Seattle Group Strikes Back at $15/Hour Minimum Wage Law


Every so often in this country, we go around and around about the minimum wage. A lot of this takes place at the federal level, but lately we’ve seen individual cities fight for a hike. Last month, the Seattle city council approved an eventual increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Now, the citizens are fighting back. A grassroots organization called Seattle Forward has collected almost 20,000 signatures in an attempt to repeal the law by referendum at the next election.

The co-chairman of Seattle Forward, Angela Cough, explained the group’s position in comments to Reuters: “Right now, the ordinance on the table we think is going to be pretty damaging to the city from the business perspective, and from the workers’ perspective.”

Naturally, not everyone agrees with her assessment of the situation. These proponents argue that Seattle’s current $9.25 an hour minimum wage will help decrease the income-inequality gap, reduce crime, and help more people get ahead in the workplace.

This kind of thinking has not only been challenged by economists and Seattle Forward, though, it has also attracted a lawsuit from D.C.-based business group the International Franchise Association. In their suit, the IFA claims that the law “discriminates against interstate commerce generally, and small businesses that operate under the franchise business model specifically.” These criticisms address the provisions of Seattle’s ordinance, which gives businesses with over 500 national employees only three years to come into compliance.

A Starting Point
Here’s what the left really doesn’t get about the minimum wage thing. It’s not meant to be a person’s living wage for the next thirty years. It’s meant to be the place where you start and nothing more. If you’ve been in the work force for more than a year and are still grinding it out for minimum wage, you’re doing something very wrong. Maybe you had the bad luck to choose a crappy place to work, but 9 times out of 10, you’re making that hourly wage because that’s what you’re worth. Not in an intrinsic way, let me make that clear. You can make $6 an hour and still be a wonderful mother, a loving husband, a charitable wunderkind, and a righteous man of god. You can live a rich life, have a wealth of wisdom, and die happy never having worked your way up the company ladder. Fine.

But if your aim is to make a living wage, the easiest way to do that is not to sign petitions and go on strike. It’s to make yourself more valuable to the marketplace. If that means going that extra mile at McDonald’s, that’s what it means. If it means going back to school, so be it. What you make is a measure of how much you’re worth to the market. You can’t increase that amount by demand. The sooner people realize that businesses don’t owe them a new HDTV and the latest iPhone just for clocking in, the sooner we can put this wage-hiking, job-killing, un-American nonsense behind us.

  1. rcdwltd says

    As usual, the left/liberals are running amuck!

  2. Billy Bagwell says

    These people demanding a minimum wage need to read and understand the ‘marginal law of productivity’ which basically is if that employee can’t make me more tham I’m paying them – we don’t need them! They have to contribute to the company’s paying their overhead.

  3. bpr1122 says

    If the minimum wage is a living wage, where is the incentive to go to school or learn a more lucrative trade?

    1. JCWS1 says

      Great point, and the Left has no answer for the question…

    2. POTUSSUX says

      BINGO! The minimum wage needs to be a few ladder rungs higher than indentured servitude. It helps offset expenses while working for something greater. I made $1.25 per hour in 1968, yet that went further than $10.00 per hour today. If our POS POTUS understood what energy independence, opting out of the UN, Sh1+canning the global warming hoax, and building global consensus based on America’s needs, then all of a sudden your one hour of labor at $10.00 would buy more than a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk.

      1. says

        I made a $1 and hour in 1956. As a E1 in the USMC I made $81 a Month.

        1. POTUSSUX says

          Thank you for your service! Semper Fi. I served as a Corpsman 3rd MARDIV 1st LVT 72-74. Gotta love the Corps!

        2. Peatro Giorgio says

          Yes we were being paid for our service 24-7 Brother you served 2 years before I was even a twinkle in my mothers eyes. I served from 1976 through-82 Your hourly rate actually worked out to be approximately 11.5 cents per hour. or roughly$ 2.80 per day back when we served it is well established for what we were willing to give for this nation. We the real patriots were well under payed. Frankly kicked to the curb when we returned. However it was not the pay we served for. It was and is something far out of reach or understanding of the majority of the pukes whom spit in our face and have never ever once themselves consider doing something for the greater good or for the next generation.

          1. J_in_TX says

            I was making $2 an hour when I joined the Navy right out of high school in 1973 and wasn’t starving. I got a small pay raise when I joined as an E-1 because I was married and had a kid. Thought I was really rolling in the dough at that time. Took me many years and several promotions to make $15 per hour.

        3. patsy1715 says

          I made .72 cents an hour in 1955. Making coffee in the huge tanks, cutting pies, filling glasses with ice and helping the salad chef. Took the bus to work and had to transfer. What I learned was never cut a warm pie and that I didn’t want to do that kind of work all my life.

          1. Poppo says

            You were semi-semi skilled labor. I was sacking groceries at Furr Foods. I started at $.48 per hour, worked my way up to $.64 after a couple months. Coke was $.10/bottle, but Pepsi bottles were 12 oz. Same price!

        4. jondarmes says

          I milked and fed 127 head of the neighbors cows when I was in high school for $5 a day, 6 days a week and later worked the steel mills in east chicago for $2.15 an hour as a millwrights apprentice. Then I got drafted in 1966 and made $77.83 a month as an E2, in 1969 E5 over 3, hazardous duty/combat pay, $110+$225=$325 a month, tax free. I was rich.

    3. James Andrews says

      It’s not supposed to be a “living wage”. It’s a “first job” type of wage. But Big Brother must not be the determiner here, period. Only the market can do that efficiently.

    4. Henry L says

      To put it in another way: a government required, ever climbing minimum wage keeps this country stupid. That is how we wound up with Obama.

      1. bpr1122 says

        You wrote, “That is how we wound up with Obama.”

        Even with the National media’s Democratic propaganda machine working full time for Obama, if it were not for the IRS targeting of right leaning groups, Romney would have won the election. (A Harvard study said that the IRS targeting of tea party groups cost Romney 5 to 8 million votes; I believe that study does NOT include people who voted for Obama who would have voted for Romney if they heard both sides of the story.)

        1. LastGasp says

          Did it include all the dead people that voted Democratic, twice?

          1. bpr1122 says

            No, that does not include the dead people who voted for Obama or people or voted for Obama multiple times. I believe one person was caught voting for Obama 17 times.

    5. Cordell Cahill says

      The incentive is better paying jobs… People always want more money

  4. Roy Austin Smith says

    look at the above photo. It tells you everything. Give me, give me , bamboo the muslim, give me.

    1. Russ says

      I want my new obomaphone!!

      1. Steve Thomas says

        And my obamagascard.

    2. leewacker says

      Minimum wage or not, none of those people have missed a meal!
      Most likely use food stamps, too, but–one can rest assured they have the biggest flat-screen TV there is!

  5. keithbreedlove says

    Oh please! Stop trying to confuse the Left with facts, no matter how well documented. The Left is insane, since one definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Everyone likes to slam MacDonalds but how much do their non-owner managers earn? And their assistant managers? When I go into MacDonalds I notice the difference between the management staff and the normal workers. I imagine the same is true at Walmart, the other great bogeyman of the Left. And even for those of us who have almost always earned more than minimum wage, if we have wanted to get ahead (however we define that), we have had to see what that would take and work towards our goal. In my case, I had to work bunches of proposals — long hours, no overtime pay, often lousy meals, often no sleep — in addition to my “day job” and continuing my education and training, but it got me noticed, got me more opportunities, and got me favorable consideration for salary increases. If you don’t like working for minimum wage, improve yourself so that you’re worth more to an employer than what he/she HAS to pay you.

    1. Judy says

      Well that’s the thing. Most people don’t want to actually have to earn what the get they think it should be handed to them. But then you have a few like my nephew that goes to college full time and carries a 3.75 GPA, works full time at walmart, part time at Murphy USA has his own place and pays all his own bills. And his friends don’t under stand why he doesn’t just mooch off his parents like they do. And he politely tells them that I was raised to believ if you want something in this life you have to earn it or you don’t deserve it and won,t appreciate it. All you have to do is look at the entitlement crowd and realize he is absolutely correct.

      1. keithbreedlove says

        Where are Aesop’s fables? I know he wrote one about this situation, and I’ve even remember seeing a cartoon about it (and no, it wasn’t a Fractured Fairytale).

        1. Judy says


    2. Not-a-RINO says

      Don’t confuse the Left with facts, but you did just that. Teaching the Left common sense is as simple as teahing my dog calculus or teaching a goldfish to play the trombone – it will never happen. They lack the capacity to have it sink in.

      1. keithbreedlove says

        Sorry, my bad ;-}

        1. Not-a-RINO says

          I catch myself doing it all the time as well. 🙂

  6. WiSe GuY says

    $15.00 is the starting wage for SKILLED LABOR. Burger flippers are not SKILLED LABOR.

    1. POTUSSUX says

      Let’s see… Spatula = unskilled, Shovel = skilled. I disagree with the entire principle of federal involvement with local wages. I’m just checking for context.

      1. leewacker says

        I remember the WPA whereas a shovel was used as a leaning post for a nap. I actually saw a fool lean onto his shovel for a nap, then fall over when the dirt gave way.
        Yes, I laughed.

      2. Peatro Giorgio says

        I believe when one is speaking of skilled labor their referring to craftsmen such as auto mechanics, carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians, Those with technical skills, beyond the reach of the truly unskilled,those skills previously spoken all require a minimum of 4 years apprenticeship, short order cooks whom actually flip precook burgers into micro waves or those whom pick the fruit in the fielded s or the domestic worker. Maids or nannies anyone with the I q of 65 is able to preform those task with little to no effort .If you’ve prepared a meal for your self at home, if you’ve cleaned and vacuumed your room or bath room, if you’ve work in a family garden picking vegetables or planting. if you’ve used a shovel in the process of planting then any of this non skill required positions is NOT out of reach for the neophyte, or the moron. and no shovel does not equal Skill. unless off course the shovel is attached to an engine which is attached to either tracts or tires.

        1. POTUSSUX says

          That wasn’t so easy, was it?

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            Sarcasm : Sometimes I get it; some times it flies over my head; It was way over head this time.

          2. POTUSSUX says

            Hey Peatro, Like the Dos Equis Man says, ” I don’t always post sarcastic remarks on the internet; but when I do they are always misunderstood. I have a strong inkling that we are on the same page. Regardless, you are a good guy.

        2. patsy1715 says

          Even if you start out flipping burgers and do a good job and show responsibility they get regular raises. So I’v heard. You can’t show up to work unkempt and poke around at work. You can’t expect to keep a job no mater what the wage.

      3. blacksunshine84 says

        The person wielding a shovel at a construction site is not a skilled laborer. Why do you think it’s always an illegal doing it?

    2. says

      Maybe we should pay O’Dumbo the Unskilled wage since he has no skills to be prez. Let him pay for his own Family Separate Vacations.

  7. gmhunt4 says

    People have forgotten that “minimum wage” jobs are suppose to be for high school & college kids. The jobs are a stepping stone to an ADULT job with a future………….

  8. Poorgovnworker says

    Most minimum wage earners are school or college kids and even elderly trying to earn extra money. Most do not depend on this wage to cover all their needs.

  9. James Andrews says

    Good for them!

    1. joe says

      Wow I hope you are not saying this is a good thing because under no circumstances will it help anyone,oh yea it will help them all out of jobs and on to welfare that is a great idea

      1. James Andrews says

        Hey Joe; I misread the article. Sorry. I am not for any wage “determination” by Big Brother, period! We should actually do away entirely with “minimum” wage.

        1. joe says

          James you are spot on, the government is getting way too much into our lives they need to back the hell off and do what they are supposed to do under our constitution. I am sick of these rich elitist thinking they know what is best then forcing it down our throats that is not never has been and never should be their job.

    2. Chasalz says

      James I guess your dumb ass liberal. You have no understanding of economics even in its simplest presentation.

  10. jayleigh says

    So, $15/hour sounds marvelous, doesn’t it?! But, every blooming thing will go up in price! Don’t they know that every time there has been a minimum wage increase the prices at the pump go up, the prices at the grocery store go up, the prices for durable goods go up? Don’t they understand that when employers have to pay more for unskilled laborers, they have to increase their profit margin to offset the additional expense? The mom&pop shops lay off their casual help because they can no longer afford to pay them. Minimum wage has always been a boondoggle, but a grandstand play for pols who want voters to think they care about the “little guy.” Well, there is a way to get a better salary: become an “expert” at something. There are plenty of community colleges able to teach and train people for an occupation; but the low-info voter wants a paycheck for doing as little as possible. Students working part time while they go to school should be able to get scholarships – there are tons out there – so working part time hours for a year or two, and giving up their fsmokes and booze to pay the bills while in school… yeah, it’s called “temporary sacrifice for a permanent benefit.” We who were WWII babies knew how to work and go to school! Raising the minimum wage will affect us all right where we live!

    1. Not-a-RINO says

      You’re right – everything does go up including unemployment as businesses which choose to stay can afford fewer workers or they leave and find a more business-friendly location. You will find the minimum wage in the Communist Manifesto, a document which hardly espouses freedom.

      To those who think raising the minimum is good, why stop there? Raise it to $100/hr and everyone will be living in prosperity!!! -or so you think.

  11. richard rizzi says

    We do not need a higher minimum wage, we need lower oil and gas prices.
    If the greedy government would get off their collective backsides and face reality we would not be in this mess.
    Lower gasoline means a raise for everyone! The lower prices would translate into a lower grocery bill, lower heating costs, more money for other things, even for entertainment.

    1. leewacker says

      Right! The farmer and rancher has to charge extra to cover their overhead, and gas/oil prices are part of that.
      The greatest problem, to my mind, lies with the middleman, and on to the grocer–both of whom have to add to the price to make a profit, too.
      Lowering the price of gas and oil would help, though.

      1. Steve Thomas says

        But Obama WANTS higher gas prices to curtail driving. That will reduce emissions and stop global warming…oops, I mean climate change. -:) -:)

        1. mac12sam12 says

          They call it ”climate disruption” now. Global warming and climate change weren’t working out.

          1. Ddenney1 says

            Disrupting common sense!

        2. LastGasp says

          It’s all about control.

        3. alaine deBreaux says

          No, it means that people will no longer be free to go where and when they choose; he wants us all “barefoot and pregnant,” as they used to say. He wants us dependent on the government……..but the question then becomes: “who is going to be left to work and pay taxes to the government?”

      2. geraldsd says

        The greatest problem is the over-regulation, over-taxation required to feed an inept and voracious Beast, known as Government. Quit starving the small businesses (Small Biz makes up 99.7% of hiring firms according to by requiring unrealistic BS, such as the ADA, EPA, OSHA, IRS, OBAMACARE, etc.etc. Prices would go down, and employment would go up! There is a large number of people and a lot of them work for Governments, City, State, and Federal that believe that the people exist as a life support system to satisfy the needs of this BEAST. Get involved and work to free yourselves of the burden!

        1. dmttbt says

          I agree, and so should your senator and congressman, but I doubt that they do. They may even say they do but they do nothing. Now they come around at election time saying all they have done. If they had done the right things we would already know it. I will be writing in and voting for Donald Duck because he quacks me up and he is a better cartoon character than we have in office. We lost our country and it was the politicians who took it or looked the other way. they say they want to change the tax system but they do nothing. They say they want to do away with the special tax deductions, but they don’t. Do they think we put those deductions in? No they did and then they want to cry. If they were sitting at home collecting unemployment then they would see what they have done.

          1. patsy1715 says

            Not my congress people. 🙁 I’m from NY state.

          2. Ddenney1 says

            They are exempt from the LAWS!!!

