Russell Brand Blames Capitalism for German Crash


As news surfaces that Lufthansa Airlines knew six years ago that mass murderer Andreas Lubitz had serious issues with depression, comedian and self-styled culture critic Russell Brand thinks he knows what might have been at the root of that depression. In a new video, Brand muses that there are very good reasons why “we are living in the times of a mental illness plague.”

Those reasons? Fox News and capitalism.

“The reason Fox News can’t be honest about what causes mental illness,” Brand says, “is that Fox News is what causes mental illness. Fox News are the propaganda machine of capitalism – a system that separates us from one another and tells us the way to solve our individual problems is through purchasing, through buying things, through identifying primarily through our roles as consumers, not as active citizens or participants in society, members in communities that should care about others, but people who shouldn’t be condemning those who are weaker, vilifying people that act in any way that’s unusual.”

Brand goes on to suggest that if we want to see fewer psychos like Adolf Hitler, Lubitz, and ISIS, we need to take on the system of economic freedom known as capitalism. “We can never have that conversation properly,” he laments, “because Fox News and big corporations benefit from things being the way they are.”

Wow, did you know about this? Did you know that Hitler – a proponent of National Socialism, ISIS – born of the highly-regulated Syrian economy, and Lubitz – who grew up within Germany’s social market economy, were all driven to insanity by capitalism? The things you learn when you tune in to the demented ramblings of a comedian-turned-philosopher!

Maybe instead of jumping to wild conclusions about what might have caused the co-pilot’s mental illness, we would be better off questioning the entire theory behind that illness. Maybe we’re a little too quick to dismiss the evil that led 150 people to their deaths in the French Alps, just as we’re constantly searching for the “reasons” ISIS is beheading Christians and Westerners and anyone who doesn’t go along with their sick ideology. We’re so hesitant to condemn a person or persons for their twisted deeds these days, we hunt relentlessly for an explanation.

News flash: sometimes the best explanation is the simplest one. And in this case, like so many others, the explanation is that some people simply choose to do evil.

This is not to diminish the medical reality of insanity, depression, schizophrenia, or any of the dozens of mental illnesses that psychiatrists have documented in the last hundred years. On the contrary, it merely recognizes that there are millions of people diagnosed with these illnesses, very few of whom take the lives of countless victims.

Yet every time something heinous happens, scores of armchair psychologists hit the airwaves to talk about what we can do to screen out these murderers before they commit their foul deeds. There are always signs, they say. And there usually are. The problem is that many of those signs are also present in people who never go on to hurt a fly. It’s understandable to ask questions when faced with this kind of evil, but it’s an answer we’ve had for thousands of years.

Blame capitalism, blame Fox News, blame airline mental health screening tests, blame whoever you like. But murderers were walking the Earth before any of these things existed, and they will walk the Earth long after they have passed into history. It is in our nature to do evil. Only through faith, discipline, and empathy do we deny the most damning of our impulses. The rest is nothing but an excuse.

The sooner we come back to a point where we can identify evil when we see it, the easier it will be to actually confront that evil in a meaningful way.


    Russell Brand is a moron and a third rate one at that.

    1. Deborah G says

      Doug you give him too much credit LOL he isn’t even on the radar screen of rational. Look at him HE looks insane

      1. simplynotred says

        Just because he looks insane with those crazy eyes, and wild hair and foaming mouth – very likely means that HE IS certifiably INSANE! But then the US Media loves INSANE!

      2. John Doe says

        He doesn’t just look insane, he is, have any of you read some of his previous post, just like most leftist, progressives, Hollywood people, they’re clinically insane, far too infested with maggots !

    2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      He also NEEDS mental help as in ‘institutionalization’ and medication!

    3. MAHB001 says

      I don’t think Russell has one marble rolling around in his gourd.

    4. Joe Gordon says

      Yes he is; and Lufthansa will soon learn what hiding his illness costs as all of the civil suits bankrupt it!

