Shocking Study Shows Criminals Don’t Buy Guns Legally


Anyone with even the faintest interest in the state of American gun control already knows that laws restricting firearms purchases are useless when it comes to preventing gun violence. But, as usual, it takes liberals a little longer to come around to a common sense understanding of any given subject. More often than not, they never get there at all. Still, studies like this one might help sway the undecided.

According to a new study conducted by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, criminals don’t get their guns from mainstream shops. The researchers interviewed 100 inmates at the Cook County Jail, asking them where they bought the firearms they used in their crimes. Only two out of those 100 said they purchased their firearms legally. The other 98? Were they taking advantage of some internet loophole? Were they exploiting the loose regulations on gun show sales?

Nope. 70 percent of those surveyed reported getting their guns from family members, other gangsters, and through other street connections. In other words, they acquired their guns through avenues that no gun control law will ever close to them. Sure, there have been attempts to crack down on family transfers, but how many Chicago gang members are going to be dissuaded by such a law? How many violent criminals of any stripe would be discouraged by that kind of gun control? Two out of 100? If you’re lucky.

One can imagine that this study is not going to find its way into the next round of propaganda from Moms Demand Action. These anti-gun groups have a remarkable penchant for ignoring studies that don’t conform to their agenda. They are also experts at twisting the numbers to suit their own purposes. Since most of their followers are Americans who don’t have the foggiest idea what’s really going on, they don’t have to try very hard. When everyone on your Facebook page is already convinced that GUNS ARE BAD, stoking the flames of outrage takes little effort.

Here’s what’s really sad about all this. Yes, it’s obviously a concern for anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment. Yes, it’s troubling for law-abiding gun owners who just want the government to stay out of their lives. But at the same time, it’s a colossal waste of time and money. We are pouring millions of dollars into the “gun control” war. That money could instead go to law enforcement departments and community development efforts that could make a real difference. It could go to strengthening the country’s mental health screening processes.

Instead, it’s going into an effort to create laws that are not only ineffective but completely irrelevant. Of course, if we ever actually managed to “cure” gun violence, a whole lot of liberals would be out of a job. We can’t have that, now can we?

  1. MAHB001 says

    This is not shocking news!

    Well it might be to a liberal who really doesn’t want to face the truth….

    At this point, gun “control” laws only serve to disarm the law abiding citizens and undermine the 2nd Amendment. The only ones that benefit are would be tyrannical politicians. PERIOD……

    Without the Second Amendment we are subjects…

  2. MAHB001 says

    Out of my cold dead hands you liberal socialist b-tards… Liberal politicians KNOW that gun laws do not work. They want our guns to take control of the people… It is the first step in setting up a dictatorship.

    You have no freaking right to take away my rights and ability to defend myself from a tyrannical government.

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    2. G.Frazier says

      The friend, whom I just mentioned, demands that if the law-abiding citizens will fork over our guns, the criminals will do the same.
      I can only wonder if she, being retired, left her brain in the school, where she taught for 35 years.

      1. MAHB001 says

        She will never understand. I have friends like that as well. Liberalism is a disease, rarely cured.

        1. SouthernPatriot says

          You’re right.

          In all my years, I have known only one liberal professor who had a moment of “agonizing reappraisal” and changed his mind and attitude toward all that is right. In a short time, he became a gun owner and advocate, and a conservative. He experienced an armed home invasion and he and his family were defenseless. Reality invaded his illusion. He was the only one I know.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Interesting. I wonder if there is possibly a reality TV show pitch in the offing?

            The set is a dark ally. Cameras rolling and all the friends (conservative gun owners) are in on ruse. A large figure steps from the dark with a sawed off shotgun and demands that everyone drop to the tar and hand over their valuables.

            The thug then takes focus on the unsuspecting liberal to drag along as a hostage. The others determine to rush the hood and save their friend, but the thug shots one in the chest (typically a death shoot, but with blanks and blood packs, it’s all for show). The pretend victim drops to the ground looking very dead.

            By now the lib is on his/her knees begging for mercy. That is funny enough, but it continues as one of the libs friends whips out his .45 ACP and puts one right between the perps eyes as he drops to the street.

            A later scene shows all the actors being introduced to one another over drinks and talking about how this event might have changed their lives if it was real, or how it made them feel.

            Then the big question…have your views on gun ownership changed?

            If the production is well made, who knows? Gotta get something to replace the “unreal” housewives and “piss poor” cooks of New York.

            I think this could even give the poorly made cop shows a run for their money.

          2. Deby says

            Well, it’s a good start!:)

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          4. JO 753 says

            Did you ever fire a gun indoorz without hearing protection? This ‘defens’ iz not 100% effectiv kuz you will looz sum or all uv your hearing, not to mention ALL the other wayz it can go rong.

          5. Btty says

            Your an idiot! I have fired many guns in doors and you will not loose your hearing unless you are doing it everyday all day with no head gear on. It’s hard to believe anyone is stupid enough to make a comment like that. But alas you’ve proven they’re out there.

          6. JO 753 says

            Go get a hearing test. And ‘indoorz’ can mean a clozet, bedroom, stadium etc., so trying to equate your claimed indoor experiens with evry possibl situation iz stupid. And reckless also, kuz sum uv your fellow dumass gun nuts coud read that and think they are safe firing a gun in their garage or wherever and damaj their hearing.

          7. Btty says

            I have idiot and I also tested with excellent hearing. Again your proven wrong. You have no logic and no ability to reason properly. Get a brain transplant.

          8. JO 753 says

            You are the kind uv idiot who believz he can say anything and peepl will beleev it. You make stuff up thats conveniently perfect to support your pozition. You cant understand that peepl who arent az dum az you will see rite thru it immediatly.

          9. Everett Conrad says

            And you don’t???

          10. JO 753 says

            No. I expect peepl to not believ me, no matter how much lojik and how many supporting facts I provide. Most peepl form an opinion, then look for facts to support it, ignoring or rejecting everything that contradicts it.

            I get pretty much the same reseption in the suppozedly ‘liberal’ forumz. Their only advantaj iz that the opinionz they hav been spoon fed are usually less retarded than the krap the conservativ propaganda machine dishez out to their sheepl.

          11. Believer says

            They don’t believe you because nothing you write makes any sense. What is your native language, it can’t English!

          12. JO 753 says

            It can English! More Englisher than all yooz gize!

          13. Believer says

            You sure don’t show it, I would be embarrassed if I wrote like that. they taught us to communicate in a manner that could be understood by whom you are trying to communicate with. The English language can be hard enough to understand at times with out inserting garbage!

          14. joe says

            Do not speak of dumb you are the poster child for dumb

          15. Terry Hamblin says

            Just goes to show you, “Liberal” is the same as “Stupid”, you can’t fix either one!

          16. Btty says

            Look dummy, until you learn to spell don’t talk to me. I don’t have the time or inclination to talk to someone with your obvious limited mentality.

          17. SICKOFTHUGS says

            jo you sound like a moron. First of all he said it is set in a dark alley didnt mention anything about being inside. second of all your speech is beyond words. You are a moron. The lib-a-tard is strong in you.

          18. david b cordick says

            how are we to give any serious thought or consideration to your comments? are you an american? if so, you are definitely one of the stupidist people it has ever been my misfortune to meet on the web, and any one i have ever met in 73 years. that is definitely the worst spelling i have ever seen. my two year old great grandson can spell better with his blocks. you, are definitely a complete idiot.

          19. Proud Liberal says

            “how are we to give any serious thought or consideration to your comments?” Pull your head out of your cousin’s ass.

          20. G.Frazier says

            Often, you’ll see people, on an outdoor firing range, wearing protection…You won’t see ME doing that though.

          21. joe says

            It is sad you come here for attention little fella you were a dumpster baby weren’t you

          22. MICHELE says

            Unfortunately Joe,
            You represent the majority of gun owners; pure idiots who lack any social graces or common sense.

          23. joe says

            You dizzy eyed trollop get back in the kitchen where you belong let the grown ups talk about this, now go fetch me a sammich you spawn of a malformed scrubwoman. Hey you better have your laundry done and the rest of your housework before your husband gets home you pea brained harlot

          24. Waykent says

            God has no wife. Ergo, you are not God.

          25. Jake Spooz says

            Please provide proof, homosexual.

          26. Waykent says

            There is no mention of God having a wife in the Bible. joe claims the user they responded to is his wife. They also claim they are God. Ergo, they are not God. Also, please provide proof.

          27. Jake Spooz says

            You’re the one who thinks he’s God. WayGay.

          28. Waykent says

            Please provide proof. Why did you mention WayGay?

          29. Jake Spooz says


          30. joe says

            Can you read? seems like maybe you can not or at least you do not understand what you are reading you ill natured gutterpuppy.
            Please provide proof

          31. Bob Ware says

            Well said!

          32. Btty says

            Thanks Bob!

          33. Bob Ware says

            You’re welcome.

          34. G.Frazier says

            Btty, until you can spell Y-O-U’R-E, you’re not in a correct position to accuse anyone of idiocy!
            Also, there’s a difference (or so I’ve been told) between firing a b-b gun, a .22 pistol and a .357 Magnum. (Not even a cannon would deafen me, though!)

          35. Btty says

            For starters you can kiss my azz! After you’ve done that you can try to talk about subject you know something about because it’s obviously not guns. How’s that G?

          36. G.Frazier says

            Well, I’d thought this would be a mature (as in, GROWN UP) forum, where dissenting opinions were all respected. Btty has just shown she is unable to hold mature conversation so I’ll make every attempt to ignore her statements, from now on.

          37. Btty says

            Mature? You might want to refrain from attacking people over their spelling because you don’t have a mature answer to their point. That might help to keep it mature. As far as you ignoring me? Thank God!

          38. G.Frazier says

            I doubt God desires your thanks.

          39. Btty says

            Thankfully buddy your not God.

          40. MICHELE says

            Dear Btty,
            Your English and spelling are atrocious! Who is the real idiot here?

          41. Btty says

            Dear MICHELE, when idiots have no idea about the subject at hand they always turn to a person grammar. If my grammar bothers you so much then you have two choices. Delete it or correct it. Either way it doesn’t matter at all to me. Now you can get down and suck my D–K!

          42. MAHB001 says

            Fail dude,

            You only fire a gun when you have no other choice, that means you are going to die, or you are going to be killed by the guy on the other end of your gun.

