Special Report: President Trump is DONE with Iran Nuclear Deal


According to a new report from NBC News, President Trump plans to decertify the Iran nuclear deal before the October 15 deadline, likely kicking the decision on whether to withdraw from the agreement to Congress, as outlined in the U.S. rules on the deal.

Having twice certified the deal already this year, Trump has reportedly grown increasingly dissatisfied with Iran’s “compliance” with the tenets of the agreement. While there is disagreement about whether or not Iran’s actions constitute a “material breach” of the deal, virtually every expert agrees that they are guilty of at least minor violations.

However, Trump’s main problem with the deal does not appear to stem from Iran’s compliance, but rather the terrible terms of the agreement itself. From the campaign trail through the first nine months of his presidency, Trump has repeatedly called it one of the worst-negotiated deals he’s ever seen and has vowed to scrap it and start over.

Doing so is a lot tougher than saying so, of course, and he will face a tsunami of pressure both domestically and internationally if he opens the door for a re-negotiated deal. There’s no sense that our European allies care to sit back down at the table, and it’s hard to imagine that Iran’s President Rouhani could survive any deal that makes his country’s position weaker. Already, the hardliners in his administration are ready to hang him out to dry. Succumbing to re-negotiation would probably be the end of his power as leader.

The deal’s champions, including former Secretary of State John Kerry, are urging the president to keep the status quo. In an interview with MSNBC, Kerry said that pulling out of the deal would send the wrong message to another one of America’s foes.

“If you go after the Iran deal and Iran the way he did yesterday and you talk about throwing it out, you make your diplomatic efforts of solving North Korea far more complicated,” Kerry said. “What does North Korea think, looking at the way he’s talking about shredding a deal that was made?”

That’s only a fair point, though, if we’re seriously thinking about creating an “Iran nuclear deal” with North Korea. Given that we’ve traveled that road already to no avail, it’s hard to imagine the Trump administration putting the deal on the table again. By all visible accounts, Trump’s strategy with Kim Jong Un is to FORCE North Korea away from its nuclear program through economic sanctions and…perhaps military confrontation. If the Iran deal goes by the wayside, we will likely have to pursue a similar course with them.

As with North Korea, there are no “wonderful” options here. Obama and Kerry rushed this deal through in the hopes of creating a legacy, and instead they’ve created a geopolitical mess that Trump now has to solve. Thankfully, though, he seems willing to forge ahead. Courageous determination won’t get the job done, but it’s a good first step.

  1. Tiger says

    I want to know where Obama got the gold and ten billion he gave to Iran.
    I want to know if there is gold left in Fort Knox.
    I want to know what those documents found in bin la den’s lair say about their involvement in 9/11.

    Get out of the Deal. They already have everything they wanted from us and we can’t get it back.




    1. gotabgood says

      “I want to know where Obama got the gold and ten billion he gave to Iran. This is what I searched for; “Obama gave $10 billion and gold to Iran?” I went through 4 pages to find something other than Blaze, WND, Breitbart. Townhall. you know something other than radical rightwing outlets.. even something from another country.. NOTHING!! I think this is some “ALTERNATIVE FACTS”.

      I want to know if there is gold left in Fort Knox. After searching for , “Is there gold at Fort Knox?” … You guess is as good as any bodies, mostly speculation.

      I want to know what those documents found in bin la den’s lair say about their involvement in 9/11. It said Bush and Cheney made a way for 9/11 to happen, they planted bombs in the towers to bring it them down.. that is the ONLY way to explain the “free fall” condition of 3 buildings, that none should have fallen like that from such low heat..
      Ask Alex Jones!

      1. Retired says

        Did you find when the last inventory of the gold was in fort Knox, last I read it has not been for decades ????

        1. gotabgood says

          Without going back to look it up again, I think it was 74.. I guess they wanted to make sure Nixon didn’t haul it away..

          1. Retired says

            I don’t think it had any thing to do with Nixon as much as lack of concern by congress . That was what I thought how long it has been since the Inventory was taken .Many speculate it is gone .

      2. TexasCoyote1 says

        I totally agree about 9/11 and don’t forget the gold heist that was going on in the basement as the buildings came down. I’ve seen pictures of the trucks, but I don’t have a link for that.

        As for the gold, it may still be there, but the question is does the United States have clear title to it?

        We can agree to disagree about Obama. The only sources for anything he did which was subversive to the United States tends to be alternative news. Since Mainstream Media never seems to report anything that doesn’t glorify the communist activities and people like Obama, it’s difficult to find out what he really did.

        We do know from Jerome Corsi’s work that Obama stole $260 billion from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fund Obamacare subsidies. There are court cases on this theft that Obama just kept appealing, so his theft went unpunished during his presidency.




        You can use the Fortune article to at least confirm that this string of lawsuits is real and confirmable through a mainstream source, but you will find more details and a greater understanding of the issue in the other 2 articles. Yes, I realize it has nothing to do with where Obama got gold and money to give to Iran. The issue merely supports the fact Obama did divert funds from sources he had no right to invade to support his selfish interests.

      3. Kenneth Bailey says

        Jet fuel burns really hot and the way the planes struck the buildings is why the second building fell first

      4. Mathew Molk says

        You telling me that Iran received nothing? – Stop taking that dope the commissars are giving to the useful idiots.

        BTW, Where is your engineering degree from and what did you study about metallurgy. (Mine is in Welding Engineering from OSU and I had 37 years experience when I retired) Do you know the the temperature of kerosene (Jet fuel) burning in free air and do you understand the dynamics of a “deck of cards” or “pancake” failure?

        You obviously lack the engineering moxie to understand the mechanism involved when steel becomes plastic, but how’s this? – I have a small oil fired foundry, I melt and cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, and on rare occasions I have melted and cast stainless steel. Now I said MELT. not just heat and soften to forging as I do in my propane fired blacksmith forge which cannot obtain the heat of kerosene I sometimes burn in the foundry furnace. Now, The insulation on the floor jousts WTC was fire rated for 1/2 hour just like the code at time of construction required. And almost to the second a half hour into the fire they softened and failed and pulled the columns inword causing a compression buckle failure and the effected floors slammed sown to the floors below them causing shock loading far in excess of the design limits. Those floors with the added mass of the floors above fell onto the next floor releasing even greater energy due to this increased mass and,,,,,Even a snowflake like you should be able toi figure out that once you get it going you need no bombs to flatten the building. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

        I can’t believe they let shit for brains idiots like you who swallow any bullshit shit they are fed by their commissars walking around with a keeper.

        1. mac12sam12 says


        2. gotabgood says

          First I said ask Alex Jones…. I don’t believe you have any degrees, that requires reading and evidently you can’t read!
          Now to try and answers your questions and accusations… I do not have any degrees in the subjects you mentioned.. But unlike you, I can read what people have said about things concerning the downfall of three buildings coming straight down.
          If you look at any of videos about the towers, it is plain to see that the jet did NOT hit the building on center, but off to the side… have you ever fell a tree?? I have…. you cut the angle in the direction you want the tree to fall. The top part of the building should have fallen to the side.. NOT straight down!! And what was the excuse for building 7? It was not hit with anything!!
          There is a lot more concerning that day… but it will take you a while to read this and comprehend about why I mentioned a tree..

    2. marcus J says

      Hello Again Tiger , Those are all good questions , I too am curious , Given what I know about Comrade Chairman Obama and his gang of Marxists , Communist Agitators and Muslim Agents and all around Anti American Subversives I would assume that they stole and looted whatever they gave to Iran , I did read that Donald Trump has recently made a trip to Fort Knox to see for himself , I also came across an interesting Documentary Film recently , Enemies Within by Trevor Louden , Must watch it !!!

      1. Tiger says

        Hi Marcus I am glad to hear Trump checking on Fort Knox and I do want to know where all that money, gold, silver and precious metals given to Iran came from. I know it was found he took from programs across America to give to refugees.