    5. adrianvance says


  2. Amerikztan says

    Why hasn’t Comedy Central snatched him up to replace Jon Stewart ?
    ” “We can never have that conversation properly,” he laments, “because
    Fox News and big corporations benefit from things being the way they
    No, not Comcast/NBC, not Democrats, liberalism, the liberal news media apathy, George Soros, Obama, Harry Reid openly admitting he lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes, Hillary destroying evidence, Illegal immigration taking our jobs, big banks Obama bailed out after the Democratic manipulations of lenders, savings and loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the U.S. dependence on foreign oil, support of Islamic terrorists, and lunatics like Russell Brand, Bill Maher, and the majority of pop idols, and punk actors making a KILLING because of capitalism. What a clueless hypocrite !!!

  3. peter says

    Russell Brand is the one suffering from mental illness and so are those who listen to this moron

  4. ADELE says

    Brain? Russell?

  5. petemobtv says

    Why even print what Brand says? The man is insane. Isn’t it obvious?

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says


  6. Follow Me Boys says

    Who and what the fuc& is he. Looks like a POS. Who cares what you think scum bag

  7. Mark Tallman says

    And how much does he get per bad movie? Can you say “Rolls Royce Communist”?

  8. Louman says

    He forgot to add that the only way liberalism, Socialism, and Communism can survive is to have Capitalism
    support them. What a moron he is one of those who ran and hid when brains were given out.

  9. allen goldberg says

    And once again, showing that libtards are suffering from mental illness.

  10. Taking care of business! says

    Try again, Russ! The ONLY reason Nazi Germany appeared economically sound is due to fortune American and British CAPITALIST loaned, sometimes gave, to Hitler. Why? Because these treasonous- tyrants were more afraid of communism than National Socialism. So you can guess some cut-throat Jews supported the Reich. And, Russ, I grade you an F- on your paper.

  11. william C says

    I wouldn’t give that idiot 2 minutes of my time or waste my breath arguing with him. I could engage him in a battle of wits but I wouldn’t want to fight an unarmed man.

    1. Jim says

      You can’t argue with idiots. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with their experience.

  12. artarlo1 says

    Wow he is in la la land where weird Os are made.

  13. kunling says

    Why is this asshole getting ANY KIND of recognition and air time? He’s a total idiotic moron!!

  14. ricarrdo estavans says

    More proof liberal brains are not fully developed.

  15. ricarrdo estavans says

    Scary approximately half the population of Romerica is mentally ill (liberals).

  16. R Miller says

    Where did they dig up this bum? It is good that we have such moral teaching from such creditable sources, eclipsed only by Hollywood script readers(aka actors), pretending to hold the wisdom of the ages.
    It seems the libs are winning the right to be heard, but deny everyone else from speaking out. They are the freedom advocates–as long as you agree with them. All other voices are perverts.

  17. ricarrdo estavans says

    Capitalists are forced to support socialists/communists and other parasites.

  18. R Miller says

    I think I got it, they capitalists crashed the plane so they could build and sell a new one. What a brilliant advocate of the libs.

  19. buddman says

    Hey Russell You piece of s hit dirtbag I guess this means you are going to return all the money you made making useless movies you HYPOCRITE Jerk

  20. Linda Lee says

    It’s so farking easy for a moron like this to blame capitalism from high atop his pile of money. Does he not understand that capitalism is what has made him rich?

  21. victor hamel says

    Pure Communist Propaganda.’

  22. ShawnNJ says

    I love how actors who have come into money and feel guilty that they have it want to dictate to us what we need to do with our Money.

    Every person born on this earth is responsible for themseleves. We owe each other nothing.

    If you want to donate Your money to a cause that is up to each of us.

    Liberals like to blame others for the’re misfortune and also tell us what we should be doing.

    To Blame Fox News, which is the only News Outlet to expose people to most of the truth going on is Ridiculous. Just Like Russell Brand is.

    He is just trying to suck up to the Progressive elites in Hollywood to get more work to stuff his own pockets with Cash.

    Typical Hypocrite.

