Speaker Ryan Presents Conservative Agenda to Trump, Cruz


When House Speaker Paul Ryan denounced Donald Trump in an oblique way last week, some thought they could put him firmly in the #NeverTrump movement. But even though Ryan was clearly upset about Trump’s odd interview on CNN where he wavered on the question of white supremacy, the newly-elected speaker included the frontrunner in a series of calls about the future of the Republican agenda.

“Speaker Ryan has now had phone calls with Donald Trump and Senator Cruz to explain House Republicans’ plan to present a bold conservative policy agenda this year,” said Ryan’s press secretary AshLee Strong. “He will have similar calls with Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich soon.”

Ryan said last week that he was intent on bringing the would-be Republican president – whomever it might be – on board with a Reagan-esque strategy. “The goal here is to have an election like we had in 1980, where we unite around bold ideas and we earn a mandate from the country so that we can get the country back on track,” he said.

Meanwhile, there is at least one super PAC that is spending money in an attempt to make Ryan himself the nominee. “The Committee to Draft Speaker Ryan” was created by former ambassador Earle Mack, who told the New York Times that he was planning to spend up to a million dollars to pull the young congressman into the race.

“It all comes down to winning the election, not dividing our party, and I think that this presidential election has descended into more of a schoolyard scuffle,” Mack said.

Ryan was quick to disavow the movement. His attorney sent a letter to the Federal Election Commission denying any participation in the PAC. “The speaker has not, and does not, explicitly or implicitly, authorize, endorse, or otherwise approve of the organization’s formation or activities,” read the letter.

While Ryan is undoubtedly groaning at the thought of either Cruz or Trump getting the nomination, these calls show that he’s at least willing to work with them. This is a ray of light for many in the Freedom Caucus, who supported Ryan last year with a great deal of wary hesitation. Congressmen in the caucus – along with many conservatives around the country – were outraged about the $30 billion in new spending that characterized Ryan’s omnibus bill. Some wondered if replacing John Boehner with Ryan had actually made any difference.

Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t. But at least there are now signs, however limited, that the Republican establishment is going to stop fighting their own voters.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Speaker Ryan could go a long way in repairing my faith in him by Impeaching 0-bama.

    But, I am not going to hold my breath on that one.

    1. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

      What do you think he should be Impeached On?

      1. buddman says

        TREASON for Starters the other crimes are just icing on the Top and remember treason is punishable by hanging

        1. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

          Specifically, what did he do that would be considered treason?

          1. buddman says

            Crimes against the american people Breaking the laws of the Constitution And not punished by the Cowards in congress who should have Impeached him in his first year in office

          2. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

            I keep hearing this from the ones who believe Faux Noose but you STILL have not given ONE example. So I ask again, WHAT SPECIFIC Crime against the American People has he committed? What Law Did he Break and when? Don’t just make shit up because that’s what you want to believe, be specific!

          3. buddman says

            Fox News has NOTING to do with Obunghole the traitor you are a typical Demotard confusing facts with Fairy tales Constitutional violation #1 Not an american citizen therefore he is Nothing more than a Usurper Violation #2 Arming enemies of the USA mainly ISIS Violation #3 Violation of US sovereignty by allowing Foreign Invaders to enter this country There is about 50 others but I work for a living and don’t gave time to for IDIOTS like you

          4. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

            You are completely dillusional…..so when Bush Allowed Foreign Invaders to enter the country, train to be Pilots, and then use American Training to Murder more than 2500 Americans (More than we lost at Pearl Harbor), that was ok why? Reagan Armed Iran and sent Chemical Weapons TO Saddam Hussein, that’s not arming our enemies? I was there, during the Iranian Hostage Crisis and after. I saw the real thing, you see fictional news.

          5. buddman says

            More convoluted BS I see The Quote Foreign Invaders came here on Visas Not crossing the Border because there is No security because of The traitor coward & Chief currently in office He also is a USURPER and should not be in office BTW 2117 Marines Killed 1177 Navy Enlisted Killed 226 Army soldiers and 960 missing in Action unaccounted for THAT IS A TOTAL 4540 @PEARL HARBOR vs 2973 AT WTC FACTS are Helpful you should USE Some

          6. alegalcitizen says

            You just shot down any thought of me giving you any time, when people bring in the Fox News BS, which I used to watch, but time is limited on there now.
            How about all the executive orders that have harmed America? How about changing the ACA everytime one of his cronies got stabbed in the back? How about he’s just a stupid man.

          7. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

            Well, Let’s see, O issued 227 executive orders, GW Bush issued 291, Clinton 364, HW Bush did 166 in 4 years, Reagan Issued 381 (One of which pardoned over 11 million Immigrants and gave them “Amnesty”). What Change to the ACA are you referring to and what “Cronie” got stabbed?

          8. alegalcitizen says

            You can toss any amount of numbers that you want, O could have only issued 1 for all I care, it’s what’s IN them that matters, and granting illegal alien kiddies an amnesty for a certain number of years is one of them. Also trying to get the same thing for the mommies and daddies BEFORE a judge with a set said NOT so fast.
            OK, here yah go in Teddy’s OWN WORDS about the 1986 amnesty. Don’t know WHERE you got that 11 millions number, but it’s NOT correct.
            Teddy Kennedy on the 1986 amnesty:
            “This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 MILLION Illegal aliens. We will SECURE the borders, henceforth we will NEVER again bring forward another amnesty bill like this. Well it was more like 3+ Million, then the newly amnestied lobbied congress for “family unity” meaning the WHOLE dang family down to Gramma and Grampa.
            He got congress to agree to amnesty in exchange for enforcement rules he made sure were written in a way that would NOT work.
            Reagan didn’t write the bill, others did.
            He promised the unions one thing then when they told it was something else, they were angry, because NOW they have to pay for their cadillac plan.

          9. terry b says

            Amen, Fighting The American Taliban, it appears you and I are sick and tired of this crap. I wish that they would get some new lines. COMPRISE and let’s get America going again on the right track, we have the majority now use it.

          10. rocky49 says

            As above Syria. He started the Syrian revolution and the flood of immigrants to other countries. But let me put it another way, Clinton Bombed Iraq and in my humble opinion cause 9-11. Kind of like walking into a bar and punching on a person and then leaving, and telling everyone that you will be going to such and such a bar. Think everyone will just say see you latter??

          11. Gcc says

            How about aiding and abetting the enemy? He authorized giving weapons to our enemies…He was at the helm when agent Brian Terry at our southern border was killed and the Americans were murdered in Benghazi, Libya. Do you remember Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith… all name of passing weapons into the hands of our enemies. Lord knows what deals has happened in the white house on Obama’s watch, with The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Sharpton, Iran, Cuba, etc. It is truly a sad day for Americans especially because they have chosen bad leadership.

          12. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

            Ronald Reagan Traded Weapons for Hostages and Money (to IRAN) while sending tons of Chemical Weapons TO Saddam Hussein. Nothing the Obama Administration comes close to that. Bush/Cheney sent Ambassador Wilson to verify their claim Saddam Had those weapons so they’d have an excuse to go to war (for oil services contracts.). Ambassador Wilson returned with the news that there were none. Cheney was so angry he ordered Scooter Libby to “Leak” to the Press that the Ambassador’s Wife was a Senior CIA Officer so she would lose her job. She was in charge of preventing rogue countries from acquiring WMD. That Action Clearly Aided and Abetted the enemy in a time of war, Cheney should have faced the Firing Squad. THAT is a Specific, not your wild imagination. You should be celebrating the FACT That, Under Hillary Clinton only 4 Americans died in a single Embassy Attack, because during the Condoleeza Rice Colin Powell Years, MORE THAN 60 Americans were Killed at US Embassies. During Bush’s Watch North Korea Became a Nuclear Power, during Obama’s Watch Iran Did not. We should have normalized relations with Cuba twenty years ago. The Iran Negotiations prevented, at least temporarily, WWIII. I am sure if Trump or Cruz gets the job we will be in WWIII within a year, and WE will be without allies. Obama’s leadership is far and away superior to Reagan or either Bush, History says so, of course, you seem to make up your own.

          13. Jp says

            I’m puking

          14. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

            I agree with you there, it IS Sickening that 60 Americans lost their Lives due to the inept Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress did not hold even ONE Hearing to “get to the Bottom of” why it happened. When it was Clinton and 4 died, they held 22 hearings, the same amount they held after 9/11. They had no interest in all those lives lost because it wasn’t Clinton Running for Office. The abject hypocrisy and dishonesty of that makes me want to puke too.

          15. Jp says

            Don’t get your panties in a ruffle now

          16. Gcc says

            You really had to reach far back in history…. lets talk George Washington while you are at it. Some people never move on, perhaps you are one of those.
            Come to the table with an open mind. Update your talking points. Keep to the point of the original discussion. The past is over and the lessons should have been learned, if not they will be repeated.
            Obama should be accountable and judged for what has happened on his watch. Losing any American (Republican, Independent or Democrat) is unbearable. Decisions and circumstances determine if Obama will be forgiven or given another pass for undermining this country and her people.

          17. florida3guy says

            Faux Noose, oh boy aren’t you clever.

          18. JP Jason says

            We’re you born that stupid

          19. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            He has undoubtedly worked on it all of his life.

          20. EMIRCITNA says

            HOW ABOUT his ‘aiding the enemy’ by releasing 5 Taliban leaders from GITMO for starters! ~ Why don’t you just Google: ‘OBAMA CRIMES’ and sit back with a pot of coffee for a nice long read?!

      2. supergun says

        If you have to ask that question, then you deserve no answer.

      3. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

        For all he has done to take our RIGHTS AND DESTROY OUR COUNTRY AND HER PEOPLE.

        1. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

          Please be specific, Tell me what Rights he has taken? What has he done to “Destroy Our Country?”

          1. JOL says

            Fast and Furious and IRS cover up with no indictments. Come on Lerner is still collecting government pay. Holder was protected on the gun smuggling where a border control agent was murdered. Removing Muslims from the terror watch list because it profiled them. BHO has committed close to 100 impeachable acts his 7+ years in office! WTF you are such a dolt and probably think Hilary is the best POTUS for making America WHOLE

          2. FightingTheAmericanTaliban says

            Wow, you’ve been watching too much Faux Noose! No, Obama had little to do with Fast and Furious (and it WAS Ill Conceived) and has nothing to do with Lerner collecting Government Pay. And no, Obama did not remove ANYONE From a Terror Watch List. So far you have come up with nothing that is real. I WOULD Like to see that List of 100 Impeachable Acts, That’s hilarious. Also, No Again, I do not think Hillary would be a good president, she sure is better than the rest of the clowns but I can’t stand her.

          3. EMIRCITNA says

            DON’T WASTE your time trying to educate a devoted Obamabot, my friend!

          4. JOL says

            Aiding and Abetting known enemies of the United States

            In his conduct of the office of President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, contrary to his oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has directly engaged in the
            covert aiding and abetting of foreign entities via the funding, arming, training and intelligence assistance to the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Taliban, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, the Free Syrian Army and others. He has directly or indirectly through the agencies under his direct command, used American tax
            dollars and assets to aid and abet known enemies of the United States, including known terror organizations and organizations identified on a Terrorist List established by the United States as enemies to the United States, in Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq,
            Afghanistan, Kenya, Iran, Ukraine and North, Central and South America.

            This conduct has included one or more of the following:

            1. He has refused to faithfully execute the laws of the United States concerning organized immigration and naturalization as prescribed by the 1986 Immigration Reform Act V


            2. He has unlawfully used taxpayer funds to aid and abet the illegal invasion of the United States;vi

            3. He has used unlawful and unreasonable threats and intimidation tactics to force well intended Federal agents to stand down on enforcement in direct violation of the laws of the United States;

            4. He has unlawfully used national security agencies under his direct command to threaten and intimidate American Citizens, in violation of their constitutional rights, and in violation of Posse Comitatusvii, in an effort to silence their opposition to the ongoing invasion of the United Stated by unlawful intruders;

            5. Without any congressional authority or oversight and in direct violation of his duties as Commander-in-Chief, he has directly engaged in the covert aiding and abetting of foreign entities via the funding, arming, training and intelligence assistance to known enemies of the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Taliban, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and others;

            6. He has engaged or caused his subordinates to engage in weapons trafficking to known enemies of the United States, specifically the Mexican Cartels at our southern border and Islamic terror networks throughout the Middle East;

            7. He has worked to undermine relationships with U.S. Citizens and numerous U.S. allies around the world by engaging in unlawful surveillance unrelated to national security;

            8. He has directly threatened internal national security, he and his subordinates have worked to cause socio-economic upheaval and racial tensions in the United States, for the sole purpose of political gain;

            9. He has worked to hamstring U.S. service members and private contractors on foreign battlefields via Rules of Engagement which have given our enemies an upper hand on the front lines;

            10. He is engaging in an unlawful overt effort to disarm legal American Citizens and remove public access to ammunition in direct violation of the U.S. Second Amendment, aiming to prevent a free people from providing for the personal protection of life, liberty and property, protect against illegal invasion, or a government body which has become abusive to the citizens in violation of constitutional protections;

            11. He has knowingly appointed cabinet level personnel with known direct ties to international terrorist organizations and has given them top security level clearances;

            12. He has unlawfully used groups with known ties to terrorist organizations as Oval Office policy advisors and altered numerous national security and law enforcement policies on the basis of advice from known enemies of the United States;

            13. He has circumvented congressional authority to unlawfully use taxpayer funds to finance known terror organizations and isolate some of our closest allies now under direct military attack;

            14. He has unlawfully and purposefully dismantled the balance of power between the three branches of the Federal government, operating as a unilateral unchecked dictatorship;

            15. He has worked to unlawfully fund, protect and defend known anti-American organizations in direct violation of 50 U.S. Code § 843;

            16. He has unilaterally defunded, demoralized, undermined and dismantled the U.S. Military and Military Command, leaving our country increasingly vulnerable to attack and unable to respond;

            17. He has sought to remove qualified military leadership from command due solely to their opposition to his destruction of the Military and military readiness, while advancing the careers of those within the ranks who have openly agreed to “fire on American Citizens” if so ordered;

            18. He has worked with labor unions to threaten, intimidate and extort money from U.S. employers and employees, and unlawfully used labor union funds to advance an antiAmerican agenda without the voluntary consent of union members;

            19. He knew or should have known that he was placing Americans in harm’s way in Benghazi, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan without adequate force protection, in direct violation of his oath and duties as Commander-in-Chief;

            In all of this, Barack Hussein Obama has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice, and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

          5. jaybird says

            He has let Muslims that have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood go through our FBI, military and police training manuals for a complete ban & removal of words or material that linked Islam to violence- jihad, islamic terrorist

            When the Muslim Brotherhood was in power in Egypt and they were removed by the Egyptian military, Egypt claimed they had proof that Obama gave money to them after they were removed.

            I think FTAT works for Obummer.

          6. ABO says

            Excellent response, JOL, well researched and well stated. Exactly opposite the unsubstantiated, intentionally misleading BS being thrown around by the troll that calls himself Fighting the American Taliban. Thank you.

          7. JOL says

            Obama has sealed records on Fast and Furious to protect Holder. Why does BHO do such a thing as obstruct an investigation in which he might be found negligent?

          8. terry b says


          9. EMIRCITNA says

            SO WHERE is the PROOF to back-up all of your allegations? ~ Are you a White House ‘insider’ that has privileged information or just a clown exposing your ignorance based on ‘feelings’ instead of facts?! ~ Take a walk!

          10. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            You are either blind, stupid or both. None as blind as the man who refuses to see.

          11. terry b says

            It is these comments that are destroy our county. Get off the internet and do something productive. They can’t be specific, all they do complain.

          12. EMIRCITNA says

            EVER HEAR OF ‘OBAMACARE’?! ~ Ever hear of the worsened race relations since your idol gained the White House? ~ Don’t be so naïve with your ignorant questions which we really should not even be responding to ….considering the source, my friend!

          13. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Get yourself back to Mother Jones.

      4. rocky49 says

        Have you ever heard of Syria??

      5. MAHB001 says

        Lying to the American People. He took an oath to serve and protect the American people. NOT control them.

        We the People used to hold our politicians to a higher standard.. We need to get back to that or we are going to hell in a hand basket, and the likes of 0-bama are carrying us there.

      6. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        You serious? Start with his history, the fiction that it is.

    2. M.A.Rue says

      Impeachment takes a very long time. Way too late to keep fretting about that.

      1. phil says

        The time to impeach was in his first term. It was known then he was a commie pinko!!

      2. supergun says

        They made a decision that is would take too long and be to distracting.

      3. MAHB001 says

        I don’t care! The impeachment process would stop 0-bama from doing more damage.

        And if you don’t try….. You get what you deserve.

    3. maxx says

      I believe there were three reasons impeachment was never even considered. First, there were not enough votes in the Senate to convict. Second the entire Congress was totally okay with the things the people wanted Obozzo impeached for. They knew and had no problem with all the red flag questions that erupted over the guy. Third they were afraid of what the blacks in America would do when some threatened to burn the country down.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I think one and two are one in the same and an indication of the type of people we are electing to represent us.

        We need to return to the old days of holding our elected officials accountable for their actions.

        1. dishonorable discharge from service for lying to the American people.
        2. Term limits.

