School Election Brings Racial Controversy


In a month filled with evil Jack O’lanterns, cackling witches, and ghoulish fiends, a principal in San Francisco has done something that will really scare you. Following a student government election at Everett Middle School, principal Lena Van Haren decided to withhold the results because there were too many whites and asians voted into office.

Lena Van Haren. Even her name makes her sound like a Halloween villain.

Four days after the election, the dreaded Van Haren wrote an email to parents explaining why she felt it necessary to thwart the democratic process.

“This is complex, but as a parent and a principal, I truly believe it behooves us to be thoughtful about our next steps here so that we can have a diverse student council that is truly representative of all voices at Everett,” she wrote.

Later questioned about her decision to keep the results under wraps, Van Haren dispensed with the filler. “It’s not okay for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white,” she said, before scanning the sky for falling houses.

The students who participated in the election are calling shenanigans. 7th grader Sebastian Kaplan told a local news station that he felt disenchanted. “The organizers are saying things like, ‘we want everyone’s voice to be heard,’ but in truth, the voters’ voices are not being heard,” he said. “The whole school voted for those people, so it is not like people rigged the game, but in a way, now it is kinda being rigged.”

Kaplan wasn’t the only one upset. Parents responded negatively to Van Haren’s meddling, the media got involved, and even in liberal San Francisco, people largely came out against the dark queen. She subsequently released a statement acknowledging the backlash, though she did not admit to any mistakes in judgment. She did, however, announce the election results.

What the evil Van Haren plans to do next has the villagers nervous. Will she abide by the results? Will she create new student administration positions to force ethnic diversity? Will she release her flying monkeys? We do not know.

What we do know is that Democrats will be watching and learning. Is this possible yet? Can we nullify elections if they don’t accurately reflect the population at large?

Of course not. Not now. But what if it starts in schools? What if a generation of kids grow up knowing that election results are subject to change if the winners aren’t diverse enough? A number of these kids would reach adulthood and wonder why we don’t do something like that in our actual elections. An enterprising liberal writer or two would champion the cause. Academics would drum up some studies about why it should be done. It wouldn’t happen overnight, but do you really think it couldn’t happen?

Once again, liberals prove themselves scarier than the undead.

  1. Gary Daniel says

    Bay area logic.

    1. FloridaBoyee says

      Feinstein & Peloski cannot wait and FLY on their broomsticks back there and commend this principal!! She showed that you must start “educating” these students at an EARLY AGE!! This is ridiculous!! But it happens every day!!

  2. Bryce says

    This is not a newsworthy story in any sense, it simply serves as an allegory for the deterioration of democracy – which the author has ironically pointed at democrats, while the GOP receives billions in bribes from big corporations. The principal does have a reasonable point, however – at some point systemic racism must be condemned, and a hard line stance must be taken against it. By speaking out, Van Haren admits that it exists, which so enrages the white majority that they feel a need to slander an otherwise ethical perspective, if not decision. Were this of federal import, clearly it would be an abuse of power – but a student council serves to work with the school administration so as to best represent the entire student body, not just the ethnic majority. Ideally the school would appoint additional members to the council in addition to those already elected, members that could better represent the demographic, but would not take the power away from student votes. Student elections do in no way serve to educate students on the election process, as it largely nothing more than a popularity contest – the “candidates” don’t have deeply divided agendas – if this is the best way students are taught about elections, clearly there is a much larger problem at hand than the implications that the students will grow up believing this is ethical – we should not want students to grow up to “believe” anything – the word has no place in an academic environment – students, if they are not now, should learn about elections academically – and this serves only to skew that perspective, even were it not objected to.

    1. RMCSRET says

      Hey Bryce what is the Racial Break down in this school. How many Whites, How many Blacks,
      How many Hispanics, How many Asians? Can you answer this for us please?

      1. Bryce says

        The article did not provide that information, but clearly you’ve got internet – why not do the research yourself? But to be entirely honest, it doesn’t matter apart from the fact that there are clearly a high number of non-Caucasian students, otherwise I trust the issue would not have arisen – besides which, by demographics alone this can be presumed – the school is in San Francisco.

        1. RMCSRET says

          So clearly you are totally okay with what this Principal has done? It is totally ok
          to violate the votes of the people who voted. What if it was a situation where there
          were eighty percent blacks or Hispanics voted in and only 20 percent of the
          minority were white would you feel the exact same way? Now I know you will be
          HONEST RIGHT?

          1. Bryce says

            No, what I am saying is that the principal did the wrong thing in her actions, but in speaking out absolutely did the right thing – something had to be done, but what she did was the wrong decision. I still, however, think she was the most morally commendable in the situation, just that she may not have been as competent as the article makes her out to be – what I am saying is that she is not evil, insofar as she had no malicious intent.

            And if the Hispanics voted in the same sense, I would have less of a problem with it, considering Caucasians are not the victims of systemic racism in this society. Groups must be in some way represented, but circumstance serves to represent the majority of white people (in comparison to African Americans or Hispanics) far too much as it stands.

        2. RMCSRET says

          So in your mind she is good for basically violating other folks VOTING RIGHTs.

          1. Bryce says

            Firstly, the voting was not a right, but that is beside the point. As I have said throughout this thread, I disagree with her violation of the election – but action had to be taken nonetheless. She chose the wrong action – better she had simply appointed further representatives than compromise the vote, but at least she did something – and that something was better than nothing.

          2. RMCSRET says

            So Bryce you are a Marxist then right? It seems when elections are held the
            rules of that election give every who votes the RIGHT to that vote. Secondly what
            was the REASON that she had to violate the Rights of the Students who voted?
            So much like our own politicians in the OBAMA REGIME you seem to believe
            if it is not upholding your thought process then it must be wrong and thus
            must be changed and or shot down. Is that pretty much what you think?

    2. CCblogging says

      Multi-Culture and political correctness will be the downfall of America.

      1. Raul says

        Hang in there, we’ll persevere. It will be the downfall of the liberal left. Never give in, never give up.

      2. Bryce says

        Political incorrectness is what breeds terrorists, and turns the international community as a whole against us – if you’re wondering why people worldwide use America as an metaphor for crassness, look in a mirror.

        And by the way, America wouldn’t exist without “multi-culturalism” – America was founded by settlers of a variety of ethnic backgrounds, their individual cultures contributing greatly to the economic, social and political structure of this nation – if we at this point cut it off, we’re essentially just in-breeding and over-steeping – multiculturalism is the only thing that allows America to grow as a nation – if we want to catch up to the rest of the first world we once led due to multiculturalism, that’s a lesson we need to learn.

        1. CCblogging says

          Nonsense, MC Translation: “importing enemies to America” and PC Translation: “the art of lying to yourself” are destroying the very fabric of America. You left wing globalists want to change our Republic into a Communist/Socialist cesspool. What you advocate for is not in America’s interest at all.

          1. Bryce says

            I’ve not heard these terms “MC” and “PC” – care to explain exactly what these acronyms mean? PC is Progressive-Conservative? And democratic socialism is something entirely different from Communism – what I advocate is for America, where America means the vast majority, rather than the handful of billionaires who own this country – I believe we should all pay more taxes, and in return have more services, more provided for average Americans, rather than the “old-stock” Caucasian patriarchy.

    3. Brenda says

      “While the GOP receives billions in bribes from big corporations”, are you for real? The Democrats receive billions in bribes from big corporations, unions, movie stars, foreign interest, and Soros. So each party receives their “fair share” of big money from their own big money sources.
      Your “systemic racism” does not apply to this situation. First of all, ALL STUDENTS were free to put their names forward. Because they did not do so shows either they were not interested in running, or chose not to expend the time.
      What Van Haren did does not teach nor encourage student elections. After all, why have elections if a self proclaimed tyrant can negate or set up other positions an election that they feel was “unfair”. What this Principal has done is to show that the election process does not work for the students. If an election process can be nullified then why have one? Why not choose the slate based on an authoritarian’ choice rather allow students to elect their officers?
      This is not a lesson on the process of voting. This is a lesson on how third world dictators offer up “democratic elections” yet maintain their dictatorships.

      1. Bryce says

        I’m not denying that the democrats, apart from Bernie Sanders, do accept bribes as well – but the truth of the matter is that the GOP are not only more easily persuaded into enacting policies to benefit the billionaire class, but also receive more to begin with. So yes, I am “for real”.

        And saying that “all students were free to put their names forward” is like saying “black people living in poverty can vote” – yes, they can, but its been made much more difficult for them than it needs to be, thanks to Republican district jockeying and gerrymandering – and while they can put their name forward, the article did not specify whether or not they did – the fact of the matter is that they were not elected, and their failure to be elected resulted in their diminished voice for things like social justice.

        Though I believe the principal did take the wrong course of action while dealing with the problem, I nevertheless agree that it was a problem that needed speaking out against – so if you could save your “freedom and democracy” speech, that would be much appreciated, as what I believe to be the correct course is, as I said above, to decide upon additional representatives without jeopardizing the position of those others elected – its a concept known as proportional representation – if the majority is 51%, should the 49% get no voice whatsoever, simply because the majority outweighed all of their initiatives? That is ridiculous – of course they should be represented to some extent.

        And since when is a school a “third world country”? I cannot understand why a dictator in the first world would be any more different, or any less accurate of a lesson to be learned – Vladimir Putin is just as much a dictator, in very much a first world country, or if you need an example closer to home, the recent Steven Harper, in Canada – examples of first world dictators.

        And the principal isn’t necessarily abusing her power by reneging on the election, and if you want an example of why, read Lord of the Flies – quite simply, children of that age should not be given free range of any outcome – though I agree, it was an inappropriate action taken, action did need to be taken nonetheless – at worst the principal could be called incompetent, but hardly a dictator.

        1. Scrubjay says

          “truth of the matter is that the GOP are not only more easily persuaded into enacting policies to benefit the billionaire class”

          Absolute nonsense. Have you heard of quantitative easing? In short, that’s billions of our tax Dollars flowing to the absolute richest in this country, thanks to the Obama administration.

          How about the unaffordable healthcare takeover? AARP, and incredibly wealthy insurance companies love our money flowing into their coffers, thanks to the Obama administration and the Democrats.

          ‘Lord of the Flies’ is fiction; just like your account of the school election results. A bit of Aristotelian logic coloring your viewpoint?

          In real life, teenagers step up all the time and are positive examples of what is right and just. Their actions, unaware of PC nonsense, shine a light on the darkness of the Progressive beliefs.

          In order to see clearly, one has to look with a clear mind.

          1. Bryce says

            And the same cannot be said for the Bush administration? I do not deny that the entire system is shifting higher and higher amounts of wealth into the hands of billionaires and placing the debt upon the poor, but what I am saying is that the Republicans would do it much faster and for less immediate, or long-term benefit.

            Lord of the Flies is essentially the Allegory of the Cave, which still yet serves to define the human race – so it makes no difference if it is fiction or not – the reason for its acclaim is its truth about human nature.

            And for the record, its neo-Aristotelian logic – I’m not a Catholic – and its not necessarily colouring, as it simply a vehicle of expression. But if it were Aristotelian, I would have argued for compromise focusing upon moderation – which I am not, I would call myself a democratic socialist, or quite plainly as a socialist, and believe that anything short is a shirking of my duty to society and those oppressed by our current economic system, even though I stand only to lose from this outcome – I would rather be proud of my country than wealthy.

            Furthermore, teenagers these days are shown to be closer to the left than any other age demographic – they understand things like social responsibility, and accept circumstance as a powerful force in society.

