Secret Government: Trade Deals and Transparency


It has been a sight to behold. President Obama and top Republicans standing arm in arm while liberal Democrats throw tomatoes from the cheap seats. At issue is the president’s trade agenda, and even the most astute political observers seem at a loss to explain what it consists of and what it might mean to the American labor force. Liberals despise it, yes, but many conservative sites have come out against it with nearly as much fervor. Drudge and Breitbart, in particular, have hammered the anti-TPP gong with every bit as much energy as Elizabeth Warren. What’s going on here?

If you ask Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, it’s much ado about nothing. “Look, first of all, don’t believe everything you read on the internet,” Ryan said Thursday on Fox and Friends. “Second of all, this is why we need to pass Trade Promotion Authority. What we have in Trade Promotion Authority is a prevention of any immigration changes, of any climate change legislation going into a trade agreement. So by passing Trade Promotion Authority, we’re putting Congress in the driver’s seat which is transparency.”

Critics don’t believe that’s quite the case. While Ryan insists that the vote currently on the floor is merely one of process, critics on both sides of the aisle say that it is a vote to give Obama more power, not less. What is certain is that there is more substance here than mere procedure. Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas is one of many lawmakers who have confirmed the existence of a secret room on Capitol Hill where a select few have been given permission to peruse some 800 pages of the TPP. The question then becomes…why all the secrecy?

“The reason we can’t see it yet is because it hasn’t been negotiated yet,” insists Ryan. “It doesn’t exist yet.”

Americans aren’t buying it. Polls show that the majority of Americans from either side of the political spectrum oppose the deal. Some of these polls even show greater support among Democrats than Republicans, which is a strange thing considering the traditional conservative line on free trade. Even considering the wealth of white, blue-collar conservatives who want to avoid competing with cheap foreign labor, the opposition seems extreme.

But it isn’t hard to figure out why. Part of the reason why Republicans dominated the midterms was because voters wanted a set of lawmakers who would actually stand up to the president. What they got instead were empty promises and Republicans all-too-willing to cave when the kitchen got hot. To these voters, Republicans supporting the TPP are breaking their word.

Because the process is shrouded in secrecy, there’s no way to tell who’s right. Politicians are seemingly willing to vote for a piece of legislation without knowing what’s inside. And regardless of whether the TPP is the best thing that ever happened to America or the worst, we deserve better than an opaque, secretive process.

Can there be political scenarios where everyone is wrong? If so, this might be one of them.

  1. Bobtrhn says

    The hell with obummer. This is not what the we want and that’s not what our soldiers are fighting for.

    1. Croco Dile says

      It is nothing wrong with defending your country from evil intruders, but the soldiers who go to war, whether they go to Iraq or any other place, are NOT fighting for their country, but for a Global society where they themselves will be slaves, therefore creating their own horrific future, by participating in the wars of the Globalists. The soldiers who go to war are unknowingly the Soldiers of the Globalists. Clinton, Bush, Obama and the other puppets couldn’t care less if you live or if you die. As a matter of fact, they prefer that you die – a dead soldier is a good soldier and one less worthless mouth to feed (‘useless eaters’, as Henry Kissinger once called us all). By refusing to support our own misery, we have to refuse military service as long as the Globalists still pull the strings. And when they are not pulling the strings anymore, eventually we need no soldiers anyway.

      This is for those who keep saying that if you love freedom, you should thank a veteran :

      1. Ferd321 says

        Crazy post. Defending the U.S. From modern Nazis has nothing to do with the phony free trade bill. I believe the above posters are on the wrong site, or smoking something funny—-

      2. Neverpccorrect says

        Obama and his bosses.

  2. Warpaint says

    If American citizens can not read it it is bad for us, always has been and always shall be. The info that has leaked is NOT pretty about the TPP, WAY more H1B’s, free reign on immigration and far more.
    If it was a Great bill for US citizens why on earth would they hide details?????

    1. icetrout says

      time for heads to roll….

