Sanders Spokeswoman: “White People” Shouldn’t Lead DNC


According to Symone Sanders, a former spokeswoman for the Bernie Sanders campaign, the Democratic National Committee should be looking for someone other than a white person to lead the party forward. In a CNN interview on Wednesday, Sanders was asked about the fight for the DNC chairmanship, currently occupied by disgraced Clinton acolyte Donna Brazile (a black woman). Asked if she would support Howard Dean for chair, Sanders blanched.

“Howard Dean was there for the 50-state strategy, but here’s the issue: Howard Dean is also on record maligning young people and millennials,” Sanders said. “Telling those Bernie folks they just need to get in line and maligning Bernie Sanders. And that is not what we need.

“And in my opinion we don’t need white people leading the Democratic party right now,” she continued. “The Democratic party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in leadership and throughout the staff, at the highest levels. From the vice chairs to the secretaries all the way down to the people working in the offices at the DNC.”

Her former boss, Crazy Bernie himself, has come out in favor of Keith Ellison for DNC chair. Ellison has similar liberal views to the socialist senator, but his national prominence comes from his being the first Muslim elected to the House of Representatives. And despite Sanders hinting this week that the Democratic Party needs to move away from identity politics, many critics believe that the Ellison pick is just that.

Expect to see more of this kind of debate in the coming months and years. Democrats don’t quite know how to respond to Donald Trump’s shocking victory. They’re stunned to the point of near-paralysis. They’re at a fork in the road, and they genuinely do not seem to know which path to take. Do they push all their chips into the middle and take the party as far left as its most extremist Democrats? Or do they hold back and moderate in the hopes of winning back the white working class?

All we can do is wait and watch. And, of course, enjoy the spectacular irony of it all. Remember: it was supposed to be the Republican Party scrambling to salvage the future after election day. Now Democrats are staring into an abyss they didn’t see coming.

Grab some popcorn and stay tuned.

  1. Justin Seine says

    I guess she has not read Nancy Pelosi’s Book (see below) nor does she understand what Donna Brazile did as interim chair of the DNC after Shultzie crashed and burned. The Democrats view Corruption as a best practice. It’s their center of excellence.

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      1. Justin Seine says

        All you need to do is shed your dignity and bottom feed.

  2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

    Sanders Spokeswoman: “White PEOPLE RACIST”


        1. gotabgood says

          hahaha… that is good… thanks

        2. Philomena says

          The Racist in the White House is only 1/2 white

          1. Evan says

            And all we have seen in 8 years is his black half!

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        Your a Proud Liberal Democrackhead loser hahhahahahahahahahahha
        Says the gotbevil…

      2. Jack Smith says

        You are so full of shit it is comming out your ears Trump is a Liberal and as far as most of us know a Democrat at heart. Hillary is a proven murderess. She was responsible for 4 lives and had them killed. Case closed how can someone be as stupid as you are and still be able to breath?

        1. gotabgood says

          Any self respecting Liberal would NEVER chose Bannon as part of his cabinet.. wake up fool.

          Hillary has ALWAYS been PROVEN innocent!

          The man/party to blame is in this video for the 4 dead. He even after the fact tells us you have to make priority calls.. So suck it up and take responsibility for what you did!!!

          1. Bobbie says

            Pray tell exactly when she was proven innocent. We were told over and over again by Comey that anyone else that did what she did would be in jail but because she is a Clinton he didn’t ha e enough “evidence” to prove her guilt in a court of law. And many many prosecutors came out And said how wrong he was and that they could prove her guilt with no problem. Its just that comey was told to stand down on prosecuting her. The re I and file of the FIB are all still pissed that alltheir hard work was thrown in a trash heap so Hillary could get away with one more crime. But it’s far from over yet. The fat lady hasn’t even got warmed up yet.

          2. Jack Smith says

            Correct Bobbie also Hillarie’s Job was responsible for these lives just like anyone responsible if that POS Ovomit ordered stand down she had she been a decent human would have countermanded this order! Instead she authorized the murder!

          3. celiayounger says

            the FBI chief said on television, there was nothing wrong, and they didn’t have anything againt (legally) her, hillary. She didn’t commit a crime, but if we check mr. Trump he had several charges pending!!! that is the real truth

          4. alegalcitizen says

            ha, ha, ha, you must have been watching CNN. He didn’t say she was innocent, he said she used MULTIPLE devices, and sent classified material.

          5. river says

            funny how those so called charges have been dropped, but the ignorant rattle on about something for which they have no clue. Further more, those supposed charges were levied in a civil suit…. not criminal… got a clue yet?

          6. David in MA says

            No charges YET, gots ta wait until the muslim lackey is gone so he cannot pardon her.

          7. says

            Once we get a real DOJ head, we’ll see that bitch burn ! Hopefully the whole GD family will pay for years of crime !

          8. shamu9 says

            The Clinton Chronicles, and The Clinton Chronicles 2015. 53+ Bodies in their wake!

          9. Bobbie says

            If that is what you think you heard you obviously are sadly lacking in comprehension. No wonder your a liberal. Comprehension is definitely not a liberal strong point. There’s help for that you know. Try finding some. He listed almost crime by crime what She was guilty of but decided to use “intent” as a out for her. But it’s all good. Her day is coming. And unlike you knee jerk liberal’s instead of RIOTING when things upset us We will party in the streets when she finally gets what is coming to Her.

          10. says

            They didn’t say that at all, retard !

          11. David in MA says

            You heard different than I did.
            The FBI chief outlined her lawlessness but did not recommend prosecution. she was not charged which is just a wee bit different than being found not guilty.

          12. river says

            “Didn’t have enough evidence”?…. it’s because the meat head gave all his evidence immunity.

          13. Bobbie says

            Lol ain’t that the truth??? Trey Howdy was right when he said there was no one to charge because Comey gave everyone in the case immunity.

          14. gotabgood says

            The fat lady hasn’t even got warmed up yet.
            That is because you are still listening to the broadcast of September 12, 2012… there has been numerous investigations AND EACH TIME NO WRONG DOING WAS FOUND…
            Get a life and stop living in the past… start accepting what you cannot change… like this fiasco of election we just had…….. I can’t change it… so I have to accept it… I may not like it… but it seems your guy is in the office..

          15. Bobbie says

            Your sad. You are still living in a delusional world of your own making. You hear what You want to hear. At no time EVER has anyone besides her and her blind sheep EVER said there was no wrong doing found. EVER!!! There has been a lot of wrong doing found but there has never been anyone with cahonas to prosecute her. Probably because their families were threatened. That’s the only reason anyone can think of that she has not been brought up on charges by now. Comey never said she did no wrong as a matter of fact he had a whole laundry list of her wrong doings. But he chose to use intent as an out for him NOT prosecuting her. So wake up and see the world as it really is and not as you want to see it in your delusional brain.

          16. gotabgood says

            GOP’s #Benghazi committee chairman says he’s leading a ‘trial’

            I’ll give GOP #Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy
            points for honesty here, but
            this is the kind of thing you’re not supposed to admit in public:

            Asked by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough about the
            possibility that his panel’s work would continue into the 2016 election
            campaign, Gowdy replied that “if an administration is slow-walking document
            production, I can’t end a trial simply because the defense won’t cooperate.”

            You see, you’re supposed to say stuff like
            “we’re just trying to get the facts, here.” Or “the only thing
            that matters to us is uncovering the truth.” But such statements would be
            lies, and it’s actually kind of refreshing to hear Gowdy admit that he thinks
            that he’s a prosecutor conducting a trial against a criminal defendant.

            Unfortunately for Gowdy, the good news is that his committee
            won’t actually be a trial—at best, it’ll be a kangaroo court,
            with Republicans acting as judges and their base serving as jurors. And the
            rest of the country will be either ignoring it or wondering why on Earth these
            congressional buffoons are wasting their time by still talking about Benghazi
            as if it were the biggest scandal in American history.
            FBI has found no criminal wrongdoing in new Clinton emails, says Comey


          17. Bobbie says

            You seriously do not listen to what these folks are actually saying do you?
            Once again….the FBI said that they were mostly repeats of the e mails they already has. There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING said about no criminal wrongdoing ha ing been found. Comey had a whole list of her wrongdoings. What planet have you been on????

          18. gotabgood says

            FBI has found no criminal wrongdoing in new Clinton emails, says Comey


            Evidently you are not on planet earth..

          19. Bobbie says

            OMG BECAUSE THEY ARE MOSTLY COPIES OF WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE!!!!!. Get your head out of the sand man. Why are you so obtuse?? Being obtuse will not change the fact that she is guilty as hell and at some point she will have to pay the piper for all of her crimes of which there are many.

          20. gotabgood says

            I will roll on the ground and pitch a fit until she is found guilty…

          21. Jack Smith says

            Moron Hillary did not send help which was 20 minutes away has nothing to do with the above baffons!

          22. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Have a bowlof Crooked lying evil racist Hillary cereal and enjoy Moron!


          23. gotabgood says

            I think that is Mr. Chaffetz doing the talking… CNN is just asking the question..

          24. says

            You mean the ” Clintonista News Network” ?

          25. Mathew Molk says

            No I mean the network that has so eroded their credibility they are going the way of the dodo bird.


          26. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            I think CNN is a racist low energy Liberal Alt leftist hate channel!!!


          27. Mathew Molk says

            Haven’t watched them, or any of the rest in over a year and after them keeping Megan Kelly and sending Gretta down the road I no longer tune into Fox.

          28. Jack Smith says

            Lets see if you can read you stupid TROLL
            is the most fateful moment in a movie that purports to present a searingly accurate account of the 2012 attacks that left four Americans dead in Benghazi, Libya: a scene in which the highest-ranking CIA operative at a secret agency compound orders his security team to “stand down” rather than rush off to rescue U.S. diplomats under siege less than a mile away.

            According to the officer in charge of the CIA’s Benghazi base that night, the scene in the movie is entirely untrue.

            “There never was a stand-down order,” said the base chief known as Bob, speaking publicly for the first time. “At no time did I ever second-guess that the team would depart.”

            Nor, he said, did he say anything that could be “interpreted as equivalent” to an order to stand down.

            ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ review: Michael Bay slips into war movie cliches
            ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ review: Michael Bay slips into war movie cliches
            In a lengthy interview with reporters from The Washington Post, Bob provided new details about the attacks and his interactions with J. Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya who perished in them.

            The account from the CIA base chief adds a critical and previously missing voice to the public record on Benghazi, an attack that even three years later remains so politically charged that Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz made it the center of his closing remarks during this week’s GOP debate.

            The question of whether someone had issued a “stand down” has loomed over Benghazi since the immediate aftermath of the attacks. The initial speculation centered mainly on whether an official in Washington, including then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had impeded rescue attempts – an allegation rejected by a series of congressional inquiries. A 2014 House Intelligence Committee report found “no evidence that there was either a stand down order or a denial of available air support.”

            Bob agreed to talk on the condition that his last name not be used because even though he has retired, his cover has not been lifted. “I thought I would regret it if I didn’t,” he said about finally speaking out. “So much of this information has been wrong.”

            The movie, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” is based on a book co-written by U.S. contractors hired to protect the CIA base in Benghazi. Bob said he was familiar with the contents of the book but had not seen the movie, which opened Friday. Scenes from the film were described to him by a Post reporter.

            The book and film blame Bob for blocking the departure of security operators until it was too late. The author of the book, Mitchell Zuckoff, said in a telephone interview that he stands by the depiction and that it is based on firsthand accounts.

            “I think the evidence is extremely strong that the guys’ account is far more credible” than that of the CIA chief, Zuckoff said. He said he made multiple requests through the CIA to speak with Bob but that those requests were denied.

            ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ trailer
            Watch the trailer for “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”
            Zuckoff said he had numerous conversations with the CIA office of public affairs about the project, but officials said those talks came only after a draft of the book was finished and focused on whether it disclosed classified material that contractors were obligated to protect. The agency also met with the director of the film, Michael Bay, and cited a list of concerns about the contents of the book and movie script, officials said.