            And a clear mind is an empty mind, one without questions, and a mind without questions is one that has accepted the world as it is – I, being a teenager, still hope to change it in a positive way. There is no such thing as a clear mind except from lack of substance.

    4. Scrubjay says

      Bryce, have you seen how much money the Democrats get from ‘big corporations’? Corrupt unions? Foreign governments? Sickly twisted Hollywood? Wall Street? The corrupt media?

      Wake up!

      The Principal does not have a reasonable point! She has twisted logic based on self-loathing.

      Where is the systemic racism, but for the Obama administration and many, many people of color who’d rather blame someone else for their culture of failure? There isn’t any. Of course there are individuals who hold racist views, and that reality will never be fully eradicated until we have willful assimilation into the American culture; That can only be accomplished in the home.

      The Palestinian-like indoctrination has to stop at the family level. It’s not the white person’s fault, nor the successful black person, nor any other scapegoat of the Left.

      It is the fault of the individual for not stepping up and running for office, speaking clear English, getting good grades, being a criminal.

      This principal seeks to reinforce racial stereotypes by suggesting that blacks and ‘hispanics’ can’t rise to the challenge and therefore need to rig the process to favor a select race. That is institutional racism in this school.

      That is Progressivism/Liberalism. An ideology that seeks to keep people enslaved in ignorance and dependence.

      1. Bryce says

        I’m not denying that the democrats, apart from Bernie Sanders, do accept bribes as well – but the truth of the matter is that the GOP are not only more easily persuaded into enacting policies to benefit the billionaire class, but also receive more to begin with. And no, I have not seen the money – which is the problem: transparency is the foremost duty of government as a form of representation.

        So while you tell me to “wake up”, consider that I am not even arguing with you by that point, however I’ll happily engage in what follows.

        The principal does have a reasonable point, though did not logically pursue further steps – the route she chose was, incontrovertibly, the wrong one, but it was still better than doing nothing.

        And the problem is not that ethnic groups need to do better in school, or choose not to pursue crime, but that society as a whole tends to discourage these people – their problems begin in the household, and moving up in this class-system is much harder for ethnic minorities.

        People who deny this quite clearly do not believe in or allow for circumstance – while circumstance is the most accurate form of determination.

        And for the record, America, arguably an excessively right-wing country by first-world standards, has more people in prison than any other country in the world, and has the highest incarceration rate – so I’ll ask you – is liberalism really the ideology enslaving people?
        Dependence is an entirely separate issue, however – but I would assert that this too is untrue, as though the left asks for more, they more freely and unconditionally provide more – and this seems to me like the deterrence of dependence.
        Ignorance simply has nothing to do with the issue, there is no political ideology that preaches ignorance in America, even though what they say may be based upon it – but nevertheless, ignorance is actually fought by the left, evident by the fact that liberalism literally means freedom and acceptance; equality.

    5. helen says

      The majority of students were black followed by Asians, The white students were in the minority. Which means that white and Asian students were voted in by all students and from what I understand none of the black students chose not to run. Savvy?

      1. Bryce says

        I wouldn’t know, I’m criticizing the article based on the article, it doesn’t need to exist in reality for the reality of the world the article paints to be false and jaded. Perhaps you should recommend those facts to the author that they might make a slightly less transparent and largely faulty case.

          1. Francisco Machado says

            I’ve often wondered how they generate these breakdowns by “race.” Hispanic is ethnology. Someone most would recognize, Dezi Arnaz, came from Cuba. He’s white. So am I. So are a lot of Hispanics – in fact, most of the ones I have personally known, and they have come from Cuba, Venezuela and Columbia that I’m sure of. And one totally black, who came from Columbia. How are they categorized? there are a large number of people of German origin living in Brazil – for two or three generations. Into what category do they fall?

    6. shirley doughty says

      So, am I understanding you AND the principal to say that although the WHOLE school voted on who they wanted, because not an equal amount of people of certain races won, it should be done away with? In other words, blacks could only vote for blacks, whites/white, latino/latino etc. Of that’s the case why not just let each race for for who they wanted in each place so that it’s equal and fair? So I’m also assuming if you or black, latino or whatever, you might not think a white person could think the same way as you? Kind of bigoted in my opinion. I have lots of friends of several races and we do think a lot alike on a lot of things.

      1. Bryce says

        I fail to understand why you’ve capitalized the “AND”, as apparently an important word, but for the record I do not agree with what the principal has done – I simply believe that all groups, whether ethnic, religious, ideological, social, economic – they should all be in represented in one form or another – have a specifically elected voice. Students are our best hope at impressing upon for the future of this dream. It’s not that blacks should vote for blacks, or whites for whites – people should seek to elect whomever best represents their viewpoints – that doesn’t mean that other perspectives of theirs should not be recognized and represented – which is why I believe in proportional representation, supplemented with non-elected, nominated additional members – that is to say, appointed by some jurisdiction, preferably a party of diverse and entirely separate jurisdictions each created in different social matrices.

        And I should point out that I am of the most advantaged form of white there is, and recognize that I have been given special allowances because of this that I frankly do not deserve. As a tall, white male, I am often considered to be not only more intelligent, but also more trustworthy – without any prior knowledge of my personality – and the same is ten-fold for ethnic minorities in a negative way.

        And its not to say that people of different races should or should not hold the same views due to ethnicity – it’s simply that as racism exists in our society, we should have people to represent and uplift those who would be held in lower esteem for trivial, simply false, reasons. People of all walks can, and should, share the same views on certain topics – but an advocate against systemic racism must at all times be present, regardless of whether people do or do not want to hear the message, in this day in age it is still an important voice that needs to be recognized.

  3. RMCSRET says

    Much like national Democrats if they don’t like how an election is going or has gone they will find someway
    to negate the decisions of the voters. Just look at the LGBT issue and you will see it from COAST TO
    COAST of how this same thing has been done.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      That is the spot George Soros has filled, owning all the electronic voting machines and being in charge of “tabulating” (aka nullifying GOP) votes. Nope, no chance for any collusion there.

      1. RMCSRET says

        That is exactly why if available only paper ballots should be used.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          We also have no need to send our ballots out of the country to be counted in Spain by Soros. I support having thumbprint ID set up to prevent voter fraud like the 2012 farce. Hell they use it in metal scrapyards these days!

          1. RMCSRET says

            But hey Hillary and crowd would bemoan that as being RACIST.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Honesty is racist to these anti-American traitors.

    2. dcfla says


  4. SouthernPatriot says

    A principal who is a Socialist-Democrat does exactly what a Socialist-Democrat did a few years ago when he saw the voters of California who voted in a democratic election and by majority supported traditional marriage and yet this HomoNazi Socialist-Democrat judge declared sodomite marriage the law in California, nullifying the democratic vote of the people.

    This principal is saying, “Shame on the Hispanic and black and Asian students for voting for white students for offices!”

    Some many decades ago when I was in a major university, there was a law suit that the homecoming court voting results were not properly representative of black students and there was a move to have two homecoming courts–one white and one black. We only had one football team, made up by white and black young men as players and same true for the coaching staff. However, radicals wanted two homecoming courts. Separate votes were taken for two homecoming courts and poof! the voting ballots disappeared, until sound minds prevailed a the original democratic vote was recognized and implemented. Socialist-Democrats do not really want democracy, especially when it has results they do not want. They would rather get an unelected judge to overrule democracy and impose their will on the rest of us.

  5. CCblogging says

    Democrats aka Communists, Socialists & Globalists believe in freedom of speech as long as you agree with them.

    1. Michael Stewart says

      I thought free speech is speech I dont have to pay for.

      1. CCblogging says

        You will pay dearly for your free speech in certain scenarios. Consider that in the UK, preachers have been prosecuted for preaching against homosexually and Islamic terrorism and now that tyranny has come to America.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Been made a top priority since Jan 2009 by the lying Islamunist in the Rainbow Mosque.

      2. drunkrussian says

        Only for minorities and liberals. The rest of us pay.

  6. Archangel says

    There is a disease debilitating this country referred to as LIBERALISM, and it shares many of the same basic tenets of Progressivism, Socialism, Marxism and Communism. The most common and obvious symptoms of this disease is the overwhelming need of the infected individual to constantly exhibit an unbridled penchant to champion one ludicrous cause after the next with complete indifference and disregard to the consequences of their actions!

    It is relatively simple to diagnose.

    When an individual begins to babble on incoherently, spewing delusional drivel regarding the need for
    egalitarianism, or the need to deprive everyone of Rights to which they object, or the need to make someone else’s life as miserable as their own, or the need to redistribute the income of American’s who actually work for a living, or the wonders of the Tyranny of Unions, Collectivism and a Marxist Socialist Dystopia, or they begin to banter about virulent terms like denier, racist, bigot, homophobe, islamaphobe, misogynist, sexist, xenophobe, natavist, “WHITE PRIVILEDGE”, classist, gentrifier, Hands up, Don’t shoot, I can’t breathe, Gender Reassignment, Transgender, Transsexual, or Transracial, you can be assured that individual has an extremely severe case of LIBERALISM!

    Other symptoms that have been exhibited by those who have had prolonged exposure to the disease of Liberalism is that they develop an uncanny need to lie, to distort the facts, to distort the truth, ignore common sense, rely upon abstract logic and to orchestrate and foment political hysteria, civil unrest, racial divisiveness, religious divisiveness and chaos at every opportunity for which they can take

    Additionally, other common traits associated with the disease of Liberalism is that individuals who have contracted the disease become highly unstable, violent and extremely agitated, exhibiting resentment, contempt, disdain and uncontrolled anger while resorting to incoherent and disparaging remarks toward those who ignore or dare to question or disagree with their insanity!

    Fortunately, “AMERICAN’S” are immune to this disease which is spread rampantly between the useless, mindless, weak willed, spineless, mediocre, Democrats, Liberals and Progressives along
    with the rest of the freeloading reprobates, ingrates and degenerates looking for someone else to blame for the complete failure of their delusional sociopolitical ideologies and their miserable lives!

    In fact, the disease of liberalism has now metastasized to the extent that liberals have become so indoctrinated by their own delusional ideologies and rhetorical drivel that they are no longer content
    to simply hate everyone with whom they disagree, the disease has now evolved to the extent that liberals have begun to despise their very own existence!

    1. dcfla says


  7. James Maxwell says

    Liberals, an experiment in ignorance, racism, bigotry and corruption rolled into one mindless package
    of PIG Crap.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      Sums it up nicely in one sentence.

    2. dcfla says


  8. Robert Morzenti says

    This is the garbage you have teaching and running our school now a days…,It’s certain she’s black and want’s breaks for the blacks and wants them to win every election even though there not poplular enough to do so. Let the kids decide who they want not the administration…what a stupid piece of shit and poor example of a leader…

    1. FloridaBoyee says

      WHY wasn’t she FIRED?? Oh, that is right , this is California!!! The state of LIBERALISM!!

      1. Standandfight says

        Sate of mental illness.

        1. FloridaBoyee says

          That fits extremely well!! Look who the Governor is! They are FLAT BROKE, but they gave all state employees a raise !! And they indoctrinate our American society with ALL of their Liberal beliefs through tv, movies and commercials!! Disgusting, isn’t it?

          1. Standandfight says

            Yeah it is and try to force their stupidness on the rest of the country.

          2. Dolores Wieland says

            Don’t have to force it…Americans are sheep….they follow whatever…then they complain but won’t take action…too busy with their cell phones and blogging…….

          3. Miyako says

            they also think…………that Jews Are The ‘chosen people’ They Are Not”’! The Followers Of Jesus Christ……Are Baptized In HIS Name And………….Are The Chosen People. Thank You. A Born Again Christian. As You Stated……..Americans Are Sheep. They Follow……Lies….. About the Government And The ‘so-called’ Chosen People.

