Secretary Kelly: The Law Deports People, Not Me


Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this weekend, where he said that President Trump remained committed to securing the border and removing illegal immigrants from the United States.

Kelly said that Trump’s stance on illegal immigration had already contributed to a dramatic drop in border crossings.

“The attention being paid to the border certainly has injected into those people – and the vast majority of them are good people from Central America – but it’s injected enough confusion in their minds, I think,” he said. “They’re just waiting to see what actually does happen.”

Kelly said that while it was true that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would hire up to 10,000 new agents at the president’s direction, the hiring surge did not amount to a deportation force.

“There are a huge number of illegal aliens or undocumented individuals that have to be dealt with in one way or another,” Kelly said. “You have to remember that there’s a system, a legal justice system in place. And the law deports people. Secretary Kelly doesn’t. ICE doesn’t. It’s the United States criminal justice system that deports people.”

That’s a distinction the Trump administration should make more often, because it’s the one thing the mainstream liberal media likes to ignore. They’ve adopted the “no human being is illegal” line, propagated by activist groups, and they act like these people have committed no crime more serious than jaywalking. Would you send a jaywalker to Ecuador? Of course not. And anyone who would suggest doing such a thing is obviously a terrible tyrant.

No one is contending that a human being can, by virtue of their existence, be illegal. But using that logic, you could also say that no human being is “undocumented,” either. We’re talking about these people in a specific context, and everyone understands that. Both “undocumented” and “illegal” are adjectives meant to modify the term “immigrant,” not as a replacement for “human being.”

This is intentional linguistic trickery the left uses to make it seem as though there is no distinction between someone who came here through the proper channels and someone who hopped the fence. And it’s working because – A, the media will always glom on to the latest PC terminology, and B, we don’t generally use the “illegal” modifier when talking about criminals. You don’t hear anyone referring to “illegal murderers” or “illegal rapists” for obvious reasons.

For that reason, we should stop calling those who come here illegally “immigrants” at all. Go back to calling them aliens. Call them invaders. Make up some new term, it doesn’t matter. But we have to stop letting them blur the line between legal and illegal immigration. They are not the same.

  1. Justin Seine says

    I, as a hardworking American, prefer to choose my own dependents. I prefer to use my own resources to feed, clothe and educate my dependents. I cannot do that to the degree I would prefer to if I am forced to use my resources to do the same for complete strangers who have entered this country, my country, illegally (or should I say, in a sometimes frowned upon fashion, to be politically correct?).

    Sorry kids, you are not going to your chosen IV League schools because your dear old dad has a bunch of strangers he needs to divert his resources to so he can help them achieve their goals. So it’s community college for you! Sorry kids!

    1. DAlnB41 says

      Community college is a great alternative to just letting the kids run around doing nothing; too many of our kids can not get jobs (even after competing schools/community college) as immigrants are being brought into this country to work. Almost any doctors, dentist or other medical office you walk into is staffed predominantly by Hispanics. Almost every café has a large percentage of immigrant workers, stores, government offices, etc. has been overtaken by immigrant workers while our own men, women and young adults are being left out.
      Hopefully, with a new administration in Washington, we can get our American men and women back to work and the American Dream can again be our national goal for OUR PEOPLE!

      1. glorybe2 says

        You act as if Americans would actually take those jobs and the truth is that they will not. Are you aware of how many workers will deliberately injure themselves on a new job to collect Workman’s Comp or disability checks? One orchard in California had trouble hiring help in the rural area and went to a city to hire workers to pick the fruit. They had over 4,000 applicants and had 2500 people hired. The orchard owner complained that they had not had even one worker from the city come back to work after the first lunch break.

        The idea that Americans will do those jobs is a lie.

        1. Bob Morton says

          Hmmm. You pick out just one orchard in California to explain the entire United States unemployment. Interesting, what about the rest of the country and, as far as that goes, the rest of California? You seem to know a lot about unemployed Americans (not just Californians). I have just retired and I have never met a disabled person who deliberately injured him/herself ever on the job. By the way, how do you know that all of these workers that you’re referring to did it deliberately? Maybe faulty equipment and poor working conditions had something to do with it!!! Workman’s Comp is only temporary. Social Security disability is very hard to get accepted (unless you’re illegal). Sometimes it takes years and most often, you need an attorney to represent you. By the time you pay attorney costs, there is nothing left. I am a native Californian but I moved in 1994 due to the extremely high cost of living (after all of the jobs from Silicon Valley had been outsourced). The cost of living continued to go up even though the manufacturing jobs had moved. Most of the farm land in California is not where unemployed Californians live and where their homes are. The jobs are also very seasonal. I took a significant cut in pay when I moved, but it was worth it. I know that I am not alone in this scenario. Like most liberals, in your tiny little world, you think you know what the rest of the world beyond your comprehension is experiencing. By the way, I am so glad that I moved from California as they are considering the entire state to become a sanctuary state. Maybe the elite and pampered celebs can open up their gated communities to the illegal aliens. When the federal funding stops coming to California, maybe the celebs can pitch in to keep California afloat. I hate that I still have family and friends still there but at least they are not in the main midst of the violent temper tantrums. This is Bob’s wife.

      2. John Somers says

        START FINING the Employers that hire a illegal.

    2. glorybe2 says

      If you got drunk once are you to always be called a drunk forever? A border crossing happens in one step. It lasts for a second or two. And by the way many immigrants cross the border legally but over stay their VISA. In other words you need to find out about the use of language and rethink how you use words as your position is incoherent.

      1. A_Nobody says

        And your logic is about as childish as an lefty….and you need to learn to read….like the law. There is a big difference between the two. The first can be considered an invasion which it is and that applies to those who also overstay their visas without renewal. It’s a federal issue. A drunk is a local issue and is handled by local authorities. SMH. Justin is right. Parasites have no right to individual funds which is what happens. We pay more taxes we could use for our own families to support parasites. We don’t need YOU or any other lib telling me which charities I should support, so piss off.

        1. glorybe2 says

          And you are a liar. Immigrants collect zero benefits in my state by law. The only exception involves food for children. Many of those children are born in the US and are citizens of foreign workers. They can not receive any form of welfare and the state is all too eager to remove custody of such children if the parents can not provide a decent environment for for the children. In addition these workers do pay income taxes as well as Social Security as employers fear prosecution if they do not make the deductions. Yet they are disallowed from receiving any benefits no matter how much Social Security they have paid into or taxes that they have paid. When totaled up that money exceeds any expenses our government has derived by immigrants. How would you like to pay $200. per month in deductions while being denied any benefit? Yet the cream of the crop of the right wing loves to spread lies that he knows the race haters want to believe and being ignorant they gobble up those lies without any sense at all.

      2. Roger says

        Look who’s talking the single brain celled IDIOTIC MORON…..

  2. DAlnB41 says

    Go into almost any business; dentist or doctors office, café, hotel/motel, market, etc. and you will find the majority of employees are Hispanic.
    That is not to say they are all here illegally, or to say they should not be working here, or there!
    What it does say is that this nation has been overtaken with immigrants from throughout the world who are filling jobs in America that our own men, women and young adults need.
    Obama’s labor department stated that three out of every four jobs in America is being taken by an immigrant; that was at the same time America had well over 30 million Americans’ out of work and another 30+ million working in part time, low paying jobs, with no benefits!
    At the same time, Obama stated there are 4 million illegal immigrants working in the United States; in violation of federal law and Obama did noting about it.
    At the same time we had the massive number of unemployed Americans, Obama was increasing the number of Work Visas for immigrants to come here to work.
    Now that Obama is out of office MAYBE we can get our own men, women and young people back to work! Maybe we can get e-verify in effect and remove the illegals form the workplace!
    AND – then, maybe a national Minimum wage law can be passed. ANY attempts to enact a minimum wage law before e0verify becomes effective though ONLY REWARDS illegal workers for ignoring our laws – – – t does nothing for the American men, women and young adults who have been left out of the workplace!

    1. Dirty Daug says

      When I seen the word ( e-verify) above it reminded me of something I read about e-verify a while back and that was even Obama could not pass the e-verify test. This means that Obama was some sort of an illegal and we had this worthless piece of crap for our President for 8 years.

      1. Rodger K. Shull says

        every thing on him, should be brought forth an, found to be either truth or fiction, an if found he is a fraud, then every thing from his 1st day in office is null an void.

        1. PatriotGal says

          Immediately rescind every benefit, every perk, every dollar he stole from us.

          1. Rodger K. Shull says

            AMEN, Patriot Gal. am GOD BLESS

          2. Skyhawk says

            And let him swing from a hemp necktie for all of the murders that he has been responsible for.

          3. John Somers says

            Just make it a PUBLIC HANGING !!!!!

        2. glorybe2 says

          The election itself needs to be redone. The fraud by the right wing is now a fact and prisons await many who were involved. CHUMP will be impeached and may end up in prison as there are criminal charges in play.

          1. John Somers says

            NOT in your WILDEST WET DREAM !!!!!

      2. glorybe2 says

        Even Chump has admitted that he lied for seven years about Obama not being born in the US. Wake up!

        1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

          Wake up you liberal racist hater! AMERICA LOVES TRUMP! WE WON YOU LOST sit down!!!!!!!!!

        2. mac12sam12 says

          Why did obama apply to college as a foreign student? Why has he has two SS numbers?

    2. george briar says

      And another big difference is Americans spend their earned money here at home while most of the so called immigrants send their money home where they came from which doesn’t help this country at all. It’s been said America works when Americans are working.

      1. DAlnB41 says

        You are exactly right; past studies from various research organizations have shown the sending of money out of the country by immigrants (legal and illegal) amounts to billions of dollars every year lost in local and state tax revenues. This is money lost when the money is not spent in the local communities but rather sent out of country.
        Local sales tax is used to fund essential local functions including fire protection, law enforcement, roads, streets, parks, education community leadership, etc. ; state sales taxes are similarly used.
        If a local sales tax is 7.5 percent it means for every dollar spent in the community that dollar collects seven and a half cents on the dollar. One hundred dollars spent means seven and half dollars. That does not sound like much but when dozens or hundreds of people fail to spent money locally, the communities suffer; we have seen the logos for years and years as campaigns encourage local people to buy locally; it is intended to help the communities raise money for essential services.
        With the massive number of legal and illegal immigrants now in the nation, and a good percentage of them sending money out of the country, communities are loosing billions of dollars; essential services are hampered most often by the very people much of the funding goes to in support of welfare services and paid employees who manage and work in activities in support of these immigrants. Local citizens are being tasked to pay the bill for those who chose to ignore our laws and to see the illegals welfare and assistance is attended to. Communities are then tasked to find additional revenues to keep their budgets in tact; local citizens are again tapped to pay the cost of underfunded essential services because of less tax revenues.
        Now, add this into the Sanctuary Cities calculations; consider the birth rates of illegals in these cities and the fact two thirds of them are not working and have no or very limited income. These immigrants, like all other people, have babies. When a person has a baby and has no means of paying for essential medical care, our social support funds kick in to pay the doctors and hospitals. When the cost for birth is running into multiples of thousands of dollars the federal government to our government for child births is high! The bulk of that money goes to local medical service and is money supporting the local government.
        Several years ago there was a report that showed the federal government was paying welfare costs in support of mothers with babies fathered by an illegal immigrant that the mother could not identify sufficiently or the father had no means of paying the mother and babies expenses; this was payments made by the American tax payers. An expense most American men in the same or similar situation get tabbed for and end up in prison if not paid!
        Communities that have large populations of illegal immigrants profit from these births, the tax payers from all over the country pay the costs, and the parents then have another excuse as to why they should remain in the U.S.; they have now had a child that is legally a U.S. citizen and cannot be deported; the families will argue the same old excuse – – we are the bad guys because we are breaking up families.
        – – – -We may not be the bad guys – – BUT we certainly are the gullible guys! – – – –

    3. John Williams says

      Consider the fact that we are witnessing today regarding our universities, we have so called professors who are giving optional class participation for demonstrations against Trump. We have, supposedly, the next generation of people who are going to lead our nation, who are incapable of hearing anything that might be conflicting with what these educators (I use the term loosely) have been teaching the little snow flakes. These little pussies must have their safe places so their little ears won’t be subjected to something they don’t like. Is it no wonder that businesses are hiring foreigners, foreigners willing to work without a safe place, I would not hire one of these poorly educated indoctrinated little boobs either.

      1. David in MA says

        The next generation is also being “taught to the exam”, not taught to learn and think for themselves. America has been in the indoctrinate state for 20 years, at least.

      2. John Somers says

        They are NOT “Educators” they are Indoctrocators

    4. Oscar Pearson says

      There are a lot more than 4 million illegals here in America.

      1. David in MA says

        My bet is over 10 million illegals.

        1. Ron Long says

          Keep going, we have 10 million here in California alone.

          1. J.B.Jacobs says

            I don’t think anybody knows for sure how many are here. Nobody knows who they are, where they are, or why they came here and I’m sure the Border Patrol did not set down there and count them when they came across the border.. All the statistic’s you see are wild guesses.

      2. alegalcitizen says

        I think he’s talking about the 4 million that obama gave work permits and SS# to, better know as DACA. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. They have said 11 Million for at least the last 10 years, which anyone with half a brain KNOWS that it’s more since 47,000 came over in just Oct. and Nov. of this year in just the Rio Grande Valley. They were sent throughout the U.S.A., with the authority of Obama. Most of them came from Central America, and that’s why they got sent on their way, Go to the Monitor, McAllen, Texas and click on the immigration link, click on “aiding the journey”. Or any of the immigration stories.

    5. A_Nobody says

      I’ll say they shouldn’t be working here if illegal. Limit the welfare program to six months if able to work. If you don’t get a job you’re done, period, even for a citizen. Illegals never. Go back to fining companies who hire them.

