt-plug. At least he is an American.

          19. David Judd says

            It would take 67 votes and why would Dems want to remove a President elected by a majority of the voters – You Obama haters are living in fantasy land. How are you going to live with Hillary for eight years.

          20. JYuma says

            Hillary WILL NOT Attain that office. Of that I am Positive.

          21. Eleanor says

            And who wants a laughing hyena VP to become POTUS? I can just imagine Biden horse laughing in the Queen’s face, should she ever agree to have another POTUS to visit after the gaff by Michelle trying to hug the Queen. I am an old country woman, and even I know how and when to respect people

          22. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            The key word is RESPECT! Too many younger folks don’t have a clue. Unfortunately, that includes “our” President & his wife.

          23. Gen11American says

            There should be a provision which establishes a special election if 51% of the people are opposed to the policies of a president. The problem is, unless we have an Attorney General who will assure that laws are in place in every state to prevent massive voter fraud, chances are any attempt to vote out a bad POTUS would fail.

          24. SNuss says

            AG Holder should have been impeached for Fast & Furious, slow-walking the IRS attacks against conservative groups, and for not indicting Hillary for her emailing of classified material. IMHO, Lynch will be little different.

          25. Gen11American says

            She is no different because Eric Holder is still pullilng the strings at both the AG’s Office and at the Justice Department. Holder pulls those strings from his fancy office at a high-powered legal firm in D.C. He should be disbarred so he’d at least have to pull his strings from his private office at home, but I’m not holding my breath. The more corrupt public officials are, the better their prospects are for lucrative employment post “public service.” That’s why voters are so fed up, that and for millions of other reasons, including unenforced immigration laws!

          26. Dolores Wieland says

            I was told that Holder was in the Black Panther group and that Obama had this info cleared and buried so he could become Attorney General. Anybody know about hat or whether it is true? People in government do all kinds of crooked things.

          27. SNuss says

            “While a freshman at Columbia University that year, Holder participated in a
            five-day, armed protest and occupation of the university’s Naval Reserve
            Officer Training Corps (ROTC) building organized by the “Black
            Students’ Organization” (BSO).

            It has not been ascertained whether the AG was ever a card-carrying member of the Black Panthers. However, he was an active member on campus of the
            Student Afro-American Society (SAAS)that released a statement supporting the efforts of 21 Black Panthers charged with plotting to blow up a police station, department stores, railroad tracks and the New York Botanical Gardens.”


            On a related note, Obama’s ties to domestic terrorists Bill Ayres and Bernadette Dohrn (among others) would probably have prevented him from getting a government security clearance.

          28. Dolores Wieland says

            Probably not ascertained because Obama had Holder’s records expunged somehow? My info is supposed to be from reliable first hand source. Just wondering

          29. VulpineMac says

            You make one (and only one) valid point. There is no longer any need for an Electoral College. By eliminating that, you eliminate almost all of the gerrymandering and other party-extremist fraud that occurs every few years on a state and national level. Add to this a strict two-term limit for ALL politicians, where they can not hold any one office for more than those two terms and you MIGHT see a beginning of true government of the People, for the People and by the People. This would also make it far more difficult for corporations of any size to effectively control the government as they would have to waste far more money trying to even locate and influence a constantly-changing congress.

          30. Gen11American says

            Without an electoral college, the leftists would continue to flood in millions of legal and illegal immigrants until they achieved a majority in every state, assuring that they remained in power until the Muslims decide to decapitate them.

          31. VulpineMac says

            I suggest you learn a little more about the US electoral system. It is specifically BECAUSE of that system that the Republicans lost the last two elections.

          32. Bob666 says


          33. Gen11American says

            Not being a member of the modern hip jargon-rich generation, ROTFLMAO is totally Greek to me. Can I assume you’d be censured if you typed that out in long hand?

          34. Bob666 says

            Urban Dictionary
            ROFLMAO. This Awsome Accumulation of letters means Rolling on Floor Laughing My Ass Off.

          35. Gen11American says

            Love it! Thanks for spelling it out! What a perfect, abbreviated response to blogs which trigger that response. Too bad most blogs aren’t laughing matters.

          36. JYuma says

            No, you are wrong. The Gerrymandering is done for the benefit of the Dims.that and the DD voting,as they have done number of times.

          37. VulpineMac says

            Do please explain how that can be true when even in my own state one congressional district runs the full width of the state (a Republican one) and others are chopped up into tiny pieces that barely have the width of a street between sections. Gerrymandering is done by both sides and they both do their darnedest to give their side the advantage. A district should be as geographically square or hexagonal as possible, bearing absolutely no relationship to the occupants political leanings.

          38. Cameron Triplett Sr says


          39. JYuma says

            I Agree with you on how the Districts SHOULD be drawn.
            That makes too much sense. Far to much. Gota give the poor and the down all the votes they need.

        3. MARYSWEET says

          AMEN TO THAT!!!!! Two American parents. Not like obama who is an illegal immigrant who came here for college as a foreign student and never left.

          1. kbfallon says

            And he also is trying to ruin our way of life.

          2. Ronald Gunn says

            What do you mean “trying” ? He has done it because we have let him do it.

          3. bandit says

            Who’s we? Damn sure wasn’t me !

          4. Paul Smith says

            We is We The People who have lost our backbone as a result of living off the government teat. today’s effort in Oregon to restrain the beast is a great example of We The People who get it.

            ” Why should we ‘accept US law, statutory or case.’ when Natural Law (and thus Natural born Citizenship/
            Allegiance) is ultra vires – or beyond the legal scope of power and authority of Man OR government?”

          5. bandit says

            teet . . . but good post .

          6. Paul Smith says

            No, teat is correct 🙂

            ” Why should we ‘accept US law, statutory or case.’ when Natural Law (and thus Natural born Citizenship/
            Allegiance) is ultra vires – or beyond the legal scope of power and authority of Man OR government?”

          7. bandit says

            Actually , both are used .

          8. skipsart says

            Teat is correct. Look it up

          9. bandit says

            So is teet , which is more widely used here on the farm .

          10. Ronald Gunn says

            That was meant as a general term. I’ll change it to most people let him do it.

          11. Smart Southerner says

            Change it to “our elected AH Senators & House Reps”…. the AHs who took an oath to protect American citizens.

          12. rex ames says

            Taking an Oath in this country doesn’t seem to mean much. As far as I’m concerned, Obama committed purgery the day he took office. He agreed to enforce and obey the law of the land so Help Me God. He should be arrested for Lying to all of us under Oath. He held his hand up and agreed to all this under Oath.

          13. danstewart says

            He took the oath on the “kooraan”. Swore to the moon god.

          14. Ronald Gunn says

            Saying so” help me god ” didn’t count for him. Now if he had said ” so help me allah ” he would then have been in trouble.

          15. Joann Holmes says

            I wonder witch of the bed rooms in the WH face mecca and where his pray rug can be found.

          16. stinkykat says

            He a muzzie, so of course he lied to deceive us about his real intentions.

          17. Joann Holmes says

            Every time he opens his mouth another lie is told.

          18. Ronald Gunn says

            That sounds even better.

          19. Michael says

            Don’t forget the AH supreme court!

          20. David Judd says

            Is everyone on Fix this Nation a backward, poorly education, intolerant person

          21. Progressive Republican says

            Just the vast majority.

          22. Smart Southerner says

            You are a POS DEMOCRAT. Why do you try to hide your identity behind the word “Republican”? You think you’re fooling anyone, Commie troll?

          23. Progressive Republican says

            Can’t you get anything right?


          24. Smart Southerner says

            No. We are intolerant of backstabbing, lying, rotten Communist Liberals & RINOs who back them up & allow the worst prez in our history to continue destroying our country.

          25. David Judd says

            No, you are definitely incorrect. By far, the worst President was George W Bush. Is your memory as short as your willy?

          26. Robert E Boltz says

            David Judd you sir are a typical OBAMA SUPPOTER YOU NEED TO TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOU idol AND A TRAITOR OBAMA

          27. Brenda says

            Caught in blame Bush trap are you? Yes, Bush made some bad decisions and yes many still claim our involvement in Iraq was a gottcha nod to his father, but he never assumed to role of dictator who operated outside the Constitution to achieve his agenda. Obama has no respect for our country or our Constitution as his actions have proven out. So keep telling yourself that Bush was the worst President all you want, but the truth is that Bush NEVER denigrated the United States, he never allowed known terrorist to infiltrate the country, and he never went outside the Constitutional restraints of his office.

          28. Peter Bradin says

            Bush lied to the American people about why we were going to war in Iraq. He thought we would be hailed as hero’s. He found no weapons of mass destruction. He de-stabilized the Arab world of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Lybia by creating even more hate for America and tearing apart the power structure in the region. All of this fighting and the terrorism that goes on now as a daily occurrence around the middle east and on into America, Europe and Southeast Asia can be traced to the intense hatred against us and our partners in the Iraqi war that Mr. Bush “created”. Thousands of Americans died, millions of people in the Middle East have been killed. And the United States decided to become as bad as our enemy by ignoring the Geneva Convention on Treatment of Prisoners by torturing prisoners under our control. Bush created the intense hate and anger that motivates these terrorists. What is going on now can be laid at George W. Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s feet.

          29. Smart Southerner says

            Bush Lied? Quotes from Democrats About the Threat of Iraq-Truth!

            Summary of the eRumor
            Accusations that President Bush lied to the American people about whether
            there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are counterbalanced by quotes
            from prominent Democrats about Saddam Hussein and weapons in Iraq.
            Most of these statements were during
            the debate over whether to use force against

            The Truth
            There are several quotes.
            Most of them come during a time in the
            Clinton administration when decisions were being made about action against
            Saddam Hussein and amid concerns about weapons of mass destruction.

            We’ll take them one at a time.

            way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons
            of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them.
            That is our bottom line.”
            President Clinton, Feb. 4,
            This was a quote from President Clinton during a presentation at the
            Pentagon defending a decision to conduct military strikes against Iraq.

            Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear.
            We want to seriously diminish the
            threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.”
            President Clinton, Feb. 17,
            Bill Clinton went to the Pentagon on this occasion to be briefed by top
            military officials about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.
            His remarks followed that briefing.

            is a long way from USA but, what happens there matters a great deal here. For
            the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or
            biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we
            Madeline Albright, Feb 18,
            This is a quote from Albright during an appearance at Ohio State
            University by Albright, who was Secretary of State for Bill Clinton.

            will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since
            Sandy Berger, Clinton
            National Security Adviser, Feb, 18, 1998-Truth!
            This was at the same Ohio State University appearance as Madeline

            urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the
            U.S.Constitution and Laws, to take necessary actions, (including, if
            air and missile
            strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by
            Iraq’s refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction
            Letter to President Clinton, signed by
            Sens. Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, and others Oct. 9,
            According to the U.S. Senate website, the text of this letter was signed
            by several Senators, both Democrat and Republican, including Senator John McCain
            and Joseph Lieberman.

            Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction
            technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a
            mockery of the weapons inspection process.”
            Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16,
            The text of this statement by Nancy Pelosi is posted on her congressional

            has .. chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and
            palaces for his cronies.”
            Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Nov. 10, 1999-Truth!
            This was from an appearance Albright made in Chicago.
            She was addressing the embargo of Iraq
            that was in effect at the time and criticism that it may have prevented needed
            medical supplies from getting into the country. Albright said, “There has never
            been an embargo against food and medicine. It’s just that Hussein has just not
            chosen to spend his money on that. Instead, he has chosen to spend his money on
            building weapons of mass destruction, and palaces for his cronies.”

            “There is no doubt that … Saddam
            Hussein has invigorated his weapons programs. Reports indicate that biological,
            chemical and nuclear programs
            continue a pace and may be back to
            pre-Gulf War status. In addition, Saddam continues to redefine delivery systems
            and is doubtless using the cover of a licit missile program to develop
            longer-range missiles that will threaten the United States and our allies.”
            Letter to President Bush, Signed by
            Sen. Bob Graham (D, FL,) and others, December 5, 2001Truth!
            The only letter with this quote from December 5, 2001 that we could find
            did not include the participation of Senator Bob Graham, but it was signed nine
            other senators including Democrat Joe Lieberman.
            It urged President Bush to take
            quicker action against Iraq.

            begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the
            peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandated of the United
            Nations and is building weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering
            Sen. Carl Levin (D, MI),
            Sept. 19, 2002-Truth!
            These were remarks from Senator Levin to a Senate committee on that

            “We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons
            throughout his country.”
            Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002-Truth!
            This and the quote below was part of prepared remarks for a speech in San Francisco to The Commonwealth Club.

            “Iraq’s search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power.”
            Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002-Truth!

            “We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction.”
            Sen. Ted Kennedy (D, MA), Sept. 27, 2002-Truth!
            Part of a speech he gave at Johns Hopkins.

            “The last UN weapons inspectors left Iraq in October of 1998.
            We are confident that Saddam Hussein retains some stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, and that he has since embarked on a crash course to build up his chemical and biological warfare capabilities. Intelligence reports indicate that he is seeking nuclear weapons…”
            Sen. Robert Byrd (D, WV), Oct. 3, 2002-Truth!

            On the floor of the Senate during debate over the resolution that would
            authorize using force against Iraq. He was urging caution about going to
            war and commented that even though there was confidence about the weapons in
            Iraq, there had not been the need to take military action for a number of years
            and he asked why there would be the need at that point.

            “I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use
            force– if necessary– to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly
            arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat
            to our security.”
            Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Oct. 9, 2002-Truth!
            Senator Kerry’s comments were made to the Senate as part of the same
            debate over the resolution to use force against Saddam Hussein.

            “There is unmistakable evidence that Saddam Hussein is working aggressively to develop nuclear weapons and will likely have nuclear weapons within the next five years … We also should remember we have always underestimated
            the progress Saddam has made in development of weapons of mass destruction.”
            Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D, WV), Oct 10,
            Senator Rockefeller’s statements were a part of the debate over using force against Saddam Hussein.

            “He has systematically violated, over the course of the past 11 years, every
            significant UN resolution that has demanded that he disarm and destroy his
            chemical and biological weapons, and any nuclear capacity. This he has refused to do” Rep. Henry Waxman (D, CA), Oct.
            10, 2002-Truth!
            Senator Waxman’s contribution to the Senate debate over going to

            “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam
            Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”
            Sen. Hillary Clinton (D,
            NY), Oct 10, 2002-Truth!
            Senator Clinton acknowledged the threat of Saddam Hussein but said she
            did not feel that using force at that time was a good option.

            “Without question, we need to disarm Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal, murderous dictator, leading an oppressive regime. He presents a particularly grievous
            threat because he is so consistently prone to miscalculation … And now he is
            miscalculating America’s response to his continued deceit and his consistent
            grasp for weapons of mass destruction. So the threat of Saddam Hussein with
            weapons of mass destruction is real …”
            Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA),
            In a speech to Georgetown University.


          30. JYuma says

            No, No he did not Lie. They found what they said was there. Took it to Canada to be made into something useful. They found where the Gas a other weapons went too. You are just a bush hater. As a pres. I am not a Real big fan. As a ABIG fan.
            He man I am , as he stop running from the Murdering Mooslim Fanatics.
            Illiterate, The Geneva Convention DOES NOT COVER THE TYPE OF FIGHTING or THIS TYPE OF WAR.
            Go look it up.READ IT. Then comment if you still are stupid enough to.

          31. rex ames says

            You are mostly right except for the financial sector. Its on record that Bush warned congress to pass banking laws to limit the lending to people who were not qualified before the 08 crash.. Big bankers bought off the The purse string holders, congress and the senate into not changing anything. At the time the Democrats held the purse strings to the government and including banking regulations. So this lead to a revolt and the republicans got voted in and they did just nothing too. Currently the big banks still run the country today. Its called JP Morgans Bank and its even rummerd that there is a under ground tunnel from JP Morgans Bank to the federal reserve. Its a documented fact that J.P. Morgan and J. Rockefeller lend the US govermenty 500 milllion onces for gold to finance WWii for a undisclosed finance fee. Big Bankers and Big business still are controlling Obama and the country. This is why they all fear Trump because he is an asshole and wont play there games.

          32. Raymond Tower says

            No he didn’t lie. Sixteen intelligence agencies, including foreign intelligence all stated that Hussein had WMD’s. In fact he did and they were shipped to Syria within civilian convoys. At least 1 top general that defected stated so, but was largely ignored by the mainstream media. Both Republican and Democraps read the same intelligence reports and thus voted to go to war after insane Hussein declared war on the United States. Fact is Iraq / Hussein started the war. But then libtards have a limited selective memory. Silkworm missiles were fired across an international border into Kuwait at U.S. Forces. Under the Geneva Convention and International Law,Hussein committed an act of war.

          33. nKhosi says

            Russian airlift moved most WMD to Syria and Lebanon’s Bekka Valley. Some were found in Iraq. Keep your head in the sand so you can’t see/hear what is really happening in world.

          34. ABO says

            DJ’s not bright enough to think for himself, Brenda, so he just spouts the accepted liberal rhetoric, and throws the insults. Yet another immature, uneducated liberal. Sure are a lot of them out there these days, sad to say.

          35. Smart Southerner says

            Do tell us, numbnuts David Judd, how President Bush was worse than Obama.

            Are you referring to the Liberal lies about the Housing Market crash?

            You know, the ones that they forget to mention that caused the Housing crash:

            – that was started by Jimmy Carter and his CRA in the 70s

            – Clinton’s overreaching authority to require that banks meet quotas on low income home loans or be fined and/or indicted

            – The Dems in Congress/Finance Committe (Barney Frank) lying about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s stability

            -Dems in Congress refusing to allow President Bush & the Republicans to appoint a committee to investigate Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac for 7 years (2001 – 2008)

          36. rex ames says

            Look we all want the same thing here. Protect our country, jobs, good budget plan that wont run the debt up. Yes Bush was a failure over all as a president. But we had a managable debt of 10 trill. Now its over twenty, and we have open borders and now have caught Serian refugees coming accross the southern border. Obama wont enforce existing imigration laws.These people hate everything about Americans except our money and now Obama wants to let 100K come here. Sorry I can’t go along with you on this. All taxes have went up this year in 2016 including health care cost for seniors medicare because they needed to find a way to fund failing Obama care. Seniors have not had a raise in SSI in three years which normally has been 2%. But our King Obama and all of congress and Senate all voted them self a 1.5 percent raise. Look man I respect loyalty, but I can’t respect stupid. Are you crazy going along with all this.

