School Has Special Needs Students Digging Through Trash


It’s impossible to say when the pro-environment movement crossed from the responsible into the ridiculous, but it can be said for certain that they have been there for some time. The latest example of the government overstepping their bounds has a public school in Jurupa Valley, California telling students with special needs to dig through the garbage to find recyclables.

Carmen Wells, the parent of one of the students, raised the biggest furor when her son came home ashamed after the first day of school at Patriot Valley High..

From CBS:

“It bothered my son, but he wants to be part of everyone, part of the team, so he’s going to do it,” Wells said. “I felt victimized for my child and his classmates.”

District officials confirm students with special needs were instructed to sift through trash cans for recyclables and that they’ve been having students with special needs do this for years. They said the money raised from the recycled items funds a larger training plan that teaches students with special needs about managing money, among other life skills.

The school district suspended the program once the outrage started pouring in, telling the media that they would consider getting some different bins for the recycling. What a concept. It’s also a pretty sad statement if the school thinks the “life skills” these students need involve sifting through garbage to find plastic bottles.

Forcing special needs children to dig through the trash for recyclable materials may be a new low as far as government programs go, but it is not the first time recycling has hurt people, hurt businesses, and even hurt the environment.

  • A late 90s scientific study showed that hundreds of Taiwanese buildings had been built from contaminated recycled steel, contaminating thousands of people with high levels of gamma radiation.
  • It came to light in 2007 that a Seattle recycling factory was among the biggest sources of airborne pollution in the entire Northwest.
  • Finally, it’s a little known fact that most kinds of common plastic cannot even be recycled. It all gets thrown into the bins (well, in those areas that bother to separate them beforehand), and then the non-recyclables get thrown into the landfill anyway. Environmentalists, therefore, call on people to sort through their recyclables again to make sure you’re only throwing the right kind of plastic into the blue bins.

In the face of all this, it would seem that the average person could be trusted to at least decide for themselves whether or not they want to recycle. There are arguments against the practice of non-aluminum recycling that cite higher costs and little environmental benefit, particularly when it comes to residential curbside recycling. For the most part, the federal government has kept its hands clean of legislation, but there are a few cities such as Seattle that levy fines against homeowners who don’t recycle.

In the end, it’s an easy thing to do, but many still wonder if it’s really worth it. Certainly, Marcus Wells and his mother think that recycling, like government, should have its limits.

  1. Carrie Barton says

    So much going on in our world and they picked this to write about.

    1. MamaJ says

      This should be brought to light. The abuse that is going on in school systems across this nation should be known by everyone and shown to the world. Abusing children is totally unacceptable in any size, shape, or form. Especially children who would have a difficult time to defend themselves. So in my estimation this story is very viable. Would you want your child digging through garbage in the name of education?

      1. Carrie Barton says

        I bet you voted Democrat.

        1. MamaJ says

          That is very funny. No, I vote conservative. Only the progressives think that abusing others is acceptable. They speak one way and act another. Just tell me why this should not be a story to be aired. Like I said would you want your child digging through garbage at his/her school. Are you a parent? Do you think this is an acceptable practice at this school? I have a very close friend who has a child with autism and I would be infuriated if he were treated this way. Read peter’s comment below. I doubt he is a democratic voter either.

          1. Carrie Barton says

            My children went around trash cans with protection to grab anything they could, that would make money . It is a wonder how people survived before all these new rules on what is right and what is wrong. My children made money and that they thought was great. If they didn’t want to do this then they should have a chance to opt out of this.

          2. MamaJ says

            My children went around trash cans with protection to grab anything they could, that would make money.

          3. Carrie Barton says

            Why don’t we send these children out on their own to sell tickets or candy. I agree that is much safer. I work with children that have a different learning style. I am so glad that I was brought up during the 7o’s when they treated US the same.

          4. Marilyn5555 says

            How about FIRST giving them the education they’re ENTITLED to so they can make a decision later in their lives as to what THEY want to do for a living?

          5. Carrie Barton says

            What is normal?

          6. Marilyn5555 says

            PRECISELY MY POINT! You and deahder1 seem to have appointed yourselves to decide who’s better than who, and who should/shouldn’t get the education they deserve.

          7. Carrie Barton says

            Looks like someone just realized how stupid they are.

          8. Marilyn5555 says

            Good for you….maybe there’s hope for you yet

          9. Carrie Barton says

            You see, this is why you are confused. You play games with people. You are know better then the teacher that has these children sifting through garbage.

          10. Marilyn5555 says

            Obviously I did better in school….and learned how to spell and use grammar.

          11. Carrie Barton says

            Must of hit a poor spot with you, if that is what your fighting back with. I paid cash for my home in Santa Cruz Ca. And let’s see, I have my own business working with children that learn a different way. I guess I am good at what I do because I didn’t let people label me. It is people like you that my parents warned me about. The ones that pretend to care but don’t. You see, I did this all on my own, with what you think is a disability.

          12. Marilyn5555 says

            How is it that I “PRETEND” to care? I’m involved with these kind of people every day. Not to mention spending as much time as possible helping my cousin with her’s. I have my own business too—-so what? Doesn’t mean a thing.

          13. Jeanne Stotler says

            You demean them when you say “these kind of people”, they have hearts and souls, and also feelings, in fact I found that most have bigger hearts than you seem to have. When my son was 5 mos. old I was told to “Put him away”, I didn’t and he went to regular school until 7th grade, he finished HS under spec, ed, and has worked since he was 14. You see I didn’t treat him any different than his brothers or sisters, he has had a hard time with some subjects, like algebra, but he knows more about US History than most politicians, he can tell you about John Mosby, he knows all the statistics of the Washington Redskins, he ran the Seafood Dept. in a grocery store, working from a fresh food clerk up, don’t underestimate, just show them how.

          14. Marilyn5555 says

            Oh good grief. Because I didn’t say what you consider are the “perfect” words I’ve demeaned them? And it means I don’t have a big heart. GEEZ! And at what point have I UNDERestimated anyone? That’s the WHOLE point of organizations like the Special Olympics.

          15. Marilyn5555 says

            Your children weren’t FORCED…it was a CHOICE. The school is just USING these kids of slave labor. And ONLY the children they consider expendable. If that’s their kind of thinking, they have no business being part of the education system at all.

          16. Carrie Barton says

            You need to read through the thread. I know it is so easy to jump to conclusions. Just look what happen with the riots and that shooting of Brown.

          17. Carrie Barton says

            And so you pick on me because I am not there in front of you. You see you will never be able to understand unless you, yourself are special needs.That is the difference between you and me. I was in those special ed. classes all my life.

          18. Marilyn5555 says

            For someone who didn’t even think this subject needed to be written about…you sure have a lot of BS to say. And frankly….I don’t believe you. If you were in those classes all your life you’d have a different viewpoint. I think you’re a LIAR

          19. Carrie Barton says

            First of all you are the one writing to me. I am answering you back. If you did believe me, then you would have to look at your self differently. You are the liar. I don’t believe that you work with children, let alone children that are not so typical. You can see me on Care. Com I have been with them for a few years now. BOO YA. I look at every child having their own way of learning. What does average mean to you.. To me there is no average.