  2. MAHB001 says

    Funny, it is hard to believe the Speaker is willing to cross the isle to speak with Trump, Cruz, and the Republicans that are voting for them….

    1. CG says

      Cross over the isle, wow, thank you Ryan for the effort.

    2. Jimmy Quick says

      Ryan is just Boehner is a younger skin.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Agreed. And I gave him the benefit of doubt, that is until his first action that supported 0-bama.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          I remember. I hate to say I was right, but this guy has to go.

          1. MAHB001 says

            You were right… ….. 🙂

            I was wwww


          2. Jimmy Quick says

            Alright man, that that was really tortured. I just mean, we gotta learn from it and move forward. Ryan has been a fake all along, so how do we get him out and put someone in there that will represent the people instead of special interest?

          3. MAHB001 says

            I know, i was just poking fun at me.

            Sad that I was wrong about Ryan, but actually, deep down I am not surprised…. The power that they yield corrupts them all in the long run.

            As for representing the people, the ultimate answer is term limits via the Convention of States. That will limit their exposure to the corruption and the damage that is done.

            I think that also needs to be coupled with stricter penalties when they are caught lying to the American People. I feel they should be dishonorably discharged, and stripped of all benefits. We need to start holding them to a higher standard again.

            Once the guy/gal is in office, we can no longer let these politicians get away with ANYTHING… We got to watch them like a hawk and remove them from office if they don’t follow up on their campaign promises. I am not exactly sure how we got Boehner out of his perch but the same needs to be done with Ryan… Right now.

            Just my thoughts. Bottom line, the moral majority can no longer sit on the sidelines anymore.

          4. Jimmy Quick says

            Interesting. I come from the other side of this issue. Term limits hurt everybody. I compare it to a winning football team that has to retire their best players just as they are finally getting good.

            The real issue is the under the table money and the power wielded by lobbyist. This could be stopped, but then no one would be interested in running for office.

            Additionally, the Clintons amassed the largest data collection ever compiled, specifically for the purpose of controlling all elected officials who would ever hope to keep their jobs as well as stay out of prison.

            Once the mob got ahold of this information, everything has gone done hill from there.

            I think most people instinctively know that something is wrong, but then throw up their hands in disgust when they vote in the person in whom they have placed their faith, only two find that they too have been corrupted by a system that has a stranglehold on our government.

            I don’t know that all of these people are instinctively evil, though I’m sure some are more than others.

            I watched in Maryland as one governor after another promised to bring gambling to the state. Both lotto and lottery were already making huge sums of money to feed the corruption within the government and then comes O’Malley. He successfully pushed it through and now a majority of the local churches have accepted that people want to gamble and it is not even condemned any longer as a sin.

            I’ve watched nationally as the same acceptance of homosexuality has taken hold. Now, with regard to of our local school age children, it is assessed that fully 50% of teenagers have engaged in homosexual activity.

            I believe that Boehner left on his own and was under no pressure whatsoever to leave.

            We got Ryan because he is morally far more corrupt than Boehner and he is willing to go along with the entire program without reservation.

            I good friend of mine called me in mid 2015. This guy was very connected. Finger on the pulse and all that. His call from Canada was brief and direct. He said it’s time to leave. He put his home on the market and has never looked back.

            When I asked him what was up, he just repeated “it’s time to get out.”

          5. MAHB001 says

            I like your football team analogy…

            However when it comes to politicians, they are creating the rules, and they have zero downside for cheating….

            At least in football the ones caught cheating are penalize, and the QB can’t simply say, oh yea, that was a touchdown, the new goal line is at the 40! Here is the executive order to prove it.

            I don’t know if term limits is the complete answer but I think it is a start… As what does a skilled experienced politician look like? Barack 0-bama, Hillary Clinton, Boehner, Pelosi…. If that is the case, these people need to be force-ably retired.

          6. Jimmy Quick says

            I agree about the “dirty dozen” of politics. They should be removed, but their people go into the booth year after year and put them back in office.

            It is the money that corrupts. Stop the money, stop the corruption. Then we get plumbers, high school drop outs and recovering drug addicts running the country because no one is gonna work hard to get a job that will end in a predetermined number of years without rhyme or reason.

          7. MAHB001 says

            I agree with what you are saying but believe that it is more than the money that corrupts, it is the POWER that corrupts. Money is a subset of power, I view it as a stepping stone. Most of these criminals have achieved financial stability, yet they continue on because of the POWER of the position, not the money….

            I disagree with the nobody will work hard to get a job that will end in a predetermined number of years…. The jobs within our Government used to be called civil SERVICE jobs… There are plenty of good people, including plumbers and ex drug addicts that are willing to perform a SERVICE to their Country.

            I still think that term limits is a start at limiting the exposure of good people to a very corrupt environment, and there are plenty of good people that would be willing to provide a service to the people that put them in office and to their Country by serving for a set number of years.

            I don’t know if term limits is the ultimate answer or just a band aid… Perhaps it is just a band aid.

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            Davey Crocket got term limited and died in the Alamo. That is the only guy who lost his job that I think I can even remember his name.

            The rest are selling loosies or working as travel agents. When this becomes a dead end job, the people in line to do it are no longer gonna be the best and the brightest.

            Anyway, thats my take on term limits.

      2. maxx says

        Boehner II.

    3. Michael says

      There really is a difference between Ryan and Boehner, Ryan didn’t take near as long to cave and gave Obama even more than he asked for.

    4. jaybird says

      MAHB001, read my post approx 5 up.

    5. Patriot47 says

      Sorry, I could only post 1 like.

      1. MAHB001 says


    6. Jean Langford M. says


  3. Dennis McLain says

    This is really laughable because of the way RINO Ryan handles the speakership like a true RINO, not conservative at all. He is the new Obama lapboy that takes the crybaby’s place as speaker. Nothing has changed and that is what we really need, a good conservative speaker. He is truly not worthy of that position and should be replaced as soon as possible. No more Obama BS!!!!

    1. supergun says

      ryan thinks the President should do what they want. The President is separate and is for the People,,,,not the Party.

      1. Brenda says

        At present Ryan is not one of my favorite people. But, not being in on the telephone calls, I feel he made an attempt to approach the future President in an effort of working with him.
        While the Office of President is a separate branch of government, all branches must work together.

        1. supergun says

          Time will tell.

        2. rocky49 says

          All branch must do as the people wish, it is a government of WE THE PEOPLE!!

        3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          When they ‘work together’ we get the biggest screwing.

          1. maxx says

            Beautifully put !!

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Remember when RR said that the worst words you’ll ever hear is “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help” or something close? I do know that when Congress hit’s a deadlock we never seem to be affected by it and when they spend all their time slinging mud across the aisle we never seem to miss them all that much? They sure are overpaid as far as anything they have ever accomplished as a positive law or bill that actually does something good “For the people”. B.S. is their best and only product that I can note.

          3. proudtexan62 says

            He was so right about SO MANY THINGS!!!!

          4. maxx says

            You were right on. Another one I really like is “Politicians like diapers need to be changed often and for the same reason”. – Mark Twain

        4. maxx says

          That’s not exactly how it works. The Executive Branch expects the Legislative Branch to capitulate to their every whim. For the past 7 1/2 years that is exactly what has been going on. That should have abruptly ended in November 2014 with the Republican majority of the Senate. In reality nothing changed. Not a single thing. McConnell continued to do his usual Kabuki Theater role of “spoiler” by not doing what he should have done. He should have changed the senate rules concerning the filibuster exactly the same way Harry Reid did. He should have invoked the “nuclear option” like Reid did. In fact McConnell immediately telegraphed that he would not do that. So the democrats have continued to control what goes on in both chambers. That’s how “they worked together” to betray the people and continue the oligarchy.

        5. proudtexan62 says

          You had better never go for a degree in political science with the aspiration of getting a job in Washington. If you are that easily convinced these people are doing this to help Trump and Cruz, just stay tuned and you will eventually see what their intentions actually are and I can assure you it is not because they are extending their hands in an effort “to work with either of them”.

      2. jaybird says

        He might be talking to Trump but he was in the party of 19 this week that met with heads of IT companies to stop Trump. Fox news had pictures of all of them Congressman, Billionaires/millionaires, etc.

        1. supergun says

          One thing we know. TRUMP won’t be paying ryan any attention.

          1. proudtexan62 says

            I trust him to be much smarter than those corrupt RINOS/Establishment in Washington and that will be proven, sooner than later!!!

          2. supergun says

            Most Americans would agree with you.

        2. proudtexan62 says

          But then he calls Trump and tells him he wants him to be aware of the Conservative agenda. They can’t any longer spell Conservative, much less be Conservative. They are truly the Dems Communist comrades!!!

      3. jaybird says

        I have not seen a president for a long time that was for the people. The only people they have been for is the UN and take over of our country for the globalist.

        1. supergun says

          Unfortunately you are right. The position is a good way to line their pockets.

        2. proudtexan62 says

          I can say that Ronald Reagan definitely cared for the people.

    2. JohnGalt49 says

      We really do need to rid ourselves of Ryan and McConnell before we choose a presidential nominee. These traitors will thwart any positive conservative action.

      1. proudtexan62 says

        I’m ALL FOR IT but that’s up to the states of Kentucky and Wisconsin and I don’t think we can expect it will happen. The best thing that could happen is that Donald Trump would “run the table” and make it impossible for them to throw him under the bus without giving the American people a video in living color of what they are up to at which time, we take up necessary arms and we show our government how serious we are about getting rid of the corruption and garbage in our present day government.

    3. kbfallon says

      He about gave the farm away–lets see how he plays if it looks like Trump gets elected.

  4. peter says

    If Ryan is talking about conservative ideas then he had better start acting like a conservative instead of a RINO

    1. supergun says

      That is exactly what I was thinking.

      1. Jean Langford M. says


    2. El says

      Ryan is a RINO. His first act as Speaker was to give Ovomit all that was asked of him. What further proof do you need?

      1. Jean Langford M. says

        “DITTO” (PLUS).

      2. savetheRepublic2016 says

        yep speaker “ryno” as I call him is a rino who has shown us what he is…barry’s best bud…

        1. Jerry Kelly says


        2. G.Frazier says

          For years I’ve been saying that the Republicans enable the Democrats in their destruction of America.
          Your post simply supports what I’ve said.
          Thank you.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Republicans suck! Name any accomplishment they’ve done in 30 yrs? They destroyed the economy, caused 911 and never got osama. Talk about incompetence! LMAO

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Actually, every Republican President since Warren Harding has had a recession with the exception of Hoover who went all the way down the toilet with the Great Depression. If you study Hoover’s prior history before he was crowned Republican King…you see just how much special interests played a role in his being elected. Eisenhower was the only GOP president who didn’t have a second term recession. Bush ’41 never got a second term and he managed a first term recession.

            What the Mutton Chops and Corn Pone Kings who are the US’s biggest freeloaders of federal tax dollars want is total government control…and by association total control of our federal tax dollars. Once you see how much the Republican states cost the rest of the states, you see just why there is always a huge deficit.

          3. G.Frazier says

            Let’s not forget that the only (make that ONLY) way Billy Bob Clinton managed to balance the budget was because of the majority Republican Congress, behind him. If he’d had to work with the usual idiots from the liberal side of Congress, he couldn’t have balanced his own checkbook!
            Sure, he got credit for what he didn’t do…Truth be told, it was the Republicans, who caused that to happen.
            And, unless you didn’t accept the windfall, handed out by Geo. W. Bush, when he gave that surplus BACK to the people, you cannot criticize the fact that Bush didn’t keep the money.
            Not only that, you’ll have to find a way to prove you didn’t accept it.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Let’s not forget that the skirt chasing very married Gingrich, as Speaker of the House, sidelined Hillary Clinton’s healthcare reform. You want to explain just how many trillions the CEOs of HMOs have earned since 1993?

            Let’s not forget that it was that swaggering, drawling phony New England born Texan Bush the Tush who fronted for Darth Vader Cheney who made sure Halliburton, his former CEO company, earned that $350 billion from a war in Iraq that took lies to get the US into.

            Windfall? Windfall? Only a math challenged guy like you could come up with that BS…Under George W. Bush 8 million people lost jobs from 2004 to 2008 according to the DOL report in January 2009…as for that “windfall” …you want some facts Liar Boy? I received a lousy $7 increase..not the effing billions you lousy thieves got for your corrupt businesses and subsidies paid for by MY taxes.

            In 2004, the GAO put out a report on the 2001 tax cut…Bush’s first act as president to pay of his campaign donors and special interests…The GAO stated in the 2004 report that the top 1% became 11% wealthier while the 99% barely got more than a 1% increase from that phony windfall…Now…before your cob webbed brain goes dead…If ONE Bush tax cut made the 1% 11% wealthier…that means that the 2 additional cuts made them 33% richer by January 2009…all while they got TARP to bail them out on MY tax dollars. Truth hurts doesn’t it? And, you can get that GAO report online if you have the balls to do it.

          5. donS2 says

            I know, it is all George Washingtons fault.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Well let’s see now…Gowdy got his ass in trouble for using bogus emails to try and nail Hillary to the wall and make a jerk of himself…then Chaffetz comes up with an edited video to try and sink Planned Parenthood…Go spread more of that dipshit seed and run off the minute you impregnators find your seed is a live kid…

            Men like you are BS artists who nothing to show for your existence…Not to worry…with the huge number of women entering government and business, the number of eunoch balls like your are going to be dwindling fast…eat “it” and die you worthless piece of right wing landfill trash.

          7. Jeanne Stotler says


          8. G.Frazier says

            I’m sitting here, wondering if in some foreign dialect, Whitaker means idiot!
            The thing is, Bush’s numbers were exaggerated by the idiots in the VERY
            Left Wing media and that same group will tell you what they want you to believe, when it comes to Obama.
            For example, they’ve always had his unemployment numbers at a level that is er-
            roneous, when you consider that he might have ONE good week in five months and that’s the ONLY week, you’ll hear about.
            When Bush said he would give the surplus back to the people (btw, Clinton would have absolutely NEVER balanced the budget, except both houses of Congress were majority Republican. The Democrats are the tax-and-spend party and if you haven’t noticed that, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote because sanity is still a prerequisite!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I’m sitting here wondering if G.Frazier means pissbrain…Must..After all, the right wing sits on their asses all day and bitches, bitches, bitches…Go suck another Kock egg jerk..Bush NEVER gave surplus back to the people asshat…His presidency ended with a Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown that took money out of everyone’s 401Ks…keep up the lies liar boy…You are down for the count. G. Frazier…the name everyone knows is another moron who can’t wipe his own butt without Mommy’s help.

          10. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Eleanor , I am asking you to refrain from using vulgar language. please.

          11. G.Frazier says

            Well, well, well…It’s nice to see that Eleanore Whitaker is no lady. A lady would never use that type language!

          12. mac12sam12 says

            Newt’s skirt chasing? Really want to go there? Bubba Clinton, the love sponge, has been accused of rape and sexual assaults in more than one case. Bubba’s also friends with billionaire and convicted pedophile, Jeff Epstein. Has Bubba the love sponge been riding the Lolita express at Orgy Island? Epstein was convicted of employing underage prostitutes.

            Obama is also responsible for the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s. Want to talk about making the top 1% wealthy? In the past seven years during this corrupt administration, 93% of the wealth has gone to the top 1%, that’s more than any other president. We have 46 million on food stamps and 50 million living in poverty, that’s one in six. Bush’s fault? Obama’s fault! Because of the ACA, most of the jobs have been 29 hours or less which is destroying the middle class. Businesses are also leaving the country because of the high corporate tax rate and over regulation. Obama’s fault! He will go down as the worst president in US history with a legacy of poverty and failure.

            Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

          13. G.Frazier says

            Your jobs figures are what you’ve read, reported by the ultra conservative media. This same group keeps telling us Obama’s unemployment is going down, when, in reality, it’s not.
            They only look at the jobs found and NOT those lost in the process!
            Of course you, along with all the others, who are anxiously kissing the posterior of an inferior president, don’t want to see or hear the REAL truth!

          14. Eleanore Whitaker says

            MY JOB figures come from a friend who works for NJDOL and who has access to ALL of the reports from DC you don’t have. The only states where unemployment is still high is in Republican states.

            They don’t look at the jobs found moron. They look at the drop in unemployment claims. Here in NJ, solar energy accounts for the increases in manufacturing of solar panels and jobs for plumbers, electricians, construction managers, design engineers and anyone who is willing to take the time to train for solar energy jobs.

            You bet I kiss the any of ANY president who doesn’t wait till his 8th year to cause a Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown based entirely what all top U.S. economists say was due to 2 piggybacked handouts of tax cuts that the GAO.gov report in 2004 jacked the incomes of the 1 percenters by 11%..do the math. Another tax cut for them in 2008 and again in January 2009, when your GOP asshats held the 8 million unemployed hostage that Bush and Cheney unemployed by allowing massive offshoring, incursions and downsizing.

            Now do you what to STFU or do I have to make more of a fool of you than you already are? Ask the people in KS and IA what they think of having to shut schools down before the mandated school year end due to lack of funds to support education. Ask the people in WVA what they think of the right wing fukkos who dumped coal ash into their water and is now causing massive pollution the rest of us end up paying for? Ask the parents of those 6,000 to 12,000 kids who are exposed to lead poisoning what they think of that fukkoff Republican Snyder who saved a ton of money by pulling water from the Flint MI River that he KNEW was untreated.