          37. Raymond Tower says

            Try again. Obozo has already been judge to be worse than Carter.

          38. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            You are so full of crap that when you die they can give you an enema & bury you in a shoe box! The insults you print just show your lack of ability to argue in a reasonable fashion, probably because you don’t have any true facts w/which to argue!!

          39. Brenda says

            Like Bush or not, he never violated the Constitution, issued edicts from the White House, or supported our enemies over country which is more than what Obama has inflicted on the country.

          40. rjet43 says

            Dont forget the libreal Media that screws us ever chance they can!

          41. Raymond Tower says

            If you seek political correctness. You are on the wrong site. Now go play on a highway or get back to your libtard sites.

          42. Progressive Republican says

            Mmmm… most of ’em, yeah.

          43. Susan Short says

            Go screw yourself, you liberal turd! You’re obviously an annoying little punk who needs to have his face slapped!

          44. ABO says

            No, just you.

          45. ABO says

            No, just you.

          46. ABO says

            No, just you.

          47. Doris Condon says

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          48. bandit says

            Doubt it !

          49. Rich Schmidt says

            What did you do to stop it Bandito?

          50. bandit says

            Calls and letters to congress to no avail , obviously . What have YOU done Schitzo ?

          51. Smart Southerner says

            Because our Senators & House Reps let him do it. Can’t wait to Primary a bunch of those b*stards for allowing that Racist Muslim to destroy America.

          52. David Judd says

            the only one that sounds like a racist is you smart ass

          53. rex ames says

            You sound like a racist to. Typical democratic tactic, if someone calls it as it happens , then he’s a racist. Real smart guy. You know I live on the Texas southern border. My wife is Mexican. She Imigrated here legally and we have a small ranch.
            We’ve had our fences cut on a weekly basis, been broken into more times then I can count, animals killed and property stolen and last year the house was broken into and my wife assalted by her own race of people. Who the F are you. You don’t know what go’s on down here you ass hole. My wife is sick and tired of open borders, and low life’s with nothing to offer, no education, nothing. She says they give respectable Mexicans a bad name. They come here on our tax dollars drawing welfare and food stamps and get medical care. Good future Democrats I’m sure.

          54. Lynn McCrann says

            I know you and your wife are good people and she understands that most Americans welcome her as an equal citizen.
            The same cannot be said of many who march in the streets carrying the Mexican banner while burning the American flag. She is a patriot – they are invaders.

          55. rex ames says

            Hello Lynn, thanks for your reply. I have spent the last 9 years living in Mexico approx 70% of the time. Found and met my wife and married her and then we filed the proper paper work and after two years and 5K in fees she was finally veted and is allowed here. Part of the proccess was that she and I agree to never apply for any welfare .food stamps or aid of any kind that sucks off our system of government or they will deport her. All this is statard US veting but does not apply to illegals.It really makes her angry that people come here illegally and get all kinds of free help and now it will be the Serians. . As far as haitrid for her that is vastly overstated I think. I have allot of spanish speaking friends in the USA and they say the illegals give the legal American Mexicans a bad name and wish that we did protect the borders better. You wont see the liberal media print this either. As for Amercans hating people, believe me when I tell you ity was and still is much worse in Mexico as far as Mexican haiting Americans, even before Obama took office. My wife and I are behind Trump 100% and the liberals just don’t get that either.

          56. EMIRCITNA says

            WE CAN THANK Obozo & Gang for their policies that amount to nothing less than a mainstream media assisted…..INVITATION for INVASION!!!!

          57. rex ames says

            Sometimes doing the right thing is a pain full process, and the only way a liberal will get what I mean is to be violated them selve’s before there eye’s are opened. When and if it happens to them, they will be screaming for help.

            It might have been Hannity that said this !! Until people cross the border and kill one of your loved ones, or news media people jobs being taken from people crossing the border, they just wont get it until that happens.

          58. EMIRCITNA says

            SADLY, the best educator for the liberal-minded is….HARD EXPERIENCE!!!

          59. rex ames says

            Are these people that stupid that they can’t see the long term effects of these things, especially with the news coming from Europe with all the rape’s of western dressed women. The liberal media has not been willing to print all the problems.

          60. EMIRCITNA says

            ……BECAUSE the media WANT to keep them stupid!

          61. rex ames says

            Its pretty hard to believe that people can be so stupid, but your probably right.
            I wonder how many were liberals that were killed in California shootings?
            Why are the liberals not talking about it. Why do the neighbors of these terrorist not talking about this family that’s in their neighborhood ? Are they stupid or afraid?

          62. NotJim says

            Many are impervious to even that.

          63. glorybe2 says

            The simple fact is that the number of illegals leaving the US is greater than the number entering. The Mexican people have decided that life here is simply not worth all the nonsense they have to put up with. Oddly the shortage in undocumented workers will certainly raise their pay rates if the shortage continues. We could actually get to the point at which we beg them to come back. If that happens you may get that slice of tomato back at Burger King on their Whoppers.

          64. EMIRCITNA says

            WHERE are you getting the statistical information on the greater number of illegals LEAVING vs entering the USA? ~ Or are you just ‘assuming’ that conclusion?

          65. glorybe2 says

            I watched a rather lengthy report on CSPAN concerning the current immigration situation. I have seen the same thing on other programs as well.
            Even if we were to assume that the experts were incorrect it would still be the case that immigration is not making any significant gains when the numbers leaving are taken into account. Many false issues are put into play simply to raise the ignorant’s emotions and cause them to vote a certain way.
            Here is an example. Trump started and sold a false university that has zero acceptance anywhere in the university community. If a student completes the course it is totally worthless and it is expensive. Trump is facing a long line of law suits for this fraud. Now how much attention is being paid to that fact? Think about it. We have another serious criminal running for office and no one is jumping all over that issue. He also has a history in which a court declared him to be a conspirator in a fraud, in not paying large numbers of illegal workers on Trump Towers. Why is the media not going nuts on this? Instead we have a seriously racist media that spends time with the “immigration, ain’t if awful” gimmick.

          66. JYuma says

            I see that you BITE on it EVER time CSPAN, PMSNBC, CBS, or the Indonesian says some thing like that.
            Have YOU or Any other person ever wondered WHEN that happened?
            How about 35 years ago. Look to History for the norm back then.

          67. glorybe2 says

            If you are saying the average business was criminal 35 years ago, I agree. That has not stopped. Businesses still commonly break all kinds of laws. However we don’t want the average business man as a leader. We want a moral person to lead the nation. Trump is a proven greasy, slimy, con man with a history of well designed frauds. Put him in office and he will sell out common people with his “big deals” which will put money in his hands and the hands of the rich and rape the wallets of America. Frankly if I was a leader in Russia and saw this man being put in office I would take a hard look at launching an all out nuclear attack on the US. Trump is dangerous and unbalanced. And trying to force Palm Beach International air port to cease air traffic over his mansion was only three or four years ago. Planes launch according to the direction of the wind as a matter of safety. If Trump buys a mansion, according to trump they can not do that anymore.

          68. JYuma says

            Business, very few ,business are crooked. The Government howsoever is.
            Your Pipe dream of a perfect person to place in office makes me wonder some times about your Mental heath.
            You, I will never find one of them Critters.
            Just pick some one that comes close. Then Vote for him, her. We may have to hold our nose’s but Vote.
            This is the Most Important Election that we have had in my voting LIFE TIME.
            I started Voting When I was 18. I am 73 now.

          69. glorybe2 says

            How many businesses do you think have completely false books? It is common. How many businesses cheat their employees out of pay? It is common in big name stores that have private owners who follow a company format for a fee. Even Mc Donalds and Burger King have been involved with that issue at times as they do not actually own their franchise stores. Then we have stores similar to 7-11 stores which take out huge insurance policies on store employees and then put them in stores at which they very likely will be killed. Some of these companies actually make a living off of dead store clerks. How many construction companies cheat and do not pay road time for employees driving company trucks to and from job sites? Did the power company send tree trucks to clear power lines near your home? Did they bring a portable toilet for the workers? Go to Broward County Florida and find out how many hours a crane operator actually works for the school board and then find out what those cranes did that day! Obviously school boards rarely need a crane operator but they payed one full time for years.
            Businesses cheat in a thousand ways. People outside the businesses usually can not find out how much cheating goes on.

          70. glorybe2 says

            If law enforcement takes a hard look at almost any business the criminal activity comes to the surface. The problem is that when business break the law they get a slap on the hand. For example Microsoft has paid at least 2 billion dollars in fines for breaking various laws over the years. Yet the fines were such that it would not discourage Microsoft from breaking more laws, over and over again. Donald Trump has broken numerous laws and conspired to defraud numerous people and that is a matter of court record. Yet his fines or assessments have not equaled the money that he made from those criminal acts.

          71. JYuma says

            He has? Please name all of them for US.

          72. glorybe2 says

            Donald Trump was specifically punished for conspiracy to defraud , illegal Polish workers that built Trump Towers. He was fined $350,000 by the court and may actually stolen far more but a greater sum could not be proven in court. Trump University was a total fraud. He charged $35,000 per person and gave them nothing that he had promised in return. Numerous law suits are in progress over that major crime spree.

          73. JYuma says

            I believe that the polish workers thing is a Shame. It happened 35 years ago. Way before the present law was made. The next year he had the Same people back nothing was said. Trump Un. Case IS IN court NOW. Of the 85,000 people , only 4 to 5 though send have file? Come on use your Ample brain. There are many people that sue some one just to see how much they are able to Steal from them. This case is one of those.

          74. glorybe2 says

            A chain is as strong as its weakest link. A man is as good as his worst deed in life. People are not suing Trump falsely. He charged $35,000 and lied about the product and to make it worse failed to deliver what he sold. The man is sleazy filth. Maybe a rope and a tree should be his fate.

          75. JYuma says

            “IF”your idea is correct. How is it that only a few are suing Trump? Not All?
            Now your geting ASSININE.

          76. glorybe2 says

            Most people do not file law suits even when they should. First they always fear the cost of a loss. And many are ashamed that they let a con man get the best of them and do not want to be shamed by having to testify in court. There is also a big problem in that most lawyers will not take this type of case without a substantial, up front fee.

          77. JYuma says

            How come the schools rating from students that took the course is 85%?

          78. glorybe2 says

            As I understand it there was no course. People were told that they would get special access to financing and help joining in Trump’s projects. The course is not accepted by any authority anywhere.What students got was a piece of paper and a picture of them standing next to a cardboard cut out of Trump.

          79. JYuma says

            You may wish to test the accuracy of your informant.
            Look it up. I wood like a report if you do as to what you find.

          80. glorybe2 says

            Individuals are being shown on TV in the political postings making these statements about how they were ripped off . Even the idea of calling it Trump University is absurd. Trump University has zero credentials with any accrediting organization. No credits are issued by Trump University. A person need not be able to read or write or have any credentials other than having someone send in $35,000 to Trump. In other words if you want to go to a local hospital that has someone in a comma, who has not opened their eyes for months they could have received a certificate of completing that supposed course.

          81. JYuma says

            B2, I wood look it up myself.
            How ever I am in a Battle of WITS with an Unarmed opponent.

          82. Pogue Moran says

            So you’re fighting yourself again?

          83. JYuma says


          84. Pogue Moran says

            You’re exactly the type of person who fell for Trump university. Several courts have ruled against him already when it comes to the fraudulent nature of the “school”

          85. JYuma says

            Name one.

          86. Pogue Moran says

            Well the appellate division of the New York Supreme Court for starters.

          87. JYuma says

            They ruled the suit could proceed. No court has ruled that he is at fault for anything about the University.

          88. Pogue Moran says

            Nothing is going to stop this steamrolling. The University was fraudulent. People didn’t get anything out of it.

          89. JYuma says


          90. JYuma says


          91. Pogue Moran says

            / He’s melting

          92. JYuma says

            KMA Some more.

          93. Pogue Moran says

            / Losing his mind

          94. glorybe2 says

            If you want to see an eye opener look at this video of Donald Trump You will see things like wanting to ban guns, being pro-abortion, supporting the most massive tax increase in history, refusing to deport illegal immigrants and even supporting partial birth abortions right out of his own mouth. He admits to being a democrat more than a republican as well. Watch it and become really informed.

          95. JYuma says


          96. glorybe2 says

   is a dead link.

          97. JYuma says

            It works on mine. I wonder why not on yours
            It is an interview with trump done by Larry King in 1988 during the GOP convention

          98. Paul Smith says

            Your link is limited to which is not a complete url. Open the page and then copy the entire url.

          99. JYuma says

            I will try it again. On you.));0 [kinda looks like trump doesn’t it]

          100. Paul Smith says

            Still ‘page not found’. No clue, I gave it my best shot.

          101. JYuma says

            Thank you.
            It is about an interview trump had with Larry King in 1988.
            Worth finding if you re curious.

          102. Paul Smith says

            Did a search on “interview trump had with Larry King in 1988”


            I can’t say much about the video, same old Trump. did you want to make a point?

          103. JYuma says

            Just too point to he is saying the same thing as he did then.Have yo seen this?
            Hope this one will work.
            Thanks for the site. Now I will be able to GIVE it to gloryb.

          104. Paul Smith says

            Nope, no joy.

          105. JYuma says

            Tried a different way.
            Donald Trump-Biography and P.textClipping

          106. Paul Smith says

            Not sure what that’s about. There are a number of pages giving Trump’s bio.

          107. JYuma says

            Those are the Donations he has given to candidates .
            I wondered if you had seen them.

          108. Paul Smith says

            Yes, I’m aware of Trump’s donation record and why he gave to them. The relationship between business and politics is a particularly dirty one and it’s sad that businesspeople have to lower themselves so in order to do business. I don’t know that Trump is the right answer, he wasn’t on my short list but that bit the dust a while back and I will NOT vote for Cruz or Rubio. Kasich might work but he stands little chance.

          109. JYuma says

            If you want a RINO to run the country some more Kasich is the man for that. I do not believe that you do. I don’t.
            We both know Cruz nor rubio are not eligible to sit in that office, so I will have to vote for Trump. I may hold my nose as I do, I will vote for him if I must. The relationship between business and the politics has been that way forever. I will not change. Unless Bilary gets in. The We will be Socialists mooooslims from then on.

          110. glorybe2 says

            Maybe the site was down when I tried it.

          111. Pogue Moran says

            You’re good at posting links that lead nowhere.

          112. JYuma says


          113. Paul Smith says

            What is your option?

          114. mtman2 says

            The “university community” are a group of never had a real job socialist wing-nuts just like
            the “Liar-Thief-N-Chief” – MAO’bama, Bill Ayers, Alinsky, Hillarious and the rest of the un-American trash that can’t run their own lives without gubmint assistance, ie- commie wannabee’s WE DO NOT NEED ~!

          115. glorybe2 says

            Why not find out for yourself just what it takes to compete and get the kind of education that would land you a post as professor in any respected university. You might find that it is harder work than anything you have ever thought about doing. Start in the ninth grade and get a straight A average and score very, very high in all testing. Then take that grade history and give a university at least $80,000 to get a Bachelors degree. Next up present your academic credentials and ask for admission to a masters degree program and hand them another $40,000. It had better be a straight A transcript from your bachelor’s degree program or very close to it. They might accept you. If you obtain that master’s degree then present your credentials to be admitted to get a doctorate. Hand them yet another $40,000 if you can write your thesis in the next two years. If it takes longer hand them even more money. Once you submit that thesis you just might be awarded your doctorate. many do not get the degree. But if you do and the remarks are impressive and the university is also impressive you can apply for a job as an assistant professor. If you are lucky you will be hired by a decent university. It will be at near starvation wages. If the university likes you you might be a full professor in a few years and then you might make 75K a year. Notice that it took 14 years of superior results to land that job and that you invested $160,000 dollars in the effort. Notice also that you are in a very poor paying position with your educational level. A lawyer or doctor with equal training will make as much as twelve times as much money as you for years and years. Even a high school football coach can earn 75K a year.
            Those degrees come with blood sweat and tears.

          116. JYuma says

            U bringing that SHIT up again?
            UR smarter then that.
            Go find some other bull Shit to print.

          117. Pogue Moran says

            If he wanted to print bullshit he’d just repeat what you write. The university was unaccredited and is out of business.

          118. JYuma says

            Sweety. I live where most cross[actually very near there] I see with my own little beady eyes what is going on . Go look at a map, From I-8 ,from Yuma, Az. . East across to the State of New Mexico. It is Very hazardous to be. Unless one is Well armed.
            I have seen a few traveling back to Mexico, not very menu but a few.
            The Mexican people here are some of the BEST people that I have EVER meet. Better than a Good many of Greengos I know.

            Seaking of Whoppers.
            When are you going to stop telling us just how Edjakated you are?

          119. Paul Smith says

            I taught the kids of those people, JY, and I’m telling you that they were not supportive of their adoptive country. I’m sure you know the term ‘Reconquista’?

          120. JYuma says

            Some are certainly working to do that.
            It does no good to try to inform them that this part , from California to the Mississippi west to East. Where the Southern border now stands to Colorado, Oklahoma in the North. Was Bought and paid for. That we did not just Kick their Butts N tell them Adios now get out.
            I would bet you a Cup of coffee that many here will state that I know not of what I type.
            That will be the Edjakated ones. The others,,, Welllllllllll.

          121. glorybe2 says

            Such a dismal effort to bend the truth on your part is simply corrupt. The Louisiana purchase did cover the center of the nation from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border. But it was not the Indians who got paid. It was France. Making it even worse numerous treaties, sworn to be eternal, were blatantly violated by the US. For example the entire state of Mississippi was Indian territory supposedly granted as long as the rivers flowed and the sun rose. The moral lesson is that the US can never be trusted in any agreement with anyone.

          122. JYuma says

            When did you change the subject? We were talking about the U.S. taking Texas, New Mexico, Cal. Nevada, Parts of Colo.Neb. And Kansas to say nothing of ok. From the Mexicans.
            Nothing about the La. Purchase.
            As for your MISINFORMATION on the state that was given to the Indians , It WAS NOT Mississippi. It was and IS OKLAHOMA.
            I do wish that you wood stop opining about History . As you don’t know Shite from Shinola about it.