            If you are going to die, what in the world would you need hearing for afterwards…

            Fire the gun without hearing protection and live with temporary hearing loss, or keep your hearing and die…

          43. JO 753 says

            The flaw in your lojik being that gunz are not the only wepon you coud uze.

          44. MAHB001 says

            There is no flaw in my logic…. Perhaps you could try to explain why you think another weapon would be better.

          45. JO 753 says

            The major problem with guns as the first choise of in-home self defens iz the collateral damaj. Sum level uv hearing loss, up to and including complete permanent deafness being almost sertin. Then infection from splattered bodily fluidz iz fairly likely.

            You dont want to be that def guy who’z dying uv AIDS.

            Then therez the legal hassle. Shooting the intruder haz a good chans uv killing him. Thats wut gunz do. They work very well. If you are lucky, you will only spend a day at the police station and they will rule it a true self defens. If you arent lucky, you coud end up charjed with 1st degree murder.

            Suppoze you were asleep, got woken up, and still groggy believed you were being attacked, so grab the gun under your pillow and start shooting. Turnz out it wuz just the collej kid from next door who drunkenly entered the rong apartment and he’z the son uv a senator. You are now in very deep doodoo.

            Remember, you only need to stop the attack. You can do that with pepper spray, a hammer, billy club, barbell, a nife, etc. The less damaj you do, the less potential trouble you are in. In spite uv the NRA working to legalize murder (az long az you uze a gun), the legal system still takes homiside very seriously. If you just injure the senatorz drug addled son, you will probably be able to swim out uv the pool uv doodoo.

            Then therez the chans you coud miss! The stray bullet coud kill a family member or naybor! It can go rite thru a wall or floor! For sure it will do sum property damaj, anything from an insignificant hole in the drywall to a major bummer hole in your new 100″ 4K TV. Not going to happen with a squirt uv pepper spray.

          46. joe says

            where do you come up with these insane ideas who is telling you what to say. I am laughing at this post you can not really be that stupid as to think ANY of that garbage is true. You know NOTHING about guns or reality

          47. MAHB001 says

            He has convinced me that he might actually be challenged.

          48. joe says

            I am shocked that they let the patients play on the internet in there that seems a bit dangerous. I think they need to keep him medicated and restrained for his own good. Clearly he is delusional or at the very least he is not smart enough to take care of himself.

          49. IMSweetOlBob says

            Oh for Kripes Sakes ! Will you morons knock it off ? You have taken a useful, informative exchange of ideas and information and turned it in a ghetto playground. Why don’t you all go out behind the school, in the alley, and play the momma game ? Then you third graders can insult one another until one of you cries or somebody gets punched in the nose.
            Sound like fun to you ? I thought so.

          50. MAHB001 says

            Horse poo.

            Collateral damage and hearing loss are not problems when you are dead.

            One must apply enough force to stop the bad guy. Even a gun may not enough force.

            Your logic and fears do not make any sense. Your scenarios rarely if ever happen and they are nonsensical.

            Try to stay away from evil, you are a victim already.

          51. JO 753 says

            Try reading sum actual news storyz. Try reading the FBI crime stats.

            The biggest flaw in the pro-gun pozition iz failing to take the fact that the bad guyz with gunz hav the advantaj. So, the only effectiv way that can be aleviated on a jeneral level iz to make it difficult for them to get gunz. Everybody who buyz a gun iz making it eazier.

          52. MAHB001 says

            Actually, I would say that you should try reading the FBI crime stats as well. Use your own brain and not those that pull your strings.

            The bad guys will definitely have the advantage if you take the guns away from the good guys.. And you do it all just to help your socialist buddies enslave the population.

            u ar a moron you reli on merzy fir your defenc… Good luk with that.

          53. JO 753 says

            I like to watch

            He had more gunz than you can imajin, but he’z ded. Shot in the hed.

            If you hav the ability to think beyond a checker playerz lojik, you will arrive at the same conclusion I hav: redusing proliferation iz the best defens.


          54. JO 753 says
          55. G.Frazier says

            This makes about as much sense as the Duke cousins blowing up an outhouse!

          56. JO 753 says

            Found out he’z not ded! He’z a fictional karaktr!

            It wuz a produser uv the show that got shot.

          57. Btty says

            You have succeeded in proving to everyone on this list your an IDIOT! Nice going Idiot!

          58. david b cordick says

            my my my, reading your comments j lowlife, i have noticed the farther you go, that actually you are very clever. your obvious so called spelling mistakes actually doesnt defer from the ablility to understand exactly what you are saying. but how can one the is so ignorant, all of a sudden spell words that are actually very easy to mispell, and all of a sudden knows how to put commas and the like in the supposedly ignorant post, that has a lot of people paying attention to the liberal crap that you are spouting. i will no longer pay any attention to you, time to get another handle and then start over.

          59. Proud Liberal says

            you are so stidip in mot beening abel to spiel. Moron, wht iss you are proplem?

          60. Believer says

            He is going to use pepper spray when the intruder across the room is already firing his ’45’ at you?

          61. G.Frazier says

            I told the Jewish lady, I’ve mentioned before, that she better have a huge supply of spitballs and a trusty straw, reserved for when the 2nd Amendment is no longer there and the criminals are breaking into her house.

          62. Everett Conrad says

            You obviously have a lot to learn, one being how to spell, very important if you want to be a good idiot…

          63. JO 753 says

            Lerning to spell iz for chumps!

          64. Believer says

            I was right you are a zombie, that explains everything!

          65. G.Frazier says

            I didn’t have to learn….It always came naturally for me.

          66. joe says

            You feel free to go after the guy that breaks into your house and has a gun with your toilet brush and you have your surviving relatives tell me how well that went for you.

          67. Btty says

            Give up MAHB001. We are dealing with a retard who can’t even spell let alone use logic. He’s a typical liberal/commie idiot! No doubt one of Obammie’s useful idiots. Anyone with intellect is wasting it on this idiot! Lets all hope his home is invaded and he’s home. I can see it now. He runs out to fight the guy with a gun using a knife. We know how that will end. Good riddance to JO 753! LOL

          68. MAHB001 says

            I hear you. So many trolls. But they are thinning out a little.

          69. G.Frazier says

            Correction: The bums, USELESS idiots, is the correct line.

          70. Tony Vidak says

            do you think the guy that just shot YOU and is holding the gun on your wife, or the other guy raping your daughter is worried about that Jo?

          71. JO 753 says

            Maybe, kuz like everybody in the room, hiz earz are ringing.
            He’z also thinking ‘thanks for the nice gun, chump’. Too bad for you he found it in the drawer befor you had a chans to get your other gun.

          72. Believer says

            Supreme commander, are the rest of the people in your group zombies too? Your
            picture looks like you are…..

          73. JO 753 says

            Shark, not zomby.

          74. Believer says

            No, it is ZOMBIE!

          75. Jimmy Quick says

            How do you know when you won a gunfight?

            Answer: Your hearing begins to come back. LOL

          76. joe says

            you are too stupid for words you freak you have no damn idea what you are talking about you have never picked up a gun in your entire pittiful little life

          77. Bob Ware says

            Hey genius (sarcasm) buy a headset. Better yet, let the intruder do you in!

          78. G.Frazier says

            JO 753: In 1976, I was in a military class and we were taken to a firing range, where Sgt. Fields offered me headphones. I told him I didn’t need them and he offered me ear plugs, which I also rejected.
            This is when Sgt Fields said, “If you don’t use these, you will hurt your hearing.”
            To which I responded, “WHAT HEARING!?!”
            You see, I lost every iota of my hearing in 1971 (during a long battle with meningitis) and noise doesn’t bother me! Like I’ve said about the brains…You can’t lose what you don’t have!

          79. JO 753 says


            You are better adapted to gunz than most peepl. You shoud take our handicap into account wen offering advise.

          80. G.Frazier says

            Ask any Deaf person, you meet, and he/she will agree with this: Deafness is not a handicap. A few years ago, I told my brother-in-law, who had demanded it is, that the handicap is in being able to hear…Because you cannot hear the phone because of noise, you can’t think because of noise and noise distracts your attention…None of these handicaps are shared by those of us, who cannot hear!

            Ours is a disability, borne of people, who make demands that we are, supposedly, at a loss, because of deafness. Given the opportunity, Deaf people can prove we can do anything, out there…except hear. I know of Deaf lawyers, a Deaf man, who played the piano and also a man, who, despite being able to hear absolutely nothing, learned to play the drums.
            And, when people would assume he could feel the vibrations, he would set them straight by saying you can’t feel it until you hit it. You’ve got to know what you’re doing, to begin with.”

          81. JO 753 says

            Notis I sed ‘our’ disability. Me being part uv the hearing portion uv the population. Its dependent on the situation. Usually, being able to hear iz an advantaj. If sumwun iz expecting extreem noize, they can block their earz in a variety uv wayz. Duznt work the other way for the deaf.

            Even conserning gunz, its dependent on the situation. Indoorz, you hav the advantaj over a hearing able person. Outdoorz, not so much. Sumbudy coud be shooting at you and you mite only find out wen you get hit.

          82. Bob Ware says

            Ben Carson was one. He came to his senses and now is against what they are for. See his website.

          83. MRHapla says

            A Liberal is a Conservative who hasn’t been mugged, assaulted and/or raped, yet.

          84. G.Frazier says

            That reminds me of a story, told me by a pastor, when I was in college: This, now deceased, man was 6’4″ tall, 335 lbs. and, as he said, not afraid of anything.
            During his first semester in college, his philosophy professor came into the room and declared he could prove there was no God.
            “First, in order to prove something, it will have to noticed by one of the five senses, so we’ll begin with hearing…Shh…..All right, we cannot hear God.
            “Now, let’s see if we can smell God” (he started sniffing and then said) “All right, we cannot smell God, so we’ll go on to feeling” (as he said this, he began grasping at air).
            All right, we’ve proven we cannot feel God, so we’ll try taste. (At this, he stuck out his tongue and began wagging it around in the air). “We cannot taste God, so we’ll go to sight and we’ve proven there is no God.”
            That is when the pastor told me he stood up in the back of the class and proclaimed, “Sir, YOU DON’T HAVE A PERSONALITY!
            “What I’m saying is, I can neither hear, see, taste or feel it and, if I cannot smell it, I’m sure you ain’t got one!”
            As the class erupted in applause, the professor packed his supplies and left. The next day, said pastor found he’d already received an “F” for the class, which proves that people, who think they know everything, refuse to adhere the fact that they don’t!
            Unfortunately, in forums, such as this one, people, who demand they know everything, refuse to adhere the fact that man’s ways aren’t helping mankind AT ALL!