      1. John Somers says

        NO WELFARE PERIOD !!!!!!

  3. Magik says


  4. Valor says

    What REALLY ticks me off is we are providing better services and assistance to illegals than our own people, ESPECIALLY our veterans. That is insane!

    1. truthseeker53 says

      Yep, the results of dimmercrap “good intentions” which pave the road to hell.

      1. David in MA says

        dimmercrap “good intentions” are only what feeds the power and money of the dimmercraps, nothing more!

        1. jreg9304 says

          Has anyone actually looked at a Demoncrap lately?? What is disgusting is they all look like transgenvites! just look at Slapsy Maxie Waters, Nanny Polousy and Diareah Frankenstein, if they aren’t tranny’s then who are they? what are they? Surely not mentally straight for they were dropped on their heads far to many times as babies and have no place in Washington DC!!!

          1. carla AMERICAN says

            Very funny and true ! But look at how they are attacking Americans ! Watch and look at their faces, flat, eyes bulging, it’s disgusting.

          2. AKLady says

            What do you call what you are doing?

          3. albany le says

            She carla AMERICAN js right. You do know that they want to take over our country and that they have training facilities in America and cause much crime and use our benefits. AKLady,, educate yourself and learn just what is going on.

          4. AKLady says

            Which illegals are those?
            You seem to be confused.
            The majority of illegals in this country are Hispanic.
            The second largest group is Asian.

          5. donS2 says

            You are the one that seems confused.

          6. AKLady says

            Racism, bigotry, lies, ignorance ,,,
            Suggest you educate yourself.

          7. donS2 says

            Yes, you really should!

          8. CPBenj says

            lol I call them Demonrats!! and boy are they losers.

          9. AKLady says

            More nursery school name calling.

          10. Marion E McKenzie says

            AKLady Pull your head out of your ASS ..You are in dire need of some lite…Snowflake…

          11. AKLady says

            Sewer language added to the infantile name calling.
            Wow! I am so impressed …
            What is this “lite” I am in need of?

          12. Tommy p says

            How many illegals live at your house at YOUR expense? Are you providing them with free education and healthcare?
            Then Shut the Fuck up!

          13. AKLady says

            Sewer language added to the infantile name calling
            There are no illegals living in your house, at your expense.
            Illegals pay exactly the same state and local taxes that you do.
            Property tax is part of the rent they pay.
            Sales tax is added at the cash register.

          14. donS2 says

            Income tax for a cash job I suppose?

          15. AKLady says

            How many illegals di you know who earn enough money to be subject to income tax?

          16. donS2 says

            Actually in my line of work a few who earn (on the books) over $60.000 per year, they have a SSN by the way so do pay taxes on that income. Then they have their roofing business where they only hire illegals, undercut legal companies, and make out like a bandit.
            My tax money then pays for the illegal children to get free breakfast, take home meals, and ESL instruction.
            No longer do they just pick fruit but have taken most construction and now some manufacturing. You need to have a plexotomy because your dimbocrat head is so far up your backside, that is the only way you will ever see the world as it actually is.

          17. AKLady says

            Increased competition cutting into your profits.
            That explains everything.

          18. donS2 says

            Well, you are wrong on that supposition, it matters to me not in the lest other than the Illegality. Your Social Studies degree is not helping you so far.

          19. AKLady says

            M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
            MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.
            CEU – U.S.D.A. Graduate School.
            CEU – University of South Carolina, School of Medicine
            CEU – University o Wisconsin

          20. donS2 says

            And so?

          21. Linda Abernathy says

            PHD? Pile it higher and deeper……………

          22. AKLady says

            It is: PILED HIGHER AND DEEPER.
            You can’t even get something that simple correct.

          23. Linda Abernathy says

            duh really, it was intended for you, as usual you didn’t get it……

          24. AKLady says

            Oh, I “get” your ignorance.
            Oh, I “get” the childishness of your insults.

          25. DAlnB41 says

            YEP, and I agree with you donS2.
            We could all get by with less income IF- someone else was feeding our kids, IF someone else was paying our medical costs, IF someone else was paying for our kids schooling. we were not subsidizing everything else Obama forced us into in order to appease and satisfy the demands of the illegals in this country!
            AND – most likely we could have better, more honest and more trusted candidates to vote for- IF, the ones running and their expensive campaigns were not being bought by the Hispanic and Mexican Special Interest Groups!
            A look at the election cycles over the past ten to fifteen years and the HUGE number of Hispanics and Mexican’s running for office should be a “wake Up Call” to all of us; a few more elections and the majority of men and women in office will be Hispanic and Mexican! Most are good people but just like all people – they have their own interest and agendas and, they are easily “bought”; from the past years we can see that many, many of them have a different opinion as to how America should function!
            It was a Russian years ago that stated they (Russian) would take this country over from within; that failed but it seems to have a set a similar minded n place with those from South of our border who not too many years aback were marching on our streets, tearing down and burning our flag, insisting we stole this land from Mexico and they swore they were gong to take it back!
            – – – – – -AND – with Obama in office, they certainly got a big jump on it! – – – – – –

          26. donS2 says

            There are people who run this Country that we do not vote for, and they want to integrate all Countries in the Northern hemisphere just like has been done in Europe.

          27. Linda Abernathy says


          28. Linda Abernathy says

            I only know illegals who don’t work

          29. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          30. AKLady says

            Were do you live, I want to move there.

            Your city, county and state do not impose sales tax?
            There is no federal tax added to your fuel bill?

          31. donS2 says

            I pay all those taxes plus income tax plus property tax, although even with all that, my State is having trouble buying the free meals for all the illegal bambinos. So I get to pay ALL the taxes the illegals pay plus the others they don’t. With those I get to pay for the education, EBT, medical of the illegals while they drive down the wages of my neighbors. Such a great deal you leftists have given the American tax payer.

          32. Linda Abernathy says

            As usual u are delusional…………….

          33. AKLady says

            Your city, county and state do not impose sales tax?
            There is no federal tax added to your fuel bill?
            Were do you live, I want to move there.

          34. donS2 says

            She will not answer your questions, just try to antagonize you. She makes her living stealing from working class people to give to people too lazy to work.

          35. Patricia Anderson says


          36. AKLady says

            In that case, you must be a worm.

          37. Patriot1 says

            I call them DIM-o-wits!! Not only losers, but the biggest bunch of cry babies I have ever heard in my 83 years on earth.

          38. Carolestollings says

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          39. Ednabchildress says

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          40. AKLady says

            So very childish,

          41. Patriot1 says

            I would like to know what you call the Democrats that have been crying, raising Hell and trying to subvert everything that President Trump does. It the so called Hollywood elites aren’t acting childish, then I don’t know who is or what Childish means!

          42. AKLady says

            Childish is childish, regardless of political leaning.

          43. Patriot1 says

            AKLady…..I totally agree with that statement

          44. glorybe2 says

            We make no mistake. Trump is filth and we will fight him and his supporters every way we can at all times in all places. I do not want any democratic official aiding or cooperating with the right wing in any way for any reason. I know a fascist when i see one and i want these people buried in the local trash dump.

          45. donS2 says

            You have no idea what you speak of.

          46. donS2 says

            I notice that you opine, the gloryputz opines, then you acknowledge. Are you two working together? Well, you would not admit if you were, you are good little dimbocrat drones.

          47. AKLady says

            I am so very impressed, but not in the way you desire.

          48. donS2 says

            I have zero desire to impress you just as you do not care to impress me. We can discuss differences but then you have no intention to discuss anything. All you try to do is upset people by spouting nonsense.

          49. AKLady says

            They say ignorance is bliss.
            You seem very blissful.

          50. donS2 says

            That is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. Because you are so full of your liberal stuffing I will say, that is an old saying with no reference to race intended. Just to make sure I don’t bother your safe space.

          51. AKLady says

            “safe space”
            More “me-generation” rhetoric.
            Thank you for proving my points.

          52. donS2 says

            Madame, you make no points other than to try to do as your leftist idols (Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, Gutierrez) do, talk about nothing and blame republicans for your shortcomings.

          53. AKLady says

            Thank you for proving my points, yet again.
            The only reason you participate on this board is for the opportunity to insult.
            Playing you is such fun.

          54. donS2 says

            You’re funny, you keep saying the same thing over and over. Keep playing, you might actually succeed at it some day.

          55. DAlnB41 says

            Block the dummy donSI .
            I blocked her( AKLady) and my days got a whole lot better! She is a not case and will pester the hell out of you and anyone else who responds to her! !

          56. donS2 says

            Oh let her have her fun, she is probably lonely.

          57. DAlnB41 says

            I did not know Gutierrez was still in office! I have never heard what happened with the charges against him illegally using federal funds for personal services but then there has been very little seen or heard from him since then. He was certainly taken out of the Democratic lime light fast; I guess they still need enough “underground and undesirables” in the Democratic party leadership to keep their “anti-American” agenda going!
            I thought he would be in jail by now; what the hell does it take to get these “criminals” out of office? We really need to force greater strength into the laws that govern those we elect and send to Washington; they seem to have put a wall around themselves so they can do and get by with about anything. And – just as Hillary capitalized on-, they can screw up royally and the American Tax Payers will cover the cost for them! WE MUST insist that the things we can and do to see elected and appointed politicians go to jail for doing things the rest of us would go to jail for doing! The laws MUST apply equally to the criminals who are drawing tax payers money in Washington (and elsewhere)!

          58. Linda says

            Just call them registered Democratic Socialist f America and Communists aka progressives that’s what they are! Including the Black Caucus, look up the member roster! Watch Enemies With by Tevor Louden (avail. Amazon Prime members), or interviews on Youtube of his research/documentary! See how infested the Dem. Party and our Gov. has been infiltrated. Then there’s the illegals with fake papers in Ca. Gov. bragging about it! Trying to create CALEXIT along with their phony bought papers, SS# etc. helping them.

          59. glorybe2 says

            Sadly CHUMP is the swamp. He did not drain the swamp. But really swamps aren’t so bad as to be compared to CHUMP. ChUMP is more like a huge, rancid boil on the tender parts of a man’s organs that must burst but the stench will be so great that when it bursts normal people will vomit and turn and run from the horror. When his followers finally figure out that he is a huge rancid infection i wonder how many will breakdown and need psychiatric hospitals when reality finally gets through that bubble of fantasy that you think is reality.
            And how will CHUMP spend his week to come? Well, he’ll squander your money playing golf in Florida and then he will face trail on a slander law suit which he probably will cave in and pay on the steps of the court house. Oh, and by the way, this week it comes to light that he has been holding an enormous slush fund out of public view. It seems a new criminal investigation kicks off about CHUMP every single day. O’Reilly just got the boot due to a large number of women suing him over sex scandals. Now CHUMP has even more women that come forward than O’Reilly. The logical assumption is that when you have a lot of accusers at least some of them must be true. So why would anyone tolerate the pervert CHUMP at all? Bill Cosby was super popular but when his sex scandals were revealed he was convicted and awaits sentencing. Do you believe in equal justice for all or are you a communist?

          60. Paul W Baumgartner says

            your funny glorybe2, when did you complain about Obama going to Florida?Trump is trying to correct the many faults Obama did. Look around the world, it’s a total mess that trump acquired. How about talking to your liberal friends and promote free speech. If a illegal kills someone, I hope it’s a liberal, same if Korea sends a nuke , hit California first, the if there are survivors call Obama and tell him how great of a job he did and hillary

          61. Linda says

            As we speak Eric Holder is in Ca working with the Left and Brown on CALEXIT.

          62. glorybe2 says

            The world is normally a mess but thank God Obama saved America and built up an economy destroyed by the right wing and their idiotic trickle down economics. Now you have president that has ordered agencies like the EPA to be total; silent and release nothing to the public. Yet the fact is that global warming is responsible for several of the very expensive wars and conditions we already pay for. Syria is a huge example as is Iraq. Crops failed due to unheard of droughts caused by global warming. It went on year after year until the poverty was so great that wars broke about and millions of people tried to immigrate in order to survive. Major businesses withhold investments in areas suffering from global warming as do ranching and farming operations. Have you priced a beef roast lately? How about that $7.50 a pound hamburger? You are paying through the nose for global warming.

          63. donS2 says

            You need to smoke more dope.

          64. AKLady says

            So you are into multiple drugs?
            Gee, I thought your primary was alcohol.
            Thanks for telling us more facts about yourself.

          65. donS2 says

            Lame again.

          66. AKLady says

            You have been reported.

          67. donS2 says

            Oh no, reported? I don’t have to go to the principles office do I?

          68. AKLady says

            Obama did not vacation in Florida every weekend, at the cost to taxpayers of $1 million per day.

            Obama has never been accused of assaulting minor children.

            Trump’s sexual history is documented by witnesses.
            Trump’s opinion of women is documented on video recording.
            Trump’s racism is documented by over 200 cases brought by the DOJ. Begin your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973
            Suggest you pay better attention to facts.

          69. donS2 says

            Your liberal crap is just that, crap.

          70. AKLady says

            Sewer language, name calling …
            How about a few actual facts. You don’t seem to like fact very much.

          71. donS2 says

            I have not seen you or gibberish bring forth a fact yet.

          72. AKLady says

            Obviously, you can’t be bothered looking up facts.
            You embarrass America by publishing our ignorance for the world to witness.

          73. Emma says

            Really… you should seriously consider keeping your opinions private, not speak them aloud, so as not to show the world what a genuine fool looks & sounds like.

          74. Linda says

            Im all ears give us your evidence not your opinion. List the women who have been vetted and have proof. So far the ones Ive heard have been debunked as fraudulent. If he’s guilty, then he should be presecuted. If just vulgar words like your male organ analogy well its just that, vulgar! About slush fund who furnished it, or is it his money and who investigated it and discovered whatever your revelation? A credible source ir a Fake News story as usual! I am not “Trump can do no wrong” I caustiously watch to see who surrounds him etc. what he does, or does not do. I don’t like Goldman Sacs, or CFR people in his Administration so it makes him somewhat suspect to me. Re. his military people there’s questions there also, verdict not in yet. We have always been manipulated and controlled by a world cabal, maybe still!