          123. Paul Smith says

            The US took nothing re. Texas, OK and parts north. Texas fought against Mexico and won independence. The US came into the picture after the fact.

          124. JYuma says

            Yes, Paul I know.
            I have been trying to keep it to keep it simple for some.
            As a matter of fact Ok , Neb was not part of the Treaty of Hidalgo after the Mexican American War [after Texass joined the Union.]
            Just The Southeast part of Colo. East half of New Mexico,Arizona , Nevada and Cal.
            Ok, Neb. Kansas, Colo. New Mexico, Was another part of the History of Texass pertaining to a War with a Indian Tribe..

          125. Paul Smith says

            Just wanted to make sure we had our Texas history straight 🙂

          126. rex ames says

            Doe anyone know why Trump has not gone after Romney about the Bain Capital Bankruptsy . Several people that worked for Romney were involved in this court case. Many people in this case who worked for Romney lied in court. Romney thinks his shit does not stink, but it does. Romney is trying to tell the 35% supporting trump to vote republican, but vote for who I want you to vote for. I say bullshit.

          127. Paul Smith says

            Because Romney isn’t running – yet.

          128. glorybe2 says

            Nice to forget about the US war with Mexico. We simply stole their land and it included a lot more than Texas.

          129. JYuma says

            You do not know Jack about the history of Texas. We had a long dissuasion about it.
            Clean the Shit out of your ears.
            If you wish I will rewrite it all for you again.

          130. glorybe2 says

            Very much like Israel usurping Arab lands isn’t it? And Israel is ignorant if they think that those in Palestine will ever stop fighting back. The US is foolish to think that Mexico will ever be resistant to US needs and activities. They simply want what is their’s back again. They would be cowards to just accept things as they are.

          131. JYuma says

            If you wish to give back land that have been GOTTEN by MIGHT.
            I have a HOLE lot of people living around me that wood REALLy like to GIT their land Back.
            They are Reddish Brown in Color, were one with the Land.
            If YOU really , really, REALLT FEEL that we should give land back. Go git on a Boat. You Just Gave this Country Back the the Original OWNERS.
            THE INDIANS.

          132. mtman2 says

            Indians nah, they were only stone-aged refugees that stumbled unto to it by accident and were still stone-age aborigines raiding, pillaging, murdering, torturing, raping and enslaving one another when WE got here. Not to forget the human-sacrificing and cannabalism.
            I think we’ll stay here and try to fullfill the freedoms under Liberty mandates OUR Founders gifted us ~!

          133. glorybe2 says

            That is about as racist and narrow minded as one can get. If native Americans were really like that no one would care. But in fact they could be highly moral and sophisticated. Our white ancestors were barbarians who pretty much exterminated American natives. We even used germ warfare against them. Even with our supposedly advanced ideas it took us 200 years to stop the Indian wars. That in a way is proof that their tactics and methods were somewhat better than ours. We simply had endless man power.

          134. mtman2 says

            What I said is exactly the truth, I left out the stone-age was thousands of yrs behind the Europeans.
            These aboriginals hadn’t reached even the bronze-age, a written language or understanding the modern world at the time.Integration into the modern world then was next to impossible for several reasons.
            And If it were the Russians, Spanish or Japanese taking North America there would be no natives left alive.

            You are clueless as what’s what- your mother’s calling you for supper- better head out of tbe basement or it’ll get cold. You shouldn’t be posting with the adults until you are relevantly free from the box you’ve let your PC teachers put you in. that takes years of dedicated due diligence, not half baked ideology from your socialistic-statist/dogmatic teachers narrow view of the world WE live in~!

          135. glorybe2 says

            What you are saying is narrow minded racism. For example, the native Americans never endangered the survival of the world population. Their way of life was sustainable. Our way of life is not at all sustainable. The white race invented machine guns, aircraft,bombs, missiles and nuclear war as well as gas warfare and advanced germ warfare. There is a great deal to suggest that we are backwards, irresponsible, parasites ruining the earth and all hope for human survival. One can keep that view and still function. But our way is absolutely not the right way.

          136. mtman2 says

            Everything I said is factual and true.
            These 1st peoples then were actual savages you see, yes some better than others but would terrify you.
            They endlessly killed off the game and starved many timesf(to extinction), again your kowledge just scratches the surfaces you’ve been shown to see, and speak as a child, not realistically.
            What world do you live in, not a primitive one? You live in this age+time, WE here all see your mindless+childish take of and on reality. You’re in the company of dumbed down generation that do not know better. My time and knowledge is valuable, you must pay much more attention for the wisdom to attain discretionary wisdom.
            Time for you to wake up and grow up, you have much to learn, or I should say re-learn. Perfection is not to emanate from this dimension, but America is the closest thing to it the world has every seen and is all that preserves the darkness of the Godless tyrannical hordes and brainwashed death cults from enslaving the entire world. Good luck on your learning journey ~!

          137. JYuma says

            You are less edjakated than glory.
            The stone age was thousands of years BFORE the europeans.

            The Cherokee of the Southeast coast had a Written Language.
            The Russsians, Japanese, Chinese, Vikings, South Pacific Islanders were indeed here long be for the English and the Spanish.
            Some even say the Egyptians were too.
            The English, Spanish , and French did All that hey could to wipeout the Indians.

          138. mtman2 says

            Retard that’s the point, those where here or almost here(Japan)why do you think I mentioned them? Had tbey conquered North America it would be like South America, Mexico or the various enslaved nations tbe Emperial Japanese crushed using their captives heads for sword practice
            Can you even read thru your drunken stupor? I said thousands of years-!!!
            Yes you certainly could add the Vikings, yet they integrated into most societies after a few generations after butchering them first. The Spanish yes but NO the French +English didn’t- “do everything tney could to wipe out tbe Indians”… They had alliances with some to help them with their enemies and vice versa, many tried did their best to wipe out anyone not them or an ally- like the Iroquois. If facing that determination it’s the same as today w/ISIS. Only the Iroquois makes ISIS look like kindergarten play time.

            There was no written language across the American continent, it was total disunity, they were in constant raiding parties and wars here= absolutely brutal savage mentality- with NO Christ like qualities or universal laws.
            Again some better than others, but even they would scare you out of your wits.
            Stone-Age aboriginals, and that’s not an indictment just an observation. Someone was gonna show up, Providentially it was us English/Scotts, Dutch/German and French
            There were great Chiefs leading their people well, fought to keep their way of life as I would have-!.
            Like the great Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce; the federal gubmint still screws up on a regular basis.
            But the several thousand year change was not something the natives couldn’t fully grasp, adapt to or even accept- in the 250-yr march across the continent from the1620’s.

            There had been so much death, torture and brutality that every American family knew horror connected with “natives” in the south-east that the Cherokee’s ended up on the short end despite a good attempt to adapt well. The other warring tribes made them all look like monsters to war fatigued peoples that endured, survived and had to finally defeat them in the endless myriad Indian wars with dozens of various tribes not in treaties with other tribes that would just come in and murder your whole family while you were gone working, hunting or whatever. So much of that and the – “only good Indian is a dead Indian” motto becomes normal.
            War is Hell and people just want to live and raise their families in peace, gubmint had to oversee these things and WE all know how that gets screwed up yet today ~!

          139. JYuma says

            I read in Wonder your opinion of the history of the Country in resect to the INDIANS.
            Of the different peoples that came here before the europeans.
            If you had read an history written of that time. Had Not Based your Spiel on Hollywoods rendition of History it may have been entrusting.
            Alas , you do not.
            You are Dumber that a Dog Turd.

          140. mtman2 says

            Again retard, everything I stated is factual.
            Trying to look relevant got a boot in your hiny eh boy?
            Go tell mommy then, she’ll understand kid, my time is too valuable ~!

          141. JYuma says

            I thought that finnfinman was stupid. You have him beat.
            You know age of history in from the Western movies.

          142. JYuma says

            Damn! I Hate agreeing with you.
            When your Right you are Right.
            When you aren’t its more Fun.

          143. JYuma says

            American Indians didn’t eat people.
            Just the Mexican Indians did.
            As for raiding,raping, pillaging,raping, torturing,raping, enslaving other people. Yep they dun did that.
            Howsoever, the did not scalp others as the Spanish, English, and French did. Ya they did teach the Indians to do that. Nor did they bring and trade Blankets and cloth infested with diseases as the the Civilized people did.
            They did NOT tell the people that you could have this land;
            Then a year or two later come kill the Women Children, and old people as the U.S. Government did.
            If you wish to understand how Civilization came to be. Look to How the mooolims are doing it today.
            We have changed in the Last 100 years.
            We no longer do that.
            They have not.
            As for trying to fulfill and continuing the Freedoms that were left to us.
            I am with you 100%.

          144. mtman2 says

            Yeah, the Jexican gubmint should give the kand back to the Aztecs!!!
            Oh, that’s right they’re all dead by the hands of their own Spanish ancestors, whoopsie ~!

          145. glorybe2 says

            OK, Google the number of murders in Arizona for one year. Make it 2014 as the data should be compiled by now. Now look at the number of murders in Cook County, Illinois in the same time period. I’ll bet the entire state of Arizona is safer than the Chicago area. Someone gets shot in Chicago every three hours. Some live and some die. On a bad Friday or Saturday night the bullet wounds in Chicago get way over the edge. Perception of danger is not the same as danger. Chicago would probably be a lot safer if only illegal Mexican immigrants lived there.

          146. JYuma says

            I will not take that bet. As I know how Safe it isn’t in Chitcago.
            No,it wood not be safer if illegals lived there. The difference in Arizona is we have a BIG open area. Chitcago crowds every one in a NICE little bunch. It is far easier to hit a crowd than it is someone standing in a BIG OPEN area.
            Seriously. I am sorry that Chicago is so dangerous. I wonder some times when the Law is going to gain some and stop it? I have a choose I may or may not go into the Hazardous areas of Southern Arizona.
            You And your Family have now choose.

          147. glorybe2 says

            I am aware of the feeling of living in a rural area. It can feel really spooky. And out west I’m sure the effect would be amplified as police services might be hours or even a day away. But my point was that the actual crime stats as far as murder goes are about the same for Arizona as states like Virginia. Arizona is middle of the road in murder stats for 2014. Now if a man really wants to get murdered apparently Mississippi would be the state to live in. Conversely if one never wants to get murdered New Hampshire is absurdly free of murders. I suspect that the educational level of the public is behind all that non-violence in New Hampshire. With their winters and mud months reading and studying are probably really a popular way to pass time indoors.

          148. JYuma says

            Actually , We are very civilized out here.
            We have made Treaties with the Indians in this area. They only attack the New Comers. Just once a week now. A new comer is anyone that has not lived here for less than 5 years.
            Most of the homes are very modern, Running water ,N Indoor Potty rooms. We do not worry about Cops. We take care of Ner-Do-Wells ourselves. We have a group of trees to help in that. With plenty of Neckties handy. If they live throw the gun shots.
            We also are very Proud of the Fact that about 30% of our roads are paved.
            The rest of you post is about right I wood say.
            Then there is your idea that the reason that N.H. has less crime is because of the weather. I believe that you may be on to some thing there. For a bit different reason . I believe that there is less crime in N.H. because of the snow and mud too. I know that criminals Hate to get Cold and dirty is the Real reason for that.
            Our Crime out here goes down in the Summer because it is TOO hot. It may be 105 d at 2: AM in the morning here.
            Way to Hot for a NER-Do-Well to be out.

          149. Eleanor Cummings says

            I’ve posted it’s the illegals that give the legal American Mexicans a bad name and I wish that we did protect the borders better. And I’m posting THIS comment again. The majority of the Mexican illegals are Christian and as such would fight against being converted to islam and bringing in sharia law as Obama and Clinton want to do. It is the muslim illegals we need to worry about first. The number of these people that Obama has admitted to the USA (while denying entries to Christians) is mind-boggling. This is his private army he bragged about in 2012! Yes, I believe Trump can deport ALL muslims, vet the illegal Mexican and other illegal Latinos, and secure our borders by building a wall. BUT, will we be able to get him elected into the office. With the new martial law bill being passed…………… Obama, GOP RINO’s, etc working hard to prevent it!!

          150. rex ames says

            I have not heard that a martial law bill is being passed. Are you sure this is not a rumor being passed around. Anyone hear about this??

          151. Eleanor Cummings says

            Look on Conservative Tribune and also my FB page with picture of congress.

          152. rex ames says

            I’m not going to worry about what is not there, and there is to much misinformation going on like you saying they pasted martial law. For God sakes why would you say that?

          153. Eleanor Cummings says

            It’s been on the internet for months that Obama will use martial law to disrupt the elections if Trump or Cruz is nominated over a GOP RINO for the republican candidate. It’s a ‘heads up’ to the people when good ol’ Mitch and Lindsey start implementing it by sneaking it through as they’re doing. Everyone should be prepared for this. Obama wants us to give up our guns for a reason He doesn’t have much time left to accomplish his goals.

          154. JYuma says

            Eleanor, I do not believe that Elections come under the preview that bozo may call martial law.
            I agree one must be prepared for any thing like that from him and the RINO”S.
            I have been trying to figure out how to fire my Rifle when using my walker at the same time.
            Anyone with ideas? They just maybe handy.

          155. Eleanor Cummings says

            True, they don’t, or shouldn’t, but with his E.O. and congress giving him what he wants …….
            . he will find some way to accomplish his goals. I’m sure his ‘boss’ is pushing him to get more done. The individual will NOT have his own protection if Clinton and Obama have their way.
            TELL ME, before Clinton and Obama, and before Obama’s Muslims were admitted to the U.S. – how many mass murders did we have?
            TELL ME. How many killings since the stated time frame have been committed by Muslim immigrants?

            TELL ME.How many times has both Clinton and Obama used these crimes to try to divest the American public of their guns?
            TELL ME, if the citizens of San Bernardino had been carrying protection, how many of them would be alive today?
            TELL ME. How many more would have died in Chattanooga if that one person hadn’t had a gun on him?
            TELL ME, Why are the gun free zones chosen where people are defenseless??
            TELL ME, who’s going too stop this needless blood shedding by these “radical* Muslims????

          156. JYuma says

            I was not argue ing with you.
            Butt as you asked.
            obozo Will try to find a way to get what he wants. Either by hook or CROOK.
            Quite a few. they have been happening from the “60’s”
            In this country? 4,000 or so.
            Not just clinton and bozo. The dims. have been trying for over 100 years.
            Your poser, you guess.
            Dims. and libs. FEEEL that if no Firearms are allowed in a place that the people that wish to kill someone will OBAY the law as civilized people do.
            Can you shoot a Firearm? I am able too. I know many others that are also.
            What is your answer to the questions that you posed?

          157. Eleanor Cummings says

            No, I won’t argue but just state facts the way I see them, the same as you and everyone on this site is entitled to do. But one statement I will make is this – “Any man (or woman) running for ANY office in this land, no matter how famous or “good” they are, if running as a democrat be sure they will be able to count my vote as against them”! My parents had been democrats, so for many years I was also. But that changed after I got a computer and did my own research! I definitely don’t rely on our lying liberal media. Does that answer your questions?? And no, I don’t know how to shoot a firearm other than a rifle (and can hit my target pretty well with one) but I want to learn how to shoot a side arm well enough not to embarrass my grandkids, especially those that were or still are, in the military.

          158. JYuma says

            You and I got here about the same way. I became a Repub. because my Dad was a Dim. He and I did not see eye to eye much. If he said that the grass was Green, I wood counter with Nope, it brown. Then stop watering it until it WAS brown. Knowing that as soon as it was dead I wood have to plant it again. Water it, mow it. . But it was brown for a bit AND “I” was RIGHT.
            If you would like to learn the finer points of hand gun shooting along with better training with you long gun. Call the NRA. The is one of the things that they LIVE for.

          159. Eleanor Cummings says

            Yes, JYuma, I was raised in the school of hard knocks and the road I’ve traveled has yet to get smooth, but I figure the Good Lord knows what He’s doing, so I don’t argue with Him either. Thanks for the advice about the NRA. Yes, my son just told me the NRA knows how to help a ‘novice’ like me learn how to shoot a sidearm. (My boys like to tease me, but they like my cooking, so they’ve a tendency to spoil their old mother.) LOL : )

          160. JYuma says

            As do ours. however I am the one that does the cooking.. I thmk that you will enjoy the training.

          161. glorybe2 says

            One problem with guns is that in the very neighborhoods in which honest people need guns the most, guns are also far more likely to be misused.
            And at times a person who once was a criminal may need a firearm for legitimate reasons far more than a person who has never committed a crime. Can you picture a man who has been in prison and seen the light getting released and forced to hunt for aluminum cans in dumpsters at night? These types work in the dark in the wee hours and can quickly be the victim of armed robberies. They would rather work at normal jobs but due to prejudice the only opportunity for them is collecting cans.
            I own pistols but in my area the likelihood of ever needing one approaches zero. But people in poor and insecure communities are very vulnerable and they are in zones in which guns are frequently not allowed.

          162. JYuma says

            People that were once criminals were sent to prison are NOT LEGALY allowed to have firearms.
            Can I picture a person that has been in prison, seen the light {NOT} no I can not. However I can see that person getting out, Acquiring a fire arm and robbing or killing some one. I Have SEEN that.
            The place’s that have a RIGHT to Carry Law are much mote SAFE than those that don’t.
            Look At Washington D.C., look at Baltimore, Look ,Pleases LOOK at Chicago. One of the City’s with the most stringent Gun Laws in this country.
            IF what you state is True, How come the Sheriff of Detroit TELL the people there to BUY a Fire Arm to DEFEND them selves with????

          163. glorybe2 says

            I own pistols myself. The point is that society is irrational. First we declare that a man has paid his debt to society and release him. Then we decide that he will never have the privileges that others do. And we do it with blind ignorance. Most convicts have not committed a violent crime. There is no reason to suspect that they are more likely to commit violent crimes in the future than anyone else. As a proven fact a murderer who gets paroled is a better bet to remain crime free than any other criminal. Our legal system just does knee jerk judgments under the guise of justice.