            The book publishers bypassed the CIA clearance process typically required on works by current or former employees and contractors. Zuckoff said that was in part because the agency did not want the authors to attach their real names to the book, and that doing so would have undermined its credibility.

            The book and movie render an unflattering portrait of the CIA and Bob, a former Army medic who spent 32 years with the agency.

            “No one will mistake this movie for a documentary,” CIA spokesman Ryan Trapani said. “It’s a distortion of the events and people who served in Benghazi that night. It’s shameful that, in order to highlight the heroism of some, those responsible for the movie felt the need to denigrate the courage of other Americans who served in harm’s way.”

            Libya wasn’t Bob’s first war zone. The former veteran case officer, now in his early 60s, spent time in Central America, Iraq and Afghanistan as a clandestine case officer assigned to the Latin America and Near East divisions.

            A rumpled figure with short gray whiskers on his face, Bob said he arrived in Benghazi as base chief in December 2011. Under his command were the security team, known inside the agency as the Global Response Staff, as well as contract case officers with military experience and other U.S. personnel.

            The book accuses Bob of treating the GRS contractors like “Wal-Mart security guards.” He said that is a “distortion,” describing the security team as highly accomplished. “These guys were heroes,” he said.

            Bob met with Stevens on Sept. 10, 2012, when the CIA briefed the ambassador at the diplomatic facility shortly after his arrival from Tripoli. “We did try to convey the seriousness of the terrorism environment in eastern Libya,” he said.

            Although there was no specific threat information against Stevens, Bob said he was already familiar with two men later implicated in the assaults on U.S. facilities: Ahmed Abu Khattala, who was charged with plotting the attacks and has been brought to the United States to stand trial, and Sufian bin Qumu, a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay who remains in Libya.

            Bob said he first heard gunfire about 9:42 p.m. and suspected immediately that the diplomatic compound was under attack. The handful of U.S. diplomatic security personnel there also alerted the base and the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli.

            Bob said he began calling Libyan groups and making an effort to “help get eyes up,” a reference to surveillance drones that were directed toward the compound. He said the base immediately “went into collect mode to try to figure out what was happening to the ambassador” and said Stevens’s rescue was always a priority.

            According to the book and the movie, the security contractors assembled their weapons and jumped into vehicles to begin a rescue mission. Bob, they said, ordered them to wait.

            Bob acknowledged that he was “concerned about an ambush” and that a departure by the security team would have “left our base more vulnerable to attack.” But, he said, “there was never any question that there was going to be a rescue mission,” and no instruction by him to hold off.

            Instead, Bob said he spent much of the immediate period after the attack began, about 20 minutes, standing beside the leader of the GRS team – who still works at the CIA – scrambling to enlist local security teams.

            One of the things he wanted was a gun truck and support. “Technicals,” Bob said. The militias they contacted were evasive. One offered to shelter the U.S. personnel at a nearby militia compound, Bob said, while others “didn’t necessarily want to help us and some just didn’t know what to do.”

            When the team leader realized reinforcements weren’t coming, “he left” along with the contractors. “If there was any delay, it was a matter of minutes. It took a good 15 to 17 minutes just to get ready,” Bob said.

            About 10:03 p.m., according to a congressional timeline, the CIA security contractors left for the diplomatic compound. More than 40 minutes later, after parking some distance away and approaching on foot with weapons drawn, they arrived at the facility. Stevens was missing and Sean Smith, a State Department communications expert, was dead from smoke inhalation inside the diplomatic villa. The attackers were gone.

            A second CIA officer at Benghazi that evening backed Bob’s account. In an email provided to The Post, the officer said that “when asked if the security team could respond to the requests for assistance at the special mission compound by the security team leader, the chief of base responded with one word: ‘Absolutely.’ ”

            In an email, Zuckoff said that two of the CIA security contractors “heard Bob say” stand down. He added that the base chief’s account should “be seen through the lens of hindsight. It must be terrible for him to live with the fact that he delayed the departure, knowing that the deaths [of Stevens and Smith] were caused by smoke inhalation, which by definition is a function of time.”

            Other former CIA officers with no direct knowledge of the case but with experience in war zones chafed at such second-guessing and said seeking reinforcements was the right course. “Did he lose 20 minutes? Probably,” said one former senior agency official. “But that was probably the right solution.”

            Eventually, all of the Americans fled the compound and headed back to the CIA base.

            “A good part of the night was trying to find out where the ambassador was and what had happened to him,” Bob said.

            The CIA eventually learned that Libyans had located Stevens’s body and taken it to a local hospital.

            The other major controversy surrounding Benghazi has focused on how the attack on the diplomatic compound was initially portrayed by the White House as a violent protest rather than a terrorist attack.

            Bob said there was “some reporting” even in the midst of the attacks that a terror group known as Ansar al-Sharia was involved, but he said he played no role in shaping White House talking points about the attacks that came under harsh criticism.

            Bob said he took only one call that evening from CIA headquarters and that it lasted two minutes. “I just cut it short,” he said. He declined to comment on continued political fighting in Washington over the attack.

            The following morning, about 5:15 a.m., the CIA base came under mortar fire, and two GRS operators, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, were killed.

            What war movies say about us
            What war movies say about us
            The Americans finally evacuated the CIA base at dawn, escorted by a Libyan militia convoy to the airport. Bob said they destroyed the base’s computer hard drives before they left.

            The movie shows Bob wanting to stay behind to collect intelligence and depicts one of the security contractors asking, “For what, so more guys like [the two contractors killed] have to save your ass again?”

            “That never happened,” Bob said. Eyebrows raised, he asked, “I was going to stay behind by myself?”

            While the CIA security operators who had been so dismissive of Bob left the country, the base chief stayed in Libya, relocating to Tripoli.

            “We were there to collect and find out who had attacked us,” he said.

            Bob said he also returned to the CIA base in Benghazi weeks later.

            “I remember every second of it,” he said. “We had lost two brave Americans on the roof at that facility. It was difficult.”

          29. gotabgood says

            When you start your BS out with…. Lets see if you can read you stupid TROLL
            That is as far as I read…

          30. Jack Smith says

            Proving once again you are a Dumbocrat who is to stupid to live so i recommend you comit SEPUKU

          31. gotabgood says

            There was no help within 2 hours of Benghazi and if your congress hadn’t cut the budget, there would have been more security guards there… look to the root, not the branches for the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!



            Sun Aug 03, 2014 at 07:47 PM PDT

            From The San Francisco

            WASHINGTON — The
            House Intelligence Committee, led by Republicans, has
            concluded that there was no deliberate wrongdoing by the
            Obama administration
            in the 2012 attack on the U.S.
            Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three
            other Americans, said Rep. Mike Thompson of St. Helena, the second-ranking
            Democrat on the committee.

            The panel voted
            Thursday to declassify the report, the result of two years of investigation by
            the committee. U.S. intelligence agencies will have to approve making the
            report public.

            Thompson said the
            report “confirms that no one was deliberately misled, no military
            assets were withheld and no stand-down order (to U.S. forces) was


            Now will
            this be the end of it?? Of course not.
            Some will take it differently than others.. some will get a new hobby
            horse and call for a special, special hearing.
            Some will cry, but none will except the verdict!!

          32. Jack Smith says

            BS 10 armed soldiers 20 minutes walk away
            also aircraft carrier fighter jets 12 minutes away
            Helicopters 25 minutes away
            Wake up I am retired military my friends know!

          33. Jack Smith says

            Just came out Hillary issued the stand down order thhis was concealed by Ovomit till now somone got it maybe illegally but got it!

          34. alegalcitizen says

            Yeah, all those Muslims were rioting and killing the Americans because of a “vicious Video”, that’s what the LIAR told the parents of the murdered men, then Susan Rice U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. went on ALL the networks and said the same.
            No, the LIBERAL fools chose idiots like Valerie Jarrett and Rahm Emanual to be in his cosy little group.
            Picked a racist to head the DOJ, A racist to head the Dept. of Homeland InSecurity Dept. and had a fool as our President.

          35. David in MA says

            It was all about hiding the gun running operation and getting rid of witnesses.

          36. Joyce White says

            gottabgood. You just don’t ever learn do you? Budget cuts were responsible for lack of security, true. BUT Hillary was responsible for not sending help. There were troops on standby waiting for the orders which never came from her or Obama. Her answer to why she didn’t. “I thought he was joking” Then when questioned about the 600+ emails begging for help, her answer? “I never saw them, they never crossed my desk” How could she think he was joking if she never saw the emails? Her answers were as plausible as ‘No, Mr. Comey, I do not recall that”. She has much to answer for.

          37. Francisco Machado says

            Budget cuts were not responsible for “lack of security” because the State Department at the time (less than a month remained in the fiscal year) had thirty million dollars remaining unconsigned in their budget.

          38. Joyce White says

            Francisco Machado, It should have been 36 million. Somehow or other, Hillary managed to ‘misplace’ 6 million. I agree with you though. It almost seem like the ambassador and staff were deliberately placed in the ‘cross hairs’ since she knew how unstable that area was when she made them go there.

          39. Francisco Machado says

            Hillary’s State Department had six billion, not six million unaccounted for. In their defense, however, that’s not uncommon for government agencies. The government employs 22,235,000 people and has grown considerably under Obama. Other departments of government have far higher unaccountable losses. That’s part of where your money goes. Given government efficiency, it would probably cost more to keep track of the money than to lose it. Of course, of some of the superfluous departments were eliminated, there would be higher unemployment numbers.

          40. ABO says

            Exactly, Francisco. No accountability on the part of the Obama administration. “Your tax dollars at work”.

          41. shamu9 says

            Ever wonder, how Politicians are Broke when they start, and Rich when they leave D.C.??

          42. ABO says

            Actually Joyce, Hillary managed to ‘misplace six Billion, not million. Then blew it off like it was just some silly little annoyance. No one in the administration has since made any effort to recover it much less investigate how that amount of taxpayer dollars just ‘disappeared under HRC’s watch.

          43. shamu9 says

            It went into the Clinton Crime Cabal’s Coffers!

          44. ABO says

            More than likely.

          45. gotabgood says

            You just don’t ever learn do you? Budget cuts were responsible for lack
            of security, true. BUT Hillary was responsible for not sending help.

            It seems you are the one that doesn’t understand or in denial. You accepted the fact that the budget was cut, but you are not accepting the outcome of the cut… In this case manpower was cut… or security guards.. Chaffetz.. TOLD you they had to make priority decisions and security guards were not priority!! In baseball you have a bullpen for pitchers, once you have cut the number of pitchers and the bullpen is empty, you have nothing to draw from.

            Second thing you do not understand or deny is the 12 investigation YOUR CONGRESS did and EACH TIME, NO WRONG DOING FOUND!



            Sun Aug 03, 2014 at 07:47 PM PDT

            From The San Francisco

            WASHINGTON — The
            House Intelligence Committee, led by Republicans, has
            concluded that there was no deliberate wrongdoing by the
            Obama administration
            in the 2012 attack on the U.S.
            Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three
            other Americans, said Rep. Mike Thompson of St. Helena, the second-ranking
            Democrat on the committee.

            The panel voted
            Thursday to declassify the report, the result of two years of investigation by
            the committee. U.S. intelligence agencies will have to approve making the
            report public.

            Thompson said the
            report “confirms that no one was deliberately misled, no military
            assets were withheld and no stand-down order (to U.S. forces) was


            Now will
            this be the end of it?? Of course not.
            Some will take it differently than others.. some will get a new hobby
            horse and call for a special, special hearing.
            Some will cry, but none will except the verdict!!

