Should Colleges Implement “Affirmative Action” For Conservatives?


No one will soon mistake the New York Times’ Frank Bruni for a Trump-loving conservative Republican, but he is at least aware enough to emerge from his NYC liberal bubble every now and again, blink his eyes, and make some halfway-decent observations about the world. That’s more than can be said for many professors and administrators in the world of higher education, which – as Bruni points out in his recent column – is something that at least a few colleges are trying to fix.

Following the (shocking, surprising, omg the world is ending) election of Donald Trump last November, colleges across the country began to wonder…were they keeping their students trapped inside a liberal biosphere that bore little to no resemblance to the rest of the country?

“After the election I sensed, from talking to leaders of colleges, a lot of soul searching about the fact that college presidents and students assumed that one thing was going to happen on Election Day and it did not,” Scott Jaschik, the editor of Inside Higher Ed, told Bruni in an interview. “Some people woke up the day after the election and realized that every surrounding county voted in a different way than the college did.”

In his article, Bruni points out that even before the election, at least a handful of colleges had noticed the ideological imbalance on their campuses:

In 2013 the University of Colorado, Boulder, welcomed its first “visiting scholar in conservative thought,” a teaching position created to bring someone from the right to the school each year. In 2015 Jonathan Haidt, a justly celebrated social psychologist at New York University, helped to found the Heterodox Academy, an organization that promotes intellectual diversity in higher education.

And a growing number of educators have been wondering aloud if there should be “affirmative action” for conservative professors, given the hugely disproportionate percentage of liberal faculty in the humanities and social sciences. They often conclude that outright preferences are a bad idea but that creating an extra position in, say, military history rather than gender studies would probably up the odds of adding a Republican to the lineup.

This is an idea long past its due date, and it would make a hell of a lot more sense than the ethnic version of affirmative action that these colleges currently engage in. Forget about the Trump election; the protesters shutting down free speech at UC Berkeley and other colleges demonstrate exactly what happens when you try to turn any space into an echo chamber for one point of view. Everyone eventually turns into an extremist when all they hear are the same opinions reflected back to them. Ideological diversity is at least as important as demographic diversity, if not much more so. If higher education in this country wants to avoid becoming a caricature of itself, a conservative hiring spree would be a good way to begin.



  1. Bill O'Neil says

    That is the dumbest headline of the day!

  2. chucky001 says

    How about affirmative action for liberals at Liberty University, Bob Jones University or other such schools? On second thought, I guess that’s really not necessary, since our kids can and do get into better schools…

    1. DonRS says

      chucky001, a typical bigoted liberal can name only 2 colleges and universities with a conservative, yet tolerant environment – quite the opposite from the INTOLERANT, BIASED, overwhelmingly liberal vastly larger number of colleges and universities in this country!

      Liberals want, no demand, “their way or the highway”. Thank God there is strong opposition, or our economic and free society would be no longer, just as in Cuba and Venezuela! As President Trump stated so eloquently, “Venezuela did not implement socialism poorly, they implemented it too well!

      But, of course, facts are not part of the liberal thought process!

      1. Retired says

        You nailed that one right .

      2. AKLady says

        I know of no college which demands an applicant to reveal whether they are conservative or liberal … They simply want to know if you can pay and have the required education.

        1. DonRS says

          Not only this post, but your others in this string are so incredibly naive as to be a joke.

          But, then, as I indicated, FACTS escape the cognitive grasp of liberals!

          1. AKLady says

            How many colleges have you attended? Tell us which of these educational institutions demanded to know my politics:

            BS, Charter Oak College, State of Connecticut
            M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
            J.D. George Washington University.
            MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.
            CEU – U.S.D.A. Graduate School.
            CEU – University of South Carolina, School of Medicine
            CEU – University of Wisconsin
            CEU – University of Alaska

          2. DonRS says

            As a perpetual student, we can conclude with certainty, they were well aware of your politics. “Attending” a string of colleges connotates nothing! Your history precedes you in each institution!

          3. AKLady says

            You obviously do not know the first thing about professional licensure. Sad, really sad.

          4. DonRS says

            Licensure and competence are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS. But one who has, apparently, spent her life pursuing licensure, has no concept of the difference! I’m assuming you are now a teacher – those that can do, those that can’t teach. In the teaching profession, licensure, not competence, is the name of the game!

          5. Retired says

            If you add all the stories AK has presented over the years she /it would be approaching 80 .

          6. Retired says

            You got AK pegged .

          7. Mathew Molk says

            No truth at all you guys. – Your intelligence is becoming suspect each time you respond to the head troll on the internet.

            I blocked AK commie a year ago.

            I wanted to see what you guys has to say about Affirmative action and all you have done is bite on the AK bullshit. – I am ashamed of all of you.

          8. Retired says

            Simple , if you act like a animal you belong in the jungle and that goes for all national backgrounds and not Skin color .

          9. Bob Morton says

            Graduated or just attended? Attended only doesn’t mean crap. It’s great to further your education and expand your knowledge but in the working world, it will look like you’re indecisive. In some cases, graduating from certain “educational institutions” also doesn’t mean crap either. Future employers also look at educational backgrounds and specific institutions. Trying out for size the ones that will either put up with AKLady’s BS or will actually be on the same wave length – scary thought. The first on the list of the above educational institutions, # one, BS… sounds good to me – BS (not the institution, just her). The name ‘George Washington’ on # three might change though, thanks to the libs. CEU (Continued Education Unit) – why not say it’s continued education instead of making it sound like a degree? There’s no shame in continued education unless one is trying to make people think they are smarter than they are. After all of this “education”, what is her career? By the way, having real life skills and experiences, in my opinion, go a lot further. I have learned a lot from the school of hard knocks. I have also had “educated” idiot supervisors and managers that are clueless (I have also had great supervisors and managers that were my mentors – I shouldn’t know more than they do). Their education did not make them any smarter than when they first started in the education system. I have actually witnessed that the more stupid and incompetent you are (but a great kiss-a$$), the higher up in the company you will go (Peter Principle – everybody rises to their own level of incompetence). Kind of sounds like government, huh? Common sense is not taught – you either have it or you don’t. Thank God I’m now retired and don’t have to train another untrainable, incompetent, entitled management team member with a supposed college degree.
            Here’s a food for thought for the day: “We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing”. Another version: “We the unwilling, led by the unqualified, have been doing the unbelievable, for so long, with so little, we now attempt the impossible with nothing”. I think I heard a variation of both way back before the beginning of time (a xerox copy about 40-ish years ago before the internet).
            Last thought for the night:

            This is Bob’s wife.

          10. Mathew Molk says

            Then why do you continue to feed this troll.
            Block the scumbag, Don.

    2. Pam Dunn says

      moron warning

      1. REALConservative says

        No warning needed; we already knew you are a moron.

        1. Joseph Carrilho says

          The biggest moron here up voted you.

          1. REALConservative says

            Then did you take it away?

    3. Joseph Carrilho says

      See how the idiot trolls up vote each other?…….

  3. gotabgood says

    I have several news sources on my homepage… and it was lite up over Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos….. but you have nothing on here…

    Manafort, Gates Charged With Conspiracy in Mueller Investigation
    George Papadopoulos, who had been a foreign policy adviser to Trump during the campaign, pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI

    I was surely expecting Flynn to be among the first to be indicted….. maybe he is cooperating and he is the wild card up Mueller’s sleeve.. Ya think?

    1. mac12sam12 says

      You do realize that all happened before Trump even thought about running for president.

      And still no Trump/Russia connection but its been proven that there is a connection with Russia and the Clintons.

      Turn off CNN, it has obviously lowered your IQ.

      1. gotabgood says

        Not true… he has been making shading deals, before Trump, during Trump and after Trump…. and now see what happens when he is facing 20 plus years in his new home…. Something that George Papadopoulos has been doing for 3 or more weeks.
        Singing to Mueller..

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Muller already said that Manafort has nothing to do with Trump or his administration and he added there’s no Russian connection with Trump. CNN doesn’t mention that.

          1. gotabgood says

            You’re a liar..

          2. Retired says

            It was on other networks and international news .

          3. gotabgood says

            Your reference…..
            The probe of Podesta and his Democratic-leaning lobbying firm grew out of Mueller’s inquiry into the finances of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, according to the sources. As special counsel, Mueller has been tasked with investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

            And thank you for the reference..

          4. mac12sam12 says

            Manafort had no business dealings with Trump, he worked for the democrats during that time. Have you noticed they can’t find a Trump/Russian connection? It’s because there isn’t one and it’s time for democrats to admit the old hag lost the election all by her lonesome. Don’t worry, Trump will be gone in 7 years. New record high on the stock market today! 25,500, the 60th time the record has been broken. Trump also got his second GDP over 3%. Hussein O never got 3%!

          5. gotabgood says

            Time will tell……….. Getting closer and CLOSER and ever CLOSER to Trump….

            Jared Kushner’s team turned over documents to special counsel in Russia investigation


          6. mac12sam12 says

            LOL! Have they found a connection yet? It’s the clintons who are in cahoots with Russia,

          7. gotabgood says

            Why Putin hates Hillary


            As for the connections… it gets a little confusing.. but take your finger and follow along one line at a time… And we got some new players Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos,… Jeff Sessions in back in the lime lite again and I am sure there will be others… Oh..and we can’t forget Jared Kushner, it seems like the father-in-law is a little upset with him too


          8. gotabgood says
          9. gotabgood says

            Your websites could have been made by you..
            Here is a little study done… if you can lighten up a little you might get a smile…

            Have you ever wondered why so many Conservatives are lacking a sense of humor? I know I have. Take President Obama’s recent appearance on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis, for example. Most people found it really funny…well, except Conservatives, that is.