          164. JYuma says

            You are so off, wrong on this one it is mains blowing.
            Look to the records in any state you wish. Violent criminals are ,will ,do, commit crimes again.
            I have a son that spent 20 years as a prison guard (he hates for me to say that) retired as a Lt. that wood argue this with you.
            Two are balk sheep of the family as the are Lawyers. one is a State Trooper, One is retired from Law Enforcement. Of this subject I know of that, that I type.
            You to put it Kindly are Dumber that a earth worm.

          165. joe says

            nope you are a liar

          166. Paul Smith says

            To lose one’s civil rights, the right to protect your life and the lives of your family, a person should have to go through a carefully controlled process and probably should be accompanied by loss of citizenship and deportation or permanent residency on a prison ship that never docks on American soil. IOW the family should not lose the right to defend their lives because one member does.

          167. JYuma says

            I do not believe that any of the other family members loose their rights to Vote or their fire arm rights.

          168. Paul Smith says

            They do if the felon lives/visits the home.

          169. JYuma says

            No. They are prohibited to touch a fire arm, not to be around one.

          170. Paul Smith says

            Nope. . .access is prohibited.

          171. JYuma says

            Ars, 13-3101.
            State of Arizona, An unlawful possessor of a Weapon is prohibited owning or possessing a weapon having been convected of a Felony in this state or any other state.
            According to a Detective Sargent of the Arizona Highway Patrol
            if a person not allowed to posses a weapon,lives with a person or persons that are allowed to posses weapons that is legal.
            In this State.
            There is a section pertaining to what a weapon is in this section.
            I do not know just what the Law states in Cal.
            Howsoever I DO KNOW that if the Dip SticksIn the state had their way there wood NOT be a person in the state allowed to have, own, or posses a Weapon of ANY KIND.

          172. JYuma says

            Very InerestinGGGGGGG as the Old German POW Guard was want to say on TV years ago.
            Mayhap you read the Arizona Statute that I sent?
            I went as far as to quay a Sargent of Detectives on the Arizona Highway Patrol. That deals with questions like this Very often.
            Arizona Revised Statutes, ARS 13- 3101 deals with that section of Arizona Law.

          173. glorybe2 says

            You are dead wrong as usual.

          174. Paul Smith says

            I can’t find a law that says there can’t be firearms in the home but I know that they get arrested and prosecuted when they have access to them (as in unsecured in a safe).

          175. glorybe2 says

            In most states it is not a law but it is a parole violation. They don’t care whether the gun is in a safe or not. And a parole officer does have the right to search a residence in which the parolee resides. I have a neighbor who was caught trying to buy pain pills. His probation disallows him to be in any home in which there is any beer, wine, alcohol or drugs of any kind. Obviously his probation officer is unlikely to confront him out in a home if he is there to clean the carpets or whatever. But sometimes some incident occurs in which police come to an area and at that point he could be taken in and held and whether he went to prison or not would be up to a judge. Some probation officers are fairly lenient. I had a step son who had big problems and when his probation officer would drop by and he was not at home she would laugh at all the times the cops notified her that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She even enjoyed him lying to her. She would then point out to him the many violations he committed and did not take him in as she did not find the violations to be much of a menace to anyone. But when he was spotted at 3 AM, under a bridge, buying dope from undercover officers, even that did not get him run in. The woman apparently thought he was as big an idiot in jail as on the streets and did not bother to toss him in the clink. It would have been better if she had had the opposite attitude in my opinion. For some people a long time in a cell can turn them around.

          176. JYuma says

            Damned ,you are human after all!
            My youngest daughter is much like your step-son. She got into drugs as a teen by a older man that liked young 12,to 15 year old children who is dead. No, I did not assisted him getting that way.I am in fear that she is either dead or being sold in the Sex trade by the Pimp she was last see with in Tempe,Az.
            In the state of Arizona IS The law that a prohibited person may NOT ,Touch, posses, own, or carry a fire arm or weapon of ANY type. I am able to give you the ARS system section.[ Arizona Revived Statutes]. If you wish to peruse it yourself.
            As for your sons PO, she should have been Fired for her lack of actions pertaining to her job.

          177. glorybe2 says

            I did not meet my step son until he was 15 years old. It turned out that he suffers from manic depression and slips in and out of psychosis frequently. By 17 we had him in an expensive psychiatric hospital for a couple of months as he had already committed burglaries and also was a drug addict. He refused to take his medications. Since that time he has been in prisons, drug rehabs and the state mental hospital and still will not take medications and still is a crack addict. He is absolutely dangerous to the public and if he has not killed or ruined someone already it would surprise me. He is about 47 years old at this point and in the last 30 years he may have been free about eight of those years. As a step father I had no status and could not appear before judges, parole boards or anywhere else to do anything about his problems. If he could have been held in a mental hospital for three or four years and kept on his medications until he got used to feeling normal he might have been saved. When I paid for 70 days in a private hospital it ran close to $2,000 per day. I had the foresight to have two major insurance policies on him to afford that. Oddly it is civil rights legislation that keeps hospitals from holding on to people like him. He has ruined his body, his mind and his life. He is so twisted that he claims he has done well through life.

          178. JYuma says

            We, my family know what you and yours have home through. As we are in the same boat. It Hurts, for us it is all most a Killing Hurt.
            But one must keep fighting , no matter what, or how long.
            The people that pushed for the Civil rights of people such as these are the dims. the ‘I’ Jest wana “HELLP” you , are people that most call Libs.
            God Bless.

          179. glorybe2 says

            There is a basic problem for mental patients. Some are somewhat functional but no good treatment or cure exists for them. They fought for the right to be free and I agree that they should be as long as they are not dangerous to others. But their are others who can actually be cured or medicated properly and live normal lives. Obviously there is a need to hold them until such time as they can be treated. Then there is another group that must be held all of their lives. But the group my step son falls into could be helped and kept in a strictly regulated environment. They could stay healthy and even earn a living as well as live somewhat normally if the system was set up to help them.
            But here is the catch. The financial conservatives will never fund mental health properly. In some areas no help exists at all. In other areas the help is so lousy that the patients are better off without it. The real deal is that there is a greater need for mental facilities than for all physical hospital facilities combined. In most cities you will see huge hospitals but when it comes to mental health hospitals they are usually tiny, for the rich, or public and places of horror. And worse yet as the effects of over crowding sweep more and more people into mental and addiction breakdowns nothing is being done at all to aid or stop the spread of these conditions. For the rich take a look at Marlon Brando’s daughter. With serious legal problems, she escaped to Tahiti and was installed in a lovely, private mental hospital, and beyond the reach of American law. Liberty and justice for all simply is a myth.

          180. JYuma says

            Liberty and justice for all simply is a myth.
            No. All may obtain it. They just have to work to do so.
            The Mentally Ill, for them we most change the laws. Work together bout Libs. and connectives. We do need a better solution to this problem. Without blaming each other.

          181. glorybe2 says

            It is not a matter of individuals seeking liberty and justice but all people must do so. And the catch is that anything we do costs money. Obviously if we want a prison system as well as a mental health system that is more than a joke we can not do that with legislatures that simply want to cut funding. Freedom and justice require people being willing to pay more taxes. It is obvious that the poor can pay no more. The middle class also is hurting as a rule. That leaves only the rich and large companies as the only source of tax money that can do any good at all.
            I know first hand of a man tat was so abused by the legal system that he had to accept probation in order to support his five children. He would have had a great law suit as his arrest and incarceration were absurd. But he could not afford to take even one day off work. The man works two jobs with 16 hours, seven days a week being his usual pattern. The catch was that if he risked a criminal trial even one month in jail would mean the loss of his five children.His wife also works her tail off. Our system has created a life so cruel for them that living under communism might indeed be better for them.

          182. JYuma says

            I wood argue that with you. How ever I am discussing it with a Man of eduction and great bit of knowledge That you wood never be able to acquire.

          183. JYuma says

            You ARE still Brain DEAD.

          184. glorybe2 says

            It can be a problem as people on parole or probation can not be in a home in which any firearm is kept. So if you have a 15 year old son who gets in trouble and is on probation you may have to get your guns out of your home even if they are stored in a gun safe or face him being put in prison and you actually getting arrested for having allowed him to be in the home with the gun.

          185. JYuma says

            No, he will leave. If he is man enough to commit a crime he is , will be Man enough to pay for it.
            I did not have to worry about my sons. They are both in Law Enforcement.

          186. JYuma says

            OH! Goody! Maybe I should not tell you this.
            The Dangerous end is the ONE with the Little round Hole in it.

          187. glorybe2 says

            Detroit is a huge example of how corporations can destroy a city or region of the nation. Detroit deliberately tried to expand its population for over a century as they wanted a large labor pool for the factories. Then the factories move offshore and mass poverty runs rampant. Crime, addiction, alcoholism and mental illness reach absurd zeniths further driving the collapse of a city. Detroit may be in a spiral in which the laws of the land prevent recovery completely. Detroit was denied bankruptcy and some modified form of bankruptcy might be needed to enable some hope of recovery.

          188. joe says

            you are a mindless idiot all your so called facts are WRONG and have already been proven wrong. And guess what I just talked to Jesus again and he said he still hates you

          189. glorybe2 says

            It is the sworn duty of every person in the military to disobey every illegal order. If we did have a rogue president who went off his nut and declared martial law where no emergency existed the entire staff would disobey his orders. If you don’t believe that then you are calling all of our warriors traitors and criminals.

          190. Paul Smith says

            Those loyal to the Constitution certainly would however Obummer has fired most of them. I hold little hope that the military would side against him.

          191. glorybe2 says

            In eight years how many generals or admirals have been forced to resign? Name them. Do not include those retiring due to age or illness.

          192. Paul Smith says





            There are more out there if you care to check.

          193. glorybe2 says

            It is false fear. Yes, the president can declare martial law in an emergency. But what you fail to grasp is that the military leaders would simply refuse to cooperate unless it was a real emergency and the martial law enforcement would not take place. Richard Nixon tried to excuse the Watergate burglaries and cover ups by claiming that the democratic party was a threat to the security of the US. Nixon was another right wing lunatic. Nixon also caused the burglary of Daniel Elsburg’s psychiatrist office under the excuse that Daniel might have spilled the beans to his doctor. We still do not know how many crimes Nixon was trying to conceal. Perhap’s they feared that Elsburg would talk about the JFK assassination.

          194. joe says

            do you have leprechauns living under your trash barrels too

          195. Eleanor Cummings says

            I sure hope you’re right.

          196. glorybe2 says

            Eleanor I should open up a right wing web site and get money from its followers. All I have to do is agree with nut sites and publish all lies and false facts and I will be an instant success. The right wing thrives on fear. They try to generate fear to get followers. This has gone on in history of other nations as well. In the south we had the dreaded negro to fear. Many lynchings and murders took place when a white woman claimed to be in terror due to a black man “looking” at her. In Germany the people were told that their poverty was due to Jews stealing all the wealth of the nation. Millions dies over that lie. In America we had Chinese folks who were considered as not really human and they were abused, raped and murdered in large numbers. The American Indians were also labeled as savages and not really human.
            Do you realize that Donald Trump has a mass of law suits over selling a phony university degree from Trump University that offered no education and is of no value anywhere? Why would anyone vote for this greasy con man and thief? He has also been named by a court as a conspirator in a major fraud case and forced to pay for that fraud. I was born in Virginia and it makes me sick to think that any Virginian would ever vote for a wretch like Trump.

          197. glorybe2 says

            Just because something is all over the net does not mean that there is any truth in it.

          198. JYuma says

            Damn! Am I tempted.

          199. joe says

            You need to get up to speed there pal there is a lot of talk about martial law and just look at this election something is not right. You have only 2 people on the dumborat side one of which is likley headed for indictment the other is a babbling old fool. You have what 8 or so on the repubican side and everyone is against Trump media included. You have obammyrat ignoring the laws and the constitution we have a government out of control and over reaching. The people have had it and that is why Trump is so popular but those in washington can not allow him in there to upset their little applecart of power they have created for themselve’s.
            Obammyrat wants to stay in that office more than anything and he will stop at nothing to get that, he is mentally unstable, he is a damn lunatic with visions of self grandure .

          200. rex ames says

            The Obammyrat has to be careful. There are always bigger rat traps for Berry.

          201. joe says

            Yea I sure hope you are right this lying fraud can do a lot of damage before he is out of office. The martial law thing is a concern however there is a lot of talk about it then of course we have the notorius FEMA camps going up all over the country which in fact are more like concentration camps. We have the purchasing of billions of rounds of ammo and tens of thousands of plastic coffins. We have truck drivers reporting suspicious deliveries to military bases the dropping of military equipment in the middle of the desert. There seems to be a lot of strange things going on and I think it is a mistake to ignore these things. Buy lots of ammo for your guns is all I can say, if you don’t have guns you need to go get some while you still can. If that jagged toothed whore clinton or that doddering old fool sanders gets in the country is over as we know it America will collapse just like obammyrat wants it to. In my opinion anyone but Trump and the country has no hope of recovering from the hatchet job obammyrat did on us.

          202. Eleanor Cummings says

            As I just posted to Rex Ames, the original wording on the president calling for Martial Law was in the event of an emergency, but the one they’re trying to push through now will allow him to declare Martial Law in non-emergency situations AT HIS DISCRETION !! Understand what he’s up to, please. I’ve seen videos of the FEMA camps. What is the purpose of the guillotine? Or should I even ask?

          203. joe says

            Yes I know some people just refuse to accept the fact it can and will happen here it hase been in the planning for some time. These FEMA camps are showing up all across the country some in the middle of the desert. The government recently purchased billuons of rounds of ammo and tens of thousands of plastic coffins, what for?

            Bammyrat is NOT TO BE TRUSTED neither is anyone else in politics the NWO is real and population reduction plans are REAL it is well documented.

          204. glorybe2 says

            Your sources for this supposed information are all wacko sites. Conspiracy nuts thrive on completely false material.

          205. joe says

            Hey fruitcake who asked you to speak you braindead moron shut your piehole until I give you permission to open it do you understand

          206. glorybe2 says

            You are just another angry boy who can’t get laid.

          207. joe says

            ha ha ha you dimwit is that all you have, what a sad person you are. Is that supposed to in your twisted little mind some how upset me. Do you think for one second I care anything at all about what you think WOW!! you really need some professional help there little fella. What would Jesus think about that kind of talk he would probably turn you into a frog or something ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

          208. glorybe2 says

            poor powerless little wimp. Do the other boys laugh at you because you can’t get a girl? Go stare in the mirror and try to pop your pimples.

          209. joe says

            OOOH I am telling Jesus you said that you better watch your back because that dude can be on top of you before you even know what happened. You are going to burn in hell for weeks

          210. Ralph says

            Screw you short bus boy and the other special Olympians that you rode in on.

          211. joe says

            Ooooooh good one sparky except no one gave you permission to speak and no one cares what your opinion is except you and you do not matter. Have a special day you dullard

          212. Ralph says

            Looking on mirror short bus boy?

          213. joe says

            OK Ralphie you must be one of those libturds because I do not even know what the hell that was supposed to mean only someone as stupid as a dumborat could from a sentence like that. If you want to be worthy of my time learn to speak english

          214. Ralph says

            You consider that pig Latin that you speak to be the queens English?

          215. joe says

            Hey little man learn to show respect for your superiors we are your only hope. You are doomed to wallow in ignorance for the rest of your life if you continue to obey your dumborat massas without question

          216. glorybe2 says

            Are you some kind of ninny, coward who waits for the day when the supposed new Hitler will pack us all into camps? Why not deal with real problems?
            How many supposed militia groups have been running around in woods, deserts and mountains for decades supposedly training to ward off that supposed approaching day? They are powerless idiots and pretenders. They are not patriots. They are more dangerous to you than a pile of Arab terrorists will ever be.

          217. joe says

            ha ha ha ha media puppet you libs are so damn stupid you will follow anything you are told to, wow how embarrassing for your parents that you turned out so weak and gullible.

          218. glorybe2 says

            It has always been at the discretion of the president to declare when an emergency exists. It has to be that way as there may be no congress operating during an emergency.

          219. glorybe2 says

            Why not go and see for yourself what these supposed FEMA camps are all about? These days people use photo shop and similar tools to create all kinds of untrue, supposed, documentation. For example suppose that FEMA purchases 10,000 emergency shelters and has them neatly stored to move to the next emergency site as emergencies do happen and they need to be prepared to help. Now all some jackass has to do is insert a picture of a guillotine, and he can create a mythical place of horror from an honest place of mercy.

          220. glorybe2 says

            The last thing our president would want to do is declare martial law, anywhere. But our nation came so close to a total breakdown of the economy that martial law might have been needed to get food and water delivered to the population as trucks and rails would have shut down if the dollar became worthless. Right wing economics brought this nation that close to doom. There are still 12 million homes waiting to be seized due to the mortgage crises and it is now 2016.

          221. joe says

            When you decide to move out of la la land and come to the light of reality we can talk, until then you are too brainwashed for any logic what so ever. You are too stupid to see that obammyrat has destroyed this economy then just lies about how great things are. He is a fraud a liar and a scumbag muslim you are a retard for falling for his lies you and your media puppet spew about it being all the fault of the right when the left wing liars have been in charge for the last 7 years. Just how stupid are you, no really cause I am guessing somewhere around 95% stupid maybe even a bit more. I only give you the 5% because I feel you need that to at least keep your vital bodily functions working enough to keep you alive.

          222. glorybe2 says

            Well in La La land we learn to speak English and even write in English. So I would use what-so-ever instead of what so ever as you did. Perhaps a bit of education might help you.
            Then on the matter of the economy, you need to understand what the economy is. Many Americans are under stress and suffering from lack of money and good jobs. But the economy is actually excellent. Some segments of the population are simply out of the loop. That will continue to increase in severity as jobs are being replaced by technology. It will be far worse if the right wing gets power in government as their attitude is always to resist change and we had better change really fast even if that makes many people feel insecure or left out as they can not understand what is happening. For example the very thing that enables corporations to leave the US comes back to computers and communications. In the past the expense of planning to go off shore and really know what might happen with conflicting laws in various nations, and comply with tax issues in more than one nation was overwhelming. Now with computer aided very advanced accounting and legal research software decisions can be made without requiring billions in expert fees and months of delays. This sort of displacement due to advanced technology can not be handled by politicians either on the right or on the left. It actually requires the restructure of our society down to the bone. Beliefs will need to change or be abandoned completely.. The use of tactics that were used in the past will assure our doom.