      1. Warpaint says

        He would have been a kid I would have beat the living hell out of in school, stuffed in his locker and left. Little gay mullato bitch…

      2. dude says

        yea and lets hope his is the first head and Hillary is the second to roll

      3. unique says

        Obama looks like he is on drugs in this picture.

      4. sturgis says

        Or hung!

  3. dwddoc says

    Let’s just call this what it is, a sellout of the American worker and a serious weakening of the American Economy. Obozo and every program he’s presented has had similar goals and He is the absolute worst thing to happen to this country since WWII and all his supporters will probably not live to witness all the damage this cockroach has done and is doing.

  4. icetrout says

    time for a new government “by the people,for the people…” Phuck the fedcoats…

  5. Sylvester Jones says

    It gives him open borders.

    1. unique says

      Open boarders is exactly what the United Nations
      and the New World Order wants.

  6. Warpaint says

    Let ISIS NUKE the district of corruption, we would just kill a bunch of ass clowns and do nothing politicians. Make sure that barry and his minions are in DC First!

    1. jwmiller says

      Now, why would ISIS nuke the very people who have made their path of destruction easier?

      1. Warpaint says

        LOL! True so very true!

      2. southern patriot says

        The question should be “why would ISIS destroy their own creators”?

  7. jwmiller says

    Ryan says don’t believe what you see on the Internet. Well, since he & the rest of his cronies have seen to it that TPP perpetrated behind closed doors where the hell else would we see this Monster? Nevermind, most of these so-called Congress people haven’t read it or know the only parts they’re invested with.Mr. Ryan & his comrades can take a flying leap.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Don’t you know? They have to pass it before they can see what’s in it!

      1. G.Mann says

        “You have to pass it to see what’s in it” … That only works with stool samples, not legal legislation passed by Congress.
        Any questions?

        1. sturgis says

          That’s how it’s suppose to work. But, pass it to see what’s in it,,,,, that’s how these traitors passed the affordable care act! The republicans are just as bad as the democrats. boehner wanted to pass tpp! (no capitals on purpose)

          1. BH says

            Well, I guess the Democrat Congress did the correct thing in passing Obamacare before they examined, since it is such a load of manure.

          2. sturgis says

            You have to include the republicans also. I don’t trust nor am I affiliated with either party. And don’t forget, boehner wanted to pass this tpp trade deal. Both warren and pelosi (democrats) are against this, Go figure.

          3. Mark Lahti says

            I’m sorry but I can’t buy into any of the crap I”m seeing here by anyone. This TPP thing is not even on the floor. It is not anywhere but in committee. Paul Ryan is on the committee and it’s his word that makes the most sense to me. Stop all this BS speculation about something that hasn’t even been fully put together in committee yet. Then it has to go to the floor for examination and voting. It is at that time that the details will come out about what it is all about. I’m totally embarrassed by our representatives in congress for all the commotion that making about this thing that know absolutely nothing about.

          4. southern patriot says

            It’s not about what’s been put together, or has’nt been introduced on the floor of the Congress. It’s about abdicating Congressional authority to Obama. Now unless you fully trust Obama, to negotiate a trade treaty that benifits you and I, I have some beachfront property in Arizona you might be interested in purchacing.

          5. Dazzeetrader1980 says

            So what were they voting on today?

          6. John McGowan says

            My question would be, how long are they going to be given to look at this TPP. And will they even look at it. Shades of Obamacare.

    2. John Ellard says

      Ryan can go FU#K HIS SELF.

  8. tomw says

    Secret government ,shadow government , secret societies, and just the word secrecy tells it all. We had a president that called that very word repugnant. He was the last one to warn us .

    1. Warpaint says

      Are you talking Eisenhower or JFK? Both warned us….

      1. tomw says

        JFK was the last one. Many before him had warned us , including George Washington.

        1. Warpaint says

          And they dusted him for it… The last real Democrat we have had as president, not the communist/socialist ex-hippys that are running the show now.