        2. LastGasp says

          Get rid of the regulations the bureaucracies implement as laws and companies would bring their manufacturing and jobs back to America.

          1. Sam says

            Reduce the amount of government departments and overhead and LOWER taxes so that people do not need a salary increase just to put food on the table!

          2. Carol Pullen says

            Yes, but who wants to work for $3.50 per day?

          3. LastGasp says

            Who said you would have to?

          4. Carol Pullen says

            Isn’t that the idea in a global economy, the cheapest labor you can find to increase profits and make the shareholders happy. An entire industry of these successful corporations mean those on the lower wrung of the ladder are making less and less so we can stay competitive because it is all about the profits and our shareholders and someone has to do the grunt work, for peanuts, right? If they won’t we will just move the operation some place else. Hasn’t it become kind of corny to believe that every person working for a company performs an important task and deserves a living wage? Why would you feel that way when that does not show as good on the annual profit and loss statement to the shareholders? Workers are just an means to the end. They should just be grateful we give them something to do during the day.

          5. Kent2012 says

            corporations and small business create jobs, government creates parasites…

          6. RMCSRET says

            Hey Carol how about naming just one person in the United States who is working
            for $3.50 per hour. I would really like to know where that is happening.

          7. Carol Pullen says

            Many waitresses earn less then $3.50 an hour because their greedy employer’s count on the public to pay their help in the way of tips. Sometimes that works out and often it is the waitress/waiter who gets the shaft. Darden Restaurants lobbied real hard to be allowed to pay help less than minimum wage, because they want to take your tips as credit for wages. That is so wrong.

          8. RMCSRET says

            Hey Carol and how about going out and asking these same folks if they are paid
            the $15 dollars an hour if they are willing to chip in on there health care and also
            have to work less than thirty hours a week or less. Then get back to us and let
            us know how many want the $15 an hour, ok.

          9. Carol Pullen says

            I am just so disgusted with corporation mentality, I cannot give it more of my attention. Burger king buying Tim Horton to avoid paying taxes. Todays bit of news. Cannot watch this train wreck any longer. You keep believing what you want to see, I’m old enough to just turn a blind eye at this point.

          10. RMCSRET says

            Well in that case you also better make sure you don’t fly since GE builds engine
            for airplanes and they also don’t pay their corporate taxes. You madam are what
            is wrong with this country. You would rather just sit it out and let the Government
            dictate to you what they think you should like or not like. Stand up for yourself for
            once and vent your thoughts.

          11. Carol Pullen says

            You sir, are preaching to the choir. I have spent many years actively speaking up for workers and things are only getting worse. Hopefully some of what I have said will cause those this current status will impact (young) to pick up the cause and run with it.

          12. RMCSRET says

            You madam are most likely one of the Washington State folks who voted twice
            for Barack Obama and Patty Murray. Well if that is the case you might just want
            to talk to yourself about how they are killings business and worker lives. It also
            is that you might like to know it is you that is killing the WORKERS OF THIS
            COUNTRY. Try looking at the annual salary since Barack Obama has been
            elected it just might surprise you.

          13. Carol Pullen says

            You are sounding a bit like a poor looser. Obama did not win because people voted twice, that just did not happen. Corporations should love Obama because they have never done better. Stock market just hit a new all time high. The problem is that corporations are not giving back to their workers, they see them as a means to and end, period. I’m talking to you, Burger King.

          14. RMCSRET says

            Hey Carol you sound like one of those folks who believe everything should be
            equal even though you don’t earn it. Now lets talk about the stock market. Where
            do you think the stock market would be right now without the Federal Reserve
            here printing Billion of dollars and buying bonds to the tune of at one time up to
            $100 Billion per month. Oh yea that keeps the interest rate down which in turn
            helps the stock market. Now who might be that nasty Fed Chairwoman again.
            Oh YEA JANET YELLEN who our great business based President Nominated
            and our great Democratic Senate Approved to head of the Fed. Hmm now lets
            get with the Burger King Deal. Who is it that is backing this deal with globs of
            money, OH YEA Barack Obamas Buddy for raising taxes Warren Buffet. You
            know that guy that pays less than his Secretary and oh by the way is worth
            how many BILLIONS of Dollars? Folks like you might want to dig a little deeper
            before you start going off the cliff and calling us out here who care about the
            Economy and the People in it the ones that are supporting Big Business. I
            Don’t support anyone or anything other than the OPERATIONS OF THE FREE
            MARKET, where everyone has a chance to make as much as they want if
            they are willing to work and sacrifice for it.

          15. Carol Pullen says

            If work and sacrifice is what it takes, I know a whole lot of people that should be sitting pretty. They struggled to get through high school and trade schools are few and far between now. When you say work hard, do you picture the person who gets up every day at 5:00 and takes two buses to get to work and again back home, prepares meals, cleans a house and helps the kids with their homework, falling into bed at midnight, just to get up and do it again the next day and sacrifices their own good to provide for their kids? No, I thought not. A whole different world out there than the one that pops into your head. Nothing is ever equal but no one should be considered “throw away material” or a means to an end by greedy employers.

          16. RMCSRET says

            Gee Really Carol, how sad for you to think that you are the only one to have
            done the things that you are doing. I have worked ever since I was about 10
            years old. I worked, went to school, and then also worked at home because that
            is what my family expected and needed. I also came from a family where a
            major bread earner was making $25 a week and we still seemed to be happy
            and made our way. Oh yea when I left home at the age of 18 and went into the
            Navy my monthly income was significantly less than $100 a month. Yet when I
            Retired after severing in the Navy for 24 years and then working another
            30 years I was making over $100K per year. Gee I wonder how I did that?
            IT IS CALLED HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION, not whining and crying
            that everyone is against me.

          17. Carol Pullen says

            I also was lucky enough to retire making a high salary but I do not take sole credit for that. Part of was due to the sacrifice of other people, part was being in the right place at the right time, Having a mentor that took me under their wing. It was due to a family realizing that I could not keep house and put on meals such that my Mom had done being as stay at home Mom. I would never claim I did it all by myself. I can guarantee that during those years that you made a $100k, there were more people then you could count that worked harder than you ever did that are still making just enough money to get by. Hard work is not the end all be all and neither is education…..luck and life events play a big part and I stand by my original thought on this post…..Every person willing to put in an honest days work, deserve a living wage…enough for a roof over their head and food on the table…especially when the company in question is making record profits……..if that is what you call whining, then so be it and in ending…..congratulations on getting yours…

          18. RMCSRET says

            So Carol if you are really that adamant about how people should be treated why
            don’t you do this. Figure out how much you think that each individual should
            receive and start providing individuals with funding to get to that point. I for one
            think that folks who do not make it in life are the ones who unto themselves are
            the ones to blame. Check out what Jesus Christ himself said about people
            working and supporting themselves you just might be surprised. You are right
            I did have help I had Mentors kicking me in the butt and telling me to get moving
            and make something of myself. I saw people just like me take other avenues
            and they were the ones who went to the EBT office to get there freebies. Myself
            I had enough pride in myself that I have never taken a free handout from the
            Government. What I have I have earned and worked for, so if you don’t like that
            well sorry, People need to grow up and be responsible for themselves PERIOD.

          19. Carol Pullen says

            Me shaking my head. Nothing left to be said. I could hope that life would deal a blow to wipe that smug look off your face but I don’t. I hope life continues to bless you so that you do not have to see how life can turn around in a heartbeat. You will do well in the Oligarchy society this country is becoming. Enjoy.

          20. Dianna Zerbe says

            I remember when I was a little girl pulling cotton with my Grandma. I had a lard can for my bucket. when I got tired I laid down on my Grandma’s cotton sack and she pulled me with the sack of cotton. I chopped peanuts and hoed cotton in the summer to make money for my school clothes and school supplies. My brother and sister and my Mama we moved irrigation pipes early in the morning and at night.
            when I was 14 I started working at a drive inn restaurant for $.75 an hour and I
            had to walk a mile sometimes to get there. We have to teach our children responsibility! And that they are accountable for their action.
            my husband spent 20 years in the United States Army and we spent many of those
            years in Germany and our 3 sons would bag groceries in the commissary and shoppets to make money. God bless America! as I tell my grandson you don’t want
            to work you don’t eat! we are so blessed to live in America!

          21. RMCSRET says

            Dianna thank your husband for his service as well I thank you for supporting him
            during those years. I know what my family had to endure during my 24 years
            in the Navy. I do worked those menial jobs. Shovling Chicken poop, Pig Poop,
            snow, cutting laws etc. Then I started running at an auction at 25 cents per hour
            and finally changed jobs and wound up working for a Dollar and hour before
            joining the Navy at 18. So I fully concur with you that folks need to get the idea
            that nothing is for free and the ones that are working need to stand up and say
            enough is enough in being forced to give things away to folks who wont work
            and who are here Illegally.

          22. real talk 1 says

            The young are being lied to just as we were and the establishment has law on their side and they are sending bad messages from homosexuality to allowing treason to destroying the constitution and to not just destroy America but to make the minds of it’s citizens brain dead and make everyone think like a liberal . And all of your white collar thieves will reside where we can’t !!

          23. Kent2012 says

            well head to china or zimbabwe, no corporate mentality there….

          24. Carol Pullen says

            Are you nuts, they are where our country has been taking their corporate dollars too. It is all about corporate mentality. They live and die corporate mentality and that is what we are fighting to prevent here.

          25. Seldena says

            Carol—-NO! Please do not turn a blind eye! This is what is wrong with America today. People turned a blind eye and put ear plugs in their ears and look at the mess we are in! WE the PEOPLE need to watch and listen to everything!

          26. Kent2012 says

            no Carol, you can thank the IRS for mandating that the employer determine what tips that the wait staff earned and tax it as income…

          27. Carol Pullen says

            That is wrong too but the employer is also wrong to count that as the bulk of salary he pays his staff. Tips should be in addition to not instead of.

          28. Ddenney1 says

            My old girl friend back in the day made 2 dollars an hour plus tips!!! She brought home around 400 a week and some times 100 a night on weekends and never got 40 hours!!! Guess what never claimed tax on tips!! Not legal sure!! But ask the wait staff IF they pay tax today on tips??? Imagine what 400 dollars would do for you IF you KEPT it ALL!!!!!!

          29. Don Dale says

            Ddenny1, my mother was mandated to report 8% of her total sales (she was also a waitress) so she did just that, 8%, ONLY 8% (any cash tips she didn’t know what the irs was talking about)

          30. Gadget1132 says

            Carol, small business people make up the majority of businesses that employ people, not big corporations. There are businesses that may employ less than 25 people for the most part. The owners work right along side their employees but work on average 12 to 18 hours a day. Do you understand the cost of just having even one employee? In addition to their wage, you also have to pay a match on SS and Medicare. Then you have unemployment tax, workman’s comp tax. If you give your employees benefits like holiday and vacation pay you are paying money for people not working that the small business person then has to work the hours plus the ss and medicare and unemployment and workman’s comp still apply. For a small business that functions around a 6 percent profit margin, that is a huge outlay of money. Even the small business person is entitled to make money. Then add to that all the other expenses they have to pay… such as rent of the site they locate their business on or their mortgage payment on the building, Inventory, Insurance, Property Taxes, utilities, website costs, that is to name just a few things. And if they happen to own a home, their mortgage or rent if they dont, a car or multiple car payments, insurance, Obamacare, property tax, utilities, phones, food, and all other everyday expenses. Now add to that local and county and state taxes, gas, and many other expenses. Where do you think all this money comes from? From the products they sell. Which means everytime government increases costs, the employer has to increase the cost of what they sell. Keeping in mind they also have to be competitive with other businesses in the area and on the internet or they will not make enough sales to stay in business. For many a raise in the minimum wage means less employees as unemployment that is figured on payroll and workman’s comp which is also figured on payroll and SS and Medicare which is also a percentage of the wage all go up. As that is just the beginning. Utilities go up as they then need to raise wages and so does the cost of products they buy to sell…. and on and on. In the end the consumer pays the price all around. This is economics 101. I can tell you have never created a pay check for anyone. Money is not picked off trees and government continually tries to come up with ways to take more from businesses. As that happens, there is less money to hire people. Minimum wage is not meant to be a lifetime wage unless the person making it wants that. It is meant to be a stepping stone to jobs that require more experience and expertise. Even for wait staff, you start at places like Denny’s and gain experience and work up to more exclusive places where tips are larger. I know where I live, government.. and I do believe this is Federal, requires the business take taxes out of the tips. This was put into effect a number of years ago. So your complaint needs to be to your representatives in government that passed this rather than the businesses. Also Restaurants are required to ensure that the wage they pay plus tips, meets or exceeds minimum wage or they have to make up the difference. That is part of the law.

          31. Carol Pullen says

            I applaud small business and think they should get a break. They are not the ones running from taxes, (i’ve been in meetings with tax attys in large companies and see how they recommend avoiding taxes. they are very good at not paying ANY taxes) in large corporations. Some do it so well they pay no taxes and actually get money back. I have seen companies get rid of employees because they had one accident or had attained enough stature that their benefits were considered “too much”, lets get rid of him/her. I think we can all agree corporations do not exist for the workers, the exist to use workers.

          32. Gadget1132 says

            Carol, I don’t disagree with you, however might I point out, as an employee you did not create the company. We live in a time when if you don’t like the company you are working for or don’t like their policies you look for a job elsewhere or start your own company. As long as you work for someone else you deal with what you said. I went into business and created a company for that very reason. Have been a small business for over 20 years now. I also can not blame working the system to minimize or avoid taxes. Our government takes too much of what we earn now and we don’t see that money coming back to us, just more taken. The system is broken and no one wants to fix it. With our current tax codes we are driving businesses out of this country and rightly so. We have too many sitting on the welfare roles for the rest of us to support. I don’t mind when it is something short term to help, but there is something very wrong with the system when welfare becomes a way of life and expected or demanded as it is right now.

          33. Carol Pullen says

            I’m retired and thank goodness did all right but it is different now. There are so many people who before could make a living and now those jobs are gone. Couch critics like to say, go back to school or those are entry level jobs but that is not true..plenty of hard working middle age working their butts off and are falling further and further behind. When we arrive in our career, we will always need people to clean, to serve, to care for the sick, etc., all valuable honest work for those that do not have higher education IQ’s and it it those I stand with and try and give a voice to. They work hard and used to be able to take care of a family on that pay but on stagnated wages equal to 1967 they no longer can and for me that is just wrong. An honest days work should result in an honest day of pay.**I like to cruise and people complain they have to tip…someone said if you cannot afford to tip, you have no business booking a cruise. Well if you cannot pay your help, you have no business running a business of more than 1.

          34. Gadget1132 says

            Carol, I want to offer you another side of things. I used to employ 5 people. I now handle my company alone because of it. I paid more than a good wage.. not minimum as I wanted my people to have a decent income. In return for that they would come to work late, leave early, take a longer than allowed lunch. I had certain policies in place and they were ignored. Every one of the people I employed except 1 cost me more in mistakes from not following policies I put in place then I care to remember. Every one of them I elevated from the positions (mostly waitstaff) they had been in. One had some college and I had known them for a while where they had worked. With what I do, I am out of the office a lot, so I expected them to be responsible. They were far from it. Needless to say I will not employ anyone after all I went through and all it cost me. I have clients that have similar problems that I did and I hear about them but are not as fortunate as I am in being able to function without employees. So in this about minimum wage, there needs to be the other side of it. People need to actually work at doing a good job to earn the money they are paid. There is no right to what you earn other than your ability to do a good job which can in most places… even big corporations, get you more pay. Minimum wage is just for starters, or for those that are content to stay in those jobs. If someone is not willing to put forth the effort they should not make more money. As to falling behind you need to look to our bloated government that is sucking companies dry with taxes and regulations. Also start paying attention to the cost of food and gas and electricity. Add to that Obama care and all the other normal expenses and how much they have gone up. With the drain on businesses there is no way they could keep up with inflation and by the way, according to the fed government inflation is zero. So given what you have said and the inflation figures from the government they should be doing just fine.