          223. joe says

            Hey moron I own a company I have owned it for 30 years I know way more about everything than you do or ever will. That whole post of yours was meaningless twaddle, you know NOTHING about creating jobs or the economy you know only what Oprah told you that you should know you pea brained twit. Ha ha ha ha it is funny that you try to act like you have a clue when you have no damn idea what you are talking about. Give it up simpleton I have you out matched by so far that you have no chance. You should be picking turnips some where sparky

          224. JYuma says

            Are you having a problem with is Inelegance or with him?
            I made up my mind a Week ago.

          225. joe says

            I wish I knew what it was you were trying to say so I could respond

          226. JYuma says

            Fingers must have got disconnected from brain.
            Should have been;
            Are you having a problem with his intelligence or with him?
            I made up my mind a Week ago.
            That better?

          227. glorybe2 says

            I have owned and operated a successful business myself. I even managed to do that without being an idiot like you.

          228. joe says

            Nope sorry but you have not because you are in fact an idiot, most likely a liar too since all you left wing retards are. You are not capable of running a company because you left wing cowards are followers NOT leaders you require a government to tell you what to do in every step of your life you are weak and uneducated.

          229. glorybe2 says

            Joe you perfectly represent the right wing. Ignorant, rude, a liar and consistently wrong in your facts makes you as qualified as Trump to run for office. As the boxer Larry Holmes remarked “Boy you aren’t qualified to carry my jock strap.”.

          230. joe says

            If I wanted your opinion I would give it to you and tell you to repeat it sheepboy. It is cowards and liars like you that put this country in such bad shape. You elected a muslim liar and fraud, a joke in front of the entire world. This piece of shi7 should be hanging from a tree for treason and you right along side of him you weak spineless jellyfish. And let me say you have the intelect of a dish sponge you are so far beneath me that I consider you a sub spiecies not worthy of sharing the planet with me

          231. glorybe2 says

            You are angry simply because you can’t get laid. Are you out of high school yet or did you drop out early?

          232. joe says

            I am superior to you in every way possible you little rat

          233. JYuma says

            o’bozo wood love to have a reason to declare martial law. so do not sneeze to loudly.
            I wonder how that happened? the Total break down that is?
            Maybe , just maybe Laws that congress has past in the last 50 years?
            You can take that right wing economics an stuff it in any place you wish,. if you do not have a preference I will be Happy to suggest one.
            Why are there that many? Why were that many people allowed to buy homes that they could not pay for? For the most part did not even qualify for.

          234. glorybe2 says

            Since the US economy crashed in 1929, about 1890 and also around 1850 as well as shortly after 1787 it is hardly laws passed in the last fifty years that are at fault. You may have heard the phrase “not worth a continental”. That phrase exists due to the US dollar falling to zero value shortly after the founding of our nation. The reason that occurred was the expense of the American revolution collapsed the economy. We have been engaged in the longest war in US history (discounting the war on American first nations), and this war is slamming our national wealth. It is particularly taxing as we are still paying for WW2, the Korean War as well as the mess in Vietnam. Getting involved in too many wars will destroy any nations wealth.

          235. JYuma says

            Yes it will.
            Tell me of the Wars in the LAST 75 years?
            Of which of those did we Instigate? The one that we are in now who started it?

          236. Eleanor Cummings says

            The original wording on the president calling for Martial Law was in the event of an emergency, but the one they’re trying to push through now will allow him to declare Martial Law in non-emergency situations AT HIS DISCRETION !! Understand what he’s up to, please.

          237. rex ames says

            If you look at history before WW II Hitler and allot of his adjenda’s. Here’s a man who was a sargent in the Army and rose to power to commit atroscitie’s that are mind blowing.
            Now we have a man who people love and defend. A man who actually has made race relations worse, run up national debt to record levels, and totally has destablized the middle east and now wants thousands of refugees to come here that we know we cannot trust. This guy is a liar and nothing but a high priced welfare recipiant steeling from his black American brothers and sisters. You ask any black or white American and most will say they are much worse off then 7 years ago, and now we have a president that we cannot trust and we have 50% of the Americans that cannot see what is in front of them and an Obama appointed justice department head who wont prosacute Hillary all directed by King Obama.
            I fine fix this nation is in.

          238. glorybe2 says

            Yes the people are suffering more now that Bush destroyed the economy and Obama has not been able to totally correct the mess caused by the right wing.

          239. rex ames says

            Well yes Bush was in office. Here are some facts. Bill Clinton forced the banking industry to make home loans to people with bad credit and without controls. The forced loan quota’s of so many per year type guidelines or the banks would face fines. This is how the housing crisis got started even before Bush. Then during Clinton’s tenure near the end of Clinton’s term , a republican named Knut Gangrich controlled the power of the purse strings with the federal budget and shut the government down 2 times because president Clinton submitted a budget that was not balanced. So in shutting down the government it forced Bill Clinton to come back to the republican budget commitiee and get a balanced budget at the end of his presidency. Then after all this President Bush took over and went to congress which was all Democrat controlled, warned them to change banking laws so they we could avoid everyone going bankrupt because of these bad loans. Congress would not listen and as we all know what happened after that. The crash !!

            These are all facts that are in the history.
            Here’s another fact that Obama said in his last speech. We have 3.6 % fewer jobs now then when he took over 7 years ago. So his job growth plan did not out pace the losses and that is not Bushes fault, and the housing crisis was Bill Clinton’s fault and since Obama took over these same banking laws are still in place. Personally I never liked Bush, but you need to get your facts straight.

          240. glorybe2 says

            The problem is that you do not have the facts right at all. Banks were not forced to give loans to people with bad credit. In fact what did occur was the law required banks not to red line neighborhoods and take applications from individuals as they were often credit worthy. Loan officers lied and forged documents as their pay was based upon writing loans. Then Wall Street decided to bundle groups of mortgages and sell them as an investment. Those mortgages often did not have the proper documentation attached. As brokerage house went under the location of those mortgages as well as proof of ownership vanished. Meanwhile Bill Clinton had solved the national debt but good old baby Bush took the national debt to extremes. The economy collapsed. President Obama has done a wonderful job of saving our nation from total and stark poverty. No, the good times are not here yet. But a total fix will take a while.

          241. rex ames says

            Bill Clinton was president , but he did not solve the debt dumb ass. Knut Gangrich the leader of the republican congress shut the government to force Clinton to come back to the table and balance the budget. The republicans forced Clinton to cut welfare by 10% across the board to balance the budget. Bill Clinton took the credit for something that he was forced to do by republicans. Yes Clintoin also forced the banks to make the bad loans or be fined by the federal government. Much like Obama, buy my obama care and if you don’t I will fine you a penalty.Yes you may be right about the banks finding creative ways to loan people money that in todays market would not be a good risk, but the truth is Clinton put the pressure on them to do it or be fined. So I agree it could go both ways. But you are wrong on the debt issue. We still had debt when Clinton left office, but thanks to Knut Gangrich used the power of the purse strings to force Clinton back to the table to balance it in the final year of office. All and all, Bill Clinton was a national disgrace with Monica L. and all the other affare’s he was involved with. If you remember he was Impeached for lying to congress, but the dems muster enough votes to keep him in but not by a majority. My young children were watching TV and asked me what oral sex was? This is the legisy our president left. Now his wonderful lying bitch of a wife wants to be president.

          242. glorybe2 says

            You need better sources. It would not matter a fig if all welfare was ended. Welfare is such a small budget item that changes in welfare effect next to nothing. And in fact when one cuts welfare the costs to the public can go through the roof. For example lack of heat in winter or air conditioning in summer causes many people to be put in nursing homes, emergency rooms or grave yards. The costs for stingy welfare can actually create debt nightmares for the public. You have a republican governor in Michigan that just played that game. As a consequence Flint is a ruined city with at least a 1.5 billion dollar bill for replacing lead pipes coming up as well as a host of long term medical issues including mental retardation in youth that will cost many billions over the years. The governors logic was that he could cut costs of supplying water to the community. So now the entire state of Michigan can not afford to cover the costs of the harm that was done in Flint. “If your son asks of you a fish, will you hand him a stone.”.

          243. JYuma says

            I think that I have just figured you out.
            You CAN NOT READ or Comprehend that, that you have tried to READ. As for Flint? They put the pipe in years ago, they were, are responsible for the Testing and UPKEEP of them.
            I feel sorry for the people of FLINT, but then they did put the incompetents in OFFICE.

          244. glorybe2 says

            Yes they did elect a republican, cost cutting, governor. And now the innocent children will pay the price.

          245. JYuma says

            Flints problem is not the states problem, nor the feds. It is the problem of the Government of Flint.
            It will cost the people of the state Millions to fix, also the people of this country.

          246. glorybe2 says

            Actually they estimate 1.5 billion dollars which is probably on the low side. The state of Michigan already paid to have another town made lead free after another serious health problem with lead was noticed. If they did it for one town then how could it be right not to do it for Flint? And by the way the medical horrors caused will greatly exceed the 1.5 billion required to dig up and replace all that old pipe.

          247. glorybe2 says

            The instant that the governor was aware that Flint had lead in the water and did not make emergency announcement to stop the people form any contact with that water the state became liable. The EPA also took over a year to announce the findings so i suspect that any fair court would also hold the nation as liable as well. Isn’t it just so painful with those inconvenient truths pop up?

          248. JYuma says

            Hay, don’t ask me. I am a Repubelican.
            That is something that you should ask o’bozo N the Dimarats.

          249. joe says

            Ohh Ohh the children the children between that and race you leftist morons are really scraping the bottom of the barrel, what a bunch of clay brained sheep you are

          250. glorybe2 says

            Joe even with half a brain, you can figure out that when Flint was being built the plumbing practices in use would probably have been common in nearby towns and cities and may cover an entire region. There is a very good chance that people in many places are drinking their deaths. Matter of fact if you put in a very good, whole house water filter system you can see the calcium being stripped off of the copper plumbing. The lead in the solder joints is surely also being stripped of lead oxides. The ph of clean water is conducive to removing accumulated oxides on pipes. The water needs to be slightly acidic to be safe. It is another inconvenient little truth. Aren’t you so happy when you eat in a restaurant that filters all its water? Bon apatite!

          251. joe says

            Silence ratboy your ignorance of physics chemistry and this problem is clear

          252. glorybe2 says

            Your knowledge of English is cockeyed. for example physics chemistry is screwed up. You might mean physics and chemistry or physics or chemistry.
            Secondly you can ask anyone certified in water treatment if water with a ph of 7 is not good for home plumbing. It is not. Water needs to be slightly less acid than a tomato or it will ruin copper plumbing and it will leach lead oxide exposing raw lead to the water. You will find that many school boards issue orders to have staff run the water fountains for a minute or so before students are allowed in the buildings as even in good buildings with properly treated water lead from soldered joints is still dangerous.

          253. Ralph says

            Half a brain-you were being way too generous!

          254. glorybe2 says

            I do wonder why people like Joe bother to wake up in the morning. Perhaps nothing short of death can heal a brain like his.

          255. Ralph says

            Joe is a prime example of what happens when the laws of natural selection are interrupted with good intentions.

          256. glorybe2 says

            I thought that perhaps he was the result of some evil, genetic experiment gone wrong.

          257. joe says

            Nope you are wrong now shut up

          258. Ralph says

            You might want to consider rehab-they have success treating half wits and crack heads, so at least one of your problems could be treated.

          259. joe says

            You again I thought I told you to shut up and sit in the corner you will learn to obey me you funny little man

          260. Bob666 says

            And your Ignorance of everything in life is quite evident!

          261. joe says

            You are done.

          262. Bob666 says

            No, I’m just getting started. When god gives you a retard like short bus Joey-you roll with it!


            I see you spent some more time in rehab with your mom.

          263. glorybe2 says

            Joe you are a perfect example of what lead in drinking water can do to a person. Now try to remember to get your keepers to change your pampers after lunch.

          264. joe says

            ha ha ha as if anything you say means anything at all you are a media puppet you brainless coward oooo the poor children wow what a total moron you are

          265. glorybe2 says

            I am just filled with confidence that the people of Flint are responsible for pipes installed before their parents were even born. I am equally certain that the Earth is flat, and that Florida never has hurricanes as those winds are just the result of bigfoot exhaling.

          266. JYuma says

            “Bless your Little Heart”
            I wood have said your Little mind. Howsoever I do not believe that they returned it to it’s place the last time the Libs. washed it for you.
            I do feel sorry for the people of Flint. That no matter whom is at Fault. It must be Fixed. That the Children were not affected by the Lead that they consumed.

          267. joe says

            Jesus hates you

          268. glorybe2 says

            Nope!Jesus loves me. And he might love you as well if you get away from the right wingers.

          269. JYuma says

            Jesus may love you. Jesus and his Father God do not like Left wingers. Why else wood they Place the LIERs, Socialists, Communist and the IDIOTS in there?

          270. joe says

            Nope he hates you I just talked to him yesterday he definitely hates you, he said you were a dick.

          271. mtman2 says

            Sorry the mayor was not a plummer nor did he install the lead pipes of 100+yrs ago.
            Each city used various materials at the time, many records get lost or destroyed.

            IF all “welfare” ended- that would include ag, corp, 10 dept agencies(huge salary+benefit w/early retirement), most foreign aid, hidden waste+redundancies= triple the defence budget(feds 1st responsibility) ~!

          272. glorybe2 says

            The current mayor as well as the governor should have turned off all city water the moment that lead contamination was suspected. It was clearly a criminal act not to protect the public from such a well understood poisoning. And there are even stranger issues. How can you charge the public for water they must not use. If the city does not bill the public then how can they repair the entire system? In some places there are even water pipes made of asbestos, and I do not mean in Michigan, although they probably have old asbestos water mains as well.

          273. JYuma says

            Part of your spiel is correct.
            As for OLD pipes?
            There is a Town in Colorado that until just the last few years received their water from Wooden pipes. They took Trees cut the center out to make them.

          274. glorybe2 says

            I hate to even say it but I believe that some city water pipes around our nation are made of asbestos. I’m somewhat certain of this and hate to think what might result if this comes to light. There were even cigarettes that had asbestos filters in the not so distant past.

          275. JYuma says

            You are correct. There ARE many water pipes with Asbestos in them.
            The Funny thing is. If you leave those pipes alone. They will never cause a problem. Break the surface then you do.
            Then you also must know is that asbestos, long or short fiber?
            . One is the Killer the other is not.
            There is a process where there can be a sleeve placed into the pipe that will seal the potential problem out of the water system.
            It wood have work for Flints problem also.
            Still could.
            They need to shut up and Fix the problem not be 4 year olds and argue Bobs fault no it’s Bills.

          276. glorybe2 says

            In my area the fire department uses the pumps on their trucks to blast calcium carbonate out of the water lines as it restricts water flow to the point that a fire hydrant may not provide adequate flow in an emergency, That means that any coatings on lead or asbestos pipes is stripped away and water directly touches the newly cleaned surfaces. When the fire department does that I normally have to shut off the house water and disassemble the toilet fill valves as they become unstable due to the material that gets trapped in the valves. We really have no good information about death or disease caused by our water supply. You won’t heat a peep from our presidential candidates over the problem either as it makes people uncomfortable so the subject is avoided.

          277. glorybe2 says

            Water erodes rock. Water flowing at high speed under pressure erodes rock at higher speeds. Asbestos is a rock. Long strands under erosion will become short strands.
            Steve McQueen found out the hard way about asbestos. In his home area a mineral rock called serpentine was common and actually broke through the surface at times. Steve raced his dirt bikes over that serpentine for years and later the asbestos freed up by riding over that rock took his life. Asbestos is treacherous. We know that some wives died from the tiny bit of asbestos clinging to their husband’s clothing when they did the laundry. Yet those same husbands sometimes lived long lives and died from causes other than asbestos, cancer. There are even people who got sick and died simply be walking past a building under construction with asbestos components. In other words, a tiny exposure can murder you but a huge and ongoing exposure might never bring you harm.

          278. JYuma says

            I simply gave you the information the people whom work with asbestos have Informed the public.
            As a child I was exposed to it many times. From changing brakes for my Dads customers[he owned a service station] to doing proving up work at a Uncles mine. Asbestos mine.
            I have Lung problems that are killing me today. How ever they are not caused by Asbestos, they are caused by living and growing up, near a Copper mines Smelter. Breathing the smoke emitting from that plant.
            If asbestos, like a Rattle Snake if it is left alone it will not be as dangerous as it is when you break the surface of what ever is holding it.
            We are facing much more dangers than Asbestos today.
            The BIGGEST is our Political system is endangering the continuation of our country being a Free .
            For the People BY the people.

          279. glorybe2 says

            Passing water through an asbestos pipe is very disturbing to that asbestos.
            As for freedom, it is not so much our politicians but what I will label the big sissies who are the problem. The risk to the typical American of serious injury or death from an Arab terrorist is minimal. You are probably at much higher risk from an inmate in a local jail or prison breaking out and harming you than from all the Arab terrorists combined. Yet we have a society with many cowards who insist on levels of protection that are absurd. For example we have numerous super max prisons with all kinds of killers as inmates. We don’t quake in our boots over that at all. But tell the public that the entire super max system will hold ten Arab inmates and the phones go crazy and every politician is told that this is way too dangerous. These sissies are endangering the rule of law and order in the US.

          280. JYuma says

            You do not know a bit about the Prison system do you?
            I live 11 mile south of this states max, central prison.
            35 miles to my north are 3 groups of potential Arab Terrorists.[ name so by HLS] 80 miles from the most open part of the Border that drugs, people smugglers cross. Where unless one is WELL ARMED it is VERY UNSAFE to be.
            I have Photos of signs stating so. They are for the most part on the south side of I-8.
            Yet you insist that Asbestos is our BIGGEST Danger in this country?
            The Biggest problem that we have at this moment in this country is people that state ,they will not VOTE for Cruz, rubio, or Trump for some Bull Shit reason.
            I was raised”That anything is FAIR in Love and WAR.”
            We are at War.
            The Rule of Law in this country CEASED to be When Johnson was President.
            You are correct about one thing.
            The REPUBLICANS LEADERS are Sissies.