            Try again moron. You and your right wing are going to be silenced come 2016 election finals. We are all sick and tired of your pissy moaning and bitching.

          15. Walter Flatt says


          16. G.Frazier says

            That’s unadulterated BULLSHIT and anybody, with half a brain knows it.
            First of all, Bush didn’t screw anyone; second, there is NO black guy…he’s a half-breed racist, whose racism got him elected to a job he isn’t worth a twit in.
            Thirdly, it’s Obama, who has spent his entire time sitting in the Oval Office (that is, when he’s not on vacation) accusing all his own failures on his predecessor.

          17. Ed Shick says

            One thing Harry Truman did was he was the chief and he took the blame , ” the Buck stops Here”

          18. mac12sam12 says

            Again, is record poverty the black guy’s fault? It isn’t Bush’s fault! The black guy, because of his failed policies is driving businesses out of the country and destroying jobs. Because of the ACA, most jobs are 29 hours or less. Is that the black guy’s fault? It’s not Bush’s fault! Because of the black guy’s policies, millions of refugees are leaving the Middle East and invading Europe and causing chaos in those countries. The black guy has screwed things up worldwide. The black guy sucks.

          19. Halftrack2 says

            Who is the black guy????You elected a half white Muslim….

          20. G.Frazier says

            Methinks you’ve got it backwards….It’s the half breed, who has spent his entire presidency blaming Bush!
            Of course, ABCNews didn’t report that, so you didn’t hear it!

            It was Bush, who gave the surplus back to the people (and, don’t complain unless you rejected your cut. AND, if you rejected it, your complaints probably began simply because you didn’t get yours.

            Also, when the tanned First Loafer said he was going to make a surplus give back, he never did it (TWICE, THAT IS!!) So, he’s also the First Liar!

          21. G.Frazier says

            You know that and I know that, but if you can find a democrat, who will admit it, you’re in a different world!

          22. G.Frazier says

            I’ve said this, repeatedly: Going all the way back to Ike, you can find that he didn’t blame Truman for his blunders. JFK and LBJ didn’t blame Ike for theirs. Nixon didn’t blame JFK or LBJ, nor did Ford.
            Carter didn’t blame Ford or Nixon, Reagan nor Bush, Sr. didn’t blame Carter. Clinton didn’t blame Reagan or Bush, Sr. and Bush, Jr. didn’t blame Clinton.

            The immaturity began with the half breed, who used racism to take the highest office in the land and, because he had zero experience in government and knows nothing about what he is doing/ has no help from anyone else, all he can do is place blame.

            Therefore, what I see is not only a buffoon, who is a dismal failure, but an IMMATURE BUFFOON, whom the U.S. should be thankful hasn’t destroyed us by his ineptness.

          23. jetmagnet says

            Economic Record/Comparison of Democrats versus Republicans Over last 60


            FEDERAL SPENDING: since 1960 Republicans increased Federal
            Spending by 71% more than have Democrats
            FEDERAL DEBT: since 1960
            Republicans have increased the National debt by 100% more per year than have
            GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT: since 1921, adjusted for inflation,
            Democrats outproduce Republicans by 43% . Starting in 1940 the Democratic
            advantage is 23% better.
            REAL PER CAPITA INCOME: since 1960 Democrats have
            outperformed Republicans by 30%. (This is perhaps the most important economic
            statistic of all).
            INFLATION: since 1960, Democrats outperform Republicans
            3.13% to 3.89%.
            UNEMPLOYMENT: since 1960 it decreases in an average
            Democratic year by 0.3% to 5.33%, and increases in average Republican year by
            1.1% to 6.38%.
            JOB CREATION: from 1945 to 2003, Democrats produced 174,200
            jobs per month, Republicans have only produced 60,600 per month. Every time a
            Democrat succeeds a Republican, job creation soars. Every time a Republican
            succeeds a Democrat job creation plummets. NO EXCEPTIONS!
            DOW JONES AVERAGE:
            since 1921 the DOW has increased by 52% more under Democratic administrations.

            THE BOND MARKET: since 1940 the value of 10 year Treasury bonds rose 1.2%
            under Democrats and fell 0.5% under Republicans.No republican has balanced a budget!! Lmao!
            George bush gave money back to people? Why didn’t get any? LMAO

          24. ELAINE MARZANO says

            hi, I have a question. why are you saying that the republicans were spending all the money from 1960 if the democrats were in charge for most of the time. just curious. unless I am so tired I am reading it wrong. just have a little patience please. I am trying to get things straight I my head

          25. mac12sam12 says

            Jetmagnet is a political hack. The democrats are responsible for nothing and everything’s Bush’s fault, in his tiny mind.

          26. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Wow thank you for that one. I am sure he is. I love the way they blame Bush for everything. is that your baby . she is beautiful.

          27. mac12sam12 says

            Thank you. She’s my youngest daughter out of three and has a masters degree in education and she’s a republican!

          28. ELAINE MARZANO says

            that is great. you must be a proud father.?

          29. jetmagnet says

            Economic Record/Comparison of Democrats versus Republicans Over last 60


            FEDERAL SPENDING: since 1960 Republicans increased Federal
            Spending by 71% more than have Democrats
            FEDERAL DEBT: since 1960
            Republicans have increased the National debt by 100% more per year than have
            GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT: since 1921, adjusted for inflation,
            Democrats outproduce Republicans by 43% . Starting in 1940 the Democratic
            advantage is 23% better.
            REAL PER CAPITA INCOME: since 1960 Democrats have
            outperformed Republicans by 30%. (This is perhaps the most important economic
            statistic of all).
            INFLATION: since 1960, Democrats outperform Republicans
            3.13% to 3.89%.
            UNEMPLOYMENT: since 1960 it decreases in an average
            Democratic year by 0.3% to 5.33%, and increases in average Republican year by
            1.1% to 6.38%.
            JOB CREATION: from 1945 to 2003, Democrats produced 174,200
            jobs per month, Republicans have only produced 60,600 per month. Every time a
            Democrat succeeds a Republican, job creation soars. Every time a Republican
            succeeds a Democrat job creation plummets. NO EXCEPTIONS!
            DOW JONES AVERAGE:
            since 1921 the DOW has increased by 52% more under Democratic administrations.

            THE BOND MARKET: since 1940 the value of 10 year Treasury bonds rose 1.2%
            under Democrats and fell 0.5% under Republicans.

          30. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Nice try at reinventing history. Harding? His secretary of the Interior went to prison for trying to sell federal land to oil interests for $1…Harding? A recession in his 2nd term…Hoover…as you Republicans hate hate hate to admit began sucking up to Wall Street in Harding’s Administration and tah dah..A Republican president who created the Great Depression that a Democrat had to get the country out of.

            The only Republican president who didn’t have a recession was Eisenhower…Nixon as you boys are loathe to admit was a WaterGate Burglar…and he also had a recession in his 2nd term….Then there was the 2nd Term Reagan Recession followed by another recession of Bush ’41 who was a one and only one termer…Then, there was Bush ’43…the front man for the Cheney presidency who waited until the 8th year of his presidency to cause the Great Recession…

            Try again jerk …nothing you right wing BS artists EVER post is fact.

          31. jetmagnet says

            My post has nothing to do with recessions. maybe you need your eyes checked.
            But if you must know from an expert like myself, here it is.

            Jul 1953 – May 1954 Republican
            Aug 1957 – Apr 1958 Republican
            1960 – Feb 1961 Republican
            Dec 1969 – Nov 1970 Republican
            Nov 1973 – Mar
            1975 Republican
            Jan 1980 – July 1980 Democrat
            Jul 1981 – Nov 1982
            Jul 1990 – Mar 1991 Republican
            Mar 2001 – Nov 2001
            Dec 2007- Jun 2009 Republican

            There have been 22 recessions
            since 1900.
            16 have started under Republican leadership, 6 under Democrat
            leadership and the 2 worst 1929 and now when Repubs had control of WH and
            congress for more than 8 years(the only times in history)
            Given repub economic history, the 2
            largest depressions in our history, the only 2 times they have had control of
            congress and WH for more than 8 years.. why does anyone listen to them on
            economics, when they never show supporting economic data.. just beliefs.

          32. concerned says


          33. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I have the same question. where did you get your information.

          34. Ed Shick says

            We had 3 presidents that deported illegals to Help America and the First was Herbert Hover , so Americans could get jobs , Then Both Truman and Eisenhower to have Jobs for returning Veterans ! Congress has not Declared a War since Dec. 8 , 1941 , but we are constantly involved ! Thanks to our UN which we should get out of , and we should end foreign aid to 192 nations that had no war damage from WW 2

          35. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Thank you Ed for your response. and doing it in an a way that was very informative and in good taste. It is appreciated to meet a Gentleman.

          36. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “Bush ’41 never got a second term and he managed a first term recession.” Shrub Jr. made up for his Dad only serving 1 term. The only thing that saved us from a full scale depression was the intelligence of President Obama!

          37. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You will never get these irresponsible freeloaders of the right to admit that since Reagan they have lived off Dem states. Take a long look at why the national debt got so out of control. 2 simultaneous wars we couldn’t afford but the military industrialist states made off with war profits like bandits. The expansion of 1.6 million miles of pipelines that only made Republican states richer and Dem states poorer every time we had to pay for spill cleanups and their spill fines.

            Then, there was the Republican freeloaders handing out corporate tax subsidies like it was their money to spend freely..most of which ended up in Republican states so these Republican corporations would sink money into their elections to keep them in office.

          38. Walter Flatt says


          39. h m rowland says

            ……yeah and then President Obama captured and buried him at sea. I liked him til then, he is just too hawkish.

          40. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


          41. jetmagnet says

            I guess 911 happened after clinton. ya think? And who was president?

          42. donS2 says

            Clinton bombed an asprin factory in Sudan and tried to get Osama in Afganastan. Still in Slick Willeys own words, I had him but the law was not with us at that time. Learn some more history besides what the Clinton News Network tells you.

          43. Ohio Land Man says

            red book by Buzz Patterson.. Dereliction of duty.. real words on the clintons bullshit..

          44. G.Frazier says

            Right…Clinton started wars in Kosovo and Bosnia. Both of which benefited neither them nor us anything. Bush sent the military to Afghanistan and Iraq. Freeing not only the Afghans and the Iraqis of terroristic tyrants but also causing another tyrant to back down, out of fear that he would be next.

            The Dim Bulb Butt Smoochers of America Society can rattle off all the insults they please. However, the truth is against them!!

          45. jaybird says

            Read the Clinton Chronicles and see how evil the Clinton’s have been.

          46. 10579 says

            Still are and the Dems still think they walk on water.

          47. jetmagnet says

            First I suggest who made the film and what they represent and their views, ok? I go through thousands of rightwing video’s opeds, and propaganda.
            Here’s some information on the people who made the clinton chronicles.
            98% of what rightwing authors produce is bullshit or fiction. You need to get educated if you intend to challenge me.

            Jeremiah Films-

            In 1996, Jeremiah Films distributed a film titled The Clinton Chronicles,
            which contains a list of people who were linked to the film that either
            died mysteriously or who were murdered. One of the most recognizable
            films produced in conjunction with Chuck Smith and Caryl Matrisciana is titled Halloween: Trick or Treat, the first in a 13-part series titled The Pagan Invasion.[citation needed]
            Another noteworthy title is The God Makers film, released in 1982, along with its sequel The God Makers II released five years later.

            The company produces a variety of videos, including Baby Parts For Sale, an “investigation into the multimillion-dollar-a-year baby parts trafficking industry” and stem cell research; and Halloween: Trick or Treat?,
            which challenges parents with a Biblical worldview “to decide whether
            to allow their children to participate in celebrations which glorify Pagan Occultism”.[this quote needs a citation] The company also produced and distributes the videos The Godmakers, The Secret World of Mormonism, Freemasonry: From Darkness to Light, Death By Entertainment, Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust, The Evolution Conspiracy, The Death of Vince Foster, and Hillary uncensored! Banned by the Media telling the Peter F Paul story and includes Gala Hollywood Farewell Salute to President Clinton.
            In 1996, Patrick Matrisciana, the founder of Jeremiah Films and an
            organization called Citizens for an Honest Government, produced a video
            called Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection. It claimed that two police officers with links to former Arkansas governor, Bill Clinton were implicated in drug trafficking, two murders, and a cover-up of the murders. The police officers sued Matrisciana for defamation and won an award of $598,750.
            So there you have it. Do the research…and quit reading rightwing conspiracies. People make easy money selling bullshit to people eager to eat it.

          48. G.Frazier says

            I don’t need to read anything! Evil has a way of showing itself, so those, who understand the difference between good and evil. Because of this, it’s simple not to be sucked in my the rhetoric, offered by many politicians.
            The only problem is this: If this year’s General Election turns out to be Hillary v. Trump, we’re in BIG TROUBLE!

          49. jaybird says

            I was telling jetmagnet to read them not you. Yes, Evil does have a way eventually showing itself. I hope that “all” the voters that are voting and attending rallies will stick with whomever the candidate finally is because even if it is Trump his numbers beat Killary’s in each state. I don’t believe their polls about he can’t beat her. The voters know what she has done and will do. Republicans are turning out in record numbers. I voted for Cruz in my states primaries but I will vote for Trump if he is the winner, now if thay put up a Repbu. in name only (RINO), I will have to write in someone , I will not vote for a NWO candidate. The “Old Guard” would rather cut off their nose to spite their face than to go with the will of the people.

            We all need to tell our representatives that and it takes 5 min. to make a call to them plus need to tell them not to bring up Garland (Supreme Court Justice Judge) for a vote. The staffer will ask for your name and where you live and you do not have to explain except “no on Garland and you will not vote for a RINO”.

            Just keep it short because the staffer not going to write it all down.

          50. Ed Shick says

            Just do not vote for HILARY or we will not have any weapons but the Crooks and Drug Lords can kill you as they will have Guns!

          51. G.Frazier says

            I have a butt-smoochin’ friend, who voted for the tanned jerk, twice, and demands he has done wonderful deeds for both the U.S. and Israel (I’ve demanded she tell me one, single, solitary thing he’s done and she responds with, “Oh. You know what he’s
            Then, she gets mad, when I shoot back with, “Yup, I do…A BIG FAT ZERO!!”

            That’s the way IDIOTS are, mind you…Backed into a corner, they’ll always say, “You already know….”

          52. Angry American says

            We are i8n big trouble if the hildabeast wins, that is certain.

          53. Angry American says

            Have been? Don’t you really mean still are.

          54. jaybird says

            Thanks for the correction! I probably meant that it did not just start with them.

          55. 10579 says

            Clinton killed an aspirin factory not OBL.

          56. Mimi says

            They blame Bush for things that are happening now under Obama’s watch. What’s the difference – that what politicians do. They credit Clinton for a great economy, yes, after Newt and his people fought to push the efforts in congress. Blame the other guy – or give credit to the wrong person. Such a business…

          57. G.Frazier says

            That’s right…Carter didn’t blame Nixon/Ford for his own failures and Reagan/Bush didn’t blame Carter for their failures. Clinton didn’t blame Bush/Reagan for his failures and Bush didn’t blame Clinton for his.
            This is a totally new concept of Executive Office Immaturity, we’re seeing!

            What really galls me is the fact that Obama is almost six months younger than I, which means MY generation is the first generation of an immature president.

            Lest anyone need proof, just look at how the First half-breed blew the National Debt into the Stratosphere and, immediately, all the democrats were blaming Bush for what had happened.

          58. mac12sam12 says

            The first WTC attack was during the Clinton administration. Clinton blew his chance to kill UBL. Fort Hood, San Bernardino and the Boston bombing. And who is president?

          59. 10579 says

            little lord fauntleroy

          60. G.Frazier says

            If Bill Clinton had done his job and taken bin Laden, when Jordan offered him, the Twin Towers would still be standing. You can spread the blame, all you want. The truth is that Clinton dropped the ball (while staining Monica’s dress.)

          61. Angry American says

            That is correct they had him locked up in the Sudan & sent messages to DC & they did nothing

          62. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I don’t think 9-11occured during Clinton’s administration. Maybe I’m mistaken.

          63. G.Frazier says

            You’re right, Walter Flatt. If Clinton had been as interested in national affairs (and international affairs) as he was, with his own sexual affair, the Twin Towers would still be there.

            To hear the dim bulb (democratic party) faction tell it, the War to Free Iraq of Saddam was for oil, only. They cannot, however, pinpoint one barrel of oil, gained by the second Bush Administration and they can only blame Bush for things that went our way, while making stupid statements to assume those things did NOT go our way.

          64. TAM44 says

            You are a disease piece of hot steaming obama squeeze. Crawl back up his lying treason butt, it’s your feeding time.

          65. jetmagnet says

            Wow, that was well thought out and brilliant! I can see why people like you
            should have been aborted or your father castrated. We need real fact finding
            humans to run our planet, not people who think like animals and are programmed
            like rats with fused human brains attached to them, and eventually evolve become
            political tools and part of a collective ignorance that runs rampant like the

          66. donS2 says

            You should take your own advice.