          35. Carol Pullen says

            Always two sides to everything and I understand where you are coming from. I never owned a business, I supervised Work Comp cases and had 12 adjusters that reported to me. I treated them well and they always told me that one of the reasons they always tried to to their best is because they never wanted to be a disappointment to me. I showed them care and respect and they gave the same back to me. Maybe I was just lucky, I don’t know.

          36. Gadget1132 says

            Yes Carol you were. Too many times small business employers try to do that and get kicked in the teeth for doing it. They have property stolen, they have work not done or done poorly. I have worked for government and then on my own. I prefer being on my own. But having employees I wont do again. The ones I had soured me to trying to help people better their lives with a good job. I thought being a small business person could help others advance in their careers. I was wrong. Yes there are good people out here working. I know a number of them, but they are few and far between. Most feel they are worth way more then they are. They have no experience or talents and yet expect 25 an hour. Increasing minimum wage is not the answer. Our schools are doing a very poor job of getting children ready for the work world. Our colleges are even worse. Economics 101 is not taught. Most think money grows on trees. Politicians think businesses are making money hand over fist and can just keep giving to them in taxes… that is both state and federal. I have heard Obama say government money can help start a business… I did mine with out as the Small Business Administration said I did not have enough collateral for a loan. I started my company on 500 dollars and worked my ass off to make it with no help from anyone. Just my knowledge and talents. I am at a point now where I will not share what my hard work has brought me by hiring people that don’t want to work or don’t show any initiative to advance themselves. The effect of increasing minimum wage is bringing money to people that have not really shown they deserve it. It will also diminish jobs in that area. When has any person sought to stay in a minimum wage job for their whole life? It is still the place for teens and those that have not worked in a while or not at all to prove their value. It also is a place where those with disabilities can work with out going over their limits. It provides seniors with work to supplement their retirement with out having to quit after working for a half year as they hit their max earnings. It will also increase products all over. It is a snowball rolling down hill… if you increase the wage to 15, what about those at 15 now… do you keep them at that or increase them.. they have experience. So do you risk losing them or increase their wage.. then the ones at 16 and 17 and up… what about them… you closed the gap on those with experience. So how much more do you increase everyone else and how is it paid for? How do you cover the extra expense of workman’s comp, ss, medicare, unemployment…ect. Who is going to pay all that extra? Even large corporations in today’s world do not have that much extra to handle it with out passing it down to the consumer. How much more are you willing to pay for things you need as the costs go up?

          37. Carol Pullen says

            I don’t know, maybe it is true that you get out of people what you expect you will get from them. In my position as a Work Comp supervisor I visited company after company and sat in on meeting after meeting. I met some awfully hard working folks during that time. You may have got the losers but after it is all said and done most folks do take pride in their work, it is what gives them their identity. I even worried how I would describe myself and think about myself when I could no longer say “I am a supervisor” and at the end of the day I wanted what everyone else wants just to go home and take care of my family. Pretty simple, when you look at it that way.

          38. Gadget1132 says

            Yes it is… but Carol, what did it take for you to become a supervisor? Were you hired as a supervisor right out of high school? What was your experience and background when you took that position. You meet with a lot of Professional business people. Yes, they are hard workers. There are many days I put in 16 to 18 hours to get done all I need to. Professionals do that as you have self value and you have goals and responsibility to your position, or your company or your clients. We are not talking about professional’s here with minimum wage.

          39. Carol Pullen says

            After high school and college I started as a file clerk, then I handled no lost time cases, then I was promoted to lost time cased and then made a supervisor. But I have a son in law who is a foreman in a warehouse (fancy the title) because they have paid him $10.00 an hour for four years and he has not missed on day of work and works any weekend they ask. Why doesn’t he quit… because he had problems just getting through high school and probably has low self esteem and five kids and his employer knows that…they have him over a barrel.

          40. Gadget1132 says

            No Carol, he has himself over the barrel. He has been doing the job that others would pay him better for if he looked. It is just himself stopping him from doing that. He has a wonderful resume if he chooses to use it and advance himself. You had college, most earning minimum wage dont unless they are in school or filling time til they can get into what line their degree is in or into a career they find they might like. Notice I used the word career, not job. Minimum wage earners are in a job, not a career.

          41. Carol Pullen says

            Gadget, I said he probably lacks self esteem due to learning problems from high school so yes that is on him but his employer also knows they have a good thing and instead of treatment him decent they choose to take advantage of him. My point was there a lot of people doing “jobs” that work their butts off. I guess you see a glass half empty and I see it half full. This has more to do with how we perceive people than the people we describe. I wish you well and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

          42. Gadget1132 says

            Carol, it might surprise you to know I am an Optimist. I do see things as half full not half empty and I also know the value of people. I work on my own due to my background with abused women helping them with self esteem and and making better choices and realizing why they made the choices they did. I use my own money and time and knowledge to help them paying bills when necessary and providing transportation and sometimes food. These are women the system has let fall through the cracks. This is in addition to the company I own. I am a former State Trooper … old school. I was a ground breaker. I can see your son in law is dedicated and maybe feels trapped, but have you ever talked to him about it? Maybe with your background you could help him in many ways to get something else that would pay better where he would also be happy working.

          43. Carol Pullen says

            I had a feeling you were a good person.

          44. Gadget1132 says

            The Lord has blessed me in many ways, it is my responsibility to pass on the blessings He has given me to others. I don’t push my faith as that is for them to decide, but His word moves me forward and I help in any way I can for those that want and need the help. And btw, I am a woman.

          45. jbombznabombz says

            hey gadget not everybody can be their own boss and own their own business.that’s just like companies like AVON who are always trying to recruit more and more salespeople if everybody sells the product who is buying?

          46. Gadget1132 says

            jbombznabombz, yes if you are willing to take the risk and willing to invest the time you can own your own business… if you believe Obama the government will help you start a business. We live in a country where many small business people took a talent or a goal and made it into a very successful business. Many started their companies out of a garage or a basement or a spare room. It comes down to how much time are you willing to invest and sacrifice. Yes starting a business is a risk, you are trading a paycheck on a weekly or bi weekly basis for the possibility of making more than what an employer will pay you for your work. I took that risk. Anyone can. There are no limitations except the degree of investment by your own dedication and belief in what you want to accomplish. Yes, many fail for reasons not their fault. But even Trump kept trying til he made it. Look at the history of many of the big successful corporations.. where do you think they started from? Microsoft is a good example, so is KFC. And dont you think that a small business buys anything? Selling something like Avon is not the only way to start a small business. If that was the case the only businesses would be companies like Avon.

          47. DaveA says

            NO business pays TAXES! ! ! PERIOD. I passed on EVERY tax cost onto the customer. Auctally I made money off taxes because it was the last item on the list in costing out my product. “GADGET” was right on the money. When I retired in 2006, I was making well over $2,000.00 A WEEK! Today, if minimum wages go up, so does my pay. So thinking about it, where does that leave the minimum worker??? IN THE SAME BOAT they are in now!

          48. Don Dale says

            My mother was a waitress from ’72 thru ’92. She would tell you herself, if you’re a good waitress you get good tips if you’re a pisspoor waitress you get pisspoor tips! She got Christmas presents where the wrapping paper was a hundred dollar bill!

          49. leroy wilcox says

            i once tipped a waitress 50% in a 100 dollar ticket service was outstanding she was friendly without being overbearing i have also tipped 2 cents also to a waitress that had a piece of crap attitude. was terrible service very slow and very unprofessional tipping usually revolves around the waiter or waitress

          50. Carol Pullen says

            It depends. I have a granddaughter who is a waitress in a small town in Kentucky. Her customers love her and mother over her but they come from an age, where a dollar was a good tip and they hate change.

          51. Timothy M O'Reilly says

            I found a couple who are going to be waitressing for $2.50/hour – 12 hour days pay is under the table so no benefits at all and all the joy that goes with that … so I do have to eat some crow on my comments. Still and all, $15/hour for McDonalds? No, please no, because there are too many of us who can’t afford to eat even there now, and we won’t be expecting a pay raise soon.

          52. Carol Pullen says

            It really does appear there are no win/win answers here. For someone to be happy another has to suffer. Do not see our need for fast food disappearing any time soon, so those people are necessary and by the looks of it many are past the go back to school advise. Guess they better not give up that second and third job any time soon.

          53. Carol Pullen says

            This is a good example of why I get upset and have no sympathy for corporations. Per the Idaho Statesman, August 30th addition in the business section: TGIF closed its doors on Tuesday. The restaurant’s 40 some employee’s were notified by phone call on Tuesday night. The experience was harsh said Andrew Driebergen who has worked there for seven years. It was more like a family. It was pretty hurtful. A lot of us have kids. I think they knew for about a month that they were closing. After seven years, a little warning would have been appreciated.

          54. Timothy M O'Reilly says

            can’t argue against that one very poor leadership/management by TGIF in this case.
            But let’s also remember that TGIF (corporations in general) is not some faceless giant but people. Very fallible people at all levels, and those in leadership are no exception. Epitomized both by the failure to notify their workers and by the closing of the restaurant itself.

          55. Carol Pullen says

            I agree but the fact that head of corporations often remain faceless, even to their employee’s allows them the anonymity to behave in ways that they might not, if they saw these people every day. Another example where I see this happen is posting to sites such as this, I have seen the most awful things written that I am pretty sure the people would never say face to face. When people can hide behind a mask, they often act in unkind ways.

          56. Carol Pullen says

            Another example I came across today how corporations have taken the little guy down. An interview with Jake Anderson, crab fisherman: Goodbye small fisherman……….
            Do you want to get your own boat someday?
            Unfortunately, it’s not cost effective to own your own boat anymore since the Individual Fishing Quotas (IFQ) came out. I’d have to get inline with big business in order to buy crab quotas, and I couldn’t get enough money to pay for it. It’s one thing to have to buy the boat, but having to buy the quota means you need millions of dollars.

          57. DaveA says

            How about adding your tips in with the $3.50 an hour. I’m a watcher, (observer) and more times then not, a GOOD Darden worker will make more then $20 an hour in tips! MOST waitress/Waiters work 3 or 4 tables at a time. A customer NORMALLY stay for 1 hour, and very few leave less the minimum tips. IF you are GOOD, then you get better tips! I was a car hop in the early 60’s and made $50.00 a night. Later on I didn’t put the effort into the job, and I was LUCKY to make $20.00 a night.

          58. Timothy M O'Reilly says

            Carol back in the early 1970s I worked for $.75 an hour, minimum wage. It was increased to $1.25 & I lost my job – wasn’t progress wonderful? There is no one in the USA working for $3.50/day and I’d like to know if there is even anyone working for $3.50 an hour, waiters and waitresses included. An increase in minimum wage will result in an increase in costs for everything else – you cannot stop it from happening and the net result will be less jobs and spending power for the individual. Case in point my experience above and another couple to add to that: cost of cars back in the 1970s you could get a good new car for around $10,000 give or take; and a house cost around $50,000. Today your car is costing between $30,000 to $50,000 for a good one and the houses? Anything new build is close to $100,000.

          59. azsequaya says

            My 1974 Chevrolet V8 4 Speed I/2 Ton 4X4 P/U cost $3,487.oo BRAND NEW !!
            I still have it !!!!

          60. Timothy M O'Reilly says

            Thank you for the correction, $3,487 wow! Today a Chevy truck would likely cost you around $34,870 (saying without looking it up … heck let’s look it up …) next post … working it now

          61. azsequaya says

            I watch The Price is Right a lot,, I believe a Ford 1/2 ton 2 wheel drive goes for around 21,000.oo – 23,000.oo.

          62. Timothy M O'Reilly says

            Okay this work up is for a 1/2 ton 4×4 Chevy pickup – by the by Fords are almost always cheaper … back to the Chevy … first a basic as I could figure one and then one that’s pimped as much as I could figure from Chevy’s online site

            Going with the Chevy 1/2 ton 4X4 – building a basic truck and a full up one

            basic – reg cab, standard box $26,670

            – 4×4 msrp $30,610

            – 1WT trim $30,610 (keeping it cheap-no change in price)

            – exterior/interior trim & color std no change

            – wheels 17″ steel no change in price

            -5.3L V8 smallest of the V8 engines adds $1095 keeping other options to the zero mark for the basic truck where possible

            Finished build price from Chevrolet dot com is $31,705…

            Next the pimped out truck I expect it will be well over $40,000 let’s see how much more…this will still be a Chevy 1/2ton 4×4 …

            2014 Silverado Crewcab, Standard Box $35,287 to start

            – High Country Trim package $47,000

            – 22″ wheels – add $2,995

            – Driver Alert package no cost

            – Bed Protection package $805

            – High Country Premium package $950

            – 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 $1995

            – Engine block heater $90

            – 6″ Chrome assist steps $700

            – Cargo box LED lighting $60

            – Chrome recovery hooks $190

            – every other option I could fit in …

            MSRP $62,835

            discount -$5,533 – that’s more than a 74 pickup cost!

            Final Price $57,302 yeah … more than I make in a year – have to pass on this sorry Chevy!

          63. azsequaya says

            YEPPER !! I `ll pass also..

          64. gonzales27 says

            WOW that’s more than I paid for our first home in Southern Caalifornia

          65. DaveA says

            ME TOO, I paid $16,788 for my house. With intrest, I paid $45,000. Today to replace my LOADED explorer, $52,000

          66. gonzales27 says

            guess that’s why we call them the good ole days

          67. DaveA says

            Ford Explorer 1998 was a little over $32,000 (LOADED). today $52,000,,,l Still have my 98.

          68. donemyhomework says

            Good for you. Low carbon footprint.

          69. jbombznabombz says

            hey tim part of that problem is GREED from the corporations you mean to tell me that a company that profits by the billions and then tells their employees to go for welfare and food stamps is OK?and another point you say back in 1970 you could get a good car for around 10,000.00 or so .well lets take a look at the fact that people seem to have a problem with the common folk making a decent wage but these executives and CEOs get raises all the time.ONE example I work as a substitute maintenance/janitorial worker for a local school system and guess what at one of our meetings our WONDERFUL administration told us low life employees that there was no money left in the budget for our 1.5% cost of living raise,now keep in mind that we have heard this same excuse for the last 4 years,but the same administrators got their 1.5%raise oh by the way these people already make 100,000.00 dollars or MORE a I guess it’s completely ok for the BIG WIGS to make more and more money while us common folk fucking starve to death just so they can make more money that they DON’T NEED.JUST SAYING, I’m not looking to get RICH from working for a school system but a decent pay would be nice.oh I make 10 an hour just for the record, I can almost pay my child support with that and maybe my automobile I just need to figure out how to keep a roof over my head and food in my son’s stomach and how to keep us warm in the winter.

          70. Timothy M O'Reilly says

            @Carol, @Jbom … not saying that there isn’t greed, but *just* in the *big* corporations? Read on partner … well I have still to find someone getting $3.50/day but, on the other hand, I have discovered some young folks who just got *hired* for a waitressing job and they’ll be getting $2.50/hour … so I still have to eat some crow. From what I’ve heard they are getting paid “under-the-table” as well … don’t know if the business owner is making out like a fat cat or not but learning of such low wages is … upsetting.
            Jbom you do make a good case, this does happen and I don’t argue with what you’ve experienced. My last 2 jobs paid minimum wage, my new jobs however? One a bit over minimum wage – one of the dollar stores, and the other will work out quite a bit less … basically gas money … but it goes with the territory for small town pastors…I’ll tough it out as long as I can, then we’ll see if I have to drive truck or something … and FYI substitute teaching in Colorado (if I’m approved) gets me only $50/day I’m told which works out to $6.25/hour.