          75. glorybe2 says

            Many of those cases could not be prosecuted due to statute of limitations issues. But Trump was caught on tape bragging about his molestations and it has been aired many times. With his own confession on tape as well as all those accusers there is zero chance of his innocence. And in a way you are showing the world a problem. Trump is so ignorant that he put a registered foreign agent in a critical position. That shows he could not judge people well at all and not only that was sloppy in investigating the individual he appointed. His followers also demonstrate really bad judgment and fail to really investigate or choose decent sources for facts. Do you remember his speech about how he loves the ignorant and he wants the ignorant to vote for him? Well, look in a mirror if you voted for him. Have you labeled yourself?

          76. Linda says

            You still offer no evidence give the registration of the foreign agent! Give the link to the tape bragging if many “molestations”. We are all eyes and ears. If so Maxine Waters and Pelosie along with Mc Cain and his wife Lindsey would have him by the throat so fast his head would spin!

          77. Michel Guzzetta says


          78. glorybe2 says

            People who make legal complaints are not vetted unless they go to court. The 13 year old girl took her rape case to the courts in California and she had a witness as well. The California court decided that the case must be heard again in New York. Death threats kept her away from going to court in NY. Again, Trump admits to randomly grabbing women by the crotch that he does not even know and further brags that when you are rich you can do that and it is recorded. Stop being in denial. The man is a pervert.

          79. laulau says

            Trump picked people with high IQ’s not where they came from.

          80. laulau says

            The only sex accusation against Trump was a woman that was paid to say so. She backed out when he was going to sue her. The trips to Florida are to satay at his own hotel at no cost to the government. Golf is free to him. He owns it.

          81. glorybe2 says

            So you are void of any knowledge about the cost of Trump going to Lago Maro. You are talking about millions per trip. On top of that there has to be full time security at Lago Maro so that bombs or spy devices are not put in place when he is not there. Local police forces have huge bills for securing the area around his property. Then on top of that his wife’s residence demands full time secret service protection on top of protection for his New York apartment. Trump whined about Obama playing too much golf yet Trump has played more golf in his first 90 days than Obama ever played in a year.

          82. laulau says

            Most of Trumps golf playing was for business deals. Melania will only be separate for a month or so, when school is out. Obamas flights to Hawaii to stay at a million dollar home and trips around the world for family and mother in law weren’t cheap. He even got mother in law government retirement pay for babysitting her own grandchildren. He spent plenty, and even took a salary. Both Obama and Michelle were scheduled for talk shows on the same day in California, and they took separate airplanes. They were not thrifty with taxpayer money.

          83. glorybe2 says

            Are you even aware that Trump is not allowed to be involved in his businesses at all? He was breaking the law by doing so and it is clearly an impeachable offense on its own.

          84. laulau says

            He is not involved with his business at all. His children run them. It doesn’t say he can’t sleep in one of his hotels. His business there has to do with government, not his businesses. You Hillary guys want to impeach him at the drop of a hat. Try jailing Obama for his ties to terrorists instead.

          85. AKLady says

            No. she dropped the suit when her life was threatened, or and she was also paid a huge settlement to go away.

          86. laulau says

            He never paid a dime to her. Get your facts straight before you start blabbing.

          87. AKLady says

            Harth voluntarily withdrew the suit when Trump settled a parallel suit with her husband.

          88. laulau says

            Rubbish. She stopped when he hired lawyers.

          89. AKLady says

            The facts are available from multiple sources.

          90. donS2 says

            I am sure it was after she bought the book Catcher in the Rye right?

          91. donS2 says

            Sadly you, your dimbocrats, and GOPe are the swamp, I only hope we can rid our Country of you haters.

          92. AKLady says

            Sadly, the right is filled by so many immature, illiterates who engage in childish name calling and lies.

          93. donS2 says


          94. glorybe2 says

            Yes, I have great dislike of a party that wants to give tax breaks to the rich and take medical care away from the poor. I loath anyone who would rig an election. I want to see any politician or president who uses their office to make money serve life in prison with no hope of parole. Corporations that act like vampires sucking the blood out of people are not my friends. People who strive to control other people are also on my list. So how is your list/ Do you like having a rapist and pervert as president?

          95. donS2 says

            So you would have loathed killary if she had become president, she rigged the primary against Bernie the communist. Pervert and rapist? Bill Clinton did not run this time. Tell me more about your list, should I report you for this list? I would recommend you get Psychiatric help before you hurt yourself or someone else.

          96. AKLady says

            Isn’t hate beautiful to behold!

          97. Linda says

            What’s your definition of “hate” discussing facts? Why dont you look up the facts. Dillusional and happy to be in that state? There’s plenty of facts on both sides of the isle and all races so quit using the “hate” word?

          98. AKLady says

            Definition of hate
            1a : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injuryb : extreme dislike or disgust : antipathy, loathing had a great hate of hard work

          99. Linda says

            We have none if that we arm ourselves with known vetted facts; published word if mouth; videis if the same wird of mouth etc. sorry not working!

          100. AKLady says

            Facts? What facts might those be?

          101. donS2 says

            Yep, that is what the left does every day, HATE anyone with a different view. Of course being a lefty, I am sure you will twist this statement to the leftist view.

          102. AKLady says

            Thank you for proving my points.

          103. donS2 says

            And what points did I prove. Drink two more glasses of wine and you might think of something.

          104. donS2 says

            Yes, we see it every day on the View, CNN, MSNBC, and your comments.

          105. AKLady says

            The Cold War has been over a long time.
            Your insults were worn out many years ago,

          106. AKLady says

            Those insults were worn out decades pas,
            Get an updated hate mantra.

          107. AKLady says

            Is that the best you can do?
            Insinuate, insinuate, insinuate … never a single, verifiable fact.

          108. glorybe2 says

            There’s another nut job conspiracy fan. Now it is the transvestites that you think are organizing to get you.

        2. AKLady says

          Name calling is childish.
          Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
          Temper, temper …
          You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          1. Skippy says

            O NO the brainless wonder is back. Why don’t you got to one of the George Soros’s mindless liberal drones site, and leave us alone.

          2. AKLady says

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          3. Skippy says

            Since you think you’re on such a higher plane, and smarter than me. Then why don’t you answer my question? I’ll pose it to you again. In the case Plessy V Ferguson tell me how that decision was right, just, and Constitutional? I want you to show me from The Constitution.
            TTFN mindless liberal drone.

          4. AKLady says

            Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          5. Herb1949 says

            And this is the best answer that any lib troll will ever come up with, when presented with a question that requires the use of facts.

          6. AKLady says

            Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          7. kathleen sampat says

            Enough already. Are you a parrot or what?

          8. Skippy says

            No she’s just a mindless liberal drone, that keeps on spewing out mindless babble.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            Not a parrot, Alzheimer disease. 🙂

          10. AKLady says

            Not an immature male engaged in kindergarten name calling.
            Oh, and little boy, Alzheimer’s Disease is not a joking matter,

          11. mac12sam12 says

            We know it’s not a joking matter, we see what it has done to your mind. So sad. ;-(

          12. AKLady says

            Obviously, you do not know, as that is what you are doing.
            Your insults are very childish.

            The are also, socially unacceptable and extremely sad.

            Try to develop some maturity and appropriate social behavior,
            Alzheimer’s Disease is not a joking matter, nor is it a basis for crude, childish insults.

          13. mac12sam12 says

            I didn’t insult anyone about the disease, Mom!!

          14. AKLady says

            Yes, you did.
            If you cannot recognize improper behavior, you have serious problems.
            And if you think “Mom” Is an insult, you are seriously mistaken.
            I have two children, physicians, now on active duty in Afghanistan.
            They have children, one of which has a child.
            So, I am not only a mother, but a grandmother.

          15. AKLady says

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.
            Develop some maturity. Name calling is childish.

          16. mac12sam12 says

            Thanks mom!

          17. Skippy says

            You keep on proving how much of a mindless liberal drone you are, you keep on parroting the same thing. I get you think that I’m childish. Why don’t you answer my question? Here’s why you won’t, and to all the people out there, I’m going explain why. To those of you that don’t know what Plessy V Ferguson is, it’s the Supreme Courts decision that upheld segregation as Constitutional. The reason why this pathetic moron won’t answer the question is this. If she says that it was Constitutional she knows I’ll prove that it was unconstitutional, because of The 14th Amendment Section 1 of The Constitution. If she said that it was an unconstitutional decision than I would’ve said that you can’t rely on case law, because it doesn’t always line up with The Constitution.
            I don’t think you’ve ever read The Constitution from the beginning to the end. TTFN brainless wonder.

          18. AKLady says

            Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 US 537 (1896) was a landmark constitutional law case of the US Supreme Court. It upheld state racial segregation laws for public facilities under the doctrine of “separate but equal”.

            “It shall be unlawful for a negro and white person to play together or in company with each other in any game of cards or dice, dominoes or checkers.”
            —Birmingham, Alabama, 1930

            “Marriages are void when one party is a white person and the other is possessed of one-eighth or more negro, Japanese, or Chinese blood.”
            —Nebraska, 1911

            “Separate free schools shall be established for the education of children of African descent; and it shall be unlawful for any colored child to attend any white school, or any white child to attend a colored school.”
            —Missouri, 1929

            “All railroads carrying passengers in the state (other than street railroads) shall provide equal but separate accommodations for the white and colored races, by providing two or more passenger cars for each passenger train, or by dividing the cars by a partition, so as to secure separate accommodations.”
            —Tennessee, 1891

            “Any white woman who shall suffer or permit herself to be got with child by a negro or mulatto…shall be sentenced to the penitentiary for not less than eighteen months.”
            —Maryland, 1924

            “The Corporate Commission is hereby vested with power to require telephone companies in the State of Oklahoma to maintain separate booths for white and colored patrons when there is a demand for such separate booths.”
            —Oklahoma, 1915

          19. Skippy says

            Yes brainless wonder I know the history of it. That’s not the question I asked. I’ll make it a little easier for you. In the case Plessy V Ferguson was the Supreme Court’s decision Constitutional? Se if you can answer the question ya mindless liberal drone. TTFN brainless wonder.

          20. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Topped off with infantile name-calling.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …
            Try reading Plessy, it is a state’s rights case, not a discrimination case.
            Yes, Plessy was Constitutional.

          21. Skippy says

            Typical mindless liberal drone response dodging the question. Tell me from The Constitution how this was a States Right issue. Try again brainless wonder.

          22. AKLady says

            Read the case.
            Educate yourself.

          23. Skippy says

            You liberal drones are so pathetic you defend the unconstitutional decision of upholding segregation. That’s the Democraps party for ya. You try to rewrite history, but it hasn’t worked yet.
            Yes the democrat party is the party of slavery and segregation.
            One of your heros Robert Bird was not only a KKK member was was a leader in the KKK. Only in the democrat party can a leader of the KKK could become a leader in the Senate.

          24. AKLady says

            The only drone here is you, Skippy.
            Read the case.
            Educate yourself.
            You might also want to study the history of both political parties.
            You keep citing ancient history.

          25. Skippy says

            I have educated my self. I studied the founding of this Great Nation. I’ve read and studied the founding fathers writings, The Declaration Of Independence, The Constitution, The Federalist Papers, The Antifederalist Papers, and authors of some of The Amendments to The Constitution. I suggest that’s where you start ya mindless liberal drone.
            TTFN brainless wonder!

          26. AKLady says

            Name calling, I am so very impressed

          27. Skippy says

            I’m not going to wait for you to tell from The Constitution to backup what you’ve said. Now I’m about to educate you brainless wonder. Now pay attention. This was never a States Rights issue. If that was the case then all the Civil Rights Laws would be unconstitutional, because of States Rights granted from The 10nt Amendment. It’s not a States Rights issue. The 14th Amendment Section 1 All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State they reside. These black people were citizens of the United States. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of the United States. You can’t tell me that that case didn’t involve these rights being trampled on. Nor shall any State deprive person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny any person within it’s jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. They told them were they could live, they had different laws that only applied to black people. Which falls under the equal protection of the laws. I don’t have time to break it down further for you. Yes it was an unconstitutional decision, because of the 14th Amendment.
            Yes the case was about discrimination, that’s why the crooked lowers argued separate but equal. Separate but equal isn’t in The Constitution. I think you need to hit the books more and study. TTFN brainless wonder.

          28. AKLady says

            Suggest you take a law course.
            When you have done so, you may even comprehend how law is to be read.
            You have no concept as to what you are running your mouth about — none.
            A prime example would be Native Americans —
            they did not attain citizenship until 1924.
            Sorry, Skippy, you don’t get to define how laws are applied —
            that is what courts do.

          29. Skippy says

            You sure don’t know your history very well. The reason why Native Americans didn’t attain citizenship until then is because they didn’t swear allegiance to this Country. The authors of the 14th Amendment explains all this in their writings on the 14th Amendment. I suggest you go and read what they wrote ya pathetic moron. Stop making excuses for unconstitutional decisions. Again typical mindless liberal drone response when they can’t disprove what I’ve said. I’ve laid the facts out before you, but you choose to ignore them.
            TTFN brainless wonder.

          30. AKLady says

            No, baby boy, you are the one who said everyone born in this country is a U.S. citizen. You are the one who said everyone born in this country has the same rights. You think you know law … ha, ha, ha … The Fourteenth Amendment, particularly its first section, is one of the most litigated parts of the Constitution.