          281. glorybe2 says

            I have not said that asbestos is the greatest danger to our nation. I will say that fixing the nations water supply might be expensive enough to bankrupt the nation completely.
            Before LBJ was around we had a vice president named Nixon under Dwight Eisenhower. VP Nixon drew all kinds of heat over his kickbacks from the federal, children’s milk fund project. When Nixon eventually was elected president he absolutely did commit felonies as did Ronnie Reagan. In Reagan’s case it was arms for contra in which cocaine dealers were allowed to sell coke all over America in exchange for funds to illegally supply guns to the contra rebels.
            There is a difference between imagined crimes and those crimes, absolutely known to be true. Then we see in baby Bush a complete violation of international law in the torture of prisoners, many of which were non-combatants. I maintain that the republic party is a continuing criminal enterprise and as such should be arrested and put on trial under the RICO Act. We have hard proof that the typical republican president is a felon. Agnew was also convicted of accepting bribes by the way. So just why would any, honest, American ever vote for a republican?

          282. JYuma says

            Now you are completely off the wall. Go take your Meds.
            You are about a week late taking them.

          283. glorybe2 says

            A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Did your mother beat you over the head daily, or perhaps you had a serious head injury while riding a motorcycle, or did you narcotics addiction dim your mind to its current, low level. Perhaps if you can rub two pennies together and get to a good mental hospital you might be aided back up to at least a juvenile state of being although I doubt that you could improve much.

          284. JYuma says

            You Bore me.

          285. glorybe2 says

            I would not be shocked to learn that wooden pipes were both safe and affordable in handling potable water.

          286. JYuma says

            “HAY” Martha, Call the Ambulance people.
            The Big ones coming.
            glory B agreed with something something that I said……………

          287. mtman2 says

            Like I stated there’s no way to tell what was put under ground over 100yrs ago in hundreds if not thousands of miles of pipes that vary from one section or street to another. Probably by a Democrat mayor, get over it….

          288. glorybe2 says

            So if your city is one of the many cities with asbestos water pipes you don’t want them replaced unless your city can afford to do it on its own. The survival of your children and family means nothing at all. this is a real world example of “drinking the Cool Aide”.. Imagine asbestos pipes, lead pipes are probably supplying most of the homes in America.

          289. mtman2 says

            U.S. taxes emanate from the people in states. It does not magically appear in the parasitic, porkulous hands of the the federal government. The States allowed a federal governentwith strong limits+stipulations. It’s now so top heavy it will collapse as will the U.S. dollar that the Dems allow the Federal Reserve to print with “nothig” to back it up but endless IOU’s that soon cannot be repaid. Then the “Fiddler”[IMF/WB] will want to collect for a Globalist manifestation of a One World government.
            Smart and self informed people have always known that old pipes could be hazardous, just as smoking and eating junk is.
            The entire systsm is imploding under the weight of reckless overspending. It must be restored to viability or pipes will be the least worry as millions starve. True priorties have been ignored for waay to long for political reasons, that’s including pipes, roads, the economy and safety for the nation.
            As they say- “You can’t have your cake and eat it to” ~!

          290. glorybe2 says

            If people drink lead contaminated water they may not have enough brain power to worry about anything at all. It is rather like the nuts who huff spray paint in a paper bag. Their brains get so messed up they don’t even know when they are alive.

          291. mtman2 says

            This why most of my childhood and adolescence all my adult l7fe I was careful of what I drank+ate.
            At 14 I took it was upon myself to learn of good nutrition, and am still learning.
            Most towns+cities still have some lead pipes, but are encrusted with mineral buildup anyhow so lead is not a problem. It’s the other junk that was in this cities water that will turn out to be worse.
            I was trained as a water treatment plant manager and know not to take any water source for granted.
            Ignorant fools dumped all kinds of chemicals in various places, they got good cash payments to make barrels of- ???? – disappear for many decades- only to poison their children and grandchildren on down the line.
            Can’t imagine being stupid enough to- ” huff spray paint” – when young I did a lot of stupid and dangerous things but that would be intentional suicide ~!

          292. JYuma says

            Welfare has a VERY SMALL BUDGET.
            Welfare “IS” the third most costly IDEM In the Budget.
            It is Just Behind Social Security then Medicaid.

          293. glorybe2 says

            If you take the military, CIA, and NSA budgets the lion’s share goes to national defense. All other programs put together are far less. The real way to financial issues of the US can be resolved by lessening our defense agencies and stop getting involved in foreign wars.
            And if you want this nation to roll in excessive wealth simply massively fund science and tech research. Research has always been what makes a nation wealthy and powerful. Cutting back on research is like cutting your own throat.

          294. JYuma says

            I know you mean good.
            “Bless you Heart”

          295. JYuma says

            There IS one thing that clinton has a right to claim Is he and his dims. in congress gave the Citizens of this country the “BIGGEST” Tax raise in History. I do not even think that bozo has outdone him [clinton]. on doing that.

          296. rex ames says

            Yeah your right , and please tell that to ( glorybe2) She apparently loves Clinton, and who knows maybe she was giving him oral sex too!!

          297. JYuma says

            I “FEEL” that you just DID.
            I just kick her ass about Guns.

          298. glorybe2 says

            rex ames is stupid beyond words. He just called glorybe2 a female and a male in the same paragraph. With an IQ like that should he be allowed to use a computer without a keeper at his elbow?

          299. joe says

            I think he was on the button I think you are one of those freaks, I bet you are a woman that had the addadicktome operation

          300. glorybe2 says

            I see that you edited your post to eliminate the evidence of your idiocy. By the way Glorybe2 is a male.

          301. rex ames says

            I did not and for if you don’t open your mouth, no one will know how stupid you are.

          302. JYuma says

            Actually they were The law to stop red lining was past in the early 90’s. Not when Bush was pres. Wall street did not bundle, banks , Freddy Max The Fed and others did. Sold the worthless paper over seas and to Wall street Brokerage house’s. The party that forced all this to happen? The Dims. of course.
            When obozo took office the doubt was about 8 and 1/2 Billion. Bush ran it up from 4.5. He had a War on TWO fronts to fight.
            Your bozo in the last 7 years has ran it up to about 21Trillion.
            There are over 97 Million American Citizens out of work because he will not shut the Borders down, North and South.

            As long as we have him, the Dims. With a lot of RINO’s in Washington D.C. we WILL NEVER fix it To say nothing of people like you voting.

          303. glorybe2 says

            More nonsense from a blowhard. The undocumented workers do not take jobs from Americans. The fact is that American’s will not perform the low wage tasks that these foreign workers are happy to do. If we removed all the undocumented workers field labor would triple in price forcing you to pay a huge sum for your groceries, meat packing etc.. The funny part is that it just does not matter one bit as machines will soon replace those jobs totally. I just saw a strawberry picking machine that is a marvel. It only picks the ripe berries and replaces dozens of workers. That machine is made in Spain with technologies we in the US do not even have yet.

          304. joe says

            you are too stupid for words you brainwashed moron

          305. Paul Smith says

            The fact is that illegal aliens are in the country illegally and should be detained, jailed and expelled from the country without any ‘due process’. If they want to claim refugee status then let them claim that at the border (Mexicans only) when they enter and spend time in a detention center until their case is heard. NO exceptions. Those seeking refugee status from south of Mexico should seek assylum in Mexico.

          306. JYuma says

            The Cops can not do the detaining of illegals That IS for ICE to do. ICE doesn’t do that for bozo and loopy loopy at justice and HLS. Make them let them go back on the street. bozo is even freeing them from prisons by the 1,000’s. Murders, Child rapers among others. He just let 5,000 out here in Arizona.

          307. Paul Smith says

            Cops detain illegal aliens regularly and report the arrest to ICE who then pick up the miscreant or not. If not the police must let them go – a real travesty of justice.

          308. JYuma says

            I can not say that All cops, Highway Troopers are that restocked. The Troopers, County Sheriffs, City cops here may stop them , may ticket them. If they have not broken any other laws other other than traffic or entering the country illegally. They let them go off down the road, per bozo and his minions. If they have drugs with them than they can arrest them. Not mind you if they are trafficking people who ever. That is the way it works here, wonderful Arizona.

          309. glorybe2 says

            Well now that it has been revealed that Trump brought is Polish workers illegally to build Trump towers, paid them about one third the normal pay rate and then was sued for failing to pay them as much as one million dollars of the wages due and ultimately was forced by the court to pay $350,000 to the laborers that he cheated, just why would any conservative ever vote for Trump? The man actually imported illegal workers for his own purposes.

          310. Paul Smith says

            Can’t answer that question. Trump would not be my choice. . .he is, however, eligible whereas Cruz and Rubio are not.

          311. glorybe2 says

            The way we were taught in school, the constitution requires a person to be born on US soil which would eliminate Cruz. The term “natural born citizen” is vague to me. A person born outside of US soil is not a natural born citizen to me. In fact such an infant has to be naturalized by being brought on to US soil so we do have a conflict as to what natural born actually means. Even people born by Ceaserian

          312. Paul Smith says

            I have found over the years that teachers can be very unreliable – especially where the law is concerned. If the question was legally settled, we wouldn’t be in these discussions. I’ve seen credible arguments from both sides of the issue. I lean towards the DeVattel definition, a person born on the soil and born of citizen parents, only because I am convinced that the founding fathers wanted to minimize foreign influence on the POTUS and that best accomplishes that goal. YMMV

          313. glorybe2 says

            Keep in mind that the first European Americans had no immigration laws that had any effect on them. If you were from Europe and you simply wanted to go to America you just had to get here. Only later on did we have such things as immigration offices etc.. Many people immigrated to places like Florida which was not even part of the USA back then. By the time
            the constitution was written it is my best guess is that as long as one was white, male, and born on American soil he could be elected president. The meaning of natural born has to be consistent. We can not naturalize a baby that is born in Canada of two American parents and then turn around and claim that he was a natural born citizen at the time of his birth. And we do exactly that. An American baby born on foreign soil is a citizen but is actually naturalized by return to American soil.

          314. glorybe2 says

            I don’t know the point in history at which the word citizen in the US had a formal definition. Early on I expect that any Englishman in the states would consider himself a citizen and entitled to vote even though he was under a British king. But when the constitution was written I wonder about the people already here and in lands that would be purchased or taken from other nations. Floridians lived under Spanish rule at that time.

          315. glorybe2 says

            If you fail to have due process American citizens would be swept up and deported by accident. Apparently this already happens every once in a while as it is but with no fair hearings it would be a much more common problem.

          316. rex ames says

            Hello Glorybe2, bow on this !!

          317. joe says

            ha ha ha ha ha ha wow such a brainwashed dimwit do you also have a pet unicorn

          318. JYuma says

            joe, joe joe, she, it has a learning problem. She’s, it ,is Brain Dead.

          319. joe says

            Yea I know but it is fun to play with what ever it is, as long as I do not have to touch it ha ha ha. To me it is just another internet pet I have many of them ha ha.

          320. joe says

            Please leave here before your stupid begins to wear off on others

          321. joe says

            wow you are stupid every where you go Jesus thinks you are a dick

          322. glorybe2 says

            At least we can understand what happened to Hitler. In WW1 he was quite a hero and the smaller Iron Cross was awarded to him twice. The smaller cross was created as no non-officer had ever received an Iron Cross before and they wanted to honor Hitler. He was a messenger and ran between the trenches delivering messages to officers while under intense fire. It was essentially a death sentence to be assigned to that job. Hitler was gassed and actually treated by the British to survive that gas poisoning. There was probably quite a bit of neurological damage from that gassing. Hitler also was under treatment for syphilis in advanced stages during WW2. There is speculation that he acquired the disease decades ago from a Jewish prostitute, about the time of WW1. Untreated syphilis racks the brain with disease and insanity. His doctors were actually including mercury in medications that supposedly helped his health. Mercury also destroys the brain. Even the severe shelling that was all around Hitler in WW1 can destroy brain function.
            So what the world got was a brain impaired man with a fanatical hatred of Jews as a leader. And the brain injury theory fits the bill. Hitler had moments of genius as well as many moments of absolute ignorance and uncontrolled, negative emotions. That is quite typical of many people who have brain damage. Hitler personally designed the fortifications that we went up against on D-Day. Those fortifications were quite well designed yet the shell delivery from them was flawed as Hitler had them located in such a way that the shells could not overlap their areas and thus there was a point between the bunkers that was free of shelling from the bunkers.. With reduced killing ability in those spots our soldiers got a foot hold and advanced up the beaches and over the cliffs. They were under fire from troops on the cliffs but not the larger shells from the bunkers.

          323. rex ames says

            Are you defending Hitler? The world lost 70 million people because of world WW2

          324. Paul Smith says

            Attempting to understand what drove men like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Vlad Dracula and other monsters is not an attempt to defend or support them. Get a clue.

          325. rex ames says

            I know what monsters are Paul. My self and my three sons fought in 6 conflicts and wars. You get a clue !

          326. Paul Smith says

            Thank you and your sons for your service, my family gave similarly and not all came home but what does fighting in wars have to do with understanding what drives men to commit atrocities like they did? The soldier nor even the general who commands him can know what drives the King/Tyrant/Pope/Potentate to send him off as cannon fodder in a war unless he takes the time to study and get to know the mind of the man. That’s not supporting him, it’s understanding him. You do see the difference?

          327. rex ames says

            Hello Paul,
            Yes I do see the difference Paul. Who knows what drives people, but I think power and money has allot to do with it for sure and of course your child up bringing forms you for life I think.
            I want say its nice having a conversation with someone to get there views on the world around us.. In truth I believe we are all pawns in a big game. People who think they are Democrats or Republicans are really either. If you think about politics its a bunch of people holding an office trying to get you to believe they want to help you. For instance tax laws are not written because they care about us. they are written so the rich can get special tax breaks to make more money for the CEO’s and corporations and the top 1%. Look at Bill Clinton’s North American Free trade agreement. It made it easy for corporations to move to Mexico to not only get the wages which are at least 15 to 25 times cheaper per hour, but freedom from taxes on the goods they produce for the Automotive parts produced there via the NAFTA treaty when they ship the goods back across the border there is no tax. Unless you own a business you have almost Zero tax breaks unless you own a home and have interest. All these tax laws were drafted and agreed on by both parties. They were drafted that way because corporate fat cats shovel money into are political folks to make favorable legislation. Congress and the senate along with the president and vice president even wrote a law exempting them self from insider trading laws on the stock market.
            The system is rigged. At the end of the day both parties golf at the same country club and slap each other on the back and drink together. In about 2011 someone in the news media I think got wind of insider trading exemption and blew it up in the media and it may have been changed in 2012 finally. I believe its called Stock Act S. 2038 (112th). As my memory serve’s me Obama was forced to sign this bill on April 4th 2012, or they would have faced a fire storm over it. Its all about power and money, and they just call them self a Democrat or Republican and they try to make us believe they actually care about us.
            This is why Trump is doing well because now the middle class are angry that they are getting the shaft from the establishment on both sides of the fence. Trump was smart enough to expose things up front and honestly. They try to bury him about stuff, and he says, yeah I did it. I gave money for this and for that so I could get a favor. He’s not afraid to expose people. The parties failure to govern has given rise to Trump. The party still is not listening to the voters out there who have been getting screwed.
            Now I hear that Mitt Romney is going to talk tonight or tomorrow. He and Trump hate each others guts. This will be interesting.
            Have a good day Paul.

          328. Miyako says

            BELA KUN……….?

          329. glorybe2 says

            I am absolutely not defending Hitler one bit! He was a curse to humanity. What I am pointing out is that his beliefs, opinions and logic were the products of disease and injury. This resembles Donald Trump. to any fair observer he is clinically ill. He is a narcissist. He is a compulsive liar. He is a sociopath as well, willing to do others massive harm to get his own way. He is pathology with feet attached. I doubt that experts could do much to correct his mental defects due to his age as well as the sociopathic tendencies being untreatable .
            Both Hitler and Trump are great examples of what bad health can do in shaping actions and beliefs.

          330. rex ames says

            The republican party gave rise to Trump by failing to govern, national debt, new tax laws that were agreed upon in 2012 by both parties and instituted in 2016.
            Also the insider trader laws that exempted government. The news media found out about it and exposed it and then Obama was forced to amend it and sign a new law I believe on April 4th of 2012. There is no such thing as Democrat or Republican. Its just a name that they take, and then they try to get you to believe they care about you.
            I think the law is called Stock Act S. 2038 (112th)

          331. glorybe2 says

            I looked at the Stock Act summary and of all things it is the exact opposite of what you thought it was about. The Stock Act made it illegal for any Congressman or Senator to use non public information in buying stocks or any form of securities. And this is exactly what i meant about false information from right wing sites. A law to prevent insider trading was cited as a law to permit insider trading by congressmen or senators. It is so very easy for right wingers to do this as very few people will actually go and find out what a law or rule is really all about.

          332. rex ames says

            Thats what I said dummy, it was legal to do insider trading for government officals until the news media exposed it. Then after four years of legally doing insider trading it was exposed to the public and congress was forced to change the law which Obama signed on April 4th of 2012 after 4 years of abuse. Read again what I wrote you Hun. The law was exposed and Obama was forced to sign and amend the law to make it illegal. He signed the new law in 2012 in April. Please read again what I said.

          333. glorybe2 says

            Forced is propaganda. Why not believe that Obama was thrilled to sign the legislation as soon as it worked its way to his desk? He is never compelled to sign a law. A law can take effect with a certain number of congress voting for it to be in place.

          334. rex ames says

            He was forced to do something about it. It was exposed by the media. Any president would have to sign it. He was facing a fire storm over it thanks to the media. Both sides of the senate and congress are corrupted. They all come out of there rich.

          335. glorybe2 says

            Neither the media nor public pressure can force at all. Obama can not be re-elected and has no need to worry about public opinion.
            Secondly most representatives as well as senators have a law degree and as such are usually prosperous before entering public service. those who are not lawyers also tend to have deep pockets that are somewhat required to get elected in the first place. They go into office well off and come out of office well off.
            America has become the sort of nation that has a cast system. the rich stay rich and the poor tend to stay poor. Even the very few athletes and entertainers who earn huge salaries are poor by rich man’s standards these days. One really needs to be a billionaire to be thought of as rich these days. By comparison the great Mohammed Ali only earned 63 million in a lifetime of boxing for a living. There are people in this world who could lose 63 million every year and never suffer from it one bit.