            Also – For anyone, who needs to be told what that pastor’s point was: WE LIVE BY FAITH — NOT BY SIGHT!

        2. gonzales27 says

          They will sink this Nation

        3. G.Frazier says

          The argument I’ve used, time and again, with this woman, is that drugs have been outlawed for years and, if what she is saying is true, WHY, PRAY TELL, do we still have so many drug addicts, dying of heroin overdoses (to name one)?

          In a perfect society, that might happen. Unfortunately, American society is becoming less and less “perfect,” with every passing second!

          1. JO 753 says

            Proliferation. Think about it.

            It appliez to drugz az well az gunz.

          2. MAHB001 says

            Well said.

        4. G.Frazier says

          The key to curing liberalism is for the citizen to realize that the liberals are bringing us down. For example: I was nine, when Jimmy Carter became governor of Georgia and, because my parents were gung ho into getting him elected (going so far as to make us, kids, walk down the streets passing out literature, etc.,) I had no inkling of being anything but a democrat, when I reached adulthood.
          Carter became president on 1/20/77, which, by the way, was the day I turned 16. Then, as I watched him blunder, right and left (the only thing he did well was to threaten to kick the United Nations out of the U.S. and pull the U.S. out of the UN, should that body go through with their threat to expulse Israel…the U.N. was so afraid of being without America, that they trashed that idea and, unfortunately, America never left). When Reagan was opposing Carter, in 1980, after I reached voting age, I KNEW I would never support Carter.
          Then, as I learned about how the dim bulb party supports infant murder and just about every ungodly thing, out there, I am proud of the fact that I have never voted for a single democrat on any level, other than city and county elections.
          It’s like U.S. Sen. Zell Miller (D/GA), who was un-elected but chosen by Georgia’s governor (Roy Barnes) to continue the unexpired term of Sen. Paul Coverdell. Coverdell was a duly elected Republican, who had died in office. Miller explained why he was disagreeing with what the democrats wanted him to support…”The democrats have left the will of the people.”
          If the Republicans did that, I’d stop voting!

          1. MAHB001 says

            Whatever you do, never stop voting…. That is akin to surrendering.

            I loved your story, thank you for sharing..

      2. joe says

        She is clearly an empty headed fool the sad thing is she passed these delusional ideas on to her students for 35 years. How many thousands of empty headed clones did she create in her image.

        1. edward martis says

          come to SFO and see for yourself—-this area is chuck full of indoctrinated communist progressive clones….from 5 to 12 and then the lib professors take over and finish the job …..the final product is 22 yr old full blown -hard core communist that would make fidel castro and chairman mao VERY PROUD !!!!!!

        2. Btty says

          She must have been a teacher for the mentally handicapped!

        3. G.Frazier says

          Not really…she taught Deaf children, who really didn’t have a clue as to what any of this meant, so it was the high school teachers, who (hopefully) kept them from believing the stupidity being spoon-fed to teenagers, these days.
          The sad thing is this: She told me that, if a child asks a teacher if homosexuality is wrong, she believes that teacher should say no and that it’s an alternative lifestyle.
          (I told her that’s a complete CROCK and that if the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob allows America to continue in the sins wrought, here, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.)

          Unfortunately, that led to another hill of beans: She all but demanded that times have changed and that the requirements Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for breaking, were no longer there.
          My answer?
          “Do you mean to say you think God has changed?”
          (Anyone, who thinks He has, hasn’t read, Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.”)

        4. G.Frazier says

          I’m not so sure about that, joe….I was in her class, the first year she taught and that was 1975, when Carter was running against Ford. Back then, as I’ve already stated, I had aspirations to spend my life, voting democrat.
          I turned 16 on the day Carter was inaugurated and I was 19, when I voted for Reagan, in 1980…Why? Because Carter was a complete failure as the Chief Executive (although I’ve learned that he stared down the UN, when they were considering throwing Israel out … This would NEVER happen, now, because Obama is so anti-Israel, he reeks of sulfur!

      3. Jimmy Quick says

        She has zero actual real life experience and her mind has been tricked into believing that somehow by repeating a lie over and over, it becomes true.

        The nation is full of these types of weak minded individuals. In the real world, these people are food and fertilizer.

        1. Dolores Wieland says

          Is she related to Hitlery?

          1. G.Frazier says

            Could be…I’ve already asked if she is actually Chelsea Clinton.

      4. Dolores Wieland says

        An illegal alien ate her brain. I don’t think she left it anywhere

        1. G.Frazier says

          I disagree….In order for a brain to be eaten, a brain has to exist FIRST!

          1. Dolores Wieland says

            Good one

      5. gonzales27 says

        Went to Obama brain washing classes

      6. raziel71 says

        If she taugh for 35 years then she is just a sheep of the present libertard system of education that have been programming our society for the last 100 years to believe and comply and nothing else. Not a good example for common sense.

      7. Glenn H says

        Pitty the kids she taught!

        1. G.Frazier says

          The friend, I’ve mentioned, taught really small kids. Because of that, she didn’t teach them the stupid things that are so easily doled out in high schools, today.
          High school teachers – especially those, who teach evolution – hate to be proven wrong, but it’s so easy to do!

    3. Oldawg70 says

      Ditto! Problem is that time is on their side. There are still a large number of armed Patriots ready, willing and able…but…we need a catalyst to unite us! United we stand, divided we fall…and Obama(along with his mindless supporters) has divided this country on virtually every pertinent issue! Just do not believe we can resolve this peacefully!

    4. gonzales27 says


      1. Lyndau123 says

        Do you even REALIZE HOW MANY of us are out there? NO! Millions of Americans have guns and are READY to use them if the Gov’t tries to take them away. Keep being delusional. You will be the first if you get in the way!

        1. G.Frazier says

          That, “…the Gov’t tries to take them away,” will never (absolutely NEVER) happen. Obama made a promise to remove the 2nd Amendment, knowing that the buttheads in America didn’t realize he cannot do that, without 75% of the voting adults supporting his action (and, that’s after wining the support of 57% of both houses of Congress.)
          All he had to hope for was the stupidity of 51% of the voting adults and it’s a sad face but, he got them.

          1. JO 753 says

            “Obama made a promise to remove the 2nd Amendment”?

            You’v been watching way too much Fox ‘News’.

          2. SICKOFTHUGS says

            and you jo 753 havent watched any news

          3. G.Frazier says

            SICK’, I think he has. He’s tried to stay away from Right Wing news and fails to realize that the opposite of Right if Wrong! So, while he tunes in, daily, to ABCNews, all he’s getting a diet of Left Wing (i.e. – WRONG) news.

          4. G.Frazier says

            I have never watched FoxNews. I got this from campaign literature, sent me by the Obama for President supporters (and they had the balls to ask me to pay them $1000 just for opening the envelope.)

    5. PayTheMan says

      that’s all well and good… and quaint and all… but do you really think that when the government comes for you they will come for you in a way that a gun (even a big one) can make any difference? even groups of folks like you… if the government wants to use its might against you for whatever their reasons… they’ll walk all over you (and the rest of us) without even noticing the gun-toting folks (bump in the road). Seriously, what will your guns do to protect yourself from a raging government? from your neighbor… sure. From a rat coming for your stuff… sure. But, from the government? your guns are totally irrelevant. (Back in the days this amendment was crafted, things were different…)

      1. joe says

        Wow you forget about the time when the Americans beat back one of the largest most powerful armies on the planet to create this country. You forget how a bunch of peasents with shovels pushed the ruskies out of Afganistan or how a similar group of people pushed the mighty American military ouf of vietnam. The military will NOT side with the government first off, nearly all the interviews I have seen with service men said they would turn their weapons on their own general before firing on fellow Americans. As far as weapons go all we need to do is take the weapons from the troops that decide they want to be on the side of treason because they will be wiped out pretty quickly. Weapons are insignificant, in all wars they are taken from the other side as needed. I do not think the military would stand behind obamyrat he is a fraud and a traitor and has not supported the military. So your give up and roll over attitude may be good for you but it is NOT for the rest of us Americans so you feel free to enjoy your stay in the FEMA camps.

        1. PayTheMan says

          okay joe, i’ll admit you raise some good points. not the one from the 1700s as that is too outdated to be relevant. and, yes, of course motivated people who are protecting themselves from a tyrannical power (in your examples the US, Russia and others) can improvise a defense that is similar to the colonialists who threw all that crappy gentleman warfare rules to the winds… and can, thus, defeat larger armies.

          BUT, your point about the US forces not firing on us and instead laying down arms or joining the people… is the most telling as a defense of MY position: assuming that the military will never follow a government’s orders to fire on its citizenry is a major reason for why we don’t need arms to fight the government.

          but, then again, police fire on unarmed citizens… so, perhaps your assertion is flawed.

          nice critique of my point.

          1. joe says

            I never said ALL the military there are a certain percentage of brainwashed morons in there that think they are superheros thus we need to keep our weapons. Without our weapons we have zero means to enforce the constitution period why the heck do you thing that through out history one of the first thing these insane dictators do is dis arm the public. You can not just ignore that it is a fact and it WILL happen here if we let them. A dis armed people is also an enslaved people or worse just ask the Jews in WW2 how well it worked out for them.

          2. PayTheMan says

            of course you raise good points… they are common ones but good ones. then it becomes a question of balancing risks. we drive cars (that kill us in droves) but are afraid of airplanes (that don’t). we are afraid of ebola entering our country but ignore radon in our homes. similarly with guns… at the school shooting level… the risks are very low for the population (but 100% and catastrophic for the victims). so, while you (and/or others on this site) are concerned with the government screwing us over so we need guns to protect ourselves, i am more concerned with the deranged person off his meds with a lousy public mental health system shooting me (accidentally or otherwise) while i am shopping.

            two distinct levels of risk. two distinct levels of public concern (that are culturally mediated… liberals fear the nut jobs and conservatives fear the government). both have reason to fear… my only question… which scenario has a higher likelihood of hurting those i care most about? that is why (emotionally… and to a lesser degree intellectually) i fear more the random nutjobs heavily armed.

          3. glenn398 says

            Paytheman the nut jobs always do the most damage in gun free zones if you notice and in states like Arizona where you can carry at will aside from these gun free zones the nut jobs would also be in for a surprise.