          31. Skippy says

            You truly are a brainless wonder. I broke that down for you in the past the same way the authors of the 14th Amendment did. You’re to scared to read what they wrote. Again I’ve laid down the facts before you, but as a typical mindless liberal drone, you refuse to believe. Continue to live in your fantasy world.
            TTFN Brainless Wonder!

          32. AKLady says

            Ignorant, childish, bigoted …
            Get an education,
            Before you can teach someone law, you must actually have valid knowledge.

          33. Skippy says

            Lady as I said before you’re the epitome of ignorance. This is all you pathetic mindless liberal drones can do when you can’t win the debate with facts.
            TTFN brainless wonder!

          34. AKLady says

            Thank you for proving my points.

          35. Skippy says

            That I’m brilliant thanks. Brainless wonder.

          36. DAlnB41 says

            Skippy; you either have truly tough skin, a strong ability for absorb mental pain, or just asking for bad days.
            Most people have dumped AKLady; I did several months ago when I stopped replying to her and finally blocked her.
            She is a nuisance and where she gets her ideas will always be a mystery.
            Do yourself a favor; stop reply to her, block her — you will have sunnier days and sleep better at night!

          37. Skippy says

            I’m having to much fun with that mindless liberal drone right now. I think she’s foaming at the mouth when she reads my post. When I get bored with her I’ll toss her out like an old shoe. She thinks I’m getting mad, but I’m not. The more stupid her comment is the more sarcastic I get. I just like watching these mindless liberal drones come unhinged especially when you hit them with the facts.

          38. glorybe2 says

            So Skippy, now we extend the conversation. Undocumented workers are clearly under the jurisdiction of the US while on US soil. Therefore they must be citizens. If they are not under the legal jurisdiction of the US just how can ICE agents or police take them into custody? Issues such as this is why i remark that the US constitution is a vague mess. When we take the rights of former convicts away such that they can not vote or carry a gun are we not stripping them of constitutional protections or making them only partial citizens? After all they have paid their debt to society. Our rights are about as firmly established for us as are the numerous treaties with Native Americans that we broke and broke and broke again. In other words anything granted or established in the constitution really carries no weight at all. Any logical system self destructs when an unresolvable paradox is allowed to stand.

          39. Skippy says

            I’ve already explained this to another moron. First of all lets call it what it really is illegal alien. It’s not undocumented anything. The only part of The Constitution applies to them is the right to due process. That means they can be brought before an immigration judge, and sent back home to their country. They also in that if they commit a crime they have the right to due process, or if they had a crime committed to them the right to due process. They’re not supposed to be here in the first place. They don’t have the right to own land or a house here, nor do they have the right to a job, because they aren’t supposed too be here in the first place. If I have to I’ll break it down one more time from The Constitution. You guys need to read what the authors of the 14th Amendment said about that Amendment.

          40. glorybe2 says

            The Constitution as it was read in 1890 is not taken to mean the same thing these days. For example many churches had proclaimed that black folks had no soul and therefore were not completely human. Raised in that kind of system you can see why a justice might not think that he is violating the constitution when promoting segregation. Major entities change their position all the time when new truths are revealed. For example the Roman Catholic Church taught that it was a husband’s duty to give his wife frequent orgasms as the belief was that orgasms enable pregnancies. Later when the church became educated to the new truth that orgasms did not relate to pregnancy the church wanted infrequent relations between man and wife as relations were only acceptable if they led to pregnancy and enjoyment was thought of as sinful.

          41. AKLady says

            Born, raised and educated in the Roman Catholic Church, I have never heard the nonsense about organism. Now, propaganda about/against sexuality has been common place within a number of Protestant Faiths. The Catholic Church, however, did preach against out-of-wedlock sex and birth control based on sex is for creation of life.

          42. glorybe2 says

            The church’s position on orgasms that i referred to was not in your lifetime but much further back in time. The church quietly drops items and people simply forget. In my lifetime we still have purgatory as part of the Catholic belief systems but you might have noticed that Limbo is a word that you won’t tend to hear mention of at all by priests these days. Go back 600 years and one could pre pay for commission of a sin. Absolution for an intended sin simply boiled down to paying a fee. Religion, much like government changes important elements as it goes along. Today women vote and are considered competent human beings. That is just a bit over 100 years old and is a huge change. In 1950 in much of the south black folks were really not allowed to vote and the local law enforcement actually aided in the suppression of black voters. Apparently during one of the Bush elections the same tactic was employed in northern Florida. Destroying the weight of black votes still exists in the form of gerrymandering voting districts. That is another example of a system that tries to automatically resist all change. The current idiot in chief of the US fights change by denial of a global warming emergency.

          43. AKLady says

            I a very aware of what the 1950s South was like. I was born and raised there.

            In fact, I attended Miami’s Cathedral School — before it was a Cathedral.. I remember both Bishop Hurley and Bishop Carroll. I am also fully aware of the Roman Catholic Church’s history — very violent history.

            Civil rights in the 1950s-1960s South? I grew up in a time when “whites only” signs were a normal part of daily life. I marched with Dr. King in Montgomery.
            I served in the Vietnam War. I was a surgeon. I did two tours at combat hospitals.

            Yes, destroying the weight of black votes still exists in the form of gerrymandering voting districts. It becomes rampant in Republicans areas. Everyone forgets that the two parties changed their politics in the 1960s.

          44. mac12sam12 says

            So far she has said that she’s a medical doctor, a college professor and today she’s a constitutional attorney.

          45. Skippy says

            I think she’s what ever she needs to be to get her point across. The funny thing is she can’t see that people see right through her lies. That’s one of the reasons I call her a brainless wonder, and or a mindless liberal drone.

          46. glorybe2 says

            The decision was not fair. It was an idiotic continuation of race hatred and helped legalize segregation. It also was impossible to deal with as no standard existed to define who was black and who was not due to the very large number of mixed race folks in Louisiana in 1890. If a man has 4 white grandparents and 4 white parents but is born with somewhat black skin what race is he? The most logical view is that he is white. I have an Italian step brother who is darker than some black folks in the summer time. He tans to a dark tone but in winter he is clearly white. Stupid people always want things to be nut and bolt simple and almost nothing is really simple at all.

          47. Skippy says

            Not only was it unfair it was unconditional. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments gave slaves their freedom, made them full citizens, and gave them equal rights under The Constitution.
            I have yet to find a Democrat that will say that was an unconditional decision.

          48. glorybe2 says

            I am both a democrat as well as a southerner. And I do understand why segregation was used in the south. It was a wretched solution but following the Civil War emotions were so raw in the south that trying to force people together would have caused endless violence and there are other considerations as well. In 1951 I lived in Tunica Mississippi. There were many, many black homes that had no facility for bathing at all. If they were lucky enough to have anything resembling a bath tub having five cents to buy a bar of soap would often have been more than their total cash available. The poverty among black folks was stark and evil. There was no way that Mississippi could have lifted up black folks even if the political will was there to do so which it was not. In that era the federal government was more involved in ruining black folks than helping them. I can promise you that in many cases freedom was worse than slavery as owners did have an interest in keeping slaves alive and able to work or fetch a good price when sold. Free, but in stark poverty, with a system that worked against them very few managed to do well or escape the grip of poverty, disease and early death.

          49. AKLady says

            Many freed slaves remained with their former owners.
            There is a little town in Texas that has an interesting history: McDade.

          50. AKLady says

            Term legal term was separate but equal.
            The “equal” just never seemed to materialize.

          51. Skippy says

            Boy you don’t have much reading and comprehension skills. I said the crooked lawyers argued separate but equal. Tell me ya brainless wonder where in the 14th Amendment is separate but equal or where is it in The Constitution?
            TTFN brainless wonder.

          52. laulau says

            Many slaves didn’t leave their masters because they had room and board and worked as maids and butlers do now.

          53. Skippy says

            I almost didn’t respond to this stupid, and racist comment, but this needs to be dealt with.
            Fist of all this discussion wasn’t about slavery, it was about segregation. Second I find you deplorable, and offensive. You must be a racist bigoted bastard for comparing slavery to servants.
            One reason why the didn’t leave was because if they got caught they would be been beaten or killed or both. You probably haven’t herd of the underground railroad.
            Yes moron I know that some slaves were treated like servants, and some were also educated. I also know that blacks did fight for the Confederate Army. I also know that a freed black man owned a plantation, and owned slaves. He was a very brutal master.
            You’re trying to defend slavery I find that so deplorable. It doesn’t matter if they were treated like servants it’s the fact that no person has the right to own another person, and that person being treated like property.

          54. laulau says

            You liberals should learn a new word besides racist. It gets old. You have no case , so decide to call names. My history books said that some blacks did stay on with their masters, by choice.. That’s racist? You need a valium. Nowhere did I say I was for slavery. Take 2 valiums. You are the one that mentioned slavery.

          55. Skippy says

            No! I didn’t know that! Not! First of all I’m a Constitutional Conservative. If you would have read my posts more carefully you’d know that. When it seems that you are trying to justify slavery, I will condemn that harshly. I was taking a mindless liberal drone through The Constitution on Plessy V Ferguson and proved how that was an unconstitutional decision.
            You need to be very careful how you post stuff like that because you’ll come off as racist. The democrat party is the party of slavery and segregation. I also commented on the fact that I can’t find a democrat that will say Plessy V Ferguson was unconstitutional decision.
            I believe in the founding of this Great Country. I’ve read the founding fathers writings, and studied The Constitution. I believe in a limited Government. I believe what the founding fathers said about Government, that it was an necessary evil. Before you call someone a liberal I suggest that you read more carefully.
            The post that you responded to when you mentioned slaves staying with their masters. I don’t think I mentioned anything about slavery, but I’ll go back and check. I know I was mostly talking about segregation, and the case that upheld it as Constitutional. How in fact that it was unconstitutional.

          56. AKLady says

            In the days of segregation, race was determined by genealogy, not skin tone.
            In many states, race was clearly indicated on birth certificates.

          57. glorybe2 says

            As you surely know many people who think they are fathers are not. In addition genetics plays its own tricks. Eight white grandparents and four white parents will not assure that a white baby is born. And the same is true for black folks in reverse. Genes from an ancestor can express themselves suddenly from out of the blue. So it really comes down to skin color and then one has to figure out how white is white and how black is black etc.. All in all skin color does not matter and we have never had a way of really defining who belongs to what race. How many of us have had DNA tests and be surprised that we had some Indian or other genes that we never knew about in our family histories. There are married women who have no clue about who sired their baby. Maybe social researchers will be able to give us a number on such cases. Could 1 in 30 not really know who sired them or is it more like 1 in 20 ? How many daughters have had sex with their fathers? Nobody seems to try to get data on that as I suspect the results might unhinge society.

          58. AKLady says

            In he days of segregation, the knowledge to which you speak was basically unknown. If there was a hidden non-white in the family history, it world not have been admitted. Please remember, only Europeans were acknowledged as Caucasian.

          59. AKLady says

            Develop some maturity.

          60. David in MA says

            off her med’s again…………

          61. AKLady says

            That is a very rude and infantile statement.
            You seem to think mental illness is some form of joke.
            Something to toss around, without a second thought.
            In reality, it is a disability, an illness, that destroys people’s lives.
            Grow up David, it could happen to you, or someone you love.

          62. Skippy says

            Well you are a mental case. Now go back to your safe space

          63. AKLady says

            That is a very rude and infantile statement.
            You seem to think mental illness is some form of joke.
            Something to toss around, without a second thought.
            In reality, it is a disability, an illness, that destroys people’s lives.
            Grow up Skippy, it could happen to you, or someone you love.

          64. glorybe2 says

            Mental illness has already happened to David.

          65. David in MA says

            go away.

        3. rick meek says

          How about SOROCRATS – that describes rinos too….

      2. DAlnB41 says

        It is not and has never been “good intentions.” But you are correct in suggesting the Obama agenda and Democrats (aided by a passive GOP congress) has lead us to a road of hell that will take the nation another 50 years to get out of!

        1. carla AMERICAN says

          And the demobutts blame Trump !

          1. AKLady says

            The liar Trump and his followers call people childish names.
            Oh, addition to being a proven liar,
            Trump is also a legally documented bigot.

          2. Skippy says

            You’re a legally documented brainless wonder.

          3. AKLady says

            Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            You never answer my question, can you name ONE bigoted thing that Trump has ever said or done? I can about he Clintons.

          5. AKLady says

            Case Name United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc. FH-NY-0024 Docket / Court 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. ) State/Territory New York Case Type(s) Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
            Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

            There are 200 more just like it.

          6. mac12sam12 says

            Blah blah blah. Like Trump said we are going to win so much that you’ll get sick of winning. Enjoy the next 8 years. Trump’s father was a democrat, BTW. A fe years ago Jesse Jackson gave Trump and award for helping black people, and Hillary Clinton’s most admired person was Margaret Sanger who pushed for abortion to eliminate ha black race. It’s the Clintons with the KKK past.

          7. AKLady says

            Trump’s legal record says something entirely different.
            Margaret Sanger gave women freedom She lifted women above the status of “breed sow.” Whatever her original thought, her accomplishment has revolutionized the world, and opened doors for the majority of its population.
            It is Trump, and his family that has a KKK past. Moreover, his grandfather ran a house of prostitution in the Yukon. Trump’s well-documented disrespect for women stands to document the apple did not fall far from the tree.

      3. DAlnB41 says

        How much tax payer money do you suppose it cost us very time we see Chuck Schumer and Pelosi standing in front of TV cameras with their squad of head bobbing Democrats behind the bad mouthing anything and everything they can conger up too snivel, whimper and whine about? They complain about wasting time in hearings and actions in Washington but what have they done in the past years other than point fingers at others and blame everyone but themselves for our problems! Do they not understand it was their president and their party that has held the power of the White House that created our problems, it was their party leadership that was caught tampering with the outcome of political races within their own party, it was their parties flag bearer that was caught with an illegal server sending out highly classified national secrets! BUT, they want to blame it all on the Democrats; they should have got the message loud and clear as the last elections dumped a lot of the Democrat s in congress and in the White House. Now all they can do is blame everyone else for their failures and stand in the way of getting anything essential done! They should be working overtime to fix the mess Obama left behind – – if they TRULY want to regain the respect and power they have lost they need to start acting like the men and women we expect to handle our nations business; as it is now, kids on a play ground do better than the Democratic leadership seems to be able to do!