          46. Joyce White says

            gotabgood. Per usual, you missed the whole damned point. SHE HAD THE POWER TO SEND HELP, AND DID NOT DO IT!!!!!!!. On paper, she may be innocent, but morally she is guilty.And so is Obama. The only thing either one of them should get is the firing squad. It should be the fate of all traitors, including Jane Fonda

          47. gotabgood says

            OMG… don’t bring morals into it…. only God can look at the heart….. what would God see looking into your heart about Hillary?? Hate? Revenge? Love? Compassion? Forgiveness? You carry such a burden on your shoulders going clear back to Vietnam.. You need to surrender your hate to Jesus.. the sooner the better.
            You have had 12 or more investigations over Benghazi… all of them found no wrong doing… you are missing the point. There is a time line… from the beginning to the end… nearest help was two hours away…. no stand down order was given.. She has been under investigation all her life and NEVER ONCE convicted of ANYTHING… you are obsessed with the hatred of Hillary… time for you to close that and move on with your life.
            Trump is president… be happy and rejoice you wish came true..

            There will be no liars or haters in heaven….

          48. Joyce White says

            gotabgood. You know nothing about Christianity or you wouldn’t be dragging out that old hack about what is in your heart. I DO NOT hate Hillary the human being. I DO hate the sins which she embraces. As for being investigated and never found guilty, you are wrong about that too. During Watergate, the Democrat investigating committee FIRED her because she was unethical and a liar. Pretty bad when even the Democrats didn’t want her around. Just so you understand, I will explain this as simply as I can. By all evidence, Hillary, Bill, George Soros and that whole bunch are guilty of crimes against this country and against God. For that reason, I pray for our nation and its’ leaders, and for Hillary, Bill, and George, that they may come to know Jesus and be buried with him in Christian Baptism. BTW, Truth is not hate speech. Only to those who fear the truth

          49. gotabgood says

            You do hate!!!!! That is all you can talk about is how much you want to see Hillary swinging from the tall oak tree… you couldn’t care any less about justice!!! You have had her under investigations all her adult life and YET still not satisfied…. you want YOUR JUSTICE served not the congress… not the FBI… not the court systems.. you want her tar and feathered and hung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            She lost…… unless you cheated in Wisconsin , Michigan and Pennsylvania.. other than that… she won’t be back… are you satisfied with that??? HELL NO YOU AREN’T.
            I will not respond to your hatred of Hillary any longer it is pointless…. You have a problem with Hillary I suggests you take that up with whatever god you have that condones hate!!!!

          50. Joyce White says

            gotabgood. Gotcha!. Your answer tells me you are not a Christian, therefore you have an excuse for not understanding (or deliberately misconstruing my words). Again, I DO NOT JUDGE ( judge means to pass sentence )It is discernment. To see and recognize something for what it actually is, (not what is politically correct) Shakespeare said it best, in Julius Caesar. “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” So, when Hillary dies, she will be remembered for the evil she has done. Unless, of course she regrets her wrong-doings and seeks forgiveness. She is still alive, so there is still hope for her.This is my final post to you, even if you answer this one.

          51. gotabgood says

            Clinton Foundation helped 9 million with lower-cost AIDS drugs
            How do you think these 9 million will remember her?? As evil?? Or a saint? How will God look at this work?

          52. Joyce White says

            gotabgood. It was not a unanimous decision, and the only one essentially cleared was Obama. More things have come to light, like there was enough money to increase security in Benghazi. Before Biden’s comment on budget cuts, Paul Ryan asked: “Our ambassador in Paris has a Marine detachment guarding him. Shouldn’t we have a Marine detachment guarding our ambassador in Benghazi, a place where we knew that there was an Al-Qaeda cell with arms?”. Of course Biden didn’t have an answer. Most of our problems in the Middle East stemmed from U.S. butting into the affairs of those countries because it involved money. We are guilty of funding both sides, as far as I can see. The Democrats played their money games and the Republicans played theirs. And people died, needlessly. Hillary is still guilty for not heeding a call for help.

          53. gotabgood says

            If you make a $100 a week and I cut your salary by 25%… the money is GONE!! You KEEP OVERLOOKING Chaffetz OWN WORDS… SECURITY GUARDS WERE NOT PRIORITY…. He might as well said the 4 Americans that were killed… were not important…. stop making excuses… The root of the problem the budget was cut and man power was lost!!

          54. got my licence says

            The only thing that has been proven is how delusional you are. Hillary has not been found innocent, it is that charges have not been filed against her.

          55. shamu9 says

            Not Guilty is NOT the Same as Innocent!

          56. Nick and Nora says

            Hillary innocent? Keep drinking the kool aid and visiting Pizzagate.

          57. says

            Doesn’t matter what you think, we’re gonna put that evil bitch to death all legal like !

          58. True Texan says

            OMG!! Somehing we agree on. Trump needs to drop Bannon like a hot potato. He is going to be a thorn in his toe. As for the rest of your drivell, it is just that. Drivell.

          59. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Crooked evil lying hateful liberal hillary will never ever be President!!! I told you this a year ago you Liberal ignorant low energy Moron!! Wake up idiot!!!


        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Jack: All you and the rest are doing is entertaining his demented ego. I blocked his/its ass looong ago!!

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            So did I. He adds nothing to any conversation other than his ability to always be the “Bad example”.

      3. observer says

        ” …and I’m proud to be a braindead imbecile living of a good will of working people” says the filthy monkey gotabgood.

      4. celiayounger says

        thank you for asking Gad to bless all AMERICAS… NORTH TO SOUTH. there we go again.. being ”selectist” Are you asking God to watch for just some of you republicans?

        1. alegalcitizen says

          He’s a died in the wool DEMOCRAT!

        2. alegalcitizen says

          You mean he forgot the Hispanics?

        3. celiayounger says

          this above comment refers to God able…Real America???) I don’t know what or which america he is talking about. NorthAmerica is made of ALL OF US, INCLUDING YOU, WHereEVER YOU CAME FROM.

          1. Bobbie says

            It didn’t take much. And they didn’t need I help because their reps were never good to begin with except the eyes of heir sheep.

        4. gotabgood says

          Mmmmmm are you sure you wrote to the right person?
          I am not a Republican…

      5. alegalcitizen says

        As usual a bunch of BS, still with 3,930 comments and a pathetic 782 upvotes but some of your fellow comrades.

      6. Nick and Nora says

        The Nazi would be your leader, the Hag, who worshipped Senator Byrd openly.
        He definitely was a KKK master. And the Nazi’s used their Brownshirts exactly
        in the same manner that the Left uses funds from old Nazi Soros, with BLM and
        the Communist party.
        History always repeats itself, snd we better start teaching our children soon.

        1. gotabgood says


          Hitler’s Political Views

          Hitler lived in Vienna
          for several years, working at odd jobs and absorbing the ideas of Austrian right-wing
          . In 1913, he left Vienna and moved to Munich in
          southern Germany. He took with him the basic political ideas to which
          he would remain committed for the balance of his life
          . Central to
          Hitler’s thought were his notions of race. He believed in the racial
          superiority of the Germanic peoples (the Aryan race) and in the inferiority of
          other races, especially Jews but also Slavs and blacks
          . Hitler also
          advocated the Pan-German ideology that was popular among many Austrian
          extremists. Pan-Germanism held the view that all Germans should be united in a
          single state. In addition, Hitler was hostile to the ideology of Marxism, which
          emphasized the unity of the international working class rather than racial

          The following extracts
          illustrate some of the political ideas of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945):

          1. Nick and Nora says

            Hitler used the Socialist party as a means to his Progressive Fascist ideology.
            The Democratic Left in the United States uses the same, but with Political Correctness, and White Privilege as their excuses for hate and racism to further their agenda of a one word government, controlled by elites, all the while exploiting minorities and multiculturalism as their weapons of choice,

        2. gotabgood says

          NAZI BUSH

          Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and
          shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the
          financial backers of Nazi Germany.

          The Guardian has obtained confirmation from
          newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which
          Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of

          His business dealings, which continued until
          his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act,
          has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in
          Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and
          to a hum of pre-election controversy.

          The evidence has also prompted one former US
          Nazi war crimes prosecutor to argue that the late senator’s action should have
          been grounds for prosecution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

          The debate over Prescott Bush’s behaviour has
          been bubbling under the surface for some time. There has been a steady internet
          chatter about the “Bush/Nazi” connection, much of it inaccurate and
          unfair. But the new documents, many of which were only declassified last year,
          show that even after America had entered the war and when there was already
          significant information about the Nazis’ plans and policies, he worked for and
          profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that
          financed Hitler’s rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he
          made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up
          its political dynasty.


          You see grandpa bush didn’t mind the killing of 1000’s
          Americans, Britt’s and innocent
          people…. so why would gwb be any different….say around 9/11?

          1. Nick and Nora says


          2. Nick and Nora says

            Yes this is true, which should only serve to enlighten everyone that we do not
            have a 2 party system or a government that works for the benefit of it’s citizens
            but rather a One World Government run by the Elite.

        3. gotabgood says


          Our new friends? Our
          new roll models?

          Donald Trump praises ‘maniac’ North Korea dictator
          Kim Jong‑un for strong leadership


          ‘At least he’s a leader!’ Trump’s extraordinary
          verdict on Vladimir Putin ‑ after he is asked if he should take support from ‘a
          person who kills journalists’


          As for Syrian president Bashar al‑Assad, Trump said
          that “maybe he’s better than the kind of people we’re supposed to be




          Donald Trump’s ex‑wife once said Trump kept a book
          of Hitler’s speeches by his bed


          Donald Trump’s ex‑wife Ivana related in a 1990
          interview with Vanity Fair that “from time to time her husband reads a book of
          Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his
          bed.” Trump confirmed that the former Mrs. Trump’s 1990 assertion is true.

          The Hitler volume, “My New Order” not only contains 23
          years’ worth of Hitler’s speeches, “it is profusely indexed and filled with
          details about the speeches’ impact on the media and the political
          establishment.” According to a literary periodical, Kirkus Review, Trump’s
          collection of Hitler speeches contains “actual quotations from Hitler’s own
          utterances, including corresponding data showing the effect on the world press.
          Section after section follows pattern‑background, speech, press;” and Donald
          Trump faithfully follows Hitler’s model.


          THIS IS YOUR MAN????
          THINK…. PLEASE..

          1. Nick and Nora says

            So what? Bill and Hillary’s closest friend for many years was Larry Nichols,
            who Bill gave a copy of Mein Kampf to as a Christmas present one year,
            and said to Larry, “I want you to be my Goebbels”

      7. The Dutchman says

        What a libtard crock!

      8. mac12sam12 says

        Did you know that George Soros worked directly under Hitler and Himmler? Soros votes democrat.

        1. Texas Belle says

          He not only votes Democrat; he finances the Party (Communist(Democrat) and all the riots that are taking place. He is a Communist, Fascist, Dictator, whatever label you want to put on him, of the first order. He hates America and all it stands for and should go live in a country that supports his beliefs. Of course he wants to stay in the United States to do all the damage he can before he kicks the bucket.

      9. yatesracing says


      10. Weewillywood says

        What a TOTALLY STUPID CARTOON, if you can call it that!!!!

        1. gotabgood says

          Are you bragging about your wee willy wood..
          you and Trump eh?

      11. john says

        Gotobeanasshole- There go your anal lips again-don’t wipe -get ripe!

      12. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        Did you cry, leave country and protest hatefully when PRESIDENT TRUMP Won…hahahhahahahahaha you liberal racist low energy Liberal…you got crushed like a liberal pea brain that you are lol

      13. JYuma says

        U R a Real Anus. A Racist one .

      14. Mathew Molk says

        If that is what you want to call the rebirth of America count me in, along with the rest of working tax paying Americans of all colors and sexes. Neo-Nazis all. DEATH TO THE NANNY STATE!

      15. shamu9 says

        Fuk U Gotta be Gaye!

      1. observer says

        I’d like to meet you somewhere in a dark alley, chimp … there I’d ki** your sorry ass up to the crown of your palm tree.

        1. gotabgood says

          You are nothing more than a pathetic wannabe Rambo… I bet you even have a head band on
          Just like your name implies…. “observer”… you are a “bench warmer”….a “water boy”.

      2. river says

        Oh look, I theen we made duh Puddy Tat Mad! We did, We did, We did make duh Puddy Tat Rewee Mad!