  9. Warpaint says

    Call your represenitives and let them know, I have been a thorn in the side of mine who is a liberal wiggler but on this bill I agree with him, he has changed his tone on the TPP because of calls from his constituants. Whats funny is he has been kissing barrys ass 90% of the time but on this he has said NO. Time to make the RINOs knuckleunder to the will of their constituents not their doners. The only difference between a whore and a politcian is at least with the whore you are getting something for your money….

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Who’s your Rep? I’ve been hounding mine Dejarais for the past 3 weeks, to vote no, on this BS. Anyhow, I thought in the senate a treaty has to have 67 votes, not a simple majority (51). McConnell is rigging the game for his political donations.

      1. Warpaint says

        There are no conservatives and democrats when they are the monied elites bitches… Langevin RI, a thirdrate liberal monkey….

    2. David D says

      YOU can call and write until your fingers fall off. They don’t care what you think. It is going to take action.

  10. WiSe GuY says

    Whenever you put a nigger under the hood, the entire car is no good.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Well after he’s under the hood good, why don’t you turn the car on, and let the fan finish him off?
      Oh yea, the Republicans broke the car were it wont work, and now we have a shitty mechanic trying to fix it……..
      I don’t see any good mechanics on the horizon either.
      Thank you GOP.

      1. WiSe GuY says

        Fucking nigger lover sucking on 0bama’s nigger cock

  11. M.A.Rue says

    “we’re putting Congress in the driver’s seat which is transparency.” B.S. Paul Ryan. There is NOTHING transparent about this. To say a bill must be passed BEFORE American people see what’s in it, not to mention Congress, is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard to date. Did Pelosi adopt you?

  12. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Well they put him in our white house twice and now i hope they get just what he is dishing out to us. What we got in D.C. now is hell own wheels to destroy AMERICA AS IT ONCE WAS.

    1. M.A.Rue says

      Unfortunately, we are ALL paying the price.

      1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

        I’m hoping i be gone off this earth by the time that obama is out and they put the old lady up there to finish off our country.

        1. Brenda Harrell says

          Don’t say that! America needs all her sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, veterans, and military, to fight this evil doer in the white house.

  13. M.A.Rue says

    Bottom line, Obama wants One World Order, and this is a giant step toward that goal.

    Since Obamacare was such a miserable flop, this is the latest in Obama “legacy” stupidity. And why all the rush? Is there a deadline? Are the other countries involved going to disappear?

  14. DJ says

    Details of Obamacare were withheld because if known it would not have passed……this TPP is no different and it probably will do more harm to the country than Obamacare. Anything that brings outsider rules, regulations, laws into our Judicial system cannot in anyway be good for the country.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      SO TRUE!!!!

  15. USPatriotOne says

    “We the People” can’t see the TPP because it’s all Part of the Commie/Fascist/NWO U.N. Agenda 21 destruction of the USA..!!! The Commie/Muslim/Fraud in our WH can’t sign anything…HE’S AND ILLEGAL FRAUD PEOPLE…HE’S A FOREIGN AGENT..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