          67. ELAINE MARZANO says

            that will never happen. he would not believe himself.

          68. G.Frazier says

            I agree, donS2…The only thing is, those, to whom you’ve written this, probably will either not even read it or ignore it, completely!

          69. Dale Reynolds says

            Did your mamma ever have any Kids that lived ? Its a certainty that your a damokrap zombie !

          70. ELAINE MARZANO says

            can I ask you if you think everything you read is the truth? I am not sure that anything that has been in print is real!!!

          71. h m rowland says

            Hi Elaine…cooking something delish today ? How are you?

          72. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I am good. what could be that good. Ok what is your beef?

          73. h m rowland says

            No beef, just sayin’ hi. Glad you’re doing well.

          74. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Wow that is a first. thank you very much for asking.

          75. Angry American says

            Quite correct I believe non of what I hear, very little of what I read & maybe 50% of what I see for the simple reason that you may be seeing something that somebody wants you to see

          76. h m rowland says

            You can always count on Tam Tam to offer a succinct yet thoughtful and fresh contribution.

          77. rayhause says

            You have spent too much time watching MSNBC and why not tells us what the Democrats has done during that same period of time. They passed Obamacare which most of it is is some form of litegation.

          78. jetmagnet says

            Alot, Obamason has 340 accomplishments.
            So again, WTF are you voting for?? Another jackass who will set the country back 50 yrs and cause another war, more debt, more poverty? LMAO!

          79. billdeserthills says

            Wow like obama didn’t do All of those things himself. Why not just off yourself now and save all that stupid for later generations?

          80. donS2 says

            Why don’t you det a real job.

          81. Hilly says

            You go ahead and vote for your dumb ass socialist or the lying piece of feces Hillary Clinton. Birds of a feather and all…

          82. Halftrack2 says

            Ted Cruz stopped amnesty defended Gun Rights and 10 Commandments before the Supreme Court…and won…

          83. jetmagnet says

            He sucks! You don’t need a lyin sun of a beach to protect gun rights. Look at the 2cnd amendment. He won bullshit cases any moron could have won. The ten commandments?

          84. Ed Shick says

            Maybe you should read the ten Commandments and study what they are saying !

          85. jetmagnet says

            Lyin’Ted’s big supreme court victories Factchecked! LMAO!

          86. Halftrack2 says

            Oh I see, Trump said it so it gotta be true, Right???? Gulp down the fool-aid…

          87. billdeserthills says

            Yeah, your wonderkind obama has really shown the republicans up. Why do you think everyone hates his f ucking guts?

          88. jetmagnet says

            The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance. .6 hours ago. Highest of any presidential candidate in his last year. Want to retract that or rephrase it to. Only fucking republicans hate Obama because he kicks their ass nad makes their garbage in congress look like retards!
            BTW rasmussen is a right leaning pollster.

          89. billdeserthills says

            Let me clue you in on ‘special studies’– the people who foot the bill always seem to win, whichever study is done. Sorry to break your fragile bubble ugly guy, but there it is.

          90. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I m sure they did , but why is the question? As far as the republicans go I think they have lost a lot of respect but that doesn’t mean all republicans are dead in the water. We will do what it takes to build a better America because that is what we need to do . it has nothing to do with who Is doing what and when. we have to get our country back. did anyone see the news today about the bombing in the shopping center. that killed I believe 4 people were4 killed and the rest wounded. it was a man strapped with a bomb. I guess he was wanting his 72 virgins bad enough. my point is it is a reality and pretty soon we will be having the same problem. if we don’t stop the mess we have created. we already see that it is in smaller doses. I wonder why that is. if we let anymor people come across the border we will not be able to stop the attack we will be under.

          91. mac12sam12 says

            We have a dishonest liberally biased media. If they were honest, Hussein’s numbers would be in the single digits. He will be considered the worst president in US history. It’s in the numbers, chump.

          92. Dale Reynolds says

            What reality do you exist in ? Certainly not any recognizable by thinking Adults !

          93. mac12sam12 says

            Name one accomplishment in the past seven years. Record poverty, a shrinking middle class and record low GDP quarters.

          94. 10579 says

            they have elected W clinton and a blackish muslim to the presidency.what else do you want,oh I know be paid for not working, Oh wait,we have that it’s welfare

          95. G.Frazier says

            I disagree! It’s the Republicans, who enabled Bill Clinton to balance the budget….If Billy-Bob had had to deal with a Republican Senate, he’d never (absolutely NEVER!) have balanced a thing because the democrats are 100% tax and spend.

          96. Maria castro says

            They are in for the “welfare” of both parties. Like leeches sucking the blood of the American taxpayer.

        3. SASINTEXAS says

          Just like Boehner.

          1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            I said they might as well left Boehner up there cause Ryan is no better.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            One question remains…No women in the GOP qualified to be Speaker? Only middle aged white templates of Koch approval?

          3. Walter Flatt says


          4. Richard C. Russell says

            Since they haven’t had a woman, a black, a Hispanic, an Asian, then we must beat the bushes and appoint one of them, rather than put blinders on and appoint the best candidate?
            Political Correctness is the big ,,, (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK) – the best qualified is what we ALWAYS NEED, PERIOD. Why do you think our country has deteriorated in the past 60 years?????? The countries that have surpassed us, are not concerned with satisfying every minority, just so they can say they put one in a position of importance.

        4. stadalberts says

          Boy, ya’ got THAT right!

      3. MAHB001 says

        Being a turncoat seems to be what it takes to become a RINO.

        1. boucle says

          Also a dishonest rotten character enabling Ryan to stab voters in the back

          1. MAHB001 says

            Power corrupts the people we send to DC. Makes them unrecognizable and incapable to follow the convictions that got the people to elect them.

            Term Limits.

        2. ringostarr1 says

          The term “Low information voter” should be changed to “No information voter” to better reflect Trump’s voter base.

          1. MAHB001 says

            ahh, but elites LOVE low information voters, unless of course the people become too educated for the elites to control them, then it appears they resort to insults……. Like calling them no information voters.

            Just like the liberal progressives that control the Democrats…..

            hmmm….. could it be that the elite Republicans are one in the same as the elite Democrats???? Use the same insult tactics… Hard to tell them apart by their voting habits…

          2. ringostarr1 says

            No, it couldn’t be that Republicans and Democrats are the same, however it is an irrefutable truth that a certain segment of Trump voters would happily gas Conservative Americans to facilitate Trump’s Liberal deal making policy.
            Donald Trump promised you that you would become tired of winning but before the Primary Election is over Trump is talking about fixing the game or shaving points by negotiating a “better” deal.

          3. David Tierney says

            Yeah and the Obama supporters and Hillary supports are members of Mensa.
            Obama and Hillary are both Communist sympathizers. The only difference is Obama is also Muslim.
            They both have broken laws,and denied the Constitution even exists.
            They help no one but terrorists and themselves

      4. jscarano7 says


        1. vagabonddenyg says

          neither ryan nor romney have a shred of honor or trustworthiness in their dna! They two sorry dastards that would sell their own mother for a dollar… I think both of them can go to haedes … when we get TRUMP elected then we must vote out and run out of washington each and every senator and representative there … we need to detoxify completely! RYAN is an obummer man and kind of perrson — not trustworthy (neither is romney) we all these schmucks!

          1. G.Frazier says

            Hillary can’t spell the word, honor!!

          2. nevergiveup says

            Be careful. Mr O might look at it as a suggestion, go and follow what Truman did.

          3. G.Frazier says

            I doubt that … Obama has never been a follower. He’s a leader (a poor one, but in that capacity) and will flat out refuse to allow anyone to tell him what to do. Even more so….Obama would never be able to figure out how to orate, the way Truman did.
            He cannot open his stupid mouth, to lie, without a teleprompter feeding him the words.

          4. 1EdMeadows83 says

            You obviously never hear HST speak! He was a great President, but a terrible speaker. President Obama is one of the best.

          5. G.Frazier says

            Well…I was born the day of JFK’s inauguration (which is why I cannot wait until my 56th b’day (of course, getting rid of Obama may also mean Hillary will take his place, which would make for a terrible b’day!.

            My point wasn’t to say Truman was a good orator. He was able to hold sway over both houses of Congress and I still wonder if Obama’s
            ol’ lady runs the house because he’s such a poor leader.

          6. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Well, I hope the Regressive destruction of our Education System hasn’t left you completely stupid and you can understand this graph. Maybe not. Maybe so.

          7. G.Frazier says

            How, pray tell, can you believe that Obama has led to job growth, when it’s common knowledge that for every job he “creates” three others are lost. With the liberal loving hypocrites in the American media feeding you all the crap they can find, just to make their darlings appear to be wonderful (I have a Jewish friend, who demands that Obama never suggested splitting Jerusalem, giving half to Palestine…Why? Because ABCNews didn’t report it, for example).
            If Obama had a smidge of decency, ABCNews would have been all over him and nothing he did wouldn’t have been reported.

            So, go ahead and find whatever poll you want, to support whatever idiot, you hope will win the next election. I, for one, don’t trust polls – one way or the other – because I think the person drawing up the poll will simply talk to people he/she KNOWS will agree with what he/she wants people to think is true.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker says

            How? Well gee…duh…..Maybe it’s because the DOL and several chief economists in the US and UK have already proven that the Obama Policies have unemployment down from Bush’s 2008 9.3% to 4.2% in 2016…And it’s only the dipshit states like Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Maine, Lousiana and Michigan…all Republican states having to close schools down early because they can’t afford to keep them open..that YOUR idea of Conservatism? Shutting down schools before the school year ends? Shutting down hospitals, libraries and museums? Men like you are rabid failures at everything you do because you believe only YOU are important…think again

          9. Karen says

            ELEANORE–I live in Louisiana and it is NOT a “dip-Shit” state as YOU call it! If we have schools that are closing down “early” it is probably because of the busing of the kids from the D and F rated schools to the A and B rated schools. This is VERY EXPENSIVE and only serves to bring the A & B rated schools down to C & D ratings! It DOES NOT elevate the kids to learn more but brings
            the learners down to their level!! BUT, its the “democratic way” No CHILD LEFT BEHIND!! We also have a VERY HIGH rate of Welfare/Medicaid recipients who live off the system (thanks to demo government)!! BUT….if you are willing to work and support yourself, Louisiana is a GREAT place to live. I don’t even have to lock my doors at night! Do you? We have the BEST FOOD in the world, FRIENDLYEST PEOPLE in the world and a beautiful state. I can say the same about ARKANSAS! So, unless you are from LOUISIANA, QUIT TRASH TALKING about my state!!

          10. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Now G., You seem smart enough to realize when a guy says. “It’s common knowledge”, he actually means he and about 3 others believe what he is espousing. It don’t mean nuthin’, G. baby.
            When your cretinous friends read that you hate polls, they think you are xenophobic. “What’s wrong with people from Poland”, they say. If Hillary Clinton is your definition of idiocy, I hope idiocy wins over all the “intelligent” people running on the Dark Side in this campaign!

          11. Fortuneless says

            Michelle is a transvestite.

          12. G.Frazier says

            That is no more prove-able that when the supermarket tabloids were forever printing that Geo. W. Bush had fallen of the wagon and Laura had left him.
            I don’t pay attention to those type things.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Here is one about the legacy of GWB’s days of boozing. Check out the Princeton NJ police report of when he and his college buddies decided to be drunk and disorderly, get thrown in jail and Daddy had to come and saw his ass.

          14. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You’d know wouldn’t you? One transvestite always knows another.

          15. Fortuneless says

            But he got the job done and didn’t mince words.

          16. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Right! Because he was a great DEMOCRATIC president!

          17. G.Frazier says

            Anybody could run his/her mouth, with a teleprompter telling them what to say. I’ve always wondered what would happen, should someone find a way to change the lines, going through the teleprompter, while the idiot is standing there reading them.
            Like, he’s supposed to read, “This is a good day for America…” and the line he reads is, “This is a good day EXCEPT in America, where the idiot at the helm doesn’t know a thing about what he’s doing.”
            Also, I wonder what would happen, should someone manage to turn off his teleprompter, while he’s in mid-paragraph. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president, who appears to be senile, at the age of 54?

          18. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You run yours and nothing gets done…You boys need to get a circumcision and fast…Women in the US are FED UP with your mindless need to dominate while you sit on those double wides and bellow like wolves in heat.

          19. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Eleanore, I think you must mean castration and not circumcision. You should research the difference! Circumcision does not prohibit bellowing.

          20. 1EdMeadows83 says

            G., if you are as smart as you desperately would like for people to believe you are, you should know, presidents and other elected officials have been using teleprompters for as long as there have been teleprompters. ALL OF THEM! They even use teleprompters for actors to tell jokes at the Oscars. Before teleprompters, they all used flash cards. Those who don’t use either, read their speeches from a text before them on the podium. So, in order to maintain some semblance of dignity, why don’t you put that old accusation in the trash bin where it belongs?

          21. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            WHAT??????????????????? REALLY???????????????????? I am not in politics, but I am better than he is!!!! I am a lowly guitar playin’, retired old man!!! One of the best, my ass!

          22. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Well, you may be right! You are probably better than he is because he has been dead for a quarter century, but not by much, even if he is dead. Maybe if you join him, people will think more of you!

          23. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Bush can’t speak English…But who expects any Maine Born Texan to? Nookaler? Really? The only mission Bush EVER accomplished was effing up the US economy with a Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown he was warned about with the 2nd tax cut he demanded his rich frigs had to have.

          24. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Yeah, and it’s Regressives who write like you who will vote for Trump!

        2. HadEnough says

          jscarano7, YOU ARE EXACTLY CORRECT !!! HE WILL NEVER CEASE TO BE A HUGE RINO !!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. G.Frazier says

            Personally, I am STILL waiting to find a politician, who will cease to think of the
            votes they will obtain by supporting things like the ERA/NOW, abortion, etc. and begin to think of the PEOPLE, in the USA, who are the ones they ACTUALLY are supposed to be serving.

            WE THE PEOPLE always seem to get the short end of the short stick, while the “causes,” are given preferential treatment.

          2. HadEnough says

            G.Frazier, That person that you are Waiting for, is right before you. His name is Donald J Trump. But The Big DIFFERENCE Is He Is NOT a Politician, Thank Goodness. He Does, and Will Continue to Serve ONLY The PEOPLE. And the Issues that he stands on are For The People. He said he is so tired of seeing America being Destroyed. That’s Why He is Seeking the Presidency. He doesn’t have to, because he has a Fantastic Life Right now, but he Wants To Make America Great Again. He is even Putting His and His Families’ lives in Danger. We All Need To Thank Him, and to Pray for his Safety and Well Being. He has said many times that “The Only Ones He Will OWE Are The PEOPLE.” You Will Never See Another Person Run For President Who Will Be ONLY for the PEOPLE. He is Funding his Own Campaign, therefore, He Will Not Be Bought. And he said he won’t accept a Salary. I truly hope you will Vote for him and Support Him So That He Can Save America. Thanks

          3. G.Frazier says

            HadEnough: The definition of politician is simply someone, who is involved in politics. Therefore, Trump IS a politician. Just like when he left his business
            world and became a television personality, he became that.

            My point is this: Obama has been in federal politics for the past nine or ten years
            and still sucks at it. That said, it remains to be seen whether Trump can start at the top and continue moving upwards.
            Assuming he is the heir apparent to the Oval Office and, for the good of the nation, I hope he can.

          4. HadEnough says

            G.Frazier My Point Is This: Donald Trump Is Not The ‘Run Of The Mill Politician’ Today’s Politicians Are Sometimes Dishonest, Traitors, And RINO’s. And They Are Bought By Their Donors. Trump Cannot Be Bought, Because He Doesn’t Accept Their Money, He Is Funding His Own Campaign. So Trump Is Not A ‘Politician’ He Is Not An Insider, and He Is ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT. But I Can See Where You Got The Definition From. About Trump Being Able To Continue Moving Upwards. I Have No Doubt That He Can Do This. He Is Just The Type Of Person Who Can. Thanks

        3. Cookie Vranish says

          Then Trump is your man for 2016

          1. jscarano7 says

            ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016
            ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016
            ””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016

          2. G.Frazier says

            I might end up voting for Trump. That is, only as the lesser of two evils.
            Either of those two evils has the potential of destroying this, once- great
            nation (and completing the work, begun by the tanned loafer.)

          3. jscarano7 says

            you got that so right friend”””’GOD BLESS AMERICA

          4. G.Frazier says

            I’m not so sure God is going to bless America. Not the way this nation has turned it’s collective backs on Him. When you have a president, whose objective is obviously to destroy Israel, you know that America is going down.
            When I first started thinking of how politicians were anti-Israel, Clinton had just been elected, back in 1992. Clinton was quoted saying, “America’s support for Israel must not end,” and I also remember Obama saying something along those lines.
            The difference is this: Obama said one thing and has done the opposite. Geo. W. Bush attempted to punish Israel for not obeying the mandate, handed down by the UN, which is just as bad.

            So, just like all those countries, who met God’s discipline after WWII, America is losing more than we’re gaining because of the actions of the leaders in Washington.

          5. jscarano7 says

            ”””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016

          6. G.Frazier says

            Well, humility needs to begin at the TOP, my friend. Just about every politician, in D.C., would rather thumb his/her nose at the Almighty, than to seek His face as to what America needs.
            Practically NONE of them even listen to what their constituents say, either!