          336. rex ames says

            I’m in the top 1% but for sure I could not afford to loose to much. I’m very conservative. My Grand Cherokee is 14 years old with 298,000 miles.

          337. glorybe2 says

            It is astounding how many miles one can get out of a vehicle in rural areas where stop and go traffic is rare. These days with synthetic motor oil and a good maintenance schedule it is hard to wear out many engines.
            The big three are now working on double clutch nine and ten speed auto transmissions. They do make a car feel more powerful and gas mileage improves but wait until buyers find out what it can cost to rebuild one of these transmissions. These trannys will help cars meet the EPA mileage requirements and the car companies simply are behind in adopting continuously variable transmissions or infinite gearing as it is sometimes called. Those transmissions are used in some motor scooters such as the Suzuki Bergman 650 cc scooter. Those 650 CC scooters out accelerate Harley Davidson models with Harley’s largest engines in stock form.

          338. rex ames says

            I actually have allot more miles on the engine, but am afraid that know one would believe it. Your sound like an engineer. Thats what I do for a living and mostly I travel to work in Mexico. Yes the cost of that ranny will cost more then the engine to replace.

          339. glorybe2 says

            I suspect that rebuilds for those transmissions will run between five and ten thousand dollars.
            I did work creating machines to train engineers and scientists and had engineers from different fields at my disposal. I mostly focused on heat transfer devices and distillation but had quite a bit of work in advanced robotics as well. Some of this work was at the post doctoral level.
            That is why I am aware of just how quickly jobs will soon be eliminated. About 1985 i was involved in systems that were designed to evolve into factories that could completely transform themselves to produce a variety of products with very little human input. At that time the most troubling aspects were the computers in that era.

          340. rex ames says

            Ha I thought so !! Except I am self taught. Have tool and die apprenticeship and then many years of new build experience and evolving to 3 D designs and got board with that so my company contracted me to Lear Automotive seating and worked as Lear’s level 4 contract tooling engineer in Mexico for eight years. Would be interested in talking with you off this site. You sound pretty intelligent.

          341. glorybe2 says

            Send an email from your home address and I’ll send you a phone number. I don’t want the number on the thread.

          342. JYuma says

            AHHH! Why not? I don’t sleep much at nite.
            N I do SOOOO ,LOVE Buggin people!!

          343. rex ames says

            Here it is again !!!

          344. glorybe2 says

            Eleanor think about it. Who always had the power to declare what an emergency is? The president does. These days a serious national emergency could be nothing more than a computer virus rapidly attacking businesses inside the US. To counter such an urgent emergency the president would need to be able to shut down all phone lines and cell towers and cut off all cable traffic until the computer virus could be arrested. In the old days an emergency might be a flood or storm or enemy invasion. But these days there are far more ways of having a really dangerous emergency.

          345. glorybe2 says

            Eleanor this stuff is junk and lies. You can prove it to yourself. The president always has the ability to launch an all out nuclear war at a moments notice. People understand that the congress or others could not be consulted in an emergency. It is always the presidents discretion to launch that response. He commands all of the military. Some of the military may feel that the launch is inappropriate, some may even be enemy agents. But at a moments notice any president could have launched all of our weapons instantly. Martial law rests upon the ability of the president to take immediate action at his discretion. These days enemies have types of attacks that no nation has ever had to deal with in the past. Fast, executive action, is now more important than at any time in history.

          346. glorybe2 says

            False information is a right wing tactic. They deliberately publish all kinds of nonsense to instill fear with the hope of raising votes. The right wing is even more dangerous than the communists. Consider all the falsehoods that the Nazi party put forward to gain power in Germany. They started by playing on hatred of Jews and homosexuals and other unpopular groups. Next, they took hatred and used it to make absurd accusations. For example, the public was told that the Jews had all the money. Next to push the public from hatred into violence they told the public that the Jews were conspiring to install communism in Germany. Those lies enabled the Germans to start murdering Jews in large numbers. Now the public had blood on their hands and could not go back as they would have to face their guilt and corruption. That in turn put more and more power into the hands of the Nazi party. In the USA you are seeing the same tactic. Race haters are on the boil over having a black president. Lies are constantly told far and wide in order to try to destroy president Obama. The race haters don’t care one bit that when they do this they are also bringing the entire nation into a lower and lower state. Then to make it even worse the racist claim to be patriots.

          347. rex ames says

            Glorybe2 I love that people have opinions. I work in one of the most diverse companies in the world. Lear corporation metals automotive division. Most of their 400 companies are in other countries. I work as an international engineer and slept in my own bed last year about 38days. Spend most of my time in Mexico helping Lear expand their plants so they can put more Americans out of work, all so they can make more profit for them self. My sons which are three, and I have all served in war zones from Vietnam to Afgan. and Iraq. So I guess you could say we are patriots. We are sick and tired of listening to people in both parties doing there own thing, and not protecting our jobs, our borders, foreign policy decisions like releasing Iran 150 billion while they still hold Americans captive, and Hillary and Bill Clinton’s foundation where they collect millions and get rich , all while our jobs keep moving out of here.

            I would remind you that Trumps rise is do to the do nothing senate and congress of both parties not governing and running the debt higher and higher. Have you noticed that SSI was frozen the last three time periods when it was supposed to be raised? Have you noticed that health insurance keeps going up under Obama care? Have you notice that the government is taking away some of the SSI benefits April 1 st? Did you noticed taxes went up in 2016 while income is down 3% on average nation wide. Do you understand that we now have 3.6 % less jobs no then 7 years ago. These statistics are all found on the government websites. Welfare did not go down or the other give aways like food stamps. They went up. Whats it going to take for you to realize that we are in trouble. If we don’t fix the basic things like jobs and trade, nothing else is going to matter because we will go bankrupt as a nation. Please getting angry will not solve this , or putting our heads in the sand wont either. We need a strong leader that will protect you and me and bring jobs back in.

          348. glorybe2 says

            The issue does not depend upon the left or the right wing winning any election. Basics must be addressed. And people will resist as people always fear change.
            Corporations very much need to have less power in law as well as in function. Corporations are murdering America. It will take quite a fight to strictly limit the powers of corporations.
            We also need to tax offshore companies even more than we tax them stateside. That will tend to make corporations return jobs to the US. You can bet the right wing will fight that.
            Then we need to suck it up and face reality. All over the world no form of economy has ever worked very well. The US has fallen apart several times as have other nations. We need an economy focused on justice and part of that justice is proper support of those among us who simply can not do it themselves for whatever reason. We need to confront reality rather than use dogmas to shape policies. For example there is nothing more wasteful than failing to rehabilitate a convict. When we seek to punish or deprive we create more criminals with worse intentions when they are released. Also we have jobs that are far more miserable than prison. And many poor people are safer in prison than back on the streets in bad neighborhoods. We can save billions by simply having very high quality prisons.
            Next we need to stare one fact in the face. Technology is all about the elimination of human effort. That translates to less jobs for less people. And it is accelerating. We will have zero choice but to hand out high quality pay checks to those that do not work or the system will totally collapse. If a man has no money he can make no purchases or must turn to crime. Businesses must have buyers.
            And here is the kicker. Technology now places us in a predicament in which capitalism can not exist. Right now nations in northern Europe are ahead of us in earnings per citizen and they are socialist nations.
            Here is recent history in the US. First only men had real jobs. Then women were put to work. Then two incomes were not enough and the wife or husband or both took on two jobs. Even with all those jobs the living standards of people mostly declined and continue to decline. Following WW2 we went on vacation by car all over America and it cost very little. I was born in Virginia and had five long trips out west before i was 15 years old and many trips into the center of the nation as well. Cars cost very little. Gasoline was less than 20 cents a gallon. Car insurance was also very cheap. Staying in motels for two weeks and eating three meals a day in dinners cost very little as well.
            My lawn was in town and was at least six acres. Today you would need to be a millionaire to live like that. Even college was inexpensive. The rich as well as the businesses have suctioned the life out of our economy. And yet the right wing wants to tax the rich even less. And the funny part is that the really rich need pay next to no taxes at all if they don’t want to. Only the rich can afford the specialists that set them up with devices to avoid all taxation. There are books on how to do this.

          349. rex ames says

            Its kind of weird, I used to be a rich guy and I gave away 3/4 a year ago, paid four student loans off for my four kids and took 100K and started a new business. I’m not going to take my SSI check. Funny thing happened when I did that. Life really did not change and now I don’t worry about money because I don’t have very much of it any more. Gave most to charities and created a scholarship fund for poor kids. I have no debts and not much money anymore, but I still work very hard. But I feel very free and at peace with life.
            Everything you said makes sense to me. But know matter what, I know does corrupt people and no matter what type of government you have its still the same way. Hillary and Bill preach a good line to, but the wealth they have amassed is unbelievable. My advice to you is just live debt free and then you will truly experience freedom.
            Have a great day !

          350. glorybe2 says

            You are absolutely correct. When one has too much money bad things tend to happen. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson and even John Denver, all found out that wealth and fame could destroy them. Whether it was Nelson setting his plane on fire while smoking crack or Denver being so drunk that he failed to gas up his plane before takeoff, or Jackson so spoiled that he could not sleep or stop torturing his face with endless surgeries, or poor Elvis who was in a self imposed prison like condition, in order to not be mobbed in public, in each case money and fame actually took their lives.
            Somehow we need to get people to appreciate the real world and be happy with what they have. Many years ago I ripped up my right leg severely. The doctors told me to walk a lot to get the ligaments to attach to the bone. So i sold my car and walked for about three years and it did work out. But I was actually walking 12 miles one way as well as doing all my shopping on foot. People thought all kinds of things about me during that period. Some thought I could not afford a car or motorbike. Many probably thought that I was not allowed to drive. A few may have felt I was a bum or the local village idiot. But I will say that health wise not only did it heal my leg but also I was in better shape than I had been for years. The lesson was simply to not live as others live. More people should try out things like that.

          351. glorybe2 says

            Rex,Trump actually tried to sue Palm Beach County because commercial air craft fly over his mansion. Palm Beach International Airport is a large, busy airport. They fly over everyone’s homes. But only Trump would have the nerve to suggest that they can not fly over his expensive mansion. How did America ever get so sick for the right wing to worship such a foul idiot as Trump.

          352. rex ames says

            When you are a private citizen, you can do what ever is legal and what you can afford to do. You truly live in the dark ages. Quit crying about Trump. He is in first place, and do you know why? Because the establishment candidates are not governing this country right. You must be rich and don’t care.
            For instance, do you know that our congress and senate passed laws for them self to do insider trading in the stock market legally by law they are exempt from any penalty. This means any company can approach a politician. and give him a stock tip for favorable legislation to pass for their company. Don’t talk to me about Trump because he pays his own way, and he has paid off many of the very politicians that he is fighting now. He has something on every one of them bastards. Trump is just the bastard we need to handle these people. Why do you think they hate him? He will call all of these croc bastards out in the open. They are all afraid of this. You don’t realize how much money all these people make on the side, they don’t even have to buy insurrance and retire at full salary. Why do you think the democrats pass green energy legislation. Because they invested in it before they passed the legislation. Both parties are guilty of this. Open your eyes.

          353. glorybe2 says

            Please provide the law about insider trading and congress. I suspect it is another right wing, false statement. Include the statute number along with the law so I can research it.

          354. mtman2 says

            The kid is absolutely clueless and stupid besides, a waste of time ~!

          355. JYuma says

            Please look into the Posse Comitatus Act. Also upon what grounds wood bozo us to start the WAR with Mexico to put troops on the Border?
            Don’t get me wrong . I live 60 miles from the OPEN border of Arizona and Mexico. There is noting butt Cactus and desert between me and the illegals, drug runners, and people smugglers. I see them DAILY. Well I do have Mr. Colts Equalizer with me. All the Time.

          356. joe says

            The posse comitatus act has already been tossed out the door you have a lying traitor in offce that does not care about law or the constitution and you have a bunch of mealy mouthed scumbag politicians that just let him get away with it.

          357. JYuma says

            Joe ,I agree with almost every thing that you said. The Poose Comitatus act iIS not DEAD or tossed out, it is still there, in affect just waiting to be used. The dims.and the repubes. have been ignoring it for years.

          358. joe says

            The posse comitatus is there to be sure the military is NOT used against the civilian population and they have already ignored that ,hell the rat faced traitor OK’ed the use of armed drones on American soil that is most certainly a violation of the posse comitatus act. They will certainly ignore it again if obammyrat decides to declare martial law the only question is will the military follow his orders, I hope not and most of the inerviews I have seen with active military say they wont. I know he is trying to build a private army doing things like arming up the post office and department of education even the EPA with SWAT teams. Why in hell does the EPA need a swat team why does HUD need a swat team, why did they recently buy up billions of rounds of ammo. So the posse comitatus act is supposed to protect us against the military but is says nothing about a private homeland security force this rat traitor would do ANYTHING to stay in that office he is a delusional lunatic that thinks he is the savior of the world

          359. JYuma says

            Joe, the drones are not armed, they are transferred to the justice dept. before they may be used. Still not kosher. As for Ratface, he is not the first to ignore it. The FIRSt to do that as far as I can find out was the L.A. Gestapo ( some cal lit the L.A. Police Dept.) when they set up their SWAT team.
            As for bozo’s army? He HAS THEM N O W. They are hidden in the Forestry, BLM, and other departments around the country.

          360. joe says

            Umm yes I am afraid they are armed some of them at least I remember reading this in a few different places, not only are they armed but that rat traitor can unleash them with NO congressional approval if he deems it fit against an American citizen on American soil. Yes this is a fact it is part of the updated patriot act if I am not mistaken

          361. Reality Check says

            I read it someplace.
            Sure moron of the right, in a right wing bat shit crazy blog.

            tell me fool, WHAT has come true so far that you morons of the right have predicted?

            how about all those ISIS attacks over Xmas that you fools predicted Obama would let happen?

            my favorite is the Ebola scare from last year.

            you FOOLS were convinced Obama was going to kill off Americans for his Muslim caliphate to be born.
            He could have easily gotten away with it too.

            BUT of course THAT didn’t happen, did it fool.

            now he has a secret army.
            Haven’t they been in hiding for 3 or 4 years now?

            they must be getting tired of hiding.
            how many are there? and where?
            in the forest like robin hood?
            living off the land maybe?

            AND why did he need to do the Jade Helm action if he has HIS OWN ARMY?

            wouldn’t he be sending all our troops to some other country to get them OUT of the WAY?

            god you people are LOW functioning.

          362. joe says

            blah blah blah do you actually think I am going to read all those words when I know it is twaddle coming from an idiot with ZERO facts to back up anything. You are a funny little man everything you say is a flat out lie or twisted info from some insane left wing webpage put up by an idiot just like yourself ha ha ha ha ha simpleton

          363. Reality Check says

            other people can read how dumb you are, joe.

            I could care less what you do.

          364. joe says

            Sorry chuckles but you are well known as the village idiot in every forum I see you in this is just a FACT, you only come here for attention there is no other logical reason. I suspect even your fellow retards in the left wing forums reject you for the babbling fool that you are.

            You bring nothing to these forums but lies and twisted information we all know this.

          365. Reality Check says

            “As for bozo’s army? He HAS THEM N O W. They are hidden in the Forestry, BLM,”

            Oh, so a complete fool of the right wing.
            how is it this army stays hidden?

            are there really THAT MANY conservatives ready to sell out their country?

          366. JYuma says

            Damn your are a Stupid ASS.

          367. Reality Check says

            is that all you have pertaining to the “secret army”

            nothing like spreading SHIT like a TERRORIST to make America better.

          368. ABO says

            C’mon, JYuma that doesn’t even begin to describe the level of his overwhelming stupidity.

          369. Mark Clemens says

            I think the Japanese Navy went missing “Off Grid” for 4 or 5 months before showing up in Pearl Harbor. Lotta empty lands in East Tennessee, West North Carolina, where an army can be hidden. Not to mention the vast amounts of government lands west of the Mississippi that can be closed to the public.

          370. Reality Check says

            “hell the rat faced traitor OK’ed the use of armed drones on American soil ”

            So MORON of the right, lets see you PROVE your SHIT.

            in the mean time I will smack your dyke ass to the ground with FACTS.

            “Obama: No President Should ‘Deploy Armed Drones Over U.S. Soil'”

            “”For the record, I do not believe it would be constitutional for the government to target and kill any U.S. citizen – with a drone, or a shotgun – without due process. Nor should any president deploy armed drones over U.S. soil,” he said.”


            I await the LYING POS links of rebuttal.

          371. joe says

            You empty headed moron what he says in public is different than what laws he is putting his hand to, you just get dumber by the day junior it is amazing.

          372. JYuma says

            Still as STUPID as ever huh?
            After Joe gets dun with you, come on down here . I will show just how the Cow ate the Cabbage.
            Pompous Bitch

          373. Reality Check says

            was that a low inf con proving she understands posse comitatus.

            sure didn’t seem like it in your post.

          374. ABO says

            Like I said, JYuma…

          375. JYuma says

            Do you know why bozo did not deploy armed drones? It is ALL READY ILLEGAL to do. The Law, Act was written in 1874.As you are Soooooo literate look it up. Bitch.

          376. Reality Check says

            Since I am the one who corrected Joe the idiot, WHAT is your point?

            posse comitatus was written in 1874 but drones (or even a plane) was not even a thought yet (unless you are Da vinci).

          377. JYuma says

            Lets see, a drone LOOKS like a plane, FLYS like a Plane operates like a Plane. Must be REAL REAL REAl close to every thing a Plane is. But Box of Rocks says it is not a plane. Hey Bitch, the Incas of South America, a year or two before De Vinci was a twinkle in his Mothers eye had a modal of a GLIDER. A Glider that has been built and has flown.
            Put that in you Funk and Wagnel n smoke it. Bitch.

          378. Reality Check says

            was that a fool trying to explain how The posse comitatus act prohibits drones?
            WHEN the The posse comitatus act was written, FLIGHT was not considered possible by anyone of consequence.