          4. PayTheMan says

            Understood… But i am writing you feom arizona now… Gojust about anywhere and men (always men) are carrying guns. While most look like my grandpa… Some look downright sketchy. How am i (with little kids) supposed to,tell,the difference?

          5. joe says

            You are not and you should not be concerned about it these are the ones that may save your life and the life of your kids. Most nutjobs out to cause harm are not walking around with their weapon on display. You have to get over the paranoid idea that everyone that owns a gun is a threat to you when in fact one day you may thank one for saving your life.

          6. PayTheMan says

            You say i should not be concerned and 90+% of the time you are right. But, its that squirrely 1 – 10% that catch my attention. All those people … good people… carrying guns to buy groceries… what they hell are they thinking? What are they so afraid of… the GMO lettuce posses a bigger risk than the local people. And, then, with that gun.. they are even more likely to get themselves in trouble by trying to be a good Samaritan… or accidentally miss their target and hit some kid or whatnot. why the hell carry a gun (even if you are legally allowed) to go to the grocery store? what kind of paranoid culture do we have here?

            i am not attacking you… just trying to wrap my head around a culture (my culture) with which i share so very little….

          7. joe says

            sorry but your facts are simply wrong they are NOT more likely to hurt themselves that is a left wing lie the true figures do not support that lie at all, this is typical from the anti gun crowd they base all their belifes on lies. The fact is many thousands of times per year more people are saved by CCW holders than are hurt by criminals this is a FACT. Why do I carry because I refuse to be a helpless victim maybe it will never happen but if it does I will not sit and wait my turn to be shot

          8. PayTheMan says

            gotcha. but i am not so much spouting lies (at least not intentionally) but expressing fear (real or imagined) which is no different from those who express fear for their need to defend themselves in everyday life (at least for those not living in the inner cities) and from those who express a fear that a government will take over their lives by force because it has happened in other (non-democratic) nations in the past (or present). that is likely why the national debate can’t advance… because everyone is fearful… its just that we fear completely different things. i don’t fear that THIS govt (now or anytime soon) is something that will come for me… i just fear that. but i do fear some wackjob shooting my kids because he got a gun way too easily. so, its all fear based… your angle AND mine.

          9. joe says

            This is very simple and all it takes is a bit of common sense, there are and always will be nutjobs out there we have always had them. There is simply no way to weed them all out it is impossible. We have over 20,000 gun laws on the books in this country yes that number is right. Criminals break laws that is why we call them criminals so ANY new laws will affect ONLY law abidding citizens. Everyone keeps saying we need a solution and I am here to knock some reality into their thick skulls THERE IS NO SOLUTION so at best you arm yourself and at least have a chance if something goes bad. You have NOTHING TO FEAR from a law abidding citizen carrying a weapon. The simple fact it it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop this from happening no laws will change that. What option you are left with is to PROTECT YOURSELF because you sure can not rely on the cops they can not be every where and the cops only show up after the crime has been comitted. You need not worry about me carrying a gun nor should you worry about the millions of other law abidding citizens in fact you should thank them and be glad they are there for they save many more thousands of lives a year than are hurt by guns this is a FACT. You want a solution sorry there is no solution nor will there ever be one so your next best option is to be prepared, do not allow yourself to be a helpless victim do not allow those around you to be a helpless victim do something about it. Hope I never have to pull mine out but I WILL NOT HESITATE if the need arises and I will not feel bad about doing what ever I have to do. I live in the world of reality not the la la land these empty headed liberals think they can create they have delusional thoughts of taking all the guns out of the hands of criminials ha ha ha ha it is laughable it will never happen. You can not change reality so you need to learn to accept it and do your best with it forget these insane pie in the sky ideas these idiots come up with they will not work. I wont even get into the fact that obamyrat just wants to dis arm the American public and he uses these random shootings as an excuse he lies about gun violence as ALL the left does.

          10. PayTheMan says

            super interesting response joe. but two things: if what you say is true (and i don’t have a reason to doubt it)… then why is the NRA itself not the major proponent for closing loopholes in current laws, pushing for massive enforcement of those laws (if any) with which they agree? why are they obstructionist at EVERY turn?

            second question is more personal and hypothetical: so, the cops aren’t around… you are in the celery isle and some nutjob decides to act out (maybe even shoot the place up). you fear for your life and turn around, and blast him to kingdom come. the good news is this guys a goner … but it also means that at the very least you are locked up in years of legal court-room wranglings. or… worse… turns out you misunderstood the situation (let’s assume you are not a professional in this line) and you shot an innocent guy. or got the guy but got the little kid next to him?

            stupid but not outrageous scenarios… now your life is messed up (although, agreed, you still have your life) … seems like carrying a gun in VERY LOW risk situations INCREASES one’s risk of screwing up their life. of course, in high risk scenarios, this balance is reversed.


          11. joe says

            Again let me say your facts are not correct, these so called loopholes are a bunch of lies YOU CAN NOT BUY A GUN ON THE INTERNET PERIOD!!.
            The so called gunsho loophole is a lie less than 1% of guns used in crimes come from gun shows. The loop hole is a way to force re registration which WILL lead to confiscation. Right now there are records or who puechased guns legally if they come to my house to take them all I have to do is say hey I sold them at a gun show. If they require paperwork from me to sell a gun then they can come put me in jail if I refuse to produce that paperwork or the weapon. Yes it can and has already happened in New York. Laws simply do not affect criminals they ONLY affect LAW ABIDING citizens. As for yor scenarios they are a bit ridiculous I would never pull my weapon unless I was sure I am not going to shoot a guy with celery in his hand for christ sake I am only going to pull that trigger if he has a weapon or if he strats firing first, you seem to buy into the media B/S too much we gun onwers are not stupid and a lot of us have more range time than most cops. As far as the courts go nope that simply does not happen thousands of times per year this is happening and rarley does it even go to court these are facts the media hides from you.
            You need to do some real reseach and get the REAL facts not the lies and twisted figures the anti gun nutjobs put out there. Let me ask a simple question if it is in fact true which it is that many many more lives are saved each year by people with CCW’s than are taken by criminals are you saying well lets disarm the public because the few that are taken are more important than the many thousands are saved. You are getting media hype and lies and the truth is out there is you are willing to look law enforcement sites the FBI stats there is all kinds of places to look. Get a book called more guns less crime by John Lott he was as anti gun as you can be until he did the research and now you can get the data from just one book all facts are backed up by legit law enforcement agencies. It is one thing to fear something it is different story to fear it based on what are simply lies and twisted facts that are simply not true. The facts are the facts this B/S you are more likely to be hurt carrrying a gun or having one in your house is a made up lie the real facts do NOT support that at all. Everything you posted here is simply not true it just does not happen the records are VERY clear if you just take the time to look some where besides some left wing lying nutjobs web page.

        2. MAHB001 says


          Well done, I should have read your comments before basically saying the same thing in my own post…

        3. G.Frazier says

          II Co. 10:4 says, “For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” The problem is this: Prayer only changes things, when people actually PRAY!

      2. MAHB001 says

        Then it shall be from my cold dead hands…

        I think you are wrong on two points… First, our Government Army’s and Agencies are NOT corrupt enough to follow a dictator with the intent to take down the Constitution. 0bama does not have a loyal army within the United States. Not one that will act against the American people the way you elude to.

        And, even if he did, that force would get what 100,000, lets say 1,000,000 patriots with the element of surprise… After that, the rest of the hundred million patriots will be a door to door combat… It will be bloody and ugly… For everyone.

        I am praying that the left rethinks the whole thing… I don’t think they have the stomach for it.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Note, I just read Joe’s comment below, he said it much more eloquently than I.

        2. PayTheMan says

          i think you said it pretty well. your points are all sound. so, it leaves the question… and i mean this without any sarcasm or negativity… just trying to understand your mindset: what sort of government military oppression do you think is a realistic possible future scenario against which our personal guns will be necessary/useful?

          1. MAHB001 says

            I believe the primary purpose of the second amendment was to keep a balance of power between the people and the Government that they created.

            That is why I resist any attacks on the second.

            I believe our guns have already saved us from a Japanese invasion.

            To answer your question, look at history… A majority if not all nations that allowed their populations to become disarmed (except some currently allied to the US) have fallen to a dictator. The transition from freedom to slavery costs humanity hundreds of millions of lives… Just think what might have happened if those people could have defended themselves…

            I guess, it ain’t over till its over… If this world turns into a Mad Max movie, it will be better to have a gun when needed than wish you did…

          2. PayTheMan says

            i hear you… and as a direct descendant of holocaust survivors (my mom etc.) and with 80% of my family not making it out of “the old country” alive… i can empathize for sure. But can we protect this second amendment assurance a bit more responsibly? can we find a modest (what a word for this debate) middle ground? NRA should be leading the charge on enforcing those laws (e.g., loopholes, etc.) that they can support… etc.

            this should not be a national debate but a national coming together of minds to how can we live peacefully… protect ourselves well from nutjobs and governments (when they become nutjobs) and, yet, not turn the entire nation into one big wild west.

            does a guy really need to pack in the produce isle of the grocery store? is he not taking that very low risk scenario and adding risk to it unnecessarily? me… just a guy with young kids who are totally innocent to the world (still) just wants to know that if i am buying lettuce i won’t lose a kid in the process because some guy lost his job and his wife but not his guns.

          3. MAHB001 says

            If you look back through history you will find that the NRA does or at least did support background checks… If memory serves me correctly, the NRA even proposed a solution that would allow for background checks in a way that the Government would not be able to collect a list of gun owners.

            Liberals blocked the release of psychological information and the checks ended up a waste of time. Liberals were not content with adequate background checks, they simply pressed for more.

            I believe it should be left up to the individual to determine if he/she needs to pack in a grocery store. Just because a person is packing does not mean they are a bad guy. That is one of the unintended consequences of the current gun laws….

            They disarm all the good guys with good intentions and leave a higher majority of bad guys with nothing to worry about.

            It is not the good guy with a gun you have to worry about. Guns are very safe, they do not discharge unless the trigger is pulled. Holsters are designed to protect the triggers, so that an accidental trigger pull is almost non existent. So I would say no, a good guy packing in a grocery store is not adding risk of harm to you or anyone else.

            Now place you and your kids in the grocery store with that bad guy that lost his job and his wife but not his guns…. Because this scenario has a much higher probability than an accidental discharge. Do you want a good guy with a gun there or not?