          20. Marilyn5555 says

            Your arguments are so ridiculous. Because I’m not special needs? You don’t know what my needs are. And let’s ASSUME I wasn’t….what would you like me to do? Make myself “reborn” with a handicap so I can understand? Sorry…I don’t have that kind of power, so what a stupid remark. You’re the one who started the hostility with the first statement. IF you were dealing with a handicap you’d think YOU would be one of the first to want these issues addressed. And What? because you’re on you need a pat on the back? If that’s you’re reason for being there….they don’t need you. Nobody needs false charity. You make a snotty comment to MamaJ that she’s a Democrat. You’re just another narcissist that has to be the center of attention and always “right”. And I never said anything about “average”…YOU did. Stop putting words in people’s mouths. I’m done. It’s a waste of time to carry on a conversation with someone who feels the need to be “right” all the time. Or thinks they need to be on a pedestal. Good luck with that.

          21. Carrie Barton says

            I am only answering your questions. You are the one that has doubts about me. You are the one that said you work with special needs. I only pointed out , to show you, I am who I say I am. You need to stay away from children. You are very hostile and have a temper. When was the last time that a child you worked with said that they love you. I had three of them just yesterday. Do your self a favor and pick on someone that does not know what they are talking about. You my friend, need some soul searching.

          22. Marilyn5555 says

            Keep on thinking……maybe…..MAYBE….someday you’ll get good at it.

          23. BlackBeaver says

            But were your children forced to ‘dumpster dive’ by their school? Doing something voluntarily and accepting the risk in the hopes of making a profit is not the same as forced labor.

          24. Carrie Barton says

            Here maybe if this is right in front of you, you will be forced to read what I wrote :

            My children went around trash cans with protection to grab anything they could, that would make money . It is a wonder how people survived before all these new rules on what is right and what is wrong. My children made money and that they thought was great. If they didn’t want to do this then they should have a chance to opt out of this.

        2. Mark Bigger says

          Carrie, you must have misunderstood. anyone should be appaulled by this and I am more on the right side of the fence, would never vote democrat. Any tpes of abuse should be exposed

          1. Carrie Barton says

            I will agree that I misunderstood.

        3. Marilyn5555 says

          You keep digging your ignorant and callous hole deeper

          1. Carrie Barton says

            So when we grow up to be adults, that is when you shoot us down. Looks like your the ignorant, callous person.

          2. Marilyn5555 says

            Those were YOUR words not mine. But in some cases…..I wouldn’t consider you to be a big loss to the planet.

          3. Carrie Barton says

            Just shows you that you do not care about these children. It is just an out let for your stupidity.

          4. Marilyn5555 says

            OBVIOUSLY you’re the one who hasn’t read all the threads here—-what part of I’ve worked with the Special Olympics and my cousin did you not comprehend?

          5. Carrie Barton says

            Your the one that came after me. here is the one you missed. My children went around trash cans with protection to grab anything they could, that would make money . It is a wonder how people survived before all these new rules on what is right and what is wrong. My children made money and that they thought was great. If they didn’t want to do this then they should have a chance to opt out of this.

    2. Mark Bigger says

      Carrie, I agree to a point, this is minor compared to our country going down the drain. But some articles need to be shown so we can see all of what the ignorant people in charge are coming up with.

    3. Marilyn5555 says

      ANOTHER compassionate soul heard from…

    4. BlackBeaver says

      Are you suggesting that government sanctioned child abuse is trivial? Would you rather an article about the Kardashians?

      1. Carrie Barton says

        Child abuse. Hmm good one.

  2. pysco says

    Well maybe the principle, school board, and teachers need to set the example !!! Let them sift through the garbage for at least a month before requiring special needs children to do it.

    1. chamuiel says

      What principle? Oh! you mean Principal.

      1. pysco says

        Thank you, I stand corrected on my miss-spelling.

        1. niny says

          That is humility and wisdom,pysco.Thanks for your good example.

      2. Yadja says

        There people’s principles are not where ours are, they are living in another world.

        1. Cranky Steven says

          And a dark, dangerous world at that.

          1. Yadja says

            Raising little drones who will eventually be put into categories so many of them may be getting practice for their lifetime professions. Divergent.

          2. Cranky Steven says

            I hear ya, Yadja. Soon they will all be wearing Mao shirts and singing praises to the Great Leader in DC. It already happened in Illinois when teachers forced the kids to sing “Obama Loves Me” to the tune of the hymn “Jesus Loves Me”. It is really getting scary and going to get worse.

          3. Yadja says

            I am here in the real boonies, I mean way out here in the woods, for a reason, peace, LOLOL then I get on here and politic………but to the subject at hand, when my children were little the feds wanted to come up with a way to test our children in the third grade and then place them accordingly into slots that would guide them throughout their school years. We raised Holy He!! and sunk it.

            I was no brain in school, just average. First time in college same thing. But when I went back on my dime and not my dad’s and had to get serious I was a straight A student in all my RN classes, including advanced math and science. My dad said hey how come I pay and your a C and you pay and your an A. Well I was grown and ready and had to have the degree.

            So we have to be careful but we are too far gone without a real fight to the finish.

          4. Cranky Steven says

            So you’re an RN? That’s tough work, if you do it right. What boonies are you in? I’m in the Mojave Desert. It is 100% today and we consider that cool for this time of year. We are in a fight to the finish at this very moment. Look at what s*** they are flinging at Gov. Perry. It’s down and dirty time. Ferguson is only the beginning.

          5. chamuiel says

            100% today? Huh? Say What?

            Don’t you mean 100 degrees, nor percent?

          6. Cranky Steven says

            100 degrees when we’re luck. Right now (2148) it is only 88 degrees.

          7. Yadja says

            I live in Florida next to a National Forest and a major river runs 1/2 block from my home.

            Being an RN is what you make it, I have worked every field imaginable and did not like any of it, especially managing or being in high positions because I could not change anything for the better for staff or patients. Those who run the Medical Field and make the decisions and sit in the Penthouse are so far disconnected from the problems they might as well be aliens come here from another planet.

            Proof of the pudding was this war and Shield/Storm, anything above Major and even Majors were so far removed from hands on nursing they had to be led by the Captains and LT’s. After the war the Army sent out a survey that asked us to tell them what we thought needed to be done to better our care giving. My response was save the tax payers dollars and leave all the Majors and above home.

            Yes we are in a huge battle for the life of this country. Obama has divided us in a fashion that no other president ever did. But then he has been the first for many things no other president did and none of them good. There will be problems, this pot will boil over and many will be burned.

            Governor Perry is a strong and good man, he will only gain more recognition during this fight and if he continues to be in the spotlight he may just be a contender in 2016.

          8. Cranky Steven says

            Your main point is spot on. We baggers, indies and conservative Republicans must make a stand and support Gov. Perry to the max. With money when possible, but also send him emails of support and talk him up to others. This latest socialist attack on him with these bs charges are only the first. We must never lose sight of the fact that there is no tactic so vile or level so low that the socialist left won’t embrace it. Our country is in terrible danger from the socialists and the rinos who aide and abet them. Remember in November! Ask no quarter and give none. This is literally a fight to the death ideologically.
            Having said that, I am afraid of Florida. I hear you have skeeters the size of light Cessna’s, gators the size of disposal trucks and sinkholes that have no measureable bottom. Plus hurricanes. And possums! And didn’t a sharknado go through there? Or was that a raccoonado? Horrible, either way.