            Instead of laughing, the righties are freaking out, over in their alternate universe. They are busy calling the President’s interview some kind of distraction from Benghazi. And Oh, how I wish I was joking right now. But, in this alternate reality they live in, people like Bill O’Reily say things like Lincoln wouldn’t have done such a thing. Really Billy boy?? Well you know what else Lincoln wouldn’t have done? He wouldn’t have surfed porn on his iPhone because it would still be like another 130 years or so until Al Gore could invent the Internet.
            But you see, all of these latest attacks on Obama’s successful use of humor are actually not so much of the usual anti-Obama display that we’ve all grown so accustomed to. No, these particular attacks really show us much more about Conservatives’ sheer inability to think, or in this case, to laugh like we do. True Story.
            Conservatives just don’t quite get humor like we do. Ever wonder why all of the funniest comedians are liberals?
            I guess we can’t blame them entirely for their lacking sense of humors. I mean, when you really think about it, there’s actually nothing at all funny about being a total douchebag. And where’s the humor in denying equal rights to gays, minorities, and immigrants? It must not be too much fun to always be complaining about being born into privilege, or how your historically low marginal taxes help fund programs for the poor. Yeah, that must really suck. Nothing much to laugh about there, I suppose….especially if you’re a Conservative.
            But, while righties may have trouble finding things to smile about, actual comedy seems to be one thing that downright pisses them off. At least the comedy that you and I find funny. So what is this about? Well, it turns out that there is actually a brain chemistry reason. You know…science and shit!
            Seriously, all joking aside. Our brains…Conservatives and Liberals….really are different.
            Several studies have found that Liberals have larger and more active anterior cingulate cortex, or ACC, than our Conservative counterparts. And while they are lacking in the ACC department, they actually have larger amygdala than we do.
            Now What Do These Brain Parts Do??
            First the Libs….
            Basically, the more developed ACC allows the Liberal to be a better problem solver. It helps us to cipher through difficult information and make educated decisions. According to scientists, Liberal brain chemistry allows us to monitor conflict, detect errors, and we are more likely to
            “respond to informational complexity, ambiguity, and novelty. Liberals, according to this model, would be likely to engage in more flexible thinking, working through alternate possibilities before committing to a choice. Even after committing, if alternate contradicting data comes along, they would be more likely to consider it. This is how science works, and why there might be so many correlations between scientific beliefs.”
            Now the Cons…
            The Conservatives on the other hand have a more developed center of emotion with the amygdala. It is said to be the center for fear, so with such an enlarged and heightened amygdala, much of what they do and how they react to most situations comes from basic fear response. Discover magazine also says,
            “Conservatives respond to threatening situations with more aggression than do liberals and are more sensitive to threatening facial expressions.” “So, when faced with an ambiguous situation, conservatives would tend to process the information initially with a strong emotional response. This would make them less likely to lean towards change, and more likely to prefer stability. Stability means more predictability, which means more expected outcomes, and less of a trigger for anxiety.”
            So, basically what this all means is that they are just plain scared. And how can you relax and laugh and find humor in things that are genuinely funny when you are scared shitless all the time?? I mean, come on. We’d probably be a little grumpy too if we were born with Conservative brains, right?
            Well, I hate to rub salt in an already irritable righty wound, but I have a feeling that I know something that will make you and I smile, but likely will only deepen the frowns to our right. Since that Obama-Galifinakis piece, web traffic to has increased by 40 percent. And you know what else? Despite all of the lovely comparisons with Nazism and slavery, Obamacare is right on track to meet even the most optimistic enrollment estimations made one year ago.
            Have a fabulous day lefties!!

          10. gotabgood says

            It is you that have a thing on gays… I say to each their own…I have a preference to suit me…. and what someone else does is their preference… and I shouldn’t stick my nose in their business… we good?
            Now for your websites…. don’t you have any legit news outlets? Are they all blogs, or use to be plumbers?… you might as well start posting for National Enquirer.

          11. mac12sam12 says

            Nothing on gays, just phonies like obama who pretend to be straight. Talk about an empty suit. The original photo was in the New York Times, closeup of hand holding included.

          12. Retired says

            NO mac is telling what I also read, supposedly coming from Muller . But then you do not read other than left wing Media !!!

          13. gotabgood says

            Well if TWO of you read it… why do you have so much trouble coming up with a webpage?
            Because Mueller has already come out said there ARE TIES between Manafort, Gates and Russia…. seems like they all share the same Russian bank.

          14. Retired says

            According to your thinking anyone who traveled there or did business is a automatic Commie and anti USA . As you would say look it up . What about your boy and Reid with the China deals which is more Communist than Russia which also includes the Clintons ????

          15. gotabgood says

            No just the ones who try to persuade the election in their favor, by ads, money, secret meetings and lying..all of which the trump family is being investigated for and all the people he hired to do the job so he wouldn’t get his hands dirty..


          16. Retired says

            Where are all the facts of the laundered Money going to Clinton and the DNC ???? Did you forget about Union Monet going into PAC funds and that many of the big boys in the market as well as Bankers are Democrats .

          17. gotabgood says

            You are waaaay funny..
            How can I give you facts of something that doesn’t exist???????????????
            You think they exist…………. YOU PROVIDE THE FACTS!!!!!
            When you are presented with the truth… you really lash out.. about anything, everything and especially off topic.
            I showed you an email…. you went to money (non-existent) laundering to bankers in the Democrat Party.
            Who are these people??

          18. Retired says

            Did you not look at Clintons tax return , it gave you the information of the biggest crook . Look at all the banks they have ties to . Evidence in your face and can not comprehend .

          19. gotabgood says

            No I didn’t… what I think I will do is save that event for when Trump releases his taxes and then look at them side by side..
            Once again… Hillary is not our president…. Trump is.. you cannot ignore evidence about our current president and compare it to a private citizen.

          20. Retired says

            If you would have locked at it and read the article you would understand it was not the true document . the attorney ‘s made it for public viewing . Funny you Bash Trump with the fake news but ignore facts about the Democrats . Now you come up with BS Hillary is not President ,but forget she was the opposition . Sanders did not have a chance and the truth about that is coming out about what Hillary did to keep him from getting the nomination . You just don’t like facts against your people .

          21. gotabgood says

            WHAT FACTS?????????????????
            Show me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          22. Retired says

            If someone hit you with a 2 by 4 you would deny it .

          23. Joseph Carrilho says

            Talking to a mirror?

          24. gotabgood says

            I was talking to Mr.Mac… I would bet money you do not know Mr. Mac and you damn sure don’t know me…. so why are you butting you big assnose in other peoples business. Mr. Mac could be another Trump as far as you know. And I could be a reincarnate Saint Peter..

          25. AKLady says

            George Papadopoulos has a lot to say, he is not done singing yet.

        2. Retired says

          What about all the Clinton shady deals going back to Arkansas ???? Ever live and spend time there , the natives have lots to tell .

          1. AKLady says

            My family were among Arkasas’ first settlers. Yes, I have heard all the rumors. On the other hand, Trump’s past is documented in court records.

          2. DonRS says

            Parents were close, first cousins?

          3. AKLady says

            Is that supposed ti be an insult?
            When was Arkansas first settled?.
            Suggest you obtain a better genetics educations.

          4. Retired says

            There was no law against it just like child brides .Get your facts straight at the time .

          5. AKLady says

            ]] Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          6. DonRS says

            Settled? Really?

          7. Joseph Carrilho says

            Brother and sister -or- father and daughter.

          8. gotabgood says

            Do you know they have computers and cell phones now??
            You spend so much time in the past you miss the present and Lord only knows what you will think of the future.
            Was Bill or Hillary ever arrested??
            If yes give a reference..
            If no, then think a minute… there might be a good reason why there was never an arrest…..
            One guy you may recognize, came to his senses….
            Kenneth Starr, Who Tried to Bury Bill Clinton, Now Only Praises Him
            (This is called a reference)

          9. Retired says

            You seen to forget that 90% of our legal teams are Democrat , someone has covered the Clintons going way back . Dead people can NOT testify ,now can they . Still dependent on the NYT that people would not use as buttwipe if nothing else is available .Like I said you was never there amongst the natives .

          10. gotabgood says

            Opinions.. I will trade with you..
            Facts and figures…. I need references or it gets classified as BS!

      2. AKLady says

        There exists no connection between Clinton and Russia.

        1. DonRS says

          We will see!

          1. AKLady says

            Trump did business with Communist Cuba during the embargo.
            Iran is one of Trump’s tenants.

            Trump was caught laundering criminal money through his NJ casino.

            Then there is the racial housing discrimination case brought by DOJ.

            Then there is the illegal “Trump University” and the money laundering charge brought by NY State.

            On top of those, there are the tenant intimidation charges.

            Let’s not forget the bankruptcies. Especially, the last one from which Russia bailed him out of. ….

          2. DonRS says

            You are just a well spring of unsubstantiated claims. By the way, bankruptcy is legal in America. You obviously know nothing of the facts you so quickly distort!

            Must be all that training you got at that long list of such “prestigious” colleges you listed as attending.

          3. AKLady says

            The lost is factual, not a single allegation involved.
            Can you provide even one case against Clinton?

          4. Retired says

            AK is a troll and she only took some courses ,no degrees .

          5. AKLady says

            Name calling is a form of abuse.
            It is a form of immature bullying.
            It says so much more about you than the person you are tying insult

          6. Retired says

            How does one do , tying insult ??? Flustered already ????

          7. DonRS says

            Yup, a school teacher!

          8. AKLady says

            A retired surgeon.

          9. Retired says

            Is that the new name for empting bed pans ????

          10. AKLady says

            Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          11. Retired says

            Nope , that phrase is in her /its script , just a troll with a imagination and going no place .

          12. AKLady says

            [[ Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          13. AKLady says

            Retired surgeon.

          14. alpha444 says

            Not a chance…another lie

          15. alpha444 says

            Ok, prove him wrong…tell us about your degrees…your comments are at about a 12 year old level…virtually schoolyard. Virtually everything you say is from a Hillary approved script.

          16. Mathew Molk says

            She has been everything from an 11brovo platoon leader to a towmotor operator and teamster organizer. If you believe ANYTHING she/he/it says you are a dumb as he/she/it is.

            BLOCK THE TROLL, don’t support it.

          17. Mathew Molk says

            Who cares? — She has been everything from an 11brovo platoon leader to a towmotor operator teamster organizer.

            Block them !

          18. Retired says

            You got it and then some .

          19. Mathew Molk says

            Block them ! You are just a guilty as the troll for pulling the topic down to to the discussion of complete bullshit that has nothing to do with affirmative action.

          20. Retired says

            Better check how much money came into the Campaign fund or the Foundation from Communist Countries as well as the Muslim Nations that you support .

          21. AKLady says

            Accusation, accusation …
            How about some facts for a change?

          22. Retired says

            The money came in from foreign banks after several switches .

          23. AKLady says

            More accusations …

          24. Mathew Molk says

            Come on retired. – That has nothing to do with afirmitive action.

            You should know better then to respond to that troll.

          25. Mathew Molk says

            Stop feeding trolls. They have completly hijacked this discussion.

          26. DonRS says

            Sorry, no cigar. You have presented the top line of the talking points. If you knew anything of the details, you would be more careful with your loose words.

            And you think that list of mediocre colleges weren’t fully aware that you were a far lefty? It didn’t take but a few seconds to determine exactly what you are!

          27. AKLady says

            I am fully aware of the details.
            Obviously, you are not.
            Start your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973.

          28. Mathew Molk says

            Block them !

          29. AKLady says

            Almost 10 years and not a single person has cone forward.
            On the other had, Trump has a long, legally-documented history of law breaking.

          30. Retired says

            cone forward , is that a new phrase ????

          31. AKLady says

            Thank you.

          32. DonRS says

            “Legally documented”? What convictions? Again, the BIG LIE!

          33. AKLady says

            Start your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973. (discrimination)
            FinCen v. Trump, NJ, 1978 (money laundering).
            New York v. Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC, NY, 2005. (fraud)..
            State of New York v. Trump, NY, 1980. (employing illegals).
            State of New York v. Trump, NY, 2013. (illegal business practices).
            State of New York v. Trump, NY, 2013 (money laundering).
            All were settled and Large fines paid.

            Over the previous three decades, Trump and his businesses have been involved in 3,500 legal cases in U.S. federal courts and state courts.

          34. Mathew Molk says

            Block them and stop them.

          35. alpha444 says

            If you are referring to Hillary…and your comments are so did-jointed that it’s hard to tell, anyone who might come forward has either died under mysterious circumstance, or has been intimidated into seclusion.