            The current laws do not remove the guns from the crazies. Too many guns in America to get them all. Foolish to think otherwise.

            I highly recommend that you take a gun safety class. Learn about them before you advocate taking them away from everybody.

          4. PayTheMan says

            of course, all good points you make. i am so liberal i would rather that we not have any guns at all because i am not so afraid of our govt nor so afraid of another coming in… i just don’t carry that kind of concern or fear with me despite what goes on elsewhere or in the past. but, i admit, i do fear the wacko with the gun. so, if i were god-like, i would just remove guns altogether. but, of course, that is fantastical and nonesense for the US in 2015 (although other nations are remarkably less gun-toting then we are.) So, then, given the realities, yes a good guy with a gun (a cop for example under most circumstances) does not scare me one bit. but a good guy who is untrained with a gun scares me more. a bad guy with a gun even more. so, there are levels of concern here.

            So, if i were not god-like but a more humble head of the NRA, i would push for mandatory licensing (not that big a deal for such a topic), mandatory background checks (whatever needed… because while its an inconvenience it wouldn’t be so terrible), mandatory training to a very high level (even if the govt had to pay for it… i would push for it), and horrifically harsh punishments for anyone dealing guns illegitimately etc.

            what you can see (i hope) is that i (and there ain’t one more liberal on this site than I) would want to make sure that if we have a heavily armed society that it be a VERY responsible heavily armed society. NRA should want that. Liberals should want that. Police should want that. the most ardent defenders of the 2nd A should want that. everyone should want that except the criminals!

            doesn’t that sound realistic… so long as we can all agree that no such prudent measures (and we all together can define “prudent”) will NOT lead to the slippery slope of gun confiscation?

            it just that both sides are dug in so defensively that more reasonable discourse (like what we are sharing now i think) is nearly impossible at the national level.

            i respect your views and am learning much from them. thanks for that.

          5. MAHB001 says

            Unfortunately I will be off line for the weekend… The boss says no more internet… 🙂 I will get back with you when I get back..

            I too respect your views and am learning much from them… Thank you for being civil in a land that lost its civility long ago…

          6. PayTheMan says

            understood. don’t get in trouble over this. i hang on this website because i learn nothing from the liberal ones (because they just spout the gibberish that i already believe). here, i am challenged (and sometimes shocked) into new ways of thought (or, at least, consideration). You have taught me more than most. thanks. over and out for now… i’ll keep my eyes open for your other contributions. take care.

          7. MAHB001 says

            Sorry for the long pause in this conversation…. I have learned a lot from our conversations…

            I’d like to ask you a question. Do you approve or disapprove of the current philosophy being employed by the left and some on the right that “the ends justify the means?”

            Now back to my answer about gun “violence.” I am glad that you see my points about good guys with a gun. This is the real world and to think that guns can be removed from America just isn’t realistic.

            It is my opinion that we already have enough laws on the books and the addition of any laws only serves those that want to disarm the good guys. There is a ton of disinformation going around on gun “control” and I think a majority of it is based solely on disarming the public.

            I live in CA. I go through a background check, 30 day waiting period, pay for and have to pass a gun safety class, for every fire arm i purchase… This has been going on for years…. On top of that, all my purchases have to go through a person with an FFL (Federal Firearms License). All of them, the ones in swap meets, the ones from out of state… All have to go to an FFL for the waiting period, and to be transferred into the state.

            What the politicians and the media won’t tell you that these draconian laws have had ZERO impact on California’s gun violence….. NO measurable difference at all.

            Given the fact that our politicians KNOW these laws will not have an impact, why do the push for them? The only reason I can think is because they see each step as a step towards disarming the public… Why do they want to disarm the public???? Because that is the first step in becoming a dictator.

            Now I know you do not fear the Government, but what other reason can you think of for politicians to continue to attack the second amendment with laws that only impact those that want to obey the laws with laws that infringe on our rights to bear arms????

            Now what I do know is that with owning and carrying a gun comes great responsibility…. Just as with great strength comes great responsibility.

            Again, I think you should take a gun class, it might help you with your fears of guns and those that own a gun..

            This video might help as well.


          8. PayTheMan says

            good to hear back from you. hope you are still employed. now i am writing from work… so i’ll keep it brief.

            I’d like to ask you a question. Do you approve or disapprove of the current philosophy being employed by the left and some on the right that “the ends justify the means?” i am unfamiliar with that term in this context. I don’t have a TV and get most of my news from NPR and spend more time on international and environmental topics. sorry.

            It is my opinion that we already have enough laws on the books and the addition of any laws only serves those that want to disarm the good guys.

            This is likely true. But, some bad guys started out (at some point) good… so, a little inconvenience (like seat belts and vaccines) help our society remain free and relatively safe. I would WANT to go through all you did in CA if i were a gun owner. Just like i WANT the TSA to check me as thoroughly as they need to make sure i don’t have a bomb on the plane. Clearly, i don’t and i know they are wasting their time… but the guy behind me i want checked. For an extra hour in line… the peace of mind (partial, not complete) is worth it to me. guns can hurt people… so can bombs. why not default to cautious?

            There is a ton of disinformation going around on gun “control” and I think a majority of it is based solely on disarming the public.
            Can’t say, but a lot of it is just adding some humility and a sense (if not a reality) of increased safety too. If my neighbor gets a gun in one day or has to wait for a month of background checks and training… i want him to wait a month so he doesn’t do something inadvertent and deadly for my family. if he waited 60 years to get a gun… he can wait another month. IF he needs it NOW… then i definitely DON’T want him getting a gun today if you catch my drift.

            I live in CA. I go through a background check, 30 day waiting period, pay for and have to pass a gun safety class, for every fire arm i purchase… This has been going on for years…. On top of that, all my purchases have to go through a person with an FFL (Federal Firearms License). All of them, the ones in swap meets, the ones from out of state… All have to go to an FFL for the waiting period, and to be transferred into the state.

            this sound downright civilized to me.

            What the politicians and the media won’t tell you that these draconian laws have had ZERO impact on California’s gun violence….. NO measurable difference at all.

            here is where the manipulation of data can go two ways. (I crunch data for a living.) At a population level, for instance, perhaps gun violence overall doesn’t change (I don’t know, i trust your stats)… but on an individual basis, it might. Planes are exceedingly safe for the vast majority of passengers but for the unlucky few… planes really suck (i.e., are deadly). So, population wise, gun laws poorly enforced may not save overall lives but they might save the lives of innocent folks (whereas maybe the guilty folk are shooting one another more). point is, without dissecting those analyses, we could be getting anything from the truth to an inadvertent misinterpreation to a downright manipulation. I need to see the primary research on these to believe them one way or another… then, with my training, i could give you a more astute response/conclusion.

            Given the fact that our politicians KNOW these laws will not have an impact, why do the push for them? The only reason I can think is because they see each step as a step towards disarming the public… Why do they want to disarm the public???? Because that is the first step in becoming a dictator.
            i hear you but don’t share your concern. in between step one and dictatorship are a LOT of steps. Our military won’t kill our citizens in support of a dictatorial state. I know it happens… i know its happening now… but i just don’t think that is one of our greatest national concerns right now or anytime soon.

            Now I know you do not fear the Government, but what other reason can you think of for politicians to continue to attack the second amendment with laws that only impact those that want to obey the laws with laws that infringe on our rights to bear arms????
            Take me. I don’t care who has guns or not. BUT, i KNOW that if there are more guns out there, my kids are more likely to get shot accidentally or otherwise. Thus, my personal slippery slope into the fanstastical… i would love it if i could be SURE my kids will never get shot at school if, for no other reason, because guns never existed. But, they do. And we have lots of them. So, it changes the entire situation… and good guys with guns become a real answer in our bizarre and violent and fearful world. So, with that as our regrettable reality, i take a more realistic posture: i want to improve the chances that my kids don’t get shot. So, that means, background checks, beefed up mental health system, lots of training etc., maybe even psychological check ups for gun owners… you get the point. i do not see disarming as realistic anymore… but i just, and very simply, want to live in a safer place. Good guys with guns are part of that. But heavily enforced laws are too. I feel exactly the same way about drivers, cars and drinking. The analogy for me is nearly precise. I want people to drive if that’s what they want to do. I wish we had fewer cars and hope that we can become more pedestrian, bike and public transpo friendly. But, cars will continue. So, licence them… train drivers… check for DUIs with very harsh penalities and make sure people get retested as they age or maybe even have doctors have to sign off on licence renewals.

            I am hardcore about this… but the gun is secondary. ANY deadly thing (cars, guns, bombs etc.) and I am consistently safety conscious across the board.

            Now what I do know is that with owning and carrying a gun comes great responsibility…. Just as with great strength comes great responsibility.
            Amen brother. if you were my neighbor, i would be 100% fine with you and your guns… you OOZE responsibility. (although my kids wouldn’t hang at your house).

            Again, I think you should take a gun class, it might help you with your fears of guns and those that own a gun..
            i once shot a 44 magnum pistol with a scope (for hunting) and i missed the entire hillside and shot some branch 30 yards above the target that came wafting down. the world does not want me with a gun in my hands… but, i admit, that i am tempted to take a class. in AZ… i certainly have opportunities. I could get any gun i want on my way home from work today….

            This video might help as well.

            Thanks for everything. i am gradually seeing your side (even the parts i cannot relate to)… but if i have one summary comment it is this: i am not anti-gun no more than i am anti-car… its just that i am pro-not-ending-the-life-of-my-kids prematurely because of someone else’s maliciousness or idiocy.

            i think i speak for millions of more mellow liberals… maybe not… but i think so.

          9. PayTheMan says

            howdy, saw the film. some make sense, other parts are the same fearful issues i’ve already mentioned i don’t share. But, here is one point i don’t agree with at all: gun control is about disarming good guys. as i mentioned previously, i am all about controlling the purchasing of guns so that self-proclaimed “good guys” ARE documented as being REAL good guys and, then, monitored over time to make sure they REMAIN good guys. i have no problem with armed good guys…and am not another liberal trying to disarm the nation. rather, i just want to make sure that all legal gun owners are good guys. Then, i mellow out a lot more knowing that the only ones i need to worry about are the bad guys… not also the bad guys masquerading as good guys. hope that helps..

          10. PayTheMan says

            Howdy. Hope you are well. Its been a while… And another massacre. This guy was obviously deranged and legally got a lot of guns isnt that the very definition of a broken law? Seems like a very strong argument for strengthening background checks so that sick folks have to work a lot harder to get an Arsenal. Do you not agree? Looking forward to your perspective. Take care.