          9. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL well sir, we have roaches so big that Texans would blush, skeeters that will eat you alive if given the chance, gators that will eat you as a hors dover, sinkholes that sneak up on you during the night and swallow half your lawn, hurricanes and himmicanes that can out your electricity for weeks leaving you sweaty and cursing the day you moved here, sharks that like to taste you if your in the area just for giggles, raccoons, bob cats, black bear, deer, fox, panthers and critters of all sizes and shapes but on the whole it is not such a bad place to live when you watch the rest of the country freezing their kazoos off.

            Besides you have to learn to live with the critters and believe me they are easier to live with than most of the people who come to the big cities from all over.

            Yes we need to hunker down in this country, don’t let our ammo get wet, grab another round and shoot from the hip. Take um down and out anyway we can before they take us first. Ballot boxes should do the trick and yes Perry will need support and yes I do and will support him.

            It the vote doesn’t do the trick then here in Florida we’ll just grab a gator, pack his behind with cannon balls and light her up.

          10. Cranky Steven says

            Yadja, thanks for the laughs. You were kidding, weren’t you? About some of that stuff anyway?
            I’m not grabbing any gators and the Mojave Desert is shy of those critters anyway. We had them about 250 thousand years ago or so I hear but they left for… Florida. We do have, however, (drum roll) SAND SHARKS!!! BWAHAHAHA! Again, I slay me! Not as dead as your critters would and I can’t eat my own corpse but it’ll do. 🙂

          11. Yadja says

            Welcome but remember behind every laugh there is a half truth and if you don’t come to Florida understanding our wildlife the consequences are not pretty many times for either the critters on 4 feet or those on two.

            I have heard about your sand sharks in fact there was a movie about um huh!!!!!! they are vicious boogers………….LOLOLOL your a hoot and I really enjoyed this.

          12. Cranky Steven says

            Whoa, Yadja! There really ARE sand sharks!? That made ME hoot! Gotta go turn on the fan and blow it away! Thanks for the warning though. Hope a gator doesn’t latch onto you! lol

          13. Yadja says

            Later gator. I don’t kayak during mating season the Bull gators think the kayak a female from the back. LOLOLOL

          14. Cranky Steven says

            Yadya, your eyes look so innocent and yet your fertile mind betrays you! Gators and glass bottomed kayaks,indeed! That’s what you get for wearing a thong in a glass bottom canoe swirling over a lake of horny gators! Were they horny before you set sail? By the by, Holder gets the same way when he sees Obama from the back, lol, but don’t we all? Chandler does.

          15. Yadja says

            Well now never met a gator that could resist a nice bottom regardless of what they were wearing.

            Been called alot of things but innocent looking is not one.

            Don’t know about Holder or Obama but gotta run for now. Keep your mind clean and your hands it is getting close to cold season.

          16. Cranky Steven says

            Gator, gator, please don’t snap!
            Epecially not below my lap!
            Go and snap that Ranger Rick,
            Chew his face and bit his d**k!

          17. Yadja says

            Now is that fair to Ranger Rick?

            How old are you my little poet friend? Must be somewhere in your teens or early manhood, your mind is one track.

            Keep it clean
            Don’t be mean
            Ranger Rick
            Has more than a d**k
            He keeps a gun along side
            So gators into the marsh grass slide.

          18. Cranky Steven says

            Yadja, MY mind is one track!? YOU are the one tormenting gators with your thong and glass bottom canoe! What impertinence! As to my age, I taught God how to shave, how’s that?
            Nice poem. Not as slick as mine but good.
            Remember: People in glass bottom canoes shouldn’t drop anchors! Or bottles of beer, I might add.

          19. Yadja says

            LOLOLOLOL well if your that old and still on this kick then you got some good genes or good viagra, either way good for you.

            Now I think my poem was in step with yours, good comeback et al. Thongs are not standard wear for kayaking but glass bottom kayaks is a darn good idea and I am being serious about that. The reason we do the Springs and they are crystal clear and they have glass bottom boats, so what a good idea, I think I will talk to a kayak maker I know about that. It would be great for Florida.

            No drinking over here when on the river unless camped. The river is not a good place for it. They have BUI’s now. Seriously, they now give DUI for the following:
            Walking intoxicated a WUI Wooi
            Horse back riding intoxicated a EUI Eooi
            Biking BUI Booi
            Canoeing CUI Cooi
            Kayaking KUI Kooi

            You name it they give DUI for here in this area. So no Kooi for me. LOLOL

          20. Cranky Steven says

            Yadja, my “kick” kicked off long ago and I don’t miss it. But I must say I think “your” idea of a glass bottom kayak has its merits. But aren’t kayaks covered? How would you get past that? A glass bottom canoe might be better. What do you think?
            Your poetry was poetry. Much better than mine. (*yawn*)
            Hallmark cards has a career waiting for you. Denny’s is hiring if that doesn’t work out.
            And now that we’re on the topic of Denny’s, just how old are you anyway?

          21. Yadja says

            It is not my idea but yours. National parks make money off kayak rentals and canoes and none of them are glass bottom. No kayaks are not covered. Well that is up to the people who take on the idea you had and put it into the real world.

            What you don’t understand is this, a canoe is not anywhere near a kayak. They are different and those who do the International run at Juniper Springs understand it all too well. I sure wish I could show you because I have done the Juniper Run many times.

            Your idea is wonderful for Florida and I think you should look into it.

            You insulted me and have not read my bio so hey………..get a job…..

          22. Cranky Steven says

            Yadja, I insulted you? Really? That was not my intention. I was teasing but am sorry if you were offended.
            I have read your bio. That was some job, raising three kids without help. Good for you. I bet they turned out fine.
            Are you quite sure kayaks don’t have a covering sealing the rower inside? I thought I had seen that on a documentary. Supposedly if the kayak flipped over it would not sink, due the the seal, and the occupant could do something with his paddle to right it.
            You will be unhappy to know that your tax dollars are flowing right into my bulging pockets due to my VA disablity pension. Thanks for that! Sadly that rules out a job.

          23. Yadja says

            I am a Vet also. Served in two wars and they can have all my tax money to pay for guys like you. You are worth alot more than I have.

            My children turned out great. They all have good jobs and take care of themselves and my youngest takes care of his dad, my X. If he did not the old guy would be in a home for the aged.

            I have a sit on top kayak. Not the one you sit down inside and roll with. Mine is sea worthy but tried that once and nearly killed myself when a wave hit and it rolled over my head. LOLOLOL rode one wave then I got it right in the kisser. LOLOL

            Your idea is great about glass bottom kayaks or canoes. You need to send that to someone. Make money off it. I will indeed look into it over here and I will tell you what I find out. Great frikken idea.

            Thongs are not allowed on beaches here in Florida……just think Walmart…OK… a visual yet…….that is what would be wearing thongs.

          24. Cranky Steven says

            lol, so you are saying that thongs are allowed in public but only in Walmart? Now that is a visual for sure! I have no idea what a sit on top kayak is. Aren’t all boats designed to be on top of? You can have the glass bottom idea and I hope you make beau-coup bucks off it.
            Hey, what’s up with the Spring break news photos? There seems to be quite a lot of thong wearing in FL according to those. Also butt floss.
            I am glad you weren’t killed by that murderous kayak.