        1. carla AMERICAN says

          Submit your concerns to the White House. You are correct about schumm though, did you see where he attacked an American ?

        2. Bob Morton says

          Just a slight correction. Did you want to say “BUT, they want to blame it all on the Democrats…” or change Democrats to Republicans? I agree with what you have to say. Why has Hillary not been brought up on charges re: the sale of uranium to Russia! The Dems are crying Russian collusion at every turn but it was Obama and Hillary in bed with the Russians. The recent Russian bombers that were “cruising” just off the coast of Alaska are nuclear capable. It’s unclear if they had nuclear weapons on board. Who wants to find out? It’s also infuriating to keep hearing that the Republicans are trying to deport all immigrants. There are illegal aliens who snuck in here without any documentation and without good intent and then there are legal immigrants that are here with temporary Visas or “green cards” and mostly awaiting to become citizens. And we, as citizens have to be documented – why should illegals be exempt? The laws are already on the books and have been for quite a while. I do not understand what the idiot Democrats don’t understand! We will welcome immigrants that go through the proper channels. I don’t think we need to change the existing law but maybe we need to spell it out for those that can’t comprehend what is already there in the law books (Dick and Jane & see Spot run…). The Democrats have never been able to accept responsibility for their mistakes and they certainly don’t play well in the sandbox. They need mega time out or expulsion! This is Bob’s wife.

      4. SouthernPatriot says

        These are demented (reprobate mind) Democrats who long ago ceased being sane.

      5. AKLady says

        You elect Congress.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          No shit Sherlock.

          1. AKLady says

            Adolescent male sewer language.
            I am so impressed.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Sorry mom! I know that the highlight of your day is when I pay attention to you.

          3. Skippy says

            After you’ve had your fun with this useless brainless wonder. Block her, it’s kinda peaceful not seeing all of her mindless dribble.

        2. truthseeker53 says

          LOL! I wish! Things’d be WAY different if THAT was so.

          1. AKLady says

            It is called voting.

    2. MajorMajor411 says

      Voters keep electing the same worn out democrats (a.k.a. progressives & RINOs) and expect a different result…it’s just not going to happen folks. Keep liberals from getting into office, and perhaps we might see a bigger change…but keep electing socialists, communists and libs you’ll get exactly what you deserve.

      1. glorybe2 says

        CHUMP was a life long democrat until he figured out that the democrats were too intelligent to let him rise to power. Now he has Jared and Ivanka acting as the real president. They are both democrats and both are Jews. Now we all know that the right wing hates democrats as well as Jews. They may pretend that they do not but when you allow the Nazis to be a part of your membership we all know you really deeply hate Jews. So i would like to really award the right wing a trophy for being so dumb that they actually put into power the folks they hate the most. The last president was a black man and these creeps still blame him for everything under the sun despite the fact that he may have been our greatest president ever. Now tell the truth. Would you have voted for CHUMP if he were black? Would you have voted for CHUMP if he was a Jew? We all really know what you are.

        1. Vince says

          You sir or madam are a FOOL AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO DESTROY ARE COUNTRY. The only person I worry about is my 4 year old son, because I will be dead before America is totally destroyed.

          1. My country says

            Exactly this kind is the enemy within . No brains relying on nothing more than propaganda because that is all this person knows . Their ignorance is astounding . Complaining constantly about the right wing being Nazi’s . When in fact this person is the total personification of socialism, communism, fascism all rolled up in one package .

          2. carla AMERICAN says

            AMEN ! I asked eveveryone that is against Trump what they have done to help AM RICA !!!

          3. carla AMERICAN says


        2. John Somers says

          I don’t know what you’re smoking but I have got to get some. It has GOT to be good

        3. MajorMajor411 says

          See folks…Glorybe is a prime example of what the liberal left looks like…and they only seek the destruction of this nation.

        4. FAITH47 says

          Love your brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS.

          1. jreg9304 says

            lol LOOKS LIkE A LUNATIC or pizzotzed demoncrap!!!

        5. RICHARD says


        6. Deplorable wizard says

          President Trump has done more for the betterment of the United States in four months than the obamanation ever even thought of. In eight years the obamanation down graded this country to the number one third world nation, and you obviously are happy with that. With a nonemployed rate of nearly 20% nationwide, the most since the great depression, and his intentionally divisive actions intended to destroy this country from within, and his out of control spending with the highest percentage of the population ever on government assistance in the history of the country, his purely marxist ideals have been devastating.

          President Trump used to be a democrat, that’s the only thing you got right. He left the party BECAUSE of clinton and the obamanation, and others due to their very clear anti-American agendas. But we cannot hope to convince a koolaid addict like you, you’re too far gone. The only thing we can hope is that you leave this country, and stay gone.

          1. Steve Astle says

            Worthless blackjack is a good for nothing bum. Like rolling snake eyes.Piece of shit.

        7. jreg9304 says

          Lookout, Chump is behind you and ready to take a chunk out of your aSz. FOOL!!

        8. mac12sam12 says

          Race obsessed much, Buford?

        9. DAlnB41 says

          It seems you are suggesting Trump crated the mess our nation is in; the major problems we are faced with today!
          These problems started 12 years ago while Bush was still president. When he left office he left some serious problems that Obama inherited. Obama never did anything to fix the problems.
          Eight years later Obama left Office and the Bush problems were still there; ignored for eight more years. Then, Obama left office leaving the Bush problem’s behind and the even greater and more numerous Obama problems developed during his administration for the next president.
          Trump did not create these problems – he inherited both the Bush and the Obama problems. He knew that before he filed for office; he knew that when he accepted the office; NOW, we have to hope he can do something to fix them. He agreed to doing so and we need to hold him to his word (that would be unique – seeing an elected representative actually keep is word).
          WE ALSO MUST insist both parties get out from in front of TV Cameras, get back into their offices and into the halls of Congress and do the jobs they were elected to do – fix the mess 12 years of failed leadership has dumped on us!

          1. Jan says

            here here you said it all in a nutshell, nothing else to say

        10. carla AMERICAN says

          My President Trump, not chump ! Only you would know what a chump is. He is at least trying, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP AMERICA ?

          1. bttrap says

            he is too busy crying about hitlery like all democraps are doing

        11. just me says

          glorybe2: Yes! I did vote for DONALD J TRUMP! Not because of his race, religion, or color! Black, white, green, yellow, pink, orange or purple, what in all that is sane does color or religion, [Jewish, Christion, Catholic, or Israelite] have to do with any it? It seems to me that WE still have freedom of: religion, thought, [though some have never figured out how to think for themselves.] speech and choice! Whatever DONALD J TRUMP would still be DONALD J TRUMP! And you are a BLUNDERING, BLUBBERING RACEST IDIOT if you think for one minute that we voted for DONALD J TRUMP because he’s white! WE THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR DONALD J TRUMP BECAUSEHE IS THE ONLY MAN FOR THE JOB! Don’t like it? Too bad! Suck it up cupcake!

          1. bttrap says

            and stop crying about your choice for president and what was so great about obambie that fool traded isis leaders for a deserter

      2. Vince says

        Exactly correct, we mush stop the illegal voting the DEMOTARDS are counting dead people and illegal aliens as voters and THEY ARE NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. PHOTO ID OR NO VOTING ANY CITIZEN OF AMERICA WHO IS NOT A FELLON WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM GETTING PHOTO ID.

        1. DAlnB41 says

          I see the Nevada Attorney General is now saying there are a number of records showing illegal voting in the State of Nevada. It apparently came from allowing illegals aliens residing in Nevada to get State drivers license that then allowed them to vote; intentionally or otherwise.
          Most likely it will be pushed under the rug as Harry Reid, in spite of the fact he is finally out of Washington, still carries to much influence and to much funding from the casinos, hotels/motels and restaurants in Las Vegas who survive by using low earning illegal and legal immigrants; and from the name, it would appear the Nevada Governor is also Hispanic!

          1. carla AMERICAN says

            Voice your concerns to the White House ! Our President needs to hear your concerns!

        2. carla AMERICAN says

          Write your concerns to the White House ! Our President needs to know what Americans are concerned about and ways to HELP !

      3. DAlnB41 says

        These, along with too many Republicans in congress, are the ones who were in office over the past 12 years when our nations major problems were developing and being ignored.
        No action was taken to manage the problems or stop the growing problems. They were problems ignored in the mindset of Washington and the Obama administration of “do nothing and the problems will go away!”
        We will, now and for the next 50 years, suffer from 12 years of failed White House leadership or elected representatives we sent to Washington to attend to the nations’ business to do their job!

        1. carla AMERICAN says


      4. carla AMERICAN says

        Contact the White House and voice your concerns. Demand a vote to remove and find out if he illegally while in office committed crime as against America, if so DEPORT HIM, FREEZE AND CONFICIATE !

        1. Bob Morton says

          I have already contacted the White House and I continue to answer their surveys. I really hope it helps. Has anyone noticed that the “ever-changing” illegal aliens that are in the United States and the supposed difference of the popular vote and the electoral vote? It’s pretty damn close. The first televised arrested illegal was a mother of two and had been here for quite a while. She admitted that she had voted 5 times. She said that she marked “not a US citizen” on the ballot but was still allowed to vote. I wonder how many of you all would like to take an educated guess on how many illegal aliens illegally voted? That’s not to mention the “dead” votes and the double-votes. I bet the margin of popular vote vs. electoral vote is way slimmer – perhaps on President Trump’s side. This is Bob’s wife.

          1. carla AMERICAN says

            Is’nt that something ? Thanks Bob Morton. It showed we still have the vote.

    3. glorybe2 says

      Florida provides zero benefits to undocumented workers. I’m sure that some other states do that as well.

      1. John Somers says

        WRONGO Toilet Breath. Just ask all the illegals in Immokalee just haw much they get from the Government !! I lived in Lee County for a LOONG time.

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        Wrong you liberal fool….

      3. MajorMajor411 says

        Nuff said…FL…what would you expect? FL has a lot of these same libitards running their cities and towns. The only way to rid ourselves of these left wingers is to make sure the conservatives get out and vote in all elections (city, state, national). Then we can put these libs out to pasture.

      4. mac12sam12 says

        In sanctuary cities illegals get welfare, section 8 and free healthcare. Illegals also cost the taxpayer hundreds of billions every year.

    4. The Capatin says


    5. DAlnB41 says

      YEP – Tax time; wonder how many illegals will get “earned income” checks form IRS for the illegal work they did here? Maybe while Congress is conducting their investigations into the past IRS directors activities can ask and get a HONEST answer as to why those working here illegally, first of all, were allowed to work here illegally, and why they get the Earned Income checks from IRS!
      Maybe your representatives can tell us why Obama refused to enforce federal laws against illegals working here – the four million he himself, Obama, said are working in the U.S.! Did he force the IRS Secretary to pay the illegals the Unearned Tax Rebates? Should she and Obama both be jailed?

    6. DAlnB41 says

      That comes from turning the other cheek; the problems is the Obama administration turned the other cheek so many times the swelling made it difficult to knw the difference between their butt and their cheek; and their tongues never learned to be truthful!

    7. Germansmith says

      That is PURE BS…some places may provide emergency care and some private organizations may be helping them, but illegals are afraid ALL THE TIME…they have to be dying before they go to a hospital
      Bring up a documented example

    8. carla AMERICAN says

      Contact President Trump at the White House and express your concerns.

    9. Steve Astle says

      I want everyone one of these people out an if they calfed wile they were here take your mongrel with you.OUT OUT OUT NOW. Or ICE WILL GET YOU SUCKER. Keep going on TV so they know who you are an your ass will be grass in mexeco.

    10. DAlnB41 says

      While thirty plus million Americans were out of jobs and could not find work Obama increased the number of work visas into this country at something like and additional 25,000. Obama’s labor department reported that three out of four jobs were going to immigrants; Americans’ were not getting jobs and those who did, were being forced into almost slave labor wages without benefits. Many families finally gave up when their unemployment benefits were depleted and gave into turning to welfare payments to survive.
      Many felt too that it was better to not work and let the government pay them welfare and pay their Obama care costs for health care. Many older people elected to retire early placing an added burden on social security and Medicare! The Obama Administration turned their backs on the millions and millions of Americans out of work while, at the same time, Obama was importing not only low wages immigrants but educated and capable immigrants to fill jobs Americans were at one time doing.
      Add this to the loss of local and state tax revenues lost when the immigrants, legal and illegal, would send money out of the country instead of spending it locally; that, throughout the nation, amounted to billions and billions of lost tax revenues to local and state governments.
      Who took action to stop this or to fix the problem? NO ONE IN THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION It still goes on today – – maybe our new Administration will find time to fix this also – IF – they can ever spent time on some congressional work rather than on standing in front of TV cameras sniveling about what someone else has said or done while a dozen head bobbers standing behind them are running up the tax bill to the tax payers!

    11. cutterguy says

      while seniors eat cat food, they eat real food

    12. Jeff Kelley says

      Correct! We need a Veterans First Campaign that will take Military Vets off the street and into a comfortable, safe, environment. They should receive the best medical and healthcare. These men and women put their lives and limbs on the line, and for what? Should we put them out on the street while all the cowardly Syrians and others run away from their native country, just to trash America? I don’t think so, Timid testicle-less Liberals! Thanks for thinking of veterans. I’m a retired military Ex-patriot who can’t get benefits overseas.