      3. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        gotbaMoron can kiss his Liberal ass and kiss another liberal jackass ….

        Stick dat liberal nose up yo Liberal ASS!

    1. Chuck Lynch says

      They peach tolerance and diversity, except when it comes to your opinion.
      All minorities out there should take it as an insult that these skmbags don’t think you capable of cherishing the principals of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution like the rest of us do.
      We guess they don’t think of you all as enlightened or as smart as the rest of us. Well all you minorities out there, you need to show them that you love individual freedom and universal justice just as much, if not more, than the rest of us and never again vote Democrat!!

      1. celiayounger says

        ay ay ay absud reasoning….a Democracy is what this country suppost to be, and a democrate look for everyone not just the rich and white and protestants. and not fascist that think and have hitlarian mentality (thinking and following it.)

        1. alegalcitizen says

          Actually we are a Republic, that supports Democracy. But I’m having a hard time understanding your post, perhaps you should check it and tweak it a bit.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          “spell check” would help you tremendously dude!

          1. alegalcitizen says

            I think it’s an Hispanic Dudette.

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            Stands to reason. I’m the only red blooded american in my neighborhood, AND IT SUCKS!!?

          3. David in MA says

            Then protest, burn your damn house down!

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            Naaaa, the bootlips are the only ones that rob their own and burn their own businesses down!! ???

          5. The Dutchman says

            Or just one of those racist dimwits.

          6. sox83cubs84 says

            Either way, he/she is obviously a product of Common Core.

          7. alegalcitizen says

            No, I think she’s probably an Illegal Alien Hispanic.

          8. river says

            How is It NOT a surprise that some liberal whackjob cant tell the difference between a male or female? Mother musta dropped him on his head at the phallic stage of life.

        3. Rolla Rankin says

          Absurd spelling and the USA is NOT SUPPOSED to be a Democracy….it is a REPUBLIC (look it up) and it does not cater to nor exclude any race or color. The “racist” today is the one who tries to label anyone who doesn’t think as they do as a racist, misogynist, etc., etc. Does not matter which ‘party’ you belong to….each one has it’s misguided members …. if you can’t accept someone, try to destroy them by applying a label to them. The Bible says “Love your enemies ” God makes the sun to shine on the evil and the good, and the rain to fall on the just and the unjust:”
          (Matt. 5:44-46) Read it and think about it….only man fails to love one another.

          1. Loosgravel says

            Seems it’s the left that is obsessed with race. They talk up the diversity thing but in the end look more like fascists/communists with their violent and corrosive behavior.

          2. ABO says

            Liberals tend to be deeply involved in the practice of “Identity politics” and as such have taken up the practice of bigotry as a central point of their political philosophy.

          3. Mathew Molk says

            Agree, If left to our own devices racism collapses of it’s own weight. As soon as that racist SOB is out of the White House the healing process will begin and all the damage he did to race relations will start to disappear, (Along with the Comiecrat party)

            Just leave it alone and people will be people and good will triumph over evil and together we can get after the real enemies like communists, radical moslems and illegal aliens.

          4. ABO says

            The USA is more specifically a Constitutional Republic based on the rule of law set forth in our Constitution. Your post Mr. Ranking addresses the bigotry that is predominant today without pointing the finger at certain groups therefore absolving you of the curse of such bigotry. Not a simple task these days. Thank you for your thoughtful insights.

          5. shamu9 says

            The term you’re looking for is “Representative Republic”!

          6. ABO says

            The term is “Constitutional Republic” Shamu, as noted by our founders. Thanks however for your input.

          7. shamu9 says

            Check with some Scholars! I hold a B.A. in Social Science!

          8. ABO says

            Please Google Dr. Daneen G Peterson, Ph.D on that subject shamu.

      2. Lilly Putney says


        1. JazzDoc says

          This is one big reaon why HilLIARy lost. The nation is fed up with this bullshit.

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says


          2. sweetolbob says

            Right ! Even without all her lies and pandering, this kind of racist crap is what all the good people, white or black or yellow or pink or etc., in America are sick to death of ! As long as the democRATS can keep us fighting, they can get away with murder (like Hilly) because we are too busy to see it’s khkappening !

        2. Bob Seawright says

          You have a good heart, Lilly Putney. I am a white guy and I live
          in a very black culture in the Deep South. I consider it a privilege
          to experience their culture ( your culture, Lilly ) first hand.

          1. denniscerasoli says

            I also am a white man who is very much into black culture having been married to a black woman for 48 years with 5 bi racial adult children and know the culture very well,and like anything else there are pros and cons to everything.

        3. JYuma says

          Lady, you are a Very Smart person. I Applaud your thinking.
          I was raised that way, have raised my 4 children that way, We, They and I am raising our Children and Grandchildren that way.
          I wish more people could or would do that ,too.

        4. Snake says

          It’s odd that you speak of God but don’t even KNOW HIS WORD!!!!!!! There are two things that negros continue to push and they are segregation and equality. Only “do-gooder” whites, indoctrinated by evil, push for integration with negros. Want to know why?

          The negro is NOT of Adamic ancestry! Negros are referred to as Behemah (Hebrew)/Beast of the field (English translation) in the scripture. Christians have been indoctrinated with the lies of atheism claiming negros to be part of the evolutionary process. READ YOUR BIBLE!

          The “white race” (which includes all races except negros) has been lied to and lead away from God and scripture. There is a reason that negros have NO moral or ethical values, there is a reason that they act like feral animals over the most minor of incidents, there is a reason that they are of lower intelligence (PROVEN by scientific testing, biological physiology, and reason standards of education have been lowered in this country to allow them to compete).

          [Eight different Hebrew and Greek words, behemah, b’iyr, ziyz, chay, cheyva’, trephah, nephesh, and ktenos, are all translated into the one English word “beast”, but they each mean different things in different contexts. The word behemah describes “beasts” who have boils on their bodies, who have hands, who could lie down with a woman to have sex with her, who have a conscience, who are put to death for violating God’s Law, who have possessions which can be sold or redeemed, who hold authority which can be taken away, who have feet, who are inhabitants of cities, who God promises to crossbreed with Israelites and Judahites, who can be hired, who are kept in tents, who can cry mightily to God, who can turn away from evil, who wear sackcloth, whose seed Jeremiah predicted would be mixed with the House of Israel, the House of Judah, and man [read: the people of the land], none of which any four legged animal on the planet is capable of.

          The word chay describes “beasts” who are allowed to eat from the corners of your field, who are evil, and who can prevent Israelites from passing through the land.

          Only homo sapiens have such traits and capabilities to this day. There are species of humans who are not of “Adam”, which means “ruddy” or to blush. Thus the word “beast” can describe only homo sapiens who are not of the Adamic [read: Caucasoid] race but who do have similar but not equal physical and intellectual traits.]

          God tells us about false prophets and deceivers in the end times, as well he
          tells us that the behemah will rape, murder, create chaos, and try to attain
          equality with man – this is what is occurring NOW! Claiming racism is nothing but a form of intimidation from the evil left to prevent the “white race” from hearing, telling, or knowing the truth about behemah!

          1. JYuma says

            Damn. Two Racists in one sitting. I wonder if they give points for blocking people like you?

          2. Kol says

            I’ll let you know after I try it with you.

          3. JYuma says

            Shall I hold my breath?

          4. Kol says

            Your family tree must be a cactus — everybody on it is a prick?

          5. JYuma says

            You got the point huh?

          6. Kol says

            POSHEL NAHUI PIDARAS – YouTube

            ▶ 0:41


            Sep 2, 2014 – Uploaded by omich kun

            POSHEL NAHUI PIDARAS. omich kun …. Anomaly CSGO – “”Idi Idi Idi Nahui” Russian Bounce Remix …

          7. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Ru ignorant, low energy and Liberal? You sound liek a Liberal racist Democrackhead wake up….please you can say PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          8. Mathew Molk says

            Are you some kind of a nut?

            BTW, I take it you are talking about the untranslated bible in Aramaic(Not Hebrew) and not the many corrupted versions,,,especially the many English translations.

            Hope you need a blood transfusion some day and the only blood available is from a black man…(Bet this jerk dosn’t know that blood transfusions were developed by a black man)

            And yes,,,,I’m a lilly white guy.

          9. sweetolbob says

            I dsunno about the “Lilly” part, but I am white too, and I am damned sick and tired of high sounding idiots like Snake (appropriate name) using the bible to prove anything from Belly Dancing to Smart Cars !
            They all need to go to the Great Dismal Swamp where they can jump their pews, pass their snakes around, and hate all the Ni****s and Jooooos until it chokes them.
            Good on you, Lilly Putnam, lady ! (But PUHLEEEEZE lose the caps lock !)

        5. Sculptorofbabies says

          Amen…. You have just explained the way I feel…Bring back , unity, and love of fellow Americans…. I hate the devidiom, caused by Obama and his administration… Love of Political Party, has taken over, love of our fellow man. I feel like now, we are on the right track, again. The Democratic party demonized Trump and Pense, to gain control… Shame on you…

        6. denniscerasoli says

          There was never any such thing as color blindness and there never will be,it’s a nice dream but it won’t happen.What we need to do is accept who we are on an equal basis and that would solve many problems.

          1. got my licence says

            Correction, Not all blacks came here in chains. There were many free blacks who lived in the north and came here via France. PS, There were free blacks who owned slaves and one of the slave owners who treated their slaves the worst was black. Sorry I can not recall his name at this time.

          2. denniscerasoli says

            Let me put it this way.They are the only people that were chained and died in the belly of slave ships and were considered less then human,only two thirds human so you won’t convince them,lol.The rest is true there were free blacks and and some owned slaves,but just the term slave says a lot.

          3. JYuma says

            Were this country the Only country that had slave, you would be correct. However we were not the only country. We were however NOT one of the country that did the capture, transportation of the slaves . We just bought.
            You speak of forgiveness by those who’s forefathers were slaves. Why should we ask or fond for forgiveness? No one to day had ANY THING TO DO WITH IT. NOR is there any one ALIVE today that was a slave for that period of time in this country.
            Screw those that FEEL we should be Degraded for something from a Hundred Years ago.
            Tell them to get a Life. As you FEEL that way too. Go, Get a Life.

          4. denniscerasoli says

            Why do people yap before they have the whole story is it stupidity? I am not one that feels guilt over slavery although many do which is what they want but i don’t buy into it.Regardless of who held slaves doesn’t matter,what matters is that it is still an issue among many black people who feel that the stigma of slavery still exists and the reason why there is so much racial division in America.Do you remember what Michelle Obama said a short while ago,she said she wakes up every morning in a house built by slaves,they won’t let it go is what i am saying.

          5. JYuma says

            The only thing that it could be is Mentality.
            Or that lack of!

          6. JYuma says

            I read , a while back that the person that bought the First Slave sold in this country was himself Black. I do not remember his name , the State was one of the New England states.

          7. Laurence Almand says

            Yes, and keep in mind that the people who captured and sold African Blacks were the Black African slave traders. In tribal Africa it was common practice to enslave conquered tribes – virtually all African tribes did this.
            Also, there were many free Blacks in the South called gens de colour – free people of color, who bought and sold their fellow Blacks.

          8. shamu9 says

            THEN!!! Let ’em All go Home to ‘Mother Africa’! It isn’t all Jungle, like a ‘Tarzan’ Movie! And It’s Not all Desert! Like The [ French] ‘Foreign Legionaire’ T.V. Series. of my Youth, in the ’50s. Most of Africa is very Beautiful, a Tropical and Subtropical Paradise! You can almost live off the fruit trees. They Won’t Go!!! No WELFARE There! Africans there, have to Work! to eat. No Food Stamps! No E.B.T.

          9. denniscerasoli says

            Afro Americans may be black but in Africa they are Americans,being black in certain parts of Africa means nothing because rebel’s are butchering black men,woman and children.I would bet that an American black person born and raised here wouldn’t stay in Africa more than a week and he or she would buy a ticket back to America.