  23. Francisco Machado says

    Success elevates the spirit, failure either depresses it or motivates it – depending on the individual’s anticipation of the potential for his efforts to produce future success. The greatest motivation is to believe your goal is achievable. In capitalism, the goal is to be productive and through that to improve one’s situation. In socialism, “failure” is theoretically impossible but actually is mandated unless you get into a government position with some level of power. That is success. The goal of survival is guaranteed – the goal of raising one’s status (legally – socialism promotes a lot of black market trading) through personal achievement is made much more difficult, partly by mandated controls but largely through the elimination of incentives. In the free market concept, your productivity competes with the productivity of others, benefiting society through the drive to produce the most desired product at the best price. The socialist world view is that success of the individual is at the expense of other individuals and is therefore anathema. The mandated equal distribution of effort (which never happens) and the equal distribution of result (which happens only by government force) is depressing. It has resulted in a vary large number of hard working ambitious Cubans living in South Florida and doing very well for themselves. Without Castro’s socialism, they’d be doing the same thing in Cuba. I don’t know of any of my relatives still living there. I was last there in ’61, and it was already an economic disaster. Jamaica, W.I. went socialist in the early seventies. The Jamaican dollar, previous to that worth about U.S.$2.80, is now worth eight tenths of a U.S. penny, but – unlike socialist Argentina – at least you can still get toilet paper. Is Brand a contented member of the proletariat – or has he, in an unsocialist way, attempted to raise himself above that by the capitalist accumulation of wealth?

  24. BigC says

    Well if FOX News causes mental illness, this POS must’ve watched it 24/7 since he cursed the earth with his being! Why doesn’t he go back where he came from and take ol’ Piers with him!
    Just when you think these left-wing idiots have said the most moronic thing you’ve ever heard, they trump it, in spades!

  25. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says

    I’ve got an idea. Since capitalism caused the German airlines crash, let’s all demand our representatives to take Brand’s money and assets from him under forfeiture laws because he’s inciting criminal riot and making false statements.

  26. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is more likely that being born in decadent European culture, being marinated in the drug culture and spending time in useless and well-compensated idleness in Hollywood is the cause of mental illness. We can begin to take his advice by not purchasing anything connected with him.

  27. HankBar says

    This Rasputin look-a-like is typical of what is wrong with this country. He is clueless of economics and history.

  28. ConservativeSenior says

    Since he thinks capitalism is so bad, he should give away the money that he made via capitalism and move to North Korea.

  29. HankBar says

    He also looks like Manson.

  30. John Gasper says

    How can idiots like this be allowed to speak? Except for the pipeline of the LIberal left that feeds the stupidity! But when you have a Racist, Extremist, Alkida in the Oval office, I suppose this stuff is more and more accepted!

  31. Connie Alsip says

    Who gives a rat’s ass what that uneducated, leftist, moronic POS has to say about anything? He is dumber than a box of rocks.!

  32. Sgt. York says

    If Fox News causes mental illness just what does CBS,ABC,NBC and MSNBC cause other than total mental crazies. What a crock this dumb butt is spouting. Liberals will try anything to cut the Conservatives down they should be ashamed of themselves for their lies.

  33. Patrick says

    What a naïve and misunderstood conception of capitalism. People actually listen to this guy!

  34. simplynotred says

    Those who speak PERFECT English are listened too, but that does not mean that their thoughts are anything more than BS. Americans are suckers for Englsih speaking Jerks, because they sound intelligent. Russell like many Englishmen demonstrates that what sound good, usually means nothing but Clap Trap or as we would say in American Nothing but CRAP!

  35. fred says

    Does anyone care what this deranged Limey has to say? Who thinks he’s at all funny, not me! He is why we need to boycott all MSM! Just say NO!

  36. grayfox38 says

    How does one spell “STUPID” in 5 letters?

  37. downs1 says

    No, Russell, capitalism and Fox News are not the cause of the German airline crash! If anything, Russell, it is because Andreas Lubitz had significant problems with reality. Hitler was pure evil, as were Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Chavez, Castro, and myriads of others throughout history. The problem is not politics, it is the sinful character of man! It is arrogance and self-centeredness and the need to control. It is the need for vengeance against anything that causes one discomfort. It is the need for vengeance against the truth!

  38. brabbie2002 says

    And anyone with half a brain cares what this no-talent dips–t thinks because??? Slow news day, or you really care??? Can’t we get a report that our vets are finally being treated like human beings, or our banks are through playing “fast and loose” with our monies? I really do not care what Russell “The Village Idiot” thinks about anything! Geeez! Surely there is some important news somewhere???