          4. Wyatt says

            Hmm , should you read your Bible you will find that The Jew’s are God’s chosen people . Jesus who gave us our Christian beliefs and tenets was himself a Jew born to Mary and Joseph who were both Jews . Jesus even taught the Rabbi’s in the Temple when they quizzed him . It is all in the Bible , I learned these things at an early age both at home and in Firstday School (your Sunday School) . Jesus was the Son of God from who Christianity sprung and our Christian Beliefs were handed down from . To deny that the Jew’s are God’s chosen people is to deny not only God but Jesus .

          5. RobertNorwood says

            God, Jesus, the Creator, whatever name you does not have a chosen “people” – people do. If you haven’t learned God is beyond that you have some work to do.

          6. Wyatt says

            Read you Bible and learn ! You obviously pick and choose what suits you

          7. RobertNorwood says

            I read many things and I think deeply about God and the nature of God.

          8. Miyako says

            Well, I’m not a Follower of The ‘Zionist Christian’….. John Hagee……I beg to Differ About The Chosen People..(Jews) Jews Don’t Even Accept the Son Of God.. (Jesus) Nor ANY ‘New Testament’. Jesus May Have been Born A Jew…..But He Said”” “READ YOUR BIBLE””! >NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT THRU ME””< THE SON OF GOD'! He Stated….You Cannot Come To Paradise Unless Yee Are Born Again And Baptized In MY Name'! (Jews Are NOT Baptized) He Also Stated……1 John…5….FAITH IN THE SON OF GOD" (6) The Jew Killed The Son Of God. Also…..1 john 4. (3) if a prophet does not acknowledge Jesus…that person is not from god''! (Jews Don't acknowledge Jesus Son Of God. (read of 'The Temple Of Satan') How Can a Jew Be Chosen''? When He killed The Son Of God'? How Can A Jew Come To The Father" if He Is Not Baptized''? how can a Jew Be The Chosen''? when he Ignores The Son Of God's Birth''? Again….For The Misled…..John Hagee…..Followers Here…..The Jew Is NOT The Chosen People. The Baptized Christian Is The Follower of Jesus Christ And The Chosen ….Along With The "New Testament" of which The Jew…..Totally Has CONTEMPT upon. AMEN'! If This Helps the 'blind who will not see'''? PS: America Is Hated In The Middle East….by The Jews Hand. And,By Zionist Christians in America Who Are Blind To The Truth. (Jewish Israel Kill's Innocent Palestinian Civilians with 'Military weapons' of war. (Americas Ignorant Support for a 'Ashkenazi' run State) A Vet And Christian. VERITAS""!

          9. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

            jews do not kill palestians who are so called innocent of which they are not, the palestians are evil and kill anyone not of their stupid beliefs ahole.

          10. BoBo Blood says

            Israeli’s are no better…..

          11. Heil Hitler says

            Satanism is a Jewish cult…

          12. Miyako says

            you are either a Zionist dumb christian””? or a terrorist jew who kills innocent palestinians and steals there land(s). A Thief’! and dumb american’!

          13. Heil Hitler says

            They are the “chosen parasites.” All the Jews in the US government are gun grabbing, America hating communists.

          14. Miyako says

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          15. STANLEY BROWN says

            You are a mental case and anti-semite. You are far too ignorant to argue with.

          16. Miyako says

            the jew uses your poor argument to stifle dissent about the killer he is in Israel. he uses the naïve Christian to support his war machine. $$ the lies of the Ashkenazi Jew. Who Killed Americans on the USS LIBERTY.MOSSAD……BY WAY OF deception”’!

          17. Miyako says

            I’m A Proud Christian. Not A Jew. Are You A Jew. Do You Hate The Truth’? If Your A Jew (BROWN’?) Your Talmud I Read…..You Hate The Christian And Jesus And his Mother Mary. The Christian Does Not Know Your Hate As Jesus Has Taught Me About The “Temple Of Satan”. VERITAS……truth

          18. Heil Hitler says

            Satan is a Hebrew name…

          19. Heil Hitler says

            ARABS ARE SEMITES…

            Jewish Mammonism is no less a devil than Mahomet.

          20. Miyako says

            VERITAS…………..The TRUTH………….its Hidden from the Christian in America. By….The Totally Jewish Controlled Media In America….Stanley Brown Either A Zionist Christian’?….Or a Jew Who Hates The Truth. And Hopes Most Christian Americans Will Continue To Be ‘Spoon Fed’ By The Jew Media In America. I won’t’!

          21. Heil Hitler says

            ARABS ARE SEMITES… Jewish Mammonism is no less a devil than Mahomet.

            All the Jews in the US government are gun grabbing, America hating communists.

          22. KatRob says

            The christian zionists/shabbas goy cannot see the truth, they are totally brainwashed by the likes of charlatans like Hagee who is married to a jewess.

            When I ask these naive, stupid idiots how do the jews go from Children of Satan to God’s Chosen? Was god schizophrenic? They have no answer. The jews have no shortage of useful idiots in the world, how they laugh at these fools at SINagogue every week.

          23. Miyako says

            you….GET A COPY OF “The Talmud Unmasked” ( before you attack another Christ Follower”! The Jew Loves Your Ignorant Rant Towards A Jesus Follower.

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          25. Heil Hitler says

            Judaism is a denial of Christ, it is antichrist…. Satanism is a Jewish cult.

            jewish mammonism = baphomet = mahomet = muslim brotherhood

            SAME DEVIL

          26. KatRob says

            Gotta love the religious fanatics who believe everything they read in the bible which has been rewritten over 200 times until it became favorable to the jew!

          27. goodoldeboy says

            Wyatt: Jews Are Only The Children Of 1 Of The 12 Tribes Of Israel,(Genesis 49-1-28),So What About The “Lost 10 Tribes Of Israel”,Are They Included As Well, Or Did You Just Forget To Mention Them?? Who’s To Say,You May Have The Blood Of Israel Coursing Through Your Veins Via From 1 The 10 Lost Tribes Of Israel?? –God’s “Chosen People” Have Always Been Bar Their Lineage,All Those To Follow And Obey God’s Law.–Wyatt, It’s Time For You To Do More Than “Just Parrot” What You Listen To During Your Church Services And “Study” Whatever Religion You Claim As Your Own.You Definitely Lacking In That Area…!!

          28. marlene says

            If you read the bible, you’d see how wrong you are. If you didn’t read the bible, then you should keep your un-educated opinions to yourself and stop making a fool of yourself.

          29. Miyako says

            Hey Marlene….Shut Your Ignorant ‘spoon fed’ Mouth…. Do you Have a Brain”? I think Not.…..your children of the faith’? (you’?) Blind And Dumb….that’s why America is ‘used’ by the ‘Ashkenazi’ AMEN’!

          30. marlene says

            Drop dead, fool!

          31. Miyako says

            Try education’? you Might learn some truth…. your spoon fed’! before you insult your ‘spoon feed’ brain. AMEN’! VERITAS’!

          32. RobertNorwood says

            Marlene is a nasty p[erson, a sinner that has fooled herself into believing she’s special in the yes of God. Her first sin; conceit.

          33. marlene says

            Drop dead, fool!

          34. Guillermo3 says

            Nazi Cunt = Miyako.

          35. Heil Hitler says

            Jewish Mammonism (Baphomet) is no less a devil than Mahomet.

            Judaism is a denial of Christ, it is anti-Christ.

          36. Miyako says

            how much did you sell your sister for”?”$ your uncle had her First”? we know you sic..people do your sisters.

          37. RobertNorwood says

            Very Christian of you – not. People like you give religion a bad name.

          38. Guillermo3 says

            Heil Gauleiter Miyako,Nazi Cunt!!!

          39. Miyako says

            your Name tells me……when Trump is President….you will be deported along with your fool Cinco De Stupo’! Hooray’!~ Ciao’! Criminal….

          40. RobertNorwood says

            If you understood it you might behave differently – where in any passage does it say “read this and insult others like an idiot”?

          41. Heil Hitler says

            Judaism is a denial of Christ, it is anti-Christ. (Matt. 10:33)

            Satanism is a Jewish cult.

          42. goldie says

            Actually the Jews are God’s chosen people. Read the Bible

          43. RobertNorwood says

            Chosen for what? Does God, like a human being chose one over another if both are righteous simply because they not one thing or another? No – human people do that.

          44. marlene says

            Find out for your dumb self before denying what you know nothing about!

          45. RobertNorwood says

            I’m not denying anything, you’re being fooled by the Devil of your own presumption. Dumb? What other names would you like to call me, what names, what wickedness does your interpretation of scripture allow?

          46. marlene says

            LOL – YOU don’t fool me one bit! It’s your lack of a proper education that presupposes your claims to be true. Otherwise, dumb is dumb – period.

          47. RobertNorwood says

            My “lack of a proper education”? Marlene your crystal ball is failing you. Stick to what you know; which seems to be little. It’s safer.

          48. marlene says

            I’m very safe in my extensive knowledge and education, far above yours which is obvious from your comments. You have added absolutely nothing to this topic, but childish rants. Bye!

          49. Guillermo3 says

            Bye,Bye,marlene!! Eat ALL the SHIT you can,marlene!!

          50. Miyako says

            are you Sure……? Hillary Supporter……….

          51. Miyako says

            Marlene… much disrespect…………from a Christian…… If You are One’?

          52. Miyako says

            Your Blind. Spoon Fed.

          53. marlene says

            Talking to yourself? And with your eyes closed – LOL!

          54. RobertNorwood says

            Be careful Miyako, Marlene has a crystal ball and is all knowing. Okay, she only thinks she does….

          55. marlene says

            You’re such an idiot we’re all laughing at your nonsense. LOL

          56. Miyako says

            the idiot is you. your spoon fed and unable to think for yourself’?

          57. marlene says

            Your comments show that YOU don’t think for yourself. Of course, you probably can’t, with all that nonsense you spout. Time to give up the binky, little one, and grow up.

          58. Miyako says

            I don’t know how old you are’? I will tell you this….when douche bag kids were burning my American Flag In Colleges Across America….Burning Their Draft Cards… I Was serving America in The Viet-Nam ‘Democrat created War’….In The US AIR FORCE. i love America And Hate Communists And their Dumb Socialist Kids….who are educated to hate America.and…….I’M A Proud Educated Christian. I Know Who The Enemy’s Of My Faith Are. MOSSAD……By Way Of Deception”! Look up…..the USS LIBERTY Site on The Internet. AMEN’! VERITAS’!

          59. Guillermo3 says

            Miyako is Nazi Pig Shit:veritas

          60. Miyako says

            very true.

          61. Mark Clemens says

            By looking on how history treats people. The Jews may of started out being Gods chosen people. I think God left the Jews, like he did Adam & Eve. Created the Cherokee. Before the Europeans came over here, they literally were living in the Garden of Eden. All they needed, the forest /land provided. The Cherokee lived in bliss, until the Europeans showed up.
            Think about it………

          62. marlene says

            We’re too busy learning the truth to “think about” the nonsense you spew. Too many of you uninformed, opinionated naysayers around these days, that .don’t know enough about anything to convince those of us who otherwise do. YOU need to “think about” – learning what’s true and what’s a fool’s lie.

          63. Miyako says

            jews have told your lie……………….for centuries”! who are the Christ Followers”? born and Baptized in His Name’? Who Killed The Son Of The Father’? The chosen’? How Laughable”! Your naive”!