    13. rick meek says

      WE own illegals NOTHING —– WE owe veterans EVERYTHING…..

    14. DAlnB41 says

      But that is what Obama and his puppets wanted!

    15. Linda Abernathy says

      It’s like Welfare, this wasn’t intended to be a retirement plan when your 18. Get off your lazy butt and get a job and work. All government assistance should have a drug test before you get a dime. In all my life the government never gave me anything even though there were hard times when I lost my job. They always seem to have a reason to deny to those who have paid into the system but never have a question when someone walks in who is illegal.

    16. bob vey says

      That’s the Democrats for ya !!! They want the ILLEGALLS to get EVERYTHING for free; so it GUAREENTS the ILLEGALLS will vote ILLEGALLY for the DEMOCRATS. That’s how they stay in power!!

  5. Natalie says

    Liberals love to call these people ‘dreamers’ and give them their full, unquestioned support. Yet the actual American citizens putting their own dreams on hold, or off entirely in order to fund their free ride whether we want to or not are labeled racist, called ‘nationalists’ as if there’s something wrong with caring about yourself and your own first and given nothing but smug, sneering contempt.
    Here’s a tip for you liberals, it wasn’t Russian interference or sexism or ‘patriarchy’ or any of the other excuses you’ve come up with that cost you the election, it was things like this.

    1. DAlnB41 says

      Marketing – it is called marketing!
      Supporters of sanctuary cities and support for illegal immigrants have been handed the support of a massive marketing tool brought to them by the past White House administration. You Have Heard It over and over again; we all have. We hear it all the time; we can not enforce laws against illegals because they will no longer report other illegals for committing crimes! Marketing – we heard Obama over and over again when discussing the impact of the greatest invasion of illegals into the United States in our entire history refer to ALL IMMIGRANTS, legal and illegal -only- as immigrants. His techniques was to lump them all together refusing to acknowledge the nations was being overrun by illegals as they massed this side of the southern border!
      Obama repeatedly stated Americans support immigrants in this country; A True Statement but always stated in such a way that included the illegal as much as it did the legal immigrants. He would never say Americans support LEGAL IMMIGRANTS; instead he lumped the illegals in with all immigrants.
      The vast majority of Americans DO SUPPORT legal immigrants; always have and always will – BUT, far-far less Americans support illegal immigrants. We are a nation of laws and expect everyone here to obey our laws and we expect those violating our laws to be prosecuted, – we expect our government to ensure our nation is safe, secure and EVERYONE to obey the laws; Obama did not see it that way and today we suffer the consequences of his failure to live up to his duty, his responsibilities and his obligations.
      With a massive budget of tax payers money he could “buy” the influencing of his agenda through the media of which to many people are so quick to accept as the truth – regardless of how often we see the reporting to be more “marketing” than reporting!

      1. Skyhawk says

        Since Barry Soetoro is not, nor ever was, a US citizen, you can only expect him to support the other illegals in the country.

  6. Ora Cobb Jr. says


  7. Tired... says

    “…we should stop calling those who come here illegally “immigrants” at all. Go back to calling them aliens. Call them invaders. Make up some new term, it doesn’t matter. But we have to stop letting them blur the line between legal and illegal immigration. They are not the same.”

    Aaaaahhhh….the truth is so refreshing!!!

    1. alegalcitizen says

      The OFFICIAL U.S. Government term is “Illegal Alien”, read the 1986 Amnesty, Teddy Kennedy even refers to them at that time as Illegal aliens. Because they are illegally present, and they are alien to this country, ie: not a citizen. They are NOT Undocumented either as they ALL have documents to their home country.

  8. Richard Bagenstose says

    if they are such good people , why don’t they protest and rise up against their own government and fix it , instead of coming here looking for free hand outs and turning our county into the same kind of sh*t hole they just came from ,,my days of paying taxes are over, i don’t make enough,

    1. DAlnB41 says

      If they are such good people why are they here making a stand rather than forcing their own country to do the right thing?
      We see young, healthy and capable men and women coming into tis country as refugees from their own countries; these people should be at home fighting for their country just as we have fought for our country; It Makes Little sense why we send our young men and women to fight in a country where the men and women there decline to stand up and fight their own battles but quickly run off to another country where they are protected, housed, fed, educated and cared for WHILE OTHERS DIE for them!
      Don’t you thnk though, had the Obama Red Line meant anything, had our government taken acton more than just ore talk, when the red line was ignored; most of the mess we have today would not be here? If you are not going to bak your word – just keep your mouth shut!
      The Obama mind set of – do nothing and the problems will eventually go away – has cost this country far to many young Americans their lives, too many life time injuries, and the American tax payers trillions of dollars in fighting someone else war using words instead of bullets, ignorance instead of meaning, failures instead of success!
      And while all this is going on; the American people are paying for the refugees to travel to our country, paying to get them housing, utilities groceries, education, health care and probably giving them a better life here than they ever had in their own country – – maybe that is why they come here, maybe that is why the refugees are more than happy to let our people go die on the foreign soils while the American people do for them what they refuse to do for themselves!
      AND – you know what – – – for eight years we have been told over and over that is the right thing to do! Who can tell me, or anyone else – that Americans sacrificing our way of life and our quality of life for others who refuse to obey our laws – or Americans dying while protecting the countries the refugees come here and set back doing nothing while our people die on foreign land is the right ting to do!
      IF – WE DID IT with intent and honest effort to resolve the problems there, rather than the half-hearted, weak efforts of the past eight years, there may be some reason for it.
      NOW – the duty has passed to a new leadership – we can only hope WORDS have meaning and meaning is given the strength to carry out what has to be done!

      1. Richard Bagenstose says

        your 100% right , if we go to war , then we go kill everything in site and come home ,like wwll , you can’t fight a ware with out killing the innocent to, they scream bloody murder when we accendently kill 1 innocent person , but say nothing when isis kills 50 and that’s what pisses me off, they send our troops to war with their hands tied behind their backs , hopefully trump won’t let that be the case any more

  9. george briar says

    He’s right you know. but the problem isn’t what the media thinks these illegal aliens are it’s what the democrats believe they are and that would be voters for the democrat party. The real American people know what they are and want them out and to only come here legally like they are supposed to and that’s why Trump is sitting in the oval office and not Hillary.

  10. george briar says

    Truth be known Obama or whatever that traitors real name is really put a dent in this countries economy with his stupid regulations and allowance of letting anybody come here unchecked. He should be brought to justice after Trump unravels all his dirty deeds. Even if Trump erases all of it Obama should still go to prison for what he done. Go Trump your the only President we have had in decades that cares about this country as much as we do.

  11. Rodger K. Shull says

    they should be treated, like an AMERICAN would be treated in their home country, when it come to breaking the law, which is NOT A NICE THING. Our USA LAWS are to kind to them.

  12. roger dodger says

    The president should form a Corps of Volunteers to patrol the Border and act as deputies to guard theses people while they are incarcerated.
    I can give the government 3 months a year.
    I would supply my own weapon, ammo and sleeping bag.
    All it would cost the USA is 2 MRE’s a day.

    1. Oscar Pearson says

      Works for me.

  13. J.B.Jacobs says

    What I don’t understand is the way these so-called sanctuary cities treat the American citizen criminals one way and illegals another. If you are an American Citizen and you commit a crime you are put in jail, go to court and they decide if you are guilty or not. If you are, you pay a fine or go to prison, depending on the crime. If you are here illegally, and commit a crime, you are put in jail, the so-called sanctuary city ignores the federal order to detain them for deportation, and turned loose to commit more crimes. Does this make any sense? Why are we allowing this to happen. The city officials should be jailed for committing a crime when they ignore the federal law and release these people. They are aiding and abetting criminals and I always thought that was against the law. Don’t that make you an accessory to any crime they commit? Trump not only needs to stop giving Federal Funds to these cities, but put the city officials who fail to obey Federal law in jail with the illegal aliens.


      Then deport them ALL including the MAYER and COUNCEL!! If that were done in one SHITY then the rest would get the message.

      1. J.B.Jacobs says

        It would be nice if you could, but they are supposed to be American citizens to run for office. Putting them in jail might send a message to the rest of them.

  14. james gould says

    Illegals are exactly that without proper ID that allows them into the US. Until they receive citizenship or without visas they’re illegals without rights!

  15. Glenn Trail says

    Well folks I have some bad news for you. As of this year you will have to tighten your belts a little tighter and use more of your hard earned money to support these people that come here illegally. I am eighty years old and this is the first year I have not paid any taxes since 1953 . You see I had to quit working due to health problems. So you will have to take up the slack that I used to handle. Sorry folks but I just cannot do it any more. Maybe one or more of you could get a second (or third) job to help out. Or maybe you could skip a meal a day or home school your children so there would be room in school for one more illegal kid. How about you give the money you saved to send your child to college to the democrat party. They would know better than you how to spend it.

    1. Oscar Pearson says

      Great comment. Thank you for standing up for our country.

    2. Skyhawk says

      I understand fully . I am 86 years old. A few years ago I owned and flew my own airplane, traveled when and where I wanted to, bought new cars with a check. But that has all dissipated.

      The cost of living has gone up and my finances have gone down.

    3. DAlnB41 says

      Well maybe Glen Trail; we hear you, but I do not understand your last comment about giving our money to the Democrat party.
      I know your frustrations with age related health and employment problems. I know too the effects of the unrealistic attitude of “– take up the slack.”
      I am nearing my 80th birthday, I spent six years working for the sate as an Employment Security Specialist at the time our nation was starting to feel the effects of the Greatest Invasion of Illegal Aliens into this country in our entire history. We often saw employers we supported in locating employees for stop using our services and start hiring illegal immigrants. We shared our facility with the State Welfare Department who often commented about their being forced to provide support for illegals working in the area. In spite of the laws and programs that did not include these illegals, they (and at times we too ) were forced to support them. Many of the American workers and legal immigrants in our area were taking concurrent second and third part time jobs in order to withstand the rising prices in the grocery stores, at the gas pumps, in new local, state and federal fees and taxes while WASGES WERE not going up and in many case going down and many were loosing employment benefits they had for years and years We became overrun with men and women out of work and no place to refer them to. At the same time, you walk into a grocery store, a doctors office, the hospital, or about anywhere and the employees were immigrants; generally pretty good at what they were doing and the vast majority of the time, they did it with a smile – – but, there were more American workers standing in lines at the employment offices than there were patients at the hospitals and doctors offices.
      n time I had to give up my job. I took several other low paying jobs and worked two and three part time jobs at the same time in order to keep up with expenses. When Obama care hit, my employment records worked against me and I could no longer afford to pay the growing costs of insurance. Because I had left the later employees without belonging to an employee supported insurance program I was penalized by the government and could not take media-care for six months and my monthly rates jumped. On top of that, when I filed for social security, I ended up loosing a bunch of the monthly amount my Social Security annual statement showed I was entitled to BECUASE, most of the social security was based on income earned earlier in my working years while employed concurrently in two and three jobs at the same time – BUT – because I had a public retirement program also (the state retirement) I had to give up a portion of the social security. SO – again, I was out looking for supplemental wages. I contacted my states senator who said they were aware of that problem and they would take it to the floor the next time the issue came up; apparently it never came up as it was never changed! Obamacare changed it all; changed for the worse as I struggled to find a doctor in our small community that would take us; we (wife and I) had to make a 120 mile (round trip) to see a doctor.
      What ever the new administration can do to fix the shortfalls of Obama care will hopefully be a blessing. I care less what they call it – but there are millions and millions of Americans who are in need of REAL AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE and not phony lectures and lies from politicians who did as they were forced to do in dumping Obama Care onto us. Obama care was costing me as much as my combined monthly car and house payment was; I don’t have the greatest home and my car is eight years old; hopefully they will both last for what ever years we have left! I worked my entire life, often two and three jobs at the same time I order to ensure I had an acceptable retirement that would sustain the wide and I, I never expected that even after retirement, I would still be helping take care of those who refuse to take care of themselves and those who have no business even being in this country!

  16. geneww1938 says

    If you want criminal (illegals) to reside in our country. then stand up, be counted and change the laws.
    . This God Blessed administration is trying to do right (often will fail like sinners do) by being transparent, honest and upholding the laws of the land.
    . It should be obvious that President Trump is trying to keep and deliver on every campaign promise and that the opposition is fighting to keep the Criminal Cabal of the Shadow Government in power.
    Pray that this administration will be given Godly wisdom, discernment, direction and protection.

    1. PatriotGal says


    2. DAlnB41 says

      What the nay-sayers seem to fail to understand is that Trump did not create the problems we are faced with today; those problems were created and festered unattended to starting in the last few years of the Bush Administration and throughout the Obama Administration.
      When Bush left office he left a number of problems Obama inherited; and Obama should have attended to. When Obama left office the Bush problem’s were still there, unattended to and still growing.
      Obama left office eight years later having never attended to the Bush problems and having created even greater problems he ignored; these are the collective problems Trump inherited. These problems were there before Trump ever filed to run for the White House! He did not create the problems, he recognized them and the terrible results they were creating for the men, women and families of the American people. These problems were inherited by him; he was elected because he promised us he would fix them; we need to support him in his efforts to fix our national problems; it makes little difference as to who created the problems, it makes little difference as to who should have been doing something about them.
      BUT, what does make a difference is the refusal to address these problems. Far to many of the people in office today have been in office as these problems were developing. They declined to do anything as the problems were developing; they declined to do anything as the problems escalated. NOW, when the opportunity to get on board and help fix the mess, they want to stand in front of TV cameras and bad mouth any efforts to fix the problems. There is no excuse for not doing what can be done to help fix these problems OTHER THAN a political agenda to create even greater problems than allow any improvements that another politician or party may benefit from.
      The American people will have to FORCE the change; we must support those politicians who are making attempts to fix the mess two previous presidents have dumped on us! Back those who are ready to help – force those who are not getting on board out of office; they are not a part of the resolution – they are the problem! They need to get out from in front of the television cameras, get into their offices and attend to the business we sent them to Washington to do!