          10. shamu9 says

            They don’t like’ American’ Blacks, in Africa! And, No Welfare/Benefits there, just for being Black

        7. Robin Loveless says


        8. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

          Whats wrong is Liberalism and political correctness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Tiger says

        Who cares let them go without flags, without whites and with all Muslims and blacks, let them take Israel out, God out, all we stand for out and by 2020 America will be on a roll and they will be laughed out of existence.

        1. JazzDoc says

          Nobody’s taking Israel out without turning off their own lights.

          1. Tiger says

            They can hope it is for sure the arsonists just about took Israel out this last week. Russia saved the day as did many others in the ME. On the last day, when fires calmed O sent one plane. What a disgrace he is.

        2. Dominic Roy Accampo says

          I hope you are right, I hope Trump is the man we need too, but for now, we can only wait and see and pray for revival in America.

          1. Tiger says

            Nobody wants what they will have to offer. Trump is the man you know he is when all our enemies against him along with all the bad guys.

          2. Tiger says

            How do you settle a presidential election when the vote is too close to call?

            With an fishing contest in northern Wisconsin in January, of course!

            After the first round of votes were counted, Hillary and Donald were deadlocked.

            Instead of going through a recount, they agreed to a week-long ice
            fishing contest to settle the election. Whoever caught the most fish at
            the end of the week would be the President.

            The decided that a remote frozen lake in northern Wisconsin would be the
            ideal place. No observers on the fishing grounds, but both would need
            to have their catches verified and counted each night at 5 pm.

            After Day 1, Trump returned with a total of 10 fish, Hillary came back with nothing.

            Day 2 finished, and Trump caught another 20 fish, but Hillary once again came back with nothing.

            That night, Hillary and her cronies got together and accused Trump of
            being a “low-life, cheating’ son-of-a-bitch.” Instead of fishing on Day
            3, they were going to follow and to spy on him and figure out how he was

            Day 3 finished up and Trump had an incredible day, adding 50 fish to his total!

            That night, Hillary and her democratic cohorts got together for the full
            report on how Donald was cheating. Hillary stood up to give her report
            and said, “You are not going to believe this, he’s cutting holes in the

            And this story , … tells you all you need to know about the difference
            between a successful businessman and a career government politican

          3. JYuma says

            Actually, Young Lady, It is simpler than that.
            It shows the Deference between the Democrat Party and their followers, and the Republicans .

          4. Tiger says


      4. harold says

        Never did in the first place, because of their socialist program!

      5. Rick says

        White people shouldn’t run the DNC! Where the hell have you been ? They haven’t run it for 8 years!

      6. ABO says

        Hypocrisy is the foundation of liberalism Chuck. diversity and tolerance are their goals only when it fits their agenda as they have repeatedly demonstrated over the past eight years.

      7. komal says

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    2. Philomena says

      There are far more Black Racists who HATE white people.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        VERY true….But not all black people are racists any more then all white people are.

        Hey, we got a brand new president and a lot more problems than artificial diversity. End affirmative action along with the EPA and OSHA. – Throw the IRS in there for good measure too.

    3. HadEnough says

      GodBless – YES — Liberals see racism where it (doesn’t exist), (fabricate) it when they (can’t find it), and (ignore) it within their (own ranks) – This is the best (description) on (FALSE RACISM) !!!!

    4. harold says

      Usual baloney by a baloney head!

    5. denniscerasoli says

      I know it is meant to be comical but isn’t it true? Black people or African Americans make up 12% of the nation and those numbers are dwindling the same as whites but not as fast.What this woman doesn’t understand is that just because a person is non white it doesn’t mean they are automatically a friend because of it.I would tell her that if she wants a non white person leading the democrats they should be Hispanic because they are running far ahead of African Americans in numbers.I am so tired of this race business but if we have to go there let’s be honest.The Hispanic community has a representative organization called La Raza which means race,the Hispanic race which doesn’t include African Americans.This woman will find out when she gets one up aside the head for a wake up call because if she thinks that my enemy is your enemy which makes us friends she will be in for a huge surprise.

    6. shamu9 says

      When are the 70+% of Whites gonna quit Pandering to the less than 30% Minorities! Does anyone find this “Racis”?? Tough Sheite!

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        Exactly, the Liberal racist Democrackhead Media is a racist….only one sided anti Real America…I kick their asses everyday I give them a UFC beatdown!!!!!!!!!!

        They hate this …. PRESIDENT TRUMP 2O17 Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        You got that right My american patriot!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick Liberalism ass I did…

      1. albaby2 says

        Hillary spent her time selling access to govt. officials in return for “donations” to the Clinton Foundation, including those from foreign donors, ( but the Foundation didn’t know they were from foreigners until it was pointed out to them by conservative watchdogs! LOL)

    1. albaby2 says

      Must be OK. Obama spent his free time flying around in AF1 campaigning for Hillary.

    2. observer says

      He’d do this to keep the welfare for your filthy family coming, so you can reproduce like the plague you are.

    3. 32eagle says

      freedom of speach-he has a right to adjust things as he goes along -this guy is nothing like Obama-he will get his business in lawful order and the VP will be one of the best ever and trump will be taking the bull by the horns-he aint in office yet but he is getting ready now

  3. Jim Smith says

    This is not racist. Only the dominant race can be ‘racist.’

    1. albaby2 says

      Gee, you sound just like Joy Behar. She said the same thing in 2008. Nice try with the new name, Joy.

  4. gotabgood says

    Not sure about white people leading the DNC… I am positive Dictators have no place in our White House!!
    Trump praised Putin and got help, He praised Assad and Jong Un, did they also help??


    I suppose next we will learn of Assad and Jong Un
    involvement too.

    Dictators you want… Dictator you got!

    Two groups of independent researchers found that Russia employed
    thousands of botnets, human internet “trolls” and networks of Web sites and
    social media accounts to inject false content into online political talk and
    amplify posts from right-wing sites.

    “They want to essentially erode faith in the U.S. government or U.S.
    government interests,” said Clint Watts, a fellow at the Foreign Policy
    Research Institute who co-authored a report about Russian propaganda. “This was
    their standard mode during the Cold War. The problem is that this was hard to
    do before social media.”

    A similar report from PropOrNot, provided to the Post, identifies more
    than 200 websites that routinely pushed Russian propaganda to at least 15
    million Americans, and found that false stories pushed on Facebook were viewed
    more than 213 million times.

    Some stories originated from RT and Sputnik, state-funded Russian
    information services that are more akin to traditional news sites but sometimes
    include false or misleading articles.

    The coverage was overwhelmingly favorable to Donald Trump, and some of the
    most notable examples of fake news garnering major traffic online centered on Hillary Clinton’s
    health, protesters that were allegedly paid to interrupt Trump events, and
    fears about vote tampering.

    “The way that this propaganda apparatus supported Trump was equivalent to
    some massive amount of a media buy,” said the executive director of

    1. gull says

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      1. 32eagle says

        running drugs from south America is risky doing this here is just smoke and mirrors

    2. Jack Smith says

      gotabgood you are an IDIOT Obama was supporting terrorists in Syria Putin and Trump are supporting the legal government. Where I live in Bulgaria were have hundreds of thousands of displaced SYrians thanks to your IDIOT Ovomit. That SOB should be hung. Trump understands the need to stop this war that is harming people in Syria. Ovomit ruined Lybia the most advanced country in Africa with the best life style. Stupid people like you should be shot or at least not allowed to vote. Ovomit caused my family to flee Danbass and 1 family member my son is still there. One daughter went to Kiev the other son is in Russia. The faster we prosecute Ovomit for treason and hang him the better.

      1. pappy450 says

        Just block him, he is a liberal TROLL. Don’t feed the troll… They LOVE it when sensible posters comment on his BLATHER.

      2. gotabgood says

        So you and your family are defecting…and I believe you… why? because you say so??

        You can take your name calling…. your hate… your lies and shove them so far up your ass I can hear them come out your mouth…. I think I hear some more shit come bubbling up in your mouth now..

      3. 32eagle says

        excellent ZipCode delivery !!! mutant mulatto getting hung will make any july 4th -one to remember with a big huge smile because real justice got served !!!

    3. albaby2 says

      Dictator, like someone who needs only a pen and a phone, bypasses the legislative and judicial branches and rules via dictates? Excuse me, I meant executive orders.

        1. albaby2 says

          But you are apparently unable to realize that it it is not the number of executive orders that is the issue, but what the executive orders consisted of. Pardoning a turkey or naming a post office via executive order is far different than using them to bypass Congress or do sn end run around the Constitution.

  5. AL says

    Just look at how STUPID BLACKS ARE TODAY. Most of them have joined the demoKKKrat party just to get welfare and free health care. So those ones are back on the klans plantation

  6. John Lefavour says

    Howard Dean has become a corrupt little man with a big mouth,but Keith Ellison would be a good pick for head of the DNC, but better to lead anew labor or peoples party, as re building the democratic party will be like climbing a mountain.

    1. WEwillsucceed says

      You mispelled “pick” when referring to ellison. You forgot the “r”.

      1. Bobtrhn says

        Muslim lover is a better word.

    2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      Oh good, a new party led by a MUDSLIME, just what this country needs!……..NOT! We had one run this country for eight years, look what happened! He in turn, brought mudslimes into OUR White House! President Trump will clean OUR house!

    3. river says

      Ellison is white hating Musii trash mouth. Oh yea, he wants to represent the ever loving musii heathens in America. Ellison needs to be deported.

      1. Norman says

        Perhaps that “white-hating muslim trash mouth” is EXACTLY what the RNC needs to head the DNC.

        Christian white people abandoning the DNC because of Ellison’s trash mouth is exactly what Republicans need to retain the House and the Senate in 2018 and in 2020 and the Presidency in 2020.

        The DNC will make itself look bad without interference from the RNC!

  7. RsGoat says

    Racism is an odd thing. It can be looking at you in a mirror or mixed with the same condemning words supporting it but always it is in the hands of the accused while the mind of the accuser and their followers rest easy in bearing false witness.

  8. WEwillsucceed says

    The new democrat leaders must members of the BBB (big black boogies). The demo party will soon disappear and the REPARATIONS party will take over now, established by the obamas who have set the tone and example the last 8 years. GOD bless America because when the REPARATIONISTS take over, the end of working for a living will be upon us, funded as always by white America.

  9. Bobtrhn says

    They talk about whites being racist so I’m going to prove that I can be. Fuk you nigga.

  10. ForrestByers says

    You don’t have to be black, Asian or white to be a immoral, socialist – anarchist that kills future generations and steals peoples hard earned money so you can buy patronage !

  11. Albert L Biele says

    The problems in the Democratic Party is not a “Color” problem, it’s a problem involving poor “character, i.e. deception, the implementation of a “Goon-squad “ to attack competitors , outright treachery; unconscionably throwing Burnie Sanders under the bus, negating any possibility of selecting a “People’s Choice Candidate.” And now there’s a suggestion that the leader of the party should be of a specific color. The problem is not “Color,” its poor character, the lack of integrity, fidelity, and patriotism. God created all of mankind in his own image, without a single reference to color or nationality. This country does not belong to political parties or any particular race; it belongs to the people.

  12. dogman4534 says

    Racist if I ever heard it!!!

  13. tax man says

    Yes, no white folks should be allowed in the Democratic Party! Only minorities and oppressed folks need apply! Not just the head, but all the way to the bottom. OOPS – where would they get the money to run campaigns????? That comes from all the White Folks! Oh well.

  14. Allan Scott says

    If the Demo’s had any brains then they’d sit back, take a deep breath, and realize that they’re beliefs, policies, and elected officials have done nothing for America but make it weaker. Thanks obama, thanks for nothing!

  15. observer says

    This black creep should be arrested, and deported either to Haiti … or straight to her monkey land in Africa. Such a disgusting creature fits right into the food chain of lions!