          36. Mathew Molk says

            Block them ! You are wasting you time and ours.

        2. Retired says

          Still Trolling for Clinton , your Muslim king no longer matters .

          1. AKLady says

            Still insulting our Founding Fathers?
            Still insulting our Constitution?
            Still insulting those who gave their lives for our Nation?
            Still insulting our allies>

          2. AKLady says

            \ Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

        3. alpha444 says

          Seriously? What planet are you from? Uranium? The already documented involvement of the DNC…and I guess you will say that Hillary had no knowledgeof DNC activities. How delusional is that?

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Block them at once!

        4. mac12sam12 says

          I guess you forgot about the Uranium One deal and Tony Podesta stepping down as a lobbyists. Plenty of connections.

          1. AKLady says

            Jerry Zeifman admitted lying about Clinton.
            Peter Schweizer is a novelist, as well as a political advisor.
            The Clonton Foundation operates in accordance with state ande federal law. Those laws re

    2. Retired says

      All your sources are left wing ,Right ?????

      1. gotabgood says

        Do you think the rightwing will report anything negative about Trump and gang?

        1. Retired says

          Right wing don’t report fake news , but then you swallow everything the left wing feeds you because you can NOT think for yourself . How much is your Boy paying you to post BS

          1. gotabgood says

            Remember Trump saying Russian hack was fake news?
            Then it was a fat person on his bed.
            Now they accept it… but no harm done to election.
            Then facebook comes out and confesses
            Then it is voter fraud in New Hampshire
            And ok its Russia but I wasn’t involved
            And now documents are being handed over
            Arrests are being made.
            What will next week bring????

          2. Retired says

            Hillary to lie again about her involvement rigging the DNC against Sanders .Notice that will not make Front page news !!!

          3. gotabgood says

            I don’t get it!!!
            Hillary lost
            Hillary will not run again
            Hillary has been investigated, FOREVER…..NO PROBLEM FOUND..EVER !!
            Isn’t it time to move on?
            You have a much bigger problem in the WH than what Hillary can cause you..
            Like what bracket does your taxes fall in? You may pay more..

          4. Retired says

            She has not bin investigated into money laundered into the campaign and foundation from Communist countries as well as ties to the Russia issue started by her and the DNC . That we pay more taxes has gone on since WWII , they just shuffle the tax code around to make it look like something is being done while raising taxes in the middle .

          5. gotabgood says

            Listen carefully…… there has to be something there to investigate….. You have made up scandals and have tossed lies around so much… you know the story about the boy who cried wolf ….. well this boy (rightwingers) was not eaten, but grew up still fabricating stories and still yelling wolf.
            Everything from losing her license to practice law to pizzagate has ALL been lies..
            And please…. pretty please…. Hillary is NOT president…. she will not run again… most likely will never hold a public office.. so move on… get a life…. or if you need to worry… I would worry about this president we have now… You have to rethink your position on Russia being allowed in our business….

          6. Retired says

            I don’t know about that and who is crying Wolf the loudest . her name is Hillary crying and whining a whole year after losing . Chinas Communism is worse than Russia and yet you crawl up their rear just like the Corporations and the market boys .You evidently are not reading about China – NK – Iran and Russia with their ambitions . Your left wing media does not talk about that . Satelite pictures do not lie , they can watch you in your back yard .

          7. gotabgood says

            Russia is in our WH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            And you want to play silly ass games with China and North Korea and THINK…… (HA!) that Russia can’t look in your back yard?
            YOU… Yes! You and ones like you, are allowing Russia into our system…and you are too ignorant… too stupid…. too full of arrogance to know or care!!!
            The movie Red Dawn would never make it in the theaters today…. Russia doesn’t need to airdrop their military any longer, they can take commercial airlines with red carpet service..

          8. Retired says

            McCarthy in the 50s said we had Commies in the WH and now that Hillary lost you all of a sudden panic because she said it .

          9. gotabgood says

            No Mueller said it….. or I should say investigating it… Kushner is involved now…. Session is back in the hot seat…. Page was caught lying… more to come.

          10. Retired says

            Are you mentally disturbed , McCarthy was almost 70 years ago and you bring up Mueller who is scared of his own shadow and does not want to commit suicide with bullet holes in the back of the head .

          11. gotabgood says

            You don’t follow along very well in your own conversation do you??
            You said, “McCarthy in the 50s said we had Commies in the WH”
            I said “No Mueller said it….. or I should say investigating it.”
            Leave it to a rightie to bring up shooting some one… from the back no-less, especially right after the killing spree that went on in Texas… you are a callous sub-human.

  4. ZACAL says

    You liberals are frightening, the items Paul Manafort was charged with happened years before Trump had a campaign. Mueller is trying to use mafia style tactics in hopes Manafort will tell him what he wants to hear, true or not. Coursering people to go against their will won’t work. The real Russian connection is with the democrats. Those indictments are being put together as you read this. And did you know a Grand Jury only hears evidence presented by the prosecutor. The defense isn’t allowed, that is until trial. The expression “the Grand Jury could indict a hamburger” is a true joke. Grand Juries are a scam only used by the prosecutor.

    1. AKLady says

      Before a defense can be instituted, some one mush be charged with a crime.
      A Grand Jury simply decides whether or not there is sufficient evidence that a crime has taken place.

      1. ZACAL says

        A Grand Jury dose not deside a case. They only hear evidence presented by a prosecutor. In the Enron case the Supreme Court overturned 12 out of 14 cases tried by these same lawyers. Bottom line Grand Jury’s are a joke. Check it out.

        1. Retired says

          You are trying to reason with a Troll that knows everything .

          1. AKLady says

            Apparently, your dementia has progressed considerably.
            Please obtain medical care.

          2. ZACAL says

            You spend too much time talking at that guy in the mirror.

          3. Retired says

            Can’t do that , no mirrors in the house .

          4. Jeanne Stotler says

            NO, she just thinks she does.

        2. AKLady says

          Before a defense can be instituted, some one mush be charged with a crime. A Grand Jury simply decides whether or not there is sufficient evidence that a crime has taken place.

          1. Retired says

            You mush sled dogs in Canada and not NYC where you hide out .

          2. AKLady says

            your dementia has progressed considerably.
            Please obtain medical care.

          3. Retired says

            So you don’t deny living on the east coast ???

          4. AKLady says

            [[ Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          5. Joseph Carrilho says

            I think [ IT ] resides in a nut house.

          6. Retired says

            If not , that is where IT belongs .

        3. Mathew Molk says

          Block them my friend !

      2. Retired says

        This so far is just BS and has nothing to do with the election . Hillary and Democrats trying to destroy the USA .

        1. AKLady says

          Except Hillary is not involved.

          1. Retired says

            You are another Hillary full of BS . Hillary is involved with the destruction as well as Schumer and Pelosi along with your Muslim King .

          2. AKLady says

            There you go again, insulting our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.
            there you go, as usual, insulting America’s allies.
            Your religious bigotry is an insult to everything our Nation represents.

          3. Retired says

            Those people are alive today and are not founders .

          4. AKLady says

            \ Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          5. alpha444 says

            are you on medication?

          6. Mathew Molk says

            Block them !

          7. mac12sam12 says

            Yes, Bloody Marys.

          8. Joseph Carrilho says

            You’re fuukin’ insane…….

          9. Mathew Molk says


            Block them like the rest of us did !

          10. mac12sam12 says

   I think you’ve gone full blown retard. We know that you have issues, sympathies 🙁

          11. AKLady says

            Foundations are governed by boards of directors.
            They are operated in accordance to state and federal law.
            Those laws require a yearly independent audit.
            Suggest you better educate yourself in regards to fact and law.

          12. AKLady says

            Try some fact instead of rumor:

            FACT: In 2007, Clinton supporter, Frank Giustra, sold his etire interest in UrAsia to Uranium One.;

            FACT: In 2009, at the time of the sale , Uranium One was a Canadian mining corporation which had Russian investment of less than 20%.;


            FACT: In 2013, Russian investor obtained a 51% interest in Uranium One.

            FACT: The sale was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

            FACT: CFIUS is made up of nine departments.


            FACT: Uranium One does not have a license to export uranium.

          13. mac12sam12 says
          14. AKLady says

            Truth, fact, honesty, courtesy, maturity …

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Block them !

      3. DonRS says

        The old saying is, any decent prosecutor can have a ham sandwich indicted. That’s what we have here, with, once again, after 16 months, nothing to implicate Trump and lots of evidence that Comey and the FBI ignored regarding the clear violations of both regulations and laws by Hillary. It ain’t over till its over!

        1. AKLady says

          No facts, just accusations.
          Seems Trump crossed the line too many times.
          Unlike Nixon, Trump will probably do prison time.

          1. DonRS says

            You’ve made all these accusations. How many convictions on ANYTHING you claim? NONE! Just typical liberal assertions. The BIG LIE is the typical approach. Used effectively in NAZI GERMANY! Adopted by Democrats!

          2. AKLady says

            Stow it, I’m not impresses by foolish insults.
            Do some research.

          3. Joseph Carrilho says


          4. pineapple says

            I everyone blocks her, like I did, she would disappear.

          5. Mathew Molk says

            block them

          6. mac12sam12 says

            If Trump ever goes to prison I’ll let you eat my underpants. Hillary has a good chance of going though. She was told by congress to turn in 30,000 e-mails and after that Hillary and her criminal enterprise proceeded to destroy 13 devices with hammers. As SoS she was bribed by the Russians to the tune of $145 million dollars for US uranium. Hey Hillary! What’s in your wallet?

          7. AKLady says

            I’m impressed, just not in the way you desire.

            Frank Gusta, the Clinton Foundation donor, sold UrAsia to Uranium One in 2007. The companies produce less than 11% of the U.S. production capacity. Rosatom did not buy Uranium One until 2009. Neither Uranium One nor Rosatom have a license to export U.S. uranium.

            The sale was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS So did the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Utah’s nuclear regulator.

            The membership of CFIUS includes the State Department the attorney general and the secretaries of the Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Energy and Homeland Security, as well as the heads of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

            To say this uranium is now Russia’s, to do with what it pleases is a pure lie,.
            To say that Hillary approved the deal is also a pure lie. She could not have done so, she dis not have that authority.

            Please stop embarrassing America with lies. They make you look dishonest and foolish.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            I was illegal for Hillary to even have a foundation while holding office, it obviously caused her and Bubba to be bribed. Trump has already fired a shot across the bow.

            That’s no lie, $145 “donated’ by the Russians, and Bubba getting double his speaking fee.

          9. AKLady says

            Stop repeating lies. You embarrass the U.S. You make all of us look ignorant and too lazy to actually look up facts.

            1. The Bill Clinton Foundation is governed by a board of directors, it operates under federal and state laws governing charities. Oh, and there is no law that says ut us illegal fir anyone in government to have a charitable foundation named after them

            2. There are/were no bribes, Neither Clinton received pay from the Foundation.

            3. Bill Clinton is an excellent speaker. His fees are not higher than anyone else od his stature and demand.

            4. Giustra sold his entre interest in the uranium in 2007 to UrAsia Energy. RostadSince uranium is considered a strategic asset with national security implications, the acquisition of Uranium One by Rosatom was reviewed by a committee of nine government agenciesom did not obtain a 51% interest until 2013.