            Yes I am aware of the glider in Peru, discovered long after The posse comitatus act was created, fool of the right.

            they say it’s patterned after Alien space craft that were here in that time period.

            the Pyramids had one too. also flew when made larger size.

            what that has to do with The posse comitatus act, is still a mystery in your fool head.

          379. JYuma says

            Damn you Are a Double Dumb Stupid Ass Wipe.
            Is that better ABO?

          380. ABO says

            Getting there, JYuma. keep working at it.

          381. JYuma says

            “I” shall preserver to preserver to that end.

          382. ABO says

            Good man, JYuma.

          383. Eleanor Cummings says

            I do believe you’re a liberal democrat troll which tells me you are not for America. Is Obama as a dictator what you want for us??

            Posted on my Facebook. Watch the video, then pass it on. This will give Obama UNIMITED POWER!!

            The Authorization for the Use of Military Force, written by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is packaged as a proposal to fight the Islamic State group — but it would also allow the president to deploy military forces anywhere he chooses and for as long as he wants.

            Simply put, the AUMF “would not re­strict the pres­id­ent’s use of ground troops, nor have any lim­its re­lated to time or geo­graphy,” according to Defense One.

            Graham, who has been critical of President Barack Obama’s handling of Syria and Islamic State group, said the AUMF is designed not to put limitations on where, when or how the United States military pursued the group.

            Not surprisingly, some Republicans found issues with the proposal. Sen­ate For­eign Re­la­tions Chair­man Bob Cork­er said there were still a wide range of opinions on the matter.

            It’s been a difficult measure to pass, as Senate members argue over how to put restrictions on the use of force. Even as Obama tried to pass his own version of the bill last year, members said that before they could support such a measure, they would need additional restrictions on troop levels and geographic boundaries.

            This proposal is quite a turn for McConnell, who has stayed away from the issue in the past. Clearly, something has changed his RINO mind.

            It’s also surprising that he would clear a path for a proposal that would give Obama virtually unlimited war powers — SOMETHING NO PRESIDENT SHOULD EVER BE GIVEN!!

            H/T Right Wing News

            What do you think of this proposed legislation? Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter and let us know.

          384. JYuma says

            ABO this why I do not expect a intelligent answer, he has to try to steal remarks from other people to try and make his point.

          385. Reality Check says

            So you are talking to ABO and posting to me?
            kind of sad.

          386. JYuma says

            Yes. I will agree with you. You ARE a Very sorry person.

          387. Reality Check says

            and now Word Games.

            more pathetic character traits.

          388. JYuma says

            I was just trying to find out if you were 1/4 as SMART as you FEEL that you are I gave you a little word test, comprehension so the speak.
            As you FAILED to answer the WORD test, I now know and FEEL that you are only about 1/16 as intelligent as you FEEL that you are.
            Just MY opinion mind you. With that and $1.50 you can get a cup Of Coffee at most any 7/11’s in the country.

          389. joe says

            Everyone talks about you behind your back , you did not know that? you are the village idiot we all have a good laugh about you

          390. joe says

            You corrected NOTHING little man and you are still stupid so yet again you lose.

          391. JYuma says

            GOD are you stupid!!!!!!

          392. ABO says

            I sincerely hope that you are not expecting an intelligent answer from the moron who calls itself Reality Check, JYuma, as you will be utterly disappointed and soon absolutely frustrated. RC lives in its own little fantasy world wherein even though it posts abysmally stupid things, it claims to be perpetually right on everything. It believes itself a genius while posting completely brainless comments in utterly illiterate fashion then claims to have PROVED to the “lying POS cons that they cannot begin to match his abilities at debate. Completely demented and delusional.

          393. JYuma says

            Oh, I don’t . I do Enjoy insulting him . He and Foral, and the lady Gussie2 or what ever. .I may not be the smartest, best edjakated Rock in the Box , I am not the Densest how ever.

          394. glorybe2 says

            It seems that right wing and retarded pretty much mean the same thing. Or maybe it is just total ignorance. How can one tell total ignorance from insanity? I think he might be one of those teens that just can’t get laid and is full of hate.

          395. ABO says

            Can’t provide an intelligent response so just resort to the juvenile name calling. Look to your own post to see the descriptors that apply to your own pathetic rants here. “retarded, ignorance, insanity” now add immature, myopic, childish and bottom feeder and you’re on your way to describing yourself to a tee.

          396. uddeboda says

            Does everybody piss you off……..look in a mirror,perhaps its you thats the problem

          397. ABO says

            No, just rude,obnoxious, self absorbed idiots like you.

          398. uddeboda says

            No, just rude,obnoxious, self absorbed idiots like you……… you……like you

          399. ABO says

            Can’t do any better than that?

          400. JYuma says

            have a three year old Grandson the mimics every thing someone says to him. But then as he is only three years old he does not know nor comprehend much of anything . I believe that you are typing to a Three year old like my Grandson.

          401. uddeboda says

            No need too, when dealing with arrogant big headed Yanks like you……………

          402. Eleanor Cummings says

            The way I see it, JYuma, Reality Check is a democrat troll so every time
            I see his name in my email – I simply delete it. I don’t read garbage, nor will I reply again to him. I do the research and pass the info on, with a link when possible. I have no time to waste on the likes of him. You have something constructive to say when not arguing with that hard-headed liberal fool.

          403. Reality Check says

            well YOU are going to have to stop LYING and post SHIT about my country.

          404. joe says

            this is not your country in fact you are not wanted here GET OUT NOW YOU HAVE 24 HOURS OR ELSE

          405. JYuma says

            Smart. I have edited all the photos that I took this year worth selling. It is still to COLD to go out metal detecting, any time the temp gets lower than 65 we freeze down here. So I See what the Fools are doing. I have to give him this he is a slippery one.

          406. Eleanor Cummings says

            Same here, temperature wise. Yes, he is a slippery one , but I don’t think he’s the sharpest knife in the drawer, either. He replies to a lot of my posts. I don’t think he likes me, LOL, : ) Of course they show up in my email so I just delete them – I don’t bother reading such drivel.

          407. Reality Check says

            waiting to be used?

            it PROHIBITS the USE of military on US Soil.
            so what exactly are they “waiting” to do?

            WHAT have the politicians been ignoring for, for years?

          408. joe says

            Shut your piehole I do not even know him and I can tell JYuma is ten times the man you are little fella. He makes you look like the idiot we all know you are.

          409. Reality Check says

            IT may actually be dumber than you, but time will tell.

          410. joe says

            You are such a sad little man no friends so you spend the day on a forum where everyine hates you and knows you are nothing but an attention seeking troll. I guess bad attention is better than none at all for you though huh. If only mommy had not discarded you in a dumpster like a basket of rotten vegatables maybe your life would be different.

          411. Reality Check says

            “The posse comitatus act has already been tossed out the door”

            GOD you’re and IDIOT.

            Where would America be without the dumbass conservative that haven’t a CLUE, who LIE constantly about America like TERRORISTS.

          412. joe says

            God I am getting sick of making you look stupid even though you do most of the work

          413. Reality Check says

            Only you are the stupid one in the conversation who SAID:

            “The posse comitatus act has already been tossed out the door”

          414. joe says

            If you were not blind and stupid, ahhh what is the point you are such a waste of my time you are beyond help, a lost sheep destined to wallow in your ignorance for the rest of your meaningless little life.

          415. Reality Check says

            ya,fool, it’s not like you can prove squat. (ever)

            Unfortunately for the low info idiot, many cons can read and also can see you are an idiot who thinks,

            “The posse comitatus act has already been tossed out the door”.

          416. joe says

            Junior I do not have to prove squat to you some how you are under the impression that you matter , this is a mistake you do not. You never did matter you never will matter I am your superior and always will be and that is all you need to know. Just accept this, do not fight it you can not win you are not smart it is the way you were born it is not your fault but there is no point in fighting it

          417. glorybe2 says

            As far as inside the US is concerned the president can declare martial law during any emergency. He needs no act of congress to do that.

          418. Reality Check says

            you people are complete idiots

          419. Mike says

            They did in nyc because of the snow

          420. glorybe2 says

            Martial law was not in play in NYC. The mayor simply took snow emergency steps to limit the hazard to the public such as forbidding the use of cars for a few hours.
            I was in Brooklyn for the 1964 blizzard. Even three days after the storm let up there were only a few taxi cabs on the roads and no private cars at all. There are small hills in Brooklyn and even though the cabs only needed to rise ten feet in one hundred yards the cabs actually slid backwards with the tires spinning forward. People could not even see their cars as the snow plows had no choice but to blow all the snow on top of the cars to get just one lane open on a block. Ambulance crews actually had to run with stretchers in their hands rather than use a vehicle to gather up the sick and injured. NYC can be stopped dead in its tracks in a blizzard.

          421. JYuma says

            On this subject you are correct. A little snow does cripple NYC.
            It is very sad and shows the Fact that the Government there in it’s complete Ineptitude to run the city.

          422. glorybe2 says

            The blizzard of 1964 was a major and remarkable snow event that may have not been matched since then.

          423. mtman2 says

            Search Executive Order 13603. – (Obama Manifesto)
            See my above post to Rex , also look up U.N. – Agenda 21 ~!

          424. Sage says

            Be careful what you wish for. Trump is dangerous.yes it’s great that he throws political correctness aside and says things many would like to say themselves. But he is not for a smaller Federal govt. Watch this please and then go check out Rand Educate yourself. Not trying to be a smart-ass, you just Need to realize that the media works on you emotions

          425. glorybe2 says

            Did you notice that Rand Paul has such a tiny following? Trump will assure a democratic win in the election. Thank God he is running as a more sane republican might have had a chance.

          426. Reality Check says

            “America is expelling illegal immigrants at nine times the rate of 20 years ago (see article); nearly 2million so far under Barack Obama, easily outpacing any previous president. Border patrol agents no longer just patrol the border; they scour the country for illegals to eject. The deportation machine costs more than all other areas of federal criminal law-enforcement combined. It tears families apart and impoverishes America.”


            maybe you can link me to something to prove you are not LYING.

          427. joe says

            all lies nothing but lies and you are still stupid so nothing has changed

          428. Reality Check says

            “would fight against being converted to islam and bringing in sharia law as Obama and Clinton want to do”


            better question.

          429. Paul Smith says

            Actions of the Muslime-in-chief. Simple.

          430. Reality Check says


          431. Paul Smith says

            Do you live in America? In the World? You cannot be that clueless.

          432. Reality Check says

            I am VERY INFORMED, which is why I know you are LYING.
            your excuse just confirmed that.

          433. joe says

            HAHAHAHAHAHA you get your information from cartoon sites wow that statement you made actually made me start laughing

          434. joe says

            obammy rat is a Mulsim proven FACT!!

          435. glorybe2 says

            If by some freak of nature Trump actually gets elected you will pay for the 12 million tickets back to Mexico, just as you will pay for that very, very long fence. The money will not fall out of the sky. It will be taken from tax payers. The price of labor will rise so your meat and grocery prices will rise sharply as well. You will be taxed and inflated like you never have been before. I wonder how many people actually think about the consequences of having their opinions come to pass.

          436. JYuma says

            No,when the law here stated to use E-Varify. There was a drop her of about 1000,000. May have been more than that . The school system lost well over that many children.
            When they heard that they could go to Jail for not having papers, they left.
            Trump would not be the First president to do that either.
            Wilson, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Carter,did it too.

          437. Eleanor Cummings says

            Every immigrant, Muslim and Mexican is collecting a monthly stipend plus other benefits from our government courtesy of Obama. Trump intends to take one of their monthly checks and return them to wherever they came from. No more monthly checks thereafter! Quite a savings for the American taxpayer. As to the wall, there can be many sanctions that can be laid on Mexico, plus taxes against ANY goods coming from Mexico into the states. I’m not a business person, but ask someone in economics. They’ll laugh and tell you how it’s done. They think it’s funny that for once another country is paying instead of us.

          438. glorybe2 says

            If a single male or female seeks help from a government agency, and they are immigrants they will receive absolutely nothing. If there are children involved some benefits may be allowed.

          439. mtman2 says

            Hey, everybody- could anyone get more clueless and skewed then this wing-nut.
            Why do you even post, to reveal an imbecilic grasp of who WE are as a Constitutional Republic~?

          440. glorybe2 says

            Yes we are a constitutional republic yet the right wing cries and whines about not being represented in government. That is exactly what happens in a constitutional republic when minorities are not in control of much of anything. If 51% are liberals then the liberal way is the right way.

          441. mtman2 says

            Were not and they aren’t kid, go eat eat your supper- moms still calling ya ~!

          442. glorybe2 says

            Even the right wing is split in half over Trump. The republican party wants to disown him. So if you have half of the republicans as well as all of the democrats disliking Trump, then what you seek is a president who is disliked by the overwhelming majority of the American public. In a constitutional republic you still have majority rule. The extreme right is a minority and as such should not shape the laws or public policies in this nation.

          443. Paul Smith says

            The GOP has no right to disown him. If they didn’t want him running under their banner, they should have said no up front and dealt with the 3rd party issue.

          444. JYuma says

            IF the republicans find a way to stop Trump as many of the leader want.
            Next year I will be looking for a New Party to Join.
            The Republican party will cease to be.

          445. Paul Smith says

            While I generally vote Republican, I left the party several years back and refuse to support them financially.

          446. glorybe2 says

            Try this one out: Trump has a host of law suits to deal with that are already filed. And more are coming in weekly as large number of students were defrauded by Trump University. If elected he does not have to respond to those suits at all until he is no longer president. At that time the suits may be out of luck due to time restrictions on law suits. Those suits just might be enough to bankrupt the orange guy again.

          447. glorybe2 says

            The private army that Obama mentioned was mercenaries supplied by corporations like Black Water. I do think that hiring warriors by contract should be illegal.

          448. glorybe2 says

            OK Eleanor let’s look at some realities. Many people and companies hire illegal workers. They can not report what they truly pay the workers as they usually do not pay minimum wage. So your farmers, meat packing houses, construction sites and businesses that use illegal workers have to have dummy books or the government would be all over them. And it goes further. Those businesses have to dummy their income tax forms as well to make their books appear to balance. Now ask yourself why the government, regardless of administration fails to nail those businesses to the barn door and close them down. In America certain people are allowed to be criminals. Seriously ask yourself why. It is part racism and part a permission to abuse poor working people.

          449. mtman2 says

            Its all part of the democrat parties plan to gain a guaranteed majority and the North American-
            one national country= Mexi-Can-America, for the Globalist One World order plans.
            Europes already almost there, Asia is next.
            The U.S .DEMS+RINO fools think they will rule with the elites in this Global oligarchy.
            As Stalin called them-“Useful Idiots” – most will be the first liquidated so only the most obedient and ruthless will be allowed to sub-rule. The re-education camps are being readied as WE speak- they think we’ll march to their tunes= NOT~!

          450. rex ames says

            Ok , I here allot about these camps. Where are they? Or is this a bunch of crap? Do you actually know?

          451. mtman2 says

            Actually this info you can find yourself, but here’s a lowdown:

            An infiltrated spy, Gary Grathwohl, into the”Weather Underground” working with Bill Ayers+Bernadine Dorne and their fellow socialist terrorists(25 in that room) most with graduate degreses from Columbia +other well know ed-centers were dead serious discussing re-ed centers for U.S. citizens once they take over. They figure then that 25-million Americans who would “not comply” would have to be eliminated, ie- killed, “and they were dead serious” – these conversations were repeated in cities all over the USA-!
            Now strip malls all across Canada, the UK,+the U.S. are having guard-towers retrofitted to the existing structures. “It is happening with newer construction and with closed+abandoned strip malls, as well as schools.” Stadiums are also to double as FEMA camps= Bill Ayers launched Obama’s political career in his own livingroom.Bill’s father funded Obama’s Harvard ed. Ayers now still visits the White House all evidenced by Sheriff Arpaio-AZ, and why the Obama administration is persecuting Sheriff Joe.
            Further notes still needed-?
            Search Executive Order 13603 = (the Obama Manifesto) giving himsef permission to seize control over all foodand water, all food produ I ction, all natural resources, all manufacturing, all transportation, and authority to conscript any American into slave labor arrangement in a location of his choice.
            The nation has grown by 40% so the 25-million figure from the sixties would now be 40-million Americans “eliminated” who will not comply. That would be the true Christian patriots “who will not bow their knee to Baal”.
            See FEMA is not under economic control or oversite by congress and spends billions for WE know not what as it is secret.
            Ignore this all at your own peril Rex ~!

          452. glorybe2 says

            Get a history book and learn who invaded whom. Many Americans have an attitude that because we took half of Mexico in battle we are entitled to it. Meanwhile I feel that I have a manifest destiny to acquire the large property just west of my home. So if I invade that property and kill off all that might fight back then i should be entitled to keep it forever. That is what the US did to Mexico. If our government can do such things I am certain that I have the right to behave like that as well.

          453. JYuma says

            Histoty Book?
            I do not thimk that you have EVER read one.
            I am about to cause you the have a HEART ATTACK.
            The Invasion happen 200 years earlier when Spain invaded Mexico, The Southern ,What was to become The United States, South America.
            Enslaving the peoples that lived there.
            The Texans Kicked Stana Anna’s Ass out of Texas. Then gave the State to The U.S. Of A.
            Santa Anna tried to take the Land beck. Got his Butt Kicked AGAIN.
            Made a Treaty, stated that The U.S.of A. wood Pay Santa Anna About $ 100 mill.
            A few Years later The U.S. Of A.
            Found that it needed about 150 miles more land for the Rail Roads.
            They then made another Treaty with Santa Anna.
            This time For about $94 mill.

            I , We do not need a Fable from you. I and LM, Have REAL HISTORY Books Backing us Up.
            Oh, By the Way that last Buy.
            It is Called the Gadsden Purchase.
            I just Happen to LIVE IN THE MIDDLE of it.
            Ya Still BORE me.

          454. flyer says

            Holy cow Rex, sounds like you have experienced some terrible times. Sound like DJ needs to experience some of your frustration (real life experiences). Theres no use Rex most life long educators are liberals. Thats most of their problem, they don’t live in a real world. Guaranteed if DJ lives long enough he’ll get his taste of the Democratic way. Enough of these refugees and illegal aliens surround where he lives he’ll get his. And I hope he does.