  16. Carol says

    Symone Sanders has no idea what the hell she is talking about! Every single DEMOCRAT MUST see “Hillary’s America”, than, because they wouldn’t believe the facts they will need to FACT CHECK everything. After that their is no way a black person will support the democratic party again. This is a movie that MUST be shown in every school from K thru college………’s definitely an educational movie. Then a must see is “Hacksaw Ridge” and think of all the Americans that enlisted and at early ages to defend America. Then sit back and look at what our high school and college students are doing now. Upset over the outcome of an election, safe zones, can’t take tests, protesting, playing with Legos and coloring books while their parents and the taxpayers throw away money. Think of the difference between the young men and women from then till now. We have a generation of BABIES that are uneducated about the democratic party and the liars running it. Ask your politician about the History of the Democrats, see what they tell you. Ask them why they want to HOLD PEOPLE DOWN. DEMAND answers! Think about what the word “PROGRESSIVE” means. Than stand up and be a REAL AMERICAN, with real values and morals and you will have the TRUTH with you.

  17. Russ says

    White people are the only ones that should lead everything in this country, it was formed only by white people. It seems to me the only thing black people can lead is a gang of rioters and looters.

  18. randy jackson says

    Symone = Racist
    Honestly though, if she got her way, that would doom the DNC.
    That is, if the DNC isn’t already doomed.
    Choose a DNC leader that’s purple, it won’t matter. Unless the DNC realizes that entitlements granted to a few will not win the majority. DNC supported flooding the country with Hispanics. Oops, how’s that working for ya? Hispanics are hard working (something the likes of Symone have long ago forgotten) and have pride (something else the likes of Symone left in the past). So now the DNC shifts to importing un-vetted Syrian refugees. If the DNC get’s enough of these heathen savages (so their logic goes) and the DNC takes credit for giving them food stamps and Obama phones, they’ll vote for DemonRATS. Foolish thought DNC—–they’ll take all your free crap, then rape your dog & slit your throat. All in a perverted attempt to maintain vulgar political power. DNC is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Basically the DNC, Symone, Reid, Pelosi, Ovomit, Mooch, Boxer, the Clinton’s and a few RINO’s like McCain, Graham, McConnell, Bush (all of them), Kasich and every other Returdlicker that failed to support Trump—–well, they just suck. This dastardly group proves that term limits are necessary!

  19. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    The DNC does not need a black OR white leader, it needs someone with integrity and honor, obviously traits that neither Schulz nor Brazille possessed! Oh, almost forgot, We the People, Republican or Democrat, do NOT need a muslim anywhere near any Government seat, not to be trusted!

  20. Carol says

    Symone Sanders you are an uneducated whiner. Grow up, get and education and it’s a must see “Hillary’s America” and “hacksaw Ridge”, check out the facts and then you will learn to SHUT your mouth and never be a part of the democratic party again!

  21. peter says

    Sanders spokes person is obviously an idiot too because Donna Brazille led the DNC and she is black and was a disgrace. Sanders needs to get a real spokes person. DUH!!

    1. Barney Biggs says

      To the contrary Sanders needs to do exactly like he has been doing and that way everybody will see just how goofy they really are. The worst thing we could have is a nutbar in sheeps clothing, appearing normal.

  22. celiayounger says

    what the Democrats should be doing is find a smart psychologist to study the oponen candidate behavior, like mr Trump. He did the same thing with Mr. Obama making a lot of noise about his birth certificate bla bla bla. making a lot of rif raf about this and that … he has been doing the same thing during Hillary’s campain and it was ignored by democrats… she got 2 million more votes than him (problably because the stupid, ignorant racist (and he delivertly did this going agains any voters he knew wont vote for him)t hings he was saying, but democrats, didn’t pay attention to the rest he was doing. we find out after the fact, after the election. Democrats, WAKE UP. something went wrong in this election and smells bad, smells bad fish. how the electoral college elect HIM, WHEN SHE GOT LOT MORE VOTES THAN THIS brat, childlist man.?

  23. Michael Dennewitz says

    We’ve already had a porch monkey running things, and look at what sad shape this damned country is in. Take your blm (boot lip movement) and shove it up your huge black ass!! ?

    1. Evan says


  24. Christine Cuneo says

    Well many people rightly believe black people should not run anything. Look at the cities run by black democrats.

    1. Evan says

      obama has proven for the last 8 years what you say is true!

  25. ONLYJB1 says

    Take second and look at cities such as Chicago and Detroit. These two cities are prime examples of what progressive democrats of color are capable of (not) doing. They have destroyed their cities as well as the residents. “Good Job”?

  26. Joyce White says

    So, the impression I get is that White Democrats have given Black Democrats all the ‘grunt work’ while they get the cushy jobs. Or to put it another way, Black Democrats are still slaves to White Democrats. As for maligning young liberals, from what I have seen of them, maligning is all they deserve. Have I successfully offended everyone?

  27. Ed Levy says

    What a stench of RACISM & SEXISM crap. coming out of the Sanders camp. and the DNC in general. Any hints why they lost the WHITE house & Congress and other statewide election. because Women,white & of color who are intelligent, are tired of the Dems. What has our first BLACK President done to improve lives in general for all Americans and people of color in particular, He supports BLM instead of ALM(all lives matter). I am a FORMER DEMOCRAT, TURNED INDEPENDENT

  28. snowyriver says

    The DNC has sunk to unpresedented levels because of Oblamas tactics.

  29. unbridled says

    Don’t worry about about that you racist black b!tch! You’ll be happy to know that a BLACK RADICAL MUSLIM by the name of Keith Ellison is in the cross hairs of the DNC for that very position. No doubt, he’ll get it. SO, get your Hijab, your Burqa and your Chastity Belt out of moth balls. You’re going to need them, A$$hole!….

  30. junkmailbin says

    The Democrats eleite still operaters under its podt Civil Mandate. That is ” Black is beautifou, tan is grans, but white is still the color of the big boss man.”

  31. Kate says

    When will they learn it is the blacks who’ve destroyed themselves in the DNC? If it hadn’t been for the whites the blacks wouldn’t be in any position of authority. We allowed them in due to ‘diversity’. Look where we have ended up. We gave them more than any other ethnic group and they still screw things up.

  32. James Maxwell says

    Sanders and his entire organization need to be place in a “safe space” before they harm themselves.
    They are proving they are plain and simple bigoted Racist of the worse type. They hate themselves
    and every one around them. Perhaps if they read Dr Martin Luther King’s words and heeded them
    our nation could end the B/S they are spewing to cause hatred and ignorance in their community.
    Remember the words “Judge a person by the content of their heart, not the color of their skin” that
    was a strong message when it was first spoke and even more so in todays world. It is the old
    Racist like Jessie Jacks, Al Sharpton, Obama and others who use it to stir up hatred and discontent
    rather than urging other to work to improve their stature in our society and be responsible for
    their own lot in life.

  33. Chuck says

    Gee. I didn’t know we divide up our political parties by race! But, what do I know?
    GOD save the Republic from idiots like this!

  34. Patriot says

    The DNC is in pretty bad shape right now but a non-white leader will not make things any better.

  35. james andrade says

    This guy is a BB brain. Democratic Party ran away from it’s supporters by focusing on an agenda that rewards criminal acts. I am for hard working, God fearing, USA loving Citizens period. I f you don’t like this Country get out!! If you don’t want to work and you think this Country owes you something. We have it for you. A prison cell. If you committed a crime by coming here illegally we are going to create an atmosphere where you will self deport. It is illegal to hire or rent to illegals. It should be a crime for illegals to get any type of public assistance, food stamps or grants for college.

    1. 32eagle says

      absolutely right !!!

  36. Ron C says

    The democrat party is anti-Semitic, yet the Jewish people flock to it? The democrat party is the party of the KKK, yet the Black’s flock to it? The democrat party doesn’t allow fair elections, yet collage educated people flock to it? Now the democrat party wants to be lead by a Muslim racist, and the people in the democrat party don’t even blink an eye…insanity is the only thing that can explain it…???

    1. 32eagle says

      my comment hits that fool dead square in his muslim G@Y @$$ funny how we are cyber posting neigbors

      1. Ron C says

        I was referring to Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) as the racist to lead the DNC, But after rereading the post I see your point….they have been lead by a racist Muslim for eight years…

        1. 32eagle says

          yes-I do not even know what Ellison looks like but I sure was happy that Trump took Michigan I can’t wait until this immigration situation gets seriously dealt with

  37. says

    By all means let the negros, they do real well running things, RIGHT IN THE GROUND ! Just a observation…

  38. Nick and Nora says


  39. Janet Julien says

    If our black bretheren don’t like the way things are here, there is nothing stopping them on getting transportation to someplace that they might like better. Of course, that means leaving behind all the money and other social services they can bilk from welfare and we ALL know how well THAT will go over…

  40. 32eagle says

    I believe in free speech she thinks she has a point but in relativity to FagMander-this gay freak illegal alien whitehouse trespasser crook pretty much pushes things over to the opposite-all the white people in both sides of the aisle were USA citizens except for him-who made him GOD?

  41. RST54 says

    Symone Sanders – is she Bernie’s daughter?

  42. phil says

    And we conservatives are called racist!! Mmmmm seems not.

  43. IgnoreTheFools says

    Well it seems the lady wants black Muslim socialists from top to bottom, praise the lord says republicans

  44. The Dutchman says
  45. David in MA says

    How stupid can people be?
    Look around the globe at every country controlled by non-white people and take note of how well off they are, look at china, is this what some want? Or, how about Haiti, Mexico, N.K., the Arab nations, S.A. countries and there is Africa, especially S. Africa, the Mau Mau drove the white farmers off the land, land which was agriculturally productive, now they are starving. And there are fools who wish this on America?
    Buy Rope.

    1. Ron C says

      That is why the globalist puppet-masters are so evil, they spread misery world wide, and for what a few more shekels…??? That is what the election was all about, either a free sovereign nation, or a world dictatorship with the globalist in charge! If they murder Trump like they did Kennedy, then all bets will be off!

      1. David in MA says

        I agree.

      2. Retired says

        Bill Clinton -Obama and Hillary , all puppets to the UN and Bilderberg group.

  46. robert sanders says

    I wonder what makes her think anybody can run the DNC. Just throw them in the trash can and make believe they dont exist.

    1. Retired says

      Be thank full Reid is gone, next should be Pelosi – Feinstein and Warren.

      1. robert sanders says


        1. Retired says

          Don’t worry I know of the bad apples in both parties , lets hope that Trump gets the Republicans to unite .

  47. GuardianFlame says

    The dems brought in the term “racist” and their milk chocilate leader ran with it. Not only did the biggest RACIST (muslim black undercover terrorist) promise his black brethern new lives while he destroys “whitey”, but he went golfing with the black’s mega successful sports stars totally ignoring those promises to the MAJORITY of the hurting black population. The fact that this woman “thinks” the democratic party should be run by blacks just shows you how very removed the successful ones are from their own race’s issues.

    The Democratic Party needs a major overhaul and new slogans and new blood with sane ideas. It’s going to take decades before the White Working Class ever believes the words of a democrat unless they rethink their hurtful and off the wall ideologies about what straight, faith based Americans believe to be important.

    Liberals dove off the highest cliffs with obama and expected a nation fragmenting from his twisted destructuve actions ti grab hold of an even more twisted corruptive candidate. Well folks, hrc was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the WWC wants absolutely nithing to do with the insanity of a failing and radicalized political party. WE ARE DONE WITH CRAZY AND IRRESPONSIBLE! Time for Conservatives to clean up the messes the liberals akways leave because lliberals are not visionaries but govern without thought or responsibility. Time to kick the fox out of the hen house while we still have a few hens left. The dems don’t need new leaders, they need to restructure their party’s objectives and stop telling Americans how to live their lives…period.

    1. Ron C says

      The dems have been bought and paid for like crack whores, by the globalist! One puppet-master in particular is George “Hungarian Schwartz” Soros!

      1. GuardianFlame says

        Yes, I am well read on Soros – both via the Web and via family members who immigrated decades ago from Hungary and still have family over there. The Hungarians hate Soros and want nothing to do with him. I married into this family and have learned how dedicated to the U.S. they are and such hard working people. When they talk of him it is with disgust, complete and honest disgust.