          7. Gea says

            I had watched several hours of Trump speeches starting in 1980ies…and found him delightfully honest and straight. I recommend that you do not believe ANYTHING that is said about Trump but watch what he actually says..it is available on the Web!

            Main stream media are using outright lies or putting a spin on EVERYTHING Trump say. I was inclined to vote for Dr. Ben Carson, but he did not have gumption and experience to last in this political brawl where one cannot stay a gentleman when others are throwing dung and stones at you.

            There is going to be massive cheating both in primaries and in November, as Democrats and RINOs are terriifed of Trump busting their cozy corrupt relations. TRUMP will be a great president! I will VOTE fro him in Ohio primaries, although I was considering voting for my governor just for fun…but I will not because Kasich support Common Core which is asinine distortion of history of US and world.

          8. G.Frazier says

            Honesty aside (because i can neither accept nor deny that opinion), all I see is a bully, who demands he, alone, knows everything. (Haven’t we had more than seven years of that, with Obama?)

            I would like to have a Chief Executive, who works WITH both houses of congress…NOT against them as I think both Hillary and Trump would do.

            When it comes to Common Core, that is someone else’ problem since I have never had children. My concern is my own money, of which the government is taking more and more away from me.
            I am also concerned about the unborn, which makes Hillary an enemy because she is, admittedly, pro-murder (call it what you will, but, when you snuff a heartbeat, you’re killing a person AND, if I were to murder a pregnant woman, they would hold me accountable for TWO murders.
            How then is it possible for a doctor to murder a fetus (or even a baby, whose head has already emerged from the birth canal) and label it either a medical procedure or even birth control?
            You can’t have it both ways: MURDER IS MURDER – PERIOD!

            Now…When it comes to any of the Republican candidates, you can rest assured that the liberal media will tear them apart. They’re already demanding that Cruz isn’t eligible to run for president because, supposedly, he was born in Canada.
            These are the same hypocrites, who never (EVER) demanded Obama show his birth certificate. Had Obama been a Republican, he would have never emerged from the primaries, much less served two terms as a loafing president.

          9. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Oh it had to get around to racism, didn’t it? That is what galls 90% of you Regressives. “We have a black guy in OUR Oval Office! How could that have happened????”

          10. carroll wood says

            only a halfbreed, F I .if black lives matter {I believe they do } why are the niggers in Chitown killing so many? Served over 20 with the finest black americans that ever wore a uniform. U R a disgrace to them

          11. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Oh Carol, only a white trash field hand would write a post like yours. You’d better be careful. Your white masters might not appreciate you using language like that!

          12. G.Frazier says

            Black guy? how do you define a man, whose mother was 100% white and whose Daddy wasn’t even American (and has yet to produce a birth certificate showing that he was even born IN AMERICA) as being black?
            George Jefferson would have called him a ZEBRA, but I like SKUNK better!

          13. 1EdMeadows83 says

            G, you must describe to us what it’s like to be Deaf, Blind and, especially, Dumb!
            You do realize President Obama cannot be elected again. He would be but he cannot run, so why don’t you store up some of that venom and hatred for the next Progressive president, President Hillary Clinton. You’l have to convert some of the racism toward a black president, to misogyny, or hatred fora female president. I’m sure, with a mind as depraved as yours, that won’t present much of a problem.

          14. G.Frazier says

            Ed, I have no idea how it feels to be dumb or blind. I’ve lived a totally Deaf existence for the past 45 years (I am 55 years old) and it’s not that much different from being able to hear (for me, anyhow, because my first language in English and it isn’t the same for people, who were born without hearing).
            Of course, everyone, who is Deaf has to endure hearing people, who don’t think of anyone other than themselves, so you might learn something from that.

          15. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “while spending the past 7+ years overlooking that the man, who has run America into the ground, got his job using a racist campaign.” That, right there is a racist statement! Racists don’t always recognize when thy’re being racist! You are a case in point. “I’m no racist!! Some of my best friends are Negroes!” Pure racism! I don’t claim to be absolutely free of racism, but I hate it! I hate it in others and I especially hate it when I see it in myself. Some racism in public lives is absolute but not always recognized by Whites, but I promise you, black people recognize it!. So Sir, deaf, blind or mute, you are a racist!

          16. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “I would have loved for U.S. Sen. Allan Keyes to have been elected (I voted for him), in 1996”.That, in itself proves you’re racist. Alan Keyes himself is a racist! He detests being black! How ’bout Barack Obama, did you vote for him? What did you think of Eric Holder? Was he among your favorite Attorneys General? 😉 What do you think of Congressman John Lewis, he has a rather deep tan! I guess you really love Jesse Jackson & Al Franken! Give it up Mr. Frazier! You’re a racist!

          17. Frankiev says

            We all admire Al Sharpton. How anyone who owes the IRS millions and visits the White House regularly gotta be a wizard. He might be my all time favorite.

          18. Eleanore Whitaker says

            What galls most decent, honest Americans is a friggers like you…You lie, you cheat, you steal, you distort and you hate, hate, hate the truth.

            So..tell us …when is your next Klan Klabbern meeting? Or are you too busy sitting on the DogPatch Front Porch waiting for your welfare check?

          19. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Dear, you are totally confused. You obviously haven’t read a thing I’ve written!
            I am a Liberal Democrat, Darlin’, there’s no group of people I hate more than the Klan, unless, it might be, the Republicans.
            I’m sure you had help from a 12 year old in composing your post. It shows! I’ll say no more to you. Except, What in the world is a frigger? That’s a new one. Of course I don’t dig very far into the slime when I visit sites like this. I think you cretins have your own alphabet and your own vocabulary. I hope I haven’t offended you.

          20. 1EdMeadows83 says

            OK, he’ll be around in 2017 but he will not be in the White House unless President Clinton invites him

          21. jscarano7 says


          22. 1EdMeadows83 says

            That would be a very nice little speech, if only I knew what you were trying to say.

            I think the stench you are experiencing is that which is emitting from your own self-loathing. That’s to be expected.

          23. jscarano7 says


          24. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I don’t understand. You wrote, “YOUR ONE OF THE” etc. My which one, or what one. Gee, I tried but I just can’t understand what you are trying to say! Idiot! YOUR indicates possession. What you were stumbling around for was “YOU’RE” which is a contraction for YOU ARE. Geez! You should have learned that last year, in the fourth grade! And you talk about MY brain melting!

          25. jscarano7 says


          26. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Are you mentally capable of answering a simple question? If you are, here it is.

            What has the Republican Party done for you? Not what you’ve been told it has done for “AMURIKA”, what has it done for you and your family?

          27. Fortuneless says

            Are you gay or just plain stupid?

          28. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I’m sure you have observed that I am definitely not stupid, and I am not gay, even though there is nothing wrong with being gay. I’m sure you’ll pounce upon that statement, which will only prove that one of us is, indeed, stupid. I think you have chosen an appropriate pen name for this site, because you seem to be steeped in misfortune.

          29. jscarano7 says


          30. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Do you expect me or any other intelligent person to respond to a imbecilic post like this? Half the words are spelled incorrectly! I would not demean myself!

          31. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I sincerely hope, whomever is elected, they will make an effort to educate our children. I don’t think the human race can withstand the assault people like you mount when you try, desperately but futilely, to impart your wisdom on the rest of us, but you cannot seem to spell enough of the words correctly!

            You’re not “YOUR”! Bear not “BARE” Together, not “TOGEATHER”! And, not “AN”! (Twice)

            As far as your ‘GOOD CHOICE WORDS” , I think you expended them all. You’ve about run out of words that mean anything, so you’ve typed in a few that mean nothing. Give up trying to appear smart! You’re a failure at that also.

          32. jscarano7 says

            ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP
            ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
            ””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016

          33. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Well jscarano, you certainly exposed your complete ignorance with this post! When will you cretins realize you don’t have a prayer when you compete with those of us who have !Qs much, much higher than you could ever hope to attain.
            I’m a low-class idiot yet it is you who cannot spell, cannot punctuate properly and continually use the wrong words.. You seem to have an inbred hatred for those smarter than you, so I’m sure you’ll vote for Trump as he loses to Hillary Clinton.

          34. jscarano7 says


          35. 1EdMeadows83 says

            OK, what am I suppose to do now, demand to know who said that or how am I to be greased? Actually I’m not sure what being “Greased” entails, but I daresay, one of your microscopic mentality is quite sure of what it means. They say if you wallow with pigs you’re going to get muddy and the pig likes it. I think you are one of those pigs.

          36. jscarano7 says


          37. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Wil you do me a favor? Will you read what you just wrote? Read it as a stranger reading what a stranger wrote, then tell me it makes sense to you, If your honest you’ll agree with me that it’s pure babble. But, alas, I know you’ll read it and say, “why it makes perfect sense!”, and that is one of the things wrong with America today. People don’t how to write, anymore.

          38. jscarano7 says



          39. 1EdMeadows83 says

            That’s the difference between you and me, jscarano, I’m always willing to learn. When I make mistakes, I’m always grateful when someone calls my attention to it. Even if the someone is a total ignoramus, so thank you, Iggy!

          40. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Wil you do me a favor? Will you read what you just wrote? Read it as a stranger reading what a stranger wrote, then tell me it makes sense to you, If your honest you’ll agree with me that it’s pure babble. But, alas, I know you’ll read it and say, “why it makes perfect sense!”, and that is one of the things wrong with America today. People don’t know how to write, anymore.

          41. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Oh my goodness gracious!!! What a withering comeback!! I’ll have remember that on for the next time I argue with my 4 year old great gand-son!

          42. 1EdMeadows83 says

            OK, jscarano7, I challenge you to read what you wrote and tell us normal people if it makes sense to you! Don’t forget, YOUR is the possessive form of you. And yet you call ME a brainless moron!!!

          43. jscarano7 says


          44. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Oh, I didn’t realize I was getting under your skin! WONDERFUL!!! That was my entire intent! I love getting on these inane sites and antagonizing the creatures who lurk here. Let me know exactly what I said that pisses you off, because I’m running low on things that do that! It’s easy to tell when a Regressive hasn’t fully entered the 21st Century. It’s when they think calling one a “Communist” is the worst! The end-all for every argument. The word for extreme hatred today among louts like you, is MUSLIM, misspelled in a dozen different ways.

          45. jscarano7 says


          46. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I give up! You are beyond help! You have no idea how to write a paragraph that makes sense to a person of normal intelligence. It’s something that was simply left out of your make-up. You may be pretty good at math, but writing ain’t your thing! You can’t spell, you have no idea what words to use to express your thoughts. You’re quite good at vulgarity, which is the last resort of a unlearned mind. I’ve been writing for 80 years. From the time I began writing for others to read, I’ve been very careful to write as carefully as I possibly can. I’ve written for newspapers & trade magazines. I’ve written love-letters and I’ve written letters of insult to cretins like you. In all those writings I’ve taken great care to spell words correctly and to write sentences that are cogent. Most of the writers on sites such as this, aren’t great, some are, but most are passable. You are not great. You are not even passable. If you can’t write what you think so that others can understand what you mean, YOU SHOULD NOT WRITE AT ALL!!

          47. jscarano7 says



          48. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Again I must call attention to what you just wrote. It makes no sense. You made up words. What the hell is IM? And this: :AN YOUR TO STUPID EVEN TO WRITE TO YOU ANY MORE. That’s one of the worst sentences yet! Absolutely pitiful!

          49. Frankiev says

            Damn Bird, I understood everything he said. Think it might be you.

          50. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Frankie, read the second sentence of that post. Maybe some truth might bounce around in that empty skull until your nature kicks it out.

          51. Frankiev says

            Grandma Paloozi now thinks it’s immoral to not let ILLEGAL immigrants to leave for relatives funerals abroad and then not be allowed to illegally renter the country. This parallels her Obummercare comments about passing the bill and reading it later. She missed the class in school that defined illegal I guess!

          52. 1EdMeadows83 says

            If you stupid Regressives cannot express yourselves in terms familiar to us intelligent citizens, you should just shut the F##K up! You’re embarrassing those of us who can read on a 6th grade level!

          53. Walter Flatt says












          54. 1EdMeadows83 says

            SO, We should elect Trump because he has an IQ of 156? Please note the following:


            Ted Kazinski 167

            Ted Bundy 136

            Jeffery Dahmer 145

            Charlene Williams 160

            Richard Loeb 210

            Nathan Leopold 165

            Too bad we can’t elect one of these stellar individuals, but they’re either dead or serving life sentences!

          55. jscarano7 says

            PROVE IT HALF A HUMP ””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016

          56. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “PROVE IT HALF A HUMP” Now those are words to live by. Really, you should try to think whether of not what you write is sensical to another person

          57. jscarano7 says


          58. 1EdMeadows83 says

            No Iggy. That would be doing you a favor and I have no desire to do that. I believe you threatened to stop writing to me. Why don’t you follow through? That’s the best way to stop me from writing to you.

          59. mac12sam12 says

            Intelligent people are serial killers, gotcha. Well at least we know that Hussein Obama will never be one!

          60. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Nor will you Mac. Anyone who attempts to make points by reminding everyone that President Obama has a Muslim name doesn’t even deserve consideration of even being an American!

          61. mac12sam12 says

            Being half M’Kmaq (micmac) indian means I’m more American than Hussein and you.

          62. Frankiev says

            Is he American? No, no, no. Shite or Sunni maybe, no American in him, only some socialist/communist/libnut factions.

          63. 1EdMeadows83 says

            One thing he isn’t Frankie, is a racist. No one can say that about you.

          64. Frankiev says

            History provides me with a great education, a true learning experience. You want to call that racism, Amen.

          65. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Frankie, racism is the seed cause of all the virulent hatred of this President. If you hate the president you are a racist. Come on no, admit it. You hate black people, probably Mexicans. probably Asians and anyone whose pigmentation is a little darker than yours. I’m sure History, if it could reason, would reason that you’re possibly the worst student to study that field of learning!

          66. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Frankie, racism is the seed cause of all the virulent hatred of this President. If you hate the president you are a racist. Come on now, admit it. You hate black people, probably Mexicans. probably Asians and anyone whose pigmentation is a little darker than yours. I’m sure History, if it could reason, would reason that you’re possibly the worst student to study that field of learning!

          67. Frankiev says

            Edbird, I hate nobody unless they give me a reason to not like them or respect them. I have no use for people who break the law like the black lives matter people, Soros rioters, Al Sharpton, idiots who illegally block highways, etc. don’t much care if they are white, purple, or black. Don’t care for people who suck off the teet of government, the have nots or as I call them, the donters of America. Just the way I was raised by my parents. They had little use for centralized govt in Washington. As I said to my golfing buddies, I’d love to golf with the Bummer although I disagree with his socialist/Marxist views. He’d be fun on the golf course.
            If I invited him though, I’d meet him there unlike Castro in Cuba.

          68. 1EdMeadows83 says

            People’s Republic of China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos), Republic of Cuba. These are the five remaining pathetic Communist countries on Earth. Will you never grow tired of being hopelessly stupid, Frankie?

          69. Frankiev says

            Edbird, Remember this famous AR lib quote, If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks….. ………well, you know the rest!

          70. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Yeah Frankie. I’ve heard it. It made sense when I first heard it, but now, from you, well you’ll forgive me if, under these circumstances. it’s just as stupid as from whence it came.

          71. Frankiev says

            Did you google those first six years of Obama economy. You will go right to the article, I promise. It’s a tragety disguised as a comedy. Maybe vice versa.
            Walk like a duck…………..can you think of a good melody to go with the lyrics. Would make a great song.

          72. jscarano7 says

            ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
            ””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
            ”””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016

          73. Fortuneless says

            Speaking of Stentch ..the White House will probaly have to be burnt down and rebuilt to get the N……..r Stentch out of there.

          74. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Ahhh! I’ve taught you a new word! Stench, not “N——r. I’m sure that word is not foreign to your filthy mouth and I’ll bet you have NO trouble spelling THAT word correctly! You’re welcome for the little bit of education I was able to impart.

          75. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            He’s just calling it like he sees it! “Call a spade, a spade”! You know the old expression, it come from playing cards!

          76. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I’m sure, in your atrophied mind a “Spade” has a much more nefarious meaning. You probably use “Coon” a lot, also!

          77. G.Frazier says

            That’s wishful thinking and, for my part, I am wishing that Clinton will be nowhere NEAR the White House!

          78. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Well, that is a wishful thought that will not materialize. Secretary Clinton’w title will change, come January 20, 2017. From that point, you should address her as President Clinton!

          79. Fortuneless says

            Yea..from citizen to inmate.

          80. G.Frazier says

            That’s IF she remains free until 1/20/17!

          81. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Dream on Angry White Boy…what’s the matter? Did Big Bad President Obama upset your plan to takeover the country? Men like you grow old and grumpy for no one reason: No balls…no brains and nothing to validate your existence.

          82. 1EdMeadows83 says

            That’s it? That’s the best you have to offer? Pathetic!

          83. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Awww….too bad….The tune you’ll be hearing across the country from the educated women who are fed up with BS artist men…(sung to the tune of Henry the 8th I Am)…”She’s Hillary the President…Hillary the President….She got married to a President before…She’s been successful many times before..and every time was a winner see? She’s our President Hillary…H-I-L-L-A-R-Y …Hillary …Hillary…Hillary the President!!!!”