          11. MAHB001 says

            Sorry, it has been a while.. I am afraid I have not done an adequate job of stating my case.
            This nutcase got all his guns legally, and then went insane… Like all the others…

            The sad thing is, none of the Presidents proposed laws would have changed this outcome, even if they had been in effect for years….

            I am not sure what you mean by a broken law? We have laws on the books against murdering people, yet people are still murdering others… Does that mean the murder laws are broken?

            The strengthening of the background checks that needs to be done is the looking into ones mental health records… The NRA actually suggested a system that looked into mental health records and did a background check of ones criminal records… Democrats defeated the part that looked into the mental health records because it was too invasive..

            More tomorrow.

          12. PayTheMan says

            Thoughtful response. ,I guess I mean that laws against murder are broken the moment a murder takes place. Laws for increased background checks are not broken when a nutjob gets a gun if the law is insufficient to stop the purchase. Meaning… We must strengthen the mental stability and former criminal record ale nets of the background check laws. Is that more clear? If not, islet me know. If NRA proposed stronger background checks and demos played politics … Then that too is our problem. No one on either side is really behaving with half the civility of our own conversation. Speaks well for you and me and poorly for our elected officials.

          13. MAHB001 says

            I think I understand what you are saying….

            You are saying that the background checks need to be strengthened to the point that it catches these nutjobs and the law prevents them from getting guns in the first place…

            The problem I see with that is that the nutjobs are just people, like you and me before they go whacko. So what you are actually proposing is that the background laws must be strengthened to the point that nobody can get guns.. Recall that this latest nutjob would have passed all the background checks and mental tests that have been proposed and gotten his guns, before he went whacko…

            And that would certainly be an infringement to our second amendment rights. Which spools up guys like me into our entrenched give no more inches mode.

            I am still struggling to find an answer. Nobody wants the carnage to continue, but I believe the typical knee jerk reaction by our liberal politicians for tighter gun laws not the answer. As a matter of fact, the politicians know it is not the answer, yet they relentlessly push for these laws anyway….. Why?

            CA, NY, and Chicago have the tightest gun laws in the country. These laws have had zero effect on “gun violence.” The politicians know this, yet every time one of these events comes along they push for more of the same…. Why? I think it is because their goals are not your goals, their goals are to rid the population of their guns… What other explanation can there be?

          14. PayTheMan says

            as anticipated, you raise provocative and thoughtful points. i guess the only thing i feel i can disagree with (given my knowledge base) is that perhaps we should mimic the procedures (e.g., forms, background checks, interviews, demonstrations of competency etc etc.) that are used to allow international folks (like my wife) to get a green card. we have the capacity to flag many (most?) of the nutjobs given sufficient background checking and interviews by trained professionals… but wow.. what a task and, sure, there’ll be false negatives and positives… so i can understand the outcry. but, we do this already just to allow someone the right to work… so clearly our society can do this and does it regularly so long as the cause is sufficiently important to pursue. eventually, enough people will know enough people gunned down that, perhaps, this too will rise to the level of public desire for enhanced scrutiny. but, who knows.

            about folks wanting to rid the nation of its guns… it sounds far fetched but australia tried that recently after just one such massacre as i recall. they are another culture with another constitution… but i have to believe that most folks (like me) pushing for greater oversight are not so delusional (or optimistic?) that a gun-free society is any more likely than a drug free one. we love our guns… we love our drugs… they are here to stay. so, i just advocate for more oversight for the few times it actually prevents a death or 20. good reconnecting… i always learn something from reading your thoughts.

          15. MAHB001 says

            On a completely different topic…

            What do you think of this?

            Is this something you see that can be implemented in the United States?
            Do you have any idea where it came from?

            Democracy. You know this word, right? As Americans, we all do. Democracy is the backbone of our country. And it’s founded on the principle that all voices should be heard.
            What about workplace democracy? Have you heard this phrase before? If not, we’re here to change that.
            Workplace democracy is the idea that employees should have a voice in determining their working conditions and wages. What that means is that employees have the ability to band together to ask for things like paid sick leave, better training, higher wages and anything that they feel could improve their working lives.

          16. PayTheMan says

            not really but i have one opinion: if workers are contented, feel appreciated and valued, have opportunities to innovate in ways that matter, are challenged in all the right ways and none of the wrong ways, are well managed by emotionally secure folks… they are uber productive and the company wins too.

          17. MAHB001 says

            Your comment is pretty much Henry Fords opinion…..
            Ford worked hard to make his work environments all that you described and he was an uber Capitalists who hated Unions, socialism and Government controls…..

            My first thought was that America is/was a Republic, not a democracy. But, I doubt the kids these days know the difference.

            My second is that this comment is divisive in nature as employees already have ultimate control of their working conditions and wages.. If either is NOT what the employee expected, they have the right to find something better or better themselves and then find something better.

            But then this statement popped out at me. “what that means is that employees have the ability to band together…” Banding together is how socialism and unions are often described.

            So I believe this is a cleverly penned piece designed to trick workers into being discontent with their working conditions and think the only way out of their plight is through socialism…

            Did I go wrong?

          18. PayTheMan says

            while i have always had the luxury of choosing (to a degree) my job with the bravado that if it was not working well, i would find another. i have the requisite skills and immodesty to live that way (and, perhaps, the skin color and gender that likely helps). many others without terminal degrees and such may not have that luck.

            “banding together” does smack of unions and unions have done a world of good and a world of bad like most any other formal institution (e.g., governments, religions, corporations, militaries etc.). i guess its like any other process, tool (e.g., guns) or whatever… it can be used for good or bad. remember, i am pretty left wing… i am not afraid of socialism per se and i think it has a lot to offer in certain sectors (e.g., healthcare and education) but, again, usually it has been abysmally applied. in the same way capitalism never stuck to its origins (e.g., we subsidize heavily, keep consumers ill-informed about what they are purchasing etc.), socialism (macro) or unions (micro) haven’t stuck to their principles either. i don’t think you went wrong… but i don’t think its designed to foment discontent and rebellion. i think it just an attempt to keep on the table a powerful tool for workers (unions) when all else fails. (but, maybe i am as optimistic about this as you are pessimistic. perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle).

          19. MAHB001 says

            Turns out the quotes are from the White House, not penned by 0bama, but obviously distributed by him….. They are the first three paragraphs from an invitation to the White House Summit on Worker Voice,,, Being held today, 0bama is attending…

            Who would have thought?? Not my first guess.

            The reason I thought they were designed to foment discontent is because they are red herring issues that really are not issues today… But, I think you are correct, it is an attempt to keep unions viable..

          20. MAHB001 says

            Thank you for your kind words, I always learn something from you as well.

            You have a trust in our Government that goes way beyond mine.. I do not see our Government as trustworthy and I believe they would take advantage of the process in short order.

            The right to keep and bear Arms is a right guaranteed by our Constitution. Its not after you have completed your background check..

            Here in CA, the “Government” decided that they would not hand out any more Concealed Carry permits… So the simply quit accepting the applications.. CA has also passed so many restrictive laws that a person without a CCW has to basically turn the gun into a worthless chunk of iron (empty, chamber lock, in locked case, with bullets stored in separate compartment (trunk) of car)when transported anywhere in public. That I basically do not have the right to keep and bear arms outside of my home safe. I can not assemble and load the gun fast enough to protect myself….

            Of course, these laws are not followed by the lawless. But they are followed by the law abiding citizen, again, the laws have no effect on “gun violence” but have a huge effect on my second amendment rights.

            The problem is that the politicians have different motives other than public safety in mind when it comes to gun control. They are using people like yourself that have good intentions to do their bidding. They are more about control of the people over protection of the people.

            I was told that Australia has returned to its levels of gun ownership that was present before the gun confiscations… Don’t know how true that is but, I do not have a good reason to doubt the source.

          21. glenn398 says

            I live in Arizona also and have yet to see a criminal clearly show his weapon in states that have strict gun laws so tell me the difference.

          22. PayTheMan says

            who knows glenn? not every criminal has a criminal mind… sometimes that designation of criminal comes AFTER the first offense. a guy in the produce section of the safeway just lost his job… has a fight with his wife… or bumps into the guy who’s with her now… of whatever… he has a gun… he uses bad judgement… he hits a kid accidentally behind the adulterous boy friend… all hypothetical but not outrageous. now, that law-abiding citizen is a felon and the kid is dead… just seems like the wild west doesn’t need be SO wild… at least not in the produce isle. thoughts?

          23. glenn398 says

            Well if those things set a person off to kill others they had mental problems to begin with and carrying a gun or not it would just be a matter of time before he went off the deep end. If there were more gun deaths in states like Arizona then in places like Chicago with strict gun control I could believe you but that isn’t the case and we are comparing a city to a state.

      3. glenn398 says

        Paytheman there is one hell of a lot of men in the public today that have been in the military so don’t think we will be a pushover.

    6. Pegasus says

      You got that soooooooo right…. Oblamer is a racist, muslim. marxist POS and a
      megalomaniac just like Hitler! I have guns and I’ll use them to protect my family, if need be.

    7. Proud Liberal says

      Hot Dog Hairy may be a product of his own culture. When he heard things repeated again and again by dogs he loved and respected, he would seldom question their veracity. Ideas get passed on from mouth to ass. They may change, but they do so slowly and the change is seldom noticed until they plop into the toilet. That is what happened to our understanding as Americans of this part of the First Amendment. Going back to the beginning, as Hot Dog Hairy does, makes a huge difference in our understanding.

  3. RMCSRET says

    Gee and it took a study to actually find this out, REALLY?

  4. George Cahonna says

    This no surprise to anyone but a Liberal voter hearing criminals don’t abide by the law. Libs are the criminals, & yes Liberals should not have arms.

    1. G.Frazier says

      Actually, the liberals don’t appear to need heads, either….I mean, it’s obvious they don’t use their heads, so why do they need them?

      1. George Cahonna says

        They hang with the Muslims long enough they won’t have any heads…

      2. Lyndau123 says

        Actually, I believe lobotomies are all the rage with Libs. It is SO obvious!