      1. geneww1938 says


  17. Donald Lindsey says

    Under Obama our Veterans were nothing more than manure so he gave everything entitled to we the Veterans to the Illegals and rabid radical Muslims, Praise God we now have a true American in the office of President that respects the Veterans and our brothers and sisters that are serving in the Military today.

  18. Oscar Pearson says

    The correct phrase and title in the future is “illegal aliens”. Don’t give them credit for being immigrants because it demeans those who come here legally.

  19. CUZIN ERN says

    The illegals are from every corner of the stone age world here to inject shit in our nation which must not happen by deporting all insurrectionists pronto also!!!!

  20. TexRancher says

    Good, but we’re years behind! ILLEGALS aren’t hard to find, there are so many that you can’t swing a dead cat by the tail without hitting one!

    Pick up everyone they encounter! If one is located and his papers are in anyway suspect, process him on the fast track starting with Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama or what ever his name is and deport them without delay!

  21. David in MA says

    “It’s the United States criminal justice system that deports people.”
    (Think about what “NOW” means.)

    1. alegalcitizen says

      It means that Obama tied the hands of the border patrol and ICE, they say he was the deporter in chief, BUT he only “deported” the illegal Mexicans at the border. IF they were from Central America, he sent the kiddies or kiddies with their parents on their way to other family members already here. Google the Monitor, McAllen, Texas, click on the Immigration link, read the stories especially “aiding the journey”, you will see how they were accomadated by the churches in the Rio Grande Valley.

  22. MJB says

    Anybody too stupid to understand the difference between legal immigrants and the ones who hop the fence are mentally handicapped and shouldn’t be voting. This is a good example of the main stream media’s false narrative to fit their agenda.

  23. Teleman119 says

    In a REPUBLIC, the law rules. In a Democracy, the rotten majority rules. There are many more bad people than there are good people. We were founded as a REPUBLIC. No Democracy has ever lasted more than 200 years because the most rotten people vote themselves all the money in treasury.

  24. anAmericanByChoice says

    Illegal is illegal = no respect for the law. If someone is in the USA illegally it means they have no respect for the laws of the country. Why would they respect any other law if they can violate this one?
    Stop the welfare carrot on a stick, and illegal immigration will drop to a fraction of what it has been. No free anything, period.
    And once caught as an illegal, undocumented immigrant, pit that name and the names of their family members, children, etc., on a black list: make them all non-eligible for immigration, now and for ever.
    Also, no one should be a USA citizen just because their mother gave birth in the USA, intentionally or unintentionally being here when the baby was delivered. The child should always be given the parents or at least the mother’s, if the father is unknown, nationality, period. And if found that the mother intentionally crossed the border to give birth in the USA, then list the new born as an illegal immigrant also non-illegible for immigration or nationality application for life.
    I guarantee that these three measures would bring illegal immigration down to almost zero if not 100% stop it.

  25. ernldo says

    Yes, the demotard authored and enacted immigration law is what has the demotards up in arms. How dare the new GOP leadership enforce it!

  26. WhiteFalcon says

    If Kelly just enforces the laws that are on the books, a lot will be accomplished. Ovomit just enforced the ones he wanted to and then only when he wanted to enforce them. Ovomit didn’t even rise to the level of a bad joke.

    1. ernldo says

      Bathhouse Barry was at best, a political wet fart…..

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        You speak to highly of him.

  27. Tiger says

    Kelly is RESPONSIBLE for who he puts in charge and we found out he left an O official in a high position and the border guards are screaming and defied an order by this O leftover scum to not patrol 40 miles of open border.

    So my question are you blowing air out your backside in our general direction or what?

  28. paulrph1 says

    It is all part of the delusional Communistic nonsense. Make everything the same and treat them all the same. The workers are the same as the non-worker in their eyes and deserve the same reward. The thief is the same as the good person, it makes no difference. That is why they are all thieves. Don’t believe me? They steal from you and give to someone else. It is called taxation.

  29. glorybe2 says

    CHUMP uses any tactic he can to get the ignorant to be in lock step with him. Race hatred is a serious disease in America and what he is actually doing is fanning the flames of race hatred under the false flag of immigration issues. We have major cities that want their immigrant residents to be fully protected. American labor is so hard to hire that businesses know full well that they will have to raise prices if they don’t hire new immigrants. It is a simple fact that those that do not speak English well work for smaller wages. Grocery and meat prices would rise sharply in we stop farm and meat packing houses from hiring these immigrants and that is just a start. Most of the lies told about immigrants are deliberate lies. For example they can get zero benefits from social services in my state. But they do pay SS and income taxes even though they are not allowed to get any benefits at all. That really is a criminal theft by the US heaped upon these people. Talk about no taxation without reprsentation, what we do to these people is a crime against God.

    1. MajorMajor411 says

      Exactly who did YOU vote for in 2008, 2012 and 2016? Was it a democrat or a RINO?

      1. bttrap says

        if she voted at all

    2. bttrap says

      then why don’t they get the same in their country. we have enough problems with the middle east and no help from the immigrants that are sucking the benefits out of the u.s.

  30. Skyhawk says

    Remove them all. ASAP

  31. amerigo m cimino says

    “Should Hillary still be indicted”?
    What does this quote mean; plus another poll.
    And, on & on and on and on; What’s the point?
    Everyone in the USA, knows she destroyed evidence, and the “investigation”, was a farce!
    Here we had the “smartest” woman in the world; unable to answer a single question with a simple “yes”; or no!
    Director Comey; likewise; and this is the man who would evaluate her answers.
    A. G. Lynch; also; never giving a firm answer to anything, as if their answers would give Clinton, “something” to worry about.
    I’ll say this; hours of questions; with zero results!
    “I take full responsibility”; was one of her quotes.
    Under questioning; she took responsibility for nothing!
    The entire episode was a farce, and a joke!
    Hillary should be in jail; awaiting sentencing; That’s what I believe!

  32. junkmailbin says

    the US Government statute term is ” ILLEGAL ALIEN”. that is what these criminals are. Yes, you are a criminal ( law breaker) if o enter the SA without US Government paperwork.
    If you are here illegally, your arse gets tossed out, PERIOD.

  33. Kendall Stephenson says

    What is a nation without laws to protect our citizens? I have a lot of neighbors here in Mesa Arizona that are illegal aliens. They know they are breaking the law just by being here. I asked one young man why he doesn’t get his U.S. citizenship? He told me the Mexico needs him. I don’t understand why he is here dealing drugs and not in Mexico helping Mexico be a better place. Can he comprehend “a better place”? Two blocks to the north of my place a 4 year old girl was molested by an illegal alien about a month or two ago. Last spring a young man working the night shift at a convenience store a few blocks from my place was shot to death over a pack of smokes by a guy that had been arrested several times but not deported, of course another illegal alien.
    We need to enforce the law; NO excuses, NO exceptions, No compromise!!! With the U.S. government pukes that think that their oath of office is just a suggestion that they can choose to not fallow, I feel they need to go to prison for treason.

    1. MajorMajor411 says

      Yesterday, my friend told me about a hit and run he was involved with by an illegal alien. I hope they catch this thug. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better…the fox is no longer guarding the hen house…and these weasels (a.k.a. illegal aliens) all know it….there’s a new sheriff in town.

  34. ONLYJB1 says

    I have only one question. Why are we having to deport illegal aliens in the first place. They shouldn’t even be here. Ok, I understand a few leak between the cracks, BUT.

  35. Pat Prybil says

    What I find most disturbing about the whole illegal issue, is the distorted entitlement, illegals think they deserve. My blood boils when I see illegals protesting, that they have rights. Where does our Constitution say if you are in our Country as an illegal, you have rights? You don’t. Just like if you break our laws and are in prison. You have no rights. All the Liberal big mouths may say they have rights through our humanitarian laws, but that’s just wishful thinking on their part. Nobody has the right to be in our Country illegally, period !!!

  36. LLJINTL says

    There are millions of illegals here, working under dead gringos SS numbers and filing taxes ITIN. How much responsibility should business owners bear in verifying SS numbers? They always come up fraud when checked. I am bilingual and try to explain that this is against the law, ID theft, fraud on steroids, which if done by gringos…they throw us under the jail. But they work so hard, for less, it is irresistible to businesses. They often work harder, do a better job than gringos. These are generally not the ones robbing, murdering, raping, selling drugs…they are simply trying to feed their children and in most cases, chasing the American dream of having too much to eat, nice cars, nice homes, stuff, more stuff, then more stuff. But they have asked me, after having 5 babies on the system, why people are living under bridges in homeless camps.

  37. Leo says

    I love it when Secretary Kelly told a group that if our law makers don’t like ICE and CBP enforcing immigration laws which are already on the books, they should either change the laws or just shut up. Gotta love it.

  38. rick meek says

    LIBERALS – the modern name for the village idiots that can’t work – hunt or fish for themselves and demand that taxpayers supply their right to have everything given to them..After all these years – Kelly and others finally intend to enforce laws…..Isn’t that something….

  39. richjack4 says

    Laws? Something the radical left does not incorporate into their ideology. It’s what’s good for the moment that counts. Why they are dangerous

  40. My country says

    Every democrat is working for people who are not citizens .And a lot of the Rino Republicans too. Hollywood is trying to keep them slaves because they clean their fine homes and the agriculture uses them for cheap labor . Although they are members of a union (illegals with unions ) most of them make $15.00 and hour . Recently they have aligned themselves with South Carolina and South Carolina never brought one slave to this country . The south did not own ships and it was all on the North .California brought every Mexican and anybody else breathing to work in their fields for cheap labor .All while making owners rich because they wouldn’t pay an American a decent salary especially since a legal American must meet the tax burden . Thus creating a slave atmosphere and creating a mess for the rest of the country to deal with . Like he said our laws are and have been in place for many years to deal with illegals . And we are a nation who welcomes legal immigrants. But Obama and California has just about destroyed America opening its borders to millions who break our laws and do more harm than good . They are a drain on our economy and have pushed us into trillions of dollars in debt all while our politicians have abandon the military and Legal Americans !

  41. MichaelZZ says

    August 24, 2013

    PROBLEM: Unauthorized visitors

    DEFINITION: Unauthorized visitors are those persons who enter a country without legal authorization and those who overstay their authorized period.

    CAUSES, REASONS, AND PROVENANCE: The main reason for unauthorized visitors is that people want and hope to improve their lives and the lives of their families and will gravitate to those situations where the economics provide the incentives to make the change.

    DISCUSSION: I think all would stipulate that anyone has the right to attempt to better his or her conditions insofar as those efforts do not infringe upon the rights of others.

    Each nation has the right and obligation to establish immigration laws for the orderly and rational assimilation of authorized immigrants.

    Do the following comments provide justification for unauthorized immigration?

    1. Unauthorized immigrants are looking to better their situations.
    2. Unauthorized immigrants provide inexpensive labor and are hard workers.
    3. This Nation was built upon immigrants.
    4. It is virtually impossible to find and deport 12,000,000 unauthorized immigrants.

    The answers to the above four should be an unequivocal “NO”.

    If anyone disagrees with that, I will appreciate his or her reasoning for a “yes” response.


    A foolproof system must be devised, implemented, with substantial penalties for non-compliance that will verify a person’s legal authorization to work in the United States.

    The concept of “anchor babies” should be eliminated, either by a pragmatic interpretation of the 14th Amendment (displaced the disputed Civil Rights legislation of 1866, which was passed by Congress over Andrew Johnson’s veto, and which was proposed by Congress six months after the 13th Amendment had been ratified), by Congressional legislation in accordance with Section 5 of the 14th Amendment, or by a Constitutional Amendment, that could and should be passed by the House and Senate and ratified by the requisite 38 states within a year.

    There should be a $4.00 (arbitrary) per gallon increase in the federal excise tax on gasoline and diesel, at the pump.

    A tax credit would be allowed any U.S. taxpayer (who possesses a valid driver’s license and submits proof of vehicle registration and proof of insurance) in the amount of $2,000.00 per year (10,000 miles @ 20 MPG = 500 gallons, thus, 500 X $4.00 = $2,000.00).
    Ancillary benefits would include that this federal excise tax would be collected from all visitors, authorized and unauthorized, and this would stimulate purchasers of new vehicles to demand more mileage efficiency, i.e., there would be no need for the government to force manufacturers to increase mileage efficiencies. The marketplace would be effective.

    Federal legislation should be passed that would eliminate all minimum wage laws. The “minimum wage” concept should be replaced with a massive expansion of the EITC regulations, which would cover all U.S. taxpayers who are older than 25 years of age.
    Another benefit would be that labor costs would be shifted from “above-the-line” to “below-the-line”, making our industries more competitive.

    CONCLUSION: If the above changes were legislated, a substantial number of unauthorized visitors would conclude that it would be better to end their visits, since the economics of remaining in the United States, without authorization, would be substantially diminished.

    After a year, the situation should be reviewed and adjustment should be made to further the resolution of this serious matter.

    It is logical that a newborn should assume the nationality of the mother, regardless of the venue of the birth, therefore, the strategy of a mother, who has no authorization to be in the U.S., giving birth in the United States should be of no consequence.

    This is a nascent effort at offering a pragmatic and rational solution to this serious matter.

    NOTES: This will be a process, i.e., not an overnight solution. I will appreciate all comments, critical as well as supportive, with the former being most appreciated if rational reasons are included.

    Representative Sherman is aware of this article, has promised a response and has failed to do so. We, the People are begging for leaders, not pure politicians who have embedded within their DNA the need to withhold the truth.


    Last modified – August 24, 2013

    (modified on August 24, i.e., not included in original response,)

    June 13, 2013


    Thank you for your comments and perspective.