        1. marcus J says

          I have also read and heard this , It does not surprise me at all , Comrade Chairman Obama AKA Barry ( The Muslim Rat ) Soetoro stealing and Thieving from Americans to give money and weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood , Al Qaeda , ISIS , Hamas , Etc. ,It happened more often then many know , Also the United Nations of Global Communism and George Soros are behind flooding Europe and the U.S. with Muslim Jihadi`s has been proven , Much more of the Evil and Corrupt Schemes of the Communist Party formerly known as the Demonic Rats and their Lefty Allies are being uncovered on a weekly basis , The Latest is Comrade Chairman Obama and Elizabeth ( The Marxist ) Warren stealing 60 million tax payer dollars to set up the Consumer Protection Bureau , I wonder where that money went to ?? I know some of it went to groups like the SPLC , MoveOn.org , Various other Socialist Communist Gangs

          1. Tiger says

            Trump’s comments related to Communism, Socialism and Dictators proved to me he knows the score when he said that Venezuela fell not because Socialism was not implemented correctly but because it was implemented completely. He then went on to say that these tactics never worked throughout history and his emphasis throughout the speech on Sovereignty, independence, pride in country, history and culture was what would save countries and people, he let the UN know in no uncertain terms there is no going to be a One World Order in America but I tell you, won’t be in the Slavic countries or Russia and others either.




          2. marcus J says

            Thank You Tiger , As always it is a pleasure to realize that others out there are as well informed and see the truth of it , I just watched the entire speech our President made in front of the United Nations and I can tell almost immediately that the collection of Socialists , Communists , Fascists , Dictators ,Tyrants and Globalists at the U.N. where not happy and are definitely not used to hearing the truth and for a President of the United States to say it like it is !! Fantastic Speech ! He addressed everything that I would wan`t to hear our leader say and more ,This morning I read the Transcript of the speech on 1600 Daily and immediately sent a message to the White House that I thought the speech was absolutely Fantastic and believe it was a Home Run , A Touchdown ,A Slam Dunk and a Hole in One !!!

          3. Tiger says

            Welcome and always good to hear from you. Yes we got the message loud and clear and I believe they did also. I also sent congrats and thank you for a job magnificently done.

          4. ward says

            You & Marcus are super fine U.S. Patriots …. Keep up the Super fine posts of information to swing apathetic Americans that help to eliminate dem libtards !

          5. Tiger says

            I believe like a wicked woman, who has used her feminine wiles and all that she has to take a man into grave danger, this party of deceit, lies and destruction has been exposed, they are losing money and they are losing support.

            The Great Whore is falling and failing. Interesting history here in this video.


          6. AKLady says

            Here we go, someone bringing religion into the discussion of government. The books of the Bible are interpreted in hugely different ways by various Christian communities.

            Who is the harlot referred to in Revelation? Probably pagan Rome or apostate Jerusalem. That is what St. John may have envisioned when he wrote it and that is historically the view of many Christian faiths. The Catholic Church canonized the Bible in the first place, a process that took about 400 years.

            First the “whore” was the Catholic Church. Then it was apostate Jerusalem. Now, someone comes naming the Democratic Party.

            The Old Testament Prophets who describe Jerusalem as a harlot, then it makes completely logical sense that the Whore of Babylon is apostate Jerusalem, who is later turned on by Rome, and has no connection with the Catholic Church, or the Democratic Party.

          7. AKLady says

            Trump is a legally-documented racist.
            He has a very long history of law breaking.
            Start your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973. There are 200 more government cases just like it.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            All of what you said is a lie. Want the Clinton’s KKK history again? The KKK donated $20,000 to hr campaign. It’s the democrats with the racist history.


          9. AKLady says

            So what? The KKK donated to her campaign. Many organizations contribute to campaign war-chests, hoping it will give them some leverage,. You also need a better history education. The KKK was founded by Veteran Confederate Officers. By the way, Trump’s father was a KKK member. The Koch’s father helped found the NYC Chapter.

          10. mac12sam12 says

            Trump’s father did not belong to the KKK. Throwing it up against the wall to see if it sticks? The Koch’s father also had no KKK connection, only Hillary and Bubba did.


          11. AKLady says

            It sticks.
            You can deny.
            He can deny.
            The police record is what it is.
            He was arrested at the riot.
            The newspaper article is what it is.
            Your link does not work.

          12. mac12sam12 says

            The KKK donated to Clinton because they wanted to stay in the party of the bars and stars, slavery and the KKK. The Clintons and their racist KKK roots go way back. Want a brief history….again?

          13. AKLady says

            The KKK d9onated to Trump.
            What exactly is your point>
            Daddy Trump was a cofounder od the New York KKK Chapter.
            In 1927, he was arrested at a KKK rally.

          14. mac12sam12 says

            http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/apr/26/klan-leader-claims-kkk-has-given-20k-clinton-campa/ They donated to Clinton. That’s also a false story about Trump being arrested. I looked it up, try again.

            It’s the Clintons who had KKK mentors in Robert Byrd and J. William Fulbright. Both filibustered the Civil Rights Act.

          15. AKLady says

            Sorry, Mac, you can deny, but the evidence cannot be erased.

            Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK riot, 1927 NYC. He was one of seven men who were arrested that day “on a charge of refusing to disperse from a parade when ordered to do so
            He ran a house of prostitution in the Yukon during the Gold Rush.
            He was investigated by a U.S. Senate committee
            for wartime profiteering (1954),
            Woody Guthrie was his tenant and wrote a song about
            the ordeal: “Old Man Trump”. http://woodyguthrie.org/Lyrics/Old_Man_Trump.htm

          16. kbmiller says

            mac, AKNOLady is a LYING leftist troll who spreads propaganda for her socialist party, the DumbA$$ok RATS. Myself and many others have blocked the dimwit mos. ago.

          17. Mike says

            Donald Trump is a Twittering Twit. A man child, who stomps his feet like a little boy. He needs to be taken behind the shed and have his ass Whipped but good. Then go running to mommy like the runny, snot, nosed, punk sissy that he is.

          18. kbmiller says

            Mike is a PUSSY, hiding behind a keyboard, still crying about an election that his pinko party lost. Sniff sniff boo hoo. Get a job and pay your own way like it’s been on the earth for milleniums you doofus leach. Lamestream media crying because Trump goes around them, straight to American people, so these, “Lamers” can’t distort his message with their LEFTIST/COMMUNIST/ SOCIALIST Propaganda, leaving them feeling like the castrated sheep that they portray themselves as, daily.

          19. Mike says

            Listen hear I’ve been working ever since I’ve be 15 years old. You sound like typical Republicans who can’t handle another opinion without having to go on a name calling tirade. Look who’s hiding behind keyboard. Just like the majority of Republican hypocrites. And speaking of pussy sounds like Trump the crotch grabber himself. By the way Eat Shit and Bark at the Moon.

          20. kbmiller says

            You f’n jaxoff. you call Pres. trump a name and then say others are name callers. HYPOCRITE. Listen ,”Hear”? You ‘re so stupid , you can’t even spell. Go away A$$wipe.

          21. Mike says

            Jaxoff? Mmm looks like we’ve have a spelling bee champion here folks. Cry me a river. Trump is nothing more than a narcissistic egomaniac. He should be bitch slapped for the punk ass he truly is. Say can Pin Dick such as yourself jackoff without useing a pair of tweezers.

          22. kbmiller says

            Waaa Waaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa you lib corksockers will never stop whining, will you? Sniff sniff boo hoo

          23. Mike says


          24. mac12sam12 says

            Prove it! crickets..crickets..crickets..

          25. AKLady says
          26. Jenn says

            Honestly I don’t believe Trump is a racist! Why ? Trump loves women plain and simple! Trump has dated many multicultural women but some how always seemed to settle with a white partner! ( unfortunately not for long) Maybe just
            maybe Trump’s present wife will be the last venture into the unknown! ( Ha! Ha!)
            As for the breaking of the law, present me with president who hasn’t? As America stands today we should be preparing for our next war!! Trump needs
            to pay attention what the Chinese are cooking up! Bombs that can destroy us all
            Unfortunately Trump is hitting to many countries way to fast and we do not need anymore enemy’s at this time.

          27. AKLady says

            The courts cases document his behavior.
            Begin your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973. There are over 200 cases just like it. The Trump’s own more than 1,400 rental units in NYC.

          28. ward says

            Great posts and really enjoy your’s & Tiger’s posts of facts that all U.S. Patriots need to eliminate the dem libtard enemies that are trying to enslave the U.S. !

          29. AKLady says

            So you approve of a lawbreaker holding America’s highest offce. How very interesting.
            Trump is a legally-documented racist.
            He has a very long history of law breaking.
            Start your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973. There are 200 more government cases just like it.