  5. joe says

    Wow this is just shocking information are you saying that ratbammy and the media has been lying to us all this time I am so surprised that the media would not tell the truth

    1. tom says

      idiots all gun haters

      1. joe says

        Yes that is for sure let me describe one, uneducated, weak willed, easy to manipulate ,liars they refuse to even look at the real facts and a delusional fear of an inanimate object. Almost sounds like the description of a lunatic huh ,I think we just need to keep guns out of the hands of the insane anti gun crowd they are not to be trusted they are a danger to themselves and others.

  6. peter says

    It doesn’t matter where a criminal gets his guns if you are a liberal or a democrat. They are irrational on most issues.

  7. Pete Allenbach says

    No shit? Really? What did THIS study cost the taxpayers? And to what exotic country did Borak take his family to uncover this mind blowing bit of information? Wow!

  8. David Gearhart says

    Anyone with any common sense would know that criminals are going toget their guns by other than the means of a law abiding citizen. They are criminals they do things illegally.

  9. SouthernPatriot says

    Aw, you’re kidding, right? Criminals do not buy guns at gun shows and licensed gun shops? Criminals do not buy guns where they are forced to run background checks? Tell me that is not true. You’re crushing all my illusions!

    Leftist Democrats who want more and more and more gun control are in fact just hindering and harassing law abiding citizens, and having no effect on criminals. Just like “gun free zones” leave all there at the mercy of criminals, the mentally unsound, and jihadists.

  10. Gerry Costa says

    I wonder how much money was spent on this worthless study. ANYONE with a half of brain already knew that. In 90% of American cities, someone who wants to get a weapon can do so in any back alley

    1. Dolores Wieland says

      Waste of money as usual…

  11. Linda Lee says

    I can’t believe it took a study to make liberals understand that thugs don’t buy guns legally. LOL

    1. Dolores Wieland says

      They do studies for all kinds of inane things

    2. Lyndau123 says

      But Libs STILL refuse to understand. They HATE FACTS! They are kool-aid drunk and Obamized sheepsters to the end!

    3. glenn398 says

      Linda Probably took a study because they didn’t recognize that part of that report included them.

  12. Valor says

    I will say it again. Gun control laws are not and never have been about crime reduction, or public safety. They are and always have been about the safety of those that wish to rule over others. The first gun control laws appeared shortly after the Civil War as part of the Jim Crow Laws intended to deny freed slaves their newly acquired civil rights. Gun control laws are always about restricting either a specific segment of society, or as is the case now with our out of control government and our ruling class, all of society. A disarmed society is a compliant society. Which is exactly why the 2nd Amendment is so important.

  13. Kevin says

    Warning! Read the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on the UN website. It cannot be accomplished without massive loss of freedom to Americans and the establishment of a new global socialist society. Don’t fall for the promises of a better world through uniformity! Nature favors diversity when overcoming adversity, NOT uniformity. Even Charles Darwin agrees.

    Masked within these goals is a socialist agenda and a reduction of rights and freedoms for more developed countries like the United States. The UN has issued its own “Declaration of Human Rights” that does not encompass the US Constitution, which states that our rights are unalienable and God-given. Their rights are government-given. There is also no 2nd Amendment equivalent in their Declaration. Don’t fall victim to the message of “peace and equality” coming late Sep via the Pope and the UN meetings. They and the Central Banks will propose to rescue us from ourselves and our failing economy through this new “global agenda”, but the reality is much more sinister. The “world they want” is not the “world we want”!

  14. JO 753 says

    Who iz shocked by this? The NRA wont be happy till we are shoveling gunz out uv the driveway like snow!

    1. joe says

      shut up you freak go back to your dungeons and dragons game you are not permittied to be here I did not give you permission

    2. glenn398 says

      Jo I have met a lot of idiots but you really that the cake and your picture looks like you belong in an institution.

  15. Francisco Machado says

    A proposed I.Q. test question: “Criminals obey gun laws – true/false?” – Unfortunately, this would obviously be graded differently by liberal or conservative examiners.

  16. James in Texas says

    Gun control works everywhere it is in-place, it just doesn’t work where people have freedom and peace from their government! 100 Million of us have guns and we intend to keep them and not become slaves of a Socialist government, Period!

  17. Dolores Wieland says

    Study? Who needs a study? Every common sense person KNOWS that criminals don’t (CAN’T) buy guns legally. Before anyone tries to take Americans’ rights to protect themselves and their loved ones away, I think there will be a fight on everyone’s hands. Liberals want to make this a dictatorship, as does Obama and his suckups in the WH

    1. pupster40 says

      As Ben Carson said; “Those that think a new POTUS will solve all of America’s
      problems simply don’t understand the nature of cancer & how hard it is to become cancer
      free. The truth about America is that the cancer of Liberalism is destroying it, In essence
      Liberalism = Socialism = Communism.”
      All these progressive studies and panels are is a ruse, while they run a knife in your (the American Citizens) back.

      1. Dolores Wieland says

        Pupster 40…you forgot “dictatorship” and I agree with your statement. We are so deep into this liberal crap that it will take a lot more to dig ourselves out than it did to dig ourselves in

        1. Lyndau123 says

          And we MAY not have to even worry about it because this administration is hell bent on holding a nuclear guillotine over all American’s heads with their Iran “Deal”! Ignorance is KILLING America! Just What Obama WANTS and actually has facilitated along with the dufus puppet Kerry!

          1. Dolores Wieland says

            I’m glad I’m as old as I am. I feel sorry for the younger generation and people’s grandkids and great grandkids. I have none

  18. elmcqueen3 says

    Liberals, progressives, socialists, statists, marxist, communist, all of which equates to Democrats…i.e….CommieCRats for better definition.

  19. glenn398 says

    It took a study to figure this out, damn how stupid can these people be? Anyone with common sense could have told them for free those facts, wonder what this stupid study cost us.

  20. justagramma says

    If they were worrying about criminals having guns, they would be enforcing current laws. Their real objective is to confiscate all citizens’ guns, because that is the final defense the people have against an authoritarian government.

  21. Marilynn Reeves says

    What a waste of money on a survey. They are called criminals for one reason–every thing they do is illegal.

  22. Jon's On says

    Not surprising at all. What about “shall not be infringed” do liberals not get? The truth is it isn’t about gun violence at all. It’s about control. The left’s control over the country. The 2nd amendment gets in the way of their agenda. They salivate at the thought of confiscating everyone’s guns (except their own of course). I’ll be damned if I would give one of these pinheaded little assholes my gun.

  23. PayTheMan says

    Shocking Study: stupid people who legally obtain guns turn into criminals the moment they use the gun illegally or, often, mistakenly.

  24. joebabe says

    It’s about time information like this gets sent all over the country! What part of “CRIMINAL” do these politicians and liberals not understand? Laws and regulations are not obeyed by criminals………that’s why we call them criminals…..duh! If you get a chance to speak to your Representatives in Congress, ask them if they understand this common sense thought And tell them to first confiscate the street gangs, MS 13 ,crips, Albanian,Russian, and other criminal enterprises and stop persecuting law-abiding vets and senior citizens who “like to cling to their guns and bibles”…….for their safety and peace of mind.

  25. OSAMA OBAMA says

    I glad the leftist / islamic shooters observe those gun free zone sites!

  26. USCBIKER says

    MAH is 100% correct, when Castro came to power he and his disciples wore crucifixes and their manta was “armas para que?”-weapons for what?

  27. 4Bill_O_Rights says

    Criminals don’t get their guns legally. WOW who’d uh thunk it?
    I hope this study didn’t cost taxpayers more than about 85 cents.

  28. tom says

    realy you bunch of dumbass gun haters its not the gun. do something about the criminals start frying their worthless asses and there will be no crime boohoo for you cowards who refuse to make our country safe liberal duchebags

  29. Justin says

    We will disarm the innocent and leave the crimminals with the weapons. “We at are collecting signatures to put INDEPENDENCE on the voting ballots in over 20 states and to pressure another 11 state legislatures to vote to put independent on the ballot!

    So join us now and help collect signatures”

  30. boats1567 says

    Caesar was assassinated with a sword. Why? Because he defied the banksters and coined Rome’s own money and tried to leave the people as free from government as possible. If the people ever awaken to the fact that it is our criminal government that has been creating the problems for well over 170 years step by step we may just be able to restore sanity.

  31. boats1567 says

    Yep, first your guns then your knives. They already moved to stop sharp pointed knives from eating utensils. & scissors. Wake the h… up!

  32. oaking says

    Well darn, who’d of thought
    It you, liberal-socialist, can have armed guards AT MY EXPENSE, then I will continue to protect myself – at my own expense.

  33. JO 753 says

    This article iz just a pander piece to keep any serious discussion from happening. The NRA & frendz hav dun a fantastic job uv bilding & protecting their profit stream.

    1. joe says

      You are not smart enough to talk with us adults little girl go back and play with your barbie dolls you freak of nature

  34. Jack says

    This STUDY(?),originated in cook county,chicago,Illinois,,the homicide capital of the world..You bet madigan got his”share”of the”study” money..Madigan,obamas home town boss..

  35. Jack G Simpson Jr says

    I am shocked and appalled to find out that thugs don’t buy their guys legally and don’t go through a back ground check. OMG who would have thought it? Why hasn’t someone told the Feds this before? Why haven’t movies been made showing street thugs buying their guns out of car trunks from other thugs? Or stealing them from homes they burgle? Or take out of the dead or dying hands of other thugs shot by other thugs? All I can say is I hope this study wasn’t paid for with tax money or I’m gonna go find me a gun dealer, buy an illegal gun and shoot someone. (Just joking) SSG U.S. Army (RET) P.S. Can someone point me in the direction of one of these underground gun dealers so I can get some guns that the gov wont know about and wont be able to seize?

  36. GLR says

    Why is it a surprise,”Crimnals do not buy guns legally” You have to be a fool if you think the crooks would buy guns legally. As I said before. the powers that be are STUPID

  37. Alleged Comment says

    LOL! Many under the current strict laws and harassment would never ever pass. Who says criminals can’t think? Your Congressman, that’s who!

  38. Beachnut says

    And what on earth would have brought you to that conclusion wonder how much was spent on this study lol!

  39. Samuel Clemens says

    Just this week, a fellow employee stated when “open carry” goes into effect, gun crimes go up. I pointed out to him, that exactly the opposite happens. Texas goes to open carry, Jan 1st. That’s what had him concerned.

  40. raziel71 says

    If you need a study to know this, then you are so stupid that you should be jailed for your own safety. It does help to the leftards though, becuase to believe anything it have to come from a “study”. They are too dumb to just use common sense. Also it seems very appropiate for them that this study was done in one of the leftards stupid rules cities, Chicago. No more excuses for their ill minded thoughs.