          25. Yadja says

            LOLOL you see everything at Walmart here. Floridians run around half naked all the time. I remember coming to Florida from 2 years in Spain and I was shocked at how sloppy everyone was dressed and undressed.

            If I can get someone interested in the glass bottom canoe or kayak I will give you the credit. Who knows we might make a fortune. I have to contact some people. There are different types of kayaks, there are the ones you get inside but I have the one that I sit on top.

            LOLOLOL my kayak is sea worthy but I only rode the waves once and that was it for me. The ocean here is rough and lots of jelly fish, sharks etc. The college bunch come here for Bike Week which has just become a sl_t fest with everybody naked……topless…..etc. The sheriff of Daytona kept it at a roar this year because they want people to come with their children etc. What a laugh…..Daytona is filled with topless bars and you name it. Prostitutes are everywhere along the beach walks.

            Can’t tell the difference between those getting paid for it and those who come for Bike Week or Spring Break, they are about the same.

          26. Cranky Steven says

            I’m amazed that prostitution is dying off from lack of paid participation what with all the sluts in CA and FL doing the wild monkey dance for free with any passer-by sober enough to do so.
            If we get rich I’m gonna buy me a big. ol’ GB (glass bottom) kayak but YOU have to sail it. I’m too old and stringy to make good jelly fish food.
            Topless, you say? Maybe those poor wenches were robbed by the dreaded bra sharks?

          27. Yadja says

            LOLOL you bet we will go out on the river. I am looking into it and already have some ideas from my man who is really smart about stuff like this.

            But the only one that will be topless is you and my man. LOLOLOL I will keep you in my stash of posts so I can update you. This is a truly great idea, you would have to see the Springs in order to understand why, they are crystal clear and filled with fish.

          28. Cranky Steven says

            You really, really don’t want to see me with any article of clothing missing at all. I am afraid of fish, by the by. Clowns and inflatable pool toys too.

          29. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL don’t worry I have seen worse.

            I never liked clowns so we have that in common.

          30. Cranky Steven says

            Yadja, yeah, you dislike them but I actively fear them! Those red, bulbous noses, the hideous leering, the frizzy,orange hair…. hey, wait a minute! That describes me! Save my hair is spare and grey!

          31. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL so I need to start calling you Bozo……..I don’t like circuses or clowns. Both just too creepy for my taste.

          32. Cranky Steven says

            Yadja, “LOLOLOL”? That was the responce of my first wife on our wedding night! But luckily I had a snappy comeback.
            “Well, you don’t even have one. So there!”
            That shut her up.

          33. Yadja says

            And that snappy reply was…..wait for it…..wait for it…….

          34. Cranky Steven says

            Waiting. Patiently. Waiting.

          35. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL and still no response from you??????

            Tis not my snappy answer that is on the line
            But thine…….

          36. Cranky Steven says

            It was meant to sting! I’m pretty sure it did…

          37. Yadja says

            So she was a double bagger and you had to be a Bozo in the first place?

            Just taking it down the rode over here……LOLOLOL

          38. Cranky Steven says

            It is 110 degrees here right now and headed for 112 so be nice.
            Is “road” the word you meant?
            Hey, I didn’t HAVE to be a Bozo! I WANTED to be! It was a thankless, dirty job but someone had to do it.
            I don’t know what a “double bagger” is. Is that an American expression?

          39. Yadja says

            Nope I meant rode like in having ridden. LOLOLOL

            A bagger is a woman that needs a paper bag over her head before a man can have relations with her, she is not quit so attractive. A double bagger means the guy had to be desperate. I know really ugly terms but men can be double baggers also.

            When growing-up in Texas 110 and 112 were par for the course. Don’t know how we did it but we as children and teens were acclimated and just kept riding our bikes for sometimes 25 miles a day out in the country side seeking that creek with the limestone caves that dripped water and were over those creeks and we sat in them to get out of the heat. We also sought out and his name was Farmer John, to ask permission to swim in his lake on his property. He usually said no so we did it anyway.

            LOLOL A thankless dirty job LOLOLOLOL is that her opinion or yours?

          40. Cranky Steven says

            It has gotten to 128 here once. It snowed once about 7 miles from here when I was but a lad. It is 113 at the moment.
            Both my ex’s were attractive so I’m left (get ready for this) HOLDING THE BAG! BWAHAHAHAHA!
            We had to walk 15 miles a day to school. Uphill, both ways. We were too poor for bikes. In fact, we had no shoes either. You must have been one of those snotty, rich, bike-riding kids. Hmmmph!
            (yes, I know “uphill, both ways is stolen from Bill Cosby. So what? Be glad I don’t steal your bike or kayak.)

          41. Yadja says

            Since they were good looking it means they just had a thing for clowns LOLOLOL

            I had two bikes during my childhood, one small one then a big one that still sits in a family friends shed.

            You would have had a fight to the finish to get my bike…….they did not call me Tiger for nothing…..I could outrun the boys, out throw them in baseball, out play them in tether ball and they did not mess with me.

            No not a dyke type just a real scrapper.

          42. Krazeehors says

            Every bit of this is STRAIGHT from Hitler”s playbook

            If you don’t believe me, watch the DVD currently showing on TV: Nazis: Evolution of Evil.

            You will be shocked.

          43. Cranky Steven says

            You are quite correct.

          44. The duck says

            They are creating that world. One day they will reap the benefits of their world.

          45. Cranky Steven says

            Yep, and it won’t be (get ready) all its QUACKED up to be! Get it? Wheee!

        2. chamuiel says

          There People’s principles?

          What? How about their? (Indicates it is their principle)(belonging to them).

          There? Heck, I don’t know where it is either. Is it over there? Is it up there? Is it down there?

          You are just making it worse.

          1. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL my typo is your lucky day however; perhaps it was wishful thinking that they were somewhere over there instead of here.

            What is making it worse and has made it deplorable is Liberals.

    2. Cranky Steven says

      Sadly they often ARE the garbage.

      1. pysco says


        1. Cranky Steven says

          Throw a bunch of food stamps in the bottom of a bin and it would be sorted within minutes.

  3. Robert L. Rice says

    Like Forest Gumps mother said, ” stupid is,as stupid does”

    1. Combatvet52 says


  4. peter says

    Typical of liberals in California to degrade those less fortunate than them. Governor Brown will tell everyone that it was a misunderstanding.

    1. loran says

      You know? You have an excellent point here. Liberals love to exercise the do as I say, not as I do philosophy. How many more cities and towns will be required to file for bankruptcy due to being run by DEMOCRATS before the people smarten up?

      1. peter says

        loran- In cities and states where democrats are in total control what you have is gun free zones, high taxes, more crime, welfare, and higher unemployment. How does this help their voters such as the poor and the minorities who the democrats keep on the reservation.

        1. Brenda Stines Mills says

          the vote mindlessly with their heads up their can [don’t forget to recycle it!]….

        2. loran says

          It cannot help any of them except these people can live comfortably on welfare. Did you know that San Francisco, where I live has the most homeless due to that this city and county pay the most in welfare and GA.