            5 Since uranium is considered a strategic asset with national security implications, the acquisition of Uranium One by Rosatom was reviewed by a committee of nine government agencies

            6. You want real fact, Trump pays his personal and business legal billlos out of his so called charity.

          10. mac12sam12 says

            It’s governed under federal laws? The clintons don’t follow the law, any law. Hear the latest? The democrats are throwing the old lady under the bus because she stole the election from Hillary. Commie Sanders is not head of the party. I love it! the further the democrats move to the left, the more voters don’t vote democrat.

            Te were bribed by the Russians, you’re so dishonest.

            #6. BS from the Washington Post AKA Mad Magazine. The WP was on the Wikileaks as one of the papers that colluded with the Clinton campaign.

          11. AKLady says

            Stop repeating lies. You embarrass the U.S. You make all of us look ignorant and too lazy to actually look up facts.

        2. Mathew Molk says


      4. Retired says

        MUSH ???? are you looped already ???? Better lay off of the Ripple ,its affecting you .

        1. AKLady says

          == Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

  5. Cheryl Heberle says

    Colleges should teach facts not try to influence how a students thinks and votes….none of their business how someone votes!!!!

    1. AKLady says

      The whole purpose of education is teaching people to think. Don’t confuse that with what conclusion they should draw.

      1. Retired says

        Indoctrination is not teaching , you should know attending at those institutions . They indoctrinated you quite well .

        1. AKLady says

          These are the institutions, why don’t you tell us about the specific type of objectionable indoctrination each contributed:

          BS, Charter Oak College, State of Connecticut
          M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
          J.D. George Washington University.
          MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.
          CEU – U.S.D.A. Graduate School.
          CEU – University of South Carolina, School of Medicine
          CEU – University of Wisconsin
          CEU – University of Alaska

          I suggest you proceed with caution.

          1. Retired says

            That is just like you lived in every state and voted there ????

          2. AKLady says

            That is what military families do.

          3. Retired says

            No way you lived in all the lower 48 as you have claimed . Minimum stay is 2 years up to 4 with extension . So 48 times 2 is 96 , just another of your many fairy tails .

          4. AKLady says

            You obviously do not know the first thing about military life.

          5. Retired says

            A lot more than you and many years that you did not do . I have caught you in lies about service before .

          6. AKLady says

            ,, Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          7. Retired says

            Only a monitor can post the same thing over and over again !!!!

          8. AKLady says

            — Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          9. ch says

            I blocked this communist a long time ago. She just repeats and repeats her nothing information

          10. Retired says

            Brainwashed Muslim is what it is .

          11. mac12sam12 says

            Have you looked into Alzheimer’s disease? You’re really repeating yourself today!

          12. AKLady says

            Please stop demeaning Alzheimer’s patients by using the very serious disorder as an insult. Harassment is not deserving or original comment.

          13. mac12sam12 says

            Sorry mom!

          14. Marie Mitchell says

            mac12sam12…..I went to see a friend recently and she kept repeating the same thing over and over. I visited her in the mental facility.

          15. alpha444 says

            And you obviously do not either. Your comments are like a broken record. Why do you bother to comment, or read the comments of others, if you are going to be a repetitive snowflake? You add absolutely nothing substantive…simply schoolyard repetition.

          16. Da7wqzaDwY says

            I blocked that ignorant troll a long time ago.

          17. alpha444 says

            Smart move

          18. AKLady says

            ]] Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          19. Hunter says

            You lying troll, you always trip yourself up with giving too much information about all your experience in life, where it’s education or service to the country. AK get lost

          20. Mathew Molk says

            AK Shitbag, with the help of you people that feed this troll has totally hijacked this discussion.


          21. AKLady says

            ”Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          22. Marie Mitchell says

            All I can see of AKlady is…This user is blocked. What a relief not having to see those stupid comments.

          23. mac12sam12 says

            Cut and paste BS.

        2. AKLady says

          // Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

        3. SD of AZ says

          I believe the libturds are paying it quite well to do this too.

          1. Retired says

            10 – 13 dollars like Amazon the China import house .

          2. SD of AZ says


      2. Cheryl Heberle says

        Is that what is being done though?…….indoctrination comes to mind that and passing.

        1. AKLady says

          What college did you attend ???

          1. Retired says

            You need to practice what you preach as you spew a lot of nonsense !!

          2. AKLady says

            Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          3. Cheryl Heberle says

            What difference would that make….40 years ago things were different…..educators were told to teach facts…policies…. etc.not personal political beliefs ……it could mean your job… a retired educator I do know what we were told about professionalism and behavior….

          4. TexasCoyote1 says

            I graduated from high school and college many years ago. Our classes, particularly in high school English, were open discussions of various ideologies. The teachers acted as moderators more than wardens. Consequently, my classmates and I did learn how to think for ourselves because we learned how to identify what we believed in versus what others believed in.

            Today’s students who are subjected to CommonCore are just being taught a very dry unimaginative version of education. Because the goal is for every teacher to be on the same line of the syllabus at the same moment nationwide, very little, if any time, is devoted to class discussions of controversial themes. This robs the student of any ability to explore his beliefs because he doesn’t experience class discussions that force him to defend those positions.

            If you go to other sites such as the, you can see this lack of ability to express true opinions and reasons for those opinions. The liberal posters are only able to spew insults and profanity when they don’t agree with you. They are completely unable to express the reasons for their disagreeing with you.

          5. Cheryl Heberle says

            I agree with you…..other excellent classes/subjects were history….geography…..civics

          6. TexasCoyote1 says

            Loved them all–maybe not geography. Poor teacher; very dry subject matter. Didn’t care how many tons of bananas were exported from each South American country. :=)

          7. SD of AZ says

            TexasCoyote1, great post. And so very true unfortunately. And these days a teacher who opens up discussion or visitors who do so are vilified. All one has to do is read some of the propagandist articles to verify this is so. I loved the parents in AZ who condemned the congressman who told the school kids to be aware of danger in schools. He was discussing the terrorist an admittedly controversial discussion during Bozo’s reign of terror! The parents did not want their child touched by the scare. But I remember the exercises of get under your desk if an A bomb went off and the communist scare Cuba represented to make such a threat in the US reality. It is life and children too need to be prepared for the realities of this existence. PC snowflakes are much older “KIDS” and are encouraged with stuffed animals, quiet rooms, and avoidance of all things they do not wish to hear, see, read. Hum?

          8. TexasCoyote1 says

            I went to elementary school in the shadow of one of the largest B-52 bases in the world in the 50’s. Not only did we practice duck and cover, there were drills in which designated parents came to schools and evacuated us to a town about 35 miles away. I’m sure that would have been really effective in reducing radiation poisoning. :=)

          9. SD of AZ says

            But the point is we were not sheltered from the truth of the danger and taught all was fine or slanted to the socialist ideals. We knew what reality was though as you pointed out the drills were likely futile unless there was a shelter to prevent what you discuss.

          10. Tim says

            I really love the PSA on the radio “violence in schools is a reality today”. Really ? In which universe ? Not where my kid goes to school. I’ll teach him how to keep the thug “at bay” in society. Not expose him to a snake pit. IF you put your child on a bus the day after a bus crash somewhere else, YOU are an unfit parent

          11. SD of AZ says

            Big difference as you noted is where the child goes to school. CA nearly anywhere thanks to the libs is likely NOT going to be a safe zone. But as noted teaching your child how to manage is the point. My son had karate as soon as I realized he was big for his age and a target for bullies. The bullies learned real quick not to push him around and at the same time, he has the balance not to bully himself. He learned a lot from the ladies in the class when he was learning about how to stop an attack and they did attack him. At least three black kids at once learned he was more than they wanted to tackle and they liked him after that. He is big but mostly gentle and still as an adult a pretty calm person. Not like me more like his pop.

          12. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I’m not trying to pick a fight with you but you obviously haven’t read a lot of what so -called conservatives have posted on this site

          13. Tim says

            50 years ago the smart were at one school, the inferior at the other. Very few fights or other major uprisings. Once again ” THANKS GOVERNMENT ! “

          14. Cheryl Heberle says

            Is that a trade school vs. an academic? two different schools for two different purposes

          15. Cheryl Heberle says

            not embarrassed at all…..were advised by professors on what was acceptable!

        2. Retired says

          Cheryl >>> you are talking to a concreate wall Troll .

          1. AKLady says

            ..Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          2. Retired says

            12 times the same comment , you beat your old record .Troll

          3. AKLady says

            ..Targeted harassment — posted harassing comments or discussions targeting me, or encouraged others to do so

          4. The Capatin says

            Don’t worry, AKLady has no life. She’s an old sun-fried, half baked, Socialist that’s waiting on the local undertaker to complete the ultimate task… taking out the garbage.

          5. Retired says

            Very good comment , that is what happened in Chicago they forgot to take out the Garbage and we got Obozo for 8 years .

          6. esquire2 says

            Shameful Comment! “Judge Not, lest Ye be Judged!”

          7. The Capatin says

            Facts are facts. AK Lady continually goes off on Socialist rants. “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, lays eggs like a duck, the odds are it isn’t a chicken.” – Me.

          8. esquire2 says

            Nobody is Perfect! Not Even YOU! Your imperfection is failure to recognize and ADMIT that You are Not the sharpest pencil in the drawer.
            I Repeat, and you will again DENY that your above Comment is SHAMEFUL!

          9. The Capatin says

            I can’t help it if AKLady is a duck. And you are the chicken to which she is routinely compared.

          10. esquire2 says

            If I correctly interpret your POST, AKLady is a reflection of YOU! without the vitriol and personal degradation.

          11. Tim says

            good riddance to bad rubbish

          12. alpha444 says

            Butb they are correct, and you are showing your snowflake tendencies by being thin-skinned. You are delusional if you believe that liberal professors are teaching students to think.they do not want them to think, they want them to accept the professor’s one-sided ideology. That is not thinking, that is brainwashing. You were condescending when you smugly told commenters not to confuse teaching people how to think with what conclusions are being drawn. You are very naïve if you think that students are not being told what conclusions to draw. When you make a mindless and naïve comment, you will be a target, but a real intellectual is not bothered by being a target. Clearly that does not include you.

          13. jaybird says

            They have been preparing the children for the NWO. Do what I say, your thoughts do not matter and do not question anything, just do what you are told to do.

          14. SD of AZ says

            Not naive alpha444, a shill for the libturds. I have taught many classes and it does seem the educational system has gone left. A conservative with credentials to teach exist but only in the institutes who will hire them. Today I would be rejected even with my degrees, etc.. AK knows this but could care less. It’s job is to spread it’s BS and irritate the posters where the trend is not to the left. Most of us have blocked AK and I will warn you, he/she/it has assumed other monikers. It seems to devote a lot of time even in the cut and paste arguments to this pastime. Thus I strongly suspect it is a paid shill for the libturds.

          15. Joseph Carrilho says

            you earn harassment.