  16. Mark Clemens says

    This week our congress repealed the Country of Origin, Raising, and Slaughter LABELS on all Meats sold in the USA. The WTO said these labels were DISCRIMINATORY against Mexican and Canadian meat producers. What RED BLOODED AMERICAN cares what Mexico and Canada think? All I wanna know is, where do my groceries come from, am I asking to much of my government? This is how rushed, UNBALANCED Trade Treaties work. The TPP will be worse.
    Did y’all know that in the TPA deal, Paul Ryan wants to rob MEDICARE $7,00,000 to pay for a WORKER DISPLACEMENT PROGRAM, and he’s looking at Social Security to off set the TARIFF review losses? Thats our money, not the governments. This is also a backdoor way to impose GUN CONTROL, Open our borders even more. Sounds like a winning trade deal…….NOT!!!!
    This is not Republicans joining Obama, its Obama teaming up w/the GOP. The GOP has wanted this TPP since 2004. If the TPP goes through, we will loose 4,000,000 jobs, that’s more people on welfare. The WTO has allowed 7,000,000 jobs to exodus to Asia from 2003-Today.
    If the GOP in congress don’t trust Obama w/Iranian Nuke talks, why would they let him negotiate trade treaties? Did his brain and moral compass kick in over the last week? The GOP is using Obama as their fall guy, because this is such a bad deal. As Obama said in the State of the Union. He has no more campaigns to run, therefore he actually has nothing to loose here on a poor deal.
    If this trade deal is such a bad idea, why are GOP Incumbents for this? The reason is simple.
    Global Corperations donate millions of dollars to the incumbents campaign. The dilemma here is
    If they vote YES, their districts will loose jobs. If they vote NO. They might not get enough campaign funds, next cycle. With all that BIG MONEY in the beltway it has them confused. They don’t know who to represent
    The DONORS who paid their way to office, or
    The VOTERS who voted them in office.
    See how BIG MONEY robs politicians of their common sense…….

    1. Cleverfun says

      Exactly… and even more exactly, the single-one-most-big-mistake [in the US Constitution] was the absolute lack of “Term Limits”.

      Think about it…

  17. Vaquero says

    Paul Ryan joined the has been club a long time ago. He probably signed his mortgage without reading it. Anyone who votes to give Obama any additional authority is deranged. None of our current politicians could run a hot dog stand if someone else was making change. (No offense to any hot dog vendors.)

  18. unique says


  19. David D says

    I don’t give a flying Phuck whats in this agreement. I will never trust Oblahblah. Republicans siding with O assumed we would support the agreement just because it has republican support. Wrong! Unless they are working on a top secret military mission there is no reason to keep anything secret. There is only one reason for the secrecy and that is because it is bad for us. These bastards have all forgotten they are servants of the people. They are the new elitist ruling class. It is time to show them what a real protest is and who is in charge. AND No i don’t care who is monitoring this site.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Well past, WELL PAST time for an all out rebellion!!!

      1. David D says

        We need everyone Michael. We need to put a million supporters on the mall in DC and tell them ENOUGH!.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Well David, being 70 and disabled, there’s not a lot that I can do except what I’ve been doing all along, calling and writing, but…..
          As I’ve said all along, and they’ve done it before, if the Bikers if America rode on DC, they could single handedly shut DC down! Then they could take over the white house and dare the little halfbreed to come back!! Other than that, I can see an expertly trained sniper being our ONLY hope at this point!

  20. MARYSWEET says

    This trade treaty being so secret is a bad thing for our country’s economy (which is what obama wants). I hate to see the GOP leadership backing him on this as they are not doing what is in the best interest of our country. obama is giving away our sovereignty to other countries in other to have a new world rule. I like my country the way it has always been and we don’t want other entities (UN, Europe) telling us what we can and can’t do. The reason it is such a secret is the same reason obamacare was such a secret also until it was passed in the dark of night. Most Americans are very much against this treaty as it will only serve obama and his billionaire backers and not the American workforce. This is just another part of his plan to destroy America.

  21. Seldena says

    If there is nothing in the trade deal like giving obama more power on immigrants (ILLEGAL) or climate change junk; then why can we not see it and read it for ourselves? Are the Republicans really TRUSTING this lying man in the WH?

  22. greylady67 says

    I have tried to figure out what is going on with this whole trade deal and I just can’t understand why so many in the GOP are for it and the Dems and labor unions are against it. Normally, I would side with the GOP – but in this case, Obama seems almost desperate to get it done and that seals the deal for me. If he is gung-ho for it to pass, then it must be bad.