          1. pysco says

            Loran, as a resident of the mountains, I boycotted SF along time ago, nothing personnel !!! To many idiots there…

          2. Yadja says

            I boycotted Jacksonville, Florida, it’s murder rate is right up there with the big cities. If I had not been going on deployments yearly, I would not have made it for as long as I did, I lived in the suburbs and they took care of that also. When they hosted the Super Bowel they bulldozed all the slums around the area and the people ran into the suburbs Orange Prk, Green Cove Springs, Middleberg and they brought their crime and drugs with them.

            They opened buildings in downtown to the homeless to get them off the streets downtown and out of the parks, they had showering facilities set-up and places to stay during the day, then as soon as the Super Bowel and the guests left, the city went back to the dump it has become. Crack addicts laying around the streets pushing carts.

            National Geographic had a picture of the “Landing” downtown Jacksonville, it was hyped big time, sits right on the water, it had good stores etc, but it also had covered huge parking lot. So the homeless went there to rob and women were raped. The “Landing” is now a shell of what it once was. Nobody parties downtown Jacksonville, Florida unless they go the Five Points or a couple of other really nice areas.

            I now live in a hamlet that you pass through and have to look fast. I would not live in a big city for all the money in the world….well maybe for all the money in the world….but it would be in a city somewhere far from the maddening crowds of looney tunes and violent militarized police.

        3. dmttbt says

          Check out Chicago Illinois if you want to see a real crime wave. You know the place Obama was from after Hawaii and Kenya. You know where the mayor Ram Emanuel wants the feds to send more of the illegal immigrants. The one where the people have been protesting because they don’t have jobs there now much less with more gang members shipped in.

          1. SmartIrishgal says

            True to the words….The Chicagoans will not vote for Ram Emanuel for Mayor again…

          2. Yadja says

            I would like to see that, but I am from Missouri show me.

      2. Cranky Steven says

        All of them. In California anyway.

        1. SmartIrishgal says

          California has the highest rate of Gangbangers of Mexican, Blacks and Vietnamese…They have the highest crimes and murders and now, that have the Illegals too….I would never move to California…

          1. Cranky Steven says

            I have to live here to be close to my doctors. If you ever consider doing so, I hope someone slaps some sense into you.

          2. loran says

            I moved here in 1971 while enlisted in the Navy. When I discharged, I had family started and the jobs were here with decent pay and benefits. Now I’m married to a wonderful Chinese woman who absolutely refuses to leave San Francisco because she says that the restaurants here have the best Chinese food in the nation. Unfortunately, she is correct. I’m stuck here with all these liberals and welfare recipients who really do not get up until 11:00AM.

          3. pysco says

            Tell her to learn to cook !!!!

          4. loran says

            OH! Can she cook. She could Mr. BAM! Emeril to shame. But, gentleman that I am, I do pamper her with the style of cooking she enjoys. So stick that in your Bippy and suck on it.

          5. pysco says

            Hm….. “Stick that to your Bippy and suck on it” I would expect that kind of response from someone from San Fran they always want to suck something. What’s your wife’s name Long Dong… How’s them Apples !!

          6. loran says

            Well I guess I was wrong about you. You cannot read and have no comprehension. Too bad. Maybe you should re-read my comment and see who I was talking too.

          7. Cranky Steven says

            psyco, be nice or be gone. Leave people’s spouces out of this. Don’t get personal. Attack their religious, political, or racial beliefs where people aren’t so sensitive! 🙂

          8. chamuiel says

            Almost 25% of all people living in poverty in the U.S. live in Kalifornia.

            Kalifornia also has the lowest rate of home ownership in the country.

          9. Jane Spaulding says

            Move to Denver, where the Mexican Nationals have taken over., Hickenlooper loves Latinos, so he is trying to keep as many in the State as possible, He is now giving the Illegals their New Driver’s License. They can’t vote, but now they can drive legally, really, how do you figure a DL is going to make them stay at an Accident they have. Frankly I think this is the biggest mistake of all, The Latinos have been manufacturing their own DL for years, their SS cards . They all have at least 5 aliases.

          10. SmartIrishgal says

            Hope they have car insurance, if not, sue them, if not, impound his car and stash it somewhere….

        2. loran says

          psyco, nothing PERSONAL taken.
          Cranky , You know, there are some in this state who are conservative. We love to debate liberals, but that’s the problem. These liberals either do not know how to debate or just plain refuse too. To them, it’s easier to call people names and use pejoratives. So please, don’t include us in your rants.

          1. pysco says

            I apologize for Rants, and raves………………………………….

          2. Cranky Steven says

            It’s easy to tell a conservative from a leftie in Xaliforia. The conservatives are all armed and dangerous. The lefties have full bladders and are leaky. I don’t include you in my rants.
            I am glad you have a good woman, and Chinese is just frosting on the cake. My first wife was Japanese but kicked me out as part of her 12 step program. *sigh* I hate A.A.

          3. loran says

            Sorry to hear that. I hope you have found some one else. We all need someone to anchor us.

          4. Cranky Steven says

            Thanks, loran, but my days of romance are way behind me. I have a professional care giver though and five cats. Plus my Glock and my Ruger. Life is good in its way. I hope yours is even better.

          5. loran says

            Keep on keeping on.

          6. Cranky Steven says

            lol, loran, I kept it… up…. as long as I could but those days are over. No one misses them especially my ex’s and me. No big loss for anyone.
            Now I just pet my cats and spit at my no-damn-good neighbor’s no-damn-good mutt. That fool drinks like a fish. I think my neighbor does too! 🙂 Har!

          7. pysco says

            Actually, I was raised on a cattle ranch half way between Half Moon Bay, and Santa Cruz… Santa Cruz elected people to the council, based on their sexual preference, or communists… Next thing I know they wanted to put water meters on my own wells…. I admit I’m to much of a redneck, to put up with that kind of crap. I sold, and now live on the western border of Yosemite… I’m a White, Pro-life, Straight, 2nd Amendment loving, Christian, that believes that I should take care of my own family, and the government should leave me alone, and keep their hands out of my pockets…..

          8. loran says

            Jeez, I just heard on the news this AM that there are mandatory evacuations there at Yosemite. I hope you won’t have to pack it up.

          9. pysco says

            Actually that’s in Oakhurst, 17 Miles away.. The north End of town burning, with no containment…. But up here a change in the wind could cover 17 miles in no time…. There was the “Harlow Fire” in the early 60’s that covered about 20 miles in three hours. Took in some refugees I know for a while.

          10. loran says

            Stay safe.

          11. pysco says

            Thanks, Everytime I smell smoke, I’m on the scanner…. Take care, I’m cooking breakfast for a few of the fire evacuees…………..

      3. SmartIrishgal says

        I agree with you 100%

        1. loran says

          Well Thank you.

    2. Kent2012 says

      do you think he will see it on the nightly news…..

      1. dmttbt says

        No they will not cover that because he owns them.

    3. Cranky Steven says

      Brown is due to his father misunderstanding on how to correctly wear a condom. The tragedy of it haunts us all still.