          30. AKLady says

            Trump is a legally-documented racist.
            He has a very long history of law breaking.
            Start your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973.

          31. mac12sam12 says

            You are so dishonest but so are all liberals. That was about section 8 people and that includes white people. Trump was never called a racist until he ran with an R after his name.

            It’s the democrat party that has a history of slavery and the KKK. The democrats and the stars and bars.

          32. AKLady says

            Educate yourself:

            Case Name United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc. FH-NY-0024
            Docket / Court 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. )
            State/Territory New York
            Case Type(s) Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
            Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

            Case Name: United States v. Trump Village Section IV Inc. (E.D.N.Y.)
            Docket / Court Settled
            State/Territory New York
            Case Type(s) Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
            Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

            There are over 200 such cases.

          33. mac12sam12 says

            He’s a corporation and everyone wants a piece of his pie. Come on! He’ll be gone in 8 years and then we’ll have president Pence!

            Here the latest GDP from yesterday? 3.1% and Hussein O., the Muslim never reached 3% and his average was under 1.5%.

            Trump sure is making America great again! #MAGA #HillaryForPrison #ButItWasMyTurn

          34. Retired says

            He needs to be striped of USA Citizenship and caged like a wild animal put on display nation wide . That is what a Traitor looks like .

          35. Tiger says

            Or hung like Mussolini and his girlfriend upside down to be beaten by the citizens til flesh hanging off.

          36. Retired says

            Do we add his sons to prevent them from being like the old man ????

          37. Tiger says
          38. Retired says

            To bad Billy boy ,Hitlary and OBozo can Not get that treatment , it would do them a world of good.

          39. Tiger says

            Would do us a world of good, would do the world good, throw in Soros for good measure.

          40. Michael Dennewitz says

            But the saddest part is that it will probably never happen. They cover for each other! 😣

          41. Retired says

            Congress is proof of that !!!

          42. mzliberty2013 says

            Unfortunately, I agree with you that it may not happen. Every time we have tried to get justice for these traitors, there is always someone denying the truth! I have always known Soros’ history and how he has bankrupted other Countries. Time and time again, I have sent messages to Congress that Soros is a traitor and he and all his corrupt ‘organizations’ along with his family be extradited to Russia. They have tried to get him for years! Now would be a great time!

          43. Mathew Molk says

            Wouldn’t the royal exalted boma look good like that with his pen sticking out of his nose and his phone in his mouth and the cackling witch right next to him? . Too bad our constitution prevents it, but either we follow the Constitution or we don’t so it will never happen because now our President is with us patriots on following the law of the land.

          44. Tiger says

            Sooner or later Obama will fall.


          45. Retired says

            We can no longer wait for later , it has to happen quickly like yesterday !!!

          46. Tiger says

            I am in full agreement but the problem is those in command are doing nothing.

          47. Retired says

            They are more worried about raising money for the 2018 election instead of doing the job elected to do .

          48. ward says

            The bo, hilary & soros demise they are creating for themselves is very obviously happening with our POTUS Trump providing the evidence that will hang ’em all ! They will have no place to run & no place to hide ! Hang ’em high in public along with every bo supporting dem libtard crony bo appointed … !

          49. Lisa Meyer says

            From your lips to God’s ear…

          50. Tiger says

            From many lips, like when millions prayed for someone to get us out of the mess O put us in and we got Trump, keep praying.

          51. Sharon Bauerle says

            Someone else commented on his three sons and daughter on another website. Apparently, if correct, the entire family is engaged in the tearing down of society across the planet. How sad to use all that wealth to do evil.

          52. bttrap says

            we can add that daughter to the soros hanging we could also take that money and donate to some one like st. jude for children

          53. Sharon Bauerle says

            bttrap: Be easy enough to find out when he’s in the U.S. He has an estate in upper New York State, I hear. Must be some conservatives living in the area that could do reconnaissance.

          54. bttrap says

            I’m ready I’m locked and loaded

          55. Retired says

            So are millions of others .

          56. Kenneth Bailey says

            Soros has probably taught his sons to think and to believe just like himself. Lock them all up and put a freeze on their money.

          57. Retired says

            Just think the money would be enough to build the wall on the Mexican border .

          58. ward says

            That is the complete plan by soros for his asinine sons to dictate the U.S.A. in a NWO of other tyranny dictators … ! bo is his patsy for abused power crimes !

          59. bttrap says

            hell hang them, and put their money towards the wall

          60. ward says

            Deport all soros asses to Russia for their deserved execution & U.S. Russian foreign relations would improve & prove the dems are the collusion criminals !

          61. Retired says

            Putin would have a grand old time teaching them a lesson .

          62. bttrap says

            his sons are as bad as their old man so they all must go with a dollar shoved up their a$$

          63. Retired says

            Why waste a good Dollar on them a plug with a fuse would be much more fun to see .

          64. bttrap says

            sounds good

          65. Kenneth Bailey says

            There’s quite a few of these traitors in our most, which is why the swamp creatures are fighting the president every turn.

          66. bttrap says

            the cage should be soaked with gasoline and have a throwing contest with matches at the cage just like his fellow muslim did

          67. Retired says

            Hey I like that , let them live in fear for a while .

          68. bttrap says

            he more I hear about soros the more I wish he would get brain cancer like mc cain and die with a dollar bill shoved up his a$$

          69. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ha! Mooseslimes have even been buying up hospitals in these United States. Even the Veterans Administration has hired mooseslime doctors and RNs.. If we vets don’t die of what we’re going there for, I’m sure the mooseslimes will help it along!! 😣

          70. Retired says

            Don’t forget about Congress helping them .

          71. AKLady says

            Why do you embarrass America this way.
            If you hate it here so much, why don’t you leave?

        2. Dan Williams says

          Pretty sure it was receipts from Obamacare premiums!

        3. Lisa Meyer says

          That was the other half of my thought… That O raided a bunch of social programs for some of the money.

          1. Tiger says
          2. Lisa Meyer says

            Why am I not surprised?

        4. AKLady says

          Trevor Louden is a New Zealand citizen. He is not now, nor has he ever been an American.

        5. James Higginbotham says

          to the tune of HALF A BILLION BUCKS.

          1. Tiger says

            And if we have real justice someone will blow his head off so we see through it, the way our men working the morgue saw through the heads of our soldiers. For them and their memories and all we need revenge. It is sweet don’t let anyone tell you different.

          2. James Higginbotham says

            i KNEW i LIKED YA MAN.

      2. TexasCoyote1 says

        I didn’t realize President Trump went himself. I thought it was just Mnuchin and maybe Schumer and one other. Mnuchin’s cryptic comment upon emerging from the vault is hart to figure out. He said: “Gold is safe.” He didn’t say the gold in the vault was all there or that they had spot checked serial numbers to official inventories or that they had assayed any of the bars to be sure they were, in fact, gold. Instead, he said “Gold is safe.” Duh, is this just another one heads-up from these criminals that we should all go out and buy gold and silver because federal reserve notes are not safe. I don’t think his comment was an accident.

      3. Patricia Burk says

        The film is enlightening, I sent it to many people.

      4. Mike says

        As a Republican I even know that Obama wasn’t a communist. You need to quit watching infowars for a news source.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Tale another look Mike,,,,BTW You know the difference between Communism and Socialism? ====== The spelling.

          1. bttrap says

            do you?

          2. Alicia Cervera says

            NO diffeerence bbttrap! I fled a Socialist/communist country. No difference. Stripped of your basic human rights and freedoms. Shall I go on?

          3. bttrap says

            are you legal?

          4. Alicia Cervera says

            Perhaps more than you. I was PROUDLY naturalized as an American Citizen in 1965! Any more questions? What about you?

          5. bttrap says

            I was born here, do you have dual citizen from another country?

          6. Alicia Cervera says

            NO! Why? Only pledge to the USA!

          7. Retired says

            Isn’t that part of your oath you take when you became a US citizen that you are no longer a citizen of the former country .

          8. Alicia Cervera says

            You are once again correct. You decline your former to become a US citizen.
            Best choice my parents EVER made!

          9. Retired says

            I know how you feel as in our town there were a lot of Europeans until it turned into little Mexico .

          10. Retired says

            Unless laws have changed once you become a US citizen ,you give up your former citizenship , so how does someone like Soros and some elected have dual citizenship ?????