  41. raziel71 says

    Let me keep repeating it,… just 2 things that will get you thru life in most things if you apply them. Common sense and personal responsibility. Please repeat those 2 until they sink into your libtards brains.

    1. David Garcia says

      You’re right razie until some creep tries breaking into your home and then those 2 things go out the window. Only thing to do then is fire on the creep.

      1. Bob Ware says

        Actually those two things don’t go out the window as I see it. They get applied! The problem is then solved.

  42. Brenda says

    Duh, and just what idiot though this was a necessary study? Everyone knows that the criminal elements do not walk into gun shops and buy guns. So, lets say they are successful, and guns are ruled illegal, will that stop the criminal from getting a gun? Look at the gun violence in countries that have outlawed gun ownership. for some mysterious means, the criminal still can get a gun.
    There are no laws that can prevent ownership, control the violence of man, or ensure a safe society. All they accomplish is frustration of the legal gun owner

  43. Gary Smith says

    Shocking to who?

  44. Deborah Henderson says

    Hitler asked for all the guns in Germany so that the German’s could sleep with their doors and windows unlocked and be safe. It was also for the safety of the children and to prevent them from being robbed of their childhoods by an accidental shooting etc.

    Look how that turned out for the Germans and most especially the Jews. Although few Germans agreed with Hitler and his murder of the Jews, the Germans that opposed had nothing to defend themselves with much less defend the Jews.

    In our case it will be that we would no longer have anything to defend us from the Muslims that Obama is letting invade our country (which is what he has wanted all along…………his Hope and Change).

    1. David Garcia says

      We’re letting him get away with it Deborah Henderson, pure and simple. Like with Hitler, the American people have been cowed by Obama, afraid to say anything, afraid to do anything. They don’t like what he’s doing, what direction this country is taking but they’re too cowardly to do anything. Obama is not to blame, antiAmerican and traitor that he is. WE are to blame for doing nothing to stop the dictator wannabee. A lot of talk but that’s it.

  45. Jay Yaskiw says

    This guy writes at a grade 12 level.

  46. Bob Ware says

    Ben Carson will not support any issue that weakens the 2nd Amendment. See his website.

  47. Tonewall Jaxon says

    I’m a ‘liberal’ and love guns…..shut your stereotypical ‘liberals suck” argumentative yap and lets find a way that works….i’m not giving mine up………but i have this thing called ‘common sense’ get some. you conservative dick……….see doesn’t fix a thing …does it.

    1. David Garcia says

      Liberals do suck Tonewall jaxon.

  48. David Garcia says

    Shocking study? Really? This has been common knowledge for decades.

  49. Gary Silver says

    If you remove the legal guns then you block the illegal a qui sit in of guns. You can’t steal what isn’t there!

  50. Cooleemee Edd says

    Well, I don’t know whether to say “Amen,” or simply “Duh!” Keep Reloading, America!!

  51. LARRY JOHNSON says

    Criminals buy from USs number 1 gun running team-*Psycho Obama & scum Holder sold 1000s in west to cartels & felons–Holder probably armed most of the black panthers-*Get ready- Get armed-obama Has about 16mos left

  52. TAM44 says

    They don’t have to as eric holder and obama made sure of that. Remember the “Fast and Furious” Gun running scandal.

  53. IMSweetOlBob says

    Oh, Wow ! What a cataclysmic finding ! And this came from the university of Chicago ?
    How studious and professional ! A study and an interview with 100 crooks to tell us what every honest person, not the liberal, gun grabbing liars, knew all along.
    But they have my congratulations for giving serious credence to the truth. It’s hard to argue with the twisted statistics and outright lies of groups like the Brady Bunch, by saying “Everyone knows”. They have given us another rock to stand on that will be hard to twist and spin. Thanks People !

  54. Ralph H Moran says

    I don’t buy mine in a store either, I make mine a ghost-gun or buy on the street and change out the barrel, firing pin and extractor ( new gun). You can order parts on the internet and a little work and you have a nice gun. I have 2 AR 15s both ghost both work great cost me about $600 apiece and some work. My 45 auto same thing replaced the barrel with a match grade and firing pin and hammer and extractor now it is a tack driver and spent about a total of $500 for it.

  55. geezer1948 says

    I’ve had more than one certified audiologist tell me that a single incident of unprotected hearing of a gunshot is enough to impair your hearing permanently! Don’t buy into this “I’ll just do it until I need hearing aids” mentality. Every one’s ears are different and will react differently, but to hear someone argue that you need constant exposure to loud noises to affect hour hearing is leading you down a primrose path to deafness.
    I was exposed to my fair share of noisy environments over my career, but the one I remember most vividly, was taking a smoke break at the range, going back in and firing my “nine” without my earmuffs back in place…it all went down hill from there. Was that one, unguarded moment at the range to blame…I thought not, but no fewer than four trained and certified audiologists assured me that one unprotected exposure just might screw you up forever.

  56. Elizabeth Fortin says

    And this surprises you??

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  58. Maria castro says

    Shocking? Come on, why do you think we have the cartels all over this country. They brought all the guns that Obama and Holder’s Justice Department gave them.

  59. DAS01 says

    It is true that many gun-related crimes are committed by people who acquire their guns illegally, but what so many gun lovers refuse to countenance is the need to *drastically* cut the numbers and types of weapons allowed to non-military or police personnel. In essence guns should be restricted to a few types useable in sport.

    In the US this might take many years after passing such a law, and you will never eliminate gun-crime entirely, but you have to start sometime and somewhere.
    And before anyone wheels out Switzerland and Israel as examples of low gun-crime despite a high level of ‘private’ gun ownership, let’s remember their circumstances are very different, not least because the gun-holders have all had military training…

  60. Fool on the Hill says

    Still, Logic says that if Guns are “Banned” (I mean everywhere on the Planet) then no one, Not even Criminals will have Guns. Makes sense. But the Fact that there are Gun Owners in the World means that Criminals will always have access to guns! It’s only “Logical” as, Spock would say!

  61. Thom Frost says

    Even one death no matter the cause is a tragedy but according to the FBI which is a law

    enforcement agency puts the number of gun deaths for 2013 at 8,454.

    Also remember most of these statistics do not filter out deaths such as suicide, accidental

    and death by law enforcement (aka death by cop).

    More people die each year by drunk driver then by gun, but I don’t see people talking about

    taking peoples cars.

    Remember people news agency’s have their own agenda and are also in it for ratings.

    99.99% of most gun owners are only dangerous to empty beer cans and bottles.

    Also think of this, I have yet to see or hear of an inanimate object like a gun jump up, load its

    self and start shooting people. If guns are so dangerous then how does anyone ever

    manage to make it out of a gun store or a gun show alive?

    Crack and cocaine are illegal but yet people have no problems getting them.

    Criminals don’t care about laws that’s what makes them criminals.

    Taking guns from legal law abiding citizens only leave the guns in criminals hands.

    A quick history lesson:

    When Hitler came to power the first thing he did was take the guns from all the people.

    Honduras a gun controlled country has more deaths caused by guns per a 100,000 people.

    Per capita America is 111 with 4.7 deaths per 100,000 people. America has fewer deaths

    then most every country with strict gun laws.

    The purpose of the Second Amendment is to check the standing army’s use by a tyrannical

    government against the people. The militia, comprised of all people capable of bearing arms,

    was to be well regulated in the sense of being self-regulated (self-disciplined), capable, and

    trained in the use of arms. This is in keeping with the definition of well regulated and militia at

    the time of the founding.

    “The right right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    The bill of rights defines the people as everyone, not those of a isolated class.

    Britain was shaken by another massacre in June 2010 when a lone gunman, named as

    Derrick Byrd, killed 12 people and injured almost 30 others after a near four-hour shooting

    spree in rural Cumbria, northern England. The body of the 52-year-old taxi driver was found

    alongside two powerful rifles, one equipped with a telescopic sight.

    The tragedy again raised questions about the effectiveness of Britain’s gun laws after it was

    revealed Byrd was licensed to carry firearms. The licensing application process involves

    being vetted by police as well as the applicant’s doctor to assess their fitness to own a


    Gun laws are not implemented to reduce murder, mayhem and criminality they are enacted

    to take firearms away from citizens because government fears an armed populace.

    “When gun control advocates say they want Australian gun control laws in the United

    States, what they are really saying is that they want gun confiscation in the United States,”

    Varad Mehta.

    Reagan on gun control:

    “You won’t get gun control by disarming law-abiding citizens. There’s only one way to get real

    gun control: Disarm the thugs and the criminals, lock them up and if you don’t actually throw

    away the key, at least lose it for a long time… It’s a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict

    harm are not fazed by gun controllers. I happen to know this from personal experience.”

    “Our nation was built and civilized by men and women who used guns in self-defense and in

    pursuit of peace. One wonders indeed, if the rising crime rate, isn’t due as much as anything

    to the criminal’s instinctive knowledge that the average victim no longer has means of self-


    “There are those in America today who have come to depend absolutely on government for

    their security. And when government fails they seek to rectify that failure in the form of

    granting government more power. So, as government has failed to control crime and

    violence with the means given it by the Constitution, they seek to give it more power at the

    expense of the Constitution. But in doing so, in their willingness to give up their arms in the

    name of safety, they are really giving up their protection from what has always been the chief

    source of despotism – government.”

  62. PayTheMan says

    Shocking News!! the gunman in Roseburg was totally insane (obviously) AND legally able to buy a huge arsenal. That pattern (a reality in many of our latest massacres) makes these laws, by definition, ineffectual as written. Stronger gun laws are required until such deranged folks simply cannot (so easily) buy guns.

    Do all you who disagree actually love your guns (and your presumed right to have them) above human life itself? That IS the choice you are making. If you make it…

    just own up to it and admit that you devalue human life over the rights to have national (essentially unfettered) access to guns. admit it and then duck… because the next massacre is coming to a town near you.

  63. hankster6 says

    There is, absolutely, nothing shocking about criminals not buying guns legally. Who would write such???
    That is the main reason why restrictive guns laws are a waste of time and money. Law abiding citizens need their guns for self protection, yet the liberals, want to punish law abiding citizens and put them in harms way with so many gun restrictions. When the law makers fire their armed guards, they can talk to us about gun control!

  64. jack says


  65. Tiger says

    Really wow. How about that. Good Grief.

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