  5. Bird says

    I understand the idea of teaching special needs children how the world works; many will have challenges when it comes to finding work (they are learning what work is). They will find that many doors will be closed to them; especially the”sit at your desk in an air conditioned office” kind (they are learning that work is not always the most enjoyable thing to do).These children are of high school age, not elementary. They are merely being taught, if you don’t want to depend entirely on the government for the rest of your life, you will need to learn what work actually is, what you must do to earn money, and that the best, easiest, cleanest jobs are not always going to be available.

    When I was in high school I attended a Distributive Education class; I attended classes for half a day and worked the other half. I worked in a retail ladies shop, which was considered “a high end job” for my age while other kids worked for various businesses, companies and shops who provided the work environment. I then went on to college, payed for my education and have taught school for 35yrs.

    The part that disturbed me was that neither the children or their parents were made aware of this program nor given the option of taking part or not before hand. I also would like to know if proper clothing and masks were given to the children to wear as they sifted through contaminated containers.

  6. kjenkinsaf says

    Hey I know where there are thousands of people willing to work. But you have to pay them.

  7. gatorbait88 says

    The concept was honorable in teaching the students on management of money and certain life skills.However digging through trash seems excessive although It’s a living done daily by paid people.In the future why not teach the art of money management by selling doughnuts, drinks etc……

  8. Brea says

    This is such a gross act of child abuse I can’t even begin to count the levels. Get your prisoners out there digging in trash bins for recyclables not our children with special needs!

    They suffer enough just getting through the day, most of them and this is such an emotionally abusive situation those principle, school board, and teachers need to be forced to get out there right next to them in there suits and skirts and see how they like it. Better yet skip the kids and just make them do it!
    Like I said make the prisoners in our prison systems do it. Make the contribute on SOME level in a positive way to society instead bilking society for billions every year and laying o their asses or working out on better equipment then I have (none), better TV then I have, and better education that they will never use. Oh yes and don’t forget the medical care too. Make them EARN at least PART of it!!!!

    1. deahder1 says

      You are an idiot. You can’t let prisoners go through the trash because they would use glass shards and bottles to make weapons to assault and miscellaneous metal scraps to make tools for escape. If you don’t know what you are talking about, shut up. Also, what is so degrading as teaching recycling?

      1. deahder1 says

        Funny, I was thinking the millions spent on your ‘special needs’ children are an incredible waste. I think anyone who keeps chooses to keep their ‘special needs’ child should pay for all its needs himself. That is true conservatism. Its liberal dopes that say let the taxpayers pay for it.

        1. Jeanne Stotler says

          I don’t know what you mean, “Chooses to keep their ‘special needs’ child, I do take offense. Have you ever had someone tell you there is or was a problem with your new born, well I have and I Kept him and his father and I raised him along with his brothers and sisters, BUT not everyone can afford to give the care needed, depending on diagnosis, that the particular child might need. These are babies and children loved by their families and you are way out of line. Please note my son has worked and is now retired, he married and helped build the house he lives in, so teaching does help. but not demeaning chores from where they are suppose to be learning and hopefully mainstreamed.

        2. Marilyn5555 says

          I look forward to when you get your special place in hell….you ignorant, evil fool

        3. dmttbt says

          Do you have a choice to keep them or beat them to death or can you cut their heads off and act like you are one of our enemies? People seem to think humiliating war prisoners is awful but when they cut people’s heads off that is acceptable.

        4. BlackBeaver says

          So unless parents “keep their ‘special needs’ child, and pay for all “its” needs, your solution is what? The Progressive solution, eugenics?
          Seems Patriot Valley High School is already on the eugenics track. Turning school into a forced work camp for those they deem ‘undesirables’. I wonder if they make the children wear striped clothes with tags over there heart identifying their disability? When will they take the next step and use the children as fuel?
          You see, deahder1, what you are advocating has been done before by Progressives who called themselves Nazis. All they wanted to do was stop the “incredible waste” you are concerned about.

        5. Victoria Lynn says

          Excuse me, are you insane or just a total troll???

        6. chamuiel says

          You are one sick person.

      2. Brea says

        That’s not teaching them its using them. Teach them how to recycle in school in a clean environment. Not out in trash bins where those exact same glass shards and bottles, syringes etc could have all manner of diseases on them and cause these children to get sick with things they can’t get rid of. Think before you DO…but then you liberals hardly ever do.

      3. Marilyn5555 says

        OMG! When you got in line for brains…..someone must have jiggled God’s elbow. What a poor, pathetic excuse of a human being you are.

      4. chamuiel says

        Why only the special Ed. kids.

        shouldn’t regular kids learn about recycling, or are they too good to dig through the dumpsters?

      5. CBRI11 says

        There is nothing wrong with teaching about recycling and if EVERY student in the school had been assigned the task, this would be a non-issue. But picking out the weakest in the crowd, those who probably won’t complain because they want so badly to “fit in” so those in charge can feel good about giving these kids a so-called “life skill” is totally disgusting! It just goes to show just how snotty and above everyone else their people really think they are.

    2. dmttbt says

      We can’t treat the prisoners like that because they have rights. When they recently executed a man that I believe had murdered 2 people and the chemicals didn’t work for 1 hour or 1/2 hour and he was struggling to breath and all the whinny ass holes were so up in arms crying because he may have felt pain. I would cry if he didn’t. I think he had been on death row for 20 years appealing and losing. One before that in Tennessee had suffered after the injections and they all cried about him and he must have felt pain. He killed four people and I am pretty sure they felt pain.

  9. lha says

    What is notable to glean from this story is the idea that liberals decry the treatment of”underprivileged”,but concoct these foolish programs to “train” those very people meant to be helped by their programs. Rather than have business people come into the classroom and speak to the kids about opportunities,[which many would be willing to take the time to do]they do crappy things like this. When I was in Jr.High School.I began to pay taxes,and learned an important lesson in Civics[no longer taught] in that the small,at the time,amount taken from my pay went to pay for the running of thew Government. I have since,after 40 years of paying ever-increasing taxes[sometimes more than 1/2 of income],that my money was wasted on people who don’t want to work. We need to help those who can’t help themselves,through mental problems or physical frailties,but able-bodied people should work like I did for their productive lives,no matter how many kids they have.

  10. Combatvet52 says

    This is the true Obama way.

  11. loran says

    I’ve never heard of a school sending any type of student out to gather recyclables from other peoples trash. Here in San Francisco, the local trash collector issued all households and businesses separate containers for different types of trash as most other communities have done. In the beginning, the city put out the word that it would be illegal for any citizen to gather up recyclables from others blue bins to take to the recycler to sell. That lasted about 2 seconds. The first week I witnessed these older Chinese people going through the containers on my block. I called the police as we were asked to do. The person on the line just laughed at me and said they do not have time for this. Huh. I have since found out that some of our residents do this as a job. This is their only means of making money. Though I doubt this, I do think they are doing the city a service by collecting plastic bottles, aluminum cans and cardboard. Carry on you collectors.

    1. Cranky Steven says

      SFran is the biggest unflushed toilet on the West Coast but people getting bucks for recycling is a good thing, imo.

      1. loran says

        That’s correct. However, my wife used to do her part in recycling and today she usually has me drive her to a center and then she gives all the bags of plastic bottles to some of the older Chinese in line waiting to cash in. The lines are just too long for her to wait in. It’s not worth the time to wait.