          11. Alicia Cervera says

            You are correct Retired. My family had to give up our birthplace citizenship. So dont know how Soros and others got around the trick. Being influential and RICH I suppose.

          12. Retired says

            Could it be because he is Jewish and they have special treatment ,the others were of Spanish decent that I know about .

          13. Alicia Cervera says

            More than Jewish, maybe its his extreme Marxist ideology and obsessed with World control, the Globalists, who knows, he’s a weird species.. But this is speculation. I really couldn’t tell you.

          14. Retired says

            Good come back with weird Species can’t stop laughing on that one .

          15. bttrap says


          16. Alicia Cervera says

            I answered NO. but my reply disappeared. My ONLY loyalty is to the US of America!

          17. Lisa Meyer says

            Your NO reply is there. Sometimes you can’t see your own posts. At least that has happened to me, especially if I post using my phone.

          18. Alicia Cervera says

            Thank you Lisa.

          19. nocbsfan says

            I know this is a little late, because I never heard of you before, Alicia, welcome to the United States, we need more like you.

          20. Lisa Meyer says

            You’re welcome 🙂

          21. Retired says

            One hears the same thing from others who escaped .

          22. Alicia Cervera says

            You’ve got to live it to believe it and its not nice.!

          23. Retired says

            I don’t know about that , when you hear about what went on in those countries from the people who escaped .

        2. bttrap says

          no he was a muslim

          1. Alicia Cervera says

            Muslim in”religious belief system” with Sharia Law as the highest law. Communist in “ideology” BIG difference. One is pledge to Allah, the other is pledge to an Atheist STATE, He had both.

          2. bttrap says

            muslim is a cult and nothing else

          3. Alicia Cervera says

            i dont disagree there. but the muzz think themselves as a “Peaceful religion!
            An evil cult at that.

        3. mac12sam12 says

          In his book it said that all his Marxist/Communist professors were his mentors. If it walks like a duck…

        4. Optimista says

          His Father was communist, his mother and grandfather were communist. He was mentored by Frank Davis a communist subversive to the core.
          And please explain what convinced you that he wasn’t a communist ?
          Calling us the “Folks” ? Or hanging out with Rev. Wright ?
          I grant you he wasn’t a comie in the ordinary sense. The man is totally devoid of any conviction or capable of self reflection. He has no soul or any redeeming quality. He can look 320 million Americans in the eye and lie day in and day out. That takes a special kind of empty suit. I only witnessed that kind of behavior from the communist growing up in Hungary.

          1. bttrap says

            thats telling him optimista !!!!!

        5. marcus J says

          Then it would seem that You are a not very well informed Republican , He was or still is a Member of the New Party of Chicago ,A Satellite of Communist Party U.S.A. ,He is also a member of Democratic Socialists of America which now many Democrats have joined after being members of Communist Party U.S.A. , His Father Frank Marshall Davis was a long time member of Communist Party U.S.A. his Mother Stanley Ann Dunham was a Devout Marxist and also a Member of Communist Party U.S.A. , It has been a proven fact for many years that Comrade Chairman Obama AKA Barry ( The Muslim Rat ) Soetoro the Indonesian Citizen is a Red Diaper Baby , Watch =Dreams from my real Father , A story of Reds and Deception by Joel Gilbert , Do some research and learn why your comment is ridiculous and contrary to what has been well known for decades

          1. Mike says

            I have done research and I stand by my convictions. And for the record, President Trump is an embarrassment to the United States the rest of the Republican Party

          2. bttrap says

            and you are an embarrassment as an american, and the rest of the republicans who call themselves republicans but are democraps you hitlery lovers need to let it go. get it in your head hitlery lost and never will make it. so if you don’t like trump go to nk and live with the fat midget but you better keep your mouth shut there as they don’t put up with people like you

          3. Mike says

            I never said word about Hillary. I supported Governor Jeb Bush. So quit making unsubstantiated comments and accusations. Without knowing anything about me.

          4. bttrap says

            still makes you a sore loser, if you voted for jeb then I’m glad I don’t know anything about you

          5. Mike says

            I’m not sore about anything just making an intelligent observation.

          6. bttrap says

            when are you going to start? voting for jeb is like putting obambie back in office

          7. Mike says

            That is your opinion, and I have arights to mine. Unfortunately there are those who don’t agree and if your not goose stepping and in lock step. It’s your way or the highway. Thank God this is a democracy and that we are free to have different view points.

          8. bttrap says

            I respect your view even if it’s wrong

          9. Retired says

            Your comments give you away !!!

          10. Mike says

            As I said earlier I’m a Republican and still stand by my convictions that Donald Trump is an embarrassment as President Of the United States. He is for himself and himself alone and doesn’t give a Damm about the United States or anybody in it.

          11. nocbsfan says

            Mickey, you are not a Republican but you are a liar and supporting Jeb Bush only proves that !

          12. Retired says

            Tell us how Trump can do anything with Congress behaving like little children who all want the same toy??? McCullenn is siting on a list of appointments . Congress has no intentions of doing anything until after the 2018 election and if more Democrats lose seats nothing will happen until after the 2020 election which will be a blood bath of hate . Congress needs to change its ways and then Trump might change his .People today are so afraid of the truth as to what goes on in WDC .

          13. Mike says

            Congress acting like little children while the President is going on and on about the National Anthem, now that’s fresh. I’m glad to see that there is still some decorum left in the G.O.P. and challenge ideas that have no merit in bettering this great country of ours.

          14. Retired says

            The battering goes back many decades and not just with Trump . But you did avoid the main issue ,that congress has no intention of doing anything because Clinton lost . Why won’t congress do anything about the Appointments siting on the desk and being ignored . That is just as bad or worse than Trumps tweets . Time for people to wake up where the real problem lies CONGRESS and the ones from both parties running to the media with a bad fart story .

          15. White, and Proud says

            That says enough about you anyone who would support the Bush Family are Pure sellouts and Morons, and I mean from the Lying Sr. Down to Jeb, the 2 Cocaine Cowboys, along with their close friends the Clintons. Or did you not know both Bush Boys were catch red handed with Coke in Florida and Daddy had to make a deal with the Devil to get it to go away. I know I was a soldier down in Central and South America during the Nancy Reagan drug wars. Bush Sr stabbed Honorable Reagan in the back to make the deal. The Bush family are Democrats in Republican clothes

          16. Mike says

            Really I can almost bet you supported former President Bush to the hilt when he held office. Just saying

          17. White, and Proud says

            I don’t vote nor support traitors to our country!!! The Bush family was playing both sides of the war during WW2 George Sr. Father helped fund the Nazis during World War 2, all real Texans like me wish they would return to Connecticut, where their original from. And no I lost some great friends during the War on drugs, only to find out the Bush Boys were playing grab ass with the Escobar Brothers. Pablo and George Jr. we’re good friends. I have no Respect for the Bush family.

          18. Mike says

            Well now, seems we are in agreement here. Progress is always assured when there open dialog.

          19. White, and Proud says

            NO, you, and I don’t agree on anything, you supported a Bush, and I will never, 2nd Obama was and is a Communist and ran under the new Democrat party name which is the New Democrat Communist and Socialist Party, He even stated it in his reelection bid, and if you don’t agree then look it up!! He mentioned it 2,3,4 times on the campaign trail. Last of all I don’t agree with everything President Trump says and does, but he is our President and therefore until he does something that is completely out of line, and puts this country in harms way, I will continue to give him the Respect as President. The media and other BS that is trying to create conflict and chaos needs to stop. That is more dangerous than President Trump.

          20. mac12sam12 says

            He had a good economy until the democrats took both houses. The banks crashed because of the democrats and no republicans were involved.

          21. Michael Dennewitz says

            And yet another piss ant BLOCKED… 🤣😃😄😂😅

          22. Retired says

            Funny that most of the people coming from Europe and those that escaped from behind the Iron Curtain side with republicans , why is that ??????