            Eat your hearts out boys.

          84. Karen says

            What an idiot!!

          85. mac12sam12 says

            No accomplishments, except for marrying a serial sexual predator who became president. She’s responsible for all the chaos in the Middle East and for the millions of refugees fleeing the area that are invading Europe and causing chaos there. Hillary is the 1st presidential candidate to be under FBI investigation. I suppose that’s sort of an accomplishment! TRUMP 2016!!

          86. Fortuneless says

            Clinton will be in jail or be deceased from altzeheimers. So I wouldn’t worry about her being on the White House….big house yes….

          87. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            If Clinton gets back into the WH, we will LOSE what is left of our country AND, she will STEAL MORE OF OUR STUFF!!

          88. 1EdMeadows83 says

            What “Stuff” do you own that she could possibly want? A pack of Old Golds, perhaps, or an old Zippo lighter with a broken hinge? Yeah, you’d better hold on to those items tight, because I’m sure she’ll send somebody after them!!!

          89. hpinnc says

            You are correct Jeff. I would not trust her in an out-house with a muzzle on. She lies just about everytime she opens her lying mouth, & thinks we are stupid enough to believe her.

          90. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


        4. gonzales27 says

          I thought when when we took over the house and Senate we could make some progress in getting the Presidential loon under control all they did was roll over and play dead

      5. vagabonddenyg says

        totally agreed! Ryan is schmuck of the worst kind … we don’t want him involved with this election and I’d like to see him removed as house speaker — never should have been given the job!

      6. Cookie Vranish says

        Trump 2016

      7. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Do you know how to tell when a Regressive is truly, truly stupid? They use made-up names for President Obama, like “Ovomit, Obummer” and “That Muslim in the White House.”, which actually means that “ni**in OUR White House!

      8. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Do you know how to tell when a Regressive is truly, truly stupid? They use made-up names for President Obama, like “Ovomit, Obummer” and “That Muslim in the White House.”, which actually means that “ni**er” in OUR White House! Yes, Regressives are the few remaining racists in America.It’s a disease which will undoubtedly prove to be fatal for the Regressive Party.

        1. G.Frazier says

          “ni **er” isn’t the right word…SKUNK is more like it! George Jefferson preferred the ZEBRA, that would make him half and half, which he isn’t!!

          1. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Well, maybe I’m mistaken. Maybe there are more stupid racists than I thought. Now, tell me. Why do you accuse our President of being a racist? Is that simply the worst name you can think of to call him? How do you figure he;s ignoring all his mother’s people when they’re all dead? Now, think about it. Don’t you realize that what you just posted is utterly stupid? Speaking of parents, I can tell, your parents did a pretty rotten job in raising you!

          2. G.Frazier says

            Simple: He used the color of his daddy’s skin (remember, he, himself, is a half-breed and hid the fact that his momma and her parents, who raised him, are white) and made a campaign of saying America needed a black president.

            If you don’t see racism, you need THICK glasses!

          3. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Yes, I was right, and frankly, I’m sorry I was right. There are a lot more stupid racists than I thought. What a pity.

          4. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “I have chosen to ignore your halfhearted attempt to insult the way my parents raised me.” I don’t blame you! I’d be ashamed also!

          5. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “Simple: He used the color of his daddy’s skin (remember, he, himself, is a half-breed” Ahh! That explains it! You’re simply a stupid cowboy! Half-breed is an old Western term for a mixed heritage person, half Caucasian, half Indian. I was raised in the Old South, and “Half-breed” was rarely used to describe a mixed race person, half black, half white. We used glorious terms like, mulatto, quadroon, Octoroon and nigger, regardless of the amount of “black blood” within an individual. If a person was believed to have “black blood”, the expression was, “There’s a nigger in the woodpile there!”
            My point is, you should never pretend to be knowledgeable about a subject you know so little about!

          6. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Sir, did you go to stupid school or you self taught?

      9. jetmagnet says

        Obamason is much better than any do nothing shit smilin’ crackpot the Teabags are doin.
        What was the last shit passed by the Teabag party? Vote for stupid!

      10. Halftrack2 says

        I read somewhere Boehner made the deal before he left.. Ryan had nothing to do with it…Don’t remember where I read it…Just a thought to research…

      11. survivor33 says

        When Trump get in the WH he will override most of the Ovomit rules and “screw the American people” laws.

      12. 1EdMeadows83 says

        It’s very easy to spot an ignorant poster. They all use terms like “Ovomit” when they haven’t the education to insult the president in normal ways.

        1. El says

          It is easy to tell an Islamofascist Democrat that wishes to destroy our Republic by voting for Ovomit twice.

          1. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I have to amend my last post. It’s easy to spot a retarded poster. They make a big deal about insulting the leader of the free world. Really pathetic, dontcha think?

    3. PatriotGal says

      Ryan is the one who pushed passage of the omnibus budget bill which funded everything OWEbama and the DEMONcRATS wanted and more, including Planned Parenthood, OWEbamaTAX, sanctuary cities, etc. after promising us if we gave them the majority in both houses, they would defund PP, OWEbamaTAX, etc. He said he was “clearing his desk”. I wouldn’t vote for Ryan – the traitor, if he were the only candidate on all ballots. TRUMP 2016!

      1. cal3301 says

        HE HAS ALSO STOPPED PAYMENTS ON PARTS OF IT. I have been watching him since he finally did become speaker and I even subscribe to his speaker newsletter. I’m seeing that he is not as RHINO as people think he is and I can see him pulling the Republican Party together as a whole.
        Here are some links from one…….

        1. Ronald Nelson says

          Take the rose colored glasses off… Ryan will do nothing of substance. He has no real intention of balancing the budget, repealing the ACA, defunding Planned Parenthood, bringing back manufacturing to the US, or reducing the size of government. HE is an Establishment hack and needs to be defeated in the WI primaries.

          1. cal3301 says

            My glasses aren’t rose colored, they’re HD . I see everything quite clearly, which appears that you don’t.

          2. proudtexan62 says

            Don’t be so gullible and don’t believe everything you read. Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. It’s people like you who have put this country in the mess we are in…….trusting corrupt and crooked politicians.

          3. cal3301 says

            I am a registered Independent. I research my candidates. It’s the Democrats fault as to why we’re in this fix, because of their tax and spend. I don’t vote for stinking Democrats. They’ve been under the Commie flag since Johnson, one of your fellow Texans.

          4. ABO says

            I sincerely wish that all voters would research their candidates. It would make a huge and much needed difference.

          5. cal3301 says

            That is the biggest part of the problem. Those people that are voting for either Hillary or Bernie, would not vote for either if they did the research. I’m can’t believe how stupid some voters are in the fact that they can’t tell you anything, about any candidate out there except what has been heard by them on the Liberal media or accused by another candidate. When you see or hear something, investigate it, because half the time it may not be true.

          6. gregz says


          7. proudtexan62 says

            And the sooner WI gets the job done, the better.

        2. maxx says

          You need to look at his voting record. I have paid attention to him since I used to live in WI. His record as a Wisconsin legislator was anti-conservative and you know what that means. I started calling him a Rino years ago when all he did was “talk the talk” but never followed anything up with the necessary “walk the walk”. Now many people have joined my “Ryan Rino Crusade”. Even his Kabuki Theater performance saying he didn’t want the Speakership was pure bovine fecal matter. He had been salivating over that spot for his entire career in the House. He is now 3rd in line and loves every second of it. Ryan is the “real phony” Romney should be speaking about after all they are two of a kind.

          1. cal3301 says

            I was not a fan of his and wondered why Trey Gowdy endorsed him for the job. I also know that the deal was struck on that Bill before he took over as speaker. The thing is, things were added before it passed. Rubio (whom I don’t like) was one of many that added in the poison pills on that bill. Since finding this out, I have been observing him from a different angle and I’m noticing why Gowdy did. Say what you want, you have that right as much as I do, but I am not seeing the same Ryan.

          2. jaybird says

            Ryan would not take the Speakers position unless they got rid of the resolution “to get the speaker of the house to vacate the seat” because he knew that he would be doing things that the Freedom Caucus wouldn’t like. The Resolution was how we got rid of Boehner. They should not have agreed to it.

          3. cal3301 says

            You never did keep up with that issue, did you? The speaker can still be removed. From back in Oct of 2015…….

          4. jaybird says

            I guess I was busy calling all the Freedom Caucus members, I guess that was how I missed it. Thought they changed it and that was why he took the job. I try to keep on things but only human and I was working hard trying to get Bonehead out. Thanks for the information.

          5. cal3301 says

            That’s okay. Sorry about the attitude. I’ve been getting bombarded with people that believe the biased Liberal media’s reporting of things.

          6. jaybird says

            I wondered why there was an attitude, that’s OK, we all project it at times of stress. Have a good evening.

          7. cal3301 says

            You, too.

          8. proudtexan62 says

            Right on the money, maxx!!!!

        3. Jerry Kelly says

          I Wouldn’t trust Rhino any further that I Could Throw An Elephant by the TAIL*****TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!

          1. cal3301 says

            Never say never, because you never know when you might need one. Besides, if you grabbed and elephant by it’s tail, it would sit on you.

          2. proudtexan62 says

            The case is closed on Ryan and you are his #1 fan. We get it and we feel sorry for you but it’s your right and your funeral when you finally see him for who and what he is.

          3. cal3301 says

            You don’t read very well, do you?????

        4. proudtexan62 says

          He has you fooled doesn’t he? He wouldn’t still be in that Speaker’s chair if what you say is true. Why have those STOPPED PAYMENTS not been publicized?

          1. cal3301 says

            They have if you would bother to look.

      2. proudtexan62 says

        That makes two of us, PatriotGal.

    4. Charles says

      RYANO is a RINO. RyanO is a RINO. Ryano is a RINO.

      1. jreg9304 says

        you know what happens to a ryano, the horn gets lopped off!!!!!!!

        1. Charles says

          I hope how soon.

          1. jreg9304 says

            depends on how smart the population is

    5. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Too late?

    6. ThenStand says

      Agreed!!! And Ryan wants to bring them onboard?? To what?? The Boehner style of Washington??

      1. Jerry Kelly says

        “DITTO” and wants to throw Sir Trump under the bus, that will never happen ’cause the TRUMP TRAIN HAS MILLIONS OF HIS SUPPORTERS ABOARD****CHOO CHOO ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE AND ELIMINATE THE ESTABLISHMENT

        1. proudtexan62 says

          We need MORE SUPPORTERS. They only have Kasich left and they will bring him along very rapidly if they decide that is their only option!!!

      2. Sandy129 says

        Sounds to me that he already has an agenda prepared for the new President.

        1. proudtexan62 says

          Yes and it’s not an agenda dictated by WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY so it’s garbage and suitable only for the round file!!!

          1. Sandy129 says


      3. proudtexan62 says

        They want to bring them “onboard” so they can destroy them!!!! That’s the only reason! They are not insiders and never will be. I know both Trump and Cruz are smart enough to know that. Rubio isn’t and Kasich is so full of himself and all he has done by himself, he hasn’t had time to digest any of it. It is my personal opinion that Kasich is at the point he will take anything that is offered to him from anyone who offers it, the good, the bad or the evil. He is so drunk with the lust to be something somewhere that he doesn’t care who makes the offer and that’s the last thing WE THE PEOPLE of this country and our country need now.

        1. gregz says

          Well stated!

        2. 10579 says

          I will never vote for Kasich he is and was part of the problem when he was in congress for 18 yrs.Those jobs that he talks about that he so called created in Ohio,he did not creat any thing it was the private sector with the fracking and finding gas and oil.But being that he is a DC politician he will take credit for it.

    7. fred says

      I had some hope that Ryan would be different, he is just out for himself like all the others, no long term “freedom” or “Liberty” objectives, just more big government that is out of control! Too bad, he once had a lot of potential, but seems to be nothing but a “sellout” to me! Prove me wrong, Ryan, I dare you!

      1. proudtexan62 says

        I never expected anything but what has happened so that I wouldn’t be disappointed. There isn’t an honest one or a decent one or a moral one in that entire group and none of them are American Patriots. They are there for themselves and only themselves and anyone they want to put in nomination will be one that will pander and collude with Hillary Clinton just as they are with Obama now. .

      2. ThenStand says

        Ted Cruz has been faithful to the U.S. Constitution even when he knew he would be hated for it among his RINO piers. We need more like that in every branch of government.

        Ted Cruz for President 2016!!!

        1. fred says

          Mr Cruz would get my vote if he could make good on his promise to abolish the IRS, audit then eliminate the European owned FED, and reign in the SCOTUS and privacy rights we have all lost because of the treasonous criminal in the WH!!

        2. Forrest Jane Cline says

          I think Cruz is a good man…but…he has taken money for his campaign from donars….now….who is he obligated to? Trump is using his own money.

          1. G.Frazier says

            “Trump is using his own money,” seems to say he’s buying his way into the White House, where he’ll use his time and money to run America (and, with no political experience, it’s almost a given that he’ll run America into the ground!)

          2. ThenStand says

            It says only billionaires can run for president…

            Trump is receiving donations, and he’s been making loans to his campaign, which can be paid back by contributions. They say Trump is not actively pursuing donations, but he has 2 donation buttons on the front page of his website.

            This October 16, 2105 article said Trump’s first filing showed Trump had “invested $1.9 million of his own money into running for president, while his campaign spent $4.2 million this quarter, drawing from $3.9 million in mostly online donations.” http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/donald-trump-donors-outspend-billionaire-candidate-campaign-n445646

            By December 31, 2015, Trump had paid 66.2%; large donors gave maximum donations-came out to 8.4%; and small donors gave 25.3%.

            I just now found the official record: http://docquery.fec.gov/pres/2015 /Q3/C00580100.html

          3. Forrest Jane Cline says

            He sure didn’t run his own Company in the ground. If he can only do a fraction for this Country what he’s done for his own business…I’ll be satisfied. Besides…..if we keep voting for the “career politicians” we’ll continue to get what we’ve been getting for the last how many years. Over $20 trillion in debt can be laid at the feet of the folks that are in charge….they made the policies…they made the debt…that you and I and every tax payer must pay back.

          4. G.Frazier says

            You have a point, Ms. Cline. Then again, I also have formed the opinion that Trump is the only politician, who knows how to make money.
            Let’s not forget, O-bum-a engineered the $20 trillion dollar deficit and Hillary was a member of his Cabinet, when he started that meteoric climb. The entire sum could be done away with if they would only allow the trillions+ barrels of oil the U.S. is sitting on, to be tapped and sold.

            George W. Bush had them drilling for that oil for seven years and it is surmised that it would only take another three years to tap the pool. Then, along comes the Muslim, whose allegiance is to the Middle Eastern snobs and he shut down drilling …the idiots, who align themselves with him, are demanding it was necessary to preserve the environment, but they’re the ones, whose eyes are a dark shade of BROWN (no explanation should be necessary, here).
            Of course, intelligent people also understand that these brown eyed idiots are the ones, who believe every ill, in the Federal Government, is the fault of a Republican.

          5. jscarano7 says

            what experience did obama have ”’zero”” a lot worst than trump will ever be, give me break

          6. G.Frazier says

            I agree…And, after more than seven years, Obama still has ZERO experience. He hasn’t sat down to negotiate anything, he’s done nothing to help America and he’s done less than that, when it comes to national interests and investing in the good of America!

          7. G.Frazier says

            Look at the records….Obama didn’t even make roll call, at the Senate, more than a handful of times, when he was the (supposed) Senator from Chicago.
            Trump DOES at least work!!
            That was a precursor to his “First Vacationer” days, too!

          8. Forrest Jane Cline says

            I guess you don’t think Obama has already run America in the ground.

          9. G.Frazier says

            Ms. Cline: I don’t know where you got that thought because I’ve been saying that Obama’s interests are in the Muslim countries and NOT in the people of the U.S. for the past seven years.
            My main forethought has always been this: Obama will finish out his term in office and move directly to a palace, provided by whatever rogue country he has been assisting (in destroying America.)
            Of course, just like his failure, as president, it appears he will also fail to accomplish in the destruction of America. Americans can (and should) do everything, we can, to make sure he fails.
            My suggestion is for us to begin praying, earnestly, to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the One, Whom Obama thumbs his nose at and the One America has seeming forgotten.


          10. Forrest Jane Cline says

            I agree with your comment but previously I got the impression you thought Trump would run America in the ground. Is that what you meant? Because if it is….I don’t believe Trump could do any worse than what’s been done already and I have high expectations he’ll do a lot better.

          11. ThenStand says

            Trump is receiving donations, and he’s been making loans to his campaign, which can be paid back by contributions. They say Trump is not actively pursuing donations, but he has 2 donation buttons on the front page of his website.

            This October 16, 2105 article said Trump’s first filing showed Trump had “invested $1.9 million of his own money into running for president, while his campaign spent $4.2 million this quarter, drawing from $3.9 million in mostly online donations.” http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/donald-trump-donors-outspend-billionaire-candidate-campaign-n445646

            By December 31, 2015, Trump had paid 66.2%; large donors
            gave maximum donations-came out to 8.4%; and small donors gave 25.3%.