        1. Cranky Steven says

          loran, still they got there so that was good. I’m sorry you didn’t make any Starbucks money. My sister lives in SFran and she has gotten snottier than an asthmatic elephant about it. I live in the wilds of the Mojave Desert and have a 180 yard clear field of fire. Girl Scouts, beware of threatening me by brandishing your green boxes of crappy cookies!

          1. loran says

            That’s one of the advantages of being a diabetic, very few or no cookies. They are almost pure sugar. Oh I know that they came out with some sugar free cookies, but the carbs are where they get you. Not a safe alternative.

          2. Cranky Steven says

            All sugar-free products suck worse than the economy. You are totally correct about carbs, plus all food turns into glucose, even celery, so you have to be mindful of what you put into your mouth. I, in particular, have to also be mindful of what comes out of my mouth. Regarding SFran while with my sister anyway.

    2. chamuiel says

      Then, why did you call the Police on them?

      1. loran says

        #1) This was the policy of the city and county of San Francisco at that time.
        #2) The people rifling through the recyclable bins were not school children. They were adults and mostly of Chinese or Asian decent.
        #3) They were making total messes by throwing what they did not want on the sidewalks, they were not putting the stuff back in the bin.

  12. deahder1 says

    WTF else would you do with them?

    1. Brea says

      OMG I so do not even believe you said that! If you have to ask that there is no sense even talking to you. wow!!!

    2. MamaJ says

      dealhder1. Just what would YOU do with them. You sound like someone from ISIS! Sad for you.

    3. Marilyn5555 says

      You’re one of the most IGNORANT fools I’ve come across in a long time. Hope you were spayed or neutered……you don’t need to create more like yourself.

  13. deahder1 says

    When I was 11 I started getting up at 4:00 am on Saturday and Sunday and going out on my bike and recycling soda and liquor bottles from the trash every weekend until I was 15 and I made a lot of money (enough to go to the rollerskating rink every Saturday, a movie every Sunday, buy my own skates and tennis racquets and balls). And I got up at 4:00 am because otherwise the many other neighborhood kids who got up at 6:00 am would beat me to it. These kids are doing this under supervision. This is a ridiculous complaint.

    1. Brea says

      You’re not disabled moron

      1. msueh says

        not sure about that – his/her comment might lead one to think otherwise…

    2. Marilyn5555 says

      YOU weren’t being FORCED to do it. And why should ONLY the disabled children be stuck with this? Another living, breathing jackass

    3. Nightwing K'Trevala says

      What is ridiculous is that these children are being made to do this slave labor INSTEAD of getting the education that they are entitled to.

    4. msueh says

      Whoopee, good for you, but it was your choice, and probably a lot safer when you did it. I did the same when I was a kid (but not at 0400). This has been implemented as part of their IEP (Individual Education Plan) for SpEd kids; they’re not doing it for fun and perks. NOT right.

  14. Mark Bigger says

    one of the worst things I have heard, these special needs kids could loose self respect, dignity and who is the moronic imbasile who came up with this idea? These kids could catch diseases, cut them selves on tin cans or even get poked by a needle that should have been in a sharps container. Not only do drug user discard their needles , but diabetics, testosterone users, etc… This should be stopped right away

  15. Michelle says

    I don’t even know what to say. Wow. Exploitation at any level is never okay….ever.

  16. John G Nepa says

    The principle and those teachers involved of the school district should be charged with abuse of minors. This is very disturbing.

    1. Marilyn5555 says

      What isn’t there a lawsuit for discrimination? The school is only using “special needs” children to do this? Why just special needs? They should be in the classroom learning what skills they can to become independent and self-sustaining. I’ve worked with kids in the Special Olympics. There are things us supposedly “normal” people could learn from them. Also had a cousin with Down’s Syndrome…..she was the most PHENOMONAL seamstress I’ve ever seen. Frankly this makes me want to SLAP some sense into somebody.

  17. BlueEyedAl says

    CA is an ultra liberal state. You can expect no less from them. Liberals have never and will never care about other people. The end, (their sick goal) justifies the means. That is the liberal way.

  18. Bob Barton says

    Why is Disqus so racially biased?

  19. Cranky Steven says

    Readin’, Writin’, ‘Rithmatic, and Refuse, the four “R’s”. It’s good that our kids are getting a sound education.

  20. Cathy L Clark says

    That’s not right. I was under the impression that the school receives so much money fro the federal government for each student. So they get that for the special needs students too. those students need to be in the classroom learning something, not digging thru trash to further fund their education. They are exploiting the special needs students. Why not make the other so called normal students dig thru some trash? This is just disgusting.

  21. capa760 says

    After seeing the video of a Japanese inventor, showing the new machine melt plastic recyclables into a liquid fuel, we wonder why our Recycle company is not collecting and converting all of our recycled plastics into auto fuel, diesel fuel, etc. with a giant converter. What good is all of the plastic being bulldozed and flattened into a dump, instead of it going back into service? Perhaps the government workers having to lie,
    to cover for the US President, or those destroying critical email records would like to pool their unemploy-ment checks to start a great new business to benefit the patriotic American citizens. The children love new games, and Recycling can be fun before it is tossed into the correct container. That suggestion by the school, certainly shows the true character of those trusted to teach our children the correct and humane attributes of a civilized and compassionate human race. Was that ordered by the Oval Office of D.C.?

  22. dmttbt says

    Years ago when my oldest son was in the third grade and his mother checked with the school regularly to make sure he was doing what he was suppose to, at the end of the year they decided that he needed to be held back a year. After all year long saying he was doing fine. We had him tested at one of the universities that specializes in childhood development and they attended a school meeting about my son. the university said he knew exactly what he was suppose to and that he had dyslexia, turning things backwards such as the letters of the alphabet. the school superintendent said that meant that he would not be able to learn cursive and the representative said we would buy him a type writer. Then the school decided that they would put him in the basement of the school with the students with learning disabilities. We said absolutely not so they decided not to do that. If they had put him in a group of seriously disabled students it would have damaged him for the rest of his life. It wasn’t that he couldn’t learn, it meant he had to work harder in order to learn. He has grown up and has a son of his own who is 15 years old and we haven’t had a problem. we just needed to know what was the problem and how to handle it. That same elementary school decided on a new concept of teaching, they put all the students in one place and were teaching them all at the same time. I had to tell them, that is a one room school house and it has definitely been done before and it didn’t work then either.

    1. msueh says

      Good for you & your son! “Way back when” before educators even had a name for it, I realized I was seeing things differently (dyslexic) form the rest of the kids, and I knew I had to work harder. By the time I was in college, I was on the Dean’s & President’s lists. Determination is the key.

  23. mallen11 says

    The schools have no right to have children dig in trash to find recycables. There is no telling what kind of disease or body parts they might find. This is “dirty” work and not academic teaching. Despicable.

  24. Joe says

    This really shows how much respect they give these students. Shame on them.

  25. Sharon Jeanguenat says

    Disgusting, & disturbing. Some school systems are pathetic, & need to be done away with.

  26. dinkerduo says

    Why only special needs children?!? The teachers should have been at the front of that line! Why SN kids–’cause they wouldn’t complain would be my guess–Either ALL of the kids or NONE of the kids–there must be a better way than for kids to be doing this–special containers to begin with or would that make too much sense?!?