        No one should trust him…no one. He turned in his own mother and father to the Natzis for a handful of change. He is a Bad Seed full of evil, power lusting and greed and his sons are following in his footsteps. Americans should start a “Petition to Remove the Soros Family from America” permanently! Bet we could get more than enough signatures to have them banned. What do you think?

  48. Dan says

    Why not go by percentage of the population. If blacks are 15% of the population then those holding office and are black should comprise 15% of elected officials.

  49. Airborne869 says

    By G_D…they NEED The Obama to led the DNC…lol…

  50. Airborne869 says

    Obama’s experiment of trying to “ANIMAL FARM” AMERICA
    will be over on Jan. 20, 2017…
    The “animalism” of Obama and the Liberal Media seeks to unite all of the LIBERALS as being “equal” under their shared status as democrats and keep them loyal to each other, but not telling them that “some animals are more equal than others”.
    They’ve become “comrades in arms” in a WAR against Republicans and Christians and anyone who is NOT a Marxist Socialist Communist…
    The skillful rhetorical manipulation of “Squealer” OBAMA is over.
    It’s hard to tell demokkkratic pigs from the humans and vice versa.
    It’s time the “glue factory” comes and gets them!

  51. Tiger says

    Good get all Muslims and Blacks and then throw out God, the American flag, Israel, Christianity and the Military and let us see you fall into oblivion because by 2020 Trump will have secured our country, secured the border, gotten the economy rolling, taken out illegals and refugees, America will be rocking and rolling and our enemies know we mean business our military back to snuff and we will wave a hardy goodbye to you SOB;s.

    1. Retired says

      There would be more daily Killings than what we have now.

      1. Tiger says

        There is going to be killings if this situation doesn’t stop. As to those in the DNC they are not in charge of the country anymore. They have no representation. They are done with overriding the Constitution and Law and Order. Trump is the Real Deal.

  52. bill14729 . says

    In all my years I have never seen America so Racist since Obama has Become President and it’s the Blacks doing it.

    1. Retired says

      The ACLU – Media and Democrat are the ones pushing it.

  53. Linda Lee says

    Bernie is a moron, a total out and out moron. What does he want, a DNC that only represents minorities? He’s what is wrong with this country right now. He advocates further division among the races and classes. He’s a rank Bolshevik without a brain in his damned head.

    1. Norman says

      I think you hit on something! You are such a genius, Linda. Let’s hope the DNC splits into the Black DNC, the White DNC, the Hispanic DNC then they can fight among themselves and leave the RNC alone.

  54. R. T. says

    Scene MLK things got better between races for some 30 years then we got our first black president ( Chicago politician and agitator ) . He was the one to make black thugs the heroes and the police the bad guys . Told blacks how bad they were treated using examples from 100+ years ago . What he didn’t tell them is the democrats in the south were the ones that came up with the laws to keep them down and living in ghettos , and created the KKK .

  55. buddman says

    Well Lets see the Demonrats are Looking at a Black Muzscum Terrorist to Lead the DNC Keith Ellison He sure ain’t white and hates Americans He is highly qualified to lead the Dems down the S hitter !!!

  56. melmack 1 says

    Bernie never held a job. Bernie was always in the handout line taking from working people.
    The man is a TOTAL LEFTY LOONY with no mind to learn anything of any importance or
    anything that will actually do any good !!!

    1. Airborne869 says

      Hillary Clinton
      to be a lawyer but got fired…
      Married Old Bill and lives of the Public doe ever since.

      1. melmack 1 says

        Pathetic B….ds arn’t they! But they still believe how smart and wonderful they are.
        Totally amazing !!

  57. says

    Let’s see. The DNC could stand for The N(?) Convention. Folks that just is not nice.

  58. Philomena says

    That Racist Black Woman should stop talking stupid. Mr. Racist Obama already messed up the USA, now that Racist Black woman wants to destroy the USA entirely. Does she plan on moving to Zimbabwe?

    1. Retired says

      People like her – Sharpton and Jackson would not survive there very long. That would also be a good place for the Obamas and Clintons.

  59. Watchdogman says

    What Democrat party? Oh, you mean the Communist party aka Democrat party..Full of idiots, black, whites and etc. The smart blacks, whites and etc belong to the Republican party.

  60. Natalie says

    The Democratic party is diverse, and as we are constantly hypocritically, falsely and pompously proclaiming we are the tolerant, compassionate ones. So we should exclude one group of people based on race says the raging moron. Who cannot figure out why her party lost.

  61. Obie Miller says

    Opinions are like noses in that everyone has one, and theirs is always more important to them than is anyone else’s. When considering an opinion, one must consider the source and the reason for it.

  62. john says

    Let the Niggers rules da Commiecrats pardeey ! De gives outs Popeye’s and KoolAids to everys Nigger!

    1. Airborne869 says

      Once THEY start ruling…REPARATIONS won’t be far behind…on the White dime..

  63. Sean Rickmin says

    These people just do NOT get it.Mr.Trump was elected by AMERICANS that love this country.I think that mainstream AMERICA is sick and tired of the bullying of AMERICANS by the obamas,BOTH,the Clintons,BOTH,and the liberals that think that they are mainstream AMERICA.Well do I have something to say to you liberals,you are the worst threat to our country and if you don’t like what the real AMERICANS are doing,get your butts to someplace where they will accept your ideals and your way of life.

  64. 1josephg1 says

    Typical response from the whinny left. More division and always someone else at fault

    . Your actions are the exact reason why DT was elected.

  65. Sean Rickmin says

    Why is it when a black person thinks he above a white person,it’s black pride,and when a white person is proud of being white,it’s racism.Thank you mr.obama and all of the rest of you liberals.

    1. Jr1776 says

      I would not go so far to call him mister ! He’s a pole smoker Muslim traitor

  66. Airborne869 says

    Blacks wishing “they” they were back in the Jungle’s of Africa…
    were there was “tribalism.”

  67. Jr1776 says

    Really dumb people say things like this ! Intelligence and common sense is like a superpower nowadays

  68. Jr1776 says

    They lost the election poor baby’s ! Let’s give them a trophy anyway

  69. rsgonner says

    The democrats are so far along the road to self-destruction one can only wish them full speed ahead. YES! Get an islamist to lead your party! YES, push away the working-class who used to be your base! Redouble your efforts to win disaffected snowflakes without a moral compass. All the decent people of every color and every ethnic background will be flocking to the new conservative party. The truths that supported the American Revolution still resonate today. Let them go on their road to slavery.

  70. Evan says

    Who cares what this IDIOT has to say!

  71. Ken says says

    Privileged Whites should not lead the Democratic Party – Racists Blacks don’t know how to lead the Democratic Party – Latinos care less about the Democratic Party – I guess that leaves a smart Asian to head the Party……lol. Liberal DEMs and RINOs should form the Establishment Party

  72. Obie Miller says

    The very statement that “we don’t need white people leading the democratic party” appears, to me, to be itself a very racist statement!…….just saying….

  73. PJ says

    Proving, without any doubt whatsoever, that those that scream racist and bigot the most and the loudest, are actually the racist and bigots themselves. This racist rhetoric spewing from the DNC, and those related to the DNC, is absolutely vulgar and disgusting. The fact that NO ONE in the DNC speaks out against this rhetoric speaks VOLUMES!!

    However, keep it up, DNC racists, you are securing the country for those with actual morals and values. Those virtues (morals and values) are incredibly foreign to you folks. You do not respect any one or anything. You are NOT the future of this, or any other, country! All of you protesters, most of whom are students living off their parents (better word is sponging) and those that would prefer to never work and live off the government, WAKE UP!!! The money is running out, Obama has seen to that. It will happen during the Trump administration, but this is ALL on Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, Warren and the other spend and tax democrats who have NO CONCEPT of fiscal responsibility!!

  74. Larry Cowden says

    The Democratic social experiment for the last 8 years has nearly destroyed this country. And it has destroyed their party! And that bimbo thinks blacks should now run the DNC? Where has she been?
    Under a rock?

  75. randy jackson says

    That’s one ugly, stupid racist—-uck—–damned ugly.
    Uglier than Ovomit—–that’s really ugly!

    1. JYuma says

      Butt ,is she “UGLYER” that Hillary?
      Now THATS UGLY!

      1. randy jackson says

        They may be tied for last.

      2. CCblogging says

        I read your post in which you called a poster a dumb ass because of their spelling. You are just as ignorant. Your UGLYER is correctly spelled UGLIER.

        1. JYuma says


  76. harold says

    If she is a spokesman for Crazy Bernie ,that explains everything!!!!!!

  77. Dorothy Foster says

    should have known she was black…. lol bunch of b.s.

  78. JYuma says

    You do have to give people like her a pat on the Back though. They are 14% of the population and “FEEL” that they are in control of the other 86%. That takes some REAL BIG BALLS.
    I equate it to a Flea walking up and Elephants leg with “RAPE” on it’s mind.

  79. liberaldisgust says

    She’s a f^cking racist hater …… who gives a f^ck what they think …..

  80. CCblogging says


    There are African Americans,
    Mexican Americans,
    Asian Americans,
    Arab Americans,
    Native Americans, etc.
    …And then there are just –

    You have the United Negro College Fund.
    You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month.
    You have Cesar Chavez Day.
    You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP.
    And you have BET.

    If we had WET
    (White Entertainment Television)
    … We’d be racists.

    If we had a White Pride Day
    … You would call us racists.

    Then there is so-called
    gay pride day

    If we had White History Month
    … We’d be racists.

    If we had a White Miss America Contest
    …We’d be racists

    If we had any organization for only whites
    To “advance” OUR lives
    … We’d be racists.

    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,
    A Black Chamber of Commerce,
    And then we just have the plain
    Chamber of Commerce.
    Wonder who pays for that?

    If we had a college fund that only gave
    White students scholarships
    … You know we’d be racists.

    There are over 60 openly proclaimed
    Black-only Colleges in the US,
    Yet if there were “White-only Colleges”
    … THAT would be a racist college.

    In the Million Man March,
    You believed that you were
    Marching for your race and rights.
    If we marched for our race and rights,
    … You would call us racists.

    You are proud to be black,
    Brown, yellow and orange,
    And you’re not afraid to announce it.
    But when we announce our white pride
    …You know we would be racists

    If a white police officer
    Shoots a black gang member
    Or beats up a black drug-dealer
    Who is running from the LAW and
    Posing a threat to ALL of society
    … You call him a racist.

    …If you are white and don’t support Obama’s Marxist change, then you are a racist.

    …If you are black and don’t support Obama’s Marxist change, then you are an Uncle Tom

    …If you are black and you voted for Obama because he is considered black, what are you?

    You call me a racist.

    1. JYuma says

      There are African Americans,

      Mexican Americans,

      Asian Americans,

      Arab Americans,

      Native Americans, etc.

      Not!Not Ever.

      If one is BORN Citizen of this country, within one of our 50 states. Then that person is an AMERICAN.
      If the person is of another Race, or who’s family is of another National origin then they are American- Whatever.
      They are NEVER WHATEVER – American.

      1. CCblogging says

        Go preach to your racist Democrats goofball.

        1. JYuma says

          Go learn how to read. There is Not one word in that post that is Racist.
          Ya Freaking IDIOT.
          Re-Read what I wrote.

          1. Kol says

            You do tend to be rather a snot, don’t you!?!? Wipe off your chin. The snot’s dribbling down it onto your keyboard as you type. So wipe off your chin and then clean your keyboard before you send insulting, name-calling, nasty posts and your snotty remarks!

          2. JYuma says

            Just fallowing your lead. I have read your past posts. Bitch.

          3. Kol says

            Your adult acne is ruining this party.

  81. Jeff Horton says

    And this statement isn’t Racist??? LOL That is all they got or want. It really sounds like they would like to see a race war. If this is how they truly feel. Whats wrong with a person who had worked hard to get there honestly no matter the race?