  23. william g munson says

    I never seen this president stand in front of Congress and discuss anything and why not discuss everything in front of Congress and do it on live T V So everybody will nknow what is in it period no more SECRETS ON ANYTHING YOU ALL REMEBER YOU ARE WORKING FOR WE THE PEOPLE AND WE PAY YOUR SALARIES TOO

  24. disqus_7KiKMOOd1L says

    I refuse to trust ANYTHING that is shrouded in secrecy and where our “fearless” elected officials just say, “Trust us!” I am very disappointed in Paul Ryan – he is sounding like a slightly less sleazy Nancy Pelosi. When key members of both parties are on the same side on proposed legislation, I become DOUBLY suspicious! Political elitists in BOTH parties, it becomes more and more apparent, are on the same team. Lining their own pockets – just look at how wealthy our congressmen/women, senators and presidents have become while they’re in Washington; and staying in POWER is paramount to these people, as they seemingly pass the mantle of “leadership” between party leaders, but are really part of the same agenda – regardless of which party controls Congress. If any of us owned a business, would we EVER hire the likes of Boehner, Pelosi, McConnell, Reid, Obama, Durbin, McCain, Graham, etc.- the list could go on – as key executives in our companies?? These guys couldn’t run a newspaper stand. But they collectively run our country! Are we in a sad state? Enough to just make a person drink!

  25. Steve says

    This bill is a farce. It has been held in top secret since its’ conception. WHY???????? And I’m a republican and I don’t trust my republican leaders. Shameful.

  26. WiSe GuY says

    When ever you put a nigger under the hood, the entire car is no good.

  27. Bosflyer says

    How can you approve of something you have not seen yet. We can’t see it because it doesn’t exist yet is a crook of bull. The new President doesn’t exist yet. Do we vote for door number one and when the election is complete we get to see who’s behind the door.

    If Obama wants it, it is no good. Giving Obama any more power is a grave mistake. I have been watching the new America and I don’t approve.

  28. daveveselenak says

    Like the “Death Care” ruse this too is meant to further enslave the dumb-(m)asses! We have a two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy that needs to fall or else R.I.P. USA! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  29. Len Tippett says

    All we need to do is look at Paul Ryan’s past record of lying to the American people. I will give him credit for being one of the slicker liars. Never the less, he can not hide from his record. Just another one of the RINO group. I am actually sorry to say, I actually voted for him once.

  30. Len Tippett says

    When will Congress finally get it. Only the low information voter will continue to vote for those who lie to us. Even that fifty percent should realize, if it is something Obama wants passed, just look at his past. My God how stupid can America be.

  31. Obie Miller says

    It seems that our government now seems to be controlled controlled by a coalition. Just think, objectively, about this for yourself. The president comes up with a well thought out plan, with which he knows the liberal democrats will agree, and with which they all are assured that the RINOs in control of the republican party will also agree, and ultimately pass. Then, they want to “fast track” the legislation, thereby denying congress the possibility of amending or rejecting it, and (in some cases)not even thoroughly having read it. I ask you— is not that plan (though it may be diabolical), full of both secrecy and lack transparency? Is this REALLY the kind of leadership by which we want to be governed?

  32. savetheusa2 says

    “It doesn’t exist yet.’ Never vote for something that doesn’t exist yet. It is like voting for Obamacare which keeps changing all the time and for political reasons. What is wrong with the republicans? What do the democrats know? Who is in the secret back room? Thank goodness it didn’t pass.

    BTW, isn’t this administration the most transparent? Not! But, they did win a transparency award. Unbelievable and scary.

    1. Francisco Machado says

      “It doesn’t exist yet” – What was voted on would give the President the power to negotiate the trade agreement on his own, then present the finished product to congress for an up-or-down vote. Congress would not have the power to amend the agreement. There are actually aspects of that which make sense, but with someone with the ability to negotiate (which Obama has demonstrated he does not possess) and done by someone having as a goal the best interests of the United States, which Obama has demonstrated he does not. There are also aspects of the bill relating to immigration and to AGW restrictions, with neither of which Obama is to be trusted. Especially since the administration deems their best chance of success lies in keeping the bill secret. One of a child’s earliest lessons is “Because it’s good for you” means you won’t like it.

      1. savetheusa2 says

        Thanks for your explanation. I agree with your comments. Also, Obama takes so much time to come to an agreement about anything that it is a lot of wasted time and it would probably be rushed through the Congress with no one having had time to read it.