          23. marcus J says

            In that case remain one of the Useful Idiots that Lenin and Hitler spoke of , There is a reason why we call them RINO`s , Republican in name only , Either get behind the America First Agenda or get run over by it , Maybe You would prefer to go out and protest and riot with the Political and Institutional Left ? Burn a few Police Cars and protest our President ? Good Luck and have a nice day Liberal Troll

          24. Alicia Cervera says

            Well,you consider Pres. Trump an embarrassement… on what grounds? because he beat Hitlery, because he’s not a politician? because he’s not refined, because you simply dont like his ways? Because the LEFTist rotten media, ignorant Hollywood, Academia which are commies and other useful idiots including many Republicans realize he’s going to try his damnest to get’em out of the way and clean the SHAMEFUL CORRUPTION in our country?? you are entitled to your opinions, but He has been more transparent than any other politician, he has gotten so much done, he has spoken the truth on so many issues and people unwilling to give him credit for? That’s your opinion. Dont speak for me because I think the man is working his butt off to get this messed up Banana republik obama left behind by design!. He loves his country, I think he is a BLESSING, I can only see the Hildebeast as our president!!! Horror! Say GOODBYE to our country FOREVER under a dem regime my friend.

          25. nocbsfan says

            BRAVO !!!!

          26. bttrap says

            wow did you put mike down !!! good job

      5. Alicia Cervera says

        Thank you so much for the Trevor Louden information. He is terrific. You know, it seems to me that we Natralized Americans understand in a much clearer way, what Mr. Louden expresses here. American born Americans have taken for grated so many beautiful and positive things this country offers without questioning what is going on today in the nation and what we can do to WAKE up and help others WAKE UP and ENGAGE! This is a fundamental call to ACTION if we want to TAKE our country back and support our PRESIDENT’s agenda or we will forever be engulfed by darkness, misery, poverty, and slavery of the spirit and of the mind. Thank you for sharing.!

      6. AKLady says

        Why do you embarrass America with lies?

    3. WhiteFalcon says

      I think I can answer some of your questions.
      1) The money that Ovomit gave to the Iranians was their money that we froze due to their asinine actions before Ovomit was elected.
      2) No, there is no gold in Fort Knox. LBJ got rid of it during Viet Nam.
      3) Me too.

      1. Tiger says

        I knew about the frozen assets but didn’t know they included gold and silver and precious metals. Thanks.

        Are you sure about the gold in Ft. Knox? I still want it from Trump. I want him to tell us one way or the other.

        1. nocbsfan says

          If one doesn’t think there is gold in Ft Knox, let them try and take a tour the vault.

          1. Tiger says

            This would be a good thing, it has been years since we have seen hide nor hair of it.


          2. nocbsfan says

            Kind of what I meant, just try and take a tour of the bullion storage. You want get very far even with a judges order to let you in. There is supposed (Supposed) to be somewhere around 8000 metric tons. (Who knows maybe it is at Obamas house) If you wish to go farther you can convert one metric ton = 32,150.75 troy ounces, regards to money is $1,298.82/troy oz. for 24 karat gold bullion. Hi Tag

          3. Tiger says


      2. ward says

        No one knows any of these 3 things are fact but if true bo is the #1 suspect … ! Trump will have to order the audits on all gold $$ depositories to get the truth … !

    4. gonzales27 says

      Better still,I want to know where he got the authority

      1. Tiger says


    5. Francisco Boquer says

      The deal was brokered by John Kerry’s Iranian “son-in-law”, how funny or corrupt was that???
      President of Iran was or is a personal friend of Kerry’s son-in-law!!! So it was more or less a one-way deal!!!

      1. Francisco Boquer says

        & a bet man at their wedding!

      2. Tiger says

        Indeed and matter of fact Kerry’s daughter married an Iranian and the guy he brokered the Deal with was at the wedding. Obama kept the documents found in the bin laden compound away from congress, they have asked Trump for them, the few they did see said Iran backed bin, supported al Qaeda and had a hand in 9/11, which a judge right after 9/11 already concluded in a Class Action Suit. Obama didn’t want anything to interfere with his goals of arming Iran and giving them everything they needed.

        I listened to the Congressional hearings on the Iran Deal, every witness pleaded the 5th, except one and they were all excused. Obama gave Special protection to the architect of the Deal, but an email was shown of them laughing at how they duped American stupids again. It is not a Treaty and we need to get out. Iran HAS already broken the contract that was in the news. I am sick and tired of the entire thing.


        1. Retired says

          The same type of Crap went on in the Ukraine Biden’s son working for a utility there and Kerry invested money in a company that wants to do Fraking there . Funny how the Democrats are so innocent . Then there was Reid and the China land deal .

          1. marcus J says

            John ( The Traitor ) Kerry is as bad as my Senator John ( The Traitor ) McShame , John Kerry is one of the many Enemies Within and may be as bad as Keith ( The Muslim Brotherhood Agent ) Ellison

      3. Tiger says
    6. Lisa Meyer says

      However he got it, you can bet it wasn’t honestly, and the taxpayers bore the biggest brunt of the tab.

      1. Tiger says

        Dr. Ben Carson’s AG found billions missing from HUD and nobody will talk.


        1. Lisa Meyer says

          And, no doubt, if there is an investigation into the skullduggery, everyone involved will plead the 5th.

    7. AKLady says

      More BS about Obama.
      When will the lies stop.
      Iran was not “given” anything. Their 1979 down payment on an arms purchase, that never took place, was refunded.
      Oh, and the family’s name is “bin Laden”. Why do you insult the innocent? Why do you insult America’s allies? Saudi Arabia is an American ally. Osama bin Laden was a Saudi citizen.

    8. barnjoer says

      Where did he get the 11.8 million that is his net worth??
      For someone that had the government pay for his schooling he screwed us out of millions.

      By the way there has not been any gold at Fort Knox in years!!

    9. White, and Proud says

      The gold was stolen from Libya during the smoke screen Called Benghazi and our American People were killed

      1. White, and Proud says

        It doesn’t take a Brain Surgeon to figure out how Libya had billions in gold, and then after Benghazi went down, no sign as to where all that Gold went to!!! And we supposedly still don’t know!! Right, Let’s do the math, ISIS was formed and had 100’s of all new Toyota trucks, both Obama and Clinton became 100’s of millions richer, and Iran got 50% thanks to Obama.

    10. AKLady says

      It belonged to Iran. It had been held since 1979.

    11. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

      Exactly, this was a master scam on WE THE PEOPLE, paying billions just to hopefully get Iran to delay nuclear weapon development makes no sense at all. Just another kick the can down the road disaster trying to avoid tough decisions as our president is now forced to make. One thing for sure, he never kicks the can down the road, he gets it done right the first time, and ahead of schedule and under budget, and we see him putting this strategy to work already for WE THE PEOPLE. As to gold in Ft. Knox, with no audit since the 50’s, anyone with half a brain knows there is no gold in Ft. Knox. Just ask Germany who requested that their hundreds of tons of gold being held since war for supposed protection could not be returned. Why, because the vaults are empty, but God forbid this news was exposed, the whole worlds economy would collapse overnight, so the fed told Germany to keep it quiet or they would get nothing. They got less than 10% over past three years since requesting to repatriate their gold back to Germany where it belongs. The fed reserve is the biggest ponzi scam in history, just wait and see, the truth will come out eventually. Treasury Sec. requested to see gold, and obviously he didn’t get to audit it, all his recent response was is it is safe, not a peep over what was safe. Rule number one, don’t believe anyone in government. PERIOD

      1. Tiger says

        Exactly and when and if Trump allows Rand Paul to investigate the Federal Reserve, the swamp will have a huge draining.


  2. gotabgood says

    Not only is Trump done with Iran…. he is done with Americans too… that is providing you do get sick or have accidents… I think statistics would prove that does or will include every American in USA at some point in their life!!

    Just how seriously should people be treating the threat from Graham-Cassidy?

    Don’t believe the Republican lies.

    The Graham-Cassidy bill that they’re trying to force the Congress without so much as a hearing, (pass it to see what’s inside), is the cruelest attempt at Obamacare repeal yet.

    It’s also complete repudiation of our nation’s founding values.

    Trumpcare 3.0 – aka the Graham-Cassidy bill – is remarkably cruel – even by Republican standards.

    For starters, it phases out Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion AND Medicaid as a whole — that’s right — the entire program! (see enclosed photo, government does control Medicare/Medicaid)

    Graham-Cassidy also slashes federal healthcare funding by billions – and then turns it into block grants that states can do whatever they want with — and I mean literally do whatever they want with.

    They don’t have to use that to help people pay for healthcare.

    And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Graham-Cassidy also allows insurers to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.