          71. DaveA says

            Resturants used to (don’t know now) be excempt for minimum wages. The reason is because they are expected to make tips avg at least 15% of their total sales. Many waitress/waiter make well over $20.00 and hour. I’ve got several family members who work in Mom & pop places only in the morning/lunch crowd. (Lot less total recipts) Now where they loose is in taxes. Because their place of work, only pay on the $2.35 an hour rate. Those working in higher end places make well over $200.00 a night!

          72. DaveA says

            Back in 1970 I bought a brand new LTD, right UNDER $4,500. No where near $10,000

          73. cal3301 says

            Sorry, In 1970 the Federal minimum was $1.60, but there were states that paid less.


            Your pricing though, is more in line with the 1980’s. I worked a job in 1973 that paid $3.52 an hour, but at that time the dollar was stronger. I went on a week vacation with friend to the Bahama’s for $300. My car, brand new Plymouth Duster, V-8, right off the truck in 1974 was $2,700. My parents bought our house in 1970 for $28,000. They could have had a home in Southern Calif. in 1964 for $12,500.

            You add increasing minimum wage, plus prices rising on everything including taxes, and a week dollar thanks to the Feds, you end up with a country in crisis because that increase is not going to get you squat and many businesses will go under..

          74. Roger says

            I bought a 3 BR 1 Ba home with a detached 2 car garage with 10×20 lean to, on one acre in 2009 for $20,500 in rural Indiana. Put on vinyl siding and a new roof, house now has an assessed value of $85,000.

          75. cal3301 says

            I take it was either a foreclosure or public auction at that price. You can find previously owned homes for as low as $50+ thousand, because many paid a lot less at the time they were built and many of those are fixer uppers. The house my parents were buying at $28 thousand,was only 6 years old. It was a 4 BR, 2 1/2 BA, attached garage, Bi-level, on a double wooded lot(roughly over a 3/4 acre) and required nothing additional. It is now assessed at $258,000, but most like it sell at around $175- $223,000.

            Home values in Indiana have a wide range….


          76. Art Birnbaum says

            Pssst, everybody. If it was in rural Indiana, it most likely was a former meth lab. Don’t tell A-Hole Roger, though.

          77. Ddenney1 says

            3.50 a day!?! If gas cost .05 a gallon and bread 2 cents eggs a dime etc… that would be fine!!! 1956 my parents house was 10000 dollars! People use to live on a dollar a day!! The amount earned is NOT the problem it IS mount you can purchase!! If government provides the house, food, utilities, car, job and entertainment and ALL you had to do is go to you ASSIGNED job and only did what the government told you to do would that be your utopia which is what “they dem or rep want” BUT money is what they tie freedom to!!! So if 15 dollar min. wage makes you THINK your better off then by ALL MEANS get the min. but when everything goes up at the grocery store etc… your minimum wage is STILL minimum!!! You can have 1000000000 dollars but if gas cost 12 dollars a gallon and food cost 1000’s a month or your Toyota costs 150000 or your house suddenly cost 25 million instead of 150000 or so what does the amount of your wage matter?? I would MUCH rather the money and the cost of living were SOCIALLY just!!!!

          78. rosemarienoa says

            Get rid of Liberal policies !!!

          79. gonzales27 says

            Great idea the spend baby spend party

          80. Richard A. Fletcher says

            only if the tax rate was lowered on companies.

          81. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            Forget about it! Especially here in Californication. We are not only NOT going to lower tax rates on companies, we are going to kill that old prop 13 and RAISE tax rates on companies. That will, of course, affect us…the consumer, with higher prices for goods and services or, those companies will leave California for greener pastures. Liberals are a wart on the butt of humanity.

        3. blacksunshine84 says

          I think it’s on purpose and the goal is to eliminate the middle class.

        4. yaki534 says

          Very correct. Thank you to the environmental protection agency. The most ruinations bureau in the country. We need ti get rid of thid bureau and a lot of it’s regulations them maybe our factories and manufactures will come back from overseas.

          1. Carol Pullen says

            Tell that to the town that had to stop drinking their water because the biggest employer in town let all of their poison into the drinking water. No OSHA needs to step up to the plate and do a better job, not ignore the problems.

          2. yaki534 says

            Tell that to the 100,000 lumber industry workers that lost their jobs thanks to a bunch of lies and half truths told about the spotted owl.

        5. jetmagnet says

          Quit blaming the Govt, It’s big business that puts the little guy out of business and they get all the tax breaks. Get you sheet straight!

        6. Kortiak says

          All the work for the Government is made by up of Consultants, that companies like Unisys, Booz Allen, etc. They charge from $200 and up per hour, while the employee if lucky will get $30 and up, Government would a lot better if they reserved that 30% of this openings be filled by individual’s, like right now they reserve 30% of openings to minorities (females). That would save money and Give Opportunity for employment of Individuals without high pay out to the Companies that do nothing but keep a noose on the jobs. Since I am willing to sign up with those companies, I would be thrilled to get a job directly from the government for fraction of what they pay them, after all I will get from them only the minimum that they can get away with, so $45 would put me ahead of the curve.

      3. says

        Only if the others also lower their prices. Gas went down from $5 a gallon to about $3.50 a gallong for awhile but the Prices of Food just went higher. Savings are not passed on to the Consumer. A pound package (16 oz) of Lunch meat is now 12 Oz packages. Where bologna was Chicken, beef and port products, now are Chicken and port and don’t taste as well. 1/2 Gallon of Ice Cream is not less than 1/2 Gallon but costs the same or more. Bangladesh standard of living?

        1. Chasalz says

          I can add to this. Half-gallon orange or grapefruit juice is now 59 ounces. Canned tuna fish used to be 7 ounces, is now five ounces. Toilet tissue used to be 4.25 in. Square. It is now 3.9 inches by four inches. Mayonnaise used to be sold as 32 ounces, It is now 30 ounces. Ice cream used to be half-gallon, It is now 1.5 quarts, A 25% reduction. I could go on as the list is large. However, this is one way corporations deal with increased costs by passing along A smaller product and keeping the price most times the same. Minimum-wage Will exacerbate this.

          1. dmttbt says

            A 51/2 4 ounce bar of zest soap is now 4 ounces.

          2. Ddenney1 says

            14 once pound of coffee! Etc….

          3. geraldsd says

            As long as they can get away with it, they will! But, the people say, “What can I do?” The answers are simple, but require effort! I know that you care, but what are you willing to do, to change it?

          4. Poppo says

            I agree 100%. But a huge part of these (hidden?) price increases are the cost of complying with excessive and oppressive government regulations from the bureaucrats at the IRS, EPA, HHS, FDA, etc, etc, etc.

          5. Kent2012 says

            Thank you Poppo…the infection of big government is almost always overlooked with the folks that complain targeting the corporations and never the clowns that they sent to DC and worthless jerks that they appoint to agencies…I give you the communist manipulations of the EPA….

        2. geraldsd says

          As long as they can get away with it, they will! But, the people say, “What can I do?” The answers are simple, but require effort!

          1. Dave Evans says

            One thing they can do is STOP buying any product that is not made in the USA! Large corprations keep sending jobs to other countries so the “BIG” bosses make the big bucks. Do not but anything from outside the USA! And write or call and let them knoe that untill they bring the jobs back to AMERICA you will not buy from them. Sometimes you may have to do without but in the long run if we do not do this we all LOSE!

          2. joe says

            Dave this is a great point and most people don’t understand that if you just took the time to buy 1% of the products you use 1% of them from America it would boost this economy out of the toilet virtually over night. I always buy American when ever possible yes I pay more but since my company is in manufacturing the more I buy American the better off for me my company the people that work for me and the economy as a whole. This means stay the hell out of Walmart most of their prices are NOT cheaper anyway. The trade deficit we have with China is something in the area of 40% the result of Walmart purchasing garbage manufactured by exploited children. People need to stop buying the cheapest thing they can find at every turn because the people that make that crap are forced labor with no human rights and no regard to the environment. We have a corrupt EPA trying to ban you from mowing your lawn with a gas powered mower and attempting to force car pooling and driving up the cost of doing business so much over here that millions of jobs are flocking out of the country. IMPEACH OBAMA

          3. Dave Evans says

            Joe, manufactured goods are not the only thing. I check everything I buy. About a month ago I sent a letter to Stater Brothers (grocery store chain) and asked why they were selling most of the produce that was from out of country. I bought some pickiling cucumbers from .99 store in a 2 lb. bag grown in the USA. I saw a bag a Staters in a 2.5 lb. that was almost $4.00 that was from Mexico. I asked Stater’s why would they buy from Mexico when they could buy USA cheaper and keep jobs here. I was told they would send it to the “proper” department. That was a month ago and still no answer. Bottom line if the food I want is not from the USA I do not buy it. If you take the time to check where it is from and if it is not from the USA let the store know you will not buy from them untill they have more USA products they will have to change or lose bussiness.

          4. david b cordick says

            what is even better dave, is to tell them why the foodstuffs from other countries is bought. could it be that they can buy a hell of a lot more for their money than they can in the states, this can be done because of the lack of inspections and quality control. fish raised and fed on chicken shit, perdue sends their chickens to be processed in china, why, lack of inspections, cheaper work force. how about all these alien bugs and critters that arrive in the country from other countries in boxes of produce. the list is unending. the crap your feeding your families is not good for them at all, might not show up for a while but it will. how do you think that all these kids are becoming in need of drugs to just live normally. didnt use to be this way, until progress in the food industry

          5. Ralph Monzo says

            Why are the jobs sent overseas? Government intervention, NOT corporate greed.Washington should remember we have a CONSTITUTION, and stick to it closely.

        3. patsy1715 says

          i know what you mean, but this where we the consumer comes in.Build you meals around sales. Be frugal when you buy and let the manufacture know how you feel.

        4. jondarmes says

          Gas was $1.75 a gallon when oblabla and the democrats took over. And here we are.

        5. Kent2012 says

          Gasoline does not power the transportation industry…in the 1970s diesel was always less per gallon than gasoline…now look at ….diesel to prep that land, diesel to sow the seed, diesel to harvest the crop, diesel to take it to process and diesel to get it to the distribution warehouse, and diesel to put it on the shelf…

      4. jondarmes says

        The middle man has to eat too. If you want to cut out the middle man you grow, pick, process, and prepare it yourself. No one works for free.

      5. autrypma says

        And remember, the price does not ever go down on anything…lowering the price of gas and oil would help in many ways…also, the middleman does not need to make more profit that the farmers and ranchers, nor the grocer…
        It is the same example as lowering taxes and cleaning up the nightmare of deductions and exemptions..this would aid income, and a better system would come out of it if anyone would quit protesting and sit down to reason out the facts.
        For instance, the idiot idea of $15 per hour would cause a chain of increases that would be unbelievable and unbearable. McDonald would have to sell a Big Mac for $10 and pay everyone so much, this would cause EVERYTHING concerned to increase in price…
        Why can’t the officials see this…as one commentator wrote, We must help ourselves, such as you give a man a fish for dinner, he has dinner, if you give him a job as fisherman or such, he will have dinner every day…and not expect the government (which is our tax dollars) to pay his way…shouldn’t be that way.

    2. TPS12 says

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    3. patsy1715 says

      Gee Richard, that would be too simple. This admin want people to be at each other. Divide and conquer.

    4. Ddenney1 says

      Grocery prices , clothes, cars, houses, and every thing else!!!It would nice if a dollar was worth something again!

    5. Ralph Monzo says

      Most of the cost of gasoline is TAXATION. The government needs ever increasing amounts of money to run their NANNY STATE. Government needs to stop trying to fix the ills of the world and concentrate on governing… Novel concept, no?

    6. smknnjoe says

      Another thing that would help is if the Treasury would shut down the printing press and stop debasing the value of our dollar. The stronger the dollar is the stronger the purchasing power for each and every one of us. If they keep going with this QE infinity that they are currently doing the peso will be worht more than the dollar.

    7. Eric R. Johnson says

      Correct. Get these pols to roll back gas taxes. Won’t happen.

    8. Jim Norris says

      You couldn’t be more right!!! What most people don’t understand is: GREED KILLS!!!

    9. Danny White says

      Gas is just a small part of the big picture.
      Inflation from giving CEO’S a $500,000.00 raise every year is the main problem.
      Lowering and limiting taxes to less than 20% would be helpful.
      but Obama has already caused the bankruptcy of America just like be did in Chicago.
      Real unemployment is at 23% look at Jim Rickard books. He testified before congress and use to work fer the CIA.

    10. wishonastar says

      Richard, bringing common sense to this conversation… dare you lol

    11. dane says

      Yes and Obama is the problem pipe line etc!

    12. Vince says

      You are correct, to a point. Between federal and state taxes, Washington State has the second highest gas prices. What I find odd is the hate for the oil companies. They only receive 4 to 6 cents a gallon, where the government collects up to $1.50.
      Something is wrong with this picture!

  12. nancyj1922 says

    In simple words. Joe sells coffee for $3. Joe pays his employees $10 an hour. Joe is forced to pay employees $15. Joe has 2 choices. FIRE EMPLOYEE OR RAISE COFFEE TO $8.00! Hello stupid people.

    1. Steve Thomas says

      And then Joe fires employee because no one buys $8.00 coffee.
      I have never had a cup of Starbucks.

      1. nancyj1922 says

        Sadly I used to be a big Starbucks fan. Even owned stock because I figured I should get some of my money back. Found out starbucks does NOT support the second amendment…..SOLD my stock and don’t drink Starbucks anymore! Speak with your wallet.

      2. Peatro Giorgio says

        I once walk into a star bucks turned around after having read there menu and prices walked right out .Now as for Dunk-on Donuts they once served a good cup of coffee at a nearly reasonable price. Now their coffee sucks and the price is over the top. I believe they are only competing with Starbucks price wise, to see which brand can steal the most cash from fools who follow fads.

    2. Bob984 says

      If Joe only sells coffee, he deserves to go out of business. Let’s get real. Joe runs a good little place, and gets 50 customers per hour, so around 400 customers during 8 hours. The average customer spends $7. Intake is $2800. He pays 5 employees $10 per hour. They cost him $400 for the day. Product cost is $400. All other costs are $500. Total outgo is $1300. Joe has made $1500. I don’t think that he has to raise the price of anything, and in fact, can afford to bump the wage of his best workers. Even if Joe was forced to raise the wage to $15, he still clears $1300. He’ll “get by”……………………..

      1. J_in_TX says

        If it were only so simple. It appears you have never run a business. You forgot all the local, state & federal taxes, payroll taxes, accountant fees, regulatory compliance costs and on and on and on.

        1. Bob984 says

          Actually, I did run a small business for several years. I paid my employees well. I left because it was a “road job”, and I got tired of that. Forget accountant fees….if you are not smart enough to do the books, you shouldn’t be a business owner. If the fees were quite as “infinite” as you say, nobody would be in business. In terms of large businesses, name one CEO who is worth 20 million….one…….you may be surprised that number 100 easily clears 18 million………and you don’t think there’s enough money to pay some people more….keep drinking the Koolaid….

          1. J_in_TX says

            Well Bob, I guess you are one of the few geniuses out there still dumb enough to do your own books in today’s tax environment. Keep drinking your own Kool-Aid. Maybe that’s why you were able to do your own books. You were running a Kool-Aid stand from your little red wagon. There is no CEO worth 20 mil.Guess you weren’t making that as CEO of your own business or you wouldn’t have folded your tent.