  27. Linda Lee says

    Having these children, any children, dig through trash is a dangerous practice. These children could be EXPOSED TO DISEASES , BACTERIA, DISEASED RODENTS AND INSECTS AND NEEDLES USED FOR DRUGS. Are these so called adults out of their minds? I think they should ALL be fired. And the school district leaders need to be fired as well.

  28. Tony Donaldson says

    Stop the business of recycling at the schools that make developmentally handicapped kids pick through garbage. It’s degrading to the kids and it’s dangerous and nasty. What biohazard protection is provided? People throw snot rags and unsanitary items, broken sharp objects, half eaten food in trash cans. I don’t care what gets funded to you for doing it. I’m coming to see you if you ever make my child dig through the garbage. You will get a car load of grief.

  29. bb says

    California, The land of Fruits and Nuts!!!!. I spent some time there in 1971 while still in the Service. I saw a bunch of naked hippies drug crazed and dancing wildly in San Francisco. They are probably the ones running the government now. I sold some aluminum cans the other day. They took my brother’s picture? Some jackass city councilman that got beat by a crooked Negro in the Mayor’s race spent a bunch of city money, he probably got a kick back, and bought big green roll out recyclable bins for all the city residents.(The crooked Negro Mayor Elect is awaiting sentencing after being caught in an FBI Corruption Sting.) It is picked up by a separate truck. The city garbage department is weird. The yard wast fellows gave me a bunch grief about the way I stacked my trimmed limbs. I got two notices and had to call them back to haul off my refuse. The third time, the truck was about to drive off and leave my tree limbs. Ten bucks fixed the problem. But, the next week, ( I have a lot, about 19 trees and 36 shrubs and 8 crepe myrtles, they have gotten real big and we are trying to tame them), we spent about 2 hours cutting the limbs off. We spent another two hours cutting them into 4 foot lengths. We took the small limbs and put them into three containers. We separated all the 4 foot leafy branches and bare limbs into piles no higher than 3 feet and no wider than 5 feet. We kept everything 2 feet apart. The city trash guys hauled it away with no complaint the following Tuesday. It has been hot and If I got paid to ride around in an air conditioned truck, I probably would use every excuse in the world not to get off my ass out into the heat either.

    It is funny how the liberal media let that one, the one about the slow kids, get by. However, they were all over the big fat Negro gangster that beat up the white convenience store clerk and got himself shot by the cop he tried to beat up. What a bunch of anal sphincters.
    Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are and Semper Fi!!

  30. msueh says

    1- get recycle bins. 2- the only “life skills”they’re teaching these students is how to survive on the streets when they’re homeless d/t not having real life skills!

  31. ConservativeSenior says

    Talk about child abuse. The principal should be in handcuffs.

  32. Maria castro says

    I saw in Spain, I lived there, I don’t know about the rest of Europeans countries, if they family refused you, they will be left to die. Obamahell.

  33. John says

    This is endangering the welfare of children and these board members need to be arrested and jailed.

  34. Will says

    I don’t sort garbage.

  35. Finkster says

    How about we get the Welfare Queen Mommies and the Dead Beat Daddies who have used the Illegal Drugs and had all those Sexual Encounters out of wedlock all because it Feels Good, To go to the schools and sift through the garbage . DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN. Help these special needs children who were born with their deficiencies because of the parents being IRRESPONSIBLE.

    No children born with disabilities because of their inept parents deserve to live their lives as second class citizens. The parents need held accountable.

    No Child left behind is a farce. Nothing but a money making scheme for Big Pharma & the pseudo science industry. We never had all this child with disabilities problems in the past as we do today. Yes there are children with problems, but a fix all Socialistic agenda is not the solution as we have seen these last 30 plus years. Most of the ADHD types of problems would go away with the children living in a Mommy, Daddy, Family, environment the way it used to be in our culture.

    Poor kids deserve better than just governments special education system.

  36. Dan says

    I just knew it would be a Democrat state and probably California. Regardless, the liberal media will blame this on white Conservatives.

  37. TOM P O'DONNELL says




  38. Debbie Pineau says


  39. Jim Miller says

    Hey,Hey, The country has no money for the tax-payers students but…….Obama can waste $300,000.00 per HOUR flying Air Force ONE and giving himself & his gang LAVISH Vacations of millions while a student has to go dig in the garbage……..So much for the Land of the FREE & the home of the BRAVE; the Muslim guy at the White Mosque has the freedom to stab America and brave enough to do it behind our backs.

  40. CBRI11 says

    Typical Liberal BS – this is their idea of how to help those with special needs make their way in the world – “we’ll train you to be garbage men – Yippee!!!! Look at our compassion! We are such good people. We care sooo much more about you, more than everyone else”. What a bunch of elitist scum!

  41. polmutant says

    hmm, is it possible the democratic party was recycled? where/what is the origin trash they came from? unfortunately it is questionable if they would even qualify to be fill for a land fill, their type of putrid decay would certainly not meet epa regulations.

  42. Yadja says

    Send them to Washington and starting with the WH take the trash out. Personally I would have laid it out like a lizard on a rock if they asked my child to do this. I am an RN and this is not the place for children to be, there are people who get paid big bucks to do this job and school children are not part of the system.

    Boy Howdy, it is bad enough that parents buy the list of things children need and their backpacks are emptied out into a community pile for use, this I would draw the line on.

  43. Owl and Eagle says

    That is the most despicable and vile thing for California public schools to do to children. Special needs kids aren’t going to school to sift through dirty,germy garbage. The entire state of CA. officials should be deeply ashamed of themselves and ought to be removed. Everyone knows the communist militant-deviants have hijacked CA and to make matters worse forcing and confusing school kids to mess with their gender and a whole slew of other perversities and garbage. Parents need to tell the idiotic officials and purveyors of “miseducation” to “gender & sift through this!” Somebody needs to boot them all out and start over. When will people wake up? This latest atrocity being inflicted upon school kids by the vapid and radical leftist psycho libtards speaks volumes of how people with disabilities will fit into the libtards future utopian society. Now we know what those hypocrites really think of people with disabilities including children. Fake compassion and photo-ops during election time then after elections, business as usual “get back to work you peons!”
    Parents of special needs kids should demand an end to the garbage picking sessions asap!
    What the demonic and perverted Democrats ought to do is to put all the illegals that Hussein obama allowed in, to work and do that job. Make those illegals do the job of sifting through trash, they aren’t doing anything anyway and so they may as well put those illegal leeches to work. Let them earn their keep doing that for the time being. Unbelievable! The DemoncRats every day have stooped lower and lower. They’re in the sewers now what’s lower than that? Damn!

  44. adrianvance says

    Hey, this is job training for the mentally deficient. It is probably the most appropriate program in the school.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen.

  45. leewacker says

    Why not have recyclable bins in the lunch room or at certain points in the school? One for plastics, one for metal and one for paper, and one for glass, if glass is present. How simple is that? This business of the Special Needs Students having to dig through trash for recyclables is not only dangerous, it is outlandish, dishonest, and definitely NOT good for the school!

  46. Nina Ferguson says

    Let the teachers, principal and the school board do the dividing. Especially the jerk whose brilliant idea this was to begin with. They are the ones with “special needs”, called common sense etc.

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