          64. marlene says

            You’re a racist, an anti-semite and a foul-mouthed fool. You know less about the bible than I know about you. Everyone reading your disgusting, immature, ignorant and childish comments are laughing at you. I pity you. Stop harassing me with your disgusting vitriol as I will report you. You are mentally unstable, nasty and troll like a snake, on the ground and in the dirt. Get lost, clown.

          65. Heil Hitler says

            ARABS ARE ALSO SEMITES, you filthy lying bítch of the devil…

          66. Guillermo3 says

            TRUE. And Heil Hitler is a Heap of Pig SHIT ! Heil Pig Shit!!!

          67. Guillermo3 says

            I THINK,Miyako,Nazi Cunt,that you meant to write “You’re naive !”

          68. Miyako says

            no matter how you say it or spell it…………….your name says it all. Spoon fed…..Taco Eater…… GO TUMP”! Build The wall And Keep the Money Orders in Mexico And Not Sent From America”! Ingrate”! Taco..and rice…………eater.

          69. Guillermo3 says

            +Taco and rice”,Miyako?!! I thought you said you ate Bean Turds.

          70. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I agree, but you are starting to lecture! Just sayin

          71. Heil Hitler says

            The Jews chose Barabbas and now they live amongst his children… Islam.

            Jewish Mammonism (Baphomet) is no less a devil than Mahomet.

          72. Guillermo3 says

            Extra/Extra STRONG Injections of Thorazine for Heil Hitler NOW!!!!!

          73. Texas Belle says

            There were many Indian tribes in this country and they surely didn’t live in the Garden of Eden. They fought among themselves and committed many heinous acts against one another.

          74. glenn398 says

            If starving and warring against each other was bliss then you are right.

          75. Mark Clemens says

            ………And the Israelites & the Palestinians were doing anything different? Murder, War, and Rape are Arabic ideas .

          76. glenn398 says

            Mark the wars have always been the Arabs against the Israelis so what is your point.

          77. Mark Clemens says

            The Arabs and Jews are no better than the American Indians. War is no stranger to any tribes of man.

          78. glenn398 says

            I really don’t see the Jews crossing their border to attack the Arabs unless attacked first nor do I see them setting off car bombs in the Arab district.

          79. Mark Clemens says

            The Jews need to nuke Iran, before Iran gets a bomb. We all know when Iran gets a nuke, Israel will be first……….

          80. glenn398 says

            Yes they will as Israel is such a small country they wouldn’t survive any type of nuclear hit. Iran thinks they will take the hit and survive with enough people to carry on and they are probably right.

          81. BoBo Blood says

            True Jews are God’s chosen people, not all Jews In Israel are real Jews…………….

          82. Miyako says

            …………………………partly true……………….Ashkenazi……are not true jews.

          83. Guillermo3 says

            Miyako are YOU a Really Stupid,or Just Lying Nazi Cunt?

          84. Heil Hitler says

            Satanism is a Jewish cult.

          85. Guillermo3 says

            Heil Hitler is the Cult of Pig Shit.

          86. Heil Hitler says

            Satan is a Jewish name.

          87. Miyako says

            not true. in new testament. not ‘old’.

          88. Miyako says

            We”ll…………………in the NEW TESTAMENT………….the One ‘The CHRISTIANS Follow’….you are incorrect”! ‘No One comes to the father’………….but Thru Me…………Jesus Christ’! Jews are not Baptized In Jesus Christ name. they were eliminated as the chosen….when ‘they’ rejected the son of God. and went on to execute him. then Jesus said…..those who follow me shall be Baptized in my Name…………and Shall Be Called ‘Christians’. They Are The Chosen…..! one more Comment………Who are The People in The New Testament Referred to as ‘The Followers Of The Synagogue Of SATAN’? (AGAIN………..New Testament) not the Old…which is the one The jew likes to Refer Back Too. We MOVE Forward With Jesus Christ….In The “New Testament’! Thank You. VERITAS’!

          89. Guillermo3 says

            “The Synagogue of Satan”,Miyako,Nazi Cunt, IS NOT in the Bible. It is a famous Anti-Semite tract,made into a youtube video and admired by Dog Shit like Miyako.

          90. Miyako says

            After Trump gets Elected we Will Force Feed The Ignorant Mexican With English And Some Good German Beer’! Sever All Telephone Lines To The Barrios South Of The American Border. Tax Them a Charge To Enter America At The Border. (To work) Put Tariffs on Their Tequila. To Pay For The ‘wall’. More to come”’! $$

          91. Guillermo3 says

            Pretty Teutonic for a Gook,aren’t you,Miyako?

          92. Heil Hitler says

            Satanism is a Jewish cult… read Howard Levey’s Satanic Bible.

          93. Miyako says

            Not In The NEW TESTAMENT……………..GOLDIE……Sorry”! They were Cast Out….After The Execution Of The Son Of God. Follower are Baptized. Jews Are Not.

          94. rocky says

            …What…what… ???

          95. STANLEY BROWN says

            I am a Christian but the bible says that the Jews are God’s chosen people. I have no problem with that.

          96. OSAMA OBAMA says

            AMEN sir!!

          97. Miyako says

            baa……………..baa…………….baa………….baa…..follow the pied piper to the lie.

          98. Guillermo3 says

            To Miyako’s Gas Chambers??

          99. Miyako says

            No…..! To Walmart…..To Send Money Back Home To Mexico…..Fool”!

          100. Miyako says

            when you kill the son of god… in Gods name……can you be the chosen,,,,,,,,,,? you Can’t Common Sense’! No one comes to the Father (GOD) But Thru Me’! JESUS CHRIST””! Christians are the Chosen…..stop believing all the Zionists Lies’? please. for your ignorance about this subject.

          101. Heil Hitler says

            Judaism is a denial of Christ, it is antichrist. (Matt. 10:33)

          102. Gerry Costa says

            How the hell did you people go from a student election to Jewish people are the ” chosen ones ” ?????????? No wonder this country is all f—-d up !!!!!!!!!

          103. Miyako says

            Its Simple…it was pointed out… the Lemmings in America..(I’m One) believe anything on The TV or print About Any Subject. They Are ‘groupies’…………..they feel safe and secure in the Group ‘Think’. That is Why (My Opinion) Mr. Trump is doing so good…………He Is NOT a Groupie….And People respond to a Leader and Confidant Person. As For The F….d up……..look how many ignorant people voted for the ‘Commie’ Obama….? we Know why The Minorities Like Obama (Blacks,Hispanics And The ‘So-Called College Educated”?) Welfare $$,Handouts, In-state Tuition For Illegal Alien Kids,Feel good Legislation,The Planet Is heating Up,Homosexual Marriage, ‘No Christian Symbols’ in The Public Area, Happy Holidays Instead of ‘Merry Christmas”,etc Etc’! How’s That For You”? Gerry.

          104. Guillermo3 says

            WELL SAID,Miyako!!! :Nazi Cunt!!

          105. Miyako says

            eat your beans and rice…….turd….!

          106. Guillermo3 says

            You eat ice Turds,Miyako?I’ve never heard of that.How do you cook them?

          107. Miyako says

            easy in old mexico they will show up how. Commie…..Slug…..

          108. Heil Hitler says

            No it doesn’t… Judaism is a denial of Christ, it is antichrist. (Matt. 10:33)

            The Jews chose Barabbas and now they live amongst his children… Islam.

            Jewish Mammonism (Baphomet) is no less a devil than Mahomet.

          109. Guillermo3 says

            Heil Hitler: TROLL FOOL,or Nazi FOOL,Or BOTH??

          110. Heil Hitler says

            Satanism is a Jewish cult…Jewish Mammonism (Baphomet) is no less a devil than Mahomet.


          111. tinkerunique says

            That “symbol” may be why Muslims “love” goats. Goats don’t talk back and are easy to “approach” from behind. There have been several videos taken at night that show Muslims & a couple goats………”X” rated.

          112. Heil Hitler says

            It’s the Hebrew letters that really turns them on…

          113. Guillermo3 says

            “Mammonism”??!!?? I thought it was called Mormonism.

          114. Cdreeder says

            you just suck 0bunghole buts azz so much you can’t see..

          115. Bruce in AZ says

            Stupid comment.

          116. Miyako says

            how would you know’? (bruce)

          117. Dolores Wieland says

            Miyako..Sorry to have to disagree…the Jews are God’s chosen people stemmed from Abraham as stated in the Bible. Jesus did not make that choice,God did.I won’t answer when you disagree because I’ve already seen your thoughts, thank you..

          118. Miyako says

            WELL. YOUR OPINION. the facts are different in the new testament. the one the followers of jesus Christ use. the jew uses no ‘new testament’. he killed the son of god. tell me… does this get the jew…the chosen title”? your deluded in your thinking. as most… America are. I suggest for enlightenment… VERITAS.

          119. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Take your putrid crap elsewhere!!

          120. Miyako says

            first amendment…….thug. Veritas”””’!

          121. Guillermo3 says

            CORRECT THAT,Miyako to:A Born Again Nazi Cunt.

          122. Erin Dougherty says

            … and right wing extremist forums.

          123. Miyako says

            political correct…….lol……lol……lol………….trump is correct….’sic’……are politically correct people.

          124. icetrout says

            anybody hear O’Malley singing the other day ? progressive commie bastard couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket… & he want’s to be POTUS… lol 😛

          125. DP says


          126. icetrout says

            DP that scum O’Malley has illegal aliens voting here in Maryland… he’s bad news for Americans…. both of them need to be shot for treason…

          127. DP says

            the guy on the end…old blue dog dem…was the only one on stage that made sense, military.experience…sounded like a kennedy dem….only thing…the obamacare for illegal aliens…..i can’t understand only he was trying to “become”

          128. jaybird says

            If Webb runs as an Independent and the RNC picks Bush, I would consider him, Webb was Dem. Governor of Virginia in the past. Better him than the Hilderbeast or Bush.

          129. mossbergman says

            Jim Webb was THE ONLY LEADER on the stage on that “debate” ‘er focus grp meeting .read up on him. sad part in voting for him if he goes rouge is just throwing away a vote against the Hilda beast. And I don’t say that with any bad contentions toward him . it’s just a fact. I don’t want Bush ,but if it comes down to him or the hildog .it’s a no brainer -back to the lesser of two evils .shouldn’t have to be that way. Like Ben Carson we need some one with freaking brains & common sesne

          130. jaybird says

            He is just as bad, he messed up Maryland.

          131. DP says


          132. jaybird says

            I don’t live in Maryland, never will. They are my next door neighbor. Go over there shopping once in a while.

          133. Btty says

            Especially your government!

          134. icetrout says

            FokHeads reelected Brown… unbelievable…

          135. DP says

            THE ILLEGAL ALIENS…Dept.. of Mexican Voters….

          136. icetrout says

            DP U hit the nail right on the head ! our ancestors would have a turkey shoot with these invaders …

          137. DP says

            ANCESTORS……NOW U GIT IT…

          138. DP says


          139. Btty says

            Unfortunately your are correct. I believe we are seeing what drugs can do to your brain. Just take a good look at old Moonbeam Jerry!! Lookout kids it could be you 40 years later.

          140. Martha Partin says

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          141. icetrout says

            U R going to wear U R lips out sucking ding-dongs all day long… :O

          142. maxx says

            Governor Moonbeam was a disaster in 1975 – 1983. He is showing the same tendency this time around. Surprisingly, California has had about a 50/50 split for governors by party. After Gray Davis they elected Schwarzenegger who was really a Rino. Moonbeam just sealed did the biggest possible favor for the democrats with his signing of the Motor Voter Registration Bill because illegals are allowed drivers licenses and even if they don’t vote the democrats will have a list of names that they can use to vote for democrats.