          16. mac12sam12 says

            Sorry mom!

          17. pineapple says

            I blocked the bitch and don’t regret it.

          18. Michael Dennewitz says

            It’s not even a “bitch!” It’s a short, little fat boy, fondling himself while causing all the havoc HE van.. 🤣😃😄

          19. Tim says

            OH no. She is real. Her sister is the neighbor of Bill Clinton in NY state. She is his mistress (for now). They are both prostitutes for the demonrat party.

          20. mustangsallyann says

            Her resume grows every time she posts. LOL

          21. Retired says

            AK is like Hillary, got to have the last word and whine .

          22. pineapple says

            I believe AK has changed her name to “You Asked”, because she was getting blocked so much.

          23. Retired says

            AK has had so many names , hard to keep up with all the stories .

          24. mustangsallyann says

            She’s changed it numerous times to get through when blocked. She must’ve been neglected when young, she craves so much attention. Don’t buy her claims of being a frontline military doc. She’s lying and that one’s truly shameful.

          25. Tim says

            it is spelled H I T L E R Y

          26. Retired says

            Just like OBOZO was !!! The Muslim Hitler .

          27. Tim says

            OH yes, and few know that the mooslimes helped kill Jews in Eastern Europe during WWII. Not stuff you will find in a communist Amerikan textbook today.

          28. Retired says

            Even Russia mistreated them , our Muslim proved his hate for them and yet the Democrats supported him .

          29. Tim says

            even the hook nose Jew Chucky Schumer ? Where does his loyalty lie. Certainly not with Jesus ! or his own people ? What do you call that ? a traitor ? A Judas ? A Benedict Arnold ? Someone NOT to be trusted ? a fraud !

          30. Retired says

            Turn coat is what he is .

          31. Tim says

            takes an oath to the country he hates. Isn’t that fraud ?

          32. Retired says

            It is only fraud if you are a republican , democrats walk on water just ask them !!

          33. Jeanne Stotler says

            Me too

          34. mustangsallyann says

            Ditto. That happened for me a long time ago and it’s been much more peaceful without her. LOL

          35. Rodzzz says


          36. SD of AZ says

            So true Retired, AK in her most recognized moniker. I have her blocked because arguing facts with her is a yugh waste of effort. She has to be making a paycheck from the dem wits for harassing conservatives on these sites because no one has the time to devote to even the cut and paste arguments it has. And the monikers are getting easier to spot. Same old BS. By the way, Retired, have a great day.

          37. Retired says

            Everyday is a good day as long as we are above ground .

          38. SD of AZ says

            Agreed, for me it was getting past 56. My entire immediate family all died at 56. I was prepared and since that birthday, every day above ground is a celebration. My thoughts exactly, Retired. And do have a wonderful day every day!

          39. Retired says

            That must have bin a very rough time for you .

          40. SD of AZ says

            Yup, spent that year making sure that everyone was left with good thoughts and feelings about their deceased uncles and grandparents and me as the survivor of that particular lineage for all my nieces and nephews, now in the grand category since both brothers have had grandkids they never met. And I am thus far the oldest survivor of that particular part of my family and pushing that out as far as possible. But like you, I consider every day to be a great day and have found that to my delight that attitude makes it so.

          41. Jeanne Stotler says

            Maybe your father was in Nam, Agent Orange, killed my Marine friend

          42. SD of AZ says

            It was similar but during and after WWII. I think the government has made test subjects of military personnel for over half a century. Nam was no exception but what my dad was exposed to in 29 Palms CA and during the late 1940s and early 1950s was not a war but a testing ground for all sorts of now deadly things, like atomic fallout, pesticides and other chemicals now known to be cancer causing agents, etc.. And the surrounding populations were impacted as well. Ever hear of the Down Winders? Look it up on the internet.

            The things done have had ramifications for many groups of the population and some have caught the government good enough to get some payback but likely not enough to make up for the harm done. My family fits in that category somewhere. What I have learned is never ever trust the government or a politician. They all lie for the right incentive. I hope you are never directly impacted by these problems. It is not something the government wants known and like some politicians the less they have to hear about while you are alive the happier they are and when the whole mess dies off they forget the lesson that should have been learned. Remember to remember their injustices, I do.

          43. Jeanne Stotler says

            My father died in 1934, I was an infant, my Grandfather became my legal guardian Until he died in 1942 from something he picked up in Cuba during Spanish mer. war. We that grew up during WWII used DDT in gardens, As an Army brat (Father and Grandfather) I know our Gov’t. is not perfect, but it is or was better than others and I hope soon is again. My nephew is a Marine and served in Korea and Nam as did a lot of my friends and classmates, Sorry for your loss, I still salute the flag and believe in USA and our President.

          44. SD of AZ says

            Standing for our country but also standing for justice is where my post leaves off. Military persons and their families should not be subjected to what they have been. Time for the experiments to cease and the controls for this BS to be put in place. My loss is far greater than you know. And I am still a patriot but we must all be aware of the extent the line can be crossed generally by intel groups, administration groups, political appointees, etc.. It is reminiscent of the unmasking in the wire tap fiasco now. Did you look up the downwinders and what the doctors in the area of the fallout were told to tell women dying of atomic fallout to do? Those transgressions deserve punishment by those who made those decisions. And yet too many do not realize that these things happen and the fallout even today. And DDT was used in the places we lived too but like asbestos was later discovered as harmful. But what I am pointing out is some things are definitely known in advance yet sanctioned anyway.

          45. mustangsallyann says

            I doubt 75% of us still see her posts. The ability to block is an awesome tool!! ;o)

          46. Retired says

            Somebody has to keep the new comers informed .

          47. mustangsallyann says


      3. mac12sam12 says

        You can’t think if you get only one point of view like these snowflake liberal students.

    2. TexasCoyote1 says

      That’s almost impossible for humans to accomplish even if that were a conscious desire. In teaching a subjective idea like sociology, I can’t imagine one being able to keep one’s own views of society and its good and bad points out of a reasonable discussion.

      Swinging the pendulum back to the right is going to be a long and painful experience particularly on college campuses.

      1. Troy100Jones says

        It might not be so long and painful as you suggest.
        Wait until the theories start to be put into practice.
        Something about the “rubber hitting the road”?

    3. Rodzzz says

      “Hey teacher, leaves those kids alone”. Schools should only do what they’re meant to do and stay out of politics. Quit producing idiots.

      1. PatriotGal says

        Unfortunately, since the unions took over education, all our kids are exposed to liberal ideology because unions now are truly communist. Look at their hand symbols, at their canned speeches, signs – all communist. We were promised they would take over without one shot being fired…our kids have been proselytized, know nothing about historical social studies, factual history – just left-wing hate of our beloved America because it is a “bad” country – heads and minds totally replete with lies of the left destroy our flags, destroy our statues, destroy our National Anthem, destroy our Constitution – take a knee, disrespect everyone and anyone with a rotating chorus of excuses, none of which hold water as well as a sieve.

        1. Elizabeth Lewis says

          Yes students on campuses are exposed to a more liberal slant but that is simply because reality has a liberal slant. You can bring in more conservative professors but in the end you send your children to college to learn and they will be able to discern the truth which will be more in keeping with a liberal philospohy

          1. bjpurg says


          2. Tim says

            and yes ! Teach them how to wash the hog with very hot water before roasting it over a pit !

          3. Retired says

            You forget Hollywood – Media and Indoctrination starting with pre school !!! So by the time they get to college most are past thinking on their own .Just look at how they believe everything on the internet is the Gospel Truth .

          4. esquire2 says

            “So by the time they get to college most are past thinking on their own.”

            … Therein LIES the PROBLEM! … Please stay “Retired”!

          5. ernldo says

            Try sobriety….Some golden oldies still revered today….

            “The children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone would be interdependent.” John Dewey, philosopher and education reformer of late 1800s-mid 1900s

            “Our schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education from happening. The average American [should be] content with their humble role in life…”
            – William T. Harris, U.S. Commissioner of Education in the late 1800s

            And, for the more recent attitude;

            “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”
            – Albert Shanker, President of the United Federation of Teachers, 1964-1984, President of the American Federation of Teachers from 1974 to 1997.

          6. esquire2 says

            Consider the ‘date’ (19th C.) of these utterances, measured against the Speakers’ “absolute” lack of knowledge of an industrial economy.
            … especially by Shanker, who was trained in the Corrupt practices of “unions”!

          7. ernldo says

            Only the names have changed, and the educational system has moved farther left and become quite more incompetent in a century…Shaker is also a cookie cutter demotard….

          8. Tim says

            the gov’t has already started running up a tab on these “slaves of the state”. Started issuing social (in)security cards at birth 35 years ago. Most Amerikans have no idea what freedom is. Liberty is what the government “allows”. Slavery by any other name. Do you really want to restore the republic that Lincoln destroyed ? I surely do !

          9. ernldo says

            Yes..CW 2.0

          10. Ron Dapo says

            Very revelent quotes ernldo, thanks..

          11. xeriscapelady says

            What evil people…ALL of them.They HATED America for sure.

          12. mac12sam12 says

            Having so much PC and safe spaces is reality? That’s exactly why a conservative student has a much better chance in the real world.

          13. Tim says

            only an idiot, would send their child to be programmed by socialist and pay dearly for it. IT is a lose-lose situation. Buy them some land. Teach them to not be a slave to sissies & perverts in gov’t. Eat good (non poisonous) food.

          14. Gen11American says

            The goal of the powers-that-be has been to turn American students into pathetic, worthless crybabies who can’t compete with the foreign workers being flooded into this country! They have succeeded far beyond their own expectations! Unless American students throw off the Leftist shackles and start demanding they be properly educated, they won’t stand a change in hell of being employed! Liberal professors tried to bamboozle me with their Leftist BS back in the 1970’s, and I stood up to them and told them to stick to the subject I was paying for, and by God, they did it, and didn’t reduce my grades because I was too good a student, and far too fierce to allow it to happen! I was also a decade older than the vast majority of my classmates, and had worked in private industry, where a worker either learned to swim hard and fast or they’d get gobbled up by sharks! Now it’s generational white Americans and our Judeon-Christian values being continually attacked by foreign-born scum, and it’s time we fight back fiercely!

          15. Ron Dapo says

            Truth more in keeping with liberal philosophy??
            That’s a load of stupidity Liz. What college of such higher learning did you acquire such insight from.
            Liberal slant has NOTHING to do with reality liberal slant is created from lies,untruthful opinion and the soup of the day. It has NOTHING to do with reality…

          16. esquire2 says

            “liberalism” is the natural resistance to honest performance of one’s duty … to the employer and to the community.

            Libs are All about “What’s in it for ME?”

            Our purpose on Earth is to Serve others!
            “Do Unto Others as You would Have Others Do Unto You!”
            …. There Goes “Liberalism!”