  39. Frank W Brown says

    An ASSWIPE of the first degree!

  40. Robert Camp says

    Russell; Try Denial:
    From Bio.”Many of his jokes stem from his own difficult experiences, including his battles with drug and sex addiction and a short lived marriage to Katy Perry. From MTV as a presenter, he was fired the following year, however, after showing up to work dressed as Osama bin Laden on the day after the September 11 terrorist attacks. ”Put bluntly, it was a very stupid thing to do and I put it under what I call the ‘drug-brella’—stuff I did while on drugs,”…

  41. MAHB001 says

    The Liberals hate fox news because they hate the truth.

  42. Asglarek says

    Another glaring example of “you can’t fix stupid”. Stupidity should be listed as a contagious disease often with a genetic pre-disposition through sexual transmission while there is no known cure people found showing symptoms should be quarantined and avoided at all cost.

  43. KayO says

    Really? Does anyone actually listen to him?

  44. PIERRE77L says

    Russell Brand lost his relationship to Katy Perry, because he spoke German accent instead of Stiff A$$ Brit accent.

  45. PIERRE77L says

    Russell Muscle Stupid Moron Hustle.

  46. Kent2012 says

    hey russell honey you forgot conservatives, military veterans, the GOP, and most importantly George W. Bush….first opportunity you have why not visit the rooftop of the Empire State Building and see if you can fly…

  47. rayhause says

    Just look at him, wouldn’t you think he needs to be in some zoo.

  48. Dan says

    Who actually listens to BRAND?

  49. joebabe says

    LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER. Brand is perfect proof !

  50. furiousvet says

    He blames mental illness and depression on buying things ? People have to make the things that are bought and that means creating jobs. If they stop buying then jobs are lost and you’ll really see depression and mental illness regardless , I think it was Pelosi , that said how lucky the people were that had part time jobs because they can spend more time with their familys . Mental illness in government !

  51. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    Must have been a slow news day when the press quotes an actor as an authority on anything

  52. OSAMA OBAMA says

    What a self absorbed, pompous, vapid pig!!! No, not Obama,… Russell Bland!

  53. Sammy says

    I blame this off-brand psychotic for the crash. The co-piolet was trying to get ol’ russ’ rants out of his head.

  54. serpentdove says

    He has his Religion, and I have mine. Time to put Marxist Theory on the ash-heap of History. Tolstoy actually tried to follow what he understood was pure,unselfish, and Christian love for his neighborhood folk. The serfs walked away with his draft horses, laughing all the way. Others tried to force philanthropy, by Law and guns. Millions died, and others fled here, if they could. Popham was right, ‘Those that try to bring Heaven down to Earth, invariably produce Hell’.
    But my little diatribe shows a lack of understanding of another important principle, illustrated by Russell Brand’s opinions.. ‘You can’t fix stupid.

  55. Jack the Rooster says

    We as a society don’t need to be giving anything crispy critter junkies like Russell Brand have to say any credibility. Actually, we don’t need to be giving ANYTHING ANY celebrity, especially one that’s not a U.S. citizen, any credibility.

  56. peanut says

    give me a break what a bunch of hooey that is. Why doesn’t he use the brain the God gave him? Stupid

  57. USCBIKER says

    Who gives a F**K what this self absorbed frou frou thinks or says? I guess all his liberal darlings are not capitalists?

  58. John DeLellis says

    Here we go again! Another moron on the Microphone! The hot-headed drugged-up Liberal, shoots stabs blows-up his way out of his problems and blames the right side of truth GOD, rules-of-law, ” the devil made me do it!” Another words, ” I couldn’t stand the truth and the honesty of the witness who bore it; so I killed him and everyone else too !” It’s always that way ! I am sick of it and it’s time for all liberals to just shut the HELL UP! If you hate the truth, just run up a tall tree and BRANCH-OFF!!! STINKING SCUM!

    1. John DeLellis says

      OH YEAH! It appears that this Russell Brand Dude is a below mediocre talent who needs this exposure to try and start a commotion AMOUNG people.