          143. Guillermo3 says

            Almost as DISGUSTING as YOUR NAZI COMMENTS,FloridaBoyee!!!

        2. BTeboe says

          Fruits and nuts.

      2. Robert Morzenti says

        I agree with you. I can’t wait for California to break off and float out into the Pacific so it’ll sick and rid America of all the rats living there…

        1. FloridaBoyee says

          The fires were a sign of the beginning of the end! When there is no forests to hold the dirts, and the rains come, you get the Massive mudslides and it will wash into the sea!! Next the earthquakes!!

        2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

          I live in California, and I am NOT one of them, you ASSHOLE! not everyone here is a liberal, and California is NOT “Break off and float into the Pacific”!

          1. Robert Morzenti says

            You may not be but because you live there you might as well be so GO FUCK YOURSELF…

          2. Gerald A. Reason says

            Robert: With that kind of language, you are no better than the ones you complain about. California has its problems and, if one were to seriously look at their elections, one could see that, it is the very rich and the very poor that are putting the Libs in power. This is why the libs want a divide since they actually control most of the wealth in this country. History has shown that the very rich, (Rockefeller, Kennedy, and the like, along with the owners of companies (or controllers of stocks for those companies,) in the media area and film industry, are liberals. I would highly recommend that one read the book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen.

          3. John P says

            Can you still find that book?

          4. nancy zamarano riddle says

            Another “eye opener ” is Deception ” by Lou Dobb. you can check it out on your Public Library .

          5. nancy zamarano riddle says


          6. nancy zamarano riddle says


          7. nancy zamarano riddle says


          8. nancy zamarano riddle says


          9. nancy zamarano riddle says


          10. nancy zamarano riddle says

            Sorry ! I am not good at typing

          11. Robert Morzenti says

            When some one calls me an asshole I make the decision what and how I respond no matter what you think…So either keep you fat nose out of it or GO FUCK YOURSELF…

          12. jaybird says

            The libs have ruined the state by their policies in not thinking of the end result when put in place over a long period of time. They try to protect everything and don’t realize that it can and does affect other things.

          13. Psjlt says

            What on earth would possess anyone with a brain to live in that liberal hellhole? California is filled with millions of diseased liberal minds and needs to be purged. You should seriously consider leaving before the biggest disaster avails itself of the dire need in California. Natural selection….Nature has a very powerful way of purging the bad to protect the good.

          14. Btty says

            Listen, I was born and raised in California and I’m old enough to have watched my beautiful state go from a thriving, wonderful state under Republican leadership to a hell hole under Demwit leadership. Those of us who are not liberals and own property here don’t find it so easy to pickup and leave our roots. I have no clue where you live but if you think for one minute it can’t happen in your state think again because it can. It breaks my heart to watch my state be turned into the armpit of America but don’t think all of us here are liberals because we aren’t. We have fought a very hard battle to try to regain control of this state but it hasn’t hit rock bottom just yet. It’s close but not there yet. When we hit the point where you have more paying the bills for those who won’t work and they finally start saying: What the hell am I doing? We will see what real riots in the streets are. I just hope I’m gone by then.

          15. FloridaBoyee says

            Btty, I once lived in California and run back home to Florida. I noticed that many California people have gotten tired of the dimwit leadership there and have moved to Washington state or Oregon and especially to Colorado! Feel sorry for all of the good and intelligent people there that have had to sustain the crazies moving there and under the leadership of Brown, Feinstein, and of course, Peloski! God Bless you common sensed people, having to put up with the nuts!! We have them here in other states, too!!

          16. Btty says

            I hear ya. I don’t think I would be happy in Florida. LOL Great to visit but that would be it for me. What the California people that left here for Washington and Oregon didn’t realize is they moved from one armpit to another. Washington state and Oregon are very liberal states. When I leave here it will not be for another liberal state and I will work my tail off to make sure the state I go to doesn’t become liberal. However, it does seem they are taking over. Coming to a state near you! LOL 😉 Not sure about Colorado although I was told its liberal also. May Brown, Feinstein and Poloski ROT IN HELL! It does seem that we are fighting a loosing battle doesn’t it? Hard to believe that we have burdened our beautiful country with so many functional illiterates! But that’s what you get when you aren’t discriminate about what crosses your borders into your country. These aren’t the cream of the crop coming here. These are illiterates for the most part that do one thing well. BREED! Send them home with Planned parenthood!

          17. FloridaBoyee says

            I enjoy reading our intelligent replies to all. It seems like we cannot get rid of these fleas of our Great American Society! They get in office and people go ga-ga over their mouths of spewing lies and Believe every word! It all goes back to our educational system! I am almost 70 years old and we were educated to LEARN what was happening and NOT believe everything you were told. Socialism and Communism took over the education system and Kruschev said back in the late 50’s or early 60’s, that they would take over the USA without having to fire a shot! It is scary, but I see it coming sooner than I wanted to believe it. After serving in Viet Nam, coming back and going to college, I had to literally argue with some professors for the junk they were saying! Keep up the great attitude!!

          18. Btty says

            Hey Florida God Bless you for reaching 70. You are truly one of the blessed in my book. I’m a retired RN and know what I have devoted my life to? I care for our Seniors. I love them all and feel God has lead me to this work and I’m truly blessed with each wonderful Senior I meet. I have a wonderful gentlemen who was a WWII fighter pilot and I love him so much. He was blessed with a very strong woman by his side. I’ve worked with 2 Scientists, one of them had a brother who was nominated for the Nobel peace prize 4 times. You should hear what he says about that group who determines who gets it. Not flattering. Yep, I was taught just like you. We were blessed to get the education we got. Our education is worth any college degree now days. 😉 I remember Kruschev saying those very words. I want to say God Bless you and thank you so much for your service to this country. Your a God send for our great country. Like you I will never give up the fight for our country. I refuse to loose my country to a bunch of illiterates. Those of you who fought and some who died will not have died in vain. Love ya Florida!

          19. FloridaBoyee says

            Thank you Btty, we are blessed to have been born in the USA. We have such a crooked political system, but we manage but the Grace of God and the fight in our blood to survive! I have heard & read stories of the Nobel Prize committee and that has to be a sorry group today. Not of the caliber it was intended to be, but for Obama to get a Peace Prize and for what, I will NEVER understand.

          20. Btty says

            Yes, Florida this is the Greatest country in the world if our politicians will leave it alone and stop trying to bring us down with allowing Invaders to flood into our country. They won’t insist that they assimilate and by not insisting on that they are going to change our way of life. It makes me sick that I have family members who have fought and died for this country and for what? So that our corrupt politicians can destroy the country those brave men and women died for? It’s pathetic.
            I totally agree about the Nobel committee. Giving the peace prize to Obozo was the straw that broke the camels back. If they will give something like that to Obozo then their committee stands for nothing. What a bunch of flakes just like our current administration. Dear God, I pray we get control of this country sooner than later. I see a war coming to our shore soon. Not going to be good.

          21. Psjlt says

            I am really sorry for your situation. Wish you luck and I pray for you and any others with common sense

          22. Btty says

            Awww, thank you Psjlt but my situation isn’t to bad. I’m lucky in that I own property and I’m out where I can practice my rifle and pistol skills. I just hope that when the chit hits the fan our politicians federal and state are the first to feel the pain. You want to kill a snake you cut off it’s head. They made this mess and they should feel the pain.

          23. Psjlt says

            Oh yeah! I, too, love on acreage and we have our own shooting range. I agree about the PC dimwits needing to suffer the consequences of their own actions. Accountability, accountability, accountability!

          24. Btty says

            I knew I liked you Psjlt! Sounds like we have a lot in common. Now if you tell me you breed horses I will have to think I have a long lost sister somewhere. We love our guns and target practice. I have my sharp shooters license and I love the group we shoot with. Between them and my deceased father I was taught to love the sport.

          25. mjhiggs says

            I hear that real estate is still sky high in California. Why not sell out and move to a peaceful, conservative area with much lower taxes? Enjoy your golden years!

          26. Btty says

            Well, mj I don’t know where you get your information from but I live here and it’s not sky high. The kind of property I have doesn’t get buyers coming along with that kind of money everyday. I will not take a hit on my property so that some developer can make millions on what my family have worked so hard to retain. I have a lot of years left and I can spend some of them waiting a bit longer. Thanks for the advice though.

          27. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            Thank you for that comment. I too will stay and fight.

          28. Btty says

            God Bless you! There’s more than one way to skin a cat!! 😉

          29. icetrout says

            STFU & do something about the scum in your California than apple-hole… 😛

        3. Btty says

          I agree but lets be clear here. Not all of us are rats but we do have more than our fair share.

          1. Robert Morzenti says

            I agree with you also. Just remember the smart ones will bail out and the rats you have there will wait for someone to feed them…

          2. Btty says

            True Robert. I’m looking to sell my ranch that’s been in my family for over 100 years. But sell I will and head to a state (probably Montana) to buy another ranch where I can shoot and enjoy my guns. California is a communist state and it’s ruined forever!

          3. Robert Morzenti says

            It’s just sad that you have to give up something you and your family worked all your lives to build and then have to be forced to move because of people that just don’t get it. Why can’t people see what’s really happening and do something
            to change it…They just let it continue to get worse by the day and keep electing the same A-holes time and time again…I really feel for you because you sound like one of the ones that can see it…

          4. Btty says

            It’s very sad Robert. I used to ask myself how we got here. But I no longer do that. The Republicans are just as guilty in many ways. They sat on their azz’s and watched as the liberals let more and more scum come across our borders illegally and did nothing. The Feds sat on their azz’s (and continue to do so) and watch as the liberals make sanctuary cities in my state. Now their talking about making the whole state a sanctuary state. Duh, isn’t that the case now? The Demwits of yesterday are the Commies of today and the Republicans of yesterday are the Demwits of today. We Christian conservatives today have no one looking out for us. We are persecuted, killed and nothing is done. I will say it again and again get yourselves armed and learn to use your weapons. Because the day is nearing when you will be in charge of keeping yourself and your family safe. Your government doesn’t give a chit. When the chit hits the fan they will run for their bunkers and we will be left to sort it all out. It will be a blood bath of their making. My sons who are only 27 years old showed me a map and said: Mom, do you see anything odd about this map. All I saw was a map of invaders! People leaving their own countries. Know what they saw? Invaders leaving their own countries for guess where? Predominately white countries! Why?? Because that’s where the money and jobs are. They all want a free ride. My sons said we have upset the apple cart. You know it may sound cruel but there is a reason famine in some countries kill people off. Instead of encouraging them to come to us we should be sealing off our borders and saying stay and fight for your own country and if we just feel we have to do something then send them supplies to work in their own countries. These Invaders all want a free ride not work. This world is really F’d up and people you better be ready because the ones that are coming here are coming for what you have and our government is willing to let them take it.

          5. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            And then there are people like me who will stay and fight like men and women of courage, or is it just a study in futility? I and my wife chose to stay and fight the liberals and the illegals. We talk it up where ever we are and make liberals angry and that is just to darned bad.
            But, we will stay and fight.

        4. nancy zamarano riddle says

          Sorry .Don’t hold your breath .All the illegal Mexican already here plus the ones that keep coming every day , older than 18 will be voters in Nov 2016 .They cannot read or write in their own language , but they vote , because some state allow voting with no photo ID .The gov check who and where they live by reviewing the records of Food Stamps ,WIC, recipients .Other groups go to cemeteries and check for dead people long time ago and their name are not on the record so the voter can register right there on the spot . No picture ID no citizenship card .JUST VOTE
          One detail : wait til is almost closing time so loaded buses will scort voters
          That already happened in Southern Florida in 2012 ,

          1. Robert Morzenti says

            Your right in what your saying but why don’t the real Americans do something about it…There’s many ways to get the idiots out of office and lock them up for breaking laws…The people should have a say in the drivers permit process especially when they have to take an exam and can’t even read or write English to pass the exam…How are they passing it unless there not giving it or just issuing them one…And I don’t want to hear there excuse they take the test in there language.