          17. mustangsallyann says

            I didn’t want to argue with someone with their head buried in the sand. I don’t know where she went to school but I left school as a conservative, as did many of the other students. ;o)

          18. Ron Dapo says

            Good for you mustangsallyann.I like you enjoy living in reality. Have a great day…

          19. mustangsallyann says

            B.S. really irks me and those types could witness the evil in their party right before them and would still swear it only appeared that way due to bad lighting. One of my college courses was ‘Interracial Communications’ and we had to keep a journal pertaining to it the entire semester. I was so disgusted with the whining I was determined to find only positive examples. It was so much easier than you’d think. My professor was liberal and even he couldn’t argue with I’d found. I’ve often wondered if he choked the day he had to give me a 4.0 grade. LOL

          20. Ron Dapo says

            Stay the course mustangsallyann,truth must remain in the light.
            Have a great day….

          21. mustangsallyann says

            God is my guide and will always remain so. ;o)

          22. xeriscapelady says

            Me too. I got 11Chronicles 7:14, the day TRUMP came down that escalator and declared. “The Holy Spirit said..This is my verse for TRUMP” Months later Mike Pence was given the same verse. TRUMP is ALWAYS guided by the Lord and getting closer and closer each day it seems. He is the new Cyrus for the new Babylon. Cyrus came in totally secular and left a leader that saved that area and totally of GOD. Trump gets many pastors to lay hands on him in prayer.
            GOD bless our president as he fights satan daily in the form of the liberals–communists & socialist in D.C. and all over. he says he feels our prayers.

          23. xeriscapelady says

            I don’t know how. Even in the 60’s they were brain washing students. You must have gone to Hillsdale, or regent U. as those are about the only ones that would teach TRUTH. I remember learning how great FDR was. WEll, FDR lined those ships up to get us into war, knowing that men would die that day. He wanted to make money out of war, because he and his buddies were the ones that did legislation to cause the depression. My Daddy told me that and then it was confirmed at —Pearl Harbor. The person that told us said, when I told her my Daddy told me that said,” Your Daddy was a smart man.”. I was with my daughter and we were celebrating her graduation. She wasn’t brain washed as she knew better.

          24. Robert says

            Socialism and violence and lies is what you Liberals bring to the table.
            Nothing more.

          25. Mary Brumley says

            Elizabeth Lewis, you can’t even spell “liberal philosophy.” How can you engage in conversation about it????????

          26. Jalapeño Out Of F**ks To Give says

            You must spell “cunt” well because you are a big one.

          27. Mary Brumley says

            I wonder if you, Little Pepper, know any nouns or verbs that have more than four letters…

          28. Troy100Jones says

            How do you know?
            The thing to remember is that nothing is “free”.

          29. Col. Grampaw says

            Yeah, Elizabeth Lewis. Just like the students at UC Berkeley welcomed conservative speakers recently. Take off your rose-colored glasses.

          30. esquire2 says

            Instead of sending the kids to college … every HS grad should be compelled to serve a 2-years (minimum) commitment of PUBLIC SERVICE, not less than 750 miles from the HS from which they graduated …

            These young men and women will learn MORE in 2 years than they did in 4 years of HS and will in 4 years of college.

            btw, military service is an acceptable alternative …

          31. Tim says

            how about getting those that we PAY to be a public servants to do their duty ? Do what they swore an oath to ? protect US (legal citizens) and uphold the laws?

          32. esquire2 says

            don’t hold your breath …until the ABA (a Foreign org. ) is banned from the US … The A.B.A. (via courts & Congress) runs this country …

        2. Obie Miller says

          Patriot Gal, thank you so very much for this comment! The very basis for unions is “collectivism”, which is also the basis for both socialism and communism! It has absolutely no business being used in our schools!

          1. RC says

            Obie Miller, I agree with much of what you wrote. What PariotGal wrote was right in every sense. Teachers are supposed to teach and not brainwash, and indoctrinate. As I recall, that self admitted murderer, Bill Ayres, said his bunch would infiltrate the education systems and do exactly what’s being done. And the Communists and Muslims both say they’ll attack from within. We have a BIG problem on our hands. Hopefully it’s not too late to make repairs.

          2. Tim says

            teach them HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Art class ? Draw a conclusion !

          3. RC says

            Tim, you certainly have that right.

        3. jim jones says


          1. donl says

            Hey jim, are you still in construction? DR.

          2. mustangsallyann says

            Not a surprising response when coming from someone who’d pick Jim Jones as their posting I.D. J.J. killed those that didn’t comply and that’s just what you libs would do to conservatives if you could. Your comment only gave PatriotGal that much more credibility. Thanks so much for your help in proving just how correct her post really is. ;o)

    4. Larry Brule says


    5. Dan says

      Colleges should teach students how to think not what to think. Wouldn’t that require they study more than one liberal side of a subject ?

    6. jimmy midnight says

      The teaching of verifiable fact is exact–ly the reason that academia has a liberal bias, ‘cuz…fact has a liberal bias.

    7. fseymour1946 says

      How right you are; but with damn near nothing but LIBERAL instructors, we know what these idiots are going to try and do, “BRAINWASH” these young minds!

      1. Cheryl Heberle says

        You are so right.

  6. DonRS says

    Affirmative Action is required for the hiring of a more balanced, inclusive, diverse administrative and academic staff. While “SHOUTING” about diversity, colleges and universities in this country are DESTROYING themselves with their single mindedness of warped, militant liberalism/socialism/communism/progressiveness/bias/FEMINAZISM/#BLM/Rent-a-mob/intolerance!

    1. Ron Dapo says

      Modern society has virtually swallowed whole the ( lie ) that
      DIVERSITY is our strength. This
      “Strength” in diversity thinking
      has left America, Britain, Germany and much of Europe
      faithless, materialistic, divided, morally corrupt and vulnerable to foreign extremists. ASSIMILATING is a must, people who will not are invaders. E PLURIBUS UNUM
      out of many (ONE) this is our strength…

      1. TexasCoyote1 says

        Well said. I have also posted many times my disagreement with the myth that diversity is a strength. It is an obstacle to be overcome.

        1. Ron Dapo says

          I agree TexasCoyote1 with you 100%. It is a large obstacle to overcome…

    2. Jeanne Stotler says

      It’s gone the reverse, if you are of color or an immigrant, you get first choice regardless if you can preform the duties. Just look around and see the results.

  7. rayr66 says

    Affirmative action needs to be ended period! It has proven to be one of the most destructive actions ever taken.

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      One would think since it’s been 50 years since the Civil Rights legislation of the 60’s that those who were going to take advantage of the preferential treatment awarded minorities would already have done so, and those were not going to take advantage of this system were never going to do so.

      It’s time for all Americans to compete for jobs on a level playing field.

  8. AKLady says

    Conservatives come in many flavors and financial levels .
    They are provided “affirmative action” when applicable.

  9. Mary Clouse says

    {ABOLISH AFFIRMATIVE ACTION} no one should get a free pass
    because of their Color,Religion or political beliefs,My children
    had to work, and go to school,to pay for their College Education
    like most white children had to,discrimination,I call it !!

  10. ray2hill says

    Conservatives treasure their traditional ignorance and have no place where education is the priority.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      I often see one post of your one sided ignorance.

      1. Tired... says

        I have learned the hard way that when individuals make indefensible statements such as that they do so merely to provoke. A response to such nonsense, even to poke back, is wasted on such people. I prefer to look for people who are willing to have a reasonable discussion about issues that is devoid of insult; that is how we learn as well as how we change minds.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          I am with you. Isn’t that what anybody with the intelligence to tie their shoes are here for?

          If we would all start blocking the snot balls here that are here only to gum up the works we would have a lot of 2 sided discussions here. I have had actual debate with a few leftists here but the times are few and far between because some troll will break in and start the downward spiral.

          To be honest with you and everybody else I have been seriously considering sending this site to the spam folder. When 75% of the entire thread is people responding to AKlady and destroying any chance for intelligent back and forth maybe it’s time for me to go.

  11. ARJAY says

    What the heck is “gender studies” and more important, what kind of a job can you get with a DEGREE in “gender studies”?!?!

  12. SouthernPatriot says

    When a colleague and I were invited to guest lecture at a major university (our alma mater) in a series and then repeat that the next year, we were introduced first hand to the huge majority of leftist, even self-avowed socialists and communists, who were entrenched in the faculty, from assistant professors recently hired, associate professors with 10 – 20 years of tenure, and full professors with renowned reputations which were all anti-conservative. When we brought up the fact of personal responsibility, it was laughed at by the 90 plus percent of the faculty. When 3 full professors were forced into retirement at 70 yrs old who had taught in the Department of History and in Biological Sciences after 40 plus years of tenure, the three professors brought in to replace these three conservatives were 1960s radicals who had taught at leftist California schools previously. Academia has long been the haven for leftist radicals.

  13. Tired... says

    Diversity of thought in higher education…what a novel idea!

    1. The Capatin says

      Did you ever doubt it?

  14. ARJAY says

    If you want an INTELLIGENT conversation, STOP RESPONDING TO akNOlady!!

    You get NOTHING worth discussing with that thing!! Block it like I did.

    Keep the conversation SANE and worthwhile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      EXACTLY. Lots of good discussion went down the sewer because our people bit on the troll’s bullshit.

      Note to everybody:

      Block ALL trolls like every one here with enough brains to heat their hair oil did to AK Marxist. and NEVER respond to any troll as soon as you find out they do not want to debate, but only gum up the works here.

      Shame on all of the people that responded to AK Snotball.

      1. Jeanne Stotler says

        There is one that uses multiple names but same picture, I just ignore her and a couple of others.