          2. Bob984 says

            Many small business people do their own books, and I did them well….agreed that it’s not easy. No, I wasn’t in the 20 million club….no argument there…..and I am glad that we agree on that. At least I was in the black with all bills paid, and didn’t “go under”, like many small businesses do.
            Many years ago, as a young man, I worked in distribution for a large company. The CEO of that company is #7, and makes 49 million a year. The company didn’t perform well last year, but he still got every dime of his money.
            If he was paid 3 million (most people can still “get by” on that….lol), that would free up over 46 million dollars. That would allow 10,000 workers to each get a 4600 dollar raise. Do you think those 10,000 could use an additional 4600?
            No Kool-Aid needed to figure that out…………….

          3. joe says

            Simple minded train of thought fed to you by the dumbocrat liars. You are spewing total garbage you know nothing about running a legit company. It would be very easy to prove that, tell me the name of the corporation, sole proprietorship or what ever it is you ran under and I can tell you if it ever existed. If you tell me you never incorporated or ran under any of the other legal ways to have a business then you never owned a company simple as that.

          4. Bob984 says

            My business was quite small (5 employees), I was not incorporated, and yes, it wasn’t a “company”….so, forget my reflections. Here is one from someone who is far bigger than you or I, so I think he knows…..rather interesting that he pretty much nails the same things….so I know nothing. Please save the “dumbocrat” insinuations….I am not party affiliated, and government corruption wiped out true representation in our country a long, long time ago.
            If you read the article and disagree with what the gentleman has to say, then we will agree to disagree.


          5. joe says

            This is not even close to the same thing I am talking about, this guy is on a level 100 times as big as most companies. The laws and rules they are bound by are not the same as us small guys. If you had any idea what it is like to run a small company which clearly you do not you would not make such ignorant statements about how much money these smaller companies make. In la la land where we pay zero taxes have to follow no regulations pay no insurance accounting fees legal fees and on and on and on maybe your simplistic ten dollar an hour scenario works. In the REAL world where most of us live that whole scenario is just plain ignorant. It is a struggle every day to maintain a small company most owners are not filthy rich, many of us have gone without paychecks to be sure the employes are paid to insure the taxes are paid. As an owner we come LAST in the line to get paid for what we do. This is the problem most people think all corporations are the same when that is far from the truth. Most of the population roughly 80% is employed by these small corporations the government needs to stay the hell out of how we run our companies they have their fingers in way too deep already. This minimum wage thing is insane all it will do is cost jobs it will help NO ONE. This is an all around bad idea and really nothing more than a publicity stunt for the monkey in the Whitehouse because he thinks it makes him look good to the peasants which is what he considers the American people to be. The treasonous bastard should be in prison awaiting the electric chair for what he is doing to this country and for his continued violation of the constitution.

          6. Bob984 says

            You may be surprised that I agree with some of your points. It is definitely tougher to run a small business, and the margins are much smaller. I am for legislation which helps smaller businesses, and perhaps some exemptions.
            I am talking about the large companies, though, and something has to be done. When the100th ranked CEO is easily clearing 18 million a year and yet there are employees in the company that can’t put food on the table….I think that certainly qualifies as a bit of income inequality…..and in that case, it doesn’t have to be.
            Many years ago, I became unemployed. I pounded the pavement, and spent every day looking for a job. What happened to me in the short term continues to happen. The most prevalent jobs were those that paid poorly; many of them would pay less money than my unemployment check was paying. I was lucky…..I got interviews, and finally after 4 months landed the position in my field that I have been in for 20 years now, and I consider myself very lucky.
            When I was a kid, the average man made a wage decent enough to pay a mortgage, buy food, clothes, gas, a car, with enough left over for the family to get some things and have some frills as well….and in over 80% of the cases….mom was at home and dad was the bread winner. Now we have millions of families with both husband and wife working full-time, perhaps with multiple jobs and much overtime, and the family still can’t make ends meet. There is something seriously wrong. Meanwhile, the wealthy are wealthier than ever, and every indicator shows that all of the money has all gone to the top. Our income inequality has grown to unbelievable disparity levels…….Something has to give.

          7. joe says

            Bob well good luck with that sorry to sound sarcastic but the government is owned and run by these huge multinational companies. The lobbyist are paid to get laws passed that allow them to continue to get away with basically murder. Tell me how a company like GE can get a 600 million dollar tax refund when they made billions in profits. The simple fact is all they need to do is filter the money through off shore accounts and many of the large companies do the same. Us small guys can not get away with that hell most of us would not even think about trying that. This government is so corrupt everything they do is for the large multinational they do not give a rats behind about the people other than for a vote. This min wage thing is nothing more than a dog and pony show for the public and it will only hurt the people it is supposed to help in the long run. Then of course the left makes all companies look like evil money hungry devils so they can seem like they are for the small guy when in fact the plan is to eliminate us small guys so the large companies can take it all over. The simple fact is NOTHING the government does is for the people NOTHING. If the government really wanted to help they would get off the backs of us smaller companies the ones that create jobs, we would create those jobs the taxpayer base would go up and the economy would recover. I do not have a place for a non skilled person in my company I require highly trained people and that costs me a lot of money. I start inexperienced people at $10 per hour it is all I can afford it cost me tens of thousands of dollars to train these people. Once they are trained they can make good money virtually anywhere they want to if they choose to leave. Force me to start paying even more when I hire then my training program goes down the toilet and I am forced to change direction and automate these people out of jobs it is a simple matter of economics.

          8. Bob984 says

            I pretty much agree with what you have said. Even worse is when bi-partisan efforts shoved things like NAFTA quietly through, and good paying American factory jobs were shipped overseas for cheap labor and higher profits for those already at the top. I had a relative who worked for a steel company in a medium sized town in Pa.. The company provided middle class jobs for many, many people. Now? Those buildings sit and rot, and there is rampant poverty.
            I agree it’s going to take quite a shakedown to change things….although I hope I get to watch it happen before I die……

          9. joe says

            Wow another clueless statement you can not have a company without an accountant you would not even be able to read most of the garbage we get from the IRS . You are a liar or you are just plain clueless i think both , you NEVER ran a legit company you are a liar, the statements you are making prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. You have no idea how it even works and to say you do not need an accountant proves you never did it.

      2. joe says

        Wow you are clueless the cost of a $10 dollar an hour employee is not $10 per hour there sparky. As a company you pay state and federal unemployment you pay workers comp you pay double the medicare and double the social security. A $10 dollar an hour employee cost me not only $400 for the 40 hour week it cost me another $80 for all this other crap then add in medical insurance on a single guy in his 40’s this can be as much as $750 a month, once a person hits 50 that jumps to over $1000 per month. It cost me money to pay the electric bill the insurance the rent the water,phone and half a dozen other things. I have to pay for holidays vacations sick days where the heck do you think that money comes from genus You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about . This is the problem with the 30% of the witless people in this country that follow this lying traitor. Just because you make up a bunch of phony numbers which you seemed to pull out of your rear end does not mean a damn thing. I started my company nearly 30 years ago I know a thousand times what you will ever know about it and I am here to tell you your entire post is meaningless made up dribble.

  13. POTUSSUX says

    Who do these morons think is paying them? It’s not the feds, it’s not the business owners, it’s the CUSTOMERS! If the business can’t bring value to the marketplace in accordance with the principle of the “Marginal Law of Productivity” (Irrefutable as gravity), then the employees will be joined in the unemployment line by the employers. Lose/Lose!

  14. Aristophanes says

    Give me $15 to flip a burger or to say “Welcome to McDonald’s and I will quit my bookkeeping job and not have to worry about payroll, taxes, etc. and just make sure I don’t burn the burger! What a bunch of morons! Cause and effect, idiots. You cause the price of a quarter pounder to go up to 10 bucks and the effect will be no one will buy the quarter pounder. An added effect of this will be you morons will not have a job! I understand why these people are agitating for the minimum wage to go up – they are too stupid to do anything but flip burgers, etc.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      I think they are simply mislead by the leftists who court them and sell easy pie in the sky ideas. A lot of those folks, that job is all they have. If there were more jobs, better jobs they would have someplace to go but they don’t. If our industrial base was running on all eight they might get $15/hr for low skill set jobs with even benefits and over time. There was a time in this country when a person could drive to a job close by, earn a living wage and give their family some pretty nice things. Apart from that being gone – what has changed, what made that work? Anyone who believes those jobs or jobs that net the same things cannot come back are buying into a lie.

    2. seygor says

      Unions love this as many of them have clauses that kick in increases when the minimum wage goes up. That’s why you see them pushing for the increase—-simply self-serving they couldn’t care less for people they are egging on

    3. patsy1715 says

      Your preaching to the choir. The Demos don’t want to hear and ryme or reason.

  15. frenchaz says

    Get rid of the Federal Reserve and their Fiat Notes. Give us back real dollars. When I started working minimum wage was $1.25. That was 5 silver quarters. Melt them 5 silver quaters today and you get 26 Federal Reserve notes. Don’t fix the minimum wage, fix the money.

    1. leewacker says

      When I started working, the minimum wage was .50–that alone shows you how far back that was!
      In the sixties, I worked in electronics. It always amused me to hear a new company rep say that “the going rate in my area was $1.60,” and very rarely did any benefits come with that!

      1. Chasalz says

        You got me! I started out at $.85 an hour at the A&P. This was about 1950. I was also told” you’re getting $.10 over the minimum-wage”. I had no medical. I came home with about $34 after taxes.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Aah the Germans are still screwing their American work force; A&P highway robbery prices on all their products. One hasn’t to think to hard to understand why shop rite is blowing them out of the water. Followed by Walmart kicking their butts.

  16. kjenkinsaf says

    Huuuh? You mean the way to more money is self improvement, edumacation, perseverance? And here I thought the gubmint could waive it’s magic wand and make me rich off all your money. I been doing it wrong.

  17. RobertNorwood says

    “minimum wage will help decrease the income-inequality gap, reduce crime, and help more people get ahead in the workplace” is a bunch of vague generalities with nothing to back it up.
    No one is against folks making a living wage. But the problem is not the minimum wage, it’s the shrunken economy, hollow industrial base, lack of ‘living wage” jobs. These folks protesting to raise it just don’t understand. I understand their issue, those jobs are all they have but raising the minimum wage isn’t going to fix anything, it’s going to make even those jobs shrink or even disappear where they are no longer feasible.

    We need better leaders and we need a president that shows up to work every day and has some idea of what he is doing. We need jobs and industry back here and illegals sent packing.

    1. Steve Thomas says

      As those jobs disappear, won’t unemployment rise thereby causing an increase in crime?

      1. RobertNorwood says

        If we were operating on a sane economic model all the jobs would stay – even increase. raising peoples pay in a failing business for example might help them for a couple of days but then it ends. it’s a quick fix, and the wrong fix to our problem. Again, I understand, it’s all they have but, shouldn’t we want more and better for everyone?

        I already do not frequent Mac D’s, Burger King, etc. because the prices are such that I would rather spend a little more for a real burger, cooked and put together the way I want. Even though these fast food burgers are arguably lower in cost the level of quality is beyond low. Not worth it any more and most likely, in the future just gone.

    2. leewacker says

      This “president” doesn’t even show up at the office until 9 or 10 o’clock–then leaves early to go to a fund raiser or whatever. Most of the presidents I have known, 13 in all, ALL of the presidents, up to this one, arose about 5:30 A.M., then were in the office, ready for work by 7. This one doesn’t even dress in a proper suit most days–definitely no respect given to the office!

      1. nancyj1922 says

        Not only that, but does not meet with department heads daily if ever.
        Just figures they will wing it like he does.

    3. Mike says

      Saying that it will decrease the income inequality gap is a natural thing when you make it that a larger percentage of people are making the same thing by law!! What a liberal ignorant statement.

      Yes it will decrease the income inequality gap because a larger percent of people will be making the same damned thing!!

      It will ALSO cause the cost of living to raise. Then when that happens no one will have incentive to work harder to get ahead because they may not be worth more then 15 an hour to the company they work for for YEARS AND YEARS causing production to decline and our economy to collapse.

      Liberals just don’t understand economics at all.

      1. nancyj1922 says

        Well, if they are boosting minimum pay $5 an hour….and that sort of brings it to where I am after a lot of years….are they raising MY pay that much, too? If you are in this spot….think about it. You just got screwed.

      2. Peatro Giorgio says

        Mike you totally missed RobertNormoods ! sarcasm, if you had read much further in his comment section you to would have understood that he was being totally sarcastic I to almost missed it. I rushed to judgement almost before reading his entire text.

        1. Mike says

          Um, I didn’t miss it, I only commented about one of the quotes in his post. I didn’t miss any of it.

  18. James Maxwell says

    Never let it be said that the Utopians live on the same planet as the people who actually work for
    a living and have to make payroll or cover the other garbage that they dream up. If you want
    income equality with the wealthy you had better finish High School, Get some college and have
    an idea. In the real world it take blood, sweat, tears, failure and determination to push thru to
    realized your dreams. Every time a business moves forward the Government Utopians put in
    more testicles in front of you and you have to surmount them to realize your dreams. There
    is no Free Lunch in the real world.

  19. Chasalz says

    Wanna pay $10 for a Big Mac?

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Nope. I can go to a Pub and get a burger they way I want for that with meat I recognize. Sure I’ll tip and pay a little extra, and I might watch some TV, have a beer. But, you get what you pay for.

  20. Turn9 says

    just for arguments sake let’s say the min wage is $7.50 and it goes to $15 – those $7.50 employees will be forced to do $15/hr worth of work – IOW, they’ll have to do twice as much work. Either that or the job will be eliminated and replaced with a machine.
    As people have said, the min wage is a learning wage not a living wage. people new to the workforce need to learn how to arrive on time, be courteous, dress properly and do their jpb. if they do those things they’ll advance to the next pay grade. Some have said people will keep moving up until they reach their level of incompetence. Perhaps. but at least they move up based on performance..

  21. joe says

    This will be a job killer, Panera bread already announced they are for it and in the next breath said they will replace ALL cashiers with machines by 2016 so it is already happening. They have the capability to turn a place like Mcdonalds into a giant vending machine with NO employees. In England they have test stores out doing exactly that, NO employees. As soon as this technology becomes more popular there fore less expensive good by to all Mcdonalds, Burger king, Arby’s and every other fast food job in the country. Don’t think it can not happen look at the self checkout lines in the grocery stores that ALREADY exist and are becoming more and more popular. This government is run by a bunch or morons this is nothing but a vote grabbing game they know it is bad for the country but do not care they just think it will get them votes and it will. Too many stupid people think this is a good idea oh gee help the poor, yea help them right out of any job at all let alone a minimum wage one.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Quick fix promises from the union vermin. The unions are a class of parasite who kill their hosts. Then they move on.

    2. Peatro Giorgio says

      No more dollar menu’s now $1.78 . Haven’t been in any fast food joint sense the striking started and neither I or my family shall return. Screw the loser morons . I’ll help contribute to the lost jobs by not paying to dam high of prices for the low quality of product.

  22. nastyolbstrd says

    As if I didn’t already need a reason to stop buying gutburgers and deep fried mashed potatoes. These fools want to be rewarded for being an under-achiever! As if we didn’t learn anything from the EEOC, affirmative action and all the other plastic banana BS. We have an Affirmative Action President. How’s that working for you?

  23. Mike says

    EVERYONE needs to read this.. ….