        5. OldHighlandGuyOne says

          I live in California, was born in California, will remain in California and fight. I am fighting the liberalism that has destroyed our once beautiful state and I will not run as many cowards have done. California is worth saving if we can only get rid of Jerry Brown and all the other morons in Sacramento. If we continue to run away from a fight, the rest of our country will eventually become as messed up as California.
          All you fellow Californians, stand and fight! Vote, vote, vote!

          1. Robert Morzenti says

            It’s good to see there are still some sane people in California….It’s just to bad you need to put up with the like of Jerry Brown, te liberals and the other morons in Sacramento as you say..

      3. Conservative says

        I just wish Mexico would annex California!

      4. dcfla says


        1. FloridaBoyee says

          And if it is like MANY states that have these HUGE Pension PLANS for underworked government jobs, who do you think they voted to get them their FAT pensions? The Socialistic DEMOCRATS, who find ALL kind of ways to get their friends elected and PENSIONS always have a “contributing” factor in the elections! I saw it as a college student and the number of workers it took to do one job, where the private sector would have used only ONE person and gotten it done more efficiently!

          1. DP says

            some parent will do anything to get their kids out of the basement…

      5. DP says

        its the same in wa. state…… should be kaliphornia north….the invasion of wa. state has been completed..even eastern wa….u have to go to IDAHO….

      6. Jeff graham says

        REALLY, THIS FROM A MEMBER OF Jeb Bushe”s state, DON’T think everyone in California is liberal or stupid just like I won’t say that Fla. is a state full of old people who don’t care anymore. (I lived there too) or NY is full of self-rightious Dems. (born there and will not live there again).

      7. Guillermo3 says

        Right….Instead of Florida,the state of Institutionalized Republican FASCISM!!

    2. Raul says

      She a white liberal. In San Fransisco that’s the new black.

      1. DP says

        ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…the illegal alien..this group has replaced the black….their is more of em…they r not educated……………..they bring in diseases…..need a dictator to tell em what to do………they don’t abort….

    3. Beeotchstewie says

      You meant ruining not running right?

      1. Robert Morzenti says


    4. James Ruddy says

      Nope, she’s a blue eyed blond liberal snow queen.

    5. Libertarian Tom says

      Robert, although I agree with most of your statement, I’m thinking from the last name, she white. And her white guilt is telling her that she need to stop what she preceives as white privilege in her school. After all she is a San Fran liberal.
      When they said “liberalism is a mental disorder”, I didn’t realize that democrat voters and the Democratic Party are made up of the former residents of our State Hospitals and Sanitariums. The same State Hospitals and sanitariums that they closed down in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s. To quote Forrest Gump, “Crazy is, as Crazy does”.

      1. Robert Morzenti says

        In most sane states there is no such thing as white privilege. But there is black privilege and it’s because of the dick head we have as a president. He’s divided this country by his racist actions that it will be hard to recover but I do believe we will. That is once that piece of garbage is out of office and someone with common sense will ( Not common core ) get America back on track again…

      2. DP says

        tie her to the whippin post……………..

    6. TPM says

      Actually, she’s white. A dizzy blonde Caucasian … and a leftist loon.

    7. melmack 1 says

      I believe she is a white LIBERAL that has a guilty conscience because she has white privledge.
      Poor B..tch should be neutered and set out to pasture….GET HER THE ELL AWAY FROM STUDENTS !!!

    8. melmack 1 says

      A lot of the teaching is COMMON CORE. It is really pushing ISLAM because of obamas religion

    9. jaybird says

      She is white and probably a Demorat. She needs to focus on making learning fun for the children and not sticking her nose in social stuff that was done legit.

    10. James in Texas says

      Lets us not play into the hands of the Useful Idiots, and let the color or politics of those doing wrong be mentioned. Her issue is the “evil” in her heart and mind that must be addressed. The parents of these children will either see this evil, and act. Or, they may just remain quite and lose their children to indoctrination and pay the price of failing to face the facts! This, being California, not much chance of anything happening, somewhere there is a party, event or wine-tasting going on!

    11. jjmcl431 says

      @Robert…no she is white. one of those White Guilt liberals.

      1. Robert Morzenti says

        Go figure…

    12. dcfla says


    13. Jayjay1963 says

      Haven’t you noticed that it seems that all the PC nonsense we’re being subjected to lately, seems to start with the schools? At all levels, from elementary to college, the weirdest decisions are being made.
      Is it any wonder that we’re starting to find out that our college grads are not ready for the real world?

      1. Robert Morzenti says

        That’s the first place they brainwash the children and that’s exactly what’s going on in these schools more and more every day…And I just wonder, where the hell is the outrage from the parents? It seems like they really don’t care on what goes on in the schools as long as they don’t have to care for their kids…

        1. nancy zamarano riddle says

          Some parents seem they don’t care unless the kids must be in “detention” status Then the parent or adult “responsible” for the kid get furious because its breaking his/her plans . Otherwise they have the BEST babysitters : non restricted TV ,all kind of weird console games ,, Xbox and other , which show nothing but violence The cannot read, spell, add 6+1 , but the learn to fistfight, kick ,use guns , etcetc

          1. Robert Morzenti says

            Discipline starts in the home but when the law says you cant discipline them is the bigger part of the problem…The same goes for the schools. The only thing the kids are smart at is the laws that will let them get away with anything including having their parents charged for trying to straighten them out…when I grew up and got into trouble in school and the teacher kicked my rear I was afraid to go him and cry about it to my parents. They’d give it to you again and you learned I a hurry to listen when told to do something. A very high percentage of us turned out fine…I believe everyone getting out of school should have to automatically join the military for at least 2 years…They learn discipline , grow up and find out what life is all about…

          2. Btty says

            OMG! I couldn’t have said it better. We must have been raised in the same era. I totally agree about serving in the military. Although, I would say for a minimum of 5 years! We have had our military all but gutted and we will pay the price one day. I home schooled all four of my sons and I have four college grads. I would never turn my kids over to the school system today. My sons went to a friends house to play and came home and said: Mom, Dave’s dad told us that if you lay a hand on us we can call the police on you. I said: Know what? Dave’s dad is right but I have a few facts to tell you about that. Fact 1. When you do that I will set your little azz on fire before they get here so when they take you there will be a reason to take you. Fact 2. They won’t take me they will take you and put you in a foster care system where you run a very high risk of being truly abused in way you can’t even imagine. Fact 3. When you leave this home you will leave without any of your toys and without most of your clothes. So, you go ahead and take Dave’s dads advice and see how well you like it buddy but as long as your in my care you will be raised to respect your elders and especially your mom and dad. When you get old enough to not show us the respect we deserve then its time for you to get out and make your own way in life. I will never allow the government to tell me how to raise my kids. When the government does that you have kids killing parents, kids killing other kids and kids that are totally out of control. I will never be a parent that is afraid of her kids. Thank God mine are raised and on their own. However, I will be there for my grandchildren.

    14. icetrout says

      just going to make white kids mean as hell… wait till they realize the FedCoats are making them a minority in THEIR OWN COUNTRY… SHTF for sure… 🙂

    15. DP says

      the obamanation………………..

    16. nancy zamarano riddle says

      Chances are she got the position to comply with “quotas ” to fulfill the objectives of the Local Teachers Unions ,the National Teachers Union , other garbage Unions to hire unskilled teachers to work in “special and / or dangerous neighborhoods “to dump the stupid non sense ” Core Curriculum” into the brains of our students creating functionally illeterates with no kills to make a living .

    17. jim_wright says

      The only thing certain is that she is a racist with absolutely desire to teach how our system really works.

    18. Frank W Brown says

      Nope, she is as blond as blond can be!

    19. jaybird says

      She is white and stupid.

    20. Natesse says

      She’s white, and obviously infected with zombie progressivism, just like Angela Merkel, and Obama, and all the Western world leaders, who are deliberately allowing invading armies into their nations to forever destroy their culture. Psychopaths and Sociopaths-every last one of them.

    21. reylaces says

      No she is a white slavery apologist.

  9. Scrubjay says

    Trickle down tyranny; Starts at the Whitehouse, then the IRS, then the ‘Justice Dept.’, then the courts, etc…

    Progressiveism/Liberalism at it’s ugly finest!

    1. Conservative says

      Let’s all just junk all the political correct crap…….be defiant for what is right and just. We don’t need to just accept what they throw at us. I’m not out to hurt anyone’s little feelings or ego, but I refuse to alter truth to cater to their mental Illness. Truth is truth and words have meaning. Start with a God bless you, Merry Christmas, homosexual, perverted, illegal alien. These are actual words and they have meaning no matter how much the PCs want to change them. Also, let’s remember God put the rainbow in the sky as a promise to us, not some stupid logo to advertise perversion. Let’s talk about unborn babies as people, not fetuses that can be pulled out like a weed. Let’s just get real……we are still the majority! Let’s act like it and quit being intimidated.

      1. Dolores Wieland says

        Like what you say, but alas, Americans are brain dead and care only for themselves at the moment…They allow their kids to be indoctrinated by their peers and schools to be robots who will do what they are told. Not since the Civil War have we had a truly American populace that cared about America. Our warriors in WWI, WWII Korean, etc.i cared but America has long let them down.also. What has happened?

  10. Standandfight says

    There is going to be a point in time when the glove has to be thrown down and we had enough of this bull.

    1. Goodforall says

      Actually it’s past time! It is no longer of the people and by the people. It is now about about race-forget about qualifications, content of character, or how many votes one receives. The new buzz term is diversity. We have so lost our way!

      1. Standandfight says

        It’s not diversity it is adversity from junk being force feed to us by so called mental giants. Like Bruce Jenner is woman of the year really. More like poster child for mental illness. Obutma nobel peace prize for what inciting more civil unrest and killing of innocent people than any other president in history.

        1. Goodforall says

          Totally agree!

      2. glenn398 says

        Goodforall actually this started during Johnson’s administration where he forced companies the hire by quota of races and race was the only qualification. Just like they did in N.Y city for the fire department had to have 3 tests so a black could finally pass the test. Of course they had to lower the scores way down and simplify the questions so one could finally qualify and as a manager of a large corporation had to hire percentages by race and until I did that couldn’t hire any whites.

        1. Goodforall says

          Ah yes, Johnson’s “Great Society” programs. That set us back by at least 50 years. It also destroyed the black two parent household. When you start judging a person by skin color and not qualification or content of character (remember what MLK said) we will continue to have major issues between the races. It is so plain to see, yet this is getting worse, not better. We are more divided than ever, and I believe we all know why.

          1. glenn398 says

            We not only have big problems with the blacks we have, Obama is bringing thousands more in from Africa as fast as he can. Not only that they are on the government dole the minute the arrive on our shores. It must be pure heaven for those people to go from the slums to having everything handed to them. I remember in Minnesota where the Muslin’s were bitching because there wasn’t enough of their type of food offered to spend their food stamps on. I started a little contest with myself a while ago when grocery shopping. Every time I see a black woman with her hoards of kids, the contest is to find one with a wedding ring. So far have failed at that one.

          2. Goodforall says

            Obama has played us all for fools! It’s just pathetic.