            I just now found the official record: http://docquery.fec.gov/pres/2015/Q3/C00580100.html

          12. Forrest Jane Cline says

            It is my understanding large corporation donars (in the $$$ millions) would be impossible to ignore, once in office. Trump’s small donations from average folks would hardly enable him to be beholden to none other than “we, the people”…as it should be. Under this donar system, “Joe Six Pack’s” contribution alone wouldn’t be given the time of day. Kinda like….$5 million vs. $50.

          13. jaybird says

            Trump is not going to go against his friends that own Corporations/big businesses.
            He seems to think it is OK for them to fire/lay off American workers and replace them with H-1B visa workers. I am not sure in his dealings if he will know if they are Constitutional or not. He said that he will have to hire politicians to fill vacancies because he is inexperienced in running a country-used to say he would hire the best. It is going to be hard for him to monitor everyone that he hires and does he know everything that is wrong in each dept. or who he can trust? He scares me more than Cruz does.

            I feel like both of their lives are in danger or their families. We have the most evil people in the world running our government right now.

          14. G.Frazier says

            “…Trump is using his own money,” points to a bribe. Trump is attempting the purchase the Office of the President, so he can run the nation, as he sees fit,
            forcing every American to do things HIS way or be fired (to use his favorite word
            from his television program.

          15. Forrest Jane Cline says

            ….now I understand why this Country is in the mess it’s in.

        3. G.Frazier says

          I’ll take Cruz over any of the other CRUD – Dem. or Rep. – any day of the week. My second choice would be to vote for Kasich — I will absolutely NEVER vote for Trump unless it comes down to a choice between him and Hitler’s baby.
          That would only mean I’d support Trump as the Lesser of Two Evils and ONLY to keep Hillary out of the White House.

        4. jscarano7 says

          ted cruz is good an very smart, remember the gang of eight the amnesty bill failed but ted cruz tried to save it, cruz is supported by gold man & sacks an big bankers an another, who’s going to run the country cruz or his lobbyist”””gold man &sacks is bad news my friend, ””’cruz was my first pick until ???””’???;;

        5. G.Frazier says

          I can live with that. Especially since all the idiots, who have ignored Obama’s lack of a birth certificate for more than seven years, are so anxious to demand that Cruz produce his own.
          Simply put, I am sick and tired of people, who live by one hypocritical set or rules and demand others walk a straight and narrow line.

          1. ThenStand says

            Trump says illegal workers make his American resorts great
            January 11, 2016
            “Donald Trump is fond of saying that he was the first to talk about a border
            wall or fence, but back in 2013, when Ted Cruz was pushing an amendment to
            create it, Donald Trump was actually meeting with a bunch of illegal alien activists to boast about the many illegal aliens who work at his resorts.”

            Trump Says He Didn’t Know He Employed Illegal Aliens
            July 13, 1990

            Donald Trump tells immigrant advocates “You’ve convinced me”
            10:16 am on 08/22/2013
            “You know, the truth is I have a lot of illegals working for me in Miami,”
            he told them, using the term for undocumented immigrants those in the meeting found offensive.

        6. 1EdMeadows83 says

          Yeah. Then he’ll have his insane Daddy on board as his spiritual adviser. Have no fear though, Hillary will be the next president and there’s not a friggin’ thing you can do about it. I prefer Bernie but it’ll be Hillary. I suspect Donald Trump will be “FIRED” at the convention!

      3. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Why should you thin Ryan is different? He is a Regressive. It’s like trying to decide which snake in a nest is the most dangerous.

      4. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Why should you think Ryan is different? He is a Regressive. It’s like trying to decide which snake in a nest is the most dangerous.

    8. gonzales27 says

      Pretty much applies to all of them,stop the infighting and go after Hillary.

    9. MAHB001 says

      Well said Peter!

    10. rubykatherine says

      “Talking about”….typical politician…

    11. Obie Miller says

      Correctly stated, Peter. Many conservatives–myself included– opposed Ryan’s selection as Speaker of the House, because we do not consider him to truly be a “conservative”.

    12. HadEnough says

      Peter, Absolutely Correct.

    13. Cookie Vranish says

      Then you better vote for Trump in 20016.

    14. Melveta says

      I don’t believe that will ever happen. We can hope, but we have had hope for almost 8 years and look where it got us….and Ryan is a rotten speaker of the house….he follows Obama.

    15. TAM44 says

      No way, he’s just like john boehner, an obama butt kissing piece of obama squeeze.

    16. jscarano7 says


  5. Racebannon24 says

    Well since everyone is so against Ryan then why bother to reach across the aisle

  6. M.A.Rue says

    You’re already showed your true colors Ryan. You’re a major RINO….so too little too late. You should have been worried about a “conservative agenda” when you were made speaker, instead of caving to Obama….again.

  7. JIM DALLY says

    actions speak more than words, stop talking and stop the flow of money now .

  8. ConservativeSenior says

    Ryan cannot be trusted. He’s shown his colors and they are not conservative. Wouldn’t trust him to babysit my cat.

    1. buddman says

      You are correct Ryan is a shape shifter

      1. kktex12 says

        As is sleazeo.

  9. clem says

    IF Paul Ryan could get Obama’s penis out of his mouth long enough to make phone calls, he could surly have time enough to resign as Speaker. The voters can take care of voting him out of Congress, the gutless, lying ,P.O.S.

  10. buddman says

    Paul Ryan is like Bush senior read my Lips no new taxes I’am lying my A$$ off!!!!

  11. phil says

    Anyone here trusts Ryan??

  12. 2 parrots and a dog says

    I don’t trust Ryan.

  13. dominke says

    Ryan is a RINO folks. The only reason he is talking the people have woke up to liberal that are running G.O.P. Ryan can see hand writing on wall and is running for his life. He knows that if Trump is elected the liberal republicans are history and party is dead. We need a true conservative party and allow the death of G.O.P. They became traitor when Reagan left office.

  14. Curtis Jones Jr says

    NEVER EVER trust Ryan, he is solely for Ryan. Ryan is a RINO

  15. Bob Marcum says

    I think, Ryan is simply trying to choose the winning game. When, he took the leader’s job, he had the
    RINOs, in th majoriy power wing. Now; he sees them about to be swept under the rug.That’s not good,
    for his ease of job performance. He sees his power about to slip away, if he doesn’t support the man
    who’s about to be president; when, the public is even more determined, than ever, to replace every
    single GOP member, if they don’t give Trump a fair vote, in the nomination. Those, in house seats
    (up-for-grabs ), will be more hated, by the voters, if they cheat Trump of what he earned, in the primary elections.

    1. jaybird says

      I am hoping if that happens that there will be a huge physical protest in DC and at the RNC Convention.

      1. Bob Marcum says

        Actually; if that does happen then, I’m not so sure, a physical protest will be enough.
        I’m really afraid that, if that happens, it means, the GOP RINOs are too entrenched, to get out, without a real revolution. I’d sure like to be wrong; but, it is a very serious concern. The corruption in congress i extreme. Don’t forget; they;re aware of all the laws they’ve broken, and the prison time they might be faced with. I can’t list the crimes, they’ve committed, but; they know they’re guilty, and therefore, for them the matter is extremely serious. They They can’t do the damage they’ve done, without breaking a lot of laws. They have plenty of motivation, to fight to the death.

        1. jaybird says

          Everything that I have read points out that this is a critical election for the people that want this country turned around. We are close to the beginning of NWO. Immigration, climate change money to the UN (which Scalia halted-now dead), financial meltdown. All that is needed is Martial Law and it will be implemented.

          We do not have a lot of time for a correction on it’s own, the rich globalist want to be able to control everything. They will protect their families and each other, the rest of us “be damned”.

          We need to get the UN and foreign troops out of the US.

        2. jaybird says

          Do the people of the US have any other choice? We should be just as motivated and determined as they are.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            That’s absolutely right. I just wish Trump would learn to accept some leadership,
            from more experienced political campaign managers. He needs to accept their advice to chill-out. He has all the right ideas and moral, patriotism; but, he has
            too much of a redneck tone, for the people to accept him. I can understand his
            tone and way of expressing himself, because I’ve been a redneck, all my life. ,
            But; I’m not the one campaigning, for the oval office.
            However; If he is forced to hand over the title to Ted Vruz; then, we can live with that. I’ve alwaysfigured, he mght be just as good as Trump. I just hope, he can

            use the strong temperament, that’s neded, for this messy cleanup job, that’s

            in front of them. I also wish the two of them would go back to gettin along,

            the way they did, bfore this race started. They would make a perfect duo.

          2. jaybird says

            One of my favorite Senators has just endorsed Cruz, I have watched Mike Lee (R-UT) for a long time. He is very smart and knows the Constitution as well as Cruz. Very Conservative.

            If you remember back when Rick Perry forgot what gov. dept that he wanted to eliminate was running, John Huntsman was also running. Well – to – do family in UT, Mormons, Father had Cancer and built a hospital that is named after him. It was reported last year that the Huntsman family was trying to defeat Mike Lee that they did not like his brand of politics. Are they part of the “global establishment”?

            This makes me feel better about voting for Cruz when we had our primary on 3/1/16.

          3. Bob Marcum says

            You certainly should not feel wrong, about voting for Ted Cruz. He’s a damned good choice. I’ve been for Trump, for a long time ( since shortly after he stepped into the race ), but; I’ve always felt it was a toss-up, between Trump and Cruz.
            Each of them has taken a few turns, at disappointing me, in their attitudes. I’ve always been in favor of Trump’s , “John Wayne” style of speaking, and his no
            nonsense attitude of the Islamists. I despise the way the democrats ( and, of
            course, his competitors eat-it-up ) continually accuse Trump of wanting to stop
            muslim immigration. He’s never made such a comment. The comment they refer to is when he said we should put a temporary hold, on it, until we can vet them, properly. There;s a world of difference. obuma doesn’t want them vetted, at all.
            He just wants to let them all in. He wants their sharia law to govern this nation, entirely. He hates all religions, except the islamic rules, just as much as the islamists do. He dispices Americans. michelle absolutely hates us, more than
            he does.
            But; it’s standard procedure for the democrats to distort their opponents views,
            by making slight changes in the wording of what’s said.

          4. jaybird says

            I don’t care what is said about the candidates, I do my own investigations. I just read an article that Trump came out with in Jan. about the Bureau of Land Mgmt and what the Fed. Gov. has done to the ranchers and cattlemen. He said that out in NV, UT, OR, etc that they are out of control and he wants to give the land back and honor the grazing leases. It points to corrupt LEO and local gov. or they have been threatened I have been watching that (videos) since it started and I saw them kill Lavoy Finicum. Google OR. Congressman Greg Walden’s speech on the Floor 1/5/16 he tells that they have tried to work with the BLM but they keep changing the rules. He almost broke down when he mentioned Finicum. Trump is slowly finding out what has been happening. I will vote for him or Cruz but if the RNC puts a Bush or another RINO up it will not be pretty.

            I have read about the Bohemian Club that all the Presidents supposedly belong to. Newt mentioned it and said that Trump had not been through the secret initiation and that is why all the elite/globalist are worried. I need to check that out more. I have also read that the British are head of the NWO. Prince Charles was at the Paris Climate meeting and that Obama had promised them a big, big check when Supreme Court Judge Scalia put a hold on that. Is that why he died? Read about the ranch and who owns it and most guest belonged to an elite hunting club. There are so many things behind the scene that are in the shadows of our government.

          5. Bob Marcum says

            That’s exactly why Trump is the only candidate, qualified to do the job, for us.
            Even Cruise has probably had the secrets explained to him ( as-you-say ).
            That means, he’d have been ( obviously ) sworn to secrecy. You just mentioned things ( the secrecy issue ), which I’ve never heard, in the past. These are things, which I’ve always considered to be unspoken facts. In that respect, I’m
            not nieve, about these facts; just, never heard it spoken in that specific, matter-of-fact, manner. Also; I didn’t hear Trump’s comments, which you just referred to.
            I’m still standing by my commitment to vote Trump in. I’ve already voted, ( for Trump ) in the primary.I’ll vote conservative ( regardless), in the general election. I just maintain hope, for now, that, the RNC will act fairly and legally, on the nomination. but; it is a very scary situation, any way you slice it. If the RNC does,
            indeed, cheat Trump out of the nomination, then, there’s really nothing ( short of a gun fight, revolution ), that, “We-The-People” can do about it. The legal process ( which has always been slow ), doesn’t even exist, anymore. There is only an organizational pretense, for the media benefit, now-a-days.

          6. jaybird says

            When you have a chance google the Bilderberg meetings and also google the Bohemian Grove video’s. The majority of these members are for a One World Government. Mike Rogers (R-AL) has a bill H.R. #1205 with approx. 9 co-sponsors to kick the UN out of the US and stop sending the dictators money. We also need to get the UN foreign troops out of the US that are here to squash any uprisings. I have posted a lot of good bills that our Congressman and Senators have and asked people to call their representatives. I called 40 members of the Freedom Caucus to help get Boehner removed from the Speaker Seat.

          7. jaybird says

            Google the Bohemian Club Video. It is a secret club that the Presidents and elites belong to that are running this country.

  16. Born in '42 says

    Trump scares them all, because, he is showing concern for “we the people” and not about keeping the Congressional slush funding and good old boy networks!!!!

  17. CG says

    Be a republican, really! They want 2 control who “we the people” vote in..It’s not up 2 them anymore, the control factor is over! Trump will WIN.

  18. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

    Both parties are screwed up in CONGRESS but i dont blame them i blame the people that put them there No one thinks before they act anymore They believe the BS that people running for any office in WASHINGTON DC

  19. Mimi says

    We could have such a great, monumental election if these blind establishment Rinos would just back the people’s choice, Donald Trump. And Ted Cruz for Vice President. Seems simple to me. I just can’t believe how out of touch the Beltway-dwelling elite are.

  20. Deborah Henderson says

    So far they have proved they do not have a backbone after all the vote for me we are going to make changes. They have control of both the house and the senate and still can’t (or don’t want to) fix the mess Obama has made of everything including Healthcare that every Republican said they would repeal. Now there are elections coming up again and the Dems could get back control of at least the Senate a smaller possibility of the house but if that happened then we have a POTUS with a house and senate that opposes everything he does because they know best. This is where our elected officials need to start hearing WE THE PEOPLE, do what WE sent you to Washington to do. Stop making backyard deals and let bills be only about that issue (not many other things to get votes and try to confuse the people by saying we passed this bill but THAT bill had 1 good thing and 10 things in it that were bad for WE THE PEOPLE). Our government forgetting that WE THE PEOPLE are suppose to be in charge is what has given Trump his huge lead and success so far. WE THE PEOPLE are tired of career politicians and those that just give lip service.

    1. JACK FROST says

      Deborah: I see you have been paying attention… If the younger generation CARED to learn what you know this country would be in FINE shape.. Their IGNORANCE is destroying this country.. Thanks for speaking out !

  21. ralph says

    Ryan is nothing but an Obama hand me down absolutely worth less to America and a 100% benefit to ISIS

  22. meangreenMarine says

    When is he going to stand up and introduce the Impeachment of the Sitting President?

  23. Philip Allen says

    I don’t trust Paul Ryan anymore than I Trust Barrack Obama. I’ll have to see Paul Ryan work with conservatives to believe it. It will be like sleeping with one eye open and the other eye closed. Keeping an eye on Paul Ryan. Need I Say More?

  24. jackhy says

    Right on Peter, I thought Ryan as the new Speaker would be a breath of fresh air and a move to unify the party, but he has become a “centrist” instead. He’s a very capable politician and should be more of a “take charge” guy. He has let the Obamanation take place without lifting a finger to stop the madman in the W.H.

    1. jaybird says

      If you had watched and heard what Ryan said in his agreement to accept the position, you would have known that he would not. He would not take the position until they removed the part where he could be removed if they decided they did not like what he was doing.

  25. JP Jason says

    RINO Ryan is getting worried about President Trump !!

  26. Debbie says

    We need to get everyone on the same page and stop having back room meeting to bring Trump down. We the voters have spoken, deal with it. The only thing they are doing is giving the Dem’s more info to use against us. Do they really know how stupid they look.

  27. brabbie2002 says

    Maybe Ryan can explain why he keeps bending over and kissing ovomit’s a$$! I would love to hear that one.

  28. junkmailbin says

    he is asking if they will lie about his rino cause

  29. Robert Young says

    Ryan’s Omnibus Bill showed me that Ryan does not speak for the Conservative Majority of We, the People, but is pushing his own agenda which shows him to have definite RINO tendencies.

  30. jaybird says

    I just saw the biggest reason yet to endorse Trump! A group of 19 got together to figure out how to stop Trump – Mitch McJoke, Paul Ryan, a bunch of Congressman and Billionaires/Millionaires-heads of IT companies in CA (want more H-1B visa employees) had a meeting this week. I voted for Cruz in my state primary but now I will work to get support for Trump. The Republican’s have p….d the rest of us off. Fox posted a picture of them.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Cruz is NOT a RINO. Cruz has been fighting the elites establishment the entire time he has been in the Senate.

      I would not lump Cruz in with the establishment. I would put him in the same category as Trump. An outsider, but with different credentials.