    If it gets signed into law and you’re a 40-year-old with a pre-existing condition – like, say, asthma – insurers could slap you with a $4,000 premium surcharge.

    If you’ve got heart disease – that surcharge could rise as high as $18,000.

    And if you’ve got cancer – insurers could make you pay as much as $140,000 extra.

    Whatever happened to the general welfare?



    1. davidmuscalo says

      Do the world a favor, take a long walk and a short pier.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        He probably didn’t get a good nights sleep.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        Could this be AKsnotball with a new handle. – Just about as fullof shit on everything they say.

      3. bttrap says

        don’t walk run !!!

    2. mac12sam12 says

      Guess what! I saved 15% in 15 minutes by switching to Geico !!

  3. marcus J says

    Every single deal , Scheme , Regulation , Tax , Fee , Pretended Legislation and International Treaty that Barry / Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama Sobarkah signed is null and void , John Kerry is a Traitor and a Domestic Enemy of this Nation , He signed the United Nations small arms treaty and his signature means nothing , Both Comrade Chairman Obama and John Kerry never had the authority to sign or authorize any of these Schemes and Treaties without the United States Senate

  4. Walter Flatt says


















    1. gotabgood says

      Announced what?? His products on the campaign trail?? That should have been a clue right from the start!!!!
      You must like liars!!


      1. bttrap says

        there you go again with your old crap

        1. gotabgood says

          Sorry… that was Glenn Becks words..not mine..

          1. bttrap says

            you still used them

          2. gotabgood says

            Ok, got me…. but if that is true for me, then also true for you.. to repeat a lie/true, you make it your own.

          3. bttrap says

            I agree

    2. Joseph R. Davis says

      Tell you what, Grand-Pappy. You’d better not try to take anything from the Iranians, with your “Hundert Mann Und Ein Befehl.” The Iranian Revolutionary Guards are serious fanatics, and President S**t-Bird has no idea what he’s dealing with in Iran. If the Iranians break bad, Israel will simply disappear, for starters.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Oh,,,,those towel heads (that surrender to news reporters in hellicopters) frighten the hell out of me. Remember what happened to Saddam Husein’s pellican guard that was just chocked full of well equipped fanatics? — I think they lasted about a week.

        1. Joseph R. Davis says

          As a special favor to ME, would YOU please stop showing your ignorance? Thanks, LeeRoy.

  5. davidmuscalo says

    Time to ax the EVIL AXIS!

  6. davidmuscalo says

    Tine to ax the EVIL AXIS!

  7. Justin Seine says

    Obama went ahead and pushed this deal while the Iranian Mullahs And Ambassadors where chanting “Death to America”


  8. Larry Cowden says

    I back Trump 100% in pulling out of the Iran deal! Iran completed their nuclear ICBM program with the billions the monkey sent them before leaving the WH! Now they are going to strengthen their missiles? Missiles they aren’t supposed to have! Their increasing threats to our fleet show that they do intend to start a war at some time. And they do intend to totally destroy Israel at the first chance they get! So pull out now and force Iran to the table!

    1. Joseph R. Davis says

      How long have you been a racist?

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Since I came across pieces if shit like you.

        Larry didn’t mention a sing;e thing the referred to ANY race, but in true useful idiot fashion you jump to the race bullshit because you have no valid argument against your victim

        We won, You lost. Get over it.

        MAGA or get the hell out of my country.

        1. Lizard says

          Agree 100%

        2. Joseph R. Davis says

          No, M&M, referring to the former President as a monkey, indicates inbred racism.

  9. gotabgood says

    I have read some of your posts on here… I don’t know if I should laugh or cry…. with Un and Drumpf throwing playground insults at each other…2 retards with nuclear capabilities…….
    This guy is a liar……..about everything.
    From his MANY “day one” speeches until now 7 months later, he has accomplished NOTHING!! No wall.. no healthcare…. no tax reform…. no jobs…
    What jobs that have been created was the system Obama set up.. it is a trend. Just like a locomotive, once it gets started, it is had to slow it down or stop it… IF Trump makes it to a year, then I think it would be safe to say it is now Trump’s policies..
    Take a moment and read some of this…

    1. bttrap says

      why don’t you get some other crap to read this is old stuff and full of b.s. trump would be able to do what he promised if he didn’t have the turn coats in congress obambie was lucky to have that bastard soros telling him what to do or he would look really stupid we got rid of one now it’s time for the other to dissapear

      1. gotabgood says

        The remedy for a cold doesn’t change over time.. get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water…. the remedy for your bullshit also remains the same… tell you the truth and tell it often..

        1. bttrap says

          also if you get your head out of that area between your back two pockets you won’t smell so bad now that’s the truth !!!!!!

  10. Morton99 says

    If Trump pulls out of the Iran deal – that will be the end of any agreement in dealing with Iran that is supported by other nations. Trump will unleash an Iran that is very hostile toward the USA, and the most powerful adversary that the US has had since WW2, and one – incidentally that will be nuclear armed.

    1. Joseph R. Davis says

      Anything on Trump’s part, to keep the DEFENSE INDUSTRY humming. Never mind the Americans that might get killed in the process.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        What was your MOS? Never in? Thought so, you sound like a snotball that never put it on the line for thhis country.

        1. Joseph R. Davis says

          Eleven Bullet-stopper you ignorant m****r-f****r. Twenty years plus.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Boy are you ever full of shit

      You think these goat herders are tougher then the NVA or Red China? Where did you get your military history from? The VC were a FAR tougher adversary then anything the iraninas could come up with.

      If we turned the dogs of war loose on them they would not have a conventional military in less then a month and the survivors would be back living in caves with the Mojahadien. Their gorilla tactics would be useless because there would be no iranian cities for them to attack.

      1. Morton99 says

        Bravado and stupidity will never win a war with Iran – a huge mountainous nation with a million man modern army and a large coherent educated population. I would stick to bar-room brawls if I were you at least ignorance is not a liability there.

        1. bttrap says

          instead of iran you need to reverse it united states

    3. bttrap says

      I don’t think they wiil do anything they know we have the same nuclear power as they do and they also don’t want to be wiped out by us

  11. Barbara Johnson says

    As usual the democrats set the stage then leave letting Trump hold a bag of garbage deal with Iran that is a bad a deal for America and a good deal for Iran. I am surprised that instead of just running for president that Hillary did not run for empress of the world so she could just take her magic wand and give our enemies America wrapped up with a pretty bow on top.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      That is what the cackling with thought was going to happen,,,,Too bad, So sad,,,,Hey What did they ever do with all that champagne on election night? – Should be able to puck up cases of it at fire sale prices.

      1. bttrap says

        can’t get it hitlery drank it all when she found out she’s not wanted for president

      2. VolunteerVet says

        Most likely they swilled it down to drown their unhappiness.
        what a flaming shame for them. No NWO this election cycle… Praise the Lord, who did not allow the evil ones to prevail.

    2. bttrap says

      she reminds me of the empress in flash gorden maybe that’s why the democraps wanted her to run. She can take that wand and put it where the sun don’t shine

  12. Laddyboy says

    ‘j.kerry’ was a lackey of the ‘nwo’. The “agreement” which he and ‘0b0z0’, the ILLEGAL manchurian candidate, are not sustainable or, if I am correct, Congress did not accept the “agreement”.

    1. bttrap says

      oh !!!

  13. Joseph R. Davis says

    I see LeeRoy and Daisy Mae are in full hue-and-cry over Iran this morning. They appear to be displaying monumental ignorance of the actual state of affairs outside TRUMP WORLD.

    The problem in the Middle East is two-fold. Arab rhetoric* and Israeli bull-s**t. We do not understand Arab rhetoric, and we believe the Israeli bull-s**t.

    *I include Iran in the “Arab rhetoric,” although I believe that the Persians do not consider themselves to be Arabs. However, “Death to the Great Satan” plays well in Iran, and doesn’t mean anything more than one of President S**t-Bird’s rallies to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    As for Israeli bull-s**t, I invite everyone’s attention to Bibi Mileikowsky’s speech at the UN, and his Road Runner cartoon bomb.