        I don’t trust our president at all. He hasn’t given me any reason to trust him. I wish I could. I really find it disgusting that presidents care so much about what their legacy is and don’t do what the country and its people really need. Toooo political. I wish people would stop voting in the same representatives. But then, I’m one of those who knows that both sides have some new world order control. Wonder what the Bilderbergers decided for us this past week.

  33. WiSe GuY says

    The nigger fucked us with 0bamacare.
    Now the nigger lost his secretive trade ,nigger law.

  34. carlton goodson says

    Plane and to the point if you don’t or cant read it no vote!

  35. Alleged Comment says

    If you saw even a modicum of what’s in it, it is nothing but wealth transfer for no reason at all, no explanation, no sense, just wealth transfer at the whim of some official, usually foreign.

    This has the fingerprints of a radical all in it. A sodomite negro radical.

  36. Brenda Harrell says

    The traitor in the White House needs to go and now. Everything this idiot does seems to be against America, our military, and he seems to be on the side of our enemies. He tells them what he won’t do, the dates we withdraw, has the muslim brotherhood at the white house, at the state dept., and he is one of them. He is lawless, shreds our constitution, undermines our military, and is a traitor. He needs to be sitting in a prison cell, awaiting his trial for treason, and executed as all traitors to this country should. Berghdal included!

  37. says

    Never never trust Obama if the bill can not be made public vote no on it That much should be automatic

  38. Ferd321 says

    “Free trade” favors only the giant multinational American corporations that contribute heavily to both political parties. Small business and their workers (70% of US employees) get screwed. I have been watching this great lie perpetuate itself for 50 years, and the only politician who told the truth about NAFTA, CAFTA and innumerable clones was Ross Perot, who got 20% of the vote (mine included) in the 1992 presidential election by correctly pointing out “the giant sucking sound” which would destroy American manufacturing jobs if we went down this road. Free trade for China and Japan has always meant: “you take our cheap consumer goods and we get to ban your imports by ridiculous regulations”.
    We have lost 37% of manufacturing jobs since 1979 (government figures) while our population has increased by 50,000,000 or more!! No wonder the average U.S. Household has lost significant inflation adjusted income since 2006 ($54,000 down to $51,500)!
    Now POTUS wants to use this vehicle as a back door avenue to enforce his immigration, worldwide wealth redistribution, and climate change agenda on our citizens, costing them even more trillions of dollars. I say reject this monstrosity!

  39. 83footsailor says

    This person who now sit in the oval office is a joke to say the least. . ////////////////////////////
    Every time he opens his mouth he LIES about something. /////////////////////
    Time has finally come to take this guy out of office via one of two ( 2 ) ways # 1 – impeachment – – – # 2 tried for TREASON against the STATE – this one has bigger a better endings. ////////////////////////////

  40. dinkerduo says

    We are DONE passing bills that nobody knows what’s in it–DONE! We are also DONE with “firsts” in electing a potus–DONE!! The “first” black potus was elected (even tho he is only half black) and look how that’s turned out–now some want to put in the “first” woman–NO WE ARE DONE!! Then they put in place Obozocare without knowing what was in it–so we are DONE believing these people! STOP TRYING TO MAKE NEW LAWS AND START ENFORCEING THEONES WE ALREADY HAVE—THAT OUGHT TO KEEP YOU BUSY!!!

  41. Conservative says

    Something stinks when the Representatives have to meet in secret, take on notes, do no research and cannot speak of or reveal what went on at the meeting. That sounds like a Gestapo meeting to me.

  42. adrianvance says

    When an elected official has a secret we are getting screwed.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  43. Cleverfun says

    Don’t worry folks… CNN & FOX are gonna spend most of their time focusing on the “fake-black-chick” story all week long [just in time] to draw your attention away from what’s really going on…

    We don’t need a just any president people… we need Jerry Springer!

    He’s the perfect guy to run this show…

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