Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hypocrites


Every time a Republican politician finds himself embroiled in some kind of sex scandal, the left launches in with all the righteous fury they can muster. Well, it’s only fair that we turn it around when the shoe is on the other foot, no? Because while hypocrisy runs amok on both sides of the political spectrum, I think it’s almost inherent in the liberal philosophy. How can any of these Hollywood types justify making millions of dollars a year while claiming to be a liberal? It defies imagination. How can you participate in a capitalistic society at all if you believe it’s the root of all American evil? Seems to me, if you want democratic socialism so badly, there are places you can go. Bye!

The latest liberal hypocrites can be found in Seattle. The Freedom Socialist Party is a group that has been campaigning relentlessly for Seattle to raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour. As it happens, they aren’t even willing to pay that amount themselves. They’re looking for a web designer, and they’re willing to pay $13 an hour to get one. The group placed an ad on offering less than the amount they want Seattle to make mandatory. Using their own words, they are offering an unlivable wage.

Oh, taste that delicious irony. But this is just one example of many when it comes to liberals finding a distinct difference between what’s good for you and what’s good for them. Granted, it’s a problem across the political spectrum. When we find out a conservative politician is out there preaching traditional family values while simultaneously arranging gay rendezvous in between stump speeches, it’s no less annoying.

But these are both individual examples that prove nothing about the larger whole. And it’s my belief that liberalism is almost entirely hypocritical at its core, making the Freedom Socialist Party’s $13 an hour job listing just another day in the life. Consider the left’s failure to condemn ISIS the way they condemned Israel. Consider how they scream for racial and gender equality, ignoring the fact that there are more white people below the poverty line than blacks and Hispanics combined. At every turn, you can peel back their philosophy and expose it for the lie that it is.

The fight for a higher minimum wage, seen in Seattle and elsewhere around the country, is a sign that liberals really don’t “get” America. They don’t understand free market capitalism – or they do, but they go to great lengths to mask the fact that they want it abolished. Now, a group with a name like the Freedom Socialist Party isn’t masking much, except their own willingness to ignore their beliefs when convenient.

It’s time to stop giving these liberals the benefit of the doubt. They’re not dumb, they’re not naive. Some of the voters are, sure, but not the people at the top. No, these people have very detailed plans for the future of this country, and those plans involve turning America into something that resembles Norway or Sweden. Hey, those are fine countries, but if you believe in the power of individualism and American exceptionalism, they aren’t exactly the best templates to follow.