    A Starting Point Here’s what the left really doesn’t get about the minimum wage thing. It’s not meant to be a person’s living wage for the next thirty years. It’s meant to be the place where you start and nothing more. If you’ve been in the work force for more than a year and are still grinding it out for minimum wage, you’re doing something very wrong. Maybe you had the bad luck to choose a crappy place to work, but 9 times out of 10, you’re making that hourly wage because that’s what you’re worth. Not in an intrinsic way, let me make that clear. You can make $6 an hour and still be a wonderful mother, a loving husband, a charitable wunderkind, and a righteous man of god. You can live a rich life, have a wealth of wisdom, and die happy never having worked your way up the company ladder. Fine. But if your aim is to make a living wage, the easiest way to do that is not to sign petitions and go on strike. It’s to make yourself more valuable to the marketplace. If that means going that extra mile at McDonald’s, that’s what it means. If it means going back to school, so be it. What you make is a measure of how much you’re worth to the market. You can’t increase that amount by demand. The sooner people realize that businesses don’t owe them a new HDTV and the latest iPhone just for clocking in, the sooner we can put this wage-hiking, job-killing, un-American nonsense behind us. – See more at:

  24. says

    The Economy would be assisted greatly by lower Gas and Fuel prices. But then the rich might not get more than their fair share as they go now. The best thing for the USA is to boot the current Administration out of Office, Secure our Borders, send Illegals back home as soon as they are caught and stop gIving money to Central America since it is being pocked by the corrupt and things are getting worse down there.

  25. Servant Emmanuel says

    Why is it that people always think what they do is so important and what others do is not equal.
    I have worked in Burger King as a cook & night porter when I was younger.
    And demeaning it to just flipping burgers is an insult!
    But take your butts back there in the middle of july during lunch time & you’ll have a whole new perspective. Not everyone comes in for a burger fries and soda.
    Many come in for 10 whoppers, 3 no tomatoes, 1 of them no mayo, 6 fish filet’s 3 with cheese, 1 double, 12 whopper jr and crazy orders like that on top of all registers lines full taking similar orders or larger plus all the single order and the elders with their questions & undecided orders on top of mixed up orders, people changing their minds, AND THE KIDS! And this person didn’t come in so your crew is short, so the manager is filling in and just dictating.
    Do that 5 & 6 days a week all summer! You’ll give them $15 an hour plus!
    You talking about your FOOD, sitting behind a desk crunching numbers is not even in the same league.
    Working construction most of my life I knew to grow from a laborer go get this hold that, stack this unload that is something you can program a robot to do. Now Skilled craftsman is a different story all together because it is not many that will go on the pole and touch nothing, or change a transformer as I have no problem doing. But when you are talking about my food, or dealing with the public everyday.
    That is not an easy thing to do even at walmart, grocery stores Best buy.
    Just like all the attitudes I am seeing here they are worse when they come in with their money.
    And anyone that can make this work even for a short time Has my backing & respect.
    Because the owners of these places and cfo’s & ceo’s and all those people are doing work that they could receive a whole lot less for. I talk nice to the waiter or waitress tip well, thank the chief, even if I do not eat it. I will not piss him off to make him do something to someone else.
    We have to consider others in this world because we all need each other.

    1. joe says

      This is doing exactly the opposite of considering others it will eliminate their jobs completely, jobs that by the way are not meant and never were meant to be living wage jobs. There is a need for these kinds of jobs certain people rely on them raising the min wage will ELIMINATE 99% of these jobs it is already happening. They will be replace by automation that already exists plain and simple. Your burger flipping job takes nearly zero skills easily replaced by a simple robot that will work harder longer and cheaper than a human being so what the hell do you think these huge corporations will do by by cashiers by by fry boys and by by burger flippers. Great idea raise the min wage and help them lose their jobs

      1. Servant Emmanuel says

        Joe you missed the whole point.
        you guys can sit there and talk about never meant to be living wages while many are feeding their families out of these very jobs you are talking about.
        So you think you should shut up before they replace you with a robot, then that means that people like you will still go to these places after they did that to your Sisters and Brothers. I will not! Just like do not go now because they use the Monsanto GMO’s products. Or the back gay marriage. If you & I do not share the same values
        You will not get any of my money if I can help it.
        These people work just as hard as you or I and we are all just an invention away from being replaced. That does not mean I am going to continue to go alone with you taking advantage of my Brothers & Sisters just because you have a contingency plan.
        You know the robot replacing people is a threat that I would like to see all the people that will eat that crap. Wendy’s Micky D’s Burger King can all kiss my behind.
        And When kids see that these companies said damn them & replaced them with a machine you’ll see the bottom line drop and after spending all that to renovate to automation something will give. And someone will come up with the idea of the personal touch and MAKE A KILLING, and hire people in their chains at good wages.
        And I will be trying to be that one!!!

        1. joe says

          Wow are you so wrong on every point, the vast majority of these jobs are kids or part time workers using the job as a supplement. We should not pay these people more money because you think it is fair that is insane you want to donate your welfare check to them feel free to do so. Do you actually think anyone gives a crap if that burger comes from a machine, wow talk about out of touch with reality. If they have a choice to pay 5 dollars for a burger from a machine which will taste exactly like the 10 dollar burger given to them by an employee they will take the 5 dollar burger 100% of the time. You WILL still go to these places because you will have no choice, we do not live in la la land here pal we live in reality and the loss of you as one customer means NOTHING to these people. Your statement about not giving your money to people that do not share your values is the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life. The only way you can possible come close to that is to go live in a cave and eat maggots out of a rotten log. No one cares about your values and for you to try to jam them down some ones throat is pretty ignorant of you. These are NOT your brothers and sisters they do not deserve money taken from me and given to them just because they did not bother to better themselves. If they are working there and trying to make a living off of it then it proves they were too lazy to better themselves. You are ignorant when it comes to the real world and how things work, like it or not these companies WILL do what they have to do to reduce the costs and it WILL NOT AFFECT THE BOTTOM LINE in any way except to make it better. Your socialist like ideas do not belong in this country we earn what we want I OWE NO ONE A DAMN THING I work for my money I earn it, a concept that far too many welfare monkeys seem to not get.
          You need to learn a few things if you want to stay in my country first off I don’t owe you crap second I do not give a rats ass about your socialist ideas and third if you don’t like it feel free to get the hell out and go back where ever you came from because your type is a plague on the hard working AMERICAN people. Damn it is astounding how some people have no grasp on reality at all, the same morons that worship the lying traitor obammy in the Whitehouse. All we can hope for is to see that criminal tried for treason and given the usual sentence that comes with it. His criminal actions are NOT going to be tolerated for much longer he is already seeing what will happen. We will not allow a clay brained lying moron like Obammy to destroy America and that is his only goal. He has been a miserable failure he is incompetent he is a lying criminal guilty of not only treason but murder or at the very least an accomplice to murder. It is his stupid ideas that are destroying this country, his insistence that us hard working Americans have our tax dollars stolen and given to the lazy welfare frauds that sit on the couch calling their crack dealers on their obamyphones while we pay for their housing their food their medical and anything else. I say if they can work then force them to work or let them starve to death on the street I am just fine with that. Grind the bodies up make crackers out of them and feed them to homeless dogs.

    2. Arizona Don says

      There is no doubt that is a difficult job. You deserve respect for doing it. Keep in mind however, no one ever said life was a piece of cake or a walk in the park. Many of us struggled getting started however, making a law that says everyone regardless of talent or willingness to do the job correctly must be paid a certain amount will not solve the problem but create bigger and more frequent problems.

      Born and raised on a farm many years ago and doing a mans work at the age of 9 I had to carry my own weight. My first job that paid me money, on another farm, was 25 cents an hour. Yea you heard that right. When I was in high school I got a job outside the farm, I delivered milk for a dairy, (I still had to work on the farm however) and it paid a dollar an hour and I thought I had made it. Because that was great. So I went to school, worked on the farm doing chores and working in the fields and worked on a dairy delivering milk. That amounted to about 16 hours a day.

      Yep, no one ever said life was going to be easy but you do what you have to to reach the goals you set for yourself. If you have no goals you have no purpose. Consequently, if you work hard and are determined you will enjoy life. If not you will be a burden to others and you will not enjoy life. The choice is up to all of us and some it seems never learn the secret to being happy in life but it is because they are unwilling to put forth the effort to find out how! Those are the dependent not the independent!

      1. Servant Emmanuel says

        That sounds real good Don:
        But you started out blessed being born on a farm.
        And trust me that was a blessing. But I was born in Chicago and at that time filled with 3 million people with almost half of them children.
        But I too was blessed because my mom & dad was both raised in the south on farms.
        So I learned those values and started working at 9 myself. Now admittedly I was only cleaning up around the building and moping the hallways and pulling garbage, but no one was giving me anything either. I went from that to junking and scraping which when the janitor that I was doing the cleaning for saw my willingness to work started taking me with him on repair jobs where I started out plastering because there was no drywall then.
        But in my mind I will NOT half pay the farmer for growing my food where he has to resort to short cuts nor will I half pay the preparer either. I guess I just try to be fair to all men!!!

  26. trugrits says

    At $15 an hour for minimum brain or physical activity then you can bet many businesses will go out of business because customers will refuse to pay the higher prices. Almost $10 for a person to eat at fast food joints now will become $15 real quick. I see the portions getting smaller and smaller as well as the amount of customers dwindling. This isn’t just going to affect fast food or service businesses. Those clerks working at the gas station convenience stores will affect gas prices. But we need to be progressive don’t we? You think your dollar is buying less now? You haven’t seen nothing yet.
    I see more and more business going to the internet for sure causing brick and mall businesses to close.

  27. Bob984 says

    Your comments are so off base it is laughable. Most people working at minimum wage jobs are not worried about getting the latest iphone or hdtv as you state. They are worried about having enough money for the rent, food, and putting gas in the car. Also, there are many people who work very hard at their jobs, start at minimum wage, and are still at or barely above that wage years later. You are correct in saying that the employer feels “that’s what they are worth”, because if they quit, they will simply replace them with another minimum-wage worker. We have companies who pay their CEO’s over 20 million dollars who claim they don’t have money to up the minimum wage. I’m not that bad at math. Our “income inequality” gap is the largest of any industrialized nation.
    The “party at the top” is coming to an end. Large companies are going to have their choice….either pay your workers a living wage, or go out of business. If you can’t pay a living wage, you had better retool your business to do so. They already got away with the crime of the century in NAFTA, getting the government’s blessing to ship jobs overseas to increase their bottom line. Have you enjoyed talking on the phone to the customer service agent from India?? Try it….it’s fun. Unions were formed in our country to provide living wages, reasonable hours, improved working conditions, and protections from employee abuse. They weren’t formed on a whim, but to confront problems imposed by employers. It is no different today, except for the fact that employers wish for the union to go away (and are trying to legislate them away) so that they can impose whatever they want again. If the American worker doesn’t stand up to this bullying (which they are finally starting to do), it’s going to happen all over again.

    1. joe says

      Good parrot job they trained you well, now let me state this, you have no idea what you are talking about you can not put all corporations in the same box. Of course since you know nothing about a corporation or how it works you would not know this. Clearly all you do know is what you are told to say by your dumbocrat masters , how sad for you.

  28. WerewolfVm says

    Why should they get $15.00 an hour for unskilled or semiskilled labor abilities. I am a skilled technician and with 40 years experience. I make less than 30.00 an hour being skilled. This is an insult and demoralization of the skilled technicians in the country. I am going to be forced to ask for a raise to offset this imbalance of skilled versus unskilled. Not fair to the skilled. Besides people as not suppose to be able to make a living per say on minimum wage and low skilled labor! These jobs are now coming to fruition because of the lack of skilled better paying jobs in America. People have to settle for these unskilled positions/jobs because there is hardly anything else. But, the skilled must be payed more to maintain a better skilled labor work force. Skilled labor people have years experience, schooling, training that is technical and on the job/ practical experiences that are more valuable than non-skilled with zero to offer!

  29. pupster40 says

    Progressives have been working on destroying the dollar, and the USA in general, since Wilson. They might just have overextended themselves with this latest group of communists. Time will tell if the true conservatives can outweigh the progressive wing of the GOP.
    All of DC has been so self interested they forgot the millions who put them there and really care about this Nation.

  30. dmttbt says

    The market lace will determine the appropriate wage. Every time the government does something it is the kiss of death yet we still have these ignorant people telling the others what do.

  31. Van Hamlin says

    We are talking about money. We have printed too much money. We have a fiat currency, which means it value fluxes with the GDP. Real inflation, not CPI inflation, is further shrinking the power of the dollar. Burger flippers and general construction laborers cannot be productive enough to justify $15.00 PER HOUR. This translates into job reductions etc. We have to get rid of the glut of labor and create more jobs. Burger flippers get good pay in the shale oil fields where labor is at a premium. Flippers move on to better jobs, as well.

  32. Larry Miller says

    When minimum wages are raised to the extent they’re pushing, every single item flippers buy goes up at the same rate,…………………so they are right back where they started.

  33. LastGasp says

    Finally, someone that “gets it.” Well done!

  34. alpambuena says

    the recent big push on raising the minimum wage, was started by democrat political groups, but the real story behind it was to overcome Obama’s failure on the economy. if you transfer Obama’s jobs failures onto the minimum wage hike, showing people out with signs demanding higher wages…then it is no longer Obama’s fault….it is these filthy rich companies that are the real problem. the 6.1 unemployment rate is a false number…in reality you have over 90 million who have dropped out of the work force, you have the lowest job participation rate in history, you have the highest corporate tax rate of any country which sends jobs overseas, you have epa regulations that are causing lost jobs and higher prices, you have over 50% of the population on welfare, you have more people that are paying no taxes or very little taxes…than people who are actually paying taxes, you have no xl pipeline, you have a war on coal production and energy, you have a Mideast crises threatening the oil wells, you have an out of control immigration problem, you have Russia and china devaluing the u.s. trade dollar… have failed cities that have followed the democrat controlled policies for over 60 years, that fail over and over, and still elect more democrats to solve a failing system… have a white house that would rather support failing social policies than correct the failing policies, or eliminate them…and the major reason why people support higher wages is because self responsibility and self worth has gone by the wayside, and replaced with the big government social engineering programs of the democrats.

  35. molly kennedy says

    Most of the jobs it hurts the most are jobs to work at while you are in school, not lifetime employment.

  36. antilib says

    Very well said.

  37. The duck says

    I spent 40 years working and learned the lesson (without signing petitions and carrying signs) blanket raises benefit no one. I worked as civilian for the US Navy and we received a cola every year. I was not able to save a single copper penny out of those colas. I made promotions and bettered myself earning increases in wages along with more responsibility. I received on the job education and went to school after work hours. I began as a helper and retired as a nuclear inspector. That was a big jump but it took several years to accomplish.
    Lesson learned? Blanket raises create higher cost of living for all even those who did not receive a cola. Minimum wage works exactly the same way. Raise the minimum wage and the cost of living rises for all. No gain there. It is a loss to all.

  38. armydadtexas says

    Let the sniveling ENTRY LEVEL slothes price themselves out of a job!

  39. MLM says

    Remember when a kid could have a lemonade stand and he actually got to keep that $5 bucks? Well in todays world that could would be minus $90 for having to pay all the license fees, never mind the wait for inspections and that’s without employees! People best wake the hell up, maybe laws shouldn’t be passed where people on public assistance can’t vote they have zero idea of what it takes to hold a job much less run a business.