          3. glenn398 says

            Don’t know how you can say played us all, I sure didn’t vote for him nor did around half the voters. He may have won the first election but the last one was purely on cheating. Obama’s voting base is blacks, Mexicans, welfare, women and even though they can’t find jobs college grads. Women mostly vote on emotion rather then any knowledge and they will vote heavy for Hillary also.

          4. nancy zamarano riddle says

            Agree with you 150%. Something I do sometimes in N,Iowa when I see woman surrounded by a litter all acting as scared monkies ,, and look like from Uganda ,Sudan or any African country , I ask (very nice) “Is your husband working .?…” no,no husband , just their fathers” .It sounds like a joke from Milton Burle . getting , among other things , pizzas, donuts, rolls of burgers meat ,What really enfuriated me was the 2 BIG bottles of water . You figure it out !!!!!!!!!

          5. glenn398 says

            Nancy you need ten lashes with a wet noodle for your negative comments on monkeys. Monkeys form a family, discipline their offspring and the mother knows who the father is.

        2. John P says

          It actually started in Kennedy’s administration, Johnson just continued his agenda. Not that I have any use Johnson, it’s kind like one of his statements when he was office. I do not to own Texas I just want to own all land adjoining mine.

          1. glenn398 says

            The hard core unemployed was purely Johnson’s program and that forced the hiring of blacks to get your percentage before you hired anyone else. Johnson’s remark also was this country is too white and changed the quota towards bringing in more colored. Kennedy is hard to judge since he wasn’t in office that long and even if it was Kennedy’s program Johnson had to agree with those programs as otherwise he wouldn’t have pushed to have them passed. I blame the spineless republicans as when Johnson was elected to the senate they knew he won with votes from the grave and did nothing. Their statement is they didn’t want to raise a stink. Look at how that one issue changed the direction of this country and the problem is they have been spineless ever since.

    2. Conservative says

      I hope we can start with a new conservative President where American, not Muslims will fill the Administration. This Country needs a new clean sweep from the local school boards to the presidency if we have any hope of surviving. Liberalism/Socialism/Democrats/ Political Correct fanatics/anti-Christians are destroying the core of the U.S. and because of this we will be attacked right here on our soil. I hope all the good people get out of California and that if there most be another 911 it will hit that mentally deranged State.

      1. Libertarian Tom says

        The only hope we have is through our local and State elections. DC is to far gone, and out of control. We need to elect people to our state Gov’t’s that will tell DC to go F themselves. If the states say no, the Feds can’t do a damn thing.

  11. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Odumbo was pleased to hear California has started the Dictator Process. It can be the springboard board for his third term in Office…

  12. RB says

    Why anyone would want to send their kids to a public schools is beyond me, teaching kids too think for themselves is a lost art. Todays schools are public indoctrination centers

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      I use the mnemonic LIES Liberal Indoctrination Edjumacashun Specialists to describe MOST public school teachers.

  13. Raul says

    Well she’s partially right. Look at Obumer, he does not equally represent the majority of Americans. We should have a recall.

    1. Scrubjay says

      Good point!

    2. Beeotchstewie says

      You mean a military tribunal for treason I hope.

  14. Standandfight says

    Our government has became the world’s worst soap opera .

  15. MikeS says

    Van Haren is trying to rig the election and is in flagrant violation of Democratic principals. Anyone that petty sets a bad example to students and should be fired.

  16. Robert Morzenti says

    Raul, If she was white they’d have said it…I believe she’s black because there was nothing said about her race. But black or whit she’s still an asshole who has her head up her ass…

  17. Beeotchstewie says

    We don’t like the results of a fair and honest election, so we are nullifying the whole thing. Sounds like Socialism and or Communism to me SEIG HEIL! Liberals are completely misguided. These idiots are paid to indoctrinate kids via property taxes!

  18. disqus_e1rjNMkUay says

    She is going to have a very bad time, come Nov 2016

  19. Loving America says

    In fact these students do not know how democracy works in America……better dismiss them from school and redo your jobs schools teaching them how democracy works in America! Close Your eyes and go with it because We the People had to do this on the SOB in Our Oval Office! If anything is changed due to the fact they won legally then fire the School Board and hire another one!

  20. Robert Morzenti says

    Must be black by injection…

  21. TPM says

    Imagine if some blacks had been chosen in a school election and the voting results were overturned because they represented more than their “fair share” of blacks, based on the demographics of the the student population.

    You know that would have the immediate attention of Obama and Sharpton. The Justice Department would be summoned. The main stream media would feature this “scandal” on the nightly news and the “racist” principal would lose their job.

    Every time a minority is favored or given special treatment, it offends the rest of the population and it ferments MORE racism and ill will. Equal means equal.

  22. Peggie says

    Have no idea what this article is about. Very poorly written.

    1. CCblogging says


      1. Peggie says

        9:42 a.m. Central

  23. Mark Clemens says

    Common Core teaching in a Sanctuary City.
    What could possibly go wrong?
    I see common core civics teaches middle school children two bad things:
    1. Your vote really does not count.
    2. How to rig an election, to suit your agenda

    Is this how civics works in California? Now i see why. the California delegation in DC, are so crazy, and keep going back. In California, I reckon the Secretary of State decides who wins and who looses………….

  24. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    This is BU**SH**! This principal should be fired!! I live in the bay area, it is indeed a multi national area but, COME ON! Teaching the kids that its OK to change an election to suit ONE persons beliefs!? Wait….that’s how obuma got elected! That and voter fraud!

  25. Gerry Costa says

    What a terrible shame that kids can’t even elect a student council without interference from libtard/demoRAT low life scum when it doesn’t go the way they want it to. This country needs to get rid of these low lifes.

  26. junkmailbin says

    liberal will toss out anything that does not fit their definition of fair. Fair to them is what they think should happen.
    Liberalism is a mental health condition aggravated by cranial rectal impaction

  27. downs1 says

    Lena Van Haren, you are a blight on humanity! You are an arrogant, miserable, liberal, intellectually dishonest, God-hating, racist woman! May you reap what you have sown!

  28. Linda Schulte says

    If the majority of students are black, then the majority of votes were blacks. The blacks are the ones that voted for the whites. So let the students votes be counted. It should not be controlled by the administration of the school. Leave race out of this, if the student body voted for whom they wanted, why is the administration of this school sticking their racial nose into this?

  29. James in Texas says

    Education vs Indoctrination:
    Proverbs 18:7 “The mouths of fools are their ruin; They trap themselves with their lips”!

  30. chief1937 says

    The only thing next for this woman should be her pink slip with no compensation.

  31. Gerald A. Reason says

    Ah yes, teach the kids that, if the authorities don’t like an election result, or if the fix did not work, the election will be voided. (B*** S***!!!!) If I were one of the parents of one of those voted in, I would file suit against the principal for violating the rights of the students because of racial profiling. If the election was granted by the school, then the results should be honored. This principal needs to be FIRED! If it were a white principal who did this because not enough whites were elected, there would be national media demands for her removal. White, Black, Asian, or whatever, this is purely racial bias and has no place in our schools. It is building, in our young, some very unhealthy and unrealistic expectations that will only create more conflict when they step into the real world where we don’t get what we want all the time and we have to face what we do get, in elections. We have had to face Obama for 8 years because he was elected. There would have been hell to pay if those elections had been voided. Get real folks!

  32. Greg says

    This principal needs to be fired and given the label of “RACIST” so she is not hired by any other school district!!

  33. Albert L Biele says

    Pitting blacks against white’s increases dissension amongst the races,
    which is what the Democratic Party must accomplished to corral the back-vote.
    Anyone who works day and night to separate the races is a bigot. God made one
    race of equal statue that can only be differentiated by the character of their actions
    be it detrimental, or beneficial, but no one should be judged because of the
    faults of another. Regarding the school election, it is clear that the principle,
    in an extremely doctorial manner, is commanding that his student body vote in a
    manner that satisfies a personal ideology, which is totally contrary to the
    free elections that have existed in this country for more than 200 years. So,
    what is message being given to the students who won the election? These types
    of actions do not glue relationships between the races, but rather, causes
    dissension: negative overtone for both races. This principle should take a
    course in congeniality, or resign is position.

  34. loran says

    Wow, not only do these Progressives disenfranchise adult voters with the activist socialist judges around the country, they now teach this garbage to our students first hand. Certain students will see that it’s permissible to administer this way. Good Grief!

  35. drunkrussian says

    Consider that the 9th Circus court did the exact same thing when the voters of CCCA voted to restrict aid to illegals, the 9th Circus said it was unconstitutional and overturned the popular vote. So why go through the trouble of having elections when a handful of people (in this case one) can over rule the voice of millions?

  36. mike says

    Another idiot from San Francisco. She probably was one of the votes to keep sanctuary cities in San Francisco

  37. Obie Miller says

    It appears that she is following obama’s example by making up her own rules when she disagrees with those that are already established.

  38. RuFus92 says

    I assume that she made sure that all of the students voted in the election so that it is clearly a student body decision of whom was wanted in each particular position and they were chosen. Pretty simple solution is to count total votes tally that to number of students if the numbers match then the election should stand and this ignoramus should be handed her walking papers. No vote on that just pack up and get her ass out of there. Send her to DC this is the type of people Obama loves.

  39. Allan Stark says

    Let’s hope there’s not a disease like “early onset Liberalism,” analogous to “early onset Alzheimer’s disease.”

  40. Donnie Buchanan says

    More liberal junk from the Land of Sanctuary Cities, Homosexuals, and “medical” stoners. Wish they would secede form the Union.

  41. Steve Crawford says

    I wonder how many Black students voted and how many black students posted their name on the ballot. If the answer to both these question are NO, let the election results stand. I don’t know how many of the students are black in the school, but I”m willing to bet there are many. But like many elections where the Blacks are in great numbers, they don’t run for any of the city, county or state offices, and THEY DO NOT VOTE. The principal should inform the Black students that they must be involved in the elctions to have their voices heard, if not, Shut Up.

  42. onelordwon says

    Sounds exactly like the 6th and 9th circuits, when throwing away the vote on same sex marriage. The people no longer have a voice, because those who think they are in power are simply dictators, and do not recognize they were appointed or voted in as servants of the people

  43. scott says

    funny how its always the racist nigg-rs complaining and being racist.

  44. Steven says

    So its beyond her imagination that black students might have also voted for that student council? To override the vote means she wants to choose the members of the group. Something only done in a dictatorship.

  45. dude says

    no what they need to do is parents and the board need to fire this princable and find a far one boycott till they do …p.s.i never could spell

  46. nancy zamarano riddle says

    There are two important things I want to share with you readers (commenters) I had years of hand on experience at public schools. Most the time the student council (or whatever the name) is made of mostly of white students . But based on the region or specific location such as College towns with diverse , educated population the result will be different . Blacks and latinos are not too interested in be part of a group which each members suposedely be a role model , in good academic standard , be respectful of the rules to produce general law abiding citizens and productive members of society .To the contrary , blacks and latinos ( I am Latina) most the time use their “negative ” background/ upbringuing as an excuse not to be called traitors, brainwashed by whites , not black enough and so on. Due to their insecurity and lack of self steem ,they are bullied and kept down . After they leave school , some , turn into
    society undesirables , increasing the imprisoned population . Sad but is their choice .
    The influx of so many uneducated illegals , terrorist and refugees from Africa and middle east, with their hearts and minds filled with hate, frustrations , etc , etc, will be a fertile ground for these so called disenfranchised youngters , where they will find “something to do with their lives “.
    The color of the skin has nothing to do with the desire to become a productive , good , citizen .
    Please read the story of DR, Ben Carson , the candidate for US President story : black ,.poor childhood , uneducated mother , with the desire to produce a different generation , and She did it . She worked hard and stood for disciplined children . Thank you .