  14. Joseph R. Davis says

    And, as usual, Trump and his Trumpeteers are blaming Obama, Clinton, the New World Order, the Communists, the Socialists, Sunspots, the “fake” Global Warming, Big Bird and Bigfoot. It’s surprising that they haven’t blamed the Loch Ness Monster.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Beats the way you commies blamed everything on Bush

      1. bttrap says

        I don’t like either bushes but you people are also part of the problem

  15. Joseph R. Davis says

    It’s time that Congressional Republicans step up, figuratively speaking, and remove Bozo the Clown, from the Big Top, hopefully before Bozo gets a lot of Americans killed.

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Yes, that should have got started on January 21.

  16. Danielle Dean says

    i could really care less about what North Korea would feel about us leaving this deal its a bad deal for America it does NOT put us first so get the hell out of it

  17. Morton99 says

    “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable” appears to be the Trump strategy. It means that eventually there will not be a nation on earth who will negotiate with us because Trump’s strategy is making us utterly unreliable as a partner.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Who need to negotiate when you have all the cards?

      Take ehat we give you or you get nothing.

      1. Morton99 says

        You just don’t know when to stop, do you ? The US is embroiled in the longest war of its history in Afghanistan and you really think Iran is a cakewalk !

        1. bttrap says

          it’s the longest war because of obambie kept telling the teliban when we are going to pull out, that’s why now that trump is in charge iran better think twice he isn’t that chicken sh-t president that gives in

          1. Bill Fultz says


    2. bttrap says

      they need us more than we need them they have taken too much from us already whats left is ours to keep not to give away

  18. Mathew Molk says

    NBC news? I wouldn’t believe them if it was high noon and they said it was day time.

    I think the President will do something abut Iran but in his good time, not when the MSM, RINOs and NWO Marxists (aka democrats) and under their terms.

    1. Morton99 says

      Of course not – you were told it is fake news weren’t you ? Did it ever occur to you that you were lied to ?

      1. bttrap says

        not when the polls had hitlery winning the election that wasn’t a lie ?

        1. Bill Fultz says

          Once again, the polls were very close. The Electoral College was heisted by 77k votes out of some 130 million. Putin the culprit. Government knows it.

      2. Bill Fultz says

        Do you seriously think Trumpkins use their own minds? They are all programmed bots.

  19. Larry Brule says


  20. tCotUS says

    Well than, we have President with balls…Unlike the kiss azz tyrant he replaced..

    1. bttrap says

      you got that right !!!!

      1. Bill Fultz says

        You dumb fuckers can enjoy playing with his wrinkled old balls while he gets impeached.

    2. Bill Fultz says

      I must say, Trump has brass balls to shit on the American people as he has done.

  21. jessejames5 says

    There are more things about Trump that I support than that which I don’t, but things like this is a disgrace to the office of the President. Seems like whenever he does something positive, he will turn around and either do something, or say something to make himself look like a complete fool. He should stick to doing what he was elected to do.

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Trump IS A FOOL. He has done what Putin put him there for. Made the USA a disgraced laughing stock.

  22. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    I guess we will see how serious our President is by October 15. It seems that a lot of things seem to get put off for one reason or another. I know one thing for sure, I am going to vote every incumbent Republican out of office who does not support Mr. Trump. They are about as bad as that traitor, Obama.

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Only traitors support Trump. Impeachment is fast approaching. Mueller has enough to lock Trump up until he is over 200 years old.

      1. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

        You got it the other way around: Trump haters are the traitors. Trump is trying to make life easier by reducing taxes, keeping and creating jobs, enforcing the law, cutting out corruption, and preventing people who want to kill us from coming in. Trump haters are against all of the above, so who are the traitors? If you can’t connect those dots, don’t bother to reply

        1. Bill Fultz says

          This tax reform charade is nothing but tax welfare for the rich. And none of it is funded. Obama created more jobs, on average, in his last term that Trump is.

          Cutting out corruption? How about treason… The worst crime a person can commit against their country. Trump did it. Mueller has enough to lock Trump up at Gitmo.

          Nobody is coming across the Mexico border to kill us. But Trump is busy goading Kim Jong Un into killing us.

  23. jimdarnall says

    Most importantly no one with a working brain should have believed this deal would was a good one for America. Obama did no deals that were. Look at who we were dealing with. A Muslim nation that has done all it can to foster terrorism around the world and Religious leaders screaming death to America. Islam has never worked together with any western world nation to maintain peace and don’t believe Iran ever planned on working with America.

  24. Gary Von Neida says

    Thanks goes out to Our President for opening eyes to just what a dangerous swamp Washington has become. Our Nation has been sold out piece by piece by those elected representatives sent to Washington to protect Our Sovereign State and Constitutionally guided federalist Republic———They have enriched Themselves while ditching Their responsibility to We the Citizens.

  25. Mike W says

    This deal should not be done – it should be thoroughly investigated. Why did Obama – or whatever his real name is – want so badly to provide Iran with nuclear capabilities? And how did Susan Rice put together a $40,000,000 fortune – mostly from dealings with Iran?

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Wean yourself off the fake news. You come off like a complete retard.

  26. Alicia Cervera says

    And what in the h—does Kerry now, he’s a marxist nitwit. He’s as woosy as obama . thats why we have the mess we have in the US!
    Cancel Pres. Trump!!! NOW!

  27. ward says

    The iranian muslims have proven now & from past history they are a dictatorial, tyranny laced asses that want bo control the world by force or murder to all that do not comply..! These are the crazy’s along with N.K.’s idiot dictator that have to be eliminated the same as nazi hitler of WW2 to assure world peace ! bo has to be indicted & prosecuted for his many treasonous E.O.’s against the U.S.A. & this is a #1 proof bo supported muslim terrorists in iran & mid – east nations of terror with U.S. $$$’s !

  28. Dan Williams says

    Most everything Obama did was an Obamanation (sic) that created his legacy that we all have to suffer from until they are undone. Our children and grandkids will be paying the tab.

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Details please. With credible sourcing.

  29. John McClain says

    What a farce of the realities on the ground! I didn’t care for the “Iran deal” obama made with Iran, but he was elected president, and as such, We, The People, allowed the action to stand, so it’s official.
    The money came from our pockets, or our children’s, if we don’t restore our “Republic” and cease pretending we “should be living in, and making the world safe for democracy”. That was Wilson’s line, and he was a “hard line Democrat” and no light-weight as a president, either. The fact is, our government froze a bunch of assets of Iran’s, here in the U.S. when we took a hard line with them in 79, when Mr. Carter was president, and gave “foreign aid” to the Ayatollah, in exile, who then used the brand new technology of “cassette tapes”, to share his overthrow of our “installed government and Shah” plan with the whole of Iran, simultaneously.
    Obviously, our government spent the “frozen assets”, as they have most of both “our gold”, and the world’s, stored there, and why we’re in 20 trillion in debt. A substantial amount of the “ransom” was paid in gold, as the original “assets” were such, and the rest probably just “treasury notes”, with entire thing done to allow the end to “hostilities”, and formal “peace”.
    The fact is, we made an “agreement”, with PDRK after some “multi-party talks” at the U.N. back in the late nineties, and ended the round table in full agreement. The U.S. delivered the oil and coal at price the first year, laid the foundations of two “light water nuke plants” as agreed, and partially worked on one for a couple years, while diminishing our fulfilling of our part of the deal, providing the fuel, for them to buy, while we built, at their expense, reactors for power that couldn’t be used to make weapons.
    We reneged on the deal, and North Korea still didn’t return to enriching and making plutonium until Bush named it part of “the Axis of Evil”, and they watched us take out Iraq. Our government needs constant war to keep the dollar floating, and “allies, bearing up with it” while we deliberately made the Taliban to “give the USSR it’s Vietnam”, in 78. We’ve been supporting “jihad” since Nixon broke the “Breton Woods agreement”, and refused to redeem dollars in gold at the demand of France, then England. Quit “looking at the clown, there to distract you, and watch the world, and consider how long “you, personally”, could go ever deeper in debt, far beyond any possible repayment.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

  30. Millard Huff says

    John Kerry was never a winner and he lied about the troops in Vietnam calling them baby killers and that was not true.

  31. kbmiller says

    John Kerry, aka Neville Chamberlain, and Barack Hussein OHOMO, gave away the farm with NO reasonable means of verification. Hopefully, Sessions and Congressional Committees are looking into this subversion.

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Sessions best be worried about keeping his own ass out of prison.

      1. kbmiller says

        Bill FultzoSHIT , as stupid as you are, I’m surprised you’re not back in jail.