      1. John DeLellis says

        However, RUSSELL has come up in the world–he now listens to the ALEX JONES SHOW … He can’t be all that bad

  59. Jim says

    Ok, we’ve now heard from the first class fool Russell Brand. He is yet another empty-headed professional malcontent and smartass who continues to benefit greatly from that evil capitalist system, yet criticizes it every chance he gets. I am so tired of these talentless idiots spouting their dreck. I have a suggestion: If capitalism is so bad, he and his fellow fools should donate 100% of their wealth to the needy and work for free. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to soil themselves with all that tainted, dirty, capitalist money.

  60. Jim says

    Remember the petition to get Piers Morgan thrown out of the country? Looks like it’s time for another petition…

  61. Lougjr1 says

    Pure insanity !!

  62. Robert.Smith says

    “Russell’s a Rectum..”

  63. Stan Hoffman says

    Never heard of russel brand until I read this. I hope they didn’t let him out of his straight jacket and padded cell to hear him make this comment.

  64. Mushie58 says

    This guy is a disgrace to the human race, and really no one cares what he thinks.

  65. gutz22 says

    Why give this retard anytime at all? he is a half baked wannabe.

  66. George Cahonna says

    The Mr. Nobody (Russel Brand the Charles Manson look alike) can kiss Our Capitalistic A**.

    1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      Actually he is Charles Manson in drag.

  67. MAUISHERI says

    Russell Brand is so enthralled with the sound of his own voice that he never stops to check how really ignorant his words are! Self involved to the point of Super Stupid……that’s Russell! His comments are just moronic.

  68. adrianvance says

    Who the Hell is Russell Brand? He has the look of a madman.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  69. Bob Stewart says

    Maybe a genius like Brand can explain why these mass murderers are liberals. I wish we could see how many murderers are on drugs for depression. Maybe we could determine that psychologists and psychiatrists are prescribing drugs that advertise, “may cause thoughts of suicide” and makes people more likely to have episodes that can lead to violence and murder, The profession continues to come out with the designer mental illness issue of the day. And there always needs to be a new medicine to treat it with a list of side effects from nose bleed to athlete’s foot, bouts of paranoia and high anxiety.

  70. Archie Cogollos says

    hahahah another comic that thinks he knows better and the horses asses of the world not only believe him but think he is a viable credible source of information and opinion…what’s worse he’s not even funny……

  71. Porphyry says

    How did Rusty Can make *his* money? Somehow I don’t think it was a socialist endeavor.

  72. James Maxwell says

    Russell Brand is a mindless idiot who has smoked way to much of his own mindless ramblings.
    I doubt he has any degrees in depression and needs to go back to the asylum he escaped from
    before he harms himself. The Co Pilot had a plan in mind before he took off. The problem
    in this case, as I see it, is the law in Germany that did not allow the medical profession to
    contact the airlines industry about a problem with a person. This is something they will have
    to deal with. When it comes to public safety a medical person should be required to notify
    an employer of any mental or physical problem that could lead to problem in the work force.
    While this might be an invasion of personal liberty the public safely is tantamount

  73. RGW says

    As I read several opinions and statements posted earlier than mine… I see no real point in adding anything to it, thankfully we are all on the same page and see this foolish idealistic libernut for what he is.

  74. Jim Allen says

    You really pay attention to this Katie Perry REJECT? Seriously?

  75. nmasterson says

    Another moron from Follywood or as Deborah G. says he looks insane. To me he looks like Manson.

  76. Len Tippett says

    Interestingly, how all of this has escalated since our Socialist/Communist President Obama became President and has been initiating all his policies. Russell has at least chosen the correct profession, because all intelligent people are in fact “laughing at him”. Maybe his next comedy skit should be based on the illusions of a want to be comedian aspiring to become a philosopher. I am already laughing.

  77. chelseachablis says

    Russell is a perfect example of the type of people the media LOVE to keep in the foreground. He helps to push their b.s. ideology. He’s young and charismatic and so they give him his own show…..a “platform” to spew the very crap that is TRULY responsible for the downfall of nations. Ya know…..he actually looks like a Roman!

  78. maximuscaligula says

    Fucking douchebag…

  79. spudmans1 says

    Get a job Russell Brand and nobody is holding a gun to your head to buy things.

  80. John DeLellis says

    Russell. I though you were on your way to being healed… What happened???

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