  82. SIRWIZARD says

    OK. I agree. You don’t need no stinking’ WHITE people to lead the DNC. That way, you can run it like you ran Detroit or the way you run Ferguson. I think that would be GREAT. Just think, you could “Make the DNC Great Again”…sort of.

  83. denoferth says

    I wonder just how many Americans are actually dumb enough to believe these racist commie traitors?

  84. Tpatriot says

    There must be a donkey (ass) in some zoo that is bored and would like a challenge.

  85. hopealda says

    It does not matter what race, color, skin color, or religion leads the Democratic Party (as Chair). They just need a good person who is wise, saavy, understands what really needs to be done to get back on track, and who has good morals. In fact, the democratic party looked quite ‘interesting’ with respect to the republicans when they were running for president in this latest election. It was quite glaring that republicans posed 17 qualified candidates, to democrats 4 candidates! Democrats need to really recruit some high caliber presidential candidates for the 2020 election. I know they have them, by the bucket-loads. They just need to get brave, and show us what they have to offer the country by way of leadership.

  86. john says

    Lets not fergets da worn Cadillacs I hads too of dem and RECTUM bof

  87. John says

    This person I call a nigger, not having anything to do with her skin color, I would say the same thing if she were white. The reason I call her this is because she is one of the lowest, stupidest , raciest persons on the planet. What kind of shit spiels from her mouth is total bullshit and hate. People like her do not need to be representing any party, Democrats , Republican or for that matter Micky Mose. So I say to her, Shut the hell up, no buddy want to here what comes out of your mouth.

    1. JYuma says

      Any person that uses words of that order have not credentials to explain anything, as you are more than a low educated, illiterate than that of whom they are using words as that about.
      In other words. Your A dumb ass low life piece of Racist shit.
      Do not reply as I will Block you now.

  88. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    Exactly how is this not bigoted?

  89. Alleged Comment says

    DEMONCRAPS finally showing their true colors and agendas. It’s not a rainbow they were leading you too. But just plain old BLACK AND WHITE!

    Pit one against the other Be a THORN on whitey’s side. The angry fire breathing Negro down your neck. Chained and trained by his white handlers and ready to be UNLEASHED on you for all the wrong when you FREED the negro from Demoncraps.

  90. Lary Breeding says

    I guess that she hasn’t figured out that Sanders is white. Certainly this is proof that there are racist’s in all parties and in all races. I also guess that she has forgotten that it was the female chair of the DNC that cheated Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton.

  91. JOHN PHELPS says

    Good Idea! also get the number down to the percentage of ‘AFRICAN AMERICANS”

  92. JOE says

    Symone Sanders=YOUR BRAIN ON CRACK! demoRAT party=murder=RAPE=ANTI-1ST.AND 2ND.AMENDMENT=looting=burning the MF down=abortion=kkk=slavery=muslim terrorists=high taxes=poverty=fixed elections=illegitimate kids=baby killers=crack heads=welfare=illegal aliens=homosexuality=beastiality=Pedophilia,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?.

  93. 8554tom . says


  94. SouthernPatriot says

    Demented Democrats will pick demented leftists, maybe even a Nation of Islam,Muslim moon-worshiping devil to lead them. Demented Democrats claim they know better how to spend our money than they do, they know better about everything than we do. That is one major factor in the reason they are not in control of either chamber in Congress, nor the presidency. I hope they stay demented for a long time.

  95. gotcha1 says

    Symone Sanders, a Bernie supporter, says the DNC should be looking for someone other than “WHITE” to lead the Democratic Party forward. How about that a blatant racist coming out of the closet! Wow! Now which party is considered racist? The Democratic is definitely, without a doubt, the party of racists and bigots! Proven from a died in the wool democrat! Surely this person cannot be an American!

  96. Mathew Molk says

    Who’s the racist now?

    Maybe they should talk to people like Ben Carson and Niger Innis. American men first, ,,, Good men too…..and they happen to be black men, but to be honest I never really think of them that way.

    Who cares what the communists think, though. The got they keesters handed to them n a plate and are no longer a viable force in this country,,,,Again. Let’s talk about firing up the HUAC again…

  97. Irene Pfannenstiel says

    All people were created equal. Reverse discrimination must stop. The Dems are the worst racists ever!

    1. JYuma says

      No,No we were, are not created equal . Never were, never will be.
      We do however start at the same point. Birth. Thats IT.
      In real life it is the survival of the fittest.
      All Discrimination MUST stop, it Will not, butt it should.
      Democrats are just one part of the Racist groups.

  98. sweetolbob says

    Atta Boy Bermie ! Throw out a line to those racist N uh Culluhd folks that don’ wanna do nufffin but git de free stuff to go wit dere free phones. Ain’ none o’ dem honkies gonna vote fer yew ennyhow less dey wanna git a free degreee in “feelins” or “whinin” or “female stuff” an’ den dey be tryin’ to sell T-shirts whut say somethin’ dirty outta momma’s basement.
    :You kin hep ’em, Bernie Boy, take over frum de other racists whut are runnin’ de democRAT party.

  99. CharlyO says

    Blacks are their own worst enemy. If they studied their own history instead of listening to their leadership they would understand that they are generally on the wrong side. Of course, many would have to accept the concept of law and order which is unacceptable to them!

  100. RobGA says

    So the Democratic Party is to be based on race? That is your suggestion? You do realize that a political party based on one race would legitimize other political parties based on other races and that would permanently tear apart this nation. Is that what you want?

  101. 4mingthoughts says

    The person they choose should be chosen for their ability and experience. NEVER EVER EVER should ANYONE be chosen for anything just because of their skin color UNLESS it’s of course for a role in theater where specifics are a necessary sometimes when casting. Political offices… NEVER.

  102. Ginger says

    The Democratic Party has become a divisive party that depends on identity politics in order to appeal to certain factions. What a disgrace. People like Ms. Sanders and groups like BLM are the reason why there is racism against blacks because there are certain blacks who are racist against whites and others. No wonder the DNC is trying to get as many illegal aliens in the country and converted to Democrats. Otherwise, the party is going to eventually fade away and become a non-issue. It’s ashame that the DNC has become the party of the liberal, elite establishment like Obama and Hillary, where they are really run by a group of white, rich men, like George Soros, and people with the Third Way, a group of investment bankers, but then use some blacks and women to be the face of the DNC to appeal to some of the low information voters.

  103. Norman says

    So the DNC should NOT be lead by a WHITE person?

    Which political party bases its decisions on RACE instead of abilities and qualifications? Not the demonRAT party.

    Doesn’t that make the DNC a racist organization for discriminating against WHITE people?

    Oh, wait, RACISM is only possible when BLACK people are discriminated against because everyone knows BLACK people can’t be racists. Right? After all, only WHITE people can be racists.

  104. James Bryson says

    When you write God out of your party platform (see the devolution 2004-date) and you advocate for publicly funded infanticide…you deserve whoever you pick.

    Enough is enough.

  105. Ralph H Moran says

    I agree with her, The DNC has always said that they are for the little man and yet they never do anything that supports the little man, so let the DNC be the party of and for the minority and be run by minorities. Let us see who actually helps the minorities we already know the Republican party does.

  106. Mike Slaney says

    Amazing, to review History I see the tragedy of the Destruction of the Democratic Party. The last straw was in the Clinton Era, when the Party stated, “we will no longer have GOD in/on our platform.” If I recall correctly. That was the last act of lawlessness and rebellion, and GOD said, “have it your way!” Since then, Satan has had a field day. Humanism, Socialism and Communism are the end results of the rejection of GOD is Society. The last form of Human Government on planet earth will be Anti-Christ indwelt by Satan From Rome in a New World Order. (NWO) The revived Roman Empire, One World Government, military, religion and so on, Babylon all over again, and yes Babylon will be destroyed, again, never to rise.

  107. Kate says

    You are so right. Let the blacks lead the dems. They’ve done such a great job so far. The only ethnic group who has blamed everyone else for their short comings even after 50 years of affirmative action and freebies. Yes, by all means run the dnc.

  108. AL says

    I just PRAY that every time the demoKKKrats burn a cross that it falls on them.

  109. Gerri says

    My,my,my, who are the racist now!!!! Wow I can’t imagine if the shoe were on the other foot what riots would ensue if the Republicans said no blacks should lead our party!!!!!!!

  110. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  111. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  112. randy jackson says

    A black person should lead the DNC.
    Symone Sanders would be perfect.
    That would be the final nail in the coffin of the Nazi, Socialist, open border, globalist DNC Party.

  113. figmo says

    Advocating that an employment position should be filled based on race is racism plain and simple. If a republican advocated that only a white person should chair the RNC the race baiting scum would have a s___t fit. Whomever advocated it would be drummed out of politics. Kind of like the mayor in West Virginia who referred to Michelle as an “ape in heels” when discussing our soon to be new first lady. I’m so looking forward to the death of political correctness. It is nothing more than an evil tool that is used to control white people. I say that because when a white person says something that the self anointed “experts” deem to be racist, the media never quits going after that person. When a Black or other “minority” says the same thing, so what, just another day at the office. No, not only does the minority or liberal white
    racist not lose his or her job, but he or she does not even have to make an apology While the white must make a profound heart felt apology and then get the boot.

  114. Roy says

    The problem is that Bernie Sanders is an independent. He’s not a real Demonrat. So, he’s not privy to the inner workings and secrets of the real Demonrat leadership. If he was, he would know that the leadership of the Demonrat Party HAS TO be white. Why? Because their entire program is to create a totalitarian government run by them in this country. And they started by picking the easiest targets, minorities, and working their butts off for decades to make sure that they could keep as many minorities as possible in economic slavery and chained (yes I used the word chained) to the Demonrat political plantation. The rest of the minorities, those that managed to escape the plantation, they have striven to keep indoctrinated and tied to the plantation with political chains. With the minorities under ‘control’, they could then go after working to enslave the rest of us through manipulation and cheating using our own political process.

    If they really let a minority person run the Demonrat Party, that person would learn the truth of their goals. Now, like Donna Brazile, the minority chosen might not care as long as they get to keep their own political power. But do they dare take that chance? Or do they take someone like Ellison, who has his own Muslim agenda, let him in on the secret, offer to help him advance his own agenda (as they have already been doing) in return for keeping silent about theirs? If he/she is willing to go along, great. If not, there are always car accidents, heart attacks and fake suicides to fall back on. He wouldn’t be the first casualty in the Demonrat/liberal/progressive war on the Constitution, the constitutional republic and personal liberty for all Americans.

  115. albany le says

    Bernie Sanders===go to hell…

  116. RONALD WIEDER says

    Black imbeciles shouldn’t either !

  117. MIKE6080 says

    White people shouldnt be in the progressive liberal demonrat party

  118. Laurence Almand says

    Note about so-called “race” – if you do research about American history you will learn that there was a great deal of mixing of the races in all states, especially White males having children by Black women, slaves or mistresses. The great majority of “Black” people in the USA are actually part White anyway, so classification is rather a moot point.

    1. Norman says

      Ever notice “black” Americans are brown compared to actual Africans?

  119. Norman says

    Let’s hope Keith Ellison does become the chairman of the DNC. He is so radical he will divide the democRATs.

    The radical democRATs can’t get much more radical with Keith Ellison leading the DNC. The moderate democRATs may actually come to their senses when they realize the DNC has abandoned them to support radicalism. Hence, many of the moderate democRATs will have political epiphanies and may decide to vote for Republican candidates or choose not to vote at all.

  120. RONALD WIEDER says

    If they don’t where will the intellectual intelligence come from ?

  121. JYuma says

    The Democrat party is Half dead. I hope, prey that they do place A racist, Muslim, Communist has the leader. For if they do it will cease to be a National Party.
    Wieder, There has be no Intellectual Intelligence in the Democrat Party sense 1968.
    There is Very little in the Republican Party to day also.

  122. Sweetie Pie says

    They are going to push this race thing until there is a race war. Little do they know, we’ve been ready for a long time. Bring it b*tches!

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