    My comments should be and are meant to be the beginning of a serious
    “problem-solving” discussion of this extremely serious matter.

    Most respond negatively to the excise tax with the perception that they couldn’t
    afford $8.00 per gallon. Apparently, those do not understand the tax credit,
    until they stop yelling at the idea long enough to have it explained to them.
    Additional benefits would be that all visitors would pay the $8.00 per gallon,
    which would benefit our tax receipts, AND purchasers of automobiles will demand more efficient vehicles (the tax credit would expire within 5-10 years).

    The EITC would substitute for minimum wage laws ONLY for American citizens and those with legal authority to work, here. The rationale for the 26yo requirement is to provide a disincentive for high school students to leave school early.

    The lack of a minimum wage and increased expenses (gasoline) would make it
    difficult for those visitors who decided to stay rather than go back to country
    of origin. All “visitors” should be welcomed to come and enjoy activities…., then go home and live happy lives.

    Again…., these thoughts should be discussed and “fine-tuned”.

    At a Townhall Meeting a couple months ago, I gave a copy to my Congressman, Brad Sherman. Before I handed it to him, as I walked up to him, he yelled that I want to change how our government functions and that I have 17 different causes. We have had a number of discussions and he has NEVER disagreed with me. At a “coffee”, last year, he came up to me and whispered that he was closer to my ideas than any one else in Congress.

    The unfortunate factor is that he is a politician. Mr. Sherman is possibly one of our most intelligent and knowledgeable people in Congress and I like him, but he does not appear to be that which We the People are begging for, a leader, and, as with almost all politicians, he has the DNA embedded within that enables him to withhold the truth, at best.


  42. Skippy says

    If you inforce the laws that are already on the books, the go home. I’m tired of the mindless liberal drones saying they have the right to stay here. I even had one brainless wonder tell me they have a Constitutional right to stay here. The need to start teaching The Constitution in the schools.

  43. Germansmith says

    With the combination of fake documents, changed names an minimal vetting most of the ancestors that migrated to the USA between the XVIII and early XX centuries would be consider illegals AND they were treated like the plague by the nativists here. Those immigrants brought disease, anarchists and crime with them as well
    SOOO. If you have an Irish, Italian, German, Russian, Jewish or Polish last name, I will think twice about your grandparents before you go feeling mighty about been an American and badmouthing the new immigrants

    1. bttrap says

      which one are you ? and besides the ancestors went to ellis island and waited until they were accepted, not like the new immigrants sneaking across the borders

  44. Big Ed says

    I don’t understand the notion that we must give these illegals their Constitutional rights. They aren’t citizens-they have no Constitutional rights. They come here illegally and then they break additional laws. Since they aren’t citizens, but are rather visitors they get to stay based upon our willingness to allow them to stay. Breaking added laws breaks the good will and opens the criminal players to being kicked out. Illegal aliens have been sold, apparently, on the notion that since they’re here they can do anything and we will tolerate them and even provide legal services (free, of course) to keep them here. It’s time for a wake up call for the illegals and their enablers in the Democrat Party.

  45. metheoldsarge says

    Who says crime doesn’t pay?

  46. mary says

    They are talking about deporting criminal illegals, why is that an issue? Do we need more criminals in the USA?

  47. Nana Monster says

    We have over 40,000 illegals and refugees in Syracuse NY…the mayor there favors them over the VETS who panhandle for their next meal on the thoroughfares. Even in the St Patty’s day parade she’s sporting her pink pu$$y hat..disgusting. How about focusing on the people who need help that are LEGAL citizens for a change. I just read how 7,000 “migrants” from Africa reached Europe since last Friday. From the photo most were men and I didn’t see any children at all in the shot.

    1. bttrap says

      I wouldn’t call them men they are cowards

      1. Nana Monster says

        Amen to that one. Did you read the one in Sweden where two “refugees” pepper sprayed and raped a woman after they beat up the guy who she was with?? Left him brain damaged along with beating up 2 other women and one got 2 years and the other got 3 years. Possible deportation with one. Pretty sick as the man they beat they thought he was dead and showed it on one of the social medias!!

  48. TrishaS says

    Sec.Kelly is 100%correct..if you cross our sovereign border and you are not a citizen of this country. .you’re an illegal alien period..and it’s a misdemeanor crime..and as an alien subject to deportation. I couldn’t cross into Mexico or any other country illegally AND get benefits. .time to enforce our laws and no so called anchor babies either.

  49. Kathy says

    I’m no politician, but this seems easy enough. If immigrants want to become law abiding, tax-paying citizens, I’m all for helping them, help themselves. But I am not for hand-outs, since the American taxpayers don’t receive any. It’s not our job, or responsibility, to raise, feed and educate their children. Maybe the MX government needs to take better care of their own people, and keep them out of our United States.

    The “Civil Rights” the Mexicans attorneys cite for access to our rights bestowed by our Constitution/Bill of Rights was not put into law for the MX’s — it was put into place at the end of slavery — so that the U.S. government would not have to send freed slaves back to Africa. It had/has absolutely nothing to do with illegal, MX immigrants having any “rights,” here.

    As an American who has lived in MX, I can only say it was the worst place I have ever lived. I have never seen such hostility, towards Americans, and lazy, good-for-practically-nothing, unmotivated people, in all my life. I believe we should send every single MX who is not an American citizen back to their own country, and all of their children with them. Simply being born here, does not render them “entitled” American citizens, by any stretch of the imagination.

    In closing, I think it’s wrong that we don’t take care of our own, while trying to take care of those who won’t take care of themselves, or their children, and don’t belong here. It’s not their skin color, their language, or their dietary differences. It’s not even their culture, if it can be said that they even have one. The problem is their mind-set, and there is nothing we can do about it. They are born into poverty, so are raised with the idea that if they see something they want, they should simply take it. So they lie, and steal, as a way of life. How do you un-train people who have lived with that moral imperative for their entire lives? You don’t.

  50. gdougniday says

    I am proud of this administration. They are the only servants of this nation that seems to use good common sense. It doesn’t take a grade school education to know what illegal immigrants are and why they are called such. It doesn’t take a grade school education to realize that they have no right to be here and certainly are not deserving of the special treatment they now have. It is time to get this right and do the right thing legally. Get them out. Allow them to apply to be here legally. Place a time frame on their becoming citizens and make it affordable. If they can’t and won’t then send them back. I have no problem with immigrants who are willing to work hard to become citizens and are willing to assimilate into this nation. All others need to be deported.

  51. albany le says

    i stand with the President. President Donald Trump is doing the best job possible for the United States. He has already taken very important steps to Make America Great Again. We should honor this man who has a wonderful sense of right and wrong.
    The demoRATS just want to continue to hold all the power and money as they have for years. But,, they go to extremes previously unheard of in America.
    America stand with President Donald Trump – The Peoples President. The President for the advancement of all American People… Thank you

    1. albany le says

      Another Rant of the DAy buy EL Ja

      1. bttrap says


        1. albany le says

          Sorry, something went wrong or I don’t know what happened, I lost my rant and can’t find it anywhere. I didn’t keep a copy because I could always read it here. But, alas, it’s gone

  52. desert fox says

    Here in California Miss moonbeam gives away the store to Illegals. I am a Vietnam Veteran and have been denied my Vietnam Veterans Benefits by Congress. Yet, they can give social security to people who have never contributed to our retirement fund that we paid into; and then they threaten us with social security is running out of money. Did Congress vote themselves a pay increase that was not taken away by medicare? Of course they did. That is why they should all have to go on social security and not their cushy pensions and healthcare they don’t have to pay for.

  53. Karen Naylor says


  54. BH says

    I prefer to call them “illegal non-citizens”. With that identifier, there is no doubt as to their status.

  55. GuardianFlame says

    Illegal aliens describes these people who think America has an Open Door Policy for anyone from below the border…IT DOES NOT AND NEVER WILL. These people should be called Criminal Infiltrators. The word “criminal” must be part of the description because no matter what any liberal thinks, illegal aliens are LAWBREAKERS first and foremost!

    Criminal Infiltrators, Sneaky Criminal Snakes, Clueless Criminal Corroborators,
    Crafty Coyote Criminals – you come up with a name! Just remember, THEY ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS OF ANY KIND — JUST CRIMINALS!

  56. AKLady says

    Make America HATE Again.
    Heir Fuhrer Trump has destroyed America’s foreign relations.
    He insults our allies on an almost daily basis.
    On the home front, the increase in racial hate is immense.
    Religious bigotry is off the charts.

  57. Frederick King says

    It’s good everyone agrees that the new enforce laws policy has had a big impact. The left has blurred proper terminology. Illegal aliens are as Mr. Kelly states, aliens or undocumented aliens. They are not immigrants. Immigrants have legal visas.

  58. jim jones says

    Ever read through your health insurance packet, it supplies language assistance for at least 18 foreign languages. If anyone in government cared about what is happening to our medicare and Social Security funds they would be on this like flies on shit!

  59. ReaperHD says

    Time to end this DACA BS also, and the TAX PAYER MONEY is outrageous we are paying to educate and WELFARE these people.

  60. DJA Lindsey says

    Amen to Valor’s comment! How many Americans can walk around Mexico, China, or any other country without having their proper ‘papers’ with them. But if they are stopped and questioned here and asked for their green card or ‘papers’ they start yelling about being profiled or targeted or whatever? Other countries would deport you immediately (if you are lucky) or automatic jail time.

  61. defiant1 says

    “The attention being paid to the border certainly has injected into those people – and the vast majority of them are good people from Central America – but it’s injected enough confusion in their minds, I think,” he said. “They’re just waiting to see what actually does happen.” Don’t understand this remark for I disagree the majority are good people if they are entering this country illegally, they are not good people, they are criminals!
    And indeed, Director Kelly, they are aliens!

  62. greenlantern1 says

    Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
    Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
    Ever read about Nixon’s “hard hat” riot in NYC?
    70 Americans, including 4 policemen, were hurt in that!
    20 were hospitalized!
    Law and order?
    Ever read the autobiography, NEVER AGAIN, by Attorney-General John Ashcroft?
    He, not Eric Holder, gave the order to rescue illegals!
    Any outrage?

  63. Labor74 says

    “Lefty, loosey.”

  64. Roberto Gonzalez says

    Big Change it is. Congrat. One thing is to be accepted as Legal resident and another is to come here
    over the fence,under the fence or around the fence. That is illegal and they know it and the LIBERAL
    media also knows the true. Lets make America Great Again.

  65. ernldo says

    Amusingly, demotards wrote and enacted the current immigration laws. Hey media traitortards, did you miss that little factoid?

  66. geneww1938 says

    Thank our God for answering our prayers of the last election.
    Now pray that God will abundantly supply His Godly wisdom, direction, advice … and protection for this new administration.

  67. Dan Pruitt says

    Don’t call them “illegal aliens”. Rather call them plain, “INVADERS”, because that’s what they are. Immigrants are those who migrate here legally, who seek to assimilate with American society, not RE-MAKE American society into a copy of that from which they came. These are invaders. Invaders need to be captured and either imprisoned, or sent back home with the promise from this country, that if they invade our country again, they will be imprisoned for an extended period of time.

  68. Linda says

    These groups need to import their people into the EU NOT the USA. There they can ideally be “no human is illegal”, because the EU represents NO BORDERS! The USA is still a bordered SOVEREIGN NATION! We intend to remain that way!!!!!!!

  69. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

    There’s a difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants. An immigrant who recites the pledge to become a citizen, is a citizen and cites that they will follow the law. Immigrants are those that assimilate to follow all laws, and not make others follow their laws or customs. Only when they are a citizen are they protected by the constitution. If you break the law while trying to become a citizen, you should only be deported and not given the rights of citizens. That’s what I think, although I’m sure I’m partially wrong somewhere.

  70. rick meek says

    Look Folks —- Amnesty – TPS – Refugees – DACA – DAPA —– ALL are conditional status dependent of staying in the US —- Abiding by the laws of the US and THEY MUST SEEK PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE US……This guy broke all his conditions…….THEY ARE DEPORTABLE…..

  71. Frank says

    Yes, I agree,they are illegal; broken the law ( no not jay walking) the immigration laws and should be deported -as my neighbor ( who came from Cuba on a raft powered by a VW motor) says if they go to night school to learn English to become a citizen as I did great otherwise send them back

  72. Carolestollings says

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  73. Vince says


  74. Floyd says

    We should keep some of the ILLEGALS. Just we could have them build a place for all liberal communist demoKKKrat with PADDED ROOMS

  75. glorybe2 says

    There is a girl who was raped by Trump at the age of 13. Her suit was not pressed as she received so many death threats that she was in too much fear. His former wife testified that he not only raped her but also ripped part of her scalp off. About 14 other women have come to make statements that trump molested or sexually groped them. Many have been on camera and TV making those complaints. So what kind of source do you listen to to believe such junk?

    1. DAlnB41 says

      Why should we believe anything you have to offer or say JUST because you say it.
      GIVE us proof, not some two bit, cheap, unsubstantiated comment you came up with or repeating something someone else told you! Get back too us when you have-noy seen the elephant fly for at least tree consecutive days; THEN BRING US PROOF!
      Do you believe you are doing anyone any good with stupid stuff like this?

  76. donS2 says

    Mr. Kelly is right and if the dimbocrats want to change it vote in a new law. I am very sure a new law to allow open borders with the South Americas will get many dimbcrats elected in some States.

  77. Justin Seine says

    The liberal argument that illegal immigrants are an economic necessity is simply not true. The idea that a bunch of desperately poor, uneducated, unskilled, illegal foreigners are an economic necessity is ludicrous. In fact, when you compare cost vs. benefit, it is obvious that they are not only NOT a necessity; they are not even an asset. Rather, they are a liability and a huge one at that.

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