  15. John McClain says

    Has anyone ever considered the plain, old fashioned way of setting things straight, like truth, fundamental principles upon which we, for a few short years, truly were “exceptional”?
    The Constitution is as plain written as any work of law ever produced, yet note, except for the actual “Founders”, two terms of President Washington, establishing the form and manner of “an American Chief Executive”, John Adams, who established how we would deal with hostile foreign powers, as we took our first hit as “Sovereign Nation”, and had Citizens kidnapped by pirates.
    Thomas Jefferson, who spent a couple years in Persia and the region, collecting a couple dozen different Korans, and spent most of his time as Secretary of State, preparing for ending that standoff, and establishing a new paradigm for “freedom of navigation”, with provisions relative to eliminating profit in piracy.
    “To the shores of Tripoli” took place during Jefferson’s tour as president, with Madison, Secretary of State, and the principle of “defendable national waters” was established, with diplomacy making “transitory taxing” on trade through “national waters” and surrounding “seas of responsibility” allowed trade way-points and such capable of profiting off trade, protected in their own waters, ending the power of piracy.
    All of this was accomplished by merely following the clearest, simplest defining document for “the rule of law over government”, and realizing “people compete”, regardless of what venue one is speaking of.
    When natural law, fundamental truths, irrefutable, and an abject demand for “the facts proving” one’s position are always demanded, we have “The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”. We have our current “psych ward” mentality in this Nation primarily because we, Americans, allowed government to assume control over our “education”, as if whatever current “political climate” wouldn’t automatically become “education, dejure” rather than keeping an “actual education system”, kept relevant by the constant, hard-hitting competition truth, in and of its self, always causes.
    The government our federal Constitution allows, is small, well defined, and left most of “law” in the hands of Sovereign States, to compete against each other, for residents and business, and for “the People” at large, most law was at county, city and local authority, because that is where “people and government interact, most closely”.
    The effort to “Make” everyone equal has turned into a force to “Make everyone the same”, another issue entirely, but it demands a fascist form of government, and when “Sovereign States” sought to avoid this rising form, under the Presidency of James Monroe, “crony corporatism”, allowed it’s continued rise, and ended in the secession of southern States, rightfully, lawfully, and opened “the war of Northern Aggression”, the illegal invasion of the “Sovereign States” seeking relief, by those causing the issue.
    The single issue which makes returning to a “constitutional government” at the federal level, and for all the States, is the national debt, which was allowed to come to pass to prevent “a sound re-assessment of our principles” after that war, and in the face of the wars of choice, which immediately followed, as we attempted to “colonize” South America, and ended up merely using them for corporate profit.
    Fortunately, we’ve raped the whole world by inflation, not only America, so every nation which can, is joining forces economically, and returning to real economics, gold backed currency, and having enormous debt of ours in their hands, needing to do it incrementally, carefully, so as not to destroy any chance of recouping our debt.
    We, The United States, Americans, could also recoup, and at least stop the “hemorrhaging” if we simply “fixed the value of our dollar, right now” to some form of capital. In 1982, while on my way to Beirut, I found out congress had replaced our penny with faux pennies, of zinc rather than copper, with the CBO announcing it done because it cost 1.18 per hundred for copper. As a “metalurgist” I knew two years later, at constant inflation, zinc pennies would be exactly in the same place, given their value ratios. I’ve advocated congress re-establish the dollar as “one hundred copper pennies of standard weight and purity”, as a means to fix the dollar where it was at, in the moment, yet force an end to inflation, and a beginning to “real money” again.
    Today, we’d have to do it on the zinc penny, all our other coin is far to high above face value in “metal value” to do so without enormous deflation occurring. First Principles establish what we will accept as a society and a people, and lying about our money is the first, most basic lie, because money is no more than “portable man-hours”, real money must have real value people find equal to the value of their labor, and without this most fundamental principle fully enforced, every other kind of lie becomes inevitable.
    If we choose to return to being “a Nation, founded on truth, perennial principles, and personal responsibility”, we will simply laugh out the far left, as “utopia” is as old as Man, and has never been more than a story since man left the Garden. Take that story as fact, and God, too, or take it allegorically, knowing “natural law” pre-existed Man, or this universe could not exist, but either way, we eat by the sweat of our brow, and while “sweat’s cheap, blood, not so much”, it has definitive value, and any people or system which won’t acknowledge this fundamental principle is doomed to failure and falling in war.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

    1. Donald Lindsey says

      Semper Fidelis,

  16. Cimmie Depriest says

    It’s time our children are taught the truth conservative and liberal let them make up their own minds, not be pushed into the teachers opinions.

  17. Mathew Molk says

    Students, no – No affirmative action of any type with regard to anything among students, especially minorities, but now staff,,,,,all new hires and promotions must be in accordance to the to another colage,,,,the electroal collage. Any staff from the part time janitor to the president of the universities must reflect the percentage balance in the EC and must have registered to vote as whoever the majority had been in the current election and in the previous election, no matter who the “winning” party is.

    In other words, If the electoral collage is 30% Republican, 50% Democrat, and 20% other, only people the registered to vote (weather they voted or not) in the pas 2 elections in the same party and out of every 10 new hires in a job description 5-must be democrats, 3-republicians, and 2 can be “other”

    Of coerce in the LAST election 52% of all new professes would have to be republican and since the the majority is Republican all new CEOs of collages would have to be Conservatives! Let’s push this on the k tp 12 commies too. – Naturally all new hires must be in acordance to the percentages and when this getting a master’s degree gets them a pay raise,,,well only 48% of the democrats would qualify. A hell of a lot of NWO Marxists would never be able to get jobs as teachers, huh?

    Against it? Sound crazy? Will you do everything in your power to stop it? Then where were you when black females who didn’t score over 70% on their civil service exams were appointed to the Cleveland Police Dpt. over white males (who incidentally, were also Vietnam combat veterans) that scored 97% on the same test?

    A lot of people that would have made outstanding policeman never got the chance. Affirmative action wherever it was applied was the very worst thing that ever happened to this country.

  18. Terry says

    And you really think the liberal socialist Democrats are going to just let this happen after all the years it took them to indoctrinate half this country ? If it is what is needed ” and it is ” Democrats will have this country burning in every major city in America . Sorros Antifa Blm illegals and all there offspring groups need to be done away with . Take back our country remove any endorsement of socialism and teach civics and real American history ! Dump common core too .

    1. TexasCoyote1 says

      You are correct in your assessment of what has happened to education in our country. However, if we are to protect freedom of speech we really can’t shut up the liberals because then we are doing to them what they are trying to do to us conservatives.

      If Antifa and BLM and other Soros constructs damage property and cause harm to other individuals, they should be punished and punished to the full extent of the law. Soros is such a maniac, he won’t care how badly his useful idiots are punished, but just maybe it will cause useful idiots waiting in the wings to think twice about the consequences of hurting people and their property.

  19. johnz says

    I use to think that all instructors in education knew that the youth believed unicorns and saw themselves as saving the world for themselves and using the little working people to provide for them. This all changes for them when they go the work to pay for there sometimes worthless degree’s because some of them are lazy and want the little worker to pay for them

  20. Tiger says

    No all professors need to be screened. If they are not doing their jobs and politically motivated, then they need to be released. Colleges need to go back to being institutions of higher learning. Any Communists who are teaching must be removed. Just get back to what made us a Great Nation and cut out the cancers.

  21. Henry Smith says

    The ideological hate of the left will not allow this thought to go beyond the realm of a thought. Please prove me wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Richard Start says

    If colleges were teaching facts their would be debate about opinion. The only reason for students to fight so fiercely about their opinions is that is what they were taught one was right with no exceptions and our country allows for the right to discuss this., unfortunately with the emergence of groups like Antifa our youth are proving how little they understand this concept.

  23. SD of AZ says

    Hiring more conservatives to balance the imbalance would be a start. Allowing for differing opinions, more diversity and the freedom to discuss the differences enforced by actual armed forces if necessary would be good too. In fact in Berkley that state and those colleges have confirmed that armed guards for these sorts of changes ARE absolutely necessary. The left has gone too far to the left to trust NOT to use their fascist tactics anytime they do not welcome the other views. It is time to recognize that more than half the nation has a differing view and hiring and protecting conservative teachers and their views might just be the only way these foolish universities and school administrators will survive going ahead. We are fed up their BS and it is time to revise and address their elephant in the room. We the people of this nation are not all LIBERALS and most of us do respect and uphold our laws, our constitution and our sovereignty! Not everyone which might surprise the lib dem wit minions supports NWO, open borders, illegal aliens, non vetted terrorist like the NYC variety. And finally get a broader wider vision of the world, the libs have moved to only one centristic point, theirs!

  24. Charles Wolfe jr says

    Colleges should be teaching the true facts

  25. Barbara Ervin says

    An institution of higher learning should be a place where one goes to learn a life ‘skill’. Pesonal political opinions should never enter into the picture!

  26. Big Ed says

    I thought that colleges and universities were supposed to teach students how to think-not what to think. I believe this would entail teaching facts and not opinions. The average student is taught that the founding of this country was illegitimate because all of the founders were white men. This yields the result that students have no idea how or why it is the way it is-they only know it is bad. When these same students are questioned they have no idea how the government is set up, they only think they know it is bad for minority people. This is educational malpractice. These ignorant asses think that the first amendment allows them to say what ever they believe, but other people saying other things should be punched in the face. They believe elections should be determined by popular vote, without having any idea why it is established the way it is. They believe judicial rulings which ignore the Constitution are OK if they agree with their own ideas. They think the Constitution allows them to peacefully assemble and demonstrate-which also allows them to hurt people and burn things down. Most of them cannot tell you who is the vice-president or who their Senators are, but they are political experts. The students are ignorant because the instructors are ignorant. I think someone did a survey of our state university and found they had but a single conservative on their faculty-they are proud of their diversity.

  27. ernldo says

    Nope, but we need to quit funding the institutions of hate for America with taxpayers’ money, and the feds should have NEVER taken over student loan repayment. That just allowed them to pick and choose (based on race, usually) whom to help and whom to let rot! Also, NO MORE sport scholarships, another giveaway of the tax dime.
    We’ve given afros, injuns, perverts, women etc, enough equality…its time for fair treatment!

    1. Retired says

      What is a crime that they Can NOT refinance at a lower interest .

  28. game50 says

    They are already doing that….just look around on campus….the schools want the money and don’t ready care about the students grade points. They treat the students like little babies …. free zone…teddy bears… it’s past the time that the college started taken the education system to a higher level … and make the student grow up …. after all they are our future….God Help Us….

  29. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

    Whites and Asians need it. We get points taken away from our entrance exam scores and have a much higher GPA level to reach to even be considered for enrollment. Blacks get points added to their scores and a much lowers GPA requirement. “TRUE DAT! “

    1. Jeanne Stotler says

      Correct, In nursing school we were graded on the curve so to even things out.

      1. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

        What did ever happen to the idea of equality? Seems it has been tossed aside for a black supremacy movement.

  30. Buck Stearns says

    Why not do the much simpler thing & do away with affirmative action altogether? If we had competent strict constructionists manning our Federal benches as they should, this notion would have already been declared unconstitutional. And while they were at it, political correctness would have been judged in violation of the First Amendment. Strict interpretation of the Bill of Rights would be fair to everyone, whereas treating any group as special is as bad as treating them as inferior. This ain’t rocket science, folks! All men are created equal!

    1. Jeanne Stotler says

      Agree, hire on ability and education, plus a work record where needed. All other, skin color, nationality, sex or religion is not needed unless the later in being hired by a church.

      1. Buck Stearns says

        Exactly! We have to come up with a better way to combat favoritism & prejudice of any sort without resorting to the equally unjust practice of using quotas. These are just another form of injustice, & all they accomplish is an artificial & false reflection of the general population. Always seeking the best available talent is bias-free & business-friendly — best for democracy & the free enterprise system that has made us great.

  31. Bernard Morningstar says

    You can’t have “affirmative action” to put white people in our colleges! The American white person, especially the male of the species, is the enemy at which the current college admission system is aimed at. The whole idea is to drive the cost of a college education so high that the average person cannot afford it without financial help of some sort. Most “minorities” are the applicants who are approved for financial aid in the form of loans (which are eventually passed on to the taxpayers) or athletic scholarships to candidates who often are so poorly educated, they are functionally illiterate. This way, the average redneck is forced to remain without a college education while rich liberal “swells” and various minorities attend college.

  32. Betty Sakai says

    There has been a movement by millennials away from community and church toward instant gratification and acceptance of Man-made amorality — instant satisfaction, isolation, and reliance on technology. Educators could do a whole lot by starting in 8th grade teaching students what ethics and morality are by using the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and U.S. History to instruct. By the time students graduate from the 12th grade, each student should have passed a U.S. Constitution test. By the time they reach trade school or college, the word “conservative” would have a positive meaning. And because most people follow better than leading, if every girl and boy would be required to spend 2 to 4 years in either community service or in the military, a sense of community could be reborn. God save America.