      1. jaybird says

        If you re-read my post you will see that I voted for Cruz in my state but evidently the Rino’s are really scared of Trump because of this meeting.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Yes I did gather that. I just thought you were clumping Cruz into the establishment category…

          I would say that the RINO’s are not pleased with either Cruz or Trump. And that pleases me….. 🙂

          1. jaybird says

            Me too! Either one of them will be OK with me. I am just afraid that there will be a nasty fight about Cruz eligibility.

            You can tell that because of the meeting of the 19 they do not care what the people think and they are the “cause” of the way things are being played out right now. They are just digging their hole deeper and making more people mad and against them and want anyone but a Rino.

          2. MAHB001 says

            The power given to the top Republican establishment must be very hard to give up. And blinding as well.

  31. Ddenney1 says

    I was under the impression that the President set agendas??

  32. Larry says

    I agree with peter, Ryan holds a key to the conservative movement, but not the Presidency, and I hope peter is right and he starts listening to the American people and not the money mad traitors.

    1. jaybird says

      As of this morning he is still with the traitors, read my posting 2 down.

  33. Eleanore Whitaker says

    So…now another GOP Koch bought attack dog takes No. 1 position and “acts as if”? Really? Will someone please tell this Koch bought thug that he is THIRD in line to the presidency? Not No. 1?

    If Ryan is what the GOP calls presidential materials, they are sadly mistaken. This hayseed has about as much brains as a kernel of wheat. It was Ryan and his slash and burn boys who thought they would savage the Dems states with all their obstructions, threats of government shutdown and slash and burn…to bad it boomeranged on KS, IA, MI, ME, AR, LA and NC, all states that now have massive economic shortfalls…Good going idiots! More of your GOP conservatism and there won’t be any more Corn Pone and Mutton Chops states left.

    1. jaybird says

      All of the states.cities that I have read about that have financial trouble are run by Demorats. Baltimore, Wash DC, Detriot, etc.

  34. John Williams says

    Ryan is not a conservative and has nothing more to offer other than more of the same crap promoted by the establishment that has failed and is exactly the reason they are having the problems today.

  35. DollyT says

    MMMMmmmmm Interesting. I’ll wait and watch!

  36. chief1937 says

    We don’t need Ryan in this race he has been a disappointment already as speaker. Thought he would make a difference but has turned out to be another Boehner. As I have said many times before not a real fan of Trump but even less fan of a Democrat nominee whomever they are. Just maybe the American voters are trying to send a message to our elected officials we are tired of this same old stuff continually regardless of political party. STOP running for re-election and do your jobs.

    1. jaybird says

      Ryan only took the position if the Freedom Caucus would take out the resolution that said he would have to vacate the Speaker Seat if they did not like what he is doing. That resolution is what was used to get rid of Boehner.

  37. Ron says

    Brutus should bear watching! And, Caesar,whomever he happens to be, should proceed with caution, lest he get the dagger again! Not sure that this man is not another John Boehner. Be careful, men.

  38. Richardoftheyears1 says

    I don’t believe he’s NOT a RINO. He was at the “secret” meeting yesterday. They will do anything to get their way. They are in Panic mode.

  39. Ray says

    We no what the agenda is, it is to give the USA away!!!!!!!

  40. Ellen J Coates says

    Ryan Caves—-TRUMP Won’t—–Smart, Good Man—–GO—TRUMP—-GO

  41. Richard C. Russell says

    Speaker Ryan is right to reach out to Trump and help Trump unite the party. Otherwise, unless the party unites, it will be a self fullfilling prophecy of handing the 2016 Presidential election to the Dems.
    Cutting their nose off to spite their face is the best description of what many of the elite are trying.
    Face it, the electorate is done with the good ole payola of Politics as usual. It is time to eliminate the Lobby class and send those leaches back to their hole. One person one vote, is what should count, not the fat cats and special interests hiding behind their Lobbyists pulling the politicians strings.

    1. jaybird says

      You must not have seen the news this morning, Ryan, McJoke, other Congressman and IT heads (CA), Billionaires/Millionaires met to form a plan to defeat the Donald. I was shocked at the Congressman (pictures) at this meeting.

      1. Richard C. Russell says

        Yes, I saw it.
        Ryan is playing both sides against the middle – hopefully he does not destroy the people’s choice for the Republican party, thereby assuring the Dems of the Presidency.

  42. Bob Wexler says

    Isn’t it time to primary Ryan out of congress?
    If we all had some brains and guts, there would be a big hit list and a farewell party for all the RINOs.

  43. Theoline Isaacson says

    I do not trust Speaker Ryan–he has proven that he is another liar.

  44. MikeS says

    Ryan, of all people… What a jerk.

  45. Wildeagleone says

    I served many years in the military and the simple truth is if the troops lead by an officer they didn’t like or want to be inserted into their company was not backed 100% by the same troops that didn’t like him, we would have never become a free nation but you can guarantee that we would all be speaking German under the Nazi Regime. It is time to stop protecting the old corps. Get off the course they are on at this time under the leadership? of Obama, for the old establishment to get behind whomever is the nominee and fight like they have never fought before, to keep the dictatorship of the Democrat Party from ever getting their hold on this government again. The Republicans will lose to the Democrats and can give up ever leading this country, by all this infighting which will give the Democrats the White House and lose the leadership of America, if they insist on getting their way, and not the will of the people, insisting they know better the we do

    Just as a reminder to the Republican party: You folks never fought this hard going on eight years, to get Obama vetted properly and in fact impeached. We the people know that any one of the Republicans that become the nominee, with the party’s backing 100%, will be one he!! of a lot better then the party that lives in the White House at this moment

  46. richardcancemi says

    Ryan blows with the wind. He sees Trump and Cruz with their sails full and wants to ride in their wake. He can’t be trusted not to stab them in the back. The Republican Party will never reclaim itself with hypocrites like RINO RYAN.

  47. Andre H. Bilodeau says

    paul rino is as bad as the previous speaker if not worst….why not support what the people want for a change you’ll have plenty of time to fill your pocket’s before your throne out of your job

  48. TPS12 says

    The gop establishment brought us to where we are if you want the party to survive support the candidates we’ve picked. Stop the attacks on Trump and start working on a plan to work with and support the candidate the voter pick. Sorry but were done with your picks that have given us nothing and the establishment politicians who have ignored us for far too long. We will work with you when you support our pick and our values.

  49. Lorraine E says

    If I was Donald Trump or Ted Cruz I wouldn’t trust RINOryan for one second. He is a liberal deceiver just like RINOboehner.

  50. bee says

    ryan is a scumbag traitor to the people of Wisconsin and this country.

  51. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    The Republican party sure sold us a huber of RINO’s who were supposedly Conservatives and instead fell right in with the Washington establishment. These guys lie just like democRATs.

  52. TAM44 says

    What the word conservative means to those who hate Mr. Trump. They have bent over backwards to kiss obama and the democrats butts for over seven years letting obama break our laws without any repercussion what so ever. We voted in 2010 to give the house to them in 2011 and put john boehner as speaker, but obama and nancy pelosi told him what to do and he bent over and kissed their butts. We voted in 2014 and gave them the senate and mitch mcconnell was told by obama and harry reid what to do anf he bent over and kissed their butts. john boehner was put out to pasture and paul ryan was made speaker only to give obama everything he wanted and more. I’m sorry if this is what they call being a conservative, I want no part of it as they are not the solution to our problems, they are the problems. I’ve never voted for a democrat in my life, but voting for john mccain and mitt romney made be break that oath as they are closet democrats and that’s 100% truth. Go Mr. Trump 2016.

  53. LIEberalschism says

    Now he has a conservative Agenda?
    He’s caved to every liberal issue that Obama has demanded but all of a sudden now he has scruples.

  54. fred says

    the ONLY agenda that works for any patriotic American citizen is to dump all the criminals in DC, House and senate, SCOTUS, and esp the “executive branch” that are nothing but a bunch of criminal thugs and start over… No more IRS, no more NSA, CIA, etc, and many of the current agencies like the FED become a part of OUR Government, not part of a European-owned banking consortium controlling OUR currency any longer! DOD needs a complete regime change and their bidding process changed to be MUCH more competitive so we aren’t buying 3000. toilets anymore, and top to bottom term limits (one 4 year term max!) for all elected offices and making lobbying illegal because it gives unfair advantage to criminals pushing their agendas on us! No “gifts” of any kind are allowed to any elected official at any level of Government, and elections are held by presenting a position paper by any candidate and a list of their qualifications, then a 1 month campaign window to the election, and never more than $100K allowed to be spent on any election! maybe then we can have a government “by the people” again!

  55. Louisiana Lady says

    Who’s kidding who? Ryan told all of us what he is when he passed Omnibus and his word is good for nothing. He just doesn’t want to give up any power so is pretending to “cooperate” with the leading candidates. God forbid that the convention turns up Ryan as the nominee…it will assure Hitlery the WH.

    1. Valor says

      If Ryan were the nominee, Hillary might as well be in the White House. If that is the best the GUP could come up with, it is all over. The fat lady will have sang.

  56. TOM P O'DONNELL says






  57. Ronald Nelson says

    The only school yard tactics are coming from the likes of Mack… the Establishment political class, who are willing to throw the race for President too keep Trump from upsetting their apple cart. Ryan has sold out to the Globalist and New World Order and needs to be soundly set down by his district … he needs to be defeated in the WI primaries.

  58. James Elliott McDaniel says

    Amen, Brother, amen. Up to now, he has been entirely too chummy with Ovomit.

  59. Jeff says

    This has to be a sad joke. Paul Ryan0 telling Ted Cruz what a conservative is, this is sad and moronic.

  60. Don Taylor says


  61. Busterak1 says

    The people of this great nation are trying to get away from Politicians like Paul Ryan, he and his type of leadership is to say what ever will keep people quiet and then lower the boom when we are not looking. Ryan behaves typically like this is his country alone to make a decision like a king and acts no different than President Obama in that respect. No I think Paul Ryan only cares about his and his parties power and earning potential from the Special Interest groups that will pay for favor. The speaker would like it if we all would STFU and sit down and stand down. These people like Ryan that have been corrupted by Power and Special Interest have no place in the operation of this country.

  62. Roger Dodge says

    Calling Ryan a conservative is as big a misnomer as calling someone disagreeing with progressivism a racist. That weasel funded everything Obama wanted as soon as he got the speakership ~ and he is absolutely NOT a conservative.

  63. hora says

    Are not white supremacy, we are a big majority, but black Supremacy? of illegals supremacy? no way.

  64. JohnGalt49 says

    Ryan talking about Reagan conservatism is like a pig talking about heaven. After the omnibus bill that Ryan and McConnell crammed down our throats, if the rank and file can’t rid themselves of these traitors, please at least shut them up.

  65. maxx says

    Paul RINO Ryan a Rino? You bet. His record all the way back to his time in the Wisconsin Legislature shows where his head was. He is the typical GOP Establishment Republican Elitist. That’s how he has stayed in politics this long. He knows the rules of the game and plays them very well. I call him Boehner II because there was never a bill that Boehner wanted approved that Ryan opposed.

  66. RayKillorn says

    With a friend like Ryan a new president elect would not need more enemies!

  67. American says

    I just bet it conservative, it’s more like something that scumbag Reid put together and he is trying to push it down Trumps throat.

  68. michael schimanski says

    Ryan is a dick and my hope is to get rid of him ASAP .

  69. Wallie says

    Wonder what his Conservative agenda ideas were that he threw at the two candidates. Probably one was put your hands up and surrender to the dems like him and his RINO compatriots have been doing since 2009, another idea, might have been, learn to bend over and grab your ankles and the vasoline jar.

  70. Sharpshooter says

    Ryan is nothing more than a RINO, attempting to turn Cruz, and Trump into RINO’s also! I think that trump is way too smart for him!

  71. GRIZZ The Infidel says

    The same paul Ryan that funded the import of 300,000 muzzscums into our beloved nation in the next 12 months?
    He should be behind bars with obama

  72. Nina says

    So does King Ryass give his approval??? Oh Lord will I be able to sleep at night now?!?!!

  73. stan lee says

    Whomever wins the presidential nomination for the Republican Party should make all efforts to foster unity of government for the sake of the nation.

  74. WhiteFalcon says

    I didn’t see anything about his secret meeting with McConnell and a bunch of big silicon valley donors, who donate to both sides, this past weekend. They were supposedly trying to figure out a way to stop Trump, probably because if he is elected they will have no control over him like they do all the others. It all sounds pretty rotten to me.

  75. Austinniceguy says

    Ryan the RINO……

  76. survivor33 says

    Hoping Ryan has seen the error of his ways on his first few days as speaker…he had to see how upset the public was at his actions (for Ovomit) but will now turn into a true republican that we can trust. Would be nice to get rid of the other Rhino’s in the GOP but that probably will never happen so Ryan needs to take charge of “those guys” and turn them & himself back into the Rep’s we elected (and trusted at that time)

  77. bonniedunn says

    Sounds like we all feel the same about Ryan the Ryno!! At least he shaved off that offensive Muslim beard!! Can’t trust him at all. He jumped right in on a Liberal agenda supporting everything Obama wanted! Traitor! For him to tell Trump and Cruz the rules is a slap in the face for Conservatives. Nothing changes in politics!

  78. Roger says

    We heard the same crap when republicrats said that if they won control of the house and senate that they would stop Obama. I still think they are a bunch of liars and traitors especially to this date with all of them backing all of his traitorous doings and not stopping him. That makes them as traitorous as he is.

  79. Eddie says

    I wouldn’t trust Lyin’ Ryan or anything Lyin’ Ryan says. He is the Republicrat Establishment’s last “hope” to thwart the will of the people via a “brokered convention”.

  80. Roy says

    I’ll believe it when I see it.


    Ryan…he sold us out already…these guys really think they can fool us and fool us and fool us

    Listen, Ryan, your mouth reeks of the BullDroppings you have been spreading ! no trust no trust no trust

    another mouth of BullSpread from a politician

  82. N.McDaniel says

    RYAN RINO voted to give his pal Obamma all he wanted in the OMNIBUS Bill!!! He’s two sided!!!

  83. proudtexan62 says

    I wouldn’t trust Paul Ryan as far as I could throw him and I could never pick him up at 5’2″ and 130 lbs. If he is patronizing you, he is up to something and if I were Trump and Cruz, I would be very careful what I said to him. The men in the dark back rooms would have the information he gathered from them before he hung up the phone!!! If he was a Conservative, he would have never taken that job knowing that he was going to have to give in to Obama as per the direction of the McCains, the Grahams and the other Senior Establishment RINOs in the corrupt GOP. He is as poison as all the rest of them.

  84. Alleged Comment says

    This white monkey is no conservative. Let’s get that straight. He looks like a white version of his boss!

  85. usncb says

    You,RYAN, are a TRAITOR. Just shut your lying mouth and go find a place to suck your thumb like Boenher did.Your days are number. CRUZ 2016. a conservative republican. DUMP-TRUMP a DEM in Repub. clothing.

  86. Ronald R Worthington says

    supposedly there was a movement to ‘primary’ Ryan, just remove him from the House and the Speaker position !?!? I see where McCain is now saying he’s going to retire, since they got that woman running against him !?!?

  87. armydadtexas says

    How about this for a REAL CONSERVATIVE idea Mr. Ryan, don’t use your office to attempt choosing who is our Nominee. Stop trying to sabotage this election. HONOR YOUR WORD and the US CONSTITUTION and quit being an Obama boot licker. HONOR YOUR WORD. DO WHAT YOU PROMISED THE VOTERS YOU WOULD DO. STOP LYING TO AMERICA

  88. cae973 says

    Ryan is just another rhino and we the people should be demanding he be removed from being speaker and hopefully voted out of congress as soon as possible as he does not represent us, he represents himself and the other bought and paid for members of congress!

  89. Ronald R Worthington says

    Iceland solved their political problem. They deported or put in prison all their corrupt pols. The US is the only country in the world where liars and traitors are not removed, but placed in high gov’t positions !?!?

  90. jscarano7 says

    ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””donald trump 2016
    ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2019
    ”””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016

  91. snowyriver says

    Mr. Ryan, why do you present this to Ted Cruz? He is not eligible for the office of president. Here is why

    These are facts. Lets read the Constitution. We come to ARTICLE 1 SECTION 8 CLAUSE 10. Congress shall have the power to define and punish….. Offences against the Law of Nations.

    We perhaps should read the Law of Nations, to know the power of Congress. Didn’t we just overthrow a tyrannical King? We better see what power our Congress has.

    OK having read the Law of Nations now back to the Constitution. We come to to ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 CLAUSE 5. No person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of president.

    Didn’t we just read who was a natural born citizen was in the Law of Nations..Yes it was in Book 1 Chapter 19 article 212, ” born on the land with both parents as citizens of that nation”. Now we have a question. Why is obama in the White House and why are Cruz and Rubio in this presidential race? NONE are natural born citizens.

    Isn’t our Constitution the supreme law of this nation?

  92. OSAMA OBAMA says

    “House Republicans’ plan to present a bold conservative policy agenda” Are these the same Repukes that give Ohillary and Barry a free pass? LMAO!

  93. boucle says

    Ryan is a loser who should just quit his job to improve the government, and Trump should reject his RINO agenda.