  40. ricktenny says

    The Minimum Wage was brought about to allow employers to hire people who knew very little or nothing about the work they were being hired to do. It gave the employer some leeway to teach and bring along a person without much financial risk. After a suitable period you could move the person up or out.
    The problem comes when you have companies who exploit employees by keeping them employed for the absolute minimum they can get away with. These people are treated as tools, not people.
    Before I retired I employed some 65 or so people in the construction field. I never paid minimum wage. The work was too hard and conditions to severe in the south Texas climate. I always paid a fair wage and never denied a good man a requested raise. I also gave bi- yearly wages to keep up with inflation.
    Over the years I have seen son in laws and boyfriends work for companies where the chance of making a decent living wage was next to nothing, regardless of their efforts. I’m afraid employers who would exploit their help is epidemic enough to prompt government action. Please don’t bother jumping me, I already agree that the government is a lousy moderator of anything they touch. I just don’t know how you get a bunch of corporate pinheads to wake up.

  41. daveveselenak says

    That’s the problem with these useful idiots on the left, they don’t realize that this is the limit for them as this communist regime has essentially killed our capitalistic system to the point that there aren’t enough skilled jobs for people with brains, hell they could practically train monkeys to hand out hamburgers and they’s probably do a better job! These communists would like to bring down the wages the professionals and doctors earn so that everbody is equal – COMMUNISM; of course though, the POLITBURO will live as they are now, like kings and queens! REVOLUTION is the SOLUTION!

  42. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service says

    Richard Rizzi, People earning minimum wage do Not need cheaper gas prices, They can not afford to own a car !! If a business is successful like Burger King or Walmart they should pay $15 an hour after a break in period where the employee learns the job and proves they are a good worker !

  43. jbftskj says

    It’s all about Socialism and One-Worlders. The days of big nations being self-sufficient are over. The money flow between nations and corporations is what controls everything, and that won’t change.

  44. Bimu says

    Gov’t has no place in the market place. Besides it has managed to have the great equalizers of subsidized housing, free phones, food stamps, gov’t medical coverage, student loans, mass transit. How personal, Mass Transit. A person is part of the mass. How warm and fuzzy and touchy feely. A principled Constitutional gov’t, from which the country has strayed, has people be responsible for themselves. If they have “problems” with being responsible and providing for themselves, then the family and friends, church (private charity) and community (local) takes care of each other. Not the Feds unless it’s is a natural disaster type situation. The issues are greater than this space but Gov’t will collapse before much longer because the debt will be called and we can’t pay for it without printing more, thus a valueless currency. Just a giant sucking sound, thank you Mr. President and other like minded politicians who have all consuming wisdom, knowledge, but must obviously, absolute power and control over the populace. Go EPA & IRS & NSA!!

  45. Ddenney1 says

    10 dollar Big Mac anyone?

  46. Jerry Hughes says

    An arbitrary increase in pat to employees with no corresponding increase in productivity, is simply welfare, with the public bearing the brunt of the costs.
    When a minimum wage raise is passes, depending on the amounts, the same things always happen, usually in this order.
    1. The employer looks at what the employee actually brings to the table to decide if he can do without that employee..
    2. He will recalculate the costs of automating the job, to see if it is now feasible to automate, at the new cost..
    He will look at the profiitabily picture and decide what he would have to increse his prices to maintain profitability.
    3.If he doesn’t think the numbers work, he will start looking to see what a move of his business will cost
    An increase in th minimum wqage in almost all Union contracts, triggers talks for greater wages for union employees.
    The inrease bunches the peopel making more than that now triggering increase to the wages structire above the minimum wage.
    In increases the costs of:
    Employer paid UE
    .Disability insurance
    Workmans compensattion.
    Seattle will be in dire fiscal straits soon

  47. blacksunshine84 says

    A very rational argument.

    My problem with minimum wage increases is that it is like a cut in pay for me because prices will naturally inflate to match the new minimum wage; And then we’re back to square one!

  48. blacksunshine84 says

    Also, if we dissolved the federal reserve, stopped allowing them to create artificial inflation, a dollar would spend like a dollar instead of .50 cents. That would make minimum wage a living wage again as it was before. And we would all be more comfortable!

  49. jondarmes says

    The government destroyed the work ethos when they invented the minimum wage, just like they destroy jobs with regulation.

    1. WhiteFalcon says

      They also distroy the entire economy with inflation. This country needs to have a long period of disinflation, as Regan called it, to put some value back into our money. Our money is worth about 1% of what it was in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created in the middle of the night by democrats. Two of the things that it was supposed to do was 1) preserve the value of the dollar and 2) to prevent the boom and bust cycles that the economy was going through. It has failed totally at both. It is a money making scheme for a few extremely rich families and that is about it.

  50. Grant Kuhns says

    If the employer knows what she is able and willing to pay and the employee knows what he is able and willing to work for, why do they need a middleman? Has anyone answered that?

  51. whatashameforall says

    If the starting wage is to low for the common folks get a better job go back to school. If you are not able to make it on this wage,then stop going out at night,stop buying $600.00 dollar cell phones,get ones where you pay as you go phones.
    Stop thinking you need brand new cloths every month,wear the ones you have,stop thinking YOU POOR !!
    Start saving some of the money you are throwing away,for every dollar you spend on junk food put a dollar away,every time you buy any kind of beer put the same amount away.
    I live on less than 820 dollars a month,I pay my rent, car insurance, medical bills,and gas for the car. And yes I would like to find a job and go back to work.
    It is harder for me to find a job because you GREEDY PEOPLE want higher wages for DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO EARN IT. $9.25 is a good starting wage and if you want more you have to work harder and earn it. As I was saying I want to go back to work and would like a $10.00 starting wage would be fine,but I have a problem if I make more than $1,000.00 dollars a month I will loose my medical Insurance. So you see you lazy ass worker will gain nothing by getting paid more for doing nothing but hurting the economy and the people who really want to work.
    You assholes are just like the Government,it is all about the selfish you and NOBODY ELSE !!

  52. Maranda F Lovejoy says

    I can’t believe there are some in Seattle that actually understand the problem with raising the minimum wage. After living in the area for almost a year, and seeing the type of people there I am truly surprised. Not that all are unsavory, but it is definitely a different world there.

  53. woodman58777 says
  54. woodman58777 says
  55. woodman58777 says
  56. Hargraves Ian says

    No one seems to understand that in most businesses there are 4 levels of employee, The No skills , The Semi-skills, The Skilled workers and management. Each is marked by a pay differential. I.e. the semi-skilled worker may earn $2 an hour than the minimum wage No skill employee. The Skilled worker earns maybe $ 3 an hour more than the Semi skilled worker and so on. When you move the minimum wage worker up by $3 an hour all the other levels will need to be moved up to retain the differential. Who looses , the owner has to increase prices, maybe lose customers, lays off employees so then the No skill worker goes first and is thus out of a job completely! Does not make sense to me!

  57. dwalk says


    all raising the min wage will do is cause merchants to raise their prices, OR, cut back in their hiring.

    what richard rizzi said below is 100% correct!

    my wife and i live rurally, on a low, fixed income, and have for many years. it’s staggering at what our gasoline costs are just “To town and back”.

    go back to $1.00 a gallon gasoline/diesel and the economy will take off like a rocket! this economy, whether or BO likes it, or not, IS DIESEL dependant!

  58. Smee says

    Higher minimum wage = higher cost to consumer.

  59. Ralph Monzo says

    A few years ago, before the Bush/Obama rape and pillage of the American economy, I had my own business and was living the American Dream. Now my business is defunct and I’m working for $9.75/hour, feeding two children here in NJ, which is the high rent capitol of the Universe due to being the high property tax capitol of the Universe due to being an entrenched Nanny State,which is due to too many goddamned Democrats following their god, Karl Marx. I’ve given up even thinking what it would take to fix all that crap, SO, YEAH, gimme $15/hour, if you’re taking away my foodstamps. Government caused the problem, LET THE BASTARDS FIX IT!! Do I sound angry? I AM!!! And so are MILLIONS of others.

    1. joe says

      Ralph it is not the government paying for this it is the taxpayer as usual. Raising the min wage will cost jobs which will put more people on government assistance. It will raise the price across the board of consumer goods hurting the taxpayer even more. This is a stupid idea and only a publicity stunt for the monkey in the whitehouse.

      1. Ralph Monzo says

        I hear, Joe, and I agree, BUT, explain that to my kids at supper time. Ya know?

        1. joe says

          Ralph I understand and certainly feel for you however how hard will it be to feed your kids when you have no job at all because that is where this will go. In the long run the corporate bottom line for these huge companies is ALL that matters and they are going to do what ever it takes to keep as much of the profits as they can. Panera bread has already announced it will eliminate ALL cashiers by 2016 and replace them with automation, Panera also publicly stated they are all for the min wage increase, sure they are because it wont affect them and they look all warm and fuzzy to the public. If Panera can do it so will Mcdonalds, burger king Arby’s taco bell ect. The grocery stores and big box stores are already replacing cashiers with machines the banks are going away from tellers. All this will do is accelerate the loss of jobs across the board helping no one in the long run. Not only does it affect you in that way it also INCREASES the cost of all goods and services you pay for now which in effect reduces your income level. This is a horrible idea and it will backfire and end up hurting the people they claim it will help. Are you willing to give up your job so your co worker can make a few dollars more because that is going to happen.

  60. Robert H. Pike says

    So you think “if your aim is to make a living wage, the easiest way to do that is not to sign petitions and go on strike. It’s to make yourself more valuable to the marketplace”.

    Don’t you think that’s kind of arrogant and righteous? Read some of the comments below mine. Business owners. Seriously talented, hard working people stuck in dirt-cheap min-wage jobs.

    Shame on you for saying “buck up”.

    But there’s reasons they’re stuck in this min-wage cellar; and a lot of it has to do with our lame education system.

    What needs to be raised, along with the minimum wage, is educational standards. Too many parents don’t stay in touch with their kids’ teachers…and then blame the teacher for their kids bad grades. Instead of challenging their kids to do better, they move them in to a private or “charter” school where they’re coddled and taught to pass tests that make them seem smart….
    ….but not real-world smart.

    If you want to go past the min-wage, you need two things;
    1. A higher minimum wage enforced by the government.
    2. A higher, tougher standard of education, with kids repeating grades if they can’t cut more “drop-outs”.

    If we don’t toughen up, China, Japan, European nations and Russia will become the new world leaders…and we’ll fall in to the religious pit-hole where the middle east is now.

    1. joe says

      Rewarding people for doing less?? great idea lets just raise the min wage to $300 bucks an hour then we will all be happy. What we need to do is eliminate the minimum wage , the government should stay the hell out of our business. We do not need their interference at every level, they do nothing but make it harder and harder to employ people. Then they wonder why companies flock overseas and we lose jobs by the thousands. Common sense tells us that if we want qualified people we must either train them or offer a good working environment to get them. I do not need the government to force me to pay someone more than they are worth it will simply stop me from hiring NON skilled labor and training them ,something I have been doing for nearly 30 years. The people I hire if they stay on and finish the training make far more than min wage and have a skill that can be taken anywhere. So yes by all means raise the min wage and kill the training programs that many of us offer this is just a super idea. It is a matter of sustainability something the government clearly has no clue about, I can not hire a person in at an insane wage and just absorb all the training cost the loss of income that comes with that training and keep that going for very long why the hell would I. So increase the minimum wage and lose a huge portion of the in house training that is taking place across this country simply a great idea.

      1. Robert H. Pike says

        Joe; you sound, perhaps, like a shrewd business man; if you have two employees, and you offer one of them more money for the same work, and he doesn’t do that work, what do you do?
        Exactly. You fire them and get someone else who will work harder.
        All (wise) businessmen know this; and they know their limits. If you want quality work, you offer quality wages. Quality wages produces better goods and services, which means more profit for the CEO, more for the other leaders, as well as more for the workers. That way you get the economy moving as well. Go to any BBB site; they’ll tell you the same.
        No one is suggesting an insane wage. Right now offering anything below $10 is insane. No one is saying to keep these people here for life, either; wiser businessmen like yourself know you offer a ladder.
        ….oh…just clicked on your link and noticed all the rude profanities you throw out there, you couldn’t possibly own a business – or even be wise.

        1. joe says

          Bobby what you think I do not care not even a little bit. I have owned this company for close to 30 years I do not need some fresh from school boy telling me what is what when you have not been in the workforce long enough to learn anything. A government enforced wage of ANY kind is wrong in a free market economy you will learn in time things they did not teach you in school. You know NOTHING about running a company so how about you try to keep your nonsense out of this conversation. You are simply clueless as to how to handle anything, the numbers they teach you in school do not reflect reality. Bean counters are worthless in the real world seen them come seen them go, not until you have had time to learn this will you understand.

          1. Robert H. Pike says

            Awww. cute; I haven’t been called Bobby since I was a little fella, 60 years ago; very endearing! However, it was a snarky put down due to my inexperience; but if you’re a business pro you would have done a little research and found out that I’m a retired teacher with a Masters degree in Science and Education, Joey. So, congrats on (not) checking my profile – very astute business acumen; obviously your profile is hidden for good reasons.

          2. joe says

            Those that can do, do those that can not, teach need I say more. Bobby I am far more experienced in every aspect of life than you will ever be. You see little man I have been out in the real world not hiding behind a desk spewing liberal lies. As for checking your profile that would infer that I gave a rats behind and if you have not figured that out yet let me spell it out , you are insignificant to me. Your opinion is meaningless to me your experience in the real world is zero you have nothing of any value to offer that I would be interested in. I sure hope this clears things up , one last thing son if you think my posts are rude feel free not to read them however you may keep your snide remarks to yourself since they are wasted on me. Perhaps it is time for your afternoon nap you seem to be getting aggravated. As for my profile I do not feel the need to try and attract attention from everyone in here by sharing my personal information I am a bit smarter than that sparky. You feel free to showcase yours however I am sure a few people will be impressed.

          3. Robert H. Pike says

            For someone “insignificant” that “you can give a rats behind” to, you sure do troll a lot of these comments and spend a lot of time responding to mine. Got ya, huh? God bless and good luck, troll with lots of rats behinds…

          4. joe says

            Wow that was very hurtful I do not think you are a very nice person, god is not going to bless you that is for sure I think you will be spending all your time with that guy that carries a pitchfork and lives in the very hot environment don’t worry though it is a dry hear I hear told. Now next time you come here and post something please take the time to learn something about it first that way you wont look so bad and I will not have to school you again. Now go put your teeth in the jelly jar next to your bed and take a nap you will feel better trust me , you seniors need your rest your body is old and giving up. It is the brain that goes first so please keep that in mind before you speak, ask yourself ” hey do I have any idea what I am talking about? do I have any idea where I am even at? what day is it anyway, oooh look something shiny”

  61. icemancold says

    WELL: This is true ! However it is not the way it works in the LAND OF THE GIVE ME PRESIDENT OBAMA. He has taught the lesser educated welfare group they are OWED by every one. They have come to expect the freebies,the food stamps the gubbmint checks for having kids the more they have the more they collect. THAT IS THE OBAMA WAY.!!

  62. jim_wright says

    Trying to explain basic economics to liberals is almost impossible. If it’s not socialist or Marxist they can’t grasp it.

  63. coconuisse says

    The far-leftist government will need a LOT of tax revenue to fund its collection of “entitlement” programs. What better way to do that than to increase the income of the lowest level of society so that they can pay THEIR “fair share” like the rest of the suckers that support the “progressive agenda”? Of course, liberals have a known recessive gene which makes them incapable of doing math problems and that is why the federal debt is so high AND why the increases in prices for the goods and services provided by the employers of these lower level employees will drive the customers of these goods and services closer to bankruptcy than heretofore. But in the few years between now and the economic collapse of the country, the “progressives” will have more power than they ever dreamed of, so, for them, the ends justify the means and too bad about your poverty, do you want to sign up for your dole now?