  47. Btty says

    My God just more proof that Liberalism is a sickness. That Principle should be fired but living in California I won’t hold my breath! I would however start home schooling my kids immediately!

  48. Martha Partin says

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  49. Lee Lewandowski says

    fire the b@#@@@h you are a servant of the people, not the writer of history, explain what the right to vote and election is, and why we hate obammy and he still got in because of all the illegals voting 3 or more times…

  50. capoprimo says

    Liberals always think they know best what is good for us. Our elections don’t count and it’s why they’re often overruled by Leftist Courts, in Kalifornia especially!

  51. Bienvenido Ampoon Paulino says

    Ms. Lena Van Haren you don’t have the right to withheld the honest election results for officers of students government body of your school. You are so biased against the white and the Asians students majority who where elected for the position as an officers of the student body. Remember this Ms. Van Haren ONLY talented and able students can lead this student body.

  52. sharon says

    California has trash like Pelosi, Brown, Finestine, and that scum Boxer running it, none are Americans, they do not care for Americans, they only care for illegals and terrorists, wake up people.

  53. sharon says

    fire the witch, she is a racist pile of shit.

  54. 24tigerlily says

    Wait! I didn’t get any Snickers in my Halloween bag. Wahhhh. Shaquanda got 16. That’s not fair! She needs to split them with me. So I didn’t go to the mall for 2 hours and visit every store there, so what? I didn’t say please and thank you to all the owners who handed out candy, no big deal! ……’s still not fair she got more than me!

  55. Jack says

    “SOOO”the individual created the racism herself,,she should be replaced by the seventh grader,who was quoted in the article !!

  56. Lee Hauenstein says


  57. WC Fisher says

    This is typical another Liberal, Supposedly Intellectual That JUST KNOW’S That 7th Graders are RACIST and That NEED Tobe CONTROLED and Tough a Lesson in Racist Justice SO SHE Will Not Let them VOTE in the PEOPLE They Want, Last Time I Looked Asians aren’t Exactly WHITE you STUPID Bimbo !!!

  58. mjhiggs says

    I assume the principal was thinking that more blacks needed to be represented in the student council. I guess she was looking to the examples of Baltimore, Detroit, Newark, D,C.,etc. which illustrate how much better things are when blacks wield more power in government.

  59. Wyatt says

    As I recall from my school days , Student counsel elections were more of a popularity contest . For sure our elected representatives to student counsel did their best to represent the students that voted them in but in the 7th grade , not many students were all that politically aware of the ins and outs of student diversity . All they knew was that they were to represent their fellow students and report back to their classmates what transpired at the meetings , be it just mundane school business , a charity drive sponsored by the school or a policy change that would affect the student body as a whole . A student counsel might vote to sponsor a dance or a fun day on school grounds yet, have it voted down by school administration . Basically , this was an introduction to the political world and how a constitutional government operates . Not all students actually took part beyond the voting process to elect their representatives and possible activities that might be held , but we all learned the voting process and some of the political process . I dare say this principal is in all probability an advocate of common core and all its moronic process . She really needs to be taken to task and either removed and replaced as a school head or fired outright .

  60. ZACAL says

    Forced indoctrination…

  61. scott says

    racist nigg-rs at it again

  62. marlene says

    If our racist government got out of the race baiting business, there wouldn’t be a race problem! Don’t you see their diabolical plan to keep us divided against each other so we don’t come after THEM?? Why do you think our founders gave us the right to bear arms, calling it an “unalienable” right, meaning it CANNOT, under any circumstance whatsoever, be infringed? – TO FIGHT GOVERNMENT TYRANNY! What do we have today in government? – TYRANNY!

    1. Miyako says

      YEAH……?……..And Truly IGNORANT People About The Truth In The Middle-East”! Bush Created This Mess With The Removal Of Saddam in Iraq…. Libya…..Syria…Yemen…Iran..Etc. He Was a Puppet Of ‘AIPAC’ And His Jewish ‘Handlers’ in The Inner Office of the President’!

      1. marlene says

        Calm down and get off your soaobox. You’re just a filthy, uninformed racist fool.

  63. Concerned Citizen says

    Well, ?Ms? Van Haren you may not remember this because you are in ultra liberal San Francisco, California, but this is America and the will of the people [in this case students] goes. The fact that you were hoping to rig the election is a criminal act for which you should be punished with dismissal from your job. You are not qualified to be an educator of children.

  64. RobertNorwood says

    Smart kids taking a lesson from Obama’s presidency and now they’ll get one on Libtard politics.

  65. Libya21 says

    Leftists at work. This is only one example of how EEO and affirmative action have given us less than high quality leaders and administrators in our schools, government and elsewhere. It is another example of the abuse of power all around us. Where are the heads of the SF school system that they did not fire her. They just looked the other way. Same kind of leadership we have in sanctuary cities. No respect for our laws. Just pick and choose which ones you like. Right, Obama? Right, Feinstein?

  66. TPM says

    Typical Libtard, fixing another election to suit HER liberal agenda.
    The kids may actually learn something from this shameful episode. “Liberals FIX elections.”
    They fix them by registering people who aren’t eligible to vote. They encourage people to vote multiple times. They open our borders and give driver’s licenses to illegals and register them to vote – Yes, they do this – in California.

  67. SaneZidane says

    Everything brings racial controversy for those self serving misfits that have nothing else going for them. Lack of judgement is the common theme running through radical elements of our society. The, “them against us,” attitude should be invoked against our corrupt greedy politicians, not pitting Real American citizens against each other.

  68. JRW40113 says

    we are from the government and we are here to help you no matter what you think is right, we know better. Just ask us and we will tell you what to think, when, where and how, because we are from the government. If you don’t ask we will tell you anyway because we are special because we are from the government and we are here to help.

  69. mossbergman says

    So what are the election to teach the kids ? that they don’t count for r shit if the Boss don’t like the results? these are middle school kids .they are messing with their minds .some one needs to be removed from office., They can’t elect people if they don’t run.. Sure isn’t teaching these kids how the system works .It’s just teaching why the HELL even vote. I can’t believe this shits going down in my country. Where’s the school board on this…AH it’s kali probably don’t matter to them. Damn people this is your kids Kali today your school tomorrow and your kids.

  70. bhdh65 says

    Sounds like another ignorant libtard. Should be totally out of the school system.

  71. Anna K says

    She is exactly what we do not need teaching our kids let alone controlling ‘THEIR’ election results! POS!

  72. glorybe2 says

    The lady made a really lousy decision. It is true that the majority race will tend to put their own into elected offices and that minorities do suffer because of that fact. However interference in an election is not the path to correcting such an issue.

  73. junkmailbin says

    typical liberal BS. The results did not come out as she wanted so we change the rules.

  74. omega2 says


  75. Patriot( retired Navy) says

    This is the PC crap that the schools now promote as social engineering, oh my the student body voted for too many whites and asians but the other minorities were not included, hey libtard the system worked as it should, and the students voted ther conscience, let it stand as voted. what a socialist libtard Van Haran is and a disgrace to our way of democracy in this republic.

  76. Dane says

    We have a REVERSE situation in our town. The high school is about 1/4 or less black students. When girls and guys are running for the position of homecoming king and queen there is generally a list of six of each to choose from. All the black kids will vote for the (usually) one black representative and the white kids are then left with splitting the remainder of the votes among the white kids running….. most people think we are now a “black school” because we have, every year, a black king and queen. (Black people will faithfully, always, vote for their own… even if a black dog was running). I’m not being mean, it’s just a fact! Another fact…. I’ve never heard a single complaint from anyone about the outcome of the election! Fantastic!!

  77. reylaces says

    The liberal intelligentsia have always believed that they know better the the rest of America. It has to stop now.

  78. EdStone says

    That bitch needs to b replaced and sent to Yemen.

  79. freedomcreator says

    typical liberal behavior and not surprising it’s California – I wonder how much of our tax money behind the scenes is going to support this kind of nonsense and confusion for the students – what’s the point of a vote – Wake up America!!!
    Let’s Make America Great Again!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Savetheanimals says

    Liberals the anti-racist, bigot party of tolerance.

  81. CUZIN ERN says

    Those called Americanos seem to have to run the same old M. O. with nothing to back it up !!!!!!!

  82. Alleged Comment says


    NOBODY wants Negroes in control. Must be instinct.

  83. Erin Dougherty says

    You mention that the parents got involved and helped to straighten this out. In San Francisco! See, we liberals do have more common sense than you usually give us credit for. The author needs to take a breath and calm down.

  84. snowyriver says

    This is exactly what obuma claimed he was going to do… fundamentally change America… Now we suspect student votings as being rigged.

  85. OSAMA OBAMA says

    “This is complex” Yup just as complex as voting….Black man?, vote for him cause he’s black…..Woman? vote for her cause she’s a woman!…Gosh, the turds in FRISCO are stupidly progressive.

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  87. DogWithoutSlippers says

    May she is positioning herself for a spot on the Obama team!~

  88. Dan says

    When you have the power you can make the rules. That’s a very good for all the school children to learn, along with don’t trust anyone in power…….

    1. Miyako says

      AFSC. 2350B. 62-66 Americas Flirt With Communism……OBAMA’! and…..homosexuality”!

  89. John Topper says

    Can we nullify elections if they don’t accurately reflect the population at large? -…Yea, the Bush Brothers did this a few years ago and the Republicants not only nullify elections, they skew the electorate by gerrymandering for whom THEY want to win.

  90. goodoldeboy says

    School Principal:The children cast their vote,so let it be…!!

  91. Texas Belle says

    She was just taking a page from Obama’s book; Muslims must be represented or it isn’t fair. If you can’t abide by the results of an election of the student body then don’t hold elections; just dictate from the top like he does. This country is in chaos; if we don’t honor our laws and the Constitution, then we have no guiding principles and people are free to do whatever they wish–until someone is brave enough to stop the madness.

    1. Miyako says

      Laws”? like Ignoring Immigration Laws With The Ingrates From Mexico’? $220 billion a year for the Mexican Illegal here in America”? (and Over-stayers of VISAS) Please…..!……….!’! Try going on line…..The story’s you see about the Middle East are…sent Via Americas Jewish Run Media Services. No truth About The Killing Of Innocent Palestinian People..! you only see……The American Jewish Medias SPIN On The trouble. try this site. run by an x Jew. I hope it helps your deluded thinking about Muslims and Jews’? VERITAS’!

  92. snoocks2 says

    Van ‘Harridan’ (bitchy old woman) must have taken several courses in ‘micro-aggression’ in order to find herself attached to such meaningless nonsense.

  93. Juan says

    Just another example of a self-hating white female liberal . . . if they can’t win via election they just overrule the voters and install the people they “feel” should have won!! This is why so many conservatives want to require voter ID at polling locations.

  94. Spark1845 says


  95. KatRob says

    In a country that was intended to be the new and/or second home to Europeans, this fool thinks there’s too many Whites voted into office? If you do not have European blood, you’re just a guest here!

  96. Bender says

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  98. wonduh says

    From the car cam, I couldn’t tell the person’s race; how could the police tell? So, race was not the issue, it was because she was not smart enough to walk or jog FACING TRAFFIC. And she is a Dean? Smart? Maybe not smart other than being her agenda. Then she contacts the media? Why? No foul, no harm. Aparently it was her way of trying to make bad light of two officers who rightfully stopped her and advised her to walk on the other side of the street. Liberals aren’t very smart?

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