  33. lha says

    In 1972,I was in College and we were going to take a test on Wednesday after Super Tuesday. Hubert Humphrey,perhaps the worst candidate beside Hitlery,Ohomo was running against Richard Nixon,so he was going to give 10 extra points for each one who voted. When I handed in my test,I gave the Professor my test and a piece of paper given when voting,I remarked that my man[Nixon] won. He almost gagged and said that if he’d not given his word,I would not have gotten my 10 points. This is not a new phenomenon,but an invasion of liberal morons.

  34. Herb1949 says

    Considering that the students use intimidationa and violence to shut up conservative speakers, how would the schools protect the conservative teachers?
    How about the threats of violence that forced a college proffesor to hold classes off campus because he refused to take part in a day with no whites on campus? Oh, BTW he is a leftist.

  35. Jeanne Stotler says

    Religion or Politics should NOT enter into college acceptance, Civics classes should cover all phases of THE CONSTITUTION and LAWS of the Country,, the Dec. of Independence and Bill of Rights as written.

  36. Daniel Graves says

    There is no doubt that colleges are responsible for how the student thinks. They are given false information instead of real world events. Colleges should stay out of politics.

  37. Sunshine says

    I was surprised recently with a very left bent professor at one of our local Colleges; He say’s the universe is blue, but the students correct him saying, there is every color including black that dominates the universe – he flunks all of those students. His theory in the practice was an exercise in belief – stating that the relationship between the student and the teacher is similar to that of a child and the parents of that child….one hand went up – “I have no parents, and if that is how our own belief and our independent thought is created – i want no parents”. That student got an “A”. So now we can understand what is going on here – these kids are being indoctrinated instead of being taught. We need to change the battle plans to fight this evil in our schools

  38. Joe Baricev says

    Unfortunately, there is way too much emphasis made on what kind of football team a college has than what kind of education they are getting! European universities emphasize education way more than sports! College should be a place to be educated, not to play games!

  39. gypsyj says


  40. rtwoods3 says

    I can remember when I was in school for my masters over thirty years ago. I had a professor from India that had come to the US to get his education. He received a grant from the Ford Foundation and got $1200 a month for school and living expenses (remember 30 years ago). While I had to work two part time jobs to go to school. He got his PhD and never returned to India, he taught here. He would stand up in front of the class I was in and bash the USA. I took it for a couple of classes, then stood up and told him he had no right to bash my country that paid for his education and gave him a job. I told him what I thought of him and walked out never to return. So the crap has been going on for a long long time. The NFL players are doing pretty much the same thing. If we do not stand up and be counted our children will have no freedom. Everything in life will be dictated to them by liberals. All of our Veterans and Soldiers that have fought and died for this country to be free, will have done so in vein. There is a National Boycott the NFL Day on November 12th in conjunction with Veterans Day weekend. We need to make sure this boycott is very very successful. Along with those of us that are already boycotting the NFL if we can get another 10 percent to join, it will bring the NFL to their knees(so to speak). We need to show the liberals and the blacks that they can not have everything their way. The “oppressed” blacks have received Billions of tax payer dollars that NO one talks about. EEO, AA, Entitlements, educational programs, housing programs, health programs, etc., etc. There has not been a slave in this country in over a century and a half. They need to get over it . The blacks make up just over 13 percent of the US population. Three percent of that thirteen commit fifty percent of all the murder, rape and violent crime in this country. No one ever talks about that . Many many more blacks are killed by blacks. No one talks about that either. Please let everyone you know, Facebook, email, work place, Twitter, everything you can do to make the NFL boycott on November 12th a Hugh Hugh success.

  41. My country says

    Get back to teaching history and stop giving degrees in history where you don’t have to actually study history to get one .And Fire teachers who put their opinions and political beliefs on students .And parents stop paying these schools for indoctrinating your son or daughter .And it’s time you told those idiots that your child actually has a gender . Colleges and Universities are nothing more than breeding grounds for every loony professors braindead thoughts and political views .

  42. The duck says

    At least!!!

  43. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    While I agree with the premise of the article I would like to point out that what the so called “Higher Learning Institutions “are really concerned with is the fact that there are other types of accredited educations parents and students might consider.Such as trade schools, on-line degrees and other specialized career driven occupations.In another words competition!!They are not bashful in passing on 7 to 9% tuition increases and nothing but marshmallows and snow flakes to show for there so called educations.

    1. rocky says

      What I want to know is how and why these Colleges and Universities are into my tax $$$ ???

  44. Eric Pearson says

    “Everyone eventually turns into an extremist when all they hear are the same opinions reflected back to them.” Sounds like a perfect description of Fox News junkies. Pot, meet kettle.

  45. Richard Hennessy says

    We don’t need affirmative action for any group. We just endured our first affirmative action president and he was a disaster. We need for educators to cease group think and become more open-minded. Everyone must recognize political correctness for the damage it does and that no group has a corner on “correct thinking”. Discourse must become more dependent on logic and less on one’s “feelings”.

  46. Lary Breeding says

    It would be interesting if a case was brought on those grounds. It would also be interesting if a conservative student also brought a case against a college for the same thing. I wonder if the ACLU would take their case on civil rights grounds.

  47. howmanyamericans says

    It’s too late for California where K-12 is 54% Hispanic/Mexican and only 16% of white Californians were accepted to the Univ. of Calif. this fall. Don’t blame Californians. Blame the government for allowing the invasion.

  48. jim jones says

    American’s deserve a well rounded education and those who choose to hide history or lie to make things the way THEY want them should be expelled form teaching, it’s “FAKE TEACHING”

  49. littlesmoke says

    What would you think about shutting down the colleges and educating strictly by Correspondence School. Then all the Commie Perfessers could sit at home and starve in the dark with their queer partner? Think of that, no more “bussing” issues, school bonds, bullying on campus. All the crap that goes with an “out of control education system”.

  50. Burnerjack says

    I have a ‘radical’ idea!: Let’s just get rid of Affirmative Action altogether, along with any other preferential treatment of any demographic. No preference based on skin color, gender, gender preference, gender identity, gender status, age, religion, Creed, culture or economic situation.
    Treat everyone the same. Take politics out of the classroom and replace it with civics classes.
    Instead of charging ‘controversial’ speakers additional money for ‘security’, charge those that choose to disrupt and silence them.
    Just an idea. Just might work.

    1. rocky says

      You better ‘ lock and load ‘ as they are coming after you. Folks cannot spout common sense ideas like yours without some backlash.
      Lock your doors and pull the shades… and good luck.

      1. Burnerjack says

        No worries.

  51. Richard Start says

    This can only work if Liberal are given sensitivity training. Not how to be more sensitive but how to thicken up their skin and develop a debate style which dose not require screaming and allows for the opposing side to maybe have valid points or (NO) be right (WAY). I recall a discussion with one over why we had 3 branches of government that degenerated into he man screaming so loud he was heard through a cinder block wall! He just hated the conversation.

  52. arshloch says

    Present day ‘college teaching’ is the result of one hundred plus years of the attempt by communist wannabes to corrupt the intelligence level of students and, by stupidity in design, turn the US into another third world country. Once obummer was replaced by ‘hollary the hen’ they would declare victory and commence forcing the citizen to act as a serf to the ‘marvelous moron class’; themselves. It didn’t work so now they act in their normal manner; The Whine of the Fool. Har de Har Har!

  53. Tim says

    YEA ! The communist will stop lying. Gonna start running THEIR lives by the socialist dictates they spew on us. IF the communist believed their own ideas, wouldn’t they teach for free ?

  54. donl says

    I went to college to “Learn to Earn” a comfortable living. ( Engr ) I could not have cared less about Politics, now however the College Professors insert politics into everything, Not Fair!! These kids won’t stand a chance if all they know is politics.

  55. Stephen Porcari says

    Affirmative action is wrong headed . We should do away with it and concentrate on individual and not group ability.

  56. WhiteFalcon says

    I think that the headline of this article should be “Should conservatives exercise affirmative action against colleges and refuse to attend or in any way support liberal leaning colleges and universities?” Parents should send their kids to colleges that support the Constitution and have a conservative outlook. Let all the other schools starve.

    1. rocky says

      Yep… starve them by cutting off the exorbitant amounts of money that the taxpayers contribute. Make them stand on their own monetary feet and get out of the federal trough.

  57. Gen11American says

    If that means forcing every publicly-funded college and university to have 50% Conservative professors, instructors, counselors and staff, you’re damned right that’s needed! Having up to 97% Leftist wackos shoving their leftist propaganda down the throats of US college students since the 1960’s has nearly brought this nation to its knees! In consequence of Leftist BS, only 4% of Millennials have a Christian world view, and from 40% to 50% of college students prefer Socialism over Capitalism! If this nation is to survive as a Constitutional Republic instead of as a Socialist, Communist or Fascist dictatorship, drastic changes need to be made immediately. If Sec. of Ed. Betsy DeVos is too weak to make them, Trump needs to replace her with a tiger, and two more tigers to head up DOJ and FBI! Then we just need to replace Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and maybe we’ll witness some genuine progress!

    1. raj says
  58. DianePenn says

    Most of the affirmative action programs seem to be directed to inviting sports players into the colleges and universities with a bare requirement to meet scholastic levels.

  59. Ischgabibble says

    Affirmative action uses discrimination to balance prior discrimination for certain individuals. And here I thought the government said discrimination was illegal? This nation is becoming a complete joke.

  60. Murphmeister says

    And no one wants to pay $60 K per year for caricatures. One way to bring the academic submarine to the surface would be for people to refuse to pay for it. Another would require students who take out loans to meet certain standards of conduct and intellectual progress. Lenders, looking out for their best interests, as do mortgage companies, could set standards, restrict majors and courses that will be funded, blackball certain professors’ courses as not enhancing the students’ ability to repay the loan and more. Remove the money and universities will quickly change their tune.

  61. jesusknight says

    Trade schools ought to make a serious comeback. These snowflakes have no idea what to do with themselves once they leave a college education that was only social propaganda that was totally useless for everyday living..

  62. MIKE6080 says

    Im tred of working give me the free stuff, if there isnt enough then take it from the welfare people receiving it now

  63. Aunt Nonnie S says

    The students are not the problem, we need to change the social complexion of the administrators and professors. These silly 60’s children are a perfect example of the old saw, “. . , if you can’t do, teach”.

  64. xeriscapelady says

    Yes, the colleges and universities are liberal think tanks and you must fit in or go. This has dumbed down young people to the point that over half want socialism or Communism and think our freedom is evil. Can you imagine that? Thank GOD that we have Donald Trump. Now we can start on the long road to recovery, and put the evil people like Hillary and Obama that hate America and just stole and stole, where they deserve..prison. In the meantime the schools need a complete cleaning up if you ask me. Kids are not taught our history. Liberals are tasking our history from us in statutes, its history people. GOD bless America with Donald J. Trump. We are so blessed that he is fighting for us daily, and doing EXACTLY what he said he would do.

  65. Dianna Zerbe says


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