        1. Bill Fultz says

          I have an IQ of 156 and belong to MENSA, crowbait. I will match synapses with you anytime. I didn’t get suckered in by Trump’s lies like you.

          1. kbmiller says

            Bill is FultzofSHIT, HA HA HA when I got in years ago, the requirement was 175. Did you get an affirmative action quota acceptance? You stupid ignant racist. You never have ANYTHING INTELLIGENT to say on this site, only ill informed, idiotic, racist opinions. Go back to 4th grade on the down low you flaming moron. I’ll use your transcripts to wipe my shoes.

          2. Bill Fultz says

            Liar. It never took 175 to get into Mensa. And no trump voter ever made the grade either. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6e5512774e72164db5a90b83b29c1c0dc0576e28398cb6decdb8efbd564de6b5.jpg

          3. kbmiller says

            Bill Foltz oSHIT, I figured you’d be close to the racial profile ~95. Your posts show that level, you cretin.

  32. AKLady says

    Trump is done, period. He has now reached the lowest approval rating if any President in history. Next comes impeachment.

    1. Joseph R. Davis says

      Perhaps he’ll just resign and flee the country, before the FBI comes to put the cuffs on him.

      1. AKLady says

        Nixon was that intelligent. I don’t think Trump has that much common sense.

      2. AKLady says

        I think Nixon was more intelligent than Trump.

        1. nocbsfan says

          I don’t think there ever has been a President smarter than President Trump. Just my opinion.

          1. AKLady says

            There has never been a President who has broken as many laws as Trump has. There has never been a President that has done business in Cuba during the embargo.. There has never been another President who laundered money for the Mafia…. I don’t think there has been another President who ran a gambling house …

          2. nocbsfan says

            Oh i suppose Trump has run a traffic light or two. He might have bought some Cuban Cigars. I will have to question whether he Laundered money for the Mafia, or not. Can’t see any reason for it, people do things like that for money, and Trump doesn’t need money especially illegal money. What would he want with a paltry few million dollars. Now he did at one time run a gambling house but not while he was President. Be sweet AK

          3. AKLady says

            If you have a question, why haven’t you done the research?
            United States v. Trump, NY, 1973 (racial discrimination).
            Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) v. Trump 1998
            The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) v. Trump, 2015
            State of New York v. Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC, , 2016
            There is a lot more, over 200 governmwnt cases, but this sample should get your education started

          4. Bill Fultz says

            Are you doing parody of a rightwing dope? Trump is the dumbest son if a bitch to ever disgrace this country.

        2. Bill Fultz says

          Nixon was most definitely a professional crook. Trump is amateur.

          1. AKLady says

            Armature, but undoubtedly, a crook.
            Trump has a very long history of racial discrimination when it comes to his 1,400+ rental unitis.

          2. Bill Fultz says

            To clarify what I mean by amateur… Trump has committed lots of crimes… But he is not smart enough to cover his tracks.

      3. Bill Fultz says

        He doesn’t know how to lay low. They would find him in days.


    Trump must take us out of this deal. Then he needs to jail OBAMA, CLINTON,PELOSI etc.
    No one asked me if I wanted my tax money to go to Iran. Our money is being used to quickly move Iran to a nuclear entity and to export those nuclear weapons to others North Korea for example.

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Your tax money didn’t go to Iran. Don’t be a fool. Are you happy with all your tax money wasted on stupid wars?

  34. Joseph R. Davis says

    Trump will be lucky if he can make a deal with the Justice Department, to stay out of jail.

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Too late for that. The time clock ran out on a deal Trump when Mueller came into the picture. Trump is going to find his ass in prison for the rest of his miserabke life. It will be sweet comeuppance

  35. Joseph R. Davis says

    Trump’s experience is limited to shuckin’ and jivin’ through the jungle of NYC’s civil law, where a couple of spitzbube lawyers can keep creditors and people you’ve scammed at arm’s length. He’s in the big leagues now, where criminal law is king. AND…he’s pissed off the FBI.

  36. tony says


    1. nocbsfan says

      You’re nuts

  37. Sharon says

    Another one of (0’s) F-ups

  38. jackel says

    The status quo is that the Clinton and Obama administrations allowed Iran and North Korea to develop nuclear weapons all along, and, Lord knows what else was sold out. How convenient that President Trump is the bad guy.
    Left hypocrisy. Their answer is to let Iran March the bomb into Israel and North Korea float bombs into our harbours under the guise of globalism trade and humanitarianism!!!!
    Maybe time to call the bluff or get on with it; there is no appeasing these type of leaders as our President is trying to show us; the error of soft leadership.

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Israel makes its own trouble with that asshole NettedYahoo. But I hear he may be getting removed for corruption. And Trump will be locked up soon too. Then we can fix the damage those buffoons caused.

  39. Ron Dapo says

    Please Mr.PRESIDENT, to my memory this Iran deal wasn’t a treaty,it was simply a suggested unsigned memo. That would suggest it is not binding. Send it to Venezuela, l here they’re short on toilet paper.GOD’S SPEED SIR.

    1. Bill Fultz says

      You want another 10 year needless war, idiot? Never mind, you wouldn’t be a Trumpkin if you had a rational thought process.

      1. Ron Dapo says

        Idiot? 10 year war? Read a book Billy , enlighten your self.

        1. Bill Fultz says

          Idiot, yes. Ok, Afghanistan and Iraq are both well over 10 years. And we were lied into them.

      2. Mike W says

        You sure have an awful lot of opinions for an ill informed moron. Try doing some reading and people won’t have to keep saying what the Futz are you talking about.

        1. Bill Fultz says

          You have to ask what I am talking about because of your addiction to fake news.

          1. Mike W says

            You wouldn’t know fake news if your tripped over it. You have been believing all of Obama and Clintons lies for years.

  40. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

    Thank God, this Iran deal was a disaster from start, anyone with half a brain could see it was simply another kick the can down the road deal, something government is good at having tons of practice over the last several decades. Paying Iran billions and getting nothing but empty promise of delaying nuclear weapons is a joke on us all, WE THE PEOPLE are screwed again. WAKE UP AMERICA

    1. Bill Fultz says

      Yeah, Repukes have half a brain… If they are the most gifted of the group, anyway. The blathering idiot Trump thinks the way to accomplish things is swatting every beehive. The lack of sense he shows is alarming. You assclowns who support him in this treasonous coup are responsible for the country falling apart.

  41. Bill Fultz says

    Fuck Trump and his warmongering. Iran is in compliance. End of story. Impeach that fucker before he gets us into another stupid fucking war.

    1. Mike W says


      1. Bill Fultz says

        Two lovely ladies are waiting at home for me with their minds on doing just that.

        1. Mike W says

          I’m sure Kaitlyn Jenner is one of them.

          1. Bill Fultz says

            I’m not like you. My ladies have all the right female anatomy.

          2. Mike W says

            Sure they do it’s amazing what they can do in an operating room these days ain’t it?

          3. Bill Fultz says

            So you admit you can be fooled. Not me, pal. I have been with over 500 women. I know the real goods.

          4. Mike W says

            I’ll bet all them women are still laughing their asses off too.

          5. Bill Fultz says

            The most common things I have heard…

            You’re the one.

            How did you do that?

            It’s the biggest I have ever seen.

            What you hear….

            Is it in yet?

          6. Mike W says

            Negro please – if you had ever pleased a woman you wouldn’t be still paying – that must get awful expensive. But you keep trying maybe one day you’ll find one who will at least come back for another night.

          7. Bill Fultz says

            Boy, I get phone numbers from women all the time. All colors. They like my MOJO and want action.

          8. Mike W says

            Any of them over 11 or under 90 ?

          9. Bill Fultz says

            I’m not a sick Repuke SOB. Generally 22 to 35.

    2. Mike W says

      President Trump inherited this shit – Obama or what ever the hell his real name is had 8 years to do something about it and what has he done – oh yeah like the Clintons he is making millions of dollars for speeches to Wall Street.

      1. Bill Fultz says

        One thing is certain, Trump and his 6th grade vocabulary will never deliver any high paid speeches. ROTFLMAO!

  42. Bill Fultz says

    Today Trump asked his staff to produce a list of the Las Vegas victims. He asked that all Hispanic and “foreign sounding” surnames be in red.

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