    1. joe says

      They wont pay a dime, they will still be below the income level where they will get virtually every nickle that is taken out on payroll taxes returned at the end of the year. Add in the child credit and most of them will get back more than they put in. This is a publicity stunt to make the monkey look good , he thinks it will make people think he is for the small guy which is a total lie. This joke of an idea will do one thing cost thousands of people their jobs period, it will help NO ONE.

      1. coconuisse says

        It may be that you are right. Increasing the line of income under which “poverty” is defined would keep these minimum wage workers under the thumb of the government. The leftists would no doubt believe that the “lost” income” from the taxes on these newly flush $15 per hour workers could simply be made up by increasing the “fair share” that the rich MUST pay. Businesses would either bow down to their government masters or decrease their “overhead” (i.e. employees). Everybody else (except for the leftist elite) would find their budgets for essentials decreased measurably, and why would a “progressive” care about that?

        1. joe says

          They would not care of course because they feel they should not be subject to the rules and regulations they try to jam down everyone else’s necks. This is typical left wing insanity that starts right up in the whitehouse where obammy and his family are not subject to the lie of obammycare. Where his apelike wife feels she can tell everyone else what to feed their children yet her rats eat like kings and her ass expands by the day. Where obammy says we all need to tighten our belts while he spends tens of millons of taxpayer dollars to vacation around the world and go golfing as the country collapses around him. What is good for the people is beneath obammy and his family. He is a lying traitor and this is just another one of his dog and pony shows he puts on for the stupid people in this country that believe him, which thankfully are fewer and fewer by the day.

  64. yaki534 says

    Certainly! One must work their way “up” the corporate or company ladder. I have don this twice in my life. First you gae a job and perform it well and strive to do better. Then , after you prove your wirth to the management, yu will be brought up to the next step and so on. I don’t care if you have a foot thick pile of papers from any university. You have to start at the bottom.

  65. Conrad Gabbard says

    If you don’t make at least as much for your employer as you expect to get paid, you really need to re-think your graspp on reality. Economics 101 speaks of the “break even” employee this is the last person the business can afford to hire, for he/she’s not making the company any money and hiring anyone else would be a guaranteed loss for the business.

  66. Phyllis says

    I have seen the minimum wage raised several times in my life. It doesn’t work because a person already making 15 dollars an hour will want a raise also and so on up the line. If you have worked get raises and have achieved more per hour you won’t want to find yourself working for or close to the minimum amount.
    Add to that the price of living always increases too. It’s a loose loose loose situation, check your history.

  67. stendell says

    Let’s be realistic, the minimum wage is for the “beginners” in the work force. How else are “kids” to get any experience…..leave the minimum wage alone, it is already high enough!! If you want communism, go to Russia, if you want a work force that is WILLING to work and wants more money after experience in their employment, take responsibility and live here in the US—-quit crying for MORE, MORE of something for nothing!!

  68. Yadja says

    Minimum Wage jobs were never meant to be a career. Everyone knows that. I believe this push is so that all those millions upon millions of illegals who are coming here and will be given amnesty can make a living for their families.

  69. infadelicious says

    yes, of course, let’s raise minimum wage because then we’ll all be livin’ large because prices won’t go up right? DUH! You want to earn more? You want wage equality??? Try grabbing some education that you pay for yourself while working at a fast food place or cleaning toilets like the rest of us did. Try self sufficiency for a change instead of being a freeloading parasite sponging off the rest of us. You think those that sacrificed to start a business are greedy merely because you want more money but certainly don’t want to give them any more effort for that money? Why don’t you start a business and pay your low skilled employees $20.00 an hour. You wouldn’t last long. It’s not a career . You think you’re not being paid enough to flip a hamburger, tell that to the brave men and women risking life and limb so your sorry butt can whine about minimum wage. Shut up! Use your brain. You want more $$$$ EARN IT!!!!

    1. SoundMind says

      Oh, right on. Your verbiage is as Direct as you can get without being x-rated.

      1. infadelicious says

        As infuriating as it is to see people buy the liberal bs that they are entitled to stuff without working for it, I try my best not to be x-rated. There are enough words out there to get one’s point across without being vulgar although from time to time with certain extremely obtuse cretins, you have to toss an expletive or two for good measure. 😉

        1. SoundMind says

          Indeed, I appreciate the passion you display so well. Sometimes when I see red I get into a state where I my own vocabulary is stymied and can only borrow others’ words, as you know 😉

          1. infadelicious says


  70. Norman Trzaskowski says

    Well said.

  71. James Grey says

    What they really need is a High School Education then a BA. These DROP OUTS were to smart
    to finish school. Wonder how many children they have and NOT married and NO man living with them to help support they child? They need to grow up!
    They will NEVER get an increase in pay, being stupid, and NO way to $15.00 an hour..

  72. Edwin Knight says

    Big business, unions, and the progressive agenda need to be put in their place. Increasing the minimum wage will do nothing but raise inflation, cause loss of jobs, and harm those that are already making more than the proposed minimum wage. This will in turn cause an even bigger income gap. These people want something for nothing, life does not work that way. And the damn progreesives in OUR government are using this to buy votes, not help OUR country !

    1. Kent2012 says

      Big business has been put in its place over and over again Edwin…while your comment is on the mark we cannot overlook the fact that Big Government has had it’s pinocchio in every business’s back pocket and in their face for decades…Look at the auto industry, government hamstrings them with legislation, both as it relates to their product – for safety of course – but how they deal with their employees…then the unions hold them at the mercy of the market…”Oh you do not want to raise our retirement to 90% of what we made when we were building cars and free health care, ok we will show you..the new models are just about to begin !!! we are going on strike”

  73. Marilyn Stern says

    Raising the minimum wage is no more than redistributing money from one low income group to another. Some will get more pay and some will lose their jobs so that employers can pay the higher salaries. Many more might lose their jobs because paying a higher rate will allow employers to hire better qualified people. Raising the minimum wage is not the win, win this administration is leading people to believe.

  74. Seldena says

    Higher wages would close many businesses in this economy. The GOP has a jobs bill (reid will not bring to the floor) that gives a small business a tax break that can free the business to hire nore employees. this would work very well for those out of work. Get the business making a profit then you can eran a wage increase.

  75. Glenn Kulich says

    15 dollars an hour………..when everything catches up to that in 5 years then they will want 25 dollars an hour……the cat never catches the mouse.

  76. Ddenney1 says

    How does unemployment and higher cost help ANYBODY??? I read an article the other day that nailed for me!(since I have been whine on about this for 40 years!!! ) It’s NOT minimum wage to no value dollars!! Lose of the Sliver/Gold back currencies made the paper worthless! Unfortunately the INFLATION rates do not consider things like utilities and food!! You know the things we MUST have to live!! Check what is being used to set inflation rates!!! Then take your family out to eat! Or the grocery store and THEN tell me the middle class has had tax CUTS!!!!!!!

  77. krell51 says

    From each according to his ability to each according to his need. Welcome to communism, you can’t fix stupid!

  78. Doreen Mahoney says

    No one wants to address the issues with lack of modest affordable housing, everything being built lately is over-sized, luxury accommodations with the latest amenities and then a few are subsidized. Whatever happened to building four room bungalows with a single full bath? Instead of subsidizing rents, waiving property taxes for landowners, companies should be rewarded for building small structurally sound but minimally sized housing.

  79. rosemarienoa says

    Agreed !!!

  80. Christine Cuneo says

    Get rid of the migrent workers and you would have a more livable wage.

  81. 4bills4 says

    Get two Jobs, go to school work harder, learn how to do your job fast and better than the next person,
    Yes that means you actually have to WORK not just punch the clock.

  82. Ralph Monzo says

    More government = less prosperity for the people, both rich and poor. If the Fed wasn’t manufacturing inflation, we’d ALL be better off. See what a dollar buys today? Inflation is the “invisible tax”, and it drives down the value of the work YOU do, and of the things you buy. Including gas and oil…

  83. Roger says





  84. jetmagnet says

    Why would some bastards want people to have less money? It the damn GOP that wants the wealthy to be richer and everyone else to be paupers. The party of stupid strikes again. This is a consumer driven economy not a plutocratic economy. People who have more money spend it. Wealthy people hoard it.
    Some jackass wrote this article, maybe he should be paid minimum wage? Ya think?

  85. hookemowls says

    Richard, I’ve been saying the same thing about oil and gas. If we’d become energy independent, which we could do, all of the citizens would benefit. Lower oil & gas prices would mean cause all goods to decrease in price allowing the citizenry to retain more of their money. In turn, more money means more family spending thus spurring the economy. Again, it’s common sense that the liberals DO NOT possess!

    Amazingly, proponents of the minimum wage hike seem to believe that they’ll have more money in their pocket. What they don’t seem to get is that businesses will raise prices to the consumer to retain their profits. And no, “profit” is not a bad word!

    Dumb ’em down so they’ll keep drinking the kool-aid.

  86. RONALD HATT says

    “Give the “poor, & uneducated”, a “break”, & raise the min,. wage………..
    Sink the “Seniors”, & all hell is going to break loose with inflation! Where’s the “fairness”, here?

  87. Okwaho1 says

    Can you even imagine what kind of effect that will have on prices every where? What it will cause is MASSIVE INFLATION , prices will skyrocket and those getting the raises will still not be able to affort things they want. Worse yet it will kill seniors living on social security and others on fixed incomes as they will no longer be able to afford the necessities of life! What ever happened to the power of REASON, can’t people think anymore?? I can’t believe the extent of DAMAGE Obama and his administration has done to our country in a mere 6 years. It’s astronomical and still most american have yet to wake up to whats happening.

  88. David Hips says

    I will never hire people again… I will not comply with all the regulations the government has imposed. It is insane. I will either do it alone or it will not get done… Taxes are killing this country…. and people think we are outsourcing jobs just to make a profit. We are outsourcing to keep competitive with the world economies and to avoid all the crap this government is giving us. I am amazed when I find anyone still in business making anything… I have traveled the world and other business owners are amazed at how stupid our country is.

  89. Debbie Pineau says

    I agree, lower oil and gas prices.

  90. edward says

    Only lazy welfare workers demand more than minimum wage. Only people who depend on Uncle Sugar Odama are so damn l;azy they can’t defecate without Odama’s hand……………………….they are too stupid to realize is all the bosses have to do is (1) fire more people (2) close up shop or (3) move outside the area the ordinance covers…………………

  91. Timothy M O'Reilly says

    Have read most of 50 of the posts in this discussion … would like to thank Carol Pullen, although I disagree with many of her comments she stayed in the discussion and helped to bring a lot of information together. Also RMCSRET and Gadget1132 and others who contributed extensively and all for keeping the discussion mostly on the subject and especially for the thoughtful and nearly cordial responses.

  92. adrianvance says

    The free market solves all problems and a regulated market never does. See East Germany and North Korea as examples of the latter idea.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen.

  93. jbombznabombz says

    if the cost of living weren’t skyrocketing then we wouldn’t need a higher thing that PISSES me off in this article one line states”minimum wage is not suppose to be a living wage and a person after a year or so should be in a position to make better money in a better position”not worded exactly to the t but close enough.what is the population of this country and how many of that are of working age?ok now how many great paying jobs are there?a little common sense but how is one to work keep a roof over their head and family pay their bills feed their family and still try to get a good education so they can move up in the world.the minimum wage should take into consideration the size and what kind of profits a company makes.Now I know a small mom and pop business is going to have a very hard time with wage like 15 an hour but you have other BIG companies take for example Walmart,a company that PROFITS by the millions if not billions that could definately afford to pay their employees a decent living wage so these employees wouldn’t have to rely on the state to know Walmarts model “we make tons of cash but we will not pay you a wage that would allow you to support your family so go get welfare and food stamps.

    1. Francisco Machado says

      Large companies like WalMart make their millions through volume and achieve volume through very small profit margins. The same problem would confront them that confronts a small business, only on a different scale. Raising the wages of entry level employees by a dollar an hour when you have a million entry level employees is a million dollars an hour. The mandate encourages the reduction in “helpful” customer assist employees and the increase in automation. It lowers the number of entry level positions available – saws off the bottom rung of the ladder, which most affects people whose education has not prepared them to enter the employment market and depend on on-the-job learning to advance their employment status.

  94. adrianvance says

    This has never worked anywhere. How long does it take them to get it.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for brevity.

  95. Danny White says

    Limit CEO’S wages to 50 times that of their lowest paid employee.
    If I make $10 an hour CEO makes $500 an hour.
    If CEO raises me to $20 an hour, CEO makes $1,000.00 an hour.
    The way it is right now, I make $8.00 an hour and the average CEO in America is making $5,000.00 an hour. That’s $10.5 million a year. To my $19,000.00 a year. Which by the way $19,000.00 a year is considered poverty level.
    If we limit CEO’S SALARIES to 50 times that of their lowest paid employee? It will lower prices and increase wages for the working poor.
    The rich are a bunch of stingy bastards that just want more, more, more…

  96. disqus_7KiKMOOd1L says

    We don’t need a minimum wage period! Let market forces determine wages based on the supply and demand for labor in a particular market. When a market is booming and labor in general, or skilled labor, is in demand for expansion, construction and for providing goods and services that are in greater demand, employers will pay higher wages for the labor they need to meet market demand; each employer wants to hire the best employees so individual wages will be bid up to higher levels. But a minimum wage can set a false “starting point” when times are good for employers because they can use it for that. The result could be a generally lower wage level than what could result from a free market reflecting supply and demand for labor. Similarly, during down times, labor is in much less demand for employers so they will hire fewer workers and offer lower wages. Market forces and the supply/demand for labor would determine those wages, but if a minimum wage mandates that the employers pay higher wages than what the market warrants, or higher than the value provided by the workers, the employer will hire far fewer workers. Labor is a commodity to employers; the higher the cost, the less they try to “buy”. Like consumers – the higher the cost of gasoline, the more we conserve and the less we buy. During the Great Depression, both Hoover and FDR tried to keep wages artificially high – relative to the market – so people had more money – theoretically. FDR passed the Minimum Wage Act to help achieve this. So it was no coincidence that in the 1930s, unemployment shot up and remained high throughout the entire decade – in the words of Roosevelt’s own Secretary of Treasury Morgenthau, testifying before Congress in 1939. Many New Deal policies led to the prolonged Great Depression, but artificially inflated and mandated wage support systems played a key role.

  97. MichaelZZ says

    A “minimum wage” is not now nor has ever meant to be a “living wage”.
    It is an “entry-level” wage to enable one to enter the workforce.
    ANY minimum wage is a cancer to many who are attempting to join the workforce.

    The higher an entry-level wage requirement, the more will be frozen from entrance into the workforce.

    Any politician advocating for a minimum wage is a “politician”, i.e., not a leader.
    Politicians lie….., leaders lead.

    CONCEPT: If one running for an office looks, sounds, or smells like a politician, turn your back on him or her until he or she learns to be truthful. Most politicians have embedded within their DNA the need to lie.


  98. gonzales27 says

    I have a great idea lower my taxes, Fed, State and all the others across the board,gives me almost 50% increase in spending power. Every time I turn around there is a new tax. Feds collect it and send billions to third world countries that hate us

  99. IMSweetOlBob says

    The gal handing out bags and taking your money at the drive up window thinks she should get $15 per hour, and is stupid enough to think that no increase in productivity is due to pay for that raise. Robots can deliver bags, take money and make change. (they do it now at some parking decks) Robots come high but will work 24 hours a day without a break. Robots don’t talk back or have sick days. Robots don’t have sick kids to take care of. The cost of Robots is soon written off against the wage of $15 per hour. Robots can even say “Thank you and have a nice day.”
    Where are you gonna work next, gal ?

  100. alaskat says

    Lower taxes, less government!

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